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The Cariboo Sentinel 1874-10-10

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 I  i  I  '.'"��������� ���������'..'��������� y>$$x       ��������� p.  Vol'l6-  gftSp SENTINEL  ,'; ptiblis-edeTory. Saturday by " '  Subsorfption___ '-^8 Cents uerW^  Barkerviile, William Creek, B.C., Saturday. ^October  jlATBi-O'P.APVERTISlSO.  ���������   ���������   ���������  f 3  6  S  Agents forthe-Cariboo Sentinol."  r;in WinklS    vrV  QiiesiK'liii^atn,  Sn-lii (.'reck, ���������  din ion;,'- "���������  V.ile, - ��������� ������������������  A,. ^Westminster.  ; vicir'i'in,  ..." ' '���������'���������  t IV Kislier,  ������ ;  ���������G-Struct,    ���������     ������  , Nnrtsiy.  ]t;ir������ard������F Bxpress  : ,      laniard's Express  .-. .      Bariiard'8 Rxpress  tit? do  joint Murray  I    <%:   Mr .Shakvsp������.'nre.  ,-* .       .  .. Sua l^jaciseo  .aoCernbiU, I.<������inlo������. K.C.  '���������*,;;     riibiOARIBOOSHNTlNET.  JOB PRINTWQ"  ���������/ ^frilteiind ^atricn) KnlertainmenU;  '���������.     Terms mod era to.  PHYSTC-lL LIFE.  should'^ascertained. Preserve, if possible,  the absolute necessity lor exercise, and have  your place of business two or three miles  miles away; over which let nothing tempt you  to an omnibus- or carriage save rati?;-.Tbe  day on which a medical man gives up.riding  lp see his country patients, or. the use of his  own legs to see his patients in town, and  lakes to. .a close brougham, fixes the date  when sedentary diseases aru set up���������indigestion, liver,''kidney disease, and so on ; while  If, to utilise his leisure, he reads as be drives,  his eyesight becomes seriously affected.  From 35 16 45 a man should arrange with his  food and. square hypochondria. 'He cannot,  it is true, change, his diathesis, but be can  manage..H..\The habitual character of.food,  no less than its quantity and quality, begins  to tell whether It charges tho Hystein withfai,  muscle, sinew, fiber, or watery particles.���������  [Pall Malt Gazette;  EXPRESSES, STEAMERS, &i .  (Carrying.Her Majesty's Mails.)  LEAVES   BA1UCERV1LLE   FOR    YALE  EVERY. sumy:ioeekg, .  Connecting with steamers at QiujaneJmouth.  Yale, New Westminster and Victoria.  .. Freight and frisscngorg'"carried through at reason-  alilu nit������'_. ���������  .For rates of Freight and.'.Passage, npply'to  ���������;,.������������������ :GI.O. BV11KES, Agent,  ��������� j���������<>0 '  '        ' . ij.rkervjllo.  ;' HOTELS; RESTAURANTS;&c.    X'  '" \ 'STANlMEY,^ Z  R. MrDKRMOTT; <y    ���������*     ! : '���������tUoMiiKToa'.'  ' -jtrgr tho-host Wines, Liquors, and Cigars at th*  bitr.-nn-l all vleliorf'Miido huppy.au d cotufurtablo.s  my'J Cm   .     . ���������,.      .--���������....-:'-"   \ .-������������������ * -,:  :': -  MISUWliANKOUS.-  .       HAS OX HAND.  A WELL ASSORTED STOCK OF  . U i.< mpa1 arly,?up p n?0*1 thaI wo. chn n jre  ciVr ooiistjiniiuiis'once .in seven years!; but  j^itpficftily"'wry -decnuV. muki*8 a turning  j^tiot jirjite. -���������. tl b liiitjoo much to say Unit,  li?!i��������� i-iiiik\\icuirnt.*;' a man ct\n at cerlain (1 ati\������  , aVeidi' wfarirthiinor.iif; ileaih and from wliat  :��������� i:!.������?s otiiis^itiiv kliali die.   Toe ^formalion  ot1i)^c-nr!!tnlinn in,eavly liA;-?ay from "the  - iig<��������� or. fiy(������'��������� t o fifii'cn r-.dt- vo 1 yes on \ lie; n.itr?e,  'ii-f matoviiiul. Il-n*:.train::;^ in "the nursery  ;n n<? ij(. Ij oo 1 '-ronm. 1 n i I >e r. \\ wry. a t a ny ra te,  (\ycr J������pilin*; is ��������� h cur������ina 1 vic������ ; l������n111 >e over-  ; fn] r-lnMr-.-nwho wit-(li'sli moat, ilsi'eo limoii a  . diiy bt'coino so gross and imwicMy as to bt������  n linvili^v Lo itirconcunuMl; wliiio tight stay?,  : iijrht Vionts urul hig|i,liVe!s develop evory evil  \nh\t'{- the sua, fro nr bun if i as downward.   At  this point hvu y<i{U,f,of ^ynia.ticn. or a couplo  tit* yeiiisspMit on boanl of one of our.ttauv-  hij; ?hi|js. docs womleis for our boys, wlio*  get lite use of their, h;^ and arms to an  a m ii zi i! ;p il vfvee, T li e ai h: *Hi c wo r"It ji er for m ed  by bchoul^oys and university men is perhaps  at its host in these days, ihough most happy  k the Man wlio ns never over train ed/b'ocau 3f>  he is perpetually in condition.   From  fifteen  to 1 we n ly- fi ve a ma n b as t o p re pare f o r t bat  legitimate enjoyment of lire which should by  rights be hk   lie has in all   probability  ciiosen lilts profession, memory is at its best.  ambition at its highest, aud his temptation to  luirn the candle at both ends���������to bo a brilliant boon companion, a man whoso good  tules a ro rente inhered, and whose witty sayings nre everywhere quoted-is almost Irresistible ; facility does not come with age, and  the heat stories grow stale.   01 tbe number  of prematurely exhausted intellects and shortened Uvea broken down in this way there is  no need to tell.  Every man's memory will  fitntish him with,a list of names more or less  Fnun 25 to 35 is tho true time for all tho |  etWment of\a' .man's best powers, when  physical ���������v^o.t is at its highest, and human  pft������������on h at its full strength. Daring the last  Iiu5rof thin decade a man should be assiduous  to construct a system of philosophy by. wbick  jo rule his life, and to contract- a- chain of  httf������ibinlelligcnUj, so.that he should neither  be their slave-no r too easily cast the in aside.  The exact propo*rtii)ir.of pbysi.ca'r and'-intci-  Actual strength should be gauged, and the  cunsiiUitioiiia weakness, or, ia other words���������  the afelJ^ toward wbicb a tendeacy exists'  earsoir-s  T EAVE?.   BARKERVILLE   FOR YALE  I j   every a 11 ernJilc Sat u rJ ;*>*, -    ��������� ���������  :   AKIIGfSSWI.4'  STANLEY, LIGHTNING 'CtfEEjV'';  Board, X ; -^.perWeefe.  Singe i_eals,_75 cents.   ';'  ������������  T!ic Talilo fumisliod with tho, besitto.-tniijlt?* '  ,nS    :   .���������.������������������������������������.  ���������   -!     "    '      .vmyStai     .  ERSES,  PROV13SON3,      ^  'HARDWARE, ���������  ������������������--    CLOTHING  foe    cling-with  tho Steamers, at Qitosnelmouth.  Yal.j and -Kow Westuiinstep.  11*   Treasure Carried at One-half of One  pei   "eiit. .:./.'. ��������� : *  .  F    e\\i nna rflpgengcra cafri'fiil c]ienpcr tlian,by  any.othirI.iu8.   &'^ No *m Travelling by this  [���������"xurC"'"* ��������� ���������"���������    ���������"   ".'-���������.  'l'or rates of Freight or Passage, Jipl'ly to  JONATHAN *NUTT, Agent  j ,.-������5 . .    i3.irkcvvtRc.-  ���������  CO.MR ALONG- WITH YOUR.CASH  &3- AND OCT BAUGA1.NS. -_J#  nijrli ...  Kogers ���������&> Wi  lson  $  STEAMER. '���������':?  _ _'ir>.  ���������WILL- COHMEfTCE 'HER.r  REGULi__R  if j    Trip? oi* llio lSih Juno, ruuuiag si3,icl lows .uu til  further notice:' ������  Loaves HOD A CREEK;', on' THURSDAYS, at  4 O'clock, a.iii.  Loaves tJUESNKLMOUTH on-SUNDAYS, at  2 p.m.    .\  FREIGHT, ��������� ��������� StG per ton of 2,000 lbs.  A. S; BATES.   '  Sotlsi Greek, Jane 12, 1ST4. . je20  f> EG TO ANNOUNCE THAT TH BY HA VK T.EMO VFD  {)   to the spacious promises formerly knowiuis; tLo  3t.; George Saloon, whero they. wJH.bc atall Umcs -  prepare^'to furnish '    .  ,    B OAR I* '���������: A-N D.^ W E..A L S! ,.  Ti-is  BEST  ^AClT^'-:  Tho   BAH 13 tfurnisljed with tliq Cucsi' *������T.N������3r:  LIQUORS uuU CIGARS, y, .-���������   .    ;v ,   /    :     ������  [Successors to D. Kuvfe & Co.,]  LMrORTKUS AND DEAL!:ilS IN  GIG-APvS,  TOBACCO,  GROCERIES,  PROVISIONS,  Dry Goods and Clotliing.  CLINTON  EXTRA   FLOUR.  . ���������  ��������� .������ ^aP* nn-l;tv ":iJ at t,lC  fi7y AH GotKto of Uic i,Obo ^tua-vj  mvO Cm  Pwrr^^^a___!__----'*^5__^  --  Bankruptcy Notice,  fiTHFRfiAS TltR COURT ��������� AUTHORISED TO  VV "ot in the pnvsocutinn. ������>f a 1'ytlU.m lor  m     :'Vl. "*   '���������',���������.���������-,.... ������������������m?������,i on the Tin  day  larding  D*GG- TO INFORM THEIR FRIENDS AND.  **   the public that they have opened a  Saloon in. Barkerviile, I  (Quo door below tho TIC-TIC OFFICE,}  or thosalo-of WINES, LIQUORS and CIGAB^  of the best.quality.  rville Brewery.  Lowest Prices.,....  BurkcrviHc, JluyO.  v^  z.-i-Hwnse.n.  ^A.T THSr*  OLDfANWINKLE?  k  A Si.  INQ-,.-CB������-������K������ ���������-.  IHAIIIII&SiI?v  ,!!^Ulf^;?S:    of U    renin ol Her pr.^nt Mojo,-  l2i, :V-1;'^ l So^wi runt Iaw OmiolMatibri Ad.  SS^r^S^We S.: ihat succour; YfHI ^i^  lW.������f ir ii. a i rl nb������o tthove-mcnlloiicl lor the pur  :i,. u,e hi,.o ..������   1 uf l|R, er(Jli4tur,  trSSol/otlH^icr will ^ marie tl.r.iu ;u  ���������'' Conn^l in the matter ol\tlu.|BJinkr������i)U^  Baiikniptcy Notice.  R������ WirXUM FUERKST, a Banlirupt.  rno Ml whpm.lt may couo?m:   .;.,  * r /tiM lint the public sitting in the matter o:  . Tftko not oni wit' "^-Vulv^rt-usoil to bo Ik-U, bcRu^  ;ih0 tf^S riS   at ������i8r next Gencr.il ���������Xwiw at  Assize at  1M..CUNIO  i>ROPKlEtO*n.'''  tra-^*-  Tli9 Celebrated ZXX Ale  will *6o mfttiitntfitarcd aud.so^byjWholodal* an d  tnillu tiu ptu'ityjuud       "' *���������*  ��������� ���������  ^r������as^"������"  ()I-f^M    Sr'tkJuilso oi* tiro" County Conn ol  BrU^O<iiiw������' Jj      t StfpWmhcr. A.tt 1U74   ���������   '. ���������  AiMiX. fe   13. D.VV1E,  Coiiiiscl in the matter or thi| J*������nkruiH  Tlie best Liquors & C!igar������  co������slantly fecpt &a lianil        '.'*'.'   .  T3xe. Lodging' -j^rtoisnt  |������.*��������������� n.Way5 ^^-g^1^^^  \ Berts an* 8������BBiaw48it������������- P5f?>ia-a *Vi        ^^y  if  ���������������  ;������������������" j I v.;  v.S.  11  '    ,*;ffi  .  :'  *4  . t  i.-f ������m CAMBOO SENTINEL  ���������      ���������rr   , ,���������-���������,,-,��������� ^.         ���������-.  ���������    SATURDAY: OUT. 10. 1874  orra magnifioest water  stretches;1  We pity the "babes asd sucklings" ."flffio  S.itely signed tbe New Westminster and Yale  petitions approving of Mr Mackenzie's. Railway- ooUoy*.r Fdr a timeV a sbo rt t lifte o a 1/;  Thejr were allowed to labor under tho deln  - ������lon ttiafc the Canadian Pdoifio Railway  was  *o reach the seaboard by tbe valley of, the  Fraser, and as,proof positive Jlhat-tbis rou'tft  fsas been adopted, was not a contract given  out for the construction of the telegraph line  not a foot of railway, the Colonist might have  restraint on their eager way to the Pacific.  Nature at one ttm;? placed a barrier of  great mountains in tho way of their egre^n  to tho ocean through the present channel,  anil that barrier���������stronger than any winch  nun could construct���������war! pierced by the  fierce waters.; but, thanks to the enterprise  and engineering skill of the present day.  these same mighty waters can now be  pent up by the construction of a few locks.  How these'looks'are'to bo eo"d?ti*uCted and  how they are to be placed in position, how  they are to be opened: ami shut in the face of  a volume of water more than sufficient to  fill all the canals in the world, running with  a, frightful velocity, we arc not yet informed.  ��������������� Not a rood of canal will be required."���������and  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  er's Notice*"  \TOTIOB   IS   HEREBY   OIVEN   THAT  11    ou and utter tbo  FIRST DAY OF NOVEMBER NEXT,  NEW ADVEUTlsraEKij.gr  which is to "pave the way'' for the rail (fay t  23ut, alas I it now appears that there is to be  mo railway at all;  that " ma^rmGcent water  stretch, the noble, the mighty Fraser, 13 to be  .made navigable from the Rocky Mountains  to the sea, and the immense cost of building  the British Columbia section of tho Canadian  Pacific Railway avoided !   The editor of the  Colonist has been instructed by Mr Mackenzie  to unfold tho manner of carrying-onfc this  wonderful scheme, and his.brilliant series of  articles" will delight all those who in fbeir  ���������youth bad a fancy for reading the wonder-  ifal stories contained in that wonderful book  Hhe Arabian NightsY Entertain men ts;.    Qur  readers will remember that the fortunate pos  sessor .of /AtadloV Lamp had only to rnb  itjWben the geni of the lamp appeared, and  at his master's bidding immediately accom-  -plished the moat wonderfu 1 ibings.   Tbe Cana-  -dian-Premier is a modern Aladin-j-he rubs his  miaglc lamp with a few Government adver-  iisemente, and the gehi of tho lamp forthwith  appears.   The obstructions .to navigation in  the nobl<% the mighty Fraser are- to be re:  moved : the geni.of tbe lamp���������the editor of  the Colonist���������seizes his pen, and behold it is  <lone!   Six hundred miles of roaring, turbulent, and furious waters become immediately  as smooth as a mill pond !  What stupid people British Columbians  snust be! ;Fprflie pas.tdecade they have been  enjoying'-;��������������� -Rip VatiWinlcle  sleep I     The  noble, the mighty Fraser bas been'rushing  past them on:its eager way to tbe Pacific, and  Instead of "bearing uninterruptedly upon its  "bosom the commerco of the country," its  placid waters have remained for" the greater  part undisturbed except by the nports  of the salmon; and tho slow-goinor inhabitants have   been   content   to   avail "tfiein-  ^ded-rto caiT7 out a project which tbo gods  might father, and which is only to cost the  paltry sum of one or two millions of dollars!  Tbe engineering skill, at the command of* the  Canadian Premier and the editor of the Vic  toria Colonist  is   perfectly astounding.    It  their genius hud only directed the affairs of  Old Canada some thirty or forty.years Binco,  the noble  St. Lawrence would have b^eu  locked, and the hundreds of millions of do 1 *rs  expended in the construction of canal*, to  avoid the trifling rapids of that river avoided.  We expect the next great scheme broached  by the editor of the Colonist at the command  of bis master will be a Railway to the Moon  io lien of the British Columbia section of the  great Canadian Pacific Railway!   Such  an  enterprise would he worthy of (be genius of  a Mackenzie,   and could easily be accomplished at-the command of the geni of the  Colonist.   Nothing is iucpoesible to a man  who cati render, the Fraser-navigable from  Yule to the foot of the Rocky Mountains without the construction of a single   rood   of  canal, and who can construct locks of iroo  and wood sufficiently strong to withstand the  rush of its "mighty, waters-rand all ,at a cost  of one or two millions ol dollars t  an \ 'aims hi ���������������������" ^"iu"������   "���������*   .;        "-'���������*,      ���������.������    ..>;  .!   .  'until the 20th JKvj IS75, subject to thfi 9th &ecu.m  of tbo Gold Miuing Amendment Act. 1S72.  JI,   31    UAIjIj,  Rich field, 7 Ui October. 1874.  Gold Commissioner.  oclO  The second Annual  Meeting of tho Bridge  Creek Jockey Club will be held at  OUR GOLD PROJECTION/  Although tho population of Cariboo is so  much less than iu the old days when gold  was so ranch more plentiful" and easier obtained than at present, we have causafor congratulation when we look at the large yield  of tbe .precious metal which our. mines are  Still turnin^'out;'and when we consider the  limited space in which they are situated and  the vast extent of territory in tbe district still  unprospected, we feel convinced that there  are as bright days in store for Cariboo in the  future as we have experienced in the past.  It is a very difficult undertaking to 'attempt  to make any approximate estimate of tlie  On Tuesday .& Wednesday  the 13th and Mtb October, 1874.  $&* Programmes will  be issued shortly  with fc 11 purlieu I >trs.  JAS. B. LEfGIITOX,  Secretory and Treasure?.  HENRY CUAULTON.  President.  Brid^o Creek, Sept. 30. 1674:  NOTICE.  VTOTICE   13   IIRRBRY 'GIVES   THAT  AFP11C4.  ;i tiou trill be niad-o; at tho n^xt Se������tf<������n of the  !.pgl3latl\T Assembly of the Provluco of Bn'.l.sh Columbia by tho  WILLIAMS   CREEK   HED-ROCK  FLUME  A.ND DITCfl COMPANY (Limited),  for an Actio rmetv in favor of tho .������ni<J Company f������r  it further p*ri"d of t������'n year.-? from tho 29th cay of  M.irclt. 1876, all anil $1 rural ir tho rights, }*rivlI*-Rcii an 1  benefits conform*! iijm'i thfitn by the " iViilUiios Creole  Flume Ordinance," 1S6G''  October 2, 1S74 orS  amount of gold taken out, as I bough we ob-  -eeh-i's of (be slow means of locomotion I tain returns from the principal mining claims  AlTorded; by    stage   and   ox-team.'  /This! there are so many scattered through the dif-  *od grandest part of all the* Fraser, extending  from Tale to Boston Bar as impossible of  navigation," but the editor of the Colonist  . rmdeceires them.  " It is a mistake to supj os i  that even this part of tbe Fraser presents in-  aurmonntable physical obstacles to steamboat  *arigalion.   It presents no greater obstacles  than those which have Ion? since been over-  come'in'old Canada.  A3 it is. steamers could.  ��������� 'during the greatesrpa.rt of the year, descend  with less apparent risk thaa they daily /run  ���������tbe Cedars, and Lachihe;,rapids on ;the St.  liawrence.   Iq-order toi ascend, not a rood of  KJaiial would be necessary.; "X: few lockvfor  the construction of which the greatest faeiii-  -ues are presented,: would overcome all and  ���������carry steamers   up   through   the   Cascade  chain."   Riffle, gravel bars, whirlpools, and  waterfalls are readily removed by a wave of  H������ warvd of   the genii   and from thence  upwards to  Big  Bar   we   are  told   there  aro  no obstacles  "before   which  the   en-  d  pose, offer no obstacles to a steamer asce^  in% or descending the Fraaer; it is on record  rhat a much greater obstacle to navigation  hm been safely overcome in Old Canada  ror nave we not read it fo our school books'  f>ntfloni:t ^os eince au Indian pu^4 hu  *mo������Mf^j over the Falls of NWri>  lUit wewillgo-biak to the Srand Oui-^  :>     NOTICE,  A Court of General Assize  4 ND  GAOL  "OEUVERY AN'I)   OK   X1SI   i������tUCS,  ���������IX   will oe heu at '  YALE, on FRIDAY, (he lfllh dny of October  next, at.II o'clock in tbe forenoon, aud at  NEW WRSTMIWSTKit on KRIDAY. the 23d  day of October, at tho same hour.  0ai������5dl2tl> of September, 1S7-J.  B}- coin maul*  cc3  JOHN' ASH,  Pmvinci ������l S''cr*iiirf  below in private hands that there is no pos-  s'bilify of knowing the quantity sent out of  tbe district. As an indisputable evidence.  hawevev, of .tfce fact that Cwiboo is not yet  " played out.5'* we give below a reiurn of the  Exchange Saloon  MADAME   BENDiXEM  [TAVlNGr  Opened the above Saloon. ,,-  Jl   tnras tier thauks !or past Juvow, a������������u hopes bv  TSE BEST UfiUOBS AM CIGABS  INr WiriSlJ COLUMI1IA,  0-  BEADING-   EOOM  amount of gold assayed during the past four atioaorSicS"V������ ^^ " mCrU a eont,M:  weeks by that institution which has been of  so much benefit to our miners, the Goverx-  mkxt Assay Office.  ; :.We may:inentioa that during thii: period  all our best paying claims have not* been at  work,, and that several  of  our successful  miners; who have recently gone to Victoria  took large amounts of dust with them.   It  must also be remembered that the Bank of  British  North America assays the gold dust  bought by their branch here at their own  office in Victoria.���������������������������������������������?  RESTAMANTi BttERY,  STANLEY, - ���������' LIGHTNING CREEK.  ffiooenng skill and mterpri* of the day Q8������d  to|.tate.������   The falis at Brldg. river, We ������������  Assayed for week ending Sept. 12, $19,025 41  "                 "    ' '*      Sept. 10, 24.948 9G  '                .."       t{     "B*vpt. 2tf, "10,������07 47  *���������          ������'        Cinl   u in (\C.(X  ������n  Total,  Oct. a,      16,0G6 23  $71,818 07  hawwm Y���������i* M<i Lytton, ihmfi which the  "Write water, hm' mi hmmH^rf^. Qm^  Drikd Potatoks.���������Potatoes, cut and dried,  are coming into favor in the East. They lose  U per cent, of their watery elements, con^e,  quentiy a ton is reduced in weight to 353  pounds. Thus dried, potnto������s'keep i.idaflii-  itely. They are in demand for ships' stores  and tor inland places where freight is expensive, as in mining dUtrhiH,   By immersion in  water over night they reauma nearly  their  ordinal bulk, without percoptibl������   loss of  ned a*t  >o hiul  is  ulso  Fresh  8iipp]jes  RECEIVED BY EXPRESS  BARKERVILLE  BMG .STORE.  PURE   DRUGS,  SPECIFIC  MEDICINES,  ENGLISH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN '  PATENT   MEDICINES,  AS CHEAP AS ANY STORE 15 THE  UPPER COUNTRY.  prwu  LIGHTNING   CREEK.  DR. CHIPP enn lio ronsulio.t en t!,t, Crect  EVKRV KIJXDAY MOKXINd, uuti! noun  ll.irk������ rvUlo, July. ^2, 16U.  Ladies   and  JliiSclren.  Ladies' Balmorals,  Kid Opera Slippers,  ���������Lasting Buskins,  . Size3~froni No. 2i to 7.  MISSES & BOYS' BALMORALS,  Sizes ���������from 6 to 12.  CnLLDUENS BALMORAL-S, Ko. t to 5,  INFANTS' BOOTIES, No.l to 5.  LADIES k CHILDREN'S SHAKEN JUTS  LADIES' UMBULXLAS.  Paper Collars and Cuffs.  GENT'S WHITE SHIRTS,  No. 15 t-> 1(J.  &ur TliO abflve&rc New GooUs, ju������i r-cvir;! *jj  W. D. MOSES.  B'trkcrvSUt. Jttljr 3. Ju4 l.n  THE FIX.LOWING  EXTRACT FfiOH A LETTER  dat������Mi 15th Miy, !ST2,  f'iMn mi c\\ iit'.cbl-  toui oi H*a,u\i,'*b*M, ������'-*->r W.*rminsUT,  WilW:  W-     '' I niu������l ft!.*o bop to ������ *y i(m( your Pi\> r-rt  ������n rxct>il<'-irt. itp'fliclni ft������r mo. h:i ' I c rW*u\f  -..'������������������o.l apj������,(U������'.   Tin's ���������? owiiig f> t,ikiugyour  PHI.-.    I ,it.j TS yv-tr* 'M,  IS5    j       " n?niaic������ng, G-'ntl.tn-.-n, youra v,yt*  T������������ itic Praprl'-ton of  MORTON'S 'CAMOMILE PILLS, LONDON  :iu i 'j ly  THE UNDERSIGNED HirR^BY GIVTES  bv * ut���������*. or Book AcCMint?, thut unl^s Uiwr iin������.������  iif^p-.tH miorUcf������������ro Ukj 1st Gotobur next, u������e*f  ���������will Ut* pat in to Court for co\lectton. <  oh  EGBERT "MML  S^'tn Crei'k, St'pi. '20, 1S74.  The best Liquors & Cigars.  BREAD,   PIES  and Cakes, daily.  First-class Steam Engine  for ~ 3  Sale.  .TOR SAT.B TKB POUB^T HOSE STEAM RKGINB  X1    Willi Hoisting Owir t;r������iiiplete. : ' ���������  SMITH, AND CArtPIOTER TOOLS,  thiJy 36.  ���������Asm���������  6,000 LAGGING  Dissolution of Partner ship  I exlsllnx between GJSIOP IrOU HON. tUU't  ndmttBth, lirltMh Columbia, ts Una itay dbso^w o/  HtUUlitl concept.        ... ���������   ���������   .     '    ,   r������irh������m  All ������U<hU-4!u������ to tho fate Arm of Oiro.l & O" CJJJ  will ho cvllBCtcd -liy-cirlitr of us. ������iv! nil ;*^h������tJ  .luo hr t'lte flisilU Hrm will tHtamtM !������y J.v'i^i wu  \v ill con Unuo thc Imslnce������ en Ms d������?n :ico������ j. u *���������  J. (,������lit**������'������  jLguiciion:  Qiio>ndmoiHh, July ^U_JR74> aul2m^  For  Sale. :  HE HALF-WAY HOUSE, JACK OF CLUBS,  ������n<l oouicjnio.  l*(j������si<:'P.������foa"piven fmrac<lbl''Iy.  ���������AppI'yoBlhoj)Wiuia(������lor>taBo   Byji,VR?,  ju)261m   ��������� "     ������������^m������.  E.  Two  G-ood  Fresh  Cows,  For ml* obom   lna������ir������> of WM-DIXOK^^.  ad*v������rJ 0������'le������; Barkerrllln. ,:**���������*    '  fe-^-'  ,   .������������������: ������������������������ .*.-������f-.ii- , y. ���������    ,. i-: :;������.    ..��������� j  ^^^A1>^\   .^^ 15IBTIL  AtYan Winkle, on tlje;4th4nst.,  Ar Jniix Eo^RDa^f ft ������Qpr      >  the wife  ESS*?  H  Ju'4 I.a  H  h������������������||  1TTEH  ���������  til is'sbji  fStslSIJ  nimsstci,           j  B  M&f  11  '..GIVES      ���������  i������mI to Mm  liVir lidits  text* tUey  lllili  lirsilS  WggM  sese. './:���������]  liiflll  ������������8  1  I  ������������������  wt*iillil-  Wm  mm  BrjK ^  k, a very-'ibte R^i^M! ^?*,*n~  ' Mr Gilbert MalcolmVSprottt^^ia. stjled  I a-M&bM ��������� fqrvBViUsh- Colombia. ;^r  i^oat   does.. gond;A Ber^ice   ia, Raping  before   IhV   English    pnblio; infontiation  r^rding the poaition^rbgress aad resources  i tjfthis province, aud I������6 baa als6;dpne; us good;  perrice to correcting misrepresentatiohsocca-  fionftllr made through  tbo;Jriglish /press  detrimental to oiif in Lcre^   0tic readers  irlti remember MrSproafs Texadn statement,  in which iio *ays that during: Mr ^ePoanjos'  1ilaf in London-,that genUemm talked; of  nothing elso but, <!' Dry Dock;/*,tbo^special  busiiit'ss which broiigltt him; there, and which  he carried out so successfully ; and now, in a  letter to the Canadian> Newsman; o6scur������  Loudon    newspaper -^ defen^i^  against unjust charges-preferred agafa&f biw  in the paper named, bo bears testimony ta  the sual arid ftbiUtyof anotbe^BnibhColunv  l������iaMuiister -Mr Wai W-nf endeavoring: to  bring the object of his mission to a success,  fid issue.' Mr Sproat.says "^Ir^alkem Is a  Miigle>mihde(!iwell judging^  loyalto England:;and^ariada,xHKa^prpper:  i>a\ for his own province.,  It most begrati-  fyfog to him, as the occupant ofXresponsibie  nation w'a distant part of the,Empire, to  finlthat the.metropolitan^prefiS^spontaneouS'  k, has made common^canse^ith  British  Columbia in the present unhappy dlspute.;v  Jo tho same letter. \1 rSproat saysx\Kt, Mac���������;  kf naia is an e.xcellen t \ man'/ elear '-b ended,  honest "and candid;.but I disapprove of the  p ��������� il icy of * his Cu b i n o t to ward s Bri t isb Col urn ���������  hi a. I am afr^hUt will; dam agouthe Domiu-  UuV, the Province;, and thk Premier." ^ are  at a lo*s lo imagine by what process of rear  EMiiiug Mr Sproat relic yea Mr -Mackenzie of  i^poiiHliility for the acts, of his Cabinet,  Tim policy off tho -Oabi it et towards Bri tfsh  G o'. I u n b i a. i f dam dgi ng," ranst b o "d tsh on est ~  c.m iu chivf, then, be called ��������������������������� an excellent,  cl ea r-h ead edvlK> nest, and w^  carding to M r Sproat,-- it r Mackenzie niust! lie  a mum "puppet" in the hands of bis co**-  1 eagues. who . a re list ng h Uji as a cl oak: to  cover their dishonest policy; totfards Oils  province. ..." -*V  BAD IXDU^r x     :  It ivitl bo soon by tbb^nows from Quflsnelr  mouth that the. Iiidhhs. have used -sum*.'pi:  the Caviar bound ������������������ pacMniins very badly^  f he In(1an Conunissiunor*s presenco won t d  appear to bo necessary'in.tUatse^iidn^pf the  province, "���������������������������., - ' ��������� ��������� ..''../  Q'nsaulmouth/ Oclober;8;:--Ued Aleck,  Phil Grindor; and toni Untchison, the pack-  era who left hero for. Cussiaritv June, itud  w tin w a re ri������p oriid s tarv i n g mm e time ago,  arrived here, to-day, , They got within 200,  miles of the min e.^, b u rfi nd i n g' :i t. ������������������ Un p osal b 1 e  to rea c h th e re t hey d u m p ed 111 ei r 1 oa d s a u d  returned. They report shameful treatment  from tlm Indians, who robbed them of every-  thiug they could l������iy l]undHoa5and threatened  deiyta on the-slightest remonstrance, They  lost the whole of Urn cargo and five animals.  lhu Oniiueca Express arrived this evening.  irfWB reports everything-looking very favor-  Who.   The roads, bridges, &e., ure now being  ^paired.   Lewis brought down  $1000  in  oust.  Tuk "pARTV 0P i>uiutv'j���������the men who  cned out against the. corruption of the Lib-  ������ral Conservative Party���������who bewailed the  wn of bribery as committed, according to  them, by Sir John A.'s friends, are being  branded by the regularly constituted Courts  of Ule country as hypocrites'of the very first  *?��������� Lt^k at tlte string of criminals hung.  ti^L?V)tJtUva8P������civM,and recollect that  ^l *llf bitest batch.   Another batch  ���������������^finliUh.a!1.bl,ra-MS- Tb0 ^stmaster Gen-  br hf������ v ii15,11 UP *m ^ ranks oi the " able  Sn HwhL. o .hM ���������?-air,y wort ������������Hl������mle honors  ^������b a Wgflnaqfc^MMfrwil paper.  . MINING IN-TBLLIGESCB.,   \  -:X- '���������'������������������..   . -Wn.UAMS CHEBIf.  .The .Bedrock Flume co. struckj?ood pay  yeBterdnyv washing np 50 oZ., and expect to  have 150 oz for 1the week The Bedrock  Drain is in about the same position as it was  six months ago. Cariboo co. taking -on t con-  Bwetably.ow expenses. It ts reported that  'th������^5^m������.WKJTOh������dni< .10? oz. last  :week.;:Sereral clairns around Cameronton  ASiiLK-;Ant*Wffl PW  Ballarat co.still  prospectmg.  '���������'���������' :-v ��������� ���������'������������������/ '���������'������������������''��������� C0!CKUn Gutanv. ���������  ::������������������.���������'Wtyte PJP������ co;, no change since last re-  IJprt Ferguson co. fixing up to work f^orri  new- shaft. Ontario co washed up710-toz  '������������*;.:w'eok���������, and :ICO oz. iip to FridaVi��������� Qora  co^haye stnickagood prbspecMSl 50 lo  the pan, and expect -to take oivt jybod pay  next week. Indian Queen- cb^ fixing up for  winter. /;..���������'������������������ ::'���������������������������;'  LIOIITXtN'O CRBBK.  X Van Winkle Co. lookout 350 oz. last week  and 30 oz. on Wednesday ;: have run off tbe  pay, and it will probably he a few days before, they are on pay again. Victoria.co. have  started to work in the face. Vancouver co.  took out 126 bz. lasl week, w.orkih won tho  sides-; started, in the face on Wednesday-"-  Vhican co. had 37 oz. last week ; have struck  the Li frh I ri i ng lead. and wash ad 11 p: 40 oz. oh  Wed nesday ���������; the pronnd looks wel 1 at pre*.  en t. Costel I o sli 11 rnn hin p as re poi ted 1 a3t  week. GIadstone co. pre ui n% their pnmps.  and ditch reaciy in ord^r to -start.work again  hex t week Ele ven; of;Engl an d co' have t hei r.'  wjieel-pit near!y ready ; :BiIsland Lrothers  building the machinery.     :-\  ���������"."���������        ;-  PKTK1W CR15EK.     .''/���������;.���������..'  Another company has been  located   on  Peters creek, below the one now at wo ik  .thefe^'r r'xx-��������� '���������::   ;������������������";���������'������������������' '^/X;r^x%���������'-'.. ��������������������������� '������������������ '���������  .' JACK 0POLOBS CUKKK. . fr, ���������  Two Brntheri co. had their blind shaft  down 13 feet yuiterday.  ���������    CASSIAU. '  i    DsASti Uukkk, Aug! R 1874; r  - "Rnrron Sks*TI ski'.: -P ursua n 11 o p rom ise, ��������� 1  write you briefly oI this place and ray, trip������������������ to  the same;' ��������� The trip from Victoria to ihe head  nt steani navigation on the Siickeen river,  d istn n ce a bo ii t 9 60 m i les. is Ui.e m osi p leasan t  o lie th at c it has ever been my lot to t ake.  fcase. creek is; ItO-wiJftiilBw;^^^^ o';  havffii(i6H-:~90 miles T^i^Y"lrai]ram^ 20  miles down a pretty lake to the mouth of the  creek I havn been -here but ��������� two��������� days,' and  hence cm tell you little about the mines,.but  1"'-. have seen many evidenees of a Kobd��������� rqU!  ���������JeV4 in; this brief tfine..'' I have ulso Been;mucb  ���������fl;o|S7di*ist:,'an'ii7rmV^  money "rapidly * and* I think: ttiere. will; be a  yt������:ry^oiisidKVuhle. amount of money hi.ado;  here ibis fall, :    - ,:  No n^w ��������� discovet��������� ves "Mvo been made tins,  sumnier, but ns ninny m���������*n are cmt in the  mau n tains ne w de veto p m en Li nre 1 o oked;-Tor  daily. The climate and cost of living are -the  chief'. iiiipedi men ts in the miners road t-n  sii ccess; ��������� the formor,' can ne yer. be ch an ged.  butthe cost of liviujr will dotibtle^s be nn-  toriaily reduced next season. Freight from  Port Wrangel to the head of steam navi^ition  on the iStickeen. distance ItiO miles, is S������0 per  ton : from thence to the head of UeaseUke,  over the best pack trail that I ever.saw in my  life, with an abundance of.good feed, distance  90 miles. 30c to 35c*; by boats from the head  of Dense Lake to the month of Hw:'cre������iC,.aia--  tance-20 miles. $20,per ton. \ou -.will:���������***  by these figures that goods are nocessarl\y  costlv. 1 will try and pive yon my impres-  sionsof the couutry more at length at some  future time, ;   ', ''   ���������'*      d*?*"**".  Fnw Bai6\oK.^At .th������.n������V. monthly  meetiug of the Barkerville Fire Brigade held  Inst- Wednesday evening, the following gentlemen were elected offlce-boarers for the eu*  suiug year:���������  Captain���������Goorge Byrnes.  1st Lieiitcnant-S. A. Rogers.  2d Lieutenant-Joseph M=^oU,  Treasurer-E, C. Neufelder.  Secretary-A. Mouat.  1st Liranchman (lower tank)-W, 13. bttei,  2d Branchman-John Bibby ,  1st Branchman (upper tmikWhos. llaia  iug; 2d Branchmun-ii. 'l������^������f ���������  Fire Wardeus-Johu Bowron, A, HolTuian,  ISL Guam. "'  Stewnrd-R. Lipsett. ��������� R  Finance   Committee���������A. Fondola,  u x>.  Nason, F. PerretU; __  DilT DocSu^tTis; of thelim of Mor-  ris and Kinnippie, the London  Dock En-  Poiac������ GounT.-Joseph Mathews, who es-  caped conviction at the last Assize Court on  a charge of larceny on account of the Jury  not receiving- the evidence of a Chinaman  who saw the accused committing the theft  was again detected stealing 0n Wednesday  last at the Barkervillo Auction Rooms.  Mathews attended the auction sale on Wed-  nesday, and, beiog a suspicious character, his  movements Vvere closely watched. He was  .observed to.placfl .something in his coal  pocieU, and shortly afterwards left the room  But Chief Constable bad his eye upon him'  and arrested Joseph when be reached the  sidewalk. The prisoner, with an air of injured innocence, took off his coat, threw it on  the sidewalk, and invited the officer to search  him, The prisoner was searched first, then  the discarded coal. 4n the pockets of. which  Wfre found two bottles of French mustard  and a roll of butter. Mathews immediately  weakened on this discovery. On Friday tht������  prisoner, was brought up before the Police  Magistrate, when he pleaded guilty  and was sentenced.to six months7 impVtsou-  raent with hard labor.  ImpcdbkcU and SiMPLrciTy.��������� The New  Westminster organ of the Canadian Party ol  Purity publishes id its last issue a notice par  porting to emanate from Mr Henry HoJbroo!-,  Vie member for that city in the Local Ley] *  latnre. notifying the citizens that that gentleman will offer himself as a candidate to represent them at the-"coming election." If  tho notice really emanates from Mr Hol-  brook, he is certaioly taking- time by  the forelock with a vengeance, for there is  not a ghost of a chance for a Local Election  for the next eleven months.    The notice,  however, has evidently been manufactured  for the same purpose as the New Westminster  and Yale petitions���������to mislead the Dominion  Government as to the true beatings,of the  public pulse in this province 5 and advantage has been taken of Mr Holbrooke "simple and unsuspicious Hat lire by a political  knave to use bis name for that purpose.  V Honors to liiii Waliehm.���������Tho Victoria  Standard of Sept. "2Jth says:���������"A private  letter from Mr Walkem bas been received at  Ottawa in which the bon. gentleman "states  that heiaet with.:* tindlj reeeptionfromRart  Carnarvon, who was to give him a Gnal  answer to his case the week of writing. Mr  Walkem has.beenJgreatly assisted by Sir John  Rose, who has been lately created a Baronet.  Our Premier, has been placed on the general  and special committees of the British Association ior the Advancement of Science, as  a compliment to hb well-known artistic  talents." '  We reieived by last night's mail a copy of  a pamphlet entitled ".The; Dominion of  Canada and the Canadian Pacific Railway.  Tbe author. Mr William Wilson, of Victoria  is known in .this province as an able and  vigorous writer, and an honest, patriotic  citizen. Il fa - opinions, therefore, on a question of vital importance to tho whole Dominion are entitled to great consideration. Mr  Wilson has taken steps to place his pamphlet  iu the hands of every prominent individual  in the Dcmtnibm-. We wilt, take^an early opportunity of reviewing' the pamphlet >  . HoimwAUD BotiN'O.r^Wo liave noticed the  departure lately of .several of our lucky,  miners, homeward bo'nhtl, and; byto-morrow's  Express we notice that another .old resident  -*itr Norimm McIntyre..,of the Ferguson co.y  ConkUn gulch-leaves for hishonie in Canadaj  sifter a sojourn in Cariboo" of twelve years:  Mr Alclntyve will take with him a; good  ���������'���������swag'5 of dust, which be richly deserves as  the reward of his energy and industry.  Lightning Cwfiksf*���������It will be seen by our  Mining Report, that the Vulcan co. have struck  the Lightning channel and are on rich pay,  The prospects of the Costello co. are cpasid-  eied to be very favorable. The Gladstone  co will commence,work In a few days.  Alt the paying claims will be to futt blast  next week, and lively times are anticipated.  Tug Gnmcn Tboublh at Vwrottt.���������Tbo  Standard says there is a probability of an  amicable settlement of the rii^tdrt between  the Bishop of Columbia and tho Dean ol  Christ Church. ,  Ma; Wambk,*at latest advise^ wa������ Ml m  London.  SWk s*e by the printed list of tho  British  Association fot the-Advancem-nt of Science  thM the Horn Geo. A. #.lW, Premier of  BritisbColiunbiaviseorotied as one of th* '  ^Association," ftnfl in the '-Journai of Sec*'  tional ^roceedidls'' fs entered as a memW  of the Committee under Section E., Geo<������ra*  phy.-(Victoria Standard.  Down PAgsi.:;vaKHS..-the following passen*  gersarebockedfor.Yale-by Barnard &Co.^  down Express, which leaves to-morrotf mora*  ing ;--W. iTorrist, Norman. Melnlyre, Alex*  Hollidayj Reese S)avis, from Barkerville and  LightuingJ and Mr Davie, from 150 mild  house.     '������.  Barnard k Co.'s Express arrived at seven  o'clock .last evening.    Passenger, list.:���������^/ ;  Rawlings. Van Winkle ;  G. B. Wright aud';  man. Sodii Creek ; D. Kurtz, Qaegnelttvonth J  ��������� Collins,: jr., Soda. Creek;   Mrs . Nelson*'.  Bridge Creek ; one Chinaman, Soda Ci'eeic*  '  '  Omission.���������In our report of the oase ol ,  Naaoh vs. Park in our last issue, we omitted  to. mention the name of Mr JJarosJoo, who  acted iu conjunction with Mr Davie as *coun*  ������el for the plain lift*.  Tub Pact* of Pu-mtv.���������No less than BPY-'i"  members of. tbe Canadian Party of Parity  have been urseated during the last few weeks  on charges of bribery und corruption. Mif  Mackenzie's positierl is considered to be y/erjjK'  Oiiticat. \   N' ~  Linb Dow.v.^Hlgh winds durihg the earlf  part of. tho week have prostrated tho line iit '  several places. No news reports this week ia  consequence. ....  Notice.���������Mr Lindsay, of. Van Winkle, wi!  aot as agent for tho Skntinkl on Lightning  Creek,' and all orders leit; with that gentlemen  will  be promptly attended to.    Parties at  the lower end et Lightning "desirous 6fishb*>  scribing, will please leave their orders at; Met':  Dermoids, Stanley.    Sent by Mail to sub*  so ibers at the rate ot $1 per month, pay*  able in advance* /-���������."���������': ������x-'X   'x'  : BKhKKLEy, September, 1869.���������Gentlemedj  I feel it a duty'I owe to you to express mf  gjmVltude lot tbe gVctvt-bcnofH 1 bav������a-devivodl ������������������  by taking 'Norton's Camomile Pills/-T.ap*  plied to your agent, Mr Boll, Berkeley,4oi���������������..:���������  the above-named Pills, for wind in the'stom*  ach, from which I suffered excruciating pain;  for a length of time, having tried nearljf:  every remedy prescribed, but without deriv*  ing  any benefit.at all.    After taking two  bottles of your 'valuable Pills, I was quite  restored to my Usual slate of health.   Pleasa  give this publicity for the benefit of thosa  who may bo" thus afflicted.���������I am. sir, truly  yours. Hrnry ALlpass.���������To the Propriftort..  of Norton's Camomile Pilja" ,..      .'  Public  PRIVATE   BIL LSt,  All npplicntiPiis for Prtvato "BiP.3, pfopftriy thA.  subject of lcjrfehUim by the Legislative Anscmbty of  British Columbia, within the purview of "TU������ British  North Amcrioa Act. 1SG7,:' whollur for tho ^fiction of  ;i Bridge. 0u< making of a liailro:ut4 TuriipliceRoad, or  Telegraph line, tho construction or improyemcht of a  Harbor Catia!, Lock, Bant or SHUe, or other like works  Llii) granting of a right of Ferry; tho ItiCorjioratlob of  ilccca whatever, or,for doing any matter* or thmt  which hi its cperation would affect tm> right <tf prop*  orly of other parties, or rela'tft to ahy particular. Obs*  nf the con'.rounity; or for making any anielidniefftora  like natufeto any former Act. shrtH require ft .Jwl^j  jck        '  of  -in!i la on^ nvWsp-rw-r- published in. the district af.  tetok or if there h, no uevvspaporpuM^icd.therein   ���������  l.hen*mnm;'.vsi)U)i%rm tlie nest nearest djstnut la  Vi'iiittii a. u'ew?uani*.V is iuthr'shed. ' ..  %l    ��������� cSi^icoshallheoontfritfed in each case for  o v^H-id'kat I-ssvsiX woefcs. Uurtnjj tluvintcrvulof  ffilwl iM^ close- of tbo next preceding Session:  vn A tho const icru ti on of the petition. .���������.,.������������������    ���������   ���������   < _  ^    Befo"; any l^km prUyUMf/hr ^^,^|  in a Private BUI fcrite action of .1 T������il JXtm* ���������������*.'  relented to the House, Urn pirsonor persons intend-  ^ to petition for ������������$ ������������������^.ull-n^.iv g^iUf ..the no^  Uce nwscrihed hi the preceding Rule, a so al tl������o sainj  XSin the | .ma manner, give not ce of tho -nteff.  wSiXylBtenU to ask, the esuuit o  the' pnv.lege  heUeiU of tho- urci.es, th������������Interval-1between. t^r  ���������Jnl   "       ;���������:-.* fteric'dt  hcU'i.islativeA'gomUy  xrrvmrn T< 'nRREBY- GIVEN. THAT Alii*  ;K^Sr^S^ovo .iwi mm m  sottlod fonhwjtb;    '  .    ^.^ BYRjfg3.    ,  '"������������������ *"*  A:  ���������-':^ BB  c������g^acar^,*gK>Ta>*Si  H  JUISCELDANE0U3.  ������  STANLEY,  LIGHTNING'CREEK.  fP    LINDHARD  IS   AGAIN TO THE  FROKT  1.- -Willi extended facilities'to do all kinds of work  911 Ili.Sliue. :-"'.:" ;���������:���������.���������������������������/,  jV'lurge assortment of ��������� .',.:  ST  ^ ' "i  LAMPS,  ONG utensils, &o.,: :;  ���������m hand, anil NEW GOODS  constantly   being re-  ���������eiyeil,        " , aulo 'Ma.,  L-:.;  . /<; : BARKERVILLE,  Jkuctioiieer, Go m lai s e  ������S-Gooda received and stored In "FIRE-PROOF  <JKLIiAR, and "liberal advances made on same, at  seasonable rates..- ���������-".;--������*���������-. :.:iuy 9 0m"/  STANLEY,    ��������� , v.  LIGHTNING G REEK,  ���������    .   Has on hand a choice stock .of  <vrblch be will sell,   .   .     ���������.,        ��������� ������������������_'��������� .   .  ���������WilOLESALE AND RETAIL. AS CHEAP  AS THE CHEAPEST.  "'-.* .'  \\ aoi.  Kl-  THE AGENCY OF,THE  M  ��������� \ ijas;bee^ removed to  ^  ��������� -���������<  ;,,:.G...M-. .UOP.TXI3,   >  Axcnt.  :    -Stantey, Ao'giKi;-22,1874. ���������';   * aii221m  'OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TnAT Tl [!  -^ , following iive the Boundaries of tb������  Land Recording Districts In tbe Province ol  British Gplninbia: *  '   ;-������������������:NEW'JWESTAfl^TEIl DISTRICT.  The T^and Recording District of Now West.  minHer. shall be* bounded on (he Sorith by  the Southern Boundary of the Province (tb������  49th Parftllelof North-Latitude) to a point  about 65 mites East from the. shore of  the  Gulf of GeorginVshid point bein* the Sou'th-  Easterii' corner of New Westminster District.  amVthe Southwestern corner'of the Yule  District;  on the E*st by a line (bemcr also  the Western boundary of the Yale District)  running North from ' the said Sonth-finstero  corner, crossing Fraser River ah out 8 miles  above the mouth of Harrison River, to a distance- of about 45 miles, and thence North-  West by North about 50 miles, at an average  distance of about 10 miles East from tbe general con rsc W the Douglas Porlnge, to the  Nortb-Euslcrn corner of said "District; which  is also-tlie Nor!h-Weslern corner of Yale District ; on tbe North by a line (being also the  Southern bonndnry. in part, of iho Lillooel  District),* thence running West from said last  nairiedv'corher, crossing Lillooet Lake at a  point about equi-d is tan i. from either end, and  touch5tig the extreme Northern point of Jer-  vis Inlet (which is the South.West corner of  Lillooet District) thence ro Forbes Bay on  the shore of Desolation Sound ; and on the  West, by a line running through the.middle  of Homfray Channel to Sarah Point;   and  ihence in a straight line Sontherly to the most  Westerly, point of Savary Island ; Ihence to  mid-channel of Gulf of Georgia; thence to  the centre of Sabine channel to the boundary  "of'NatiairnbLand Recording District, following through the centre ot said channel to a  point.opposile Point Upwood, Texadalslnnd;  thence following the mid-channel of the Strait  of Georgia to the North-Eastern corner of  Cowicban -District";' [thence West on the 49th  Parallel,to point of commencement, and shall  include, (lie   following   Islands :���������* Eoffy.'  ^Mary,7' Melville/ < Morgan/ ���������' Otter/������ MinkV  ���������Rugged,' 'Savary,' * Harwood,' ��������� Tex-ada/  '> Hardy,'   'Nelson.'   'Capbiin.;   'Pearson,'  ' ThoTm������nfly;'-'* Trail,5 ' White,1 "* Anvil'.7 "*De-  fence,7  <��������� Woo 1 bridge.;   * Gam bier,: < Keats,'  <Uowen,'/Pasley/-Popham/ * Wnolcombe/  and 'Passage.7 and all oilier small Islands apt  enumerated within said boundaries.'  oral Dislrict. b^ing also the NortlMwst cor-  iVr of New Westminster District; thence fol-  ;0wii*������ the Northern ami Extern boundaries  ,f i\w Yale Land Recording Division to the  point of commencement.  DISTRICT   OF "TaLE   (OSOOYOOS;  DIVISION):   '  The  Osooyoos  Land Recording District  shall  :Va  the South  cording Division); thence ������������������running \\ est,- to J  the Western boundary of Kootenay District t .  Ihence running Northward nlonjr tho fluid  Western boundary lo the South-ICast corner  of North Latitude; on timi? .* "���������--  Meridian of West ZS?^^  by the 60th Parallel" ������ ; ������M,,!-W  Alaska, u ^^^^-^i,  m:  ^uicricti.  Imil be bounded on the South by the <PJih    .  *iVfjvHftlv ���������commencmg p'sja ������������������'pma.i (Mes^ls? ./���������r- ���������r���������������'  lie Soulh-Kast corner of the Yiiie Laud "Re-    vi        ���������-������--  Chief On K������-]3RRT BEAVES  Lauds and Worhs Office   ���������'       ^^^  Victoria, July 18th, 1874.  to* the South-Western corner of the said Kutii-  loops Lund Recording Division ; .Ihence due  South "along the boundary of the Yale Land.  Recordiug Division to point of commeuce-  men t.  LILLOOET DISTRICT. .  The tand Recording District of Lillooet  shall bo bounded on the East by a lino (Mnp  nlso the Western boundary, in part, of the  Kopteuny District) commencim* from the  Xorth-Kastern corner of Yale EU'ctnnil Di*  trict; thence following a course, parallel to  the general course of the ColuniUisi Uiv(������i* tu*iV|  about ten miles distant therefrom. f>t> mile*".  to a point on the 52d Parallel of North La it  tiide; wliich is th������* Korth*Kastern cor;lev' o!  said Lillooet. Disliict. ������u<l the Soulh.Iv.istern  corner of Cariboo Di������lriet: on ihe Norili by  the said .02d 1'arullul (being.also Hie .Suiitherti l������,t:iv������V. *  boitndai'v of Cariboo lT.s*rict) cr'������s=?ng llie  Cariboo Road at tho 'ti>Syh mile post, for a.  distance of about 220 miles, to i point on !he  124lh Meridian, whici) i-������ the X������;rth.V.'esten!  corner of said Lillooet Disincf. and the Sunt li  Western oorner of Cariboo District ; m\ \)w  West by lhe. sai d 1241 li .M eri d ia ?>, n d ist a n<w  pf about 123 miles, fo the point where the  said Meridian, intersects the Northern h6miliar* of New  Weslminsfer  District, at the  ������������������JJOnCE .I3..1IBRBBY   GIVES   THAT r^.  DISTRICT OF YALE (YALE DIVISION).  for  The Yale Land Recording Division shall  be bounded on the West by a Kne commenc-  mg.pn the IQih Parailel of North Latirude.  Co miles East from the Gulf of Georgia, being  also the South-Eastern corner of New WeiT-  L THIS DATE THE ASSAY Charge! mmsfcr Land Recording District; thence  loiaoi Gold Dust of Fiftceaoujicw or utnier North about 45 miles :  Ihence North  about  f0 miles;   thence North-West about ������0 miles  .      REDUCED .TO.TWO DOLLARS,  '--ft-nd for- *  JHINKRAL ASSAY'S TO FIYE DOLLARS,  ���������tfia latter payable ijiadyanco.  /29tli August. IS74 ���������'..���������.���������..'     ;;  ���������:W.,'; HITCHCOCK.  au29 lrn  The $1,066,00016m  ' WON'T INTFJIFEBE WITH "\'  "Where there are still plenty of ,'tho bcsJ brands ot  :   British Columbia  JTOUTi; "]    l '; ���������  LILLOOET, BEANS of 1873,  And other Farm Produce, at VERY LOW RATES.  Also, a gen oral assortmen lot  ^GROCERIES,  DRY   GOODS,  ���������"r.*������   B������0TS   &: huoEB,  HARDWARE and DRUGS..  kp- Commission, Storage and irorvranling husiuess  ������r>ni}.at reasosaUls rates. wu������mt&s  x m?3  m J AS.   PiElD.  ItAnTI-m-: INTENDING  to a point being the Nortb-Evisterlv corner of  New Westminster District; Ihence East about  ,, ,   -  ��������� -&��������� paranei to  the general course of the .Nicola; Hirer, and  distant abrin17 miles therefrom; for a di?iance  of ab mi 135; m i 1 es to Go Id wa ter Ki vet: then ce  in a .Southerly direction along 1 be .trail to a  POmt 2 miles,West o.f Princeton {.(hence due  boulhvfeo the.49thTar'aUe.l. ���������aoou^ge.-'min'S-  thenco.along tbe saicFparallet to tlie'('howi'ol  commencement. X-    .-.���������������������������.-. ������������������������������������r  DISTRICT  OF: YALE! (KAMLOOP3  ������������������;;V;DiYisiONi,;.;-,-';:>'-  , The I^mloops LSnfl Recording' Division  fihaH be bonnded.on (be BouIJi by a line commencing at.a point 2 miles West of Prfiitfeton  rnmiinjT.due East to tbe Sontb'point of Okan-  iiguii Lake *   " ���������  n  er;  thence  the South by a line rnnmnff due East to (he  tolern boundary of Yale Electoral Dwtriel  being.also Hie Western boundary of Ko S  nay Hislnct j; ihence following the W^fern  boundary of Kootenay District, to the Non  %s t corner of YuloElecloral DislHct: W  m the North by the iSaiMnern bound: rv ir  part of Li boet JDIvtriot, running WesV  N'oHbcrh exiremity.of Jervis lalot ;. en the  Smith by (be .Norihi?ni" boundary vt Nvw  West mi us ter District; to Hie Nortljr/wiern  corner of said Dislricl (which is Also the  Nortb-Wr.sler:i corner o( Vnle Kiec'orid District) and (hence by ibe Nor h.-rn buttubtry,  before described, of Batcl Yale ISloctorui DU-  nlct. to (lie Sou lb-Eastern curocr of Sdid Lillooet District, which is aNo (He No rib-Eastern  corner of Yale Klecloral Disirict.  arty������,vh,:^- ��������� *      *?  Tl������q W *>:'.: Jack* ������n<\ nurns Coir.pxny, bin CUL  T'f? tVtliitiu CMiifuhr.  J. Tin- .Soj Juiu .frmpattf,  Ttio At Tt Cnmpuiv'.  ���������Thi;.J(r!,������rou^tmi>iny.  .   Tuc V j*..-st it).,;? Onup my.-  Ti;-? I'ul^n Cfithp.ttiy.  -TSi.* Chtlr|u*nflvAt Ctimpuiy. i  ; T.10. Mjainvwd Company."  PJar.sw.' ihfi jmninjrcnmul ohlnjcl b? thj Av%i   i  CMsnii:tiiU������'cii(1.tid sin*u at  tH������ <������flS:o of'tlie Cwrfl  ������i-$uv.'Ag9fttt C.i.rii>oyj, fur' 81s ly tluys irjat ilic im  ��������� ���������-U08KUT BRW1-N*,  ..   Ci������K*'C3muri3efon':r of f/mU������ u^J ffi-ry .  L-������n f������ at) 1 IVflrJcse Dop;>r( maul.  Vicuah, July UOtU, 1������74.  'mi3  y-tjsjtcg  .^���������fePBERIFS'  R C ESTERS HjR E: SAUCE!  Declared l������y Cou������o$?scui>i v ht  TJin  ONLY   GOOD/SAUCE.  Caution n^ainst Fraud?���������Tii.v p'ure������5.*tft ii  HM>?������> tMji:U*us awX. uiirlvnllttd CV-nUirtirnt iwvui.  c*iu9w!'c������''riai!i 'dcalcrnid"������p{������ty "������!��������������������� nantro't "HVir*.^  i������i*;nr������V^vic<.i?' to tlti������lrown inftrior w.pku-:?,iu  j������n?rl:������.|������ iu*n-Uy  fcurctljec'tjuiint!,  'Informed-lli&(tiic vyAy \\t\ytH\<v-  a to  Ai5K   KOXi   LEA   &  FERR2XP" SA^S  DISTRICT OF KOOTCN'A  The Land Recording ?).?<!ncl of Koofrnnr  shall be b  de?cribecl  (oral and Liiiooel Di.-lrtcts up to  ihe Nt.rlb ! wltl������ :t j������t������Vir%'tu.������ vv.irc������*Ri������r5liirtSstiir������l������iM'u!fc������:������r,  ������rinnd������*d on ibe Wwi by ������i������"������ bHmvPtn4s--'rt n,it l!,f>1/ ������*������"'������������������������ up<-i������tl.ovHAi^  ;:f,un  oonuaanosof   ^ r;i������  f.h������c       6.>hV.������rtfihcf������r������lRn tri-:rsc������;i������ liavlnc i.^i^nri.-l  oou!n���������.I'j-jstern,ooundnry ������f (Jnribon  f)s-(ric?> 1 ^iorrn*:v.M������������'���������!' '.'������.m-okbol surh; urnnyoiiivriatii ���������  following the giMier-.tl co'������irK*������ of ih������* OofiunbtA 11'ol,s !>>' H^>icliilitt|if islii-iiinj'bo'nfnnijc.il.  River, and diMani from it about 10 ihSIw'. f,r | AkI: fo^ LKA ^ PERKINS1 Sawce and s:9  a further distance o!   about 60 mi'fH, (o ������}    Nn:no on  Wrapper, Label, Bottle, aitf  point on theU8th Meridian, abma  J.l  mib^l'  Swpp^r.  [North-E'tst.  of the  Boat  Knr,tm;wTf    ftnd      u'?i* '������������������^',w* f������r export by t!nf j������mprfrtor?f %���������������������������';  thence by Hie 118th Meridian il^ii,*' ^^ ,h^ I t"^������;;r; <V..^, fe n^k^H. lrt������n, &c   &c;  n'.lf.t������^������ ua,y.w1������������������������ i������ i      ;..;..?. I Si> <������ftfCcr*'Au   Oilmen iinhvr*iliy..  ivastern boundary, in part, or Piuiboo });,s-  trtci)  the  aa-J  Parallel, the Southern bdundnrrol  (be  vince.  ������i li  I'ro-  :     . DISTRrCT OR CARIBOO.  The Und Recording ifeirict of Cariboo  Uwsaid 3aH named e  from  ,.  ,       .,     ,.       ��������� "Oi'ner,and pas.sin*abou?  about .0*5 miles,  lo'  Thompson Ri  m  A VAIL  ;.    .il.emscJves of-tbe-new Mining. Havr air*! to mn  ������h������eo tl.������r ground, C1������ have tbe Survey of uU ������  *ju- M.-ips m;uic by.adtiri!SeiBg        " ���������  a mo  thence in a. direct line  a point on  the Norih  Van   Volkenburglx &  lers,  F| K E R VIL VEXm  A SUPPLY OF TUB  .EST M&m OF tr  j^2D    ; :    Afways on bnnd.  trie!) lo LlmsttintnHof the Uucl;y Moiintuit^  ol West Lr.ngutude; th;/ l^te^  the Province ;  and on |jio X  Parallel,  of  North   Ujffude,   the   N'jrrliern  boundary of the Province. /^������wi������  ;l)i'  JOiifiilurv of  Ijv l he datb  DISTRICT Op OMIMKO-V  snail -be bounded orfihe Sonflj  ^n.Mol  Nor(h Ullnnio-'on.^p^  I2<Jtb  kei-idian of iiwt 1,  8 Nwib by Uio 5l5fl.--iVaHftl: uM on IU  the  of Ommeoa  hy. the bIfli  >)'  on^itiule.;  on  thence  . ues lo the  # e wasfoii road from Yale to  in a direct line about 50  a-fmile post on-fhe  Clinton  25^UyUlw^lB7u, *������������!���������" or'iSik w^i  mST.RfCT OF CAS3IAR.  Jwi^f !lttr T1nfl������ ^cordi,^ District fihail  ** bouade(i ou Ike Soulli by tUo 66th Parulk-l  M'EA'OHAIW &  I RE tn-parml to nirnlPh T-nrahor n( ibdr.-JOfc  il   WUIUuli Crook, or actor U _������������w^*-  "tiUAfBBIS:DELIVERED ON LIGItTNiKG  ORKIiK. ^  ITivIiwa f^irilD^iM'ftchin* In operation -Itoj ff{  also furiiUli"..    Re ^imball Estate.  ^    MiiiiW Hw to iho aljovo. SWa������ "'^  ftHtM taliivitb; ,   RmJfrRm  . T)t'paty Aflmlalst������Wr-  mwSxmmm  .^'w j ^ - _ -.  - ���������" ���������'M-a^wA^^-^'iiaBijae^" ^.,":|>r*\ ���������     ^.  ;~v


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