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Barkerville, Williams Creek, British Golttiiihia,.Saturday, O^
���Ho; 20.
have the eame meaning, have their correlatives in theFrench-.'and Spanish-in the^verbs
I. A variety of studies, instead of deteriorating the mind,"are,- oh the contrary,' the means
.'most effective for fostering its energy and promoting its development.    Those who devote
themselves exclusively to one single branch
���of learning very,seldom-, display intellectual
faculties of 'the first;' order.    Of all studies
iione seem .to'^^ lae ;m6i%7 fruitful of good now
a days than;the* study Of modern languages.
"Bacon j the great English philosojpher, remarked, and most wisely, that a man went to school
. and not to travel when he entered any foreign
country with out J any -previously 'acquired
t knbiwleige1 of .the: language spoken there;
4tnd Charles the Fifth,. one of the most ^��w-
erful inonarchs) vwho, by the fey, -was- eonter*
man of many languages \yas-"so many times
more a man.;;, " \    ' ,      ''���"������ -���
:I;kn6.w.somc will say'fit is nowtoo late, to
ileaniu^j The teachings, of history tell us;it is
never too late to gather up knowledge." ? A
few: illustrationsIwillmake//this < obvipua:-���
Ignatus bf>Lpyola;the celebrated founder of
the wofld-reiiowned order; of /Jesuits, ��� that
have played so .conspicuous a part in the des-
: rlihied of 'humanity ���-;was;thirty-three years old
when he took to l4Ari3h|;^��id'i^^'^.aTmere
ignorant soldier beoairie through perseverance
nnd energy;in. the lapse of a few; years one of
the most scientific men of his, age..  Cato, at
mmbi*e than eighty years of age,:;- deybted him-
Aself to learning Greek,/ tbihking/;.^ifc was:not
; jtqb late."   Lord Lyndh^rst^the^Ghancellor!
5at'the same advanced age, -returned to /the
tongue of Socrates;;Elato,/and//Aristotle, ^believing""^ was neverj;djate^to improve.   1
: could give hundreds of illustrations of the
'sam (j ;kinc�� but these ie'vy^are sufficient to solera onstrate that ��� ^it is /never too lite*L to learn
, when one has a mind to d p so, and th at 'y it is
better late than never;:^ it is worth t our while
to p rofit by the wisdom.. and experience of
these great men*;��� >\; ;    ���;*: *: ���"\; ��� ; /..������ ���    ���.;,\
IL.Of all modern languages;! the French,;
>by its energy, its inimitable- etegauce^nd
grace, the finish of its construction, the varie-;
��� ty of its sentences, the; liveliness; and wit of
its commoii say ings; and the:Spanish by the
simplicity.of its orthography;:ahd sir/itcture:
its rich lexiology, the grave <majesty of its
periods and the musical euphony of its sounds
.(which made "Charles the Fifth exclaim in a
fit o f euthu siasm "th at h e would ..address QoA
in Spanish"), seem to, be the two-languages,
best adapted to developo the hitman mind
and enlarge its compass;: Littlb need be said
at the present day of the importance and usefulness of a ; knowledge of the French,.:and^
Spanish languages. .The French is the key to
immense treasures of 'literature and science,|
and the medium of communication in European &itfpmacy;;i The1 Spanish, spoken by a
proud European, nation^ once the most flourishing under the sun, is also the language?
.made use, of in the wealthy and extensive empire of Mexico and the whole continent of
South America* These two languages, which
we may call twin sisters (theirCommon origin*
being Latin),/are confessedly'an indispensable accomplishment to the modern traveller
and the man of liberal education.
III. To a man arrived at maturity, and
-whose mind is worn by the dailjr cares of life,
memory is as a general rule a very unfaithful
guide which cannot :be depended on; but in
the rolling of years his judgment has acquired more solidity, and is in a better condition
to combine and compare than In his "childhood, therefore to liis judgment ��he must ap-
;ply for assistance. A few illustrations will
'make this appear clear-: The .most important
European modern languages have a common
origin, and contain 30,000;aisu'al words, 5000
-only being of daily use.,:' For instance, the
French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
tongues spring .from-the same stem (Latin),
and are so similar in many respects that a person acquainted with'one of these idioms has
a very easy task to learn the others. English
:and German are kin languages; but the former is composed of two main dialects, the
Anglo-Saxon and the ofher being a compound
of several modern languages. Out of the
30,000 usual English words 10,000 are common to the French and the Spanish^or nearly
ho, as the words ending-in-'ion' (this class, of
words numbering not very far short of 2000).
Another illustration is the following: Tq 'begin' and to 'wish* are derived from the Ahglo-
.Saxon, but 'commence' and 'desire.' which
' comm'encer[ and4 ��� desirer7 (Fr.),
and /desea^ (SpJ, !&c, ��lc.   ;
���Barkervilier06t. 5th, 1865.
A Foetlwats Esoapb.���A singular story
reaches its fro hi Stockholm.    Some of our
readers will perimpjf recollect the name of
Capt. Dombrow.ski, who played a very prom-
ineut\ part in the late Poiish insurrection.
This officer, wlio occupied a very important
post on thestaiF of the Russian army, and was
a great favorite with the Russian officers, many
of, whom ;he induced to join the insurrection,
was arrested in August, 18G2, and, there being
no 'proofs against him, he .was detained for 13
months in the Citadel of Warsaw. 'Atlength;
in October,' 1863, a Russian officer confessed
(it is said'under torture) that pom browski had
been a member of the National Government.
He was then tried by court-martial\and sentenced to deathy but Count Berg commuted
the^ente&c^$4&-yearM kf^-labbHu'Sibe*-:
ria; and Dphibrowski: was sent there in October, 1864^' ^Meanwhile,;��� -;;further; information
hav ing been ob tained, sen ten ce o f death was
again passed;upon;him,"���'.and��� air.express was
sent after him tq 'bring liim"backvfor execution; tout ��Offi'brbw^ki succeeded in.making
his escape; in -the;; disguise of a.woman>:and
was received with bpen arms by the Liberals
at Sfc Petersburg.   He m ight at jhat time, easi-
1 y have crossed the fron tier^ ���.biit: lie, was iin-
.willihg to do so withput his ypuiig;wlf&, ^pm
ho married .while in, prison at' Warsaw,- and
who had been banished to Arclatow, a village
in/the interibr of; Russia    He madehisway
to Ardatow,<fpundhis wife, and, after numerous ad ventures j; returned^Ub 'her ]ix>; St-PpT
tersbnrg; whence they cscaped.' throiigli -Fin-
Ian d to Sfockholm.--*Europcan'Times? -^; '
.\v-A Luckt;poa.^A few months back, w\iile
the;: second ; regiment of Lite Guards were
quartered in^ thef cavalry bamicfcs;;WSpitalJ
near.Windsor, ��� an; order was issued for; the;
destruction of^all-the"; dogs in the. barraoks.
On the morning of the day on which the* canine friends of the tro op ers we re to.: b e des-
troyecl, her; Majesty made an inspection of
the Windsor -garrison, and while;/passing
through -the quarters of the Second Life
Guards, accompanied by tlie colonel of the
regimeht, was much attracted by a sma 11 and
very pretty terrier dog named ^Dick,"'belongs.
ing to Corporal Woodlionsc, qno of the- balids-
men.- The Queen paused, 'caressed the little
dbg, and spoke.to it. This saved its life, for
the :colonel gave orders that it should be allowed to live, while the rest of the dogs were
killed invaccordance. with the edict that had
gone forth. Dick is now the favorite; of the
regimen t, and is bono red with a boll ar ^deep-
rate d with'the regimental buttons, and on the
pjate of which are some unquestionably dog-
^rel lines- relating how-the animal's lite was
saved.        .: . , ;
( The Electric LigiIt at Sex.���Some interesting experiments have just been made at
L'Orierit, on board the Colignyi the object of
'*which is to utilise the electric light at sea.
By means-of a stibmariiie reflector the water |
was illuminated to a great depth, so that it
was possible.to look down from the deck and
see-the fish; attracted by the light, swimming
found the lamp as if in an aquarium. A kind
Of diving-bell-with a large glass eye in one
side, and arranged to.supply ajr to a diver,
was also let down to a depth of 3S fathoms.
By means of this apparatus it will be easy to
inspect submarine constructions, to fish coral,
&c., and.recover wrecked properly. . Signals
were likewise exchanged, by means of the
electric light, between the Coligny aud the
semaphore of Belle Isle, These (Jifierent applications of the electric light were made, in
the presence of. a military commission, by the
inventor, M. Bazin, civil engineer, of Angers,
and were found to'give satisfactory results^
Ssmous Accident.���While engaged in work-
upon the bell tower of "Holy Trinity
Church, on Wednesday, Sept. 27th, Michael
Rgighly fell to the ground, a distance ot about
50 feet,-~ rupturing the spine and dislocating
several ribs. He was conveyed to the Koyal
Columbian Hospital, where he is attended by
Drs. Dlack and Jones, but we understand there
is very little hope of his recovery.~~'Bntisb
Important to MiNF.BSs-AI>r a 'wnon's harJ toil
torn is nothing so r^lroshing for |.!m Nxy as a epod.
Bath, ttilrCttfc ShmipoovTHwT Clean Shiw. all oT
which can He obuinod in ti first class style at tho bA.N
FBAKCKCO" BATHS. Govriinumt Stroct, np��r yju^,
Victoria. ThcWhol3' csUiMlshment 1ms been nmuv
re-fitted and no.��i��nseFpftreri to mtfca it the most
comfortable place in the oulooy. ><wr first cM>s or-
Hste5aM��l'��Wsonh.-n'JWiitUD-itb9 Wftntg of the
���:.yy.: EASTER^;=;'NEWB,-:^;- ;.' y./y:.
" j;   :  \, [From the British Columbia a.] ���!;���'*"
Washingtoh, Sept. 22.^-Gbyernment is it
receipt j$ voluminous; dispatches .to-day from
our Consuls af Gohstaritinbpl6,; Smyrna, Fort
Mahon and Barcelona, giving further inform-,
ation of the ravages of the cholera in various
parts of Europe. The reports from Constantinople lire most alarming, the deaths from
this disease hayingV reached' 2000 per/ day!
At Smyrna the epidemic was checked/some
time;since, but had broke;out, afresh, and is
now spreading to a frightful extent. '
���New York. Sept 22.���Mr. A. B.';Mercer, of
Washington Territory, has'"p rbcu red the 1,6a n
of the ft ;S:. steam trau-sport, Continental' for
Ins purposes, the Government wishing to send
her' to tbe;Pacific. She will sail on Sep t. 30th
with 700/women of the surplus population of
^lassachusetts, who ;go,;to settle iii the':above
named Territory! '��� 300/of:��� these/iwomen ;are
orphan daughters of dead soldiers.,.: They are',
all goo d; ind usti'ious; worn en. There is no
ffeap^��-#tSiIcy- will. seeu^e-good --husban&aiMl
Occupy homes in the Territory.
..Montreal, G;-B., Sept. '22.~Col. Rowland, as
Commissioner of theft Northern / Papific ��� Rail-
rpadj is here, lie is; conferribg/with the Canadian Government and others .j^jyit��v:.e'!.tp.'ae^
ing" with capitaliets,/and Avitli grants of the U.
S. Government, in the/construction of the.Lake
Superior and Puget Sound Railroad. /:/
��� ^Kew Yorki; Sept; 22^A Dublin letter to
the/London ' Daily; /Telegraph' says there is
reason to believe that Government, is giving
Fenia/nism some attentiom / .There; are ,eyi1
{leiicelbfe considerable official aniicty .pn^tiiat
subjejcfc'.'^f he extent, of the organization, -esf
peciallyinthe ;cou.nty of Coi'k, isIcnown t6
be very -great; t It is believed that arms in'
formidable/numbers are in the hands/of these
iaeih -;/Alniost every steahift- from the United.
St^tes^brings������: a ^handful; sometimes / a good
Uumiyer*^nd also .small bands of disbanded
Irish volunteers. There, is nothing astonishing
in this, as they have/just reached the. end1 of a
^vamri which the Irish population bo re a very
prominenf xHi't. /./ The prevalence of Feiiittn-:
ism; in .Meland,renders the amyal of these ex-:
warriors soniewhat'iiotabIe.^ In a letter-of an'
ex-Fenian: to -tlie \ !Bubl in Freeman^'!. the; following . item .occurs,. "The Feniaiiis/au Amor?
i can o rgahizatib n,, com men cod : ab out seven
���yy.-���yym$mm% NOTiCEs.:,>r^:;i;//
v;^uti-Roadshhs Houses.���;We wouid remin d
all going down npuiitry��� this fall that tbey^wiU;"
3hd4ho very b est a ceo m modationa at tho fol-'
lowing roadside bouses: ���������; ;"..' -   '"r;>:;-;l-.
-'-^K^'ltt^^y^'Vlta'Wofcle^      ;:v ; ,/
: Mr; J i F.' Ed war d 7a ha 1 f way;- between. 'Van
Winkle ami Cotton wood; /,        .        '    ���<*&*
.   Mr. R. S. Cor mack's 13 Mile Housoy between
Cottonwobd%id Quesnelmouth;  /;
Brown*&Gillis' Occidental Hotol, Quosno-1-
mout-li;  ���;' :.":'-./'-/:
Blair Bkis/111 Sfile House;
���i .WalterBros/03 Mile House;
Sergt; McMurphy 's Locblomohd House.
:. YALM^The Fort Yale Hotel;Kelly & Lant?,
proprietors, is a well kept house, and the bosl ,.'���
of fare is served up. .::'.        : ;   S   ?'   ��� :
: New ��� Wkstm iksTBRrr-The / Go Ion ial Ho fol ,-
Grel 1 cy Bros., is: no t surpassed any w berpr & a   ���������
Qrst class; house. -'        , y- --;;-;; /��� \/t -V.'-1 ::";y;'   '
:j Hick's Hotel is a favprite.ihouse with iiiin- ;
ers generally.; ������   :'-r: ;.-.\-",i/'" ���;.-/ '"��� ;',:>������ ��� -Ji:yfJ. ���{; ���
>   ViCTOKTA^-Tho St.. Nicholas ./is well known
;tbf its;H6l��ri
.splendid^Billiard Saloon;;;  ���'     /'.���:,.,,���.  . '
/;' .TheJHo/^el do;France is well/and:%ybrably
known to/par ties in ; the Jhabifc of /wintering, .,
in. Victoria. --'- - <   '���[���''���';'���������, \"' '���':\   '
/; ,;TbeAnglo-American Hot^ . ,'..
is a^cbkfbrtabfejplacp ;ft>r;rm"m^"':.fe*w3^��r;'   ^
years ago [;and ��� for a; v e ry d in^eren t object tha n
that of; frebhig Ireland "from the: En gl ish yoke.'7
/ A^SIakAttackso by Moxksts.���The Escaut
of Antwerp relates ah incident which occurred
last week;in;the Zoological Gardens of that
town./ In;the evening one of the keepers,(  rf>.Ttjr_Jri.^...,���^ _ _ 0 w.*�� v
armed with a long?-whip, entered the. largo jiieltT ini the hour they were; overwhelmed.
,7Tub JFrkxch in &iam;���*3)he/; French������:���;consul
at  Bangkok, ; JI. i Aub e'rt-t*: by,: com man d ; b f '
/the Einperor,' conferred the L.egioud^ifoheur /
onthotwo Kings, .ofSiam, on the 29 thof April
'last/,; The diplomas,;/bping:jc6nsidered: cftsotho :
Emperor^s. autographs;; were> each received
by a salute of twenty-one guns.. The proces-
sion��� of. bpate, laden wi lilt .soldiers, .in^ every
variety. of> costume^ aniihavingthe royal war <.
elephants oh bpartly was strikiug\ahd pictuie-
sque.   Their Majesties... wore .^crowns ofdia^
monds-and the. the insignia of the; iprder.   At.:.
the foot of the *th rone the princes .of the royal ;
i^iniily/ aiid, high /dignitaries-pf tbe.} prowtf remained/during ; the .^cerempnyii prostrated on.
magniffcent carpets.   A grand dinner was
given at the palace to the-consul, the v French
b.isbbp/and^ the pfficprsof the frigate Mi ���
After din nor, th e .King requeste cl M. Aub ert to
tra,rismit. their> 1 etters of; thanks to his-Majesty,   ;
accompanied by the. insignia ,pf the order.of  ...
tlie White Elephant,; a royal: ting ;andscar^
also three diamond and,riiby .bracelets to the
Empress.    .  .   "      *���;���*���'���'    . ���.
Discoveries at Pompkti.���-Brussels papers
are, suppl ied fcom Napl es1 w ith detai Is r esp ec '.-
iug tliefuncovered ftempie ; of Juno, amohg.;
fehe. rbcent excavations at Pompeii. '- 300 ske/ -
etons were found crowded withia: that sanctuary.a propitiatory sacrifice being eyidentlv ���
cage of the monkey tribe, for the/ purpose of
driving ��� t/licm to. their respective compartments1. ���; All the inmates sj^npered off to their
xcebtioi��iMfc of the oldest
cages with the exceptn,^
and largest, ;whicli/obsti^ely refused to
come down-from his perchj-and on receiving
a sharp lash with the. whip, it leaped on the
keeper,- got astride en* his shoulders, and bev
gan to scratch and bite him,with great fury.
The keeper-beat the monkey with the handle
of the'whip, and would spou have got rid of
him had hot the other monkeys come to their
companion^ assist:.nce and joined in the attack..' Thus assailed, the man was obliged to
cry put for,help, and several keepers hastened to the/spot, and on their approach tho animals took to flight. The man, who was terribly scratched iind bitten in 23 places, lost
so much blood that he was obliged to keep
his bed for two cmys.   ��� ,
iN'ExrLpaivE GOntowder,���A London letter
of recent date says:ubeside the method rendering gunpowder inexplosive, invented by
Mr. Gale, and which the Government seems
dispose&to purchase, we have two new explosives. One is a very strong gunpowder,
which is;made up of two portions like a seid-
litz powder, each, inexplosive by itself, to be
mixed together before loading the rifle. It
has been tried at our nearest shooting grounds
it is said?with good success.. The. other is a
mixture for blasting, a liquid composed of
���one part of glycerine and three parts of nitric
acid. This is pourediniip a very small hole
in a rock, and some v^ater���the only damping required���is poured on top. A fuse passing through the water, explodes the mixture
with a fprce so much greater than gunpowder
as to very much reduce the cost of such operations.^'
The statue of the goddess, with attehda'ntpeacock, the tripod iii front of the alter, the gold--
en censer, the jewels on the., person; of: ��� tlie>���
priestess, the rich; vessels holding a deposit; of
animal blood,: are the maia particu 1 ars dwel l, :
on.   The-eyes; of. Juno were of the most vivid:
enamel, her arms, and her whole person rich-:
ly decorated with.; gold trinkets, her gaudy
bird: resplendent with a cluster of glittering
gems. Aromatic ingredients 1 ay ca Icined wi tb~
in the .censer, ���;wliile gorgeous  lamps  and "
bronze ornaments strewed the tesselated pave-,
ment.. ���
Bull Fiodtstn France.���-A new sport kJ**
be inaugurated in a few weeks at Mont de
Marson, under the patronage of exalted personages. We are to have bona fide bull flghte.
M.Guilhoutet, deputy for Landes, is doing ail
���he can to forward the views of the 'originator
of the idea. Dominigo Mendisil, first swordsman at the Borgos bull fights, has been engaged; and El Kelojero, the secoud celebrity
in this speciality, has likewise been bribed
from Spain. The diflicuity is, not to"get men,
but to catch bulls suited for the arena. A peculiar course of feeding is requisite to prepare the animal, and also as peculiar an education. Thirteen animals have been purchased in Arragon, six for the first day and seven
for second day's fight. The horns of some of
theses bulls measure one yard twb inches.
^E^The intelligence has been received of
the total destruction by Are of tbe Swedish
tovgii of Carlstad, the capital of the province .
of%ermland. Of tbe public and private
building in me town only three remain���tbe
bishop?s residence, the hospital, and the prisr :
on���all the rest, including the cathedral, being nothing but a heap of smoking ruins, tbo
population of about 5000. being left, without
a roof to cover them. Few lives, however,
were lost.        .
\) i
AvOw>FRis>'n.��� Mr. J^rph Morrii?, better known
as "Portiicai'se Joy," h*�� ^PJ^ J^Jf VicS"      ��" AW:who Mn GOOD COFFEE and Fiao 5pic3��
Minors' Exotawga hotel in W^l*gi*>*��    J^, v.tu��^ ^ ^ &        ^.^
"i ��'ti-, w,itfi MB" tuiwU'Q'il en e��Cu p-citagv THifG&K;  r  &^r^^^  LS'^Ii^H FiCOM< LiLLOOBT.  r Ir^^rlxfjOe^Odt. 3rd; I8fe r  ftinanieii .fifrve- committed ft horrible  // V������" ^;'i. Wi Jfi^ihis:! issue She first volume of -the *f Car-.  ./''/\^/-}bpft-g6ntia������i" Will he completed, aiid -tbe  . iy^  : <l������|������o;ttiyjtt)6i of duty .^'fighi't|ie'; battle> o0he-peo-/  IV yjypfei of fch&xel������fl������ against a 6mall^ufc^^i^  .'.3k'- *��������� jn������ Oligarchy;^ ii* 'New5 Westminister *?$&<?  i^W iilegi Woiate influence  J- .;��������� %ktration jiasisie  r ������;"iyfe^*yjPf���������' She main  f^^'ftyji: bipnihs past .._,__  ,;/^^fjesent Ihb opinions of v,tlfe';cdi6nfst������;fwiri4fi8*; and; the same amount of potatoes; all unsold.  ��������� '��������� ^outskirts of the^eapital tb th'e^ei'tiie^UiM'ts'' :b;ut\hafvested., From the confession or state-  ;'/-���������-;   ofrthe Cariboo district^an^we.fiar^lfie'aat-; m&ffiof one of the prisoners"i%appears.that  y^Sqnie.; Ghihanien  murder on one-of their countrymen at a ranch  knowh^f "thei Judges// about a mHe ���������from  here..;: > About four days after the tragedy had  token place rumors got afloat of a man miss-  ing^arid through thp/ex6rtion$^pf our resident  p:ajgiBtra;tar#��������� a fecial; cdnstableth^ whole  aftHir was ferreted oufcand thepyisoneracora-  m i tted for trial' wi th % wo ri devful-. d isp atch. The  Chinamen, and  ; ;^i^^tibn-^1mo#ih^iMt,;^������. /efforts; h������v������  ^v^;��������� been-appreciated,-aiid that >-the views which*  ' V/we have disseminated on all the leading ques-  .-^j ijihxdof the /day are those entertained by hinc-  '���������;?.:; v-teiiths oftfie; inhabitants of the ,wbolq colony.  T' The warm and substantial .��������� bu p per t. bohferred  ,.,,:upon the "Sentinel'? by the people of British  VAN WINKU5, CAHIBOa WEST/ ^*  ithe/felldw they spiflieated shad- on more than  pile o ccasio n used a knife and threaten ed dire  des tr ti ctio rf to their s o ul-cases; th at at 1 as t  they got so afraid of him that they resolved  to "cook" his go6se^7 which they?, acc ordiugly  did most effectually j one wound only in front  of the. body and twenty-two behind, including  ��������� ' j exponent of the voice of the^piintry;v>W  ���������we state the' fact that fecwa^ bur   press  Columbia/is an unanswerable��������� argmnent} we three pistol shots, presenting one of.the most  think, iu favor of the paper being a faithful horrible sights imaginable../ The defunct  lien  press   480  copies of ��������� the ,'*Scmttnei*? have been issued  ��������� weekly/tb-subscribers, nearly .all of whom are  residents pf-this colony, we think we have  not /unduly boasted of pur. sucesss and of the  $:   ;* '-"pbpiiiafity'"of the paper.   It must also be re-(Indian tracker.  was  formerly a butcher at the Forks of /Quesriel.  The prisoners had washed and re-dressed the  body, put it in a box and buried it.in the lower end of:the farm.; its whereabouts was dis-(  covered by a small piece of rope, used to  lower it, sticking above the ground by an  (2)  (������).  .(*).  (2)  inembeired .that: tlie "Cariboo Sentinel" has  teen .published at a higher price than any  ':. o thcr n&irspaper in. the; world. We have to  tender xtiiy /acknowledgments for the large  . Vadveftisihg support which has been extended  ; to the^*Sentiu������l,".it has been far beyond what  '.yw anticipated and it-has made our enterprise  a pecuniary success. -Next year, we hope to  improve the reaper in every department; we.  : w-iM Wake arrangements in the spring to, re-  /..ccivefuli telegraphic reports and -will publish  a eemi-weekly edUibn; throtrgn the eiraihier.  \y������ take leave of our, numerous friends in  * Cariboo j even for a briet season,, with regret.  : We:hare ibxperienced. the greatest kindness  and courtesy.from all classes,in this community, and jve are deeply sensible we owe our  great success more to the indulgence of bur  . friends than to! our own merits-  CARIBOO WEST  ELECTION;  : In another column will be found the ad-  dress of' Captain Evans to the electors of the  district of CaribooAVest. In that. document  he makes a -bold and manly avowal of the  principles upon Which he geeks election, and  we we^TOueff fmistakfeir/if the people of the  distrMCwill ������ not /respond;: when^ the: proper  time jarriVeSjSh; such fe>way ,as; to jjrbve -t-jtia^l  they ire determined to achieve theirindepen-  dence and to: assert their right to have a vpice  in tlie Hjrbyerhmen^ of^the .country* There  is vhp^doubt/.thai the : cohiing Se^ion of the  Coun/c/it w&i ihe ;thejihp>t ��������� important: ever; held,  ia-this- colony^ aud upon itife action to a -great  extent will\depend whether the country will  be; restored tp its fbrraer r)������rpsperous con ditio n  or be ^abandoned Jb a still; grcialpr extent by  the; producing population; By thie reversal  of /the^pplicy of /thb Obvernment;- and; the res-  toration/pf confidence ; that; will. ;ensue, the  cplbny.may bev/ rescued from its/presehi? de  pressed J; state/ /and ve very ; id terest m adcv t p  flourish;;:iBy returning. Gapt. Evatisywho will  lab or eocnes tly to reino *g thei 4njtiripu s and  unequal 4aws tha,t have almost ruined the  countryV#ie electors of; Cariboo West will be  doing the -country an important service and  prompting; their .own interests; at the same  lime.: fEleetors of Cariboo West;,oiir parting  advice tb.iyou is; send back the nbminee of  the New Westminster clique to the. obscurity  of the. village capital j and return Cap t. Evans,  who "will represent you honestly, fairly and  independently. .     ;;. - ; :  We have had no Xurther news from,the  Bridge river prospectors, and do not.expect  any until they come out to winter, other than  an'lndiah brought a letter to Judge. Elliott  and a sample of coarse gold found by them  on ario ther creek* -;,/-������������������;.,/ F.WfF.  l������^^^i������MiMiT������iiif ii i nrn. mi iwwawmm  ijii'ii ������.wu������iiwi������iimii;������������'iii in f^Tf  ���������       NEW  ADA'ERlTsEMENTS. .  IS  EST  GENTLEMEN",-yIn aniiclpation of a vacancy cecur*  rtovr in the representation oi this District ih.the; Legis-  latfvo Council, and in compliance with th������< request;of a  Tub Legislative CouNciL."���������We know that  avery general feeling exists in. this district to  have Mr, CoX in the Council next ���������Session.  His vast experience in this country, his knowledge pf. its want?, and his sound common  sense, combined with his manly independence  and thorough honesty, eminently qualify him  to be a wise, and safe adviser of the Go vern-  ment, and a.useful legislator for the colony at  the present: crisis.^ We sincerel y tru st th at Mr.  Cox, who is one of the oldest and most popular magistrates in the .colony, will not be any  longerOverlooked in regard to his being summoned i������ a set>t in the Council. A better re-  presentatiye the pepple would not desire for  Cariboo. '," ��������� ���������'' }./', '.'. ,. "/ '���������.'���������-> ':���������  The Post Office���������The removal of the Post  Office to Barkerville from Kichfield/has proved a great convenience to the public^ as the  eituatipn is central and the place easy of access from, all points.   The wrork in the office  has ama2smgly increased and we doubt not the  revenue reaped the advantage.    Tho oblig-  sng postmaster, M������ Commeiine, is exceedingly  attentive to Ws duties, and his courtesy to all  applying/,ftt^^'0ffl^?"^'8a'^^'^!Ji:' ^mi 'l^  esteem ahdreepect,of. the cpmmuhity. |  next oioctlon, and in d������in������ so allow me lo say that-I  have no.sclash motive or personal <?nd to attain apart  from 3rour owu jnt^rests/ ;: \.  The fact-of cry having brought a largrf:amount of  capital and liborahn having had the dir.etionof more  extensive mining operations in attomptiugto developi)  the mineral resources of the colony tiiau p������rh������pt any  other singlo individual up to the prcseaVj/time-  is a  guarantee of my being d������?eply interested in"the/proa'-'  pority of the country, that, ana the generatexpresaion-  of your own wishes, shall bo my apology for aspiring  to th is pp?j i job . -V'... -,-;. ������������������: - ������������������  I am p*i-sonaily "known to most of ycu, and .you are  actjuaint'ed with my political views as regards the great  and important question^ touching our interests, which  must/iuevitabjy force themiidlvss upon tho attention of  the, Council ini ih������i coming session,   ������������������  " TheVnion of the t wo-Ci;lbhies under one fl overn m.oht*  witii ono official staff,for hoth,  is arhatUr which cannot, any. longer -he delayed /; w i thou t serious injury to  the^whole 'community.;   And, in anticip.ition of that  deeirahlcj end,: I am pr*p?.r id ��������� to advecate- th������ iinmei! i-  hate reduction'of our present staffJo the utmost limits  ahsoluteIjT. required to meet the necessities of the coun.  try.-r-the otiicwls/heing now cut of all proportion/to its  wants, or our ability : t'6:su3.taim . In many: iustancis  tbciT salaries a re la r; too [ high for the work p i-rforme i;  the recipients fixing their own salcirUs' is an anomaly  which should not be tolerated, and a swec^iihg change  i'n our system must he effected.  In answer to our petition to his ExeelUmcy the Gcv-  'e^oKduHngijSf winter, pointing out the injurious effects.of late enactments on tho prosperity of. the cbun-  try, and praying lpr2S%lr r<r-.C;>nsi;j('r:uioh,' we were  toll to wait .the ir|OTpiva trial���������anticipating, at the  same time a' readi^ep^jHih our purt in the "course of  this season to tha n'l&inW Kxcollen ey ��������� in pi>rfjo.n f<;r tlie  beneficial chttngo that vvculi follows Now the season is  drawing to a-.clv-se; our wor.^t fea^a ii rj rea 1 li*i^~that of  a general depression beyond r/2iytiling experienced before in the colony.    In vitw'ot this, I am prepared to  move for a total and- immediate abclitjt ii of the Gold  Tax andRoad Tolls, and also the reconstruction of our  Tariff on a firmer basis^......   ���������: : * ' -, .  Wo agree that a Government must be sustaiue<!, as  without that there can be no security for either li;'e or  proporty^revenue must be raised to m������et-its just demands; hitherto the burden has fallen too umquallyon  tiiep.ople, which of necessity must call rorar^-at-  justment of taxation. : ���������    **���������  There bting thousands or Chineso mining in the  country, and not paying tlie ii4 fair quota with the other  portion of the mining popul ai?n, 2 would .ho in favor  of a compulsory clnase boin������j ihlrouue-jd into the Mining  Laws requiring all atiko to pay fot^i certificate to enable them to exercise that privdege, -    ...  I am totally opposed to :.ny L 'gelation for the hen^ -  fit/of a class, or a oisirict or city,* whether it be the  capital or otherwise,a t.the expense of the whole country  The Government, would:nnd in me a consistent supporter in pas/sing all measures calculated to heni/fit tbo  people at large/but an uncompromising'and unflinching opponent whenever they deviated from thai course.  Tao coming contest will he the most important thaL  ever took place since the .formation of the colony, as  one hetwe*-n principles a rid p .-rsonf,   betiveen tbe'pro-  ciucing populilien and the oroni?s, .between the entire  country an���������! a faction.    0|n you dep'-n11 s the issue���������tho  whole colony looks to you in tho present crisis (the  Cariboo Di si rids comprise nearly the whole wealth and  industry of British C*.lumbi;i).     The electors of c a ri-  boo West will ho the mouthpieco of tbe n-prt'smjtit^v*  element in the coming struggle.  Nobly and unmistakably dischargo the trust reposed Jo you, and proclaim  by your \vr������uct whether Wft^sliail at once and forevar  be ireed from the thraldom^to' which we have boen  subjected or submit to the same for m-my years to come.  In conclusion,,! believe the country is destined (-re  long to rise P boen ix-like from, its ash es; Us mountains  and creaks contuiu vast wealth,  which only requires  capital and macbihery to develvpe, but neither will be  forthcoming until greater encourage mint be giveu.  I leave myself in your hands, aud will await tho  issue with confidence.  I remain, Gentlemen, .  vour fa ithiul servant,  ��������� ' #)IINT EVANK  Lightning Creek, Oct. 10th, ISM. -      jo .:.  Andersen,: ���������Anders /  Adair, James  !';���������'  Rrown, John C.    .,  Bowie, E. S.  Brown, John J ?  Brown, Henry/;/  Cadman, Solomon-  Carter, Parrish 5  Collins,-J. W. ���������������������������'��������� :'���������.}..  'Cainvri.li, J... A..:  Croon), Willir.ra -:.'���������'  DcNouvion, F;   ~  Elliot, John  Field, w,v.'.,,//; r  Gwynn, H.  Gibson, John  Glover, DavUl  Hieus, EiimunJ  Hudson, Willuvm   .  Halfpenu)*, Will Km  Hammond, Charles  Jones, John J.  Job Jonathan  Jones, James  JennesSjS. A.  Je������gh, John  KitUes. A. 0.  Kennedy, R. J.  Lowe, Charles L.  Lay ten, Robert C.  Luxon, George  McLean, David  McGregor, G^ergo ;  McKirinon. Duncan  McKinzi*,1 Barnes  McMillan, Charles  JifcCormick, William J.  McSweency, Morgan  McDames, Honc.ry  McNanghtoD, T)unr.ld J.  Xicbblas, John  Packe, Edward  iPotcrs, H. C.-;>  ;pullen, James C.  Pierce, Goorj^ '        ��������� '������������������  Pehrce, Joseph  Pierce; John  Redgrave, Stephen  Reid, John  Roc,-Tbom������ui  Ross, 1L  ���������Ross.;C;;:/';  Sampson, "Willi 5 m  Simpsoh^rWm.' L.  Sager- J^Vf.  Simon,- Harrison,  S ten house, Robert.  Stillman, HenrvR.  Smitlij/Wm. U."  Sa nd.erflj^John  Tays, James A.  Ten net, Joseph  TheJly, Francis  Vurk; ^Joseph  Wickham, Wm. J.  Welson,,:G������orge  Wril<on, John  Wherty,; Michel  toung, Robert  . -.,._'' ������������������:.-Ar^ill,. Jamesr:^ --"���������=  (3)/, .  Anderson,-.Wm^-F*'.  (2)   ,- Butt;'Thomas ,V  (2J---. Baylef, VValsrn .-,  . :Bautnann, H^nry  :;  .;���������;Buicher, J^nics 1^. L  (2)��������� ���������������������������-��������� ifaindbeli, *Irz:',,."'���������  r^O^'^C^pbell^Hiigh//'/:',  .- ��������� ���������; ';���������'    t?i tAi:fi:ii', John D\_.:  ���������, ������������������-' :'C'in> Uy/John   l *"  "��������� r   Ciiituyraite; \villiarn  (2)  (2)  (2)  (3)  (2)  (5).  ErskI.n-\ Wai; II.:  Flendng, WiUiini  ;  Gunn, John    .  Gossett, Willi ii in tra  Huntrr, Charhsa.  How* lh?? Thomas  H?:ywar-i Thomas  Punier,Joseph  Jenkins, T.  Jo he?, Humph rr-y ,���������������������������.'  Joh^JiimoS' .  - John, Edwifl   ry-  Kingj "VVii!rim;C.-///  , Kran i ry, Mrs }\-.  '. Loach., Robert y    .:  L^,wfs," L-inglry/B. \  Linn, James B.        ������  ilerhhss. Malcohn /  McD^naid^John      :^  Mitchells.���������-:-, w.  Mur-!.ccki,John '.���������....:  Morris,'"Joseph.~ .,  lfy;?ry L^jwis -  MunroV- Robert H; ��������� /'  Hiiihrf Henry....-. -<  Hcrysoh, johij :/...���������',,,..":.  O'-IIara, Josephi. .''������������������'���������  PeaVce, John.  Peiin, Mr.'  * Perkins; K.-^:r-->.vf,������.'  PhiUip/s,.Jam^a/   ;?  Pil k ington,. HI ii ry / i  Rogers, Jamea :.,//.:  Rees,Xiniam/ ; /..  Rose wall, Henry/;. ���������' .  U'jhertson, John;^  . Smith,-'P./:-.'-':-''.-'.; ;,���������������������������,-'.  Stepheh'^Tliomaa;  Snakeil>;feiph' ���������  :-StHlivHv;.-'-V.O-..;;-,-."  Smith, &nry...:  Sweeny,-John L; ���������  ^tinnerirank^:' A1. "���������������������������������������������iA ''  g^lii van, Phillip >;  Tinker^ George R. .^  Thomson, Ay illian) T���������,  ������" ". '���������* r   'fc-  Varicas,;tionol G.  Walkeri William  Vfimam^i William  : '  AVrighL ������ Xw*������rd ������,���������  ^ndid Hotel is now c^n for tiie nu>,^  -������    >  Jt the most: superior housein c������\ul*  Goo4 ^ommpdations, ..with/suits:of rooms for li^'  or privato JKirti*s..   Attached to this Hotelj<$ I  ^,:/^ibstJDLAas Restaurant & Bar,  y*Uere cynhe^^pbtained the most choice bran-is 0fWiA������.  L������qttO!?vCigar������;&e. -   i.-y-y:      -r   ���������<������������������-. ,   Wuw������,  ;���������".-: <"v;;/// /^p-- ^.^;7y^Ij^ycCArFERY,,Propri;3tor,'  ; i^ Mile    "'"  BETWEEN  QUE3KELM01JTH AND COTTOKWOOD  ^ RICHARD   S.   CORMACK  HAS JUST OPENED THE- ABOVE HOU.*F ' Avn  would solicit a call from the Traveling:Wwt?  where will be-round a Good Table, LlquorranH  Cig.->r������ of the flnoFt quality and best brand* M  ������^ Good Stablintr, Hay And Oate, kc  ; .N, IX��������� R. S, C. is riot responsible for any deb is con  trscted by tne late Proprietors. / - J.j" R'  August 4th, 1S05. Ut2yf  COLONIAL RESTAURANT  QUKSXEL   MOUTH, '  ���������y^:J%J\ L..JOHNSON,; ri^nuETon,  Meuls at all hours, nnd Cooking 6f tho best  ->>... ���������:' description';  ;' $ ;,  OCCIDENTAL  HOTEL./*  ;"V.I"-*'-; QUli:SNE.L:..MOUiH,/'.; ��������� - ���������  v/   BROlra &. GILU8, /Propriktors..   .  Good feftla ;?Ivcaitaiirant; Billiartl Table, fo,  ; m- 'r%'    Stabling for IIcraCS^Hay ari^ 0%\������.; " :s.  ~Si^ Mi]^HOtrs^:  Xy -rmjAmm  % TMliS HOTEKIS ' tARGE AND; WELL 'FITTED !u?  X; ��������� for the coin for t of ;t ra veltTS ���������. tlie Th b hi is su ppli-i  with thcbeslrof every thing -that ;c/an - bo had;-a'nd/thv  cooRihg is not inforior. .to the.best hotel %i the lowvr  ecu n try; : Be d rooms: fp r fan) ill or.;. 8 tn hi ing, ifey, s n-i  ��������� O-MH-: -The Stage stops at tho 111 Milo House over nij'ut  on \i������ way down country.'       -y ���������:.':���������������������������''���������- ���������. ������������������''.;    ;        s  Q3 MILE HOIJSE,  y\i:%0:;^ .  HAVE OPENED THE .ABOVE .HOUSE for the r?c^  . tion of travelers; Uid.Tablo ,w well,, kept and tin  Liquors cannot be surpassed jlhe Bids are clean an I  cbmfortahlo; Stabling for Ilorses*, H.iy and Om ai  jnbderate,rates." ���������������:.. ��������� :\. ���������.��������� ������������������������������������, *;:>., .: i, ^" " - r: :-   -':���������' -:s : ���������  H. T. COMMELIKE,.//;,  1 '���������'-���������' Postmaster.  BfrkftrviUe, -OctobCT 14th, 18S&.       ' tJO  /^:    A  RARE   OITORTU^ITy.y    : '���������  I70R SALE,. ONEjIULP INTEREST^wUh:right of  ;. rspresehting ah en ti re i n tvres t, i u''. tb o .:. * *������el .son  Creek Bed RockFlumc.". The vain ablh character ..of  the investment-is well, known; the neeessity%������' roalizr  ing in cfmsequenco pf the prosent. proprietor lea ving  the country fdr^Mexico: being sole.cause of;sale. . /  :Also.% good payi'rig' claim ph samc; creek.'���������"'. . /  ���������:-' For particulars appl'v to ��������� /- ��������� ������������������     ��������� "���������-: ���������  19-; ���������-; y> ��������� j; KASUTER1^ CO.t-RichfHld = >:���������  F Ofi/SALE,  y    SERGEANT Mc>JURPiIY,; TPnor'tt:  ���������-pHE; ACCOMMODATION wh ich: tli la /House. 'aifeTis U.  L IrAveh-rs cannot -he' surj>assed;   the Tabic is w^ll  su pplied w i th the b est the nia rk et a ironl������, ������ n d th a B'-i r  is ,stecked with tho Purest; Liquors ; Bods, StaWin^  IS-iy and'Oats. *-.-,Z:''<-. 6.  ~      FORT YALE HOTEL"-~~"  Kelley & tfanOrPropTietoTs,  (XCQB BEDS, Good Accominodatioh and the Best of  X������. Llqu^rs.at the Bar; SJabling: for Horses, kc:      s  y   GOLOJSliAL HOTEL,  . *-**������, v. New Westminster, Bri tislt Coiumbia,���������  Messrs. Grellft. Brothers,!    ' ���������- ������������������������������������'.. :   Proprietor.  - \ HOUSE WITII A LAfiTJE CELLA R," built oxpress-  ii.' ly for holding vegetables during the-winter season..  The house is situate below Barkerville, near the Cari-'  boo claim... Easy terms will be given for payment.  Apply to Mr. Francois L*dher,, at Pin & Co.'s store  RichO^ld. ��������� 19    '���������  HICTv'S HOTEL, Lvtton' Sqcarh, Nsw WESTinysTKu  B. C., Ph i up Hicks, Pn jpri a to r. Th o above far-  orably known house is now open to the public; the IW  is constantly, supplied with; the choicest brands 6f  Liquors and SegWrs.y; .'/ ���������/��������� ,      s  HOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, V.I., Joa.v  Bione Asi> PuataE Manciet, Proprietors.   Tiio R >s-  ;ti\urvnt is (supplied with all tho delicacies tho msr'.-ei  affords.. In the Bar will, be found tho choicest LtQPORa.  Furnishod Room?,..&c.        .s 1-h  HALF-VVAY HOUSE  BETWEEN VAN WINKLE & COTTONWOOD.  r  E.\F.   EDWARDS^  I)EGS TO INFOltM MIXERS AND TRADERS going  > dow n country that they will fln:i the best of fa re  and comfortable quarters as usual at his hotel. GOOD  COOKING-; bar well stocked Wi'th  the very best of  Liquors; excellent accommodation for travellers  Edwards' Ranch, 28th Sept. 1865. .18  P HO TO G R APHIC.  CG-ENTILE: begs to inform the Miners of Cari-  ��������� boo that he is prepared to take Photographs of  Claims, &c, and as his stay will bo necessarily limited  he requests that all who wish to have pictures will ap  ply,immcdiat<-lv.       '-���������",'*  Miifield, Svpt. 29th. 1863.  PRIVATE    BOARDING.  R. N. C. BAlLEr, begs to inform hi3 iriends ani  the public that ho bas reiuovod from the Orleans  House to tho Anglo-Ajikejca* Hoitl, corner of yat������  and Douglas streets. Ladies, gentlemen "nd familiw  visiting Victoria, will find good B iar.l a d Lodging on  tho moKt reasonable terms. Also, well Furnished P.ooma  to let, with or without Board. 14  15  , V. I.,  MA1THIESSEN k CO.,  Proprietor*.  St.  13  CHANGE   OF   TIME.  ON  WEDNESDAY,   SEPT/ 27th,  The .Steamer "Enterprise"  WILL COMMKXCJ!   IIAKI^G  THREE   TRIPS   PER   WEEK,  LEAVING  QUESNELMOUTH  MONDAYS,   WEDNESDAYS, & FRIDAYS'  AT4,A.M.,  LEAVING SODA CREEK  THE SAME DAY AT NOON.  Nicholas Restaurant,  VICTORIA, V. I.,  MATTHlESSEN ������V CO.,  .   Proprift"r*^  15  ViCTORJA, V.,-I.j  MATTHIESSEN & CO.,  ' .' ;   ' Proprietor?.  BY  Brooks & Patterson.  VIEWS OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  Including too Gold Mines of Cariboo, cm be nb!sh>  at QSKTiLE'g Fhotogr^phjc G������ijoryf Victorie.  cd  OOD   BEDS  AT   THE  FASHION"   HOTEL  ���������z r  OYSTERS-AT THE FASHJOK  15 THE  BARKffiyiLL^,; SATURDAY^ OCT. 14, m  GOLD PRODUCED m CARIBOO IN PBESEKT SEA-  ;, SON, ENDING 14ta OCT. 188$,:  .   ::  Amount exported by the Banks from     .1   -  v. 1st-June to;7th October,  ;       ,   $880,000  Amount purchased : by 'the Banks '���������'���������'���������  '    from 7th Vo:14th. October; ; 70,000  Amo iint expo r ted- l>y merchants ,trad-  !; era and packers,.^,;.:;"h[yy ;. 100,000  Amoiinl taken away by miners them-  selves,*       '" .���������'���������.;..'���������'. 350,000  Lodged ia the;Batiks on special depo< V  sit and in. the hands of minors,       500,000  HETtJKK Off THS<JaVERNMENT iSXPLORING PABrVf  f    Total for 41-2 months,   V   $1,900,000  ���������'"��������� Two companies nlone.had $190,000;  i ..'���������...-��������� '' "* - * ',', . * - ."'~  /fun North East Mines.���������Several miners  Jiave returned from Old Dominion & Vaughan  creeks during the week, and they generally  speak' encouragingly of.-them; ��������� A most reliable -.man..who'has taken "up claims'oii Vaughan  creek states that he can get from a cent to fire  cenW.to the pan, and is satisfied them is good  wages nt leas t to bc made ��������� on it; he is 'siliking  %% shaft... 'Mr. Hilton, of the Aurora claim, returned; on Thursday from Old Dominion creek  .and;giVes"it as his opinion; that wages can be  made on it.; He left three nien provided with  provisions /to sink a shaft; and testithe place  ���������thoroughly. .: Mr.-Hilton is: an, old Cariboo  pioneer miner and-A&.���������.cautious in expressing  an opinion about- the new creek until it has  been properly prospected;;       r      ' "���������'    ���������  ;.;,Williams.CrRse Quaktz Lkdok.���������In a forme r Jss ue we ��������� meritjoued th at a ;qiiartz 1 edge  had been taken up. about two miles' from  ;TOUia.ms./cre.et/.the^'.ou'fc^rjb.'ppiri^ of which  assayed veiv well in both ' silver and gojd.  : Since then the, company have carried on their  operations-*" in : prospecting it and arc, how  down, 16 fu e ������. 'At 'fits t the vein ,d i d not ex-  coo d 2-1 inches, but it has ���������continued to widen  out and therd is now a solid vein 8 feet wide  at the depth mentioned.. The company; have  erected a large shaft lionse and iutend con-  ;tinning work: during the ; winter months.  They havo also sent a ton. of the ore to San  2: rancisco ..fb r assay. ��������� The greatest confidenco  exists that this quartz vein will turn out well.  ;The^quarjaledge;can 'be. traced' for miles^  ' Burglary sin Gamsbonton.-^A succesflfnl  a ttemp t >yas made to rob th������ house of Mt\ C.  Fulton,1 in-Gaineronton, yesterday morning.  The burglars entered: by breaking open a  window in the rear, from which they made  their way into the bar. They took nearly  $200 in cash, between $2000 and $3000. in  promissory notes and the books of the propria tor; the no tea and books are of no use to  tho theives the former do not bear Mr. Fulton's  endorsement, It is supposed from some traces  found by the police that the burglars are Celestials. A cons table .should be stationed in  each town on the creek.   ;  The Indian Liquor Tju rnp.r~ James ifjorihg  prosecuted a man named Pierce before Mr.  Cox, oh.Thursday, for giving liquor to some  <yf the Squaws who aro employed in 'Loririg's  Dancing Saloon, in Gaineronton. The evidence was not strong enough to-procure a  conviction. Subsequently. Loving charged  Pierce with assaulting him at the Court House*  after the previous trial. Pierce was fined  $50 for the assault, but on evidence being af?  .terwards produced that ''--Lpring -was the as-  ��������� gallant Pierce's fine was remitted. V  Liberality of Gov. Seymour.���������Mr. Cox has  received a letter from Governor Seymour,;  from San Francisco, announcing that he ba%|  purchased and forwarded a valuable collection of standard works, of literature for the  'Cameron ton. Library. This will be most gratifying news for those who intend remaining  here all winter, and we only express the feelings of the miners when we state that his Ex-  .cellency7* gift will be a real l><$n and most  highly appreciated by those for Whose benefit  the books are designed.  Lkvanted.���������Considerable excitement has  occurred at Van Winkle among the work  men and creditors of Mr. Miin.ro, the contractor, who, has left the country without meeting  his obligations. The unfortunate roadmen are  losers it is reported to the amount of $8000  or $10,000, and merchants and others have  claims to the tune of $4000 or $5000. It is  hoped that if there are any instalments still  coming to Munro that the Government will  not allow the poor workmen to suffer. Before  leaving Miinro gave .bills of sale of the tools  and bluer property to three individuals.  Illustrations of Cariboo.���������Mr. Gentile has  not been idle since, he arrived on Williams  creek. During the present week be has taken  some beautiful negatives of generaj views of  the creek, as well as of celebrated claims. He  intends leaving for the lower country in the  beginning of next week, and will be prepared to take either views or. likenesses on the  way.  ^30* If you wish to spend a couple of hours  in a pleasant manner don't fail to attend tbo  Parlor Saloon. Barkerville, this evening.  The prospecting party sent but by Government gome  time since, returned'tc Willi:im.g Cruefc on Sunciayjast.  Tney.traversed a largo extent:of country in a nbrtSr*  eatt direction, without however finding gold diggings.  Wo are iniebted to'uvo members of the party for the  foUofrlng pnhicul ������rs "of tlie journey taken-frotn their  Journals:���������Lsft Williams creek on the 21st August and  mado for Baar,'.river: arrived therein the 4th'day out,,  a distance /of.: 30^-miles���������the-course was nearly due  north, i Tap couii try-passed, through- is covered wi th  .Small timber, ano/i$-gtner4ly swampy ���������.' plenty-of feed  for a n i mats' a t lipitervnls a long t he trail; 3 ui'i les from  An tkrtker* Is'.'a ��������� Urge open meadow wi th luxuriin t  grass. On ihe; 5th 4ay crossed Bear river. Co the east  aide, about-A'-vtOMVJ"-*l������w Bear:Like; followod the  cquho of the riVfr 2 days in a N. W, direction lor SO  mfles; tbl3 port ion,of Lhe country resembles Hor.se :Fly  or Beaver L'Akcjdistrfcis; thcri.*i������ cottenwood and scrub  pine in ahundancs^and r^d-top grass to be mot with cc-  oasionally���������found no in'Mentions of gold sofHiv On the  way down Bear rirer crossed a large and swift stream  cnlltul Silmon riv..r; it com^s. from tho east and falls  into Bear river; it is iM from a chuin of.lakes between  Clear river and' Oaar I/<ke. The party changesd their  course to X.K., which brought ���������them to Clear river. 12  mile* above iu month; Iwtc they tried theirlirsi p'roa-  p.?ctina:, found line colors on.severiil of ttie oar? but  not suiiicientto p������y. In pissimj over the mouutiin to  Clear river found <<W gr������irfti ahmij the trail r" won't up  the river to prospect, discovered gold as high up as tlie  falls, about 2 mi les a hove; K erl h Star creek;' th e gold  was very fine and: would notpty. Goniiuiied tiieir  course to the head of tlie strei.111. prospected on ..nearly  all*tlie priii'cip'fcl creeks hut founi nothing; at the head  of  prft  rad .._... ., , ,..,....  Jlariiii, Wright, Curry aod Pernn^-went out through  CARIBOO iPOLICE COUET.  Clear ri ver, lira Iarga, valh-y ,wfcera there was good  ass, made a pirmanynl- camp from which they could  d in ie out over ti ic cou n try, Ha If th e pa r iy���������Zic-  miu Wright, Curry aod Ferrin-^went out through  a low piss or divide and came to a rivjr that runs due  north *.. they t llowed it down 40 milesy. where it empties ill to t ho Fraser; they pr-spectedfan a* d ow iiA e m i  got" tlie'color; they named the .str. rm Pick riv. r from  the fjict of one of the prospectors losing his pick in it;  the country near the mouth is covered"with heavy tim-  bor, chieflvcedar; before getting to th*.>n 1 of theriv-   :-y pr ...  Fraser as far n������ tJi-o .eye, cbul:I;;rjach on r-itb������r.-si\le.  The J vm! is depcribocf as remariiahly f-.-rlila, covered  then to go ont prosp"v.ting in summor;*' at the pi-int  whi re the explorers c i in e out the'- Fraser ru n k h early  west. The balance of the party who remained at the |  camp���������lie Le������n, Hardio, Millvr and Cooney-^-pro.sp:ct-  ed the tributaries to the liead of-Clear river for 2 days ;  Goodykoentz and Frerjch Joe came into camp;with',the,  intell'igenee. of tlieir having. found- a 'gold..bearing crbtk.  th at would pa y from 1 oz. to^ $'S0 |>er d ay. to" tha. hand,;.  tboy wished the Gevi-rnmehtpuriy to come and .$%������.ti  for themselves en condition .that if they liked i L they  were to take Gbodykooniz and Joe as partners in,* the  event of ' their, striking.��������� anything:"' else;';."the ' party  promised to.'.visit Oil Doniiriiotx ctick on their,.\\T?y  back.   McLean i Tl-il*.;' i o a nd M iller went off" on a pros -  of gold; about 12 miles down Pick river the whole par-  ty met a n 1 r11 nrmd to camp. Tiiey thcre arjvi nged. to  iCp to Old Dominion.creek, ami- wtrucafMbuir sU ps for  that purp^Bo to the second camp on Clear river. Scv-n  of the n*riy wont to Gooilykoontz crock and there ������i-  vidod themselves, -i' to go out to the.N, W.. to pro?peci  anu the remainder to help pink a shaft, on Old Dominion  creek; McLean. Curry, McM'rtin and Wright explored  the country between Pick river ������n-t Bear river; they  did iiot find goMvin apprcci.ibioquuitlties; the country  was ie the marhi'J range, iu wliich all the creeks take  their rise; they proceeded to Bair river, and 10 mil>s  below Clear river they found fine gol t on the bars; followed Bear river ami Clear river, to nrst c:unp; and discovered fine gold as they went ulon?���������not -in paying  ing quantities however; they were 11 days en the trip,  and wh*nTthey arrived in camp learned that the bal-  ance were waiLing for them anxious tolrelurn home.  ' .i; f.y ^���������'r'-.(BeforeWi(&. Cox,}Ksq^^P^^V'4. '���������������������������':'-'-;  ���������;:'; /Af";    Wedaeatk^llttf^otvlSfe.;;,  ���������'��������� ���������?' 'T '������������������ ��������� > ���������'. ;r ? ���������:: ���������A' STor 'to botVdtr^;' :- ��������� ���������' i. f CZ '���������:.;-:  ^Alexaiader Bicksoii^ a colored ni an.^tter:  known- as 4fDixie," andjRosarib; wei^ charged  by Mr. Chief .I'Gozietabl^^t^ml^^i^^e^  ing a disturbance in BarkerviUejvpn;t|ie iOfli  insfc, and al^o for drawing knives upon each  otber. y ��������� _;. ��������� t-       -   } ' ���������''      -'--..   ' ";. '  ;;Mr. Fitzgerald,'bewg sworn, stated*that;^lie  was coihihg, through Barkerviile^oh-TUesda^  when lie witnessed one of those scenes:oT'dil?:>  turbance which are not unfrequeht'therd. lie,  Raw Dlxio ahd-Rosario on the hill behind the  houses where they had gone to fight'with  knives. |'He separated them and told Dixie to  go borne, advice which'-he adopted. Subsequent to ibis he saw a Crowd on Barkerville  street and Dixie came^ rushing out of Moses'  barber shop flourishing a ^knile'; in his hand,  with the Intention of attacking Rosario again.;  Witness believed\ that Rosario had not liis  knife drawn and lie put it, in his pocket when  to Id-, to do so. Dixie was the worse of liquor.,  Jlr.Cpx���������-What have;you to.say'-to tho charge*  Dixon. , -.       :    ��������� ��������� . ���������;.''  :.i*risbher-���������What Mr.Fiizgerald has staled-is.  i t earl y correct j when he tpld:;me,1 to, go: home.  X went off;.: on .my way home I met a carpenter named Bailey, \.whb said to me, "hold^ou  and take.a .drink*; ���������' we. were: coming Tup., together on the; sidewalk wheh;1this:;:hran canib  behind irie, I felt a.^lick'Minder the arm and  then another on the back, and next foniid my-;  self down on the,road : Moses hauled me;iii.;  Mr. Fi.tzgerald-^The'.. prisoner bad it-in bis  pbjver to: Btay in Moses' shoptand Moses even  tried .to'keep .hinV-in^;::;\,^;';.! ���������y:''Z^-'X'.^y .  Prisoner���������I just wanted ;to look1 out-1 o.see  that this man ..would not strike me with;.his  knife. .-  t;;.; ���������'. V':'���������-.;'- fy_yp- . ��������� \'; :y ]'.  Uv.X)ot^I will put an end to the. drawing [  of knives on this creek. I fine you ������50, or in  d e fault six ra o h tits y imprison men t, an d' you  must find bail to keep the peace for.six months;  With respect to the 'Spaniard;-he. has never  been belore the Court before... '-   -/0-\ ::'v  Rosario'���������ilc (Dixie) owed me monev and  put me off from day to- day lor; three- weeks  and has not paid me; I cluf not draw the knifc,^  f only used :iny hands.  7'; ���������  Mr. Fitzgerald���������Lam'not-sure IhSt the prisoner had the knife drawn,"' :I rather th ink not.  A:colored man was swbrhwlib; testified to  the.'Spaniardlii'tting r>ixiemnd,kd6eking; him  'from.;tho.siiiewalk onto the road on .'"fail fours"  when Dixie picked himself. lip and ^in into  Moses7 shop., .,>.-���������       .      ^:";; ..,  Bfr/Gox-r-I will.fine Rosario $25 for the assault ..... ���������"!���������;.,, " .    .    .- '     ���������  [The wfcolesome pa nishment infiicted in  this case will have a most salutary efiect' in  sup p ressi n g ro wd j ism on t he creek. Mr,  Fitzgerald iieser v es g reat credit fo r h is p rom p:  titude in arresting the .onenders and bringing  them to jusiice. We think it only right: to.  mention that it is solely owing to the small  staff of -constables at the* disposal of tbe very  efficient chief constable hero that .so many  rows have liken place in Barkerville during  the present season.' We, hope that; this will  be rem ediod nex t year .and an extra num b er  of constables stationed here to preserve or-  It will scarcely bSgredited that Mr.  During the lime McLean and the three others mentioned were out Miller and Oooney had. been,to Old l)omiu-  '" der. ,,.....,..  a rich creek; Mr. Miller docs not mean to assert mat j f^gerald &s only had tw^|Sen to assisthim  dixKincs m;������y not lie found on it; Giiixiykoen^z had left j in preservii?g order in the^wHole of Cariboo,  t������ined heyond j and one ofihe two has also had to act as jailor  in Richfield." When the great amount of work  that is to le done in this .district is taken in to  consideration it is marvellous how so small a  staff has been able to accomplish.it. Mr. Fitzgerald lies had sufficient office work to do in  connection with the courts to occupy nearly tie  whole time of a clerk, yet he has left no pari'  of his police, duties unfulfilled. We have very  great pleasure in bearing testimony to the  general efticiency of Mr. Fitzgerald for the  important and onerous duties which he has to  discharge/as.well as to the courtesy which  he manifests to all who have any business to  transact at the Court House. In Messrs.Wood  and M c^e i 11 M r. F itzger1 a Id has two stea dy  and valuable officers, whose services we regret to say are very illrequitted by the Gov-  f ernment.���������En.]  Nkw RoAO.r-The new road from Cottonwood is now open for traffic. Whilst the road  appears to be generally well made, yet there  arc spots which are even worse with mud than  'the old trail. U would seem as if the drainage, which is so essential to the making of a  firm road, had been greatly neglected. No  doubt however this will be remedied, We  aro apprehensive that it will be a long time  before waggons can pass- over it...   We were  "     that a bridge has  bib range; The party resolved upon returning, the  weather being- most inclement and tneir provisions getting scarce. On the way back Mill t, IVrrin and Cxm-  ey went down S dmon river on'a raft S miles, ami went  out '  * " ' ������������������'   - ���������-- .i .^  in  (i  riv .���������___   and crossed to the west bide of Iiear riv r, wh������ ro thoy  prospected one creek on which thoy found fine gold";  on their return to camp tlie pariy kit immeciattly for  home, and arrived-Into on tlie 8th, Thoy waited on  Mr. Cox ii nd handed oyer to him the horses, &c, wliich  he sold by auction the following day. It is tho opinion  of the nt< n that the best diggiup will be found .V. W.  instead oTK,E. of Williams crook, nnd within artdius  of 40 to 50 miles of the latter. Tho marble r*mg������ to  tho N.E. is apparently about 20 miles wide, and its direction is from N.K. to S, W., it is trswersed by asl;iu?  range of limited extimt; there is very Uttlu quartz  cropping out anywhere unless on Old Bomininn creek  During tho whole lime the parly were out they experienced ttrrible weather; it Vt\hwtl nearly incessanlly all  tho time, a good deal of snow also Ml, The men geii;,  erally stood the journey txcjudingly well.  : Cabjuqo LifERART- IswiTtnk^M* would  call :ffie/^ttesJtioii;vbir', all"<^������������������hOf/''--iiitexidj r*>-  inaiuipgt on; the crefek' during ������ thei'^winter; to;  ^i&f,a}uab^ to  be able to state that-there is now in tBo hand*  pf the treasurer sufficient funds to pay off all  thei(i^:agalust^ tn-a  tenftoii of ��������� the directors to^Haveriijbnble floor  I laid! and* the walls; newly; papered.    These  ��������� Snip.ro.ymehtsi are. already'<���������; commenced >nd  ' wi 11 be;: conpleted by -the time the ne# b ootar. ������������������������'.,  ^romisedlhe! Institute by Ihe Colpaiatl ������&*  rotary.afriyej fiz't acquisitibn of perhaps^9  Iffi^rejl'ypiumns]of :heir bbeki'Wii-i^iiin  iih'pprtantxi^ition toHhalibrary.^We &o not  ,  hesitate to assert that thetlnstituto during itf������  ensuing winter will be a most .popii&r placo  of resort arid; we earhestly .adviie all who tg* '���������; v  main oh the c'recic to sup port an Insti til tio n,.  that is calculated to confer. bo, inany ; a^tafe*  t&gm. iry.'ij;,..  'J;:iy^':^y '^:<''���������^-.,.  Trjb Mixu--!jlnd. ExpRB33.^We- undetBten<t!;'  (here will be only one j^util and expreHS 6er^   '  vicela moritMo' Cariboo, during the com fcg. v  winter.    This will,be felt yery acriously h,v v*"'  people whp intend remaining hero.    We feet > -*'  ifcigg^due to -theumaU,:c<ra^ct^r^HrrBar' y  n'afu^^state^^^.has carried oufc bis con-   ���������? -  tract- during the sa^n^������>toi.���������fte..ontirei*|fti^������,.������������������ u  faction of .the public mtbis^strjctj-v^^hiy  hot heard a Bingle corapjaiiit'��������� against iiim dm *.  ing:the season, which 1b highly credi(*1>le to; ^  the .contractor. .rIt.i$o?(!y justjee /to, -Mewp: A ^  Humphrey,^Pool ^ano? ^oMstoh^ ^ho'ii oarfy;   V^  the mail from Quesnelmouth ��������� to^tate^ that they   "^ ���������!���������  have performed theirpart with 'a pB^iptitud e :.;  and efficiency 'that; is : highly . cpramendabk.  Oh their part of s the ^.road-;'not; a ; singie Uihsr  take or, delay has occurred.: ��������� *v  Thk Mining Registry Office.���������Wo, would  notbie^'dbing justice; ti) av-m^t:efflci^gtt>]ic    ..  .officer itwe,..pmitted to notice: 1 before we-iaka    ..  our departureJ from^Gatiboo the ^correct Ijpan*  her in which the public riscords- are kept here���������  by, Mr. ALG-. Phillip^:the district Registrar. rI������   ;;���������  thp; Supf pme and Geld^Ooinmiasiqner's;Gourt������  during: the season the bo oks and records hava,  been alrnosfc:: ?dai 1 y   u nder >inspectloa, -^and  yet wchave never; known an -error^pf-the   y  Registrar to be discovered. ; Such -a" state ��������� ef:; ^'  things speaks well for the manner in. whicU  the very imp or tan t d uties of the office are per ������> -  'formed' by Mr. Phillips. ';;;   -j ���������>��������� ;l';.^;.St -V^  ;;WiLiiLUfs" ChiEK. .RoAB.T-This/,public IZOr  proyoment is-npw: c6mpleted;and is a.gre^ ���������  convenience:to the inhabitania; in the'eeyerai   ':  : towns;-; -The^wonder ho wis hpwpebp^"ceuli('  ,do-without it so long..' The road is weubuUt-  and al tliongh only - j ust finished w aa^ A?f \t  as:if if!bad been completed for months. 'This"  is tbe efiect' of good drainage. : The greatest J.  credit is due the cohiractpr..   i  :; .  . AcknowledosrEXT.-^AVe are requeited* by  \V. G.���������'��������� Cox j Esq.1,-1* state that the Hon. G. A.  Walk em liberally donated S.I50 to the Cariboo  Hospital.-before-taking his departure for New . ^  ���������Westminster.   ; :h '."^    ,.._.yw \-^.--y/-P'k;^:l, '? .:"  MoxTHtY Gold Expoivt.;���������On the 7th instant -  the Bank of British Columbia exported to  Victoria $79,000, and the Bank of British. "!  North America: $72,0,00; total, USlflOQ. y.. t  Notice���������We would/eel..'obliged for a prompt  settlement <of all outstanding- accounts due'  this establishment. ��������� *   v  DI3CD.���������On the 7th inst., at the Cariboo District.     ���������  HospiLp.2, oi" cncurisni, Eichanl B.: Morgan, a n������.tlv9 df  Bri igewater, Somersetshire, England, .aged 34 years. ;;���������/��������� ;  pointed by the inhabitants of Barkerville������as \i []Mi tbo chief O  night watebman in the town. ^,V������0X h!l'j ^ould order its erectic  approved of the appointment.   Wi liamswiU - c Out.-Scv  bc'paidbythe inhabitants themselves.   ^������ I ^f^S'a iwue  think however that his salary should be.sup- ������or mis u.iy  jrteaen^a by an allowance fro ra Gov.?rflflK.n^  small  . om mission er of Works  ion forthwith.  eral articles' intended  ii������ ������*.��������������� i n cludia? o i������ r m \ n t n  v!ev, bavo been -?rov- dzi ou:.  ro  FRENCH & SPANISH.:,;;;;  0X3.  B.  PEFFIS, Graduate of the Acadl������tti������ do  P.iri?, 'Prnftssor of Languages, intends giving"!������*.  sons in French and Spanish, ^At VictprhyV. I., during  the winter season.     Mons. Deffls has had a good doa]  of experience in teaching; Lia mode of tuition bcl&.{ .,  easy ajifl effective will he found to give saM3f������GtiOE,w  Having lived in various parts of Mexico, including 1U*:  Metropolis, llJzatlan, &C, and being more especially ������  Professor of the. Spanish language, he is enabled tit instruct in a very *hort time, p-'rsous Intending to proceed toMesioo in.the Spanish language,'.by which  tliry v.-ill be a bio to Ppwk it fiuuntly.  Williiins Creek, P.O., Oct. 7th, 1865. IP  In 'tha Uouuty Court holden at Gariboo East.  IN* 15ANKRUPTCT. -  In re Fravcis DrSTrv, a Bankrupt.  TPHE ABOVE KAMED BANKRUPT having pawod'hli  I second exnminiition, notice is hereby given that th-������  third and kst meeting of creditors of said> Bankrupt  will be held at the Court House, Richfield, on Thursday  the 26th of October, lSCf>,.at 3 o'chKJk, p. m., for the <  purpose of proving debts and granting his certificate of  discharge. By or.ior of the Court.  ��������� F. V. LEE, .  Agent for Bankrupt,  Richfield, S������pl. 25th, 1305, 18  Restaurant and. B&kery  IX BARKERVILLE  FOR _S ALE.  MlK UNDERSTGSED offers the old established R:s-  j, tauruntand JJtkery carried on by him for sal-.  Tlie stand is the best in Uarkcrvilie., and the tnde attached to both branches of business is supirlor to an}.  tiling in Cariboft. The house is cprnmoUiuus and com-  rort:ibIc, and a consider iMe sum was laid out thissu������j.  mrr in improvements. If purchased within a month a  very moderate priG3 will bo tak-.-n for the Hjuso ea-J  Lot with good will of the bu.sin.*ss.  '    r.'.r price and m rticuLira apply to  GEO. MILLER,  17 .RN-^viirr.r.1 ';������*.' }j .W-'iy. a*rk rvill*. s��-
::���;���- i-> GEORGE. WALLAOB, ProHbbtos/
Ows��^ :Qmw&o.'
-: ; _,V\/X 5*"f;..; Subscription,���- $-1 j per ; :week,; n/.,- v ���.,,;.
. (Insjmdiag > ���osi! of^deUvuyi-Jf payable to the. Oft^sfc.*
3Kia>empygd;bf8/8tock'of. :",.
' Jfarthtt wJfc^inaathB,te the-Store/of:  ; ��� <;l
V-' fe ";;.'^/v-'SA:i''MR.^}"A:. MEACHEM,-:
...."/-Uti "'���'������      -.-' ��/?/'���:; **���;v.- ':������>;���'-i"T-f- ;- Barkervillo,
01?oulatirig   lii 1>rary!
THE(^BRMS OF SUS^IPTIOK have/be^a rodttddil to
" $3'ffer. month ��� above,-������ 100;voliirjses^oftNew .<.Works,
have been only'lately added tp tbo circulating Library.
r'3P��Vtter��wiQjJcitfe& to subscribe:.-    \ ^ . ,*/";/
yyjb^f,.::.. 'h'fz4ty'i^ JOHN BOWRON,��� Librarian.;��� -
h i  .*; ��� i bia, an& Fnget Sound.
^nri|ew "Robertson, j
/*1 OVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA, (opposite the |
.\X.Bank of;British Columbia)'begs to announce that
/he Mas jusl received Ex^Philoincla- from Londouj -;and
per last steamer from/SanrJ^rancisGO, ^French.Doeskins,
Beavers/ Wito eys, aHd a" I arge ;assor tment or English
aod/ScotcfrTweedsj West tof England:. Broad cloths,-, (all
'shades); &c.;:.: Tho latest English and; American* Fasb-
"toho TegularJy received. .'.���/��� . -k ..-������-.'/-���-;,
/^';-''';-I4::r'1 ���-'���'{ y ' '���'-:��� ./:'���;/:���/        ���*"'. Government Street..
��!WBMwaii��^iBiBa��wB��nwMii ��� ���' iMimwi.mi j, m ���������������� mihihi ������������pii 1
���."tfb-rj -.' i: .,�����'>*'. :��>����>.  -. ;;4:      ':vV^'
:<opju(MqQ, eq^ ojtsocldo; ^9aa?g juennuoAq*)
,:':��� ������:��� '   . "k"i -Siti';;.'- :*r *   '.<"-'
���lv si frmo&QiA-m
iMlMOia  M ::;3KXMS.
Mo3^; :;jjnerioa.
EaT^iiaaro iN-isae:   IxoonyoBATfit) by Royal
JN 12,600 SHARES,  ;0y. $100;EACHj
With PowerCiio' Xiicrease. ',,.
^���; * '���'' ; / ^OairKBdKTON,/1 ^:::. J/,' y ;>;->:,(i; ��� I
'f 'have' Justr^ceivsd a-srip^iy of .  i.. ,i"-;..1
^ varying in size from] 6��� to & i nch;;: they \ are. 6ifr> fl rs t-ra te
qua lity,- and /warranted/ to ,bako"iwel|. ��',*"���. Alsb/ia well as -
r sorted: Btbcki of "SHEET: IRON; tiiitb/Galvanizbd .and
yL't r "jftm -<m Jt.i>M'ayson:hand^;"���'*;,' '/' -���;' ,' I-
8h.oetTlron Stoves;^ Gookir^ l&axige&i ^Hy-
VKi-v-^.. ^'V'n' ^������*^a^Pr?fP-��?��ffB9,-s."'1 -^"-'^-^;- ���-������,.
'-./:*-;igp ifll workiin outline' dpne/[at reasonable rates and
warranted tp/gi]re:Sa^i8fSw;ti6n. ;;** ^ />T ��� / ���YV .. ��� 47,:i
THB UNDERSIGNED respectfully intimate that they
aro now=s|>repared to.supply-in quantities tho above
iVhi^bly'recqmmehded PALE;ALE & PORTER, in.cask
and botif��,: of their own,brewing',
JKJ* A trial solicited. ���*' -   .
,f\:    ��� . /   KERR &.DUHIG.
Qucanelmoutb, 11th Sept. 1S65.  ,. 16
G^peniieiiner &ti Co.,
A    CARD.
&ct having commencod business^-re^pectfully.soil-
cits' a.share:or.therpubjic patronage,' and artists that by
prompt,attention/to business,-he wjll secure the same,
arid give goner'fl^satisfaction., ,--: ;!
* Money handed over aa soon as^ colIeclcdV
������[ Office���Govern men t street, corner of Bastion ���
/ References���W. S.  S.  Green j %'Esq., and M. /W. T.
'Drake,; Esq.-; -.���;/-;;'-'-���'..-���.:<. .���.,.,.-=.- ��� v-h..
VICTORIA���Ba nk of British Colunit/ia:;  * /'
NANAIMO���Banlc of .British Columbia; '--;���  '   '.    ��� /
;;;..;,;.; :,wlBJafc^ .i <jy
NEW WESTMINSTER^-Bank of British Columbia-':
YALE���Bank of British Columbia; ��� ��� -** " *C\
MOUTH QUESNEI>���Bank of Bi'itish Columbia;
IN THE UMTBIj STATES. /   : -   ��
SAN FRANClSCO-^Bankof.British-Columbia;   : ���/
PORTLAND, OREGON���Bank or British Columbia.;":."
';1N CANADA,   : :    /'.-'r^--'''
���    BANK   OF   MONTREAL,    ���
Montreal, fforonto, Quebec,  Him i I ton,-,-Lon'toh, Kingston,' Cobourg,  BMlc'vilic,  Brantl'ord,���-Brock-
Viae,Wffitby/Pa tcrboro, Ottawa ,>' Gu��ipfav
, -  Goderioh, Strnifohl, Pfc'toiu Perth,
���r    .   >   Simcoe, St. Catherines;
V      IN: ENGLAND,  . l'.:y
LONDOX���Bank of British Coluiribin-^Sa-Lornbard St.
> Capital
led Net.
;"n OBERt; EDWIN JACKSON; 6f;ihe firm /of Drake'-.&���
JLtj -Jackson, Government street, Victoria^ Solicitors;
has been duly iappolhted a Notary Public in and for the
Colonyof Vancouver/Island; by com mission j under the
hand and spal of the; Archbishop of. Canierb��ry'.- bear-
ing date the17th' day of/June,; A;D/. 1SW/ r*i , 14
And every othei* description of G oods requir-
ed by the 3Iining community.
J5��* Moderate Terms.
: CURRENT .ACCOUNTS opened for any amount not
less limn One"-Hundred Dollars; '   :    < '���
Bills.Di^coiinted.aiiil Collectod; and Bills of Exchange
on Great Britain, S*<u Franciscb; and New York" purchased/ ;-_,;���;.-;;,;.,.. ���,-':;-   :.. .��������� ;y:-&r :..:.; :.x:< ���' ���    ''������- '���"������ h ''.'."'
Drafts issued on all the Branches and'Ageiici^s: ���'���- ' Vt
: ��� GQvernm en t; and othor: Sccurit ii-s . reciii ved for safe
custody; Interests and Dividends collected.
Rcceived: on. Deposi t,,; or, Advanccs made upon th om.
/���;|; i;;^$ SAY^jS' FF io&yy
G0T..0 Dust. Mel tod and Assayed,- and returns'madev
within 2i.hours. *. ���'!, iy--' ;> ;*;/i ���-/:;��� ������ ������- "���'���"i;-::.        ���.���< -.:
O res of ���every descri p iirm ca rofu lly. Asss y cd;.   ', ���; ���>"������
��� Cameron ton, Williams Creek: ' ' ���;'��� " V"' A '
--"     ---$5,000,000
 _y-    ;-       600,000
,  I^iAbrbiPFKjaN 7,":Br./;HELENS PLACE L0ND0H.
���    /;:.,.;j;;V:;.; \   ^ESTABLISHMENTS:
$jft Fraxcisco���P.- h; Grain & W. S. Suther)an��! Asrmt.
:M?Hjro^rrS^f^ WatBon:.&;James.Smifh, ag^nta���
Montreal; '    Quebec;. Toronto;      Hiimiitn��.'
���Kingston; ���.-'..���" London,.GW-: Brantford:   HalifsT Wa
���      -'-���? St. Johns; N.B.;   Victoria, V. I       ' N' 8��
-.v-;(> '"       ���"-/  .-.,      ���   AGENTS:'"'-  ���
5c0TtAxn-^Natlonal' Bank of Pcotland;
lREiAN*n^PravinciaIBank of Ireland;
Fkante���Marcuard, Andre & Cio, Paris*
AusTRAiiA-c-UnionBank of Australia; *
Ixdia.; China&Japax���Charter id Mercauiila B^iik nr
���   India, London and China. - ^K *r
DRAFTS'ISSUED.on London, New York, SauKrun.
Cisco, Ca nada. Now B runswick, Nova Scr^t i * uu d on aB -
the Branches of the National Bank of Scotland uud
ProyhicWi Bank oi" Irelau tt.
Bills of Exchange and'Gold Purchased,
; Interest on,Special'Dyposits of.Mon'��*y allowed at ihs'
rate of aqu'irt^r pf onc.jpor'cont. p,��r monih.
jK&~ Th o It is n k receives Gol I 1 Just and B i rs for safts
keeping without charge; 'underiakos tho purclmse and
Stile 'Of Stock; the Collection 01 Billrf and other monay
bu*?ihess fu tiie United Stales and BriiUh Proviswe. ���
BARKERVILLE, William-Creek,..
Lave p.a* hand a la/rge -$ to ck o f .the folio wing
"goods7 just arri vedjj which. they, will sell at tho ���
-"^���V7>"!*Lowest Market 'Rates, viz";/ /, / // :
GROCiRIES,- '^lDciuding'' Plskles; Jains,; ail iciads; of
Sauces, &c.,) '���' V" *"""' -'-������ ;: ���" -';; ���������"'���;:; ��� ��� -,;- '���.";'- -  '���"1_ *.;
p ^PROVISIONS, '^\:^^v-r:j-y *v-=.,;-- '.' ������:���
;-;      HARDWARE, CROCKERt,   /
..,.,��� -j;y;&i-- t iiiQTjoBS- wines, =
���--,���:' vv v*J)-?:- "vSEGARS; TOBACCO,   ���
.r-���;>::-���/..'     /STATIONERY, CLOTHING,
:V.-.         .:BOOXS. .AND- SHOES.
MlNW?e-UTENSILS, including,.
��� ; ���---������': -;y:\":-- --C-:/SH&VELS^FORJCS; "��� "
������^:V^ld--:^::i,*'X. ,/DUCK, ROPK, ���
'/���';- ,.:.:;:"///5/: .V;,-1".-;.^ '.I ���������/.������:���.*-. iPICKS, 4w., &o."
/' -jtej^partfcnlar attention is sallsd to .our fine stock,
: Barkerville^vi2th June; 1$65.-    ' -10
eneral Merchandize,
flEOBG-E   LANG-VOKS-T,  Genrral  Dealer  fn
Wliolesale & Commission
Merchants, r
Hay and G-rain at*. Lowest' Ratos ;   (Jood, St ailing-
Gratis to parti es buying Feed. [ s
���   .'       -..;���;... yictouja, . Febriiary 24, 1805.
THE UNDERSIGNED, having purchased' the goodwill
-of, the late. Una' of Guild, David & Co., wiilcontinue
the Wholesale Provision and C��)mmissiQ!i^Bu?ihess, .at
the "store, corner of. Bastion��and "Wharfv street*, under
J ulks D a vj o wi 11 a c t as;4Ia hage r o f. sa i d b usiness. The
b Ufc j ties 9 on Go vornhient s tree t w i 11 he ci .rri*d -on as
heretofore       . WE1SSE^DURGER&/SCIIL0ESSER^ "\
"-    . "~: No'tiOEi;      ������:-l'<-X:.
Jrx and Shoes, cm bo ���'���bought'.'-cheaper.'?,n't tho store of
the undersigned than at any other;place?in the colon3'.'
E very articlo marked in plain i��gore&. Terms���CASH.
N. B. ���Orders from tho uj ipar con n try rec i ve pro in p t
attention. . j.>, v..-. *.'. ARTHUR BULLOCK/-"'
'' s      Opposi to Colon ial Resta uraiit, New Wostm i n ster
]7   MARKS, W^a^hiriaker & 'Jeweler, /^W
M?Jm ��� Yates street,   Victoria,' V,  I., keVp3..'-con;-;"/f%ift
Golj> .Dr'ST -il| il ted , n nd Assayed, and retoras iaad��
within;24 liouH in'Coin or Bars.
1 :Ores:of-eyeiy description carefully Assayed.
/;.. Kl B.���Any JnsirucUons as to tho"disposal of th��pr��..
0ccil'i of Gol ft, Dus t for \varded to the oiflc e in TioiorU
for Assay \v ill b s, ca r if ul ly at ten-led to.
:   J,G.  SHEPHERD, Manager.
Victoria, V. I , Jl��y, a��65. .,..- l-i
J:'-' A. JMcCKEA, Auctioneer, )Vharp.. Stkusi,
��� ; Victoria, ��� Vancouver Island. '   |
',]"VATfTIEL SCOTT, .& CO,, Auctioneers and
..Iff Co>i.missiu>* Merchants, City!Auclion Itijonis, Fori
street, Victoria.:sCash advaneed on MerchandiSi*, to nay
ainquni, con.-igned for sale. .Rofercnco���Hon. R-l'tx-
;i.a f so.v, of. H. D��� Co an4 :Lloyd'a Agcn t. 1
vp;;,P: DAVTES & CO., Auctioneers & Com-
t* ���':-Mxssiox MiRaiASTS, Fire Proof Stona HuJMfrgg,
Wharf kreetjVictoria^.V. I.     Liberal
-on Coiisisnihciits.-V    /.
Advances mid*
JOHN V... COUGH, ; Importer and Genera]
-C0.U3IISSION MERCHANT, CommeTCiu-l-JRew,\rk��n'
s I recti ������Victory.',; Vaiicouyer Island. a
rt OLBSTQ3STE, and BROTHER, Agents for
; VT the - Pionc'c r .Flour Mil Is,; Commission mkhcu a^ ts ,-
���importers: and- Wholesale Dealers In* Gbocsriss, Ps*-
'���.ns^SjV'.'Pfcv^jGocoiSi^ Clothi-vg, Boots and Suoes, &c,
iiwo-s/t.ory/ FirCproof .l)��iiding, Reid's ttJcck, -bet Wot a
;ihb 'sttirJs'"pbjf? WUkls.& Co. and ytow-art k Co.,��� VTharf
Street,"Victoria."' V-v. "\"'��� s :
L'HOTjKLIEBi Importer and Dealer In-'GRO.
7 Vr h a rf' s t rec t,"' b e t ween Joh ns ten a n d rates, Vic ton's,
Vancouver Ishri;V/   -: / ''��� : I
stiinMy on band a mper!or stock of Gul���'! and
Silver WATCHES*,--. Gold. Gluiiiis. Buckles, PI a tod'Ware-
Clocks,  & c.    : Pa r U c iilar' a tie ii t io n pii i d. to repri \ ri ilg
Watches u nd JowcJsy.     AH work w0 rnuited.
from the country promptly attended to.
v / Came^ Creek; B. Ct
GROOBRifiSr"-5 r " :I7^*TT*'
,   ./pfeo^isi^NS..:   '.;���. ,. ��� -' :v,-.  -; -.t
;��� *,/ i-/.//;.;: J .LIQUORS,. <;:>& * ��� -'"������
'������'li^^r-^^.-v^^EGAHS^'i' '/'������'��� ,"\;'";���:?,
i   .^ ->..���,--.;:     :   :   ���   TdBACCO,   -    -/
yi-'t :'v"--     - '��� ���':'���' ' HARFWARB,
mining utensils,
^   /".Stationery,
. ' : ��� ^clothing,
":".:.      iS ���     BOOTS & SHOES,
r     '        DRY GOODS, &c, &c.
-���/.".-: ��� ������;������ ^^Ri|��KRCHANT,-   ���-!��� . ���;���..:- -
'-���������,-������ //     Boots. SKoes,  Tinware, :Eto.   .^:
.... QUESJfEL MO0TH, ;    -j -s��� ' ,
teaporters and Dealers .in/ CHINESE- GOODS, Rice, Su-
^garj'Tea, Provisions.
:; ���      -QUESNEL "���jJO.U.TH.' s    ���
���'���-  E. C.  d.lLLETTE.
QPORBORG^ & RUEFF, Coinmissioiv Meri
O CHANTS, AVholesale Dealers in Gnockiues aiid Puo-
visioxs, Whs rf s j roe t, Vi c torh.  ���>> -Si h   ;
TpDG-AR ���&' AIME, Commission Miroha.
Xj Wholesalo^oaL rs in GnocEKiKs -anb Pr^visi
Who rjlsstrcet/; v ictoria,.Vancou vor Isimni\.
spc ct} ui ly soii.Gi ts.; tup. a t ton ti u n 01 u in urs a 0 0 cue pu H ���
I-tic':iii' genera]" -lo^IJia well assorted stock of'pure Kngfeh
Dfu/iCS, -Chen) i.cals,. and Pcrfumeiy; also to his Mi star*
ford'-htunnatisrn, ^which';Is ,an inv
this tiistrissin& complaint.
alii able remedy !t?r
I OWE BROTHERS, Commission Merchants
.Li,and Importers of Provisions, GrOcekiks,������ French.
Wines, Liquors/- Hitvana' Cigars, Naval Storos, Kopt\
C.Ltivas, Oars,\to.;, Wharf street, Victoria.        ...   s
jtistiB*Grbo'ds bought ixi'mj Store will be de-
' jiY<p6d FREE OP CARRIAGE to all portions
teof'Williams.Clreelc..- ' ..,".- , ������:.,'
' ;���;' .-������:/:. S.ELSASSER,
������ -
taf .uptake/ ;
Coiflee r Saloon!
AND  .'"'.''   ��� /������
Old  Established ��� General Sroai?,.
, Storage, &c���Terms most Mbdera
; SELLERS'&��� STATIONER^,: constant ly supplied and
7x'ctjiVi*hg^Tfoin hns<ssources,'School, Staiidard, andMW,
C'Uancous Books, and Staplo and Fancy Stationery in
all i ts Branchos Corner va tea un(V Laugley sireste,:
yiotorla'j Vancouver Island. \ ' s    :
r\ LBION* IRON~VoRKS,  Victoria, V. I.,
x.V  Manufacture Steam  Engines and '���Boihrs of  all
? UG-ENE .-THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria,
U .Wholesaia and Retail Daalor in WINES, BRAN-DIM
'"BEERS;. & LIQUORS of every dcscriplion. Goods tor-
wardod'to tbo Mining Districts. 1-*
Feli-&  Go/s Pure  Coffea
dli '"Street; .'detilor in IRON & HARDWARE.   Agent for
Cor.xsb' Fort, and Lasglsy
the sale"of tho'.Boston Rubber Belts.
QCOTCH HOUSE. A. McLean and Co.,
O Hosiers and Generat, Outpjxters. "Miners .and
others will.find at thofc'cotch House a splendid stock of
Clothing, Boots a ad Shoes, and Dry Goods of every description.' n 11 of tho host quality, and at verv moderate
prices.   Fort street, Victoria,��� V. I. * s
Barkerville, B. O,,
A. KELLY, PitoPSiEToit.
���Everything is done in connection Avlth this establish
'meat"to give aatisfaclion to the customers.
Pissolutioil of Partnership
THP PARTNERSHIP hitherto existing between tho
undersigned.under the'.firm of Mayer & Qronosky
js this day dissolved by mutualiConsent,.Nathan Mayer
Retiring irons the iirm. - The;business will be c.irried on
In futurb by Levy Gronosky. ;Eithe.r party.is 'authorized to collect outstanding accounts.
*       -^    ���:���**���'������.-���   :" Nathan'Mater,
ht'TY   G&0XO8BT. "   ".1
parksnlllc. Sep*. ISih.18<J5.-    ; ��� 17'
Important  to  Miners!
: ��� Tho unclcrsigned is prepared!��
���::;������ TANNINGS, '. .
On Commiss ion, or w il 1 purchase a ay qua n U ty on th e
Most LxberalTerms, at the
Heading; Roonx, Camerohton,
Subscriber is. now well known on Williams Creek, aud
froiu.,thb confidence reposed in hini ��� j-tst ��ull in the
above business, he hopes to,rgceive the-patronage of
the Min ing communi ty thc^psjjj^ng season. ��� .
 �����     ���        ���:.'*'��� ���"gii^f" JOHN; BOWK ON.
Important to Prospectors
V   YOU     WANT
.CH A NTS   s n 11.. I m por tci-s   of G rocer rKs,   -Pao-
visions, PuonucEj&c., Whari* street, Victoria, V. I.    n
'���raffl.MAfl' ALLSOP, Land-Agent and Oen-
��*#mAh Coatm issips Agknt, Government strect, V ictori a, Vancouver Island. ...... s  ;
ARELIjEY';& FITERRE, Victoria, V. L,
\J.' Sob Agenis "i for Napoleon5s Cabinct Champagn?,
Pielresson dc'St. A'ubin Champagne dry, liducho do dry,
Jules. Mumtn Champagne, Eugcn n Clicquot .Oh am pa hga,
Rokors' Bitters, Sainsevain's CnJiioi'iiia Wine and Ilit-
���fceVsj-irostc-tt<rr>s�� Bitters, Bancroft Cidcy I/>guac Claret,
G. Prvller Claret. " A Urge stock of Bonded Winea.
Brandies, Whiskeys, and Liquors of every desoriplion
always on hand.        ��� -   Grkixet &.Fitkrrr,
** Importers and .Wholesale DJalv-rs,
1's.     ;"    .Junction Wharf and Johnson slreeis.
REMOVAL. * J. L; Jungermaiin, Watch-
MAKER and .JEWELER, has removed to tlie lir.1-
proof Brick Building, within oqo door of Wells, Far/o
& Co. ys Express Oillce, rales street, Victoria, V. L  s
D^CKSON^ CAMPBELL & CO., .Conunis-
s':on Mekohants, Wharf street, Victoria, Vancou-
ver island. H.N. Dicxsok & Co., London-, Dicksox,
I>KWojjr,& Co.,. San Francisco. H _
HENDERSON  &   BtTRNAJBY," Importers
and Commission MsitciiAxrs. Wharf street, Victoria,
V. I., and No. X7, e?racechurch street, London. s_
. Government  street, Victoria, Vancouver Island
TOHN- WILJCIE and CO., Merchants, Whurr
O   fcirect, Victoria, Vancouver Island,. 3
THE UNDERSIGNED IS NOW PREPAID TO ANALYSE ORES ofjjny description brought to htm
for that purpose     Charges moderate,
or. CLEANED en Comtm>eio��, at the Aurora Company's
,R.  POWELL,  has  Removed   his   Office
���and Residence from Fori, s I root to the premises
lately occupied by the Mayor on JJroad street, Victoria.
V.l.   Of lice hours U a. ,m. to,J2, and 8 p. m. to 10.     s'
francois chaperon,
/Baker and General Stork Keeper.
���:��� "Office.
i-\ & devinf.
'fi tjy" HtJSTOK, 'Djsaijsr in GUN?, PISTOLS,
VT i.vg Tackle, Powdkr & Shot, vates street, \��
I ULtTJS LOEWI -k ���CO., Importers and Wiiolssals
e J Dealers: Agents for Tilton & McFarland Fire an*
Burglar Proof Safes and Vaults, Victoria, V. t s
KWONG LEE & C0-; Commission* Mrkohants, ^Importers and Dealers in- CHINESE GOOD.-, Ri^
Sugar. Tea, Provisions, &c., Cormorant street, betwoun
G 0 v er n 1 nm i a ml Douglas streets, Victoria, V L   ' *
.   eminent street, tw;o doors south oi Fort sirou,
VIctoriRi Vancouver Island, s
*'.        '  i ��� a ,-   �� mm   ���  .-
MAWtCgRViUM B/'a "��� " ��� b*
1    BUTRO&OO^ Importers and Dkalebs J*
J.   CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meersliuum lsip^, fc*i p l"
corner of Yates and Wharf street^VJQtori-t ^
""        Vie-
! T EW1S LEWIS," CLOTHIER, vates strbbt,
11 j..'tori��, oppoir.Ue Bank of British North Am*nc;>.


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