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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-11-20

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 *������=***3-S5  "^^^^i^ss^z^���������^j^-  '-*"2iZ?J?Zitfiz^.Ti^.,  xMxxAm^.  '^^^^^^^^M^MMii^SS^^M 1369J  ^ttbii^het every Salirriiay Vy  OBBRT    H;f)LL;o;iAY.  Xyy. 00.10 rU'^i'-v^::: Xy   '.;���������  .. ��������� ��������� .'���������   "-��������� '���������'.".'"��������� ���������*���������'-.*.���������'..��������� ���������     '-.������������������'���������"'.'��������� \     ,       .'<-,  .Subscription,^! <pe^$ ���������{ deluding; eost  LICB_Birkerville,(next door to Manetta's  1 Grocery Store).  Agents for'tie ���������* Cariboo Sentinel.^  Lcsnclmoutiv Mr.'6ocdio,BarnaKPsfexpre^ omcc  ' Creok '���������'���������'-��������� .-Barnard'8 Express  >a!e .01    Mr. Evans,     do     : do  [^Westminster, y ���������-:>.. ���������.'-:...;. r I Vpl^son & Co.  iHflfia.       -      ���������      ���������      ���������     .-  ���������   A. Lync.  p Flshor :     -      -     -.-San Francisco  3  //  0  MINING RECORDS.  ....    .'t        ���������_-���������-���������   ' -    yyyyyi ,.>">  '- -'v.- -:.  Tbe following is a complete list of claims  recorded from and including Nov. I to Nov.  .G,afcnoon:   A.   -    y Ayy-:'���������������������������''���������.���������������������������:::r^^:;"  "WILLIAM CKEEK._[7      [yy*..'��������� '<  '.  Cowling co.���������Nov. i���������Jphtt: Mitchell, ^ne  rill claim on the east bank of 'Wttlhun creek,  tdjoimng-the- Cowlin^brVro^rlii  Ballarat co.���������Nov.. 3.^-D. McDermid,. M.  tfcCuaig,' John McAlisterr A.- Fletcher, P.  flickey, J. W, Hall, Wm. bodd, D. Carey,  ������ach one interest. Win. Anderson,. Wm.  fJeffree,. Jos; Evans, John Bow ron, Joseph  [fougb.G.L.SheppardjF.Neufelder, each a  fhalt interest io the Ballarat col' Tle-reconls.  Ballarat co.���������Nov.; 3.���������Recorded in favor  [of die estate of the -lata...; Jho. ..McLaren^ one  (full irite'restlnihe B  Ballarat co.���������Nov., 5���������Donald .. McEwen,  lone-half of one full interest ia tho Ballarat  -co.   A re-record.    .   "  Jewell co.���������Nov. 6���������Henry Jewell and J.  D. Trelcven, 200 feet of ground on William  creek, commencing at the upper line of the  Caledonia co.,. and running up stream 200  foot by 200 feet wideband joining the Lillooet co.'s west side. ��������� ...  Old Man's co.���������Nov. 8��������� Wm. Martin and  John Tregoning, two creek, claims on William  creek, commencing at the old Never Sweat  co.'s lower line and running up stream 200  feet by 100 feet wide, in the Never Svveat  co.'s late ground.'  The Golden Gate co.���������Nov. 10���������T. H.  Flynn, George Kenny, Tho3. McDougali, Jas.  Christie and Andrew Christie, five hill claims  on the left bank of William creek, commencing at a stake on the west side of Kerr &  Son's brewery'and running up stream 500  feet, having for a base line the Barker co.'s  ���������west side line. ��������� :';'iA[:^'''��������� yA y'  Ballarat co.-No v. 12-D.fi; McDonnell,  one interest in the Ballarat co.- - Are^record.  Adams co.-~Nov. lG-Chas. Hind, one interest in the Adams co., lately held by Wm.  Eraser.  .  stout Guncir. ��������� -.;  Bona Fide co-Norl 10-Solomon Jones,  one Ml ciami oa the north bank of Stout  gulch commencing at tho lower line of the  Bona Fide oo. and running down stream 100  ������ibaFlV0r a bftse ���������������>������ the northern  boundary 0f the Mucho Oro oo.   To be  OONKUX GULCir,  onfinl? T~0 U~RmV MeunerBdorf,  A���������lmilh��������� quarto in ������* M���������  w>  a ie-record.  HARVEY CREEK.  blackbird  co.���������Nov   fi   ilt     '������  -o-halfiaterest.   1;^" Caffier0n������  ' KEITIfLEv CKEEK.  AZ'^A0a(OK^ w:un olaim  ^UMhwrt claim below the Guide  ['1.7 A, CAXADI AN' CHEEK.' ��������� : "  L? 7 ^iDion co--Nov- lo-j-'s. Th-omP:  A^ McPhersoo.Vr D. Loririg/ Wm. flitcheoei  M, Carrall, Jas. Christie; Geo. Bickley Xfl  Bmnskdl, Jaa, Burdick, John McDonald-six-  teeacla,ms on Canadian ereek, eammen'cing  at the upper .line ot the. Mayflower co, and  running up atream 1G00 feet. ,:' ���������    .  ... Xyy "���������-   'BfiOaS   GCLCH.  . Skym co^Nov. 15-Wm. Skym andVrhol  Howell-two creek, claim?, ;.commeDcing at  tlje npper.line.of the Grapplerco, and run-  nmg up stream 200 feet.        y.:l    V.  ,:'';      :.  VAUEY, CREEK.  j Barker co;No.i-Nov.lo-^ooathanNutt,  one hill claim adjoining the Barker co. No 2  to be worked in conjunction and form part of  the,Barkerr.eo.;No.v2-a.;discovery claim-  not to interfere with prior rights. "���������-  \ BED   GULCU. '���������. ���������    -i   X ���������������������������  L T-���������.Jerry CQ-Nov.l-^FrankMorriSj.  ^avid:\Villiiaa-andTbbn Williams, each one  interest   Re-record.        . . .      I     ..... v XORTH QUES.NEt>-XORTFi ;FORK.  : South Bank. Discovery co.���������Nov. l^-John  Cameron, Mose Barber,- Bon McGregor and  James Moore, four discovery hill claims on  :the south or left side of. the North Fork. Qnes-  nel, com:menfjing about 40 yards above .Thos.  Grogan's claim on the opposite side and run^  ningup^eam;600[fept. :...7i,y0;  McGee, Edwd^Kimbail and; Capt.;.Mftchell,  four hill claims on the north bank.of North  Fork Quesoel, commencing at a stake at the  lower part of tbe Long bend and running up  stream 400 feet, about three miles abore  Capt. MitchelFs bridge.  . BASKORD CREEK.  (Tribut^y of Peters creek.).  Nov. 1-Edwd Blackwell, John Shaw, Andrew Donobue and B. M. Conway, four creek  claims, commencing about 300 feet from the  mouth of the Cieek and.running upstream  four hundred feet To be known as the Kam-  iemhaha co.  rJGIITNTXO CREEK.  Nov. 2���������Daniel Parry, one creek claim, adjoining the upper line of the Qreat.Western co.  Castellar co���������Nov. 13-E. B. Holt, Denis  Byrnes and Frank McBrien, four creek claims,  commencing about 75 feet above the mouth  of Last Chance creek and running up stream  400: feetv  Clarke co,���������Nov. 13���������E. B. Holt, one interest lately held by John. Hamilton.     : .  '   y'Ay        'i:    DRAOON CREEK.  Musgraye co.r-Nov.; 8���������Geo. Byrnes, Jas.  Loring, John Tibdall, John McVicker, C.  Chisholm, J, G. Goodson and Jas. Beid, seven  hill claims on the west bank, having for their  base lfne the western bouudary of the Mus-  grave co. To. be worked in conjunction with  and form part of the Musgrave co.  Nov. 8���������Arnold Wilson, one hill claim on  west bank, adjoining the Musgrave co.7s hill  claims. To be worked in conjunction-with  and form part of the Musgrave claim.  Golden Fleece co.���������Nov. 15���������G. Yelatti,  Albert Argaut, Martin Bigiiel, Thomas La-  very, A. Vignolo, A. Pendola, P. Manetta and  E Phillips, 8 creek claims on the west branch  of Dragon creek, commencing at the upper  Hue of the Musgrave co. and running up  stream 800 feet.   .  DAVIS CREKK.  Jimmy Brighton co.-Nov. 13���������Wm. Cullis  and Thomas Hind, one interest each in the  Jimmy Brighton co., together with 50 inche?  of water to be takou from the meadows. A  re-rccord.  ;';���������;   ..^.'^Ei^ox'ciiEEK. - ��������� ������������������;������������������',' ���������������������������".-  ; Halliday co.^Noy.  15���������Wm.; Halliday^  Alex, Halliday, ,two hill claims on right bank  adjoining the upper line of the Littler co.   ���������  ^JN^^^Jo^Eu^ hill claim ad  joining the:,lower: line of the Montgomery co.  Nov. l^Fred. Mill, George Newlone, two  bill claims on the right bank, commencing at  the canon and running up stream 200 feet.  LAST CHANCE CREEK.-7;y ,',  '/ii/:  Gray; co^���������Nov. 15���������George McLeod, Jos.  Bell, Jacob Holmes, Martin Cloriey,. the  whole ; of the' pray co., coiisistih^. of fite  interests. ��������� A r re:record,\ together with ;.the  Gray co.^ditcb/    .7 'xA.yA/:     '-:y''A "X ������������������''���������.  ���������     "'��������� : ��������� ������������������������������������: "./VCHLSUOLM CREEKi v   '" .    ,;.   ' -  x Discovery- Quartz co.-rNo'v. 15.���������Robt. J.  Halliday .and John Xove, 2;di8c6yeryaclaims  above. Jacks6n;s/ gulch.... Not' to  interfere  with prior rights.. :;^. 0.-A 0X7r^. 7. yyXiy  x   WHITE-PINE ECCENTRICITIESA    ���������,  LITERATURE IN OREGON.^;  __S^i'?I^ll^Uyi������I<?]b #idr^ fro m;_ the_, .\V hite  Pine: News'on "fastidious, people:" 7y701y  ���������: * Some people are.so particular; about iheir  surroundings that-there7s no" getting "along  with thj^l In .a. new: country, like this,  whe.re.s:evf|ry man canhotrhave a.house ta  himself^i.fis necessary for people to haul in*  on the sharp corners' of. their natural disposi-;  tions,; and" accommodate, .themselves -to ah .as-,  sociation^ Sometimes,: with those who!are not:  exactly^.what; they; would; fancy^ We'heard  :a^ma^^e^UajP^^  ing his chabge^ of 'socks', before .rand7affcer  changing, in his; pantaloons.pocket, to be  used occasionally as a handkerchief. Another  man up in this'camp had a bed in the,same  room with a man from Sonoma. The Sonoma  man had a habit of softening his socks.in the  morning before putting themv on. He was in  the habit .of going to bed early, so as to' give  his socks' a; chance ; and then, instead of  taking them in shape, after drying, and wearing them rights and. lefts, like a Christian,  this man from Sonoma insisted on softening  his socks every morning. The. way he did it  was by hammering them on the bed-post till  they began to crack, then rubbing them  briskly in his hands���������washing, like Sir Jacob,  "with invisible soap, in imperceptible water."  Our friend in the ;next' bed is a late riser.  He would be sleeping his, best about sock  time, but the dust would wake him. The  dust each time filled the room worse than the  flood of .light .'that Ben Adhem saw. Tbis  thing was troublesome, but rooms were  scarce. Our friend;could get a gobd sleep in  the morning;p'nl^by getting up in the bight  and sprinkling'dbwn Sonoma's socks; so'they  wouldn't dry by daylight. But Souoma eon-  chiding that the roof leaked, took to sleeping  with his socks under his head, and soon got  the room to himself.     ��������������������������� * ...������������������"  The Assinaboine Indians of Montana stole  a blanket from a steamer's crew, and soon  after the small-pox broke out among them.  Thc'Sioux tribe filched the same from them,  but received that malignaufc disease with it,  for which they are now going to war with the  Assinaboines. This -war aiid the small-pox  will save the Indian Agents some trouble.    .  The Beecher-Stowe-Byron case has excited  a warm controversy in France, and a Paris  journal makes the following remarks:-Mrs.  Beecher Stowe has dashed a bottle of ink on  the poet's statue; the stain will never be  completely effaced. These are calumnious  accusations, of which it is/impossible to  prove the falsity. But the anther of. " Uncle  Toavs Cabin" has already been as severely  hulo-ed by public opinion as. has.been tho  Fav^'C who soiled (he Oarpcaux group. .  : That the fame of a.number; of -celebrated ;]X   [AAA-  Poets has not extended to certain ^secUpos[ogAAi If/x//  Oregon; is illustrated ti^:Uifl'Mowfi$^  dent :x;xA0' ������������������/.. X 0y0rV&?iiX^7^r^:'^X^  ��������� PierpbntrThayer. the ,pdj^larvre^er^bd^' ~'[''  i   ��������� ���������  aetor;whi!eona:recbnfctrip throifgh thd-vai-1 V      ���������  /���������'���������  ley  towns, J generally.;, forwarded  his' pro-;:' . .  grammes, so they would be distributed a day:     -A  or.two.before his arrival���������the programmes.  " x.:   7.  being'made up of selections fronir tbe poets,/  and opposite the-.picco selected was;priutcdv  the, author's > name.  On ��������� his arrival at a cer-  taiu Yamhill country:; town,? he. was met by.   ;.-  the landlord of the hotel and a; prominent'; "  official,'and addressed as follows.: ���������. '\WelK  Thayer,.we are.prepared for you���������everything^  '  is- ready���������fi ae hall���������good .a ccommodatibus,;.   etc.; But,: I���������.' say ! where <ii-.'������������������ the :..rest of .the.-:  Company?"; -Thayer replied thatvhe.constiTi ���������������   * ... ',;  tu ted: the eh tire -Gdm p any.. ; * '��������� Wel 1," said the"   .  official, j:' we are ;not: to be fooled, this ,way.:;.  here's your hi 1 \y&nd- the.: Company named ^     _:-  and ; we ei ther wan t the entire sho w, or:"our,  money (having./sold >a::good many'-.tickets); ':-'[ ���������}    1x7  must  be^^^returned.";��������� Thayer."tried ��������� to<con?f    .;���������      ��������� ���������������������������':.;  vince the party that there must.be. some.mis-     ���������/ '    *"..;:  take-^but i n vain.   He was' told th at h e. m u s t* '  either'.produce the balance ofj.th'e.Compauyj ..���������'.-' ��������� j  Longfellow,, Macauley, Pope,: Holme.3, Reed,;  Mrs. Norton;; & rs; Hemans, e tc, or no o ther  show would* he allowed. 77A    f-'': -.'��������� ��������� Ax--y Ax A v. - v  CURRENT: NEWS.,:;  .. A steam ;plow has "beerrinvented in'Caii{  fornia with which it is claimed that 40 acres'"  per day can be plowed and seeded.  Drugging and shanghai ng in. San .Francisco  is to, be. stopped in future by. shipping all  sailors through government agency, ���������    '  A French savant has discovered that water  cresses are advisable food for smokers,, as the  essence of that plant is an efficacious antidote  against nicotine. ... ...    -y0  An Omaha paper has this startling heading : " Wonderful but true���������Three -thousand  dollars found and restored to the. owner���������An  honest man discovered in Omaha."  The. King of Denmark owns a beet sugar  factory which uses machinery of his own invention, and yields him an income of 50,000    '  rix dollars annually.  The London Guardian soys that a manuscript in Lord Byron's handwriting will soon  be published, and will settle ihe question,  raised,by Mrs. Stowe.   . . v.;  ��������� The railroad companies in the. Eastera  States liave reduced their rates of ft'eighfc: "���������".  with ^he object:pf getting* the" buikof the pw  ciiicfreight to, go per overland .railway .instead of via Panama.  ;.      A iy[y7Ay ".':'' ..  The London Daily News says it is.not true,  as generally supposed, that the.actof\tee%:  ing elimmates from water all impure matter.  It generally docs extrude coloring .matter,  but not organic impurities ; . indeed/ such ������������������  matters, although prevented from, decomposing by the cold, appear to decoinpose with  redoubled energy, immediately,the temperature is sufficient to meltthe ice which holds  them.        :���������'. ,-  Lord Elcho proposes that in all future contests between England and America* the rifle  mi^rht be made an auxiliary to the oar. The  Americans used to.be famed for their excellent snapshooting, and it wouldnow be.m- -  teresting to 6nd out whether the representative shots can carry off the palm from pur  volunteers. Moreover as Ireland, and Eel-  iriumare renresented at Wimbledon, there  appears to be no reason wiiylhere should  not be a Yankee "eight;' or "twenty"7 as w*  ix.  ������������������: ,N>.L^.v -*������,*������*t{ ������r-"������** t*������*������������mW****** ������������?**"������ .-���������-���������*���������  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  .SATURDAY; NOV. 20, 1869.  "     THE CARIBOO SENTINEL -7   / .  Ib published in'Barktrvillo every Saturday.   All  advertisements ihtended for insertion,,must De delivered at i-itest,Al.Six o'clock, P. M.,:the day beforp  pub Neat ion. / ; 7' -':������������������.' *  0       TO ADVERTISERS.  All advertisements (not';'inserted for any definite  period)'..will he continued  until  ordered  out,   and  charged for accordingly. kj /;  THE MAINLAND FEEDING THE ISLAND.  A very large amount of money goes out of  ���������:j\ ihe colony every.year for fafm?produce, cat-  -^tle and boisea, /This loss is: principally on  account o������tbe;lower country, where tanning  and . stock;breedbig  bnye/not attained  a  i growth commensurate #ith the market. Now*  as the islanders and lower mainlanders'opi^  not or y^iil rric^ sup'pjy^them  from the interior to the seaboard, wbich is  needed at all .times .of the ..year and for all  purposes;^ ;,cv     .y        ���������  Church Building.���������The new cburcb (������.���������  Saviour's) now building,/promises to;be an  elegant struciure.v It is huiit from designs by  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  tural effect js attained by due--proportion of  parts, bold and .simple forps, rather than, by  elaborate ornament The church will consist  of-nave._30ftx20ft., aiid apsidal chancel.  16ft.xl2ft. Height of walls?> 18 feet; of ceiling,-from floor; 23 feet A*scnoolroom and  vestry complete tbe building^ We congratulate the friends of the Anglican Church on  possessing a church so appropriate to thesr  worship. Certainly those who wish to pray,  as their fathers prayed, may do so here, in a  church which in form, if not in material, will  remind them of tho village churches of the  rpHE William Creek Fire Brigade hereby tender their  T thanks to those citizens who assisted the Brigade,  in their elSAs to subdue the fire In William Dixon*  nouse on; Wednesday ^^P^KHEmER, Captain. 1  Barkerville. Nov. 18, 1869.- :���������������������������. ;y$  NEW ADVERTISEMENT  For Sale,  By ������ho undersigned, at tho 150-mile post, on the  Cariboo wagon road, a-large quantity of       / .. .  OATS   AND  BARLEY.  iVexcellent condition, and will bo soWat reasonable  ' ADLER & BARRY.  'fl  c.  WHOLESALE;������AND 'RETAIL  ������%S  ���������IN��������� .  rates.'  no6 4  fatherland."-  A������i -.imnnrfsnt^-uiSCOvery"  0^00/%^^^y^^r  pin uatib  - c. ..-.---���������- made" in  Simla, which is likely, says the  ne������t and: mutton, we ot the npperfonntry xndi;in^VoIunteer.i������Service. .Gazette, to bo a  oijour better than: English meat if they wjll  Yassl}������t i n proc u ri ng th e ro eans o f co n ve jr i ng ;it  to- them. vAt present thei e are no cheap, means  6f ��������� getliti g. oiir ��������� fat aniihals to^tlie seaboard.  To. be sure,y. there is a.road: to; ���������Yn\eynhd,  0   ' eteamers plying thence to;Victoria. but thai  , r��������� /A Js too expensive a way t-u take animals"ro the  'S A * the consideration of feed  as/Well as of com-'  - r0.^x~, , - 0--. - ~~ y- yy   - muifictuion'.   ��������� Un til Rck*nc*n  and . enterprise  tim Uf kmlffidd tt ffidiine nJ^frBffl istrCo! it m \rh\  on a road.   And1 where^'Ilheldistahce4d mari  -- K'et ia.irreiit a roa������l "along which feed is 6b-  <    -���������   ' tainable ii ca pr^r^qul^te-rendition to the  Ruccewful   attainment of ibe.  end' in  view.  : \V,e oughtjla Iliav^couUnuous-road tb Ihe  ���������     ~     .      "  *  *' ' 4" feaboafd  fur msui as--, V ns beast ^The gap  - , ' between  Yale and New Westminster should  '    -   ���������       ' ,% be filled up. not only for the putpose herein  '��������� 0     # '      indicated but for "every other purpose a road  nessas Butchers in Barkerville, B. CJ, has been this  day dissolved by mutual consent.  Joseph Chassot will coniinuo tho said business.  .All account* ilue to the said Copartnership must he  oas" msir oeeri  paid iu bim," and he will liquidate 'all debts due by  ihe said Copartnership. :    '7.-X-'00^- '  -**>V ' D. ERCOLE.   "  ,��������� .     . ..- J. CHASSOT.  v BrtficerViiie,-1'October18; 1869.    ..'.'.    oc20 lm  Provisions;:;  HARDWARE,    DRY    Qooos  ;    CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, ETC/  JBARKERVILLB.  nue^sto -.-ihe.fiGp.vern wen t." am r.  De Rnssett, a photographer of that place, has  hit upon a vein of the veritable meerschaum,  "from which the celebrated pipes are made.  Specimens of the clay bave been tested and  pronounced to be,; even; superior to thedes-  c ri p 1: io n; general iy used in t h j9 manufacture p f-  pipea,   ���������  It. has been proposed in Germany���������the  land" of m usi c. wher^ ��������� the scales of training  and taste.iti instrumental' performances are  jn������i������h^ingl}er^than^an^ n  taxvqn ?piahofoi1es. fIt' is averred that in the  .Z'v'iiverein are not fewer than .400.0(10.  ^piahos;?- lipoii- Wlucli^exemptingvthe instVii-  ���������nients of: protessioriat nien^sny 30.000-^an  "sinhhal "ntnx- of two' llraiTfrs per fhslrumWt  won Id yleld^nSarly liiree^quarterS;Of a millidn  ot tinders. | , -  7'Aja enterprisingromnibus proprietor in  ��������� Enjjland intends to dispense^wi>h liorses and; a%?00    /'      *' 7���������nn. A  upesleajnepfe  Scotchr^oadjstt^imer was put on^t^ai recently  :i.nJEdJhhiWgA"alid ft "provt?d*a^otnp 1 ete si\cV  ���������    '   ���������   NOTiCE^:\ /'Vi ;"���������"���������". ;-i  T^HE  HTJDSONS  BAY CO.   ARE PREPARED. TO  I   receive at par value, at their Store In  Barker-'  ville,in exchange for Merchandise, GOLD BARS issued from tbe Government Assay Office. : ���������'���������  >���������*'  JOHN M. WARK,:  %yy.x A-y x^y:y:ry      :^y0'i:xyJXXx-iAefiniX:  rBarkervilto,Julylg, 1869-        >       V; ja!4 4my  \ ' working halfrintere?t in the JlcXwn chu"ni;"Tril-  l&.i lifinv cn.e'ki and^ne i Oil interest in the Enstern  Sh:pe claim. Fn nch creeki Going to.Peyce River.  'inyht^v, Apply to Ahx;^IcKeii2ie, atthe'SfM^Ten  .cKim.1     '" '": , ,      "���������    '. *   "     0 r    -     ,1106 4,,  25   REWABD.  x.  THE ABOVE REWARD will "he given to* any one  who may find and nMnrnto Mr, P.vGnnucm villi*  hny horse;/>RK������0N JOHK,, htdonging to;W. Walfhi  S������idhorse^vas;last seen nettr -RtcbQdU about a'month  Van  yolkentoxirg & .������M  ;-.    RETAIL   BUTCHERS,  BAEKERVILLB, RICHFIELD, M  yy//;A0 ��������� 7  i Asnpplyoirfresh meat of al) descriptions codsUbi  A-ri Ihfirifl V������-s.V;'V..vV.-y.'''..V,:i:,-'v.;-" ���������-.'���������'.������������������;&?���������'���������������������������: Vy.-V-���������;yy,; ������������������..  on hand.  i-i:?  i:-I^-pr*ii^ns:n*re,hcTf?hy eruiUned riotU ntge������  A    curtain!notes-fcnittn)h\\ the,uudtrfijm\ i  how h������ 1 L h y  JI r._ E. 3 0 0M*EY, as_ We lift ve a ������4  "jgainst tlfe'siVme. " ,/"  -   " ,   " ,  c^S8; -' -i Withf an; omnibus at tabbed it went up  ; ffill atCt he rii te' Ot sev e n Am i leslfti ii hrtii ran d  joiner purp  }s intended for. When the steainers; cease  ply .ing v between Yale ���������aiid ^e^'Weslminster  we are atiiiost^vlrtualLyksliis tf ou t; fronttli^  worhlv;jnijflsbned: for no fault of our own;  v=^,::  ���������ths  ,V"'._ ",  p ���������X'p!''  but; for tlie fault of ttteigoj^rjiment,. _  -.,'.; fault of being to?> poor to bitil(l a roatl. The  government 6lioulduJt be so pobr that it cannot build a road. The government oii^ht to  ���������regulate matters so that tberi should'; be  money enough to spare for: road-bull ding.  Mine niad and less Pahiry. =Wi t ha road from  the broad  pastures, of the interior to ^ew  :    ���������Westminsjer, the ^whole of; the lower part of  ;. the ^colony could be supplied   with meat.  Herei in Barkerville,- at the present time, wec  ��������� luiv^3 an abiindant snpply of superexceiietit  : ^^^f an^ttiutto^  per pound.  The Lord Mayor of Lbhd6h>  ������������������ festive table never supported better beef than  'Tom, -Dick and Harry can no vy'obtain from  . -JVJan yolkenburgh in Barkerville. 'The pas^  tare Iahds;of th^  ton to the base of the Rocky Mountains, are  capable of affording Busteuiance to a thousand  times the present number of cattle in the colony.   The market, however, is a small one,  limited; but if road facilities were available,  the market would be largely increased by  sullying ti?e lower country, and more energy   would   tjiereby be imparted: to   tbis  important  branch   of our agricultural resources.   Every dollar.sent out of the colony  for what our own land is capable of producing is not only a direct loss of so much currency, but a customs-registered stain against  -the oonntry, wrongly suggesting barrenness,  -and therefore diKeouraging to immigration.  To look at the imports list one would scarcely  credit the facf that there* are. vast tracts of  land in British Cbiumbiabearingbunch grass  and wild timothy.    What will ^benefit the  mainland must produce corresponding good  to the island.   An .outlet for our stock is fast  becoming a necessity, and we trust that the  islanders will contribute, in legislativeEffort,  jtownrd *     * *"  came^do.wn|afe n ii evra i^^j^nHie^and^tiirnefyni  the road':with fur pi-eater ease than horses.  ;pii)Jed^;up, instarimneOnsly: ati the Svord ,of  command;aiio1 evi*n' backed, up hill. r 11 theu  ran_ th rough fbe^rb%n?aha^ with  which it picked; its way ^tHweenVstrings ol  cartrhorse^ omnibuses^ and ftab^jindV (he  d������ic]lity; with which it stop^^n<Pturried  whenever it was required^were marvel I ousJ  yi&EW/Ai) VERTIS EME^TS; A  S. SAYIOPyAMEEll^  On ADVENT;SUNDAY; (Nnyi ^8th,) an^ cn^iollo^  vv ing; Sundays.::Service VwilJ he' hel������l in tile School-  kJ   TWH fth Of 'SpntPrti i flr inai   a KIm-I-   H^J^ilt. ,._V. . ,  nM^nKw ^P^her last,-:aIblack, ^rmjoth-haired  GoU'vpOG, a -little: white on the breast: '������nswerins? to  the na;me; of CuOV; ..Is^a heeler, very m* to fherd fnd  drive auimals.   The above.rewarii will be paid toanv  Tent^pr>Jolm3aul,,near;Cli  on  THE: CARIBOO, AMATEURS  Announce j: that they will 'five a performance  Saturday, (this)   Evening  .,     . Under the patronage of .  THE   FIR|^ BEIG-ADE.  When will be presented tlie favorite comedietta,  TO   OBLIGE    BENSON.  Mrs. Benson  %<���������, n   ,  Mr. Trotter Southdown...;;:.:.3:;;:���������,"' j a - S'"������ftf'  Sir. Meredith   r*to" *J������npwn  ��������� , ' ��������� -*������������������������ G. Grant  5nVr, After which a  SQhQ>< ������������������ * -   .   -*    .y       H. HAVELOCK  ���������To concludo with the screaming farce  The   Limerick  Bov  ..Florence Wilson   >Irs Parker  0 JEWEL!  ;  BARKEltmLE;^^  Barkerville,MaylVIStiU   '.    "A '": ' v;  150-mile post,' Kov. 6th, 1869.  ADLER &B^KRU|  vulS  llii  Lii of tbntl well situated anil spacious huik'itj  7f\    together w | th-1lie ground or lot, fcnimn as -v;  t&mt  ;     "In Barkerville^  S������mFre  ^W:wei;  ^fiSmoon  |RK'be,i  mm $  Maiifi  ^i'the;  "Stoftk,-FttTtfff'^-nii'T'vTvervthinr therein crntsbifl  For pyrUculura, api^y tO^Oapt^ 0|ipenli^lmcr;*B*ffe[  villrt       , .-! '*;.-,.*        Dl3tl  ���������  TENDERS his sincere thanks to thosevwho bnvc  I ��������� fa\*ored him with their patronage on Mosquitn  Creefc and; else where, and be^s lo SnCorhr his v Wt iidi  and. the . pu Mic. gen t rally - tli n t:. he has c^rhtrienced  b iisj ii ess at .Bark erV i lie in th e stf re recently occu pled  by C. DODERO, where he has a stock of , ���������;;.:���������:  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS,  B O 0 T S,   CLOTHING,  WINES; LIQUORS, TOBACCO ^CIGARS  Jiixixo Implemexts. &et &c.     "  Orders from friends on outride creeks' prorontl'V at-  tended to; s y '.������������������?        xX:  'W1- Consignments of goods, from Victoria and  Coinnial produce from farmers will receive his greaft  est attention and care. / v ���������. ;; . "  Barkerville, August 25, i860.. 70/dAlyl&^xt-  .COJTPBISISC--.  Bootsf Shoesi Clothing ������nd  Groceries, ,: ;*;.;������������������  OF THE BEST   QUALLTY, ;  7x-        x . ...  ������������������* ��������� ���������;" v.;: ,..   ������������������ ���������-- :  For sale at the Store of the undersigned in Barkerville, opposite the Bank of British Columbia.  W. RENNIE.  sen  ���������i^wS'j^  :^^^t���������ja  Wm  y NOTICE.  A Branch of the  m  :';��������� , - -       \ ��������� IS KOWOPEK,   ���������  A  Aaho Ma^^tMtc's 0&^^  of tiei><TsUs,,iii^couajraityvwUb ;ifThe Sayings Bani  0^'ln*^llce1:lS69.,,  Richfield, m Nov;, ISO?. n   --������  noC-3     ��������� ���������.       ,': '���������"  SUpendlnry MagistrMfi.  1  For Sale^:  M^Jlv.,l>;U01^;^  AT ^HSNEWIOUTH,    ;  1': r-7 '��������� A ^Consisiiogorabout .  20;O0l!lbi p$ Trori^ Steel,  I  1  Wm  m  wt  lac  wM  se4tf  as usual.  j^-TERMS^bne:half Cash; balance on go^s*  ^���������7:xa0x:.7 A:3o^:u^:mm������:\  v Quesne!mouth, Oct. 1% 1S69.  m&  Stll  Tal  Tht  the  frdi  Wlti  op-  '���������''  Mn  for  :Ax  old  are  on  7i  ������re  1  cla  spr  wm-  goc  Church  Institute;,  D^NGJ!h .^u5^.wlnter lhc fallowing Classes,  Insliiute': !   in conue^������������ ^'������������ l& Church  Mrs. Fldgett   Jane. i#>  Faddy...;.......,...  or  }  vaslon  Cowptr's "Tnsk "������  " &nd  An%sis  TUBB?nt!Y  EVE*���������G^ *****  till   10-Milltarx  WBr?.������DpY   anM, ^TURDAY   EVENIKOS-The  Ce?, *?mTh!?Tbai,tf,,cn f0r Rea(lin^ Study,  'SSi������C\rTh0-I,1Slitutei8 WpflUti with the  follow ing Marines or  Reviews;   Blackwood,  Londop  Society,  St.  Paul's,   Oqc*a-  Sheet and Oast Iron Stoves  1 tt JOBBING WORK IK ^yf^fXl  A   Iron, Zinc and Load Piping,. taltcn(!frft satis  romptness, and  warranted to givo ww������ -  action.  Hardware, Iron & Steel,  Cornhil  Dr. C^s/0010/00 "������J. H S,jj!ivan  Henry ���������..; "^ ;������-A. Brown  Reuben ............ CrJ���������   , n rx. ���������  job  "* A'cDcrmott  *gj Doors' open 'mum^SS9?i"'dooi?'  Perro������Ck  ance to commence at 8 o'clock ���������"������������������?���������  * crI������  Admission $i 00.   Reserved Seats. $1 56,  >rm.  fumisWng complete" communicatio,, JSSr^ ^ttW^^f ������^"-  THOR>  AiSST1- ,**?.% ?<m!ts l AaA 2-  2 Elementary  FRIDAY TOviw"llnfc? " first principleH."  9 to������n Bckett-Fo,.0W Classes, &c, EMnB^KT  fiire<iB_ll0''������ ElomoDla'-y rnstruotion given If de-  >0 -��������� JAS.  RDVNARD.-  FOR SALE.  E. PEARSON *Wg������i*  A Perfect Cure.  T THOS/ FLETCHER'S SECOND-HAKDSTOBB  and General Repairing Shopiwlll  ot |eJ  Lathe capable of Turning'and fitting ������P-};"   4c,  andJVh'eelH,.Hytoul.lc Nozzles,. Hose Cmg  and all repairs of metal work done witn "" qWvirt,  To befound also, Cooking Stoves, Sheet ���������������*- Tflrf  Pumps, Hose, Nails, Picks, Shovels, and aura������>  thing requisite for Miners' use at low prices.       J{.  UPPER BARKERVILLE. iSiivfMfe  EpSBBf-  'IIIhP  ^V^^|^  *S3  ���������r  eHu  i#t#HE CARIBOO SENTINEL  :1If  sh  SATURDAY, NOT. 20, 1869.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  1  silll  al  Hi  I  ;Co,  Ki#i  WUjiJj;  is  . .  STODT GULCH,  ������������������  The Mucbo Oro co. got a small dividend  or last week, and are getting good pay this  Ireek.   The Jenkins co. washed-up nearly 50  >z! for last week.   The Taffvale. co. washed  jp 71 ok. for the week, and 33 oz. on Wednesday.   The Coombs co. washed up 29 oz. for  ,he week, and  have  stopped   working- as  isual, but the miners will rock during the  ose season, by the consent of the. company.  he Bona Fide co.. were to have resumed  operations on Thursday.  COXKLIN GULCH.  The Felix   co. washed up 28 oz. for the  eek ; and the McDowel|:c6., who were pros-  ecting," got ��������� 23  oz.   The   White Pine co.  washed up 34 oz. for the week, and' on Tuesday last tbey got 31 oz. fromthree^sets of  timbers.  .-. FRENCH CREEK.  I The tunnel of the .Cosmopolitan co. has  been run 400 feet, according to contract. A  new contract.will be let to run the tunnel to  bed-rock.'..'     -��������� A-    '���������>��������� A '��������� y ��������� / AXAXy '*'���������  YALLET CREEK.  Billy Barker, the original* pre-emptor of  [the celebrated Barker claim, from which Bar-  [kerville derives; its name, fhas .struck a  Biiprospect in his claim on the bill;sipping toward Valley creek, close to the Prairie  Flower co;'s ditch.; It has long been be*  HBl iey ed th at a n an c i e n t c ban n e j i; to wh ich  BBff reach, Canadian, Groiise-aiid; An tier- creeks  '.X^m.were tributaries, took it* '-course along the  V:J������ country bordering .on Valley creek, and the  prospects now obtained go to confirm that  f;���������Billy bus named the claim and -com-  e  ^^Barker No.. L- ������������������    yx ���������-  irC-JH CANADIAN CREEK.  Mm  1 ; vgbtdietV-Billy has named ihe claim.-and com  RRy,".^���������H|pany Barker No. 2. and lie is not alone iri.tin  ivj tH^ll opinion that they will prove worthy rivals o  *Jii 0tt Wed?esday last, between six  and seyen p. m., the building used by William uixon as a stable, cowhouse, caught fire  and was burned almost to thVg'rbunu: Tbe  nre commenced by a candle falling on the  nay m the upper story. The Fire Brigade  turned out and got their hose to work, but it  was too short, and could only be uaed to protect the adjoining buildings. A stiff breeze  niew the sparks from tbe .* fire over several  nouses,-but the snow on the roofs andfthe  steady stream from the firemen's hose prevented further conflagration. The firemen  also brought out tbeir hooks, ladders and  buckets, and plied them vigorously and effectively until the flames were completely  subdued.. The. animals were gotten out and  BVl ������ut tbe buildiQ������> with the exception  of the first floor and foundation, ^was destroyed. The hay might have been worth $500,  and was burned and rendered unfit for use.  The next day another building was commenced. This fire showed the imperative  necessity of maintaining the Fire.Brigade,  and the property owners and tradesmen must  have been convinced that their monthly sub-  ���������scriptions for that purpose have been well  bestowed. More, however, is yet needed to  equip the Brigade thoroughly j more hose is  requisite, and.we trust that government will  provide for another grant, and be as liberal  toward, the fire department here as they have  been towards other rfire departments in the  colony. XA ;.;  The Taffvale Claim ���������This claim, on Stout  gulch, yielded $60,087 from September, 1867.  to August. 31st, 1868,. and until the close of  the season, the following ;sums were (taken  out weekly: ' ��������� -     -.���������;. .. -���������-..'  $2402 75 .$2053 00 $2706 50  1824 50 .'��������� 3623 89 v ... '2882.:08:  And $500 50 during the following week!  when no more work was done until May 3rd.  18 69. Si n ce then, t h e f ol 1 o wi ng are. the  :weBkly:receipts-from4heclaim:-:-  BffW  t&gm  ���������ison.  WS'  im  9m  Ut  r^cfip*'  ���������&  %  jood &  4KB.  0G6 tf  ,She?l  satis  eel,  The Clear-grit co. are still following up the  SIB break or gutter limy have recently .come to.  SB and find rock on" both sides.. .Operations in  I M the tunnel in:this creek are going on well. ���������.  IISB MOSQUITO CREEK.  f|l|||������; The Minnehaha co. are about closed for the  JSllik-se-ison. The,W.iIlow.co. are down with, their  luwer -shaft andihtivo/commenced.to take' on t  pay in the upper streak.; The Hocking'claim  iiaV been sold to Chinamen. The Point co.  still continue to take out good wages. The  Tabb co. are making from. $5 to $8 per day.  The Discovery co. had^been doing .welt.up to  the time the frost set in, which prevents,them  from working as usual. The llolraanco. are  washing underground and making pretty  good wages. Only one man is now at work  on the Jeifree claim..  As soon as the mill Is ready for work, the  Martin co. intend to ship some of their quartz  for trial.  RED GULCH.  A company are about to sink a shaft !h the  old Butcher co.'sground. The Alabama co.  ave making smalt wages. Work is still going  on iu the Tom & Jerry claim. ������  WHIPS AW GULCH.  The Hitror-Miss co. and the Discovery co.  are making from $4 to $5 per day.  COULTER CREEK.  The Discovery co. have laid  over their  claim; and will commence by draulicing in the  spring., ;���������'.;..; -Xxr ' ��������� ' ;  , 1 ,  ������������������ ��������� yx.yAy '���������y7:1&^$i6hmk7A7iXAi 'y 70:7:  A company are reported to have: struck a  good prospect in a ,tunnel, the first, we believe, that has been run on this; creek. Mining on this creek has hit her tb been principally, jf not solely, confined to ground-  sluicing, and this .strike may lead to more  thorough operations.  CHISHOLM CREEK;  ���������-'.'':'������������������  The quartz ledge on this creek, which attracted considerable attention several years  ago (specimens having assayed in Victoria as  high as $500 to the ton), has been taken up  I iigain with the intention of working it. The  [ Gold Commissioner, the other day, showed  us about 75c. worth of gold pounded out of  six pounds of rock.  .   DRAGON CREEK.  The Discovery co. intended tohave commenced washing yesterday, .:  PINE CREEK.  This creek lays between Harvey and  Keithley creeks, and is a tributary of Cariboo  Lake. A prospect has been obtained recently and several claims recorded.  STORE  AXl������  % &c*i  J*  storey  every  E0l5  Wn  vXy  M  J:0  yy'-  w  fef  eii'-'i,  km  Removal.���������Mr. P. McEntee has commenced  work in his new and large shop in Barkerville, near the theatre, where he will carry  on his blacksmith business at the same rates  as before. He only charges S3 per set for  horse-shoeing, and all other kinds of black-  6mith work at corresponding rates*  $1775 50  $2467. Hi  4837 66  1563 76  3929. 77  1852. 7,2  5525 25  .1386 69  6685 80  '   1070 49  6712 10 ;;  . 2439-67  2908 U  1175 00  2908 04  r      2266 00  1 2098 50  '; .3176 00  4285.50 ���������   ���������  ,     2789 25  $2698:  2165  '2128  ��������� : 1696  788  .1535  1466  :>: 720  1172  COURT PROCEEDINGS.  (Before G. Brew, Esq., Gold Commissioner and Couatv  Court Judge )  25  50  50  25,  25  75  00  :5U  50  Saturday. JSfov.. 13,1809,  H. Steele ��������� (colored) vs. L. Nufon.���������This  was an assault ca6e. .   ���������  ;':.Plaintiff: testified that on Wednesday evenr  ing, tbeiOth inst., he. was coming, up the  street in Richfield, when he was suddenly assaulted by defendant; hit over the bead 'several times with a bludgeon and knocked  down; believed he would have been killed  if Mr. Me Lane h ad no t been th ere.  ���������  JohhVMcLane (colored), sworu���������Defendant  came to his house in Richfield on the^evening  ot the assault and called-.witness oiit to speak  with him ; went out and .found defendant  standing there ; . while tbey: were xtalking  Steele came up, and as soon as he came"near  enough, defendant hit him several times with  a club and knocked hinrdown; witness went  to separate them and defendant ran a way.-  . Defendant gave evidence to tbe effect that  he came to McLane's house to engage him to  haul some wood, and, as he had previously  had,a difficulty with Steele, took a stick  along to protect himself. While he was talking with McLane, Steele came-along and;at-*  tempted to lay hold of him ; he stepped  back, drew his cudgel and gave hiin:(Steele)  a "tip ;���������' struck ;him three times ; ran away  because there was a gun in the bo.useandShe  ; was afraid o f. them fii ing on him; got two menf  to qpme dp wn wi th. him, for fear the gun)  might be used.      *../������������������     -., ���������   /AX-AXy  Defendant was committed for trial.Atithe.  asRizes.jBail was fixed at two securities, ot  $250 each and defendant in $500..    V  ''��������� / -y-     --';  : : FaiDAY,Nov; 19; 1869.  A few unimportan t cases \Vere before: the  court to-(lay. In ot)e of them the plaintiff  AWore_ohe way and the defendant; precisely  the opposite; The Judge postponed the case  for further evidence. v :.>.������������������:���������  Tlie following amounts represent the dividends paid monthly to the. uoJder;ot one interest in the claim : ' . Ally  May , . $2023 77 August,. $642 66  June . .; 1392 63 September, 1044 00  July V, -594 68 October . 395 21  For the present month a dividend of $300 is  anticipated.if the claim shall be worked during the next week. There are eight interests  in the claim. The company worked at different times during a period of five years prior  to striking pay, and their drain, and lower  shaft cost $9000. The current working expenses have averaged about one-third of the  vield of gold. ;We are'indebted1 to Mr. Henry  BroclynariJ ther courteous-, sec'retiiry of the  company^for these; parUpyiars^   :'  Notice.���������The ^fbliowing; notice appears in  the Canada Gazette :���������*;Pub lie;notice is hereby given:thatian;appjication-wiU made to  the������Parliament ofdhevDominioh of Canada,  at .thS. nextvsessiou Iherem^ fpra charter to  construct a Railway from Fort;Garry, on tbe  Red fiver, in the North-West territory, westward to the confioesvof British;C6himbia, and  eastward to such point ofvconnection with  existing railways in the Province -of Ontario  as may be found most desirable^ with power  to construct a branch of thevsaid railway  from Fort Garry to: such point on the frontier  of the United States,at or near the; Pembina,  as mav be deemed most advisable. The said  charter will be asked for in. the name of the  Canada Pacific Railway Company. *. B.-~  The Canada Central Railway .Company is  already provisionally organized. Another  notice also appears in the Gazette from tbe  Dominion Pacific. Railway Compariy, who  contemplate building a radway to the Pacific  Ocean.  That Sletgh Road. ���������A correspondent  called attention in our last issue to the neces-  uThp fnr b sleieh road from Barkerville to  ^trt������*Wa understand that the Gold  Commissioner is quite willing to havesucVa  road made, providing there be or is likely to  Tea sufficient number of miners on Dragon  creek to justify the necessary expenditure  and tha the miners themselves will render  Lme distance in the work, as was done re-  KyTffSie- of the Keithley and Harvey  rreeks trail. Under any circumstances, however a road should be made toward Dragon  creek by government, not for that creek alone,  h it for onening up all that section of the dis-  ft in SmSragon creek + sUuated, but  H blight to be something better than a mere  temporary convenience.  attention, Pius BrigadE !���������You are re-  aue^n^meet^his^veni  ?S at the Hail in uniform, to proceed in  ! a body'to the Theatre,  ��������� PkacB;. RivER.���������We have '������������������ studiously; refrained from giving publicity to, all that we  have heard 'respecting: the new;diggings re  een tly di?covered near Fin lay?s b rancli of  Peace river, because we did not wish to; become responsible for statements which had  n ot any reliabIe sou ree.: We. are'. well aware  vliat niotliipg can stop a ���������'. rush V when the  ,���������; fever \[ has set inland our-cautiousness was  .not; ��������� thereforo,'':ex^rcSaeril with .the object ol  preventing the same ; but Jn the event, of  Peace river tinning out another Big .Bend.  we would'beifvee, from any blame. While,  however*;:we have followed a non-commU(al  course, -and have recommended patience  until some, confirmation' of the reported rich  strikes are obtained, we are quite certain  that therreports lately circulated by men  going down the country, to the effect that the  reported-discoveries are bogus reports, .have  no foundation in fact. We are quite certain  that gold, in moderate quantities, at least,  was Touud: by tbe Peace river prospecting  party, and are willing to believe that they  did not exaggerate the facta in saying, that  they obtained 35 oz. to the band. Indeed,.!!'  there be any inaccuracy in the published report of the prospecting .party, we are inclined  to think that it would be found in an underestimate of tbe amount of gold, rather than  the reverse/because they seemed to be so extremely anxious to avoid creating any ''excitement" about tbeir discovery. The fact  of the immediate return of the party is not  likely to be accepted as ground for believing  that there was anything bogus about their report : ana, indeed, nobody here entertains a  doubt that gold diggings have been found as  stated. The public committee is composed  of men possessed of more common sense and  integrity than is sought to be implied by the  alleged fabrication of bogus^ reports for the  purpose of creating  altered fabrication of bogus reports for the  nnr���������������*of ereatimr a "rush" for the tempor-  bring.   What we have  ary orotic it would m.*.;&  published in relation to Peace river we believe to be substantially true. W e have seen  part of the gold, and there is none so nearly  like it in Cariboo that would deceive the  eves of the many persons here, who also saw  the metal, as to the place from whence it was  taken. It is scarcely worth' woile, however,  to enter into details about this matter, as we  ^ unite confident that the reports circulated  are  along  mer  are  MINING RECORDS.  WILLTAM CHEEK. ;   .  Lillooet co.-^-Nov. 18���������David French, a  strip of ground situated on Williams creek,  commencing at the upper line of tbe Lillooet.,  co., aud running up stream about 75 feet tb'  the lower line of tlieCaribo co��������� in width from  base to base of side hills. To be worked ae  part of the Lillooet co's ground. .��������� *  -  stout gowiui yAi'V.  Mucho Oro co;���������Nov. 16-Samuel Roberts,  David Edwards, Jas. Innia, 'Thos. Lavery and  Robt.C. Orr. five hill claims on left bank,  commencing at tbe Jenkins co'a upper line  and running, up stream 500 (eet. . A re-record  of the Mucho Oro co's bill claims.-  *VALLKY CRRKK,  .��������� Garibaldi co.���������Nov.-18���������Wm. T. Crossley,  Thomas Anderbonand Angelo hlelmano, three  hill claims on Steel's trail, Valiev creek,#om-  mencing about 500 feet at the French creek  side of tlie 'Barker co. No. 2, and running up  stream*300 fee^r   ;* ��������� .  PIXK CREEK*. ���������'."���������������������������'���������'  . Discovery co;���������Nov. 18���������Hugh Doak and  Martin Anderson, two discovery hill claims  on right bank, pointing on Cariboo lake; aiso  150 inches of water,, to be taken from Pino  creek, about a thousand feet above the upper,  line of Xhe Discovery co.   Said co's ground is ;  situated abouthalf.amile from.the mouth of  Pine creek, running up stream 400 feet.  . Kir\yin'. ��������� co:^Nov^ 18-^P.  Kirwin;  Hugh  Doalc, Martin Aiulersori. J. K.: Barker. N.  Gardell,- Jas. A. Mag wood aiid Nib. B'iiiiey,  seven creek ,claini3.   situated ��������� immediately  nbove the canyon and running up stream 700  feet.-'.V 0X00y A A -'���������! XAx ArAiy    "���������'���������'.'  JK   the road,  as above-mentioned,  ���������elv the slanderous machiuations of malig;  nant tongues, and -o one who considers al  the known facts and circumstances connected  with the Peace river party will doubt the essential part of the question thus raised,  namely, that new gold mines^ have _been  found as reported. The promoters and organizers of the late expedition must naturally  feel chagrined at the odium that is attempted  to be cast upon their praiseworthy efforts to  develop our^niinerai resources, but tbey may  r^est assured that the slanderers will, meet  withZI more success than that of enjoying  the contempt they deserve.  Express.���������The mail may be expected here  on or about the 24tb.  ]  A"New Idea.^Messrs.:brown and Adair  have opened negotiations for the purpose of  procuring a. steam-en gin e4o work their claim  onGohklin gtiich."-It -iseto -be~capable:-of--  raising a ton of dirt and piunping' a six-inch ':  stream.   With  this  engine they intend to  commence  a.:: new: system -of mining. - At  least, it is new for Cariboo;   Instead of the  ordinary shaft, they will run an incline and  u se 1 arge c ars fdr car ry i n g- the dirt to the  surface.   'The pumping apparatus aiid etrgiiie  will in perked e . 1 be: ex pe nsi ve : tu n n el.    A  irreat:economy of labor is calculated to be/  oh tained by these means, and ground which  will hot pay whep worked in .the usual, w.ay v  wi\ 1 yield a good; profit oyer ;exppnces.,. |t .la -.;  only by the,.introduction. of slearn and iron ."  machinery .that we can .look for any great development of our miniug resources.    . - ��������� r  M oss.���������M r. Cow ley, o f the Ro cky: Point  company.' Grouse ��������� creek, has. collected a  satnpie:of the various kinds of moss found in  Cariboo, and preserved them in a large glass'  case. ' They form a magnificent natural picture/ .It is curious how so simple a thing .as  moss, grouped in variety, presents such  beautiful contrasts in color and form. Mr.  C. has, during tbe past summer, discovered a  variety ot indigenous fruits, and among them  was a splendid sample of. red-currants.  Theatrical.���������To-night the Cariboo Amateurs will perform the amusing comedietta  entitled uTo Oblige Benson," and thedahsh-  able farce,, u The Limerick Boy.J? ' The Fire -  Brigade will attend. A lively house and a  lively entertainment may-be expected.   .  Instruction���������Mons. B. DeSls desires us to  state that be/intends opening Evening Classes  for instruction in Arithmetic. French, Spanish,  English Grammar.,and English Composition.  He will give also private lessons in the dead  languages, &c, if desired. Tbe classes will  be opened on the 15th November next, at  half-past 7 o'clock, p.m. The terms will be  $12 per month, payable in advance. Parties  desirous of going through a regular course of  lessons are requested to give him their names  before the 5th of November next, so that he  may have time to organize the classes and  send down to Victoria for books. No application will be received after the 10th November Mons. B. Deffis is well known in this  colony as an efficient professor of languages.  Having had several years experience in teaching his mode of tuition will be found easy  and effective. This is a good opportunity  afforded miners toemploy profitably the long  winter evenings.        A    -   ;     . A   .  ' Nfw Winter Stock���������CMcCallum would  inform his friends and the public that he has  iust received a considerable addition to his  itock of Coats, Pants, Vests,. Canvass Pants,  Blue Overalls and Jumpers;  Heavy Over-  ^hirts Baltic Shirts, English and Oregon Underclothing, Woollen Scarfs; English, Scotch,  afd Oregon Socks;  Cloth, Ringwood and  Aberdee^loves; Kid Mitts. IneoVj  Neck  Ties, Turkish Towels ;   Cambric Handker-  chie s  and an assortment of Felt Hats.   All  he above goods will be sold cheap for cash,  Pants and������ Vests made   to order     Parties  wishing to have their clothing made to order  hi "A   Gilmore, Victoria, may have their,  measures taken by Mr McCallum/m order to  secure a good fit  i-r/r^*;.^  ...^.m^wiw*"'"  xtmrntmrnsmmm. II:  ������  h  P  i r  yy..  feaptae^  gfw  ~','V> ^TT.-r.:  ~yy::'-y^  ... ^^jES?"  sw^S^SS^*^-'-'"'  ������*-!;''v :  HAVE FAITH IN ONE ANOTHER.  Have faith in one another,  " i Wheu ^e meet iu friendship's name ;  For the.true friend is'a brother,  .And his heart should throb the same.  Though.your path in-life may differ,*-:  i Since the hour when first ye met, ,  Have faith in one another,    -     :; "  Ye may need that friendship yet.  .:  Have faith in. one another, ���������     , . .  . When ye whisper love's fond vow;  It will not be always summer,  Nor be always bright as now..:.'  And when winter comes o'er ye, :  j. If some kindred heart ye share,  And have faith in one,another;' *  v  Ye shall never more despair.  Have faith in one another,   '.....   : - ' i  For should doubt atone incline,  Itiwould make the world.a desert, ��������� ���������;  ...Where.the sun would, never shine.  We have all some, transient sorrow,  Thai; overshadows us to:day;  But bavet'nith in one another,  And it soon shall pass awayv      (  .7,  JIaVe faith in one another,  . And-Jet honor be your guide,-: ��������� .  And let truth al ope be spoken, i    y  : W h ateyer may be tide. ���������  The false may,reign a season,7 -A'   *<  .,Awi<obi d6ubt not that,H;will;        .  But have faith in one another,yy- ������������������  ( And the truth shall triumph still.. ; =;,  SATtRiCAL.^-The Nevada county papers are  indulging in friendly sarcasms upon the lead-  ing tpyfnB in that ^"o'unty. -,;.The Grass,Valley.  Union says of Nevada City:>"It is said that  the jingle, of A: half, dollar, can be beard from  one end o! the town to tbe other when that  bell id not.ringing, v Ita man goes to Nevada  ...: Gityiwith.two half-dollars in his -pockets, the  :';;; natives there will see to it thathe. does not  get lost before he parts :with the coin. The  population, entertain-.!him till that is gone.  That's what, Nevada City is built for; '��������� The  stranger'.there is the only;quartz mine: they  have.. ��������� They crush and ��������� clean him out in the  most*complete manner.'? .; ...  'Scalawags.���������Scalawags "aire a .class of politicians that sprung up at tbeSouth since the  :    wan ��������� They are distinguished from the carpet  .baggers in-the^fact"-'that tbey are/native and  to!']h?s TR'^i0*.''horn; while: the carpet-baggers  ^^������������������airj^intruS -the.Northern States";,.who,  ^%have rcome- down ��������� to forage ;6n the country.  The scalawags, however,"are much the meaner, for they, would prey upon'their own peo-  ple-^tbeir:kindred; and brothers.   The term  '_;..-- scalawag is a word used by dealers in cattle.!  It applies to the mangy, scurvy animals in  the herd that are neither ornamental nor use-  ful.-^[S. F. Examiner.  Brazilian LoNGEViTT^-Onstodio Jose Mo-'  reira died recently, in the town .of Franca,  aged 135 years! He was in the b'abit of work-'  ing steadily until within the last.eight years;  his nourishment was scraped cheese, wine and  sugar. ^ The Auglo^Brazilian Times states that  D./Sabina Maria.de Leraos, mother of the  Baron do Rio Verde, died in May last, in  Minas.Geraes, aged. 115 years, leaving over  300 descendants^ down to the fifth generation.  -Dramatic���������-As ah instance of the valiie.of  dramatic talent* in London, it .may bemen-  tioned that Mr. Toole has just paid Mr. Byron  ������650 as the minimum price of a three-act domestic drama. In.the event of the drama  haying a. long run, the.author is entitled to  receive still further sums.;. -. ,:. ���������,':        *  Physical Changes.���������Jersey and Guemsev  are slowly sinking.' Their places will some  day be marked by light ships anchored to  what, is now fertile soil. Meanwhile, new  islands rise in another hemisphere, and Chile  and Sweden are being slowly elevated to attain a height no man can guess. ���������  Wanted to Fork Over.���������An Australian  shepherd, writing home to his mother, says:  u Good fat mutton is very plentiful here. I  often wish I bad a fork long enough, so that  I "might stick a piece on the end for your dinner."  Invited Them.���������A girl  in Pitsfield  was  struck dumb; by the firing.of a cannon. A  number of married men have in consequence  invited the artillery companies to practice  near their premises.  , Women ,RATEPAYERs.--By the new Municipal ffrapcbiseAct, ail women -householders;  m England:;- whose rates have been  paid,  have a right to vote.; in: the eiectioh of town  cquncUiorsinfche (present) month of November.   ':' , yy- A11 ,'���������'������������������ ���������'';���������':.-', V' ���������":' ���������:'.:... A ,'X 07" >7 'A  .. Obituary.���������General Perronet Thompson is  .dead:; He was famous in1 England as one of  the champion corn law repealers. At the  time of his.>death,: a few weeks ago, he was  86 -years oldA. y  '���������;  How it Got TJp.^-"Pompy, de corn's up!'?  "-Why, X only planted"-it yesterday!"    ������I  know dat; but-de hogs got in last night, and  guv it a lift," ;' ;���������' ., ���������;     - ��������� .    .  nnivu. \&������fr*Mhfowti&S&93fi*B3K^  "MISCELLANEOUS.  A project is on foot in Italy to cut a ship  canal through the peninsula,, betsvetn Rome  aiid Ancona. The cost is estimated at $b*0,-  000,000.'    '7 -V-  In consequence of Mrs.' Stowe's beastly  story, there has been a great run on Byron's  works, especially on the %t naughty" poems.  " Don Juan" goes' like;wildfire, and ���������' Paris-  inia" is; milch pal led for. The worst of all  this is the fact that young ladies of IC or 17  years. are most numerous among the applicants for these works./ .  . : The'female jumpist,; of Dorchester, Kate  Murphy',, who recently .won a purse of $250  by ouljumping a man named Flynn, jumped  another match last week for a purse of $100.  Her opponent on this occasion was one of  her own sex, a Maggie .Fisher. Murphy was  the favorite at two to, one. ; The costumes ot  the jumpists were as follows: Murphy, a red  waist, a white merino skirt and a blue velvet  cap; Fisher, green'trunks,' buttoned at the  knees, white stockings and garters. Fisher  first jump eel 10 feet 9 J inches.. Murphy  cleared 11 feet 3 inches. On the second trial  Fisher made 11 feet li:inches, and Murphy  .11 feet 2| inches. So Murphy took the purse  of $400,   The match-came oft near Boston.  About thirty-six years .ago, an inventive  Yankee published a pamphlet giving a wonderful account of the discovery, by Sir John  Hereehel,;; of men in the moon. The pamphlet sold by hundreds of thousands in England,  and the author netted a little fortune. Professor Ainslie, of Wayne county, Pennsylvania, goe3ia step farther than the pamphleteer  ot thirty-six years ago, and profepses to have  discovered inhabitants of the sun, by the help  of photographic pictures; taken during the  recent eclipse.. '.* The figures,". says the Professor,'"were figures of men and women, apparently engaged; (the men)-in the same work  as we, namely, taking astronomical observations, most likely of the earth."- The-Professor has not published a pamphlet on his discovery, but 'he;. has any number ' of photographic pictures ior sale, in-which the females  of the.s,ua are seen, with ��������� *-. fiery curls,'? and  '* seated upon ^ rocks of diamond ..shape."  Manufactures have not made much;progress  in the sun, for the females appear nude, but  that may be attributed to! their being in too  much heat..   x  ... ylAXX V "  ; There areveryfew, if. any, white men in  this city who are; prepared to admit equality  between themselves and the Mongolians.  Party ties may oblige them to swallow certain doctrines in reference to this race, but  in their hearts they reject them. But if their  pride is wounded at being put on an equality  with the Mongolians how much more keenly  must they not be stung when they learn that  the Mongolian considers himself absolutely  superior to Freedom's Defenders. Yet this'  is absolutely so. We paid Chinatown a visit  some time since, and were shown into a large  dark room, used for drying tea; and on inquiry were informed that the leaves we saw  spread out to dry were those collected about  the Chinese quarters. We were told they  were; quite good; that they had only undergone oneprocess of drawing, and that when  prepared and turned out for the market, Americans could not tell the difference. Besides  this, John and his mooneyed sisters drink tea  very strong, and they claim they never extract all the " color" from the leaves. The  rather fastidious epicures of the Radical party  will scarcely credit the fact that the subjects  of his Celestial Majesty consider the second  run of the'^ teapot good enough for them.���������  [San Francisco paper.  HOTELS. RESTAURANTS.- &c.  HOTELS. RESTAURANTS; Sec'  WAKE-UP-JAKE  Restaurant. aiid Bakery.  THE Proprietors of tmV old and well-known estab  llshment would needfully thank their numer  ousf rieuds an*l tho public for the extensivo patronage  herctoloro bestowpd on. them, and trust that by their  usuul strict attention to business they will merit a  coutinuance of their confidence and support.    ���������  Meals, $1.   Board, $16  per Week.  BREAD MADE OF THE BEST FLOUR  Wc recommend to the public our   ,. ��������� -���������'-���������>.'���������  GROUND   COFFEE,  which is a much superior article than any which can  be had from he low. Wc Roast and Grind i t ourselves  anil chooso tho befit berries, consequently the public  may bo suro of its being frpe from adulteration..  = PA1TEKS0N > &' G OODSOK.  Miners5 Boarding House.  rr\HE UNDEItSIONKO DESIHKS TO AXXOUVrv  I that ho.bus purcbase������l the House mid bushi(.?SOf  the above estnblishment, and solicits a cowlim-in^  of custom.   The price of Board will remain as !>tfi,r,.  BOARD, $12 per Wkkk.   Sinolk Mkaj.s, ������j4  SAMUEL AVALKKH  Barkcrvilic, -July 27, 1609. jUoS ,j  BurkcrvJllo, May 18,18C9.  myl9  OTIC E.  THR UNDERSIGNED   BEGS   TO' INFORM  HIS  friends and tho public, that he has fitted up some  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  In his new building, where he is prepared to give  tCoodBeds ata reasonable price. Those who will  favorhim wilh their patronage, may depend on the  cleamiess and comfort of his house.      ;; ���������  He takes also this opporluaity to remind the Carl-  booites that his Brewery has received the FIRST  PRIZE of the Colony forhi6 celebrated  XXX   ALE,  And the true amateurs will bo ablo to ju^o-by them  selves, that, such honprabio pri2D,has been justly  awarded to him. ��������� ,     .:  * ii. B.���������A large front room to let.  Barkerville, Jan. 23,1869. N. CUNIO  150-MHe  Honse>  THE undersigned, proprietors of the above well-  known and favorably situated establishment,  having purchased the same from E. Tormey, desire to  inform theirfriendsandthcpublicgcneralfy that they  arc now prepared to faiTord every acconmodat ion to  travellers and others at the most reasonable charges.  I Tlie table is supplied with all the substantlals and  luxuries available la the country, and prompt attention given.to tbe wishes of the guests  Tiio Bar is stocked with Uio very best brands of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  The Stables arc spacious and comfortable .and. attended to by first class hostlers. A plentiful supply  of tho best provender of all kinds always oh hand.  In short, every convenience and facility conducive  to tho comfort of man' and beast will bo found, and  the proprietors will spare no eflbrt to givo entire satisfaction to all wno may patronize the establishment.  August 20th, 1869   ������������������ ADLER & BARRY.  ��������� OF ���������  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.:  [Incorporated by Royal Charter, 18621.  CAPITAL,-   - -   $2,500,000.  With power to increase.  Drafts issued on the Bank's branches  IN VANCOUVER  ISLAND -VICTORIA  In the United States :  CALIFORNIA,   -      -   SAN FRANCISCO.  OREGON,      -      -       PORTLAND.  NEW YORK,     -   Messrs. Bell & Gundry,  Agents for the Bank of Montreal.  ON CANADA���������Tbe Bank of Montreal.  ON SCQTLAND-The. British Linen Com-  . .paiiy's Bank..  ON; IRELAND���������The Bank of Ireland.  ON. MEXICO and SOUTH AMERIOA-The  ���������:x7London Bank  of  Mexico  and   South  America.  ON ENGLAND���������the Bank of British Colum-  ."bia���������Head Office���������East India Avenue.  Leadenhall street. ������������������'<���������-.. v  Received on Deposit, or Advances made on them;  .TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS  Granted on yjctorja, San. Eranc is co, - Portland, and  Now York. .  Every description of Banking; Business transacted  CHARLES S. JONES. A^cnt  William Crook, Cariboo . ������������������ ^^, Agcus.  Miners' Provision  Store?  BARKERVILLE,  Nest Door to Sentinel Office.  A T this Establishment will always bo found a well  xV selected and varied.assortment of tho.  FRESHEST GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  IN CARIBOO.  ALSO���������A good selection of Clothing, Hardware, Glass  and Crockery.   Best brands of Tobacco,  Medicines, etc., etc.  Best Java Coffee Roasted and Ground DAILY.  ALL GOODS SOLD AT LOWEST RATES.  Tbe BAR is fully supplied witb the choicest  Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquors.  I trust by strict attention to business, and fair and  square dealing, to merit a continuance of tho liberal  patronage herotofore extended to mc. ���������     -    *  ���������  A largo lot of HEYWOOD'S celebrated BACON I  for sale, at a very low figure,  Feb. 20.1809. " 8m  !   L  ?  E3SRS. MEACRAM k NASON are prepared to  IU furnish Lumber at their Mills, William Creek,  and as lliey have now a  PLANING    MA C III N E  ini operation, they will supply DRESSED LUMBER al  $>15 per thousand.   Shingles, $12 per thousand.  ._...       au2I tr  IN THE SUPREMECOURTOF THE MAIN-  LAND-OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  .^^^^^^'--Bna^andiBfflwtB of ALEX-  AKDER STOBO, deceased, in testate.  A LL persons who aro indebted to tbe above Estate  '������* '*uYQ recluircd,t0 pay thpamounts duo forthwith,  EfiT8' Whb havc W- clalms ���������Wrtnat the  above estate are requested to send in their accounts  on or beloro the 12th day of November, 1801) to  ... CHAS..E, POOLEY,  ti-fli r������?0, (, ��������� Vrt/1 ,..  Onicial;Administrator. '  Dated Richfield, 12th August, 180D;;      aul4 3tn  NOTICE.  B^ft??' BXPa������ ^^ W BE RESPONsi:  urttvlihZ}'*^*��������� **S1MOContaining treasure  unless the charges on value of same arc arranged for  JAS.  REIT), Agent,  Barkerville.  Antelope Restaurant,  BARKERVILLE.  J.  MA SOX  Proprietors,  ������*��������� 1UI.T,  Board, $12 per Week.    Single Meals, $l.  ���������^OYSTER STEWS, LUNCHES, &i  The bestof material la used, and nil who wish flrpt.  class Board at the above rate can obtain the patno at  this establishment;  '���������'0. . ��������� .null lm':  ADELPHI_3ALOON.  CHARLES     BACON.. .  DESIRES to inform bis friends and the public Hint  he has purchased .tho business of the ADEI.VHl  SALOON, RICHFIELD, wbero ho trusts he will re-  ceivo a fair share of patronage. The best Wine?  Liquors and Cigars at the Bar. : scl& lm '  N-EVV   ENGLAND  Bakery and Coffee Saloon.  THE>ROPRIETOR of the above establishment would  -respcctfully-iRforni his friends and* tho public in  general that he is now prepared to furnish them with  Bread.of .his own bakinjr, having secured the assist,  adco of a competent Baker, which enables him'  defy competition. ������������������ '        ;( ���������  He has also a COFFEE SALOON attached toiho  above, where none but the best Colfee, Pies and Cakes  will be served.  N.B.���������BREAD DELIVERED to all part? or tho  Creek. .-    mv22 5m  OCCIDENTAL    HOTEL,  QUESXELMOUTH.  Sept. 1,1869.  THE Proprietors of this;'\veiL known House tender  Ihoir sincere thanks io their friends and th������ tra?  veil ing public generally, for th oi r," pas t libera Lpa I r<'iv  age, and beg to inform them tli lit in order to insure a  continuance of the same. Board and Lodging has! Ue*ii  reduced lo $3 60 per Day. . Single Meals, $'1 00.  All the luxuries that the cooutry affords a re constantly kept on the- tablo: Prlvato Parlor? and Suits  of Rooms for Families. The Bar is slocked with the  best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cicrars.  The Stable is well supplied with tho best Timntliy,  Oats, Hay and Grain. BROWN &.GILLIS.  Quesnelmouth, Mav       1S00.  .  LlOHTXIXG CREKK.  MINERS AND TRADERS will fin/!  it to their advantage to purchase at this Store, where there is  A Largr Assortment or Goods,  Of tho very boat description on hand, and the Stock  constantly replenished by new arrivals.   The proprietors will sell Good3?  As Cheap as. any is* Cariboo.  Orders promptly filled, and forwarded with dispatch;  BEEDY k LINDHARD,  Van Winkle, May 12, 1869. . Proprietors.  BLACKSMITHINQ.  PMcENTEE wishes to inform his friends and tho  . public that he is prepared to do HORSESHOE-  ING at $3 per set, and all other kinds of Blacksmith  work at reasonable ratCR. -     -  Harkerville, Nov. 6, 1869. jy24 tf  LOWEi?BBOS.,  Importers aud Commission   Merohants,  Insuranco  Agents, etc.,  Wharf Street,  Victoria, % L  Importer of Books, Stationer}', aud Fancy Foreign  Manufactures,  FORT STREET, VICTORIA, B. C.  Mayl, 1809. U  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  AND  CAR! BO O    R H YMES!  BY 'JAMES ANDERSON.  PRICE,  ONE DOLLAR  For sale at thy Sestinei* Office, aiid forwarded by  post, free of charge niy2lJ  .rht


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