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 ��� ' ��� -fit' A.;ii ^f^^v-i.-gy'.Vrty/^q' 'I'ryft.vtrA**
Vol. 12.
Barkerville, William. Creek, -B.G.r'Bat-arday, TX<yvemher>:WA^87$^iAW^?7 '**N��r8;
. ���-/.' " '��� ���   -#������ ":-,-'.-:"'- '.:������������ .' v '���":;, ir. '������ ���  "  --<-������ -0-���:��� xX^xx'00%y:i\x x-0Y y-;W- ������?.
THE ���41111*00 SENTINEL
,.   x     Published every Saturday by...    ;
ROB E It T    il O.LLOW A Y.
:A: -J.f : ' ;.:  v��-r .?/������=��� ; ;���'-.��� '���,... ���:,-: '
Subscription,   -  -:60 Cents per Week.
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For one square (one Inch), (1 rst insertion,
".���;-.     ���.' onorndnth,   -
Port' w*o sq u a res, fi rs t {riser ti on, .'' - X ���-
4 '.'       one month, .   ���   .   . .-���
Agents, for tbe *���. Cariboo .Sentinel."
Van Wifilde,-'   ���>'.'
Soda Crook,.1   vVv~;
���f! (:\i:j(6b\.\A-100 'yi.
VYaUv" ;' -v    -   ?v.
New Westminster,
Victoria..* -:   >- -
Bean���& Co.,   *
Mr J.'W. T.iii'flhart. .":���
JJarn�� rd 'p Express
.i'^-j. Barnard'* Kxjurss
vV;.; Barnard's -Kitpress
do-, do��.
John Murray';
��� -   ��� .;2i"- ���     .lohh Col Imp
!��� i ������.'    - '     San Francisco
&   CO.,
410 Mont^otncry. st root,     ���   . >
Arc our Authorized Ag��nts;inSan Francisco.
yy  JliK CARippa SENTINEL.,:
���job.:;priisjt-ing .-office.
C:)at, Is: C iv c i i-l ars .Post tk' a n d F ro gr n in, m f s- f o v.
K-ills si n rl T li ea tr I c a 1 E ti te r tai n in e n.t s
jS32r* Sxec u to d w. i t Ji ;?i ea t n essA n (1 d isp a tc h .^g&g
.././'[    Terms moderntel Ay&tiyJ   ���
'qiiafe comp 1 etion���of! a seb'ethe for/ tbe reor-
ganization of/ tbe^Afrhy.   He wa9 sure tbe
conn try; considered this question At least as
urgent as others which bad been pressed upon
it.   They had 'been quite lately very elo���
. q uen tljr: warned against alar inhmt and told
-.that tbey should .put.their.trust in;Providence
'���lit the ebhscipusness of their own good-will
and fair dealing towards all  other nations,
and co nfid en tly. rely o hi t li ei Ps to wards th o m
He must say be preferred  the old  form of
"Put your trust in Providence and keep your
powder dry.57   Put their trust in that gracious
Providence which for so many centuries had'
preserved;.'England from such great dangers,
and.- bad  Jonded; it with such  unnumbered
���benefits, certainly; but still they should not
neglect   a n'y . p reca'u iion  wh ich  w ifiiloin  or
fore tbo light�� might .sho w to  be n ecessary ;
theyAshpuld"not: withhold, any exertion or
sacrifice  which might; be reasonably; considered; humanly speaking, requisite to success.
They hiijft n%rigbfc. to" * expect .the* 5 blessing. 6 f
ihe Almighty if individually or collectively,
or from sling iness,they neglected to make the:
reqni site Vexertion and:mcrifice..  Jfie . was,
perhaps, dwell ing on this subject afc unusual
length;; <.ibufc he dy? notvlifce-to njiss"thebp-
pnrbjjaify of, entering-his: humbly protest
N|EW    GO OB'S |
.7 .'J   .
-���$: *it
A large supply of
.^.. i- <?..
To tlie? Electors of Cariboo
���x yx7S^^MiMjooet0Ax;<},^ ���
��IW    n-!Tfii.rft
���jp$��. New Goods' will be deceived every
wee^duriug the season. +&&A. xA ii:
ygBdQTSy, ,SHQES,4\ 1,
:.--.���:���J' :.:'-,-.-';;   :' " ���. ;  ">    -'   -        ��������������� -,  ':   ���^'K^ /'    -,
Forfn-le at th e Store of the undcrsipued in Barker
.   On Mojiidny Earl For fescue presided at...an
!����� fluent bil .meet in cr at- West Buck land, North
l)evoti; and a pole e aV Rome lensrXh.en -the stale
of the  Army and Nnvv.    lie observed that
-rtIiey:ha'd:r^^d,,on;^ of nations���ignoring  the lessons  of
modern history. ITe heed not go ba";:k to the
doubly shameless partition of Poland by Russia. .Austriaand Prussia ; to the unscrupulous
-���' - v.-,-'.,.������ '������' ��� :<��� ��� .-���-������ �����'���"- .-a^-'-'t-vji-. ���������y^.-y. .���",���*���
io bfnf "n'^B'aa '-piiy��� that, with so many great
and noble qualitieH, Mr Gladstone should allow his benevolent enthusiasm and amiable
credulity to.lead him to make such an announcement asv be bad itv a" recent speech
He said that he had reliance ou the "good in-
tentibna of all countries, on their respect and
re ve reh'ce  f o r t rea ti es, an d ��� respe c t fo r l h e i
Gentlemen;- -A
;.  . ���; 7 .,.:������ "-.f Jin =pnrmjanceipf:.the .terms��f
Union, you -^vill\"^fipyri^i:Vt%;c<ill^<t.op jt^ji^laet
a member i roin our j61r>��� ^Districts to represe'nl
you in the nousei-o^te^mmon's! of t'Canida.
Ft >r. t bis: p osi ti on Inp^idffer my se |ft ,as: % c$n-
didate, and Bboafdv'^dti^do.mV^^
reTuriiing mo as-y6tti^^]|>rese��taUve I shall,
to the best rof{my-abili^strive-toprovelhat
your;confidence b��s^.n*t*j^e.en,mi8placed.iA /
;   i f; plea led I shai 1: ilselmy ���'; |best,endeayprii Jo
promote,.the interjesja:pC our /Prpvipce'tsp'far
tisv tb'ey"canvfbetaffecteB\by/Federal lie'gisla-
tion,:and ab6vefiafl}^b?.veipe^ito
bohd of ;Uniont4.thejTraus-coiilinehtaLRai 1-
roni\jiyAXy.\ ^y/yAAi^XA' 0AA0X't0X/*  '
A;| %Vitli. re|^rehc^tQ-.^^era| pbjitjeal mgtters,
I��� can oiiiy say,WtVprcsenVit]iat if \'honorid^by
y onr sutTrages, Isiia! 1-gbJ; tbftl^House'ofpoth-
tn ons nntramrael led > by; party;' :ph 1 igallons. [.
save.diat %bh^li^mlf0; il i��^:diU.j;,3.andJ^ the
d u ty lo t e yeryim ^mb.er^ro ni t h isiVyo^ji(^Soy
lend a clieer!nlYsuppbrV.tp^ tl/e Vwini^try Jto*A
w ho"? vwe'^.owe'/-Bur. ��� new f,birtb and. pbliUcat
e^traiichjsemeiife 7lA'
���i0x I^iaVe.:tbe!.bdnojtto he'00,0 AyyA ���
���Ai. A-A 0/0nt]^ne^X y!7:0xAjy^
Tour;obediebt servant.
;,-���/; yxyy f ^^pEKGEii^^OMPSON;
ft ?���������
.wcIl-��ylectoil BtockiOftho ���     '��� , ., ,
general* Agency."
various quarters," that the  Navy was at 1 hi**
moment more than a match for any two navies
in the world, and -though the condition of
their dockyards and naval stores might, bo!
be all that they might wish, yet they might
cp n fid e n 11 y. re 1 y .6 n A. h ei r. be i n g t s pf ed i 1 y i rn ���,
-5proved un d er tbe ad miri istrati on- of Mr. Go��r
'"'���etie'"hi' whose manly .speech abou t the Navy the
other day seemed to him to have niek; with; rt:
ii-gerreralfresponse throngliout,!tii'e*-; coiintry.
With regard to,the. Army, although he had
found much d;lfference,of opinion among very
able and distinguished officers as to the only,
great step yet taklefIn the direction of nrriiy r*ja{[r ^t* long'before, within a, few V*��w.
aggressions of tbe First Napoleon; he need
not even go.back to the attack, made wiihin
- the.J?ast fcwen ty yea rs.. by;. Eiissia u pon Tu r-
'IceyjAvhich'leii to the Crimoau"��� Wat; he need
only app ea I;. to.-. Vv ha t;; h ad,' li up pen ed al in o s i
With i iv; con te m.p o r a ry b is to ry, to what bad-
bapp;ened within the. 1 ast .pen years^t^ the
nggression'oh the :par 16 f An st ria/ and Prn ssia
on Denmark; to the combined attack by
.Itajyi ���:andi<PijUS^ia/ ^ppn^ustna^when^ Italy
reorganization���he. meant the  abolition o!
purchase, which on the whole he  felt it- ln>
duty to support���yet be had  heard  no one
who was not nn official under tbe Government, whether civilian or soldier* who consid
ered the reorganisation of the Army, which
had been spoken of as great and comprehend
.'Mve; otherwise than as yet incomplete and
defective. To fake,one fact only/one of great
and constantly increasing- importance.     Of
their 180,000 soldiers no Jess than 33.000
were lads Under 20. ^Tlmtwas no lessthan
one-sixth, and in llmse days of short enlist
ments they might reasonably expect that proportion to beconie, one.firih/ or: ^yen one
fourth.   The only positive announcement he
heard made by the Government, and that was
not made until after th&debate,on.the subject
in both Houses, was that they were not to be
sent lo India.   Yet at that age they required
a treatment, a measure of workr,and a care as
different from what a full grown adult soldier
did. as a two or three years old horse did coni:
pared with a horse of full age and strength.
He earnestly hoped her. Majesty^ Government would turn their attention during the
���reerw io the completion- the full and ade-i
signed a treaty of peace. He need not point
Xo th a t. w hiihl k\ih se qn e n 11 y.;. o ecu rre d-^-tb e
Ernp evpr [' N ap ol eon's attack upon,. th e Rh i ne,
nor to that which had occurred this very year
'~T-Prince^Gor tefebakoff s deli berate announcement that Russhr did not conaider herself
ho u nd, by. trea ti es,., He h o ped a n d belie red
the eonntry would prefer' the sentiment uttered by the late Lord Lieutenant of this
country when he said, with the concurrence
and adhesion of all parties, that it was neither
safe,, nor becoming for a" conn try like England
to be dependent.on (he forbearance of any
foreign nation whatever. ��� ' , ���
-A BARK'ERViLUE/    '0'a
droceries^ ProYisipns aud
TUXTS.  v;;'
IX-B P O'-Tv-F.O^Rv-..-. :.;;;
Freshest  Groceries...and
Provisions in Cariboo.
Roasted and Ground daily.     ���
Whcr'o a good assortment of Goods *��ilt a I wars b��
iouno. - :
I trust by strict'atteritibji to huslrieso and fair .sji<I
sq tiare dpi* ling -.to in eri t akcon tiaua.DC o oi ���, th* lib eral
pa troiiag�� how tofore extend ed Aojn e,, 1���77 Ifei'jf. ��� X
'arnara��� s
, .���.. OUR ; ENVELOPES
Properly Stamped, aifo now reduced to
12 1-2 Gents each, or $10
���for 100.
Our Agents'at way places use 'ail dllij-jeiiefitt B����ia8
that letters * re jAromptly fflrwarued tu p��inu>-.kaymi
Use tdgnJAr ��*��^* rmMtm*.
ill A V R h ecn r eq u oa icd hy s e ve ra 1 r es pec tu h 1 c pa r-
ths, wiiu.cali tfsialu'y to Hie elllcauy oi my ��ytitom,
iy again make public the tact that
Moses5 Hair In vigor ato
Oii KAMaING <JVh\ uiiu ed'eouuliy
Tli 1 s i s a o t a m c r o a sse r ti oilo n my pa r t, a s i have
in iwy pOHsjessiuu iiuinennistcstunouialscortirying to
tne HiHicesK ot my reroedy.     *" .'"*���������'
I do not, of course jjrctuiMl that I can make the hair
grew on heads which haveb��eu buhl i'or years ; but
] w i 11 g u ara n to t> to s top th chair Tr cm Val I i u jt, o (1, to
increase its growth, an delictually remove i?curf or
Uaatlriiir. ' W: D. MOSES,
,. Burkcrvlllc,B.C,
SODA- PHEEK,-:  v.: :  v ' '0'0,
''-'  : QUESN2XLE, ett�� - ""; _"
* ��� . ���������'���:' >'
'       ' ....
.This is to certify "that during last spring ray hair
waa rapid iv falling out and my head, was last becoming tj-ald, when 1 applied te Mr W. 1) MOSES, Bar her.'
Barkerville. who in * few weeks restored my hair to.
its former healthy state    ,        f��AVlD Sl'UBOtf&���
ABE prepiired to" furnish Lumber at their Ml'
William,Creek, or deliver it. to order.
. Havinii a Planinf Machine in eperatiea thej
also furaiiih ... /
���; .DBESSED';' LUMBSI yi-..  fan i  ���������H'H  M  1"  '���������Ui  IB8&S  '-��������� '���������  (:} *��������� I  0  ie*i-  '���������IS  ��������� fj&i  0  &.V  1'  vvv:  'xyy^y..  fll'ISffiSS&lmi^Ei;  A SATURDAY. KOV;.W, 1871.  i/eaten.inio good'oTtler?' (5nee :i!ia������ snfficieut  snow falls to afford sleighing to Quesnd-  uioulh travelling, will lie ranch better than it  has been for the JastUhree months.      :   .v  NEW: ad VTSffflSiSlsTeNtST'  Stoves aiidTinwarfe.'  THEtWRITS^FOU^ THE HOUSE OF  177 .:'/.;y; C^MONS^;.  7/   '0 '  ^vM������ qiiea'tipn is;asked,������wy da^'iwbe'Qj-wHj'i  $tte election* for members of the Eons* of  ;Cumnion8 come off?- On that point we are  Y-������till l*ft in the dark, although tfee probability  i������ that they would 'arrive in Victoria by the  Prince AltVed, which left San Franciflco on  ; 1st - NoTember.   In that case we way expect  (.them here by next mail; niidvif tbe.eieelioh is  conducted ; on: the *aan)erpfidciples as  thfe;  Local, which we presume will be tbe; case,  v therday ofJnominatlon might be fixed for the  1 after en ct of this mon t b;   Sh on 1 d t h ere ,'Tj o.w-  Xevei'y be opposition it will be a very tedious  ;.' affal r so; far as th is d istr j ct is cp h cer bed; as i f  va ftp th er [ m essetiffer;; is to -be "sen t -to:'tOni i nee *  ^about; the J ret of Decern ber, the return could  iiot be;: Ipoked: for. 1 o ny before 1i't Yehr uary,  y$b')-that .''tbe'; iViember eIect*':fbr'���������' tlievdistrict  ��������� %Uff}\ i tl ri d hi nisei f g ei t i ng to; 01 i a Wa. ab on t  !y,the:tail end of;tlie session.;.;;,W������ cannot:un-  ���������derstand - why   the A Dominion-Government,  ah o 111 d s h are 1 eft. th e f hatl e r: i n: ab ey a tt ce ��������� b o  f.Jmi jjr.  ; We , shen 1 d;.b & ve_���������' tlioujcrHti that taktng.  *: J n to ��������� a ceo u n.t. .'our. rem ote v si tu nti on ���������, and- the  I hatu re !of ;���������" the coun try, \ h e ,Governmen t won 1 d.  ;; tb * re; taken ��������� the earl! est op p ar'tri n \ ty after Co ri-  ' federation of call j ng ii po in th e peo pie of Bri t-  vtabGp^mb^ 'A  The experience of the local: election yihis  week abows how absurd It is toi\ alte.mpt to  tight with natnre/and hold elections in Cari-  b'iyoi'-at-;.enormous 'expensb in winter, when  travelling; is so inconrenient and;a fourth of  the voters are-but of the district. And' th ouch  it is now. too late to do any thin sf more  than  ^xeroineiohr wrwUtutioparpnTileffe^bhgrowl-  i o g, .we 'tb iiiji U[m ' yfeil thVy en t if ale tn e 'sub -  :.jf/5t witti thecviewjof .showing, the: pro per. aw-  tVioriiies that'the-peopio btfreiafe;not ehtifelv  indifferent a bout the: ;-roat ter'and of irivihj?  tlmm a hint to hold the ffen*Tal election which  ihnit take place['.next year���������'��������� at ;au; earlier/and  ���������more convenient season.    ���������  .As rej?arrls the. writs ip the present instance  'tlie Mein 1 and--:Gn ard tan  pnbI is 11es a 1 et tcr  fent^to iheir'special correspondent in'Ontario  by Sir John A.. Macdonald,.which state* that.  the writs Siad been issued .and  forwarded to  ������h*������ir destination.so that they should certainly  .,baye reached,yictoria by;thev last rauil.,.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTiSi:  00/' Piibiic Kotifee^1 ��������� ��������� % A  rjnflR PUBLIC AKE HEREBY CA'cTIONFaD against.  X':: purchasing or otherwise: treating: for. the purchase of that BRIDGE; AND. ROAD leacintj ^hereto,  commeoly Jwown as*D"AN' I KfiSON.'.-f; across the Qiie's-'  ttc-1 River,' H'$ f have;a claim *a������a j rist it)e saj:d:- E lie^e  and ftoai). hciny tiie p^rtuer of the said Daoielson iu  tho erection thereof. '." ; XiX~- A  -"���������  \y< ������������������������������������        -A x- :m>avid rohb.  i   Quosnelmoutb, October 28,1871. vuoisim  OF THE LATEST.PATTEKNS.  V.; <f  ^il'mose's  Ax  if*.'1:  ������T������:  Odjhing^at  A full ssseriraent ef  IN W ARE  :.���������'���������"        .        ���������'"*���������:       .     ...   ���������' ' ;.'". ?.' .-.' ������������������    i >'   ���������  at gead Quality,comprisiag:   .:���������������������������-��������� Vv      .'x:..-x. v  French. Qoftee Pots, and  .-. 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ASl-partics ntfebteri' tome, are nHjTu-)Ui*F ro settle  before���������aSlh.NnveipbRr, and any pttriii r g r t ti ���������  Hg;dnst.ioe will please fire^eit-.theb bftfore^Jisf.da--^'-  k..-     :"   ..'   ������������������    ���������"      '   .'! '     ;" JOHN'""  "  ;   Uth N'orember, ItW  PARTIES .I'REPAUlNa: :FOR    WINTEK  A/AMMlX.   SAVE3 MONEY!  By callii^ *% the \''x:  A������'WT,k >  Wijscfw they, will find*-a fiaft Jt8sortkoBt ������f.  ^0^0^^ :  D   BAKEBY.  THIS OhD; AN1������ WELL-KNOWV E������TABMSCHMENT  1 ' i^ always supplied with tho best of cvervtluiitf  that caii be procuV'Jo iu Cariboo,  Board; '���������- 'A $lif &Sr Week.  Single' Meals. - '<i& - $1.  BREAD MADE FSjSTHE BIST FIOHR  {*   The Celebrated  FRESH   GROUND    COFFEE,  A superior article, to ������iiy whioli ������������n he had from ho  low, K������ ������a s ted ulad (; n iu ud on the p rei n is������:s. from, the  best svlooted beriies,v.anJ warranted free froni adulteration. .'.--...     ^:       ���������    -   '    .-  j<-17 J. (i. <.'OOT>?ON|  rrsrvro  wT'nfld'inir rffi#^W?EB3'''if ^ARPE^KR!S..TOOLS,,. ,'  "0Ai- '<&7ix0' ���������   ���������'   mm^m^lm^m.'. ��������� '��������� ^  MR%rrWy  KGS 'TO  INFOKU;^R'':FRIE^i)S;:;::i^^^iiE.  >   piibiic. tltiit she has.-] eased the, we'll know it ho use  'formerly occupied by Mr A. KelJy,:^ .;H$    * ';"'..'  .: ' the '. BE^BmuMyi  Are furoisiicd iii the tnwVeouifoftablo style;;aiid the  15;ir  supplied  with the ;��������� bust '������������������ SVines,  LiquoiV, undn  'Cigars'.'"." -..; ������������������������������������'      '���������;���������-'      "��������� /.'   ;...-'nOIt.v  ���������'.- Kr.Kcf r o's* *Nk w*.���������All th a el e c t ion s in Vn n -  iCpuTerrlsland have nmy-bpen held.   The full  .Jretnrns' from Esq turn :ilt District tshotv that  Mensrs. Robtrtaon and..Co^nn have been returned, the letter beating ex-Chief Justice  Cameron  by three votes.   For Com ox  Dr  \ As ji ;h as. bee n re I it r ne d .a n>l fo r Co w i c h an it  W������[r Vn ppospd MVasrs; S mi)he a hd Boofli. who  .���������were ahead 80-fur a������ reported, one polling:  division- not; bay in g been heard from -.-{As at  l������rtit halfthe Isiand rnprnberrure in favor of  Ihe Canadian Tariff there is no further .doubt j  about, its adoption dnrinR.the'enaiunsf session, j  Tn regard to th? Mainland Districts latest re-  .ports from Lytton Btate thsl. 'the returns re-  yjeived from -the polling: divisions not previ-  ��������� jusly   beard   from   placo Bemlln  ahead  of  rCoxonti aod that the members wlccied for the,  District are Smith, JUbinson 'niul Semlin.���������  From Clinton we learn that Ilumphreyg and  ,Tamimdn have been vetu rned for LiHoopt- Dts-  trict by a large majority, . Kootenay can uot  be beard from for so me t un e, .        / <  theatre:  A   ��������� ���������   BAlihSA ������3LIJ8, SHOT;  POTOBRi P.0WDT2R FLASKS, ������������������ .   ���������  SHOT -BAGS,:. .     ,  r,'   - -DOOR''LOCKS,' P ADIaOCKS,,    -yy  -V...       . MSTAUDAilfLLSAWFILES  An d o tb e r i ar ti cles to oin \ii inerp 'tin. to in eu lien.  FORCE:. feUMPS   arid; BEKR ;MACHINES  ..'������������������.   pit tup and warranted. .  1 i'7p&/ STOVES: MADB TO   GipisB  ������t  moderate prices. .  Repairing of Jfetals done as'nj?iisi^i;;  ��������� .:':������������������     THOSi.   FLETCHER.,  -    yl\*rk������ryl\i*>, ,,  jumfsjf'-.  Siiii  [ISil^'OFSflE  Satnrday: E^g:St|rf|5?  ..THE  pARIfi^ ���������  "Will give a pevforniance for the  BENEFIT -OF*'THE  0 BRIGADEP  Overture,      -      -       ...      - -/'jknd  Followed by the laughable Farce of..  FIVS-; POUNDS-'r  .���������:::���������'.'���������������������������'.'"���������.  ���������'"������������������  BEWAED.!  Air Benjamin Bostlewaiglit���������Mr J. B. Thompson. . .  .   . .     '.   ,  7) r* Sweet berry���������Mr Gomer Johns;  Mv iSorrodaile ���������Mr II. AIeDermoif,,  Dennis��������� MrJ^rahk Per'ret.   '  At rs Bostiewaigu t��������� Florence Wilson*  LIGHT^IMG,; CFfE'EK  ... Tub. Wrath r,nj a tbe, end of ! aat,. an r] th a  b������gthning.of this week wag very coId..nnu-  mmjly ������o for No-yember, and almost a total'  atop wai.pui.to mining operationr.   This,  howeverrmil not be permanen t, aa th* first  bard frosfc: alwayB causes mo<?t trouble by  damming back . fche-'water iri;ditcheV before  much mio-w falk',' On  Monday and Tuesday  therf was a heavy fall of boow. abonfctwo ieet,  making the roads heavy.   However, a good  ���������truny-^eiglm have beenove^^^^^^  v-- ���������  ���������;,    ���������������������������'       " ���������>< <       ;-" 'ijkii .-. i jcuetft can be obtained from Hjp rtm>  lanw.n^- ������nce? *o *hat^ it .-should mm bet^.of the. Fire Br4dl  Offrture,   -.      - .    -      Hand.  ������0"#'>     .������-.;������������������-.       -       Mr Jas. McArtbur.  Uecituuon, ������������������      ..      Mr II. McDermott.  Bong, ..    y ^    .      Mrs A.KMIy,  (who has kindly Volunteered.)- ���������  Recitation (Comic).  >.-1 : Mr 0. Johns. .-������������������  Song,...     v- ���������   -    ..      Mr Wm, Frasen  Doors open at 7.30. performanca to commence at % o'clock precisely.  r NK RS A Nn T KA H ERS'' w i 1! fl ml 11 te I bet r; ad���������  vsi aiag o top ti rehas e a 11 li i h S tor e, where t h e re is  mm ASSOETIEIT OT GOODS  of the. vr-ry bf!������i. (U'������c:rip!i'.>iren haml, aij������i -the stock  constantly r������pjenis})n; hy nuw arrtvak.   Ths proprje-  lor.wil.l seJIOoodH -���������       ��������� ,    ������������������  AS CHEAP  AS ANY IN  CARIBOO.  Oro era pron i p tjy 111 le il a n (t f 'or wa r������J i* cl w i tb d ifipa t ch.  ?" J. W. LiNDIIARD.  otnirui-  GOLD eQllJSSiOm MICE, ,  Laying Over; Clsiiins,  ACT AND AFTKB FIRST NOVRMBKR, 1171, ALT,  AJ Minim: QMms in. Osribob- JUstrlct srft usrekr  X&AWHWtn" uriUiaOth U*y. WVi.,.   :  ",������'. (/������ii������eA.,).'v  "a. W,.,36AtX,  S^F  s taurant' & S aloon  &    DALY  KG TO AN Nr0 UKC1C,TH AT TK r.Y H A V.K R E3!<������ V K s>.:  IJ   'to the ^pucaa'iH pivinis* rf t������ iim'tly kn "������wn as Hi*  ���������$U   (iiorge Suluon,; whcrJ. thvy  w.i 11 l>������ ai ail tim&a  prvjairuri to'furnish v-   ���������HOARD     AND    M K A I. S '  ^OP: THE   BEST   QUALITY.  _     f'.BAR    - fuvnislicil with th������.'������������������������..-.������. IVIMK������ ,  J.1QU0KS niul CJOAKS.  psr Weak.  ^S-S!'JCS^  :,--.. .^::'>!yj^;.  SX  :'VVj  j;  J.   ROBER.TSON  >E<3S TO A^XClliNCE/THAT 11.15��������� li-AS OPKNKO *.  J?{.vvh'-:-'f'r- Vi;-:ji;#?:'^v:.^ti-r--*;-):-.^ ::' A:: :,  TAWQj  At, Si;^KI,RY,;,- ;-' LiaHT'NJNg,-OUEfeCy  Tho:-Tahle will aliv:i yk��������� h������v pup[>1 if������:if''wi t!i tbv������ ������������������ 6i'St  !i.rt ic i es ��������� tli a t oau h o go t i n ;������������������ G;i n lin ij,a ii tl .tho, Bar w i t It  :lho'. _'.    '     "; ;���������"������������������,./ . . .. /.;."  ?; Finest i;^  Akin  ' Stahhn-{hlouthjiiist'Cbamie'CraekJ' r  I '.7{'-.. j-::. April 20; -1871 Ayy  ap2-2  Store Street (hetw^n TJeralr], and.Fisgard)  ;^v':;^yj������fORi^ ���������":./:."  ANDREW; ASTRICO, 0 ��������� '.���������'-.'A. .. A, pKOPUIETOR.  TheTfifcH(jotnhio������ti6u������ aiifl clean Hotel in Victoria.  It ij< coij'IucUmI onthe- Kur'������p������jiiu prhiiiipio. The tahia  is siippH������������i with the very Wal the market atlonls.  ih-aifl at all hours of thoM-iy.   private Iiining-  Raoms lor fauiiiivs.- ;  Boar������l and Lo-l.Gilijr pi'jr werk." $5 ftO aiifl $(} 50.  Vor ihiyi $1.   Suijfli! iiK'iil!.,-rt7^citiiir.   tle������U������, fiQc.  &&- Firs prool Sato in the Hi-ujss. iuvO 6m .  Van Yolkenbiirgli & Co.  detail Butchers,  E,   RICHF'IELDI  ���������������������������And���������'  ������*I*4t������  A  0. C.  A SUPPLY OP THE  .JUVWATS IKK WK$.  if!  W  Xi  m  M  rx  X  y:  mm  XA'l  I  m& THE CAMBOOSMTINEb
r   t'.\
.���;,.;; ,   S&W&jteY^NQV: 1S;j1��71; ���
i^ Thei morn in^bf iOTiirsday^ ICtiffNd^iiiberg
":'bi'oke cleaf fent frosty on;;Wiil'iapi Greek,; and
^tlje ^
Valkin^ aiui sleighing: as far as the road;jf rom
Richfield.;, down  tbe; ci^eek; isyAsAe^peiheit
Ou tside, hpwevor; the: heayyi'flmJwiiwhicli. had
l\ilten during.-the. two previous days made,
travelling from other creeks:::ver^bad2';.Sev-.
eral; /par ties1' ��� w ho . w er<e; j i v i if g- o ii Twig Ji tn i hg :
te red a t Va ri w in kle^l h an k s -to' the ab s n rd
the whole- toreiippo'vpthrg wAavwy slack.
The^ead^waV taken at,- the atari'by Walkem,
T.hompfion,^,: lB6o\h,32 ; /JEyWsr.12.v I?qr
the  nebxt ,two, ��� hours ^things fwsfifc a little
} >r$*kg��fi$ppi\k:. an d K va nap nil big up: alt 111 e,
ivnd^at; jt\^^ A numbers(i were70.
Walkem, 1^1 s^Hiintpr-,.77*; Thompson. 60 v
Kootk,: 53 ; Evans; "25.'., v;At three .o'clock:4-
* AValkem. 122 ;���'HutfieY, fe^i.Thompsnu. 10:[
Booth, .(^ Un:
':-1/nnr'J ni crei voting ���.kept/bri8^aflier-"'.whiclr:'iaM,
few������*}y\\ggh)n:Aontiimed to drop in. till tlie
et-^nf  t hi* j poll '.nt four o'clock, when the
���total uumbpis^iyod.:       ,'.
,.,;   Tif'!fup^utl,
B Villi,
EV.JII"*;   '
,-,;,.-.,,. m A
yA iyAm-Ax
.,: 7>y    VAN^yiSivi^; vo\.r,ix<; myisrox.   y^.   ��� ������
A? ��Vtt*tVpnHi.l<l 1??tliif/gs^fKJItS.ii:!!rely-."a��� Alfier^
4y>}U%} >fn: front' ;i iti&jF;��t> j'Ki 6jr_fi|).d.i:;'Eiftm-1' the
iiV,f j uni! n:icaii��otI|5;: and^J^atisi triiSJi;. the lead]
.*��*r��V;" k^jn i: j fu: ^hSi uKth^1 r/riiaj <j r:ities iiH, > fiiie:
fti.ns'f nt- the ��� f����ii.' "Walkem. followed with An
fi rs fc. to: ! i\ sfcvw e' vh f a r/ h k ti 11 ��d.: a n d '���. j t���: was-' ey i *
d��nt'thsit*.liie*-j:F-iifffctning CtTek voteiV were
detci'inine(1 to.do: 1i_h"a>ifr-.beat:to, return the. nieti:
���froinih^ jn
f?>itkld aiid had fiecu'i;t��d tlie pledges' Of ��job!
-th^ voters in lite diynsioir^fore opposilinn
y 0 tea stood: -~i A.\ Ar7x -y 7
Bichfieidi bIu"t bad there:been one or two more
running ��� ihings; wotil d ha ve b^nCniuch more
1 ively./ JVhen..the Liglitning Greek news.was
received in;^Barkervilletebout 8 o'clock, the
friends; of tBo6tJiftU
tied1 tMr^feeliugs bjrbearty cheering. There
was; however, no ill feeling; bet weenie; slip-,
porters ofrthe'ditTerent candidates.   " - -
The returns haye yet tov bef received from
Keith ley; Williams Lake and Omineca polling
divisions, but it is 110fe probable that sufficient yoieswill ���be.casijn^ho
*Uer the result fi'ora wnat it now appears,
a'n d: we-miay -��� \ h erefare: con si/leV; If essrs, Wa I fe
of Cariboo.; What vinay hex ihe'etiect if the
in es��e a jrer in Dm ine ca -. h ad not 'aVriverd 1 on
not unlikely^ WQ canndi.sa^^ilfc. is ^possible
that the whole elfction.rrijgbt'be;inva]idated-'
As,;regards tha:ivsujiofc the poll,,public,an-
licipa i ion"�� ha v�� pro ved '��������� to' be 1 pretty "nearly
correct, althoiud), .some of. .the ^ rfig\\res
vary' fVopi ���what Had been >xp.ected." Tim
orihcipji\\ <7*me of;Mr^Thompspn ruWuihfr- so
much: '.behind 'was : lusAoieuiigh: can did ate for
the. Ho'nse 'of "nommioiis ;' a large^Tinniber !of
vole.rs/who"; had,promised .hitn their snpport
for ill at v osi t i on h a v i n c e xp ressed 'thei r. he -
jejV fhat J-hk duties of a :dtial;rej>resentaHye;
it least for thisj next sessibnf'���coiildi not'be
satisfactoi'ily performed; ,
\m nk c A0M h \ 1 e e v ery stage 11 ea ves w i tl i
loads, of^passenjrers ' wbo vare^fcoins fai
x0/ *- M-miNff intelligence;
. - X' 7A.-1 ,   A  WrUiIAM CI1KKK;     -   ^
- Tlie Forest Rose confer part ef- last week*
washed ^150 ioz. - They^ ^have stopped*tbr>ihe
presen ton acoount of' ice, i ik the indite h; but,
expect to Sturfc to:*��� work agftin sliortly. The
;B��narafc'<co,' 'washed 52 o?Xy They" have "also'
bceii -cbmpeUPd ��� t(i: slop work- Ori-the surfaced
theii-iwheel being-trozenAip. ; Tliey are fixing;
:u p:so��� es to���: work.-, tinder, grpund; ^diiring/ihe
wf.n>&  - ;. r    /   'y-Ay/'/\% A/' /
'     ,^   ��-"������   -'���  ^TOUT'S GULCri..* '    ' 'iy' y,t? vv
Tfie^JafTvate co; have been sloppedlitiy/ihe\
:fi*ost i fronV -wb i;k j ng: b n... t op;; ?v. T hey 7-wii jl '||)% $/
ably rtfck below, all winter^  ,,..* --,���'��� -v.-, >>".;���/>.I' ���
: ��� r "-    j   ' jaowhb'b oaKEK. - ��� * y'''   A
vT The' Victoria ooblast week washed"(3.5' oi?,
but have been* forced to slop their;wheel.
(They iii tend, liplsting^by lwii.df.tlns>-winter-^ *
Bri&f^"jco^^0i��PMnigUhem.tnqneMtoip .the
deep chauneb'���>-,* ���.- . ��� :.. *-^' ���:-%:; r, /.-,
The;Soiith "Wales co.last;week washed 150
?6ili.C-lffiit;.^ hy ice in
-'thiir^ditdbi "The Yictoria-.-poA. got lii led mp
-airain^as withithe first frost;the creek got nti-'
���jNoble cp^rNorA U^ReeoidediVinifavor
Ab Go w; 500 1 eel.; ^e?recpr4 ;" And iu;iavo,r
Ah^ing iind3 Ah Gow^wo bill cJaims ironting
on Bame^tb tbrinfpa^t^lal^o^^^'J ''"  ,>
ooMTKittiiiEEk;l;;' _ "
Ah Ling; twovititf; claims' ;oii leftside, above
the canyon.' "��� **    - ", - ^ ":''-*l/"  ���''' *'x'y
> ?���'.���*-��� **.". '. -^i, i?KTBRa grkek: *f:?���,��� . ��� 5 --*.-,>
'   NoT>lo^KecoTded^
(Hnd. Ah Tojiff, t.wo.creidUelaimsconitnenaing,
#|.moiitbrpf iiasfordcreekyinnuiugAipstream.'
WinkguIaCH.' ,rv
' ��� King Solomon co.���NovV feliecbrded -iii
rlWvor' of - W inA-A7 JoPes1 ��� and* Wm. T. Jatfia,
4^0 iuierestsr* dterrocoi*d^^ vvmrv^^ ��� - nxy'
00 :y 0A -c^^KiA^i-imLm^/'xAX^il''- :
I. ^Nov, IT���Recbi^deu jjf;f ayo>!bf Fras. DoW-
yi\,,y\ ..<���:
Al though ;they ,have 'not got -fairIy..v jn 1
c h a Uli el A en o i tgh ��� h a r: been v seehsv to; ^ she
are;% bouV1 hinnin g' 1he remainder of tli6i r
'drain tunnel-by contract.   . ; ':��� - *��� 0
���* -y.i'!''i.':.."yy.
',. :-x-yy.\
Booth,   - 0
Kvans; ���-: '
^Ikem. ���;;
Hunter,-     ,
: Thompson.l
:  ;QUKSNK1 .MUUTU PO t.t"fX0 I)fvi;sIO.V.
liyielegrapb,;we;l��ara that the poll stood :
��� ��� \Valk^rn,;.'-- ���-. 0 X;0 .���'-;...;.,,>���   ' : $
���. IItinier,   "17;���;-;..-/A'--.��� 7.1700 .      $
'.Booth,- -.;''.,-���?',:-v-;'*    -'.������;'-  :-     ti  .:
Thompson,   ....   .       ....     ,   \
The eVetion w��s conducted throughout in
ihe most orderly and peaceable manner; in
f�� c t there was an absence up pa ven t ly of in -
terest, although the voles polled was ftilly'as
iarj<^ a�� could have been anticipated at (his
season of tlie year, especially after so many
voters had left for the, lower country. Had
the ol^clion bee.it a monJIror six weeks earli*u\
as it should have been, the vote would have
been a gvru deal tarerer.. The ridiculous
pr<��viHions of tlie Bribery Act bad a depress,
ing effect, and rendered ihe proceedings of a
full loa'ts.;;or;; passengers vwbO;,-arei:goi
spend 'the winter in1 theMower counftypr visi
their !o 1 (t homes. we co n \} n\ i e ..^iai ]y < to ree ei y e
^ace.rFjiions tp^bnripopul^tibn\frp#^^
ji ri n ci p all yv o 1 d^ Gar i b oo i tjes;'  A mo n g - th ose
who have'r^tiirhed! lately Vire'>Messrs; John
evoxu-X. W^Stephenson. Jos. St: Lan rent. V.
Af,cKwan^ <T: ^.funroi F: Hose, and manybjhers.
what han  been   al ready r publish
���rood .prospects had  been lately struck  onj
"Gcrm'uoK^iv .creaky; ^
trot "so me. good' pa.^,'. but the season ,was too
'far: a d v an ced to^ te 8 few he th eS i t w as ex tens i ve
or nut.   .The deep, shaft on:.Skeleton; creek
had been ��u ak to!' ad epth .of :���,- 75: f��efc wit ho ti i
s! ri k 111 g bo tt-0 m. an cl t he   co rap any i q ten d
fputting-.. it;..d\\wu, to,;��� beet rock/in ihe epring:
The, growtiii-looks_.';.very;fayorablfA--a:;-'deep;.
hvd^otibanlMay lijce^i
be;spYne 1 iitle. prospectihg clone during . the
winter, probably from To.to 100 meri;remaining in the mines. . The/general.0pijiionaTnohg
those5 wlio ��� liHye , com�� down appears,to be
that there, wiir he:in ' good mining- camp ��� in
Ominecn ut'xtsitmnier for two or three hen-,
ti red .men.' b ti i.; not li i ng has y e t i>e e n strn ck of
a permanent natiire. or in any way.:tb he colli-
p��j red wi th the o 1 ft ci ai tiis of Cariboo. ��� "������ 1 Ip Wy
eyerc i f the cost pf 1 iv i ng ecu I d th ro ugh trai 1 s
bethg opened up; be inaierla 1 ly '���;���;redtteed \.
miners could make a little d urieg the summer;
^A'Cbmpahy'ha^ ,be^
n el i iv tti is: p ro m i sj n <r; H'i b u tary 'go f i Ligh tni ii g
c reek. Go Id'' thas, j b ee n ��� t on mL4-1 o n g^ sin ce o il
high  rock,  but the .deep ground has never
���been-tested.   -    A     y       / y A".   '  "/ \-
���,,  ���y  \y   , ">y \ vojiorsiSvOR^K^ A * 07 0 7- '��� :>v
start ainkingjin thefdeep ground.^Another.
compapy has Pl orated .s^ largeclai in ,aj).ove tbe
Lady'ot" the'Luke: , "l'helieron ,c.o, are.going
to ;con tinue Warcbingio.^ 'in
"tlfatrelaim.' ^ y- ��� Am'i0AAu-: 70: >-xx ��[ ���
���   v' .jack 0^ Gr.unsiGREEK; 7:7
i ^Ktf fel rat G h in fee Tco ���; last *neek w ash ed; 47-
ozls rThtitTwo^Siliters^co. \.have.; not:'broken-
through the^mck: jntd the^chadnel ^yeiy but
Expect to do so hourly;"; .A'/'"' A ��� A y.
The* Ambrbse cbV haYo, sunk their blind
y y y KEGIST1511 O"F:: TH RRMGM ETER-- ���:'
jNov/ber;.taken at9^a.en.eachd!iy(Jshowiug^be '
'highestxandv. Uiwegp,. i-angoyio^precediug j24";-'
houra: ' A '
November   1-40 " ''  ^   0' 1*5    ���*'   ; ��� ������ ���:
r   ' :r~1~  ��� 0$0iYA00
���  ���  ������    '���     ,:"'  ��'-T^.O*.tY ���>���-. tf> ������������������-,    .���*���*'.-���   , -r ���'������-.������ -<X    ��� '
0X0 ^yyymyi^X0fy7y0^ .,..
������'������������  'V ��� -1 ���..- ���  .-.'.-��� .'���>'?' '.���' Z.II    ~j\*. ,;t-...,.,������: .������   j.'!,.!);.'..   ���'.���'-.-..-}  V>. ,"'     '
���;���';/;-     /"���"'���   ;-,:'��   ��(T",",V     "' y?      '   Vv-   "      "ftO'i       :���'   - ,   -.ve ���    ���     '
//-sit ^jrHt,^^^f- * -?f: /ri-;"' : -?> '������   " ''��������''''-''' '
';V-     Kt      ��� A^-SS^.,    ,   ' ; /, ,10    ,       i    r
'3v below zero.
-���, \,,   j ,''-14���18 ,-      y1   .   ,(i,abovft zero .
1 f ��� PASSENGEUS.  "
' > Byv.Gerow^&jlohnsuu;s ^press^/arrived
Nov. 16.���I1'rom yale^JX^Gly.nn, jo .Barker-;
villeTj^Latjm^" "^���'-���"-**'*' -"'""'-1 T/*""~!��>iMr^f,^:
Lytipni;:. :i?rot]
vi t tef; ^Isijm-er^'omaho^a
)ii;   From v Soda; Greek���:-Wi' B,
Steele.��� ;;
son (10?, w).Kj;: Mo rgsin, ��� $$ t ii .Jlf i��yd h ,"_' S.; G lo y^y. ���
���A i me, ;Ma^a me:Sa I lan^^fi^Y? \*0/A. >; ?|5'
���'\bow^���]1y-Ba:ft ���
shaft in tU tunnel oyer.30 feet without gat- jl2���J. Z: Hough. John -Thorn*. .Henry -f.
ting ihottpm.'No such deep jchannel as-iliis n;horneV\V. -M-. BrLsliu;:;J. Glendinrtin; Josepli,
has ever been found la Cariboo. Jauies, for; Yale..    ; ,   ~A-t ,:: < . t'-
= -     -MINING .RECORDS.- ' "     /     -
IA-. Ball a rat ..(jo.-rrKo.v. 7e-Hecorded in ffiyorof
F. Ketflelder. 2 i#te.ri'sjs��.:Wm
DanVCar^y Wm: Dodd, James pingwaU^Aa'-
dre w FI eI feber.,1.Wei1ey->Hail;l? Joh n VMc Al lister.
e s t: Wiiii'ii e fl'a res, G,lx She p h e rd, Jo linIBq w*
ron.;each: half .interest';;..Maicoi.in;.^Ictpnajirf
Job nil lin ro.. Bonal (l;:3V) ci? wa tiVVa cb5.-:.61&' i n\
terest- t e"."re6drri of 200(1 te^t^y llOO,;inclu(l-
i'nff. the Ad a ms'br Cimffey co. ':-' -������������; |v
, *rj!mGHi';:*;i?wKtc. ; ;;.:";-.
Gape's dee o,���Nov.. I--R: eoo rd e d i n fa vo r o f
(li;itlitdeyp digftlug^^should besmickthesec- q. p;(;y^e\\.:0:iie;hul7mid^^
'ti ori n^t ay e v e n tu at 1 y b e co m e :of; c 0"ns'i d er ab le re-record."'
im po r ta 11 ee. It is eon sidmid hy a. good m a ny
tt tat Ca p.t. Tra vai 1161" woul d have a very d i fil-
cu 1 fc job to get to G ermansen creek i u ,t iine
for Mrl?itzgerald to hold the elecliou. Syl-
veste r. w r Ui a ii exp re sa a ud m a i 1, is loo ke'd
for at Qttestiebnoti\h daily,  "y
Tuk Fiuk UmoAm RBN'K.K'n'-rrAt ��. special
meeting of the William ('reek Fire Brigade,
lie 1 d o n Wed nesduy evenf navin order to make
arran<veiiien-s in re fere nee lo the bent? tit (en
rt*    ��� ' . . \
dered by the Amaleur Dramatic Association
!b r n ext Su t u rd ay, i he foil o win g g e n lie'ni e n
were appointed a eo mm if tee for ihe sale ot
t icke (%:���SI ess rs. W m. Da v iso ti, A os. De n ny.
W. iMnrray, Jos.iiason. N. Ouuio, N. Gvnn-
Kev/-i4J^RtjcQVd?.d.!in-fft.v'br/;of Ah Leen
a nd Ah 1 jo y, t w o .ere? k cl a i ni s, . cp; mm "iio ing
about 50;teetlabove McWha's store, .ruaniug
tip stream';'';'. . "��� '���������"; y
JAOKTib'-CWJCSlOKBEK.     :  -   V'"
' T w o St s t ��vs co 7��� Nov. fy-^lle Oo rd ed i n biro r
of James Wickham, John Gannon, Isaac hip-
KM t. M. Hi Hon. W m. BI i si an d,: J.\ Gle ndi nnin g.
j j] ti vv ard 8 heare r. G. J >* n as, "'.'Jo li' u,'Po b��e re.
ea ch on e-ien tli; John McCo rmiek, J. Iv. G ��r-
a id. c a j It u u e -L wet it teth. ' R ��-re cord.
a-ktJaKu cn��ivir. -
Be fo i-t *H '���;��� - M. B ��1K -Esq , ? :GoM Ch mniiflsioner ii\\
" *. * ��� , ^ vi'     '(Jjuaty Court Judge.)'';   .  r        >
y '-'.07: ���: 7   AywpNissnAY, Nov. 15;.
,AlwTov v!t. A. E. Goodykoonta���Suit for.
|J)1 W, balaueeduefbrwa^isi^ v
on r 6 ro tis e .creeks   Del iVtulaii t'.'-acj in i l^d ;:tbu. >
debt.' 'and 'by agi^ement time was given for
���������p'rfy triSnt;=.'t'f 11 v nex t: sumirter^unless; defendant
sold-;the claim previously.,       <7   :       _'.������>
arrived: Jo)i Sunday, evening ,last^; .Anattier
weeiily;express ison^he:^yay, and :hiay ���-be
looked for:this eyeujiig ��� oj>,.to morrow.: Ger
:ro w & ��� J oh nso n ?s ex press ��� > ar r i v ed- ��� <0 ����� v.Th �� k��^
day, but'brOnghfc:no"mail OJccepV a. few; way:
iotiers,   The first fovtnightly maiI under tha ���
win te r ar r an ge m en ts , lej t Xlsi\ e. on.. M c n 11 ay.
and eh ould arrive^ in ;;f be early, park of the
week, ������;      yAa Ayrixx- ,000-- 1     :'7..
���"'I'kksos al���Among; the passe liters, who left
by last ex \t ress wm M r J. Z, Bpugh, o n e o f
i h e sh a re 1 to 1 d ft rs in t he l> isco v ery c 1 as m T Tai -
ley Mot iiilairii on u visi t to,' his ��� friend am
Kurelca. eo._Kov.,0-l^oqrded in favor of ��J. *^0 -����. -
Robert Booth, one-hnl'f interest.   Re-record.  1 Canada,   feince the tormuhon ol the Amateur
Mosocm,-bnKKK.' ! Donatio Asst^iatiou Mr ito��Si ha#fetfe one
j    I'mnti oo.^Nov."l^Uecord��d in  favor of of the most useful membiu's. and; his ahoenc*
v \ 11 b e i el t d n ri ng t h u co m i n g wi n te r mmo j t.
gloomy and funereal character. Why should baum. The Brigade vvill assemble at the hall
ttot every man he allowed to carry us many j in uniform, and proceed in procession nUli
bannera.nrnbbona as he pleases?, and why
Mnmld.rt political party or tbe friends of any
-candidate not be allowed to provide ��le!gh��
or carriages to convey rplers'' to the poll?
There are men who do not take Interest
enough in the matter to  walk, a number of
Ah Chung, four interests.   Re-record,
c:'..'xx i son a si ck k k k;.
Sh ar o c o.~ N o v. 1 ��� Re cord ed in fa v ri r <�� f
A. M. Kmeeson.and Alex, Sharp, three inter-
to rcb en to the Ca i n U ri a n I! al I to e��*eo r 6 t h e eti t��,   K�� ��� reoo ni.
A i n ate n r Ban (i to the T h eat re.   The pe r fo r in ��� . ��� j; \ q n t?x \ n ci c r kkk.   "
a n e e p r om i sCs t o b e v ery en ter ta i n ing and j    j;0 v t 2���R ec o rde'd i n fa v o r of Up eon. Ah
sueee-isfuL ���! Kin**, two hill claims on left bank, about 300
^sfir T ii k  R x ib a o a i>.:-.S von a  ^^;
{nearly,, o \ * poas te   tl ie   (*��� o v er n, iii ��>i ��t   A r^y
O tBcc,  Ba rke r v i lie). - -Tb ia . ii to w   hm   be#n
opened by Mr C. A.'Noltemeier iu conneclio
with his store in Victor?t,: with  the liirge
and best assortment of boots and sboea ��v��
-" x  , ,i   .fT.li.trhitu.(> ibroujrlH to Cariboo.   lift , has introduced' ���
i^rani u��.   ^.yv. ' f0r both ladies and gentlemen.    Leather am;
^ ^.finSBDBS  AN AUfOST INCREDfBLB STORY.  "���������'; The.Louisvl He Ledger says :~~The Rev. Dr.  ;j Hsblcin?, of Ridge way, gi7M the. particnlara  ���������'''.of tbe; folio wi ng;. frig.biLfi.il etory.; Dn.Hankins  "wbb tlie attending, physician, and is a man of  r-fsppnsi.bilUy, and, as the story, unreaFon'fib'e  MARIKLLEROY.; THE HANDSOME MAYORESS OF THE communists.  . Galignani furnishes a report of the trial of  MarievLerov, .Widow, who was called "The  handsome Mayoress of the Communists."  She, was charged, first, with having...by cries  jjS it may seem,: comes thrVug^ rino per-, and menaces, endeavored to excite an attempt.  A son of Yrtisiworthiness, we can.safely .vouch I to cause; the devastation and massacre in the  for its tnith :^Mra Sarah Farker, wife of city of-Paris1; seconds of complicity in assist  ..Thomas JRarVer K .livingj near;::ShawneetowD, ingUrbain in ?jis violence and robbery of n  byd beejt a filicte^for, some *;t im e, and abou t persQ n, n am ed, Lan d au ; tbi rd. com p 1 i city i n  MISCELLANEdtJS;  J, P. TUNSTALL & Co.,  ' 8 COW CHURCH YAKD. LONDON.  J. H. TURNER & Co.,  VICTORIA, B.C.   "  two months ago grew worse, and waa troubled  with frequent spasms. Just as she was recoy-  7 en ng from one o^hese. fil'sy, while Rufiering-  the abstraction "of -tho funds destined for instruction in the Feventh arrondissement. The  prisoner, who isagood.lookinjr young* woman.  ., .XQ.ry. it)iicU������v ber. attendants disco vpred four I faff, with bright bin ft eyes, twenty-one years  snakes, some ten or fourteen inches Jon<r. nf ajre,-was elegantly dressed.   During the  WHOLESALE  '���������Copiiiiissioii ���������������������������irj:erciian ts.  pSr- Goods bought in the European Markets to order, and consignments of Goods from  British Columbia sold in London.  odds  QThj.  r������M������  ;;..���������;';.;:.'. REFERENCES    IN  LONDON���������London and Westminster Bank, Lothbnry.:���������������������������-���������  Messrs. Copestake, Moore& Co., 5 Cow Church Yard.  VICTORIA���������Bank of British North America.  my6  EXPRESSES, STEAMERS, &c.  crawl, from her.moulb, gape.and gaze around.  jmd then seek a hiding, pluce among th.o hair  of her liead. These the. doc tor secured,, and  placed them in a jar^of .water, and fed them  on siignr to*keepfXbem alive. About an boor  after the four���������shakes-cnme from -ier mouth,1  -��������� nootber;:nnch larger, and nearly] three!quar-(  ��������� ters��������� of an ��������� inch in diameter, crawled so far  * 0 iii tb a t if rs' Park e r c'a ngb t s igb i'' o f i U. wh e n  sho again went into a.spasm: An' effort was;  rhade by the'physician to seize Ibis onowith  ��������� his tweezers, bnt it disappeared d6wn her  ; 1 h foi a t.   Tlie sn ak es. ca p t ii red ��������� we re, as we  first siege of.*. Paris' she replaced the amuse*  ment of : the theatres and balls, which had  been'trjlosed.:by the excifoment of politics.  She attended the various clubs and frequently  addressed the audiences, who were fascinated  by her beauty aiid her ready flow of language.  Atone of ; these, the Pre an x:C lores. Rue-de  Bact she encountered Urb-iiri; and speedily  obtained; tinhounded influence over- him.���������-:  Afterwards,- when the Gommuno -was in>11 -  tn.ted.'ftnd he was delegated to administer the  se ve n th ar r nntiisserhe rit, sh e a ceo m pa n ie d li i rn'  I to th e; Ma i re^, w h ere t li ey took' ii p ,th ei r a b od e.  o! for Cariboo and  eca.;  bave stated.<!$fr^  long, and the doctor6>������crjbed them as nearly  '.-   as large as his little finger.   They had a pe-  '  culiar joint;about an inch and an half back of  ���������;' the head, ah d; were o f a d aVk iah- b ro wn color.  They gazed-about, as if strangers to light and 1  ^liyiiigVobjects..  Two or three*of the snakes  Were sent to-, .physicians' and' naturalists in  ��������� lOhicVgo" arid S t. Lo n is,: *knVi '��������� t hesy scieh ti (ic  nien write back that they belong to no species  :��������� A known to themr or (p11nd- in- n s tura 1 or. scientific.' history..';.M.rs; Parker ��������� ;lived about twa  m o n I hs a (te r this ter r i We o c c.i i r re n ce, but. on  ;>:^^eatbrbwing;.tp^  't i b^iid; rip" post'-m 6 rte jn_: exam In a ti o a was hajtl.: ��������� '���������'  '' The /Ne vy ast I e e n #i n e ers". have /'obtain ed  what they stnt'ck^for���������namely, tne nine hoiirs'  ..systemt   ThisiSuccepsiSiduevtq,- a variety of<  ��������� A   V "''���������',i :''���������:���������'������������������''!'      '''.'   '      ���������       y--'-! '"A K  A viHisgeX ^irsfeivtheir- ���������demand was substantial lyv  ���������'jn*������t:; .8ecohdy it'^- was-��������� made* at'a ti m6' wben  ��������� t rade was. exceed i ng ly b riskf and- employers  c i������ii 1 d n 61 all o wy the ese c'i i lio n . of or de rs to  ������tand, nor seevtherh. given Jo firms ^'n otlier  , points of.the kingi\oin'; third, the workingmen  Vi f "Bu ro'p.e;. h aV,h riind e cp min q n' ca ii ������e wi l h th e -  '"3n gHsfi -;s tjfi Icei^-i-^-iTn cl e^tfi&yd.I r"'e'd f i'o h'^.'of#i tlje1  authority, and to have been the": Ronl  of ���������= the  insurrection  in-'jhat quarter, and the inslipra  jtor.ipfj ;;numerou3; researches, in .which she general ly.accbmpanied'Urhain.r.:��������� *;* Ay '&7fy  ���������.  J 'J ri o n e of; these ex p ed i tion si' that m e n ti o n ed  ih the ibd ic tmen t, ��������� she - Was a e'eiised of ha v ing-  |carried off:the- jewelry of Mme' Landau, and:  w i tn esses w ere cal I eri.; t op ro r q th a 11 hey. b ad  s ���������en;: h er, ;we\\ ri ng: ri b gs b el o n g\ n g\ to that p e r-  :sonvy';- A-l th ougIt possessed [o'f; ri o. mea ns b f: her.  o w n, :;sh e.: ni a d e [ (j er se 1 f A c on s p icii o its; b y ��������� he t;  r] u r c li'ase'^o f;; e xpe'risi r e' ar t i cl es; a hot par ti c u -  ��������� Vi rly r as -'regard.9... her dress; '*; A. nu m b e ro f w it ���������'  ne'sses were called to establish the; foregoing  facts, and afte^an. ejnquent address;>frpm Mi  Andre Rousselle in 'defense: of the' aceusell  thelatter. ori"beingaske'd,ifsheliad-anyihing  to ad d, pr o tes te d he r i n n o c e n ce. Wn d: d eel a red'  lhat she wft.uld ratherlose her head than Be;  convicted of theft.  The'Coiirt. after nn-hour's  .deHberatipn, found her guilty on the 0rst-"and  second -counts - .with, extenuating   circling  stances, ;ac^iHtte(l:De;fr  ten*c^d;,*herf,tbVfeimj|  ������������������',.   THE; HONEST. MINER. >"  BAEKA-RD'S STAGES  MAKE THE BEST TIME!       V  , DIUVE THE BEST STOCK!  y ������������������ .USETHE BEST COACHES! .  ilAVE,THEI\IOST COMPETENT DRIVERS  >������������������:���������. CARRY THE MOST PASSENGERS 1    ;  ���������    BO THE LARGEST BUSINESS!  Aud guarantee to co n pec t w j th the. Stea mo rs  '   77     .'      .     at.each end; '  Leave Barkerville on  Monday  : ���������  * i- at Six a.m.. reach Yale Thursday;  ;  s  .     at Six.p.tn., and arrive at Vic-  .. . torjit ou Saturday at Four p.m.,  iFOtrR-pAYS 1h������A������:.of.  f������;|5^^ ���������;:..'  ��������� "Travellers-, bv   the   FAST  LINE  SAVE  EROMvTWELyE TO T\VENTY DOLLARS  ��������� hy..' ri ot 1 o i te ri n g, ��������� as ' o th er lin es do, on th te  road; j ������   w x, ' y$ )��������� ���������������������������:���������������;        '<, i  Jel7  '      '  ;       ' ; ,   F- J; BARNARD.  :'yy  ������er^WJ  A h Arner ic an pap e r s ays :���������0 n o hy-ohefhe  old Fd r ty- n t n ers pass a w ay.: The's to ry of  ��������� and last ofv these:conditions;, ospecially^h&ve  ������*olisted the sy-mpatli:ies?of; the-'iFr^ss^jaid-o^  i^s^t'iigurs'  FO R': Y ALE; <fc":i .INTERMEDIATE :*L AC ES.'  The FLORENCE is theivB'est Sewing  Machino for Family use,' becauso it  so seldom gets out of order.' If there  is ono not working well iii  CALIFORNIA,      v  '   "OREGON, : '���������'-.  ^WASHINGTON TERRITORY,  ".  NEVADA,     ';.  " IDAHO, .''.  y- ALASKA,    '. ...,.'  BRITISH COLUMBIA,       .  MEXICO, ���������       ... ."  JAPAN,  Or CHINA, if informed of it, I will  fix-it .without any expense to tho  owner.  ���������SAMUEL HILL, Agent, .  Ho. 19 Montgomery Street, South,*  GRAND HOTEL BWL03HO,'  Pan Francisco, pAL..  ������������������: ���������Q:ER'p.W   &   JOHNSON'S  ���������CARKIE3  trairV'sbniethingy akin,' tov;tli)0.\;f Sufih^tirhes;^  Butthbsebtd lim������������ come not ncraiti. 'dijeh^br  no' di fc li, a nd old:IJyp riy-n i n e, lo n gs and wa i ts  ttirt public;jwhich ;now-a-days; cpu Wis lor Some- in vain.v vHa; ;������rows -melancholy - over "his'  1 thingi even:.\ni dilTrrerices'^  alone and the ;m^ case  -: u ro;>u pposed; to (decide.: fyl> *' y ; Xyy -7/1/ A. \ _  'Hie strike; Just con eluded; Will forra^^  ��������� porianfc%ri^  hirtlory oftho working clas^.v-{TPith thedif-  ft t si ou o f ed u catio n' an d * t he m i t tn a 1 ex peri -  wnce obtained during: the  last quarter of a  ceutury.v both by labor and capital-, the condition of the former cannot fait.to be -greatly  ameliorated;'  As ene ������lament in. this there  will be a general shorten ing of the portion of  rtirn������ devoted [io labor, wbiist; the ruder kind,  .as well as much that  may.be accounted an  skilled, will, be done al together by means of  machinery, , It only remains' that the leisure  thus Recti red be wel J.em ployed.  Nothing will  be more calculated, thsn  |hi������ to  retain the  Utopia'ndvanccwhich has just been made.  T hi r ty y ears ago .eleven, a rid  e ve n twelve  fa ours, were considered a day's work. ''������������������ Truly  the world moves.  wasted oppprt nni ties rto ��������� make a, big a take, arid  ,0 yer vthp liiety ha fc liejb as n o t ���������&; t we h ty "d p 11 a r  gold piece to. hi a riilnie to day. Thriftlessnew.  riot and debauchery.'.have kejjy; hinfrai'iiihjt.  shovel; ������ n d  pan. :; He lin snot changed wj th  tlie times." 'He has learned no legsoiv.of igooii  from his experience.. His life.is objections;  hu ways are those of folly.   He lives in a.  dreary little shanty ; be has not a decent coat-  to wear,;, he eats Jibe plainest of food���������but  why t Is Jt for economy ?   Oh, ho.  I>t is tho fc  he may Still  enjoy his tohacco, hia . brandy  punch, his btllinrds. his little game of-poker.  IIis motto is : " Let us enjoy to day;   for tomorrow... wo die."'  All the real comforts of  life, ho lias not���������:  his exist*nce is devoid of  purpose ; his religion U buried arid forgotten ;  h i s ear ly yea rs. a re as a . d rea in ;  ln������ i n te r *  course is like that of the heathen.   All  that  he knows of what he mijrht have been, is the  fading.remembrance of the old home in.".the  Slates."' Aftera while ho will be laid away  under the sod, perhaps without even a tear  SoMs.-r-An old.. Dutch man who some years or a prayer, and with not even ft rude wooden  Agoytm elected a member of ��������� the American  Legislature said, in his broken English style ;  a Yen! vent lo the Lecbislaturo I tought I  yoiijd find 'dm allSoIpmOps dere, but I soon  LETTERS,-OTEA^URE,' yAliUABTAK?,:. ���������.'  v^J^T^-"^^^ ������������������'li::i.;T::B������.  :' 'J95tH; Go] 1 cctl on A"'Co m m issinu s n n <i ��������� 01? n c r:\ 1 Ex p res*  ;b������sinoss done :\vitli punctiniliiy and ;d[spatcb. .4--;..,-���������  j^'Office ot tlie CanI100. Agomj.vvnt i  :;:n.^r   ���������-: ;,i AMR DAYID -KURTZ'S'STOUE;-*. :,.:.  1 ;;"ap 2p;.;- -������������������'..:     AAA iyy7\.A ':'-A '       .:Barkiirvilie..;  .Send for Circulars and samples of  the work. Active Agents wanted in  every place. -  R. BEAVEN, A?ent.  elO-'Om''        ' ' Victoria. B.C.  .'.'.'; "J .--VICTORIA,.;:B,c.,.;-: ;.- Ay   .  -.ASUFACTUnK STEAM RKGINES ANI> BOILERS,  either Higll or" 'Low Pressure,"  - LEA & PEEBINS'  y:y.A-y,.r....-. ?:..-. OQiUbrnioti, X7y:r7x. ..  VyORpE^  '.-.-/" 'Dechtrccl by Gonnoimonr'Kte he::  i.; THE ��������� CWLY, ;0dOD( SAHgE.;  fJrlat,' Quart'!! and Saw Mills, and in fact ttjjyltifn  ouim'.'(5i,������Ml witii. tiio Muchiue Uuulm'Sa. Iron nml  HrnHn- Casting al ail ili.'.scrip.ifo'ns. - Ou'liunU unit tor  sale, a J.������rjjt-uiKs<iri.nieol ������'f &"u������fct, Baranri otber li'tw},  Holler IMlt-s, J.ick Scream, Brass Cucks, Globe Viilves,  f> r n e te iy 2i������i i I i n y������ 01 tl i11 rtre nt I'm ie r ti s, Ca r Wfa 5*rJ^  with Iron and 8t-ee] A sties', Hlfmrn J'ipe FiLtinef, .tc.  AH or'K.'ra promptly alleudetlle.   Terms Cual'i, at  our Vk'ijrks iti ViuLeria..  ���������  invlB 6m SP11ATT k IRvIN G, ProprUteri.  T  Wtt������.  cross to mark bis resting, place. Atid those  who are left will bestow upon his memory  tliis commendation, the highest known to the  mining camp :������������������"He was a good-hearted fel*  low."   Thuai pass a way the old landmarks of  A. Q-ILMCOKE,  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA, V.I.  ff AS ON HANI), AND TS CONSTANTLY recelvlaf, a  11 Jnrg������ sasorttnont of OlvOTfiS, -CA.SalMKKKS  and .���������VEJ3TINGS, whicb lie is prepared to ruaka to  order fn'ib* iniiSK approved Ktylea.  JM****** Parlies on,William   ('raelc  ������an   hfcte  their  measures ukov- by Ur McCallaiu, Barker villa.  &&"��������� AH Grtlrrv. (mm $*rihm preKip'M^r t?wa4^ w*  Caution against Fran a.���������Tlie f 11 e cess of tbie  most delicious und unrivalled . 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Wholesale and for export by the Proprietors, Wnr-  C08 ter; Crosse and Blackwpll.loii(Ioji,^c,, ko.; and  hy 0 r oc ers a ud Of 1 n 1 e tf 11 a'f v ersa 11 y.  QYLV ESTER'S KXPR KRS FOR OM1NECA wi 11 hfro.  O n ft. ��������� r 1 ea ve QU KfciN K1 Al 0 UT H o n or a bou H h ������1 st  and 16th of each .tuontb, 'making'regular trips twica  i month.. >  ������^- A f ������it srai^jrpreffbttrsinePF con ducted.  1  'T^^  ��������� "HI  771  wil  tAx  ^vmgm  m?5  ���������  .J.  Iff  i


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