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 tyrlaJ-V i'J.if
:os;knii,.. "'������
] I -- X to:
rrc3, I ��'
? in e'a.to
order, In. tho
W '���������
. 'xWi��-	
_ x&%'X:%
04 -->- >*
eyery '    ,
DdS. ::-;;!
' yj^'pflDfll*^';
orders.4*^ ���(*.
,.i'i i.v ''" :'!'"'';.��� Xr- ^OBLI^ag^Z^K!' &^tVp-'i-:'-4:-
^lori'ptiobV:V Per week' (��dlng--ewt
ot delivery), F^ble to the-carmr.       <
f,AX:  .   �����*'' -: *-~~- XXIXX''' XXX^XXs't
0m<w-BaAerTiUeJ(lneit dopr,to ManeWs
Grocery St'ore)f
fet; Itbe ill Caril^O^ei"^
,   1 ������---��=���= i        ,, T
fe^ TczasJand cfl^^
;:iIr3Sto\ve?astatera<ri,f, \       -x,    ,      !
A meeting was held in  Londori in favor pfj
���^rdoalng'the^eniana, N   y^    .    j
Tbe$iapijM^ i]]e\
-American government, and talk of war if the
, latter recognise the Cubans,as belligerents.;
The Oile oi Gen^.X-6^^l)!K?l^|^ 'M
���didH^forHhefcroue'ii Sryairi.1-' ������ '--''- '-  _,*   _>
. ���'" A** xC.. GOLONlAti: 'CT,^l^g>,:^'jfi
* Governinent has paid to the feafemiEnidn
Telegraph Co. qneVhainiie ,sub8idy~$2250. f
New iYojr^ Ledger,! and-:Bennet^ofthe:NeWi
:Yodi;:tHe|ald,}especially! handle ?&, 1 zno.dest
i^arriefc'iiwithput gloves. Jndeeai^the; press
Kotli^'a; ���$&&- pldvworidiand tthQ * &&%% cpnderau
^   A'Natiorial#eiiante' League, has ^ been lor *
gamsed in Goyfe |br^en^ln|^^rpejul^
Mazaitla&V Moxico^c ?
;;i Mr>Mackenzie,|fo*rmerly:16fc*LaK6rfDIstri4l
Scfi6ol^baBj)een jele&feidras- ������J'tewj'heri^blii'tJiJl
CedariiHiU Sehool'iindef .this newrAefr o x
> uWm; Iiush, of t^Part^
rjestedi on the cluir^^i^gsaulting a marine.
The maYioeVihj arieB'are";feVvereV^ , ^.7C��� -'! ,J,
"' "The sleame^,'Ac^tive^Ba|t^from;Yictb'Ha
ou"tflierl8thnilfc/.} GjistaYiVSutr.o' was^paV
senger. sEighty-eight tons of cranberries were
���siLong *h(i shJpm'Julh'       /      ,".'i
'EllyArto'eno, a native,of/ Upper Canada,
lately a'resldent of "Quesnelmou th/died*��in;;tbe
hospitalpNewiWestminster^pn the 21st ult.v
Mr W. D. Ferris' bouse at New. Westminster
wa.3J.burned'.on.tbe���2.Gtli. ult.,.ilr E. narrowly
^ta}.in^ fl^ij> lhe Qem^d, Thv bouserwas in-
siIxcViOA-UOCo"  SCIS      !     1 \ &S? ���
-\h'.-!J_!,-'.-ll-v:' ������' '',-;'", ;';';i"f' '* ������' '.;_���.." ��� i;.-. '-.������ "- -:" '   -"-'���-..       , '��� ��� iX ������'.'.-.''. ;"   J:: ������-' :*> :'<';';' ,:;!';':v\>;;.:''.''-'   . ���;*''-'.      !.';'
Wm.'Steinberger, distiller, was arrested in
Victoria forYeWing to alio ��� tbe inspector to
examine his books, bub on bis sbbw ag  tl^jt
the officer ^Morrow) was: incompetent for his'
o8ico the case was dismissed.,. -
,,Charles S. Nicol, for Bluejears manager of
ffife'NiaMmo Cpai'Mmmgind- *Band;C.dmpa*nyi
bas resigned the position:-, Hr Nicol is-now a
resifMi o.'f L&b ^xmzin^h   L <    -    -
4Ir X, /1 way ^ of ��:ale; while Jon 1? is wayT tO|
ia  " *  " ai   ~~   '     '~  }^x!^
eel;dom ^erlualled, f In .truth ; there, ;appeara, ,to
be^no t|| ng 1 eftj'feutVi^f, suggest ^fcbatfth^ -;l^w
pmhibiticfg ithejcirculal
oibscen04writings, should>>es-put ln;;fbrxje
against Mrs.;Stowe's story.. !,^'" -_u  '' ;',*"**'.%;
'^^'vN'*".^y:f*\ '^^'- -?'-'.'f":-::-<i-.rf*";i'.rU /^!;.;v''i.'.t.-.i'-.^.*''-y?;.'.^- ^tv'V:.H?.-..qi,
Will despatch;
"'Thb^Best CoFFBE.���In'ofder to "obtain-*-a
Srst-iislaftB coffee r i.. S. necessary ^o, secure ;th^
yer^e8^errieSrandJ rtp; roastiibemj.accordj
ing4o!thei;nio'st" approved jmetlTod.  .Tliis is
:abnef-mW^ ...K,,r-,-( ,- -^
VictorfaY >ho are prep'aVe'd^tb^iirttoH Wf By theso tca���s' ��Vn S�� u^50 Ib8*'DAd ��PWW?��
cash; Co%e that never fails to .elicit theap    "    ���"*'"-: ��� .    -*    - .-~-,r   ,.   ���., . ^
Mtjkliyf tho trip tf "Ba'rkcrvll^in.about,U days/.
-''"..������'  v ������":."��-;-.!. Until further notice; .   ' -,
ekcfusivcbf-Road'Tolis- ''-      '   '"'���'' "���*;- '-'
,, -The ' Greatest ;Discovbby j jpp.. THErAoK^'
an'article^to-compete with'this-soap. -It not
only-irenxoves-paint, pitch, tar, &c, from the
awaywitfi!all^the"wa'sbboar^s-and;,machines "?p^���f^^^.^���^^'��-*�����!w,*���.��-�����r^r���*- ���
��ba^l|%t;inve^ oil, tho.Regularity of -tbew
VearSi'tO' Wear'^bilif^lia'Ol'dS';;.anCl ^.ClOtheS^J     and    ���oowie tfm��; whatViVn*laHK-fnl4 fvntSrht. a*t����* Lt\HivriMf.H\y
'afi^lSn^lyKrp-use^i^ .
to Injure'ithe, clothes, in tbe  slightest degree,"  w
'havlni^Sry'-'-a^vanitMe^^^^^ so;a]>s; n
in^einpeheaper^he i^
: tie! ernom?if .use^E brxsale v.,at ^ rMri1 James ^
Taylor^ flrug-store, :imd���some of^the.,prin-
cipatsto^ ia.town/ r     _^ __ ., - ,^, ?* ^
^^���^iJfiCOqpFBBla j now r,*opd the^test'
teamsj^ f p^whether with fult
'cbme:through*.^'v!'''"'ri''v<" ���""'""������'""���' ���-^��'r-/-J"' t-^v''"/<. -:
people of ij jm
U "haying ||H
1(i warja^V/ |||
fl"   ������"������'���;i
Stioti --."for ^
nimals; W
and tlm abQUtiborbWfe^
>   Two men named Gardiaer; ani- Smedbnry*
of San Eranciscbyfoug^
��� Siriedbirry J received ,.k Suilctt Jn^lfteXfiaridi,
:ipalDg��Qneliinger..*to'. .' ,���.   t (��� t  yt* "!      ji'
s   SomcNew ^l^Qnano
.. Willi capitalists in,iEiirppe^to' mtbdriaw;,/iS3p|-
f 000,000 of gold fromyuse^in order to force
.-goliiupi'tb^exorbitant rates*  -       '/<>> f-j\)
Prince 'Ar&iir^as-^bnMiiyltc'di together
" witli the Go^rihorl G enera 1 a ad Jlinistry���" o!f
, tbe Dominion, tV attendttfi^'Missoitri State
��� ��� Euir ��� to be;beld af Si?JSoni&J C\ \ : k ^ W * ���
The Indian nmileteamerii lost off tbelslami
of Shadura;   in   tbe ""Red -"Sear bftd a large
amount of specie ob ^oard^ The crew were
saved but the mails and isargo> wero: lost;   |
���; An attempt to induce fingla^a^
to form a protectorate for Gabali conjanction
with. Spain, bas failed.  ^Napoleon   advises
Spain to'amibab]y-arra^ iUnUed
States for the disposal of Cubal x- /. ���     X'xi':
\The Doncaster Sweepstak^wer^^on. by
Stanley; the Scarboroaghliitalres were yton
by Conjlp|: the3admehton^handicap was won
by Yagabondi andr the ;>Fbrjtlarid ipiiate by
.Argus. .'������;/������:������*. ;.���,;""        ' Vx%'. x W;
An Omaha despatch says;W0"m3n'and'cb^"*
dren are being murdered,- and much stock is;
driven away.n The-ti^
White Mountain^ ha-ying ^killed!' 22 Indians
and destroyed Bev.eral'^ jjampi -with large
amounts of property,     'x'itix.:
At a levee of the Governb^Geueral beld in
New Brunswick, "^r Jobn iYpung made a
"speech, in which he said; t^at as the opposition"
to tbe union of the province.'with Canada was
dying out, he looked) fbi'i a speedy reconciliation of all parties, and pointed to the advantages to be gained by bunion with! England
and Scotland. Tbe advantages conferred by
^^.���^^aK���^iT^Q*'tofl'fiitefl��� the results
that would follow-thd coflfederaUon. ��� ..
Indian^wTiOm he had shipped as, pilot.  Xlney,
bad-c^^ ^ was wmle
asleep tbag^ladiar^
for the,purpose of robbing him. V _ r/
M"r8%! Weytftb-ri-died* at;Sa"n*"'Eranciscb' on:
Lh�� 9tfa ult.,* at ��� tbe 'early- age of. 19. Mrq
'Wieyntonrwas.;%melly Miss _pjB^n/^.^iViic-j
toriai where her:mother still resides. .For ,a
untbrtiinate "young; laxly was stbneVblindi      <
Mr J.C. Cdiquh6ttn,C.E.;di'ed at San Fran:
cisco on the 9Ui of,September, in utterlyrdesr
titute circumstances^ leaving a widow an4
several smali:children.-Mc.Colquhoun was a
native pfScotlanrl:, He cam^;tb ^ctoriain
M5&| and ox)nstriicted^several roadsr-ia the,
city and colony:!^-Theni^
whicU he was engaged was}that of. dredgmg
the harbor���of Victoria^        \" ^    i'\  )>. ;
i���Mr Seward, in the;eou"iseofa-pub|ic-spee,(A
Mivered at Salem^said : " Although British
Columbia % remains as"; Oregon- not long ago
wai$, and ttaitbe region ^stlof the\^s^fesippi
so recentlyi^was; Vanct;as'.tlie*/W&fe'.of^he^
United States onco -were, subject: to an Etj-
ropean power): I nevertheless found existing
there commerbial andi-gpHtic'^foifces'which
render fa permanent ��� political separation of
-to^territbry impossible.'^   . i
The gold minesi of Ko 6 ten ay are reported
to be paying well. -..-Mr,.MUby, while making
the idfjtour. through American territory to
Koptenay bad his train seized. The! Indians
are very troublesome and are constantly rob-
ndWkept arid sold !by>all respectable dealers
Sunday night at 9 o'clock. ^   .,.-; .....     - ,     .     -
'���'ForiYatesiof Freight arid passage, apply to   .    ,      -    ,'v
ItiM-Sii NofrcEs;%cT
Iu tho matter of the Estne and* Effecta of GIROLUO:
���;rx���       MO TIBALDI. deceased, intestate.- *w,.-���- s
��� A' tirpeisbns'wtib' are indebted tdHfoa*hove]Bstkte
'^BL  are rcquiredi:tt6:pay4he!.amp^t^ue,forUiv;ith,
and all persons .who have any claims-against the
abovo- c&to^are-i'fequired ^.^^^i^^^"^11^
a,;.. ���,:" ������'���'�����/,-;-!  X'���',:,��� /officiahAaminisfcrator:���;
"   DatedElchficlds 14th August, 1S69..^ ;:anl8 Jm(
N'%nd|after?Juiy?3d; andvtiuitil Turthernotic^tn^
^Xm-y-t 'hfX,nxXXv.  ' -
g! .^i;r:.;?;i:^;rvi^(;;iii;:^T;fM^ ;- '*
PA*#S?S6"DA;^ ,
;   (  T.HUBS.\b.^T\^E.Tj%N,fSG^y, ���
Connecting wHl) Barnard's Express at,. bpth; niiapi^.'
':'";"*'J8^.Thb''steainey..i85notl responsible f6r leakitge'uf
t)ilsi or, other ltquidsishipp^nn^iiiSi
���*>',A'KDER,tSTOBO, "deceased, mtestate. ���
1 Lt persons wh^-MB^bt^-JpUe-^we &to^
ind all d SI who have^nyrclaims-against the
���  Official Administrator.
;! ��� Datod Richfleld,uiitAagttgt,1869.  V aul4 3m:
aiid all persons who haro j��ny claims ^^ on
above osUUar�� roquW^V to ^.^S9 .t0
Oillcial Administrator.
Dated Richfield, llth Jane, 1869. -J^S*
bipg tbe sixiice-boxes of the miners. They
say the gold is their own, and that they have
a right to help themselves. An Indian charged
With stealing gold was rescued from -ilJ^ofEi-
cerby other Indians. The officer bailed on
tho miners to assist him, but the odds were
against, them and the thief escaped.
Our exchanges, says the Colonist, came to
us surcharged with criticisms upon; the
Byronic, or rather the Stowe,scandal, and
these criticisms are most severe in the quarter from which Mrs. Stowo might naturally
have hoped for sympathy,   Bonner, of the
ON the ,Antral!at Barkervilte^o^^eVeTy Mail finn.4
��� jExpross^Rr;-Li;-LAMPNT.will!leave Barkeryillb)*
with"aniExpress!;for! the;' follow!nigliClrecks v-r'GfcrtfSej;
Stevebs. GaliforniayiW!blf^^AAflbrJ!Ciinftinghani'glU r-;
vey Snowshoe,iCelthlcy<and Goose-Creclcs.; Tier ^iU
attend:to all-kinds':'^>f commissions, &c. Collpctibsj
willialso he attended, to/.���':������ ��� i.. , " . ��� *;   , ju'21
tetters, Purqels, fee, for the above,,places .can hd
leftfat the1 tollowingi places ":���������"" ' *!."  J 1 ������''   ^    ; > ;
* Th e 'Sbstotbl Office, :r;.'i - f/'- i Barkery ihe..,., i .
i  Jennie's:ShoeStpro;\ >.;v,:  -, Barkervtilo :?.
* Pi-Ncuftlder,-   -1" -i ���-* '-���-'"-��� ��� -"* Richfleld,,    . ���*..
Danielson's; ^Bridge,
it; :r,*i ��� ������ o,. a-nels-fRiver^.J
Van Tolkenhiirg
'"���'��� :"'!   MOSQUITO;;CEBEE. r;
on band. :.
Mining Companies'Books Kepi auu.   j   ..
M��vi,is^��i...   -V ���-
���'R*;-' C^ABLiES.' DAN^ELSQN., .desirea i to XInform
I Traders, Packers, -Trav^irers arid others:that, tho
��oad4om iogvPrairicltoi^heJ^ileJ^
Qucsnelmoutbis now open^nd. in; good con dif.pi}^
Pael^Trains and Stock*anil that there is^bnn.^n^
SSd!,:tbroughout.. There is a-house pi enter-
tainmentat the!bridge.,.;..,:,,,;.:^:-:..;   ^^^4^4^-���
AD AM S & ��� P E AR QX<
: Have on handi&ciioice select Ion or
Whvariousotherarticleslntheirlineof trade
1,1 T 1 Mmrfn the Tin. Sheet Iron, Copper au i   ;
Zinc trad
r~~CAMEaON >   AMMES, .;
Bahke^iixk, ,     ;    .=,!-.
^U       i,^ri ihe stand formerly occupied b> A,
XX   C. Cil^l>0'JJ,},ll"��h work of every de*crij>ij.,n at
shoeing'and Blacksmith >%orK 01 ��yv��j      jvlM^,n
���^B?cr?^ve��i���� ftffSHOEING OXI^jyith
���J^K SBPwy;iaK5E;  iy^y-h^-S'-y^ ytif^s ���������  m  i^TStt'DWHSaA-Yv ocy.6vi8G^-;     1,  ���������: '   ; ''JTiffrciBIBOO SBNTCSEL   ' .V'   ��������� : ������������������ . !  Tq n'uh&hed ^-cry ^auosHny'nn^Satur^y^p;  nubhcutloji:; ;! %y.    r ������������������.-.��������� ,,v'.-,-,-..-.:;;--,,.v?.',-. .>=������������������������������������.'���������-.-������������������    .  1  All advertisements"(not inserted fdft any; definite  chhrize'd for^ccorjAingly: - ., ' ,   '         - -TO CORRESPONDENTS.   " .   *  All communicnVbnsvmns^  I"wWi^av>w^p^UsfeWg^tho sau>(>, butas.sjearity  . or'Us.gob^faitn^^i^X^l, s������*':'-XX.lX:X'. "*- S%X*X'y'>'y  : -how iiBSp;K  the pfbsent/timei^with^the, disorganizing  effects of'the freshet before;'us,.one would  rjaturaiiy think' that' the- prospects for the.  winterau-Cariboo do M look .encouraging,  Bat the losses causedih^thfeJfr'eshet will kg  compensated by t%^i"hs1������J^ringa,:;fo"C-.the  temporary cessation oii-.Uhov -in-the lower  parish the ^  icrepi^^  lipou which so much depends, liasvbccn, so  only beginning, as work progresses, to' realize the extents its wealth, The yield of  gold this year. may-iot Ogure up as largely  ^jnfprevious years^aiitl principally,;^ ^:  Here,'-on account of the large*"amount pf  labor done for gold-in prospective. There  iare several otherVenterprises, besides, those  we have alluded to, of a tentative, character,  and it would "bo strange if-sorae of them, did  nofcjicalize expectations.,.\AJi the;lowe*cend  ���������pflWilii'am creek,'tlie Ballarafc;tunnel, an ^immense  work,  isi nearly, completed, and all  "ttfak:ficKrgr&to  Thusi H-%iil'J, bV:fieen that ^ur^fiiturVpros-.  feWaven^  feu^the^iaro  i>e the' relMl*$%^  diggings on'Wijliamrcreek*'c^  ���������b^st^  It:showfJ,'that we   are   not.alWays  to   b'e  ���������and that.-theJpaBt-two'dry 'miamm' were'text  c^eptipte^ Aa ibandant: sup-m; ox water  biio&>' ������mh'!'������ larg'e.'extent offend imp  ���������profitabl^^teveiopment^that Rooking ag|t^  NEW: ADVERTI3BMB^TS;  -' "x"'- ':'S^"Ttln^'��������� :S8l16' - *'"''-' ^  BLACKSMITH 'iBTJSIKEsI;  2G,o66 lbs. bf Iron,  ' *\i("^TERra^^^  burHy^      'Apply to'    \   'C    -JOHN-LAKO^.  J\<frognplmon^  !NB^:^I)^CTISEMENTS:;  THE PARTNERSRl^-nerotofbre^xistiD? T,et*������ '  i;A,.:S. BATESand^- Gi'lDUHIiRVY.i'Sf ?  sty)* and. title of j BATES!!& CO, laHhia 4S ,i "���������! ���������  hy mutual consent XX    i J UIc6oIt������1  t^AII parties lndeht������ditotho!late'.firm vvlli r,uWcft h  'their indebtedness tO'P! C. Dunlevy,     -  ���������    ��������� ^5-.  iyThebusiness wia!in future;he carriodon' und������^  style and title of ', ..        ,    % a"rth������  XX ' .   ��������� ; ;i ;:'-.^-v;:!!;-m...^'..--. VDTJNIJ3VY & CO  -  Soda Creek, 231Soptcmbcr, 1869,    y     ,   r;x..:  ADcEjL P H|������������S A L O Oi  ���������':. ^'^cH'Aru'i.-E^^'B^ o'o'n"1 V''  JL>:' ho has purchased tno nusinoss^r^th^ADEr-PHl  SALOON. RICHFIELD,:where he .trusts he will ro-  ooive- aifflir' share -of patronages ThOibost^.Wines,  Liquors and Cigars at.tho;Rar;;r' y Jl hi, ;��������� eels lm-..  (Signed)"* '^iP/0.>!DUNLEVY.  !:vr!--:J:'-;'v"''!"!'^;!iS;('BATE3.  se28im'  l^OCIGE.  fteqnently subject tq disaster, and survived jgen^   effeet, the  losses * :-u>^5i*. afreanet  it, that there is i ea? so : i ^^Heve it will again  live through its pfesent difficulty.' ^^ides,  "Will ianiVcrieek'-has- ceased i%b el the... principal  source of wealth, * ifiabor im beau more gen*  erally distribute.1 hronghou }U-distrbh la  Teviewing the prospects ahead we must there-  doing wesee-works of gw  bn/thesuc.6efiB.6f anj  or..all of iwhicb: "7in  *coutribute largely to ther 'existing rdentro: of.  loprdJirt*' ������Bd  fctf.de  m Bar^rville    ^b^  p vospec tin^whicliiha^ on  iOybusei^cre^  foe  <ieipr-nr*iiing   point-.^3 lo sbet^<r u ecr  'anl--!p,rbl4l>ie^  labor;is to'ljc'opene^out;   rc*lh^conjett&orA  w& success i.f ihe MxTf ������W 'HEDih^H ^o^=  gal j.   An'enterprise'alike Xa charactei   ia^  creek, a stiort aJs^P^s fiom Biit^rvdK   On  Canadian creek, a few weeks, or e e i a few  Vdaysiwiil determine whe.the|ihe large outlay  of money and labor will produce proportionate results.   A--large spaced employment  Svill-be'preaentecl on that creek'if  th'. hihnel  now 'approaching  completion   there   shall  ��������� demonstrate as. a fact what has..,hither to been  only matter of .faith, that there is a rich lead  of gold on the bed-rock of Canadian-creek.  -So may we-say of the'inUiatory work going-  on at" Lightning creek.��������� The run,of  gold  - depo:its ,on" this   creek   has   nn'i?    lately  been-a"-"mystery-to  the most  experienced  "miners.   Patience  and  persev.era?������ei: .exer-  .cised'i-nn'de'r most; (iiscoiiragingcircumsfcanceB,  have, .however, so far dispelled:the mystery  that there is uow, what there has ��������� never1 been  displayed, fini. connection; with  Lightning  -*���������" ; creekit a confidence^ that the' fickle deposits  * are ini a fair way of being l^bng^ifio^^their  '" "Bidden placSsT to tlie: lightvofiday.'- Another  wide field for the enterprise of bur^miners is  ^being opeiied up' on Dragonicreejfc Iii1 that  ..   part of the district vnoth'ng^had ibeen '"done;to  increase the known cxteirt of gold deposits  !������������������ hntii last ���������year, when a company commenced  i, proif pec ting, which ^ulmmatedi ,i.a- l^w' .weeks  since in the,discovery of a,Hrich igpid^earing  channel.' Tins discovery has! Called ^imany  : other companies Jutojex^  .: >". creek; ��������� -^lieir-success^will ^npgpnty' lead to  the dpvelopm'ea^^^ there is  ,, ii.qyute ^a ^'uraber, of ^|i^;;:a^plnmgj':-p.. ..large  \..'^: se:cfionl''bf iihtf-dis^n^  .knownv%Ul be*r included among the known  '!��������� gQld^a^ing partsMG^*^o^^d the orient  :,! - i';of,Uje gold depoisits'.!���������/'tjius-^laVgely. widened.  ; X l.Fren'ch. creek> top,- ivihichAad also been over-:  i I"s looksd ���������'��������� is'"''beOThir^^io^e regarded:as'')a  ^valuable  ac^ui si tion, ;c;and;:;will" be   tested  *_:-.thoroughly;  we ������������������ttu^;r^as;.is cohtemplatedj!  .'.!, --during  the wiuter??Indeed,  the develop-  . ments of the paWycar, although not having  ���������  . increased llie go)^ yield;,have eonln'med the  opinion, always ���������generally entertainedV that  Cariboo will, not be exhausted of its treasures  Vy the present generation, and that we are  ������������������< ���������' '���������-'-<-���������. \ *���������.:- ' '���������'���������'':.-'-,;: *���������  ''"y {���������M'-y. ' -^ :.ivv-!^.j'..'.. y y  ��������� l'"-y''l''ji **; ' '* ::'-X y    :COMFR'lSISG--p^v'.i; :'������������������' ,lL i 'y'l ,_  ,."_./ >-  Boots, S^oes^ iGlotiimgaiid  li^iF^'-T^H^'^iB-'aSS-T  ''���������For sale at 'tile Store ottho^unilcKlgncif!' In'Barker;  ville, opposito the Bank of British Columbia.'_  T" HE BANK OBi!BmTISlI .COLUMIUA U .uttM"  % to reml t pOLO^BARS to!^1c.(r������rla JVr m^ tdvano'-  infi;S5ipci' cenuao^thOiSan "Franclsw pRr $xfao&  value), *an~(5Hytiar^'inga cbmmis������ioa. q������.~mipi-r^ni  on'tbo nefTctUrtig; "���������-~~i : X X^X: c     , ���������/   fs,-^,.   '.'������������������  X-yrxr:-- :^r'--,'v-:V.-,.CHAi=i!iES,5. J0>",       X'^\  .. Banker British Col������mbia. '��������� 3       J" ������������������     ������������������'  Barkorvllhv27UtAugust; i860 J 7 r>  *&&&���������  NOTICE.  B'J'}';Ai^ATm���������,|S^iss>!m M  unless tho ehirgea'o'nlvalue of -satrie wo arranimd br '!:!  :������������������, rXiyXX JAS.' Jt������0>t Atm r-'!  :-!i--8ept/^/-li8^5g!^pXX%.r.'���������- !X:.��������������������������� ^XxBarkorvlll*!-1  \   ":x NOTICE.  THE   HUDSON*   *X<   CO.   ARE PREPAID  " resolvej^par valae,^at their Storo-in Bai  are comparatively"small.   A sew source-^ot  industryi'^ahp'ii  which'wiifiini^future'years aifoid^einployment  it j%Xm? when it 13 uiokt o^a^d���������onnuj>  IUX  ���������Winter months���������and to some extent during-  the   ^������������t������icobbing '^winter.     Wf, wrilade   to  quartz mining/ It is true that t\ i    "'^ |i   5 3  unfayprable to the, discovery of quartz reefs?  but Vine *������ie'mnny quarh veins aiseadjr  'traced, and we hear of dntende^o'opeiv-fir-i^  thereon. asr soon asthe quarbf_milij'shall!;have  b,/nve'l fOuo. iii the fio; djrsweeks' b tbe  'retention aod Increase of population rnxG^d-  vboo has - been the shortness/ of/'tb"e\^mining  season.^" This has been conrfderablymodiGea  bf-late^ears'by the!<:.ppeni^|of^  which   meE/;onld   wqrfi;;durIog"ihe;;#lnt,er  much'-more toward"-keeping mha ot plowed  during fue winter..  The adjanlag������8 'o! full:  employment are bo" manifest tbat fwe may!  well be^stigmatized as[slow and -did fpgyish^  in not havingisooneritakenpractical������teps to,  commence mining the organic veins. Hoaven  helps those whoiheip"vthemselv^  ehantsahd farmers would increase their business and market, they must follow" up  the  work- lately' begun in -procuring machinery^  an&^ltaking a jdirjet /interest id^he'detj&y  opment^of the quartz reeis, instead of bewailing the'lack of capital in the country.  .:X������1  ,JB..,......Ww..-WT,.^������.. ..,--���������. . .."Bartci^  villo - in exchange.^ for ...Merchandise,,. GOLD BARS %|  auedfroiQ twOo'vernmon^A8sayiO'Tlcc.     , , x %  ' 4,������ -'      JOHN'MvWARK,i- ^  ��������� / . ^KtX,X,x' X. ��������� . ���������      Azmx,  XiM^^^^y^j^i&hy:��������� x-',--. ���������Jul4'3?tl  ���������A: ^MMM^^^^}^M  AMD COMMISSION MERCHANTS  Ha^o ao-s; or  ndnct a' large ry:������aiXwi)ui oi  MCEIIIES, ilip0IS; TOBAC CO  i i G^enieral; Merchandize.*  BiricePrtlle, Jaly 13.1869.     ' ,   jul41m  -.���������.v.;:/:-; ;:������������������...;���������;,���������: V;' ;:' ���������.���������: ,:   ." ......; ���������.���������...���������.������������������/������������������..r:,';.;,.;: _:-;������������������:-��������� civ;-. ;.-��������� :'W: -';t': ":.;���������: ':���������:'������������������ if-^i":/,-i":',y'!0S}'j'-;> ":���������;.  WHOLESALE ^ AND,   RETAIL, t DEALER  xx0-MWtii^^  :; Oroceriesv Provisions,v  HARDWARE,    DRY    GOODS  CLOTHING, BOOTS, SnOES,'ETC.,...'  Sept.  26���������MornIng^I^'V^ > ���������E?cnmg-&rlst ..v!t.  -,-���������'----  --t0rlO0$,i -:-      '���������-''-    -.    'i,  Oct.   3���������Moraldg���������Daniel. ^, Evening���������Tha;;Cily/tf,  ..'.-<      God,.  '���������mm  DBiraSTOKE.  J" "'!a!s:" '!P^"TATIX)Rl,(leslres- torstate; tBiCt-Ke^tiU.k^ps''  ;;-on-hi5.bu'gln6s8-'at^h-^pla-;etand^^ ^  Patent MedIdnos dr all kladson;DaEd...  Also F.RKhH.  GARDEN SKKDS; ^ Prescriptions caVofnlly compote ���������;  sd at reasooablo rates���������. .-Next doprlo.Cnmo;|Brug  ery  Barkcrvnic. Mayfi:18C9:  am-  KEW/ADVEiMlSBMBNTS.'  -��������� ESSRS!''MEACHAM^ KASO^are.-prcp,;������r^ ^'  WI 'famish, Lumber at their Mills, William Creel;  and ������b they have now. i . "     .  /     Pi AN ING ,- MACHINE.  tn operation, they will snpply DRESSED LUMBER il  $i5j>cr thousand.   ''Shin^le^^ per thousa^.  .-^.-.���������������������������i, .;;,;0i;;.>;^!; J.>-ftu2l-tr^vv-!-*;*:;^. ������������������"-.., ��������� ,--  ���������XX .:Xy PAiNl-ESS :^Xi    '  TOOTH   EXTRACTION:  DR mm IS PREPARE]') TO EXTBACT.TEFra  W**'s^brtioperattowi��������� *������ut S*  tbo aldiofthpapparatasdiswered by Wg  of London. Tbisvaluabiei dtow^������i  slbility in the parfc"alone, and rendera.unnecesaarj  the administrationCofchlorofOOT, E,A^fefcASfi  ;: ;OFFICE-No*t tXRcnhl^s Boot store,M������^J,  Office Fee, $5.   Tcep'ttxttacted: or filled tfi^U^  royl^ro  THE   CARIBOO    AMATEURS  Ahnonnce tnat they ,will give a performance on  Saturday: ?:^veiii^^^#*dy  '���������   ���������; When wiU b e. presented an amusing" Farce, .������������������  M.de Windsor.;.....;.  -Hon Mr CarraU  Wbitewasii.,.'..,,X*","���������.������...'.:...������.������ ...'."���������������...Geo.. Grant ���������"������..'- fg  Fergiison ;���������.������.....'...i.i...........;:.....E. Pearson ;  Pawlrfns...... .*iii.'.....;.;..;........;.... Hon Mr Hayelpck  Tbwaitos .;.������;^;....;v..i.;.;U..v.;.i.R A. Browne  ;lAgatta������.s*w^w-p.j-w..���������..-:--.-.v>i-.;w,������������..^lrB Si P. Parker ,  ��������� ���������..;:   To bo,followed by an  i-  ^;-:jl3T.-T"!B'R LUD Ei' O'F ; S 0N G . .     ������������������    "il  And to:conclude:.-with,the ientertaining; ppmedietta  u"  ���������! -������.''. X. '. entitled,"���������''"���������' "���������'"',.".'"-'���������:';:' ::-'.V'''/'  :���������;"'���������-; A   BLIGHTED  BEII^Q.  Jo"o ,Wbrt'::-...i.'i,.; ^:..i.���������^..;.ii.���������i,...1j,' f  Ned Spanker...;^. ..........,..������������������,.���������."j.i  J, ^Xj.p   v������. '��������� LlGHTKIK.6rCREESE ,    ' ��������� X y-i f'r  MINERS AKD TRADERS yrHl find it to their iod-  vantage to purchase at this Storet������ whoro there is  .-���������:l '!.~'v.V!A^LAR(fB--Aaso������TMEST of^Gopps,:  XX' -   'X  Of the ively; best description on": hand Vand /tho; Stock!  cbistaiitly replenished by, new arrivals. The proprie-i  ,.,,%'!,"-���������; ''u-~i-X'i ^ofB;wni;selLQood8|' ' Xr.-yyXXl' X  ".'"iv AS ':Cia!Ap^As- Asv" in ;. 'Cariboo.., ���������.. .:.������������������} ,  Bw*ersn>bmptly?filiedv and forwarded with lilspatchV  "r V i - - BEEDY &HNDHAR^  Tan Winkle, May 12,. 1S69.,       t Proprietors.; .  Cumin in e-  f?. Thonipson  McttVSmitb.  uuminiug ..>..it , .TLMcDermott  O^afterty..;.;.;.. .......i.Uv.....jm Sullivan  Stisan Spanker........  ..Florence Wilson  j^������ Perform-  $"ff"Doors op'in! at-- Ei^ht o'clock  an co to commence at 8:15 o'clock.  V, Admission $1 OO; ...ReservedSeats, $1 50,  Tickets lor.the'.reserved seats may bo had on ap  plication to Mr? Geo. Grant, Barkerville!.  "150-Mile  House.     ;!  THE nndersigned; proprietors of ��������� the above; well*  known iiind' favorably situated. esLtablishmenti'  having purchased the same from 13. Tormcy,:"deslro to  inform their friends and the public generally that they  a'rb now prepared to {aflbrd every 'accommodation to  travellers and others at the most reasonable charges.  The table is supplied with all the substantiate;,a������d  luxuries available iii'tho country ^ and prompt attenx  tion given to the.wishes of the guests-:.?-,���������. ���������;���������..   ,��������� \->���������g i ' :���������:  The Bar is stocked witli tho very best brands .ol  Wines,:. Liquors and Cigars..'-.'.-}- X^y-y^'X-l}--^  The: Stables are spacious and corafortablo and at-  tcnded to by ."flrsi;class hostlers. "A picntlfur. supply  of tho bes tprovendcr of all ki iids al ways on hand;  ;.':. In short, every convenience and facility.conwiojyj  to the comfort of man and beast will be found, -and  the proprietors will spare no..effort to.give.-ontiro satisfaction to all who-may patrbnizotheestahllshmenti:--  :   August 20th, 1869   = ".    '.���������-������������������>'   ADLER & BARKY.  ;  ;^=-;ANB -rr:  *   BARKERVILLE.  BarkervlHeiiMa^^p^  rnEN!b'SRslig  Creek  and  bus  by 0. DQD������RO,Mbere. ������^ Uas &.SIW*  :GR'6dERte^  ���������    x. -,vk*nn^VfAjXBM^ter %^"j .  ���������y 'Orders from ��������� friends^ a;ioutaido. erne's8. V^m? j  ten ded to.". ������������������ ��������� ;;:, *..-'.. ,\ -': ���������'.-.; ���������' \. . > '    . v. {fA ^ ,  ���������gsr Consignments A $������������������ goods from ��������� v i -  Colonial produce from j irmers ���������jKijf ������*'"���������'���������  ;t;ClG-vrw.  -xx;^M;.iH������y-F e l d e r , ;-:���������.,...  STORAGE  AND, COMMISSION)  !    Richfield, B.C. .���������.���������;������������������ xx^.S  Perfect Ctire;  T THOS. {FLETCHER'S SECOND-HANI) STORE  ^j*.; and;General- Repairing Shop;will bo found a  ���������Lathe'capable'of'.Turning!'and'fitting. ������P Car Axles  and'Wheels, Hydraulic Nozzles, Hose Couplings, &c,  and all repairs of metal work done with neatness.   !  To ibe found also, Cooking Stoves, Sheet Iron Stoves,  Pumps, Hose, Nails, Picks, Shovels, and.almost every  est atten tion'and caroir  ! .Barkerville^August!2S,, 1869;  au2Stf  thing"requisite tm��������� Miners' ������s������ il_)jT^S;!ccs:  UPPER BARKERVILLE.  TTEREB7 announces that iho has opened hib      [  Jtl   Boarding House,      ;;-R.'-'--.--- ^'  BABKBRVILLEj  iB*>^-  mid  to which^he invites aU>who>aes]ro!^^^ingdo  at moderate:iij^^fl^^jy^ga-il*.  partment may bo relied on^^h^vJmsfenB^     -.  services of a first-class:(WHITE) Cook^^^X^  4^- LIQUORS AND CIGARS otyk*..^b-!.rU14.  may be obtained at the Bar.    <     _  .   ,     -..I'   '---feT^-2"'"*'-*   v'-*^"1"  ....nf!!'!... -.! :>^..A:.-v..iw',"i.i- ������-Xv*;sW������*i i--������i.'  "between*  "**3cr the  uiesolvoi:  ieiBOpay '���������  4 CO./-���������,;  ���������   '���������������*>.?  *28 lm ���������'  prcMrsii  ���������* 't't.f������i<K4  i.p'-r ? '.tl.  .ftusj  tKSVOKSt  S iVcRttrt  ranged fw.  Ac? at,:.  krrvlllf. :  J  in BarV'f*  D BARS ifctf  . ������������������   ���������."*'  WAHK.-.v-  '%.'xtm  ivefctefccltEl  ^'TestarnciilW  ���������elottdna^*  -Ctxr let. ;v !���������������!���������  *���������'- v-  ,!':-^  Che- City tl;  eoU/!/  EE.  rfo-stiil iwji':  horo l*e b-,a  Also FERSH.  lycrimptfiiv j,  !uriio;8,'Br������������'  ���������-.:���������. ift>" i  il?  prep:irt*i1 to  'iiliam Creek;  ine/' V  ) LUMBER at  lousanii.  JTION.  RACT.TE*5TB,  bout pain. "by...  ir. Richardson,;  roduces tax*']  a unnecessary:  ������rBaA*cfvii^  iled whh G������*U.'  irsyY-6m  bose whohRT"  5 oriVHosquiW:  ���������m bl������ fi"51*1,  tetitly 0Cy3^f ���������  of ..'��������� : .'���������.'' ���������!���������'  VISIONS,.  n&V". ��������� ���������.;  ���������;������������������&������.  jg promptly at'.  t ���������victor'* ^  au2S tf  s  opened his **���������  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  ROAD TRAFFIC  ;thoCn ������S������B  ......       . ��������� ,.'.-flw-   * igjIJBSgfc  I  -    I  ���������  'Btt  in  Wi*.>  Tho Colonist rbgard? th^recent utteranceis  of tbe Goveraor-Gei|efat^of  Canada (Sir  John Young), Mr. Gtedstoto^^  press, with ���������Msp^cir.ta-.C^iii^a'.a^ colonial  affairs generally j- ai* indicating-a contemplated  change in the relations between the:.Domin-  vib and the mother country*! It ..will be - te-  jmb.ercd that Sir John /delivered, a; sjpeecb  Quebec wbtoh w^imlsrepdrtod-ao that: he  is martc' ,to say^lhat iif Canada "desired a  '���������'-X~-X.f$ alVc^V^.n^o^ke.opnlfll have it, The  is������) rd :il!^*{^n'ck\������& !gu bsttfu ted for the.word  H'Uanoe in %)>i r<������pyrt. >Slr jobnin a snbse-  quriil speech rid km ted the idfea of- n;^British  .Gover.Vjr saying anything.ia^qut,a.change of  ���������ftllegia ac b. .������������������' By tel egra ph Mbe: o th er day,, Sir  w oh U is rep o r ted'^i-' bavo i made ��������� an other  speech, dwelling������������������ori-Hhe;-Advantages  that  closer relations would!!;givef to...Canada' and  h  te United Kinguofe^SttMoll^n corner  |al Matters. -&^M^^^K  Sen have aanounced^hat#ere-js^ change  Semplation^t^  S���������'8 spcecWtlrts^-xfarks. of, the press;  *nu the f^ct that:Gla#%-has expressed  : uissatisi^Upn:^  Unit*! Kingdpm&ns^i^ffl^  as between Canada arid the Umted^KingdotrH  In short; nolh-lng ;iM;ihan^e^dopt^m  ���������part of HowcV.fcfc^  Kio^om aad: tbe coioniesione, great cmpirei  with the mother country as thetcentre:.qf.^.  ^ernment, is foreshAdoWed by i,these allusions  to a changeiof relations: that scheme, Xer^_  " cible, but Union between tb? ^nited Kimgr  <lum aml^anadMsAjrinb^iaeans^nJgractir  c;ibli>.- Canaolv is but? nine ^^.f jonrney  rromfaeim^crx^  \ Caim<da?t^egraphic cable; will brmg those  countries into ih^tftntaneofls communication.  Indeed;''Scotland' was  practically.;.further  away  from  England  forty years;ago than;  Canada now is.  Steam and electricHf have  done more to perfect tbe union of Scotland  and England than all that the Crown, backed  with! armies,  government   and  p aril amen t  could do or !m<l done.   If it were possible,  then, to govern Scotland'forty year3 ago,  when she was practically, at a greater distance  from the seat of government than Canada ,is  now, why coutdn^t'Canada be made part'of  ���������iBritaVn by a political union, tw wits Scotland  by Queen Anne?   Tiia^^cJ^n-        now  presents Itself lo the 15nUsh Cabinet is possible and probable.  Gladstone's active statesmanship cannot be satisfied with his achievement ia respect of the Irish Church, and bis  bold spirit must chafe atjhe limits which tlie  mother country imposes on'the political glory  of her statesmen. What wiU&V- do now 1 is the  *   constant enquiry now in the United Kingdom.  IIia p o wcr over the"peppie���������moral po wer���������  is unbounded.   Should..be propose to make  Urc'it Bri tain a Greater Britain by a union  Canada,; he would;,oarry. the scheme  all- oppositipn;;JSSo many facIs and  WHXIAM CREEK.  Nearly all the claims on tho creek have  suflered< damage by the. freshet,   iii the lower  part of the creek-very little work was done  during the past week, in consequence of the  volume of water having.been too much for  the carrying capacity or the bed-rock drain ;  ariditlie heavy rain on Friday night and Saturday ?inorniug, bringing down the snow on  the.mountains, produced the liveliest fresbet  'wo have "experienced since 1SG5.. The 'artificial channel between tbe Foster-Campbell  and Barker claims, which had become filled  Iwith tailings during the season, could not  carry off' the swoI len stream', which enddenly  broke, over, or ..through the bulkhead and .in-  untlaied   the  Barker, ground.    The   water  quickly, foiVnd/iits way to the'Slieepshead  tshaft, and in a very ".short time' the Barker  diggings aiound the shaft were filled."- Three  men were below, working, at the time, and it  was feared .they would, be lost.   All communication X with the shaft was cut off by the  water. ' A' few men immediately went ;down  the DiUer co/s shaft to search tprvtbe,. Barker  "men, the DiUer diggings fortunately com-  niunicating with those of the Barker co.   The  search   was; successful andHboTmen were  brought to,the .Biirface all well.. It was for  tnnate that these men were wofkiijg- at a*��������� con  siderabie distance fiom5 the Barker; shaft, .and  on grou n d iii w ch. higher Ativan. the i.' diggi n gs  about the shaft, so that the. water; did not  reach them- fast5 enough to^iput them in  greater dabger than they were; and as they  did not know how; tovreacb- tho Diller claim,  they would cortainly have been lost if others  had not ventured to! look for them:' All the  diggings were shortly; after tbe'rescue filled  with water,   A large body ;6f^ water came  down' the creek on Saturday and ? Sunday..  I a' th e up per part -of the', creek the damage is  comparatively itrifling. ��������� The- Bradley-Nicholson -co. had their new Iditch_ filled with dirt to  ihe_'extent of a hundfedrfeet,and th^  has been covered with tailings by the pver-  fldw- trora*iithe icreek.   Tbey 'have lost; the;  equivalent "of two months /work, and that:  comprise.^^hearlyiall the-damage'received by.  the claims above-the canyon.; The rush of  water was, however, an immense benefit to''  all i .Uie vbydraulic claims^ by; enabling the  * ^,e following. teami and trains left \*ato  for the uppercountry during the two weeks  ending Sept. 25 :  ���������; Sept. 13-rS.  Robln3,. train  for William  breek; C000 lbs. goods for C^Strouss.   ���������  Sept. U���������AkTye's train for- Forks Qnes-  helle ;4700 lbs. goods lor Kwong.Lee &Co.  Jas. Turk's ox-teams for Soda creek ; 24,000  lbs. goods for, C. Strouss.   .   .   ���������:'������������������'   ,.xx-:'��������� ���������  Sept 17���������C. McCullum's train for Keithley  creek ; 5600 lbs. goods for II. B. Co.  ! Sept.; 20r~Jesu8; Garcia?s train for-Wrlliam  creek ; -7200. lbs. goods.for Kwong Leo & Co.  and H. B. Co. W.McWha's train for*William  creek'; 3700 lbs. goods for.C. Strouss.  Sept 24^-J. O. Beedy's .team for. Lytton ;  12.C00 lbs., goods for Foster and Tynon, LU-  !nop,t. iJ. C. Beedv's team for Soda creeki;  (i TuRATBiCif>-^The Cariboo   Amateurs an-  nounce another ;performance for. Saturday  evening next    hits 1-arker  ami   FlorencV  Wilson will appear on; this occasion, wh&i  12.C00 lbs. goods for Foster and Tynon.Ui-1 Cariboo appeals to tuem Vor, help-: they will;  looet. iJ.C.Beedy's team for Soda creek ; Hflen ;be free,:to.dey.ote to such:objects the pro*  14,000 lbs? goods for Beedy & Ii\ridbart;G*;\^ed8ottbevr performanwis.^. At present they  G., D.. Barkerville, Foster and others,, Kirk-' are comnelled to confine their energies to the  Patrick's team for Clinton ; 11,800 IbsV'goods  for H. B: Co:, :A.SrPi, J; P. T., G. & G., E. P.  aud others. ������������������    ���������';.���������-' :'*;'���������.  . .Xy. .    GOODS'ON,"THE WAy.'!:'";;.:;' ./���������  i/Merchandise, &c, addressed as follows ar-  ���������e rived at New Westminster," Sept 2lst:--L  p.- &S,rO, 2.pkgs;:Metdrum,5pkgs; J F B,,78  3. :pkg8;=K,L/45=pkgs;.CS,.185 pkgs; B:D, 1  *��������� pkg; ���������' And:, on-i: the- -24th ��������� Sept as -fti!lows :���������  Ilosv9 pkgs;  WW, 7 pkgs; dia D, 1 pkg;  ���������E T;-21������ pkgs;*G Pt-44 pkgs; R & S, 2 pkgs;  CS;i 30 pk'g3 ; K L.W pkgs;.;  dia F, 8 pkgs ;  G & G. 2!pkgs; dia P; 16 pkgs; W L,lpkg;  J O' 73 OkffS *   ^���������nwall RrAQ   9 nVorcj ���������   otrrtr  those favorites with the public will be vo  ceived with the applause  ami  admimuon  which they ilsitiilly elicit   The amateiirs' ih-:  tend to perform regularly once a fortnight, ���������  and oftener,: if possible^ !duriag the winter. ���������  We trust their efforts to break the dullness of-.  winter will be cordially secondedi.by thei  public.  Should they succeed in paying for'  the bnilding, and they -are determined to do i  so if it is possible, the drama will become a  fixed  institution in Carib oo.:.  \V hen  th ei i;  liabiuties are' discharged the i ulility of the.  corps will be'liighly benetteial*   Whenever a"  i charitable or other institution- of service*. tc������*  I Cariboo appeals to: them for; help ���������=they will!  ' then,be free^o.deybte to such objects the pro*  ceeds o'fi^ their* performances.^ *". At present they  are comnelled to confine theiri energies to tho;  production of siicb plays an in vol rotho aeaa \\ ������l  est amount of outlay. ~ Theatricnil' wardrobe  ���������and properties are expensive,: especially at;  this distance from the source of supply,' but  :when the amateurs shall be fred from the in���������������  cubus of debt we shall see them in: all tho  tinselled glory of a regular dramatic conv  panvofThey have the natural: but Dot}bc;ai^  .; ,.Cornwall Bros, 2 pkgs ; Btmr  Victoria", 7 pkgs ;: J L, S. ,74 pkgs; dia G  Brosv9 pkgs; dia B, 12 pkgs; E 1% 5 pkgs ;  G&H;44pkgs;;M B C, K, 113 pkgs; do  Xs!Sf:?.:*PiR*Ai:"S ���������  ���������lECTSREBiSLSOi-r-The^ievcrrcnterprising Bar-  hard j of express fame, desirous-of gratifying  the population;of/iCariboo, which is largely,  comp.osed-bf Ganadian3rwitb an opportunity  of 'keeping well -posted on things and men  generally in the DomihionV has reconstructed  his newspaper.department by ordering papers  from all i parts of the, new; Confederation.  There are many Canadians of French descent  ;    this' colonv, and Barnard has ordered the  all!?.the vhydraulic! iclaims,; by. ena*onn^ ine Journal .de, Quebec,! tlie Journal du Peuple  companies to work ainrf to clear awiay theiac^ and La Minerive for their;special edification.  cumulated tailings, r; .,;=��������� = #.'.:.y:X.'x.:X i x><x* The French Canadians-regard the- Dominion  :.'";* The Dow nio co.: wasbe 3; up; 20; oz: Tor three w i th en thiisiasti c feelings.   A* Fred ch Can a-  days' i work; three, me n i worki ng.������" No he; of the    *     " ~'""'-1 *'"" -'!'"s -  other com paniea* cleanedi; tip,* jtil: thaiVco'h\d;  w o rk h avinig ke pt the ' hyd iW ics go ing.  Should the weather keep warm, the; present  supply of wTater will enable the hydraulic  companies to wash up a considerable amount  .ofground.   -i^Xy "'���������-������������������.-'���������:' ���������>.- i-    :  v x ,.���������  -X:  The-Miicho Oio and.Jenkins cos. made a  little over expenses for the week; and the  TatTvale co. washed up 130 oz. The Coombs  co. having been occupied in running an in:  dine, only got 6 oz. from their wasb-up. The  Llbpeful co. are in with their tunnel 100 feet.  'XX XX:    ���������    COXKUS OULCU.  The  week ; uiju.. uiu -������*v^^-~"  White Pi'nb co. have hot yet brought their  tunnel into .working connection with their  diggings.' The Eclipse1 co^ have abandoned  their ground, .which has been taken up by  another company, the New Almaden.  .  ���������       STEVKXS CllKEK.  A few men have have been working oo  this-creek with indifferent success.   O'Neil  and   Gallagher  found.a��������� nugget last week  weighing 17 i oz.. with about \\ oz. only of  *    ' ��������� ������������������" '*������ +rt������.Aitn^*A ntijyget  co.  only a:question of expense.'^ It- is hot*a mattW  ofJtoubt that the! more.recreation aiud amuse j  meat we can command, tbe better, for Cariboo*  Men do riot like .to be perpetual ly isolated r  however well!they may be "doing; from the  pleasures! of civilization.;   Viewed: in  this  lights alonej as beneficial to. the com muni ty������  tbe  amateurs shon!d  be*. suppprted \\ ���������-. bu6  viewed in any light, there ex tsts.no. doubt that  their performances are; worth the price, of ad*  mission:'' They: have had atheatre built as  good'as any in .the^c61ony.:ahd tUeyPprogosd'  to pay for it by the proceeds of their performr  anccsiaione,.and we hope they will succeed  in doing so, is tiu'ey expect, during the winter  season; *:.,'i:!'''':': -i '���������'"���������-\i /.'-' M:'',���������"'.���������������������������.-"���������;���������<':"',-������������������ .\''~-  ��������� . T eMPEnxu'RE"���������;Tbe; foil owing"' slio ws' ;tpo.  range' of temperature on >L6wbce creek from  1 August;29th;to!.Sep.t,.25th :; -\! TX-. ;>;. ';-"���������'.:  ;  .-' Highest.    Lowest. i ��������� Highest. Lowest  -5i  45  dian-^Siri F. Belleau��������� is. Governor bf  tbe  prov*race;o.f;;.Qnebec,!..^and.the government.oil  tlie colony^ig,as much in ithe"ihands jot the I  people^ is jhat of the United Kiogdom or  the U"nUed States. Hence their loyal contentment/In order, however, that all classes of  people.- frotn the Dominion! may i enjoy.the  satisfaction.: of reading their representative  papers',: Barnard bas ordered the Argus, the  Heraldand Diogenes, Moutreal papera.   The  tatter is an illustrated paper which follows in  the footsteps of the London Punch.   The  Toronto Telegraph and Leader, the Hamilton  Spectator, the London Free Press and London Prototype/the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa  Times, the Canadian Farmer,' the Dominion  Felix-co. washed up 103 oz. for tie Monthly, the Halifax, and St. John. (N.B.).  ahd-the McDowell co- ^ oz,   Tbe papers, and also the Prince. Edward Island  33.  32:-  3i;  33;  42.  Aug. 29  Aug. 3.1  Sept.   2-^58  Sept::)4:T-5a  Sept. 6-74...... ,  Sept. 16-52  Sept. 12-54'  SeptU-42  Septl.C-46  Sept. 18---H  Sent 20���������42  J Sept. 22���������13  "Sept. 24-44  with  through  circnm?i^ice$i enter into: the con of  ���������; ^^tin'y^ot, bothiwiih reference to its prob-  floliiiy :uhl prnyticableness; that we will post-  ; , 'am \ikt another article.  i^_^.  Firor-  iitist  tot - g or a iew days previous to Monday  w������tt very large bi(\d; kepts iifeenng about  the Slaughter-houses on Black Jack gulch, the  scent of the fresh ��������� meatidouUIleas attracting  the feathered raonsteiv On Mohdav, .Mr it  Krown,of the Coombs Companv,.brought bim  to the ground by a;iwell-aimed shot Ho  measures, fally eight fee^between the ti ps of  msspread wings.- ������������������' ���������-,.., ��������� ��������� f..v;  L^JOK   OUT   FOR: A?J0TnER    Flll5SHET.--The  mountains are again covered with snow. A  IT\IT>SUC^8 fte)1 ������n--Mdiy and Satur-  freshetf' ' P^bably   cause   another  ahnv^Jhe Stoel<7 of Calirornia claim,  ten t*0,-0^' 'has '*fi"������B������d hands for  of *7 m   y6ar ,t*i*dtid������^ to the amount  4as found on this creek, by the Goodwill  DRAGON CREEK.  The Discovery, c'o."are driving ahead with  thS uwnX and expect to run 150 feet vet  ������&i^ coihpanies have started -i)rospccMog  ������w^ ih^ l)Kcoverv co; obtained their p.ros-  &w"encefottawa, FEcho and; Musgrave  compaaiea are sinking suatu. .������������������������������������ ���������  'EiPRESS-Bnmard's Express  arrived m  S.S morniDg with the express ma%a������d  ^rACious-On Monday evening Pearson  feAGACioi*   v j     out on the Bald  Bros,M)orses? *McbAMJ������^tt^*      down to  mountains for many .^V^V^o 5idc-  Barkerville and quietly stepped o^rutt,  walk to their old quarters.  napcri?, liove been sent for. .Copies of# any  filiated paper. Published m the Dommion  are also included in the order. We tnst  that all who feel interested m these journals  will make Barnard's'enterprise, no* losing one.  The^e papers will remove.if that were needed,  heuiAcustful feeling which other ja e"a and  especially the telegraphic despatches tend to  create as to the present condition and future  prospect of the i)ominion, Hitherto we have  been too circumscribed in our sources of information with respect to our Eastern cousins,  anTas union with them seems mentoWe ^.  ought to lenow all about them and their mag-  niOcent country.  a Tufvt "rcMP���������Mr. Deffis has informed us  34. ,  ���������32.:  ;28. -  -29.  23. -  28.  ���������26.'  An*. 30-46  ���������iSept; 1���������50  > Sept. i 3-62  Sept.  5^62  Sept;v7-r72  Sept. li���������.46.  -Sept-13���������50  .Sept. 15^48  Sept. 17-50  Sept. 19-7-48 ;  Sept 21���������42.  Sept. 23-47.  29  31  34  41  ���������40;  Jlti  32  n  34  19  33  25  S3  35  r.. ... 31.-    Sept 26-'-55  Expectei)���������Frod. Black, who.: about three?  weeks ago; started for Tete Jaime Cache, as  a kind of pioneer to the exploration party in* -  tended to be..'organized   in  Cariboo  next  spring, was expected to return about'the 10th  inst    Since  his departure, . however, tho  weather has changed'so completely from the  dry, warm weather characteristic of  more  southern   countries  ,tq    the   old-fashioned  weather  which .we have   generally;; been  favor- d wit*-, that it is doubtful if he will  manage to make the trip to-the-Cache and  back in ��������� so. short a time as was predicated.  He was accompanied by aa Indian.   It was  a bold enterprise to undertake at any time.  but more especially so at so late a period aa  three weeks ago.'  CorjuT.���������There were no cases before the  County-��������� Court yesterday. On Monday the  Union co.,.of Grouse creek, commenced suit  against the NeTer-do-Weel company, for damages to the Union company's claim, alleged  to have been caused by tho NVer-doAYeel  company; The case was postponed nniii tomorrow. '  'Tacoma, it would ecem. is to bo the fo������r-  .m'uni&ofihe North i Pacific iBaiJi^ad.V Tucomz  is sitnated120 inifes fiirther up,the'Sound tIiati  forty-eight hours.;   St Qnen ws&. wm ������w.^,,  .-,_..,.,  the same size as Jack of Clubs lake, though i^R ^ ^.i^^^Ur/^;-��������� i  prohably not,so,de^p.; M  pump Will draw water from a depth of 135 ^^nnainff urn ot.   c  feet If this valuable machine can be made  applicable to mining purposes in Cariboo it  would completely revolutionize the present  system of mining. Bed:rock drains would  not be necessary, and the vast expense and  labor generally, attending the drainage of our  mines would be saved. No longer need we  look tp,large capitalists to work the Meadows,  for the pump we allude to costs only between  $300 .and $400 in Paris, and could be worked  either by steam ori water power. Compressed  air is the motive power of the pump itself,  and Mr DefiV information as to the extraordinary ''.working power is not incredible,  though it may seem so. when we consider the  power of-compressed air as now displayed in  the Mount Cenis tunnel under the Alps. . Mr  Deffis is endeavoring to organize a company  for the purpose of obtaining one of Cognardrs|  p \W p s fo r use in Carib oo. I  ���������. A town wUh  ������^7;--.'"".-   n*n��������� fihU of "Commencement  ������ w'^'ftUa'^e MV������ntreai; fitness.  Was u :.^K0A;,V ^i������ taeth wore reoonth'  ^d'^^er r'K^der .writ *  1^Thb' BBtmooi DR^-Thei yater.in  ���������.,,HB TR.rker companies- elsm?  DIHer and ^Vening so mhch ttiat lh������y  "'"rt'oKj to work.ag*in this  Sng   Tb?Ata ������ if the drain were aii  fl rL-Serfft Un&my b out with a number,  SbKe?1a^hytheiatehe^  rains.   A stitch in time, etc,  the  had  '"f$'?0  ���������  Hi  m  P SSfei>Vf"M* '���'""assfis***-' 's
FflVSY" -���'
Ac ��� a meMng -rbf j the'"CosimercfaPBank- of
New Bruusw&fc;; wlricti was' held- on'tho 3rd
.;       XX}    ���        *'���.'/-'''''V-'  '���    ' I "' f \'     '���'.'.'H X-f   ^ X   ��� *;iX ���   is' '..   (y W  * ���'���:'���  f>> 'i't-'""^" !v I'.'L-T.': fV.^"
astonished! tJU�� !otlierf$tockhoiderSrpr^sent Iby
a- stirring' speech.y'It 'appears'���that'stoe' Was^a
stockholder "tp\, t*b%f^ieic��^L�� \'6f^ ^SQidopi-^'-^tebe
ep oko,'; *witii' 4Jtbet ,utmdst ,acct^racy. aad^co%J
"posuro, though ;with much animation.1 ^She
said :���   !    -'^' ?- *���-..���:-< ,"- :  ������ 'X y!^ ^x   -;4 ��
"Mr. Pre��idenJ^
Front [ a, sen.sdV $f^ju%J^e   to \my, '-^!)2q$e��,
mother, Vho^
i have,beencompeliedjto^seeto^
was* managed' aud4'why. iffailod:' -For,years.
pastJi. cop^iaq.$^A^
of.:Abo.j bankf$ >which the; stateirienlfi/ ofcthe
d hectors '*-represent ^as ��� quite   flourishing.
Sow that I have.b'eetrobbed^pf my
it seems tbrme to be ajTeif^^q^t^requttl,
to. ask j ��� 5 :)Yho 5 to ok- it ?^   f >.; i3r am oun t .which, I
. liad--at/.s^o&ying. b;eei?^:2y"2dOy I^hink.rdy
question xmUe-a mild' onk   H \ " ,,   ""���;��� "; ���'
! *; " ^fr.:- Sanc.ton,"\tne 'Vcasjjietn, addressed" -'.a
letter jj: to. -. ti j e   r: to.ck h old ers, i /m ak i Q g- many
charges .agaiii3& fhe,"managcme.e^ You- have
lake a no notice of it/1 -Now'/as' <;6u' are 'all
is t ra n gc rs i;nto'!i!m ey /I lie: c ash IejbTsTjstate me ri t. ���! is
just as much to me a-   y;oursisi���not that I
carjihaye mv sympathy^'or sny.person ctor
n ec te cl -w i tb% * h r; cl -< gjr.ee li I irarisa c tion, but
ia''commbn EeuUment,M ith nfy ;u<ttive city pif-
G  lifi>x, I-, have more , sympathy^ wHk^ti^
�� 1 r s" mj d si I L? u ^ e rh the < J ��� rec i* n j riBfe do
)i     (h ol  jMi^It h tone/a?fl   Lor.Id b> pro-
secu ted  and . 6 the n j ' q iii te'"' asrti atf 'allowed'1 to
go free/ l^agiii Bt Joha* laofc'anlubn^ and
"beror.e. leaving:. Halifax;.calied..at:lhc'.bank.
���. Jl \\ Sanctont ti^ate cl r m o ���. w i th ��� * rer y:' resp e c^.
. I.thcnwlshecl XtItxi "'w>tXhm^ more.-aQd'I
���Jc'ailed*.on''Mi\.Seely. and ,e spi tined  my diffi-j
;���.:jbult'ipos!tioliria\relation^to.the banki ��� f.I,do
uot see why,1 * said'that distinguished individ-
. Aial; 'I :dd|:nlDt;;see��wby^
r)   ui Uvung.^I-'bavo.nowla vord i^ return]
-Vfbr.-' you, ^rX7 Seely.'   As   my, Sther^was
neithei   s-lu^jcse^  nan hut  a ptoits^ido tl
::raaUi and my "brother a .post captain' in' Her.
(MnjesfcyVrsaVfj 1 do not see Wiiy efthferan
-English .'.gentleman's daughter should work
I for her 1 iving, or wliy a'man likeiwQU shoujid
/live on ^he.tognients. ofijier. prpperty. ^ifcis'
, v/e]l.for,you,.siT, that two f of as noble- officers
as eyer England had are in their, graves^'-or
you' would have been taught greater ieourr
- tesy ere tliia/  I have'how' with kll Respect to
state, Ihait raniadyisejd,!_by ".the" very-inlghQst
legal,auihonties that by your character>y<m
are:no longer directors but trustees' to .wind
���up the alfaivs 6f'the'bank;;and a^such'T'.will
h'oId.ybii;r"esppnsible.   rdid,aofcyoto for?voii
��� rs directors at,the-last meetings because/f
could not do so conscientiously...--1 -w-illllooli
tothe law of my' country; for prbtectionVin
the .-spirit of.my^ departed 'brother^ and'-witb
the God-of the fatherless aiid stranger as my
protcctQRi I^Himo.t^afraid'to stand here! aipnk
a stranger; without, "a - solitary friend to; coni
test my right* with,such 'a man as you, and1,
.'before ��� sitting ;':do waAl-bejg-fo
Sancton^ letter lb e;read/and ^considered at
this meeting, jand- Sf'trust^tlie'^tQC^'oidersj
oat of common'politeness, will isustalmmy
rcquest.,r <'   - ���'.'""���'''" -  lx,yr- ��� ���'. ..-,% <y,x- ������ "���
Wiss Ladrts^s^eeclii delivered ^thoutj^e
6*iightest ��� hesitation!, . iwas'.;-; listeneid? to' ;!.t*w'pi
marked attentionii., * .^;->! %;--{('Xii'i 0X?'<xil-
.. James: 6erbw,i,Bsq.;, seconded the motion
that Mr. Sane ton's letter be read^ylfciwas'iriut
to the meeting and cam^^nahimousjy
mo.tion causing a'CpnsiSeribleiM^a^^^
the room>;iniciludingi !ia]jt"he:;ium.b^r-^.o,fe those,
who withdrew -some-otitbe"'-^
cftX/i -yXXX X"XXX~ OF ��� X.XXX'-XyXX XXXX'
;; [Incorpprated/by^o^aJC^
iiihv^'iH ""With power?toUncrease,,   ',;X? ''Xl'x ���
��� t 'Brafts1 issued on the Bank's braribhes'. ,
IN0 '#39e0IJ7BR '���ISllAND^'ViGTQitl W
-a.uXkUH- -'i'yy'X'Xi' ^.tyxXlii-''.. -y '��� ''��-'--5 -i-; ��� ���Xx.X?
/-I In tbe^ United.States !:i*o,f^'   ^.'^i
WM'^ORK,- I-/ .Messrs. Belt. & P^w;
!''} |"Agents';for Jttie iBank of Mpnireat: ,'^i
iON, CANADA^Tho Bank of Montreal.,- .-71.
: /pany'sBank* r_ >s*-l'    : .'
OiH IRELA||p^h^ i
ON ME^Oi^ sbiJXH;AMiSib-Ar-^be
"-,, -!LondpnirBank-.pf��Me^
-V-;' :!^^meric^.'#|'' up-XXX^ xx y? ];: x,:: xixx il 'X r* x
{ ,'Jbia���Head OfSce^Easfc flndia^ Avenue;
Leadenhall'street.-- ��� "V;" - > .,^-h   . 'i.i
������.. "Received; on .Deposit, or Advances made oil them, p
",    ^   ?TELEGBAPHlb:T��'(NS"FEUS'  ''    >
Granted oni Victoiria;,vr San x Hfftncisco; Poftland^iarid
tiff-       -* < X:       ,} ^>,w,yqrk. t���;,   :^ Xf h '"   y
Every description' of 'Banking Business trftnsaotiwv
~X;xX    i;7      :y-l     ���    CHARLES S^ JO'Ses;'.Agonic'" -
"WiiHam;Greek. Cariboo.������." "* .
iliiiersf':Brovisipn   S^ore,;
Ke'sI  ^COB TO   !Cfi^T5^rL  Ol'lS-ulD,"
Ak Iowa Imsband having; deserted his wife,;
the Utter^returned! to^ber feffier/S?Ep|ise^ r-i.Tho
old gentleman 'i'po'wi^ets'f iconrts
a gal r. st .the :recreaii t hiisib and a; vJerdict o f
���SI,400 for Mo;:years^board^.: i u'i    xx- ^; ���
An exch^gersays^^Iowais teaming with
Brasshoppers.^:^ We i: knew ;tbere were large
bugs ofmSsMni ^fe :i<Kl^ "^tc^^/VuV !Trf"feL", not
kaow th^y Were largo. oaough: to do teaming..
A T Ihla 'TSstahlishment will 'always be- fonnd a -well
;��cjl t       Btlet-icn c��a4 viried assortment of the    ������.>
-   ' < : *       111 CARIBOO./ v       r 1
ALS.O,���Agood selection of .'Clothing j -Hardware, Glass
and Gi'yofcp-*"?     3oef ^raud^ <��t Ti teccoft
1?   ^ '-�� ��� Afifiktji^ ��lb /etc    ~        '~ \"'��   :
'Best?!Jay.i5,Coffee Roast'oid  mil C��'^iiQ^   TUiiVf     ;
;. "The BAR is fully snppli'ed with the choicest"
���>-s   v      Havana Cigars, Wines and Lienors.   X" - X:
XI -trustsby-strict attention, to hdsiness?;and fair and
square dealing, ro merit.a coritinuance.of^the liberal
."patronage hercfororo^exlenden i ^-<e.
���>" A largcylot of HEY WOOD'S'celeb rated BACO!^!
for sale, iat a --very low figure, i  ,x , X-y >     ^-"
��� 'Feh. 20,1869." '   ' *    "       r "''    "        Sm
Rl"v'that"h>haspurchaBod'thfi Housoand -huslnessiof
tho obave- establishment; ���) indv^solicits ^cohtlnuaneo
BOARD,: $12 FBR Week;'' * Single^Meals, $1.
BarkerviiU, July;. 27,1809.
open for the ��� aocomihodatlbh -^f S1 is ��U1}
' ������=���������������������' �����   yy -*-.y. * t? ^tq- -, *?^ rv -,-. ftm- f,
Importers  and  ConMnIssIo>>    ^orbhants    Tnr;
,"';       ���   ���     '      - Agents' rbtc.*-   "   ���;!    .ttraB��
.Wharf Street, .    -. ;-;i, mMx^k [.Victoria, r^f
*-'i-CHOiqiB"'.WINES; AND JftQgg��3j !; /',
y y'^-'^ Above- Montgomery/Sah' FranciscontaulSlm'
fTHE "PROPRT ETOR o? th cab ov c est abl I sh m ent would
1^s- respectfulfy in<6rin his friendsf arid the *pubUc- in
Kefferal tlilitrhgtis''h6w-prepared.lb furnish them with
Bread o��lh!si:Own: baking, having secured the .assistance of.a-competent ..Baker,- which enables him
defy competition, ,!"'; % ���' ' '- " '" * ! , " 'X.
;'^He has -also'-'a COFFEE "SALOON - attached j to tho
abovcy' where none but tho;bestiCoffeo/..Fie!s;and,CaHps;
will be'.served. !'-.-.'        \,   - - r .
���v^B.-^BREAD^;BELlT"SRE0r to -all- .pacts   of lhe;
Creek-/       :'   /'  ' /      ^    "X::\y*'    WM^m
.S-iiee^ aiid.CasVIroii Stores
Att>.-JOBBING i;WOR*0f: tfN&TItf^ COPPRB, Bh!eet
* Iron,jZine and��Leadi Pimng^ atten/lcdi!totyyjtb
iOTp!i]aptne^y!.,suidCwura&te^ ^tb, give entirewsatiijS
faction.  ^ "   \ \ X . ,   \ \ ���.
Hardware, Iron & Steel,
HARNESS-;  -���tc^���,. ���Etc,i
","-".'7.."' .   forsalr*  ; -. i ./;:"..
:      i      ;E. PEARSON, & BROS.;,; ���
51   XX y< Barkervillb.j
McE.NtEE' wishes; to inform .his friends aniithb
pn'hlfc that he is prepared to dov HORSESHOE-
ING! at: $3;per.se t, and-all other kinds of Blacksmith
work at xeaspnable.rates., ...-','.;   .        .  > .      . ;  i
RIOKFtELP/July 23,1809.    v   : . ;���   jy24 if (
���fly   SAWNEYfSxk^
C ARVi B-b Q^R H V M E'^ ?
:^-<'v'Blr/ JAMES ANDER30N.;'--���.  " ���:-' ���������- '" ; '
PRICE,; }ff^f^
i',".For s,aievo:t ihe !Sestisei, dmce, and.forwarded by
post, free of ch at ge.    !    J. ���-,- mv29
g;fg ���     ^^QCESSEL-JO^TC. J       '  '     ;
-������" >--i;-^x''-';;^'!^-',\V->"''ffv.'^-:.vTT^^ ���   ':.-'*''-''!",>-, XXXr
TijjE Proprietor of this "w^ll "known Honso tender.
���-'theigslnccre' thanks to;lhetr ifnends and the tra?
veiling'pub!jbgenerany;!for thei^pastHberaLpatron-
ageVand beg'to'iaforuvthem that in order,to insure a
���(jbnltrinancoof t.ho-sam,&Board:arid Lodging.has been
irodnced to $3.5^0 porI)ay. Riogic Meals, $1 00.
y''All the luxuries that "the country - afloats - are. constantly kept.on thevtable/iPrlvate Parlors.ahd Suits
oT Robma mr-F^mlll^r' ^hoBari Is stocked ,wi th<;>the
best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. ��� ; ���
- i The'S'table is; well supplied with tho .'best Timothy,
Oats"; ILiy ;dh'd Grain. ' ���' / ^BUOiW-N fc^GILtlS.
^Quesnelmouth, Slav       186SL .    -        '/X:     -
Antelope Besl^xiraiit^
'"ii ' U'A MM n&y I EX e;. !    ��*
J.:rMASOJ*f, .. ',.;��.        .       -.   V1 J'.'JDALT,
���-    -  -   o,-      ^proprietors.   ,     .    "rtyT-\^^;!'^
Board, $12-p'er Woek.,s Single 'Meals^^ll
'iThb^est of material Is used, and all, who; wish, fii��t-
class Board'at: ttje) above ratea can- obtain rthe samo^V
'this-'cstablisbmeiit.^ 'Jfxi.X ^X'XX'l- vy-..aull.lmf'
| BiirLlija.b'SAio;OK,T::|
a ;^^iDinners for partiesjcqolied to^ .order.;,
"  ���*  '"���* ; LEGUYER& BRUN,
ray5 -Cm-
'frlencls and'������ tti*e publi"c?:tbat he has fittedup-so'-ne
^MFfpptii^ ^'PW .&*
In his new: .buiiding^whero^ho'^ is prepared, to give
good Beds ata-reasonable price.. Those who wtlJ.
Cavorhim witbitheh,:#tTbmige^ tlie
cJcanncsSvand comfort of his house. k     ."?.-
���������'���. He takes also this' bppbHurii tyiv to remi n d th e Car i -
booites' tlvat his * Brewery .'jbasH receive d:; th o. .FIRST
PRIZE of tlio' Colony forhi.s celebrated , y !   .;,.-.
";"  \;XXX,'.AIiE-f'     :���'���;"���'
Arid the trub amateurs: wi 11 boiab 1 c td judgo' by them
sel ves th a t) such! ti onbrable * pri ze has  b ee n 'just! y
awarded to htm. >   ' :.     '    '    , .     . ��� ���'-���  ,-  -
��� 'N' ,B; ^-A large froht roorh to let; !    r.:
Barkerville,.-Jan. 23,-186'd,-: .' N.. CUNI01
Tailor, (Successor/tofE^Read;) Gfovenun'^i"
-: i>.;v- . m.;.,'-  Street,^ctoriia...   ..:, , ?   s
brtlerg afte^X^Afeiwfeh" care^aiKi -despatch','
Dispensing Chemist and Druggist.   Importer of En^
v:..  lish Drugs, Chomicals, Patent Medicines, and-
;:':'.i*cTfumery. Ke w Westmi ns ter, "B. C. '
:: Orders from up-couiitry circfully attended to
May-l-1869,:'r-^;/-:-.  -. ;"���. . ..-..���.;;    yryQm
T HOMAS..WALSH;: Tail or, -Now* Wes tm i nstcr B C ���
. Clpth.i ng m ads: to.. or ter at mo d crate rat��s ? AI -
wars' on hand En?lisa an d .Orogon C1 oths. orders
r om the Up-coittitry at tend e.^ to w i th caro aud
'[iftpatch ��� . ;,���"���-"���    ���     ���   -��� &ni    .
hnHE Propriotbrsiofiithis! old and woll-known ostab '
���>X lishment'would respectfully thank their numer
��.sis fri ends an d the- public for the extensive patronage
heretofore bestowed on them, and' trust that by their
usual strict. attention to business they' will merit a
cbritinuance of their confidence and support.,
���' *Mealsi' $1.!   Board,  $10;, per /Week;
i We recommend to tjac public our;
'/��� gaqtinb  eqffee/11
which is a much superior article than any .which can
be had from below. /We Roast and Grind it ourselves
aud choose the best berries,;cohsequent3y the public
mav be sure of its being free from adu iCeration. !
������- "'PATTERSON &G00DSON.
Barkerville, May 18t 1869; .  : 1 mylO
���:i':\-y     ���{:"..-.'- ������' s ��� i .Man��fl��eiuir^a,* < - - .*   --," ^ v*-u$*"S
r KORT. STHE"fiTt:yjlCTOBlA -r JX   y     '''
May 1, 1809;      l  J"",  ,- ;���     "   ^ -.v      l *
STORE Street; between Herald and^ FlsgflVaJ'TO'oe
���i rlai> Meals at allthOurs.. iBonrd and Loilgiiig,per
jv;cek,.$6!50,@ $6 oOV'^cr dAy,-,$l,. Singlemealfl.
37lr2conts^''Beds,1 SOcents.   * \k/
$ & -   rj - ;,y\ \\   ANDRE Wj/ASTRIGO, Proprietor.^
, Maya, 1869.    , -,...- 6m "^
S!^J^ATOHM2^^ :R&g
' *^it f ? 5%ra^eMOoyeTnmen^street^ nest' to1 tho' ������
_ ,-St. Kicholas)*Hotel;;;^ictorla; V; I,    Chrenom.
otcrs and Watches cle^ed^repaired,;andcwarraateil.
Eve fy descriptioh;61Je>yfilllryiraadeeto order;    Plain
"May 1,1869. '
��cMe;ooral assortment!of W.agonsKalwaya on liahd, t
May 1,1869.   , ' ; Cheap foa^.Casfi. , , 6nv
i-Whbleialo?Deller in--;?
C^rocei^ies,\ irrotisions.
,   Bweiitt Cigars ����C *Ve��jch Pre3j;rv\ei
Yateis'iSirie'eti \      fftx.      t0&^M   U^>-^
��� "a. aiL*Mppiir   ,!
���*rf AS on hand/and Is constanifj "r-cHvlr.g  af lino
Hifissortrnenlof CLOTHS,- CAS^IMl" KE ' iad YJ-^T
INjGS, which he is prepared to inake to-order, in ��H:
most approved' sty lea. _ -r * ���    * :;
1 ailordersfrom Cariboopioniptlyatteaded to.
v May^, 1868,   . ' , \t -y.^ y yy* \\X y,y7fx :    -6"V^  :
r ;    FELU    &- FINLA YSON, v -
iii ;a;iiir' Coffee ^ialesigii,
"Port Etreet,'yictorla. VJ..
��� IStPOBTBRS' OF ���
Eoglish and F^VcK^hks; Shawls, Presses
.1   ' Underclathmg, Gloves, and evory -   v
deaorijI^pnjofvDiapery Goods.
Receive regular!supplies by .Esprpss, via Panama,
and;bv sailinjf vessels, via Cape Horn���;'.. ^^ '
'-:'J8ar-PArtJculaxa'ttection givein to all orders.*w* .;
. London.Flrm^J^P -fTigssTALii & Go. ...   r ���
t���. ' ^ESTABfilSMi); 1858.-;. \.^_j im ���
ROBEFir   BURNABYi      '
'���-'���" LAOT AGENT, Etc,;" .     . \t; ,
Gov brnmewt' Sthbst, victoria 1 Y.r 1.1"
All business carefully ari&punctuony ^UW^^-
May 1, 1868.      v
Goffee! GoS^&\; 1;��Coffee!!J
i V ;BARt6w desires to!: inform:"'i the J liooplo; oft tl����:
ix�� interior and:!:upper country, ;ithat;..having obtained the necessary..fm'abhinc^y^^nd*''itinwaTOrf no �����
now prcpared to furnjsh a firsi class qua!ity of CoI^f��
roas ted, prepare da rid pu fc u p I h ti hs) accord I n <f ���*?: ^J'
latos t ap proved scieritlflq ���: principles^' an d warrants i*
to be superior to anyotbe'r.". XyX/XXf trA's XX "���'������'    \.
Groceries, Dry Goods,iTInwaroi, Clothing ; Garaen.*
Fiel d and other Seeds, English and Colon iai. '
Yale, May 1,1.869..; , -x*. - \'.-,'������,.-;::������=.-..!. .- '/;!���. \'..���-���-��� __���
Front Street; Yale; BHtishColuhibiia.; ,;:
TH IS? house h ak e'xcjellent accomm b dation for *f !"*.
I veil ers. Good b od s,,- s upcrior fare; and Vtb.o:bc^
of Li quors a t the Bar. Stab j i ng ���Tor an} mails J *iay
and Oats at tho lowest- rates:- .'; !.;.;������' ���   "y ���"
May 1,1603     u    KILL!Y & LAKE^Proprietors
.,*��� ^--v-r-'.n-i-r ���


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