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The Cariboo Sentinel 1865-10-07

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 If1  ii!  Vol.  ;;!;Bai^rTttlev:*vV^  Ho.,19.  .-..BAR^RYILLE,;^URpA^rQCTv:7, ?65;  :-x rLETTER^ROMHCTORIAi!  or interests; still progresses and  irces"��������� / enough ! ir" ��������� ��������� developed.=? to  .-��������� :' ��������� v;. ,;!V:^  : I have hitherto iinf*rm6d you more of the  political pbnditiba of this country than of  any thing: else, probably because that was the  ; sub j ect o f c onv ersati o ii1 of. the time 'being. >  ^ Ypuraay jiowey.er.: wish to'_ know a.little of  -iigeneral Affairs, and Of the progress made durr  irig'yfiiff afenc^ not  ;exist very mucli long|brl-rii,^    i y  Uponyoiir :airtyar;the,1fi"rst'''<hlD'g that y?ill  afitrikeybu wiWbe a gen'eral,dullness of busi-  iicss, and a kind of \ apathetic. condition, to  VhiclrtJ^ stranger,  IpUt ithloli,ja^c! not soi-strongiy. marked now as  ��������� during the summer months.;...: /Upon enquiry it  .will be idiscovered that this strange condition  ,! arises;, from;, a.��������� want^of ^'pnfidence~no one  ..���������knowingJwfiat' /tlie v.:"l!uturi5r-*will:" "lii;inig"'fbrth'-���������^i  /therefore, the capitalist^  people ,%ill mot !v<^<ftfca^t^ any  ':��������� enterprises;"'"*' ""*' /������������������"/ f*> '���������-/"���������      -  .Thenextitliing you will>h'eaiV-complained of  .. "iwill bei.that; th.Q merchants. Jiavprlost very. con-  : ������iderably byrthe ��������� summer: tr,ade of Carib oo,  and! not a little'by bed rp'ckiflumcg>nd-bthOr  ^ppcaUtibtis iiniCanbbo:/whi*        yet have not  :��������� '?eW^ the-merchants and  ;���������-subscribers thus being lpw;in pbcket are not  Vcry extrayagant in their outlays   // X;;  ��������� ���������:, The ^whble������������������ bf- these results are believed to  , arise from politicali-ag^ti&jtio^^^li'e_'ci-Neation_"o*f  bad laws both <in British Coluiibiaaii&������ai"*-  ^cpuyer Island;..the unsettled: state of thequesr  tiorirpif the ! "Ouion :of the /^colonies; and^the  '  -doubtful- condition 'of the ? continuation ;i bf  .. Free Trade.    Fpremos.t ..amongst i the itaxes  stands tlie;cxporidutyiUpPngpld;:-second, the;  din%rentiali*tarife " Iff^ncouVer Island the  ���������'���������'���������'��������� increase, of itaxes 'geherally> and; the; blows;  ���������';.. aimed at free trade; The effects of these laws  among others'"-arc-said to be, the" deterring of  immigratiotViandthe.!promptipnbf emigration  from both countries.: tliat is toisay^they compel a cl iminution of population, and so a dim-  inution ofjbusiriess. /Therefore tlio-^oiintry  "cannot prosper until ftei causes of its depression are /removed; but instead of trying, tp  igetthe^causes removedthe people: stand jvith.  folded arms, and dishevelledvhair, loqldhg for  assistance from the gods ihsteaclof' relying  'upon their own exertions. This apathetic  'condition is more injurious than anything else,  ':and the magic wahd' of some :great Blind is  -required to remoyeUt/i i The /country would  ���������vpry (quicldy! recover itself if the doub ta as to  tlie future could be removed���������if people felt  'certain that the Government of British Colombia wouldbe wise enough'to;legislate for  Mlie miners, and, let thPm be as free as other  people,, instead of loading them with special  taxes; and again, if the/people of Vancouver,  ���������Island couUVbc ensured;that irio tariff.would  'be imposed upon goods entering their ports.  A few months ought ^to/settle these questions,  an d would, do so i f th e . p eo pie. won Id ���������. strive  to settle them themselves; they have the power if they would only oxert, it. But how is the  power used? Wheu members are required to  fill up .vacancies: in the Legislature the men  ���������who are most interested in the. welfare of the  ���������country will not take office, but leave their  ���������duties to'be fulfilled by those whom chance  may turn up. A seat inthe Assembly, thanks  to Governor Kennedy, is supposed to be. an  object of ridicule, instead of the highest honor  a citizen can aspire to; at least it is the fash-  ion to talk and treat it as such, although the  fortunes of the various individuals of the  community depend very much upon the  doings of that body. Now if,good men  will not come forward to do the legislation of the country, and if it'be the fash*  Son with tlfi? majority to consider a seat, in  4-he Legislature an objept of ridicule, is the  country fit and in a proper condition to possess representative institutions'? Of course it  will be said the pobple must be educated to  lit, and that no other system would satisfy. In  the mean timo thcxoiintry is ruined jn trying;  to ..educate politicians���������time ,seems to be of  considerable importance therefore in the calculation. Let the proper men come forward  and there wo aid soon be an end to the present depressed condition of the country generally. You appear to be in want of members  for Oariboo; why do you not ollor yourself  to be a sacrifice? A few months during the  winter will not kill you anyhow.  Vancouver Island nevertheless, although  depressed in the principal part of its pursuits,  namely, the commercial, and the������������������consequent  conduction or   extension   of this to other  branches  has-iresou  make it a:prosperous conimunity. Thus wi fl������  initholast;fewiinio^hs a.mine/of anthracite  .cpaltias 5been discovered, said, to be very.extensive, and if so doubtless, of great vaiue,  that kind-of coal 'being/in great demand fo'r  steamttoistt^ui^bses and -realizes high prices.'  The shares in the company1 arc at a premium,  and-are;sought after by San "Francisco capitalists/ "If the Americans, take it "in bandits  success Is pretty certain. Although situated j  in Queen Charlottes Island it will jn a great  measure be supplied from'Victoria, for it is  absurd.to suppose that the ships going, there  for coal will be,coinpeile(iao go to New Westminster for-an (<entran66?? or "olearanca^ A  port must be established there. / The Government thus far have been veiy liberal, and one:  cannot believe that they will act tow-arils the:  coal as they do to thesgold; mines; viz': throw,  diffleulties and /iexpehsbs Un the way for the;  sake of the village capital, and for .them,kill\  the goose^tliat lays. 1lie-igbiden eggs. 'Other  "mines, iiild er. the in am o of the Hare w 6 p d c 6m-  pan^-arei abioutbeingibpen edr.at.Nanaimar..w  Next on the list you will hear of;*very 'ex-  tensive-aiid"rich:��������� cod-banks having:been discovered in the Northern seas, and you will see  tho, fish: pr b c urcd.. ther efro m, v and'wli ich .m er-  chahts;ideclare to -be all,/i;as /regards quality^,  that,can b e desired; Su ch a discbvery bu glit  to have raised the spirits of Vancpuverians  very high, an d /pompa ni'es ough t to have b een  forme d to? pro sec u f e ��������� these fish cries, an d may  have been for what-Ii know,; but "if so' they/ai-t?  kept very- qiiiet; *;Hownice it would ibe to sec  dozens: of schooners:; start upon what would  be. ce'rfain to bo a profitab 1 eaxlventure. There  is a source^-of;.-riches-it'energetically pursued.  There pahiiotibe rf/dbubt but;that; the Americans will enter vigorously into; the matter.,  Can no t 'Bri tislv coloniSLS do the; same ?;. Thpre)  is a 1 argbi-market for/ the/pi:oduce and good  ���������prices^i; l?ree Trade-in Vancouver Islaind.  .ouglit and musit give, advantages to the British im;fitting out the'.:requ.isite. .cxppdi.tions7 \  and tlie: sahto^may/ beisaid. of "the supplies for  !co%lvmiuing/:/*;.:;.i!,.,-^;-'!^ yXy-'X -'::--.  You may be as to -nished . to Je arn that a  f1 whale fishery5? hais/: been establisiiod in the  Gulf ofGeovg'ia, pi- rather somewhere near  Co wichan, by ���������a.very enterprising man;',Thosei  connected with the advpnturc are .nup /to the  .:\mr.k:/.an!d3ii..fe^ recent ap  pliances io eft'ec t the ir obj ect I b el io v e iii e  whales are to be shp t v.with harpoons. ��������� The  company are. confident of success, and every  one must wish them.'well.  Turpentine, pitch and rosin are like-  wise artic.lc*3 of inauufacture, "and tlie man-  ufactnrers say that the pine woods of Vancouver Island conld supply tlie world i witli  tnrpeiitine of vory supcripr quality���������1 ni fa c t  tli at the des p ise d fo rests p f Vancouver Isl and  are. a source of riches second to none of its  terrestrial resources. The manufacturer is  satisfied, wh ieh is. the b est p ro o f of the cor-  rectness of his assertion. ���������". Admiral 'Deninaii  will use th c iu rpenti n e lb ri the fice t '���������"'   . * Soap .of. good quality is also" being thaii ti-  factured, and many minor; articles j'fcoo numerous to mention/' but which all"help'to  bring gria|; to the mill. :  ��������� Agriculture you will find progressing, and  it will continue to (Ipso slowly, A'vhereyei-  people can get open laud they do very -well,  if persevering and industrious, but it is absurd .to suppose that it will pay to clear pine  foresis for the purpose, "even if the land were  of good quality, which it is generally not.  The prairio lands are of limited extent, and  so agriculture becomes only a secondary. interest to the commercial. ' It would appear  that the present depression in gold mining  has had in some measure the effect of induc-  ahd tliosie}not*niu;cliLm orb than ordinary wages;  still thp-bblief iii thl���������'; abiihdanee-of! gold being tliere^'still-exists.x:- i'- ������������������-^x^'^f.- 'tixx- "  [ There are' therefore many piirsiiifr in .ihmr  infancy,'but;none that will afford imany 'just  ���������now'any ��������� chance "of employhibrit; iiidbed ��������� the  labori iiiarket is'stocked, and miners frpni the.  upper -country must riot expbet**,many openings-for work in!- Vancouver Islandi  "      i;. ^  '��������� '��������� Otic great chahge i has - taken ".place durilig  ypiir absence, ho charge is -now made,for' edii^j  cation at "the Government schools,! ithey are  open to all free of charge.   ;It- can^only lie  cbnsidered iah experiment, but it is to be lipp-  ed: that, the; experiment/ expensive / as it,is;  will lead to much improvement. Tlie machirt-  ���������'e-r-y does not workiparticulady well...jnsth.Qw,  but wilido better soon.   About two hundred  childreii.arc/ said to attend these scliools, and;  theyare feaid to cost $10,000. /; It cannot/lip/  .$50 per head!i>er^ annum.' .f   //..//. ^  /;  ���������'". A. fe w.. rie^iriciv liuiild irigs -'iha^e^B'cn'^e^--'  ed at Victoria; and;indeed the bujldingsan^  shops generally^ihaveirnpi'bvediri appear^  One building'willS'lmweverJ"^  before- you reach Viciibria'^lippk: .out for /an  incbn^ubustm'a^:bfrb1i.M  the Governor's .residehcey,; suiipbs^tp/cQst  $30,000.   /K looks1 as thouglr the'dm^and  'Ypu, will Uriel.the ChurchReserve/st^liferic-  ed in and i $ VasP- aiupufit''or/ rubbisW-i-talked:  about it> all bf: wWc������ I's^lUlbaverfPr '.yburi  future aniusemeht/ ,Ji" i.. xfiy fx "fl :x-.X'f.fl  i ,i But % veh: before*; ��������� reaching thus? 'fai;; a ��������� 1 iglit-  ship will vbc observed ��������� al; tlie: miputh. of,. thei!  rivcr^Fraser^',;Iriieahit may"be/isbiibec^msb'  coast, but has apparently discovered not much  of importance. Float gold one or two cents  to the pan, but he will not vouch for its great  extent. He describes the country as'densely  timbered, where the rocks are not barren, and  the open land as inunitosimally small; but he  says that "white piiuv-' exists in abundance of  splendid quality, aud this assertion is supported by the Canadian back-woodsmen who accompanied him. Now white pine is an article of much value upon the Pacific coast, and  is rare, so that there i* a chance fur a mill in  that locality. Whv on earth is it that the  Americans'have m many nulls upon Puget  SoumU'hilst Vancouver .Island can only boast \ &'*  of one or two? The world is open equally  to both; neither reiu-s upon home i*on.������mm>  tolJP absolutely useless, for /tliat puS?PJ?j;biri^  very advantag|6us!vfbr Tessels :bouiid0iNa^  naimo. -y-A& this"iiatter; was/ by*no!:meM3:iti-;  tended, some-parties are trying to get'it laid  up fdongsidb^of; ou*, clredging' inachiriP, bp4  cause b y so /doing1 it will say. pi;'; ah pu t;$500 i0  p er aiiiiu iri.thb in consider a^lc/'amouiiitj an d a  sum'that!all"^e-sliippmgfbi  not pay intl;e shape of >light-dues^ or even  'i(heaVy;;'-ones.; ��������� ,-������������������/ "*-:.'.::;;;-'-'' ';'!..' , .'/,!,:.  /Many; tb; yiou,-; fain 11 i.ar:faces will be Jouncl  wanting���������Souttigate^ G. ^VallacicT'Sproat; 13ui--  naby, Drake, Franklin, Alston, Cai'y,.Govern-;  or1; Seymour, ant liotra- few oMrs^^hewholb;  of these have goiie to Engl arid and,win..rc-.  turn in a few months. ..Tlie colonies arc,therefore well reprcseiited iii England if anything  is-.to be done there. - "./.:",   " V  i The,Legislative Assembly will.bein;sesslqn  ���������so you wiil hear some triith,;;a great deal of  bunkum and a row genoranyi/'for-a'stpmiy  period may be expected, as many popple are  savagely growling at ihe supposed heavy taxation; Taxes/ are;tolerably heavy' and some  injudicious^but Certainlp*Qiey;do not exceed  iri all twenty dollars perJipa'd. Unfortunately however under tlie;!Slpel; system of. taxation the taxes fall chieSy-Tipori the few. the  landownors'Vria traders, although most likely  they manage to get them .indirectly out of the  populace generally. One of our papers; has  been trying to couvince the multitude that  tlie taxes of Vancouver Island amount to $75  per head, but the Government have-published  an official statistical report of the amount received from taxes, which shows the assertion  of the paper in question to be grossly incorrect.   It is rather too bad to mislead even for  party purposes. .,,"������;*'  A couple of years ago the 'British Columbian' estimated the taxes in British "Columbia  to be sixty dollars per head per annum and  declared it to he outrageous I How much do  the miners pay now that the taxes have been  woefully increased? The same paper declares  it now not'to be outrageous! but that is a  question that may be left'to the people to decide. It was in the first case to abuse a Governor, in the second to be his sycophant. Is  the press to be believed ? Yet such is history.  '' I am afraid you will be too late to enjoy  the fun of the Municipal Council, or' more  properly yon will be spared the disgust of  seein'o- how that body can disgrace Municipal  In    '  '"  uig/the>wiiiter;;andipeffiaps doy/a/little explo-  ration.; at but litUc^!exp^  fisli-liooks and a log cal^aVp almost the only  things re quired. It w ill to b e sure be rather  dully-Mt^unipien ti is/ knowrri'5 to' iriduicp mainy  wlmpanhpf ^tiem^te their luck,  iihi.the^interib*r^,i ,r.i; iXy'x> .f>i- '-'������������������-���������, Xrfu- %*< x .  '/' The^Theatre  i ndefatigable manager ,*Mr.';.' War d, iriten d s do -  ing the.bcst':'he oaifo\;am use'the puljlic of  of'Victoriaduring the "Wiiitpr^ months, an (Lit  is* to "he\libped.'lhati;the' citizens: wi 11.second  h is effpfta j: for ^nothing "w ill; con duce to tl t o  prospeijifcy. of-Victoria moiip'than making! l%w  pi ty-aipleasan ^ ��������� abidi u g' Z pi ace f o r th 6 se';, who  have/ under gone - tlibi; to 11 s of Ga rib o o., The  Mar&h trpuip e; wiliflikc wise j Pin in/the: bh'tef-  prise/v / 5jS"f; oonirse "Hilicre-- wil 1' *be: ptnPl1. am iisic-  men ts ���������.whichvdaiin^ ot -be said e ither-ti prom b t e  morality, health1bii"lpngevity, but which some  wil 1 have. On thp other-hand Mechanics*111;V  stitutes, debatingii8pciety^and 'wha-t-ribt will  su p ply those^hp- s preft}^; mb re I rational ami  quiet pasiii^es.!! ^yictoria will spo n/ bea; p lea-  sarit;plape.:': , f ' ' ''; \ >.. ��������� 'V' ^ v:    v,.-;'.'   ..  ,BUBINESS/./ts.aTiGE3/..  -.-<#���������  i.. jTnB-i IlpAbsibR i:Epi^K3^~We/won 1 &��������� rami n rt  ali/gping -dpwnf bountryvUiis vfol 1 that tliey;iwi) 1  find the y'ery be|t .dccominpdatipns aij,the jfofe  lowing rbadsile^OusS:*^ iVi   i;: ""���������'-  /.., Mr^McCaffie^'sJVari^iriklef n W*.L.;- ^ i ��������� i  Mr. Ji 3J 'BfeaiCd;s/halif 'i^y^be^eri'^ri" ..  Wiiikle.'a^d;,Cp^ ^f^Xth* o}yi:yXi  X ^fr. R. S. Cprmack;s..l^  iCottonwood $^ i.;'-,;.,,;.  v /Brown f&XSIiilis* Ocjci^enta^Hpjtel, Quesiicl^  imonux;d;v/^;"*'ji*1* %y -'X^ '��������� ^ >'���������"-:���������'/������ -v'<-.������������������ -  f^Biair^Bros^liliiMile Housed: ��������� ������������������ 0 X :':*x*'>-..x  ���������r WalterjBros,^&3,MileJioiise;. ������&ili - ui  ; ;'Sc%'tViMc]tfdf!plly''siit/bchlomond/XIbuse, = i���������'-'.\  /-VALE^lmTTort'Y^  prop rietpri^is 5a^^eUvkbp t,houseVan  of ;farp ilseivedaip;x'xx ; . \.    ' ���������'���������    '-  ������������������'��������� :  New ^s^mNSTBK.^The Colonial vlletel,  Grllleiy BrbJ^iimt surpasseci an-y^vyhere ��������� as/a-,  first class���������hBuseir"   "���������'' ������. '/  ���������" /���������*��������� /.    ,'' 'i   . ":  i tHiPk's, Hpteliiis a"favorite house" witlf; iiurir"  . ers generally. ->���������% x;.x' * -'���������������������������:. y ;���������.--. - ���������; -i :*;^;1 XA*XXx "���������'"'���������  / VicTORrA.^The.irSt Nicholas Js:wcll knownv  for its Ho lei. aocpnipdatio ns, good Reatauran t,���������.  splendid Billiard'SaioPri;     "   /:  .   f\ i'  T^ThbHotel cle'France is well 'arid faV or ably  kn own to! parties>fin the habiP of ������������������ wintering  ln-Victoiia.r..^i^_i���������j.^_.;!4^^..1;i^^^  The Angfo, American, Hotel,, N. C; Bai 1 ey,..  is a cb info r tab IP place for miners to winter.  cf;  The;il Carppo' Sentmel,''  //-;h -"W-BteK-L Y^PAPiE/R,:  . ;/GFORGE;;5yALBACE; :.PROi'KiEroit;.::  OrnoBr^AlVKEliririliE,1 ���������.Wiluams Cukes, Cakiboo.  .t. Subscription, $1 peir.week,      ,-%  (lacla;Iing'cost of deliv'erytij. ifay able,, to .Lhc C/trri<:r:  nstitutions and the citizens of Vancouver Is-  and, for before vour,arrival it is supposed  thev will have diedMtatnral death, as their  charter is iaiiltv and'they cannot proceed to  a new election" What will be the result? If  honest aud resectable men cannot be found  to fill those ofllces it w better that the offices  ould not exist.    Leave theory out of the  a ten  rij?mg  (.ion.   Are the Americans more ^  You will not find much ��������� activity ni goifl  mining lit- Leeob/ivor --only a few eiaim> pay.  question, look to lhe results of the practice;  Tl io n n' ii c rs are i n m an y i n stan ees said to be  disimsina: {l������en\.-elves!iulo parties wi"  rniition of Uvinx twar the far sol  te  where  hcv can  i lhe in  lemeuts,  iiih t tu fei"d Iheinse 1 vch d iit-  rea;oing: ROOM ;  OI r qtl-1 a ting- Libra py ��������� I  OAM'EBONTONii "WIUJAMS CREEK.  THE TERMS OF SUSCBIPlTON have bepw TlhIuo^' Or  $2 per fmdntU; above 100 Jvol u mes ��������� uf N(jw '������������������ Wi)rk*  have been ouly. la til v/added to thecircullitiug LilTtiry^  Parties a-ro Boliuited to subs'cribo.  J a   ���������/'��������� :   .. JOHN BOWROX, L1br.iri������6.'  The .nmlcrcighdd is prppirnd to   ���������  CLEAN BLACK SAND. JiLOWlXGS AND  PANNINGS,  QwO-nmnUsUm. or will purchase any (luanti'r un fehti  Most I'JBEiiAL Tkiims, ai Uiu _  Reading Room, Cameronton,  Subscriber is now well known on Will buns Creak, out,  Irum tli������ confidence n-pused- in Jnm lust'.Knfl. iu Viu&  abtive burinesf*," he hopss to.r-.c^iv.e the patruuaga**^  the Alining community the ensuing 'season.  s '    ���������*   .- JOHN BOWRON.  Important to Prospectors  for Quartz.    *  rPHK UNDIvUSlGXED IS NOW PREPARED TO AFA-  i "LYSIS ORES (rf r.ny deseripiiuu brought to bim  tor that puipose' . Charges moderate,  BLACK .SAXfVPANXlNGS & BLOWINGS  BOUflH'l'..  or CLI5AKK1) oii Commission, at the Aurora Cornea ay rA  Office.   ���������  10 ���������'* P E. DEVIMR.  Miners5 Boarding House,  . LOWHEE OlfEKIvi  PEARSON a CARTER, Vmv*.  LIQUORS, of lhe- be^t. qinlltycnly.' k'W tin1 hnti-f,  i-i)���������' T-������tf 11'n\<<- i.< *'\ l h j i',;������) iW 11K- V i��������� i; f ��������� ��������� n kn ��������� els ini.  en ih'j wet'i bunk ,..'i',iiic.et'..,".,k. ��������� *  v. i  ��������� -''*' g;,,^'...."ijy.x ������������������'���������������������������..!��������� "������������������'-������������������ v- '���������'��������� ���������; ���������;- ,-"^tf|wi>,''''ii.''<,:'������y'\. ''������ XXcM jAgeBta-JJar the "Cariboo Seatinel.^  Vaa Wtuklo,  Jjfmtaof ***  "^AgonRoad,  * "ronton! City, -r.  -Y������1*V;     i'!W'.;-.  UJooet,  New VTeatraittBter,  ; / i^-i ���������'. ;��������� .v ��������� :������������������' ���������;- Barnard's Express  *"V-f'  ,.-   : ���������?   /;" ���������-i - da:-- vp'  .     *������ ���������',.��������� ..rBamartoExpress  Vv .... - . ,t   *������������������ i.:/.>.    -' ' ���������*������������������'.��������� do \  Mr. Bvana, Barnard's ICxpress Office  F.^W. Foster,     'dq       /l       do,  Clarksonfc Co  Thomas J. Burnes  . .-.     .;/!';       fO ADVERTISERS. ,  *: The ^Cariboo Sentinel^ Is published every Saturday  ������vcnlag; at 5 o'clock.    Advertiseihenta intended for  Insertion must b6 delivered at latest at eight o'clock, a.  lai; on tbedsy of publication. X: '��������� xf:\,  NOTICE,    y ;"  'lilasrs ana ''6'tjietsiwishing to send;'*Th9 Cariboo Sen-  -1" to'their friends in Canada, England, the United  States, or elsewhere, can have "it mailed by leaving  addresses at the pubUcation olhce.-   Price, inclppi.vo  i>^tag^ s1* '"���������������������������"'��������� ������������������ ;-^:;vi';" '���������'��������� '���������������-������������������������������������.���������") ���������  ���������y;yyX       , ,T(j cOttESVOSVESTS. .',;��������� i  ferreifpondentssending articlesfor, publication under  ���������ftflm do plume1 must entrust us with their names in  ������*nfldene*\ ; To this rule "we must^gidly. adhere, y -��������� *  BARKERVILLiE, SATURDAY, OCT. 7, J65  MR. BLACK'S CANDIDATURE FOR CAR-  Ixfx-xyX IBOO  WEST.    ���������-:      :-.x^xx  It will be, in the, recollection of*6ur readers  , that wp publishedr an item of news a few*  M, w&eks siace annfiunciijig that a. mmotr^woi. in.  circulation here to the effect that DrvBlack,  -u'hawas formerly a defeated candidate for the  Legislative Council in both the districts.of Cariboo, wag about again t# offer himself for the  West< district.' ' W*e certainly gave Jhe gentle-  ���������maii-TCreditfor having more sense!thaadtap-  pears from a letter which he has published he  i������ possessed^ of} for in the egotistical production- to which wo have referred jie avows his  iritehtioti of facing ^ei'cons^^^^yr^ ^^^*  their suffrages.ag^  ^otwitbafcandmg tEe display of erudition^) *in  fhe^etter of the *fow'Westminster(surgeon,  in wlrictt be fastens on ��������� av typographical error  .in the f;Sentinei?Vandij)omtsJt but as agram-  matical inaccairacyj we venture to- assert that?  there-is riot a boy in the common school in the  ^village i capital" but could point out half a  dozen grossed palpable errors in "the flashy  cplsUe^  wish we had room toigive toe; production ienr  tfee ^V^ut^ it for their  speciai?edificatibn I *This However is not pos-  'v siblo:\in this issue:i;:;:W^aw^lad ter find that  Mr. Black; has tieen takenomder the fostering  care of the editor of the 'British Columbian,'  and that he is coining put untler the auspices  of *������nc who ^as So to tiira  not long f3mce.  jltls c^t^mjy a.strorjg.proof  Vthat the1 aspirant fer^^O  be a Go ver nm entx candidate; (wtiicMiowever  he denies) when he b^rds with the ruling  ciiqtie; If we had any'doubt aboutit before  we a re certain liow that Mr. Black is the GoV  <*rnnieu t candidate, on thei principal that  ���������birds of a feather flpek together." Mr. Black  is not' altogether aii. iintriedipublic.man. He  had aseat'inrithc ilirst Legislative Council and  d uri n g tfee Sessiori did notf'bring in ov gefc  passed a single useful inea3ure for the coun-  t ry*yAlong"'with Mr. Orr he took care to vo fee  n sum of money in the estimates to pay the  expenses of himself and Mr. Orr for attending the Council, although it was generally uh-  <icralood Uythe public that they were not to  get anything for their services. It may not  be known to the electors of Cariboo.West that  Surgeon Black was an, advocate for the imposition of the ixFA&ious Gold Tax, the passing  of which has contributed to driive so many  men ,out of the country; > This we have.on the  authority of several members of the Mining  Bo a rd. Is he th en a fit man to. .re present a  Mining constituency i We leave the veiectors  to reply.  !i,.:,'.; x '\x'x-  ANOTHER CANDIDATE.  Wo understand that a requisition is in course  of eiguaiure through the district of Cariboo  "\\rest calling upon Mr. Maicom Munro, the  Go vcrnmen t con trap tor for the Co tton wood  road, to-offer himself as a candidate at the  forthcoming election for the district   To Mr.  ]Vitinro personally we have no objection, and  on the score of politics we have ncK doubt he  would be found to be nominally in favor of  nil thp imFOrtant liberal plincipiea of the  ' Cariboo riattorm," but on other grounds  there are insuperable objections to him which  we think should be weighed, and weighed  well, by the constituency. ��������� ith the first place  Mr, Munro baa not ond*dollar invested in the  colony; be is here meroly to fulfil bis contract with  the Government, and when it is  iici*hsii be is bound  to return to his Island  home where all his interests are centered.  Mr. Monro cannot take that deep and abiding  interest in the country tbat a man would do  who had his *81 here, and whose interests were  identical with those of his constitftents.   He  would be an absentee in every senge of the  word, and froni the moment he was elected  the electors Of the district would never see  him again; .amongst theni to answer 4or bis  conduct in ifulfilling the trust reposed in himi.  The constituency might as .well retain Mr.  Moberly, the,Government Surveyor, as to  discard him aiid take Mr. Muriroi the Government coritractor, in "his place. ��������� The people of  Cariboo West i have; lately raised an outcry  against Moberly because he -was an "official"  and got into the Council as an independent  man.   Can the same men now stultify themselves by choosing as bis successor a man  wbo would: be as tightly bound to the Gov-  ernmentjto represent them in the next Session,  which will'be the most important ever held in  the colony?    They cannot without covering  theaisel ves iwith disgrace and making a mockery of the right of choosing a rcpresentative.  In tlie second place, Mr. Munro ,asa contractor under Government is ineligible for the  position of represen tatLve.   It .is held to be a  bar in every part of fee" empire to a man  hplding the position of a onember of Pariia-  raent,!and Governor Seymour well knowing  this could hot sanction the appointnient even  if Mr. .Munro were^ elected.    It may be said  tifiat when his presentc^?ntract is finished Mr.  Munro will be free.    Well, his present contract, iwilln ot -be cosssplsted until July :next^-  Ibhgnffcer the i-iiext Session has closed-its la-  ���������bprs.   In the thirdiplace> if a public^eontrac-  tor were returned, it -would open the door to  a system of jobfeery, that bad as ihe couritry  isjat^  towards irretfievalyle ruin.    Mr. Munro lias  no other means of:living Uianjby .p-iibliacon-  tracte, ^and a position ;in the Council would  give hini an undue and .unfair advantage of  othersiiwlioscs^influerice could not be exercised  iri theisame .manner,'   We, know there! are  !many who thinik that-i it miattersi little who is  ;returned, consideriqg'the >pre?ent cpnstitution  ;of;itho Cpuiicil andv^e;preponderating infiu-i  ehcef of the Gkivernment'liiierein.   No greater  mistake can be committed i;  Only let the peo-  iplejof;Caribpo West returnafitting colleague  for Mr* Walkem and the two will be able to  exercise an influence for good upon the Gov-  ernment that will be of lasting;benefit to the  ^oAini^/! :Twb able, intelli^nt-a^d independent h^n^iU n^ea^moval force with 4em  that !>^lli &ear! down all oppositioni* in the  Cpa&ci I ������ndi; carry ^measures beneficial to the  peojile.��������� There is a growing disposition with  tlie "Executive to^bow ito public opinion, and  the present Adm inistrator li as the g-rea t advantage of knowing the feelings of the public - in the :lnteriprr and is far too a"ble a man  not- to see that the pest pblioy of tbe present  Admihistration must be reversed if the country is to be saved from irretrievabl e ruin and  decayi,   Bu^it always requires Smen in the  Council to initiate and carry, through the  House "-popular reforms, such as Retrenchment, ^Abelitioh of Road Tolls, Union,, &c.t  Rtnd tiiere fnever -was a .more favorable time  for the .people to >pr6*ve that -they desire these  changes than the present.    It is absurd to  think that such men as Mr, Munro or Mr.  Black are! tho right men in tlie present crisis.  Thcconstifcuehcy oughtvto be thoroughly convinced of thisfpate|^K|t and spurn any advances that 4tiay !il||^^ade on theii '   "  There is no dou*bt"tBaWMr. Munro is  thelrbehaif.  a most  popular .nmh wi th his own workmen on the  road and if he desires their votes *can easily  have fhom,ibut will he resort to such a method  of getting himself into the Council; We have  far too high an opinion of the man to think  that ho. will attempt anything of the kind. In  Victoria Mr. Munro is a sound Liberal. Can  he reconcile it with his principles to attempt  to thrust himself by means that he would discountenance elsewhere into the Legislature  of this colony ? We sincerely hope for his  own sake that he will not try it.  A  RARE  OFPORTUKITY.  FOR SALE, ONE HALF INTEREST, with right of  representing an entire interest, in tbo *$feIson  Creek Bed Rock Flume." Tbe valuable. character of  the inveatment is weli known; the necessity of realia-  ing* in eonsequenoe of the present proprietor leaving  the country for Mexico being sole cause of sale.  Also, a good'paying claim on same creek.;  For particulars apply to r!     r ,-* ���������  1^. -y ' ..  ',, IX- .  j. S. SUTER & CO., iRiobfleld.  ,,.;::...,.;   '     FOR   S ALE."  x'^  A HOUSE WITH A LARGE CELLAR, built express:  ly for holding vegetables during the winter season.  The house is Pituate below Barkerville,' near tho Cari-  boo<claim.    Easy terms will be given for payment.,  Apply to.Mr. Francois Lellier. at Pin & Go.'s store,  Sicbfleld;   . ..���������..':��������������������������������������������� -".19''' :  FRENCH & SPANISH.  MOKS. B. DEFFJ3. Graduate of the Academle de  Paris, Professor of Languages, intends giving lessons in French and Spanish, at Victoria, V. I., during  the winter season. Mens. Bern's has had a good deal  of experience in teaching; his -mode of tuition, bojug  easy and efl'cctive will, b������ found to give satisfaction.  Having lived in various parts of Mexico, including the  Metropolis, Mazatlan, &c, and being more especially a  Professor of the Spanish language, he is enabled to instruct in a very short time .persons intending to proceed to Mexico in the SpanIsh language, b.y which  they, will be ablo to speak it fluently.  "Williams Creek, B". G.",' Oct. Ttli^ 1866. ���������>��������� ��������� 19  :n    *       ., (British Oolonistcopy.) >^  NOTICE.  !.!     VAK ^TOi^BjiCAmBfX),^!1^  THE above splendid Hotel is now onen for thft t������,m,  .  tho p^prictor having taken grea?pain?  Good acconuiKidations, with; salts of rooms for uZ,  or private parties.   Attached to this Hotelis a  ....:l    First Cr^ &Bar,  where can be obtained tne moat choice brands of Winw  Liquors, Cigars, &c. wl8Wi  .-. '"��������� ���������'������������������������������������!..'���������;������������������.!.���������.!;..��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ ::V'. 1+ McCAFranv, Proppietee.  -   13 MILE^HO^  BETWEEN  Q0ES!NELMOUTH AND eOTTONVooD.  RICHARD:J'������:\\'CO'RMAck--'  HAS  JUST  OPENED  THE  ABOVE HOU?E"' AVn  would solicit a call from tho Traveling Public  where will be found a Good Table, Liquors aad  Cigars of tho finest quality and best brands.  J8SrGood Stabling, Hay und Oats, &c.  N. B.���������R. S. C. is not responsible for any debt������ eoa.  traded bvttie lato Proprietors.  August"?ltl), 1865. ' xi-iw  COLONIAL RESTAURANT  " "   "QtTESNEL   MOTJTH, ��������� *  P. L. JOHNSON, Pbopriktor, , i  Meals at all kpurs, and Cooking of thebeit  ;        :^i4escription.       -   ,,    B  VTOTICE IS ���������KEREBY;GIVEN.that a horse in ray pos-  ;li: session, branded *0Von the flank and diamond ���������iO*'  on; the shoulder, is to ibtf sold on the 1st day of "November next, if not .gedeemod,; at the Iii mile house, to defray expenses.  '.���������"������������������-���������';   DBNIS MCRPHy.  ��������� 0ctdber6th,:"1865.i; X x  V-".-* ���������' ': ".'���������' ^X-  '-WAY HO US  BETWEEN VAN WINKLE k COTTONWOOD.  f  E: -F, rEDW A R D S  BEGS TO INF0R5I MINERS AND TRADERS going  down country that they will find the best of fare  and comfortable quarters as .usual at his hotel.   GOOD  ��������� COOKING; bar- well stocked with  the -very best of  Liquors; excellent accom mod ation for travelle^B. i  .Edwards* Ranch, 28tb-Sept. 1865.  ! 18   ���������  ^UESNEfL   MOUTH,  lix BROWN & GILLIS, Pkoprietors.  ���������food Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table, *������.  - -.,. X+->..���������-'St������ hi ing for-Horocs, Hay a ndOat k;X - *': ������     ~  111 MILEH^  iii BLAIR BROS., Proprietors.  THIS HOTELm tARGE AND WELL FITTED Up  for the comfort of tTJtvclers^ the Table is supplied  w ith the best of every th ing that can be h ad, and toe  cooking is not inferior to the best "hotel in the lowtr  country; * Bed moms for families; Stabling, Hiy, and  Oats. The Stage stops at the IU Mile House overnight  on its way clown country.- XX a  PHOTO GRAPHIC.  C   GENTILE begs to inform the Miners ofi-Cari^  ���������, boo that 'he/ is :*prcpared to, take Photographs of  Claims, kc., and as his stay will bo necessarily limited  he requests that ail who wish^to have pictures will-ap  ply immediately.  Richfleld, Sept. 29th, I860.!      ! i : 18! ;R  A.   MACKENZIE,  ..;     Has removed his stock of    *  H^dware aiid Stalioiiei^r  93 MlXilOT  ? w^ ���������  HAVE OPENED THE ABOVE HOUSE for the reeep.  4ibn of travelers; the Table is well kept and the  Liquors cannot be surpassed ��������� ihe Beds are clean mb i  comfortable; Stabling for Hemes ; Hay. and Oats at  moderate rates. ' XX a.  18  For the winter months, to the Store of        ���������  MR. W, A. MEACHEM,  ;  Bartkervillo.  In the County Soavt boldon at Garifooo East.  IX ^BANKRUPTCY.  In re;Fn*!'vcf$ Brsrfx, a Bankrupt.  will be held at the Court House, Richfield, on Thursday  the 26th of October, i860, at 3 o'clock, p. m., for the  purpose of^rovino; debts' ������nd granting his ccrtiftcatoof  ciischarge.   ���������"!��������� By order of the-Court,"  -'���������"���������:!''.i"v ���������    ������������������., ���������;*'      r. v.'lee,- . ���������'-!���������'  " X���������..-.-.��������� Agont for Bankrupt.  EtchMdfBept. 35th, 1865.     . .18  ; SERGEANT ^IcMURPHY^Pitor-R.  The Accommodation Which this House airordB t������  travelers cannot: be eurpasscd; the Table is well  supplied with the best thVmarket affords, and the Bar  Is stocked with the Purest Liquors ; Beds,' StablUg,  iHity aud Oats^���������'���������.'���������'������������������"r.'-.!::' : s  FORT  YALE  HOTEL,  KeUey 6c Lane, Proprietors,  ("1 OOD BEDS, Good Accommodation and the Best of  X. Llquers at the Bar; Stabling for Horses, &������.       *  !CQLQNIAL HOTEL!,  . rNc^Wt^tm ins ter^ Brit ish Columbia,  Messrs. GREi.LEvi, Brothers,       r::    '*-      Proprietow.  HICK'S HOTETi, Ltttov Sqcarb, Nbw Westmikbter  B. C., Vwhtv Hicks, Proprietor.    Tlie above f*v.  orably known house is now open to the public; the B������r  is constantly supplied with the choicest brands  of  Liquors and Segars. ., ....:. s ,���������  NPJW ADVERTISEMENTS.  GHAKG-E   OF i TIKE.  VON  WEDiNESDAY,   SEPT. *27tht  TliejSteamer "Enterprise"  WILL COMME.VCE   MAKIN5  THREE   TRIPS   PER   WEEK,  LEAVING  QUESNELMOUTH  MONDAYS,   WEDNESDAYS, & FRIDAYS.  AT4,iMM  LEAVING SODA CREEK  THE SAME DAY AT NOON.  HOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria,  BiuNE And Pierre Manciet, Fr(>prieto  V. I., Jo������^  tors.   TheKse-  tauraat is supplied with all the' dcliiyicies tbe market  allofds."*  Iu the Bar will beilbund the choicest Liquors,  Furnished Roorua, k6.;'l.y ,    . . ���������      1-s  Grrand Farewell Ball and  Supper.  MRS.'CA3CER0N, takes this method of returning her  most sincere thanks to the inhabitantsof Cariboo  for their great kindness and.very lib end patronage be-  stowed'upon her whib'keepiug the Pioneer Hotel these  last, four yenrs, and begs to state that she will give a  first \class BALL and -SUPPER, on Friday Ereniug  October 13tb, 1665. whon she will spare neither pains  nor expense to makeit the most comfortable evening's  enjoyment that has ever been experienced on the creek  As a limited number of Tickets only will be 'issued  parties desiring to obtain them will please jtpply ���������arlv'  ���������Patrons can depend on the'strictesttorder being main*,  tained. ���������  ':'v^;-,-  jQQg* A Full Band, brass and Btrlng, engaged for the  occasion.  Tickets,^5,00, obtainable at the PioneerS-iloon Cameronton, and at the Expr^as Office, Barkerville.'���������'  jg������- Dancing to commence^ at S :S0; supp-r a"t 12.  VIEWS OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA,  Including tne G^>ld Mines of ('arihoo, c^n ho co'sinM  at Osm.'i.k's Phpt^r..phic Gell*Ty, Vjctcria.   ' **  Dissolution of Partnersliip  >pHE PARTNERSHIP hitherto existing between the  X undersigned under the firm of Mayer & Gronopkv  is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Nathan Mayw'r  retiring from1 the firm. The business will be carried on  in futuro by Levy Gronoxky. Either p*rty is authorized to collect outstanding accounts.  Nathan Mayer,  n   . ���������* ....     ��������� Levy Gro.nosky,  Barkerville, Sept. 18th, 1865. 17  Kestaurant and Bakery  IN BARKERVILLE  FOB, _S ALE.  rj^HE UNDERSIGNED offers tho old established Res-  x. taurant and Bakery carried on by him for sale  The stand is the best in Barkorvilio, and the trade attached to both branches of business is superior toanv-  tbing in Cariboo. The bouse is commodiuus and corn-  tortable, und a considerable sum was laid out this sum-  mer m unprovements. if purchased within a moiith a  very moderate priso will bo taken lor the House and  Lot, with good will of tho business.  For price and particulars apply to  ,. ^   ; GEO. MILLSR,  l? Roetsuriot aod Bakery, Birktrvilb  PRIVATE    BOARDiNQ.  1TR. N. C. BAILEv, begs to inform.his friends and  ���������lu.. the public that ho has removed from the Orleaua  House to the Anglo-America?* Hotel, corner of rates  and Douglas streets. Ladies, gentlemen and families  visiting Victoria, will find good Biard a'd-Lodging.on  the moat reasonable tenns. Also, well Furnished Rooms  to let, with or without Board. 14  15  MATTHIESSEN & ���������0.,  Proprietors.  St. Nicholas  Restaurant,  VICTORIA, V..I.,  MATOIIESSEN & CO.,  15 Pronrietoiv.  15  VICTORIA, V. IM  MATTHIBSSEN & CO.,  Proprietors.  BY-  Brooks & Patterson.  GOOD   BEDS  AT   THE  '  FASHION   HOT  OYSTERS AT THE FASHION.  fletetfs, September, 18*6.  15 mm  THE CARIBOO SENTINEii   x ^^ wra^Bsaa  BARKERVILp, SATURDAY, OCT. 7, '65  \    THE NEW DIGGINGS.  Two men arrived; here a few days since  from the mines to iho north-east, andreport  very favorably of them. They are about to  return with provisions, taking them part bf  the wayi on horses to a depot, and when the  snow falls deep enough to get them in on ta-  r bogana. Several parties of miner* left this  week for ;*the new locality to stake off claims.  Mr. Hilton,, foreman of the Aurora, and Mr.  John Polmerc^ also bf the Aurora, witb others,  started on Monday morning last with Goody^  koontz, the discoverer of Old "Dominion creek,  a������ad they intend putting down a shaft,to the  bed rock before their return; Further news  from the new diggings may be looked for  early next week.  THE GOVERNMENT   EXPLORING EXPEDITION.  The return of this! party with news from-  tbe new mines is eagerly looked for. The  general opinion is that the men are sinking a  shaft; in order to thoroughly test the diggings'  before their return^ As thev have plenty of  provisions to last thtni a considerable time  longer, no anxiety is felt for their being in  want of food. V  Prssentation.���������Rev. Mr. Duff was presented with; an address and purse containing $400  last Monday evening in the Reading Room,  Cameronton. ;De. Chipp was called upon to  preside.    After a few neat and appropriate  remarks, explanatory of the object of the meeting, he called upon; MrV:J. T: Steele fo read a  farewell address which \ had been drawn up  and signed b*f a committee to Mr. Duif on be-  ���������half of the 102subscribersto thetestimonial.  Mr. Steele complied with the chairmanjb re-  questj and also handed' Mr. Duff the purse  containing the amount above stated.   Mr. Duff  with much feeling replied, repudiating any  claim to tbo token of esteem that had been  presented to Mnv as he was sensible he had  come very far short of his duty.   After thanking them for the substantial token of their  regard he in a happy style wished each of them  good bye, hoping that sometime they would  cross/ each others*";path, and as he had to leave  at sir ui���������the morning he would have to make  goocl use of his time, he  bid them good  night,   A vote of thanks was then given to  tothe chairman and the meeting adjourned.  The^ Reverend gentleman was greatly esteemed in this eommnnity, and; gentlemen of ail  denominations contributed to the testimonial.  - ifo WniT.---The writ for the election of a  member for Cariboo West has not yet arrived  which leads to no other conclusion than that  the Governmeht are playing a smart game in  connection with the affiar. If they, imagine by  keeping back the election until the miners  are left for Victoria they will be able to return Dr. Black they are greatly mistaken.  Fortunately the merchants and farmers of the  district arc as much interested in. having an  independent man returned as the miners are  and will be as little disposed to put up with  New Westminster dictation anctbad government as the mining class. , No person but a  truly independent man will have a chance of  being elected in Cariboo West.; We would  strongly recommend the government to send  forward the writ without any further "delay.  Bank op British Columbia.���������The excellent  agent of this bank here���������Mr. Greig���������left today for a short visit to Victoria. Mr. Greig  has been stationed in the interior of British  Columbia for a considerable time past, and  has made many warm friends who esteem him  for his many good qualities. The valuable  institution with which he is connected has not  a more "efficient and painstaking officer than  Mr. Greig, and his popular manners fit him  remarkably well for the responsible position  which he holds among a mining community.  Mr Blunt will be the acting agent during Mr.  Grcig's absence.    ,  The Liability of Foremen.-��������� We would  draw the attention of foremen of claims to  the important decision of the Gold Commissioner in the eass of the Alturasco'y, a report  of which appears elsewhere. It would appear  from the decision that a foreman has no right  to enter into a contract for timber or anything else for the claim without being authorized so to do by a vote of the majority of the  company, and a disregard of this precaution  will render a foreman liable for the debts  whieh he may contract.  Cariboo Hospital.���������During the week a  miner named Thomas Potter, who has been  for some time past laboring under a severe  attack of Illness, was admitted into the hospital. He is improving very rapidly and it  is hoped will soon be able to go down country.  An Old Fmbnd.���������-Mr. Joseph Morrais, better kaowk  an "Portuguese Joa.," has re-opone4 th������ well known  Miners' Exchange hotel, In Waddiogton Alley, Victoria,  giving thoroughly renovated the whole promises, and  ne will bo happy to see bin old mining f'rteods and customer? ag-'iiB,  WILLIAMS CREEK.  Mining at thi3 advanced period of the season seems to be going on as brisk as in the  middle of summer.   The weather during the  fall has been most favorable, and promises  even at present to give the miners an extension of time for carrying on their Jab ors.   A  few nights since there was a slight fail of  snow, but the following day it yielded to the  influence of the powerful rays of the snn.  Since .then the weather has been extremely  mild and most enjoyable. ,So far very few  miners have left for the lower country; and  the numbers departing will be very limited  until after the claims are laid over on the 1st  of November���������or perhaps later.    On that  part of the creek above the canon ground  sluicing and hydrauiicing are carried on vigorously, and nearly all the claims are doing  well.   The Forest Hill co?y washed out 150  023. during the week.���������The Black Jack and  BurnesTunnelco'y are about to ground sluice  their claim, and bare gone to'considerable  expense in carrying a flume across the creek  for the purpose.���������The Eagle, Bald Head and  Sheepskin companies are making more than  expenses.���������The Aurora eo?y washed up 258  ozs. on Sunday last, 180 ozs. on Tuesday and  230 ozs. on/Thursday.���������The Davis claim has  commenced to pay well; on Thursday last  90 ozs. were washed up.���������The Welsh, Hit or  Miss and Australian companies are sinking  new shafts.���������The Morning Star co?y are still  iakingontr good-payr25 ozs.per day*���������-Tbe  Raby co'y are doing very well, taking out  more ithan wages.���������The Cameron co'y are  making expenses���������The Dead Broke claim is  yielding about 30 ozs. per day.���������Several other claims are making about expenses.  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  CONKLIN GULCH.  The Saw Mill claim will yield about 200  pzs,.������or.ihe we.GJr,^Thei Ericson eo7y have got  into good pay;again,���������the Reid co'y are not  doing so well at present as they were a short  time since.���������rThe New Zealand claim is filled.  up with water.  M'ARTHURS iaCLCH".  The claims on this gulch are generally making expenses.���������The Artesian co'y have made  more than expenses during the season.  J Amubkmbnts.��������� On\ Saturday evening last  Ned Allen and "Billy Williams gave a miscellaneous entertainment' at the Parlor Saloon,  in Barkerville, wInch- drew a large attendance.  Several professors o f the f niahly ar &' set to  on the occasion, and the display of (science  called forth loud plaudits from the audience.  Some well known ain ateurs sung a numb er  of comic songs during the e veiling, and Prof.  End t wo und up the proceedin gs wi th his wo n-  derful legerdemain performance. Altogether  the entertainment was most successfui and  gave the greatest satisfaction to the large audience.���������On Thursday evening Prof. Endt  gave his magical entertainment in Barry's  Saloon, Cameronton, to a numerous audience.  The feats were astounding, and could scarcely be excelled by any performer of the day.  The audience greeted the Professor with the  warmest demonstrations of approval.  Brutal At fair��������� A few nights since a brutal fight took place between two drunken men  in ilardie's Saloon, Cameronton, in which the  parties resorted to the brutal practice of biting  each other. One of the men had a piece taken  offhishose and theother receiveda severeigash  in the under lip. Brs. Bell and Chipp were  called iii to dress the wounds. We think the  proprietor of the saloon is deeply culpable  for allowing drunken men to abuse each other  in so disgusting a manner on his premises.  There is really no excuse for such conduct,  as the proprietor of a public" house can always preserve order if fig is so inclined.  Edwards*.���������The proprietory of Edwards'  Ranch has had a considerable quantity of  ground under cultivation this year, and can  boast of having as good crops as have been  raised in more favored places in the colony.  His oat hay for horses is pronounced excellent by the best judges, and Ms vegetables  are second to none produced elsewhere. We  are glad to be able to congratulate Mr. Edwards on the success that has attended his  farming enterprise.  Musical Entertainmekt.���������A first cl;.ss musical entertainment will be given at the Parr]  lor Saloon, Barkerville, on Wednesday evening next. The arrangemaats wiil be of the  same satisfactory character as, on the late occasion when the benefit was given for the  Literary Institute. We hope there will be a  large attendance.  Ball and SupPbr.���������We would draw attention to the advertisement of Mrs. Cameron, of  the Pioneer Hotel, Cameronton, who intends  riving a first class ball and supper on Friday  evening   "  ���������*- ^-     a������ ���������������0iwhnnd  .   (Before W.G. Cox, Ea*.)'...-,/������������������'  Monday, 2nd Oct.1665.  ; Marshall vs. Davis co'y.���������this was an action for $610 for money disbursed for the  co'y last year by plaintiff for labor done in  tho claim. The present members of the company resisted pavment on the ground that  they bought in free of debt. Mr. Cox dismissed, the case, Marshall being a partner in  the claim could not sue the company.  Nevada co'y vs. W.^V. Hill.���������Action for  $197 35 for assessments; The defendant confessed Judgment. "-.;".,;   V  Frank McBrie* vs. Moffatt co'y/���������Suit for  $127 for balance of wages.    The'foreman of  the company disputed the amount claimed as  he alleged he had paid and entered $20 more  than1 the plaintiff gave eredit for.   The, Commissioner divided tlie amount in dispute and  gave the plaintiff a decree for $117, with costs  George Fairbrother vs. S. Matice, foreman  Adams co'y.���������This was a suit for wages for  the season.    It appeared that plaintiff had  been hired to work the claim for one McGregor on bed rock pay, but that McGregor had  sold tlie interest to Matiee who assumed; the  liability of the bed rock wages of plaintiff.  Subsequently Mattice had discharged Fair-  brother, as the latter stated, and the result  was this action.    The Commissioner after  hearing part of the case remarked that it  would be better for tho parties to settle, advice which they subsequently adopted.  '���������������������������-"'T��������� ���������H��������� i^^edrmsdayv 5th Oct*  Ross vs. Gallagher and Moore.���������This was  an action to make the defendants show cause  why they should not be ejected from possession  of two hill claims near "Richfield. From plaintiff's evidence it appeared that he had not  stated1 but the ground before he recorded it,  which Mr, Cox said was a fatal defect in the  title. There were also other errors in tlie  title which the Court could not look over���������the  defendahU were entitled to the claims. Judgment accordingly, without costs.  ; Thistlewait vs. Alturas co'y.���������This was a  rehearing of a case which was .before the  Court last week.: It was brought forward  again; to .have .the Commissioner's decision on  a very important point. rtaappeared in evidence that there are eight full interests in the  claim. That the company are equally jiivid-  ed on the working of the tunnel. Four of the  members want anew foreman appointed, and  four wish the man who is at. present acting in  that, capacity, retained.V The discontented  members also repudiate the/ power of the  foreman to enter into contracts without having authority fori so doing from the majoity of  the members/ The whole difficulty.therefore  was as to'the powers conferred by law. on the  foreman. It appeared from the evidence that  the foreman had been legally appointed, was  never dismissed by a vote of the shareholders  and had not resigned, the Court decided therefore that he had full power to. canyon and  direct the working of the claim. The Commissioner read the law on the subject of the  foreman's*power regarding contracts it being  patent from the mining laws that he* had no  power to enter into any contract without a  vote of the majority ,of the shareholders authorising him so to do. Mr. Cox recommended the co'y to have an outsider in the position of foreman which wqnMpikely lead to  the harmonious working oi^jeivclaim.. The  decision seemed to give saffifaction to both  sides.  ���������;. f Friday, Oct. 6th.  There were'several cases before tho Court  to-day, but none of them of any public Importance. .  Fbewu ANDSPAJoaa.���������Wo call the attention  of our readers to the advertisement of Mora,  B. Deffis, who' purposes opening classes at  Victoria next winter for instruction in Span*  ish and French. Wecan recommend Mons.  Deffis as a gentleman thoroughly aquainted  with his line of business, and as having given  satisfaction to every one who attended bU  classes last winter. - >  British Columbia Views.--We understand  that his Excellency Governor Seymour ha*  ordered a series of views, taken by Mr. Gentile, of'i British iCoirimbia scenery for the Car*  iboo Literary Instituted -v / ;  Notice.���������Parties going down country and  wishing complete files of the "Cariboo Sehti-  nel":ean have the same on making early ap*  piication at this office.  FOR   SALE  ���������IX**:. AT/aUESKKLMOUTU,   ������������������'  A CONOORD WAGGON, icapibb brswttln* 9 persons; abo a piir of AMERICAN HORSES, with  Harness complete.     For tormH apply ftt tho oJSoa of  this jHiper, or to Mr. POLLOCK, QuojnolraouttL       IT  Adams, Pearcy,   & Co.,  i   i    CA^ZRO^X^   ���������/ ;-;,.. ,.  , bava Justtecclvod a supply of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  varying in stae from 6 toU inch ; they are of flrgi-rbte  quality, and warrantod to bake we'll.    Aho, a well aa-  J aorted slock of SHSET IEOK, both Oalvanlrod acid  - TIaTh,- TISTPtlTE; 'SHEKT;^'!^; ^^OPPEii;���������61-  ��������� ;���������"''::"''/ ���������; way son hand  Sheet Iron Stores, Cobking Ranges, Hy-  ���������   draulic Pipes, ceo.  jgg^* All work in our line riouo ai roaaonablo rateajin i  warranted to give saUsractloa.' ; .*������ -17  iDissoltitibii of Partnership  THE CJO^PARTNERSHIP l^uaioess heretofore ctrrtct  on byithn uodewiguod haa been thU daiy dissolved���������:  by mutual consent, *."������������������/:;.'.,' <X:���������*.���������*'..  *-".-*     :./���������:-. 'i������v' = ''   y'-X    'R6BT.>R/'CLARK"E,I   .  -' ���������; '/: XXX CHARLES E. TATE, "/ ���������  ; Barkervljlt, Spot- 14th, 1865. [.' v  The above business will in foture bo Carried oa by  Robt. R! Clarke, who lai alone authorized to collect tho  debts clue to the lateflrm and to whom'the same are it*.  be paid.   The debts of the aboro flrnvwillbe pnld by  the aaM Robt. R. Clark. X--- X  ,16..-'���������:-..���������  FROM  THE UNDERSIGNED rcspoctfully Intimate.that they  are now prepared to supplv in qu;;ntiUefi the nbov-*  highly. rocommRnded PALE ALE k TORTER, Jn cask  .and bottle, of tbeir own brewings ;  #&* A trial solicited,  KERR& DUHIO.  Quesnelmouth, 11th Sept, 1SG5.   .     ��������� ;        16   ,  Oppenlieimer Sc CoM  CARIBOO POLICE COURT,  ,-:   .BARKERVILLE, Wxluams Cresk,  Have oh band a large stock of the following  goods just arrived, wbtch they will sell at the  Lowest jfarket Rites, viz:   r<  GROCERIKS, (Including;Pickles, Jams, 'aH.&sda *f  ,.  Sauces, Jke,)     y:'X������X "'-���������y'"'  PROVISIONS,  HARDWARE, CROCKERt,  LIQUORS, WIXKS,  ���������' -V SfiOAl"lS. TORACCOi  STAtlON'ERT, CLOTnitf������,  BOOTS AND SHOfii  jaNINS UTEKSILS, iaela-'iag    '  SIK)VBL3, FORK?.   . ;  ;-   DUCi^'TlOPV'v   '  ;oi',V .!���������..   PICKS, &������.,&<?, '  4j^������ Particular at4oation te ������*lied to oar 0ae stock:  of LIQUORS, -WINES k SEGARS,  Barkerville, 12th June, 1865. 10  ���������^������.���������b, the 13th inst. An excellent band  has been engaged and everything will be done  to ensure the comfort of those present.  jgSr- All wbo dosireGOOD COFFEE and Fia3 Spioes  eanhnvo both by always asking for FELL k CO'S wbicb  ctnbebadlrom aH respectable Store ke������p<?r5. Be  eurA ytv gstit. with cur trdde Libel on, citcb pie*fear������  (Before W; G. Cox, "Esq,, J. P.)  ,- "Wednesday, Oct 4fcb.  Franklyri vs. Farren.���������Tbis wae a case for  ataault committed on plaintiff; who was a special constable in Barkerville. It appeared to  the magistrate that the plaintiff had interfered with the defendant when his services as  constable were not required, he dismissed the  complaint and cancelled the appointment  whieh he had previously given Franklyn as a  private watchman. Mr. Cox remarked that  he regretted to say that rows were of frequent  occurrence in Barkerville, especially in the  house of Chancellier and Cunio,-and he was  ���������determined to slop them, if any complaint  was made either by the constabulary or private citizens, by withdrawing their license  and shutting the house up. He (Mr. Cox) had  received notice fromCunio that a disturbance  took place in the house on Sunday night last,  but although he had senior him he had not  since appeared to make^a complaint. The  court strongly animadverted on such conduct.  aeuctiV hard toil  CAMKftotfTow, Williams' Cke-fus, B.. C.  WHOLESALE     AND     RETAIL,  Important to Miners.���������After a  there is nothing ������> refreshing lor the body m a gpod  Bath Hair Cut, Shampooi, and Clean Shave all of  which can be obtained in a first class style at the SAN  FRi\CI>CO BATUS, Government Street, nearyatos,  Victoria-- The whole establishment has been uywly  r*-fltt������Und no ������p?nw spared to ������������***��������� it the most  cotnforuhla jalwo lu tho colony. Four flr.H claw ar-  Uitesaro rtway* on haad ta attend tbe mats of the  ' cu������t?oi?rs.  GROCERIES,  FROYtSIOXS, '''.'���������������'���������  LIQUORS,  ���������8EGAR3. ���������  TOBACCO,  HARDWARE,  CROCKKRT,  MINING UTENSILS,  STATIONERY,  CLOTHING,  * boot.*? st mom,  DRY GOODS, &a, Ac  ^- Goods bought at ray Store wiil be delivered FREE OF CARRIAGE to all portions  of Williams Creek.  S. ELSAS3ER,  WAKE   UP   JAKE  AND  ���������J  Barkerville, B. C.,  A. KELLY, PiioraiEToa.  Evfrythlnf is done In CJon?c"i"n Kith ihh niihUsh*  meat to gtr* siU������ir*c'.l -n to th" cusjt'm"?f-.*.  its  Ir.!!  il  M  M:  m  ���������Xi  ''X-  .-.  i )ii'n..'il.W������������jfeiagSli ���������g������*gS3g355CT^^  QT?^TTTVnM ' 11'She Gentlemen of Victoria, British Colum-  OJUYXIiO Ik-Li I    i. -   .  ybia/andPugetSounti;, '.'".   . .  ^piki&OTffi     SATUEplY^OGT,; 7^^o  MsraW^KEWSc'  i*Hi  ^Vhii-' x:d ~Wi' [Frbm^ the.British Goiambian. ] - -4 5? f;^���������  SrS^^rk^Sept;l  ton special says, a large deleg'ati6"ri f rftm Georr  vgia,, Alabania, Moriday ?Mississippi an$ Yir-;  Iginia,"is iiiVtiio,:*Vnite House;%JEheic Jofeject is  U;tfoiuqtffy the, S^sid^^t!! that rhis policy) and  /general" approyal of; :thei= pieoplejTbf ; those"  7: States!.' The delegation Ifieclared that, in ��������� re-  p turn tliey 'wjffi %i ver ��������� the administration; j the ir  ��������� irtd'at 'cordial- support.''_' ,., ��������� I:'-li...' X '.;^...4.= ��������� ='-].:  "/X^ The?f imerParis corresp pnidenti saysj'for the  last w<jek the couirfcj^  Ted-imuch' as��������� lt:3i<i on^HSr flCSurishihig clays of  the Confeder^  >.V.-. Breckinridge^ and Jacob Thompson have ar^-i  :riyed here^^fiese; united.?Mth Slidell ancl a _w  ���������������������������   i^*bst������q*#'$t^^^  :3ertfcy^^ '  ��������� ^ft"^  '������������������ i^*\var between!^ran^|aiid 'ithe^XJiriited..'.States*  i i -. appiear;to-: be:K,'tb^.bMis.-^":*tlieir"-i.-satisfactioh.."  I have heard it;said thait i ]the?, ariiicjes,of & qn-  ��������� i doi^and Paris jourii\sds������������������ trying to' urge on:wfir  with ��������� \Mexicoj:��������� idsXatiljla^^vt -of the general  scheme arao ng^ihe ii&b els and ith eir' fri ends, to  . gimj;be<3qn^  Iifc������ ^TheirZUlasi ditchn to/ be in Mexico, and  *:" $e^iggers>> WMf to; ib^^olffioTTI^4  Faiisywitli Meut. Maury!/ antl-^Duke" Gwiu  '    on the'Rio .Grande^'; i^ith so jpb werful a combination kere,^u^a^^^^ 4> e ^suue ��������� if, there, ,be  any3 chatfei^r stirnn^|up|jwar;iwitbl ' Mexico  ';: it^wilLJt$% done.~ xf) lt. x, -tt, % .*,% tl*..h :��������� ���������; ��������� 1 .* -������i*������ ;  . * JNew York, Sept.12.���������A Scotch^ agent now  bas Secured-a large tract?oMand in^VirginiaV  , ANDREW   ROBERTS  '^O^RNM^NT'STREIST, VICTORIA, (opposite the  IX,iBank of.--British Columbia) begs to announce that  he "lias JusI received iExi Philomela-from London, ^and  shades),: &c.i  . Tho Iatest-English,and_!Ainerlean.Fasli^  lons'rcgulaFlyreceived.. A,u  -.���������XXX ���������������������������.!���������:���������'.     :;-!!ANDBEW KOBERTSON,  :-r ,-:: 14 vk:<-; -y^-v>    "sfl'j;J      '   GoVernnieut Street.-. ;  ;''-#I ������������������ :.-"'.- '������������������v,''  ."'OOUJO \Xi^'.xx X:, .   ��������� ;-:-  ^0[Oiuo,tqQ; pq; ���������> a*isod do ? ^eoa^g ?norauisA0q  ��������� :AxX'oo.^':^^ou. ,  y."....*-".xf i i'i.���������..'-..���������'' sxri     -i,.i .     '-.,. -v*"'  THE BANK OE i. i /'  BRITISH: .m^W^M  "���������'��������� Iixcbrpbrated "by Boyal Charter. .^;:;  ~~$i,250voob  ���������IN 12,500 SHARES,   OF $100 VACHf  .::- # With Power to Iiicrease. ^ ���������  iBliiM���������Sa!Mi'! iooxs  ..;.'#='..  A ;c AR  TOifiN GliASSEY, GoUector of RehfsiDebts,  ej V,&C; i ;h aying; cpnnn ericed: b usiness, rospDc tlul ly soli -  ci la a share of tlie publip patronage^and trusts that by;  prompjt iitte;d tion] to business, he vriU: secure the same,  and'give "general satisfaction.' ' x: '��������� ������������������'-    ' ,_-',/.  ;jMoney-hanclediover as soon as collected.  ��������������������������������� Office���������"Gover Jim eh t street, corner, of. ;Bastion;,; :,;  !References���������WV S.i; S.- Gree!ir.;.'l5sq,,: ;am'Mi��������� W. T.  ���������Drake;'K^*"        ' ���������-'���������'&���������.. "St:  14  .���������������W^������M!j������soi������m������������raiintii������3������cBiu*u������2������c������ BU ���������t^^������.^ml^Jl^..  BRANCHES &  ;. i, ���������';:iNiv'MGo%ik .<;  VICTORLl-^-Bank of iiBritish Columbia^ =,!>..   f-t,.; ���������,;.  XAyADIO���������Bank or British Columbia;-:    .  i.; ;i^,BRITBH - COLTOIBIA,;ii-y. f    !  NEW .'WESTMINSTER-itBank of British Columbia;-:. ���������  YALE���������Bank of British Colum>ia;  .'.- -.      ., .-x' '>.. X.  MOUTH QUESNEL���������Bank of Brill sh Columbia;  ���������;.!  -���������'. ;in. the>iMte3) states,;,; .;, .*;;;: j'  SAN1 FRANC[SdO���������Bank of British Coluliibia;.     i.  ;PORTLAND, OREGON���������Bank of British Columbia; .  X       ���������:';'i\'.IN;'CXNAI>Ay.   ":i,,;.;.i;!:." i  BAitTK .ffff;l"MO."rfT-iB''Eilj'.\,r:l1  V  >x i'BRANCfeS &, AGENblESY,;   <    ',.    -  ilop.treal, Toronto, Quebec.  Hamilton,'*Ii6hd0n, King's ten, * Coboiir?,  B'ellOv-Hle,; i Bra n (ift������rd,' ��������� Broclt-  -;.���������-������������������" ;*���������? iHe,Wh i tby, Peterboro,- Ottawa; ]CiWtph; ���������  ;}; :  . ��������� Go derich,; Stratford, iMctoi^ Perth j-  ,:������������������ . Si mcoc,! St;.. Catherines ;��������� :. .V. ,-.,,���������  ;���������''.;: -i ii:::; y:.Jv;:^.:E$^Li^ -.y;.  LONDO!sy���������Bank of British .Columbia-^SO/Juombard St.:  .^^y-Aaaerica.  EsT^t^HTO^i :%mz: feiQi^ttiww;.  ,>;,.;:^..,r.;..., ....=... ���������������������������-Charter;.-"-'������������������ ������������������- ���������*  *&  Paid tip Capital^; .���������.  Uiidi-viqed Net Profits,  %xx  4t>*������CiiN\*5;VM������I������. ������S ^\.'<>^-'  fle*in^t^tembef ��������� br^ "December.  , 1 sNerr ^prfc^Sep t ai4-^The "Wiorld^ special  saysby the close - ofHh e ^ear 'the- navy w ill  only���������hare asTmany vessels in.���������: commissioni- as  at tW.cbmmertceinentof the war.- Only three  irpfrciads^ill be retained!,ithe xiiSfeto'D^-laid  up :'6n''"DelawaresBa^^elowPhiladelphia, y '  ! THalifax Sept.;l&^The"Asia;1 frbm/Liveiv  pjboli brii 2iid^v^and Qucenstown^ ?oh the 3rd,  brings - dates������2idays later than the * City of'  i^Dnblihl; : The Atlantic Telegra^rGbhipaTiy  '4: have  UDanimpUslyri"Kc^^t^^^ oBfev. "r oC  tHe  Tele^apteiCpnstoc^p^/lGp^n  , manufacture ano. lay,, down a new cable  and .complete;jfcn,e r^T^^ipfi^'-lpoi^^Q-.  iVave^wo"1-perJ<3cfe cables"^ b^weeriilreianii anii  iNewfbuadland next summer, ..The, .manufae-  tiire of tl|e;n^w cabjei ^ias ^ 'Veen ;,pbninieheed  anj. ^e work is^ beiiig ^nei^with - the utmost-  carei. CJapt. James. Anderson.-t'y'h^}:rpie'd&ntiedT  an offer to the^JFelegraph Construetibrii' CP:  fplr-l������aV&,6f53^:'Q^'!; Eastern for five years  in Jay ing .cables.': Accep ted it. Cyrus Field  sails for^ew "York ihl:,;thc! 'TAustnan^-^K- is  stated^tl&!"in, c'<*^ ..of.:  Fenianism" the���������> number! $$ regiments ;in ihe,;  south?ufilrciand wiil i'lie^-^^ea^ed. l^hei re-  ������������������;_- port ,thafc- JlrV-BrigM^^t^yfeife* "America: is..  false;?JTi^(Fenians iuponi as Ja  source "of diplomatic. 1 troable for tSec'retavy  Seward.;!? ������e^EnglishiiMinister has carefully  noted tbe Fenian demonstration, i; Facts>aitd.  ,..^,?t^e^M!;fe,ib?^ been v made itpythe Home  ^������^^a^ejK> C..^Ui^ll3ifci ��������� ife ;"un^ejr s 10 0 ������1 -_ Is ay^ ^  -given tlie su^ecti;airia"donal iiit-erest. The  Chinese troiible has been greatly magnified.  It is hot1 expected that, the State Department  will sustain the. demand -of our I&JCizi is ter for  :: theesurr&tider;;ofr Gen. Burgoyde, he h&ving  denaturalized Minaelf by becoming a Chinese  citizen a') u -- a !���������' *���������'-! - *s -m ������������������!!"..".!; \H '���������.'' ' f. ''��������� ���������..;, '.  , .. The Board of Trade return^ for July show a  -con tinuect {ailing off in the British-exports as  compared with last year. * Tlie-fetes at Portsmouth in honor of the French fleet have progressed in a most splendid .manner, and concluded-on the 1st.     ���������.'. - ~ ������������������  Count Walewski .has tender'edJiis ~ resigna-  tiori as iftinister. It was aecep ted. The 'La  'Eatrie' says the Imperial Government, and  all the precedents of its: polipyi.compels to it  refuse its sanction to the Austrian and Prussian conip act at Gas tro n, which h as p re do m i n-  ated in. the arrangement, was sanctioned at  Salsburg and has, been the interest of the  strongest.- The annexation of Lauenbergto  Prussia raises another constitutional question.  EOBERT EDWIN JAGI^SQN, 6C, theifirm of.Drake &  ! Ja ckson; Goverum en t s treet, V iotbri a, Solid tors,  has-been fl uly- appointed a Not aiy PLibl i c in a nd fori the  ;Golony;^rYancouv:er Island} by"coih'niission, under the  ���������hand andiseal of;the Arcbbishop .ofiCa^erburyy henH  ing date tho 7th .day oFJuno, A.D.,'J.S66.      -."., 14  RICHFIELD^  '��������� CURRENT'.'ACCOUNTS opVned for any amount' not:  less'than Oho^Hundred Dollars.'! ' ',."-'  "*''"' ''it- ''  Bills Discounted in ndiOoli pc to (I; and Bills of Ex;ichiJnf ft;  on Great,Britainy S:in Francisco aiid Nc\y;York -"pur-j  ^md^:JX^^X.^L^J^, vi^!*-.. -.:., x.f,-^r���������-i vu llX:.;-.X-i  . I Dra f ts ��������� issued on all t he B ranch es a ud:- Agcii c i es. ;   ,. -  .Government,and,other"Se'eiiiities i-Bceivocl-'for-safe���������  custody;; Interests aiid Dividends collected;- wi ���������a"^ ��������� -���������'   EiSiTER:.  '-,4 ,���������-,.:: ���������  ; "MEitonANTS andDbaleks in: '   :    -    ��������� ..  Andi every other ddscKiption of !Goods reguLr-  od'.. by tho Mining conMJpunSty;        7^- '--i :-y ������������������'X-,     -���������> l  '������ti@F-.Moderate 'PermsI  ���������iWKQIiESALE AND ���������REl,iAII>;i^ALEBS:Tlf'f^i-  QR:s.r'v;'!'/^;--^^  AND  a%-#al- :J$Bt'&T6lia n d i z e,  '���������iv';'"i;;r^*'BA!lKERVl������LE.- ' "-XX-'i  T  ...^-���������^���������������������������EyBRY- EYENINGv:;," :x  ' ':'���������'��������� ���������:: .yXy ;  '���������-;...������������������. ;.:������������������'; X- ���������; ^ TE&   '��������� ':- f ;.^ ���������'   ��������� ;- '���������'.'":~>  ^Ami9m:xmMmm  ^LL ;^HE -aDOVERS^ OF FUN ABE INV1T-  ed to.,; call arid enj0y ' themselves; whein a  ,i i  ���������.". hearty welcome will be'extended,  ' ���������   ���������  , i,' BUHards,; iHx#Uign,t, JElftfreshonie"rit3 and the  best of order ou^ervt. ���������.,;;   ,  ��������� ���������'"= ������������������:��������� ��������� .    -'''X   **&$;-"'       ���������-"���������    MARTIN* k- 'CO. ���������' '  Recei yed on i'Dcposlt, ' or Acl van c?s.; ma dc.Aup.on.: th em;!  F      ASS   ...  , Gou> P.us?'Melted and /'Assayed, :?and^rDturnsv*nia^c  \vjtbin24,hours.r-Ji i!;-.;���������'��������� -feXX.   '������������������:������������������������������������ XX' V' "��������� :i 'i^lti-'Xy-X*M  i^'Ores of every Ucscriptlqn carefu 11 '��������� Assayed.;- ^XlXii  ��������� ��������� Oaiherontbn;VWilliams Creek. !..���������..;; f :y,.-.-,>ir\XX fSfutX  !;"; '.!���������.!  Victoria; iFcbruiafV!-24j" 1S6&-7  THE UNDERSIGNKDy liaVifig^itrchasod tlie good \Vill  of. the, la to. fl nn of Guii"D,'Datxd & Go ������..\v 111 con (=i niue  thciWholesale Provisioii and Comniission,Business,ijal/:  the'store,''corner of ���������'Bastion and! Wharf streets, under  the firm of TWEISSENIJtJR^R &: SCfeLDESSEXi.. %tr,  Jules David will!act.as.;!Manager, of said business. The  business on Goverhinerit street! will be cirri e'd on..as-  heretofore,: '!y WETS3ENBTJRGER &!SC3X&E^E# -  .���������\������x~ -NOTICE^ ;,\;,,;,.-..,.; - ...-  : a: El. KiKbs'.6*F.>*bRY*;AG06^iv.i clothing, ��������� ^bqots  irx and'Shoes, can be bought;cheaper^at,the store,of  the imdersignod'-tHan; at a ny othc^* placeiiii tlie coiOiiy.i  Evciy article jnarked in plain ftgih'es.;- Tei'ms-^CASI"t;  N. B.-^Ordefs from -the upper countryirccdlvcjprorapt  atf^iitibiV.'.:";  :.;i! . . /xXX >ARTHUR,B]tJJ������'DOCiv.;-ii���������-.  s'  ' !;"0ppbsito Colonial'RestaHira^  E' -"MARKS, Watchmaker & jey/eler,ii. ^st*.  .; jYates .strect, Victoria,; V. I.,:keeps con- -"jgya}  staiitly oil hand a, superior stcclc of Gol d and C^ai  Silver WATCHES, Gold Chains. Buckles,, Hated Ware,  Clocks, &C; ! Particular a ttcntion paid to repa iring  Watches ah d Jewel ry. All work wa��������� n te d. 0 rders;  from the country, promptly attended to.;"  t - / ' s   r "  QPORBOSLG- & iSjEFF, t^doiniissibn Mer-i  O CHANTS, Wholesale Deahd-s in CteocEBiiES and Pup-  visions,Wliarf street,; VictorH/ ���������'.  ��������� a.,.-.;: ������������������.' ��������� l.:3m"- ������������������  -     $5,000,000  -;l-..-?.���������...::-,epo;ooo  ;; ;HEAn Opficb: 7^ST.  HELENS PLACE LONDON,  i-'ii i'iii ��������� ���������'''ias^i^aifsjsi '���������''-    Hi  SAsFnA-xciaco���������RH.-Grain &iw. S. Sutherland a*^  KEW-yoEK���������!Walter^  ^fontrear;: % ;i Quebec;   J ;    'TOontO;      -Haiuihnr,.'  Kingston-^   London, OW; Srantford:   Halifax it*  r.-UitexUrSt. Johns, N.'B;^ ^ictbria,V. I.      ' -^  ���������?;   ���������;!���������'.:������" ,c":o v,.; A.'- ���������?rAGESTS:'.V?CJ     .''��������� V-! ��������� < *'     ;-'  ScoTLA>T)^!N'ational:iBank of Scotland;v v  IuEiAXn^Prbvinoial Banik of Ireland:/  ^AJ^^Miircuardj^ajadre'kCio, Par������a-r '  ''AustRAUA���������Union .Bank of Australia; '���������'.''  Jxdia, China & JApAN^Ciiartered- Mercantile Emk af  ,; .India, London and China. ,;   ,-.;-. 7;-  DBAFTS IS5UED oh" London, Ne^Tork, San Fran  Cisco;-Canada, Now.Brunswick, Nova Scbtja, and on ifi  the Branches of the Nat'tonal Bank of Scotland abrf  PruvinciaLBank of Ireland.  ��������� Bills of Exchange and G-old Purchased;  I n teres t oh special Deposits nf "Money a Ho wed a t lk%  rate of a quarter of one per cent, per month.  ^^-The,pank rpccH'CS -:Gold-Dust and BarsforsaiV  keeinng'iwithout charge;", undertakes the purchase an'4  sale. of Stock: the Collection; 6t Bills tibd other men ir  busihess'in tho United States anil British;Proviie������sr  TWX&s'&^F-FiCEyX:  * r <Joli>:I>pst Meltejl.:-.and: Assayed^.and returns mU$  .\v 1 itiin ,24 hour^in Coin or Burs.ft;,. >- 4- ���������,. -- < =  ��������� * Ore's" of '.erery.'.'description careTully Assayed.   !��������� - v  N 13.���������Any instruct ions! as to the dispose of the pro-  coeds of* Gold' Dust ,,for\yarded- to the Olllcs in TictorU  ���������l!bT*A^ay-.'^riJ������!earx?f^'fy : -:^XX:   yy'X^y-XtXM^nX'x-utii ^SHEPHERD; Ma*aiar.  Victoria,;V. I;, May, 186& .^J>;*i -'���������' fa '������������������ r:    U  fVTtAliK&QfX ^-CO)^i)BAi^s!xx Books^ Statiok?ry.  $y.\'Music.and Musicai .;Instruments, ���������' SEWS AGENT*,  &c.,^luinibiaiStr!eet,;!^wf"Westminster. ;i !.. r;-. s ���������  ���������'���������"������������������������������ HH.-.1I   11    mmmmtmmammammmmmmmmiimmmmmtmmwtamm^mma^mmmiM  ^T'V'!&*. "McORiEA; A^C"UoneerV'WHAKF Strebt,  amCiuht^cohsigne'd for^alo.^iU'Rofcrchb^���������Hon. H. Fu-  %4rscS,^of:H.'!B,..,0|,, and^^^d's/j^n^-!.";^"-;! I  fpw P^- "DATTES) &f GO.,-Auctioneers & Com^  rJ ���������, X >f?ssio.y j MioacHANTS;t- FireVUPrbdr- St one B a il d jag;  Wharf!street,:jVictpria,?T-sX; ;,iib^ral' Aclyasees xnad���������  on" Consignments.;  1  TOHN  P  GOMArEfsia������-  * GOUGJHi,'> Importer and G-eneral  SXON aXEBpHANT-Coinmercial How, Whan* -  \0 !^M^ri^0N3XEBGHANT-Con  striecty yjctori|i^"Vjuic6uver ^and.  ���������ip.0IiD3^O"NE and BROTHER; Agents for  'XX, !Uic!Pi6nei;ri.;-Flpur. MiH^i;CoMMiSJffOX Merchants,  im^orfcrs" niwl "VVholcsiilo Dea lors in:$xkc>cebies, . Pa������-  ivisib^si. Dr������;Goods, Ci;ctkisg^Boots1 axj> Shoes, &������,,  two-storyii.ijFIreproof. Building, - ��������� Reid:a; iiIoc*k;. between'  the .stores, of J. Wi Ik io It - Co. a n d Ste wart k {fo, Whan'  street, Victoria.   '!"... '"!: n^#-���������>      Xm :-. *'  I:  EDG-AR <Sc'AIIVEE, Commission.Merchants,  Wholesale. Denlcrs!: in Groceries Axn Provisioms,-  Wha r f street, Vi c Lo ri n i, Va ncqu \' er Isl an d.   , s ,  "VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that we the under-  iii signed have this flay by.mutual consent dissolved  partnersliipi The bxisiness^ heretoforo c'arried on by the  iirm ;of CKANE & HOCGH ^UUbe ��������� continued by B.  HOUGH. All persons indebted to-tlie said Crane &  Hough are requested to came forward and settle, and  all parsons with contra accounts will..;send them in ^r  feetucmentv '."���������"���������. ���������'������������������'���������������������������'���������- .";**.���������.  X yX. SAMUEL CRANE,  ���������EXGHABi) HOUGH.  Lowhed:Crcek, Aug. 29th, 1865. XX U: ^  . 'J F. V. LEE,    ;-','  Auctioneer,  Mining Agent,  and Collector,  * EICHFIRLIX.  j6i5������ All Agency Bu-iiuesb alUnicd to.  FORT   HOPE,  r  nEORGE. "LANG-VOIG-T,  General Dealer in  \X GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, &c, Fort Hope, B. C.  n        ^LENEVUE  8u CO:7     :  WTiolesale .& Commission  ' ISCer'oliants,  ; i    YAI.E, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Hay and Grain at Lowejst Rates ;  Good Stabling  GRATts-to parties buy lag" Feed;' s  "  fePERRODIN,  ���������WfiCLESALE Am 'DETAIL PROVISION AVD GENE-'  I RAL MERCHANT,  : Boots, Shoes,, Tinware, Eto.,  '.. - QUESNEr/MOUTJg/. s:  0"W"E BROTHERS, Commission Merchants  j '��������� and .Importers of l"Tiovisioxs, Groceries, French  Wines, Liquors,"Havana Cigars,  Naval Store's, Rope,,  Ca nyas, Oa rs, .& c., Whai)f street, Vic tori a.'.::. ; s   f  HIBBEN &; QARS"v7E!LL, Im.3p0rtin.gi Book-*?  SELLERS'& STATIONERS.'constautly supplied and*  receivi ng from best sources, ��������� Sc h 00], Sta n da rd, an d 51 ts-  ce llaheous Books, an d Stajdo and Fa ncy St a I j one ry in  all Its Branches,?   Corner yates and Langley streets,,  Vi ctor ia, Vancouypr Island..' *t Jf   .. s  ALBION IRON WORKS, Victoria, Y. I.,  XX. Mann facLure ..Steam. jftngincs and Boilers of all!  sizes, Quartz Mills, "Mining Pumps, Flouring .Mills, Gang,  Bash, Mulay and Circular Saw Mills, Iron and Brass  Cas tings, and every th ing c  S'   ,'  ��������� '  ���������  L^HOTELTER-, Importer'and Dealer in GK0-  ���������C������RI.ES, PRO VISIONS^ WINES k LIQUORS. N������,  7 Wliarf street, between Johnston and -Yates, ."Victera,  Vanc>)U ver Island. '''.-.������������������ "���������'���������?' 1} ���������������������������' f- '��������� ���������*'   '" ���������   .J. ���������':' ���������     '���������. 1"  ���������pHOMAS' Sla^raOLT,^ "Dispensing Chemist  it kssx Br l'.gb j st,' Johnson st reef, IV ic tona, V I., r������-  spcctfully!solicits the. attention of Miuersnnd tiie> public in general to.hiswell assorted stock^of i-pure English  Dru.i^r Clicnticals'j!.andfPtfrfumdry; also to his Mixtw*;  for lib eum a (jsm,,l wh j cl 1 ,:is an \ i ri valuable rem ed y lor  this distressing'complaint.   ���������      .. j.     ���������,    -<\      l;s  17UG-ENE THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria,  XU Wholesale and RetaiLDoater in WINES, BRANDI1K  BEER?, & LIQUORS of every description., . Goods������f������>r-  warded to the!ilihihg'fiistrtcts.i    ".���������*'.'" i:*  ^ellxs������z ��������� moSs Pure Coffee.  IjbdrAB MAJRVTN, Cobser  Jli- Afreet, dealer iii IRON & HARDWARE.   Agent for.  jonm  RATT& KPJEMLER.  KWONG- LEE &���������0.,  COMMISSION MERCHANTS,  'iasporters and Dealers in CHINESE GOODS, Rice, Su-  '-.':.'������������������ y .   -    gar. Tea, Provisions.  -y./:y  ��������� '   QUESNEL   MOUTH. S  x������. C. GILLETTE,  CCOTCH HOTJHE.....A. McLean and Co.,  O Hosi rr s Axn Gexe it a r/ 0 uth-jte aa "MI ne rs and  others will find at the Scotch House a splendid stock of  Clothing, Hoots ahd Slices, and Dry Goods of every description, all of the besl"qu:i]ity, and at very moderate  prices. I Fort street,. Victoria, V. I. . .       .    , s  F   VOU.   WANT  BUNSTER.  GOOD -ALE    ENQUIRE    FOR-  Oi-tice���������CAMEEONTON.  10  MOORHEAD and CO., C03IMISSI0N. MEK-  ���������   CHANTd and  Importers   of GaocERncs,   Provisions, Produce, fee, Wharf street j Victorin  Fort and I^.vglkv  the sale of 'the Boston Rubber Belts.'  ''ft RELLEYi ^fc FITERRE, Victoria, vTl,  XX Sole! Agents {for Napoleon's Cabinet Champagu*,  Pietresson de St. Aubiu Champagne dry, Bbuclie do dry,  Jiilcs Humm Clminpagne,1 Eugene Clicquot Champanj������,  Bokers Hitters, Sainscvain's California Wine and-BH-  te?*s, Hostetter's Bitters, Bancroft Cider, Logna-c Qartl,  G.. Preller Cla r^ t. A large stock of Bob ded Wi n a^  Brandies, Whiskeys, and Liquors of every de*eription  always on haad. ��������� ���������"-   Grellky &Frxi?RRB,  Importers an.il Wholesale Daalors,  1-s : Junction Wharf and Johnson at rem  PEMOVAL., J. Ii. Jungermann, Watch*  it MAKER and JEWELER, has removed to the *rr*-  proof Brick Building, within one door of; Wells, Farp  k Co.>$ Express Ollico, -yates street, %*'ictoria, V. I. ������  DICKSON,  CAMPBELL & CO.,  Cominis;  sm.v Merchants, Wharf street, Victoria, Vance a  ver iKland.    H. N. Dickson A Co,, London;  DiiWoLE & Co., San Francisco..  Picksos,  3  SALE  AT ���������QijESX:E;L^I0UTHr  CONCORD WAGGON/'canable of seating'9 persons; also, a;pair of .A'MERICAN HORSES,-with  Harness. complete. For terms apply at the office of  this paper, or to Mr. POLLOCK, Quesnelmouth. x    17  Ac������  V: I.  ^THOMAS' ALLSOP, Land Agent and Gen-  X..RRAL CoMMissioiy Agjsxt, Government street,' Victoria; "Vancmi ver Island.   .;��������� r,fc.:= : :$  TOHN WILK1E aiid CO., Merchants, Wharf  O Street, Victoria, Vancouver Island:     \ s  ,R. POWELL, has Removed. his. Office  and Residence from Fort street to tho :premises  Kteiy occupied by the Mayor on Broad etrwet,"Victoria-;  V. I.   Oilice hours 9 a. .111. to 12, and 8 p.,in., to 10.    s  HENDERSON &   BTJBNABY,   Iinpprtow  and Commission Merchants, Wharf street, victoria,  V. I   arid Ko. 17, Gracochurch street, .Iiondon.        ������  si  MAI^LANDAIN^COLLECTOR &GKNERAL AGKSTT  ��������� Gavernment street, Victoria, Vancouver .Islam**  ft TJY HUSTON, DKAtER INGUNS, HSTOLS, FI?K-,  XJ: ixaTAORrjs, Powmat &Shot, Yates street, Uciona  CLINTON  CITY.  FRANCOIS   CHAPERON  "WONG LEE & ;CO-,  Dealers  Commission Mkrciiasts,  GOODS, *B������oe,  betwoea  s  GjROD & GU3CHON,  Ol.D    EsJTABLISHKn   GKXERAL   SlORH,  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  CO^BilS-  SION MERCHANTS,  Storage, ^prmsmo^ Moderate:       (HOUSE" CAEPEHTEfi ' AHD  B  Baker axd GisxEiur, Storw Keeper,  J.   McWerhanie,  IV porters and Dealers m  CHINESE  Sugar, Tea,provisions, &c, Cormorant street, ft  .Governmcnl and Douglas sheets, Viotoria, V J*  HF. I-I-JSISTERMAN, IAND AGENT, 38 Gov-  #>   crmnentstireet, two doors south of iort wrw-H  Victoria, Vancouver Island. ,  JO., Importers, and Dhaiars t  ACCO, Meershaum Pipes, &���������������, ������ ' '  Wiu������rf rtreet. Victoria ���������  _  If TEE AID BUILBEB*  liARKERVlLLE. B. C. 8  ft    SUTRO & CO.  iX*   'CIGAI-W, TOBACCO,  orner.oi' yutea and, Wharf street, Victor  * EWIS LEWIS, CLOTHIER, yateb btrbb',  J tori*!, ''rppoj-fte "Bank of British North Am^rioju  Vic-


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