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 #���������  <A  =1-8  Vol; 2;  rty POETRY. "- ���������-���������'.~^.,,~^,  [The following Hues, written by the late Mr. John A.  Fraser, whose untimely death in the early part of. last  year^was ;de������ply regretteUtby * widecircle* of,friends  li nd .ac'qua iiitances;o& t#icr.e<ik,;, were;handed to us by  one of his most intimate friends, and are now published as much f^i^th^jrown jjmerltas tor: the respect we  :��������� hear the memory 'oft th e deceased! Tfie siitijept of these  lines only ������00' clearly^ illustirates'the melancholy turnto  whicli the thoughts.oft the author,; were^: directed after  enduring .a series;of;(iis'aippointinents in the pursuit of  tliatmost precarious of all vocations,.gold mining;---  ei)..sbn.3a:. y;y:������sj^r^- TJ,���������-.-���������. -'.v.:  Barkerville, wniiams Creek,B. C��������� .ThTirsday, Octobtf 18, 1866:  ���������,;   Oh! let the soul its* slumbers break,  V-^Arouse; its senses :and .fcwfckty.&'j"; :& i/ZZZ  :.; '-y^ti H^^ee''how';spon-^-->--J;'i^ yy ���������    ���������  Lifeiin ifcs ;gio'ries'^Hdeiii���������'���������awfty,,l;,���������  2 Aud j the^stern footsteps of decay,  "��������� I; ?:" '-������$ '��������� 'wfCb^-stealing oh.' -J''.// '   u .1  V And. while, we view ihe:rolling tide y  Down which "our flowing minutes glide  ��������� -������������������ .-^Let��������� us :ths present h0U������employ ^i&W-. ���������:'���������"���������  .-.,../,..-  .... ,'Airea%: pasts; ;:--: ������-;-,y-: - -'���������=- ������������������������:��������� ? -  ..'    ������������������' '.':.      'f"?$H$"f������r~lt S-"���������*'���������'��������� -V- iT"** ^iSf'^r-''     ^"35"'���������   "-'V'*:. '  Let-no' vain hope? deceive the mind, l  iMA ;u\lJ/aTn-morrpw than to-day;    . ���������   ;,(  Our goldendrearas Qf lypr^were bright,  Like them the present shall delight.  ��������� ���������,.������������������������ -.���������..;'i Lake.them ?decay.*  m���������*���������s*- .'*.r>-  Our liyesJike hashing stream^musibeV  That into oneengulphihg sea ^ *? ^  .; -^y/\^\ Are;doomed to.iall^., v?;.,:;v^>s  The1 sea of Delth"wfeerwa^3}r6ll6n  '  : l <)JeTkmganikingdoni>icrowa;and:throne^  ���������   :_ ' ft -^'A*And swallQWvalL f ^ ra^v /���������  Alike the river?s lordly-tide,     ^' r; ������������������   ;  ��������� Alike the humble rivulet's glide  . ^ yy / T6.,that ���������sa'd wave, p \ (;;: -��������� /"  Be^itf levels"poverty 4ad,pride- * '  '  And rich and pobr 'sleep side by side .  '". ���������;    '/ Within .the-grayei// ''y y-y [  Our birth is but a;startihg^placef ~  r*  Life is1 the fanning of the racej  ��������� . 5 , v:0And/death the goal; k .,'"-.  There all our glittering toj^s are bought^  That^ath^ alone of ^1 un^ghy^ - -'  '"7   ^****TfWa^*tt%tiL "'/:'   "  1    Z  ! ;See;then how poor^^and1 little'wortli    ' ^  Are all those glittering toys'-of earth    ���������  .y~y,   ������ ������ That lure.us here;"1...:-1=1 Z.Z !  >;.'].; 3)teams;pf a sleep; that .death must-break^  Alas!   before it bids us.wake  \ .We'Vlis^pear;JZ:'���������:" *'.���������'���������������������������.';:-'. Z ���������-,���������  ^Long'ere theMamp of earth ean^blight'v  ^The cfieejis giire glo w Of red, and white:  ���������������������������\s  2 Z      Has passed away; .,/������������������. v ^  Youth smiled and all was heavenly fair; i  Age came and laid his finger there, -  Zy ^\J ���������.-'������������������J 'Ahd^ where arethey?^^: /'"'/Z.,  ^a*10^ got inquiries instituted, aMtheresult  19 lound to oe that a large; quantity of black  ram similar.to,theScottish fell, and blackened  rW^riht^  not .only., m Jinfl^gliam;itself\ZMfa rural  pla^es^anymilesclfetant ^uhafected^bysbbl;  ^M ?fe ^^ve'n^mawaru^of iihatio^rh;  T? :JM? ^'^wn; '���������:Jhdwe^ej!;:'.,D0^,w6^,sMsvyfei  armed ^-any/jqlcanic ^nlbursC" although;  J^ng from what; has takeu'place iu Be btland;  a probability exists' tliat some volcano tias'be^h:  in^;Btate;;of;Tactiw^  whether it be heard of orhot ''M 2 '���������'.'?'-''/':  rTHE-lCoJfDrrioN^bi? InBiANi^The,TJublin  correspondent; of the .,��������� 'Tiinel5'?says :1^";The  spirit of content: reigns���������"���������'every where in.' Irer  land: at the' present time^'Various causes have  contributbd^to; produce!.this!happy;state 'of  things���������chiefly the prospect of a���������;most ��������� abundant harvest, and the alhtost entire;exemjptioii:  'of the.cattle plague.;'^The excitement ji^fodu;^  ;e]l'by Fehiahismhasfo  -crime is at the lowest ebb:" In' seveM cbun-  ties^urihg theVassizes' the judges'"haveTebeiv-  .ed white)gMWs. havin^had;no.crimihaFbus^  .aesiJMWMi^ibsfo^  |belieye, beeniii- any. of;thebounties' V single^  case of agrarian ���������outrage;t'pr^combination of  any;kind. Tn a commercialpdint of view tlie  siateVof the country is most satisfactory; ��������� Not  a]single Irish bank has been seriously aflected  by the' late monetary ^crisis. 1 It^is'hotsurprisr  ing that4he folder \ banks-lwhich 'have; been;  longjay itig yery; nighfciiencls^ Buciras tlie]  Provincial' thfefRpyalvtMis Ka&hal;'��������� and -the*  Belfast' Banks(. should^' bave; ���������passed, wimout  difficulty thrdii^h the ordeal'rwhmh 'has' prpv-!  ed soiatal io' Ia%ees tablishments inEhgland;  but the wonder is tliat';sdnie of the/ smaller  and'youngjer; Irish banks^ have'hot succumbed  or been shaken." 1 *' ,_"<   ' rO     ' :' ��������� "'���������   !It  wi  H:.  y  d?m.y  ���������w.  Tk& Cariboo \'Seirtma^  ��������� '' Jjgpi I -WEE Kfi Y^^iBEM^J: y:  P^&WlhSEvEKY:; M6xbATt;kxb 'MMmi&xl  /f?y     '    '   ��������� ���������__������������������   ;*     ��������� f:,;,',���������.::'  ���������\^1JAN; &.-LAMBERT; ttnatitomp ���������!'  v.jU y Subscription,' $ I per 'week,*" ", ���������J   ���������  '(Includingcost,of delivery*l^yabie*to taCariier:  s  BANKSprPRESSES/Vfcc, 2%  immtm  ���������/  Z   -BARKERXiLiiE,    , '   .1,  ( r ���������";; ���������, ���������);>;. ':,:', ' ��������� t ( DEALER .IN, ,t, (/ -tt   ;\ C-  . I ^  ������������������ i..V-i  1  ���������*iM  , CAEPENTERS^S;MINERS^ TOOLS," "  . ..;,.,;������������������������������������;-..iv 1 j- ��������� 1 *' y.!-\.y.f. =*:,-;,-;>'������?^T-''*?���������'.'��������� "L-'.'-r'-?,!'.:'.' ���������!���������?'"''������������������������;v.--;*.'.'.V;'*'!.''^'^  ',!'  ^Csf  wwi^mmMMZiyz  ?Anip;:o^fcap;;,:I^l^i  ;^  ,   '       ' (With' Bo>^ .-,) ��������� ttorease.; - sI PW*^ /   ~ -  ���������:-��������� ,;���������::/-. s/:<:M^-ry>.': - -1,-^ -v ., ������������������^Jyy,  .'l DRAraS^SSUEDm^ -     s    p',    :  '; i. -' IN VASj^plFp������ iSLASD;r 7. ~ ��������� | ^" ���������   ft-  lP^,.^*������>r"  'NEW'WESTMrijSTE:  ^ !-/^CT0Rr^;; .A:yy  ^jraH-OOLlQIBJ^;  tmi^e.%^alev:m6uth: DE'hx;  1/r;  *������&������&  .'i^^QARIBOO;'!  '.i;;Vf>rjr  tOTO)ER;:'FUBB;' &4 &;  (^ ~.M:.^tV  iiiso;  ST ATI  ?EfRSy:  -"l^y  y  7R-  < Thr UsivBRSAi Practice "of'Imixing: Chicory ���������/and  btheraMlteratiyo  ed In public ostimatlon, wttat ought .-tQybe������tiie -niost  ddiciousof Beverage^j So effectuauyrhave tuopubljc  beeadruggW  ties have been;loatsighto^i.a'ncl iiany 'prefer&;Ua6kj  and ��������� tlijfeb: infusion; to a:: difink ricfi iri'spi ri t^^d^roma^  {^ngr^.asjfltthftiass^eou^e^  iaoondensing'[thb^vapb'rs��������� 'eBracted'-TromvtUe berry in  rbasting, ;>-liquor is -bbtained;: of,Hhe.. most ���������nauseous.  tastej andof ii seen t'thc-mosi unbearabTe.-;; 'trader such-  circumstances. iti.is^.evidently importantXtHat.all.,the.  gases and fl aid's ex tracted by .roasting' sliouldjb e caW  ried off as quickly.as:pdssible, in order to prevent their  returning again to.the Coffee, which is the case in the  confined cylinder.    This object:^ admirably accomplished by the new and patent "Conical:Coffee Roaster"  as used. by FELL^CO-^Yictbria; in which the berry  is directly exposed to- the radiated beat, and ^he.^ipor  extracted carried .'off instantaneously, .;��������� In addition to  the advantage, to b.e;' deriyeciliy. the rapid "removal -pf;  the steam containing the objectionable- properties, j the  pure aroma^oi' the Coffee is retained, the. essential oil  being preserved 'arid-riot exhausted *as; in,-the. Cylinder  Roaster, where tho Coilee is required to remain a much  lonfeer time in consequence of the steaming: it;under-,  Where is the strengththat spurned decay 1^ goes by the coufiriect steam,j^  ������������������ m.: ���������- 41.:".:. in ���������������������������: i. :^Ri!.^i! lm^^ l-.: it - s~ ���������-' a ���������* -> ble; to retain the qualiti es or arrest the detenorati on 01  Coffee when ground..   The: heat engendered by the pro  ^daiipis/P^arcy &t'^Q6.r  1" .    , -y  * >. BARKERVILLE,-:' /���������    2. *;: .<:���������  Have Just received a choice; selection'of'; '��������� "':  CASlllRpW'COOKIN^  Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin Plate and'Sheet Iron,  LT'. with -vari6us .other ��������� articles- in- the(rTm'ssof telle.,- U  '���������%g~ Aty$Qp bins -in.' thcTin^ Sheot|lroa^teoppe^  Zinc^trad^attended;to,;aud warranted to, giVjOisatisfac-.  tiom *" i//:/ -   .'   ,. /,;   ..,.^/-\y,.^y  '. '" '" J. S;'THOMPSON, PiiESli>MT.;    ". \ \\Z,  ���������':��������� JAMES ANDERSON,,ViOB-pRBSlDES'T.   '.';"���������.,.  QUES^Efc  IN:i*THffiKrTEi> STATES'/' f  yy&&am<$^0^^  \y;ON fHE'^KS&TREiL^lN' CANAnA.  ^ "v., X  Slpntrcnl, TQrqiitO|;..SSKxvK^m  :: ;, ��������� N Stoa,J Col7purffjJMovil 1 e^Brfln'tiord:  Brocl - \V '  ��������� ���������: -,   ..yii^^Vadtby;terh(ln?,OU!}.wM?.r,uelph1B"1   ,   :      ,  - ���������-������������������ ( Goder!chi--ftattbr-!1iFIcf>.n,Perth/    h '���������"   '''���������'/ '   1  ���������i'  ,   .  ,     -   -   ;|irthe'B;iii*dflIdntrW. l  H    "   '  ICOFliEli^LIinffii)/'' '  ON  OS    ON IRELAND���������  -:;.l'.':te?T3-'^i*i=  ^?Jvr"inVft-';'  **/i>ff������y,j.f.  43'  yosSYi  3llectftd;;arf  rancisco and1  VCURRENT^CCGl  ;l^|t}tlu;in^|^"Hun|  ij^Bilis" Discounted",  on' Great Britain,"  chased.   jA-,  ,,;��������� ^  ';^Government and^&UT^c^Jtlos roc^ivodMor.^ate:  custody; Interests^ft2splvulcads collecLec.'.,  ,  "lMp;EAE8lipuw  m  m  ��������� iRfeivcd'on B(ipb',  uj^i;  . GAJilJxDuBTi:S|9M  ���������>!SBril'.'l8'6"e.^  ������/:  J^^^.C^^ f.:  ^Thefsten Ahat roved; sot lightiahd .gay..? i  ���������'" ���������r v; ^ TKe hearty-^lythe tohe'T  /Z  The strength is gone/ thel step:is slow,  ; And joys grow wearisome, .and woe.,;  '������������������'.:., y , -i,Wheii age conies on.  BlIck Rain in SQOTLANn.Tf A-heavy ifall of  Mack rain' took p lace; in June, neari Aberdeen,  Scotland. 3The;Aberdeen 'Journal, says;r The  black rain showers,.which-are;-no^;s^ well  known iu.: Scotland^ ;and, abbut which''-the inhabitants ot; a part of'. Aberdeenshire are: in  the way of speaking with no greater astonishment when one of them.falls'frpm ja rjeculiar-  ly colored Vhirk''cloudj.^Iackemng materials1  opposed (10 it, thaw they speak; of a white  shower from a snowy cloudy have been at last  recogniied'in. E&glandf. .Bfttweeft;,theVbegih?  ning:of. January, 1862, and the middle of January, 18;o6y there have been no fewer -than  eight authenticated black showers in Scotland.  Seven of these fell in Siams;, and the exten-  sive-surrouhding district..  Two of them were  accompanied with pumice'stones, somepf the  balls of-which ^measured, eight to,, ten.. inches  in diameter, and weighed upwards of a pound  avoirdupois. . ,The^ first .four. Juclnding the  Carluke shower, and;the eighth were contemporaneous' with:.the outbursts of Vesuvius, and  fto intermediate throe 'with those> of Etua.  But iibw, through'"the" instrumentality of the  liev. Mr. Riist/of Siams,. who was the first to  draw general attention to the Scottish showers,  it has been discovered, that England, gets her  share likewise of black showers, although she  did not think that she was so .-'distinguished.  Gu Hay. 3rd of the present year"(1366'); at. 11  a. m., anda^ain at ^p.-,m., tliejtown of ������nn-  1Qgham and the surrounding country were for  three:quarters of an hour each time .enveloped  vifch bladk clouds^, producing darkness arid  raiu. vAccidents.teokjplace in.the streets,; ye-  aicles were upset, and gas 'had to be lighted,  at some of. the crossings, and- nearly- in all  Places of busiiiess... Rust,' writing' for infor-  JOHN^MacLARE^,^:!  fDR W.-.B. WILKINSON,. WDirectors.  ���������3Qm'.AtiMKty'yy':yyy):  1  john;bowron;:  Sbor^tary & Librarj'an.��������� ������������������'  cess of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action in the elementary parts whiclvgradually destroys  its :fltness for drink. '..But to.retain, the essential oil  which it contains we have ifrencasediutiiis containing  from! lb to2S lbs.' and'which can;b'e had from any pi  tborospectable dealers;/ Wc:can conudently recommend  those who have hitherto been obliged- to refrain from  taking Coffee on account of its ill elfects that they may  use our CWee,:roasted in the Conical Roaster,, being re-  coirimendeddiyall medical men under whose^otice^ it  ha?been brought, arid bynumcrous^ther testimonials  eoffee; Merchants,������Yates St., Victoria ;  in its favor.  BASX'B'RVIL-fiiB: (; .:  mwir'nwnfeRsiGNED beg to inform their friends and  aCSS������1tT&NDOKP!& CO.. the oldest������t������tM  THIS INSTITUTION at present contains; abqut 500  volumes of C lioico Li teniture,consisting.of Religious,  Scientific; 'Historical, and Poetical works, and'worjes of  Fiction.  . . '. ��������� .   .-." .-: **'''. ,,,'r '"' v-  =' Worcester's Lorge Pictorial Dictionary,-JJrcft Diction-'  ary of the Arts, Alanufaclures and Mines.i Lippcricott's  Pronouncing GuzCtteer of :th'e*:World, and Homan?s .Cyclopedia Of Continerce will always be kept in th'crdpm  for;reference,���������-.-.r.:   ~fy .!A]/'*/'-^y\J[//'>'->* 'y^y^j/'iiii  The Reading Room will be, found pupplied ;with tho  latest English.,- Sco'ttish,.Canadian, Aincricun,;andjCploy  nial Papers and Magizines. ��������� ���������-    ..-     ������������������.' - :..        .:���������-,.-'  Terms of, ^Subsoription���������So per quarter; .or���������* $2 per  mouth..;;: Single volumes Loaned to non-subscribers ;at  50 cts. per volume, with SI deposit.-,,;..., ���������;: '���������':i.y.i/A ~) -  Persons not,- siibscri.bcrs;-. visitiug :the.. :Re'ading��������� Room.  and making use of tlib'Bpoks.andPap'ers will bcchargV  ed'25 cts for each visit. 1 ^--    . [.;:��������� ���������'' ���������'".   ���������>''������!  <y'  ; jajap.Tlie.-Robin wlll/bo- open from ;10>vm.:.till.10 pttn.���������;  I; ;   :>:". yy ;;    Z vjohnbowron, ;. i  'l.k'?17.. ./��������� .:.;.,. \r:.Secretrary���������andXibrari/in^ ;;.  x-iiO  ESTABLISHEO������ISf;18������6;  -.)B^i;iiJpi5iOT-.:-7,-ST^HELB^^  .; DRAFTS ISSUED onjLondon;uj^ Workman Fraul  'Cisco, CuriboOj Omada^NowBMUfewick,{!;v6Va Bcotia^  and on all theiJ3rancheS;0������vtho; Rational -Bank^ofyScdt t  land and Provinciai Bank of Ireland. r ,,;... ,-.' ... \,  ���������:������������������������������������������������������ i: r.  \--.  ;..������������������;....��������� :t. 1  ;v������   vj?\-    ../.4<.,t. > .^V..'i I y- y,s; -.:";;.���������  v, Bills; of, Exchange ^and .Gold- Piirchased.;.,  Intores fc, on Special ;Deposits;of Monby alloyed fatthe  te)bf 'a quai-Xeroi\'6n<i ;p4vlo^iiV^]^o^^2yyy/yy-  lit.  m!  BARKERVILLE BREWERY.  ra    JOT,.. .  ' Gold Dust- Alelted ���������' and Assayed,'and rot urn's made  withiix'24 hours in Coin or Bars.J' '��������� ? ��������� ''* *' '- ���������  . .Oresi of everv, description carefully Assayocl; > > *��������� "���������:  N. B. T-Mxy. instructions as to the disposal ot .the pro-  coeds of ,ttold:I)ust ibrwa^ded :to,tlio,jOifice.in Vrcturia  ibr UVssay will bfe caretully attend nd to. V ���������   "/**. *    ' ,:"  ; ^ictorm^i:I;,^ril.;18l>6:i;;;".������:"'  ,'iiiii  .  m  v&  BARKEllvniLE135<r  Barkerville, g?pt. 26th, 1868. 4;^  WILLIAMS   CREEK  STEAM SAW MILL  mHE UNDERSIGNED, LUMBER j���������*^^  T to-inform xhe lat������Mi^^an.M^^WW���������J  Creek that {^tovunowj ,/orMink Gulcb above  MILL,, lpoatod. at ^X.tarine one thousand feet  pu\^PF at 'ny pointon the wagon road, t  friends/will kindly gvo to������na c^^ & ^^   ,  s Creek, Aug. 37thim.    _ -,f  ���������:.:-;'\,;::';':\Bi;c;HiFiE.Lp./':'- '"';<-���������"������������������'������������������  PATRICK  KIR WIN, Pbop?r. U j  fest;Biiliard Tables on the^^CreelqtheLiquom  i   and Cigars arc of tho finest quality, 9.  ; E. C. GILLETTE,  MINING- SUHVEYGR,  (DAMBRONTOW.V.  HODQEWS,  t  BARKERVILLE���������Adjoining the Express Ofllco.  WILLIAM  WINNAHI),     ,.  BLACKSMITH,  '".   BARKERVIL.LE.  SOLOMON   BROS.,  EO TO INJfoKM" THEIR CARIBOO. FRIENDS that  they have removed to tlio two-story brick budding  hbrmerfy the Enta  (da's Hotel  keep on it and a iar#  FURBISHING GOODS,  any housfi in town.  'J  thi r Boys ";whv:a.they come du'^n.  have removed to tlio two-story on ok ouiwmg  ' the Enterprise Sidoon) opposite the St. Niciir'  ol, Government Street, Victoria. Tuey will  hand a largu askiirtmentof CLOTHING and  ' 03, which tiiey will sell as low as  They respsctfiilly soiicita call from  OpkcE ,HoyR9,vi 10; a; in}, tit6Z}i"������;pimij&&k  Satordays,, .���������? - 10 a. m.,   to * 4- p. &*:���������'>' y*  ^J? No business transacted onSuudays.    ���������'-/ ;  .   ! '-  .   '< J'-'" ' /..-': itOBERT'BURRELL,7"  .-.  ���������;.  -���������'.v,-.'   - vl'���������,'".���������' ���������-.- 'ii y'ii^ .' i'i    Manager.'  j'Zlst July, 1866.:- ������������������ ���������;-.^,,;_,. . ^; -_; t     -;��������� _ ,23  r Ho if for Opposition! \  ,00'b  TUt "UNDERSIGNED-has well appointed STAGES\m  ! the road froni'Soda Creek? to.Yale, winch ������re guar-  iintcod. to make EASTER TIMEf.than any other line;'  He has brought down lares to ������40, aim the public ought  to "see that is their own interest tov support and iriu'iu-  tain a cheap and efficient opposition.  The OPPOSITION STAGE will leave Soda Creek Tor'  Yale every Thursday morning, or after the arrival of  the steamer'Enterprise', until further notice. .:  ,esr.Fare, $40..', '\yi'r;:'!. .:;.";'.:���������'.";.: '-.';  ,.':': ��������� '���������-   *" *'-xi      JACOB DA VIS..  ��������� Soda Creek, 5thSept.. 1886.   ���������-������������������     "���������-���������   v    - 37 .- ,.-:  BARNARD'S ,        ^  GABIBOO. ATO.mG/Jte'lEXF^S,:  Connecting at Lillboet 1 and Yale wi th' DIETZ k  .   NELSON'S for New Westminster ���������&- Victoriii-"  -  W' ILL ��������� ARRIVE AND .'DEPART from the' oflica ln!  Barkerville, to connect with.thf. steam er'.^En-.-  te'rprise" at Quesnelmouth, find tbo STAGES at Soda  Creek, EVERY WEEK, conveying Tit.asokb. Lotteks  anil Valuables for alt parte of the world ���������;'.' A'lho, "Com*  missions received .'md forwanled by 'Express :h-r th?i  collrctionof Notes, Bills.and tho piindw***���������/���������ro'rflel'%  to be obtained, at New Westminster, Victoria, San.i^B.  Ois'co or en route j and returns made with dispatch,  ". ��������� JOHN' B. LOVELY,   ,  ���������1-S     s -'.���������:.:���������'���������;.:     I*: Ajfftllt, ��������� Eiirkervi'lsJ.   ':;  1|  ���������^ s  WillianU  ,Tr.*r W HN***^*,'^~*1^  111 ii.i.iiiwitaiiiwgBWHgWMBiaMaaBZBaMBMtBBSg  ^���������s- Agents for the "Carilbck SentineL"   ;  -';%-      "���������     m< -'        '.-.������������������--"'������������������*���������' -f: ������������������-*������������������ *   \��������� v *   MftWb'a  Yale' ���������;��������� '������������������ Mr. Evans,, v, do  Lillooot,' : F. W: Foster, ��������� do  New Westminster, '   -      -   . ���������,; -���������  Victoria,  do  ,..    . .      <}0 ...  Clarkson & Co.  f E.: Mallaadatne;  l^lLyne.  ' .  -X'  ;-.   TO ADVERTISERS.   '.',-,,- '  The Cariboo;:^niWei,Sj8>^?^9d/^?^:'^0-^1-,g!  in j Thursday. , Advertise ments intended for insertion  must be-delivered at latest at 6 o'clock, p. m,, tttc day  before publication.- -\- -.'..i j-. -'-':- ;.������'..'������������������ ��������� ":. " ������������������ : ��������� :  ���������'f'J8������* All-Advertisements (not;Inserted for any definite  period) .will b# continued until ordered out and charged  : for accordingly.   .     '  -v:  :*[/���������/ / ;       .     .';. ���������-������������������ ".  -  --.,  tTHE CARIBOO SENTINEL  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1866.  NOTICE TO dUR SUBSCRIBERS.  w;  ��������� As the last'number of the semi-weekly Sen-  . TrxEL, for.this season, wilLappear on tbe 29th  'Inst., we would take it ^as a favor if persons  indebted to.this office for subscriptions or ad-;  vertisements, would call and settle before that  "   '^ate^ ; . .���������j.A.::.'Z:;M-:.::/[Z.i"VJ: ''��������� '��������� ���������'; '-"2.'-������������������"..- '.'/���������;:  We- have great' pleasure in announcing to  \our friends ahdVubscribers that we have been  ...induced lol^^  paper j from and afl^rthe ls&November next,  twice, a month;'throughoutjbe winter,and as  it wM bei an experimcntiepr before tried in  .; so rigpgous^a regto^  that^our^effo^^^ read-  :'''-m^^^^^r|^aV^su^^.-';. 'yy--yZy  influence.: of a once comfortable home.-. We  picture.; to ourselves the grey-haired sire, who  tells you that he has a son at the Cariboo  mines, and that when he returns the farm or  the workshop shall be given to him, in order  that in his1 old age he may rest from his toil.  Alas! poor old man, you will never see him  more.   The fond mother, who boasts of her  boy that he will be a comfort to her in her  declining years when he comes back, how little do you think, poor mother, that he lies in  an unhallowed grave, placed there by sffiinger  hands, without one sympathising tearvl; His  brothers and sisters, who look forward to the  day of his return to the bosom of his family  as an event on which there will be universal  rejoicing, long will ye wait for the letter that  will convey the glad tidings, the bloody hand  of the.assassin has laid him low, and his voice  will never more be heard under tbo;oldroof  tree.:. There are .many extraordinary:circumstances connected with this foul deed that we  refrain from adverting to as premature at this  stage of the investigation, but which will be  made public when the law has taken its proper  course. That vengeance sure and unfailing will  reach the miscreant that perpetrated the crime,  we do not for a moment doubt, the progress  of human law may be slow, but it is inevitable; slow and unfailing as it is, it is not more  sure than the judgment that will follow at the  hands of; a more unerring and more just judge  in another world, where circumstautial evidence is hot required, and the eye of the Ali-  geoing-ha^te  tending this heartless crime, may He who alone  can see any. palliating circumstances have  mercy on the slayer.- :���������#.-���������;  to Napoleon to acknowledge the French debt,  if he succeeded in gaining footing on Mexican  soil. Large quantities of arms and supplies.  have reached the Mexican frontier for Juarez  army at Monterey and other places.  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT..   .  %i  ^���������4  y^:  MURDgR  w  TELEGRAPHIC.  What a sensation of horfcJr. this word'produces; the mind at'once "presentsi'to the mental vision an.endless train of foul' crimes: that  can only be resuscitated by:this most terrible'  of words. Homicide has nlaoy phases, and  in some-of-theui-it admits of some;little extenuation, but the cold-bloodedVdeliberate murder can only be perpetrated ^ a wretch lost  * to all human feeling, and M������ whom humanity cah.haye.no sympathy;^hii'itrialis;listened  he slip through the mesheS; of the law, and  when brought out at:the*place'-.of execution]  his fall at the drop and.his subsequent convul-.|  sions are hailed with a sort of fiendish delight  such as might be felt when we have succeeded  in destroying, a venomous reptile.. * There are  certain namby-pamby sentimentalists in this  world'that would abolish capital punishment:  extreme of absurdity!  We, his'injurcd follow  creatures', are required to employ a man, that  might be more usefully employed, to ��������� watjeh  this human abortion whose,hands are still red  with the heart's blood of his victim; we are  required to pamper the wretch with the best  of food���������food that would preserve helpless  widows and starving children from perishing;  we are required to keep this loathsome creature in idleness, to work for nim,arid send a  clergyman to his cell to comfort and console  him and to assure him that he is as certain of  salvation as the poor, honest, hard-working  man whose life he so ruthlessly took away for  the sake of a few paltry dollars.   Away with  6\ich trash.   If the. iniuds of the dwellers in  old settlements become diseased to. the extent  of sympathising with such foul iniquity, we  ought to be thankful that we are in a new  country where:hard work keeps the -mind in a  healthy, state.; iThe ;crime of murder is so well  understood, even in tbe most uncivilized" portions of the; ��������� worl d,: th at none ''but ;:a; black-'  hearted brute would raise his band to take a  fellow creatures life,; while in'his sane senses.  In such a case what mercy does, he deserve ?  None I  none I he has outraged and set at  nought the most sacred of human laws, and  has ;forfeited. the right of association with  what were; ere the committal of the crime, his  fellow men.  We; have had occasion to animadvert on the  administration of civil law by Chief Justice  Begbie, tut we have never found: fault with  his practice in criminal law; in fact��������� lifts well  understood that it is owing to his unswerving  application of .the law that we are blessed  with our comparative' freedom from crime in  this country. We sincerelv trust that should  any alteration take place under the hew Administration, that Judge Begbib wilt be at least  retained as the head of -criminal jurisprudence  in these Colonies; ," ��������� .  'The remains of the young man found near  Mwards- establishes two facta ; rfirst, that he  has been the v-ietim of a cold-blooded and deliberate, murder, and second, that although a  miner by occupation, he had unquestionably  sprung from respectable parents, as the trifles  found-idt the vicinity of the remains, and recognized as" belonging to himrp.lainly demonstrate. There was, for -instaheeV-4he silver  pencil-case (probably-a-preserit-irtjnvsome  dear friend), his watch/etb:;*all*deh*otine: the  (Special; Dispatch to the Cariboo Sentinel).  New York, Oct. 6tb.^The New York-'Times'  to-day comes out distinctly for Governor Fen-  ton aud the regular republican nominees, and  says the Democrats deserve and will receive  a severe drubbing. .       . .       ���������'--���������._. .   .yyy  Reports of the famine in India are; confirmed, arid especially in regard to Caluctta.  : New. York, Oct, 7th.���������The, steamer George  Crowell, from New. Orleans, arrived tp:day,  having on board the crew and passengers of  the steamer Daniel Webster, and also thecrew  of the schooner Minnehaha, the Webster was  bound from this port for Mobile and encountered'heavy gales causing her ^6 founder^. '������������������  T New York, Oct 8th.���������Commodore Stockton  died last night about 10 o'clock. '���������' ���������'���������"������������������ ; v v  'Farther* Point, Oct. 8th.--rThe Hiberhia passed here With dates to Sept. 28th. The Lord  Mayor of London has determined to entertain  the promoters and layers of the Atlantic "Cable at a grand banquet at the Mansion House  early in November.  The infant daugh.er of Tom Thumb died iu  Norwich, Sept 26th, of i nMamatiou of the throat  London, Oct. 6th.���������By the! treaty between  Italy and; Austria the former acquires the Venetian frontier, while' the latter assumes the  debt of thirty-five million florins. A complete  armistice has been accorded by Italy to- all  political prisoners.  Trieste, Oct 7th.���������The insurrectionary movement among Cretans is spreading rapidly. The  Cabinet of the Porte talk of ceasing relations  with Greece altogether.  ' Berlin, Oct. 7th.���������The Patent taking possession of the recent Kingdom of Hanover  was promulgated by the Government yesterday...      '  San Francisco, Octr6th.���������Private telegrams  quote gold in New York yesterday at 149������,  and at loaning h ^ cent ^ day. With such a  rate of interest at the metropolis of the country: all tliatoan be spared from pther sources  will of course seek.that market.;'"; The demand  here is quite active and likely to continue So.  San Francisco, :0ct. 7th.^-A telegram; received yesterday by Aldrich. Merril & Co,,  states that a new screw steamer, the Idaho,  had made her trial trip successfully, and having returned to Bath, Maine, left on Friday last  for California.. The Idaho, is to run in the  Anchor line between this city and Portland  alternately with the Montana. The Idaho is  a larger and more roomy vessel than the Montana and has better passenger accommodation  than that vessel.  (Before W. G. Cox, Esq.)  Monday, 15th Oct., 1866,  Miner?s*Drain Co. vs. Hit or Miss Co.; Geo.  Jayne, foreman.���������Action brought to recover  42 day's drainage, at S3 a day per 100 feet,  $378. The evidence adduced'by 'plaiutiuy  went to show that defendants could not work  their diggings before the drain tapped the  Cariboo Co.?s ground, but after that they had  started to work and continued ever since.  Defendant Jayne swore that the drain was no  benefit to them, as tbey could not get within  8 feet of the bed rock and that they intended  to put iu a. wheel and pump next spring.  Judgment postponed. ....  Miners' Drain Co. vs. Moshier Co., A. Mel-  lody, foreman.���������Action brought to recover  S4o2, for draiuage. This was a similar case  to the proeeedidg.. The defendants asserting  that they were not properly drained. Judgment deferred. ..        ,..        .-  ...;.���������  Milters'' Drain Co.'vs. Never Sweat Co.���������:"  Action instituted to recover: $384, for drainage. Defendants denied that they reaped any  advantage from the drain as- they had .the  sameVtuwil^a :>sit-Klwat&r-jK>yA .-as.-;4h������3^ hn:L in  1864, and asserted that tbey could not work  even now without baling water twice and  three times a day. Judgment.reserved until  the ground is examined and reported on by a  disinterested party.  J.J. Coombs vs. California. Co., per S.-A.  Sraith.���������Suit for $159 62, for lumber supplied  for their portion of the lead flume at Richfield.  Mr. Snitti stated, that he had paid up al 1 his  assessmentsand the company being a limited  one he die not consider himself liable for. his  co-partners deb ts. The Court remarked that  it was quite clear the defeudants, had got and  use d the iumb er and p lai ntiff was. en ti tied to  his money, the only question was,-.who were  the proper parties liable, he would therefore  continue the case till Wednesday in order to-;  give the other members of the Caaifornia Co.  time to appear.  '         ������������������; - -   -. v; -������������������-.  >  ; Wednesday, 16th Qci, 1866,  Coombs vs. California Co.���������Dismissed; case  imperfeetly brought into. Court...        ..   ;.,...  JNE\V 4>TBKri9ElffiNTS.  Piaiiip^i;'  "ercSantS^  CAMERQKTOWK,  .WROLESALE-AND RETAIL DEALERS  zyyy.zy "..'kindsop ������������������  IN ALL  PROVISIONS,  LIQUOBS.rSEOABS,  : yM^^M-i^-^yZy  Bodtis. & shoes,   ;:  MINING- TOOLS, '-&c&  Beg to call the attention of Miners and othew  to their full assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS  . walch will be sold  AT   COST   PH ICES I  to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive so sooa at  _ ������������������;/ \y\  .   i .the.Reads are open..       :     ..   .  . 02* .Liberal allowance will be made to  Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade generally  on largo orders. <.:..'.    '.'.' -   .   ���������'-���������!  m������y.  WILL SOON BE IN RECEIPT -OP A LARGE AND  1 '     ���������v'--:-' WFXL ASSORTED STOCK OP . . ';-'/���������-  eooTS M shoes, &c;  J%������*If you.want good Coffee use;Fell's.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  raffle;  A GRAND RAFFLE for a full set of SILVER PLATE,  ix valued at $250, being the property of Mr. William  Miller, will come off at the CARIBOO EXCHANGE,  Barkerville, on FRIDAY NEXT, the 19tb inst., yt 8  o'clock, p. m. The articles can be seen at Mr. E:  Hodgens, Watchmaker, Barkerville,  ; 5������^ Fifty Tickets, at $5 each.  October 15th, 1S66. 47-2in  BfPORTED DIRECTLY FROM SAN FRANCISCO.  He1 is desirous of supplying the Trade, and  ' . | can do so at LOWEST PRICES.    '  . WUliaras Creek, July. 16tb, I860:;,: 22-tl  JAMES P;  TAYLOR,  ;      , DRUGGIST,   :  HAS JUST RECEIVED direct from San Francisco Dr.  |L'eRJchau's celebwtpd Golden Balsam, for tlio  complete cure of Secondary Syphilis. Also, a quantity  of:Dh Murpby's Mixtures, ao well.known.asaspecific  cure for tho same. -t  Received also, a stock of the'FINEST CIGARS, for  ro tail trade only.      '     . .      ;, -������������������'���������������������������>������������������ ���������-  .'?. .ar-As he has obtained the Newspaper Agency bo,.  Will bo tja'j)py*tofeV<Jive subscribers namcsyto-whow'&e--  ���������  will deliver tbe papers' immediately .on arrival.   By  feadiug Bill at.etore the-reduced .rates for papers will  bo'seen..,.Orders: from oulli'ing: creeks, will n-cdva  every attention.       -   ���������. ��������� ;'        _j_Z  j���������"-I '; . .���������~���������..'; v .   :    ~~.    '. ".  A. Rare Chance for a Winter Residence ox  -' Willu'ms Creek.      ;  pofe SALE, AN  ,       , .... EXCELLENT. LOG CABIN: near  B.irkcrvillc, known us tbe "Sour Kraut House," tbe  basement is formed into an Excellent Cellar'for tae  storage of Vegetables during winter, it has also a double roof and has been, built with a special view to  warmth and durability..  , May be had cheap for Cash, apply  this paper.  at the  office of  45  NTOT ICE  LL MINING CLAIMS IN THE DISTRICT OF CAR-  iboo East will be laid over for the season from the  31st OCTOBER, 18G6, until the 20th MAY. 1867.  Wil. ;GE0.  COX,  Gold Commissioner.  Dated Richfield, 13th Oct. 1868. .      47-6in   ���������  BAKERY ������ESTAUR AM  THE UNDERSIGNED HA VINO THIS DAY PURCHAS-  ed.all the right and title of Mr. Andrew Kelly in  the above establishment, would respectfully solicit a  contiuuance of tlie patronage heretofore accorded to.  this well known Restaurant. The.undersigned will  pay and receive all moneys due to or owing by the late  firm of Kelly k Patkrson,  %&- Meals at all hours..  PATERSON & GOODSON,  Proprietors.  BarkorviHo, 13th October, 1866. ,    . 47  NEW EL DORADO SALOON  ' ��������� BARKERVILLE.  H"   AVING PURCHASED THE INTEREST OF CHARLES  ROSS in the above-named Saloon, the undersigned  would respectfully solicit a continuence of tbe patronage bestowed on the late firm, which by a strict atten-,  tion to business they will endeavor to merit.  The TERPISCHOREA.VART is nightly practised at  this Saloon, and the Bar is stocked with tho choicest  LIQUORS and CIGARS.  . jZ������-B6ys please give us a call.  ��������� BUROICK &���������:DEXTER,  ��������� .   4Mm   ������������������'-'. Proprietors.  :St  ���������li  oef,  BARKERVILLE.;  MESSRS, BARRY A CUNIO  >EG LEAVE TO INFORM: THEIR'. raiENWI^  B  Arrived, Oefc 8th, steamer Active, H. days  and 20 hours from Victuria.  Ottawa, 0. W., Oct. 5th.~~Three Colonels  of Engineers have arrived, it is supposed with  a view of fortifying the city.  Portland, Oct Oth.���������Steamer Fideliter sailed at 6 p- m., for Victoria.  Washington, Oct 6th.���������The following is a  statement of the public debt on the 1st of Oct.  1866. Total debt, $270,155,070,920. Amount  in the Treasury, coin, $8,625,990,935,. Currency, $4,195, 385, 824; total, $12,821,576,759  Amount of debt less cash in the Treasury.  S257,333,694, 168. .*.'".  JrJS^i^ -?6m San 8* of this Bank in these Colonies, and MR. WILLIAM  Antonio, via Ualveston, are that quite a num-| CURTIS WARD is authorized to perform the duties or  ber of Santa Anna's agents are at work re-'Principal Officer of the Bank in the Colonies, signing  FOR    SALE  NE HALF, OR ONE FULL INTEREST,   IN THE  " United Co'y," Conkiins Gulch.   For terms apply  at this office.  October 15th, 1866.. 47  F OR   SAL E  /\NE FULLJNTEREST IN THE ^CORNISH CO'V,"  the public that having purchased .���������������������  ���������**SS  f they wtU spare-no pains nor expense to mem  ������ B���������ur������ of public palronage. As. "the PJ^Jft  Dudding is in. the eating of it,^ w������Z^S������&Uc������  ihe quality of our LIQUORS k CIGARS, please cm  and try them. ���������'���������  Saloon"  a.share  EVERY' EVENING. '.        ..  T. A. BARRY, Vproprietora.  N, CUNIO,       i      y ;8g.g  Barkerville, Sept. 13th,���������1866.  Williams Creek.  46  Apply to  J.  S. THOSrPSON.  BANK  OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA,  London, 3rd August, 1866.  FROM AND AFTER 25th SEPTEMBER, 1866,  MR-  DAVID MARSHALL LANG willceaso to be Mana-  AUOTIONEEB, MININa & COMMISSION  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,  BARKERVILLE  l?  cruitingfor a raid on Matamoras, There is  but little-sympathy shown themtlK-rOj it being  fully understood" tha't Santa Anna is pledged  all documents as Acting Manager.  By order of tho Court of Directors,  . / ... . ,      .     ,  JAS. D. WALKER,  * 45-lfii'"-' ' "' luspectori  RICHFIELD. "���������  mHB UNDERSIGNED ^^J^jS^  1 A. Smith the premises ^e^Snder the above  ������g' Sawox, has opened ^^^^nA^-  name, and would respectfully invite his in ,  public generally to give^im a call.       d seGArs will  - jr������* The best brands, of ^ZPiz^lt  alwayabokept at thisestabllshmoa^ HN HEt>rN.  ":        '2C.3m-  'KfcbUdld, August 1806. i[lKmG*IOTBLI4^NpE.(/ yy,  \^\-;:.i^W?*.-^^ :'" -...'';y-'.rr*  Theplentiful supply of water on thiscreek  since thedrains set in, is enabling the varlbua  companies to take but money, again. 3 Eureka  co'Y (late Kelly-Patch co'y) commenced clean-  I /up yesterday and expected; good results.  JVaughaB-Sweeneyj co'y������ cleaned up last  week $2190, they have had a cave'which pre*  "^nfc tbemirom cleaning;;up Jill /next week.  -Boyle co'y arei drifting, to prospect during  the \nnter.���������Sage-Miller co'y are ground sluicing, will clean up soon.���������Washburn co'y are  taking but afebutexpensei^First Chance co^y  have jnet; with a stratum of .slum which cpn>  pels theih to/await till; frost sets in before  they can work.���������Calaveras: cb;y cleaned up.  40 ounces for four days" work last week.  Revenue���������Asthefollowing statistics; show?  inff the revenue^^ derived;from various sources  withinthei District of Caribbb'East for a perk  odof 9 months, may prove Of interest to the  public, we give the figures as tbey have been  kindly furnished us by G-. W. Cox, Esq., Gold.  Commissioner:  Miners* Licenses from 1st Jan'y  lo 3rd October, 1866, -  ��������� --wmunaw,  -:io^^%0r$ "'WI???'  Chinese;  435,    do  2,175 00  1470 v.-  N.B.��������� A great many white men and Chinese tiad Licenses from Big'Bend, LUlooet  and Lytton when they .urnved here.  General Mining Receipts (exc! usivo  of Mining Licenses) from 1st Jan- - -  ���������  uary to 25th September, .'     '   $9522 08  ; Spirit'Licenses, . '324816  Trade     "do " "* ��������� ���������   2291.98  Post Office,   . . -..   -, 1260 32  Mining Receipts, comprising Police,  County Court,  kc.-  fees, fines  and forfeitures,  $ 7,360 00  2288 81  18,602 85  $25,952 35  .Total, .  ������������������ .  .'������������������������������������- '������������������������������������:-    ������������������-  Arrival of Goods.���������Scarcely a day passes  ���������but we robserve the'arrival of pack trains or  4 horse wagons,loaded with goods for the difr  ferent merchants on the creek, Messrs. Op-  . penheimer have now received a large and  well assorted stock of everytbihg that isinecesr  sary in a mining /community, and will continue; to; add to.. it .until the. rbadg . becp.rae;  closed.. Thetr new store i ntb wh\o\ they lately removed has all the convenience of & whole-.  sale store on Wharf street^ and is quite.; a  novelty for Cariboo:..; Mr. H.;Edwards received yesterday several ��������� tons... of assorted  merchandize, among which we noted a good  stock of gum boots and candles, articles of  rery general demand during the whiter.  The:"Columtuan"���������We are glad to notice the  recuperation of our contemporary the " British Golurabian?? after passingthrough a firey  ordeaK The copy we have .before ,us, bears  significant marks on the outer edge of its;nar-  ro w escape from the destructive elemerit The  fire is thought to have :been? ��������� the work; of ;an;  incendiary and the Government has very prb-^  perly offered a re ward of <$500Jbr ^theiarrest  of the miscreant; we trust he will beferreted  out and meet with that condign punishment  which his dastardly aet merits; We can pardon;  the man whogpes boldly up to his adversary  and chastises his person, Vjut the lurking cow-.  ard that will take revenge ohr his neighbor's  property is below the standard' of manhood.  QuARTZ~The Yale 'Tribune^ oitheStfc inst.,>  says, several parties ha ve .go n������ np country  during the past week to examine the quartz,  leads on Cany on Creek. The specimens which  came down a week"ago have,created an excitement from their apparent richness. We can  testify to the richness of several specimens  brought here from the Washburn and.Stewarjt  leads. One piece which we saw was taken  out of the former ledge (of the red.sul-  phuret species) is literally speckled withhold  and will.assay, it is thought, $2,000 to the  ton. The Washburn ledge is two feet wide  and the Stewart from three to four feet;    .:  HospiTAL.���������Mr. Jones, who was appointed  by the Mining Board to collect subscriptions  on Lightning creek in aid of the repairs on  the Hospital, handed over to the committee  yesterday the sum of $68, of which the Segel  Cp. very liberally contributed $30.  CANniDATE   FOR KOOTENAY DISTRICT.���������It is  reported that Mr. Robert Smithy of the firm of  Smith & Ladner, has been requested fey the  miners of Big Bend to stand as!;member for  that district. ���������������������������    ���������'-���������   ��������� '���������-'  ^^" Parties desirous of Obtaining files of  the Sentinel are informed that there are a  few on hand, which can be procured on application at the ofBce. ...  ' An ?n^"r^ injtb." the chafgb^referred against  James Barry; the man lately arrested at Tale,  for the murder of'Charles\ Morgan iBlessingj  near Beaver Pass, oh or about the 1st June  last; was held in, the:,Court iiibuse; Richneld,  on Tuesday las^;before; ;a W^Cox, Esq., Police Magistrate, the Court opened at 2 o'clock  p. m-, and^e;rooin in a fetor: minutesi:was;filk  ed with 'a crbwd^bf anxious-spectators^ 55 ~y  W.SiFitzgerald was; the ;nrst;Witness,exj  amined^ but as his testimony fwaM-^reiy . a;  reiteration of what has; been; already -published its to'the fihdirigof ;tbe.;b6fly,;',the state i of  the body, a description\ of ���������the; clothes iahd  the articles found; we will paiss oh to the next  witness.   ::' y ���������''"��������� Z i  ���������'.; John H..Suliiyan, sworn���������0n;Tuesday,2ri  October^ I re ceived a warrant fronvthe MagiS:;  tratej * here for the V arrest .��������� of y ��������� Janies; ^Barryv  charged*with themurder:'of-^C^M.}'Blessing;.  near Beaver Pass, and:, left on that day ^1; arrived at SodaCr^ek on the 3rd j ;when Ile^nr  ed that the prisonervBarry had taiieniseat in-  the stage booking :himself for Lyttoii j I;got  Mr. Spa I ding to tel egrapb; to Mr... Sandersj at  Yale to get prisoner; arrested��������� ���������;;on- ��������� ;iiie\:siud  charge.; I telegraphed also myself to /Eyitonff  I then went straight on to; Tale;" on'lifbnda^'  the 8th; the prisoner was ^iyen'-inCihy:^harg^;  by Mr. Sanders; I started from^Tale ��������� thersarae  day with" ttiie-'prisoner !;::wfo  and that he would be a day aheiid- of* me ��������� at  Van Winkle, where he said'be had worked in  1862; he said there were some boys, at Last  Chancbcreek whom he knew and would likely get work from them, if not he; would go on  to. Will iams cree k, b ii t at al 1 even ts , he ;wo u 1 d  be at Van Wiiikle when I canie up ; previous  to deceased's leaving Quesnelmouth he said  to me the reasoff he was going oh' was that he  had;hot much money left and did not want to  get broke in the country; I told him I did not  have ���������much myself^ b at that 1 sliould not see  him" -yirant;, he went ixnil go t his blankets froni  the rbonl^where \sre; had slept about 7 or 8  p^cibek; p. m., and went up to the bar to settle  his bill,; and called; me up to take a dri nk; he  had a rough coarse;'! shirt on, as well as: I can  recollect, and putting his hand into the brcast-  pocket;;^ook; out��������� a, pocket-book containing  moneys^t >ybuld;not:beVppsitiye whether Bar-  :ry 3rank or hot;i bb^opk^bnt a S20 Bauk, of  ���������Britisli,C.olumbia note, I said,^ "Charley, you  are hot'bSl^yeti-; he said, "no, t have a tew  more;'oPthese;left;JV the barkeeper gave him  the change, which' he placei3 in a small clasp  purse and put it iii the ^pbeket of his pants.  ;(Withess here identified a; silver pencil-case.  belt��������� and/sheath-khife| the watch produced  ibpkea^lil^tljebn^ownM by deceased^ The  prisphetano^Bibssirig thenwent:iii>d slept iu  an empty house, belonging to -Marks # Wiuk-  ier^ihext iiiorning..-X'��������� got -up: about 5 o'clock,  ahd went to see if they liadileft,and found they  J������* Mr. T. E..Ladner has been elected to fill  the vacancy created by the resignation of Mr;  ���������J. Clarkson in the Municipal Council of New  Westminster.  me   t __   _  Moses, acolored barber; on TOliia^;Creei������  as Moses had asked him two orathree ^times  what became, of ihe,,man;that'came^np; the  road Iwith, him (Barry); prisoner said^that  Moscsrhaving asked him ^so bffeh he' (Mhfy  got vexed with him and told "himIwha? aid/  he care about the hian^he Wasriib\;c>r^ta^er  of his. ;"���������'���������-, " ��������� J; -'��������� ��������� '"���������. - -.��������� ���������  -   i ���������  Prisoner, in rather an .excited  ed, "I said no such thing as thatt?���������:=v.'r:ZZ:/yZ/.  Withess-t-In alluding'to,the manthaji;:;came  up the road with him, Barry said. something  about his name being uhfamiliarYbiit that^be  ���������Barry would,not mention; it to any on^;;Kdid  not ask: him; why'; he .said he had^nbugh  I money when he came on the creek��������� but^that  he we nt th ro ugh oh th e f ^HurdiesV ��������� ^afterWards  on the road;I asked hirai wh^atttimetbe arriybd  pji the breek^ I told him he need hot; telltme  unless he liked, as everything.he said Would be  used as, evidehcb, against: him ;.he;:said -he  tho?t 'there -was; ;iio harm' in: !that,5and. said that  he canie up sometime in June ;;I remarked,  ^so you say,Barry,;youhad;plehty;pfLnioiiey  when ybu earne oh the creekv aiid you- went  through on the Hurdies ?V, ; ;IIe/ said; ho,.;! he  had not, buti correcting himself,;said;he. had  a little but did not spend much with the Hur7  dies ; I asked him why he gave a ..false name  when arrested at Yale; he said he thought the:  constable j was a newsrjaper reporter and, that  he just did it for a lark j-1 asked him whathe  had done with hispistol, he said he tried to  sell it on the creek but coiil(1 not get $5 for  it, bitt sold^it at Wallace's, 13 mile house, for  a few dollars^ he was tossing. for drinks and  lost and sold:; the pistol to, Dutch Bill the  packer =tp pay for them j, when I was in Yale,  as far as I coul d understand, the hameof the  deceased.was;, not known, vas the constable.  asked me if the; body,-had been identified; the  prisoner told me that when searched at Tfale  the constable took a pocket book and purse  from him ; I wrote to constable. Coffee to forward these things by next stage.  Prispner-^Sullivan is mistaken about what  I tbldbira concerning the man on our way ap  .. Wi 1). Moses, sworn^-^m .a barber,: in Baiv  keryijle.;-know the prisoner; I saw him first  oii the 29th of May last, at^uesuelmouth;  Charles. Morgan Blessing and I travelled together from the Junction'; we started from New  Westminster together, but separated between  Yale and the Junction ; we left the Junction  at 2i o'clock on the 22nd of May, and reached Quesnelmouth on Monday, 28th >lay, at 7  o'clock, p. m.; Blessing and^ I messed and  slept together at Brown & GrilliV; on Tuesday,  the 29th, we became acquainted with Barry;  Barry first addressed me as Mr. Moses, I did  not recollect seeing him before; we had a conversation as to when we would leave for Williams creek ; I think it was Barry that commenced the conversation; I asked him when  ���������he would leave, he said next morning; Blessing thought he would go on the same day, and  wanted to know why I would not go, I told  him if I went that day I would lose S10: Blessing said he would go as he was making nothing he leaned over to me and said (not in the  hearing of Barry) that he did not like to  ���������t fe'V-e'?-,:r he ���������l5alt^Bte;fl7d^  gang at New Westminster.to Id him.so; he can- .  tioned me to say nothing about it "for fear" he  might be hauled jip.;;..;we. reached QuesneK-  mouth on or about-jthei 28th of May; .ori;thi������- .  following day Barry asked me. to lend; him .  some money, saying he was broke and-want^t  enough to keep him till be got on the creek;  I refused; he asked D. Fraser, who gave, him-   .  85; Frstser and. 1 left Barry at the Mouth; saw  tlie- pistol in his possession the morning I left  Quesnelmouth, he had it under his head whero  ho slept, he usually carried it in his belt; saw  prisoner ou 1st June at Cameron too dancing  with the "Hurdies.'?' ^-:y -V "���������������������������'./:'  S.J. Wilcox, sworn���������Prisoner came .to? my    ;  house on 4th June last in the evening; and ;:.  usked tlie price of board ;  I told ;him $12 a .  week in advance j he: asked meif itwas cus-2.  tomary to pay in advance, I told b unit, was;  r,  when the parties were strangers to me;: he  threw down a $20 gold piece and I gave him.v  the change; he paid the next week $10 in advance with a $10 Bunk of British Columbia^  note; the third week he paid ������$10 in advance}  after this Mr. Wushburn became responsible *  for his board, as he worked forbim ; Barry ;���������  had a revolver which he wore slung in albeit; ���������  when he first caino heromarked that the pistol .  had been of good service to him iri the array.::  H. Thompson, sworn���������Knew tho prisoner  first in New Westminster in tbdspriiig of 1865, .  when he was.working for Mr. Lewis; hud not  ���������-. seeji.ln'm Riu.ce.MU���������a.!!o.uii.th<tJi)(b JntuiJu.^in,;.....  -Barkerville; about tlie 20 th of July he came   "  laid tSe' ciiarge against him; I to Id h im he ***,*^������- -������. -���������'. W ��������������������� ? ��������� -���������������*.���������- -��������� - ������������������ -������ , - ��������� - ���������    . -  .. , .. ���������    ,.  would find all that outwhen/hearrived oh the' quired-%i McCaffreys"if ahybriehad-been ask- dowu to the tunnel in which 1 was working in  creekyhesaidtomeheguess^ \^.u^^^uu   omi uM  ho hn,i u^n *a  who it was* Ke��������� said ;bki jWas:'-surepit.;;was  S. I asked him why.be did no wait 1  fullv he then concluded to stop till I would  SS^lffi ifl he afternoon Ban-y and BIeSs,n|  PiK��������� a bench outside of Brown &  "rSto ta K previous to this Blessing told  Gllf- S������not to forset his name, I asked  ^ wShS H was and he told me Charles Mor-  bln Bles in- that it was a singular name and  gan Blessm0,i^       fl f   him Iwouidknow  .^Yala road tolls' -for the week' endiijjfj.ff any thing ^ happened^tomtom  ^hOctober,.$7d5"'95. ./.  that it was a singular name and  ^ftho it was ; :n?^t^^ '*> "ith *"*  ing for me, ahd- was answered in the negati vi  Ilarriyed^ orii Williams creek ohf the 2nd June,  at 10 o/clock^a ml; I am nbt^certain whether  it was on the following day or a few days later  tfiat Barry; c^irie> iihtb ��������� Dixbn's^hbp} where I  was stayi ng, when I asked him, ^ Wh at did y o u  do%ith -my 'chummy ??" he1 replied. **��������� Your  'chummy^ who. ��������� was^he1?" I said, "the man  you left .[with that tmorning from Quesnel-  She^a^sprei^&^^^Ble^^ told me before  hejlef^lha|he'ihad^ipt:morej'tbaii-: $50 or SCO;  Blessing, ^ f&r asjjjan; judge, was between  30^and 35^yearsipf; age, and; a>very timid,  quiet, moral rhani ',"...'*     --"' ' " ".  Prisoheiilp witness^-Are you sure; that the  man started With me from Quesnelmouth ?. .  Witness^You told me so your^eliV  ^Pris^he|^I never told:ypu so; ; ' .r  ^phcpi|lioj, sw.orn-~Knbw, the prisoner, his.  name is? Janies Barry; ,on the: mornih* of tho  30th May JasM went into anpld; house belong-  ing to -Marks &'Winkler, at'Quesnelmouth, I  saw1 the* pyispner and Blessing rolling ixp their  blankets -u I did notr see Ihem agaih till: I got  to Wallace-s, at the 13 Mile House ^.prisoner  and Blessing: were ^ sitting there -'d s topped  there for about an hour, and went on leaving  them at Wallace's; did hot see them again till  next morning, before breakfast time, they had  passed:;Boyd;&Heath^?s hbtise^ ri:saw them  again between Bpyd & Heath's;anij EdwardsJ,  they were;; camp ed b n "the right; hahd::side of  the'road;near.:a;;Small stream; -Mr. Gannon got  on5; his horse to<ligh^his;pipe; the,next place  I saw the prisoner was at'Vah Winkle; 1 asked =him where: his ^partner :was, -tie: told.*, mo he  had sore-fee| and; he left ;him behind..; 1 saw  prispher,again; bh ;tlie;; creek ab pufc2nd Juue.  .;; H. P. Stark, sworn���������Have; khpwn prisoner  for two years, .his name is Janies Barry; recollect seeing him oh 29tli May -last i! at Quesnelmouth ; I asked him -when he1: was.gping to  leave for. the crepk, he said next morning; I  left about 6 o'clbclcbh the morning;pf;the 30th  in company with; John:Elliot^, the former witness ; on. coming;to; the 13 Mile House saw  tlie prisoner ��������� and;; ahotheir man sitting on a  bench, after resting"| of -an hour iMr.. Gannon  came along with spme^cattle,;l asj^d; Elliot to  go on ahead of:them;. Ellioi; B&viy',; the; other  man and X1 eft the hpuse/ tpgethei\;' -Elliot and  I soon distanced the other two, as.- they walked slowly ; Elliot and I got to Boyd's that  night; I left next morning alone,' as Elliot  stopped to help Gannonwith his cattle; I got,  to Van Winkle about 4 <&'clock, in the afternoon, the prisoner camo there alone about 6  o'clock the same evening.   ;  William Eraser, sworn���������Have, known the  prisoJier since April last; got accmainted with,  him at New Westminster when I was-working:  iu a saw mill; he worked at the mill; I started  to come up here about the 14th of May last,  and Barry started along with me; we travelled together, all the. way up to Quesnelmouth,  two men named Daniel Fraser and Wm. Mann  travelled with us; the prisoner had a six-shooter i n ��������� h is possession, 1 saw it on bim and ex-  amined it, as I was told by Fred Powers, watchman at the mill, to look at the pistol, as he  thought Barry stole it from him ; Tcould not  make out the number; we stopped one night  at Lytton, and started about 7 or 8 o'clock  next morning ; about a mile on this side of  Lytton'we came to a gully full of rocks, James  Barry remarked that there was $1400 hid there  alongside of a rock, he said it was in an oyster  can{Barry went and examined the place, he  ..i    1^ .���������^������. w;nH n now for fear gome  McArthurs' gulch, and said he ,had' been to  Edwards' sinco he had seen me last;. I asked  him;what took him^there, he said ho went out.  after some clothes ho left there oh his way up/  he was doing nothing and thought he might as  well go oiit after the clothes as buynew ones^  Tlie charge having been read, ^vejptb tho  prisoner,- he was naked,.after i'^eljjng'-th'e  usual admonition from the Magistrate/:}! ho  __pt that be was; innocent oL the cbarge.  The Magistrate then commitied.him. tb lake,  his trial at the, next^assizes, and bound over  the witnesses on their.own: recognizances in  the sum of ������100 eajh to ap pear.at the trial.'  A Feat op AumL^tA little bdforc the battle of Koniggratz, ^t Prussian patrol of three  lancers came unexpectedly upon an Austrian  reco n hoi t ri ng p arty; ofjSe ve n h nssars. In sp i te ;  of the great o'ddsV the .Hrnsslaris;made;.a.rgood.  fight'of it, for onp of .the Iaiicers killed two of  tbe hussars and wourided iwo otl)ers, whi! e  his comrades looked after the'rest. ' Prince;  Frederick' Charles was siifiiciently .near.to witness the combat, and. sent soine assistance,  which did not arrive, however, till the affair,  was over, and the Prussians were bringing in :  their two wounded prisoners.   As soon as the  party reached the Prince, he instantly promoted the brave trooper to an officer's commission,  and gave him an officer's sword on the spot,  accompanied by the promise of a sufficient  sum to equip him for his new rank^  "Mn. D.'Clgal, wlio has the reputation of.  providing the best meals in the. most liberal  manlier, at the lowest rates in town;, has reopened his well-known establishment in Government Street, Victoria, three doors from the  Occidental corner. All.gastronomists economically disposed'are ?nvited to give him a  call. ,... .     . 7 . ' '.*  #&r The Senate of Frankfort has declared  to thePrussiao commander that the city would  submit to any sacrafice which would preserve  its independence; and that.it will pay, if necessary, the 25,000,000 demanded by Prussia  if the city is not annexed to that kingdom.  ������&- We would call the attention of those  having good? or other commodities to move  between the different towns on:the creek to  Mr.iH. C. Wilmott, who has a Horse and Dray  ready at the shortest notice to execute any  orders be may be favored, with, at very reasonable rates..     . .."'-.��������� ;"���������* /:  Bar  ���������,^-rr~.-~.rXr~  ^CariDpo  ������������������AND��������� y ���������;;  S T AGE   LIJ^  il- FTER THIS PATE, the Stages will leave tho Office  A at BARKERVILLE for YALE TWICE EACH  WEEK, on TUESDAY and FRIDAY MORNINGS,  nt 6 o'clock, to connect Willi the steamer at Quesnel on  Wednesday and Saturday mornings. The ciiarge on  Letters to'%nd from Victoria and intermediate places is  now 50 cents. . :-.;.:.;-:--.: -.^���������.'���������..:..^. L.l\., ���������..;.:. ._.  Stage Fare to Quesnelmouth,   ������   -. ' : ���������.  , - $80.  '** ��������� ."   through to Yale, ���������'-... ���������..-'-:'      .- : $80,   ;  Exclusive of steamboat fare ).  .    .     ,-  .��������� JOHN B. LOVELL.  Agent'Barnani|s ������spr Rs>  October 12th, 1866. ;/. ���������:   ' ' ���������    ���������'  ���������       ;     .-- >T-'  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  Cards, Bill Heads,  Circulars, Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  Entertainments,     .  at.thfe Ofll������d,'  said he would not m nd .u ..    ��������� ���������^ t d witb ^Hl^ :iad Dispatch  one would haul him up for it, U sam,  Jm*>* - ^       Moder.af, ��������� -������  how did von find.out ^ro was money hid, JV ^JD1- - ^  yz&. >'���������'&  '4$  A Pkog SroRY.^One is even half inclined  ^^elievo^vha1i--Elian-tells about-the water  , snakes andirogs1 ofiEgypfe. ^The-former have,  he informs, us, a passionate liking for frogs���������  that;is, for devouring-and digesting them...No  one knows;that better thun the frog, arid, acf  cordiugly, when they meet in the pond, wonderful is the cunning that ensues.(' The water  snake glides up as if intentionless of evil, but  our other slimey friend; is quite aware of the  intentions,of. the.passionless looking snake.  He makes for the nearest twig, seizes it, and  carries it across his mouth, and then fearlessly  approaches the hydra. .The latter now makes  ntthefrog with open jaws, but the twig across  the frog?s mouth is much wider than the jaws  of the snake, and he can by, no ^possibility  swallow the much desired frog.    The latter  looks down his enemy's: throat from the ont-  side; holds: fast. to.' the .protecting twig and  laughs;; :/The; water snake! tries again '���������-. and  again; he.glides.round his anticipated victim,  but'the;frog-always cbntrives.to keep him in  view, aiid the end of every atteni pt is that the  foiled .snake finds the bar carried by his ^anticipatory' victim lying across ��������� his open jaws,  and.; the frog'once more laughing down his  throat.* .The.hydra at length gives it up in dis-  pair, and "froggy" plumping into a safe spot  QLJE3NELMOIJTH AOVERTISEAIENTS..  ^~~ yy .  The S teainer -^EnterpriSid"  .   "Wili leave SODA CREEK  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS,  ..;.-;/:     ���������:'  .AT DAYLIGHT;:  Will leave QUESNEli  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS,  ���������      at 6 o'clock, "���������:       y-yyy  Connecting at Soda Crock with Barnard's . Stacks on  ��������� ��������� Wednesday's1 trip down and Thursday's trip up.. -,  ^*Freight to Quesnel li'cte. ^;ft."   V T  Steamer 'Enterprise,' ��������� V     -���������   ' '; '. . ���������. * :'.'  ��������� ��������� May-21st, 1866;- < j\. * .-:-���������' ; y/'y^'/ * ���������; 5';*" /  ROAD SIDE .HOUSES, &c.  COLD   SPRING   HOUSE,  ���������       BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is situated 20 miles from QiKsuelmouth.  The proprie tors! having late ly 11 tted up bedrooms  and good Beds are now prepared to afford every accommodation for Travellers; tho Table is furnished \vith all  the luxuries that can be procured; tho Bur is. well sup-^  pliod with tho best brands of Liquors and Sugars: good  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley. -#S=-Tho CHEAPEST  House on the Road. ��������� -.-'������������������    : j..5  where!he.knows his kindred to-be assembled,  tells:his exciting tale,.ahd; raises a very' din  of croaking congratulatibns.  ;   , *; r ���������  .   Rating' 0Loui)S.-^i>r. 'tiyingston, relating  . his' ad ven til res'on Lake' Nyassa, thus .tells;. of  onejsuriosity Which' he fell in with,���������   :      iy  ^During a.portion^.of jne^year tlie^norjhern;  ydwelleT^n^n^";Jak'e ttavb ^Eai^iStf which  ; furnishes,a(singular kiniof food^  "As we approached our limit in; that direbtipn, clouds,'  as Vpf smoke^ from miles of. burning grass were  observed-in a sout.h-eastefiy/di^ebt-ibu., and we  thought .thaji'the'uhseeh laud,oii' the .opposite  side was. closing in;' and JKat we were, near the  end of thejlake.; -./Cut; nextTitiprning we ; sailed  4hrorigH^on|?of; the; cipuds^ou our 'own; sidei  "anu"disboy'erfe\i;it was'-lieitnfrsmoke'nor haze  but'eoi^  ed *kun^oi? (d;cloud :of fog.*)    They, filled ;the  air to aii emmerise height, and swarmed upon  the;water, top light to sink- in; itv' Eyes:, and  mptitli had toVbe kept closed^ while; passing  , through'thisfrying* cloud-; Jtney-. struckjjifpn  the'Jface^ike fiiie drifting ,snow. ): Thbusantls;  lay iri' the boat ;wheh-she emerged* fr6in tlie  cloud of midges../ The. people gather these  rn | niit.4 insects; at mght and, boil them: into  tliick 0akes, to; fee 'used as .a irelish���������millions^of  muiges in- ai cake.; A kuugo^cake^ ah- incii  thick; arid as large.' as the b Jue 'bonuet. !of'.;a  iScotcli plpUghman,, was;;offered to .us/; it was  .very.dark in;color ���������;and tasted, hot .unlike caviare; .br^aited-locusts, yy. ;;������������������������; 22:2 Z222'22. "2  ��������� COLONIAL RESTAURANT, )  ,v..   .,.:., . ,,, ,. -QUKSNELMOUTH,-: ���������-;;'������������������'���������;���������. ' '"')y '���������  ��������� ' ���������; -RL. JOHNSON, PROrPKfE*)R^ !;v-v  Meals at all hours, aiid Cooking of the best  :;. '..:-..v. .^.description." \.. ./.'X... ..s. ���������;.;:  ������������������   :"; QUESNELMOUTH;;.    .. ; ���������. 2Z-  .   , BROWN & GILLIS; PnorKiEToits. :; V  Good Beds; Restaurant;'Bi 11 iardTable;'&c.  Stabling for Horses, Hoy. and. Oats.       s  ,'���������<  -2,   GIROD & ������UlCHdN,   '2-2''\  ������������������ ���������:/���������; /���������:, Old E^tablishbd - General Store, '.'"'..":':- Z\  PROVISIONS, WHOL^ALE &; ;COMMIS-  rZy     ���������'��������� y; SION MERCHANTS, v  :,. . ,-.J0  .. Storage^ &c���������Terms most Moderate. ��������� l* *  .:,;:���������;.._; ,���������.��������� . ?.j...��������� . QUESXELiiaUTH. .,,-^...'���������/- -t-a- ^  :>,. LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS. .  FLOUR I^LOIJR!!  i   iliLLOOET    MILLS.  npHE^NDERSIGNED.are now maunfacturing FLOUR  JL; of; all grades: Extra,' Superfine' aiid Fine.    Feed  Crushed to order.   .;;'    ���������������������������-?<��������� ������������������  >';- ���������������������������'���������-������������������.���������. . Js.; .,u?  ������������������..-:���������.:. :v?,:   : LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.,  t-s i.���������. ���������.- ; ��������� ..' -.    ., ��������� .: F.. WV Foster, Agent.  /���������pHE .UNDERSIGNED, HAVING. PURCHASED: FROM  JL ; Messri?. Hoffmeister & Co. this splendid Ranch; together: with the commodious two-story house known as  the Cottonwood Hotel, is now 'prepared to"afiurd even:  accommodation to tho trnvelling public, and hopes by  a strict.attention to business to. u\^rii a share of. the  patronage bestowed en the former proprietors. , This-is  one of the most, comfortable and commodious Hotels'  on tho roa.iiy containing as it does warm and well furnished bed rooms with good beds. The TABLE.is -supplied 'yslth every delicacy it is possible to procure m the  upper country. The -BAR is stocked with tlio best of  Liquors and tho choicest Cigans; ' '   : t  ;.'������������������';';:. -^^MEAiiS,, $1 50 EACH.-$a; ,   .;  Thio Stabling' for Horses is all that could bo desired,  arid the charges'are v<iry moderate/   Hay for Horses  per day, $2;. Oats and Barley at the cheapest market  rates.'..-- : :.������������������������������������'-���������.  '. ��������� -...'���������.-..:-���������''  ': The.undersigned has a large quantity of OAT HAY  on hand, for salo.in large of small quantities.     Parlies  desirous of purchasing this article would do Well to"  givo'liim acii.llw, ;   -; u;    ���������     ������������������;-..��������� : .>   ������������������  43\:   ; ��������� JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  Colonial ho  y���������2Z^J.Lj. ...A9&AyC3������gK.  GRExiT REDUCTION has been made in tho charges  at this establishmout, so as to suit tho times. ���������;������������������-������������������  . Meair, $1; Beds;:75 Cents.    V'A-i  yyy .yi-..-^. yyz 'Mcleese&senay,.   ���������  .""... Proprietors.  October 1st, 186S. '      ' f ' '44  ���������    ���������������������������-GOVERNMENT. STREET, Y1WRU"���������     '?  English & PrenchSuglblwls D2     .  ..-��������� La  aud  'iW1^1^ 2ELNEB/ dealer in Dru^  m.  "  A !.: cixEs/and Cftemicals, Fancy aiid rS i' .Mr^  Sponges,- Brushes;-'^rlumerv   IcV^pSi   ��������� Artic1^'  ^riptionscareful^compoun^ed^nd^^S^^^^^^  with-cure and,di^patcl).>  .Victoria  V ���������\mi  ;rf;yyv - pattrick?s corner  r-rrt��������� -, '   -    ���������    ���������.-     .- "1-s-  : ".-:-.      B.Q0TSIB00TS.M    ~~~~^~-  T SAPf SAM! How is il yo������r Boots wear cAw':  JL am keepryourfeetsodry? Because ln?ih s  Charity and ^m.^^S^S!!^  JAY, &" CO.,- Fort Street,  Victoria. V I ���������: v~d  ..Garden and, Field Seeds guaranteed -Leonta  a carelulty. selected stock of. the above7omK  European and American Markets.   Thu'ear?orS  tbeliMrlcada In British'Columbia are affle? "���������I* ���������  of^yery .variety.-. Catalcgue's onappljcaiiei"'Tg"  J BROpRICK, ;Coal A.vpPKonuck Dealkr.  ���������:;:    epwin tynon,  EALER IN DRY GOODS,.CLOTHING,.HATS AND.  .-Caps,^Boots and Shoosr.Carpotings, ,OU. Cloths,  Wall Fa per, &c ,. Lill^oet; B. 'Cx: ':. ������������������["'/ \;"\ '.      1-s   .  Dissolution 6������ Pa^tii^rsliip  -������������������ ���������'>���������-���������������������������;:;.*:=- ��������� ���������������������������.> .������������������������������������,-rrr-    ^y\yy.? -.;'. = :;;���������''���������:..  rra$ PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between tlie  1 undersigned has been this day dissolved^ and A G  FONTAINE is alone authorized to collect all debts due  to the 'late firm:1 ;' '���������������������������  ..    :'.'iri u:1: ;^.-.= ;;' ���������*:  ��������� , ���������. /.:J-rs^ J:������y:r . A. fi^FONTAlNEi.'   v    .: i . ARSENE L'ECU.YER, .  . 1.,     :';* ' JAtJQUES LE BRL-N.  Richfleldr October 5th: 186G.      . ���������      ''.'���������        ;.:45'.:;:''  Dissolution of Paivtnersliip  ���������    ���������:. ���������>���������'���������; 2 r-..'--���������r.. :^yy -,;.^, ;���������<*���������  r^HE PARTNERSHIP heretofore ��������� existing under tlie  1 name of DOLE & BEAK, Butchers; Barkerville, has  been this day dissolved by mutual .consent: ; From and  alter tbis da to the business-' will be* carried ��������� ori- in the  name,of CHARLES BEAK, who is1 hereby authorized  to collect, all accounts due to the firm J and by whom all  debts owing by them will be liquidated.-  It i? particularly requcsteti tliat all accounts against  the said Iirm be sent in for immediate settlement.  :'      ��������� "   ���������   -'��������� JAMES DOLE,  CHARLES BEAK.  BarkcrviHe,; 3rd October, 1866. ;  .    ...     44-lm ?;/.-:  Dissolution of Partnersliip  fFHE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the  ~_l.. ukufcrc&'hivl ���������!sas been -th is da v <iissolved by mu tua-i  cuiiiseut. AU'GUSTE HOFFilEISTER is alone empower id tu ccll:.ct and settle the debts of the late firms of  Holfitii-ister & Co. and Laumei.stcr &'Co.  .'��������� F. Wi LAUMEISTER, :  A. HOFFMEISTRlt,  GEORGE STE1TZ.  . Williams Creek, Sept.' S&thViSiBK���������<^"';,^:^^���������V;.*.'4a-lItt  -LILLOOET    BREWERY,  TACOB MIL.TZ,.. Proprietor,'h<us always on  eJ: hand a large and.superior 'stock of 'Lag^er Beer; at  the Bar will: be* found -tub -best. Brandies, Wines and  Segars; the public arc invited to call. Prepared to fltl  all-orders promptly.,. ���������'.-.:    ���������'..     '.'   ....    l;s  QPELMArlSf: and- '-McKJCNZIE,'- Proprietors.  ���������O ; This House is well fitted up withVGood;Beds and  the Bar is furnished with the.best Liquors;, ilcals are.  served at,all hours on the Restaurant, principle; VSta-'  bling'for Horses',-Horse Feed, kc.     '   : A       *       l.-'s  r.  Pioneer Hotel---Liilooet,  riHARLES NELSON; Proprietor. This old'  >\j; established House is well 11 tted up for the comfort'  of Travellers; the Table is supplied with the best of  everything that can be had, and the cooking is not; inferior to the best hotel in; the lower country; Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling for Horses, -Horse Feed, kc.  The Exp'ress'stops^here       '������������������'���������>   ���������"  ���������'���������.' "��������� ; 1-s  TS  OPEN; FOB THE  ACCOMMODATION   OK v THE.  A; Travelling public;, the bedrooms are spacious and  airy ana*-the'Beds cannot be surpassed 'for cleanliness'  and comfort by any in the lower country; the Table: is  always supplied with; thovbest of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly "on hand  SSSiSr*^ Yl?W%& Wwfll' receive Tinmedialt  |^ENTILE;S Photographic .G-allenrTS^.  XX mcm&t, \ictona, V.J., opposite Hotelllc-Fraiice  \iewsot Cariboo and Scenerj' throughout British Col--  ujnb.m,.incJudi������g.yiewser.the route to Big Bend, ahvava  on hand at liberal rates.;.: -   <���������   n-V-r:;-���������;���������������������������;:���������   '      *  1-s  ton Street.  141 MILE HOUSE,   ���������  DENNIS MURPHY, Proprietor. This:Housu  .is,furnished with every convenience for the comfort of Travellers; tho Culinary' department is under  the superintendence of an experienced cook; the-Bcds  are clean and comfortable ; tho Bar contains tho best  of Liquors, Segars, $v.    Stabling, Hay, Borley & Oats.  BLOOD WILL TELL!  BLUE ; TENT   RANCH._i --  TITM, .HENDERSQN-begs'to inform his friends  ,if":h.rtd the travelling public generally, that ho,has  taken tho above Ranch aud is prepared1 to supply them  with First Class -Accommodation. Good Stabli n^ for  horses;-Hay and Grain.   .. .  ;��������� 1-s i  BUIE   BROS,,  WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS IK'       -  LIQUORS,   GROCERIES,  ' '   . ' ���������AND--  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,.  BARKERVILLE.  WI.  "J83" A full assortment of Guoceiiibs and H. B. Co.'s  Liquors always on hand. : 15  Bathing    Establishment!  .;.;..    BARKER VILLE,  (Next BLink of British North America.)  T\ LEWIS begs leave to inform the Ladies and  U* Gentlemen of Williams Creek and. vicinity that  lie has litte-d up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  lor their .accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business; to. merit a share of their.patronage, r  ; j8S^*iI������ will also attend to Extracting, Filling arid  'ninH.nlhv.nr Ti������M.h'.    '    ' 10     '  KANSON,* ���������',���������-'������������������     X>. A. McLEAN,    ���������  ,, Proprintor, .   : Agent.  ^HIS HOTEL IS  LARGE AND  WELL  FITTED" UP  ,X for the comfort of travelers;, the Table is supplied  w'ith the best of everything that can be procurd, and  the cooking is hot inferior to any on tlie road;% Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley arid Oats,     l:s  i.:   83 MILE HOUSE.  -4 LBERT CltYSLER has opened tho above Houso for  llx. the'reccption of Travellers; the Table Is well kept  and the Liquors cannot be surpassed ; the Bods-arc.  clean and comfortable. Stabling for Horses, Hay aud  Oats. ��������� l.s  RP. WHEAB, Taxi.or k Outfitter,.Fort  ���������. Victoria,S. I.,.opposite Bee Hive Hotel, where ho  is;prepared to supply his numerous patrons with every  requisite for. Clothing suitable for every season of the  y������ar���������   ���������        . . :���������������������������'." :..,'���������" is  THOMAS WILSON & CO., Importers olfing-  ;1. lish Merchandize, wholesale and retail dealers iu  Day Goods, &c.y rates Street, Victoria, V.T.- On and  after 1st.Iuu������ next in Government Street, opposite tho  Bank of British Columbia.  .,    -. ���������    i    ;.l-s  HOTEL1 BE FRANCE, Victoria, V. I:, Jons  ��������� Big.v e axd PiEKRE Maxcikt, Proprietors.: Tho Res-  taurantis supplied with all the delicacies'the. market  affords. ;��������� In. the Bar: will be found the choicbat Liqd.ors.  FurhisTiefl Rooms,'&c. , .    2-s"  PUG-ENE THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria,  r.j Whoiesiilc.ami Retail Dealer in.WlXES, BRANDIES  rBEERS,  and  LIQUORS .nnd'.depot of Havana Sugars.  Goods] iorivhrded to the'Mining Districts.     ;.;   is  A  . FRANKEL, Victoria, y..I,-,.DealerinT.cw,  A ������ SKfNS, III uK8,;^[ooi, kc.    Liberal advances made  on Furs consigned.'1 Reference  borg k Ruelf, Victoria, V. I,    .  G. Sutro & Co.; SpoW  1-s  JAMES HURON, Proprietor. ���������Tnbicomm'oaf-  ous Hotel is well (1 tted:up with every, convenience  for the comfort of the public; tho Bods are all that a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied with  the best of fare; the Bar contains the choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,  Barley,, kc.,.     ,. 1-s.  RS. HEIN, MituxER & Dress Maker, Govern-  x?A ment Strict, .Victoria;. V. ,1. . All kinds of Millinery  of tlie latest, style kept constantly on hand;��������� Orders  from tho country punctually attended to.       '    1-s  WATSON, > Watchmaker, Jeweler  and Engraver, Yates street, above Gov,-.  en t street; Victoria, V. I/.       ...   ', l-s^.  TI7ILSON & MURRAY, Grockrs, Provision;  ,:������'?��������� Wine & Spirit Merchants, Bakers k Confectioners,  Fort'Street, Victoria,'V.I. /"[.: '���������'_ .      v.Ls  crnm(  f|VHE: CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between  .!��������� thcunderstgnoc.1, under ,the .'name and., title of P.  CANNON & CO , Butchers, Rich field,vhas been this day  di solved, by mu tual consent. From arid after tbis date  the business \y ill be;carried on iuthe name of -P-. GAN-L  in 0 a,; who is here by authorized to collect ��������� all accounts  -due to the latearmvamUby whom the; debts owing by  toe said firm will be paid. >,:.        ,,'���������-.;���������:. y^/.:/:/: ;;  rhfced Ricbfieid;'l2th' Sept, 1866.  P.-;'GANNOK,''  RQJU^IZETTE.-  42-lm  ' TH3; aNBESSINED; begs -to infomf the'' miners aud  ���������'^ittnl^1^8"^**1^^ Van Winkle that having  ��������� ^r?' f-?^h}^'PV0:i he willtn future keep  ; n-^? ''trtS-aad ^P-STOCKW hand, and hopes by  T?^^-^,WbwiaB������s,^Bmi by selling at LOWER  hSU- -1 ���������*CT?to ore'' Uj merit tlm;patronago-of all';.  M.S������5if?S!BpamV(l w|th the CAW' frbm'outlyihg  ^!Sf������ ?*L ������^wf ^d with promptness and dispatolu  it-t^^JSf"'?^"*--^ w^ter stock wlli find  jttt^r;^,y;inU|e,togivehimacriir. :'*���������  :   '  IMPORTANT to MINERS  .   Tho undersigned is prepared to       ''������������������  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  ������������������ ;PANNINGS,  ;,,'  On- Commission, or \vi U purchase any quan ti ty on the  /.yy,' /;.      .MoST.LinKRAL Terms, at the  ��������� Reading Room, Cameronton,  The Subscriber lis well known on Williams Creek, arid  :front' the confidence reposed in him heretofore in the  above-business, he hopes1.to recidve the patronage of  the Mining community tho enduing se-ison.   ..  , 1....;.   ... -  JOHN BOWRON. ;  J ORENZOLEARTO, Proprietor. Tbis house  J j .adonis every accommodation for the comfort of  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all the delicacies  of the season, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Wines, Bran<iies k Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley and pats constantly on Iwnd at low rates.  Newly milled;Flour for sale cheap. _ 1-s  The  Bonaparte House,-  CEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at the  O Junction of the. Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, .is  now;open for the accotiiraodation of the public. Bis-,  tance fr6mXlinton,: 26 miles; from Savanus Steamboat  Landing,; 22 miles; from Spenco's Bridge, 80 miles.  Travellers will Uud pi'ices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers; S.tagu loaves hero twice a week, for  Big Bend aud:Yal<������,' and once a; week for Cariboo.     1-s  p RELLEY & FITERRE, Importers k Wbolo  13T sulc Dealers iu "Wines, Spirits and Liquors,  Victoria, V.I.    . ,*        1-s  QPROAT & CO., (lato Anderson k Co.)'lairosTEK8  O! and CojiiHssiON Mkrcma-nts, Store Street; Victoria,  V. l>     ;���������-  'H -    -i ���������-���������:������������������ /-    ?- ���������     '' - ' ���������'   IS-.'-  f\ SUTRO & CO., liiroRTEits. asi>. I)r,\u;rs xj|  \J. CIGARS, TOBACCO, Mecrshaum Pipes, &������., S h.  comer oi' Yates and'Wharf fitrcet, Victoria.   .;      s  '.f~ B. HAG-GIN,. PilYSiciA-v k Scrgeov, near cor*  O . ncr of Yates and Government St's., Victoria, v.y  PIERCE.������Sc SEYMOUR, dealers in Bedkn*&  ; FoKFif.rjRis, Broad, Street,, Victoria, fy.Jf. ;���������/ }*^;  nAIRE & G-RANCINIi HARnwAREr&Crockery  I i \r������o/iui!CT3 wiuirf st.rnot.. Victoria;'V.L ���������;��������� ���������*���������*  \J il^nqHANTa, Wharf Stroot, Victoria;  H" ENDERSON" and;iBURNABY,  :Wharf street, Victoria,,V. K'^.,.i; ,:\  MERCHAStS,  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  grouse; creek  ij.F-Ttrms  El  "CASH; %V.itho.ut  eisiinctioriV   =���������  ;i;: * ������������������  J. W. LTNBHARD.  rpiIE UNDERSIGNED bogs to inform the public that  ������ Hho above establishment was opened on SUNDAY  LAST,. the 22nd July, and.that he will bo happy to receive a call'from Ins friends. '    :������������������    ���������'���������'*���������.'  m- BOARD $1G PER WEEK. -^  Bread, Pies and Oakes ulways.on hand for sale.  .23. ,-{,,.. ���������'.  :       A. KELLY, Proprietor.  living, of Lirmors, and of Wines      Fresh Butter'Milk  and Vegetables.. Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s  I EWIS. LEWIS, Clothier, Yates Street, Victor!*,  J j opposite, tbo. Bank ,oh British jNorth America., ,yf  M'ALfiANDlNE,C6l;LEGTOvt & GENERAL AGENT  Government Street; Victoria, V. I. ���������**  pbRT������ DOUGLAS APVERTIS13ME^T3  TnE;SHOJ^TEST AND CHGAPEST ROUTE.  F6ur Days'to the 108 Mile Post, via Cedar  .Creek and Mitchell's Trail. :  ARTIES GOING BELOW THI^FALLare informed  that they can easily make Cedar crook in two dava-  and crossing tha Lake can roach tho WagoirRoad in  two more MITCHELL.  "'  .-..October 5th,���������.1866. 4d  MACDONALD'S '7f\OT;ELvy '>'  mite; MACDONAtl3,;^oprietor.r ^^  W othersdestihed for thtf Bridge River| J^wjij  "   '���������'��������� convenience and accommodation anomeu  1 Beds and a Table well supplied with all  find1 every c  them. Good  the delicacies of the season.  fi/h. SMITH k CO., .Proprietors^ ^s^Ho^  fa* well.Utted upfor tlW lo^g^gg'  lcrs to tho Bridge River Mines: Good .������e.d^.,f,fS  tor HorsesrHor.?e Feed; kc. A s\*&c runs twiw h^ck .  between this;housc and Fort Douglas w.m f^^  fhu steamers from below and connects. wtw*  Boats for Lillooci,-  U


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