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 Williams-Creek, B. C, Thursday, November 15, 1866.  ���������No.-l..  ik  yy   'Mosti^tj^nersr^  the��������� ntoahtaiheer^ He'has'beena"hun$f und  n trapperjxom boyhood:���������one of those}men  who always; keep to tbe westward of civiliza-  tiori, and very unwillingly on their part; prepare AhSwilderness for: itsvjcbming. H$:)has  hunted across the; continent in days, ;when  ���������fi&iki the^fesouri riyerM;6/the^ Bay of San  - 'Francisco was terra incognita, and in his old  0 iage;fbundn himself': ?with bi$ Indian A wifei and  troop of ihalf-b reeds, located only for a: time  as he sup nosed f in a valley now called Green-  ,   : wopd;galley, in. El Dorado county. Ay.; 0% v  L/r,,.Soon;after, Jbe.heardgthat;.gftld .bad: .been  discovered not far away j and then heard ru-  1 ?mors of men coming to v this ibast by hundreds  and thousands, by land and by water.   It was  I -Al I a muddle to hini : * He tiad small ideas of  -A^he^ises ot: gbld^:except it'ivas availablb tb  bnyjJj?w<iif'.aud lead.   He wasohly annoyed  v ; a^he^biritjwa.^;; But JJmi^Hlrabie Pacific hein-  meS fira;i^and;the^'V  ground's tor the:westward, - -  Ayl, -Apne day in 1849 he^ent to Fort Subtler���������  i-B&w&mm^  being tfuilt>''to see for hirnsisif the new c$ndi^  gvrtiojrof things.; >He walked ���������> the ostreetsiSn a  %(s-:tnaze^ia'j������t last; ? bewildered' in J the ':��������� rus hf and  throng of men, he stepped into a:, house^lhalf  restaurant, half gambling saloon, and joined  ly a jiarty of igrey^irt^genj^men:, tv ho \ were  looking at a parcel of nuggets^ chunks;,of|yeL-  ���������'���������'��������� lo^metallxdisplayed upon5 a''counter; |He  gatlSr^^fronil ^the-convereatio^-it was|5|he  v. veritable; golfrof.which lie had: h^ard^somiich^  -��������� -Tlie^yellb yvr rocks were familiar to him. 7 With  residing in Valparaiso, and in business there.  His father, who was a sea captain, happened  to be at Valparaiso with his ship when tbe  news reached there of the discovery of gold  in Colifornia.   Capt. E, immediately sailed  V  San Francisco, Capt. E. disposed of his ship  and settled there���������bis son returned to Chili,  and the negro started for tbe interior of State.  ������ate in 1850 or 1851  Capt. E. received a  letter from his son at Valparaiso, stating that  the negro, their former steward, had returned  there with almost, fabulous wealth in gold;  that he bad conversed with the negro, who  told him tbe story of bis success; that when  he was waiter ia a saloon in Sacramento, he  over-heard an old hunter telling some companions of a valley among the Sierras abounding in gold; that he had noted carefully the  old man's description of the route and ..place  ���������heard the arrangements niade for the expedition;���������waited until, be heard of its return and  failure: and then, with a single companion,  started in search; bow by better skill or by  ���������bevter -1 &ckrfebey ~$w*ir<t th&gvl&en Taiieyraird  gathered of its profusion all they could take  away,and more than enough for all his wants  and still there was an-abundance left.���������  The  negro also gave Mr.-��������� a description of- the  THE BANK OF. 77/7 ���������       THE BANK; OF    :      V:  British   North   America. B RIT ISII   COL TJ M BIA.  ESTABLISHED IX. 1830.  Head: Office: 7, ST. HELENS PLACE LONDON.  DRAFTS ISSUED on London, New York, San Fran-  Cisco, Cariboo, Canada, Now Brunswick, >ova Scotia.  and on all the Branches ol' tho National Bank of Scot  lain! and Provincial Bank of Ireland.  Bills^ of Exchange and Gold Purchased;  ��������� Interest on Spatial Deposits of Money allowed'ai the  rate of a. quurtcr of one per cent, per month.  PAID UP CAPITAL,  $1,51)2,500,  (With Power to Increase.]  ASSAY   OFFICE.  Gold Dust Melted and Assayed, and returns made  within 24 hours in Coin or Bars, .. . ���������  ���������  Ores of every description carefully Assayed.  N. B.���������Any instructions as to the disposal of the pro*  ceods of Gold Dust forwarded to tbe otBco In Victoria  for Assay will be carefully attended to.  ������������������--���������': ���������.������������������;���������$ J. G. SHEPHERD, Manager. .:  Victoria, V. I., April. 1800. l-s  STOVES!    STOVES!  a generous^confidence;:few 7 ofy his: hearers  would 'have imitated, he tolcr his story:" ApELe  said: that One summer���������some^ years before���������  :he was with, his family for several-weeks in a  . little yalleyi away, up in the Sierras^  While Jie  tuntedjiis children played about the; enmp.  Their? range oftoys were rlimited,> and. when  they*gatheredV a' lot of those smooth yellow  boulders, of which there1-was 'an 'abundanW  tin the valleys they were^sowelLpleased^ with  A them; that whenthey left the valley ithey tQjit  with them a fejv^^he smallest and smoothest for playthings^ but that afterward, wishing-to make a Icing,tramp* and finding the  pebblesheayy/and; toe children having grown  tired of them, he threw; them away;   -  ��������� The oilman's face and} manner convinced  ; his hearers of the truth of his story. ^They invited him' to go with them" to; "a: private: room.  -Haying:furnished;him iiwifch: plenty lof whiskey-���������for which he had a weekness���������they ��������� in-  - duced hirhj nothing loth, to tell them further  ���������of the valley where his children found the  yellow; rook.   He described as well as he was  ab le the location^ of the p lace. ; There were  few well-kn0wn land marks, then, except rivers and bridges.  But he marked on the table  A the route-rfirst tovthe valley^ at the head of  ' Bear river, -then;' across a ridge' to a small valley still beyond, arid then by way of hil is and  ridges which'rhad no names then, and which  ciie could only describe, to the valley of their  searchj lying near, the summit of the Sierras.  ^Finally warmed with good cheer, he proposed  if they would come to his home in Greenwood  valleyj he; would join theni; there and pilot  ihem 'to ���������the place.   They eagerly assented  and the party separated,. ;        ,  No one noticed that the negro who served  r the party with their numerous potations lingered and listened attentively while the old  man described; the valley and marked the  yj^^\'0^^0,y        yy ''^^v^tiBggB^ '  Greenwood went home. A few days afterward the party arrived at his place, equipped  for the proposed expedition���������just in time to  find the old man dying and'see him die. After  his burial they questioned^-his son, a young  lad, concerning the facts narrated by the eld  man. He remembered the circumstance of  finding the.yellow pebbles, though it happened when he was a mere child, and he was  sure he could recognize the valley if he saw  it and perhaps guide them to it. So they  started, and the boy with them. They reached Bear valley and the smaller valley beyond  now Two; Mile valley 5 there they were at  fault. The landmarks beyond were either  indistinctly described by. the old man or indistinctly understood or remembered by them.  They wandered about the hills and valleys  until their provisions gave out, and then returned in dispair, not wiser, but sadder men.  Soon after the negro waiter left the saloon  at Sacramento and disappeared with a companion of his own race. A month or two  later two negroes appeared at Marysville. It-  was rumored that they had an immense quantity, of gold���������that they were literally loaded  with gold dust.���������They both soon disappeared  and were never again seen in California.  In 1849 an ArD������Hca2 gentleman, Mr. B������, was  place, somewhat indefinite, but corresponding  generally with Greenwood's, and sufficiently  accurate to determine its location within an  area of moderate limits.  ;."; Several times'since 1850 tbe few who have  known this story have thought of starting in  search of Greenwood's golden valley; some  trifle has always prevented the execution of  this design. But within the year past, the region of Meadow Lake and Summitt City, in  Navada county, has been found to be marvel-  leusly rich in gold. It is certain that somewhere in the vicinity of this newly discovered  wealth lies the valley where the negro found  his fortune. Perhaps some lucky fellows will  discover the playthings of old man Greenwood's children. -  ; ( This is- no^-fanoy- sketch-.- ---I���������believe there  are gentlemen now in Marysville or Sacramento. _.who will remember their expedition  in search of old man Greenwood's valley. And  if I am not misinformed, a gentleman now residing in San Francisco and connected with  tho press, can corroberate the main facts  above stated in regard to the finding of the  valley by the negro.  . Anecdotes op Bismare.������������������ A couple of anecdotes Of Count Bismark may be accep tab le as  affording some insight into the character of  the man who has persuaded the King>of Prussia to do what he recoiled from a few years  ago. In 1849, the paper which does duty as  (Pnnch^, in Berlin, haying wounded the Bismark susceptibilities, the editor at once re-  cieved a challenge, and there would have  been a duel had hot friends arranged matters  otherwise, when Bismark became President  of the Council, the offending editor, who, was  a man of wife, was to be seen frequently at his  table, the minister making.it a practice to lay  aside all political hostility in private life; Not  many months ago, considering himself personally insulted by the language of the savant  Virchow, he left the chamber and called that  deputy out. The savant, however refused to  fight, on the ground that it was his ; duty to  attack Bismark in the chamber, but not in the  field.,, Count Bismark bas,pf conrse, a hostof  '^cotk^i^l^m^IIS. eldom wears; but when  he does ornament his breast with crosses and  ribbons, he never forgets a Humane Society  medal, which he received when twenty-three  years old, for having saved a man from being  drowned at the risk of his own life:  A Laugka.bt,b Incident.���������One evening at  the theatre, John Pboenix observed a man sitting three seats in front, whom he though he  knew. He requested the man sitting next to  him, to touch the individual with his cane.  The polite stranger did so, and the disturbed  person turning his head a little, John discovered his mistake���������that he was not the person  he took him for. Fixing his attention steadfastly onjthe play, and affecting nnconscioun-  ness of the whole affair/he left the man with  the cane to settle with the other for ^he disturbance, who, being without excuse, there  was of course a Judicious embarras?:ng scene,  during all of which Phecnix was profoundly  interested in the play. At last the man with  the cane asked rather indignantly :  4{ Didn't you tell me to punch that man  with ray stick V9  ��������� ������Yes.������.  " And what did you want V  "I wanted to see whether you would punch  him or not lfi  ^^.v*.v  Adams, Pearcy & Co.,  A. BARKERVILLE,.   ���������  Have just received a choice solcction of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin Plate and Sheet Iron,  with various other articles in their lino of trade.  /J5TAU Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to givo satisfaction,       '-.-ri 34  Cariboo Literary Institut,  ���������������.   J. S. THOMPSON, Presidknt;  JAMES ANDERSON, Vicb-Puksident.  JOHN SIACLAREV, .)  DR. W. B. WILKI,*SOtf,   V DIRECTORS.  JOHN ADAIR,   ' J  DIUFTS ISSUED ON THE BANK'S BRANCHES,  : IN VANCOUVER ISIaAND.  VICTORIA ;  . IN BRITISH COLtJlifBIi,-'1"  .  NEW WESTMINSTER. YAT.E.MOimi OF QUESNKI..  ..-.-..,. ..::.;... ..,    CARIBOO;, ".. .: ....  IN THE UNITED STATES. .  SAN FRANCISCO,   PORTLAND, Orkoon. .  ON THE BANK OF MONTREAL, IN CANADA,  Montri'iil. Toronto, Quebec. Hamilton, London, Kingston, Cobourg, Belleville, Erantiord,  Brock-  - ville, Whitby, Peterburo, Ottawa, Cueipli,  Goderich, St rai ford, Picton, Perth,  Simcoe, St. Cjitberines;  ON NEW YORK���������On Messrs. Brix & Gu.\dry, (Agentf  ���������   for tho Bunk of MoncK-uL  pN^CarCANDf-THE'^mTlSH^U 'S BANK '  ON IRELAND���������UNION BANK OF IRELAND, LIMITED  ON ENGLAND���������THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA,  Head Odlce, Lombard St., Lo.uaon.  CURRENT aVCCOUNTS opened for any amount not  less thiui One Hundred Doll;ir.������. . .    ;  Bills Discounted and Collected; and Bills or Exc!������mK<3  on Grout Britain,. 3<in Francisco and N<-.w y<������rk -purchased. '-'.  1 Govt-rnmeni and other Securities rVccived for safi  custody;. Interests and Dividends collvcted.  \!  JOHN BOWRON,  Secretary & Librarian*.  THIS INSTITUTION'at'present'-Contains ������bout 500;  volumes of Choice LitcraturCjConsigting of Religious,  Scientific, Historical, and Poetical works, and works oi'  Fiction.  Worcester's Large Pictorial Dictionary, Ure's Dictionary of.-the Arts, Manufactures and Mines, Lippeucoti's  Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World, ana Homan's Cyclopedia ol Commerce will always be kept in the room  lor reference. ....   . .. .  :T*ae Reading Room;will be; found: supplied with the  latest English)-Scottish-; Canadian, American, and Colonial Papers and Magizines.; .. , u  ���������Terms of Subscription���������$5. per quarter, or ,$2 per  month. 'Single volumes Loaned to. non-subscribevs ���������at-  fiO cts.-per voliime, with $1 deposit. 'H-  v:Persons not subscribers-, visiting;.the? Reading Room  and making use of the Books and Papers will:be eitarg-;  ed 25 cts. ibr each visit. 7 lyX ������������������:    xA-    ���������, .  ������������������=* The JR6om will bo open from 10 a.m. till 10 p: m.'  yy :y ���������: ,v-;--      ���������-.;   john bowrox, ��������� ;���������  -���������-.Vlx ���������'���������: Secretrary and Librarian/  E.   HOD������ ENS,  Received on Deposit, or Advances made;upon tlieih.  .������        ��������� -1 ������������������      ��������� ���������    '���������'   '.'���������������������������.  ASSAY  OFFICE.  Got.d Dust Melted and Assayed, and returns inadt  within 24 hours.  Ores of every description carefully Assayed. .  April 1866. 1  ; Holjfo^  STAGES TO AlFFEOI CARIBOO!  'pHE UNDERSIGNED has well appointed STAGES on  JL the road from Soda Creek to,Yale, which ������r* guaranteed to make FASTER TIME than any other linn.  He has brought down fares ui $40$ and the public ought  to see t hat is th eir own in teres t .to; Support. ahd >mki u -  tain a cbiwp and eiflcient opposition.     v  > y.  . Tho: OPPOSITlO HI STAGE; wi 11 ioayc: Soda; Creek^fOr  Yale every Tiiursdiiy morning, or .aftery the a rriyal of  the steamer. 'Enterprise'; until further notice. Xy ;;  ������������-Fare, $40... ^-'AX. A0y-.A^  ;..    Jacob: Davis.. ,  ..Soda Creek, 5th Sept; 1S86.   yi~ -, :v X .;' XXV1: "���������.  B ARKERVILLE���������Adjoining th0 Express Olflce.  WILLIAM  WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE. ' .'.'���������  Thr Usivbrsal Practice of mixing Chicory -and  other adulteratives with Coflee, has. very much damaged in public, estimation, what ought to be the most  delicious of Beverages.    So clfectually have the public  been drugged, with such mixtures that the true proper-,  ties 'ha'v^be'eri* lost"sight of," an\V maiiy' pref l:rVi''I'fl������cfe"  rt'n\V\ililfelflrilti-^lftili"''tdr^S'ri tik 'ri'cJliW "spirrc UilU' al'b'ink.  ���������General as is the use of Colfee, it is little known that  in con densing the vapors extracted from the berry in  roasting, a liquor is obtained of the most nauseous  taste, and of a scent tho most unbearable.    Under such  circumstances it is evidently important that all tlie  gases and lluids extracted by roasting should be carried oft as quickly as possible, in order to prevent their  returning again to the Coffee   which is tlie case in the  conIIued cylinder.    Tbis object is admirably accomplished by the new an-1 patent "Conical Coltee Roaster1'  as used by FELL & CO., Victoria, in which tbe berry  is directly exposed to the radiated heat, and the vapor  extracted carried oil' instantaneously.    In add it inn to  the advantage to be derived by the rapid removal of  the steam containing the objectionable properties, tho  pure aroma of tne Oof tbe is retained, the cssviuial oil  b'.iing preserved and not exhausted as in. the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Colfee is ivquired to remain a much  longer time in ennsequence of the steaming it under-  gov's by the confiiied steam.   It is chemically impossible to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration of  Cofl'jo when groand.   Tue liea t engendered by the pro.  c.'ssof roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action in the elementary parts whicb gradually destroys  its fitness for drink.     Bin to retain the essential oil  which it contains we have it encased in tins containing  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and which c;in be had tram auy ot  ttie respecta b le d ealers. We ca n con fl dently reeommen d  those w J10 have h i 1 her to bee 11 < >b 1 ige.d to re ir.i i n from  taking Colfee on account of its ill elfccts that they m.iy  use our Ccllee. roasted in the Conic.il Roaster, being recommended by all medical men under whose uotic-.; U  has  in  B A R iSI A Ft D":' 3  Connecting at Lillooet aiid Yale.;.with DIETZ.&  .: NELSON^S for New Westminster..'iii Victoria, '  WILL . ARRIVE AND DEPART : from the" '"office in  B arkerville, to connect wi th the stea in er; ?^En-  terprise' 'at Quf;sn el mouth, an d tho. STa*iG 15S at Soda  Creek, EVERY" WEEK, conveying Tr ��������� as'vrb, TiETTKRS  and Vat.uahles for all parts of th o world 7 y Also, Com *  missions received and forwarded by;Exprests'for th*  col lee tion of Notes, Bi lis un d the pu rchh se of articl ������a  to be obtained.a t.New Westminster, Victoria, S������an Fran-  Cisco or en route, anil returns made with dispatch.  yi. ..J0HN:.'B.- LOVELL,.:.v  .vl'S'"...V..: :':���������'-.-' . :.������������������ Agent, Barkerville..  :  WJLUIAMS   GREEK- :; -  STEAM SAW MILL CO.  TpHE-UNDERSIGNED, ��������� LUMBER ^MERCJiA^^,., beg  XMtirinTorih; ihe inhabitants iii goner.*!i .ofWilJiJim.^  Creek that thoy have no,\v iri opi.'ratifru a STEAM isA'iV  AI ILL, loca ted at the mo u tfi of ��������� M i u k G u 1 c ii, al j wo  Rictitii-ld, c-jpible of manufacturing nne thousand foot  of Lumber par hour, any hrngth or width required in  this.market, and of a sui'liRl^R Qitajitv. All orders  left at Mr. W. A, Meacham's. B irki'i'villa, or tho Mil!,  will be promptly attended to, and delivered FREE OF  CHARGE at any point on tho wagon road, aiid at REDUCED RATES. The undersigned trust to merit a lib-  oral share of tlie public patronage and that their old  friends will kindly givo them a call.  .   SI EACH AM, COOMBS & NASON.  Williams Creek, Aug. 27th 1866.  BARKERVILLE  BREWERY  NICOLAS  OOTIO,  PROPRIETOR.  .'SAL*  CALlf wm^m     onuw  RICHFIE-LD,     ...  PATRICK   KJRWIN, Pkop������.     '  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek: the Liquors  a n d Ci fjars a re o f the fl nes t qu't li :y.       ' if"  E. C.  GILLETTE,  n������^rugM'aMbyuwmvomSt'cp.mm    MINIFGr  SITByjgTOIL  e.5iTee Merchants. Yates St., Vt������t.f,'T|a. * 'CA'-iivi<'������SlvWN. 0 Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel.";,  a- n*M\t -'      - A. Mc'Wha  QrXS' '  Mr* Goume, Barnard's EspressOffice  "v.-iU       -.    "-. .      Mr. Evans,      do 9  LUloK      ,     F. W. Foster,      do      ������������������ .0fi* ]&  jjew Westminster,     -       ���������  .   ���������       *    Uarkson at w>  Victoria,  E. MaHandaiue  m  Lyne.  TO "CORRESPONDENTS.  All communications must be accompanied hy the  fr-wl name and address of the writer, not necessarily  %Uta a view of publishing the same, but as security for.  te Is good faith. . .'..������������������������������������."���������-..".  ______      _���������_^^___..   -    __���������  The "Cariboo Sentinel" is published every Monday  4n 1 Thursday. Advertisements intended for insertion  must bo delivered at latest at 0 o'clock, p. ro., tho day  before publication.  83r* All Advertisements (not inserted for any definite  period) will be continued until ordered out and charged  lor accordingly. '  ~~~~ notice. .;,'.;.,:������������������:  Miners and others wishing to send "The Cariboo Sen  ttttcl" to their.frlemlB In Canada, England, the United  States, or elsewhere,'can have it" mailed by -leaving*  _ Idrwses at tho publication office.     Price,'including  postage, 50 cents per copy.  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  THURSDAY, NOV"KMBEiri^8i3fc;'H  THE FIRST  EFFORT  There is a feeling aboutimaging a "firtT^h-  which brings but, anxiety to the actor and  suspense to tho audience. The young barris"  tor's first attempt at a brief, or the politician  delivering his maiden speech, marks a period  : in tho lives of both never-to be forgotten ;  , but they soon come to know that the effect of  apokert words, even when adorned by all the  graces of gesture and of rhetoric, fall upon  the car but for a moment and are gone for  ' ��������� ever.   Not so with him' who essays for . the  .first time to wield, the editorial "we." Ee  knows that words which are written may be  perused and perused over again in the stillness of the night and of the closet, so that  when he errs he is condemned by a "multitude  . of witnesses." But the cares that such general reflections a3 the foregoing bring, are  but increased, when..we 'think"of the first  - -effort'to conduct, an all but isolated paper  /during the dreary months of a Cariboo winter-  We wish our patrons to consider our appearance in this place as an expression of the  interest we take in this institution. We shall be  jstltid if a good word; or. friendly effort on our  part can serve any of you in the least, and shall  fc>* agreeeably disappointed if the financial proceeds shall be a remuneration: for the labor  'done  We shall write what we think courteously  but uncompromisingly���������we desire to wound  no waivs prejudices or.feelings, but our first  -duty ie to truth, and we put confidence in our  readers that the tone of manly sincerity will  be responded to with caudor and goodwill;  yet we anticipate many errors during our in"  cumbency, but hope that none of them shall  . tie found contrary to rectitude of intention  ^and true independence of spirit.  A new form of government has been suddenly ushered in upon us, and we may safely  aay it is generally well received. Our anticipations of it, as compared with our-know-  ���������>^^^--^:^!B^aw-:^er- *.-r? hopeful in the extreme, and whatever objections we may have  to make to its form or conduct, we shall never  *���������tpect of it either miracles or perfection; nor  * shall we advocate those reforms that we may  think it should grant, in any other than a  lie&cttfui and lawful manner.  We shall also turn our attention to Mining  Law Reform, and strive to discover how many  of the grievances complained of have arisen  tram the -extstan.ee of bad laws, and how  many from the bad Administration of good  ��������� laws.. ���������."'  All miuing interests are entitled to, and  shall receive our first consideration, after  which we shall endeavour to instruct' and  please hy writing on such subjects and making such "selections" as we shall think may  best suit the majority, of our readers.  ���������mih-u.m    ti ill !��������������������������� ���������mi.i.iwn  Rather Rough.���������A fellow who has had "the  mitten" more than a dozen times says that the  custom of joining hands in matrimony is said  to be taken from tbe practice of pugilists  shaking hands before they begin to fight.  -.fiErli you want good Coffee trse Pell's.  PROSPECTING EXPEDITION.  We are indebted to Mr. Hilton, -for the fol-;  low jug account of a prospecting tour :0:  j Messrs. Hilton,' i>evoe, Leputy and Moor-  head, left Cedar creek about the 8th Oc to ber  ulto.yand wchtio the head of the south arm of  Queshelie Lake, a distance of about 90 miles.  Tbey found a creek about the size of the Cotton woo d emp ty i n g in to the Lake; the first  mile oithis creek is a precipitous canon. The  par ty wen ti 2 ini 1 es up tb e creek an d could  find gold in small quantities aU; the way up  except in the canon, which is bare bed rock J  they could make" $3 a day vwith a rocker.  This creek runs westward, with a tiibutary  from the north. The party then returned to  the Lake aii d travel lin g south ward found a  second creek larger, than; Williamsons or6  miles long with fine scaley gold ;ih. tlie top  gravel. Returning to the Lake again and still  going south, they came, updii' a third creek,  up which they went a distance of 2| miles  arid found a branch :to: the right; they: went  up,ibi8l/va.ut?li 'J8.nules.;; The nUuyialdep^  on it are,.grinc1pa!.yr; black anii^ore'd"-'-.Bafi'df^  they: then crossed Jhe| dividing ridge and  struck tlits main creek 6 miles from the mouth J  and prospecting it; they found coarse Braboth  gold on the bed rock at a depth of % or 3 feet  ihe fourth;. creek wWcji., is ������������������ tw,fce���������;^s large; as  Keithleys,; has granite bed i rock and no* gold.  All these creeks head from the dividing range  of the Thompson y River./ Two ot*; the party!  crossed over from Quesnelle Lake to Horse  T'ly'fiakea- distaflcef^uf ~hHm\&iy&ve?~ar series  of rolling sand hills; there are no creeks rising in these hills. On a branch of north  Horse Fly tbey found a company of 4 men  who had run a tiinnel 300 feet 5 this company  intend wintering on Horse Fly. On a creek  6* or 7; miles long opposite Cedar creek, the  party fonnd very good prospects which would  pay $7 a day if worked with sluices.; they intend trying the Horse Fly country next" season.    The.party were gone about 3 weeks.  TELEGRAPHIC.  <Frotn the ..'British Columbian.')  Advices from Toronto say that petitions are  coming in demanding that no mercy be shown  to Fenians now -on trial there.. There are  several hnndreds of Irish Americans in Toronto, apparently without, employment, and it  is believed they are there to attempt a rescue.  Three more fenians at Cornwall will be indicted on' Monday for high-treason. Judge  Wilson pronounced sentence of death on Col.  Lynch, last Thursday.1 The execution will be  delayed until the end of. next term. Lynch  is a native of Gal way, and claims to have been  in Canada, as a correspondent of a Louisville  journal, arid also that he is innocent. xyx-   ;.,,.  Washington, Oct., 28th.rT-Aletter froni Vera  Gruz;;dated;the7X2th, says General Castellraah  arrived there with instructions to send to  France allFfemjh trpopsj also a message from  Napoleon to Maxamilian,"��������� adyisihg bim to .abdicate in favor of any body: he pleases, and to  go.home. :'x"\      ycr AX-'iAA. '7 ''''.:"������������������  Hope, Oct. 30th.���������Brown* spack train came  in yesterday with 20 yassehgers from Koote-  nav The news from Kootenay is good and  the men coming with Brown appear to have  plenty of the dust. .There was very little  snow on the Similkaineen mountains and the  roadingood travelling condition. yf:'yy.A7A-:  There has been a fight at Col ville in which  the ex-sheriff killed another man and was himself mortally wounded.  Toronto, 0. W,y Get. ^etk-T-The Fenian prisoner, the Rev. John McMahon. Catholic priest  was tried to-day,, the jury .returned-'.'a;- verdict  of guilty. He was sentenced to?be hanged' on  the ,13th, the same day as Colonel Lynch, condemned. ��������������������������� .'"  Fenian indignation meetings-c^iit^^^^  held in Philadelphia Cincinnat^aiiUrChu^K  New York, Oct. 22nd,���������The'^nfip^^B^s  lin letter says Dr, Laagherberk, chief surgeon  of the Prussian army, is consulting with phy-  siciaus of the French Emperor on; the possibility of an operation. Yesterday a dispatch  was received from the Prussian embassy at  Paris, stating that there is no hope of the recovery of Napoleon.  Washington,.Oct. 29th.���������Fanny Seward, only daughter of Secretary Seward, died this  morning, aged 22 years.  Chicago, Oct. 30th.���������The Fenians all over  the country appear excited over the Toronto  trials, and indignation meetings are held in  all prominent cities.  NE^ ADVERTISEMENTS.  Dissolution of Partnership  mHE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing under the  1 name of J. O. FLOYD & CO , Merchants, Barkerville, has been tbis day dissolved; hy mutual consent.  From and alter the 1st day of Noyomber next the busi-  ness will be carried on in the name,of J: 0. FLOYD,  who is.hereby authorized to collect all debts due to the  firm..������.-: All parties indebted to tbe late firm are particularly requested to make immediate payment.  '���������������������������".,.���������"������������������' A ��������� ���������   iv J; 0. FLOYD, i  X. -��������� JAMES WICKIIAM.  Barkerville, B.C;, Oct. 27th, 1866, y       i,   . 61 >*  NOTICE,    x.  JW. DAVIS, of the firm of DAVIS k. HERTLEIN;,  ��������� Brewers,,; Barkerville, begs to nnnpunce,to his  friendsland patrons that he has this day disposed of his  interest in the above-named firm tb' Mr FRIEDRICH  STEITZ, and that the business will henceforth be car-,  ried on.in tho name of HERTLEIN & STEITZ. ;xxy  J. W. D. in returning thanks for past, favors, trusts  that the patronage bestowed on the late firm will; be  extended to hi3 successor.': :'-...''���������'���������  AU accounts duo dy the late firm iriust be presented  Ml payment before Monday Evening the 22nd inst.,  liid'alf moneys owingTo* siuU^irtiT.wiJI be co'lleCttfcr 'by-  Mr. Friedrich Hpitleln, .who is authdrlaed to receive thd;  isame. ��������� '-,-���������,0-0 ���������,: :'-'��������� ���������.;���������. .. ������������������:'.': " **���������  > Barkerville, 16th October, 1866.    :  49  BANK ^F B^^  /'     X-���������-.:..     ,4,  London, 3ra August,* 1866.:  FROK aVND AFTER 25th SEPTEMBER, JS^,; HHii  DAVID. MARSHALL "LANG, will cease to bo Manager of this Bank in these Colonies;: and HR; WILLIAM  CURTIS WARD is authorized to perform the-duties of  Principal Officer of the Bactk-ta* trio-. Co!<&m������^'S3g������ing  all documents as Acting Manager.  By order oi tho Court of Directors,  JAS. D. WALKER,  45-lm -���������'   '.  Inspector.  ORIENTAL    SALOON,  RICHFIELD.  THIS HOUSE TVTLiTbE OPEN -DURING  THE WINTER MONTHS:  Hot GIN SLING and PUNCH to warm tho inn* r man,  and every comfort for the outer.  ��������� ��������� " FREEZE OUT FOR ������UN}'  THROWN IK.  14Jm .   ' JOHN HED1W  A. McPherson  WATCHMAKER & JEWELLER.  AT E. HODGENS' OLD STAND  -Barkerville, Nov. 12th 1866. l-s  TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.;  "ITTE THE UNDERSIGNED have sold our ripht, title  VV and interest in the Williams Creek: BED ROCK  DRAIN CO. (limited), and have also transferred the  Charter and all the rights and powers which it grants  unto JAMES ANDERSON and JOHN WACLAREV.  X: ^"y'x.yy   .. ;���������"'...���������   'robt. H. BROWN  ���������;'.: r A. ������������������- ���������������������������;     f-y i I 'x :.-��������� ������������������ v-. JOHN'AD AIR/1':<3 ���������'. A  Canierontbn, B. c:, Nov. 2nd 1866. ,i . -���������'       A-Axyi ;  a. -STROUSS  DEALER  AND  'vstx:  JOBBER  COUNTY COURT.  (Beforo W. G. Cox, Esq.)  Tuesday, 6th Nov., 1866.  P. Johnson vs. W. Brown.���������This was an  action on a judgment summons. An order  was made for the defendant to pay $200 and  costB, on the 15th insfc.  Msaac Dixon vs. Geo. Wilson.���������An action  for $21 50.   Judgme.itfor plaintiff with costs.  H. Montgomery vs Dan. McArthur.���������An  Action to recover $64, money lent* Judgment by default.  yyXr:^:0;^C-^XAAy.-A.  A LL PERSONS indebted to the undersigned are re.  ix quested to call rat this office and settle their ac?���������  counts forthwith.,   :��������� -^v-a.-- X. v  : ; :      allan & lambert.���������-���������������������������  . 5th November^' 1866:..' .    ���������;;.'.-���������'..;.���������. ���������'.'''..., v , '.'r IXl^iX  :;;-;v:';pM|Am;;;;.:;v  NE AND A-HALFINTEREST in ;the;, "NE'ER DO  WEEL CO '' on Grouse Creek.    The owner being  obliged to leave the country, will sell very cheap.' ���������'������������������  ���������Fir���������%;ther paticulars and terms apply at the office  this. Xivhr,.' -*tf*������!^(K������^5.\^^  Nov. 5tn, .1866. .;������������������.;...;..,;. ;���������,-:i:       ;'. Ira.  Dissolution of Partnership  THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between D.  iNORDENBERG&C.W. BOSH has .been this day  dissolved by mutual consent.  D. NORDENBERG  C. W. BOSH  Quesnelmouth, 20th Oct., 1866. l-8in  NOTICEv  THEREBY GIVE'NOTICE that I have this day revoked a certain Power of Attorney drawn by me in favor  ol ISAAC F. BROOKS, and dated the day of February,  1866, and that the said I. F.BROOKS has ho longer  any authority to act for me.  EIJZA ORD  Barkerville, 2nd Nov., 186C. 3ra  a  The  Cariboo   Sentinel,"  SEMI-MONTHLY  PAPER.  Published on the 15th and 30th of Each  Month. During the Winter.   .  ALLAN & CO., Proprietors.  Office���������BARKERVILLE, Williams Creek, Cakiboo.  Subscription, ������2 per month ,      ���������     ���������  {Including cosr o;' deliv-::ry,) Pflyahlc to the-Carrier.  OBFEf II|EI|E|8,������C0.,  [A :..;M:i'R|i:.^:8^j5.' [17 .  BAEKERYILLS A CA1SEE0HT0WH,  :WHOLESAl,B;ANDiKETAlL DEA^RS ISJ ALL  7x"i7x77'-7-Ay iysmmm0yyy  provisions, hdiioes, mm,  1A0 ������-ij' o;:t'; wiw'&X 7 X  1 -BOOTS : i.-VSHOES,';':'-',  r:|ii[G;TOOE|;^  Beg to call the attention^of Miners and others  to their full assortment of SUPERIOR GOOD3  which ;Willib6:60lrl:. '��������� *:     .     .... -v   - ..  "' SI  tomaki room for a NEW STbCK' to "arrive ab soon aa  77 .:��������� '":' the Roads are open.'!;"_;: y[ y  ���������7K$j&? Liberal allowance will be made to  Rcstaurani and Hotel Keepers and the Trade generally  :^Iarse.:wderjvX.C;'>:vr X0yAXA ... '' 1 -  Cr* Bt  ���������T^LL S0^'BE-W":R2CH^^^' LARGE, AND.  WELL ASSORTED STOCK OF  GROCERIES, HARD WME,  BOOTS & SHOES, &C.,;  IMPORTED DIKECTLY FROM SAN FRAMCISCO.  He is desirous of supplying the Trade, and  can .do so at LOWEST ^BICSS.  WllllaraB Creek, July 16th, 1866. 22-U  BUIE  BROS.,  .    WHOLESAIJ2 & RETAIL DEALERS IN  LIQUORS,   GROCERIES,  '"'      ���������'���������     ��������� AND-*   ���������  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  BARKERVILLE.  4������* A full,assortment of Groceries' and H. B. Co. 'a  XtQUons a 1 way8 on hand. 15  JAMES P: TAYLOR,  DRUGGIST,  AS JUST RECEIVED direct from San Francisco Dr.  ���������jla. LeRichau's celebrated Golden Balsam, for tbe  complete cure of Secondary Syphilis. -Also,, a quantity  of Dr. Murphy*b Mixtures, so well known as a specific  cure for t}ie' same.:���������':' 7 '*��������� Ai 'y 17*' *:;:    '  Received also, a stock of tho FINEST CIGARS, for  retail trade only. .; .;. 'Xr. 'xa.AA- "."';;':- ���������'.*.? '.;  -���������>; P. S.���������As he has obtained the Newspaper Agency he  will he happy to receive subscribers names, to' whoin he  will deliver the papers immediately on arrival. By  reading Bill at store the reduced rates for papers will  be seen. Orders from outlying creeks will receive  every attention.      .    :; ,45*s '  NEW ELDORADO  BARKERVILLE.  HAVING PURCHASED THE INTEREST OF CHARLE3  ROSS in the above-named Saloon, the undersigned  would respectfully solicit a cqntinuenceT of the patronage bestowed on the'late firm, which by a strict at ten-  tion tosbusineas they, will endeavor to merit.  The:'TERPISCHOREAH ART is nightly practised at  this Saloon, and the Bar is' stocked with tho choicest  LIQUORS and:;CIGARS.;  >������������������:���������:.  .#^-Boys please give us a call. <   :  v <;<:,.       BURDICK& DEXTER,  v.41-luv: '..-; l :-*-Xi r-/Proprietora.  FASHION" SAL001,  BARKERVILLE. ^  MESSRS, BARRY & CUNIO  BEG LEAVE TO INFORM THEIR FRIENDS AND  the public that baying purchased the "Fashion  Saloon " they will spare ho pains nor expense to merit  a share of public patronage. As u tho proof of tho  pudding is in the eating of it," we say nothing as to  tho quality of our LIQUORS & CIGARS, please call  and try them.  EVERY   EVENING.  Barkerville, Sept. 13th, 1866. 38-s  IMPORTANT to MINERS  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AN  PANNINGS,   ���������'  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity on the  Most Liberal Terms, at the  Reading Room, Cameronton,  The Subscriber is well known on Williams Creek, and.  from the confidence reposed in him heretofore in too  above business, he hopes to receive the patronage of  tbe Mining community the ensuing season.  1 ,        ..,    JOHN BOWR0N.  n THE CAMBOO SENTINEL  ������������������'  MINING BOARD.  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1866.  ::  From Big BENbi^-Mr^Frank Ho wlett arriv-  ������������������^ed' on^Ionday evoniriglrom Big Bend.    Mr.  iHowlett left French creek on theSth instant.  ���������Snow had fallen toa'depth of four inches. Oh  i Ithasum^  . / wasthree" feet"deep," aiid ^travelling was very  -bad.   There were about"300 men. on French  ' or six ciainas continue to pay. The Black  ��������� Hawk;-two men^ were averaging $300 to $400  aweek. The Perrier| thwemehyT to 8 oz. a  day;; : Miv Howlett :^timates;\ the yield of  ;French,creek ^r^the^eMonatov^ $306,000.  All look with confidence to:next season. Markets are well supplied^ arid; prices very reasonably: -, The steamer: Forty-Nine left the  Landing oh the morning of thp 8th, carrying  ��������� down 40 passenger^-���������B. 'Columbian.^; >  Quartz, Mill PROsp������cTOS.--We have ]been  shown* the prospectus of a company to be  fbrniedby Ur; JrBrGhaacelierraa old-quarts-  miner, for the erection of an eight stamp mill  on Hixon's creek.   The mill will be driven  by water.'  The company is to consist of five  members, each member-.to held 4 shares* each  share; to ; be"y $250, jbe ; whole capital:*Q.! he  $5000; the machinery toAtie purchased inSan  J. Francisco Iby- Mr. vChancelier,; who is to be  general manager. Application has been made  to the Gold Co.mmissioner for 300 inches of  the -water of-H-ix������a29-<s?efek to -drive the- mill;  .Wewish;MrXhanceHjer. every success in his  ��������� undertaking./;        -.i./X ���������"��������� ���������__ "'*������������������'.  JtacTioN->N^ jrist  from Big Behd; we learn that the election for  that ^district commenced on the 12 th instant  The candidates were Mr. R. Ti Sniith; Mr. W.  McNamaraj ahd Mr. J.vG. Barnstoh. The latest- acqftunfr^fcthe polHiig^gaye Mr. Smith 236,  McNamara 13, and Barnston 3 votes. ; Seymour and liaPbrteihad nofeieen heard from,  but ho doubt the returns from these localities  will add still more to -Mr. Smith's majority.  His election is beyond a doubt���������British 'Columbian/ .' >,.      , , "A  v    -    ������������������;.,. ..  The Hining Board met at their office, Barkerville, on Friday, 2nd inst., at 8 o'clock p. in.  Present���������Messrs. Burdickj Thompson, Mac-  LarenJ Anderson, Montgomery, Drake, and  Pr. Wilkinson; Mr. Thompson in the Cuair.  ; The minutes of lastraeeting were read by  the Secretary and approved.  The Secretary then read the following leU  ter forwarded to the Board by Mr. Cox.,: '  .,-���������;���������.-��������� GorernmentHouse, 16th Oct., 1866./l.  My dear^Sir^^i am still unable to procure a; complete set of Australian Mining  Laws, I send for the ^perusal of the Mining  Board certain blue books 'containing several  of the Laws still ii j force in Australia.  ;! Willithe majority of the'[.. members of the  Mining Board of Cariboo winter in the upper  country, or is it /probable;; that they will be  able to meet either here or in Victoria during  the winter months ?  The Australian laws shall be forwarded  when received. ������������������ ��������� .;���������-.���������" *y *. : A ���������>���������: ������������������-.._       -;' *  AX'AU...i.i,���������:;..:;j:^;;',Yours;taitti^llyv::. ,i.>;'...  '-.'.'���������   ARTHURS. BIRCH.  W.G.Cox,Esq.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  The HosmAL.-���������^ of the; Min  ing Board A appointed ^to -. raise I. subscriptions  and;repair/' the hospital, have received the  work from the ^contractor. A The building is  now iii a thorough state; of repair. It has been  floored, ceiled and lined,and also furnished  with: a jiew ; strive ;^ nothing is n^w; wanting  but the beddin g wh ich Will sobii be supplied.  The inhabHants foi^4his;,:district have shown;  their usual liberality/for which they bave "the  thanks of the committee.  * e ha:ve been asked several times during the week what has become of the petitions  addressed to the Administrator, and so nura er-  ousl^sigried/by niiners and traders,vto retain  Mr. Commissioner Cox in this district? We  pee petitions lying in mostly every saloon, and  its nearly all 'have signed theni, the parties in  ��������� charge should; forward theni  immediately.  ���������/ New Paper.���������We understand that a new  bi-weekl/paper will be established in New  Westminster by Messrs; Rose and Havelock,  , practical printers of experience in their pro^  fession. The paper, we have no doubt; will  receive every encouragement j and the respected proprietors have our best wishes for their  success.���������Vic. 'Colonist.*  ���������-���������'-���������.\.- ..���������,'���������������������������-."������������������..'���������-���������."   a-. ���������-.'...       '    ,������'. ��������� ������;*��������� ...   ���������- *<     * >  ; '^^Through the politeness of our Postmaster we are informed that the mail is due  here in November; 1866, and March, 1867,  once a fortnight; and iii December, 1866-, and  January and February,1867, once a month.  jSSKMr. McPherson, watchmaker and jewei-  !er,has now;the stand and good will of Mr; E;  Hodgens, and solicits the patronage of Mr.  Hodgens' obi customers a&4.  erally. rxxir  Bobbery.���������A Chinaman emyloyed by the  Heron Co., on Grouse creek, was committed  to jail yesterday for stealing gold from the  car in that claim. He was caught panning it  out.  js������"* We understand that Messrs. Adair and  Brown, former proprietors of the Bed Rock  Drain, have sold that institution to Messrs.  Anderson & MacLaren. ���������  An Accident.���������James Gallagher fell down  the Raby shaft, about ten days ago, receiving  an injury of the spine. He is in the general  hospital.  j8^*Tbe shareholders of the Heron co?y  have presented Mr. William Heron with a  gold watch and buckle worth about $250.  j^The last bi-weekly Express left here  last Tuesday morning.  ^ ^r* Petitions to the Government requesting a mail twice a month during the winter,  are now being signed on this -ereek.  ^������**The French navy is about to receive &  gun weighing 40,0001b., which, it is said, will  send a ball through the strongest iron-clad  afloat ���������     0  The Board then went into committee of the  whole to revise Part III of the mining laws.  .Mr.; Jhqoipspn in..,; the Chair.,;.;,..-:.-...,//...;   it was moved'iky Mr. Anderson, and seconded,, by Mr. Montgomery, that sec. 20 be struck  out; ���������,"::���������:r'y..x "Allily. ::y-'ri, ''A ; ���������; ,'���������;.,.'.;"���������;.  Movedby Mr. Thompson, and seconded by  Mr.'-Burdiel^  as follows : A-'*. That in case ������f any dispute the  title to claims wil I Ape. recogn ized ac cor diet g  to priority of registration, subjeet however to  the provisions of sec; 18.^ ���������  ;v     '.;.:���������:���������... x-  Moved by Mr. Anderson, seconded by Mr.  Burdick^thatflea ^3 read as follows: 0 For  every record J made the Gold Commissioner  shall pharge a registration fee; of two :do 11 ars  and a half, and for every leave of absence  granted to every claira^pr set of;: ciaims he  .6hall\charge;:the.saniefee.77:;:;-:':;:.': /:y. Ay-AAy,  Moved by Mr. Anderson, seconded by Mr.;  Burdick, that ;the words <4'one dollar���������" be substituted fOrXGye shillings^ in the25j-heec.   ^  Moved by Mr; Anderson, seconded by! Mr;  Montgomery, that: the 30th ;sec. read as follows:   *'3^o claim located and recorded inany  district at any time shali be laid oyer unless  so;much work shall have h&eh b6ha-fid!e expended; thereon by the hbldefrasjshali in the-  opinion of the Gold. Commissioner fairly eri-;  title them to have such claim laid over, provided always^ that the sdhie ican be worked."  :.;": Moved by^Mr;;Andersou, seconded':b^'Mr.;  Drake, that the 35th sec. fee struck out.   7  .Moved by, :Mr.v Montgomery,:; seconded by  Mr; Burdick, that the following section be  substituted insteadjof the 35th. "That a three^  fourths .majority;of' the^cfcpartn  legally authorized agents of the same may decide the manner of^iprpspecting hilj or tunnel  diggings during;: the season: ��������� that claims; are  laid over j the manner; of levying assessments  to be the same as in the working: sea-soh;"  Moved by Mr. Anderson, seconded by Mr.  Burdick, that the committee rise, report; and,  ask leave to sit again. .Ai     "A':i.y ,..'.���������;  The meeting then adjourned. ,.;,  FHday^9th Nov^, 1866.  The Board met at 8 o'clook, p.m.  Present���������Messrs. Booth, Thompson, Munro,  Anderson, Burdick, Montgo mery, MacLaren,  and Drake. ���������) Mr. Booth in the Chair.  ,." The minutes of the last meeting; were read  and approved Of, ';.;'���������  The Board then resolved itself into a committee of the whole to revise Part IV of the  Mining Laws.;     V  It was ruoved by Mr. Thompson, seconded  by; Mr. Man ro, that see. 38, 2nd clause, be  amended as follow*: "Where the be (I of the  stream or valley is "more than '300ft. in; width,!  y������^v.. ":|^hJ-e^������i''shaVi;:bfi^nl^v:.-iOdfi���������::ki length^*\by  300ft. in width, or 50ft. in length by the entire width of the valley, at the option of the  locator."  Moved by Mr. Burdick, seconded by Mr.  Drake, that the committee rise, report progress and ask leave to sit again.  The meeting then adjourned.  POLICP] COURT.  (Before W. G. Cox, Esq., J. P>)  October 30th, 1866.  Aelxargc by W. E. Boon, J. J. White, Harry  Calmer, and John Fergusson, was laid against  Oft. M. Curry, for having in July, 18G6, committed wilful and corrupt perjury in a certain cause in the Supreme Court of Civil Justice of British Columbia, viz. Curry vs.. Tbe  Forest Rose co'y* Committed to take his  trial at the next������Assizes, to be held at Richfield; and afterwards released on bail. The  security was given by C. H Parsons, A. Vau-  vleck, and W, H. Wright. : $500 each.  3$&~ The. Hay market Theatre, Jjond on, will  ���������re-open for the regular season on the 1st Oct.,  when Mr. and Iks. Charles Mathews will appear in "The Overland Route;" A new c^in-  edy byMn Oxenfp.rd wilhihortlj follow.  ������������������;'; ; PROSPECTEJGa '���������: :' ���������   _'.,  ; Conipanies have been formed ;to [prpssect  on Jack of Clubs and Canadian Creeks; these  companies are said to be well founded.    It  has taken prospectors some time to learn how  to form good companies;for, winter prospecting; the law of the land is, that ho man is held  for assessments during the winter. ���������  Only such  men therefore as.are obedient tp a higher'law  can form companies that are likely to beVsiiffi-*  ciently long jiybd to test difficu) t grouha.~ T A:;  large and:weil organized company /hasi;vgone,  to the; head of ^Grouse creek. ;iSpme' good  prospects were; struck last; .week! /between  ^Grouse and Antler,^ and: manyi^hinls the disco verers have found ;the.Heron Vie'nd/Aiy-  (Jr    ;".,  ���������:' ���������WILLtAMS:CREEK;v';;   V..' . < . A/  J: This winter has; begun inbst favorably ;:we^  have had! no frost yet sufficient ���������/ to prevent  any /-claim : from working.^ j The water;; iii  this preek continues so far, in; excess of the  quantity which it contained: at the same: time  last year, that many claims can work which  otherwise, could->.notj. and ~we.:;, may:v expert  fewer of those litigations about the rights;of  water, which, during last winter and the winter before, created animosities that are not  yet forgotten. XXAyy-X.-: ?���������'" .:'vv .">,:..;  Raby co^y have paid over expenses for the  last two' week������.~Forest Rose co Jy; wai?hed- up;  week ending 3rd Nov., 140 ounces ;��������� for last  week, 101 ounces;^-Gamerori cp7y is paying  from 50 to 60 ounces a week.���������Last Chance,  co'y are pavincc over expenses;-^Watson co'y  are running through bed rock.���������-.Welsn eery  are^ getting anr excellent A flume;; built: across  their claim.���������The claims about and above  Barkerville are filled with water.  ' CONKLINS   GULCH*  The United co'y yielded for the week ending Nov. 3rd,.181 ounces ; and for last week,  251j>unces. Al.  GROUSB   GREEK.     :  The Heron co'y still keeps up its prestige ;  for the week ending 3rd inst it paid as'- foil p ws:  Monday, 40;dz,; ;vTuesday> 90 :bz;;4>7...j. \Vedhes7  day 36 oz. $3;; ^Thursday, 67:ozi $8 ; :^riday>  35 oz. $13; Satiirday^3^qz, $4;- Sunday, 81 oz  $10; ^dividend :toifull? share; $>70.0.: Last week  it paid on Monday; 13 oz.:$2; Tuesday^ 84 bz.  $ 14; vWedriesday> 30(ozi^Thursday,;58 oz; $7;  Friday,, 94 oz; $3;:. Saturday,; 44 pz^ $9 ^Sunday, 59oz.$7| dividend,to fullshare, $600.���������  The Discovery;co'y washedup about 100;oz;  last week, they ;expect; to;take outiuueh more  this.--The Full Rigg co'y. washed up 175 oz.  The^Shy Robin co'y cleaned up for the week  ^0pz^rRahkin cp!y finished their^ vditch: last  week and will begin to wash,shortly,  ....   7 _  - "; ,;:.--'      vcEnAK creek;  : The^ Aurora ��������� co'y ��������� have taken out-6ver$7000;  they expect to work un tit the 1st vDecernb er.  ~The Disceyery cp^y is taking/out an' ounce,  a day; to the han^J-rJ, Sellers & 6o'y have  just sunk a shaftph >: bar; that has r^eenform-  ed on the side of the Lake at the mouth of the  creek, and; tbuhd a stratum of pay dirt H feet  in thickness at a depth of 17 feet, the dirt  prospects from ^ to 25 cents to the pan ; the  company are preparing to drift.    There are  30 or 35 men oh this creek; 8 or 10 wil 1 wiri-  ter there to saw lumber.  .The; Aurora cb?y  will require 30,000 feet as; they intend to tail  into'the Lake.'-' .. y.xA.y.���������: y.7y'i  -������������������-������������������������������������    '���������     ���������      ��������� '��������� ���������':��������� ��������� ���������"���������*x ���������,������������������������������������������������������������������������  GOLD COMMISSIONERS COURT.  -.:.:'---.-.  (Before W.<G. 'Cqx,!.Esq<K-'���������;,���������;���������/_  ;:    Tuesday, 30th Oct./1866.   ;  Wm. Ikleacham vs.^^ Moffat co'y, JsCs. Stevens  forehian.^This was an actio n brought against  the Moffatt co'y for $417 for lumber. Defend-  autswere ordered to pay $75 a week, beginning on the 6th November.  .:.: John McKay vs. Davis cbTy, A. Jack, foreman.���������This was an action brought to recover  $20 for timbers supplied to the Davis co'y.  ���������Judgment for $10. ,  A ROUGH SKETCH.  gold  This district includes that part pf the  bearing range which lies between the Selkirk  range at the head of the Thomson and the  canons where it is intersected by the  Fraser. The direction of this range is about  N; W. and S. 13., its greatest elevation about  7000 feet, and its length about 150 miles. On  the one side it solpes gradually down to the  valley of the Eraser, on the other more rapidly  to the lake and river of Quesnelle.  The formation of this range is metamorphlc,  and is composed of gneiss and clay slate with  belts and irregular masses of hard brown  qnartzite interspersed through it. The gneiss  rock crops out along the Selkirk range and  across the head of swamp river; the clay  slate overlies the gneiss, and extends over  all the rest of the district Primitive limestone is to be found here and there overlaying the clay slate, it is highly crystalline, and  in many cases is a fine marble. The direction  of the principal seam or cleavage in this atra*-  tum is N. N. VV. and S. S. E., the other cleavage runs at right augles to the.principal one.  The average dip of the rock is about :*5 degrees.    All main  quart*, ledges  run  in' fh*-  direction   of  the principal   s<;amt   and   all  streams, while running' 011 the bed rock, follow the course of one cleavage or-.'the other.  But these courses are very much altered hv  slides^ and especially by those  belts and nodules of hard brown quarlzite which turn the  streams that   come  iu contract with   them  .around,through.the soft rock.; All the sIream-s  running nor ill and south would have a continual tendency to hug the east bank while  the bed:rock is bare, on account of the dip of  the rock in that direction.   The natural result  of tbis w;puld be,, that after tho creeks had  worn in under the band a sufficient distanct*  tpreh^ild be a slide from  the hill which  wpuldrcpver the old chahhel and.force the  creek back to whence it came; or if the slide  were sufficiently large to, (ill up the whale  channelsto such a height that the rising of the  stream would escape over some lower place,  a hew channel would be formed and tbe old  one^would roinaiua hillchannel.    No limit  can be set to the number or directions of these  channels in this district, the friable nature of  the rock;and the great altitude of the hills,  wbuld have, facilitated their! formation very  much?*' Verylirtle"'iittenUo.n'*b^;)>ecn paid to -   these most important channels until this year,  teufc^he^djscoveries ou Grouse creek bava  excited and at the aame time* instructed na ���������  all. Thtvdiscovery of a.hill channel on that  preek last spring sot about 200 men prospecting for hill diggings., many of whom have  been successful and many more are sure to '  be.: ; Companies have been formed to prospect the; east bank of. Jack of Clubs, during  r^%ftfe?f<>rxl4t^ W^-ik-eV^. ��������� tluiuihey. A   ;  may; succeed in finding a very, rich channel in  that forsakeu creek. There.is a company on  Antler also prospecting in the hill for the lost  and rich, lead of that creek.    .*  The average altitude of the district must  be more,than 2,000 feet above what it is how,  but through the agencies of time and the action of the elements, these mountains have,  no to speak, been ground   sluiced down;  .streams have changed their course* a hundred times, making and unmaking chanuela  at their pleasure.   Iu order to lorm some  idea.: of>how these mountains tumbled and  crutniil.ej^^own, you.have only to. visit mount  Ilgnes.and ascend the western side ; you will  findAhe rock crumbling away without the ac- ;  tion-pf waterier the sunj and at a poiut about.   .  100ft feetvirpm the summit the .mountain ia  UndeOTined, and from the overhanging part,  ���������piecesvweighiug from an ounce to a tout.ar^  laUing-as"; fast as the first. drops of a thunder  ^hpwori (While the nipuntain is rapidly fall-*  ihg toaipwer level, the moss, and at a short  iutervaly;the small shrubs are slowly climbing  up the side of the:ruin, and just how Light*  'fiihg{creek is sapping the foundalioii of thii*  heap of ruins to let it lower down.   It is very  easyitb;discern while travelling down Lightning creek, th������ttthe hills on the left-hand aide  are the most recently formed in that district;  tliey do not seem to be.more than half finished,, and are hardly able to liide their naked-  ���������  ness, and seem to have been " dropped by  nature In her careless haste."   This is all that  is left of mount Agnes that once extended to  the Milk/Ranch,  r All oilier thiugs being equal this should be  the richest.mining district in the world, for  none other has so great a depth of original  alluvial deposits. In .- Australia there are  shafts 500 and .600 feet deep, but these are  through hundreds of feet of lava, scori������, and  eyen>.tertiary formations; but uo volcanoes  have belched forth their ashes to cover and  bide pur channels, and/no rockey forriiation^  lock them up; not a'boulder or a pebble can  be found that is not of the same foi'matiori aa  the rocks over which the^ lie. AH the/ deposits of this'-.djstrict are ���������but the tailings of \  the rocks; th at nave been washed and the hill  and creek channels are the riffles; and if we  take into consideration the gteat depth - and  extent of these tailings, we might form, some-  idea of the gold that may be^r??^-?^  der. its deceptive, covering.���������������  ��������� : ; ,      - i  We sincerely hope that if the Govern ment    c  ever ftts out another prospecting party^ it .will  have for one of its objects the traciug of this  clay slate range beyond the Fraser and determining its extent and limits, in preference to  sending out at a venture into the granite formations of the Cascades, the Rocky mountains,.,  anil the Selkirk range, where rich placer diggings shall never be found.   All these mountains are sharp and serrated in their outline  as if they were but made yesterday, and it is  well known that these plutonic rocks disintegrate slowly, in fact granite is supposed by  all to be the most  durable rock  known,.  These regions are'not condemned; up  tbeir  walls and through their gorges let the prospector for quartz with his hammer, his lamp,,  and his fluxes take his journey; but for placer ���������  diggings we say'ceteris paribus,' the greater  the wash 'or disintegration the- richer  the region. ' Fancy our northern mines with a district of 200 or 300 miles, as rich asCariboo-  on the other side of the Fraser!   Of the rich-  ness-of^that section of country we know nothing, only that a telegraph em ploy ������e is said  to have found a nugget in  one of the poftt  b oles, b ut we d 0 kno w tb at th e " fo rmati ou1'  extends for over 100 miles-bevond.ihe Frasor.-,  ������������Miii���������.miiiUiimawawn! tiS&ma^^  '   a nameless; charxl  tt  XX. X:"' ���������  y$  "J;;; XXX  A/77  Ayr'"  707.7  XlsA  7'770.  r.\.;.*.vr  m$i  '.-.'���������' '���������':;":  V./" There is a certain charm, possessed by some  ���������' ���������' women, more subtle than wit, more ;daager>  \   i'/t^s than beauty;;   It Is that indiscribably  ���������"'"    /graceful,- winning manner that1''so'qhietly  ' finds its way Into the hearts: of, .men;, giving  "V'-'the possessor of this charnvas> many hearts  1    into her keeping as she may choose to; call  1, ** her'own. ' It is not'the woman of regutaiiy  *" / handsome' features who always has thispower,  ]'     h tic when it'is combined ^ith' a fan Itless form  X7Ay: arta face. the woman will be called a? beauti-  *-/ tnl coquette; when the face is plain, other  y   women will .wonder what the men^'can see . in  ' , '- that clecidedly homely woman. ',' When you  r  ��������� ,'H r<-'#?"rt/V,������.;urnmjn.n  who  has this hamelessrciharm,  J'Xb-:.:  . i-;.'.a-.,  find a woman 'who' has this nameless charm,  "* ���������i'other!w:omeri hate; for  love^ano^er^$r|^has: the  i*  ������������������:-  "y-v,.'.y*V,..''.'A'f.:���������:. r.'!;'.f.'v  ^XXi.  f- ; , no woman can love*'��������� another-'who-has; tlie  ���������''   power of whining the love pf man where they  [i] 'A tnav.have failed;\\, ,   ..���������   '    '-v'' ���������'*  ��������� *:':   And with; this fatal charm, comes seldom  the strength ta resist 'the.temptation to try its  'L tEOTex\on'-the\hfe&rts'Of'in,<ffl?.: Very few wo?  ��������� -: r; ?"~~mQri wlJoare aware oFTJi^tp  ^ /Opposite igex,  ever , successfully  resist the  ��������� V l-power to win hearts.   She never; asks herself  .-,   k    what she will do with them when wonT but it  (/ V is a bewildering pastime, for some women, to  :0.';. y v.tist?; the gifts' of JSaUiittj to lure the. attention  ��������� ���������* - and the, hearts of nieri;  theyy blindly close  '" tiiirfr eyes, tb the consequences,"and drifting  ' " 'down the ^enchanted stream, thby awake at  ���������������������������'���������::   list to find but the;wrecks^bf the he^rtsthey  0���������. /iiavrdrawiTto 'th^m^iXlte^fby^tii-esWto-ligbt  'V   of a coquette's charm^  k Xi mourns in after yearSj^he loss of a true heart's  ,  x'0 love���������laments the tosswhen the wreck* is; ir-  ' W repairable.' Oh,,fatal gift of woman's charms T  1    A;: Th ey living only misery to b bth, ^sexesj? and i t  has been soi since Kveterapted" the fqnly; man  "**   she cbukl find to flirt with in the .garden of  >    ' /'��������� ISden; it'wilfbe so as long as mart, worships  ��������� * 4 tho beauty of women j and' women covet thai  V r, woViltip;  ;Ithahk .God that there'are a few  v '", '^Ifouiely, sensible women,who - do not care to;  ;  '\ flirt,, or to win a man's Hove 'but" to cast it  Iy:   11.WHV when won. - ��������� '  1 v     Aiul yet I .cannot blame wome(n more than  . '0 ������en���������they are1 so're^ady to fall'down and wor-  "'". 0' ^tfinp', women have the idea that they have only  . ;,"):Hftiy their power on a man/si heart arid it is  fv wbn.w   Other-women1 are'watching he^they  ,i0^g^^gandltfie secret b^intuition and follow  f^ipZfflNES;^  , Assessor Bean\ of Nay adsi Goiinty f has; b een  makiiig lan dable;ptrorts to J obtain full statist  ��������� tics of quartz mining operations in that county,,  and pubHshes :thb^resiilte in the >tocal-papers.  Tfre^tatilesprin^^  -that'have been worked, but only���������} those that  are now carrying on* operations; or that have  taken, out rock ^nd had it crushed within the  year; /The\statistics embrace statements of  the amount Jof rock mined, the number of men  employed; the numb er of stamps and engines;  arid;the average yield. These stateraehtsiare  ycorrect^as ���������far; as theygo, 'but some of the:  mine owners or siiperintendents ^ refuse to  giye any information;;:'and hence itappears  that while there are reported to be 91 quarts  mi nes in tb e co u h ty? ^ ������}1^ two-th irds 'of wh i ch  are in profitable operation; we have full statistics from only 18. > Some of the mines which  refuse to report are the most productive.* The  * Gaze tte? th in ks th e re must h ave been double  the amount ofquartz worked that is reported."  fnra is lied po ssess great in terest and? tli eir jnifo  licntipn will prove bf^  ing; settlement andinyestnient;and;ih creating  confidence ihHhe.:iuture of; our mining: Cpun-  Jties? then whole volumes r^ abstract ;declama-  tioh upon the* extent of our resources^ ^T  :The- quartz mi lis j of Nevada. ��������� ^are ,; mostly  worked by -steam po wer|;twb:am^ryiiCrushers;  V7 ;fcy 'sex when Tsee a fresh, blooming girlyjust  r'*"*������;*en tering society^ blushing and smiliugv evi^  '-A Ueritly enjoying'the attention of a'practical  "; man of the world in high life, whom all knew  -, ;J 'V>'l)edish6hbrable;towards women, but whose  iXl 'wealth and'position cover all���������when I see  ��������� ^Vinothura smilingly"contemplatihg the "cpn-  ''���������tf^^t.,,thmldng'thaV  ���������l< plistied a very desirableobject inv' bringing so  ' ''Mashionable^and1 wealthy a man tb her feet, I  ^  can only wonder; and wish to tell her that her  ^^hild-hsAS not won attentions that will add to  ::; ^": her purity of ihought.1 \A: '" A a '  , ',���������.������������������. ��������� v  ^ n Now; 1 wish that ail women would be true  <s^ -tiviiatlve modesty that always characterizes  -, .theirJirst early youth. But noi they are  f; v? feiroed to'forget whaVnature has taught them,  /-- an^irmsV  ' * * that art and its accompanying devices, to at-  -' tract the attention of the opposite sex, always  /"'brings gribi; if not shame at last. '     ,    .  iXt.  0>..,  tfi&ay"!::  ..���������-������������������: 'Exe.cotion: op an Elbhiant:-���������An American  ^;^ircu^ has been travelling about Switzerland  yy Willi great ^success this summer j but at FrU  ,:;f burg, last month, the male elephaut, over  .Xy  tUtigued by; constant march ing J ^and irritated  7iyitytAthe:jroiigh treatment .of his keeper, siidden-  ' |fi ;;lySeized hjaieep^  :y<0 height^ un<L/'ph his 611,:crushed his chest with  ��������� '-:'^;;K1^.-- fofit* belter a^j^  A 0*A. -^'" i^ generally-un^sl^o#  t,0.0^ ^niirigIk-lhan those;aninv; Is are danger-  A ''��������� ; o \6f.- the di ree to r of the: circus decided upon  buying it .killed j and for that jgirpose app tied  0a-tb T;he authorities of Friburg for a piece of  ''ij^aiinon.y' This was granted, and the animal  vh.iying boyn enticed into a favorable position,  Ck* gun was fired, and the brute fell dead.  .', i y   >l ou.n; (.' s j i nta max.���������It is rel ated th a t in a cer-  turj ?.ouniy ip California the Chinamen had  ;-Jrt*irnoci to know, tbe tax collector, and paid  .'���������.';��������� ;.w*Uiouii suspicion whenever he came round;  ,.";���������. but knowing that attempts were made to impose upon them, of course regarded everybody else as a swindler.   An election result-  . y : ed .in another official being chosen, and when  he attempted to collect they refused; to pay.  lie was rather peremptory, whereupon they  :",.. seized him, tied his wrists and ankles together  .,   and thrusting a pole between them, several of  the Celestials lifted the pole, and carry ing him-  thus, as they, would a dressed pig,, brought  ._--,- tht'ir captive up town and handed him over to  7Jhe proper authorities   with a' self-satisfied  " t1much- catches wofoer," conscious of haying  as vhe sa^ue time rid themselves of an enemy,  and r^adeivd good service to the community.  ; The joke was such a good one, and was so  .  mercilessly kept alive by the friends of the  ; victim, that the poor fellow was obliged in  ������������J f-d^fence, to viasign his office and quit the  aei-guoorhaad.  Q[TE3XBLM0tJTHs^  ,������,h-  OTICEr  t. yl  Win leave SODA GREEK ,.,������������������'".  MONDAY & THURSDAY, MQENIN0S,;  ���������'       ��������� '-.���������: , AT DAYLIGHT;     '   y  X x], s  ' *i ������������������<  ' -     Will: leave QUESNELi; -,; y,  WEDNESDAYS SATtJRDAY^MORNINGS*  ,:,.,/ 7 AT 6 O'CLOCK,      } . y z  Connecting aVSod^Creeklwtt^  Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip up.   .  :���������!^^1 Freight to Quesnel licts.^lb.  Steamer 'Enterprise,' T    ; ;   ���������      A.[ A r A 7  ��������� .,May 21st, 1868. > ��������� J ^,   ;;;' y ' ��������� - ��������� ��������� ���������   ��������� *  - v '0 -, ���������',.;  ���������COLONIAL RESTAURANT; V  ���������     x-i.'7y '-���������      QGESNELMOUTH, ���������*.������.���������/. ;,,.������������������,'  yX   7(J>.ib. JOHNSON,i'PHd^MBTORi-     i/y  Mealfe afeall hoursi ami Cooking; of tlie best  :i" description.':::'-'"-���������'''���������'.:.v^v's' '"-.'������������������������������������.  f  .... . viQUESNELMOUTH, V  70 mOW$& GrltLJS; KoPBIBTORS.Jj //  Good Beds;. Restaurant; Billiard Table, ^c.  ���������Stabling for Horses,. Hay and Oats.   ,   s ;  age of between y or 10 stamps each.:   The  mmA*������'iia.vA for mills and vhoistinsr f works; 99  ^iri-es^ayef6r mills^iand  steam.eugines, and at 30 mines the whole or  a^partbf theimachiiiery is^runby,water power.  Fifty-se ve n; compan ies rep oijt = th a m numb er .-��������� of  nieri employed. , In^ that number of claims  ���������1^797 men are engaged. ; The^superinteridents  of 52 mil\%\report the total amount crushed  during tiife^year;- Tins number 6fquartz; mills  ; have crushedvin the .aggregate ^S5300 tons of  roek-^ayeragiug 2,6814 tons to V the. mill It or  the jrean ^o "statistics -are give n^as? to the  cost of workingr; The average yield -. per ton  ranges from $6 in one instance; and S8 iii two  instances, to $25;-Mo;;^0, ^0 and $100i [; It  may be interesting to specify? soine of 'the  largest average yields.vas follows :-^Heustori  ^HillvSlOO; Ostiprri Hill, $100 ��������� Eureka,$50^  Forest Springs $50; Norambague,; S50; Shang-  hae;"$b'0; New York Hill, Sb*0 ;^Union'Hill;  S40 ; Empire; $45; Cambridge^$40;vLone  Jack,' $40; Lamarquie, $40 ^ Smith Mine; $40i:  The ?aggreg*Bte yield of^ the} eighteen^ mines  that report ''-fully is $2,187,300 for the; year.  The total'amount of rock crushed at these^ as  we learn;by footing up,the tabulated, figures  was about (55,000; toris^ or say ;3;5I1 to * each  vmine, showing the^large :average^yield <:of  ��������� nearly $34 a ton. The ,averagei yield per  b&ltofi^ mines oi:  which the total yield: is given have been worked less than jay ear. The largest single yield  is from the Eureka mill, at Grass valley. This  mine employs 175 men,; has 20 stamps and 3  rengihes running^ arid crushed (luring the  year-11,468 tons of rock,' averaging $50 per  tori,">.:and giying a ,total yield bf $573^300. The  Allison Ranch niine employs H5 men, runs  12 stamps only and 5 engines���������have to" pump  largely, we presiinie^-iiidbrush^ 60.0 tons  bfrockj worth $30.per; tpn;>,and: yielding .an  aggregate of $218,000. The Empire: -mine'.? at  Grass'yalley, employs 80 men, has 36 stamps  and .4 erigiriesv and or ushe d 16,00<): to ns: of r oo k,  worth $45 per ton, giving a total yield [of  $270,000.- The Forest Springs mine employ,  .10Q ?nen,:runs 10 stamps, cmshed; 4,500 tons  of rock averaging $50, van dr yielded a; tptaljof  $255,000., The lone mine employs;70 men,  ruris 10 stamps arid.: crushed 3000 tons; of rock  , woi-th $20:a ton and; yielded:-$60,04)0.:VThe  " Husto u Hill triiiie; A with 65 : nieri /(number; pt  stamps, not given,). bruslied ll,500 tons Worth:  ^WOa'^o'n^ribl^e  all Grass Valley mine's./;;   .  ; .'.-.'    '-0y.  Canixe Sag aci t . y.���������A ge ri fcleraan resident in ���������  Ri p o n recen tly p urchase d a re trie ver d og  from a person residing at Batley. The animal was forwarded to Ripon by rail, arid after  b ei rig a fe w weeks with his new master suddenly disappeared, and no clue, whatever  could be obtained of him. Asa last resource  application was made to his late owner, who  immediately wrote back stating the. dod had  returned to Batley on the. loth inst in a travel-worn condition, suffering very much from  his feet. He. left Ripon on the night of the  13th ins ant,, and how he found his way is a  mystery, Batley being about .35 miles distant  from Ripon.  Awful Well.���������An exchange says that a  dancing-master in New York has introduced  the f,Kiss CoiiUion,7' in which the gentleman  always kisses the lady as they "swing to corners." Says the Rushville (Illinois) 4Tiraes,}  "We are not so much on the dance, but would  like to swing a few corners most awful well."  Montana.���������Several young men who left  Springfield (Mass.) for Montana, on the 1st of  April, have got back and 'don't, think Montana  is all it is represented. They ��������� found the  chance..; for making money decidedly against  them in every place they visited, and they  were at el even diffe rent p laces.i  v; airt^Q^^jJic^b^^.  Axr ':!���������  Oi.d Establishrd. Geneu^ Stork/ ���������',;-. ��������� ���������'-'.  ^OViSiONS; WHOlJESAI^f# tsb^i^  17.A jStorageV. &b.--Terms niost  ^LILLOOjST ad^brtisembnto)  FLQIJKW  ;;;.;      uLLOOEt   MILLS!1''   t xt  T<KE UNDERSTGNED- arc no w-raaunfacturjig ^LQUR  I'o&'&ft gracilis: Extrii,-, S^parfine:aiid Flue.: t^eed  Crushod'^to.order;. .. ��������� ..,'   ,"  . >������.-.������������������ -.'  ^.. ...  <������������������<���������,,��������� ��������� ��������������������������� j ; '*-?  -      '    " ":     LIliLOOBT'PLOUR.Mlt.L CO.,      '  -'v '  ,,f F. "WTFo'stbrJ;Agent. *..  Is  EDWIN   ^TYNON,  .''i-i'i'i:-  ^ LILlioOEK''���������;BKe^JE^','{.:;^  TAGOB MILTZ, proprietor, lia^ul ways; on  O, h-ind a large and superior i stQCjc.of.. Lager Beer ;,at  tli% Bir will bo - found the best Brandies,. *Wincs an?!  Segars; -ChVpublic are invited to call. - Prepared1 to fill  all orders promptly;  X A*rA -���������,- A:x.- :x,-\.-:X..��������� ,,lrS;f  SPELMAN Jlaud IMCcISENiZIE, Proprietors^  'I TIUs'HQU^CfS.:^^ Beds and  thp;Ba rXi furnish ed-witlVthe ^ best: Liquors^;: 'fMeals^iie;  served at all hours on the Eestaurant ^principle; Starting for Horses,.Horse Feed, &c.   ,'       "      ,  ^ l-s '  Pioneer Hofcel--Li^ooet^f  PHARIaES NELSON, Proprietor.' ��������� This - old  XJ. establis.h'ed House', is well fitted/up; for the ;,comfort  ofvTravellers'-^the Table ;is supplied with;the best of  everything that can be had,.and the- cooking is not in-;  f erioV to the b est hotel in the lower country;, Bedrooms  for..Families;' 8Uibling for,Horses, ;Horse ;Feed- &c.  Tiie'Bkpress stops here"';';';:"       "���������������������������'������������������:,'-"- lx.y 'y.'"l-s":,"  BARKERVILLE,  THE UNDEltSteNEp beg to inform tlicirfrieiids arid  ���������'"tho -irihabitt;rits generilly of Williams Greefe the  Mines of  we will exebiinge bread for flour as: heretofore, and: at  <t ny time roc aye the same ticlcets for Meals,. Luricbes.  iM\;s,;O.Ucesj Oi* anything in our line for their value, ana  will be on hand at all iiours, day or nightj: to supply  the; wants, of ou'r'p.Jtrjuis. ;; '.A....': jr- yil-.-x '--A**"!.-  ryJ^T;iZov-4������to.bi\hgr.^^  ' '��������� ' r������..' tf*rxr\\i    B_" Aft  Barkerville, Sept, 2Gth, 1866.  PI EDDY & GO.  43 s  Batliing    Establishment!  ,-..   .B.ARKERVILLEj- '.".".',,'  (Next B.Ankof British North America.)  D LEWIS begs leave to inform the Ladies and  ��������� G.-ntlomen of WillhmsCr^ek and vicinity that  lie lias fitted up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to merit a share of their p.ttron igc,  A$ilf* Hi will also attend to Extraciing, Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth. 19  ROAD; SIDE HQIJSES^&c.:  BOYD & HEATHi Proprietors,.  mHTS HOUSE is situatsii 26 miles froni Quesuelmoutb:  ?1 ^^Hfpr^tdi^'naving lirtely fitted, np bedrooms  and'cbod B������<?s aref how prepared to afibrd every feccom.  ���������todtfUon for Travelers; the Table is furnished: with ail  Se luxuries thatcanbe.procured;, the, Baj is well sup.  oiled with tbe.fe  -.?*?-..-, v *.- Tr;.'i, Aa*������ ������������\ -RariRv' 'iBS* The CHEAPEST  Tilled Wil" tueuL-o.x i/i.[*M.v..^.,y.,j*-.^������r--rr.zj.i .-"^Su-r  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley.    4ST The CHEAPEST  House on tbe Road. '        !      -,   ' -<r*y ' ���������t-:Axr-. M  .  rrHETODERSmNEDmAVINaPtJ^HASED^  1 ..Messrs^:Hoffmeister-r*! Co. ttiis.eplenaid;..Ranch, to,  sether with the commodious two-story-houselcnownas  the Cottonwood Hotel, is nwpreparertvto affi^.evciy.  acebmmoelation to* the travelling public, * and:;hopcs by  a strict attcrition to ^business v to ;meri^ a ���������snare,of the  Datrohage bestbwed on the fdrmer proprietors.,-.This^ is:  one of the^nok "comfbrtablefa  hn the;r6ad;coirtaining;as;st;aoes;^  isiied be^rorms Witb good beds:v^he TABLE-is sup.  niied: witlH!iVerv:^^^delicncy it. is possibleto nrocuredn the  upper cs5untry:v The BAR is stocked with, the best of.  ^Liquors ami the; choicest Cjgars.'; xx 10. \ ���������;��������� yA >��������� . ,.:v-;  ;The Stabling tor Horses is all that could be desired,  and the chargesvnrevyery moderate.X Hay ror^HorseB,  perday;.'$2��������� .Oats and ^rloy at^the^ape^t market  ^Tbd.undersigned haBavlarge" quantity' of fOAT; HAY  on hand, for sale in laree of small quantities.;- Parties  (ies^nis; of purchasing Jttiis sirticie; would do v^cli ,t6  '^S 0?- L 7 V JOHN;PELL^TI^  ,,soni1;CREEE. , ;p::^  ,"=���������..',".:. y Xx- ... .;-f���������r ' . \' 0%"!' ��������� '  'A GRE ATREBUCTtON lias been made 1 n the charges  iii at this establishmeot;;sb.as to- suit:the-times;, v.  ,:.;:,,.;���������. ... , -,,, < s . mcleese &:.senay,  ������������������ "''    '"   .     .-    ' ' ���������   r       "yy   v.; .    :Proprietors.'  ;;;;Octob'erist,! 1&MAX, "' ;"/'  '     7 0 '    ������    '  I  ���������njr.7x.rx ummuj v,������.������ ������*#���������������������. ";..;.-%r *���������������������������,-.���������-,.���������. ���������.  fS ;OPENjFOR THE ;ACC0������MitODATION 0^ THE  A Travelling public; tlie, bed rooms, are "spacious and  'airy and'the Beds cannot1 be, surpassed for cleanliness  ahdxbmfort by: any in the lower country; the Table is  always supplied; with the best of .victuals.- {Stabling  for Horses;;.Hay| Oats^and B^ hand.  T^ENNIS HURPHY, Proprietor', This House  1_/ is furnished1 ;with: every .convenience; for the c.com.  fort of Travellers j the.^Culinary department Jis; under  the sup orintend ence of anesperienced cook j. .tb e, Beds  are clean ahH comfortable ; the.Bar contains,tl/e best  of Li quors,' Sega rs, * &c7'; Stabl ing, Hay," B a rley & Oats;  _____ ^______���������^  BLUE   TENT   RANCH.  W' M^EnraERSGJ]^ begs^'tb^ inferm bis friends  and the trayellIlig !pUblic -generally dhai;? he lias  .taken the above Ranch and is prepared to^supply them  with First: Class Accommodation. Good'Stabling for  horses; Hay and iGrainV ��������� X *'--.'.'J ; ,r ���������*' *~ -   : v l-s  mMPMANSd^X^70r  >.>.-.,- Propriator,   >��������� ;��������� \    .-Agent.  THTS:.HOTEL-is^BifeE"v_ND iW^'FJlT^^  ; for the comfort of ���������.travelers; the ;Table;. is������������������ supplied  with the best of everything* that can be procurd,' and.  the. cooking is notinferior to any on tbe road; Bedrooms  for ''"families): Stabliug,.1 Hay, Barley aijd: pats. 5, f, l-s  'v!v:t3;tMi^E:rHOXiSE;^v-'  A XBERT. CRYSLER ;has opened the above House for  jt\_ -the reception of Travellers; the Table'is'well kept  and the Liquors cannot be surpassed ; the.Beds are  cloanand 'comfortable;  Oits.  Stabling for Horses,1 ��������� Hay. and  ,.i-s ;���������'  TA^ES HURON,: Proprietor. .iT.his-commoai  t      1  the best of fare; the Six, contains'-��������� the choicest:brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,  Barl4y,r&c. ���������': ��������� 'v ;' -: -n,.,���������   -i . , / ,    ���������   ���������   ..  l-s,  GROUSE   CREEK  THE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the public that  the above es ta b 1 ish ra en t was op mi ed on SUN DA V  LAST, the 22nd July, un I that be will be happy to receive a call from 1) i.s fri'mds.  ���������    jm- BOARD. $1B PER WEEK.. -^  Bread, Pie   and Cakes always on hand for sale..  23 a\. KELLY, Proprietor.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  Cards, Bill Heads,  Circulars, Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  ;      Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this Office.  jflfg- Terms  Mod er'ate * *'^  ^j alfords every accommodation for the, comfort oi  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all the delicacies  of the season, and the,Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Wines, "Bran Jibs' 5s $egars; good stabling for. horses;  Hay, Barli-y and Oats*constantly on hand at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap., *' ";.l l*s  The Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN &-PARKE, Proprietors, at the  O Junction of the Cariboo' and Big B^nd Roads, is  Dis  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit  the times." Give them a call.- Stabling, Hay &:Gram;  attentive hostlers, ijtage. leaves here twice a week tor  Big.Bend and vale, and once a week for Cariboo,    l-s  THE ASHCROFT HOUS  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  ���������A T THI? WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-w ay between  J\. Spruce's Briage ana Clinton,'on the Yale R������>ute.  Tr.ivcll..rs will And Good Accommodation. The best or  livi ng, of Liquors, and of Win as . Fresh Butter, MuK  ani Vegotabios'.    Good Stab 1 ing a nd cheap feed,   [ l's  THE SHORTEST AND CHEAPEST ROUTE  Four Days to the 108 Mile Post, via Cedar  Creek and Mitchell's Trail. ,  PARTIES GOING BELOW THIS FALL are informed  that th'jycan easily make Cedar creek in two days,  and crushing the Lake cau reach the Wagon Boadin  two more. '     MITCHELL.  October 5tb, 1S66. ������*


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