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Vol. 4.
Barkeryille, Williams Creek, B.C., Tlmrsday, Oototo^ 10^ |887;   f    ;,   , No. 46,        ;
'.;.. The gun. at Shields, which, to mark the
time, is fired by telegraph from-.Greenwich,
went off by lightning- the other day. Everybody asked, hig" neighbor how he " was by
the gun," and the; complaint was general that
his or her watch lost several minutes since
the preceding day. ... A few* self-willed individuals doubted the accuracy of the gun, and
asserted that for once Greenwich was wrong.
, It appears that' the special wire between Newcastle and Shields, for firing the gun, had
been struck by a flash of lightning, and the
gun. was* thus fired by an electric current
from a different quarter than' Greenwich..
The widow, of Beraoger's publisher has
xhade; rather an awkward bequest to the city
,   of Paris, in the shape of the deceased poet's
bedroom furniture,and effects, ��� It seems that
as a wort of art, that, age has ��� notimproyed
thdappearance of the garments he once wbrej
nor reuioyed the grease from hie hat.c
..'.Bldndm .hasbeen, compelled to break, his
engagement at Asnieres, from causes hot very
'creditable to! his rivals.   On closely .-inspecting; his.rope, .the .other day, he discovered that
.it bad been sawn -asunder, so that one fibre
only remained, which his weight would ��� have
broken; \ But; for the timely "discovery, this
diabolical attempt would have sueceeded.
. The.internationai chess: congress has been
!.brought to aclose, andfM. Koliseh, the .Hun-1
garian champion,' has been ���'��� proclaimed the
Winner of the Emperor's..-prize, consisting of
a splendid Sevres china vase/valued at 5,000
^francs (��200):- The. three-other prizes,xcin?
fisting of sums of money, were won respect-
- ively by MM. Winaver (Pole), Steihitz, (Aw.
. trian), and Hermann, (Prussian). .     ��� .      -
v- -The.-;Russian8 Prince'.Toboscoy has. just
:V'commitied^suicide at Turing��������� He was:thirty-
fiye,years of age.. Tn a letter. found. on his_
'?. person, he says that, being ��� exiled from his
country, and ���' having -in: vain sought'a grave
on the battlefield,: hehad determined to put
f: "atr ecid- to ah iihsii pp or tab ie;'��� existed ce.   A
gold^watch and a well-filled purse were found
on his person. -; ';*..:
The late Major Smyth has.left ��8,000 to-be
expended in the erection of a block of almshouses at Southampton, for the widows of
naval and military officers, on the plot of land
on!the top of Leeds street. Two thousand
pounds have also been left to provide for
bells and a belfry.- . ��� ^r
Some details have arrived concerning the
aerial voyage of M. Godard7s baloon, which
came down at five in the morning nearSoliri-
gen, about ten leagues beyond Cologne, or
somewhat over 300 leagues from Paris, which
city it had left the previous evening.
The Princess of Wales will leave England
in the second week in August Her royal
highness will proceed onboard one of the
royal yacht3 to Rotterdam, whence she will
pursue her journey up the Rhine, on her way
to the waters recommended to her.
Since 1836, there have been established
throughout the world 160,000 miles of telegraph lines, comprising 400,000 mites of wire,
and working through > 14,000 stations. The
total length of submarine cables laid is 19,-
923 miles.
In the division of Bhaugule, India, which
includes the San thai country^ 1,500 persons
have been killed by tigers in the last six
years. In Assam, 733 have been killed, and
4,47-i tigers have been killed by hunters in
the same period.
A reform has already commenced in the
penal establishments in the late duchy of Nassau. The prisoners at Dietz have been freed
from the chains and balls which they carried,
under the barbarous system about to be suppressed.
~ The National Committee of Rome, and the
Centre of Insurrection, between both which
bodies dissentions had arisen, have voluntarily dissolved, arid have united in; a new organization called the Roman National Junta.
Madame Ristori has left Paris, where she
has been studying the role of Marie Antoinette. A few days past she visited the chapel
and the cell in the Conciergerie, where the
ill-fated Austrian lady was immured, .
It is in contemplation by the Holy See to
re-establish the Roman Catholic hierarchyin
Scotland by giving territorial jurisdiction to
the Visars Apostolic, and by the appointment
of other bishops.
The Viceroy of Egypt is said to have been
immensely struck with the beauty of the English ladies, and to have.found but one fault
with them���that they rode on horseback, in
his eyes a great indecorum.
The freemasons of . the lodge called the
Scottish, desirous of taking advantage of the
presence in Paris of their_ numerous brethren
from abroadj have opened what is called an
international session in Paris.      ;.���
The Prussian government is going to commence the execution of two strategical canals
which.ai*e to connect, the. one, the AYeser and
the Elbe, and the other, the, Ems and the
North Sea,
A solemn funeral mass was performed at
Constantinople, accompanied, by the firing of
minute guns, for the repose of the soul of the
Emperor Maximilian.   ;,
Considerable interest has been excited in
Bengal, by the "death of the Hon. Sumlbnath |. xhe^besb LIQUORS and Ct(^^]p��lia^^aref;
.   This establishment'ik : untier;tnViinJrie-;
,--.���;:��� "-.-'���.   .���')-. BARKERVILLE,        / , -''
i. to the public that they haye'enlarge^'Tefum
nnd thoroughly 'renovated��� th^r^jcapa^lous^iild| tashr
ionablosaloon, sparing ncltberpaiasfhor���experisofqr;
tho comfort of their.Patrons.     ,''/<>    <    . - " '
: This is now tho largest and m^cmi^^Sfdo^M
British Columbia ; consisti��g i:6tthrcb;largo?separate
apartments,, viz.:   CARD. RO'OM,./BARKOOM,'and.
BILLIARD. SALOON, containing^ tureoTsuperb^Bil^
LiA^pTABLEa- ...   ���;���:.//;/  * , ���  x   :,
- . '   NEW 'ApYERTISEMENTS.'   ���:" .   ',
|| ill <:oikrBoo mbTmsv:*
Restock  >f ������" sis, office saying beek    '*"
^Festers, Circulars^ Cards*
v-.. .VIUCRS .IMX  lit*/, .uyovii|/nvii   utuui/   Jiuia.  niuw".��Av: ���    ,,.-.���.,,.
1'cutod with neatness'and despatch'.  "���    '.
4ST* ^rms moderate. <*&
Pnhdit, thie ��� only native yet found worthy of
a seat on the" bench of an. Indian high court.
The collection of gold plate at Windsor
Castle is estimated at the value o.f upwards of
to Buckingham Palace for the Sultan's use.-:j..
- The; Rus^fan go Vernment .is. intent on settling thei lands confiscated in Lithuania, with
colonies of .Russians. Nearly, one. hundred;
families have been established this yearl \  :.
The Slade baronetcy has been settled, by ai
compromise. . The barbnet pays ..to';, the clalm-
ant, General; Slade, ^28,000, and the cost of
the present, action; in .consideration'! of which
the claim'is abandoned.   ��� ..' r "."'".
;J .The; Austrian journals state ..that the Emperor Francis, Joseph; on. J earning the execution of his brother Maximilian^ declared that
he would never:agaih sigh-a'death warrant, v
'.'��� The German .residentsin;,China: have'"���;sent
Count Bismarek a testimonial, in the shape, of
a silver.; goblet, five pounds in . weight,. and
thickly-gilt on :;the inside.'.'.,/ ,;. '.r..':..
;. It is understood ;thatj a^ pressing, invitation
will be given, or rather repeated; to Queeii
Victoria, to honor-Paris incognito, taking:up.
her residence -at'St; Clotid.-- \"' .���
r The acclimatisation of .salmon -seems now
to be an established fact in Tasmania, for fine
fish have been capluredVand returned to the.
Yarra, in Victoria* .'��-,..,,/-..-' ���������--"-- ���'���.;'���' ���
Mr. Roberts, the Feniah head centre, has
undertaken'a voyage to "Italy > to see what can
be done with the liberal chiefs in that quarter.
;An experiment instituted, by. the French
government, for the^purpose of-depolarising
iron vessels, has, it is said, proved enth'ely
It is understood that thes merchants do hot
intend this year to offer the usual premium to
the first ship from China with the'season's tea.
Upwards of one hundred and fifty thousand
persons have already subscribed in France
towards the erection of a statue to Voltaire,
A subscription to erect a 9tatue to the. Emperor Maximilian, has been organised at
Trieste. ' .:
It is reported at Hanover, that the ex-king
willshortiy settle with his family at Paris.
served here
diate superintendence of the Proprietors; ;   ���-"
'.- "  :* i   --������   ; ���������       I ��� ���    ��������� -ABLER &.BABRY: /
June 6th, 1367..- .. *       ��� '4m ��� p     '   ',
'^-'a'.;- -v ^~.'���w. W* .i'.i;' 'vji^r^r. ���:��� '������
���';;���' :i.*S. THOMPSON,
. Terms of Subscription���So. penQuartermor.-'$2: per
Month,- Single volumes loanedlto.non-suosci'i'bersfat:
50 cents per .volume, with- $1. d eposit; ^ v ' ".'��� ^:\     ���
Persons not subscribers; visiting, tho "Beading Boons j
and making use of the Books ancTPapers, 25 cents for,
each visit. .��� .     .
: ' The.Room vvhl.be open from TE?]? A. M.. till - TEN.
���P. M. ;������ JOHN-BGTOO^
���������,.X ,     - Xi"'__ ...:,; Secretary and, Librarian,...
:   N. B ���A fine assortment of Books and.- Stationery is
always-kept for sale.;.- . - '     ',.'",.   13-s'
/      CAST    IRON   STOVES
���������, ��� Always on hand.    '
New Work, ai
��� -:      . "Done at reasohable^^S;^^J^f:J;
. j^f�� Our Teams run rcgularly^^twnen^
Curiboo and all orders in bur linia^bnsln^^jba^itiH^
attended to.     ' ���'���   ���-. -,jr ^w'''��- ���: : 'X'"-'-"
l-s: E. PEAESON^^BOfe-^
�� Wife, I am to live but a few hours'at
most���I shall soon .be in heaven."
" You ! you'll never be any nearer than
you are now, you old brute! You'd .look
well stuck up in heaven���I think I see you
" Dolphus, Dolphus," hoarsely growled the
old man, " bring me ray cane, and let me
larrup the old trollop once more before I die.
I can;t go unless I do.'7
F. V. LE
JJST Meals At all Hocus r&& ,   ^XX
. ��� and ���  ������-:        I
Gooes.sold on Commission.
Salesroom, Barkerville. .
O^ncE,   Ricbfield.-
��� :���;,' :."5-s
On his death-bed poor Lubin lies,
His spouse is in despair ;
Witb frequent sobs and mutual sighs
They both express their care,
"A different cause," says Parson Sly,
"The same effect may give ;
Poor Lubin fears that he shall die,
His wife that he may live."
Whenever Rogers, the poet, gave a dinner
party, he used' to have candles placed all
round the diningroom, and high up, in order
to show off his pictures. Asking Sidney
Smith how he liked; that plan, the wit replied,���
:..X\ Not; at.all; above there is a blaze of
light, and below nothing but darkness and
gnashing of teeth."
" You had better ask for manners than
money/' said a finely dressed gentleman to a
beggar boy, who asked for alms. ���   ,
" I asked for what I thought yon had most
of," was the boy's reply.
One charge in a lawyer's bill against a
client was, for waking up in the nighl, and
thinking of your business���$5.
Ai McPherson,
-���AND ���
Barkerville, 1st May, 18.67;. . . 1-s
Connecting at Victoria with .WELLS,  FAB(30 &' CO r    ;
for California. Oregon, the Atlantic States^-^^^p .,
.  ���.;..      '. '.;.'. and Europe.;  '_ ��� .. ' ��� '.'.���  v- '.' V:,'.v)tt^|p^^
CARIBOO EXPRESS, . J     .. ; r^��B
For Big Bend, Cariboo'and the Northern Mines,     '  >' '^^S
��� -  .���     ��� ���     ��� -        i   ' '���       s *]tXy$
Conveying Treasure, Valuables, Letters, Packages-aud ��� ' :*f^S
'���'Parcels.- ": 1-s $ ; i'umM
estaurant, Bakery,
��� AND ���
'    BABKERVILLB, ,"���",,;.  ^    / \
PATERSON & GOODSON, Fropbietobs,
ju house for the season, the proprietors wish,to inform their. iriends and tho public generally, that they
will spare no pains xn order to merit the patronage:of
all who give tJioin a call.  ;
Meals at all tours. .'.>"'       1,
Williams Creek, is prepared to. execute Surveys.
Plans, Levels, Sections,-&c, &c.-, committed to his
charge, ��� with care,  despatchj and on BEASONABLE
a        '..&* Onlce, centre of Richfield. ^,
W, -Winnardi'"
a ok smith;
P. L; JOHNSON, Proprietor^    (||
Meals at all hours, and Cooking of tbo bes||
description. h XJX4
:'   QUESNELMOUTH,  .   '.'''��� l'v"'-:'������'��
Good Beds 5 Restaurant; Billiard Table, &e��
Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats. ������..���.': s'-"g^
WILL ' RUN. AS "FOIAiOWS ���: .:;   '���, .riifg}
Tlmrsdays and;;: Sioida^s^
. as six o'clock; a. m.}   ��� =��� /:'.$����
Tuesdays^ a n d ' Ftid^fp
Q��iesnelmoutht- Mar gncf, imv THE CARIBOO SEFTIML  ,    THURSDAY/OCTOBER 10, 1867.  ..;;4 Agents for the" Cariboo Sentinel/',  Grouse Creek j -      - .   '���������'- v   .-      ���������       -    AI McWna.  Onesnelmouth, Mr. Gbudie, Barnard's Express Office.  Yale, ���������   ������.<���������--    Mr. Evans,      do       % -     do  Lillooet, ���������     -     F. W. Foster,      do do  ;Ncw. Westminster, ���������'      ���������' '  -'���������    -       Clarkson & Co.  '���������.������������������':   :L   ' ���������   ���������'���������'���������."'���������   '   '  ���������      " f-E.'Mallandaiue..  Victoria,- ......   .-.- : ���������, r ,;   -;,    --. {^ Xyne. ���������; -���������-...:  BigBeDcl, ��������� . . ��������� . Jas. Bullock,' French Creek ���������  Van Winkle, ���������' - - XX.-,.\ J. W. Lindbardt.  Musquito.Gulch, :    -; ...--. :.'/x   ���������,    J.;,W-.-.Jeffreo.  r The "Cariboo Sentinel" is.published every Monday!  and Thursday.;, Ad vcrtiseiiierits intended for.insert ion  must be,delivered at latest at"6 o'clock, p: m., the day  b efor'c p'ubUca iioru. :,.,../..���������   ������'.^      ' -.     ��������� ���������  .  .  ��������� ,    % TO CORRESPONDENT'S.  V; All communications must be accompanied by the.  jroal- nam������ a nd "address of the writer, not. necessanly  with a view of publishing the same, biit as security for  i bis good f~UJu. ...    V'    ���������:->     ...'*-*. *, -'���������';:".'". .     '  v83r* All Advertisements (not inserted forany definito  ^period) will be continued untilordefed out and charged  Jor,accordinglyv*.-;\;/.';-;;-,v^;'^;, ."  '-..XX,  '"     ���������*  ��������� x.:S :x:/EUROPEAN SUMMARY. ::'x> .'   ���������  rthatywe.glean-r trqiri\6ur^ate flies rof ^English  papers- :|s :ib'e;fihi^  *   ' -bet^e'fawwtt^  mahded.���������Her Majesty bus been pleased to  confer tbe dignity of baronet upon the Lord  Mayor of London, in commemoration of the  visit of 1L,I. M. tbe Sultan, and his highness  the.Viceroy, to the city.���������The Yeiverton case  has received its final n tl j n.d i cation, term in at-  iog adversely to tbe plaintiff. As Yeiverton  now belongs to the peers, and having married  again, the House of Lords could riot be expected to compel him to confess that be had  committed bigamy,and so become a criminal, j  The appeal to the House of Lords, was to put  Major Yeiverton under .oatb, and make him  swear whether he did or did not confess to  others that he had married the plaintiff. Witnesses of respectability were prepared to testify that he did so, and the result would have  been perjury oh:his; parti' or the invalidation  of his present marriage, with Mrs. <Forbes, and  his trial for bigamy.-��������� The Empress Carlotta,  accompanied by the Queen of the Belgians,  arrived at Terreren, oue,r of the royal castles  near Briissels.. The king and the Count of  Flanders, went to meet the empress on her  arrival.���������Prince George, of Waldcck, has just  signed a treaty whereby be.abdicates in favor  oi the King of Prussia, and cedes his principality to that, power.���������The Prussian: government intend.to extend the telegraphic system  to every town witb;a population of 1,500.^���������  Berezowski,.whp has been convicted1 of the  attempt to assassinate^ the Emperor of Rns-  ,*wa ������������an :.trm* ^ Tl^^^st^ugEFer. of> tEr-FrK)cess Mary  Adelaide and the Prince of Teck, was bap-  Jazed_jat the royal chapel. Kensington Palace,  in: the presence"of an i 11 ustriqu*s;cii*cle o f reT  lations,:oh: 27thl August.-^The .Earl'of Bel-  m6re has been appoin ted go vernor of Ne w  South Wales.���������X maiTiage*betweeri:,the Princess :* Loiiisa, of Sweden,.. only ="dapgbte r of  Charles;:/XV., and.the crov/n. prince of Den-  embody  eat  pMty ^towards:c the :;;acc6mpli3hmeh't;; of/that  ^fsufirage^.and^-that"henceforth" household  sij ffrage: s up p 1 e me n te d b y a lodger fran chise  liependent on a ������10.qn^iificatioh^^  mine 'the rulers of '-''Great; rBritain^The libel  rities be thrust out on the shortest notice.  It is true that after such religious observances  few of our miners would be inclined to work,  and we should have no gold to send down to  New: Westminster ; but then our watchfiil  mentor of the Columbian, would doubtlessly  provide us with tbe means of getting on without the ." filthy lucre," as being " of the  earth, earthy." Ye miserable mining sinners, how do you expect to bring the Drain  up. when you are constantly pouring a drain  down on Sundays? If you. want water for.  ground sluicing, ye must weep,I If ye should  have any doubts on the eincacy of tho above  ordeal, we have only to refer you to the British Columbian; If you should find your  purses lacking in dust, you must remember  you are only dust yourselves. At any rate  you'd better get up and dust, for tho Columbian is after you. ���������     . .  ...   ,, .    .   V . .. .   . I-.;:.-.  . Day of AtoS*kmbnt.:���������Yesterday being the  Day of Atonement among our'Jewish citizens,,  it was most religiously observed by them as  a holiday, their stores having been.closed  from'an early honr.in the;morning.   .   ":  NEW AD^nERTlSEifENTS.  I. WEILL5  San Francisco Store t  .    COMMISSION  MERCHANT  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEAIIR  ��������� JN ��������� ���������  '    GROCERIES,  PROVISIONS,  HARDWARE, .CLOTHING AND BOOTS,  Nkxt Boor to tue Sentinel Ofhck  Bftrkcrvillo, 29th Jano, 1867..  11  THE   SNUG-  SALOON  BARKER VTT.I.T?. '  m H E   UKDERSIGXKD   HAYING   OPENED Ti?P  1    above Silicon,  would   respectfully  invite thiir  friends arif:l the public to stop in ana sample thpf  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  gli^tbird"reacling.-;;jQrje\of the ciauseff^pro-  ^Mes tha^tfie;proprietprjpf-a.newspaper.shall  tion of the Znjder Zee.j: is seriously- .contemplated in.Hol(arid. ; An emirierit'engineer has  proposed a. plan for' recovering 500,000 acres  frointlie: water.zxi ]" ������ " "*��������� '"'.Tx'rx'-      *,'-  ': '.' , -   -     CARIBOO^ MORALS.  ��������� '   '      '  faithfu 1 report of the; .pro'eeedings Vof,a ; lay  i ill" assembly;:,:: It is !��������� don Hitu 1 w be their: the b i  -rii  ;lawT  vbill  Jisbfeaptives tbere;;may; b^dnltimately ; release  ^lipon.tl  ������ (1 ore has bec oixi o so'������n po pu 1 afr th at; b \I ] peo -  ,,ple have risen in rebellion, and'have cat otFaU  g|cpmmunicatibn between hini;;and-Xbe: captives:;  igHpges'ar^;theretore entertained \that the re-  \ bels will release -the captives.     If this should  , proye to be'correct a very /troublesome affair  .vill be as satisfactorily disposed'of as eoiild  | be'expected  under the circumstances, as the  gi eat difficulty has been to. reach;the. monster  ..TheodbreV from the position of the country.���������r  ' The relations between France 'aud  Italy' do.  ^notfappear to be of the most friendly charac:  tor at present, and the Florence newspapers  X firepublishing comments upon tho action. ,of  -:"' ;ihel French government, with ..reference. to  ;";J:generalDumont's mission to,Rome, which un-  ||rais&kably shows" this feeling.: The^Italians  ;gare:eviden'tly forgetting that they  owe  their  nationality to France, and when the struggle  comes between France  and  Prussia; Italian  co-operation in favor of the former may  be  found   very : unreliable.   The   continent  is  alarnied by rumors of. wars.    A Paris corres-  .-. pondent of a London paper says, "It is certain that the French Emperor .is meditating  Avar on;a grand scale, a)id it <is equally  cer-  ^Min that the nefarious object is an. extension  '���������������������������."of territory, in order to restore his prestige  ';.'grevioUsly d an>aged by the Mexican: failure.  |:^here is a hope; that the : good; sense : of the  x-world may ; yety baulk; thesegdesigns.?^The  gJEnipress Qarlotta is ^supposed to be^suflfering  ^: ifrbnr the effects of' poison administered" just  ^?betbre;she quitted Mexico./ This is founded  vt>n symptoms which it is alleged the /medieal  ?ni<;n; can not explain. ���������������������������,��������� In the moments pre-  j;'ceding the fatal change, the -Erapress herself  ^Issaidtb have, attributed her illness to poison.  SThe: Paris, exhibition is^ as attractive as ever.  git has been calculated that it.; would take a  ^.person oyer fifteen months and a-half to visit  y4he whole of it in, detail.;;.; there are 45,000  Exhibitors, and allowing only five miuutes for  vibe ^examination;. of each one's produce, it  ^buld give a .total of :ohe. hundred and fifty  t'days, of���������fcvyentyrfbur hours each.���������The Snltan  ; ^eft;Londo;n on,the morning of the 23rd Aug.  rHo;made a. short stay at Leige;.where he was  i^ceived by the. king and court of Flanders,  i^eforie leaving England, he induced thegov-  /iernmenti-to: allow him the services of Sir :W.  ���������;.:Wisemari and other; onjeers, jpith the. view of  ^vintroduchig improvements, in his navy.   This  Jv?as granted, under the belief Hhat the Cretan  ^insurrection bad been extinguished, but as  ;; this belief turned out to be premature, it is  probable the arrangement may be cotinter-  Pissolutioii of Partnership  ri^His PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE* EXISTING BE-  1  iwv.cn J. T. SCOTT iuul  CHARLES .McHARDY,jis  *-frmm"KeriTt^^ by  mutual con.sont. X    . .- ���������  Tho busiaftss will horeartfir be carried on.by diaries  McHunly, who. is empowered, to collect all outstnn'fl-  ing debts, ami  will pay all indebtedness of the late  ���������    ' ��������� ; ' ���������    ' '' : '.   ; JOHN T.; SCOTT,  -  ... V ...     ���������        ...CHARLES McHARDV.  j  Barkcrv-ille, October 9, 1867.   . ;  ...    .:.,.  ' Witnesscd- by George Murdocb....   \   . '"   '.,..  THE   CELEBRATION  -'-. ������������������";'.' '   ��������� ���������' ��������� of. the'���������.    '   '\'' > ;,.  C a 1 edonian  Benevolent  ,' ASSOCIATION,     /'';'   '  ON* THE. THIRTY. FIRST  ILL. TAKE   PLACE  October ihst.  . (AH. Hallow's Eve), at ^Allan's  Saloon, Cameron ton.  Tickets���������(iucl oUiii^  2ath June, 1807.  McHARDY.  2m  G-rouse, Creek Express,  TIT   F. HERRE WILL RUN .A" DAILY EXPRESS  ;-Vf ���������   between Barkorville and Grouse Creek.  Or.  d ers,  sm a 11 pa reels,  letters,  col lections, etc.   etc"  attended to,1 on mod era co. terms.: Special attPD!iot!__  W'vrwtwi&taKiiu & 'fot:sm ������jscTriittoira T01h^;/CAM(i'S^>''  .SENTINEL, or any.other Newspaper. ,**  Offices: On Grouse Creek, atM, Prager's Store. Ij>  Rfirkcnillo, at W. F. Herro^s domicile,;.; SEXTisn  Of'fiok.   ."'  .   ' '���������"'���������' .. '���������-' .'..���������'..''  .July29, 1S67.>   ; j ;.���������'��������� ;\'.'"'.. ;V ���������; '.':      :;v;i        :..;;;  ��������� ���������   ���������     - ^ ���������.-'.' ���������.- * {  THE  HOTEL,  fit of the^spleen, apd:- 'under:its influence: administers a so and lecture to us. Cariboo] tes,  on ourJ;enjoymentof exhibitions of .sparring;  pie, aD<i we heartily syuipatbise  in his sulVer-  ings;,oyer."��������� ;our; inoraI- degradation.' ���������" Oh ! .ye  generation of vipers, that, can go and look, at  a" seUoo, instead of going to church.   It is  true that if we went to.church w.e should find  it closed, and it occurs to us that owing to all  the religion being monopolized by the capital, we are without a clergyman ; thus if we  ���������'got religipn,^, and. wished to go to any of  the three churches we have built, we should  find that our Sabbath observing brethren in  New .Westminster had.not. found'it possible  to spare us a single expounder of the Gospel!  We shall now, however, learn where to look  for,the* moral crumbs'.-which fall  from the  tables of the religious Dives' of New WesN  minster ; wc shall find them-in the British  Columbian.  ' Garibooites I take your moral  nourishment i the Columbian may be always  had on the arrival ot the Express every Sunday.   The differouse between George Wilson  and the British Columbian is, that the first  u pounds," whilst the latter "expounds"; and  tbe difference between the spiritual comfort  administered at the  bar* of Barry & Adler's  saloon, and that afforded"by our contemporary's still more remarkable ; it is true it  costs money, but it induces us to believe that  this world is not such a bad world after all.  whereas, that which we shall obtain.from the  Cplumbianj will lay bare all our\moral depravity, and lead us to think- that;we are. ai 1  h u pry i ng to p e rd i ti o n, w.i th ou t h o p e o t. fu in re  salvation.   This reminds us of the old song���������-  NOTICE^ ^x'y\':x:'x']  rITH REFERENCE TO THE:: ORDER OF HON.'  ��������� H; ?.r. Ball,- G������)ld Co"Qiuissibiicr, .directing Unit  bulkheadsshoulii.be erected, and kc:pt. in repair, by  th e: se.ver'a 1 mini ng: coihp an i es on' Wi 11 iu ms Creek ;  whichonJtT was dated Mli .)iin>% 1867, "i't.'lu^1 been  n;porto4-to bio.that-tii<* b.ulk{vav}.������? er.'ctnd utKU'?rs:ii'i'  6n1er, huva not bocn^-pr.'p'jrly ki*pt in repair, ana' arc.  atprtsent in a (lilupi<iato<l and unsafe con<lifion ; I  tljercforc direct that all .sach bulkheads be forthwith  repaired,.anil made into a sound and firm condition,  to the satisfaction of Thomas Spelman, general Tore-  mnn::  Sept. 30,1S67:  Gold. Couiuussioner.  TORSE SHOES AND , ...  1 ���������   : HORSS SHOE NAILS.  Forsaloby  E. PEARSO* &, BHOS.,  Sept. 30,1867.      ;   lm BarkVrville.  ^5 NOW,OPEN  FOR-THE ACCOMMODATION k.M  :   the mining community, and. the public generally. ";���������"������I  No expense has been spared to rentier tbe.house ail V'vJ  11������n 1 r.t i������������1:1" h 0 - d m? \ r t \ i \ " fin r.' i������nm ft Vr L "ft n r!   p.nn vp n 1 ������nr n ���������..��������� ���������" ������������������_-1  /ggr Weu; A3REi> Beds-^  may. be, had a t a mod crate charge. : ���������    "     E: OKI),     '.. ~':-\  'X July 1? 1807. :XX. ./.2m..;.:- :'.   Propyietres?, x'jl  ���������x:;::;'. Q'. p: S. M ��������� O.' P . 6 ��������� t41 T "AN,; ^.' :A  Kestaurant;:; and- ��������� Bakeryr::f  '" :;.: '   BARKEKVILLE.   ':  "     ������ "-  npHE .insTDERSIGNED"HAVIXQ THOROUGIIJT RE<;  X' novated liifi Estabiishment;has re:opencdthesara<r. i;������������������  for the accom m pclntloii ;Of J he Pub! Ic, ��������� and. trus is to'. >  merit a s hare of .ithei r patron age.. His Bn k'ery lias ai-o . ���������:. :  undergone, repair; and he is; now; ready to.execute >  orders from a ii who. wish good breadj-' X  ��������� ��������� - ��������� ������������������" -'��������� -.*���������. i������ -���������.- ���������'      JACOB VELTE, Proprietor. '*  ���������   June 10th, 188?. '.      ��������� , ���������������������������.. -". X. lis-  ���������it  STEAMER   "ONWARD"  LEAVES  YALE :  At EIGHT o'clock, A. M.. from 1st of October to 1st  November.  FARE; TO NEW WESTMINSTER WILL  NOT EXCEED ONE DOLLAR ! I  Yale, S������.rpt. 19, 1807.   ' mj]  IRVING.  - Ye bipeds made up of fresh clay, ;  Ye are. naught but t ha children of sorrow ;  ..;;   Though, fortune is smiling to-day,'  - .���������   You. will all be un h?i ppy to-1norrow���������  ,  For euushine's succeeded by ruin,  ���������'.��������� An(l feari ui. is .life's stormy; w path er���������- . .  . ������������������'*  As pleasure's succneded by pain,  ������������������  Let us ail be unhappy. together. "���������-..���������  We submit that it would bo an excellent idea.  if we miist have " han ds laid on"' dan ein%  and st ng i ng on Sun day s. th at i t s h o u 1 d bo  ���������' appropriate to, the occasion.'? For instance  let our boxera be instructed to impress the  participants ��������� with their sinfulness, in such a  ra an ne r th at i t may be fe 11 d u ring tli e whole  o f tb e foil o vv j r ir week, so th a t. on .th ei r re ti: rh  to;perform ���������*'��������� their duties," the members of  the congregation will have a lively sense of  the instruction. Jast administered. Let the  hurdies be tangb t the '; Shakevs7 dance,'? so  that the knights of the pick and shovel may  be raised to a pitch off religious frenzy before  they fa) 1 (1 o vv rr. Th e so ngs sho u 1 d b e di rges.  always on a " minor' key, and the beverage  saltB and senna; in order that all their impu-  Clinton Gity,  BRITISH    COLUMBIA.  ..���������������������������'���������.������������������ ���������...('  ��������� ��������� ���������'  rpHE SUBSCRIBERS, K)R MANY YEARS PRO:  1 prictora-.of..tho Tvvnnty-NTine Mile House!, Domdas  Portuge, U?g to ,si ii nounce 111;i t hkviiir pirreli usetl"tlie  Gltiitun Ho Ui prop my. they .are preparod "to nffor������i  excellent nccomuuulntkm to the Trawl ling public  The table will fit all limes lie well supplied, ami in the  Bar will bo found the clinic est liquorti.  Ample staUIiag for animals, ami the best or feed  constantly on hand. .���������'".-.,.  TJii-y respi-.ctin 1 ly jnvito a c:i 11 from 1,11eir o|d custo-  mem, as welI as the. tr.ivcIiin* p������b 1 ic pen'��������� pi 1 ?y  Olinton, B. C, Sept. 17,1807 '      .  J. SMlTi]  mr&co.  GREAT   ATTRACTION.  Crystal Palace   Saloon!  .      . BAEKERVirXE,  ���������"���������.. MUNDORF & GO!, PKOPRIETORS.  DEO TO, ANNOUNCE  TirAT T,HE   AHOFE  MRV.  I) tin i j o A cstri bit* 11 n i en twill \ \ c nn ������.��������� ne d n ex l SATURDAY EYE NINO, Ihe 21st iust., w}i'-.������ all Iovera of ilia  ���������'��������� light laiiiastic" ara Invited to call and en toy. thorn-  selves.  .MUSIC AXD  ] UNCUS a  IfiVKit Y   EV ti XJ NG.  Tho 'best bran (is o(' muw Liquors add Cigars ahvaya  to be i'oujid at tlie Bar.. .        '      '   ''  .  Tho strict-jst order observed.   ���������  ��������� Sept. 19, 1867.  .iFTER THIS DATE, BARNARD'S express is  i\ "noi r'uspousndc lor damage on LIQUIDS shipped is  Tin or Glass.-.unlets by.special contract. .   : ,  Until-further-'noticed tbe Express will" arrive here  evpry PUNDA-V AFrBRNOO.* , and close . for below  every. WEDNESDAY, tit NINE o'clock, A. M,  ���������       ROBERT POOh,    .  " ' Agent,. .  Barkervjlle, May-29th, 1867. ; .;  ������  In the matter of the Estate and  Effects of DAYII?.  WIUTFORO, Free Miner, late of the ReM Claim,    ;,  Conkllns Gulch, deceased, intestate. ;     I  i;XL PERSONS  WHO  ARE INDEBTED TO THD   "\-  IK. above Kstate, are required to pay-the. amounts .  due forthwith, and alt "persons vvho have any clainis .   |  against the above estate, are required to send in inctr  accounts on or before FIRST NOVEMBER, 1867, to '  CHAS. B  POOLE V,.  Official Administrator.  Dated Richfield, 1st August, 1667.  '  Thos. L. BRIG-GtS & Co.,  '     GAMERONTON,  Have iust received, and offer for Sale,.  WHOLESALE   OR  RETAIL,  . '.',    AT^LOW; RATES fORGASH,:   x-j  200 GASES CHOICE BRANDS' oiLIQUQK?  '*   ��������� ''���������''���������:--     ������������������ -*- CONSISTING OR-rr-, '.'���������;.:*..;..���������. V"  Brandy���������Martfeli, Hennessey, and Otftrd 3>upey. >  Wines���������Port,. Sherry. Burgundy, and Chirot; ^JJ"  terne's  FriMndi . White Wine j Sansevainc's oau*,  I'orniaWJdte Wine.  Cliampagnes���������Bouchc and Nnpolpon's Cabinet..     ;  Bitters���������Boker's, Sahseva 1 he's. Orange and Hostej*  ter's, Vermouth, Absenthe, Peppermint and Anvi*  . . setto. _  ���������    ..'".-���������.���������'���������������������������-.::   ,  -; ;������������������  '4 : '. >; .-.  Old Tom, Gin, and Scotch Whisky.  Also on hand���������500 gallons choice brands of Brandy  Wines, Whisky, Kum, etc. ... ���������'' ';������������������'" / fhp -  Goods received on Storagm or Commission, at.^ ,,  lowest 1 nn.fket rates. ���������$'���������' 'n,������ '���������������������������������������������'"  *: 1st July. 1867.       ��������� "m  A  Photograpliic  JLi^tist,,  \S NOW OPENED A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLER*  at "R1CH.FIE1.D, and is prepared to take  Cartes do VisU.et T1mbre.de Posto r^^'^A^S  trpcfs-lANUter. Pictures, Milanotypes, v^wb. .  Houses, Claims, etc., Single or Stereoscopic-       *  PonraitB also taken on White Silk, Wuen or W"   .  Olotlj. ���������������   ��������� -   !    ���������  .���������  RichUeldj 121h August, X867,  _____ ������������������*Mijffnws������i  !.-s_^iiliiS THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1867.  The County- Court Act.���������The leading-features of this bill, which was lately signed by  the Governor and is now law, are as follows:  All former acts and all rules and' orders of  the Supreme Court of Civil Justice of Vancouver Island, are repealed and discharged,  saving acquired rights and penalties incurred.  Certain.Imperial acts are brought into force,  and the Governor is authorized to appoint  any Stipendiary Magistrate and Justice of the  Peace to be County, Court,Judge, who shall  , have power.to adjudicate in cases where the  amount sought to be recovered does not ex-'  $500. Summonses are made returnable in  three days, and an appeal to the Supreme  Court on points of law is secured. The Judge  of the Supreme Court (if he think fit) may  act as County Judge ; questions of fact may  be tried by a jury and the County Judge on  ."'security being given, is empowered to issnc  writs of capias. The rules of. the County  Court will in all cases be made by the Judge  or Judges of the Supreme Court, and all fees  ioust.be paid into the Treasury.���������Colonist.  :Morb   Honour's   to  Canadians.���������We are  pleased to learn thatSir William Logan ; and  i^-V���������H... . ,  BIG BEND.  There were several arrivals from Big Bend,  on Monday, per steamer Onward from Yale.  The news generally is not very encouraging.  One of the arrivals kept an hotel on French  creek, which he bas closed, and does not intend to return. Our. informant, Mr. Chatcr,  who intends returning, left on the 4th last.  On  FRENCH   CREEK  The Napoleon company are taking but  wages. The Discovery company were taking  out small wages. The.. Colorado company  were ground sluicing, expecting-to strike pay  soon. The Munro co. were makiug wages.  The Old Thomson co. have- been taking- out;  from 12 oz.��������� to 14 ox. a day���������six men at work.  Lately their average has been 1 oz. a day:to  the hand. The St. Germain co., four men,  were making wages. The - Daggett co. are  putting in a wing dam, and are now getting  to work. This has been the best claim on  the creek during the season, having averaged  a good doal over wages. The Perry co. were  making wages. Guild Brebbau making'��������� expenses. Twenty men co. were making expenses, still prospecting and expecting to do better. The Wing Dam co.,' four men. were  making good wages. :Kane co. making a little over expenses.   The G-nnn co. ditto. ' The  .. ,.:       I:  peror, in,.acknowledgement of. their services  at the Paris Exhibition.. They have also received, the honour of. a silver medal.   The  ' position of Officer of the Legion is said to be  accompanied by a pension of the order, but  what the amount of the' honorarium is wo have  .. Dot heard.���������Colonist.;       ��������� ..(..-.   .'���������.'.-��������� '.'���������.'. .  Overland Route.���������A. deputation, consist-  . ing of the following gentlemen, viz., Messrs.  H. Rhodes, G.,J.. Findlay, R Grancini, L.  Franklin, J. Hepburn, Drs. Helmcken. Tolmie  and Powell, waited on His Excellency the  Governor, to .urge the necessity of opeaing.au  '. -overland route, either by. rail or wagon road,  ' and recommended Mr. Waddington's scheme  as being:; worthy of:. encouragement by the  government.   His Excellency informed- the  ;  with Yale'-and' jSfcwV Westminster; which he  . thouglife p referab 1 e to the- line proposed by  'Bute In let j but expressed his willingness/to  confirm Mr.; Wa'ddingtbiv's charter,' and grant  him the same.privileges! as had been given to  ���������������������������M^'Sdutbgate..^;'';;.; .;/". -: >_..: r;.-; ���������".'���������:.;���������������������������  Leaving.���������The near approach of winter: is  causing quite a number of our floating population to " make tracks'? for the lower country. Scarcely a day now passes but we note  the "departure of one of more of those who  dread;the terrors of a long and dreary winter.  but we are happy to say .that they are largely  in the minority, -the great bulk of our population being determined to see it out, and with  this object in view, are making preparations  to provide against its rigors.  penses. The Robertson co. have done a great  deal of work, and been under heavy expenses  and were just getting into pay. The Black  Hawk co, took out, $2000 for two weeks work  ending August. All the fore part of the season they have been busy fixing a flump, ditching, elc.- They have got considerable ground  that prospects from. $10 to $20 to the pan.  On    . ������������������;;���������. --  : -.    .  \'.' M^COLLOUGH CREEK,'- '-.-������������������'  .  The Fort Tale Co.. have had three-blind  shafts sunk in their drift from the main shaft.  They are drifting from their bottom blind  shaft, arid, were in three or four sots of timbers  and expected to have the ground' thoroughly  prospected in a week or ten days. The various companies are all looking forward to the  result of the/energy and enterprise, of this  company, and helping them to work.. At the  .mouth of the creek the Discovery . co. were  running a tunnel, expecting soon to reach bed  rock. The Piper co; below the' latter were.  si n k j ng a shaft; : The Jack Jones. claim, for  the last week in. August, yielded; $300 to .the  two hands.; The:Pond co. are sinking a new  ellafk :��������� Dan Braley co; were running u���������'tunnel,  into the side hill, left hand. The.Maclean co.  have just got.in hoisting gear: and. elevators  an d are d o w n so me <J 6 fee t. .The re maiud er  of the claims-on the flat were taking out from  $4 to $5 a day. The.Ten Dollar co. (hydraulic) have been taking out wages since spring  until the 1st September, when cold weather  set in. stopping their supply of water. Four  or five claims above this are getting small  wages���������B. C. Examiner.  DOMINION OF CANADA.  ONTARIO.  Ottawa, C. W., Aug..19, 1SG7.���������At eleven  o'clock to-day the nomination for representatives of tuis capital in the federal Legislature  and Legislature of Ontario, took place in the  City Hall square, There were four .candidates for the first Legislature,,but the meet-  ing was in favor only of J..M. Currier and  Edward McGilliveray, the former being the  more popular for the local. H. J. Field and  R. W. Scott were nominated, the. .first, being  best received.  It is likely that Currier, conservative, .for  Commons, and Friel, ditto, for local Legislature, will be elected. About Ave hundred  perspns were present at the meeting..  It is reported that, tho Ottawa ship canal  will be begun before the Intercolonial Railway is finished. ' It will be a twenty million  dollar work.  The Globe announces the death of the Roy.  John Climie, Congregational minister, of  Belleville. He had gone to Murray Bay for  the benefit of his health, and died on Monday  evening last at Quebec, on his return home.  Mr. Mason, of Trent notoribty, arrived in  London on Saturday, and is staying at* the  Tecuuiseh House, for a few days. Mr. Mason,  we believe, is engaged visiting some;of the  principal towns and cities in Canada, with a  ���������VKrW'ttrw *oi^g^r1������rim ng their- rSsp'ecti vercapabil-'-  ities for manufacturing and other puvposes.1  and reporting'the same to. Southerners of capital, who desire to locate in the Dominion.  Our distinguished' visitor was introduced to,  and visited by many; of our citizens during  the day. We are not aware .'.when-he pro-,  poses talcing his; departure iron* the .dity:--  London Prototype. ..;.:: .\  Belleville, Aug. 3.���������it is now a settled fact,  granted by all parties, that the Richardson  niine and others- are exceedingly rich.. Experienced- miners" from Australia,.California  and Montana,;proved long since th"e: existence  of well-defined ledges of mineral throughout  the back country. ��������� The; Richardson mine  being now in (niloperation; a new impetus is  given to mining "operations. V ���������": Professor Ot-  way, F. R. S., of England,. audiM^etoffi��������� of  New York, both;have prov.edV: beyondVd6iibt,:  that the .mineral deposits���������>exist in paying,  quantities over, a large area- of country: They  li nd gpld an d': sil vcr i n n early every/; assay,  ranging from twenty to five hundred dollars  .per tou. Mr. Glass, of this: city, has;on exhi-  bition;.to-day, specimens������������������ taketi out, of the  Richardsoji ..mine..yesterday,yweighirigxfroin  They broke the glass and sashes, and fearing  that they would break the bars also, several  shots were fired in that direction,which drove  them from that side to the -opposite side bo- ~  low, where they commenced the same work.  Here shots were again fired, and several of  the prisoners wounded. They then kept  under cover, in the cells.. On the arrival of  the military, the wounded were conveyed to  the hospital, and the rest locked up.'- .  ���������������������������������������������; /���������.'*' ' '   -  NEW, BRUNSWICK. "-  ; The Rev. Mr. McDonald, of St. Francis Co.,  Victoria, was drowned while attempting to ���������  cross the'Rivhr St. John, near Fort Kent, at a  ford.   The night was dark,'and it would appear that he. missed the ford. : .  Speaker Colfax, Senator Pike, and a party  of tourists from the.United States lately visited New Brunswick.      .   ��������� ��������� .   -X; .  The entire community yesterday was deeply paine'd to hear, of the sudden death of John  N. Robinson, Esq., Q. C, one of the oldest and  most respected; members of .the. Bar, and a  highly esteemed citizen.���������St John Globe!;'  Sackville, was .visited by a" very severe  storm  on Friday last.   The dykes were bro%  ken down, cattle drowned, and other damage  done. .       ��������� ��������� ��������� ; .".:���������-���������.  . Doctor Geo. E. Day. of.this cityv oifers himself as" a candidateior the representation of  ^X:  '���������' '-, |v.";  ..    'if.'}-,":  ������������������������������������][ ���������'���������''���������''lix^yxji  ���������   The Charlo ttetown Islander says, of; the" -: is-- ���������  land Colony df Prince Edward,:-~" In fact we .  are quite prepared to hear from''��������� all quarters  of the island; that: if the:: Can adiansj; will Vgi veils the $800,000' for the benefit of'the \tenah- ���������  ' ��������� '���������' '���������.'���������" '".^  '���������":-.:'��������� ��������� ������������������"'.-.*���������'-  -.'���������'������������������ ','������������������.,>('-���������  .' -���������- " s ^���������;;;i"'.;;.:&s"t:  '.   ������������������������������������:���������    ������������������������������������'��������� ���������.���������������������������^������������������:.:  '��������� -C  ':���������. ��������� '- ���������  ��������� . ���������   . ..>/.;- .-. :.-��������� .���������.������������������,'  x.i-xxm  m x^xmi  x' ���������'��������� x ���������'-��������� ���������-��������� ��������� x~-\X'-x,  The Roads.���������^Teamsters who have occasion  to travel the road between Fort Alexander  and Quesneiraouth, complain bitterly of the  6tate of the road between these places. They  say that a very trifling sum would put them  in a passable condition, by corduroying the  defective portions/ For what purpose, we  would ask, does the government impose and  exact a heavy toll, if it does not keep the  roads in a passable condition ?   -  Weatiiek.���������Si nce Mpn day 1 ast, we have  had a succession of rain showers, which have  had the desired effect of raising the waters in  the different creeks and gulches, much to the  delight of our miners, who have been patiently awaiting the advent for the last four weeks  KeithLets Creek.���������James & Co. have discovered an old channel in the banks of this  creek. They have been engaged for some  , weeks past in running a tunnel, and were  fortunate enough last week to strike good  pay. Four ounces were obtained out of one  set of timbers.  Oppknurimer's Estate.���������Our fellow townsman Mr. C. Strouss has, we learn, purchased  from the trustees of the estate of Messrs. Op-  penhcimer & Co., all the stock in trade belonging to that firm in British Columbia, including their stores in Yale, Lytton and this  place.  Sparring ExitrntTOX,���������We understand that  Ceo. Baker will give a sparring entertainment  next Saturday evening, at Barry & Adler's  saloon,towards which Professor Hermann and  several amateurs have volunteered -their services.  Stoves.���������Messrs.  Pearson & Bro.   of this  town, received on Monday last a very fine as  sort-ment of cast iron stoves, adapted for culinary and other purposes, which  they will  dispose of at very reasonable prices.  Express.���������The Express left yesterday at  noon, carrving as passengers Mrs. Arnold, Mr.  nnd Mrs. fracey. Mrs. Wauhams. Mfes Thur-  ber, Messrs. J. T. Scott* B. I'itton. A. Niles  and Geo. A. Walkem.  Victoria Items from Colonist.���������C. Levy,  ferryman, and D. W. Chauncey, carpenter,  have been held to answer a charge of aiding  and abetting the escape of Charles Schlessin-  ger, the forger.���������Peter Lind, who shot ai man  named Smith, at Saanich, has been ordered to  enter into security,to be of good behaviour  fof twelve months.���������Over one hundred consumers of gas have signed, a" pledge not to  use it any longer, unless reduced in price.���������A  new brig has been .launched at Sooke.   The  vessel is the largest ever built' in the colony,  being 110 feet in length, 28 feet beam, and  9������ feet depth of hold.   She is intended to ply  between Victoria and the Sandwieh Islands.  ���������A beautiful piece of quartz rock, richly interspersed with gold, was picked up by. a man  named Shaw, at the foot of a mountain near  Cowichan.���������Clouds oi smoke have been observed to issue from the Olympian range of  mountains lately, supposed to be caused by  volcanic agency.���������A party   were about to  start out to prospect the head waters of the  Nanaimo  river    for  gold.���������The    amended  county court bill, passed at the last session of  the legislature, received the governor's assent  on 17th ult.���������John Scott was mulct in the  penalty of $100, for selling  tangle-leg to Indians.���������The bark Prince of Wales sailed from  London for this colony, on 12th August; the  ship Marmora had been placed on the berth,  and would soon follow.���������An exploring party  sent out to examine the various passes in the  Cuscade range, for a railroad, reported favorably of the Packwood Pass, iu the Cowlitz  river country.���������Mr. Marsh   has   leased   the  theatre, and is now putting it in thorough repair.���������The steamer California, which left Victoria on 25th ult.,  took fifty  passengers, and  about one hundred tons of freight ; the treasure shipment amounted to S'o9,821.���������Messrs.  Wilson & Murray have made an arrangement  with their creditors.  quartz, -.for value, is considered,.'- by good  judges, to.equal anything ever produced iri  California or Australia....  .'.*������.- ��������� ���������       QUEBEC.  Philip Jolicocur, Esq., Q. C, has been gazetted Assistant Provincial Secretary for the  Province of . Quebec, and Henry Hooper  Mills, Esq., Recording Clerk of theCouncil of  Public Instruction;. .  Mr. Barnabe Laine dit Lebon, a farmer, of  the parish of St. Gervais, near Quebec, saw  two of his oxen fighting in a field, and went  to separate them, when the infuriated beasts  set upon him,, aud gored/ him so" frightfully  that he died a few hohrs'afterwards.     .  -.  Montreal, Aug. 18.���������The first instalment of  Hon. Mr. McGee's account of the attempts to  establish Fenianism in Montreal, appears in  Saturday morning's papers, and : occupies six  columns. He states that he only uses information in his own possession, and not documents obtained from the government.';  The Rev. Mr. Bagley is in Montreal at present, with the object of inducing ex-President  Jeff, Davis to sign a petition to President,  Johnson for pardon. It is not' believed that  he will do so.  nova scotia.-  .  The Halifax Sun says that on Sunday, Aug.  25th, the prisoners in the provincial penitentiary in that city, to the number of fifty or  sixty, mutinied while at dinner together in  the dining room, on account of the alleged  bad quality of their food. The governor was  sent for, and the prisoners presented their  plates of food to him, asking hirn if it was fit  food for men to eat. He tasted, and replied  that it was. On being told by the governor  that he would send for the doctor and have  the food inspected, they at once commenced  throwing it about in every direction ; and  followed up their riotous conduct by smashing all the glass and sashes of the dining-  room, breaking the reading desk, tearing the  maps, etc. A message was sent to (he fort  for assistance.aud a com pain' of artillery was  despatched to the prison, the other troops  being absent on service. Meanwhile a portion of the prisoners kept up tho work of destruction, and began breaking up the locks of  the cells, so that they could not be fastened  up.   To  prevent this, the governor fired at  . The unprppitious state ,bf the'/weather of  1 ate' has ��������� dec!ded many of oii r;.:. mi 1 kmen I to ; ���������  hasten their.cattle to winter quarteis/��������� -The;  s to ck of Messrs {Wright and ,S tee le ��������� I eft y ester- -  day- for the Blue Tent rancli, w.hero they/; wi 11..  remain during the win ter.^ Whilst being driven  through' the can on, yesterday '���������. one' of the. co ws -  was preci pita ted 'oyei* the steep b ankf a dep th -; ���������  of 40. fpct, a'nd������ singular toI say, 5 witbbu11 $ua^  f aininnr *:��������� nir ht.Hp-v inirivv  ilin.7T"':'mf*i*p1 v ��������� hronl%* ���������''  Pugilistic���������\fa   learn that a match has! them, and won  b een  made behveeii 1)utch Jo h n n y  an d  0. j tiiat pari o f tl������  Collins, of QuesnelinoiU.li. for   $200  a-side. j where they conti  The affair will come off at an early (lay. i tiou, throwing down large blocks of  oz. ;���������;.; Discovery Co., 12 :ofc.;   Ophir Co.;'; about  wage's;; jvyillow Co., 40 oz;     0 '-  ��������������������������������������������� ���������'{������������������ >::-:-  . Wixteu Goobi~Mr.vWeill- of lhe.SanFran-v  ciscp store,' Bai'kerville,  received yesterday : x.,. f.< ��������� _;:  the first;. instalment 'of his winter: stock of  , :x?j?;iHS-h-J&A  clothing, boots, &ci    The clothing being of  California  growth arid  manufacture is. un-;1  doubtedly the best that has ever been introduced into this market. .....  We regret to leai'ri that the Bed Rock  Drain still remains choked up. /near the Mos-  hier shaft, and that'it will ..take eight or ten- '  days more work to effect a. clearance of. 6b- ���������  structions, so as to enable the Cariboo, Australian, Welsh and Baidhead' companies to  commence washing.      ',      . ' v;     '_.'.  ; Tuk Alturas Co., in Stouts Gulcli, cleaned.,  up yesterday 20 6z.'for one day's run.  :  W'hex Sherman was in command iiv Ken-  tucky, be was serenaded by a regimental  band, and made a speech in answer to calls;  and made it as follows : " What the dickens  are vou officers doing here, making this infernal noise ? You ought to be in your quarters, teaching your soldiers to quit burning  rails, and making soldiers of them. I want  no more of this infernal noise about here."  A farmer near Erie, Pa., bought several  barrels of spoiled sausages for the purpose of  using them as manure, and put a link into  each hill of corn. Before the next day, every  dog that lived iu a radius of four or five  miles of the field, had been there digging  sausages. The corn came up a little quicker  than the farmer bargained for.  :.���������"��������� ������������������-"' x'.:?x:  ".  ���������  ���������'���������'''    '���������'' ���������-���������- .' ���������    " ,' '���������'.   ;':.  '���������'':��������� '���������';���������'������������������ ':'5  .  x;x'\-':':xit  ���������  ���������        *               ���������       "    ���������                              y                                     -"'          '.  y    ��������� . .   ������������������'.-������������������- ���������"���������.;������  '      ���������������������������:  : ���������:..-./-':fe-";'  )....       .,    v .  **        '.   ���������  '���������':'- :������������������:���������-XX.,  x- ".���������./'-\>xX  ��������� .���������'*���������'>���������'���������.' .-���������  There is a great deal of permanent truth in  what Martin Luther said to his wife Catharine"  when she was weeping over the body of their  dear daughter: " Do not take on so, dear  wife ; remember that this is a very hard  wor 1 d for girls, and say,'Gods will-bo don������J "  Napoleon the Great was literally besieged  by adepts in genealogy, who to curry favor  sent him magnilicant genealogical trees, in  which the origin of his family was traced up  to the night of time.. One Ritterstein spent  three years in proving clearly^ and without.   ���������  c granite.! Leon owed his rescue. *BE; CONTENT."  * iJe'er mhrraurvafc your Idt iujlife,x ���������*  "t'.   Lobtupward-! be aiman;-;        .    ;     ��������� Xx  Away wifc^iscbntentap^ strife, ,  .*���������    <,i{  v.And dorthe best ^ous(ian. (  ' ':  Wha,t' tho^ypn ,own no broad green lands,   a  r No coffers filled with gold?, *  />; -,      T6u?ve health and strength, and tionest'iattds,1  Containing, wealth u n to Id. ' ���������        ,   >  -Tho' cases are^ph lifers pathway set,    r ;  1    And, Sorrows reign around, % ',      ,  Rernemb er ;offc where Tank weeds grow        c  A flower set fair Js found ;'       ,,  And if:'tis cherished, ^watched with,care,  LThe Veed^.aU cleared aVay,  ,  The'one may bu3,^dlothers spring,  ,'^Neathi the. sun/s warm ray.  .Farvbetter havie' the joy 'that fills        ���������'*    / '  ��������� The honest workman^ breast��������� ��������� ���������' \  The sleep thatTo?e'r'his senses steals,    ���������',> 'v ,  ��������� When nature asks for rest,  Than li^e;a life of idleness, .  ./.,,>fT|to^nche8tfmay;\surroundit>.,;'>  Titen, be; content, arijl- leave 'ttfe world  ;; Better than you found it. .*  NEW" ADVERTISEMENTS.  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J! ^.occupyjjuLa very^malLp.prtion jy������ih&~.s&me.-  .They lie. chiefly in,the province of Victoria,  , ,,; poor;"although ihe yiekVqf New South "^ales  1       the adjoini%vprovincB5 Is vsry. considerable.]  lii ^pyearcvfrom  Dickers' ?������frouf Recor< "  Xihv.i tberV^are' "sixty-one , <-livtfreoc3 -paying  rywet&inmesm Victoria,,working   under  th-  '. (   ?;l*imited<;LjabiUty,Act,'besides a large s number of ijikfi t mfm% mines worked" on  llx  '-'OO'bpet-ab^e'.system.:.{There are also aamn^  ous \[ progressive^ mines, whose progress and  'prospects .^.; regularly, reported. ,*  ,   'lii'   Record of: February  26th eoaranj" a  ; tabulated [list of ejghty-J quarts mining coin-  p'l'otx^ in New Pouth Wales, m& tW naiiibe*  of tons finished add omouni o\ yield of each  "for the'quarter ending December 31st,  1866,  From tins list we gather ,the'fact "that  these  otap^'ii^1, during iho  laa qua *br,   oi   1360,  -r   crushed pl(60,169 tons, from which was extraction aggregate   of S3$74^ounces  of go)d,  %ii ? {41 en t' to .6 ^  p*u   to a���������3  A a c no a ; o cer  itair aii f'^not,   A;  esryuil  eo^kle.odot!  ol  tjqte t ������?b]f������ gtvec one a very good   Idea of fchi  ^nrra1 jiHC, of thr Au3.'ralntn goM mike's  ���������    'la-csKoCally looking over this r������*l oi eighty  .;'V;;.'mines,:we;fiDdvt^^^ of  less than/one-quarfcer o? aa ovm^h and LF-euh<  ^   ' sis less,than one-halt^ an ounce-; ^ fifty-seven  ,    loss than one ounce,  and only ' twenty-three  whose yield exceeded an ounce, ���������_ One   coni-  - pany is.repbj ted as having crushed 2,900 tons  in three months,-at-a yield of a fraction .short  of one-twelfih.of an ounce to the Jon !  There are very few mines in the list, which  , are worked to any extent, that reach a yield  ��������� of one ouAoe 'to the ton,   We note hut four  which;prqduced 1,000  tops  or' over,,'with  a  yield that reached or exceeded one oimce  to  the ton. - The highest yield reported was five  / oueces, "bji-a mine from which only- sixty tons  1      crushed.   Qf:the eight-mines'which/pro-  .."duced roek^worth two ounces',arid ove'r^ .only  ' ,   two prodti.ee, as 'much, as 250 torisVand\ one of  them paid two ounces to the ton;for 8&6 tons  ;:^l|y;^!!Med^^i^  The.number of men engaged in mining in  ��������� -, Australia, aX the present time, is estimated^at  , from 8.0,000 to'90,0.00.-  The total ,population  of Australia is about ,1,000,000���������600,000 , of  swhom reside in the gold producing colonies.  Considerable1 attention is being called, to  the loss, of gold in the quartz mines,: and a'  iek;df ihe^ most enterprising" engineers are  doing theiribest to. remedy the- same.   The  average loss is set at fully oner third of the to-  *���������    tat assay value of the  rock. t The   millmea  Vi: generally appear^  ,f;;;sulyect,\more's6  nia^M. &S. PresB. ���������"    - ~ ' ���������   ���������'    '���������.��������� ,-  AND FLOWER SEEDS.  The business of the lato firm of Jny fc Co., Fort St.;  and SprfngUold Nursery, will bo carried oil by them  in-all its branches. -''  Fruit Trees and Bushes, Evergreen and Deciduous  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plants of every description..; . l-2s  AS TOR' SALEi! and-constantly on hand,  n^\i^_assort^d Sto'ck^of Drugs5 al 1 the Chemicals  usedi by ^Physicians, ^;P|iotograpber3, "AssiiyGrs aud!  Mechanics; ^Also't^e popular Patent Medicines, and  Druggists^sundries.' '.1 i.r r  ;*LKot^ts^Cruciblfes7^^ffles,Cupo Ingot Moulds,  ctcr^etcf./i.^-i^";;'- ��������� '^iy'X-' - '���������.��������� ."������������������/,;���������" i:-:':  ^jpnBSonh*ribNis";-ii^^ ���������  |^:.   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HENRY GREENBAUJr,'.WHOLESALE LIQUOR  Store, Importer of Fine Mkbrsohaiw Pipes, Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigarsand Tobacco, Johnson street,.Victoria, V. Ii ��������� ��������� 1-s-  STABLINOfbr HGRSES(  WILLIAM   McWHA,  LYTiqN CiTY, B. c,   /  Begs to inform the public generally tliat he has  CORAllACCOMOBAtlON  On his premises for; upwards of 200 Horses.  Hay and Oats for Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR JIRE   ;  TERMS   MODERATE.  C. E. BGMBROT,  BOSTON fiAR, B. C, ������������������-.'.'  ���������   Wholesale and Retail Merchant in  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS  LIQUORS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, &o.  is ^  164 MILE 0E DEEP CREEK HOUSE.  TS OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OP Tflf  1 Travelling public; tho.bedrooms aro spnejousand  airy and tho Ijcds cannot be surpassed for clonnknefig  and comfort by any in tho lowor country; the Table \n  always supplied wltli tho best of victuals. StobljDe  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hund-  t; 1  ( FIREPROOF, WAREHOUSE!:     .  PARTIES DESTROiJS of shipping freight With Dis^  . patohj'-will find it.to their, advantage .by giving us  a call before engaging elsewhere. "���������"  ���������'���������'���������.'������������������'x-.-x���������:..;������������������;������������������.��������� :. ;;. -:.��������� alway" &;bailey.   -  ,/ Yale^AprilSth, 1867,.; ;: ;,   / .:���������.-;.    Is  : W. H. Sutton,- '  DEALER;IN^iyESj Liquors, and Cigars, Coal Oil,  .Coal Oil Laipps, &c^, ; . . ]:X ���������        . >. -.'���������'������������������  ��������� ' * ( AG-E2STT*FORBUNSTER'S * ALE !     '[  '":'::"''��������� -;-'-'':' '-"l"In. Bblk and half Bbls. . *  ' Yale.- April! 8th, IS67,- : . . ' -\ .'���������      1-s  JULES RUEFF, Ccmmissio.v Merchant, Royal  Hotel Building, Wharf street Victoria,. V. I.   1-s  D.  CtEAIi'S Coffer House" and Restagrant,  Government Street, Victoria, V. I. '.This is the  cheapest, most comfortable, and best, attended Establishment in the City " . ���������  :"TIk������.BAR is always supplied with the: choicest of  Winks,���������Liquors arid"Cigars;; '1-s- ���������  ���������[ BOYD & HI^TH, Prppriefors,;:,  rpniS HOUSE is situated 20 miles from QucsnoimotUh,"  X.' The proprietors having lately fitted up bodrooms  and good Bods arc now prepared to afVord ever j accom. ���������  modation for Travellers; the Table is furnished with #  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is wp|i6up:  plied with the best.bmnds of Liquors and Sesni-s; good  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley. 8&- The CHEAPEST  House on the Road.,; .: l.s  LAKE LA HACHE.  A FRANICEL. Victoria, V. I./Dealer in Fdrs������  xjL.SKrxs, Hiuks, Wool,&c. .. Liberal advances inade  on Furs'consigned. Reference���������.&. Sutro k Ob. -Rein-  hart Bros. Viotoria, V..I. 1-s  Storage and Forwarding!  : ;;-.:.' YALE, B. C. ��������� x-i ';���������/..���������  i) ARTIES SHIPPING OOODS BY THE YALE-LYT-.  ton Route, arc advised that. .....  ;:.: . KIMBALL:& GLADWIN  Have erected an extensive Storehouse and. Dock'at  Yale, and are prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods.1   Goods re-packed, and, freights engaged at the  Lowrst Rates. ���������     ���������'���������>'...  ;������������������ Parties shipping goods through us will please niark  16 the care of  Is ...     ;;      KIMBALL & GLADWIN.  /V SUTRO & .Cd>.;"KrpoiiTRRS asp Dealers in  VT������'. CIGARS, TOBACCO, Mcershaum Pipes, &������., S R,  c'oriior of Yates and Wharf street, Victoria .. s  EWONG, LEE & CO., Commission atociiANTS, Im-  portrrs, and-Dealers in Chinese Goods, Victorui,  V. .L, Yale, Lillooet, Quesnehnouth, and Williams  Creek. ������������������    ������������������ -i:s  TF. WALTERS, formerly of the 04 MrtB HorsE,  ��������� having purchased' this Ranch, is now pronareii  to accomodate the.traveling public with GOOD MIJALS  apdBEDS at moderato ratos.  ..���������_ l.s  T H E A S���������'HC RO F T HOUSE  ;    .    MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.;   '.;.  At THIS WELL KNOW*!^HOUSE, b olfewayhetvceo:  .c\. Spencers Bridge and Clinton, on the YaleKoulc.  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. .The best of  living, of Liquors, and of-Wines..... Fresh Butter,ililk*  nnd Vegetables.    Good Stabling.and cheap feed.   1-s  THE UNDERSIGNED begs tn inform the miners and  residents in k around Van Winkle that he will in fu  ture keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on baud, and  'hop<*s- by'do.se attention to business; and by selling  at LOWER RATES than heretofore, to meet the pa-:  tronage-ofall/_    />.'.       ������������������'���������    '.       ���������.������������������-.-:  Orders from outlaying creeks accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness and dispatch^  flST������ Terms CASH, without distinction.  1 .1-9 ��������� ,     . ��������� , J. W.- LINDHARD.  ,:?'���������; It. 13 cstimafeed^that,aboiit two-tbirds of the  surface ortbegJbJ)e;is icpyered^Uli- water.  ; Although millions of./livirig creatures slack  ; the.ir;th|rst;������ajly,i^ water lias  sot b^h oia^erially dimiuisiied' for-centuries  :-pas'tfa!.l^ivjjoi;;giB^e\-irae'; introduction of  vv^isice^h6ps; which prove a gvea(i; saving of  water, and are therefore... of ���������.- immense benefit  to navigation.    , '-. ������������������'  ; ?. ;A:SMall boy-said tp fa.:man ;who wasf ex-  pressingihis surprise tliat a baker^ horse -did  not start at the;Explosion of crackers around  him;pn ttie/Fourth,���������������-fli^ sir^ that ���������: horse  has carried crackers tbis^%years;'?;;:  127  BLUE   TENT,  ��������� OR ���������  MILE   HOUS  EMAIXANDAINE, COLLECTOR  AND GENERAL  ��������� AGKNT, Government Street, Victoria, V. I.   1-s  DAILY' and WEEKLY " BRITISH COLO VIST  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE." Orders for mailing either the Daily or Weekly issues of the above to  auy. part of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, &c , left at this office or sent to Victoria will he  attended to., . Tkkws in advance Weekly, 12mos.,  with Postage, $7 50"; 6mos. do., $4 75. Vatly, 12  mos' do., $23 ; 6tnos do., $12 50.  GREAT REDUCTION has been made in tho charges  at this establish me bt, so as to suit the time's.  Meals, $1; Beds, 76 Cents. .  ilcLEESE & SENAY,  ���������       *     Proprietor?.  1st, 1S67. ��������� ���������-���������*���������"���������; U  36 MILE    POST,  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B.C.  COFFEE.  WE   ARE   FORWARDING   A  ^TRAVELLERS will find every accommodation at this  X Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD  BEDS.--.  STABLINGFOR HOfeES.  TIMOTHY'HAY and OATS at Lowest Rates.  BOOTHROTD. BRO'S,  1-s Proprietors.  Packed" in Tins of from two to  each. *  twenty-five pounds  1-s  WILSON & MURRAY,  Fort street, Victoria.  TTHB IJNDEDSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED THI5  X. desirable property, is .:now. Prepared to ������ccommo-  dato thfl:traveJ.ling public. : Tho tabic is supplied with  the very best of viands.   Tho bedrooms and beds arc  as comfortable as co.uld be desired, and thr������ BAR contains nothing, but the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS:-.:',;. .;������������������':.���������:.::'���������'  A good stock of<?rain dncl Hay.alwavs oh hand.     '  . Srd May, 1867. V :.   S        \.      W. WRIGHT.A  VICTORIA -; ADVERTISEMENTS.  THOS. WILSON & CO.  BIPORTERS OF ENGLISH MERCHADIZE  ;. Wholesale.and Retail,  W11% fl'   VT.T .������W4������fj  Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria.    Ls  QEMLEN:& PARKE, Proprietors, at, tho  O Junction.of the .Cariboo, and.Big Bend Roads is  now open for the accommodution of the public. Dis-  taneo from Clin ton, 26'tni les: from Savanas Stcamljoat  Landing- 22 miles; from ���������Spcnce������e Bridge, .30 miles.  Travellers will iind prices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give tueru a call, Stablinff, Hay & Grain j  attentive hostlers. Stages leavo here regularly lor  yale, aud Cariboo s  A. W. PIPER.  ;:     CONFECTIONER,  Government Street, opposite the,'Theatre.  rXABpiES of every description manufactured and  V sold, Wholesale and, Retail. i_s :  a  The Cariboo   Seiitiiiel,^  Published  5:EM;r-M s k l '���������������'������������������'  Evert Monday  PA FEB. V ;   :  ���������akd ^Thursday.  TOtT begs leave to state that he  JXm- has removed his stock of Goods consisting of Gro-  CEitns, &o., from Wharf street to the Brick Building  on;Yates street, adjoining Cowpers Boot Store, opposite Wells,; Fargo & Co. ., ;. ...'./���������'.  ' Ho will sell his Goods by Wholesale, at the lowest  rates, fbr cash.. ���������:;;���������",              :'X' l.s  WILLIAM ZELNE-Rv dealer in Prugs, Kkdi  olxes itud Chemicals, Fancy and Toilet Articles,  Sponges, Brushes, Perfuuicry,f &c. PhysiciansJ".Prescriptions carefully eompounded and orders answered  with care aud dispatch., Victoria, V. I. 1-s  Cftnci-  ALL AN & CO., Pkopriktors.        J'"  ^iRKERVILLE, Wiuiiias Creek, Cariboo.  ���������;,,.. ��������� Subscription, $1 per Week^    I  'including coBt of delivery,) Payable- to'the Carrier  A. BULER   &  CO'.'S  f\ HIS AP S tore. LAD I ES' a nd GE NT'S CAST OFF  \J. Clothing bought and sold. Secondhand Watches,  Guns, Pistols, &c, for sale. '  J    45T Government street opposite the Theatre.   1-s  Free Port for Ever 1    ^  WE THE UNOERSIGNKD  TAKE   pleasure in"an-  -���������J, nouncingto our numerous  customers and the  public, that wo will supply them with the best French  Leather Boots (duty free) ever o'fitred in B. Ci ��������� ���������  jm^At our.old Stand, Government St.y Victoria, VI  ;.:1's -������������������':. :���������-.'������������������ '���������.   -.'���������; ;'     '.-. CHARITY & BUTLER.  j. g beedy^      :,   :;  commission & forwarding agent,  IIX  PAT  PARTICULAR   ATTENTION  TO  SR-  lectmg, purchasing, or forwarding Goods for the  upper country..  Any commission, entrusted to his care, vvill receive  prompt -attention:**  References :���������W. A. Mbacham, E. A. Wadhams, %  Hakpeh, ,T.J. Biiasilv.  Victoria, April, 1867, 1  'HE U^DERSIGVED W NOW PBEPARtfD.-TO  a I ford every accom mod ati on to th e travel I i ng pu >*  lie, and hopes by a strict atteUtion to business, w  merit a share of; the patronage bestowed on the former-  proprietors. This is one of th'omost:c03nfortablc ana  commodious Hotels on the road, containing.as J t>W'*_  warm and well furnished bed rooms with good op*.  The TABLE is supplied with every delicacy-V^8 P������f*  siblc to procure in the;upper- country.;,The ������a.k^s  slocked wi th; tho best of Liquors, and tho choices*  Cigars.   ' ������������������''.-.; .'������������������"."'"'.'''''���������'-  !���������'"."    M&r MEALS, .$I 50  EAOH. r&,  - - The sta bling fori Horses is all that. could be' d^ircttj ���������  an d the charges arc very mod era to.    Hay fpr.;B9������������������* ���������;  per day, $2 ; Oats and Barley at the cheapest in���������>  prates. ���������',.���������:    '������������������-'' ' % : /\\m-akv  The; undersigned has a large Quantity of OAT oax  on hand, for sale in large or small quantHies.  i-s ���������������������������. john mhi^m&yFiopiGtQtx  .BOSTON   BAR  International  rrtllB. WELL KJTOYN HOUSE is no������ open ^5*  1 vellorn. Tho Table is supplied as formerly ������������  the best the market affords; and the Cooking cmm>  be cxcfdled. The Bar is  quors and Cicukb.    GOOD BEDS. Xrvn^  ��������� J miMAX CHARTERS .^  stocked with tho fluostU,  1111  warns������


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