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The Cariboo Sentinel Oct 9, 1869

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 ^n~.W^JSU^H^fc.������iJ..^~^������r������1tj;i1|y.,|Y>^r,|ryJ|.|,|^.. -CvJ.^iJSflS! U  t  V  1   ,' ..".-I  8m,/  ���������ira'acj  uaent^^'n  JW*F ''-'J  (g>. ii*fcfl  telv i������  ug,.per.,w^  mealflj ' X  yx, X.'XA  mrXXXXi  ������������������������������������;' ���������������^'  *>".. EttJ^H  ito;tho . Ai  'roboiri*;-.-.^.  ranted. ��������������������������� ;ife  Plaia.fi  :i^'6iu -.:. ���������'-..  XX* yy.-x- *  i������  ���������...-���������--��������� ���������. ''-<V"-;.  icle/ A ��������� '���������" si  and,;  fc;^i6mi  .i ^c-  a! Ihr't*  .jS^YKST  rj in! Urn  Oi '������������������'-.  :J!> ^nv.;.'i  aen,  ra'psoirt-  Litainvd.  ?regards  yym--*  ���������#M:!i  PA. It  *m  6m  [e;of;tlio  lying ;ob-  frc,hc i3  of Coffee,  ngtotbo  arT&'DtB it  ��������� Garden?  i Tor Trfl  /tbo.best  ^���������viHar  rie bra  ,"l!i!ii^l^Pf  '.. ������������������ xx: X- 9X  "~5^;:i^aikg^  Vol.  ���������fllic^  SLI8HED'"   -   '/J)   '' :   !'  :  ,.--.-.:> ���������������������������'.���������-;��������� '<: - '.:���������-.' ���������..-.-     ��������� -���������--. xX'xX-y^'X-X^^^i^^^iiv  ^BTWKDNESDATaa.   ^UKDAY,  PUBL  A AAAii:"A\-A--    ��������� x: -xxxifxf-mA;^;i-f ������������������'^x  Orfib. -BarkeWnie.Cest.door to Manetta's  er.  v-:''Grocery;Stoj;e);7r; "  ^n^oo Sentinel."^  * tK���������ii* Pieific-RaiVwM^ver,;-Eritis!i Jprrir*  1 inrv >������an-Eogl^u-.nnn 4i^^^  v sUern Atlantic-Pacific Railway over.  leauicSiiway^  along^ th* boundary,line,.between ^irguua  -S-ferih Carolina to ��������� Bristol, in ihe A 1^  ^i 'Mountains (at ;that:placo ������** the;  : iron orSmok^Mountaios);.from wUencfcjtoJ  :���������Memphis Xiroad. is^already. cpnstnicted,|  : Froini Meulpi^ to" Et 'Fa^ 1* ihe Rtfcky^  already in the hand  of ���������aJBjSSSh!" '  ^Tvhoareaonb(li'S3Co-:Opcrating!*w  ' in the company he lias:formed,.to < onstr^fcgu;  ��������� road from Memphis, through Ei Poso/te San  Diego on the Pacific, f ,:,' >, X . " _., X\  This road wiU^e: considerably: abp^^an:  the presont riclfic railroad, as any: one* "may..  - -.see. by tawh^  continent from Itforfoltto San "*"--- -���������"-'������  JEAOiG^^  ly^ojli^;^pnuftl- I'epbr't ot-the BriOsfi Oonir  ImlSSWn^  Jduring tfie year ehding'Marcbi ;069,' iiibr ac-  Stual number of emigr;antrileaving ^IJritisb  porisjiai^ number, bl^  (lieW "who^alreVnati^  lar^y^cHned.^ This is. true chiefly,of Ire^  land,vthei annua! nnmibjjr of jwlm^ emigrants  hasjd^cre^scii by 50 per cent.-'during^heilast  .six':iypars.s;;i*I^d: show how:.:rapidly *st*eamers are^  supersedingsaiUngTeaaelSjit^imay ^be nien-  tipned ibat^iwhilst in 1863\ only, half^ihe  ;e^gran ts ,c4ro e. ^yiRteam^r^d uiringii^ year:  more -..tSan nino?tentbsAi& so. x> Anbtlier^fea-  tnrei 'wtiicli spealcs well for; lhe Vemigrarife,  chiefly fronilrel and, is the fact that tlie;money  ascertained to" have been sent home from immigrants in, Amenca;io their<;relatiops, during  Hie past twenty-one years*i ainounts;'to no less  aiu^ tban neav^  ye^mbre than 21,000 emigrants came to the  ^Dbtniulott^ :wbich is ti greatftr number in one  sea^n ftl^a^ E'as larSveuf  for very many yeafs.   Thet greatest number  qf^eople known to leave;tbe BritishJsles in  first-class coffee, it-is-necessary' to Becuretfie  '_���������\ '~ ������������������������������������-���������������������������     '-��������� -���������.-.,.���������:-:'.'.., .,���������- - x;^^-x ���������**.  yery best tierries,;and tb'ro^ ^-^^      r  insr to th'tv-i^inosi.'; vnrinrn'trfifl - ni Athnrl .'i TMo-.. id:  p.uuuuon o. u.^woo������ ������.: ... ..: ^ f .��������� r|. BaruaM'is? Einre  |:; The ;Greatest:DrscovBBt'op.ATiE!:A:OB.-Tv' *^^s' ^f-^x i,Ar ?"--vkAx-t>  xx  IRob ihsbn^ celeb rated * Magic Soap''has-just !     .- , Win despatch   ;.,  been in trod uce'd on r William Icreek, andi the ' xx  ' ::J 'Xi xXi ���������" ^-^ x /-   '*":���������,<; ; i X Xx .  ^Makln^llio,trIp'io'Barkcrvillo ln,ahout: .14 days.  ,; >-...������  -; 's    ; Until further notlcoV "'������ '      '���������'    '  i '';-���������! >',-���������,���������;, ^ J-,-. xx ,ysx ^- :���������  t: RATES  OF: FREIGHT  ,UCVU;iUUVUUWCIi.UUi II UliaUJ  , UiCCa);' ttUU."   U1C  proprietor^; cb allonge ;>thei world[ to produce^  alBo^dbes  :away %fl#pi'tbe^shbaards and^machlnea  ���������tbat*hareilieen inyen^ted \durihg^the��������� past - tenj  years ^w������^puti.h^n#j and ^lothes;;; and:  afterrbnVy^ar7Sruse it has, been: proved/not.  lo^n-jur^  having e^ery^ advantage bveK all- other so aps  in beingf cheaper-^.one)* pound doing m^ore-  !Tavlor!l d|utetbre1S^������ pnn*  'cipal stores in town. * *  ��������� i'^f.'F^ l\J& Coppke'has nowi,too������d"'tlie 'test  of" th'e"1 asSeight- years, has' siiperseded Xen-  ������������������������������������> :.?> ; XXXx   XX.   ,   "<.-,:   -.y     - '   ,:t- ���������������������������....'*y,n. /r-..-T   '  ,By these teams,,on all parcels:of'50!!lbfl.;- and upwards -  *'  Will'bQ  25 Cents per Jb.,  exclusive ofEoa"d 'Tolls, (���������"    .:^-r '���������':       , , r  XX'<:XXXX-/-:--'-:  C'-y. -  XIX  ':r,'SX.-'X'-'\  i^xryxx  : Farttes;;shi^ng^by!������the60;.t  itb^o'e^hwrl^d^PerlB^  otherwise they.; will be !^e"nt^ti^  chargedaccpnlinjgly^,!. ,  ,   -,   ,,fl.,;.l < ,    .   ���������   .,   .  -^ ������������������  ^ X^X^tttT-r* *Trtnxrr*Tic*  ���������������.   ������������������:-';-���������>- =--,-���������'     Shippers may "depend, on! the' regularity,ibf, these ;:  -' '��������� - ��������� } 'LEG Ab - ISOTIOlib, -&C.     ' toams, for whether ���������witk full freight .'or^'not: they, wiil  :r-^=������=XryX��������� - yy���������yx^zyy,~-X-^ . _- _ ,   cotne,througb:-  ���������.-'  * * -.-���������;. ���������������������������   Xl  ',r, .yi.XX X\X  X n   '���������' v-'*"'-      -���������-���������-���������-- -  ��������� ~��������� .������������������-- - ���������     :.^Mn^^1SAd>*fe| J-**>A*^^S*   ^ J^ BAR"NA"R*Df���������*���������-.  rVA  British American colonies.^_Smce3ttien^how:  ever, it has declined ; .bufc,no"flrihe tide seems  turning,' and.'tbcre.is little doubt that during  AKDER ST0BO, 'deceased,.intestate.   /  i ��������� ttpeKO^wbo-are? mdebteid :tp^tie- above Estate  (\ -.'- ������������A'^flrt-v9s^sa!.i.iv'ivixr:;t.hfi nmonnta due.forthwith.  through Bristol, Mem^js^d^-]^  aravrirfe another from NewYork tQ:San^f*#Hi|  cisco, passing through ChicagOi^d Qp^a|  But the voyage from. LiverpoolHovNbrfplfe  . -would be considerably longer .than^rom^ljivr  titami to New York ��������� anl! ther voyage From  Saa Diego to China woul^lsq. ;beionger  than thatfroov.San Fraticiscur, Tbe cbiefvfti-  vantage of the;- southern^roao^ besides open-  .  ing up a rich portion-ofTti^ continent, ~-"1'1  . ^^^'1^ J*4,!ri  be its freedom fromrsnow ,in winter.^ ;: ; [  In comparison with^eitfier bf^%ese 'infet-.  United Kingdom to reside in the Slates, ithe  Briiish colonies or "dependencies. Of-these,  speaking��������� rouglily/a Utile over!4J0Op;600.came  itoitte Staeesjaioretban I;250i0o0 ^ teNortb^  'American solonies ; Australia and New Zea-i  land; hw:.received a trifle over 950,000, and:  all other quarters about 150,000. Both the  ���������amount andidfrection of emigration will��������� in  the fu|ure as id t^  aiioV, fluctuatidn; but the; old worldr andj  notably, Great BiitaiUf must continue to Jend  forth itnuat^swl^  latiGn.^Iriela^  years oVso'bas,c6ntributcd the most largely  to the foreign%Vpuivaiioh of the States, is now  4>eing e^eede,d^^i;C^nnany; and to this  latter isM he added a large and yaluabie an-  AN and, after,July"&d. and uutll.furthcrnotic?., tho-  A^j ���������RegiilarAVeeklyiExpress will-arrive-at\Barker--  ;ville:on:SATURDA&MORNIKG^ :and: re turn at 6 n.m.  the 'following Monday^ The, Express willcJosc every  tXw&xf tioMhi������.- S u'cfocrf k   -     *        ' X    .  X :.. v; vxyWa*M*T^--"4 ��������� XX  xy^.-- ;;.. ,y  I^*HK?Sl^RBM:B4COi[m^  :' "EAlNLAND^GF BRITISH;eOLKMBIA.;T j  In tho matter of thVEstato jm;d,-Bfffec^.;of nWILTLAM  -   ,    WINNARD/deceased^ Intestate.       ,;.���������������  "I'viil persons who arc indebted,to the. above estate  icl are required to pay the amounts,duo forth witb,-  and all persons wUbi-llavo,any.claims'against tbe  above bstatcaTe required to send- in tli^ir aooouuts on  or befbre tbe Utb day of ^^^^   f  ������������������������������������'���������'���������������������������'   '   ...  ��������� : ,    dfficlaJ Administrator.,  ^DatcdRic^itteld,ll$Ji(i������^lt!\A.f.', ^9,^ i  _j~.- '' XXi  ��������� *^ -y i   .';  i,%EA^'QUESN^MOiPTfl :b*R SODA CREEK |^'  r    ; TUESDAYS,  .,',"'.    *.'  '   ���������   AT-Ste; A;-M; \    ������������������   v^'-mj'. ' i,  .LEAVES, SODA CREE& FORtiQUESNELMOlTTH ON /  \ /.THURSDAY. EVENING,    . r  Counectiag with Barnartdjs ;Escpress at >bothiplacep.  * jgS^Tlie steamer is not' responsible for leakage; ot  Oils; pr other liquids-shippedMtf tins. # V"-^*'*��������� X- j:'x y.  B.ARKERYIXLS, ^IGpiELD;  'AND  MOSQUITO GREEK.  ���������;, ,  oceanic routes', one. of twhich Js^gow,;completed, and the other is to  be -within three;  years, the routeMfrom*'i'Motttte^  Georgia by the north Bi&^Wke Superidr  will be found very mucb?flhor|srV as are alio  the'voyagesi.dt eHherlen(l;6trit jSnamoly^tbat  from Montreal to Britaiut iadd ijthat from the  Gillf of Georgia to Chinaff*Tli������v^prthera or-  . Canadian rpute^has.theref'pre^a^  >aniage iihi^cclof Jen^ii^:a|^has^aisp in  a pass throngh i the lllo^jM^tainVsome  four thousand feet lowersihanSeUher > of the  others. Its chief advantage/;however^ will  lie in its prolongation to>Halif|^thus shortening the sea voyage some nWi&ndrtfl iniles,  and fimimshlng the time %ifioWhaitft;day.  Seven days from Ireland to^-Halifemight be  regardedasan average"yo^ali^tid seven  %s fromiMte^liSf'Georgia-  would he an ainpleal^nc^felaigood rail-  .������������������. .���������<?vs?.!'hat passengeraiwou#fe set down  o^he:PaeiGc:in|r63re^^  two or three daysimore^han"aa average phs-  ^geJrom .M^jflji*^^few:.-Tx)rk-| and,  S-"3 ��������� '$$$$$*# ft<��������� thence to  Vhina, 1Q a fivfeogprdayl Ifes^tirae Irom  ^verpooto Shanghai than hy the present  n"tc;anf f��������� ^ much lower rate of fare;-  {Montreal Witness, -   ��������� ���������'��������� ���������}���������  -i.;rivt.A������ #rtirtJ^hii and'is smallf but E  mimherS  sends a much larger ^Jiota than is supposed.;  ,   SiNGuriu   ORroi^-iGcogTaphical   names  often have a most- singular origin., Fot instance, IHcCname Gahadai-"(aaccounted* 'for as  follows :^el&co,;a^^  Voyage, sailed into the bayjhtowMchthat  iMe rive^tbeSt Lawrehce^implies,: The  subsequent days in- which be explored tbe  coastiweremostbitterand stormy, the whole  face of the country seemed inhospitably and  uninbabitabief; all was to the weary explorer  a dreary waste.   In the midst of bis disap-  poiiitment at falling upon such ashore he ex-  clairoed,m the bitterness of his soul, and with  tbo sbarft edge of the Spanish words, ^aca-  nada, aca-nada'^thore is nolhinghere^and  at biice turned his face from:the barren land.  ffince ^^day, we have the name Canada-  but its meaning ho longer appties to a land  filled with a thriving population, studded with  tillages; and renowned with wealthy citiesv  Velascb Would have- thought little of fibe  winter wind which swept over the dullplains  could tho veil of futurity have been lifted for  his sight, and Canada would today bear a  far more beautiful and appropriate cognomen  than that which so inaptly names it,  Agup^yW^eshlJnicaW  OnMndi. ���������������������������'���������  "   -,..��������� .      x'"  i    {   " "l--'' - . ,l  Miners' Provision Store,  y^-XyBmsmmmx^xx:-  Next'Door to Sestisei, Omca. ���������    ���������  . ���������       ;     Modicmcs^otCjOto.  Best Java ^Roa^aiid Ground DAILY.:.,  ALL GOODS SOLD>T:LQWEST RATES.  "' TbcBAk is fully ^P^^^^u^0^5' :  Havana-Cigurs, Wines and Liquors.  QW the %rrtvaY;at Barkerville 'of every^Mair^ahd  Xf:Exprbss, R:! ���������C;iLA^ONT;:will!Jeayo^Barkeryino.:  with''an Express for tho following Creeks :r,Grouse,  ���������igtevens^Oali Pornia^WblifV AnUe:r,; Gun ai ngham; -. .Har^- .-,���������  vey,SnOwshoe^Keithleyrand:XJoose.Greeks. ^Howill  attend to all kinds, of commissions, &c. ^Collecting  Wil^also be attended toi ���������' ^yXj\r2X  y Letters, Parcels, &c, for the? above, places^vca^jlw  loftlat the following places,:   ;' w  ,   -...!?  * > The-SBNTiNBL.Office,   - ;.'-;-;. -; Barkerville;f-,.  r     Rennle-'s'Shoo Store,  -   -   -   - - Barkerviilon  " '��������� rF.' Ndnfelder;" -   ���������  -   * '���������   ���������   Richfield.  ���������!R, :C5flABLES ;i "OANlEIiSON ...desires:;tov infVjrm.  iu;' Traders.* PacWersI'Travellers and otiier3 thaUhe  Roadvfrom^ ���������DOg'P^itie^td^^l^Milo Toat licyond  thl a montafc. the, bri'ige.  joia  &to'������i������&i& PBarcy,  '���������   Havei on hand a choice selcction Of ���������������'.. -���������;.  CAST IRON CAOKING MG VES  TIN  PliATE AJNT)  SHEET  IR.0If  With various other articles in their line of trade-.  ' ; V 4 ;v^t^Tf o business, and fair and: '''^m Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron Copper and  1 Td\3n?^ti mSt?contSce hi the liberal Zi*^^ondldto,m4 jW^^Pm *  V larKe lot:of,HEyWOOD'S.celebrated BACO^i  forwiloTata very lo^r flgaro; ,- ^x  r:rrrF "nIEUF ELDER,   -Ax  STO^G^W  RlCHFlKLD, B.C.  ���������jEX������i0i&rw3ii  A  M   furnisA.umbcr at ^icir.Mills, ."W.iUiam Cye<Uy.  and as they have now ^ ;.; ���������     o;r -v, ���������; ._; ������������������> =  ���������    P L A NIN G ...MA 0,B I,N B., -  *���������������������������"������������������'i-������u ���������i,A;/lciiir^inWv''OR'sssEi}LUimR!ta& ������W������������4*"���������'  THE CARIBQ������SEiTlMEL  ~"~SATURDAY7OCT. 9.1809;'^ ! . ; i  adfoments intended forJ??rt������%{?^������d^.  cred at 1'itpst at. Six o'clock, P.; M.f ^ho ^y boro.ro  l>nb1icatloh.. ���������<-^;-;i'.���������'��������������������������� :    "*-'-���������    '������������������>' *."v:->r-"./V%*  .'���������.������������������";���������     TO"ADVERTISERS," -fff  'AM advertisements (not inserted for any: definite  perjodj  will".bo'continued  until ordered put,, and.  chargod for>ccordipgly.   -.      ' ��������� JXti^yX   --.-...:. -T0< COrvRESPONDENTS.!-;- -: /-.-' -. ������������������-:  , All communications must",bo accompania^bytM  r������*l namo and address of the^vritor; not necessarily  with a view of-publishing- tho samo,:;but as security  'or its good faith,.  ; ;./-; v.- '..[$..*$. 'XAXXlX^ "Xi ��������� '  i"    ~ CLIMATIC,      .. .... _:���������-',. f  It is now quite evident that the past two  dry seasons, which generally : favored the  . opinion that an*organic change bad taken  place in Trie climate of Cariboo, were exceptional periods of drouth,^an^;tbatr we; have  on lybcen. visited by a! temporary change of  .weather.' Indeed, aH:couritrics have been.-at  intervals visilediw and  nature, whose' operations' bad.hitherto been  almost (imtoriCin'C^rihoo }known;  has' only been" playing on^  trlclcs: 'in  tliis  goidea-^  i climate tiaf been effected in many Syy^w^i  tries, and even !itf;oldo^ ol;  man, bu t ne ver to su cb an ei ten t as we b ay ei  witnessed iin Cariboo durin^ii. ttife; past''tvvp  i <���������; years.   W bat bas been .done: here by bum an  efforts is by no!.,means:.;sufficifeiit-.S;*<>,.-���������=��������� :1brip]g  fl: about' *.:. so '^great^  Let any>6he^akei-iarglance?at the:,country  iifrpm the sutnmi������of Mount; A^^^w^SnowJ-  fehoe; anl he wUl isee tbattne opening: of i the  conntfyiniayjhe compared to ajmpleMll .iff  comparison"'���������with either of those mdunfains.  i   And if:iheii.ciearing;tliat h'u':^b'e'6n7dpii^; we're  ! increased' a ibundred-fold, Jts- extent would  .'8till ��������� J)<"������: ipsignificant i^om        ii.with the in������  ; ;mense'<width������of���������'. the^imberTgr^  jani MU^fr  viv region.-^  i A iibly;affec t0dr by I the -^������rk * tha't; shall;$ e (done  X\ fiy i &d 'for Tithe^  . next-fiftyiyears. ^adoed^-in-those(countries  * >v beire  the  cli ma tef Tfias ��������� "Iiii eenC-ip'p dified A or  : changed by the clearing of umber or the cultivation of theiBoil itbe/increase of temperature is very slight���������only'from one to three  degrees���������although!-the-'quantity- of rain has  been considerably affected.'  But tiiis-cbange  is notable only ��������� in cultiyablei;Jcb  the valleys. ' In a' mountainduS;< country 1 ike  Gavtb6p,i surrounded by, arsJiH^oriempun-  f tainous .country,3 ��������� with? everlastingll snow-clad  ranges, it; is. impossible that a .change, of  climato can be perpetual.'��������� -Tbe great -masses  i of ncighboiing show will always, :bribg i:back  the climate to its wonted ways, i We see this  exemplified ih  Canad a, Norway, anti the  cou nt'ries generally as far n of th as we are.  Seasons; of drought occasionally ��������� visit, them,  but such i de vel op m en ts of the. climate are eccentric and exceptional;   In southern iati-  ���������vtude8\the climate generally islmbre'ivariable,  especially in open, lowland countries which  , are  not  so situated as to be affected by  . ranges* of snow-clad mountains; but northern  countries have a more regular temperature  and rainfall.   Climate is a matter of vast importance in Cariboo, and it: is gratifying to  observe  that the present season has come in  .with all the old peculiarities characteristic  of the  fall seasons in the good old times  when scarcity  of water   .was   an   exceptional phenomenon, only to bo  accounted  for by tbe absence of churches.. It is true  that there is always water enough in the  district for mining purposes, but the difficulties attending..its distribution seem greater  than the means and-enterprise at command.  The regularity ot the rainfall in previous  years precluded the idea: that water-works  6ticb as are necessary in California would  ever.be required in Cariboo, and hence the  small amount of preparation for a period of  drouth.   Cariboo, however, is not the onl v  part of tbo globe in which  fantastic tricks  have been played by the weather-gods.  From  all parts of the worid/during the past two  years, have cdine accounts of elementary dis  turbances, and we are fortunate in not having  been subject to changes which elsewhere  have carried sickness and violent death in  their train. Even Italy, famed for;the equableness of its'cliiriate;has been visited this year  with remarkable change. While; Cariboo has  been luxuriating in Italiau sunshinp; tlie once  prpuCparent of civilization has beeni shiver-  ing under the displeasure of old; SoL The  celebrated astronomer,!:Father. Seecbi, ������������������In a  communication ;toHb8v;<iiornaleMi^iRomaj  says that lie has counted tbirtyMhree large  spots *qu the sun, that.tbe whole surface of  theigreat luminary is covered witb them,1 and  tbat*;.it appeared^severaVti  iaspect of a mass of' white;flakes-x on an';.ash-  tplored groundl "���������Strange that Italy; the land  Ofjsun and song, was subject tp nnuiuial cocil-  hess durin? **h'e summer,.while in> this part of  tbe world old Sol shed bis brightest rays upon  us4Here is an opportunity;.for. speculative  and-controversial sectarians I The.(Ecumenl-  ���������cal^Gpuhcil heralded by a frowning sno I; We  ibaveipoeticaV star-gazers, numer^s enough,  inbar^opjlMit! learnediastrWniers toay be  couWdiby-the figure that resembles a duck^s  e^g, so ��������� we.^aunpt"say whether;��������� tb^isuh;/as Al  ij^etiri^ete'^eivs.the same variploid coni-  ^xiofcas;m Italian skies. % We;-.;;' kbpw;}hpwj,  eVjer^tbat^e^lSli'season^  its !old-fasbidnevd shapej bringing ...torrents-.of!  w>ter:v*an"dV ,ex  good pfpsipeets^ fpr; the fatiu rex'.. f ?A ffiAxffA  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS,  X-TiiE: Saskatctiewax Valley.���������The reported  discovery ^ofv^iigi diggings "in !tlie Saskat-,  cbewian pbuiatry f(is^most;0piportuney ,; Should  the^itiirnSontvweii^ doubtless cposiderob^  populatipntwi 11 lie ^gathered -Ah /thatVpromfe:  ing region.,- An;auxiliary inducement for the  construction of the contemplated^ rail way to  FortVGarryiwill;thus'ibe ?ftirnisbediiif^any  were .wahting, i to incite the Dbmiiiipri- Goy-  ernment to immediate action toward opening  itne^Nor th'wes t >Terri to ry for so ttleme n t.;: N d  doubts however,' seems to 'exist in ^Canada as  tp i*thei;; adyisability of doing.^so j tbe,pnly  aubjept^of; discussion:is^inVres^c^pffthe  route? ATrailway >yill;certainly, be^uirtt'anid  for our par t, .we .canon.ly hope t^^e;qtte^  tion of route; wiU;:nptvbe jbe me^^ftf de'lay-  ing;theAxvork;   So. far ^as iskn0wti^hPweyer;  nC thA:\nkaTtt\i\nii <\f iha 'flH.h'wra: Ytt\veimmpnt.  / TJIE-C-A RiiBOO   A M ATEU R,S -^  Announce that they will "givo a  porformanco on  Saturday Evening,- Oct. 9,  r : .When will be presented an amusing Fiirce,- ;,.,.������������������  RETAINED FOR THE DEFENCE,,  M. <io Windsor .... .;.,i;....:.;...... Hon Mr Carrall   .  Whitewash..!....... ...:.. .....Geo. Grunt,  Ferguson ...���������; ..;.���������....'.'.." E. Pearson     Xr .  Paw-kins:......................:..;;;..;.. J.vHon Mr Hay clock  Tiiwuitc������ ....;..... .R. A. Brown : ,  Agutha ... ".Mrs S. P. Parkor  ;. .... . "i     To,bo foliowoJ by on '  INTT E RI, U D fe   0 FSO S^.  And to conclude with.the cnlcrtainlog ComctUcUa  lr"i.   XX   !-'  '���������������������������������������������-.    ������������������   ���������   CtUitlOd,   ' " '    '���������._'.   ..'���������'   "     ���������������������������  A   BLIGHTED  BEINQ^    -  Job Wort v.......'..1'. .-..���������;.���������;........;........'.J. S. Thoiupson  Xed Spanker..;..............���������....;..... .J. McB. Smith  Gumming ." ".....H. McDormott  O'RAlferly . ... :';���������: ........'. v. V...J. H. SulUviu ;  ;".- Susan Spanker.......v1.....^.;......Floroncc:Wilson' !,  ,&Sf* Doors 'opr������h n't lialf.pist" 7 o������cioc"k:;. Perform-  a pee, to commence a 18 o'clock. ���������. '��������� { ��������� -;���������/; -'���������!' / ���������.; ; l/XA'Ax  A������iro'ission"*$i'odi'-" RVserve'd SeatP,; $1 50.'     ;'  Tickets tor the reserveid seats may-ho had on oj)'  plication to.Mr. Goo. Grant, Birkervillo. ��������� Ax- X.XXx  NEW ADVERTISEMENT^'  TEE PARTNKRyHIP  '.'���������- A. S  .BATES arid V.  Qt ^DUNLKVY l^1^'-.  style and title of BATES;& CO^i i^Ll, dav ,Cr *M  by mutual consent   ^V:!. ���������^V-^--?-JT3to<wi-1S  . t All:parties indebted tfl/tho.intoftfm Vvin������i^��������� ^;  thi-ir indebtedness toP !C. DunlcVy   ' :II}]o^P|  ;.The business will, in future bo carried 0������ ^i ������������������  stylo aud titlo of ���������  .  f:���������.$;. ��������� :;        ������^tti'  A Soda Creckj^dScjptembc.r, 186^ 'fV-' k Co-  (Signed)g-vp/o;BI7NLnVY.  THE BAKK. :0K BRmSH COLUilHU  to remjyGOLD:BARS (oyicuuin tf  mg 05.percent; ��������� ui-. the. Ban i'rancfrco  Viil ue), a mi chnyj������i ng a commit: io t������ of  on tho not returns,'. x..r <   ..���������.  ".   -.- .������������������.::-:-^.v:v'/--ClIAR!Ui:S'S. JOK^  Bank of BjIUbIj Coluiahte. '. \  BarkvrvW*4, 27tU August* I860 j. *:  OR������pitCl|.,;.  Aa  m  ;:NQTICfe  A\  BARNARO'S.EXPRESS WIU. NOTBf;nF^lWf.i.  : hlo for Pa^sen'gcrH'Baggage crntaiiiing ircai:  unless tho charges ea voluo of waui'? hK* arranaco K*  ;    Xy:yX}y-:.y.y.   .     jAg#  1JKID.���������A'nut;  "'  '.. Sept;:!,-!SOS..-XXI W"*.- ��������� i'Barkwvllk-���������-.  iWHOIiESA:LB   AND   RETAIL ; D"BALER  aa G-roceriesv :ProYisionsr ,  ha rd w a r������:^ dry goods  ;:;^ 'cLqthing^ boots,; shqes, 'etc.,, '  Xfxf'-X ���������:,,, :':'.BAitiCERVILLE;; :'fxfx-xl  oi the in tentions 6f 1 he r0ttawa :*Goivernment,  it'' wbiilcf ��������� appear i th at - they/Fa vpr- 'st jr'aiVway  which shall ruii north of X'ake; Snperloi"yi in  order that uninterrupted communication may  be secured; as well a3 for military;purposes.  It is also intended that this'railway shall be  built with.a view toits ultimate extension,to  the Pacific coast...;The country fringing .the.  Eastern..' slope of. the.,iRocky,Mountains .in  British territory, has long been lioown to be  gold-bearing, but the difficulties-of access  have hitherto prevented .a sufficient number  of miners from^ prospecting iti       if AA iff  Felixvtlle.���������Several cabins haye been  built in. the vicinity of the* new diggings at  the head of Ccnklin gu!cl3y(ahd any one not  having visited that part ot the gxHcWor-so^Be^  time will be surprised at .the present nucleus  of a town now in existence;,     - .''.*.'^. .;:  Cuancr' for BrACK35nTns-1-A good blacksmith business atQuesnelraoutbj together with  the stock of iron, steel, &c., is offered for sale  on reasonable terms. . See advertisement.  Trail.���������The trail from KcStbley creek to  Harvey creek is nearly Onished.  TENDERS: his : sincere thanks. to those .who have  ' favored! bim .witli their, patronage on; Mosqnito:  Crcok- and ;clsc wbero, "and begs. to in form. < bis. ;frie ij dsJ  an U t lie pu blic: gch eralFy th a t' bo' has commenced  easiness at Barkerville in ittic stord recently^'occupied;  by.O.BODERO, where bo has a stock of yX-X. ��������� Xx- v j  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS,  . ��������� B 0 0 T S��������� C L OTHIN Gf-'     >i  WINES, LIQUORS, TOBACCO^ & CIGARS  '*     - M l StS0   iMr^BMENTS, &C.: &C   ;'    ;  I   Orders from friends on outside creeks promptly at*  tendod;t-o..       .- ���������    ; ������������������ .-..'.      .....:-.,-���������'.  X&2F Consignments of  goods  from A Victoria and  Colonial produce from farmers will-.receive his greatest attention and care.  : Barkerville; August 25 * I860. - ou2S tf ���������:  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS;  NOTICE.  E HAVE THIS DAY SOLD ALL OUR  RIGHTS  ��������� and title to the HOTEL DE FRANCE, Burker-  ville, to Mine. JCIJA PICOT, and dissolved by mutual  consent our co-partnership from this dale.  Barkerville, October.4.1869.  F.  A.LECUYER.,  oc92m XA. BRUiV.  For Sale,  AT QUESNELMOUTH,  Consisting of abont  20,000 lbs. of -Iron, Steel,  and Hardware.  !$&��������� TERMS���������One-half Cash ; balacc'o on good security.   ���������  Apply to JOHN LANG.  Quesnelmouth, Oct 1,1869.  . . qc6 tf  GENERAL   DEALERS  ANDCOMMiSSjON MERCHANTS  !.;i    ��������� .".'iBARKERVILLE^ ������������������ XifAAf  '������������������ '���������'���������  Have now on hand a large assortmont of  bcERtES, iLIQUOES, TOBACCO  '���������"���������.    .".'..���������'.  ������������������i���������AND���������   - .:-      ���������..:;������������������  G-eneral Merchandize.  "Barkerville/July 13,1800. ���������"  JuX4 lm  ���������:^:;:Xi!y;NpTiCE;  THE'',HUr^N^:BAy ^CO.y AKK PREPAK^D TO  recoly^fit*par:value, at their Store Jii; Barker.  vil!e,in exchangofor Merchandise, GOLDBAIiSjs.  sued f rom OiSTaoveruraont Assay Oif.co. ���������-....--.  = '.-. Xx^W^^f^'A-rOOWi M. WARS,- A  x  f   yfi^f^Ara^X ��������� "# :���������   ���������- .'.', Agent.;  ;: BarkerviHO^ July 12,":1669 -        ..-..:  jui4'am -  A:D;Eil|ii|||>^:;ALeO'N.  X '.'r&#<^^ x  DESIRE5 to. inTorin"^nis'IrienViaand the public that'  :;be-has pnrchaieclithc.buiincss of.tlie ADEI.PHI A  '3ALOON,: RICtiFt*fi*^,^*where^ho: trusts lie: ^iII re- A*  cclve; a fair pharo of^  fjQiitors ond Cl^rsat the Bar? x.X. ..  XX scl8 Ira .  DRTJ^'STGRE.  JAS. >. TA YI.OR*idcisl res to stato tliat he! 'si il I kcr^  : on bi%bu5ines9 nt tho old 'stand where lie bi:  latent Medicines of all, kinds on iiano.. Also FRK?H  (5ARDEN SEB1>S. -Prescripttons carefully coinpan-.  ed at reasonable rates. ��������� VrKextdoor to Cuuio's niit.  ary. X "A ' . X ���������'���������x\, ',���������'"!-,: ��������� -v'" ;  ��������� Barkerville. May" 6;4809." \.."' ;-:-''    Ay   ; lw    -  ^v^-Pdrffeq^ACiarsi,;,,;  THOS." FLETCHER'S ;SEC0>*D-HAX1) STORg:  a = .litid /Oenerat''Roipatririg 'iShoiJ:will. be��������� f< itii-i ������  Lathe capable df-TitrninKjond..lll.tiDg. up Car,Axles  and Whoels, Hydrnulic .Nozzles, Hose Coupling, ic,  and all repairs of melal work' done'w11li n-a\hm. - "'���������  ��������� To be found also. Cooking! Stoves, Sheet: Iran StoFK,  Pumps, Hose, Nails, Picks, Shovels, and almost every  thing requisite for Miners' use at bar prices.  UPPER ��������� BARKERVILLE.  PAINLESS  R. CHIPP IS PREPARED ^0 EXTRACT TEETH  and perform short, .operations without p.������iMy  the aid of the apparatus discovered by Dr. "Wiiawsm,  bfIx>ndon.' ���������Thisvaluablo-di'scr.vcry. pro������tnc"s iDStn-  slbllityiD.th'o.part alone, .and .renders uuueccs$ary  the administration of chloroform, . 'ItiiAnu  -   OFFICE��������� Nesttoifehnjo?a:-Boot^torc: Hur^cm ?.  Oipco Foo, $5.   T^lftVft^cfc.;^  COMPRISISG���������*  Boots, Shoes, Clotliing and  G-roceries,  OF  THE  BEST   QUALITY,  For sale at the Store of tho undersigned in Barker  vUK opposite tho Bank of British Columbin. .  ,' . W. RENNIE.   :  ������������������s-.k'v.r'-  ���������OF  ee4 If  as usual.  A.   McPherson,  LtGUTXING  CltEKK.  B'RI^|||f|lIM'BIA.  [Inc|^&i i^ jloyal Charter, 1862].  CAPITiKv^;|^%' ���������  $2,600,6&0. '  ...   ^-^tbipoveri.to increase,  Draft^fssued.o?! the Bank's hr^'eke*  riN VANCOUVER  ISLAND-VICTORIA  "   '    "'   Id tlie XTnitecl States :  CALIFORNIA, >      ,   SAN.F^A^ClSCa  Oregon,,^ ':.'.. - .ii^Gll-n^y;:;.-,..-  NEW YORK,'������������������" '���������   Messrs. ]U;a-&}>-���������>���������'< '  Agenta for tbe Bmk of Mcnitioa^  ON CANADA���������Tho B������nk of Moalrca-   _  ON SCOTLAND���������Tho Briihih  Uwen l-->������  . ���������pan.YlB'Baak.--.:  ON ���������IRBfiANR.-Tho Bank of Trclai-^  ON MEXICO aki) SOUTH AMl^i.^A^  : Londqa?!Bank -,of, Mexico  and *������n  Amerioa.i, ..>..'...'.  ON. E^<jliAND---T,ao Bank of"BriitshCom"'  bia^Head Offlco-^East India Atcnu ,  Leadeiiball street. >:':.'"- '  MINERS AND TRADERS will find   it tn their ad-   Is  vantage to purchase.at this Store, where there is  ....   J1WELLER,  BARKERVILLE.  :J Barkeryille, 11a y 1,18tJi������.    '  A Large Assoutment of Goodsi,  Of the very best description on hand, and  the Stock  constantly, replenished by new arrivals.   The proprlc  tors will sell Goods)  As Cueap as  Asy  in Carihoo.  Orders prbniptly filled, and forwarded with dispatch;  ������������������������������������-:/.:. .!.: :;; BEEDY k L1KDHAR1),     ;  Van Winkle, my. 12, 18t>9,. ..,, .  :l*r^pri^lors.  Received on poposit/or Advances made on tliew.  TELEO^F^^ ^^  Grantod on Victorui^ ^\&in&ieol Portland sr!  Every description of vBajakiug BUsinoss tran^^  -���������.    .    ,. ,,   CHARLES Sxm&> ***".  William Cweic, Cariboo.  0^m;Xxxx.- xx'xxx:  **'  ai$$i\~,       x'   ��������� ,1-^rr--- ,   ,.  $&s*i%^ ���������       ' "���������" 'y-xx  ,,, - ���������x -- ���������       ,;��������� - .       ..  -..   .     -,, .   ;. with "having wil-  Jo9- Bf iuS^^S^S William-  riik Bcd-rdck-drumv������5^*;Cm^m,  Jos. Evans was char*  pinEii-rOQ -Wednesday night, between ten  ami 1.1 o'clock,.cries of \firel' were heard  emanating from tbo Celestial lungs in China-  town," and a terrible confusion was apparent.  One would have thought that the (ire-angels  which the superstitious Johns dread so much  had suddenly .descended, or rather ascended,  from their hot regions to the Githy abodes ot  tlie pigtail* A stovepipe had set fire to the  oeiling of a Chinese gambling den, and-a  threatening flame had driven the occupants  into a sort of. frenzy, like that which, accord-  m\]i'    ;,Zc the drain:wa3 choked, but  *>uMn t In L Uie mo Itfaiid noticed that  m^SRobinson~At the last meeting of  iho^ Drain Company; coinplajnt; wasi made  ibottfUio lowered ofihedram having bee ;  ������     went down lo.see,about,it;; dtdn .t  W\M that Evans .had done it with the intern if de.troyinr4h^dvain,butforthe  purpose of saving the lower part. - xx .   yi  J Uunter-nad worked in the drain three.  ' vears ago; and helped to bullda gate for the  ������wi purpose as Mr Ettins had pntintbe  Lnw-id break iheforce of the water.       :���������  Robert GrahtmvWasthaVchief: one that  ��������� nut the stones in. the drain Y bad ho intention:  hurt the draio.bii Where-was more water.  "A'.ue *?iiu������*������* v/n-vu fjiviiu^iwo got out their  hose-cart in a few seconds after the alarm bad  been.given..and quickly attached the hose to  the water-distributor at the upper end of the  town, and inlets than fire minutes ap >wevful  stream of water was playing on" the combusts  ble gambling hell.   Two strings of hose were  attached to the water-distributor and stretched-to the threatened building, but tho water  from one of them completely extinguished  every spark in a couple of seconds and there  was rioneod to bring both the lengthsof hose  to the rescue of the frantic Chinamen,   The  night was very dark, the weather cold, and  the street, especially around tbe scene of the  fire, extremely dirty���������just such a night as  would have induced shirking of duty, but  with two or three exceptions the whole of the  Brigade' were on duty in a minu'tt after the  alarm.   This was tho first opportunity the  Qremen have- had to test the pra&icableness of  the apparatus and the efficiency of their organization.  On the previous occasion when they  were called out there was only'a pile of rub-  1 bish alight 'far away -'from any building.   On  this lust occasion it was noticeable that the  occupauU of adjoining houses were not in the  least alarmed, apparently having full confidence in the. capacity of the Brigade to pre-  vent the fire, from spreading beyond the building in which it originated.   The" value'of'the  Brigade was plainly manifest on this occasion/  and* we trust.that the'warm support generally  aworded.toit will notibc."diminished:;  Mackenzie, from S tout's L ko.   The latter  told Cust that an Indian: had come id from  the further water (either Bear Lake or Luke  Tatler) who said that, one; of the boat parlies  from Quesnelmouth had struck. u big. gold,"  but be did not know which of the parties, it  was, whether that ot Chapman or By.rneB."  Mr Mackenzie; however, says there was great  excitement at Stuart's Lake about it. . It will  be remembered��������� that the exploring; party or-r  ganized last spring by tho enterprising inhabitants of Quesnelmouth, Soda creek and  vicinityydivided into two parties after-their  departure, faking different routes for exploration .and prospecting,   We shall soon hear  from the exploring party itself, and should  the above news be confirmed lhe promoters  and supporters generally of the,' movement  may well be proud of their enterprise and  pluck.   It has always been believed that the  i gold range extended in'the direction taken  by the explorers, but the difficulties attending  tho exploration of the country, and the want  of such enterprise and intelligence as have  brea . d'splayed in connection with the Q'les-  Tielmouth enterprise, has hitherto preven'ei  a practical demonstration.   It wiil now be  seen'.bvjthe success of this party (should it  prove true) that the memorial or address ,to  the Governor asking for a bridlepath or trail  between Barkerville and Tete Jaune Cache  was by no means an ill-fonoded or unreason-,  able request, but one whieh if granted, might;  leadito great discoveries.    ���������.  ���������.PicKWtCKiAXA.���������The .Barkerville Pickwick  refused to sell under $900,000, and mb& ���������  well to his refusal that the company t������;o*i hi ���������������  into the concern, putting down bis stock ai  tbe figure he asked for a sale.. But although  he was an old placer miner, he didn't understand the ' quartz bears.7   So soon as hei-wit's  Club have a very interesting.subject in view  for consideration at their next meeting. It  appears:tliat Hue item that appeared in tbe  Skntixkl lately referring tb the discovery in  the-DiUer claim,of a bone which .set i all .the  -64VMn^-fl.rloverheads. a3 the savins: is, with  to  in tbe draiii thaniit could .^arry,'- and be ,inr  * iende'd to prevent it breaking.:^.,. tX. , -.��������� .  The J.ud-^e said that he did. not .believe.  Fvanshad intended to injure tbe.draiu, but  he bad wilfully interfered with other people's  nrouertv, though hot with malicious intent;  ar.il what he (the Judge) wished.to ascertain  was whether such interference.'had caused  any damage. , !  .    .   ", .  ���������������������������  Captain Robinson���������That would be known  in a few days when the water 'goes down.  Tbe Judge then said it would be advisable  to lay the case over, but. Capt. # Robinson, iii  Mixing  lTEMs.-:The iFelix  cor,   Conklin  gulcb.iwashed up 40 oz. on Wednesday ; and  the McDowell co., 8 oz.   On Autler creek.  Boyd & co., Johnston <K co., Harkins &, co.\  and Porter & co. are doing well.   Anew  company, named the Gladstone, are working  the ground toward the head of Grouse creek  known as the Point claim, and have found indications, of the channel which is' believed to .  run In the left bank for some distance in: that boine^f a sea monster,  ���������portion" of the.*'creek.  Heron & corare run- to h* *3o far,advanced, in.  ning a tunnel in the hill above the sawmill-, to ^e/^]e,-to,.acilc!Pal<  with the object of striking the same channel.  From Lightning creek there is nothing new.  The Cosmopolitan co. "have commenced running a tunnel on French creek.. On Harvey  creek, the Laidlaw and Point are the'only  companies at present. taking . out anything  over expenses.. The freshet filled tbe Minnehaha diggings and also a few others on this  creek. .Ou :William  creek,  ^ie  hydraulic  companies have still sufficient water to keep  them at work, and the hydraulics are piping  away well.   The hydraulic companies will  Club several more'bones, which are likely to  produce*a still greater- diversification among  the .Pickwickians.   Our readers are doubtless .aware that local geological quidnuncs 1  ' have-asserted that. Cariboo had; in ages past I  been subject to oceanic action.   The discussion over these newly-found bones'will cer-,  tainty lead to that important geotogieal.ques'-:  tionl:inasmuch as all the learned:members of  the Club are of opinion that* they are the  bohe^of a sea monster. : We. do not presume  ���������iadvanced, in.scientific research as  to be able ^to anticipate the iresult ol the  fortbe'otaing" discussion 'iii the Club, but-we  must say that a careful examination of the-  b6nc?ln question has led us to' tbe'-coaciu?  sioa that if the full set could be obtained and:  ww 4>(uiv������ utuio. So soon as he w:;s  ittuiy a member of the company ho was told  that he must sell out for $5000 or tbey would-  * freeze him out!'. Trusting to law and'hou-  esty, he refused, and;next day found. uiuu'eU',  taxed fifty per cent, of his stock to commence'-,  patting up mills and getting out rock. Ho  couldn't pay the 'crumo.'and they:.took half  of his 'find' for it.bti'ering him a thonsan 1  for what \vas left, Knowing, a little moro of  quai tz b v this time, be' took his thousand an I  8wore off on quartz, i :,:"     .'  '...*      i THE atCUEST:UEN%    ,'  Faro, keho and hurdles are licensed concerns here, and the'faro dealers are among  the richest men in the country. *  A'     f:'if   a oianuxo scexkA '  Haying read a great deal of the exci tern en t  of high play and: the wonders to be seen  where they fought-the tiger, I went round  the gaming bouses to see 6omething,if possible,,on which to spread myself in .this correspondence.'Nothing did I see, however;  but the greatest coolness and ease.   One*big.  fellowfwith a five dollar suit of clothes ioi:,  was the principal man-ot'i lhe:day.   I:was in-,  .formed: that he was 'running the bank in!.;  its hole.?   He Jtad commenced ion four bi;s  and'bad a stock of!chips in front.of hihi'  amountiog to "several thousand dollars. -As f  coninieQced looking on his ��������� luckshifted,';aniV  he lost rapidly. '���������' I a halfian hour he had Jon  his. .original ifoiir- bits';. Turning to another  miner,, he said, ��������� Bill, let me have five dollar?.'  Bill banded it over, the player put H on the  queen and lost. Jtising' from 'the table-li������  spit an- old chew out; asked Bill for another  '.chew,' and calmly remarked that the ,' d���������d  luck never did Holdout/ Not a bit of excitement was.displaved over the whole thing.. la  the same room- tbe gamtjB of * virig et-un:1  * freeze-but poker^-anu't'uuictw-were-golr.g  on, and most largely, patronised was the game  in which ��������� one.says keno am} all the resuay  'olih-lil^V; , -:������������������.--,   . . -   .-  -   .  n0!!88 RACES.  i; On'Sundays .all Helena and his wife go t������  1 the rapes,:.two-miles out of'towo, where tU-y  iesti*. tlie speed - of! the ���������' moimtain keyusi^1  each "Sabbath, with' i h occasional biiii \\f\i  thrown-in. ?*Tho.poprs������.was...taado and-.iB huiI  owned by a Spanish lady of the demi-mor>^e  ���������very denit;v 'The gale money amounts "to  fivebundred dollars a week.  !    ';? .'������������������..  ' -', ',- ' (&?4 '-XX  .    :,A- '. X:^   A'  *.t'  ���������w,\   i  put together:. they ���������.would. certainly look���������  " very like 'a* whale."'".. " ���������.'��������� -x' /���������'  Joes Patterson���������Who ba9 not heard ithe  story of Jock Patterson. Jock was very much  addicted to the vinous vice, and one morning  he awoke, astonished to find that he had been  asleep in his own cart. bnt. doubting tho fact,  io lay tlie case o**m-, uuo. uitp*. iwuiv^**, ������. a^ay  wuu.    iu������ ������jj���������-   ......        p   .  answer to tho Judge,' said he did not think it Uave a g00a run for the remainder ol   m  . necessary to ���������detala^Evans (who iuleuded to season>  unless hipp  leave on Monday iiext)i*j whereupon the Judge i��������� ih������ ir>w������������r oart of  said that in order toisbo.w that no person had  . ^aright to wilfutlyinterferl with other people's  property without* their consent he would itn-  pose a fine,of 50 cents;/"i:  Ah Toy vs. Sing (xee &^o^~Snit tb recover  ^101    for   **"~rt^rt*^.������a \-VUA ' ;r������t������������ntehon       .Tniifl'^  mcut  for vegetables^ o^fuEnished.  for plaintiuv-^ij^^';.:^  jionnuras route irom ruertovuaoeuo to nm-  cipola, on the bay of Fonseca^are now^grad-  \m, and  rails for thexrnni\:nro nrriviner at  Puerto Oabeilo  <' ,s  .di^are arriving at  .......w  every  week,- In  crossing  tho Atlantic to the Pacific, this road  must overcome and come over a grade of  three, thousand ieet.v:;Puerto Cabello has  been declared a free-port^and if the Pacific  ^^U,S!^a>n|liip; Corhpaiyyonnects. with the  ������ie>*��������� rrc&tef^ft-'la*staled��������� tHat a week's travel  wdi-bc saved; :.Tbeso continental railways  !*re like the house that Jack::;!bnilt; ithus, the  Pacific pushes up th(vnrojectprs of the Hon-  *s* i ras road, and next in .order will co me the  fftmpleiian of the intended Tehuantepec route  rajltrajr; then; the Soui'tfiSrn Pacific'; after-  'hat scleral' mors, iilkithe^ whole continent,  north and 8ra&,;^;gi*i4iT9^ed ;^Ui-:raite...-.  Thbitmcat*--The Cariboo Amateurs will  perform to-night,i^t-ithe^ulial place, two  ohoice .oomedifl.'^^tfii^'^etaidied-lor'the  Defence,".and ������*:^3Blighted Being." TJie  [ui strength of.tiwii^'j^^.may'ibe.'noticcd-  ^jn the casts,rand:a;lirej^ eiitertainmentvmay  he looked ^r;^;Fiorehof Witsoii and Mrs. S.  I. barker,i wihose^ibistriohic abilities are  ^orthy of nQdceJn!tbg highest range of tbe  "theatrical spSeTe^Uf make their appearance  on the boardsvSgjam^on this occasion,  A Tf rn MusGitiivE CoMi������ANY.--This! is, ttte name  of a few companies .lately organized, and it  appears to be a fayorile -oa& xx ��������������������������� -  season,   uuwn  hipped in the bud by frost.  In tbe lower part of tbe creek none of the  companies bad resumed work up to yesterday, but the Barker, Foster-Campbell and  DiUer claims were dry or nearly so, and.  barring  accidents, they will get to  work  again in a day or-two.   A general patching  up of holes In the creek has been done, so  that, in the event of another freshet the water  will not run underground into the drain.   A  large  quantity  of snow has fallen on the  ihountaius during the past few days, and until another month shall have pissed, precautionary., measures against the.recurrence of a  freshet are advisable.   On Nelson creek, the  Wisconsin; co. have been making $10 per .day  to the. hand.   On Last Chance creek prospects look fuvo'able.   The Coombs* co,, on  Stout gulch, washed up 23 oz. on Thursday.  Bkar Lake -The country about Bear Lake  is yell known to be favorable for agricultura!  purposes on a limited scale.' iRootSj oats-and  barley can be grown without difficulty. There  is a large extent of grass country, so that  dairying or stock-raising, for-the. Cariboo market might be engaged in with profit. "We understand thai. a.few persons are about to preempt land in the, vicinity of the lake. With  respect to climate it has been ascertained that  the'.weather there 'during the winter is as mild  as that of the farming districts oil Fraser  river, if not more so. Several tons of salmon,  i have been caught this year in ihe .lake and  cured. The; article is quite saleable; and  those who haveibeen iu the fishing business  at the '.lake will do much better than if. they  had been mining. Bcsties what has been  cured j a large qnantity of salmon was caught  and.sold while fresh.      .   .  Gold Assayed.���������Notwithstanding the cessation of work in the lower part of William  creek during the week, in consequence of the  freshet, more gold has found Us way to the  Amy Office than in tlie previous week.  PaUerson'then I've losta horse.*'. The othet  day.a.Chinam'an was just commencing, with  his wagon to return to bis garden near Quesnelmouth, when be became suddenly alarmed  at the apparition of a man from the straw of  his wagon, who, on looking around him, ex������  claimed," If Fm no Jock Patterson I've found  a cart, but if I am Jock Patterson then Pve  lost a horse." "The Celestial could not tell  \vho it was,but looked as if.he thought U.was  a'fire-angei.  '. i".-'-'.:'*'���������,:.  LliTTER FROM MONTANA.  Helena Citt, August 10,18D9.  DROUGHT ASp ITS COXSEQDEXCES.  Montana is going through her hardest time  thi3 season. Water is'an absolute necessity  with miners, and the. whole country is dried  up. ^Onl'y a few camps have a run of water,  and it costs immensely where, they can getii,  W'heh times are good in Montana many men,  improvident and reckless during summer,,  while making wages, have a hard time getting  through tho winter months, and now, when  few of those who are willing can get employment, thoughtful people apprehend starvation,  riot, violence, or something.of the kind.   '..  MONEY LENDING.  ���������i.y'XXxX -'������������������    'fHE:CEIJESTl"Ai& '  Jolm' Chinaman is here; in qnantity, and  wears his pig-tiiil: John *s-wife is also-uum-  terous, and: for the most, part, beats a lues-  character. . Isuppose she deserves it-I on.jy  I suppose.      '.   --   .  ��������� : XORTnEIlN PACrF IC "ItAlLHOAD.  The greut theme here now is the 'Northern  Pacific Railroad. The EasUro and Pacih:|  oat ties who are surveying for it are to nice*  here on the 20 th lost and arrange for a-mm-  dU3 start for. the, road, l^omFoil-hmdi.;  Portland will, i judge, by the fall of j i U  an established fact, bo, at leas'., sav Ur  mountain wise'heads*:������  ' :'yf]: m r,:*'!  Striking to the stranger aboveall.tbe other  noticeable things in this territory ia the vein'  of recklessness that runs through everjth'mg,  from abusiness'transaction of thousands to a  bouimbn-place remark. Usurers lend money  in immense quantities on quartz stock and  ledges,;few;pr none of which have; ever yet  paid in ��������� Montana, while the borrower agrees  to pay for the money 10 per cent a month.  A. CASK OP PBBEZE OCT.  In. Sqaaw Gnlch last week,' a placer digger,' who was running aground-sluice, 'struck  quartz which was found to be rich. Iuitned|i  utely a sthmpede was made and the ground  THE JinSCLE SUEIX COUSTUT. '  Next in-interest to the-Rairoad co,n-s r.������ .  Muscle Shell co.un ry.  The -Musc.ieb.a-U  river, one of .the largest tnbntar.esi of Im  i Missouri:'-and''distant some 225 miles fro:n  fh a no nt, has about it the only region utUw  e ritory where .mining and.agricnltu al ae-  ��������� an ages are combined.   It. is well ado >u-.t  oT slock ��������� raising and farming, has pinty o  lold and water, but is covered with W  ������nd Crows.   All atteinpts-none ol  ineu.  "iwlll directed-to open up his. couuky  IS so far, failed; and now all niomU.m  men aro joyous at the idea of a.eo.up������y  bring fonnid - the Anglo-American *ur  Snanv, which - bas men, money, .ml  Sy"Efficient: to~':grahdslay..', Mr. M  IS, of Windsor,.Canada..is one ol Uw  ^Sectors: of the new: venture and bemg  chosen with some two or three others to p..  S tlie' river'prospect, and make a report,  ^turned. No one doubts the .ultima.e.k���������u-  Ss of this effort, although many. und great  obstacles will drat have to be overcomef nu-  doubtedt/it Will open ������P great wealth;;   ���������  -" TOE SASKATCHEWAN- VAU-ET-     ....  There will be a great rush from he������ ii. tim  .Jm* to the Saskatchewan valley, te ������*���������  &Z reported to have been struck l;,rtv.  tfOW,..Siw*'������ ������   .. . .* 0.iv . anj   ht:ie H law  i0^f^m  ^? Cadbooites U, bntnqne with wiiom I  wS aebnaihted while there. Shouid .ta..-bi*.  SA*, Wnga turn out badly,. wB:m;  tired: oi Vw country. v-    ^  -xxm-   xx  '  fx������: Ui  ��������� -vH ���������. '-;-,  'y-::y%.   .    ,t;  ���������fAl if  ���������Af A'\  i-fgfi-  "Sl$fi\  ��������� -i,xy '- my-  AN IMMENSE RAIliROAPi SUBSCRIPT  , ; y;'iXy   t-X    f^IONi   ^'iA-yAififi  Tix^<^w36ntn& s^sjthat^^tbeiannnal  meeting of thi* .Njorfblk and Qreat Western,  Railroad Company, lield;at Panville/^pn.  the 2Sth ult:"������ H, was .voted, with only;two dis-  sentient voices; to-allow Messrs.' Rolles1 C:  '   LinK i'CCoV/or ;Bhik^  1   ,l:."$3;j0&,P3OO0 ".to", tho ,capjtal' stock! of thecom-  ;p������tny, .they paying, ^own,' tea ;pef ������c$rit.^ I*  $700,000 >asrWe^niredaby the by:laws.> >Thfe  ! gifes thonli 8r (BontrollinV inierestin^theiToiadJ.  Bristol,   Mr. Link,*who it i^s^d^does-notjapr  pear to be yet t^e^-jjve year&pf age; made  ,   a speecji to the -meeting /in wliich he eaid; t|o  ? ,���������'  Bentett was  onlyl4ro ^ta^clii^ c^ttl^^pareafc  house, which badJfcsheadq^  T-anfthfteb^  "   i teriu-fce^  *Xhey/believed .that; the, Norfolk and Great,  ,:'WesteriiM  ��������� sented t^ ������*  to be.,amply.'fiufficient to complete thei,road  through;;from '���������Norfolk- to Bristplby the 1st  day of Jannarv,1872.   Tu3y hae x������o cmnec-5  , tion wit!van#^  other -rail' 6a!dj xnvjleXev; zm'e'iM the line ot  - > **-A��������� x'. eXX^,%ryyx%j:yiy-j?\...���������uw^^yyXA.r'tUarr  mHEProprM^^  ilFushraent would respectfullrtb^nk their numcr  'ous friends arid the' piiblic tor! tae extensive patronage  hcretoforo bostdwed on them^nd! trust thatrby, their  usual strict attention to,.!basinpsstthey^wUL merit a,  ^tatiauanceof theJr.conliacnco and support./    r  ^  :' I ideals, $1;   Board,1 $16, per/Weefe.:������.  BREAD MADE OF ^HB-iBEST .FLOUR,  f;-XA)y\yX'VxXX:-; <y,tyX'yX "XxXx:^ ' XXr--y 'y-yxv  v,, We!recomniend;tp,tlxd.:nubJic^u^        '���������*, v ���������<> xx'  \'������������������' QR'bunp ih'.bf,f,ee):::,,���������  whlcli ft a?much, superior^artlchJ thanfanyMhic'h can  bc had from bolow.^> Wo Roast and Griu'd41 bursqlves  and chooso.the bost-.bcrries, consequently,^hoi pu 1)1 I'c  i HOTEE& KESTA^jR^NTSv&Oy : C  custom. ;Theprice of Board will,romalnos bonne.,  OARD, $12 peb;Webk, , Single Mkals, $1.  ,iA:^  Biirkerville,' July 27, .1.860.; - ' i1*28 tf  -yy-  m  |,a; ^Vf :v:^^ ,r^^J^feO-;'T"'' I -O. i; E'- ^r:i-/J' i^(-' ^'.' ^"  m-ffsVUNDERSIGNED ��������� BEGS ';$>ximOUU HIS  |l>Iriehds and tho public, thatheh as fitted up some  InM ne^b^iifdlu%vd^ro"^oHs Jpfepar'oiilto'.'il'y*  goodTJoaaTa^^ roasdnabl'o-.price. iicThpsp.iy.'ho will  Yavor!Uim^wlth their*patronage, niayj.depend on,the  'clearness,au^co.tnfoH'':&f;his,houso..,;.;.; .   ��������� ,,r      , ,  1 i Ho^k'esinfa^ttiaro^pb'^  ibobit'fcs1 tha^liia^EreAv^ry.'Uas rectify ed the FIRST  ;pRIZE^fUhfe(Golbny. Eor^his jcolelirated^    '.'" ������J ���������'���������  ; ?v    x    -XXX--Ale;1: : ^  'Wi'���������Bi^A-large.front,:room,to:iet;     ' '" ���������': X.".-:::  ��������� Barlccrvillej^^r '^1869..; ' -A'k  N/CPNIQ.!  JOSHUjA. a:- lott. A :  :A'X'fm'4  V'ERED. W.iOBQUDACfi;.  Tailor? (Succossbr- to 7 ^eadt) Governmen+  . .,; .  ity.  Street^-Jictoria.  Orders attende^^^jJth^aroianddOBpatch.  DKAtKRS   IN  EiifflfeK 'Me" aiid; Porter,  ���������X    >r*xfX- : y OXAyRAAJGlVT,A     -AA,Af,- Af'-'  i  CHOICE W$^fflM$t������ffi^ <  No.   612  'SAC*RAMMTO\STE3JET,  111 - *    '** Abovb Mpiitgdmcry, San:Francisco. |aul81n\  ;Xi  y ���������-��������� ^i'SO-Mile;:.'���������  :Si^ i ..: x .X X x4 XXXX^ X XXxP  the?above r.vrfiil������*  .esLablisIiraent,  Bakery. feM,'Coffee Salpdn.  rrHE^fiO'P'RTETOR of tlie^abbv^cskbllshmentWould  ti l respectfully inform his.friondsandnho publican  general tbat bo'is - now prepared to furnish tbem-witti  Bread of his town' 'baking haying, secured, th^'assist-  ancopfacoinpetent Baker,  whichxrx. es   ^m   ;  defy compelition.-      , Trt^T. ./  ,'   ,'.    tU*  n-Hehas'alsd'a:.GOFFEE SAtOOK attacbod^o^hG  ab'ovof yftiztQ none buWUo bcstConee, ?i������3s an| Cakes  '^N a~BREAD .DELIVEREi}  io  X\ parts   of the  Creek,       '       .,     r   '���������".  '       " ;   ���������'���������fc;myagf4m  Importer of. Bobls^StiVtionery/'Qnd Fancy Fore'e  Y '������������������ ..';'������������������;!���������:> '<.j^! fl^numcturo!*; xx ',-.. -���������������������������������������������'''������  -} FOKT OTBEET,WICT0*UIA. BV a  Muy.l, 1,86a. ;  , M^V/,  '" -   A    >     .  iga  travellers'and^'t-iiersutthe most roasonabJCcharges.  ��������� 'fTho tabieJs;supphed\vi tb aii-the substantia Is and  luxai/n available in the country, and prompt ^attention "s,  rer w tbe \,ishes of the guests  Th , Bariis stocked witb the : very I est -brands c*f  AVIncss; "Ciquori and Cigars. ' - -  !  . Tb^ SUbiflf arc spacious and.! comfor.tablp>tand:,at-  tended to!by first class hostlers.; ! A ������������������plonl'ifal,..supply,  of ihe best provender of all Icinils ajways on hand.  iT^lnisho'f (^;every^'cbnveiiience and i:fiicility^cottduUy^  -;to- the:comfortTof;-tma"rt- - and beast will be found, antl  ::thp;pr;6^fie0re  'A.' ^4.;^^,   4-������''n?1:".,UK'A :���������������'w '������a'Csinm.'���������'n .i 1iW rtp (��������������������������� lilic-Hmfttl t.' :..'.���������-.  yyyyy <yiy������������������,* r.-u-r.'.:rxyxxx,<^r,,-yy������ .��������� ���������.  ^i^;��������� i 9 > Stf4>a^ :'; ^'- XX '"���������' A}yj\ ?~X '���������> X '������������������ uy$  E:i'>E-*f,"f ���������"���������  'Bp'eefeMnjfavdt'otWlpwiDgishei^.-.--:..  Land Company of,New York .io  ">uiid:the  Xy   road. - Horace iGreeloy; is.s director-of this  company, and Duncan,' She o i s & ;"> "  nd  Jay.i Cooke &4 Co: - are; among   : he   1 ?rgesit  -Btockholdera:  The result ��������� was', hoW*or,,;as  .    above stated;1 that, thfl^roTioaitioa^bf^M^ssrsir  Ay r-Cinft-i&feo^asfSC  '���������''-���������������������������: -!'rf'"'- ^;'*'' ���������'"'', i ''-:-i-.^^'-''t,:  -,  counsel. :giving;.  good faith .and ability. ,., r. '   f  ;MFitb3 a fact that murderous - deeds''ai|i  done inicqld blood, the proper time'Ipr sue*1  nino loKatmnan  olounn    of   ruijvKf    oh^     nti  Q0GIDENTAL  /QUKSNELMOCTU.  ^ysy.:-iX'y-:X:yXX:.'X- ���������K-^xyX������XXXy'X?yyyi,:c yyy^^-'xyy^  T"' HE Pronnelcrs of thU  well, know a Hon 3 o'tender  y their sincere:than(c3' 16' theiri.fr)6;nds\ahaHhc..tra^  veiling public generaUy, fOr.,their past liberal patron^  ���������ago-aud' bo^td inform tbara that In.orderito insure ������  continuance of Uie same, Bpar^an^  reduced to $3 50,per,Day. Singla Meals, $1 00.  HI the luxuries that the counlry -affords arc con*  tftantly'kep't biiHhe table-:--Private Parlors-and Suits,  of Rooms for .Families.-r Thenar is stocked with .the  ibes^brands'of Wines, Liquors asd Cigars    .   .. ���������  - Tho Stabltids -%H- sup plied ;wi tTi; tho, .bostf-'Timfltnyy  U������^. Si. and Grain. ,X   BROff!^ .^GILLIS.   [;  :-  Quesuclniontb^MayyiA^?ffi?AA&yx'* ^XyiXX'-  AntelopB' "Eestartitaniti   \  STOltE'!Sttftoty b(jw|fia Herald'and^Flsgard^Ylctw.  .1 r)w. iMeals afalthours;  , Boar<l and Losing- per  wuoek;t$5 60.@, $8;fipi,.^t?cr{day; %\,   Single meals,  371-2 cents.   Beds^SO cents:  , -    ''  .. .,    w. i   -fAK0B'KW ASTRICO, Proprietor,:  y-Mf\y(lylSQQX''%yXA<    >���������  "Xi   X  Xy^m>-y.~  , - ' 'gra^MGovcrnthcnt street; next.to.tho  M^^---'St^lcficj|^Hbtv'. >- 'otorini'V. I. .Clirohbm.  oters and-WatchSf'cleaAed, repaired, and warranted.  Evcixdescriptlfflfil^ order,   Plain  ah'ttOrnamenlaMgriav^  ^^W&^MXXXXXy  '6m':  j.-^fASoy;  j, v-piLY,  a������  ;.'���������(.���������  ��������� the temperature of the human body fallsT'w  ., Its minimum.^   From\80'm]B''reBearche8;fla*iei^.  , co'mm^imcatedVto .the .Royal SbeIety,Mt ap-  Jpeafs^thafr rhcalthyx heingsAngo��������� vwgularfy  '    - through a/ da^y cy^e ������f 'Variable ^warmth.  V The^'ma,������imumi'-';fiea{ is^ reached/:tatf'd^&X���������tdf  A "when,: in peraoHsi'und^  ;���������*!ip'erature;?6I;the;flesh:stands..at;99 deg^;Fahr.,  X, and this-!is maintained till;;6;p^m,> when it  slowly/ and ;sfeitdilyr; falfa til 1 ahihour befoife  -w mid oi^h t; \; ���������tfei'an&ni^'t^of i'; deetease; i*hy '%is  ��������� i, ..time.:' ,is ^ some^n^Q^r; /^o,^diegre^.'i 'A. At-  about 3 a; m; therupwa*rditurn(ii9 takenr tand  the heat iherfeasisf ^  that  this  extent; of i cHaggeA$p\y ��������� occurs to  ; i'iiyoung. bodies! j i-bhi  equal degree.:' of, ^ariajhii!a"jl! tlj^;;twenty-four  - h ou rs thro ugh; i ^^heP:nb ta|>fc foe ts are,, that  i ^edingihas'iioffi  . aiid': that; ho j and^ojd "iiai^ado^hot appear to;  .--��������� int'eVferc;'-with.|t'iiei'--r^  ��������� changes. /At- ��������� .r,i-*;V��������� V- !"���������' \ '"':,'-. *_������������������  It is! Estimated; 1^at!; there; iare;^bput^ 1  thealres in England,, 337^ in] France, 298!in  Italy, and 115 in Gem^  sia and Austria^ which ..number respectively   5T^*ad������������������152.- ...There.uye -iO' theatres In-Paris  ^ y THE -.BOXER 'CAKTRI!DGES:  ;    For Snider-EuQeldiQf,.*577 hore������  r  and for. the!Henry, and ilar~-  ���������e; Hinl^nrF^liftes-ofi^'^dO^vi1^: 4^',?Ji  Mi- adopted by her iIujestyfs;"War^ i! !es'^?2j  T! Department, a'lso.of? ;50ObbreW i '  -,"';. for/Military: Rifles. J   " '"   - ': y '  " **,J WATERPROOF   CENTRAL-   '  FIRE 'M ET A H L X C :CAR-^  Xj.T'Slp<"lB&^  \ ;for;smaU bores, adopted Lby  %������ u  , t  :' fbrelgn governments1 for con-V !      g  ' verted-GbassepoB- Berdan'/Re-'- A-;.:-^^  i mlngtoniiknd other Rifles ;������alsoV^fe|&-  ,^^^^a^iaCartridges,.^ for, Ballard^ -thRgfeSiS?  ^lli������.v'^;i^Spencer, and American Henry  RepeatingiRines.'3'*������������������ ';" -'���������*.' -",": ��������� -���������'��������� V " .' ;,  ?���������^h'e ->*������ EEEY^OXERH^aro tho^hfeape^ttJartridgos  j������no!whj! carrying j their,own ignition^' and",bemg made  ^hoHy*of metal, arc water proof aud simper ishable in  'any.'climatc.'.   ��������� "'; .    .'. ,4 -.       . ,  ! \Theabdvb'Cartridge cases {empty) ;of ialli slzej^ and  'for.lhe differcnt systems'ol Breech-loadihg!Rifles^ can  j>������ hadiwjth or?without!tK6 suitable Bullets an������i*Ma-  .chines.for,.finishing tbe..Cartridges..,      ��������� yr-x  * "BOXER' CARTRIDGES' of ������450 bore for Rcvol ving  FistolSj.used in her Majesty's Navy. '   u    .   ������M     .  XX COPPE-R^RIM-FIRE- CARTRIDGES -of - all sizes^tor  Smith 5t^Wcsson^s,- iTranter?s ,and- others jpockot Re ?  volvers.    ".- .;;-. .**���������:,-.;.-..> : ���������:*. ��������� -"y.;r^  ^iiPIH^RTMpGES^W^ei-aucheux Revolvers ,pf8  12w.V9-"m; and^rm; bore/' '--  - -..���������- ���������������������������������������������-     ' -J  :i'���������;; CE*^RAIv!FIRE.iaud-P!tNVEIRE | CAjRTRIDGES for  all size's and" systems of G dns, Rifles, arid Revolvers, j J  /:vD6abic'"^terj^d6fand;E; B.; pips; Patent Wire.Car.  Iridgcs^FeltiGun Waddings for Breccli and ������������������ Mdzzlo  Loaders," and .every; description' of Sporting antt'lCUk  tary;Aramanitioh. v j.;_���������' y -... ���������-; x.-._;...:/.,:���������-:-;,.-;. ly'. A i;  i-S-E^LtE^^e ^ R Si 4-;:^.'/  ;g E; a: y ys; ijffcUff&Kitfd h d; 6 n.  :^^.,     ^:i.    WHOLESALE ONL^?!i /���������jdlbzeitla  ciBBIAGEr.AM������tagSjPr*    BUITjDiRi,  '���������l- , -ii, Corner Go vernmwfeihd.' imjora Si 'i ''.:,  ,���������.    i ;    East side, W^rjMY^,      y,     ^,  '#sccutf"ti"orders"for every'THSropilon-"or. vehicle.'1 'A-;  : gci?orjU assortment of ^goba'always dh'haritl,''  May 1,18C9.:    ��������� dmAe. for Cash;' Qui  ��������� ' ,    '   .      ���������Wholesale 0?aS^r in���������     .i!-i-;::; ::-!ii:i  ''    ���������   Havana" Cl ga rat ri lid' Frc 53 ch Prcser v es.   >.  faVes.-JStrceV  'iVietbriafY;!;, B. C!  ���������Proprietors. -:- ���������-   ,  Board,M$ 12'per "Weeik:1   Single Healst.$l.  ; ��������� TbS^bcIf 'of ba&al%^c1l^audjalt: who!Tr Ishfirst-  clasaT Board a $ th 0 above rate .can ob tain tl 1 esamo at  tMs"'estabUshment;::ic^     AXX 'xx-A ^-^c!au"114m^  -'Kew Dominion1 ' :j;  A'.   D,   M^NNES' ,  H''E"KEB7\aiinbun'ces' that bo lias opened his Ne\v,  Boarding House,    /-J '" t    '  tf   ,    . BARKERVILLE,.?   - , .     '  -to which: ���������fcerthV'itdg^  atMnbcler^tolrates.x\Cleanliness In the CookingeDe-  nartmentroay bo"roiied>n, as be has engaged Ahe  services of aiflrst^class ("WHITE) Cook; :-��������� -;-- -' . '  tLjtfi? ,iritQ0p'R3i?AN-D"',GI6AR"3 of the best brands  may be obtamedat thcVBarii    *      ���������.        ?    au!4;,  AxAM/&1tiM^^AA'  liiisliilli TAtLQ;  . f   f t     , TilES STRKEIi , :  Hl   fs oa hand, and is coasUivfij ^f* ^l������5  f  ���������USsffton iof CLOTHS; ..CA^IMER E$ j nd  INGS/.wIiIcli'bolsfrcp^d'-eQ^nafccJo^order.  mosWpprioved styles. ���������������    .  AllorderBfrpmCdiril)oop^omp������iraaf><idcdU'.  CMny 1:1868. ."/,:���������  :largo  tr..?T  iu tho  Gm  SHeet and;GastIr6ii Stoves  ii;Lli-JOB^tNG'. WORK IN-: TINy' COPPER,iSheet  iii. j Ironj !Zinc and Lead Piping, attended to wi th  jpromptness, .and warranted .to give entire satisS  faction:XA fi' AA'!'i ,���������   .   "'. f , "."   -1".. f- ,'��������� ���������  P'1 McENTEE ^wishes 'to Ihfe'rm:-"hisifrlfends: atiftittto  ���������1 -public:thatiie:ls"���������prepare^'to.j dbvHORSESHOE*  ISGar$4perse^'anUaUotherkinds Jof Blacksmith  work'at1 reasonable ratcsi' X-Ax;' y;; -,' v; ���������" ���������' " : fi - ^ i.:  ;-lU-0-HFi^^  :::4''^,^'^  ,; 1' CCOTJNTANT, - Mi*Nf N G';."ANb ' COMMISSION  'A-'.;1:Ageri'ti-BarKerville;^.i--'v:l:-;,-- iy ������������������ ���������'*-*��������������������������� ������������������ yxf  . t- : Mining���������Compahlcs, Books kept.and adjusted*  Slayl -1SQ9.J:,,'.:���������- '���������,.���������':..-: -!���������  ������������������������������������;   x-A: ���������.-..  - : X r X:   x-y  "A'' *xxr<x ;"jjjy j^isg mders6n.',': '���������:���������;,;'::.;';  PRldE,v'. ���������' -"    -, i ONE DOLLAR.  iilForsale atilho SESTi^Ofnco, :and l-orwardc^ by  mw: WiBSTMINS^B^^  bispenslngiho^i8t>nd^rugglsti-;Iwp^  ^^ilshDr^gs^Chemical^Patcnt^cdiciiics, and     :  'A<X... .;:iiporrttrnory/^ewiW'estminster,lB. C^^-r^-;  ^^H!aaRDENlEE^ CONSTAmXOTtfA"NIh  *    Orders from up-country carefully attended to. f  ^ayJ*ijl86>;^h^.i:^vi!,cX-i .���������/��������������������������� ^xfk -xf'X     m  FELL   & -FINUAYSON,  Tea and Gofiee Salesmen,  .Fort "street, Vie tor In, V.I..  -Spare noeflbrt'ln selecting and'keeping an Mj?rt.  "mc^or:th> ^Wip^t^arLkl^thntcanbeobtMiini.  SrgcBnsumers the^^^^SW^l^ii  i;;'' ^' ^aTOBin^d^^^J^VicroRiA.  .; _   .f  W HO L B^^iTT^W D     BE T A IL ^  /-~- taFoaTBR8t'6p ���������  ^ngliah-a^Frencf^S^Shawls^ Presses^,  .UnderMothin'g, Gloves, and every ;  description of Drapery Goods.  RccetWrcgw^i'3"/.^i'eB b>Express, via Panama  and:by sailing v^ps^eiy^a Cape Horn^;^-     ^   ^  j^^ParticularattontiG.n given.$0 all orucrs. *������..  -^  London Firm^iP^ToNSWLt & Co,     ; .  .    ���������-. .;���������.*;  '-������������������* x'x ^*^SjH^^HE^^IW8������*?  GovBESMZS* Street, yic^^^^'^^^v:-  Ail businoss carefully and punctually ^tendcrtt^  >fay^!"186������.   J  TALii^'l^ERTlSiEMBNTS.  -,..    . , 1..; ;f..j.-..|^.������'-. ;t .','��������������������������� ^. '      ���������    -.?     ���������'-_������������������       -, ���������       - ���������  ..X-}yxl*r*r-?'?9  -FOllSAitE:.      ,  ;E.;PiEA.RSOi^;& BROS.;:  Barkerville.  mHOMAS WALSH, Tailor,,New,.Westminster, B.r  1' Clothing-raido to order at modorato rates.      A:  ways on hand English and Oregon Cloths, v Orders  from.tho np-country attended   to   with -caro   and  diRpulch  A '  BARLOW, desires $0 Inform,, the: pooplo ^f tw  A ���������;- ��������� ihtcrior|an������ vuppef ^cdniitryr that- having w  tained th;e ho^eBsaryX muchmdryisanit. tinware, o������g  now propared^.fumish.a���������������������������fl^fc.-:clWftfl������ah.tyt0W,5,J-  roasted, prepared arid put upih tins,i*^?-*?1.?^t It  latest ttpproved^cie'aiia.c^incipfo^a-nd  tobesuperiortoauypther." ; '** X;,yy*r:-  ;x ,��������� -  Grocories/BryrGopa^tnwarelfvCldthl.ng^.Garuu"  Field and othorS^d^nglls^and^l^taii;^  Yalo^ay-J,,"!^ '**  *������2i  Front Street'T&io*'British Cpfumhta.  .  THIS house/has .������cel!entfacco^  Vclldrs:- Goodbodfl; -superior * farcy and tne -w-  of Liquors atihe Ba'rIr-������Sfc������bIirig for?antmnia ; ������'.J  nnd Oats at the lowCBt.rftteSi ���������; X        '��������� ������������������������������������������������������'  . .;���������  May 1,1868    a    KILLIY &LAK.E, Pro.priotors  If  il^ywfrl-p^<^?^.f?"- y.' Ti^T".  ���������--^/.r-t-r- -..r-.'r;


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