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The Cariboo Sentinel Oct 1, 1866

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 Pi  11  mAyW  *���������":-.    ������������������M^Cv^p'  f'.e  '   ���������    *" ' ������  ���������  y ft-1-, V.-'   -V'���������'*������������������"  77     "B^H;'    Vjy-  .   if!i'   WI  B^ creek) B; C;/Monday, OctoUerl,  YICTORIA..ITEMS FROM./COLONIST AOT  ���������' u& ^m/iAA  a- ^e'sbip-R'oyalTarVConsigned ^  ^general'^ar^^  'ieogers.^Ajloctfruinoi: was 'afloattathe etfeetj  <'������*bit"G^  ��������� -%f"6A passingtff,:titt:TJhJi^;^iU^kiid that he  ��������� i> W:?  reporfciis qnlyone-half; sriioto there isi none '4^ AaPF . UaripOO , ;b@IXtlIieI,'m  left to "foul the barrfi ��������� una   ^ift ������n ��������� ^������ v_ .-^;fe ^ ������M. MP1B.       -���������  Epniitonald Eraser- has:Aeftfo^a'tou^  Europe.���������-A-complimentary/dinner hai^been-  riven't&Mri'Sto  V' b?%S-S!?S^*u^ ftbra, fof^Qlofryl^^  ....ylew wtfijthe GoVernor���������^^r^%H$ft9$^^'i  ��������� ing W iguarante^lrqm;^he: m^-m-ffleini'ipr  the payment of the^pife^^   partnient, and wereadvised :by the,Governor  to apply to tfe:<pit^@unteil^- who, Had power  'pri- Hogg, wHo .recently went to-Salts  'Island, vdied very suddenly/ tffirta A  1 hel6hgingfto;the^^  in the PolictfCourtWith1^  ���������in the higltsejtsv:������������������*it wasjftnallyjtrranged'that  jointhe. navyf which >heldesiredc-f^Anflndiain  -wasfihedin^thePolice C^iirt $20;/or������ mo  is giving a series of temperance lectures ifa  Tictoffa/ ".This" R'ev. .lect^fTbught|to/giv|e  1 ��������� thisplace tfMl^fcherris a'finer field^open* for  him^^.L^hSanwttf agen%for^;Pacin^c  GoMDirectory, ;Has\6een invited to deliver a  lecture in Victoria., *'"*\ '     r  $$������7$**  *\-,i%tf:'i:  K-j *���������?> fe't?. ������**;>>  ffl^|a;r^auperior-to-gunp  Gu^cotton.was, as fornielyf'made���������'and-usedj  W,& besides being liable.;to ignite -at. a ldw:  heat; vand-flre u- ^'^^0,.... ^  .. by-spontanebiis- combustion;  ^n-ctytty|thisrp^  hing ;td liis pate^ty is a v strong ^ut- decile ^ser^  than gunpowder^ and capable:: of :being'used  wiffi entire Safety iri exising fire:armsi-<Builder?  !f'.^ki.WE'EKL;y:PAi>!ER.r ��������� J  Published Every Monday and '' Thursday.  77 ;^mn^:lambert; pkopRiBToy;,r;;'fM  Qmos^ARKERVILI^ CArxboo;  y-  y.    yy^-'iA,.        -, ,    ,. <u - ..-   r.;-X       ..   5!1-';    .   ,,'<'.',,,,;   ���������-;  yo a ?--^iSubscriptioii/;$leper''^weefc-b' ������������������'* s^  (Including  ;������,;; J 'y i''CI^A;;AND;,JAPAN.'   ' 'A 0  X The^^ Britisn ehip^Mary^^Francis, 50 days from  Hongkong?arrived at SanjFrahcisco''Sepfem-  ^er 31^^ bringing!China] ^M# the; ,12th;  My^hich^  cernmgithefoss;0f thPiBritish ship^airligh^1  bound to Baid port from*Hongkong) The Fair-;  lightstrdck oti.. a^reef nearVthe?Meracosina: jfe;  ,^BANKS|EXI^ESg^flgS5:  '���������? yAy:-yyyyyyyyAj.y).y. ��������� y?ysuyyA  .yV^.V^'^^MK-'OF^^^Vy:-.;;- "VVVV  ;s**.i>  iPAlb/'UI^i&Rftll^^^  iMfDRAFTS ISSTJEDl^^ We-BANK!S BRAJfCQEB, 'r,  J A FTER^ THIS1 BATE;'th'c^ta^^iniMV^aiio^fflctf  :������& at^BAREERVILLE for" YALE; 'TWICE' ^ EAfeH'  WEEEj on] TUESDAY ah(i FRIDAY MORNINGS,'  a t,6(o'clock,;tp^on*nect'*.w.lth;;thor steaihjjriat Qqesnel biii  Wedhesjay and Saturday-mdrhinisV . y]y^~-0 39 M  ?Wv. ?> -if  M^0^:E';^^Ifl!i,,  .  AV:y i-yj.  I.     ";v<->y:    a    ��������� -'X-jXu   ::, yXyrl"'  A  ���������-,>:.>.  ' 1.  I!  -^DEALER>JlNfe;r.^s&;':^tMu'^  passenger  &ytivttiglmft  passenger8;^eie;los|.^^ tbe latter after  being sent on a raft -returned!������ the ship Ho  save property>and-wererlosijwhen-the#hip  brokeup:^Thesurvivors were" takenItb'iihe  tisJamLof JPa-chung-san and;hospitably treatecl-  ?by the natives. >;Capt. Busch and aiew;of the  crew madel t^irway ^tq* Kelungon -a1; ship js  boat.s Lieut^onunander.R*;^^ E^Lyward, R.B.  ofctherHavoc,1 had gone from Tufnsay in the  steaniekPrinceiKung to bring awayy the re^  maihing! suryivprsV .,..A, ���������:. D. y.;=v Ar , - ri07- j"  A. A- heavy,gial^: was-ekperienced atHohigkong:  on: the -7th JulyA> Gonsifjerable damage wapl|\  done to the Praya or sea-wall at that place/  large sections^ it being w&he^: away by thje  sea. Vhe shipping in the harbor fortunately:  n serious "��������� ^ - ^  third dau^htelr^the1 Princess^elena^ J 2.YThe  f Queen's&t cousipvtte^  *l)eetfdeprived noflliis Mrigd6m; by the; same  IQhg of Prussia, in whose .army the Queen's  ���������f :sdnt-in3iiw,n ihe, -jWiiic^ ���������$ ^Prussia?' is: -ftrcoffi;  manding pflSfier. -v*3.y Prince Alexander of  f'Heiw#//wrfb'"f edmm'"^^^  H r^el iS^pOse &e'Kih  fo Prince Louis, the husband of Princess'Alice,  the Queen's secWd^^  Sa'xe'-Cobtirg-QOtha; Fi^nc^Alb^rt's) brother,  *a(ndWotiier>ia4aw;-to %evQueettv hold-cohfe  mand in the Mng^pf-Prussia^ army which invaded Hanover, which -kingdom, by the wa^  untiUthe XOceSsiorl j5fi%^aje.sty^rme*dpart  rof the.t^rito*r^:ofethe^Kings,.of Great.Bi^ain'.;  K, And^tty^^ncejjjegjt, ;iece>tl^mkrri& |ol  the Queen!sfirst coiisin,' the Princess Itfaryiif  Cambiffij-^hPlds a commissionlnthe armv of  'MEmpfcro^bf^  have to figlit the King of'Prussia^ho Jiasthe  Queen's sonrin-law^andthe .Queenjs .brotherf  *in4awlboth^officers-iinChls ai^^Buropeaii  Times.J 00.77 07711 ' Xy0A'X0y AA'--Ay{  "THfeBREECHWBSS GuN-liND NO GUNPOWJWEE.1-)  nounced- by Mr. -Harding, who makes not  merely, a b,reech-loadervbut a gun without any;  solid*breecii l-He^kes'U'tabe open at botn  ends, and this forms his gun, which is loaded  ���������andldiscli^gea'iWlth: deadly effect., tfDbej;plaii  issinipry this���������that1.a .'piece 6f wadding is  iffammediin at one :end...of,the;;tube,. then another piece,* leaving1 a space,- and, of course,  soke^ air between1 theih^closely^compressed;  tlien the powder Ii pla'ceu iny arid then ball on  4e powder. The breech; isj practically form-  ed-by'the air contained -between the: first and  Second piece of wadding.^ Others are enquiring if gunpowder1 itself shciuld be got rid of  altogether midst all these changes ?" Captain  Bickson says, Yes ylnnd{ sends^ ns 'one =of his  gun-cloth charges,- a piece of rolled tape, so to:  epeak^iu a paper casef.op,en at���������one end.. The:  patentee claims foi?, ^le^iin-clpthjcharges freedom from all" risfi of accidental implosion,'  "except when confined.in -m gunv>arrel or  bomb-shell.' iThey���������<are, no.n-pxplosive; they  }>Urn ))ufc do not explode^ if lighted and held  .h the handHtiey' are^Bar^^;|iliiey may be  dropped tfbwh a fed^ot'b'W^rSVith'out'fear  of danger. ��������� ^hundred may be lighted at once  and the result will not be more explosive or  dangerous than setting fire to a 'handful ;of  ''^cMttots-M!^^^  Queen's.eldest soi^l^Mn^^ales-.te  raarrieditp afd^ughter o������ihejS;ing; of Denmark,  who has lyeen deprived of a large portion: of 8������af M?.s  tis tarriffinS fcpthe^  lm^lViflelig^s������^^  .HUiium^ij m y^. 7 , : ,, .,������������������-������������������..*..-_^x was saved; ^ The vessel was ;capsizedvon'the  &igiit:bYthe^i2tH;^*n^  on^the ^wTreci^^  until rescued byv;a;fchu^'^J^  f From^  Neinfel (rebel^ hail 'assembled ihcotoiderable  fbwe in hthe?iu*pp^-portion M)f i the^prpvincP,  and had penetrated to 'witfiitf 60^miles of (the.  northern bink of *the:Y^ps2^^bsite; Chin-  kiang.  Li-hung^chiui^ troops! )iad;;^b>en' sent  against them and* had .-been ^deifeatedj byv?the::;  rebWswith'cbnside  and, rifles^1--^ y^ ��������� ��������� 07 - Xy y.; X ::yA0 0^:0  '^Repotts haid been r^eived;fromBp^daai  o*&a collision;betwe^  sians at'Sighalien, in.which-several=of thelatt  ter^^were-killed;���������It-appears; that a sledging  parfe:of^apanesewere;carried;b  of their dogs into a Russian encampment. The  troops began to: ;beat - the intruders Iriotwith-  standing'their a^l^  their swords;and:killedfi^  ies; 'initbngkong five. ChinanienAwerevsen-  tenced^to death^^for piracy and .muMer-iippn  :thVctew;Pfthel)ahishbarkGaj.l,;,:TO^  was boarded and Capt. Hazenb erg killed..... I  ��������� ^R-UNiTEasAL Practice pf;:miskgrChicor^:an4  gther;aauUerati,ves>Mth.Coffoei.has vcry^niuch Uamag  ed ia- wM\k estimation,,what o.^gbt. to:;be the most  tt;  w*  *Ay/M$  '" ~'W.  ^IOTOR*a;'ANrjjNANAjM^::f,:.;:.v}  '">'  yyy"--y"''\-< A-.'>.*���������' ja7 y '^i)  ^'^-"^COL&MBMpr  ���������V * '���������  ^w* we^miSs��������� ���������    :  'A0A: ^ v.; y-yV'-'tiipARIBOO; >^/^'! -Axxyr ���������    -  'iift1    I AXy ]<-*yXt0 ;���������;.]������������������-:,  ,  , >^^,-yxyXAA<X":  .0 ,������������������/;, m.THmtrNITEB^STATES.-' XX   .-     -:.  tspm'.%   ;...:������������������     ������������������ fV^i������T4.''..r-:-;.K.'.-J  -    ipyx:  -, m>^0-  y'Xl'- A-myXr  ixxirxxxr m^v0Ar  ���������v..       ,     ^.|iiivv  *Aw}7  -���������.;.,..   :'-..., ���������ty^ty.AA  ���������-���������-���������'-'���������' ���������.' - v. ���������  ���������kTsiiwy: '  0.";..r'0"-, XtmpXyy  : , : v m^ai *  . ..-   - '  .   .,. iyfyxAA  -  ��������� \ r wkt '  --:'     \ ��������� .,      irzawtXv  :;:S'v::B I  Amx *���������  ^���������^N'THB B^K^iONTREAL^IN^AlfAXlAV  Loh'tfc  $&&iSv.  r'A CASE^NTERSa^INERS^ $P0$k," >l:  J^-':iii00-Y 0j   AyiA^y-rA:: y ^^AyyXtliy  A'ly .  Ay0X0AA7/i  00x QitiMfty������^^  ������..     ".        - Siracofi/St. Catherines: ,���������  ' ; " 4      y      -  -   -    , r  y (Agents -  .on, sptrnua^  .ON^IREIi^bS^teAN  Bl^NOIiAND^r^SiN^ WBRmSH;d6&MBIAf i  .   rk *'* :<"-    . j^^Qfflqe,(*rjombardSt.;fLgn'don  CURRENT ACCO.riNTvS opened for any-amount not  lessthonOh'te'Hnn^edrj'ollc!^     '      '     0-0-  XA -xyx-':i X A :  -x-Xir xyyi'X Ayyx-- :  ':-  ���������n-f'>rfcfrX���������������*���������-���������; ^���������-.^���������'y\-;.:i-y>   yyy \?-->::y>*vr'���������/j.t  fTHIS INSTITUTION'at' presentVcpntains .about  UL^volufnos of Choice titerature,consisting of EeHgU  Sciehtific^Historical; and Pocticd^wbrks,' and works-of  Fiction.yy, y r; yy ��������� --x* : 7-uyy >y ��������� ;+������������������ 7} ;T,. J  ;,:;:;Wbrcesier?.S;Large Pictorial dictionary, .Ure|spictioh-  :aryl bfr the (Arfe^Manufocture^ arid Klines.;' Lippencotrs  'Pronouncing Gazelitecr of; the; World-^ and Homan's Cyclopedia of Commerce Wijl always be:kepti^the-1^111  .torreference, ^y^y *..-, ^iX)-.t0*(^ xxy: X - X\  ���������'������������������ ��������� Tiie Shading Room will'be:,fourid,supplied. ,with the  l4test;E-oi|ish,-Scbttisli^  nial^Papei^andrM^izinCs;"'^^ yxxyrF <\hty 0X0-  ���������1 ��������� Tbejis of'SDB3PRipTi03f-?ri55cper quarter,* ora $2'per  ���������month.,,. Single, volumes Loaned to:non-su%cribcrs, aj.  '&{)' cts:" per.yoTu'raeYW\ith $l..dojposii^ [ ily,!']. Ai'] ,\....' '���������;,:. |  1; ��������� Persohis riot; subscribers Visiting ihe'1 Beading Room  and- making; use Of tho Books tind Papers will 'be chargr  ed25 cts. for each^visit. :. ':������������������. X-.7 hy' ���������.*��������� iXX 0 Am ty  '������������������ ^;The Room will ho. open from 10 .a. m.; till 10 p/mi.  0X0, '���������"' .V---."; Ay"-- 'a .y..J'QWBQyrKO$A7i  '���������: t;i7.   ���������������������������������������������-'j*?   y-'.y--. gecretraryaiid-librarian; ���������  MOUTTET ,& CQj.,.  WHOLESALE ^^ReSaIL ''��������� ���������,-���������'. -  shiavingsrQeither\vo.ulpl.the .firing of a whole,  magazine be attended;jwith more ^dattgei1"than;  *he burning of so "mufchs wood, Cotton or pa-  ^aVK^S^^o^,SllttIeknown that  fnSeSuVthe vapors extracted from .the berry in  St    ^ liquor isPobUined of :tho;mostinauseous  aste and of a scent the most unbearable. , ^ersuch  returning^ag  n to theto^x���������*'a(lrairably accom;  pbshed tyJ^MAMpVictoria; in which the berry  ^2S^ instantaneously. In addition 0  extracted C'imvuu dorivtfd by U10 rapid remova 1 of  ^??^Slw ^objeiablo Werties,, tbe  the steam containing the.  puro aroma of the Coffee 1  being l*es������^ required to remain a mucn  Roaster, **7 ^^ffic^of th������- steaming it under-  longer time in coosequvu^ ^tmti*llv imnossi-  tnes'L^������Ttire Coffee is "retained, the essential'oil  puro aroma ot tne ^���������^.������ JJh,1������t-od Lfa the Cylinder  ���������Ung iW^SiyJL'^ a moon  .*"*"������ J*'ua ^nfined steam.   It is chemically impossi-  goes by<t e co^n.d btean thc deteriorati,m ol  5lV������ Ton irou2d   Tho heat engendered by the pro.  CoiToe when grpuiiu.   *������������ x.......^��������� ���������~aatoB nn  cess of roasting, and especiall  action Wtheetonta^  longer  ble63tobWm the qualities;  offee when gr?"^-   ^r.g" of ������riuiling, creates an  action in J^JKt' gut to retain tbo essential oil  its fltness for��������� dnnfc    ������ ^ ting c0lltamlng  from 1 lb. to2S ips confidently recommend  the ^StSobcen obliged. to. refrain irom  t,103e w^r?fnn account of its ill effects that thoymay  tofeing Cf^������ S in the Conical Boaster,,be ng re-  US0 our ^-^Sal men under whose notice  commended by all 2^^lnuniflroU8 other testimonials  has been brought, ana oy u ^^ & co ^  in Ufl faVOf:,; coffee Merchants, Yates St., Victoria.  ���������1A7..��������� RlOHFIELD,^UUams:CrbjBk,1 /Bl' -piV;"!,?j://  WE HAVE ON HAND a5 large stock of prdvisionSi  Hardware and Vegetables, and:are 'deter?  mined to sell rthem cheaper than any .pt.b.er; store on  Wiilianis Creek. Come'aud'seeUnd judge for yourselves;  Richfieid,;^y'5tlvl860:v;:001''A'''x'!''i:'AAl: I  CUNIQ,  PROFEI-ETOR.-:-  GoverhmentTattttbtiierSecurities received foV'safe  ?cu3todyJ^IntereVts;and-&ivl(lendsrc6Hectea.' ' A1*** '   '  :A Received" on Deposit or Advances made upon thorn";  it   '-���������, A: x - ; ; ������000-7 1 7yi00ny Ay    ,,  yl.:yi  ���������': ' ��������� Xl  ESTABUSHSp W 1830iri  :Hbad OFPicB^7,;ST:t}IIELENSvPLi^E.ft^DONiv   '  'iRAFTS ISSUED on^^liontlon, Now: ycrk; San'Fran^  'ciscd^Ciiriboo/ Canadaj; 'New Brunswick;: .\Ova;Sc6tib,  ;and on all the Branches-of tlicnNiitional'Bankiof Scot- "  land and Provincial Bank.ofrIreland. >������ y0 :  \ ��������� > .  ArBiils of ������xohange and"Goid^Purchased;:  *.'*) Interest* oh;:Special[Deposits; of-Mflney aUpwed,at tha ..;���������  rate of a q.uarterjpf one per.cent.jpcr mpnth',,     ,, ���������-. ..���������  y.QohD Dust Melted .and ^Assayed, Vand, returns; mad������,  within 24'hours in C6inf or.Bars.: A, I AA'AAi, yi;. . ���������: i 'Ai  'u !:Orp's of every description carefully Assayed/' ��������� ���������    ���������  :v3i; B.--^ Any'instructions'as^to.thedisposal of the pro-  ceeds of Gold Dust; forwarded to,; the offlcei n; Victoria.  Tor Assay will be carefully .attend ed.,to.��������� iy ;,< v.',;, X..  '"'���������:. A A..A'x':.  'r      1 JAG. SHEPHERD, Manager:'  -^ctbria^V/IV; Ap'ril.;186&^^ :.  P.'XZj aX>  -'.     0Ax  ��������� ' .    '  -MmM-A:--  t\**i-kA'A;!r..  Jy~'--,. .K  x  BAKKERYrLLE^BJC;'  3:p. m.j,  4::p^rii. ..���������:  Office Hours, 1 yWnAmyyto-  ���������Saturdays, p ������������������ i0{a; m., ��������� to  jy&ry&o business transacted on Sundays, y ���������;     Ar  yyAy    < X': '-xj'.: \A; ROBERT BURRELI",  :Xf ���������--(-;:���������      -������������������>;:��������� ���������y..-sA.\-. -y-y,  1 ..-,.-���������:: =."���������*;Manager.  .  21st July, 1866.'     ���������     '   7AA-"l7iil XA'A'&:  .-���������; 1 . .      ��������� .   , ������-J.     ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������.     ��������� - . 1 I   ' - ��������� ���������.>.     ���������! 1 11.'...-/.'      , ,. ...     ���������  I    RICHFIELD, ;;.;:  ",  PATRICK klRWIN, Prop^.      ���������  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek: the Liquors  ��������� and Cigars are of the fittest quality.     ,9;;  E. C. GILLETTE,  ill WING-- SURVEYOR,  CAMERONTOWN.  E.   HO DG ENS,  BARKERVILLE���������Adjoining the Express omco.  WILLIAM  WINN ARD,    ...-..:  BLACKS  -BARKERVILLE.  JAMES   PURDIE,  BLACKSMITH,  RICHFIELD..  Barnard's Cariboo Express  A-7XA ���������BT''AiG,E/lLWEA / AA.  THE TARIFF OF CHARGES ; BY THIS KXPRI5SS  has been revised, and REDUCTION in prices  made to suit the times, : The charge on Letters to and  froni Victoria and intermediate 'places is now 50 cents.  Stage Fare to Quosne]mouth, ; -. ' :      .������       $S 0.  .: ������*      ;*   tliruugb to Yale,     - .    -.     -   $66.  ���������..JOHN B, LOVELL,.   Agent Barnard's Express.  ; August 1st, 18(56. 26  /���������m, ,   .  >������������������������ BA  0 'fill  ,:   / A :  ���������������������������". .    0X0:  ��������� kmA  ���������"���������     XI IXX:  ��������� ��������� X'XX  :      ;"-K    y-  ''rl-  :|,V^^#'  ^'#  US  iT'S?' "  Ay  BARNARD'S  wm  s  Connecting at Lillooet and Yale with, DIETZ &  NELSON'S for New Westminster & Victoria,  ILL ARRIVE AND DEPART from the office in  Barkerville, to connect with tho steamer "Enterprise" at Quesnelinouth, and the STAGES at Soda  Creek, EVERY WEEK,, conveying Treasure, Letters  and VaiuablES for all parts of the world. \ Also, .Commissions received and forwarded by Express for th*  collection of Notes, Bills and the purchase of articles  to be obtained at New Westminster, Victoria, San Frxa-  cisco or en route, and returns made with dispatch.  JOHX B. LOVELL,  I  1-S  ��������� <Ag<*w, H.,rkvrviUe.-  ������������������-f*l-J*?r:y>> y ffeJW-'e'���������"^������^yJS������ ^ .���������iO  va  m*ia^ssx3samBimt}mmMM^  tm iiffiosmotp  L .m$BAY,0G2Qfim X> 13*6.;  THE ELECTION.  FURTHER PARTICULARS   ABOUT  ' MURDER. ,;;  :THE   We had occasion inouriast issue"to animadvert ou thc^areerofanvWalkemwhile representing the el^ctors^or-^his*-District iu the  Legislative and to point  out''his sins"Of cpmtaissibh^nd omission in a  /priliticafesensef ;lu'doing;this we^haduoc^ish  ' to* say one word:in ahyVwiy'pinjudicial id his  private ���������; character^ which, so far as we can  -.'. judge, has been cbarapjifeVizpdihy the ��������� strictest  in tegrity, and a; wish to dp $oocj/,to those who  selected him as their ino^thpieceV * In granting  this, we at the same time as journalists aire  cbnipelled to apply the lash Where.we conceive  the punishment ia. duly;-^-merited, to do otheJS  wise Would;' render us:l.hnworthy the position  we bold ihlhe estimation'btthVpublic. Looking superficially>at;Mi*.:^alkem's-legislatorial  iic.tions,there is uiucji.^censure him for in.his  apparent neglect of^tfieiminers, interests wlmn  ca! led upou to n^ain^UK; their. rights.   Party-  spirit, hbw:eveirVhas<ud^r had any strong hold  111)0^011^fepling9;!the public- welfare' always  outweighing anyy<prejudice  or predeliction  that, might o.therwi-se^h^^ influenced us: we  iiave ever ^tha old adage.rii'oiir'"mind's eye that  "discretionis -the better: .part Of valor," and  ahead 'for the rocks; nppri %hich in mere b 1 in d  : * enthusiasiii we might nfeh to ra^eetcertain iles-  ������i trftCtibnt./ With the respective candidates we  ("7/i entertainrsomething of i]the.\same,v.sympathy  Vwhioh the woman,bad'fqivher husband when  she sa wi hioi engage din $7 ������&$?. Pp uflict -with  "'% bearA" pitch1 ih;i-;i^donH'care whicK 'wing.f'  ,We expix'ssedotir^se^ this subject  ���������Ay in rd, previous: a rticle ;������������������ atid five1' still main tain  y[. t.hat,o,arJ.nter&sts caitoniy:be^truly and'faith-  "fuliy represeh'ted byiitheiretu'rh^^^pf a practical  ,'fliihe^-but/as the..prop^ man,,could.not > be  :.! ioWcedVto^ are left tb'cbbose  between: the two .gentlemen;.novr.> in thP field.  It is true Mr. WalkemtIi^ committed serious  eiTors,liuT,thV/q"^ to us  .shall weftc."actii^^rudenti^tp^discard him  how that he is impressed\witu ius Tatejmpro-  p rie ties; ��������� and.by .?dint Vbf ;fiard;-.��������� experience has  learned the tortuous riatjgation Jof political  ; life?���������; ���������:Is it expedient tb/^lace a-man; at-the  helm who"&^  . ti o ns b u t, w hoi ly imacquaiiited w i th the epprse  ��������� he- has *io\ steer 1 , We Mve"plenty of Examples  in.common life;Where.nien/arp indispensable^  not because of, their virtue^"but because they  have the requisite know ledge to secure success.  Politicians are often, taxed -yyith venality and  ^collusion with vipe"' because.:the public eye  ijcannot.penetrate the politicalmisteisufficiently  to see that expediency alone-was'the great  uioving:cause, or that faults in public menare  vjiot always voluntary: hence'public1 men are  often condemned innocently; the force of cir^  cu instances, having compelled.-tbera. to adopt  -..a course that would otherwise'have been the  ��������� very bpp osi te to th e one they, would h ave p ur^  sued. Our Legislature is hot formed oh the  ^bestof principles, and.weiare convinced tbaj;  - but little good can be accomplished byynny  . .effort on the part of the/representativesiof the  ofitlie people,"so long as thp. official,element  , holds su ch a pr ep oriderating sway . in the  Council,.bjat we ^entertain, the. hope that, the  Mme/is/hot far distant when this.state of things  will cease and this Colony .will possess those  1 iberal representatiye -institjUtions which are)  the pride and boast of Mother Ifritish ^Colonies;  iy. Mr.: Walkem does nokebme up.to our stahdf  ard of a good representativeiby; anyimeans^bu t  ; 7he hn&gOt) ovetrhis'-itb v icitffeevand^as ^ovrx.  7 Mr. Cox, accompanied by Chief ^Constable  Fitzgerald, left here on Friday last tor the  purpose of holding an inquest on theretnains  of the man found near Beaver Pass, and re-  tnrnedonSaturday evening, from whom" we  gather the following particulars:    On Saturday morning Mr. Cox proceeded to-the spot,  which is*distant nearly half a mile below  Edwards, Ranch at a*point.where the wagon  road intersects the old trail, and swore tin a  jury who examined the remains, ��������� which they  foundt.lying in a; hole t into which, the body  must have.been thix)wh after the murder had  been committed.    'Nothing 'remained but. a  mere skeleton, the ^clothes, still :undisturbed,*  on the: back part of. the skull was observed a  bullet hole, but no corresponding perforation  could;be noticed^on; any otlier portion of it,  thus 'showing corielusively that the shot must  have come from behind; the.teeth were perfect iu both jaws but the lower and .upper  back teeth'appeared to be filled with gold.  The elbthes consisted of a.black double breasted..vesV-blue^ei^ge pan Is, with drawers, a grey  undershirt, and a. heavy greyish-brown over*  shirt,< a.'.small white neckerchief, a pair of  heavy nailed Wellington boots (No.S's), a belt  was lying by his side:with a'brass hook aud  eye, no hat could be found.    The following  articles were foundin the pockets of his clothing, and,taken charge of py ^Mr. Fjtzgerald:  A silvers-hunting-, case ^-watch, makers ihame  John Toioias, Liverpool\Xk. silver^pencilc^sey  bearing on the seal the initialsC. M. B.; anew  tin drinking cup, with the name C. M. Blessing  scratched on the bottom;, a sheath Jjnife was  fbuncl at his feet, on'the*handle* of which was  carved the initials p. M. B.; In, one of the pockets1 there was a "small* clasp purse! containing  a,fewgrains of fine,gold wrapped.up in a  piece*-61' tea paper:'- ..Onec of Ae pockbfe of  his pants was turned inside out.    The Coroners j ury-i'othrned:a verdict:of wilful murder  against some' person   or persons unknown.  Before leaving Mr.' Cox left instructions to  have theremains;decently interred.V With a  yicwito ascertain something concerning the  man^ the records of ,minei*a   licences, werje.  searched f6r*tvfoAye&ra past^bUt; nb'itrace-of  the name could be found.   We havethus been  particular in describing ihe 'dpth'es^c., as it  is more tli ah likely tbey may lead tb: the identity of the man; upr to the present mbment no  one a'ppcars to knofehi& -:'-*'  !.* AAA..f%������������������:".    i  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS..  BARKERVILLE."        *;  THE UNDERSIGNED beg to inform their friends and  ..tho inhabitants generally of Williams ..Creek, the  neighboring Creeks, and thoso visiting tho Silnes of  Cariboo,- thnt having leased the -well-known Bakery  anil Rcsta.ur.int.of KUNDORF & CO., tho.oldest established housoiii Barkerville, would'solielt a.continuance  of its long and extensive, patmnago-and w'iH'hc happy  to see all their friends.    For the convenience of miners  we will exchango'bread for flour as: heretofore, and at  any tirao receive the same tickets for Meals, Lunches.  Pie.*, Cakes, or anything in our liho'fortheir val.u'% and  will be on hand at all hours, day or "'night) ��������� tb supply  tlie wants of our patrons. '���������   :������������������:     - ;f- {wxh..   -y-X , ���������  ::��������� j^^ Good Stabling convenient .to. tho. establishment,  ",'-' . P. KDDY & CO.  ��������� Barkerville, Sept. 26th, 1806.        ���������    ; '������������������-���������'���������'   '43.8      '  NEW ADVERTlSESfENTS/  THE*  ASHCROFT^Ll^iiJGEg  ,:;f      THESE RACES WILL COME OFF ON  yyy*m$^  of Fivft  npHE' UNDERSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED FKOM  X Messr3. HoirmeJster k Co. this splendid'Ranch, to������  gothjrr with the commodious two-story-house known as  the. Cottonwood Hotel, is now prepared to afford every  accommodation.to the.travelling i>ublic, and hopes by  a strict att'eutiori to business'to nierit a sbaro of the  paironage bestowed on tho former proprietors.- This is  .one of the most; comfortable and; co in mod ipus. Hotels  on tho road, containing as it does warm and wcU furn-  Ishod bed rooms with good beds/*'The.TABLE is supplied witli every delicacj'- it is'po^'piblc to procure in tho  upper country. Tbe BAR is stocked witlrthe best of  Liquors and the choic������st Cigars.,.,. :,/.'.  .//: .^MEALS^  $1 50l.AEACK.rG* 'A/  Tho Stabling for Horses is ail-that could? bo desired,  and the charges are. very moderate.,   Hay for, Horses  per day, $2: Oats and Barley, at the chcarni^l'Mvu^x  ^f&les:---���������"--"'A~^':'���������:-������������������ :  ������������������- ' '��������� y-':  .y..r..,.X.   .,-....'. ,  /The undersigned has a large1 quantity or OAT HAY  on hand, for salo in largo of. smull.quantities.:.-. Parlies  desirous of pu rebuking this article would, do well to  gi\'e him a call.    ' --^-. .... .   y . = -,  43 - ���������.:    ' * JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  THlS^0nRA^M? F(>R' FR1DAT- consists  A Race^t.he principal of which are-       *   ;  THE, ASHCROFT: DERBY--$25 entrlincc :^W U  {        second to saveWstakesU For/t^ce ������;  ..,.-- ��������� .vnatione must be made an<l entrjmcoZ \ .?''  xzp^mbv^^^  AX '.! ancl l brook; second horse t6 saVo his atake.  The Sport for SATURDAY will comprise i   :      '  A GRAND PIGE0NT MATCH~6pen to the world  THE THOMPSON RIVER STAKES-Opcn to all ho^  - ���������''    iXln *fe W/?��������� W or tjic Derby-S10.o.ntr.nce ���������&  ,      $50 addcd-Half Mile heats, best 2 out of 8  THE YALE STEEPLE CHasE-$10 entrance, wltafio  ^   ���������    added-^OverthoLyttoncourso...-.- ,. ; , . ���������  With other Races and Matchos.  36  Dissolution of P^ytiiersliip  THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore'existing "Betwee'n tho  undersigned has been this da v dissolved bymulual  consent. :;AUGUST������; HOFFAIEISTER is alone empow.  ered to collect and settle the debts of. the lato Arms of  Hoflmeister& Co. and Laumeister & Co. ���������. ' x-  0A7X;i0- -y ''-'yy yy<.-. y^W/LAUMETSTER,  '    XaAx.y.i::   ������������������'I-. 'i A.-rHOFFMElSTER,..-   ,  GEORGE STEITZ;   ..  .  Williams Creek, Sept. 25th, 1866. f ;"." 43-lrri |  00 ^.0 y-^O'ST^ 7.0^ ���������'  AN1 WILLIAMS CREEK, dHECK Np;^ 44,357, dat-  'V.cd 6th Sept., 1866,:in f^vbr of P. Gannon &Co or  order, for $114 50, drawn by Thtra. Harris on the Bunk  .vL:6.riUsh.:NbrtJ!)./..Anie-H;cav .Bark������5^i^ ���������A������y p^on  finding tbo same will be kind enougUvtoileiivcitwiih  P. Gannon & Co.; as it is of������sno ii^e to any. ono but tho  o\ynert paymont Laving been stopped.  September 18th', 1866.'     ' ;;'     ���������������������������'���������  ..��������� i:.'-:,y '. ni i< !���������::���������������������������    x\:  ���������; * ;-. -���������.������������������  *40-2w  OfIfP.ENHEI.M:ER;;&;C0..  To-thi*: Editor ok>the "Cariboo^^/Sestinel.*?  A Sir;���������Can you. inform, the citizens, of Barker-  .yiUeV'wh'a^''lias.became.of the funds that /were  subscribed .a few days ago for constructing a  bulkhead, to protect the^ town from being  flooded, by the creek^ Tne: work,was; undertaken by Mr. Sp en ce and builtas. far as Messrs.  Oppenheimers store but nothiug more has  been done or said about it since. The freshet  has been uhdermiriing the / town for' several  days, but we have seen no thing,of Mr, Spence  or his men to assist in keeping off the* water.  It would appear that the; creek being once  secured ,to a certain point was all that ?was  considered necessary by some, and then'let it  run on the "let her rip" principle. Perhaps  Mr.'Spence will be kind enough to explain  ���������vhy he has treated so lightly nine-tenths  of  ERCHANTS,  WHOLESALyAJiD RETiULVDEALERS IX ALL  y'-'-i'-A X    ������::-: .-,.-; KINDS OFV;*:.,   !'// ���������';   '  PEOYISMS, XIQUOES, SEGiBS,  E L E C Tl  OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE ELECTION  of a Member to represent Cariboo East and Cariboo  West in the Legislative Council of the Colony.will.be"  held on TUESDAY, the 2nd day^fOctobc^ 1866; atthe  following places: ��������� ' .*������������������" ' . ���������'-  'AX :::.' ."..;.  -./*���������       SODA CREEK;        ���������* .-���������.,,.. y.vf y .,. . .  ���������   QUESNELLE; - -..;.���������.   .'-.     ,, . - ���������:       'A  VANWINKLE���������Edwards*::   '  '"'���������/'"'    RICHFrELD-Coiirtnou.se; ,; ���������"       -^  '������������������  ���������������������������   * -BARKERVILLE���������Rurdick's Soloon:'  .:������������������'.-     CAMERONTON���������Alton's;    ���������- !   - - -: .  .GROUSE CREEK���������McArthur's: - ���������* .   .    LOWHEE���������Hougb's; ' .' "- -!  '"'/ CEDAR CREEK���������Gibson's.*       '������������������'  Polls to open at 10 o'clock, a. m., and close at 5 o'clock,  p. m., precisely..- :   :���������:'���������' :������������������'*;-,  Chinese and Indians prohibited from voting.     ���������    ,.  , Each voter.must have resided at least three months  in this District previous to the day of eli.ctjom    '  '       ' '   "70 W. G. COX, J/P,  Richfiold, 25th Sept. 1866. 42-2in   * '  ;i--:t::'---BOOTS--���������.&^'SHb.ES-^  -Beg to call the attention of1 Minors and others  iivtVU>.their full; assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS -  which will be sold  T,<v <b C^mi^;Ri-C::E^;  r  to mako room for'a, NEW, STOCK to arrive go soon as  "   "/   /*.'   theRouds aro open. .     '_y,'<..'*���������  j^rLiberal allowance will,be-made to  Rostauxant and Hotel,Keepers.and the.Trade generally  en largo orders. ��������� ." / t-.l  FA'SHIOJ;SXL;0.()f5  ;... BARKERVILLE. .. , ,:.:.  the subscribers.      .    .Yours",  />"'*-��������� . A Victim to"the Flood.  Barkerville, 29th Sept., }MG. '  .do^e^'With the tact to render^facile the wprlf  ���������of improvement in the future; and is ��������� therefore/  ih-a beftor-^po'sition:"Tor"threading' th'eXItitiyi  rmttiM^-p^itkaj .jpayty strif^ 'a^ Paz*? itt-yhi'eb'  -.any' one less versed in these"liriysteries would  inevitably lose himself,' and ���������with, himself the  cause of those who reposed ^confidence in bim.  ���������Although .decidedly, given to.pca.ee principles  ' >v e /are never the 1 ess/ i n faVor- of b aVitig th ose  io shield us who are eapahle^ef holding then*  own iii any possible contest^und we prefer a;  man for our friend, to Uke our-part/ who has  acquired at least the rudiments of the "noble  ��������� art" to one like -ourselves who would rather  ?*Viina mile^ tha'ni fight' a minute."    "Experi-  pnrey says the Spanish proverb, "is the mother of science."   Mr. Walkem bas that experi-  ^neeandinihhh we :liave : at^least one who  ���������floes :iipt--iear,van enco u nteiv ���������*-. r He has.������she wn  bmiself^apable^in debate andO;uite.eqtial;tb:  any of hk 'Colleagues, in th6/icouncil.    With;:  th(ise advantages he has' sho'wn * bimself dis-'  posed to inareh with the times ;and do his best',  for its ; he. promises amendment, and asks 'for  ���������xunotlitT trial. We notice also that bis proposer;  and seconder ������re membersVof'-tbe Minings  iipard, and are doubtless: well postedon "fiis'!  tuture policy otherwise they- would' not offer  hnn their^support.    WitK these remarks  /; EriKOTipN ��������� NEws.~Mr. Geo. Wal 1 ace A ��������� has  been returned ^as member for Yale district  without opposition ;. a.formal poll was taken  showing;89 votes at Yale,iand -5i -at ?Lytfcon;  itittilTL^yot^A^-^7x077 iAyy.yy:y7- 0:<Ar? /  ;/; Mfl^^nwall, of/ A sb croft./ ib; the/ candidate  for Columbia arid Kooteuay. Ai / [yy Ay ..I  ���������;���������������������������":Tjue!������������������ ���������".."��������� elec^tion for '~'-iSt^oe^-tiiBiS^^BS.  been fixed-fortbe;^llth^l5th<andt 19 inst;j the!  polls will open at the/followitig places : Lake  La Hache/vThursday,/];lth ; Clinton, Monday/  15 th: - Lillobe ij Friday vi 8th. Messrs; Ho Ibrook  and Kelly are the candidates- 'v -. ��������� ' -;  Dissolution of Partner ship  THE CO-P^RTNEP.SHIP heretofore existing between  the undersigned, under tbe name and. title of P.  GANNON & CO., Butchers, Richfield, has been tbis day  dissolved by mutual consent. From and arter this date  the business will be carried on in the namo of P. GANNON, who is hereby authorized to collect all accounts  due to the/late .firm, and by whom the debts owing by  the said .firm will be paid.  '    .:/ :,   ''"��������� i L'' (i    ,'. li' i  .;;��������� ROMI DIZETTE.    )  -- Dated Eichfleld.12th Sept. 1866.  ...X... ''��������� - ������������������ 4VAm     7  MESSRS. BARRY & CUNI0  BEG "LEAVE TO INFORM/THEIR TRIENDS AND  the public that having purchased the ."Jasdiox  SALOON���������,^ they will spare no pains nor expense to raem  a share -of-public patronage. . ^1^1^.^^^  padding is in the eating of it,'! wc say: not dng: as o  S.o  quality of our LIQUOBS/&;r C1G.\RS,,please caU  and try them. ������������������  '  Cn^:adver^s^bnts. i *:  20 1EWARD.  LOST, ON SATUHDA-Y EVENING LAST, between  Barkerville/and Cameronton, a double-cased GOLD  WATCH.- Any person finding the same wj 11 receivo  the above reward by leaving it at the Library, Cameronton    ��������� "- ' ..,':   A ������������������ -y -A:- d'  Dis^ltitidn of ParthersKip  THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing i under--the  ���������name and style nf ROSS. & BURDICK, Saloon  ��������� Keepers, Barker vi lie, was this day dissolved; by mutual  consent, ��������� AIT debts due to tho late firm must be paid  to BURDICK & DEXTER, who are tho only authorized  persons to receive the same, and all indebtedness by  the late firm will be liquidated by them.      .* ;  ������������������..������������������.'������������������: -CHARLES ROSS,v  A.���������?-������������������'������������������'���������    ' JAMES BURDICK.  Barkorvillc, 21st Sept. 1866.   * *��������� v ���������  4i-2w     .  EVERY  ��������� yyx--r:0^yA.  ,0x0:0 000 x^^^smO:  Barkerville-Sept. 13t.b,, 1866^  AA BARRY,: 1 proprietors.  2mte0y}00ZtV  38-s  .Octob^rlst,1866..  43-2in  BOWLIN& SALOON,  -CAMERONTON.    ,.  MW ELDORADOSALOON  BARKERVILLE.  i������nte^d to. make > RASTER  Ho has broughi,down- fares to $40  to see^thatjs their own interest to supped and ma|n  OPEN HOUSE!   FREE  LUWCH!!  j6������* Fine goods are always put up in small parcels.  >.;.--. X30D SAVE THE. (iuEEN,;      0       43  FO U N D  will take leave of a subject which has lost'  great deal of Hs interest since ibe withdraw?  Ol Ar. MacLaren  we  a  wa]  N BARKERVILLE, /YESTERDAY, a note drawn by  FRANK TREVOR in favor of J"AMES B. TAYLOR  tor $257 62, dated 24th Sept. I860" ��������� Tbe owner can  have the same by applying at this office and payincex-  prmses of advertisi ns.    *  JAVI^G PTJRCILVSEDTHE INTEREST OF CHARLES  ROSS in the above-named Saloon, the undersigned  would respectfully solicit a, conti.nuence of the patronage bestowed on the late firm,,which by a'strict ttUeri-1  tion to business tboV will endeavor to merit. -.:'>.  : The TERPISCHOREAN ART is nightly practised at^  thisj Saloon, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  LIQUORS -and CIGARS.    .  ��������� jSi������** Boys please give ns a call. .  BURDICK & DEXTER,  41-lm > . .Proprietors.  N O TICE.  cheap and elUciont oppo? uu������.        ..        fe for  The OPPOSITIONvSTAGE-willl^������^W&l ot  Yale evenr Thursday morning,, or *\���������Tn.^ y ��������� "���������":  SteS'^terpV^^ <���������< ^  4������" Fare, $4*0.'-.' ,; ../>,. \ JACOBrl>AVIS,������ ,  Soda Creek, 6tii Sept. 1866;  October 1st, 1866.  43  LL PERSONS INDEBTED to the MINERS BAKERY,  Cameron ton, are requested to call and settle their;  accounts on or before the FIRST day of OCTOBER,.  1866; accounts not settled then wilL be put into Court  lor collection. All persons with contra accounts will  sond them in for settlement. -r . - ; .-.-,������; . i  CRANFIELD & BRO.    ;  N. B. ���������The Mt?*ers Bakkri is offered for sale;      39  WELL ASSORTED STOCK OF^.  BOOTS & SHOES, &G..    V  IMPORTED DIRECTLY EBOM S^^V^  Williamj Orbek, July MilH 1886- TfffifilBM^  ������v;.h  ^ONP^Y^  . A: y.0A FINING ^Nt^LIGENOE; In  '  ' yQ:0-. <>.. \MMA3JS;pREEK; ' iy?'   "*''���������.;  - Oiirmininginteliigence:fbr^ th^ past weel^  is devoid of interest^ oft account' of the pi-e-;  valence of the heavy ^het.;^it;happened  / fbrtunately tfc&: a/stiff"}^  night' which to^a^  otherwise it;would have,now ;been ivbiir painful duty to record the destruction^ 'W the Bed  Rock Drain,JolA ifi is ;doiibffiil: Whether; the  united efforts of allvtlie;fathers" oh the crefek  ;;fcad:;t;h;ey;;be^^  :Cpuldhaye ayerte^ suc^  danger for the season* is'< well��������� ��������� nigh^overf this  fact however should'hot makethose^'interested inthe safety of ihe^DminJessvigilant, biitr  rather impress them witn^the,necessity of providing against any .ftitureldanger that may  ���������arise, by building strong bulkheads iufront  of their claims: We are''glad to know that  the Mining-Board have appointed a committee ^confer with *^e^  i. \x 1H in of tor V art" ih n i:'' fl o fi n i fii'- ������i''A*J������������   ^nV-u,  MINING ABOARD:  that  definite1;  Avy  action wilh be  this matter, so  adopted" soon*/  Among the claims thatnave-'bcea^t woifki  during he'we^  co'yj washed up A foiy weekki 67i oz; ^have'V abaii-  //tfbned; their: lowervshaft tip account-* of wal^r;  will sink*M nevtB one/in-^li^affc^^A^v^  winter.-^-Welsh /and :MstralianTco^8\i '��������� wfil b ti  -.:  drained in^a few ^ys^ihe^^ha^^uilt -new  shaft ho t^es^aM are, ^tting;^3?erything| in  readinessfor a winter campaig-m^^Davis-co'y  are still tunnelling through bed'rockfcCale-  donia/cb ry washed lip 'for fi ve shifts ;about .125'  -oz.; they ;haye just struck a -rich; streaks  ' /FprestVRbse cpJy washeft; up for- wSek 100:o&  i-^rain^  ^day:to thethandirthe-clMm asjxlooking better  ��������� than it ever did, good 'prospects ��������������� are \heing  found in" their tunnel. Ayr "7" y.CA ':."..        j  7 A \IA111/ilAiGiovsE.jAGmi^iA AyAyr i \ y  ... '^^oardnietat������ieiiybSice?iriBarker ville:  oh Friday evening/ at: the: usual ho hi. -.-:��������� A \r.."i  . Pr^ent^^essrs; Bpp$^ MacLaren,,  .Thompson,. Ahderson; "Wilkinson, firake,*Varid  Muhi'oei   Mr. Boo^;inttet)nair,l   ! ''"A i; J  ;, The -mihutes if ��������� the. 1 as tmeetihg .hjvving been  i^ad and appro ved; theBpard^eptered into the:  "discussion^  attention at thelast^eetirig.:viz; the adoptipti  of sohi'e'measure: %  {WiUiams7 oreefe'.; to;^) rpteet?: th eir ^re^pective  claims against- th'et overflow of* the -creek/at ���������its  higheststage;;,;"pie resqlutiori,theypassed j at  tha t������meetihg merely cbhtaihed%'reques t which:  it was; thought would be responded to hfi all*  who ^re/ditectlj������ip������  without calling for a'n^^compulsory measures  being.adbptedby,thei:^ard fb^ensuring tiie1  bbserjranca of such an impbrtaiit���������1 object. ':���������! It  was ^ite^ear; to1tbelBba^  more imperative- thahA 'ti 'simple request '.'wis  no>y requisite for: carry ingj; but the^views of the  -Board in the matter;-' Several pf-the'meihbefs  were of opinion that the)Bbard' hadvho power  toi: ;take,: any action: whate ver,t/as: -by:; a���������> reference to Part 1; * see.7 6; (f ) f of ^ the - Mining  Laws it ; would '^'^een^vA'iit^e ;'Gpld;^6"m-  missionerM^  foree^tne}i bbservahbe) of i/any >rule;:-for ?the  ptbtectioh of the interests of claim-Jhblders and  fprjthe public safety.; '^ejsecto  runs/thus: 'x  ?|TELEGRA:PiQ  Ak-0 (SpecUU^ispatch to tlie Caribp'q.Sentinei^x : 7'; \  0 10 0010,   ' ��������� ''iy0Ait... hi��������� * U V * $11 A. ;    ';:  Chicago, Sep fc'21st-^By ex p ress brd ers t rom  ;thie/Presid^nt-fthp ,clerksrof^theAWhite Hbus  are forbidfiei^Mi^*r^isli^  press with lisis of  appointments...1 y.   ��������� ���������   ..,try       ������������������*������������������ !v"  ^ ^     yis^atjienngJ.jSA^^^  border'X)f' ^tli is ��������� '.ferB Viii.e e'j:' an d^li pi;b)5s; c p iisid br^  aJfrle excitement inAlliwtihgiihh, GnmMEasi"  ifis^retf he 'canh^^m^ { h  The president;; has ;4feQte4;|that vin: conse-^  1|((...........  ,   , .���������,-���������-, ,.-Jse: object is. ;to  present programmes  ments to office^, -  ,. -;,., -10'A7ac: '    -' ' ���������: ��������� :  ;,��������� Np^Tbrl������.iSept,;2^*tb;^h^  Southern Governors; to convene ttheir 'Ljegisla^  turesi and' promp tly accept the cohstitutibnajj  a^endmeht^]$efea^  be'^^overwhelMingly in its favor, and because  it jaiojiisfahd,right in jtseltp^[J. als������.-:urgpsjpn;  President'J6nnsbnT<fuil^  Pabinet, saying the present membera are eithM  actually; oi\ passively committed to his veiws:  3 TO W01ltnfll'n'-.T������nlinv-:-,''wnif������h''1nrtoa<-Tint"-t������<ani������/������^.  Jo-day; atvlOminutesvpast 2 she rbimdi-d  ^W-S ?������?nt,:;fQll6wed;a- few liiimitesr later b*  the:^J.; S;tstewm^r OShubrick^ ���������%idrreeeJved" a:  salutof 21^tjh8 {^m^tlie^Kbrt^;.;cbming :^  the harbpr/sh^was: saluted���������:at Blaeku;Poin liy  and; a similfcSalute/'wtegr veh as4 she ��������� ipaSHeit  the-^iiderbiltfwhichihbisted  flagat;l^^remast;hea^  attracted?un-upal;att*ehti6h;a^shec^^  Po,T ^rt"v;f,v^c^he^  n.:masl:he^  ihadeofroyaldimensibhsyabbijt  dally  ���������.,, ��������� .   ...., ���������   ...... .^vDr^Oii-MivHitchcock^  Americani'GpnsuI io/4hesSandwich Islands.  Elegant apartments) profusely^deco-ratedlwith  rareund beaiitifut,flowers; ha^e ^beh^arriin^  ed^ibr;fbe^mt:(the^Ocbidohtal������fH  edthe fbilpwihg-items of newsT:^He leftiEoo-  tenay oiinha.^ndJinst^r^He  nese and 100 ;white;mbn������at^w6>k in the ?mines  xa ' The only claims we ,havej heard.' from are:  ^hexHei^h:cb,y;:wh6 washed np' fbr the* week  ���������a 117 oz.---Itankin co'y are making^ $20;aiday  -to the handi^-Sbvereign cb^yl are ^making $30  ;., a1 day'tb!the. hahdi---Disco ve^y'cp'y )aave com-;  pleted: a' bed rock, tunnel, and; \viR!no w be en-  cab led to wo rk their ground to great advantage.  _ tv|ThQ late rain hm playedjS^iavbowith the  *grdu^neai"iil^to  /old ^tunnels; h atWca vedVahd theYbanksipr^jne  .'   distancextp^the hilLside;h^e^iidtdown,Ses-  troying portionsr of the newly' made traili���������  The HighrEdw-Jack cb7y; are !/barely making  S^en%s^The/Fioy^  through which".to ground^^ sluice.--Alturas cp'y:  are- busy ^ groiiad -. sluicing* * ft unmake 'iy small  ; prbgr^s-.pn acco^ the  hiahks, they expec t to co^Ltt^eiipje leie anihg..ifed  rock th is week.���������Jenkins co^y: are -making  f frbm;$l$to,^  ^wihtei^Mucihc) Oro co^^washed:up;'iM[Sat  urday 9 oz:j aire making ;oa m ;average abbtit  $20 a.day :tb the hand^���������Emery; ;c,p!y;\y;ill coni-;  mence cleaning up ^ei^jgr^ndi sluice this  :, /weekf they'.expect, good Jpayiv: 7AAA A AAA 0 \-  ��������� ���������'ix ' y7\ , cbdar{cbbbk,^ A- -���������.. "  ..-..' vThe claims���������:on tliis^crjelfe iuSvpayihg' much'  the sanie as formerly, from MS -to $20 & d&y  being realized. ^; The prospecting party .who  .; ywetit up:ititi;lbi&eMd> hot returned - on Tliurs-  ��������� *day last    ' *.    i-.   - *''?- y- - - ���������'; -��������������������������� - v .    . -,  '    0 "0. ( C00.UBTrOREEK.r ^ r    '  ��������� The^tiining, cp;.; have ^andpnpd^ir claps  after having prospected them for^ a month  ; ^ithoiit/finding:pay. "iA .conipan^is ;still; ep-  :gaged running a .cut /throiigii: ftecT rock; into  the bank, where-they expect to finda<^anneL  to be1 so 'carried On ��������� as? to' ensure-the ��������� safety of  the"p^l^;pr^  plaimrl^Mers^ahdia^  by his order be either filled oipXbiv^guarded^  W^^atisfactipn aT^tlie cpst of|thle p?afrtles  rwlid/may��������� ha^r^on3tfccte^ the^'&amfe,7pfHin  their .absence then; upon vsueh terins?as; he shall  tt^ein>pxpedienfc;,'Y^" 0yx0- 0J0 y7yi  TMxABurdick said' tha^^ereji-\vas ^hj^hing  de^ehtvin:flie 7cl^se^fei|red IW. 'pf0^ jfbr  the Board to remedy it, we'are'Kere to aniehd  la^landj'sjuggest ofersy;!ahu?if we'-dp not pbs-  oughtrtb%e extended* to ali*parties>ihte^ste;d  to;attend^ a 'meetin^to I^Mscussibh^bf \%$?  ������U"Jjevt.  ,.-., ,. r-.--; .... 7*t,^ y,    -,,. ...... v;--.  .,; ,,,..., * v,. ,V  /���������Mr. MacLaren said/that the XJoinmissioner  hadeinployed ampn;anfy'paid1iihiJasfcsejiSbn  to look after Ihe safety* of claimsvbn''tBe creek  for wWch he^had nearer j l^ceived a .icent^ ahd  could not cplloct it witont.b^pihing a plaintiff in'his-own ^cburiI ^afiSSai^fer "rpjjan^o ^tlii3  he had paid the mpney out?of his own:ppcket  ADvi Wilkinson1 thought/that a/-con^anv like  the Drain OP   aiid'' "^oonaa7n'fv':aii'nK'i^wiTilarcad'.  ; teBbVBMBNTS.INBA^  :penheimer & Co.;s new store is now almost  cpmpleted, and their stock of goods will.be  mo vediinto' it ih the course of ��������� the week.  The  'buikling is as .creditablp ,tp. the enterprise^ .of  the owners as it is to the town; of,Barkerville,  >vhich, with the mariy other improvements that  have been steadily going on; during the past  summer, will do much to establish it as the  capital of Cariboo;   We would venture to say  that for strength, oomfort and symmetry of  appearance there is no other building equal(to  it short oi' Yale:    It has cost the proprietors  something like $6000, and considering the depressed state of the .tithes; is a work that few  would have the courage to embark in who had  not a strong confidence in the future prosperity of the country.   The, building measures in  length 40tfeet,\and;iu breadth 2i feet, and is  divided intotwo stories, the lower one, which  is 12 feet in height1 from floor to ceiling, has  been lined .with dressed, tongued and grooved  lumber, and tastefully fitted up as> store; the  upper story is 11 feet from floor to ceiling, and  will be elegantly furnished and occupied as a  Masonic Hail. -XA 'ilyA.."..'.'  BIRTH.���������At Victoria, on .the 18th Sept., the  wife of Mr: George Manueli, of a_son.  DIED.-^At Victoria, Sept. 20th, Vincenzo  Bossij aged 1 year and 10 months.- .  Possessing "sucli:- privileges'  bughfc^to/ protect their own^prbper ty I without  caUmgrph.^V^  so' ihuch:ajday for��������� 'drainage t-pjasastih'&bin^so,-  'n: Mr. Burdick, said that the; Brain Co. had no-,  thing to'do with-drainirig? t^*suMc,e 1 waiter.*  ^ M*r;-;Tho"mpsou^  ties; concerned, should1 be' equally:-'assessed; for  the building of properl- bulkheads- and'those  companies;wlib, had already::cbmplIei^s^  .be exempt;-'"'-"��������� !';���������,:- AA 01X 0 A X -  .... j:>  :rMrlL Andersph Stated.; i;hp/tljfe; ^p^jpahies;  ;pwhing; claimsvih;,and: iear ::painerpn|ph rhald  become -aliveivto/ith-e ^nepessityfjifpr i building  bulkheads and the work would be commenced- im*mediately.;;":~^"'���������/;;���������"/./"���������/~* AAiyy.l\0'i-;  {|K!wa^firuiBy^yedf^ TSMp|i^}and-  seconded 'by^Br. IVilkinspn^ Ay mAyAt    !���������  :Uf That whereas^ ffiere is ia at- present seripus  danger ;that,;;;|rbi^;the-;imp^  ^bnditmh of :seyp  Williams creek,,such injuryvmay";bev-dprie -by  the creek breaking into underground ^works  as al^bst to put"a stop; Jo niinmg;pperatipns for  at least,the present season. 'J TJiat tfie "Mining  Board request theGoldvCommissipner cto ac-  cbmpahy a committee ibf the Board to visit.the  'iVMi^0i^^  1^1% ahd;make. s^  expedient'in accordance with/thepowers'conferred upon him; by claused (O J Part-1...of the  Mining Laws of1865 y and also..tnat ther.Secretary .be. requested to '.j invite the Gbjd ^-Commissioner to attend the* next meeting ;of the  Board in order to confer upon this important  ���������matter.'* ���������/*:'." :' 7'/. r^A"':: a'! ���������  Moved by Mr. Thompson and seconded; by  Dr. Wilkinson, "That Messrs. MacLaren. and  Anderson* be the committee to confer."��������� ��������� -:������������������-���������  Mr. Walkem came forward and stated in  answer to the enquiry made"to Him by the  Board concerning the books of the old Mining  Board, that while in-New Westminster he had  procured them from Dr. Black and;tbok charge  of them ; they were now in the vaults of the  Bank of British Columbia and could be had  at any time. ��������� He had writteh joMr. Ball, informing him ��������� where they were and .had no  doubt.they would be forwarded at the earliest  mands of0he^President av cordial s support pfj  the;i(leas of Cb^ressson^e%ul^ 7\x  1 The^^Times?;' of /this :m bming/appip ves';e������tcn  of ���������: the puovisibiis'bf the' coiis'ti t^tibhUl am&^d-;  ment^and says there is^notthe-slightest differ^  pnce':of opinion's b to-as we/are; aware in^the  Union party^and verylittle f^whereelse, as  to the- ^visdbm of ratifying i tne^mendment  pro^)sed'by<eongress? xvxyxm0 y.y iyy  ;-;:. W^shingtpi^' Sep fe ^th^-SecretarjfSe ward  ^was at the; State Bepartmehttbrday;attending  to his ofiicial duties^^y��������� y. *'.���������'������������������ ;?*  *Berlm|Ser^r21s|l^,he Prussian aripyre--'  iturhing ftbm:tho war fcade' avgfaud entry into-  the national cap! fel%^dayahiid 'great rejoicing,  y^^aris, j^p|^,glit^  thatut. has copies;of thp Saxon treaty/ahd'that  .bygone ofitsTprovisibns.JLing;Jbhn'iiavta:abdi-  ayrfoV^'tliej'Saska*fchewah 1 mijies/^ antl' were? &U :  -tacked by a party of Blacklbot indiahsV Only  time/ escapeli/'tb 'tell ���������: the 'sad iate of his! com-  rades%hb escaping in *the 'bush: * ?.The dhdians  robbed tlie^ar^bf 'thirteen-horses,) itogether  >withl;prp.visions.^ AxA x00^y^0^ 0 -. ..��������� -  I^Mr.-Linklighterof the1 Hudson?BaylCo.'s,  * posting to?^ptenay^ lias 1 deser *  tlip Cb^pany^s^bb^s aiioV-effects; K>ver/ tb:fthe: ���������  JCoofenhy mines for fearipf auattaekifroniitlie  Blabk-footIndians. *   -j>yr������\y>   X.. ���������  1.1 #Mr^^I>Onald^ witlr a party^ of-eightraen,  ���������  left the^pbtpnay fafihe Saska^cheT^an mines,  U" few days'rbefbre .our anfonriaut left; X: Fears  are entertained-for thei^safety. iiNotliingi.has;,  4)een* heardk^oim'the/party.sincewleaving^j^ It   /  is supposedih afc the' Indians have I also! mur-    '  dered androbbed them������ "/-     - ,; ���������'������������������     ' -*";  *������0y 0W*^ ���������X0.x0 yyyy  .nit  t:f?%t0.-  steamer-  . hooh^ryPhe   Persia^ which sailsr>frbm^ here"at noon for Ne%  York, takes^ but ������3000 litis gold: on: America^  taccp^it.,;f v,'V1s/,";~-"' y,^.ir A 77] ,    :1/  ,-^uite^jinuhiber ,pf ^eniahs^^jjevarrested  here tb^dayi jarms and' mun^pns^^arsup^  ^pbsed / to^ ]>elohg^ ^to^the vxBrbtherhoodwwere  fbunp^e^etedihvarious, parts/ of- the oity: ai^l  mere promptly sjeized.1"-' ' '//A,/1J;'fl 7,1 y 7.  ���������:^Breadfitufife-:firmer.:, 0X0.   ^ce;tbv ihejej^idn of Tj^sdajMrsfe1 Wefhaye'  ^eli^6se^"fc^m;ffio meh^ neither of whbin  have^qualities ji^jiich fit. them Wrepresent;-us  iujthe Council^the Colony:t Theaone ie apparently^ ah pgph and' gen er bus niah, but -wan t-  opportunity-,  n  On motion the meeting adjourned.  New Trial Refused.--Ah "application was  made by Mr. Robertson to the Supreme Court  at Quesnelmouth on behalf of the plaintiffe in  the Canyon creek quartz ,case,i Glover & Co.  vs. Washburn & Co.,.for a new trial, which  was refused by Judge Begbie. 'We must admit  that this is thefirst instance we have yet known  of his honor discouraging litigation..  ->>:London,iSept. .22nd, hobn^^-Money,; quiet  ���������n������eadyfi .Cousbls,.89;|; .5-20?s, 7$$0 XII  :/ PaiuSyiSepfc^2nd.^The/:^mpe"rx)*ri]^ap  is at Biarrity. / It is -stated'that the .Empress/  ���������^u^ie !>vii^ to cptiA  Jd1)le^itlUiic:'lto  cparbntl^ well^ grpunded;rumor.ih nti 'M. /Iiavil-  le'tt' will *retaih the 'French Foreign 'bfficeiv ��������� **  J.';I?^sden; Sept^22hd^The^  aay^ in an>editorial.says. tieJah^bimcemeht^.'."pf  the conclusion of -peace^ ..between, Frussia! and  Saxpna^as' ���������p^ihatu^e^! ��������� fif admits^,. ;hpweyer  thatHgppl. pidbig^ess!;|isi>bjMng :Jniade fm^tfiat  direction. ���������--������������������--���������- -* h  ��������� v fetik^iH^^lie1^^^ Sept^; ,22hd5--LA ���������;��������� h}er  ,^orial^ iS^ ^te^vel^j  independence at 'Frhj^f6rt7fyi0A)AA'^vji/j?  . Toronto, "C^W?,:Sbpt;:21s"fcrTTit. is/ahnpunCed  that the.; Bank "lot ;B ritiish:' North' America ^ will  prptes0.etters.,,$i',ci:'edit from Engiish;-bankers  oh the/Bank of^ tapper CahadaT:;'��������� The :directorB  of the B&iik bTUpper Canada ;j^av*e:; not ye|t  decidedv what course to ;persiiei!: but 'ii.' it |is  vfchough^yat^e^feem'wiilr:iie^  the assignees.; Bills of; the .suspended bank"  are sellin'g at46':per cent, 'discbu'ht;  Toronto, C. W., Sept.;22nd.-7This evening's  'Telegriapti? "says', the.' Gbvernment;' circuliiL*-issue d to Coiiiity Attorneys' ahd:������ Pplipb Magistrates advises the/seizure of arms in the possession ;of parties whom they consider dangerous to the... .peaQe,; and Suggesting that all  persons kribwn or suspected of having connection with the Fenians be vigorously pros-  which sits/ at ^New^^stmthster/ The /other  iptndid^teis^ardri velling:scribe^ a 1 egal:pedant,  whose solelaim in/becomingwi)ufe member is  ! that he may^havev spnie|^lig^t|\pcpjipation, to  while away his leisure h)*)Urs; and some means  ;of filling hjsipockets from -his position; as 1 ega 1  adviser in litigations, stared upi by himse) f.  v ,Itis^uite'plain?that neither of the two can  dp' us/any^gQbd^ bjidf/the: pnly ppu"r$e w;bicli Jwe  scaniadopt is.,tb ? chposp' tlie pnel wliich vpbssfe-:  ses;inviheimbst > eminent ^degree/i the ^negative  ; yirtiiebf doing no;Mrm; ' ' ^ ���������* '' 70- -'  ,,��������� ��������� We;do-hp);want^alawyer toirer>resent ns in  ���������the-Council.-.Where.lawyers ato 1'there is, always 'to b ui uch ;bf'that tedio us circiim iobutio 11  an4;,fprmalisfnYv* wrhich;^ clbg^^tlie --wheiels Aef i  New York, Sept. 23,-^The ^HeralcVs' Vera  Cruz correspondent: of the '11 th; states that  there,are ho indications of the.witlidrawai of  the French troops. The'81st Frbncli. regiment was expected tb leave for France on the  lOth ult, only one bulletin came down from  the Capital. French arms were being expected, in. large amounts to increase, the,strength  ofjjthe Imperial army.: Gen. Uregua proceeds  to Euroj>e on a mission, and will then accompany the Empress back to Mexico. / Maximil-.  liah has also; appointed a minister to tlie Pope.  Washington, Sept, 23rd.���������Mi-. 'Romero has  received dispatches from Vera Cruz of the  12th containing ^ mostn gloomy;, information  from Maximil lian and-the French. 'President  Juarez and��������� his -Cabinet were making prepara-  tion to remove to Monterey'��������� to establish the.     .  ..   ���������... ._._, _ __  Liberal.Government.,; .  V   '       ;: V      '   !    X^^^SSigg^MX^^  San Francisco, Sept. 24th.���������Steamship Sac-| Executoii with 'Noainws' ami hl/Aiki at thu Of  men  benjfi|jhp ^iterests.bf tho^eji^yi^p resent.  ���������*f So* hot atidresi./myself 1;o.-'any of those pilgrims; from < the /Eh^ra^ a  sehse pg^it^hhu^injysuppprt of;t^eir. natibnal  cause will tendepItihpir....;ivpte|;tb the' 4<llead  Centre," ^but th ose apart trom such pbligations  I would"'caution ^toi^lleware ;lest;-by, voting-  Iwithoht -due ;towde"rMoii they?prpstitiite; 'the  gi^atestliberty enjoyed by.theBritishsubject.  yl[ A-' Al/ [ '������������������ I am,vypur/p;bed?t:se^%.': AX;'-' '���������.  y ,/s ,.7 7y Ap A/ Au'00AXAMs$m*.AA;:  :0ani^bhtbh>:S9tih^^  SuicrpB.^���������A man named John Chapman, a  'native/. ;of / GhelSfield^I^  mifctb^i suicide in Victoria oh the 18th ult., by  taking, a dose ;of strychnine while in a state of  "delerium tremens." v   r;.-   ,,  'Government Sai^���������Mr. F.V; Lee sold by  auction, on Saturday last, a fine yoke of oxen  to Mr. Wi'ightj miIkman, for $ 125. , These oxen  were used by Mr. Spence- in the construction  of the roads.  Grouse Creek: ; TnAir..^.Wb" are .inf0rmed  that the late rains have rendered this .trail al-*  most impassible. Packers have declined  freighting goods overit at present.  :  ..^g^Wp would call -the. attention of tho so  having goods or other commodities to movo  between the different towns oh the c.-reek:to  Mr: IL.C..Wiinibtt, who has aHorse aiid Dray  ready at the shortest notice to oxeeute any  orders he may be ��������������� favored with, at ve ry rea%  sonable rates. ' '*  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  Cards, Bil| Hea^ds,.  '00  Circular's,  Fosters And,  ramento was telegraphed at about 10 o^cl.ocJ^  jg������- Terms Moder.-ii:- ���������'(^  Of/tpfj, ,v/,t.  CANADIAN-ITEMS.  -fry.  ~0. pwn at the;battl6ofIB&rtiiEvie,.has been ac-  : iAlmutfed iof the-charge of -eowardice,       /   *%t?  i y>   ><TM Ministerial?/Tamff Bill^ has fpassed the  sv5if tovbe closedi' .!>! ..'"*ji ��������� .; ��������� '-a--yyy0 \ ��������� *  !'..-;,���������; iv-s A bill .for the:^^ amalganiatiott^ofi-the/rauway  i- -A interests is'before Parliament;.':*���������,-;: ���������- yy-< } . ���������  " hiv* ,: It as-'cbnfideatlyi^expecte&/in iGanada ���������.-..that  ; ���������anothefeFeniaa finva&io^  ua^heiMiti&are/kep drilling^ and an^ effort, is j  '.^beii%'':ntt^  I'5 avbid'-an* investigation , o������������Me ForfevErieiaff^iiv  ��������� ��������� j nr iMr.-Johift Boss ?has coniplainedjtethe Cana-r  j'rdianiPartiamchUth^  :^ badly imattage^^  Xmd(settlersLwere 'driven^ ? the* Waited States  <���������"���������'���������:-'  Sl&r&mbr^encourage rgiv.ehMetny  fe*i*>Th(^Eepubti  - K: hav^; befeii deleated(in:<theic  ''iii u'9 ,ta 31*- flfpper Canada will have; a Legisla-  * a tare of one Elective Chamber. ��������������������������� ���������.   , *.n ������^.,; (  ".;���������������������������': at:Ottawa,^i������Q^9i^i;3^i^l^i^^i^fl  AXvvpre- ^.������l)brion^;(piiej<plF:;?thei mpst?jj^minet  , ^ members*! ofrtheu^  Ay viLa Joiej 'editbr^of ^the'Le^anada.'ii/Dorion;^  ^believed ta^  *i*.-.������ chienr,Jrih which* so me -tarticles������reeeatlykapfc  Sheared ierioMy-*^ }h#  '   domestic virtues of La Joie. * >>TJmwlatterpet  Tlie" Steamed "E^erjpcrise''  *i v r* L      WiU'leave SODA*''<3KEEE-i^'        r>7  'V ;     -' <  v -'"\* 'AT-'DAVLIGHTJ  .        "0   :*..���������' ��������� *  ;���������., ~V.     vWiU leaYe^TXESOTIi;  ''      ;     *:  \, '-';;/;,.. r  ^at.6,p/pLpcK/;;;..;\;' ...; 7  Connecting, at Soda Croelc with,; Barsar&s. ^iviGESl.on^  !iv   Wednesday's trip downlaridThursdays' trip up.- *  i^l^vfentfe^Yfe v^-} * -.^ m ���������������������������:���������. ^/> - *; *, "* y  QUESNEIiMOUTH/tADySilTISBMENTS.  ,-.!JlO/.i  Steamer'"EhteYprisOj^/V'H.:  /' ": May 21st, -tmA ''&$������������������*. \ ���������  ������������������&ZU  COLONIAL RESTAURANT  -  ; ��������� "''/.:v.;;'. - quesnelmoutet,   .��������� y ��������� * ; ,-f ��������� .  '/.-' ��������� '/P. Ii. JOHNSON^ PROPRIETOR, 7-y'r  Mealsat all hours; and Cooking of /the, Jrnst  ���������j. -"'".'���������   '00 7.7descriptio'n. V( AyXXyAfrx'Ai  ���������i.yy>-r.r.-ti syy\X\ (jy\.-:r- y:j* rxy^.-li irrryf. ������its'{'   ~x. -.  y>i>u  '���������{ /^^/^UESNELMQU^H,   ,   .  Good iBeds; tRestaurant: Billiard Tabled7&d';  iX0y0Stiiftin^fti$  ������>������:.  IMPPBTALlSTTJib  ;.i.';J  ;.'.-> '-bri.'4/.-;>���������?}'-It.������������������"'���������>...*   V.-j. 1.7'-'  ������������������'. ���������������������������(���������.-.;.-_.t>.>:..  VkW*4*  ������''>'- a^   ^*'4hevundersigned is prepared/to '^ ������     |  \:v;;^'^;^(^;J/P!aJ^^  Oh Commission^ w -Sill purchase"rany, q^iantity bii' tho,  *'?"���������;'.--- **}V' MostLiuekalTaitMsiatthe Xy y- y\  7/ >. AAa'&!������^S&':^^  Tlie Sutiscnher is well known'bri Williams Ci'pck, and  from iho corihdehco reposed in' shim' herliltbtbre In" the.  iiboy.o business, /he hopes': to^ -receiyc-.the.'; pa^rpuage/of  the Mining cbmniunity:tlie ensuing season./.\;.",..  " ^XAiAyAAyyAXyiAirx- yiyyxxom BOWRON,'���������"  ,- J  / <3 lRppti&;, JG Ul P40N���������  OK)    ESTABLISHra);GENEK\L  Ai-Br  4&  PROyiSIONSivW:HOLESAI.E/I&  00v -, ^SIONnMEROHANTS, x0xA0:<  i ''#Storag^ '.' A  J.f H. TURNER/ a co..  lll.^M.  '���������Mtr. Particular'-ftttentlon "girexa to all orders V ,  iY.t'^j;  V;Vt il. ���������  t-50-'.  ROAD'[' SIDE iHOUSES*/ &c;v  i*-f  P*ftil:pii^^ll:ilMM  ,*���������*^^^^.v^'V������U���������  ^^r^an^th^H^use^denied ^e^ffifbf-fte,-  '~j_��������� -'-r^.'_'"ip������."'^>;'4iii���������������..������-jvnZF'~i<ti������?y  ^assertions m^Dorion's-paper concernmg-,mmy  discharged eDoridn withy their authorship,\ told  f [him tovdefend^himself/like a man, land *thefight  immediately ,commenced.;^r After,la^shprt^but  ; * ^evere^struggle thereditoj?|had...f decidedly the;  bestof .*the:battle/leaving?Do.rio4,s.face]in:a  i; miserable pHght:fromithe.effects of (his.blows.  i.&La^.Tbie,wasarrestedvbjr^the sergean^at^rms^  7. and .discharged, the, next *.day,-:after being-re-  'ripriinandedxib.y the,speaker.   ./  ;-,.       - . . .  , , ;2^We-,woul<Lcaii .the!^attention'of those  :' haviiig "goods or; btherr cdmmQdities ;ipjitf5yey  y ^between the, different-.t������wjns on ;tUe creek to  ... readj^aj^t^shortest^;^tice to .exe^ite tidy-  [��������� ,'..ordershe[ma^be favored with,ratMyeiry refe  *traon^e;*ra*^sr .^lM** ^ y yj      -'-'A'Ar **    *\  ������ 3'io^ .mortality, re-  ^ turhs/df England^ jusfcissu/e^fpr the^ear0S0I  0x show th^t in that year 28 o| the men who^ied'  ��������� 7\ iitidFfitildf; thet^omen^adftpacliM|^fc3^^  . ,.of-age or-upwards,-one jwefinan dyingjat:10p,  i ?dud one'man^at 109.- x-:   ,-fu,   . --   ��������� ��������� r,^.n  yrX'-000x^0^\^AQ.^%A^yP^. .  ' A. 'Smith tlie premises formerly known-asrtne^uNr'  fatis* SAlooxAi has opened' the "same umier'Ihe hboyc  liame;'fIS'd-^UTd i*re^  pulilic'^^iijeneriillyitp, ������lve hiai ajcaiL/O  ���������:-jm~-The l^st;hrands pi���������������������������. LIQUORS;and '��������� SEGARS will;  always bo.kept'at thirestablishmentf i!i" 7. -H������ AA'X V  i yy i ������������������ : ra ir:,,., / r ux y\ r ix xmxjffm* hrdin. ' ��������� >  fllichfieldf^ugust,/18664^ I   -  aJOH*T;HEDIN'.  xABOYDySd (QEATIi; Proprietors,  rpHlSBOUS^  : JL i The proprietors havings latelyifitted^-up; bedrooms'  and good: Beds are iiow prejiared to .afford every accoihr,  modation for'Traveilers \ the Tablo'is I urn Ish ed with all  tlie' luxuries 'that' can be: prdcii^ed; ilics -Bfuri^well^up?.  pUOd' with*tho best.brands of Liquors'a'nd Segars i'tgood'  Stabliii������|; Hay,' Oats andBartey. <> ?*������������������������$?������������������ The; CHEAPEST  House .on^the Road.. ��������� A] A ���������; 70 y 7A ��������� rl; i: -���������-17 'yi j>. y -ifS '^  THE-PIJBLIO^^RE I^ITE^T^  /Hpuse. j *^here is Gwd; Meals;; Good Bjods;; Stabli!ig?  for-Horses:^Barloy,VOats an'd'Hay'- :0Ayx0yyLyij������r ���������  il8S������^-.r-'  *J ���������t'-������(5TO^459^W'3PW������^ and Toilet ArS  ^r^9,^rushes^Perlumery)!^  ecriptlansfcnreniUy compounded,and orders ans^erS  wi>^carean^l dlspatch0^ctorla, V,I,ryy ^.JM_.  ;J;^:;A'cr?P^TRieira!coR  ;.|^vMiu;!-/.^��������� BOOTS! BOOTS!Uy ,;.,,...^*'   .  .T'j.SAYi SAM:I Hioyr isj..Hj your Boots wear s������ lonir  CI-ia/Tity, and Butler?. Goyernment;:Sireet,:Vicioria.  i. Xv\ s y'������������������"'>.' ���������$'���������  I:  WHOLESALE &  RETAIL,  ���������i;  DEALERS^  ���������fl  -1-  ?iv:   AWltiilAMS  STEfMRI  :*^mHE:'ONMR^G?fE^  JL-to itiforni* the inhabitantsi in*g#eralS;ofiWilliams  ; Creek that" they haye no\\yinioperation aySTEAK\ SAW  * MILL, located'%at.the mouth,,of ^linlc Gulch,.aboys.  v- Iliclifleld, capable of'manufacturing ;orie thousand feet  ���������^'of--Lumber per hour, any length or Kvidthr;required "in  "7y XhisTmarket/1 and of a /suPEBioR^aMiiTY; < Ay AM: Orders*  leftat'Mr. W;A. MeachaH)/s,������Barlce'ryiU^/;or the ...Mill,  . ,/>witl'-'be.promptly.attended, torand^)W^eA;?$$$ W  fi'GII'ARGE at any:pbirit!on the wagon road, and at RE*  "f PUCED,JRATES.;  Thcuridersigned^trust-to^merit a libr  <:*:ralshare of theVpubli(^patrph%e^andv^ha,t|thei*?^  :, friends will kindlyvgiyo th em a call. -��������� /1 r^ Xy r ������������������ 0:  i'Xry "'XA-'X" iXy'i. MEACHAM, COOMBS, &t,NASOK. ;  A0 AWtH^s^ee^ Aiig^ 27th-1866/ 0-00 A Ay '&0 -  GEISJERAL   MER^yANDrZE,  '' l8S? A full'assortment of Qroceries aiid> Hi*B^Co.^  LiQiJons always-oh haridi   {  tn ^   r(5x),*v- ^ - v      |5;  ;���������-"'-'���������';������������������'/'' ���������������������������"-y1" -MV: ���������? ''��������� -W    -���������'"'��������� ''���������< ���������'���������/-���������.-���������������������������.���������'��������� '.''-I ���������; - ''.;-  -���������'������������������������������������-��������� 1 < ���������! !-^ .'i;     'r; 7:- H'rV 'V ''-lyV'J  16* 3BIIE vpB^DEEP GREEK fi������  TSr OPEN^PdRv :^mH'ACCOAMpDATlM-V0^WHB  XTravelling ^public;; the- bedrooms' are v spacious-and  airy and the Beds cannot5 be surpassedy,for cleanliness  an-A^mf^-b^  itlwiiys supplied.* withj the /best- of yictualsV*/ \Stfahlihg;  for Horses; Hay Oats: and Barloy constantly bii: hand.-  Eurbpcan and' American.Markfetsi'l!K3fe'early'ordersof  - their frlonds: in'British) Cdlumbiavarol-solicitediv^hr-  ^i.cuIa^^tteaUo^is caUe^to/their;largorstock 0^ Grass  ���������Closer and?..Onion;*. 8eeds \.pf.-vvpry/.superior quaii tv'  fof] every varletyi! j Catalogues on Appllcationiv/i: i;.g  -Jis furnished' with' every1 cpnveniehee ;for the- edrii-  fort'of* .Travellers^ tHe Ouli naryr department vis: under  ^the ������upe^intenddncejofj an e.xperienqedisoofc;, the "Bcds^  are"clean ana-cb-oifo*?*Eblo.:; the Bair contains Jhe, ;bp������t!  of Liqnors, Segars, &c. a ^Stabllng. Hay, -Barjey '&" Oats!".  Ilish,.. BJacksmi thl; and %Cannel i4C6aJ*<\m Ordc  Union, Wharf", ?yictoria,^. I, J will jrecejve"  atteiitaoni/;;"���������""'' ' *   ' ::"  .Orders: sent ,to  immediato  ilylj&X-  umbiajj Deluding views i)hhe route to Big Bend, always  ��������� onhandntliberalrsAesLtty Atfh 'yvrn r .nisrl^a ���������:.. -  .*��������� Victoria; V^ Lf opposite Bee1 Hive Hotelj Avhere Lo  is���������p^epai'pd'u������ supply bird numerous patrons/witlrcywy'  requisitej'oi. Clothing 'suitable, fbrVov.ery'season oi' tbo  year;/' ,  X   i������^y\y-   yy       -X0ls 'AAA , M..  ���������Vii*'<''.i.Jh'?>  THOl&kSr^IJSONvfc^  ������.\r;-.  ,-,>.v  ;B ARKER'VIhLEX0xx  UUJNext ^nfepfi^rttish:North5^erica;)  _: "Gentlemel:of Williams Creek and'yicinity that  he'nas^fitteU^up a^THROOM at cbnsiaemblerexpehse/  .for their'accommodation; anct hopes byTclose attention  .to business fojiuerit.-a. share,of .their^patronage..|; y \ .-  *4a5^*He'wiiiaisd attend*tol Extracting, Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth. .-'��������� X- -:'������������������-���������*��������� 'r-.-r;-.- t.:-- V'* '������������������'��������������������������� 19 j-*:  BARKERVILLE & GROUSE CREEK;  i-:X,  IX ���������������������������'���������;;:���������:.���������: v'-^.ii>K   JVf<V  /^m&5f;^-^^^j:   .'"   ..; :��������� -.{A - VB XRKEfRVIL"LE, yA\-��������� ',/H/',;  ,/w ? -/.'��������� Have: ji^tcreceiyedia^choice������selection of,,..,  GAS* IRON GOOrCING  ,l\,fESSRS. HARRIS, & CO.v.beg ;tp.inform/the,  ItX Miners, 'Hotel'Keepers and'the/inhabitants in geii-.  reral" of-Wrtliams & Grouse Creeks^'tnat'they have open-  :ed Pirst'Class s ButcherxShops ?;in'BARKERVILLE and  on GROUSE. GREEKS and^trust,to merit a^ibcralshare,  of the public patronage, and that th^eir old friend's will  Tcindly give them ^call */ /'' ".' ; .���������% ���������'������������������ ���������' / " i8^in j���������  :;;;>;"f" ;^GRC^u^ :������������������������-���������' I ���������  ttfl&Si'B3EimyE^  ���������* t Y /and'tbe travelling public generaliy*that\ho?has.  takenthe; above Ranch andis prepared to-supply theni'  with:First* Class Accommodation, v. Good Stabljng fprf  lhors,os;tHayiandGrain.i r,     ������    ,       1 A \ .i!������ J^sf  -���������'^  :'I?���������J^ii;  TO*. 'MANSON, , ���������      ���������    )D., A. KcLEAN, j',  ',"v- .s(?. I; ���������   Proprietor, , tv v. ?i    .���������,'.-/'.   ;- ��������� /Agents  .mmS''#QTEt'fe; LARGE a^ well fitted s vp.  ' x'! for the comforl :6f, travelers; .the* Table /is.- suppli dd  wi tli the- best of bVerything/ that ;'can:. be ���������pr6curcli: and  the.cboki rig is not in ferior.to; '-any oh tue ro������'id ;.v Bedroom s  for. families;?:Stablingj|:Haj^ Barley and 6ata..r ,:X*s.j ���������'���������  /ITOTELi.^DEJFRANCE; Victoria, V. I.,.Joh.v  JI BrGSK'ASDvFmiRE JIancikt/ Proprietors. NTiie Res-  taumntLs supplied \vithvaU the] dolicaciesi thef market  affords/'  In the Bar.-will;befound the choicestXiQuORS,  'Kur^she'd'Bboms',,/&cr ���������*' f/ AAA'. //// '":: '���������//"//'//."l?s  t>,TJG-ENE THOMASfJ Yates streets-Victoria,  Ji Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WINES, BRANDIES  ' BEERS '/'and LIQUORS .and, depot j^Hayana Segars.  Goods yforwarded to the Mining Districts^ yy}t-0l$-X  .   FRANB^Lv yiotoria; ;Vv I.-j:-DealerIn^ras,  /. Skins,. Hides, Wool," &c'--vLiberal advances made  on Furs^ohslgued'.'! Reference���������GV SiitroiVo.���������-,"Spor-  borg &^������ueff, Victoria^ V:. I. v  - .. v  i-s  ;jj- LBERT CRYSLER- has.opened the,above. House for  jCX/tlie'rec^eptjon of Traveller^ ��������� the 'tablets well kept-  and/ttiefvliiquors cannot' bev'surpassfed ^ ��������� tiiej Beds ;are  clean imd comfortable. ������Stabling for Horses|; Hay and.  Oats,,; . ; , (^ j.i; ,: .:v   1,   ..-��������� r/'.; ' :-"   '���������''   . ;',������ :l-s  " Sheet Copper, Zinc:; Tih Tidy5^^.'Sfieet Irpn,  ^ ^   withyajrious; other/articles in their hne of trade..'/j-^  :,.;.A'&:iAti.Jobbing:in/the.:fin,.;SheetvIroft,. Gopp^r and  Zinc trade attended to; and-warraat^d *������v���������^'������ saiisfac-  ������������������;��������� ti-������ri.".  .���������: ���������������������������������������������-:���������' ���������--: -v-. \--/\. .y.xryy ..       .,-   34-. 1  VAN WINKLE  ���������T|*?HE;UNDERSINED begs Ui inform/the miners'-aud  _L rt!������i dents in and around Van Winkle that having  purchased, the establishment and good will of the "firm-  of 'Messrs; S'CHORLING k CO.. he will' in future-keep  TftE-UOTERSIGNED. begs.inojnfprni: the public that  /,thejaboirte, establishment;>y^ ' SUNDAY  LAST;' tlifeL22iid'.'Jiilyf an'd.that Uo wilfbe happy'to;re-;  ceive.a call:from hisYri:en:dsi,'';'-.^ \. ���������  <00Af'43F<- BOARD $16iPER WEEK."f&k^ir0 I'  ��������� '-'���������. /Bread j 'Pies- and- Gakes al ways'on hand for;sale.  0$fu Ay-,-:,;  : 7k.lix    7,A.;KEI^,lPrc^etor;  'x ^^I^ldOOET; AD^RTJSEItfENTSi1;:; ���������  JAMES HURON;'Proprietor./Thiscommodious Hotel is/well fitted up;with .every convpnienqe  for. the comfort;of the public; the -Beds, are -all thai a>  weary.^^trayclief xsouid dpsi re;: .tlie Tablo^'^ suppliSd/wit^;  ther best ofVfaie;; the Sar: contains 'the. choicest;brands  of Liqnbrs'aud Segars;"good Stabling, Horse Fecd,= Oats,  .Barley;;;&cXyxyrx,.y. '?:;AiyyA'AX77.ik'X 10��������� tl:?-|i  MRS. -HEnX,! Miij,iner. & Dress Maker, .Govern-  ment Street; yicidria,{V.],t\ All kinds of Millinery  of thev iaies������vstyle% kept^coristaritly bti luind. 7: Orders  .. "IV^liB *���������*  froitn the^country.-puiictually attendedjtoi".'  THE ^UNDERSIGNED are novvj maun facturmg FLO UR  .of 'aU/grades':; Extra,..S'up^rfino-'and' Fico./ Feed  Crushed to order.1 '  .* '*     '-'          '���������"^:.-���������'.'��������� ,.:������������������������������������.:���������:$ )  l-s  LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.;    <  007:, '��������� :   :;F. W. Foster, Agent.:  Or. I era, aecoin p i\ nied with tins' 'GASH,'. fr. >m ou tl yi iig  cr."..'ks will be forwarded with promptness and dispatch.  Miners wishing to lay in tlieir, winter stock will find  it to tbdr.advantage to give him a'call . '  ���������������������������':jfi@* Terms CASH,  without distinction * ���������A-x:.xy  ,37/ Ji W. jLINDHARD.. ;  SOLGSViON  BROS,-      :  T>EG TOIXFORM THEIR CARIBOO'FRIENDS that  JL) they ha vL* ire) noved to the twoistory.' brick ;b it.il J ing  (lormerly the Entcrprisy Saloon). (Opposite tho St..'-Kic\i-���������  t������Us Hotel, Govtiriimont Stroet; Victoria'-. They. will.  keep on hand a. Urge as.sortm6nt: of :CLOTHING and  FURNISHING GOODS, which they:wili sell ;as1ow as  . any house in town. They respectfully solicit.a call from  tlie '��������� Hoy*" when they come clown/.. -...-:  /��������� A'>%5-s  :-'v/.-;EDW]N;;.--.tYN.?>N,.'. ^;:!;*;;  /T\EA.LER IN-DRY .OOODS, ..CLOTHIN.G,-. HATS.AND  U Caps/Boots and Shoes, Carpetiugs, Oil Cloths,  Wall Paper, &c , Lillooet, B. 0. 'l-s  LORENZO iLEAElTOi Proprietori' Thl^'hwsc  Lia/jCordsj^vory:. ac^p.'inmodation,. for. the ���������comfort of  .Travellers j the. Table,is furnished >vith ail tho Uelic.acles^  pf,thq/season,;and ,the/Bar is stocked with the choicest  Of Wines'; Brantlie's J& ^egars; good stabliiag for hbrscs;  Hay;' Barley and Oats constantly Oh hand iff low tatps*.  Newly milled Flour;for sale cheap.:;;:.-0,-.;; :;...,���������; l-s. -  ILSC^&^trRRiAX; Grocers, ;PRW8^  ��������� Wlho ^Spirit Merchants; iBakers ^Confectioners,  ^ort;StreeVVictdria,vV. X.'..;*-r- x    \ - -.'-������������������ J:s  'O p*R O A T '���������&? fJO.'. '(late Anderson :& Co! flMPORTERa  N^-R^JJ&^7fl^,%+������ storo^trAtrViotona,  W aiid Commission ��������� MerouaNts,  V.VL  it -n  ZJ&.   ���������i     LILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB; MILTZ, [ Proprietor, hifs always ; on  hand a' large and superior stock of Lager Beer j at  the Bar will; bo "found the best Brandies, Wines and  Bcgars;. the,public.are invited to call./ ..Prepared to fill,  all orders promptly. /���������...,. ../? y ' ',    l-s|������  SBMLEN 6c PARKE, ;Proprietors;'-at the  "Junction of:the Cariboo and Big'Bend;Roads, is  now open for the accommodation of the public: -,', Distance from Clin ton, 26 miles; from Sayunas Steaiabbat  Landing, "22 ntiles; :' from' Spence's; Bridge,"/U6/miiesl  Travellers will lind prices and- accommodations' to suit  the times. , Give thorn a call. -Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentiyc hostlers. Stage leaves horo twice a week for  Big Bend and Vale, arid once a week for Cariboo.'    X-fe  Q FELMAN = and ��������� McKENZIE, * Proprietors.  O   This. Hquse is well fitted up with.. Good Beds and  . -VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons haying  i\ ��������� demands against the Assignee of the PRAGER  ESTATE arH r������ique^ted to-send tbe same in.to F. V. LEE,  RicUJield, on or before the Ut of October ensuing,  OLocrwise they will be disallowed ':"    "���������''"''  J.,RUE,FF,..: .  .'''..."' As^ignnft.  Ridifield, Sept. l,*i, im. 35-td  Pioneer Hotel���������^Lillooet,  riHiiBLES NELSON,'rProprietor. 'This old  \j established House is welt'fttted !������P for the. comfort  of Travellers; the Table : is. suppli ed, wi th the, best.of  everything that can be had, and the cooking is riot inferior to the bust hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for'Families; Staliling for Horses, Hurso Feed, &c.  The Expross 6topa hore.i '���������' ���������-.    t-g  MESSRS., CORNWALLJS. x 10.:.,,  eeri  Itoutc.   bestof  li ving,' of' Liquors^ ah d of Wi nes   ' Frestf Bu tteV,1 Mi Ik  and Vegetables;.    Good Stabling and cheap feed. * 'i-s  M.  J.   BLACKMAN,  n    SUTBO & CO., Imi������ortkks and. Deau:ss i.  \X& OIGARS, TOBACCO,; Mecrshaum Pipes,/&������.,*��������������� ���������������  corner of ������ates;and' Wbarf streot, Victoria ;;;j.v ��������� y ������  i V1 < b rO.'Ad-d-IN; 'PHYsrcJA^ &; SCRGEO>^^ear cor  U . n^o^a^and^oy^^^  X' ^cRjriTURE,' Brbad Strcet; Victoria, V. L ,7   j_  \j MERCnAXTS, Wharf Street, \ icUjria, V. L  i-s  JlKHCHAKf8*  ..  1  Ai-5  ENDEBSON and BURN"ABY  XI Wha r^ stree t, Victori a, s V. I.   - . ���������,  P;'MAJXANbiNE^dttECTON ^Ei^^;  Ty- rt^mmBiii;-Street: Victoria, V. I.    ... ;.-.. t^  "pOKT'P'OOG'L^^yiRgB^S  BAEKERVILLE.  JB S. Tt  AtrOTldNEER, MINING & COMMISSION  A_ AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,  BARKERVILLE.   ���������     -'���������'��������� 17  every convenieneu f^^^^^^'nblited w  them;   Good' Beds* and a Table well supp������,.: r,u  the delicacies of tho season.  M������ s^r&<������** ,^^ ^  , Ti 1 hih'is -House i������  Gf   SMITH  & CO., Pr������Pnutorfl-    fni 0f Travel-  . \Sed|fortW^  ler������ to the-Bridge River MtaM. '-*������������������ twice a *������J  for Horses.,HorsP,Feed &aP^ ^ ^1of  between this Houbo and V0*^���������^*   with ^e ^  the steamers from btlow  Boats for Lillottt,-.


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