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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-10-20

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 m  m  m  ������);  inei^  ires'* Offlpd  Is Express  cson^Co  Francisco  ^TiLEGRkPHIC NEWS.������  $mm  SEB^A^I^OTEON  yx *vr:  efcff disc;i@|nd in connection Abere,  i(D Wl {,, - h erijsked Whether Canada did  t become iia% for the debts of the prpv-;  coaill^SaMion;. Glause IU of he  SlgMtAct, which ia the/Act  ^ofeble for ifie^|Mkana  KabilUic^tf  'ctigovinee^xisiin^t^the  union.?   ;Foh  ,\vjng clangs Pnedj|p|"2amoi������nts of teb,t$t  ' m& hWcauie \W& 'in^nrn1 to Canada;  ^iVs. U Ih^ il^bIa otVthe^|^y inces ^-Q^^H^-  ^^^^^^^M^^^nW^  JB^wlmo.is Jnd^a^f dotfir^/tlbself  ^h|S'5hs% nM^riM^m^'i^ r^j  nwriis -in oxfiftp? of &%$!& stated.; If Abe;.  .iioHHt of Ib'e deb;. of$Jova Scotia and New  iruifswiclc excelled1, %L the time of union  vm millions aud heyen^iUions'respectlvely,  ipse:���������p^'bv^ncea;ateaS������ to Canada-for suclij  Acc6r'aTfff|to;|pl census of lS(������.UUie>popu^  a lion of lho '"four provinces originally com-  [vis'edin the Do mi moi amounted tp;3iip>522.  aJtghd of lSoWfes calculated, by fpl-  "London despatches state .that the Bepubli-  can vmpvement ih\ Spain is; confined-to the  town ofJReuss, nine miles from Arrago'n. "'.In  contradiction * of these despatches, however,  is 'another which says" that should'- ex-King  Ferdinand of Naples decline fbr/crown,  Spain will  throw her flag to the bi; e#3 as a  Republic.     / "  Tt'e'/war breeze is calming do>vn., At the  opening of the North German.rarliameut.the  Prussian'King's speech was decidedly pacific.  Colonel  Gill  (HiIl?X to  bcrn ejijpoinled  Governor of Newfound:-if-������*.     '-    -"v"      ;'  -Prince Napoleon  had-written a letter to  Col.Bentonand- other^United ������tatesmen in  Paris,'thanking them for the addreps comply  ���������nieutiiil/;*  tiie^EtSn^Semtte;    yyy '   _    .  PlfiiiKSesseM Ier| a=3Uo  e������l   o  fcha  ������*ar  _bpt oS Bordoanx, by a fire caused by, an fcex-  y\6mii ^ ^irJAnu,       [  V&p Di^ ehj Genoa is ti ILed'bf as ��������� candi-  date fai ffie ffitple oi J/wyP  (': A; Perth/dispatch says it is proved'that  Ubnfv3oh)^rPixtton', Loid-: Justice ;Qlef^' of.  ScblMhd^^a murderia  in "the; Ta^r to^dayj wHh;^lerrible'icu^in^tbe  thro'ak '-/y ' '  f Mount/Etna is in a state of violent eruption,  and streams of lavV.are pouring from the  "crater-ia a large volume.": '���������~~iL'i  j;Despa^jrea"frrom;Gana^   are unnsually in-  ���������terestinsr^l/.// *x.: jyy'yy^yyy. y-y^y:%-  ^ A grea\ in*] ?per < ei co meeting was',heid<at'  .Waterloo!;on' Saturday,   -lobn  5r6ung>/and  several' others spoke in -favor oi iudepend-  ence.  parSlapa^  '* ��������� *'y Z'< 'yy "-,< Will.despatch/ ;yy  :-'/;.:;;  .. _.    .  A FAST FREIGHT TBAlit FROM yALEI^ ���������'*..���������.  yy -���������/- -/./:/ <   ��������� .      .  . ��������� . ./? /.v .  Making^Ilia trip/to Barkerville in about U dttys.-v  , ; ; '  1    .., ������     V;'   Until farther ndticp, t,/    i  >���������     RATES  OF   FREIGHT        . :.>  ^!||::i;i/]H//il;������l^^^  By these teams,pn all parcels of:i5tf lbs. and upwards .    \  'y ���������>���������!. ^;'-,://lf:x.////.-1 ���������-^;, i^/^.-v':^/-.���������;^ -,-.,;,    ������������������������������������';-���������"  ;,.25'Cents per^lb.v      ;  ���������bxciuslve of Road; Tolls;"  ,        ,,/"/,..' :,'/-./ ,.< - .��������� ���������....,. .     '  ju.v^-���������v...         __0... ������������������.'������������������Parties shippinpt.Dy.. theso; teams .must. ordcr,goodii  lhv^MuR^ra've^'ahd the Council to^baymarked,^^ ���������/.,;.  ^01 '^Hf&SlfJv   dUr  r^--Vuu^".: otherwise they will bo sent by regular Express anU        ,      -  ^andmdvancage cf.nmon.        -   charged accoruingiy. : yy^y/:-:,  .ffqll   Ih'^nevlv tiOD0inted.Gov-    "Shippers may dupend on ihe regularity of" these  ^[t^^^%SS^'V^^ frir  teams, for'whetber'with full freighter notHhey will . .  Northv;w������  Territory,-leaves foi Lome}hr0ugh.   . ���������..,,,',  H������?fF^veeii! tue op������H*5w ��������������������� *'*y > -t  , Pormidabie :banda o! Ceyubiioans are re-  ported'to have.concentrated in Catalonia,  Spainr  , v.it.txs}-;.lU������������������ I CICLCLiyc  to/tBe aq;mi3ssioaioi:ci>iiw������u;Columbia into the  Confederation of Canada. ' He strongly urges  npon. ��������� Governor -Musgrave} and-the Council  ^iu^p|p;j^ty^a^|afe^^  - ^Mr'.?Mfflfcugall. -the:newly - appoint*  efaor of tlie North west Territory, dej  'the scat-o^gover^'neat.iri two weeks..   t  ^It is understood thartliere will be no difficulty about tUe|del|verySp;^^  for of ,tne 'North^^Eprruoiy   before^the,  Bky:'&,X#^  mMratCMoulali;^  'with  the ^Amerioau -Telegrdph; Cp^to run,a;  I    m   -nt.^nw^ _.Tn,Ai-(]p.r to-obtain a  ���������The r������f.:a Coi;'Fi:R.���������In order to, obtain a  firsj;rclass|epjfeey it/is ncc^  very bes^berrieij, and I to^Masltthem accord-:  ^������.*i- inrtof s������v>rnveds methods' This is.  ;Barnard?S; E2^5  mm^?WZk -WWioM thSm accord-: '������llia-MUift , ..������������������������^������^?^,^'���������*,?/v;?Yl������'Jf?  SolurlsfCrO^^ LEAVES QUESKELUOUTH FOE SODA CREEK OX  S K,g or poh,,^ &cnnea:accept,g; Sgimif^ Iff I' -      : Jm^,  i throna^of Spain. :    .     ._....... casb, Coffee.tbat bow:&������.to ehcU toe.ap   ;. /   v;       -^^-^ *  h������llst el^ht, fears- $ has -supe^sed^?-  misoei^aSeous. '  ifin^jff^^fW^taf* th.at'tiie<p'pp.uj!Bh  .onancoosne' 3 ^!i|0|lfThe total/amount;  boot $20 75 pr-' 'blS^i^e population*,  ;ny aeb^conHra^t^^^^ sub-,  icqvieht-ito ,imion.ore borne b^in^arovinces.  ^hay^no;mea;n8^oC^^!r|S B^S?"5.  ier of tlie popnlalien-; 4/^titip^Slumbia.  ^nd are thektor/-. yaMa lo j^a^Hrw much-  Mr deb t' exceed* th a S oi a BbSinion ; in  proportion to. '*'J nlation. - fS^' a Canada  pfcar LL^'^!',^;" '^Jcompile^'om officiat  iW^W/^ves tfe^  riieP"ofio^po^uiatlonf.  Sf^^'   -   "I������ number:^|iccepted as  Vect,thejrfp|ltibnof debt  -^^''���������"flain^&'^thai.nf.-th^  ' * ^btif^aS^^. $1^00,000:  jkh tb^pmeip* in making;  'Viols ;vIs:';pUr|debt'<so/much  ^6|^^iat6|^ poraihiou  '::^: jtiUng:w||lier\Canadaj  ..���������V^wld":i������kMfiover as it  : ���������-��������� ���������'."-r ������-*    ^ame/^iabllity-;' fotMA amouut  proportioned to the p6pulatibn^%'corrcs-:  ���������B?^!W^.ft'th^ amount-p^r, i$m of thb  ^popnlation of/ the- Domi> ton 1   t3oWpeople  :������rCanada'<tfill only a p-m^|i|������Wfor half  of onr, debt ^ mm tb^'^l^^lf to the'  ^^y$$0Zm^i0^^^^ if our  [}Mh p#,,lk,i^ lalger than that of  Pe ^mmioa rfp arti^Kyenues.!: -When it  P considered thai On^pkamouhts -to less  ?"^^'>^*������|S; Population of the  NJommionx iucludin^ Newfoundland, the  [^orLhwestterrito^nd this colony, it will  tb������'Sone^^ ,-,,,- - . -. .-��������� ���������.-, -,.A  "   It is reported that Sieves' offensive note to  the   Spanish   Government   had   been  with-  dCLord Clafehaon-s visit to Paris was to an-  nounce to Napoleon the arrangernent ^  tween^il.frta.Pniss.a. Buana aud -E^  to preserve the peace' and cheek .the, c^  tagibn ot revolution in. France, m case of the  SperorVdeathrbut^  ^Se sickness of Napoleon seems, to occupy  aelect a landing place fiZmf^^jg 2 : 2 y   y^^m^y^^^^  European Aliantie Telegraph  oasb,Poffeeibat,neye^^Mo euc������ ^.ji- Vw*j>sotja'-obee������wb. QUESNELMQtiTHos   :  f   ,JH;:URSp,AY   EVBNINQ,    1 '  Connecting with Barnard's Express at both-placoo.  .^-The steamer is not responsible for leakage of  j Oils, or other -liquids snipped? ui. tins. *  vv ���������>      >.  Miners' ? "Provision^ Storey  -  - :Next!Doobho Sbntisbl Office, ���������  ���������'  t T this EstahUshmentvvUFalwaysbb found a well  selected and varied assortnicnt' of the  AV fhft arrival at Burfcerville of every^Ma^^nd ,    _  ^ I rfKoBs for ;-:thevfbli6wirig ���������; Creeks': /.Grouse, ��������� ���������   ,  Jgendtoall kin������pr;coinm^ionS, tov-P������J^:.  ^lI/alsol^>t^e4,to^  lei  !Sgffi^S3fl^^as above >.^:^  ^������i^^?fa-U:./'/:f;^M//:  "��������� Modicines, ctcM etc.  >   Best Java1 Coffee Boasted~nsil Ground- DAILYrC  ALL .GOODS SOLIXAT'LOWEST RATES.  .-ir.  Tho BAR is.fully ?vpitUod','^vttli tho choicest  1,ft!:.V.,':,.-'-^'.'V;.i! HJ(iV������iia'-C/gftrs,-' iV/o cs an d-Liquors.- ��������� ������������������ ���������''���������;-'----; ���������-������������������������������������":- ���������:���������  I trust hy strict attention to business/and fair and  square dealing, to merit a continuance ot the liberal  patronage heretofore extended to mo. .  A largo lot oC.HEYWOOD'S celebrated BACON)  8m  SScoanectthoGrea^ Western with the  Miohifraa Central Kailroac!.        - ,' ������r-i^  ��������������� 000 OObr Washington city was a\ao floocloj,  $Sto stock, of���������-^^1^X-*A^\'WW'''^  rioaced on board tbe ship Qnwavd, oO ^[CoW^M8eo^_^_.  SftoastofMcndooino.  It������^^ ���������-^T^  the ship bad struck a rock, but no dam..De  ^h^Stoelungs.ofCindonat^aycd.  ma'tcb nt base ball near San Frano.sco on the  1st Ootoberagdnst the picked, ���������e of Oal  fornia, and.beat tbem by five V������������*^J?  A violent shocl/of earthquake occurred at  Fillmore, Utah* on tbc^dinst.v     ���������   .  The Bteamer Alabama eft New loj foi  Cuba with 531 men, M[ pieces o ^.y,  2000 rides and a large amount of ^ ������������i,  It ia said that the leading nat,a:^ w..l.h������W  the G������ban;Privateer Hornet aS a pu-.tc. She  , sailed from New i'ork.      ,:  S      . :nei;/������per;  MB.  CHARLES   DkKIEtSON d'eslrcaio  Inform  i;;:!ItiMlcrs, packBrs^Travellorannd mothers thatths ������������������  Oubs'ri6tirioutavia'.ittbW---o^6n.aiiU?.ia..g^oS ������������������ condition ..foV^"-':'  J. S. THOMPSON,  4-CCOUSTANT,   UINING   AND   COMMISSION  il   Agent,' Barkcrvillo. -,'  Mining Companies' Books kept and adjusted'  BLACKSMITHING.  PMcENTEE wishes to inform his friflnds aud the  .   public that ho is prepared to do HORSESHOEING at $0 per set, and all other kinds Jof Blacksmith  ���������work nt reasonable -rates':  RK^FIELi), July 23,1369.      .      . jy24 tf .  STORAGE  AND   COM MISSION,  .;,;/' Richfield, B.C.  jg<3������ Produce from the agricnUural districts received  id money advanced on consignments       jy2i 2m  FEARCT,  BABKEIfVlLLEv..        ''.'���������",���������������' /;  Havo on hand a choice solcctiomof  OAST IRON COOKING STOVES  ^various other article in CUcitlino of Wade  Zinc trade attonaeaiu, a*1 w:;_ qoG  action* ,  M ' furnish". Lumher at tncir ^^/    .......<..���������. .   s-  andasR^T^--r machine;-;.:  ������15 per thousand.   eB^S-SV?      ' ' .-'  au21'UV  tori;  <m gSffl  M  M-iW-'i  m&m  i-Wty;  a!*������#J  ;i������ii-:  ������������*-*iJ  TfiE&ABlB'OO. sebtinel  /WEDNESDAY. OCT. 20,; 1869.  :���������.     , ���������    THS>AEIBOO;SENTI^Btj|; .^     /  Ja published every/Wed nosdfl"y and Saturday/   All  adver tige me ntsvintendc'd for insert ion, must'be "deliv-  :';ertfa-at/;l'4test;;a^Stz olclotfkj P. Mt$\ tfte|d������yp*eSbro  publication,   y..-   .   ' ��������� . ,   .    ^    . _.,       . ���������,,/��������� ������������������  r fj"   - TO ADVERTISERS  -~  All advertisements (not inserted for a a vi; definite  ^rlod)\ wfll-be continueoVhunt il  ordered "out,  and  charged for/accordingly.,- ., -        _>_��������� L^,^_���������  TO correspondents; ;���������'���������-.  All;communications must bVaccompaaied "by the  real"nTtni'o anff- address of tlio writer; not necessarily  '���������'Withavlew'bf /publishing T'^sainej^bjit/as^^curijy  '/or its good faith.. /���������'*/"   ��������� -      ���������'' /   ���������'.' y''y-- *"���������'������������������'. /'/  expeditions Jiaye been undertake^ this. year.  One from Quesnelmouth, Quo* ftoro .Ba'rjcevr  ville, and .iohVlr^������^^j||^rTOfc;-;W^^������f^  not any authenticated repoils^yet frdm'tb-_���������  Qtiesnelmou^par^ but the otherV par|tes  say Sibaf they -struck a gold region ^eybnd  the" limestone and mafbie ranges. The Black  partv say that on crossing.the divide or pass,  lh������'^io^!6^s&r^^f -the ^������tr^?San  Mm  y0y :-':r|^  , "The  more   the  recent' discovery of a pass  \ arid; easy natUraCroute/ to:Tete: Jaujie Qricbe  is considered  ���������' pear in itsprobable results upon the future  tbey, thought- nothing, of, the journey, from  Canada to the Cache, but on .their arrival at  tbe.'latter they^ftn- completely ii-bluffed."  Many- were ?of opinion ��������� .that -the country be-  ^tweel ^!i!km%eefe:aaa; ilie: Cache was paa&f  ;able enough, but/nonelwere venturesome  /.enough to attempt cros&ro* Hie tbe absence  ' of any informationsespahiuZg it: They/knew  that -by- proceeding dowf;- the Thompson oi  ' the Fraser" they , could' penetrate to and beyond the Cariboo "district,, but they did not  know that they could sooner and more easily  "reach"; Cariboo", by. crossing over "the country^  ' lying between these rivers,   Bv.^Q tiprd. Mil-.  Zytonimmime^  k?er route was euhictent 'ro deter Ike- i?gl|es|  'ftdventurers - from  crossing  overland -l'ryh^  ���������difficulties. and,1 disasters at tending* the ovier-,.  landers both/by  the   C homp son ^ and-Fraser'  'valleys pat'a stop to- further immigration over:  tJie>;eontinent    Ajearlj immigration would  have  followed^ the "pioneer overWafers bad  Cbs reciutij  dtecofered; u^ky/ymXyy^y  ~~2Wt&er^eipibratiq07however, 'Is;necessary to  ascertain   whether my natural  Carriers - lo  .  ��������� Vomaiunication' ��������� exist;-toe'tw.een ;the.Cache' tmd  ^'.dispoja^  to be no -doubt; however, that ithe/small extent of country between that /.oh I and the  , Cache is passable enough. ;It k'Wi, known  ���������at least'to"those who" came down the Fraser  ���������that there Is a valley from four to five allies  in width and about thirty id length from the  Cache down the Fraser., It .was this  valley  that Black  and  Fenton  reac' , d v>   i tbey  discontinued their exploration.   They  would  iiave reached the Cache had/i^-V v->"^inal  programme -of travel .been carried out.   It  appears that their jntentio;;.. was "first i������, find  a pass ;throa^Jy^^ ve'  ���������turn ioZibeZ^Qe wheia they h^d^aclieu their  jprowisionr,.     ^ith this purpose in view they  ^ only (Carried about five;aays? provisions, and,  finding a pass without any ^departure from1  ..-JJieir route, and getting beyond it easily, instead of returning lorihe proyi$Se������B>: to- onable  jtbem to reach Jhe -Cache they, eontinned their  ��������� journey to the valley "of the 'if-rjisec, ^bon  jtbeir provisions fell short, the weather fce-  ricame iiafavorabie, and being coavineed, feat   they* bad .sufficiently, ��������� exp Io red; the co un tryv fa  jtisttly: ^em -in ^believing they had acconif  :������plished^ their objebt,*.they ;retiHaned.. Beyond  the pass they were; di6ap|iisiaiQ.d in not nieet-  ..iiqjg-;^Ub jamey^which. was abundant on: this  side of &e ^ass; and/hence tbeir provisions  tdecreased. more .rapidly than, they had anti-  1: "jcjpatefl.. // - -yyi/^yy ���������.-. -v^' '������������������/���������"���������"'' "��������� yzz  : fFhe ^IseoVery of/ this^ rcfate: fis a^aatter of  ��������� i^reat ��������� interest to the entire colony -and we  jtrust/ihaj; tho^ress^of^AMe lower country will  ������o iregardl it and bring "it '/b efore the ^public  and^o^ernmentih; their^j/columns. ������f & trail  ^were ^opened from ^arkerviil^: to-the^Jache  5fc woul<Lbetthenaeans of attracting .the;atten-  fcion of llmmigrants, .first from theXact that it  ���������would render overland communication com -  plete, and . next it -^would open up the gold  ifields along-a great portion of the4ratl. That  inhere is varfofh'erLfiPld. ^egi^n ^between the  marble '-saoge'" and the/B-ocky Mountains is  now definitely, ascertained. 'Threeexp I ? ;jg  Sa^ g^lojgicw^atn  of -Cariboo, wi th "th e exception.; that the moun-;  tains appearedto^be-'more gr-sclpitoua.- _ In  one creek the':5isintegfdted rb( ks.in tl a bed  "of" the stream wore c^-mposefl of Blat,������ ~ and  qirnrte, .the ilrsfipreponderaUo^OutwnslJfng  in their cups the gravel or dirtof the creek  there remained about one-t/?<*u of i sapfull  of s^iphurets/;and- black sandVff It bas^b.een  ,well known .that the country to the, north-  east'of Cariboo, .beyond the northerly,bank  .^f .the; Fraser, is gold-bearings a^o>is no' dpub t  a'continuation of the same slate rangeas that  reported by' the - Barkerville aod Keithley  creek explores as istiog beyond the.limestone/ an:6Vfmarble range. V? b y t has bitherto.  been ronly a theory inresp^. ,!- ^\'������-������e continuity  of formation from Mexico to" the' far. North,  has,'I-j these explorations^ received practical  deojo^ctrUso'i The lie^l and uiOc.s extenj  'Jvp gola d^jto'jn1- on sO)ss i!deo* the c mlm^y  werefounii between (the Sierra  Nevada range ^ and _the Rocky j Mountains,  espe'eiaiiy toward the 1fttier, and tols oewly-  discovered gbld range to^the east of us may  iikewise-rpirpTe?^^  British Columbia  lteitrsa/eoi/u-Mi.  .'���������;:'.;-. ;..;���������;.���������;> y'y !>:. ;tSyy.:y:4:,J^ .%<r; ^.^f^^2i^'-,^'ifi':.:y :(.';':, I: :y:y:':>:\:-;yp.;, ���������������������������ii\tf :'>!������$���������&  , , [Incorpora!ed by Royal Chiixlfe^ 18Q2J;'.',,,'  CAF1TAW   - /-' -   - V   "   *   ^2,-500,060,  "*yy ' v?itb pwr *^ ;^r aso,   ' / iji^i  .    - -Draft? issued' on tho Bank's brnn.ehca -/ -..  IN ,-YANCOU^ER. ISL^iS f lil-{||f^  ^:%.^m:������^  CALIFORNIA, -v.r - *.aAH f RAKClSCO:  QREGO^f,1 "���������- ���������--��������� PORTLAND. y  L%EW *;Y0RE."' ' *���������'* Messrs. -Bkli. :3fr 0r;s*nuy;  -h ��������������������������� Agents for" thevBank of Montreal. -  0N;GANADA^-The Bank;of Montreal;' > /"  ON SCOTLAND���������The British Linen ; Company's Bank,1 ��������� ; y^yy%y ^y,:i ���������  ON IRELANDrf-The Bant "of Iceland; ^  ;'  ON MEXICO AKD SOUTH AMBRICA^The  gi\ London" Bank of *' Mexico and ! South  f W1 America. **-.. ��������� f 5^:J  ON ENGliAND���������The Bank of British Col unit'  .hia���������Read Ouice���������East India Avenue;  ; Leadenhall street.       -', ,   ,  7 - Mmm������ PrrcHEa. ~ Tbe British Colo^isf  'does''good, service to Cariboo by'-noticing the  pernicious - conditions^ wit'j which ^'mining  ditcher are encumbered in the Gold Mining  Ordinance. Oarjboo has suffered, rouch from  the want of^t sufficientsiippl^ ofLwaterf dnr:  iu'g the'past two years, and "the law by 'which  the distribution of .water is^Tegulatcd should  be extremely; libera^ Jns^fr  as-it is how, in^bhe^instancet Yat^least,- we  know ,tbat the^ required-deposit of,������125 has  prevented Ahe) cominencemeht& of afditch/in^  tended/to supply^ water/for ailarge 'liuriierous  bench. We do not,t however, confine our  objections^ to this deposit p  tion'i^r.privile^  the royalty of 3^ or/the gross?receipts, but let  any one examine that part of the-- Mining Ordinance relating, to/di.tchep and ho will/find1 a  hundred objec tio nab le> features, wnr- contemporary expresses al 1 that is desired and~  all? tbat^ should be conceded when, he;sayg  that the use of water should be as ������free as the  air. l There is no:certainty that the labor or  'capital invested in ditches may,be realized or  yield a profit; - Itag^ all. a/ matter :M -chance.  In illustration pf'this we have only to: state  the/experience of av company of /miners; who^  this season, constructed^ ditch nearly*-three  mijes/ in length to work a bench hear Swan  lakei They prospected the bench in the first  ?plaoe: and obtained such-.TesnIts as; they be-  JievedV would7 Justify ��������� the obnstruetibn of/a  ditch;: It took them nearly three months; to  build the ditch, and, when completed, and  the - bench fairly tested, they found; they  could barely make /wages. Thererf are- few  capitalife in Gariboo, or, indeed/ in , the  coipny, and the law respecting ditches certainly offers no inducements for such to invest their means. ���������/���������:  NEW. ADVERTISEMENTS.  rnHE.SLOW FREIGHT TEAM OF BARNARD-S BX-  :I   i'ESSS is discontinued.. "/,,;.'      -  ;. ,.'y^ . .,'���������/������������������.":- ':-:-������������������ JAMES .REID, /  . Agent Barnard's Express,   :  : Barkervilld, Oct. 16,1869.   / -qc20.Slt  ���������<: y ^0y:^^w:mcQyyy  ff HE ABOVE REWiRB will be, given /to any one  ���������-JL who may; fin d *.nd ro turn to Mr P. Gannon tbe  bay horse -.OBKGPN.^OHN, belonging to W; Walsh.  Suid borse was last- seen near Rich field,about a month  ago.  Barkerville; .October^ 1869.  OC20 tf  THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between.  D. Ercole.and/ Joseph Chassot, under the firm  name and stylo of ERCOL������ & GO , carrying on business as; Batchers in BarJcorville,/B.������C'.. has been this  day dissolved by mutual cdnsenfc.  Joseph Ghaflsot will con tin no tho .said business.  All accounts due to the sa!4 Copartnership must lie  paidjo'htm,' Did he will liquidate all debts .due by  the said Copartnership. ���������     ,,  '.���������:'T;:-/;, -D. ERGOT,E."y  J. CHASSOT/  ^jirkerville, October 18,185ft,      - Oc20 lm  M&  '���������<u>/.y,wy>f  2=������iSte^  l~Z:  m,  *m  "M;  m  ������*q\  ymm^w$M������my  I(0v*EiXs and'H,, t\Vt������   0^*5 I\'in?;   *,fMT    ������  ' Ail dlfhts.cjy^^l'fc^^rfjrsn --"til >n %Xliy ' f$  he puia,: y^,mf&h'yj->> ' .   ,,i, tw^c  iS^y^e .������*������. tUte ''Of h A.11:S A. 06V tf  \ / Reqej vbd WlK^sit^ or^^  'i'"';-   TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS_'' ���������  Granted on Victoria, San Francisco, 'Portland, red  i:feif,:-.^   ��������� / wy-yy >^nmrot^."-\-���������:-:-,;//,;&*)������#.;���������?>'^/  E^c-r dw^.^ptlo^ 0^" f sskiop   Bus#ncss>transacted  yy yyyy yy.,������Z:'& chaiiles syjmml Agent.;,/  William Greek, Cariboo. ��������� " . "> ���������    ,.  Van ;^  ,       retailBbutchers^  BARK }^?!LbB, |I||ffi|||i| AND;  J/ L/-        ^MOSariTO.GKEffL^ i;J|g| |i :  ���������'������������������   -.������������������"..���������������������������'1   ������������������-.������������������'.' ���������        ���������-.-���������. . .1 . ���������>   ������������������    - ..���������-,.....:.'.:.��������� -..r-   ���������������������������������������������   ������������������������������������-''   .-^.,.   ������-,,     ..,���������;.���������.���������   .j-r,--    1   -n,,.   ������������������..-.,      ��������� ,i.   .   i   -   .,   .-,   . .   ..1   .". .     .-.-...-  A supply of fresh tno&t ut ill descriptions cofJiias?  on hand.   / ,   . ^  Sale,   ".  BLACKSMiTH:BUSINESS?:  AT^QUr .v'SLMOUTH,  ;   -Cons'-',*', of about   '       /&  2Q,000 lbs. of Iron, Steel,1  c and Hardware.  haiahce/iph'g^od^so^  jjjSj-^vTERJlS���������Ohe^hair Cash  curity,  , ���������    v,���������, - -,,    ,  , ���������      Apply to'  Quesnelmouth ^ Oct. 1/1 $QQ;  JOHN*. LANG;  .:  . -,,/ oc6' it  Wy2ZMyi22������;pfo^  i������&$Myz  D^ RlCHIPP/IS PREPARED TO EXTRa6tV,TEETH  and perfofm short operations> without pain/by  the aid 6l the apparatus discovered by Dr. Richardjsou,'  of Iibti dbh. This valuable -d iscovery / produces I usen-  sibillty in the part alone;; and;renders unnecessary  tho administratjoh/of chloroform. - / ��������� :^ /  : / OFFIG:E---Kext to: Ren nl e?s Boot store. Barkery ill 0;  bfflce//Fei'ai;? $5,   Teeth extrac ted, or fl lied witUVGOliU  $5.   .....,..- . y-yj-'-' /':,. - ' ': -y' :::: ���������    ���������������������������:.   1 ���������:���������   mjtl. ������V&  ��������� ';    ;     XjIGHTSING Crekk. v  MINERS AND TRADERS will find it  io their "ad-:  .; vantage to p u rchaso a t th is Store, where there is  ??fY     ��������� /       A LA RGB AsSORTirBNT ��������� OF G60V3, ������������������  Of the very best description on hand, and tho Stock  constantly replenished by hew arrivals.%Tho proprle*  'i / tore wiirscllGoodsj:   /   : ///. V' ���������  ���������''.V-:::,;;A*8 'CaEAP ; AS   ANY   IX" CAninO.O.V -/ii/y^"'  brders promptly filled, and forwarded with .dispatch  :f A ������ BEEDY & LINDHARD,  Van Winkle, May 12, I8fi9. ;::   :���������?���������:-     -Proprietors.  A.  Mcpherson,  .-��������� AND ~t.  .2   / BARKEE^LLE.^ /   ;jv  Barkerville; May(l,18ti9v .^ . ;.���������///��������� -/" ^  T THOS FLETCHER'S' SECONDHAND STORE  rjL and General Rehiring Shop-will/be found, a  Lathe capable:o( Taming and fitting ^P Car Axles  and Wheels, Hydraulic Nozzles, ;Hose Couplings, &Cl>.  and all repairs of metal work done with neatness.  To be found also/ Cooking Stovos,. Sheet Ijon Stoves,  Pumps, Hose, Nailsv Picks,.Shovels, ana almost every  thing reauisite for Miners' Use at low prices,  p   ��������� b    q        UPPER BARKERVILLE mU  TKBrTV.  f:#tpj.rb t  lUR 05 per  val u'e),'./:aL^  ���������., ..T,  on the ne^Mtlirup,  Bank  Barkervl  ji������:. mMim  "r^A^f;.-^^  ' ' ' rf.  BARNARD?  blotbrP  ^S^yty ,c*,. .,'V ������        <     . ill  unless- tho ���������chargcs/oi^^^wsWWAf^sirr.i ������> ^ ft  yy^jy : i/yiryi,^^^mimmm^0m  Sept/:1,1869.     '���������^ggg^'^'-    ^-ris^P  J^^^M  npHE. HUDSONS 'BATl^OTmJP^,,,w������^-,1  : I--^recctvwrat-.par \value^;3a^thei^Sterc'^lSj^l  ville, ln",exchttngo_ for;Merc!^;d5Se^0C//J B ifiS i\  sueci fronithe Governmoa^Assa^Ofilcp0 ,  ���������     "  . ������������������     ������������������!,: " -'JOHN. IL.'WABKj'  SBatkerville;jq]y;;i2/18^^^^^^^igi  ^__ .��������� .���������-^.���������mU,m   ll*   lll<      ���������������������������������!   IH   ������������������������������������������      l������.|..��������������� ���������  ^  consent our co .part nerswilfjroni this date.   r  B   arkirr'ille. October 4^88������. J'  ,AV A; LKCUVEg  ; .t^a-i:;^^,-.^^-���������-ri  4i  /DBWpiiiii  sa  J^:-P^TiV?LQ^MireS'to:stdtb:ii:rtt^o;fO!lj  on h is buslneM||Mtf|,$ld s^j fi ������'. w Is'rr������ IfM  Patent-Medicines'oiWSTn4s ou np.ndi ��������� A)m> FP,^  GARDEN SEEDS.    Prescriptions enr^fully t<mji;������iJ  sd at reasonable rates/ IgHeki door.fu CnnjolsJ^S  ery.'-   f:     r "-I*#t-V   r ���������",{-;  ,,s:BarkorviHo. May.511869.^  K#|i^?:fe^:  Groceries,  HA RDW A R  TENDE  favb  Creek a  an4-<the  business  byCm  si imiiMwm y-p %tf?p w- yyyyy2y  mm  Z'S'hir-i ho has a zhwk rt  ..WINES, )^lp8g%r p3C&^������G|>l  -';���������'���������"   '"' MJ^o;%nLKMU  .":.'Orders.froni;/(riendB on ^v?/,''  tended to. ^|<"'^':'/v ���������/< ���������-���������!.I.-y  :- -^5-..Qonsfgh^cntt.-.}::of.'. j?oo.n- ���������;  Colonial prod tiviii viVoni��������� JHnii^ <%  est attention flad/^ro,'/ ;',,;  ". ���������BarkervillopAiVg'aEt^, ;1S'Uj //  '&<fi-  &'0.  ���������S^#^?i-  0  |'j yt1  :   Forst^p tho rtorc ef th% nAdOTB!^*?"^**  ville, 0lSst^i^-B,?K.C ^U^^m^^^  fcs^^;   "     -v ,/^-<' ^W  se4tf.  8 A WNE������i||||irtEK f -fSSj  CARIB b^MliM^'t  PRIGB,      -      - r;       WBn^Si  poet, free of charge, ��������� A'/.-"-'^'^   ''  ^  ������������������������������������ wii^  MM  no  m 'fm
.-  ������:-.;. .i...-.;.w|
i'  tlV,;     '���:
-J   *--.&
ivcd by mil]
at&w/r   "
��� wlirrft riif/
at -���������': ."'"(
Hi jii ���' *'.' .'
Br dfflt '
:    ' :'-J-"/:.:'".^^M' j- //'''-.riiov":-ifrtf
frig* '^
;l.:'J."!r- --;MI-K mli~;
���.:,.���....I,.n   *       ���-.* ���-st..    ,r*l,A-VMTftfgF-
��� .''!?:'i,'.;h^.<-r-;';:i5*' 4 rfii-u tj ^^���1T-St,t^-'
"���" ^oiop-^T'-ii'j!
Tbo Diitcr
;ded; and noth^
falls,   la tbo
Jgbfctfeet* on
Jedonla fdefcp
water; arid-the
L-ain.   ;TboCari-
"tr./Operations to
; BkitCT ODLOSiAT>Pofjc^���The 'speech' of.
Ch rd Weil i Secretary ot War, a brief ��� extract
oi w|ii<iU 'M reported by telegraphy may be
taken  inu- connectio n - ,wi th   se vera) J ,other
ffp^eehes relating to the colonies, as further
^mof o|itbe/aupppsed?intention of the home
government to������abahdon; the colonies at ah
eatSy? day. ��� It is ���''"true, that much has been
reentry said of 'the'colonies that may be; so
construed, but -wci doino&believe Uiatlsucbis
th^ settled policy^ of Bi'itain.   A Httte stretch
'pf^m'e^ory/adtfsoiiie^reflecjiipp^viU bring, ns,
tj��the" Conclusion/that the governmenfcis ofilyi;
carrying put a policy announced ab or tly"aiter1
the assumption of the.reins of government by
tbo ^GJa-dstone ministry.    It/was the^n dls^
Tilwsllyliated; that���vthej government tinj^nded
to."ciH1dow3'ffie.?expetiditiire,' and... tbaVone of
the means to itiat'end would bo ^^withdrawal of troops^ trom some of the cJ)loniiiSi
so that the army mighty be reducedj^thgul
Wakening Ui^vforco'jBtatz'oned'tin^^.ian'a.;
It was further statedvi that l^e/bnlk ;^;tta};
array and liavy wasf to be stationed at homo,[
and that the/policy^ of stationing a .few, tbou#
sand soldiers Ih' each of tho colonies was to
be abandoned as useless. * It must be con-j
ceded that this;new,policyhas some wisdom
in it   A few^thousanuVsoldiers inCanada, for
instance, would be of very little service in
The ExpitEss^Barnard's cxnress- arrived j t Op No Consequence. ^-On Sunday^ morning
i > SI oh d ay -- morning. Duringi tlie/whole of jit was rep or ted that a fight > b etw'een two
e open season the arrival and departure of Chinamen had occurred on the fright pte-
*' " ^ L''-'- vioua, and that knives had been used. On
io firing iritoltbe^particuhirs we learned jlisrt
rani or:; bad^ *>Jxagg6ratedx /the// ��� conseq ii en c$��
Both Chihain^n;are;alive aod well;/ no^celea^
tial\i)lood;h'avin^b'ee^ -'���
,tb6 ujjcu auu&uu-.tuts uitiy u 1 lixiu.;urp��i >uic \ui
the express have been so regular that this exceptional Instance was keenly felt, by every-
npdy,and: all sorts of disasters were imagined
either to the express orVt1le!Bi��amer^;'f'Eiye.ry
irijuMvi-1 y, M��y express pr1;^ste^er^
Saturday pne e o ii Id calculate: u po)i tbeiarriyal;
pf��tlie ;.^press!as' a:certaintj^and/.^^impa^-
tiencesand^anxitity manifest \ oni SunaajrJ^d
frlSad.ti But iioj CtfrnplaintJwas:'Diade>ev.eiyr
0O(3y snpposil^thafcisomething .was wrong \
;and; iad^d^&^liuayiwoi^
^^sidenn^hoW well/ tbe public" have been
;bef sbmetuingisitriauge! if some iri^ularifcy^id;
���npfeo;iSiSttt"^cc^ tbe; long
, roadfand the mi^^ipns;r
j suine/.Uvat we .-_wil\ soon'have^only'two mails'
;th^j;Weekiy^nails;'- haye^been; Regularly arid
bptinctnaily;'8erved to the satisfactiptipf every-;
:bpdyi:r' Byi;advertisoment-it willbelseen that
tlie slow express hasbeerfdjscdntinued;^'Tbt'
express ;?��� on ? /Monday^ %oii'gli ti A tl an tic) :^iid
;i?acitlc mails/an3 as passengers Messrs/; Ji��� Rv
; J^acbam/an d $bo m
instance, would be or very lituo ;isciryivpt^u Neiifelder.i^MrV Heacham js from^Vnite-Piro;",
th'e>event of a sudden invasion.   They might, and Mrs. Neufelder from a'trip to.thclAtlanid
be disorganized ot: destroyedr-before apufli-; States; /,   Z ,    / y '
lyy   /r^.Miichr
|co. made over expenses
/Tafifvale co, washed-up
Joouibsv co. 87 oz., tor the
; m
.'.'.i :--.'.;���;-
- dentns of the tariouj shatt3,s.imR in  whs  ii��v
- of tho giUch areJ*<BrM��n��viaiiainato^w-J!^
|   ^iforilTsom^ daWas a .guide in seeking for
the continuation^ goid-beunn^^rimjl
i ���bwvond the'Mcl^vv��lUhiim. At about hah
i-.-'    -iti -u������ iua wuii.i^inA An.-  bed-rock is
.   ' depth of 30 feet -i^i| the w.aiio^ip^MM
L-,::hcd-io-k  was reach-'d^t adcpthollbfeet:
K-T& decent in tlR^lmEiiol contsuues, - The
cient force could be mustered to repel attack;
Besides, jvvar does-not nbw-ardays lake ;,place
so [suddenly>as to render,h.ecessftry.:th6'per^
io^en^reeerlce; o'tttrpbps m any portipu of
the Empire. ;By scatteringZ the [army over
{different and distant parts of our Empire the
maia force is considerably, weakened witb^
out sufficiently strengthening ibose   parts
agamst a, war with a fbrei^n pp werj ��� By con-'
;pentrating the bulk of our forces at-jhome;
the; Imperial1 Govern meat would find itself in
a_beUer^ondition to meet attack in "greater
force���at-.auy,particular point where an1 attack
I might.be looked lor.   'Common justice; too,
',must:;'*;be^>;considered /in?the? matter of the
British taxpayerJiconlvibiiting to the\ snp port
of soldiers ��� abroad.   Canada, Australia and
New Zealand ��� have been given self-governing
icohslitutionH and sluntld assume a more selK
��� reliant policy,   Mr. 'Cardwell is reported to
have/said that the general, policy.. of gbvern-
���;tng-theACOlouiesrfrorghome was a total/faik
ure.   He could 'hot' likve selected i a/��iribre
appropriate expression" in-the case of British
The Qfjaetz ^frrj..��� Of this grelt yet little
machine WC)have nothing new to say in addi-
��� tioh Jto what is said albour it'in the-Colonist;
except that by the last express news.of its ai;-
riyal at Yale has been received. 11 will be
forwarded bvtb% first conveyance, and will
��� - ��������� ���"S4 ItAn   *�� ������� t i o 1II ti 1
, IssTiuic^tbNl-l-Mons: B. Defiis desires us to
state that he infends/opehingEveningClasses
for instruction in Aritbmetic. French, Spahjsb,
English GranimarV and English/Cora position.;
Hevwill give also private lessons in^ the dead.;
languages, &c.,v if desiredi Tbe classes Will
be opened on- the 15th November,next, afrj
balf-pasW^'clo,ck; p;m/ TIie*nermsi(will he
$12 per month'; payable in advance;/;Parties
desirous of going through1 a regular course ?of
lessonslare reqlaesteu;to givehini their ham%
before the 5th of November, next, so that he
���vaMLhave tinie to -organize the classes and^
send down to^icjbria for books. No^ppli-1
cation will be received after the' 10th No.v.em-
ber* "Monsi B.-Deflto iss well known in this
colony asah efficient professor of languages.
Havin^bad several years experience:in teach.
incr bis: mode of tuition will be found easy
gh��lioctive.y This is a good opportunity
afforded miners toemploy profitably the.iong
winter evenings.  . r    .., ; .   .
ThV Rodxdabo'ct Trip.���Passengers who;
\etiiSan,Francisco;for Yictpriaw^Astoria
& stcamerlo'^ictpria, and then were, nearly
lost iii /crossing 'the dangerous bar of m
Columbia4iver. This, colony- toa of- late
ycavs'suitered great in convenience, tf-no|
ldssiby the absence of regular/steam, communication   to   and; -from, San, Francisco.
Naerow Escapb5.:��� On Monday; as we wer:0
passing along, tbe/canyonf we saw two^Gluna^
men; workio gv ab on t; a ^ boulder, which wouldo^ >
weigtj' more tlian a, ton, when suddenly,tb^
rock  pitched,' forward "arid /the Chinutneu'
barelyescaped being crushed:     ,sr'" '
Coukt.���There were no cases before the" >
County; Court*yesterday; ' Litigatibh^idbes *
not seem to be so popular as-itiuscd to be in7
Cariboo; '���    ,-v,-' '���./. ;y ��'      '   ,     ,    .
a supply of Encfiish sole iealber;! and l^dbsj^":*"
and chiidren^ boots and shoes.
H .The'down Express left yesterday forenoon,
taking as passengers Thos*, Walsh and F. Ber- ���
iheiot,',;, -; ���,- -     ,,:.�� . / 2 yZy '/:���.   .
��� Gn Saturday last,* Oct-lC, 1869, Itff iWick-
ham; MrPearcy and: Mr Burgess waited upon 2f
nie, and on behalf of themselves and*tliej inhabitants of Barkerville p^esf?nted/ me with
the- bouse lately owned/of Mr 0e0ist together
with the deed'of siile/ahd transfen Tbe afbre\'
said5 deed) &c., was "properly drawn; sealed,
and attested | and accord ing. to- tbexonditiona/,.
of the'suhscription list; such house: and enclo:
sure was to.belongtbtbe Wesleyan Methodist
Church as :" A" Parsonase and: Missionary
Residence in Barkervil-e^    The amount of
purchase was $400^ aud for which; Mr Benla
has givenbis receipt infull-   , ������,    /���.  y
.   iAs thercgresenlative/of the; Wesleyaa.Me-^
thodistChurchin Cariboo, I ibereby acknpw!:*
"edge the"receipt'of that "munificent���-b-eiiuesjr-
���atfd on beliall of ��� bur, church and congrega-.
tions throughonfc'tbe worldi present-��my1.mpst.T(i
heartfe'ltlhanks, lb .the gentlemen/whphanded
came frooi/ however, is more difficult to -de-:
line.    QrlBftksHucing  has  been   tried]
***,..��� -a**"*^ grouud,  and   gold
me'-- the quantities; A bund:
%;lMhlWlix|iiip^weil claims. Judging
to have
Si^CoJt :mc>i^ffin;anficVpate(i owmg &rctalD^ Laye keenly.felt tbe want cTr^o-.
It is
^W3ti4:?lu|cln'g ,llas- 'rii'tloll
iUs. ���. mxt Msmn. hyd'r*^W
���be^ jh?n^ced htire,    y.Ki
.^���Jl^-.'V . --'��� '   '     .;_ 'j;., \" .  /'.���'���/.\*^ift^
ijf /operations
CFisgft:^? ���;������������:',. :/-. ,
^r^afti^o^in ;their tunnel
.:t..���-.-. .p^^r^weeks,. and. ex-:
ib\ "itf ''ab0ui;a||eek- or ten days.
��f>. /vyere do#n|with their shaft
n d of. lastnve8f;   The St. Po 11-
^oh: puttlt% tn a tail-race 14
j* now" cribbing, preparatory
Bt. Liiw^Mce co. are pre-[able r
conlqufeloe of its' importance.   B,��t,a oc.e
UbisS ordered Sometl)i��g has Iraqsp.red
follow ita intfoUuetipa berc;;.-������ QW^'���^
Sectors are imxl0��sly��ilm| ftr,an p|
alluvial tolaims that, aro: in^rsec |^��^|
taking up a quartz ��HfnS.^ \ifflm
law f no^pecifio.on thatjoM ��ga^,  |^
be advisable that t^owne^ cmi
than quartz claims should see to ii,     .   .  .
mav be some confusion.      :,       ,*y *���;&&?���
.  .  wh 1 ch. besides, has dis
i coura^ed immigration;   Gonfederation/seems
_..  ���_ ..S ^ able report of ����^^a;^b^<����ltlio
a,'Echo co. have to the^existenceof a fi^XVpurpwe
marble, range are ��^fe intend to proof prospecting the same.   J.nujf   .    ���.. j.a},
iunixeK ...... ���_ ������._
^udi '^fi^usgravo co- are
^rh fe Myrflo. and ��� M a n ncr-
' U.Dir-.:^hi%;.St/ Policarpe.
fc;^ye :t^e)g|ip claims'- near
(BiferffC'-BriHv &
#|fl|B��r and County
?V,.   :     /    ;\'1/'��i>IirOot.l8Ji860.
^���:/ . ���-'*"��* vs. Pw^laco co.���iii/this
��9HtS^^ ^as .^Slrtea in our last issue,
��iffM8fn*f ^BWF of mortgage was re-
th/ ZrtelLp0"��^ed in the collection of
; * (S    ;iWfe'' aa authorised, ageat
, w ^Pf'fw^ not in the colony,    '
of prospecting w ����"*��� ^  b  lh0 e.imin
ce$| to Bear \^'5MXtfake toan-
of lakes "^^SSw"country struck
other part of tho   ��'    ci       te toward
by Black and *<*ton on tnc���        ^
Tete Jaaaci Cache-   it ^       fa     as rc.
will be nodifflcttlty in       ^.n
gardaclimate,����*�������*g'william creek.
U even lower��� ttau. ^ w ists hl
The only difficultyJ��. oj.co
paVty.   They will engage in tiappw
not prospecting
g when
to^e tboMly reniedf ior,lthisI^T^ MJi^
S^rnmentwenia ^ta^ltshTegito
^il^mnnicatipii, as;Is ,proposedjto,^
dohesfor Newfoundland.-
^S hi iew^thafethefgrG^coal mine
BaS miners lost their:livps, was. not aHo-
Sriccidentat::: A. l)alieelmg exjsted^
?4eet;the Irishmen invftftteighbMhoo^of
e& ttine^and the Welsh; miners.land threats
n'dicXe some evilintention.were made ;by
fiSsu^e raided snsp^io^ ^ ��^e
evil iatentions were\developed. by the great
loss'oUife.    .. ���-   * .������
&>&,��� ^ift-WAf-Tke Canadian P^���
and Mistralia to Europe. ���
Lw TnuL-A feood trail has been opened
co.'s ground  at  he hcadonn ^^
understand tliat thei woik ^ ffh}te
expense of the McDowUI, iu v
Pine companies., .^^/'^panes'easy
needed.   While giving the��e comp
commnhication with thm claurt,iiiv.ueby
wUl also be of gi eat value io Umber
yesterday from tho green ^er,^ ^
^^JXaTSSSS* trips fom
"besides the present one.
overcome thebeautifuV.property;/to all\h>
subscribers to -the,purchase fund; and to tfce
inhabifcahlj/ofr Barkerviilo generally' for this
last act^fxgOou-will to%e; and to the omirch
WhichIiwould endeavor to .represent. //That
lislof / subscribers I hope to ca��' ry�� with" mb> r
through lifei'asra^precious/memento of: tho
vU\e*y AflCmy- heart feels - this princely, act
of /generbsity:; air the more; from the comforting ,'. fact that'-4 in: seven, diiys after my retura *.
from ray imssiohary tour on the coast; and
finding mySfprmer residence destroyed^byjlvo
freshet,. thaW am pnfe iu possession of a far'
more comfortable and cbinumd'ous home.
Thus in one year and nine days from the time/
ofmyarripalvhavei ilie^large-hearted^inhabit'/
ants of Barkervilleplaced;in. ihy;hands,^for,
fiod/s;worship:aud/my- ;persohat. coinlbrtj a ;
church ��� and ��� parsonage ���and. al i, free- ofdeb iZ
I would also present my most gratefuI
acknowledgments  to   the   nil nierous   kind^ri
friends: who during 'theinrush of waters vso,
reauily co-operated with the/Rev. Mr Whit^:
ih saving;my library, furriitiire and2 ail.; t^j/i.
effects^so that ho thing; was lost.   WlLV.tbo;.liii;;;'
habitantst'.: of /Barkerville, -; thcrefbrev pleaso
accept my; thanks; persbnaV, and-;; on 'behalf /of
the AVesleyah Conference:and people, ';>'[:.
.��� * yy. -   , Tubs. .-Dbrrickj
y /      ,". Z.    Wesley an Minister.
Barkerville/Weslcyan Paraonager /
October^, IS69.
;The stone, quarry :aV Nanaimo/;has; bee
leased 'for a period of four: years joy the Sa
Francisco btiilder who has; the contract for
biiifdi ti g the mint at San F rah Cisco.   It is expected that 200 or.300 men will be employed. ./
in the quarry for several years.
/<;-..Christ f-Church, Cathedral, i.at.Ayictoria.haa,.::.
been burned.   It is proposed to build .another "and larger cathedral.      . .
Mr. Mowatfc?s daughter, of View street,
Victoria, was badly burned while reading iu
bed.. ��� ��� '���<-;,:��� ���
A "cauliflower'weighing 26-pounds, grown
on tlie Fraser flats by Mr. W. II. Laduer, ia
the latest agricultural novelty..
The coal shipped from Nanaimo to San
Francisco 1 a&t month amounted to 4,718 tons.
Mr/Beaumont, of Maple Bay,, V..L, lost
two of his children by'diptberia.
Mr. John Dickson, an able fireman, has received from the Deluge company a present
of a beautiful.gold-headed cane. *   *
Bishop Domera and Father Segevs have
sailed tor Rome, to attend the Ecumenical
A petition for a Court of Appeal is circulating in Victoria.
The bark Medora, U0 days from Liverpool. 1ms arrived, with 600 tons of merchandise, 200 of which are consigned to llolbrook-
& Fisher, Kvv? Westminster. V <   CONFUCIUS AND THE GIRLS:
y::yyyyyyyyyyyy.yyyyy .:///���//::^./ yyy^Myyyyy..
Confucius', who is as highly,esteemedrby
over 400,000.000 of Chinese as Jesus among-
Christians,' was born 549 years tiefore Christ",
e^ire' ^as/;diyide;^ pr^incesk:cajied
kingdoms. Confai-Iug . Mind that. \niere%/
avarice, ambition,��� dissimulation^false,'policy,
pleasure aud luiary reignecl, |fc��filj th 3
��� cohrts.r/He*/undertook ~ to banisfrr'allUhese
ftces, aod began io' preot.h ��nd topr&clfoe
the virtues of modesty,disinterestedness,' sincerity, equity, temperance and the contempt
of riches aud pleasure. 'Ho-rose to tiistinc:
tion,: and .though offices were, urged .upon
-him, he refused to accept them,:in( order,thit
; he, mightM riot. be/diverted; from^Ms*great
"Work.: At-length having made so .good an
impression upon?the court of?the^^ kingdpm|:pf
Wo? in -whichs he, resided/- he' accepted-an
office in the administration: He sufcceedep
court,-as well as tbe people at large,.that the
jealousy: and1 alarm 'of .neighboring  kings
- were'greatiy excited.   ^Among these," says
the; Chinese -historian,'." the ^king of Tsi was
mosf alarmed^ \He held scveraVcoiincils with
his mmdyd mlnistm, and affer,f|eque;nj dc-
UhcvJtheh ��1 was oonctndod^lmt under  pretence 01 an  imSaisy,  they Luoiild makjj a
pi-ewnt *o lhe> king of Loo and io le -ma
aeesof'hlslc'S&t ol a gre"l timber ofyoucnr
girls ci extraordinary beauty whc had by4h
insteu"c'telf from their, mym$ in waging *wl
���^.(^ing^ possessed .-.of //all;, those
- charms-lhatr-were-likely fco pleasit aud capti-
>aicthehe.vtV! tStHf        |g��     W        \
Tho stritagtai Lntscecdcd    Th'- king; |jjs
^?U^l<Vjgwad���t\; gave' themse^s up
$ fee SStainMeni of the:��r|sj 'md ||j
Vofe'd 'themselves more to the-invention of
||g��l|r'SI| for l-hem, ijno to i|| admluis
'jtration of ihe Slate,   ConAicnn retnont,tniM
and tried" to : bnng'/:them^
Rm^HnUy wd -nriue, Liu inxyau ;   He iiirew
iTp his'office" in disgust,, an deleft his -native
��� country'lor other;people-more 'ill iu relish
and p^nrtJee lm m? ciffis! *    ���
- The influence or the jirJ i :on?.iderable to
lis day, even ?0 our~ov*D uonnkyV Yfoe
greatestCbt) philosophers ^was so: completely
beaten b;- A^m that he wascor*jr,l;ed.to
' consider 'all as lost for the kingdom- of Loo. ���
! yyy ;;������,-;;://. ,/.-///--��� --/��������� .���-���:������ yy yyy ys^ym^ -yy y
yyyyyyy :yyyyy^ ������ wyy. >?.;���&��� ��� -y/yy/y/. ,y
The Detectives o?'Pabis;���Three Engjishr
' men entered the office of the head of in'ede-
--tective force in' Paris and gave  their ",-;ames.
.jOne was one -of, tbe .leading offkers of the
London police'; the other two were wealthy
jewellers-in'the city. -They related pow'four
days before a clerk had complete^ ransacked
the premises of his employers and carried off
��16;obo worth-of jewelry and watches;;'that
the thief had in'-altTjr,obabUity come to Parisv
and that it was very .Virahle  to find'him
out.   The moment, tu* young man's appearance was described, the head-of the French
/service exclaimed,"" I've got your man !" He
.'"'���rang- a bell,-gave a few orders, and within a
P )3ifew^ninute& the runaway shopman was,, pro-
" ducedf;together with his plunder enclosed^iti
three~, huge trunks".    The  emotion ..was'io
strong that one of the jewellers fainted.   The
story was 'soon1 told/The police, had been
.informed that a,young man hadkalighted^at
���--*��� the best hotel An .-Paris/and that* the day���* of;
-his/arrival he tiad^ pledged; five:"different.artU
','"'. cles at the pawnbroker^1 /The police there-
:   upon thought they'might>a^w.e)l^airQ,:'.a.lobli'
/at his luggage, and finding ;4tft; consisted f ex-
Z""'i: clusively of.^ateto&^tt4^���^^^^ely������ lm-.
poundedl bis goods: and: arrested' him.   The
fnnniestpart of /the affair remains to be told.
The English 'police, Recording to, custom,
'claimed, one-third of the value of the property
recbverea'a^salva^ge money--r-l?3i000 francs
���but .jttie- English*tribunals,, dismissed the
claim. The jewelers': senj,^?^t0 M-Glatide,
the head of the French detepU&seryice. who
y ��� refused-it';; as a-:-matter-'of /C.pnrsei^-^
Bestaurant jd& '��� Bakery^
THE Proprietors of "this ,ol\l tand' well-knowjo'estat^
' "lisbment would wspfictpillyAKanlc, their ��� iiuw/jr���
<>alf rlends '&&& tKo puhlto tor:tbe e^ten^ye^troniige
beretoforobestowed onithQm,- nna.trusvtbat by tlielT
usual strict attention fi? busjihess/they:iwiU; ^nerit a
continuance.of tlieir confidence and support.
Meals, $1.   -Board, ^$16   per- "Week. 1
mEyoZMADE owysm ,mm f��our*
-���������   v,   ,.-   v*     -) -4i J   *���>**        " v.:%:
. We recommond to the public our, -  - y s    f;
.GiouND ''0:0k r Ei-:./,
��� ������.:Vv^'.-.r... Ak^uy:-y .-���������:-.;..:.'���::���:��� -i'A-..,...-,!'-.���;:l.:'--^r;,��-:?!i.-v;n.'..^;'-.:'!:^.-:-;"';vv;!;'ve-   ������/.;���;���"-
vvhieh is aftanch superior article than any which can
bahad from below/ % Wo Roast; a ncl >Gri��d i t oursel yes
and choose tbe best-berries, oonaequently thej public
mav bo sure of .its oeingfrce from' adulteration.
-J-        - - v PATTERSON^;GOODS,ONi-'5
Miners' Boarding House.
that he has purchased tho Hboso and business,of?
the������abdv.e'esUbHsbmentV and * solicits ra -continuance
q^custom^, The price of Board will remain as before.
BOARD, $12 per Week. 'Sinolk Mbai^$��
Barkerville, July, 27, "1S69.
���������i-i*ai?, 4;'^#^jJna8Jtt^f
��� Ba^ryille^May ^8/^869;-
, -v,! ���'-  ' . -:-';--:: ;��� : -'���'*',r/! y -y?,-yy\: yy m'ym^m,
'friends and the p)iblic>rthat>e>asntted1up.so.'ne
good-Beds at a reasonable price.- Those ^who will
favorjliini with their^patrbriage^may.' depen^^on.the
cleanness and comfort or his bouse.
y Hctakes'also ttils b'pporLunU.r to remind the.-CirK
booites that his 'Brewery has received the! FIESX
PRIZE of the Cblony foe his "celebrated  -  ^
lii iiiiiii ale, mi g|
-Aud,the;true au3aletvrs-wlil.be fable to ���judgejb^them,
selves that.such honorable, prize, kas been justly
���^mx^aw^nyy^yyyyz//' ������'���:.-'������ /""'. /,...'/-.:.,/:. /
'V ��� B ���-A large front room to let.
1 W3i rille;, Jsn; 2^,/l80S. H   CU J10
THEvnndei-signed    proprietors of the above well-
-'.known  and .favorably situ'itcrt  establishment,
���'1 - ���   t parcliased tlfa same from E. Tormey, desiiv tc
1'nror in^hei r f r \ eiids/an d-the, p u.bl i cv gene rally, Vftp. t tbey
tr ijo-*-   offered  to falord �� r}   ccommoduli on to
: Tiic table" Is supplied wb.h ail the substaniia.1 * ?b^
luxuries available in3 the-coantry, and prompt attention given to thewishes of. the guests -' ..��� - ��� ' /
, /The'Bar is stocked with tbe veiy best brands of
y tic , Li'J -'- s and Cigars."
The .otabjes arc cpurioue and coraforfable t4nd at-.
tended; to by first class hostlers. A plentiful/ sup'ply.
\.V;In'fshort, every/convenience and- facility conducive
tKttie comfoj   of 1 ,?.n 'and boast wni'bo.foundK and
tbe pfoprieip'rawill spare no e.nbrt to give entire-satis-;
factionito-all-who may patronize the.estkblisbmeht.
'' Aujgn>t 20tb} lrm ,   ���   y    , 1BIEK & &AKRXV
^ yy:, '-yy ��� - <-/ ' ���; >dka.lebs :wv . _
V^-::. ^/;pN^^UGKT^:;,-;;i-:g;'':
Woi 812���  9 A C B A MEN Tf>/STREET,:
'- ^iAhoyo'Montgomery/SanjFranciScp^ ^.auMSm
������"���; .. ;     -. . .       ��� -   ���  .      1   ~  -. -
/���lOpen for the acoommodaf
the Table aiiUBe'dsiaTeko
Importers; and (Jo
WTiarf Slreet,/ ' ,!
'lyyy   '/6'ri''
��� /r?^'
Tailor,- (Success6^p|S^Rea6f
Orders attended C^rtttriciifi $0.
hyyx^^y^:ZZ^2^^m "HV"
���\-\'y'���.�� ;������!������'
"V ���/������:-.
Import'e r' of/ B qbks//St alton eiy^-Ta n d^/ -;
i-.-'A   ,"     ;     -' /���M^mUhcturcs,^ W-
-*m- -l- 'FORT STREET,!MfJTORlAu^'
sray 1,1869. ^'"; -   ������������hJmmi^, s& W
, ria,   Mwilsat^lhoisrs.';'Board4^5^d��!ng w
week, $6,50 @; $6Jlp#iP��R^^*{^Wicglo a^
87 1-2 cents/.-. BeStfeenis,;/^/;; ��� U        -;, -
�����REW:  iSTi,    'i}>oprietor.
Mayl,jl869;\,y'^R;0''-'        ' -���/     6m
T" HE;PROPRIETOR of the above establishmeht.would
���SrespectfulJyinform his fribndsvahd' th^ phblicvln
general that-he. is ��U0m prepared ..tp.ftirBish .t.hem;wHb.
Bread of .his own baking, having secured the assist-
ance of a com potent ��� Baker,; which ��� eo ab' es .���. him _:-,:
defy competition^- '��� '^ ��� ",-..;-
:.-'Hehas-a!So> a .COFFEE''SALOON;'attacaod,/to;1 the-
abo^iWherehono-buttheibcst Couce; Pies and Oikes
v?UI.br��F*er'Cti. - //;/���;        Z/l/y
" rt, 6.1���BREAD' DELIVERED  to M\  parts   o*   the
Creek.    ' '���''��� ' '')  '  ira
, St. Kichbl^
Every Rescript ion, .
and; Ornamental En j
'��� Jlay 1>'1869^. fp
^aJEWEpttR- AND   Fi
^romont:;fS:5.et-/.noxt to
rcl^iotpr|a5 \ V  ChVoncro
femmad ewto. order. \i>uiia|
' Qdesxelmoutet. ;
TOF Propriet^n 01 �� ii- i ^s? kn< n House tender.
their i��iuoerr�� (hanks to tbeir i.-nuls and J^ Ira :
veUlng public generally,- fof;tfa#^pastlibQ al patr< f>:
ajge and vb eg-, to -iii form- thorn; tha t^i ifp.r"der.;U3 ��� insn re, a
continuance of the'saine,i-lioard/and,I^dging.'has;beeo-
reduced to $3?50 per my. /; Single Steal-?; _f i'.OO.i
:- r'All?thb .luxuriesHba tit li ei::coiinJry/; affords:::: amcon*
stantlv kept on the.table., private Parlors and-Suita
ofRooras for:Famihes.>ThoyBar is stocked with;the
b'est'brands of Win^s/Liquors-and. Cigars:. -';'-   '.;'/; / :
de is' well supplied Vtth the best Timothy,'
Oats, Hay .and Grain.  /    ,������       .BROU'.\T fe^GILLIS.
.:,Q'ues.heImoiitbv Mav^    -L1869.-
Aixtelope \Mei^m$$Af%2
For SniderEnfield, of *5T7 bore^;
and for the Henry, and Xlar-
tiqs Henry Rifles of ;/450bore^:
adopted by Iter IvfajestynS^yar
/Depar;tmcnt,-also of ,>500 borei
fori Mill tarv Rifles.'.,   -  ',,-,"'
-FIRE ^E-T A T. Ii I O^ GAR^;
-TRIDGES/;.with:; enlarged. Base/
"for small horesj-\ adopted^ by
foreign governments--.forscbn^.
/verted-Cbassepot, Berdan^Re^
/ihmgtpn and biher/Rlfles/;^ also^
Cartridges ; for   Ballard,  the
/Sponcer, arid JlhiericaiKHcnry
Repeating/Rifles.   ���   '/;       .. > '
y$b&;>$ ELEY/vBOXERVj are the cheapest Cartridges
known,, carrying, their own ignition, arid being made;
vpuplly of/metal, are Hvater proof and i mperishable in *
ariyehmate. ��� w " ��� m s ' ,'-"���- '*
f|:The^ab6ve Cartridge cases (emp'fey) of all sizes; and;
^rlthe/djnfe;rent systems ot'Breechildading^ Rifles, can;
he had iwith/or without the suitable Bullets atitl/"Jla-
rciijii^fbrr^sis1)ibg'th&Gdrtrldges. '   -ll . '"  '   ''
BOXER CARTRIDGES'of;"450/bore forVReyblving
Eistpls,Jused in, her. Majesty's 'Navy y,     ��    ?'JJ\ ������"��" ''
Smiths /Wesspnfs, Tranter's' and .other Pocket. Be-.
volvcrs."  '   '        ,   ���;   ,-. ' ��� V'--'Fr:   :, Vv  /���':* '/;*Vl'"-�� "
. ^PlN:CARTRIDG.ES,.for>Lefaucheux Beyolvers of
,13.!A/i-m.,And 7rmvbore._. ;; j . ,    _   .
all sizes and systems of Guns, Rifles and Revolvers.   .
^Double Waterproof and E. B.. Caps, Patent Wire Car?
tridges, Felt Gun Waddings for .Breech = and  Jfuzzlo'
toidersi anil every description off Sporting and-;:Jliii?
tary Ammunition. ' ; -.''-. i.-.'/.
:-,.:������' : WHOLESALE. ONLY;/: U;jul0 26tla
Zyy/     ,    -y dalt/
$12 per Week/   Single Meals, $1.
.'���������:-?���:���-.-:-. ���..;.-..;.-:���;..���" ;. :  ; .:,y.^\ ���>'J.::. ���:..!..-^yi^.,/'- ,:,yy   v}���������;..: :.���  ���;.'- .���>,.;.��� X;,X��?l-VC;i;i
.'.;...".-    ���   -.  '..'.  '-.   .���-.:.'   ��� '.'-'���'-    ' '-"��� .-'. : -"- ,;';���':  ^.:.'i-.'I|;1. ;":.-���    -...  '; : ;_;:- -.-:.. ���-'.'--'������v ������--'���".-
���   ���. -,..-...-     -.���-���:     :..,.: ���,':.���    ... ';i'r.."/;.    .... .���.-.' -y "'-,' ..'.'.'���:'..,,:-'V:" )���      \ ?. ���"' \"'{ -'������.������' -vi -:���''>. :" ��� >.".'
The best of material b. ayed, &i I all v.... w ish first-
class Board/at-the above rate can obtain tlie samc'at
this establishments        .- ��� aulllmt
. .a. a (
1; Corner Goycrah\ent^iinH^E ,
" / ' East, sido, Victorl%^?p?V 'fc
Executes-orders for every descnptljji^pf vehicle;
/^/general assoHment of Wagons /arrays on hand,
May X, 1869;       Oitjexr for Casu^||/|- ^ -
A|;_ ...
Groceries; : P
pityana Cigars, ard
Yat6s��h jMj        "    '" '
^Victory   v. 1 ,Y\,tti
fe*'-'.^-^^" r:: : .      '"'
IKGS, which he is prepa^&guake 10 order. l.u ui
most approved styles.    M^*^;-("        .
.--rMay;i->;IS68.v;/ /.'-//_   Jg^^-'^J"'-���'-        1
F��LL   &   F
/      CHARLES     BACON    -   -*
D* ESIRE3 to info m h 3 tri >l ds and the public that
: lie has purchased the businfess of the 'AI>ELPHI
SALOON, jRICHEIBI^,; .where/hcitriists he will Te-;
oeive 'a fair /share-; of patronage; -The .best/" Wines,
iiiqubrs and: .qitarsjt^h^gari   ",,'>'/?���'" gets I'm" ���
; LEtfAU. NOTICES, &c;
Sheet and Past Iim; Stores
Tais London Echo says another scandal
case Is abolit to'be wado public:affecting a
���vvell?known Duke; who has; cOnie to grief and
���jfl;no'k%ut':.qf-the country^ iyy-i-1"-"-"; ���
xl_ /Iron, Zihc/and��� Lead Piping, .a'tteiidcd to with
romptness, and. warranted to give entire satis
action.-.' ��� ��� ���'">;.���������- ;/^/..y...- ���������. ���������.-'
Ilardware, Iron & Steeh
���^    FOR SALE.   ��� ;."������    ���-.������'.'
v;  ^.^EAilSON&BROS;,   :
:   t" .'-,- ���i "  Barkerville. .
'--���':;.'; :'.,���- -   -������������ ^, '���.���.'..��� .I-.:'; "������������' :^ -     ���..: r-    , ,    ."-, " '<���.. ���'���. ; .'?,/:���-f, ������ ;
In the matter of the Estate and Effects" of: .ALEXANDER STOBOf deceased, In testate.    :; ���.; / ���
LL persons wli0 are 'indebted to the; above Estate
^iirc required.to pay the amounts due forthwith;'
aiid all pjrsdnswhoi have: any claims, against the
above estate are requested to. send, in their accounts;
on orbctore thel2th:day of November,'1869, tp ///' ^
-y     ���>������%-������:������   - -'. ODttfl; B-BdOLBvr-  * 3 v
?>l.�� ���: �� Official -Administrator.
%i)a.ted-Richflcldyi2th August,1869.v :'>:auU:3m/
/ /mXinla^d of British Columbia. :y
Fdrt^streiet; ^ictoria^Mfc
y Spare oneflbrtin selecting a
ment ofithc choicest articles
���r^> large copsuiners they ojj
prices  ndnu'aHty.
gaping an bs
' ^'it^be/obtM^,
In thl ���matter of the Estate -.'and Ellects of W1LILAM
.. Ay$ . ��� -^VINNARI),. deceasod, Intestate. ../���//��� ;r ;*_ V
;& persons who are Indchted torthcHaboy^cstato
Wire required to pay tho amounts dup:Jorthwiin,
ahdSftll persons/who: huve any claims against.^tne
above es tate, are rcqu ired to send In the! t aecoun,ts.(on
or before the H th day of 'September j i860, to; ���:���.;-���
W/-., ;/:&���������(��� i =' ���*: / OHAS.E; POOLEYy ^ :
;������>     '. . .   ���" / ;    ������-.'���. Oincial Administrator. ��������
Dated Richncld, 11th Jane, 1809..yy /���'������'-' JClGSm/
English -van��B^iS3SlM^bawl^l)W^
descrWffr of Drapery Goods.
' ''-BoccivJ Vegii^npplles ]?y ^Wb, via Pan��m|
J8^�� Particula^p$ttg9W!|
/;;London '       '"'"""""
���'GOV BRSMBN^||��p^y
;^ Ai 1 business ;cawflB jiy^iind piint?    c
May 1, 1868,   . ���'>$$$yy],, / ��� ^
���       ���    -      - '       mi.iIiiiiimt.i   1   1     mi r
new Westminster:; ADMJpiSBMEi^rf
Dispensing Chemist and Druggy-]���P^^r o^Eng
^lish^rugs/Chem^als^^^f ^a^^^yZ
������.���������������',-   : Pcrfumcrv,'^cwWestmioster, 11.Cv  -;.   -
;- Orders from up,o6untry carefully attended. lp.: , .
May 1,18Q91.   -   :yy./::);   - -   :; :> -. y ..,v,;y
mHO>fAS WALSH, Tailors/New ^*j)M*jj';
I clothing mido.to order at moderate -rates, v. Al-
wysoivSEhglish and Oregorircio^;;/.Orde^
from the up country attended,;: to ��� with;/ car^and
dispetct ��� ��� ���;>;/���������'    -yyy.yyyyyyy ���9--:
- -V
^ ^BARLO\VSS^&S^|^fl^'^'
Field and o{he^eeTOpSffi|ffii^fi{
Yale,: May, l,l^^^^jjp^^
THIS house has
of Liquors at ihe
and Oats at: the low-
May I- 1869


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