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The Cariboo Sentinel 1867-10-03

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 5 has  )N8.  i.m  aa ana' ���������  ibie is.. ������������������;' i  ���������abling/ " .'j  hand, '"/-  ;'���������!  toutb, .' ;��������� :-.���������:.]  rooms * '.-''A\  ccom. ���������.-:-,;;.  1th all  i su>. .ry'--  Rood,   yy  ���������pest ������������������";���������'������������������.:  ;l.sr ft*?;  *"U8E.; -/: v!|  'ATd :  H J  >. t; :; xyi  reen . :.yl\  ate. /.; I  stor ry ���������;J;  Kilk     ..     X]  l-s/���������'-���������;.������������������-: <  yy '������������������yxl  rAy-  A \  ���������    '": ' ''���������������������������'. y,\  !      .  '   ��������� '     ^   \  u ���������':  i.. j  fc  * mk 4.  Ba^ker^e^l^^ October 3, 1867/,  li^  1' ' - ' 0'  SUPREME COURT. .      ���������      '  ' - '        "(Before Cln^^tuM^ojihaini) v^^^^^^^^^^^     4  ,    ���������   .   v-[Continaod -from^ohr last;]  rWilliam /Heroni ^orn^ have 'bqen/ac-  rquaihtecl with feroiise' oreek since the -spririg;  of 1865,/the Ijluine ���������co������Vwas^then!-f pips-ecu ti ng:  their worJc������ ��������� Therei were ; no claims located  r near ^he* flu ^  was-tKe;first.; TheHeroa^co^ staked off their  : .grdiind^ififiyjifeet, fas ttitif;supposed, frotd--the  /flume V; thejgroii rid was staked off in March,  1866, since thattimevasiirVey-1^/triadjDi ���������atid  7 i n order to+ ^VCth ef lin es co' rreei; 1 requesteti-  ^ tbe: forcm an pf Lottie :/Fl u me:; co.., to; go��������� along  with me," ancU point out the boundary lines?'  About;Aiigust^l86^I/wished jib stake offja  ������claim w hicli? we called $he Mipunt I*feasanfc co;  I askedrGamerbn to point^eut-t^e^company's  centre stake, which he did ;.it was a sapling^  map' us';saplins:. At tbe point .where the sapr  Ilrig /stood, tbe<ireek'was less tban 100-feet  ^ide.   I worked on the, flume myself,/ the  aground has since been-worked by miners  -close to the' flume ; never heard of /Flume cp:  ^claiming more; than fifty feet from centre of  the 'flume. In 1865,' the ground* was rmore  valuable on::;the west side of the creek ;*I  7yra&,interested indirectly,in the,Canadian co.;  I helped lo; stake Canadian col's ground : it  was supposed to belong ly the Flume co.  My:  jreason for ' taking up the ground atthe time.  ; was that we did not know whether the char-;  -'ter of the, Flume co. would be continued^; so  we tbok'up the ground in-order to be first, in  case the "government aunulled the charter of  /.the,"Plume.cb.  -/When I found the charter-was  Jriofrjanuulled, I sent &: notice (copy read)rtoi  the foreman of the Canadian co., in which I  r^bat&oiiea^l^  NETC/ADVERTISEMENTS;;  .claimed all responsibility, f orithe^ acts-pt/the/  Canadian" co. . I .was a member of the Black  ���������/���������Hawk co;-; did  not stake off ground : the  Black Hawk co; worked their-ground'from  *4>ot*lrshaft ef-d- incline, tho work  was-all '���������tin-"  ,'derground. 71 have been'down the shaft,-  'there is every appearanceof a lead;-which i3  a confuluance of the' ��������� Herbnrlead.  i    prossrexamined���������:The Flumeico. bad; ceased  to Tvork av hen^the yCanadia^cp'.^s gro uhcf was  located"; ^was���������-*hot aware that/ Flunielcoj had  /^ceased entirely. l^T^re^asflume'laid in^.865,  none laid in 1866, but we were ground sluicing and* preparing to lay the ;flu me; there was,  no* flume laid this yeah. v-Cameron was a member of the :MountA^Eleasaht;Co.^ the claim, was,  staked attthe-base/of the hill/ and hence niay  be 100 feet away from tlie^centre of the fiiime  41 tW lowers lines;;frliere the creek widens/;  at upperi end, wherev^the creek isv~narrower/  ��������� we;caraef as (nee*^ as  possible; The ground ^between* onr stakes at  thevbase;of/the;hill*; ancl^the: Plume company^  ground; :Was .worked byi the ^/A/meirican cp.  Have ne ver seen ^ the stake said to be so yen ty  fee fc from th &fium;eJ the; American^boi worked  on bigh bed; rock- lift 1865;7 The Reed^ Salt-  Spring^ Heppel and American companies, a^e  all that I can remembevi at that ticte ; the  Sal fc-Sp ring - co. is an 0 let cosy ab out fiveyears.  1 think. Franks Perez ^worked further Up thb  creek ; I believe there were sixteen claims  laid over by the Canadian co. /  '  Re-examined by defendanfe, connsel���������I  Never saw any ^ide/skkes/rtiil/C  them in/, on the recbmmeftdatipn' of Itfr. tJoiv;  The stake cailed Baker's^^stakei does npt/look  as if cut w he ti snow was on the grpotid 5 do  not remember stake near ConaaVs house./  $yA8Miym&$^  'I.;[        . ^ARKBRYILLE, /',',', .��������� '/'���������:',,  '��������� WIL LIA MS   GR.EE &: '-..'.  Jt^rto;the:public that -they havo ehi^rgedrromrnished",'  and'thoroughly renovated, their v capacipa&ahd^liftsh-  ioiiable saloon, sparing neither pains nor expense for  tlieGqni^ ' t       Vv  ��������� T?h|s ismow the largosi- and- inost complete Salpdn in  Mitteii d6i*umbiS^xconsist'^ih'if^f. three krg^^se]parate:  ap{irtme-ots,v\lz.:. 'CARD' ROOM, -BAR ROOM,-and  BILLIARD, SALOON, containingv three superbrBIL^  LIARD TABLES/^ ' .,,   A :0x   0   ��������� I "> -X,J-,   A  ;;Tlio^ best LIQUORS andrOI(^RSvbbtainal?le,|are  sirv/ed here. I^his/Ktablishnient is^uhder  djafc^superintehdenbeiiiUhePropiHetdrs.'  ^ /  0.7     -   '^    : '"   : l      ' -.: ���������     ADLKR & BARRY."*  "June 6th; 1867. ^  / v '   \ 4ra , ,  stake^Ecoiiidvhot haye ; helped s^ejpg'iVlyl-Jh  iSBSiX/wantei tp/^cord ^claim,20dieStibrig  by^() feet^widie^alb'ng  west sideyjbut the recorder wotild/nptcohseht  to.' it; AMitlGoxi gay e/^e^"rrafeipn;: toid<6; sbf  arid, asked me;if Cameron/^bad; set bis stakes f'\  whfen-1 told/liim.lie/;liadf he was-pleased'|>  remarked-that?lie liad sent partieron ah 0rder,  to do:soj ^vlth the;��������� view ;otI showing miners  wliere ^tb} pr^-fem#t;; XJameron shbwed: irie his  stakes^ahd ft ree 0 rded:: rny^grpu hd 11 p to th em i  ���������v Crpes-^e^min^d^^lib in  iI866;*was' hearer--��������� tfie,* ctee fe' iit ';:;^ th^upp^r'^erixi, ���������  tbaii iff ,186fc ��������� / Theyijr^  the^preek as I was. ^  working near/the/flume^^  ii^si*3c������^^kS  belpw $tevheadfof the Mme;;; Th e; gro 11 n  than^thirty^piv;.fprt7  going ftorn :itiy cabiu; tb^ McWha'sTi~had to'  pass -n ea r "whereBaker fs stako ^stands jt-I never  saw that stake before this summer.   I have  seen a stake "pointed out to ;me as Baker's'  stake 5 it was* stuck in' alongside of a | small  stiirnpf*;^there -isiqnite: arf cluster of stiimps  where.it stands.: In 1864, :>Iv worked, on'a  bench -probably^ 200 or -300' feet from the  flume.   Cameron did not move me. back in  1865.   The flume, in front of McWha?s house,  runs pretty near the centre of tbe stream ; the  creek, in 1864; ran1 nearer McWha's bouse  than where, the flume, is.no w laid;.  I never  measured theVdistance from >:G0nnant^^oabin  to the,stakes.   Knew Baker in 1864 ; he-was  working at a saw pit on tbe yA&vn hill side%  a E. C. Gillette, sworn���������Am aciviL.engineer' _ ....   and surveyor ���������; was employed in 1864 to s'ur-! G^rilJOO .Literary IllStitlite  vey the^Grou?e Creek Bed /Rock Flume coi's      '���������*   > -     '"  ground,-by J. P. Cranfovd.   I surveyed ,the  25:  A000^  : '   0BA0KERY1LL1A7-    A)       1  DEALERS IN   '    v'  || ."''CIQAR^j.LIQUC-P,^  0/iQlhmg 3Jiil WM^ivriyxty  '.Tune 27,1867.  _rr-v;:TmiTOjI^  Thursdajr^26th S^tembeiv 186T..!  J. M. Saiidbvsbn,A swbrh-r/Becoliect/ when  'Gillette made a siirvey of Flume co.-S ground,  in 18 64. Recol lee fc seei ng oni the wes t side ;o f  the creek a sapling cut/off and squayedv In 1865,  when I was ab*out to 1 bcate ground, I called  on Cameron to show,me- his=bcundary, and  be showed me a. stake sixty 'feet below Con-  nan t's babm *; he/ said he. claimed to that  stake. If* vvas all of * twenty feet, nearer the  creek than theicab in. The fiume is not m0re  than fifty feet from that stake. : I lived.in Con-  nan t's cabin; and worked in front of it within  fl tly fee t of th e een tre: oOh e; creek ���������} - h a ve  lived n ear'the grou nd for, th ree years. T h e  ground ;has- all been ��������� worked on the west side,  up to the Fluine co.'s lines, by companies dif-  ���������fe ren t from th e Fl u m e c 0. My c 1 ai m com -  fenced at the cabin, and ran up stream, and  was distant fifty^ feet,.from the .centre of the  'creek. I never saw any flume stake on the  east side of ibe creek ; -never saw what is put  *3owb as-Baker's fitake, had there bees gucb ti$  line of the intended flume ; he said the company wished to take up "100 feet along the/  x aire < f the whole cr > k .' was instructed  to commence at'the/divide, between Grouse  and Antler creeks, and stake the ground out,  ''plabing/Sta^e^  map^tha'co!1 Tor tlie  comp.inv,   j did sblj^I  now,identify the map shown me (2nd April*,  Z1864)Za3 -thb onel "made. : The tracing'from  said*mapiiowshbwn; me;is-correcfc*f the red  figures represent the numbers of the magnetic  courses. ���������*������. The magn eti c con rse. is the centre  linfeithat I ^escribed p froni this Atpntre7ixne}  at, e veryrhalr- mile j I always - chose in-y sap 1 i ng  fo r a p 0 st; fifty feet from .said li ne/ ; Thes e-  were cut off; squared^ and notices tacked dn;  them at every half-mile, on*both sides of the  creek.r Baker^a^stake sjfcands' near cbui/se^li  in originalihap.   Otf second Julyi this year, I  retraced- the' courses by vcompass.' Baker?s  sfcake^wbuld be thirfcy-four feet from tlie mag-  netic /courseiif> the sapling poinfc,r course 2-lj  is V the  proper course. :  This  depends on  whether the point- marked sapling,is the true  starting \point of that course, and of that Jam  nbt: eerfcairir j^think the��������� sapli ng p ost is an  original one 5 if so^ it must be the lower end  of course 20; which is/iriUhe canon.   It-is.ctit  tiff six feet above; ground; and squared j with  bid blazes and'otacks .on it   I retraced tho  courses to satisfy myselfr whether it was an  old / stake^r not; knew. that if I /retraced  them in a crooked or narrow canon, without  a correct starting point,: I shonld be thrown  out of the canon./ I ran up the creek tliirtyr  twpcliains; to the second mile poi nt. which is  course/15^ and found myself ;sti II in/the creek.  This was a siifficient ind icatioii, to my j adg-.  ment^ thou-ghf not a conclusive test, that? the  sapling was an old centre post:.and if so,  for-the'f reasons al ready given, it'should -be  the lower line bf course 20.  ���������y Crbs5-examihed-~ Have noticed the position  of.Baker's/stake; oan"fcrsay wbother the cabin  opposite tb it was there at the time of; the  survey ; koow Baker; have no reason to  doubt his/} testimony ; 'he planted the stakes.  ������rbvided. there had been no other cabin beside Connaht's at that time, it is pretty .good  evidence that Baker's stake must be right';  otherwise the cabin would be sixty feet further south $ although-* the cabin was put in  the map by sight. I don7fc think there could  have been such a variation.... On the whole, I  would be governed by the courses, and these  would make Baker's a side stake.   Tlie location of a cabin in a map of this kind, is not a  matter of importance. I have ,not tried Jbe  courses from Baker:s stake either upwards or  downwards. I don't recollect putting in  s takes be twesn e ve ry lial f��������� mile. Have no. re- \  co 11 ec tion 0 f p u tti u g. i ii p er m a n en fc ce ntre  stakes. If I had a datum starting point, I  could work out the courses correctly. /:���������. y.  E. Devvdney, sworn���������Am a civil engineer  and surveyor 5 have been recently employed  f5o*st4Btied on I4?ird page.)  /J.; S.-THOMPSON,/PKE3IDEXT. ���������  /JAMES: ANDERSON, Yidti-PHEsinENt.  :J0HJT MicLAREN;  JOSEPH'CLEARIHtJE  ^OSEPH/RARE/r^  I  DiBEOTokai  ^INSTITUTION lii VOW* OPEK 'AT -BAEKER-  %.v 'l������, y'yro y m mn, il^ted^ip -vj'n^a Vj&x^mj ibf  .cornfort and <som.enience'of tbe psoplo of Cij'Ibpo .A . r  / / Thy Read! ng Room' wil I bf*. foim 6 supplied wi th" ihe:  ^latest En'slish, Scottish/ Canadian, American ami .Colon i-il Papers a ud Mi ga zincs. . / ��������� ��������� ���������  'r Terms of.'^  Month; Single volumes loaned, to /non-subscribers at  60 cents per volume, with ������1;deposit-^' _ . ' '- A"  - ^rsp'n&Jiptisubscribers^visiting"th^^Beadiri| Roomf  and vmakingdse pf the; Books arid; PajierSi ^oMents^fdr  each visit,.   ." '.   ��������� '���������   .       $ ~  '  ���������/The Itoom wiilhe1 open"from; TEN,"A. M^titi!''TESSii  p. -M.      :; *   ;  ^ johk* bowron,    * ���������' ;;v:/   x  '      v -���������        " Secretary and/XibraHah.-^  ^/N. B c-Afineassortmeat of Books /andjStationery is;  always kept for sale.,. yy M    . 13-s  00 A v^^ADVERTKEMBNJ?.'   " ] '/ti  j>/ SB-ME-^feESL*':PAt-EB. 00:  Published EviSy Monday 1nD\ ThursdatI  0 ALE^I$r& COiyPBOPRtETORS; , ,  '������������������'������������������' ���������'���������,. --:yX:/:''^--AX^'yiyX::':rti'' ��������� v. .���������"��������� Yj'fsiv:.o,ii������jY''.'i':: l ,-:].!'''y-y>':-'  y  :       , Subscriptioa, $1 per Week: \   y' \ ���������  (mcluding, 'costv'pr ,delivbry;) Payable 1- to tho Carrt^  7f  ������  . \ A- Al' v^;$SfJffe^i M$tyf,^/rA ' 77077  . Hsvejust'rcceivcduchoico.selection of   ;   ,  T^r'3F*'L A0/& '''AlSip ^IBW0Atl%O^\  :���������:. with various other articles in their line of- trad^.i"-  ��������� '''-'I 7.7-7 I;.';;-- V"' '''.V.'V.>'7ViV''-' V'' '���������'' -V Y::X?'<v������'?P:::!X:l -'i''''"->'.^Vi-.X"/-'1 ��������� V'"',''-.i,r'V'viV  ���������"*fl������* All "Jobbing in the Tin,1 Sheet Iron j Copper and-:  Zinc ti 1 te i ttended 'to-9 and/warraiited'to give satisfad*'  i'ion  '/  .    ',.,./'''        .70'   I   ..  y ,   i m mmBBMB/i   | * '-.  HAVING.-TABLED.-AN'.OFFICE AA KICHFIELI^,/  Wi li ia'me *C-, - -s, is prepare J to e 5 e c ate- Surveys **;  ���������PlanSi' Levels, Sections, fee; -s es������, committed $.0 hl^  .charge';; :*wHh-J:carei^e^atcl^iand;^  TJSirjr       * ' ��������������� ;'.  "3      ,  JtjgrTOfto^ c/i^oof Iryfl0 yn  \ fy  A.-a-A 1  'viv-:  ���������xmE-fJf-sxy   .  :R^"s)t/ap;r  ���������Msom^  : i ������������������  ���������yy  0  mM  ;/^i|^iteiS������S^^^^^:  NrAKNOUNC!tM3^fH3   BlS-OPENItfG" tW fMWr^  ('house'for?tlie-seas'o'Q; * the proprietors, wish*-to.. In*  -  io-rm their friends;and the ptihlic'generally, 'that,the;  will sp'ar^e-no pains, in'order^to merit the patronage ������i  aU whqgive them'a caiih";- -  ,       , ' Ay ax &y, pill Siovrs.    ' *  AA! 71'"',:''//'' lAA&W^Jfi.  ixyyyy0xy:0  Aeco-antant,   Golledtori  ��������� AND r*.  A   NEWv Tm:.BB0B lA  T' HE UNDERSIGNED'have commenced in the above  business, in; Barkerville,v and solicit a- share / ofpuh-  licpatronage.    ���������*������        >. :*.       :.        -   A ' -  ������ast  iron sfoVes ;  Always on hand..-  New Work and Jobbing  /  X: ���������:   Done at reasonable rate3.  COMMISSION    AG EN Tt  BARKERVILLE,        ���������   '  /���������       OFFlCE:--OPPOSITEVK."C0NI0'S;BRBl;!rBHt.  June 17,1867.*'  IS/  Steele's  Restaurant,  RICHPIEIiD? ;   A'0  " .SGBpfOxir Teams run regularly between .Yale and  Cariboo and all orders in ^Ui^liUtt-/o^b^a^ss^r^U^iftSttv-^^^il  -attendedlo^-'" ,      ������������������     ������ .���������   \     .    / '*',.'   '  ;���������  l-s  ��������� ..   i B; PEARSON & BROS.  STEELE BEGS TO INFORM HIS OLD ^RIE^US  ��������� aiid Patrons, - thatfhe has opehed?liis OLD STAND,  where he will be glad to"see them.  '\##^ Meals- at All< Hours *^������&  ,  , Juiie iotb, 1867;.    ,        ,   -m ���������-_.',.   .   r . , ll*a r  ���������ry ���������)':'FSy.rt������E0ry;y v;r  Auctioneer, Gollectorj  ,.A All      ���������/������������������AKD������������������'  ''  07/klNINO:;   iAG'B:N^yAl00x  :-. 'Goods sold; on Commission.- ���������;'.bmcs^,-<'.Ricli*fleid,.*s^  Salesroom, Barkerville.  ��������� 5-s  t^E^ELM|3|TH: AByB^B^NTS.  EfPSESS!  ' /if  AND  9  BRITISH COLUMBIA j 1  VICTORIA ^6XPk������83i;  Connecting, at Victoria wi tli WELLS, FARGO & CO.,  for California. Oregon, the Atlantic States, j  A :r-i"f v, ahd Europe; -.-' [   ������������������'      ';';'���������-���������;./  AND. A't-YALB AND LILLOOET WITH BABNARC'S  ..yy,: '��������� -y'-.yCARIBOO;BXPjRESS,.:;������������������.������������������;������������������������������������,  For Big Bend, Cariboo and the Northern Mines;  Conveying Treasure^ Valuables, Letters, .Packages ahd  " - v, .-'.  Parcels.- ' l-s/r  A. McPherson, -'/-.;���������  H  AND  r''7S.������;Ei..L-EE,':.'  ATE. ..HODGENS7. OLD   STAND  Barkerville, 1st May, 186*   ; 1������b  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  V .  QUESNELMOUTHi-  '    ,'    A^'.  1  ",   Pi L* JOHNSG)N, P.6T*tti&ionf .  Meals at all lioursj aiid���������-��������� Cooking of thc.boii  -: >.. description. *    ;8   Ix  '��������� OJJESNKLMbUTH,     /  -" .;",-":-  Good Bods;": R^stauraiLt:;J^MdTdfaA&>1  .Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats. v. ���������:.*������ a:0  STEAISE  E  ���������    WILL KUN AS. FOLLOWS 1..  dir  Thursdays  a  rl  toiaays.  A3 ilS, O'CLOCK, Ai U*j  j. LEAVES  SOI>Av;CREEK:; QN;;  Tuesdays a;'li d #ridd|ffei  .AT fbtiti 6'CLOCS, A  Qyestoftljriovitfa- May 2n<^ 18*5*;.  iii  i ^������[������MMWiW^  ���������1.7, V.J.  /    V THURSDAY/, OCTOBER, 3,; 1867.  Agents for the ." Cariboo Sentinel"  ��������� /Arouse Creek:'^   i0:[A:XX0      -     '���������   \A.,McWruV  Grouse Creek,"  : Qnesnelmdutb, *  ..^.xXtiie '  0y lillooet  v/v^vKeB  ,...���������. Musquito.Gulch,  _.-.-.   _T,      - . . - ^-������L W*.  -rf^'ft'i"--.*.  !?��������� TH e i'Car ib oo; Sentinel* f j iS/ftu M i shed ^very Mob*l ay  !vf Trifles MgKt as ���������air,? are heldupas reajom  for decisions on the /bencb'and thcpublic is  .frequehtlySlecl to belieye;that>justice;giv^  plaoeUo personal/interefi .//We|miisl: admit  thatsuch unreasonable cbriciuMons:are highly;  improper;'an-d; a monstrous acfc^bf injustice to  the gentleman, to' whom they refer ;\but we  think it imperaiive on lhe government to  ;|tfaclfs3^  and live in harmoiiy with tlie gepple amongst  whd in he is cal 1 ed to preside.  /;v      ,    ',     '  Ay - ?: /'   -S    AU&TEALlM^ :;/';;Vv'"?>  - ,   with a view of publishing"thesame, but;as securityfor  ,y^Sooat,m.     .;   ,   .��������� ���������*      \   -/,���������-���������   .  " QUEENSLAND* AND SbUTIlAuSTBALIA;   0  '(Pebple living in the neighborhoodj;o&the  Agricultural -Reserve,\ ..near Rockham pton;  iexperienc^d^Wslight shock lof^artbquake oh;  4he:13th of May. /    ,/    "/'���������   ;      ���������',-    .  l ^Thc-diggings at the Morniisb,/Queensland;  ;promi"te/^o turn iip ^  igold fcln71he sbape of p reeibus '/stones. a Six  din^rttht/jvfc  taineii^nd'forw^rdedtb ^Sydney^  itioii7 vCrysM;quartz is found'-in many,of ^he  Queehsland^bld/fields, and rit remains to" be  proved whether the spec!mens Jobtained belong to that order', of crystals, or to; the true  ;;diamoiid,classI     Vi,  X. "'Want- A?A am.n\<\STT^xit:Ai<3,-   fiA^APfiltrVV-f^lt/i.llV.  {Earth^itake/ at;;S^^Av:passenge^bo  arrived /on/1he /ship/Day Dawn f:frOm;���������/San  full canvas/set^^  shock was felt. She trembled cfrothy stem to  stern. The sails hung loose, dishes rattled  andthe vessel's headway stopped for;nearly  two minutes. The impression obtained .at  tirst that tlie ship had struck^n/a teef/of  rocks notdbwh on the chart; but it was subsequently nsoertai^^ that /she had encpun-  ter^d ah earthquake at sea; v Abbiit the same  dafei a slight slibek: o������, earthciuake was ielt  alphg the Pug^t Sound stiorey of. $asbington  Territory.���������B.'Colonist.       J      70/  Tne result  lElbtio:  International Rifle Contests.���������Tlie ri  iof.' tliey international contes^.fQ^ the/ E  oik   Tbe^  i'eiand;"950.r  Last year,, the numbers were, :���������  England, '1070 ,; Scotland; 10A2AC   In 1,S05^  Scotland made' .1047*  and  England^/ 1029;  Nextyearthep^  Jand.f y     (   0    y0   . M  , X0 AX  ���������   NEW1 ADVFJRTJSEMENTS.^   ���������   ' /  professor Hermann;  /NOT AD^TISEI^i^;  ^ 0--. '-^X.i.X XX.X:'--���������r'  A y :00y   lW  COMMISSION tMH^flANTj  SALE AHD RETAIL '  00 /'     '": :   '    "-1  ���������'IN-r^'       /'  '-,    r G0ROCBElS:g( J^ovisioi^,  ^Ah^AJ^ A^6^0T8  7 :Next Poor to the> Sbntisel Gnu*  i Barkerville, 29th June; 1867.     / * *  . u f   y ' :'.%^keWille:  THE -TJKDERSIGNED. HAYING #ENEn \0  XaboVe Saloon, Would   respectfully toYUo S\  tripndsinhd ;,tUei public/to; step 'in ������nd -samnk Km.  AiES;/"WINES,and:IJQUO"RS^o/qua]ily^1'2U  tbey Ilatter;tbo.mpclvfis; .\vill suit:tlie tastes of the mS  ;iUstiaibus.���������:r'Tbe.bcBt���������(braud^orcIGARS^  bawl/-r-r,' --.-���������:���������:���������'    V  ' : Ay SCOTT A. MoHARDY  v 29th June, 1867;  ; -^ -��������� /, - "( 7'v ,v?f. .,  ^A\  G-rouse Greek Express.  TTI , F. HEBRE/Wlii^TO'Ar:JWHiYlSxpR^ ,  ��������� ,V^S'. .betweenBarkeryllle and &rquse;Crefcfr ftm  ^fe,/i^allvp^cel8l./lot^r^ eoliectieng,"etcvefeft  Tvvowoombi', Qucenslr.hd.'  '   Messrs Dnffield &-<Jo'.Js o)d 7^ctornn mill,  llyl'^jdesf:  .MdlJitinel  ���������Wf *iev i de ne e " ' ^ Ve do /not f e el' call ed/,  vpda to go 10>o the nxntK of ihe case;;  v our readers will be able to judge'for theni-  , B.et-*- ?, afi ir'a pernsal of sS r evidence, which  I .we publish ..as fully as -possible, as wcifas.  j., the/ decision of his. lordship, which we will  *���������' give entire in our next iesue. We caa only  f'Saj    that .Chief, Justice  Needham  has  acted  ���������ary the Colonist and Chronicle;" by which we  learu that l\v. Jiistice^SB^bie/isr  stbwoJSt?/  _ Le learns froni- rumors to"be, either the neces-  0 sity which the government feels' for a victim.  :/to hide the bungling" in  the Grouse Creek  ." / affair, or. to inquire into;--certain/charges; to  yy jhpieffect: that /Mr. Begbie?lias b^en^speculafc-  !r-4ngin.^claims while vdischargirig bis judicial  -functions.   "We are quite of our, cpntempqiv  ������������������ aryya way ofthinking, i hat if Mr; J3egbie aqted  //cfroneously,/it' was fr^lajruistaken sense: of  ���������  duty, biit���������' we  would humbly submit that a  '-.A-jndgeof tb0;Supremo Court 3110u 1 d be ���������������[jmjiftr  ^.//but fV>ar/and/withou  : Begbie; has .never allowed fear /to/haye- any  /.".influence;on liia actions, ,wc/ are prepared to  ~vfrelieve-; but; \ve~m ust -also ad mi t th a t-m any  *.;-; reprpaches/haye/been heaped/;upbii him, pos-;  /: ���������Bibly/hot nlways with vjustice./r/Ihe cases of  ; yfright; yil Cranfprd ^ ;;Eddy: ys; O'Rei 1 ly ':and  y-others .; the parallel case of Waldron ys; tho  High She r iffi /: and the; cases . i h .. c 0 tin ec tio n  with the Aurora Company j on this creeks  have oil been:productive of much discussion.  , ./We do not pretend/to assert that in any of  /;i^ above nara^^  %yise -than:, wh at his posit ion . r equ ire d_.--.bi m to  &ti[;/, but./there was, tie ver the less, a/strong  ���������v^igjUdlQ^jjeated^^in/^the/TOM.s/o^ map.Y? and  /WP thint/ifc/w .been.a./wTse "act on  the part; of ^government, ��������� if Mr.  BegbieJs  - ifalen ts h ad b ee up lac ed at; the d isp os al 6 f an-  /other cbiony,;where such prejudices' had no  yy^ejxAimci&y JTherfi i's^bbably no public offi-  :/<i������r who, tihoul d enjoy the piib 1 ic./ con fiden ce  .^L;a greater extent, than avchief justice ; -and  It Is of no avail that ha is otherwise irreproachable, if tho public filing is againsfe him.  the subject; lias been adjourned. ��������� The religi-v  ohs diffiouity was the root of dissension. The  bill,introduced into tbe Parliament by.' the  Government provided'for an, ediVcation un-  sectayiah/;|n its,, character ; but^ several religious denominations'offered'great- opposition  to'.the fJcheme; -. :   ,    7 ' -~  y..W: M. MGGann,/pne of the members of the^  ^ictorian;^Legislative; Assembly./jias*-been  (charge'd-at' the Molboiirn.e police court with  haying,feloniously utteredva certain ffdrged^  acceptanceJoabilLofexchang  'of:^2l7j knowing Ihe acceptance to Ahe a fbiv*   and:|a/d-  ptl oily;  tly been published^ Tlie  number of ���������immigrants who arrived in the  colony during the. year was 32J78, of/ whom  21; 142^were adu 11 males. ��������� 7,639 aduI tv females,  and<3*397:chiIdren.. 'The nuraber of! arriyaIs,  from, /the   United   Kingdom   has been 4^071  aduit males, 3,133femiiles,;and;l,310.chilclren5  total, 8,fiI4:> -From.foreign ports the arrivals  were: 1;439 adult/males* 133 females, and 97  ohildren;< Of the arrivals from the -United  iCingdo.m) if,6i0//rwere -waif an t; holders;/; and  584 were/government immigrants,- '."��������� (Ay7  r ASearle and;Belliu have confessed to1 having  rnhfdered JIr. ;Burke) manager of tlie Bahk 01  Austral.asia, Smytfiesda 1 e,ipn[the. 10tb:0f May.  ahd/'ai-'e npw^r^awaian^yth^ir/triaU.-  . The woi;ks iri "coii hoctipn with the ;graving  dock at Melboilrne, or/rather at Willtams-  10 xv n, are p ro ce ed ing bii t s 10 w ly.   T h e. ii m-  o tint' at pn^sentexpehded on the work is over  ������73.000, and the ffrid 1 cost wil 1 probab\v not  fall far short of ������300.000.;.*/:        ;���������,;"//  'nic2T.C2 at Half-Past tfevun. ' '  ; Oct. 3/1S67. ;        /     , ,  ;NOTICE.:  ,wBich;orUer/ waSid^ted  'ri'ported to mo that the.^ullchoatis (r; ctcd .uiifler.'saift  order, h;ive uot ban pyp'ylyilXpVm r.ip'ur. iUK/nrs  ���������at'iiK'SL'-nt m"a (fiBpiilatt<d <ini\ xmmi'n con sitioh ;-.I'1  ���������tu%r^f^rfe/dir%t,;that;:An such  ii  $0  ;raart;  q������Jul^2&, 1S67.  X:  ^'^JCp^rOPENvv^  JL'' tho mining community, and tbe public geaFrally(#  'Htiex*Perise/jhas^;beeh>Bphred;Jto render the. 'licuse fipij  that.cauhltoe*'de6lredtrfor,/comfort andvconrct)i'|Ece;, I  Tlie Bar' is supplied with a complete ;Etock of Wims,/  JGS* Well Airhd Beds 1E&  niav bo1 lia'd at ajmoderate charge. ��������� E. ORD,  /July 1.1867. ���������. 2m"    ��������� Prcprlefrea.,  .-���������'���������������������������..   ..���������v-.���������... ,.,;...- i-���������.. X...... ���������--. .i  ,.,...>.l^,   ,   1  :mi   ;     ;:- ?r?$: I  yO;ok5Bvshoes/ind:;vvvv;:;/;vv^  11 - '    -hou^e shoe nails.  . .  ,-* -iForsaleby ���������    ' *  E..-PEAKSOX &' BROS ,'  ,  Sept. 30, 1S57; Ira  .  -       ,ty   Birk^ryilie,'  THE, STEAMER   "ONWARD"  LEAVES YALE '     , ' 7  At "EIGHT o'clock, X. 'II.ytrom 1st' of :Octob<2r to' 1st  FARE TO, WEv/vWESTMINSTEr'.*W3LB  r-     :;NOT EXCEED ONE DOLLAR!!  *: '  '''     COSMOP'OLITAN"    '  yy: ///^vir^^^  ../ler^ono-vrepair,,  orders' from'all who wish" good -briififK ^ **��������� ...  ���������      ' , JACOB YELTB^ropriclor,  '..Juno 10th} 1887.'   '.'./;.  XAt  v ml  ��������� ';<<;{  m  "-701  ITale^ S^pt^l9/1867.;  Ami).,; i-ftviNG.  : VrcTOiiia/Itemj? ./fhom /OoLoxisT.-T-H. M. S.  Scout arrived oni the .lOtji' from Panama, there  were/nioi cases of yellow fever aboard and;the  c r e w were all we 11 ifrrlt; is rep pried; th at a r i c h  vein of si 1 ver ore h ash een d isc o ve red b e-  tween th e. S tr ai fe and "Gray's h arbor, b y so rn e  p arti es wh 0 were on tti n giti trail.���������-D iv Trim b 1 e  h as h eenIn p po i ii fed H eat th; officer of .th is co 1 -  0ny0A man named Jarii.esA Hami 1 ton got  ���������very badly, burned about the face bvL/the^ex.-..  pi osi-on of gunpowder at Nana! mo.���������-The rifle  match betweec;-; ten men of the. fleet and  ten of the yictoria/yoliintecrs, came off at  the Naval hiit-te) on'lbth. and/resulted in fii-  vor Of. the Vol nil leer.?, who scored a mhjority  of 9 2 poi nti.. ��������� A��������� * c 011_ isi 0 n occ u rrcd , be i wee n  th e s li j p He 1 ios * a n d b rig. Jo sep h in e, off ban  Jnan island, but no serious damage N was sustained by either vessels..  BE I T IS fl;   CO L .U M.B I A-.A  rPHE STjBSGRTBERS, FOE, 51ANV 'T^AUS /PRO-  I prietorsof the Twenty-Nino. Milb H^rnsy, Douglis*  Portige/bog to Jinnounco that havirig*/ purchased the  /Clinton Hotel. prypr-rty, tbey . a re pr? pti, r M > to n fford  excollftnt accbihiiiodatiun to tlio; ir-vclling public.'  The ta b lis wi 11 at all ti mes- be vrd I riupnlia d, u n d(in the  Bar will be round the choicest liquiir^. A ���������  v^mplo/stnWiDg for ani mills,1 and *thd- bost of feed  consuinlly on hnnrl. /        . . .   ' .��������� t *-  /Tm-yropp^ cMully invite a call from/ t-bcir Hid custo-  m f������������������ rSj as- wVl I as th a t ri veil in * pub lie gen t* ra 11 vi : ��������� '  7 Clinton, 3. ,0., ������rpt. l17, 1867/ Ay:, ,r;:SM1TH-&JCO/'  (GREA  EXPRESS   INIOTIGE,  A;FTKR^THT3  DATO/-BABNABDyS   EXPRFSS B I  7V * riot^^ r^sponsiblcfdr :damage: off-MQTHDS shippart 1^  Bnrkcrville, May 29tb, yimi.  r;vBOBBR^P00lv  iigenti/  Crystal Palace  Saloon,!  "'y: AHA '���������*-.. /���������   BARKERVILLE^ //; ���������'.'.: v/r/;//;  :;/:'/MUNDOEF> CO., PliOPRIETORS! . '  ,'.'���������- ��������� - - ���������-��������� ���������    ���������- ^ '������������������-.,���������  pEO TO  ANNOUNCE  THAT. THE  ABOVE  IfRV-  D tionvl (istabli'-hmi'Dt will be <p;*ncfi m-xt' SATURDAY EVENING, the 21st inst.,-\v1im*j all lovers of tho  u ligbt fantastic "/a re invited to call and enjoy themselves. \      ..A-,- :yA :���������"��������� A'--yAA.y  /:    Mt'SJC AND IUNCtNG; every evenixg.  The best bran-Is of Wines,' Liquors add Cigars always  be found at tbo Bir./:      . ; -,;.. ���������:././.. ���������  Tho strictest order observed.'  Sept. 19,1807.  ,r: ;  In tho matter oi tho Estate and Effects oJ;^fe|  ? WHITEQRD, FreerMiri^lite^ ofthe Kejafl^13! j  ���������  Gonklins.Gnlcli, deceased, intestate.       ^        j  A L'L PERSON'S  FHO  ARE INDEBTED' TO JHF- J  &- above' Estato/aro^ required/to pay the am���������-/  duo mrthwUhjvand all persons who haveany^  against the above estate, ar^roquired to scD^m m ?  aS������nnWjdn/orbelbre S'lRSTlNOyEMBlJ^m^  ���������r :-/*^ rvv/;/^^v ./'rr - 4-./r ;/;,;.-,CHAS^  ���������      t.   ' v-   , ,' omcial Adminisfraw������.j  Dated BlcbfleW; 1st August, 188.7. /'        <\  1 ��������� .'*:���������"   / - GAMEROISfTO^ ; r -'-  '^'Have'-fast receivedvanii offer .for:Salef_:  HOIESALI 01 ;r&$im  7.7a" AAAT LOW BATES FOB/CASH,     ;;  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS, of LIBORS/j  ,.:.������L:CONS 1STING' OP ��������� / / V /'/'., -  to  > NOTICE,:; >--//-.  NOTICE TS HEREBY   GIVEV, THAT THE   BUSI-  nvss heretolure��������� carried..on under the"������f j������fe or-Op-  penhei mer / & Co., at Yt. 1 e, Ba rk er ville 0 nd Fi s h er v i 11. ���������  vv ill lien c el.'or th bo c x rri 0 cf 011 b y th e u u I civi en ed j to  whom a 11 assiftn ment was execu ted, ou t'l/t e 18 tl 1' day  ot Get6ber~1888vior -the���������������������������������������������benefit1'-of the���������--crjUitrtra;-.of  D.ivid Oppenheimer and Isaac Oppf-nheimer,-uivier  ?iin; I by virtu 0 of wh icl 1 sa i 11 ��������� a ss i sin tn en t, th e u n ��������� I er-.  Pignoft have nsenntdd the control: of.the saj-,1- bu������in''ss  HU'l the said Drvi-.l Opp;*nlifirnc-r an 1 Is-i!'c Opp?n-  heimertire not''any lunger autborizjd to act in the  nianftgenient therouf. ���������'���������������������������,  Dated this Seventh dav ofg-ptemb^r, A D.. 1S67.  ROBERT BURNABi,  DAVID LBNEVEU,  F. WEiaSENBURGER, *.    .  Trast-aes of Oppenheimcr & Co. 's Estate.  Brandy^Martcll, Hennessey, and ������^f^77ml  Wmes~IW,. Sherry //Burgundy, and Ciorei,  terne's Prenclr "White Wine j Sanscvaines v y.  fdrnia-'WJiito.Wino.  Bitter  Cabinet-.  iitters-Boker's. SnosevainCs, 0r^Slnal*j  ter's, VcrmoutJi, Absenthe, 3Pcppj?mtoJ|iw ^ ;-|  '���������"/-getto; r"'     ','���������'���������;: '" - - ���������'/'���������'���������        >-���������,*V..r /.''���������'.'������������������/'"���������:'   rv'  Old Tom, Gin, and Scotch Whisky. ;/���������////  ���������Also on hand^OO gallons choice hrands of Brao^yr  Wiaes, Whisky. Rum, etc./.,     -���������  ^.A-0-y0--W-tin  Gbofe recni^d;6n 'STORAGEor;CpaiJiifiSi^:P  lowest market rates.  ���������1st July.-1867r/v  Flrotdgr^piii^  AS NOW OPENED A.PHOTOGRA^CGAL^  1, at RtCHFIELD^and is prepared to ^ ���������      ^  ���������CUrifis de Visite. Timbro de P^^^icws ^  fvnnq   Tc������n tli or--Pictures,   Mll^WWr^1  fr  Portraits aisotaUott on White BOkt WW/*"  Cloth. '     ���������'.,-���������.������������������=     -.;'*; '������������������..-..;.-,���������,  Richfield/ 12th Augftfit^ 186T,       : ���������[ [X y/; TOE/MMBQfeSEHIim  7 THURSDAY; >QpTOBER/ 3-/1867^  yix Ooo^ of;Assi^^T^is court was opened  last Monday by?bis honor Judge Needham.  "      The onlyoase on the 'docket fras tbatof^Wal-  ;' * iiarh: -Williams.1,} charged 7 with' felo tiy\; * The  grand1 jury having; found a-true-bill against  ���������   0,-the* prisoner, he Ms at bncb put on trial.  The jury^ after; hearing.: the evidence for tlie  vprnsecutio  against' therprisoner7bnthe second and thi  rcounts. of the indictment;, but recommended  '*bim to:the,raercy; of the courts   His lordship  '0$, iy tbe^seht^hcedUlievp oiiths?  (      imprisonment, with hard labor.    Mr, Robert  son"acted, as prosecuting attorney^ and Mr.  Park appeared for4he prisoner/  A*.       The decisiorft ofhisihonor Judge Needham  ; in the cases Grouse 'Greek Flume Company  .  vs.--the'Canadian and Sparrow hawk Companies/were gjy^^^  -the Flume Company! on every j point,-The  reasons for these decisions,7 which were in  ��������� writingf%ere so mini  cogent/thatJJliejr could hot butc  vie tion; to e^ry one's iii i hd^ tb at the do oi si 6 n s  were rendered:!ri accordancerwith/the /strict-,  est principles of law and/justice ;' and' bow-  ' ever, much: tbe. losing party may''feel disap-  ... r,,. ~poin|e4-ayii^r  ndmitLthat'their^case,has received.*-. a patient,  and impartial hearing1 at the. hand3   of his  *     A^bsBMENTS-r^pn/Monday   evening last,  ���������Professor: Hermann gave a very amusing  ���������0- magiioatentertainme Crystals /Palace  Ay' Saloon; whicli di'ewv;a; large audience, among  .which   We observed' a .number  of' ladies'.'  . V- His si igh tcokh and feats ^wei-e^leverly/execu t-  .. ������d aiid������ were greeted A-with ' dem'ohstrations of  ���������approval; r As a-ventriloquist,, the,-Professor  .   ', ' [Continued IVom first page.]it      .  by the Flume^ co. to run their lines,along with;  the. former withesBi' We commenced; at the  Hero usapli ng,' /and ran ii pv st re am thirty-two  chains,'following courses 20; 19,18,17 and  16, and run ning; them accord i ng to tbe poi n ts  of the coriipass;   Baker's stump* on -plan, was  piliited out to me > j I made an etfpcriment to'  ascertain ���������> whethfe ��������� that /���������'���������' stake; could be -a  boundary-;staked/the result of that; eijiert.  ���������ment sati-sfied-nie that it,could'not^be a boundary [stake/ because injrnri ning/the- courses up  stream; I /found rth at the/lines remained, in - th e  canon.',;,; bnt assuming it to,be so, and (wbrk7  ing^h^/cpuvse^bf tbVnaap 'p^duced,/I/ibuud  that at course'21.1 was.sixl^feet/eignt inches  to tho norths aud ninefftjet'tO'the bast of.  where I blight /to [have ' :been.'7 If I ran;thei  courses southward on tl)ersameJas^mptibn,"I  shpuldland'on the hill, instead of the creek.  My assii rii p tio u iii' these / ex peninerits - wasy^ that-  Bakei?s stal;e Was a side staked The cabin on  Gillette-s^original.plan, if;measured by;the  scale,- wo ti Id be one'/ and la-h al f chai ns j long:  The Baker stumpv does npjbii appear tb^havei  been cut more than once. - Know the Black-  Hawk gr������uhd: ;* allthe underground working  that has been done on ^the disputed;vground.  up i.to; 14 th June, was;;confi ned \to\ what;��������� is  balled the t\yelv.e; feet two;inches-piece.' ���������  0  '��������� ���������. Grossrekarnined^-My'r/d^        point was  Heron 'a sap 1 ing.vIt was C pointed; out to; me  .as a stake /belonging; to tititi Kliune ;cd;> by Mr-  : ��������� j. fej Snier swbrn-  to the Flhnib Co: iii- -1864-5; there������������������ had i been  Was Canb00 Secretary  possesses  derio  ssesv great/powers, and hislhi mi table reii-  g of the character of Miss Blacky as a  ��������� defender of woman?s rights, was hailed with  s' bursts of laughter., He will give another en-  ���������tertainment/thisievening at tho same" place  .rand hour.  , A tklegra-m was reeeived!^yesterday by 'Mr*  Bre'w-frb/ra the. Governor;'Stating.that a*-rtele-:*  gram had b'een received by his!^Excellency  ���������  from England placing/the naval foVces at his  '.; 'dispb^l"jif;d%mW necessary, to .quell anj^  disturbance that^might arlsevhere.: / It .is ;jm-'  necessary for us to state-that the government:  .: need, bp 11 n d er n 0, app re he n s i 0 n of, any -in r-  ���������: ther trouble;arising ab 0 ut> the' Grouse creek  anai0:AAix:yXyxAiAAxx0'A:i7. XyiXA'AyXxAA-  ;.. WBATHER.f-rThe showers of sleet that fell  - on Mo n day 1 a$t_ led man y / to brel! ev e 'that th ti  fal Lrains were about toset .In^bitt theminera'  'hopes,iu this respect, have been sadly disap-  |Doihtedj by'the cold days and frosty nights:  that have 'subsequently prevailed. Every*  where thewwant, of water lor ininihg purposes  ���������continues to be 'greatly felt. .,: ..  Express.���������iThetexpress left yesterday at  ���������the usuaK .hour, carrying as; passengers^  Messrs.CE.Copley, A; R. Kobertson,'H. P.  WalkeiV I? OppenheimeiYVV/.,: Cochrane, T.  Harveyiand P. McLarehV * A large amount/of  ' an:rchargerbf/Mr^  res ts on th e JEIerph sap 1 i ng, r as a; datii m^ppint^  in 1S6&- Worked for the- 'Fhnne co. laying  ;their flume ; it was laid as near the centre of  'the/creek as possible. >��������� Made'little' enquiries  Q%[  .as 2 to JheSbnu paries  stake, in the-creek,'on ,which; a notice was/  posted, the, no tice* read, iGrouse 0reefeFlura1 e-'  co., centre stake. ;,It was near to a stump 20(r  or 300 i'eet above.' the head of the flume, vi  showed this-post to *Mr. Spari'o.w. ::I 'assisted  to/stake off/'the/Black'-Havvk  co.'s'groundvin  the - spring of last year, with. Cameron and  others ;/invdoihg so, we kept fifty feet from;  the flume.   Have heard about 'Baker's stake.  but/can/t;9ay:"anytlri!3g/;abbuV it.   Tbe stake'  before described; was a sapling with the top;  cut off ; it was standing, nearly,opposite- thb>  ,Wild ������obse'oUiim^ Opposite iicWha's house  the creek  was so wid* - that a , small impede  ment would divert the stream for a considerable distance on either side.  - -The>water ran  "all over the'ground at that point; we tried to"]  about $30,000 expended; up to thettimej I left.  In 1864-5 I.looked at the stakes^ ��������� but can't  now;say wlibre^hey *stood. , We bad. sorab  trbuble with F^ Perez. Our foreman tola" me  "he had encroached on the Flume ground^and  thathe ordered him bf^wheitbewentaway.  Cross-examined���������Pere'z plea was /thati the  iforeman had; no'rigiit to,turn bizu off:;;he/did  no t seem; -Ao )nndei,sta;nd il 'why/ n /company  should roam b^er such an extent of ground;  My own impression^is ���������; that tbo/-Flume Oo.fs  stakes were not 50^fbefe from ^hefluraei Have  /often had. ocbasion to go up/to Baker's saw-  pit, but never jsaw any such stake as he/des*;  cribes ; don't remember;seeing any stakes'  between J3aker!s'stake and McWha's house.  ; Wm. Cochrane sworn���������Am Gold Gomrais;  sioner7s clerks aiid have charge of the records.  Rent lias/ been paid to; me by the Grouse  Greek Flume Co., under their new charter?  tor;the two :qiiarters ending'45&:0nffilSWl  Several Bed 12.0ck: Flume Charters/ have been  forfeited; lately..������' The usual) practice -in such  cases is for the,Gpld Comiiissibnei* to enter  the facts, of the forfeitnre in a; ;boPk������'������pub lish  ia notice at tho;court house dobr and attach  raA similar notice on the property so forfeited.  This is all that isdon& " No such proceedings  have; been taken wi th the Grouse; Greek/Fl u me  Go:y and no entry to that effect/exists in. the  bo oks, ei ther with respec t Ao tlie! first or second  ^Sarters., Some cFarC6rs have be.en-, forfeited  In consequence of:'the; non-payment of the  .rent.     ' .. 11X01  Cross-examined���������No charters- have'-been  forfeited befbre/lst June,, 1867. \x0  .Daniel Siddall sworn���������Am a7shareholder  in the Flume Co;;, Ibought'. shares of. Baker.  Sometime in  March  last Baker ^.toVd/me  he  lant; bii:tbat\ trial the respondent^arelle^ oai  an^o^nfmce^alled^  0rdinance;I866^ as gidr%pthem /tbec titlbitb A  the grounds The last animal^recbrd of thp,  claim was tode/ o*m9ffi May*, 18^ -three, /'  interests^ and on the/l4th May' for' the other  tbi'ee.interests"; the title -remained  in  that ,  state ti 11 Noveraber, 1866; when thbJ' proberty)>:.  was sold /.by > thbf Sheriff;    Weston's bill .of". %  sale wasirecordett on.thes 14th Nb^mbir/and $-  and on the 17th May,' 1867, appellant made; a  re-record of 6 claims;(upon this-state of facts  it was contended by respondents, that- appel*'  lant had no.trecbrded within ihe year; that h(* ,    v  pught,to'have re-recofded three1 interests on '  ;the.9tb Ma^.and':tbreeMnte*rests/bn';the 14th   ...  May,-1867; and that therefore thegrouiid became vacant or. abandoned?! iMr. Rbbertsbfii ��������� " '  th eni cil^Jtbet^  rriy  took possession of4he ground on t^t day j I      '  :  did no ��������� work,bnHt i e&cep t' - 'measurink.������ it off /    *  until  nibr  w.  man of  Iwenfcgv  the Flume. coi,;caraertb me^^and-said if /  ,  ground sluicing,die conld^nptlay his  flumeyand^ proposed that /if ^wburdgb/and  work foi^nim until vhe.got bis fiiime;,iip'to ray,  ground, he1 would.,**'pay me wages.   To this,.!  agreed^ ittlie / commIssioner would";lay: oveif  After various ��������� documents ,and plana were  put in .by the defeudahts^tke case. wasvde-'  clared.closed on.both sides, \xr consent* of  both parties; all questions of estoppel were  withdrawn!' *  '���������*i0t'r'A%Xm r ArL ������.'���������*-^.'"v*--TTr������-l UAM.'^'/fkM *1 .'/'/13 rt Tt' /vmI^1 ^'n" - ' W-'ti' :.';/1^: aWA'I-P.  length, the' whole of ths evidence ' adduced/  and discussed-.the different points ot law involved in the case, but;as their speeches occupied., several hours in delivery, our limited  treasiirp was-fsentAlheiom  Barhard's^messei^f^  NATunA:iiTZEb.--1*On Monday last,;Fredrick  Augustus Frank'? otherwise named ^* Fritz,"  of Lillooetj,having prevjpusly complied with  the reqUir^mehts/Pf the naturalization Act,  was duly .admitted by Judge ^Needham as a  naturalized citizen bf.GreatBritain*  New STRiEEi-^It -is reported /that 'good  prospects have -been bbtaipett by3a;v:cprapa^iy;  on l^terspn;creek; a,^ tributa.ry bf/Lightiling:  creeky aiid appHcation/Jhas  beeii; made  by  :���������'.. them,for discovery claims, y_-x  Gone B*ELpw.r~-The prisoner Wm. Williams  I wiio waa sentenced on: Monday last to one  A year's imp r iso n ra en t, w as sept belo w yesterday heavily ironed, in charge of sergeant Mc-  -  Murphy. //',./'',���������"���������/.���������/ ,*:/-'������������������������������������/*���������"��������� .,/���������' ''--^r.'-  DEPARTprtE.���������His Honer Judge Necdham  /���������accompanied by his.sbn Lieut. Needham took  Lis departure for New Westminster yesterday^  ; -���������forenoon^--;--;---���������^.; ���������..xx...._l..y 1,. _ ...,.���������..-....���������;..���������.  It was reported last night th at a company  in Canon Ravine, near the head of Canadian  creekrhad struck rich pay./ They are said to  have.found a piece weighing four ounces.  Cheap Fares.-~-As will be seen by our ad-  Vertisihg coluhih,  Capt.  Irving  is. making  regular bi-weekly/ trips between Tale and  ���������New Westminster, fareiSLr /  . Nugget Foum-^Last week, a, miner on  Antler creek; found a nugget weighing ������152,  rt$*\a-hej^pjpfpjdj^m'gs,  %Jp;.a man sells a w'aFcF7bF7$"50^b\ty^^  $40, then sells ib far S-15, how much  back fot  ���������does. he make by the transaction ?   It looks  ���������as if he made $15, but he don't.  Greeley . says the. in an who pays more for  shop rent than for advertising, dos'fc know  busicem ��������� -'  ness showed me a post abbufc'a: week-agOi  was that mar/ked'Oii. the/map Jas He*rpnVsap'  ling, and about 300 feet above the head of the  flume. - There;areno other saplings tikelfc;kr  the vie in i ty ; w 0 rk- was co 1 ri.rii en ced ������0 n th e;  flume>ground last April, and carried. ou con-  tirinousiy till the 18th or ,20th July, when wc  were prevented by the. Canadian co.   I have  frequently;been threatened with violence, if  I cbntinued.oh the:ground, or appeared<bn/iti  This,was pribr^to the location of the Sparrow-  h aw k co. ;{ was present, in courtf before/ Mi\  Spalding;:pnr 22nd; April.   Ther Cariadianico.:  were not then vpreyented from calling wiK  nesses* heard nothing of Baker's stake;; they  m ad e n o cl aim the n .0 f vacan t gr 0 u n d be twee n  thevFlume co.%nd Black;Hawk co.'s claims.  Boo th clai med the gro u n d as b ein g f0 rfeifced,  I think ; he tendered nOsWitnesses before Mr.  Spalding./ / - .  -,     /  ; Gross-exaniined-^I emphatically swear, thkt  Mr. Spalding;never said to Booth that he had'  made up his mind, arid if he (Booth) was dissatisfied -with his. decision/ he conld, appeal it/  Don't;/ remember lieanng Mr.-Spalding/say;  any thing -about '.witnesses7 / The; / cpmpahy  ha\7e not attempted to lay a:, flume this year.  Have nothing to dp .with ther working department ; am only an '.agen t, the1 co ni pany  ha v i ng su b -le ase d th e g r 0 n n d.     We we re  w or k ing the; je ad fro 1 h oil r o>y n sh aft on th e  disputed groand, when we vfprel ihterrupted,  Jam es Heal, s wo r h -r Was 0 n Gro use c reek  in 1S155 ; was p resen t at the ^ time Cam er0n  showed the American co. his stake.   Saw: the.  stake again, three clays ago ; it was a sapling  squared-wi th /aa...axe.,_aud vi5_sihiate^[gl^tyor  hi ne ty feet above Mc Wh a's house, o ri ��������� west  side of flume,   It. was filty fee fc from what  would be called the centre* of the stream���������) I  believe the flrime is 1 aid as near the centre 0f  the creek as it. could be.   Have never seen  the Baker stake ; ought to have: seen it if it  \yas in existence.   /  . Jas Laid 1 aw sworn^-Was forem an of the He-  ron Co.; their ground was taken up in March,  1856; I went there in April, when the stakes  were pointed out to me,, they were, intended  to be placed 50ft. from the centre of the flume.  The i^~Was~a:Te^-ai^ehafHH^-o^-4ead_i[L-.tiie  'on00 tli 'if,Ides/;at/greirt';lei%!  rendering his decision       4  axjht h hdlhte: )h l  lishetn his tUP  io tho  rebbrVVof LUhXyy, 181  , recjuirem en t s .ot". tl"'  :tehded that/the./'''  that it did  Zwasvnbtf  ;sehseVp-f:1  "pph/dentsj  missibner-witti1 tne appellant.-'Was'anac^uies-   -,  'cence in his title,rarid on - that ground Calorie,  lie would be.entitled -to a decision/in-his fav^n ,  The "decision  of the .court below was .there- ���������  fore reversed, iuid.;ap*pellantto be put in pos*  sionpf the'land.    . "  ��������� A French Canadian woman named Maria '  Bussiere, died in June last/at the ..age of 114      , <      '-'/���������;  years, having resided in Canada while it \  a French colony.,  wae.:  Heron .claim, which was. ivo rked up stream  400 feet, from.which we took out about ������1-10-  000. up to February last, . The lead, runs  partly on the Black Hawk and partly on, the  Flume Co.?s ground, and ia from 12 to 18 feet  wide at &ai poiafc   . v.  vy "Grouse Creek|Fliime..Co;\vs.*. Sparro^ybawk,  Co.���������Messrs/Robertson & Walker for plainr".  ti*h%, an'd MrV:Park(fo r;defend ants.  Byponsent, the evidence.taken, in the:Can-,  adian Case was allowed, /to-be put"in'W evidence, in this case. rAs the title of the parties;  to^ this, action hangs on^he decision, that will  bp given in the Canadian cb;?s:case. it Was not*  thought necessary to.adduce'anyfurther.:evU  /dentetbffi/ttiat;o^  co;,*^Jphn Adair/tb show/ ���������^at'the/plairitifis  wore -forcibly, dispossessed of .'the grbuhd.  Judgment was therefore .postppued till  Tuesday.- ,/',,,  a[.A\   A     /    Saturday;-28th Sept.i-1867;  i  By consent; of Jthe respectivev parties^ prp-  ceedings were/ dropped in/! the cases Grouse;  co^ys; Canadiamco;^ an  co. vs. Black Hawk co.'   '  i;v:The;;caseJpp^  Fliimebb^/Tespphdehtsi Vs/P. lI/Synpn,./ap^  :pellant^ ^s^ie^callb^/;-  sion- ns tb whicb^ par^fcy;sho*ul^l ;bp������h/; the ;ckse/  i twft deci de^J tha t ap peU  ,.. His/nonbr/inrai^  fell from'- resp onderits1 conn-self said that he  did not consider the- 16th^/'section of the Gold  Fields Act of 1S67, excluded any party from  bringuigtorward additional facts'/on; appeal.  It had reierence' siriiply as to facts 'already  decided ou in: the inferior courts.  'Mi\*Robertsori;stated the case for the appellant.   An /action- had been brought by  Respondents .in  the  Gold. CommissioperJs  Court to   eject appellant from 1)00, feet of  ground lying adjacent'to the Flume. At that  trial the defence was limited to 600 feet, and  ~th'at^Wag~-all-^hii1rivas-now^  ground is knovyn as the California Co.'s claims  Since 1861. a number of transfers have- been  made, but tho title  of the; appellant dates  from May last, ���������' This title was derived from  P. Kerwin, who. purchared from J. Weston.  Weston deriving his title from the/ Sheriff of  British. Columbia, who. sold the property pn-  der an execution against the. California Co.^  Tke appellant recorded bis bill of sale on the  17th May,.and entered into possession oii.that . .  dav    Atthe commencement of the working wMciritcontsins^  aay.   A^T^couuifcu^ui :       , fo^^^S  Irom lib. to281bs,T and wMcb.canbo Uatf from any of  .season the appellant, along with tlie .toieman     jv,   JnUblfl deaiWwe cAiicoDfldentlv recommeiui  Myers FrT-ruett,*ari������.old Victoria pioneer,  has been* nbhtinated;' for/Probate Jud^e^fey /1 ///  the democrats . of: Missouri county, 'ilontaaft' yy.  territory.   -   '   : m - '    ������       *      v  - ; ;,;���������_; >-. \ 7 xy ...,.. ''-:'.:y,:,y -- ;���������> ���������'������������������*>������������������. -���������-���������:  7;/r;>-.?;'vv' x  Thu Univebsa������ PraPtice pf mixing C^o^^o^  ^ottter acl-aitf3ratiyes-wUIi/Cq iiiiucb;?Uamag*: y;A.  ed iii; piibiic estimation',rwh^:/P^ Ay  delicious of 13everagas;   So:effectuallyvhave the-publio  b������ea druggcU wjtli���������!such inixtur'is thut the,traP.proper-  tics have-TJsoniost eight bt^ aud^mtin^/prefer'a/U  and thick iufusion to a��������� drink;rich in'spirit knd :arpma.  . ./���������  Genornl as is tho use of. GoiFee^ it is. little,k'n'pvyu/tbal   ;  ihvoonilensing the vapors extfaotcdfrom/iU'e berry itiy- iy  roasting, a. liquor -is obtained of -tlie most liii'useoua' "���������' -..'.  taste, ��������� and of a sceii t tli e m ps t un bearab 1 e., / Ult tier such  circumstanccs.it is evideiitly important tbat:all:tha -/'  gases and 11 iiids extracted. by./roasting*;should be. par-.; "���������-  ri ed oil as fi'liiflk j y as possible, i n. orti c c to prevoh t their  return ing ajftun; to tin j Coifee. \vb 1 cb i3 thb case; in ..tba  con il ne d cyii rider.    Tbis obj ect' is adih 1 ra bl y a cconii  plishe d b v'tho uew.: and pa tent * 'Con i caf CofIee.ii6/aster,t '  as used by -FELL' & CO;, Victoria, y In w hi ch. the 'berry,... "���������;.. ;  43_4iroGtLyjixppaei.U6:.tlic.radiat.e^  extracted carriiid -off'.instantaneously.'/ In :'adfJ.itiou to  . ^ ���������  the ad van tage to b 0 / derived -by th . rapid.'- removal of  the steam con tai n i li^ the obj ec ti on abl e'/properii?s, -��������� the ..-  purearonia'pr tli������Can>je'!s/fet.aiue'd/tbeT:ess>.jitt'Hi oil  1^cing preserved, and. not exbahstM; as, ih i the Oylinder  ble to rot-am the qtiali  Coirec'when.gronnd'.: -���������: The 'heat engendered by-the pro*,  cess of roasUng, and especially o.i' grinding, creates ati  action in the-cle men tary parts whichgra'dualiy. destroys.  its fitness fori drliifcv'- But.to retain...tbiiresscnticil oil  of the respondents, obtained an order to' lay jjl0S"e ^i30 ]iave. hitherto bcenobli^d to'refrain iroci  over the ffro u n d from the 2 0 th May, un til tho taking Coflfce on account of i ts ill effects that they maf  ������.������ - ������ mi fl oS f a > ft n m p ������������h nn 1 fl re ach th Q im t>ol- use onr Coffee; roafcted in th e Con leal Roaster, being re^ ;  reaponaent& flume sliOUJ^ ^%\���������f 'W^J- commended by all medical men unilerwhpse:notico It  lanfcs ground. This was the poauion of things ^"ee^broagliivand by numerous���������obhertestimonh^  until the 3rd June, when tho respondents j iaitSf&vor. ..������������������.:��������� xy.y y^-y-rX$ELW&-'tiQuitl  brought-a-suit of 'ejectment againBtappel^ ���������  ���������^fc&A-fs^a.^ar^  *(Mfl>������:H������rc^nt*,:^     Stii ^WsorW.  '   r' ' rt-tfw^  TELEGRAPHIC.  0   ''  1:0.  1 a :A  ..'      i  xx  y.fA-  70,.  lii a  yy *  ;r'r;-v  u'.'^, ���������  X0 '  -yxyy'  '$0������H  ���������-,.'^//';-,/  tA0:t -  yy  AAA  AX-  am/  yx  ��������� ���������>r,yf-yl-  A-   : A    ;  yxr-  rx  AAX  yyy  ���������'���������y  X *":"  yy  " [^bin the /Colonist and Chronicle.)  ���������yx Athens, Sept 12������^-Franco  and   England  ���������\ have/sent a joint note.; to. Greece, urging : the  ;/;��������� government; to refrain from further hostilities  .while the" Sulton-maintains neutrality .with  X:Gvete0'0 '-ilxAvA 7.7; X.'l :vV..     '���������'������������������  /^rrHerHa;Sepfc/12;~-T,he' Confederate^ Parlia-  , /menti/orthe ^orth German States meets . to-  /kday ^rmaUyvv-KiBg^iliiam^itt bisr speech  ;'Y8aid^thei*r rational, relations with -r tho; rest ot  ���������:/}Germany: has.beenfixed=hy treaties, arid;as-  ;; ^fiaresjtae mem b era th at thejinanc iai con di tio n  ;���������'///ofrtbe^confederation;is in excellent condition:  A'i g-jMadridf Sejpt/12:~Tbe insurgents are still  I ,attcces9fuii. and much alarm prevails ini Go v-  /fernmentcircles.700/A Ay,' \ -HXAxyy .'���������"- ��������� / \  'l'"���������7New-���������'Orleans^Sept/' 42.���������tbe; yellow: fever  /rlstBtili ragibgvwith considerable seventy here  )��������� and also; ^t Penso cala/ ���������/'''��������� - <���������'���������;/ /��������� y ::"-  17i/Montreal^ Sept;; i3r���������McGee. -Aand / friends  7i^rill institnte. a scrutiny inter' the /whole ��������������������������� pol 1  /bf Mpntreal'������������������ by whichi they: expec11 to show  i.fliat ������0GO fraudulent votes were polled. \ ''���������-. I Ai  i0$ew/York,* /Sept.//l&���������The /Savage��������� and  Roberts /Fenian attempt������ha3; failedv;: General  -r Meade ��������� on : his, reeen t .visit to the border failed  /Vto/disc6"^r'a;8in^e;J^iah;:- i/Ayy 710X7' 7 7  A 0 ^London? S������pt;-.'i&~������h$ Doncaster.. races  Aynr&7etided.X;Wilton \ .wonVtbe/������������������ Mercy rplatej  ^*alued^:������20^^^  086yere^p7y}0yp:00y0 '���������>. ��������� ��������� 71'Ar* ���������!0i.yy:.'//.. /'hi  ''^/^h^/zanhuair race^f /{clipper ? sh; i^s with .a  / ;&argo^fv^^ iron���������by the  ^���������^plhgi/'^lucQ ?-;jaM  I/bi^t^yiy0liyAAi'7107/ A T7.il '��������� v.//-. i iAiy All AX. A  //ABei^A^ of;Prussia-has  ;; fieatjan: autograph letfer/tp ;the ^Emperor -1.and  ,( Emp ress; ofcthe; F*rench,vinvi ting- th e m/to; meet  ><^tti\aM toher^ ��������� North ?rGerr  j ; ma&States^vin^; 60meycit^/ in/ Germany;: af^ter^  -T;*?fe^slto^be^^^^ -.v i yAi-:0y0 ��������� yXlA  ; fc^Londpn^ Sept :l:^^A/teiegraJai:/frQni' /Bom-;  vbaywanhbun^  ^^Abyssi nia.expeditioji bas:left India-iti explore;  v-jithfceoast^and :Aio>i. find^a^ suitable /place ���������: for  /landing /> fbr.; / tfte/ ten / steamers ^ - wh ich/ Jbavo  ^s^iledi f^jm//Eh^^ifi^fo'r/ India / where jr they  JwiU-transport/^  J*^5j!V^/y^ini^:i/������-">>//f5^^f|^i [AAAa/00 Xy A  gic^onstetmopl^  i/toe^ufiiime ^i^ s^a^  ^J^the^^SreekVinsiirgents.'/in:- Candiajvlias just  r;b^n:C'd:hlcialiy^ Tho / gbivern.^  if mejnf conjbliidedj/ hot tp^haye a mixed/commisi  ^Spn^Jen^ir^  |Gr^*i^risU^s.^/b^  /J;^^U^^e^i^^tus^ene^  r^ib^Prp^soi^ ^president; of  //the: last vP&ri ia^n*t," will/Jtie; chpsen/pfesideht  /^fj^(&^]^r^Germ^ :   /^  i 0&^.Se}& of Stras-  r"imi^^re^^pe;extended'*andstrengthened;:. *���������;  iv.^filofence; Sept 15.^-The government threat-1  /ensjto commehce /proceedings1//against; Garibaldi,'*if4 he persists in his hostile attacks on  *ilB$itiey7Axyl0x . ."���������'-;,..,,... v...,.;- ;'���������/. _ Ay ���������'.'  \ //.iSfew Y6rk, Sept; 15.���������A special dispatch to  /: ihe; Herald irom Rip Janeiro /August' 8thV re-  l-ports a.disasterous repulse to ^the [ expedition  ���������f of the. a l,iie dif6 ree.   The expedition /was: o b-  liged;to/retire after advancing. far into Para-  :;guay,"/.:.jiai^assed for/ twenty /days//by; the  enemy.V>Cholera had broken out carrying off  ���������;��������� principal officers and a. large number' of ������������������men  ^/Galy^5t6n,v.^SjBpp '12.~Ma'tambra:   advices  .Bay. aa election is  ordered  for  deputies to  Gohgress; a President and Jndges:: of the.; Su/  preme Court on the twenty-secbiid.   Congress'  meets;on the 20th November; - The President  -takes1 his seat on the; 1st December, and, the  Chief Justice on January 1st. :iv ���������*.���������'..,/  / . San 'Francisco,  Sept 18.���������The. steamship  China arrived this morning from New York  .via.Straits of Magellan.   She i3 sister ship to  : toe ,G.i:eat Republic aud Celestial Empire in  the San Francisco and China, trade.   She re-  ports the return to Panama * of the two Railroad Commissioners who have been in Bogota,  for many months in the interest of the railroad corn pan y^^jhaving completely succeed ed  in'! negPtiatiohs for renewal of the present  company's/charter for a period of 9. yeara.  The general Government of Bogota receives  SI,000,000 down and  an  annual  rental  of  $?50i0p0.//  :/ .;.,���������' yy .rr//r/.;/:'  Mohticelli, Sept. 19.���������Roderick Findlayson;  Esq.^ and party arrived here to-night en route  for Vic tori a *,-. having made the circuit of Washington Territory via the Fraser and Colum-  .���������biavrivers;/���������������������������'/,     ���������"������������������iX.yl.-  /���������/���������'    -���������'��������� .>-A'.������������������.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  HAS  CONSTANTLY  ON  HAND ;,A.CHOICE   SE-  lection of,Drugs- and Patent Mkdicises, mclud-  i ng tho. ��������� eel enrated / Gold en   Balsam, a nd   Murphy ?s  VICTORIA ADVERTISEiMENTS.  Soaps, Lubin's Extracts,. Ko3e-Water and other ��������� Per-  i'umeries, Garden Sedds, &c, key  ��������� Just received���������an assortment of Stationery, Pocket  Diaries for 1S67, an^Billiard Table articles.  - p. s ��������� Prescriptions carefully compounded,     l-s  ./r;/POS^ER/-::OF^ ���������:  ���������v'.-;''!/.'���������/ -.^ ' 'CHEMIST, r//'   *'      '.-  '.;  VICTORIA SEED STORE  Corner of Langley Alley and Yates St.  MESSRS. JAY & BALES  Have opened the above premises with/a large  ��������� . and.well assorted Stock    . - A A  .-������������������    -������������������ ���������.OP-r'"     ' *>  FRESH I6EICULTDRA1, VEGETABLE  / ./AND FLOWER SEEDS.     .  The business of tlie late firm of Jay & Co., Fort St.,  :������nd Springfield Nursery, will be carried on by them  in all its branches. - .-'A'-'Ai''  Fruit. Trees and Bush es, Evergreen and Deciduous.  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plants of every description. ��������� r . . ' 1*^s:/-  KAS FOR SAX.E, and-constantly on hand,  ,a well assorted Stock^of Drupes," all tho Chemicals  used by Pb/ysicians, photogrnphers, Assayers and  Mechanic?. Also, the popular Patent Medicines,, and  Druggists'sundries. ' y   ' AK   ' ������������������  Retorts, Crucibles, Muffles, Cupels,-Ingot Moulds,  etayetc,    ���������       :-    ���������  t.   PBESCRIFnOKSPAITBTULLT rEEPAREn./  /. ��������� / rrx-'y- ; .-��������� F.; w. poster,  ~ :h*iai' .���������."'; ���������...���������'."'/���������'. ���������-/'. ./-./'Chemist/  V- r : --YALE /ADVERTISEMENTS.  BENJAMIN"   /DOUG-LAS, Successor to A. C  ".WELLS, Saodleand Hatrness Maker, Yale, B. C.  /���������' 'j^r^ A'complete assortment;bf Stock constantly on  hand;-^-^^"'->^' ''y';- .''���������'*"; ���������''���������V<"'-^-/-*-^-^-~-.-:l������8-:-^'  ���������H//^/.;/^ ^  .r ']r V '-Front Street, / Yale/ B. G.,' '  BEGS TO" ANNOUNCE tb' the inhabitants of Cariboo  ..that he'intends to forward (as soon as .the state of  the :Ro;ids.:will: permit), : ������i large��������� andjw"ieirassorted  stock-of .Cooking^ Stoves;^: which-ibe will dispose ofat  Pricks ' to ��������� Suit thk * Times.  -/.-' v- i '/ 7 y. iy ���������.,./  /;Yale^ 8th April ,1867:.:- ���������/,/./ A'lyylAy'Ai    /l A  /#;/;^  PARTIES DESIROUS of shipping freight With Dis-  . patch, W'll find it to/tbeir adyantago.by giving us  a'call before engaging .elsewhere/  ':.-:.. '.:  ui; > xyyyyy..: y ^yyyXy:ALWAY fc^BAILEY/ ';  ��������� ';:Yale,%)ril 8th', 1867, 0-j yxy   ":/��������� -.'     .       lrS.-"v  yAAyy/;^  DEALER IN Wi.ves, Liquors and/Cigars,: Coal Oil,  . /Coal Oil Limps, &c.,,./ = /.A': ���������/��������� '��������� :-:'" li        .' AA '������������������ /  .; y^GENT/FOR BURSTER'S ALB".! ���������/:  ���������AX'yi-:.; ���������; //ihl:Bbls;;and-'half Bbls. --AA: \..     ,' ; ,**:  :���������- Yale,.ApriM8th;.IS67. -���������"���������'"-��������� r-;1;/ r;/l-s ' '  LONDON  HOUSE,  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL.  J: H. TURNER & CO.  importers of .=  English & French Silks, Shawls,-Dresses, Un  derclothing, GJoves,: and every description df  Drapery Goods.:���������  . , "������������������  Receive regulnr supplies by Express Via Panama and  by sailing vessels via Capo Horn.  ;-^������a������. Particular, attention given to allorders,.'. ���������  ������������������;. London Firm--J. P. Tuxstall & Co. : p" ~"*~l".'s"r  ESTABLISHED 1858. 'Ayr  Ay. :    ��������� v HOTEL DE FRANCE, //; ���������  ;.: Government Street, Victoria,' V: I,  THE RESTAURANT is supplied with all the  /delicacies of the season, and the5 sleeping; accomodation* is replete with every comfort. The best of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  ROADSIDE' ADVERTISEMENT.  ;.      .L?WpK CITY,'hicff. '   /  ^egs.to inrotm.tbe public generally that he hag  On bis premises Tor. Awards of 200: Hors^, *  ; / Bay and Oats for Sale cheap.    '*  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIER  U  teRMS   MODERATE.  a  a*  E.ROMBRdi?,  BOSTON BAR/ R C.,.  TSHbolesale aud Retail Merchant in  GROCERIES AND PROVlS IONS  LIQUORS, DttY GOODS, CLOTHING, ic. Is  164 MILE 0B BEEF CHEEK HOUSE,  I* S OPENZFOfc THfi ACCOMMODATION OP THE  Travelling public; tbe bedrooms.nro'spacioos and  airy and tho "Bedscr.nnpt.bo surpassed.for clcanliuc^  and comfort by auy ih tho lower country; the Table is  alw'nys supplied with the best of victuols. 'Stnbling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley xonstateUy an hand.  l-s  J. BIGNE & CO /, Proprietors.  ENRY -'GREENBAUM,/ - WHOLESALE LIQUOR  Store, Importer of Fine Mblrschaum Pipes, Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigars and'Tobacco, Johnson street,. Victoria, V.. I.   ���������:/���������; /..-.' AAA:. l-s-  TTJIiES RUEFF, Commissi ox: Mfr cji ant,  Royal  Hotel Building, Wharf street Victor i a, V. I. -l-s:  Storage aiid Forwarding!  ':'.:'  ;     A -A YALE. B. C.   .'������������������ ���������   ���������-.  RESTAl?nANT,���������  This is the  CLEAL'S   Coffee  House  and  Govern ment-Street, Victoria, V. I,  cheapestj most comfortable, and best attended Establishment in the Gityr  . /The BAR:is always supplied with ' the choicest of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.:    :. /       ���������-, ;:'*';       /l-s' ;  A ��������� FiiANKEir.. Vic't<������ria,; V..I/,. Dealer in FuRsi  'A* Siuns,���������-HiDKS, Wool, &c; Liberal advances made  on Furs consigned. Reference-���������G. Sutrd & Go./ Rein-  hart Bros;? Victori a, V. I. :.-*-..        ������������������ ���������    l-s .  / y/y BOYD &: HEATH-,* Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is situated 20[milesfromQucerielmoutb.  The proprietors having lately .fitted;.up bedrooms"  and good Beds arc now. prepared to afford every accom.*  mod a tion for Travellers'; the Tai)le Is furnishccl -with a|j;  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is well nip._���������;  plied with tho best brands of Liquors ant I Se^r?;^!  Stabling,; Hay, Oats and Barley. jQ^The CHEAPEN  Hbttsc bri the Road. ������������������''.; ���������'' ' ' \ Ai: /:'; ; - -',' U: x  - ��������� //12^/MlLmEtonSE//;  : '-IJAttE;-XAvHACHE^'  TA, f. WAttERS,.formeriy. of tho M Mjlr Horsr^/  i having purchased this Ranch,, Is now prcpirel'  to nccomodato the traveling public with GOOD MklB  nnrt BEDS at mod era to rate's, -/v    <;, /���������������������������'. /    l-s /  ARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE YALE--LYT-  ' ton; Route, are advised that.         *  '   , / KIMBALL &/ GLADWIN ���������/./   '*  . Have erecteil aii extensive.Storehouse and: Dock at  Yale, and lire prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods.-; Goods re-packed,-and-freights eugaged at the  Lowest :Rates.' ��������� --...' x-        . x   r ���������' 7  ;  Parties shipping goods through us will please mark  to tbe care of  'XAllti ;���������". . KIMB ALL & GLADWIN.  :VA3ST "WTIKKLE STORE.  THE "OVDERSIGMED begs to inform the miners and  residents, in & around Van Winkln that be will in future keep an assorted and GOOD "6T0CK on hand, and  hopps by close attention to business, and by selling  at LOWER RATES than heretofore, to meet the patronage *pf all. /.-  Orters from outlaying.creeks accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness and dispatch.  . r   j������5T Terms CASH, vri thou t His Unction;  l-s J. W. L1NDHARD.  127  B L U E   TE NT,  ��������� OR ���������  -IL-E   HOUSE.  ia!a)mCB  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS;  THE ^CARIBOOv SENTINELV  THE UNDEDSIGKED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  desirable property, is now Prepared to accommodate the; tra veiling.public. The table is supplied with  th e very b est of vi a nd s. Th e; bed room s an ri ho'i s a re  as comfortable as could be desired, and lb* BAR contains nothing but'thc best brands of LIQUORS arid  CIGARS: rr'r ;���������*;_/  A good stock of Grain and Ha y al wa vs on h a n <i:  3rdMay,'1867.    -',       ,3 *���������   W.WRIGHT.  G. SUTRO ������5C  CO..   IMP.'������RTERS   AND   DEALERS IS  .'"' CIGARS, TOBACCO. Meershaum Pipes. &g.? S/E  corner of Yates and Wharf street, Victoria  '. s  KW.ONG, LEE & CO., Commission Merchants, Importers, and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Victoria,  V, I., Yale, Lillooet, Quesnelmouth, and Williams  Creek. l-s  }7. "WATSON, "Watchmaker, Jeweler '/ft*  Um and Engraver, Go vern ment street, next|5y^}  to the St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria.��������� V. I. &i������������  |7 '��������� MATJJANDAINE, COLLECTOR  AND   GENERAL  Fj. AGE-N'T, Government Street, Victoria, V. I.'   l-s  DAILY and "WEEKLY . BRITISH COLONIST  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE/5 Orders for mail-  ing either the Duly or Weekly issues of tho above to  any part of Europe, tbe United States, Canada, Australia, &cv, left at tbis office or sent to Victoria will be  attended to. Terms in advance. * Weekly, 12tnos.,  with Postarre, $7 50 ; 6mo!?.do., $4 75. Daily, 12  rnos do., $23 ; 6mds do., $12 50: .  ixi-MESSRS.; COK^AIMS00 Ai  .4 T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE,- half-wayherxw-'  rJLSpehce's Bridge.and Clinton/on the Yale RonU./  Travellers will find Good Accommodation.. The bmof  living; of Liquors; and of Wines -; Fresh Butter, Milt  and Vegetables.' /Good Stabling and cheap feed.   w*j  COL O TT IML  HDTEL,  -"'SODA- CREEK*: 01  A GREAT REDUCTION has been made in the charges  at this establishment, so as to suit, the times....  ���������-.:    Meals, $ 1; Beds, 7*5 Cents."  UcLEESE & SENAY,".  Proprietors.  May   1st,   1867. ���������    ''        .    v /:-; l-s/.  OUR    COFFEE.  WE   ARE   FORWARDING   A  Packed in Tins of from  each. ;/-���������  l-s  two to twenty-five pounds  WILSON k MURRAY,  Fort si reet, Victoria.  S  36 MILK   POST,  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B. C,  TRAVELLERS -will find every accommodation at this  Hotel.   ExcellentGooking.-GOOD BEDS*  STABLINiG. FOR HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at .Lowest Rales.,  B00THR07D BRQ'S,  l-s . Proprietcrs.  THe  Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN &  PARKE,   Proprietors, at lW  U Junction of tho Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is  THOS. WiLSON &. CO.  IMPORTERS OF ENGLISH MERCHADIZE  Wholesale and Retail,  DEAtEBS II DRY GOODS, IC,  Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria,    l-s  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  THE  STOCK'.OF THIS.;OFFICE   HAVING  BEEN  ) considerably augmented by the recent importation  of a y^letynf new1 Ornamental Typo, peculiarly suited  ' '   Posters, CiToulars, Cards, '"y.  Billheads, Programmes for  "���������*,.: Balls, Concerts' and:;:  ' .   Theatrical Entertainments.   ���������  v ?iJ6r?^rW description of ^ Work will be ese-  cufcaa with naata^ss and despatch/  ;" -.- vfi������?* Terms moderate, -^j  CASAMAYOU begs leave to state that he  ;Jias removed his stock of Goods consisting of Gro������  CEKiFS, &c;,Trom Wharf street to tho Brick BuiliMnj?  on Yates street, adjoining Cowpcr's Boot Store, onpo-  'site" Wells, Fargo-& Co.'    ; .   ,'-���������.-.������������������.  He will sell his Goods by Wholesale, at the lowest  rates, for cash . l.s  WILXilAM ZELHER, dealer in Bru������s. Mrdi  cines ,1 n cl C;������ e mic at s, Fa ney a n rl To \ 1 ���������' t Art i cl es3  Sponges, ..Brushes, P.iri'umery, &c. Physicinns' Pre-  seri pt ion s c-irefu lly com pon nd ed a n d ord e rs answ o rn tl  wUh'c.'jre aiid dispatch.' Victoria, V. I. l-s  A. W. PIPER,  aONEECTIONER,  ..Covernmcnt Street, opposite the Theatre.  GANpiES 9f every description manufactured and*  sold, AVholcsnIts and Retail.  1-p  Free Port for Ever !  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to rati  thc times. Give them a call.. Stabling, H^y & Gram,  Stages  attentive hostlere.  vale,  and Cariboo  leave here regularly for  COTTONWOOD RANCH  E   UNDERSIGNED   IS   NOW  PREPARED Tti  r���������  E THE UNDERSIGNED TAKE pleasure in announcing to our numerous customers and the  public, that wcAvillsupply them with tho best French  lifATHBK-Boots (duty free) ever offered in B. C.:  jm^At our old Stand, Government St., Victoria, VI  /   x's ' CHARTTV & BUTLER.  J, C. BEEDY.  A- BULER./& CO.'S  CHEAP Store,    LADIES1 and GK\T. CAPT OFF  Clothing bought and sold.    Secondhand WatcUes.  Guns, Pistols, &c-, for sale. . ?  ^������--Government street opposite the Theatre,   l-s  COMMISSION &  FORWARDING A(TENT,  ILL   PA V PARTICULAR   ATTENTION   TO   SE-  Incline purchasing, or forwarding G<*o:S lor the  upprr country.  Any com rn is7 inn  prompt a Men tion.  Reiercncps. :���������W. A,  Harper, J.J. Bram-ly.  Victoria^ April, 1S67������ 3  rntrusted toiiiscare, will receive  Meacham; E. A. Wadhams, T.  u(for������l cv^ry accommodation to tho travel!wg PBI  lic> and hopes by & strict attention to business, ^  merit a share of tho patronage bestowed on the gn������"  proprietors.   This is one of the most comfortable wj;  commodious Hotels on the road, containing as it o 3  warm and well furnished bed robins with good.p������w-  Tho TABLE is suppliod with every delicacy it��������� w. P������  sihle toprocuro in tho upper country.   The o^v  stocked with the best of Liquors, and th6 cww<*  C'gars, - /v-..'-. ������������������'. r, ,,;  m-lMEA'LS,  $1 50   EACH. *t^  The stabling for Horses Is all that could.^^gj  and the charges are very, moderate.   Hay ^^^t  per day, $2 '���������;. Oats and Barley at tbo cheapefat niar*  rates. ' -*a"ai������ tta*Y  Thc undersigned has a largo quantity .of oax. a?  on hand, for sale in large or small quantities;  l-s JOHN PELLETIER, Proprieton  BOSTON    BAR    '-"'I)  0    -   Hot6L  Interiiation^l  J. vellcrs^"^bTTablo ������ "suppliojl^J^l^X^lUt  HFms WELL KNOWN HOUSE is now open  il ai  Cooking  tho best tbo market affords, and the CooKinj^   ^  be excelled.    Tho Bar is stocked with tup ii������������������  QtJOKS and CiCUK������,    GOOD BEDS. ���������._--,���������������.  -. WILLIAM OHAROTS.^


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