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 /Jf  j.  Vol. 3.  'A  Barkerville, Williams Creek, B. C.,;Friday, November  SO,  1866.  No. 2.  Romance of Gkolooy,���������Geology is the: science which examines and describes the crust  of tbe ear th.   And it' is al most of yesterday;  yet geology has already made some most^ remarkable additions to the stock of human  kuowledge.   It has for one thing, given us a  , view of the earth's history duringa long period, while as yet no human beings lived upon  it.   The facts of "this history are extremely  curious and interesting,   It appears thai; Hhe  space of time occupied by it was vast beyond  all that could have been supposed; that Uur-  ing this time the surface of the earth underwent many  changes���������bods  of rock  being  formed at the bottom of seas, other rocks  "Iii ro wif up'by Aahtevinomn' feremy hUipand  valleys formed, and tbe sea and land frequent:  ly changed the one for the other; also most  wonderful of all, that while these operations  were going obi .there rose a large succession  of animals;; beginning with those of simplest  form and advancing to others of higher character,, until those nearest to the human figure  appeared;: :these  animals,   however, bdiag  different jfrom.any which now exist���������. [0 0 :���������'.,  All''these facts have: been ascertained-/jby  investigating the rocks  which compose Jibe  earth's crust, in which are found tho remains  ���������HAPPINESS.  This subject is not particularly new, or particularly interesting. The only excuse which  can bo offered for attempting to analyze it is  the great diversity of opinious which"exist in  regard to what properly constitutes happiness.  It has been shrewdly said, ^there is nothing  new under the sun," and "this subject would  seem to exemplify the saying. 6  ~     . "It is aa old, old story,  A thousand times besting."  Still as there are no two creations precisely  alike, no blade of grass like its fellow, no two  ??*$?.9!? th(^seazs.ho.uiuo: whichilui'croseope  can detect no difference, so: in .the human  mind there are differences of inspiration and  of aspiration; of induction and of deduction ;  of retrospect and prospect.  It is not to be supposed that the ideas now  abvauced will exerefse an important influence  upon those who hear them. Though,dike tho  pebble thrown into the ocean, its ripples are  scarcely visible, it is hoped the.remotest corners, of-your- mnte ^U-mr%~nvrH- w"iociobedr  no matter liow gently, with the plummet of  reason which is sounding this familiar question.   ���������--"--*-=*--;  more or less perfectly preserved, of the/ani-     A beautiful operation it is of the famous  mals in question, as well as /of 'a; similar;s.nc-  oession pf plants, the order of,-the existance  of both animals and plants; being establisKed  by an order which is ascertained|with'regard  to the age of rocks, the oldest of which arejbf  course placed undermost and the newest ri&t  the surface.   It is surely very interestinggto  reflect on the manner iu whioh this history  has beeu compiled; not as histories usually  are, from old family and state ������flocubaents,  from medals or monuments, but from thepaSr-  ticulars placed before us, as it were by nature,  that we might first observe and then reflept  upon and make inferences from them.    And  such is the  character of this evidence, tfwit  many of the facts of the reign of George III,  are less clearly ascertained; than some of 'tfik  events which took place thousands of. yeaii  before the existence of the human race, ., S  /:.;-. Success tn Life.���������-Benjamin Franklin^t^^  buted his success as a public man, not to his  talents or his power of speaking���������for these  were but moderate���������but to his own integrity  of character.. " Hence it was," he says/'-that  I had so much weight with my fellow-citizens.  I was but a poor speaker, never eloquent,  subject to much hesitation in ray choice of  words, hardly correct in ray language, and  yet I generally carried my point." Character  creates conftdance in men of high station as  in.humble life. It was said of the first Emperor Alexander, of Russia, that hts persoual  character was equivalent to a Constitution.  During the wars of the Fronde, Montaigne  was the only man among the French gentry  who kept his castle gates unbarred; and it  was said of him that his personal character  was worth more to him than a regiment of  horses      .           That character is power is true in a much  higher sense than that knowledge ��������� is power.;  Mind without hearty intelligence: without: con-  duct, cleverness Without goodness* are powers  in their way, but they may be powers only for  mischief.4 We may be instructed or amused  by them; but it is so me times difficult to admire theni as it would be to admire the dexterity of a pickpocket/ or the horsemanship  of a  Banvan tree taking root and * growing again,  and again taking root and again growing^ until it had reared a mighty: structure, grand,  simple and. imposing, in whose shades the  weary ones may find a resting place ; so with  happiness; one idea suggests another, the last  gives birth to another, until a green and shady  temple is erected, grand, solemn and majestic  in its simplicity and soberness, which can  rest the weary thoughts of artifice and passion; and where the weary, worldly ones can  find rest.   ��������� -.  As no rose blushes before the world unless  it is wedded to a thorn, so no happiuess  smiles before the window of hope unless it is  accompanied by a sorrow. True happiness  is mude up of contrasts, as well as a beautiful  landscape, It is not well to gaze for ever  upon the smiling sunlight, or to hear forever  I in your ears.the jpvpusiJ^bMm^  J-Ve needlue^aric cloud"with "the "silver Hump. ��������� We-sigh for the tall and gloomy mountain and the mystery of the swamps.  After all, happiness is comparative. Without being tried in the crucible of grief, happiness is a monotony, a sameness, a blauk-  ness. Did not Byron strive to extract the  very essence from happiness ? Did he not  filter but the gall and wormwood?. Did he  not descend to his grave, melancholy, abject,  and"unsatisfied? Yes! he pursued the bright  redness ou the horizon, and followed the  world over without reaching the object of  his desires.  Happiness is a flying meteor; it lights up  the path of man but for a moment, making  hira feel more sharply the darkness froni  which it came. We cannot grasp it and hold  it. It will slip through your fingers like the  sunbeam, and laugh at your futile efforts to  retain it. It is like quicksilver; visible and  near, yet impossible to; handle satisfactorily.  You may get it in your hand and hoId it for. a  while, according to your patience and ability.  Then/it slips out and is^^ lost amid the dust of  disappointment and; vexation; ;  ���������".: This is what happiness is, something���������nothing���������brilliant and glowing-^-dini and unde-  fihable.   Seek it and gain it: take it in: all  Sunday  in- Ioauo.���������The Idaho correspondent of a San Francisco paper gives the following picture of Sunday  pleasures in that  Territory :���������������< This is Sunday I   The solemn  echo of the tolling church bell was unheard;,  the.sacred edifice that revives the recollections of love, home and joys, is unseen; the  aged spinster, book in hand���������paterfamilias,  with   chenibs  set  aside���������mammas;   belles,  beaux, and even the outward form of religion  real or artificial���������wore alike invisable.   This  is the .settling day with merchant and miner.  One presents a villaiuous-looking paper charged with figure ; the other a long, greasy bag,  .clnirged-iKitbgold.- ��������� Sbylook-svins;-dust loses!-  Sunday���������tho weekly meeting ; general rendezvous of the bulls'and bears; Wall street  illustrated ; Uras .Major in the ascendant, and  his Satanic Majesty the ruling genius of. the  hour;.: thermometer 82 degrees in the shade ;  rot-gut 25 feet at the bar ;   myriads of mam-  moth bottle flies, pregnant with  poison, sailing through the air ;  whiskey tho beverage,  and nipnte the game;   augels weep, mortals  'dime; ^S'*'righT,'aiid hHvy'pealij'of'T^iiiffer  announce the displeasure of the Supremo ;  rapine; blasphemy and murder were in our  midst; :{a breathless corpse lay weltering in  his blood; the law is violated and the victim  unavenged; theSabbath closes with a clouded moon frowning on the sins of the day!  Reader dost thou like the picture ?  fraction of the truth of what a Sui  Boise."*  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  PAID UP CAPITAL, \ -       -     $1,662,500  (With fower to Increase.)  DRAFTS ISSUED' ON THE BANK'S BRANCHES,  :        ���������   IN VANCOUVER ISLAND,  VICTORIA ;  //Ax   IX BRITISH COLUMBIA,  NEW- WESTMINSTER;-YkhVylslOVm Oh-QVESftmX  CAK1B00;  IN THE UNITED STATES.  SAN KRANCJSCO,   PORTLAND, Oueoo.v.  ON THK BANK OP MONTREAL, IN CAS ADA,  Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Hamilton, London, King  ston  His'but a  uday is at  \^M)aniel Webster used to say that the  word 'would,' in Rufus Choat's hand-writing,  resembled a small gridiron struck by light  ning.  jS9,'Wife(c'oniplaiuingIy): I haven't more  than a third of the bed.  Husband (triumphantly): That's all the  law allows you.  #������?* Fauny Fern says that the men like to  "pick the ladies to pieces." Wc have certainly found it very pleasant to take them apart.  ^������*;Chavari represents a Prussian sitting  OniaTrfM;ble benehin a public garden smoking  a cigar. ��������� A pretty little girl ;whom he had  been noticing says to him, " General, my  papa likes you very much." "What is your  pr.pa's business, my deary'. '������ He. makes  wooden legs."  J?������* Sir Henry Stokes as at present arranged, will proceed in a few weeks to resume the  government of Malta, having first taken his  seat as a privy councillor.  ,  Cobotir^, DehVvilh,  villa, Whi thy, Poterboro,(  Goderieh. Stratford, 1������  Brauttord. Brock-  Ottaw.i.  , Guelpli,  .. -,. ictnn, Perth,  StwCoilwrbw*;-��������� 0A ���������������  ON NEW YOItK_0a Messi*.* Bki.l * Gundrt, (Ag������uta  lor (he Bank of Alomroal.  ON SCOTLAND-TUBBRITISH LINEN CO.'S BANK  ON IRELAND���������UNION BANK OF IRELAND, LIMITED  ON ENGLAND���������THIS BANK Ol'1 BRITISH COLUMBIA,  - Head Offlce, Lombard Sti, London.,  CURRENT ACCOUNTS opened for'any amount not  less thnn One Hundred DollMfts.    ��������� - ���������  BillsDLscouutcUand Collected; and Bills of-Exchango  Britain, San Francisco and New York pur-;  on Great  cli used.  .Government aurt'otlier Securities received for sale  custody; Interests and Divldenas collected.  Rocdived on Deposit, or Advunces mado upon them.  ASSAY  OFFICE.  Gold Dust Melted and Assayed, and returns mado  within 24 hours.     .  Ores of every description carefully Assayed,  v April, 186������.;  0: . i  BARNARD'S  W  THE BANK OF  British   Korth   America,  EsTAiiuauKi) is 1836.  Heau Office: 7, ST. HELENS PLACE LONDON.  I  Conueciing.at Lillooet and Yale"with. DIETZ as  NELSON'S: for New. Westminster & Victoria, ���������-���������  ILL ARRIVE. A^P DEPART from tho office in  Barkerville, toconnect-with-tiiesteather4,En'-  turprise" at Quesnelmoutl:, and the STAGES at Soda  Creek, EVERY WEEK, conveying iWauitE, Lkttkrs  and VAi.UAiit.E8 for all parts of the we'riil Also, Commissions received and. forwarded hy Express for tho  collection of Notes, Bills and the purolmso of articles  io be obtained at New Westminster, Victoria. S:in Francisco or en route, and returns made with dispatch.  JOHN B. LOVELL,  l-s Agent, Barkerville.  WILLIAMS   CREEK  STEAM SAW MILL CO.  DRAFTS ISSUED on London, New York, San Francisco, Cariboo, Canada, New Brunswick,  > ova Scotia.  and on all the .Branches of the'"'National-Bank'of'Scot  land and Provincial Bank of Ireland;. ' ."::���������;���������:��������� : v  Bills of ExchangO and Gold Purchased. ���������  Interest on Special Deposits of Money allowed at the  rate of a ftuartor of one per cent, per month.    ..; :������������������ ���������.,  highwayman.    Truthfulness, integrity, lights and shadows.   Ifc has a phrase for every  a net go odciesa���������qua! I ties WffitiMjfnS f WiiMfy%el^ior6W Ilfti' tim heeti * stiS^^^^'v '0af  man's breath���������form the essence of manly character, or, as one ,of our old; writers has it,  "that inbred loyalty unto virtue which can  serve her without a livery." :  When Stephen Colonna fell into the hands  of his assailants, and they asked.him, in derision, " Where is your fortress*?"  "Here," was his bold reply, placing his  hand upon his heart  It is in his misfortuue that the character of  the upright man shines forth with the greatest lustre; and when all else fails, he takes a  stand upon his integrity and his courage.  Early.���������Lord Palmers ton used to tell this  anecdote of himself.- " When I was a yotiog  man the Duke of Wellington made an appointment with me at half-past seven in the morning, and some one asked me,���������  " Why, Palmerston, how will you keep that  engagement?"  " Oh," I said, " of course tbe easiest thing  in the world. I shall keep it the last thing  before I go to bed 1"  gSfr* A Paris letter in a London journal  says :���������Rather a good thing was uttered here  the other night by a clever actress. A very  old man having died, his old and attentive  servant died:-the next day. "Depend upon  it his master rang for him," was the remark.  seek it early, shall find it."  J^*" Well, Charley,7 said an anxious gent  to an urchin of three years on Christmas day,,  "what did you find in your stocking this  morning?"  ,���������������������������.',���������   . .   --: -   /���������  . ^Find, father," replied the hopeful, " why.  I have found a big hole."  The father gave the boy one cent.  JpSg* Baron Rothschtld once complained to  Lord Brougham of the hardship of not being  allowed to take his seat in Parliament.  " You know," said he, " I was tho choice of  the people."  To which the ex-Chancellor, with his usual  causticity, replied," So was Barabbas."  $������~A. mathmettcian, being asked by a  stout fellow "if two pigs weigh twenty pounds  how much will a stout hog weigh Vf replied,  "jump into the scales and I will tell you immediately."  TgM'- A milkman, the other day, in speaking  of the dullness of the market, said,���������  "I can't make anything hew-a-days, there  is so mueh composition in the business." He  probably told the truth unwittingly.  .^sSrlf a toper and a gallon of whiskey  where left together,  first?  Gold Dtsr Melted and Assayed, and returns made  witUiu 24 hours iu Coin or Burs. .  Ores of every descripti6n.carefully:Assayed. Xy-y,  \-':' N "i't BV ���������'Aiiy- i n Htiix c'tionS 'ii&' to tli eM'iSJti uSic't' tif * th o^ prV*;- *  ceeds of Gold Dust forwtirded to the office in Victoria  for Assay will be carefully attended to.  A   J.*.G. SHEPHERD, Mumiger.  Victoria, y. I., April. 1869.   . l-s  Cariboo Literary Institute  A J. S. THOMPSON1, Prksidknt;  JAMES ANDERSON, Vice-Pkksident.  of Lumber per hour, any length or  tbis market, rind of a scpjeiuor .Qt  'VllK UNDEBSIGNED, LCMBEIl MRUCUANT?, beg  JL to inform the iul-abitunts in gi.-n'.'ral of Williams  Creek tiiat they have now iu operation a STEAM SAW  MILL, locuted at the mouth of Mink .Gulch, abovo  Rich 11 eld; capable of manufacturmg one tiiousand foH  width,'rqquired in  QUAriTVi::-, AH .'orders  left at Mr. ..AV. A. Mea chaui ?s. Barkervill e, or tlie Mi I i,.  wi II b e promptly attended to, :and dull vered FREE 011  CHARGE at any point on the wagon road, and at RE-  DDCED KATEd The undersighed trust to rn*'rit a liberal share of the public patronage and' that their old  friends will kindly give them a call.        ���������  :   MEACHAM, COOMBS & NASON.  Williams. Creek, Aug.'27th 1866.   ..-���������-��������� ������������������>������������������  '���������:.-. "33   i m  -I  BARKERVILLE   BREWERi-Yr  ���������*������yw<>if;<. ���������������rvr.-������>"  JOHN MacLAKEV,  1)R  W. B. WILKINSON,  JOHN ADAIK,  DIUECT0R8.  JOHN BOWItON,  SKCft?;TABY& LlBRAKIA.V.  Nicolas Ginsrio,  PROPEIETOH.  L  RIO HFJ ELD,  which would be drunk  TUIIS INSTITUTION at present contains about 500  1 volumes of Choice Literature,consisting of Kuligious,  Scientific, Historical, and Puctical works, and works ol  Fiction.  Worcester's Lirgc Pictorial Dictionary, Ure'sDictionary of the Arts, Manufactures and Mines, Lippt-ncott's  Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World, and Homan's Cyclopedia of Cuuunerce will always be kept in the room  for reference.  Tho Reading Room will be found supplied with the  I'ltest ICnglish, Scottish, Canadian, American, and Colonial Papers and Ma&izineS,  TiSKais 061 SouscRiPTrox���������$5 per quarter, or S2 per  month. Single volumes Loaned to non-subscribers at  50 cts. per volume, with $1 deposit.  .Persons^uot subscribers visiting the Reading Room  and making use of the Books and "Papers will be charg-;  ed 25 cts. for each visit.  /jS3=- The Room will bo open from 10 a.m. till 10 p. m.  JOHN BO WHO N, ���������  17 See re trury yn-i Librarian.  PATRICK   KIRWIN, Paop'a.  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek; the Liquors  and Cigars are of the Huest quality. ������  E. C. GILLETTE,  MI Hm dt y BIJ R VE YOR,  CAMERONTOWN. 7  !  ams, Pearcy &  BARKERVILLE,  Have just received a choice sehetion of     .   ���������  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin Plate and Sheet Iron,  with various other articles in their line of trade,  ^g* All Jobbing in tb" Tin, Sthftet Tr^n, Copper and  I Zinc trade attended to, and warrant vd to give salWuu-  Liou. 34 m imflu Ammo��������� t*������4������*M> - WX*������ WMiWtfiylW fWi������������������.������i wW :  ,;.yr---.:.v...^,^^;^^  t  i  ��������� f^B^y������wi>^ypy^^ft^{|Wi������jLm'^^w'^'l^ilV^������������,';*JT.J3,T''"^'  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  "r.   FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 18G0Y  THE ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE   ���������  <  It .is ������aecessary in conaiflermg any .question  '������f importance, first of all to clear the subject  : matter of Its surrounding encumberancos so  that there may be a clear and distinct view  .froui/every side'.aud 'in doing so, in this  ���������case, 'we have no intention of saying anything  uncivil or disrespectful of those men of learning and position who are the. custodians of  the Sword and tbe*balauce of Justice in our  uudst, and whose position protects them from  impunity if it dews not secure them from disrespect.  It was asserted by an anonymous writer  . in these columns during last summer, that we  :stiouId*iot on account of our ignorance, presume to-express tin opiuiou on  the decisions  ol the Supreme Court or the conduct of its  ���������-Jtrdgv. ��������� ������������������;&> long as-v/e4:6u-p to vague-gORoniU  alities���������so long as the two objects of compar-  '  '' fcou are a learnedvcourteous, just Judge on the  one side; un  ignorant, dissatisfied rabble on  the other; the weakness ol ihe fallacy may  ���������escape detection.   But we.are ' compelled to  advocate the capacity of tbe miners of Cariboo to form as correct opinious 'Upon any  Kubj cet as can any o ther co ro in un i ty o f tb e  ~���������-^rn^c^tmrt"a"nywiiOro.-���������-^Vnioiig.iii*un,s..ai:������?.  ���������those who Save been members of Legislative  Councils in other British and mining colon-  * : ies ; some who. have had seats in the Legisla  ture vof California \   those who' were   Chief  '���������Magistrates of townships and counties more  '   popuJouathah this whole colony; men who  have had the advantages of the education and  ��������� the  refinement pf-the Universities of Edinburgh, of Glasgow and Sti Andrews ; engin-  ' ������ers, su r y ey ors,   doc tors,   acco u u tan ts,   sel f-  ���������n the case Queen vs. Jim, a California Indian,  tried at Lillooet in >58, the Verdict pf <fnot  gu i I ty;' b y th e j u ry waa d isregarded and the  Indian sentenced to 'bard labor ;.-and in the  case Queen vs. Gilchrist thejury was cavalierly i n fo rm o d tb at o ne of th e condi tip ns of  their liberty wa san absence from tlie court.  In the case Queen vs.Mker the jury was re-  p remanded for noo finding a verdict of ^guilty"  although Mr O'Rielly had lost, the intbrmation  and, original depositions, and: theindictment  was drawn up  without them.; Ih'7the civil  cases���������Eddy vs. O'Rielly, Waldronvs O'Rielly,  Davis Co. vs. Borealis Co.. Oppenbeimer.vs.  ttesozzi���������th e verd ic ts o f *% th e j ii nes wei;e; n p {.  only set aside but the terms ignoratit, sttipid  &c., were applied to men who never deserved  such an insult.' The inevitable result bf'Such  conduct will soon be, that the roll  of;jurors  shall be nearly as small as tho-roll: of barris-  lers, unless the panels be fillcdiy the exercise  of force. '7. viy/i\ ������������������'���������::.  Although large communities are judges of  general conduct yet they are sel dp in as aeon rate-.' u their, d eoisions,. on., indiyidual. ��������� acts;  often they condemn a man in high;position  for acts that are not culpable, and as often  acquit him on acts that are positively bad.  Thus the illustrious Pitt was lauded by the  pe op le w hen he d eela ro d ex p e nsi ve . an d us e-.  less wars, and was upbraided by theni when  he took a seat in the House of Lords after he  was-no longer able to endure the fatigue of  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  O Rl E UT A if S A L QO%  'RICHFIELD,  THIS HOUSE WILL~BE  OPEN DURING  THE WINTER MONTHS.  Hot GIN SLING and PUNCH to warm tho inner man,  and every comfort for the outer.  " FREEZE OUT FOR FUN ������ THROWN IN.  1-Om ..   ��������� .        '    JOHN HE DIN*.  -NEW;ADVERTISEMENTS.  OPPE^OTEIL & CO.,  ERC HANTS,  ���������AKE"R0IT0WHt  '  .. :���������  -���������  ..  .  ���������  -  -  ;���������  ���������< '  ....  y.  V-  ;������������������.. ���������  ��������� -  A  -  -  iy  :    -������������������*  ��������� ��������� ���������-  ���������  . -������������������'.'.  . ��������� i  :���������:���������:  .���������  .  .  - - ���������  taught men; and -many who have made the  p r i u ci p 1 es j i f ho t the p ractic e, of law th ei r  atudy for years.. The ragged garments worn  iu Cariboo are qui le a' d tffercn t emb 1 em from  those of Newgate... Aside therefore from, that  * .intuitive knowledge of justice and of the law  of 'meum eftuuia.' which all men even sava-  .     4jes possess, we think, there is nothing partial or  prejudicial.in showing some respect to the  opinions of a community composed principal-  ; -ly of such classes as we have just described.  We all remember how that, in * the countries  ���������av hence we hail'" the judges gave ' back their  vineyards to their rig.btiuI o wn ers, preser ved  ....   equal rights to unequal possessions, equal  ..   j ustice to th e ri cb .a nd. poor; the imp ar tial i ty  ���������   A .of the judgement.seat and their, disrespect of  * persons, and froni whose halIs of judgmen t  ��������� those who came iii .clamoring for revenge,  went away--in peace to the loom and the  plough, tb the somite and the church; and it  is expected by all that judges, especially under British rule, should be men in whose serene equity and acknowledged wisdom every  /citizen can trust ..-'���������'���������."  There is a strong presumption that a man  is wrong when almost every person in a community thinks and says he is wrong ; the prc-  ��������� sumption becomes stronger when the tastes  ������ud previous convictions of the community  .were at first strongly biassed iu favor ot the  dignified appearance and bright natural talents of the individual, as well as the purity  ���������.. and sacredness of his office ; and the prcsump-  *. tion becomes stronger still when those who  look on disin teres tied I y from' a distance pity  , -the people and condemn the man.  The traditional lore of tbe minors of Cariboo in reference to the administration of justice in this  colony for tho last eight years would fill a  volume, and its whole tendency is to destroy  confidence in the chief administrator, and the  iiuaie opinions are held by most of the inhabitants of British Columbia aud its dependencies.. ...t\>-are .willing to admit that'some  of  .vu.v_;**i?usc of Co rn mous. Tliis co mmu n i ly is  n o excep ti on.   No Uvlffistairding* tli'c "o iTeTfsTve  manner in which Civil Justice 1ms been ad-'  ministered, -mostly   all seem  well   satisfied  with the administration of Criminal Justice.  Now we. think that no stronger proofs of .the  want of  a "judicial  mind   can be   brought  against the Judge of the Supreme Court, than  h is. ad ministration  of Criminal Justice;    It  may have pleased peaceable citizens in days  gone by to have a Judge act as a prosecuting  attorney; .nay, worse, to aim at the offender  rather than the offence; to brow-beat a jury  because they did not hand over an offender to  his grasp, when the magistrate and the Crown  Attorney and not the jury were to blame, and  the irresponsible deputy "Sheriff, who was not  above suspicion, was suspected of having removed the original documents for base hire  This may have been a sort of protection, but  it Is not justice.^ In opposition  to tli is miscarriage of justice, we would quote from one  of Baron Garrow?s charges to a grand jury, at  Exeter.   "It has been said, and truly said,  that in criminal courts the Judges were coun-.  sel for.the prisoners."  ��������� -;.  - The most arbitary of all the sentences ~prd:  nounced by this Judge is reported in the last  ���������Columbian.'   Two convicts break out of the  chain-gang at   New   Westminster,   carrying  weapous and prepared  for violence, during  the   excitement   another convict peaceably  walked away, and we may almost say who  would not have done ��������� the same ;   the three  were recaptured and put upon trial, the two  violent ones pleaded guilty, Burke pleaded  not guilty on the grounds that he never, was,  convicted, nor was there sufficient ddcumen*  tary evidence to be found in the, Court /that  sentenced him to seven   years bard labor to  prove that be was ever convicted, it was only  by adjourning the inquisition until application was made to the  Colonial Secretary,  that the attorney was able to establish the;  fact; the jury found a verdict of guilty against  Burke with a recommendation to; mercy.  The  Judge  sentenced   the.  two   ruffians .;. to : .six  months additional hard labor each, and poor'  Burke-to nine months, three months extra tor  his "additional  impudence."    Simplifyed���������'������������������  A convict is tried in theSuprcme Court of the  Colony for running away under favorable  circumstances, he pleads "notguilty7? Aon the  grounds that he never was convicted, ihe same'  Court cannot produce evidence -within itself  to prove that he ever was convicted without1  A. McPlierson  WATCHMAKER & JEWELLER.  AT E. HODGENS' OLD STAND  Barkrrvillo, Nov. 12th I860. l-s  .TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, [a  TXTK THE UNHERSlGvEl") have sold our right,* ..Mile  ���������4' V-- ������ii<H:fciezv������i' iRM^-WHIiitms-^y^k BED -ROCK--;  DRAIN CO. (llin itcd), and ,li-ivo. ulso trans ft) rrott  ihe  Giiurter tmd all the rights.ttiVd'.prrw^rs which It grants  unto JAMES ANDERSON and JOHN MACLARE v .*���������'.-'  ROBT. H. MiOWX  J URN ADAIR.  ��������� Cameron t������r., B, C, y.ov. 2ortlS6������  1  ^OE SALE.  rj#E^^^HAT-.FIKT"&REeT---m-4h^  \f WEEL CO " ou Grouse Creek.    Tho owner being  obliged to'lenvo the enntry, will sell v^-ry cheap.  For further paticulars uud terms'upply at tho office  of this p:ip:?r.  Nov. 5th, 1866. lni '  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN ALL  KINDS OF  PROVISMS, LIQUORS, SEGARS,  OLOT.HIN'j,    yf]  BOOTS   &  SHOES,  Minima TOOLS, &c,  Beg to call the attention of Miners and others  to thoir fuU assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS  -   ; - which will be sold       ; '  a^--^^'^t:^414C������^-  to mako rooaa for rt NEW STOCK to arrive so sbbh aa  the Roads are upon.   .  p&~ Liberal allowance will be made to  RefTtaur;'-.!!* *.������T?d Hotel Keupe.rs and tho Trado geuerally  ou largo orders. 1  BUTE  BROS.,   WHOLESALE & - RETAIL JDJC.)iLERS. IN ...  Dissolution of Partnership  rpHE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between D.  1 NORDENRF.KC & C. W. BOSH bus been, this day  dissolved bv niuauil consent.   .  D. yORDl^XBERG  C. W. BOSH  Quesnelmouth, 20th Oct., 1866. l-3in  t '  ���������ANP���������    . -������������������"��������� A  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  BARKERVILLE.  .  jg^��������� A' full assortment of Gbocertes and H. B. Co. 'a  LiQifOKS til ways on hand. .16  NOTICE.  T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE thai. I have this day rcvok-  .1 ed a certain Power or Attorney drawn by me in favor  of ISAAC F. SROOKS, and dateu the day of Fcbrn-uy.  1SG6, and that the said I. F BROOKS has no longer  any authority to act for me. . .  ELIZA ORD  Barkerville,.2nd Nov., 186C. 3ra  these MidiBoiJ s a re t h e result 61 'prej o u i ces, j h av ing re co u rse to  s ecorm a ry evidence;; tso  passioos and ingenuity, of misrepresentations,  and things carelessly said, yet it is a hard  raying that this want of uuntidence should be  chu-ished so  long and so universally hy so  in.my, and finally culminate iu public demon-.  htr������tio.ns and remonstrauce it'it has no lbun-  vlalion  iu tact.   The peaceable-subjects of  .litis colony expect and have a right to be  treated wilh  courtesy  by their judges.    The  language oi sarcasm, of scorn and contempt,  is not llie language ol' a judge (for he speaks  with impunity and noue dare answer him),  yet by asperity, and. rashness ol speech bur  Chief Justice has d riven p ractitiouers from  the I3ar;   by his^reputation"  be has kept  others-from applying for admission, and by  his vindictiveness has subjected the rcmaiu-  BANKRUPTCY NOTICE._      .  In the County Court of British'Columbia,  Holden at Richfield. '���������: .-��������� -  Inre JAME-5 JACKSON EVANS and EPHRAIM THOM  ���������SON EVANS, Bankrupts  "TT^HEREAS, a petition for adjudie;;tion of Ba'nkrupt-  VV "cy, bearing date the 2Gl!i day of November last  has'been duly filed by James Jacksok EJvans and. Eph-.  aim Thomson Evans, of .Cameron ton ��������� Traders v In Mer-  chahdise, of the Arm of Evans ^Brothers,. Und they  ha vi ti g "been rI eel ared;b a'nkrup t,: are hereby requi rod, to  surreu'd er- themselves to Wtinier. R.; Spa 1 ding,;; Esquire,  at the .Court House, Richfield, oa the 24th day of January, how: next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon pre-  ?icise]y, ari-.l cm the 28th day of rebru;ir'y,.A.. J):,''-1867-,  at eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely j. when an:i  where the creditors are to come pri-pared to prove.their  debts and at-the'rfirst sitting to choose assignees and on.  the last sitting the said Bankrupts are required to pass  their examination..  All sersons in deb ted to the Bankrupts or. that. have  any"of-.their'estate and effects, are not to pay or deliver the same mit to W. M. Cochrane, Esquire, the  official assignee, and give notice; to  7.77. AAA: A.-. JOSEPH park, .:.���������;:.-. AAA-  ��������� 'Counsel for the Bankrupts:.  :Richnel.dv27t'hNovv, 1866. . :       .' .     ;    :   2-liri:  .  JAMES P.  TAYLOR,"  DRUGGIST,  AS JUST RECEIVED direct from Sin Francisco Dr.  i,e Rioharu's celebrated Golden Balsam, for tha  complete cure of Secondary Syphilis. Also, a quantity  of Dr. Murphy's Mixtures, so well known as a specifl6  cure for tho same.  / Received also, a stock of tho FINEST CIGARS, for  /retail trade only.  ���������' P. S;���������As he has obtained tho Newspaper Agency ho  "will be happy to receive subscribers'names, to whom ho  will deliver the -pipers immediately on arrival.. By  reading Bill at store the reduced rates for papers will  (bo scon. Orders from outlying creeks will receive  |every altciition. * 45-s  HAVING PURCHASED TOE INTEREST OF CHARLES  ROSS in the above-named Saloon, the undersigned  would respectfully solicit a continuerice of the patronage bestowed on the late 'firm, which by a strict attention to business they will endeavor to merit. .  . Tho -TERPISCHOREAN ART is nightly practised:fct,  this Si loon, arid the. Bar is stocked with the choicest  LIQUORS and CIGARS ..��������� . AAA Ay 77'X:X:r  j^f-Boys please give us a call. :"���������*:  A BURDICK & DEXTER,    :.v  41-lm ;.'-���������:_ ��������� Proprietoff-V:  FASHION -%S.AL0'0lft  ;     BARKjERVILLR  II SALOON  GROUSE   CREEK;  MESSRS. BARRY & CUNIO  EG LEAVE: TO .iNFOR"Jt THEIR FRIENDS AND  the public that having purchased the v'' Pashion  Saloon���������n they will spare "do pains nor expense .to merit  a share of pu blic patrouage. As rt the proof of the  pudding is in the eatihg of it,5' wo say nothing as to  the quulfty. of our "LIQUORS &', CIGARS, please call  and try them;     *-. .;.���������-���������  j11 ry reeoni mend him to mercy ; : the Judge  S1:  ing few to a "bondage of ���������fear" so that the  Bench is left without, a check and we almost  'without a choice of:coutideI.  We have always ������een until now that old and  ,pop������.ra.T institotioa. an empanelled jury, in-  'tendud to control the judge as wefl as to protect tbe subject, treated with respect,   and  oo urtesyjfoy the j udge, even, when they differed  from him in their conclusions and did not  choose to follow his directions: but our juries  .although no to the average in intelligence,  and many of them special ones, have been in-  euik'd. threatened, despised.    It is said th*tt  sentenced him to three months hard labor in  the chain-gang for having the impudence to  plead ''not guilty'' in a British Court of Justice.  Whither are we drifting ?   Surely the star  of civilization is no longer moving westward.  for the days o f A p p i u s are re tu nun g, when at  the appearance of the Judge,  "The townsmen shrank to right and left,  And eyed askance, with fear,  "Hia lowering brow his curling mouth  Which always seemed tu sneer,"  This dulsatory review is only intended to  serve as au introduction to a sequel on the  Mining Laws and their aciministration, and  after reviewing the whole course of Law in  the colony, we may fail.to establish to the  satisfaction of those whom we wish to convince, that the Court of Supreme Justice has  become a sort of "Frankenstieii." Be that as |  it may, it is nevertheless a fact, that its orders  and injunctions are to us very much like the  midnight rumblings of a haunted house to  nervous inmates who believe in the supernatural. It may possibly be a delusion oil  our part, but whether it be or not, unless the  Legislature interfere by commission of inquiry or otherwise, the house shall be deserted.  jzSS^ If you want good Coffee use FelPs.  THIS HOUSE WILL.BE OPEN DURING  :.--,      THE WINTER. MONTHS.  ������������������'������������������'    '.        ���������' :':.:'   . ''������������������ ���������   '.-' -.- .     fc  *���������'*  j^* The room is always warm arid comfortable, and  the Bar contains the best LIQUORS and CIGARS.  WILLISCROFT & FRANKLIN  Mia PROPRIETORS.  EVERY  EVE NING.'  T.  A. BARRY  " ;;-*'-' ������������������������������������������������������"������������������������������������.;: ���������:.::."N.:X3.unioj;  Barkerville, Sept. 13th, 1866.  ������ iproprie-tors*  ���������'[[.: 38-s  N i  TICE.  A LL PARTIES indebted to the late firm of DODERO  i\ & LTONTSv (Jimeronton, are requested to call and  settle before'the 30 th December.  CHARLES DODERO.  Cameronton^ B-.C, Nov. 25th, 1866 2-din  N O TICE.  LL PERSONS in'lehted to the Estate of the late  HONORE JUSTIN "LIONS, are, notiliecl to settle  with the undersigned on or before the 30th December,  alter which date Lhcir accounts will be put, into the  hands of a collide tor. All cl dins against the Estate will  be settled by the undersign<Ml.  IMPORTANf to MINERS  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND   ,--- -PANNINGS^--- -*. y-y :---  On Commission, or will purchase any'quantity on the  Most Liberal Terms, at the  Reading Room, Cameronton,  The Subscriber is well known on Williams Creek, and  front the confidence reposed in him heretofore in the  above busiui'ss, ho hopes to receive the* patronage of  the Mining "community the ensuing season.  1 JOHN BOWRON-  2-3iu  THOMAS BESOZZt, Executor.  L0C1I10IAID ORJ4-MILE HOUSE  rpHlS OLD.A*: D WELL KNOWN HOUSE has been re-  ;L eVnlly opened by the uu:lorsitine<i, who will make  it bis constant, stu-iy by using every endeavour to accomodate the traveling public^to deserve a share of the  patronage bestowed un the former occupants,  jjf-jrjr' The B������ir contains nothiug but tlie very  II. B. LIQUORS aud CIGARS., Give him a ca  EDWARD  best of  all  TROFATTER.  C. STROUSS  DEALER  ANDJOBkER  OTIOE  LL PERSONS  ,' quested to cj  counts forthwith!  re-  ALL PERSONS indebted to the undersigned are  quested to call at this office and settle their ad  5th November, 180������;  ALLAN & LAMBERT;  V".  ������' wa nwwwBHa* i^ft^ki^oTiAi^^JI -8  7  THE CAMBOO SENTINEL  kViaaaitgww *m. wu w������ -Bi^mfLii^s^Aji^iiaszLVjrjsa^s 'x.-fmsnsr.wtzjmM  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER; 30, 1860.  MINING .-INTELLI-GrBNOB.  VICTORIA ITEMS FROM '.COLONIST AND  ��������� X0X:X0GBBmMIj&>>X:: Ax j  Gby ernor Seymour an d lady arrived on the  : 7thfc instant j' they:: received; an  official  and  public;:;reception;: His Excellency*: was to  1 eave next day for New Westminster.-���������New  ,gold 'dig^ri^hOTGJbeen discovered;;on "the  -   other;side; of tlie iRocky-monntainsi'ftur ; days  ^gtravelifrpm!>Kootenay, by miners oh their way  \, to ��������� ihe -Saskatchewan^jvOhe; company;' were  ��������� makingiO^oun^es perday.^The Hudson Bay  Company Kaye gone into mining; at Big Bend,  they; have' located ten; claims adjoining the  Black Hawft Co.-^Fifteen and twenty dollar  tl icings have;;. been found Aon the, Tranquil  ri ver a trib u tary of: the ��������� Tho mpso ri.���������Sailie  ninkiey, a.'" Victoria actress, who went to  New York, eloped with ^.Spanish grandee to  . ;wilt^ams:oreek.';: /.;. yi ���������  The ecorio m i cal, si i ceessful��������� a ri d npw mode  of hi in.ihg. disco vered by; th e Cameron c try A i ri  the winter Of 18(54, ;wilfbo generally adopted  in Caraerontoh this \yinter.    This mode consists :in usiu g th e: Drain water iris tend of the  creek, and depositing the tailings in-^the open  space(formed'������������������'by the" summer worldngs instead of lioistihg all, the- dirt to the surface.  There are two sluice-heads, of; water passing  Cameronton -in tlie Drain now, arid next Hyinr  ter there will .be;more: water in the Drain;tliah  in ;the c ree k, wmm th e i nine rs oh A Wi 1, Hams  creek w i i Fbe wholly[ind&p endent,, of the 61 i-  mate; lor by descendirig.a shaft 40ft like birds  bfjiassagclthey shall have gone ^  clime';.and have\. all the advantages 61 a larger  though an;artificial creek.: . v ;    :v AAA  . The Cameron -co7yl began; to ' work..' beiow  lastweek���������The Ruby,; Dead Broke,, Forest  Rose,������Last Chance, and Moff a tt co'ys arc all  preparing to work underground., Those winter clai ins th at can no t ' wash  undergrou nd  FURTHER   EVIDENCE   AGAINST  >::''A7 I^SONER BARR^.:;.;.  THE  W&n'y were beginning to tear that if the prisoner Barry w as to be tri ed in New- Westmi niter, it would be impossible to transfer thither  u nkroke n th a fc, ci re u mstan ci a 1.6 u iri it latiy el e vi-:  d enc e whi ch app ears 'so con vine i n g u p here j  and it appeared pitiable until;���������* lately,,; thai;, a  New Westminster.;:jury;;might;acquitiuim: on  that apparent-. want of connection in;; the 'evi*  a*eppe wliich itwouldlbei.': hardfy'i possible to  supply at such,a distance.; The ^mailer ehain  o f e vi Uence lio we ver: niay n.b w'; al m o s t he, d is-  : p.ensed ;vyith, as a: con hoc ting' 1 ink" iii the hiai n  cliain haslately been .foundi-Ayidti;. seems that  Surihg his:preliniiivajy trial^:Barry'stated that  Washington )i Nov;, fi t&-V-The Mexi can ���������'��������� tn i h is tor  received-aletter troni'VeraiOniz. dated Oct;  ^islwluke^^^  lruposter when he robbed her and. left���������The1 - ...������..*   i:.o  Theatre is re-ppenecL^MivA; W. ShulU, from  - Blackfoot, reports the; death oi'a Victorian,  Mr.1 Lang, and says that there'are: many per-,  sons'''from Her Mrjesty7s domjiii6ns at Helena  but they, have not been favored by fortune.���������'  L. Lpwehbnrg, ,Esq.V'has collected "a number  of specimens of gold: bearing quartz, silver  ore,������������������copper,: iron: and%6al, wbich he ? intends   tbr^rd"m^6-r4ha Erussian^-Gpvej^e^^;; for.  the purpose: of drawing their attention to the  reso iirces; of th is c qlony and attract a; German  iramigratloh :to our 8hores.���������The St. George  Hotelwassoldfor$7000. A ;'     0A7.7  V  The Express,---We have ^waited. pati^ritiy  for the arrival .^the;E  ti me of p,n r go ing to .press it had not co m e in.  Ouii:readersvcan���������^ily:*u^  wardly we are,situated with regard to foreign:  news. ;��������� We shall have one.issue a montb for  th e next three :mp nths ��������� wi thou t ai Jmail or Ex-  . press, aho! those who have had the'experience  of a winter fn Cariboo, can easily understand  how probable it is Ethat^we may. have, to issue  twice without the receipt of any foreign news;-  this'will tehdvtolcbriyeHour paper into a ^ort  ���������of periodical rather than a*newspaper ih."the*  strictvsense;of the term.; In the present ease  it is likely that the Express will arrive to-day  so that before our next issue the: very latest  n e ws", wil 1 b e; stale, and w e shall .hay eJhe ari-  nmoly "bf a paper publishing news that is fifteen days pld, but^as^. this arises 'from circurb-:  stances over which we have no control,' and  wj th: wh ich most of our readers are-acquainted, we hope they will consider this paper .to  be what it really is a local one.  Prices of Furs.���������Tbe- New: York >Snipping  . List':of recent date\pnb 1 isli.es a repbrt receive  ed by ocean telegraph, of the- sales of furs:: in  London by the'H; B. Co.;! Minks, "musquash,;  n nd fishers sold at old prices; martens and  'otters declined 10 pel* cent; b'eaver 15J bears  20, foxes and racoons 30 pet cent. .The. sales  were miich better.than Was expected, as deal-  : crs had feared a general decline of 50 percent.  $&������. Mr. :H. Ck Wilraott, our 0nterprisirig  Expressman, has now< two "sleighs on vthe-  road between Uichfield and Cameronton,: one  for drawi ng" w op d &c, th e other.: fpr 1 the. ac corn odatiori of ��������� passengers aiid :Express matter.  Mr. Wilriiott^pbligittgmahher.cbmmends bim  to the patronage Of the public/ ;.;v; >���������    *  ,  A CARTBOpiTB in JrOublr���������Oti'e. Sh erid an;  who went do wn to'. Vi ctoria a short tim e ago,  has come/fco grief by playing "poker." He  reached Victoria with $.295 and hiet^ two; poker sharps who relieved him of $185 in ,a short  . time.. Sheridan������������������ has: entered a :��������� suit in the  Magistrate-s-ECpurt,tp; recover his moneyi'--0:  $&g- The first of ��������� th e Win ter weekly meei>!  ings of the Cariboo Literary Institute will be  held in tho; Public Library, Cameron ton, on  Monday riext at 7 o'clock, p. in., when a full  mceting is requ ested, to* re-organize the de-  bating and'glee clubs.  Tub Wkathbr.���������The weather is as fine as  could be desired and much finer than could  b e exp ec ted, ,th er e_has: b een. vh o frost yet... of  any account although" we are within ten days  of the anniversary of the coldest week of last  winter and the winter beforo.  Mixing Board.���������There was not a quorum  of the members present last Friday. Members should be more punctual in their attendance so that the revision of the mining laws  may be finished before the sitting of the Legislative Council.  $^* There are two towns on Grouse creek  about amile apart, both are growing rapidly.  We think it is about time tbey were christened, as distinguishing names would be a great  convenience. ���������   ���������' x   A  severe weather, by burying" their flumes and  making their shaft houses as warm as pbssibIe.  The. enlarging of"the Bed lioclc. Drain, will be1  finished this week.���������The; Adams co'y are getting into good pay and are well prepared to  work:all winter.^-The Cidedbnia co'y is pay-  well.���������The Never Sweatco^y are paying,about  expenses.--7-The-BorealiaA ���������Cory--- is; said������������������ :to> be  paying very.welL���������ilorning'Star co:y;payirig  $d4^^A,gx#tih:df^  on the Bed.Roelc Drain;;the 'workmen haV^  had tbretiirn to; the-GaribbpCo/s ground and  run in another direction to^avoid a vbed -of  siuni into whi ch th ey ran with the. oth er drift.  1 ---The Six-toed pe l;e; SteadmahjvBailey; 3)ntch;  Jiill,vBrouse, Mell Mary ;Aiih,,Caske^ :Tayior/  Wide West,::and Bradley^icho 1 son'cp'ys; are  all faking put over w^ges and will work during the winter. _     ��������� '  '������������������.  'Oonklins guloil   ;   r  ":: Oh'wbicb is located the" Aurora, Saw,:ttilit'  and Eric cson claims, and fro in a fe wJmndred  feet of which nearly $1,000,000'- was taken,  has always been a riiystery to miners, but the  the ihcreasiug yield, of the UnitedWyrtitiAp^  the pay runs is likely to^ecome ah index.'to the:  source of this ricli deposit. The-.yield of the  United cp^yipr^hti week; ending :feth:' Nov.,  -250 ounces j for last week, 305 ounces..  /STOUTS '* GULCH.  , This gulch has^vpaid ,on an^avcrage over  ^100 per foot as faras it^has; bben; worked;;  it is expected that more gold will be taken  out this winter than has be en duriu'g any past  season.% The, High Low Jack co'y are making :experises;: tblsciajin.; has^paid; Over  concluded '.-tfiafc tbe ppppsite;of; this imight;:be  true, and ho has succe������ded;in fl licl ihg:;.: o utythat  Barry did give apiri to one of the;: Hurdles,'  and that, pi h was, BI ess i n g 's..: A fiery th e co n-  s^legotpoj^i^ipn'o  worked with Blessing for the .Telegraph 5Co:  came forward. and offered ,to; describe Bies^  sihgjspin^ ; It lias, hi natural as wellvasan aiS;  ^ip. peculiarity. : One side represents a pro-  file of the h iiinaii; f{ice,> and .tJio ��������� j e wel ter wli o'  repaired it last; set the: head on with * the Tace'  the wrong wayj"-''sb" said ��������� the witness.'and'' BiTcli  is^the pin.,'= The trial brBarry at ;New vv Westminster will be very .expensive even now,: for  at least te n witnesses will have; to - go do wn 1  m-UmtttielpyidonGQ -for'th^})rbseftutio-nPalone:  will-cost about $5000, if ' he were tried: here  it-would not costurver$100.v No British sub-  ���������j ec t ho j American ��������� citffcen :��������� expec ts, a Court: ������f  Gen eral Go al Delivery .t o b e >hel tl i n any Outlaying district more; than twice a year-t and  Barry, had no riglit to a, trial before \the si t-  tin g of the Sp ri ng, assizes at Richfield; but he  was sent down because there was5 no way to  keep h im li ere exc^p t:.. in iro ns, whi ch is an  act of injustice to an untried prisoner, v Had  the'Government' paid any, attention to-the  presentmen t of the grand jury, for this district  and expended $400 or $500 "on the Govern^  ment buildings here, we ;would have-a-vcom-  fortable;Court -house: and:a- secure}jail,;and  they would in.this case  alone have saved  $5000 or $6000.   Xtis as true now as it was  in the days of Biirke ^tliat parsimony is a tax."  G0LD COMMISSIONER'S COURT, a  reaclied;.Mexicd;sbbn! ���������-nfief- Maxiiiiilliah lei 1  and took pbssessibtijof the p alaceaiid-assuii^  ed the reins o f Go'vehi hi Oiit,. F run ch sol d iers  who'had enlisted-und-ei' Maximil lianas colors,  will hereturiied-'to' France. Gen, Diaz "captured' the city of Oaxaca.  New York; Nov. 5th.~General ^Graht lias  goheVjtbBaKimofotb^eeifhtc  the :;iiimiculty; 'bet^eriS ,  sionei's.'r"-, - -:-    k'(     :;; ;  *'    '    ,  Washington; Nov. 5th.���������The president: today: issued an:brder'-fxiir. the instalnieiiirpf Geji;:  Svveenytb'his^former position, ih the -rb^ulai.  army,- ;.. ' -A .   '��������� '   -       ' ' ; ���������- , ,    .  The 'Tribune' says 'the ,1iunti rig 'party iff-:  V  '������x  reported  :yester-  OOOvto the ihteresfc-���������Floyd and Fioh'eer vcb-ys  amalgamated, are taking out good pay.-rAl-  turas co;y washed up 127 dunces out of about  20 feet square; th ey "are: running a tunn el from  which to work "during the winter,���������Tafi'vale.  CO 'y are wai tin g for drain age. through th e Al-  turaS;coyJs tunnel.���������Jfeiikins Lcp';y are; makihg  SiOa day to the hand... ������������������'.' ;  ' '*;���������; ;       V grouse ;cr"eek.. ".;  , The -Heron co V- surp assed itself last week;  for week ending 17th Nov.;Monday. C7oz. $9;  Tuesday, 76oz. $4; Wednesday, ; 52oz. $13 ;  Thursday. 147bz: $2 -Friday, 80oz. $6 j Saturday 108oz. $4-; di video d S 80 0 to the share.  For. week ending 24thinst; Monday, 145bz.  S8.:; Tuesday,.486z. $10:;, Wednesday,JlOoz.  $9-; Thursday, 128oz.$45 Friday, 155pzV$2;  Saturday, 117bz. $li); dividend, *S 1200 to ] the  share: The Full Rigg,;Short.Bend, Ranldiij  Discovery,' apd 3by Robin, are all paying1 well.  There are. several companies prospecting on  thjs creek and all are alike sanguine;  -HIXONS; .CREEE. y. X' 71. v /  : Froni Dr. Wilkinson aiid' Mr. A. Efardie,  ���������who loft this, creek on the 17th inst., we leant  thafe^a- new ledge. has been discovered be-  tvveen the Stewart co;y and. Washburn co'y,  in ap p earn Ce as rich as eith er. of the others.  ���������The Stewart co:y have sunk 33 feet in rock  beside their ledge,���������The Washburn co?y are  pack ing in. p r o visi ons fo r th e win ter. 15 o r  2 0 men wil I wi n te r o n this c reeki Th ore are  now five Quartz mining companies on this  c ree fe: the ilo jnes take, S te war t," Stejvart Extension, PoorMarrs Lead, and the Washburn  COUNTY COURT.  J^* We believe it is the intention of some  Amateurs to get up a dramatic club this Winter. The u Parlor," which is now vacant, is  Spoken of as the building in which they intend to "play their parts." ;  ������^-The firm of Evans Bros..have failed  and made an assignment of their estate to  their creditors.   Liabilities $50,000,  (Before W. G.Coic. Esq.)  Tuesday, 20th Nov.,. J.866.  Doclero & Lions, vs. Geo. Moss.���������An action  to recover $49 10 balance ot an account.  Judgment by default.  Charles Ross ys. Jacob Mnridorff.���������An action to recover $212 50.   Judgment forplain-  tiff������        ���������  ��������� '...        . -    .  Joh ii Thompson vs. Geo. Briri.���������An action  to recover SI97 wages. . Case dismissed. .  Ah Sam vs, Fontaine & Co.���������An action to  recover .$32 wages.   Judgment for defendant.  --     ���������    :-i(Boft)ro';iW��������� G: Cox,fen;.)   ; "r- ���������  ;-.;".      y    Monday,' 12th; Nov,;,1866.  Torrence McG.ee* vs-Dixon: Go- (J; Drumir  mond & S. B. Hamilton) defendantsj���������zin action to recover $179 80 duo for: labor.; The  case .was dismissed as it was an action brought  by ,one partner in a claim;against, another.    r  ���������-;*.*- ; 'A   Wednesday, 14th ^>Tov. y,  ^Francis   McKihney   vs. Davis;Q<������;>J. 'S.  Thornpson,".'seeretavy.^-Thiswas; an; acti6nliof  pro tec tion; the def6h da rit resery ing tne; divi -  dends u ntii the plain tiff ;p roved h is title.-  Judgment of $592 for-plaiiitiiiV  ;'':.:7{ V:'-Xy i  All/-/'-'' /7X/��������� ������������������JXJday,'2^th;Nov.; x  ,: Big Bend Co., vAndrew Park,: foreman, :vs.  Keystone Co., C: Hankin,,,foreman��������� After  several witnesses were examined,, it vwas-ad-  mittecl by bpth^ parties that "the -ground in  question was claimed 'by the Grouse Creek  Bed Ro ck F Uiuie Co. and was' covered; by  their Charter. The case was dismissed;:  ; SaltSpring Co.',; Geo. Shaw, foreman,.vs.  Rankin Co., Donald Rankin, forem an.���������De:  feridants to show canse: why they should not  b e res trained from dep osi ti ng taili ngs on llie  plain tiffs7 groiin d. IA. 'It was argue d by ; the  p lai htiff th at h e c6i.il d n ot. work. oh ac cqu tik. of  the tailings deposited.by defendants, jand by  defeildahts .tn at they had no o th er place to de-  p osi t th eir tai 1 in gs. * It was ruled th a t as th e  plaintiffs have had four years to . work their  gro u u d th ey tsball n ot have th e rig-h t to proven t hill claims from working. Case dismissed;  ' :. i-. ���������  Markets.���������The market has been -steady for  the last month, flour has risen, from'������20 to $22  per 100lbs.; btitter is scarce. Loaded sleighs  are beginning tb come in from ther Mouth of  Quesnelle; the prices of staple goods may fall  in consequence-.  MINING BOARD.  The Board met at their office, Barkerville,  on Friday, tlie 16Ih inst, at the usual hour.  Present ^-Messrs. Tho mpso-a,���������������������������-1)raker Bur-  dick, Moulgoiuery, Anderson, arid MacLaren.  Mr. Thompson in the Chair.  Minutes of last meeting were read and approved of.  The Board then resolved itself into a committee of the whole to revise tlie Mining Laws.  Moved by Mr. Anderson, -seconded by Mr.  MacLareTi, "That so long as the Government grant charters to Bed Rock Flume or  Bed Rock Drain Co.'s. differing from the sections in Parts V. and VI. of the Gold Alining  Act, the committee think it unnecessary to  propose any alterations.in said parts, and recommend that the Board protest against any  f11rther grailts 6f such nature.''  Moved by Mr Burdick, seconded by Mr.  And e rso n, th at tli e coin in i tie ar ike, re p o r t p ro--  gross and ask leave to sit again.-  The meeting then adjourned.  fi$t- We regret to learn that Mr. Cox has de-  cUiie'd to accept of a farewell dinner from the  'nilncrsof Cariboo before his departure.  and Oo ii n t /Mo n La gue, %>h o were  ���������killed or captured, returned in  - day. 'y i'; ���������, ��������� ���������. -';;:;::' y:7 ��������� A 7: '��������� i'A i i i': A .........   ..,..���������.  ^Thcc'IIernldV TorontospocialWysandtlier ?.  rai d w ii s exp ectOcl fro ni Bulla 16, on 'Saturday  nightfduringK the]��������� Fenian:-.demonstration ^o;i ;  ;the bccasmn'df tlie a^  recently regained ;by order:of President JohiP  son; "\ )>..:' '��������� . '' ' ���������'���������. ' '' ..;���������'���������-, i"'  v Mass-meetings^ of theBrotberhood were held  tai J3xiJ&ilo..an diMJjiuiopalk^  in which -retaliafory measures ��������� were.: tlireateii-  edif1 the: execution of .Lynch ^or MxiMalion  took place.; ���������  - y r 'rl ���������'    i    '.   r *  ������������������������������������ The 10th regiment,:>justout from'England  by the steamer Penhsylvania, arrived' yesterday. There are now in British'America about  15,0.0();tr6ops of the regular-British; army, of  whom'9,000 are in Canada.  , New: ITork; iNov*:A Othi���������Gent ;Slierraan 'nnd  CoK Campbeilvour new minister, will sail ibr  Mexico ih%few days, to1 assume; the 'protec-'  torate:oVer that Republib; ��������� ; . ������������������        '  New York/'Nov. 7th.~Mexicanv dispatches  via Havana confirmvthe: news that Maxim 11-''  lian^has aibdicated.      Ay -y y y / i        ;  * The Great -Republic; the firsts vessel of tlie  Pacific Steamship Co';?s new line;: will be  launched'probably to-morrow morning.   This  ship is,the largest and finest everbtint in the ''  United States.' t' ;   Ayr y        ,     _.  Chicagoj-Nov. ^t^^The;^ehiah 'trials at  Toronb continue: Stephen Denin was 'yester-   (  day sentenced to ;be hung^>n the 13th of De%:  cember;'several-Others ;bave been acllhitted, ;  including Episcopal Minister Lumsden, who  was proved fabe'on a^runke^i spree at Buf- ���������  falo and not ;^ 'New :  trials: have :bee^ domand^ :  and Father McMah on. .        /���������      ���������__'���������'.  ,   New York, Nov, Sth.^Susquehanuah, how  in Brooklyn Navy Yard, is. nearly ready to  depart for Vera Cruz with Minister Campbell  and General Sherman who. expect'tb. proceed  direct tb tbe city of Mexicp and let the Liberals out.        .'  - s   ' :���������-' :������������������'���������_.'  ^  Toronto,; Nov.' ,5tm���������rTh'e. Fenian; trials .were  resumed to-day.   The. /rial  of,B. P4rry was  proceeded with; tlie^ jury Retired for an "hpiir -  and.returned a verdict of not guilty. A letter  has;been received:by iMr.; Harrison, one'-of.  the Cro wn Prosecutors in Fenian:; tri al s,;: i h-  ib rm i rig hi m of an: organ izatiori. in; tlie: Wes t-  era Statas for;.. the' purposie'Apt..assassinating; *  those; engaged  In prbsecuthig Fenians  th ���������  ���������Canada.    ������������������-������������������;' ���������;���������-         .  ���������/'-.  ���������        ���������;..' yx\ ���������.  .'Toronto, Noy, 8th;���������The 'Leader' says the  Fenians will not be hung,Jbut pnnishmeut  will be pro portion at^  baps an admixture of Royal cleniency. , Gov-  ernmerit has resolved .to commute tlie: seii- ;  tehee of Lynch and JtfoMahon.: ;;  Iii the la te e le c tl o ns in tlie East, New .York, Ay,  New Jei^y,-Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois, i 0  have:"very ia'rge inajbrities for Eepub:iicah   -  candidates; Mission, Minnesota, aiid Kansas  gi\rc miljprities ibr Radicals; Maryland 'and  Delaware, for Conservatives,  ��������� It i s * sai d p rep arati p ns are q u ie tly p rogress -  ing in Ireland to meet a probable Fenian  rising;  m  ;. .'.:*f.**^imrv*-������.y  POLICE COURT.  (Before W. G. Cox, Esq., J. P.)  Wednesday' 14th Nov., 18^6. \  Ah Ynp. who was convicted of stealing gold  from the Heron Co. oh Grouse Creek, was  sentenced to six months hard labor.  Friday, 23rd Nov.  William Miller charged by P. Eddy with  disturbance and using threatening language  was cautioned and dismissed.  Saturday, 24th Nov.  A rime Green charged by Victor Jones  with assault, was rep remanded with costs.  BIRTH���������At Stouts Gulch, Barkerville. on the 22nd  instant, the v.'ife of Mr. Johns of a son.  DIED���������At C*riioronton, on the 15th inst, KohovQ..  Justin Lions, of the firm of Djdoro. & Lioc-J. a uaiivo of  Nice, aged 35 years, -,  DIED���������At Bark^n'illp, on the 20������,h inst.. D.r.'lj  WUitford, ft toativi; ofSc./U-in.J. agcti 36 yrtmr.  i  m  m  14  p.  I'M  A  ailinVim&e ���������jJx<*t������Z*M t *"������������������ ���������������.������������������.��������� ���������������<  CONTEMPT OF RESPECT.'  Nearly everyone is well acquainted with  the story of the man. who expecting the governor would lodge with him, had prepared  bis best chamber for the great man's reception. An ordinary looking personage came  along; the host took'hini for a carpenter, put  him into a closet and continued to wait for  the executive. He was filled with conster-  , nation when it was discovered that the man in  linsey-wol������ey was the governor himself.      .  To this story the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher  happened-to allude iu one of his late lectures,  and gave an interpretation to it rather in favor of the deceived host, implying that if a  man looked like, a nobody,.and as far as ex?  perience wont,-acted like a nobody, it was advisable to treat him as a nobody, not giving  him'that'peculiar consideration we accord, to  a somebody and a great-deal:body.  No one will deny that this is right as far as  it goes, but it does .not excuse the. snobbish-  ��������� SCOTCH STORIES.  ncbGof tap's������ whose opinion of greatness, and  8omebodyuess is founded on externality. The  '^"Uost o;tiglit- to:*huv*rkm> wn-whonr" he- was~ to*  entertain, and was the more culpable, since,  as somebody says, "you can make a governor  out of anything."    Is that the sort of man to  buy a racer out of a clam cart?    Everything  in life defends upon a man's judging rightly,  and not being misled by appearances.    How  do men get rich 1   JJy buying what is asserted  to be good at its highest prize, or by buying  what he knows to be good at the lowest price  ; and under all disguises?   If you take an bou-  0c* t" mail Tor"* allifef, "aiid: "a thief for "an" holiest  man, your talent of observation is very defective.   Arid the laws that relate to fame aud  respect are. as exacting as those of finance...  It is not tb be denied that it is embarrassing  to mauy men and women to feel that they are  appreciated at first,   if you pick up a bad  ��������� cent;on the first of April, you drop it; a. sadder and wiser individual,   if you play draw-  poker With an apparently green hand,  who  beats you to death,.you learn to be cautious  in judging of appearances.   If, on the other  hand, you suspect all you. meet are. trying to  cheat you, and so hedge yourself about with  forms, and raise so many barriers between  '.yourself and'the.world that good men are dis-  ���������' gusted with your suspicions, yon shut yourself olf from all information and exhibit your  want of. ability iii judging character. It is not  profitable to tell^a.man certainly by. his looks,  for so many pursuits require secrecy, aud ignoring respect that the art of appearing a nobody caii be carried to great perfection: so it  is better to lose five dollars iu trusting, to' a  man's honesty, than test and wait and plan  and at least lose a thousand to a smarter per-  aon who has seen your little game all along.  Eiiivy��������� is the���������, sweet.test of' respect.   IIonor  v  is given to him who.strives for it, and is will-  dug to employ artistic means.    What a man  desires he  works for.    Perhaps at first the  1 onging.is very sirong; afterwards he becomes  incIif fer <int..  But, as NapoIcon ��������� said,  li Every  matt eat* according to his hunger."  Tbe law of knowledge is stern. If a man  makes mistakes', he does so at the risk of life.  If he mistake'arsenic for sugar, he cannot say  the blame was in the raiueral's looking like  saccharine material. The same world is open  to all, yet everyone sees it in a different light,  according to his experience, and the talent he  ��������� has of profiting by his experience. One of  the fairest evidences of wisdom is to know  that nothing is known thoroughly. A half  "fact, not perceived to be only a half fact, is  worse than ignorance. ���������  Yet fame is often given for the dexterity, of  exhibiting tti lent. . Fame, too, is an object  ;\vhich the undeveloped most earnestly desire,  not the truly wise. Nature has wisely pro-  Tided thus for their cultivation. The snobs  are always jealous of their honor. How often  are men of genius led astray to seek the  society of the rich and great, led thus because  of thoir pronene.ss to believe that worth must  ���������be shorn aud dazzled by the meretricious ornaments that indicate state and as surely the  lack of refinement.  u Cast not your pearl* before swine." What  a man does is a thousand times of more value  to himself than to anyone else. Lot him be  eel f-cod ride nt  and  despise   the   world.     He  I remember hearing when I was a hoy, a  story told of a neighboring minister, who not  being much distinguished for his own'.abilities:  in sermonizing^thought he might begin and  substitute the,; compositionsA-^of some of our  worthy de vines for hiai own ^ and preach;: them  ���������no dou b t th rough a cb nscien ti bus zeal fo.������  their spiritual welfare^to!h  Hock.   One day he:happenett' tO: be- deolaim.;  ir.g with moro-thiuVhisviiisiM  appeared to -think his;omtory;w  m i ra ble effect,'* '-.when h is fiery chariot: was stop-  ped in midcareer by a.voice singing biit,-4 r..  ** That's Boston !??;>V    . ;  At once he stood as if trahsfeed^ya'lighih  ning stroke.; 1 ;Biit ;��������� recovering -himself aiid  thiuking to ailnihilate the;still, ringing echoes  otf *��������� that voice 6f satanJ? by the thunder 61  his own, he changedi JubUmely: into his .subject again, and rose bu^thew  pest as before. But,he'was no sooner at top-  speed again, than the air rung with;���������.'���������  "That's Baxter."    ������������������" 'Xx-lliyA lyly y-Ay  ^'FbTaXno^  lyzed, but only:fora mouieiit.-: Maddened by  this second attack, he plunged fpriyard again  with all the fierceness of despair }. his mouth  b egan to foam ; his - eyes glared through, his  dishevelled hair; his arms flew about like: the'  tails of a herd of oxen iu midsummer; and his  body writhed like a serpent over a fire.  While this was going on in such a way as  might have produced the desired effect, the  h ated i nterr up tion on cb more broke fo r tb.  Th is was n o w ��������� bee om e un eh du rab le.  ���������'Put out that man I���������vile limb of the devil,"  roared the infuriated minister.  "That's your ain uoo!" retorted his incorrigible torment for the fourth and last time. .  Never after was the minister known to borrow a sentence, but preached such discourses  as were unanimously pronounced-even by the  censorious yeoman���������to be his own.  A tailor made a wager that he would make  a pair of hose in the pulpit of a certain church  He waa not to enter the church until dark,  and he was to have the hose done at twelve  o'clock, or,- at auy rate, to contiue working at,  theni until midnight. When the night was  far advanced, and the tailor was becoming a  little nervous as to the peculiarity of his pos,-  tion, his attention was aroused by a slight  hissing'noise in the body of the church, and  lifting up his eyes he beheld a long, white,  bony figure rise in the middle of the building,  apparently from" under the ground, which,  rising its right arm, presently began addressing him. ...  ."Look, thou vile reptile, that cometh here  to insult the dead at rest, and defile the sanctuary of God, look here! Know that thou  Shalt not mock with impunity the silent sleep  of the departed ? Dost thou see this right  arm ? There is on it neither flesh nor blood.  nor. is there now, nor has there been for many  a day."  u 1 see that, and I sew this," rejoined the  tailor.  Holding np his left arm the figure repeated  the same, then his right leg, then his left, and  the tailor answered each .time with the same  rejoi n der. It struck twelve and the tailor  was done. The figure approached him with  the ominous words^'vr ���������_-��������� i'XXyAl:.  "As thou hast, seen, sostialt thou feel."  The tai lor I eaped up and took to flight j the  figure chasing, when just at thedobr, and as  the tailor gave a bound out of the church, the  figure struck at him with his right hand, and  h i tti ns: tli e door pil 1 ar j he left the marks of  (jH^SNELMOUTH APyERTISEMENTS.  :'V-?iw,m--lea^e;1^6l)ii:-'CBEEK". XX'-[���������  MONDAY &TIIURSDA^^  AT DAVLIGHT;  -."���������������������������':    -    yrm leave QTJESNEL     ���������        -  WlaONi^DAY;& SATURDAY 'MORNINGS.  AT 6 O'CLOCK,  Connecting, at Sodii Crock wilh .BAiivARii's Starfs on  :. Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip up.  l#������~ Freight to Quesnel 1| cts, ^ lb.  Steamer ^Enterprise,' ) ' '  May 21st, 1866.   ; JV -. ���������    A A, 5  COLONIAC RESTAURANTV  QUESNELMOUTH, .  ���������   PAL. JOHNSON, Proprietor* ;       '  Meals at all hours, aiid Cdokmg of the best  '���������*....���������,-';': -'���������'"���������..'- description.\ y . -...���������;?A*.���������:/%?  ROAD SIDE HOUSES, &c.'  QUESNELMOUTH,  ;   ;BRO^  Good Beds \ Restaurant; Billiard Table,  ....'*;.-.:; Stabling fur Horses, Hay and Oats.       i  &c.  GJROD& GUICHON,  Old  Establish*:!)  General Stokk,  PROVISIONS. WHOLESALE &  COMMISSION MERCHANTS,  Ay,  Storage, &c.-- Terms -most X^Ioderate.  QUESNlsUIOUTH. 8  7   LILLOOET -'ADVERTlSEMiixTS;  ! .; "BQY0::& HEATH, Proprietors, 70y  hTHIS H()LTSE is situated-26 liiiles from Quesnelmbutb,  J The proprietors having lately fitted up bedrooms  an ft good Be'Is are now, prepared to afford-every siccom.  modation for.Truv^lkrs; the Table is rnrnishea with all  the luxurtestliatcanbe procure/t; the Bar is well sup.  plied with the best brands ol' Liquors ani 8?g..rs; gooj  Stubliuiv Hay* Oats and Buriey. j&p, The CHEAI'EST  House on ttie"Road.-  yy. 'y-yxi-- '0 Ar j.j/;  rpHE UXDElfelGNEblHAtlNG PURCHASED; FROM  X Messrs. Hoirmeister & Co. this splendid Rjihoh. tb.  gether;with the comniod!<ms two::story house kn<. ji.a8.  theiCottimwood;Hotel- is now prepared to aft'ord Vhry  accornmoilationto the. travelling public,-and hopes by  a strict attention.to business to nn,-rit;a; share of tbo  patronage bes towed on the former proprietors; .This is  oho of- the most.' cOmfdrtiibie *> and: coin mod ious' HotHg  on the road/containing as. it-does warm-and wel! fura.:  ish ed bed rooms wi tli good beds..  The TABLE is m\u  plied With every dUic-tcy R is possible to procure in tbo -\  upper country. ��������� The BAR is] stockedvwitb^thp best of  Liquors and the choicest" Cigurs.   ��������� :': ���������;.; ���������:-.���������-.  ,.���������,.^'^^MS^St ;$r 50:'eaCH.:^' -.;.' 7-  ^ikie'^iAo\in^^ik6w6 is all that could be desirod,'���������}.-  <and the; charges -are very moderate. '*..' Hay for .'Hnrspg  per day, $2; Oats and Barley at: the cheapest niarkc't  raites.- ���������������������������:'���������;.;���������-��������� ������������������'���������i- An-yy\y.-\.-x.t\A?.y .,.i-  ��������� ���������:,yyXi.' A.-  The undersighod has a large qimnUty of OAT HAY  on i ha ftn", for sa le in large of small q iianti tics, pa rtios  desirous' of purchasing this article would do well to  giro him a cull.  43 .  ��������� JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  COLONIAL   HOTEL^  SODA  CREEK..*.....  FLOUR !_FLOUR!!  LILLOOET    MILLS.  THE UNDERSIGNED are now manufacturing FLOUR  of all grades:  Extra, Superfine and Fine.    Feed  Crushed to order.  LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.,  I-s      ��������� F. W. Fostkk, Agent.  V GREAT REDUCTION has been made in the chargc3  ut this establishment, so as to suit the times.  Meals, $1;  Beds, 75. Cents..  McLEESE & SENAY,.         Prupritturs.  October 1st, 1866.       ... .44  EDWIN   TYNON,  DEALER IN DRY GOODS, CLOTI1ING,  C;������ps, Buots ana Shoes, Carpeting?,  Wall Paper, &c , Lillooet, B. C.  HATS AND  Oil Clollis,  ���������..  l-s  LJLLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB MILTZ, Proprietor, has always on  iumd a large and superior stock of Lager Beer; at  the Bar will be found the best Brandies, Wines am'  Segars; the public arc invited to call. Prepared to fill  oil orders promptly. - l-s  Pionesr Hotel���������Lillooet,  CHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This old  established House is well fitted up for the comfort  of Travellers; the Table is supplied with the best of  everything that can be had, and the cooking is not in:  ferior to the best hotel in the lower country; Bed rooms  for Families} Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, &c.  The Express stops here l-s  ���������������������������������������������������������������"  B  ARKERVILLE.  his hand; and there the marks of the devil's  five lingers aro'-^n&.'/this''.. day. IT he tailor  heard the blow* behind.him, aiid then the figure vanished in a blaze.^hich singed the tai:  lor^s skin: and never .more till the day of his  death had the tailor a^^ haiFoh-ahypa  body. :A:A:' a '"���������;..  "���������_..;... ..;;-..������������������ -;::-;;  nvnl not cock his bai and s������\y, "I can whip  any mau alive;" but he had better feel it and  thus compel regret.  Honesty is rewarded in time. This is the  value of being honest. But the qualities  praised is the deed we condemn in the living.  Slen are praised for their despicable qualities,  for any quality in excess tramples upon those  who oppose it, and gains tame by forgetting  kindness.  ... If yon give your time to looking at your  worth, you mtut take the time thai should be  .allotted to making your worth more worthy.  Here, is the defect oi trusting to respect.   A  man must not only be wise, but show it; let  him show less than he knows, for though  there are a few who are able to respect a man  for wisdom till success proves it, yet even  fame will not. avail hi ni long unless there  be  saine truth behind.   "Know your great men  by rig I j 0. as E merso n 3ay s, "in this centu ry  noi wait for the: fu lure to d eel are ho w un-  gratofnl of talent were the men of the pa3t,,?  #������?* An old lady living on the line of one  of our railroads, leading out of IJoston happened to arrive at the depot too late to purchase a ticket before the cars left She got  upon the train unprovided with the necessary  pass, and when the conductor came for her  fare be took ti ve cents ex tra. Theinatroh-was  highly indignant, and demanded the . reason  for the extortion.  "Madame," said he?>"such is the rule and  law of the corporation."  " Did they t������ll you to takethis sumff  " Yes, madame."    ,  " Then I will never pay another cent."  "But, madam; you will have to move off  the train then."  " No I won? either; I'll fine them."  " Pray tell me how you will do it?"  " I will givo too the money and I am sure  they will never get it."  The couductor moved off scratching his left  ear where it burned.    ; '_ .  A;ll Odt.���������A man asked a servant, " isyonr  master at home ?"      XA N  "No ; he's out."  "Your mistress?"  " No, sir ; she's out too."  "AVcll, I'll just step in and take a warm at  the fire till they come in."  " Faith, sir, and that's out too!"  THE UNDERSIGNED beg to inform their friends and  the. inhabitants generally of Williams Creok_ the  neighboring Creeks, and those visiting the Mines of  Cariboo, that having laased the well-known Bakery  and,Restaurant of M0NDORF & CO., the oldest established house in Barkerville, would solicit a continuance  of its long.and extensive ��������� patronage and will be happy  to see all their friends: For the convenience of miners  we will exchange bread for flour as heretofore,' and at  any time receive the same tickets for Meals, Lunches;.'  Pies, Cakes, or anything in our line for their value,.and  will be on hand at all hours, day or night, to supply,  the wants of our patrons.  '.-���������JK3T Oood Stabiihg convenient to the establishment.  ���������;;,���������.,;.' p; EDm-& co.  Barkerville, Sept. .26th, 1866. . . 43-s./.  Bathing    EstalDlislimeiit!  BARKER-V1LLE, ������������������"������������������")  (Next Bank of British North America.)  D LEWIS begs leave to inform the La-lies and  ��������� 6.JU tlem en of Williams Greek and vicinily that  he lias tilted up a BATHHOOM at considerable expanse  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to merit a share of their patronage.  4^r He will also attend to Extracting, Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth.       .19  S OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION -OF THE  Travelling public; the bedrooms are spacious and  airy and the Boris cannot be surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by any in the lower country; the Table is  always supplied with the best of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  141 MILE HOUSE,  DENNIS MURPHY, Proprietor. This Houso  is furnished with every convenience for the -com*  fort of Travellers; tho Culinary department is under  the superintendence of an experienced cook; the.Beds  are clean and comfortable ; the Bar contains tho best  of Liquors, Segars, &c.   Stabling, Hay, Bnrlcy & Oats,  BLOOD WILL TEL!L!  BLUE   TENT   RANCH;  "TITM. HENDERSON begs to inform his friends  Vt and the travelling public generally that ho ha3  taken tho above Ranch aud is prepared to supply them  with First Class Accommodation.. Good Stabling for  horses; Hay and Grain. ,,   l-s  in MILE HOUSE.  WM. MANSON, D.A.McLEAN,  Propriotor, Agent.  THIS, HOTELIS; LARGE: AND WELL FITTED UP  for the comfort of travelers; the Table is ^supplied  with the best of everything that can be procurd, and  the cooking is not inferior to any on ibe road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and Oats.;;.. l-si;.-:  ; S3 mile hoxise;;; ���������  ALBERT CRYSLER ;has opened the above House for  the reception of: Travellers; the Table is well kept:  an d the Liquors cahnot be surpassed ���������; the Beds are  clean and comfortable.   Stabling for Horses, .Hay and  Oats.'.v ������������������ ���������--'���������;;-'Xi .,:,"������������������-v.c --"���������'���������;     -.. -;;.:-:,.00- 1-S    '���������"  TAMES HURON,, Proprietor,,: This'commodi-  fj pus Hotel is weir fi tied up with every'.. convenience  for the comfort of the public; the Beds are all that a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied witii  the best of fare; the Bar con ta ins the choicest bra n tjs  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,  Barley, &c; *    ���������.*.".':"- .���������;;' .��������� ���������A'AyAr.       :.1-S:..  GROUSE  OARDIIG  CREEK  TORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor:: Tins house  XJ a fTords: every accommodation for the, comfort of  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all the delicacies  of the season,, and the Bar is stocked with Ihe choicest  of Wines, Brandies & Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley aiid Oats constantly on hand at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap. l-s  THE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the public that  .L, .the above establishment was upvuad on SUNDAY*  LAST, the 22nd July, and that he will be happy to receive ii call from his friends.  .    j^S- BOARD $16 PER WEEK. ������=������a  Bread, Pie   and C akes a 1 ways on ha nd for sa 1 e.  23 A. KELLY, Proprietor.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL7  ������������  ���������o���������-  Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars, Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this Offioe,  /j^F* Terms Moderate "^gi  WILLIAM  WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  barkerville; i  The Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN & PARKE*; Proprietors^ at the  O Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is  now open for the accommodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 20 miles; from SavanasSteamboat  Linding, 2ri miles;- irom ^pence's Bridge, 30 miles.  Travellers will llnd prices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a caii. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big B-jnd and Yale, and once a. week for Cariboo,     l-s  messrs; Cornwall's.  T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  ii. Sp fence's Bridge aiid Clinton, on the Yale Route.  Travellers will find Good Accommodation.   The best o'  living, of Liquurs, and of Wines     Fresh Butter, Milk'  and Vegetables.    Good Stabling and cheap feed,     l-s  THE SHOKTEST AND CHEAPEST ROUTE  Four Days to the 108 Mile Post, via Cedar  Creek and Mitchell's Trail.  PARTIES GOING BELOW THIS FALL are informed  that theyrcan easily make Cedar creek in two days,  and crossing the Lake can reach the Wagon Road in  two more. *     MITCHELL.  October 5tb, 1866,  ������83  Ha  Bmm  n  rimi  m  MJUMMBBeWllUJllUUiair


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