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The Cariboo Sentinel Oct 16, 1875

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 .    I:.
msS&ttttartVg&TXKSK&S^^ ;
:>_\  '^4*<z-- v
Barkervill��, William Creek   B.C;,'.Saturday;. WM ,16 1875
J5Pi!feUflbedeveryS;atHrday:.b7v'\^^ .;
1. O B B EsT     H OLLOW AT;
absorrntionY,- ' - jS5peats Bert7��*k*,
6 Writ;
i 0n��;
tov�� ah
i V
��� p*
be (lfr|
*.,""" .0*0 moi'th,   -
FortwroVqBares ursiiusertlon',    ��� '�����. ������
' *       one month    - -..-���-  ,.���
A'temts'for tae% * CaribooJeatmtl.'.':
da Creek'i     r ?t-|
a ton,   ���      ��� '
ale-. -   ��� ���-.    -
*w WostmUstet
ictoria/     -...':'-
Strom-   ���. --*'...���
������ Bernard* tnxpree*
~     Baraarft'.ftRgpfftm
do        - tdo��i
,-      John Murray
Mr S^hok.'Sp^ro
aoCnruhill.London K.C
!ar<ls. Circular* :rWierVand Prosrramm^pfYtr
all?:-tnclTheatrical Entertainment*   ;
!#��^'\*eciir��fi with neiU-nespanrtdispateh".
st Ikl
y fl? i
���NOTICE.'���������������-. /���:���"-:
TOWNSHIPS NO. 8. 10, 11. ���
OTif-R is 'n^nK^y g!v,b�� in ]&g-
cordWioe. wiJh Clause.''.23 ^ Land-Act.
187*!". tliii't."a'41 tl.i^;uiv^orvevert, onr^si'Jvedf,vacant
Cr-'.vh [,nn ssimatr n-ithiu thi''h��an'ltrr��'*of.TowBi-
ships No. $. 10 iD'i H  ��w dotWdon the Official Kapa
in tlir- i.��orrOiBoA Virstn.fiit;.with tho exception of the
���flowingsuhiu visions, wiiHVo upuri.Tor preemption
j-����W'1' Pa'rchnjsii nt 10 o'clock  ii; in. oh  Monday, 17th4
^I^^PW.iv, 1875, ut the Office of Henry V. E<lmouJg, Esq..
'y^rlMLVi Westminstea: .'��� .>"   '
.fei-Vt./*.-,.-. ' ���   '
.VTOTtCKriS'HEREBY:01VRN,' in acrnrd'jiiice witl!
il the provisions of* the tl I Anil Act." 1574,:' that th
following la^dsriituate in the District of New West;
minster, havpAlwiyii HuodivHcd hy survey, nn*f -tl��
Pfap thoreof ha�� !>p<7�� deposited in* the office of Mr il
V. Edmonds, NeW \Vea tin luster:
>���������       ���'������'���   TOWMSHIPW.        * '
��� :?:v .-��� So��tftwpet qttn'rtor Soctton 1.
i .*'��� ���:,8forthw��*t quarter Section.!'. .'������".-.
-.  . w^c#^J��*st qaarter Section I.
*: ������/���   ��� ; ���* ;.;��� ,/-������. /;���,'.: ���'����� -10
t .
...              . v..
'.          *��
,   SUB 4 k-��.
.���'���''    -.-;v"-.-,-:>:.^'." .:.i/it2i6.   :���
'  ���'���"        >   ��� ���'������������'��� ���*"'- Iint-218.   ���.���.' -��� >"' ''������y?
Tn Ttmnp.hip No. 14;
ia<1 tfewilftlnlhuttitK oj'aiVy purlin ��>f. thjRhnrt wht
h.vve;ttr��tfti��{j>iin('fl Cr����wa Orantsi.hrr^of.Fhonhi prov
ap tiiolr chums in accordance with Clauso. 21, Lao
Act.'IS74 ".' ..v.-
Forms of Proof ao<l O^c In rations c.��*n hn nhtaineit u
tlio offiJce>��F;*heCoiuimtSRi<inoy, Krtrnloops; y *
���;������ '���;������;. ���ROHEUT-BKAVKN.
Chief rbmnii^ioner jT^&ndi an<J.-.Works'
X.\ode anil TTorks Department, '���
. HCtorlft, 4y.ly ��i, 1S75..  .   -..   .��� ....       '..>...-
Southwest quirt^rof S^cHnn-l.
NorlhoasL-qtiart'-r ���>?' S cutui 1.
S"Qticotb claimanta of Lana
'   IX TOWNSHIP KG.- 9, ��� :.
"VTOTICK iS:IIKR~a;BY GlVEK5-ln:VaecnHancc^vUl
Li the prov isii) uh ol tl ro 1 a \\ fl V Act, 18 74,��� ��� til at' th �����
fellowinx laudsi.sito:tU- in*"the Osoy'ios Division o.
Yale I>ifitr'ct:have.boon ��ub'1ivi^o��l. hy survey,:-Mi-
"too m:��p thereof h:*j& h��!ou forwarded ,io tho .office o
J. C- Ha j u us, 0 o rn m !|si on or, CJ.Wybos: .   .
' Township Ko. 9, ���';��
3��tft'cn 8.0, ��o| 21, 22..S3,' 24. 25, 20, 27/28, 29, 3Q, ���*&,
BU, 3a,'34. 35, and"36; -.';���
An'l that olnimnuU of any portion. ofthIs:fan<l who
La m*m$
��n consequence ef Spu'rious Imitations oj:
Lea & Anrni;-Sau^:
which are'calculated f<> deceive tlie Public,
leaving their. Signeiiuftyihu^y
B a rn a rd : & C o
which mill i^^c^^^0^i^M^
ifterythii\ date land witkoit
��� \\ y ,',-��� -. ������-:,: ������'���ii genuine, < ������������-������ ;*-: /; ;%������;.;.;���'
���;Novem her 18 7 4;^
.(Carrying Her Majesty's Malls.)
Ev;ery;! Sunday:.vMqrnia^
jonnectihj? with {he Bt earn era at -Quesftol* *
mouth, Yal��, Now Westminster aad ' *: ���
��� Victoria,.   .
. ^sgj&'rftight wd Passengers carried throtjififcf'
it reasonable rales, -f: '��������� ���',;.   , ,'-  }'."'���::���:
For rates oi Freight and Passage, appIf
0 ������������ -'��� ���:>���������-/ yz.yr,:y .��� ��� ��� ��� ���.;���,:.-.,
GEO..BYRNES.. Agfiil. -'---/:
: v,'. v.     ... Barkerviilo."
* - ���^j,��^-{imi,i,mt&..-    I PEARSON'S ., C AR1BOO
AskrforLEAW. PERKINS' Sauce,
and sei-'Nf^^^y^Pfff-*$$*fp Sotitf
���;"' '"��� ���������'' .^ '2y-and Sfoft/>er~:y\2l:'""'"'.""'. '"
{Try^l^^Z^^M^2^^^l ty ;My
(tondoii^lZs;cij%$'o:$ andl.byiGwcm.anc.
^Oilmen -throughout the World/ y :'������'/. yy.
'y. ���/:Saturday,��� Oct, 2S^zy2y
making.tho trip IN VWEEK,;and.coobec idg'wili'.;
thp'ateiamer;'J.Victoria" for Soda Creek^an^ V'.Rojalj;
City*.'-.torITtw.Westminster;./.*.:���. '���������\\?' -'���"-���.'-  . ;,,:/;
Kastporuuu ��>f H'��rthw.(st.quntcr'ef Swstlun 1 . hlL7{, aol 0iu.ljnf.(, Crown ofnnts.tWVeol shonhl prov<
South^ast:qu-irt^r <��r ��<���?.��hm 2. * j thoirciaims in accanlancft with Clause ii, Land Act.
.Southwest aaurturoi Si-cti<iD *. ift?.'. r ���
trJl: If
new ��
N'trihwcst quirtcr of S cii-n *2
Scmtliciist quirtftr of Hi'ctlon 3.*
: Northcust ��uirt��Tof ,Si.*eih��n 8. ;    *    ;\* *
8uuthcaat quarter of Section 10.
K.:si half nf Southwest q'anrier of So��ti��n l&.
Hrctious 11 sin-i 12
S"Uihwist quarter of Section 14. '*
guuthwedt quarter of Section 50. ��� -.
Junctions 17,,18, IP. 20.
N*��rth hall* of Sociiua 21.
North w<��?t��cjnnrtcr of Section ftfi.
Northeast qunrtcr of Soction 29.
Brctions 2H, 20, 30, 32, a3, 3*.    - ��� ^~^
Southeant quarter of Section 86, ��� '    .
Northenat quarter of Section So. >
South west qnartc? of Section :;o.
Nurth we*t quarter oi Section 89. ���  .
'Chief Commissioner of LaadBand Workg.
liin'ls and Works Department,
Victoria, 6th Miiy,��l$7$.
i fi
1 ���
*vf<mCE IS HEUEBY GIVEN,'la accordanoc with
ll tho provlsiona of the ** Land Act, I874,'1 that
tho.followlhg land, in Group I., New, Westminster
District,, has been surveyed, and the Map has bees
deposited in the office of Henry V.fidmoads.Cora-
missioner,"N,ev: Westminster :, ...       *'��   '
LOT 236, GROUP J.,- an Island situate at,the moatn.
of North Arm of Fraser River, and known.as
;    Mole island. *"���
T And that claimants of any portion of this land who.
have not obtained Crowft Grants thereof, should
nrove up, their claims.in accordance with Clause 21
Land Act, 1874.
Forms of Proof and Declaration can be obtained at
the .office of the Commissioner, New Westminster.    .
*���   ���     !       .^t, *~      iROBERTBEAVEN,1
p sG^ef Commissioner:Lands and Works
'.'���JFormB of oroofand doclarntion^can be olrtainod-ai
the Ofiloe of "the C��^nmis.-?luni*r, t)?ovco='������ ,.   .>���:'.    -"
.     ,-:"��� ROBERT BSAVEN, ,{
' Chief Com missioni-r o't��Lai) vls/and W.orKs.
Lrindsau'lWur^s pepmtiienf,,    ���"',������������/
Vioiori \, A\>rj 1* 3. 1ST5.     ;   __'_"\" n p24
Lake La Hac.ha School
:',x     ',  District. ���-" ���'   ,
-.,.'    '.<���'.''       .....~". \     ���,.-". - -v
��� ) -.        "'. Provincial Secretary's Office,      ,
30th July, 18.75. ��� .,  "   ������
HERE AS Uieijieiucijaat-Goyernor'in
j;Couiicil Jb empowered under .thf
'���Public : School Art, 1&V2," .to create ^School
pwtrlcfs ia addition to'tbos�� already-existing, ar\d to define the boundaries thereof, it is
hereby notified that his Excellency' has beeu-
pleased to create the tract oi land enclosed
within tbe uudermentionHd boundary a.School
District, under the title of* the Lake La Hache
Schopl ��� District, viz.: All thai tract of land
Included in a circle which may be described
within a radius oT six miles in length IVoni tbo
SchocJl House, siluale at Ihe lit Mile rosVon
the Cariboo Hoa'd as Ihe centre of*such*circle.
Hy command.
' ��� JOHN ASU, -
an21 Provincial Secretary:
������.,.���,      ,, ,�����JR. BEATEN,   ������ .
hmis ..drfJK^' aa'1 ff^l
Chas."Paulson*. Proprietor.
A good assortment of Groceries, Provisions, &c,
��a band.
The BAR i8 stocli^ed wUh the best Wines, T4quorpr
and Cigars. jul24 'lax
THE undersigned, who has been in the employ df.-Mr John O'Doum*!! torn unmbcr of yeurp,
herehv notifies the public of Cariboo that ho is NOT
AK INDIAN, as so mo* P'.joplo suppose, but a WHITE
MAH, and a nalivo of Mexico.
,      9. ��� .     ANTONIO EOQUBT.  -
- Ee " WESLEY^ HAL��iV;: /
���/'; :;'; "._   ;   DECEASED.  .���   I \'2X;-:'
' \ LL' '"PEJRSONS .indebted' to* the . Mat*
:r\:-'-dtWVsley Hall; deceived; will p.iy forthwith'tr-
die uhdersighcit tlio nmimil of audi indebtedness.
jnd;claims' ngrUnst the. Estate onust bo/presentet.
within throw months to.-��� ��� ���-.- ��� ;*.      -.'������.;  ���
���.;".������    JOHN. BOWROK,.- V.
v '��� '������������.''��� N '   -1. Adiiiiuistratqr. ''
1 P i ch fl el U. J.u ne 24/ TSTS,   >:      ' ��� V ���   *\ ' ' \' ��� ��m
Rs Thomas Bell^deceased^
\t�� TIGS is hereby given, that all persons
i.1 having any claims aghast the Estate of Thoma?
ll-iil, \,ito Surgeiiii to'tiie Koy.ti Cariboo Hospital,: dc
ceAscil, are herehyYftc(uircd to present -the-same.tn
the andcrsiirned within three months trom this date;
nid all persons', in m\y way indebind to the said estate tire also required to pay iorthw.ith ttie atnounfe
=0 duo'by thein to        ���'���   - .   >'i,x   ���' '���.'      *'���'.. *  :���
1 \'"-'���'; "v     Executor. "���
Dated tits 25th day of June, AID. 1875...    Jo26
A LL*PERSONS indebted to the Estate of
��\. Andre'Jacque.ii.it,:'deceased, wlllpny forthwith
to the imiU<r.<ij;ijj��l this amoort of such indebtedness;
aij'i chiims Ni;.riHt'the Kstaie mu^t be presentod
within three months to* ."....
Ageat in this matter for the
OWclal Administrator.
��� * Bnrkorvi'aV, J.vht 25 1875. ���   je26
1 Farfe K. only '���-; - f 301'! Ct-
VVfiEKSiV.*dates\ of departure from Cariboo
���will b�� duly, advertised.^ggf ^    y
'"'���^v-NO- NlGriT TftAVELLING���TIME
GUARANTEEO.  ��� ���        '"r.""*
���JON-ATH-AX NTJTT;--:AgeSt, Barkerville;'
. :HV. MORGAN, Agont, Stanley..'-.     '..-
Affgnst.Sl, 187*,. '���': awl " ���
VtaB . Volkeriburgh & Qd
Always on hand.
���Ha s received a
Comprising a G r cat -Novelty in ��� -: ���
. Ladles9 Albums.
.    COSTUMES.; :    .
And by every Express, a new supply of Fancy Goods,
which 1 will sell as low ��s fui&ioie to salt the tijaes.
���   uuiil lm .
y:, SAMUEL; SMITH,;:;:;
STANLY,  . -: .!���--. ��� LIGHTNING.CRKBK,
.      '.'���' ^Ha8on hand acholce.Btock of .
Prvisiotis, Q-roceries^
which he will sell, ' '
��� nul'-'        ...-..;���
Patent and-Proprietary
"-.    MEDIG^Ea&o.     ;
BaTkerrille, April .17. "
_.,    Dr. Chipp wilkauend on LIGHTNI
veery SUNDAY until Noon, 'as usual. Tfl^C^lUilbOSENTiNEL  f��������� m - ... ��������� ������������������-.!.,.-i-       .,........������������������.���������..  i.ui   i ������ ���������.  MTURDAY, OCT "l6fM*'**  v CARIBOO ELECTION.  Theionndn&s ef opinion in this district on  the titiporfarifc questions of the day doe* credit  to the intelligence of Cariboo. The poll to  he taken on Wednesday, next will not be to  declnVa struggle between candidates holding  /#d*er*"e political, opinions, but a mere per-  aopal matter aa regards ihe choice of nen  a*ho are in accord ae Ao. the course of the  <Gf>vetDment and ihe wise, progressive policy  w$cb jfc fees been, and .mtl continne te be  tbeir aim to carry out.  Under these circumstances, we do not feel  sailed npen to draw any Invidious ;distinc.  frtons between the different candidates. All  *be new* men bate delivered themselves of  *fceir views oh the principal issues ot the, day  In fher'" cfis toisnry prJn ted address to the  fleeter*,; -and it will,��������� be for 'the elec.  jh iiZ. to'" careful ly weigh tbei r respecti v e  qaaliflcstfoua, and select those rosn to ��������� rep re/  Mr Pearson said he appeared late in the  field, bni.ori that account he did not despair  of anecess in tbt contest. He had come.for-  ward at Ihe desire of .many friends.* He  would expressMi views at public meetings  of which be would give notice. At present,  he would merely say-that he was bitterly" opposed ;ta the V--riDg." aXZpolltieiaps, known  as the Opposition, who were endeavoring lo  barter away the rights of the Prorince for  tfeeir personal beneflu He was' a atanneb  supporter of tbe present Government; thare  was no equivocation aboot aim fnlhat regpcoi  Gariboo is tbe backbone of the Province, bei*  interest must be attended to. and-if elected  he wauld do al! in his power to'tqrward those  Interests. '    :. yy/ ;V'.\-:' '-���������/  ;.| Mr George Byrnes also addressed the electors, referred to the honor #onferred on Cariboo by 'the selection of Hon. Mr Walfcem as  premier; and said that the ������fee tors/won Id be  !?Iind to tbeir own interestsdid they not return him at tbo bead of the poll.' They conld  And no better man-ta represent tb'mnr he Was  the only -representative who had been of any  rise M 'Cariboo. ' Mr Byrtieo. I ben gave M*mi  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  m  To the Electors of| To the . Electors of  Cariboo District.  GENTLEMEN, ���������.  The late Provincial Parliament of British |  Columbia having expired by limitation, you  are again called  upon to elect three rep re-'  sen tati ves to serve you in the next Parliament.  I "meet respectfully offer myself ������s,a .candi*  date lor your suffrages, and Would bars very  briefly slate my political vie^s.  j I wonld support the Walkem (jrovernraen1*  o������ tbe questions ol the Canadian Loan, Dry  Uock; and Terms ol Union, aud further would  give it my support iu the fuinre apon all  questions which I should deem necessary for'  the interest of Cariboo District in particular  and of the Province generally.  Regarding the Mining Laws, yoar tishes  la these important matter* would be my  guide.  I Tbe agricultural interest would have ray  attention, the growing importance ������ttfblch iti  this district 1 fully appreciate ; and, If eloeied,  Lshould seek the views of tbe farinera, whoa?  Interests would receive my active support.  Should I be returned keboe'ol your rep re  . ������������������.-   . ..       ���������   .;������    r  ������������������������������������ ������ -v;     .   .   ���������    ..,,.��������� {-'���������> .'���������   .' *-"'��������������� -'���������"������������������   ��������� ���������        ���������   ^"���������0���������~;" ���������   i  : wMwmw a uo iriuiuou H0UUKIII  your reore-!    t  #*ot pe������Ja the Legislature who will be true valuable, information regarding tbe .wants, of jsentatives. your interests will be my c<u������Uut I ��������� ���������'������  *o iheir pledges, who wil!  work ta  harmony 1 $������ district, and *������<rgestftd some needed *bb- \ study.   To serve Jou faith fully and beneath j  ^ibe^ .,���������/������������������ 1  . *.*    i..       ..     .'*<  .*������.   .      *    *   i ..:      ���������.   S .  r .. j.  .     -      . I . m^ O BU/I.      I Ik A .  m^f\ t% Ok 9 !?��������� ��������� 1 A W V^VBfc  '.*-k W .  ^.  .       ���������   - _. ��������� '._ .._������_*_      m\ ...^   ft .   .   T '     .      - .... 1    .  m\���������     .  ���������    .  t !.��������� * ..  m\.. . ������ .     . .... V       ..   ..  ^wftb tye)r. fellow;repreientatives for the dis.  trfct, aad who do; not seek iheir ���������sun*r������ges for  -fnvsole purpose of serving their own personal  ends* . :#       '\'y ',-���������.-:/���������;���������. '      . ..'*..'���������-,-  _ -Jr_wpXiHlbiLpnfair,^ to one of the  'e^Vdtdaleis-Hoti. Mr Waikein���������were; wes bo  ; roe present occasf on';to omit'ptaping on reeord |  tbw ttlrapst universal fueling of 'aatisfactioo  wjtbwbieb bis past services are viewedrtjo'tfeis  eoristihiehcy,' which te has represented in tbe  Le^lature for so many years.'.-. It is unneces*  *?ry.,; to. -reeapl tu I are :������those , servlcee. one,, of  w^b-rtbW; / reductioo -of /mining - fees���������  shenld alofl e eni ti r|W h im ?��������� te (he I as ti dg, gratl.  f rtde. of every m Iner' 1 n Car! boo.; r We are en 1 y  gfvlng nVterance. therefore, ffo the wishes^of  f s* -people.^ when mo say that it Is ������heir desire  r������������-t only ^at Mr Walkem aboiild continiie to j  ''r^preaen t ^neni,' bn t th at tie sb a 11 "be" returned  :M tbe;he������4 ftWe poll neiti Wednesday. This  weulJ only W asg  ������om nl i m>������ it !i o a fa il b (u i, ser Van. t. w bo refleots  Hnor on. the constli������eaey,;by. the high post j  t^h. wbicb ^eoscupies as Premier of the Pre-  v)n������e,ynad  to which bie energy, ability, and  th������ confidence ������f the people have raised him-  ; We will again recammend tie electors to  wigh carefully the merits of the new eandl-  ija1**.f    Personal   friendship/ pre^idice,  or  ayapalby,     must    .1>e ......ca^t     aside*     In  m a^ing choice of men to perform the respon-  aible -dauee. of legislators; and especially  is it necessary at the preseni criBis in tie bW  *������rv ������f ;.lnA Province that tho choice of the  -elJNUim should fall ,on reliable men;  o a ted th e cp b i tfn c f ion of a wa go n roa rl fro n> I  the main trunk road to tbe.Forks' of Quesnel. j  which section of coiintry- :heeaid/ if .opened j  i|p by meana of good --roads, would prove to  be the richest -portion-.of Oaribao. A? irail  sbonld be/cut to Canyon -j creek, .'wide.enough  to be used as a sleigh road, in; winter ; the  rJoa^betweeHi Rjahfleid.aad Van Winkle should  be run so as Up aveid the dangerous Jack of  Clubs canyon./The survey of the Cariboo  district was oeeessary in order * to defi ae the  gold bait, and save. the.expenditurflpf jnoh.ey  by miBers.- The Liqnor .LicencerLaw requires  alteration ;��������� Ifc^was.not adapted to a grold  mining ebontry, where new oreeke might be,  sltruek at *riy time, aad licences required for ]  neoe8*ary ;boPteirle������u: A; Jicence should M  obtained at *ny5 time on applicatio������--->^The  Crown .Grant Aefc waaprejndieia! io^ibe i'Vtvr.  estH of Cariboo-; ftJqcked; up.tooMancbJand.  arid a tax should be levied o������ aijnnworked  land held: f n lb is manner., Mr JJyrnea r������ferre*d  fo the attempt made .during tha/la-st P^rlia  mepit by  Messrs " ' . ^- ���������    ,   ���������  change ihe.  tbe^ balance of  power exist lag,, between .������.  J^ainland and Jslaad, and/urged,the m^mbera  wbe would be pleated to repel'any-oiiewpiit  tbe kind that might he made in toe future. '  ;��������� The Returnic   '"K'A        ���������  ������how  of hands  Hob, Mr Walkem  1 have the b*������uor to be.  Geutleiuen.  : ypur obediehi serf ant,���������./  ' ��������� ���������   ''     '."';' E. PKARSOX.  BarkerviUe, October 11, .1873.  Ai tlw r-qu^at of num^roua.i-WiiofB aad frir������n<������c t  am in.iucwl i������> di-clir^mysclf-a.can t|4at* to rent..  ������eni ibi������ dUtrict tu tlie l.cglalatiiro or tho rrovinc-  My lonjf reftidenc^ in a*rH>oo ^nahlea mc to anier  stHnl its want**, ������n I shonM you.'Uwm mo wonhr nf  yonr support 1 willpladxo uivs^lf to svpnon to" th,!  b.tst of my ability all; good*mcjisurestUut mav \1  brou^hlberoro thv Ilopae  ��������� :���������  ���������*.*  Witb rsgard to"th������* Railway q-joiftion, which |g oii������  of tho mostvit&l l.HSuea aiTticLios thii Province I ruii!  agree witn/tbe pilloy pn'NuVd by tho Local QtmJ.  mcnt- ai.JIfeS.'Ct^l I will aupp .rt tb^m intnsuW  that Hallway, ooaatroctloa bo coinraeocoa ns Boon A  posalblo     ', ��������� ���������'':���������������������������:-' s ���������.  ���������'Aitreiianisthesum or $000,000 utandlogtoour credit  with the Pominlon.Govi'rnm nt. ������n I lor which vr'dar������*  now allowed interest a; tlio rate of 6 p-.������r c-ct. p r ok  num. .lam in favor of drawing It itnii expanding It ii[  the construction of public works' of utility: aim 1 cou,  .aid ���������rtbtfiours'iHTJof that in .noy would* he yf jjrftut  et-rvice to s* at present lor the purp.������ao of nponlax tip  r-jat|Mo tlm ou'.Iy.iD^cr.'efc'* ant prospect lug tlmuiu  oxptoiXMf'port \0t\i <>ft he dlsiri^t.'  If'etaeltii!, I will give the? prc^ui Cov&raaivat ������&  hoMWtwttd liopivrtUI .-inpp.irt.' .  lain, Gentl'/aivn,  Yourobdt, servHitlj  '   '    ^- ���������.        BAitUKL WALKKU/  of-tl  Thug  ttttiriSU i:OLU������BiA.  .  -v/PROCLAMATION.  t' - Z.+,  i Eleot-pral District of Oari-  |;   yyyy . boonto:witr>;\''2  CBUO  NOTIOK   IS   HkRfelJY.OfVljy  Of? TUB  District xti G&riboQ.  ; Toi t a re ao w ea 1) ed ������ p en to. .s#?ea t: yonr.)  to the KI actors o f t h*������ I > i si rf e ii o��������������� i'a f I- .$  I boo. (but la ob'-dienrw to Iter fertiesty> \Vrii//  uo we directed, and bearing da> ihe 13^M*/ |  /\of Aupinitv in  the yt*>tr^ <d  Our  LotdOw "-.'���������;  ." jtbonsAiid el^ht hundred and .seventy'tit'2 I  *> require the. pre^enc^ of the Maid Bl������ctorMt  jHIOHEJKLJi    rpURT    HOUsR.   9t\  tlis  quota of rdpreaeatativea to tke Local Leriala-'��������� Eleventh 4<y <>1  < >ciobe>i. a������ 1 w*ive e'cUrlc  litre. : v. ]:jeoii, for "the purpfa������>f R'������c������lng Vnre^ ii*������r  \t the. request, an<t..wi<A tH^^romfsad sup-110^', to.roprot'oat  thrtn ip it  ir of ik* Blectors. J oli%r {$* ^roriiicV;. and that in c  port/of a lar^ra'numb     -.qyactf as %  candidate i* .serve ym in that  capacity . >."-,   /������������������ -. ��������� ,' . '" .  a -j��������� ^ ^������^* forward, hot as aa opponent of tli#������J  Jjireaebt Goverp^ent.    On the: c.ontrarv;:8o  .i !/iA������ 'aa.    Ilo.n     will   .1.1^   >_   ���������'���������*_:..  _--������������������������������'���������_.     .   *���������    -'.   '   '  ihft'n iw tbe  Lr^i^lflUi.iv ������vf  n*a a::i%\\%r ������������������������������  ^wiyVd/ aud'  aib'������>?ed   in t*;* innT������i;c.r Jby law  :>reiearib������������d.. mieu i^oI'' w���������} 11 b* ������pern*4 on'; iti*.-:  Twentieth day o? October, al  aieljfirld Court Ueuse^.v  W i 1 ti a tirs L >\ ke. .������������������/-.*���������-..' / ��������� C ���������.- ���������'��������� ���������...'���������''��������� ���������--  Ba(������a'-:liouse.'. ���������  .���������.-'.���������/-���������'  ....     .    ,,   ,     ,..-  , ���������sodn-Gwk.'at H/UcLee** Y-:  wisDJt to ba distinctly understood ; that J am-  ii*ianfl'Yt������ is A. D. ii^romV.   r   ���������  '  tio-party Ran-:bitt elftja, if elected, the priyi,   r^gbwiag Ov^ei. al Sian>%'   '  r:  !???>?.V,n, *m-* ������f *TftfF raeaw,r* <*r nt?otltiO 0,'fsoeimauth,     ' / *    . -nV  (eUtilay tJreek. at V'M������h&C6.*s ������t������*re al}h*  Crocking, a.id ������|    ���������    .   ; './ *'.  v������y.'f>������������eU.,      .  .-    ;'���������������������������/'   :":/  aessfs: Kobsourand Hnmpbrevs-toI???���������;*?,   >*\ w��������� *ir>��������� ^P serve tbe o*;unt5y  CoaalitntlonAeUoaai'to Siaturbl-���������,thfl"#y ,ID#l ^partially, tboy  will  r>ceivt������  1 of  power existiajrJheiwWtbe W^VWP������������ snjvport.-   At the same tirnn. I  "islaad. and urged the members V,9QJt t0 }>* dtstiqctiy undarstoo* ; thai I am  I*Uet*dip repel any;otieni������i:ef !���������  P^. ^an>^s^ e!fti-a> *f elected, the privi-  might he made in ine future. /    *&* ������ ^nv^1g.- of ***rj raeawtre or t^otliii* 0,7*  ling  Officer Zt\\������n called  for al *���������-,;���������*y h* ������������b*iued Wi ihe -House oa  iu  &n  da. Wkicb :vasulie;d in favor of ^r??-'   ronfifr'ug ������p servile  support, nor  sem./tfessrs;^ Bar  lpofc upon tho Transcontinental Railway  Oil  yeatt  pa������������i  ro  last*  A  rnorr  01:  last������  view  meet  by il  ��������� Th  fel to  ISaul,  itikea  vii  Ctty;  |������reei  ev<*n  'feire  natfe  $M,  fh  dara  Iti-SI;  ii  Will  tut*  th-ui  liyjirif  t>> ic  Th  r������'Ui  a ������*.i  y:-!si  wJfc^'Va  ^g^'.r*uit<s  $$m  A poll was demanded la behalf of. the ^tber 1 ���������. .        -    *     ������������������^^������i.i.���������������.������.������������.. ������>...W.T  .      .       t ���������   .v   ��������� . .     ,   w..-  canaidatfls.lwbicti will be held at the diff^rehO *? b^ national imDortaeee.- of ^ual ^ee������:   betw^o the hour* of   Ligbi a.m   *ad   F������|if  palling place* in tbe district nest Wednesday ]BllK f0 lhe ^wintcw.aa it is lo the Province ; V'*-j   wt all  vWob ������yv.ry p-ra������n ,sa, bare-by  "Aftera vote ,.ftfiank3:ta-^wrrifflwoffl M-*- tiw* ^^rKad m.aj.m^rf.naW tuV  r^mr^   ������  <*-' noUca and r.v������r?hiASslf  c������r. the Meeiiug fssparaltd.     <     ' 1 ^d,*P������fl������d stand, and call uponthepOt������iainioA'!*CCurUU������^<  : .. - - -���������������������������: ������������������ ��������� -^ ��������������������������� --.     ���������-��������� v j Government to fulfil ita engag<������menia.  ������j'������w������f>w^^.^.lwtBg1B. I    I am opposed to all monopolies, whether it  .^BS i'-~*~m^*'  Y  HE NOMIKATION8.  . A large htimberof people were. present in  ���������>h������. Conrt House ...at Richfieldon kondayto  witness the eeremony of nominating persons  t-mbttveus to serve ibis constUueney in tbe,  i������t*xl Parliament. K. M. Ball, Esq., presided.���������  .wi4-0e> f ol I ojr i ngteand id a tes were no minuted :  Hoi-MKi^Ar^SM^  ft.' Thompson, /B'ecobde4,''-b'y/Mtr.;::Angu^  ���������'.. '   - ./McFbirson. '��������� 2'%/ '/���������/��������� -:'-;: :'������������������* ���������/ -" ���������' ��������� r// ������������������ ���������.������������������'.-y  Mn pAVise^PropoWd by Mp- OeovCowiinf  seconded by Mr John Hftdson/  Ma EvAX8--Prnpe8ed by Mr Charles Wilson,  Seconded by Mr Wsttkin Price. . /:.;  Mh^arson ^Proposed bym?J. a. Bastedo;  seconded,by Mr/G, C. Tunsiall.,  Ma J. \L RocKnTSoyifPrbposed by Mr Frank  ', I^rrelt^6eppnjde^by Mr S. Searce;   ;  Un 8. WALKKR-Propoaed " by .Ifr A. Allan,  ^jjecpnded by Mr Wm. Heron.,;  Mr ^arnstonand ;:%'-:F%K:>pnoiiii^;:tl������ai  . lb ey bad wi th d raw n from the co h test.  % Messrs. Wfalkeiu;, Davie 'and Evans'iade  brief addresees, to the same effect as those  made atthe oublicmeetings recently held at  Stanley and Barkerville, Mr CharleB Wilson,  in no^inuHng.Mr Evanst. made particular  ^relmtfM to the Crown Grant Act. acknowledged that it was a detriment ro tbe mining  thteresfs of. th* district, and suggested that it  would be advisable to call public meetings  add tborougbly diseow 4be matter.  MAKAQER,  ~      m. PHRREfT.  Saturday ETenins, Oct 23  The perforwance tosorameBcewith j. 7V AJIingbain'a  Comedy of      ..'  BORN TOQOO0;,LUCK\  ���������     JCW; ^B^OUGHMAN^RHgb  RbbinRoughhaadfapioiighma       -  J. S. Thompson,  Mr Timothy Snncks.(a Steward), ��������� .-  I. B. Fiin-r '  Mrptnbja redueedGGptlcmaa),:. a. E. B. Daite.  Rait-ie \{n Banker's Clerk},'     -        John HU'iaoa.  Countryman,     ...   .   v.      -      T. Hariinp.  ������??!?������ ^ y\y--r.-v;~>*Z;:������/.-:jy   K;(C. Neurekler.  Old Martin.(a Oottagsr),-:-    -      ..     HliTclWrmott.  Rama Margery (his wir>),   ,.   Miss Fatima Julia Ann  JHtssinimoas (her first appearance on any-'Aug*.  fob������ follow ad by  'z Songs, Kecitiatioixs, &q,  by the following .Ladies and Gentlemen;, ���������  MISS PARKER. MRSKKLLY, J. S. TBOMP-  :   SON, F. PERRHJTT.  J.  HUDSON.   T.  HARTHiNG, RvF. TOLMIE, and several  others.  j bo v* FMd. Far**!, ^r. Ferries,  j While I agte* ebij ii i? the dtity pf{5e������orn|  jment to foster ������II ludfistnea. I have nosym-f  jpiaijy wivn ike bolstering of one Interest at[  * the expense ef another, and believe that thai  salvation of our Inland farmers depends aaj  ihe prosperity of the mining community.  Having lived so long amongst you, onr ia-  lerests h^ing identical, and my santimsnts  being pertoctiy fatiiliar to you;-if I baretb������  honor of being ane of your representatives,  no efforts will-he wanting <m my.part to lay  your claims "and p?e39 them on the attention  of th������ Legislature.  I am. Gentlemen,    ;  ''..'.'''���������''.-'"':'���������; Respectfullv yours,  ;,. f   v 'JOHN BTAN3.  | lightning Creek, Oct. 5,-IST5.  Cyan u������>.d-x wj b'a������id at Rich field, lha.  Second d^y ot  October, pas .'tamis'*  and eight hundred aud seventy fivs������.  II   M. BAIX,  R������turning Offleer.  The Election Candidates will be reviewed oy'a'prom-  ,. inent Amateur'.   ;/'        "-   ���������'���������  Tbe whnfe'to conclude with  SAVE!   THE   QUEEN!  by fall .Company a nd, A u'l i ence, mi 'i er the auit i n.  guished Qonauctorship of HON". G, A. WALKEM.  i -,r-  D4������twf,0PPn at ? o'clock, performance to com-  rmsnqe-atluiirpast 7..������������������Prlooof Admission   tt     Re  servea esats, $\ ������p.  .Tickets can b������ bs>j aft sesfe  rsswredeBepBi^tioDtoMryNher ��������� "  GENTLEMEN,   / .     '-.  , I have the lioaor to offer myself as a candidate to  represent yoa in the Legislative Assembly.  I consider it to be the dntjr of every British Coluai-  bian to at and; up for tho rights of his country under  the terms.of union, and. if elected, shall support the  Ra il way po.I icy of t i le pEesen t Gove rn ment.  Money is required for public works and Improvements, and lam in favor of ta Icing; over, frdm Canada  the $S80,000 for such purposes.      .  The importance of your-district,"Ushidden wealth,  the money you con tribute to the revenue,land the  support you afford to tho lower country,entitle you  to a just share of all public moneys, and If, elected I  shall endeavor to secure it to you.  Tho opening of thorough means of communication  with important and hitherto undeveloped;mining *ec-  tions will be more reproductive than theiexpendltars  of mouthy in any other part of.the country,  I shall kivu no support to alterations or amendments  in the Mining Laws-unless they emanate frosa the  miners.   .-,->,...  A Court .of Q-enoral Assize  and Gaol Delivery and of Nisi Prius, will be  held at ouch of the undermentioned places *c  follows, and aU witnesses ore hereby notified  to attend thermal:  RIOHFlELi). Monday. 18th October, 1875.  QUESNKLfiaOUTH. Saturday, .tMl Ociohtf.  OUNTON, Monday; Ul Norsmb^r. . .  KAMLQOPS, Monday, 8rb Nsvewber/ :,-;..  .. By order. . i   .  -.-.. GEO. BYfeNES.  , Sheriff of Cariboo and Lflloctet DUitric**  Sept. 21, 1875.  HAVIKG- PURCHASED THE BUSINESS  aad Stock in Trade of Mr Wm B. Cameron,  hopes hy strict attention t bu^ineas to merit a con*  tinuauce ������f ,the patronage bestowed on his < predecessor. ��������� "  afi&*rdfng to ,the- best of "my ability.  and all kinds of'Blacksmith ing, done lu a wfirkla������c,���������  like manner and at reasonable rates.  Bariccrvilh, Octobers. oc0  m  LL Persons Indebted to the Estate of the  *.* late firm or uoHEN & HOFFMAN, of Barker-  .yiiie, Quesnelmouth, and Peace Kiver, are requested  to settle the amounts duo by them, otherwise lejfal  Jn oonelwhm.-1 shall If clcetod tMbM\T.*eT*������ y0B 1 ^T^1" *'" *" ,MU"ud f<,r tb������ ������*���������T ������ ������"������  .1  well  have  la me  lion I  accot  eoilcu  j?onot  pensi  -  Qui  inchfti  Lor  r������p������������rl THE C A.lUBOO--SErTi INXL  -v *  SATURDAY, OCT. .16. 2875.  Notice toElectors. /  $&* De inure to put the cross to the right  of tbe name of"tbo candidate you rote for.  Thus:""       ���������"'' ' /  WALKBM  London, 9th-Tho Pall Mall Gazette has a  special from Berlin with the following :���������It is  now proposed that tbe execution of the pro?  posed reforms in the administration of the  disaffected provinces shall be entrusted to the  (JoVeruor-weneral enjoying th* confidence of  ���������Oie Christian subjects of the Sub'linae Porie.  The proposal seems likely to succeed, though  it is not at all likely tbe Powers will guarantee the reforms.  -���������-���������  London, 9th���������A Mostar dispatch says the  Consuls consider that unless Turkey deter  MR PEARSONS MEETING v  A public meeting was held in tlie" Theatre  last evening te hear tbe political, views of Mr;  Pearson, a candidate for political honors. Mr  G eorge (Jo wa nV was voted to the cbai r, and  Mr Oorge Tithslall appointed Secretary;  Mr ��������� Pis4Bflo\\|Stn rising,;���������'; apologized Tor not  appearing befora the electors at an;earlier  day- business/ engagements Had prevented  him from doing so He said 1 here were tbree  g rea t qu esi J ons; new before t^e pub I ic. un il  mines on radical refo?m in every department j on. which he,bMir,vedalt,the candidates ww  tter will be lost to her.) *o>iU;f agreed-namely, the Loan, Dry Dock  CLIMTON.  Clinton, IS th���������Barnard AGo.'s stage left  yesterday eveiiiag with a large iaail and two  paws angers- for Soda Creek.  The Siiprente' Court left here on Thursday  last Hit roifte for Cariboo.  A political meeting will beheld here to  morrow night. Nominations take place on  Friday.  .../..  Clinton, 15th���������A meeting was hold here  last evening lor the purpose of hearing tlie  views of tbe candidates for the district. The  meetingwis add reHs'ed by th* candidates, at������o  by Messrs. Steele and Hughes.  The Nomiuations were mide tp-day.-  Tse  ^fallowing gentlemen were nominated:���������Wm.  "8au I,.Morrison. Hartley, and Ourine.' Polling  takes pUcd October 23tb. ; /  ;;���������"���������'.-��������� & VlcrpiUA    -';"������������������  Victoria. 12th -The Pacific Mail steamer  Ci ty o f -Pa o am V; h eay i 1 y ja"- ten, gro i i n'tTed b *���������  tween some rock*in this harbor on SiindiV  errihitig/ ��������� A;portion ofher eargo/was .tran������  fei Ved. hiU>'barges. *nd eh���������*;. ��������� flouted ;agaiit a*  half t ide .^y es.ter4a jr- H������������r bo Horn w as ex:im-  l:.r*d; by "d ire r a a nd ;fo������i <\A p erfec tl y sou o d.  . fbe,^tWimf������r Pacific arrived yesterday, four  d*?s from S-tti Sraooisoo, with the ra tils and  241; nVsMger*. The Salvador will be due  tn-������'irroW,  Ii is stated that Sir Alexander Coekbern  wjH VfcVte his oUc" as Lord Chief Justice ot  ���������'Kuglantt. and in/ lieu thereof will assume the  title of president vftSe-Supreme'Court; and  t b u 8(r UiOhirdi\ia/rat\ay.��������� [the presOnt A Mo?.  n t f. (v? ier a j... wt t I he eleqted. 1.1 a seat on the  h* j c i ������������������> f f be hi ��������������� w t.nb\'iii*t..  Tlie':steame��������������� I?4'4/>r i t������' i* eg ������ln on the Sound  r. ������������������ u t������ ' u������4 an op p ; m tio;i steamer: ' Fa res wi.i \ ���������  eV������:^<;^rr^duced^o;������vtjs.doU*^.---^" :/ . -.-.;/;/  *  ������������������>..--. --'./^iX^rrRO^TATKS., ./ ,;���������/};; \.  S+v V������> rk'i < )d tub er .'J t U r- Anu ther mil liw>?  - ������ \ti-<aii' jrVeterday in the .name of tie peopi-  i^P>*g.a!nst Tweed .t������i, reftuy������r4 193^.640/ atlegM.i  ffif^i.to hive .-beeu fraudulently paid; on :rtir, war -  M/ r*ll!l* oertitoi 1������y . T weed, and /which form*  the pf*i;icip^l allege M ri iti ;th������? suit .against A*  U. Sweeney.   An order of arrest was serre I  yesterd*?, returnable Oct. 21-u, aud bail -waj>  put at $100,000..  Philadelphia,' Oc^. 9 -Tuth*.Quarter Ses  eiojis^to-dity; Westfelt, charged with beio^  implicated in the abduction of Obarlie ; ftoas.  it 7 'yea'rd inI Esi on Peiiitetnlary.   .  Rochester. 9tb ^Between 5 and 4 oVUc'<  thi*������ m-irning ������i. lo<ig e*mpty freigut train gein.;  wer.t >m) ttW Sfyw. TT'or-k (Antral Kail road, aad I  running '^'il'Mijes an houri wneo near the depo.'.  in .this ci.ty, dashed into the walls ol the depo*  bidding, demolishing a portion of the walU  nil cm-in/ *ir general smash up of tocomo  ti?'*, tender and tr-iin. TUe engineer and  firpinenrvyere instantly killed. . /'/.../>  K ������st,on. Hi hi ��������� J. G. r������ow, one of 'tbe crew of  the Jefferson Borden, who were arrested  charged with murder, was sentenced to; tea  years in State prison'on bis plea of guilty ol  mutiny.  Augusta, Ga., lltb���������Alexander Stephene  Wrt������ taken seriously ill on Saturday..  Washington, lltb ��������� No new developments  concerning the Secretaryship of the Interior. 1  Wr Ciwau. who biw been acting as Secretary.  has not signed any pipers to-day, and at one  o'clock visited the Attorney-Oenaral to obtain bis opinion as to the legality of hte etgn-  iag. Uetano's resignation took effect October  1st. The point, at issue is, whether that day  shall be considered one of the ten days of ser  vice allowed by law to the ad interim witbou*  "���������;.* special appointment. In response to Ihe  application ot Gen. Cowan, the Attoraey-  Generat has decided that he could not perform the duties of Acting Secretary a?ter today.  San ^Franotsco. 12th���������������������������Stocks, which were  well up and active in Board this- aorning.  bare fallen a little. Some uneasiness is fall  is mercantile circles of the results of collection to-morrow. Banks do not show much  accommodating disposition, and it is thought  collections will be rather light, though the  general impression seems to be that no ays-  pensions will occur/;  Cottonwood, Colorado, 12th���������Five orals  inches of snow fell U������t nigat, aad it le (itiii  snowing tbis morninar.  EUROPE.     ���������  London. October 9 -The Bombay Times  reports a severe out^rfntk M $tolerft Stt $&  of iiereogovina; the latter  Berlin, lUh���������Tbe KaiserhofT hotel in this  city-'was totally destroyed by flre;tp-da^j. It  was tbe finest* building of the kind Jtl'Ger-  many.   Lews estimated at a million dollar*.  v Paris, lltb���������It \n feportsd that the British  and 'French.Go yarn merits are in coinmunioa  tlon relative to steps to/be taken b\ vi������w of  the recent edict In regard to the. Turkish  debt-  Rome, tlth���������Ualy will appoint a committee  of Italians resident in America to act at the  (lentennial Exhibition at Philadelphia.   TUe  "Piipo, sends twa JJo������-iio������': . .'  Loiidon. 111b���������A special from Tiennt to  ihe Times saya the European Powers-'bay*  exchanged ideas in regard to the financial  situation and polioV of Turkey; France has  not yet dedlared her opinion. Notie of the  of.hrr Powers see . any ground.. for. remonstrance. . The Post reports tli'at Holland has  sent five 7m\'m of wnr to the Cirri bean Sea.  arid Railway. .Uebejieved^hat the policy of  the Provincial Govern merit in taking over the  $900,000 hem'tlie Dominion a good and wise  pel icy. Wi th; regard, to the Rail way question,  he had nodeeire to detract from the claims  of Vancouver Inland, but be considered that  the Main fan d toouId have suffered had tbe  Waikero* G<ivernment accepted:Mr; Edgar's  terms to build, the Island line. The speedy  commencement of- tbo railway on the Main  land would do"much to open up Ihe ogricul-  tnral diatrict-s. As had been truly remarked  to him the other day by an American-farmer,  there was no part of this continent where grain  was raised of * beu^T QfwH'if ^an here. In  ;referring" to the Oppoai;ion ,io the Local  House, be deprecate*! the daily 'misrepresonj-  tat ions that were made by that party .to the  injury of tho country, ajpl considered^them  little'less than traitors, "if. elected, he would  be The most determined opponent of: these  There w ere se v e rs I local o. 11 esti ons  IjOAiloii; 12th��������� N'ews to the^effect that'tlei-i m?n-       (nod has a^ot 8reni������n of <nr to theCinibean  whieh wrould engage hte attention. He thought  8e������ ii said:tii b- encirely.Wiih.iut foundation.'(it would be a very good ��������� movement fer Ate  ������      v   ���������. /u* to    i-'.i ,^f i>-,..,������ r >nA,\n ' miners in this-distrust to form themselves into  New York, ������)ct. 12���������Aspectnl trom ijonaon }  ���������fme'd by ������he French./  ���������   fcjFifjf'iVi ���������-..'-���������':/ ',/ ;  ;';:; ^b.an^hai.: 1 Ith ��������� X.n -edict Jia* apnea red /in  Ib^ 'Qmmu*  ar'Peki'i  ������������������ajoining  the* proper  *t,x:. /      from the Gold: C^mtaiiis^  "Paris. OcK 12tb���������50ft Cor Hat soldiers here Supreme Court; that a case should go before  crowed thi������ French frontier, and  were  dis-  that Conrt dennvo.  In alluding;to tbe trails  between/;Wiliianis and ilarvey creeks, be  t.K nugb ^ fi4m e" of/1 h o in on ey taken o v e r from  Can ad a cou Id1 not b������ ba"i. te r sp e n i t h a n i a 1 m -  proving/ these Ct rails; art"d in op eaing otbeiis.  The speaker tbe iv-refe r re d: t o mo no p o lies, and  away with the necessity of annual registration  of voters;   Was in. favor of regulating tbo  public taxation so that the burden wo old fait  equally on all classes.   Would advocate 6o*>:/'  enunent  assistance in tbe; development of  quartz ledges.   As long"���������������������'tlie Governme^t'  pursu������d  Its present policy,  he would,  if  elected, give.it his firm, uuqaalitled support-;:���������>';  Caft/KvVn8 waa-giad to soe/tbe good feel ���������/  ing;.; that p revai I ed among the c * (id id atesc Ho - :  had no peraonal feeling oii ������������������; the Orb wh Grant  q 11 estioh ...He bel i e ved that eight out of every ���������:-:  ten ml nets bad availed themael ves of tbe; prn-:  visions of tbe A ct;; / There were several waya :/.  of*' effecting a .remedy. by either repealing; or  modify ing the law to as to moke if acceptable-  to ihejteopie/ . There .wits no doubt the; Act  worked ad vantage our] y in some cases and bad  in fitbera.':-'���������''���������'. ,22 -. ' 'Zf/.i 2/2* '.:..'��������� ��������� -^'/i'/?/*//  Mr Pearson here introduced ���������'-������������������-.   2~ :-.;/;.'^2.:  Mr Gbo. FBKOtrs������).x. who offered, a few siig'������������������?..  gen ions aa to Ihe inofndmentot the law regu"-*:  1stirig the prOremp'ion of mining ground:^.;  lie thought that 1 naiead of ininers;helding/  creek and bill.claims on[the same creeksepit*;/*  rately, they should, bei entitled: to pre-empu  the'creek and bulb hills as one ciaim." Ho  wlsbed to see t het Goirernment come forward  a tid assist t he d e re I o p men t of qii fti'tg by givS  lug a grant of $10,0w0 or .$ 15,000 a year, ei-/  tending over, tournr fire years. /. ;'/���������;   ������������������ :  Mr J. S. TnoMPSoy, M.P. being loudly called/  on. said we. were, all son rid onthe maiiiquea y  Uobs at issue. /All that remained for ..hitoii**/  \vas to elect, th ree men able and w il ling. $o f.  sti p porl oii r i n te������ ests ip i he nejct \Assembly i  As to the repeat of t he I aw r egarding appeals'  ti) the Supreme Court touched upon tb-nightv:  it ivaa btit simp 1 e\jn������tice to biiiise 1 f; "beiiig,a, ;.  Btieih bex, if r! the mini ng: bo1 ard w bico recom *  in e h ci ed the passage ;h f /that 1 aw. to say t hat  at it ho t i me i tnvss p ^ssed t he u p an i riim is vO ice  of-.Cariboo; waa-in favor 'of- the nieasnre.   Ho *;  Jijad.act,ffdon tbo advice of tho people at that  t i riiei,   If pub j ic o pinion ho d aUered since, H  was * for t bem to" a pply to the; Legislature to  twtvp the law change^.:'/" y:. ./  ! . A- vote;"������������������ of thanks being moved to tbo  | ch a ir man an d Secretary, the meoting' ad-;  jouroed.       /      ;  j* ',--  :2  tre.^^n*titefroreigiiaM cbArabterlsedctheiDon^  .aa^neof the ���������greatest'..; lie h^'been told by  amast reliable packer, that packing b^d been  gi yV^i o u tl row Kami oo ps to Tet e Jen no' Cache  I for 40 cents"per lb when, nt the very time it  could have beert"performed for 9 cents.  Beef  tbit the -Rag! Mb 'Miriistor.tWmaod.*kd. Including  p;ifiUhra������nt fo^ the M ���������������rgary mtird^r.are s/i 11  no dee ided /.. Tb t*. pr*\Hp4&t* n o w.' are n<> t *o  f������ verabie fop an ul tim tte setilenient.  [   .    MINING 1NTELLIGSSCB.    ;  :/���������:-; .:tiGiiTNiyG'ckKBg.v\ ���������/���������;���������; > ��������� :{v ���������J& \  /yartt^kle i'cb^/'Wasbeir^  ! weefcand S14 oss. on^Wednesday^;;^^Vtct6H������:  j co. 210 oz. .1 ast t week. . Vencoiiyer/eoM 6S 08*  11 ast week.   Tulcan co; $6 "oz. last week. ^  . I- .-  POLlTf^A^:^3RT.fNG AT SfAVliEY.  A na/n������*ro:i*ly attended meeting wan  held  bad been offer^d;tar/5 ceata,'and contracted  for at 12 Jc. W\d We coutd d t5; nothing unless  we were in theT'Og. All he could say was  that these copiraets were.given to F. J.-'Bar-  **���������  ^%nler ea Saturday even iti yr. Wsi for the na'r.K   He woiild support the Walkem Gpv-  p'urpose of enabling the several candidates  fnr politic*! honor* to add'r*es the electors of  J Ligb-������t'43T i Ir^e.k.   The 'inM������*Mng..was addressed  era men t. and ! use every endeavor to secure  to the miner hi* risers. J3e would do nothing  that .would be prejudicial to the interests of  the country (cheern,)  by-ir^rs. Walkem.;B������tiw, Oavie. Barmion j    llos  Mk Wa;.kkw being called on. said he  s'aa���������t)4y.i#������."candidej*������a., and by MrrTbbmpsot.: had r������o imemioa of speaking; considering  M.P.i afftr'^hicb Mr John Slater moved, and \ ibat ;the meeting had been ���������called.to give the  Mr  deface  the   tt.fci|wifcy.   D >.*,   aud  Loan ��������� quesiioiis j Remark^ that a ii be "present juncture the.Gov-  .; alter wmcu 4?r Jonn Slater moved, ana; tn^s .ine-.meeting uaaoeen catieu.co givw uw  Ttoin** Taylor s^sahded; a vote of eonri I nrerJous speaker an .opportunity ofexpress-  ,A :J\i./   Ji. -   f *u ���������* ii*-/- * 1 tug bis views, but baring been invited by Mr  t* in ������be p^ijov of tbe present Ministry on j ?^^hA bailed himself of the occasion to  I    Tn������ CprjRT; -vilis honor Judge Crease onA  j Mr RegiBtrar Pool ey arrived at Richfield tbia  afternoon/  The Court will  be opened pit  j Monday.   There are no ��������� criminal oasea on lb������  docket; /. v:  ,Kr.KOTrox Address���������Attention ie directed  to Mr Pearson's address; te* the electors of this  district^ wkiob appears in to-day'b issue. Mr  Peatf'pii speaks plainly��������������������������� no equivocation"  about bim.  lUitN.iitn s E p:tBS8, w'tb a newspaper suit  only, the letter bag having been mislaid, ar  rived at 7 o'clock this morning.     .  which was C4re*e>i unanirao������islr.  ���������     ^   KEITUL8Y CREErC. ;  A publie meeting was held at Veith <fc Borland Von Wednesday last for tbft. purpose of  bearijng the.political views of the several can-  dUabs< loathe field for the representation of  this dlatr?e% Mr Robert" Mo Nab was called  to.tlfe-.chair, and Mr Wm. Pulleys appointed  ascretlirv. Four candidates were present ���������  Messrs. 'Walkem; Davie; Pearson and'Walker  TOt������ three first Bam^d gentlemen addressed<  the Oieeting at considefabie length, Messrs  Davie and Pearson explaining their political  position, and stating that they were supporters  of the Goveramaufc The meeHng wa������ aUo addressed by. Messrs. LI trier. Veith, Edward*  arnlfColleya on various matters of public aad  loaal'itvtercst.  TiUBJtTBTCAb     PKttFORM IXQB.���������A  performance will take place at  the  ern.mettt required that independent represent  ���������atives .should be returned to .support thorn.  'They .-wanted no servile or selfish supperterp.  but men who would do their duty, lie said  snero were two opinions as to the utility of  Crown Grants; Oa Lightning Creek they  were looked upon as mischievous.' The only  way of ascertaining the real -state of public  opinion -mm by holding meetings. At tbe  time the Act was passed ho was unaware of  the sentiments of tbe miners on tbe quasi ion.  As he could not kill the bill, he manured to  have a rider inserted that it should not come,  in force for six months.. .Its life and death  wan left-to be determined by yourselves. No  public meeting bad been called, no two-third  vote taken, so that the Act went into operation by consent. Tbe speaker here wished to  ascertain the feeling ef tbe meeting on the  question of Crown Grant*, and moved a resolution whether it should be considered now  or "this day week, when the latter, alternative  was adopted* He suggested that the question  of  the   Supreme .uourt Appeal   ehuuld  be  -  theatrical brought up at that, meeting. The speaker aaid  i Theatie j that, any ehunge m>ide ia  the Crown Grants  RoMBirkorrille, on Saturday evening next. ^ct. or its repeal could not affect the rights  kmsjwi* i / * of these wSo had alreadv availed themselves  The comedy of " Bora to. Good  Luck   wi.l of Us provisioBs.   Mr Welkem s*id that during  be presented, and a glance at tlie cast of char  actors will show th*t it will be well placed  on tbe boards. The public will recognize the  sasaes of some old favorites, who iu days  gone by ministered to thoir amusement, and  what with tbe acting, singing, and recitations  ta pleasant evening m-ty b������ anticipated. Tbe  proceeds of the performance will be devoted  lo an ejcceile.it object,���������that of repairing the  Theatte bnlUlilgi the only place at the' dia-  pom8'k>t;tbe pabiie wbor* they can congregate  hie late visit to Keitbley creek be had satisfactorily explained to the miners the matter  of the Forks of Queshel bridge, and Government had been absolved by thorn of all blame.  In conclusion, he assured tbe meetiug that he.  would work cordially and harmoniously with  any two gentlemen they chose to send down  as his colleagues.  Mr Daviw said it would be tiresome to go  uver the ground already traversed at a former  meeting. He would merely say that the subject of trails would reeeke his strictest'attention.' He would support, tbe maintaioande of  '. Bkrkki.ky. September, 1869.���������Gentlemen,  Heel it a duty I owe to you to express my  gratitudatfor tbe great benefit I Ma ve derived  by taking ��������� Nortfurs Camomile Pills.' I applied to your agent. Mr Bell. Berkeley, for  the above-named Pills, tor wind in the stomach, from.which:I suffered excruciating pain  for. a length of time, having tried nearly  every remedy prescribed, but without deriving   any benefit .at all.. After taking two  bottles of your valuable Pills, I was quite  restored to my usual-slate of health. Pleas������  give this publicity" for the benefit of those  who a\y be thus afflicted.���������I am. sir, truly  vmir������. Hbnrt ArJ.VASS.���������To tl  by Nojwpos's OAMOvn.B PIr^4l-,,  ���������*��������������� >%&  WHITIT MAS COOK..  Good wages.  y, ''im*to;^*M*&r.  mm ���������^*y-^y.iy  3SS  ja^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ir^^reooK^  TETZBOSTST.  NOTrOES  :tt ',~- ;wjnrr  ������LS.];'^   JOSKPHW-.TUUTCH."'_���������       -2  .- .'>/ ---'/';ACAKAbA. ������������������        ���������='������������������>:���������  FROYmCB OF BRITISH COLtTMBf A.  VrornkuCby. tbW Grac* <tf God. of the Untied  Kingdom. of-Gr^ifc Britain aiid Ireland.  .(^7RBN:;ii)efender of the. Faith, ������o..&c..&C:  ?o all to whom^ these present ���������hall come-���������  V    -.: '''" *" A PROOLAMATIOK. /,.  jjS^:#tfJfrA^ thaf We;  ..Ai tot ney-General.      bein*   desirous: *ni'  ?<**<>]vi������a\ as soon as may be, to meet Onr  People of Onr Province of British Columbia,  and to have their.ad?ica\ini.'Our Legislature  do hereby,-, by and with the ad view of Our  Executive Council of British Co Sum bia. sum -  won and call together the Legislative Apserr-  Wy of British Columbia; to meet atOgr City  #f Victoria, in our said Province, oh Mokday,  Ztb0 6tb day of December next.   .   / -���������'���������  Is Trstimont . W&kbeof, We have caused  - ^Atbese p������r Letters to be made. Patent.  ;:and: the Public Seal of the' said Pro-  / vfnee to be hereunto a fflxed : Wi tne**������,  ;;. the. Uon6rab I ��������� i Josjem Wiusku Timttch,  ��������� faeutenant-Grovf-rnpr of Ohr said;;Prof  ,     vl n ce 6f Britiah Col nmbin'. In Onr City  -\-*>f ���������-Victoria, in Our said Province,' this  ��������� . "'.Z:Thirtieth0day of Aii^tis't, m. the year of  l A:' ��������� ������������������ On r Lord>6ne. tboiisan d elsrbt tin adred  .������������������-Mn <!: -*e yen tyV8 vb, as d 1 fc th e 30 th y **r.  .' -:.,; vbf������ On r'Reigmy '*'"; >' "'. ���������:" 2'-<" V"���������"'.-.  :���������;������������������.- Bv-ebtnraand.-n;-.v-.���������;':.':    -.-��������� V ..v'.'>-���������������������������'��������� :-���������'���������-��������� ;-\i-:-;---v  iy^yyyZZ^^T^^^^^^^^Z^yfy. .'��������� ZZ 2y  y lv^������'^  YjcTORiAyifty ihe Grace] of God, of the United:  y2Kingdom - ^ZGiekt:: Britain' and .Ireland,  ;;:;--i'Qt^WN������;pefender,of\th^ yy  ^ ajtl^q^ shall winitr  ;���������:%yyy %���������;!i5JiKkTiKa:'-'������������������������������������.:i - :V:i���������;';' .������������������^-���������������������������v.:-    ^ :���������/';  ;;<G^;^  .��������� AJ torney.-Geheral^ ;J ; dieuil - to ' change t fee  ������1 ace jf ������r, the nolainatlon; of-, CahdMatee for.  felecljpu toilheii'egiglative; Assembly'laftbe  ^^oraliDlstrictibf^Yale-:'-'-"^^-^ -'vV^-^  :-':: Zm$(:. jtNpW:>������JB,^ that;; >y;viTtue;;pf^he  anth#Hties; contained in the ���������* Election Regu-  latioa -Ait;1871," arid the' <Qiialifiealiori and  Uegtytratjon^f Voters Acly 1873,^ the LletK  ���������4> n anI c ������ oy errior j n ^Cmt nci i bereby 'prob I at ms,  and ftjpoln ts that the place for the nomination;  of O^ndidatea^ for Ejection to^ the Legislative  Aspembiy for the I Electoral Dietrict1 of? Yale,  ehall beat the School���������.House; Cache Creek,  inslead of at.lfale, as heretofore. ,  la jTestimonyv AVhereof, We have caused  these Our Letters to be.made Patent, and  ') ���������' the Great Seal of Our 6aid Province to be.  hei^unto^ affixed':.;Witness, the Hon6'rabtd  Joskph Wjluam Trvtcu, Lieutenant*  Governor of Our said Province of .British  Columbia, in Qiir City of Victoria, in jOux  said^Proyince, this 80th day-of August, in  the year of Our Jord, 1875, and in tbe  .  ,_: 38th year of Our Keigu. ��������� ,     .  ? By command. ��������� ������������������   :-  <::-  ���������'������������������<'���������������������������''��������� JOHN ash,;;   ���������'-  ���������f- -Provincial Secretary.  -  XfOTTCB IS HEREBT.GIVEN that a List'ef'fall per-  ���������:}%.   B������ha withinthb .. r  KEITHLEY ,CEEEK POLLING DIVI8ION  of theCnriboo District of Birkerville who are liable  to pay-Road Tas tor tho yuar 1876 has^beon posted at  iii u following places:  ���������-...-  Mr Smiths old Store, H&rvcy Creek.  il essK^Vci tb k Co.' h, K e i th ley.  . 6ovemmGnt Olfico, yorks of Quosnel.' .  OLIVER EARS,  Cnlicotor.  J^ttfes of Qaeanel, Jan. 1,1S75,  NOTJOE8.  [L.S.J       JOSEPH ^Vy. TRUTCH. :;-;;  ���������.'-��������� '.        Zt 2 CANADA.' .- ..'   ...,  .  ���������PROVINCE 0?. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  VtCTOKU, by tbe Graee of God.ofthe United  JKin^dom of Great Britain   and   Ireland,  ;   Qubkm, Defender of the Faith, Ac, Ac,;'&>.-  To, all to whom thess.presents shall come���������  A PUOCEAMATrON.  Gko. A. Walkbm,      WHEREASv.ifc is exne-  I HOTELS, Jlli:ST.AUR4^T������. &c. ..^  PROPSISTQ^.  ^,f:S^'.^-K..:-^OTlOSS4i;.>^.^:. S .;,;,, ..>  PublicJSToticeA   ;  klLES RELATIVE. Tb PEI7ATK BL1LS  . V-.M All opirficiiinns-for Priv.atCTili?, iplropcriy;stho  abject pr lcyisirtlion by the Legislative Accomolv.of  British Columbia, wttnlri the purview of jt4 The RriWu  \ror(h Amoricu Act. 1307,V wholher lor mo erection of  a Bridge. th<������ Kinking of a.ItuUroad, Turnpike Road, op  Tolfigrajtti Line, the cons l rue Hon or improvement ������r a'  ���������arbor,'Canal, LdcV. Ddni or.Slhh.vorotherlike work;  the: granting of .a; right of Ferry; the. Incorporntion of,  liwy particular trade or caillog, or, ������������f any Joint,Stock;,  Company; jqr othenyise for^rranUne tb'any.indi.vidaat-  or individuals a ay esciusivo or peculiar rights or pit v-  Tlie' Gfelebrated  Attor^eyrGeVeMl.-   dien't'to^  lonal'Ppllinsf Plftces in the Electoral District taiUn it8parity,aud :.;.   erty of other pW^. or relate to iW pa reicuiarclaL  of.the cbmniL'uity; or for.mafcingaiiy amend men I. of a  .tike nature to auy former Aet. sftaHretiuiro a Notice,  eloarly nnd d Ssti uc tly specify Ids tlie wi lureIn ad ohject  ^..;;;;,;.-....:v:Vv;::ROAD-^ tax..;���������  HOTlCE IS. HEREBY GIVEK that a Liat ������f all p^  Bon.iwithin tbo .'  .   -V LILLOOET DIVTS10N X->  *>f tho Lillopet His trie J who are.-liable, to pay Road T������K  for tlie'.year ISIS can be seen at my'oftlce daily. ;  ;': ���������"-'. y   f: ���������' "^'Z ' ���������'��������� >.V-      ��������� "''A. W. -SMITH,   '"*'."  ' . /Assessor and Collector.  lillooet, Jan. 9,1875,  PUBLIC   NOTICE.  fjmtOn IS HEREBY GIVEN" that a List of all por-  X*    sons witliin the Richadd, Lightning, and Qucs  nflmouth Polling Divisions of the Cariboo District  wbo are liable to pay Road Tax for the year 1876  can be seen at the foliowlag. pluoesj V ~���������'v'"*' ";.'    ,  Court House, RiohOeld.  Teje������ir;iph OJHce,. Van Winkle,  .... J?efl.i Office,. Quesnelmouth.    .  ��������� JAMBS LiXDSAV,  Bame^iile, Feb, 8th,^.:./.  ,.    \  0ollod^' :''i  tlonal  of Cat iboo. and to discontinue the p-aco ��������� of  Nomination and Polt at Herririrt Farm, in  thft Klectoval Distnct; of Ne\v WestwinatHr.  and anot>er place to appoint in lieu thereof.  NOW kNOW YE. Chat'by virtne of: the  mtthoritlea contained in the *\I$le������; :on Regu-  latiou Aefc; 1671," nnd the "Qualification and  Registration of Vol> fly Act, 1875," the Lhm-  lenant-Coverno- in Conncil*hereby proclaims  r At ad<? tioiial Po'fe* P.'aces s) all.be ea tab -  .,T9hed-ih; the Electoral l>l������tHci. of Cariboo,  vie.:���������'At the honsw of Ropk <t:MgLrrWr.' Soda  Creak; in the Williams;Lake Polling Division,  and at the bouse of A, D. MoIvnk?. at Alexandra,* fh the/Keith ley Creek Polling Division.  ; That'the place of Nomin,:;.ion of Candidates. An d t he Pol I i n sr Place h ere to fo Ve a p -  pointed to be at R^rrin^VFh -mi;in th������ Electoral ���������;: Hist rict \ of Ne w Wes minsfer. ������ha\. b e  d isco n ti n tied. ah d I hat the p! 'a ce of No m i n a-  t*(>n of Candidates for Electvm to the I>gts  -ative Aflsembly and the Pol "'no; Place shall.  inlieu;thereof, be at the hotise of Ebknkkkr  BitrwNjf at the Forth vend of; the Spmidhmno  Road;. In the New West m i hster Pal I in % 1)1 vision of the BlectoraiDw.rictof New* Westminster.' -���������:���������-.:';:' YyK yyypy ''���������" *-, :- -\  i������ Tkstjmoxy: Whrrrop. We have; can sod  yy these on r 'Le tters t o b e ma d e Pa te n t,  y ;V ; %nd/the.Pjibli.c Seal of thesairt, Proyinoe  ;   : to *be, nereiint.o: bffixed : :Witness. the  -:-r      Honorable-.JoswiPii WrTxiAMtTaprciT  ���������/Liwji'tenan.t'Obverh^^        our" said-Pro���������  f f . yi n ce .p f RH i isb Col urn bi a. i ri on r Ci ty  ��������� o f Ti a to ria.innnr; sa J d, P ro v i n ce. frit**  Z< y. Th irf\ e l.ji d ay' q P A n pi s ft,: i n tb even r," r������ f  . ��������� ,' oar L*>rd: 0nft jho11sanid etjj.btrbundred  y  '^ind^eT^ty-flVei and In ttfe 3Stb*year|  Bv comrnarid,   ,  ���������\.:;;:-- *JOHN:'ASTT. :-y>< ^yy  ->;..   Provlaciai fiecretarv.  The best Liquors-��������� Ab Qig^t*  ���������constantly kept on hand,.   -'���������������������������' .*'���������  The Lodgingi'Dspartm eat  will bo.always carefully atteadod to, aafitl*e%������!s������  Beds nnd aQOoranvHiatioiJ provided;fp/ their. oap������  torn ers ...-.:' ���������"���������'���������'.'.. del8.;.  ;-,o;.;\-.;^PUBLic^notice;.���������;.;: ���������  TTOITOK13 rTEREBY GIVKN thataTiist r.r all per-  N sonswithin the District of Cllntou and Williams  lake Division of the Cariboo District who are. Habl������"������  to vay Koad.Tax Tor the year 18T8 hac been posted at  the folio wing placeo:  ���������'. Coort Hoose, GJlntos.  '���������; Mr Y^..^tes,, SndaCroek. :        - . .   .  . .\ Post Office* 150 Mile Hoaao.,  ��������� ���������'PoatOiQce, Dog Greek.     ..  ,;      ..";:"' 2'-Z- ������������������-.      ;. y- ������. b.j?o?r, .  ���������'.-���������: ��������� Collector.  IN, THE COUNTY COURT OP BRITISH  OOMTMBIA, HOLDEN AT RICHFIELD.  r':  ' IN BANKRUPTCY.  In tb������ mafeter ofDOMIMQUE ERCOLB, a  Bankrupt,  "VTOTICI Is hereby given that the examination of  ri the Bankrupt appointed to.be he"d befoje tliis  Court on ifridey, the 31 day of Sepiember, A.O. 1875,  has been adjnorned by the Judge ot tho aaid Court to  tbe-next nittiagof ton fcupremo Court, to be holden  at Richfield. .  Dated tho 4th day of September, A.D. 1ST5.V ������������������*,  AXMX. K. ii.  DAVIB,   ,,.  "������������������������������������ Couu86l for tho Bankrupt.  mmmai '������.w������N ������wr  A,*.' THH��������� J  C  Keen on liand everything  milieu? ���������'���������  SCfliberally, oxtend^d to ^ie old firm  ;:: Frank  Peirrett, ":y  [N E XT DO OR to TIC-.T IC OF FiCEl  TNVITES YOtT TO CALL AJTD SEX HI2VT,  . L and jjet as much ndih fort "Soy. the inm?r. nyin. \ 8  ���������miy other man-can provide, for nio..Kamo amount ������. f  oash.inthesiidpc of . .^. :  WPS, UQU018 APCIGAM.::  OF, THE BKST QUALITY.    .     ' *"  ime' I will Htt^nd to tb*  N.B.���������To OH up the i  -TAILORING  BUSINESS.  And SEWING MACHINE work of every .dessirlptloii  will be. done* at the shortest notice at reasonabl;  cliarj/ee. " '-. .-      ���������..������������������������������������.-������������������'   .-.'.'--;'.. -'-A  no7; ' *RANK PEnUETT. -  Ld'm  lies tan rant & Saloon:  of the application, tobo published as follows. ylz.������  >A Notice inserted in* the British Columbia Gnzette,  \rd 4n ojift. wiwsfsjt'jr publfshepVJn tbo dlslrrei af- "  fee led; or.I f; there b u- n o a e ws paper pnbl iah'cVl. thrrei n,  then In a newspaper In tho next' oear>i������t district in  which p.newspaper Is uublishcd. .  .-.,',! ������   .  -        .  Such notice slia IT be con Mnoed in each caso of.  a period of Ht least six weeks, durinu the ibt'ervHljoT  lime betweou the close of Mho. next preceding Session-"  and the consideration of the petition."  ���������Before any'Petition pVayiuy for*leav> to bfirig���������.  In a Private BiH for"the rrcctnm of a Toll Brit!go l     '  prea<}ntcd to ihe Hon so, tlio )H������rson or. perions, in tniid  lag to petltjon for.such ft;ll shall,..upon piylrg.the no  lice prescribed In" the preceitinj? RuleTalso at tlie.������am6  time, and in tboy������ine marner^givenotieo of the tat^s  wliich they in ten<l to ask; the^xtent-ol tliepriv'ilejrp,  the heiebl oi' the. arct.es, the: intcrynl be.t ween 4tho; ,  abutments *>? pi������rs forthc; passage of, rafts or vessels,  and mi'ntiflbinji also whcthHthey ititfiiiO.tp'.>r������'ci a   ���������  drawbridge or not, and thed.tnjenFVdi.sdfi lie s;ime.   ���������  ������������������'���������:   '-.yy.,   ��������� \ ;  J.KOMTAXD HK7T,  .    :'.. Clorkjof tho l*%Islai iyo 4^emhly.  #.������������������  >  \  A ?  Earkervill^ ������������������  Importer aiid Dealer in  0-EOCERIFS;     ������������������,."���������;������������������ z^  v-^-;-'::LIQnC-RS^^  HAVANA; GI&ABS, znd  .-y^TOBM^OO/'y-  M  V 'dgpot  floub: t  ���������fo'r;PIONjEKR::'MILLS   EXTUA  BTM TaANNO^KCKTHATTHfcTrJAVERKMOVRt  to th(:s������>:icious})remi8cs formerly k uowti us tl ���������  St. George ^aioou, where tbey viill be atalt^tiiiKj  prepared i ot'u nils h. .....  BOARD  OF   THE   BEST  ���������T:i<������   BAH is.fnrnlshed  lIQUORSaudCIGAKS.  AND     MSSALS-  quality/  with    h*.fitiWf:Wlr^  'i  Board.  -   $12 'per Week;  el 1 tf m  [Late Lipsarrs,]  BARKERVILLE,   B-C.  G  \ fall assortorl stocU of LA  feo^ ic.Vfar -Lailivs and G^u  i'vm'-*n,  ���������li H'UtfW^  J  o  ,   |BOYAL llOTBL^BUrLDlKG,)  vVHAP-FS STREET,    VICTORIA,  Comrnissioii Merokants .'  and Importers  OV  MMmumm a emopeii  nj\(\v*  BOLE AGENTS. FOR  X\TM. FORREST begs to infortn hU fHonds f i   P|/j   CTR AIICJ'Q- i   f^n^  VV    and the pu'dic that he. has piuc!3aso*l the ������a-.j L.& V 5.   ������^ IilAU v> ^   OL   \s \J.  ^  loon  in  Barkerville so  well  known   as   Lipsefct'8  Salocn, v/hcro he will dispense for an cqairaleut  The best Liqnors'& Cigars,  je25  RB prepared to furnish Lumber at thfilgv ftliiie,  VVi 11 lam Creek, or d e 11 ver i I t o wd ������/.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LKJHTSlSfG  CREEK. '   '  .'  ,.: N.B.���������Thlfl Patent Is secured for the United  States, Canada, ^ngJftnd and Germauy.  Z' :��������� : ���������;������������������,-������������������������������������������������������..���������'��������������������������� '-apio- ���������      v:-' c y::-  (Twelve MileB from Victoria,)  SOUTH SAANI0U,  TI.  IJEavlnga Planing ,MacaiHQ in operataon Ui^y 91  aiso furnish  DRESSED LIT  flARIBOOITES VISITING THE Sea .Coast  "W will find the Mount Newton Hotel ouo *t tho most  pleasant testfhg-places on tlie Island. >  The House is lumdspmoly Turn is lied, tho Beds flrsU  class, and tho Bar is well stocked with choice Wines,  Liquors aad Cigars. '.-"'  ..-.':'������������������ JOHN HiSNDEUSBN-  Proprietor.  .   IS AN' ' ''.'  BARKERVILLE,  Auotioiiasr, Com mission  and Mining-Agent,-.    J  ilPBilSSS  1!JB^ COHYETAlfCER,  j@������*Gonds race I ve i\ a n d s toro <i i n FIR E-FR'OOF  OSLLiAR and liberal advances mutfe tfn-a&mo* at  eaf*onable rit>ea my && :  dated 16th -May, 1872, from an oldinliabij  tant of Homings bam, irear ..Warminster,  Wilts:  1' 1 must also beg to say that your Pills aro  an excellent medicine for me, and I certainly  .do enjoy-good health, sound sleep, and a  good appetite. This Is owing to taking your  Fills/   lam 78 years old.  lt Remaining, Gentlemen, yours very re-  gpeotlully, t 11" &>$  To the Proprietors of  m  wm  mm  Ws  K  I  m  m  Hi  mm,  fflgim  Hi  I  aara  iWwssi


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