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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-11-13

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 in-d*-  '���������F  vS  Publist^^yer^'S^^  H O L L P w A;T.  i&H00iMii010x  AXA00M/  '   a;  .mtiiMm # X $*Am?h <fe#^������^>#  o7d^ A> ;'  '<   -*.      ���������   ���������- ���������' :! ������������������".   ''   ii''*-   ������- -    ,:       *     '     f.:--..V. ������������������'       ���������. .'A   A,;<0&,      '^���������'i-X.X':   ���������'<.-.'' 7/*:Ai  yy _., ,.*;...... **���������.���������..-��������� ��������� .-'-��������� ���������**���������������������������**���������*(������������������ i-  fj:-        i'1.. -������s-v"-.���������*/'��������� ���������.���������". -������tt-^.'.i.������������fc.. t<if.-v-.__ .i'.v.-i/i. -iu'-.. ���������  Offices��������� Barkery)^  "���������/. ,*��������� - Grocery���������Store)..-':���������;���������,���������;.;;;���������;;-;i ;���������,  : ���������   Ageiits fo^the ** ciariboo^Seiitiiely'r;' J  OucsncimWCbK^  cn,i.V'rrnelc '��������� ��������� >000rX-yrX0Ai'.BarnwW.stept������&  ^P'..   ���������Mr/Evan^-   ,-*o .iffi)      Vdof:,  #etf WmlMter!' -},; 0:X00 ,P*p&*������8������  ��������� Victoria    * >r-":; !.-'V ��������� -'--      *-^' ������' >V': - ^-WYh^X /..'<-,  l!lVFisl^   \. -A .".'- J   ���������������������������������   Sah Francisco.  #oppi;Sto^^  ATRCHSn.TlES:''!^'OtJBA^   _       '  "   TbeNewiro?k^  ponded furnishes an account of Spapish"pro|  ceedings in Ottba,^ 6f #hieh the following is  an extract:       ��������� ��������� '   *"  Of the atrocitiescohoferriin^ which  yon  sptenp-idea^  I'liuVwnoth^  newspapers; doubtless many of *thcm are in-  correct* but tfef^  are' habitual' on both*sides/carino~t.be.ftu'es;  tiotmd.  JChe.dP# foUftWing tbe,promul|atibij  of Yalma&da's proolahiati^n, and before it  became known to the people, a hodyx^lOO  troops approach^,a. i^nch and;the fojlo^mg.  conversation would occur .between the com-  mr.ufl\ti$ officer findtbo citizen: ^'  _baict^������-^'%-y-5  voa B0tHtovvhitev#af  ..ow-'your house?  >..<,,_ -      ' ,\  Citi-ztsii���������I doii-f know"tfhalyob'nreau"by  tho white Hiig,'' r Xl   y   f' ������''1'    ''^  Olliuer (to his msa)^Tako blrtv out' anj  -shoot hiin; aatf be \7as:^t.:(to'^(^lske?-'i dog  in the presence.'of h& terrified iwila aa������ children. : :    ���������. 1   - ..: ; --y  : / - Ax . y rA   '7.  :   Again, in :answei\to -Ihe^aestmiV^  the flag the .citizen responds; *\ir,I put ifcup  the insurgents will:shoot me-;"* ���������* ��������� 7'���������'/'��������� A ���������'  Officer���������Why jloyoii ii.pt come-in^tlieii? ��������� iy-  Giuxoii'���������^ The: insurgents:1 Avoulor sli6'6truie  on the road. . ..  (       7- /.y r '  ,'".OfficerVFake hiin out.and shoot biixu -  Again llie 0 fli'cer i n n^tt i res-for grai a, cattle  or 0 tb or sn p plies..;''.; I haytt no ne,- s4ys the ci ii-  zbn^ the insurgents have -taken V everything  fro tn .me,' r}A 'A '���������'- ���������-'���������" AAyXXryxXy. X:   7y-A'  ' .������������������     'A ��������� ���������' .. '-���������'���������', .���������..���������..'���������*'i ���������'���������'   . -j* ������������������" ���������',-.��������������������������� 1 ,' ��������� ��������� ���������  Officer���������You gave it to them*::;'���������!'.' Ay AX 'i:7 'A  ."���������--.��������� -    -''-���������������������������     '-xx^P^������������������'��������� X' y  ���������������������������������������������-���������-.x  . OUizen���������No; vsir, I did* lfot; they: took it hy^  force..   . v��������� ���������,'    -:-.-:���������. ���������.' :���������' '��������� -; .. _:'; . :    . -;���������;;;;-' _ '���������- 77.' ���������  : Oflicer��������� Skooi.hiiii.. '���������,. -1:[Ay077.10Ally*.-.:  0 n ap pro a ch in g tli oso houses.. wh e a. tlie  men .were absent the women'were: called, and  the fact of ab se 11 ce b ei kg as c e r ta 111 ed, e v e ry  house was immediately burned to the ground,  an d' the in hi a tes, m en., wo m en, 1 it ttifi 011 es.  children in arms, ordered to proceed to Bay-  amo. or J'iguani, bfttimos many hiiles d^uml,  wilh no provision for food or shelter on the  w;ty. From these dreary cavalcades maiiy  laid down by the roadside, and died, and  others were met by insurgent;.gant^s, who  nntltreated them for .endeavoring .to reach  . the Spanish lines. ��������� Of the horrible outrages  perpetrated on the defenceless; women- they  may be imagined, no ^described /;;; Those families concerning which the Spanish papers so  . Tauntingly speak as. eoniing to Valmaseda  for protection are of those so ruthlessly-.murdered by his soldiers, and their"honsos.destroyed, have been compelled .tocome;to..hiui  * ������So:iiorrible was the car nival of blood^tiiatihtJ  soldiers finally refused to go out, .exclaiming,  u We arc sick'of brains and blood." :: Thenceforward the men were brought in rather than  shot down. Fearful as is this picture it; is  that of an eye-witnes, a foreigner, and one  whoso personal interest would be enhanced  hy the success of the Spanish cause.,  4; ���������$M'$ W^fe of ^ei Sioiuc^ity^Tiines7  contains-the1 following":.' yx X0 /AAa\  , ^^S^^vnpl^fian^  tt|Acliffiing |;������details of another' indian^rnurH  ^feo^Mte.,me^W  apjiears; that fciir^wob^  : ter ;|.;^ugani;:: Ja^.:' IL. Mittin'ii J. tin rajaio^  fot^obo^-andft  lndia_i.*#arriorsbelongingto the HoncaPapa  tribe.jrTbe Indians commenced 'an attack;on  thisMallband of;white men..;''iFpr,one*hoiir  the unequal contest ragediattheendof which  timeifehe four -white ^env'were killed/but not  before -tbey had: killed" -"ten and dangerously  ;wo^ea\li raore-oi';their enemies^"After;  tlie^lhdians^h^ killed -;thd :fpur white inSn,  theyproceeded ;to';takettheir seal p^| Previous  to! this*time;^tr. J:,.W.^.Cooper, hearing shots;  and;suspecting that,: every^^thing was hot ri^ht,;  gCt^oit^bis ^hdrse and* rodef in the direction  iVom;whence the soundsptithe,shooting,pfro-^  ceeded." As,he came ih/sighfe of; the-Indians  they .started tfor^the .Missouri/river.., Ijlr. 0^  learning -tbe'eondition of. affairs; returned ���������Hm  med lately lo' the 'for t, arid gave the al arm.' '��������� A-.  large; number of citizeas a nd soldiers went in'  pursuit^ .bufevbeTore' they reached the hattle-  grojind*7 the Indians" had vscalped the; Vfour  white men, and'were in the act of* carrying  o^far^own'dfead. ANhel white raen giving  pursulfcthe^lndians mitd%a  -Uissou?ir river. V They^Moceede^i^waob^ -^^ijtff  the: oppositevbank, andsgaining tlie protection  from the undepbrush on its j>ank^ before their  wliKo pursuers came wil bin rifle ;rangev Ten  !������fl iah s W ere' b ill eiould tfbty audi 1.3 wo im dth. (  ���������hm laUer;made,ttb^i^. esoitji e.: -Jh.e; fodks-.ar  thV: -i^rii"4 dead: Indians ::ivt*ro'; fastened- ..tov.the  hbrs"esv:;0f the:'^idier^  ���������e$il0$Qt H Bnf 0rd, where vi theyv were:;6nI \\ p  aiid quartered.:;;It'��������� would -appear -tba*. the  four white, men jbnglit uatiVth<^;were:kiUei]?  "VTlien they -"tee '1fdtuvd.Hh%; were/ebistered  together, some of-:tbVm having flredirom 50  ,to7U rounds of cartridges^; ���������/ 0 *.,-���������, ���������'- ������������������������������������-.-. ���������  ?" (jur,,,: informant stales ��������� that a part; Oi.' the  same band of Indians on the same day, and  ^bout the1 same lime, attacked a train -belong-  iu^r to CaptainJ^ayne.,.There w^reabout:-)(������.  niSrihOa^  :man wonncledandone horse stolen.;u;r- ..  - Old Indian traders e^press;;fears oD*>&&;  eralJndiau\outbroak Y.They^ay^atvlue In-  di^^ne^r-showed^s much hosUiitv,as;.th^;  do at the1 present time; and .everything mdi-  caios an Indian war.  :;Jl^i^|b|^  ir-, : x0/A0TO^K} //['<> 7x0/  - Lord WeJ)t\vorth';Uhe/gvandsonr,of-Lady  iNo^l ByroniflnU^e������nJy"sutvivi^  the^:Earl of:'LoyeIace.;;hasraddressed'thevfoi-  Id wi ng dfe^tf^pto; thevPaU IMal IGaz^tte;?!^;^  / Sm;:IhJ^8h  Hiiy that vMrpf'S(6wo is "���������aot' a ifitgrarit ofl|nd ij;  ^ainsfcpropneliest ^elpause my sister and;I  aro ��������� supposed Ho if have- intended to publish  eorres^o^dehce; relating" "to. Lbrd1? andyLa'dy  ByronTs confftgal differences. ' ' \'A< \  4 rNo���������y?, SjQ.gp&sirig^ naiTMi^tQ;  have'1 been^re|lljr,;a7^, true story,??' and; we h0tl  meant, to ^ reveal)HhV:whole' of our"'grand-*  ���������'���������;--.ti-','vi^. m'0Xy y.x-r ll ���������;^t>''^J.iV1l - '-'' v   v-*; "A XAiv fa.i.\\i '-'0 ���������'**���������?��������� 0.   *.'*''-*������������������.'' .*5' '.'*��������� *';-.���������/  mo ther 7s' his rar.fe'!l:do 'not "see what fdefeiibT:"  ��������� ������-.,.e*Y..|J.-V v.',. a ,yxr : ,>,:.. ..,>������������������- ::   :<���������,, ���������     .'l ,   yy yy .,'-*, ;  that is-to^Mri -Stowe against/,the^^cbarge.:; of  repeating what;was told-!to her-ia* $, "private?  co'nfidential'ijouversation." " ",' ";  '-'Bnt it iii 'not true thit-L^dy Ann'Blmit,and]  Ieverintended to publishi-������,corresp������.ndenc������iii>h  the nature "inentiode'd. About three y(a s;-  ago, a ��������� raanuscript, i n Lady-��������� NoeI -vByron7s  b an d iv rising,;) was v fpun '$���������anib hg-^h er!;,pap ers i  ������1 vine' '"aff".' a'ocdunt of some circiimstance^  p a-  ,p vv,������..������   h^'tr.--:, .-. ,.-���������-',?   ---, y-.^   ->r   - ���������������������������   V- r^\ Xi'-rX V-. ������������������ ������������������:��������� i  feoiinectecl.^^th^ieKmarriage, and Iap^aren tl-yj  intended, for"publioation after her, death'^b'm;  as.this seemed not quite, certain, no ^decision  as - to 'its ' pubUcation was';come! to.:��������� ���������'InTttfe  reve'nt of a mfeir being written,,this rnanu^  IcrVpt inighfjpoVhaps, be included, but'hith-  erto.it has p^pi^l^qPpsed;to publist:^  olhMmSSer  ^iiMEiiS&^  0070,  y MISGELLANEOIJS,    k . .  'i^A'.-Jidm, Qmcif0]&ti&������ottovitej^^  Meclnune^that^ ���������;     y ^ y  Astrdrjomer Royal,has}Fent teethe principal'       - ; 1  J;owKs ini the^HingdSmJ lit'oW pj'm:eachjf(layjv;^  auiekctrid'cuiTeiftf/bm^u'snonnttl clocks at ,, ,    : ,f y;  SreenwicLthe.jijm.e^ * V ���������'  ,last; honi^a ^obsebnMhin. ?;TMs : cuiirent, v|iaa - A' ''-:" "��������� - "J"    .  ;hUlHT(jp$^ ^ -; yli: i. ���������'  jp^Mi;igin^iinislie :;;   '. .    ' ���������'    ',  Ibstanees there/ luiVbf be>htehii>loy^d^l^clc& ^ * (        .  ^ayin^Vafrgaining^rat^v^ ',',,'  mechanism;; sp^^oqj^triy^^(jL>b>tit ./j^n j t^ei jl^nnflB #. ���������'    x'  reachiiig1 one jijni! *the-clpcirV mott|On''is hV- ' >'y      \    A .���������  Vested fintil^thV{ receipt " \Ay\ - v  ���������Gi*ei*nwich,v when'Ht'Hs" agaiif'jSthrted;?'Air.'     r-'      .    v-  Manion's  clock  is   1 vas^improvt'meri't oa '  ^dTrh.^tlfes^plaiis^^ .[      ,    s   ,, .. /  fn1   ivc^in^  if*the;electric curreutiV'ttill",    ' ;  -  ���������>���������"���������','<:.'���������y.-x:.!;.:..?>;J. -\t,r.^MX-h Xir..y K^i[X ~<-X''-:���������'- sy!*~X^X!!y.\A>'-y  wneth^r ,fasferotr slow, hyXyvx&yxh lo in������ ��������� _  . s^.,.-., /; v,.,^ _  t/ue 4'ne, tne scUin^ ot  the'.b <n']fc   bcirif; ',   /  < IFectes?  bj ' the  rao^tu c po\*'f r*cof,ii<t^clfclr '      ,.^ .1.  Mr. yBarn * a> syffcem,"i,eq51 ir,es, n0;eleatrical ��������� _ '"    '.  br'eaivjti a&ine of clocks,.l.h6wever numerous  oi   ch^l.iTH  ih������M\cloefo may bv;    Ariini������������- -. ���������; ;��������� /.  ���������'neni-s. jifs'^prov"deX'-for prevent*y v^nytlis-"  iurbas)co^om lej^iwj-.iy riii.ignetism.������^Tr;;,^v ' ,v   (  j^s^cr  writingfiiOes not contain any accusati6ri.^6j  W-������rWffi $0 ^vhiph Mi'&.^Stbw4  assents was toid.ber, /aiid Mrs; .Stowe.'s .sVorv  of-tho-sep,ar3.tlpa:^incousU^ent.wi^h what J  Jiixyo seen p,variousioy^  Lady By ron say s i a" her 0 wn ��������� state ine q t lb ai  beiore being pnblishedv,^tbiighUa |>eisiib-  inife&^sbme persOu! wl.o^d iead^t!|Bugi)  the consumed Byron memoirs,:soi^%_t^ep|ir?:  the ���������correctibn of-aiiy m]3staten^h^^^.: I canV  uotsee'thatMessrs. Wl&  ho charge of inaccuracy againsfcJIrs. Stowed  I b^eye:t^yvm������ftV^ :  of the whole article..' I,* for one, cannot allow  that Mrs. Stowe's statement, is substantially  correct (according toi your ihftireuce and thai  of one or two other newspapers.) :..., ;;.. y  Eeq^estingthe favor:of^he insertion of ;my  explanation' ;in; ��������� -jpiir ^Valn'a.blg jjQU^naVLre;  main your obedie n t sej;yaji|.,';X'-':'���������  ';^  or,and wife^-of'St'JjoUis.l-ft������3ij^B J%'in tboir  domestic affairs thef oouid'ohly. agree iu dis-  airreeinl?, deekjed toseparareon the following  terms; *She to receive: .a cash payment; oi  $1000 -atid leave the city and one year after  Ihe date of her withdrawal, to be paid an ad-  dilional $1,000, and in the-meantime ne to  procure a divorce, on the ground of desertion  deleft the city and took up her abode m  Cuicinnati. Hessdorfer applied for a divorce  and obtained it without any resistance, i ho  year having expired, she returned to the city  fbr (he purpose of collecting her little de-  1}0Sit, and instead of calling upon her former  lusbaiulsho visited some friends, who per-  stinded her to Institute suit. She consented.  \k supposed that her friends had commenced  aciviiU but when she learned that her  imer husband had been arrested on    e  ���������al# of committing wilful penury tor the  ���������������po������ of procuring a divorce, she refused  0 prosecute, and said that her -husband was  It ihe-aivorce was obtained according to  herel^retlisuiissed, the S1000 paid, and the  Soft the city, declaring that shew  ^ier husband no further trouble.-^.  :Lo������to--TimflB>0������t2.  I accuse  ':-i'l^iLpspi^iOAiA'^^^  been held in London on the:body :of ;a yojtn*  :cierk, ��������� named' Tho^.;Oooper, - who,- -j hiiei  togingi is beiieVed to:haVe/stahbed;^,|iDSeli'  to* the heart   The folio wi ng-Jibtt^ was;; found  in.hisbedrooin :'. " Let the, destroying jiaud  be sapped. ��������� These -are /my last words.   1  acquit everybody of*.everymn&  nobody of nothitig  nnvbodv, I shall do so no move  accused anybody of anything which might be  prejudicial to thorn in the iiUiire, 1 berere-  caiit my words"   After several sentences.in  a similar strain, the document .process 0  -I leave behind my wriiings ; let them be  taken for works of art, and nothing, more  T  height b> u r/sngte life. . Tbe body oi Ihe fmmp  .prcip'er,  sa;*;   tbe   \linihg Journal; with  its  plunger,-1 receives ^notion  from  Ay   driving/"   -'  u>owen'"This;pump,.may beJ,p]acpd 'onlihe .  gMumd, m* oa a ^f and, hi *n y ^stlbh; plate  ,Tbe pin 11 aer, ins 1 oad[0 & 11 ekihg ��������� 0er dire,e|,,   ��������� ;  jJrawsiiinto an p.nxilia'rv pipe/which1 coni-  'im t tie a tes - w 1 iii tbevlo wer en a ��������� Qt^u'.cyi m4������P> -' -  ,S!i5pB������w^fRrr5^rrou \carryiiS*-a^4iQgjS|������^  '^vve|gl)t, .desjined to;eqnipoise t-h������ oscjlj^itqrjr  '< n b ti 0 nV c 01 n m u ui ca te d to, i t b������ the ctjlumivof  ���������.\VafijE-iiv tii% auxi 1 iaryftiiHe,\v\ieheverills'put  in: hibtmn^by^i the '* worki if g * of '��������� the^p I linger.  ���������f irerevii a safety; valve..? 10vi preventirig^'de'iBr.  ������>iroustp,ressure int;trhevansiliary,tul)e, an.d/;a  cocfc for keepihg JtliO apparatus. eonstai11 ly  lliled'with water. ';;:Theii}yand:,downrmofibii.3  of the plunder in**' the' main pURipr?are tnvns-  mitted to>'tbe colummof waterih the aimliavy  tube]to 'the :jbahmc������d.jpistquV yvhiifh!:jn, (urn  actias an ordinary pump-pistonanjhe suctida  vwA   ,; ,;,:  V' /."-   xi/y/A'/A.:  > Wixdmttxs.���������Sherman/oh the Pacific; Rail-,  road, like -Q'fher desert stations," has.;ii wind?-  m i I h so mo; ^t wen ty/1 e a t = i a; vfd ia hi ete r; I wh j c \i.  'pumps wa jer- v. 11 pf cornea springl in to a high  tank besideAo : track. 4; Theianlv hold^ fifty  '^'rousaud'irttn<uis;;'lheT|Vnmp willfill.itMi ten  hours., 'Wheif it is uill,! tlie water lifts'a'little  ���������QOuttha't pulls a wire,4hev wire shutsatp5 the  ���������s ai I a: 0 f ''.ijiiji ��������� ��������� w i n dm i U; a ;duzen;ya i ;ds; a)viiy ,?an d;  it; :mstaiiiiyisto.iis,; X WMen. Uintah kyg^s. n.|ari^  empty/the action;: pf]another;;flnat ppen|:the:  s I'Us/ai^d the wiiid mill starts n'giiin/ The cost  of the iiigeiiious apparatus,allsetnpjisabout  S6.00.0. : ,:// -,  /:���������-"������������������' '.   ���������. ���������*���������   / 0/-:- 't 7;  tic7 A imiricah- faise's''.'ji'ie;' i uqViil-yy :w)i|th^r^ the  iayiiig of tho.Bacitic :Raiiroad' tract.is u.ot  \��������� hangi ng the cIi mute '��������� acvoss' the. p laius.  Bcpatei guides and';hunters: ail agree "that  vv i 1.I1 i n i heir e x p e ri once no rai ri s fel I on those  p tat ns diiri ng !the Su initio r. until, si hce the  '       ad  w^s  built, and Unit.now, for two  #���������  If 1 have ever Injiuvd  S'uminers, it has fallen freely along the., line  If I have  hey are metaphysical conceptions only, and  do *no������ wior particularly, to individuals.  Tbey are intellectual exercises, and must be  vxkm for nothing else. .1 make no prophe,  eW' foretel no disasters.- My. legacy, :������  neace to 'all���������to nations and to individuals/  Tbe deceased was found hanging from a nail  in the door. ��������� There were gashes cut on the  arms, an  1' lhe dTlWo"BtabB in tlfe chest.   The stabs  that death had resulted from the combined  loss if blood and strangulation.  of the road ; while beyond- -say lwe]i|y-Svo  miles on either side���������Hie ground remains dry,  .a/lbrmeriy. :''*'.������������������-  ��������� Atikntivk. ���������A Western Senator wrote  home.a short t:me ago tha he was only able  to getl* lour hours sleep out of twenty-ioit', *  and that during that -period ^candidate.for  office sat by the bedside and watched, hi in'as  be slept."  - r ;.;-. t  Dkvout.-^���������A Lawrence woman, who is in  the habit of thrashing her husband at intervals; concludes the ceremonies attending  tl ugel I ati on by.. shu tti ng h ersel Mil the par lo r  and singing./''Nearer, my God/to thee."  ���������' Ij? as ilviciA-The Welsh have a saying that,  if a woman drere aa quick with her feet as  wttli her tongue, she would catch lightning  enough to kindle the fire in the morning.  AirvKiisiTT.���������Adversity has ever been considered as the state in.which a. man most  vastly becomes acquainted with himself���������particularly being free from flatterers.  Sparrows.-���������Regular shipments of Eur op'  ean sparrows are made from Hamburg to rem f  ;/, 0-*' ?c'f "''<���������'��������� 0:���������������������������-������������������-������������������������������������:".���������''���������-','*V ' '/���������  *  X-  y  :  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY; NOV. 13, 1869.  RADICALLY  WRONG.  W^X0..:...?xi*- v x/.A.  .���������/������������������ v^-^���������AfT j  Referring to the amount of money sent out  ofthevcoloiiy'for farm produce, the Colonist  ���������.uaysithere is something somewhere radically  wrong; that is the cause of this effect, r We  ���������have the land and climate suitable for the  prodhction ct tbe various agricultural articles  for which, according to the; imports list just  pnblisbed in the Qovernment Gazette,  we  . seod abroad over $300,000: per annum. Of  ���������course there is something radically wrong to  produce this evidence of unproductiveness in  the colony.   The land laws are quite liberal  , enough.. 'A man may pre-empt 160 acres and  ..pay for them when he is able to dp-so at the  rate of SI per-acre.;: Free., grants'might stimulate settlement, but we do not think that the  absence of a free grant system is the cause of  .' ihe tardy settlement on our agricultural lands  True it is that in the United States free grants  are rapidly drawing from their native homes  thousands of Germans and.Norwegians, but  we lack tbe: conditions that would make the  free grant system effectually operative in bur;  /case.   We: hzye hotthe agencies at;workin  *Bnrope :hy. which the! people are ��������� made acquainted/with, tbe advantages /offered in a  : new country, and, what is of still greater im-  " ^ort-ance;we have no means for bridging  jmigrants. to/the colony ^x^aMtibjnsly and  cheaply. \ In our present: isolatipny neither  . free grants nor emigrant; agencies could do  much toward making radically, right what is  radically wrongi It is said, that thousands  oi people bave come to the Colony within  the course 6f tbe past ten years with the in-  tention ot settling, but they were lured away  by the 'superior attractions offered in tbe  neighboring 'territories; - Doubtless this is in  a great measure.true, and there'Is something  [���������%"-ifrSiiUSWe ini&y perhaps arrive;at"the soiu-  'XX tion-'of--the-"mystery���������this something that is  -'radically wrong���������if we take a glance at'tbe  . conditions of our neighbors.   First, tbey have  had the control of tbeir own affairs, while in  this country one or two men have controlled  ours totally regardless of public  opinion.  When a man settles in the territory of our  neighbors he knows that he is bound to prosper if only be labors with ordinary prudence  and industry.   Increase of population, the  various enterprises of individuals and aggre-  ..  gations of individuals, local, state and federal  .governments, all tend to make attractive tbe  spacious territory, and hence a ceaseless tide  of immigrants enriches the community.   That  ~   erico^  the phrase, we have a future before,us, is ever  present with the settler in the republic.   Indeed he has but to take up land to get rich,  because other people make it valuable for  him by the increase of industry and population.   Now, it is just the absence of this progressive^conditionwhich explains the some-  "'"' tjii ng that Is radically wrong in th is country.  : After carefully considering all the ciroum-  ��������� stances and conditions of British Columbia  '   the immigrant might truly say, it has a future  before it, but he might also with equal accuracy add, but it is a future indeed, to be en-  " joyed chiefly by a future and scarcely at all  by the present generation,  and  therefore  British Columbia won't do for me.   Such is  tlie conclusion derivable trom the aspect of  affairs in British Columbia at any period during tbe past ten years.   Men settle on land  not only for the sake of the profits of its cultivation, but also for the increased wealth it  brings through increase of value.   What we  v have said of the United States is almost equally applicable to Canada, and will be so to  British Columbia when she becomes part of  Canada.   It is no idle boast, no mere specious  argument advanced to favor onr Confedera-  ,   tion proclivities, but it is a fact proven hy  ;carefully; compiled : statistics, that  Canada  has/advanced more rapidly in population  an d. weal th ev en th an the very progressi ve  United States, in spite^ of Fenian-annexation  meetings and other ridiculous proceedings at  Quebec and elsewhere.   Land, cheap land  and free land, is the motive power that propels the European currents of emigration to  the shores of America, and ever since what  was radically wrong was made radically right  in Canada by the abolition ot just such government as we have in British Columbia, and  government by |the people substituted, the  cheap and free land policy, with emigration a-  gencies and cheap transport, has rapidly increased the population and wealth of the  country. A do-nbthing-and-don't-eare a-far-  thing-for-ypu form of government, like oprs,  and a do-something-or-quit form of government, like that of Canada, offera clear explanation, iu the difference between,the. two  systems, of the something that is radically  wrong in this colony. We.have not bad, as  the saying is, a future, before us." Until now,  when Confederation promises to give us popular government and direct communication,  we have bad few attractions to offer for permanent settlement.. True, land is cheap and  produce dear, but the future/the future, has  always been the decisive consideration, and  hence* production falls far short of the demand. Already, however; a ,cbange for the  better is apparent even though the great political change is only in a chrysalis condition^  aud what is radically wrong is beginning to  bo merged into what is radically right. Tbe  rich lands of the lower Fraser are being rapidly pre-empted.,.' Something like "'a future"  is dawning oh the country, and land that can  now be had for a dollar an acre, w.ill soon,  by the magical influences of overland railways, popular government, and the increased  importance, as a part of the Dominion, that  will attach to tbe;colony, become doubly,  trebly, a blind red times more'valuable, just  asit.does in Canada and the.United States.  .Meh.are beginning to:see that the great physical and political changes looming through  the vista of Confederation will quickly transform the hopeless future of the colony, as an  isolated community, -into,something like the  cheerful and busy aspect of affairs in Canada  arid the States. ; :"'/  Bobn*���������At Barkerville. on the 11th inst., to the wife  of A. D. Mclnnes, ii daughter.    *    ...  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  :/: $20  REWARD.  STOLEN, or strayed, from the'Blue Tent, about tho  Twelfth of September last, a black, smooth-haired  Coley DOG, a little white on the breast, answering to  the name of Cuff.: Is a heeler, very free to herd and  drive animals. Tho abovc'rewS'rd will'be paid to any  party returning him to Mr. Williani Wright,'Blue  Tent; or.to John Saul, near Cliriton, B. C.       nl3-lm  LLpersons are hereby cautionettnbt to negotiate  iV certain notes:drawn.' by.:tbe:u������dersigtied, and  now held by Mr. E. TOOMEV, aswe have a set-oil  against the same.' -������"  ADLER & BARRY.  150-mile post, Nov. 6th, 1869. :��������� i nl3tf  For Sale!  ALL of that wcllsituitcd and spacious building,  together with the ground or lot. known as  THE FASHION SALOON,  In Barkerville.      ,  Stock, Fixtures, and everything therein contained.  For particulars, apply to Cupt. Oppenheimer, Barkerville. T)13tf  THEATRE   ROYAL.  THE   CARIBOO   AMATEURS  Announce that they will give a performance on  Saturday Evening Next,  Under the patronage of  THE   FIRE  BRIG-  "When will be presented the favorite comedietta.  Mrs. Benson.:..........;..���������.,. .......Mrs. Parker  ,Mrs. Trotter Southdown .Florence Wilson  Mr. Benson h. MuDermott  Mr. Trotter Southdown j.s. Thompson  Mr. Meredith G.Grant  . To concludo with the screaming farce,  The  Limerick  Boy.  Mrs. Fidgett... , ..................Florence Wilson  Jane .....Mrs. Parker  ������*dtfy  ........... j. H. Sullivan  Dr. Coates r. a. Brown  gcnfy , ....J. Mordaino  Reuben ; B, McDermott  Job ������������������������������������������ ��������� .....II. Ilavelock.  . jf3t Boors open at ha If. past 7 o'clock.   Performance to commence at 8 o'clock.  Admission $1 00.   Reserved Seats, $1 50,  Tickets may be had on application to Capt. Oppenheimer, or the members ol the Fire Brigade.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  A Branch of the  IS NOW OPEN,  At the Magistrate's Office, RichficM, for tho rece'pt  of Deposits, in conformity with, u The Savings Banks  Ordinance, 1869." -*'  Richfield, 3rd Nov., 1869.  (SM) C. BREW,.  n������6-3 Stipendiary Magistrate.  B  For Sale,  Y the undersigned, at the 160-mile post, on the  Cariboo wagon road, a large quantity of     ���������  In excellent condition, and will bo sold at reasonable  ADLER'& BARRY.  rates.  no6 4  DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.  between  THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing  D Ercoleand Joseph Chassot, under tho  name and stylo of ERCOLE k CO , carrying on  ScSas Butchers in Barkerville, B. C.: has been  day dissolved by "mutual consent.  Joseph Chassot will, continue the said    All accounts due to the"said Copartnership must  paid to him, and he will liquidate all debtB  due  luc said Copartnership.     -       . .0 ^0^  J. CHASSOT.  Barkerville, October 18,1869. .     oc20lm  firm  bust-  this  business,  be  by  NOTICE.  THE HUDSONS  BAY CO.  ARE PREPARED TO  I    receive at par value, at their Store in Barker-  ville in exchange for Merchandise, GOLD BARS is-  sued from the Government Assay Office. wARRj  ? Agent. .  Barkorville, July 12,1869      ' jul4 4m  For   Sale.  working half-interest in the McLaren claim, WIL  ������%. Jiam creek, and one full interest in tne,EuFtera  Slope claim. French creek. Going to Peace-River,  anyhow. Apply to Alex. McKenzle, at the McLaren  claim. .-:,:".��������� .    ������������64   ���������  ��������� $25   REWARD.;  rpHE ABOVE: REWARD will be given, to anyone  1 who may find arid return to Mr P. Gannon the  bay horse OREGON JOHN, belonging to W. Walsh.  Said horse was last seen near Richfield abont a month  ago  Barkcrviile, October 20, I860.  oc20  NOTICE.  TOTE HAVE THIS DAY SOLD ALL OUR RIGHTS  VV    and title to the HOTEL DE FRANCE, Barkerville, to Mmc. JULIA PICOT, and dissolved by mutual  consent our co-partnership from this date.  Birk crvtile. October 4,1669. ���������_  ^  F. A. LEC0YER.  OC92m A, BRUN. :  A. MePherson  JEWELLER,  BARKERVILLE.  Barker\*illc,Mayl,l8tJU  O.    LAMBERT  TENDERS his sincere thanks to those who have!  favored bim with their patronage, on Mosquito  Creek and elsewhere, and begs to inform ^bis friends  and the public generally that he' has cXnwnencrd  busiucss at Barkerville in the store recently occupied  by C. DODERO, where.be has a stock of  GROCERIES AND PRbVISIONS,  BOOTS,   CLOTHING,  WINES, LIQUORS, TOBACCO & CIGARS  Mining Lmplements, &c. &c.  Orders from friends on. outside creeks promptly av  tended to.  i]������=- Consignments of goods from  Victoria and  Colonial produce from fanners will receive bis greatest attention and care.  # Barkerville, August 25, 1869. au28tf:  CHEAP    GOODS'  COMPRISING���������  Boots, Shoes, Clothing and  Grocerios,  OF 'THE BEST  QUALITY;, -  For sale at the Store of the undersigned in Barker.  ville, opposite the Bank of British Columbia.  W. REKN1E.  se4tf  as usual.  Chtirch  Institute.  DURING the ensuing winter the following Classes,  kc., will be held in conneotion with the Church  Institute:  MONDAY EVENING-7,30 to 10 o'clock-1. (Greek or  English) the Acts of the Apostles.   2. (Latin)  Ca3sar's H De Bello Gailico," fourth book {Invasion  of Britain).   3. English Grammar \and.AnaiVRi  Cowper's "Task." ysiB  TUESDAY EVENING���������8 o'clock till 10���������Military  Brind.  WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS-The  Class Room will be open for Reading Study,  Chess, &c. The Institute is supplied with the  folio wi ng Magazi n es or Reviews, Black wood,  Comhill, Lonflon Society, St. Pnul'e, Once-a-  Week, The E-l in burgh, Quarterly, North British  '���������      and Saturday Reviews, and the Pall M*U Budget,  THURSDAY EVENiNG-7.30 to 10 .o'clock-Matbe-  inatics���������1, Euclid, Books land 2. 2 Elementary  Algebra.   3. Arithmetic on " first principles."  FRIDAY EVENING-8 o'clock till 10-Vocal and la-  strumental Music.   Choir practice.  PUBLIC LECTURES occasionally on Popular Sci-  enceand History, and MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENTS  on WEDNESDAY RVENINGS.  Sen son Tickets���������For the Classes, &cM Lectures. &e.t  $7 50. .  N.B.���������More Elementary Instruction civen if desired. ���������.-��������������������������� ������  oc27 JAS.  REYNABD.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ���������. STROUSS  WHOLESALE -AND   RETAIL   BEALEH  ���������is-  G-roceries, Provisions,  HARDWARE,    DRY    GOODS  CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, ETC,  BARKERVILLE.  Van  Volken"bnrg &   Co,  RETAIL ^BUTCHERS,  BARKERVILLE,  RICHFIELD, KM  MbSQIJiTO CREEK. '  Aeupplyoffreah meat of all descriptions ooastani^  on hand.  For Sale,  BLACKSMITH BUSINESS,  AT QUESNELMOUTH,....  Consifsting of about  20,000 lbs. of Iron��������� Steel,  and Hardware.  Kg- TERMS���������One-balf Cash ;' balance on good ���������������  CUrity*-'-    . Apply to7/ JOHN LAKG,  Quesnelmoutb, Oct. 1/1869.  , " .' '^'y  Sheet and Cast Iron Stoves  A IX JOBBING WORK IN TIN, COPPER ShM  A Iron.Zincand Lead Piping, attendo<i to uvb  romptness, and  warranted  to give entire saiw  action.  Hardware, Iron & Steel,  HARNESS,    Etc.,   Etc,  FOR SALE.  ;. E. PEARSON & BROP  Barkervillf  A Perfect Cure.  T THOS    FLETCHER'S  SECOND-HAND STOPS  rx   and  General Repairing Shop'will   be foun  Uthc capable of Turninj? and fttlinl up Cnr/*  and Wheels, Hydraulic aNozzIcs, Hose Coup ������������. K-.  and all repairs of metal work done with nwnfcs.  To be found also. Cooking Stoves, Sheet Iron sjotN  Pumps, Hose, Nails, Pick*?, Shovels, and almost every  thing requisite for Miners' use at low prices.       ���������  UPPER BARKERVILLE. ^  British Columbia.  With power to increase.  Drafts issued on the Bank's branches   .  IN  VANCOUVER  ISLAND - VICTORIA  In the United States ^ _  CALIFORNIA,   -      -   ������AN FRANCIS*  OREGON,      -     '-       PORTLAND.  NEW YORK,     -   Messrs. Bkll & GiM^*  Agents for the Bank of Montreal.  ON CANADA-The Bank of Montreal.  ON SCOTLAND���������The British Linen OQffi  pany?s Bank. '   _������������������  ON IRELAND���������The Bank of Ireland  ON MEXICO and SOUTH AMERICA^  London Bank  of   Mexico and .bw*  America. ��������� , _ 1nfl}.  ON ENGLAND-The Bank of British Colini  bia���������Head Office���������East In(3ia Avenw,  Leadenhall street.  Received  . mi  red on Deposit, or Advances made on them.  TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS  Granted ou Victoria, San Francisco, Portland,  New York. clcj  Every description of Ranking Busing; t^ '  . CHARLES S. JONES, ASH*  WiiUa m Cr������������ k, Ca ri b oo i ;\     ^^vr-i^fe*'^ ;.'il  ��������� "..u '��������� -k.V   -xl\  ���������i ������ P  .veniiCi K|i  SsHf  V  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY,. NOV. 13, 1569.  MINING INTELLIGENCE,  STOUT GULCH.  The Mucho Oro co. washed up 32 oz. for  the week ; the-Jenkins co., 38i oz. ; the Taff-  vale co., 43 oz.; and the Coombs co. 55 oz.  The Taflfvale and Mucbo Oro cos. are prospecting this week. The Jenkins co. washed  up 15 oz. on Monday last. The Hopeful co.  are well in with their tunnel and are building  a dump-house for the whiter. Clearihueco.  prospecting.; -/���������"./ ���������;. / i ,  COXKLIN gulch.  The' White Pine co. washed up 27 oz. for  the week ; the Felix co.,' 43 oz.; and the  McDowell co., (who got on to pay again in  the middle of the week,) 35 ozi On Wednesday tbe Felix co,' washed up 16 oz., and the  White Pine co. 5'oz.  .  LOWHEE CREEK.  The only news of any" importance from this  creek is tbe strike of the Victoria co., who,  after more than two years of hard, incessant  labor, are in a fair .way of being rewarded  for their industrious perseverance. Prospects  of $1 25 to the pan have beeu obtained in  the gravel overlying the bed-rock, at about  eix feet from the lower line of the Victoria  ; co/s claim���������just in the right spot.;     ���������  .  Mf author's, golch.   ,'     .  ���������Tbe hydraulic co. have cleaned up and got  a few ounces of gold, but very tittle Is expected until bed-rock is reached.  * CANADIAN CREEK.      .  v The Clear Grit co., who bave been_pegging  away for a long time at their claim, and only  getting out small pay, confident all the time  that tbey would eventually strike something  wortb their persevering labors, have come to  :a streak of pay leading to high rock, which  tbey believe is a break from tlie channel they  are in search of. By tracing up this streak  they hope to find the channel. ''���������-.. -/  r !.;;,. grouse creek. [Ay  ;; The Baker co. have been: getting prospects  ���������fit $i to the pan and are prepared to work  all winter. The Union co. were doing well  hist week. A company working aroundrthe  Flume co.'s abandoned ground are said to be  making as high as an ounce per day to the  hand. During the past few weeks, the abundance of water has enabled many of tbe companies ou this creek to work to advantage,  and much gold has been taken out, of which  no report has appeared. Tbe Waver ley tuo^  ncl is��������� being pushed ahead, wel 1. Better  ground for working, has;beeacpm^ toikhd  the tunnel, in consequence,., is; being more  rapidly" constructed than of late. ;A fe w  other companies,; or portions pf companies,  are still at work; butA with what:results we  have not learned;, '''://��������� '������������������/��������� ���������  X . "lIGUTXING CREEK.;' X>0. Xx ���������) t ���������  -��������� The Dunbar co. are doing fairly-r-results  p i i vate. v ;��������� T be Ross co, we re d ri y eh/ out: of  thei r c lai m. re ce n tly with water; when they  determined- to set the Richfield pump to  work, aud.it has proved a complete success.  In nine hours, the intervat:occupied in changing pumps, the diggings were completely  filled with \vater. The; Richfield pump  drained them quite dry in twelve hours. It  throws out a hundred gallons per minute.  This pump is made of heavy cast-iron, with a  diameter of ten inches, and is worked by the  ordinary wooden wheel. Several new holes  were drilled in the bottom joint; before placing it, to increase the auction/ Sfcce the  diggings were drained the company bave got  on to good pay again. The Van Winkle co.  are 4own about 10 feet with their uew shaft.  NEUSON CREEK.  The abundant supply of water during the  past few weeks gave miners on this creek an  opportunity to ground-sluice and cenerally  work to advantage; and in consequence, at  cast fifty men are still ori the creek, where  they have determined to bybernate during  the close season,   So we are informed.  DRAGON CREEK.  The encouraging news from this creek,  previously published, is confirmed by later  nteih^nce. The Discovery eo.have reached  bed-rock on one side of the channel and got  Z������ i f $,10 H >the Pan- Ifc spears that  nr!������i/������T,f0??.d l3 much coarser than that  tJSZ i -n Iu" bl,Ild 8har^ which is over 200  feet back in the tunnel from where the bed-  Zt *T e? ?tlllck- Th0 fi^ing of gold at  nlli raP0mts;8������far aPart> *" paying  Sf' C?"cl������sively demonstrates the ex-  eClA thA3.cfeek ha^eer .onsiderabiy  hte^4^1"*^1^.^ we bear of  ������K I0 lD URPro9P^ted claims being  SnanLhigh a9 a$50������- Non������ of ^ *ther  companies have yet got their shafts to bed-  HAItVEY CRSEK.  untlrhlwy1!11^'8 clalm ba8 beeQ topped  ob a ned    n 1Cmg appaiatU9 8ha11 have *������*  at work L"T **"*! C0?Panies stiU ke������P  im-Jh* oa th,s creek- % Nick and Sebright cos, are making over wages. *  KEITULEY CREEK,  wSln^1���������^ had beea *oing*very  S BtonJSf 1 Patt ������f ^ We6k' when  witer   ^fd-?^ oa ^coimt of too much  mfvinlt7^ t0 ruQ a dra'n tunQel  ���������   n     V'  T,he Stonewalt co. are only getr  havefimn T" fy" TB" Dead Brok'* ^  bXw   PaP,edp������rkfor the 8easoa ^ Rone:  Snil Th^r8/^de ca arc ^ working,  and the Grotto claim is paying over wages!  ^rom the crossing downwards, these are the  ?n y.iC02pan,es Wor^g. Above the cross-  w5ltSel(������r AfdCaa) Claim Wa8 Wfa������  ������CS  COURT PROCEEDINGS,  SLEIGH ROAD WANTED.  NoTuDQMA^The other day we observed  two men discussing in a very animated manner, when suddenly one called the other "a  g���������a d-rd Dutchman," at the same time expressing his opinion as to the expediency and  advisability of knocking out somebody's in-  tesupe&an a manner which indicated bis iread-  me8s.;!?^/foso; unless; his opponent wouldUm-  mediately, adopt a inbre hiimble tone; As  quick as lightning, if not agood deal quicker,  the little square-built Dutchmao, as he was  called, divested himself of his coat, rolled up  bis sleeves, threw his hair back, and struck  a regular pugilistic attitude, with a twinkling  eye and smiling lips. "Now, py Cheorgei"  he exclaimed," knog outmy cuts, iv you gan;  I'm a tamned Tudgman, am I? Py Cbeorge,  you zhall zee vether Vm a tamned Tudgmati!  Knog out my cuts!, PyCoeorge,-Til knog  out your prams. Tamned Tudgman? I'm a  cood Pritisher, you pedl Porn in Heligoland.  a Pritish gotony, you ped your bo'odsi Gotmr  on! Koog out my cuts, py Cheorge, iv you  gan, py Cbeorge.,, There, was no fight. The  broad, well-rounded cbest, the big muscle,  and the alacrity:with.which theHeligolahder  offered his "<mts" to be knocked out; seemed  to create a feeling, on -the part of his opponent, which is;frequently expressed by. the  phrase :* taken.down a peg/J and after a .few  remarks indicative of a disposition tov^get  eyco-witb him yeti"i the Heligqlander?s tall  "opponent strode off,' exclaiming at parting,  '* rii^haye you- up .afore the;JudgedX* To  b^irmit" you and the ���������hudge," was the res-  pohse/v--It-may: not be universally.known that  Heligoland is an island in the German Ocean,  and; one��������� of; the: fifty colonies: of the United  Kingdom.  Tub New, Strikes/��������� The Victoria c0.,  (Lowhee creek,); and the Discovery co.,  (Dragon creek;) hare each spent about two  years and considerable money... (for working  men) in their endeavors ro; prospect their  claims, and their enterprise would now appear to have reached the point where success  is certain. ��������� The strike on Dragon creek is the  most important as it will certainly lead to  the development of a large section of Cariboo  hitherto comparatively neglected. /Dragon  creek itself is considerably over four miles iu  length, and there are numerous creeks near  it which have scarcely ever been touched.  .Quietly arid; steadily the Discovery co. had  beeu working, firm in the belief that;when  once they reached bed-rock their "outlay; and  patience would be -compensated. Almost  immediately after their labor had demonstrated the existence of gold in paying .quantities, several other companies start mto existence and flock to the creek, which now  promises to become ah important addition to  the list of known gold-bearing channels. It  is the most important discovery made in Cariboo since Mosquito creek came into notice.  Those Letters.���������It may be remembered  that in tbe early history of British Columbia  as a colony, and as a gold-mining country, a  series of letters was written to sundry Jing-  lish and Canadian newspapers, in which the  gold cdeposits were particularly alluded to,  and a "rush" to the colony was the consequences. Among tbe.letter-writers was a  certain reverend gentleman, still ro the  colony, who was soundly abused by the disappointed good-for-notuings' who, # finding  that gold could, not be procured without a  wholesome exercise of patience and muscle  left the country in disgust. We understand  tbat it is the intention of tbis reverend personage to republish his letters m Canada, toother with a compendium of facts, to show  bow very nearly his statements and predicts as to the. mineral and agricultural  wealth of the colony have proven correct in  comparison with such facts.  ExrRESs.~The express arrived on Tuesday  and left on Thursday. Mr. T. Barry, from  the 150*>ile post, was tbe only amving_pas-  senger. Robert Orr, Jno. Martin, W. Hotf-  Kr^vards, and Ri Hough, wife and  taml y were departing passengers. The express brought an Eastern mail Over a  thousand ounces of dust, in private hands,  were taken down.  (Before C. Brew, Esq., Gold Commissioner and County  .   Court-Judge )  '.'.���������,, ' v .   ..  Toesday,'Nov. 9/1869.  Henry Shannon was charged with having  assaulted and beaten Thomas Wilson. The-1  latter is the foreman of the Baker company,  or claim, on Grouse creek, and alleged * that  Shannon, while in a state of intoxication, had  thrown the sluice-boxes about, and on being  expostulated with, had seized him (W.) by  tbe throat, used violent language and choked  him until his tongue nearly came out.  Robert Bordiuall corroborated plaintiffs  statement.  J/Mellody was also rworn, but his evidence did not disprove the alleged assault.  ^ Tbe magistrate fined Shannon $15 ; in default of payment to be imprisoned for two  months.  ..    Friday, Nov. 12th, 1869,  J. Tracey vs. R. Brown.���������Case of assault  and battery, and'injuries alleged to bave been  sustained, producing sickness and inability  to work; damages, ������350.  . Jury���������Hugh Ross, (foreman,) W. Cameron,  E. Pearson, Jas. Mann and W. Adams..  C. McCallum���������Didn't 6ee the commencement of the* 6gbtj:Saw Tracey and Brown on  the sidewalk; Tracey was down, Brown over  bim, not doing as much as he seemed to have  the power to do; heard B.say, " IMi learn you  how to insult a little'woman;" saw blood on  Tracey >s face.  Jonathan Nutt���������Couldn't say who* struck  first; saw B. strike T; with whip; afterwards  saw them scuffling; didn/t see T. strike B. before B. struck; saw. B/s foot on T/s neck or  faCe. ' ' -    . ' '.;     '     '; '  Solomo/i Thomas���������Saw B. and T. meet; B.  had acowbide in-hand;-8aw..T.. turn to.ward.  B. and then B. struck T. two.or three times;  after that T/ held up his bands'as if to fend  off/, and .'then they clinched; ,B.\ threw T.T put  bis foot on. T.'s neck and hit him over the  head once;. T.-lay on his.side with blood on  .his face;/saw.T. after the fight; he appeared  to be bruised about tbe eye;:.-couldn't say  whether he was disabled for work.  Brown (defendant) sworn���������Tracey had a-  bused and insulted Charlotte Millington; she  wanted toltake out a summons and bind bim  over to keep the peace; told her to waiba-  while; subsequently met Tracey; bad that  little whip (pointing to whip) io hand; said  to T.," Tracey. do you intend to keep on insulting that little woman'/" be replied,"Go  to h���������I, jou b���������r," and that .was how the  fight commenced.  A. Hanpman���������Didn't know who first commenced tbe fight; saw them sparring; saw no  blows given with the whip: was on the opposite side of the street; didn't see much of. the  fight.  Dr. Chipp��������� Tracey came to me for treatment; be had what is commonly called a  black eye; shouldn't think it ought to have  prevented him from working; he didn't complain of any other injuries; charged him $10;  told me to send in a big bill.  To the Judge���������Paddy O'Hare had a black  eye and it didn't prevent him from working.  "judge���������Paddy OHare is an Irishman.   A  black eye might not hurt an Irishman, bu> it  might hurt an Englishman.  The jury brought in a verdict for $50,  Nsw WiNTEit Stock���������C, AlcCallum would  inform his friends and the public that he has  hist received a considerable addition to bis  stock of Coats, Pants. Vests,.Canvass Pants,  Blue Overalls and Jumpers; Heavy Over-  shirts, Baltic Shirts, English and Oregon Underclothing, Woollen Scarfs; English, Scotch  and Oregon Socks; Cloth, Ring wood and  Aberdeen Gloves ; Kid Mitts, lined; Neck  Ties, Turkish Towels; Cambric Handkerchiefs, and an assortment of Felt Hats. All  the above goods will be sold cheap for cash.  Pants and Vests made to order. Parties  wishing to have their clothing made to order  by A. Gilmore, Victoria, may have their  measures taken by Mr McCallum, in order to  secure a good fit.      v ,-������������������. *  Instruction.���������Moiig.B. Deffis desires us to  state that be intends opening Evening Classes  for instruction in Arithmetic. French, Spanish,  English Grammar and English Composition.  He������wiil give also private lessons in the dead  languages, &c, if desired. The classes will  be opened on the loth November next, at  half-past 7 o'clock, p.m* The terms will be  $12 per month, payable in advance. Parties  desirous of going through a regular course of  lessons are requested to give bim their names  before the 5th of November next, so that he  may have time to organize the classes and  send down to Victoria for books. No application will be received after the 10th November Mons/B. Deffis is well known in tbis  colony as an: efficient professor of languages.  Havin* had several years experience in teaching, his mode.of tuition will be found easy  and effective. This is a good opportunity  afforded miners to employ profitably the long  winter evenings,  EdvSentixki, : I would call the attention  of the people of Cariboo, and of Barkerville  in particular, to the importance of having a  sleigb road made to Dragon creek.   There  has been a good prospect from there, which  has been quite sufficient to cause a largehum*  ber.of claims to be taken up..and already,by  recording, leaves of absence,etc., the revenue  is in receipt ot seven or eight hundred dollars  from that creek alone, and quite sufficient to  justify the people in asking the government  to contribute money for a sleigh road to  Dragon creek  for this winter,- and  they  certainly  ought  to  grant  it, as they  are  the only on^s who have received any substantial benefits from it. as yet.   Such-a road  would open up a large^aection of country,  and facilitate access from Barkerville to Hard-  scrabble, Tom. Coulter, Nelson, Oro Fino,  Dead wood, and other creeks, ail of which  have contributed largely to the revenue and  would give much more if a sleigh road were  made, besides furnishing employment to a  large number of men who are now idle, because they cannot get supplies to their claims  A level track could be found down the valley  of Willow river, and men who are interested  on Dragon creek would guarantee to make a  good 6leighroad to that creek for three-Jum-'  dred dollars or less. ; ThereforevI trust that  the present opportunity to advance.the inter*  ests of the country will not be neglected.  ' , . Duag6i\\  w f  ��������� s S  I  It  Encotragtxg. ��������� In consequence of tho  choked . co ud i ti 0 n of th e bed-rock d rai n. William creek presents a dull aspect; but the  outlook' is very encouraging.' Good strikea  have been made ou Lowhee and.Dragon  creeks; a great deal more work will be dene  on Lightning creek this wiuter than last; the  Wave.rley.;tunnel-is- going; ah������������ad-welI-; the-  Ballarat tunnel is also coming up lively;  Canadian creek looks more promising than  heretofore; French creek will soon tell i!a  tale ; and last, though, perhaps first in importance, the te^t quartz mill.is expected to arrive on Tuesday, next. Aleantitne. water is  plentiful, and a great many opened ciaiins  will be worked toward mid-winter.       / ���������  Gone.���������Among the recent'departures was  Mr. Taliesiii Evaus, who had been mining in  Cariboo for,several years.;,;Althongh;.h������e:: was  one of the:most unlucky among^jg ifhlucky  on esr he d 0 es n 011 ea ve n s vv i th -any pron"n h?  ciamientos against Cariboo, as is too often;  the case with those who have failed to secure  a prize in the mining lottery, but lie is still of  opinion that Cariboo is one of the richest  mining countries in the world. "u Fare thee  well."  The Weather. ��������� Since -the snow commenced falling, over a we^k ago. the weather  has remained wintry with slight exception.  There is still plenty .of water running in the  various neighboring creeks and gulches, and  it"-, is probable that the deep diggings will  bave the. advantage of a good sluice head for  a long time yet. The ground was thoroughly  drenched before tbe snow and frost set in. and  all the spriogs ia the hillsides. are running  quite freely.  Removal.--Mr. P. McEntee has commenced  work in his new o'nd lanre shop in Barkerville, near tho theatre, where he will carry.  on his blacksmith business at the same rates'  as before. He only charges $3 per set for  borse-shoeing, and all other kinds of blacksmith work at corresponding rates.  AcctnEXT.���������In the early part of this week  an. accident occurred to Mr. Davis, of the  Van Winkle CO., Lightning creek. The walk*  ing beam of the pump jammed him severely,  but, fortunately, he escaped without any'  broken bones.   He will be laid up for a few  daysv; ���������/ V./\ ���������.' '������������������' /.I  Another Churcet.���������The Rev. Jas. Reynard  is having a church built at the, lower part of  the town. Judging fromthe nature and extent of the work already done, we should say  that the church will be a large and substantial edifice.  For the New Diggings.���������On the 2Glh ulfc.,  Byrnes & co., 7 men; on 30th ult., Sylvester  6 co., 3 men; on the 1st inst., McMartin & co.,  7 men; on 4th inst., Davis & co., 5 men; altogether 22 men, left for Peace river, and aro  amply supplied with provisions and "tools for  a year.  Wood.���������Several men have commenced cnt-  tin������- wood for fuel since the snow fell, so that  we������are likely to enjoy the benefits of an  active competition in the wood business during: the winter,   -  The Quaktz Mill.���������It may be expected  here in the course of next week. We understand that Capt. Wright would make a special  trip with the steamer Victoria to bring it  from Soda creek.  Sudden Death at Burrard In-let.���������A man  named Chaoman died suddenly at Burrard  Inlet on the 28th ult., at Rogers' logging  camp. Verdict: " Died by the visitation of  God."  ;-...        .'J%; :    :  ��������� III )  ���������0 ���������:  '7 ������������������'. :* ���������  t:  f>  '  i' *v  Oh, Annie, dear departed shade. ��������� ;'���������  Where is thy place of blissful rest?*      / *������  " SeeJst ihpii thy husband low laid ty.' .: .  Hear'st thou the groans that rend his.breast ?  We hare met and we liave parted, ���������  And the,streairt"of life-'fiows on; 107A'//A< '���������  A Thine in giadiness,"mine in sadness,..7   .  As it did in days.gone.. , : X  'Thiheyperchance, issometime troubled,  y  'By some .p assihg tb ou gh ts of rae.;    .      .... A  , Mine has won a darkness doubled   :  By its ceaseless dream of thee. .-.'.-     <     y \  ���������A "'-���������'������������������ "���������'.*-���������'���������-���������.-���������        -���������'' a Husband.4  ; French Creole; Nov., 18G9?  0'AArX ^CURIOUS WILL:1       f   /  1 the'follQwing is the will of Dr. Dunlop,at  ono .time a���������. member of;the:Legislature .for  Upper'Canada:���������'���������. y y -,: :-,: A' :'} " '���������' A-  Time, makes, sad havoc with our most cherished illusions. ��������� What institution have we in  .this,country more highly "and universally respected -than the toma^V.: His old name of  16 ve-ap pie sh 6 ws what a h old i t. ho s up on the  popularhearti; *:1 Who: can Relieve this meek,  innocent-looking, health-giving fruit, is the  x ���������  .    Esquire, being ��������� in \ sound health;of body and  mind\ which rhy friends who'. do- net flatter  ^������������������rXU   0 v- ������������������������������������������������������ . t ���������,���������'���������<'*' U'-.������������������������������������'��������� >'.'.;' ���������! y  '������������������i.-'c'i*' ' * !'-'  me 6av is no great shakes at the best qi times,  _��������� - ���������> ������������������������ ^'xy^-:y:���������".',';'*������������������:-���������'���������< '���������������' X -xr.''..:. yy. ^-kV'.i  do make my last will; and  testameufc .as to I  other pr6p'erty I may be possessed:, 6f,' to my  .?,; .; :-:X-\ -.: >���������..:i >'.;>-  ' X    0-'.-i---Xi^ ';*>.>.������' > Xy *  : sisters^ yHelen -.:.Boy 1 e*.;;Stqry/"and-;>Eliza.betlr  '   B oy le}: D unlop,  the������������������ for tn er ��������� b eca use she is  :-0X '-^ Ax  ���������..;:��������� *:;  ��������� -."���������'���������'''. ���������������������������.'������������������.��������� ���������'��������� A XX"  i^marr ied: tb- n ob ody,- riorris sh e. J ike ly: :,tb~b e j  for she is an old maid and [hoi \ market, rife.  And also, I leave to them and tbeir heirs: my  share *of=' the: stock -and iraplements t on the  farm', pr'ovi d i tig, a I ways,; tb a t the ��������� inolbsure  round my brother's grave .be reserved,; and,  if either of them should die; without issue; tlie  other.; is; to inherit the whole. I leave to my  .sister-in-law,: Lb.uisa Dunlop, all .'my- share of  . ;:-rtfie;hp^seb6J(l furniture, and -such traps, with  ������������������.tlie    eXCCij^*^*n������    ^^rainnffor' ''TnonHnrKarl ���������'���������''   T  :  the;: excejp^ns: uereinafter 'ment ioned.:   I  ���������:   le aye 'my' si 1 ver. tankard to': the o Id est s'o n of  .   Old Johoi as,the representative of the family.  '1 would have left it to Old John himself,- but  he would have;mel ted it do wn to make temperance niedals,' and that would have been a  sacrilege.   However, I leave bim  my  big  horn, snuff-box���������he .can only make temperance- horn spoons out of that... I-leave my  sister Jenay my Bible, the property formerly  of my greatrgreat-grahdtnothcr, Betsey Hamilton, of; Woodhtill, and when she knows as  much of the spirit as she doe3 ,of the letter  she will be a much better -Christian than she  is.   I leave my late brother's watch to my  brother Sandy, exhorting him at the same  .time to give up  Whiggery and radicalism,  .���������and.all other sins that do most easily beset  ���������him, 'Heavemy brother-in-law, AUan, my  punch bowl, as he is a big saucy man,' and  likely to do justice to it.   I leave to Parson  Chevassie . my big silver. snuffbox that I go I  ; from the Simcoe Militia, as a small token of  ' my   gratitude   to  him for taking my sister  Maggie, wboai no man of taste would have  .taken. 41 leave to John Cadde.il a silver, tea  y   pot," to the end that he may drink tea there-  > Yfrom to comfort him under the affliction .of a  slatternly wife.   I leave my books  to  my  brother Andrew, because be has been a jingling, waliy���������' that he may yet learn, to read  with tb era.   I leave my. silver cup, with a  .   sovereign, in (lie bottom of it, to my sister,  : Janet Graham Dun lop, because she is an old  _maidaiid pious ; and also my grandmother's  bnuff-box, as it looks decent to see an old  maid taking snuff."  Last Words.���������-The White Pi tie News, in an  article on the last words of dying celebrities,  gives the folio wing as havi ng i a ilen from the  lips of now departed White Piners :  : So last winter here* afaergeeking a quarrel  , a m an w as sh o t, an d had bn iMuie to exc I ai m;  : '��������� I hunted for tM* all <l&y, and now I have  found it! 7 " ' :  Another well-known sport, who died here  ���������' of pneumonia last spring, when. just before  bis death, ho was told by hk physician that  be could not recover, said. ������������������ But, doctor, I'll  Abet you a hundred to ten that I do."   ...  . ���������; And the other day when John hy McGlade's  , diapbraghm was shot out,.he. simply remark-  4 ed, " 3f y ��������� goo se Is Co o k c d /'*  Carthage Republican informs us.tlmt Dr. Ful-  ler, of Syracuser has in'hisvofficea tomato  worm measuring' five inches in leugtb, and  ^yeighing an ounce. . It/was. taken from a tomato-vine inhis garden, and is now securely  enclosed in a glass bo&le. It eatsanddi-  Jd-tfU twenty times its own weight of tomatoes  and tomato leaves. It eats constantly, except resting occasionally,.from one to two  irii n tites. : Th is worm was 0 rst id i s covered this  season, and is as; poisonous, as a.raUlesnake.  It poisons by throwing spittle^ which it can  row-vfrbm;:.6ne! -to' two feet. .This spittle  ���������ilctno* tlip/Rkin'Uie 'hp.rtii dnin'menef? at onec  Restaurant  agonies ofjbe, patients..' Three .cases of death  in", consequence of /this poison' have recently  8 eeti ��������� rep or te d.: ; The ������������������ in ed ical p r o fession is  much excited o ver t h 'is hew eneiny to hurn a iii;  existence.;/ The question arises? whether or  not1 a tomato'; par tly ���������devoured by.'one of .these  usual fi riot attontlou to business they will werita  continuance of their confidence and support; ..  .;..;: >  ..   :.      .1       ..   A'-       V. \'fy.0.       I-.'"        :.','���������  Meals, $1.   Board,, $ 16.per ���������Week...,  BREAD MADE. OF  THE>EST? FLOURS  We recommend to the public onr.  ;'       ,,y.    . Ax  G R O UND    C O F.F EE,   '.  which is a much superior article than any which can  be hail irom below. Wo Ro:istan<l Grind it ourselves  ami choose the hopt berries, consequently the..public,  may be sure of its beitig free from, adulteration. (.;.  V   '       ;-v''  ���������"/ .'PATTERSON &:GpOI)^ON.=;-.  , ���������<'.-.���������  Miners-  HE   UNDERSIGNED   DESIRES   TO'   ANXOUNrp ,  that he has purchased the House and business 0f  the above establisbinent, and solicits a coniha-w.  of custom.'. ��������� The prlco.of Board will remain as before  BOARD, $12 PER ^rEEK.  ���������-". : ���������     y   ���������'    '"   ���������:'.-"  ' '    ''������������������'  . Barkerville, July- 27,.1S69.  BOARD, $12 per^^Veek^/ ;Sixgle Meal^  '���������0 0//y 'SA3IUEL^WALKER :'  U,Oa   ,oen     - ��������� ������������������_���������   ^  ���������', \.y> '.;::."���������.: .-.   ;     ���������������*-*. 'AAA- ��������� : ���������''  ? ������������������  ���������      . ~  :'A'A. A-'-- :������������������������������������ ��������� X0.-0-X} i. ? -1" .- ���������':���������-"/ v ; ::���������... .,  BarkcrTillOj May 18,1������60..  ���������: ;>.inyl^.;  o tig:  By-  0xAA  'A;"' '���������;���������'y:-  .j.  rrm 'uXDERSICrNfeD , BEGS-TO,  INFORM, HIS  J frl6n<lsaud thopu������)lic, thatli^has-.Ottoclup soiie  COMFORTABLE;f BEIJ-RQbMg-  In his new buihlinsr, where: he is-,prepared-.to.-givo  fjhoti B^������ls at a-rearjon-ible prico.-   -Those who will  Antelope Bestanrant  .BARKERVILLE,..  . ..-..  Jt MASOX, . .   .   . , n:   :..:   ,:y .J.DAU,  Proprietors,  Board, $.12 per Week.    Single" Meals, $K  ; ^gr-OYSTER STEWS,-LUNCBES, &c.  *������������������ The: best of matcrini Is used, and all who wish tet-  clo^siBoardat tlie nboyo rate caii obtain the same at  tbis establis'bment.' XvX ���������: >'Xi v.-.-i .' ��������������������������������������������� aulllm   ....,..,__............;0-Ny  ���������; -'��������� / "1C HAIUES v. Afi AG o w ��������� -;  to poison the������������������; ,one who. eats. i t?���������; ���������: ltyhis sto ry  cannot be contradicted emphatically and itt  o nce^tSSe' amolin t' pf. 1 a p3""d e y 6lefl :to~t he cu I-  tiire of. tomaroes ih. the JJn ited Sfates will be  suddenly an d rapid ly" reduced. AiAx  A Singular -Mode: of Telijxg. the Hour.  T^'An exchangegives tbe; following singular  method of telling the time of day or night.,  which we copy for the benefit of j those; w bo  wish'to (i*y the experimeqt.iv. -    '-��������� *  ��������� "Sea(: yourself nt a: tab le. ���������'������������������;:: Attach a piece  of metal (say a shilling), to a' thread.*: Haviner  PRIZE of tho QoWoy for hi.< celeb rated /.-���������.).  '.':,"; XXX- ALE-  And the true amateurs will be abltao judge by them  selves.that.such:;hj3norab 1 u ��������� prize-has,��������� been justly  aw/tvffed to him;     A.     -;������������������     ~  X. b , -i. a 1 a rse f ron t room to 1 e t.  B!irkervi}le,'Jan. 2^,1800. ,  BESIRESto; inform his frlendsand the public that  he has.purchased the -business of the APKirHI  SALOON, RICHFIELD, where he trusts he will re-  cojvti a fair shitVo of patronage. The bi-st Wines,  Liquors:and Cigars at tlie Bar. J, x .. selS Im  ;NE^  v/cukio  ���������of--*  placed, your, elbow on. the table, hold the  thread -between tlie thumb and forefinger, and  allow the shilling to hang in the centre of a  glass tumbler. . The pulse, will 'immediately  cause the shilling.to vibrate.like^a pendulnm,  and the vibrations will increase until tlie  shilling. strikes the side of the glass ; and  supposing the time of the experiment to be  at the hour of seven or half-past seven, the  pendulum will strike the glass seven lime?  and then lose its momentum and return to  the centre ; if you hold the thread a sufficient  length of time, the elTect will be repentod ;  but not until, a sufficient length pf.'tinie lias  elapsed to convince you that the experiment is  complete. We need not add that tbe thread  must be held with a steady hand, otherwise  the vibrating motion would be counteracted.  At whatever hour of the day or night tbe experiment is made, the coincidence will be  the.same. .  THE   BOXER   CARTRIViGES  ForSnkler-Eofiel-' ,���������:' ���������.riT7 !.<,re,  rpHE und^rsifucd, pppi������rict*>rs ;of .the abovevwell-  firiren to i he wt^tios of. the gw>  The Bir is stocked with tho Very * best brands of  Witn'p; Lioiiors.-nnd Cipara.f :. ���������.-.-:..   .    . .    ���������"  '  The Stub!f������s aro'������p-iclou.? and comfortable and at-  Lende;l to by first class h'ii?t!frs. A plentiful supply  of the best provender ������������������!' nil kinds alwiys on hand.: .  Iii short, "every con*������vnl:-nce an*l facility con duct vc  U> trie comfort of man and bi'ast. will be found," ani)  the proprietors'.vill spare no o'Vurt io give entire salls-  facli'ih to all who may patronize tl.ieesfublisbment.  August 20th, 1SC9     . ADLER & BARRY.- ;  HE PROPRIETOR of the above establishment waM  I ���������-������������������: respectfully in form "his frionils;and tho publfc in  'defy'competition;-. .  ;������������������ ;He>hasal3o a;COPPEE&lLOOK inttflched to Ilia  ab.ove,^yhorenone but Mio bos? CofTee, Pies and Cate3  will be served. ,, ...   "���������������������������'���������'��������� ���������      Xx-'       .       ���������  ���������   K.B.��������� BREAD BELIVERED to all.parts" of (lie  Creek. I������������������.���������-���������:��������� X-x y      ���������������������������   ���������;������������������   ^22 hm  r HOTEL,  H^V4,-������WICl������.'  >-n������OT-wfli>f������,������>' -rr<miwweiuwiTri 11    mll'ii nun  Miners5 Provision   Store,  .    BARKER VILLE,   .   .' :. ,  Next Door .to Shxtjxkl Office.'  ij������������ty  Department, also of ;&00 bore  for Jlilit'irv Rifles. ��������� *��������� :-  WATfiRi'ROOlV CENTRAL.  FIRE iT8i4 J.HC OAR-  TKIDGES wilb (jn11r������i6 Base  for small bores, adopted by  foreign trovernments for con-  verted-Chasf;c;pot, U^rflan Rij.  mijjtttun'and other Rilfts:*also  _.-_^ Car I ridges, for Ballard, the  , -V'ncer, and American Henry  Ir-pwitmjf Kifi.jfi. .   ,. /  The ;: KLiiy-BOXER"  la ������j������-  :.o Q ul  i F u.'.}il  ~l < W'B  , U " ftl  3 |i  OT^Sl  .UA+AM  known, carrying' thdr o^'i^i^S^^^^  wh.olIy.oLmetal, are wider -proof and imporikuibMn  any climate.  > l l- ,il  Pistols, used in her Majesty's Navv '  COPPER Rlil-FIRB 'CAETWDOfes of nllsiz.s for  vX*r* *' Tr"ntCr'S ^ ^hor Poclcet Re  Dbuole Waterproof and E; B. Qipji. patentsi������-rw  tndges, Felt Gun AVaddiuKH for to^l   S  Loaders, and every description of ���������feportlne and \nii  tary Ammunition. ..      .;.._,;*--  0It A Y >S  J NN   R 0 A ]>? LPN D70 N  AT this Establishment will always be found a well  selected and varied assortment of the..  FRESHEST GROCERIES ���������& PROVISIONS  INCAKiBOO. :  ALSO���������A good pr-Action of Clothi.njr. Hardware, Glass  aud Crockery.   B?st brands of tobacco,  '  Mtvlieir.es, etc., etc.  Bckt Javi Oo li'oc Boa ?lcd andl G ron h d  DA ILY.  ALL GOODS SOLD AT LOWEST RATES.  The BAR Is fully Kup'iiicil with the choicest  Havana Cijiars. Wines and Liquors.  I trust by.strict atteiitiiiii to business, *hd fair and  f-*nunrodeaJi!iL������, to iueril a coniinbaiice of the liberal  patronage hereiofor" "xtended to me.    ���������  . ���������  A Iurge lot or HEY\yoOn?S colebrated*BACON!  for sain, at ft vojy low figure. "   5"    '"' 0'"l  Fob. 20, imj.r . ���������    '.. 8m  -���������'L'OMBERi  .LUMBER!  ���������jVTltsSRS MEACHAM k.XASOK'are prepare  JL. hi rn Uh Im n. Wr a t their M ills, Wi I Hani Ci  and as i-hoy have now ii . . v ������������������ .  .  rLANJNG  .MACHINE  i(nnpnr(''liori,nl^vwiiIsupply 1)RKS3ET> LUMBER at  yi..> per Uiotuvand.   SI)ir.-}.^; fi*> ,)Cr thoii.saiUl. :'  red to  Creek,  IN THE-SnPP.niB COURT D,F THE MAIN-  LANI; OF BRITISH' COLUMBIA.:'.,  tn tho-marinj.or tb^fctnto and Effects 6f  ALEX-  CTIAS. E. POOLEV,  rm<n,i m+ur A' AX,        Qiliciul Administrator.-  Datca Rfch/luicJ, 12th August, 1800. .      auli 3m:  notice;  So.pt. 3, IS6U.  JAS.  REin,. Agent,  Barkerville.  tVHE .Proprietors of, this :well known House tenScr  1 thqlr sincere thanks to their friends and th*-tn*  veiling public ''uen cm I ly,. for their past liberal pairca-  agc/nift! beg'to inform them that in order to n^ure a  conlinuancf.of tha same. Board.and Lodplns has bun  reduced to $3 50 per Day.   Sih������U*.;5L>al?f, $1 00.  AM the luxuries that tlie' country affords nr=' constantly kept ou tlie ��������� table./ PrlVn.u1 ParVrs and Star?  of Rooms for Families. The Bar lis StfJcked with \U  bestbmnds of WiiifSj Liquors and Cipars.  TheStable ij? well supplied with the best Tim why,  Oats, Hay and Grain. . .   BROWN ^^GILLIS.  Quesuclmoutb, Mav       1SC9.  LlGRTKlXO CUKEK.  MINERS AND TRADERS will find it to their art-  .'. vantage to purchase at this Store, where there is  aV.Lar'g;: Assort;,ikxt op Goo-ds,  Of the very best description oil hand, and the Stock  'constantly, replenished by new arrivals.   Tho proprie-  ���������  X ������������������ ��������� tors will j-ell Goods'  As- Chkap'as   AST   i.v   CAntROO.  Orders promptly tilted, and forwarded with dispatch;  -BRGDY & LINDITARI),  Van Winkle, May. 12, 1809. . Proprietory  BLACKSMITHiNG.  FjrcENTEE wishes to inform his friends and I'no  ��������� public that lie-is prepared to do ItOP?E.-H0B-  I KG at- $3 per sot, and all other kiuds of Blacksmith  work at reasonable rate������. '  Barkerville, Nov, 0,1SC9.  j)'24 If  LOWE  Importers and  Commission   Merchants,  In  ���������Agentsy etc;,  %  rn ri c-a  Wharf Street,  ������*^  Victoria, V. I.  Importer of Books, Stationery, and Fancy Foreign  y    a ��������� Manufactures,  ,   ,;    .FORT STREET,; VICTORIA, B. C.  May 'li 18(59.::'.-. 7^A[      v " ��������� ' ������  sawney?s Letters  AND  CAR rB OO    RHYMES  BY JAUfA ANDERSON.  PRICE,   *   .       -       ������      ONE DOLLAR  For sale at the ttm&xk Ofilce, and forward^1 H  ml. l,rwftf,.t,������T������il my"'  pusi, free of cliargo


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