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The Cariboo Sentinel 1870-11-26

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 m  fsaggaaganrg-^  gesaags^^  t%4i  Vol.10.  Barkerville, William Creek, B.C., 1 Saturday, -Mp0 .26,-. 1870. i  RotA.  li  ^EECIEIBOO^SE^TIIEI  Pu blished every vSaiu rdny by    '! y  II 0 BEE T     HO L L Q W 'AY.  , Subscription, - -   -  50.Cents per Week..  -."'������������������    ' . KATES 0:F AnVEP.TI.*VlNU.  7or oiio.sq������ttro (ono 3ncii), iirrsi itis������eriion;���������  '." :       lt ono uiuiiih,   -  For two squares, first tnser tion, .   -   -��������� ���������  u   -."������������������*'...    one month, -��������������������������� -  ':   -   -  $3  ; .fi-  '"���������'5  S  began lilce these; like these he ended; ' Pius  IX at his accession had tears and blessings  fo r Ital y.; be was a po r lea tin. It is gen era Hon  ���������a��������� ".Liporal Pope.??: IJuthe was tbe Minls-  jev-of.a God of Peace, and be could not %bt  with his people again si; Austria :  though lie  could light w i th A11 s iri a and ' w j t h Fran ce  Against his people. > SoJ o ng as - * Gh a ssepots  could no wonders'/] he showed little horror of  bloodshed. But now, when his Zona ves could  no 1 o nger rn ak c h end agai ns t ri iiin be rs. h e w n s  rem i n d ed o F th e, col or of his P on ti f i eal f Sa������r.  Re. H so.   Th e I rai i a ns hav e co n rj here d thei r  Pope.   He n ee fo r th there is p ea c o be tween  the m, an d ' there; may  even   be  good will'.  Wh ate ver . zeal o'ns ,1X1 tram on tan e/��������� Ca t h qtica.  may "'say to .the .contrw'y*, there is room in  Rome, for Pope ��������� Plus . b es id. es Ki 'ng.. YI efcor  .13mmanuel; aiid .the Pope ��������� need not be' tlie  Kin g:3.. in bj'e c i. , Zealo us .. Ul 1 ra rn on tan e :piv:  fetE CAR-1 BOO S E NT P? KL \tho\ res.. hi v e sin git iii r i( a xioms." ab out Tera *���������  AW P ;rf KIN! I fcreia Vr-r.lwt.'lfwt exercise; tfspintnal  As*antis ior.tUe " Cariboo Sentariei."  Vfin Win!;[ox A  QUi.'SDi.'lii'iduLii,  Smla Creek,,.   -  I'M a ton,    *      -  Y*hv '   '-, ;'v - .  Ki; \v Weg'i'm inster,  Victoria,   -��������� ���������   -'���������  J;. I*. FislHT,  H������i'lWi'& Monet,  '  Mr.-Evans,  SlrG/W. TJtiillmrt  nii rnit rd **s 1:1x0 res?  -   .  l?:irnarvl:??'K^}M'e^  ���������Ba rn ard *s Kx p resa  do oo y----  .-. r, Maykmnlk Co  -      ' John *a>f!v^H  -    ' *S;ni Vrarscjjfoo  ,-.'��������� -   -   New York,  *������������������ fre.tt exercise: cl spiritual supremacy-,   ihe,<,.'..' ,.    ..   .,��������������������������������� = ��������� *> ���������������������������'���������' ���������-.: ���������-?  -���������''��������������������������� 0   a  0 -   .0.. 'l0.. .*/.-,���������   *   - -..;:./���������..-,-. -|;and corrupuunj-in its:Roman:associawons.:  I  ��������� Pone claims, the earth:-as hw --Kinguo'Ri ;,vi}*H i: ,   ,/     v  v." .'���������*!".������������������,-..��������������� ."���������  '.-,"��������� ,-,������������������*    .,,  -        * \ . ,���������,  ���������     ��������� >,: -, *,? 00  __.- inn ist-'-���������������������������era ancmate -1 tsel i ������������������ :ftorn its old worl d I,  or ou t ol. so ;many rh'i llions. of. Cut noltes Pi us EX. _. _-,:: _. .'#L.^ *t.,; ���������..,.. ..���������. v i: ���������_v.-; _*. ��������� :.t.,...  .'  Terms* moderate:.  . :iT:Alv--ax_]) Ttifc pope. .;;������������������:������������������-.  Ottly^ostfriiiiy Tlaly was at.-the gales of  JiOuh:-. ; : tu -tiny =iftijy. js; iu Rcine/V A:. few  .'gtams-v'bf: aa*"pd  huve  run. down iti'tpe'honr-  .-t;-!:i'S5s," Uti'dltheriMs\m���������',And: to the Ternporal  }*ii.w'0o[ ihe: PfViie. ���������. Scarce!y any y>6������sef wns  s-'iruck.' The l.inlmn' troops under-General  (.-tiloriia knocked' uf-lho. gates of: the V:uican.-  ' Tin? fo re i a', t- .10 > i s a v������*s in a tl e s o i n e sh o w of sh u i -  Car d s.. Oi re h 1 ars. Post e rs - an d Pro gr ain m es f o r  Balls ahd'Theatncai Entertain meals       . h.ad only six hundred.; thousand Rpnians.:6yer,  ��������� j^Execiiledrwilli neatness and 'disp.atcb:^af whom .hexonld extfreise'any.; other sway thrift  that;of unarmed.persuasion.. -Why can he not  r 111 e tb e Bom an s ; w i th i t h e : sa me ��������� s piri tn al  ��������� see p t, r,c which; con tr o.Is th crest, of. t. he Cat hot ic  wo rl d ?: Zea 1 o ti s vTJ 11 r ;-i r\) o htnri e Ca t ho ii cs. i\m  quite sure it was thePopo who m'hde./Eonie.  that with out,the'Pope ihe' Queen. of -.'..theAma  ciont world would long .have been, like:'another Babyloirov:0Ineveh ; ^.^bnt^Rome.' cap-.  not become Italian wfthoiit-being^im-Korned.'  Fa r d; tiere n fc.. v i e w s - are. eat e rf ai ne d so n t a o i  Rome may afford to be rid of a few beggars,  to-besw:ept of much dirt,*and still remain the  II ol y Ci ty. \ V( i thou t d i v in g in to all th e- san -.  gnhie illusions of Italian patriots, withoul;  feeling too sure that the " City of the Soni"  may have a new life breathed into its decay-  ing body, by being associated with ' the destinies of "ah aspiring .nation, it is impossible  not to'sympathise, with that nation upon its  ;attainmeut.6f an object which it has pursued  with such earnest and unwearied longings.  As a free people to a people striving to be1  free, we wish the ItaUans j oy :o t their grand,  old, inimortal capital. But we hardly think"  the I till i ana will be the greatest gain ors by  th is m om e h tons re vo 1 ri t ion���������hardly: as 'great  gjw tiers as the P ope h i msel f - and th e w hole  Catholic world are sure to be.; With the>ftal-  ians Ronte is the cro wning edifice of freedom:;  with: the iPope an d. his Chui*ch i t is the 1 aying  of i.ts fouu0 atioh. ;���������.Whether Catholicisih clings  to Kome or whether it seeks a new abode, it  insist needs- break fro ni i al 1 th ii t was conup t  It  Idly  policy; fc dm that policy 'by v������Thichy- while-, it  so ugh t :i ts p ower in: the e ns I avemen fc of a  people,;dt*::deij;raded itself: s.o .as to beeome,  o n i y "��������� li t. for.: an ens 1 a ved pe op lo '^-[Londb n  ~jp  HiBCSLLAHEOI/S.  .'���������.-LEA&pEEEZHS'  WORCESTERSHIRE   SAUOE/1  -       .  -.  .})(!ohired hy Coiiiiol.sstMirs to ho     ���������- ���������;*/������������������,'  "THE  ONLY   GOOD.;.SAU.OE....'  Gaiition against Fraud. -rTne niccor.F of hi [a  \\\oa t delioIouh a u d ,' u i jr j v.;i Hui I  Cfutt!iin en t./ havi u %  ca used c"'.-rt..i i ji d at\ lers t< > ji.jj p ly the. n ;u i*j o of.' ���������". Worgt &������f  tor ah i vo Sa u ce " tlie p iiljl i 6 is-li ereby i jilbriu'e^ that 'tli a  only.v/ay to secure the gi'iuuno.is to   .:���������'���������-  ...   ;.'...)..  Times.  ^���������<.;A>7Uto^  :   The 'felipwing is-a tr^slatio:*n'^f^-|>rQe%  m at io a, to. u ud'- on! t h e ��������� wa 1 is ;.p f ��������� ;.C inn h ai, \u\ d I is  n. specimen; of :thev means-used :to: excite' hqs^  tility. tO-foreiirttf'rs':-   ;  -*'- ��������� .'"X.  \-        ���������   ���������  "f ��������� E e ce n ti v Ko man Ca tb ol i cs have been- ic i d -  ASK . f OE;; LEA-' .& f PERBINS' v. SAXTCM  and to ses., that; their iiames are,-. uypu.iho,'\y;EAi'i>>J'ft-  LurrtLa/sToi'pKK, find v.ofri'������', X'i  .  Soiae o 1 the,. 1'oroi<ru: m'������������������{ria?Is liayj ng ...beon stipplied  wi th a spu ri dus VVp rces ten*Jiirc S auee', upon th c \vrlp *  per a'nd 1 Uhols ���������'< >f -Whi eh Uie'nfimcs-of 'tea iiiifi Pcn';i ns -  have been lor^fic!, X^an4^1V-;-g?^  hayo . ftiriiii?^e.(l thei r' .correapfl'ft den is Witli ppv/erof  p. i torriey to ��������� ta k e *I 'ns tii n t ;'p voceedi ii ge agaj n s t;' manu-  fact uiikus a nd v km) ou s .o I-, sn.ot.v-: or any-, p t ber j m 1 ta -  tion s by wh ich tli oi v r igh I. jnay'.h ci 'i h !'r is'ged y. _;.. ^ : ,  Ask'for LEA & PEBRINS1 Saiice'aiid5 ba '[  'Naia������i'.on::-Wrapper,. Label,:'Bottle, an ������������������  /Stopper;   ������������������./���������... ���������������������������;��������� '-..-'.      .-.-���������-��������� -.0-'A. y. ii.:r- '������������������.-.���������Ay-  ���������>. Wholesale 'and 1 i>r >; xp or thytli.^ Proprietors; Wor ,  osste,r; ���������C.ross'p'.an tl >BIn c fc we 11 jLoijdo if j Arc'. ^&oi * .-.u n4;.  liy Cirocers and Oi 1 meu'��������� anfversally.; '  th������Alps.   Romaufi tofl'-.'ittilHra*:bflHere tbat! !!ftPpin" ',t-������Ple 5>y'"eaii5 of: witchcraft... Per^  X on0\Mi-cm\&r^Xi0^mM\m0w  hv the Pone :  that his curse has been uoo.n  M'v' 3  , i or'olrl, are patted oh. the sb'Oulr'er,.:which"inf  1 a to ia tly it1 n d ers th cm h n Co n sci o us b f. every-  x' ayXiniu-AcAl* w <,:v'wm,i n; the- soil, upon the air, upon the very noia^of aa,Hl7 .,-Lmit:,?.^li^ "wb^iow oi...������vW-  'T-TV      '     r? '     lh^. ������<B ^^     1 i^������ P-ee.   Tbero av, mnnvpious.er^ne^ be- ^-^ -^ ^hey :^,ll,: Mraigbt .fter  tb.tr  n s^nal from the Fope .hun?eli---the Fope. | ^0^^   ^^ , ;m]7]en,8.,aUbi n, i chariner, who. leads them, to some, secluded  wno knew 2*eu<* howto read tlie signs of the j ).|hjM ^lMJ-Qini fn their, .meek submission:! spot, where; if they are males, he scoops out  ��������� ti in e s. Th n s h is 3 tu l y tak en p o saespi o n o the r j f:0 ibe Church. T he y a c ee n 11 ro.ni a c u! a te C o n -1 .^l i ���������'l" ������.V -1y'Jin ^ cu*s ������ **" ^ei r fi cro f lim 5 ? ?��������� ��������� ^ti"  c:qu!.:d.';. Sndi,a!wl no ^her, "was' "tho' end io | copiJons. rn!Vdlibilities;ab^ruse (](������gTO8S.pnx-jimhB* he "^pi'^^-them of iheiv.eyes.   These  Miners?: ?. Br������ vision". ^tbrc?  ;. ������������������������������������.���������'���������:.' ;������������������"'.;. ;:v'::^AE}vijj������Vi3ULS.;: ::^ ,:-'���������';-���������-  .. . 'NlSXT--D.OO'B-TO'-SlSSTINiSI* Gppjci5.;:-': ,;  w.liie!i had lensf crural)led into dust���������a vnin  I.-.B.. ������u������ ions .cijimoim m-.o buiw "������������> {^.UM^Hnd- it fo di.rienU to anpW lo bimmlf X y^low cftHcn'on which write th������fo:iowiUg  *nicn no amount.or.prtBpmg wirt i������..ltr������^iiH|tha I)!ail, mra\uy"MvU^07wl of iSisj^-''1^ te vonniiion fotten.-..;  ermld keopto.^Hior. Tbalons-aomHeuiniifx- J Wftrl<l������"-Thu.ntaliftua mover .mrilil accept 8j" Tbe Dragon citj by the wtttows-bonntol,'  h:id twice heforo been overturned, but it. had ������������������., .>       .*-     ���������-   .pi.       ^        *;   - , h������ ?*(n-i-*r -^'lfelv hv tlietrod^ f-an'ranndWi  . ,J rone-Iv Kii?."   ihe very phrase was never. '���������  *l^ -      ������-.*w-ijj >������������������*,) w-^ouh^uud-m^u. .   <_  heen hivolvodin the ruin of much that; had '^.j hVard in Rome before foreiirn Zouaves Jr������OT '"Whence the wicked demons shall/by force  right te Hve. and it recovered, with it.-iv^pre. :, llttfl.^.! w'Ub ihesuwemfev of the Stoa-  curious existence. .,Ju for jmtf epbelw. .besides av*,s ^'becomes-for ever obsolete.     '���������        .  -nvli98an.nsM-there wassiomeihing vio-     Ap.n h-om-lhc.Tfimp.orAll'ovrer, however,  h-mUn its fall ; jH was brought about kuccop- ; {3)ere moy be room iM R().yi0 ^ir tbe Papacy ,   oat ihe laud. . , /. . :  h s v e 1 y b y a n n re hy and d espol ism;  hnl n o w ! n n ^ ^ r j f"a j Xr t   t r ?, [..a ^ 0 a ^ n-0 q .< f | j 0V \ cs c j ,5 j,, 7] >' ��������� IV h i I e th <. i r o w n sham e sh al i confound the  judgment -m pa^od upon itvby tlie voie of a. j Rom ns (^sP CiV1)l- a^ nmeli their inhent-  be driven,  *' And to. their victims shall be freedom given:'  4; T th I b V*H tabl j h \ \ m on t wi 1 lal way k b c f .0 ii it d - a - wel,:  'JIjl '"������������������" ���������'���������' 'Selo'c't-i'd'a'Dd' varicd'-jissorvmen t ol tho  ;';- -  FRESHEST GROCSiltES &7 PROVISION' /  ������������������-������������������;";v-.', ���������.; "��������� in cai-mboo.'/���������';"',"'.  ALSO���������A good scloction ofOlbth.iiig, Hardware, Glass  . a n d Crock dry.   Ho $ th -t im d h of To b uc co, ���������'.'  .  -, :  Mouicines,ete.f-oic.   ,.    x      .���������  Bo at J a v fi Co IH o R o as to tl a ii d Ground DAILY.  ALL GOODS SOLD AT LOWEST.RATES ,  .T b o ��������� B A H i a f n 1.1 y s up pi i c d=w itU t li o c h oic est ���������  Ha van a C i ;;i'- rt, Vf i n es a u d X i q n ors. .'  11 r us t b y ������(��������� *r i c t ��������� i f. t;i ������ li 6n to b u s \ ncss, a ii rt fa! Iran fl  ki na r o d o ai i n *-*, t o a i er i t a c u ntih n an coot the t i-b o i**U r  p-.LtroaagoliC'rot().(ort vrStJ-iiiitJilto me.        .   ���������  A 1 ar^o' 1 o f o i* HE jr WOO I) 'S . ecl ob mi a d .BACON-  Cor sale, at a very low- lignre. ��������� ���������   - ,-..' 7-: ���������'-  Miniiig and; Agrionltural '���������  - ::- .MacMner^  " Ajraiii the merry hiutfh shall, ring- thiough- Q-uiirty;t.heir work caji&ot he rivalled hy nny'nihn  ** . .,*   ,   " '.. . m a on in 1st fj. -.iifift promuuti Oolomal made U'ronpbt  Oat me uiud. .  , .. % : ...  iron T'l-oujilis, after tho Scotch style, 'isiiivpr sally 'nc-  ������ttf������i:fnoits tmikm, and  the senience ia exe- j rt,,co nfi f;hn ]and w^^ descends to then: from  cuttd m.tlw name of order and IVeedom. The j th(,ir others.'-   But nil Homo which was W>-  stinking band.  **' Tuke alijo a pieco of hotise-tiic, which  wra ii i n 'he ye 1! o w cal too, ��������� n11d" cwrsy the  QPRATT &" IP.nHCJ Mailcfac'tnro al 1 .kiru3s of  O -lUc lime ry i'or Farmers and M iliters. at the-AI b Nti*  Fmi nO, r y, y ic tor ia, V, I,,  and. ft is ��������� c \\ ettjritcsjj' a d ��������� V: '  knowlodii'iid trVbrg-the h*i.st'in u^c, ]>rica $6f>. . Orders  fcr ��������� Quartz Mi lift." iron I'liiiips &R.j-Phuij,ri)SornarU  a i* Plou if ha, p ro nip t ly. a t to n u ed to. my 1 tl n i  QUDOM   HOUSE  ^uju , us ji sving-, way a.pifbl.ic enemy jo Italy, j aj^ ^m m%j x&smn mtti the; end ot (Iiuf. j wholo ubout will! vou at all times, and when-' GOVERNMENT AND TVHAEF STREETS  V.on\o\\H convert:; might"ssssert llutt the i'ene | j^/t?n .wer0  ^ ^ Vniican. St. Vi>\vrX the | ever yon meet these uractbi.rs nf the  black ViOTOUIA.  vnieu m iIouih by \hu wilt of two humired | w1k)U, jifiarj.,"c city set npuri !,*������v Ihe IVvie.iin iari.-Uhrtr.v iL'de\vn on the ground, and they  juiUiorts of Ciilholies. But twcu!y-iiv<.! mil- j pfnver on cirrih eouid provont his being u frw; wll! huve no power oyer you. ;Let each one  h*i;*ns of, these (J-iihoJtcs loudly mid empho.ts-|a^:!,i j, wnsihe'cnnfitderatinnor-b'is wor!dlyJCOjiV "i!ii^ Ulisiniui. andylwivd and eiren'mte  tewlj le-otesled ^ninsiihis pretension, il-iy'i -^t^^tg, l,i, -aBltioib Ic? HMinnce on cmal j J^-^rrtflwra ; live inerilol such a deed is be-  ^lnnp^iiaditiilffll eotuitry. The ita!- j t,pMt)01l,4 fifo ennlieaiion for fnrei/rn snppovt,! ,-oed estinuUion..' % so dole- the paiCe  JW mv still, uufoi-tuimrely. on many points j fe tniC;C;:!,r:'no,v t,, Anslw, now to I.'i -i^c. j Uiis wm;hi citv rmry he mainiained. .  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J'oidiiicol ] lv3[.o:v j,|.B to  ^-j,., indtuiendent" exercise ol j ruuifuml color;   and  tho jiis   lines   r**cQ:n- ^^-rnrticuJiiruinniUongiven tu ������r������iRrsfrf;niinn-t-  fiovcrcignly. uiid fort;i������;a bonihu-y  l;*;tl al: ml j ^AA\'yAA    r-'Aq*x*  {���������������������������i*������)0���������>{<**������ C-M.'ie ' ,iU'iliio^ 'ly ti tidMmun menu the complete ex  1S"H* heen hionti^,!  in  tim "jnu^^ffcri^ ^ ^ ^\,^; ^condnVihlihm Ho^ I lmUitfQ oi^S;^ &������������ the country.     ���������  0^L^'t *rrlftsriw^*^f^tiw *ay bu "de-Gniholu^rh- .Ufa fee city ot!    ^Kn,m, n^^'^: Jif.L  ri    "';^1('l������r,-Iontlfi ���������a������������f*l������ertw n*om   the .0iiavity. tiu*y s^y ;  the city of education.   iUft^niB tiw the prer^nt.   The llrst livW iu  feceue ol* tho world. :...,. <,caoo!S, uuttvrsiliftf. a Pwuimumht (aA-\ rfoii irmpie huivj; wiiii p'orhjitft trcpliie'v, ������n  m p o v le rn of a 11 d e ? e ri p t.i o as of 0 ry. G o o d s,  lluHiwy and Un (lore loth ing.  A V!-rv!*ull nfsp'.ii-t'iu'vit 'or th^o. ^tioi!.-, Fttfishler^  Witt.ifiyai'' bavcr. r.r. tlu'ir W\r,\rt t������tt*.*?t ^i������r������������.  iiih ������.iilin:i.i;i;i..  SmI- Ani*tit for AT.;o:.s:-ni: :���������: Kin Rlovks-  Loudon Firm -J. lk- TlN^TAI.L &, CU, ������ 3o\v CnurcU  ioo  hH Poiio-Kn^ iu!,s ni>;o J>e(sn tho lue  m tho inst;   }p������v, wxtb iiupil:?  conversant w;tn uiiy l-aiivj :".vu ...... w������  r       * ' ' . _ :. i.in<- ������<hVJ-!i!. MSI  mm iirmpm nmt^ wiui portons trnpiin.^v nnu     ,.% -B^rAT(fH'JL\KKli������: rfEwl-iiiuKK   and  km  lined, vvliis tomh* ; but S^KI.l"^ (JoFi'KK has but   ^^\V "*"ran.,������,1 o'ov.-rma'-Ht strrwi, n������x������ tn tlio  ^ono.!minnt    Pw iv   h������rf  '-.-..       , ,:/..- .. -   ���������       , ��������� tuuv :dt:im!, iwd that w ^  V   piti.m,    ]1U, Lv. hat   heard ol  .uch  ff������������gw-  -^������t aii tr.i. Rome .,-������ not iw^,| ?,s sU.ofIip; ^,(!ks th<? ^^h nkou spirit, mut  ^^'-^-l ^���������'���������'���������^r"-^^  ���������������������.��������������� >ynjfi������>nnl l..f:^rm;'.:-:. ,,f .?;i1jm^"^ s'^i>.:iur rh>*; n's   a,  v -rikdmi-!, nut, ns a 'uoiiiieal cfiivumiuii v.! do-i!orVi  in   ilrifwh   CViUilihla.     JJewar-?   of 7 *\r<Arz from tb; li  .'��������� .'"���������.'   ": A\vi\'   u-l.'l*   ,1s.. l������....-.     _:*.. ..!"������������������       r.-        ,���������   ��������� '"..'... '  0       ...... ,���������-....   ;...-i,M;  ���������        N..  :".;,..��������� lira) Knsrravih}-: i;-u!iy-'^-^nn'i.  ii���������: l 5' i >������������������ i" cvi 11' ry i1 J'*'!"!'''-'y Jt'?-J- 't{ttii'  '-.   ������������������.  '���������V--"^vrny wiih ^c U^ra^rhf^;'���������    i'ius JX. x^-a.--.��������� Ml* al)  tm?  u^-J. !.-- \0x\ -W-m ii-'u. i������i*in/ii.^ iwilaiicns. gw*ij(jp<.E^  i i.  ���������f i^^msassMsvfysxK  rETEiKa BtausasoaaftBca:  THE GARIBOO SENTINEL  '������������*  "SATURDAY, NOV. 2(>, 1870.  '  THE CARIBOO SENHSEL. ���������'���������,  la published. In Barkervilleevery Saturday.."  -All  idvoriiiieinents intended for Insertion, mnat be deliv  e'red ai latest at Six o'clock, P. M., the day before  :. publication.  THE LAW'S DELAY.  MISCELLANEOUS.  TO ADVERTISERS.  ���������'  .  ill advertisements (not Inserted for any definite  period) will he continued until ordered out, and  ���������barged for accordingly;...:   .   X-- ������������������.    i './'.-.  .      ; $6 CORRESPOSDEXTS.  All communications must ho accompanied by the  real name and address of the writer ; not necessarily  with a view of publishing the- same, but as security  i'ur Us good faith. .,  THAIS UP A CHILD IN TEE WAY HE  SHOULD GO.  ��������� There are quite a number of children now  growing up in Cariboo; and we have heard  frequent complaints of late about their being  no means provided for their education.. This  5a a serious andxvery important subject which  certainly ought to be attended to. Svery one  ; Teno;ws'that,where children are. allowed to run  round, as they do here, without any check,  .; ; theydearn little, gdodand a great deahof the  - re ve rse*- j: a n d i fc may tak e in m an y inelan ces  .:, [y ea rs under good (u Uioii to efad Icitte the earl y  v\? repressions implanted in the mind.'/,  ������������������A Lender-these circumstances we -call the afc-  ,:ti ���������$tiiion of every one, to the pro visiotin of The  ,    Common SchooLOrdinance,-18i19.  ...;';.; Where a school: is required in any district  t\ pelitibn'signedby^ at least two-lhirds of .the:  \X -resident A householders must be addressed. to  ,:   'the. ^Tpve r n o r, pray i n g" to h ave th e sa me con-:  .::. ye?-* I i n to a school d isfcr 1 c fc. and se tti n g fo i th  .  t lie number of .ch i Id re n b et ween. the years of  : fi ye ��������� and eighteen: years of age who ' w ill % e  : ablo to atfcen d: the ���������proposed school /the n hmi-  ber. of .children, below the age of five years  and: the; number; and names of ihe residents in !  .,'��������� -.-7 the district above the age of. i'wen'ty^bne ���������yeara.  V'-s^Avith-ljje^uiouritto'bo; contributed by them  : towards the support of a'sclio^lieacher and  ���������school,house.   On-receipt: of flitch, petition  v the Qoyerhor may refuse to create a'school  d is Iri cb if it app ears th a t th en it m b er of ch i 1 -  dren likely to .attend school does not exceed  twel ve,, or .th at th e am on n t .1 ike ly to b e col -  ,.,.   lected for the teacher does not : exceed three  hundred dollars per annum ; but should he  : a cce d e to th e peli tion an el ec ti o nwi 1 lb e o r-  dered of a Local Board for the district, consisting of not leas  than three, persons, who  shall have the custody of all school property  and funds in the district and general management of the schools. , A special meeting of  the resident householders shall be called by  the Local Board each   year  to. determine  whether to apply for a grant in aid of educational purposes, and also in what manner the  b al an c e req u i red forc th e cu r ron t year sh al 1 b e  raised, whether by voluntary  subscription.  , ��������� tni ti o n I e hs, n o t  ex ce e ding two  d o I la rs * per  month for each scholar, or general rate ; and  should, two-thirds of the resident householders  present at such meeting determine to levy a  tare the local board will have power to pass a  By-law for levying aud collecting a tax not  o k ce e d i ng t w o . d o 11 a rs per head per n n n u m  upon alt resident, householders and male resi-  ���������   denls in the district above the aire of twenty  years, which lax can be enforced by summoning a n y p a r I y re ft tmn g tn p ay ti i e sa m e h e f o re  the nenrest Jnslicivof the  Pence, who shall;  have power fo act summarily in' the matter.  Upon  Ihe receipt of a proper application  from the local board, the Governor may appropriate out of the public school fund a mm  not fo exceed $500 per annum for the purpose  of assisting the payment of a salary to a school  teacher, and also  if necessary a further sum  t.o aid in defraying the expense of erecting a  school house or renting a suitable building or  room.  The above synopsis of the law will explain  thoroughly the powers in the hands of the in-  -i: -bltauts of Cariboo, and the mode of procedure should they think fit to exercise them.  ,**ud we can only further commend the subject  r<> <ho earnest consideration of all parties in-  i������?rv& f ed in tli e we! fa re o f the rising g-?n era (ion  of Toiiht: Oirlbo<y,  In July last the Grand Jury for this district  presented a report to the presiding Judge of  the Supreme Court complaining, amongst  other things, of the infrequent sessions of the  Court in Cariboo.  On 25th August the Colonial Secretary forward ed' a ������rep l y to th e fore ma n of.the. Gran d  Jury, in which he stated that the suggestions  op the judicial arrangements for the district  would be submitted to the Supreme Court.  Nothing has, however j transpired on the subject since.   Now, we think it would only be  giving justice to this important district if at  least two Courts of Assize were held each  year.   T/e^have now two Judges in Victoria,  with nothing to do for a fourth of their time,  and there are now unfortunately three prisoners committed for trial in Cariboo who rami  wait, according:to the present arrangement,  about eight months before their guilt or in*  nocence can ho proved, and if unable to find  bail, be sustained at-the  expense...of  the  colony.   Now this is a: manifest injustice to  the prisoner and a source of expense to  the  community.   We have now constant comma-  hi cat! o n b y ex p ress wi th,'. the! owe r coun try/  ���������M i ne rs an d m e r c h a n ta tr av el a 11 winter by  that con veyahce, land'a^e our Judges too precious a commodity;to be risked by the same  con vey an ce ?   A .man fro ni > Carib oo th i hks  no thing of 1 e av i n g here i n 'Dec e m ber o n a  visit even ;to- Europe. aud returning in May,  trusting, to, canoe navigation or ice travelling:  on the Fraser;  but,a Judge of the Supreme  Co ti ri; m us t wai t ti 111 h e sn o w is off th e g ro u n d  a month or two before he can travel li ere with  his full retinue and private conveyance, .and  only stay here: a fortnight when he -comes.  :  ; Kb; T. Harpku arriyed ,. her0 o ri T uesday  wiI h flf ty head o f sp I en d id b eef;eattta in the  b es t co nd it i o n, w h i ch h a ve b een s in ce s 1 an gh t-  ere d.. The h ogs b rough t from Clin to n hy M r  j;iarper rece ntly have been cu red b y M$3si$.  \ran To 1 kenbu rg & Co., arid ��������� an y p e rso n  wan t in g An ���������'������������������phoi c e: ar ti cl e o f: G ar i b o 0: cu red  h ams o r b ac o n c an no wv be:������ n nb If ������f I.  ^NG W" AD V]SaTlSliAliflNT6-.-.  PEE������EITMBSTf������l THAI CURS.  I HAVE been requested .by sovoral rospcotahlepar.  ' tios, wild cah tii.<ti !y to't he 'elilcacy of iuy 8ysteih,  to, agiun mako public tho lael th:it  .  Moses' Hair Intigorator  WILb ?Tf.KVENT" BALDNESS,  :    KJ������.TT0n!������: HAIR TBAT IS REC������M.lXO THIN  .,.   *"   Oi't FA Iv*fil NG 01������' I**, sut'i nfii'Oln 11 tv    ���������  v     GUUB SCURF OR DANDRtTFF.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Dissolution of Partnership  THE   PARTNPlRSltlP   HKRETOFORE   EXISTING  1    between PATRICK HICKEY and ROBERT TEN-  NAN'JP has, this day been ...dissolved by mutual con.  sent ���������  ���������    .'���������  Octoher 17,1S70. nol91m  MM,'FLQTJR, FLOUK,  ' ?0S SALS AT CHITON MIUS- :  SODA  CREEK, I  ��������� C ' ,:   ��������� QU2SNELLS, anil   ''-.  BARKER YILLE;  .:;   , J., HARPER,  A CHAKC^_FOR ALL  DENTISTRY.  R. SIDDALL, American Eclectic Physician, Member Atm'tic-m Eclectic B.. ami Dentist, will leave  Uiirlcerville on or about the 22<l inst, on u tour  th rough the lower'oo a n try. to gi v e th e i nha bit n n'ts a n  oppo rtu riity o t* having, th ei r te eth attended 'to w i th -  out making a journey to Cariboo.' Tlie iJoetor vvjjI remain a Tew days.at iho Mimth of Qucsnelle'and Soda  Crock in order that 'farmers ami others _nitty av������ll  themselves of hia.seryiceH.    ���������  All ��������� branches, ot Dentistry executed In the very best  style and to tho entire satisfaction of every patient.  Ciui."������ til try. Ge t r id - o f ��������� d ecay e rl Tooth and m is'er y,.  for delays iire dangerous. Parties in Cariboo wishing  to h ave worlr rl on a i will nlek se. ca 11 at once, as * Gold  Plate, Mineral Teeth, and'the best tilling for decayed  teeth ih'the world, :and other dental material, has  ust been received by..Express.  ' ��������� au21  CHEAP   GO  -���������    C0MPBI8IN0-���������  s  f  Boots, Qlioe������s Clothing and  Ay.' C\-.:G-roGeries,:,>.- .. ������������������'   ;  OF  THE. BEST  ftUALITYV- ,  rorsaloAt tho Store of tho undcrsitrued in Barkcr-  villo,opposite the Back.of British ColumbiiiV.  ���������';/.*'*    ..-..������������������ .-" ���������" ',:������������������'   W.-REMNIE."-'  BOOTS IADS T00SBES  se4 tf  as usual.  B llie Tent Hotel &o Eaneli.  NOTICE.  rpHE BUSINESS H-ERETOFORR CAKRIED ON  X wnd������i' the name of Mrs Catherino Wright will be  cm tinned as usinfl under the linn nut no of Wright &  IVattywho havo purchased the business from Mrs  Wright.'  JOHN WRIGHT.  DAVID PRATT.  Blue Tent, October 10, 1870.      '   ��������� oc221m  E-UP-JAKE   ^  Kestanrant and Bakery;  rpH E P ropri e to r of t h 1 s . ol d a n d wel 1 - k n o w n es tli b  1 lishmeut would respectfully thanlc his nbwet  o u s fr i end s an d t h e public to r t li v. e x te n s i y c pa tr i mag  heretofore bestowed on him, and trusi^ tlnvt by hi  usual s iri fit attention to business tu nierlt a contiu  aaucooltheircontldence and support.  Heals, $1.   Board, $14  per "Week. '-.  BREAD MADE OP, THE BEST FLOUR  'A   ��������� ,.. .' "'..-.'���������        ; . "   i       ; '      ;  I recommend to the public my ,  GROUND    COFFEE,  which 1s a much superior article than anywhlcbcta  be had from bt.dow. I Roast, aftd Grind it myveJt  andchoosethy besl borrii-s,consequently the. publu  may be sure pllts belngf roe from a dully ration.  - ' -  ���������        J.' G. GOODSON.'  Van VolkenlDurgli & Co,  :era,  ARKERVILLE,   RlCH FIELD  ���������And���������  ',   A SUPPLY ;OF:THK  SEST.P4iM:;:0F;\FpSIv:l  ALWAYS ON HANI).    '  WHAT  LUMBER'1" LU  ������j tZ, fs.  ESSRS. 'if E AC IIA :M & N A SO N a r *, p r ."pa nvl tv  fSL furnish Luui ber a t. tUoir Mills, Wi 11 lum Crook,  or deliver it to..order.  LUMiJER, DELIVERED* ONv LIGHTNING  CREEK AT Tgli SAME RATES AS OH  WILLIAM CREEK.  Having a Planing ^Fachinc "in operation they vt\\  | also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory, rites.  Planed Lumber and Shingles constantly on hand  '    jell If . #  T  , This is not a-mere assert inn cu my part, as! hp.ve  in my pos^essim uumerous testimonials certify ing to  the,success of my remedy.  ���������*,  I do not ofcoui-so.])retend that I can make the hair  grow on heads which havo been bald for years ; but  will guarantee to stop tho hair from fall in? off, to.  TjjcreaSi'- its growth, and elfectuallv.remove Scurf or  iDandrufi*. W. I). MOSES.  >        *   '    '     . . Barkorvillo,.B.C.  AVING APPOINTED DAVID PJUTT.MY AGENT,   0t,   '   i���������__ J pnc?f T-TTi^i  Q+rnraa  all debts duo co my deceased husbn ml or myself! O He Bh ^HCt O&Sb 11 Oll'OtO V GS  aro payabh;'to the said .David Pratt j and all uubts  due by my late husband ur myself will be liquidated  by in v said Agent.  ������������������..'' CATHERINE WRIGHT.  Blue Tent, October 10,1870.'   ' oc^ilm  ; CERTIFICATE.,  This is l������ certify that during last, sprint; my nn.ir  was rapidly f.-iiling out and my head was fast becoming bald. When I applied to Mr W..D MOSF.S. fearber,'  Bii rie* rv illi*. w 11 o "m a few weoks rc> tor ������4d rnv hatr ��������� to  i ts former h'oa 1 'd\y a i.ate DAVID <i 1U BON S. .  Barkerv i 11 e, "Dec. 29,1 S6tf. oo201 m   u  For '���������: Sale,  THAT IS USEFUL!  ow Prices,  '..n.o.t_[c*e:  'WRV.  UNDERSIGNED   BEOS    TO   INFORM HIS  JL friends and Uk* public, tha the o as fitted up some  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  In his new building,'-whore he la prepared 'to-pivo  ijood [teds at a reasonable' price. Thuse who will  favor him with their patronape, may depend on tti������  cleanness and comfort of his house.!.  K e ta k es al s o fc hi 8 <������p port u nity t o remind t h o 0 ari-  boo i t es t ha. i ! i i s li re w e ry has' r e c ei-v e d t h e FI B&T  VIW&& of the Colony for hi scelobrated  XXX   ALE,  I u d t, b film ft arn nrteu r r w 111 b e a b le to j u d p o b y th em  j Hives that, sue-.i :ionorablu prize has been justly  aw-ipM-d. lo him.  .V. Ti. ��������� A1 arc"fron t room to let.  U-irk'TviJh-,f;wi.'2;i ISGD. N. OTJNIO  ���������AT-  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  Second-hand Store,  BARKERYTTXR.  ���������n  SAWNEY'S  LETTERS  A"0  E  S  SO A R I B O O    RHYM  11Y J A M E S- A N DE It SON.  PRICE,       -      -      -        ONE DOLLAR  VAN    WINKLE    STORE  LlGUTNrNtT Crekk.  mi  !ET  A LL JOBBING WORK IN. TIN, COFPE'R .SbroJ  A Iron, Zinc and, JjOad Piping, ati.eiidt'< tb wirh  promptness, and warranted to give entire satiJ  fact on.-  For ss]e z * .ihe 3s )��������� rr*ai. ^ftet  as -' (isr vs rf?������d V v������  sv  IJTINERS AND TRADERS .will find  it tn thnfr art  Ail.   vantage to purehaso at this Store, where there is  A IBM ASSOaTBEHT OF GOODS  Of 'the veryhesit. description on hand, and tho Ptor.li  c o u s ta ji 11 y re p I on i s h e o by n o w a. r ri vn 1 s. T h o p ropri e  tors will sell Goods  AS  CHEAP  AS   ANY  IN   CARIBOO.  Orders promptly filled. and forwarded with dispatch  SEEDY k LINDHARD. )  T:'n Kirkh, ti'-fttei&f  Hardware   Iron &  Steel,  bw.der������:  HARNESS,   -Etc.,    Etc  FOR SALE.  E. PEARSON & BROS:,  BaHKEUVII.LK AND QKKSNKI.MpCTn.     , .  A. GILMORS,  NI E R C H A H T T A IL O R,  Adjoining tho Coloninl IToiul. Government-  Street, Victoria,  TTAS ON HAND,  nod 1= constunuy   r^-eeirlnr. *  11   .!.���������)ri."-- assortment, of  CEOTIls",   CAsSlMFlKES  and Vi'Ktinp?, which he is prepared to make to order  in the most approved styles,.  Parties on Will in m Crfffe can hnvo their measurs  tak������n by ilr JlcCa 11 uni, Ba rborvil \e.  4gs=- All orders from Cariboo promptly attended  to. " my21 6m  Boarding and Day School  LAC  LA  HACHE,  THKTiATE   BESIDK^CE OF    THOS    WALTERS,  1     l^q.  $0%*. For "further pnr!iciil*irs,  applv* io the T,!i������*iy  Principal, MR>'.  BOTKR.  SCHOOL QVZSS ^OTEXBER/liT. cc: las   .  * ry.  BStnb  uraer  roace  >y hi  ���������oatiu  ir. :.  3UR.  ������  hCHO  y������Mt  itthht  &���������'  Do.  y  -0  AT  l>d;  "I*  Jrook.  INO  ?   **lt  ml  res  Uirofj  wifli  HlUJd  el  ent  1-tE.S  filer  ura  a  a  B,?,  u"-r  r ^wascmssggBaflga!^^  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ~   ��������� Saturday, no v. 2o\Tm.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  WILLIAM CR&tiK.  The recent favorable weather, has raised  the. water considerably, and several of the  open claims are at work again and all the  other clai ma have got fairly started for the  winter. . A ���������"'    -"-  The Forest Rose co. washed for, font days  this wqek 80 oz. and expect a,good week's  w o rk. The S t. G e o rge co. ��������� I ast- week w ashed  30 oz.; tbey have sunk a new shaft and struck  very, good prospects in new ground, which  shows that,a large extent more of good ground  exists. The Cariboo eo. washed last week 62  oz. Tho Ballarat Co, have commenced washing. The Elliott, Brnch, Bank in and Prince  of Wales companies have united (o endeavor  top ii m'p ,on 11 he old diggings a n d work th ts  winter. .The Caledonia and. Lillooet companies are getting small pay. Several new  companies are prospecting in abandoned  ground.1- The Bedrock Drain co.Jiave commenced work for the purpose of clearing the  drain between the Cariboo and Darker claims.  ,i;  STOUT GULCH... '4 ,  The Mucho Oro and Jenkins companies  have started their wheels again and are getting  -small pay. W i n tr i p ; & c o.,; at tl i e m ou th o f  the gu Ich. wb0' n0w o wn ail the gronu (I to  th oho a cl, :o f th e o j d FI o v d claim, are p n shin g  ahead their open cut preparatory to extensive  , hy ii ran I i c op e rati o ns: nex t seaso n.    . *     coxia.iN gulch. ���������;. . ' ," .  The White Pine co. are making over wages  ...- and working  expenses.   The Felix co. have  commenced washing, and the ground looks  well./.-:-'���������':.:"��������� ������������������' ".' '���������'' ',-,. ''"'a/-      : .--���������-���������  .������������������ P.ltKXCtr.dilEKK.    4  ' ..  '��������� ; A pood ilealof excite ment-has been caused  t11 iis w eck h v  ' he good prospects struck-by  ��������� tli e  Nor th  A in e ri c a ii co.   T h ey washed ** up  last wot-k 40 oz. on the side of the channel,  and the gro mid ������������������ w here I hey are now wo rki ng  ... 1 ookH very lav orable. ������������������ The Cosmopolitan, and  ; j\ in h rose  em n p an i ea *: a re . p it sh i n g a li e ad the  tn n in el t ii ron gh the fo r me r cot n pan y Js g ro u ud  a ml, e x pi:* c t sh o v U y to strike h ed rock.   Alto ���������  gether the creek bids.fair to, become one of  th e m o st e x te. ns i vo n iii j ing, cam p sin p ar ib o o,  .'������.j11it if the 1 oad . ea\\ be traced from ita head  down to Valley creek..it will open up a vast  amount of mining; ground.  ,'������������������.'. .      ' -  ���������   LOWUKK C.RKKK.   ...  -The bedrock tunnel which is being run lo"  s! rike the sn p])osed q11artz le*ad in the 15rown  ���������c o.'s grow h d s tr nek qu ar I z y es te r d ay 4 2. f ee. fc  Worn the month, but had not got in far enough  1 a st e v e ui ng l o l > e c e r 1 i u n w he ti i e r i i; w as a 11 e*  fined' ledge 6y nut. The'Victoria co. hav**  ' vu )iruirenc������i ���������--wo r k i n g . t1 j r o.i i gh . th ei v ., tt l n n e 1,  su i i\ o n t o \ t h o li rst s e t" of ti n i h e ra w ashe d . i ii  ������������x. Th e tl ro w n c o. a re go tt in ������' s m a 11 p ay, b u fc  the ground is now looking better. ���������  JiGUTXfXG CKKKK. .   .  T h o S fi rn c e cp. w ash e d last wo ek o 8 o z.,  ���������nntt o n Wednesday ti������>on B2 oz. The Light-'  ntnjf co. las t %' eek we re wash mpf.tn.n n fa vor-  nhlfl ground, but it is now looking very well.  They washed up 40 02. on Wednesday.  CltrsUOLM.CHElOiv.  The Good Hope co. are making over wages.  Theatre Royal���������The opening performance,  of the winter season given by the Amateurs  on Saturday evening last was, we are sorry  to say, but thinly attended.; and although a  'poor house in general has a tendency to.de-'  press the spirits of amateurs, the audience  upon this occasion had no reason to complain  of any want of vivacity.   " The Area Belle"  is a farce which always affords amusement  and it was very creditably performed by all  the cast.   Mr Bowron, as Tossety the Guardsman, appeared at first to be rather diffident  for the character he had to sustain and spoke J  rather low, but he gained confidence .as the  piece proceeded.   Mr Thompson as Pitcher,  tho Policeman, gave satisfaction to. the audience, and the scene where his resuscitated  ghost, after having been supposed to be boiled  in the copper, pitched into the cold  mutton,  afforded much amusement.    Mr "Perrot, as  Chalks,  the Milkman, had scarcely sufficient  scope io display himself, but bis part was as  usual, in a character to which he is well  suited, carefully.studied and well performed.  Now for the ladies.   Florence Wilson, as the  "Area, Belle," was at home thoroughly and  was 10 u d 1 y* ap p 1 an ded ; and M rs Parker; in  the lighter character of Mrs Croaker,  the  " Missus," maintained her position to perfeo-  ti0 n.   The concluding burlesque dram a of  :' Do n Paddy de Bazah ?' was very sn ccess-  f 1 illy perfovmed./., Mr; Smith, inAthe 1 ead 1 ng  character of Don Paddy, had a very diiriciilt  part for/ an   amateur, and showed   himself  wo cthy to take a p r0m inen t positio n. i n h is'-,  tt  C  M  soldiers, Messrs. Shaw and Staples, were well  pes ted in th ei r r esp pet i ve p a'r ts, an d" th e f re -  qi 1 e rl t b urs ts pf ap phiuse sh 0 wed that a d is-  criminating Cariboo, audience always know  h 0 w to a pp r ec i a te t he efforts., of tli ei r ania ten r  f r ie rid s 10 m in i si er to .their a m u seme n t. As  Claret is*, 'the Gipsey girl, Mrs Parker had an  opportunity of displaying; her talents .in a  lino of acting different: to that in which she  h as u su all y ap pea red b ofo re_'. tli e p u b 1 ict a n.d  acqu i ttc d h ers e t f re ma rka b I y wel I; h er p u r -  s ui��������� t h v th e so Id tors -and the a tl em p t to fb re e  her hy [fraud from her: lover affording a chance  0 f exh i b i ti n g h e r cap a b ii i ty to lake a ch si'pac-  ter in tragic drama with credit and success.  Taken a j together, the performance, was one of  the most successful, us far as, acting goes,  which has been given for some time, and the  and ������' n c e sop ar a ted well p le ase d with the  evening's entertainment.        '. ' *i ��������� '"  : Fkom- Tnw Boad���������}t\ r E. Pearson, of Pearson  Bvos,, arri ved here o 11 Th u rsday wi th a 10ad  o f height To r th at fl rm, the ti rst. i nstal men t of  a large supply which they have on the road.  M r V. h as b e e n g o.n e fro ra h e re .over two  months on a business trip to .the lower country , Vanc0u ver Is 1 and ' an d Or'ego n. He re-  p0rts considerab 1 e show when: he passed on  Butcher Flat, about > 30 miles above Yale,  which has probably gone during the rc.cen  MINING COURT. ��������� ���������^���������  (Bofora Hon. H. M. Ball,  Goitl' Commiasioner^and  County C'jart. Judge.)  .   Monday, Nov. 21,1870.  j. & h. kxigiit vs. loxk stak co.    ,  This was a suit to. recover $245, balafice  alleged to be due on a contract for sinking a  shaft on defendants claim iri. Co nidi 11 gulch.  Plaintiffs produced the cositract, and proved  that the shaft had been sunk within the time  therein specified.' It appeared, however, that;  oh completion of tho work the foreman of the  Lone Star co. had declined to. accept the shaft  unless a reduc-ion of $50 was made or certain work done to render it'more secure.  PI ain tiffs" had accordingly put in extra, tim-  bers, and now asserted that they had done all  that was required ; and defendants havjog  paid S100, as ��������� btipn 1 ated in the cou tract, 0n  completion of first .forty feet, they claimed  that.thfa was an acceptance of the -shaft to  that depth.  For the*defence, it was contended that the  shaft was not completed accordiug to contract in a workmanlike manner, and that defendants had broken the contract by not working continuously.  Mr Joseph Hunter; CE.; testified to having  tn ade a sur.vey of the shaft, wf 1 icb he . f0und  0111 0 f p 1 tt m b ; th e e n d s. w e r e 10 i n ch es, fro m  perpendicular, and the aides 5������ j the timbers  were-not set level, and the long hanging  pieces not securely fixed to shaft: he did not*  consider it was completed in ai workmanlike  manner..-, * ;... ,-'���������' ..- ';���������"'."' ;yn  * Evidence was given, by the foreman and  tw0 mem bers 0 f the co m pany, to the effect  that the shaft was not in fit condition to work  pumping and h ois ti n g m a chin ery y: also th at  when the s ha ft w as do wn. 27 -feet a c 0 n'si der-  able stream  of water had-been struck, and  Mr Par k, fo r. def e n d a n is. said th ey. We vo  ready, to. con to-1 plaintilf^ title,- but oilerea  noo bj ec tion to th e c ou rse sn ggifetc d.  The Com m issi0ner sal< 1 there was n 0 nm i a  going a 11 y fnrther with the ca^e. iDef*nd*;:-inU  had v ir tu a tly ack n 0 w S*e d ged p I ai n ti ffs' t \ tl 'e h y  returning the waterT and plain tiff* ha A* got ail  that they sued for.    . ~ "*  T lie ac tio n. w as "a c cor d 10 g ly wi th dra wn.  POLICE COURT.  (Before H. M."Bah,, Esq., S.lf.)  mild weather:  from thence to Grave creek  .The Commissioner decided 'that fro in the  ev id e n ce it 'was cl ear th at the sh a ft was In an  i m perfe c t c 0 nd i ti on. lie co ns i clered, h 0 w-  ever, that the company had been to a.certain;  extent in error in not.rejecting the first -forty  feet. Ttie .piaiatiBs were entitled to some-  thing, but not the whole amount of their  claim ; and', as the defendants had offered in  the first place to pay the amount of the contract, less : $50,. he would give judgment for  $195, each party pay lug their own costs.;  FOitEST ROSE GO; VS. -KOHTS ImBRICAST'-CO,  ��������� A '��������� ��������� ��������� .'��������� '���������",.'.;:-.'���������'��������� '.-vv.-; -....: ���������:' -.- :. r ���������'.'  '������������������' Suit, was brought to compel the defendants  to show cause why. they had diverted the  wa ter o f P ve ri ch. creek o\ \ fc b f p 1 ai h tiffs' ditch.  .Mr B arns to ri, f0 r ��������� p lain ti fits, p r p d u ced the  0 r i gi n a U n 0 ti ch a n d re co rd .made i \\ Jn he,  J.8C4. which authorised the Forest Rose co. to  take 300 inches-' of'water in ti ditch from  French creek, also re-records made regularly  up to 1870.... . ',   '���������'  Mr James Lesh, foreman of the:Forest Rose  co.. tes 1 itied to having been a member of the  company since 1805.; their ditch had been  constructed at a great expense and was be-,  tween two and three miles .in length ;. they  had never had any trouble about French  creek water till about a month or six weeks  back, when the North American co.,"which  had been io ca t ed oa Pre nch creek ab 0 ve thc'  head of their ditch, began to wash, when the  repveientatives of the two companies* had entered i 11 to a n am i ca b I e ar ran g em e n t i a p res-  en ee of ih 0,Gold Com mission er, in accordance  vvith which the detendtants:had'p\it: up a mnd  box. and-after using Ihe Water delivered it iri'  ai h ti 1U- d i I ch until* th e Fo rest Eo se co 111 p a n y  , Tuesoax, Nov. 23, .1870. -A  Mr Wy Sterling was charged with having  kept a gambling house, and having been .interested in the same in Barkerville between  1st Sep tem h er an d ��������� 19 th No ve m be r, i A fo rm a-  ti0n having been 10dged by a party who���������.it ���������.  was' currently reported had lost a bet on th������  election to Mr Sterling, and who had subsequently demanded that the amount lost should  be refunded under a threat that he would hy*  form on Mr Sterling for permitting gambling  to he carried on in his saloon. ,  Defendant pleaded,guilty to the charge.  Mr Ball, remarked that as the offence-'baft  been  admitted he felt disposed to take a,  lenient view of the present case, and he would  merely impose a fine of $50 and coats of court,  an d h e ho p e d that the p ar ty wh 0. h ad -1 ai d lluy,  information had done so merely,from a desiris .  to promote the general welfare of the community, as a guardian of public morals and.  pro tecto.r of th e y 0 u I h of C ar ib 00...      .-���������-.���������  ���������'"A large numb er of spectators attended to  he ar th e ab 0 ve c ase, a 11 d lb e c qncl u d i n g "r 0  .marks of the Magistrate were greeted with  app fa use whi ch was 0 nly sillied b^v the. 0 rd en,  ;* Silence in the Court I"   Im mediately Wfigr  the trial. in order to sli6w ttie : piib 1 ic disap-  probation of the conduct of the informer, ���������*,  sub sc r i p ti oh. 0 f 5 0" cents eac h was star ted: iii  * Bark ervi He, ah d i ti ti fe vy m i n ri tes the' am 0 u n ir  was raised. 'Mr Sferl.ing, however..refused to  recei ve an y th i ng:f0 r hi nisei f, hu t do na te d th &  sum collected tb the.,fiinds of the Cariboo-'  HpspifaL i-0. 7 7 '*"'������������������ A'��������� ;'"': A^'i ���������  ly -- --MINING RECORDS/'-:-' 0AyA  stopped work du ri ng the. severe frost in 0ar 1 y  i������art*of November for the purpose of cover-  roads good ;  through green timber, three or j ^  four inches snow ; from Bridge creek-to Soda  creek, roads dry and dusty : from Soda crock [ing their track and fixing, up for winter work j  to Quesnel. in fair order;  from Quesne! to  Reaver Pass, bad and muddy : from Beaver  *oa Thursday lust, being ready to wash again.  . he went to  French crock, as there was very  i tli e water 11\ th0 d i fcc 11. hr asce-rtain the cause.  Pass to William ereek, gbod.slelgh]ng,'wUhjHnd found that-the defendants were running  ��������� ',' iymxA&k caKKK.;.:,;  , Josephine; co.^N 6v.; lY���������Burton Iboiu and  James ������Smi th, two hi 11. cl aims;- 011 let t . b ank��������� ���������  commencing:-at.lpwev'liBfl-of-Hyackeo:faktl v  running down Btrcam.   ;     /7'.a:7717!7y ���������"'/xli'  ...      CO-VKMX GULCtf.  ��������� Ko v. 12 --F rap ois' Don d el 1. one h 11 i. cl a int  on right b an k of Con k lin g ul ch V wi th ��������� 1 o vv ������r  llnited tunnel .aa base line, star ting from Eric-  son co.-s'side line. Ax y ��������� :r:y'-. 'yr,  Kitdora co���������-Nov. .H���������Patrick. McCahe.  Mi ch ael Keefe, Fred k. lip 1 and, th r ee hi 1)  claims on K;B. bank, commencing about sir:  fee t b el o \y u p per h 0 m es lake tu a nel and t u a -  Ing up stream..  Nov. 12-rr-Johh Corey, one hill claim.on l&fs  hand side.going up stream, part of old Bostom  claim,.including the shaft.  ��������� ��������� * -���������'..���������  .    fAOHTKrXO. CttRIHCr  Nov. 10���������Dbnt and Ah Wye.twohni-cloiraat'  on wagon road side, about one mile beiov/  Manettars store. '���������,'.,  Hawthorn. Dean co,���������Nov. 12���������Joseph Gil-1  more and Adam Ross, Uyo hill chums oilsoi.uk  b an k..e0rn rn en ciug ab 0 u t the u p p e v .11 n e '0 f  G reat W es tern co. and running up stream*  ANOERSON CREEK.  Wa rre n co.���������No v. 10���������James Ho ck i ng, two  interests: Richd. Rowling. John" S'-evenK,  John A. Yeatea. Chas. Rowe, Hugh Phillips,  James Stevens. John Glasson. Joseph Ponb^r-  fcby, Thomas Pearce, each one interest. Re-*  recocd.  ; UASX CIIAXOE CEKKK.  Nov. 17���������H ar r y Shann on, 0 ri a b en c h c laim  on east bank, commencing at lowsr lina of  NKW Of^^ISS^Cn hnow ������-, | O. exception c, a fo, bare ^J^_ J������ ^^-^SS, "S '^Zt I M������^ ohta and running do,n ,,,,.  .ally admitted lo  be close at hand, and wilh  Its advent, no doubt, there will be a consider-  able scramble for  the offices at the disposal  0 f tl 1 e I) 0 m i n i 0 n G 0 vern men t   T hat Gov er n -  meat will havtr to pay Ihe judges, custom-  house officers, pohtrnaiiters, &c, and provide a  3 > en i t e 111 i ary. marine h os p i I al, 1 i g I * th u u ses a n d  beiic0ns.   There is a warning beacon,  how-  ������ver, which  they will not have to provide, j  and an onice which they will find ready filled i  n p free 0 f c 11 a rge���������we refer to th e, 0 Hi ce a fl  '��������� Guardian of Public Morals " for Cariboo.  PaoKKssoH Mqskb.Is still, as will be seen by  ���������advertisement, prepared to give any one who  needs bis services, the benefit of his In vigor*  ator. Those who have tried tho remedy  ought to be the befit judges of its efficacy';  and if it performs all that is asserted, the Pro.  lessor should be entitled to the office of  4t Protector of the Bith'Iheaded Vou lb of Cariboo'.*'  tier it impracticable tu  return it;   told'the  Ci-roman that the Forest Rose co. wanted the  son met a number of Omineca m  way down country, all intending to return in  spring. Mr Hamilton had arrived at Quesnel j v>.&u���������.; am] ^quested \}{m to run it into the  fn) fn Dm i n e ca, a n d con te tn p i a te d re-o p e n i n g j (\ \ t c j.' lX{, 01 ice. 11 u t h e sa i d h e wo u 1 d n 01111 r 11  his old house at Pine Grove. A watchmaker! it iu before Sunday for Judge or Jury, iu con-  naeied Vtswhunror bad been committed at|������Hi������������iicn of which.llie present action- won  ",u" .',     r;. ;   .    ,       , ;     commenced  on .Irrsday, sitbsesuent to wince  Tale tor trial at Ibe no;;t Assizes ,01 -apP������������-1 Uu, a������lc!iidau������H olTorert to settle, but he refused  printing to his own use several watches which j {0 t\i} so without a written guamnten that the  be had received from his customers for repair j Wai,er should not be again interfered with, as  Tkk next performance  of   the Anrnteursjhe did not wish to beat their mercy : deiend-  jhu uw    ] . >    ,    yy^ ^inm\  the water back on Sunday.  will fake ])lace on anturday, .December Wth.[bllt tUo Forcst rioat. co. bad sustained consul  011 which occHsion the Cariuoo Minstrels wiil j eVil5_>ie }om in the mean lime, as they had good  appear once more. The Minstrels are making| paying ground in which who3 they had sufli-  l performance, jcicnfe water they could work forty men, but  yptt 1! 01 herw h:e c0 u I d 1101 em p 10y in0re t h������ n te n ;  every preparation for a good pi  and the corps has received some new acces  sums to its strength.  Tub WsATBEft���������Since our last the weather  ihev had used the. French creek water lasj: ning down stream  jack op oix'ns cm:BE.  First Chance co.���������Nov. 15���������Walter Alo:?:-  nnder, M. Griffin, Michael Smith, V. Mci.eilui,  Daniel M c K ti v. Ed w a rd L egtre 11. -'v' h n 11 & r t-  l./f!. C. Chisholm. F. Lallier UK. Wo?L Mn  Tindrtl, Robt. Hutr. John Bryant an't N. Maury. 11 hill claims on right bank, commencm.*.;  about. 5 mile above vnoVUh oi thiie 0X.^ ;in4  running up,stream ; 700 additional ieet claimed subject to discovery of gold hi payhsg  quantities.  GUOUSKOKKMK.  Bnstedo co.���������Nov. IT-John a B&stedo,  John Martin. John Ibiut^ T. U. TuUniio. mtu*  hill claims on right shh*. cwnwwjohig ^0 Wet  above no per line of old Heron 00. ana nu\-  year uniil Ciiristnm^.  The Commissioner, in view of the fact that  , " ..  ,        , .. rt ���������^wft riQ,,0 hfiTnflp ������i������ defend an Is  had turneil  ihe  water b nek aud  -ha* continued rery line, some clay, be ing as, ^ ^ fal .fl  ^ ^.^ ^-(lamagos.  bright and as pleasant as in spring. >. eater- x^ remarked that he thought {life action k;*d  d ay wc ha cl a slight spriak ling of m 0 w wi tb j \)ut ter be w i th d r a vr n as be cou! cl gm no gr 0na d  nrvspsc* of WW** . ��������� for r*f>:  ^hiding it.  IION'ns lr 11 - a n���������W e 0 mi tie d 10 m mtt 0 n hi  onr last that the required bonds had hox;  given in the case of JeairBoulangcr,'charjj^'i  with the homioirhvot the Chinaman at Earfca*  r Jli e, tui d t he p r is on er Vid^nss d 0 n b vl-  itOn^.   Mmouimvmmwsum ms^mmmwmmfsswmmiiia.  I  ;>:  ������  ���������V  I  -r;*;  ^.:-  ODDS AND ENDS. ���������" '.' arrested for Ihe.Baudin demons tratlou.   Less NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  iagai������i'3"w-^^������^faaaa^^  If we did but know how little spme enjoy  the great things they possess fihere wo.uld;-Dqt  be so much envy in the world. %  A fond wtfti threw a bottle, of hair renewer  at her husband's head, at which lie exclaimed3  V We must part���������the! die is cast."  "This is capital.ale,-" said an old toper :  M see how long it keeps its head V7 u Ay,"  -said a bystander j "bat consider how soon it  takes,away yours I"    :.  Be. true tp;your manhood's conviction, and  . in-tlie endiyouwill not ;on'Iy be respected by  tb 6 world,' b u t hav e the ap pro y al of y o ur c on-  . -science. ���������������������������:< Ar ;'./'���������'���������    .������.- -.-  Hood's'-description of the meeting of:tho,  "uiati and the lion���������"when the man ran off  ivith al 1 his might; and th e .lion with all bis  mane"���������attained' the. acme-of whimsical ab-  surdity. ,.;.;< ���������= X. 701. yl'A;-- 'yXx '-. '*���������'���������-��������� '-:: \-yX  . Lord Bacqn;heautifully/said ���������:;' *? If a man be  ���������gracious'U: to ^trai^ers, it slid ws b e .'is ��������� a citizen  o f th e'V wor j d y anij. that his ;heart, is (n o isl an d  "���������cut off=_'-:frpin: other' laUda, but a;coafcmeht that  . joins them." ,.-, ' ! ���������      * ���������> ���������������������������    > ��������� -\ ��������� !���������'. ,.������-,   \ ,  -.-���������mine of Botes!*: in:the:Andes, of Pern, which:  -:Is BtatedVafc.beingvLl;367.feet aboye the level  o f th e "sea ; an d fche; d eep es t mi ne "m the sal t  tin n e������, of peusal z werk:. (jf es tphal i a), - wh ich is,  ������aid to be 2,050 feet below the sea., M  ' v ^Military-pen have discovered a.new remedy  for intoxication, which, we believe, is <t*iot  ��������� ������������������'' down on the books." /It is- nothing more  ; lb a ri raw -p btatp es ���������' wh ich! are but up in sii c es.  te ii d eaten wi tho u t sat t; An ord in ary Ci rh ur,-,  ji by/.': ;.it is said /.will euro the most obstinate  cubo In half aa.:hb*urt ��������� '"���������':   ���������'  than three years since he was unable to attend the political parties bfone of the Republican female celebrities because he could  not procure a dress coat and white tie.  : itRUPP'S 1,000-POUNDER SIEGE GUN.  77&l%dpd /stb'ry^is^toW pf,a bright: Chicago  v,r o in art; Her bust) an d p w ned a span p ? h orses ���������.  -���������an di d tiring his ab sen ce,-, 6 he time, she . sp ecu-  .'.:.iated'ai. little by eichang]ng. the: steeds, vfor.:a  'traptpf five acres of ,.prame.land.'south of the  '���������'A city.'::::. Jf hatwaOwo yeaiCago,, and ..the.bther  day she. wa^sj;offered.���������twenty thousand dollars  ���������: for Ihevland. v;.    * '"..:���������/��������� 'y/y: ������������������;_;' * \ '';;���������'  A few days since a,*little faggid urchin' was.  X' A, se n t b y: a: tr a d es m an to c o 11 ec fc a bill. ' H e b e-  gau in the usual way, but becoming more and  ^more irnporttinate. at length the gentleman^  patience'became exhausted, and ,he ,.saul to  .hiin : '- Ypu sho.uld: not. dun me so sharp ly ; J  n m no t go i n g to rri'ii aw ay.1* ''' I d o n f% su p-  f>oso you are," .said.the boy, scratching his  11 cad. .*/��������� h n t my. m aa Ler: is, an d how wits th e  monev/7 ��������� ' . -  ��������� ��������� A ��������� geni'al redor ofv a parish in Minnesota  ���������:-���������'. found it dirncult to get bis salary promptly.  . -I..-atterly ifc was much behind..% Going to one  of bis: delinquent parishioners in the hardware  trade, he looked, over all his stock of. cork-  Rcrews very i'astidtously, seeking a large one  o y p oc111 hir strongth and m /,e. To the 5nqn iry.  * "W h a t d o y o ti wa n t o| su ch a th 1 n g. a ny h o w V  the aosw.fr came, ���������' My dear sir, I want a cork  fo rew Ui a t ca n ci raw my 'sal ary!" The p ay-  jnentB arc now coming more promptly.  This leviathan breech-loading gun is manu-  factu red in the m arn m pth, estn bl i sh ment of  Frederick:Krupp, atEssen, in. Prussia, and is  inlended.for the arbing of coast-defences  agoi n at- the;', attack's of i ron -cl ad v ess els. : It  consists of aii inner tube upori which are  shru tik cast-steel rings.. The in ner tube forms  the important part of; the gun, and weighs,  wh;en finished? twenty tons. The cast steel  rings are shrunk on 'the een feral tube, forming  a three-fold .layer at the powder chamber and  at the mnzzle port\on a two-fold layer. - The  rings: nre in an n fac tu red from m ass! ve ingots  without welding, i and when in a completed  state weigh 30 tons.   ..  The" shot or shell Is raised by:block and  fall, and is rolled in to the side of the breech  th r ou'gh : an aper tu re th at is closed by a si i d e^  The systerri of;breech-loadihg is; Krupp 's pa-,  tirntarrangement.��������� ; A'Ay. Ay. ,.���������������:,������,:  The total weight of the:guu is .^O tons.    :,  Preponderance,[y.-'���������������������������';-.:y, -   1;500.lbs.    .  Diameter of bore,      -   -   -. H in. ���������  Total'lenorth-'bf gtin, y   - : y 27'5fLy7i A;0  Number of rifle <rr(ioyes,    - -40 .,������������������ :  Depth: of the rifling,. -.-   -   0 15 in. 1:771  ���������Pitch'of tbe ritiine-; -.   - ;-.   -   96().-'-fe'lOi't-iln  height of -tha:solid shot^ -   -   L212 lb?.yy  Weight of:the shell,; 0[y %; i^OSOabs.: ���������-  : v .The 'weight of ihe. shell is:made up: as fol-  .low3::    . ���������   ' '   \    '   ���������" a* ���������' ���������  The'cast-steel sheilp-   - : 843.lbs.   -: A' A.  The lead jacket, .-. -   -   220" lbs.  Bursting charge;;; -; ly/ :0��������� i -17' lbs.'' '���������;  A/X.:.;��������� - A/i'A'"-:':;:-:';-.1.080Ib^.'..,,-;;���������;::v.:..;;;���������'���������  Tlie' charge of powder weighs ; frorir' .110 lbs.  A0000', :  ...toBOibk   A0A7 0:AX,  List Of ;Letters.-.���������'���������;��������� ;'���������  REMAINING -IN BARNARD'S . EXPRESS,  Barkerville^ B.C., Nov; 1, 1S70. :  Ayn Isaac O,.,  Brassey ���������'F-,-.  Bro kin. Michael  lirp-wn Henry H  - Bess champs Leon aici   IJ ic n ve n u Joseph  ; * ��������� ������������������ ���������    ' x".'c ' -yy"' .���������'.'������������������ -  ���������A ��������� -,   ;������������������;������������������  Arwing Mr   ;  ���������B: :���������.-.'���������-.������������������; '.-;-"  Briggs Samuel-  ..-Buker. William,  Bel T Cons table  ���������MEDICAL.  T.  .YSiciiBLns.  Corbett Michael '  Christian Hen ry  Corrigan Owen  Chung Qe ,  pixon John E  Don IJuente Segar  Davis John W:  Deitz William' '.."  Dickson Charles  Fleury August, 2  Griffin. Han rice -  George. David    V  ���������JTa'ncockM-2-,,..:������������������  .ilanivlSd-wfU'd:.:  Hart David ���������'���������' "'.���������  Howell l^edk'���������:������������������  Hodge. Watson  KesterJJ'acd'b* '���������;"'  LewisG  Law no S  Mills Geo^: :������������������������������������'���������';.''���������?  -'Melon,!*} James .  M6or&\\0A "���������  MaUpy'Timotliyv  Nicholas Muss in ���������  0 ,'Hara.'Joseph F  Pare William'  Parr i d o f An to rii o  rJP'QX tho tr an sp prtati o n: o f this gu n ..a rai I way  car-had to; be specially *constrncted. -It; is  made entirely pfiron: and steel, rests upon 12:  wheels and weighs 2i tons.���������''���������'.';.;. ;- i '"0  ���������; ;Whe pi-- m on ri ted,: the gun rests up on a steel  c ar r i age : \y eigh ing 15 : to ns, an d th e whole, is  suppGrtetT.:upQn'.a;:i'Wr*a-ta^lev]:^5ghTrig_125 j Russell Alex AX  tons." Tbe gon carriage slides sraoo th I v tiuon I '^.? }W?s W]! ^lax$  y: Geo  at each discharge of the piece.; Such is the  c on s tr u olio n of " th e m e ch an is m n e cessary for  working the gun that one or two men  can  quickly and easily elevate, depress or turn it.  t o fol \ o w and cover a p assi ng ir on :cl ad wi ih  expedition and accuracy.   Gun,'gun-carriage  and in rn tab 1 e 'gl ve n to tal we i gh tot" 90 to'ri s."  Xt is rs u pp peed ��������������������������� th a t a si ng le s h o.t '* fro rn th 5 s.  gun would burst in the side of any iroii-clad  now afloat, while.a few shells thrown from U  wou 1 fl rnake terrib 1 e havoc i a a large ci ty.  Some of  the dnily papers which  have an-  nou n c ed th a t P>ui ssi a is. w i l h ou t su i tab i e sieg o  guns make a great mistake.. No  nation, is  bei. ter prov ided.   Ket/r K rapp ;S establ ishm nri t  Js. f������iHy six limes) arger than the 1 arges fc w6 rk's  for a like purpose belonging to -any government.     It; c overs  in ore   than two* l*n nil re d  acres* actually under roof, and gives ens ploy-  men t to more  than 12.01)0  men.    Last year  thousands of tons of breech-loading cannons  of all calibers, from tho 1,0.00-no n tide rs down  Sylvis'N'H  Smidt'Juli ;  Bobhini David D  Tynon Thomas '   ���������  Tarchereavi Louis  Williams John II ���������  Willi) m.Tames  : We 1 woo cl Ge o r go : '  Willsou Geo    "    :  Carlin' Rodger  Charley Robt;   '.  Connors Dennis:  Coleman (Peter  .". J)'.'' y   A '  , '   1,'  .   . Davis.Wm S.'y v  ."Donghis's David. ; :  :  Drake John'  Durhernia Honor  i/AF[.ix ���������001      '.   :  ��������� -��������� Fasanaro Douienico/  ... G.y.A ";������������������,.��������� X   ���������;'���������:,  ;-. Grunslade;A;B':'-::-  '������������������':, Gam mitt Rob iy-  A-rAB * Ay -yXX ^      ,  Howard: Samuel.    .  ���������  ..;Hastings G ^  7. J'tnYtoii. William.:..  ;-";'iioganii;; ;;::;';:;,  v^Hucliinvolve John;;  ���������y.>l> r^7y-jx--'y.XX  'i: Kir wan James' - : ;  'y'J0./'7y/:   xy-: '77  ��������� ;'Long-'B;4-:  ALo usbafire. M ,  AM '/A./Ar  Ay-AAi  .xv*%r,WG -x.y 0*  ;.>?.eFrier    .; X. y/ .  ��������� : Maggin ��������� Josep hi 2  'vMcLS^ud IU- ': '-":'���������.  .'���������N";.;' A-i/yylyrAxi ������������������  '  &:7Ay./0:A-XAAl  , ...Owens.William'. .  P...'     :x.0.A7    ,'.;,,  "���������   Pond Mr    '     A   *  Xmxxyiyi' ���������*;������./>...  A Rubei;.tson;W:H  "...  : Richards,:Adolph  .Iii cii arils <fc Davis''  Vs.v/r\:^ './ly "'. /"  y  Stephen Barnat'd  . New'-'York, August 15th, 136S,-  Allow me to call, your .attention to my  PREPARATION OF. COMPOUND .EXTRACT '���������"BUCHU.- The . component, parts an*  BUCHU; Lox^ Leaf, CUBEBS, JUNIPER  BERRIES.-': ,;���������' x--^. - -::v-.    -  ���������;tMoma' Q$ PnviPAitAttON.-^-Buchu,s in vacuo,  jit n i p er Berri es. by d is ti 11 a ti o ii, to fo rm a li ne  gt vi. Gn bebs ex t rac tod b y d lsplheem e n t wi th  spirits obtained;from Juniper.Berries ;_ very  - li ttie stiga r is used, an d a si n a 11 p ropg"rtio 11 o f  spirit... li is more palatable than any 'how. iu,  use.-..- ..,.'':';���������   ;���������������������������"���������-  '.'Buclip, as prepared by Druggists, is' of a  d ark co lor. Si '���������is a pi an t th at emits i ts fra-  g ranee : the- action of aflame, destroys tbk  (i ts active pri n ci p Ie), ��������� 1 eayi ug a ��������� ��������� c. ar k a 11d  gin ti up us d e co c I i o n, Mi ri e i s t h e co 1 o r of i in  gradients ���������TheBucIm.iu my. preparation pro-  d o m i i i a tes ; th e s iiVni 1 es t q u an t i ty 0 f ill e o i he r  i n gr e di (m is a re ad d ed. to ' p ve re n t ��������� f er m on l.;i-  fci o n.:: u p o n i nap ee ti o n i t wi i 1 b e fo u u tl a oi to  be. a Tinct nre, .as #\ndp -in. Bharnm co\ips, . n oV  j.s i t a Sy rt i p ������������������ an d fheyi i b re. c a n. be, u g ed i n  cases where fever or i uilam m at to n exis!:. . J u  : this.' y oi i na ve the k n o w! edge of t he i ri gredi-  m ������s and th e m o de 6 f p re p a ra ti on. . ';"  .'.; JIo ping; 'that ��������� y o n .wil 1 fa v < >r' it wi th ��������� h trial,'"  and, that upon,:iuspc.ction 'it.wili lueot.-.witli  .yoiir.'ri'pprobation'. ��������� .    ,''     . i.:  \ Wi th a fee 1 i u jr * o f prof o 11n.d con fidence, ,  . I Mm,*yei*y respecilnlly/  ���������t. .T.' KELMBOLD.  Chemist and "Druggist of IS Year's Experietice..  (Fro m the largest:,. man u i'aciurin'g Chein rs ts i a  0-r.iA.    ;.v ', -the-woi:ld.)}.; : .���������;���������:'���������'"���������''-���������  ���������.'.': XA/.yAi/-   /7.7y '���������; NpVKMjiiir-.4.: 1S61 .: ���������  'l* I ��������� am a cqu ai.n ted.i w i th M v. H. T. 11 e 1 ni b o3 d ;  he occupied the Drug Stove "s op posit*'my re.**-, .'  d e n c e, and w a s-su ti c ess fi i \ '��������� i n'" c o n di \ el *u rg ��������� ,t h o  business  where :ojhors. lut.d:npi;U>een:^fjU/i}iy:  : *o b e to r e. : r i j m.. ,1  have-. biie n. fa v o" ra b.iy I %  p ressed. wi th ins c h a rac-! er itu d eh ier f >rise.' * *:  '"   ' ;;;;:   X/.   WfDLrAiM WIQHTMAN.  Finn o( Po wo rrf n ri d Wt*ig I; tin: v u, ?>{ a.iin-  i "-'���������''". 1 a c ti t ri tig; Qhtuij isfe. Ni n th niul Bve >v u  ���������..-���������' = .-Streets;Philudelpuia,- :,-;���������;-;���������. ��������� ;.....*.'.��������� -:':  y  w  bomson, 2  White H. 2  ,���������  Wcx.iil Tho rna$  WcatlftKfi W  Winer- Pan Lii  Por.weakness arisini?:front .ipdiscre.fion, -. The  e x ban s ted. p o Wjers ut N a t������t r y  wh foil  * u 'e . a c -'  com]) a ni ed by so in any a' I ;tr?ri i ?) i>* kvm j '��������� tuiits^'  urnong whiclt will be. totii\il T������di?pos?ii.i i>n   1.1>  Exertion. Lor-s of 31emory, VVakefu'liu-^s. Horror o f DIsease, o ?��������� I? o rei> o<: i n���������������$ o f ��������� ivv 11 :   \ ti  fact, Universal Lassitude. Prokthnlon and in- *  cibiii ty to u u ter i n to t h e en j o v m e 11 l.-j o I" soeie Ly.  JAMES WICKBAM. Airnnt.  A F reach ts ci en list. F.. S ch ra tier, thinks that  i he ca una of th g v ery f requen I fi r������*3 o f o ine  >brests in sumim-i* time and remote from anv  h ab i ta 11 on, ia n o t d i m. as h as b ecu often su r-  i $ i i setl, I o w il 1 f! 11 a vs o 11 or a cc i fl en t a I imp v u -  donee, but is produced by the  action  of th������  i o. '.I- p o h nd ei-s. were on hand fi n?shvd I n i ho  works at.I*3ssen. , It would seem thai; Pntssi-i-  fa f 111 ly j>repa red for ,any eine rgency.���������[ Hci-  entific American.  Pacific  Telegraph   Hote  YEARS  FTiia tl ui L w* u I!. k n< i w ii, hi t un i.i & i-'. t a n J j >. ���������{ ��������� u tar re m e d y,  .���������������������������''PAIN  i ii. i gKi, {loo U.- i 1  Store s t re et (b*vlweori 1 fcirald & lr isgard},  VICTOTJA, .B.C..  concentration of tho sun's rays upon the hoi-j Andrew Astrico,  low globuhiy of resin which exude from the  Proprietor,  t re es ac ti ng as bu r n ing 1 enses^ a \\ d b e co ra mg  jn flari:od, thus causing the e.ombust ion to be-  Thn inoPt rnMiTiMviifnis-rtii.'l cln;in TTot^l in Vi."t.r>}-jr:.  It!,-'. {������AH..ttu<yfi!i.i on thr- Kai*f������p?*������.iiprittniph'.   T!sp 'ui.ili?  :np;)llj-ti with, tin-: v'^ry tn^t r.ltn innrkft.-adurils,  TflEvG0KSTITUTI0K;;:  once nffcctcd with Orgiinic Weakness, req11ir^s  tho aid of Medicine lo stnuuiTtseh and invi^or-  ate ihe sys!em. * wi11ch   IIKLMJ)OLD'S  .15X-  TS ACT /BUCHU   invariably docs... .If' no.,  treatment is submitted to, Con sump tion or In* ���������'  Stinitv ensues.  mmmmmmummm.  '       AND'  -. IMPROVED  ROSE- WASH  will  radically exteronna.to from the system *  d i seases a r i 3 i 11 g fro i\ \ ha bi ts * 01" d ;ss i p all wn: a S  little expense, little or*no change in diol. no  inconvenience or exposure.  ��������� M -ft ?T  / y        '       , -, .,,'      /'       M";ds iifc .���������iUhmifs ol' tiitj   day.     Privalu  Dinijjsr j ^unii iuiivi.'r.-s;xl V:: ibitsifr. i������.������is. Vv v00 \1>-; for wiiirh  jin, and. once begun, lo spread raptdiv, m $ nwu* tur Fruniiji's. I.,    ^.-    ...,,     . ... ..  ionsequence of th* highly intkinmable nature !   ",MJIJ;! ii1!'1 ^^f^J'^ ���������'k; S5 sor??n f.o.- ^J^"^Tp^r^  mr.iuilW'turiv! hy 1'orry lhivl* k S'-n, I'n.viilonc?, K  1.. bs-.'-n tk'toi'f) tho onh'A::. aii-.t in i!):u" ti:;u! !iiis lj*g.  w;r.i.' l:aoWjj in ������1I ,nrtrf of ll.e w,,:h!; i,na boon Wcd  ifl .,{, dis(,ac0v of  tbw,e ovmu^ whether- ex?st-  ,.     '   . , ing in male or jema.'e.  Iroui   witah.?'. m: cause  U r,;;ue:.s i-o-uay h.ai sun, ,,,,, ;i!J)] ,iT)f;l,!3|. ITni. , orift.Iilh,hl^ ,     j r |t1*r {|{- ,.oW ],;.^ ,;-,.���������(.  fi������y. IIyinterim P'^ m r.-n^hm the wsi kii- ifn^ Ti)LVW, ������:n-,rjn;, fmui broken dovv;,,,r.  -.-ore pani ���������ns i..-������,-.t h^u c-.p, ei,-,, ,n;i il hav^ni-l | v[elicate eoiiStitiAioni procure the remedy uC  it*:-; won a wi ������.!<'. p'.-pul.:riiy l.:y i:s Stun 11 sic null-. Xo 0hr,,  cnraiivt-a.!;rjii. i;;vs iuui s:> y,'ii.:i;.>-|tiva-i y:i[-s oi* ^ivun  CO  of  the  wood.  resinous  and turpentine-containing  Leon Giimbet^i. who now makes and nn-  T-i-'i-a-s Pre Tec ts and Mayors, and tu  ���������- -:iote hierarchy depending on the Home Uf<  '. ������������������ '.:��������� e, is th esoo 0 i a d e ? 1 [ey in lm rd wa rein the  ��������� :,ih of France, and v>;is unknown to the  y.-'^l.lo nztVi the r>ny. If*? than iVo y^ars a*e,  >$?/* A F1 r<: - )���������" r<��������� u'f vSafo i n t J1 o H<������i ;.s��������� >.  ed the ! ���������"���������** vXliJjJlliJ  VA    win Lb 6: &&������*}%* L%&  AGENTS FOR THE  iiK-at.  ft 11  1-coyal insiiranca Go.  Ax:xa lr xxxxj. 0 xxx X Axxx 00AA rjlkl'T ^TRr':UT'    ~      '      "      Viaoira.  Fiun KilhTstiiai^.uwlvallvU.  (jaoli t./tnii'V.  Swi-I bro?j nriT'irlVifsv  'ii].,,pii.'r /���������  -���������xli-rnal   aint ���������iati-ni il   n-iO:ljoiiic, ths  i>; ;*v.- c: i -.; u.s a ccoin pun j  All tlie above diseases recjuire the ail ������vf a  Diuretic.  IlL'ii/MIJOLl/rf rJXTJ.iACT-liUCJllf  irf the <''i*(.'ai ' >'>"��������� '-f';-  '-".Vi'-  1.  old by l>ntgg  n:-i ? fvc r v w 1) e ro.    I Vi c e  00 12  B������.Uiu^���������JLi4  iuifeJiw^fc   At*yJLtiii3;  .T--1 ft  i.!������orn  ���������f 1 ill  f.Ui  jj.v- Urffrs   f.'T   M011 :��������� m!.-���������?: 1 .'v,   Txnil^i.-no'   f^  .'���������vi-'-:a.-:.    ^ tjtft uf IT:  ���������11 ;>i" v.v-:���������'������������������������,���������.-..      /i j.������u't  ���������.-'���������    * r:���������5{;-- GUI "DO SfK'H JJll  $ I. ' '0 pe r b 011.11'. o I.' 6 Ho t i i es i'1 f !* y {> f������0. ��������� }< '-  ii Vered to any at hi ress." 0< scribe Syaijjtoins  iu all coniiiiunJcaf.ieiifi.  H.   T/" HELMBOLD,  Luivj 4%"f������- Cur.MfCAj-  Vv..*,Ki-:fi'.a;.sH,  oP4 tirfjadway, i\ew N'ork.  Koxii a km f 3 j-;.\rj.VK unler-s-deee up in .-teel  enirnived wrap-pru'. with iac-siutile ot my  Qb������v!iUe,-t.l 'A'ui'vtivei^e. aud p'njin'd  ^���������'0  H. 1*. UKI.MBOi.P.  ii  yy  X  m  m  m  m  Eke


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