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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-10-04

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 &f:  ���������w  :-*mxx&$������  "XXx--  &������������������  n-r-z  toilM  BQKOKElS SUMMARY:  mmkmk Greek, B:.0,, Thursday, October. 4, 1866.;  ;f  r*S: ;-'.,  ���������.���������..v.������j:,C3.x '.--.'���������.  THE^ROS^lFLOWER/  .'tio'ns  p6int'm.e  Government'  had -been; obtained;  Advice's; frp^pell^urno ������"tp ^26th! May-state  that ttiesbipraMte month:  werOylOl,^ b^  . otsAqt Galle and.India.;:^TlZ^x SxLX^t,'^M  At Edinburgh,* on tbe 14th; ? Mr.i Eatton. the  Cohseryati ye! Lord. Advocai^ Mr. E. S;  ; Gordon, the*Solie;ltb������Geii&^  iu.the CoUr^rbom^  preseucc ofiMl ike ^dge#$n# il largkassemblage of, riiemjiery ^  lie goneraUyv v; J! *i > ;,.i.:.-..:.i:p-/, V; '*; \ -/xl x-xxxx-  A series of experiments on aa; exteiisive  ���������scale !aro directed to takeyiplace at the Royal  Arsenal pruetioe-range, Woohvicb, u ruler the  diree tfocu of the ordnance solect committee, to  t^^i^yore^  of' econbmyv and^tbe rmes^hus coriyerteaVare  .-.!.' said to be^perjor*^ihe Prussian needle^uhs^.  j, althougli! by iSo' MeanslG0iir ifer rapid flrin&  and general efficiency to1 some of the pattern  breechloaders senkia hy$&viom makers* < <  ���������-:-Telegrapju) poles^i in *��������� South Abstralial are  jnade of mabogany, becauseother iwpocti will  not stand the7cliniate;aadr burialin the ground.  h Under a* receni'Act of Parliament i*i tbe Admiral ty are abonfcto open naval savings banks,  for the deposiiS'of the men and' non-commis-  rsioned officers:-inbthe^pyal]nav.y and marines^  The'foll owiri^ ��������� ' aro^tbe lie w Lords In; Waitf  ing :-^"\riscquntStrathallaa)J discount Hawar:  -den, LbMBfeot^^-rd Edlwartii; Lord Crrjfton  Lo rd SkelmersdaLe; and Lbroi Raglan.  Private,Cameron, of tbe 6th Inverness vol-  unfeeii,. i$pn\the Queen's PHzejit i^imbiedbii,  and so became entitled to the "proud position  rof Champion sbot of -Grieat;Brita-in;'' <  t A Boston journal describes ari extraordinary-frost .flower?of iRussia/^which^ Has been  )-P#$uced, itis-said, h^Bostbh, in a tempera-  ;**u%SftftP^PpVP^3������ ifi^he:ibll6iiving words;:  IMs ^mlerteljpl^  tburid^onithe^northernj boundaries of Siberia/  wberb:the: snowiscternall It was discovered  hi 1863 by CouritSmnotofiy the eraineiit Rus-  s^^botanist; i^hb was eiiiipbledby:'tho'-Czar  fqrhis^^ dis'ebyeiy. Bursting ^  aliow on the first day of the -yeiuv.it grows to  *"?:feeightiofi three feet,i and i flowers ion ' the  third day i remains ini flower for iitweiity-foiir  h6urs, arid, then dissolves itself into .its original eleipent-f-Btem; leaves and libwors being of  finest snow, v    n  ,'/TB;-!CariT30o: ^Sen  -.-SEMI-WEEKL-y'^APER-^   \''    l ���������;* \ '^ ' *' ?-'ftiBANK,, QFV'.' ' ?'     ~  BbsLfsSib; 'Ev������&Y\i":Mb^i>A*^^ ������;1>=:f ���������T'lT*@  ���������;-^Xy'X;X :���������xXhlX!^XXy.}^.:^-XxXX���������>XXXvvXtt iBaM^WzLfo  ALLAN & LAMBERT, PKOPRrBTOiis.  .OyijTO^BA^ iiESklD^ iU piC^l  ; The stalk. is about one inch: in diameter;  (the leaves, three ,ini number, in the; broades.t  pa# areianVfa^  covered with innnitegiinalcoiies of snow; they  gi*ow ;pnly on one; side, of ;���������-. the ��������� 'stalk*- to Mb  npr|^i;curying gracefulfy^in; tlioi;:sara:e direc--  tipai ^JTheflbwei^iiwheu-m^  sharle a ^erfecis^^^ the- petals^ are - tbree^ini:;  ^les ;iu:;i(eugth^n^ wio^e' inftheinroad;  est partsii and/tapering i sharply to/ a point���������  These, are also interlacecVonp with; another,; in  a. beautiful maniibr; forming ihe; most delicate  basket of frost work that the eye eyer beheld;  for truly this is test iwork^tte  fuj; The anthersiire five in number;��������� and on  the-third day after-the birth- of -ihe .flower ��������� of  snow are to' be seen on the extremities.;. thereof- trembling anil glittering dike diamoridsr  . The;seeds; of this wonderful-flowerare^ab out  as?large(asa pin's head. :   >     ��������� *> ',\  The old botanist says, when first he beheld  this flower/'/I was'dumb with( astomshnient���������  .filled with wonderment,'Iwhicliigave^ way to  joy the mostesctatici on beholding;fcbia won-  -derful work oif- nature, this remarkable pher  nomenon o*f snow^ 1.T.6* see this flower 'springs  jing from ^tbe snowy desert^pm of >ifcs; own-  composite atoms, < I toucheuV the steni of; one)  lightly, b ut it fell at * my'tou'cK and a;; morsel  1'  : ^| Subsoriplaon^ $1 per -w^ek,, i,.....', \'[  (Including'cast-iqc idclWcr^')^ayal)lds'tio; tho'iiCafricr.  .-r-^'-'.-j'".'   r "'..' " :i.-ii-.:!::.',.,:::.;;:.;.,.:./,.,.,;^::,,yr,;;.1  AFrfifeiTHIS DATE; tho Sta^S^ill leayo tho OIHce  'at���������������������������BAttiKERVILUS foivyALi3;i,TWICE..:EACH  "WEEE,; on TUESDAY ���������.lUHliF&IDAY.MOUKINGS;  rt16 o^clodk, <to coiiricct'wi tii tho steamer at^Qa"jsui^I on"  "WednosUayanil Satur^a|finWi������gs;'?������������������ XX-'\XXXidaui*'*  '���������- ���������-'-  ���������^���������/������������������-   '-.:: V..:%*>4^te^';.^ ���������:-:.-   '���������-..���������;:���������>;������������������. .^- -,..--*  >1 :;^'Spj?;i^0p^  '(WWX  ^KAFTSaSSUEl  Wer to Increase'.)'" !  iv  ft!  #YH  mm m mbfM cMiboM  '"'���������;' >..'-   ?AJ/T' "iV;-;-'". .. -:   ������������������!;���������* ^'">UK\VKXX '^������������������SrXsi^A}.i-tr"  THE TJJIJOERSIGNED Juisweli appoiiitOd STAOES on-  the raid ffduiSoihi;Orojekito;yofc.'Viw'hioh are'.gudr^  imtebd f mak6^FASTER TIME :1^an^ariy.-other lin%'  He ha^^^ght,fdQn^ti,rarf|*i t fif^^j^/tfji^t st!K4.'I������1cM^^,9jg'%^  to "see lift is theirlowhinterestMtf^'supportan<X fniain-  tain a c5eapand olBcifint'pppopition; ' ,'*���������; ���������;*\; ���������<������; '  :.: The rOPPOSrriON) STAGB^Ui leaveVsdda- Creeki for  Yalo everyj^hursday^ooriijngj; orlafter. thojarriYaL!pf  tho steamer lEuterpriso,'until further notice: ' ';! ,v v  .. 4@7*!Eare;:$40i'%'"���������  ?,v"'"  ''' % -'"���������*'''''' "  j    , ih'l ''-������������������> f%'X,\ ,?' * *  :Soda^f^ek-;5th;Sept  ':,l,:x^vm  NEW iWESTSirNSTI  a  xxmm  Mbutp^TprK  ''x-slonpOohmrg]  ���������--xMm^m  gi THE BANK'SBRANCHEg;''"  |uv;er;isl���������and, '   I '   ���������'*  ;AN"6kaNA1M0;c- ! //^ A- \  JISII COLUMBIA,, ,;i,. ,  yale. mouth of/quesnel, ,  ;aiu-boo ;... ��������� ���������, ,Wm - -' ���������,< ���������������,'. -.+ ; .,  Jkited STATfes;^' !���������';-'' <. ���������;'  jO,  POitTtAND/OBEGOX,      '   '  :4I0^TREALt";lN CANADA,1! Wvi  iU4o, Hamilton, iLondon; King>. -  ijU':vllKfJ* Bryntlor<j- :Bn;ck-    -rir?'  ^rhoro,!Olitj^vaj,fiuelpl^ /;XXX <���������  (twtfljrd; Pictohy^ortb,    ,  Kiw  'Cathcrmei  The riiibiister^m%$ting?^ iii my hand;" ' Gatheri  riot; und^uldiiniterre  of the public���������the primary object for which  the parks are -kept rjpeinl    f  f V : 1;i --^ #  There appears*to 6eC good;.rbasdn !for :su|i-  posin������ that au abun.dd.ht sitpplyof petroleuiii  ���������exists in the rocks of England. It is stated  that tho^Mr-oice^'indicaliibiis^ of yanousTpar'a  of Shrppsbirb:lead^tp.this jpference;; ��������� Experimental borings are .ialready in; progress; ^The  ���������oil pit which^ has- ;tyeen.:' suhfe at Lees wood  Greeu,?iaiirUm^ 9$.^i  ationf.an:das iucreasing in- produce.! i !   ':'.���������:':���������;''  The salary/of the newly appointed Chief  Baroni of^vthe Exchequer?is>^TiOOOja year. The;  other judges have ^������5000 each; with the except  tion of ithe Jiord Chiefs Justice, who has ������8000  a year, i The1 Chief Justicerdf the Common  Pleas><has* ������7000 a ^arV:!.;;u"[['/,,   .:  A statement is going the round of the papers  ithat the inventor of the Tiieedle-gun was an  English.officer,in service in .Canada ,10 yeara  :ago. M\ J.��������� 5SiiAkcbii^ ofk% Jplin streej,  . Adelphi; L6udbii; wntes; 'fcha't the iuveiitor,sMr.  .Moser (who;ishis brotherrin-law),isja;Erus-  ^sian.engineer-,; having: l^fl^.br"ra;^*t'tAix-la:  Chapelle. Ho patented his gun in.England  moreHhah 30 yearsJagb^ahd'on^red it- to the  -:aathlbfities,; witli #hte'^resulf -l^w.olljkii'ow^j  Iiiteiiigeuco! received: -frpnj:���������;��������� Abyssiuja: aur  nouhces that the departure of tbo European  captives has again been" delayed by the Emperor Theodore. Their fate depends upon the  resultbf 'the mission of Mr. Mad to the British  Government, requesting; ou behalf of the  Emperor, the assistance, of England iu the  event of war betweeir Egypt and-Abyssinia.'  Tho Emperor is unpopular, aud .lhe country is  in a-state of brigandage.   ?  Tho ' Lancet" says :���������,Miss Garrett hi������.  .surmbuhtedlh&'.greatdifficulties which surround the attainment of a complete medical  education for women with singular energy and  perseverance, at a great cost, and after long  years of arduous labor.. She passed an excellent examination at the only board which  could or would <��������� examine her, and she is as  well entitled to practice as* any one in the  kingdom. ... ^  The Emperor of the French has just  .subscribed* 10,000' francs towards the erection  of a monument to the mombry of- the Maid ot  Orleans, and the restoration of the donjon  tower at Rouen where she was tortured.  J^* Nobody likes to be nobody; but everybody is pleased to think himself somebody.  And everybody is somebody;, but, when anybody thinks himself somebody, he generally  thinks everybody else to be nobody.  t^RMe^- r������ !B Bi^iSc ��������� Gt*x nuyn AgoiTts"  t$^fe^lho\uah^ ,,, s  BRITi-#tlNEN!C(!h'S;B^%;  ^^NKi) F"mEJiA>I 5; LIIUlTEu'v  iBANKOE BRITlSHpoiuiilRIA,  cad OOio'o, Lonihard Si;; Lundun.;  HNTS opunetl for any; amount?not  ^dMlajs, *'.���������-!": > :������������������ ^XyX^^XXX.-X-'  "^Gollocicd; and Bjllfj Of Exchii ripe;*  i Francisco' and ,4Ne\v Yurk"pur--  ���������licir Securities' * received���������vfonsftfo.!  I)iy;idends-collected,?XX >��������� -ft  <>i^*lvances mad o upon thoiij^  Assayed^- anutreturus hiatl������!  est prizevbf his life. - -All through the year  they were kept hi show, and bu the first of ;the!  y^rifb lib wing the - Court ;o������ St; Petersburg^  wereidelightedJ'with the bursting���������'��������� fPrth of: the,  wonderfulfrostttower. \[. ��������� ���������    /   ';~~  Our friends in .-Boston .succeeded in obtaining severalvbftthe seedsVand.���������all;through 'the1  summer; aiul autumii they have been imbedded  in snow, bro-t at; great iexpensei from the White!  iMouihtains and i the coast ��������� pf; Labrador ;i: aiid  they now have the m ostunb bunded '������������������ satisf actio ni and pleasure inir anhpuiicing that, all the.  signs are fayor^lei to the realization iof their  fondest hopes, the production, of the flower-. of  show. : The snow and:ice are in a large, glass  refrigeratb>,-with the the 'thermometeri forty-  uve decrees ibeioAv zero; and the solid bed of  snow has already begun to. sho wlittle fissures  and. a slight bulging,in: theicentre }.unmistakable^evidences of the forthcoming of ;the phe-  nomenonty ���������  i -;-' '. ';���������:-    ���������-^       '���������' '���������' ''���������-���������' ':;,'-.���������  \$&*\U: you want good Coffee, use Fell's.  IP  :'fxXxX<M, ?A'  -v.,1-  ^^- ��������� '-��������� i������'*.**nr: %.';..  ������ ATIONER Y.  s   -f'i ^.'Thompson; PaissiDMSTj-s''"���������''.f'"'  X-X xJMEB^DEBSONX^p^^E^ii^vX']  JptiN.StAGLAKEN1!,  Dl^t:, WXK WILKINSON  .JOHN ADAIR,;!-  ���������> XX:-  I   [-���������DllBEdTpR������..;  iJOHN BDWEO-N,  SeORBTARV &.1!>IBRA:RIAX.;  Thb teivERSAL PRAOTicBor mixing���������'"Chicory and  v������Uer adultoratlvoBwith Coifeo, has very mucti damag-  od-in public estimation, what ought, to bo.tlio most  :5ai&&������f iw^U^ ��������� So-ofi^ctUMl y hayojUo!publio  heen dru^od with sucls .mixturos^at the true proper:  in condensing tho vapon        ,.-,,,���������,  1   t''' - it, iS evident ly important that all  most nauseous  ich  tho  P*t**^*X^^*^Mrti* Iu theCyliiulor  being P^SjSS^a to remain a niucli  ������^-r4wUc������tbu^^J     stcam.ug it ml  i;!ll^i3,'u| '  It is chemically impos?!-  longer tune  action in the el^taryw  its rimeas lor <lrmk.    ,1���������10_  riitam  essential oil  SS beoff brought, and by V���������?*^ & co.,  in. m f������rtr.    -eoJfye Merchallt,, Yates St., Victom  THIS INSTITUTION at -present!contaim'about 50'O  - volumes pt'Choice Literature,coiisisting of Religious,  Seientine, mistoncal,: aiuiFoetical works, aiid works ol;  Fiction.'.:-.;������������������'������������������ ���������=���������'..���������.,-,���������.���������:���������������������������. ���������'"��������� --���������?;��������� .'���������;-. '-CiX ,-��������� - ���������:'"-'---X< cCt ;;".;^  . Worcester's Large Pictorial "Dictionary,; Tire's Dictionary ol' the Arts, iliahutaCLures and Mines. LiiJp.'.noott's  Pronouncing: Gazetteer of the; Woj.Iil, :ayU Homan's Cy-  clopedia of, (Commerce"will aiways be. ki*pt. in the room  for reference ���������. ..r,V ���������>���������'���������-  ���������  ';. :   ���������"���������:,-''���������.        !������������������ y-. x^X  The ."Bea<ling Hoom will be fovnil supplied, with the!  HtestEnglish, Scottish',; Canadian, American^ahd Colo'-"  uial.'Paps'rs and Magizines. XX . ;;   ��������� ���������'������������������' ������������������?  ,-TEvm.^v'&6^sx^ojS'^^.P^^qi^rt&rtr or; $2;per  month. < Single volumes Loaned, to non-subscribers at  50 cts, per.yOltinie,'.with $1 deposit.  Persons hot subscribers.yisittiig the. Reading Room  and. making use of the jBboks and Papers will bo.charg-  oii'is5"cl&'^NfOF-:������-ch.visit. ���������,, ��������� ������������������'������������������ -���������-��������� ��������������������������� ��������� '*������������������.-������. ������������������ ��������� - -'.��������� ���������������������������������������������-.���������'��������� ������������������.���������  ' vfeJf" Tho -Boom will bo open from 10 a. m. till 10 p.m.  X ���������"   X ��������� ���������) .'<- JOHN BOWRON,  17   ��������� .   <��������� i Secrelrary and Librarian.  BARKERVILLE  BREWERY.  nicolas" "cuetio,  PROJ/RIETOR.  CALIFORNIA    SALOON,  RICHFIELD, ,   .  PATRICK   KIR WIN, Fitort.  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek; the Liquors  aud CiL'jirs are of the llnest qualify.; <J  E. C. GILLETTE,  MINING-  ...'-������������������' CAMERONTOWtf.,  E.   HODGE NS  i Eariauaash in .1836 :���������  XUk\n Ofpiok : 7, STi ;HRLEKS PLACK;.JEJONDOK.v-  DRAFTS ISSUED on; London, Now. York; San-l?rr>n-  cilMio^.���������Giirll)0.'>,J vCanadaJ,; iKayvBruiiawk^r^v^ScaUa^  and^oniall the Branches of thei-f Natiduair Bank of Scot,  hmilaindProvincinlBtUlkof Irelan("y  ' '��������� /  ^ Bills of";Excliange iaiid 0old Purchased!,  -;;:; Interns tionVSjpjiciii 1" bieiVosits'!of.^ione^'u^ dt; the"  rate of a quaHer of one per ceut.-per month. '  ASS A Y~OFFICE. '  *'.:G6u>. Dust Ale! ted ii nd;'.Assii yec!, and re turns made  within 2 -Lhoiirsiin! Coin or Bars!;5 i'':--K-; XXiXX-XX-''  ���������'''''���������' Ores of, every.'deseripLion carefully.;Assayed.-.���������,,-..-.. ��������� -.:'���������:���������  ; i.!-N. % -4Au'y 1 nstruciions��������� "aa",to.the:d i.spreul of the pro-.',,  ceedsof.'GoldDust forwarded' to the ufiicfi:3u Victoria  for Assay wilf be/carel'u'llv;attended' to! '-'.'- -'���������-. f!; i;'^ J  :- ������������������ X ;-.-;_:;*;!     X-' JXGl -SHEPHERD,- Manager;:, .  - A^ictoria^"V". I.:^April. ISGGv ':x :--:XXkX{:):r< 1&*"**::  ..-.;.'���������;.- ��������� BARKERVILLE B. C. - /  O pFioE Hours; ���������   10.' a.;.m;,   to   3 pV hi.,;  Saturdays,   -    10 a. m., , to   i p., m.  : is-'ltio business transacted on Sund������yF..\  *.- !~'"i:i 'y ,' -"'   V v/���������'' "i-ROBERT BL7RR^Lii,:  !21st July, 1866.  :'"Mahagor.,  23  Barnard's Cariboo Express  ���������-..!, rli ���������   ���������AND���������'- -..  STAGE   LINE;  rpHB TARIFF. OF 'CHARGES BY THIS EXPRESS  i Ems'burn revised, and REDUCTION iu. priui-a  jnade to suit the times. The charge oil Letters to mid  fro 11������ Vlctori a a u i 1 i n te rmed ia i-o plMCO-s is no w -5Q clii ts,.  Stage Faro to Quesnelmouth,        -       .       $20.  -  .ii      ������   through to Yale,     .'     -   <"'.    $65.  JOHN B. LOVELL,  '-Agoiiv Uurhar.l's Express.  August 1st, 1868. " .    ��������� 20  WATCHMAKER. &  B A UK ER V [LLE���������Artjoi n ing the, Exp ress Olfi ce.  WILLIAM.'-WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKEKVLLLE,  BARN ARD'S  CARIBOO AHD BIG BEID IXPEESS'  Connecting at Lillooet and Yale with DIETZ &  NELSON5B for New WesuninH&er & "Victoria, '.  WILL ARRIVE AND- DEPART from.tho office in'  Barkerville, to .connect, wi th the steamer "En-  torpriao" at-Qmisu^lmoutli, and the STAGES at Soda  Creek, EVERY WEEK, conveying Titr-ASURK, Lktti:j:s  jind "Valuables for fill parts of the world. . Also,.((mix  missions received ami forwarded hy Express for rim  collection of Notes, Bills and the p������rpli;rs--.i "of nrfjcl-.-j  to he obtained ;Jt'New WeHtniinsi-fr, Victoria, S .u Fr..fii  Cisco or en route, ant r&turn$ made wit'j r'i- ivjfch.   ,-.  JOHN*. B. LOVEIX, .  L3  A;:en'   BirUtiTilla,  ��������� if ^ j^*5!"*W#SPfi(WlWl^ffi������ SS  Agents for the "Cariboo SenUnel.'*i;i  .'  Grouse Creek,':������ '! --.'.. . .Vi:? - - A. McWha  (juesnclwoutb, 3fr. Goudie, Barnard's Express Office  Yale,      -:';���������'���������'-      Mr. Evans, ���������    do d������i  Lillooet,       ���������     F. TV. Foster,    ; do X&Q  New Westminster,     -      -      ...    CIarksonf& Co  -  -��������� j E. Mallandaine  '���������      '<���������     *      '      "'.:    (��������� Lyne.  Victoria,  !"���������:���������.      . TO CORRESPONDENTS.  Alt communications must bo accompanied hy tho  r������nl name and address of the writer, not uecessarily  with .a view of publishing the same, but as security for  his good faith.:- .        '.*",-,-v.- - >  .  ���������   - '   ' ���������    - '   -   .������������������<���������;������������������:-������������������  -      ���������   ; ;_..���������  ���������������������������:V;/     NOTICES';  '"'������������������" Miners and others'wish ing to se'nd-'iThe Cariboo; Sen  tinel" to their friends in Canada,  England, tho United  States, or elsewhere, can ha vc.it,mailed by leaving j  addresses at the publication office^  Price, including  postage, 60 cents per copy.      ��������� .. .-/v*/    .  ;/-;  TO ADVERTISERS'^i   ;'  The "Cariboo Sentinel" \i published every. 3fonday  and Thursday.   Advertisements intended for insertion  must be delivered at latest at 6 o'clock; p.. ra., the day  before publication.   .  , ������������g- All Advertisements (not inserted forany definite  period) will bo continued until ordered out aud.charged  lor accordingly. XX" X  THE CARIBOO ^EKTpgi  THURSDAY, OCTOBER'^.1866.   f ."  A^H^RittO(^  CARIBOO;-;-44- '  Inordinary pedestrian over muddy grpiirM,  Qiir'".readers will therefore see the immediate  necessity of forming a class, or rauseurri, where  specimens might bejairrarigedsarid modelse^~  hibited; where miners possessing more knowledge ''}thani theirji fellows; wouldgive * short  lectures >occasionally, withl a; sliort -time ap^  portioned for discussion of the various subjects appertaining to mining..) and mineralogy  on each evening appointed for the meetings,  ' Our readers are                           that such a  collection as the one proposed alreaay^ejists  at New Westminster, andit is;very probable  without attracting any; attehtioir> Of'iicpnser  quence from the general public;'3jfthen; such  collections are esteemed of; value,inicomrn  nities where associations and o^  widely separated from such!a!branch-of scitjace  as mineralogy, how mucki mfrre imrjortarit is  it that such a collection should; exist here,  where constant reference, would"beihaS| to the  great benefit of the miner arid the'public; advantage.   The collection would be constantly  increasing by the contribution of specimens  from explorers, who would in time take a  pride in the institution; and we feel certain  that in  a short space of time the collection  would become one of the most important in  this section of the world.  , We have given considerable space to this  subject in order if possible to impress upon  our miners and the public the  importance of  such means of improving cur mining knowledge and of creating a useful winter amusement.   '..,' !".��������� X:-.x _;.-...; :  NEW, ADVERTISEMENTS.':  V   GEORJ3 E   B AKER   :  INVITES HIS FRIENDS, AND: THE, PUBLIC GEN-  .; orally to a : Sparring Entertainment,.: to be  given by him in B.arry;& CuMo's Saloon^ Barkerville,  on SATURDAY NEXT, tho 6th inst. Poors open at 7  o'clock, p. m. j entertainment to commence at 8 o'clock.  Price of'.admission, '$1.   i -; X' ��������� '��������� ..-!:-'!���������'..���������.���������  Will ia ms Creek. October 3rd, 1866. 44-1 in  NEW ADVERTISEATENTS.  &  THE MEMBERS OF ;THE i MASONIC! FRXtERNITY  . are requested, to attend ;a meeting; at their NEW  HAIX, Barkervillej:on SATURDAY NEXT,itheetli of  October, at half past 7 o'clock, "p. m.;,:' X. ���������-.',';.:; ���������> if'tXMX  OOLOKIjLL^  MTELv  ���������SODA   CREEK. ���������*  \ GREAT REDUCTION has beeii made in tti ������charges  xx at this establishmeut, so as to suit tho times.  Meals, $1;  Beds, 75 Cents.  McLEESE k SENAY,  Proprietors.  October 1st, 1886. 44  Dissolution of Partnership  There is an old saying that ^shoemakers'  ^children are the worst shod,J^ and^theaphorism has frequent il lustra tions;?;npti":o)3ly in  trades andiprofessions. but. in rcom muni ties  and entire .nationalities. . Here, for/ idstance,  extensive  To the Editor of the " Cariboo Sentinel."  ; Sm,-���������Permit me to address myself, through  the medium of your columns, to Mr. George  Wilson, the would-be champion of British  Columbia and Vancouver Island, by stating  for ihe said Mr. Wilson's information, that I  .hereby challenge him to contend with .me in  in Cariboo an   extensive mining camp,'i*we  ���������would' naturally expect that'there would-be lithe PrR.^for any sum of money from fivehiiu-  some institution from which the miner might dred to one thousand dollars, with the privi-  receive instruction during his leisure hours,'lege of ihcreasins: the sum if both parties  agree-;  in the various branches of:-hi3 occupation.  For example:'; in shaft 'sinking, the best miodej  of securing timbers, fixing1" pumps, ete.;^in  tunnelling,- the mode of blasting, tram-ways|  etc.; in ground sluicing, the best riflfl(8'^;.ajid������  ; probably the most importarit%fil 1,' an^^ortr!  ment of mineral specimens'to?; imp rove! his'  knowledge of minerals, and "'.^gaidd|fiia|'fti:  ���������exploring for auriferous^   strata :or^^u1irt^^  ���������V' s have more than the^'_m"ost''r"4J^^^aI;.^dea  of the relation of metalsi:  Thie vS������o;f!of ^  col leefcion of ������������������ mineralogieal and geological'  specimens properly labeled, with-the assistance of some; handy books to explairi' their,  characteristics, would be an invaluable addi-  t-:on to the Library at Cameron ton. . Thither  the miner would go to post himself on the  subjects most likely to be of value to him on  his prospecting visit to some pari"ofiithe country little known, and where he would have no  means of obtaining informationvshould, bis:  own judgment be at fault, and where he would  at once proceed onhis return to learn by com-  ! parison the value Of his specimens. -  -. Numberless have been the specimens we  have observed lying around on the various  creeks that would, were they' properly des-  ���������cribed and explained ��������� * rib muchi ^6: enlighten  the miner as to the position ahli relation of  : the precious metals^ with their peculiarities of  combination in the various rocks -and; soils of  the mpuntains;in. this vicinity;  Almost every:  day the-most striking anomalies are brought  to light as to the position and relation of gold  with the nature of the griouiiu in^: which, it 4s  discovered-; showing thati-iminers:, are;either  Entirely in error in their iideductibiis, or that  they i m isapply thei r kn 6 wledge,- - that in po int  of lact they have arrived at false conclusions,  and disgusted with repeated failure in .their  ��������� esti mate of the .surrouading adjuncts they  console themselves with the old saw that "gold  is only whereat is found J".-this* is discredits  b.le to their intelligence.^  Our opinion is that  the information now possessed by miners re-  jquii'es only arrangement and the supplying of  a few connecting links; that is, ia clear and  easily understood system by which, tho relationship of one kind of matter to another  could be demonstrated.  ��������� t The late discoveries in the adjacent creeks,  as for instance, Antler, Grouse, Canadian,  ���������Canyon, and Cedar creeks, with other projected euterprises for prospecting, leaves no shadow of a doubt that the population likely to  winter in Cariboo will exceed that of any previous year.    Miners are well aware that the  close season is the best for prospecting.   Setting aside the fact that few claims are working, the cold dry atmosphere precludes the  possibility of rain, and prevents the influx of  water inany shaft or tunnel made merely for  prospecting purposes.    Locomotion is also  more facile to the hardy explorer who is experienced in travelling on snow; though snow-  shoos have the appearance, to a person unaccustomed to them, of being very cumbrous,  they are not so in fact; our trappers and others  u*ed to them from childhood, travel on the  aurface^of the  snow with  great  rapidity,!  and with less exertion than that required "by I  as^  -and  0   .     sum it ootn par  the event to come off within one week  a^erhthe first deposit is made.    And as", the  season: is now far advanced, and the-weather  iWilLno^lQn^icontinue favorable for"-out floor  exercise, I would beg to suggest that 'Satur-  day|neixt; the* 6th inst., at-S;o'clock; at ���������'the  '���������FMfiiofitS.a^opn, Barkerville- wilt do very wel 1  " 'MM^S.W^*pl*ic������''-^aTrange- preliminaries  dfmakela first depd?& 'X:XXxM'.;  &^0M?:Rwpwtm?yours,-;: ������������������ 0x  &%i%������������i-������&M^*-'-������������������������������������'":i   &X:\...  Georoe Bak^.   -  ���������^'^Barkervine, 3rd Oct:, 1866. -    : '%',  $$&������:&'��������� ���������������������������;'���������"���������������������������: .r.     :;������������������'*...-��������� .....  ^fii:.'���������.'..      .""!  ' i        I        "    '���������      ���������    '  'X\  ���������To. the Editor of the " Cariboo Sentinei,."'  ��������� iSiR,~In answer to your correspondentTrr-  quest for information from me as to the use  made ot the funds subscribed for a bulkhead  to protect the town of Barkerville, and why I,  have not carried out the work sufficiently' to  meet the wishes of all the subscribers, I have  ���������simply to state that by application either to  MivBurdick or Mr. Harris, who were acting  for4he subscribers, your correspondent will  ascertain that is was not proposed to carry the  bulkhead any farther down thdni the Sheep-  skin Go.'s claim, that company undertaking to  complete the ponnection below.   The freshet  coming oh- before the work was sufficiently  advanced to keep the creek out bf the town,  I was compelled to use fully one-fifth of the  money subscribed to keep men at work night  and .day jh; turning the clirreht of water arid  tailings in such ia direction as would enable  me to continue the wprk.    Had the money  at my; command justified it I should only have  been too. glapl to; have made; the rear of  the town "as safe  as  the front/ : Ahy; siib-  senbersfwho have any knowledge of the value  of work on this creek will at once admit that  S450.has been advantageously used under the  circumstances.    Having had ! rriy .attention  directed to other works I have been delayed  in rendering the accounts, when this is done  I think I will be able to show that in addition  to my own services I have expended $25 of  my own money.   I shall be happy to give  every explanation to any of the subscribers.  Will you, Mr. JSditor, excuse me for entering  so fully into what may appear to be a small  matteiybut my time here, being limited to a  few days I am anxious that nothing will be  left unexplained.  Yours,  Thomas Spencb.  Richfield, 1st Oct., 1866. .-"..,,,  rrHK PARTNERSHIP heretofuro existing between the  l_ undersigned has been this day dissolved by mutual  consent.    AUGDSTE HOFFMEISTER is alohe empowered to collect and settle the debts of the lato firms of  F. W. LAUMEISTER,  A. HOFFMEISTER,  GKORGE STEITZ.  Williams Creek, Sept. 25th, 1866. 43-lm  ('CohmisL k Chronicle1 copy )  $20 REWARD.  T OST, ON SATURDAY EVENING LAST, between  \j RarkerviUe and Cameronton, a double-cased GOLD  WATCH. Any person finding tho same will receive  the above reward by leaving it at tbo Library, Cameronton  October 1st, 1660. 43-2in  :   THESE RACES WILL: COME OFF 0%  Friday and Saturday, the 12th and I3th^ava  r of October.; ;       '^  . !   JopoE-r^ H. 'SUTroN, ESQ., Yale r  Hok. SEc'y-P. HOUSTON, E^-,^8ncro���������.  T^^P^M? # ���������IOAY consists of ^a  J. Races, the principal of which are; y*  THE ASHCROFT DERBYA25 entrance, 'with 420o  ��������� ; ^addoa-MiIeheats-beSt2outof3i^  : second to save his stakes.'! For,.this Rac^S'  nations must:bemadc and entrance feesnaid In  ; .     the Hon^Sec'yiAshcrcft Po8t Office), on or^  ,   .the 1st of October.   And - ". * "r-Tr?,'  THELYT^  ��������� ;;,;, m added���������Eight hundred yardSi over 4 knv&  vy, anal brook; second horse to save his stake. ;  X ,*rlie Sport'to  A GRAND P1GE0NT MATCH-Open to tho world.  THE THOMPSON RIVER STAKES-Opon to all hones  hut the winner of the Derby���������$10entrmce, will!  $50 addod���������Half Mile heat's,- best 2 out of 8.  THE YALE STEEPLE CHASE-$10 entrance, with $10  added���������Over the Lytton.course.  Witb other Races and Matches. 39  0PPENHEI3IER &m,  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  DEALERS IX ALL  .    KINDS OF  BARKERVILLE.  THE UNDERSIGNED beg to inform their friends and  tho inhabitants generally of Williams Creek, the  neighboring Creeks, and those visiting the Mines of  Cariboo, that having leased the well-known Bakery  and Restaurant of MUNDORF k CO., the oldest established house in Barkerville, would solicit a continuance  of its long and extensive patronagc_ond:.will.be happy,  to see all their friends. For the convenience of miners  we will exchange bread for flour as heretofore!--and 'at~  ony time receive tho same tickets for .Weals,Xunchcs,  Pies, Cakes, or anything iu our line for their value, and  will be on hand at al! hours, day or night, to supply  the wants of our patrons. .  4&f Good Sta bling convenient to the establishment.  P. EDDY k CO.  Barkerville, Sept. 26th, 1866. 43s  LIQUORS, mm,  ; pLOTHINa,  .<     BOOTS   &   SHOES,  MINDTa TOOLS, &c.y  Beg to call the attention of Miners and others  to their full assortment of .SUPERIOR GOODS-  which will bo sold  T   COST   PRICES  1  to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive so soon as  ..   ��������� .���������/ *....   tho Roads are open. :������  ������������������: .^^"Lib^r&r allowance will be made to  -Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade generally  on largo orders. 1  FASHION SALOON,  BARKERVILLE.  ^THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED FROM  JL Messrs. Hoirmeister & Co. this splendid Ranch,! together with the commodious two-story house known as  the Cottonwnod Hotel, is how prepared to aflbrd every  accommodation, to the travelling public, and hopes by.  a strict attention to business to merit a share of the  patronage bestowed on the former proprietors.: This is  one of the most comfortable and commodious Hotels  on the road, containing as:it does warm and well.furnished bed rooms!with good beds.. The TABLE is supplied with every delicacy it is possible to procure in the  upper country. The BAR is s tbeked with the best of  Liquors and tlie choicest Cigars.-  ;���������!.���������;���������!    ^MEALS,  $1 50 EACH.^  The Stabling for Horses is all that could be desired,  and;the charges are very moderate.    Hay for korses  per day, $2; Oats and Barley at the cheapest market  rates. ":���������-���������..   '���������''"������������������.'-:'���������  The undersigned has a large quantity of OAT H!4Y  on hand, for sale in large of small quantities.    Parties  desirous of purchasing this article would do well to  give him a call..  43      ���������.���������'*'.. JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  MESSRS. BARRY & CUNiO  BEQ LEAVE TO INFORM THEIR FRIENDS AND  the public that having purchased the "Fasuiox  Saloo.v " they will spare no pains nor expenae to merit:,;  a share of public- patrbnage. As "the proof of tlie:  pudding is in' the eating of it," we say nothing as to  tho quality of our LIQUORS & CIGARS,'please.  and try them. y'yX^XX X'. - ������'������������������*! 'Jr, \!'-;  call  ���������!>'���������������������������*     EVERY   EVENING.  Barkerville, Sept. 13th, 1866.  38-s  NEW EL DORADO SALOON  BARKERVILLE.  WILL SOON BE  IN RECEIPT OF A LARGE  '    '���������:   WELL ASSORTED STOCK OF'  AND  would  AVING PURCHASED THE INTEREST OF CHARLES'  ROSS in the above-named Saloon, the undersigned  Id respectfully solicit a continuence of the patron-  jz^-If you want good Coffee use Fell's.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Dissolution of Partnership  THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing under the  name of DOLE & BEAK, Butchers, Barkerville, has  been this day dissolved by mutual consent. From and  after this date the business will be carried on in the  name, of CHARLES BEAK, who is hereby authorized  to collect all accounts due to the Arm, and by whom all  debts owing by them will be liquidated.  It is particularly requested that all accounts against  the said firm he sent in for immediate settlement.  ',-' JAMES DOLE,  CHARLES BEAK,  Birkerville, 3rd October, 1366. 44-lra .  ag������ bestowed on the late firm, which hy a strict attention to business they will endeavor to merit  Tho TEIU'ISCHOREAN ART is nightly practised at:  this Saloon, and the Bar is stocked with tho choicest  LIQUORS and CIGARS.  jgg^Boys please give us a call.  .   BURDICK & DEXTER,  Al-lm  ^_       Proprietory.  NOTICE.  ALL PERSONS INDEBTED to the.MINERS BAKERY,  Cameronton, are requested to call and settle their  accounts on or before the FIRST day of OCTOBER,  1866; accounts not settled then will be put into Court  for collection, AH persons with contra accounts will  send them in for settlement.  CRANFIELD & BRO.  N. B. ���������The Miners Bakert is offered for sale.      30  t BOOTS & SHOES, &C.,  IMPORTED DIRECTLY FROM SAN FRANCISCO.  He is desirous of supplying the Trade, and  .   can do so at LOWEST PRICES,  Williams Creek, July ldtb, 1866.  22-tf  Dissolution of Partnership  the  rpHE PARTNERSHIP heretofore ^������MrS^SiiJJ  I. na.no and stylo of ROSS & BURDICK.Saloon  Keepers, Barkerville, was this ^7 <llwolvod by roflwg  consent. Ail debts duo to tho iBteflnnmj tbe paw  BURDICK k DEXTER, who are the only authof en  to  persons to receive the same, and all 1  tho late firm will be liquidated by them.  ndebtedness by  Barkerville, 21st Sept. 1S66.  CHARLES ROSS f  JAMES BURDICK.  LOS T  CREEK, CHECK No. $ 44,857, dated 6th Sept., 1866, in'favor of. P. Gannon k Co -or  order, for $114 50, drawn by Thos. Harris on tho Bank  ol British North America, Barkerville. Any person  finding the same will be kind enough to leave it with  P. Gannon k Co., as it is of no uso to any ono but tho  owner, payment having been str>pp������d.  September 18th, 1866. ' 40-2 w  Dissolution ofPartnersMp  ffHE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore oxf^\^g  1 thcunderstgncd, under tho namo **���������������������g*^  GANNON & CO , Butchers, RichOeld has Men gtt^T  dissolved by mutual consent. ?r^?^f P GAN-  the bUBiness will bo 0���������^���������^^^^^^^  NON, who is hereby authorized to <^W��������� m by-  due to tho late arm, and bywbom the debts ovwub  tho said firm will bo paid. GA$$0$,  Dat?1 Richfield, 12th Sept. 1866. THE CARIBOO iSEfflNELf  THURSDAY^ OCTOBER 4,1866,  Quartz Mining.���������A very sensible article appears in a late number.of.the'Colonist & Chronicle,'urging! oh us British Columbians the  necessity of directing/w>ttOTtipfr to the hid-1  den wealth of pur! quartz veins,;: from which  ffe make the Mlbwing extract:'-" Quarfehas  been almost neglected,, but ;!\yeifeel assured  that the time is; jaot tfar distant, when; iti- will  exert its claims to attention so iforcibly*' asi to  become our maiii source of ^wealth; ihousatids  of dollars lie Idle in the: ^a^ksi; of i this city j  ready to rbe; invested in any Enterprise that  willyieldits owners -/a] feir interest ifer:the  risks th'ey:"tt,r>%illing-to undertake.   To what  better use bouldithismbhey'b^  in opening up bur gold and silver quartz leads Jj  Will miners at Big Bend, Cariboo and elsewhere make an effort to show what they have  in the Quartz line to oifer capitalists ? 6)r will  tJieiy continue to depend on /TichstnkesVm  old channels to make, their fortunes, while the  country at large languishes for want of some?  thing permanent tooffer its visitors^' .; That  the, whole of this mining community are quite  alive to the benefits that would result from  the development of: bur quartz ledges ;was  lately shown by; the anxiety , expressed for  having a test quartz mill erected. ; Unaided  individual, enterprise at this critical moment  spirit is willing the purse is weaki White the  Administrator of the; Government; was here  the subject was urgedVoir bis. attention^and  and although he approved of the project and  promised material aid to carry it ���������throughj .still  no action hasyet been taken.; In ;thei! matter,  notwithstanding that a very liberal offer has  been made^tb the Government; by an enter-1  prising firm here who already possess, a steam  motive power of sufficient capacity to; work a  null capable of crushing at least 5 tons of rock  :a day. How long;willofficial iprooriasti nation  .prevail.*?:. ��������� K-\\\ '���������' \   ���������/:. ' ''  RETURNED.TrM������;������fahn i;Perrin; returiied Jthe  other day from;a prospecting tour which extended to a range of country ;lying about 85  miles north-east of Williams/ creek. Tho inclement state ot the weather! pre vented  from giving the numerous preieks^nd-guiches  iover which he passed a fair ;trial^:asthegrains  had swollen; them i to> such a ftegree that !it iwas J  impossible; to sink iprbspectv shafts |4he.found  x    * ss prospects ilr^^ver; in ;'^  ciently go oil to justify!him irljgivi^^teicbunr  fry another trial next' season; fib expresses  himself' well --satisfied ;with-thejextbrnal;ap-  .pearahce ot the cptintry/iahd, wboRfident that  very extensive diggings -.will ultimately /be  found;iri that.direction.;   ;. ������������������ ; !      ;  Narrow ;3&30afe.t^Ou election *day ah acei-  ilent happened to the Vvagoii driven by Dutch  Johiiny which might have termmated serious-  Jy had it'been loaded with passengers. While  descending the rbadl leading to the bridge at  Stouts -Gulchy :o,nei������of tthe traces gave way,  which so frightenedihe'horses that theyhroke  loose from the������wagon and ran off; the impetus  thus given : th re w two ' of th e wheels of the  wagon ovier the cribbing and in this position  it rested, a mere touch would have jirecipHated it 40 feet into the creek below. Drivers  cannot be too careful in seeing that their harness is in good order, as the slightest mishap  might lead: to disastrous results. ";;  Not True.���������A rumor was -circulated about  town during the last few days that Mr. George  Gibson, a trader at Cedar Creek, had ������beeh  found murdered on Bald Mountain, such a re-;  port we are happy to learn is unfounded. Mr.  Gibson started about a week ago from Cedar  Creek with the intention of coming here to  purchase goods, but finding the snow so deep  ou the.mountains saw that be could not get  his goods packed over and concluded to return. '  Bed Rock Drain.���������-The Welsh and Australian Co^s diggings were tapped by the Drain  last Tuesday; these two companies will pom*  mence washing in a few days. This com*  pletesthe Drain as far as Barkerville and  ifiaves it in the hands of the Sheepskin and  Baiuhead Co?s. to carry up in the rear of the  town to their lines.  Mf* We would recommend those who are  travelling to the lower country to give "mine  )������������ of the Colonial Hotel-, Soda Creek, a call  Jf they want good and cheap fare and comfortable beds. The prices have lately been  reduced to suit the times. Meals, $1; beds,  Scents.  Challenge.--Geo. Baker, as will fee seen  v referring to another column in to-day's issue, challenges Geo. Wilson to Sight him for  ai*y sum from $500 to $1,000, within one week  *ftcr the deposit bas been -made.  Masonic.���������A meeting of the members of  ELECTION.  The election of a member tb; represent this  district in the Legislative CounciI took p lacei  here oh Tuesday'last. :xi For manydays previous the canvassing was .carried on with a  great; deal of energy on the i part of th e respective candidates audi their friends, and sanguine^hppes^wero: entertained by each ; as to  the probable result of the election.   The polls  were opened at 10 ojclock^ a. m.^ at Eichfield,  Barkerville, and Cameronton^ and the /other  pu tlying creeks,! butTup to noon very fe wvb *es*  ^Verie casti at any of the /places; after this hour  ho we ver the various pol lirig places assumed  a lively appearance which ��������� contmuea' (up to  the i time M, closing;; Throughout the day the  committee men a^  eyen the candidates memselyes were on the  ralert and left no mode of argumentj entreaty  or persuasion untried to gain the votes of the  wavering to their side, and in some instances  the unwilling victims were hurried up to the  pollsi before they had   time; for  reflection.  J?ree lunches and liquors were the order of  "the day, ahd many a drouthy?<[hombre " indulged in, the creature comforts thus invitingly .placed before hint at the; expense of the  candidate of his adoption.   Barkerville being  the head quarters, was as a matter of bourse  the centre of exciteiiieht.   Party feeling arose  ait times to such a degree of intensity "that  warm altercations were of frequent occurrence betweenthecon tending forces, but tpr-  -ttms*^)^*th^^^llA^^������>f-wprds^no^lows-  were exchanged;during;the whole of the prot  ceeditigs, a^ circumstance which reflects the  greatest credit on the good sense of the community^   Lest the interest felt in the election  should be ^misconstrued, i we think^ it prop er' to  state that;it did; not prbcepd from any;i impor-  ^anee the people here attach to ; the office of  lepi������sbntative;th^e; effi^  or, the'gbo d that willresul t to thei country-from  their labors in the-Council, but simply from a  party feeling arising but of a desire to return  the man of their choice.  ; As willibe Pbseryedi from the results of the  poll given below the contest has been closely  fought, and until Soda Creek, Quesnelmouth  and Cedar creek are heard from it is hard to  say who is the successful candidate.  Harris. Walkem.  FURTHER PAETICULARS CONCERNING  THE ORDERED MAN BLESSINGS  William* ( Richfield,  Williams j Barkerviiie,  ureeK,. (Cameraritoll>  Grouse Creek,  ^Lowhee Creek,  Van Winkle,  60  222  90  372  55  18  26  471  459  114  118  102  334  73  20.  32  Total  174  340  , 192  706  128  :   3S-i  58  459       930  12 majority.  ; From W. D. Moses, barber, o������ this placed  we gather th e fol lo wing particul ars about th e  murdered man: It appears that when he was  coming uphere last spring he met Blessing at  New Westminster, and becoming acquainted  with himi- they travelled:" together i a^-for iijjf  Quesnelmoiithj which they reached on the 28th  May;;. herp Moses ��������� had business that detained  him for a few days, and Blessing feeling  anxious to'go", on deterrai ned to start on the  morning of tlie 30th. -'. On the evening prevn  bus to hisSepartiire they got into coniyersatibn  with a,; inah named Jainefc Barry,,; a ���������; perfect  stranger to;both, who said he was goihg up to,  Williams! -i brepk next mornings - and;4t; was  agreed that, they should go! tb|ether; they had,  several drinks at'i Brown &iGillis?i Salbonj in:  paying fbr wliich ^Blessing changed a $20  Bank note, remarking to Moses that he had ia  few mprp left and at the same time telling him  that he did not like the looks of the stranger,*  he promised to meet: Moses at Tan Wink je,  where heisaid he had ;some friends j since that  night Moses has neither seen nor heard pf;the  man.   Whiie travelling together he informed  Moses that he had been mining on Lightning  creek in 18G2j but had returned the same year  td California, arid had lived in Cala veras co unity ever since; that lie was i an American by  birth; and belonged to������some of the Eastern:  States ; x he also told him that his name was  l^arles'-Blsssing^^nd observed-ai the^'tlto  that as it was a very uncommon name he;  (Moses) iwbiild1 be very apt to rememberi;itJ; if  anything^ejrer; happened; to himi; ^ Mpsesleft'  Quesnelmouth and arrived at Van Winkle on  the 1st of June, but could hear nothing of theij  man; about a week after he arrived;on Williams creek he met Barry and asked< him what  he had done with his "chummyi?^ to; which  he replied that he left; him on the road and  had not seen him since.    Moses thought no  more about the matter until he saw the name  of the murdered man in the Sentinel, when  the circumstancesr above plated &^ed;acrb^  his memory at once, and he hurried to the  Magistrate and gave the information.  This maa Barry, on whom a very strong  suspicion: no.w rests as being tho murderer,  left the creek in.great haste the day after the  news arrived of the discovery of the body.  It is said he is well known as a bad character  to the Police of Victoria, where he. kept a  hurdy-gurdy dance house in Johnson street  last winte,^;. In the early part of the sumrae^  he'was arrested here on "a charge of stealing  a pair of gum boots, but discharged for want  of evidence. Officer Sullivan has been dispatched after, him, and will telegraph from  Quesnelmouth to Yale to have him arrested  should he reach there before he is overtaken.  'iGoxEFRbk buK^ral^Tkb^  John Butts liasiat lajt leftipur "shores; ��������� aiid;ik/.  how "rocked in the^radle of tlie ^3" on! his!  way towards the Celestial Empire���������he - and  two bth er b umm ers having signed arti cl es a nd  sailed on the ship Rbdbma, for China, on Wed7  nesday last.,Before leaving the Barracks John  took an affectionate "and tearful leave of his;  i^llbw^risoirersranb; the jailor^ He gave the  former some gbod; advice for moral guidance V  when i their��������� terinsof ^erviceshpuid-bxpireian!d!;J  presented each with a copy of the- *Everiing  Teiegraph,-���������a journal he has contributed"* to;  b ring i n to favor as waste pap er with thb' Gh 1-  nese laundiymen foxtlieir " washeej" and the ^  Greeknshermen for! their i uteesh.,?  'To the  jail or he p resented his thanks^and a co py of a  " Treatise on the Grbbsb^(sayiiigthat he was .  going' to "carve ". but a new rbputation in the '  land of pig-tails and.;chow-chow.   On the way  to the wharf the expatriated man wept freely;J  biiit upon getting intb;1hei boat he seemed to '-���������  regain bis cheerfulness and ventured on the  following cbiiuhdriumi:   |; Why! am I like a p  message sent ithrough the Atlantic CableT?}'=>;  The crowdi; "walked'; off "���������immediately  Butts gave the answ'er as follows:    ^Because  I am dispatched across the ocean by Tele<  graph.'? ; Overcombvbither by his emotions or  the huge intellectual effort of which he ;had   ,  been guilty j the poor Wretch then sank down  in the bow of the boat and was lost to yiew*  Adieul poor .houseless,  homeless/ vagrant.  Your offences against society have been many,  andiyoiir punishment soften -*j������^e*e ? but Gcxt  createdypufor soriie^wise pui'pbsev' and ^ou  may yet become a shining light in the nalion- l  al councils of the land of Confocius^'Cplb-t  nist& Chronicled.-.' , ���������   r  yiCTORIA ITEMS FROM 'COLONIST AND  CHRONICLE/.      .:  9 A colored man, named Hawkins, engaged  as cook on board the steamer Fideliter,; fell  pverboard andgot drownbd.���������Pierre Mahciot,  for many years proprietor of the French Hotel,  has left for Portland, where he intends to open  a hotel.���������Nick Adams, of Bacon Bar, Leech  River, who was driven froin Washington Territory byi a Vigilance Committee, has recovered $2000 damages against the members of that  organization. iHiggins, w'ho was expelled from.  San Juan Island by Capt. Gray, has recovered;,  $5000 from that officer.���������The people bf Puget  S������und are taking advantage of the cheap fare  on the opposition, steamersi to visit Victoria,  which .is thereby deriving some little benefit  by their trade.-^The following treasure was  shipped by the Active on her last trip : Bank  of British North America. $.87,112 17;. Bank,  of British Columbia, $23,215 56; Wells, Fargo  & Co., $21.97188;  total, $132,257 61.���������The  Chaniiber of Commerce  have  framed  and  adopted an able reply, refuting the statements  _flr-.,wi :������ rirtTTai.nrtiv .Qjjvnfi/vnr'a letter ^n n  this  society will be held in their new hall on  Saturday evoniiig, when a full attendance is  ^quested..  , Sparring.���������Mr. George Baker intends giv-  lni? a Sparring ���������Entertainment next Saturday  contained in Governor Seymour's letter in a,  decH^^^ tone.���������Drs. Powell,  Davie, Dickson and Haggin amputated the leg  of Mr. Andrew Robertson; the operation was  performed under the influence of chloroform.  ���������-A collision occurred between the ship Belmont, bound for France with lumber, and a  strange vessel, supposed to be.the ship Rodo-  ma also lumber laden for China; it was thought  that the stranger had been cut down to the  water's edge, as part of her deck load was  seen floating after the vessels separated.���������A  Promenade Concert was to be given at the  Government House, under the patronage of  the Governor, for the benefit of the band ot  the Rifle Corps.���������A Lodge of Good Templers  hns been organized in Victoria, Which numbers 20 members.���������A man named W. Berauski  was fined in the Police Court $10 or 14 days  Imnrisonment for committing an assault on S.  Barlow ���������A rowing match for $50 a-side is to  come off between J. Eden and J,Harman; the  rowing to be frtm the Gorge to James Bay  Bridge.  ���������. ���������     -  ������$r* Yale road tolls for the week ending  22nd September) $1,386 29.  Uncertainties of the Law���������The Troy Whig  tells a story of a case at law in that State. In  1S55 a man was run over by the Hudson River  Railroad, and his wife sued the Company for  damages. ^The ��������� case \vas first tried before a  justice and the plaintiff nonsuited.;i She :then  appealed to the Supreme Court, arid the nonsuit was taken oft*   She then .trie d: the .cage  before another justice, and got $2500 damages.  The Railroad Companiy appealed this time,  and the .fourth i trial was heard in the Supreme  Court, the verdict of $2,500 being affirmed;]  The Railroad company again appealed, and  the fifth trial was had before the New York  Court of Appeals, which reversed the former  decisions, and ordered a new trial before a  justice.   This gave rise to a sixth trial,; which  came off before another justice' who nonsuited  the plaintiffr   She again appealed, and the  seventh trial took place before the Supreme  Court, which this time affirmed the nonsuit,  but the lady.;again appealed to tho highest  court, and the eighth trial was had before the  Court of Appeals in April last. L  This Court  reversed all former decisions^ the  case down to the justice to begin over: again.  Thus, after 11 years' contest in the courts and  eight trials* the case is where it started in the  Justice's Court in 1855..  New Gimst MiUi.���������Mr. W. H. Woodcock  received per last California steamer the plant  for the new grist mill he is about to erect near  Soda creek. Tbe boiler and machinery are  lying on Ms wharf, and he has gone^ up to  Soda creek for the purpose of starting the  work; Mr. Woodcock deserves great praise  for his enterprise. Within a short space of  time he has built a wharf and warehouses,  besides a grist mill, brewery, distillery, and  an extensive wharf and buildings connected  therewith, and he is now engaged in construe ting a steam grist mill away in the interior, in order to convert into flour the large  quantities of wheat now raised there. We  have no doubt this last enterprise will amply  reward its projector, as ho certainly deserves  to be richly rewarded.���������British 'Columbian.'  ^������- Wo would, call the attention of those  having goods or other commodities to move  between the different towns on the creek to  Mr. H. C. Wiilmott, who has a Horse and Dray  ready at the shortest, notice to execute any  orders he may be favored with, at very reasonable rates;-   ; *"  Asbestos.���������A correspondent of an Austra*,,  lian paperj the 'Orange Guardian/ writes -as  follows:���������^ Some 22.,years ago I recognized  the abestos^ or amiqanthus rock^ inIthis disr; ;  jtrict^and sinceiheuL have fVom time to time f,  exposed portions of the stone to; atmospheric  influence, and mb^sult has .always been a  perfect change of the? stonei into abestos, or in-   ���������  to a substance;yosely resembling  staple of wool; only^mejihingstron^r,"'and,  if possible^whiter in7anpearaiice^ I have some-*  times obtained it sii|;p Inches in;; lengthy have  combed -it put j^ aha|b^iind it softiand pliant as;  any silkv This .substance, as no; doubt you"  are aware; is inconsjimable^by fire. Tliestonp  may be brought int;0/ithp state" of asbestos in a;; ,  very shor,t.tiine; ylMwe, been employed isink- h  ing & we|r^]ft^^|M^some days ^T got< as   i  ranch ofM?mineii^lw^ aisuit ofixx  clothes^ ;il canis^w^t^ iu allj its i-  stages, from stone itself^to-theiasbestbs ������tate,^ "  Should ^bestosbv^wnie infcoi general use,  i  it will, in sbmeimeasure no doubt, from its iia.-.?  combustH)Ib nature; J supersede the >e^  crinoline/   Besides ;this;great advantage* it  will also set aside t^iyexatipus iexpense -andK;f  use of soap and ;wat^.ior. all a lady will.havp  J.  to dp whbn f she unrpliesj iherseif will���������'���������: be to ';���������"������������������  pitch her articles ofr apparel into a glowing  ftre, and when they, have become as white as a;  snow-flake she may resume th em at he r pleasure.;! Perhaps you .may deem ispuie parts* of ��������� v-  the foregoing raMier [extravagant; but, never-  theless, I really believe that by proper! appli- ;,  ances the aniiftanth.us.may yet become a source  Of revenue, and; I ttiarefore rbcommend the  thing^to.yo^r/attentipm'1' ���������:% X '��������� ;���������';'���������    ���������       !!  Rich Quartz ��������� fromX 'Cariboo.^���������We. . were  shown yesterday, at the store ofi! Mr< Henry   ;<  Nathan, a specimen of quaritzTrock containing���������������������������;���������'.  gold, silver, and galena. : This ��������� specimen is   X  from the Borealis cclaini; on Williams creek- ��������� .  and bears evidence of":great richness.    The . ���������;  lead.has been tracedia-distance of 1,400 feet.  The specimen-has been brought down for assay, and should the insult prove as rich as is.  expected, the Borealis company will iramedi-  etely commence operations to :open the lead. '..  !���������'Colonist & Chronicle/ ���������      ;i; ���������    :    .;   _ v,   ��������� X0&&* Professor Agassis says the general impression in regard to the Amazon river is very ���������  erroneous, not only in regard to the climato  of that region, which he had been informed  was unhealthy, but also as to its fertility. He  found the valley of "the'Amazon uncommonly  fertile and its climate very, heal thy. It is his  opinion that it will one day become the mart;  of the world, supporting in comfort twenty  millions of inhabitants.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  PRINTING   OFFICE,  ���������o���������  Cards, Bill Heads; Circulars, Fosters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical *  Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness and .Dispatch at this Oiflco.  4jgp-Terms Moderate ������������������*?������������-  SOLOMON   BROS.,  EG TO INFORM THEIR CARIBOO FRIBNDS that  they have removed to the two-story brick nuiUling  /formerly the Enterprise.Saloon) opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel, Government Stroot, Victoria     Tfioy wjl  FURBISHING GOODS,' wlnel>. Uwy wiil ^-11 us low a3  an v house i n tow h I- They r ispxcil n 11 y.-������-,.l i ui t :t. c;i 11 -r. m\  the " Boys " whoe t.h^y cosne down. ~  &)���������$  ���������-/ w  Results.op War.���������A Earned .German,.M  Haus3ener, has just published some statistics  from which we extract the following :���������a The  wars which have be en. waged from 1815 to  1864 have caused the death' of 2,762,000 men,  of whom 2.148.000 were. Europeans, and 614,-  ' 000 from other quarters of the globe, which  gives ah average of 43,800 per annum.   These  figures do not include; the deaths caused by  epidemics resulting fro ni war.   The most sanguinary hostilities of that period are these :���������  The Eastern war.of, 185C, in  which 503,600  men fell, in the following proportions :  256,-  000 Russians, "OS,000 .Turks, 107,000 French.  45,000. English, and 2.600 Italians.    The Caucasus (1829-60) 330,000 men lost their lives.  Tho revolt, in India (1857-50). cost  190,000  lives... Tho Russo-Turkish war (1820-29) 193,-  000.   The Polish insurrection  1831.190,000.  TICE.  a-  55  wounds; and, 33,000 from various diseases.  The total number of lives lost in3urope during the wars from 1793 ito 1815 amounted;to  5,530,000, which gives for the 23 years an  average of. 240,434 deaths per year.  '     10* G o vernor S��������� -was a splendid lawyer,  and could talk a jury out of their seven senses.  1 Je was especially noted' for his: success in  -criminal cases, almost-always clearing, his  -.".client. - He was once'counsel for a man accused of horse stealing.' -He made ,a long, elb-  ... .quen't, and touching speech.' The jury retired.  Tlie Steamer   Enterprise  Will leave SODA CREEK  MONDAY &, THURSDAY MORNINGS,  AT DAYLIGHT;  Will leave QUESNEL  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY .MORNINGS.  AT. 6 O'CLOCK, ' .  Connecting-at Soda Crook witb Barxaro's Stages on  Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip up.  ^9^ Freight to Quesnel lj cts. <$ ib.  Steamer'Enterprise,' \  May 21st, I860.    , J 5  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELilOUTH,  P.L JOHNSON, PROPRIETOR,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking- of the best  description.       ������������������-���������#���������    a  QUESNELMOUTH,  BROWN & GILLIS, PuopiiiETbiis.'!  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table, &c.  Stalding for/Horses, Hay and Oats.        s  IMPORTANT to MINERS  Tho undersigned i3 prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND,  RLOWINC3 AND  X   :���������'���������, '���������'  PAYINGS,  On Commission, or-will purchase any quantity on the  Most. Ijbkra l Terms, at the  ,.:; Reading Room, Cameronton,  Tbe Subscriber is well known on Williams Crock, and  from the confidence reposed in him heretofore in the  abovo busbies?, he hopes to receive the patnmago of  the Mining community tho ensuing season.'  1 :  JOHN" B01YRON.  GIROD & GUICHON,  Old Established General Storej  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMISSION MERCHANTS,  Storage, &c���������Terms most Moderate.  QUESNELMOUTH. - s  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.  -WHOLESALE  AND  RETAIL.  J: h; TURNER & CO.  English & French Silks, Shawls, Dresses I  derclotbing,:cioyes,.anS every aes^K  Receive  Ev  ESTABLISHED 1858.  An old acquaintance'stepped up to the prisoner and said, "Jem, the. danger;is past;.'and  ,: now, honor bright,.didn't you steal that horse?".  To which J.em replied/:. Well, Tom.Tve all  along.thought I took1 that horse; .but/since  I've heard the Governor's speech, I don't believe Idid!" r   ���������      Wi "y      ;/'   -:" ���������';./ X  $������Z A wealthy l>a ch.el or bf Sacramento hav-  ing had one or two law: suits 'for breach of  . proraise, no w ire.plies to any" yo urig." lady;:'. who  wishes a, 'rfewi, lininutes private conversation/J;  *:No you don't, inadame.,- It cub ��������� me to the*  heart to: be cbnipelied to��������� dotibtthenonbrable^  , ness ofiy.our intentions^ but that sort of thing  is played out../My;ruleiisr; imperative, an<l*if  have any business with me, it must; be  5 two/witnesses!''  RICHFIELD'  'piIE UNDERSIGNED HAVING LEASED FROM S.  x: A, Smith, the premises formerly known as the Mixers'Saloon",, has opened the same under the ahovo  name,'and would respectfully invite his friends and tho  public ^cG-wsaily.-S^gi-v^bjriwt--call:-' ������������������'-'��������� -*~ ���������'���������*     ���������'-  ^���������Tho best brands of LIQUORS and; SEGARS will  always be.kept at this establishment.  Riclifcelfi;- August, 1866.  ������������������>-,  JOHN HEDIN.  29-3iii   ���������  WHOLESALE k- RETAIL, DEALERS: IN  '���������;  -AND-  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  BARKERVILLE;-  vou;  transacted in the presence;.o"i t  over a  and,-with bis horns tossed ilia  The Insnman recovermg^from'hiS;;tall?: upojti:  looking up saw the bull tearing up! the ground  (as is the custom of- the.animal \yben iiTitated,)  whereupon.Fat, smiling^.at him; said,���������'Mf it  was not for' your bow ing and scraping! aiid  yourLhumble 'apologies, you brute,, faix il  should think you had-thrown me over, this  fen ce o n p urp ose;'?   ���������. xX  nmE Ux\7DERSlGNED, LUMBER "MERCHANT.% beg  1 to inform the inliabitants in general of Williams  Creek that they have now in operation a STEAM SAW  MILL, located at the mouiu of "Mink Gulch, above  KicMieh!, capable of manufacturing one thousand feet  of Lumber per hour, any I'UKth or width required in  this market, and of a supe������iok qua' it v. All orders-  J-ft at Mr. W. A. MeachamV, Barkerville, or the Mill,  will be promptly attended ti������, ami delivered FREE OF  CflAP.GE at any point on the wagon roao1,: ami at RE-  liUOKD RATEd The undersigned trust to merit a liber..1 ssliaro of the public patronage.and that their old  friemis will kinuly pivc them a &ill.  MEACHAM, COOMBS k NASON.  WilliauiB Creek, Aug. 27th I860. 33  l/Eg? A full assortment of Groceriks and H. J5. Co.������s  Liquors always on hand.  ' I 15  Establisliment!  BARKERVILLE,  .;';' ' ;'. (Next Dank'of British North Aiiiiericai.)    ���������-.;���������;  /TrSi "LEWIS l>eSs leave to inform tho Ladies and  '������$������.. Gentleraen of Williams Greek and yioiai' y that  helias fitted up a BATHROOM at considerable-expense  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  ,to b usiness 10 merit a sha re of i their, pain>mjjel .f -  "^Sf.IL* will also "attend to Extracting, Filling.and  Cleaning of Teeth. 19  110AD SIDE HOUSES, &c.  D   SPRING   HOU&E;  BOYD & IIEATII, Prpprieforsri"^-:;^^  THIS nOUSE is situated 26 miles.from <QueyneImouthi.i  The. proprietors having lately .fitted up bodrodms  and good Beds are now prepared to'alford every accom -  modatioo* for Travellers; the Table is furnlshed with all  the luxuries that can he procured ; the Bar is���������wellflup-i  piled with.the best brauds of Liquorsand Se^hrs; good  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley. -^3- The CHEAPEST  House on the Road; ' Xy -}}J\'\ ':X:iX"Xi&;X  OR DEEP CEEEK HOUSR  TS". Ol^EN ,FOR ; THE ACCOMMODATION OF : THE  .XJCmmiitling...pulilU*,;.JJvs bedrooms are spacious and  airy and tho Beds cannot bo-surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by any.in the lower country; tho Table is  always supplied with tho best of victuals. ' Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  ""iil^MILE HOUSED."  DENNIS MURPHY, Proprietor." This Houso  is furnished with every convenience for the comfort of Travellers; the Culinary department is under  the superintendence of;on experienced cook; the Beds  are clean and comfortable ; the Bar contains tho best  of Liquors', Segars, &c.    Stabling, Hay, Barley & Oats.  WILLIAJ������I ZELNER,: dealer in DruG8  Mkdi  If: ��������� .'CiMJS and CiiEMiCALg, Fancy and Toilet inltl'  pc.nge?,. Bruslu^,. Perfumery, &c.    PhysfcLna P e*  scripiionscareiully .compounded and'ord^ ans\ereJ  with care and dispatch.   Victeiia, V. I.     ;-ttUbwe.  PATTRICK'S^ CORNiiT~     ~  J   Ru BP?.-??lTSON, Wine and Spirit Mer-  tr m f chant, "V ictoria,���������*V.. I.   :.     * ,,>, ; . " *    ^  ^l':l\y'xy'i'.: BOOTS !; BOOTS!1! i'!'p'- ^^"T.*  JLand:.keep your feetiso'dry?--Because'ypmchaiTot  ghanty and Butler; Government Sttvet; Victoria  J AX, <5c ..QO^Kort! Street, Victoria,' V;i.: ' Fre^ii  t vGarden and Pield Seods;guuranteed: !HfivQrob hand1  a carefully^selected stock bf tho;above ���������ifroin the lien  Europo������n and America n Markets. V The early, orders of  :theirtlrie,nds. in British #>luuibia/are!isolicited - Par v  tlciilar.r.tl*ntion;is.callod to their Iflrgestdckof Gras^l���������'���������  Clover ,;ana 1 Onion 'Seeds: of; very!- superior ;qBali(v^  Fru!i t Tn������es ��������� and Bush es;.. Evergreens, i Shrubs, Gr������i'  house and Garden. Plants, Standard aiicWtoarf fioscs  of every variety. h Catalogues on application.     u  BRODRICK, CoAt ano Prodccb Dealer, a  large stock of.Hnyj Oats, .Wheat and Barley of tho  best description,always on hand; also, Nanaiino English, Blaclssmith" and Canuel Coal. Orders scat lo  Union-Wharf, 'Victoria; V. I., will receive immediate  atteution:':'-'   ���������{���������:.���������.;.��������� ���������'���������'���������   < ���������   '��������� :    i;;'-'.:   ���������������������������...._���������>'������������������. '-.1.5  BARKERVILLE & GROUSE CREEK.  MESSRS. HARRIS & GO. hog to inform the  Minors, Hotel Keepers and the inhabitants in general of Williams & Grouse Creeks, that tlmy bave opened First Class Butcher Shops in' BARKERVILLE and  on GROUSR CREEK, and trust to merit a liberal share  of the public patronage, aud that their old friends will  kindly give them a call 18-4m  .:,,    BLUE   TENT   RANCH.  WM. HENDERSON begs to inform his friends  TT and the travelling public generally that he*has  taken tho above Ranch and is prepared to supply them  with First Clas3 Accommodation. Good;Stabliug for  horses j Hay andGrain.:  . . .    . '     l.s :!���������  pENTILE'S Photographic Gallery, Govern-  IX ment St, Victoria, V. I,; opposite Hotel deFr.mco.  Views ot Cariboo and Scenery^ throughout British Co).  umbiaj including views of the route to Big Bend, alwpyg  on hand at liberal rates"; "' ' 1^  ]> P. WHEAR, TAiroit & Ootfjtter, Fort Street,  It. Yictoria, V. I., opposite Bee Hive Hotel, where 1m  is prepared to supply hl3 numerous patrons with every  requisite for Clothing suitable for every season of tbe  yei*r--'    ;;.: .-."V   -XXX     . .:���������. ���������   X .:,-.   ;1-S  McLEAN, ...  ,   !vfi       Agent.  Ill MILE HOUSE.  TO, MAN.SON, ���������       ;    D.  Proprietor,  'PHIS ',H0TEL IS  LARGE AND  WELL. FITTED  UP  X for the comfort of travelers; tho Tstble is supplied'  with the best of every thing thatCHn'be procurd^ and  the cooking is not inferior to any on the road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, llarloy and Oats., : 1-s .  /THOMAS WTI.SON' & GO., Importers of Ing-  1 lish Merchandize,' wholesale and retail dealers in  Drv Goods,m&c.,.Yates Street, Victoria, V; I. On and  alter 1st,June next in; Government Street, o|ipositc tho  Bank.of Britisli Columbia.. 1-s  HOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, V. I.i: John  Bigne and PicitkE Maxcirt, .Proprietors.  The Res-.  uCurant la Supplied with all tho delicacies the''market  alfords."' 'In the Bar will'be found the choicest Liquors.'  Furnished Roomy, &c. "1-s  83 MILE HdUSE:XX  A LBERT CRYSLEK has opened the above House for  Xjl the reception of Travellers; the Table is. well kept  and the Liquors cannot bo surpassed {the Bods are  Stabling for Horses,-''Hay and  '.'-'s:. xx'ii u'-xi,������8~*.  clean and comfortable.  Oats.  GROUSE  HOUSE  CREEK  rpHB UNDERSIGNP:D begs to inform the public that  1  the above establishment was opened on SUNDAY  LAST, the 22nd July, and that he will be happy to receive a call from his friends.  J3ST BOARD $16 PER WEEK. ������Sft  Bread, Pies and Gakes always on hand for sale.  23 , A. KELLY, Proprietor.  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  JAMES HURON, Proprietor.:. This com modi-;  ous Hutu) is well fitted up with every convenience  for the comfort of the public; tho Beds are all that;a  woa ry t ra veil ��������� ��������� r cuul d desi re; th e Tab lo is supplied ��������� with  the best of fare; the IUr contains tho choicest brands  of Liquors and Sogars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,,  Barley, &c. ,",. l^  EUGENE THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria,  Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WLVES, BRANDIES  BEERS, and'LIQUORS and {depot of Havana' Seg&is;1  Crbbds! forwarded to tho ^iningDlstricts^Uii^ ^ 1-s ;:-  "FRANKEL,. Victoria, ��������� V. I; ^Dealer in Fens,  ���������;, Skin!b,'i-Hi dep, Wooi^&c. /! Liberal advances. mad������.  t   on;Furs 'consigned.  iRefcrence���������G.; Sutro &;!Gc.; Spof-..  borg&.Rucir, Victoria; V. I.     * ," '   1-s  MRS. HEIN; i-Mil-user & Dbkss -Makbr^.Govern-;  men t S tree t, Victoria,. Y; L;., All .kinds, of Milli tierv,  of tho latest style kept constantly on hand, i Orders  from tho coun I ry punctually attended to. 1������*  '  v  Adams;vx^m^o^M .Co  "BARKERVILLE,  Hive just received a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Shoot (Joppcr, Zinc, Tin Plate and Sheet Iron,  vvith various other articles in th'rlr line of tra.die.   ',;  &*S" All Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet iron, Copper and  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to give satisfaction;.. ���������������������������    x ��������� / y-:     \ -34.  FLOUR!   FLOUR!!  LILLOOET    MILLS.  fPHE UNDERSIGNED are now mauufacturing F  X of all grades:  Extra, Superflue and Fine.  Crushed to order.  LOUR  Feed  U  LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.,  F. W. Fostek, Agent.  LORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor.: ;This house,  .affords every accommodation Tor the comfort.of!  Travellers; the Table is fu rnished w ith all.the'delicacies  of the season, and the I3ar is stocked with the choicest1  ol" Wines, Brandies & Sugars;'good stabling for horses;  Hiy, Uarley and Oats constantly on hand at low rates.  Xewly milled Flour for sale cheap.".::      ,    _;;....'   i-s. '  The  Bonaparte iHaitie^^  DEMLEIT & PARKE,  Proprietors/at!ihbi  U Junction of the Cariboo and,Big Bend Roads, is  Di,  .WILSON  IT 'Win������  Fori-Street  &'������������������ MURRAY, ..Grogkrh, ! Pbovisiox,  & Spirit Merchants; Bafceis & Confectioners,  /Victoria, V; I.       ' "    "   . 1's;'  QPORBOR.(>-:'&'-BXIEirB?,; Goinmission.|rej'..r  U CHANTS, AVholes'alo Dealers in Groceries,.-fkoji-.  sioxs, BpoFS!& Shoes, Whari!street^ !Victorti,;y;;.I. ;;H  GT^^SWW^r^^Mxlmpori^ **!������ '.".-  r salo'Deaiers in* *Wines;: Spirits arid Liquors,  V ic toria ;��������� V.h X X^ r; ��������� :r:^Xi\\XX^y. ���������������������������'���������. :Xri^y- ���������  SPR6AT<te/COiv(itt^eAn^  and: CosiinssioN Merchants, Store Street, -ViCvona,  V.U ���������:,-,.,;���������" <yX-yXXX-:;:'rX"r> XX- ' ^XXK^'ifr  SUTSO''^ :CO^v lMPoi^ERsi:ANp !0Mlek| im ���������  corner  VAN "WINKLB: STORE.  '"THE UNDERLINED begs to inform the miners aud  X residents in and around Van.Winkle that having  purchased the establish incut nud good will of the linn  of Messrs. SCII0RLINTO k CO., ho will in future keep  EDWIN   TYNON,  DEALER IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND  Caps,' Boots and Shoes, Carpeting?, Oil Cloths-,  WaII Paper, kc . Lillooet, B, C.  1-s  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  fACO!B  MI7-.TZ, Propriobor, -.has always on  the times. Cive them a ca 11. Stab 1 ing, Hny k Grain;  atteutivo hostlers., Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bend and vale, and once a week for Cariboo. :   1-s  all orders promptly.  Pa  1-s  Orders, accompanied witb tiiu CASH, from outlying  civtjkswill be forwarded with promptness nod'dispatch*  .Mhn/rs wishingao lay in their winter "stock will lind  it to their advantage to give him a call.  J&r'lYrms  37  CASH, without  distinction.  J. \V. LINDHARD.  SOLOMON   BROS.,  I>EUTO INF01UI THEIR CARIBOO FRIENDS that  VI they nay*' removed to the two-alory brick building  any a^o m town.  They rc*pc-ctially solicit a call: rom  1 a * ��������� ��������� ty ly������ \ w n l n .1 h?y <j;>nv  f.own.  to-  QPEL.MAN and McKENZIE, Proprietors.  O This House is well Qtted up with Good Beds and  the Bar is furnished with the best Lkmors; ilea Is; are  served at ail hours on tho Restaurant principle: Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, &c. 1-s  Pioneer. Hotel���������Lillooet,  riHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This old  \j established House is well fit tod up for tho comfort  of Travellers; tho Table is supplied wit!j tho host'of  everything that can he had, and the cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling for Humus, Horse- feed, kc.  The .Express aLojtj h?r&������ 1.3  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  ? THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, halt-way.between  Spencc's Bridge and Clinton, on tho Yale Route.  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter,'41 ilk  a ud Vegetab 1 es.    Good Sta b 1 i ng a nd choap feed. ������������������  1-s  CIG ARi?, TOBACCO, -M ecrsh aum topes j ko-i *J-'  .of; va tes an it. iVVharf st ree t/Yictoria.e :   -^ ��������� *..  t   B. HAGeiN, Pii.ysroiAN.&SwBOEox, near cor  J . ������yS5atesan^^  |)IERCE ;*' SEYMOURV^eiilers1 hi Bedw^/S  1   Fphpitoub, Broad Street, <Victorm, V. L -  C  1AIRE & eRANCINl, ^WAKKkjLpc^t.  ) mSciiants, Wharf Street, Victoria, V-^jJL-  ITENDERSON. and: BURNABT, M^a^>1  j.x Wharf street, Victoria, 1. u   : ;. ��������� ���������  M.   J.   BLAOKMAN,  TI HB M I Tb  BARKERVILLE.  17   MAUANDINK,COlIif3Tp?I & GENERAL AG^T ,  11/. Government Street, Victoria, V. I.     ._��������� , , ���������.  L S. T  AUCTIONEER,  MINING ���������& COMMISSION  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,  BARKERVILLE  17  polilx)^  MACDONJALD'S    HOTEC  ���������1  Miner  and  W others destined lor the ^,d^ ^^triou.aabrdcd  and every convenience an ���������������# all  them.    Good Bods and a. Tahlo. wensupi^^      ls  the delicacies of the season  JAMES   PURDIE,  BLACKSMITH,  RICHFIELD.  SMITH  &  Proprietors.  This House is  0f/rravei-  (jT.    well-IUted up for the "econuuodanvu^ ^  iers to the Bridge River Mw^"^^ twice a weok  -or Horses,���������Horse Food, ^JSXFSd the arrivalj  between tills house and ���������^'^^a%m''Si'ifi^  the steamers from below and connect- u  BoaU fcr Lillooet.


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