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 Pis  s  ���������  wSi  Pll  Sp  lllill������  illjl������sl  Vol 15.  Barkerville, William-Greek, B.C., Saturday. Oct, 11^ 1873>  N������-24  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Published every Saturday by  ROBERT     H OLL'O WAY!  ��������� Subscription,  -  -  50 Cents per Week,  *    BATES OF ADVERTISING. '  For one square (one I inch), first insertion, .  ������������ *������ one month," -  Fortwosquares .flrsttasertlon,-     -' .  .*.*  ��������� ���������������       one month, ��������� ��������� ���������   ���������   -  ���������  $3  6  5  S  Agents for the 4i Cariboo 'Senti-fte!.".  Van Winkle, -  Quesnotm^nth,:   t  Smla Creek,  Clinton, ���������>  ���������   ���������  V<������t<v   ���������-'- ......  K-r\c Westminster  Victoria,   -  (.. l\ Fisher,   ���������  R*in kCo.t  G Stre.t,      ���������    ...���������  AD. Mclnnes.;  Barnard's Express  ." -    ' Barnard's Express!  Barnard's Express;  ��������� ' do   . yy. <Jo y ��������� *  John Murray  -       Mr Webster. .  ���������    . S:������n Fr.nicisco  *-.- fyr:_     SaifFnmcisco.  30 Ci?rhhi!i,vLondpnvE.C  THE ..CARIBOO SENTINEL  Cards, Circulars, Posters ana Programmes for.  Balls and Theatrical Entertainments  ^9g*Executed with neatnessarid dispatch.^p-f  terms moderate.  How a CuiNESts Claimant was "Treated."  .History tells iia thai one day during the reign  of the Chinese Emperor Wop!a gentlemanly  young man, dressed in Imperial -yellow and  seated in a sedan chair covered with the same  material, presented himself at* the gate of the  capital, and in reply to the questions of the  officer of the guard, announced bimsalfto be  ���������the eldest son of the late. Emperor, whose  denth had been publicly proclaimed and be-  wailed some years before. The news of the  arrival of this illustrious stranger spread like  wildfire throughout the-city, and the mandarins hastened to seek an audience that they  ���������might offer their allegiance to tbeir rightful  sovereign: One ot their number, however,]  more astute than the rest, took with him a  puir of handcuff* and a dftachmt'nl of police, j  Ths Tichbornb.. Case.���������Dr. Kenealy ha-  done his speech- perhaps in consequence of a  | hint from the Chief Justice that the Bench;  could grant ������r refuse one more day to listen  to bim, and has brought forward his first wis  qcb8. The delight of the human race at tb;s  event, so entirely unexpected, is, however.  much diminished by a statement that Dr.  Kenealy has tbe right if be pleaeev to.spe k  when his evidence is done, and may go <<n  again till even his capacity for talk begins to  fail. Still, however/there is some little daylight in the ending of his first harangue. Supposing his witnesses not to occupy the Court  beyond October, and Mr Hawkios to speak  for, say. two days, Dr. Kenealy will only have  November, December, January, and the first  four days of February for his reply. On the  fifth day Parliament will be able, by suspend  tag its standing orders, to pass ah Act de  priving bins, on grounds of public safety}  threatened by the universal rtfupal to sne  on juries, of hjs right to coniiuue speaking  any longer. There is a historic precedent for  Mich a course, an Act having actually been  passed solely te suppress Sir Lawrence Peel  who spoke so well in; the Council of India  that Sir Charles Wood, then Grand Mogul  found himself with no more influence than a  clerk. Ao Act;to suppress .Dr.: Kenealy  would be quite in consonance with the gigan-  tesque character of tbe whole proceedings,���������  [Loudon Spectator.  HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, &c.  7  VaillancouT; & Hnnter,  [SUCCESSORS TO N. CUNIO,]  Beg to Inform their friends fan d the pub lie tbat I Iia  have tak en ttie wel! kuow n prviniecs iu BarkeirilJe  so.long favorahly'patronised while In' tho occupation  oi:Mr N. C*ato ::      ^     ; -:  .     -  The Celebrated XXX Ale  svifl be manufactured and sold, by Wholesale and B������  taiUn Us purity, and   . .*  The best Liquors & Cigar**  constantly kept ou hand.  The Lodging! Department  will be always carefully attended to, andthebesi  Beds and accommodation provided for. their cus  tciiriers.. .   -. ,.-     ������������������'���������������������������-. dcl6 .  XJLX  German?.���������The Times' correspondent says  the piT^cution of tlie Catholic priesthood in  Germany is proceeding vigorously. All the  Bishops baive refused to submit the plans for  their seminaries to Government, and the State  has accordingly begun to act. The Bishop of*  Enneland has lost the salaries contributed hy  Government to his Chapter, the scholars ((  Wesiphalia have been informed that they, wil  not be admitted to livings, the Bishop of FuU  da's schools have been closed, while the  seminarists 4-f Posen are to be drafted into  the army    As no pastor can be appointed  p���������,r of^nmloulTs ana a ^racn^n   , V   -,, Vwrwenl approval, it is believed  andonpnterin<,Mbepspudn-Impen>ll presence  whii m   a* Ft  man. and instead of joining in th������ general  kotnw. fastened the m:<nnaclea oh his wrists  and handed htm nv**r to bia followers. His  next proceeding was to "introduce htm to th*������  torture chamber in hie Tntnun. and there, we  are told, the sijjhi of the various instruments  hanging from the wall produced a visible effect on the claimant, who. after some slight,  hesitation. acknowledged that far.from having  any right, to the Imperial yellow, he was the  son of poor patents, and that be had been indued to personate the late heir apparent by  reason of tbe strong likeness which he bore  to Mmi This confession was duly reported  to the Emperor Woo. Who after earefnl consideration ordered the adventurous young  man to be cut into ten thousand pieces.  We are bapoy to perceive that Lord Duf-  ferin, as Go vern or-General of Canada, has  not dissolved Parliament, and so referred the  recent scandal to the judgment of the electors. The opposition desired this, hoping to  make- capitaHof the charges, but Lord Duf-  ferin only prorogued'Parliament till a Royal  Commission has thoroughly inquired into the  whole matter. ���������; Itis nonsense for the Opposition tosay that this is to allow the'accused  to name their own judges; for Parliament being prorogue! Lord Dofferin c&ti insist on  naming them. The Government cannot fight  him, while he can surrender them, to the Hone,  and there can he no doubt whatever: of bis  anxiety that Justice should be dbriaf-^ILon*  $on Spectator*  churcliee at once, aud leave their flocks to  tight il out with the State. The upper elates.  who are sceptical, will then go with the Kir*gtJ  and the lower classes with the prelates. I.  other words, the prelates calculate on insurrection, which will undoubtedly occur unless  the King goes a great deal farther, abolishes  and banishes or beheads the Bishops, appoints priesls of State opinions, and carries  Henry Vlif/s plan fully out. Even then, we  suspect, he will make of the Catholic provinces not an England, but an Ireland. The  persecution, if it stops short ol the full logical  limit,"will only turn the Voltairians into fervent Caiholies. The idea of crushing a creed  ^yp^tty fines is almost laughable.���������[London  Spectator.-;-    r;' .'"-';"��������� r,���������  PARTIES INTENDING >; TO--. AVAIL  a themselves of the n������w Mining Law and to.pur-  chase their ground, can have tlio Survey of tho same  and Maps made by addressing  CAPT. 0. J. TRAVAILLOT.  '  a������2  NOTICE.  DEGEASE&    .  Restaurant & Saloon  f > .G TO ANNOUNCE THAT THRV HAVE REMOVED  I > to the spurious premises formerly known as tfce  St. George Saloon, where they, will be at all times  prepared to furnish  BOARD    AND    MEALS  OF   THE   BEST   QUALITY.  The   BAR is furnished with the finest WINES,  UQUORS and CIGAUS. .    ��������� ,'  Board,  -   $12; per Week.  all 6m  ENGLISH DRUGS!  PATENT MEDICINES,  PROPRIETARY  ARTICLES,  Chevalier's Life for*e,Hair  COUGH LOZENGES^^A&ti'/i'iy  jp*t: Teeth oarefally Extracted and Mlled.     ;  '^- Prescriptions and,Family.Recipes accurately prepared.  BarkervUle. Noy. 20.1872.  * no23  m  the deceasod,  THEODORE LINDHARM Adnjlnis-  A. TOWNSEND, j  tra (ors.;  ronWlnkl������, Lightning Creuk,  Jaiy him  jul&  LEAVES BARKERVILLE DAILY at 8 AM.  A.V  LIGHTNING GREEK AT 3 P.M  Passage, $2;. for the ronnd trip; $3.  Frei^hl talicu at low rates.  ^U  Ii Or WILMOT.  MISCELLANEOUS.  Vaa Volkeabxir^h. & Co.,'  -7   i    ������������������':-    '    -y    ���������'   ������������������    _;*���������������������������      '���������"'���������-; ���������������������������������������������*.  Retail Butehei's,  BARKERVILLE  CHFIELD  -ASD���������  A SUPPLY OF THE  BEST QU4LITT OF FBESH HEATS  ALWAYg OK HAND.  i RE prpparedj|t6 furnish Lumber at their iflUfl^  A.   .William Creek, or deliver it to order. ;)  LUMBER DELIVERED OK LIGHTNING  CREEK;  Hrt-rtnp a Planing Uacbloo io ������*pcrattoo they wfl  also luroteh  DRESSED  at Batififactory. rates..  DEALEHIS ��������� r-i  Groceries; Provisions and  Liquors/  Tlie  ROASTED DAILY AT THE STORE.  .DEPOT     FOE  PIONEER MILLS EXTRA FLOUR  A fresh supply of which has juet been re-  ���������$;���������=;:���������: :-:-'-i ������������������������������������'.      oeiyed. ���������:";:": ���������'*'���������'���������--��������� ipr'r  COIMISSIOS STORAGE  AKO  geiicy.  dAMES  WICKHAM,  aplStt . Barkervill������V  G-roceries and Provisions  LIGHTNM NG    QREE^ \y00  .  ���������  .      :���������  mCARIBOO  SATURDAY. OCT. II,  J������73..  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  :���������...���������  '���������CASIAR"  iThe; Victoria telegrams published last week  contained some-app area tly. rose-colored reports from  tbe  new  diggings said to have  been lately struck in the neighborhood of the  bead-waters   of   Stickeen   river.     According to  the telegrams, one fortunate miner  obtained "two ouuc.es of gold from  three  feet of bedrock.1?: and nuggets of a" bright.  beautiful yellow color" are said to be abundant.   It will strike miners as being rather  .Strange  that. the  miner  referred   to  only  remained.-'-at. the   diggings   long   enough  to clean up three feet of this rich  bed rock,  and left for Victoria to enjoy the luxuries  which twe minces of gold would procure  We do not presume to cast any doubts upon  the truth of the reports or to question the  veracity of the gentlemen upon whose authority the statements are made ; but so many  gold discoveries have been resorted from the  same quarter within the past few years, that,  most  people  will...naturally  enough  think  twice  before placing any reliance in the  truth of this last discoveryi   Unfortunately  past   experience,   has  :proved-,   that   gold;  excitements raised without sufficient fon.nda-;  lion have done mucb to retard tbe progress  pf the'Proyihc'e. > and.: Canbdo: iti p_articntar  has materially suffered by the withdrawal of  hundreds of some: of her best prospectors.]  to the reported new "Eldorados,' and who, not  meeting with success,have generally.departed  from the country...Newspaper accounts of  new. diggings containing ^"-coarse wash gold,  as pure and beautiful as that from Ligbtuiug  Cre8k,,, .are very:exciting and interesting,  especially to miners, who are remarkable for  the I'readiness -for ith' which they, swallow the  rich strikes dished tip for them by newspaper  Tepiorters,  and  who  will suffer the greatest  hardships in-order to gratify" their thirst for  al venture.and love of gold.;   The Casiar  "diggings may, however, prove an exception  to"-the'.-numerous* unwarranted- gold excite  ments raised in this Province during the past  few years.   We hope tbat their richness may  be proved beyond a doubt, and that the eyeft  of Victoria newspaper reporters will be still  'further dazzled by the sight of nuggets of a  . bright, beautiful yellow-color."  At present  fiowever, tbe reports must be taken with a  grain of salt  k NY      INFORMATION  A   Alexander Heben ton, a native ofBrec>In, Scot-  REGARDING  - 3f Brechin, Scotland, itut wrwgMasrjolicrln Y*t0%*aJ?*&���������������  It is supposed left for the gold fields, -will be tbanlc  fully received at ihe-oSce of tbis ?spei*v. ������������������������������������W.p  MISCELLANEOUS.  NEW WAY-SIDE HOUSE  NEAR FORT ALEXANDRIA.  THE UNDERSIGNED WILL OPEN A  1 Way side House, near Fort Alexander, at tho  place formerly known as Paquette'^on 1st Novomber  next. ���������������������������> : '���������'���������"'���������  GOOD    STABLING,  Hnv and Oata, and accommodation for Travellers,  ocl'l ' A. D   MclNNES.  Gold Commissioner's  Notice.  AN AND AFTErl THE FIRST NOVEM  U   ber next all claims in the Cariboo District may  be laM over Ult tho 20th May, 1874, subject to the 9th  Section of the Gold Amendment Act, 1872.  (Signed)v H. M. BAIX,  "RichAoM, 0th October, 1873.  Gold Commissioner.  ocll  VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. THAT BY  1* an Order in Cbhhcil, dated 20th September,  1873, it was determined that the price of iHnerd  Land; with' the right to 'take Coal ani all the baser  tnetal3and mtn������r--tl3. but reserving Gol.i, Platinum,  and Silver, should be Tea. Hollars per Acre, payable  half in cash and the-bnlaocs in two years, or pre  vloiia to Survey and istao .of.-Crown Grant j an.1 that  no person should be allowed either directly or in ti-  rectly to purchase more than sis hundred and forty  acres as above.  :: ROBERT-BfcAVEN,  Chief Commissioner of Liuds and Works.  Victoria, Sept 23,1873. ocll  Grunbaum  Barkerville & VanWinkle,  , . .     ������������������     OFFER. FOR SALE,  V  AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES,  Their entire and well-assorted stock of  LIQUORS,  CLOTHNG,  BOOTS AND SHOES  GROCERIES,  MINING   liVlP'.LEMENTS,  y ��������� ��������� &6., tay&ti. - ���������  Ajjgt' Parties intending to hny Goods of any  description will find it to tbeir advantage ta  give us a call before purchasing elsewhere.  ���������myl7    ���������  ES T A TE v THOSj  j:   MENEFEE  A T   WILLI A MS  ;t A K E,  On Tuesday. Oct 21f 1873,  AT PUBLIC AUCTION,  Information Wanted.���������Attention is called  to the advertisement in to day's issue asking  for information* of Alexander Hebenson. a  : snativo of Brechin ^Scotland, who came to tbifi  .province overland .;in 1858, and worked at  Tliis trade in Victoria in that year.    Any  person knowing anything ot' the whereabouts of  ��������� this man will confer a great favor on his aged  ; father by communicating such information  4tb*the,oflice of this* paper or to the Secretary  of the: St. Andrew's and Caledonia Society.  Victoria. ;���������"���������  Thk Meadows.���������The water in the Lane &  Kurtz mine bus been greatly reduced since  our last report. Last week there was 19 feet  of ���������-,water in the old ehaft; this week it has  been reduced to about 14 feet! On Thursday  eight the gain on the water was 18 inches,  and as the diggings will be tapped from the  new shaft shortly, we may expect to report  the mine drained in our next issue.  \TOTICE IS HEREBY; GTVRN\ THAT BY  1*    an.Order in Council,  dated 20th  September,  1873, it waa determined; that pre-empiors, who have  recorded land in error, as a nrc-cmpthn purchase,  under tho Land.Onliaanceof lHh April, 1865, subsequent to the 20th October, 1870, and who.have p-ud a  deposit of two shillings and one penny per acre,  should be permitted to purchase land at the rate of  one dollar p������'r acr<>, subject' to the Land Ordinance?,  1170 and 1873, and by.complying wilh the Rn'guUtions  as to the purchase of unsurvcyed land under date  27th August. 1873, excepting/as lo tbe payment or.a  record fee of Five Dollars, 'and by substituting Fifty  Cents per Acre in lieu of One Dollar, as contained in  Section 2 of said Regulations.:...  Xy���������"���������"ROBERT "HEAVEN,  Chief Commissioner of r^nds and Works.  Victoria, Sept. 23, 1873. ���������;���������;. s     . ocll  TERMINUS; STORE,  Quesnelmouth, B.C.,  Where you can get the best bargain* in  GROCERIES,  PROVISIONS,  /    DRY   GOODS,  HARDWARE,  And DRUGS.  J&- HAY and GRAIN sold cheap for  cash.  The beRt brands of EXTRA FLOUR.  LILLOOET BEANS, and CHICAGO BACON  kept constantly on hand at low rates.  0������������* Farm Produce sold on Commission.  seSSin JAS.    REID.  Consisting of ONE! THOUSAND ACRES of  excellent Fanning Meadow, and Pasture  Laod, nearly all under Fence..together with  FARMING IMPLEMENTS,  Consoling of Threshing Machine Reaper ani  Mower, VVagons, PloiiKha, Hurrowa, &c.f &o.  Also,  75 Head   Horned  Cattle,  I have been instructed* by Mr R. H- BROWN  to sell by Public Auction,  S.  A. ROGERS,  Q ROUSE    CREEK.  GROCERIES. .PKOViSIOiS, ,HtSH6  Consisting of Cows, Beef Steers, and youw  Cattle. ; yy  15 head of Horses,  Including* tho well known Race Horaej  i)EXTJ������R and LUCK. .     :  32 Hogs,  75 tonsjHay, 'and about ,  40,000'Lbs "Q-rain.  ^S&* The above will he sold in lots to unit.  ���������Also, at sata������ time and place,��������� "*  ONE UNDIVIDED HALF INTEREST oi the  Soda  Creek  AND  ������ 6 "  il  arm,  se  95  AT BARKERVILLB,  ON   WEDNESDAY)   OCTOBER   22,   1873,  ��������� Ailbis:  PavSS^nokrs by Barnard's down Express of  the ������5th:���������Uriah-Nelson, Harry Shepherd,  and seven Chinese.  Consisting: of Cane Bottom Chairs. Rocking  Chairs. Centre Table, Bureau. "Whatnot and  Ornaments, Minors. Pictures, Kidderminster  Carpets. Brussels Rugs. Double Feather Bed.  Pnlu Mattress and Pillows, Blankets, Bod  Covers. Sheets. Wosh Stands.'Casi Iron Parlor  Sto?e; Cookinc Stove, No. 8, nearly new ;  Dishes, Enamelled Saucepans, Knives and  Forks, Table Cloths, Dessert Dishes. Glasfi  ������nd Plated Ware, Coal Oil Lamp?, Side  Saddieand Bridle. A fine toned MELOD150N.  Also, a fine lot of PRESERVED FRUITS,  put up in Victoria, and a quantity of other  articles too numerous to mention. .   ���������  Also, that commodious two-story HOUSE  opposite Blbby's Tin Store.  Sale to commence at ELEVEN o'clock.  GEORGE BYRNES. '.  ocll Auctioneer*"  - ,.l*:iy   *M :1x-a AAA-:  Delivered to Miners.on tho^following outlying Creeks.:  Antler, O uniungliam. Stevens, Beggs Grulch|  . .    /������������������'���������.:    &C.   :.A.' '- ./:syyy rr  suitable for Winter rwearynndr v r;;^  HAND-MAI#v SC)GKSif  A superior article.  ���������ftS, The Goods solfl at,tills Ptora will, aa usttaj, he  ofthft host quality and at tho lowest market prlcw  Grouse Creek, Sept. 20. .    . ae20 lm  With Stock,  ImplfimMitR and nppurteuanceA  _���������(/,.:,.    thereuntobelonging.  Also, OVli UNDIVIDED THIRD INTEREST  ?J  r  .  Mrs Michael will open her new boarding  tiou8e at VaaWinkle on Monday week.  The Epizootic has attacked all the horses  In Cariboo.   No serious eases are reported.  Barnard's Exprkss, with the mails, is ex  pected to arrive early this morning-  (Carrying Her Majesty's Mails.)  Every Sunday Morning. :  Freight and Passenger* carried through at Ma  lowest pos si bio niti-8. ������.������.>������������  Por rates of Frolcht ani Passage, apnlv it th*  Express, Office, BnrkfTvllto; at TOWNS END'S Y?n  WtnkJo; and   ut Me DERM OTT'S, Stanly. ?  mylO  Jy* Protection  situated near the mouth of D^ep Cr������'i������k,  "y TBRMS OF SALE.-For Real Emnic will  hevmade known <>n day of sale. For per*  Ron ai prn per \ y.���������a 11 su m ^ u n de r $ 300 c ash';  over that amount, sixty days, good endorsed  ti6te&A      1     X  yA-iyAxX Jy F. HAWKS. } ^^������f������ra  -,-���������,r*P,,C.;DUNLh,TYs   {���������?.***������>*.  rvSoda Creek, Sept. 10. sel3  u  GOODS  fffiO. BYRNES, Agent.'  Barkerville.  Estate of Tlios. J. Menefee  DECEASED.  ���������  DispatcheB from Paraguay show that the  persecution of the English colonists continue,  aad that there ia great dissatiafaction.  A LL PERSONS MAYING CL ATMS  ���������^ against the Estate of the late Thomas J "ATenefke  of Soda Crei������k, are requested to send io or present tbe  samo to tbe -cndorsi^-ied,. aad all persons -indebted to  the Estate are required to pay forthwith the amount  of their indebtedness to  JOH v F: HAWKS,     > '  Or PETER C   DUNTLEVV, j" E^fi^tors  83- AM bill? must be presented before .the 20th of  October, 1873. ��������� ,  - .   -.-.";  Soda Creek, August 17,1873. au23  PUBLIOJNOTIOE.  ITOTTCE ts ttrrrby given, that by  LZn rt01l:(Jm,ne(l lhat nthefiVPntnfaPra.emptor  wcorj Bg 1TO acrep of Priirlo I/iDd in New W^traln  l������r **}*$<   h*.*hmui be allowed to locate Tw?n?v  i������S ������f ?,mboi:Grl ������*nt1 in the .vicinity of hi? prN  SS������1Svtba TV ,0caion tobe madounder the same  frnm%llia3t,t!lc'purpbls!^ of unsarv'eyed land  SmS J5; ^ T^P"**������������ & tho cash payment of  $100 pftr acre, but tobe subject to tho same oondi-  ^*���������S!!J^���������������} ^ P^^ ^.nTreSortS  ,KiPtl0fl' *  nw * n ROBERT BEAVEN,"  Victoria, S^Tltmfi0aCr 0I ^^ Bnfe9'  ���������Nai!s,f4-lbs. for Si.  Suffar^S^lbs.for^l.  Iron, 30c to 25o per lb.  Machine Oil, $3 per gal.  Price's Candles, 25 lb. box  GOOD TOBACCO; 60 cents per lb..  J.-B. PACE'S TOBACCO. $1 per lb.  Full aBSortraent KIP and CALF BOOTS, $T  to $9..,  HOES, $1 60 ������ach ;.SH0YELS, $2 each.  SHIRTS. SI to $5 each.  CANADIAN CLOTH SUITS, $20 to 130.  BEST FLOUR, ^5 per sack.  Bmfcerrme, August 2, 1673. ftul  I  I  m  ���������  1  mm  l3S������ theCaribooIfflWSS  SATURDAY, OCT. 11, 1873.  1  m  i  m  mm  M  m  I  pus  ���������  up   stage'  for Soda  and  A CLINTON; ������������������;"*.  Clinton, October 7^-BarnardVj  left at 6 p.m., with P. C. Dunlevy  Creek, James Kerr for Quesnelmoulb,  Mr Davie for Barkerville.  ��������� Pearson's up Btage has riot left Yale this  weak.  The weather for the past few days has been  very stormy.  ASHCROFT RACES.  Clinton,-October 10���������No official report has  beetv received from Ashcroft races aa yet  Thefollowing items have been received tonight :   '���������������������������'.  -   .Race.for Cnlnnial  Purse,  three entries���������  JfcConnHP* Rulger pick .'.Ned Roberta'colt*  and C. Barn fbr One-Eye.   Won in two straight-  beats by  Dick.   Before the'race betting was  two;to one against Dick.;  "The Colt Race whb wbn-by George Wilson's  coll Alice.   The Hurdle Race was won by A.  B. Ferguson's Btnkskio.  - To-day,. the first-raco������������������ Settlers'   Stakes-  was, won  by  McConnoil's mare Trifle.   The  D^rby was won by Bulger Dick against One-  Eye and Mountain Chief.   The, Hurdle Race  was won hy Ferguson's Buckskin.  ^ -.The attendance was not as large as expected, and the weather was. very blustery.  ' NEW WESTMINSTER.  New Westminster. October 8���������The .Agricultural Exhibition took place here yesterday  and was well attended considering the very  wet weather. The Lient.-Governor arrived  in town the night before the exhibition, and  examined all the things in the building, and  was much pleased with tbe display of fruits,  Cereals,&q. ���������"  Frank Morris, a Mexican, well known in  Cariboo, wh- arrived. I rom the upper country  on Friday, died on Sunday ntebt of inflammation of the lungs, aud waa buried on Monday.  Duncan McMartin continues to improve.  He io walking about again, and j it is hoped  will be able to leave hospital soon,  Henry, Maj. r, who was so seriously hurt in  the late accident to Pearson Bros, Btage, had  tin teg set by Dr Mclnnes, and is in hospital  here ddng well.   ^   ;  VICTORIA,     *  Mafsqul, October 4 -From the Victoria  Standard of the 4th we glean the following  intelligence :  A terrible accident ������centred at Wallula,  I'twa, ������ week ago. A hot air baloon caught  flre while the ball eoni.it. n������med Batley, waa  honerfng by his hands in mid air to a trapeze,  and he waa precipitated from an altitude of  tw*" thousand feet lo the ground, crushing  every bone in his body.  The steamer Maud took up to New Westminster yesterday a splendid pump. 100 horse  poTfl'r centrifinrali for tb<������ Costello company.  V riboo. This is one of the largest primps of  llie kind which has yet been imported to  Cariboo.  The Victoria Colonist of the 4th contains  tha following items:  Ex-Mayor Harris returned from Yakama  Viltey" yesterday with 60 head of choice  breeding stock, which will be pnld at Humphrey's cattle sale on Monday next.  Mr J. Z. Hough will re-open the SL Nicholas restaurant.  From Colonist of 6th :  The Rifle Match between the Navy and  Volunteers came off yesterday at Clover  Point. The Navy won by 16 points. The  highest number of points scored was 53 by  Cipt, Pearee, R.N., and 62 by Mr Butler of  the Volunteers.  From Colonist of 7th :'* .   <  The Mayor will lay the corner itone of the  great dam at Beaver Lake to-day.  Mr Thompson, M.P.,is in town, and will sail  by next steamer for Ottawa in company with  Mr Nelson, Mr Dewdhey, and Senator Cornwall.       ' ���������  '.''.'';. '���������'"  Specimens of gold-bearing quartz from'  Sitka have been received in Victoria from  Bishop Seghers. -   .  The Standard of the 8th says A. W. Piper,  oonfectioner. etc.. of Government street, left  hurriedly by the North Pacific for the other  side. Piper has " mizzled," and we shall see  bis spicy cartoons no more. He has got  Northern Pacific Terminus fever,  PASSENGERS PER PRINCE ALFRED.  Passenger list of steamer Prince Alfred,  from San Francisco on 6th s���������Senator McDonald and family. Mr Sullivan, Mr Dietz, R.  T. Lawrence,. Mrs SL E. Mali on and child,  Miss Ferminger, J. Gasher, Mrs Lan ge and  daughter. W. A. Harrington. Mr Hey wood,  Mrs. J. C. Patrick and son. Mr Hudson and  wife, A. Neely, John B. Whielock aud child,  G. Bacon aud family, Miss Palmer, Mrs. L.  Smith, G. B. Lass. U. B. Levy, M.F.Baker,  3?f E. Hawks, and-20 in.steerage.  EXECUTION OF  THE MODOC  MURDERERS.  Jacksonville, Oregon, October 3���������The Mo-  doc executions took olace at Fort KUmath  to-day. Two of there, Concho and Soluluks.  were pardoned last night, to be imprisoned  for life. Four of them���������Jack, Scbonchin,  Boston Charley, and Black Jim, were hung.  San Francisco, October 3���������Boncho and  Soluluks were pardoned by the President for  the reason tbat they acted merely as the as  sistants of Captain Jack in the murder of the  Peace Commissioners.  UNITED STATES.  New York, July 5���������SeftW oil factory,  Newark, was burned last night; loss $600,-  000.  The Herald has a letter from Dundee, Scotland, stating that an important statement ro  lative to tbe death of Captain Hall, of the  Polaris, has been made by the 2d mate Morton, and given to the United Stales Consul  there, and by hira forwarded to the American  Government Morton was Hall's attendant  in his last illness, and has made statements,  so says the Herald's correspondent, implies?-  ing Dr. Bissill in the death of Captain Hal!,  and also intimates that Buddiugton coincides  with Morton's statement.  A special to tbe New York World, dated  London, October 5, says Thiers has given his  consent to the proposed alliance between the  Republicans and Imperialists as the only  means of defeating the restoration by the.  monarchists of Count d������ Chambord as Henry (doubling their efforts to-thwart the designs of.  London, October 3-$775,0OG in built**  was shipped from Liverpool for New York  yesterday, and $430,000 for Montreal.  A chimney 220 feet high fell at the village  of Northfleet to-day. killing five persons and  injuring a dozen others.  Paris, October 3���������The city has been full of  rumors, today    regarding    the    prlitl'ra*  situation.   Reports which gained currency  and caused a great deal of'excitement, stated  that the permanent Council'of-*the Assembly  would order that body to meet on the 13th  inst., and that Government officers now hb  sent from various offices had been ordered to  proceed to their -posts immediately.   A dispatch   from   official,/Sources  in   Versailles  papers-pronounces the reports untrue.  London. October, 2���������Advices from Africa  announce the capture of a white man by the  natives who was proceeding westward on  Congo river. From a description of the men  Mr Charles Livingstone believes him to be  his son. .   .  Sir Edwin Landseer. the celebrated painter,  died last night, aged 73. .  Yesterday the steamer from Liverpool te  New York took $234,000 in specie.  Paris, Oct. 2���������Thiers has been notified by  telegraph to-day of impending political movements in France, and 'that bis. piesence is  much desired here. He started immediately  for Parts  Latkr���������Thiers arrived tbis evening. It is  stated that Count de Chambord will arrive at  Geneva on the 4th inst.  -  Paris, October S���������The Republicans are re-  on tbe basis of tbe charter of 1811 will bo  proposed In the Assembly on the opeuing of  the session. - *  Madrid, October 6 -Insurgents were seen  off Aquillas to day, and appeared to be heading for Carthagena.  Madrid, Oct. 7���������A dispatch was receive I  by. the Minister of War to-day announcing a  great victory over a- large body of- Car "a a  near Agarres. Many insurgents were killed  and a latge number taken prisoners. Tha  defeat of the insurgents was complete, and  the victorious troops are in close pursuit  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  "LAKR AND KURTZ COMPANY.  This company by.continuous pumping are  gradual ly diminishing the water in tbeir mine,  only two .of the pumps working to their full  capacity. The new shaft is being sunk ia  bed-rock, and when down will take its proportion of water.  V.; who is receiving new accessions to his  rnnks. Nevertheless the chances so far favor  the monHrchisis, who have a majority: in the  Assembly nnd Army.  New Orleans. Ocfober 5���������The New Orleans  National Banking Association, in accordance  with a resolution of the Board of Directors,  goes into liquidation and will be placed in  the hands of a receiver.  .-CANADA. . *  Halifax, Sept. 30���������Information has been  received here that the missing schooner Three  Brothers was picked up and towed into Little  Rock, Newfoundland, on the 2-2d. She is a  complete wreck. Seven bodies were found.  Fbe remainder of the sixteen peisons who  were on board the iltiated vessel are supposed to have been lost,  Toronto, October 4���������The change of gauge  in the Grand Trunk Kail road was completed  today over the entire line.  The International  the monarchists. Thiers, Dufor, and Perriere  will hold a conference next week.: All sections of the Left are united. The extremes  are promising to support candidates for the  Assembly who pledge themselves to vote for  a republic without regard to antecedents.  Count de Chambord-will issue a proclamation  tbis week.. Thiers since bis return to Paris  has received visits from a large-number ,of  deputies of the Left, r   -''���������:';  Paris, October 4���������The Gjtulois having announced lhat a list w< uid- be opened at its  office for the enrollment of all persons who  des red to jnin a Bonapartist league, the master of the institution has issued an order forbidding the carrying out of the prnjeet..' The  Republican, members .of the Assembly are  hastening to Paris for consultation to adopt a  line of action in opposition to schemes of the  Monarchists. -.-"'������������������'���������.  Paris, October 4- Thiers has written to th*  Mayor o.f Nancy declining to visit tbat town  Bridge at Buffalo will be completed on 2Sth I until the present crisis has" passed.    He says  that the Left must defend the Republic,  the  EUROPE.  Paris. October 2���������Cardinal Gazzon da Ban-  nechiis has gone on a mission to Rome in cop  nection with tbe movement for monarchy in  France. His mission is to invite the Pope to  make a journey to France to be present at  the coronation, and to consecrate Count de  Chambord as King Henry V. of France.���������  Count de Chambord, in a letter to his supporters in Fntnc*. says his object is union of  parties in France and the restoration of the  country to its former greatness and prosperity. He repudiated any intention of introducing extreme measures or of attacking  Italy.  London, Sept. 30-John Bright to-day received the seals of the Duchy of Lancaster,  ind was formally installed aa a Cabinet  officer,  Lisbon, Sept. 30���������The French steamer Ville  de Lisbon went ashore last night. The vessel  is a. total wreck All the passeugers and  crew saved.  Alexandria, Egypt, Sept. S0~-Sir Samuel  Baker and wife sailed today fot England.  London, October 2���������A Daily Telegraph  special dispatch from Berlin says trade and  speculations are all at a stand still, and a  crisis is apprehended on the Bourse.  Madrid, October .1^���������Discontent in the ranks  of the Carlists is increasing. Several leaders  have left their commands and arrived at Bay-  ������Bite;., '���������"-.���������"���������"      .  Paris, October 2.���������A denial is given to the  statement published . yesterday to the effect  that the mission of Cardinal de Bannechas to  Rome was for the purpose of inviting the  Pope to visit France to consecrate Henry V.  as king. It is now stated that tbe mission of  the Cardinal has no reference to the monarchy  question.  London, October 2���������Dispatches from St.  Petersburgh report that a breach has occurred  in the relations of the Governments of Russia  and Japan, growing ontof the question of the  proprietorship of a portion of the Bigbalien  Islands.  Madrid, October 2.���������Dispatches from all  sections represent.a much better feeling prevailing. T he re- establish ment of discipline  in the army gives confidence io tbe ability of  tbe Government to suppress all insurrections,  Lisbon, October 2-���������Messages from Rio de  Janeiro of September 8th say the anniversary  of the independence of Brazil was celebrated  on the 7th at Rio.   Tbdre were great febli-vi*  tim and rejetetof9'  principles of 1789. and the tricolor, without  which a counter revolution would be odious  an* a.revolutionary lie.  London, October 5���������A special from Paris  to the Observer.states that 350 deputies of  the French Assembly have pledged themselves  to support a motion for the restoration of the  monarchy.  Paris, October 5���������The Deputies of the  Right: at a meeting to-day appointed General  Changarnier, Duke d'Audiffret, Pasquier.  Baron de Laegm, Cunbier. and Count de Tram  a committee to draw up a platform on which  all sections of the Right miaht unite.  London, October 3��������� Parliament ha* again  been formally prorogued until Dec. 16.  Rome, October 3���������Tbe Pope yesterday, in  addressing a delegation of 300 of the faithful,  used the following words J "Confusion has  entered tbe camp of our enemies. They  strove to induce me to leave Rome, but I  never will.  London, October 4���������Advices from the  Cape of Good Hope report that sickness has  broken out among the troops on tbe coast.  Out of one detachment of 141 Marines 91 are  ia hospital.  A Melbourne, Australian dispatch, reports  anarchy prevailing in the F.ejee Isknds.���������  Many white settlers have refused to pay taxes  and have taken up arms to resist tbeir coliec.  tion. The ��������� British and German Consuls have  intervened to restore order. The commander  of tbe British gunboat;has forbidden subjects  of Great. Britain from arriving.  London, October 4���������It is'reported that the  crops have failed in Hungary, and famine is  predicted in some sections. _  A dispatch from Alexandria, Egypt, says  a financial panic is expected in that city.  Money is very scarce, although no failures  have yet been reported. . ���������  London, October 6--Duo d'Aumaie to*dav  privately said he was certain that ^Marshal*  Buzaine would be condemned to dea-h by  court martial and then pardoned. .  Sir John Rawlineon in a speech last night  expressed a hope that England would send a  te sel to complete tbe researches of the Po-  laris expedition. ',     , AA . ^,  Berlin, October 6���������It is believed that Gen.  ManteufeV will replace VoQArnim as German  Ambassador to France.       0   .. ,  Madrid, October 6-The Carlists are sur-  render-as   unconditionally  to   Republican  6n r\/\pCl   .  Bayonne, October 6-Psris newspapers say  a proposal for the restoration of the monarchy  WILLIAMS CREEL  The Forest Rose are fixing up to work below during the winter. Ballarat co. cleaned  up 113 oz. last week, working only a portion  of the time, the water from the Bed-rock drain  breaking into the diggings and drowning  them eiit The damage to the drain will be  repaired in a "few day?.  .   ���������  UGHTJ-TNO CREEK,  Hunter co. made over expenses last week/  looks  better this week, and now that tbe?  have got under way expect from this on tr  make money, and they well deserve it.   Hoi  liday<& co. are sinking tleir second blini  shaft; expect to be down next week: Sprue*  co. bave stopped their upper drive and ar*  working from their lower shaft;  made ex  penses last week, and the claim lo'oka bettef  this week. ..Point co. expect their machiner|  up by the end of next week ; took out 102 oz.  last week, and on Wednesday 44 oz.   Vast  Winkle co. washed up 101 oz. last week, and  on Wednesday 20 oz ; are ruuning across ttj<5  chaunel, and only one drive has the rock ; it  isnow looking first rate. Victoria co. washed  ap* last week 137 oz.;  have stopped for. tha  present to put a new. shaft in their wheel.,  Vancouver co. washed up last week. 117 oz.  and on  Wednesday  67 oz.;   have stopped  working.in the face to raise the drive at tixs  shaft to make a dump.   Vulcan co. have get  tbeir machinery on the grouud and are pushing ahead with their shaft-hoiise; some interests have changed  bands at good prices.���������  Costello-Sawmill co.* are pushing ahead with  their work, and expect to have their pump  and other machinery op ia two weeks.,  BCRN8 CREEK.  The Alabama co., now called the. uHora<*  ward  Bound," four interests, bare struek a  prospect; having had to come back 250 feet,  turned  off, wheu the rock pitched, and whem  they got it again struck it good.   DawBon co,  are making over expenses .rooking;   expect  to  wopk  all  winter.  - Hasalo  co.   ground-  sluicing and  washing up at the same time, *  making good wages, with a prospect, should  the weather continue  favorable, of doing  better.    Jack MitclieH co. prospecting, and  getting a little gold.   The three Chiuese companies who bought the Bluejacket and Discovery ground, are ground-sluicing ; wjll not  tell what they are doing, but have bought  their, winter's supply and  will continue to .  work.   McLeod co. have sunk a shaft in their  deep ground ; got a prospect of $9, and expect to be on good pay in a week.  DAVIS CKEEK.  Happy Tack co., who have been prospect*  ing on a bench at the lower eud of tbe creek  and got a good prospect, are ground-sluicing .  One Chinese co.. who have been at work all  -  summer, finished for the season, having washed  tip a little over S6,000,  ';���������.."- .'.CHISHOLMCREEK..;''*:  Two companies working Union company  making $10 a day to the hand. Rockdale  co. have been running a cut all summer; and  this fall running a tunnel to get bed rock to  hydraulic next spring,;and have just completed the same.       ������������������ VJ '  VANWrfiKLB cress*;, ;!-  Bell, Wilkinson & co.v have been ground*  sluicing all summer,- making good wages;  this fall started a tunnel ii the deep ground,  and are making I oz. & day to the handl  ~v  OTICR IS HEREBY GIVEN. THAT BY  a������ Order In Council date?* 5th September, 1S73,  It was determined that the price of unsurveyed aud  unoccupied land in the Province of British Columbia  should bo Two Dollars and Fitty Cents p?r Acre, tli*  right to all the precious and baser raetals or minerals  bring reserved to tbe Crown; provided that no per  son, either individually or as a member of a Company  Rhsll be entiLled to p"rchase more than 640 acres,  ROBERT BiCAVEN,  Chief Commissioner of I^nd^ and Works,  Lands and Works Dop-rtm^nt  Victoria, Svpt. 11,1873, .;    , mill.  ������$& LAND NOTICES.  160 acres,  2*0 acres.  70/' Lands ami Wohks DRPAitfa ent}  5th September, 1S7&-.  ��������� -The> following Epilations respecting thei  ucqnisition of Free Grranta 6f Land in British.  Columbia, are hereby published* for general  /informal-ion.-, ,. 0/0.00 77  :.jyy i, yy.y EOBE^;IffiAYBN.?:;v;  ChiefCom^iwjqnerpi^^ Lands and Works.;  Under the foltowroff Reflations; and Or-"  <31nances. tbe Government ot British Coliimbia  (; ij; preparer!-torgiverJ?*reerG:antsi of .volant  y ������insurveyed Cro vva Lands* suitable for- settle-,  tnent and cuUiration; and tint being<iMineral J  ���������Lind, to bona fide sett\efsrin< Ihe; following  i q uantities aud sections of tbe Province, viz..:  -On the B;i8t Qpa^tiot; Vancouver  Island', between Obktham Point  'and Fortttnpertj  ;.;  In that part of;ttie Province East  0)ofli^ Cascade Range-of Moun-  .'.���������;��������� \M^0A0' 0 ������������������'���������'���������!'������������������'���������-���������".���������.��������� 0 .        .  -'And.intend setting aside two .Townships in  A the: New- West minster District, .���������>.;'���������  ������������������;, ^6r Free Grant Locations*of 160 :    ;%  -'��������� ������������������-.acres,* when sUrveyedr-v-'.. ;\ y   ������������������'���������A-  ';..������������������  ��������� r -''      '  REGULATIONS.   r'; "' ; ; A';  1. Before any pVrson can be located for a  Freer Gran t -of: La nd.u he i 0 rhahe shal I; riiake;  affidavit, to be deposited -with? the Chief ��������� Com)  mlBsioner ot Lands und Workta, that he. or,.she:  bn������ not been located for;an^ (land ���������under,the  'Free Grant Sections; or ;Regulations, of the  ':A*rlaM Amendment^ Act. 1873v^j(and is not: a  ���������pre-emptor or o w ner i of} and- i n th p pro vi n ce.;  arid th at be or she is of -��������� thej. age of ei gh teen  'tyears and. hpwards,; and; believes:thej a nd. for  <whieb> he or. 'she ap piies 0 r desires to" be lo 1  bated' is suited for settlement and ,cul ti val ion,'  "���������-. tarid ismot- valuable; chiefly'for -its mines or  %ineralsi' and.^is not aequi red5 for the pti rpose  lot obtainiog^okession of or disposinp: ol any  .'timbergrowing or. beingron .said land,: and  Vthatrsuch'location" is.>: desi red for ��������� bis or her  fbenefit, and; for the pitrpose/of actual settle-  ,,/ueritvand.cultivation of:Stich land, and no;  ei Ihdr direc I ly: or in d i ree tl y. for vthe, use or  ^benefit;of any otfier persou'or persons, whom-  * so ever; i ho r ! or t he ��������� p u rpose ;6f i any go 1 d -. si I ������������������  ' v v er, copper, lead, i ro 11; or. 0 th er ni i n es 6 r m in ���������  -.-- etttia, or iany quarry. or bed of stone, marble,  - or. gypsum thereoiu: /;....���������.-���������: A    yXyyi-  0.2. A Any person ^making .application for a  'Free Granlsifal!, if'required^ produce au affidavit from such' person .as:can.-make the  same, stating that 1he land is vacant, and that  no"person has resided upon it for ihe last six.  months.  71  y .  ���������' ���������r"' 3. No person shall *b.e e n ti tl e d to hoi d land  'in'tbe'Province under the Pre-emption and  'Free Gra n t, A cts a t th e sam e Iti m e ; an d- any  'subseqiient, pre-emption record by tbejocatee  shall be considered as an act of forfeiture of  'any'rights acquired under the. Free Grant  L- Clauses of the Act of 1873 ;  and the locating  of a Frae .Grant shall be const rued as an act  . pfforfeiture of any pre-emption rights ac  ��������� Quired -under any of the Land Ordinances or  Proclamations in the Province.  '; 4V Any alien shall bev entitled to locate a  "Free Grant under the same condition? ae a  British  subject upon signing ra declaration  before the Commissioner of the District, or a  Justice of tbe Pence,* of his or her intention  to become a British-subject, p.ut'in the event  of such alien not completing his or her naturalization at a3 "eatly a'.perio.d as the law ad?  rn its, that he or she shall;forfeit ail rights acquired...,   .,...:.    y ���������    r - .    .':'  ,  5. No Crown Grant shall issue for any land  ' located under iIuh Act, or under said regula-  ' lions, -until the expiration of three years from  she date.of such location, nor until the locatee  or thoseclaiming- under .hiin or her, .or some  oi them, shall have performed the following  s eltle m en t d 11 ties;; tha r is to sa j :���������Shall h ave  *learedrand have under> cu 1 tivation at least  LAND. NOTICES.  ���������OAtbs tOrdinabce, 1869.^ by the claimant  and twosettlersin the neighborhood, before  the Commissioner or.a: Justice of the Pea^e.  -' 8. In cise it1 is proved; to the satisfaction of  the Chief 0omuji8si6ner of Lands andVVorks,  that thev settler :uas voluntarily relinquished  his- cl aim;* or bW&'been absent, from" the la n d  Ipcatedby hioi for more than six months in  any one year, or fias not made the -improver  merits required hy law, then the right to such  land shall be: forfeited, and the sett ler so relinquishing or abandoning his ciaim shall not  be permitted to be located again for a Free  Grantor0X1? Xi'yXf:     -��������� . 07  A.r-,.  A-9.rNeither tha/locatee, iior any one claim-  ng under him or ber,' shall have power to  alienate' (otherwfcr than by devise) or to.  mortgage-or pledge any land located as afore  ^aid.'or any right or interest therein, befort  the issue of a Crown grant.  . '1 10. All assignments andr transfers of Free"  Grant rights before the issue of the Crown  grant .shalli'be mill and void, and shall he  deemed evidence of abandonment of the right.  and the person so assigning or transferring  shall not be permitted to again locale a Free  Grant. 0.0  :   11. All Free Grants must be staked off with  posts at least four inches square, and standing  not less than  four feet- above the surface ;  and one such stuke shall  he placed at each  a n'gl e *o f the el aim.   Any tree m ay be used  for a post, provided that it be cut down aud  squared-' as aforesaid.     No sucii boundary  post shall be removed without the permission  of the-Corntnissioner of the District wherein  tbe.vland ��������� lies.. Upon each po6t. a notice iu  the following forin shall be affixed :  ��������������������������� r"Ar'B.?s'land, N. E.; Post" .(meanimr  -���������;���������; -Norti.east 'post) ; * A. Brs land, N." W.  "i v  post (meaning Northwest post).  And so on. as the case- may  be ;   and shall  measure, West of the Cascades; 40 by 40  chains; and, East of the Cascades, ������0 by 40  chains:������������������* -1   ��������� y'y A- ' '   i ���������  ; 12, A localeeof a Free Grant on nnsur������  veyed land shall, after the official survey has  been made, and within three months alter a  copy of the map of said land has been deposited in his district, and public, noiice thereof  given in;tlie British Columbia Gazette," make'  application tb lie located tor:the qnartei'sec-  tioti, or:quarter-section and portion of adjoin  ing qi.arter-secfion, as the case may be, in  whichtbe land upon which  he* resided, and  which he hasimproved. may be.'  In case of  disputed ownership the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works7shall determine the rti-.  spective rights of the adverse claimants, ac  cording to priority of' record and priority ol  settlement, and the fact of such settlement  'may be shown by actual  occupation of and  improvements'made on the laud in dispute.  ��������� 14. Any locatee shall at any time alter offi  cial.survey and piior' to the expiration of  occupati'.n required hy the " Land Ordinance  Amendment Act. 1873,"' have  the  right or  privilege; should he or she so desire it, of ap ���������  plying for '<\ni\ obtaining a Crown  grant of  tVe land included in the Free Grant location,  in the same manner as if the said  land  had  been pre em pted in  the first instance upon  payment, howew for the land, and upon fulfilling the conditions applicable to pre etnp  tion claims.  NOTICES.  .-. ;    ;     NOTICE.  HAVING determined". to' CLOSE��������� my Restaurant BiiPJuessoH the30th day,ol June uext;  all persons iotlebtcd to me are'reqwosteil forthwith to  'pay---the same to George Byrnes, anto whom all  accounts against juo must be presented. X  x.0 A    JOHN G._GOODSONr  > ���������    W.ikc-up-Jako jRestaurant,  Barkerville, Juuo 20, 1873. juU  NOTICE.  VTOTICE TS hereby given 'that Thorna9  j\ LA VERY has retired from the business hi lb crto  carried ou iu Barkerville as S.iloon-keepers, and  Brewers  by  the  firm  of  Vaillancour,. Bun ter  k  I>ivcry.    G. Vaillancour havine purcliasetlT.: La very's interest; the business will' in ���������future be carried on by C.  Vaillancour and Joseph Hunter  C. VAILLANCOUR.  . -   .       T. LA VERY.     *  Witno8?~G. Byrnes.  July 11,1873 Jull2  MISCfcLLANEOUS.  :<*���������  In the Supreme Court of  British Columbia.  " . GENERAL ORDER.  VTOTICR Is hrr^by piven, that the Supreme Court  li will Pit in Bine, lor fie hearing or all niolidii?,'  argtitnents,- ������ppeals,'iui I other jnaltcr.* coming brfor;  the Courx iu Banc, at tho Supreme Court Ru*<m in the  Cit.yoLVictoria, for the l������iilmving terms, on tlie days  .hereinafter'in������������������������iuivued, nani'ly: .:  For HiliryT������Ttn from t\w 15t������i to25ih February;  Kor Easter Ter1 iv .froiii tlieX5tli to ->btb April;..  Por Micbrtidm is t?rmfr**m ihv-15t.ii l������V2oth NT������>vemb^r  There will bj. 110 ?ittin������: in B������nc in Trinity t.-fm.-.  In casoaiiy of the days of the Uale.s hamud t'or.lh*'  hfjginninjr or ending of the terms shnul 1. foil on a  Sunday or Public Holiday, lli-n the Term will begin  or end on tho. u ex t following day. A:  \ ~*r> ^ f MATT. T, BKCJBIR. C. J.  I l s  j -j H EVRY VVf. I .L KW CR BASE, J,  AssjpplpeOToif.  r   ���������"'.. Pkovixoul SBbaiiTAay's Ofpktsl  yy August 21si, 1873.  TS IT IS DESIRABLB, IN VIKW OP  J\ . framing a..pcliemo. for Assisted immigration ta  tho Province of British Columbi������t, that the Gov. rn  ment should he pressed of the fullest data on whi.-h  to base calculallons us to the number of persons rck  dentin thel'rorinnft who might bo desirous of avail  ing thomselv-?, in tho Interest, of friends, ndmivV  kc, of any arr-inRements that may be her -aft- r made  by the Government of th* Province iu thls.behidi; all  persons settle.! in the Pri>viuoc who. may desire to  Mug out relatives or (riendPi and all employers who '  may wish to britnr out Hbt-rers or servants* aro re-  quested to S'-mirtio fullest particulars to the Previa!  rial Secretary.  Thos; dtJSiroug of li'rinnlng out fneiHt^orrol si lives  to Ftite numb' ra, ng", an ! sex of poesiblo immigrant,  and tho amount that tluy are prepared to advance  toward:tho.desired object.  With p'gar.i In those dosimns of bringing out hhor.  .���������rs or S'-rvanls, n Kuarinteo would bo required lor  trio rcpayihenl to tlK- O'dvernment nt stated p'-rio-Ig  of tho sums advanced for passage, and appijcantg  must stall* that they are prepared tn givo the same.  It .will be fully uiilerstoodthftt by the present  notice the Govtrntri^nt; do not hind themselves to  carrv out' any tn;'lvi������iual appllcition* or any general  plan of Assisfd Injiii^ration at present, but merely  to obtain requisite preliminary iufonnatlon.  By command. ,'  ,   ! JOF?N ASH,  i sel.3    ' v Provinc'al Secret;irv.  |J. HAMILTON (iRA.Y,,7;  Dated Victnin, January 24tl', 1873. nirtf  NOTICE.  i COURT OF GENERAL ASSIZE AWD  f\- Gaol p. livry, ani 0, Ni>i Pri u������, will be lud I tti  each of the unMermentioned pi -ce.s as follows, i-xe.-p".  the same be Uereafter changed hy Order iu Council:���������  ' . SPRING CIRCUIT.  '   New Wes'tin ins ter. \Y ���������*<* nesda v,' May Z 4.  *     Yale, Monday, May 10. '  -   Lytton, Thuf.s<lay,-May 02.- .       .;.     .. : -��������� '���������  Kurdof.p-;,.*\V������rdii .s-lay. May 28.  Clinton, Monday,..fun.' 2.-V  Que.snelniQUtli, Kri lay. Jun'ij JI. ���������*  IticliUuld, Tuesday,-J lin.: 17.*   '   A-'--      V  FALL 'OIRCUrt.  Richfield, Tuesday, September i������.  Quesin-hnoitth, to bev fixed hereaJter, ifanv hu*i  '��������� IK-PS.- :.y ���������;������������������ :���������������������������:        ������������������ :-  Clinton, Tliursduy, Octo!)or *2.  KaiuJoop*, Tuesday, Oclola r 7.  Lyttori, Monday, Octobi-r Vi.   *  Tap;, Tliur.siiay, Uetoln-r 16;   : ���������  New Westminster., Tuesday/October 21.  Assize at Ntnaimo and elsewhere will, wheo'neces  sary, he lo'roaJt:.T fixed,.  Dated 17th day of April, 1S73.  By command.  my 10  FREE  GRANTS.  Th e f o 11 o WI tig * is: p i i b 1 f shed fo r t he i n for in a-  Mrjn. of Settlers di^irouj* of. 'avjuliri^ lin-m.  ������������*ivpM.o.f !lu������ Fre������* (lr:*nt Olauaea of the La nil  Amendment Act. 1873:'    .        L  ; 'A ' MKMORANDUM PATRD FOIJI?:  leenth July, 1873, fr>m tha "Hon: the.Ohief ro������n.  mt>sioner of I.iv'.h and. H'f.rk?, r>;p Ttins. that ii fs"  -iwctts.<iu*y to^Ol usi 5u Jit once carta ill s.-hj; ion*������ .of I.miuI  in tie .Ppivlncwis Fn^-.Oriin s.'cti������������n.s under the pnv.  Visions.of ihe Liinl AhiVh:'������iJ������nt Act. 1S73'  And r* commen"'!lng that On-'Huu^re(d iihd Sixty  Acr*.s be nlhnved on the Ri.*t (?oast of- \*aneoiiv:V  Island, between Chatham Point and Fort Rupert ('���������������''.  ing a distance otv about ninety .������t������fote.imks). ������nd  Kast of iho 'VcnYh* H.-inVciheqiitnii'v"allow- d ui lift  t-ik*n !'��������� ta Free 0r���������nt- bo Twi'i Hun "r.vl Vtnd !���������' ry  Acresj::*au it.t!������at-in -"Xe-iv. Wt-stuUnster District v.'.i  i::*.hi.':f ;CoiO!nissi"ncr -he authi/rised to sel a par i^o  T'iwuslflivi in whiph Free < I hints of im *xH'ntoi ujie  Hon r.*d and Sixty Aores \noy in- |(icute"<i.  Th ��������� ("omuntt'.'ojo.vise that the recormnendatjMi be.  approved.: : . .   ��������� '  (digued) a: DkCOSMOS.  ���������' r . * 7   ���������-- x   ������������������::.; \ ?       Presioent of the Council.  Appn>ve������l in C<������uia:il. .'.,���������-. {;      .   ,'  j SKfji W. 'iHurcti.  23lh July, 18J3.  * lt-20    ' By command,   .-      JOHN A-  JOTTN* A. I],  Provima d S;1 ere tur v*  15.   No land local ed as aforesaid, nor any  interest therein, shall in any event be or be-  ���������omcjiable to the satisfaction ot any debt or  liability contracted or incurred by the loca  his widow, heirs, or devisees, before the issuing of the Crown grant (or such land, and  while such land or any part thereof, or any  interest therein, is owned by the locaiee, or  his widow, heir.*, or devisees, such land. part,  or interest, shall, during twenty years next  after the rlale of such  location, be  exempt  Public Notice,  ER  VVVm KRASKli RiVKU,  INURING- tHESUMMiSE^WILL LKAVE  SODA  CKRRJv  ON THLMLSDA VS.  As eoon ns possihi��������������� (Ulcr the arrival ot BAKNAKO  A: Oo.'a .Su������g<;s, and  QUESNKL. ON SUNDAY AFTERNOONS,  AT 4  O'CLOCK.  The undersign ������l hop!, hy a strict-attention to  ousinws, to merit' a (Mnlinu.inee ol th������> patruuaga  iiittierto exuruiic! t������ Messrs. M-.rvlu k Wright  .   -      $20  &   ARNDT. ',  mvlOCin  .  Kni^lu, \wt ton,      -  ��������� ��������� -  Pa>:sag(-,:    -      -   ��������� -      -  GRANT  Soda Creelc, April 1,1873.  RULES RELATIVE TO PRIVATE BILLS.  All application? for Private Rill?, properly"th"  suhject of legislation b'v the l.e^Klaiivu A^^Vmhlv of  from attachment,  \������w VindVr'execltti'on1''^ \vrrtfin������lrb?%%ii!'i,^l,<;,pu/view������r "TheUnnsn  .ale (or payment of del,s, and Sft be J?*^^  or. become .liable to Lhe satisfaction of any  S*l^rrl)!iTjin'> tl,c rr������MfilriVci-'n������ er improvement of a  debt or liability contrabted or incurred before  ,.       -i,     .    * .ordurins: that period, save and exeent ant  i������n a 11 y a ti rings the --> three years n ex t ; aiter the  ���������*. I a UsL of the y loca tio n ,f. to; b e eo tn pu ted from  *ucli dat���������, and have ���������bullfc a house thereon fifr  ��������� "��������� ir habitatif)!)^at least mxteen feet by twep ty  '"ye I-. anrl shall h a ve actually and po n ti mi o usl y  resided !uppii and cu!tlVatecI tbe isuiti :1 *tnct for  die term or tbre������ years next succeeding- the  ���������i a te; of v such lo cat i q'b, and1 from thence up 'AM  l\\e issU^ of the Crown grant, excefjfthat the  * ocatee^ shal I l?e: al 1 owed one m on i h from the  da te'. o f th eiocatioii to ��������� eti ter u p o n an d o ecu py  the land, and tlmt absence from the said land  hit inl.nl 1 -n.p t tooi^.. than: six months Idnriug  zny oid .yearl{to be:cpmpuled from the "date  tif t be loca tio o) sh a 11 'not be he 1 d to; b e a pes ���������  ?,ution of such residence, provided such land  be cuIfivated as afpivsaidy '���������'".      :  . 6. On failure"In perfbrma-rwe of the settle  roe n t ��������� d u ties' ^fQi^said \'..tpp, lo cation shall be  ^^l^ed, and aifTightsofi the locatee, or<>f been complied^witb .���������  W^li^^^^^^f fn lhe     M-^ProFWoMofibe^I.wd Ordinance,  **f,*h*n cense.       ,.., -..      ,.-,,-, ���������,.', v     W0,^and the-LandOrdinaiiceAmenrJmen  7.. Bwof of actual sett eraent.and piMvn- Act, !875.n torbereomplied wilh, !S"r'  ^a^aJI be made bj dedarafcion, under tbe mih the foregoing regulation       Vle27  .neatly to the issuing  ;Ofrhe Crown grant therefor. ���������  ;-���������' lb'i- Nothing in these Regulations shall be  ^construed to exempt any land from hvy or  :sal,e for rates or taxes, tiow'or herealter leffully  imposed;    -������������������{��������� s' . f    *  17. Every Orown^ grantto be issuerl for any'  land located as aforesaid, sbailBtate in the  body thereof the;name of the original locatee  of the said landiand the date of the Ideation,  and that the said Crown grant* is issued under  .the authority of thei." Land Ordinance Amend-1  mentActj 1873.'r    -  18. Every location shall be recorded at the  Land OfSce in the district, :fo Ho wing the rules  ot reco rd as lo pre-emptions.  19. The QWef -Commissioner of Lands and  Iwt     f ������^or* ?A iur ,lojn^ wy matter or tlnnc  J iCl r,n.itS ������Ptn!tton ^nl,l. nfleet the riiri.t or prom  erty of other parties, or relate to any particular^Ks  of tho community; or for miikinjrnnv am  or priv  thin.  prop  cl;������s  en i men tola  LEA & FERRINS'  WOR G ESTEREHIRE   SV^UGE  - Declared by ConnoisseurKiobe .    ���������  THE r ONLY-  G-OOD ; SAUCBl    "  nZnJS?��������� t,C ?6 ?,LHVsP'^r Published'therein"  ���������iuneivsparrin-the next nearer fh������irin.t.  nearest district in  footed, or  then i  which a neyvfc|):ip(T is'miblisheo  Before an v< |><sti tion praying for leav  in: a Pr va , Bill'Wr tlie^recffi 'K %oTm<t?g  presented to theHouse, the person oi^ nor"rins    Km l  m N petition for such Bill shall, uSfSSSJ he no'  u iik , ami in the s ��������� mft manner, i*i ve notice of tho m t oh  ^ ^ft?������ *??.W*^: thc ^terval  between. Urn  Extract from Rules relative to Private Bills.  .      .     J. ROWLAND HETT,  fata**, l$lt    ������f *U,������ ^^ive A^emMy.  Caution against Frauct.���������Th'e Aticcoekof P^8  in est del i cio u p'u ml ! u iti I va II e <i Ton d l ni en t having  ca used qurtaiii <\ eali< re to appIy, t h C;na m t o fl' Wdrce*?*  tershire Bauce?! to iheir own inferior con ponndpjdhe  public:is hereby liifonhcd thattlu only irtiy tojro*  ou rc thc gen u 1 ne, Ig to   ���������'-'��������� >y ��������� :���������  . ,    '.  y.:  ASK 'AFOfl7' LEA te [ CTBEINS'-''BAVP&  : n tl to sec that thei r. na men are upon the. wbat������pj-R  Ijadfcts, stoppi;R, a������id: notti:e r ' .:  Some ot theforeiffDun^rkots-havlng been supplied  w i t h n a p u ri o ii s Wore ester? h I reSa uee ,'u p< i n th e .wrap-1  per and labels ot which the names of Lea and P^rrias  have been forged, L. and P. give notice I lin tiltoy  hav o. (u rn 1 s li ed t h o i r co r r ospon dents w t ti������ po wer ej  attorney; Jo ta k e in s ta n t proceed Ings against;: masa-  ACTtjRKEsand vkxijors of such, or any otlierin>Ha*  ou'sby whlchthelrrighthiHy beldfriijged,     \  Ask for LEA & PERKINS������ Sauce and-see  * Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, ana  . Stopper, v.   <������������������; -yy': r ~ylAA-v AA1' ".-���������': 'A'- ?  Wholesale and for export bv the Proprietors, Wor  coster;Crosse nnd JJIackweii.liOndoii, jfcci, ke: ;ano  byGrccerKasd Qllmu unlvereully  n  ���������I  'mm  WSm


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