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art surrounding
i or ward go/JOo
t.Pf April next
'igattlon.... '
l care and dis
ore, will bo pre-
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Those who will
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rated. ' ".:   !- .
'l(i jli'V l;j; ft:..��"
9 <*        '
on Stoves:-
��� ktViHtet towjiV
''give entire wtfc.
���;&';: Steel/
Saturday, Oct 29,
*No. 26
Published ��very Saturdayibyi     ;'
Subscription, - - 50 Cents per Week*
���,���-'��� :  J'-^TIATES 0F-a5ve55sING^ /..
For one square (oao inch),"first insertion,'
'XX:2':}*XX.A ��*���''��� XA \. Ay:^yV'.one.mpnth/y-'
For two squares, .first insertion, ,X. '*.. *, ���
i i
of Prussians taken prisoners.  It is also ;re-
p&fted that the siege;.of?Mete has beeii raised.
'.WOO Prussians, udder Priiicc Albert^entered
Gii'3"or8*?- they ; await more troops -'and- will
march upon' Rouen. 'The'siegeof New'Brii-
sack-continues.  A London .report says Bia-
tnarck authorised tbe statement that interven*
;ttoh lo secure peace would he acceptable to
Prussia. ���: Gambetti states that Bazaiue has
given his adherence to the Republic. "
; The World's special says people of Germany are ) anxioni ���' lor peace.  The' German
loss at Met?, is said to be 5000, besides a great
i number taketi ^rigofiersl     "���''���'���Ar '/Ay; /���'
iVniiWinkle,-     " ���' '   -. - .MrG. W. Lindlmrt ' ���
Qitefmcl mouthy .: ���<���*/   ; Vy  -     Barnard's Express
Soda- Creole, - -      * *   ���      ���    ��� Barnard' s Express
Clinton,   -,, V -y ��� *      ���     >     BurjiariTs Express
Yale;   - .���'*.* "Mr; Evans,-    do' do.:
New Westminster ��� '������:- /:������/. ..:>.��� -  '���' Clarkson & Co
Victoria, ���������    ��� v ���*    =>.-; v     ���   ���   John CollenF
'L. P. Fisher, A   [AV lA/   - ��� \ v:""f: San Fraiiciseo;
Hudson & Mcnct; '-�����-' ���  ~y*y* ������*���-���  ��� New York.
Cards, Circulars, Posters and Programmes for
y    Balls ahd Theatrical Entertainments;{/.
; jJ^'Executed with neatness and dispatch.��cr/
.   Terms moderate. -. A
latest TiSfeivisI
j     NEWS TO^CTOBER 15.    ���   .
Brussels, Oct, IS���A-meeting was held here
; y t^rdajr-and |'a;;unanImo.ii%'protest tigainst
. -W d pposi ft on', of. the Pope wlas adopted. ��� '"X X.
vs Tours, Oct, 12���At the battle of Orleans
y ee ter da.y X tnesleri gejs;: vepott, t hat1 the 'F.i'o-dpli;
forces were much the smallest, and were liter-
," ally crushed by the Prussian artillery and
- 'driven back mtp;tbersuburbs.[ The.P,rii$siansl were
opened fire on the-towh:; Many fires occurred,
and the railroad depots and other large estab-
jiabments were destroyed.1 ��� At \ last! accounts
the peof tf W:Lyons were Sying in all directions^- The Prussians had''pushed Co Beau-
gamy, beyond Orleans, and it; is feared; that
. the Papal Zouaves would be surrounded and
captured   la view of the urgency of the case
Garibaldi left for th6 field1. A Th* Prussians
occupy Orleans.   No news from Paris to-day.
. Versailles, via'#$t\\n and Xondoh, 13lh���
Yesterday the French .army of the Loire was
driven- out- of. Orleans' after. a nine hours'
fight. "' Orleans "was: subsequently occupied.
, The; Prussians took 10,000 prisoners, : Their
loss^ was small. The Bavarians participated
ia tha.engagetneDty - ;'
Lnie,.i3th-���Pariiculara of the battle before
-�������i     rPli�� lfrBnch
imber taken prisoners.
New York; 14tb^.J��� Correspondence .from leans. ������,������;
Tours; give a dreadful account "of Pritssi an .���! j...
cruellies; practised on Frenclr peasants;" A The
ift'lter in retaliation flogged:a BaVariah' captain .
to death and hung 'his ''m&by/X'y'y'XVZA.
" ^London'reports say the Priissians have not
beenf ab le' to- plant ,a gun in a -position to disturb my part of Paris;-:';;' ���   ; ;y;
{It is.reported, tliat Lyons isamply^prepared
to���;"resist the Prussians. Heavy guns: are in
"position aiid the entire population is Tn; arms.
All Southern-France, 'is: united^^rio disorder
there.;jyy-2 ������"  ��� ''A'.���--'.::���'A .������ ������������:-: ���'���}/-y-��� ;���
haye^as'" '
forced and took -iVl
>Berlin,/l4tbl--ili the .German..'. fownKare
ready; with [bonfires arid il 1 uraiuataon>; tO(ccle-
brate. the yictoj'y of the .Germans over Paris.
'LondonV;;rfii��thje;}J6fflqlal report of tlie
French: coniiitiattdeKat;Orleana says the fight
was/i'despj&a^ artillery liter
ally: overwhelmed us for. three;. hours,: and.a
flank movement compelled oiir retreat, wiiich
was eftected JDvperfeot-otdek ��� r~yyyy ;���/ "
: - fem I Ls iof; dlio bat tie before StL' Q^eritiri ^y.
tMLFreiich showed -great heroism and still
hold the placed  the:, terrible iarUllervfire^of
the Fi^ji ch i r om; For:fc Mb n t: Valeria has:swep t
ihe country. Six kilometresiof Prussian works
were."duslroyife'd."'', On' the north the Prussians
w ere ^dve n; back to Bo uden Hie, o n the e as I
to a point three mi]ea east of V4ncennes.   .:
The Prussian circle around Paris is said;to
be,expanding instead ot cohtracting.:..-: The
Prussians report\ -that; ^mutiny- is��� inimmeni.
among the French troops at lietz.
, Tours, 14tb���Gambetti issued ;-a proclamation 'announcing a victory in front ol; Paris.
-     ... �����i.!i>noa tft f!o better.
affair at St.Quentic.. The formal siege of
Touasons and Verdun-has commenced.
. Tours, 15th���No official newsreeeired from
Orleans to-day, though it is generally understood here that-there was heavy fighting there
yesterday. The French made a strong re-
eonoissance a few duys since. Aft<jr a short
conflict the Prussians were drives back. A
body ot Franc-Tireurs attacked a squadron of
Wurtemburg cavalry in the forest of Fontair-
bletm, killing many.   The remainder pushed
to Melun.
Garibaldi has arrived at Bescanon.   Bom-
baki has becu appointed to command at Or-
\W driver   Govtrnmcnt street, next to tho
1 \ . Ni^las Hotel, Victoria VI.    Cl.Konom.
. ��r_.^t.,.����i.-��onftiixtnativu. alia
SVlLKUnMI^ I    I ftii-v..,    GitOCEltlES, provisions,     ..
y'yrr.y,   clothing, boots,
Adjoining tbe Colonial Hotel. Government ^^ ^^ HARDWARE,
., wwob i/y :.�����.�� |��^f?(;
.  ���;
1  .
���    I-  .V.
��� ^>.
������   ��� \:
.1        '<-
HAXD. and Is? coDStantly receiving, a
11 largo fesovtiiieut.of CLOTH?; CASSIMEKES
tini Vesiings, which he is prepared to make to order
iu the most approved alyles.  . - ;v
Parties on William Creek ��an lipyc tlieiv mcasiirc!:
taken by ilr McOallum, Barkerville..   . \.
����* All orders from Cariboo promptly attended
to. ...-;' wy216ui
*   a A-ricau'Eclec'tloruy.sioian,'aem-'
p. einrui^; aj��.n��".s and DcnUst, will leave
���. her AnierlcairEclectic S. txt}<\ Deatist, will leave
BarkorvHUi on or nhont: the 22d lust, on a tour
lilnynigh ilie lo>ver country-to give the inhabitants au
oiipoft'uiiUy of liavlng. .their teeth attended to without making a journey to Cariboo. The dc��ctor will remain a lew days at the Mouth of Quesnclle aud Soda
Creek in order that fanners -aud others m.tyavnl
iui>o rters of: al 1 descriptvbns"or "Dry Gdod��,
Hosiery: arid Underdo thing,'������":.
;.i A very:ful) assortment of these goods, suitable for
LWholcs^o buyers, at. tbctr. Wharf street Store.
',   B.eguliir supplies received from Europe hy sailing
CteoK iu ui��u�� ...-. vessels and by Express via Pano:aia {tad Pacific Rail-
themselves of-hifi services.  ,'���'. roti    t>   ..   'i      X.    ./"   .       .     ",      A '���' ��� ,. ���
Ail urenchoaorricattetry cxecntod in thoycrybest . ���<yP��niculwatU����on,giveii-towder5ireinB��lt.
st vie and to the entire satisfaction of evury patient, -ish Columbia.       .   ....      ���   ; - :    y
Gill and try." Get rid of decayed Teeth and misery, .. So �� ABntt9rf ^^PJ^H^0^1?^'-  n^    k
for delays are dangcvoivs.   Parlies in Cariboo wisUni LQnJou *$&&; ,�� TUNSTALL k Co., 8 Bow Church
to have work done will plea.se call at once." as. Gold "      ''"'        -      ��ara. ��� ���   ��� (
Plate, Mineral Ttivtli, iuTd;the best filUug for decayed     ���   '  ; "tS
:.�� <i.'.�� u-wM. and other' dental material, has . ��� V/h QP
���'. y
' ' Ah
A. i>
:   'AAA
b"..... .
V)ate. Mi herai Teeili, :iud tac e e��i. u ��� uub >y. ,,.., ,.
teeth in the world, and other' dental material, has
ust been received by Expross.'      '���"" fuiiii-
Uon-anrioimcing a vwwky m -*.^���.
He calls'to the other provinces to do better,
and do s as Paris has doue herselty
A despatch via Berlin say.s the" French
tro ons ba ve wantonly b urn t the palacfe of St.
Cloud;   X 'A'"A- A -
��� .Four French battalions mate a sortie from
Paris to-day, but were easily repulsed.
The Prussian government has ordered the
appointment of assessors of damage to property at Strasbourg, the amount of indemnity
io be in eluded in bill of i ndemni ty.
London, ltlh ���OoiiQrrnation  received  ot
ust been receive. VJ   . s
Van VolkenMrgh& Co."
Ire sauce:
5cursto:l)0 -i
�� sauce:
The ?\icccff on.bi!
' B
.trill*"1""    m,
r,.s��u��.W1'1'l('w,i,! ..WM
success of BazaitieV; sortiesi   He burned five
villages aud captured large herds of cattle.
.The Prussians have commenced the bom-
rnnK>ti bardment of Soissons. y.:.
in and around Metz are "dying by nonui-ciw v..   PnttW_Ftcdenck.Uhari.ea is not dead. ���
RbindeipesW-' TUefMCh^i^.&piath^Vforltj- Tours, Hft--The news of   the victory
ficationa continues inceesaritly. A balloon de- atotlS Paris causes great enthusiasm,
scended at Troyes" to-day.   News from. Paris     Troops are leaving here tor Orleans to join
������:���,*   Order reigns everywhere, troops opposing the enemy there. ;\,
Garibaldi  has been  interviewed by.., tVe
 ���v*4*ni   He says he came
Metz . o.n Fr id ay are recei ved. The F r en cb
made.a.sortie in force, ^nd after a battle were
driven .babkv?itb tremendoitsloss.^ Prussians
took a great: number of prisoners. The cattle.
in and around Metz are dying by hundreds of
'    n,|i��*'c,i��w��p.h fire from the.forti-
Secon*-**- .d Store
aw.   News from. Pans
fr:; ThPerine.  Order reigns everywhere.
Nothing. toP�� ^ni!0?5,fleet i3 still off Hei -
via Berlin say^e FteneB ���  &m ha8 ,eft
Tours for the seat of w��.���<��*
ivlntoiootnento have been ny a.
vantage oyer lh| f^^U. a small de
appeared ��� at Mont ����/'"!,. jrreneli. Heavy
Jm Montmody has captured Stemay.
London, tMB-I* b "Wg,.��^pected
Prussians held Orleans.   A batwe.mr^ ^g
,di  hss D���.'UHe says he came
Herald's eorresponden.   He W�� ;    j   r0.
from'Caprera *��**% ���� iMt   He a*s
curred in the ����* ""J,^ w"r on Prussia.
ered he;vas go UK to du *i      ^ m
The m��nt7?ll x��e$m from Melz report
; London, 15*-^ a���d salt is nearly ex-
the-supply -of;b ead an M ng/ f^e
hansted. but plenty o ��" ^ m Abcda
Uhlans now in idinai mu Pl.ugswns
of caw ^SaiW reeently:-
b��fore Paris f ��^d th^eRights of Soissons
The Prussians occupy weii  ?
and have ortiA^fp^ianrfserves pn.tbe
force at Meuly. . ��� en^Tward. Gambetti is-
Bhine are moving "7Samation to the
8��ed a ����?Sra,laSeSce of courage j est
people, citing iuw^dfl^ itMaA every
^iven hy the Pansmn3-   iB ^     ^ #
d��y t0 be Iflvd^ven the Prussians from
They have already di ye ��>   ^        Bibagny,.
MiSSi^d Airicultural
Machinery. .
��rWTt  & IKVtKG M��..r,cturo  .11   M**  ����
Sheet and Cast Iron Stoves
lt.Jobbing work in tin, copper,Shcf.t
i"S��  I��'oa,Ziacaad Leatl Piping, attended to with
pmmptness, anti warrantod to give ��nitre sati:-
��� . icMnory/or Farmers ^Mmjj^ ftn,;
Fouuary, Victoria, VI., .n wr l i olbcf
UwJ^r ^C;rac^ Colonial, iudo brought
maciiinlsta.   H/st PriT^-h stvlc, universally aC-	
5Sr����^1iW%8B! Btedw�� Iron &
of Ploughs, promptly attende'i tcy  .	
P^oiflo~Teiegrapii Hotel,
Store street (between Herald &F.Sgard),.
.'���      VICTORIA,   B.C., r, j
Andrew Astrico,   -_-    >     Proprietor.
iSS^at MHiSfr. 7 the day.. Private Dming
Rooms for FamiUcs.     tt_'w^fe   g5 50�� $6 50.���
lF*tt si:1 ^e^;w w��^ *^.^
ESS,    ETC.,
#      FQKSALE.;
B.1BK BIIYIM'E.A N y_J_L----^- ^-
Latter -r"-       tM'-BB lromMommeuy������r:r'     ^for1 that"60.0UU i����y. u��.jw-:- p*maUi,,Joinevum, ��������^y^ qtiested top
fel JtaiQC kits been BUCceaefuL   l^aiga ��*
;i �� PARTIF.3 W^KSSfe'SSS
A- \"fa,f^f;r�����hom i amia-leued arc re-
next, and all P'^'Vy  bUig for payment,
qtiested to present their mm      \ ^^ WISTRIP,
Creek, S^ptSMS 70, ��cl I��
' *        '- ���' w
Boyal Insurance Go.
VICTORIA,?... y,<     .: ��������� i  m  THE.CARIBOO SENTINEL  ~"^"slruaDAYTocT.~n> mo.  ���������- TO CORRESPONDENTS;  All communications must be accompanied by th������  real name and address of the writer; not necessarily  . with a view of publishing the same, but as security  for its good faith.  received the intimation of my services being I  no longer needed by the foreman of tbe.Bulldogs. Under these circumstances, I am sorry  to say that your case loots kloonass. Excuse  they Chinook, but it expresses perhaps better  than. English, that my poverty, not my will,  consents to remain your grateful debtor. Besides, I have legislative aspirations, and  Chinook, I; baye noticed, is extremely useful  in a' hot debate,   As I am going over to tbe  --���������������������������   ���������>*>������%/%*{������nitV of  ITew advertisements.  PROCLAMATION.  .   Tt would app������ui w mw _^  Anient to the old constitution, but \Ue- /   Beneath mistortuit* ������ N������,  ally confers upon the colonists a few very The balmy breezes of good luck  important powers for legislation, wMcb we prom boughs of charity.  will endeavor to point out  In the first place, _������-ry .^-i'^-, nP ihCi a^iu^ ���������* *w,������,*  though by; no is flrrtin.taportenf. the l^ to-nwe^f tt^wttor of the e  colonists may elect persons to represent them ���������*������������������        *���������. wwmu  t ,w qoatft \n t^e \'Ki8iatrire by the  j I  y   '*  ������'*";;.  1$  If  .  . colonists may elect pt*n>uu������) oy ...  r;;^yw)u^an', claim seats in tbe legislature by the ]  ' vS?Jng^tbf'3n'ch election alone, and without any:|  t^yV^urmeX'ceremony beyond the proof of qualtfi-j  ^?^StSSfi^" By the old constitution tbe people  fyyy���������'���������conidftaot elect as a right but only select or  nominate as a privilege a person to represent  jfiptTi,'  Such selection was'*'not sufficient to  entitle the people's nominee to a seat.   The  X flection was subject to the approval of .the  ��������� ���������Ipoyprnor,: wbo, on approval, of the same, ia-  i^ued a commission authorizing the person to  vthke a seat in tbe Council.   While tbe alien  A proportion of-tbe population was preponderant sucb a system might have been' excusable  but it was probably never 'necessary,   Cer-  tniuly: not so now, bowever.   Prominently  important aniongthe points of difference be-  ��������� tween the old andv new systems is the limita:  ,. tion of the franchise to British subjects, wbicb  'is universally acknowledged as right  and  .proper. ; .Tbe other principal points consist in  'confining' to the Governor tbe right to originate money bills in the Council, giving the  Council: power to alter the constitution, the  ...Pe������P!^8 representatives a majority in the  ^Council, ana seats'forfour yeais. As regards  .tho firs^ except that  ;.",,'jtii*'^fSrftiall^d^iaraii.   The right to intro-  )/��������� ��������� dttce |biil|^propSating money has always  N .   i>eerfp$*ftfl^ exception,  no cpj^nial^ with out ministerial or  ^.-wspnmi^ie.institiitioh? has ever enjoyed the  . privilege; JFul^bntrol ,of the public revenues !:-.'An-,5)My^K^wcripea"-"'ea tbe people's  j .^T^prPseixtnth'CB by "responsioie govt3iui������ct>t.  Any member of the Council, however, may  recommend  the  appropriation of   money.  :   ..Thin'-rule, which ia customary in Crown col-  ���������.:. ������nles arid limited representative governments,  ; \i8 to" secure payment of the debts contracted  *-*.._��������� n������^ tA Avoid the extravagance  lines. '.Perhaps I never knew it. 'I would  recommend you toread him if I did. ? 1 will  not- date ,this letter as I :do notrknow the  month; Be kind enough to put the day and  date on, and I will do as much for you should  you ever get into'my fix. ��������� Be sure to remember that I am coming over to the creek.   ..;  * The Coming Man.  ; P.S.���������I bear no malice to the foreman of  tbe.Bulldogs., ������������������ k   :  N.B.���������I am interested in a claim on an adjoining creek. They have struck slum. It  looks well.  Chinook, I; have noucea, i������ .cah^.^j  ia a'hot debate.   As I am going over to the    creek you will have an early opportunity of -pi r^tor* 1  ni^tri>t C\f Havi-  blowing me up for the indiscretions mentioned J^f������vtUIdrl .UU.toW.JA/t, VI \JMlm-  " *^    I received your wishes for my good TX)0  tO   "Wit I  TOUBLIC NOTICE IS  HEREBY GIVEN  ������*���������    to the Electors of the District of Cariboo  that in obedience to Her Majesty's writ to me  directed, and bearing date the 13th day of  October, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy, I require  the presence of the said Electors at the Court  House, Richfield, on the 3d day of November,  at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose  of electing a person to represent them in; the  Legislative Council of this Colony, and that  in case a Poll be demanded and allowed in  the manner by law prescribed, such Poll will  be opened on the 11th Day ot November,  1870.  at  Richfield, Vau   Winklo,  Keithley  Creek, Quesnelmouth and Soda Creek, of all  which every person is hereby required to take  notice and govern bimselt accordingly.  Given under my band at RichfieU, the 22d  day of  October, One Thousand  Eight  Hundred and Seventy. .-  (Signed) H. M. BALL, /  Returning Officer,  Boarding and Day School  LAC  LA HACHE,  LATE RESIDENCE OF THOa WALTERS,  1^For further particulars, appb^to ^he Uty  ^SCHOOL OPENS NOVEMBER Ibt. ^oc81m  InpHE  ���������1   E^q.  Omineca Express.    .'���������.���������  HAYING made arrangemonts for running an Ex. ���������  V^a between William Creek, Quesnelmouth  , rPpm,Dn3en Creek, due notice will be tciven of tho  1G0^cimrc ������f &* next express The Ouilueca  ^nr^sawni connect with Barnard's Express at Qucs-.  SiUh and WlUiaro Creek, where parcels and  letters will ho received.       ^?^ SYLVESTER.  AND  (Next to the Assay Office Building,)  BY MISS A. HICSMAN.  The Fire.Brigade have fixed up the distributing houses and general truck for winter use.  We would suggest to the Fire Wardens the  advisability of making another inspection of  the town.  Coffre���������The Coffee prepared by WILLSON  & RIGKMAN, Fort street, Victoria, has superseded all other Coffee in the lower country.  It is manufactured from the very best raw  coffee j and its superiority is attested by th������  fact that wherever introduced it ha3 becom������  th 3 favorite beverage.  ��������� ������ii>ci'rT A^S   MEALS   furnished   and   .  3^/SWait^o T������ or c^n.  Dinners for PrivaW Partto cookod to otdoa    .  th������  Qualification of Electors.  Fver-maleof the full age of '^eaty-one  sided within tbe Di^l 'biee ���������he quaiffied  ish Columbia. .  Wines, Liquors and Cigars of, the heat quality  at tho Bat.  BOABD, per Wcek,^ ^    .*������������������;;  $12.  T IC E.  GE3JTI.EMEVt  Twnyoaw Ago you did me the .cfreat  honor of selecting me as your representative  in the Legislative Council of tbis colony, and  I now solicit at your hands a repetition of that  ������unes ana rnuticuivp^  honor.                    .                          ....  is to' securepayment of the debts contracted .Since my return from Ottawa I have bad  by the Crown; and to avoid the extravagance th.e Pleasure of meeting many of my old  t\which young colonies are prone.   On the friends, and, as you are aware, have endeav-  otW hand it is frequently attended with the ored-at a public meeting of my constituents  r������ntw*nf official extravagance of wbich to. Tender an explanaUon of my conduct dur-  -������~ ing the past two sessions, and it affords me  l^OTICE   IS   HEREBY   GIVEN   THAT   MR.    Q  ll BYRNES, of Barkerville, Las been appointed  INePECrOR OF. WEICB.TS AND MEASURED fur Ihe  District ot Cariboo hy His, Excellency tho Governor.  H. H. BALL,  Stipend i������ry Magistrate.  Rlchflold, Oct. 8, 1870. ocHlm  ������������. tTMnPR^IGNBD   BEGS   TO   INFORM HIS  T^nTaK public, that he has fitted up so*.  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  Inhi8new building, wheals ^&������%  SSSiS2?i^Hp-uVCu; remind *. Car,  HotakesalsoUiisopporiunuj  XXX   ALE,  ThSpo^ef to alter the constitution, however. r*yr-������0      a  ia tbe most important of any of the changes. .^ly������gned;^ wt^um* ������  It ?ives the colonists full scope for advancing candidate for reflection, that my actions  to tbe extreme limit of self government If Sfve,inet Wlth the aPP*������?al ������.{. sp :many.  the people desire responsible government Should you once more place me in the proud  ������ ^fn;n 5f ihroiiffh'-1 the agency of the P0Sltl0n ������* y������ur representative, my humble  ****** ahall always be used.to the best-of my  position ot your itfprpvM.-..,., ~v  efforts shall always be used to the best'of my  ability in forwarding the J interests of the  i colony in general; and especially the district  repponsibie gov^uuK ������ ,  ������* p^������^;:"wtty it^is almost superduous:to  stacles to obtaining it. The Council is to be add.in endeavoring to consummate theXon-  composed of six appointed and nine elected federaUon pi our colony with the Dommion of  members, who will, hold their seats for four Canada on the terms which have already been  voars;.   Of the nine elected members two will a8Jf������a npon. ���������    ��������� _   _.  -       ... n���������������������A������    Pwih      There are, however, two points which have  Ireatesf proportion It the people who desire  -^bSDt^Co^*^e  gtacles to obtaining u.    jucw    ^      ,^_^-j  bo sailed to the Executive Council PrOb  ably more than two; the Governor may do  so ff he thinks proper. The official .members  and the Governor will oppose responsible  government and, therefore, unless the whole  number of elected members be pledged to  vote for responsible government, it is easy to  pee 'that the present constitution may be  maintained for many years, even after Confederation.  ��������� ry  ��������� ��������� ... r j:-  A Philosophical Miner���������'A merchant doing  business in Barkerville sent a polite note last  week to one of his customers who is engaged  in mining on Thunder, creek, and received  the following reply, which we have been requested to publish:���������" I received your note a  few days ago. I have^also had the pleasure  of receiving my discharge from the Bulldog  claim to make room for a sign-board of  whiskey. Being misled by the idea that I  would have employment all winter. 1 took the  liberty to pay a jdebt'T'owed to Bill Muggins,  wlio aroused my!sympathy by the information  ^haihe was,going home to visit his grandmother, and therefore needed the money. Intending to see ^weet home myself some day,  although no grandmother remains to greet  me, I thought I would do.. unto others as I  wnuld have others do unto-me under ^similar  circumstances, so I discharged the obligation.  I was also intrepid enough to carry out the  .same principle with regard t%a board bill  which had long'remained on my stomach, producing aa painful a feeling as did the board.  I subsequently found it necessary to purchase  ix suit of gum clothes, shortly after which!  transaction-- for which cash was requisite���������I������  ;reed upon.  " There are, however, two points which have  yet to be decided upon in the terms of Con-  federation^-v i&} the gubstitutiori of the Canadian Tariff in lieu of our own, and the adoption of Responsible Government.  For the first, I declare myself unequivocally  an advocate; and in regard to the second, I  shall support its introduction simultaneously  with the political enfranchisement of British  Columbia on its exchanging its present anomalous position for that of an independent province in the noble Dominion of Canada.  I have tbe honor to be,  Gentlemen,  Your most obdt. servant,  B. W. W. 'CARRALL.  ������ V   * * ft * ���������������  Bestaurant and  Bakery A  THE Proprietor of this old and. well-known cft&b  lishrncnt would respectful ly tli an U his nuiuer  6a8 Triendsand the public for the oxteuBlvepnlronag  heretorore b esto\ye d on hi rn, a n rt tr n s is t ha thy hi  usual strict attention to basiness to tb eri l a cunlia  ttance.ottheirconfldenoeandaupport.      .    ;  Keals,. $ 1������   Bo ar di, ���������;, $ 14������ per "Week.    .  bread made;: pF;/'thb;,;best* FLOUR  I re commend t o th e puhlVc in y  ��������� ':y Q ROUN &Z: p p F F E E,    '  v%      a      r*i which Isa ranch superior article! ban any which oftB  iJOOtS* SilOeS   CilfttVllTl a*���������.'r%A'< hchadfrom below.    I Boast and Grind it myr}}  -ww.wjtfttWO   wi.U UlUng aiia andohoosethobesthcrries.conscquenUy the puhlU  maybesureofU8beingfrcofrotn,adnlteration.    ,  J, G. GOODSON;  Laying O^r  of Glaims.  /\N and aher the 1st Day of November,11870, all  "LAID OVER:-' until the20th May  ��������� (Sighed) H-  oc3 4t  1871.  M; BALL,  .  A. GO.  COMPRISING���������  OF  THE BEST   QUALITY,  For sale at the Store of the undersigned ih Barkerville, opposite the Bank or British Columbia.  W. RENKIE.  as usual.  wwAT F������ALEAND BET AIL DEALER IN  WH������   GENERAL MBSRQHANDIZB.  Goods and" Produce received on Commission ana  for Storage.  KICHFIELD, WILLIAM CREEK.  oc8   POR   SALE,  ONE FULL INTEREST IN THE  Bradley-Nicholson Claim.  Apply to  oclSlai Klchfteld,  se4tf  Blue Tent i^tel & Kanch.,  NOTICE.  THE BUSINESS HERETOFORE CARRIED ON  under tho name of Mrs Catherine Wright will be  continued as usual under the firm name of Wright k  Pratt, who have purchased tho business from Mrs  Wright.  JOHN WRIGHT.  DAVID PRATT.  Blue Tent, October 10,1870. oc22 lm  XJAVING APPOINTED DAVID PRATT MY AGENT,  IX all debts due to my deceased husband or myself  are payable to the said David Pratt; and all debts  duo by my late husband or myself will he liquidated  by my said Agent.  CATHERINE WRIGHT.  Blue Tent, October 10,1870. oc'22 Ira  BARKERVILLE,  Next Door to^tinei. Officb.  *��������� rssKp,l0V,s  ALLeOODSBOLBATLOW^f  Apply to  oc22 tl  For  Sale,  A SECOND-HAND SET OF  ?$ TOOLS.  P. McENTEE,  Barkerville.  TTARRY WltfOM EXPRESS WAGONMeav|HT  flA&lc  evwy  morning ^^wtV^-  iully executed.  t>  ������f.  '  .���������;��������� TEE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY, OCT. 29, 1870.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  ;        :; X "y WILLIAM'CRKEK.V,,'..',,. o-. X  ,.'���������'. Winter seems to have set bis white seal on  the creek with; tbb intention of keeping it  there till spring;, and mining operations. are  being regulated with the view of meeting the  demands of the weather. Open work is at an  end. A few of the hydraulic companies have  prepared fbrV drifting, and a few new companies have commenced work for the winter  in old ground. Ail expectation? of a freshet  have ceased to exist, and the bMrock drain  will stand as it has remained during tho summer. If thoroughly re openef and repaired a  number of companies.wbo have done little or  nothing since spring will doubtless resume  active operations.and offer an increased field  for employment. Apparently, under these  circumstances, the prospects for the winter  are far more encouraging than anticipated in  vieW of the impending freshet Work on the  bedrock drain is to: be commenced next Mon-  ��������� **aj&     ''���������:''���������"'��������� a '���������/������������������  The Flume co: have finished work for the  season in the Forward ground, and we understand that the flaal clean-up was; satisfactory  and indicative; of future good results.  The  Cornisir 66, washed up 63 025. for'the week.���������  The Carihbo;.co.; got out 92 bz.; the Ballarat,  140 bz. j ;the Forest Rose^ 104 oz.; arid the  St. George co.;0 oz. tot the week.   The inexplicable origin of the Forest Rose lead has  become Mil more unaccountable by the discovery of ���������;.;another channel, which so for ap-  Eears to be disti act and separate from the-o ne  itherto worked* although the two uniCe:~be-  low the present workings.  The new channel  is predselyy similar ; in /���������: formation: yields tlie  same kind of gold. and is equally as rich as  the other.   Thejteady^yield of the Ballarat  claim is most ^fiirying^-te^; jfa^        well  as to the pwhers���������pecauae it baai been fairly;  earned/ audf con tributes largely to the general  welfare,: It also furnishes proof of the great  st ore of weal th lying in the ground above and  .bflow y which hjtbertoihas only been plercbd  or scratched^ -and presents 'a large field for the  p rbfi tabl e em ploymen ii J of capital and labor  for ni) iud^fiuitecpjKribd;of time. - The success  of the Ballarat cb. may tie regarded as an assurance of the existence of an immense wealth  ab-������ut tb be disinterred by the enterprise of  the Kurtz and Lane co.   y:y  8TOCT GULCH.  The Mucho Oro co. washed up 2$ oz. for  the Week and the Taffvale CO. 30 oz.  !X)WHEB CREEX.  The Brown co. washed up 25 oz. for the  week. The Victoria co. have extended their  lower drive up.-.to the prospect hole put down  from the upper drive. It is now, intended to  work both drives. The Black Bull co. expect  to carryrj their tuntieL to bedrock very soon,  for which indications ;ar6^favorable. The  tunnel for tbb Quartz ledge in the Brown claim  is being put in at the rate of tea feet per  week.--:'/; .'."/��������� . ���������.. .��������� y  y, MOSQUITO GREEK.  ing a continuation of the pay formerly found  in the Skym ground, have struck a little pay,  and. believe they will succeed in finding the  lead. The tunnel is in 200 feet. The Trust-  to-Luck co., at the mouth of the gulch, have  struck a bluff in their tunnel* which has cost  a season's labor tb run. The Jim co. are still  at work. The impression of outsiders isthat  they amdoiog very .well. :A company adjoining the Jim co. are running a tunnel, look*  ing to a continuation-of the pay ia fche:Jim~  ground. -:������������������,'. :yAXy''*A'.XA-Xy.y/y/y/..  \AAyyismMi creek* -y- --' '������������������;' x/Zi ���������.  ���������The Boyd and Harkins' companies are  making from $10 to $12 per day to the hand.  Nearly, all the other companies have had to  close operations owing to the frost. The results of mining on this creek have not been as  good as usual owing to the late spring and  the great body of water which swelled the  sreek till late in the summer*  nil  : This Willow co. are making an ounce per  day to the baud from "a top-streak which runs  through their claim, and it is believed that  this pay stratum runs through a considerable  portion of thb creek. The LUtte Minnie co.,  working in the ouoe famous Minnehaha  ground, are getting out small pay. The Discovery co. have completed their ditch from  Red gulch, which will enable them -to work  during the winter. The Tabb and Holman  companies are making wages more or lea*.  Oo;. '���������-'.A ���������-���������'���������'       '    ."���������." ���������..>., yy.Xiri:  RED <?tJtC3 ..      .,     v  :i  the companies are doing about tbe same as  before noted.  FRENCH CBEEX.  The Clark co. have been driven out of their  shaft by water, and are preparing to run a  tuanel. Everything looks favorable for a  channel in tbe ground where they have sunk  this their second shaft AH the strata are very  encouraging In appearance and position. Tbe  ground does not appear to be so deep ia the  lower part as in tbe upper partbf the creek���������  a reversal of the ordinary rule in mining  creeks in Cariboo. Tho tunnel of the Cosmo-  politau-eo. ia 130 feet below the surface. The  Clark co. expect to see bedrock at a depth of  60 or 70 feet. The tunnel of the North American co. ia also very deep. The great depth  and width of the channel on this creek, together with the probability of its being rich,  judging from the prospects obtained on the  tim or high rock, make it a matter of importance to see it fairly tested. The Cosmopolitan  co. have endeavored to do so with a perseverance and courage which might be classified  as heroism.  BEOOS GCLCff.  The Welsh claim continues to pay |5 per  day to the hand. The Golden Hope co., who  have opened a tunnel with the view of sink  LIGHTNING CBBEK.  be Spruce co. have struck bedrock after  running eleven sets ahead, and have returned  and commenced to bottom np. The Lightning co. having got through* bedrock have  struck it as rich as ever. The Ross eo. are  reported to be doing very well. The Jayne  claim is also paying well. The South Wales  co. are fixing up for winter. The Van Winkle  co. have resumed sinking their shaft, which is  down about 70 feet more or less, and are now  confident of reaching tht bottom in a short  time. The Gladstone cb; have indications of  shortly breaking through the rimrock.    "yi���������  .    ', .' ,VAN WlNfELE CREEK,    r  :The McCortaick co. have got a shaft down  over 50 feet and struck water, which, together  with other indications, is regarded as favor1  able to the idea, sought to be realised by the  company, that the old channel runs under the  right hill, thence down to the Jaynes claim,  whereit jays1 well and steadily.   AyZXXZ'XAi-  KBLSOS CREEK. ".  ; The First Chance co. continue making from  $16 to $20 per day-to the handy The Montgomery co. .we in with their, tunnel 100 feet  under the left bank. The Every Chance cp.  have a tunnel in on the same side of theereeR  about 130 feet; The* Butcher co. sank a shaft  22 feet and commenced drifting. The First  Chance co. intend to work during the winter.  ryyx CHisnooi creek.  . The John co. bottomed at a depth of 80 ft.  and struck fair prospects. They have subsequently been, engaged in rigging 'up a pump.  The Good Hope cp. are/reported to be in the  steady receipt of good pay. f ; y     XA-yy. ���������  yZ Xy'Xi ANDERSON CREEK..  The Warreh ca ha vey commenced sinking  an other shaft, th e machinery for which;: is  nearly completed;      y'-ZyA-r.Zi yA i  ExrRESS���������Barnard's express did not arrive  here until Saturday night last, having been  de: ained. by the b ad co n d i tion of the ro ad and  the departure of the steamer frpm Soda creek  a day later than usual. There were several  passengers by -this express, y Mr; and Mrs  Walker and four children, fr^m Canada, to  thb Bonaparte settlement; Mrs Hoey and  three children, from London, Outario,to Clinton,; Mr and Mrs Hyde and child, from New  Westminster to Beaver Pass ; Mons. Israurdie,  from Paris; France, to Chimney creek ; and  Mrs. F. Neufelder, from Soda creek to Richfield. The dowu express left on Monday  morning with two passengers���������Capt. Joseph  Blinn, late of the Caledonia Co., bound for  Maine, and H. Coulter, of the Brouse co., for  San Francisco. The next express is expected  here this afternoon, and will leave on Monday  morning.  At rr Agad?���������The sluice-box robbers were  at work again on Monday night last, and  Cleaned up the dump box aud sluices ot the  Conklin co., below Camerontonf on the right  of the creek. The company clean up twice a  week, and there being no night-shift on Monday the thieves took advantage of everybody's absence and did their work iu a very  miner-like manner. They toned the water  into the ditch, took up the riffles^ and made a  clean sweep of everything just as thoroughly  as if at Vork under the orders of the foreman.  New Creek���������Captain Moffatt, from Stuart's  lake, brought news'to Quesnelmouth of the  discovery of a new creek in Ommepa, which  is reported to prospect well A miner who  came to Stuart's lake from Germansen creek  for supplies furnished the news, but declined  to give further particulars than that the new  creek was not far from Germansen creek, and  that the miners on the latter creek were doing  well.  Ashcroft RACES-Mr James Ward's sorrel  horse won the Thompson river stakes[in competition with Doc English's Oregon JoijT.  Bute's mare, and Poole's grey horse Kwgbajd  ���������mile heats, best two out of three. King:  bald, which was the winner of the Premiept's  nurse at the races held here on the 4th July  last, gave the sorrel horse a close run.  v From Fort Garry���������Oa Monday last 'the  inhabitants of Quesnelmouth were favored  with the interesting novelty of an arrival of a  solitary traveller from Fort Garry, Province  of Manitoba.  He is s young Englishman, and  left the scene of rebelliou on the 25th of May  last to avoid the conscription which Kiel.ordained.   He was for two months oh the eastern side and, in the Rocky Mountains, being  entirely ignorant of his position, but finally  ���������struck a gap through Which,he came to the.  western side of the mountains and i subsequently found his way to Fraser river.' He  had one of Arrowsmith's.maps with him; but  was nevertheless unable to determine whether  the river was the Fraser or the [Qoiumbia.  He supposed it was the latter^; Before getting  to the river he underwent a great deal of hardship in consequence of bis Biippiies having  been used up during the time that he was  lost in the mountains.   Iu this extremity he  was compelled to part withibis horse, which  he reluctantly killed for its meat. This also  gave out^ aad he then subsisted on whatever  he couW catch in the shape of;game, of which  rats were the principal portion.  On striking  the river;he determined to take the chances of  reaching some settlement, and liuiIt a raft  upon which he floated down to a point above  Fort George, where he for the first time during  many weary months met a human being.   A  party of Indians were encamped above Fort  George, and from them he Ibarned rthat the  riyCr was the Fraser.; Ilayihg; some Hudson  Bay Company's paper mobey with him���������the  currency of the country be had ieftr--he bought  a canoe from the Indians and proceeded onward to Fort (Jeprge, ? Here he stopped for  rest and refreshibeht* for' a short timfe, aiid  afterwards found no difficulty in reaching  Quesufelmbuth.   The inhabitants of Qnesnel-  mputb; ^always  ������* open aa  day to melting  Charity^ subscribed freely for the relief of  ibeii\ adventurous visitor, who is an intelligent  person;about-30^years of age.   He is of opin-  ioh that .horseflesh, although tolerably good  when;hunger roughens the appetite, is far  frpmiicomparablelwith Cariboo beef.   On his  arrival at,Qu^neimouthhe had a promissory  note; t pr ft Crown ($1 25) on the Hudson Bay  Cbmpanyf payable at their offices in London  sixty^^days^ after ^presentation.   We hope the  Company ^agents will redeem it at sight;  The loyal-refugee is well informed as tb.the  causes and 0 bjects .0f Riel's rebellion, which  agree with Ihe accounts of the same pub.  l^h^dvin^he^a^diaupapers. vWe have not  bad an oppprtiihity of conversing with the  traveller}whose story of his adventures would  doubtless furnish considerable instructive and  useful���������informati^:but have been favored  with-the fpregpiiijf j>r|ef particular, through  thooourtesy^of Mr:T; Harper.  MA-  ;> Among the recent departures from Omiueca  or for the intermediate country were Messrs.  Cblbfaith, Charles'.K. Wright, P. Dunlevy and  M: Sohanaiu A TheHon. Edgar Uewdney, we  iinderstand, hats alsovleft for Germansen creek.  The recent discovery has been most advan-  Sgepus toithe upperypb  have found so much of a market at the new  nun es.; for; their flou r as tp relieve- them cor^.  siderably ?of surplus ������tock.;r A la.rge quantifcy  of: flour was lately forwarded to Germansen  creek./' ������������������ ���������   ; * . ���������       " -. .  ���������'Hospitai,-���������The miners of Abtler creek have  subscribed $4050 for thebenefit of i the:Cariboo hospital, Mr Frank Bissonnette placed  the money in the hands of the GraadyJury;  subscription committee on Thursday, who  handed it over to Dr. Bell, the Governor of  the Hospital. The total amount���������including  th^ sum abov^ mentioned���������given fo >the hospital funds through /the agency of������������������;; tbe> Crrand  Jury co mmittee is $ 1168.*; - y  GLiNTpN ItemSt-X piece of silver ore;. lias  bbbisbnt to the f Assay; Office, New Westmib-  ster3ira^plinfoti?v It is reported that a silver  ledge hucl beeu; discovered somewhere near  Oiintoh; but its precise whereabouts is kept;u  secret. A fire company is about to be organised at Clinton; Mr James Nbolan is spoken  of -,for (Captain. The company intend to use  hose in connection with water furnished from  the bill behind the town iu the same manner  as the William Creek Fire Brigade,  The Cariboo Amateurs held a meeting on  Monday last to hear the report of the Liquidation Scheme Committee, which showed that  their efforts had been completely successful  in connection with the scheme. By the 1st of  next month the indebtedness of the Amateurs  and Fire Brigade ou account of the Theatre  and Firemen's Hall will be discharged.  Memory ' presides over the past: Fell's  Coffee over the present.__The .fi������sUives\jn a  rich temple hung with glorious trophies, and  lined with tombs; but Feel's Coffee has but  one shrine, and that is eyery breakfast table.  Its aroma walks the earth like a spirit, and  can be found for sale at every respectable  dealer's in British Columbia. Beware of  spurious imitations. *  Adams' grist mill at Soda creek is again in  operation*  THE PAUCITY OF LEGISLAtflVE  'yTBRlAL. iZ'XAry .���������  Bo, Sentinel: A little of your spaceand  patience/ if you please, for a few remarks  about demagogues.   Demagogues figure in  history many centuries B C.  An enlightened ^  government tolerates them.  Is it any wonder, then; that they should have found a lodjre  in thevasf wilderness of British Columbia ?  Grumbling is British and; constitutional, but  tlie demagogue is;not,satisfied with- that glorious privilege, yHe ��������� wpuldhMuproot everything that grows in natural fashion and plant  bis own upas ideas for growth in the free soil  guarded^^by the omnipresent/flag.  The hobby  of. 'the Cariboo demagogue- is;. responsible  government.   He: would ride itx roughshod  over the government of expediency, which is  bottomed by common sense.' Responsible  government, forsooth. / Are we prepared for  it .Let the paucity: of legislative material  answer.   Where are the responsible govern,  ment candidates ti.- Nbwhar.  Our honorable  and trust worthy delegate-member is the only  man* for Gal way.   Does not what he said, iu  the Council stand approved by the circumstances of the time? y What did he say in the  Council?  Said he, in answer to honorable  Humphreys':; -".'.; '���������������������������22yy-x22- ���������///, Xyi/'iy  '��������� <* I am opposed to responsible: ^eriimpnK  and I do, not believe cthe chief desire/. of ��������� tbo  people; is for such a form. /X iin as Well acquainted with tbe people from; Yale to Gari- .  bob as the honorable member for Liilpbet,  and I do hot think he^^ fairly^ represented it-heir  vie ws i n regard tb i responsible gpvernmen 1������  The paucity* of legislative''.materiariai; vbuch  that we may, have bad men.to represent. us.-  In/its; present state/ the; machineryof respbn*  sib le go verument is hot adapted to the colony.  It would be like taking the machinery of the  Great Eastern and applying, .it to a dairy  churn.   I do not think the real sense of the  colony has ever been ascertained, and I think  tliat if the presentjsonstitution were modified,  giving the repress0;$$]^ element a preponderance WB .SEOU'LmGET ALL WE RE-  QUIRED)\;IV/ ..'"'"   ;  . Mark-that, ye demagogues. The honorable  gentleman said that we���������including you, 0!  cours^���������should get; all we required.   And  won't we ?  To be Sure we will*. ALL���������take  uptice���������everything, .always  excepting jaw*  tTbne and prospected claims, which do not lid  within the province of a Legislative Council  to grant free gratis, for nothing.   But your  demagogue will ncveivb<i-Ba.U������fi^l.r>Ha;yr������nU���������.  other people to work for him, and to eat their  6trawbemes and cream without a cash eqnU  valeht���������for jawbone in fact.    Have^nt we  the word of our honorable and eloquent mem*  ber for it that responsible government, was a  failure in Jamaica?   Why, then, should we  seek to establish responsible government in  British Columbia?     It may be; said that  the tailure of responsible government was attributable to the hot weather in Jamaica be  cause it has- been a success in Canada, and  ��������� consequently may" succeed; in BritishyCpbim-'  bia, where the weiMheiVis/bold^especi^   in  Cariboo.   Will men never learn to reason  firdm the daMof history indbontmpbranipbns  fact? /Is^it not palpableyto;^e most;short-  sigh ted^-not to say the biind^that forms of  governraen t are as varied aiid: com pi ex as the  various countries and -races of the earth t , ���������' If  the present1constitution/ were^ mbdjfied; giving  the representative; element a prepphderance,  we should get all We required/' ���������:Now, as nobody hiw ^come;fbrward.tp /contest1 the honoiv  able member's undoubted right to re electioD,  is it not clear tha*t even the^modification of  the constitution^^^ was, unhece^ary/bncalled foe  and a waste of: precious time tbvbring it  ibbufc I'"'- Thepaucity of legislative; material is  appalling.   Instead Of modifying, we ought  to preserve and caremlly guard the enlightened system of gpvernmbat / under which we  have so long and gloriously prospered.r,A The  hob; member  fbr Lillooet /was   "green"  enough .to assert that the people from Tale'to  Cariboo would not accept any cphditions that,  would not give them control over their own  affairs.   How absurd;1.   He deserved to be  suspended.   Is itA hoty plain,:that he didu't  know what be was talking about���������at least u  concerns the intelligent people of Cariboo.  The constitution has been modified according:  to the statesmanlike views of our honorable  member, and the people���������of Cariboo���������have  shown that they don't care a button forihe  control of their local affairs because they  don't < want anybody else to represent them.  What a smart '* fellow " he is, to be sure. No  doubt it was all his doing.   He is a " darned  sight smarter man" than the honorable member for Lillooet,   He struck a true lead when  he took to legislating, but that's not snrpris-   '  ing, for he always did strike the lead.   The  ���������regposidble government demagogues, however, will not cry^Hflaiito the Chief."   They  want to get their fingers into the public pbno  without a voucher.   Let them bring out their  man.   They dar'eut.   He couldn't face the  music, the eloquence, of our honorable mem*  ber. who is the right man in the wrong place,  because it isn't good enough for him.: Dema?  gogues, hush���������dry Up  Philemon Jokassohs, To iUe Electors.������? Lytton-  ���������   .-    Yale District. .  v  sicians.  ��������� <���������-  5  -  i ���������  , A  l  Gentlemen,��������� y-  ���������    lu reply: to a request of rgany of the  - Electors that I would accept the nomination  * as candidate for-the representation of Lytton  * and Tale* District in the Legislative Council  " or-British Columbia, and rest on their support  at the coming flection, I accept and declare  ^myself on the situation.    .'        ;-     .  ���������: As thy   political, opinions   are   known  throughout this colony, particularly as regards  ;the question of Confederation, it will suffice  ��������� forme to say that for years 1 have "been and  am tO;day one of its warmest' and faithful  ! Dominion. /The-conditions whicU'torw  wc  .vbasis ot the political, admits of two important  ��������� issues to be $\tbmilted to the wisdom' and ih-  ' telligence of the country, to be decided by  the bj* 11 ot box���������Customs Tariff and / Respou-  :-;sible Government. ������������������'. ././.'.���������  Clause 7 of the Terms:���������" it; is agreed that  ���������> "the"-existing tariff and excise'duties shall con:  "-' -'finite In force/ in British Columbia' until, the*  ��������� railway fromsthe Pacific connects with that of..  Canada/ unless' the.' Legislature, of { British  ^,.u ^ur*:1&ni%X(\ decide' sooner tp; accept'the'  ;' New York, August .15th, 1808.  Allow me to call your attention to my  PREPARATION    OF    COMPOUND   EXTRACT BUCHU.   Tbe coinponeut part3 are  BUOHU, Long Leap, CUBEBS, JUNIPER  ; List of Letters  REMAINING IN BARNAKD?S EXPRESS,  Barkcrvillb, B C.,August 18, X870, .  Mode of Preparation.���������Buchu, ia vacuo.  Juniper Berries, by distillation, to form a fine  gin".- Cnbebs extracted by displacement with  spirits obtained from Juniper Berries; very .  little sugar is used, and a small proportion of *crvcr ������rh.caUU������   *������������   spirit.' It is more palatable lhau any now: in froP lhc *act that H 2ive3 imincdUtto and permanent  use> ., ��������� relief.   It is a purely vegetable preparation, jnad-  :Buchu; a> prepared by, Druggists, is of a r��������� thft*������tA ' *    -*-3'- '��������� ���������������������"  dark color. . It is ��������� a plant that emits its fragrance; the action of a flame destroys this  (its active principle"), leaving a dark  and  glutinous decoction.' Mine is the color of ingredients.' Tbe.Buchu ip my preparation predominates ; the smallest quantity of the other  ingredients are added, to prevent, fermentation ; upon inspection it will be found not,.to  be a Tincture, as made in Pharm.acppoc, -nor  .is it a Syrup���������and therefore can be used in  cases where fever or inflammation exist.  It*  j; thisi;"yburhave;tne' knowledge of tbe' ingredients, aiid the mode'of preparation.  'Hoping that you willfavor it with a trial,  '      ���������' - irispection: it. will meet with  Thi������ celebrated Me licit* has  won. a.deservedly  t SS as an-alleviator of Paiu and a pre  ltci������  io u-e ii: every '���������������������"������>.    ������ - d t  (,ay aru.r R  iciaiis and pqwons of al cl a.e,, qni j  public trial oftl^^;/ idTn^led^sprea^Dfi US  Lit stands uunvalled and un<x< ������t , . |n_  usefulness oyer ^^vV^W������Srf ������& during  crowing sate uUuru= po. i1 v ,0 :,ay mKh in  fame.   W* do not docm    n"f^\   popvmce you  Us favor, as one boltU. w ll ������i o ������ ��������� >uts .iu.H������c  bv all Druggist an<1 M������rcn.ini������.      ���������  ��������� ���������  y\  ..'���������.  .  li  A  ���������i ','  S& profound confidence,  bhemistand Druggist of 19 Year* Experience.  (From the largest Jnam.facturing Chemists ib  v '���������������������������"������������������' '������������������:' ..the world.)  ":. 'Oy ' ' November 4, 1854.  ������I-ara acmiainted .with Mr H.T. Uclmbold;  ���������he oSm the Drug Store opposue mj^  dence, and was successful m conducUng tbe  busine-s where others bad not been equally  w brfore bim.   I have beep favorably m,  A  I A .  '"������**���������  <?rt oeiore  u\m.   * u������.������ ���������_- -.        , -,.  ' " Firm of'Powers and Weighting Manu-  . -faoturing Chemists, Ninth and Brown  ..Streets, Philadelphia..  ...������   ���������  ��������� :  I am in favor of tne uomiuiyu wim-^..  ���������������������������these grounds:~That'it is equitable;j; that it  '"will" save at'least $130,060 per. annum to the,  : OeJ^hy; whereas with the continuation Of the  existing: tariff; that amount-and more would  *: :yearly slip into the Dominion treasury in sup-  'X port of a; false political'plea, called pro tec-  '' tion,-whereas;there is nothing,to protect,' aud  /that in order to save not s only: the. sum of  $130,000 to the,colonyibut also that it. will  ". ge.rv.e. as a preventive .-to.. any unnecessary  y '''''political agitation hereafter;    ;' V . A/i A.' ��������� '  Clause H of Terms;���������" The conditions of  XA��������� the' Execnti%e authority and: of the^Ijegisla-  y'ture of-SriS^Columbia shall,.subject to the  *':provisions of the British North American Act;  y-18G7,- continue as existing at the time of union  '..-until altered by the authority of the said,'Act,  ��������� '/ii being at:the same tiiiie. understood .that the.  v^Gwernmenl'o?tte:Pomlnion will readily con-  ': sent to the introductipn.V.of Responsible Gov-  ��������� rcrnaicninvben. desired by the inhabitants of  '.- A British Columbia.   It being also nhder'stoodi  '  that it; is the in tenlion of the Governor; to  amend.the existing constitution iu order' to  "; have  the majority of: the members: of the  ���������������������������: Lrgisiative Council' elective.''���������    ]J  -'./ . .1 am not in favor of any such amendment  .  as referred to in the latter part of Clause H:  but I will support as one of the conditions of For weakness arising from indiscretion.   _���������.  uaiou the introduction of a free form of gov- exbaiisted powers'of Nature which are ac-  ; emment.on a responsible basis, giving to. tbe companled by so many alarming symptoms,  people, with union; the management of tbeir among which will be found Indisposition to  o.w n. local affairs'. ...   . ... Exertion. Loss of Memory,'Wakefulness, Hor-  . ;Oiu'popular local, parliament to- feqnslitute ror of Disease, or Forebodings of Evil;  io  one ch'amher, composed of twenty, members-; fact, Universal Lassitude. Prostration and in-  SODA   SRSEK,  QljksNELLE, and.  '   Also, ���������/  TWO m. CYLINDER STEAM ENGINES,  ��������� ',    WITH BOILERS,  Avn, Isaac O. r      :.-���������  A'rwtng Mr     . ;  iBAgm'11 c'"       "A  l:BtownHttgb  BtUcly Jghn   ��������� ���������  Brown Hc������ry a  Brak'm Michael  UriiiU'v V    y ���������'.,;  '  ���������Briggs -Sanuw  Bnkt-rWjlllain  .  BiftnVfUU.'Joscpa..  "Bb'le Constable  y  Boschainp* 1^QW<I  Clark P R, ������  Christian Honry  fJorrigJU Oweu  Cliorley *������M  OarlinKotlger^    .  CHTs-ters Yt*\\ U, ������  Orandall Mark  OonuvriDcnol-r     .  Corbctt.MUcUcai  Cl������ing������l  '���������:  DuvteQ-D- '  Duvis \V L  Davis John W -..,  .'.  I)eit������ WlULrtn   .  Dickson CharlRS  Ouickmnn Uonoa  Drake John   ;    .  DouglHii? David  Dixon.JohP'K*'     ,  Hour'y Augwstinci 2  F'asanaro Doinenlco  Garrcdof'Antonio  Calteghor.'Jara^  GranDilLRobt'  GcorgyOabiol  Hucbinvol.JoliQ ,  Huncock Qil  Horn Edward   '.-.  Hart David���������  HowMsKrC'lk  Hogan H  Huium William  ���������;  I HarstjngsU.'  Howard Samuel  Hodge Watson  Johnson Nathan  Johnston Ttioa D  IClrwan Jas  Keatky W H  Klstcn Charles  X,e\\is G  .   Uwric S.  -  ' 1/jan S J  . I>JDg B A  Txmsioume.Huselu  Maggin Joci-pb, S  May^WO  ,   :McI������md Malcomb  yMuInni^ Neil  .    Ma I lory Timothy 1  Mclm*r Jno  -Kloohu; Myasira  Oirons William  Oharii Joseph b'  m Elmir Henry  ���������   Pond Mr  ���������PaVs Win C  Riixion G, 2  Kiclil<;y Gi;o  Roberts William  .-Richards & Davis  ify: Biicbic QD. '  ;     Robertsou f H.  Richards Arfolpb  Rappctt David  Stuuvt Jamos  ��������� ..  SillW        ?  ,.:.   Sybois NH  Stephen Bernard  SoVbcrB David D  ���������- ��������� ��������� - Scblmit Josrpb.   .        *  .SchmidtJuil  ...Thomson J ��������� - ���������  . Tyiitm Thos  V������archcrean Louis  AVrltcHt'  wil sob* Geo  .. Wihvooa  ''.-..>Vlllan Jamca .  .'Wood Thos  Weetlftke W-;���������'..'������������������  JAMES WICKHAil,  Agent Barnard's Express.  Suitable for small steamers.  Clintonj April 12th, 1870.  f  J. HARPER,  .aplO 6ra  f  The  . one ctimuurt* wuijjuuvu v. ...  .   .six of whom having tbe confidence oi. the.  .. 'people, will represent the Government, their  .tenureof office depending on;their having a  ;:  majoriiy in the House.   Any .form of govern-  '..ment forBritish .Columbia, whose in&titutiona  'y"; is not; free and responsible, I will oppose.' '.  '.'.'.    In respect to inter -oceanic commmncatioh.  ���������; by rail, this great^cnterprise has always found *l������ tn^ system, _wtii  "in ine one of its earliest and most faithful ad- **AOT- BUOHU  i  ;. ;vocate3; an di as [��������� the Dominion Government, I treatment is submittt  '���������Vis a condition, undertake to'secure the (km !pani^ ensues. ���������  ability to enter into the.enjoymentsof society.  MESSRS. M RACK AM & SASOK.src prepared tc  furnish Lumber at their Mills, William Creek,  or deliver il to order.  LUMBER DELIVEEEp ON LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES A3 ON  WILLIAM CREEK.  Having a Planing Machine in operation tbey nil  also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory rates.  Planed Lumber and Shingles constantly on band  .* ��������� jellif  ���������,",.���������': Celebrated  WORCESTERSHIRE   SAUCE  Declared by Connoiseears to Iju *  TEE  ONiT : GOOD SAUC2.  .. Caution against Fraud:.���������Tin: $���������������������>"**��������� ^������f t.i.**  most delicious 'and * unrivalled Ctajiivvi1 h.-vu^  caused certain dealers to upply'the nai������'.< ol' ���������; x>y,<< >-  I tersbtreSauce"tbe publieie hereby IniormVu'.Lai tin  J only way to secure ihe penqinc. If. io  i>  once affected ;with;Organic Weakness, requires  tbe aid of Medicine to strength en and invigorate' the system, 'which HELMBOLDrS EX-  ~" ���������~'"*���������t   Invariably does.    If. no  tte^ t6,CoQ6umrjtion or In-  . as a condition, undertake to secure the commencement simultaneously, within two years  - from tbe date .'of union.'of the construction of  a rail way"from the Pacific, towards, the Rocky  Mountains, and the completion of such' road  within ten years from date of union,.!.believe  it to be thejluty of!the' country.. to observe  ih at this stipulation in the union contract" is  faithfully fulfill*..;;;  .  I will make r,0 remark at present a > regards  ,;; tli e o ther terms oi u u r. po ii tidal' epi ltract'.. be-  -' lieving'that tbey will be anobjectionable to  .the .country." ,'���������.:-... .V...' '���������' ��������� ��������� '��������� :, .      ..   . ���������'  ,'" ��������� . The abolition of Road yTolla on jfloiir of!  Xy. cqlppial manufacturer if not the., en tire re-1  .. "moval of the gate at Clinton, I will most wil-  :;) mgrly sup port, other I oca) issues to be deal t  , wi th:; th ro ugh 1 peal leg) slatio n.  'y ..incpnclusion,I:pledge myself to support  ,' ;Che.l. iioli t j cal ���������, pri nci p 1 es ^p ve   men tio ned,  ;,;': study.;the in terests.; an4;, requirements of my  .,��������� consUiiienfel, ���������&nd endeavor .to promote; the  . general  welfare, an of British  ; A Columbia.;,ami JirJi order.tp,morelulIy explain  those principles, I, hope to.;meet you at an  early ,day..;.. ���������.  '���������.���������'--.-���������';.'..' ��������������������������� - ���������"   - --.���������;  I.am. Gentlemen,: A. A   '  y.,Tours faithfully, '���������A^'-Xy^  '  .ROBT. SMITH.  -.: Lytton, B.C.:. Sept. 19.1870;  sanity ensitesr  LtGHTK iso; Creek*  MINERS At*V TRADERS will find il. tb ��������� their��������� art  vantage to purchase at this8tore,whero there-is  A Sir  FOR  mk ^-PEBEINS'  SAUCE  per and labels of. which the names^f Iwj ^    ���������  havo. beenAot&d/h afi^fi"t!^mi >owerof  have furnish ed. tbeir cariy^eag, ^    ^  attorney to:iaJce i^i^^^^^XrlmiW  VACTCRKRSand. YHNDORSOtaUtb������ ������">��������� d:-,  tlo'qjB by wbicb tbelrrigbtway belnfriugeci.  Ask for. LEA ���������*****���������&f*^t&? i  Name on.Wrapper, La^el*- Bottle,, iu  -fjfflc'and: fbfWortiy tbo Propfim Wd  AND     ��������� y .   ! ���������  ROSE WASH  ��������� will' radically exterminate 'from the system'  diseases arisingfroin habits of dissipation, at  little expensei Utile pr^no change in diet/ no  inconvenience or exposure.  *��������� ' --J   =-���������������    *~*     ������rtrtV\M      " \Vnn\OSiHC anu   luruipi^.y,---   ;  i;UR6E:-iSMTMEK0F:;OOpS.^  %a^SX^*������^x$i^:     FOR THE,01IHECAliEB-  tors will soil Goods *   *  AS CHEAP AS ANY IK 'CAEIBOO.  Order sp romp tly G lied, and forwarded with dispatch  BEEDV'fc LXNDHARR,  . y     .   Proprl cIots  Van'Winkle,  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  mm btirterMSned,b^,to1nrorm  country that'lie will, hes wiwjj"* ^Tprlln^  ���������poubrU pw month, on and a������ur:ihe^^t^;  All consigumeuis attended to .^Hb .car  P.^V "' '������������������"���������:   ������������������PATR!CKjaicKEVe  ,---v  Y^^i^M^^y^^^Hf^  jo* Orders  for ; Monuments,  TombBtones.  fce..  jpr^'tly attended to.   Kvery descriptloa,of work  in garble exectitel  &!������������' SiBWTiKKL'OflUi*'  in all diseases of these organs*whether existing in male or-female,, from whatever cause,  originating, and no matter of how long- stand-  in*? Those suffering from broken down or  delicate constitutions, procure the remedy at  6'uce.  All the above diseases require the aH.of a  Diuretic. HBLMBOWS EXTRACT BUCHU  is the great.Diuretic.  jZ-ffSold by Druggists everywhere. Price.  $1 25 per bottle, or 6 Bottles for $6 50. Delivered to any address, describe Symptoms  iu all communications.  ���������;  ADDRESS  * ;y;':     H. T.--HELMBOLD,  . Drug and Chemical -Waiikhodsi!,  594. Broadway, New York.  None are Genuine unless done up in steel  irrrovoii  wrnnher. with  fac-simUe of my  and  CARIBOO   RHYME S  NOTICE.  BT-JAMES ANDERSON.  PRICE,  ONE DOLLAR  For sale at the Sentinel Office  and forwarded by  post, free of charge my29  THE barge ",OMINECAt������ Capt ,^ , y^ !l0  1 pavn.d, on the 1st day of Jun������ ^ U) lU. u������  re^uar trips;from ^o;ftgt ol Muar ,L* ,it aUd  oAiuvigaiioiion Lake.Tatluh, carrying  passengers;.-": ' :. -'      ������������������       ,A��������� ���������������������'<! Is provld?dv!i  Th������35mlneeaii 35 tons bj*jfk���������^ilfiK. of carry  in'* 25 head ofpaoH uaimalsou df-^:;b   lbe Omincc*  Atf"oo(i;i intended to be��������� slripp..������ ������y \ w &,x*t  ���������llu.u.,u^   >     lMengraved wrapper, with, tawnimle or my  .   Every description, of .w?"J-n,>mical Warehouse, and Ri^ned  AliJstof W^^^^r-^s EL T, HBLMBOLD,  S Quekellempatb, April 161bj 1870.  The  \-v%-  ii  Onward,"  '(gisoed)  Lytton, C.C-, AwgnM 3a. IK70,  h, H.UJTtRR,  s*3 3m  Steamei-  (   ��������� CAPT. WM. IRVING, .  'EAVKS-New Westminster.for Yalo    -.  tj   d!iy5fcwd Saturdays.  r-   ������rAu m ie*>*8t  tH'������ fitpamor will not bo r"6poo������lbl������ ^       p.n  liiq-ii<|B6bipp?ttln liu or ffe*������


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