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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-10-11

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 01.    f  .-Li  ���������-2x7  ."i:\z,.':0yi(i yxU:  ;.LiiJ������:y.fr  <T,  'XiyiHiSii  T  * ���������������������;  ACURIOUS CUSTOM.  Mr  r���������'AtBassora^m thepashafic of Bagdad, all  tUe ladieg M(l ^rgijs ^f tj_e ea^-ohs pay ail  A annual wi^i'to i tomb>Mliicli itte^cover wi tli  ���������flowers . aft^r; i&vmgv kissfid^it $eveii tiiries:  This is(tii#origin o^tberci-fetoinl! - .-. A    777.' ���������  ":7- linger tft<^^  .'���������: yilltfge ca^te&iMendeilriy ih/^iJEur^istan,: ti  .young girl was living with,her aunt.   This;  k': y ofrngn trfftlden7 wasf oftieti Surprised iii tears,  , ^tid'p^twul^ly^^ate occasion^afterthe arrival of an itiherant' hawlcer. - At the oft-re-  ���������      ' ��������� ������������������ ' ' '     * ���������    '    ' ' ft'~    ���������   ' ���������     " ������������������'   '���������**"   W V'.v '."'   >f' Y'..:rv:-: .'���������::: " -. 7 V   . ������������������:   l',"' .."���������.-..���������'?-.'��������� -.iV   ������'..������������������..:��������� ���������.-.���������������;'��������� ���������"-.'���������.'���������. iVj:. k^.'-ifi'iii '���������'.���������������-.'  a&  SE &*^A *aiully r^%, & tbe^Fapa Valley  fit;  fhe;, Garifeobv ���������'; Seatiaelpl  ;^A^P^ ^^R^gjKS-,'^^  TO  ������HfrfiMK*a$  '���������;,^peated request o$*ber- aunt to.(disburden her  V* riiindf she krid ffiat sheHyasrnot4he lihraBle;  pillage l^ajg skc; s^  ��������� ^u^l_fe# bft^  yhp't on the rfalse accusation,of his, enemies,  c batf h^etitptid&m^iji. ���������$ tieatt_f0t:k(������af_er-  ,-' wards been reprieved; and for .sixteen ^y-ears  ;he ;had been languishing in a prison.", She alsb  decease been oh a^isit toithe-iaraiiyy anithe  tacfchad been so remarkable?'asvttf atfeact  t.ioa ������������������ttnA...*n . 4-\. ~:.\'~���������.i    ';I-''.'. _'������_ ..i;     ���������..-;..,.... .������._..  no-  aW10^ toad/^  father was imprisoned was on the river Tigrish  her aunt jga^hOr^  ib'ui being h erit ��������� oh^^ releasing her father she was)  no thin^CdannfS ct| Mi resolved'_olb������gSor shell? j  ter at the first house: she met.   The^o.\v,ne.i\was!  'a ffi^cti^iit,' wW&jKiiidlyiSoi<4H^*r^sf fii_lithe  ,  ^jeroipigirb ^l)erconft^sef| he&iamJ?ition,rand  ������'^%nGp,urag^ct a^#^r^!s^tOvsn^ hgy^Bhef  ' "r the^jr wvIi_r"MvIi$^  i7 ;sWitffmirtgj: ''andv'**w^nr8^TM  third death the gentleman paid a visit to tbe  family> and; the^lady^ the3 hotiserstiidr iti a  jocular manner, on first accostiiig:him, /whjit  ^9&&:$tfy$& ntiwytirini.y ���������-^ AoyreAtly  ;m:gpqd healthafetho tiihe, in an ,h6iir after ish e  m&;aseorpse. Recently he paid hisaecustotn-  edvannual visit, and, a daughter-in-law, who  had been lingeiing witllconsum  timerdi^opr^fter hiC^ri}i^  is*"attachedrtto hiniias  these deaths,. -yetf .tbat'iiiiguiar��������� latality to: tlie  *family;has ^been;;atton:dar_ir ujioQ^ispen^icai  the:^tal^ift;bf;:tlie.:feyii:eye;^.^  jr q?his^totyir^mir.dk ph^  ^^iPf^e^an,ind.M  ^n^iliok Succession,;;, -Tjie. ISh^Wiis bitten.by  ;ai;;rattlpr������nakej<Md,r^  jthreejspnf Allowed!; Inm^iwSSK Mother,  'f^mMe ;saiheJ in^terM  :^fe.discpye^:.:;that  snake: remained ,in ���������^^oe^pf.thefo^^^^^;  ���������tin ti- p:fe^^en^^ii|r|^^  ^ewd-a slighrpit^^  caj^d^eath^:.. .nntliph^  ^iir^lf^^^a^nffic^e^  ; various; extra<Jrdiiiai^;6  "StJtibhs. *'��������� ''?'7 ^ 1 *': ['"''��������� A7xA/.A7x71' <0 ���������  |iiJ^Thenati^iity;:ofi;S^  Ifired taehtasiasm'b^  iE^]_^GhalMge Shieljd^nltiie^^t^i?of that  ..,,..,-.-.     t .. Icirantry;; ItwiaS:N^  .alarm;wa^given,ra������d:^liey^^^saile*bf  :shpw^,o_|!daEts,^^^  SubscripfiGn^ ^���������0tir^peki..  (piph|ing cost lottioliypxyij.:^aya^to>ih&0^fert  i  A^TEli THIS. I)AXBirthe;Stages will ioAvaitiitiOfti^  ^iMH^^^E^I^L������]:^^LE^T^^CE-,,iEA^a  !A'SES<Ja   are guar.;  any vo'tlfcr JirieT  He baslbrought Sownfares^$^%n<! tbei public b ugb't  to ?Ges^mtusItheir 6 \v tititi ercsl) toi/suppor t^attd* matn1-  tairi: a jChoap ahdreincifntioppo.citioji^  ;Tlie .,������PPpSITlQN; STA0E:. will,leav.JSoda:Cr.ek 0  Yale.efery-Thursday .innriiing/ of "after, the arrival, of  the.steamer-'Enterprise7 until.i'uriher notice,  f l'ii '< ,'  recognized.   Thgii^xtvt^^ishe contrived to  throw a file through the^prison grating.   He  gled|therbj^  MsHdaughfe^f to^scape thp' fii^^ark^iii^lit:  iQterprw  -m^/^re^ $4,0.7:7:: :7X  Soda'Oroel, '5til S'iJpJ-V 18jB<5'-.  JAGOP P^IS.-/  '.: r^.7:{.3Ti.i  '��������� .!. - 00:-'A- '.VIA:j H "'Viv n\v; v��������� ';.r:?'^ ,?. yiAA-y   y m.  '''  ���������^ 7 7yxy^ABAtBE^Tlj^m7: [yAi-AA  '77yryA,y0y777m$  ts:  ONvSGOTLA^.D^|^iTISH|LINfc^^  - - ' *-*,���������-������������������������ 'a-^i^-ilW'F^^ s..-l..;",>Yrr"-i' .���������./-.������- -. y.:^ ir.rr^/v.' -;^'t.ri>������.j r. j  not"'  4>e^teahgled.���������'->  When /Miu_.a-__;bl^s,phe^iilg, heaMrthis], lie|  ^exdlaimed^-14     - : *:, ���������    / "''   '  "' -;  r " For the sake*bf the dangttlr^I would have  :forgiven the father."  ^t^is^^HMler ^fno^umeoj ^Sterlctedt to  ^theiiMmeinoryy iwi^hv^^;mscriptipn:Aly0 '07  y^^/^yldo^^  the^ii^&est actio iu ^!- . ly -��������� 0--yiiy Ary yyAm  y ��������� VT^lfe'v^tieieh^yisited^lie^  thne^glbecan^^^t^ma^      performs at pit  vgrihiagei;ol h^ tpinb'upoii the annivefsary/of  her.death.  liledon have evej^re^on^p^aprbud of their  trophy. The turn^which<the; Wimbledon meeting to'6l������rt-iis'y&^ iiaipart rene*������{r  |diinte rest to '^hof utiirp sMptegmatclies -tiiat  will be held-her^.���������EuropeHnlTirnes,f;Aug;4th.  rx.,Xxrr:.yryy  P'y^SI^  7r0 y l0Ayy000 A Ayr i Ayy y 7X7X0110X1;  V0A-  fm}x&  _-ESHTOOLS^  {h0l1'       \ A0y .    xyArX,    yyy   d  -Go^era ment MffiblSer ? S ma I i cb' r eco i ve a for ea J o  .ciiHtMdy^dnt'Gr^^Q^iViaeudd'eulItrctcd,''1'- -V' *.  '   ^ft5  :;Byceive4:,otBfG|fp|  '"'t-f-ii.  orAaMdcosma^e'ui^n-tliepi:'  \d%'-i' 'i>-ir-s;sViiirx&i  r y:;:  i���������M������i^............ ,  -Uii^*^  :.r:  fl-  ^i'],*v-'.A'.t v.*.  XjtrIbat TE^-iriNaFXiiR^ a^ Bgffalo���������The 18th  daylififrixAugustf;i86ti, was made inemprable  witlr ^fmeii ^fro m( the "jfip t^that Djexter: tcp.ttect  a square mile without ���������miking al prpak^in'llle  shortesftimeeVeFm namely:; T^pmihutes  and eighteen^sfeonds! The^pecialbrs pi$������ent  douUtleSs fuj^'f^^ edefugh^igi tfii| fb^^jon^  versS*^whenever 'We subject of horses is  brought ;on\ the- carpefcyv till \ some ^ otlior^ hopsej  or ^evea Dexter- himself/ c^tn reduce ��������� tlip^ figu^e������  of ]2ii8y ^^a;.^mple^for along timp^i^K  ed J supi;elt&! as^ith^; MQiieen iof the v^robtiiig  :| .^TttEvHoNOR of.thjs^-ACVtAccording-to. the  ���������SazeUe^^of^^ the ^prispnetfsJ arfived ��������� In  jl^ji-city fela*-pJ thfe; ���������foUbmiig'-fe-" Wliiler-lie  irp^plad ;fng^te; Re .dSMiavva^sihking/ two -;  ;A^tnantofficers;ijumped^into^  Odiowards Ihe stern :bf the^friga-te* iii ordet to.  ^sieize the Italian, "flag, which, was. flying -there.  [But an^Italiah officer laid hold of-it although  Ke could/see ih^ship. was on the point pf sink-  ipg^ and, ofter firing, a^'revblver aFthfe^ Ai*is-  trians, went dWftrpfefefriiig "tol perish wittj.  the fvesspl" rathej* ^an^deiiyexil up 3the ��������� flag^ tp  ^hr^eiiiy.,,_::'; '-��������� -_-'. ���������;:;~- ���������������������������;������������������ y/:': ���������;'. ,r_..r ;jm a ; I Ay it  .! Niaoaija: FAtris.~I^is reported that a;mark*  edvpfiangP^in'Jiie,>Btpr^e.;sjibe \Falis;at Niagara  has^peiurreci. 1,_'��������� Large:-porfipnis' -of, the;;rocy  have:giyeh"-.yytiyyin tiie'centrp' pf'the:,sh&^ .fet^n  ihglthe MFno^mo^  ^nce,;which, is;saidj tb^ add <vto r its;, beauty^ It?  has been demonstrated * that thei falls* recede  10 orll2jinclies a-year.  "y^Bmyx^^A^  ^TO^p^R,! F^SB,,&c.;  0 \  <-0AA^oAu'A{  <"(i 1 Xs A f]������������������ ' P&?��������� ������������������ '��������� ��������� ��������� ������������������";:'���������*��������� '-������������������ <���������'���������': -y ��������� :M'���������"'.-  &C^T  :.S"^A^|'0;  , v.- :���������������������������,'��������� yy yy-.A-  ��������� rW<������  .    y.L s; THbir^so^^MDB^V-^'^  :;' r^'^JAMES-^DERSO^:*Y_CB-Ptti^rDE^ :   "::  ...JOHN MagLARE^,-   u >vWl-rvUrvrrr|^������  ,     DR'W: Br.AVlLKIXSON7,. V DiRECToaa.'i -Xu-  ���������-V- ' &0HN.'ADAIR; ���������'l' ���������'���������';- ? V"' j; > r: ' 'j I . ;:;;. :;P" 1  yy^};r > ^TaE^ANK^OF''1;'4,;^ *itV  Britisli'' 'A XortK^/it-merie  ;i-U'  a,  ^ESTitBtj:8_*KI)VN 1836^.  ru.^'V''v..l.;--- ',}-���������-. A: ������������������. ���������;  ������������������..^ Vi.>  J,OHS BPWBON',  SBOBBTARy & tlBRARIAy.  500  oils'  en hiniself.  "Wlietlier he: Will^bp'sj^Ied/a King  with Two, Heats, of \^hatj ;lias;')not yeV trans-;  pired.' rPossioly he may become an Emperor  (0 r th e proper ty of; th e E ra n erpr Napp lepn,"  who1 Js;said to.ti.ye!male Mimerpus[1 nqSiiries  ab oilt ^thisf cmebratpd' Anieri can tip tti 0 g ho rse)  Certain it is he is the- propertyvof two       u  men from California, who, it is.stated  showing^ira^pfF iii Eiirppe^.\;'Tlib; track on  wh ich; this extraordinary time was ���������. made is  considered. by igood judges to. he slower by  two or th ree secp.ndsi' tbaiv either; of {the Long  Hiandrtracjk:si' ��������� Some. event wpnt so .far ass to  say the ppurse iwas' n01 a full mile i n dengtb.  The managers state that it has-been measured  several titties *. by competent inen,'. wlio" have  pi'oiiouiiced" it; a full mile : in. ^extent,,tli at is,  ^,282 feet, when measured.four feet from the  gutter, orihside. ' 'r vvv ,; *  tieshave been lost sight ot; vand -many prefer a black  an (ljthibk infusion to a drink riclvinspirit anii;'iiroina.  Gen.ralaHistlie. usq>ol- Cotfco," 'it' is little known .that  in con^ehsiug the vapors:��������� extractetl from tho berry in.  roasting, a liquor is obtained iof tho' most nauseous  tafi to an rt Of. .'a! sctiiit the ino.s i 11 n b &\ rub 1 c. Und crunch  cirgu!nstancQS-jt;js:ovidontly important that all tho  i>?5h_a by tli *^_i$w.an d pateil t * 'Con icalOofloe Koas ter"  asis'cd by FELL k CO., Victoria, in which the berry  is directly exposed to thoradiMtcddioat,' and the vapor  extracted curriod off instantaneously. . In addition to  the advantaire to>be = derived by,tho rapid removal of  TpHiS INSTITUTION.,ai;presentv.bontains.about  ..��������� JL "vol umes pi'^abi'co Li'tefiaur6j cob sistiiii g oritsllgj  jScientifib^'JEfistoricaljVantl Pbcticiil wprks^ and works bi'  ���������fiction.: ,;��������� !!������'"������������������} -j-r. :, X0r-,-;b.:'i'Si v! .-* "' ��������� kr;  ' iWorc^ster^s. Large Pictorial Dictipnary; Ure^sDictionr  ary'of !ihe' Ar ts,; Manu tactiires and. Mi n os,; Lippenc^tt's  . Pronou'nci tig Gazette er of tho. .World,' 'iiud 'ilpman?s Qy-  'cloppdia of ;Conimerco will always bejkept;)n; thti rboiii.  for foferenp5v ��������� i y~0 ''-���������'v: - V��������� X rr* x\ A- '��������� A::<  y Tho ile'a^ngl^Q6m will be;^o������nd -^supplied,.with: the  latest Knglish, .Scottish','Cana'drah, American, and Cpipr  nial Papars and Magizines. . r       ���������0Ail  Terms oe;Scbscription���������$& ]>er'.quarter;'or $2'per  rapn tb*.'  Single vol iimes, Loa.aeu. to rjon-sn os.criber.^ at  50!cts.pervolume,',with.$i^deposit.>������������������������������������'���������':   '' ': :'"  V- Persons. not su bseribei-s visi ti ng the Read i ng Room  And nwkmg use of the Books and Papers will be charged 25 ctsv for each visiU-: X-A -^ " V ���������''  i' a_5=* The Room will be op on from lO.a. m. till 10 p. *m.  :    - v    * :      . '.; -: ', k ������������������*'  JOHN" BOWiibN,  yyVJ. y-i ��������� ������������������' Secrotrary and Librarian.  j HKAD,vO_tiCR:%ST^iIffiEr^KSmABE'LONDON. '*;]  j: *DRA^S;i^UIiS;od :,i^oi/, fNe\iv yprk' ^nJF. ani- \.  cisc6;!Cariboo; Canftda,' New BrurisvvVcl^f ������Kov)i Scotia,  and] onfii\ Iv.thei Branch es'off the1 ^JSatioii'a 1 Bap Ic. 6f;S(ib'tr ''-A  land,aild,Provincial ^lifcdlilr^IantUv:^!JNvtfv' t_: ipft(.  : j'BUis ;pfei;Sxcha^e(-ai^ 0  ri Ipt erest ,on Special iDeppsi L& oi^jllim'ey'n 11<) wed'ataho ��������� ������������������  rateorttquarter,of ou(e1 p^ricentiper'raonth.;j ���������.di"'.x:'?  x0$$my%&MmmyAA  '" | GpLp'iDosT^ hta\ tnd and Assay od,: anu re .urns 1 ma d 0  with)ii Siliouiy ihXloin or T^Ari. Vl,-.,,sr:.yyy ,.-, -'.,.,..:,  ���������: ] Ores ���������i>f!6vtffy.^ies6riptions^reJJa.i^i_3pyed,. 7707 A  ;.1> fBiv^njMnstruc^oli-S ^  ceeds of- Go.iu ;I)ustifor>ardcd Uf&iAh e voflice: i n^ V lcu'������Ha'  tor Assay. wUhbe.c^refuIlyiattendfl^ to.-vr ��������� ;'���������. : .>  1 l L' J '' , ,4 ,JX^i������_l^raJ_EI). Manageiv .  - ; Victoria^v:* I;, ApriL, l'ij.ee:x' '��������� ;.f ''���������.-���������".' x ���������: A: A * ��������� i4 '���������: A ;  m ^;j?  Xy v.. ���������yy:-- ��������� L^ARKERyiLLE; Br "Gxi i; A A' -0"  pFIi'ICE v^OURS,; r 10 a. m,;^.* \ 'folk 3; p^ rti7}[ '0  Saturday^,,! ��������� yA-. 10? a., ���������ml;-*/;. /to;.; ��������� ^ypA'Ttiy '���������'���������'  J6^fJf>JOil>usmcss:tran'saot;edoh^-Snnt&ys;^''/;1^ '' ;-  '0 XXX A0yi:yA0'xxatO0������&^Bt^REL"f-;''-'  'V v '.? iXr'y--.,X .' A:y :y\':--y ?��������� t.-.jV,!.; Min^g'*r.  2lst'JuIyjl86'3. ..;,. -..,.y,.y..r:y iirM^l'y ;j2?y;  ������I200for A pair op BooTS.���������An Australian  Paper says: fWbW Sir Win. Don's abarei were  given away by holders who'; feat'eel .to hold  what- was then worthless1, and. entailed 'liabir  %, a'lioor'shai^holder gave 1.2!shares for a  pair 6f. b 0ots. Tbe. man wh 0 gave * the bo0 ts  foi'Jthe 12 shares realized when the shares ran  UP to -������100 each, and has left Ballarat with  ^1200 for bis booU.'"  the advi  tho  pun  Roaster, where, the Colfee is req ui red ;to remain a much  icadvantage t-ooe uenvou uy ,-uu iajuu,*ci������<^v������������ '"  10 steam containing the objectionable properties, the  areiiroma of the Colfee. is retained, tho essential oil  aim' nreseryed and not exhausted, as in the Cylinder  BARKERVILLE  BREWERY,  Nicolas' "cuirio:  '��������� RICHFIELD,    ,..     . . ;  PATRICK   KfRWIN, Prop'r.   .  Best Billiard Tables on theCrcek: the Liquors  a n d C igars are of the fi nes t; qual i ty. 9  Barnard's CaHbob^xpress' *  ��������� - ���������   ei -   -. i'A uiA^ijy y.-yy'y A   4  ; ' :  : a- .-.^jb^t-a1 'Q'ie- '..Ci .iM.iE;._t-:'-*--.''^-*-,'-.'/;  yy..  Ss b^ubwtiiht, and by numerou^her testimfmiaiK  ��������������� itc favor   ''���������'"'- ifJ'jLb K IvU.,  m its m%   ���������    c>jffee Me>1.chf{nt^ Yates .St., Victoria.  E. C GILLETTE,  MIKING- SUKYEYOR,  CAMEKONTOWxV. ' ::7  e, hodgens;,  BARKERVILLE���������Adjoining tho Express Office.'  1 VIE -TARIFF OF CHARGES. BV'. THI^ E^PKKPS  rX "has h iien* revised;" an a i������EJj*OCTIOH.'Ijr prices  made to ������sui t-the, iitrtes; The charge on 'Letters to ������ad!  from Vict or i a an d i n term edia to places is now 60 con tsr  Stage Fare to Qacsn el mouth, _.. ������ - ;   . *,; .. $20.  :- ���������  k\.    H. through to. Vale,.   .-'.-;; y. ��������� $55;  .17.   ���������-..; .; " v ���������'���������"'.; JOHN B. LOVELL,^ ,  Agent Burn.ira's ExprL'iS..  August 1st, 1866."; ' '';.  ' 'AA. 26.  B ARN ARD>av  Can  ��������� WILLIAM   WINNARD;  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE.  st:::  uaiitng at Lillooet and-Tale, with DIETZ &;  XELSON5S for Now Westtn inster, &- .'Victoria, ���������:  : '  \J1LL[. ARRIVE AND r DEPART sfrom :the-on1cft:in:[;  t l Barkerville, to connect with thv: steam or:'/En'/  terpriso' 'at* Q u .snelmou tht .and the ��������� STAGES a t.- feoda^ ������������������ ���������  Creek, 'BViRE.Y. WEEK,; con vising Tra-asu'rEj Lett������b5 . .: -  and Valuables for all parts: of th'e fror) <l'   "' Also, (6i\\- "  m issiopi recei v ed .and., for w a rrte d >. by v Expre&V 1 dr" tti 4 "'���������'������������������  coliectioBrof ]Xotes, Bills and ;!tlao:. :purcbass of.;-.a.rt.lch-'S ��������� =:.  :;  to be.obtainpd'it Now Wt;_tmi'nstor*^^ - '���������  ci .co or en roii t e; an d retu rn s* uiad e * wi t h >1 i >.pa.tc ti."  1-6  r.pitCl  JOHN7 B. LOVELL.  A^yjii, /iarkervUie,  j >..itt*ju.*>v."i;������'~&wto :-i^ir^rt ^r^f31  _M__-H>1 Agents for the "Gkyibep ���������Seritoel.'J;;.  GrouseCr>ek,  ;-      -     '���������xyy.-y    . .��������� ; -  . A/McWha  Quesn-Jl mouth,     .Mr.; Gou die, ��������� B irnard's Express Office  V.ilc,      ���������.-.".    MK Evans,      do        ������������������..,:���������   do  Lillooet,, ."���������-    P. W. Fostdr,  '   do '".'.' Ay,      do^  New Wostraiueter, -   -      .-.'.'���������"-- Clarkson k Co  Y*^0rA> f- vl;y :;���������; .{5:^ndaiU6  TO ADVERTISERS.  The "Cariboo Sentinel" ts published every Monday  and Thursday.   Advertisements intended for insertion  : must be delivered at latest at 6o'clock, p. m., the day  before publication.  45^ All Advertisements {not inserted for any definite  period) will-be continued nutil ordered out ana charged  for accordingly^ .';... ���������;;   .1. [ ���������;;'..; -,  ,. .   : THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1866..  THE UNION OF THE COLONIES.  -,' We atehappily in a position to state that  this vexed question is finally set; at rest, and  although the Bill is less'eiplicit'than might  ���������have been expected; ��������� wetfeincerely trust that  the Imperial Governm;ent has given such fur-  tiler instructions    Governor Seymour as will  v ensure^ fo botb;Colbmes^^fair and equitable  representation, with such S>iher conditions as  may be calculated to ailayJtbe irritatioirpart-  )y owing to the foolish agiitation created by  wtiLa. ^fcradical, ��������� mem berstH..the.. Legislative  Assembly in Vancouver Islaud,; in part also  come directly responsible; to their several constituencies for their votes.   As a complete-redistribution /of seats will toke place -in fprmmg  the new Administration, we give; below>the  numbers as suggested by the G6verh6r iii$is;  dispatch to Mr. Oardwell, viz: New Westminster, 1;  Cariboo'East, 1;; Cari bpo' TVest, 1 f  Douglas & Liilooeti 1;' Kobtenay^l;;: Yale &  Lytton, 1; Osayops,1; Williams^LakeSl'Vic^  toria, 2 j  NaiiaimOpI'jICbm^  We would however ^  ty of makings population the basis :^  tu re representation; /$$}. for.;ihstattce;-iiie hhmA  ber of vo tes polled in I this ��������� District was 1042 j'  certainly not; mfrrejrthan vtwo-thirdsijof the;  number that ..would-' haye^ been recordedif va  popular candidate had apipeared. r Contrast!  this with Yale: & Lytton,; or - Douglas t& LiP  looet, either- of which has equal representation  with ourselves and theinjustice!will be manifest.   We think that tbiB;District should have  two representatives and Some one of the minor  places, such as-Williams Lake; be incorporated with some of; toe^pyoining^istnctSv; The  above distributioni as given in the Governor's  dispatch however vis merely a suggestion; and  will ��������� doubtlessly. titimodified when the; subject  is maturely considered, as libxepresetatioD can  be fair or equitable where;populatlon;is riot  taken as the basis.   ; !  The next great bone"of contention has been  the seat of Government, and looking at the  manner in which Governors have been treated^ Viclorifc-wsho^ Lesll&o before^"coa-  NEW^ARyERTISBMBISTS.  1 ANK|;'OFS!i BRIJI$H  C������i-UMBlAy  i/yirx-0      x>    ,-      Loisnoi^ 3rd August,^ 1866.^  IPltOM AKD AFTER-25th SEPTEM&Em 1866," Mfc  J?' DAVID *srARSHALL:LANG: wiU,cea,se,to.buMana:  per of this Bank in these Colonies, and MR: WILLIAM  CURTIS WARD is authorized toj.;������p6rfbfm.-tubduties of  Principal Ofllcer of the Bunk in tho Colonies,^signing.  all documents as Acting ^Manager,      yy   \ \'7 '*���������*������������������  "i vt Bvorder ot the Court of Directors,  JAS; D. WALKER,:   .'  451 ra Iuspoctor^^  ALL  NGTIGE'  :,-���������**���������  : ���������- l;r  mi  LL PERSONS having any tiaims against* Mr THOS.  : HARRIS aro requested to-send; them; in f loft pay-:  men t r and: all who aro y in d eb tod io hi ni are requested  to call and pay up before the 22hd instV, :'as hcjs.cios.'  inghis business for the season;  ���������     -' -f' |  '.  October8tiy 1860.,-iXyyAiyx.iyl'wX.ft. ^o\3ih;'.  THE SHORTEST AND CHEAP^fellOUTE;  Four Says to tKe; 108 Mile Post* via Cedar  ;   Creek and Mitchell's 'EraiXyx-yxr  I) ARTIES GOING BELOW,THI3! FALL aro informed  Mthat they can easily make Cedar'creuk/in,two days���������  and crossing tho Lake can reach "the Wagon Roati in  two.moro. ,   : v MITCHELL; A  '   October,5tb, 1866.    ;i\ ;;... ��������� x7  rr--.lv      ��������� ��������� :rM0- ���������  Ji.MES P.  TAfTIiOR,  DRUGGIST. '//A'/Ay:  :;    ,       . KINDSOP  PROVISIONS,  LIQUO  7/7^i^T^i  Ah v::''Bp0AyA: s:hqe������, y: i-. ���������  yy;y which.will be sold .    ,: ^  SE-GABS,  ViA\.<   r*i  m&A  ���������*?.S*S������W '$*& ^W^StfeK to; a^    mtooAu  ���������y ���������,... y&yA     tne Roads are open:  ������������ '^rXX'-x  '��������� ^Liberal; allowance will iii maoi to  Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade genera] ,  on large Orders. **;     ��������� ;.--���������*'. '; ���������'������������������'.-i"i"���������7  ;-.:���������:������������������. r.. j :/.  and those to the same gentleman from the present "Admibistratb'r? of the Government. All  speculatiohas to ttie actiohi? likely to be taken  .by- Governor Seymour "is);8imply idle", as the  Imperial G^verDmerit is "always careful to  imirk out the course to be folio Wd by Colonial  ;izQxieinors f- and.- whatereritha ten.deletes, -oi  Governor Seymour for^ good;-or evil may be,  they will^ be entirely controiied;;by histinstruc-1  lions from the Home GovernMeiit; and we.arc  niuph; mistaken>if both- Xeytrl Westmihsterians  and Victorians are not troubling their,- beads  about' matters: which;have been!;<iuly considered for them,witliput any regard to th eir grouud-  le^s:;fears and;ahxieties on1 ���������^���������one hand, or extra vaganit expectations ori ��������� %be^pther. ��������� It' is  real ly paihfu i to beho 1 d Uie |pitiabie situation  to- which:the ^Victorians ba^ie^uped themselves by tlieir thoughtlessA^ndtichinyplnoing  rhenin power who, beiug ib[capable  thing ap pertaining A^f^6od;:^isj  ' cohtenfed^Semseiyc^  <1 ii ced by^ opposing ihie Execuii ve.; If the irritation produced by these senseless proceedings was the only result achieved, t.we might  laugh at.these would-be reformers as*sb many  pimples on the face of society, :that have to  be endured because the trouble of getting rid  of them:WOuld occupy more time and thought  than they are worth; but when,wholly regard-  loss of consequences they rush into measures  ruinous, to the.interests of alt,.^it surprises us  that an intelligent people like the Victorians  suffer them to do the mischief,* and then allow  the great mover in all the mischief to enunei-  ate the most treasonable balderdash* ia his  paper, the 'Telegraph,7 which is seot.forth to  the world as. expressing the->sentiments of  Victorians.   Can the action of the Home Gov-  <'i;ument in ignoring the .Victoria people be  wondered at. when their chosen representative  in. the Legislative Assembly is still representing them in the public press iuianguage that  would not be permitted for a moment under  any other Government?   It is true we are well  aware that all his paper represents is,his pwn  wou^ed yani^Jbut the  cognizanifof that facfc A The^ discourtesy;; and  want;of common.decency in the attacks made  upon Groyernor.Kennedy will ripng contiaiie  to be a cause of unavailing regret artd shame  to Victorians. , ItV: Governor Seymour had the  power and ruled Vancouver Island        a rod  of iron for a time it would only be the merited  toward of the past conduct of the people*; but  this is neither probable or possible.   With  certain latitude, which will be used only under  extreme necessity, Governor Seymour will run  in the orthodox Gubernatorial, groove, and  act with a due sense of his responsibility to  the people and the Imperial authorities.   As  the primary object of the Governor in con-  sii itiug with the Council will be to learn the  desires of the people from their chosen representatives, it will be incumbent on oiir citizens  to send as their representatives only such men  as are sufficiently acquainted with their wants,  and who will enter the Legislative Council  with the unique desire to act in accordance  vntb tba views of their constituents.   Of what  avail is it to rail at and miscall the Governor  if we send, him Councillors to mislead him?  hetter have none at all and appeal to the Governor direct.   The great outcry heretofore has  fteen tbat the official element has so predominated u the Council that popular feeling was  insnfficieatly represented. There will no ions-1 w , ^ ,,  er be any ground for this ������nmS -fhl *!JS   ���������th, 4-feet at* bottom and 31-2 feet at top in tbe clear;  iiIap ���������'m/mL^-iii cP^plaint, therpop-| to be well timbered and lagged.   For terras and other  ?W Sf ^leXCei3d the: officials; and | particulars, apply to, Joseph Irvine, atthe Hcnm fjo's  t nese popular -members being no Ionge'r shel-1 'fan^['h ?r fc0 tb0 und^ignod, at rioy d & Co. 's. in Bar-  fiding the Queens' representative to the tender  mercies of : the Victorfans;:did '��������� \yti- not: know  e great ratyority of the people of Van-  Mand have regarded with unfeigned  dissatisfaction the conduct of the demagogues  that accident threw into power. . If we lean  to Victoria as being the best place for the  capital it is riot because it is central, or that  the people have any favor, in our eyes; or that  we have interest in lots or anything else that  might in* such'case;be improvedy b'ut becaifse  the facilities of communication are such as are  commensuratevwitjila seat of Gqyernmerit In  the first place better routes of communication  with the interior during the ..winter can be  constructed direct from the sea coast tKan by  the margin of the Fraser, and at a very [small  expense to Government; as the citizens m the  interior would gladly bear"the greater-portion  of tlie- cost to secure a good directpracticable  road during the period when .the Fraser is  closed:by ice; that from Howes Inlet, for example.   In the next piace because ^ctoria  will be the seat of commerce,' and this involves  [iia*terests. of ; the .-greatest: importance tor both  colonies and should be under the imme'diate  supervision,of. the heads of departments; from  the port of Esquimalt being open at all seasons  of the year it will be the pointtof resort for all  ocean going steamers, the rendezvous for men-  of war from all parts pf the world, and should  be within easy distance of the Government  House; and'last, though  not least, suitable  Government buildings and Courts are already  in existence, and we are too poor at present  to build a new Capitol, New Westminster being wholly out of the question.,.  Whether our views will be thpse of -.Governor Seymour remains to be seen, but inasmuch  as instructions have been evidently seat out  to put the Government buildings5':in: Victoria  in a state of readiness for his reception, we  think that there is every proability that he  will take up his residence there for the present, whatever may be the ultimate decision  on the permanent location of the capital. In  respect to Victoria, under any circumstances  we think that the union of the colonies will go  far to re-establish its former importance, and  wherever the .seat; of Government may ulti-  hately be 1 ocated, ��������� Victorians will reap; tbe  greatest ad vantage frpm the new order !df  .things.:..\;'''���������'A0;:'l''iii ."���������*'���������*.:_.X AyA/- -A.-"  AS.JUijT .R*E.q^LVKJ) direct rrom Soi> FrarctscoDr^.  Le Rtchau's celebrated Golden Balsanv tor the  complete cure of Secondary Syphilis.   Also, a quantity  | of. Dr. Murphy'f? Mix!������re5, so well know n-as Aspuciftc  euro-fort he-wime.' "��������� "��������� ���������*  "V1-  ���������'-���������-���������'���������;:   -������������������>':���������: :::-''������������������.  Keceivod also,. astock of. the FINEST CIG A RSr" for  retail trade only.       '      ..  ; ..X  P. S.���������As be has obtained tbe Ncvrspajjer Aigcncy he  will bo happy torccelvo subscribers a am es/to whom be  will deliver tbe papers immediately on arrival. ��������� By-  reading Bill at store the reduced rates for.papers will  be seen. Orders from outlying creeks will receive  every attention.''"���������'* :? . " 45������s '  *Ar "Eabk ���������;���������&AXCtf ������oti i.; WintbrI Fesipenck: "ox I  Willums Creek.  FOR SALE, AN EXCEIXENT LOG CAfelN near  , .Birkervillo, known as the "Sour Kraut House, "the  basement is formed, in to an Excellent Cellar for tbe  storage of Vegetables during winter,, it has also a i>otf-  ble roof and. has been.built with a special view to  warmth and durability.  May be had cheap.for Cash,.apply at the oiBce of  tbis *paper. , ,y 45..  , : WAKE-UP-JAKE  RESTAURANT;- BAE&Y^  7:-���������������������������   X. :������������������  ?.- ���������   ������������������ -���������; /'-^-asi)���������:.'Ai,sA00AiA:AX01  A7'-'i^i^<im:mB������^yy  Barkerville, B. C, '���������  170A'yy "y  KELLY &:PATERSON,^^Projprtetors.  :'  Everything Is done in connection with this establishment to give satisfaction to the customers.  JS������* Meals at all hours. 45  Dissolution of Partnership  THE PARTiVEESHIP heretofore existing between the  undersigned has been this day dissolved, and A. G  FONTAINE is alone authorized to collect all debts due  to the late firm. .        ���������  A. G. FONTAINE,  AISEJr L'ECUYER,  JACQUES LE BRUN.  Richfield, October 5th, 1866, -, .45..;  WILL SOON,BE:,IN.RECEIPT^.CP- A LARGE AM  ��������� ������������������������������������ 0 WELL -ASSORTED STOCK OF 7;:;,.. -.  Ax BOOTS & SHOES, &���������^-;  ii^ORTED^DIRECTLY^ FROM SAN FRAJfClSCp.  He is desirous of supplying the Tra'de^-aiid  "      can do so at LOWES^ PRICES.' -  ��������� WRIiaros Creek; July 10th, im/   [     '0.1,22-tf  NEW ELDORADO SAlM  ,.X>-0"\    BARKERVILLE.     7;   7X0  ��������� X:-      "yy'--\ ���������'"��������� ',���������'���������*}' '..'     ���������������������������" ���������> -���������������������������-> ���������  HAVING PURCHASED THE INTEREST OF CHARLES  ROSS in the. above-named Saloon; the undersigned  would'respectlully solicit a continiwnc^of .tbe patronage bestowed on the late firm, which by nptrictanea-  tion to business they will endeavor to merit;- ;,:  The./TERPISCHOREAN'AHT iR^nightlypractised'at  this' Saloon, and ihe -Barls-stocHftd with Abe choicest  LIQUORS and CIGA1&IY  j^tf Bbys - please givojis a^balL  r-x\rx- y\ ^x^0r00lBffKfncKr&-  'T-41^Hh  dexter;-fr:-  ;;ProprioU)rj������.'  fAS^IO^S^i:^;^  .J      -���������'.-- .BARKERVILLE.  1  :<n  Ai  Dissolution of Partnership  NEW advertisements!  NOTICE/  PUBLIC MEETIVG is called by tbe undersigned,  to bo held at Burdick k D.oxter's Saloon, Barkerville, on Sunday next, the 14th inst, at 3o'clock, p.m.,  for the purpose of consulting with his constituents and  receiving any suggestions from thorn for his guidance  as their representative in the Legislative Council of  this Colony.     ���������-���������-   ��������� t  THOMAS HARRIS,  /Williams Creek, Oct. 10th, 1866. 46  THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing, under the  name of DOLE & BEAK, Butchers, Barkerville, has  been this day dissolved by mutual consent. From and  after tbis date the business will be carried on in the  name of CHARLES BEAK, who is hereby autborieed  to collect all accounts due to the firm, and by whom all  debts.owing by them will be liquidated; V. * ," ���������* V.*,.  It is particularly riequested that all accounts agaInst  th'e said firm bo sent in for immediato settlement.  A7     - ' JAMES DOLE,;.;*.r-. :  CHARLES BEAK.  . BarkervUle, 3rd October, 1866. . 444m -  -;���������; MESSRS. BARRY;& CUNIO  B1 EG LEAVE TO INFORM THEIR FRIeSd^ .A.VD  tbe public that having purchased the ���������'F^saioir  Saxoon "they will spare no pmnsnor experiso to merit  a share,of. public patronage. As;\( tho proof;of the  pudding Is in the eating of it," we. say nothing as lo  the Equality of our UQUORS k CIGARS,' pleaae call  and try them.     ���������     k- ,: ��������� ;. '   .. '  A     .EVERY   EVENING/:.'--  1       /A 1       ^^N^}ProPr^'  Barkerville, Sept. ISth, 1806. .^      .. ���������  38-s  WILLIAMS  CREEK  MILL  Dissolution of PartnersHip  T1HE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the  15   undersigned has been this day dissolved by mutual  sent,   AUGUSTE HOFFMEISTERis alone em now- <  FOR   SALE  ONE FULL INTEREST IN THE "CORNISH C0%"  Williams Creek. AdpIv to  S. THOMPSON.  I  consem.   Auiru^ij^ tujtfn aikwl&k>is aione empow  ered to collect and settle the debts of the late firms of  Hollmeister & Co. and Launjeister k Go. i  ��������� r.-.F. W. LAUMBJISTER,  ... A. H0FF5IE1STER,  ���������a,   george eraiTZ-../.--..���������'.  Williams Creek, Sept. 25th, 1866, :     . 4S-lmH  THE UNDERSIGNED, LUMBER MERCHANTS, beg  to,ihfoi'm. the inhabitants;in:general'of ^illiaraa  Creek that'they have now ih operation a STEAM SAW;  MILL; located at tlie mouth of; Mink 'Gulch,., above h  ;Richaeld, capable of manufacturing one'thousand feet .  of iLumber per hour, any length; or width required In  this market, and of a superior quawtt. :. All orders;  leA'ftt"JSir*- ������?V'"A;"i*Ieiud^m',a; ^iirfwrvillOi.'.or tne, Mid, :  will be promptly attended to, nhd delivered FREE 07.  CHARGE at any point on the wagon road, and at-REDUCED RATES.   The undersigned, trust tomerit a liberal share of r the public patronage andv tbat their ,oia  friends will kindly give thein a call. ������������������%������  MEACHAM, COOMBS k NASON.     ^  Williams Creek, Aug. 27th 1866. 33 ^  4S  Apply to  J.  NOTICE.  THE UNDERSIGNED WILL RECEIVE TENDERS for  v the construction of a Tunnel into the Hard Up Co.'s  claims, on Grouse Creek, until SATURDAY, the 13th  inst. ,.at Q o'clock, p. ra. The TuoocI is to commence  at a point 4 feet below the'surface, on the east side of  the creek, about 100 feet below the Company's ground,  and run not to exceed 400 feet into tho hill. The  dimensions are as follows : Height, 6 feet in the clear;  131-2 feet at top in tbe clear:  Dissolution of Partnership  THE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing "bet ween  the undersigned, under the name ana title of P.  GANNON & CO ,. Butchers, Richfield, has been this day  dissol ved by mutual consent. . From arid after this date  the business will be carried on in the name of P. GANNON, who is hereby authorized to collect ai! accounts  due to the late firm, and by whom the debts owing by  tho said firm will be paid.  P. GANNON,  R0.MI DIZETTE.  Dated Richfield, 12th Sent. 1866. 42-lm  ^rl��������� tp do the people justice, will be-1   -"���������  By order or the Company,"  William. Creek, October Sth, 1866 R ANDERS^  NOTICE,  A LL PERSONS INDEBTED to the MINERS BAKERY  JA: Cameronton, are requested to call and settle their  accounts on or before the FIRST day of OCTOBER  1866; accounts not settled then will be put in to'Court  lor col cction.    All persons with contra uccouuts will-  send them in for settlement.  '*'���������������     -rt-    w ������ CRANFIELD & BRO.  h. B. ��������� The MiNHES Bakery is oftorad for sals. .    30  A'i/7'.lli: BARKERVILLE.-.* ;= 4^.;-  THE UNDERSIGNED beg to inform their friends and  the inhabitants generally of Williams Creek, tho  neighboring-Creeks, and tnose visiting the Mines ca  Cariboo, .that having leased the well-known .BaKery  and Restaurant of MUNDORF & CO;-, the oldest eBUu>  lished house in Barkerville, would solicit a con"nuanco  of Us long -arid- extensive patronage and will be nappy  f to see all their friends.. For the convenience of miners  we .will exchange bread for flour* as- heretofore, anu ������.  any time receive the same tickets for Meals, 'W^i  Pies, Cakes, or anything in-our line for their vWJ  will, be on hand at.all hours, day or night;, to suppiy  the wants of our patrons.. ' _ .���������e(lW(int  if Good Stabling convenientt0 ^e^toblishment.  Barkerville, Sept. 26th, 1866.    ; J^lt^-:.  SOLOMON   BROS^nV.t  PEG TO INFORM THEIK CARIBOO ���������fN?S. that  JS they have removed to the t-wo-siory bricU>auainB  (formerly the Enterprise Saloon) opposUp tne ni>.  olas Hotel, Government Street, Victoria. .^ m-  koopon hand a large assortment of OLUiiwj.  FURNISHING GOODS, which they will jell as 0w  any house in town.  Tbey rwpwtfnUj solicit* c������UM������  :the 4,Boyi" wb'^n they com* down. tHEGAEIBOO SENTINEL  ^iklJRSDAY, OCTOBER 11,186G.     V  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  Sisters op Cjurht.���������The Rev. Father Ma-  goggta������ assisted by Mr. P. Lauraeister, have  been around during the week? calling 0n tbe  obaritabiy disposed to subscribe their raite in  aid of the Sisters of Charity at New Westminster aud-Victoria. It is:a well known fact that  these benevolent .ladies have fbeen for some!  ���������'years educating and supporting a' large number of orphan children,: chieflyon what funds  could be raised fey public subscription. Tbe  institution at this moment contains 27 of these  children, many of whom have no friends and  are consequently a burden on the Sisters; two  of the children have special claims-on our charity; astbey were seni, from here last year. It  is true we have bad many calls lately%n��������� bur  ���������bounty, but the preseln t dbject le -so deserving  of bur sympathy and supportthat we feelcer-  tain Cariboo %ill no t fail to sfrow its usual liberality.. Let .each give* according to their,  means. 'Ai -,*: a'A'aA -.. - "��������� :!-[7:X y7:y'U   ;";���������*,  ��������� y  Antler CREBK.---Withii_ thi j past ten days  five or six large companies have located  .claims near Maury's store, on the flat where a  company^ has;;be^n prbapec^il)^ (taring the  pas tseaspri; several shafts aid���������tunnels have  beerr^tartcd?rwith:the:: iateutioii'-of^orking'ail  winter. J Nothing 'has^^ yet>been |stru ct;; by; the  ^rosp^otiflg iparty, e| tbte tbfli#^ eon:  Mt&tij;/^  indications of payi :. In ihe eouweJbf a vweek  ���������something*; nioredefinite :will ;be;fknownV as  :the prospecting #arty have ^eominencecL:sinfcj  ��������� Ing in.-the channel.* - / ' * *;" -r: 101 *��������� \e'\ ��������� ''  ' SERipra;"AidoiDE-OT^-^i mm& named Isaac  Steadman^employed^asVa- sawyer it fifrQivMil fc  Go As mill in New Westminster, met with a verj\  serious accident >wbile squaring a log on'tne  29th ult,: fit appears that innising thcguaging  stick one erto^o fit. came; in'contact .with, the  saw when in motion, driving the other end of  it through the groin-and inflicting ran, ugly  wound; luckily none of* the arteries were ruptured, velse'the consequences .might have been  fatal. 'Dr. Black dressed the-wound,* and the  'injured man'is in a fair way of recovery. ���������.;  Still At Largk^���������The .Indian who killed  Morgan near Soda creek last fall .is reported.  Ao -be skulking about the Okanagon Lake,  threatening to kill every white; man or Indlkn'  ~ iirshoiiTd:jar<eet;r^rrhe"Indians"are. in _vgreat  A xy (Before W.-.G, Cox,. Esq. )r :"������������������  A   '     '    "    :   Tuesday, 9th Oct. 1866.  ;������������������ .^ever Sweat Co. vs. Caledonia:Co.���������Action  instituted to compel defendants to show cause  rS:0^ should ^the ordered to pay plaintiffs^ the sum of $3000 for. gold taken bv. de-  lendants from ground belonging to plaintiffs,  and requiring them to produce their books  and accounts showing all gold taken from the  ground m dispute, and. also a certain agreement m writing between the plaintiffs and  defendants, dated June/1863, and tbat defendants be ejected from the ground.   The case  occupied the Court two days in the examination of witnesses for both parties. .The Commissioner rendered his .decision.tbis morning,  which was that the lines defined by Mr. Gil-  lettes map were to be the boundaries of tbe  Oaledoma Co;   No damages; as no proof "had  been adduced toshow that any gold had been  extracted.  The Commissioner observed when  he was on the ground that both parties had  committed a tresp^s,?an6?wiiiha view of stopping further litigation.suggested the expediency of Jhe parties entering into a^written  undertaking Abandoning all claims: for damages and accepting the lines above-mentioned,  which was agreed to;;and both parties to pay  their ������wn costs/ ' ������������������>' . .''   'ry   y  r,  t'il$':Walicem for thei,^tiinUn^i and������.iiofc  ertsoh.*ior^e_elidants. ..     : 7--AX7 000)  ��������� ���������    .VICTORIA ITEMS TQ>28th"ULK>. ';  The Victoria Volunteer Corps iutehd-pre-  sen ting Capt. Lang Tyith a;, handsome sword,  as a mark of their esteem,' on the eve of his  departure from the Colony.���������It is reported  thalr there are several men mining on Skagit  river, in Washington Territory/who are getting a great deal of gold.���������Samuel'Goodwin  was fined $100 or two' months' imprisonment  in the;Police^Couri for selling a bottle ef  liquor to an Iniian.���������A difficulty occurred between1 two white men, named Spittle and tio-  lan,.and some Indians.:on the Snohomish rivtjr,  W, T., in which both r.the men were killed by  the Indians,.., The Promenade Concert,.in aid  of the funds of the Volunteer Corps, came off  on the 25tb ult., at the Government House, and  gave great satisfaction.���������It is supposed that  the selection ofTthe capital will be left-to the  people's representatives.���������Belle Douglas, well  known on the Victoria boards^is now lessee'  of thePeople's;!rheatre at.YirginiaCity,M6n-:  tana; Mr. and Mrs. Irwin areporformihg under  :������..;   -,y.������  LATEST NEWS."  .-^���������n.^-ut'rv��������� f-!'  WSM^^^^AA/l  England and America ;^ :ihp! lecture was  tehed'tOwith marked interest by a large audi-  ehce.r-At a meetihe of tbe ^Volunteer-Corns  meeting  the. following ^officers (Were chosen: Sergeant  Turner tb; be OolOi^ergean t/Irilieii of Siffkin  resigned :$  proof^The authorities-ought^to ;use every :creek, from the effects of which he sickened  effort to recapture the^'miscr^nt ��������� If Jonly ��������� for  llie salutary effect it would:^ve on the other  ladiansrwho believe that- the*' carelessness. of  tbe Government aris^-frptnfear.       :;*��������� 0. *\v  ScmrrrNY of Totbs.--^s Mir. G. A. Walkem,  the defeated candidate, has made objection to  several votes polled at the late election on the  ground of the non-residence of the voter: with-  ia the district for the period required bylaw,  the Returning Officer, Mr. Cox, has: ordered a  scrutiny to take place, to-day, at the \ Court  House, at 11 o'clock, a. m. /'     lyXyXyX-  Mr. D/Cleaj., who Atinsl the reputation of  providing the best meals in tbe most liberal  manner, at the lowest rates in town,! hasT reopened his well-known establishment inG;dVr'4  ernment Street, Victoria, three doors from the  Occidental corner. All gastronomists economically disposed are Invited to give him a  call. .;��������� '   ���������   " ���������    *  ^THE'WBATOEn.���������On Monday and Tuesday  nights we were visited with a severe; frost  ''''071.01' (BbforaWrC^'Cox.'Esq.-) Ay  yyiA^'A;���������yL^;/.^���������^.^^:K'T^leaday,���������9tilX)ct"l856_l: -  ;vJphnspn;;ys;irpwn  amoun t flue lain % pro mi^sory note.  Judgment  for plaintiff} with- costs;  0. Gutteras vs. Ah James (Chinaman).���������  Claim for."igl25 62, for freight and damagesfor  detention.. .Judgmentfor plaintiff. *. y . v  r Marshall & Co. vs. Nicholson & Co.���������Suit for-  $189 30,being amount, of .a promissory note.  Judgment for plaintiffs. .- *  TO THE EDITOFt OF THE  "CARIBOO $EKTIXtiL"  ' Sm,���������In answer to "A Passer By" tbe lonely grave below Marysville; Fwduld state for  his information that the body~.6f a young man  by'the name of .Edward^ or .Thomas Tassell  was interred there in* the fall of 1863 or 1864 ;  be was introduced to me at Little Lake while  on his road to Cariboo. 1-1 _ Qi his arrival :here,  being unable to find employment, he-took to  we were visited witn a severe  which was succeeded yesterdiy by a drizzling  rain; it is probable we may; 'yet have three  creeks of open weather which; wilibe %every-  thing for^the:bbys:": ''���������:;:.-:      ;! >% '7r '"���������.- \...';':;.'  Another Candidate fob Lillpoet District.  ���������Captain Stamp, rwho received a,n invitatioR'  from the Lillooet people to st^hd as there representative, has telegraphed to"the'ia that be  will accept of their nomination ; so that it is  ^ery likely to be a stoutly contested election.  Fall Races.���������On Friday and Saturday next  12th and 13th, the fall racei' will be run over  the course at Ashcroft^ We have been unable tb learn the;numb.ei;.of entries that have  heen madW, but good sport is anticipated;    '?  J^* New Westminster Customs receipts for  *eek ending Saturday, 22nd Sept. Duties,  H468 49 ; harbor dues, $84 85 ; head moneys  $'$;" tonnage dues, $429 87. Total. $5,012.21  Pfeengers, 29. " ,:.,'   ::    A .��������� ?.  Canyon Greek Quartz.1-���������We notice that the  samples of rock.lately taken froni the Wash1'  ourn Co'y on Canyon Creek: were shipped on  ^e last steamer to San Fraiicisco for assay.  Scpreme Court.���������We are informed that the  Supreme Court will sit at Yale on or about  *e 22nd inst., instead of the 29th as at first  attaounced..:;'.r'v;'r7'v"        ..:;.��������� 007     A 1AA:  i������* Yale road tolls for7week' ending 29th  ^ePt, $930 55 ; for month ending 30th Sept.,  H368 85.        : ������������������*������������������'���������    'AyA: 70:-xA  'and died. He was frpra.Devonsbire, England,  iand I believe* very respectably connected  there/! 1 certainly think it is the duty of his  friends, or the public to have the body disinterred arid buried in the grave yard. I .believe if there was a subscription list'set on  foot for that purpose all would contribute.  ���������I would'suggest, that the same be done for the  purpose of bringing ;in for decent interment  the body or remains of Donald Munroe, who  perished in therwoods: bnsBear River in:186.S ;  there is one of the party who found his remains  still, on Williams creek; it would a,t least show  some respect for an unfortunate pioneer.  R. H. S.  .': -Grouse Creek, Oct. 9th, 1866.  Chicago; Sept.'26tht 11 p, m.^We-have no  Cable daU*s later than noon Sept. 22itd,'anU  no explanation from N6w York." \ '' y'!;*  :  . >Ogdensburg,New York, Sept/ 25th.-~U ia  reported upon good authority that large hum*  bers of Feiiians/are concentrated for a ruid  into Canada.-:   *;''-; * .'���������"��������� ���������    yy -y- ��������� ;���������-���������'  Toronto, Sept.; 25th.-^-Orders have :been  given to the yoluhteer force; of tlie city: to  muster, at a given point on the first'! alarm of  the tire bell, with; forty rounds* of ball- cartridges. .An attempt to'burn or capture the'  city is feared: ��������� Large quantities1 of military  stores including ambulances, are arriving here.  Regular troops and volunteers are continually  moving;--  V .-    AyA    - -���������:  ������������������������������������_���������   '������������������r*?.:- -  Cabinet meetings of. the Canadian ���������Government are being held daily , in,: Quebec, ques-  tipns |di6cussed?yeing thef military condition of  the province#the?Cqn.ederatibti';scheme^and ���������  the rfailurer of ^ tile Bank of Uppei* Canada.  Much ^insecurity: as felt in flnancial^circles.!  Money^ is-stills commanding,? 15: per cent in .  Montreal, iy r'Ay00- lyx,A:-r������������������ Ay-r.  --yy-y.    ;-  <:, San i Fran cisdo, Sept r26th.���������-Secretary > Se- A  ward, hflls teiegraphea to Queen Emina-tender-' ;  ing her; a- passage ir on the^ steamship Vander-  bilt now lying in thi^harbprf^^  been acceptedj aiid tbe^ :;  Si&rppralThonie'tob^er^arit,^      $WMbMytohwb^$  Turner1 jftomote^ the/armywlio^desire to bepresonted to'Queeb ������������������/ :  pbral; vice^Tliorne prpmoted^ *A:; slip ;Emj^: will assernble^at the Occidental Hotel f  m^chwas.a^eed^fcbe^  sipned;officers ^Mithe; same^num  vates.^The discpyery ^^severaf, oysterlbeds  p ComaS and o tli er pljaces ";ori; tlie';:;east,;coa^t:  of the^Islai^ h^s 's^most  ters ;o__��������� ofthe^market.���������The Ship Royal Tar  brought a3M;;tptir  man.^lliams^vvhb Committed ^f^homble  butrage at;Soutti Saanich Was"arrested byJjffi:  cer Farral*'he was placed incthe^^;!p|itfie  Police Court; on the 27th, but:;reinande9' ih  order that the witnesses for proseciitibnshduld  be forthcoming.���������The: bark^ Jeddo. -arid sliip-  John Jay have botb sailed for Australiansports  with cargoes of lumber obtained at Moody:;ifc  Co.'s Mills, ^Biirrard3 Inlet, the former has  246,000' feet and the latter 41$M$$<fci/$hk  lumber at these mills is 6aid jto-be^uperioEto  any on the Sound.���������It is repor^drti������attGoy^  ernor Seymour,has sent a'tele^am^^estin^  alterations to be made, on the {Government  House, Victoria; it is- therefoi^ffipugtitjthat  Governo'.'Seymour will make^^ctonaJW^:  capital after all^The proceed|:^feMfe|ffig  nett?*s leclure.placed ;$150 in'tnl^Ii^idapf fthei  Fire * Departm en t, which wi 11 6e|i^cient^o j  maintain,-the orgauization^fo'F^piie^xnonthV^r--  The James Bay Brewery waa-inockfed^downi  to Mr. Miller for $1000..- '��������� '��������� 00/."0AA  LOSS OF THE AUSTRALIAN :STEAifER^  CAWAHRA.���������ALL BUT OmimA^BiE  CREW^ERISH^.rr^    i'A'0/0xAjyf!-  A The steamer Cawarra.. was^^wrecked; near be^fit to;;hj:iu^!afi^*3S  l^th.r rA'.rCOrreS- I h*fR;snif>r������flaR A^������ThvlR"im:p!,sQ'T"Tr'iii,ior"^.;... yy0':l7i<Ay,  A0  i'".V.v  ���������->-y  I,, The tWjinnkr of thk Queen;s -Prize at Wjm-  BLEDpNi-rrFrivate Angus Cameron' as: a! you ng.  man 19 years of^age, beloiiging. originiitiyAiib7  Ra^noch, in Pertnshire. ' For the last ,three  years he has :?assisied his bi'other^^Arcfiibiild  Cameron^in'keeping a small;shop in Ivitigiifk;  sie^ About twp^^^irs..ago1 he; jpiiied1vthe,;6th  l(B'aden6ch)jCompahy"of Inverness-sliire Rifle ';.  y oliiiiteerspanc^ftegaii to go th^ohgli'tliy ��������� tisu^  al'Cburse oi^trainijig in order to; qiialify hnrA;'  self as a marf_snl|n*; ���������IPrevious'to Jtliis time  he liad;feeldpfn, if^eyer) handled: a4 giin,: but  fromjthe[very firafejoccasioii onu which he i)e-  gani preliminary^raf tice> it was observed tnW  Jie;^sse^djallj|_i| Jeqiiyites'' of a \ gop$nshoi  ~acleai^eye, a steady^armjandhery^sneveri  disco mposed*erli__|^by^ra  has no opportunities? for /becomingr a sports-'  A  -:y  rades mehtioh thiltrfe liif ^nark^.  or makes a-ba&scoVe;'b^ut that;;4wlJen^!such':'!^ "  riess to-regain hi^jbsitipn.   This ^coolness un-; ]  der -al 1 bircumstaii way n as Ibeeii pf Sfre greates t  OitousE CREEK-^-The Heron Co'y cleaned lip  ,0r three days up to yesterday at noon 158 ozs;  Outrage and Attempt at Murder.���������A colored family, residing about ten. miles from  here, on the Saanich road, were the victims of  a fearful outrage and- attempt at murder pp  Tuesday.    The" iamily; ��������� consisted of a inan  named Freddisbnvj his wife, a daughter aged  14,an4: a cbibred;deserter from the U. S.  ^teainer Saginiaw,rwho has 'been working a  bit of land tor his "grub.": OniTues6^y; Fred-  dison went from home, and his wife took a  gun and proceeded to the garden to shoot  blue-jays, and, while thus engaged, she was  approached by thede^Qri who seized, and  threw her down, forced a Quantity of morphia  into her mouth, tied her clothes over her head,  and struck her on the back of the head with  the handle of an axe, producing insensibility.  The Scoundrel then repaired to the house,  seized the girl, forced a lot of morphia into  her mouth,, and pressed her throat until she  was nearly strangled, when he ������effected his  vile purpose.   The villain left his second victim lying on the ground insensible; and ransacked every trunk and drawer in the house,  appropriating a number of small articles. He  then went into the kitchen and laid in a supply of bread, butter, and bapon, and made for  foe "Woods *   He was seen yesterdayjiear IN orth  gannichby Indians, and officer Carroll has  gone in pursuit of him.   The old woman ^re- -������������������*-g.       nuinber of people have gone over  Covered ,her senses T6^^^^ toX North shore to reider assistance should  infid her does not consi- to ^ gucceed in reaching land.  There is a  Weat outcry about the life boat not going out  sooner than she did, but the matter will, no  doubt, be investigated by theproper authorities When she did ptit out tbe sea was so  heavy that eight oars out of fourteen: were  broken, and she was compelled to return.  Purine the same storm the schooner Caroline was wrecked and all hands lost. Several  other vessels were also wrecked but the crews,  were savod-.r..      ...-������������������; :   i  Newcastle. Australia,: July 12th.; Avcprres  pondent of the Sydney 'Herald^gives the^following particulars: JiA a'AA^-- :yy:A'  j Shortly iafter 1 o'clock to-da^r a steamer;  supposed'to be the Cawarra frpmtierpec^  l^ows and poop, was signaled to the nbrthward..  At tbis time a fearful sea was running, and it  was blowing almost a hurricane from the southeast; the signal.was made to '{stan$ pff;^;the  vessel appeared to steam slowly, and did pot  make port till 2 p. m. at which;'timerthe, sea  took her near the Oyster Bank oh the North  Shore; sbevstruggled; with the eieraenta:fpr  some time/and seemed a& if she wbuldv again  succeed in gptting put to.sea, ;but judging from  appearances^ being much down by the head,  she must 'have> filled 'forward;' At :abpiit );3  o?clockshe struck on the Oyster Bank and became unmanageable.--; Thestea.mer4;wa^ observed to turn about two or three timies arid  she then settled, downr with'her:, head to ...the  North. The passengers and crew were; seen  huddled together on the poop, and some made  for the rigging. . Extraordinary .as., it may: ap;  pear, the life-boat had not gone put up. to this  time. A few minutes after the funnel went  over the side and three men were!seen in the  water; at about 3:15 the fore part of the vessel was under water, and a minute after the  mainmast went over, carrying with it every  livino-souLin thatparfcof the ship into eternity.  Ai 3-25 the foremast went; on .which, some 3  or 4 men were seen climbing. In a few. moments not a vestige of the ill-fated Cawarra  was to be seen, and little hope was entertained that one of the passengers or crew would  his success.^*Inybmess.C^  0 The MA^i^raoM^7^uchi-has lkfeehAwntienn:  ��������� concerning this liinipuii whirl pood, which lies  off: the'.^ cPast1 brvNorway. *v Iii':1859 lt;''fes'T.ex- A:  escape a watery grave. ; ���������  From the time tbe Cawarra struck till she  disappeared only three-quarters of an hour  ])r. Davie, who examined  der her injuries fatal. The girl lay for three  hours after her violator fled, when she revived  nfter hiding several hours, and alarmed the  neighbors. The perpetrator of these outrages  issald" to have murdered a man quite recently  2 Honolulu. We hope, if caughMlmthewiU  be sent up to survey Saanich district from tbe  t^most branches of one of the tallest trees on  ^i;l Tuianfi.���������'Colonist & Chronicle.7  tlie Island.-  "parte yoa wan'tgood Coffee use Fell-s.  -way.  amined by an official^cbminission appointed by A*.  the' Government^ of'Norway, who make the;-.  following report concerning its true nature,:���������������������������'- A  u When the wind is. stea-dy,' and-, nor too violent,  boats,may yentiire "upon it 'at ebb-tide y  iin summer^ .when ij^ is! still for about, half aii y.  houri, At the p pint half way; b etween flood and  ebbyiti is most yiplent^'a^  in danger.   At certain times it may be jpassed  at any state of the tid^ by' steamers and by  large ships with a steady wind.   J?ut. in winter and. in storms it woul d. be... highly danger-x  ous for any; vessel to .attempt to pass the M aelr ��������� :'.��������� -  strom, v Its direction-/and-.violence are in a ..  high degree dependent on wind and weather.  When there blows on.thej. sea a stprmfrom tbe A:  west^'the stream invwinteiilruiis ��������� cohtii^lly^to *i;  the east at the rate ofsix knots: an hour, witlr- ;v  out changing its direction with:;the rising or  falling tide;, and; if at such a time thevtide- is  rising, the stream becomes excessively violent  and entirely unnavigable for steamers or any  other craft.   ;At certain states of ;tlic wind and  tide in the winter, the, whole stream: boils in  mighty' whirls, against   which   (he   largest  steamer could not successfully contend. These  whirls,, however, would not draw vessels, to   ;  the bottom, as was formerly  believed, but  would destroy them by dashing-them against  the rocks, or, in case of small vessels, by ��������� fill-,  ing them, and thn?j causing them to founder/'.'  The old;stories, of the terrors and dangers of  the great whirlpool are thus proved incorrect.  Indeed it has very little terror to the inhabitants of" the coast, who laugh at the tales of -  travellers concerning it.  Queensland Emigration.-���������The ship Queen :  of the Colonies sailed on the ilist July. jrem..  Gravesend for Queensland.    The Queen' of;"'  the Colonies is the 81st vessel that has. sailed  on the land-order system of emigraifcion. under ���������  the immediate clirection of M r. Jbrcian, Agent-  G-enei^alfor the Queensland CovernmentvSiie '  contains 397 souls, divided into., paying, as- .  sis ted, and ft; e & p asse ogers, .a n d' co hsis-t! h g of ���������  205 members of iamilies -\ 127 single men X $*  single females.  y  .������ 4W^L^"5Xi^:__^^*'^������^*rtW^ ���������^f*^r ���������> ' " v*0*^> ������0 XZ :'������������������'������.���������  0imWl fJ?KCJSSWICK.        ��������� !;_._  :;>/. ���������  . .A{mill rape between *���������*the mills of Messrs.; JJS  ' * "resulted in favor ,of :thai -of the former, i It cut  ��������� ,,.  andiCdged-in an hour, 7,60.0Jeet'again^ 5,9Q0;  ^.Vfeet"byjthe; latter; - .j, j   .,������ itit^u V*'.i -������ i'1-  ^C} _^ r" i^^^<rM J������ *������^vtxe 0rix xd-i ?T^o 1? ei:e<i .a4i;tli^lOrc^tL^a-lls?  7 The diggings are thought to. b e extensive - ( ys  7 x, r Frederic ton^Augv^ 4th.���������The, ?following t fe  1 Jf\ \ixe result of> the match,played yesterday * and  A A/tfJ&asylbetween"the Boston,GirlokefaClub;iand  ',' 22nd Regiment;- Military, 1st innings, 73;  .'���������Boston Club; 1st .-innings,- 59iv 2nd Innings���������  .   Military. 173'; Boston Club, 79. .   -'y   v      ; i  |$&S>^BM01J$*E&^  .;^.V>"-t:'������������������v:"V|t '���������:) *J -;f' ������������������ 10-v'  R^i^ipS ^otrsfes, *$&  93  :X-X<  yy  .yy Men and -;Women.~ Women may talk' of their  .- ^inherent rights as much as ��������� they please,'-but  ,, ~iib,oufcthe equality., o������the sexes,* but they'caii?i  y oyercome facts-land.!^r^attizaitipns^^en^^^1  f-pakstwere made;to be twined;*.andfromwand  i    ^y^xere^made'tb twin'ev about' them; though  :,,aa equality*^w&reu to^be established ^between  i calico^ and* cassiraeret to-morrow'it would not  be a week before all theofficers would be men  .anclthevsbl^ewf'M^mqriS .Females are peiv  * A feebly willingf to go ahead provided* the men  Ago first. itSetfire rto?t a steamboat rand ''not1 a  ���������yardJpfdimity wiH':budge till cassiratire 'set  ��������� the examples" So��������� ion^Jas^the men iclihg tolthe  WMb Steamer .Enterprise  /j. MONDAY, &��������� THURSDAY.. MORNINGS} -  A^'X,y0. -.i^ATK-DAvrLiGHT^:;/.....    '���������  WEDNESIXAtf ftitS ATIJRD^^RNINGS,  : i;\ h 'At Xi;  .^ -"AT 6 O'CLOCK,  v *-*'\' ': v^i /'  ,-06niicctliigo^^  f..;-jWiodneBdAytai^ ?'}  v ^^^Freight to Qi_fesi_eriicts.v^IhAA^y.  .StotimBTMEtiiorpris^X^' ������������������ * X7 ,,x >0 -   yy t-u i .  j k ^:Sluy-^Ui0m^mixi0 :0A i AL A0 ' v, \l 5'>-  THE .UNDERSIGNED HAVING' PURCHASED FROM  vMessrs^o^ i Ranch'; I UK  getltar';^ fyfrsttyZ bpuse :knofr4 *$,  patronage IVes to w������d pp.yib. lbrhier proprietors.;  one'~" '1'": --'-':-* ~~-~*'���������'~i-i- ~- -* ������������������~      "----  Oil  TI113 is  Olmffiil  ;d'OL<DJMIAL ^RESTAURANT,* '    ;.',.,-) .),';.QU-SSV13I_}I0UTH>:<;   - ���������   *' r ",:  ."��������� ?, P. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor, '' ' i l  Meals at all^boursf and Cooking: of the ,b)est  70 00. ������',i 'f description.   vi' ;H J   ������������������ sM V:  b of the most J pomtbrtablp, ,aajl v^om.mpUiQusy^q'tel^  rtlib rbatl, contain j ng as it1 dbds'wiirai 'ariif>vj>ll fiirn-  ���������isbed^bed rooms .. tli goo.- bcdsl;^ Tho llABLfe' :is: -sup^  plied f^iith every! delicacy.it is possible to plxjcdre itf tho  upp^r.country.,v-Tbe; BAR i^,stocked! with the beat;of?  Liquofts atidthe clipices't Cigars. ��������� ���������������,.,,���������,-, x7 A*  'r. tiwr MEALsJji'fi.O rEAeH^^  ^���������;i    Ji.''";    ^i^i::'1'  *���������  ^ ;������������������" l*^J-"^ !i"- >'-':. '*'':��������� ���������!'"'V':*-���������Br."  ', ^-^atv*^v*,*  ���������;yesseIf the^womemwillvcli ng to ��������� the 'raen^: Ibut  "?,'*ii^t^Ipnienl^>  - -rT^uMeStpo^'  y,7y -*, ^QES^ELMOUTH, ^t-r':.-.     ; 4,  ^;.:^:bro^1|;!g^  Qood BedSi^fRestaurant f Billiard Table; '&c.  ,!.;;��������� r;.rr:Stabnng:_"or ; /,^pl..'.  rates,-*v^*(i -ife^>���������!���������::'!���������'��������� ^t���������">''. **3��������� -1 r;fl> >ur^'liuuiw;jv*  ;v TheI.un0crsigned has a iarge^cj������nntity pt: OAT!"HLvYJ  on hand,\for. sale in lar^e...pf\sui4li. <iuahtities.; j.^Pjirtfes  desirousT6f purchafVrigvtlils' article) Would 'do well to  'giv'e:himaC&110XJ.0yy' .������*. >,y i>x0*r^r tn.rth.?., ?  .-43*. vrf. :   ;>   ^ ;;^  '���������������>.fl7 'JfJ  iy%. *������.-: ��������� ^o u.,.,,;is t I^������pei^.aoodB'.>t-..,y(y f -,"   or ���������  r;Keceiv:^ regular.supplies by.Exuress v&Pn^S''  *  by.SHiling vossels^ja Cupa >M^^'0^mw  ^^-ParUcular attention5given\o^H^order.i 0 :  U  ,������������������ ^)  '^?:  .GiROD&'GUlCHplSl,  vOt*o^Bs^^ii^a:s^ OmiRAff-ySt^ti  00y^-BOYV7&7lHJ^^  THTSJIOUSE is situutod'26 mjicsTrbm^uosn^U  ��������� The1 proprietors * having1 fhit<Uy \ iittod': tip' beurorinis  undigood?Botia arejiow.prepared*toallbrd every accom-  iiiodptionjor. Tcayellerj<5vi j;c JTuisle. isairnMhediwjth all  the in'xuritXthat can * bb (irocurea; the .Bar is ^voil i&up-;  but tbey can^t alter4the^regulations- of G  l^isampo8sibte;f6������(.i,be^w:om  Of God;'  [tfieih^  which -the.sufferer is a; gentleman named Gxis-  '* ��������� self;  vSe-:was tlie-holdor. of fe^igirtj^hares^in;  '" Aifip broken baiik pf'fi^SBm'Overend^Gttraey,  &Jdo/lMdAA d^osi^r, jiffirebver.  rn'tl:|i''-     *''1 "'"*''-i    "i' i "'-|'V,v' '.   . X        ..    r   I  :Hl^St6ragei:.-&c*i--������TJerms most-Moderatevax \  707 Hyl-xi    m'QUESnelmouth..:,, .��������� ������*. - .,:,*A-;;������,*;  ;;;;/fLILLp,pET ApYERTlSBMENTS. ^  soda:yCreek.:  T;E':iiV  ^LOBBJ:   FLOHIEJI  Kf,0-JKp.  OLtOOET    MILLSi  r^r-.  arid'cduld^eceive nojparti ofrhis^djjpbsit ?until  all'lhe^creditqrs had been' paid ;4n (,full. "{[To.  make^he,matter worse  he was. told, that he  ,   must in the^meantinie.pay. up-alUthe'vcalls upom  .   his shares.    Howevpivseverely the law thus"  presses, on persons who-are both vproprietors:  A a;hd'fle]>or������tw b'aqk,.-justice, to other;  ..pprtiphs/pf society requires that it' should 'be^  cft*in'nron-HTr ^flrriprf Ani"       Tn Tv.i-pwrnnftl.eotrorali  rpHE'UNDERSIGNED are noSv m'aunfac.uni:g'PEO"0Pv  f������ of-A 11 grades r Extra,'.; Saperfi ne and. Fine. -Food  Cra^heirtmorders ''Ay.*'��������� '"'-������������������- A''!<Vfi"\-A.'- - ' 0  xx. ! yA ���������x1</xii^66iSTiFi;ou^MLii^rco.V''' yA  A0S.. ;.,n Xy.y yti>y 7r ', s'j^F.'Wit FoSTKRf Agent;.'A  pGREATREBt ���������1vv.-:-pprtT\wTPir-''rrt';i '  ^- - ^ ���������^���������;ri-r���������-.  itVat-thisostaWistinmnt,^ | %^'S^^pJ^n^^-^^^^^'1^  ,^jjk-K'i??j;:5^f- 'c~T*7~ni?^Ti" y*?v 1-858.:..^^vv:"."  WILLIAM; 2ELNER; ^^&^i&^ ;-i������ '  script ons-.carem������ycom'p,oun&^  !       BOOTS! BOOTS!'     ''7.770'.  If SAY SAM! . How is it your Boors wen*������������ ������.������ !  ^ii*kecp 3jur^so dry / ;SS^  CharitytandButlerjGovernment Street/ Vibiorta  J ,G^eh-^ta  a;oareiully{selected stdekhof^the abbve-'fromthebS f  fruit .Trees; andsBushes^Ever^reens^eiimDsi^reei;  :house and. Garden;, Plants^ ^p'dart Tind'diWif'BiaeJ'  ^������ygryynriety. .���������j{^iaIpgBe^nra^pi*MiattQnVu..,ti<8.  -;Octpberls^-186^  r:.-.  r>;''������������������ v t:^7 :;r ^rbprietbrs.  4iJr  ^���������-f''<yi  '-:;:?:'  I*EALERiN>IX&C^  /��������� Caps.'Boots ahdj.Shoes,.,Carpetingsiv Oil.Actaihst  \yan^pferi_J&c"*'������mob^ ���������>-,���������-..  *  'l.rSi.:  h"the unhappy .position of Mr; Grissell,^ahd  ������ 'Bbtsy made the Boot.���������Lord Shaftsbury on  0*^05 occasion was .'examining?, a *?girl?8' school.  andriust as bevwas about to'take'leave he:adr  vdre'S;  0a LILLOOET    ;BREWERfY7 ;   :'  TA)GO^ ;!M3liTZt "Prb^rietar; lias-flways bii  IcF ;ihand',a'-larg& 'and superior > stock of fLager Beer j at'  Jthe1Bar^jvill?'be foun^jUiVvhest Brandies, Wines 'ixtiti  Segars-j the publlcrareJnyitec^to  all'orders"pronlptly.'   "' ',. * , ,,      , l-s.,  ts; ogEH.:'.fqr;;the*;accom^pi>atio.n' o,f pthe ;  -X Traveiling 'public;'rtlie* be'drodinV are'.}spacious aiiil  airy arid the Beds ca no ot tie- 'Su passed^Ib'r* cT^^i'fness  a:nd comfort by; any. in the, lower conn try*; *: th e Table is,  aiw^yssupplied^wlth lp& best, of,victuals.';f Stabliilg  for 'Horses; Hay, Oats .'and Barley' constantly on ;ha.nd.  I^B3srms;iMnTR  li/i is-furnished \v.ith' every cbnvenienco^.forHhe; coni-  fbrtof^Travellers;l Mie:iGuliiiaityi depaVtrhcnt i^tin'der  tho.sapqrfoi tonUen ce\ol4;anfixp8rie'o ced; cook; j th ft Bed tf  '"Te-clqan "aii'djcomi'prta,^!e���������������������������''the^Ba���������rconlain^,tln;i best  vI>iqu6rs7 Segars, &c*,M, Stabling, Hay,"Barley*  best description al ways, on bond; also:; NahaimtvEnir-  lish;'!Btocksmitbrand Cann"el >Ooal.,:>^'OrS'er3;coi]t to  a tten t Jon:.:: ���������: r y :r "��������� 0 ������������������ 0 yy x. x, x x %t ti$j, :u *> ���������  ������������������ts-W  ��������� p; ment $1, \<Ictorf^j:,VVIf,'opposite;Hptel deFmnc?.  ���������are  of  [p; :^E:;tWHiBULB^ JaiuIr & ,OfiTFipBR^oii street,  XV^yict^rfay^ly;opposite ireeHivettbtcl^vaerebo  Is'p^rep'aHed to sui^piy;iife numerdus.pa^oiis'.with eVerj-  :re,4nisi to Xoh^lotbiug;Suitablei^r^eyery season of iliu  .year, y^yrtxxx X> AxAyuAx, X Ay0i0V&:  .and  the  ^BELMANviafLd^McK?ENZIE;{;Pr6pTietors.i  M   This House,is well fitted^)up.*with;Goodv:Beds and;  :; raM^moiig^bcher things\'mq^tid7iiWti6mid^i 7'^.  * ybUr^ile^bbay?^, ^U^n^M^y^oM: WM^kM M*is2^ %ZWl)?$?l  lAylytid. 1 theunsop h isticated ^rl|^et^3"bnes' hmde  myiJjody, but I niadelthe^k-U'^r^ 0 r  10. Aijt^ifyei, woul3! oair-: the ^^n^pn/i>pi^<^:  y  jiayin^gc^lla ^jff^ther;bom!!^ ni^ve!;  ��������� ^between JtS^  ���������,':. ;^ ���������M^Q.vg^^iISiot^,*" wiio; iias;^-Hpi������!e^&nc}j Dray  ��������� \ '���������ready 'Uiffie Jshortes*^;notice^itp.!; exeptitc;;. any  ���������,-"; ���������:��������� prdera ji^-**n?aj!;b^ rea-''  ::A: '���������tiotihhXe'r'iieiiAli AiXX/i'l :7y/000- .7yA0iA*X--;  If y oti want good -Coffee rise Fellas; ',  } Pioneer; Hotel-^iUp^^  This old,  i/';:estal>iished House: is- well fitted'ap for. the ^c6mfprV  of Traveilcrs;-"'the j Table ..is supplied wit'h;the:be*sV OP  everything that can bc had, and the, cboking js not-in-;  .Terigr;'to ..the besthptej in the lower ^^country; Bedrooms  v for * F^iiiii ies jw S ta b li rig' for. ;Hprsesj: Horse ;Fqed; &6..  TolPExpress'stopsliere ������������������ '���������" ':..'        r    l-s  "BliUE  fmjA^Afipti: f Al  'his friends  h'eha?!  preparefl to;supply^ tae'm  with;First Class jVccp]ri*nP4atiori. J: ^^Good-Stapling'for  horses;1 Hay andGraiu..',.,      X  y,l t   0. J; 1} 1-g ,;?  i after l^t Junenext in government Street^ opposite th  ���������Bank of British .Columbia,   .,,,,    ,    ,..   ���������  .. 4-s.  ^'JoHar'  ���������44; WHOLESA:DE-^0RETAfi.;'.'DEALERS 'IN  1:  Co.;  arms,; i^ea/ro^p  -   ^^       ���������    BAR;REEVIL"L;E..01//AiA-.kxx  vr';;;;Hay^:ju3t receiy^a ;.;,;,';  Sheet Copper, Zinc; Tin-Plate ^ndiShept Iron,;  w i tb .various .o tb er art! cles S n tbeir line of' trade.    "  "   <4*9"-AtI Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron| Copper'and.  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted'to givosMtisfiie-'  ."r-AXD  GENEFIAL ! MERGHANPiZEi  ���������/'- '-.bareeeVille.     ''  > 111 MILE HOUSED  ;;.. t."Prppri^tprj ������v.. ������:-i: .;,. f, ;T? ���������. ��������� .n v - -Ajsjcfni  THIS:; HOTEL-jSfL^  for;the';coipfort ofi,t.ravejers; .the Table ia^ suppiled5  wi th thebosVof: everything t'Htri c?m 'hoi Rrpc^r'dj^ah'd,'  the cooking is riot inferior to any on tUe road:1 Bedr������>iiis!  for families; Stabling/:Hay^BaHev arid Oatst^'^1^^  >aumrit |s suppjied ^th ,aU ihejdqllcaoies Jlie_market  iifttfiikf; In the Bar wiil b'e/ound the choicest Uhvors.-  ���������J?um]3hed^6oms';-'f&c.' r * "s';'^ '��������� ''**0'yA0"  l-s  IOT&JENEjTHOMiASi.-Yat'es street,' Victoria/.  y Wholesale ariCKetail Dealer in WINES, BRANDIES  BEERa and LIQUORS' -arid ��������� depoit of; Havana Segars. '  poods .tory^arded, to the Miningpislricts. .;, AX  rl-s  ���������A f-| >JPRANKELv Victori������^;'Is;?������*De������ldf'in::Ftil8)J  xX������^<SBJjjs,;!HiDBft, Wobij &c. v: Liberaladyancesmflde '  on'Frirs'coiislgricd.,: Rcfrrenco���������G.^utro & Oo.',Spor-:  :l>crWwBri^'^ict6rii������tJ;V.?lr;': *:.���������_ 0X XAAAte A  8S MILE-HOUSE  ii'iH.V  7A LBERT CRYSLER-has opened the above House for  jix, the receptioapf Travellers;-the/Table is well kep't  arid the Liquors cannot-13.9 surpassed,; tlicrBejis are  clean and* cpmfortabio::-"Stabling:for itorses, * Hay arid'  ;'Oats.yry y ;��������� yy:   -0y X.-.>x .  U:yy.-:,~ : xi^y  tion.  34  ORIENTAL  SALOON,  RICHFIELD.  * HUEi'tratpERSIONED. HAVING. 'WFASKD FROM S.  JL A. Smith tlie premises formerly fen6wn.as.the Miners'Saloon', has opened the same Under the above  lume, and would respectfully invito his friends and the  public generally to give hiui a call. -. r> "��������� :A .  ������3-Thc best brands of LIQCORS and SEGARS will  always be kept at this establishment.  ',' '"     0      ' - *   JOHN HED1N.  Richfield, August, 1866. iyi 20-3m  : jfe*.A full assortment of Groceries and H. B.jCo.'s  Liquoks always on hand. "       : ' 15 A-  ���������A !���������.";[.! ^ ���������-��������� 'U   BARKERVILLE,  -  ;������������������.- - (Next Bank of British North America.)  DLE\ytS begs leave to inform the Ladies and  ������.' "Geritlemen of Williams Creek find vicinity that  he has ftttcjd'up a;BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their acconamodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to merit a share of their patronage.  i*^r*He.witl also attend lo Extracting, Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth.  ' v       '   ' 19  '���������THAMES' HtJBON, Prbprie'tof;v' Tins commode  'it.. 'ous Hp tol '.is. well, fl tted* up Wi th "eve ry' con veriionce;  for th e com fort of f the p u.blic;. the -Bedsi.are r a 11 that a  1? A WATSON, Watchirtakerik Jeweler,,  ,J������.> and Engraverr^^ Yates stteet^above'������yi;i  erhmerit"^reevyictona,iX|I.XXyi-.Y 01������% '"  Wilson &mmBAY>*GRtia^s;,vwwyj  >>'���������; rWino;& Spirit Merchants;;Bakers AOonfectiowra,  ���������Fort'Street, "Victoria^.;!., "li ���������   y^yyxy-Ainr^X  QPORBORG- & RI^EFF, Goiniriission Jfer- .  ;U CHANTS, Wholesale .Dealers in Groceries, Paoy-  ;sioxs, Boors k Shoes, Wharf street, ViqtpriyjfcL l-s  .VIFORTAIn T to  EitS  hou ;s'Ej:::  T GRENZO LEARTb, Proprietor. Thislmuse'  1j jaifords every, accommodalion for the comfort1 of  Travellers; the Table iifttrriisljedwith all thp delicacies  of the season, and the Bar?is stocked with the chpicest  of ."Wines, Brandies &rfegfiVs; good stab ling for. horses;  n-iy, Barley arid Oats constantly on hand'at low''r,'ites.  Newly, milled Flour for sale cheap.- 'l-s'  ���������i'fi BEIitE^.&.FITERREi^:Impprters^V^o^ .  '4Srsule Dealers in 'Wines, Spirits \ and tyqnvssi  -VictorfvV;^-   ,_i.      -\'   ���������' ;..���������   --^j,   **!,; '  'SiRSir  fcj rarilV Sb'Siii'/ssidlV  Vrl.  wT&!COm (late Anderson-&.CP.) iacpRTEES -'���������  >aik*3Sid.V ilfisciu-Vrs,' Store /Sitfe^MW?^ *  DRAliBS i-f  n-: SI7TRC} ������Sc CO., Importers asd DRAif w^  ! \JT.' CIGARS, ���������TOB,ACCO,VAIeer8haura;Pipes, k<*A,"������ *;.  .corner of ;vates andi Wharf ;street,-Victorian  ^   -; s  C"   'B : HA(^&ml ?ihiaiciAs'&Svko.ofti mfffi- -'  , nor of Yates ahcgovernment^St.*;., >lctof%r^'...  VAN WINKLE  STORE.  rrHE" UN-DBRSINE'D begs* to informi'tlie miners and  A rm dwitsdn and: arou nd Van Winkl n th at bavin g*  puroh.ased the esta b 1 ish m e at a nd ��������� good will of th e u" r m  ' Tho undersigned is prepared to'  OLE^N BLACK SA.ND, BLOWINGS AND  ,-  70-     0'  PANiVINffS,   ^ .  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity on the  MostLu'eral Terms, at trie  Reading Room, Cameronton,    .  The Subscrilmr is well known on Williams Crock, and  fro rn the con fid ehce reposed j n. h i m here tofore i ii t he  above business, he hopes to receive the patronage of  the Mining community the ensuing season.  I    . A    JOHN BOWRON.  GROUSE   CREEK  ... .   -. ������������������         ���������;- -������-vrtojj.,. ..v..* ^utlyiug  m������* I    ?y!#_Hryie& withprompmoss and dispatch,  it u   S *?h,W������ Uj W itt th������ir winter stuck.will hnd  it to Ujeir advantage to givo him a c.VJIV  **5^r--niu CASH, without.distinction. ���������  n J. W, UNDHARI).:  The Bonaparte House,1':  QEMLEN & PARKE; Proprietors, at the  "O Junction of tho Cariboo1, .end Big Bend lioacls, is  now open for the accommodation of tho public.. 1)1^-  tance from Clinton, 2(i miles; from aavunus Steamboat  Lahding,. 2,2 mlies;: from. Spen ce's; Bridge, .30 miles<  Travellers \ViII lihil prices aud accommodations tOjSuil  the times. ' Give them a ft,111. Ktaiding, Hay k'Gr'aih'���������  attentive hostlers: -.-'Stage loaves: here twice a week-for  Big Bend aud;yale, and once a week for Cariboo. :'.1-8  foIERCE &' SEYMOITR, dealers'-In iS?M3������ &  I.: FcKFiTURE, Broad, St reel, Victori u, v- l' y0y  riAIRE & aRlNOINIirHA^^"*:������^*  V- iTlERaHANT������} Wharf Street, -Victoria.���������V.L       ^.,:  HENI)ER80NlSOtfRNABY?: M^5^  Whar-f street, Victoria/W J;        j___^^Lr  t TO^'IJJWW Clothier, tit������ *M������^5  -L;opposite the.-Bank Of British North Ameia^^  fpHB UNDERSIGNE D begs to i n forni t he pu blic th at  ..JL. the above establishment was'.opened on SUNDAY  LAST,, .the 22ad July, and that he will be happy to receive a call from hi* friends.  "'" JBST BOARD $1G PER WEEK. *%%  Bread, Pios and Cakes always on hand for sale.  :     23 A. KELLY, Proprietor.  THE -ASH OR OFT HOUSE  -' MESSRS.* C'ObNWAliL'S: ' '':'' l'' '"  .4 T THIS WELL KNOWN" HOUSE, .half-way between  ii. Spenco's Bridge and Clinton, oh the Yale Rente,  Tra vci 1 ors wi II flb d Good Accommodatlon. : Tbe best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter,-.Milt  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed". '  l-s  JL/. Government' Street,* Vict^rja^_^���������l^--^"  ;PQRT/PQUGLASVA^ \.  others destined for the ^ZJ^Sum^t^^-'  inlence.and.accpinmpdat on g* .    y  $' and a Table.-well buwW; ^^y\  And: eyery.conve  theml   Good BodS  4he dclicucjes-of tlie season  AUCTIONEER,: MINING & COMMISSION  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,  ������      .BARKERYILLE. .   17  ��������� : This House is  wpllllttednpforthe ^W"fS, Stabling.-'  b the'Brldgo River Mmes.    Good i*"j,   a week;  Bvaus fvt Lilloeaf*


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