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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-10-16

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 **WT*2.7>i*  . ^Ow. tyyyy >������������������������������������: ZyyytZM  ii^Pitsi^  ������������������?^M^  ^vfcs^Bkrkervnie, (next M :^g  ��������� z3B���������-y ������������������-������������������ ��������� Grocery;;Store)^������|  y-'^ry-::r:.. '_yy^yyy ' 'yy^^m  ilctta's  ,1 *v  Soda-Creek,- . .^:!\.--/:4rv\^������jfei^<iUEx|>WfS  , Vale.'.���������.'-.'' ���������' . .���������Mr.'-Evana,''^|4������'-'  -     .    do  ��������� NewWestminster, '-"���������   .-yy'f^M ,   Clarksou k Co  ^Victoria,' ;'-: * ���������/������������������ ^"^fe^$|������t-- >A:.Lv������e; ' .."  i. P. Fisher, u������s~. ^^���������tM-^S^--   - San- Francisco  ���������'���������������������������^���������'!;fwH!i>  7~">--'-���������&^'  SEWS.  SllSli^ai bedsbavc been;,fbtind re-  *f ^niiyWthe districtof Chand'a; British India.  ���������A traveller at the West write* of a oily  ther^'This city: is beautifully laid out, so  yjixe mostofitscapitalis^   -;;:  '���������': - Th������ mercantile marine of North Germany  increases yearly, while merchant ships under  the Russian <*rtg are scarcely.ever aeeu on  foreign waters. ,,,;���������.  The^CKar of- RussUhas decreed that all  monasteries or cbuvvuts shall be liable Ko a  'strapge.aniinal/"is a.gorilla or a wild man is  riot.-decided iSixty sottiers turned, out one  day to hiuit it dowu but It escaped. -It has  so. near a resemblance to ..the. human form  that the -men are u n w if ling to sho o tit down.  .. {A GonoecWout pajicrgireg as a reason why  the Accident and Life'Assurance Companies  decline to insure the lives of women that-such  insurances are unprofitable,   The risk of in-  suring.v women ,is greater.-than, in insuring  nicni and the women are. no.honester than the  men,< for they conceal their;ailments:when  examined, and as a rule they do not .ask- for  an iusurance policy until they feel a premonition of some disorder. -.-;-. - -���������  ; In August last an Englishman while walking ;through:;tlie town of Lorca, a thriving  commercial community of ,20,000 people in  Spain, was set upon and beaten with slicks  until he was nearly dead.r It subsequently  transpired that the assailants' believed' from  of a single necessary incision, and.yet hardly  likes tor take chloroform for a proceeding so  momentary, that we may ��������� reasonably expect,  many-valuable applications of Dr. Richard:  son-s���������ingenious contrivance.    ;?     : "v ���������  . ������;��������� JUa !eo I & * Cla rk,' a 'trader in% Mon tana, was  shot by ^Indians, about-six weeks ago! The  savages bad.raided off his stock twice, and  returning^ to his house said they had;done  wrong and would deliver up. his. stock; out  thiswasonlya ruse to get Clark 'a son. out of  l h e way on, t h o p re ten c e t bat h e wou I d; fin d  the stock ataplacca-few miles away." As  soon as/tbe son had departed tbe Indians shot  Clark.; Clark bad been their friend on several  occasions. He was1 a graduate of West Point.  "During* the celebration of a religious -festival ioyFraar, Italy, the drapery caught fire  arid1.' the ���������Vfiames''" ascended ��������� to the roof, when  some one cried out;' "The roof is falling in I"  A general rush to the doors was made,and in  the co nftision , me u, wo men'. and child ren fell  down and were 'trampled ii [ion. W hen order  was restored'sixteen dead'bodies were found  upon the ground aud a great number of per-  STEAMELIS, EXPRESS, FORWARDING, Ac.  EXPRESS NOTICE;  ON THE FIRST DAY OP JUNE AND ON THE FIRST  and J 6th.day uf teach month thereafter-  /  Barnard's Express  ..' ��������� iu ������������������        ��������� Will despatch -���������'?':.'''.'  A FAST FREIGHT TEAM ?FRQM YALE,  Making the trip to Barkerville in about 14 'days.  ���������i -���������/,,        Votil furthernotice, ,, *  ^7;':rate������;-;6f:;t-reight"'���������  By thesetcauis, on all parcels of 50 lbs. and upwards  ���������will be  :   ; 25 Cents; per Tb.,  exclusive of Road Tolls.% r  bis p ale face, w hi te beard, and solem ii gait i sons seriously, injured.  that the English vistlor was a witch. It appears that the people :?in (his neighborhood  firmly* believe in.the existence of .certain  wizards^-roysterious peopie with pale faces  and long-white beards.'-who; hid during tbe  day, hunt at "night for- children whom they  de vour. : The fat of ��������� - these ch i I dren - they .are  said'to keep sacredly for two purposes���������first,  as a, sovereign cure for email-pox: and second! y. to grease the wires of tbe electric telegraph, .which is in itself a"satanic invention  nunisbnieiiVof torn (purgionths  v '"M        ��������� ~* v'*^:^^~^ uie bodies, or  innocent jUUe children.  The'Macon.(Georgia) Journal says that  impr(s������ajnent?b(5stcles any -pvimtoi^  may be-OT?t^b^^ a^ithorities.  ���������f tlie imports i n to the col on y o f t^icto ri a in  1868, deductmg New: Zeaktnd gold, which  was only in transitu;'were of the value of  ������12,014,83(5, averaging ������17 :Us. 4d. per head  of tlie popidation./:Tliisuv^rage is decreasing ��������� seren years ago* itJwas nearly ������25.   ;;/>  ������;,-��������� A-few.w^;ek?> ago the wife of William Sutb-  evltuijl, Janetstown of Latheronwheel/ Scot-  Jaodj'gave birth to three children, the father  having reacliad the ripe old age of eighty-five  v ?^!3?*$ier Majesty the Queen presented the  iS'fi^^^.U^^^tojJ'ho purpose of procuring  A new''clairoaatiFof tiiemtrldom of Bread-  ���������-.- albane has appeared'in;;tb'^p.arson of Major-  General Straon Fraser, fjfil^jrton- House.  x Avondale, Lanavk&hire;-'SSifrajL   He is a  ���������\ descendant of bofcli the Riiviii'mMm* of Bruce  descendant of both the Royal\HS^|of Bruce  iiVii- ^smi ',,iawav and ran for the woods.  W Stuart, and, of later date^jfArchibald j  ���������vfh  P^ti^of^dugias, and Wiilh>nxiiarft Angus.  /He ieaigo connected witii the fatriitj -of the.  i presentouke ol Hamilton.:'"y;"��������� ":M  ; A com)Kny has been orffanized.lniLondon  i a^ contract awarded for the ^purposes  i ���������*������. ;^^5fc>'tefcgra^n^  \yi������CZ*^&.0'*p -^niiri^tbie^e^TOal.link of  . the; ^^ap\^;441iumanic]a^ , Brazil,  ���������;i Peru, .|Wiy J$y$& -, i^e&ywa&tie' other  %f^otSpu^  ���������-.-York and ty,Whole:of tin* contiS& -or Eu-  wp#^Nort^America>J .1-SvflftZ^'���������"'" '  ; :, ^Notwitbsknding'the/mont^  : ^^oyaHies, mining for gotlplS briskly  r w ,:^therlandghire^>p|5oriaitt^ of- the  .fiance a purchaser was t $Ipf a bowlful  weighing from: frto 4 lb; ^HSiike ofSiitfc  erland, who owns fcho tjr^ijfc not yet granted  permission to sink ehaMrit appears that  h^e^are ������^\m0t. which,-it is be-  ^leyed^"^^^^**^^-    ���������-������������������'������������������**      ���������  im$?  * v^Kpls������is'.enjoying .a;new sensation.   A  IS? n f krge iR Cmwfbrd COunfcy to that  ; -m^������ ^ M mmnt times been sten by  ���������:,^in^bitantof tlie valley.   The settlers  -flaw christened it Old ShelZ   Whether the  while two respectable young girls were, on  their way home from school they were overtaken by two stout negroes, who immediately  seized them, and despite their screams for aid, I  committed a diabolical outrage.   Having e.f-'  fected this brutal deed of violence, one of tbe  negroes, who had but one arm, shook the mutilated stump of the* other in the face of the  eldest of the girls and exclaimed : "I wants  my revenge and Fro bound to have if When  I belonged to your father Iran away; be followed me to the woods.and shot me, and I  had to lose this arm f do you see it?\Now  I'm" bound to get even with him ;" and drawing bis pocket knife, he severed her arm entirely from her body, between the wrist and  elbow joint.   Tbe two scoundrels then broke  away aod ran for the woods.   "Very fortunately the girls bad presence of mind enough  to tie the mutilated arm tightly above the  elbow, until medical aid could be procured,  aud it is b arel y: p oss t b I o th a t the yo uog su f-  ferer's life may be spared.-  At the recent meeting hi Leeds of the British Medical Association, a very curious and  i u teres ti ng p ractica 1 ap plication of a p bysio-  logical fact was exhibited by Dr. B. W. Richardson, F.R.S.   It'has long been known to  surgeons that an injury very rapidly innisted  is not attended by suffering, and on tbisprin-  eipie Dr. Richardson has,constructed what he  calls a " painless knife." It consists of a keen  circular b'lade, so couuected with watch work  in the handle that it can be made to revolve  with very great rapidity.   It is found that  when a, speed; of 25 complete revolutions in  .a second has been obtained, the edge -of the  knife may be applied to the animal body, and  that it will divide the soft, parts without pain  or even consciousness. * The lower animals  are often used .to display what can be done  on man ; and Dr. Richardson was able to cut  the ears of a rabbit into strips while the  creature was contentedly, munching green  stulfin entire ignorance of the way in which  it was being injured.   There- are so many  cases in which a patient shrinks from the pain  O>e&5.600 .persons/have emigrated to Da  kotah territory, P.S,���������this summer, and 47.000  acres of land have lately tbeen takeu up under  the homestead:and pre-emption laws/ Where*  will pep pie "not' go- When free homesteads  tempt them/abroad? -   ...    ; ���������������        '  !-  Last year'the total payments on account of  schools and scboolhouses. .in Boston; Mass.,  amounted to SI.329,237.    .       :. .::.'  The Bisst CoPF8B.~In order to obtain a  first-class:'c6fiee, it is ^necessary to secure the  very best-berries, and to roast them according to4be^c^st^appr.o,v.ed-imethod.. :This is  Victoria, who are prep'Wed1 to; furnish, for  cash,Coffee.that never,.fails'to elicit"the^'ap.'  probation of those who use it. ZfyZ ������������������ ' * -'  p&* Frm/s Coffbb has how stood the test  of the last eight years, has^superseded entirely tbei mported Cbartres Coffee, and is  now kept and sold by all respectable dealers'  Parties stripping by these teams mnst order goods  to be. marked  ".Pop. Uartiard's Express, SLOW'*���������..  otKcrwiso they will be' sent by regular Express and  charged accordingly. ������������������ ' ��������� ;������������������*���������'��������� '������������������-���������'��������� '���������"'' '��������� ������������������'"  ��������� Shippers may depend, on the regularity of these  teams, for whether with full freight'or not they will  cotnothrough:--/i .':���������.������������������''.��������� :   ���������'   : '  May 14, 1869.        .,    .      .    ,; F. J..BARNARD. ^  N aad. after-July 3d,:and until further notico, th*  ^    Regular WVekly Expr������?sF \cill arrive at. Barkerville od &LTCBDA V SfORNING, and re torn at 6 a. m.  tlic.foilovviug. Jioudfty.; The Express will close every  Sunday night at 9 o'clock: "'���������; ���������''.'���������'������������������  ^.Fwjatesof^igh������an^  ^:"June:30'"-''': ������������������'���������' 'k :'M��������� ������������������ ^'������������������Agcnt, Barkerville.  ~3      L-^L NOTICES, &c.  m THE SUPREME COURT OF THE MAINLAND OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of-ALEXANDER STOBO, deceased, intestate.  LEAVES QUESNELMOUTH FOR SODA" CREEK ON  TUESDAYS,  -"    AT Six A.-M.  LEAVES SODA CREEK FOR QUE5NELWOCTH ON  .THURSDAY   EVEN ING;  Connecting with Barnard's Express at both places,  ^g* The steamer is not responsible for leakage of  Oils, or other liquids shipped >n tins.  4 LL persons who aro indebted to tbe above Estate  JrV ������^re required to pay the amounts due forthwith,  and all porsons who have auy claims against the  above estate arc requested to send in their accounts  ou or belorc the 12th day of November, 1869, to  CHAS. E. POOLEV,  >        OiUcial Administrator.  Paled Richfield, 12th August, 1869.       aul4 5m  LNT  THE   SUPREME COURT   OF   THE  MAINLAND OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  In the tnxtterof the Estate and Effects of VTILILAM  VP1NNARI), deceased, Intestate.  who are indebted to the" above estate  N tho arrival at BarkorviHo of evcirv Mail and  Express, R. hi LAMONT will leave'Barkerville  with an Express for the .following Creeks?:' Grouse,  Stevens, California, Wolf, Antler, Cunuiogham, Har-  vcy, Snowshbe, Kcithley and Goose Creeks. Ho will  atfeudtoall kinds of commissions, ,&c. Collecting  will also bo attended to.. ju'21  Letters, Parcels, &c, for thb above places can b&  Icftjat the following places : *  The'Sestixbl Ofllce, - ��������� "��������� -. Barkerville.  Rennie-s Shoo Store,v -' ���������' ��������� - 'Barkcrviile-  F. Neufeldcr,    -   -   -   ��������� .���������. -  Richfield.  liel River.  irr prairie to  mic io--������l|,; * wr *.' ' Z-  i.������inmohfaf'the-bridge. .��������� *  Miners' Provision Store  NExT DOOlt to^tinEl OFFICE. .  ,,.:. ..���������"���������. m\\ diwavs be found a well  -,t T this Rrt������Wu������ ������������"^^assortment of the  A.        selected aud vanen^������ TONS  .     .'.-   ��������� Medicines, etc., etc.  feUav, 00^ KoasI^ Ground DAJLV.  ALL GOODS SOLD3 LOWEST RATES.  PEABCY,  . ,   BARKERV1LI.E;,,    . ,     .,  ,    Have oa band a oUpioo seloctloii of  CASXiaON COOKING STOVES  me.  4r"tft harness, and fair and  , lrttSt b5r ^oia���������t > ^co,, tt0 Ubora!  ..i.,,r,clo,,-orHEyWOOD.Soolobral,llBACO^  f,>S,Srat.av<.r,-tet,gure. Sm  Feu'.'30, 1899.  * ������������r.M ������. VA^ON are prepared to  and as they have now a  PLANING     MA;C,HAJNft        _  - i        -n .nnr.lv PRESSED LUMBER at  in operationahey w^l^^ ^2 per thousand.  ������15 per thousand; ���������: Scm^e . *.  t  mmm :jm  w^m  5BSB3BS  ! \ y SATURDAY,* 0G#.16^1S&9* *'��������� - - r  s. ''^     '~A  THE CARTBPO SENTINEL ^ ,\  '   Js pubtistiqd every Wednesday ancl Saturday^   All  advertisements intended ^1?^?���������^^^'  ;publjcai|pnl^ ^ J__^__^___^_^^i_Z-^ -1 ':  v \V.:   ���������'   ' ' TO ADYERTiSEBS.,  -All advertisements (not inserted for ��������� any, definite  ipetibd)  wilV bo,continued'until   ordercd\out,-aiid  charged lor accordingly.:'   ~ ���������*��������� ^ ������������������������������������<*���������^���������*-������������������*���������- ��������� --������-'���������-������  , , ,  ,  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  1 rAU'communications must b������o acoompanieil by the.  >|with a^view^of p^lisbiiig the sainCjl but aa security  'of'its"good'faith.   ,     . v '      ''-'''^Q^.i^  ^������M^m^0^f&;  ;;   Frequent allusions'to^  lipp;and ,it^^  ���������lately appeared iin' the [cbWniaV newspapers,  These allusions-point to a diminished estiinai  tion of the value to the colony of the golden  district. It is true, no doubt, that the "yield  of prold. tbis yeav taaj r,ot bear-favorable comparison with, the pcoducV of- previous years,  but the .cause is, traceable to'various circumstances '.Other^'tb^  Among  those  circumstances 'is the fact-thai  ^heicojoriy^gerier^  'of prosperity. The population of the entire  cotyny has,decreased from. ;the numbers of  past years;;and this1 fact has much to do with  the alleged waning?importance of Gariboo;  It J will naturally be supposed-that we'write  in the iater.es tof our own part of the colony  !v;if^e,decliQeitp(a^  of goH fo its increasing scarcity, ytfe w;: only1  echo the opinion of intelligent men in saying  past tfew years f;aud make a bold stroke tc-  Ward accomplishing two^thjngs necessary to  lift the country from its. present,depressed  condition���������fefe^  tlie continent and opening new gold fields by,  the way.'  A road from Tete Jaune Cacher to  Barkerville! ;It^is - practicable.; The golg  mines  have, been   and   are.: yet the mam  sprin|s of allttie 'wheels of business, and iri-;  dustry   in -the tbiony, and, to render them  accessible ;i&^:inofola^^ A^r^. %.fM?ySi-S9^^������  every possiblei effort;Bb'ould'.be;made;-1,iefttB  pliihge deeperMnto debt with the view ^bf  sooneWdiminisbihg\ the present 4ebt by ih^  creasing, theipopulation' and' wealth of the  country.-, British Columbia.is,unpopular on'  the Pacific slope; .and will never'receive a  populationi jthence.   Make a road and the  ipeopie or the Atlantic slopo. will  cross over  uNK)i IS StEM^th:  ;^ai;the; ^p^ent^pur, mineral resogrc^s.  is yet in its infancy. aud we--bave^no  fear of  'ioBirjg %the1 prominent  position  that Cariboo  has always occupied io the estimation of the  *coVony at large ,because of a*scarcity of the  precious metal,    Fiobabiy  no, part   of fc  '' colony -has 'so we] i maintained its share<>f the  prosperity which  ihe colony' generally. en-  This is an old axiom, and its truth is being  demonstrated by the,mighty works which the  United States have;iindertaken in tbe shape  pf;5railw^ys across the cogent..; Who can  ;dftub^  of a larg^riumber of communi'ties'sucti as? the  States by practical and  political  union has  effected   what probably  never would, have  been commenced had those Stales remained  distm0t and independent colonies or States.  Theditr^  enterprise were within our own recollection  thought to have been insurmountable even to  the Un������tccf States-; Hovr many imire,,difficulties ,would'have presented' themselves to  small communities like the ;������5tates bad they  uoYbeen united under one powerful government'?.^ United, how strong f. ��������� Separate . and  proposed canal.   The saving ^distance between Chicago and Quebec: effected by it  would be;370 miles; between ,'GMcagp and  New Jork,,275 miles ; between Chicago ami  Liverpool via Mississippi and New Orleans'  2.26"! /miles ;    via   Erie, Canal   and   New  York^rriules ; via \^elland Canal and St.  Lawrence, 444.   It is claimed that'b^* avoiding-tr'a^'^ a cargo shipped atCMcago  for .Liverpool. viav the Huron and Ontario  Canal, could.reach Liverpool.be^  cargo .shipped at: same: time, via Buffalo -f and,  Erie Canal, could reach New Yorlc.   The adr  vantages derivable" from this canal are, that  it' ��������� wott'iii' assist iti tho; Jdevelbpment of the  Northwest; the necessity for its aiso would  lead 'to an inter.national system pf N"Svigatibn  Law-lie1^w6en the Dpmiuioa and ^Chie States ^  it': would   largely> 'Stimulate   ship-building  iwitbin-the former ;v.the &t! Lawrence would  be more'used than at present; andy>i,ri:nne, if  the' work shpnld^ be supplemented; with certain iin proveraeiits connected with 'tlie navigation of thai river, also changes in international Nayigation Law, Canada would share  largely iri.'the carrying,trade of the world.y  *xm '^PMM^Mm  &  THE'PARTN  s.tylo>nd,tlt^^^^  'by m-ututjj^^^lk^  ' their.M^ptess  UT   st  IK  ���������*.?*:���������  Ox Thursday^ the. friends. of_the_Rev.4T.  Derrick -subscribed:/ $229v/or,tb,(?;purpose of  assisting   that''jgentleman   iti  purchasing'a  dwelling; The'rooms in tho church building,  formerly^ occupied' by him; being below the  level of the creek, wei;e'rendered uniuhabit-  able by .the recent lVeshets. ���������  mzy:w������^Myry  mn^ft: mwu -'m' the ihn $rmr <., K -'  ��������� ,|  ffrn ma i  pill /tt-u, tpi;. im r .   ���������  W$ik^->> &m&yihh mtytt?, & 4  Jra^V/j m        -m^my4m  NOITICE.  independent, how weak i^OT^y may we no  look for similar results from the unity of all  British-North'America? ; "What could one  colony alone do toward the accomplishment  of* such great, enterprises as we see accomplished facts in the territory:of our neighbors?  Whai-coulrl?British  Columbia^oj toward  NEWlAOVERTiSgiiENtS;  '^^ib^inforWrjwrs-as-'.baB the  district of -breaking the natural bameso -, hat ahut bg  ^-^-^^^���������d^s:T7r."i^KA?-v������-^^iVaTr Asi.iiHfi nf r the- de-  Aff.frnm P.ftmrriunication with the East.?  How  mHE   COPARTNERSHIP   HERETOFORE- existing  I    at Center, i lc bet,. cua J. 0. FLOYD ������nd J. H.  LOVELli, under too" firm iiamoi of J- B. LOv hix, k  <JO:, is dissolved by.mutual Qonsfnt. ��������� *-  "1^l debts <lusbv:tKQ  B TJovoll  who"wUltcoiitinue the business on iiia.pjvn  account, and to whom all accoantfcj &c , owing must  bo;paid.  ", '.^j.aFLbYD;  (Slgnod) \     JOHNB. LOVE^b. ':  'M&i  20iih 51, tww j  cbosoat'our.co-partnership irom thi^diuc.-j, jjgjjH  .-Barkerville,'October4,1SC9. ,f> v    ������  /       -:.:: <   : 5 ��������� <    ���������< F. A. JOTIBg  oc92m X'BRWf:  A Perfect * Cure. :\ w  : 4.^ffiOS    FliistOHEWS' -SECONPrHApf.ft  A: - kri'd^Oe^iiral Kcpairihg Shop will-tjjo = reiisi:1  Lathe cQpablc-of TaVning and.;i|Ulng n^M  and Wheels, Hytlraulic Nozzles, ;-Hosc. Coiiplt.DEufe!  :an<ramrip^ursipt:iniot^,wpjrk4������  To he found'.nlso,,Cooking���������Stove8<���������.SIj^lJ������������%ft  Pdn1ps;:Hrtse,-lfallj},;PlclvS, Sh0������, andalmosu-wj-  thing roouisite torMiiivrs^useailo^pjic^s. ^  wui^r h ^      UPPER BARKERVILLE.  0]!:  Ca?rbbo."r TFe" pfincipaV cause ,o'f - the; de  creased yielkof gold rests in the fact of a decreased population, which Cariboo, in corn;  Sntfn'witb  . count upon' for :its: prbdnctlveness.   In  all  gold  mmin^ isi a constant  nuctuatvonin the number of. the-population.  Men-after a little experience .in the,mines, to,  a great extent, return - to ; their, usual avocations and .^oib^tif-^y::%a^o^o$.A se0:^pmer.  , tliing bt the fortune' they hoped m obtain.  It  off from cbmmunication with ihe East X How  can she hope even for the commencement of  a railway\ system which is gradually and  surelyfopening^the great wastes of, nature to  the'subduing ^forces of civilization in the  countries beyond her; southern boundaries?  Union of political and material:forces is the  great object of the time all the world over^  Scattered and -weak* communilies; are being  united, the; whole fdrmin'g an^ imposing powerful front, and the strength and power and  ' ���������-   .      For SBm I  BL AGKSMSia.; iil W$S&  *''     ���������      AT QD^SfBLMOOTH;       .   T  ' Consisting of a1>ou t * :  >  20,000 lbs. of Iron, Steel,  and Hardware.  -jgGriTERMS-^On'e-hair Cash;  balance; on good ae-  cumy. _,;< ^ppiy ^   ,.., ;.  jqZx^I  "-  Qaesnclmouth, Oct, 1; 1809.      i ^., v^^.,>:ocfrtC :.  is so in Australia and California, and why not. greater collecttve wisdom working  together  in ^British/Pbliimbia? \But/ii-iheiformer in the aggregate are achieving such great re-  eountri^s there are;cpntihupus^^ P^W"  migration- from whichHhe mining population  is recruited/ 'These,sources of replenishment  are"^  'count of her isolatipn and dis|a^e( frpm. the  , ceutres of * our kindreo%o^ulaljjbu. J; ,Car}b,p.o.  contains resources which !with capital ap3  population to develops them^woulel, make  British Columbia a flourishing polony.   To  bring population to, this country new avenues  for access" must be opened and new attraction s; furnished; } BbthViU be;eriecteci if the  CoverrimehtZ darei,; .venture ^mpoh/- ��������� open-  - ing up the country to Tete Jaune Cache  by  a "road from Barkerville.    By  means  of   such   a   road'   communication    with  Canada and the Eastern St^eB;^w^d_i,6  "���������ropeu^'':f't������:::iii^l^anS������ and the rich gold  'fields ,on ..either !side would soon pour out  treasures and. make the colony attractive,   In  ; shortv-a; ne ^sensation is' necessary -to; bring  the colony a^gaih intp the notice of the world.  ;^d tO^ ^ C9UI1"  '-^S-^^^^^^^"^"'1^* "'?^*te'Jaune ^che.  It lis; l^ey o lid: dotib tHbajt 5 tt^ere are vail ey s aud  ; moantams^betW^ those points which are as  .'���������:���������; riclv as those around.us were in the first few  years of the present-decade.   New disco ver-  ' ��������� ies of%6ld arid va road between Barkerville  and the Cache would bring population over-  * land -as'.fast as; we 'cpuld ��������� desire. Instead,  .    then, of lamenting over the condition and  '���������#  A: Mo&M  v;?  suits for;tho g'ood:pf the, whole in a short  time,;that ages hence would not witness without the 'power of uniom 'How: long would  the-Eastern colonies have .been without that  great work the .latereolonial - Railroad had  they"remained without the cementing bonds  of union? Another glgantie^work is pro-  jected::Tfe  question 'has been before the united pariia-.  ment pf^the; Dominion^ and the.opening of  ship Navigation from Chicago' to Liverpool  ' through: Canadian waters and "soil will soon  be numbered among the mighty enterprises;  that have had their origin and accomplishment in the strength' ot union.   The report  to the, Do minion parliament of the select committee on the, Huron and Ontario, ship canal  states that eminent London engineers had expressed their confidence<iu the engineeriing  practicability of, the work, and  American  capitalists bad ' offered'to undertake one-half  of the contract lor .the construction, taking in  payment.:.one?balf of the capital stock of the  company���������say twenty millions of dollars���������  proviacd the remaining half oi the work were  undertaken- by British or other contractors,  and the.companytbe aided by a grant of ten  millions, acres of land.   A wealthy English  contractor had offered to undertake the remaining half, on the basis of the proposal  made by the United States capitalists already  --J.V������ir������'i������rtr������of? With < fl,    rrrnnf    t\(    fori    tr\iilif\na  JEW  ���������ty - ;���������-- |!#--B ARfe^RVmiiEi:'  BarIcervlllc;.May;i;aS^U.      ,        ,   '  J:AS, F. TAYLOR'tfSff^sJtovstate v> n j������P|tillVi  .on his'business:at?;'"the^id;:;;s(aH.d.:::vw!ip?e^  ���������Pa Wt Medici not of js! \ ti v *1������ nn ha r l Also B|;  'GARDEN 'SKgRS: v;Pr6scrlpti6n9 carorollytomp*  Sd atrfiasonatjfc'ratcs...i Kexfc door to Cunip's f  .'ery.'.-'-. ':-.yZi:^^^^:r-.:--^^;fs:^v^^|^^  Barken-illc. May 5; 1869. <yy ^  WHOLESALE^;lNB   m^Ail   -$M  - y :y: '���������-. ^^i^my.yyy^ \  / G-roceries3;^royi^i^  HARDWARE,'-DRY:; GO||  lop ,--i-"  BRITISH  COLUMBIA..  ^mm  ^6ERT  [Incorporated by Hpyal Gharter, 1862].  CA^ITAXii  $2,500,0001  With1 power to increase,;:  ;      Drafts issued on-.'the-Bank's branches"  IN  VANCOUVER   BLAND ��������� KCTQRIAZ  ������������������'-./>      In the United States :  CADIFORNIA,  ;-    ��������� ������>   SAN FRANCISCO^  OREGON,      -       -       PORTLAND.  NEW* .YORK,    -   Messrs. Bku, & GuismiY,  Agents for the Bank of Montreal.,  ON CANADA���������The Bank of Montreal. ' ' ^  ON SCOTL AND���������The British - Linen Com-  .     pany's Bank.    . -: ". ���������'', Z 'V'  ON IRELAND���������The Bank of Ireland, v;> ���������  ON MEXICO and SOUTH AMEBIC A���������The  London Bank   of  Mexico   and .South  s  America.���������''���������'������������������"-,-' .���������.'������������������ "5:-';   ���������"<-','"'-j-  ON ENGL AND���������The Batik of British Coi.nm-  bia^-Head Onice--East India Avenue,  ���������   Leadenhall street.        ,  i^EKQBSgs^b^ tfne^o y^u yly' r  I '--'fijflppl)n'- wW th,ir- ^'f^Vt-.  f^llir'^i'.JS:'   "-r.vrall-; ^ ?' ' \ W*-- -  lues? at ��������� Bxir fa t r. Wi a"} ���������-'''' ���������'"'; -' Vr^: *  iliEkiEB:; AMD ^t|3^-  ������^ BOOTH,   (J l,0#������^rS������  ,p|ES, ;������iqcOBSr Topfr -;���������'���������4  tpSe4'to.i>.';^\  .-.-������������������   -������������������������������������*���������*���������*  -. ^k^rvlU%s^n^^S|^?;.: ....     ;;. ���������'"������ J  c������;";UJ.-u ^^  j^owajatsCH!  .**������������������.*-  fw^m  Tj  Roceivpdonpeposit, or Advances madenn them.  mentioned.    With a grant of ten millions TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS  tneot oi  muieuiiLug. ������������,v*��������� .muv -^ytiuitiuu ������uu  "*���������������  a   --   ^-r��������� ���������:^   gloomily viewing the prospects of the colony acres, the stock of the company would readily  ;������ *\*n **���������*:������*��������� i;^v.f ftf -Parih-nn   Uf AiiV-Ann. hi������ taken ui). but without such n^raiit it could  iu the waning light of Cariboo, let bur contemporaries unite, with us in asking the government to arouse from its lethargy of the  be taken up, but. without such grant it could  not be floated at present.   The committee  itself had no doubt of the expediency of the  fit  W^Zm^,mMPM  fimntcd on Victoria, San Francisco, Portland j and  ��������� ������������������ ..;: - New York.   .'  Fverv description of Banking Business transacted.  CHA.RLES S. J0NE8, Agent.  I WiiUani Orsek, Carihoo,   .  W&^mRMZwm^zm  -$ot sale at the Store of .the mi ^H   .  vilhfbpposito the Bankof,Brit5������.   r-"h - n  ��������� se4-'tf   %f   *   '    as ?i-val. ^      ', ��������� - -  . .    GII A RLBS^A^  T\ES1RES to inform his fricnW^^M  U he has purchased the husmoss: grgU, \f  SALOON, RICHFIELD, wherO^M^; ^f  ccivo a fair f?hare of patronago.:-^!^ Ig^jl  .Liquors and Cignrs at the Bar^.,- -y -v ^'--^.  M  s  if^'% TS.^1  m  m  mk ti  mm  :, ���������      $  :i'-.;.M:������--..'-'"v''U-.'' ---,'  PREPAISBO'^1  G0fcD.BA&f  r.-u-'mi*.."'";  ���������ST ��������� '-:  **    tyt;S  A/iiEcmffl  BRUM,"    -4  HEOyg  mR up Ca? Aid  jsoj Cinipiib.g3.il  M'lth'riwihieseX  Shcot jrocSte  andalmostsigj  ���������r pttCCE  LLE.f        Dli  n'dU vhcr&iki  ind:"..AIs?0i?  Kfefa|]y������j*g  r;"to.^Ctini^s;;|  s  . 1 ^> "  ..,������;.  ���������^.-.-iiiv.   ���������������-���������, v" ���������-.,���������-..-  %'  3,0 iJ  -rvifl  h  :.\?**������������������������^  JH^r**  ;,..#. illi.^-  ^���������'^!Mi  m0^y  in0ss6f,th������^a  ST, follW  irossing by  blakesV  |ake;'f6\lr  Relying  ir^Oat,  ��������� "on, foot.  jstrtKetiag  _#se latter  $achsidc;  we follow^  S^iffiageporal  ut'St> miles; from,  $ r^chftd a pass  ���������;-'���������   *���������������";;' .'5)     ������r������K*.nh  fCOURT PRQCEEDiNGS.  V     ;   -,      ,-     Court Judge.), " ���������  ��������� y������     .Ty-       Thuusuay, Oct, 14,1869.;  *��������� i Wroe������. Smith <c6lored), charged with'having , violently assaulted Thomas Sayers, was'  found guilty and fined ������5 and costs. V :  y Washbufhe. Co.��������� vs, John. Davis.^-Summons  fe^how^why defendant had not paid $142 to  fplainUffs^according to a judgment bb.teihejg,  :Elaiatiffs allegedf that defendant was able to  1 pay the amount but had purppselyevaded  payment;;: Defend ant, it appeared f ronffith'e;  evident;had held a mortgajjeagainst,aninterest: in the Floyd claim; and that when the^  interest -cbahged! haiids ^he (defendant); had;  been.'paid S300.   Defendant, however, stated  tliiat he 'merely collected the money^as agent  fV)r^ pcrsbhi who had ieft-the^^  pbstppiied to produce witnesses:^ to the  rabrtgage.:^; ys<y Zyy'y.: -������������������"'���������- ^'^Zcfyfy fZiy  "  Aime Guilloteau vs. G. W^f-indbarL-rSuit  tof recover $310 damages, by destroying;the  iropf of^laiatinTs stable and for:other\ iossca  l'and annoyances thereby1 caused;.   ,/';      -  ' ���������  Plaintiff, in answer to ���������'the Judge, said that  ou returning home on Saturday, the 2d last.,  tieifouhd some "men carrying off tbe roof ot;  his "stable, and;on asking them who.atUho^  iLindhart had-ordered the; men to takeaway  i the roof;   be remonstrated, with Liudbart,  J who'' then -demanded' thatkplaintiff;^hould  ihow his title to ��������� tlie ibuUding ; ��������� plain lift* built  the stable two years agovand to had-kept his  .dtte^w-.. "V^^^^^p^prmch^ ^pas������- horses there^t; the; roof uiight ^wpr^^ou,  oitt.^^,^cafflpmenc^ ^ p   .     WMch , bet ^ bulia fche fi������ablC(  ^ '^ T! Ihif^^Lt from Barker- ^t got iffrom a claim abandoned by some  *""*"  ~    "       ''   m^i^^^t^y^^^-J     I      ,    M.n^io.hewtbatleUhlr'-^ M ch^  ?   ,.      ... _ t>.-,i- Defendant produced evidence to show:?m\ V1^^^^^^,������j^r1W������:r: A ffe������r erier^etioiii  "'���������.i"-:::t-.i:l.-_'  'er-'HtiKia5'- 'Bar-^  F^PSf?ffl^oti���������swaiup riper ,the asceat was,  F '     ������������������ ^Mn widrti! and &fe wet* on y ������fe������r=  ^^.>;--.^:-c^������^h  tnmftd -from  the b.fc^^tllUS,  y Tit^Expsnrridx and its RKsuLTs.^The: report qf- Messrs. Black and Fen ton as to the  practicablenes3 - of estab lish i ng cpmratinica-  tion between Barkerville.:and, Tete., Jaune  Cache has take* ho one by surprise.- It has  ipnly confiimed.the ppiQion-igerierally ^eriter-  taiued here of the route. ���������So* far as theicouny  try has been traversed by:' miners^ irappers:  and others; it was found easylof access'/ On  Tuesday last our first informations about this  expedition,. led u% to,; say that llr Black, had.  not penetrated to the; tfraser;;but harl only  .witnessed ihe mountain 8treaais��������� running' in  the direction'of that river.'- It appears, ho w<  ever, that he ^ntniliy got to the valley of tbe  Fraserl at a distance of abont 12^or 15 miles  ,from Tete Jaime.;, Cache/ There are ^sveral  i persons iti Bark^yiUe">yhpcaa;  I the Cache.who recollect seeing  1 point the ���������mountaipsa;describe(v   report^ ? ��������� Titeso^ parties; say there appeared  Xro.(tifiheiG&6h^  but as nb in^rmaripn qould;:b.e'. obtained) as  to tbe country mterveiiing bet\yeeu William  creek; and "theCache��������� they decided.to:follow  the course of the rivers.   Some came by the  Tbompson, others. ;by.;the^raker, and the. disasters they experienced put a stop to any  fjirther over!and travel.   Had they been fortunate"; enough to have been;; guided to 'the  route just now explored! the colony would  have subsequeotly received constant acces-  siotoB-td^he' population from Canada.   The  hitherto; unknown country between^u^and  the Uache tbrtned a barrier tb the streams of  imoilg^atiou that: wo ul d h five. fib w ed .hither,  not because of its; sttpppspd impassabiehes;|i  hilt   for   the   mere   lack   (BiMnformatiop;  ic which e prevented/parties .attempting   to  ;    cross- iti; and  compelled   them; to select  iat either^ of "the .- dangerous rivets as chan--  MrsiNu /Itej&���������d'&vT������uHA^yCthti'Feiric.;fl(^,  on .Coaklin. gulch, washed: up 90^ oz., which; . >.���������  together; WitStiWbattheyrwashedup^ ;  day, makes 1.2Q6jg.'.for, rourd.ays?; wbjfi^T be   !  McOowell��������� co., ou Wednesday, washed r up 30     "  oz.-   The Indian  Queen  cb. liavej'recora-  menced workv iThe Kehlrek co; have teom-:  inenced running ja drain, to. tap^ their diggings������  j'which, were drowned by :the! caving, of the  '!���������  'Eclipsetunnel.  On^Stonfcguichjthe;Taffaale --  co. washed up 15 oz; on Wednesday fand; the  poombsco. 41-, oz j, on^iirsdayi   Tbephipps   ;  and Foster^ampbell .cofti are. wprfiing, b.ut  the Barker and'Diller c6s., digginga are stilI  floodedJ The * foreman- of: the Drain cC,says - f  thatithe drain; can heJopeneduri* eight ,or, ten,  rlftu������ ani'vflj* t<\ drlihi those diggings.-' The,'  teVliimbeciofthevroofi^a^^^^aeieTi  theu  't-U.at^;tiUe'V. *UUiVV!t:i.vt;;iiiw,,. w - ,, ,- .  ant's), haylag bought tfie claim from wbtch  ^the lumber had beeA ^obtained-; that the luai^  her in the whole buildirig; even if new, was  only:KI worth; about; $51 Aaotber witness  swore tbiit,he bejieved the buildtag was not  worth $2 50 ,; that it wasuH worth the &���������&t  trouble it had: given to him ; that when  .plaintiff' bought the Tan; Mukle Hotel he  al������) bought "the side bulMiitgs which be-  'looged:*fcai.tbe hoteV '   ^���������"������������������-   ��������� -> *���������  io*'fare-5/running* a cram:  abandoned; Dead Broke claim' to get ati'the Z  top Mvettk of , pay  dirt.  . Several , of the   ,.  hydraulic compattiba'haveJ'c^aimeDtfedVi^P-^^  ing up," fearing' that - frost might / jS^t-^Jff; and ��������� J r  prevent tbera.;. - doing-/- so: untib spring.;.; do y'Z*  Antler creek, hew diggings of a*yery/pcp4misr '["������������������ Z.  mg. nature; have; been struck o%tbis;creek. Z-Z  Prospects f of SI to the; pan % have been obtained in a;defined 'channel \o the ?o!li Atkiu-  .Boa claim,:on the leTt bank of thefiereek, audi  exceedingly good proipebts; have^ been ob- r;  fcained by the 'Neill co'.v onZk bench on the  right vbank at., the: canyon;' It is'generally  supposed tiat^me lap ���������;  trace tlie rich lead;which wasiJostiri-the flat  bplow ���������the old Jowu of Afi'tlcr;^ The Rocker  Bill'Cp; are runnings a!Mail-raceZfor^ the* pur- \  pose, of :rc:OpeDing their, ;claim^ which was  Mocled byihe late fr,eshefc.. jThp Aptier; co>  are: ^dmiing. au-op^l'cu^'siipwar(6 |he leffe /  bankiwhere they expisct? td/strikc^dbflpay.  Oii Grouse creek,roperatiotis M the-Waverle^  dismissed the 'case^  :;reH  ��������� 9.1 V^wi.1}*%'?-,.-,-;!.:������������������ -���������.   ,������,:,   .    :������������������.������������������ i -. _ ..-__.11-������������. A.H* i tiiAK    .. K..���������:-,-���������:..-. . ^.:.-i���������;��������� __,������������ jyg.fc aS:UablC SOr..lUC  of the company;  ments; aud, that Mr H-'scharges .wereex,  ������rSi������ce was produced to^.ft^;  ^������u^t i m^^H?^ Qf  !yi * ,������,^ ,-^������ ..���������-��������� :   ^/member of ihe compauy. :ry     _; _.  "  and,,frouiHhe peculiar appearance wl   Joba B m   vs< Canadian Co.-iais >*as a  #m^^:the(rive^^  ;T.r^.-__.-..-.__.-���������������   .;>���������'j������_Z'���������'_.;.������..������;.c'������.i������y������hntrrttt--.. r.Hft, liSiuV   vu  fdtviuti|is| .'bereX- determined to ascertain the. ..tunnel have bee a lately  character of ;^e;;intetviniag;;.^paatry; equip- purpose of obtaining airV'andlb allow ties  ped^Blaek and teuton for that purpose, and large' body pf water which/ they tapped.time  the result of the euterurise is a complete ��������� yin- to drain-oft-; They have; bbmpleted their air 1Z,  dicatfda of/'the bpiiiionsi\o.f the pioneer overi shaftvuad'are.uow clearing out* the tunnel so  landers as to the. practicablenessof fcraveli- as tOr.drive?ahead: again. ��������� .This tunnel pro-  "       It complete! y strips tbe country of the xiiisW to be the-means of ^opening out a large  i *������&nrt& to/i with it; simply:.-because, it j area^f^mimng' ground wbich" is at present  laying^idle^ fjThe ������oo������ raker fco^. on Davis /  creek,^;ia vwitb .their Juunel lip feet,' and  and have struck bedrock in. the side.   From  lilghming; Ic^eek' there is* tid^change^ ;Opera- -.-%  Duabar lead and the^^nin^pf tbe r channel  below ������m ^iakle'are' sfcUi;going^on^.The  ^ttlWmteicoi/a^'ptl^i^  with^their works. '- We^ hope* tliatiins cow-  piariy will succeed in;;bo tto -tiihfeZ&p&ishouId ���������;'���������,-.'  ^ey: prove;-;fcha  feg/cSelr^belpw ';yan/^lnkie^ ig/'rich,: there .-���������;  "���������     ' ?:-!������-���������-- ".mini   ntlAoA    fCi /  - betweea^ne/wawi������y ^������F^.������������������"6 ;^������a&?!S  i   river aad those emptying into the Fraser 1?  '     nat owtia^ mile.    ;"��������� . ���������- ,/ -, ��������� ��������� -\ *������������������.,- ���������;       -..  ^ /   , At Uis1 point the Fraser appears tocomft  ���������- froiu -Ihtf S-S.13:, below the jutiction ;tnnung  t       moreto'the Nojth, the galley seems .-to^fl  WaVmiks is width, with large rn^adow;  I        and strips of timber on the, dats.   lo  tne  '^>'SoutflbWas'tle.rivWabQUtsixmilesare-M^  'r'fiw Mifttpt ct&teUated peaks, which must be  imbie ^r a long distance UicougU the f raser  terrprs^associated with it; simply because it  had/peyet been-explored. ^JJut the pebple������bf  Carib po will no fc rest satisfied with this - pioneer expedition. - A tlwrough demonstration^  of the erlirors/regardittgi the country; will be  made next year-:.We trust that the people,of  Garibbojwill hot be: alone la .manifesting an  Uh /ihe v important workyb tit that the'  colony generally williregardlfte' egenihg"bf 1  f the country * as the means of ^establishing  overland ;commuuication aud discovering of  new gold fields. It may be asked by those  not familiar,with Caribpb : If there are more  iamUiar/with; Cariboo;-;"iIfthere;are more; urng/cyee^;.iicww T.������.������....   go men;creeks- and mountains between! Bar-^ will be 23 miles of iaininjr ground added to  kerville /and Tete Jaune fCache,; as you say 'the, knowa rich .area*: of .the gold deposits,  there are; why do ,not tbe enterprising miners The Minnehaha co.; Harvey,t creek; have got:  go to them?;.:The.'difficulties pf pro%eetiag the waterVput of their diggings, .and arc  so comparatively small a sectiou ot eouutry ahoutto work in the face again.  ' ���������-;   >  <:\  M  y)y4'^ M  .1    u>"  15  r <^4>^ wi^c "oi' Use -dwiac. .iac  ;v ; y'y1*. we^iildsee uo mounfcaia3,\'aad &bo  '' ��������� ^?fe/ i^a&er^ppl^WUmafced '���������;-at-.abou..few'  ���������   m^aiearlvdtt^4EtaraSm  W^;^oiUd^^ni"diffia^;inconstntcting  r.o Hrom Oomtmori"'l?^s to th������ Fraser,  ;... ivmr candid" opmioo'-isf^at by merely  ^V*riaff6������tthe.brtt^  ''^-n thY'..f.p,tii .Ke t#tt^P|ne from Bar-  ^ii:;oS^tetulffe;^St .'appears-tp.  iUttcerovtte.  louatry on  a/ gpld-  .=.-^.v.,.^. ,���������...-..,;T.:..^v;.!rr,;^.r.-^l^late/-'/ and  c-ir.t:; reek oHKmesc'^g anoufcjlopailes from-  J iu*. r\-s, ��������� \\ ,*' fa ni xm . iSG^^,v"oflpospecting  o^^i^. ��������� .f^i.; ^"v. li:v> .'.^pv ^J^slaich, how-  *^':Vtftf<r-^r4wdf -ii>:vv.:-#i^M|wherever 'we  uavk^ oi% 1;A^;-(lays/.|>f0|Mbns left for  acamp-  the  we  rrvr.     -._Tor20  .^^i&e attempt  gaufeybi^^ftotie was;to  ^^SWlidttofcieei  ___%___������_        Mlj  of the  prac-  exists between  the vicinity of  herTass.  .part, of tho route  as there any, snow  Fred. Black.  C. Fektox.  Y_jtfotfito:-.U*-'Au^^'*W������^jM^!_;  H"V ru  .,.,.j-,���������' ������r���������/i,1o5(1flv. asdid also  li\litiBi^^^#f ^������sa_tt_88s_sss_?ss  ������������������������������������,>w whether: the/aiacluut \vas dub from -.-������������.  fci  ���������bVJ'-wp'. V,������cti.- a:?y  ^"-.;- s i.'" ��������� - .d'ii'" ftitat-;. or tfy  "--���������'������������������-a ���������-.-*���������-  tte for a' wagOE.3  m ������������������ ^i _ y.tite ,faiad, the ^ Iff^  ^mecp;^0baoft^LJ  -v������  ^vi^ifell ou at  ; -'���������-��������� "t   vere out, nor".;  m  .SO)balanceaf_boMdM|.   n��������� f  alHcii.  Defendaut-But there is oo. Mi"    ^   g,  law.   Ask her for the b������U ot P   e doctor  Tnece's some whtskeyi"^J������gi|^     ^^  ������������������d I had a quarw  aboiit. t>o w ^  and whicU-hesaid IdUto t   u������^      ere,s  to bo-meu, \,ara fo OS ^m^ ^ ^ of  ./^ftmoo���������lrithe Deadwood Mouutain coun-  .W.r:between OrpFino creek and Beaver pass,  ������.������ttge number of Cariboo have been seen  recently.  minded JuflS������B?Sbl?'"iiwever they are  appropriate;7- ���������Snnt to a fit state to  ������& he (f^^?fa-������uld postpone i  defend tho case, a������* ������L Uoped he wonld  until to-morrow when to nop   .  comeiato eour^iaa^f^:���������.  TM skv waslilum^ed.1831 night with a  bcyoad tfcit range of moUKtains, As soon as  miners have met" this, unfavorable change  they have; returned toward William creek,  aad pronounced the gold range to be con-  lined within, the limits of those mountains,1  The toitavorable -change��������� vand;;the.idifficuHies  of prospecting ina country beysad* the centres of supplyi have discouraged prospectiag  aacV exptoraUbav - ..After;, lea^ihgi/liarkerviUe,1  however, and /proceed)h'g; ia u QOrtheasferly  direction, the country again'presents another  geoiogical change. '/The saute'rocks that pre-  .dominate';in" Cadhoo/arefound.,, Adventttr-  ous prospectorsj who have proceeded in>.:the  direetion of I?eaee rice, have also: found the  sHte ���������'. rari^9:--;Ob '��������������� ttte north -side;of'the Frasier,  which no doubt m a cootitiuatior. -of that  which we how know exists on the south side  of that river and between Barker vi lie; aud  the Cache.    .  '" Okoel Iuposmbs.���������Some of Macdooald's  bank bills were put into circulation on  Thursday night last.' They were imposed  upon a new arrival at Barkerville, a female,  of French . descent, ;who; had heard of the  golden smiles of Gariboo and the gallantry of  the honest miner, and was thereby induced  to take up her residence in1 this.town, in.a  handsomely furnished suite of rooms. We  ������fo informed that no less than SiOO of the  notes changed hands in a few  eral teams and trains. are uuw... w, ,u��������� ,  and ithe prevailin g fine weather will put the  road in. good condition,   ^he ���������, wintry weather  of last week, has entirelv changed to some-  thiag like ladiaisumuaerr  "Tlfi^TADpSTKEMIN^.  Leglttxikg Cueek.  are  valueless  hours.  mountaiashaa enUreiy a   Hi   ^ &  Indian   sumrae.^-like   ������"  ^Mn^SSXwatcr, aad min-  ���������   '^MiiiniItewMcloawWi dispatch;  Orders promptly aH������a...a������"D^ & LlK������HAEP,  Van."Tplkefthurg/4   90-  v".-"-'':"ritT'AiL BUTCHER.  Bi:BKWtitI-E,BlCIIFiaLD,   AND  MOSQUITO CREEK.  Asupptr of tebJmeat^U desoriptia^ ooastaattjr  oa lw.ua, ��������� i  :'7VN .���������������? ���������  ���������������*:  MlSGELlJANBQUSi^i  /,[.  r'- Oas was first used in London in 1^07, Pall  Mail^eing the;itreet earliest illuminated.  "/ It %s J^ii d������termined;xtb .cojistruct: ?#Q0  ,;mbf^mUesto^raiiway in India.    ;  /.Red satin shoes and no 'McWngs  is^the  Court dress of Paraguay. ' ., ;    :. ,  /   Washington-county,   Indiana,  is  flooded  with the circulars of the YigilaO^er Committees, which; threatens to take, the law into  ^hefr^tfw^ perpptrators of  recent/crimes iaithatlOcaU^  justice^ - _ ,ij i Zy   'y \ '   y-  )\'.The new French Minister of War, Marshal  MacniaiohV is a genuine descendant of Irish  stockv to^  ^Patrick. y?������        ' \'ir,    y   y,' /   ,i;4^  Piiiiing a man'si ��������� nose fe no ���������< trifling, Offence  in iheicity of BostonyMasi ^Eecentl^anp^e-|  puller ��������� ��������� Was ������senjencea^to; two, mbiiths^i nv  prisonmenti   '^       . ��������� ,'. _       . , > v.  An editor was attacked by, *maa for some  personal grievance" The; editor says: u To  avoid injuring him and prevent his injuring  us, we got C'3i> of ibe way.5; ,j' ,  /ThetCahadiau s&lmottisheries have never,  been,known.to be"������<> p odi r.0 they;ha||  'proved this year. " i,  . The French Senate is & T^poeed of the cardinals, marshals, ami admirals of the;realm,  and-a number bf otoe? members, not,exceed-  senator. ha3 a salary'of 30,000f: or ������1^200 per  a%num. The dignity is irrevocable and-for.  life; the members of.the Senate^ 'however.  - are allowed to resign-.their post     , _;'  'A streetcar conductor says that just -seven  lad't^Otti of iuvhm<lrm say s^kmk you/  , when gentlemenJresigu i\wh sea������ to ^ain^  A- Connecticut ciergym^ri says-tbat only  ; i one person in fifty believes in the doctrine /of  ';,eternal punishment for 'Mmself ;��������� while all  ^   believe in it for others  7-ery'large  'ole o(, noa are, being sent to  - J2agleta&- a xd -'-ftfa' , "-ffrntetf. States from' the  . /smelting.:::/works ���������'at -Woodstock, Garleton  ��������� county, N. B.     -; - :  A tipsy Irishman, as a funeral procession  Z was passing by, was asked who.was dead.  " I can't exactly, say,' sir," said he, "-but I  presume it's the jintleman io the eoffini"  -' --''An'' extraordinary -yielc- of mica km been  obtained during the week past io the mines  of the New York Mica Company, in the town-  /fibip, of "Burgess, Ontario.   During the time  - stated the Perth Courier is informed by the  ' agent of the company,*Mr. -X. F. Baker,  that  the value of misa taken out will amount to  $2,500.ia> gold.   This may be considered a  ^very good return forgone week's work,'where  ] * there' were only nineteen men epaployei '������������������ alto-  v -gether. /;       ���������: "- '.,;.] ,   .. <>J>i������^2 -,//"'  y j>* , A; terrible, waterspout burst iri American  \ IJork ^anyon,^IBah^un the: 28th SoigusfeJ the  flood carrying away seven bridges^/and doing  y -: :>a great deal of damage. ;   ZyyyZfZyZZZ- ??S  MtC George Peabddy has added another  munificent gift to the io  benefactions.   He has just I donated to - the  ; !���������^/f Trustees of Washington[ Col lege, Va., the sum  '; 'of'MO ,0 0 0, to endow an additio pal professor-  y 'ship which/ Gen. Lee, * President of the Col-.  lege,  has  been anxious to secure for the  institution.   Mr. Peabody is' prolonging his  stay at White Sulphur Spriogs, W. Va., where  his health is improying./-  ' .'".   THE MA.IN CHANCE1.  ;  v   Clara, I love,but;thee alone './/.-  (Thus sigh'd the tender youth) |    ,  Oh I hear me; theh^ niyf^siohpwn^ y  With trembling lips, in earnest tone:  .', Indeed^ I- sp^aft the%i^j&*:iyy:yZ;  ��������� He paused^he blusn overspread, her cheek,  yZ'Z.: She let himdrawiber iiear ; y.  ���������Scarce for emotion dbiild she speak,  r Yet still she asked ia accents meek,  V How much be bad a year l"  The Rpman correspondent of the London  Tablet, a Roman Catholic newspaper, writes:  %l Letters have been received from Cracow  explaining  to  a great extent the nunnery  case.   No episcopal visit had taken place for  many years, but the/ medical man had several  times i yisited^Barbara!- IJbryk^and found no  foult^%ij^6rf^eatm  from-a peculiar, and most painful form of  madness, which rendered, it Very uiiadvisable  to consign heir to seculars,;'and "the ' nnnsi  therefore kept her in 'tne'eohveuti and,-it is  to fee feared, fbuud. her casev beyond their  contrbh' A similar case occurred some yea^rs  sindl in- Rome, but the nun was at x>nce returned tb/nWfe^  and,' asttbey refused to receive hervshe;was  placed*^ in / the /asylum.," iBarbara pi)ryk is  I-well/ and doe& ��������� not now complain of any i|h  treatment, and at Craso^it^fe  ������got up I afeiir aniofig the, Jew^popnlationy to  a great extent ^The jpoor^/woman's, delusion  rah on her having Brokep Iwr voVs,:and this  aiid other ^ircuinsfc&ces] pif her|f^rm-bf^ma'd-  neW raised the /caliimiiious / reports against  the nuns.. Negligencek and ignprance/of ihe  propW inpde^ of treatment ? may be * urged  against the nuns, but neither cruelty nor; im-  :moralityi^t>; - ���������';'; ��������� .      '   '���������'     "      ,      '-,  HOTELS, RESTAURJiNTSr to, ^ ���������;'";  WZnU:  Miners' Bp^rdin^ House,  THBC^ElElsiGNT2DJ IlESIRRR TO ANNOUNCE  thatlio tias^piircliasea'tlift Houseattd business of  thei above estainisbmon^AUtl^oUatsi a,continuance  of castpra.; vTke price of /Bwd will r9maiu ^e^������������������  BOARD,/ $12;PBn WB������':.������Si������oi^i^JuaiEf*lk  yz'ky's'y'ti-^  Z Barkervulo, iuly 27,1S69." 'y r r Ju28it������  ������MSS^^������  ���������"'-. 'ti'i".'~.'  ���������,.bpeuiori  the Tabio'and:  style, h' y.,j%'  Hote]  Mi  mmKLZW  1^5 .���������..,J1]V!...  w^'^^^^^^f^^^'*y^' -. -  Jm^^^m^ziukM  mSmm  I  feii  joshtjA a, ''loot. '���������"' y "fkei?:;w/croudace:  ^LOTl? & CEOHBAGE,    ,  /  ',���������,' n" t l Z::";1   ,   '   . -DBALER3 - IN';': ���������    '   '' '���������' ��������� */ ' ! -'      :.   ���������  ^���������^ .-  ;-j on tDRaught^   hy^\'yyZ:p  iy'CHOICE"WINES/;AND,JiIQU(pRS)*\  y  W>i': 612',\S^C H'A?M ElN X 6 [ STREETv  -   "Above Mgntgomcry, Suu Francisco,  :au!8am  ;;-.r,5^Wp|^^ree^.Victoria.^  -;-v'"' t,?^2^^������||ii[!^l tQ.^'itV"cafe^B4'.^j(teK;' 'i";  tHOTELS/fRE^A:UR|lp;:^?  E.-UP-JAKE  Kestauraiit _and Bakery.  THE'Proprietors of--this old' and iyreltknown estab^  "lisbmen t woaW^espectfully; thank the tr / nam er;  bust ri ends and tkp/pablicJor tbe exteESlye patronage  heretofore bestowed-bn^thcra;.andJlusitbatvby tlieir  n'sual strict attention, to business- titey wilt, merit a  continuance'������f fcheirconfidence.andfeuppprt.; , t . _> ���������';  ^ "-Meals,'$1. Board, $16'per *W"eek.' '  BRE^D M#%:OR/THE BEST Fi^OUR  We r ecom mend t -������tbe public our  GROUND    COFFEE,  which 'is a much1 superior article than' any-which can  ibe/h'ad; from-below. vv'^e.1toast-'A&d^6rilnd.itoQr^9.lvc8  ^and choose/tbehest:berries,-;consequently the public  may be suresof its being free from adultcrutlon^ /'  -  PATTERSON.^'GOODSON..-^  . iiBarkerville, 1^18,1869.       _   J y '      ,rayl9.  .'friends and the public, that*he has/fittetl up sorde  COMFORTABLE     BED-ROOMS  In his^new building," where he is prepared to ;^ive  good Beds',at' a reasonable/price: vThose who will  favor himwith their patronage; mtfy: depend oh Ihe  cleanness and.comfort/of his house.  Z /]Se takes 'also this 'opportunityM> rernjnd thfe Cari-  bbotCes' that, his/ Brewery has received��������� the TIRST  PRIZE of the-Colony for his celebrated-^  -    %';: <  xxk  ale;  And the true amateurs^will ufe able to judge/by them  selves that such honorable3 pr)ze:-has fbeen justly  dwarded.to biiri.        . -      * \ '  ;Ni;B.:--A largc,front room ,to let.  Barkerville; Jan#> 23/1869;,.    ,    A ' N. CpNIO,' -  N E W    EN,p L AND    ,   , .  THE PROPRIETOR 6C;(thp above cstAblishmen't won 1 a  respectfully-ihtorttylUs friends���������tm.d the publtc,in  general that lie is now prepared toTurnish them with:  Rreadof bis own'baking having secured the assist;  ance'bTacompQleht' Baker, which enables'him    '  defy competition^^* > y/j     ~ '",",'.  \v  ifetias alsn>a rCOFFSB /SALQO>T.attached : to. the.  aVove, where uonti but the best Cylfee, Pies and Cakes  will bo served. - ��������� .    ' ���������.#���������*;!������  NB---BREAD  DELIVERED to/all parts/ of the  Creek.'      -      .       y ��������� .. _ -. . ���������  - ^y22 6m  .,  OCCIDENT AL : HQTEL,  -yzy^yzy: ��������� ���������[- quesnelmoci k. "y^y..  yy^Myiy yyy^y^^M-^yyzy^ :wyyy&^ z::;  rfHE-Prornicto,cs of tliis ,,vc|l kaowtk .House tender  1 their sinc^'' th f nt s o tl.fit in .nd3 and the tra-..  :yeUiiig;publid KcneraIly������"TQr tbeir -'past liberal; patron.-:  agerand'beg to inform tlioin that' in order to insure a  cohtinuance of thp :samc--BoaTd-and Lodging��������� h^s;,been  reduced to $3-50 per Day. Sintfo Meals,,$;! 00.^  >������������������:'��������� All' the'luxurios'tliai the v'.pauntry.-���������a.nbrds/a^e.^c.on^  Stan tly kept on "the table. F-1 ii ate Parlors and Suite  of Rooms for Families. The Bar is stocked with the  -be.stbniDdsofWinus, Lkiuorsand.Gi.v-'-*^;.-- - .  ' ' The Stable is w:oll/suppiieti..;witb;the. best Timothy,;  Oats, Hay and Grain. BR0\vT������ kJilVhlS.{  Quesnelmouth, Mav '     1S69.       , ���������'   '     '      .   -  -.,  Antelope' MeBhtfmymM^y  Z "      BARKERY\ LI  ?  l���������lFmMwp9PtyP stationery;' :an������1 FanW PowWl  --���������   '^p^-^ v-c Manufacture^ ?-.\Jj '���������:--"���������1  ^^^Sll^:Hoil  STOKElStreet^between Herald' 'and/ Wm$' v\M  ^:Wa^Mealsftt.allhours. '='Bpard^rid totanii Si  ���������Weera,1o>0;#,$6;;60;;'> ��������� Per/dar, $lv-;SiDg3|'^S  37.>^������jite&3od8;50 cents..- - ,- ������������������ 7^  ���������;/Hffi^ k>   ANDREW ASTRIC0, ^rfAtor l  ilu^:;wATSGNv:  Gters^and'Wal^q|pc!e-aned, repaired, aa4 warranied;]  iEvery:^estsrip|^g|i^^l^^ma to order., piijl  and Ornamont^ghgravlbg neatly executed, -���������  Con or Government and'-Pandora' Streets,     ���������  East side, Victoria, V. I.,    ,  ,-'/>,]  Executes .orders fdrieycry description of, vehicle,'^  ^general assortment of, Wagons always on'hand^  Hay 1,1869.        Cheap for Cash.  _1 Wholesale Dealer in-  G-rb:6^ies^;;v;P  ,Havaua Cigars,:-and French Pisnaru^      ;1tj  Yates Street,'    \ - 2'; - '^/- ^^i.ctOTJ^|a;t;|;.|  '--'-,'i;  ������'���������������  J. MASOX,  ^; BAtYT  r'^ij^Ai'.-*^*  : 150-Mile   House.     ,  THE'undersigned, prpprietors of thfe above we 11-  v known, 'and-, favorably^situate/d estahiishmentj  having parchased the same from Ey Tormey, desire to  inform their friends and. the public, generally, that they  are now prepared to, faiTord:every accommodation to  travellers and-others at the most reasonable charges.  '"���������- The table is supplied*with all the substantials and  luxuries available in tbe country, and prompt atteri-  tiongiven to the wishes of the guests '  i The Bar is stocked with , the very best;* -brands of  Wnes, Liquors and Cigars:; ������������������.;      ./ '.*<  yThe Stables are spacious and comfortable-and attended, toby first class hostlers. ���������';���������. A plentiful/- supply  of ;thp best provender, of all kinds al ways pn haiid. .  - In- shorty every, convenience and facility conducive  -to; thecomfortrof man;,'��������� and beast willi bc.foundj and  ithe:proprietors.will spare no eifort to give entire satisfaction to-all who may patronize the establishment.  :/��������� August 20th^69:;; ..    >:;      ADLER& BARR^;":-  Board, $12 per Week.    Single .Meals, $1*  :; ^* OYSTER STEWS, LUNCHES, &o.  The best of material is used, and. all who' wish firfeU  class Board at the above rate can obtain the. same,at  thigestablishmcnt;.  '      ' / V      '   aull lm_  'New DoixLiiiioii /;t  :  JRL  A.   D.   M'INNES  Slieet and Cast Iron. Stoves  el  th  satis-  LL JOBBING WORK IN TIN,  COPPER, She  Iron, Zinc and Lead Piping, attended to wi  romp tness, ,and warranted  to give entire, sat;  action.������������������'.���������;���������/;���������;.������������������. ���������;'..;        '-'..'-���������'.-      "���������   '}\\  '--;"-..'  ":'Z_'  2:  Etc  ^,    Etcbj  FOR SALE.  E. PEARSON & BROSV;:  ; ���������.-"������?���������'' ��������� >.";'���������' Barkerville-  HEREBY; ann6h1������ces/thatvho:has opched=hIs New  ,;Boarding House,    - y ,t  ~\  ���������  NEXT TO TEE ASSAY OFPI0Er    '  : BARKERVILLE, ,     .  toiwhicn he invites; all who -desire- first-class Boai'd  ay moderate rates.  ;Cleanliness in 'the Cooking.Do-  partmerit maybe relied on, as-he has engaged the  servtccsfbEafirst-cIass^WHITE)Cook. - ' . *  v' J^5"������������������ LIQpORS;AKD;CIGAR3"������������������.of.; the?best brands  may/be Qbtamcd :at thojBar. -  /    jahli  ilcENTEE wishes'to. inform his friends and tho  c  ��������� ��������� pu 1)1 ic"th at ho is prepared .to.-^o; HORSESHOE^  ING at $3 per set, and all other -kinds tof; Blacksmith  work at,reasonable rates; . ���������-;���������'���������: ��������� *&[*}"*��������� ���������:   - ''���������'. ��������� :���������>  RICHHELl), July 23,,180&. .,-������������������: Jy24 tf  ' J; S/THOMPSON^        ;���������  A CCOUNTANT,' 2 M I/N ING   AND ;.COMMISSION  iV VAgeni, Barkerville.%. I-    "-^y: '-y'r. ;"'"''���������'";'?'  Mining Companies'Bookakept and adjusted* ���������  May 1 i860.-.. - ��������� -, ���������  ���������������������������: ���������" '��������������������������� ���������. ������������������-  tJPMf R'A:.Nf' . T1ILQR1  -- -:    ' YATES* BTlikty J - \ J  ������a AS on hand, and is constantly   < seizing, a Ujl  tl assortment of CLOTHS, CASSIMERESandVEaj  INGS, which he is prepared to m&k������i to. ordiryb ������I  most approved styles. ���������  All orders from Cariboo pi omptly atlended to.    |  May 1', 1868. ^" "^-^^^ '-''- ��������� I  Tea and "Coffee S|le#|J  ������������������0, /-���������;::; ���������-;, ���������.- ��������� i ,.:���������;::   ��������� ������������������:-. ��������� ���������.���������������������������-���������<��������� +;:yl ������������������   ������������������ ' ,;v;'   ';''^'.-; :.;^%||?  '} y       Fort street; Victoria^ V.I.c  ^parennonbrtinselecting-and kecjJin^a^  ^ent of/ the^cholcost: articles thatcajgg||||������  .^'AaiTge\^hBttmer8.itti$  vr.nopjag& dyiv ������   b-kt!"1  Bngffl^iniFrdhch Silks, Shawls,'D^i  '   Bg<SerclothmgT Gloves, and every-���������,  ,' '4 "jpjfficnption of Draper^Goods; ,  RtSlvov^riuppilos.by Express/via Tanafl  andFyBailinK.vosseIs,viaCape^Horn...    t*fci0M  /rf^articularattenUonjivento^ll ord^���������  , S������dniFJrm-iJ. P Tunsyaix & 03. -  :��������� ^ '^ll^-ESTABLISHED, l^y.  SAWNEY'S   LETTER  C A R I B O 0A*DR H Y M E S ,  ' > . ��������� :��������� ���������/ BT JAMES/AKpERSpN;",,:';.'. (2/''  PKICE,' ��������� ���������.���������. -��������� :'" '2yl2'2X2^  : ;;Fpr sate at th^iteTi^^Oulccj/ra^  post, .freeof-charge. :       .//-;  ���������' '-,:'���������'������������������: '���������,'���������'  my29  NEW WESTMINSTER AP^RTpIMENTS  F  NEUP ELDER,  STORAGE  AND   COMMISSION,  '   1  Richfield, B.C.  /e������- Produce from th0 agricnltunil dtstricts received  and money advanced on consignments        jy24 2m  -��������������������������� >'CT.::.- ������T>;:yi'ii���������-���������'.." H  Disoehsing Chemist and Druggist.. Impo  iisl? Drugsi Ohcmicals,.Paten t Medici)  Perfumery, New/.Westnnnster,B  porter of Eng  __ __  . hes, and  VrrnmcrvZ New Westniinf*ter, B. C.  FRESH GARDEN. SEEDS CONSTANTLY ON HAND.  Orders from up-country carefully attended to.  May.i;ii^}2jr.y zy '''2:!y'.'v- 2y'y . '   6lri  ri^HOlfAS WAlBKi. Tailor,yitovr .:Westminster, B. Cr  JL Clothing made to order-at> moderate rates. Always on hand English and; Oregon,:Cloths. Orders  from the up-country, attondod to with care and  diFpctch fi tn  ��������� -^-iffc-.iiif oc.ii. ������������������������������������������������������-������������������- fc*wt-*������.������������������ 'i-.-i'l?"4X������^4f-'  r.L; "'. ���������lAND.AG^tT.'^o.,,','���������/  ^.  ������������������;  A affsinnss carefully and punctually f I tended^  May-w|^-^-''���������^''���������''"������������������'"' ���������;_./��������� ' -  A. W^rlor- :iu^-iippor4ci6nntryv^'|���������fl.'tfj  tained-TOlpeBpry--hiiichihery .and jm-^Bi j  now profeM^i'urn/Jsh a first, class auanty^^ ^  roasted, p^W|iihd put u^i h tins^ccor^^^;-.  latestapprov%Mclentiflc!priiioip.Ic^,a.nd w     -  to be superiorWfe;oiher/fc/ll3p|||://- $^^d������������|  6roceries,*D%Cfood8;-.Tinwajr6tvClothtiJg , u     ���������"  Field and otheraeedSj English and Coipniai.  ��������� Yale,'May 1,-TTOfe; l������ \ \ 2$&MZ 4  FORT    ^^Bl������WiP^  ^ront Street, Yale, British Columbia.  fjHHIS house has excelleiit^sowmo^jpfcPJ-'j,^  1    vollors.   Good beds, superior ^arKPviq ��������� m  of Liquors at the Bar.    Stabling for ammai������.������_/ ;���������  and Outs al, the lowest rates. ^S'U-2^ptoti  May 1,1869    u    $11X1V & LANE, PrOp^e^.  ?86  mo  tsi


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