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 Barkerville,, William Creek, B.C., Saturday, Nov. 19, 1870.  Wo. 3.  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Published every Saturday by  R 0 BERT     II OLL.OWA Y.  Subscription,' -   -   50 Cents per Week.  RATES OP ADVERTISING.  For on.Q. Briuuro (ono inch), first insertion,   - $3  M         '- ���������'���������                  ono month,   -   - 5  For two squares,'first insertion,    yy   ���������: ��������� .6  "      ' ' "   "-   onomonth, .   .   -'-   -   . S  ������������������ Agents for the " Cariboo Sentinel.'7  Van Winkle,-      ���������   ���������       y  "Oji os u el mouth,        -      *  f3ndav Creek,     -      -      -      ���������  Clinton,   ���������-,     -'     -0-  i Yule, "... ,-' ���������";. A.  .": Mr. Evans,  fWew Westminster  -  Victoria,   -��������� ��������� *      -.,    -. .  L. P. Fishor,.:.        -       -      -  Hudson & Menet, . -., -..'-. .,-  Mr G. W; IMndliart  Bam ard' s Express  Barnard's Express  Barnard's Express  do: .    .   '���������' do  Clarksou & Co  John Collens  San Francisco  ���������   -.; ������������������ New York;  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  JOB PRINTING OFFICE.  Cards, Circulars j Posters and Programmes for  Balls and Theatrical Entertainments  ^������"Executed with neatness and dispatch,^gg  Terras moderate.  '.,'���������"  THE LAST NEW AMERICAN MINISTER  v    ;       TO GREAT BRITAIN.    -*-" '  Uncle Sam seems to find it a hard job to  jret a Minister to; the Court of St. James who  will suit the ideas .of American politicians'.  ' Exp or! e rice sh o ws th at tbbu gh antic d wi th  desperate jnstvn ctions on starting;, living in  London for a short time has a decidedly Anglicising: 'effect -        K-v .-:..  * The Sacramento Union describes the latest  ���������-. appointed gentleman as follows:  Oliver P. Morton, the newly appointed Minister to succeed Motley at the British Court, is  n native of Indiana, in the prime of life, being  but forty-seven, and of Western Statesmen in  the 'Senate a prominent'leader .for the last  three years.   It is generally understood that  upon the Alabama question he ts of Sumner a  opinion, and indorses the great speech of the  Massachusetts Senator, in .which Englnpd is  hold to moral responsibility for tbe acts of  the-private^esse!s she.permitted to bo fitted  out in her ports against American commerce.  At all events he will move for an immediate  settlement of the question -in dispute, and not  allow it to drag at the pleasure of the ������������������British  Foreign Office as Motley has'done, nor sanction a p ro to col w ho 1 ly d ictated b y Engl i sh -  men, as was done by-Reverdy Johnson.   The  New York papers all speak of tho fitness of  :the appointment, and of the breadth of Mor-  ���������ton's statesmanship as qualifying him for such  a mission.   The Hera ��������� d says :  " 0ur conn try  does;not possess a man of larger views or  more finely cultivated intellect, of greater  fo ree ��������� of char ac te r an d re fined dig ni fey."   It  'thinks him pre-eminently the man for the  present crisis in European affairs."   The Tribune pays him similar compliments ; and the  'Chicago' Tribune, which "ia well qualified to  pronounce upon the merits of the appoint-  ���������merit, thus all tides to it:       .   '  ���������' fn selecting a Minister to Great Britain  ���������the president lias been <m ore than usually prudent.   He has notlield the office to bestow it  in any sense  as a mere compliment or������as a  rewardfor political.services.   He has sought  the best men in the country in order to obtain  a suitable person for the grave responsibilities  of the post.   Fortunately Senator Morton has  made the sacriGee which others declined, and  has accepted the -responsibility -which he is so  ��������� competent to meet.   There are few men in  public life his equal in .ability ������&<! vigor of  ..*>������4silccL' The Ainericius ,W lias.&rjuii e|05������rl  for over five years, and our affairs with Great  Britain,'growing out of, that war, renvaln. unadjusted. During the.present year, Great  Britain h as re vised her iieu trality 1 aws, ani  has provided stringent regulations governing  the buiiding and fitting out of. ships of waiter belligerents. In fact, the new code is a  confession that she was grossly derelict in  duty, and clearly responsible in law, for the  departure of tho'Alabama and other AnglO-  rebei corsairs, and for their subsequent ravages on our commerce. It is time that a new  effort be made to:bring that case to a closed  Let ns have a plain demand, for settlement,  and, if England so elects, a plain refusal to  pay. ' Governor Morton will go to London  bearing with him the views of the administra ���������  tion and of the country> demanding a speedy  settlement of the Alabama and other claims,  and we believe that he, will be.able to accomplish such a result in a manner satisfactory,  at least, to his own government. The appointment; will fee.acceptable to the whole country. For a mission so important at this time,  it was advisable to have ability, experience,  coolness, and thorough.. knowledge of the  matters. involved, and in these particulars  Senator Morton ranks among the. highest of  our public men/'  "This is. Morton's first diplomatic, office.  He has never had a seat in any Cabinet.  His 'pub lie p osi tions have beeu,! fi rs t, ' Lieu t.-  Governor, and then Governor of Indiana for  two terms, and then .United* States.;Senator,  in'which last office, he soon took a leading  position in all the prominent; questions of the-  day ; as Governor of Indiana,:in the critical  times of the civir#atsand in"that capacity  did good service to the Union cause. In 1865  he suffered from paralysis, caused by the arduous labors of his gubernatorial office, but  is now rapidly recovering, his health; He  will leave m December for London. :���������  doings. No impediment was ^thrown in the  way of their invading Canada at ditferent  p o i o ts. o tie a t a n i n te r va 1 o f som ed ays after  the other, mid it was only after they were  driven back and their enterprise was evidently  hopeless, that any alacrity was shown in scattering them. Had they boon, victorious on  Canadian soil, the opposition from the Araer-  i can aul h o ri ties wottkt n o t pro bn bly have  been so active as the support of their friends.  Aud now the small measure of fidelity to international comity ,which was shown in convicting and sentencing a very few of them, is  nullified by the President on the eve of tho  fall elections in order to secure Fenian votes.  ���������[Montreal Witness.  MISCELLANEOUS.  Amono the many scenes on the battle field  which are now cropping up in every newspaper, the following, from Figaro, is worth  reacling : ������.* 0u the morrow of the battle o f  Gravel otte a decapitated countryman was  found by the side of the body of a Zouave  offic er. It was only b y atten ti ve"! y, exaini ui n g  the position of tlie two corpses that an explanation of this singular, discovery was elicited.  The countryman, it was found,; was a marauder, as a lantern by his side corroborated.  Not bein^ able to undo the belt of the officer,  which contained a round sum in gold, the  marauder attempted to cut it, and in so doing  stuck the knife into the officerV stomach',-���������  Now,"' the Zouave, it would appear, was not  yet dead ���������/[ he. had only fainted. Suddenly  'jumping tip; he must have seized the thief by  the-head, and with one blow of his 'sabre:  ���������beheaded him." ,..'������������������������������������'.  ...  THE PARDON OF THE FENIAN  RAIPERS.  The pardon by the President of the Fenian  Raiders, after an imprisonment of some four  months, is announced, Jbeing only what most  anticipated, and what these raiders have probably been assured of from the first According to this news, the crime of organizing upon  American soil to irivado a peaceful and  friendly country wilh fire and sword, ia sufficiently punished, in the President's opinion,  by letting all the subordinates go free and imposing a nominal fine and three souths? imprisonment1 on a few of the leaders. If Great  Britain gives equally homoeopathic satisfaction for. the Alabama claims, what will Americans say ? And yet who could rightly blame  her for treating the matter of tho Alabama's  escape fro m her Jurisdiction quite as lightly ?  America i nsists on an apology from Britain  for recogi lising tho belligerent rights of tbe  South, after tho Confederation had possessed  an organised government, and. levied war  for months, and after the North itself had recognised those rights ; but it appears to us  that an a>oology is much more urgently required for allowing the sworn and openly  avowed enemies of Britain and Canada to organise loir years on American soil aud invade  Canada twice.'  A former Fenian invasion, which had resulted in the murder of some of Canada's best  son.B, was neither hindered nor punished by  the  American authorities, and yet after that I  experience the raiders of 1870 were in no way  iniemrp ted whon co 11 ecti n g their munitions  o f w ar al I al on g in e  fro n tier, n o r Inn d <* re d I  front* mustering aud organising thi������n\nlthmijrh !  the- -whole 0nIU&aI was ringing with their ���������  \ASDDLtitE; Cour aglimine speech of the  Fieri ch ��������� Minister o a the o ccasio n of the b u rial  of the Sisters of Mercy waselbquent and moving. Before the massacre comrnenoed, and  w Jiile a brutal, bioodthirsty crowd was seeth-  ing round the entrance to tlie Convent, Sister  Eli zaijeth came rbiind :to the iront of her  dfiiees, and with a courage and calmness  truly sublime made an appeal which seems  to lis to rival the very noblest instances of  huinan heroism. <l You wish to kill the Europeans/' she said. " There are ten of us ;  my companions are in the chapel, like me  Teady.for the sacrifice. Come, then! but  s p are th e Ch in ese w h o su rrouu d us.'' I-Iu ma n  nature cannot rise higher than this ; nor do  we know of lower depths than were revealed  in the subsequent conduct of the murderers,''  [Japan herald.       .       '  LEA&  ���������..; Cclcbrutcri; ���������  WORCESTERSHrRE:   ������AUC������i  !        Declared by Coiinofssours.to.bo .-  THE   ONLY   GOOD (SAUCE.  ASK FOB LEA Ac PERRINS'^iSAUCK  i\nd tosee,tlint tlieir names are uponvUiew;'.am������k������  L.uiki-s, stoi*i'kb , an d no'rri.13i\ 1.,  ���������v Soi ii ii o I llie foreign murk o ts -ha vi rig- b eon r n pp] i e<!  with a,spurious WorceRttirshiraSuueejupon tliu wrapper and labels or which the names of liea aiid l-'erri \nt  have been Termed, L, and P. give''notice that Uiey  have furnished tlic^r correspondents with power of  attorney to take j ns ta n t "proceedings agai ns t s(a s ������;*  fact okkrS'and visNnoKs of such; or anyother i nit ta-,  Uons by which tltcirrightrfiay beiufrluged.  Ask for. LEA & PERBI3SrS������ Sauce,and s '  "Name on-Wrapper, Label, Bottle, an  ...Stopper. ��������� *..������������������������  ���������'���������. '���������: ������y. rv-*: .  Wholesale and for expor t by the Proprietors, W������r '  cestef; Crosse an rlr Black wel 1,'bond on ^ <&c.; *tc.; nvsf,  by Grocers an d Oi 1 m en u n i versally.        <  /  MinersV ProYisiBn Store  BARKERVILLE,    :  .;   Next J).qoit to Sextinel Offwk.  4 T this Kstablishinout wil lalwnysbe found a vrcv  jljl s e 1 ec te d u n d v a ri e d a sso r tin e n t b 11 i i e  FRESHEST GROCERIES & PROVISIOxV  IN CAiilBOO.  ALSO-  ai  -A good selection of Cloth ing. Hardware, Ghs-j  n d Crockery.   Bes t b ran d s 6f Tobacco,  , Medici nes,etc., etc, . '  Best Java CoileclloaBted and Ground .DAILY,  ALL GOODS; SOLDkAT LOWEST;RATJ*3  The BAR is fully supplied with the choicest  Havan a C i ga rk, Wi n c & a u d L i cm o rs.  11 r us t by- s t rie ta t ten tio a t o b us i n e ss, a ii d ia i r ������ n ri  sqaaredealingj.to meritacontinuanceoi thti ibora|  patronngeh cre.tofor ee xtendecl to m e.  ; A large lot ofHBYWOOb'S celebrated .BACO^.  for sale, at a very low figure.'   ���������  iHSCELLANEOUS.  H O TJCE.  THE UNDERSIGNED   BRGS   TO  .INFORM HI'S  JL friends a ad the public, that he has lit tod up so'ae  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  .In his new building, whore he is prepared to give  "OodBeds at a reasonable price. , Thost; who will  favor him with their patronage, may depend on the  clc a ������ ness a 11 d co ai for t <������f h i s 11 mi s c'.  Hi) takes also this opportunity to remiu.d the Carl-  h or ii te s that hi a B r e w er y 11 a s r e ce i v c d t h o FIKST  PRIZE of the Colony for his celebrated  XXX   ALE,  And the true amateurs wUlbe able to jud^c by them  selves that such Uonprablo prize has been justly  a war lied to him. ���������  K. H. ���������A1 wrgofron t room to let.  BarkervUlc Jan. 23 1869.   " N. CUNIO  Mining and Agricnltnral  Macliinery*  SPRATT...& IRVING Manufacturo all kiads of  Machinery for Farmers and Miners, at tho Alhi<uji  Foundry, Victoria, V.I., and for cheapiu-fts ;in'������.  quality theirwork cannot bo rivalled by any oth*������f  machinists.   First premium Colonial m'ade \\rroii^h&  , FLOUR, .FLOUR  FOE mt AT CHBTOB MllU  SODA.   CREEK,  QUE3KELLE, ^<i  ilARJvERVILLE.  l:.-ll\lvrS}l.  Iron Ploughs, after the Scotch style, universally ac,  knowledged to bo the best in use. price $05. Ord<'ra  for Quartz Sllllsj Iron Pumps, &'������������������������, Ploughs or part*  of Ploughs, promptly attended to. . my7 6.m  hou������e7  GOVERNMENT AND WHARF STUEEIB  VICTORIA.  J. H.  raporters of all descriptions of Dry GoodJf  ���������Hosiery and Underclothing.  A very full assortment of these goods, suitabJefo?  Wholesale buyers, at their Wharf street Si ore.  Regular supplies received from Europe by sailing  vessels-and by Express via Panama and Pticiacllnij-  mad.  j^-J'articular attention given to orders from British Columbia.  Sole Agent for Ai.EXANmtE Km Glows,  liondon Firm���������J. P. TUNSTAI.L.& Co., 8 Bow Churcli  Yard.  E. WATSON,  Vx'TTTATOHirAKEK, JEWELLEK AND KH  ^^JjW graver, Government street, next to Un?  Cfdui St. Niolinlas Hotel, Victoria, V. I. Chr/mom.  eiei-.s and Watches cbvined, repaired, ami warrauied *  E'vorv d *>scn pta m o f ���������I*' well cry n ia d e to ������i* d or. 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,J .
::Vl' ���
iy��^fMjW|iAi^A^"wyMHMiM!ltf-''*il ?f��l^'^aaSflht?<^SC��^W^1l^^
SATURDAY, KOV. 19, 1870.?
; If; we can place dependance on the latest
telegraphic intelligence, the curtain has fallen
on the first act of the great sensational drama
which has set all Europe in convulsions.
: Ah armistice has been proclaimed���an in-:
ietiudo!between the acts ��� arid when the curtain rises again what' will be the first scene ?
Tragedy or comedy���peace or war ?   Will
: Bismarck and Favre, Trochu and.VonMoltke,
King William ^and  Thiers,  be discovered
���quietly sipping their wine and cracking their
Walnuts after dinner,'or will it open with the
thundering roar 'and glaring flashes of Teutonic cannon pouring their iron bail upon the
devoted forte encircling Paris, gallantly and
fiercely responded to by the artillery ,of tbe
Mill iiinconquered Gaul ���? . .
'Such isthe rapid course of events in the
present age of progress that even with all the
information we have now to guide us it is b'e-
joud human ken to prognosticate the result
We have nought inaucieut or modern warfare
to guide us. -The science of human-destruction has steadily advanced towards completion
.from the time when Tubal Cain first fashioned the sword and apear till the present
as^e, .when Mitrailleuse and needle-gun and
���Chassepot belch forth their deadly contents
with murderous speed ' and accuracy. We;
.read ot even in modern times a thirty years7,
war, with its accompanying campaigns, bat-;
ties, sieges and blockades, but a single cam-;
paign now is equivalent to a war of the last;
century.' Four months ago the 'summer sun
���shone brightly on.the dancing waves of the
blue Moselle and the mojestic Rhine ; the
:goldeu fields of waving grain and tho trellisedj
-vines, with their incipient clusters of ripening5
fruit, gave promise. of peace, happiness and;
plenty ; but now let us look at the samel
eceoe, and where gaiety and contentment then!
reigned wo sec misery and ruin ; the black-':
sited walls of- villages and farmhouses, the
trampled down fields, the-uprooted vineyards,:
point out where in so brief a time  has been
waged the fiercest and most majestic struggle,
.for supremacy which Europe has .witnessed*
' *mce the days when Goth and Hun poured
their barbarian hordes over the fertile plains
of France and Italy.   Pride and ambition
gave the signal;  the sword was rashly u a-!
fjheathed ;  and what have been the results?
Step by..step the indomitab! e T euto n < has
fought his way from the banks of the Rhine
���to the walls of Paris,   Brave but unavailing
has been the resistance,of '��� the Gaul.- Town
after town and fortress after fortress.haye siic-
<5Uinbed. . The famous Strasbourg,:- the' supposed impregnable Metz,: have fallen \ t\yo
���mighty Varmies, comprising nearly a quarter
of a mijlioh of .men, have laid down their
arms; and the :anginai;or~QftallHini'tnGB^y
] ab 1 e b I oo d she d', an d \vb e is a p r isone r, his
dy n asty ,b ver thrown, his; wi fe and ch ild. fo r
whose: sake he sptired no strategem, no fraud,
ao crime, exiles in a fbrgjgri land.
. Such are the unparalelled .resulta pf that
brief/-'campaign which we now learn is temporarily closed, i ���'', '���':;.
.The returns from Keithley creek arrived at
Richfield on Sunday, showing a majority for
Carrall of three, and on Tuesday from Ques-
nelmouth and Soda creek with majorities of
seven and six respectively for Booth. The
returning officer, Hon. H. M. Bali subsequently
gave notice that the official declaration of the
poll would be made at Richfield at 11 o'clock
yesterday, and the candidates, with a large
delegation of their friends from Barkerville,.
started to hear the result, but owing to a
difference in time between .the'* Barkerville
and Richfield oloeks, arrived about five minutes too late���the returning officer having
already declared in presence of five persons
that the-Hon. R. W. W, Carrall had. been duly
elected by a majority of 24���thus disappointing a good many who had gone to xRichfieJd
in expectation: of bearing a little eloquence
from both the successful and unsuccessful
candidates. The official return is as follows:' :: ���-,'*  "".
Richfield, -   -
Van Winkle,
Keithley Creek,
Quesnei moil tli, -.;'
Soda Creek,' -;;
-,       11
���".':��� 3-.- ".
Hy 5   A.
307     7'
ea.Ai- -.. -;
590      ;'
24   :.:'l
Total number of votes;; -
Majority for. Carrall,., ,-
0 Lane ' ���. ANir Kurtz ,.;��� Mining ;.CbMPANY.^-The
inachihfsry intended to beusedin.prospecting
the! Steadows arrived in Yicto f ia oil 0 ctbber
29th|:add wil iii'is said he shipped' at price
TotWilliam; creek j* with the .exception of the
Quart z M ill ?/ wh i ch is ho fc f n tende d. to be, for-;
warde d ti 11 spring. : Sir La ne w as exp e c te cl;
to ar ri y e in Vic tori a ��� b y. th e s teami er w hie h
would arrive1 about a week ago. We trust;
the en ter p risi ng projec to rs of th te im po r tan t
undertaking; \yill lie able to get the machinery
on;the:ground:this winter so as to be in. time
foTan^arlyTstartr^hexfcr season.' The '���" following-gentlemen".have been elected officersi of
the company.:-���Hon. A. H. Rose. President;
Geo. Hurst; Vice:President; J. T. Milliken'.
Secretary ;: C.; C. Lan eii Gen eral Ageii t ������; John
Kurtz and.Ira P. Rankin,; Trustees..
Will perform oa
Saturday Ev'g, IToy. 19,
Coramenclng with the ever popular farce of
Pitcher {in .the Police),      -.'���'.* J. ^.Thompson.
Tbsser (hi the Grenadiers),     ' ' -���' John Bowrbn.    :
Walker Chalk (a Milkman),       - F. Perritt.   . ��� ��� ; ,
Krs Croaker (the Missus),  -  ,   - Mrs S. P. Parker'
feneiopo (the Area Belle), - Florence Wilson
To he followed by the very amusing Comedy of'
; Don Paddy de Bazaii.A'
Patrick de McGltmo, alias Don Padtly X ,
de Baznn,     -.'.-���    -'     ���    . J. McB. Smith
Lord Mayor of Duhlin,      -���     -      F. Perrjttv      **
Sir Charles Cauliflower,     -      -,. . H. MeDurmott
Clarltta.       ���   v-      -      -      -    ' Mrs S/P.* Parker
Captain of the Guard,   '*.,-   , X     J. Z. Hough.
yirat Sohlier,   -*.   '-.',-.    -   :  N;.Slmw
Second Soldier,. -      -    * -      ;- ' . Mr G. Staples
A j&&~ Doors open at half.past 7 o'clock .   Perlbrni
ance to commence at 8 o'clock. ������ ���At
Admission $1 00.   Reserved Seats, $1 50,
' '*: TICKKTS for the.Reserved5Seats to be obtained of
Mi*..Staples^l}arkervillc. '.,;:,.
BYRNES, of Barkerville,. has been .appointed
District of CaribOo by His Excellency the Governor. '
;.',.'.;.; :.a ... AR'. m^bau,, .';:
���":*���   !iX'.        :-. Stipendiary Magistrate;
.  ^ichUeld, 0ct.;8; 18T0.. :���;, yy   A.ry  ..,ocl51m,v
' Lowisii Country EtEcrroNs^-Mr T. B/Hum-
pbreys has been elected for the Ijillpoet dis:
trict, and by telegraph we' learn that- at the
New Westmlriate r ele c ti o n.- on i Man day' Mr
Nelson had a majority so far as heard from
of .57.over Mr Armstrong:. The returns from
Langley, where at)out 25 votes were,supposed Jo be poSled. had not been received.
It is supposed that Mr Cornwall would be returned for Yale.
���'  CHEAP v.G'0'0'D'S>!-;-.
:;'   ���'�����;'' ���. " :   '[' eoixrktsjyG-^'. :;7  \"    y"'l::-
Boots, Shoes OiotMng aiid
-��� ��� . Groceries, : t- >��
/,7Q'Wr$Rii/JSB$�� ��� QUA LXTJXy
Forsalo at tho.Store of the undersigned in Barker;;
viiie.bpnosit'e the, Bank of British Col-Uinbia^ ;
yXxA-.: ' ,..:::0rx.X0,r-A      .   ^W.KEisNIE.;
.'���':������ Express .Movements.���Barnard?s express,
Vith mail;of 5th November, Arrived on Tues-
��� <lay, and Mr Barnard came in* the same eve-
aiirig with an extra; sleigh.   The regular cx-
preas left \ on Thursday mprning,: taking as
passeugers Messrs. T. R. Mills, John Grier,
George Janes, Jas. Eitzpatrick. Oliver Lambert, Robert Michael and John Arston ] aud,
the extra sleigh on Friday with Mr Barnard
-an d G eo. A. Walk era,; W. Hoffman /J.Blum
and S. Adler.   For the next live monrhs wc
filial 1 only have fortnightly mails, and there is
-" little probabi 1 ity of our!having the telegraph
lino in here this winter.   We shall be condemned to hybernate lor two weeks at a
stretch  wi thou t ne ws from the buter -wor!d,
���but it is to be hoped that when we are once
��� admitted into the pale of the Dominion some
little more attention will be paid to our wants
i n ih is res p ec t.   As  Mr. Ba r n ard rs con tract
for carrying the mails, which he has held $o
long, expires on 1st J&larch next, it is but
right to remark that he bas always been most
energetic in his endeavors to   carry  them
th ro ugh wi ih th e I cast p o ssib 1 e del ay.   He
���does not  now eithev  intend  to. succumb,
���although the contract for a*year has been
awarded to other parties, but will continue
Pissplution of Partnership
NA"NT has this "day been dissolved by mutual consent: ������-.-..
October 17, IS70. .   -noWlm
B liie^eirt Hotels' EaiicH.
���y. tfO.'TICE;:: '��� ��� ���""���
nuder> the name of ^frs, Catherine Wrigli t wiH h u
continued as usual under the 11 rm name of Wright &���
Pratt, who havo purchased the b'uduoss from "lira
Wright.' -    0-   .. x-   '��� A - ���'
':' ���. JOHN "WRIGHT.
Blue Tent, October 10,1870. ociW 1 m
all debts duo to .my deceased husband or myseil*
are payable to the said* David Pratt ; and all jlubw
due by hiy late iiusbulud or myssoU" will bo liqjaitlaled
by my said aVgeut.
���   *     '���:... :  CATHERINE WRIGHT.
,.  Blue Tent, October 10,1870. oc221ni
Restatiraiit aiid Bakeiy.
TH E P ropri e tor of th 1 s ol cl and we 11 - kno wn e s ta b
' liahment would respectfully thank his numor
ous friends and the publi c, for thee x tensive patronag
heretofore bestowed on lain, and trusts that by M
usual strict attention to business to merit a coniln
iA Meals, $1. ,. Board, $14 -per Week^
I f eibomifiLen d t o t he pab 1 i c in y...
which isa much9uperior articlethan any which cio
be had from below. - I Roast and Grind it niyselt
and choose the best berries?,consequently the publii "*
may be sure oil tsbeingf roe from adulteration.
Vap,JV<^keii^Tirgli & Go,,
' yi A:7XAlm?P06�� TiiiX
\ '���';.., ;::v..:. ;   ALWAYS 0!f ^iAND.       '
'JLtJL   furnisb hum ber at. tbeir MSiltf,
or deliver li to order. ,  .
art* prepnrM. ta
William Crauk,.
;./witLiAir'oKEfeiv;-^:;';:%[/'[^fc a.
Haviuj? a Planing Ma oh i no in cpcrAtidh tliey wil
also furhtsli Dressed lairri bc r u t sat isfaoiery ��� n*. te?'.
Planed Lumber and 'Shingle's constantly on hand
��� ''������"::;-":.'������.'���;���     ly vjaii tr ��� . ��� A, :. x>ir- ���'
SiLeet ancl Gast Iron StoYes
Lightnino Creek.
Soods and Produce re-
ceiyed on Commission and
for Storage
oc8 , ���
M" ISBRS AKD' TitA.DERS v;\ 1) 11 n<\ A t to thei r ad
vantage to purchase at thisSto re, where tiiereia
Of the very best description on Iran d, and the- Stock
oo h s in n 11 y r &o Ion J she d h y n e w a r r i va 1 e,. T li e p r y pr ie.
tors will sell Goods
Ordcrspromplly filled,and forwarded with dlspalcto
Van Winkle, i Prapiietors
For Sale,
Iron.Zinoand Lead Piping, alteudot (o with
promptnosa, and  warrauied  to  give entire, ssiiii
faot on, ,''���'-���.;
Hardware   Iron & Steel,
j. WE t-o;,    Etc
y0: ;F()r:sAle,.
DR. SIDDALT., American Eclectic Physician. Member American Eclectic 5. tuul Dentist, \vili leav��
Barkerville on or about the 22d iiist. on a tour
through the lower-conn try to givo the inhabitants an
opportunity of having their teeth attended to without making a .journey to Cariboo. The doctor will remain a few clays at the Mouth of QuesnoUo and Soda
Creek in order that farmers and others, may ay1*il
themselves of his services.
:   A. G-ILMOEE, '���.'
Adjoining the Colonial Hotol. Government
Street, Victoria,
HAS ON HAND, and i* constantly  receiving, a
la rgo assort mo n t' of CLOTHS,   0 A KS1M R i> i^S
and Vestings, which he is prOparud to rnako^to order
in tlie most approved styles.    ,
���Parties on Wiiliam'CrRfik can have their mmmiA-
take n b y Mr McCa iiu m,. 13a rk o r v i 11 e.
dO  nm   tile express  regularly, so  travellers j,(>havo work'done will please call at once, as Gutd
-goct miwotwaiaj look out,'we ihiokj rorlM^f1?^^
j       ��� J        | ttsetti in iw M-'ori'i, and m-bor dental matins I lias
$M4��_ cai i*. | u.iI bsen ry: ii ved bt E?ori-m.s. an2J
Second-hand Store,
JG31- All orders from Cariboo promptly altended
to. my til fim
Boarding and Day School
.  *#*}���. For furiher pnrticulars, apply to the TMjr
Principal,        '   ��� ^\\<, i^OPKP-
Oi;S lm Il I  tpBWUJz&LA&WJJt!*!^^  SATURDAYvif0V/ 19, l&ph yi ��������� "  LATEST NEWS FROM .OMINECA.  sell  blic   .  neat   '  '". * Mr R. Syl vaster, the; Exp reasman, arri ved  ' .7 from Omineca on Tuesday last.;; Messrs:: W,  '���������'��������� Lai di a w an d G. ', Cl eridi ri ning h are also come  down for. tb e win ter, aud sever a Vo th er old  Garibooftea are expected^ Tne diggings on  : i Gfermarisen creek have paid" fairly bo for;  though. not. eqiial .tb'th'e^ezaggeraiej repprt-B'-  that h&ve obtained currency, I n Victoria. .gyl:  jester w tli inks > the total yield: has been about  $40,000. Olearihue & Op. have a good claim;  their lowest average per matf for a week since  petti ng their sluice-boxes bad been; $ 21 a day/  Davi3.& Go; have taken put over I $5000, and  fifteenChinamen about $6,700^ :v Sylvester  left German sen" creek oh' 24th October. vHe  ' tbittlcBiabout ;20 to -30 men;:wiil Vinfer.'there.  .Shephe r<i;s boat, ��������� with Ji-leesra. E. Dewdriey, P.  Dun levy ��������� and J. Bo han an; was on tbe way to  .   Tatlah ; MpbWs boat,;with vfreigh t and five  ;   miners, lert;Stuart's;L  ",- The other boats which^^ stark������d from Quean el >  (were in: Sthartriver.   Uoibraith:and Wright  7yh ad re tur ned to Qu esn el ���������; ��������� the To rraer li ad  landed and stored his goods,1 and one of the  1 fitter's boats had been.stove.; Provisions at  tho mi nes were dear. At Elmore's, a tHpg'eraV  on Omineca,half way between Tatlah-and the  diggfagsj -flpur was /Belling ��������� at $ I ..per 1 b>;  "7-sugarl $1 26"; rib bacon -te,be had ;': whiskey,  60c.a drink, and; poor; at that. }It was ex-  *  p ec led th at w hen the pro visions, o n t he > way  -uparrLvecl, flour would ;be reduced to. 35 els.  :it t Tat) ah; -1& Pool, topic about139 beeves tip'  G ermanSeif ereek;and. was Icilling.".wh at were  ;']e, t,: \Bee^ was;selling at 6^c.:lper:lb; rHamil^  tni^wasrooming down with the rental rider of  ''���������'������������������ their/stock.. ;Nothing definite wasknriwn.yefc  A*about the.extent of Vthe diggings*onlGerman-:  AAv-fti. -.'About 2������- mifesihavie {jeen^jgi^pected^  Fred.JJliicj^^ ^them; in&iid  1   prospecting "tli is winter.. Some fp art! ef who  ���������have.--been;* to *ffi  :. .jjind report '-��������� find ing gold. v'/'-One-mM'/iyfia-hasi  .  been ;jp-rospecting on ihe ^^in^a^s^rppprt<^  ���������Whtive'macie ^10 per day. "The"'Omineca Is  7 a large slreaihy and," isv navigable about 70  miliM.from Ho^ermtp Germa.hsen creek. ��������� To.  ���������;   ihe -���������: ffJrni er pi alee ffi i sab out 5 6- m ilea b y land  .:.; f rom *.T a I lah.. ...There was^no s now,; on .G errnan-  ��������� sen c r eek when Syl ves ter 1 eft;: 011 th e d i y i ii e  b e tween-V itai and 1T a tl ah th ere was. ab on t six  3 n"ch es; of sn 0 wi*'* A piece of q it ar.tz arid gold  hacPbeeh found weighing 24| 055.;", Fred Black  ��������� 11ad. f0u n d an0ther p iece.weighi rig $5 4.  -On e  }.hi 1 iidred and twerity-seven men are;snpposed  110 ha v e b ee n on Germ arise n 'creek, i 11 all :-^-  > Ivombi'ofc and-GtUGhbnhad struck pay in the  bank of Vital creek, about 20 feet above the  c reek'���������; 1 e ve]. Th ey. to0Ic; pu t a bon t \ 30 oz.  coarse gold, and iri tended" to hydraulic next  Reason. ;; I),.., M cMa r Lin, J.;, May. Jon es and  Chapman, in tend : pro sped ing the banks of  Vitii I creek this winler. Mr Ei Izgerald was  at Fort St. James, b u t in te ri (led return ing to  Tatlah. Capt. Moflatfc was in, charge ��������� of: the,  ib rt si lice Mr Ogd ������"ri:s denth.  Sy 1 v ester h as s tar ted a gai n w 1 th an ex p ress  - f0 r t he m in es,: ex p ec ti n g to re tur n h ere - a bo ut  \ the middle ot- ^auuary, w-b'ea he will leay.e  again in a few days.and continue to "carry the  exp res3. xegu 1 ar 1 y. Mr Sy 1 v e s te r is w ell  khown as a .4 ntstwprtby man, an d hi s energy  in travelling all winter deserves success and  .patronage.  v.;  A ii ii rvAii���������A mo ri g th e 61 d Car il? 0 oi tes arri ved from Omineca wo notice  Messrs. 1\  Rickey, and R. Tennant, who have been ex-  tensively^engaged in freighting goods between  <;Q uesriel m 0 ti th and Ta tl ah ; an d Mr Ja s. Kei so,.  ���������who .since Vital creek turned.out apparently  -.-.a bilk, has,been on a prospectiug expedition  .-towards the head-waters of the Fraser above  ; .Toto Jaune Cache.1  Tuk TklkgraH'ii LixK���������The repairing parly  have reached Quesn el mouth, but the line was  n 01 i 1 j work in g 0 rd or wh e n th e exp ress passed,  ���������arid if we are to judge from the opinions ol  competent parties^tbe chances are that such  will be a chronic slate of affairs., it being, it is  a 1 leged /p nt tip i n a ve ry sn p er li cial m an n er.  Narrow EscAPi5.~Mr Stephen Fellows,  while working in the Victoria co.'s ground on  Lowhee creek this week, had a very narrow  .escape from being killed by a slide from the  hank caused by-the recent soft weather, but  "���������   MINING lOTELLIGENCE.  WJr.LUM. C11B15K.  { The Cariboo cp, have Btar ted to. wo rk again  for . the. .winter.. The Ballarat co.. are sfcill-  fixing up. The Forest Rose co. have been  rocking ojd biedroek arid timbering,up, making wages ; they have now started to wash,  outside. The r St. George co. are at work  steadily, averaging 30 oz. per week. No  lotlier companies have been doin  SAN FRANCISCO CORRESPONDENCE.  ig much.  vThe Ligbtningfcb������ -continue getting good  pay\7ipcl.-.".tbe;.Sprube), co;: about the'same as  last reported. The Vap.wjokie-co. expect to  strike the channel .with''their bedrock drive in  about a fortnight.''"The Vancouver co. are  still sinking ,in-bedrock. ��������� The South Wales  co. are drifting for the channel:  '  ; \ VANMV1XELE CUKKK.  . The McCormick co. have, sunk 75 feet in  w^at is supposed.to bo the old channel of the  creek running through the Janes claim on the  bank of Lightning, The water, however: being; too troublesome they have started a tunnel to tap the shaft.  ��������� ,    " .   "'   STOUT. GUr.OH.  6 wi ii g to the al ti tu de and scarcity 0 f w ater  nothing can be done on tho surface of this  giilch: in; winter. The different companies,  h 0 wever I co ri ti ri tie ro eld n g u uder g ro u n d.:-;  FOUR. DAYS' I^ATER WAR NEWS.  P   ,      ,1 ,    !c;aitt with the Bo nap art-is 1  ^ was fortunately extncated with 110 wore l^.s and fa^ts ivhich  ������������������ismtis injury than a kr bruises. UtHable,  " Ton rs, f No y. S-Fi garo pub 1 ish es: a^ portion  of Nap ol eon's p am phi e ton the 'waiV He says;  he b ad to w i n' the1 fi rs t b attle an d i mpose'neutrality bn Bavaria, and Wur tern burg.  There !s'unfavorable news from. Marseilles:  It is said th at th e Ad ministrator of. the Go v^  ernment has beensbot by the -peopled'^-v-:���������������������������  Gar ib aid i ,vi n an, 0 rder of th e d ay. 'cen'su red  all the republics, including the United States,  for allowing ;the;murder of the entire ..population of. Cuba;,.;.:: i yyy ������������������.'-��������� ������������������"��������� yX-. [ry, 'Ayy  Thiers has ar rived at: Paris. The .armistice  ofTerecl- by^i-hini J;has? been -accepted fijr Bis-  marok. Tweriiy-iiye days will be alio wed for  elections to be:held; '��������� : ��������� Ai ^ -;  X News fr0m Paris spys F1 oiirieri s raised; a  rnpb and-ledfit: to the pity hail. ytThe Ministj-y  w as im prison ed-:se verat ho tirs bii i was fi nai 1 y  released fro iri the m ohjby the Na tip n al Gu ard.  v /Trochu' prWaim  'rmsfice. King William and Pnhfc'e Frederick  C bar} es ��������� h a ve; heQii;. su m mop ed b y the l*re e  Masp ns' i ri ^Paris'! to ap p ea r p 11 charg es p t p er-  jury.������   >    ;'" '���������''���������������������������' ..   ::- -r    '   '���������-.'. ���������,' -.-  BerlinV-Nbv,14���������The capture :ot^;I)ijon is  corifirmed. A large part of the town was  burnod.jrjThe ;lst. Prussian Grenadiers-lost'  ���������200: men in the engagement and the 2d 500.  French 1 oss nnkn0wu, buk .believed to. be'  heavy.    .-���������  Lo nd p n ;.No v. 4-^Th e , Pr n ss i a ns h ave c 0 m-  menced the bombardment of Thionvjlle.  En tire 6rf 1 er pre vai 1 ed a t 'lie tz... The Land-  welfare at'Saarbrucken..  Ad v i c es . f rom P aris ann & nil ce th at a n ar 7  mistice i'or 25 days had bee'n cotVcl0ded be--  ta\een Fran c0, an d Prussia.., Th o Oonsti tn-  ti0 na 1 Asst;rnb\y was to mcet oh the 15 th insI.  a t P a t;i s 'i; A. 11 i th e for ti ficat i 0 ns r ou n d Par i s  were s 11 en i' y este rd hy, .except occasional ar-  ti Defy shots fro iii Valerien, .  Particulars of Paris riot say large numbers  of people crowded to the Hotel' de Ville on  rumor of the iirmistice. R0clief0rt at!empted  to a d d re?s;; theni ,"b lit' they re fused to^ listen.  Tr0ch itt heri at te t n p I ed to sp'eak, wb e 11 g r'eat  exci tein en' fc "to ol:; p j ace. ���������:,His' aide was. .thr own  dowri. Troc'hu displayed great coolness, till  th e National G a ard ad van.ee d a o d the p e 0 p 1 e  dispersed.  '  ' v   ���������:-������������������..-.'  Ge'orge Fran0is .Ti'ain was nohi\h.atpd as  Commander-in-Ghief of tho National Gtiard  a t Marsei lies by Ge ri.' Cteu rse re fc. Berl itt dispute h ea say- ��������� ��������� th a fc -; ��������� th e . Nati 0 n al Guard . and  Guard Mobile refuse to fitrht under Garibaldi,  w ho is 0rgan isi n g Franc Tireu rs a fc Besan con.  Brussels dispatches say Garibaldi is likely to  be hemmed in. He has 25.000 men, but 50,-  000 Prussians are inarching on Besancou,  Tours, Nov. 4���������An OGicial bulletin has  been issued disbanding tho Franc Tit curs for  bad behavior before the enemy.  New York, Nov. 5���������Specials from Versailles  4?tay deserters from Paris state ii,is thought  the provisional government will refuse to  hold electi0ns for fear oN0siug p0wer.  " Horseflesh in Paris sells at 1.8 to 19. ceni^  perlh. 'Forty-two thousand eatable horses  still left in the city.  J-h-usseils, Nov. 5���������Tho Empress Eugenie  passed through here. Gen, Cluseref. assumed  command of tlie National Guards at, Marsei Hep,  An explosion occurred at Cherbourg; 28 persons were injured.  Bazaine gives the lie to Gambet.tars charges.  and denies any treason or treasonable bar-  s.    He  rev te wis flu;  made surrender in-  Sax FiiANcrsco, Oct. 8, IS70.  ���������'-.-'/.AMKU1CA.AK1> THE';WAR.' 1 "i '  The excitement at first created by the  Fran co-Prussian war has somewhat abated  since the capture of Napoleon^and the declaration of a French Rep no lie. Incredible as it  may appear'to many, Republican America is  w on d er f u 11 y; affected. poll ti c al ly, by ev en ts:  becurririg in Monarchical Europe. A striking  instance of this fact has been obtained; in tlie,  county, and municipal' elections which have  lately taken p 1 ace. The repub 1 ican party, as  a body accepted the;Prussian situation as be-  in g th at of, the su p p osed p ar ty o f prog ress,  while ;the democratic party, which, is composed chiefly .of the sons of Erin, took a  French view of things., The soft heart of the  good-natured and easily-imposed-upon German was taken by storm by. the universal  sympathy of his political opponents, the republicans, causing bim thereby to immediately desert bis own beloved"{democratic  ranks and vote the other party?s ticket, the  natural sequence being that of a grand repub-  iican victory. Republican Jonathan congratulated Mein Herr. Fritz; on .the, brilliant stior  ; cess of the'Prussian arms in Europe and ��������� cm  the new alliance formed between him and the  repubiican: par{y in America, tippin<jLglasses  and drinking Mein Herds particularly, beloved beverage, lager. ' Tbis:: new-(oi.med  friendly alliance; was doomed *o be shortlived. Scarcely had the elections passed over  than the; French Republic was suddenly and  unexpectedly born��������� A midden coolness;-to  say the 1 east,"hasjilready sprung tip between  the: American- republican. and vthe American  German. Although the.head of the Proyisf  ional Government of France confesses-.'him-.  self that1 as yei no republic: exists, iri as much  aV;tlie peopleshave riot' yet��������������������������� expressed them-  sel ves * on th at ��������� po i n t; n e v er th el ess', Airier I ca-s  rep reseri ta ti ve, wi th * a n' ri ri warrari tab 1 e ��������� h aste,  a ck n o wl ed ges th e e xi s te rice of th e * i m i\g i riar y  repriblic, and the sympathies of the ri alien as  prematurely follow suit. -; And,these?>ir,e the  acts -of :tho"s^:.J!Jen:.;wh;o..cpivderaa Englarid's  AcknoWledgr������erj fc-of:a Soutbern -bel 1 igerency.  This change in Am erican sympathies won Id  p ro'b nib 1 y prod nee n di ffe'ren t vregri Up r o v id i ng  another electipii should: take place;: -A, Ay yy  '-    ���������'��������� -   ��������� "���������    ���������    THE -FRENCHMAN.    *'   '     ���������.���������."������  :���������; Apr6pos of the - war; -I will: repeat a 1 ittie  incident which occurred in i.this city ;at the  time of the surrender of Napoleon which is  truly descriptive: of. the French character.���������  Two money brokers-r-one German, the other  ���������Fr e h ch^- ac ci d eri ta 1 ly, m e fc o n Ivfo n tgo m e ry'  street at the time thai the news arrived of the  capiiuUition of Sedan The former had heard  the n e ws. the I at ter' h ad not. but knew tfm t  something of importance had occurred. .Being particular friends, the following dialogue  took place:  traversed in about 22 hours.. Three great,  trunk lines running east again centre at thia  place,, the.most important and shortest beia#  that of the Fort Way no and PennsylvimU  Central, which is: probably the largest railroad  c or pp ration^ in the world,  .owning  ,and coa*  -Monsieur  much  Hurried,  actually greatly e xci led. said, "Frilz, I meet  von dam. Polish Jew just dure (pointing up  s tr e ot J,' an d h 3 tell m e da fc Nap o I eo n .vaz" -one  God da in son of a sea-coo k.; Mo a Die u 1'. I  sLrike liim down, atid,make him n.oae b 10ocjy.  N oW Fri tx,' P m- cpoI d ow ii ii o w and Ahe' ab 1 e  to stand H,~v6t vaz the matter ^'--"Gold ish  down," cunningly answered Fritz.���������i4 Sacre 1  Men DIeu l. vNapoleoo . von tie-f.^von. rascal:  him and lii in woman run away from France,"  screamed the excited Frenchman in ter iris  and to o e of v o i ce far more em p h at i c th an; that  of his Polish antagonist whom he had only a.  fe w iri i n u tes p re v ion si y kn o ck ed do w u; f o r  using the same expression. ���������;���������  . The main object of this correapo������dence.at  first was to lake an imaginary trip  for the benefit of those of your readers who  intended visiting the Atlantic side this fall,  and not to recite anecdotes. I am afraid that  it; will, bo rather late now as the season is  pretty far advanced; however, ray leisure  has been so exceedingly limited lately that it  would have been impossible for me to have  done so sooner.  The total distance from this city to New  York by the shortest rail route is 3300 miles,  which is now traversed by express passenger  trains in six days and thirty hours. Emigrant  trains occupy eleven days in the transit. The  Central Pacific, the only line leaving San  Francisco, connects at Ogden, SSI miles distant, with the Union Pacitic, 1032 miles long,  running to Omaha, and with the Utah Central, 36 miles long, running to Salt Lake City.  O m ah a is the term i nus of teu r I i nes run ning  to Chicago and one lice���������-the only direct one  ���������running to St. Louis and all points east,  south-east and soulh of that city. The distance from Qwaiia to Chicyg^ dUO^-Ucs, M i  trolling more than. 5200 miles .of. rail...'.In trav-.  el ing on this line no changes are made; an 4  sixty .mires' travel also saved or' avoided,;  which makes it one of .the-most.popular fov  pverlanders. ��������� It passes through the centre ������f  Indiana, Ohio and Pen njyl v an ja, crosses tha.  Alleghrimes, and passes 'through a country of  varied scenery and unequalled ��������� grandeur.   It  is also the most direct an^, shortest:;route to-  Phiiadelphiai  Baltimore^   Harmburg,   and  Washington City. .   ./,...  ���������   The second line leaving Chicago is a com*  binatiori of the Michigan Southern arid- JJatoi  Shore to Buffalo and the Erie Rail way or New -.  York Central to New York, passing through  to - Toledo, O hio, Cle vel and, Buffal p and - Bl������ \  mira.   Those persons wishing to visit North*  cm Indiana, Southern Michigan or Central;  New; York will find this the most pleasant and;  convenient route for that purpose. .The other1  line which leaves Chicago is made up of thu������,  kichisan Central, Great Western,of Canada,  kjsjew York Central and1 Hudson .River Rail.  roacl.   For those intending to viHifc Canada  this is the line upon which they ought to  travel.  The fare;to New York for a first-ciasa  passage, exclvsive of berth,,is $136 ;  second.-  class. $1.1.0 ; eraigranty $75..  Eirstandsecoh^  class passengers occupy the same train.   The>  cars occupied by;the latter are: very, comfort^  able, bufc'are ttsedby the first; class passenger*/  as s tn oki ng=ears.;-;: A: secrind cl ass .passenger r������  also' debarred; the,privilege :of asleep iii g;car  which ..accompanies; ;eyery fast train. ; Thes-.v.  sleeping, cars are elegantly furnished aridiisedf  duririjf>:; the day as������������������ \parlors by thosembo.oil:  cupyrthem, as,sleeping:���������apartments during the  night. .Each car. is' divided, into a number, of.  compartments-cpritaining: twp-dpuliVl berths/,-  They pnpe of a donble berth from; San'-Fraii*  ciacbto Ogdfh ii$$ -"f froiriOgden; to Omaha;  S8 ^ ��������� frotu Omaha.toChicago.;$:i  cago to.NewXprkiSS^makirigaW^  for first 'class through1 passage and sleep ing;  .berth of SI5JS.v ' -.     ,"./������������������'      ..  'Trains leaving San Francisco at 8 a.m; con-  nect-with:the 'following;:European lines at  NewriYork^Inman <^^  North,River, every/Saturday, and every;pther  Tuesday;, ,'Ciinard'".:'I4K^frpWr:'Te^^ Q$t&'-'  Pier; "for Liverp6oi;: via rQueeristowri. ever|������  Wednesday/ and^Thursday. : Anchor; Line-r ..  trom PieriNo. 20, North: River,;; forxGiwgpw  an dVlion d o nd erry,. e^ec^Wed^esday .aiul jfat** r  urday, French(Liner^fromrPi������^r No. 50, Nortl*- ���������  Ri^erV fbr .Havre: arid Brest every Saturday,  'Norfh: German Lloyds���������frbm^Pier foot of / 24/  sireet'Hpbbken  tori,.every Thursday/arid Saturday. Rational. v  Line���������for ��������� Liverpool and Qiieenstown, from:i  Pier No. .47, NTorth River, every Saturday,  Hamburgh' Line���������every Tuesday; for Ham������  burg.-,: London, and N. Y,-&S,Line���������e very  fbrt'niglifc; froni Tier .3,. North River. Liverpool and Great Western Steam Co.���������-weekly,  from Pier 4G. North Itivey ���������; '���������'.,=  1 Such are the various land routes arid their  fares. The fare to New.'Tov\i' per = Pacjfib-  Steam Navigation Co;'s steamers, the only tim  .,,,..��������� ���������..���������..;,.X-- is^100 for cabin and $50 for  ; ,Taj,.oBifio^  f ,  now: running,  steerage.: ..  ;:   RFaGISTER OF THERMOMETER       ;  At' Richlteld, from 1st to I8th November, 1870,  Novemfior 1 -  :,'.' ,������  3.-  -  ;    .'- -4- -  ';' :'WA  X'Ayy-: %%'y  x xr-x.  ' :. ���������������������������:.���������.  \8--':  ������������������.':.,.';���������-, /0o.  v   10...  ''���������^"'���������ii;-  15 -  18 -  17 -  18 -  *������;  37  :,*37\-  .40 ,  ...30  35  32  31  4Ji  37  38  30  3D  .���������ii -  41  47".  60  46'  47  24 .'*  22  .14:  x-1  rn-  -���������li.  'it,;  ij>  H  U>  IS'  3i>  32  33  This Weathkr for the last week has bwn.  very fine and warm. We have had several  showers of rain, and the snow which vim  Iving deep has ia many places on the stdft  hills facing the south.disappeared and left to  ground bare. . -  Tuk large iron pump for the Lightning eo7  weighing over 10,000 lbs,, left Yale by .Cor*  now'o team on 1st inst.  Wb notice ibat our old friend John Adair,  long a resident on this creek, has been *p*  pointed a p'Kot coriimissioner^ri;Oregom  Tiikatuk RoYAi.-Pon-t forget- to go to (bf������  Amateur uerfonnauce to-night, 1'.!���������'. '";T,J������vHM,!.. UW.'.HMl'ilw  A NOVEL MARliUGOL PRAYER;  The other day a waggon arrived in. this city  from the neighborhood of Middle Forlc containing the following persons :   Milton Bire-  ley, \m engineer in tho sawmill of a Mr Morrison;/ I^inda.. and Mary Ann;Mbi?riso^,;aBd  Mr and MrsSohohue, the latter a; sister pf  Mr Birely,; The object; of ithe visit'was; to  meet Miss Lizzie Lariker, of; Richmond* Jln-  , diana, towhom Mr Bireley:was to"'Bei matried.  He sought out;tlie clerk and secured .the 11  cense.   Tbe party atthe proper time went to  the train, as they say, but failed to' see -Miss  Lankeiv,;, BireleyXwaa riot; to lose a wife in  th is way, so he I proposed to Lu cind a Morrison  and was���������_��������������� accepted.   He came down town,  went id tho cl erk aga j n, ob tain ed a' new 1 i-  censC, and' found the Rev. Mr Puckett, a new  1 iglit preacher, who bound the twain in jhe  bonds * of; wedlock. ��������� The entire party struck  but' for Middle Fork. - But Lizzie Labker'had  arrived here * from:' Richmond, and could not  iinderstand why her Milton; was not there.  Bhe sought him btt) foundy him not.; Lizzie  was going to see about it.   She found him.  When Bireley saw her, he introduced her to  his wife.   Lizzio talked kindly, beard  and  made explanations, and said," Let tis pray."  The entire party knelt.   Mis* Lanker, with  trembling voice, uttered the following prayer:  '^Our Father, who art iri Heaven, Thou who  carest for Thy children, who lovest the fatherless,- the-orphan and the unprotected, have  pity on me.   Ob, give me power to bear this  afflict ion, this deep humiliation. Have mercy  on this new wife. While I thank thee.O God,  for my deliverance from such a; fickle husband, from such a pitiable creature.  r would  ask Thy blessing upon his poor wife.   Give  her graccto bear the affliction of such a husband.   Keep bim from drink, and may he become a better man.   Watch over me, our  Father, and preserve me from ever again approaching so nearly to utter ruin;   Give me  -strength'  to", return to ray hoine and preserve  liny, sex from such men.   Hear me and keep  me in Thy love.   Amen."    After this prayer,  i������izzie) who had appeared to be-cool, showed  signs of.intense excitement and fainted.   She  was watched throughout the night and kinflly  cared for, but was not able until after two  ^lays to  return  to  her home.���������[American  paper. <  WIT AND HUMOR.  'NEW.  DEVELOPMENTS  ATION.  IN   ADULTER-  YX007'  AX-" ���������  n fcrnr "last,. sa$s the .Boston .Journal of  iemistry, wo referred to cream of tartar,  iv\thon t any cream:��������� o fytartar in :it, as One bf  :  the latest*! **'��������� dodges" of adulteration^if adiil-  te nit ion���������Ife^ cOitl d- b e c ailed.  . We-have since  read: ofanother"sample of the Bame article  ��������� w h ich', con tai ne d rn o re th an. 9 0 p er, cent, of  sulphate of lime, and not one "particle of bi \  ��������� tartrate of potash. , it would-have been dear  at fi ve cen ts a p bun d, and was so 1 d as P extra  tine" at 55' cents?-���������* v -  There has;also been a new development in  the 'adulteration of coffee.   People have flafc-  ���������tered themselves4hat if they bought the coffee  "beans raw, and roasted and;ground them at  home, they were sure Of having the genuine  Hocba or Java; but. artificial coffee beans are  liow made, like bricks, frdm a greenish clay,  and the eye cannot distinguish them from the  natural article.   They arc made in,moulds, a  hundred at a time, and cost about a cent a  pound.  When roasted they absorb the brown  ���������color from the genuine berries with which  Ihey are mixed, and the true and false are  f still indistinguishable;    This admixture  of  clay is not injurious, as it settles to the bottom of the. coffeepot, giving a literal significance to the term grounds as applied to that  familiar sediment,   The beverage is weaker,  of course, but otherwise no worse ; indeed,  we suppose that some dietetists would say  that it is all the better for the inert addition  to what they consider an unwholesome decoction.   The fraud may be detected hy break,  ing open some of the raw berries and examining them closely, or by chewing them ;   or as  some one has.suggested, you can make a microscopic examination of the interior of each  Imry^-{Scientific American.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  List of Letters  REMAINING IN BARNARI):S EXPRESS,  Barkerville, B.C> Nov. 1,1870,;   ���������  At ��������� '      "7':/,"//A. A X/'"y^[0 0  The War and thk Lochke Money Market.  A correspondent sends the following: As  apparently illustrative of the influence which  "the present war has on the money market:  down even to, the lowest stratum of society,  the foil owing anecdo te/ for the truth of wh ich  I can ypuchvraay\be;related ::���������.. The other .day  an old Irishwoman, not to outward appearance possessed of much private capital, meeting a Lochee merchanfc whom.sfie knew, exclaimed1, V Arrah) Misther! The blessing of  holy St. Pathrick oh this; war. ; Sure they say  the rate of-discount is riz, and bedad I know  that interest; oh deposit; receipts is up, fdi,?^-  (H tlie same time holding out her bank book  to confirm her story) "just now when I. was  at the bank I only expected fifteen shillings  for interest, and, troth* Pvo got twenty-five I  6ch! more luck to the war that does such  good to! the poor ould widders liko. ine," Sb  saying, she hobbled off.  A COmpltment���������The Bishop preached. The  congregation ;siibsequently requested his lordship to publish bis sermon.; His lordship was  delighted. " And so," said' be, with jocose  affability to the senior churchwarden, "the  people were very much pleased?' Eh?"--:  ". Well,^ou see, your lordship, replied the ofik  ctal, " our folks would like to know summat  about it; and "   " Ah,;? interposed: the  Bishop, complacently. " I see they'd like to  read it at home." "Well, your lordship,  " that's what they would like; 'cos -00!i  (here he paused, ^nd then added, confidentially), ** it wor very hot weather, you-see,  and so���������when your lordship wor preachin'  thoy were all asleep!" iyyAA-  Two gudewives in Scotland were heard the  other day dilating on the war with an earnestness that could only, be excelled by their  anxiety for those who. would* be made the  bodily sufferers in battle. Like, the Rev. .Mr  Spurgeon, they thought the twa rascals���������-i.^e.,  his Majesty and the Emperor���������should be left  to " fecht it out themsels." Then, came : ah  outburst of real sympathy for the "pnir  wounded sodgers, wha wad be made to suffer  very sair wi' their wounds i' this hefc weather.'?  (i I'm sure gin I wis there I wid dae a' I could  * *  to elevate (alleviate) the puir creaturs' suffering!" ��������� ��������� "'���������  A few days since a woman walking in East  Norwegian street, in Pottsville, Pa., was attracted by the beautiful Scotch granite monu.  ment which stands' in; a marble yard, ^he  aske d, '���������"' What is i t really ?": Th e p rop rie tor  told her that it, was a granite monument.���������  "Shure," said she; " I thought it was a sausage mad0 in a glass case!"  A school-girl,-in writing to her mother; says  ������������������"'I get along nicely with all my teachers  except Miss ���������-7-; but I don't blame herr because she accidentally shot the young, man  she was engaged to, and. it naturally makes  her feel kind of cross, espeeiaHy on cloudy  days.".-  A Yankee in Russia, who was listening to  the boasts,of some Russians as to the.great  size of the seals caught on -tbeir- northern  coasts, suddenly exclaimed, "Ah, gentlemen,  but you should see the l great seal: of the  United States government!"  manufactured by Perry Davis & Sont ProviifencP, R.  Two friends, some years married and widely*!., hnon heforo tho public, and in that time ]ia.s. hu-  Ayn Isaac G  Brassey F '  Brokin Michael [  Brown Henry H '  Beschanips Leonard  Corbett Michael  Ch ristian Henry  Corrigah Owen,  Chung Ge .v  Dixon John E.  Don Baente Segar  Davis John W  ;!  Deitz William  Dickson Charles  Flcury\ August, 2  Griffin Hanrice  George David; v :  Hancock M 2  Horn Edward  Hart David  Howell Fredfc ������������������.'.:.:���������-..:  Hodge Watson,:, -yyi  KesterJJacbb   ,  Le wis :&'A0. ���������������������������;-,'���������. -A- "[i  Lawrie S :  Mnis;..Ge6/;v-;' ;���������:.'. '���������.������������������  . Me teal f James  :MoorBB,;2  Malloy Timothy .   v  Nicholas Mussin: -\  O'Haral Joseph W.i/ A  ���������A '       ������������������. ' .   >*���������    ������������������   :    }.- -   '������������������." -I ��������� '   ���������    i  Part William        .  Parridof Aritonio yy.  Bussell Alex  Roberts William  Richley Geo    .>  SylvisNH; V.v  Smidt Juli    .  Soonim David D :  Tynon Thomas  Varchere an L ou is:  Williams John R:  Wilbm James  Wel woo d Geo rge   -  \Villson Geo  ArwingMr :  P     ;���������' AAAi-000  Briggs Samuel  .'  Baker William     *  Bell Constable;;;������������������;;,' ���������   *  Bienvenu Joseph  't&t*0$rA/AAAA)  Carl in Rodger      ,  'Charley Robt ;    , ' *?A  Connors Dennis  Coleman Peter   \  ;d :.���������;.������������������,':;."..;.   v..':.������������������'  Davis WmS 7.  Douglass David       ft  Drake John    .     V  Durhemin Honor  ���������f:....���������"/   ���������' .';-' 00  JFasanaro Domenico  [gA]/AAX   [07/yy.y  Grunslade ABi  ',,; Gammitt Robt^-  $A?A' 77 00.'70  ^Howard Samuel ���������/  ."Hastings G.:;,;". AyA-xA...  Hutton William :;  y Hpgan :H:';/.V ::yAyy v :>  H uchin vol ye John   A >  ���������-KV    .\-   '7yy/...i-   A  Kirwan James    ;;  IL 0X0     A ?���������' x-0  :;YljOUg'BvA:!'.::-:' yiAXyy  v'iAonsbanre M '-.      : *  M       '*  :    0     *    '    '  ''-'WxyrW&yy/AAA  McFrier yr .   ^i./AA[:'':.  :MagginJosjeph, 2:-,".:..  McLoud'M -..  WA70i:fA7.Ai.AA-  ���������p .:..';;;i   Ay00Ayy  Owens ^yilliam''  ���������.Jp.   '    :    -'/'.   ;,��������� 7  PondJlr   ,;      ../'.  ���������K -A '  A :'yl-.  ^Robertson W;H  .;..:R.ichards Adojph , ''..���������...-���������  Richards &TDavis.   : .  yk//y \.AAy'0.A,.y'  ; Stephen Barnard  MEDICAL.  T a.    . ,.-������������������������������������   ������������������'���������'-.���������  Thomson, 2  Y. '���������'���������::���������"���������"���������  v ,���������'��������������������������� " / y  WhiteH. 2       ;  Wood Tliomas v  -WestlatveW  Wing Pun Li   .  JAMES WICKHAM, Agent.  FOR   THIRTY    YEARS  Ha3 that \v������?U-known, standard and popular remedy,  LLER:  separated, lately exchanged telegrams thus :  ������To��������� .   All well.   We have  two pair  of twins.   How is that for high ?"   " To .  We have three little girls.   Three of a kind  beats two pair I" '  A Coroner's Jury in Alleghany county.rendered a verdict that the deceased came tb his  death by hanging, whiqh was caused by his  wife's scolding the deceased because he was  late to tea."  A box containing a black bear was received at an express office in San Francisco  the other day with this inscription : "Black  Bare. Ef yew don't want to get bit, kepe*  yer Ongers outen. the crax."  "A Slern Necf,?s-iliy���������A rudder,'  come known in all parts of the world, and bean u������od  by people ol* nil nations.  It remains to-day that same good and (.flleiont remedy. Un wonderful power In relieving tho most severe pain ha* never heen equalled, ;ind it has earned  its world wide popularity hy its intrinsic merit. No  curative agent has had so wide-spread sale or given  such universal satisfaction. The various ills for which  the Pain Killer is an unfailing cure, are too well  known to require recapitulation in this advertisement. , As an external and internal medicine, Un?  Pain Killer stands unrivalled. Directions accompany  each bottle.  Sold by all Druggists.  New York, August 15th, 1868.  Aliow rae to cal 1 your. attention tb my  PREPARATION- OF COMPOUND. EX^  TRACT BUCHUV The component parts.am  BUOHU, Iioxa Leaf, CUJBEBS, JUNIPER.  BERRIES^ r^A0ir[-00- A"'-yX>x'  A. MopiS of PbepaKA.TiON.~rBuchu, in vacuo.  Juniper Berries, by distillation, to form a fine  gin. Oubebs extracted by displacement with  spirits obtained from Juniper Berries Jv wry  li tti e su^ar is used, andTa small prop 0 f&p& 01  spirit,  it is more palatable than any -now; iii  USe.;; ,, ".-; ':   r.r...A/yy:. y A   .       v 0   xXxXX--  BucbUt as prepared by Druggists, is: of ,a  dark color. It is. a; p 1 ant that emits its frar.  g ran ce ; the ac tio nf 0 f a. flam e destroys this  (its active principle), leaving a dark and  glutinous decoction. -Mine is the color of ingredients. The.Buchu in my,preparation predominates ; the smallest quantity of the other,  ingredients are added, to ; prevent term en ta-  tioh ; irpdnlnspectionit will be found not to  be a Tincture^ as made in Pharmacopce, nor  is it a Syrup���������and therefore can :be used in  cases where fever or inflammation7 exist! In  this,';iybit have the knowledge Of [��������� the' ingredients and the mode Of preparation.  ��������� /Ho pi ng th at y ou wil I f av or it wi th a trial,  and that upon inspection it will meet with  your approbation/ ���������-..������������������.:. 8v  With a feeling of profound confidence,  "   I) am I very respectfully j  H. T: HELMBOLD,     :  Chemist and Druggist of 19 Year?s Expenence.  (Erbra the largest manufacturing Chemists in  070'0i. -���������^������������������>:i.thei world.)\y:        ^'"A'A"'!  . NOVEMT1ER '4,1 S5 A.,  0; '.'I am a cquairited with '���������Mi* H. T llel mbol d  lie b ecu pied, the D rug S to re op posi te my residence, aand: was., successf \il_in;; con d u c ti ng ��������� 111 e  business :where 6thera1" ;iiac( hot;bceii e^ual 1 y  so-before liim. -I' have' been ftiyorablyjui-  pressed with his character and enterprise."  ���������00x0^70- WILLIAM WIGHTMAN. A  ; . /Firin ot PowersandWeightman^Manu-  :; ' ,   factoring Chemists, Ninth ^ud; Brown  :-.-.���������=��������� Streets,Philadelphia; :-.;;���������'    ?.-.,*������������������������������������  FLUID   EXTRACT  For; weakness arising from indiscretion. The  ex h austed po vvers: of Natu re which': a re. ac-  cbm panied by so many ''alarming sym p comfc  among which will be found Indisposition lt\  ���������Exertion. Loss of Memory, Wakefulness^ Horror Of Disease, or' Forebodings of Evil ; in  fact, Universal Lassitude. Prostration and inability to enter into-the enjoyments of society,  v;::TEE;:(||^STIXtJTIO^  once affected with Organic Weakness, requires  the aid of Medicine to strengthen and invigorate the system, which IIELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUOHU invariably! does. If no  -treatment is submitted to, Consumption or Insanity ensues. .* .:....,,,,.....  ..  lELIBOIB'S FLUSB EXTRACT BUCHU  '. ' ,AXD '     ��������� ���������*'  IMPROVED ROSE   WASH  will radically exterminate from the system  d i seascs ar isi ng fro in h a b i ts 0 f d i ssi p ati 011, at  little.expense, little.or no change in diet, no  inconvenience, or exposure.  ocl2  '    VICTORIA IAEB1E W0EES;  YATES STREET, VICTORIA, V.I.  jr@r Orders  Tor  Monuments,  TomhRlnners,   fee.'  promptly a tnjwlwJ to.    Kvory  <k>Pc rip tion of wi irk  in Mar hie vw.u {������<].    A List of Vncn shjj I>m ������������*e������ ai  il 1 * :5s >: iyf ji j. U 0 i e a j m r 7 6m  HELMBOLD'S FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU  in all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male or fotnalu. from whatever cause  originating, and no matter of-how long standing. Those suffering from broken down or  delicate constitutions, prociifre tbe remedy at  once.  All the above diseases require the aid of a  .Diuretic. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU  is the great Diuretic.  /������������~Sold by Druggists everywhere. Price  $l2o per bottle, or 'fi Bottles for .$<-> 50. Delivered to any address. - Describe Syrup to ma  in all communications.  ADDRESS  H.   T.   HELMBOLD,  Dnt'Cr   AND   CJIEMIOAL   WAREHOUSE,  r>94 Broadway, New York.  None akrc Gexuixm un 1 ess done up i n stool  engraved wrapper, wilh fac-simiie of my  Chemical Waruhunsc. ;md signed  otitf '   IL T. X1ELMBOLD,  W  i


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