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I- '-���;
��� y Xy A. -" - A'by^e Minister's 'wife? , , * \" -",.
.;.'*.������: ���;--'. y'\. ' ������ '.'..".   '"' ." ''i&'yX..'" -'������$'��� '.'"'". Y.".';..;:.���'(!.'���''.��� y.:'-':.:*!,.:: '".,..:. ���,..'��� '"=<-���;. ���;:'";.-;���'.'; ���;
y' - One da^iQoariyywnter; my husband i received'a summons1 to* Burke's settlement,'to
unite k couJUeftii the bonds "of wedlock.   It
���was especiaU^jeo^ted^^
���;.', accompany;timy asjwe should:tee expected to
rernaiQ^ver night and partake^&the^ifetm-
'ties.'*     '" "   %   '���" '      '-*'.���*-;���.'..    <; ,
It was twenty railes,to the settlement, and
" We arrived at the log house' oiFMr. Biirke ��� the
father ol the expectant bride; aftoiit noon.
A do%en tow-haired children were at the floor
waiting cur arrival.: * They^telegra|fae& the
news instantly; '   -  *   v        '    A . ���;
" Marm 1 ? inarm! here's the; elder arid his woman 1 They're nothing but folks! She's got
;.' a manjs jat-bn, andfi turkey win^in front.of
it j bis-nbse. is just like idad^-rerooked as a
cow-horn squash/7 '... ; ��� ^ ��� y.y
:7 Alas ;for Mr.- Morrison's-aquline nose;; of
whiefr lie was alit$o^m:!"yfA\ -yy'-���-v; ���<=���!������ -,.
interior of the: 'cabin; "tub. out aiid grab the
Toosterj-and I'll clapthioviii the pot 1 Sal^you
_qui.t tbakc^nran^
-"^{it c^i^ bed..   Bill;;,yoii
i wipe the taUowfout'of that cheer/for the;min-
isters's wife^and:berspry about it.",
Further remarks were, cut <slioB by our en-
ytrance.  ,       ,,.,,,
Mrs.Burke^ in calico go wn) 'blue: petticoat,
jand bare feet, came forward; wiping her face
���on her apron.      ;   i'
" How do; yotiy dp elder ?y. How/ d'ye do
-marm? ,. Must ;exciis myjHc^d--Jiain?i;fhad no
chance to; comb it * since, last X< week, y Work
mustbedidilybukritfW; -Poiv^Msharpyair^
hairift it j y Shoo^tiiere.! ^BiU^drive ythat tiixv
key out^of that bread trough.'; Sal, take itbe
rladyjs^ things^ 1 Set right up"toithe fire marm.
^Han?s cold ?  Well, just run 'era in Bill's hair
������we keep it long a,purpose."       xl
.; Bill ^wefcerifced^his shaggy head; jbut I de-
rcUned^ with an involuntary .shudder.  . *.  ,.
''VLawjky-if she aint actually a shivering If
- v
roster before Mentioned:      l    '-   ym?cl
��� Whe5" **���--*���-��� ���'������   ���*��� --������-���'- - ���-���'���-' ���':'-���������-- ��� ������ -^
wJ^^.^^��^dte the ^ >b*Wr J.
i^^i^^^mmem^ -Mr:Lord
S^^���^kly. ^treated ,;witli Sste#�� ^
mmd Mown :^n^nmyj-/y'AA-A.-^yXX^
ms, grandfather on -a similar occasion; His
jair-^wa^well ;greased with; tallow; and his
huge feet ejicased in"-skin puuips- A Ay
^y^ery soon the company^ began Weather,
ana the room was well filled: '' ��� - -
/. "Now>|ider,�� cried ihe bridegroom, "drive
ahead I; I want it-done up-nice; I'm able :to
Pay-tothe; job; do you hear? - Cotofether
^ y^Ut^gally refused -to; be trotted. 'She: would
b<?;W^edwheresjiewasornotiatallS W&
���yr A^y      ��� ' 'i X   -\;;i5ry.. ���1,-yy
t^ie ^eremonfproceededf v Just" a^llSlorS-
spn^was asking Lemuel, "iTOlyoix lilye- this
.woman ?" eta; down came the? coverlet^nvetf
oping bridegroom and pastor,���<: arid filleMhe)
���lipuse, in thrust   ��ick
;lbft^and;"cut:; the ^ ^tHi^y Jw^icti y held ifi
^^;tfTp;tIi^mbriie t   r	
res^ndedj^$e; su^
here for??-- and Sally- replied^ '-'Yaasv if- yon
must know," y y,       ���    * '
"Salute: your ^bride,'? iaid Mr. Morrisoii,
when;ali was;over^; '',; - ry X /.;. ��� y;' { \.
y ^'Jprnr ready, to dp'fanythingy elder,V said
lemuelj" ^biit ��� skin;;m^if; 1 {kinow about that,
Bit/ Just show me liow,.and 131 doit if it
S '.^WEteiiY-PAPEE.''', '���
iV Mojti>Ia.y 'and Thursday.'
��� ��� yyyy~--^-^Lyy^> -y-
^hebam\6f': - -:
,lii*?%��'& I^MBBRT^PRomKTORs.''f
" >'���' Ot?bseriptiGn,-$l per week,
^^%M^gH( tWyfaii) mytbli? to j tlio - Carrier;
;. .:|Toy,e:$��� \ 'y$,f$tVe��y
������-A- Ayy' ���'- y���-       y..y__ .,. ��� ������ ,:��� ��� ' $v 7,: X y. /y
'*iyZ    I,, BARKER^iLLE,  y'-'^'/'' f  :
| f' ^avo jttstjjr^voji a;choice selection of
' re^MlP^other>rticlea[in their liiic of trntlOi s-^,.
SSSssK?'attori^d- tP�� and (warraritod to- give:satisfaci
p0ntfy%:'   ���'-���' ^- ��� A A AXy/A    r>>-ry,yA'Y '
Rnn^AiyyiA/yyiy   yx
paid up CArVy,7_ ���-���/,:'M;^;08
,.,    AWxAh^/yyAZ^ hiAmsy,}       - Z    yyA   :
-. 7:INA'i^QQUVEf^^A^
! ;    * v^VMOW /        ^    /���
new w^nwa^Ar^Mobm of qoesnSZ
r h,   ���  IN> -THJ^TBD1 'STATEa.^
-���; ' ^AN "VWjrasp;) poiw.'lnj),pwiwr);/1j.
���'. 'S.i
.������4- ���. ���
;'::-i......  ���������.:.
.- -.: ~jjS&^
������am -���.
������-���; -i .������".���.-.- .!',>
-:' n'
������ '��� ������: '8V'.-.'. :'.���
- '.'r:-���>'���'"���: ���:'.-"������
.'.-.-.������'."���:. .���������/.������.- -
tf|l�� '
��� '.>---;-?fif '.'������������-,���
^ttl' -'���
% A
���������,.,���-:���.      ......
i'jfA-..- .'.
;. v^ ?--.
"5- ���    '
ill ���'���
'���,.;?   '   (
?f{% ������
���   ;��� f'^-
'iS '
'   f ,"" -
���*...-V^-.   L*   ���..-...\-F^"��-. :-".*
til 3
.cried Mrs. Burk^. ^^1^ sombre woo��j3J^iigk^J^^
y^Ierivjr^^ arouiid his heck,
��� .y^te^^��ipaP^af ��ne/       ;   X and gave him a kiss that, made the very win'
: y^fatefu^s^ ^
^f thelr^ter ^anas^tl^
ybpunclng-abput in;a" four-quart kettle,, hong
'pver the fii*e!   Sal returned to herehiirii^ut
5 ^^extraoHinar^yiM
! cairelessi for stie^iipset^
-,'. and.biitteMnilk went swimiriirig over the floor.
{:A"(xrab; the lEwile^lJiill^ on^Mrs^B&ke,
; .and help dip it:up. y ^fake-.. keerj.';don?t "pt
vthat snarl of hair in. i Strarige^hpw: ufolks^will
(apuble y;T mp^\cjMrmg;-ono' .thbuS&iM'foet
eer b^r^afel^^j^r/wfdth required in
Mfm��,or-'-a^stafe��4|fetArjTY;- - 'All ordere
;*^J ^iM?h'^p^@rvilU\ or the Mill,
'tf'    ~T~~������ ^-y_ -.��-".'
'" if-,-'
<'*-v^*^^-l JWM��-WH��
.':- .:!���������':;��� vV/yV-J
Oa,nbbb:Literary institute
i7?\nr>:^ ,< ��"i.: -.4���"'���-���������,--,���.-'���'-.-���������. ���/. ���.���;!:
Government an3gF^;g.ecor^S2^i��q3^S^
custom    [nt     ^sM^dttflfijBoUi^       S'fl1"
':' y���"''.' ���; - - '���..: y^s' yyAyy//y/���-- i \ y> t > ~" ,* *- - .,-���'.'-
? ������::': v ^ A: s: ^wA&&mm��XiiA: A:
'hi': :
be io nasty I   Dick, do keep /your feet oufctbf
the butter-milk\ it' wori^t be j fit for the pigs
���: when' the b utter's gathefei; v Drive that lien
put, quick; she's picked up��� a^ pound of btitfer
;;already.., There. Sal^Uo/try and^churn :aji|le
��� mpVe keerful. y If you are ^gwin^o be spliced
ier-iriorror, you: needn't run ^crazy about it.^' |
���,':������"! .advise you to dry up!" remarked the
���-;ibride Select,. tlmmping.away< at the! churn.'/
; By the time I had got fairly warnied, dinner
-was ready, and ypu/may be surp^ I did^npt injure myself by overeating. :/ - / ������
'":* Night cairie on early, and after a social chat
���.about the event of the moirowilsignifiediny
��� - desire ;to retire;., ���'. '��� 2/X,, X A A ��� X 2- Z-. ���. i ������������""��� "'��� '���*���:���"
Sal lighted a pitch fapt, and began climbing
ia ladder in one corner of the room; I hesitated.
" Come; on," cried she;;; ."don!t be .afraid.
;Sam, and Bill, and Dick, and all the rest of
, ye, duck ybut heads-while fchib elder's wife goes
up. Look ba^or^M'lppse^boards, marm;
and mind, or you'll smash your brains out
against that beani.,; Take care, of that hole
where the cUimbly comes through."'
��� Her warning came to late.: I caught my
foot in the end of a board, stumbled, and fell
headlong through what appeared to be interminable space, but it was only to the room I
had just left, where! was saved from destruction by Bill, who caught me in his arms, and
set me on my feet, remarking, coolly,-^
"What made you come that way? We gen-,
erally use the ladder."   y ���.'
I was duly commiserated, and at last got to;
bed. The less said about that the better. Bill,
Dick and four others slept in the same room;
with us, arid made the air vocal with their
snoring. I fell asleep and dreamed I was; just
being shot from the muzzle of a Oolumbiad,
and was awakened by Mr. Morrison, who informed me that it was morning.
The marriage was to. take place before
breakfast, and Sally was already clad in her
bridal robes when I descended the ladder.
She was magnificent in a green calico, over
a crinoline full four inches larger than the
test of her apparel, a white apron with red
strings; blue stockings, a yellow neck-ribbon,
and white cotton gloves. fHer reddish hair
"I vum, if I:don't do ditto.!" cned;Leinuel;
and hastily taking a huge bite from a piecedf
maple sugar whichhedrew/fromChis pocket,
he made a dash at me/ smashed my colJar>
broke my. watchrguard into a dozen pieces)'
fore my^air-dowri^auii.' succeeded in planting
a kiss:on:my nose,:greatlytathe delight of the
company.      ; v    .    * ' y. .   ,
Then he turned to:my husband. ��� 2
yy "Nowv elder;;whams' the:damage?   Don't be
afraid to speak." ���
y. -^Whatever ypii- please/', said-Mr. MqrrisoD ���
Lemuel produced a; piece .of fiir. ; ���' There,
elder;" saidlie, Mei^;s;a-miisk4^'s^kin;%nd
out intheshedas two heads .of cabbage; and
your welcome to-the hull of it." ^ r ���/
A My husband bowed his thanks, the young
people went to? dancing; cMr^Burke went to
getting breakfast and, at )uy.earnest request,.
WX Morrison^got .our horsej;and 'we bade!thejn
adieu.   '������"��� A.. y'AiZ. ��� Z y. -  . ." ������   *.
ZA'flj^ifyjbii want good Cofi^e use Fail's. X )
Thr : U.vivERsAL^PSA^tiCiJ 6��' mixing Chicory arid
other' adulterativcs wi th eoffp'c, has very much u jimag-
ed in public estimation, what ought to: be tho .most
delicious of Beverages.   So 'effectually have the public
', ���'��� ���'���''
:'.���'.T' ':r.'.'ir'":
:\\ ������    '.-
and thick infusion w -. ��� .-      . -  .,.,.....,   ,
General as is the use of Coifee, it is -little known that
in condensing.the vapors extracted from, the berry in
roasting, a liquor. is ob tained ,of tut; most nauseous
taste, and Of a scent the most unbearable. . Under sucb
'.qiHISlINSTITUTION'at p'i sent contains--about'SOO
X --yqli'ine's of���,Cbpiceii.tferai,uro^consisting of Religious'
Sclent ic, -Historical; and Poetical works, and .-works of
fjctio:.'y"-',_";. ������"!'..' TV "-.:' : /Ayr-'  : '���' :y.-", ��� ':...',
f' Wor ester's Large Pictorial Dictionary, Uro's Diction-"
ary of he Arts, ManuUic-urss-anti;iUn^ Lippencott's
Pronoipcing Gazetteer oiVthG^Vbrld^and.HonianiSOy-
clopedji pfvCommerce, will always he kept in the rooin
ftir reffffpnee. *' ���'.... y -y';''. '"."?/. 'y"/y:A'\ /''. ].'! ,
������' Tlfpatiirig Room will bo found supplied, with the
1 itjstlt nglishjV Scdtcistij ^Canadian,.: American J and: Colo-
nisLP^c^and/ilagizinos^v ^r ,.,? .g,,7^..,s.T ./yy     y
fTERii oi!%-S!iBSORiPTiox---$5 per quarter, or $2 per
'inpntixy Sin^evpluracs Loaned to nOn-subscribers at
50 cts.jp&rvo/urae, with -$1 deposit..�� y ��� u'.V -.y.-r *\   ���,
\ PdrsonV not .subscribers visiting^the Reading Room
andanak ag;use;of;tho; Books and ^.pers will be charg-
ed'So.cts for'eacli visit! "r ��� " y.������ /.':���> yy , - '<., ���'     -
AXJ6& Tl },Rooin'will be'topen fromao ��i)m;.till 10 h. ml
V  r |;,-     ��~..,XX', ������:     ;  JOHN; BOWRONjy;y ���
W     Ar ���������    '       -'.' Secretrary and'bibrarihni';;
lPRaFRIETOR:ri i\ Ay
. Hkad OrFiofli 1\ ST. HELENS.PLAgE LONDON.
���DRAFTS'ISSUED oh iJojndoii, NowYorkVS'mFrin-
Cisco; Cariboo^ Oauaya^-NcwBruu8w;iclc,-iVova Scotia ;
;and on.all>tho.Brandies of thpyNatiohal^Bank oi'Scot'
land and.Provincial Bank of Irehmd,   t/ /        '
^BiDs of Exchange andsGold Purchased.:-
:  Interest on Special Doposlts of Money allowed at th��
rate of a^uarterof^^onejt)er,ceurt.per;nionth.. \      '
;���������'.���>..--'������   '-.;.';   -������'y     ,-.-.���....   ���.'.-- X.K-SV. .
-   ������ ' ' ^ -r -     -
uy-yy,:y yy.. - ���.%;..���������.��� ',|t|#i
����� 0^ D^ AtoHedVajtt'd; Assayed, and* returiis ma(l��.
within 24 hours in Coin'or Bars;      ?i    ''���'��� 1;
Or&s of- every descripticm carefully Aisayp'd. "
h NyB. ���Any instructions as to the disposal of the proceeds of Gold;Dust forwarded: tb ,'tlie, office in Vjctoria
for Assay will be carelullg attended 'to.
���;.-. !��� .    ��� / k    .,  X <J. ��HEPHKhD, Managfr.
t. Victona^V. I-, April. 1866: / ��� X ' A   ri%
Bi;c,HFi:Eli;iDv A: -y.;
R#RJCI<: KIR^iN^Pkbp'R. ������^^
:���������������   :.-���::.".  ������      .'_;!���.. .?'_..   ��� ; r yt.j.;    li: ������'������: ������:..<������' ���-��� '������������'���.-'.. '
Best Bill i*d .Tables; on the.Greek: the IAqnorg
" Cigars are of the; fi nest q.ua].i ty. ,,:-.r-.,:.:.,.;.9, {���,
%.,. C,:.; O'l L L E TT Ei:"' "'���"���.' y. y..''
4 pt- m;
Opfkib'Houaa, ' 10 a; in.,   to
Sa^okoays, '. -.   10 a. in.,   to
X:J&y No 6;usiness;ti^n3actejl;on Sundays:
'y-y."'-'-yy A X '"A^X   : '��iiOrf|f^
���/���+���-'������ ������������'���:.���';������'.--.A..-yy .<& ���
21st July. 1866,
nlSSd by'Vhe new and patent "Conical Colleo Roaster"
as used by FELL & CO., Victoria, in which the berry
saTrecliy exposed to tbo .radiated heat, and the vapor
extracted owned off iustantan^ously. In addition to
^headvantage to bo, derived by the rapid removal.of
the steam cont !"
pure aroma of
being preserved u��>. ����-- ��~-r
Rni^rer where the Coiiec is requireu v .,      .
Sr time in obasoqaonco of the steaming i nmlor-
S bv the confined steam. Itischerncally impos^
hie to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration of
jf HS Uieuects wk�� *��w iL
l!l.>l.wVi"olfeV rousted in the Conical Roaster, being
X m^Sy^ll medical men under whose notice t
gK WWUti unci by numerou^~on,als
���In jts favor.   ^^erch��nts, Yates &., Victoria.
, BARKE [LLE���Adjoining the Express Ota,
', AN]);.AqCOUNTANT, .
fflHK UNDERSIGNED has well appointed STAGES on
X the road from Soda Crook to Yah:, ��� which are iru.ir.
ah toed, to make FASTER. TIME than any otherIin ���*
He has brought down fares to $40, ai^l>,he public ought
to see that is their own interest to support and main,
tain a cheap and elficiont opposition.
Tho OPPOSITION' STAGE will le��ve Sida Creole for
Yale evnry Thursday morning, or aftrr the arrival of
the steamer 'Enterprise' until further notice,
-ear Fare, $40.
Soda Creek, 5th Sept. 1S06.   /..",'" 37
they havdnored to the two-story brick building
formerly the Wprise Saloon) opposite the St. Nich-
las Hotel, Gjrnuient Street   Victoria.' They will
they, come down.
Connecting at Lillooet and Yale With DIETZ k
NELSON'S for Now Westminster & Victoria,
ILL ARRIVE AND DEPART from the office in
Barkerville, to connect, with the steamer "Enterprise" at Quesnelmouth, and tho STAGES at Soda
Creek, EVERY WEEK, conveying Tr/asurk. Letter*
and VAUMStJfiS for all.parts of the world . Also Commissions received and forwarded by 'Express for the
collection of No teSj Bills and the purchase of article
to be obtained at New,Westminster,, Victoria, Sun Francisco or en route, and return;? mkum with oi^patcri ������
A^nt. BJirJconrjlle, '���ftafef^i;:.:
���":  MONDAY, OCTOBER 20. .186gv
Business arrangements rendering onr absence
necessary for a few months below, we transfer
the care and culture of our readers to a brother
knight of the quill; one^w* are happy to say,
who is well known to our, fellow Caribooites,
and who has already done;much.to render
the dreary months of winter less irksome, and
who has'brought the sinile of good humor to
the faces that but just th^moinent before were
fixed in the stolid expressiW of care and
weariness; we arc therefore gratified in knowing that.our readers; will not suffer in our
absence. .. ..'.   ;  y
.As communication during the winter months
is uuc^rtain, and long intervals frequently intervene between Express'arrivals, we have
come to the concision that a fortriigbtly issue would .meet all. the .requirements of the
arrival of Governor Seymour would render
nugatory any selection at present, doubtlessly
accounted for tbe apathy on the part .of our
mining community in voting. The next election however, making the people's choice a
matter of the first importitnce^from the-greater
number of popular members to be sent to the
Legislative Council, will convince everyone
that Caribooites are perfectly alive- ;to the
value of their suffrages, and will elect such a
representative as they know will serve them
honestly and faithfully.
Thus although the past season has not been
so good in a pecuniary respect, we have nevertheless made great progress, and with'next
season's increased production in thev precious
metal, an era of prosperity, will be brought
about in this section never previously attained.
Our space will not permit us-to enlarge farther, and we shall conclude by returning our
Bincere thanks to the public generally^ r the
very liberal support extended to us throughout the past season, and in assuring our friends
that it will be our constant endeavor in future
to continue to merit tbeir confidence and
all the assistance that lies within my power
towards forwarding the success of such a
movement should it be started. Hoping that
you will give the foregoing suggestions yofUr
fullest consideration. *  *ry .
I remain, &c,
Tal. o Eifion. '.
Van Winkle^ Oct, 2Cth,: 186G.
^g*T*A Dramatic Club has been formed in;
New Westminster, under tbe management of
Mr. A. It. Howse, of which Wm. Fisher is Hon.
secretary and treasurer; L, Bonson, machinist;
F. Hughes, property master; J. C. Pratt, and
J. Syme, artists: John Graham, prompter.
Their first performance was to come off on
the 20th inst. y   ������
times,'.and in���-'thig^e-thiiji^ our subscribers
will agree-witha^
montbv-wben;the first of���$jxt fortnightly issue
will appear, and to(which:^our fellow miners
ai^res'pec^ ;
... In-Vparting- irom;; our-^ppanions, fellow
l^iq^-jti^^^^y^0; a retrospective
gla^elitrfe^ DU^
New Westminster Election.-���The scrutiny
of votes polled at the late election for New
Westminster district resulted iri giving Mr..
Robson, 210; and Dr. Black, 194. Majority
for Robson, 16.
Look Out for Fun!
pnil~~-r���.....        ..,...........   4
trbiden harYestiappe#y^w&*' this, season been
The Board met at their office, Barkferville,
on Friday evening last, at the usual hop.
-������������������rfesanV-Me8srs..-Burdick> Wilkinson, -Mac*
Laren,Thompson,   Anderson, MpntAmery,
and Monroe.   Mr. Thompson in th^G^iny
The minutes of last meeting were reid and
adopted.0:Z-. ���. y -...'.:...;. A : A- Xjy^lA^A\ Z./Ar,
cation from Mr. Cox, .G^WfBommiss^ier,, in
answer to the resolution passed at lastrteeting
respecting absent members: ��� 'A\'/..; y. JJg;. .:
";      ^
John JVUcLAiffiNjEsQ.;.'..{, 'I. A/, '.."���".".-q |..;;.
���  ��� Secretary Mining^Board,      ;!
���^ ���    --���*���    SiR:^In   *'
Will be given at Barry & Cuxio's Saloon,
Barkerville, on Saturday Evening Next, the
3rd o��Np&enib^
WILSON, when be hopes bis friends wilirafly j ''. well assorted stock of
round him. . 51 .
j.������?" KINDS OP
Beg to call the attention of Miners and others
; to tbeir full assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS
������ .. ;,'.: wbich will be sold
to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive so soon M
tho Roads aro open.
:^^* Liberal allowance will be made to
Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade generally
on.large orders, 1
who-far yeat^'ba^lfe^
bard fate appea^to::.b;av'eretracted the talis-
������ manirom'itsvformer keepWand-are harvest-
ing tbeir precio'iis store; to-ai; almost fabulous
yy- 'extent.' WbatJalessd^
J&|mi:pmdenc^:mid^odeWlon-during; obr
WM&j&Sfon- of- go'oa-;f(m^m'imZ^r^oAyz j��$��*>s
W-^fVefance >.with*i'tbe^ tru�� m|njer?snfaith^.in ,-.our
��� workers the; season &te ?l*&en > cruel-one, in
broken limbs, rendering ^seyeral, among, us
cripples for life ; to others.lhe hand of death
has made .thciii oblivious'of all human ills.
among these last the red hand" of murder has
���Ylet't its horrid- mark���a maitestill bright in its
ghastly color,- awaiting the vengeance that
will surely track the perpetrator of,the bloody
��� deed.        '���   :' ' r i/y/A.  ���'
Although our mines have not been so productive as in former years,;tbe causes of the
falling off are easily accounted for, and are
such as will not exist, at least in their entirety,
in future. In the first place, claims from which
more or less gold had been -previously taken
outwore stopped this yeaivwholly, awaiting
the completion of thfe Bed Rock Drain, or
partly by the scarcity, and afterwards by the
superabundance, of water-";; the latter two
causes of stoppage were more severely felt
on .Williams creek than elsewhere. These unpleasant visitations have however been productive of good, inasmuch as the best means
will be adopted in future to secure a constant
..supply of water, and due precautions will be
taken to avert the serious damage resulting
bMrfttafpre. from Jreshets; If the mining season has been less favorable than usual, it is,
aa the French say, to retire in order to take a
wider jump in the future; the facility for winter prospecting, and the greater surface over
which our people will be spread, leads us to
look with confidence, to the next 'season as
y likely to be driruf "titeBTsra^tt^CE^iUl of any
yefc known in Cariboo. r,A'yy
"Enterprise, stimulatedby competition, has
made a residence on this creek during tbe winter a matter involving so little in the shape of
privation that many people would require
considerable inducements to draw them down
country, and we look forward to the time when
we shall, have a large permanent population'
in this district. ���'.������';'������
A Certain defects in the Mining Xaws applicable to this district have elicited so much comment that a strong feeling for revision and
. reformation has been evoked. Petitions to
the Administrator of the Government, resulting in the re-establishment of a Mining Board
and promises of prompt action on; the part of
the Government to remedy the evils, will
doubtless be followed by the redress so justly sought by our citizens,    -y. ���- ��� -    ���   ������
The difficulty of prevailing on a popular
candidate to comeforward at the jate election,
and the general impression which prevailed
that in .returning a candidate his representation yould be but for a sbdrfi 'tftSe, as the "re-
dtsitribution of seats that must ensue on the
Dissolution of Partnership
rrHE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing under tho
I namoof J. 0. FLOYD & CO', Merchants, Barker-
ville, has been this day dissolved by mutual.consent.
yourletter of Hh'C22nd inst., i have appointed "neSs will be carried on in the name of J. 0. FLOYD,
Mr Geonre Montgomery, of uamerontynVanfi  who is hereby authorized to collect all debts due to tho
Mr.' Trenholm, of Richfield, aijnembert of tKe J���- y*11 Pf ��f indebted to the late firm are particu-
mi. aicuuu*����, wi *v ,     ^^ . ,-j  . jg.     larly requested to make immediato payment., ��� , -
Mining Board to fill two of theWc^nci^naen-      7-     ��� j. o. floyo,
tione(f in the above, and on to-mortow ^-'bbpe
to be able to fill tbe third.   ���   ": 'Z^n-'f? A.-
I remain, &c,     %%*'������'
���.yy.- (Signed) .^^G^Cwgfi. C.,
Considerable discussion then foliowgd as to
the propriety of an answer being sentry the
Board to Mr. Walkem's letter, but afbr sundry motions and amendments had" be*, pro*,
posed it was determined to allow the^resolution passed at last meeting-to reinain^pr .the
���'presuiit as it was e^t^re^ ou'the?*miijtfesT'y"_ >-
The Board resolved itself into a 'cd&mittee
of the whole and proceeded1 to revise|he Mining Laws.   Mr. Thompson in-the Char;     -
Each-section of Part II. was ^then (Srefully
read over and considered, and with thy exception of section 14 adorned.      ' ;f      |::
It was moved by Mr. Anderson, seconded
by Mr. Burdick that s��c. 14 be amen^<i thus:
"Thatthe duplicate of a lost cortimaje be
granted onpayment of $1."���Carri^'df.^
The committee rose, reported prdgfessland
asked leave to sit again. /' ';' j-     . \ ���
After which the meeting adjoumedr*.
He is desirous of supplying the Trade, and
1   can do so at LOWEST PRICES.
Williams Creek, July;36th, 1806. 22-tf
Barkerville, B. a, Oct, 27th, 1866.
T W-.; DATIS, of the firm of DAVIS k HERTXEIK,
tl ��� Brewers, Barkerville, begs to announce to bis
friends and patrons that he has this day disponed p��bis
interest in the abovc:named firm to Mr FRIEDRICH
STEITZ, and that the business will henceforth-' be "carried on in the name of HERTLEIN k STfilTZ.   ''   '.*>
J. >V: -D. in"returning thauks for past fttvoirsy trustsi
tnat,tine-patronage dusu>woci- on'-tuw iat'u-Q-x3ii.,-M4u-x*A-
ex tended to his successor,. ''   . -*..*,���.
All accounts due dy the late firm must be presented
for pnyment before* Monday Evening, 4hc^22od :1nst.,
and allmoneys owing to said firm will VefCplIected by
Air, Friedrich Hertleiu. who is authorized to re'eeiye.^he
Barkerville, 16th October, 1866. 49
���"":y    ..'.������>' ��� AND-i-   ������  ������'���
V ///:/ -BARKERYIL^E.  ;
iiar A4full assortinentof Groceries and-H. B. Co.'i;
Fellow CoaNTRYMEN:���Jack Frojt with bis
hoary beard, and Madame vSnow will tier pale
face, have again visited our abo*, and the
long and dreary months of desolauwirifcer lie
before us like a barren waste. |The great
monotony- of the winter months is|ell^nown
to all who have passed any of t| previous
winters in this cold region, and tip which is
opening out before us (or ratherclosing  in
upon us) does not forbode to "b|any better
than its fellows,  without sometblg  is done
amongst ourselves to employ oii numerous
leisure hours.   It is'with the vie|of suggest-
XX. ihoo East will be laid over for tho season from the
31st OCTOBER. 1866, until the 20th MAY, 1867.
Gold Commissioner.
Dated Richfield, 13th Oct, 1866. . 47-6in
I^ijuCjRS a 1 wh vb onlhand.
yJ'22.-2 ���  "-.druggist;.;..-;:"
K' AS JUST RECEIVED direct from San Francisco Dr.
��� :L��iRichauJs celebrated Golden Balsam, lor tie
cOftpleVo cure of Secondary Syphiii'g. ; Also, a Quantity
of !Dr. Murphy's Mixtures, so welt known as a specific
cure for the same.'        , ������-.���'
' 1 Received also, a stock of the FINEST CIGARS, for
retail trade only.
��� P. S.-^As he has obtained the Newspaper Agency he
"^'ii'l be happy to receive subscribers names, to whom he
will deliver the papers immediately on arrival. By
reading Bill at store the reduced rates lor papers will
bo/seen ��� Orders from outlying creeks will rect'lva
every attention. 46-s
ed all the right and title of Mr. Andrew KeITy in
the above establishment, would respectfully solicit a
continuance of the patronage heretofore accorded to
this well known Restaurant.    The undersigned will
z.t ���      i    i*~~n* ���*!>,% ������;��* T^rt^^f ����tt I PaY and receive all moneys due to or owing by the late
mg something to. diapcl the seno| monotony fg^ OI- Kelly &-Fatk��sov.
that I take a pen in hand to addles you upon
this occasion. a.
I believe that there are very |v swallows
amongst us this year and that of portion of
the resident inhabitants of this cjirict will be
large.   Such being the case, cajjwe not get
up, forXmasor St. David's dig a meeting
for  competition' (cyfarfod   c|adleuol)   in
prose and poetry upon subjeciiipproved of
by a select committee, and forfhich certain
prizes would be given.   My belf is that wc
are numerous enough and thafcere are men
amongst us who are capable tcfxljudicate or
compose upon any ordinary||ibject.     Wc
have got already a convenien|oom to hold
our meetings in, and most assitdly can raise
the means to carry it through|)norably, and
a credit to us as Welshmen.   &'that is requi
site is unity and a little energyind for each
one to put his shoulder to thejieel.
I believe that it would hav$ tendency to
create a desire to excel���a d^re which has
undoubtebly been awakeneebmongst our
countrymen in the wild andfecky glens of
"hen Gymru" through the iriium of such
meetings. It would also be jajhefieial labor
and a pleasure in the leisure ours of those
concerned,  and  something/.,!-, outsiders to [ Principal O/iici r of the Bank in the Colonies, signing
talk about, which, in itself iynldi,be no small Iali documents as Acting Manager:
consideration. r \)\   ZA'.iyZ'A: .'���]      . By��rdero1 theCourto^etffWEER;  'v
Personally, Tarn willing Already,tb give!   45-im v    inspector.'-
j8��- Meals at ail hours.
Barkerville, 13th October, 1886. ��������� 47
Barnard's Cariboo Express
AFTER THIS DATE, the Stages will leave the Office
at 6 o'clockj to connect with the steamer at Quesnel on
Wednesday and Saturday mornings. The emirgo on
Letters to and from Victoria and intermediate places-is
now 50 cents.
Stage Fare to Quesnelmouth,       -       -.
u    y"   through to Yale,      -
(exclusive of steamboat fare.)
Agent Barnard's Express,
October 12th, 1866. 47
JUL ROSS in the above-named Suloon, tbe undersigned
would respectfully solicit a conUnuence of tbe patronage bestowed ou the late firm, which by 8 strict attec-
tion to business they will endeavor to merit.
��� The TERPI3CHOREAN ART is nigUtly practised at
this Saloon, and the Bar ia stocked with the choicest
" '%&*��� Boys please give us a call..
. 4Mm   " Pruprieton.
-. the public that having purchased the **JJrit
Saloon "tbey will spare no pains)aor exp^ omjr^
ashare of public patronage.    Asi." th M t
puddingi9 in the eating of 1L���� w^nS call
the quality of our LIQUORS k CIGARa, .piuiw
and try them.
T? A. J3ARRY, \ proprietors.
London, 3rd August, 1866.
1 DAVID MARSHALL LANG will cease to be Manager of this Bank in these Colonies, and MR. WILLIAM
CURTIS WARD is authorized to perform tho duties of
Barkerville, Sept. 13th, 1866.
; ���      ..    The undersigned is pre^dUr ^��        p
��� ;     ��� PANNINGS,..
Oil Commission, or will purchase any quantity on
'Most Liberal Terms, at tue
Reading Boom, Camerontonf
j iceaaxiis ����"���� ^Twinianis Creek, w*
The Subscriber is well ^J��M^JS!U^jn thfl?
frbrn tho confidence reposed in wm u     alronage.of ���������jipfv  MONDAY OCTOBER 29V 1866.  n^rnPRODlTOElf) INCARIBOOFOK SEA-  W    SON ENDING OCT. 29th, 18G&:  Fxiorted by the Banks from 7th-} {AAA *  EPMay to^th October:- . ��������� .X.yrZiAAXXi  nflnk<)fBrifcish Columbia, y $518,710 52  &������ of British North America, -452,220 58  VffloUtexported;by,Merchants,. y (X^.^  W^^A* Traders &Minei������,* ;; 100,000-OD  Packers,  .  "   Total,    :���������'  ,  ;. ,.      ;Sl,070,93l 10  This is exclusive of large amounts that are  lodged in the fianks on Special Deposit.  ���������This is a very low estimate.  CARIBOO MARKETS;  ������������������3  1 m  I  1111  ll  The stocks of staples are almost snfficien t to  aiipply the winter consumption of the population on this and neighboring creeks. The stock  of flour is estimated at 250,000 lbs.j and it is  reported tet 200,000 lbs. more will be brblight  ia during the winter. Of candles there are  in the market from 400 to 500;bxs. 2 Of. China  rice 100,000 JbSv Of gum boots the stock is  rather small, consisting of about}.60ycas'lsl  The retail -prices are as follows: Flour, $19'  ������ $20 ^100 lbs.; bacon, 62 cts. ^ lb.; S.I.  sugar, Si cfe.; tfearis, 65 ;@ 85 cts.';; butter,  $1@ SI 25;.tea,$l; ground coffee, $1; China  *i������c^fe4^  $16. $ pair; beef, 20 @ 2p cts.; mutton;:35 @  40 cts.; pork^505Cts.^milkf $2 ^ gal;; brandy  .(Hennessey),' $24 ^ case; wines, $24 ^ case.  Cariboo Hospital.���������AVe have been favored  -with a brief report of this institution by the  resident physician, Dr. Bell, showing the number of patietita admitted and discharged since  ine -1st January last :������������������?*' From the beginning  of January last to the present time there has  been. 33 patients admitted, of which only four  ���������cow remain in the Hospital, viz: 1 fractured  leg, 1 rheumatism; I; fever:from cold, 1 pleurisy.  Two'deaths have occurred during that  .period, one from disease of the heart, 6f long  Standing ; and������the other, from-'disease-of the  liver.  The magenity of cases have been mod-.  ically treated.  Thosexequirlng sarffical treatment have been: 1 fractured scopula; 1-frac-  ���������tared leg; I stiff ankle, the result;of a frac;  iture last October; iseVere-frost bite of all the  toes of both feet; 1 frost bite, requiring ,th&  ^amputation; of great toe;q 1 -injaryc^tok ��������� finge^  from "a ��������� bite;1 which" fretameaffected y-by tbe-  frost, threatening mortification; T abscess^in  thep'alm of the hand; 1 severe cut;foot diVid-  ing two of the&ones;������������������1 abscess in perineum.  There' were seventy-two out door patientsy  .treated; both surgrca Uy and medically, during;  the same ^period.   The patients have left the  Hospitali with the two exceptions riatned; able;  to work.   The medical cases have been of tM  ordinary character.   Very few cases of mourn  tain fever have occurred on the creek this;  season, and these have ���������been of a very mild  fornix  The number of- in, door patients for  last year was 19, thus showing an increase  during the past nine months; of 14 over the  whole of last year.   The repairs th at;, have]  heen in progress for some time p^ast will be  completed in a fe^ days, when the building  will be in a most comfortable condition for  winter,".' ..:-'.., ...y y.   ".'���������.������������������[���������.;.,,y / .Zy  Entertainment.���������On Saturday evening, last  a musical and sparring entertainment came  off at Barry & Cunio's saloon, Barkerville; for  the benefit of George Baker, which drew a  good attendance. Several friendly bputswere  indulged in-by professors of the "manly art?'  which were varied with songs, recitations, and  dances by amateurs. The whol e affair passed  off with the greatest satisfaction and good hu-  mourj and must have netted the beneficiary a  handsome stake.  Mails and ExritEss.---On and after the 1st  November there will be ouiy one mail service  a monthj which will be a great inconvenience  to those who intend wintering here. It is  only due to Mr. Barnard to state that he has  carried out his contract during the past summer with the greatest regularity, and to the  entire satisfaction of this community.  Broken Ankle. We regret to learn that  Geo. Baker got his ankle broken in his late  ^counter with Geo. AVilson.. It occurred  trough Wilson accidentally treading on it  :ffMle Baker was falling in the 12 round; the  lfljury is such that he will be obliged to use  dutches for sometime. Baker intends leaves with the Express to-morrow morning for  Victoria. ..  ' ���������  ^WILLIAJlS <)REBKV   ���������'.;���������>'y?  has now; set -in to; all intents and  purposes; during the past few days the snow  has fallen steadily and lies an some portions  orthe creek to the depfeh of twelve inches  which will not very readily yield to the sun's  rays before next spring.   This eiirly fall of  sno^w will be productive of great good, inasmuch aa it will prevent the ground from; be^  ing frozen and thus keep the, springs open all  winter; so that: there ���������will/be i a. miich: more  Ple?t5f^PP.iy,^  than during any previous season.   The number of claims that will be profitably, worked  during the; ensuing winter; will, far exceed that  of any former one; and the number of prospecting parties distributed -river the various  creeks will be greater than was'ever yet known  in Cariboo, c The;great secret.of alLthis-is thij  cheapness of living; we will venture to say  that before the opening .of ���������;next'vseason ,some  startling developments will be made. ^Tafc  ing,a low estimate, we are inclined to believe  tb^t at least 1200 people will remain .during  the/winter in this district ��������� ���������'��������� ; ,, .  Bradley-Nicholson co'yaare making $12 a.  day to the hand; they williwork with 5 or 6  men. all winter.���������Chinese co'y;; 8 men,. are  making ~$6 to $7 a day, will work all winter.  -���������Wide. West co'y, 4 men, preparing-to, .work  all winter.���������Henrietta,;; co'y, Ay men, intend  prospecting all winter,���������Forward co'y, 4 men^  making wages; will wo rkall winter.^Taylbr  & co'y* 3-men;.making. $12 a day, will work  air winter.���������Casket co'y, 4 tucn, running prospect tunnel^intend to work all winter.���������AVell  Mary Ann co'y, 5 men, have just struck pay  in their drift, will work all winter.���������Brouse  co'y, 5 men, washed up week before last 100  ounces, they intend to work during the winter.���������Dutch Bill coy, 5 men, washed up for 3  days last week 20 ounces, will also 'work all  winter.���������Bailey co'y, 4 men, making about  wages, are about to.starfadrift'in^which'they  will work all winter.���������Steadraan co'y, 3 men,  made for the last two weeks $10 a day to the  hand,;will>work all winter.���������Six-toed Pete  cb'y;:4 men; just getting on pay in their in  their driftgwhich they intend working through  the TOter;���������Below tbe canyon, the first claim  rat work is the Welsh co'y, who are taking out  good��������� pay,Vand will work all winter.���������Austra-  lianWy are still running a tap drift.���������AVake-  up-Jakeco'yitapped their diggings last Friday evening; and will work all winter.���������Bald-  head arid-Shieepskin coy's are engaged in running the di-aiii .up to their claims.-Cariboo  ^^areltalclnpout about wagesf.^Morn!ng  Star co?y made nver wages last week.���������Davis  co'y are gettingJnto pay, will.be able to work  ������ or "ten' dayslonger.-^Watsoh co'y,are taking  obi aSlittle pay:���������Never Sweat co'y had a  Hbef will-work during the.winter  r-Ne'er^do-AYeel co 'y, 5 men; washed out last  week 50 ozs.���������Caroline co'y have struck a  back channel 100 feet from the: creek, and are  getting abput an ounce to the car load; 12  men at worki-^Hippleco'y have been taking  out an- opiiace a day to the hand; 2 men at  work.-���������Rankin co'y, 5 men, are fixing up for  working during the winter.���������Cascade; co 'y, 4  men; will!start washing to-day,'"and work ail  winter.-^Salt Spring, co., 5 men, making wages  ���������The Aurora; Fountain Head and Union jack  Co.'s are busy running tunnels and will also  work during tlie wihte^^Belbwythe Heron  co'y the~.grbuhd has been: located for a con-  siderabledistance and will be prospected durr  ing the fehsuing winter, when there is no doubt,  some rich diggings will be found."  The number sof men who will winter on  tbis creet ihay be estimated at about 150.  . 2 Zyyy WA:'^i^^(yi2y  Messrs. S. AdleK arid."' John White ��������� arrived  here yesterday from the Blackfoqt mines in  Montana Territory, having left JeffersoriCity  bn;the-21st Sept...iasty.yMivAdler:. says:-that  there are many gulches and creeks of undoubted' richness, but the mines are ;tob limited Idl  extent to absorb the large: influx of population which has been,flooding-the country during the; .past season; the consequence .is that  men. ate 'leaving daily in gangs,;withput ^ cent  in their, pockets; and in many instances having tovsustain themselves ibr days bri '"floiir.  straight f{{ arid, to add to their misery, they  ar������csubjeofed-daily tp-tb������-h(^<ikat*r*ok*~^  the Blackfoot,; Crow and Snake Indians, who  are a^very formidable and blood-thirsty race.  Jim Wade-and-^McLellan left McLellans gulch  with $42;000*each#and not 1600 lbs. as had  been.lately reported. '.^ Frank Way is earning  his living at Helena by training horses, and  has rioj money.1 None of the Caribooites in  that���������country had yet made^:a strike. Mr, Ad-  je^says'that the distance from here to McLel-  Lanigiilcb in a straight line is^not over. 350  miles,-arid it is believed that a-jr.ery rich tract  of country lies between that point and" this  place;;butit is.next to impossible to explore  it on^accountfof the hPstile character of the  Indians.?: '* **  (From the ffiritiih ColuVnbi n.f) '  ���������'^ of Hunov^r  has protested tb"aj[l Ifor fcaljiuets of Burope  against Annexation of his Kingdom to Prussia,  and appeals to all powers to aid him against  oppression.        ' ''���������  :. NeXy York, Oct. 14tb.���������Electioneering movements are progressing in various parts of  England, looking towards the probable dissolution of parliament next spring.  y It is stated that tbe weather in England has  destroyed one-tenth of the whole crop of wheat  The*AVoolwich Arsnei was levelled with the  ground by an explosion of gun cotton. No  lives lost.*  ��������� It is reported that Lord Lyons is to succeed  Earl Cowley at Paris.        . '   .   .   ^  The. insurrection in Candia is progressing.  The Insurgents arVmarcbing upon the city of  Candia'.: The Porte, has recognized Prince  Charles as hospodar.Qf the principality. .  Sari Francisco, Oct. 17th.���������AVestern Union  Telegraph Co's bark Clara Bell, from Ochostck  seai arrived last night and reports the arrival  of Colonel Bulkley aud party, at P^tropaul-  asiii about the end .of July, all well. The  Russian part of the expedition had explored  the route and determined the position of lines  between Chikiga and Okhotsk. The vurious  explorations had decided on a route between  Belirings.sea and the terminus of the line at.  the ihouth of the Amoof. Timber plenty; and  400 miles of poles were expected to be ready  ������_-_'*��������� yy'i_i_y'i    '_:   -*��������� ������u������ ^'.wi..;������������������-*i������ :. . ITi.^  $200 to  the share last week.���������  dividend of  Last Chance, co'y took out 50 ounces last  ^eefcr^ForestRose co'y washed out for last  week75 ounces/; Nearly all the claims below  ihe last named company have suspended oper^  ations fbr the present.  CANTON: CREEK:      ./  ��������� Mr. John Adair, who returned from this  creek, informs us that the Washburn, and  Stewart quartz ledges, will -b^workbd.-by^flve;  men each driringthewintef; he brought down  to Quesnel 15001bs. of rock from the latter  lead which will be sent to; San Francisco for  assay. It was believed that the rich specimen  of rock lately found by Chinamen, was a de-  fcatched piece from someledge in^the vicinity,  but as yet no trace of, it had been found:  Some 15 or 20 men will winter on Canyon  creek.y  TERRY CRBBK.    /X  There are about 15 men at work on this  creek who are making from $10 to $15 a day  to the band.:' /A  ��������� -1.1.'.   '���������     GROUSE., OREEK.   -������������������:/���������/ -,������������������*';/  ��������� Thei Heron co^y sffil coritiriues to yield ite  forlnriate owners large; dividends; the wash  up for last week was as follows: Tuesday, 61  ozs. $14; Wednesday, 41 ozs. $4; Thursday  77 ozs. $11; Friday, 224 ozs.; Saturday, 135  dunces $11; S������nday (y^rday), ^otinces  VICT  ITEMS FROM ^COLONIST AND  TO 19m INST. ���������'������������������.������������������  n-  A Ball was to be given to Governor  nedy ariSlamily, on tbe evening of the ,19th,  by a nuniber of influential citizens, as a part-,  ing tribute to his Excellency���������A heavy freshet  had occ^red at Leech river in consequence  of. the la^e rains; miners were making .$9; a  day witb.jrockers iri Martins gulch.;. the ditch  was nearly completed.���������The fire which ocr  curred in4he BellinghamBay coal mines bad  been extinguished.���������The Governor has declined pardauiug Maurice Carey, on the ground  that h^off^nce.was one of the most serious  that could'be committed against society.���������  Timbthy-O'Brien, a half-breed, was fined $50  or temori^s^mprisonment for supplying  liqupritairidian|v--A :man named Robert J,  Hopkins was remanded.in the Police Court as  being of unsound raind^Governor Kennedy  aMxfeinily will sail on the; next mail steamer.  It isthel intention of His Excellency, we be-  iievertb'proc'eed horiie by way of New Or-  Ieans,:th^Mssissippi river, the Lakes andNew  York^; While Soutli^thfe great battle fields of  thereheilibri.will be visited.���������Dr. Helmcken,  late Speakeffcf the late Legislative Assembly  of theMandiids strongly urged to\ stand for  the B; GAegislative Council. The Dlvwould  be returned by a large majority over all competitors.���������The attendance at the sale at: Government House -was very large, and the. furniture; etc:;'sold at astonishingly, high prices;  j.jje ���������;������. Af hiup.k- Tinnies bronsrht S300: a white  hor  A  i  #&* It is reported that tbe Indian who kill-  e(i.Morgan last fall at Soda Creek, lias .been  arrested in Washington Territory, forcoriimit-  Jwg some depredation there. The Wasbing-  ton Territory authorities have sent' iriforraa-  ������on to our Government that he will be handover to them if desired. .'.'.  Bank op British Colombia.���������The agency of  Jljis Bank at Quesnelmouth was closed on;.the  ^binst. :%   './' 1"' ' '-  ;'   i  Sll: total,'596 ounces $3, or $1000 to  Rl^ire    This coV have taken out since they  ruck pay this season $53,238. They intend  L work all winter.-Black Hawk co'y areen-  Z!Z In running a drain for their diggings,  Sfi wil Sfeet long,and will be finish-  Sua^nonth; they will wo* 4i������ ������U ���������-  ter -Lowhee coy, 2 men, have run 150 fee  If a tunnel, which they intend to carry on al  lte"ld Goose co'y, 5 men are about  .Eii a funnel- will work all winter-Short.  fnlheir tunnel and are making about w;  working in a canon  ST S-iil wo* all winter.  haVen������;o;T^andcangctS150to  Full Rigg  before last  rk ail  to **l\*H.    * Hno- from an ounce to 8>������U a  man.who is m^ing rroin n ^  day.-Soyereign co'y, 2 men. svarwuj,  a tun-  \ pair of black ponies brought $300; aw  u^/se, $175; and a chesnut hoi'se, $115,  telegram'of Oct. 8th states that AArm.Culver-  'weil Ims^b.^en discharged -from Ms debtean  San' Francisco, by a decree of ihe County  Courts-It is stated in racing circles in San  Francisco that a trotting match, three miles  and repeat, has been made up between Low-  ery Matthews and Filmore for $20,000, to be  trotted within twenty days from Oct. 9th.  0T We take great pleasure in calling the  attention of travellers for the lower Country  to'tbe following Hotels and AVayside Houses.  where every accomodation and convenience  is afforded to the travelling public :���������  'Boyd & Heath's, Cold Spring* House ;  J, Pelliter. Cottonwood Ranch;  "Brown & Gillis', Occidental Hotel Quesnel-  raonth;  P. L. Johnson, Colonial  Hotel,   Quenel-  mouth;   '  McLeese & Sen ay, Colonial Hotel,Soda creek  The 164 mile,jor Deep Creek, House ;  D. Murphy, 141 mile House;  "VV. Henderson, Blue Tent;    /  Wm. Man son, 111 mile House;  A. Crysler, 83 mile House ;  J, Urin, Junction Hotel;  Semlin & Parke, Bonaparte House;  Messrs. Corn well's, Ashcroft;  International Hotel, Lillooet;  Honcer Hotel, Lillooet.  before the close of the present season.; - The  iitttirastiiTe Vef/^frie^  trains to assist in ^transporting- material and ���������  could supply any .itraount Of reindeer, meat.  Government oflicials tender every' assistance  without awaiting iri^ruclions from St. Petersburg/and Count Arioso IT issued orders'to :>l I ..  officials to render any osyjstanee that was'ne-  cessary for the completicn of the line, wheu  necessary.   Matori^t is received arid the work .  will-be pushed fohvprd:iw\\b..Kreat rapid|tyA /;;/:  ;   San Francisco, Oct 19th.-- The eastern line  is down beyond Fpj;t Lararnj������.: The' telegraph   '.  agent ait Salt Lake^undor dai e Ocfc 18th says: . - ���������  There has been a vi^jy heavy storm froirihero *���������"  down the Platte, and;the line is badly broken...  Snow is terrible in jail directions. 1 ,: XyA-y "X ������������������  ..The Pacific raair^amer, GoldenCity, sailed for Panama 'to-^ay,; '.with 479. passengers  and S666,75o in spepie. -Among the passengers  who leffi for the emi was Edwin Forest.  The.market lor tfijiir.continues firm with an  advance of 25 cen^per bbl on all grades.  Ay Legal tenders/ar^'yjei^'dull at 69 buying,  ���������and 70 selling.' ''yAAAx. A/XAXXA ... '   ,--, Aryy  .; ;.Hope, Oct 18���������Some time during last night ���������  the store of Jame&^orry was broken into and ,:  a small safe containing $3000 was stolen and  carried off; no clue^toUhe robbers. 1  Seattle, Oet.* 19th.^Jndge Darwiti to-day  sentenced William^'Powell, who was found  guilty of murdering'bis wife, to be hanged by  the neck until he is dead, on the 21st of December next; .  Janies McKay, found guilty of murder in  the second degree, was sentenced to_ fifteen  years' confinement with hard labor.  "Wm; Bridge, found guilty of buying and  receiving stolen poods, to one years1 confinement and hard labor.  Sleighing.���������There is ������ow good sleighing  from this creek down as far as Edwards' Ranch  at Beaver Pass. Ontbe divide between here  and Van Winkle the snow is 17 inches deep.  Barnard's Express was brought in on a sleigh  last trip.. (:  ; Sale op a Ranch.-On Thursday last, Mr.  F..V.Lee sold by public auction Edwards'  Ranch, at Beaver Pass, consisting of 320 acres  of land7 together with the household furniture,  farming implements, &c., for $.925.  Heavy Breach ov Promise Shit in San  Francisco.���������A dispatch in the 'Oregonian'  says���������: -General 11 M.-Nag!ee has Hied hi* answer in the breach of promise suit brought  against him by Mary L. Schell, to recover  $100,000 damages. Ho denies that he ever  promised to marry her, and avers that her  conduct has been unchaste and immoral since  the time of such supposed promise of marriage  that her character and reputation are bad,  and that the facts of her bad reputation wore  not known to him until the time of tbe supposed promise of marriage.  Useful Invention.���������Sydney E. Morse, of  New York, has just patented a curious philosophical instrument which is called a bathometer. You throw it overboard, with its appendages, where water is miles de.p. It goes  down like a shot, and as soon as it touches  the bottom it turns and comes back to the  surface. You pick it up and the true depth  of water where it struck the botUm is seen  on the scale of the bathometer, just as you see  the degrees of heat on the scale of a thermometer, . .      .''.  ���������$0* Parties desirous of obtaining files of  theSKN'rrNEL are informed that there are a  few on hand, which can be procurer! on application at the officeV  If you want good Co ffce use Jell's.  m  4  m  fsjg  e  I . H.  THE BROKEN MINER.  Q'JESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  ROAD SIDE HOUSES, &c.  'BY JOHN A.: FRASER.  yA    Last night as in sweet sleep I lay,'  : My dreamiiig thought roauit^far away,  '���������'Z. .The sceues my early cliiidboodltncw '  ������������������ la smiling freshness rose to view;'  -,Then passed before me pure and mild  -        A ''mother, bending o:er her child,  Agaiu those clarion accents rang..  "0, leave ns not^'my dtirliag'sbu/'  ���������  -'Then let our clrorus loudly ring,  y- ���������;;;.: ;  The Bro ken- Miner's lot I sing,  ���������'���������' .'Most bitter' is the lot indeed ���������  . y yy-yy -. Qf hhn who-caunot find the "lead."/  'y-'M  ...'.;���������-   The midnight hours roll slowly ���������������"*���������"��������� mmn  y X And :coldly blows;the northern-  No more, to-night, will tranquil  'a-. .: In sweet repose my spirit keep;  1 X. -'���������������������������"4My blankets thin, and cabin, cold,       >  v > vJ Proclaim how vain .this thirst for gold]  Most wretched is;the lotindeed  ������������������' ;���������'���������';;:  : Of him who caniiot find the "lead.'*   ..-���������!���������  Then let our chorus loudly ring, &c.  ICE.  w  a-  >"  Will leave SODA CREEK  MONDAY & THURSDAY-MORNINGS,..  ;AT DAYLIGHT;j  2'X"': Will leave.QUESNEL -\  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY, MORNrNGS,  X AA Zxy,     ./ATG/yQLOCK/ ... --  Connecting at Soda Creek wftb .Barnard's Staqfs ou  HOUSE'  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is situated 26 miles from Quesnelmouth.  Tho proprietors having lately fitted'up bedrooms  and good Beiis are ni>w prepared to alford every accom-  modation for Travellers;. the Table is furnished" with all  the luxuries'that can bo.procured; the Bar is well sup..  plied with the best brands of Liquors and Sugars; good ���������  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley. ��������� &$* The CHEAPEST  House on the Road. ��������� ���������"    ��������� .1-s  VICTORIA AlJVERTISEl^^  LONDON HO Us  COVERSueot gjggg,,.. yimmX/  .^EOLESALE^ND.'ll:ET^lti  A   J-H. TURNER &"cb. ���������  Ei  ���������-���������.  ���������   who accompanied Gol.;��������� Bulkier,of theOolUus*  Telegraph Expedifcibn, on   his first trip to  p.^n;.V<v?g straits^ about one year age, in the  COLONIAL RESTAURANT.  '���������yyy-:,>^^yQUESNEL3TOin,H,-; ���������- <���������/> ��������� ���������  P. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best.  y    A-y-'/"{:.  .... description. ..-y's"  y: tsapacify of naturalist, for which duty he was  ���������y detailed by the Smithsonian Institute at Wash-  'A ington;/Mr. iCennicott had previously passed  A. XX ver.'before penetrated.     On his return to  '., A'\ Washington, b ri nging wi th ,him many natural  :pany the telegraph expedition to  the North,  ; Vrid it was during^iis short.,stay in: this,"city  ;.-;���������������������������  quesnelmouth,  ���������; -;-BROWN'&OILLIS,-PKbpmET0Rai: ;;���������  Good "Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table, &c.  ... Stabling for Hbrses, Hay and Oats.;      s  GIROD & GUICHON,      ���������  ' Old Establishkd General Stork,  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE & COMMIS-  'Ay -: .SION^^ IIERCHANTS,^  gether with tho commodious two-story%house known us  the Cottonwood Hotel, is now prepared* to alford every  accommodation to.the travelling public, and hopes by  a strict attention to business to merit a share of the  patronage bestowed on tho former proprietors. This is  one of tho most comfortable and' commodious Hotels  on tho road, containing as it does wanirand well furnished bod rooms with good beds:- The'TAOLE is ���������supplied with every delicacy, it Is possible to procure in the  upper country. Tho UAR is stocked with tho best .of  Liquors and the choicest Cigars;    '_'  :'*-'   '/ -j:.;   ;   ������������������-  ���������   4������-MEALS, ;.$;i 50 [EACH: ^' A J  Tho Stabling for Horses is all that could bo desired;  and the charges are very moderate.' Hay for Jlorses  per day/ $o;���������'.OaCs and "Barley at" tfie' clfeapest:market  rates.    . ���������   . .' :���������������������������       , ���������:  ' The undersigned has a large quantity of' OAT HAY  on ham), for sale in large or small quantities. . .Parties  desirous of purchasing this articlo- would do well: to  give him u.caii.-,   ' y ���������:���������������������������.*'-, :,;-.r ':���������::'-��������������������������� ������������������'.-���������  yy JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor. ���������  IMPORTERS  OF  Kuglisb & French Silks sh������wi������ n       '  Receive regular supplies'bv C^; .   ^ '  by sailing vessels via Capo H^-     SVh V&nm^  ��������� &&* Panieular attention given 'to all ^a^   "  London Firui~J. P. TunLt?!0^0^^'  ^ratSi--"  ;:"'QUESNELMOUTK^y: / A   s  ;���������'������������������*?���������  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  *-.-. ������������������  :���������  '  orei*s  X iiik}&: pMtyitf'."0?.  . ^"vwas aged ab out 25. years,; an d'. was. one of th e  ��������� -ymokiitalented; young ni^u in America^---Victory ria/Chronicle;? ; '   . '^ ' :       . .  ; A_������������������ 'Mr. D; Clsal,: who^hai-the reputation of  '" 'prpyidih'g-the-bte.tmte^ in, the. most liberal  "~ We wbuld>call- the attention of those  ���������������������������������������������:'.   ������������������* ���������        &'     ���������    ��������� ������������������������������������ '. ������������������   *������������������   :������������������'.���������     -.:���������   :.r-r   ������������������  yyf.L!LLO0E^  HE UNDERSIGNED are now;roaunfacturini.FLOUR  I of all grades:.Extra, Superfine and.Fihe.^'Feed  -Crushed;io.order;.A/XXA ���������':��������� /���������.1;-     . .-'���������-. ik/MA'-.-  ^y\-^;y'?--fe-;:LIlXOOEt":Fttom:',MlLtm^-1    ���������  ���������' 1-s^y V;' '%^y y-'y;-- ��������������������������������������������� ;F|'-W.-Foster, Agent..  iSealer IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING,7&TS AND  U Cap3, Boots and Shoes,- Carpetings: \Qil Cloths.  Wall Pupor, &c:, Lillooet, B.. C.  .-   ��������� &XfAJ      1-s ���������  .;,, ESTABLISHED" 1858.  V^LIAKZELlSrER; dealer" in Drcg* *  1 f. ��������� .cises and'CHEMiCAi^,- Fancy and Tcfil,.' ^  ��������� Sponges, Brushes, Penumerv, fi     Phv ! Ar"^  scriptions ^ftny'compounVaW.SSffi? Pj  ������^care^^Hp^tc^^ Victoria, V. I ns**r  :       PATTRIOK?S CORNET  \~���������:���������������������������-��������� ' "      '������������������ 1-s  a.".. ';;���������  -r...boots: boots'!  T SAY, SAM! How'Is it your Boots������*ar JL ,  .Ghanty and Butler, Government Street vSi,  TAY & CO., Fort Street, Victoria, VA^Ai  0 Garden and Field Seeds guaranteed ' Havconhan  a carelully. selected stock ..of the above -lt<m -tK S  European and American Markets/ Tbe early ordcrS.  their.friends in British Columbia are solicited    ?���������  ticular attention is called to their large stock of Gra=  Clover and Onion   Seods 'of very superiorS  .. Fruit Trees and Bashes, Evergreens SL qll}?  '^���������''-'^'-���������'������������������SeB^r^^  of every variety., Catalogues on application,     u  ���������  /.-  CO L0NI AL  HOT EL,  GREAT REDUCTION has;been made in the charges  at this establishment, so as losuil the times.  .   Meals, $1 j Beds, 76! Cents. .  1st, 1866.'  .   MCLEESE& SENAY,  yy  ^       Proprietors.   j  '���������.'.'���������" 44  BREWifiY^A  TACOB  MILTZ, Proprietor,  has always on  tl. hand a large and superior stock.of Lager.Beer; ut  ���������the.Bar will be found .the. best Branriie^.Wines and  ; the public are invited to call.    Prepared to fill  romptly. ;.���������;;���������-���������.   "���������.��������� XA'y-A\ (-.;-;. yi-s ���������'  the  all orders promptly, /yy  164 MILE OS DEEP CREEK HOUSE,  TS OPEN FOR THE ACCOifMODATION OF,, THE  J. .Travelling public; the bed rooms, arc spacious" and  airy and the Beds cannot bo surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by*any iu-tho lower country; the Table is  always supplied with the best of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats aud Barley constantly on hand.  EBRODRICK, Coal and I'roddce Dxai er  . large stock of Hay, Oats, Wheat aad Burk-y ci, ���������  best description always on hand; also, NaDaimo, eJ  .hsh, BlacksmiUi and.&innel Coal. Ordcrs'scnlu  Union Wharf, Victoria, V. 1;, will reefcive immedist  attention.    .   : .--���������   ' '      ,.,���������   .-��������������������������� . , ,   u  rcrai  I  Mr.. E. Gi, Wilmott,:who hgts a Horse and Dray  'fready at^the shortest- notice to -execute any  'ordefshe may:be .favored with, atveryrea-  ���������80nable rates.' //{���������    -A- ������������������;������������������; . .    . *  0$*Parties desirous of, obtaining: files of  ; th e Sentinel are in foitned tli a t th e re are a  : few on hand,.winch can be proctired on ��������� 'ap-  , plication at the office,   y  rpHE UNDERSINED te������3 to inform tbe miners aud  1 residents in and around Van Winkle that haying  purchased the establishment and good will of the firm  of Messrs. SCHORLTNTr k CO., he'will in future keep  ���������'ah assorted an<i GOOD STOCK on band, and hopes hy  ������lose attention to business, and by selling^t LOWER  RATES than heretofore, to merit the patronage of all.  Order?, accompanied wit!) the CA^H, from outlying  . creeks will bo forwaTded with promptness and dispatch,  y   Miners wishing to lay in their winter stock will And  it to their advantage to give hhn a call.  /J^rT.Tms CASH," without distinction. ���������"  37 : J. W- LTNOHARD.  ORIEMTAU   SALOON,  ��������� -      ������������������;��������� ������������������:���������-RLCSFIELD.���������-.: Ar-Ayy  *. WtlE UNDmSIGNEir' fiAVTNG��������� LEASED \ FEOM S.  ;; 1 A. Smith the pre raises formerly known as the^MiN'-:  'ers' Saloox, Has oprjned tlie "'same,,under the above.  ���������name, and: would respectfully ihvitehis.friends and the;  .   publicitftnerally to give him acailX '���������."V-- A'-a  y / i^-Tho best brands of LIQUORS and SEGARS^wni  always be kept at this establishmeuty  ..   '."..-    .JOHN HEDIN.  Richaeld, August, 18H6. 29-3m  QPELMAN, and-McKENZIE,-proprietos.  O This Houseis well fitted up with. .Good'Beds and  the Bar is furnished with the best Liquors^ Meals aro  s.erved at all'hours on the Restaurant principle;  Sta  bling for Horses,  Horse Feed, kc.  1-s  AHARJLES NELSON, Proprietor;>^ThU  \J establist  old  blisbed House is.w<'ll flttod u^p, for the's.comfort  Kllers;  the Table issupplipfl ivith 'the"best of  ?n������r   thot   <*iti   KtJ   W'jiI     oi\il   fl>a   /niiilfintp 5o  nnt    ������n  of Travellers  everything that can be had, and the cooking is hot inferior to the best hotel in the lower country* rBedrooms  for Families;f*Stahling for Horses, Horse Feedj &o.  The Expressitops here        ���������"'���������''���������.: A.       1-s  r - .���������-.���������-.. *���������      ��������� ������**���������:        -���������������������������-������������������  BENNI3 MURPHY, Proprietor. This House  is furnished with every convenience for the comfort of Travellers; the Culinary department is under  the superintendence of an experienced cook; the Beds  are clean and .comfortable ; the Bar contains tho best  of Liquors, Segars, &c.   Stabling, Hay, Barley &Oats.  "l  BARKERVILLE."  THE UNDERSIGNED beg-to inform their/friends and  . the inhabitants generally of Williams .Creek, the  neighboring Creeks, and those.visiting the.Mines of  Cariboo, that having leased the well-khowu^Baker}*  and Restaurant of MCNDORF fe'COiy tho oldest established house in Barkerville, would solicita^continuance  of its long and extensivo patronage and will be huppy  to see all their friends. For the convenience of miners  wc will exchange.broad for flour as heretofore, and at  any time receive the surne tickets for Meals, Lunolies,  Pies, Cakes, or anything in our line for their value, and  will be on hand at all hours, day or nwht, to supply  "the wants of our patrons.  ��������� figf Good Stabling convenient tc the establishment,  ������������������   ���������   P.- E05A' k CO;-  . ..Barkerv-nie, S?pt,.26th, 18G0 43-s  .  RANCH.    M. HENDERSON.hegs. to inform his friends  and the travelling .public generally that he has  taken the above Ranch and is prepared to supply them  with First Class/Accommodation; Good Stabling for.  horses; Hay and Grain. y\ .... ���������    1-s  ~ llli MILBJIOIJSE.  WM.;MANSON/.   ������������������      D..A. McLEAN,-  Propriotor,        ,    .- Agent.  TOTS HOTEL "IS LARGE AND WELL - FITTED. UP  for tho comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied  with the best of everything that can b<* procurd, and  the cooking is not inferior to an von the road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and Oats.     1-s  viuwDui vuiivwuuu ocenfry:cnrouEUOut tirttisn ������������������  umbia, including views of the route to Bi^' Bend, aft-a  on haiid.at liberal rates.     .   " '���������'        /"'       i.3  T) P; WHEAR, Taiios k Outfittek, Fort St reel]  ���������IV...Victoria,,V. L,.opposite Bee HiveOlotel'where 14  is prt-pared to supply his numerous patrons with evert  requisite for.Clothing suitable for every seasca of ili]  yeaiy   ���������/'   -   ���������''���������      _ . -���������'..-;     u  /pHOMAS WILSON & CO., Importers, or 'Eng  I lish Merchandi2iv wholesale and retail dealers'  Dry Goods, &c;, rates Street, Victoria; V. I.   On a  after 1st June next in Government Street, opposite tbe  Bank of British Columbia.      :>, .'. U  TTOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, V. I., Jtri  11 Bione and PiEitRE Manoiex, Proprietors. .The ft^f  taurant is supplied with all the delicacie^'lh'g'irwfKea  atrords... .in tnc aar will bo found the choicest Liqsors]  Furnished Rooms, &c.-, ������������������ ���������'-���������-: .      ���������, A - ' 1-s  T7UG-ENE THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria,  IV Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WINES. BRAND1M  BEERS,- and LIQUORS and depot of HavanaSeguril  Goods torjwarded to the Mining Districts.      '"   1-s !  4. FRANKEL, Victoria, V..T., Deakrin Fcks,[  IX . Saixs, Hides, Wooi-, &c. Liberal advances inndir  on Furs consigned. Reference~G.: Sutro k Go., Spor-j  borg&Rueff, Victoria, V. I. 1-s  83 MILE HOUSE.  4 LBERT CRYSLEK has opened tho above House for  xl tlie reception of Travellers;' the Table is well kept  and the Liquors, cannot be surpassed ; the Beds are  clean and comfortable. Stabling for Horses, Hav and  Oats. ��������� 'is  MRS. HEIN, MiLU.\EJi&.Dress 3Uker, Govcil-I  ment Street, Victoria, V.'I. AM kinds oi Mjlliueryl  of the latest style kept constantly on baud. 0rder4  from the country punctually, attended to. 1-*  E   WATSON,. ."Watchmaker,, Jeweler    .  . and Engraver. Yates street, above Gov- ������Vf  eminent street, Victoria, V. I. 1-s    &^  ILSON & MURRAY, Grockks, Prov.siu.vJ  Wine k Spirit Merchants, Bakers & Confectioners,  Fort Street, Victoria, V, I. :    '    u \  JAMES HURON, Proprietor. This commodious Hotel is well fitted up with every convenience  for the comfort or the public; the Beds are all that a  weary traveller could desire; tlie Table is supplied with  the best of far..-; the Bar contains the choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,  Barley, &c. 1-s  Dissolution of PartnersMp  .'/THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the  I. un<!������rsh.meu has been this day dissolved, and A G  FONTAINE is alone authorised to collect all debts due  to the late firm, ���������  .        A. G. FONTAINE,   :-- ��������� - -yA��������� --^-AlfeBWE--L*-ECByERf-  .    JACQUES LE BRUN.  RichQcld, October 5th, i860. 45  Bathiiig:.A Esta*blisllm^Ilt!  y"v/;;;;''':v;.BARKEKv.ille;;'. zyjfy'i   i \  {Next Bank of British North America!).;    "���������/',  D- .LEWIS begs leave to inform the Ladies and  ��������� Gentlemen of Williams Greek and vicinity that  he lias titled up a BATHROOM at considcrable.expcnso  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to merit a share of their pu.tron*dgo. ,  4^T He will also attend to Extracting, P'illingand  Cieanihg of Teeth. ������������������*..:. IP.  GROUSE   CREEK  s  TORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor. Tl>5sfem������e  J j :fiiUurus every accommodation for the comfort of  Travellers; the Ta hie is furnished wi th all ihe del i cacies  of the season, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Wines, Brandies & Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley arid Oats constantly on hand at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap. 1-s, .  OPORBORG & RUEPF, Commission Mer-  O CHANTS, Wholesale Dealers in Groceries  JR^-I  sio.vs, Boofs & 6hO������3, Wharf street, Victcm, v. I.   *;s|  n RELLEY & FITERRE^ Importers. &.������������[  Victoria  ^ile Dealers in Wines, Spirits and LiQUors.1  >ria,y:i. .il  OPROAT & CO., (late Anderson & Co.) Importer  O and COHESION Mkrcuams, Stpro Street, Victoria,!  V. I. ___il  The Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN & PARKE,  Proprietors,, at tlie  U Junction of the Cariboo.and Big Bend Roads, is  Q   SUTRO & CO., Importers axd Dsaif.rs in  .   C1GLil, TOBACCb, Meefthaum Pipes, &fl, S>l  corner of yatesand Wharf street, ;Y/cg[gy__^,  f~&. KAGCHN, PHvsicfAN &^^^������J-  J . ner of, vates and-Government^lsyicm������y  FIERCE & SEYMOtmjdealers ^^w^  j   Fokfitcbe, BroadStreet, Victoria^V. I.,   J_  ClOCKEH'  1-S  Dissolution of Partnersliip  rp.HE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing under, the  I naraft.of DOLE & BEAK. Butcher.?, Barkerville,.has  b^n tbis day dissolved -by mutual consent. From and;  at't,������r this date.the businr.'ss will be c:irricd' on in the  n-vmo:0i' CHARLES BEAK, who is hereby authorized  to colloct all accounts dm tt) the firm, and by whom all  debts owinK hy them will be liquidated  , v It is pirticularly r-questy/i Uut all accounts against  tae said firm be sent in for immediate,settlement.  JAtiES DOLE,  . CHARLES BEAK.  B.>rktervm&, 3rd Octobor, 1866;   ���������' 44-lm  ���������  ^|1HE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the public that  J. theahove establisiunent was opened on SUNDAY  LAST, the 22nd July, and that he will be happy to receive a call from his friends.  :    im- BOARD ������16 PER WEEK. ~m  Bread, Pie   arid Cakes always on hand for sale.  23 -    A. KELLY, Proprietor.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  prices  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay k Grain;  attentive hostlers.. Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bend and vale, and.onco a week for Cariboo.     1-s  THE ASHCROFT HOUSE  MESSRS. QORWALL'S.  4 T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  Ix Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.:  Travellers will lind Good Accommodation. ' The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feud.     1-s  THE SHORTEST AND CHEAPEST ROUTE.  nAIRE & GRANCINI, Hardware k C  Jj^Mebohants, Wharf Street, Victoria, V^  H~~ENDERSON~and BURNABY,  Wharf street; Victoria, V. I.  MERCHA.VT8,  1-S  L^osltrtheBankoi Brit^hWh_ ^  FliALLANDlNE,C0LLECTON &OENBKAt AGENT  fi,!, ooverhhient Street: Victoria, V. ^   ;. m     __^|  P0Rfi5uSLAS ADVKB^SBM������  Miner  ���������,^?���������3%%>?^���������y**������z  Cards, Bill Heads,  Circulars, Posters and  : Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this Office.  J33F* Terms' Moderate��������� ~$&.   ���������".  Four Days to the 108 Mile Post, via Cedar  Creek,and Mitchell's Trail.  BART1ES GOING BELOW THIS FALL are informed  X   that they can easily make Cedar oreek in two days,  and crossing the Lake cau reach thc^ Wagon Road in  two mom.", y SflTCHKLL..  October 5th, 1886., 45  others destined for the Bridge wjwj ^^i  ^convenienco^ac^^  son. ������������������-'.��������� . _y__���������������-  ?^r^nSl^y"������re-we������sap.*d  the delicacies of the season  ..j, H M ������. - -=- - -- Tins - Houge  between this,b������ttae������^ with ^\f  tho steamers from bdowr ana &m������������* % i>,,  Bo*t������ fmlMbr&i*


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