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 I  &������M*^^  l:s '���������:  <:yy ���������!  yy 1  '"'! 0\  XXX  '���������DECISION.  BY  CHIEF  JUSTICE NEED-  ,v Htt IN {THE GAS������^ CANADIAN COM-  _,:,"-PAJ^  FtUME COMPANr,VlsT OCTOBER, 1867:  ' This is an action of ejectment tried by con-,  -^erit'-of ^^  mine the /title! to certainmining ground situate  oh:Grouse creek, in"; the,district of Cariboofc  A sum"'of ($3,()68v 50 has beeo .paid^intq court  ;  hy thei parties, and is to labiaefithe: f judgment  < / and'tfrde^ material  ,rare4ree minersacting in copartnership, under  the' ist$eV qf ��������� thei Canadian^ co. ilbe jdefend-  kri t9.|ate*af. j o jut/ stbfck-eoimp any; limited; regis?  ��������� r*teredmhtl incoKjDorii:edii nnderjthe Joint Stock  .Companies' Act. On the 30th April, 1864,  - the crown, by Peter O'Reilly, of,Cariboo ������Es"-  '. -quire, acting1 on behalf/of Her Majesty the  f *Qneeri,"by _mdeacure"and',1ease-of thaS^date,  in. consideration:  irents land? covenants  r thereinfmenti6ned,granted;aiid leased to the  delendants, a tract of laud situate at',' Grouse  ~ "criqek^." CMbo6^Britii3h;lColiimbia^ described  ,  therein as com mencihg ./from ..a' point at thV  /afbead of  Grouse creek,   thence*,proceeding  . ido v n such creek for a distance pftfonc and mx-  ,    tenths statute  miles, and embracing a strip  of gronnd'one hundred feet wide through the,  iBiitife"-.distance;-'bet'^efc-r   the   said extreme  'points; foi   the piupo&r- of laying a bed roek  v-flume.-therein, and for.other,the,IpurjJbsesin  rV thebaic!indenture mentioned!; together, with  all and singular the lode, and lodes,'vein and  Veins, branch and'branches, reef and reefs, of  gold; silver, and every other metallic mineral  - within ���������and; under the said demised1 premises,  "-and* with! liberty i'o TolioV ihe dips,'angles,  -   and spurs \lliereofv within or. under; and for.  ���������!;'! two  li dptired" fee t^ -bey o nd/.any: part. of the  * "said demised p r e m is es. (e x'ce p c ai t h e? e) ii ek;  "���������eepied) ': To bold tiis said de������"ahed premises,  , to the  uso of the said  Grouse Creek illume  vX5o.-limitedy:'l!iesr^suc lessors and- assigns, for  _Uie BHrm o< tm ya.'u'?,tft\������u-i th������.\Ut- May, 18i������^  ; ihey^rt it de rii"i������ . 4^ s ent u,  I:'fo vfdetTthat fftFe saTd"5  tberiein vmention(  ^ bmpaby should/Tail  -*--to pay. the said.; rent, or if" default'should" be  "made in  the observance or performance of  /  all or atiy/or"any.part of any of the coven-  antsj, a^eerfiehtsr oK stip^Uatioris^thereia coh^  tained ;,of which default the Gold Commissioner of-tbe* district; for .the; time being,  i-ehqttld^be sole and^  of; iand it;should be laVfuli"01' the said Peter  ������'Reilly, or hjs/isuccessors/invpfflce fori the  tirae>by anyvrri tirigliMer1 his 'ori t their hand \  adaressecf to the said J Grpusq:^ Greek Elume  co^dimited, their isuocessors^a  * affixed to ^dhiefcbnspicuonsi ^-p^rtpt tfie^'said'  premises thejreSy-granted;^q declire/the said  demist forfeited ;\and that "after/ the., expira-  "tion of thirty daysiVom the/day of so affixing  flucli^ bpticei those^pre^e^^^ahd^atl rigfo^  /privileges,; and-authorities^therebyi grantedbr  ^conferred; or i iuteMeclso to, be* shouidy;ipsoi  'facto,"!cease,and be /void. I Brior to this grant/  t h e said trap t bf I and h ad b een stake d but Jfyyl  "the defendants/a; survey ;thereq|^madei and^ a  jooap;, lodged witb the propea' authorities^in  ^u ma neeof the requirements ohtheiMin^  -A.pt y and this map contained aidatuin centre  magnetic line, rtinning through the property^  from/ which it was proposed:that the fifty feet  *on each side shouldibe measured. Under the  .aboVe 1 easp, tlie deteiidants eintered bpqaifche  lands, and .became, -possessed;; fori /.the term  thereby, granted. The J_i-;Cornme need the con-  temp I a ted fi u m e arid wo r ks, an 4.\n doing, so,  expended on i the land f rom $20,000 to $30,r  .000.; The full conditions of f the lease were  n o t, b o we ver, com p lied wi tbi o n and p r ior- to  theeigbth day of October, 1866. The said  lease had, by reason tbereofy become liable to  forfeiture, and the crown entitled to eriiter���������, for  'condition broken. No adjudication of default  or declaration qf forfeiture, however j had  then, or has at any time been made, by tlie  Gold Comraissibner, in pursuance of, the  above provisol; nor has any step been taken  by, or on behalf o? the crowa,. to re-enter  Aipon the lease, for condition 'broken. Qn  the eigh th October, 186:6, tho- plaintiflfe - entered upon thei/wb6]e of the lands so flemised  to t he defe ri d ants % afo rpsai d .and on the same  day duly "recorded their claim thereto, in the  Gold Go m ra i ssio a eri court fo r the d is trie t, iii  Abe name of certain persons; mentioned, and  :a-e*be known as the Canadian co.; ;but they  "fcpk no steps to stake put the land which  they so entered and recorded.. By indenture  bf the 23rd March, 186.7? made between Warren R. Spalding, of Cariboo;- Esquire, acting  on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, of the  'first part, and the defendants, of the other  30tfi/of April! 1864:, and that! thelgpvernmeat  was desirous of resuming a great portion p';  the ground andiprivuleges'graiited to the said,  campany,' by" the" said grant "'of the 30th> of  April, 1864, which thei said, company bad cpo:  sen ted to^give/ np, i a consider atio n of liei ng;  freed from the /observance 'df tbe ;prbvisiqiis  of. fetich gra^^  given up.; and also, of a Certain'portion Jof  ^tlie^-'rprbTOipn8^ cliVgrani ap^icitbile to  jthe������premises:tetained in the possessionrof the/  sai(l;Cpmpany ; and tto-the said parties YiM  c on eluded bucK; agre em ent in man n er therein-  afte^e^presse^;; It/^as//fi^  ^vjthessed,!;]^ in coto  and m^rsuance/of siich arrange mentitH^said  comp anyitherebyreleased ii n to jjer Majesty j  he^ihelrs^ successors and'assighs|all/tife^aj-id  and premises, included in the said grant or  demise of the' 3.0tb iday Qf April;: 1^6.4, other  ttiafe/the?land^rig^  thereinafter^^ratained by and* confirmed unto  thesaid' company-their successors and assigns ;���������  and that-freed and cleavecVand for ever discharged from the provisions "/and r conditions!  of thesaid 'graiiit or. demise^and iri co.nsiderai  tion of such release and concessions, and  pursuance bfsiich' agreemen 1% and in consideration of the rents, covenants; conditions  and stipulations thereinafter /contained, and  byjthe said company^ thei r successors - and^as?:  signs, to be respectively paid, observed: and  p'erfbfmed; in lieu, of the rents,Toovehants;  conditions and" stipulations, theretofore respectively imposed, upon the said company,  under the said grant or lease of the:.30th", day  6fApril,/1864;:the said W. R. 'Spaldhig^o  acting on behalf of Her Majesty as ^aforesaid,-  did thereby confirm, demise and lease,-' unto  the said defendants "All thitg&c.^ (here fpl-  lows;the terms of the grant.) ^.Tq, hold -the  said premises thereby coriSrined an(3 assured,  to tbr iij^ of ihc %iX({ /ielondimi,;; th it f oc  c^sora-ani'asslg^ two" years  from the said 23rd day*bf; March, 1S67, rendering the. annual rent 'of "S100, /juarterjy.  Thexbn!diti6i!9"of--tbiaUdeed-hawV.h6t^^6������  complied with by tbe compaaj and the.lease  is.at this moment liable,to forfeiture ^ but no  steps have .been tafcen by tbe Crown to for-.  feit'tbe lease/ The defendants bayep.aidi,and  the;Grp.wnbas accepted the rent reserved by  this'demise up to\the^29*������bday>of Septem  1867; ,^This indenture contains also a 'similar  pro vi80 as to folio wing the -lodes, &c;, and^ as  to'theJforfeiture ahdvtbe adjudlcatidnJhereof  by4he: Gnld Gommissioher^ as th at l contained  in the deed of^ihe 23rd of-April. 1864. 'The  ground so'deinised includes tlie Aground now  elaimed by; the plaintififs.; At the; time the  land was -taken possession of aiid recorded by  tbepiaiBtiffs^viz-jOnthe Sttt.ot October, 1866  therje wasnp persbii actually on i it^ob; behiilf-  of the defendants; ��������� during the whole/ of the  year 18^i^e;defendants were doing; work on  the/ land demised j ;/bu fc n*om tbe 5tli Sept; tq  the1st Nqf^1S66, they did' norie. They ceasf  ed^to carry;ott^the works for want pf funds;J  biiit there is no proof of an intention finally to^  abandon eitherx the i:' works or the bind. It  Was contended on, behalf^of tbe plaintiff tbat  as free miners' they'were en titl ed to'ente r au^  locate the larid^ under the provisipns o f tbe  Mining Act, as vacant an d ab and 6 ri ed ^ I and ^  and that/tho^  entry andirecord of claimi/orivtheioSUi.pcfc.,  1866. ^But assuming '/tbat tlie steps \-taken; / by  thei plairitiffiifbrmed' asufiici^nt ��������� cpmpliiance;  with.the. Mim^^  fn'mon^E'^^  tiniethe siibjecfcof location ; it was neiitlier-  v/acant nor. abandoned nor waste land;o f t[ie  Crown, but wasi."under express grant by the  Grown to the defendants. I think there : was  no abandonment nor interit-ipn to/abaiidon oh  thei part of the defendants,1 nor, indeed, could  there legally be sq by such means and under  such circumstances,   i  ' i;  Is t���������It was"I coritehded that the record "-of  claim on- thei 8th Oct).operated as a rerdemise  by the. Cr������wtt to the plaintiffs, i and 4hat -the  defendants, talcing no steps to defeatit, worked a legal surrender ; but itiseems to me that  theiact of record in thet Gold Cbnimissioner's  court is the act of the party and not an act of  the Crown, and * could."������������������''have no such legal  operation; nor can any/such construction  with propriety be put on the conduct of the  defendan ts. x'"i  2nd^-Itwas contended by the plairitiffs  that defendants had forfeited' their lease by  non-compliance with its conditions, and/;tliat  the plaintiffs, as free miners, wdre entitled to  enter arid clai'm the lands as forfeited. iBtit  ia/my- judgment the lease had only become  liable to forfeiture, and had not iii fact been  forfeited; ibr fconli it be forfelbd in any  w ay but by the means:-' 1 aid 'd 5 whin' the proviso in that behalf contained in the indenture,  and tfieie means-bad!hpt/bepn^dip^  but the crown could enter "on the terms granted iaridi the; Gr]o^  forfeit the lease ; but on the contrary, iby the  deed qf the^ 23rd bfiMarchr 1867, indicated >ih  itlie ni^t di rect way th a t^ th e re :i| n ey ergexi ate d  any intention, to rdo s'o. yThat deed contai*ns" a  surreftler-:liy tlie' defendants -at ihe ^request of  the ofewh.ofalafgeipoSio!^  riously granted', whipu is inconisistant ,with  the supposition of those lands beingiat1 that time  vested in the Crown by/forfeiture.^;' moreover,  the Crown could at; any time'. ,by law \waive  the" forfeiture, and tbe deed of; 18671 is in itself aMfiv&bf^  ^RS|a|S\Ilf^^ ...  the deferidani;Vilea8e | havihg';;beebme^liable-  to:fbr|eit!ur^tbey, asfre  v&i ixj enter cati^c"* 4jrt-?i'p[^jr^rf 'in la\r  i The plaintiffs were )itogether strangers'to  the lease and could have 00 .right under, iqr  6v,e"r,it;j The .Crown, as lessor eouldr alone  enter for,conoidcral-irta *jroLbur m ihX^i^wa  could-,.waive the ��������� forfeiture at 'any time, and  tins-it, did by th" new if rant,' by tbejele* se of  covenant's, arid by ik: acceptance of the rent;  "^Neither of the above views,; therefore,-, can  be supported.in .law.; ^bul; idling on these  grou nds", the plaintiffs sti 11 co n lend th at 'they  are'eri'titled to a portion of the land in,.question, 12 feet 2'inches iu.length, a-,> not living  been,included in-the original'grrvot' jio^he'de^  JnTM^^^JiaMg^ hbiw'iimiiw1111!,"',', Jr", " .  .118 raises^a question of boundary; and'de-J  p ends" 6 n the val 0 e to b e, p I Seed!,: 0 a* tfi'e'*!\& vix  '"d'enVe' iaciancMF/' WltaeB3&i'!hkFe:b������ea:'eal!ea'  00 bath ciiHF; 1 ud bf cohae������l ql lhe" fy rl'tes  lam iask 11 d ������0 dpci*"lc the y 11*������sti01} cf fact,  withoui the intmy^rilioo of a jury������X U is not  necessary, in this' jiidgmeut,.! to:i..;gq;/ throiigli-  the i"e viden ce' la ,'deta i 1, .and>l^bs In In, : fo r-  bbyious reasons; iVom remaiwbn - tbe' yabie  torbu"piaceri or������ the testimony of_the \indjvs-  dunl'w'itnesses. The main struggle has birSed  -upQ^t-wo points, rr/ y;hx;\bc>i 9 post sMYed'  ila? "er's stake', \r^ o������i tlie^'aste.rn bon-jUf C3 of  the d^ftindan'tV. kind ? 9h������J;whPtbqi ������i stake  callcti! the Heron sapling, was tti< xn: '.re stake  from1.which''- the defendants wore jii titled''to  measure filtyfeet on.eacb side.. Ifl-ie Heron  sapling was the true centre stake, aud the  correct datum point'of "'measurement, then it  was admitted, and indeed' could .hot be -de?  nied, that, the..true' boundary line was that  claimed by the, defendants,'and'that, they  were, (with tbe exceptions presently vmen:  fcioned)'entitled to-, the whole pf the land, inr  eluding theis strip of twelvefeet two; inches/in  width.   , " _ -  , AfteDa;frtll and- careful .consideration of  th e evidence/' I ha ve arrived attb ei cqnvi ctio a  that the;defendant aVe right in^keir 'conten-  tiori. arid-that: the Heron;sapling;>or the;poiQt  where that sapling stood? is the true datum:  point, and that stake was placed there in 18(>i  as J the centre stake. ;13ut then it;is contended  by/the5piainte^that; even measuring fiom  this:stakes fifty ieet/pn^ the east side of the 4e-  fendants'-; boundary would "fall 'short of.the  w bole of lhe twel vie feet iiwb inches/ by ���������some  two teet.r But to my mind this is a mistake  the4measuremeht/iwhich'/neither /tlieJcir-  authority of th** |aw,-a child may'execute thi? '  judgment and tiha^^  iwhose wish is^aot jo.aiphbld and obey; the judicial  tribunah 6   th g   count -.-���������tribunals  which have always been regarded- ^v Eng*   ,,  1 ? sh m e n  as -th e -h mXdix- 'of -j lis! i ce f anfl: the  bulwark of their/freedom*.   I desire to express -  my^tfta^lu^ of,'the bar for the ..  able. anOohedt afisistancerl have received at; .  their hands, during a protracted,aiid;somewhat difficult, 'enquiry.   It does; them Jkir'  highest honor.;. \ ,-\ ! .  1      *"l   - -��������� X-~' ">*.''"- -** *���������",_"1 Xj' '    ���������' 1".   ^ , XXX  ���������G$oiM'iCR^^ x  sua SPARROWHXWK 'COMPANY.  ;.C-i1;.;^.;.. '-;'."'',.''.'"/ '.'...''.''���������.. '.',���������'.*"i'', ' "''.���������'".''������������������"'  ''' 'r'.: r".-;'"* /|/ ''"'"'/ *'.'"^'-:''':/g''.:: " 'I..'/.'/'1 ~X  " .This is an ejectment to try the right to k,  piece of 1 jtnd on Grouse Creek/Carib 00.   The  ground claimed.;, is 1250 ;. x<, bj   twenty-fiva  feet on the east, faf the-flume/ and fifty1, fe'et-oii  (the-'westt ^ad'-,iet-in; fact, a part'ff l!|������j������n^ -<���������  ground as thaE^ilaimea^by". the.Gro^r--'; j h eek   -  'F1 ume c0.9 iiridtep:^their' t,wo grabfs 'of 'Aprilj  18 64, an d' Mar c h^ 18 6 7; n n������\ %Xi < c u for med - tho    j  sub j e c t 0 f rrdisp ute m itj^Umi^efi on    By c 0 n f  sent,"the ease, ha|*beefe; triecl' Befpre' rtie\' ,with>i i'.  but^a'jnry ; rJ^.by 'furlbpr ^ov^nfe, the^evi- } ,/  dence taken in'tbe case pjf. the Canadlan*c04 ,-  vx uk G-ioost /'i"fk Fhimb do   h ^y foe %on  iider^u f ^ifka^f <n this eziz ' ThL rkf. rxMht������  en  the' Mih^ Ji^y,   l^f]}, poxbmril>% .ib^s  iunderirthe;circito  Mse/tlirgt6liu#iwl^  'of the Cro wn,r statf^d -kn rf th?_. Jan d , fi ^ m hi eh  vthey n6 v?' claimf' aod r a^ord6-1' tlieir cl a lfA~ s  thereto'with, Xb* /'old Cornai&aiouer ,*mdft^  the provisions .contaihfid m thd Mluing, ^ct;*  ^Jiohn^^f^^io m& wMiliotM a %������dein'celia -,i  llils fcase^toivh'ichitis^not necessary"^in^de* x^  tairtq;ad?ext , For the jfeasdhb alread^^pl^/1'  I /> <ui0r opii ���������������01; ��������� bc: i th���������   Sp^,ri ot Lc ^ k f om-    *  '^rjyfitfv^Xit vi'<lf w>  the Unr������   n\ >{^xXmix  "^^"^e^^ff&jBSt^^iH ihersi^t Iii injSfa*vtqr  '$Sjn^  -alreaJjy"gIvegj11" im Q-rr^ze C&*ertX["Flu/ffi^ ,Ti  ted;Can>diaft|Uo:?a c isb'. 'Jr������ ������1 ^mem, fu* A if - \  X^XikvAiX   ^"^"f ??? /r^    -      - J - ^--x:  ,      '    ^^^^^~^^^x "\t \nr    ,   < i   ;  ^. J8������"' Allow' no s one tb, put ypn off - wi th *ny bthtt; \  Coffee'than.. Fell's: BEsr.! To /bo had fromailregpsot-- ,  able'dealers. - ^ ,:  saassssk:  li:  Aecpniitan.tV ColleqtdPf  r- AND  GO-  MISSION    AdE  ''   BARKERVILLE,   ;    ]  '    OFFlCB.���������OPPOBirfi-H.v  June.17,1867,        ,    ������:   .  OOKio^B f*0REWBBit^  m  Btee  e's  Bestaurant!  EICHFIELD.   '     * "*   . '  -.  in  cumstances admit of/ nor the tets; jiistify.  The defendants have always been in possessionof thisi ground, as part pf their grant.  The adjqiiiibg qwner3 claim -up tp detedant^  boundary/and yethave never claimed thi?|  and there seemsi no .reasoiialile ground lor  supposing that a strip of two!feet should bb  left iinappropriatedj behind two adjoining  owners; vNo siiclv piece has ever been staked  out or recorded; by the'"plain tiflfe in the Gold  Commissioners court; nor..can I/find that  the plaintiffs, until this trial, ever set up such  a claim. ���������; i *-.'���������'.;'.  ��������� lam of opinion the whole, of the land be-  longs tothe deleridants, oii the'��������� eastern/-side,  upto the line of the? Bli^kHavvk and Heron  claims ; or in other words, that the whole of  tlie twelve1 feet?W6 inches is included in the  defeMantB^'ibouridaryi-' There will be judgment for deferidanfcs accordingly/and they  will be entitled to an order in their, favor for  tlie mb ney nd w in coiirti ; < ���������  I have only this to add/ I cannot be blind  tb the fact that much public excitement has  existed with regard to this case. Korean I  hope that! this judgment; which I have now  Dromiunced, will be equally agreeable to ali.  But 1 do/ hope and beiievei that ail will acquiesce in the decision of this court; I can  only say! that it has been arrived at after  anxious 'consideration; and. a simple, desire to  administer justice according to law* I hope,  and firmly believe^ that armed elon������ with ths  STEELE BEGS#0 INFORM HIS OLD'FRIENni  ���������^^ and Patrons, that jhe,ha6%piened;hi3r<0LDSTAN^?  where he will be glad to.seojthem.     , '������  XX,  *     ' IgSBFT.-MBJOiaf.AT-'Xii. Hours *"g*4     ,  ���������--'."  ���������/*Jaiiie.ibtbi-l867.' ^     ', /'      ��������� llf ,  v   C&LONJAL RESTAURANT^)['���������  1 "Q-qESNELMOUTH,"-  ;    ;'P; L. JOHNSON, Proprietor/ .''  ifeals at all hours, and Cooking of' .the.fanft  description.: i     s.'  '/_ I       ; '���������-���������������������������   1 1 >m 1  OCCIDENTAL! HOTEl;,.  QUESNELMOUTH,       . . j,"'/  BROWN & GILLIS; Proprietors. ".- f ,-  Good Beds; Restaurant.; Billiard Table, Sfai  Stahllng for Horses, Hay and Oats.       8  OTJG  B: N TB/RP  WILt RUN AS FOtLOWS :  LEAVES   QUESNELMOUTH OSI  Tliursdays and Sxiadays  as six o'clock; a. m.,  LEAVES  SODA  CREEK  and  AT FOUR O'CLOCK, A  ON M  ^^���������������VS"ffiii^ wuimm#^w*ui*! JttSgW'ttPaiMM!"!'^'"* *^  mmi^w  r .   MONDAY. OCTOBERS. 1867.   -���������  XXxX: xllr. Ef"ausv;-;/id6;:'-  3.- qui to Gulch,   , -������������������'-��������� -    - - ,   -      J. W. jL'ffracV  <\ -, -;<>: -; .'���������"���������; TO CORRESPONDENTS.  ���������j      All communications must -be;accnmpani?'(l"by the  ago. wei%oi������ld 'have been led to think that  section^ wbrted ottt: we are, now ^informed  hy late? adTices:Hhat it is proving richer than  ever. The same will-no- doubt eventually be,  repeated at-Big Bend. - Cariboo, has; already  our miners;wili ffive more attention' to apttial  re'sults^than to the baseless assertions of itn^  lucky; prospectors. At .presentwe commend  :IJlo j5toject ^  flistrict to lhe earnest consideration of our  peojile/ anil trust that the/^n>per! stcpkwill  be taken tbtest- the^truthlulness of our hypo-  thesis, without" delay.        .,  GOLDlCGMMl^iEpNER '  . ;.   -   'Ay .. JBeforo'C.Jiraw, Esq.)   * -��������� -  ; V   : ���������<      Thursday/October 3rd, 1867; )  > McCrimmon & Go;/ vs. Mnchb Oro co.~Dc-  lendaots^tb show cause iwby^tbey should^ nq^  bo! ordered to Jpay plaintiffs $4$ 25/beinjy balance of ace omit lorlaggin supplied; ^Decree  for plaintilijs/and costs. '��������� .IX A    4 fAl   :-"f  *" :' ; r   . Friday/October 4th, 1������67.  v Jenpy ������ind ,Go;tvys. Deadwqqd Co.���������Defendants to slibW' causewhy they) should not  M il 1 ia ins* cre^lcT;c1 aljnecT b y p 1 a in t uts.;���������J un%r  ment foWplaihlite; and1 order giveniio ^plaint  tift^tb/stake off 100f,feeti for defendants, on  ShbripfWSalk.���������On Saturday iasfc the Canadian Obi's claims/ on iSirquse ofecki consisting  of 750 feet of ground, adjoininsr tho upper  boundary of the FlumejCo/s claim, were sold  byitho sheriff under an execution: afe; the instance of the Flume Co., to iMr; Alex. McWha  for- the snm of SI.   '���������    "  /Nj^'-^^^  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.;  THE  qELEBFtA^lpN  omam  'i,       ASS0dIATION^^: : -' .  y WKB/PLACE ^  October inst; (All ' Hullow'tfEve),.at Tv/. Alum's  Saloon, Cilheroriton. * , ' A '"  ��������� X \  ���������-,    ,   /  X Tickets-^tinclurHng rafreshments,/ etc>*) may bo bad  at the:Express Office, price $5 e������ch.       ; ;��������� .      \  N; B.���������As a limited number of Tickets; will bo is-  sued iii excess' of those' .i* gqui r*d by i memb era of the,  association/ah early appljcatidushculd ba made.  ��������� October 7,1867/       ���������.-   If  ."-'-'���������'     ���������   '      '  ''���������iff i.  i\ notice^ f, :v; , ���������  WITH REFERENCE TO'raE'OTPEli OF, HOKi  IV /H. M. Ball, ' Gol a C; > -h miss loner, oi rsci i ng Um t  ;halk*u*eaiis shoiiht: be ereotect/nndiikept /in" rep air,; by  the several mining conipanios ^hj Will lams; tr������iek/  which order ;��������� was dalcd 6ch June, 1867;i c r has ueen  rt-porteil to,'mevthat'-the/.hulkheads/vr. cted nudersai.1  Order/have not been/properly >kopt in repair, anil nra  an j?1 uancisco  r    COMMISSON ^RCHAiiT  ���������GROCERIES, PROVISIONS,,       '  HABDiWi&Ef iC^OraiNG-; A^I) BOOTc?  -Next Door to TnE Sbntin&l Office  Barkerville, 29th June, 1867. IT  r lil^rnqn^lh^  K?>: accordance with thO'42nd section of tbo Min-inan.  IiifT Act, 1867.        ' -    , --        - .    , Sept SO,  F. Mc'Kenny vs. A. Jack���������Defendant - to  show cause why he should not be. ordered'to���������  'pay plain tiff SI 20, for having prevented him  f'roihTepresentiri^fliis interest in the Davis co/  oftwhicli claim defendant was foreman. Cause  dismissed, with costs,'  Tubmas .fc'polmanT general :10m    C.,BIISWi;  .   "  : 6oi(i Couiihisiinner/  '���������':���������'��������� V  COUNTY .COURT..'  (B2fcre C. Brow, Esq.). ������  i '������������������:���������; y<f���������;c ,���������'. ,.��������� /".''; '������������������: '-���������'-���������;>'-"'. ..^.;: -��������� --,:-.^/'-...��������������������������� /.��������� .w?',-:,/.  '���������  Leo vs1.' Boone���������Suit for- S2G, for services  rroRSES  . -A  For sale hv  - Sept. 30/1867. ,  HORSE SHOE NAILS. ; -  "   E. PEARSO-\& BEOS.,  (-lm;'.'-" ;���������: ^ ;       ^lrkeryitle.  I^HE  IHE ;UNDER?TGNED   HAVING! OPENED; tHE  ���������I;���������!"; above S.doon, would | respectfully invite their  fHcnds rnd .uyo;;public^o^  AXfeNWItfES'^  tbey1 Uaiter thcMhselves/; will suit the tastes of tlie most  nisiidiousw? i1.'-The best*/ brand'vofv CIGARS alwavs tn  hah.t.   -  - , ' ��������� v     '    !  .     SCOTT k IIcHARDY  .  20th June/1867. y: - X-:-X i/   X-Xy-; ;//;J i;/^"/2m^V\ '"'  Grouse  -R HERRE "WILI/RUN'A-DAlIiY ESFRES3  !, between Barkerville ;and Grouse; Creek.n Or.  der.?j small parcels; Jotters/; collections,' etc;/etc;"  attended to, 6a fmoderiaio; terms,^ Speclalf nttcnMoa"  given to demands for subscriptions ,to the CARIBOO  SENTrNEL/or any otherNewFpnppr.  O'Ucesr On Grouse Creek, at M. Pragma Ster^Ta  narkervllle,  at ,W.VF. Harre'a   domicile/ Ssmisb-  Officd. '  .���������-./July 20, 1867.      "    ' '        ' ���������- ,  '.,..''��������� mi fi Him iiii ���������  i"  "    I1 ' j ������������������ ii '..if i';.������,���������" *"������������������ ������������������ "      '-  '"  "** "r"'*'^ '< ;��������� *���������  Ti'-Tr'-'xpy'- -:-rX"y-yX\Xy.'yi-XX  ��������� f ���������������������������---.'. ���������'?'���������/  rend  .y������h  eVorl;. .-Judgment for plai u tiff", with  hti Da 1 ey vsi Biti 1 iu Hieks~Suit for  costs.  ;$150  ,    t/ouid.thu"5 be  x{X<\ ri*.-about the lirst ot'Julv  ���������summons'''.on a ���������judgment rendered  on 2nd  /.Decernbei\ IStiO. Tlie defeadant..hav.ing'failed  wias^nade'ifor odmnii ttlriff  a tempt  toi appeal via n order was made for coram:  'him iu prison for twenty days for cbnl  ,'df court.    '    fi    ���������'  , '-1/  Hollo way & "McNerhanie���������This .was?also\a  summons on a judgment rendered on the 31st  ���������JTiily*. 1 a st. f Delendft n t ap peared, an d was allowed1 fifteenidavs; further time. .        *..;'"  Maiikets.���������rThc stock of general .merchan-  diae is remarkably fiilliafe present, besides a  ^ood deal on tlie;? way. Ot floiti* ^therb is; a  goiodistock on hand/��������� "chieflyLi)looetbrands.  d'here is b ut- li fctl 3. of the Bod a Greek brand i n  the market..although it is Expected-j; the; new  crop; wi 11 fi n d i ts /way here > in tho cbiirse: bf  da vs. ���������."  * .:'   - ��������� : ���������  *'  ���������-4.'   /"'  - 4X a . ri ch' re w a rd; fo r the - ou -tlay, won Id: - no t  " e\k"co ed  S 4 00' t o tl i e - i n te res L���������a  m e re  tr i fle'  /; .Compared with the-a vera go cost ,of prospect-  ;     sia^ ordinary claims.   The. time  occupied to  /   run the -tunnel is. based J on the -supposition  : ; \ ii&t fo11v.ft*et perj!ay \v;ou 1 tl be, accoiup 1 ished���������.  ,, -'liivt/we feel'confidenfr that this estimate would  J^e greatly exceeded. and  the sum per loot  $7) would, of course, include everything rie-  cassary to carry!, out the^woi'k.   Look ing /at  y, '   ZfSf. enterprise in the light of a speculation/it  c-ROins.'to -us a most attractive ono, seeing.thai  "Svlllbw river traverses the richest and most  'extehsi ve ^ d f ou vxk no wri ���������*:ijbl d  ranges.  The  ; ;!6lreara i^Ailly'/eigliliy iniles!in;longthy andiii^  ��������� dp.a.btlessly;ricih Ih rp11gh6u t:. its eh tire,colirse.  iVSi^^W^0 ^an-:'-'Pv-li^io jjnestjpni tlie n^uli  : rbal^e^ alliwo anticipate; an area of mining  . ���������ground would be; throvvii Ofien to oiir miners  "i. ^tiierto linparaliefed 'Jbi'ex!:eht/and ������mke Cji-  . it i b'h op nee in ore th e most a ttra c ti ve. mining  e "rai pin the w o rid.   I u d em o lis 1 rat i ng t he ex-  i:��������� '������ng weai!ii of tins sti;eam, we should also  / ��������� dra w I he. a tten tio n o f miners. to. th e v i e in i ty.  ��������� '���������'. whicb has, so far. been almostrieglected'. The  iaiO discoveries on the gulches above unm*  i i 5 n od in w h i c It all . t li e c I a i in h o Id e rs ilia v e  !k*e a. mo re or 1 ess success f u U p nl y elating  Vj ack a few mon ths, clearly shoWs to the most  .pcogtical, the fact.that rich auriferous depos-  11; are f p read over tin?! w ho I e p f that section.  T.Vero is every; probability .indeed a certainty.  . i-.-j.ttt th e great in a j ori ty; of ou r;: m in ers w i U re-  si^tt to t h at v i ci n i I y ri ex t sp ri n g, an d i f o u r  rc.ggestions wcrefollbwed out successfully, a  prosperous season would certainly be the  r .-*sul t; Ou r .mitiers . ha ve now convinced  t,v,emselves that Williams creek has numerous  , duplicates, and the further prospecting is pro-  scouted in a proper manner, the more unmts-  /.-:kably: are they convinced that ou'r mineral  wealth is comparatively unknown.  eiirhti/briiten  iWHO'ESAIE. A ���������    *'  Fl^ur,- (3odn-Gr^ok) $13 00 ^100 ft  - XX X ���������: (Li 11 )02t)s  MS.OO.^ 100!"hV  ..illi, (GblienGatc);'" 23^00 ^ 100 tb  B-JCionv,      ..  . ���������������0'.c.ts'.%T'l'fe-. ,  (ll'iia'fXx  >'Sagar/ X  llBl&nsiX-  : Ciih d 1 js; (A inrric ?. h;  '���������������������������  <lo   {English,):  ���������Biifct *r/      :l    '-��������� " -  T^(U^)       - :���������"'���������    ts  V'-!(H B,Co-)     $1 10  .piT^.t^'ll's grrd,); -80  do.'   groeft,, 55  Cheese,       ;��������� 60  T ihacc'v   $1 50 @ 2,00  J5@:bo  30  63  ft  851  Ric:-, (Ciiiu.use)    -   - 00  J/:������.r-:i,- ;i,;    Op  0'riej Apples,/ AA   XQQ  s.i\ib;.-xxx ��������� ''��������������������������������������������� /������������������������������������oo!  ���������V.cast Powder.      .; :' 00  GuavBaots,  Bj������i;'-.. L  i      ;   co; .  Pork,���������frisb)'. .:.    /   00:     '  irutttu." ������������������.   oo-  ;  I'.jtatoGs, 00 .  Bivn'y,  $8 50 p^r gall to t  $7 50 )> r g������li ai ; Sc 'tea and  Port aud dhtrry. $8 50.  //./."���������RSTAti;. ���������������������������"���������':;J..' ;  $20 00 @ $00 00  :20oo@.; oooo  / 24 00������; 00 00  ^:;;-'';;ii0..ej^"fb  so ea  'XAX&yXX,  ���������yXjjfrXrX,  ::;;,;.���������; $1 mi  XxxiXtt;.:  ������������������������������������XAXX.5QX  XAxxiWx  ���������fAA'MX  A'"- 0 .Vo;/-  X.x -;-2-go '  -���������.  ;!00  $6 00 ^lOifbem  .    v   , 40   :3 m  ':"ffl--:Au:  . $6 001 doz  00 ^casa   $12.50 ^piir:  ,     25 @: OOicts 3 lb*  50        ������ ;  ; - '        ��������� 25 '   '-.<(  8 ������10       '���������':.'  ditto ci.se, $24; Rum,  Irish Wuiikcy, $7 50 ;  At EIGHT o'clock, A;, M., from 1st of October to 1st  ' " "���������    '   ��������� ' c November.     X       ' ';   ,     .  FARE  TO NEW/ WESTMINSTER WILL  -NOT EXCEED GNS DOLIiABU ' ���������' ���������  P^il^piSi^M"^  /.BRITISH,   C.OL*IJM,BIA\   ''.  rpHE   SUB3GRIBEBS/ !F0R   MANV   TEAKS  PRO  X vprtetors of the /Tvvt nty-NinegJliia^cm^e^Douwlis!  Portuge/hegto Hnhpuncu that havings purchased iithie  Cliutiun ^Hotyl ".prcp-iriyi they iiu proparud ,to afford*  excellent, nccoinriiodiiti^n;'to thoA VimV������:lling public/.  The tableiwill at;all.i.Mneal>eS'Well suppli^, ^Bo iu the"  (3ar will be -taunti-tii������ clitlcsatJiqucw. ���������''*'" '������' 'x-  '/'Ampl/ stablinsc for anhualr?, and tho best of;feed  cons tan tly on ha nd ,r. -I   .   . '    , .,=;!   , X  . ��������� ,.. X ;..  * Tufcy r^psctmlly inyitca call from their r-W custo  mer?, as/wf-ll as thO traV^llhv^ public .generally  ���������Clinton, B, O.,^eptrIT, 186.7a .;:���������' J. SMITHk CO  S> KO"V^A OPEN. FOB ^THEdACCOMMODATION Of  _A. ithe mining community^ and> tbe public gentrall?/^  No 'expense has^ b een spared /to rontler the:; liensa all"  thatcculUbe!desired/ ibrcomfbrt andBcohvej)hRc^  The. Bar Is supplied with a complete' ateefc of, \fmt  Ijqucrs and Cicars.    .,  .        '    ��������� '.  , ���������asf^:\7������LL Aiarn Beds *������&  may beihft'd ota moderate^charge. E.0RD,  :'July 1/1867;.     -..    2m   . , '       PrqjrlaircFB.  ���������<r>j-  C OSMO'P.O LI T A  BARKEBVILLK. ���������  HE UNDERSIGNED. HAVING4 THOROUGHLt HE*  ! novatcdihli*^  for the A accbmrnodai Usw / of, the^PubUc/^ nd {ttasts; to  liiifl'alsQi.'T  *8������uu;  t{  "\  it  ii  ���������u-  it  u  tt  '���������������'  u-  is  ������!'���������  ������  <;  '.ii**  -.it'  ;'������"  /'ti!  !/U'  .;<*  AmcsEMEXTrf.���������Pro fc������sso r H yrrn.unn gave an*  otliei* very iirniising* eiifvvtainmelit in sieiglit-  o \'r \ i an 11 a ml iT.' eh tr i I o q u i .s m o u S .i t u rd ay. e ve -  h* i n jr. w h i c h was w,e 11 p a tro n i zed. We nil cl e r-  starifl thi! Professor has kindly volunteered a  performance on behalf of.the Hospital/which  will be given on any night dnrinir the present  week that may i be named by the managers'of  that institution. *\Ve, need scarcely say thai  any ad A i ti p u by th is mean s" to t h e ft in da o f the  Hospital, will do much towards providing the  necessary! sup ply of fuel and other requisite  articles for winter use.  Crystal  P a la e e  Saloon !  ylA x   "     ���������...** BARKERVILLE, '" ' / .  MXJNDORF '& CO;; PROpRIETORSl ,:  BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT /THE ; ABOVE ME.^  Uon^dcstUbH^bmeut will be i-punciJ 'heacf -SATDR-  DAY EVENING, the 21st iust^wlieii' all; lovers Ofitha  .'���������/light lantustic'^aro invUed/to.call;ahd enjoy theinr  selves," : r -.'.-v- t     '": .    "���������'������������������'������������������",* |! ��������� ���������  :��������� Tbo best .brands of Wines, Liquors add Cigars always  to bo foimd.at the B >r..  ' '       : - y  'ft: ;..: '.Too strictest order observed.  I -Sept; IP, 1*367;;;     /;./ ; /������������������>';��������� xxfxx��������� :.-x\  \;fgff--iiNOTiCEAj fiii-  VTOTICE TS HEREBV  GIVRV, THAT  THE   BUST-'  li n ess h ere to"fcr'a a\ mod mi u n" h r the "s i v 1������ n f O p -"  psnlK'imcr & Co., at Yr.l", B'-rkervilieoh t'���������FislimHI/;-  >v:ilLUe n c a forth b o c \ rrl ed on by tb e un deri-i in 2d, to  W^^iis^isn^^  ol October, 1866. for the Jbfu^fli or the crj .iters of  D j vi 1 Op p' n h oi m vr a nd . Lsa ji c Opp. ��������� n lit I ai er, u n -ri e r  und by vmuo of iwhicb sai.l "ussiumncnt. tbo un lor-  signed have assumed the conirol of tho said hiiPinesp,  itt.l thecald Divid Oppr-nhcimer an 1 Isauc Opp,?n-  heiraer-are n^t any lun^a uutboriz^d to act in tho  maingsinent therjuf.  Dated this Saventh day of S-ptcmVr, A: D , 1867.  ROBERT BITRNABV,  DAVm LENRVKU,       -,  F. WKIS-ENBURGER,  Trustors of Opp .���������nlidnier & Co. '.���������? Estate.  JunolOtbl 1867^  JACOB VELTK; Proprletrr. ���������;  t-X FT ER THIS I)kTE; ��������� feARNARP'S 'EXPHE^ 13  u\, not rjspbn.������lhle lor cfyniage on LIQUIDS.shlppsfi la  Tin ������r."'Glass,nnlassby sp^cr������lenntract; '* .  " Un i ll.Turthcr.: notice, t^o,/Express; will arrive *scr������  evcrv J^UNDAV\AFTERN005i and; close for below  every WEDNESDAY/ iit!:NlNE o'cUrclf, A. W' V y  i-X-x.^ XXXry^xfy.- >xi~s     ROBERT POOL,  -   ������������������ ,:   . ���������' ���������. t /', .��������� ^ ^,... ,;;   ������    ^. XX ������������������ ^'   w ��������� Agen^.' ^'  ���������: Barkcrvihe, May 20th, 1867.    -   *   ��������� X      ���������   - 8  In tho matter of the Estate-.and Elfects of DAVIp  i WHtTFORD; Free r Miner, -1 ite: of the Reld galin,  Con M ins GUI ch, deceased; 1 utestate.  Xi  TO;  LL PERSONS^ WHO ; ARE^INMBTED  pay the  hhve;:aurf.iS--  are r^q aired -to send 1n\ta������f  ^abov'ir Estatev'aro required Ho p!������y tbe;:amouna  due'forth With ;and all persons who have any claims  ajjninst the above estat ,  accouhtson/br-bclbrOFlRStyNaVEMBERrlSeTiitp^  CHAS. E POOLE V,  ���������-��������� *      , Official Administrator  Dated Richfield, 1st August, 1867.    -  BUT*  Thk Wilsox Divokcs Suit.���������In the suit of  VVijsori vs. \Vril-son, at Fort Towmend, nppli-  eati on fo r d i v o reef ro ni (I e fen d an fc b y p 1 ai n-  tiff whs refti sod ' by J11 djro  VV'yc!i et Counsel  Had we! for plaintiff, Judgc'McFadden ; Garfieldo and  fceliemi tho miners at Kootonay two years Dtmnisaon for defendant.���������Colonist  STOVES!    STOVES!  Adams, Pearcy & Co.,  JiARKERVILLE,  Hi vc j ust r e'c'ei v e d a choiw. sel ect i o n o f  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  wm   c0pp]  1    ������*������v,  TIN  PLATE  AND: SHEET   IRON,  with various other articles in their lino of trade.  ^TAH Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to give eatisfuo-  tioa. i  ;���������   ��������� ;    " ���������*     CAMERONTON,;/  Have fust received, aiid iofffer-'fof'-M^iJA  moiMklt  OE EETAIIv  AT/LOW RATES FOB CASH, v;  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS of LIQUORS  x. ...... !������������������ CONSISTING OF ~-   : ? > \      ;  Brandy -Mar tell, Kynnessey, and Otard Dup^y. .-  Wines-Pi'rl/Sherr.v. Burpundy  nrid Clarcg San-  tqrne's Fr.noh Whito Wino j Siiiscvaine's oiiu*  fomi:tWJdte Wine.  Champagnes-Bouche and Ka pel eon's Cabinet.  .  Bitters���������Bokc;r>s, SmsovwInCp, Onmgoniid Hosted  tor's, Vermouth, Absenthc, IVppennint and &nw  scttc.......  Old Tom, Gin, and Scotch Whisky. .  Also on hnn'1���������500 gallons choice hrands ofBraadjf  Winos, Whisk v, Rum, el c. ��������������� thd  GDOiis r,������c?iv.������i on SxbaAGBor Commission, a* *u  lowest market rates,  ���������!������.������, July. 1867.  2m  Photographic;; Art is'tr  HAS KOW OPEXED A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLE? ^  at RICHFIELD; and is prepared to take  Cartas do Vi^ite. Timbre do Posto portmjtg,  typ:*.% henther Pictures,   MlUmoiypc*, \^������  II.usv's, Claims, etc., Single or Stereoscopic-^g  Portraits also taken on White- Silk, ti*<& ot {i0^  Clr>tb.  Richfield; 12th Avtgns^ im.  Arobro-  of ;,  .���������;."c-1j  '������������������:h.-;c-  tnx~ ix  yy ���������*{::$&  m16MPBW SMTISEL  MONDAY,5 OCTOBER 7, 18(57.  1   ,  PitoBABLB" Mbi'bPoi.t' ix: Flour.���������Our last  "ndvices from -the agricultural /districts, were  to theeffecttliat the harvest, which was unn-  "���������'��������� isnally^abundant this, season/hady,been gar-  ' ^red wW we were con-  gratulating' ourselves on the plentiful and  cheapisupplj^ of flour, and- other products of  % the soil, that iwbuId,naturally arise from such  :,-������������������������������������������������������������&��������� fttvbrable^te of things^ when we were told  v that a fe v/i-specul ator's; are at present canvass*  ' 'ihgi thes farming district8;and^ilhiyingup*every  '  pbund:6f wteat te  press purposell of controlihgthig" market ;ih  ''' one of ditr staplfe i'cbnirabditles;   Our people  are will ing to pay a reason able price for their  --flour,.tatwill, riot/aadcanhbfc^^  *tbf tioif; MdisbpuldM risef to ah iVnpreceden'tcd  figtt rc/������s we have no doubt; ij will, if confined  !  to- the vhands> of a 'few- speculators, we are  ,> afraid.these gentlemen wilL deieat;their>own  object, by bbmpel ling our miners togo below,  and doubtless brings about the rsame state pf  affinVar as \vere!witnossed;hi 1865, froth 'which  '   ire havVnot "yet fully vVecovered/ We cah^  ino*^  ix lnne to, -from fo^  hope; for the welfare of;.the; country, that no  ������- Buch suicidal project ;wlll for a moment be  :. -ehtertainetl, '  ��������� the^Academie' dePa>ist -requests'.us1 to-/state  A .that he/intends, remaining on the creek during  the winter season^- and will. give lessons in  1. - /French. SpanishrBngjish grammer, Theoretic  ~ oaland Practical Arithmetic.    Parlies desirous of taking lessons and -wishing for some  f books, "will: do well to. send fori them before  winter sets in.   Lions. B. Denis is well known  in this colony as'avprofessor of^languages ;  .   " having bad several years experience in .teach-'  ing." his mode oNuition will, be found, easy  ; and effective?> {-This;is argood dpportuhity af-  v forded miners to employ/profitably tbe long  'winter months;"   -'     *  :-    .Government Assay'-Office.���������We  under-  1 vitand that a petition is about to he "circulated,  '."** r;for signature among the people of this place,  ;  urging on 'the government/the/ dosirability^qf  -continuing  the  assay  estaldishment;at New  Westminster. . Without commenting on'the  f value which the government lias heretofore  ." thought fit  to bestow  on petitions; from this  /'quarter, we would simply suggest that if it is  .  determined to  continue- this institution,"the  ^petitioners'ou^btjtoask, as'qne" of the conditions o f su ch cbhti nuance, th at it 13 e removed'  to this district/where' ita services are most  ^^/"^i^iq^vii^rfe  Not:-. _ Drowse!).-- Wo learn ' tliat" the .man  ���������, White; of whom1; we had; occasion to^allude  "lately, as haying left Canyon erect ~ona raft  :"Wndfqr whose, safety some little apprehension  ". was felt at the/time, has/been seen on his way  ' down coiin try; -The:caiiseV6flns,not reporting -himself at/jQiiesnelmouth, is explained  S by the facti that there was a number of his/de-  yoted friends there wlio injgb t n pt h a vc been  inclined to allow turnto pursyq a- downward  ������ouree quite so early in the seasom'  Affairs in BRTTraH^CoLOMBTi.���������British Colombian papera discuss thetquestion/qf uniqn  ; with thedominion of Ganada^a project which:  is very favorably regarded, but' therei-vis a  difference of opinion as to whether/ the ^proper time' for it lias yet arrivedv and whether  this colony may- not with a little patience,  place itself in; a position to be admitted into  the great British American family with more  respect.���������Tiities, August Mi, ���������    . -f  V T^ a  sample ofbeautiftil andw^  ^1 the way frompfc  Saariich^^  and bears unmistakable evidence of the; ad-  ap tab iii ty of pur climate for raising fru its of  this description,���������������������������Xx \y .     /  Laid' Over.���������Owing to the present scar-  MIN1NG INTELLIGENCE.  ..''...���������,   ;. :i,WlLUA!MS. CREEK.    ?   -.,,v      y. ]���������;  ' We are in hopes that the rain which cbtn-  mehced falling on Saturday evening aiid continued at intervals -throughout the greater  part^>f yesterday , will be productive of J a  copious; supply of water^sq^asto, enable'the^  ininers at least^to make ai winter^taSe. The"  only claims that have^ been taking out; any  inoney on1, this creek last week,, wei;qi the Aurora co.^ivhichwasl^dip  ;co;^ 6G oz.]Never Sweat-co..,wages/ This com-;  pany have/struck a de^p cliahnel about. 180  feet frbni the'- ^creeik; Avhich is supposed^to* be  a continuation of the/Boreali8f co^s! lead;  theyjcannot bottom it i on account' of water*  Cameronicb.^tre' making wages^ asc are also  the Last Chance co. The Li 1 looet coVn have  commenced washing^ and the Caribqq cb/ are  preparing to^0^^^ It ise thqiight Uliey water,  in the Moshier claim will be tapped in a'. day  or,two / so tbat tbe Australian and: Baldhead  qos. *willbe'enabled to start work at once.  .-���������   yr[ y;      ;; C0NKLINS iGULCH.\    '   j   The tJaited? co. toolv^ut last week 35 oz;~-  Reed co; liave stopped for wan t of water, so  also has the Renfrew co^-lioiie Star : coV rii;e  pushing oi\ with theitf tunnel.^ Just Struck It  ob. have just struck about wages/ a,ad: are  ready to wash; > V    ;     : : *  j. ���������   . _ BTOUTS GULCH,  In spite of the; low stage of /the .'water Jn  ���������thiaf gulelr/tihe "MtQi^amJt? xl,aftva}������,cofflp������a^  ie^: contihueitqi work/ with f gob^ success; JTbe  ��������� (orraeriOtUbese /companies.took out for last  week'sAVoHcHroz., and the latter i)8 oz. Ail'  th& other sonipanieshayeentirely stop"������a'j  The only claim we have heard from, is the  Discovery co./which washed up 31 oz., as tlie  result o^erdssing/the channel. They expect  to do,better this week. '.On,   i, , ,   i  MUSQUITO GULCH',  The Hocking co. washed up for the week  ending-Sunday; 29th; ult., 86 oz. ; They have.  nowrquit for the season, it /beingtheiL^intention to run a tunnelJ duringithe wiii ter .-^Minnehaha co. cleaned up 30 oz.yesterday.���������Kis-  ing4Sua co. made oyer wages for the week. T  , .*  '      *      '       CHOUSE creek .    ;  Is extremely dull/at present, owing chiefly  tothegreat scarcity of water.     The Hurd-up  ���������coi* are, earnestly pushing th ei r tub uel^iti riilb.r  m  E*"l*J3."iU*5"  I  I  cient water to enable theni to bo worked.  The Oppenhkimeu Estate."���������At a meeting  of the creditors; held in Victoria, it was deci-  ded that the estate should be wound "P as  so o n as p ra c ti cab 1 e. Th e p r io r a e ts of the  trustees were unanimously confirmed, y  Judge Begbie lias decI i ned to coine to Victoria and hold Court;. Ho so informed the  Governor and Council at the bite meeting.  The charges which (he Judge's enemies preferred furned on t to be m oonshine.���������Oolonist,  TriE Gold Commissioner has notified persons building Or about to build houses on  Wusquito Gulch, that they can only do so sub-  j ������ct to miners' Hgh ts. ���������'������������������ ��������� i  "^fexPREss.��������� The Express arrived yesterday  afternoon with a heavy eastern and colonial  mail, and brought as passengers from Ques-  aelmoUth, Mrs. Neafeldep and Mr. Moufctet.  The nest County Court will be held on the  ^6th mat  ������* Util.CO.,   WUU   HitVtJ.-������������-������������ WU. Ulli VJUg..; iVl o   jwtviv-  ing from $8;to $10 a day.-���������Reed'co; took .out  w$y0PM.xi0x^0^i^^0t W:ia 'KM 'Sifts  There is but one solitary individual at work  on this creekV'who is niaking^Vonx ������3 to S4'a  SSy^;-;i^B:3:-SS������  X>-" ORO -riNO CREEK, "     '  A company of five men have been engaged  for^soine time past in sinking a shaft ou this  creek; !i They are now down seventy feet;1 and  expect to bottoin i| in the' course, of eight or  ���������ten!..day8; fl:xA''yfxx": xf-f ;-,!'.-i-ii'r xxAi'i fyl  ' Xf.yXX:   * ; /LOWIIEE CREEK;- ' i"l     AyX  .'" The only olaims taking out any pay at pre^  sent are the First Chance co., which had about  op'oz. last week, and the Calavaras co^ which  washed up for the same period 152 oz.    !  -' i::: '' .      ,       STfcVEXS! CREEK.! ���������  The Plume ro. are making from $5 to $6 a  day."--Goodwill oo. are making about wages,  as is also the Newberry co. Two qther qom-  paaiea arevprospectihg.    1 ���������; .   x  -CALIFORNIA   CREEK.  Two companies are at work, one of which  is; icaakiug wa^es, and the other is prospecting  MUSTANG   CREEK. \  /Three of th e;prosp eq tq rs re turned b n Satn r-  day evening from this hew creek/where they  bottomed a shaft at a depth of. 25 feet, and  finding the bed rock pitching into the bank,  ran a drift in that direction for 12 . feet,  and then sank a blind shaft 10 feet in depth  the rock still continuing to dip towards the  bank at a sharp angle, a drift was run 8 or J)  fee t fro ui this sh aft with th e sum e Vesu 11, w h e n  it was determined by the party to quit  for the present as a great deal ot time was  wasted every morning in getting the water  olit of the' iShalt, with their rude app I iances.  Very fair prospects were got on the rock; and  it is the opinion of all the party tliat good  pay will bo found when the channel *is  reached. Oliver Urqnhart's company were  making $8 to $10 a day, on the high rock,  about 500 feet below where the party iwas  prospecting, and this too with a very small  stream of water. .  their,:mouth; ibeseJ gulches are [not oyer, one  hundred feet apart, being separated only by  a jow/ridge/ on which there, is now a town  betiig built. There are already two fetqres  fi nished,, besides a b ntcher's and blacksmith's  shop. A restaurant is much needed, abd j a  knight of the knife and white apron would  nojdoubt drive a lively business here. ��������� There  are/iabput 300 nmeb at iyorki on these ;two  streams^ not to:speak of the'niimerona daily  visitors from this creek/who, ;woulid; return  home with; sup reriiely whetted \ appe ti tes^ \v|re  it ^nofclor,;tbe kind hospitality extended\ to  them' byftiiet miners generally and Mr/Babbit  iii' parti cul arK Bey on d a, 1 doub t, h this j isk the  most lively aiidfprbmisin^-niinin in  Canbbb;iahdiAvill conthnie tb b^s6?ibr years  to come. No idle men are to be seen ;here^  all seem to be��������� btisily eiigagbd eithef in 'pros?  pecting or putting "up snug cabins for tbe  ^vinter.   .   "    .-   '-,/'-*.', ,!'  '; On;Red Gnlch,, the Discoveay> do. is the  only^one at presenj;,takihg qut^qbdv pay> the;  !othersare still prospecting/ wi# good iodica^  tions. On Musq ui to On Ich almost; every: company tb a t b as reach edi the bed rock h asiis truck  good pay! As a general thing, miners in this  sectiqn^bf tlibcoiihtry express the mbsfciuii\  bjoiirided  confidence in tfieir diggings,/antf  '. New Tork������. Sept/ 22;���������^������ *Time3? Omah4  special9ay8 the efforts of the peace Jbommis* :*.  sioners4at North (JPlake/ toi secure ^ac^ari  failures;/ except as;to Vtreatiek* cohsuthinatedi  witb atiaall bands of; tbo./ Brute, and Ogalla.  Sibnx.> Tbb Pawnee and Ghbyenhe chiefs left  the council, in a rage. ,     .  f Flo lancet ^p^ a-    '.  stirri ng add ressi' an nounci hg - that the ti me; baa   ,  come to overthrbw the tyranny 'Of tlie^opeV' r f'  and restoreiRome to Italy. '��������� /Victor Emanuel ;v^  promulgated yd proclamation} ��������� warning Italians a^aihst{participatiugor^^  vblutidri br niqvement' against Kome/^vhlciu;   i  is denounced as a crime against the laws of . .,/���������.-%.  Italy.    He  threatens vigorous punishment  against all persons;found, engaged in illegal . ;     ���������;  hostilities against the Papal authority;    _  A London dispatch, from .Rome.says, the  Pope/has -publicly denounced the ^proposed  sale of the church lands in Italy, and declared ,  the decree oi'tbe Italian government null arid  '-��������� "���������> '-, -   '������������������-.-  ':'-:' ���������'���������������������������'��������� ���������>���������'��������� ������������������ j''--' ;.-������������������',"���������' ~< '���������  '���������"'���������!������������������'    -'������������������'.'���������.-'.���������  ������������������'���������������������������.-'' ������������������'-���������'������������������:���������':���������.������������������������������������.!. yhf.i:. ������������������;���������< ;-:������������������:��������� ���������"���������:������������������,: -..r ��������� ��������� ������������������ '::''.-.���������.:'; :���������.���������:: V;1.,;';.'.''.,''.-.-,,*; 0.^,:.v���������".;  anybrib unacquainted with the exaggerating  language used on "such ;occusiona by'.tbt  ' lights of they pick��������� ^andi'sliw.eii';-'Jwip.uI'dyi'i/of*  mrse,  set  them1 down1  as so many future  kni  ieoiii  iiRqthschilds, when/lhe, hears them speak-In  such glowing terms of the untold wealth of  !tEei������Qa:S  who bad just staked off some grqundV had tbe>,rnkrt 4a'lo "'  unblushing effrbnteiy to tell meJthat he.;woulil;  not take S1000;in cash for a hal^interest': in  his unprospect^ ^oundi; iBeings ratlier scep^  ticalias*to;whether he was/joking or-in' /earn  est,';I quizzed him alittle,"bnt\fqiind" that, he  meant what he said.   Be this a3 it may, it is  pretty certain that the pay , is more .equally  distributed/here; than  on Wi 11 iams^^Grouse.  Lb whee'arid other known creeks, audi should  d to Whip Saw ar  bd th iieading ii n the i'sainelniquntain, and from  the latter, of which "10, ounces of gold /were  tq,, be !highly -auriferous., and that Willow  ri v e r,' a t n o ve ry re m o te p e ri o d, m ay :, o c c u piy  '���������jibe same relative position 'to Musqnito and  ���������Red'Giilehes that'Williams creek has to.Conk-'  lins aadS&uts, Gulches. It is to'be. hoped'  that'.the new ..discoveries will give/ a fresh  'impulse to prospecting parties, and that ere  long, com pan ies * wi IL b e organ ized to; test i- the  wealthiof JVillow river,-and should; they be  successful and find good; pay' asi everything  now loads me ito be 1 ieve^tliey^wi11 ,i aSel(tiWiIi  thus /be opened ibr; the profitable employe  menfc of sbyeral thousands of men/and a;^riew  era of unwonted prosperltyvwili atoaccdawn  on this now al most banters pt colony.  TBLEGRMMC;  /'[ From the Colonist and .Chronicle] ::  New York,���������Sept. 18;^The Horaid'-fa Meixico  correspondent of 29th /August,, says 0astitlo  ���������and all -the Imperial generals at Queratero  sentenced to death have been pardoned. i<  Washington, Sept. 19.^The death; of Sir  Frederick Bruce, in' view "of existing- relations  with Ehglandy is regardedr as a seribus;calam-i  ity under /the ;p resent; temper: of the" British'  nation as exhibited"by the press,: It ��������� is nbti  seen hpwiheca^be replaced.  New Orleans, Sept 23.���������The whoHibumbei. "  erick yesterday.   The  ;-"an^ife)iar^feffipTO  wounded, aud one'  the/troops is condemned^  ��������� 'Chicago, 'Sept; 25.���������The TimesJ Nc������u v UjV   -  special says:the'Mayor;bas determined to call ..     "  and employ necessary means to resist Brown-  low's intervention." ;Granriias ordered' Gen.  Thomas to proceed to ..Nashville to take coin* . ; ; ,  raand and maintain peaee at the ipbint'qf "the  bayonet.' He will" be supplied withalLtroops  necessary/ Grant and the President do not  undertake to decide Which party is right, but  believe Gen. Thomas will be able to preserve  ipeace. ' ��������� **'^  ^San-iFraabisipb-^ Sjep^S^T^TbeJUjamejr Jona  L. Stephens sailed this^atternoba 4or Alaska;  Messages congratulatory, of - communication.       ;  between Cuba and California, were sent and  received to-day by the Governor1 General of   ,  MUSQUTTO AXD RED GULCHES.  A.gentleman who lately visited th is 1 ocal *  ity, sends us the following :���������u You aVe aware  these two small streams are within two hours  w al k of Bar kervi lie, and em p ty i n to Wi 11 u w.  river, a sbcrt distance below the mouth o.f.  WUliasas weelc   A few hundred f!ect;abeve  h a ve. been a ttac ked, and s tuge; c oac h es rob -  bed. : Indian Co in missioaers have arrived at  N o r th -Platte; T b r ee , w o men ��������� and i c hildren  captives were delivered up by Spotted Tail.  Ah Omaha letter, says an* officer arrived  fro i n Big H o rn e River, w h o es ti m ated h os ti le  Indians;north at .22,000, most of them are un-  ;dev Red Cloud, Chief of the Sioux, and several hostile tribes have concentrated between  Ports Phil Kearney and Smith, Red. Cloud is  reported to have said he don't want, peace.  The Indians in council at North PI at to demand  the-immediate abandoument of tho Powder  River country by both the Pacific Railroads ;  also that they be supplied with guns'and ammunition before they will make peace/other-  wise th'e'v will 'fight to extennination.  Heart's Content, Sept. 20.���������The cable of  18i>6 was repaired yesterday/ under the direction of, Sir Samuel Cauuiug, and is now in  good working order. /;  Ottawa, Sept. 21.���������Parliament .has been  prorogued until November.  Chicago,. Sept. 21.���������Juarez writes to the  Mexican legation that peace is permanently  established' in Mexico. The. .council meets  again at North Platte.on November 1st.;'-*; ���������  per ra issi o ft to JEri gl aii d X 6. re c ru 11;. v o | u b tebxji :i  in Arabia for the Abyssinia eipqdifioii; xixxMi  Ati attempt was^'iibiule ���������'���������atj'NicqiaieffvtP'.aB**:'.-'  hssinat'e the Emperur of Russia by: two meii;;  disguised as females... The matter appears to ;  have been hushed up. /:   ���������   .;'       : ^ ' ...  The Prussian Diet was dissolved- yesWdayi  to meet ib November, when "it.'wiir 'include i  deputies from the States annexed tb;;Pmssia? ;  .: The Canadian Company have'left Grbitisa'f  Creek en ihasse.   The whole company/ to the  number of ten or fiftoen men,i started for *  Musqnito gulch on Friday last, where .they,.-  have located claims.   Six /pack animals were  ,  emploved in the trausporfcation of their.ik'tae*  MABBIED.���������At Victoria, on the S3M ultimo/ hy  theKiv. T.'-Somcrvilla, Jl. A., Samuel G. C:dia.uuf.  M: 1)./U. S.,' ilariu'e Hospital, Port Tow risen v W. T,,.  to Mu ry Aa n, daughter. ��������� o:/ Henry Haw ti lis,. Esq,. St..;  Johns, New "Oruhswiclv.  DISD.���������At Victcria, on the 30th ultimo;.Mary' Mar-  ga lMt Lacharuo s, a- u'a i i vu of Fra nc-.% agea CO y aa vs. ,/....  At Vic torn, en . 23rd ult., E ui tu; He rh at, In liift t  daughter of Mr; J. II. Pay, agod four meatus ani  ei^titeen dnys. ? V'.. ���������,  ���������"���������       :'.".'   .  At Victor^, on the 25th nit./!Isahellx.!Mary, second  daughter ol Gaor^������ and Mar^arai FpJ^ ageu 13 yaartf  ana"fi months; '���������   - :  m  m ' *BT-   ���������-  ... t"   ��������� '-.-"--���������- -^"'"��������� - ��������� ��������� > Y  y XXX, '  AAAAAxXi  ���������nl aiira bfearltalilomaiL" says Brptber Stir*  '': gins,;**1 and.4hink <erpTj6b&, entitled';to;his  ' ppihioa*   I never have'Belfteh;nialice against  > my-ioo3^not even; agairist MrJiMu.lberryj who  *"���������','' has Indirectly called mo a ;siuherl;  but still  if the Lord, has a*thunderbolt to * spare; I  think ft would be well'bestowed on Brother  : Malberry?s!head.?'. l       _       A ,  ���������'..*.'.'��������� ���������'." ��������� ������������������ v.   ������������������ .'���������������������������"������������������'���������        ������������������' '���������"''"���������,:   ������������������"���������.'''   ������������������ ~   ������������������    .-' ��������� '���������    J ���������'   ���������  -y, . ���������.    '    ..   '���������'��������������������������� ,1      ' y���������      *  '  v     We have ever found:, that blacksmiths are  : ���������;", .. * qtiently they are bores, and often annoy one  . V -  .   ---with their old saws.- - ���������. ���������  f^;;?;^  ADVERTISEMENTS:  FASHION SALOON,  ;!/ BARKERVILLE,  '���������-X X:\XX ���������'-���������"'-   ''     "       "t   '������������������     .'''   '���������>    W'''"   "���������  ���������   !���������-   ���������������   X.   -.-/^sfiMA-.*',;---,:;    i-  Williams: creek: ,:  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ES  ; Druggist,; \  BARKERVILLE;  f A3 CONSTANTLY ON HAND iA ' CHOICB; sfc  H. Jcction of Drugs avd Patent' M&tmoixbs, includ-  in? the celebrated  Golden   Balsam, and   Murphy's  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  E  Mixtures, for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis.  Also a gr^at vatietv or Swtparillas, "Hair Brushes,  Tooth" Brushes,"Comb's, Tooth Powders, Sponges, Fancy  Soaps, Lubin's Extracts; Rose Water ana other Per-  fu'meries, Garden Soods, fcc., &c.   '    'XI        . ���������."  ��������� ��������� Just received���������an assortment of Stationery, Pcclret  ���������Diaries for 1867. and Billiard Table articles;.  p. s ���������-Proscriptions'carefully compounded.     1-s  FOSTER,   OF*   LILLOOET,  fxfxtX CHEMIST.    " ':��������� x  XX.  , Y:  ,,*"-/<. > ������. ionablesaioohj-sparlng neitberpains nor oxpenso fof  xx/]   x   ;        '   , the* comfort ol their Patrons."   ^ r -\A  I ':'   ���������;i  " '    xWr *ri] is isfnow thelargest and ixnost complete Saloon in  HAS FOR SALE,''andconstantly.on hand,  a well assorted Stock of Drugs, all the,Chemicals  used bv-��������� Physici ans, ��������� Photo? rapliers, Assayers. and  Mechanics;; Also the popular Patent Medicines; and  Druggists'1 sundries.   ������������������ . AXf.  Retorts, Crucibles, .Muffles, Cupels, Ingot Moulds,  etc., etc ��������� . '   .   ���������   ...,  PRESCRIPTIONS  FA1THFULLT PRtTARET>. i  ���������'��������� f x   ���������" iii:, F. W. FOSTER, .  roai ! *. . ������������������';; Chemist.  Corner of Langley Alley and Yates St..  MESSRS. JAY & BALES  Have opened the above premises with a large  and well assorted Stock   ;  '.'.'���������      ���������'op.��������� "��������� -J  ..;;';��������� .AND FLO>VER SEEDS.  Tlie business of tho late firm of Jay & Co., Fort St.,  and Springfield Nursery, will be carried on by them  in all its branches. ���������...������������������.    .  FruitTrees and Bushes, Evergreen and Deciduous  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plants of every descrlp.  tion. , ::       Ms  ROADSIDE ADYERTISEIu^Nts:  William mcWha,  LYTTON CITY, "B. C.,     '    ���������  .Begs to Inform the public generally that he has  STABLE& COBALLACCOIOBAtlOS  On bis premises for upwards of 200 Horses,  Hny nnd Oats for/Sale cheap  GOOi)'SADDLE HORSES������<)R'.'HIRE  x'-A] ���������:.". -TERMS   MODERATE. .-���������.. '  U  L  YALE   ADVECTISE"aIENTS.  BISlJTJ'A^nN^^DOtJCi^  ^TF,r,LS,-.$������:DDLisXxi> Harness Mnker^Tnle,; B-VC.;  im0x;ffAx xxAk- "irxf ^    \xxy-, -i&fn  x   SB   OtflSj  Front Street, Yai.e,  B. C,  ���������T!>EGS TO ANNOUXCE'w dm mimni'nutr of Cariboo  .,__1...dispqse .....  PRi6^'>rovSurr!;THR^r*f3iEs:-'!/*���������>"!  v/.^Kil^'ltll?-*T^JitA  XXy Yale, 8th April, 18fi7. "'���������;'*     ' 2  ONDO.N  HOUSE,  dOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.  "WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL.  ���������  Jt. H;'f.DRNfFL:'& CO.,  .       IMPOKTERS OP  English & French Silks, Shawls, Dresses, Un  derclothlng, Gloves, and ..every (Tcscrlptlon of  pr-ipery .0������o(!s,!..;. .  !  Receive regul?r.*upplirs'by Express via Pannma'ond  by sniline: vrppclsvl'i C'po Hern. ���������       ��������� .  %   '  jGST Partirulirattehtinnclyon to all orders,  J London-Firm���������J.kP.,To,NSTAr.T-& Co,/���������      -      1-s  ���������      ���������   HOTELS DE FRANCE,    ' '    /  :    ,'       Government Street, -Victoria,--V. I.     *   ,  TIIiE ^^STAU^NT "i?-; supplied wi th Hnii ithc  idk WeJ icq cl es tof the^  dation is .rcpleWi^iUi ey^ry.comtbrt,v X Tho best of  ^ines;iiiqucrs'andiCip������rs.v '     X        i !;   "���������4 ;  1-s     ������ .J. BIGNE& Cp.i!jPrOpriotors,i  ��������� G.;RS  .������������������ boston bar, b.c., . >  .'.'Wholesale and Retail Merchant hi  GROCERIES AND>RQVIS IONS  LTQU0RS, I)RY GOODS, CLOTHIKG, ko.   U '  y  164 MILS OEi DEEP CHEEK HOUSE,  IS OPEN FOR" TfiiSt ACCOMMODATION OF THE  Travelling public; ithe bedrooms aru spacicus nnd  airy arid the Beds crnnot: be surpassed for clormlioers'  and comfort by any,In the lowpr counlry; tbcTaljlf |g  nlwnys supplied, with the: Vest of .victual?. ��������� Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constnnily.on "hand  npHTRHOUsfeis?sil\iated .-.26,mii.99 from QuGSBelfflfinib4     1  AMie proi?rjetOrs^^  'and:jsObft Be/ns'areinow prepared to nffttd p.vf;ry'ncccni. !  mod ri iicvri -fori.jTw.Tcl lers;f the" Table is furnished with E!l  the luxuries that can be procured jitljevfiit Is/veil iDp. ^  T>li'e<* with the best brande. of:Liquors an rserjn;*; prorf ��������� "{  PtJiMinp, Hay. Oats and Barley.   jJS-.The'CHEArEsf     ;  Roust rn the Road. %       ' it       J  -���������"'('''-'i   ''    , \     ' '    '   'imi..'      ;     .      ' . ..������.i������.. .i   .    i        ..������������������    i'j.. ���������   i in   i. ii i n^.. .ii      ^ -,:._..,.   I  torlii^;^  1-s;  FIREPTtOOF, ������BEHOlJSBJ,,/":; A  iWM'TOSJife of shifpinMVrciglit;*Wrrn Dis-i  i ���������  Kil/.  :. Done at reasonable rates.,  1 Teams run regularly,.....between, Yals and  m q  a G)E n ^._ ;;  Auctioneer, nHll ftnt;nrJ  ilsiliiiiiiiS  Xx<-" ':'-:'-' '���������-���������,-.���������''      ".Goods, sold on^,.Com mission.    Office,'   Richfield.���������  ';   * SAJ.KSR0OM,kBarkerviH9.-'   ������������������     '".';-' 5-s  ���������A...W;'.;A" 't o u  UttOIl.;  EALEII  k^i Wi^7i   r4<iioojS  \so CiG s hs/Coal 0������I,  Cdal'Oil Lamps,-&c.,-."'',.' ���������  - TIT"L!ES;!RTJEFF; C^jnrissmNiiMjiRCHA^"Royal  ti' Hotel'BuiBiti?, Wharf street Vic tern, V. I.    1-s  i The BAR is.--always supptiel with vthe, choicest of  Wixks,* LtQr.oRsand Cicars.      : 1-s  ',���������--.-'f '-���������  y   -YALE, B. C.    - ��������� . v   ",  pARTIE^SHIPPIKG GOODS BT TSB YALE-LTT^  X. ton. Routk, are advised that        .  ". '       !���������'���������;./'  KIMBAIiTj & ^GLADWIN.  '-Have erected an.extensive Storehouse. and Doclc- at  Vale, and arei/prep^red toRsceiv*?,Store; and Forward  Goods:'Goods re:packed,. and freights engaged atthe  Lowest Rates.'!'    .   !4':'^'     '.  ."        *T  '- *'���������  ,;"Parties shippingigoods through us wiltplea6e, mark  to th*ecaroof :���������    --.������;*        '-,.'-<������-      /  X!s    -     ^  ^   ' KIMBALL & GLADWIN.  : tr;.;.  r9r-A.ND-^'^:  ELL  AT E.   H0DGENS?  OIiD  Barkervilfey 1st May, 1867. .,''   t     !  STAND;  IpHE UKDERSIGNED be^s to inform the: mlners!:aiiu*  /l^residents' in &aroundrVah^WmUlethat "be-^Ul in fu-l  ture keep on assorted?and GOOD STOCK on;hand, and  hop?s'bv close at ten tion to business, arid by sellinjg-  at-LOW"ER- RATES than'heretofore, to -meet the pa^  ;trona������jeof all.        ���������  ;;/;"-   *" ''   ��������� T' " ' '" f  . s Or iters from outlayinsr creeks accompanied with the  CA^H,; will be r for warded, with promptness and dis-i  patch;     v../-. , . -;     ., .;: ;  .-; x:..    -       -;   ���������  >-:;-'Vjjgj*Terms; CASH^/witliout diistinction;" !--;;'  -'y������..!:S.*'::V//^^  hart Bro.������. Victoria, V. I.  L-Si  Tf WONG, LEE & CO., C03DTisstON:Mrrcha\ts, Im-  i\. "PORTERS, and Dealers in^Chinese Goods,/Victoria^  Vr I.;! Ya% !Lillboet^ Quesnelmouth;! ancb "Wi 11 ian^s  Creek.i/j;.'^; ;i;;i;/-;i:!ii fyfAxAxrtAAffff-ffi:������x  I?   "WATSON,, "Watchmal^, Jeweler *^  -/���������! and Engraver,.Gov^rnment ^tract, next /5ya}'-  to<the.$t, Nicholas Hotel, Victpna, !V. 1^-fy-.    ���������J?*i^  &KE LAHAteHE^  Pf.;' F. WALTERS,.;formerJr,of"tbe 94,-Mjm' Be      7*;f;C'.l  TdivMlcrs; williflnd Go6d.-"Acco.mmo(i������tlRri,'i.Thab.em<f(/;l'^  Uvinp1, of������-Liquors", and of .Wines ���������    V resh Butter, IhlU   : ;j  aiid;Vegetables.  'Gpod.Stabling nn'IclKj.? feef.    Is    '|  'EIEK. -      . i       I  GREAT RBDUCTroK "has hern made In tbe charges ���������,  at this establishnieuL so as^ci suit the times* '  MftalSj/  Blay 1st,  186T.  '.; \-Beds, .75^Cents;- ">  J   McLEESE &SENAT/;  ;-��������� *   ������ ; '   -      -Propriitors,  ; xxxxxxxx. j. ixxxxxx^^  xi  E> MALLANDAINE, COLIiECTOR ANDIOENERAI;  . AGENT, Govcrnm'erit Street; VicloriayV./I.   1^  DAILY and W^KJAY- uBRiTKHCOLO^IFT  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE. ������M Oriers for mail-  i ng ei th er th o Dai ly or Week ly^ issues o f; th e a hove to  an f parrbf Europe, the Uiii ted States, Canada,- Austr/v-  ���������)ift i. ������c ,r left a t tb is ofilca or 'sent to Victoria" will be  attended to; u Tersis in advance, < WKEKtYt il2frioss.;  with Postage, $7.50 ; 6mos. do.,,$4/75. Daily, 12  mds d6., $23 ; 6inos do.,i$12;50/      % ...     :u    -y . </  OUR   COFFEE.  WE   AJ R E ;F.O RI AiRDI N - G ��������� 'v Ar  '  _ 86 VILE   t������08T,  ''.BET.WEBN YALE AND LyTTON,B.  TRAVELLERS willnhd ^veiyiaccommodatipnaVtWl  Hotel. - E3cc?il{rnt Cooking.;GOOD BEDSr  STALLING FOR'HbftsES,     /,.i,^  TmOTHY-HA:t. and OAT81 at Lowest Ralei.  -'���������" BOOTHROYD BRO^S, M  iX-lis x-'-.-'-/' -s'.v <4'/���������/,' ' o ;  "*l ^-'"   Froprleters. -?;  r   , k      WAKE-UPTAKE  Re st aura lit, Bakery,  ���������ANDi.rr-..  ��������� ^AREERVILLE^-1:.;.  PATERSON & GOODSON, PRpipRiETORS.  27  BLUE   TENT,     >  '.;"���������'���������    ���������OR���������"-. '      i   ������������������  N ANNOUNCING THE   RE OPENING   OF THIS  house for,the season; the proprietors; wish to in-  : form their iriaiids and the public generally; that they  > will "3i������-*re no; pains in order to merit tf  all who give them a!.call..  Meals at all:hours.  tho patronage, of  '������������������;''.. -vi.:;  ��������� i'; ', E.;' STEPHENS, . A;  THE UNDEPSIGNEDHAVIKG PURCHASED THIS  , desirably property, is now Prrpjrivl to accom mo-  date the travel line public. The ta.hHis supplied witli  the y<*ry best of viands, Tbo bedrooms and bods are  as /comfortable as co ui'I be desired, and the RAR contains nothing but tho. best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.-',. -,   -     .;.  A jfood stock of Grain and Hay alwavs on hand...,  ' ".3rd /May, .1867.: ; ..       ���������'. .3     ' , W. WRIGHT.  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  ATING TAKENT  AN i OFFICE  1^  RIGHriELD,  i to. Surveys.  ittrd .to,his  tersis.;.     .-v; r~*~-~������-M",t,v-;-^SONABLS  & ������������������������������������ ���������.���������" ;J9Sg^ Offlfea, centre of RichQ������il i; SjjS&i  ;: barkervillb; i  CASAMATOTTbe^sleave to state that he  has removed bis stock of 6oo1s consisting of Gro-  CKRrirs, &cv, from "Wharf street.to the Brick Building  ori Yates street, aHjol.nlng, Cowper's Boot Store, oppo-  site tVplls, Fn'-rffo .fe Co. / . ���������.  He Avill/sellihis Goods by Wholesale; at the lowest;  rates, for cash ���������"'. x.s  Packed InTihs of ffoin ��������� two to'"Iwent.y-flVe pbuiid&  each.  ������������������ / ���������  WILSOK '& MURRAY,.      ,  :/i';!:i A. A'X v-v- '������������������������������������ ..'���������'���������,: /'FoH slreti'tf Victoria-!;- ���������  1-s  ^OETE^OFENGliKa MERCSADIZE  ."���������'���������i     XX .Wholesale and Rotailj   :. :  Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria.    1-s  A. W. PIPER,  ���������        *    CONFECTIONER,  Government Street, opposite the Theatre;  C^P^PJ** Very tl������8oriptio'n"..muipufuctured an.  sold, Wholesale hud Retail. 1p  P Junction!ofsthoiiCariboO: and!-Bigi'BenduR^f^^  ri6w:op������ri' for tbo" accommodation of/the.pub lie. ^^  tanco'rrom Clin ton'26 miles;'/; i'roni Savanas Steanipoa;  T -.������.*tWrt '. OO   mil-Jo .���������-.'���������; rinm . Crii>nM>e iUrl r!tf&. i'SO '������������������njIlvSi.  to suit  Tra v ;d le rs. will: 11 ndpricos-and; accom  'the times;   Give them a call- vStabling,,Bay;f^ "JxS n  attrhYivo bostlersV ;i Stages leave hiiXQ:-'rcfettlgnymXXi  WILLIAM Z*SI."H}tlH, dealer in Drugs. Mkdi.  . crvES .IndCuEMiCATs, Fancy and Toiht Articles,  :3poh"ff3s,- Brushes, P^riumery, &c. Physioinhs' Prescriptions carqfully compoundc4 and orders answered  1 Willi care and 'dispa tcli!   Victoria,V T.   ; i     : l���������s  A BUL.ER & C0.7S  C1HHJAP Store.    LADIES' an'] GENT'S CAST OB^  ; Clothing bought, and sold.   Secondhand "Watches,  Gum, Pistols, &c.','for sale.  i^^Gov^raraent������tre������t opposite the Theatret   i^  Free Port for Ever!  B THE UNDKR3IGNED  TAKE   pleasure in an-  nouncing to out numerous  customers an 1  the-  public, that wo wilt supply them with the host French  Leatwer Boots (duty free) o ver offirre d in B. C.  JSSF'At our old Stand, Government St., Victor}n^ V1  .    1-9- .,/!     J       CHARITY & BUTLER,  J. C. BEEDY7  COMMISSION &  FORWARDING AGENT.  WILL  PAY PARTICULAR   ATTENTION  TO  SR-  lecting, purchasing, or forwarding Goods for tbe  upper country. .  Any commission entrusted to tils'"care, will receive  prompt attention.  .References :--W.A. Usaosau, E. A; "Wadhams, T.  Earpsr, J.J. Bramlv.  Victoria, April f!$6'f, i  rr H E UNDERSIflN'ED IS NOVv* ^PREPARED Jg  J affcird every ac'cbm'moriatirn to the tMveiling P������."'  1 ic, and hopes" by a si riot a tliout lob-' to: "btt***"1^^JJ  m'rita sbarooi the pa iron age bestowed on-tnp;0WJ  proprietors. Tl������Is is on a of th o most com fortabic ana  commodious Hetels on the road; contaiainp.as it a^������  warm and well furnished bed rooms .witb.goofl' dc-j.  The TABLE is supplied with ev<ry delicacy It is W  sibH to procure in the upper country,- |'ie wSl  stocked with tbo best of Liquors, and the .enojew.  Cigars.' .;���������       ���������/���������' ������������������������������������' ! ;������������������,���������'.. IX-������������������  '    mr MEAiS,  $150 /BACILi'^- ;.1,,  The stabling 'for Horses' is all'tfiat ,%l;l^f^S  and the ch������rires ara vzty modcrato* , Hay wj n������L *  per d������y^$2 ; Oats and Barley at thecheapastnia^  Tbe undersipned- ba s a lanye quantity. of 0AT ��������� HAT  on hand, for sale in large or small quantities..  1-s JOH-N8 PELLETtER, Propfletpr.  BOSTON   BAR  Internatioiaal  -Hotel.  ���������}  THIS WELL KNOWiVHO^  1  yolk-rs.    ThoTabhvIs supplied as  the best the market affords,  he < scelled.  quobs an d Cigabs.   GOOD BEDS. w ���������-,������������������ -  ���������WILWAM CHARTER^  1-8  ... and "the. Cooking cac?0.6  The Bar is stocked with tbe  finest w  r. '.  f: -


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