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The Cariboo Sentinel 1867-10-28

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 y ���������������������������  0 /Horace,  IWl  ant in '��������� .'.  MoM  3^/:dp;TBK;y  ,spack:np 0ft{j  or cleanupy  Uho.Tal>le|s  <K Jtabliw-'\j  ������% 'Oft.hniw,'*  *P>S\/      J  aosneimouih.-'y/.  URrbedropng   ,S  Pveryaccom. ���������"  Istlpcl %Vlt1i all A  r!s:welj8tp. t &  Sepfins; piod  3E       ���������  J-l _ J -'.-   i-   t j.   '   ���������;..1'..;v:l  ^trHotf^.;y(  ow prepare*'   /.  iOOD;j!EAlS   ,;.'  ������������������/ Xv-u. yn  AAryyA/AX^  J*yy ryyAx/yy  Mybc'twets.    .  JTale Houte������    ,"  The best'cf  Butter, Mil1.:  p feed.���������1-s/ A  ���������y^ 1  thflcharjaa.   /I  times.   -  a?/'* -     -|  ENAYi      *   |V|  oprietorsy/a.  ~;  iBici  tion'Attfts rr^  ;ps.  'C8t-Ratei.  pricters.     :ry.  ���������nse,:./���������'; ������������������:���������  rs; at'th*      7  jjRoads,^8      /  blic.-Pis* ���������   ;  StearohoAty  .<*  '-HDnttffl.   ' ' y  owr'tii-wit? - "/  y k Grain; ���������'     .'  gulcirly. tofc*-' ���������  -. ; , 1-8'- -*---.';  ARKP TO  iHngpub*  itiricBP, to  tho formfr  ���������table ;and  as it does  nod beds;/  ft. is pes*  le.BAJUi*:  >/cbo|cc8t  ��������� i ...-,...  ,m :y  odepW,  "orHerseB  s i market.  ���������"- *j  )ATHAY:  prietor.  a  ;yl  I'fortra-'  ������rjy wita;  jr caniiet  inesfcj#:  3  <l  -v  /,,, ^f,^^*^^^m^^^^A:  ���������'X'-  :,Voi^tr  jBarke^ville, ^Williams^ Gre% B/^./ZMqiiday, October 28,/1867.  ; / No.-5-1.--  RUSSIAN MUD BATHS. /. /  lurid .tlianythey /ebmtnemSe; to; drawl in tbeir  speech, part their hair in; ibe rniddlti;/andla}^'  each AWcgti ^.enough/to hold.: an^oxceediiij?ly  small bed, wjtb one'effaitfj/fc She&with a few  tubs, and a hu^e, cauldron to warm'|Water^-  "onteideJtpward tlie lake; bitt ��������� sheltered by a  .wooden roof.from the .sun. It, is divided into4  -��������� ������wa p^tsJJ^a -^vfe^>i^|)Ri%U^-th<}-!adie^  JVom- the genMemento qnaiders./'; There are  planks enablinjrrtbe bather /to/trnvei^'tlie  made' so hot for/-the/m;_eye;^  they, are faifr // to give inya)id//bebaye//theiii->  so lyes 'decently and rationally., *,   ,;    - >- />'  NEW/ ADVERTISEMENTS. 2  frt-  ':!:���������'������������������ ".'-'  'i:A RUSSIAN ;XSOIl?JbLSfT/a'';VJ^:-*?  themitct/could ���������'n-ot-be.iwaIk���������fd^ep/wiffioaV  falling. 'Such,is ih/eVaccoiutnodation offered'  ���������to the<ordinary;.batlier: -> .u y; ��������� ��������� >   ������������������->-.; ** A  Ayoung^issiap/3  tuple.. while' promenading the- streets, of St;  Veterabu-rg; to step.upon a 1 ndy?s dress whjcli  waa4rail ing-befo re hiur Upon 'tlie walk.   Tlie  momm tamed, and^in. J:\nguago mere strife- j  lug/thaii  )������!lmj  preset  bicjould to appease her'wrath;'but in vain.  ��������� ' g|V ,    BARKMiV~[LLE,y Ufc) I ,' y>a  ' WlL 11 AM S   GR'E EKv"f''  frag/iwRT^  .yrv-jy.  .r. tf    .- i. ���������..���������.- y   ���������- wy ���������:. *���������'��������� rf-y ���������''"     '''���������''  "���������yyvC  ;'IS#P  'or  WEE.- aT.O,GK.yOK..;,,THTS .OKRIGE 'HAVl-Nai-BBEH ' X  '������t'Kop������?i'Jsr^Iy*;'/tiigr^ op'tcsd, ^y^6a;i^cn&'4iiii^ortatlbd ^ /Xy' .-  (ofi'a* variety" onidvv 0 ma We ij fai 'Jjy^^ peculiarly suited ��������� r u  f^/;f///'''i;':!;-//'.'/:;]/;|:g;:/^  /.vTliis Is Tiiny tli e largest, and sm os t complete S>  British Go]uml)ia ;* conHstlntf "<if.tlir^o Jurj;-) >f������  ���������"nfli-tmleniBj;;yizli: -CARD���������oliOpM^'BAR^ROOJLjxtifl  ^^p-SALpONiMContaihlriff\Xtlirl!e,stiiiferb^iStir;^  jpjTAbiiKa^v.,.i'v:-^^  cuteclwlthne'i!.tnej>snwUle&pfitoh...��������� ���������..:,./ .."     ,   ' - .  ���������������������������.. -* .y . -;X t''���������'���������H-'J8@r T^rm8rni(������ilerate. *^gi '"���������" -"������������������'' '" A A  . v>- - j ������������������ .;r..t|:,'y^^ -'������������������tyi-y-vy^ ^y '^������ir^, './vys  ������������������*������ *���������<''"-  ,  '���������;��������� ������:.���������-��������� *������������������:���������..",. -F-,'rf ������������������;.���������- ������������������'������������������">,  ���������8<������ai*; jsiioa -'^S box of red. deal, of" the'shape' au'd sizeo,f;a  eCHEAPEST *���������'���������#��������� 'coffin*, Tbisvboxis filh*d:wii^tliick'; holimiid,  ���������J~i.   -B:B   8Q n'^y dryjhat.ttfe welgbt|of/thebpdy,>vaU  expecj to haye tliem trodden 'upon. }<This'in'-.  /ttauie(i4he^woman to:''SffclTanTeB'eiifc^Si'^bt*'  Remanded,.thgr^ay/^Sifi-.rJfeticlijconrti and;  bioiled-ftr K period- varying,from -half an?bbiir  to an hour; arid a-half|/ In an)^ atmosphere' of  dress. ^ It,,was-observed, however, ��������� tbat^th1e������  dresa^as-npt, very new; and "that fifty rojibies-  ,^oulOoy/elyfebe or^iuy^osftanS^toi^n  the^ybunPinan;' wiis sentenced to pay,   Tlie  \with'a.fo'pt.'6f fresh mud/which\i8,firraV'cbrii^  vbacted round him,;{s^;tb^  '���������-���������   'A'AX  i\ '\A'ApA.-,-^'''\\r^r'^-'i^y\jzy'i^y/^'-i''-'-'?l'-y''iy^^,\ .'-;'���������. ,'���������'���������-���������������������������;,'  .-.' *,..,,;���������.'.���������-���������'���������-'  bat the face:     ... ; -' y  ^ All this is.done in the/ openair?in:a-brbil-  ��������� ���������;5ng sun'.    A small penl^house?is arranged to^  phade the,iace; and-.to&piK^^  /  blmpelRr AEb is/thiia (lifted alive 'aiid' par-- doubtless a remembrance,of,P-ortia' aud Shy-  i.������������������,t\ lx* f^ &-&V.2:ii-j'y':. :..:.������������������ rJ *.. -lock ili tted. across the,, young man s 'mind, and-  he/said : ;/ Waitra,mpmenfcj young-My-;<-ybtf;  j^$i~:'~ fei1'-'-'"'������������������-","';";!":'  "'''";"' :"'" :,"i'  (dress  Sqnf perlvapsi  ������.;.Tictiins.-^ranjyed'side by ;si^e,,close'; together,]  *;'he aWaite;his cure, and .surely lie deserves ik  f When his time is up, and the baked crnsfc:of  J' niuVl is broken; tie ' is"fojrind/;./floating./ j He is  v--the.n^'rem;b:y,efI^to.^  that lie comes .out elean.. At any rate,^he is  /, 'hungry.., -He/ has be^n s^w^edi in his^b.wn  /; j iucie%;wiiateyj a&#;>yb e/n'3b/^  meal-ti iri e ar fc i ves h e id ehabl ed ^ to d: o1 jjiia tifte  to .the*food provider!, wjiich/;according to the:  Bpecimen ofj.ife I enjoyed, \yas rather sup.erior-  to>th at jge tferal I y %b tai ned: a t Rtissianyh o tels'  of tbe/secbhd/order/'; The^boxes/ from -which  the patients^haye been ^aken^retain perfectly  the whole -form.Zpf the bodyi al most^as if it  had,:been intendeft.. to jtake a/cast from / tliem  in pi aster,df pansy The^ mud requires/to >be:  re mo yedr a3 n d is replace dj wi th; a fresh; supply  the/next day: /   V, / /"   ^\ .      2a    ,y  ihand overone*,parior' /tlie otlier of Any nrov  perty.,; -Elushes of shame "now "overspread  It ..'    ���������"'���������"���������Z:y  ': y    ���������   ":: c tv- -'   (.������������������>���������-., > wi  .-iyvH. ',-'���������'-,  man:s claim'was .good, and tlie money,or.the  :dress -belon^ed^Jvtb//'him;/.-With a; courage  woitt&y of At better caiise;/the^wo man/sent/ lor  ^yliackney/ coach,- vv^nt intoykil'^cljoining  THE GLIM ATE .OE/SHANGHAL.  room;, removed y? her dress, 'and ^ again  attempted , , to,'. leaye;-'/ am id - the ��������� shouts  of /.the" spectators, v But/ her" opponent,  iwas-remorseless: 'Z$������p nowindit^il/her^n the  ciiarge of foul:and' ^busiva/jangiiagei on the'  street!; the facts: were^pr.ove.d by A witnesses,  and tbelinhapipy and mortified,creature was  sentenced to pay' a finesvof biie^ hundred;  :roubles. f She gavei back the "fiffcy;lately're-  ceivjed jin triumph, and" ialU'the money/ and  valuables -which ^she; had%ith^er;witht^idr.  ing only'enough' to pay her cbach^fare home.  '       Always on hand.' ^ ^  ^:p^K:/:/.M "  A/A Done ^aiS^bnablerTatesi  A letter/ ^ite/r^bn?f  says~;Tbe'climate ofSlianghai/is^by/nameans;  the finest Id 'the, wpflcLZ -Such sudden chstiiges  "of weathlei^flat qcbur berergfrpnr a Taw^chilly  drizzly log, to a fierce-anft dryiieat���������are certainly not4conducive toilbngevit^.y "And^yef  sometimea/the weather is perfectly delightful.  But the suiSerrhefe aref^arfiil, '^Although  In man^/atfier /places/thei thermometer ^may  range higher^ yet nowhere;is theyheat so op-  pressivej or the jcays of the sun more penetrating.   \At /dines, for days ' anftt daysitogether, no^asinglelbreathx)fiair:fltirsJ ?Biisi-  ness iaialrm)st entirely suspended/during; the  day,;it being /ittipqssible 6vbn for^ the//natiye  jdooiies tbdo^ny thing life worfc '/��������� People are  closed lip;in their ropma^fandibg and puffing  and swearings unable 'to eatj/to / sleep,; or ta  do anythingelse.   Every one positively avers  that this shall be his last summer in this  " blasted hot hole,V and that this slimmer  was certainly worse than the last,, This heated term lasts at least three, months/during  whibh tmie it'presehts as many attractions for  a resident^ as Hades or Purgatory.    But thfe"  autumn comes, with its fresh, balmy breezes,  and breathes? new life around.''". In facti this  season is the only fcinje, that can;be,said to be  perfectly'enjoyablb weather. ;    /  But, in spite of the climate, I think Shanghai is the most- preferable plab/^//of abode in  all China. Notwithstandihgthb extreme heat  imd the niarshy flatness of the country,,it is a  much healthier glace than/Hongkong^': Besides that, 'there-is4a,more .hospitable, genial,  and^I might, iay bosmopblitan" people. 'A  iajO: number of Ameridans, and ^specially  pafirornianst are settled hbre^ and. they have  ���������ft a great}deal'���������/their^wa/'Way^^The-yonhg  Englishmen who conie out here are captivated  by the free and easy American ystyle. /, In  Hongkong, on the contrary, there is-a parcel  of contemptible little clerks, who no sooner, good  / J&������--Our Tmms run *r>KUla.rlv between -Vtilp;- anrl  Caribbq an4''illorderiin:V>ur line of business carefully  attended toy ^        '      '-y-yyy   ..'���������l,*,.v'?J'*.y>y  I-s-/  :    r -.'-R PEARSON'tfiMOS. /  hTkbbb:wasonce' a/jery illiterate gentleman  ���������^ohe Peter Pattersbn---appointed as justice  nf the;peace^y The first/day his / cierk Mided  hiins?a: duplicateiwrit:���������.:'"X ' ,' * '"K X ' ' "Zn ' y:  ^ <f Wellt what;sM^  A- ^^Nothing^ tut sjgn ,your initials,^ was the^  V$$ytAZy- ~2-' 2:������^ -������ ^-y A. yy y, r , AA XA:  y0My- nishuls���������whatare^thej/?^1 .' '"��������� ?  y ^J,Why; two'P.'fif--i replied, tlie clerk, impa^  tiently. -; : \ > d- . i;: y A x^yAAmk, ',. yy. ���������;.;//, i  '" Cold perspiration stbodipn /the forehead of  thevunhappy magistrate; af' he seized a pen;  and with desperation in his face, wrote���������"Too  }pes5&":-' "l*y\y yy,/ 2Vt-''-*   ;:''"r": -'" /  / An-Anxious BRiDEGiiboM.-':AA vfeilbi^/ wient  into the County Clerk's office a;few days since  to get i marriage certificate../ One was made  out for him in the regular form, and at last he.  beckoned the judge asidb. /    ::'  ff.See here, mister^7 said ?he;: confidentially,  " can?t you date this thing back about two  months? It would be a great convenience if  you would.?* .//'-.-..-'..-;���������-/���������"���������'  ��������� The judge assdred him that it would be an  utter impossibility; /  " Well,,? said he, " I don't.) care nothing  about it myself, but her folks rather'insisted  upon it." y ������������������ .'/;."���������'��������� '/ "'��������� .'/."'ly/  A friend told us lately of an amusing  scene he witnedsed at the; old river ford near  Natchitoches. A negro had a team of six  miiles which he wished to drive acrpss. /The e c  two head mules topk/kinftly to theLiwafer^but  one of /the hind mules/ a. white ofle, obstmy  ateiy refused to enter the stream. // Jumping  from his 'seat in a f.urio us: passio n,' th e .team^- -  steir began- beating tbe/'perverse one 5with  33/jse;r,  X     i/l    ^-AH-D-A--  I,NTN"G'y.AG;ENT./  MpressI; ������������������   ; /,      ;  ������tz & nelsom^    ;  s   Goods; sold ion. Commission, y Office,  RittbBei^--  Salksroom, Bancerriilci ������������������. -       ., ...   \5-s'  -andt^". '.it ' xy.'  ir.-..  AT E.  H 0 ������GBN& : 0 L B ! ST A ^  BAerviiie^st.kajry2867.  y -��������� 'A ;A. i-g.  ���������/';���������:     '   /BRITISH COLUMBIA ; "'        J -  AND   VICTORIA   EXPRESS,   '    - y , ;  Conneatiiirat" Victbrla witfr W;ELLS,N PABGO & CO ;-' :     "  yy- '' ft>r California. Oregon, tho Atlantic States , -���������������������������  ,      'A  ari.1 Europe. /    ;    .  AND AT*YALE AND LILLOOET Wira^ARNARD;*'   <">':  ,'\,. > i GARIBOO EXPRESS,'> ���������    /   ,   ,     y/    (|..(J  For Big Bond,' Cariboo nh* the Northern -kiaes,. ������      r ' n*  ConvcyingtTreasurc^^aluables^etters/Packftgop aui  y������������������'"',  >       '      it ,     Parcels.-;w\.   -yx.vs    ' " 1-s  A/Ayy  KVVKimiMfwwtmKUimtnuiii ������������������ uLiiiumi.nr  : Q-frESNE'LMOUTlt AD^ERTISEMBNTS.i^v^y " ���������  .,.:���������,.'---. ���������ii.A./:.~:,.:;j:::^yA,~..r-.y.,���������:,,,���������.:_,_;���������'.:;.-.-/yy -,..y^i.^ yy./'- yy :���������;  ^^m^gi/yyx2  fee S;f ��������� ^^0^yM aMexvy^.  AXD  ���������. f, ... yy/y/BARKERViritEi/v./ A    A/ .  f PATERSON; & (3OQDS0N, PROPitiETORS.  IN ANNOUNCING -THE RE-OPENINC!/OF-THIS,  house for the season, the - proprietors wish to in--  form, their Irion ds. and the public generally, that tii*jT  will spare no pains in.order to merit, the j>a.trona|o, of  all who give them a enli.   \ ���������//���������'���������������������������'  '"'���������- Heals at all hours. ' ��������� ���������       i  QUESNELMOUTH,/--"      :',  /  /   '11/;,  '    . K K j6HNSONf Proprietor,   ':;'    -  Meals at all hours, and Cooking; of! ��������� ��������� theses t ;  -.���������_������������������'   y;, '��������� ^idescriptio m -! '   ���������' ;/:' s -. ������������������;; /" * /,'  o  Lit IV; I  "��������� ��������� y-; QUESNELMOUTHi; A-'Xy/   ...  Gbbd BedsfRestauWut; Billiard T^b/le, ^&c\  ';      .Stsliling for Horses, Hay and pats;; " Xsr.  might and main, exclaiming1 betweepyth^  blows, /K Yo.iirtink you's white, do you ? But  Pll show you dam quick colored- mules is as  jrood as you is.   Gee -up.';���������Am. Papen  IT;:H,  BARKERVILLE.  Tlie  Cariboo   S������ntindl  :?5  //:/-SEMIi:WE:EEliy;  PoblIvShed Every Monday  PAPER.   /:  and Thursday.  ALLAN &.GO.j Proprietors.     ;   x$  OJphcfi^BARKERVILLE, Williams Creek, Cariboo.  Subscription, $X per "Week.  (iachHftg cost, of deliverj',) Payable   to the Carrier  The  otige;  E:^/$/|/R:|5iR/l'.S;^  - ���������_.��������� y /. ���������..; .-��������� wrii/vRifN';is'':^l^6iys:':'.'' //. y- ZA.ik  - :/-LEAV^  (^ ON  '"';.;  yZy Z:, -'.. .'/AS; SI5 ::b'C^0<3Ki':A.:';Mij;''' ������������������ -���������' ;S   A X ->  , yy ^i^fi^lB^^ xAAAA-  ^il6sdays and Fridays*  AT JPOUR 0?CI.0CK, A   M.  Questieimoiitti, M^'Und, 1867. 2 THE CARIBOO SENTINEL &&&S?m *������r���������mn--aA ,hechi<?f  -~_  y.y.-'y^1^1^^" object of the  nresent notice is to  MONDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1867/  Agents for the/.** Cariboo Sentinel.".  Grouse Creek,-. .-��������� A/ : /;f;./-:/-/, : a. McWha.  <?u*snelmoutb; ��������� XTr. Goudie, Barnard's Express Office.  Ynle,    ��������� ���������-     ! - ��������� ���������    Mr;XEvuns'X-:\ * do do  Lillooet,".- * "���������-  /F.W.Foster,      do" do  ��������� New Westminster, -   y ��������� =   r /   v     Clarkson k Co,  Victoria/.:  : ; ���������   ..'  Big'Bend, .  y - ���������    ;.  Van Winkle,     'A  ���������  Musquito Gulch,   . .  . .   :.���������;    <E. M������iil:indaine.  .- *��������������������������� 1 Ai. Lyno. .  Jas..Bullock, French Creek  -     y- :    J. W.Lindhardt.  ������������������  :���������'..-.   .- ... J.: W. Jeolree.  The "Cariboo Sentinel?? 19 published every Mon lay  ��������� and Thursday. Advertisementsdntended for Insertion  must be delivered at latest at 6 o'clock, p.m.: the day  before publication. ������������������; ..���������"-..;���������..���������.--.���������"' ,   ZAAA.y.   ' TO/CORRESPONDENTS.  '/AA.      v/  ���������; --All! eommunicatlons must bo. accompanied by.the  real name and address of the .-writer, not necossan )y  ..with.a view, of publishing the same, but a9 security for  his good faith.. - /    .      .   , >.  object of the present notice is to furnish the  necessary details concerning the remainder,  or more westerly   portion,"   nnd this  Mr.  Waddington does in a most careful and lucid  manner,   he. having  " spent five  years  in  studying the question."   He goes on to show  the great advantages of the  u Tete Jaune  Pass,", over any other route* and gives elaborate tables, shewing the number of miles  by stage road and steam navigation respectively, with the rise or fall to, be achieved in  each particular section of tbe distance, arid  the character of tbe country  passed through.  air extremely interesting, but we are compelled to. confine ourselves to the recapitulation, which is as follows >- :  Railroads built or in construction. . 1285  Bute Inlet Road,'       ..."   . -       .       222  Other portions to be built,'. ���������      -   426        648  .      ��������� ���������'-.'..���������-������    1033  Steam Navigation, ���������   v-     .    '. - 2400  - NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  BARKERVILLE.  NEW ADVERTlsSSfTS/  9  fpHE PROPRIETOR OF THIS WELL KvOWV ES-  X tablishmcnt lias great pleasure in announcing to  his numerous friends and patrons, the arrival of a fresh  stock of  CALIFORNIA ALE  .  axo  ENGLISH PORTER  As usual, he has always on hand, a large stock of  the best quality of French Brandy# Old Tom. Rum,  Scotch Whiskey, etc.  CHARLES McHARDY.  October.21, 1867. .  All Advertisements {not inserted for any definite  period) will becontinuod until ordered outanu charged  lor accordingly.'    '������?- -     -'..:��������� ir"'  ���������The- p^  having .determined to suspend the publica-  . tion of the -paper during /the/winter months.  vthdeUstnumber, of the present volume.wil!  ties indebted to'theofiice fbr/subscriptions or  /advertisements  .'. before, that <iate'.'-y i'.;y i/i A Ay ���������;>..- -,.//li> A A A A/2  A/iZ    / Qu������wtr^s;do ^ be ��������� informed  :���������'///--."'ibafeiail/theadvantages 1 ikelj^tb*accrue toy us  J/y/Iteiti^  /:^y more;^  yyZithe^��������� 6yerland^rbute/;frbbi /ihe. eentre/of the  /;/. -go vernmenf; at ;OttaT^tp/?the AEiScificX Slhat  yy/ /wittipiit yibis| are  i;/:: V^quallyl/accb^jble//to tb^'home ��������� governmen l/  /;: ���������  Jatifrg}^ ad vantage in  y /cobhectipji^^ith ��������� tfiepDom inipn/}%hi le/ we/ con-;  ���������yXZZZ Uinue"' iiv own preseh t yisol atefrfp osi ti oii/? The  ^/v������ame would;/app  ///y/in^t/as/ul;tbeabsence of thb/byeriahd rpute,  ;,/y;:>>e^i$^  *;./;"/-. ^^/A?}^A^2^ te"r- ? wqrld,5!bn'"' thb; /IJni ted  / :K Stat������3^maldng/thei  / ;���������: ? iou;<& tii^e^ th  /���������/-of ;the^British; prbvincbs/^On/the: pther hand,  ///:/the/njin^bmplefionj;pfthp^ road would:/rob  A y /theXX en fi^i/|cqbfederatioh: ;of A'ajty i il im i tab le  / /Z^jBplirceJof wpalth in t^-impprtanfe traffic that.  y/%t^ proper /^ pass  / /;thrbughithe/Dominion, and the rapid settle-  : y��������������������������� ment otthe ^vast tract of country... that.offers  jiuch,. rare/ ad.vantages! itf/leiimate, sbi 1, an d  ��������� tri iri era!/ weal th.//' The indo mitabl e o rigin ato r  of the Butb/M fa--  /    yored-us with a^^^ cbpy of his pamphlet on the  : ad Van tages offered/^by >his^^^rpute/ over the ya-  / ���������;;���������^Wous otherf propositions, with a similar ob-  > j^ctf whichrh^ive been: laid before the pnbl ic*  /   and we are certainly inclined to believe that  ins preject bears the /feasible appeararice" of  y beuig the right one;; / -The,)paraplet/vvhicli is  ��������� remarkab 1/ w ei 1 wri tte ri, cou tai b s a vast dea 1  of miriiite v information/on the'subject of an  overland route, bat as space will only admit of a brief sy no psisj we shall 'confine burse l ves to ..such poin ts as y wi 11 convey to x bit r  readers the promfnent features of tbis great  and impoi'tant scheme.;^Mr.; Waddirigton says  that '*? JSnglarid at present has no other postal  com tnuriica;tiori with the Pacific but by New  Yot k and Sari fFranCisco ; and in case of war  with the ITnited; States;-:tne������onlj' postal; line-  .would be thrbiigb bur own territory, across  the Rocky monntains ; whereas '/by, ppening  ari overland comtminicatibn irii mediately, a  mail service would be established forthwith,  not only to British Columbia and. Vancouver  Island, but before long to Australia and Asia."  He proceeds to give a rough estimate of a  railroad  throughout/from Ottawa to the Pacific, which he estimates would require 2.820  miles of rail, necessitating an expenditure of  probably $100,000,000, an amount too great  for present contemplation, but, being gifted,  as we are, by nature with water communication of^the very first order, we can command  a ?* quick and easy mode of conveyance for  mails and  passengers/during seven or eight  months in the year, and for goods at one-  third of tho price by railway carriage, and  what is most iniportant, through a temperate  climate."   The line wonld pass over one of  the richest; most beautiful, and fertile regions  in the world, and open np.". from forty to  sixty millions of acres possessing every qualification   for  agricultural   purposes.      The  ������������������istern portion of the country thus to be  be opened, was thoroughly explored for this  purpose, as far as the Red River settlement,  and tho lower end of the Great Saskatchewan, in 1B57.'6������, at the espouse and by order  Distance from Bute Inlet to Halifax,  '   i   : v     4333  ' Mr. Waddington, "guided by former estimates and surveys, sets the whole cost down  at ������150,000, the undertaking to be"ijbmpleted  in two years; tbussavingtb the country the  whole trade of the east, as it will be " the  shortest and most direct possible route to  China. Japan and even to India." Mr. Waddington then gives a long and minute description of the difficulty to be encountered in  traversiiigxBrilisli Columbia, in which he  shows ; hiriiseif possessed of very precise ih-  i<?i^^iM^^Wj^.������ccouu  offered by :thevBute Inletv,terminus for the  road/appears to us very cbnciiisive.; The  val 1 ey through which /the; ��������� road ��������� would pass  from   Bute   Inlet is/about eighty miles in  length, and terminates at the upper end in an  bxtensive; plain, where all /difficulties cease,  arid where few deviations from the straight  line would be necessary. y'VTKe plain consists of a deep sedimentary 'soil,-"watered by  numerous lakes and-small streams, arid at the  terminus/on tho/bank/ of the Fraser. there,  exists'.:a-;ricb-p1ateau of cultivable soil.V: Although we can but give arbiigh sketch of the  varied'and interesting/. information contained  in.Mr. Waddington's pamphlet, bur readers  m 11 v urid ersta nd: suffic ieri t to. cb ii v i n ce th erii  of/the urgent necessity and great iinpbirtance  of tbe overland route ,to the great: Canadian  confederation, an d we trust that ou r fel low  colonists.-: wil I., bestir, tbetrisel ves in pressing  ti p o ri./ the atte ri ti o n : o f th e go ve rn m eri t t be  propriety of oflering eveiy vindiicement'to a  gentleman/of^/MnyWaddingtorv's  abiliry/ to  bring abb ut: a speedy /arrangement for the/  completion of the.-riecessary work;  ; ���������; A/  y,   NOTICE.  THE UNDERSIGNED, HAVING PURCHASED  from the Trustees of the late firm of Oppeuheimer  k Co., all their assets in Cariboo and Yale, B. C.,  hereby intimates that all accounts due to the said  firm, must henceforth be paid to him.  C. STROUSS.  Barkerville, Oct. 19,1867.  REilOVAL.  In connection wi th tho. above, C r Su ouss hegs to  announce that he bus removed to tho store lately occupied by Messrs. Oppenheimer & Co.     ���������  1. WfeiLL,  San Francisco Store,  COMMISSION  MERCHANT"��������� "'' ��������� '  WHOtESAlE AND RETAIL DEALER  .  ���������.in-���������.-. ��������� y  GROCERIES,  PROVISiSls"  HARDWARE,  CLOTHIKG AND B0OTs/  :1  BRITISH  HOTEL  City,/;  NOTICE.  ���������n^AT^AFTEirTOrTn^^^  . .. .. .-    OF  NOVESr.  ~u ?er������ I1867* a11  mining claims, in Cariboo D/strict  will be laid over tilt the 50th AM^ 188S.  / . ������������������' A' 2r'r"- ..'.:     C* SREW,^;-.       :' ���������'-.. /'��������� '  iA^y/Ji\X,iA'J2yX-  A  A"  Void Commisflioncr.  Richfield, 18thOct., 1867. /    /: ..      y "      ;  ,��������� EXPRESS   NOTICE:  AFTER  THIS -DATE/  BARNARD'S   EXPRESS IS  ; not responsible for damage on LIQUIDS shipped in  Tin or.Glass, unless by special contract. -        ���������   ��������� ���������  Until further not ice. the Express will arrive here  every -MON DA V AFTERNQO \ - and  close   for below  every THURSDAY, at TEN o'clock, A H    ,   .        '  "'.;.   y   '    ROBERT.POOL,   /.  - ��������� .-��������� Agent.  V  Barkeryille, Oct. 17th, 1667. / ':    '.  Clinton 'Hute}. priini^y: thev^art-'JJShS?'?^80*lh'  excellent acco^nfodaiion^ lit Km?r^:  The tab o will at'all times be well suppl^d Tj^ Lc������  Bar will be found the choicest liquo"s ' ^in tbe  Ampl.> stHliiing for aninwls, and the best of >���������.������  constuntjy on hand. -esi ������.r feea  Tlu-y respc-ctruiiy invito ������ cnl! frf������m tbeir old iw  mors, as wdl as tho travelling public generaHv t0%  yChntnn, B.C., Sept, 17, 1867/  ;; 1 SMlfeco.  THE   CELEBRAT1QN 1 ll^  r-r- v .:   .. y^OF *rRE^/yZy, ' //'"/ :���������.���������  O al e d oiri a ii Bone^leiit  2 %���������" .2.^22/. .fASSOCIATION; .2 yy ?y) i/Z--'  Will Tikn"'"'  : October ir....  Sa !ooh,Cariieront<jn.  ,  RLACB  ON  THE  THIRTY^lRSf  P^^JJnsU (All Hallows Eve), at W. AlS  Tickfts-^(incl nd ing refresh ments, etc. .J may be had  j at. the Express pmce, price $5 euch.-; v...-^v   ��������� -  N. B.���������As a limited number of Tickets wlll'bc issued In excess"; of ^those; required by member of thV  association, an early application should be made    {A  October 7,. 1887.    ';.../      .- A/y '���������-  & EL LARD,  IETAI1 Bl  LYTTpiy, B. C^  I  rPHE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING  A - between J. Chnssot and A. > Edmohdson, has been  dissolved THIS DAY, by mutual consent.. '. ,  .All accounts and liabilities of the firm w|U be met  by J. Chassot, who will collect all accounts duo to tho  ������T. CHASFOT,  ,"���������;,-���������   " .,;-���������; a -   '���������'- ���������'���������-'��������� A- EDMOXDSON.  Barkerville; Oct. 24,1867.  MOSQUITO & REMUICH EXPRESS.  TT) REID WILL RUN AN EXPRESS THREE TIMF<J  t1; ^^wfk.bet^li?.BPrkemne and Mo?quito arid'  Red Gulches, via ��������� McArthur's Gulch and Lowhee  Crock leavinc: C. Strouss' store, Bark.-rvillvnt Seven  S^^nAV M ������ VC^  T^^,AY' THURSDAY: AS  bATL-RDA^.    Returning.will leave B.ibbitt's stor-  MosQuito Gulch, at, Two, P.M., on the same days-  Orders, -small pirc.els, letters, collections, etc   etc  attended to.- California and Colonel fWrs"' bWbt  and delivered to.order, and-everything else appertain-  October 23,1867.    y  W������LrL?y RESPECTFULLY CALL THE ATTENTIOX  mVat-SS' lrJV<'m*r ;VlxV'Y1G i0 .their  STOCK OF  11LAT, which they will, dispose of to.suit, the tiaies;. ,  ' yyAsail travellewat first iuciine / .-    : /  v; = y  /"��������� ; Wh ere' er th ey see the fa ires t sign,: ���������  And find the shop both cletin andneaU-:;',:;"  And like the tender arid cheap meat-^     .     :v*?-  Will call agrajri, and. recommena  The LVTTON MARKET to every friend.  Aithoughthoir neighbor, k< old contention ������������.-'  ���������  iian������s out his winv.'pipr.s on a stanchion  As clean as hands of " Butcli������ en  make them  In order stringers may mistuke him ;       ..     A  t-ut be they Heathens, Turks or Tartar*  Y^YrhtX ^iil not pass the LYTTON MARKET.  Lytton City, B.C, Oct. 1- 1867.  ���������T-n-KAyx y -yxyy  \l. y'ZljZb TEL, , yy\-  ������  ������ NOW OPEN FOR"-/.THE1 ACCOMMODATION OF  the mining community, and.the public Ken������nl|y;  No :expehso' li us been spa red to rend er the- bouse eli  th a t c��������������� u I d b e d osired, for.; comfort Vi nd con vcrd'^co.  The Biir is-supplied with a complete 'Block of Wim?-  Liquors and'Cjcafs. .: AAy:--'- ���������'-/'-A',//-.:'/r  .���������:--j^.-'Wai/A:itR������/Bi^3;H6^ T-.. ,���������/./���������'-,  ih'n y b^e-h ti<\ a t a mode rate --ijUiir'ge^ -; -'-��������� ��������� r'E, bfe tt''':  ��������� J������lyl;iS67; ;; .yyyr. 2m/-Av.y/.y/��������� r.   Propriemffl.  ' COS MOP.O-LITAlf   t y  ,iit  and  BARKERVILLE.  y/.   /  NOTICE.-i '������������������-������������������  ITHRKTERENCE TO THE  ORDER  OF HON  Ji, Gol.r Co 71 ndss ion er, directing that  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING THOROUGHLY RE-  novuted hi!������ Establishment, has re-op en ed the snme  [ for tho accommodation:of the Public, and trusts to  merit a share of their patronage.   His Bakery has also  undergone repair, and  he is now ready to execute  orders from all who wish pood bread. =  ,      ���������; '"  .     JACOiS VELTE, Proprietor/,  JunelOth,.1867. y   ll*  H. M.  NOTICE   OF .DISSOLUTION.  THE COPARTNERSHIP. HERETOFORE EXISTING  .btitween T. FL GrJav^Sfiod Is;icc VVnVf Ik nhurgh.  under, the zhm-.������ and style of T. B. Grcuvte k C������ , is.  this day dissolved hy inutui! consent; Isaac V.������n������  V<dkonhurgh is alone authorized to coil ct the debts  due to the late firm, and all accounts owing-by the  I tte firm must be presented to I. Vau Vol ken burgh for  payment*  *'������������������������������������-'. T. B. GREAVES  A ������������������/;'; X .1   VaxVOLKENBURGH.  Grouse Creek, Oct. 23,1867.  bulkheads should be erected, an<l kept inn-pair, by  the several'mining companies on Williams;,Creek,  which order was dated 5th June, 1867, it l)������s* bwn  reported to me that the.b.u Ik heads erected nuder said  order, have not been 'properly k������pt in repair, anti.are  at present. ina* dilypi lated ami unsafo conjlition/j I  therefore direct that all such bulkheads be forthwith  repairedj ^nd matie into'a'soonl and firm condition}  to the satisfaction of Thomas Spelnum, cenerai ..fore.  man.  Sept. 30,1867.  C. BREW,  Gold Com tn ission eK"  ITORSE SHOES AND  :/    For sale by  In the matter or tho Estate and Efl^cw of DAVID  WHITFORD, Free Miner, late ofthe Reid Claim,  Conklins Gulch, deceased,-intestate. X A  ALL PERSONS WHO ARE- INDEBTED-TO THE  above Estate, are required to p:jy the.amounts  due forthwith, and all; persons who have any claims  against the a������>ove estato.ftre required to send in their  accounts on or Wfore FIRST NOVEMBER, 1567, to";:?'  .'������������������'. 'CHAS.  E, POOLEV,  : y.  -A-'y A        Omoiai Administrator.  Dated Richfield, 1st Angnst, 1867.  Sept. 30,1867. .        lm  HORSE SHOE NAILS.  E. PEAR^O  k BROS.,  Barkerville.  CAMERONTQN, /;'"'���������  Have just received, aiid offer for Sale,.  A  WAS MUCH SURPRPED AT NOTICING a  X ch^lhmgo from Mr. G. Wilson to tight me lor from  $1 to $500. I think ho and. his frh'n *s mu*t be aware*  that I Wits loser on thelast fight; but if Mr. Wilson  or bus frienis want satisfaction, I will be most hjtppy  to nvtkc a fr/sh match for any amount not Kss than  $2,000���������the fight to take phcj within one hiiudred  mili*8 of Vietorh���������and I will allow him the siime  amount he allowed me for exp^ns^s. The person who  talked so much of fighting tho winner in my last battle, can be accommodated on the same tprms.  ���������TOE El>E  GREAT   ATTRACTION.  Crystal  Palace   Saloon!  BARKERVILLE,  MUNDORF & CO., PROPRIETORS.  BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE ABOVE JtfE^-  tioriH o*t?tl>Ii������hm''nt will be������penw| n:>xt SATUR.  DAY EVENING, the 21st inst., wh������n all lovers oftlu  " light fantastic" aro invited to call and enjoy themselves.  MUSIC AND   IMXCtXG  EVKHY   EVEN'IXG.  The b'*st brands of Wines, Liquors add Cignrs always  to be fouu I at the Bar.  The strictest order observed,  Sept. 19/ 18G7.  X.  FOR   SALE.  SMALL   QUAVTITY   OF   FURNITURE  property of a family leaving the comury. '  ��������� also ���������  THE  Fari:^0111583^5, by the CcIobrafcoJ Tilton&Mc-  Apply for particulars at  TAYLOR'S  Oct 21.1867. DfUg Store' B������^ervillD.  3  THE   STEAMER   "ONWARD"  LEAVES YALE  ATLOW RATES'FOR CASH,//./  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS of LIQUOKS  -=7 COX������JSTL\a OF~rv .  Brandy���������Martcll, Hennessey/ and Otard Dupey.  "Wines���������P"rt, Sherry Burgundy, and Claret; Sanv  terrtc's French White Wino ; Sunsevainc's California White Wine. ���������-  Champagnes���������Bouche and Napoleon's Cabinet.  Bitters���������Boker's, Sftasovaine's, Orange and Hostcf  tor's,. Vermouth Absenthe, Peppermint and Ann!'  sctte. -.  Old Tom, Gin, and Scotch Whisky.  ^. Also on hand���������500 galloug choico brands of Brandy  ^incs, Whisky, Rum, etc.   ���������'  Goods received un Stora<?b or CoMjiissiox, at the  lowest market rates.  1st July. 18C7. . 2m  At EIGHT o'clock, A. M., from 1st of October to 1st  November.  FARE  TO NICW WESTMINSTER WILL  NOT EXCEED ONE DOLLAR i I  Tale, Sept. 10, 1867, Wtf, JRVLW.  Photographic  Artist,  AS NOW OPENED A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY*  at RICHFIELD, and is prepared to twke  Cartas de Vislte. Timbre do Posto Portraits, Ambro-  types, Leather Pictures,   Mi h no type*, viows of  . Hnuses Claims, eic., Single or Stereoscopic  Portraits also taken on Whito Silk. Lionn or Cottotf  Cloth.  Richfi������ldf 12th AogUBt, H47.  i  A  A  Z) .THE: .CARIBOO ��������� SENTINEL  MONDAY,,OCTOBER 28, 1867.  ���������Wk would desire to inform our subscribers  along the wagon road, and iri the lower country, that they will be wafted on for their .subscriptions in the course of two week9, when  we trust'that payments will be prompt.  Revenus^of Cariboo.���������For the following  table,1 shewing the'revenue of this district derived from all sources, for tlie years 18G5-'66.  and nine months of 1867, we are indebted to  the kindness of the acting1 Recorder, Mr. Sullivan. The monthly receipts are given under  each year, so as to shew the marked increase  during each month; of the present year, over  that of any similar month in the. preceding  two years  1865.     ���������   :  .    1866.  y 1867  January..  $.891 85  $   929 81  $ 1405 42  February..   .:  - ...OU 54  -628 89  . 1288 67  March ,-."���������'���������  . .': 783.31.  1090 00   ;.3534J25  April   -���������.."���������.  .     1812 12  2076 77  y    1970 87  May ��������� ���������-! yyy  '2S49 21  '    2m 66'  4917 71  June > - ��������� ���������������������������  . :.   6453 95  4862 73  ������������������:���������' 5182 25  July ��������� -   ���������   -  6263 12  -���������y   4999 01"  7221 38  August-.  ���������   ,3800 4-i  '4414 85  4405 52  September-   *  ... S785 64  ...   '504921;  6843 43  '      *  $27,041 18  $27,004' 99  $36,769 40  October. - r.-.  i: ..... 4169.38���������  ��������� .';..3677 36  ���������. *    ... -    .. *���������  November y.,'������  /*-:-: 2053-13'  ���������'  2387 20  December  -  ,    .603 ..74;  ���������     1675 76  ��������� ���������-.   '������������������;'.:  . ^^,,r ^.yy/.y^m^y'^^i^:^/^-. yy/''  The above table, will thus exhibita /Very  favorable1 balariee * of .$9j?64/ 41, in Excess for  tbe first nine,mohtlis'y of this year over the  aanieX period ;last year,/ or ��������������������������� an increase; as  against the- whole of lastlyear, of $2,024 09.  It is highly gratifying thus to mark the steady  jjrbgress that we are .making, notwithstanding  the occurrence:.of many;unavoidable accidents  that have corispired/to render/the past season  one of unusual dullness."/: ~    / X  H6spiTA>.^As will tie seen from the folio wing .report/of/the r resident physician at  -this institution, l)r: Bell;-there has been 43  cases, m ed ical \y and- surgically treated ./by  him wi tb i n ytbd A hosp italic! unrig; /the period  between tlie -1st January -and 24th, Oc tober,  1867, bf wliich tlie fo 116 wirig:; is / a sumin/ary:  3 cases o f frac t u red legs, 1/ trac tiire of/ up per/  extremities, 1 affec tion .6 f kidneys, 1 diseased  lungs;' 1 abscess; 1 /bilious fever,! enteritis  , an d f e v e r. 3: i n 11 amatory > rheumatis ra,' 1. in -  flamed   hand, .2 -hydrocele/ 2   diarrhoea,/?  rabu n tai htte ver.-1 heart, disease J' I).fractu re d  leg and b tlie reinjuries, 1, injury; to leg, 1 -pby-  mosis requiring operational / rheumatism, .1  a b scess i n tlie neck, 2 pn e uin o ri ia, : -1. co m-  pound f r act a re of arm; ��������� d is I o caTi on /of wrists  and injury"to chest/ terminating fatally from  pneumonia. 2 neuralgia, 1 disease of bone of  leg. 1 severe cii t ar m \: 1 com pound fra c tu red  J eg, 1 1 i ver a f fecf i o n j 2 p e.rio s ti ti s of b p th legs  1 ' in u cous  d isease o f ' b lad der,; 1 / en 1 arged  prostate, I heart affection and fevei\/l; pleuropneumonia; 'l lung disease, 1 erysipelas, 1  syphilis.   Of these four have:terminated fa-  tally, viz., two.'from heart disease, the case  of fever with/ interitis and the case of compound fractured, arm.accompanied with' other  injuries. .There has been very little illness  on tbe creek this year ;  there' has been no  epidemic, a very few cases of mountain fever  and those of a mild character.    Besides the  above/there have been over 300 cases which  were attended at the hospital and  received advice and medicine as/outpatients from  the institution.   /  Cutting Affiuy:-���������A- Chinaman who acts  as cook, arid a white man named Mike Lynn,  who officiates: in the. capacity of steward at  into  the  course of which the Chinaman made an attack  on Lynn with an axe. Lynn in defending  himself with .a. hatchet, inflicted some ugly  cuts on the celestial's phiz, for which he was  arrested and lodged in jail. The Chinaman's  face, which he persists in refusing to allow  the doctor to dress, exhibits a vsry shocking  appearance  MINERS' MEETING.  : The meeting called by the special requisition of several miners, for the purpose of discussing the propriety of establishing a Miners1  Store, was held last.Saturday evening at Miss  Wilson's saloon, Barkerville, and was well  attended. Capt. Robinsbn was unanimously  voted to the chair and Mr. A. Allan was ap"-  pointed secretary. The chairman briefly announced the object of the meeting, and said  that judging/ from the present attitude of  speculators, who were buying up all the  grain that was produced in the country, there  was every probability of flour being raised to  at least 50 cents per lb. Bethought that the  miners ought to adopt some means for protecting themselves against such monopoly;  by procuring supplies from another quarter  before it was too late. For this ��������� purpose be  was in favor of opening subscription lists at  once/--bo that, every man might have an opportunity of subscribing to the extent of: his  means, and that the money so obtained  should be:placed: An-a Bank to await the arrival of the goods, which ought to be ordered  a9 soon as the money was forthcoming. He  was certain that by this, arrangement, flour  could be laid down here at y2o cents per lb.,  an d perhaps fo r iess/; The y v io ws exp ressed  by tho chairman met with,., the/full approbation of tbe meeting,/and/many/offers of sub-1  scriptions were tendered on the. spot. It was  tbeA.mPvei_byyMr. XJ!erretVL&eaon.derL.-by  MrrHiltonrana^affiecT unanimously "That a  p^titidfi be triinismitted tp the Governor praying for a temporary remission of all Customs  Duties/and.Road Tolls,.at present exacted on  staple: articles,/', such ,-��������� as flour, bacon and  beans."      '/���������/.'- ������������������/://-Ay yy.y     ������������������AAA  ^ It was. moved1 by Mr. J/Woods, seconded  by Mr. Hilton, andcarried hem. con. :." That  a commUtee of three, be .appointed /-to open  books; receive'^^/subscriptions, .and draft the,  petition tb 'the''i Govera br.'' The raceti ng  thereupon nominated, the -chairman, and  M ess rs: Deffia and , Allan to ac t as sue h co ni-  mittee/ yy xXZAryy���������.���������'/������������������---2 ��������� yZyA-yy^y  /On motion the meeting adjourned/till Tuesday / evening, to recei ve th e rep or t of the  committee/'/./ ���������   ��������� y /;' / - yy/yi .<-���������-, -       *V:  Tho  following /is a copy of .the. petition  above reiferred'tb :  / Xy '������������������   ZxAy //Ay Zy fyA  Unto'  MINING INTELLIGENCE/  Mr. Vette's restaurant. Barkerville, got  an altercation   yesterday  morning,  in  His Excellency Frederick /Seymour,  y //-Governor of the col biiypf British; Co 1-  Xyy y : ;um b ia and its- d open den c ies... The.: pe-  /   ti tion p f t h e m iners an d other: reside ri ts  :   of the id-Is*ric t of Cariboo hu nib ly she w-  \y A;" cth,-^/. .,V - .. -��������� ��������� -/.;./:-- A r. ���������   ��������� t ,- .  ;y /  That y o ur p e ti tib ne rs i /ha ve lear n ed " wi tli  feelings -of extreme anxiety and alarm/ that  unscrupulous speculators/' regard I ess/: of,-the  welfare of this cblony, aire.; piirchasing all; the  wheat tliat has been gro wn in . the agri cul-  Ui ral d is tri c ts o f the. lip per c b u n try th is, sea-  son, for the purpose, as your petitioners have  every reason to believe, of raising the price  of floiir to such an exhorbitant figure ;as. the  present condition of the mining popnl?rtipn  of this districtjowing to the low rate of wages,  ancf the near approach of a long and severe  winter^ ' cannot justify, and which, / if hot  checked/will, as your petitioners firmly: believe/result either in starvation or the depopulation of the country, y  .    v  Your petitioners, therefore, seeing.no other  means within their power of frustrating the  designs of avaricious men, have with much  regret determined to procure their supply of  floiir elsewhere, and with the view of reducing the cost of its delivery in this district,  which must necessarily be great. at this late  season of the year, your petitioners would  respectfully request your Excellency to remit  temporarily the Customs Duties and Road  ���������foils at present imposed on that article, and  your petitioners as in duty bound will ever  pray.  WILLIAMS CUBES.  We regret to think that our mining season  is about to close without the usual fall freshet  upon which so many placed so much depen-  ence. . That this is now almost a certainty, the  last few days gave us ample evidence, in the  prevalence of severe frost, which has compelled open air mining to be entirelyysus-  pended, and in many instances wheels to be  stopped.   Many are not without hope, ho w-  ever, that the present cold snap will be . succeeded by a few weeks of mild /weather ; if  this should prove to*be correct/there may  yet be a good.deal of work done before winter actually sets in..' Those companies who  intend to drift during the winter are making  all the necessary preparations for that purpose, by building comfortable dump houses;  etc./arid there is no doubt with the opening  of the Drain more mining will be done/on  tbiscreek during the present winter than there  has been throughout this summer.' The claims  that were enabled to-doany: work last.-, week  yielded very, well. y......  ���������y The Dutch Bill co. paid about' wages for  the. week.���������McLaren co. starting, to "drift.���������  Taylor co. ditto.��������� Casket cp .haye just finished a ditch about 14 miles in-length,-which  they/ in tend ;to use for. by d raul ic purposes Jin  tbe spring.-rDeadwopd cor. are making good  wages.���������if ehh y Lind: c o i^ are rii ri ri i n g a / drift  i n to-the --hi ll ^Fj n ra e-c b. ~. h a ye-rcl eaned^u p  a&burthree-foS  something like /SoOOp...;; The present--frosty  weather is a great drawback to 'their //opera-  tipns. It. is th^ in ten tion. of /the . conipany  during the wi nter to liih/a / tunnel ��������� up /to the  Date h jBi 1 i /coy's 1 in es , w here /-th ey:v expect, to  take put pay when they start in the- spring:-^'  California co/w;ashed out last;/week /I2/ bzZ  the resu 11 of four men's, work.-;;: The "grourid  from which this payJwas/. bb tairied had been  worked/over, by^ the|^comimny.^Hi^rriiW  co.; are makitig good Vvagesi--^Welsh co. are  workiiig on bigh rock: and taking - out;gobd  Pay ��������� t7 ^t | Iboet co. h ay e..* com men ced:> w ashi ng  y-U prn i ng: S tar / co. / to ok'; b tit 25 b u n pes for  3,days work.-^-Aurora co./wa;shed out for the  week "6/0 ounces.--^Davis co./ Avhich ,was  thought-to, be. worked out. and shares changed h an ds at a very/ .tri fli ng ' rate/ ab put ten  days ago', is n o/w 166kirig up ; for last: week  the amount of tbe washings -from this 7c lai rri  was '242 oz. or $500/to the/ share.^Never  Sweat /co/ are making/: wa wes^Raby col: are  doing/wel't.-^Prince'.-of/Wa.les po/; "are taking  out gbodJ)ay.   ,;-''.' :' :X'Z '."/A '/22rrA7.AA^M.  "��������� /.:/:.:.rvy/./-v/'STpuTs/-^GOLCH.y.; "yy/y/r-yAyy  ��������� Floy4,CoWare/opening ->a turineli���������AUtitas1  co/cleaned up for tbe - week 59 ozZ-^Taftvale  cp. had 60 oz. for the srim<j ti trie.���������Jenkins co.  took ou t SO oz.���������Mucho. O.rp pp. bad;-.! 9:pz.;for  three day37ywork/y ���������'���������'y-'AZZ i'AX A-y/Xyylyy:  ;    ;/: 'KOOTENAY MINES;-  :y///  Abont 300 ininera, (says the ColUmbiari)  many of them Ohinamnn;" coritinue to - work  with  satisfactory results.. ./? The absence of  ^���������big strikes J? Was perhaps more rthan compensated for, in the (Steidy, yield by which;  almost every man engaged Inthese minea :is::'  making wages and up war d s.   There were ���������< a  great niahy parties out prospecting in yvarfc  ous localities.   One party bad gone!: to/; the  head waters of:. the Columbia/nyer/wheri  one Fraserjs said to have found ptospecte.bf  $l50,tp the pau/v.Qn'Wil^^  Carthy & Co. h^ViEi-cbinpiefed/their/diich^fwi^ ,  miles, in  length/ at./a cost of ^SOObi/'/This/  ditch .carries 1000 inches ;of. watery and' will -,  enable a range of about two miles of ground^ <  believed to be/nch/tb/fo  &Cb.,,.ha^ve cbm/mencedyto^operi/ tip/thdr^  claim, while niany /person^ had.; coinmericed^  sinkihg'shafts along the.line ofthe/ditch/Imr"  portant ^ /results: :ar4\^^borifidently.s anticipated  fro in this he w! eri te rprise.   New* diggings had  been struck in the-vicinity of Bornar.'s Ferry;-;  about 25 of the / Kootenay; riiiriers had{ goney  over^ but although they :fbund gold and ex*-  p ress tiiei r belief th at a moi^e thorough search A  will  reveal Ipaying- diggings, th'ef : saw no-/ ���������  iUitig M/'warrant ytbex abanddnmen������ bf;/their: /  Kpbtfenay  claims/.... Considerable //riumbers^];  fro hi Blackfbot arid elsewhere/were xeported-v  ���������tb\ be' nocking1 into .the ineW d_iggirigsify l:ffih&? ���������s  To/thb> EpiTOu/x)^ /tub AyCAiimbo '��������� Sentinbl.^; y:;  X SrR/^Iri^'a]letter~'pu6lishcd/iri /ybiir,r last ipyy  sne,yand / Mgned^ Miber^  m iriers coiild get, by i> i n vesting .their: sp arel ��������� ���������  mone/'inr a ��������� miners'; store; at/ieast^prie / and 'Ay  arhalf; per. cent.;:per *;mpnfcb.-A Ti8hbrild;/bb:/)  very raiibb obliged/tb/'^Mine^^Of:be/ catty /  point ���������uitone single;ri^erphantja^^  district; > who /; ha vingA done Ibusiriess? on / aft;-^  average scale; has /realised /pri/thetripriey^/liii/Jy  baS^ invested, such/a clear profit as Ayob&jtiyd. iyy  a-half per/ /cent; i per Kmorith.^^ Miners -gene-;' 2  rally, have a>wron gv id ea p f p rbflts b ere in bus?-//  iriesSj/arid-if /*.^ Miner?'/ is able Jo do better/hiy*;  must-be:pressed of a:special'^gift': in^:the^y  management of a :gehera\.store.';y Ay * '/���������. yy:1. ^'//i-y  !"A\ ixZ-X i-A/'Zy;. /���������-;;-y^V;./:ylxciiki)^LociSif;-^)!!  COXKLTXS   Obl.CH. :  Just-struck-it co. are making SS a day: tp  the hand.���������Reid co. washed out 18 oz. iorone  day's;work/  '.      '     '.'] :'":::/-  \ ���������    /���������;-:.-'    r MOSQUITO  GDLCU. ."', '������������������:  The scarcity of water begiris to be greatly  felt here, and the consequence is a'very considerablefa, lling off in the yield of the/vprb",  ���������lor last week,   -..������������������  .       \i / '"''    /'/  Minnehaha co. took out up to Thursday, 57  oz.���������Rising Sun.,co. for.the week had 18 oz. I  for four men's work.���������Willow   and  Ophir  companies have not   bottomed   their������������������ new  shafts. ":     ���������''���������    .,  Book Postage,���������In reply to a letter addressed to the Governor by^ the officers of the  Mechanics Institute, Victoria, on tbe subject  of securing a more liberal book postal communication between England and this colony  His Excellency, states that the letter would  be forwarded to the Secretary of State for  the Colonies, and that the matter will again  be brought before Parliament.  Amusements at Mosquito Gulch.���������We  learn that Professor Hermann gave an enter-  tainment at Sam Walker's saloon, Cenfcreville,  last evening, on behalf of the Cariboo hospital. This being the second benefit that the  Professor has given to this deserving institution/At would only be but right, when he  oothSi before, the public on his own account,  that he should get a bumper house.  Mkssrs. Baxter and Darts have arrived at  Quesnelmouth/from th������ Peace river country,  *'ith 3,000 lbs. of valuable fort  - To Correspondents.���������On perusing the  communication from P. C, Victoria, relative  to his proposition for the establishment of a  Mining Office under the control of tbe gov  ernment, and other matters relating to patents for improvements in placer mining and  the reduction of crude ores, &c., we have  only to inform him that as his letter would  have to be re-written before it could appear  in our columns, and as we have not the leisure to do so, we must decline it for the  present.  Grouse Creek Trail.���������We understand that  during the late gale a number of trees fell  across a portion of the Grouse creek trail, in  the vicinity of Conklins Gulch, and have so  obstructed mule travel thereon that the residents of Grouse .creek are put to great inconvenience in getting their supplies forwarded.  As it is said that the labor of one man for  half a day would remove all the obstructions  we think it is the duty of tbe Commissioner  of Lands and Works to order the work done  at once.  Express.���������Barnard's Express wagon left  here last Thursday, and carried as passengers  | Messrs. John Bute, F. W. Laumeister, J. B.  ! Grear������3 imd Jacob Hionson.  ���������      /���������/������������������."    ' '  ��������������������������� RED 'GULCHr "  Tbe claims in this gulch continue.to give a  good account of themselves.���������Discovery co.  cleaned up 30 oz. last week.���������Catch-it-if-you-  can co. had 23 oz. for the same period.���������Butcher co. are making over wages, as are' also  the United co.  ���������     .. . LpWBSB CREEK, ".'.  ^ The only claim that is taking but anything  like good pay is the Calaveras, which washed  up last week 120 oz.���������The First Chance co.  hive had to stop. ./  1 GROUSE CREEK/  Times are very dull on this creek at present, the only claims that we hear of being at  work are the Hard-up co., who have aot} et  struck the lead!���������Heron co. who are taking  out  good pay.--Flume co. have very bad  ground to work, ic keeps continually caving,  and impedes their progress very much.���������Short  Bend co. are preparing to work during the  winter.���������Full Rigg co. are taking out small  pay.���������Discovery co. are   making   wages.���������  Ne'er-do-weel Co. are averaging about .20 oz.  per week.���������The Cascade, Fountain Head and  Point companies continue to work; but without any notable success.  ; ":MrxERsf:''5iEETrNG/^As/will-- be/' secnl'b^f ki/  re p o r t ��������� of-the pro ceedi n gsvof; the m ee ting; pel d' Vs  on Satu rd ay/nigh i>giyp.n/in rario ther. cb lu m n, y  the; /miners. are ja/liy,e/ to ^tlip;; importance of y:  soriie action being taken ./to;��������� circumvent/ the./  plans of the floiir mbnopplists/^dZare^  m i ri ed to sen d fo r. snppl i es; ��������� for r themselves; y  Jt^wil 1 ibe seen ���������bvtbe/re^juti  the G^ernpr/is/to \be/ peUtioueditp abolish/;/  fbr a /time/the; duty-and ready tolls on: flour;{;���������;  'i  yerj?; reasonable./irequest\under existing ���������;  circ urns tan ces. and that i n ��������� th e mean ti trie ��������� sii b-':  scrip tion lists/ wi IL be������ ,.ci rculated :��������� among v the .;  mine rs to raise f u n ds / to ,p ay Atb v the-' su p'ply /;  w hen; i t arr i ves.   The mon ey yso raised; it J is/';  i utehded / eh ou I d be / deposi ted by-:* > the'������siib^y  scribers between now^aod Wednesdaysevenr (/  ing next, iri ��������� -.the- Bank {(if' Bri tish ;Columbia,  whose agent /will issue a  cheque -for  the:: $  amount sp deposited. .The funds will be' kept ������������������ A  in the;bank until*tbe flour is delivered -up/to-- ;  tb e subscr i b ers.   Another - meeting ������������������ is y to be' A  held: on Tuesday eyening/at eight o'clock^ at.1,  N. Curiio'3 salopn, Barkei^vilie,: for the/ pur-//  pose of completing "the:necessary;arrange-y'  ments: 'Ay ���������/������������������//'��������� A/    ��������� y   -y ���������:���������'���������/���������::.���������-'-wy. '���������'/.--'��������� raXy:  Every foot of la^d on which Belfast. Ireland, is built, is owned by one man, the Marquis of Donegal. Every citizen has to pay  tribute to him. His income from ground rent  is from one to two millions of dollars a year.  /New  A^pppiNT\iE>:Ts.^aturda^:XJ^ett9  announced the following- appointments/:---/  Charles GbopV /Esquire, /to J bb" Registrar of A  Medical Practitioners of the Colony of British A  Coiumbia,/under "The.MedicalyOrdinande/;  1861" Also,' Cbartres Brew, Peter 0;Rielly;>  Henry Maynard Ball, Edward -Howard San-<  ders/William George Coxi Esquires,'..to/bo ;  County Court Judges/for tbe Colony; of -Bri- ���������  tish Columbia under "/The County Court/Or^:  dinance, 1867."   Also Warner R.eeve..Spald-/:  ing, Esquire, to/be County Courts Judge; for  the District of Nanaimo, Varic.ohver fslaridi .  under "The County-Court Ordinancie,. l$bly.".y  More Cariboo.���������Mr. Hailet. who is trapping on Bald Mountain, near Swift river, last  week shot a couple of fine cariboo. He savs,  there were four in the band, aud that had he  been in possession of rt- breech-loading: rifle,  he could have killed the whole of them;  AccroENT.���������On Saturday last, while Mons.  Fontaine was engaged In putting a roof on a  house at Mosquito Gulch, be slipped, and in :  falling to the ground, had,his face badly cut  and bruised.by coming in Contact: with a  stump. ... ,   :. ;  '  We are requested tostaW that the ceiebrat-.  tion supper, giveh under the auspices of the"  Caledonian' Benevolent Association. wilK/be  served at nine O'clock, on the evening of  Thursday next, at Mr. William Allan������ hotel/  Cameroaton. ;.  ?&* If you vanf good Coftee uei> Fell's.  Parties desiroiis of obtaining files .of thtf  ' present volume of the Sbstinel, are informe^'  that there are a few on hand, which wy ti#  I had on application at ������M? o0i^-  igtrewHrj^^uiMM^^i^muJMtwgTEJghyi^ ^d^i^EE^J'filRliS./  ysy-y  $1^^  ;, pli^v^Iib^n^liftfelabv aitielEi n? / tlio -vGal axy  #otAj^^  inake a;few, extracts':".: /  A/y j yi'C' ���������/-������'-';��������� '  ; For tbo dangers of tbeTe������i������imat������^  -horetigh respecfc " They are:a'hard-woWdnff.v TTAtS   -<--~~~��������� ��������� ------~- ���������->.'.".���������:,���������������������������-"- ���������  1 Ln������M ������^^:^'tirWt*2ift^i^^^^������^i���������^iSiw;*? I*>l^ctipn.of: Drugs/.AxnvpATBXT MhtocinEs, iuelud-  S   P;   TAYLOR,  " .- BArk-ee^ileIb.^ ;/'//';::  CONSTi^for;' ON AHA^W A'/ CHOICE'' SE-  ^CT0iT^ iffiyBR^SEMENTS?'  *t*sTJp������Mrt������������M w**.������ .j-������ r  , Silspfcid body of womfen^nol^nntrequentiy tlie  ' <       edi?   support ������of  eiit^   f^nies/ZancUMi  mo ml characters, are not' brie wh It affected* by  their line of busineBsl    ��������� ���������   '���������    ''"���������  ���������    y- The admiring pub Ik- who sees the pretty"  .     picture tbey "make on the stage, "little knows  y j Xba pbysicakfatignc which/ these'poor girls  encounter in retarnfo/ % few hundred dollars  '       K-yearflalary-Trom tbte manager,\and^ari!il liberal judgment y������ tm ixandsof the audience;  ' '*     h]ewy meu^w.OT'k :so'''Mrd as the balteirgirL~  1   ' ^e<coryph'eeT who" by'balfjpnif eight in' the  -;; t "ZAyZ^^^^^Mix^y^^* ;elad:in������g^ze' /arift  s   silk ���������webbing;;pra>cticlDg/ pirouettes/entre-  v   ���������    ctfats;;the" coe:t6rture; riy$' "other ' Jnguisitorinl  ^yggJ^roi^/;a^haLve/fieeri^ theise'-.giris^pnicti^  ��������� frpm.djofclock-'ir, tine- morning until -tialf.pW  t       12-ialmost without cessation then talre'a.hnr-:  ried-iu rich, sons e ti mes eating it' w h il e; 'stariil-  iug;in\:their thinclothing in<a draught?'''space  behind/the flats, 'only^io^'egm1' their.1 labor  again af half-past 1. aod so continue: Til V 5.''./  ;/y /', A0hW,IsrfiomMieA bia riffee.^perfornaanc#f ^s&  - ; half past*/ '.-Jir������Vof^he night commences; finisfi-  /:// r.������?&':psh|^  ] l'^5g|sjg^foJdinK:.^Kr'1ayinfif rawav/tfieii;!  ;'.////B^e������araphei���������;alm  the, eX9&pllqm  rare)   these urte   must'for':  *  ; economy?s sake'be'carefnUof, their clothing!.  ;   And������So,.>ioug.> after orniduighr/ Am -tyva   ciVi  y . m r es, of ten. laden w.itbJ heavy ybd n rll es? Z$te&p:  .listlessly th^  ;./���������'���������'-Pi otectedf at/tlw -risk-'/of, being - mistaken - for  travjatasvof the/lowestgraie,, ���������      ,        y'y  1 '}yy pose i o io xd i} di Visa. $6 w ' .th rovvs: ifcx -  ;-\*?-l?r^th sucti^^^ yile pander-'  ;n������ mi >be raqfe i of those giggling men m  ibe  o^rchester stalls bu  Is?an effort, whichy tocher  : ���������   l^ea, 1^ sis/ ioving!a;tribu te to ^ a beloved j art  ;y-as a-^  /'J ^ye/seeii/th  A. leav|ng the stage- because-they^h'ad "J observed  a.enllU������aginn^>gmonj<Jbcni3c'l������res,iorili*. their  V;-y^������s abpiityan'd ^  yvcpnimentson^  m  whose whole 'souV and. wliose whole,liody  too;'wa8/;for;.the hour lovingly given  over' to  /^;y/|I^Pil^fe5^#y^^  .yuiMaderabiselle iB; to le: th^Mher; mgb������/ '"<&&  pot ffe:������;, j      '  in^r jthe ceh������hrated| (Solden t Balsam/i aiid yMurjihy?s  .Mi xtures;: for/th^  Alsoaygrea^yvarletyxof Sarsapaflllas, Hoir .Hrusliofj,  Tooth BruBheSy,Cdmhs; Topth>pwdt^;.9jwugeSj Fancy;  SoapsJ|Luhin^s^ExtractSy'?K&se Water v and'others Per*  ..f^ories^Gardeh^eds^&-bX*iko:. *-J ' >-y?-; ? r*":" '. /'���������; *  4-! Just received���������an a'ssor tmen t i of Stationery, ^Pockot  Diaries for 1867,' and Billiard Table articles. >.; - ;,. ,  f P^ Sv^^^scrjpMons careful l^ompbundetl; A 1-s A,  yiCTpRIA SEED STORE  Corner pf Langley Alley.and Tates'St* fy  /:i/rWg,ss^  Have opened itheaboTeipr^mises with a Ihrge  < xy; /   ���������: and;. wclL assorted Stock / " - A * ;';  0^^:  I  FOSTER,   OF   LILlLOpET,  ,   CHEMIST.     yyyJy "\  HAS:*OIt/53AIiS; ^a!Sns^anta^on^iiandv  y J;afWoJl n^hrted Stdc^^D^As^li;ttiol Ohcmicals  '1lse^lfV^ -^hyslciansjy Pliotnfi:raphers> Acsayers aijd,  ,Mechn nic?t%Also tho.popular:Patcnt -Modiolnijs, and;  .���������pnfflirtets.* sundries..y.yA ' /   AX// ,'.: '���������- '<, yA - -y r   i ���������; ���������  ; Retorts, Cruel bios.  Muffles., Cupels, Ingot /Moulds,  etc. vetcr yyt-y-. ������������������yxy ]:AXrAA. y A ' -A.-.  ' y]/Z, ' - '���������-  ; 'PRESCRIPTIONS'��������� FAtTriFtTLLT PREPARER*  ' "  ,  ''A t       ���������  ',   ^i-Fyw.'-POSTER;'-, ���������";  ;i mtq: r ���������    ,..*   ;y -,y- y'y -/���������   ��������� Chemist V  V?������vA V .V Ai A'- V A*������**** f  | ky  |^ ^'AJSp-impWER1 SE^^^///^fSp/  i".:.,.The,jj,uBinft.es of tho late flrmof Jay &,Co/, (PortJSt^  ^hdyspringlhjJdNu r^ery,; win^/ca^riedoh^ by-^them  in al bits iIj nnchV^ *;yyri- '--���������.���������'/������ yy-y : * A':''/y,>i^r ���������  i-i Ertiit ;TrffOS:and;yBiishesv' Eyergrcetf aiid t)cci(iiioug  Shrub.?^ Bulbs and Kloivering/pla'nts' of 'every dcVcrip-  tion. y / ������������������ y.y^./y y ���������;���������,y -,.. ;   .,,*-.f:v.,,.- >������������������*$ yiw^  'mM$x^^^  BE1NJAMmy nOtJCTIiAS/4 Successor to A. i 0.  ...,.,,."WELLS,, Saddle'xn^Harxuss Makor. iYal'e,^B.y-C.-  '^fyfA comulr.re assort jnent,-,of>St^ck -conattintlr/oa'  'hand^'^'y''-'l|: jyy'yyy yyyyyy::y\ '.���������Ai-rJ'"yi.;-!\i,yxmgi:'i '���������-  ^D;^"i)/0'N',:H.;Qij.s'iE,.  ���������;; r- . &' f;G0V������RNMENT;^n]^  I'/ whpx>sa;l|3 and 'Reta-i>l/; s  ;:;" /-;. ^  ,, ���������.. !.., %.,     IMPORTERS < OJ".   ';    . *"* r "./ / -( ���������'     -���������'  English &'Frenclr  y >ipr<5JlP^(nfe;, Gloves^ aridvtiyevyA. d^scrijuiori- or '���������,  k- ZAyf ';.:   V'-v>v Prnpervs Goods! ^ n.r,i.,yyy iA/..  \ Kflceive r^ulpr.?u������plie&*by*Expisfes:.vfa- PtoamaUn^i  Dy sailing vessels vltf Capo Horn.v. , v;    ��������� ���������",{ > . >  y i^ Parlipulfir. ^ttention%tvfeif to''a 11 orders.  ; ^London Firm,-j. ;-Pf Tuxstall Jfc'Go:^'  , "!.-���������:���������. -i   -ESTABLTS.H;Ettl%5^/:^8  i-s  hh?!^ Strkrt; Yale, B. C,  v  BEGS'TO AKK0H :CH t > rl8A Lmihit>mts of Cariboo  ... . ithat-he;intends;to'/orwar3/(asisloci'h"as.thestfi't'e/of.  .the.��������� '-Roari.s;^will' permit), ������ a farce��������� and well ��������� assorted  stock.of;-.QopKiiyQ ;-STbvRS,?^hicliV he will dispose of.at  pRinrs  TO SOJT- THV. TlMES.   .1 ,      ' 4 ';''    '',    . ���������';.: ' :<:-; ���������  ' Wc, Sili April,*?36V ��������� 1     "  ���������'-< v/l  'HOTEL DEPRANqR /     /.   '  ,  ; ������������������ ���������.; GoyERNArENT, Street, Victoria^ S. I. /' t, \'  .T^RESTATTRA^T is snppHid witlunnllhtt  ��������� A delicacies of the;sfuson,c and tb.e/sieepinV.. accomo-  !M\?U}* replete .with:1 oyery comfort.     The best of  :TVnies, Ijquorsand Ciplra. --*���������'���������>���������'��������� A   :y ���������' ��������� :       y ,y  x-������ . .  J.:BTGNE.;& C0/v Propfietbrs.A'}  ' y'/''/:,;.' '^^T^/.ciTTi^'c/";:',;! f/ '  ��������� ���������" * 91* h'i ::preinise^. for "P^ards^f/'eoo' mSS -  XyA/i X BQSToi'^^^;-v>',; ;<j::'  j  / - v Wholesulejna?R^n!il^ip]^^-5'  ���������  lytiquoRg,? %^cot>na,,-'6jrjor6-tKo,.-^ ^/;  ^ffiifffiiZfffi  :J":Travelinjfj ppbljc^Uhe bedroom^ aro spadoui iSSf-  Mryfcnri.thoneds. cannot. besurpB'ss'fid forulonjiiS*  arrti ebfnfbrt l^;any4n^ho.lowcr,ti<������untrv:-;theTalitS  j n'ivaysf-upplifld \vUh( tho best* of, victuals.- ?fifiibite5'J  i  '^^^qq^^W^&M^  KENRT   GREENBAUM,     WHOLESALE . LIQUOR  STore, ImpbrtMr of Pino ^^rschau^Pipes St nms  Slputhpi^ces^igars and Tobaccb-: Johnson Street Vic-  :tprlH,-.V. I.r " \y-:,    ���������    "��������� ^yy^yr. -r.y-.rr^h   \y  ^s'''  lyl ^e^Prt^^ up^bPdrociiir  o n d .good ;Bod,������ are" now rirnpa rod to 'a flbrd i every neenni - *  mr)dn.tion-for"Tra^GJlr-rp;; 'the Tabic iSfurnisheil with'nil'  tlicvhjxuries'tbatcnbbe procured;v'theJBar is"Wo]iSUpv^  pliod with th e be? t tohds'of-Liquors a lid Sepnn; et-L  StahlJnp-i ��������� Hay^Oats^nd Burley.    j^������ The 0 HEAPF^T  Hduse oh'-the Rou'd;  wmi  P'^RTIEg^MSop^otSW  .,..fe?^1*H^wiU-:fin'c|JitJ.to;;thisi  a'call befora engaging elsewhere. X     Ay , "  .���������        '  * " ALWAY &  BAILEV.  v:.-ile, April8tb;18S7. '     " i.������?  t ^..J^SLBuilding,/Wharf street VictbrOi, CVM.  Royal  !I-S"y  ���������^y  *   L ������>-" /;\;    ". CLOVES,-./-.   ' '      ^     ��������� ;  ^ip^ea^a^producedb^aUre'e'which'-'is a  native^of.the.Molucca Islands; and' werel like  nutn??gs^a / long time ;iirider the .exclusive  :coQtrqLof's;the' Dutch '.Governraeiit/- who^ for  many j.ears would n������t Vjio^f the tree io grb^v  -Jipbn ��������� any,,.except, the'-1 Island of Amboyna  ?--S; >8^- ���������e" b *������ ^es*.--i>ri e'ed do ves' s ti! I:' sdni&:  xife^e ia from 15-to'SO fee't high, with large  aromatic^leave     aiid   munches   of   >eryfrk  ; ..grant'flo5v^vs.- . The spice is unopened flower  bud,   vhiish ire iuaten" off by "mean* oi  iron  rods an^-thenaried, ' Tbe little balls, ba th������  cloves ie:thernriexpandedpetals'/;   by soften-  ���������/..JW^heel^e in hot {water these mnA/e eare-'  fully laid qpen:by means ot a pit.    The main  -portion of ,the; clove Js .what "woiilrl  be: tbe  -fruit  ifM.a.tlowfed* tb ^gp/btf and ripen.   Our  , W. -H, Sutton,^    -v'  DJ!#������ P^^^KS^LiQDOR^iANn CMRsyCbai OiL  v fi'^1 Oil Limpc, &.v., '     ,  I      &i|| TOR BCrBTfiE^  ALE I '     |  / rIn Bhlq. and half Bbla.'   " '      "  YnUt, Ap.rJU8th, 1867. ' .      ��������� l i.R  CLEAIi'S   CoFifEK'' Houhe 'axp" "Rrpt"irfnAvt  ..... ,,^ernmen t Street^ictbria^ AVrW '��������� Thfs '*'f^llie  cheapest, most tymfprtable >'and best attended Estab-  h.^hmont in the City   t '-'   ,    ���������    .  /- '        ,    ... ���������  The BAR is always'supplied  with   tlie  d/fdecFt'bT  yVrvEi    LraroRsand-ClOARa. A/?    '-       t~  y::/i2^::MlLE-HOTJSE;^  ������W&^&?^ yyz-y^z  Tj T-:^ALTEW?, forrnVrly'nC4hb 94 Milr. Hooas-   '  :. l ���������.; t. haym> purchnse<l thjg RancJiT if! '-how1' pr>mrMv "���������>  % ^ .oconi oihi tt^th&t ra vol ing^rmblio witllG 001) MEALS "  aut| BEnS.nt-modorale rnU>,������!., <^      ,; >   ��������� , -   ,   "j s ;   '  , f- -KRMCEL, i.Vi6tbfia;  Storage ; an'd^ ;Fofwmr'diii^,!:  "" :-"       -i   .,/..-:*     A^.i.y, :   .-   >r;J, " ��������� >������������������"-'���������' 7y-      - ' : - ��������� y -  '   -'     --,--���������"���������       -   ./-,.  . '.���������./���������'*.-:-;.*/".y>-'-'.-"; ' y- '..'���������':'���������' s-v '*'.. \-'.' X.p'i'y"... :���������-...���������,���������" !'!;���������������������������' i' ';'v'-':-���������-'���������- '"���������'.-.'-:'' '.--".. y-"'yy<: -ry.    :���������:.-/ :.''.' , ^'v*,''' ' -^i"-  '-  PARTIES SHIPHNG aOOiDS -BY THE' ,YALEXLYT-  ^3^;;Routh, are-advised^that    .- A/yy: y   ;', ..������������������'������������������  /    | KWBALL- & GLADWIN    " '-  - > Haye erected^an. extendi ve Storeh ouse -, arid/ Dock 'at  Vale; an/i are prepared t^ Receiv:e[Stbre; and For ward  Goods.;   Goods re^ackedf and- freights^engak&i at the  Lowest,- Rates.- f.       'yy.    y ;'. yy - ?;���������: ���������   ';; ������ '  ���������   ��������� ��������� /:-������-;i  P?jrtjes shipping goods through' lis will please mark  to the-care of -~    ,r..y^- ..-..-.���������.-.-o-._ ,��������� :':-:;:   ?:  '^ls  %v    .       /,: ry ''.KIMBALK^GLAofeM^y  ;5r.'','IvV Dealer ih Etms,  ....,_   . .,.-,.. ,   ..  ..-..Libe.raladvarices:mn'de  hart Bros. -Victona, V. I. A '' ,; r   -r     A"fs  G"'VSUTRO*^ GO.,'"Import^s"'AKr>' -Setters i^  i -i CIGARS, TOBACCO, Mee^Khum Pipes'&o; S?E:  cornor of Yates and Wharf street., Victoria -    - -       s  'I*...-   ,.T.... -'.���������'--     .''.'! "y '".".''"   "'! '      '-'' "' "���������"���������"'*���������'-''" '���������"-'-'..'���������. .������������������' . ''���������'������������������������������������:-.;.-'.\'.y-.^ y j.  K.WOXO;   LEB'fc  CO.'/   Co.MMl^SHfx'ScHAXT^lM/  try*������^W Victoria/  i*  \> ^*al?^Lillooet, Quesnelmouth,--arid^Villi'ams  MEgSRS,.;C0'RN^AXL'S:  AA? ^H|goWEL^KN0^7HOT������?E; half-w*v hetvrcri  ^y?p(*ti(jo^ Bri/lge anVl^hntqifebnitha>Yaleiii|nfe;  Trayfin^'iyrill find 0^1^<yymmwdatjj|mv Th^fftt  livinjrJoftiQnorg,' anri,:of W(b<������s y^irrojdi Butter:lf(lk'  andxTogCtables.  iGood Stablin? andcheap feed".'" 1^������  CQiOHSFIAL HOTiiS:  !fSOI5A^^CHEEK:/i  4 ;ORK^T^EDTOTf������r hntt i^eh rhide in theelufnil-  "Al; at tbn? ostdbJi.shment; 90 8S to suit the time*.' v  ;'^,f      Meals, $1; Beds, 75 Cents.     " '  i'[��������� t ".-^ 'J'"    V ��������� "''   *"' VctSEES'E''&/SENAlrJ, 4.  ,. ''    -.������-. -:������������������-��������� ';   "  ..,^',.    ������������������ j ��������� Proprietor.  -3T?yyi^t;  M8<?7-  ���������m>  4vk/M^^a^^e,/:coli^  ^f v A^csT, Goyornmen t Street^/Vjpiprifeyw;j.-^ iis  VAIST -VVINKLE ; STORE.  T'H^UNDERSIGNEDbe^s ^inform the minersand'  ; Tp^dents m & arp������nj3 XS^tn Winkle tbatTho will in fifl'  DAlLY������a^d|:^V^KJCLY- <'BRITOH COL&VIPT  ..- ^/^^QHlAiCHRONTaLEi^y^Ordersfb^^  i'.n*.eit!iis���������  lS^-fe> ��������� ?Ct at this office" or sent to Victoria will be  -attended.to;-.   Terms in advance.     Wekicly/ i2mos  ;  ������s do.-;$23j Cmbs/lo., SJ12 50.       , '      -     J'i  deal of vplatileoilVupon which" ."their value  depends.;yThls^il-is sometimes extracted ^in  part and the cloves afteryn d- f/old. These  can.be told by their lighter color, anil having  the buttons;������? rounded /portions .brolcen^ote  P^Y������* readily^"absorb./ a' considerable ara-  jmpt.of moisture.,- atncl-it is tfie^custom bf  large dealers to, keep them in .rath'er/'a damp  place; jo ^ertb/m  and lopfclfeh^ana^piump. A Alt Is bad economy to buy cloves in /the ground s'tafe; a'sj  a������de from the risk of adulteration; te oil is  absorbed by the paper!in whicli th^y are but  WyA-yAyA// -.- y/y -./;������������������ yA'ryyy} y;yy*^y  rXfi^ Paris Liberte tells the/ following story  o^topez;jyha^^  U>lonel was one; clay surprised^at/the;/^headj  of a squadron by a considerable ambush V of)  the enemy. As heroism A is /noirpositively his  rorte, be commanded:; a;rietreat/ and "turned  his horse's head; \ In^biSvflight the animalfre,  ceived a balland fell;j^-tofdi&-M^Ui-?M  trewe perils took the Golonel upib^bifui hini;  but m& horse hayin^iiouble weigbt^slacked  bis pace, and the enemy approached rapidiy;  ������opez understood that' if;. nothing:: wasydone  they were 1)oth lost.' and so he drew a: nistbl  fpm his belt, shbt-- the soldier m the /back;  threw  down /the ; corpse and tKeiiyescapM  5*??*?t^Wv-b������:-forwarded: withvpromptness and dis^  patch. ' ;, /      - <-''".���������"'  1 -   'J8^* Terms /CASH,' without: distinction.  X .y1"?������ :',',,yy, H.   .; ;'    A W.  LINPHARP;;J ���������  yy-:;V      BLUE /TE^Ty"./'' :/'.//;:.  ��������� or ��������� ^ y .////!;..;':y:;:v;//':^ '>��������� ���������  Mf.MILl/HO^SE.  The: ;j|roEDSii^r>/iiAviTO  ^lesirahle/prpperty,as now/ Prepared to acebmmo-  datevthc gravel Hup phblic...?' The table is supplied with  the very best of viands.; The bedrooms and beds arc  as comfortable as could be desired, and tlm BAtt'cdn-  nri??52^hing but>e/hest brands- of. LI^aORS and  A good stock of Grain and:Hay. always on hand ^  3rd my, 1S07.; //���������/     3     ?      ,   .W.-.WRIGHT.  -^"^ our;; coffee. I;.;^  TVE./ARE -FORWARDJN-G' A  ? ''     ,    ��������� -. 'SS^mKypoar,  ;   y^ '"���������;' -  '    ,".'  .' BBTWEBSN. YALE AND liYTTON, &C; \  TIUyElX^R^^viiyflndiev^flfebmfe  Hotel..,Excellent. Oookinj?.^ GOOD BEDS'.'   * ^;'!  :'''^^t////'��������� /^B^KfGV^OR;HORSES; ZAX r 'A "  TIMOTHY, HAY. and OATS ?at ti>w{m Rales?  " ;lfl\-   y   ;-.;.1. ."'  BOOTHROTDBRO'Sr  ���������^f; ii^, ;,y;..:. />,- > ,.., ������������������.:������ ^ .=:,; y,x ',8..;,^;|Prqprleter3.;:',  .^rack^eddn Tins of-from two.to twenty^^nnd^  -,���������y i / f .-vi        ^n^ZkmmAtyX -,.  yy '*y \y    "'/ .7\-  fort street^ Victoria..'  TOOS; WILSON & C&.  ".i^';.';.; R-fti'Wljoleaale iiad,.Rotaii,?;l-y & ���������{���������'"���������'���������"������������������  QEMLEN & PARKEj Pfopxieiors; it tlm  kj( Junction of thfi. Cariboo;, and Big, Bend?;Roads;������'/is  now^bJiehVfbr the accommodation 6fftheipabllc^ DiS^  tancefromdlbton-m miles-^froni;S4vhiia^teamboat^  ^nding,^22 ^nille^j tftbm Spen^e'eOBrtdg^^O'jniies/'  .Trayellers w i 11 find prices a n d J accom mod atibns to ;siii t?  .TO/H^s; ;i G|vejtheni/a/calL; Stabling; Hay feiGraln^  attentive ��������� hostlers. ;'r/ -Stages - leave-here :/regularly: for;  valei'vand.iCVribob' -    ��������������� "*%>��������� >:���������>���������* y< /AJ''- 'l-S'-y.  ^rasonipHiUIGovernrnentStreetVictbfm, yf.s  ^OTOEIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  > A; CASAMAyptfbegs leave to state that he  yl%:*\ndsremoved his stock of Goods consistintr of Gnb.  CBEJKs, &a,������������������rrom>Wliarrstrtfbt-ttfthe'-Briok-;BuitoinB  ^J^S?'st^etj'aJlj2?nJn^ Cpwper'sBoot Store, onpb-  site TVeHs;.Fargo & Co.        . - , * yr"r  :: /:P? ^Ulfsell his Gopcls by Wholesale, at the lowest  rates, for cash,   y. ������������������ ������������������;��������������������������� .;'������������������',. , t"J  ;������������������;Z'XA  W. PJPER.,    -'-���������''  / ;;y     CON PEC TI 0 N E R r  ;, :,.,.Government Streetropposite the Theatre -  v/ SQiti, YV.boiesale and. BetaJl. yj  ihd  . What par<^f a; dog should be nntned to  ������5??  ?i? ^^a condition. br/winteP wea^  WILLIAM ZELNER, dealer in DRtw, Kepi  .������������������? V OiNES and Chemicals, Fancy and Toilet Article?,  Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, kc. , Physicians* Prescriptions carefully compounded and orders answered  wUh care and dispatch.   Victoria, V. I..      .... ' i^  .;/;;;;/./;.:y//'A.-BULER  C.H3SAP Store/. LADIES'and GENT/SM^T nW  c^l%^������bfgh\ ������** *>W-   Secondhand Watches,  truns. Pistols, &c , for sale.   . yfcl        voj  ^������!" Government street oppoaHe tb������1 Theatre.    Is  Free Port for Ever I  TE THE UNDERSIGNED  TAKE   pleasure in nn'.  t. .,hbnaeing..to-,0ur numerous  cbstomers and the  RS^SS^ JF^yP*tJi^ with theStWS  Leather Roots (duty free) ever offered in Bye!   -  ,������-At our,old Stand, Government St.; VJctoi-ia; tli  "'A**   /��������� -r-ZZr^  ,������������������,-;:-^CHARITY fe-BttTEEfc -;'"  . ' /" J. &BEED&-    222[ >'/'-  COMMISSION &; ^ORWARPING; A  111 pat/ particular/ attentiok. to'&kA  7,n,J^tinf������P^chasing, or forwarding Goods for the  upper.country. ' MX"  prnSSr ���������',lrUSted t0 h,s care> wi������ rc������^  ESi^,faiC^ e. A,WADHAMS;-t  , Victoria, April, 1867. j    ,  ���������"!?=.. a ltbrd; every a ccbmiHoda tion to, the travel I ing pub-  Opi. ni>rt; hopes;.;by^n strict -"-at tebtion-- to'? biislness,/ to.:  merit ash are of the patronage bestowed on the formit  proprietors. This is one of the most comfortable and  cbmmoriinus Hotels on the road,-contain in gas it dobs  warm and wcl 1 furn ished bed, rooms..,wi th good .beds;  The, TAB US is su pplted: with ev^ry delicacy. J t! is. pof?������ ;  si.bh* toprocuro; in the;upper country. "The BAR is.  stocked with .the ��������� best df Liquors, and '��������� the choicest-  Cigars;"-'.'---' ,:.    ;.y. ��������� i,/.;,���������.'������������������;.,,.,.- .'-.-=y     /-'yy '���������'  W-.MEALS,y$X- 50 -EACH. '-C*'r\V".'.  ��������� The fjts* 1)1 i lig for Hbrses is ,air tb^t' conid bkdpRired}< .-  and the charges arc very mbdcrate'/''Hay: for.Horses,,  per ��������� day,. $2 ; Oats and Barl oy:at1 tlio cheapes t niarke r;  rates.:...y; ;". .-.y. ������������������'���������'.. ���������'".. /���������������������������*.������������������;���������������������������.-.2-AA  Therufiders/pnod. has a large: qnantitv of-OAT HAY '  Q*. .Wl������ f������t sale ih large orsniall quantities; :-;'/���������/; \  /1-s      /       ;,:        JOHNPEL^  BOSTON   BAR -,;/  ;   Internationa  /piIIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE is now open for trav /-  J- vellers.   Tho Table is supplied as formerly with \  the best the market affords, and the Cooking cannot  be excelled. .. The Bar is stocVed with the -finest Ll-' ���������  Quors and Cigars/ . GOOD BEDS* / .     :'.-'' t< ������������������ ������������������"���������'���������  frHilJAM CHARTEBS ,'���������.���������:���������'.-  1-s Proprietor'.  &  tM^i  w/  fffeSS'  P


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