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The Cariboo Sentinel 1867-10-21

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 yy$.A  tin  -&< Is.  OF Tills  ���������acious and  cloaniiopjtg  he Tali!.; is  "��������� Stub'ithg  yojihnd.  sncltnoBih.  >: bedicoai3 ��������� 3|  ^ry.ncc'oih:..-  vod villi alt���������;.,,  is well sup/-. .1  *enrp; jwd ���������/[  CHEAPEST..':.-: J  ���������yy l^:Zy  y>.  yy  '��������� y/A  Lt Kor.������E,'.: -j  v..prrpirml;- ���������'!���������!  OP MEALS ���������  ��������� -���������������������������ir..- 's  !SE  ,. ������������������; i  ������������������"���������?.   I  ' #:  - ��������� '"M  I  nyklvru..;/;  "aJeR-dh . >;������������������  .Tlicbcn^-/'���������)  Jutti-f^'ilk'. />  fCWl.     1-5  A  [linciiifrscs.  3. -  EXAY,  priclorc.  :���������       1?    .  E;  p.C,  lions! tlii3  DS.  o?t Rates.  0%.  prtctfiR.  use, :  r^,"at the  Road?, is  blic. *: Pi������-  Sloanitioai  30 mites,  on* te suit  v A'Groin;  gularly for-  1-s  -.JliJippi)')'  isinras, w  thu lormvf  rtab'e and  rood w^5-. '  'it/is P<f  ielUR*  o/choicest.  ^������;   ;,:,';  jc-rlcsircdj '  for.Horacs  ������Btmn/'fct*  OAT HAY'  i'. .-.-'. ._*  ipriclor.  ym  Wol/M  Ba^e^yillej "Williams, Creel;, B. &,  .......i.  -������.~ -. -  J'.' .'....'���������.'''..--.-. '.'-''  ���������..-.--.-..   :':r...'    ..'*....'. ���������'.*-���������    '.'.-..':: '.'u*i.: cw1"  ...���������'f.;  ,    Z /    EUROPEAN ITEMS. / m     /  The ferrihle raHroftd accid^  ifjesiibjectro^^  'curr.ed on the nioming of^the^Sth^f June; oh  the Great Indian Penijfeular ftailwa^.   The  scene of the accident'Ahbetween^Bbshawul  and Khundwah, sgmeTten miles/.beyond the  I former station.'- ^t this point the line crosses  a ��������� tribiitac-y ^ the vrjyer ^Ta^gtee, called .the  ; ?['B^I^ej^^:d^e^.^]cf J;> asJthS^h^^iSi-:  .plies,:ris; a AydvyZx^yer^ except during the,  monsoon;, when fed by theV streams;frbm^ the'  I Sautpoora Hills^ It.' sweUs to this, reapeetable  ('portions of afyrreht:^  land, asUfcNvas' oii^'the^niglito^fch^, accidehf,;  fifteeni feet dee^^  erossed^fty/a;-;-bndge:.Qfse\ren atobei^alsojbf  thirty feet span;2 BeWeen^fie}tvw>bridges/is  ,-ft.;  from under the rails behinitlie'aliutment'df  [the smaller bridge, leavihg! the^sleepersfand  [rails suspjina^d,^ gap^which Iwas  tabontfiij^ :ftet:lpng;/teu  feet deep.^; Thedarkhess^  height^fvthe������water >r>re^ehted this chasntfrtfm  lb eiiig seen, a nd > it was' not n n til" the ��������� e n|Jme:  [plunged into it that tlie driver /was aware .'of  |ariy. danger. Z\ The :<engijre >and:: ten tier,' hapV  bened - to shoot - across to the bridge- before  sther^njsja^^  tie exception of the rear vari, was'p reel pi tat-'  3d into , the-, gii LfV and/, wash ed: ��������� a way by' the/  river. " The* train, consisted'in; a I lof sever?  sarriages," besides tbe engine and-tender, and:  s variously co ra p.a ted to have i carried from  iffcy-seven to one himdred^aii'd'twelye^passen-  feers:". The. rail way/- officials report "thirteen  polled.and missingV'andtweatyJnjnred^but'it  ns generally Sieved', that- the killed amount  to at-1 east, fi ve -ii rn es thatm a m b er. - -���������' ��������� j    t, ^ *'  fl-They'say that Kossiuh has refused to ac^  A 4igger,7recently/returned from Galifornia  ym& inveigled iu to a house. in Demster/street  by;a female, who, picked his pocketofanum-  befof.small gold'nnggets^yalue^10, and  lil^e'flpvereigps. .In a belt^which the;digg;er  Wore>-h0 had:about i������700 in gold nn^eksigbld  dust, and /coin^which he was plucky efnotigh  not tb lose.   1y ;...',; ���������*  ~' ;;^-:- /' (' /"..; : l   ���������  A fUvoraKle cbangehastal^n place in; the:  health: of Mr. Charlesf Kean, who 'has been'  ft r^6:hi6/ti n^^ tr^  Taiititpn; He is sufrering^iV^h a! totdl: ';pras5  itrationibfithe^nervous system; brought on Axy'  overwork and,excitement. / ��������� '" , Zyyy ���������  ^* Lord Dundreary'?- finished in ;Paris on the  3rd Jiilyj>* after a._ most successful, season.'!  JThe* Emperor ;and-5Bm pi^ess-were present .^and  .   ���������   r:NBW^ADVJ3RjT^BMENTS.;' "''/'  fbry(the:first time orrrecord/' Naipbiebh;iII; Was  seen indiilgingrin'a hearty''laugh.    ���������  \Mg$^������ipM finlf man tA o f^_io,oso.-i<sh4Qg-leran4- ~ Juoay^\jip^J}k&Q^i i^an^vn cp.d 4o..Bueu������.  this the ^f^e^Hhe^- torrent had torhfA wjeiy os Avres'. beinev n oth in fr I ps������ &n Yh������ nnwn in or  '7 rt i*. th a'-I r������������> i lo'. K'o \i J ti A'::i tvA-- ���������-'������"ti .V*���������^ic t '������������������f   jn.... ,*'  eiib^s; voted at all.   They got".drunk.:held  n election o^' their own, and voted him tin by  cclamation. , The ZWaiteen district comprises  :.8.G.O electors; 2,3.40".of wimm. -belong to'the  ur.roiinding/^con n try/ ^-.Of: these.y ninety^six  ame to: thp. polls, and' scarce/one Jnindred of  he town  electors���������upon;the" "average, there-  b re, a.bmi t fi fe- per ce nt. ^ It is greatly/ hoped  .n/Watam; that Kossuth will mot accept/the  eat.   Should, he njt,and in "case the govern-'  ^unt:party.persist in jiot-putting.up a'caildi-  ate, Comit Alexander J&irplyi;- a nominee of  he Left, :wi 11 most- likely go; i n;' *    '   ��������� 'y\ i  Broad head/the SheltleW tUnron Secretiii^y,  ho'liired and paid?-.the men for committing  o, much murder, arson, and so on; and^has  scaped - punishment by his open- confession  f his crimes, is a hero: now among'the popu-  ace*   II is dn nking; p lace is .crowded / wi th  he curious, and he is making- money by it.  ;ndeed,go wliere yoiv^ll|/he^is^n  nstance, the fol I owing appeared in the Barns-  ey Chronicle of the 3rd July ���������': >*Swintonr--A  ^ew Sensation--A ^poster' announcing a ga-  a at SwiiUbniinthe early^  timates - J in;-.pr^mmen  illiam Broadhead,Vof Sheffield, is expected  n tbe cricket ground each day;" c     s   '  A drol 1:'piace for love .affairs is Paris. :Fpr  ns ta nee j in the Anglo -French - Mo hi tetir, th i s  (lvertisemehii lias appeared for several days,  ndthe- wnterbf it solicits a -reply per post,  o be sen c to one :Michael Monceaii', ;Munich::  11 f i s youth, ed u ca ti 6 n". an d' sen ti rrien fe. whibh*  ii n ited w i t li' ri c lies, cb n s titu te' the; ch arm of  ife.   I am young, well-educated, and pos-  essed .of feeling ; out; alas I I am not weal-  hy.    Now, which of you, having a surplus  f riches', is willing to bestow on me a share?  nt do not offer me a smaller sum than *SI0.-  90, for to accept less than that would be to  eg." /   :���������..    ;-:,' ������������������'-���������..'      '������������������';  The Duke of Mo n't rose 1 aid on th e table o f  he House of Lords the postal convention of  he United States. It effected the. reduction  fa shilling; to sixpence, and he expressed  30 belief that in a short time there would be  daily com m n n i c a ti o n. He p aid a co m p 1 i-  e n t to th e Uu i te d S ta fces go ver n me n t,. who se  nliality had been shown in a desire to fa-  08 Ayfetif beihgnbthing'less^hauthevopenipg  of a��������� |H joint-stock���������' hqspjtal.f; ,;Subscribers  whojjay; $1 '20/in Bilver,as monthly^duesj  ai^tp^e/admitted freeHn case br/sickness-;o;r  accident/;hyy vyyy%yyy:'//yly y "iZy��������� :':-  "������������������' jThejjord-Mayor of^ondpn^has;de|ermined;  tojapportion ^the .twehty^ftye? huiiilr^poiihds;  the"'gift of,, the- Sultan - to the London poor,  among such of'the humane:;institutions/as (leal,  moroimmediately^with the: homeless'an'ddes*  litute poor.  1 The;]3rnperor Napoleon promised the Sultan,. . when^tbei latter ^was^iu^paris/: tjMfehe;  Wo u Id (pay b im &;*pe tu rh vvisi t;.; to Constan tW  ;nop le towards thev end of tbe /sum met/ The  Era press-Eugenier it,is reported^ will; accomr:  pany.the Emperor.  / Sixtyronr strains';ara run daily between'  London/and Manchester, and one-half are,run  iri excess ^������fthe" requirements cf the trafncJ  ;Th������^xc������ss of .train: mi les is mp^ards/bf^^Ou,/  #00; run at a cost exceeding ^^35,000 - a yearV  Lady Dudley's hous.' \ ; < left in a fearr'ully  dirty, state.by hVr, eastern visitors ;;fo'ut1 it 'is  saidlthatvthe, ��������� Hcerby -gav-e/her/ iadyship a  n.eck.laceAbf diamonds/ wo i-th j^n^y/thbiiiand^  siibcii  y yyy :.'3;barker^lle,' 'y(y  . I ��������� ,vyJ;ii-l ia m'sE&r'eb^  THE PROPRIETORS BEO LEAVE: TO ^ANNOUNCE  . to,the.pnbIic that tbey^ayo ehla'rgodrref^rhishod^  cihd;tliorpuglily;: renovated/tlieir/capacious-aud 'fasti-  tohn D frabohy sp:frl rt^n" ^It^r^ih^ynW^e^pns^lior  the comfort of their Patrone"^ // . , >, L: . ��������������� > .r <  Thiols n<>w .the largest aud mo^tjsompletCiSlilbon in  Britrisli: Columbia; consiisting- of'tliree.largo' sepaVate  ivt)!irtments;i, viz.:/nfJARD^RQOM,^/BAR iliOOM;;nrid'  BILLIARiy SALOpN, containing/ihtiteisuperbMlti  LIARD TABLES'. ''��������� :' /'''/'-.: > '^: '^'"' ..-���������...- .: ^ .���������''���������t  "Tlie,:ues\:ilQUORS and tiGARS^ootairiable,'are  serye^her^V ;Tbis;0si^h^  diato superintendence of tlieProDrietors::^ ������������������ ' -J "������������������   .  "������������������   y/.'���������:���������:. y   '-,:->������������������*%  yyz2 yy "2y::  June/6th/1867/  ^Propriqtors^  ' 4m ���������'/ '.,/ '  Cariboo Literary .Ins?  '2'���������''' Jys;|thompson;?R^ksT-u^  ']       .JAMES ANDERSON,,Vio^Presimnt.   ',  JOHN MaoLARKK,! ;, Y   ���������-  JO3EpH;QLEA|tIH0E, L DiBSoroBaT  ���������     ;-NEWrAQYERTISEMENTS. ��������� ���������:';';.' ,��������� y, . y ���������;;;   /; ,    ,/igl |  : 'THE.'f'CAKIBOO SENTINEL"  2 '-[y ���������     ������������������.''"    .    ���������     f^Jp  'yy:yyyyy//y/m  TPE  STOCK ;0^*to3 OFFICK '  . considerably .nujRriiented by't  df*ii'>varlBtV;6r.^ewiiOrnamehtal.3  r^/^^rsi^ir^ars^paMsf-^/v,  lyy-- -?-'V, ;-BUlneaasf^rb?gr������inmes.'^r>  ���������:/; i'-y ���������/'Balls, Goiicerts^and-t,' f'--   ��������� / - r'������;������������������ \r >;���������������������������/.*/*;>������������������&'''���������/��������� "-���������".-::,;.-;f|'f  ;,#.^ ���������,,.;.      , ���������  -ym$  aCt'v&p'tAw "w������Itf ^Vii.i^^iii' ,���������:' .^ .-.--vis :���������"������������������������������������;������������������-��������� J-.'-1.: 'K  ;; ���������"���������������"���������:. '^m:  Orders for any: desdrip tion of Job, Work will, be m* ��������� '                       A,'   tm  ilea:with;neamessanddespateb;'       ',-.;'  , A  .. ,   ���������     ,    ;       ^"'M'  ;.:;,/ '   '  /^Te>ims:mqderato,\-^ ...������:;,/' ..... ���������           ''.������������������.. k SK  litest;, ���������/ o;izfjf���������:,���������*������.p .';,z/y,  ��������� ay ��������� yyy.yyyzzw  ���������JOSEPH^ARK/'  mnis institution)- is k6w -open  latest .English,-.Scottish;/ Canadian,-'.: American-- -an'd--',C6-  lonml Papers and .Magazines.    u        ���������  , Terms of Subscription���������$5 per (Jiiplrter, or, $2'per  >l^nth.: r 'Single^volumos loaned to: ��������� nohisub^cribexs at  60 cents p-?r volume j'with; SI deposit./  ������Ii  icrV. W,S'  jftlitSt l'|  IS   t  ��������� ^^^^^������'ltfl^'e ^ e^el*y way communication with the  Hpritish" colonies, more especially with British  ������������������������olmOa- "--'- ������������������'���������' ..--.���������>:������������������"'���������.'���������-���������������������������'���������//-;���������  j^B An alulae io us robbery was committed at  ^&e Paris Exhibition, in the Swedish section,  .SSt quantity of pearls, valued at; from ������1.000  Wm ������1,200, having' been stolen in the open day.  ^gor soma days previously., the inspectors had  l$Sm ar n h d th o o w nor ' th at his g 1 ass case was n o fc  ^R^'oporly secured, but he hail never, however,  llfNd any attention to the .notice-.  fill  ^i  presurnentile,gceat.tavor'.the irecently^  publ ish ed; "/Li I e' o f th e Prin ce Conso rt." - has  metiwith will;be;the/cause of; the publi'cationZ  of the '��������� History of Balnvoral,?i:. by the ������rince.  It is full of interesting matter. ��������� ' ;  , The Princess of, Wales is making good p.ror  orress, and���������", frequently ,drives but >vith the  Prince ,sq quietly^. that, no' one: recognizes*  ;them. Her royal highness has:hired for two  months.a chateau near Wiesbaden.  The cotton ..stripes now worn by sergeants  are to bei abolished, and gold lac^ chevrons  are to!be substituted for them. The gold lace  is; to be-one uniform pattern throughout tho  army;    ,      - -/', ;.--:^/  'i_.; "��������� *..';,.   '..',���������������������������_���������';.-  A most interesting discoyery has just been  made in J the library of: the House of, J^ords,  viz;, of the origibal copy of the 'ASealed Book  of Common Prayer," which has been so long  'missing^ / -, / ; '   '��������� - :y   "-- - /; - , / ���������  There are great .complaints of the .state -of  trad e j n Paris,- and th e store keep era com p 1 ai n  that the Eshibitibn has swallbwed���������' up^alI the;  ���������business;, ;   . ��������� "t . .        ���������    ' ���������. ���������,- - -:" . \. /���������  '������������������������������������:. Hisimajesty the- E3niperor of the?ijrenchnas  forwarded ; to,/ the)i treasurer' ;bf the/-Dover;  Sailors^ Home:,, a;> do ha tion;; of fc wo: thousand;  francs. ���������: c.''-.'v/..-/��������� -rA-ZA i::''������������������ ������������������ :Z \ Ayy\i'���������������������������'.;'.  a: Toulouse cathedral is: to^ be -repaired /by  mean s of a lottery, ti eke ts ,2 |d, each;/ g i yi ng  the in ves to r a cban ce of w i n n i ng r������-K 0 p ().,  ' A very large number of men have been in-  dnced, by the increased pay. of the navy, to  re-enlist for a second period of service.  The new bishop-elect of./. Derby, better  known as the Dean of Etnly, numbers his own  father among the clergy of the diocese.  The total sum handed to the Pope as  Peter's pence, by the. French. bishops> is estimated at fro m ftlteeii to sixteen mi I lions.  Some fifty unpublished letters of Voltaire  are said to have been discovered in Belgium  by M. Philarete Ghaales/: ::, /  Mr. Dickens is about to.start for the United  States, where it 'is, believed, he will give readings from his works.    ,; / v .  In the population of Paris, one person out  of 1712, is a registered and re I ie ve'd pauper.'  . The Queen,, has bono re d Mr. Josep h . Wyo n  wifchsittings for a portrait for a medal.  The Prince of Leiningen has arrived at Osborne, on a visit to her niajesty.  N,.B,���������A-fine assortment6tBooks i'and Station&ry'.is  always kept-for sale.        . - ��������� 13-s  ATv:BARKER-  fire  - " kZjiFZtut "-   2A  CAST- {RON/STOVES  ^    Always on hand.    '   '   /  t -        Done - at reasonable rates.    ' v  ; '.'JflS^- fiur/Tcams run regularly. between Tale and  Carl boo and all orders i n our li no of business .carefully ���������  attended-to.  ' ' .'     ' .'' * ; t ���������  1-s * A';2^   " m PEARSONr&MKti&i  Omf? ���������Oprofit N. Cumo's^Brswut.?-. /<; J  June 17,1567; .;        .      '    .,    -   ,       IS ,,       <;������  '' June lOfcb, 1867,  i'Zyyyy2yyyZZ2]M^M  K,Jli;ta b I , y;  , N.ELS.O'N'^^.' . -ill  ncticneer, Go  ector;  MINING    AGENT/  ��������� Goods sold pifCommission/"  Salicsroom^ Barkerville//���������/ .  Office,'  Richfield.-.  : ���������      b-s  ., McPliersoii,  PI  ^BRITiSH^OiQUSfBIAr^  Coniieoting;  AND  -;,; JEW ElLLEiR,   .���������.������������������;  ATE.  HODGENSj;/0;LD   S;TANB.  Barkerville; 1st Kay, 1867.     :  . -  , -l-s  1 WAKE-UP-JAKE  Rest a ter aiit, B a ik eryr,  ctink at Victoria witb ,WBELS, FARGO k CO ;   ���������'  for'CaUfornia,. Oregon, tbe .Atlantic States!'"'    - '���������  t    - >     _ ��������� and Europe.     ,- i  AND' AT YALE ANDLItLOOET. WITH BARNARB** ���������"' ;  ..,'/'- :::/';;eAUiBO.o;;3p:raEss-.J;,.: [-yyy^yAAZy A::-.-.y  = ���������', For Big;Bend, Cariboo^h^ the-STortheru Mines/,������"/-������/'  Conveying Treasure, Valuables,-Letters, packages-aiid,,;:  - t Parcels. \ 1-s    '     _.     -  ' ^ES^LMOIJTH AD^pTISEMENra. ' v   ' ;'' [  wmm  '-.,(.; JV  AND  ���������Athriptt wife wonders why the men can't  manage to do something useful Might they  not as "well amuse themselves in smoking  ha ms as sm o k i n g ci gars 1  $&* If yon want good Cojise nee Fell's/  BARKERVILLE,;  PATEftSON ^-GOODaON, Proprietobs. : '  N ANNOUNGIXG. THE   RE-OPENING. OF THIS  .liouso for tbe ��������� season," tbe proprietors wish, to in\  form 'their lYi ends and the.public generally, that tjfoy.  will spare no pains in order to merit tliejiatronage of  all who give them a - cm.I1...    .."-'';  .Meals'at'all-hour's. , A'���������'-.'������������������  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,,    y  ���������''' QQESNELHOOTH-      ���������; -     "   '     "���������    -,  ��������� ;   p'. L. JOHNSON, PRopmtffriy ' \]"' <'  JTeals at all hours, arid; Cooking of ? th^i b������^ \  - /description:.". - .-'       *.���������   *,... ;-  ...'QtesNELkbUTH,^;..:';' AZ'Z:,j^/y.yZ  Z   BHOWN & - GH^tlS,; PROr^ETORS^; A /:: A  Good Beds; Rostaxiraut; Billiard..-Table,i���������,&&'/'yy.  .    Stablingfor^Horses/lIay and OatsJ/ ^:a.^.vv.::^-;.  yA  ���������:;'/.-;/;'../E.' STEPHENS,  CIVIL ENGINEER' AND .SURTEYOR.  TTAVING TAKEV AN . OFFICE IV RICHFIELD,  ll Williams Cre������lc,-'is- prepared to execute Surveys..  Pi ans, Levels, Sections,. &c.., ��������������� kc.'/ Co n, mi t to< I - to b'ia  charge, with care. ���������' despatch j aad.oa REASONABLE  TERMS. -.������������������'���������-  3     ���������    ^fOifice, centre of Sichflold. ^������ft-.  W. Winnard, ..;���������'���������  IO  E  BB)*^  BAREERVII/LE,.  ^ylfc/Zkyfoyjii-  .'-..��������������� '.' ���������. WTLL,ROS''AS:POJXp^VS T\ ���������",;. Y:;:%-:/  ;./, LSJ^8:';^ESNE^MpOT  Thnrsdajs and Siiii<la^^  ;A8 SIS O'CLOCK, A. 31.j ���������   .   ^      /  ���������"leaves,..soda creek osr- /;  Tuesdays and Friday^^  AT FOUR O'CLOCK, A   M;  'QaefinelmbiiMtj MaySfttf, t������GT, i  ff?  ^H r
.fc. ���, .......
��� .(
".   Ii."
JIONI>Ay, .OCTOBER 21, p1867/
Agents for the:" Cariboo Sentinel.?'
A,:,''-   ' G rouse ICreoJc/^���  ��� ���-.'.' ''-���: V-    '.,'- -  "��� . A*McWha.
- f. QuGsnelniouUt^.Mr. <^u,r1ictBarnard?s Express jOlllco/
Y*lo,',.?-.'   - -1   .M,r. Evans,/''.;' do'* < ��� ��� ,'',; ,clb - ������. ���.,
"���, .    '  :T>:Uooet,; ���. -��� . F. W. Foster,       do .do..,
*,  ������'- ' f Ngw;Westminster, :.._-_.,.     ���-      CUirkson &Co
* - ���-.'   Victoria ' * '"' - ''  ' - ���    ,   ' J ''��""; !X B- Mallandaiiie)
��� r .Btg'Bend, ���      -���;'-'     Jas, Bullock. French Creek/
,    , Van Winkle.        -       -     '-   -7- .- J. W. Limiliardt..'
,   , Ifnsquito'Gulch/.-   .      -."..: r   ivr-TAfr���--'
'"' "'���'/'-;' 'V:;- -
th'afci in case, of life an fl death, the nation
would beIV;"fi'ee^'io^seVits^riatMral weapons
again. Ill tinie of peace it is very we J 1 to
make treaties in pursuance of the - popular
desi re for tran q nil i ty, b u t w hen, war looms u p
all ideas of philan trophy are scattered to the
winds. The Standard argues "that a' nation
iimje,r any moral sense, of duty is to strip .it-;
,self-voluntar i ly/of its power of oflfence can not
be,contended ; but'.even' if\there were any
such^i>b ligation binding npon>the' nations. It
.certain ly 1b n di.se en red' by th e Dec! a ratio n o f
Bains, which leaves other "countries in full
possessiori^of their principal o fieri si y/e weapons; and disarm st onl-^EhglRiitl.?* Thus it will
he seen that the;/ coming events/cast their
shadows;'before   *them,, ,and   t the "great
���:'/Hv-'^''i:'; K;-;'v-V.:'::.:'-:
_.. .,tZ,,Witb-'H
good faith.   - yy   , ... y       . ���" r   " -
, >    ;; y ^TO^ADVERTISEBSr  ,
J* All Advertisements (not in sorted for any definite
Vtalilislimerithn^ gro-U pteasurtrih^uinnuncing to;
iiis;nnnierous;frlends and patron^ the arrival of a fresh
stock-of ���   \   '    '   : '    r ,'
:Ayy    CALIFORNIA ALE .' .:-   ',.- .:.' ,   ���
' --   ���     y  ENOLISH PORTER,
���������; As usual, Kchjis always ,on lnui(!,a lar^e stoclc of
the best quality of French ���Bnm��ly< OKI Tom,.. Rum,
Scotch Wliiskey, etc.   ' 4 ~ *'   :
/���'.���-,    <:   'CHARLES MoHARDy,:-v
;  October 21,-1807; t",' / ������ -  ...     ���     ' ,   ' "   . yiyy
Saii;Franciseq Store,
COMMISSION: MERG&ANT, ".������'.'.'!
y.'y/-.yyiy^ ������-.* ���-��� y/y/yyA
-;' ��� ���  . period) will be continued until ordered out and charged
for accordingly. , <
\. ���   yy,      ;  : , , -������--;-' .--.-    -   ^^:-' -;-?:" "���'���-" ?     -T;" ���/
 //:/   .rn������- u^��� '��,...���. ^ a .      ��   /-I",     n *_ ���
:".not.respohsibiofordiihingoon LIQUIDSshipped,ih
for-Glassy uiiless hy spsciiil contract;->-/.^v;//.-^-;-:. ly/
���M^>��rM'^ ���;������:0ulli^lurLl1er^notic^^.tluvExpress���:\v-ill^, arrive/ lioro
lar/d^ will be a; serious obstacle to the designs I-.every Thursday; ut ten o'ciock-vA' m      ,; ���, -
o f Russia.,; T-if rn$si a; in: co n si dcra ti on o f 1? ei n g
ajdedjin hordes^
isjmerely intended by T her northern /ally to,
rjestrairi |jbe marcbt of French troops to; t|ie
Danube, where they-;might act in concert
-wiiih'ib^^ustrfan'fbrces to stem the tide of
Cossacks in..tKeir;:passage to: the,East. ^''Prus^
sia willvdonbtlesslyf^ , stoht; resistance
Barkerviiks Octi vltih,}180:
lychasiised^'When-Pr^^ is disposed of.
and th e auxi | i a ry forces of 3 the; Czar d riven
back-to .the Russian frontiers, the more seri-
pm struggle -jvill commence. *, The population
of sixty; or seventy millions that Russia \ possesses is not to be.;looked Vat' ih*>compaHson
AyyA yyZyyZA---' ���W���'. :     ., ,,., . . .
/:��� Bnfic0rvjne, ^9tlj Juno, 1867;; /, " *
I .* Clinton: Citjr,   -
fpR^^SUBSC^IBER^'KOR/, MAKTJ5, ^EXH 'ppn^v ^
i ;prlotors of/tho' TwcntyiNIno ^MHe ^use,'I)6u3S     V
;P(*rtJW-hogtovunnouhco -thathavihg/purchas^i^^-;v;���//:
CH��m Hotel; in*)p��r^
excellent.accomnfodatiou-to;the/travblllxssr nuhiu '- f;
. The;^tal?l^^wHl.-h^ajrtlmw-b^welisupplledi aba itf-ffi^ ^,
U--, ��� (    Par will he found th�� choicest liquors^ ���       -  ^ .,-
miixir    ^mpift; stabling,.for animals/and tho'best' of to    - I.
lERS/ constantlyjjuhond.   ^ :/. ;^   :-  ���    - r 7a       '4
r They respectfully, Invite a onH' from tbeir old eoato "
mers^ os well H8 tbo ttvivellln^pubHoEeneivillv^     -  ,    "-
.-. :01inton, B.^, Sept. 17,1867 - >:'������/, {Jt!; SKlXH-iCQ -::; '': 'M
sAs all travell^rsat first Subline / v
,'' Wh ere ?er they see': the ^iairv'St'Sign,: ;;
And IIii(i the Shop lK>tl^clcan,an/!'-''"""
;    An-l iike/tlie.ten.ier audchoapmeat~    i   ���-- 'Vh
'    Wi 11 c:d 1 nj!�� in, a n * Tr-coinmen'i - ' ��      //
' Tlie L\TTON MARKET /to ev dry friend., :' .'   ,;
 mt b'^thoy -H��atiir/n*,'- Turk's.'atTart'lr^,  ...
"They will;.��ot puss tlie"I;YTTON.-MARKET;   ���
���Lytton.eity^B.G.vOct/Iv 1887. ���   J"   " 'r��
������disposal. .Such ..collossal power is terrible to;
���contemplate;bn r.,whether it can withsfnrid-
:the superior lactics arid soldierly address of the
Western, powers, remains to be" seen: if it
should fail, Russia will be crippled for'ever
afterwards. ��� .
:��r tw^:n;J;; T; S(X)TT:: un:V-OHiVRLE^:;McH-'ARJpy^
Austria could afford ,th*e .protection which
these smaller States will be .able to ��� obtain
from Prussia. . The consequence Ssrthat PrVis-
whom can' -Austria'* look: ..for succor against
tbe two .powerful riyals hemming tieiOiri oh
��� :���-.;'��� <af fin or eirlza   ,onrl''i.lmnf.f:���!^....] ���.'!��.. ���:;������'''������'?     ---    ���������*������   ���-
sle> |��er armiesaon; so Anbitiy hard vrotight
battle fields,;desolated her country, and 'desecrated he,r. altars.'. ^Jhe France ihafcbasibut;
',/. latelythe blpodjof one of her most, popular
ons of effecting an:alliance with Austria; ther<*
can be no doubt ;/the,meeting at Salsbnrjr
was only preliminary to -the ��� subsequent "visit
of Napoleoir and Eugenie in Artgnst. showing
an amount of anxiety on the part of France
tp ��� bring about -'the closest relations ywiib
��� Francis Joseph; and to; obliterhte; as far-as
possible the^melancholy reminiscences of the
late /catastrophe/iii '1lf^l<jb;<''-The:;cSnr^of
.the; want of emp'loyrnent. while at "th.e same
..tim e 'we h aye" seen Chinamen . ea mi n g go od
wages ini prociitfn'g and?selHnicr/firewo8d^N6w,
we venture' to say that thev" Celestials/ above
all other men. are-th.'e'mostnnWiiterWnd unfit
f^r^is kind of work, and yet they dofnot fnil
fp inalce/a good living by Vend in 2: their firewood to householders in "town.-at the rate' of
$10 a cord; Why cannot some of our'unem-
plpye^;/rniriers direct' tbeir Attention to this
occupation. ,We^ are sure that a white" man.
let him be ever so great a'novice^ with the
axe, can certainly discount a-Chin a man/and
willal^kys/cp his
wood.* ',We hope to hearnomore grumbling,
'whilejsuch. a chance lies within the reach of
the Idle.;/    -1-'  ^  ^  ��� ���"/'.-    ,    '  '���.   *��� ~
;i$loobZke<p��irs/in Barkerville, is this Uay'cUsSolVed'by
snntual consent. /'; -;./ ���;��,'* - ��� ���< ��y [ y ������ ';, ':' /, -,//��� ,.,;.-
���AA^ybusiness will hereafter be;c;trried b'n by; Charles
'/q t\a ji;,��iii�� Wb/iy
.._.,     ..... .  ��...    ._ in e^s: of.v/tue: liiie^
Grin,5 ;:/;��� -,. yy v;-t. ���.���-'-,/;,/-.: -���/:/ -,, /yyyyyyyy ���;/,". / 4< tyyyy. .-:���>' /y/yy
,   '  ������     :        "    JOHN T; SCOTT,',
-. -A y'   :yr��^A?A'y^'- - !./CHARLES-'MdHARDY;,-:
*& Barkerville/^October9, 1867:; -- !  '   "���
y \"i tn ess ed by Oe.orgt? M un, och. ������   -
.atcthf��.*Expro'ss?GlSc6i-"prfc^ $6 ei<cb. ; .'.,;. ,
//N-B.-^AsaMlmUad ;number,of .Tickets will be |g.
sno^ in excess of^hoseircqulrwl by members of tba        /;
assftciAlion.v:��n ^arlyapplication3h0uld.bemade. >-    ./: -
/^October 7,1867;     ;   '"/,, '/ v,-'-^- :    -��� '/-/Ay 'Z-      -A
McH^)y, who;'i�� t'lnpewereil: to coll'jc
ing ���debts,/ana, will pay/ajf inJebte.ii
fii*.m'���?��� ���'������';;���'���   '������"'',���:"������'���'.'��� ���':���.':''���������-:r,-: ���-;���!���:'-��������� c.v'���'��� '-..Si-''.'-:\ -.-'^���.���'���������.���'.��� .���--'.
iMMfJilUWDimilUHlll>   �������-��� H��W||IF'^.
; ���- ���'���\fyNQT4GE.yrz ?"x - ,\
!: H. ifcBa.ilj.G^il-V Ci>aiujis.sion/f, \iir cting Lhui
buiklieruis shOul/. bu ..erect oii; nndk^f in -repair. IVy/
ihe SiVcral;.,mining   cbrnpani s i-n W.iHiitnm A- meR,'
whichonkr J\vas/ji;atpU..Atb June, 1867,:"If has= oven
.-r^por.te<i'...to'mo" that-tbe t>ulkhku s\t euvj uhWrs;ti,:
.order,* have,npt been pr< p: rJy;k��j>t in .r* p:iir/ atifi "i&*
'nt prfS'-u t in a ��� ti il ipl ��� I atc-.< f ;i n -: n nsai *> ci ��nl,:. i ti *n A I
tljere(gre t'jrt;ct tlhtt. oil such bolkhou<!sbo'IVirtbwiilj:
^repaired,' an<i.inasfe Into u spun . an���< firm ,tVn . iiitjij,
to tb 0 ,sa tisfa cti un < of Thomas s-pv 1 m ? ri j K^.��i*r ai fore.
man.'V-       ' y..,-'  ' G. BREW/  :'
^vS��pt:-,30,lSG7./^// -/-^-v^^^/iGtud-OounniS^iontjiv^:^
��� t V "���'   beLw^en;B;irkvrvine ari<?r Grouse/ Greek. /Or-
,0fiic"S;:: On-.GrousdlCro^'k^-nt 31: Prfig^r's,Store, /la  '   '>J
'��rkervilU%- at W\ F  Horr^a   domicile}��� flsM^n      /f
FFirii// :/.-,,:^.>;://.:'./^; ::M//-./:-://- V&v:^^^^^S^':^^i;^M
July 2o,. 1867;   .
::!���'-., i
Sept.; S0,> 1867.
;& imos.;
Birk' ryill'
tb ii.. in in j rig, conini u nity) an d ;th a pub He gen *jr.i] ly.'
>o/expn>se h��S" been.spared;to render the bouse ail ���-;
ibat^dt/ut 'be desired, for domfnrt^;%n��d convenieacp;;
TheBtr is supplied with'- b complete stock of Wisbb; ,
Liquors; an cL Cigar a. \ ��� . '     ;/" ';
\ 4SK. WKiit- A IRK�� BEC8 *�����* .    0
mnv be ijiV'Va'ta niodcmte charge.     *       E/ORu,
July. 1,1867.- ���    ���  '    8m ,; Froprietrcss,
d 0 :s MO POL I TAN     -    -
RestatTrant  and
-V     ' ' BABKEBViliLB."
���'/���'ffiibpat? cnlied^brvthe. purprs^of t-'tkfnVifhhn
consi*lera tion tbe propriety,. of pu ttinjr up a MTNERS?
iSTOBE,; where goo"s may bo bafI at reasonnh]��. ratvp,
instead of ihe?esorbit:int prje^s chhrgef' rt"w \>v onr
.M^.rcb.'ints.i -Tlie m^.Miiff .-.wilt be boMon RATORDAY
nexf:r26fibiin?t:,.ai Hr.lfiP tst ��?��v'-n O'clock/ ? M-i- 'at
MI��S-:WlLSON'1S.S;lnon; B'rk^rvillf>/ ^  :'
'e;;-,"-'/--'   -BV ORDER OF S32VERAL MINERS,
:;/;��� October'21;. fl867,., :./'   ' "' ���< ^j ������";'��� *'-:��� - ��� . *:.- -*;::'::
Crystal  Palace   SaloGii!
^���".'"v' '.���<- ;-/..-- barkerviujE;      '; \'   A /'
(��� :f "'������:.{; FO.R ,S ALE; ��� ���     ,.-;���
: SiiAi�����:��� "Quantity-:: of PURNrruRfe.
property or a fain i) y 1 pn vi ng tb e cou n try.
.''-. .       -    ,- ��� ALSO^-
A- fl rs t class SA FB, by thsi eel ebrated Tilton & lie ���
Farlan'!/:. ', ' .: ..-,   ���/../'. :''''���"::���.���"
-Apply lor particulars at ���{
���     ��� . '���.-'"������ '���'��� .-."/��� ...;TAYLOR'S:���' ".''
/pct.2i;is67/;    ; ; y^^^,^^f:
':'yyZ'/-NOTICE;' ���':;;::.:v.,/.
\/ b er; -1867; all rn in I nyar- ci n i ms In Ci ri b 00 .. Di�� tr ic fc
will be laid over till tbe 20th -Mnv, 1863.
-,; ./;i'-; -.'���"-.,-::."-; ;���./;,-"���'������.���a'brew, .    ...;,'.- ��� ';"*.-
��. .�� ,V ../, ^'  '"-       ������*���' tfoia-CJoriimissioner.-'
Richfield, 18tb Oct., 1867.
events in:Eiirope^^lw!ntVery;--dlsfc?ridi%.-t6.::3an
; Party/ period wheti diplbraacy ���Iwilljbe^cast
aside, and the; sword made the arbiter of the
ifuture^ domination of the west. -.: Points of in-
ternafeional law are the order :of theday; and
the future conduct of modern warfare.5s'being
eagerly-discussed,.na,'if actual hostilities were
on the point: M:-being commenced^ In .England Jo^h Stuart Mill revived the old question of neutral rights at sea.   Mr. Mill arjsnes^
that England''."being the most po���ifcrfnF.mari-
time nation would ?}&"��� giving away, an -im-
m.ense advantajxa without any equivalent, in
mirrendering the right of seafeh for enemvV
property in-neutral ships at sea.   Although.
by tbe declaration of Paris iri 185fi, she nominally, gave up that point,by ��� declarfng a
neutral flag.as securing the ship and cargo
on which it is. borne.   Lord  Stanley in reply,   deprecated   a  return   to the old svs-
fem1 of unlimited warfare,  on   the ground-    T
���w having subscribed to a treaty we must! ar��ou^- .[yi-
m 00M* by it; it was admitted, however, j eu'pfrt by h^��m. OppenMb��r & Co,
BEam- an2^>unce:vThat: -TiEtE:-above-'-MiE ���'���������:
��� Sivinn i ;��� nstfibliiiuri>:ht/\vill becp-nvi n'-^r SAT1TR.'
DAY. EVENING;.'the/21sf insl-v wh! n nil /Jov -ri.i"* Ur-
V, 1 ig I it 111 n toiti c��:: a rii ��� i hvi ted. ti> c.: ill uh i eii |��jv ; t b bin*
Sl'lVeB.-;���������   ;;-:///;--   ./���'���//':-:  : ,'--���/������ ',, ,     ;        -.,".-  ''.
:Jy   music/A^p paxci\g KVKitr:Kykxrxa/."' ":
' The best i)ranr!s or Wines, Liquors addCicrirs nJ ways
to be -found at, the Bur.' .: *' "���
. ���  Titi'SLrictc'st orJcr.observed.������
Sept.'ID, 1867.  y/y.   . .;'.'.,'
I  noyited bis Establishment;hasre-op^ned the.same ;
Tor Mriv ncconimodatiou' of the Public, and trusts to
in rl tK sbrirft of tbeir patronage.   HisB^kcry has also
un1vr��piK r/p^ir. and bo is; now ready,to execute t
or; I ��rp i rom a 11 * wh 0 wl sh poor! bren f I. "\ ,
'.' /*  JACOB VELTE. Proprietor. / '
i;/.njri<aotu,/l:S67:/ /./.:.y'/i^ //���:x/.^:y-;^-:/;/:i-p;;/ll-s-v,-
In tbA mn��rer-of^tbo-Estate and Elects -of DAVID
WHITFORP, ;Free Miner; lftn. of tho Reid: Claim,
C* f ik 11 ii?:Gu Io! >. decoase��3, iu test ato, /
i"V" alw>v';; Kf.i.iiix .3 ra r��qmred  to pity tho '�������� mounts
mn i its 1111 rf fj b 0 ve estatf ���", ti r- r eq u i r * tf to s'in; i ) a their
ncc,unison or beforo FIRST NOVKMBKR. 1867, to
.'���'���������': . :   ; OlPcisl Administrator.
0=1 to.:l Rich Jl < 1/1, 1st AUKnstv.1867..: /
I   from the Truster^ of the .Info flrru Af Oppm Ivim -r
& Co., ni!  tbeir assets in Oirlhoo ?;nd Yah, R 0
ii er eby in Mm ;j tes. t li a t all a ccoun ts duo to Iho &ai'
firm, must henceforth be pti id to hi in.; ���
'...^'v"' 1u"-Z22y. c; sTRouss.
Bnriccrviilo, Oct. 19.186*7. '       '   ";
aOHMYS AID: '���'"i''
At BTGHT -o'clock, .A." M./IVu-n lsi
���:.-���'������-;���        �����-. .  :.v,':Ni>ViMnl>^r.
��� Tale; Sspt. 19, X867; ���      ''/ '   ' WM "IUVTNG.
In connection "wiilv tbo -fjbovo. C.  Strnuss begs to
ounce thai be hflfi . rproovod to the st-oru kU&jy oc
P Ii 016 g r a p !i i c   A r 11 s t,
il .tt RIOHFIKI.IX ,-
��� ��-M pr jur-'
Car fc��s d e Vi - i t :\ Ti i:��,' * r- d c  P. ikj- r
���  typ��s; l:':i.Lhfr  Hcinr's,   Mil n
��� JI.iu3 ;s, CI lini?, ?no.. Sin;.'} ��� m* 8
Poritt 1 i ts also ta k��n on ��� Wi 1 i to1 SU k.
CiDib. ."���';*
,, Richu*hi, 12tb August, 1B81.
t/> ink--
Py t*ttK Ai^bro.
i>y\) 't,  Vi Wtt  oi"
, r ���n--r.\>pio.
Liiifn or Cotton
03. L. BBIG-GS & Go.,
;   cameronton; ���
Havr^;- ju st ro ce i ved, and offer for Sale*
/ ;" .���' -: ��� CONSISTING'' OF ^~~
B r and y ���M i r tv 11, Hon n essoy, and (HarS Duppy. '' ��� ���; ���.:
Wii\es���P'-rt, ftborry   Bur;amdy, and.Claret; Son.'.,
. t'��m-:':s- Frncb White Wine ; Sanscvaine's Oallr
. fVirni'i W/iit. ��� Wino. ":
Chompa^nos-Bouohe and Napoleon's Cabinet.
Bittors~Tl-��k t's, Sansevalne's, Orango find Hosfcet"
.. ��� t';r'.^ V"��.rjiiouth, Alrscnthe, peppermint a��d ��*Bn2
Wti'J, . ��� ' -   '.'
Old Torn, Gin, and Scotch Whisky.   :���
Al-*o on han'-^oOO callons choice brAnds of Brandy >
Win -p. W'lts: y, Bum, oic.
G. >o ���': s r -c i vr> I on ' Sro&A.OE or Ooxujesiow,
!owi';>f. mt-rk^t ra:o��,
let JdJy. 1S67.
at tbe
2ns1 Flour. ^ Wei took occasion last week to refer to the probable rise/lnHhe price of flonr,  in consequence of the movement inade by  a few speculators in buying: np all1 the wheat  grown by the farmers in the/lower country,  | for the purpose of/control ing the market  priceof our /staple boramodity. vAs wethen  surmisqd, the- price' of fiottr has stealily risen  ever since,.and is se11 ing here to-day at from  ������26 tO: ^30,per 10.0 1 ba^y according rto 'brands:  In fact th ere are none bu t co I onial b rand s in  ������ ;)' market, aiid of theseWeyen; the stock is  very low. /Our, merchants' A have/ certainly-  made a great mistake in npt providing against  / th is; cp ri ti hgeney Jlfe J������ -gbtti ng th eir s to cKa, fro hv  below, when freights were^ conrse  their ahsyver toithis7wi 11.'...undo ub tediy/be that  it was-their desire ta -give a^;preibrence4c^o<  lotiial produce,;of -which Cthere/was an abundance gr own, this season to supply ���������-tb.e whole  colony until next:fall/;but,they now- begin  ,to find howfrail a^ reed the'tomer has been-  to them: in their; extremity^ iri thejl readiness  f with /which he has disposed of eyeFy-poiirid of  |   his grain to iinscrupulo;us/ raonopolists^who!  I   will, by^^.their'thirstkbf/gain, do a greater tn-  man y: ye ara ^J for? we'"Iear ^thev ^^^ml nali on  ��������������������������� daily expressed, /Among miners w hovire J possessed i^o fa tew luindre^d^  will sooner'go ^  | '��������� ab 1 e/ pri cesvioiv th eir prbvisionsy and the, pro-  |-; bability ^is, .when ^once :they leaye/>this place,  1 ihe re is; sm all/c h an ce ? o fctb eifie ver/ rein r h i ni ���������  WILLTAM3 /CREEK...  ;>Ini oiir last, week's /mining report, we were  vain; enough to -con gra tula te o u rsel ves o n tb e  prospect of a continuance of mild open  weather; for ariew; .weeks longer, so/as to/eiv-  ab le miners to;, get out enough ipf the " li I thy  lucre? to proyide/ against their needs,  for th a ' w in te r, .but we are.. so r ry to  say/; all pinrZZ prognostications in tbis  respect have ;/;.come to griel'," for, Jack  Frost;has. made his;uh time 1 y appearahce,/and  put a complete stop to all open;air /mining  operations for the/present/ So severe/were,  tbe^ effects of his 'visit.during/the/last three:  days; that^the water in'the /sluice boxes" wa&  converted Into b^sojid mass of ice.; It is to  be hoped, however that; this soyere.cold spell  will yet/be'succeeded by a thaw* before grim,  winter actually sets;in. He;notice that/the:  owners of the /different;' creek.olai ins in the vi*:  ;ciuity-o������the drain, \yho iivteiid to wash during  ihe winter, are'lnisy setting "and: b ah kiug u pi  their sluices with .earth?- so as'to ensure themselves again6t any tronble, from frost. If. rio:  unforseen/accident ocburs, it is ;more'than  ' probable, ;tfiafc "the/:drain wil 1 be \n /such ah  ^advanced' state\in the .course of another week;  as to- enable/all the yclaims: near/ Barkerville  tto eommehce wbst;"-  y 'Wilson'co. took ' oiit for three days  ing ZfoMr-MGMwen,ycoi tor two anc  days*; work, cleaned up, 84 oz.���������Bronse--.-. co.  had;about (JOoi ior' the^week,-~Elume^co.  have not yet finished '-y as hing up their,.flume,  biitexpect'whW they "get through to .'realize  irora^SSjOQQgt^  washed lip for the week, 40 oz.���������Aurora fCjO:  Thursday,;October lTji-1867.//  Tinio n Jack Co. vs. P. Reid and P. Hick.---  Deiendants to; slip:\y- caiise .why/ they/shpriitf  n6fc^e;ejec^4^  on Grouse creek,/cla,imed ^by ;plaihtiifs. Judg?  m en t-iTho^ defend ant Hlckj to be ejected from  100 feeti the record of the Union Jack co. not  having' expired ��������� oh,the day he took lip* the1  ffrounil. .Befendant Reidiallow^d'to"hold 100.  feet, he havingjre^recorded the same after the:  record of thei plaiiitlffs had- been allowed to;  expire; * x   '' , i(      ,/.,-.'  ["'"      ff '  ,   ':  Fridayi'October 18,1867.  /;; Reid Gov (registered) ;vs: \V*. IXiMoses^-Suit  for $116v'38i- being aihpunt; of as8essments4ue  on one interest in, said ^ompanyp Judgraeri  for^plaintiffs^/'1  '���������    -'   . A: . v _   ��������� , _ ���������/ , y  " 'The TJiussiISpGouT^^h^The/EohEotf  Journal: of M in ing says1:--", The .quantity of  gold produced ih l������64v by private in dustry^ as  well iu the Ural\ moilntairis as in Eastern ' Si-;  /freriav amounted to nineteen tons,<showing-a  ;siigirt falling,offasr  18G3." Theyear^l8H5!: was/one of theimostffaT  voratfe/character, for4he productioh of iRiis^:  agaia.\ >Ye can ill" afford at this time- to, lose had tor. the week '64 oz.���������Raby co. washed.up  any/of ourA';mining; papulation, which is al-J Mnc^ &  ready small/enough;;, "butif < speculators/are  determined tp/put on the . screwsras it ia?v&>.  Ap or ted they jn ten d doing, 'the\y wil r;sbdh have  y a'ly e'r^iimted/ina t&e fcji n| w hieh/tol^d isposej of  ��������������������������� ;��������� 'the i rvwar^;^^e/;wair p$l th e in x toy be wajrf;|; in;  time.:  PtjafoDiCALS.���������^Pacific Medical and Surgical'  ' Journi^-Wehaye; before-us^the"Septembei'  | niimbtu* of this neat^little?monthly magazinei  I which is:^ery^ahly/edited by D of  San Francisco, a hd * publish ed ��������� by the .well  / k n <j w n h ou see f PI. H ;(Bah cr oft <fe Oo., of th a t  y   ���������     ���������'   ,   ',���������' ' CONKLTNrf  GOLCH. /       _ ''"  ; Reid cor washed up for the week 40 02.���������  Jus t-s tritck-i t3cpi 2; W^mM^MZM^^^W  fresco ?i&(\ yn&iMkp;^\iiZm\ipiji'. jastv^eek'r but  expect' to do - well .this "' week, having got  through a spur of high bed-rock.  Mother-useful,  information- relating; to* the r  ''-.<      ,, :    -   EKD'ouLoa,:^-/:-"-/������������������/'���������/'- A-'A'/  / science of-inedicmcv -       '   "_ '   '"     '     I     Dlsooyerv  % place. A To nrod ical:men / this: magazine .c.a-n-1  1 not fail to he of great- service, treating:'as,it  j;-,,floes, on disease's^that are most frequent on  fc: this coast, besldea  containing a -sumriiary of  /   /r- STOUTS; OULCU.-        .. /^ ���������   ,    y  Floyd coi washed put for tlie week 3Q6zyr>  AI turas co. fo r tli e saine pe riod had 107 bzAy  Taftvale co; did not-1 do, so well during last  weekjniconsequence^of l;heir wlveel. having  j'eh/broken by- the'accuraulation':ofIcefe,  been  Jenkitip. coy were doing wel 1 .^Mucho Qro ;cb;  .washed but for the week J2/oz; .   -,  North Pacific, is: piaced beyond -a doubt It  is si tiiated;: i n." I at! hide 2S *deg; ��������� 13 m; north ':  longitude 1^7/deg. 20/mv/wesfc; and is /called  Brooks' Island. ,1 fc is 'designed by tbo United  States government-to use it as a cqalingvsta-  tioh and - depo t 'for/"tho "China and .Japan  steamers.,: i'    -: - ��������� /'.;. ' *    :' ��������� ���������;  / A  ;i (; _    ���������.  V/e learn from Dr. Bell that the sum realized by the late performance'on behalf of the  hospital amounted.to..$.110, from which has to  be-deducted'/tner jhcu  Doctor requests us to /convey the- thanks,-of  the managersHof that institution /to Messrs.  Herm an n, Wi I so n /and the- , o th er ge n fel erne n ���������  who assistedinHhe/performance;/andialso: to  Mr.'Miimlorf'fbr thefr^itseidf his^salooa'^on:  that occasion.     ;  ; / ,l / -     ..   '.  -'    -        ,  Changr. in OppioR; HouRS.-rTThe;Magistrate  and 'Gold; lOprhmissibner annpuhces/that on/  and after ;tjiP first /No^eih^er^exf^ his office;  wi 11 6 ri 1 ylbe- o pen fo r th e ���������: tran s ae tio n o f ��������� pub:'  lie business (ea^h; day between .the -hours of  eleven o'clock. A^M.,Vand three o'clock, P. M.  On Saturdays the hours -will be from eleven*  A.M.; till twelve. M,  '/:'���������:"  y: ;J.ost a s: we; \y ere go i h g:-- to press^ i t was re -  ported thaVtelegra^  sent to;San .Frai\civSCO for ;a: supply; of ;fiour/  wh tch w i 11 be for w jir d ed h ere ��������� wi th outZ. de 1 ay  and sold at reasonable prices, and thatpledges  h ad bee n re ce | ve d fro in ���������. c 6 iisu mers he re n o t  to b u y av poil ti d fro ra ' th e ���������<��������� iriid no p 61 is ts. . We  hail such a movement with pleasure, y  M aon an i mo [ts^- We \ u ii d ers tand th at se v oral  of the store-keepers in this town, notwith-  s ta n ding the p res e n t s ma 11 s to ck. o f fl o u r o n  hand, h a ve been se 11 ing ��������� the b es t Gol den Gate  at 24018.^ lb. during the past week, when  they could have exacted'30c ts. for that article.  Miners' Mkbting.���������We call: the attention of  our readers to an advertisement.in another  column, the object.of which is/to direct public; attention to the. propriety of putting up a  Miners' Store. /This is a; step in tlie right  direction.  Rwpairs on the Rom.���������Mr. T.= Spence left  here onCJriday with a gang of Chinamen, for  the purpose of elxec ti ng. repairs on the wbrst  portions of the vvagon"road between Beaver  Pass and Cottonwood.      ���������  P arti as d es i ro us of ob tai n i n g fil es b f th e  present volume of tlie Sentinel, are informed  that there are a few on hand, which ,may be  ^������d on application st thio oiflce.      . '-  commenced, on/thia gill ch/  v ^������d ItayeVlieen' imable to learn how/the  cl aiins o n Mosquito gu Ich have been paying  last week.      'yZArr   /'../'    - i ���������   ?  .   / "--;-       -y. " / ANTLSU'CRBES.-      '  ":    /  '   The-various claims on .this creek continue  to take out good wages. ;  ���������       - -,. : STKVBN8 -GREEKi-:    '     ; .. . /    ;/  Gallagher co. took but for last week'20 o?.  In cl ti d ed; ia this amount was one n ugge.t  weighing 1 o;:bz^Fiuhie: co; are making, wages:  WOLB;   CRKI3K. y -  '���������-. Two companies are at work on this creek  both ot whoin are making abo ut. wages^ . ���������  CALIFORNIA    CRKliK. ���������'...". /  Ross & Co. are making from $10 to $12 a-  <iay. / Two:other ebinpauies are makihgabpiit  wages.:    >,        ���������/ ...- /  - ;   /  y.        ���������_ i./ /.  y      . CUNNINGHAM; CREEK. '  .: Draper;&Sharp/Gp.,;;who"*now owh;the/ old  Ken tiick :o\ ai m ;��������� iiave co in men bed ��������� c I eahi ug;��������� it p  their ground sluice,; and -are/ iriaking: from  StiO/fco 70/a. day /to the; /iiand.���������SUuitilsh/cb:  a re ihak i ng go o d w ages.������������������Cxyuy & ^ nii t ti:���������;��������� are  ' d oihg well-; i n the / cree k. -~.G reat' E as te rn co.  who bave lopated grounci', above /Draper co.,.  are r unning a tunne 1 i n fco^ih e h ii I.   /  '-. .m'arthurs GtfLcn,."''"';  There are two companies steadily at work  on this gulch w h o ar e m a fc i ng wages. /  LOWIIER,_ OilBEK.  The onlydaims that are taking out pay on  th is c reek; are tho F i rs t C li an ce a n d Ca t a v e r as  companies, the former having taken out 30  os., and the latter 120 oz., for the \veek.  As regards Eastern;Siberia/fthe:production;of  :18o5>exceeded'th'atof 1864 by 2.743 tons, and  that o'f-lSKa^y/XOSH^ons^ ^his - aug^nehta--  -tion, -which- woulu/ -have beefr^greater/ if  ^drbb^ht had; hot offen^Jnterruptetl the^works/:  was'1 the resnlt of works in new bearings.-i-  Western' ^iberiaV'in I860, yielded^ 0:272 ton  m'ore gol (t, ih an was1 ob talned; i n 18 64^ an d aK;  mpst ii^ice; as jhuch; as/what^  1863. '��������� In tlie JJral district:M>pinduction: of  gclldCli a$ h'ktd lyj ch ahged 0 f I ate years, / From  'a n ;ab sen'ce of sta tis tical fi ffyfivt men ts as li'o tlie;  production' of thefSta^yimthe/ITralj.distiibi  an d ?in; Ba'stern Sib eria, ��������� we .can on ly, in occlec.  "to"fbi-rii^an.idea/pf^the1 impbrtance-of its bear-,  ;i iigfy aQ opt as the' nilnimu m,the average pro-"  fdtiction. of former years^thMisJ about; 1J6^0;  tons/fotvthe, Ural-group,��������� abd 2.20.3 tons-; for;  ;Easterii/'Siheria. ,.; The total^ production/of  gold Jn Riissi a was estimated ��������� at nearly 23  ^fcons in 186^-, and :a^little^more than 2Gr tons'  \tiis^yyyy-y\ yyZy^yyZyZyy'- A- "Ay/Z^Z  ... ,'ca���������A*  ^The^ news generally, Is unlmportent.   Wd<  ;     ' /  glean the foilowfhg;'items::;/.>A / ;/^ " ���������   ���������     .   *  The Cbina^^ Overland Mail Reports authori-;     '  tively, denies a report/that th^ Boherae for a/ ��������� ;/  telegraph between Hbngkong; aiut^ Shanghai)  ���������/.  was about.being abandoned.'/ On the con- yyyy  trary;lV states that1 the Yice-Presidont of the  T ' - ��������� ���������  East Indian Teleigraph Company of Ncw.,York ; '��������� ,;  which has/the project in hand, is^ about to oot/yJAn  out for' Gtiinii Mtib th^- view of ^superintend;l / < -   ''  ingth^������ work// The submarine cable is order^;;^,    ,  ed,:and alreaoy some, telegraphic,txpparathai:-.. .  in charge of/two operator^ had arrived: at,,      / /  Hongkong!   , ' ������ ' '     /A .    yyZyAl  The inquest in-^ ��������� yy.'  i n several of the Chintese; being held:' for wj 1-''' . :*,,,  ful"murder.   They were.handed over to ;th<*^ /,,;   ,  Portugese Consnl.ahd conveyed [to/Msbae.. - / ;���������������.,  r The Agameniabn was'undergoing?.repairs ,   c;,  jn AQjp^and would >e/reatlv>rfo^ . ^  a week;., The te'a on.board/was "shipped with v~ '/  a proviso that;if{ she did not make the trip in A?  a specified, time ,ohly the\iordinary' rate oiV'4^  A Mammoth Stber.���������A steer was recently  sent from Oregon to San Francisco, which  weighed 3,800 pounds, and stoo<l sixteen and  a-hal f hands high. Ee was raised an d b red  by Mr. Thos/ Cross, a famous Oregon stock  raiser*  Progress op Photography.���������Mr. EEilsby,  of Liverpool, has, it is said,1 invented a machine by which he can take fifty photographs  simultaneously.  Oil.���������During the past six years. 7.020 oil  wells have been sunk in the United States,  *'i%argk': MAS3E3/bi?/-Native/ SiiSrKif.^The  S wedish/pap;ers: itate ./thatUn the Kon^sberg  silver mine aHbin  .: found/weigh ing: ^00 p 0 uncls/ The;-mines of  Kohgsbefg, in/ l&rway,: Iravb;preV;.ibt^ly/afforded nninerous magnificent .specimeDs^of  native jpilye'r* '��������� ��������� One' '^specimen from these"  mines, ;now in the royal collection at Gopen^  hagenf weigh s. up wards of oOO; pounds,',' -; Two'  masses were obtainedyisbme twelve or fifteen'  years ago, which weighed severally 2oS and.  43fJ .pounds.' A specimen % of -native silver  was once taken from tfie Eatopilas minesx  Mexico, which .weighed 400 .pounds;,, /Che  largest specimenV ever foiind, however; was  fro m th e min es of H-n an tay a, i n S on th er n.  Peru. r This most magniGeen������ 0^all specimens  of native. silver weighed eighteeu; hundred  pounds I���������M. &S. Press. / .     yy[  y The Reign 01? Terror in Spain.���������A letter  from Madrid says : Sad indeed is the spectar  cle now offered to the foreigner who visits  Spam.;/.The roll of:mus;ketry/daily./telis ^tiii  people that some more of their compatriots  have fai len before the avenging buUetS; of the  soldiery. We are so acc\istb me.d to this -hi dr  i;ous noise that it scarcely now^ excites any  more attention than the daily disappearance  of oiir fell0 w-citizehs; wiio are /hurried ;p1f An  the bead of thb nigh;t/��������� and/ the absolute /decimation of the garrison ; 6ince Narvaez^finds  it nece^sary to arrest sergean ts and ;cp rporals'  and ensigns and-cap tains-in WoviyZ reginieht,  and to transfer, them; to/distant, garrisonsi  wh e re they s 6 w the see d of d isco n te nt and  serve to i he re as������/ tb e gen e i*al -troub 1 e. . Ye t.  despite this displacement of the popniation  an d th ei r freq 110 n b d ep 0 rta ti 0 n i u 1 arge h ate li es  the Saladero prison is ��������������������������� fi 1 led to, 0verflqwing.  I n th e c 0 in ing, re vo 1 u tio n ��������� f0 r coin 0 it mu s t  ���������the m 0 lis te V k n p ws he h as o n 1 y so me m ea  0f the Guai'da civil on  w!i0rn  ho  can pkce  .paymehts'/. .....,,   abandoned ii;as,hating a tendency, Jo, throw',-' <.��������� /  .business into the .hands 'of ;naiive merchantKi ���������/     ��������� -y  '_ -, Henry- McNeil^ ca -  'ship QubehJ of the b(  cbatbirig;at;-flbngkbha; ...���������������������������^, _. ��������� ... V;V..,,,_,,,,.,,,.. .  The opium,hulk, John Adams, was sold' to ' , K/A  ^he^rh^#i;C-dverbment!rfo  used as quarters/for,the Water Police of th������  Colony.    r,       ,  ,(       '   ,. - ���������   ,     ' '  yyyyy/yy/Z, ���������////--:��������� i:/,/:/'>/j/cnA.js,-/.rv/^^/-::: /-//^/ri'-//^^/^-*^/-.//^ '/���������'���������;: ���������,-^ /- ^z"/^///"; / ���������'-  *!*&* >'&&&".  names 0f their m031 suspected spldiery, and  wi th th e i n fo rmati on that, no reliance can b e  placed, on any of tho troops. The revolution  willnot be so much political as social; its  first impulse will be the overthrow-.of the ex-  is ti n g go v e hi m en t. which will i n all p rob ab i r.  iity."carry with.it 'that of the present tenant  of RoyarPalaces. Yet this .illustrious personage remains at San Jldefonso, shut lip in  meas'i 1 re loss con ten fc/' con fid i ng in Se no r Mar-  forr's assurances that all will.go well and end  well.. Senor'Marfori. the new minister is ih  hti������b favor now���������as high in favor as; his pre-  decessor once stood. 'The Gaceta denies that  and . el e vea and; a-h x If ni i it i 0 ri s 0 f b ar rels 0 F   j; h e ro It as b ee r^  any  00 as p i r ��������� 1 c y  ag ai nst- th e  crude oil produced.  The "Express will be due this afternoon-  Queen's life, though the fact is one of public  notoriety/'  'r"-.'.*^'..-^������~,:������^������������M' yif~y*r*  '    1' 1    J   I  tlie circumstances (batXavne led- to. these/nu- ,     ''/ ', '  merous proofs of hostility, and as to who and'        '  \  what are the perpetrators;. of;i/tUem, must/ bu  removed." : ' J (   ,  A boat race came off. at Tokahama August ��������� J   \*'  14th.  .There were eight competitors and very;  , _/   '. -  good time was made". The Baiilyi Ca.pt. Mpr-'  ris, came out ahead.-.    ������      ... '      ���������',������������������,* 1A~  August 15th; the second great holiday: of ���������."       ,  the new year, was^kept by/the, Japanese. Tha' -   y /  occasion is.dedicated to the manes of' decease   -��������� --���������;-'-"  ed ��������� friends, ��������� an d wh ere possible the graves; ar������ -  >;  visited, and flowers, rice; and other. oiferingB,   y\r.   :  are.left there.    Iti the evening there were  ,���������^   ���������'/  illuminations. &ci  .,, -t. ������������������        - ' ���������   ������������������ ���������"  "August l?th; as-Tbbmas Williams 'and [$&<;/}��������� A'.y  Bichnbll were^riving;in ;tb Yeddo.from: YoKa-.. ��������� ': "    .  hatha,two concealed ineur rushed put upon.' ;.       ' /  ithera' an d aimed/a blow' atone of the, two; -'���������  This was fortunately parried, when; Mr. Sich- ��������� * ?  hell fired upon the rascal,'hitting, him in the v / '  breast.   He, however,1 succeeded in getting;  oif,/but was subsequently captured;   'Theiyea//-;,-"'. A  abound in Yokaliama, and burglaries are of    '    vi  .  almost nightly occurrence.   /,    . ;.���������  /   ./   ������������������.",   ������������������  The fete of the Emperor /Napoleon was.//       ,/.  celebrated- .'in: Yok ah am a/ with considerable" ;; / /������������������������������������ .-///  spirit Augiist 16th.. Salutes were fired -and'    ' -.  ���������Te Deum; was sung^ while thebancl belonging yZZ/yZ/Z  to We war ship Guerrere played Par tan t pourvV Ay/  laSyrie.--'   '���������*��������� ���������   ��������� ���������-->.-���������   -��������� '-   - -."..- -'���������-.'  "������������������*  ; r:\The: Japan JJeral^  posed^vithdrawal Of British troops from / Ja-/; / /���������--;/;/-.  pan/and insists that; not/only would Britishf;?.    ���������; /  interestsbe injured, but -the-: lives/ of:: British Ai / -//���������'>-..;  and other foreign residents would be 'jedpar? -'//;������������������  dizedw      ;���������'���������       '���������:'���������' '..-: .-"./A-1 A.-���������--/��������� y-A/~/r'"- ��������� -��������� ,=/':���������-  A serious affray occurred at Japanese Town/  August 1st   A number of the Ty coon's; sol-/: :������������������> '"��������� ���������/'  diers went into an eel shop and took a lot- of  / ������������������':��������� /  things without paying for them,  \ The owner  complained to the police .authorities and the  offenders were arrested, and , put- into: ]'&%/  This exasperated the military, who made an :  attack on the jail and reieased- their, comrades  The-affair caused niucli excitement.    .:.,./ ;/.  Gold Mimng Ak EnTxUnd.���������The gold mines  of Wales..which a few years since were of  considerable promise, have recently^become  almost entirely.nnremunerative, /But two of  these mines produced any gold in 18&6, the '  Vigra and Clagob, aiid the Oastell Oarn Doch������ -  an? Both of these mines only yielded in the  aggregate 1,200 ounces of. gold i-:  Thk iron sand of New Zealand is attracting considerable attention in England, and a  new company has been formed to/ work'iU.  It is intended to convert this ore, which j*  verv abundant in that country, into p?g lsw$i  mamaammam yy y,i>?-y yy  >^@;i������;  * *,/././:  '.^\!>>  iyAyyyy  /   vBxoi3^  ���������' a; group of eight raitiesnakes; says /an Eng-  :v ���������  lish papery which fodibepnllandefl at iiver-  y    pool, was purchased by William .Manders,  i     and,^were^exhibited\by that" gentleman ..it  y ���������': Northampton. / As the ^ox in, wliich   the  ../.      snakes 'had- boon brought, over was;tb/Ja cer-^  tain extent unsafe, MrJ Handera had a. stout  ,, case expressly, manufactured^for/tlieir, ire'cep-  >     t  tion.;  The keeper who, attends'the reptile de*  partment of the menagerie; pnt a large pari  ,.    on the coke fire* which  stood in the centre of  Abe menagerie;/ During'the;time;the pari was  .   heating he proceeded with hi:.i work, and at  ,length:he took the case containing, the rattle-  anakes out - d th & I >o ������  ,i.id commenced - clean-  v..:  ., ingAbei-.exterfor, :WhiieLbe was sor ��������� JeniWed  ���������   the sprinp latch of the door at'theside^bf'We  case became detached: and theldoor dropped  j/.^^bwn.:   s^thlB/mbm^tfie'^ateria  the pan  / /boiled overhand the-keeper/rushed to the  ��������� fire.tbreiDOve^the pan, incautiously leaving'  . open, ;-the"' door " of the rattlesnake case,'  "On  - -��������� -bis retimi'4������resume:Avork-lie^saw th'atr otrebf  y the,largest of the 'snakes had escaped from  1' the case and was peering abouft/hiesirig* in/a  t terrible manner andshaking Its rattle.,. The  /   wflraed:hiS'CompanioD;-'A panic seized 4he  inan, and* with the greatest diffieulty.atf'.eldfiv*  ,, Ay mm������������������ named. Frank "Godfry/ prevailed on  / / ].mm$/i������fiihymAQ -remairriia tlie/fe^elikurW ana  endeaypui . to   recapture/the fearful'reptile.-  ". t>rmJjBgMem5e������vesiwlth shbv.eis7forks,' sera-'  pers, and'brbom������; th'< keepers  AAei   dh *i������-  ^Efktion'.;*^  ; , shake.������>The reptile during these' preparations  .; remained'.perfectly qufcfc r^fe'bfthetapprbacli  ., *f the-keepers leisurely proceeded up tlie  ,    centra A tile epclostTre, hissing  fearfully all  ,,the/time,   -M die^uoG fi|,p^ to notice m* of  / ^ ; <he, occupants . ofM-he^numerobs cages" aiid  cl j������p sit al ifMmeAo Uw caraykii isouttirSor  ;���������  the ��������� bona's&us/a spieces   ot buffalo���������;an   ioiT  y inense *iu>inl, weighing no^ords of two tons.  /   Oa arrlyipl'opposite this ca? avail the rattle  snake pau&������d foi * juom^, and ���������'hcu made a  spring, fastened 'on th'e bonassris, and bit It in  ,   theleft'*.DfbRtri!i    The reptile then  let  go   m  . '' grip and.shakiri i \ - rattle   gilded through* rih  /   opte'qinfg\befcwee������������ wo of tta carai ���������Am. wherr  /; ;/|o,m,e: oj^fcMand^ a"  v   cart with straw.)l %o -tbis  cart Hras attached'  ��������� eae^pf the finest liorses^belonging to'Mr Man-  .'-fier'a.e.Tteriijiye-sbd.^TheTaklesnake'^fasteh-  - Q&'onyia/ off fetlock of the horse/ which ���������> immediately reared, .-and   plunged  to such  an  BOTSsaBSfflffltsaassas  -NEW^������^  >'.-'���������        Druggist,  BA;pKERVILJ-,E.  HAS qONSTANTI^Y ON/ HAND A CHOICK SE-  iGction of/DRtrGS/iiSD Patexjt Medicines, includ-  ing-th^/colfibmtpd^ golden/ Balsiira,1 had Jfurph.v's  lfixtur?i, Tor. tlie complete cure '."ofSecondary Syphilis.  ;'Alspa/'^r^tC\^riet^|of VSareapariilas/ Hair Brush os,;  ^wih; Brush (?$5>Comh?^  SpapSy Iaibin!s Extracts, Rose Water and - other P<?r-  ;fun^Hes������Garden Se^s^&c^J&c?    .'���������'.   -.-������������������������������������..  7/Just recelvoflUh assortment ef Stationery, Pocket  J^s^p^f^i867,;att^>BilIi^tv1^hlea;rticles.   '  P/ S^Prescriptions carefully compounded.:    1-s  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  FOSTER^ OF   LILLOOET,  A  fZ"   '���������   ' &HEMIST.   ....       ���������- ":--"  'A&:;3rORvSi������Epnii' constantly on hand.  r ^av;w;oH. ais|orted;Stockt:o^Brugi3^:hll :thcrChcmichIs  as������4.;Jby;wP!iysfcla^  ^f>phanlcs. / Also'thO'popular Patent/Moilic'ines, and  .D..ruir,2j^ts?;pun^rte^.-.., .���������,'���������������������������',������������������' y^y.,,^.^^...--,-s.���������^.  f ^c^prts^vCrubi ble^i/ fefflesiCCupels,v iiigot������Moulds,  .etc^:etci/,H"v".->^J .,-/���������    .>���������./',./.--" -���������  PRESCRIPnOSS  FAITHFCLLY'PR.EPAREP.' '     "  :���������/:,-/   '"'A;/!.}/ y ;-'. I-/--;-.'������;p. w0/foster,  "������ial-'    '  >��������� . ',      '' ��������� -'"    Chemist '  ���������  ^^IiBl^D^fiTIS^^EN^  B^FJATVHIv^ > BOITCrliAS, '���������' fiu ce'essor; to' A.  C.  ......  WErX^pAPDtEAN-D^HARvj-sgMikpr. Ynlp,   B   C.  ���������^T������8STril'Comjp!������to assdrtmeii:t Of Stock cohstrin't 1 v"on  Hand:i-i/Vf'-"-',M''/*''���������' y<: ���������'*>.; :yry^ ,.-:   ^ * ���������  Front Street, Yale,  B.  $jnM' '.y-'' '-  VJCTORSA SEED STORE  Comer of Langley Alley and Yates St.  MESSRS. JAY & BALES      ;  Have opened the .above premises with a large  /.".:/:;:- and well assorted Stock :  -'' ' ��������� OF ������������������  FRESH AGBIGIIlllIBiX,: VEGETABLE"  ���������'������������������������������������     AND FLOWEk SEEDS./  The business of the iate lirin of Jay & Co.; Fort St.,  n.hiI SprlhaiiM<l.. V \irsery, will be carried on l>y tb era  iri.nll.itJ?,branches'./ ���������.-',' /  Fruit Tree? and Bullies, Evercrreeri and Deciduous  Shrubs, Bulbs and'Flowering plants of cv'erv descrip-  M������"-    ;\ /";- -^^.1-ls :  house;  :.;    GOVERNMENT-STREET,.'VICTORIA.,,   /  /WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL.  yy J; K TURNER &  IMI*OUTKKS  OP   ���������������������������������������������/';/  English & French Silks. Shawls, Dresses. Un  .'  derclotlilng, Glove?, rind every description of  Prm'������ry t������oo^fc '���������=���������'���������' "./::  .Roc.pivoron:ul'ir-uppli������s*hy Express via Panama and  by p:iiliner v������ssel<5 via 0-������po Hftrn.  ,i|fap:Parilrui;ir.nupj]iMn������i <rive������. to;'ill er tiers  " London- Firm���������,r. p. fc vs-alt & Co. . :..'��������� i.s  ���������S^  WILLIAM   McWHA,  LYTTON CITY, B. C,     '  Begs to inform the public generally tbathofaaa  STABLE & COEALL/ACCOMODATIOH  ; ; On his premises for upwards of 200 Horses ������  Hay and Oats for Sale cheap  ���������GOOD-SADDLE.-HQRSES ������OU HIRE    '  ...;    -      -."���������'      TERMS   MODERATE.   /' j^;���������  ;   c. e; kombrgt^  /;    BOSTON ;BAR, B, C./  /vTholosnle/and Retail- Merchant in.     ;  GROCERIES AND PRO VIS JOfVS  . IJQUORS, DRV GOODS, CLOTHING, *o. js /  I  <   - !  -.-��������� ROUSE.  TS OPENT FOR THE - ACCO)IMODATIOK OF rnk  .1 Travelling pnbHc; the bedrooms are spacious anS'  I nlry nh.',' th<* Bet's ct'nnnt- bo surpassed for cjeanf'ncps  njv* comfort by any In tbo lower count rv: thc.Taldo t.  nhvnyc.cnpplien with the best of victuals, "Stnbllnr  frr Horp-s: Hay, .Qnt.s and Barley'constantly, on hand  HOTEL DE FRANCE,  GHvern-mkStStreet, VxcTr-RiAi V. I;/.  KGS TO ANK"0rj   CE to tbe inhnhitnnts nfCiribon  Jh'at.;h^1n\tnni--?s'-'to'/orward':'fa.s.sbon-:as"      stato-o'  the .Roads will  permit),    n lf������rge nnd  wnll  n.������?orfe-'  -stock of Coo^r *7 Fto^ r b   ^/iu^  he ?ilf rtfspose^of nt  :Pjricfs to Porr ra-y Traits.     \Ai     '    h^-.i>  -Yale..0tb Ap<il/18G/ , 3  ft������4l  f-;.y;>..: .  'FIREPROOF. W ARERQ.US B V  PARTIES DEXTROUS orsliippinpr 'freight WiT?r"Di^  'i . PATfH v ill fin-i it lo tUeii 11 rontiige by giving ���������������������  fTcailbufo^cfii^m^j eke^ijer.  < ���������     --   ���������  ' ' .   ALWAS- &  BAILEY.  v Yale, April 8fcb, 1867. ' "    -"!>   "  fTHI? HOUSRIs si.tiiaicfi 20 miles from Quesuelmbath  ������������������I; Tbe proprietor? bavln.e lately' flttorl up bcdniomB  ;m/i je'oofl Bc.'s are now prepareV3:toafibr<l every nccom;  mo-^'tirn fortraveJiCTs; -thoTable iR.furnisbofi with all'  thp luxuries tbatxin be.procurer] j tbe Bar Is well eim.  '   '-31  ;  ft, could moye'away it was-crosherl tb ��������� pieces'  ��������� Keneath Hhf, hmytl' Uie Iioree^ which iiW]  in  /;fearful agoB)To/Mean whi 1 e ihe b oh assrts^ was  Ulneuch ail infuriated -condition -that the doors  of its den had to ise put up and securely .bolt-  ���������tl &,ad goorHy cdtur v&������\ls it died.   ��������� <    '  ^ h ' i������������������..,.��������� .��������� ,. y ^-: ^   '  THE |x|SI|l^|������| IHE B^E  -/ They-pky-M. afi'ame in-France-in  which  , certain merab.ers'of a companv'are concealed  ������.jn,th,the exception of their eyes. ��������� Everything  is hidden except ihe , 70 itself/arid then it' w  the business, of the. rest of'the company to'  f identify the   .oncenled  persons-'simply ^y  their eyes. , One who had plavcd at this>ame  told.me that.the difficulty, of such  ideritinca-  tionja incredibly great, and-tbat he himself  /ivas unable 4o, find out lis'own wife: when  thus,concealed. ' -   ���������  '-���������; ���������   ������������������       *-  On one'occasion a lady celebrated-for her  Je^^fc and especiall^djsHri^uished/by' het  fine eyes? ia JDnehessexde 3Vf- V was drawn  /in to engage in -ibis pastime, there beihjr" o.nlv  one person hidden .beside-herself, and'this an  ^Irl g^ntlemanr not celebrated .for his eyes:  ifoe^irwasduly*concealed and bandaged  :.-^������ with -nothing but their "eyes visible, and  :ft?5^e -persen^a lady���������who was- to declare  J������"Fn9,m ft������ respectivo eyes belonged. ��������� was  sJ"trpd.nced,- Without a^momerit^ '*hesita'tidh;  ^^a^edup^fcraight to where/the old  tteraan was placed and exclaimed;^'  " Ah, there, is no one; but tne ' Diicbesse de  M~~ a who ,;can boast of such eyes as these/  .      W. H. Sutton,   /���������'  EALER/IN", Win*fh, LTQ00R8-Ai'D^Cigars/ Coal Oil.  Coal OU La~npcy kc.^ ////;/     -    /       /-,      ���������,     ...  I AG^lsTT MM Tyjjyy/vmA Mim I  .JjCJIiES. RITSFF,. C- jnnssio.v Mitrchant,  Roval  fJ.-.-Hotr'l BmPliiijr,; Wimrf str-ot Victoria, V. I. /(i;���������������''/  Y\   CLEAt^S  Cfprr  E use- axd  Rb>tai-raxt;  ay- Govrnm-^nt Street'. Violofi^ V. I. Tin?- is- ti.v-  jcbeapast; mO?t���������comfortable, ������n<i best attended Estaif-  .Ushm^nt in iho f"i;y  . The BAR is./al iv-iys siippi j o������i  wi th  the cb oi c?-s t or  m rvEs, LrQVORs;:?n/' Cu/ahs/ --        ']>������.':'���������'  ���������A .' ������������������FRAMKEIj'. Vidoria: V/I.; D^i rin^rkV  r\ . Skiys��������� H1 dps,.Woo-.kc    Jt\h'--ra\ i���������'v. nc-.^iti-.^���������  on Fare c:>n.������ ur ri:v'.    R ������������������������������������r.nc     ^' ^  IvirtBrnp.' Vie tori a--'-.'v. I*.  ; /.  , .;,-:. CAKE-LA:HACHE;-- ���������'  p   F./TrALTRRC; formerly-of the 04 Milk Horse"  I .   linvin-r purchased tbis R-inch,. i������ now prfpnr^ :  f 0 n cr^-mo- ??'.tv.;Mre traveling public with GOOD MEAI5  ��������������������������� u" -B EDS a t mod era t e: ra t������8; -. ^:. ; :���������   '  i;0    -.  ;/'.'/':/: I  -' - A  Gl' Su:ro:&..(.,o,-.-.It 'm-i  .   ;i-s.  / -Tn BblP. krid half Bbls.  Ynln; April IStli, ISC7.        ' -   '  1-s  Storage and ForwardingT  , ,   ' YALE, B. C. 2  A^IEB^tra^/^i)S/BY THE YAtE-LYT-  ,TON;:Ro;cTg, a res advise d.that/  > I -' - ' . KIMBALL & GLADWIN','   ' - ��������� //:/  v/^Haye ere^tert/an^teusiye,Storpbo������F5e and Tf^ck at  i-y������le������A*n?iarO pjepared, t<J.Receive,:Store, nnd Forw;ir���������'.  Gr^b(1.v /Goods repacked/anU freigbts engaged at tlio  Lowest Rates.   ��������� .������*'-'��������������������������� ��������� ���������    -���������-..-  ^^irtie5^h|pp^g;^o^ibrb^^    us will please^ ninrk  to tbe caro of , - * .  , ������������������  '1'8.," , .>        y    -:       ��������� KIMBALL ^GLADWIN.  VA1ST' V/mKLE^STORE.  fpMJTtvbpRaja^EnijiiKs'to inform-the' miners and  ;1 residents in :&arnundV������D V?inUlp,tbat bewill in fu-  stn.r^kcj^p^^ii'gsoi-t'e.fl-srhMrG.dQ.n:STOiGiCoii ban', an���������'���������  ]Tf>p>??::))y.clo^e;-ottention-tO���������'���������..business, and bv scJlini;  nt JjQWKR /RATES tban;bereiOfbre,; to meet tbe pa-  itcpnage of all. y     , \ ...  Orders from,outlaying creeks accomjianiefl with tbo  CASHj5 will be Jfortorded witb- promptness and dispatch., '-,'.-" '-   ������������������     ,-.-..  //^g^ Terms CASH, without: distinct inn  ::' ' 1"s ,   ,.'        ,/   J. w:: lindhard.   ���������  . U..   CIGAR?; TOBACC0v'M-vrslr.ium Pife, &c , S K  corner;of Yate? an. \ WS?;irrsir.^et. Victoria    ���������-.        s  -    ..;.'Messrs. .^qr^v/all's. ;- ���������*���������'   '";  ���������A T THIS. WELL. KNWX HOUSE, half.wavbetwrr0  "V.yp^nc/^- nri-^eaud Cnntoni;on the Yple Rnut������--- ���������  V  Crock'.:  WATSON, Wfltohm^ket,  ,Tewr-l<>r    ,^  ? >��������� a nd Knstrav<?r. Gov^m 1������^h t s t ree t, n*���������>x t /7> ���������  tothost. Kichohs Houd, Victom, V. I. r?.f ���������������������������'  h  ������������������ f-i  A  GRKAT REDUCTtOK bas beenmad^In tbocbarges  J1  at tliis eststblishmeotv so r������s to suit tbe times.  Meats. $1; Beds, 76-Cents..-, 'yy'/.  McLEESE & SKNAY,V  ictors." '!  ������������������":i-i ���������:'  L<'   MALLANOAINX COLLECTOR   AXD  GRNKRAI  -/. AGRVT. Giveramr'nt SlroV.t. Vict������Ti:>. V. I.    1..$.'  AII,Y rnrV^VirvirT/y- ������������BRITT-H COLO 1ST  Van /VICTORIA CHRONTCLK." ��������� Or!<T������ for 'rv:'il  snpr .;oitb"r t������V? D -i!y ������r W |c}v i^u-soi' rho rti^v- t.-  any p'.rtof Euivp s tb/MJuite Statpc.G-.n-!-^. An*������r ������-���������  Ii'r,;&c ��������� left nt tius oftlc-' or s-nt to Vir.f. ri 1 will h -  >tt.;-n 'e/l to. Tbr'ms in a 'vnc-. ^-WKKk-'Y, 12a;^  witlj Postal', ������7 50 ; Crno?/. 'o.; $4 75 D irv V>  mos do., $23 ;-6mos'Jo., ������������i2 50 ' ���������- '    ���������"  OUR    COFFEE,  npTWEKN YALE AND LYTTON, B. C.  TRAVELLERS will find every accommodation at this  ������  -Hot'di   ExcellentCopkinfr./GfJon  BEDS.  ���������    STABLTKG FOR. HORSES. -:":'/;  TIMOTHT HAY; and OATS at, Lowest, Rates.  v.:-'/'." .   .    BOOTHROVD  BRO'S,/  I*s : : ''      '.'-Proprietors.;. .....  ���������. I  ARE   FORWARDING  gen-  ?7  ; iShehadfliade^the choice^ahd Mwte the  wrongvoae,:^ - ^ 1/', y' "'/. y > ���������, -: ���������;  /     BLUE   TENT,  , " _ 0R-~   -..   /' .-'-:  $:������92Z$M;i$2Z&iJ s e .  /'   ..WE  FIEST  oach.Cke? J������TilJS':of from two t0 ^cnty-nv-e pr.un'is-  1-s  WIL30X k MURRAY,-  F������rli������lr.v't; Victoria.  The manner of advertising forra:-hiisban din  "J^is by.placing :an/ empty^: flower-pot/ori  m fioptjoo^ropf, :which; isas rniicti^ as: to sav;  ���������A2A^n^n^&^-yiyM^iW<h6iM  wan^d.^a;������^hat v Hays':-a?  :5'5s as;inucji/as to say/that ^^   "     -  ^^^^���������J^^J* respects pM 'a^e  chicken-- m������ stl^5 M^with a pair of: old  say  hiisband  says a/--morose/-.b,achelpr;  vv 1 iSQ W"uiBXi^itihv-.  JTHE,.fC^Ei^dy^^Y^fl PURCHASED THI*  I ..d.esi ra b 1 e ��������� prop p r tr, is ho\v Pro pi r? d to Vn ceo inrrio-  fl ������ato ;th 0 travel 1) n^:p'ubl ic. Th 0 ti b te is siippl i ed wi tb  the very bos t of viands,: ,Th o: bed room s a n ���������''. bod s n re  as comfor t able as gouId ,be/d esired, and tb������* BAR con -  tains notb ing bu fc. tbe 'best bra mis .of. LIQUORS and,  ; A good Mock of,Gram and Hav ahvav������ on %n*������'"    '''  ;. 3rci:aiiyr 1867. ;  / / :    3... "  .;- .... 5V. iWRTGHT.  in & CO.  IMPORTERS OF ENGLISH .VERCHADIZR  WllO|-ipT|n .:���������, 1   R������|.���������n,  Jusonjp HnH Goverriaient SireMVictorm.    lis  The  Bonaparte. Hotise,  qEMLEN & PARKE, .Proprietors, at the  ^ Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is-  now op'.n I v. r / tli r a nconi in od a t ion. of.��������� 1110 p u bl i c. : Dis-.  tniicofrom Clinton, 26 miles; Jrom Savahas Steam boat  L-m -inj*, 22 mib*s;  from Spptica.'s Bridge, SO'miles.   ���������.  Travollc'r.*; will Dud 'prices and accommodation? to suit  tbe times.   Give them a cajl.   Stabling, Hay k Grain;  iUkiuive iiositors.     Stages  leave hero regularly for--  Ynlo, und Cariboo- '    / "/ Is  VIOTOIIIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  Gariboo.  ������,^ ft���������;^������Kir ��������� paper.:"'  ,A^ A A^  OASAiyiAiroU-b^trs.Teave to state' thot lm  ... b}isrem.oyed.!)j5.$lock ofGoo Is conKifitinp- ofGn^-1  OfcK'rFS,' & p., from \V1 ta r f.- /street to tbo b rick Bu i I! i n "���������  on" "Vj^te? street;. a;ijoining' Cowper?s Boot gfcore, opnal-  site.vyrdl.^FMr^o^: Co./.-���������-' 'V     -      '  ���������He; will sell bis/Goods by Wholesale. at; the lowt-st  rates, forcrtsli. ���������   ���������.',,������������������������������������:'.:���������"'���������{.���������������������������'' ....-���������..:.. '��������� f*������'-';  - ���������'     - ��������� ������������������     ;   ���������������������������   -:-     ���������   - ��������� ��������� ��������� ,- x,n  l^lfiLIAK;^ donler/in DkOgsV MkdT  y!-. t.. .cr.vEs'.������n.d. Chemicat. s. Fmiicv. a n'' T- d Is; t A r tiol- ������>  Sponges. ���������Brnsbfls;i-R.>rfumerivV-.&c. P.hysici'in^' Prescriptions, cara fu I ly oompon nd e d and orders a n "worvl  with care and disp':itcb.'  .Victoria,'.V I I s' :  A. W.PIPER  ./������������������     aOKFEWlO^H////  :    Government Streoi, opp ,������fto the Thealr������" "  Free Port for Ever ^  E THE UNDERSIGNED. TAKE'��������� pl.a.ure^in an-  n^unoin^to onr.nuiirina^  cu=tnm.-rs a'n" ^o  public, tiiMt wovlll supply riu>m witl. r;!" b^di?r<EA'H  UAV.miB^.rs( u\y rr-o) ov,.r oir r;v in B. ar  ������"At our-ohj SUirid, GuvL'rmivm!. St., VioV������ri'-t v 1 ���������  ��������� lia"'        ���������  -.���������������������������'    ''/"..  AVBlJi;  :r  .& CQ.7S  rjHHJAP .'Stoa-e.-- LADIES1 and GEXT-P OA^T ovv  j \J aoVWm bought an ! srd*t    B '  j Guns, Pistols, &G-, for gale;. '"���������  er      ������S)r Gtm<tnm cm t Bt-re������& opj������osl ts tb 6 Tb ea tr e<  CHARITY A- BUTLRR.  J. C. BEEOY.  COMMISSrON &,.FORWARDTNO AGENT.  WTfLZVAV   PARTICULAR; AtfRXflOX' TO   PF:  '.'   I "Of 1 n er, pu rco j< s i ng .or-ft  upp-r cf-an l ry.  Jorw:r- ioir Gooi's fbr if.,  T n E UNDERSJGVBp., IS  NOW;. PRE^ARBX>:;Tp ���������������  a    a n������ >rd (,'Vi-ry- accom mof! a tion to the travel 1 i ng pub-:.  110;-.;������nd bop >������ ,b v ft 8t.rlct' a tion tion to ��������� business,'.' to  m nt a Mutvy nt tbe patronage bestowed on the former* '  pr-priidors,   T1 is is one of tbe most comfortable anrf ,  on n 11 n 0 ���������' ] i u f. Ho te | s on tb e road, con ta i h i n g as i t does  w; 1 rm :��������� n���������'��������� w ]] furhisbed bod rooms wlib pood beds. '  To ��������� TA Ti LP: i? suppii od wi th 'ever v delicn cy i t \ is pos*  siid ��������� to pn euro in tho uppor country.   The BAR Js ,  ^..okM! with the, best of Liquors; and tbo choicest.  Cigars.- ��������� - ;> ��������� ;   . -., .-���������       ������������������������������������������������������ 'l;- 1. '���������:���������:'.���������i, ..  ���������   m~ MEAI>S,   $1 60 :EACH.-������" ///!  Tb0 s t < b 1 i ng for jjorses is all lb at cou) d be desircd^ /_  t������ u 1 two cb -a nr*-s a re ver v.:. m on era tp, : "Hay for Horses.,,  p;r /.������y, $'2 '���������; p. ;t^ and "Barley at the cheapest markoi/;  l-if^'S .     ,     '/���������"'������������������.      .'*���������'/���������       ���������      ������������������/.. -*'-.-.    ;��������� '  Tbf .uiT'^rpipn'od' bas a largo 'quantity of .OAT HAV..;.  f 1 u 11 an.;, for sa I e i n I a rge or sm all q 11 an ti ties.'  ���������':���������"'���������������������������.        JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  M  1-s  BOSTON   BAR,  International   Hotel.  :)  ���������couflnand Watciit-s,  Is  a n y cmn ra M fi (>n on r.rustoii to Ii is ea r������  prompt, atr^nli']). '''  hSj,^;5"*^-"'*  - Victoria,.'aprjj, im?<    ���������.>.-���������  will rf'cdv!'  T/A?,rrt, T.  1-  rPHTSWELL lOTO^VX'HODSE is now open for tra-  ���������-'���������������������������.. v. 1 ].-r.--1 rf\t=: T;-,i>iv; is supplio'd as ��������� formerly ��������� wltb  J' ���������"��������� 11"s 1.1.1rr m:' r^ nf. aft^rfIs, and the '��������� Cookiatf' ennnot  b ' "xr II ���������: t: - B*iri* stocked witb tbe finest Li-  IQP KS^.-n   CiG.Tid.   GOOD BEPS.  WH/I/IAM 0HARTKRS::  2-s prt^rftfof*  s������  \


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