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The Cariboo Sentinel Nov 27, 1869

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 *^���������wcW(T������<^-r  m*  -~ X'    & j  0  $*  yy'Xxrxix  .������������������yXyMiTX  Ay  .-*s -=:  a  ot 3elirery)^payable}t&:tbe oarrler.  Omca-  -Barkerville^ (next door ioManetta^s  y ���������.. (Jrec^r S^w^vy0 X.i A;*?  Agents for the ".Cariboo Sentmel.'.'   ,  QacsntimOuthrMr^  SodnCrcok.,<*:���������   -^ '  -,    -v j Bam&rd*p.EspreB8  Yulo.;   ���������'. r: ��������� ��������� ,-Mri ���������������ttB, f i*4������/ >    ;      do * '  New-Westminster''- ! '���������   ---: J'^/f01^rksoa^:Go  '���������Victoria;:*   - '  - -AxA Ax r -.���������;:,* L7J?e-   .   ',  L.1V Flsbcr, '���������  '->-   ��������� ".- '; -;   .-v^SanFrancisco,  ffiisG^R^mDa;  '��������� .   ,   WXUSt* CIU5EK. x'70*  west bank,, commencing ^^  ' the open c^;of*t^  ���������gibutid^**^  'V-jJaliaratJco-^l^  one full>inter^lt^  terest .was-form  and subseqiieutly feld.'by J^BrGIflespreTvA"  ltirf$W&A-\7yi0  to re-stake ground ; northern side line.cbmi  mericing-ttlJafela^ Sf tbefcpbi  paay's* tunueljTrbm thence ninnlng^stream  200feet   *'���������'',��������� '    ������������������ - > i       ,       |S:  AWbfi 22^FrnncmM^^fy^^^^^^^  on .west bahk/situated between-tStt Romance  o'ftbe-'W'-est''^  ���������ground formerty^tfel'd^b^  co. 'Tovbe*..woi:kedyoa'c'part- of: Ihe Romance  of the West oo-a ground. yA0\   iy$/% Q   x  Bailarat^co.���������Nov. ' 22���������Chas.' HIne; one  full interest in th'tf BaHarat'co. Ee^record. 7  ���������* ���������.,*' 0 y^7/A^Aij^'icK^xf^-iyi070:  Pbeenix co.-Nov. 22^-F, W/Hart; Ogden  Wilson, 0. Booth; thbsi Bell] Jas. Patterson,  Jos. Mason, JobV McCabe, A; Steely arid1 F;  JrfcLennivn, nine hill; claimsApvi ;8p������i^wea������  bank, adjoining the: floutheas^ line of '*';the  Garibaldi co., and running up' stream 900 feet  i ; y'vrsB:mmKyA0~������y */*/' -'  Four-in-han d' co;-.-C.-;B*Soth/rJa&A. Laid-  law, Dun, Cummius ami Hi Gneat^fomr jCrefck  claims, commencing at''ij&i] upper^lirie of;the  'Kir win' cp., and vruhtilng tip Stream 400 feet  Four jn-band '6p.0Sp>yl 20^^m;Xia|dIa>v,  one- creek claim,;commincihg^ at the uppor  line of the, ^purin^aufljcpli ao^tuUriing lip  stream 100: feet  To form part of ihefFou*-  in-hand co's-ground.' ������������������    //'[/.//'iAy '<*'"  ;; */"   ;  KEITHLBTtREEK;1: ��������� ��������� :07 \ 0: :0  Stonewall co.-^Noy.; 22���������Robert fBurrell,  August Shnbert, John Sayyia, I^t^axter,  Alex. Smith, J. S. Thompson, Don. McGregor,  ami; August Pranke;, >aeb 'one interest, (exceptA. Smithin whps^  terest is accorded) iitilie Stonewall co!��������� / Re-  records,::':?::.- :'?5-V- lx'\::i       y- i  gines ahd^aw^ills; and into the co-mpeiition  several firms entered, -* X ��������� -' ~ r  A large circle of interested look* s -m im a  gathered about, the/area occupied by .the  machinery, whjle- here and'7 there^ over'.ihe  grounds:.were .scattered;^  P?9PK ��������� At a fflomjwji^  ,wbi!e;ihe huy of the^macojhery :w^ns|ie;d'  ^^^lid^&^^^^^^u^^.  ^MAyyh������. !m\A trottin^^^/(^ com.  jmencej-f amsty like theV,jdoFwi> bfca'ipark  'of artillery, salutedtbe;ear^arld^ concussion;  of the earth, as of an^^  >)f fear:, fo, llie-, heart" * A^ jolp me of- steamy ft  ;miedwteeVnB"������i������ |lmbe^^||^es of-'fpSj;  jof shreds of clotningip^^  ;of groans ^and slirieks, hj. r I illfig|jili#and'  ���������moment' before*til thing of beautyi obedient  to^he'toiicli^Vf maaJ;was,%^  tuifyhiy xxfr000y0xXnAy\m0 gon'e,- its  parte: scatterejte io' ih������ fofe: winds; bardly a-  jomjklleft in ^integrity.   That which: in one  BC.CO^d had I een a    oi pi ement jpf ^jir  ������yZ*mBx00^ ,���������, iPvxyylyr- yy yy ^.^^a*^^  Qnoypfg.:L^Davis;<arms:-^os��������� blPwn,p^e*rja :^uP;!n'.I^J|^^|^K|^^|^|M  ^-and^$^tR>ia the,place-where/hez-fell ^������������������.^l^fS^J^^  dead.^ y������i������ ^o^yA^wm-) otherwise;*^terribly ^^^^'tj|^||^  wind .began/'tn'\a^r^  abpufc'i'^ gal [ ^,"~  hl^wing^aceo^^ie^  ���������0Q:thenpori;6^  t-S^SW?^ oa :-:���������'  jfirfein^BelS^fiP&S  ;cpuld^noti���������ve:|*.eM-^pto  mutilatedf '0A00y 0x1 ������~r A- A A:' ��������������������������� *' "'i A  ^Ah^oddjate  aVfcheSi^ia^^ that _ there  ^&^^^^d^^mmA^}h e" arm i a.d b een-  priceam^  theatBis^otte upper halfl- ?-/��������� \x*iy*;t/  yj'iy<iw/l y~ {}iie iXdi ^q. piace tfhfre *the  boilerfit^pd were found some of the-: remains  pfva- m,a^gitej*all/;.wadde^'ijiito ihe fjaSerstices  ^^^^fei^ksc/fv;-  ^A.Vm^able thief stole,Dr."1 W ^Maiba  0)0\ymUxmhh ^Mle"bb Ktivii QxAji/m  carrB^WwIy^ xx, of Ihe wounded 'The  pickpoc]Jg|:-was as8i8ti*D^the; doCtorj ;rajd|alj  at^i^^&pped^his^ujdeii^ o a d ������ natefieni"'l  ���������%fc������fcnntovop,eB������gn^^tett^ ^KlifeVMg^^p^^feiSSffi^a.,,  jarful tato of- an .e?!oSloB.   The e������glfte^������ At.th^ertakeFs toVcene waUefi^  Inl������el6Wyard "and_|rear shops/-up6n rude  p^nks^n^-bencfaes wereetretched the dead.  JhelmufflSona weifefe'arM  be':'d6s���������g������^p- Blackeoed :' and ' 'begrimed,"  Sfilj^odx^^s^J^lh" j^ron-udiu^' eyeballs^  ^anfeeUach ed'-bands^e^g^  ||i^|^g|ngises, callitfg^for '  the:iTh^5C9ne^onvboard: cannot :be^iized:W5- -   ���������  mi^pnty-^-^^ : ?-;,;  me dgek^wi^^fle sheet of JSame    Tlnub^ ^,_    A. ;  the cbo]ne^:aad-rco!^  me^of ;ttie :ship,;-a  passengcrsVttie^  .W.V>-.Vf  ������.-;=:.-. i:y ���������^'���������pffl  ��������� ��������� OBmukri-Mr; Thomas Graham, who flSod  in L^ndpn,recentty, was a man of consider-  able iiteraryaiid seiputific ability^ Qriiis  literary productions the mlolfc ^mpbriani is;  11 Blemente of Chemistry."' His most remarkable discoveries Vere the la\fof the ^iftuslbn  ot liquids and the new method of "separation  known as dialysis. He was born in Glasgow,  1805. Id ,1866 Sir John fierseheltetlred from  Ike Mastership pf.the Hint, and Mr. Graham  was appoiuted to mi the; vacancy,'bblding  ^ P^iticmj^hcre^  TEiciiiNusis^A Berlin mescal feuraai  .mentions the deaib of two menfrom triohin-  iarns, after eatipg raw .pork; :The butoher  who sold the meat was.^tenced to^fonr  months iuijinsousieiit. "*'  T^n^ned^byfn^^i^  ; The - scenes was one- fe appal tbe stoutest  heart The bodies of several were lifted into  theair and alighted in mangled and mutilated; ShapeV many yards from wherethey  Were standing when Btruck with thevsteam^ y  : Where "the engiqe stood ^as;?leftmprper:  beptible:trace,;exceptnn'area^fsnw^^  blackened ground.-, ^ \, - :0t:  A man walking in^ftont of the^ecutiye  Headquarters was startled at seeing the skull  of a mau'dropping inI front of him, vthe .fiesh  actually scalded off the bones, but the eyps  "knd teeth.. still remaining in the sockets aiui  jaws/    ���������*'��������� = . v    .,       ;'      ��������� 70" AyX  Several yards from- the disaster was Ipunp;  a pair of legs, held, together^ ^ th^ inejest  shred of ilesti.-AU  less trunk of a man j at another,; was:&$$&  o^a woman, iitli heir boWin^Btockini'^  a part of her drawers still upon it; the aim  of a man was found driven^ into a;"ppplir'  board ; while hot far from Foyer Hall-wat  seen the bbdy-of a man so boiribly mutijaJsl  that his heart, stomachy liver and lungs could  readily be seen.   When first discovered his  heart was still palpltating,<and the motion of  the organ was plainly observed.  It was .reported, apparently upon good  fpundaaon, that a.woman was deVivered of a  child oh the ground, the fright bringing on a  miscarriage,^  In. the Agncultui^ Hall were lying four  bodies, a jumbiedl? almost unrecognizable  mass of charred, roasted and scalded huma^  %xsealp of'a mn was found m ^  stairway to the Amphitheatre.  The little daughter pLMr. Dawson was  struck in the head while standing ijear her  father. The girl,died very shortly after  reaching home.       >; ' . J ���������  A baby wagoi was struck hy apiece of  the flying iron and the wagon utterly de-  mol^,^^^ili;teft^nri ; r 0a  A piece of the boiler was blown into the  CRtiie ebed, 200  yards,  where  it passed  Lugb the roof and knocked the tips otl tbe  horns of thrmammoth o.x, but doing him no  other injury.  PfjihSi'u^asler ii   biofi  rhi      I ^A./A  7  Altogether; there were 27 , killed and 5 6  wounded. ��������� ,* T -  ' ,tS.   "���������/'i, ���������'",', ...  ' AnotherCubious-'Law-Case.���������Mrs..Parker  was"? trie^^at/ PoVtland, Me;, recently, ;for  sboojihgat a 'Mrs/ Bakery with Jn tent ��������� to kill;  M#jury rendered a^tverldict of "��������������������������� Not /guilty?  b������aecW^nfjhs^n^  the jury being, given, the. prosecuting attor-  iiey'.mpveithere be a warrant granted send-.  insane,^ in ^accordance * with the statute.  Cpiiniel for 'respondent: objected io^ thp  m^t^m^^e^grbund that; th^jury ba^-fojaiid  her insane at?the time the: murderous assault;  wa^ commUted^bu^noi that rshe was insane  now.. The Judge was;in doubt whether the  the'law u^pii'himiwas peremptory or dMs^re^  tioMry/ and afterC-^-jIitf:f^oiji^-.faaft :t>"Mri ai%lyr  discussed pro, and; con; after!., deliberation,  Judge" Goddard - ^discharged the wonjan, say^  ing he did^not thinkrit necessary to send^ her  fo the Insane Hospital to ascertain whether  she ;was; insane ^ow ^r^no^and.>ashebe^  lieyed h6\ had discretionary 'po wer in the  m^terhe^rdered her discharge^/because he  l&d^eennSthiag^  ever insane at any time. ;     ::       :y_ ���������  New.':.York business ^en is: astpmshing^ :A  druggist has just ofered/thesumQf$^,oaa  for the use of a! fenc>;which.surrounds the  new post-office site in -that; cHy,ytyxn &&&_  tising medium. v l/A  A r xir  MoNACO^TheMncebt Monaco and Lady  Douglas Hamitton were married a few weeks,  ago. Monaco ift^  containiDg about eight thousand people.; The  prince, on. ascending a hill, might truly exclaim: "lam monarch of alii survey," tor  his kingdom comprises onj������ a few square  miles of territory. ; , . y ....;,.;:.,.-:.  No Sabbb, JoflN.-The post-of American  Minister at Peking  Bhdow, editor of the New JTork; Times, refused it, as did also,Mr. F. T. FreUnghuysen,  of New Jersey.  for; over; 90 feet -Jn- lengthy andtalsd^IiaOtf^w  the: boats, ���������- ��������� Having a;��������� plentiful'��������� .'supply^tt "4   '  water from1 .the*pump, the; fire- 0% eifciii- .  guisbed about two o?clock'5a1i rmr.   The batMsl;  of paraffin oil were thrown^overbbardhy A1:  captain's 'orders, :as; (weli^aa^some of-the ,/ A  cases of matches, but^ unfortunately; not all, y  for about an hour after the' fire had. been,ex- *      <  tioguished! a seconds alarm was given/ano ther  box of matches b^mg Jbecbtne ignited1; ia<  some viray or��������� othorv ^.This time ffie^paaiciwai1 y  sometning^ig-iitfbL ������-The^,ladies - in, the u  salbohs; TrerevComparati^elylqiuet,)bu^thO;:  wpmemiii*tbejse^  were in a dreadful state, ���������junnihg" abbut the   y ,  decfc with, scarcely,, any^ covering, jn some ,   \  cases^ In-'some jnslannes the: women were'  preparing to; i^b^thein  sea in the evenkof the..fiamea.getting the ,   . ,  upper<hand. iThisisecondfirs^as. however, ^^'  soon ^tinguisbed^ Jt mas ^ported Omt ;  %ere was :afeo peferpfeum?p^pard *f, and if jt;;  ha^ become: ignitedK^  ^raciewbuli^e:sa^edithe^ .  e'rpool Mercury;,   ^ y t     ;   '   _��������� ��������� ' *n ���������  .; ���������-" ;���������  ���������'v'EiitwHi Srai ^-ffi^^-Tlie 'Contfneatajy  railway Jba������ been an^operatibd1 yearly. six ;  months;   The business aw hichit has attracted . ;  lias exceeded the-, expectations :��������� o|i its, moBt  sangume friends.  Its success is beyond all .  cavil    Ahother similar ;md;.will be de- :  manded long before it can be constructed.  In-the struggle for: .jininsportatipnj railrpaos  must win over ail other modesiyet knownf as .y,,  steam prevails o*v*^l:6^t#^������oktedW:.T ������  Already the Panama Service lias been reduced  to- two&eamers per month. ��������� AW^tlon^y  eommerciaLvalus ah^ in the general modes ;  of doing businessonthiS;coast, will beJikeJy ,; >  to gradimUy-fbliow,:in:;the wake pf tlie raih ,;  roads ebmpleted and contemplated^. ���������,  To^RATioi^Hitherfco no Jews,have been  admitted to any Aiistrian university .as pro.  fessors   This prohibition has now, been re- y  moved^dthefirB^vvishp^^^  .**  JSmbinteli in vthe personVof tne well-know  SuS������h4r, who his obtained the  chair of optbalmlc surgery in the UmveysUy  oflunsbrucki ;  :*00--.f. liffyj m^^^^se^sssisssan^wp^^  J11' 'vuylMmtnimC -������"������ ������-~^-��������� ������?V"i~" ^ *���������***'������  ������������W������M1������K������I ������W/������.  ���������y  .%-,  *ft  'VSVViV;^  yXi0:0Ayy-0,.,,  :0-  ;������������������������-���������  -M*S  m  at  Mi^^MMOB^M^M^l ^^^?ir^^e^^^^^hares^S ������  """ '"''���������' ���������'-��������� -.-sinany companies.   The introduction of steam  engines would be ofIvastbWefit to thecoin-  SATURDAY, NOV.;>27,; 1869.  ,'/<    THE CAlUBOO SENTINEL    a  I j -fiib'Jisfaed  iaB.tt torvilis' every Saturday;   vft)I  ���������advertlsemeD ts;, I "QteE-iedfor iiiser tion j must' he^dotiv-i  ' ered ar'latest atfSix o'clock, P. M7 the ���������dnyvhefore  ���������publication.* V; ,, '- i,      7 '   *   i\:  /'���������      7 -.    7 TO ADVERTISES^      ^v    '   '    A  y '' All adyerUsements '{not Inserted for any definite  pariod)Awill be continued' until,ordered  out,-and  ������������������"Le Kirgea for accordingly v    ��������� : '     " ' ;-  ^7   7:- - . tu correspondents; ���������'     -  - r  All coniiiiunicauous must be acvc-i.)c;a!ed by the  "> rearuarao^ari'd^dd-cess; of,jr&e^iviiter; ���������.not 'necessarily.  ;���������   vyitli a view* of.^publishing'the same-, butvas security-  - or its good fait*t, t     .   ;   'J"  ;= ��������������������������� ;;���������" y\." A *r���������r/yH'/A.A77 '''\rr*x?i  ^iW/S^ A  J "'^"-y^^xxrr  [:rr~-f7    ^ - -/ r> ;< ^  ���������   fn 0 u������i- Jasf issue we bri efly 120ticed���������what  is id earners "to ^ibvo as great an advantage to  the mining In^tefesl^?6f tbe colony as the rail-:  wjysfand'steamships*bare proved, iy he to  , \tne general Interests of the"world in compar-  " - ' s'jti V/ith wagon1 roads and sailships���������the in*  tended introduction 0 stea t-tachiaery..for"  ^vmliBingf,purposes.: -.-What is wanted to Jdi^plbg  our mineral resoYircf'i is itfcreased"wording:  .'-.���������.power.'--:*' An increase, of power' represent a  cnk 1e ipon d Iwg di-crease *ol%espen^MejiJi]^  tLoaomy lA ih\m[ secured ^ii-boij^meifdliHg  ;'. the .cost of :livingis;nbw estimated^aa low as  fcj ry}hy per day, a reduction of 0y^0 need  ?i������jt te e? y&fcr& i^ long a ai^a e&ja ^'u^ei  nhy where-in Oarib00;:pre empt-"ground;and  "v _ inalre-wagesi'.more;!br-less.7*A-'glance*af;'the.  v'nipdea of mining  oiie fiti5 they a/e* frbe, ������jjogt expensivi v^Any  ;  boPk;OnvfechaQics w  of, the eommop windlass;' so" geaeraOy used  . 7 here, is a waste of anl'maVipqweV/ ' Arid the  ^viiBdhi&R m O'-uboo m 00 'u its-most prlw*  itiv^i form.  'Ho-oti^rniU 'Seems to brave beer  '   iri������s^f 10 ^ur^^iit Uy power b'T %\wcnwg  railed on.  ' S ������fi]y3 out uawer ���������^ro^he' d^hezi  -: h i.titlyor- they eoukr not ��������� pay Sminers * stMioF  A   afe',ihe, app 1 iances %y JwMch' "tKe ^oct"and  ^.v'-.d^trare^bron^  gout system, tvo, three w<? immAnilj ami  ' ytii^'^  wash the -rock-.and dirt picked by one.; In-  ;>tead ^getting "o^vt  pojwids by a .bucket we.'ought to have J*ma:  tiSimery ;tbi\. hauling ii  ihe surface a ton of  dirt aA.once., The^. w.ater-wheel^ it Is true, is  - an im pro cement, upon the windlass, yet avyer*y  small improvemenfcj all things considered.' It  1    U[ too cost!y>for .the [savingit eflecfcs, and too  imich-dependention theiweather for its motive  . ppwerl, There is no ?lack of enterprise and  energy.iu;Cariboo-���������'.��������� ?f_.all the colpniste were;  equally energetic andlenterprisipg ������wp.should  eoon see a very prosperous colony in British  Co 1 liitibia:^But these qualities are misdirected  or--wits ted.'"; }Ye Jiave tunnels that have-cost  v te-uy t*venty^nS'thirty^hodsand^ dollars^ and  they- have been constructed entirely upon!  speculative:opinion asJ to the- existence\of  goki in the ground the^ afernmnio.   A shaft  Js siluk ftpUhe- gravel. deposils|on .bedrock,  tlihrnt^yrvinning fcbrougb?Hhe'-igrayeisbpiIs  :uj>iandvdeh^^the%ick;r sbbrefe windlass and  niJnepto fea^h the befe  pirteu^f ^61d^ifl?;extraeted vffom^e^grayei  A '#e(6j$\jjhfilwfiier breaks ihrp������gfe;F^?^^^  .:ep>ir;-aj;]ng^^^ not e5^ ?%  c .^oy.-ft/.tQ^ ni jst elthei1.  bt^bjanijipnedf or;antunnei:run; vHence the  espensiye^ tunnel systehl., Onef two,- three;  6r/*&or8;-J jejara*; pf/tiititi, irie.:i^uir;ed fo  constructtoj^f ffie^  nioneycexpenditure, .which in teahy cases exceeds the cost and freight> twice over/of an  engme^aiid pumpjthitjvpuld render a tunnel  unnecessary.   We are !weil awre that there,  are greater difficulties in the :wayrbf procure  ing englues and. machinerjr than of -building  a tunnel/ %A Tlie^first ^quires ready cash ari^  the latter tidmparaUyefjL^  J-iiipnihly jwstalinents.; But tberie;are;no efforts  riii^te^ tp; c btain v steani. ^uginesf and s puinps/  Iiifctettd^pf cPncentratihg! their: means  and;  ico���������fSfi'iii'jiijp;ttO obtain the most powerful;!appli-  anj:0'��������� M^li^^isagiMitiir op^nUtititi^ otie  pie^P;u(^;punii ata; tii^e, prospepipxA fritter  I^nies,conce*n^^^aiid ^rouldbesa great .benefit to theeommunity at large byfkeeping up.  minlng|operations: during the whole year in-  steadiof yielding to the frost and-"Bn-dw.7At'  0 ^f^eai; iiw.% mc indeed generajlyvevery,  winter^there issunleient water for'washing  purposes, but the elevated flume and the exposed wheel are ultimately rendered useless  by tbe;fiost.^ Wilh'fa'steam engine and flume  on the ground there ..need be no necessity for  lyingidle-during the winter.'  '���������'���������"-    -    A  ;^EW ��������� l&VEimSEMENTS;  (A* Ji -.1  . THE'CABIBOD   AMATEURS :  ^hnouncP; that^ey wili^iyet a^ performance^pn  -;^v������.,^  >FOR THE BENEFIT: OF  X:x y*V ,0:-.yp.0- ylxxX0.y00 -  When wiU be^^sen^  ���������i^CotiiT^AJfeiy^  to the litigants, were ih court -yesterday.   7;  ,/ ^fiwspiWBS^The;���������'��������� village of VTaterloo,  Ontario^ Canada; has a^^^ppulafloh^of^fcwo  tbbusind-'Inbabi^  two ofithem'Eriglish^and three German; 5 ,;  i AcabENTirp: the* GorERNOR.���������We^ace f sbr*ry  to learn that' His. Excellency thp Governor  has met: with a severe .accident. S.e was in  ?theact(of mounting a young horse," when he.  was thrown, and bad .his'leg broken. He  ^j^o^u^attended:^  ^f JibvE^MsT Tribct  In Ceylon-of an officer a melancholy Incident  occurred;-, Ther^ was ix-ulorgyman at hand,  :atid the service was ^'formed by'one of the  officer., of tli'c brigade, 7*7 foung ,widow  ���������^nned^Iiier^ead in the earth, and 311 fc off all  ������er beautiful golden heir and placed it in the  gray^,,    <   0,    \ A    Wykli p|  .^:Terpsichqre:ak.-���������Four femalev.professors  of dancing,(bearing, properly certified diplo:  'mayfrPni' tlie'College of Terpsichore, 'Badea-'  BadenJ' Europe \ a ri irv������d yeptei 8ay per Bar-  :-nard!s7express<^hey^  ^ra'cti'cejtheir,.:^  academy, where the/ wil -'O-iLracf theunin-  itiafed y or,' [ any i Ah A ei se;" I ti th emy sterieatof  Terpsichore,-at\the very reasonable ratejof  $lper -lesson. 7*     ''*''''       'V^  ^ -Goons, on the WAT.--S;:f:Y.; ^56-'pkgs;5A^  3^5189.; circles.; T4; J;B��������� ljGran^j.Cbipp?  1; JtfcLeese; it K. -L./115; L. & S. Q.; 6; 0. S.,  ^B:;T;;166;;{ps^2rY. D.,i; T|yl6rti2>^fc  amon'd P.,,4::vcircle J. L.J 5;'Mdor^lf .Cok  brSitb;'"2.i WAm0Ify WrMA^mMy^ii  R,16j e^& G��������� l^ArK/147;;W^W,j C5e;  Mrs.:Toddles?   V- r,rv.    ,.;    ���������*.?   'Floronco Wilson  Mary Acorn     .     > ' v -      -   ,    Mrs. S, P. Parker  Toddlesst^*"'i������������������ vfa. % ~i\ \-\'' * . '��������� X: J. S.'Thompson,  GobrgeAcorn '-"   -.     - iy-x yx J,������Mc% Smith  Farmer Acorn  ;.      -   '  ���������     V HvMoDermptt  Farmer/Fenton- 7y: * xX >"������*;r ^OtA; BrOwn  Lawyer Glib-V - . -.t.-.^- .vi?^ ..'r, v A^earaon  Charles Fentdn ' " ��������� -7 . ;' i- ��������� *. ' &'"JM"11*  Boniface     -   ,-      -i:    -:,:*���������.���������     .:-J;iMcKay  To-conclU de wltba hew: mclo -drama^vwrltteh for tho  .occaBion; :by Augustus -Frederick Funglioid,; Esq^,  /--"andentitled ..."'*������������������ ,-.   '      - ['0  " '       '  x,:A'TriptoPWc.e'llivep;.v4  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  7C.  STROtJSS,-;  '������"--.^i1'- ,7 ." '" ���������" " v-.'vv . '������������������-.' :.������������������' '\ j..'. ���������'Ay. ��������� '���������'.-'. '"k .-v" ''-''' '-.:"^''*'"- A- .-'-'-- '.-���������" ��������� ' ';.''���������'���������)"''.. '       V; .'-V-1  wWfi6iiESALE;^D   RJETAIL,: DEALER  ',...,     ;     '     _        A^% ���������    '     ' '  "-  ^ Grdc^fi^s," Provisions, ?  '��������� CLOTHING, BOOTS, S^QES, ETC.;:  %00A00^ Xy/  XX'  OB^  ^Uowajr^j.Afriker, l^H,B:Q%&$$  7 New Winter ST0CK-^O.;McCallum; would  inform bietriehdsvand the^public that be has  just received a considerable addition to, Bis  stb^k :pf^Cpais; Pants'^es^^^va^ Pants,  Blue Overalls and Jumpers 7 Heavy NOyer-  .shirts, Baltie*Shirts;^'English and Or'egoii TJti^  dercJpthingJy:Wbplleff;Scarfs;Englisi, Scotch  and. Oregon. Socks:; Gloth, Bingwbod and  Aberdeen GlbVes;1 Kid Mitts/lined; Neck:  Tie's," Turkish Towels:; Cambric Handkerchiefs^ andranNassortment of Felt Hats; All  ihpAabove goods;*will be,sold:;chea������ *ferccashv  Pants'/add\Vests made tp ,order. ^Parties  wishing; io.have their clothing made to order  by ���������Av^Gilmo'rje-iTVictona, may, Jjave their  'm'eiiure^  secure a good fit;Ji -  ;! ^Noticb;���������Travellers: will1 take notice that  thelEort^Yale Hotel isv now carried-on'by >W,  ^^Macdonald, so favorably-known, as* the  proprietor, of the .principal, hotel on the  BouglasTbadih'days?gooeby, 7     V *  ^EWiAI)VEETISEMENTS:^  '"0 THE ROAD AGENTS ASftOAE*  .y.yfyyiAXy ���������--.��������� -���������yy:--r-yyyyy.y' XryAyyX-y:! :'-v;::-.,, .���������i-.-y.v',.-y).-:.--.^y ;.' ,;;;,:,'     -- / \:0y ,��������� ;; > ���������' ������������������:.' "> ���������'^.  Clei Jobnson^a 'f<M'agQnl������1Affip:&  Stev:eSimmons,;anungry^traveler-*-,?   /.   :r  ,*;'..  -7    ,   ���������       gt H. 0 tt T. OfFundsky  Jea^rsbn%aebirigtoc^ land lord5 of^uckloy Hdiisor   X  !>',������,, Q. R.iMorehoseky  Chinese-Traveller?    . Bam CUow'and Choo Fung  "  ^g-Dpora" oko r(f isaii'r<\^(/o'f'!o^     Berform*:  aace tb'commence -:; 't y'clock.   >  .admission,$1 OO, .-ReservedSeats/$1 50. .   ~7f \.  '  Tickets?may be had on application:to Capt. Oppe%  Wsia-nFj or ������ is nr-j������ufrs oi* .lie 7-^i B?ig^e������ > *    L   :  II i;.    ;Po^^aletr.V: <^ 7 is  AJvrorking /Jha&m'te-^tY^  Ham.crock, di)d onefiililihterest:inithe;������a^te,rs,  'Slope'claim",'-French-creek.'^Going-td":Peace" River,  anyhow.-;  Apply,t^AlexJ McKen^ieJ: at.the JIoLaren  claim,       "      AAA       ' A '   '    '���������       :    xAyi  nb8 l  >.<#*v-*-*~~r;  0Am0  :J--e-.w s;l.j^,,e  '.*   ���������   .BARKERVILLE.  Barkerville, Mayl, 1869'  '  ,',    ''���������"  Iran^:^^e^)3urg: &   Co.  yyA7M^M]A0ti^hr^AA.A. A  A:y>i:xy::AAi'XXA77:::.71-17 Al:, ���������' ;;;;';���������:���������;-;*:v:'."';:<;-''xxx-;. ��������� ���������.  BARK-ERVILLE7 RICHFIELD,, A^D  A7AyAAAiX.x77ii7i,-A7y70AAAiXlAAliAAA0y  A supply of fresh meat of all- ^brv-miptlona constantly:  on hand. k> .   "x  "  |:gS|7^7;:7:-^::^^7i7  ;.' ,.,.. ���������>rA '.,..; X' A- AMxBiAx . '   ALL persons ore "hereby -cau*tfoiied;not to ncgollata  . certain 'rfotes drawn^'by;tie-t���������undersigned, and  now lielti .^by;i M?9v'ScVf OQME^vm: welsave^ftseUir  Walnst the same. ; .-;���������'.,,  *    >      y-< '   ' "A ABJ^B &B^RRY.  '   lfiG-iiiliC?pnr<.vl*KoV.'8*ihtI86D. ;   -    A tdMtX  ALL of that -^ ������*U������rt7vf;Hf and "paclpus bollcJin*?,  '/together with, tho ground 01 iy Urm'n as  TiE-Msift;vMLOGN,  0XAiyy:X:i > yXAxAyXyyxxxXAyyxyy y. ��������� y:XXX:: ] ���������  *. , . In Barkerville.  ,,���������-,' ���������   - -  Stebk4%ratt*dros������?V aaU.rf ������verJIKl Df?;: th er etn cop t a jn'eif f -.  :For partichlars, apply.to,Capt.:Oppenhi;imcr, -Bnrkcr-,  N������������������;��������� bohalf of*the proprietor,VI hereby desire to ten;  _ .; der. hearty thanks to thevyir������i; Brigade and citizens of ^arkeryilie for tbeir- successful., efforts at the  late fi r^ ;w.herOhy ��������� the::"' stahlei- ���������?: beloh'ging..% to if ri T; J',  Barnard was saved from destruction.-; ?; * ��������� *.-..  ;��������� -AxxX0y:-yxy0y j..bbid/AgentB^ X.';:  ..;-'BarkorWlle;' Nov.'.2af-:I860;- '^ -0y;xx. v    .-Vv  I AX APVBNT SIJKlMY^Knv^^th:)' and on follow:  V."- ^ ing Sundays,(Service will be held in the.Schoolroom h. f,-th^ u?1*^ hours, morning and evening.  . Tlie ciiiL^h wil?, be.'opehe<i'on XMAS DAY.t      :   '  Appropri'ato ^������sicai Services on'the following day.  no?1  .,v-;;$2o::,  STOLBf'K��������� or strayed^, froni tho Blue-v^nt, about the  Twelfth of Sep tern per last, a black, smpoth-h aired  ColeyDOG^a little white on the breaat/answering, to  the^ name of Can*.' Is. a heeler, ycry free to herd And  drive animals. ;The abovei reward will be paid to any  partr return Ing yhi m to Mr. WiJljam Wright, * B'l ue  Tent} or,to John Saul, near Clinton, B. C.      nl3-lm  iJpENJDEBS.'his sincerevthanks:tdithosc^whojhave  vi favored him^ with* their patronage^ on ;Hosquito  Creek;and'elsewhere, and begs to" inform :his friends"  and\;the public- generallyjvthajfe befhaa^coramenc^d  business at Barkerville in the etorerecently occupied  by:C.J0ODERO, where he1 has ^rStockof^vv v-iy.\iy  GROCERIES AND1 PROVISIONS;  y     -BOOTS,   CL-0THING7 "7   ;  WII^^IQptSsr T^BiCGO A&tMjM$  ..'';".;'������������������''. V:-JA .-.���������-:��������������������������� ���������' ; ��������� >.-;���������-, :A;M. :-,.';���������   *-.. -.. A. i -.������.. ��������� yV '��������� jy;y,.-j..; .v .-.���������������������������.'���������V'..'<'. -j'.j-'i ':���������-(.��������� r-?������"t^'j-i f J'-���������:' :'���������:'*V  '' IrbK'ING,. LmPLEMBKTS, &(!������  &|c  Orders from friends on outside creeks "^romntiy.-at--  tended to,^..:;.yXxXi'-���������.: 1 v - x, ��������� ;������������������ v.*-^ v��������� ?,r-v.--;:}:':  %3j? Consignments: of goods, from^yictOrla: iand  Colonial produce from* farmers will receive "his greatest attention and care,;. . :������; \l --y- Xt  I BarkerviUe; August:25,1869.r   ;.  At..   :an28tf���������  po'irrnlsrsti^'      ~* A*~    '*'   .  Boots, Shoes, Glo&ing and  7-  ,/  7 G-roceries,; /���������- x^a .,  4'   OF-.TflB: BEST j-Q-F-ABIT������*> :T ;-  For sale at the Store of the undereigned'in Barkeiy  ville, opposite the JBank of. British"- Col umbla 7 7 0' 1  . A-Xy ;��������� '0      ... ( -   J   u.i,.: ��������� - W; BBNNIE;'^"  yiiio?'  ni3tr:  A Branch of tho  ^Vvvi-''^'-^  iVMhe Magistrate's OOlce,* Rlbbfiold//or tho receipt  of Deposits,In conformity wltbvuTho ^avlngs.-Banks..  OrdmancajJiSeQ;"       .���������;���������**'.  p Richfield. 3rd Kov... 1869. ,*    ,    M  .������������������  i -:���������;;    " * J     (S'd) a BREW, ���������  t D06-8      ,      v y  Stipeiidiury Magistrate.  ;tY* , ,  Fo^S&le^ - lv-.,;V  7.|7v>^AT^iSNEL3^ .";'  :; v> :7.;.-f���������" j-  :.,' - Consisting of about,,. :^;    . _..v  S^boaibs; 6f Iron, Steel,  Ourity.\-  ��������� -������-:--     ���������';' -    . v.;,;;, vv- - ;-;47 frjjv^- e.-. .;..������������������{���������  f   ..,-0       Apply to T^^^OHNLANGr  > Qaesitelmouth, Oct.,1,18C9. J % '.X ������^ l7  ee4.tf  ns usual.  Sale.  BY.-the undersigned, at the 156-mile post, on the  a .^.qarlboo'.; wagon road,,a large quantity of.- ������������������  Institdtfe^-   T\TJRI"SG tha-en-autog winter tbe following Clfisscs?  ^.^^^f11 ho held in connection with the Church*  MONDAY EVENING-7.30 to lOd'clock-1. (Greek or  English) .the Acts of the.. Apostles, 2 (Latin)  f>sarsf^  WEB*nd.  iJVENm;s-8 &toflfc: till ia^Uitar|  WEffi^rn^i SATURDAY   EVENINGS^  ?h?\ *m������JU1 be ������Pen f������r Eeatling  Study  mte^\rTh^IriStUntS>is SuppliedWfiS  5?n^Tmg ?afi?zW������s or Review^;    Blackwood  S?���������L,!Js .'.loiMtori Society,  8t. Paul's*   Oncp a  ?^& TbeEdinborgh, ^terly^r^Br^  Sheet and Cast Iron StOTes  LL JOBBING WORK IN TIN,* COPPER, Sheet  Iron, Ziiicand Lead Piping, attended to wilh  romptness, ai\d warranted to.-give entire, satis  action.- Jh:i\ ^' v., ' -��������� y *,t%0 A"yiy^ '-  ^$ifj; iMyt-G*) i v^E^ro.j  *QR::SAIiR:^a/-lTi&U.;Vi-.>v -���������'  ���������E^FMRSON &ABROB.yA0.  ^BavkerviUo.:  /  m  Xde^elletir^a^oh^awiirbe  rates.  ym-%���������--���������-:-��������� ADLER * BARRY^  Algebra, ���������S.-AritnmctIcon*"flrsiWnS  FRIDAY EVENING-* o'clock till lO^VocaUnd Instrumental Music.   Choir practice   >>  PUBLIC LECTURES occasionally on Popular Sci"  encc and History.and-MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENTS  WEDNESDAY E7ENINGS. ,r   00yy  on  Season Tickets���������For the CJassesV&o^rLecturoSj"fy&,  I^.B.^Mofa Ijemeutary instruction given- if de.  sired. ���������    " ���������,:��������� ,-   ���������        .   ���������  oc27  JAS.  REYNARD.  AT THOS., FLETCHER'S .SECOND-HAND 1 STOKE  XL   and General Ropairing Shoplwiu bo found a  Lathe capable of Turning and fitting up  Car - Axles-  and Wheels, Hydraulic. Noizlcs.: Hoso.Coupling's, &c,  **&?*. lcV*lrXofmetal.W9.rk4o������ft>ylth,*uft&*t������^s.-'  ^ To bo round also; Cook ing Stoves, Shoot Iron Stoves, "  Pumps, Hose, Nails, Picks/Shovels^and alniogt every  thing rcqulsito for Miners' nso atlowtorice?. :  UPPER BARKERVILLE. 7       wis  0^y000lhy0ry -���������--'' ������������������  ...     .A..      . . .   '.. ������:**-.... -;j jiji._-_._-_ a ^-.-m.-..-.  t. .sIhM'^*h.  i. t*- ^V    i.'.f, i  ^  THECAglBOO SEMMEL  SATUKDAY,- N07.27, 1869.  MimNG'l^^LI^^B,7 ....  A  ' -6TODT GUtcii7l>v:::://V-Ay'���������.'.���������-.'��������� t  The Mucbo Orb coi wew prospecting last  Wk   and did  not quite maHe expenses.  .The Jenkins^co. got 8C oz. for the week, and.  ������ .in to; Wednesday bad.washed*op $&.$&?: The  TaffVale co. bad 72"oz.Tor the'week.   The^  Coombs  co.   bad   a  small   dividend.   The  'Floyd   co. washed ud 45 oz. for the week.  The Hopeful co. have got in with" t heir inn^ ;������������������ 0 7.A0 .^ker-s.gci  S justabout a foot below bed:rock iu. the!   ���������������>* 22-H. T. Sanders,  neijjuai- uwuu ,.,--v'a'-'v.::        .< commencm* ahmit. ona <w-  ��������� face.  .;���������.  .    coxklin gulctt.      .���������  The McDowell co. washed up 56'oz. for the  week ; and tbe White Pine co., 51 oz.   The  Felix co. washed up 28 oz.   Tbe McDowell  * co. aro preparing machinery to work with  ���������horses. ' .x'A-a ������0k 0j7 Ax -.x.  '     LOWHEE JCREEK. -���������,������������������"  The Victoria co. shave ran:iitieir tunnel 4x>  their own ground. and are now sinking a]  shaft.   Tho Kelly,co. intend, to drift \into the  .deep channel; during tlie-winter.; TheQala-  verae<co. aro rocking and doing pretty well.  ���������"���������* *    BEGGS' GULCa.^J^ r..^..Ayl  ������ There are five companies workingpon thtsi  gulch. Two of them are making oyer.wages,  and one of. the :two, the ������������������ Grapp!errcb.7 liad  been getting as high as an ounce and :$20 per,  day to the hand for;8bme';time during the  summer and fait; The Skym-col- are running  a tunnel and expected tostrike bedrock this  week. -The Red'DragonVcb.^are also; running  a tu nnel and expec ted to./ get. ^m*1this, j week.  A com pany n ear the mouth- of. tlie- guleb are  running a tunnel in the true Briton ground. 7  Tbe; Point. co. anf taking, out, pnj*C: JTbe  Perseverance co. are driving and getting* oiit  pay. The Laidlaw, co.: .nave* had a survey  made for a ditch, and intend to get out lumber to build a fiume, to be readyfor byf  draulic operations in; the spring;"-7 //AaaA.  " '7, ^KErhlLEY^REEK7('-^7^i AXvyly  The Grottoco/are m&fin#Troni ������8^^  per day to the band; 7;The "Frenchman^8  c 1 ai ra is p ayin g ab on t $5 -per day! to th e hand;  The Cascade co. have opened out in their-old*  tunnel and hare commenced wbrk! inside'for  tlie winter. The JacksoiV^  ahead looking for. pay. ;The; Stonewail 'ip.  paid expenses forilast week. -Brown k-co.;-  have bottomed on high rock and ^commenced  drifting. 'Polly &:co7have- commenced a  'bed-rock drain, with good prospects ahead.  A bout six ty m e u are now. on this creek..  ��������� Tm]^puru^x^yyii-'['iy77iAAlil  Kimball & McGee are running a tunnel.  Crogan & co. are drifting iii; the hill arid  waking about $5 per day to the hand7 Cameron &. co. were all ready to wash, and had  prospects for good-wages. 7 ..." 7777.,..,,,-..  MINING RECORDS;  WILLIAM CREEK. '  frt5er^ki^"-^- 22~HenryMeuners-  torf, John Galhkson, Charles Holz and John  Rosenburg, four hill claims on the west side,  commencing at the upper line of the old Grler  claim, aad running up stream 400 feet.  ^Tocas on the Dish co.-Harry, Orton and  Henry Lucas, two bill claims on west side,  commencing at the upper line of .theTocas on  ^Lhsb oo.t running up stream 200 feet having for a base line the Barker co's west side  line/- ��������� A. x .-.; :.-;   ,:. ���������;���������   ..:.   y  walker's oclch.  LOCAL MATTERS.  , one creek claim,  commencing about 200; feet above the cabin  on Walker's gulch, and running \ up stream  100 feet. -,-;   -. , ��������� -;   ;, , -.;,:, ,->  Comet ������o.���������Nov. 26���������Anton talker and  Adam Neber, two hill claims, commencing at  the upper lines of the Comet co., and running'  up stream-200 feet  To be worked as part of  the Comet co's ground.  Pogonip co.���������Nov. .26���������John Adair, Wm.  M. Brown, T. R. Pattullo, WnvLaidlaw, J. A.  Laidlaw, D. Cummings, L Oppenheraier, W.  McB, Smith, Si May/Geo. Byrnes, F.Campbell, Jas. McDonald, Felix Dausb, Af. Vignolo,  Cbarles Vailaacour, Geo. Spruce, J. H. Bas-  tedo and R. H. Brown, 18 hill claims en south  side, Seit:ahove and adjoiningtSie Comet  claims , 'Permission granted by. the Gold  Commissioner to represent the ground by assisting the Comet co, 7 y ���������   ; ���������; ������������������ 7 r::  .:.-;    Ayy'y X-  V.ritfiXCH CREEK.    .      -���������  yi  -A  Cosmopolitan co.^-Noy. 24���������Sam Gray, one  bill claim, commencing at the'lower line of  the Eastern Slope co. To be worked as part  of the Cosmopoiitan co's ground.  ; yxA.y ...y. ���������: KEmfercHEisk.^"- 0000  "J Nov. 224-Ah Jow, Ah Fat^ Chpo and Ah  Young, four creek claims, situated about one:  quarter of a mile above Davison's .crossing,  commencing at Chinaman's cabin-and running up stream 4p0.feet.., , ... ;.; y .,  --:.    .;;7;--;;;7iojDES^LLB7;- *'->:-;::L'>  Nov,^22^-Sannf about 50 inches of water,  to be taken out of a little oreek about tbree-  iquartena of a raile! above Beaver lakefcreek  ;and..used Jn his /(Sann^s) claim at the mojitb  ohsaidV creek on^Qieshel river, for mining  ^{ibses:^^^:^ ���������[Ayy00Xyr:r^j-r00,  y^'00'0''' >; jm^OREEK,"  ^7    "'/Ay A)  \y Nov, 22^11^^^:011^, Lang Tak, To-  bie, Tow and Ah Saen, six creek claims, com-  mencibg at thev upper, line of theiFpurrin-  hand eo7 arid running! up stream 600 feet  To'be known as the Hang co. -   :'  '"''���������������������������   VCOURT PROCEEDINGS^  (Before C. Brew, Esq., Gold Commissioner and County  ;.'....     ......     .. Conn Judge J- v:   W; .v:':.:.:.:. :'"  case ���������nECErra.'  The Coojros.Cr.ArM.--Wc have refiuested  and obtained permission ,to,publish the following statement showing the gross and net  proceeds of the Coombs chum from April ist  to Nov. 11th, 1869 V' 0 yy- \ ������������������/��������� ;������yxyV-   ���������  64 April '���������". . $1266 00  06 Mayc.* ���������'. .13049 50  88 June. . . .78700.00  74yMy\ \J"ii 6346 23  19 August ... 4967 74  50; September. 5690 44  78   October5 .*.   514 53  April _>..-  May. 7.7 .  June y. . .  July . . . .*  August 4 A,  Septembet  October.', i  T0N07.U.'  $4498  16712  11^133  r.8405  C350  . 7586  2466  1870 25   To Nov. 11. ; 966  .Expenses .17832  97  S5932404*  There are three interests in the=ciiiim, held  hsM 0������^/^iM^M/^^^omh^A  f}I^ .^?0T^^ gentleman  that vicinity* about three weeks ago, informs  ustbafconPerry creek the Tais' shaft bad  been bottomed and about forty dollars taken  from the bedeck..: Sluices; hid belm S  for ihe ^winter. Tho^ Armstrong company  had struck good pay on a bench, where they  tnfltttnl^mttch;d ^ an ounce te  Digoij^s at;Prrr RrvEn^h: Indian re-  l^lLgoU!Vc0m Pifct "ver, and offered to  nroin^Mn1301 fr?m which h* obtained it.   A  plJKtT������^.^^ e^P������ou of  and ppv?!^0W} ^ W1^er has been as mild,  cLlmlj^v?^ ^eal Pleaaanter, than a  S^^^#gl^^^ Thetherm^  iovou.lv A Ts dail?ing ovor th0 ^eztng point  ^ncu oitener than below it/        .7  ;. '**: y MojfDAT, Nov."'22,1S69.  : Lone Star. CO. v?. Renfrew, Indian Queen j  and jNew^' Amadea ;cos.���������Action: to; show  Cause why defendants should-not be ordered  to assist in opening the drain tunnel formerly  used by the Eclipse co. The Eclipse co. had  constructed a tunnel running through the  Indian Queen grouad ; the tunnel cayed in  the Todian Queen ground aiid. the water rati  into the Benfrew ground, compelling the  company .to stop work. The ��������� Renfrew co.  sued the Eclipse co. who thereupon abandoned the groimdj* which has since been  taken- .up 'by the: New Almaden co. The  Renfrew co.vsuhsequeatly sued the Indian  Queen CO., but in neither case could tbe Renfrew co^ obtain auorder to compel ffieIndian  Queen or Eclipse cos, to open the tunnel.  The Lone Star-co. now complain that they  cannot work in their tunnel, owing to there  being too much water overhead, and that  the said water is that which comes from the  broken tunnel and through:the,Renfrew  ffrouudiinid:the;Lone Star-ground. All:of  the defendant disclaimed any responsibility  Jor the condition of the tunrielj and declined  to do anything to open it. The New Almaden co. did not require the tunnel, the  Indian Queen ; had suffered great damage to  works by it, and the Renfrew co. had  Laying Over Claims'.���������The- evils of suspending that part of the Mining Ordinance  relating to representation of. claims are be-  ginuing'io.manifestthemselves.   "We hear"of  several companies having been compelled'to  stop operations duriog the winter, because  the whole of the memb^ers were hot unanimous in desiring to work* their elaims. : In  two instances; only one member declined .to  work or pay assessi3erits. during the ; winter  season, land the consequence Is that both  companies Will remain, idle until ���������; the ^arbitrary. mandate of the Gold' Commissioner  shall declare when work mu^t, be\resumed  accbrding to law.: There 'are [' many  gopd  rea8ouB:,for and aga\nst the, present aystein'of  laying over claims, but it would appear from  the circumstances alluded to abom^ that an  alteration in': the' law, by which the laying  over ofxorapany claims sball' be' left .io the  decision of a majority of the members, would  satisfy all parties except the obstiriate few  who are willing enough to -allow their Interests to he worked by others," but; are unwilling to contribute toward the labor or cost of  doing so/; We trust that the representative  of the district will attend; to !this matter at the  ensuing session of the Legislative Council.'- - -(  ; , PiECAUTCON^  cure. :.Everybody knows that, but everybody  does.not ^acti up to tbe axiom. ,/The fire last  year inflicted a great deal of: distress and  misery upon the people\ of Barkerville, but  nature was kind. Beautiful weather smiled  on the ashes of the town. . If the lire was a  great; calamity theniwhat would such, a conflagration" pro ve now ? Every care and caii-  tio'tf should be exercised in handling cindles  and matches, and a strict watch kept upon  stbyes|stoye-pipes arid eombustible material.  ^Vehavefevery confidence in theJefficiency_oT  the Fire Brigade, but it,is Tar better to ijjry  and ��������� avoid putting that efficiency:,'to the test.  RemembeiV theniVlhat prevention ;is easier  than wre^and exercise care in all dimgs.that  may cause fire. ���������������������������/yy0y'i '���������;.-. 0A[ 7Ay/  A LoctlJp^Thc Grand Jury, we believe^  recommenced that' a station house:or-,lock-up  for disorderly characters?%should be established in;'6arkeryille, but no attention seems  to hayeb^given to.ibematteri'. Theheces-  "sity for *one;is so urgent that several, citizens  startedasubscriptioiiajew daj^agoiv-UUfeii.  ^eln'g^&JSI^Hfe.rfr^n^ lightly so, entirelya  government 'matter,, ihe subscription paper  did not obtain, stiulcient - encouragement to  accomplish'theobjectin view.  ! DpXATioS^Tbe appeal lately made to the  Welsh men'! lo fl. ;the Pa'cifi c for' aid to ; the  widows' and orphans; of Avondale. Pennsyl-  yaniai where the dreadful .colliery accident  occurred; lias been ariswereil by the Welsh,  men of' Barkerville and vicinity by- a subscription'.ofMil(i0,:which has been forwarded  to its intended destination. Charity egyeroth  a tnultitudeof sin> - A/A,       ','.'���������'-' -���������'..-���������  The QuMz Mill.���������On Tuesday last, Mr.  Shaw brought in two boxes containing the  bolts and screws of the; pioneer test quartz  milL On Thursday, Mr. Poole brought in  nearly the whole of the machinery. A few  pieces have, jet to r come, -but their absence  will not retard the erection of the mill/ which  will be put up as soon as ���������possible. Air ���������:  ; ,Pixe Creek. Gold.���������The newly-discovered  gold from this creek assays 882.   Pine creek  Tueatrical. ���������The performances  at  the  Theatre  on  Saturday last were unusually  welt attended;   Long, before . the  hour  of  commencement, every seat'in the parquette.  had been taken and reserved) and a great  many more applications were made for the  front  seats ��������� than . could be accommodated.  Every part of the house was crowded, and  even standing room was in excessive 'demand.   The. performances were, announced  as under the patronage of the Fire-Brigade,  and the crowded attendance clearly indicated  how thoroughly; the ^habitants' of Barkerville and vicinity appreciate that extremely  useful corps.   The Amateurs must have been  delighted with the cheering presence of so  numerous an audience, and the: Fire Brigade  might well feel proud of the financial valno  oX their  patronage,': The   comedietta^ J*JTo  OWige Benson," is one of those sparkhng  Jittle pieces which brings out all the peculiar  characteristics of such actors as Robson, the  greatXondon comedian.. Comedy in all its  variety abounds in it, and there is no low  drollery required to move the sp^Wctators iiito  hearty   laugfcler. 7 Everything   is; perfectly  natural, and:all %e spirit of the scene is; entirely in accord with what one would sup*  pose to be actual life: :;Nbr is it ah urimeRn  ing, useless, literary efljort, teaching both ing.  conU'ived and written for- no other ..purpose  than to please.,:'It teaches;a very useful <ies- *  son.for^guidance-iri-doinestic Ufer:byrsFiowing -  how a naturally - disposed yirtiibus woman  may be led astray from the path of honor  thro ugh the iriatten t io n , 0 f. a top cb n fiding  husband, and the'"��������� contrast offered: by'.* tho  ready politeness of an admiring acqimirit-  ance,* suggesting the necessity of a cpotinu-:  an be of at least a portion of-those; gal lantriew  which precede marriage.; There is another;  lesson inculcated by Uiis choice; cbhiedietta  It demonstrates the danger of?: deceit,-' by  showing ��������� the^jconsequences: to^whi^h Itjnay  lead in family^affaus,Lwhen once an ..attempt" "  is made tb sli le Id W err6 r by." false re p rosea -  tation; although intended for^the^ best. ^ Absorbed in the -business or politics_of.metropolitan .' life,  men  arc apt to neglect. ,the  family hearth and give-full 'opportunity to  seductive friends to; disturb their domestic  peace,r and'? To-01)li^e^ehson-' is;intended 1  for ari-illustratibn of tliis'��������� social" phase: : Mrk\,  S7P.i^arker^^do'velbijjed all; the confliciiag^  emotions of: Mrs. := Benson���������sensifiveiito her A  iwabsMod.'������; :Degl oct 4and^the a tieii tip ns 01 his ��������� 7  friend j though:=rightly : d isp'osed^ w i th geu-  uine pathos.: The >sbrewder MrsUS.o.u tbdown ,.  full of resource and well versed in- the way������'  of the world, found an able representative"in-1  FlorencetYi'sPu<   A\\ $e roles were exceedingly well - represCnled, as was raanifest. by ,  the keen .enjoy meat of the spectators, so. iwo-  need not particularise.". .It was gratifying to. ,  notice how well the audience understood and  enjoyed : what authors and..actors call the:;  points' of. the: piece���������the laughter and ap-  their        ���������  also sufirM ^reat loss' by it It was sug:-  gested thntif the Lone Star tunnel were run  to the Renfrew ground st would jrern^y fthe  present.conditioa of the claims bnt none of  the other companks would agree to that;  The Judgo eadeayored to persuade all the  companibs to tome' to some agreement to  open the touej,'but without availrand finally dismissed the case* yy,    yl  iGomm^En0S!hQ Indian^as^been found  cuiltv of the murder of Patrick 0TBnen Murphy O'Brien, at the New Westminster Assizes  The murder took place in November, 1861,  on an island since known as Murphy's island,  Just below New Westminster, ������ Murder will  out" Since the trial and sentence or death,  the muMerer-has-coBfessed'-^  Indian accused of the murder oi Mountaineer  Perry at Bn'rrard Inlet has also been sentenced to death.  is the same stream,that was known as Nigger  creek.' It lies between Harvey an o>. Keith ley  creeks,and empties into Cariboo lake. It is  one of a large number-of creeks and gulches  in that part of the district which have never  been.thoroughly prospected. 'X.. 7,  Fbh ako Game.���������The weather at Bear laJce  continues mild and opeu, 110 snow having  fallen witbftr several miles of the lake. On  Wednesday a supply.,-, of fresh, trout .was  brought into Barkerviile, to the great deJlght  of tfes bbns vtvants. : Twenty-two large-sized  hares were brou^itfrom. Quesn^lmputh; on  Wednesday--^rarespecies of ga'me; in this  country, alAiiough rabbits are plentiful. 7;  Excess.���������Barnard's express arrived jes-  teriay, at one p.m. Mr. and Mrs. F. ������ ick,  Yiosa Hanp, Miss Lizzie, Miss Katie and Miss  Bmma7Mr!:^.W. Scott, ���������1   ^   *���������   i^  in at the right places.   "To  ^.ause coming ���������    .  Oblige Benson " was written by Tom laylor,  Esq., the author of ���������'Still Waters Run Deep;*  and several other dramatic pieces which continue to hold pbffiCssiotrof tlie-stage wher- ;  ever the English language is  spokeo..  Of  ���������'The Limerick Boy " we need say Uttle,as it  is generally well. known. -It is one of those  farces' destitute ot any literary .merit, and: of .  theiowestkind of comedy,.depending more  upon its utter absurdity rather than genuine  wit- and humor for popularity.   It was well.  represented, however, arid excited a: great  deal  of .amusement;   Altogether, Jhe performances were a great success. .The Amateurs are rapidly, attaiuing the proficiency of  regular professionals.   A little more couli-  deoce, which will come with practice, and a  more careful study of character-.aUpgether .  *������n^ from the words���������will render the Uri-  and Mr. E.  The express  Tor  will  boo Amateurs as good a theatrical.troupe as  is to be found almost anywhere out of- the **  professional world.   The. next performance.  will take..place, on Saturday .next^for the :  benefit of: thev William Creek; lure Brigade, ,  \yhena new melo-drama, written for the occasion, wilt ^'presented. ���������. ��������� ���������{..:  : Eastward and Westward,Ho!-^TliePeace:...  River discoveries may draw some of the set-.:  tied population of Cariboo from their old familiar haunts, and disturb to some extent, the,.  present condition of things here, but they  also will, if the deposits .are rich-and extcn-,  Pive  do great good to the colony generally,  and\o Cariboo, by giving thecountrv a freshened importance and a more attractive character1 than it enjoys at present.   Every.111-  dustiy will receive a new imptHus, ana ruvive ;,  trade. A short time ago we read in an Eastern ,  paper, that fresh gold discoveries had Ijeeiv  made in the Saskatchewan valley, and .".that,* ,;  larce immigratio'ii 'froin Montana was ex-,.  nected:   Thus the east and west are about to  fill up the 'intervening space arid a living t  chain of humanity will  soon be-stretched.  across the.continent and mark out a path foiv  the Canadian railway. v Ay  not been de-  {^ave ^fondiayf Weighing is good frgin  Qaesnelmouth, There was some snow uv the  Greea Timber^ bat not enpugh for sleighing:  ^etorned.���������itr. Livingstone, who .piloted  one of the Peace river parties up the river to  Fort George, has returned to Quesnelmouth,  and reports that all the parties had had. a  safe passage. The weather :had. been fine  and there was no ice in the river.  AcoiDE3NT.-Oa Wednesday, a young man,  named Wesley Brisbane, a member of he  Salt Spring co., Grouse Creek, while^.cutting  cordwood -'^^^^^^^f^^lSL    The Yale STKAMER;^It  ;his foot with an axe, making a dreadful gash. J^.^y the express le0, rule, when- the.  site  0.  aa-:  m  n:n  IheNew England bakery, returned to Bar-  kerf Hie yesterday with bis irifei.  stop ni tin in*  How?-Be virtuous md tbou'lt be happy..  : X"  "-.HBULUlW.Cr.'.Vt.i.Wii.UYrt'Ygf  aBJM^^tffta^^ f,1  fii  V\ ���������  . v;  f:J'  THB^DSTIlASt. *  pf:p.ass}6nfc;$$^^  ."������A foul display orl cowards bothy *<# <'-7F  Poispn^fo^  Argument  t oyool&sliiiia;use.; ,-x, yri:  ���������A .X.-'A AAA"Ax -��������� ^\ *~v;1,,,!/,������������������.������������������.'"  . 7 *v''���������'���������>;���������   ���������'    - '���������'  ',n3tS ifteaso>.5#ti ";   ;     ^  v^G^JWWmA  HOTELS ���������: RESTAURANTS; \JSL  v  ilcil isti,. ati������ni&i to il^mer jsi ns ^ ylr/AAl/ ��������� ���������  v ���������; 'More fuel pnfsliairie^s black fiirhaceypiles;  7 Spending time ruinous tlie ^whiles* 7%  -  ;>��������� ��������� .   '   ;������������������:���������. >v.i:i ./���������'<;;1.>���������*���������.- i������*%v * Xxy ������������������> :4 xx,f  \Though honors stillon;EdeaswingSF yy  ^  ^ . 0r.the:sacred dpx^fronvthe ark     < *"7  ��������� The olive-branch ofmleasure brings *  ' '"Purcas rmhVUat'dispels thVdark,1 -/��������� -'  "'"Or joy of.?M,ay?s-.ascQ"ndiug.',l.ark. v   .  'Life was given to jbe joyous, 7   *    ''   /,;  '���������������������������In honor to the gift bestowed; *   ,    " ii  ^���������;77:-;7v-777^--    Lose, that homo of purer, ploastue -: .  vy Wbich fou tli ves; such nurslinks of  /Coukiin Giilch  r"0 ��������� ~'     --    L. M. Tbocp; "  ���������-. ���������^������| .^tt*-.^,������������������-���������7 :"���������"���������. ���������_.; v. i?:  A ���������   /A-prizc.figli I has licen infa n; o-i I - ��������� i between ���������  >-��������� K a iri', f C o t lye rr. o bAM) I i.in.o r.7 v t he'fie rofo f seT-  ,   ,   .       , i  "J ������������������     -    X'r*\ ���������"���������''   .iir.!|i''v!  ''''-->'^.-\J,-.'V a^'%-'';--'  A, CuBious, Wci|������bN^T,he ,?Pe's, Moines  (Ip*wa| Register/ says :V A ^ntleraan^frpm  Adair county passed through ���������town a few  jo^s^srocejon 1^  tain a patent jipota cannon v that a man laboring on bis^farm* had^invented, which he  iays^wiU hurl a ball of death and^jiestructton  aldistance^f *forarteen. miles. / yhSjwpnderful  .j5������l\ipti;this, \yonderfiil,gunys( tbifee of se^eh  parts^ with sp^slx-'ftises, / Jcie power ptthe  canno n^^sehds^ tfie b al ������ KM nt i n ga!im'6 i miles  from thet mtole^ lighting-ff^e;Not I,; which  feu^%^^0^der4 i& %  tl^ballj ttf^B^  takes place'-which; sen two: miles  further/;>yljen fuse N^:34QlC^,dia*fySttdprbt  pels, the: b al I tJjro7 mile^'ft^her^apd n\tb  the' ipndInf ;the! fuses "and fchej -fourteen mil<es."  i-Tljls beats the gun wbrch'was once ^invented  ;to.;8hoot'roundia;corner. .        ,������     , f,  J-\'-..'-*> -f,'5.' -.5 v������������-v"������j- K,:a .���������-. - -y ��������������� y.-rx: ,vr        '   'v-������ ."  ^^si^Yj^BUEyEm^-f^ Excuse|irie-:fbr;troubf  (lingtyoui"saii a gentlfemah:pnpi dayy tp a  noted philanthropist;; "but theref;is in your;  'neighbbrho^ Jast ex-:  sir^sum^to-pay/  turnedout^into (thej street. iThe sum needed  istfyei^  j.he iieeded^sum out:of his poctet and asked  ^he A woman's tfwid*^?^  ^i^fhe'regliedi^akihg*^ pfit^  ���������ting'-' it; in: his; pockety " I'amll hir landlord;  Jlere ia;the receipt fbr^ the:fent; ^Hovy joyful  she'wili be; when yon- give: it 'to her/f  v    v  ?-* Poor FELT.owl-^th.e' other day,' at Bilston^  William Perry, the "Tipton Slasher,"- some  ti me jWearer of the: qh am pion belt o f ^Englaha^  applied   to the magistrates for : protection'  against a, virago; named Fanny Go,nway, ,wbp;  had  threatened, him with  grievousy bodily;  harm,   The Bench gran ted the" Slasher'.7 the  protection':he desired^7 /'/   7    ^  ~;Wn*GXir.?^Sixtyreight "cargoes of wheat, valued at $3,317,500 were^sbipped ifrbml San  Franpiscb^o the United^Kingdpmsduring the:  .quarter: ending September 30. /yy  ,  fFHB Probrletbrs of ^ls^^la;;a���������fi���������*���������Jw������]l^kn���������wn,?���������|^^  ������J������EslimcBUw^  6UBrrlenu8>ndtfiqRuWiQfer.tho������  Heretofore bestowed pnvthera, and trust that by.thoir.  usual strict attention to business they will; mertt-va:  tjoniinuancii of their^cpnfi(lenceana support..(1 yy  '*. Meals, $ li   Board, $ 10:~per Week.':, i  BREAD: ANL^^  !,Wo recommend to the public our -' x0\ -ty.-..-"-  GROUND    COFFER   ;;  :wh!en js:.a;<*much superior article than any.which ban  'ho had��������� from below. ���������::We.Bpast and Grlnd it oursc]ves  ���������and choose the best berries,',consequently :,MiG::I?uhHc  may be suf 0 of its'bbing frei from adulteration. >' Kt  i Ar?   ������/7 XxA7l   EATTERSOK/& GOODSON.  ������������������'goyEj^-^R^^jRl^ ^T  Barkcrviho^b^ 18, X869.  myld  rrHEvUN3)ERSIGNEm:.DESIRES TO Alll.������nv  rl ?:"that Be has purchased the Honse and h^iX^  the above establishment,': and '', solicits a ������aJ- - *  of-cn^ni^^eip-rico:;of?3oara will remain^, ^  ���������-'������������������;,' 1  AX I  -        I';p .lYi'i-wvv    -v. t       ���������-.'-���������       , '-' ''JHaOII  . ,  '4- i  V!ii*;tr.  if:*'1 '>,j^  1 .������?:<*���������'���������  iBAitK^R VILLE.  J. mason/  Proprietors.  J^  :u.-.  :<*;*������  ���������j-Viitv-  ilVV.  ' ,The North Germ a0b \oyd Com pahyhav-a-dei  c)de,d-'.to?open a linq *) tlie kVes7lh:diest^and  it iier having three new ^teaiii "vessels btiiU^for  that purpose in Greenock.' SaothiuJ.  ~ '  ..���������iV^suictdal-mania*is-ragitig in the Pinssiari.  ariny;varid- in a few  weeks, 'at the camp ol  ���������'.���������.���������:,  -., rttX.^'rXj-..yy i\y.z<\ \r--X f ���������''"  P.raftstissued on;.the'Bank?8 branches  yA.Net)UVEMvISLA^^  -,  F," ., .In the,United.States : -  CALIFORNIA, 7-'    ���������-��������� -SAN: FRANCISCO.  .OREGON,       - ..   --,    PORTLAND.     ,,  .,  Wm -YORK,- , -   Messrs. Bell & GrJNDrtT,  * ^gen ts' for th5B���������BantYbf U on treal 7  n. i-M \'T\~a%    rruA lyXArt*.'Xcritr X y ��������������������������������������������� t-: -'-.- ^-v/'  rfHE UNDERSIGNED OBEGS TOr;INPOftM ^HIS  J. fribn^sand the piibltCi that he has fitted u p sonae  In his now building,fwftwo^if* prepared?t^jgiyA  good Bods at a 'reasonable price. Those, who will  favor hint with'ihelr^pjitPOtiagef may depend/ on the  cleanness in4comf6rM  liHetnlcesllsothlsvpppprtunitytoromin  bob'ites^ tha^tiis ^rewory^basitrcceiyod; tbe-i IRST  ^RIZEof th������: Colony, for his celebrated -. \ - x,   -  00i000AA^ic^7A^m;x0iAAy0A0^  Board, $ 12 petJW^ek; - Swgle Meals, $it  *3.The;best:ofimaterialIs'nsed^aud all who1 vfeKlni'���������  class Board a t Ahe^Ahovfii ratef can iolitain the &Wm  tM?,ft|hlii3hmentf ^ ^  , ,|-;f-^   jt aaI1;llD;  IK!*  7r7i  -a������^������������'  Hi  And the true amateurswili hbiable'tp judgo.by. them  selvesjthatTsuchthonorable prize-l^^e������^justly  awarded'to him. >;    ��������� "        ,  ( N:;B.���������A large: front room to let.,:.     y'+f">-0''";',':  7Barkerville, Janr23.1869j -  '     ' ;' >K-;CUyiO   '  Y-V;^-. v>:'-'-- 'v----_.   ^^ _"j^ .-.- a'.Jj XX  --yr'^AA--"   y.  IBO-Nhlo MvpSto^..  rpHE nhderslgned; pro^rietOTS ^or^tlie n"b6ve' well-  ivl V, known and vravorahlyA situated; esta.bHshmen^  having parchaseU tho same1-.from E. Tormey, deslro to  5 nform theirfrlends and the public gejaerally tha tithe-jr  aro;now prepared to 'afford:eyery pcconiinodiUpn. to.  travelldranndotners at tbo^most reasonable charges.  iv^Tlve table,is supplied with,all the;subetantlals land}  1 uxurlcs aval fable In thp country^ano' prompt; atten -  lion given to the wishes of the guests /  J .The Barisstockcd with,5_thel;rpry/best brands of  ..Wines; Iiiqnors^ahd'Clgars. j d* -y ��������� T-- ��������� 1"-���������''*' , .  ���������'' Tlie v S tables arcspaclous a rid, comforUhlo vand vat-  tended itihy first class hostlers. ; A plentiful supply  brthtfh'est prbyoridqr;6fvftll -kinds alwayron handi?������?  1 A. In' short, eveiy c^hvenlen^l^'ad^ fhcHifcy^condnoIrc'  to the comfort pr man? and"bbaSt'wlll be loundf and  iha.jjroprioi&ta  faction to all!who may patronize the est^iblishmcnt: v  ^August 20th/1809 ,       " ADLER & BABRY/ '  general that he is' ti&wiprepared tovfurnish' ihcm wjia  JlroadjOf yh\s, >pwn% baking, bavlngis^cp red liio "assist-  ance^of a competent������ Baker, vwhicb venables him  defy competition. AAA: "ki.iU f00\,  -'He has also avfCOFFEE ^AtOOK'vattnr.bcd kM  abpye-: where hone buftho bes^CoffiSe/PlesaniiCakfj  ���������wiUtb.e served. v     '   : - ^... ��������� ' "   .  -   - -.  P -N;B^=sBREAD^DELiVERED "to'rail parts- of "iff:  ;Gr6ek..,  x   - y . y .    y   - tpy22 5m l  >U*i.  0A0XX0A00  QCESXELMOUTH.  '  [^AnExtraordinary; ca,se of incendiarism ,oc������  adtl.'wished to..be;,transppriecI.'V-r /'777   'l-y i  rA repdrt^crepiiinte ;fhe^  Pniiccss.-of Wales'/chi Idyen*->* takevio -^donkey s.;? .;Scores ;of iCritisht.snobs at onco iefi  tor Wi!<Ibva������I in tbe hppe pf afiraclihgttheVi*a-  iron age. of in Quit lie;- royalty;       ;��������� y  The folio wing'kaverliseme  recent Now -York ijia'pdr1^ ������*If? jfturwaritp'r  real It* pure .aiVd! :un^WiHs[ieated A-ftim\\v^iP  ::;/v,|[iQy:gv,.,r���������: ........ ..t  ON IliELAND-TheBank ^>f Ireltirid^r ,    ,..  !0N^;Jip:iGp. AndJOFTH ; AMERICA���������The  '' XiniX.miririTi*? "RftnV   rtf    IfflvliiA ' nnd^ * c'*^"^1-  p-iRoceivcH o-u Do;posit, or:A(iyances made on ahem.-;  AAA    TTELB&ftA^HIC TRA*iSFERS      '*'?  '���������������������������: ";t- -v.: ',;,"V-'v"v ,>:^New:,.rYprk-^i������:-"> xXf,,.-..3: - ���������..���������  ErW^3Criptioa;oi; Banking Business'-transacted  ,.:.      , ,     n, ��������� .-..,. . CHARLES S. JONES;^ageut'l  l}Y\m^Pv^}t;:Gmi^A.u'- .'���������- lyxyyx -yXy^0y.  Hlimiiii! ���������I.IWUI  ]\!:. jBoiitet, the !ce  wbo'concc  A. Scotch :n a n says he J lias: hb ^nptibn ho w  innch M rs. Si owe. got for"\iml artiple��������� 0ri Lprd  Byron. bnt:he is-quite"certainftha^:8lie;ha3  made a '* J)eii,? out"6f liim7'.���������'���������'*''     ',-7 :   " .'  J.s!it.libellous to call a baker a loafer?, AAA  i,t4|,;. the celebrated French engiueer,  Udved the" project^f*joining France  and England by means of a railway: bridge.  U aboiit1 to demohstrafe its practicability by  '. biiilding a brid^eathonsand .yhrdV in length  JWtween'St; Ma 16 and Sfcl Servari on the/principle .; embodied^ in''his  projecWct :Channel  ..Abndg$A'yl/Ayi / ' :AAx-7//7 \70lr': ,:7  A;^i;ehch cjieinfst. :sfnick by the nnpleas^  . an; t n e?s atte ii d an tion n oc tii rnal exp Io ratio ns  ' ih:iW; ibyHrted a me tli odef Rendering 'the numbers oj'hqiises.and 'namesVofehbps lis easily  ���������Vi-si b:le';';hyi' ii.igh t:.m; by ��������� ^day^ ��������� A It. cpnsistsV in  <...��������� vubb 10g'.tfie, figi 1 res;and Jetlehj",wi,t(i.a pertain  p.ii os p iio rip 'pas ie;' w b ich.; though not ^discern-.  .: i b !e in tlie. d ay I ig; b t, w i If i n t lie d ar k sh tne  with perfect (I is Line t'ness. ^Th'e7#*plI^ai(QiiA  xvonM on 1 y re<j| 11 ire re.n������wing. about 6hce a  monih, aud rnvolvei a very tiilliug expensedv;  ���������.,'.77.; IT  THE  BOXERS CAIlTRrtieJBS^  7 ' t/0r  MRKBRYILtB^  Next Door.to Sentinel Oefice.,.  A T this Establishment wil 1 always he, foun^ a ���������>. vfcli  it'; ��������� 0 selectedand varied assortment of th e"^ ! >  FRESHEST GROCERIES ^^ROyiSIONS  ; * -   ;;;.-:.-. >x.,m gAR1B0.07"^:" -��������� A0^y xy-  ALSO  .   . 01  jm  adoptodjby.hor ifajestv^s Wa*f'V.T������  9 '^Department; also'of :.*'5db bore >. Ilw <*i   .  v; foftMilitafy Riiles: '  ' 0 ' |!X ������~  y f^ATERPROOF^'CEN^a^--fo-   .  ;ipIDGES ^ith.enlar^  * for ������maU bores,: "adoptod by "  ���������<- f6rclgQ>gnv.CThmehts^or;c6^  ,��������� lv ertod :Chassq)ot/; Berdan; Re.  , mingtoh.and ottier Rifles: also  ; Cartridges-, for   Ballard,-- tho  o       y ��������� ^P^^^hdAmericanHcnry  Rcpoating Riaes. '  TTlicy ELE\T. BOXER" aro tho cheapest darlrites  known, carrying their own igniUon/and being Sc  ' Tho above Cartridge'cases (empty) or an eizca fttiH  for the different systems of. BreechJoadinff S ca  be had-With or without the suitable Bulled and Ma"  chines forfinffiling:.tlioOartrifIges'.v "  v BOXER; CARTRIDGES of -450 bdro for Revolving  PistoW; used. In her MajestyJs Navy. "���������' ''-���������'���������'������������������'���������:     '������������������   ���������  I:^���������gj8l*W������B CARTRIDGES of all sizes for  Smith;& Wesson's, Tranter's and other Pocket 'Revolvers.   . ���������  i^^*mX?$^$t Xclaucheux Revolvers of  12 m. 0-m. and 7-m. boro. ������������������--"'      ���������' -���������    ��������� ���������*���������   ���������"������������������  ��������� CENTRALFIiJE and-HN-FI^E CARTRIDGES-for  ���������all sizes and systems of Guns, ;-Rittes and Revolvers V  . Poublo'Wut^rproof aud E.'B. Caps, Patent WiroCar-  ���������tndges,' Felt Gun Waddings Wir^M*"*^  t^s,r isdescriptiou of B**ri4 a������  ^.ELEY   BROTHERS  GRAY'S   INN  ROADV LONDON  Wfl������hE5AI,E OiNLY,       j������l0 26Uft  A Best .Tava CoiFeo Roasted and Ground  DAILY.  ALL GQODS SOLI);AT.LOWEST RATES.  A Tbo-BARilsfully supplied witli^the;choice������t 7"  ���������   '  'Havana C!gars> Wines and tiquors. ���������"���������"������������������  ril^trust;by slrtc^attention tb business^ And  square^eailngf tpimeritia cpntiu*aanpO|-pt the-liberal  patronage heretofore- extencled to.md,.,.: >   , >    :   y  A large lot' of HAYWOOD'S .celebrated BACON (  for^le, at a very tow figure;  l':i^  A*"/>**' "v" r   '  ���������::: Febi',20{Jl869^^:;;^:^-;^. ^;-iivf ���������XXAyy0.&mx  ^HEjProprietors of I this well -known House tender  ii   their efncere^hainks toltheir^ft-ittnds\an(ilh&t;a.,  Veiling public generally^ fortheir past liberal patrc>;  .ago, and beg to infbi^^themttha^inYordor to insure a ^  continuance of the :same,sBoard and Lodging has kfn  reduced to $3 60 per Day; .Single Mea]������5r $1 OO,  |SAU-the luxuries that the country affords are mi^  s*tantlyLkept*:oh;,tb% "tableA Private Parlorinnd^Sfllis  of Rooms forxFarailies;, -The Bar is, stneked-with ibe  best brands ofWines/Xiquors and Cigars.; l :  iYWt,���������i:.}.!lSv������Y������������������5!���������-;j,:.S:-,i,.il ::best'Timj>tiT-"  m  y The Stable is well supplied with the best  Oats, Hay and Grain.' BROWN ^  :    Aiiccnfllmt/iii i H".-  Mnir \X '..r't CSfl '���������'; .   '.  rA'['"-':'".  u v-  >Quesnelmouth  G1LMS":%  'lav   .   I8&9.  X0  .        fiAXi^J������..   :,.  :'     .. ,k Lightning Creke,  MINERS AND TRADERS will find  it  to thoir i&A  jilX-/vantage to pnrchaBo at thjs'Storc,-where Utereia  A I^RGR^AssoRTarENT'or Goons,   ��������� \  pi-the^ry hej%^d^cr|pttondn band, and tho Stok '  constantlya"ep]enishedby,new.arrivals.  -The propne- >  ���������:-/*'   u'\t. ";' ^ [ ^T8^itfsell Goods! x  :   ��������� ���������       As Cheap as  Asy in  CARrnoo.  Orders promptly filled, and -forwarded with di?patc!������;  i y  ^       7 BEEDY & LINDHARD,  ^an ;WinklQ������ MayX2, 1869.       -  * '��������� ��������� > PropHcloi?,  Wm-  XX:  mHE| HUDSONS ^AY^CO^^RE PREPARED TO  114receiye aipaf valno, at their Store in Ea^ke^  ^illev 1 a;'ejcchanirot for ;Mcrchah3ise7GOLD BASS. L^  Sued from the Government AssayOfllce;   "  f    -Ay; -    v       Ayr JOBtf M.-WARE,  ).-' '   X:y--X      y '.'    -.rrAy .-'.?*  Vr;.v>   ��������� ^Agcnt.-'-  Barkeryillo, jqjy 12, ig6Q.   ��������� .    jol4 4m:  MESSRS.f.MEACHAM^ NASON aro .prepared; to  c .furnish: Lumber at: their Mi lis,.William Creek,  and as they have now a : :    .-:      ��������� : ���������v; ���������������������������������������������������������������  :.;;;; .P.L;^N.-ING/7.M;A:p,HI N;E.;\'-P  I11, ?P.e^ioni tiioy:wijl SupplyiDRESSEP LUMBER at  $15 per thousand.   Shingles, f 12 per thousand,   ;  ��������� "-v".',v"!. '"'au21 tf:"iA:yy ���������;'���������������������������;���������-.<���������--���������:.-'.- v-vv  McEJJTEE^ishes ^inftrm^his friends -and the  ipu;blic that he Is prepared; to: do HORSESHOE-  ��������� ING at v$s pets,et,;and all othor kinds ;of Biacksmliji  work at reasonable rates.     '"  |BarfcemilofKo*^^n-g69.v "7:AAj:y .     jy24t^  IN THE SUPREME Cl^URT OF OT1AIN-  LAND OF BSIUSH COLUMBIA,   :;  In;Uie m^jtcr^^0 ^ta^auCBiftcfcs of ALEX^  .... ANDER ^?p, depeas'idi:intesta^.V ,..:.A]  A LL persons.who are. indebted to:thorabove Estate  ������?k ������urt lSCLr cd }������V^^elmonnt8 duo forthwith,/  ������bl^l?Mrf0nS wb0 have an? cla^s against'the  above estate are requested to send,in .their accounts  on orbclore thel2th day oflCovember 1SC9:- io���������^'  Ay AArXA-Ay AA-y y. ������������������CHAS..:E^POOLEY,i/--'j.^'  t������������������������ ~ i r.��������� ������'���������'i 1; !-".*;���������,' -''-' v Om.cial A4ministrator;   '  i Dated Richflold, 12th August, 18691       aul4 3m,  ���������;-;j-;'.:;-NOTICE.' '*?<A00i  1)ARNARD'S EXPRESS WILL NOTBERiiSPONSi:  U   bio for Passengers' Baggage' containing treasure  unless the cbarges on value-of same are arranged "for.  'y.   . 0-- * JAS.  REIDy-Agent, "'0  Sept, 1,1869. ^.arkervilk  Importers:%nd"CdmmisslotffMerchants, Insuras^  ���������.7;' ': 01  A. ' vAgonis^etc;7- "  Wharf Street;    7-7 07 '01x0 7 ���������''Tictbiia^V.'I,  Importer. i>f: B66*kst ��������� Stationery/ ^iid Fancy Forcigo  Ai 07 'y ���������     ��������� ���������   1 ��������� Manulaoturos;' ��������� ������������������''���������' ���������'  !  77 7p6rt=s^ 0.  i^li7i0/x        '' A"'' ������������������/ :'-":A-. tt  Am  IB 6 0   RHYMES  \ BY? JAMES. ANDEB30N.  PRICE,  ONE DOLLAR  For sale at tho SEXTHrci, Offioe, and forw&rdcd.^  poet, free of chargo       ���������' y v. "'    "*''; ' , K)'2d  0\  .^ti


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