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The Cariboo Sentinel Nov 12, 1870

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 VtiAM  &$Me??mm  W-5  rm0:u2.  :::S!'0]?dbUsh^^ ':,.!,!;.  VSubsOi'ip'tioiti������������������ ������- 0 -QOpen^pevTWrpp^.  ������������������":'/���������: RATES;OF:ADVEivrrsiNa'..l'!''^;''^ -';-;-:  1  for ono square (oho inch),, first insert ion ,v -. S3  ~'A0liy'V ������������������..**.       ..  ' one inonthV  ���������   ;     5  ���������.FoivCwp squares'}, first insertion J", f { Ay -A"? 77������:i'  001;    rli      'One month, .- yA- '-" ���������^1-"i3'  Agents for tlie'v,.Cariboo:3eutinel.''  VanAVfnkla;-- A0> ,-it>?.'r;-'Mr:0..XV^Lli3.*Barts������ .-VV  Q.1103 n el mouth, vi'-' V T-! ;. !''- --^ < Barnard'? Express  Soda Creole;'';'..-: A"~0 xryy^. uBarnard's.ii,j press  Clinton,' ���������'"'- ���������'.'-���������' ���������> -;::-';--.-:^'t-^"- Barnard'sExume  Valo.u.;-'.-,;.!.:, Mr; Evans, . do .',..,. do r  :&6\v- Westminster ���������;-:��������������� Q -xjAaAj, ���������--������������������=,.v Clarksojlrfe.Ce  Victoria/.- " '-' 0'000$. 'Ayy,--:yyilo}\ii'Goltem  ..fi. P. Fisher, Xi   -   -'..-���������'    :-'   - San Francisco  iSudsoii-&-M(fneti;iv0.Xi::XA-. ���������:?..,'- >��������� *���������.: New York,;  THE CARiBOS'SENTINEL1 ���������  ������������������ $���������������������������  CarusiCircularsi/Post^^ and Programmes foi  :4 Ba^ ?  .^^���������Exc cured wiUi:neatnessan;d;dispatcb,^;  :'y 7--A\   , V' -Terms moderate.?        s  Ki%E; DAYS^, tATER   NEWSv,  7..;Xoridon',/OcMi- 25~^f he iFvench made a; sdr  lie across the: Marne a.t Joinviile and were  v repulsed,^JjoudGrvd^5p.aJ.cljes say peace ne.  ;go(!lations:i?i\ve coin������-to ^naught.*;!Tlie,!^imeF"  'ailvvise^Brf^ahd���������; to^takejno farther st$ps;,J������he  Ew^ress is expected to depart ''for Franco.--'  .Bclilcstadt^ajpiti^ated a severe bom--  ��������� b ar d tn & fit.; ! 200 O^pri'soners ^and- "120 c a n ri oil  * cap tared. 7*The Prussians ^atfeemp Led to bom-  . bard Verdun on Friday, buS were 'repulsed  by������������������&;.successful!sortie...;; Twov;bo/iiei3 of Ger-v  ::ju;sil3f m)stalfijb^;e!ach; other, foxiglit for hours!;  K vLoriabn, Qct. ^JJ^Tr^ut^k^!MdiScjille������:iRr:  CJ'casing.! The Bed Republicans arc largely  fihilh*e.ascendant; and'-- are in open rebellicii  :.T.gfuifst the' republicangauthoriiies  at !P.ii'is  "aTia'Tour^. ;v-rh^gfibavo:g6ne soifaraa tooSVrj  *v rewardXiOr Gambetti's head.': Orleans is  still occupied by tlie"German:;army.y-Tlie'c.-:y..  ha-s been, nearly destroyed. No.irid;cations (. f  '-' an lis ni ecluit e ad v arice up on :B1 o Is [ and Vun  :dorae,;:: Tbe Gernibns:gutted tlio city of To,...  fiancori. >��������� They refrain; from! attacldng! Aox\-  ens, their troops! at Benuyalfi and Solans va-'  ! treating towards Mmercs.   The town or Cha::  teau Diin>bas been literally destroyetl.;  " ^rsajiles, Oct; ������G-:Gencr>i You Molilce  celebrated Ms :T0th birtl.day yesterdr,y in i a  battle in wliicli %;Germans.lost 100,.killed.  The French lo^ was serious. It is announce a  ."Ibat firo W'AlbG opened on Paris on 23th. v  London, Oct. 27-r-The French regai\TEng-  1 :**c\x a m edi :\l i o n f o r p ea ce: w i 1 h d is-liko > No  T'.iminc - in Paris. The Americans want tb  leave, but the French object on"account of  "���������the-moral eiToet on the neopieof so many  leaving the city.  Berlin, Oct. 26���������Intense longing for peace.  A s'ngle.battalion of Laud\veh.r lost fautbitn-  ured fathers of fumilies in repulsing a sortie  :at Me t z. T hep eo p 1 e are I ir ed of w ar an d a re  un willing to make further sacrifices lor ambition or aggrandisement.  Tours, Oct. 27���������St. Qncntin hai .b&?n at-  ���������tached. Tbo Prussians re trea ted' sn dderi\y  and are concentrating naar Laon. -Lnrgc  portions of tho Duke of Mecloubnrg's army  were moving tastily towards Paris. .Tin;  Prussians inves'tms: Verdun sent a commnni-  /.Paris,vvia;,Toursy 2������>tii^The Prefect;, of  lld^n'Wlegra^heia to 'the, Minister of, JVar  that the enemy,:iieingpiiehedyy_J20.Q.;Fi^ii:cb.  cavalry;:had leftChartr?^ ,/ ... -i 7yA  !1 L(m^-W^^ a^-  t?mpte^!^lciit|he'H^  t^yeen ^Rpue'n Jand - Amiensi;.feut were^b'^iten':  -iff:: irivva^slightj skirmish '������!#. Warmi^rs^vfTlic  Prnssians.were.driven frcin tlib"*'Hold witli ihe  loss qf. one gun. .    5:        p y ���������; ��������� -,  :.-B6rrtnt'6ct;^Mlil^  to the. .Que en tli Is. nib rmirg 'Jthat; ��������� -Baza j rie:;- had-  capitulate^^nd siiiTeri(lered'.-Hefzjwitli:'jl^O,-,  il)0p t priGonei-q,   incl utling; ��������� 9.000- ���������: sick - iind-  wodiidedi fthp garrison.laid-dbwuite  tuis:eveni.ng.::;;^..-.. .,������������������!!'".'!; :':    i/A 17X700  !!Lin^6n}v2Yth-r-Tiie grid's. speciaV;8Qys!  ;that npon-receij}tApti h^v7s;rTroni;!tlie?Bmpress  thatsheywoi^^^  si on of: F ren ch!vtcrritqiry,.; br'b o! a p arty to; any  seh erne in vo 1 vi ngpi y il war iniFran! eef ijazailie ���������;  said ho would take .'.the responsibility upon:  ���������himself, andrseBt';fo������ Charles^  ^hp!;cfen!e;iip A^Viogx^im^trio ;-.Gbaie'4ii;  :<Aefresty^ where; sjipula^onsio r tbe^nrren dei?  of Metz wererrnadf. -The.;QermahsVloitlp-00O  ' 07A: ALAND ORDINANCE,; IS70. .';���������,   y\  Vfe. '��������� ������������������������������������������������������       "'_x0 *-*'���������*���������' ''--''x"^'0*0-'-���������������4 '  - ;p!h e ������6116 wing is, a bribf sy nop sis of ^fcb e -new  ordinance regnlatifcg'Xihe :'pvis-emptipri��������� and  p iir5piiase' !pi "ia n: dis ��������� iii.' thi^'eolo rly^--.} J'; ;;i :??��������� 0hx  PKE-KMrnOX,  71 JJ^Ariyiniale ,British;;!subj^ of '���������*  ;1B-'yojii^.i*;! oyer ..may pf^ ;  Saiid'ioi'fii'* of ^.W- C'Wca?9 "Mpuntains, or 100  'acre^;elsewi&e,'.^  ������ot^extend^a^ hyl specif j  ivrii^  first appl v: to��������� th'e'fcVm'missiontfr.oi'b.������?kndiarv  ���������^Magistrate fox permission.; A^fall.descn't/J  Won  1 a u'da. n ot rese ry ed for sites o t to was,. &o.g o p. 7 i  reputed tb; be!mirierat tandsyslial.l!beoflVi'e<\y A,  for sale by ,p ablic competilipnvat tho, upset  price1' orbn&^  :maining,unsold may. he . afterwards sold by ";  pri rate contracfc at;the \ipset price, r ; 0 r:'x   A0A r70A':lJWSf^ibXIOSSss: ^X-':irr.lA.-*  7yy7  \., vX;' bTlievCrp wb ^reserves;. tWo pvibUe 'iljht :b.fr! 7.  ,way and the right to take Blohe,:.igiayel lovX-Al  other material required tor ^public vyorlv������,; and. ���������.  any piay ate.righig^of^w^ that;  may be existing ai';' tims offsale'; - all trees,  and concluding;peace.        '������������������i.-lA"'yl ';  Lo rid*b'n7 -'2 Sih^Th e' Repiilil ic an^,derijaiiDcc;  Bazaine as a trai tor, and the Paris* ��������� and Ton rs  Grovernmcnts will'denounce-any peace signed^  The Tribune's sprciSl^ays the' commander  *9,f~������he; garrison infot'med Baaaine he could not  give the^armyi.any;, more.; provisions, and., he  .niiist*shift for himself. Bazalne ordered..��������� te  tropps-tp sj-op^ririg^pnthe Prtissia and -jial--  iowbd^riis^merrto desertShy fche'Iiaiidrbdv^vho.  .were all captured :i"6yi iher Prussians; ���������'������������������/ On 'ihe.  -evening of the 2ith,,Bazaine, cenvincod Gbn.  &6penbr,(:hat.anioulbre i6A intended  that.night towards Gr^elotte would bo rise:;  !fess-bloodshed; aad-vifl^^prg^'^^^prico. for "a;  !&^da^;rfespit$Vs.nd seat .tor-. Piinee Frede^:  }<ilz Chaileri/tniunating that ho wasr ready. to;  capitulate.;��������� A..m'octuig4' took place:between  tho *��������� Fe j a ce -a n d Changarnler. when matt srs  advr^eed:: so '..far :tluit!tbp'Prussian-2d corps  was .vimr^dXiitcty.: ordered 'tb-:march to'. Paris,  Prince Fredenik-. Charies ��������� army. Consists; oi.  ;i'6a^J0:n-ien, ^yi'Ay^r'/: 7x1 J.r'. y?*'  ' .'The BuKb,pf:ip!sta.has:  datiire for'ihe tlirone of ���������JSpaio.-v;!;: ���������������������������:������������������;;:'.- . [7  ". Lo lidon, 23Lh���������A :tcle'gtam ; frpm-Versaines  sn yi it'w 111 b e several- d ays; b ef ore,. th e ; bom -  b a rd tn cut o f Paris' .begins?'' Sh ar p sk i'rmisljiing  b e twee n ree o.ri.n piterl ng p ar lies Q u t be. left  bank, ofthe'Loive,;near,Orleans. .Kafaleo'flS  heulf h requires a milder.' cHm ate ���������, and early  next month he will change to Elba.'. A; German vessel has . b e en ; cap t u red by a.! F ren eh  frigate at the Bahama Islands, with TOO bar-'  rcls of gunpowder: and two German vessels ?ion without'forfeiting the first.  about 100 miles from Bristol.'  La test, rep orts estimate the number of prisoners at Kola at 131,000, including throe Liar-  shols" and fiOO oolcers,. Ono hundred guns  were fired at Berlin in honor of the eront  At the time of the surrcruler of i\fe(2 a fright-,  fi i 1 s to rm h a d b ce n rag I n g for .se v oral (i ay s  euiption record ���������on payment of a'fee:of ������2XA  ;t!ql  irks,  fS  exempted.  (Ee.gister.    ' .   y      "   ;*:;    ;' ��������� 7 ��������� ������:  ���������  K.\. - ^CERTiiricAT-E 'of:iMTBpvissiEX'r:' '';\'';\, ��������� "  4ffi> Uponjpropier proof'tliat'tup'pre-ernii-  ioir hm hj^:.m_������Mi&^^  land: and has m^de !perriarTe^  to the extent of 62; op per acre, .a certificate of!  improvement will be given by tlie' Gpmrriis-  iio'iier.";'       '-. *" -yf "������������������'-" ��������� *';.'. =.- '   -*,'. >X v..  .:::' '���������"',:'     ������v::Tiuxs^KR3. "���������, -.- ." -,':   ;'.' .  fVV After.avc&rlifo^ has  ibeed; gran ted, bnfc not ^previously, the.; pre-;  emption right maybe trauBferred to any party  entitled to bold a p re-emp tieh, the transfer to,  be:m'afle.ta:;wni|ng. and .tu.^the; preseiice of  tiio:"Goinmissibner������  minesand minerals,(pxcept miripf!of ^old and  si ver, -are ijiuclu d ei 1\ n / th e i, con y ey a n ce, 1 i \i i  $ree '-.miners have i the, jig b t !a t a 11 tiiii ei to  ter : uppif^ariy,^pre-emption-idaim tbrs<?  ,   b., ,  ., .,,.*, v _,.r?j,      ftr.-^,   r ^.   - ��������� . free miners havecthe,yig.bt at alLtimcs to en-  ofi--Bie?,requu,.edJland, with;a.plan,;both,in au-1? -?: ��������� -    .; ^ ;xfvtU :-->:-?Sxi. .:r\x.^-x,^,rxx^r--  -., y-,%.,. : :yx0?vxx?i0 iUutiitin* %4k tor .unoii^any ;:prc-eniption claim> to: search  ; plicate, must acpoiBpan^wieapplipaUpp;.;:^^^  ? ��������� ifllt ifter obtaining oermASsion;.an^witlAi^  such tinie!/: uot!e^ceeding!^!;days;- as; shall be  ppecified by the Co inmissloher; the' appliCant. ,.,..   ....   ; . , c. ,  must .enter into ^s&ssipn if 'the ground; ffi^te^ ^'^  plaQing'atnach corned  onitor^isting^shihg'^  .    .^.;' ^,      ���������������������������-���������'���������������������������    > i^i'������mrx*--i"-;1;^,;.ili-.i_1 decide, the same. " Nptlnnginthe Ordinanpif  : is\tp vbgc onsidcH^fe so---; as; to :;i rj.j^i^pr!ejr;p rej;u^;  ^cjaUy% i (h tli e ��������� ri gii $!������ijanlcd W'frr&ifi i������i hers:  lindef.tbe "''jGfoi'cl.1* Mi iilng'-OrMM aiticti/sl -i ���������QO^V^V; t-^: i_ :r  7. /f v' ^'!' * /irx Atrei3"Gn!A2rrs. ������ "s *' - 0y    ?  .jjjAXJ^^Tl^:.ippve^  tree'or "pArtiiil 1#- freo .^KrahlS1 of! itnoccii i >Kid; v  rrep or 'partiaflyp"lreg ^grants5 ;or;;,nno.eeup  land! for jthe*^: -en pour agenient; of, Jm migration  'Or'other'ipurposes of^j)libjic.advantnge, ' ^ ; - :  ,vMJSGELLAKBOUS;  L������Jr!4^&0i.  T^xtoa>iiM  iiiitl Ornnmcntal Engra vi Jig ti oat 1 y cice^ut 0,4.  h Qracrs.rrouj tlie Upn^r.country IprOiii-ptly' iutfeinleil  to-. ''.:  -  ��������� ��������� ��������� r ��������� - ������������������ ��������� ��������� x 7 ���������: -, \ * i ,* - ; ; -.:;,;.   y ,  . ��������� f     ,..;  ^'.J?^Uuit  .'):  ���������g&IJ^-GREEKl.-^MV  '��������� ':">"';iiF ":.- 77 ,��������� A ;pCCpPATrdX.:'- ������������������   ��������� -x:y yry .7,  . :v VI...^-hp^prcfemptor^ranst.occijpy.h(S;!chiim:  as a personal 'resiaeuce for/the-term of- four. yy QlJSSlsrEIi'LiS,?.Afadv:  TOS BlLS-;  H.T0H-MILK  years,; never belf^g absent for more'! than two  mpntfeiii one year wiilioutleav0:bnt^upon  6h0wi'*���������' a* d;ood cause the C0nimlssi0ner may  gran t aii. addi feional three. mo ri ths7 leave 01  absence-in each year. 'The Commissioner  .may i also !tssue a license to' substitute; an0ther  ���������party.''is ���������vpccirp.arit' for a term;hot exceeding  sit'.! mpriths, ��������� such. -sobstitute to_}reslde dnring:  the p er 10 d; of th el icehse con tin ual 1 y on th c  claira#. and npt. to become7$. claim an t of pre-  ;emption hmself!;!:.failiird;tb^! cpiiiply./ with  ab 0 ve Co nd i ti ons, cane els the cl aim> al I b u Ud -  in gs a nd im p ro vein en ts b ei ng forfeited; to "th 0  Crown, and the; land-is Considered /open to  pre-em p tio n by an y 0 th er q ualilled par ty .0  3AKKSByiLLE,  :0- ;.:;-j/;h1rpich,���������-  A". OHAKGE . FOR ALL !  IX70BE  DU. SIDDAIJi, American Eclectic Physkvia.ii;'Mv.-'m.  b or Ameri cu 11 Eclec ti <; S;*: ami Dc utiotj \v i-l IL ��������� ^ vfli '  Bar!<tT4llo;'voil'fpr':Ab'oiit;.t^_c;'22tl.'t tour.  tjirougli the lo \\ c r: ccm a iry to g i y c ��������� t &is ��������� 1 nhabl ta nts a a . v  opportuhi ty of' liaviiig tlvoir fcc������Ui attcuflbtl. tv AviUi.  y'u t- niak-ln'g; a. j ou nie.>7> to <0iirip 00:   T aii doc tJr vv ill r^'   ,  liittlu; a- few tl������ys at jfcli^- ^ouln of Qujsncl ly Viij^ i BVua. '  Crp6k .'iii! oril bv :'th?:*: ��������� fanners ;azU 0 tlicr.-* tyu^y rtv ��������� 11  thems'clvcs pi' lvifj services, v Ax' ;'. -'-A    '7':7''-..   ���������' ���������   1  A:A\Vhy.*tio\ti>z uT*I������'-'*Uistry'exociiltfd ia the.VA.-ry 'aAx  sty 16 asitl /;t>;t.ii c'-lo.htire S'iI 5j fao. I'm, ofv ijy.6ry :p.t u ���������_��������� a r. ���������������������������  Cai{ a'u-J, Inr;v'. Gct..rid ol' 'decay������U i Tec th ��������� a uil misery.  No ��������� pre������emp.tor/can makeiseco  all over (he north or Fiance. The <mtirt. j (our eqnaj annual instaimonts, upon applies  country was under water and everything wasj'Li011 aCrown grant will be issued, notice 0  literally drowned- out,   Grwlbiildik^lli act- intention to apply for the same being-.*nostoi  ing on the offensive,.  ��������� ���������   CHINA,  A dispatch from Ii0mVay annou 11 ces that  a day had \ieen fixed,hy the Chinese: for U10  niOTDCrp of ������\\ foreigners, mid they are dls-  'cation to the Mayor demanding ils snn*ender>i traititjng their troops accordingly. MndTi'ex-  -II cittdignantly' re fu s ed, 111 v i i in g the ni 10 c cm** c 1 cite m en t p re vail ed a iu 0 ng the Ei tgl ia b a n d  Und take it 1 F^uch reside nts,   ��������� 1  FttUHIASE.'  y,tf. After a Gaverranent survey h?4 bedri  made any pre-eir j;tor holding a C'ertiiieiite of  improvement for land which has- .been occupied for Ipur years may purchase the same at  sue!1, price as shall be fixed by tho Governor,  101 ex coed i ng 0 ne d ol s ar p er acr e, .p ay ab 10- in  a-  of  pply- for the same being "posted  conspicuously for sixty days prior to applir  cation. ; .... A-  /���������_.,y      :\     . l.E.USES.  VIII. Pastoral hay and timber leases of unoccupied and unsurveyed land may be granted  ���������by��������� tho G 0 vern or i n 00 u a e 11.  rrnr.ic sai.s or'iANn.  IX After being smTpyed, all u no con pied 1  tO *;iitVO.*\v.Oi,,k (tone \vl 11 oloas.0.' Ou) 1 at oile.;\ as Gold  t'.l aid,.. M lay ii������l; Toe tl 1, auli ��������� tJi 6 0 us i ��������� li 11 i :i ^ tec: d co a ye d  teeth' i d ill 0 \vorl 1 \, a 11 ^1 .0 IU er d e ti ta 1  ma k' i*ia I, lina  uaL'bcefu rocc-ired by .lSxpr'ess.' ��������� *    ';' -.;tii;i.  ������������������'������������������������������������������������������lond'6'n,;ho"u:se,  GOVERNMENT ANDJVIIAKF STilEJETL^  ' VlCTOh/A.  '  '��������� :^  ';;!-:vJ;;a':'TlfglEE"l. CO.   ,  mp0vtora 0f all d0scrIntioiis of Dry Good*,  Hosiery and Underclothing,  '��������� A very full assortment of tli esc ������oo(U\s������-iUtik- fo*  Wlutle.sule Uayevs, ai. Lliuir ,Vfliaff a 1 roe i. ston*.  Keg 11 lav ? ii 1 ip 1Ji'*rt ri. colvot 1. tVoiu E������t?upe 11 y ^������ iliug  vmni\k anU by ^xj��������� ress .via l'a 1.1 n 111a a.^'d ��������� Va\' 1 li0 Kail.  1'uail,     ���������  ���������;.."'.-  jijgp'Fa I'tion!af ij.U-e 111iuy g i v������* 11 U> -orde.i*s from JJ ri S-.  !Vlj-fc;UiinH,'Ui,.   ".;..  So 10 A C*.-11L 1C' V ..\%V. X AN DUE Ki/i" 0* KO V KS..  I,vn-I'.Mi J.("inn ���������J. 1'. 'iU-^rfTA).,.l,.Sr-Vo,-, *.4*i������w Gilu 10k  .'Vard,'1'     V'-  '<!  TOnCTCTJfmT^wpir-������.uuJUjl^^������l������MRMWI^ X  X  ,;*:  Ah  ��������� r  7.  ������������������'  1\  A  (A  "��������� t  ���������":!.  A  ii  a  ���������;' *  I  ���������1.:--:l  -.   .3  ���������-'.':?  '���������"���������������  ���������'���������1  1  ���������1  ��������� 3  ��������� : -"-tt , ...,'vir.-i TWt?.i7:r *;V.\ KN^.  ADVBa-nSKMKNTri.-  SATUROAY, NOV. ^JSTlh  Carrall,  BcoLli,  the CAKiBOOSENTlNEfi ������Total number of votea fcast on WiM   330  ��������� P������w,..,o,������ ^^"K i$ I:    ������*m creek> r   yxXAy  ^r^^^^^^0X^0 ~ ���������������������������- -���������-     -   -     30  piVHcuiion..  THEATRE- ROYAL.  kcwss^w  SIGHT OF TEE  II  At:    tt-> * ... .....  p-Wd)   will, be -otitt .  ebai^od for. accordingly.  CarraU's majority, - 30.  TO ADVERTISERS/-.-. '   * -Tho result was hailed with loud acclamations  Atl'a^erU.emcntR(not insmed-for any: aennRc jV'OarraU> W^^biH   Lightning creek,  ��������� *    -VnUnued until ordered out, and i" uyo there*8 the rub."   Booth's friends anticipated..a imi;ortty there of two to one : Oar  r ilt*s  thorght it would be a stand off.   At  ;-������st. at seven o'clock a horseman arrived, Mr.  Joh **���������        "-���������'^-���������-n..  f r It* good faith,       :   ,...  ��������� ....   .. _A ;       -,       ..   ..    -���������   r  '������������������:���������;  : as 80-(or Ca rail, to 76 IV fi00tb 11   Then  n * the hitherto pent tt.p Vnlhustasm of,CarrallV  t.he  L \  ��������� _������������������ r uf3   tborgut  it  woiuu   Vv ������ ��������� ���������     "Thompsoi  TO CORRESPONDENTS. ;   ��������� ���������   1.0 ftt 8mm ryttock tt horsemnn arrived, Mr.| Pitci-.^ the frolto?);     ���������     ; ������������������  3'oUn Bowroii.  CARIBOO    AMATEURS  Will perform on  Saturday Ev'g,��������� Nov. tP;;..^ r   Couimencing ������Uh the ever popular farce of       0 *��������� Wjj jj������ ��������� jfl ALL TIMES  THE   AREA  BE* ' r     {ni*&        '  ., T  S. Thompson.  Pitc1"'    ���������������������������  *���������������������-b������Ufi.M -       .   .   J. o- J;"w   ������...  UESTAIJIUNT.. ������������������  AND '*���������'     '    "'���������  Or  HOUSE,  (Next to the Assay Office* Building.)  ��������� . BY MISS A. HICKMAN.      v;  &a-   FIRST-CLASS   'iiEALS  furnished;*������*:lh*  ,t^stauction ir.dd to the wants ot customer*. .  . Dinners fvf. V.ivato Parties cooked to order.  Jiar^n*, Liquors and Cigars or tbo best quality  at the Bar. ^ ��������� ���������  -o  CA������tB������0 ELECTION.  u Now ihclmrly-Viurlysdonft,  Now the bat lie's lost and won."   *  . Tester day,. No v. 11th, tho grand contest for.  '   the representation of this dis lit. # fcTmeoff.  but we are unable yctt tn the absence of fc-  tnruM 0-p.wi'' the outlying  precincis; to: state  ,   ju.������ilively who is tlip! victor, although' Br.  Out-all haa\a majority of .tlie votea polled on  %':u;- ��������� ��������� " nrt r ,u/'h i ni n <r creeks.   The co ri teat  tne iiuuti vw L/ ���������  supportors at last gave ii**\t vent, and chetr  after cheer rose ia fte slill evening calmness.  Crowds raphV.y assembled iii froritof Carrall's  comco'V.ee rooms, in Barkerville, while the  uioon. rising from behind tne eastern hilt*.  shed a halo .of. glory o'er the "scene; as if in  celebration of victory;'  Dr. Carrall having been loudly  called on,  came on the sidewalk and thanked his friends  and supporters.   To them.not to him the  glory was due:   they had fought nobly and  .-!.<. ,���������������u .  thnv had achieved a victory at  er  To OeUowed by the very amusing Coined, of  Don Paddy de Bazan,  Patrick do.McGinno, alius Don l'adcly. ^ ^^  do B'izan, _��������� ���������  '      *    ������������������      V. IVrritt  Lord Mayor of Puiuin,      -  ...        R  McU,.rmott  Str Charles Cuiihtlower,     -      ^      Mrsg  r  Parker  Clarilta,      /      * ���������, " ! J. 7*. HougU  Captain of the fcU'im, _ k������ Shaw  First Sol'.ior,      ��������� ; Mr 0. Staples  iecon'J Soldier,   -  B0ARD,pcr W^Vgii;  0 i.iralt has a majority of .the vott'S polled on  ���������**���������������*��������� ryyv.-.-  William and .Lightning creeks.   The contest glory was due :   they "had fought npbly and  i in tlie present instance bus not been oil:tie fought;, well}..they had achieved a victory ai  - p.tiucii>tes: professed by! the candidates, but tt������c two  principal polling places in the dis  ��������� j0~\ ^'^iVuvHiv-'rtfiwn^ndividiiajs. *l!*vt������ which any majorities which might comi  fi������= Doors 'open at tmir.p'isl 7 o'clock .   Pcriorm.  anice to commeoou ut 8 o'clock.  . A:lmisMon $1 00. 'UuservedSeats, Si 50.  TTCKRTS tor the Reserved Seats to be obtained of  Mr Staples, Barkerville. '    ;  on -the personal popularity of two individuals  One, our late, rentesenttiive, was supposed  by many not to bo sufficiently advanced   to  '...;,.������.������    Hrt-'micrht be a decent, re-.  trict, which any nV*jorities which might come  in from the; smaller precincts, even. sbotUd  i ^ k. ;^in.i him. which he did not anticr:  OTTCE  ta   HFREBY   GIVEN   THAT   MR.  ii\jKt    ������*j   *������"������������������-- ..  f...     T\rts been appointed  in from the- smaller  preem^, .y~yr~::-;   ^    BYRNES, o^i^ft'-Jf^o-MEASUBES r������r:-Ui^  liv many net to.bo sufficiently advMcea  ������.      j w0Ul,l find it hard to upset.. ,.  Xn Utelr vie.wB.. HeVmigbt be a decent, .^ P*������ w .  :.-    .-.:,���������'.         i���������>    li������    was   nof   an   . inr������-^^m<- ..,,������������������:���������,, h- three-foi  A. GILMORE,  MERCHANT TAILOR,  Adjoining the Colonial Hotel, Government  Street, JVictpria,  HAS ON HANR, and la conttautly receding, A  large assortment of  CLOTHS,   CAtS]MF.n������9  ami Ves lings, wliicU lie Is prepared to make to oratr  iu the most approved style*:,  .'Parties on Willi \m Creclc eanjiore;their cie&t������r������  taken by Mr McCullum, Barkerville./  83p Ail ordors from Cariboo promptly attended  to. y ��������� .      .     . my21 Cm"  -     '     "     ������������������  ' , ' - -'   L ....���������      ��������� - i ��������� i'-f '  Van VolkenTDurgli 8z  an  other  ie  niivancod -reformer,   generally,, th0^e|  ��������� ������������������������>��������� looiced on as the.exponent of- genii ;  rel-orin litineiples;-the.coming man.-ttie veti.  prophet, who, trustiu* to hi* P- vsonal p nm-  ��������� .   L-itv. hoped to.ride, tbrough the influence of  VA ���������ivW0dS:w!mVforcedJh.fe.ui:we:come honor  .. ���������pon Mm. to the Ee iM office. ,.;.; . . ���������  " bU.ce Mr Booth ff������t so, onexpe :ted\y. **  ^���������iW^ln^^^l^���������^^^  .   for legislative honors, ;party, or rather .per  r Z0^^^^^^0tAl  Date, ������<Jinu "v. .- -- ....    _.������������������,;������������������    ���������.���������������������������  ;P Titree chec������ were then given for the voters  ' of Lightning. creek, - followed by three- for  Willi-.un;creek���������Stout gulch, Lowhee, Grouse,  ���������iin������y louuuu u������ ..e -^ -..,. - xcicmiiro and Cfffgs1 gulch respectively.    ;  ^���������.nprincipl^the co, ing ^^^^ffi we may expect to hoar the.Vre-  r   best from Quesnelmouth.and Soda creek,  ikely to We much eirect.on the generat te-  l election at Rlc������������eJ^_l beincr able to read  Itichfleld, Oct:_M^0^  H. M. -BALL,  Stipendiary Magistrate,  oclo lna  CHEAP    GOODS!  ' OOilVRlSING���������       '  Boots, Slioes  Barkerville, Richfield,  ������������������A������P���������   ''  img  "of the;'best quaiiftx  Forsite at tiieStoreof the undersigned u������ Barker.  A SUPPLY OF THE  ������-  vT  r.y.-y- y  !"n.-,,'B'-'-'' .-���������--  I'Appilyti.een resoneu uj. -^^r-. ,  seemed confident of success an \ willing to  back "their own opinions. On Willi������m . creek  the mornih-a! of/ the election- dawn edi fai^aftei  the storm of the precedlng clay, and the pol��������� &  ire re no /sooner ������������������-'-*���������������������'���������'��������� *"h������,n'. ��������� the   electors  rag  had  vbters from -Mosq,...~...   :between B������rkeryille and/Rtclifield. Those of.  t\e Carrall parly^carrted the, British./en-algnv  fl oati u g p rpud ly t fi.. theiw in ter; sn n shine,,, *rid  ,^'Aolored;banncrei.s inscribed;['* Car-ritl 1"ron  '"������the liV^3 hfiads. ':That"9f;;-;tlie^Bobthf: party  had a: ^Si^T1 n^. witU the ,-inscnp tion ,{l15b6th>  at Richfield,* a constant  seitf  AlAVAySOK HAKD.,  the    polling    place'-I  thoroughfare;was  rived i\t the poll. or uuca. ������,, ������������..-_  noil n pin g the: state of the pol ly hear ty.; cheers  we re", g'i v en al ter hat'el y hy each par ty, but  between; cahdidates;; and 4heir .supporters/the  best"'���������:possible feeling and   good, fellowship  p re v'ttiie d ; arid w e feel' assu red th at w \ t eth er  the 'final-, tesu It realizes /:the,:present antictpd  lb'oirii,'orv:noiv.:nib:'^rd,'i feelings; will ensue,  a rn o ngat- a com mu ni ty so u,ni ted. by cp tn ut oiV  in terest as th at i n Uartboo.: :: -/  ���������', Tlie hon. H.;.M.. Bal V" presideel at Ktchfield,  i as retiirning oulcer, assisted by Mr. George  | nyriies. ';Messrs: J>'rOrr^ T.vputuilo. and St  *Vmh, attended as scrutineers for Dr. Carrall,  an I 'Mes&rs. ;R. Lipsett, Geo. M n rd och and C.  Yoting tor.. Mr. Boo th.   Every f aci 1 ity for ob-  taining the state; of the polls was afforded,  an:) the utmost courtesy prevailed on both  Blue Tent Hotel & Ra:  NOTICK. |  rPHG BUSINESS HERETOFORE CARRIED OK  X under the naine.or?Mr.s Cutheriau Wrigiit will be  continued us usiiut under the li ria udmeof WrfgUt &  Pratt, who have purchased the businoss.from  Urs  y/riglit. '0XA:' '.yr-^.. ������������������'       -.* ������������������.     --'���������'���������'--; '  -   v" JOHK WRIGHT, v  /������������������/v ���������     -' ��������� V-',.   DAVID PRATT.   "���������  .   Blue Tent,;October 10; 1870. "y ������s22 lm  EAVING-'APPOINTED DA'VID PRATTSl-Y. AGENT,  . all debts duo to my ae'eettsed hu?=buntlor myseir  iiropayuble^to the suHV David Pratt ; aud all utbts  i i u e by -in y,- la to" h usb aud or m y soil" svitl ..be 1 i q'u i dated  ���������^wTnYiSTlS EM KNTS."  Boating and Day School  LAC  LA  HAC.HE,  Tire  KATE ^SIDEKCE or    THOS   ^ERS,  School opens N-ovEMBEK:isr        ���������  ocS lm  ��������� - "' cl ?vi. s rattled gaily.!  maintained all &KF,;.- feitJ,fw: * urraliiJ^ for  filled wilh vbiers. singing and u.     . ^  their resp^cUve friends, over ^^y ^oug;:  ��������������� a i fnv Booth.   Carrall o voi<iit> iw-.������ u^o  and44fot Boo n. ^ |row  etoodUl.^'Car^to ^ ^^^^  came a pM* .J"������        B     ,s     lloh . ���������na  ������������������from Mosquito, P ������*JS^-  ^ Ue bad a  >m������jority;otnve, then the ontsule  :' ;w^ the cry, b������ rmpP^WJ^ g  by iny said. Agent; v.'...;    ..-���������������������������-  ���������>v- *������������������'   ��������������������������� X000A, "_ yyl.. CATHERINE WiltOHT.  . .Blue Te>l tyyOotoborlO;. 1370.' . ,..     ;"  ,.V.;t)c22'lni   '���������  " trYIMKLE ::STORE,  LiaiiTxiNG. GimKK. -.-"      "AA-A.  IKE RS A ND TR ADERB* w Ul a n <1:\i t to tl"l ei r ;>.d.  .- vantage.to purcUa-^c at this Store ������������������\v)x ere lue.rc.is  i iksrn immmimt mm  Of the very best description or. hand, and the Stock  constantly replenished by new arrivals. Theproprie.'  '.   .       lors wit tact I Good's ������������������  A3  CHEAP -AS  ANY. Ilf-'OABI-BCQ.'"..  Or de rs pro m p tl y ft 11 ed, a n d f o r w a r d o d with il i ? p a t c h  BEEDY & I.INOHAHD,  1TESSRS. M EACH AM & NASOK are pr^parM to  iU luniiMT. l.um.ut r at their Milla, WiUiaut Creek,  or deliver it to order.      <������������������-  XiUMBEU' ^ELIVE^a):5/ON  LIGHTNING���������������������������  ' qrisbk at the same uates^as 0?i  ;.:;��������� will;am creek! ;.',, ':'���������-.''  Havi ng a Plan i n g' -Machi nu In o'pa ration., th cy wil  also, furnish'-Dressed Lumber ut Btitlafactorjf rates,  ���������'''"��������� Planed Lumber and Shingles conBtantlyon hand  SMetandOastlroxiStpTes  taciua. ��������� -  Hardware Iron &; Steel,  Van Winkle,  For  ,ERIN  f; neufelder,  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALE  GENERAL MERCHANDIZE.  G-oods and Produce re-  THAT IS  Bias  HARNES  iff  to.  5  ETC  FOR SALE-  E   PBA.US0N & BEOS.,  BarkWiu^-akd .(JDWIWJMOTH.  SAWtsSEY'S;  LETTERS  ���������AT���������  &i  io M\e .game,   nany ������������������.,  ���������... .  vggrralVB oifljority at one tiaw -reaching S^S.  for Storage.  RICHFIELD, 1JLUAM CEEBK.  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  Second-lvaiid Store,          BAWBBmLK. ^������    ' post, rr,o of charge  ;  AND'  CAR IB Ob!   RHYMES'  BY JAMES ANDERSOK.  . ,     ' ��������� ::,��������� . onb DOLLAB  PRICE,      ���������-      -- "  ���������.:-'''' iaaBara^cggK^^  Whing^tI^^  The severe weather at \hebeginning of this  nionm hadtne;e(n^  water wheels;; aricj! thedifferent "companies  have been biisily4'ngaged in' fixingjthe'ir shatt  honses^fcbyering ;&eir Sluices kand making  general;. preparations; for cbmme|icing the  Winter cami)ai������iiy In a feW;;:da^ alt: expect  to be agaia^aCtiy^ly^at^work.;":  A'0A. ���������     ��������� cf  ' x -00Ydqsiri^ '6/^0x^77X17: ���������" ':���������'-' 'y  The Felix co. have sunk a ngw^filiaft and  are fixing tiptd^cbmmehc  Pine last w cek p aid ex peases, ��������� Th e Renf re w  66. have conimeticed to work lor tlie "winter.  ,..: ��������� LIGHTNlXa. CRliKK;'" <XyX    . / X '  The,L1 gti.tniug co. washed for about lialf a  week 273 oz., but the severe frost backed -hp  the creek water into their diggings and com  polled them to knock oi-till Jhe.y* could ge  the. water pumped :ont.-Tiiey commenced  v work,;agaih : oti. Tuesday^ and. on W-edn esd ay  washed up?. 104 6z.   They liave'riowTgqt o'ii;  tiie;;way;Iroth:Victaria !a splendid vii'ori pump,  the heaviest a^ largest!thai:lias- yet been jptit  on any^claim^ m;C)aribob.v-'.' "l'\'y'\-7;0 '"���������  The Spruce' co;arabetting tolerably good  j)ny. .^ast week they , washed 22 oz. put m  ���������'Tour sets. I1 wilhoiit' cleaning the; ;bed-rock.  The Van \Vinkle  co. are/down iif' bedrock  with their shaft S4- feet and have vcommenced;  ���������.���������drifting for thechahnel.r The^ Glads tone ^co..  not being fixed! for winter: work;have"aiis^  .     ponded operations ^r the present, >  >.     " VAN WINKLE J CUE KK. ,r ''' \'  Several.*; new -, companiesJ> have   located  pronud oniythis^ creek, .which *is destined to  ; ndd considerabletamportahce to the section  should the ^  ���������and prove rich.    ^8. ".  .... y. 77  . y -. .      I.0WHHE CHEEK.   . /  "'' '     ,  The Brown cp. cont;mie "drifting and are  ���������getting ��������� Pin all pay; /The Victoriaco; being  uatibljj*:Ho run tlreirVwlieel^are preparing to  work;tli rough their draJntimnelJr The: Black  .Bull co.'are running ahead steadily with their  \ ;���������   tunnel. -   ,0       ���������'   .     -" v    v "  ; Elkctiok9 below���������In another week,or two  we sh al l k no w who are the m ������mb ers for the  various districts; excej) t. ;!p evil u ps Koo ten ay.  Lillooet would now appear to have a host of  candidates^ Yalft and ��������� Lytton two, Ne\y We?t4  [minster' two, Victoria District one, Nauaim'6  Itwo. '���������:.. and,:' B tran ge: to sayy] V i c to ria city /that  [hot-bed of poilticiaiisj re'tiirniug .two : inein���������  bera. only one.  .\\rhy don't they ge nd to ;��������� the  ii p per  couol&y for a ssistan ce 1 v We ecu I il  spare them one or two from I here and Lil-  '��������� Idcfiji;"/.,, ���������'.'';���������."'-.' ':'7yA"-'xA j7y-A\'<". y i-7  ���������Tan We ATrtKiB,���������Sin ce pur 1 ast;; issue v:th*e  ISC55a5aS3OT^^���������-������������������������������������ . ������������������..-     ._fc������,%   ���������  &,SS^S������ceWed whileshav-l Qu^ne^buth;^. ^.^v^^^^ ,  i h element c om in en ce ni e a t of w \ ixte r ' ii ns* ni o  derated; consid erably. ,0n Thursdixy.y- there  was a high: wind with light snow, causmg |  consi derab 1 e d ri Id n g, and' ma k i n g trav el b e;  tween W illi aiiv ������i id , Ligli t ning c reek s ;ru th er  b ad, bnt next, mo rni n g bei u g ; fin e wi tho u t  snow, it is now much be iter; .-. ���������;  Ia ��������� Close ov NaviGATroN--From the fol 1 qw\p$  extract from a letter dated QnesneimoiVth;  No v. 7, w e learn th a t the En ter p rfeo .6 as "disco n ti mi ed ru nniri g, t an d; tha t the passetigers  wh o le f t by last E xpress would p rob ab 1 y b iive  a little longer^ laiad j onrhey thah!t^eyanticU  pated:���������" Ice thick; in river;   Capt;;fright  would A hot: go;; beloyf/..; Al^andria: with the  b)at;yesterday, ��������� and calculated to !beach her  at'.once.;.,';.i;.i';: ��������� -.'.',;> v-'��������� ���������.���������-"' j ;������������������,,_ ,���������:  '��������� :.. Bark Alii)-a  Express!! arrived on Siturflay  m orni hg 1 as t ah die ft th c sa me afterno o n Jwith  a full load of passengers. : - -  ���������"���������'������������������-"���������;-���������?       MINING COURT;. ,       :   A  (Before HorV-;Hv������������������'%? Ball, .Goln.ComniisaloiACrand  . ;���������;' ������������������������������������' 7 ������������������   Gouuty Court Judge.).' v  '"���������_���������' .;  WfcDNESOAT, Nov. 2; iSTtf.  ���������;'" M.'l-YNCE Vd. VIOTOKIA CO.; (       "*- , -.  ,   PiaintifF owns two-fifths ot.the' Eureka���������eo  on Lbwheetcreek;Mi liydrauliciclaim. and defend an ts. wh ose " drl ��������� ti n g ��������� cl ai ra A i& 600 f e et  higher up. have purchased and procured control off the remaining;\thrrte-fifths?in the Eu-  reKa with thd-in t<v������ u "n-ii t ye ark iosi their own,  ground during; the winter ;throhgiraTiinnelf  ���������**Ax xrrw\\\n<T on the Eureka ground.   Plain v  in g 11 im self on the e ve alu g pri o r to tho fatal  occurrence.'     '."'\-'-r"-    "���������������������������'-" ���������'���������'"��������� '���������:.''���������.  . Mr Walkem, addrcBsing the Court, remarked  that front the nature Of; the evidence Abe  MagiHtraVe lnilortuiVately had i\n.dplion'except to commit bis'"'ciieiit for trial,  lie, liowr  ever! offer('d to produce ^evidence.contradict-  in g so i n e of ,Uio sU\\emerits made by. Ah Own,  i nor de r to sh o w' their ge'nor al; u n rel lab i I ity.;  '"������������������ ;^rr Ball staled it -would- be unnecessary 1������  produce ai������ y evi denc e ��������� excep t as to prison er's  ch a r ������ ctei\ vv ti ich i ni the prese ii I- i h sta n ce Wo u Id.  be .siipevlhi.ous;:;aS: iie-vWHa w.eH .acquainted  s\vith him himself for years, aiid -he -deeply regretted' the p h i ji'f ul d u ty / h e had'' to j! pei'for in';  w I d'cii ��������� w ������s. tp:,.c'o iri mi t Ba k e r for trial at the  next sil lingof llie" Snprerne. COurt;^ [Alh then  'iniermedth^  ���������in a k e: any st n le in e nt h e p lea aed. n 6 W j��������� w hich  w ou Ul i tip w ey er,' b (i;' 11* ke n d o w n i n -w ri ti n g  aim mi-gin h** uFtd agaiiist him at his/trial. Or  reserve; his defence. i.The prisptior, advis%d  by ats'cbluv^b chose,.the latter ulteruaitye. A'*  M i: ��������� Wnlkein then moved that the ; priaoner  beadmitted fo.bai 1,: and commented��������� briefly  upon tbe improbability, of the: sttrytuld'by  tlie Chinese witnesses. A     1*'.  v Mr Ball stated that under the,circumstances  he shpu 1 d take bail.: It won 1 d be reqiusite,  howeyev, that the bail should be commeusnr-  ate wi tli'l the nature of: the offence and not the  individual charged. '��������� He would, .therefore; fix  the bail at $50UqV in two sureties of ���������$^500  ���������yiy y [A:WJebi'EST)AY, K6v^l;0y4'S7pi. Ay  ... A Chrhamaii ha,med Yee Kee: was.changed  t wi th steal! n g a; qu anti t y of raer ch atfdise from;  [Messrs.'Bee.dyV^i'Liri^ I. f  .: J.;Wi:yiidliurt testified  ten d ays ago missed >ii s a ck pLCal if ornia flour:  from Blprehouseadjpining the,butcher'o shppA  and examining farther, missed a sack of rice,;  in ^onsequepce ��������� sentia mait: to - sleep:tliere^arid,  -"-'u '^"wsii*iainformed^methat  Mr Ball slated that he $������uatcomrait prisoner  for trial r.t the uext Assizer and info rnied h 1 m  th ro u gh the i a te r p re te r th at he mi ght d tli *?  make a atatemeiVtpr npt,:!b<it that any ^lung \0  taid. would.be tai^n down atidJl?i]gli\ be u<irX  agKinBt him at hi������ i *ial.' -  r *���������.'"'"' .0 ���������' xrx  ������������������  ;��������� prisoner ; said that'Uhe: good^bS^^wiHrv"'  LihdhartT except half a js&t^Apf^i^iii^ and .v  box of rice, which wor& [\ys Vowm^A/ !Ciun-������i :,  ni an brought the articieH,'rtb: - \m.. ":fyn*o:'ii)'!t-?.  aske'd him to buy them. ��������� He-said he - had 'n>������  moni'y,;and. the Chinamen l<?(r \ihepx������ 'lie J^jl.  nothing to do with stealing. ;     ".���������������"���������'������    ,' ^/  ;: v Mr 3all. told the.-iiiterpreter to tell pri5opei������!  that ;;jio. had better ifind^t^Chm^  produce him -at.' the :Assiz03;    A 7x77 lixr- A  v.'3?  inter  MIiS?IN^|iGdRBav; A7'7X7yry  ��������� "'��������� : WinUAM^CREEK.v.Vi >.-,/';- ���������!, '��������� -,'v'  Soy. 9r^Ballarat 60.^..^.i^iiipiderVjV  1 n ter es ts!' y, Jialcol in. M cCu'ivl gyi iu t e rest's ; S\ v  Andersonv ,D. C^reyj A. -Fletcher; W.HaiUJ.  ;:Z. Hough, D: TV. MoDbnell, I) McDermid,; J v  UcAllisterj. J, TL Todd, -W. Poddyeach on^  interest V,: John Bowrpn,, K. KeuleUler, >V,nu  Jeffries, Bpn^MoEwan, G. L. Shepherd', cWlif.?  one -half in terest.. .Ile-records;' :;,���������:._ ['A /['A'���������'/:/'  .1 ^AN'WtXKLE CRKKK.!';" Al, '���������/ ":\ y;:'  rStockton ^cp^.J ohn  Willunso-n* ���������  jb Homes;and'  l������*4 vi^,i������,jj.ori:West bai.yk'  of Y an \v 111 iviv. 01 ccn.4comrneticiiig: aAiputi'tOp" ��������� ���������,  feet ab0ve the. McOormick;cp��������� and running.up  stream.,''-. -    ...      *"���������'     ��������� '* -  .   ':  . Nov. If^IcCormlck cb.���������"W;, A: Mvacbunv  and J/B !Na:spnv twohili ���������cl&tma' 011^ e:vst:!bank  ���������of Ayan Winfije creek^obmmenci-hgvat.n  '���������\t#ft'of McOormick co. To form, part of Rurae,  Nov. Sr-r-Lost Lead ^co.���������James Stepheu!*,  Walter l^orster and,James Ardell; three 'hill.  claims on west'bank of^Vauvl Winkle; creeks  Co mmen cl ng. at mat ked stako- of $ S to cfcfcon pip*  ahdrnhniii^ 'down stream.   ' * ':,/���������; :,r?  ,.    "   *   \,      KELSON CREEK. ./       \ .   .X '  Nov. l^pble^*^-^? Pow, fivvM^tiiina"  on-Nelspn;creek; yKerrecord. y y    yy       i  f o ui\ da^lo^pl; |ofQs^hld 1 a ^at;:;hejLe'-.:: u naer i\u  sack Calif (ir iii a ;fl<iur, two bbxe3; candles,(On  bpeh);; two5hams (orie -partly U3ed);:-6ne^ pair  ��������� Ty,   _ ALriR^fi$������iltsM) rolls butter; and sbmegurihy  gron 11 d during; tne..; ���������*mtoi.: h������ *.y..te.... aaoks rharke^d^vWIjt^tccosm^cc^it^^ha^^  ai.d washing; on the .Buveka ground,   plain1; with the exception of one'^ack rice,^;t0h  tiff clauned;;ihatthw:would:smOT had;been!leftwi]hvus ou storage- -aa-the pVOp.  - --i..iw������ ������non������tv of rocks eriy 6f;B^edy &vLmdliart  in ��������� the;'.storehbuSe, which was looked, and!w^re  Jw^t^a^butSSO:- "when^he iSods were^curid  the prisoher^wasjriot pre^at;��������� lie-bciltf the  tiff claimea inai. iiiw--.n vu... ...  tlve; Eureka 'chiim^as^ar^e :qu anti ty orrock!s  and tail bias would  bev-left in lhe<groiihd-  and: tailings:.wouia .uc^v,,. ...  _  jdui ce, w M ch , w ould h a ve; to be r em'o v ed a t.  considerable expense in spring, while by the  time th At was accomplished the water <wpuId  '- ������������������"������'���������!fA^iiivfiiMiuiic1,^^purposes,  D KPAnTOREs-r-By 1 ast express several old  Carii/opites;;-leffc.; some^fpr;-a; visit 1 to their!  f r i end s and some: with tn e '.it 1 tie litio n 0 f se tti in g  ia their, f ormer homes; .��������� a nd we are;��������� hanp y* t o  believe that they have all succeeded well in  Cariboo, and! hope ^tovsee many^bTtlje o)d  fam i liar, faces b ack in the ��������� spri n g.;: Mr Lew is  4 Win trip and Mr ^m^CuUis havevleft forEtig-  ,land ; .Messrs.. F... Barker,vP.��������� SlcCpl 1 nm and  , Jas. Ardell;for Canada;! and Mr *W!. J.-Jeffree  '; for Victoria^^itr/ andi: Mrs^m. A. ;Meacham  and r family^ and :Mr,v:J. ��������� R; Meacham- left on  Sunday,���������'proposing- to ffay:a visit to the Easter n S tates. Sin ce the com p'letio n o f th e 0y er-  -  laud rail way y Caribpoites .who can atlbrdit  th i n k as 1 i ttlo ab oni takihg i a trip to the A t-  ;   inn tic States, Canton or Bivrope as they did a  few years ago about going'.'���������:to Victoria; and  : ..spite pf -all its drawbacks, the old hands.generally, man age to find- their way back with  the return of spring;.   .; ������������������ ��������� .  ns pracuu���������*uj    ;ivyr,v���������  Mr Park pro d u ced sever al vyi tn esses in su p-  por tlOf!:: the pi\\in tiff's case With: the.;objec t of  proving Jthevinjury, which1 would:be caused  vsh onidrdef end ants w prk !at th e fa ee pf. tb e Bit-  i'reka ground ah (V pile 'their rocks .adjacent.  and \ie> con tended tli at the bills of sale b y  w\iich they held a!cpntroil 1 ng;ihterefst iri  the  Eureka gave them no privilegev with ;vegard  to w 0 rkin g the Vie. to ria thr p ugh y the Eureka  ground..'.-'       ��������� Ayiy.AylyX ������������������'���������; A./AAA    . '���������'.,, '  ':-  .Mr Walkem, for. -defen(1 ants, pr0dineed an  order 0f Court issued by Mr^Brew;last December giy ie g. them * the right of worlcing  this  claim -thrbiigii. plaintiif!a^grmin4-;,oi3;.$t)e^X7  press con cl.iti p n th at they were. io do so in  such a manner as to <cause no: injuryiii;De-  ftndarits," "*   l^��������� ^.nniw ,j\i>  proceed  intended  itahce as iu uuuor ilv. ^.^ c,.  Tbe ypresent, action was premature; as ;no  d.i mages h ad bee n don e. n 0 r did his pi ie n t s  in tend ther e: sh ould ; but if they i n any -in'a n?  ner pvcrijtoppecj;'the provisions of the order  ������������������7    .... .or commi tted an y' i 113 n ry to p lai a tiff he w on! d  ���������Amateuu PKnroKMAxcis���������As will be seen, have his veennrso thereafter.:  \>y advertisement in another colummthe'Dra- ;' ^aiptitfsxonn^l denied being awar������: pr  m������lic Associate intend opening the WiutcV ^'SSS^ 0^  hbuseand: li^edtn it, %\l .summer,^; ;pnsoner  was.notln! our servicev; '��������� I-vfou.dd: binr twice  previousry oh-oiiv' premises .;vthe -first time lie  was in the backroom attlie^tbrerl: asked; him  what he was doing thecc-; he^ said.;,00 \was  looking for clothesto wash.; told him to teave  Gr������:.yrco. :^t0^eCord.  ������������������ -~" . Yn"> ... -0""     .  , , ' A '-, ������������������'������������������     ���������'.!,''"' ''*"*7x*'"*���������'''-T\'��������� A0~f^:������-v������������������'i 0~.A.A . ��������� ^'x'-r'  v * Aji".Omi^kca ;Aga:tx.^-:K.*LaSocrtf Urn pTo-s ���������  x<pr vexpressmatni left'vhere^ iastvweek for  (Omineca, ^with ari;.express;    He^lert Viuiiy  creek when-It did - not ^realize ���������expectations^; -  and travelled down the: Slice ria on' :a::proS'  pec ting expedition,-but -met ivith .'no; snece^  He afterwards went to Fort.l:Sim pson, and  from there *downt to Victoria^trom which"  ptace.he^bas just returned.   The Christy Brost  bad started.up ther cpast from0 PortSinipsou,^  w ith a p arty of ������p rosp ec to rs. f or^Al aska,  lOOlUUg IU1 UJlUuuca w  uuui. j  ������v.^  .    ,���������      and nev er. c o me b ack,- as no one -li ved th ere ;  the next time I caught him coming out of the  faame room, about a month'ago;; after prisoner  was brought to my store on Monday evening;  last I asked him what he had t?jten altogether;  he said nothing' bn t what was found ; asked  hi ni'. w h ere he go t th e 1? ey, b ii t h e refused to  tel I;  we f ou n d; th e >Key i n his h on se;: a- box  o I can d i es mark ed; B.'. & L. was p ro dii ced and  iden tili e d: b y wi'^aess as h i s p r o per ty and p at 11  of the goods ?ound at prisoner's house.. A  Oh aries 'Ettershank test! Red that o n Me*U(jav  ���������v'MemoW; :presidcs!'v ovcrMiprrpast \'J$?y&A*ii  C o ffkb ;o ver: the' present. The: first li ves in.:*  rich temp I e h iih g wi tli gl b r, ous ;. tr 6p li i es, and  1 ilied with toihbs;..biit Rit&s.Oa&iRe has but  one shrin e; ��������� and that is every "break fast tab le������  lts; aroma wal^s the earth like a spirit, and  can ;be tohriiii '.for sal^ .at^ very: res pec tab l/;  dealer's.Vm^iMsti^ Beware  pf  Pu^^3vimitatiQ.iis.i /:/ 'XA ~        *  It 13 tUV ill lull >.l U11 ui   vuvuui������iv,i>.w   Ulin'ost to minister to the public gratification  this winter. They have now succeeded in  liquidating the building debt, and will hereafter spare no efforts to reimburse the holders  of tickets In the liquidation scheme.  Omixkca ' News���������Sylvester, tho Omineca  expressman, has not yet arrived but i.a expected daily. Late arrivals at Quesr&lmouths  however, report that good diggings had been  ���������struck in the hill on Vital crook, but we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the report.  A List of Lettbbs remaining in Barnard's  Express office, up to Nov. 1st, will be found  on our fourth page.  appeared to. be sir ^^. ^ mm lf ther<f  was any ceUa: and:^G^^id not,but on close  inapeptio^ lpuud/S0.[ll(J <)f lhe flooving boards  .loose ;.oan>:Hi.ig thcnl discovered a hole like  A tmall   cellar;   could see nothing in it! but.  10f"  '^oi n g do w n f o u n d t h 6-'-good s sp e ci fi ed b y  7lv L\ i i d bar t sto w ed a iv ay  u i\ d e r t ti e fi o o r.  1 where they had evidently been put for concealment ;  .the boots were not in the cellar,  hut in an opt*ii sack of Hour above, and were  co vered. o y er w i th f 1 o iu* ;   t li ey  w i* i*e   n e w  bm> ts ;   ������i'n t iunh ed i a to 1 y. for  M r Li nd h a r i,  whu rt������co^iii??ed  ihe goods as his"property :  ni>stM-vt*d   the murk  B. & L. on Llie cand'.y  and uunnv sucks ; I weiii to leek for priS'-Vu'i  sardine the  Vminner of working in the ground..  Has that well known, staD^<ari an-^ pr������puiar reiuo^y,  :..-.PMH   K.VL.LER-,  mnnuticUirsa ^y per-;,. fuvis & i?mi, TrovidtincvvP.v  I., boon bciVoro t������> public,' iinatrithat'-tlme l������������-l������^  coine ko'" vvn i;#l all pirtso*  the. world, and been u*o0  "bjr People ,,,f ui\ nations. '��������� 0r  ���������    It v*jotom to ciav that sano goo<i.a.ie.l efficient^ui-  Us wcoJcriUi power in rclUving:tbo m������������t so-  POLICE COUKT.  (Before II. M. BAtJ,, Esq., S.M.)  Satukday. Nov. 5, 1870.  Ralor clm^-fl will, the h.imloWflof Ah Wo*.  Sl'lhi, morning. N������ ne������ oVicU-ncx,  S w������ iuliJii������*'t i" ������w������aUtoB to that wo-  w. t ���������<! a Ihe Gu-oner's Inq������<-st. The pnnot-  ,a   Ch   < * wHno,S, Ah 0(m. waa ������**������-  cere n:vin Has acvor been equalled, ^) iU,lS,f r%'  us worid-widopopuurily by Us lotrin.s,c nviit.- io  cursive aKf>ntH;.s ^ so wfrii^^l ������ * ��������� ^  ,������cb afiivu^l Butl.f.ctioa Tho various **^**������   - .    .u       \^ly; when h. 1 w wt������ m* ��������������� ������^ ������ ���������IJ advorLi8.;  came opposite his own hxiso  ,ie  insis^l on  Vchjwd to require r.rcip.tuui   _  ������ihi2 in ; i followed V.un c\<w\y ; he refusOf.1,   mo.it. ' As an ������tern������l an.i Ji ern*   m      .������    tt*  ������, c,miei.ut wilh tne till. \ forced him ;   took j P.ia KilWr Maud* uarivaliud.   Jilrwvte^ ^company  him to Li nd hart's srot'o ; prisoner is a Wnsht-r  nan and lived in the house where we  foiled  !irl(l p0!imj huii in a Chinese house at Uk |0.',0l.  town wlili four tn* five oilier Ghtna;v,tM| ��������� ^jj  liiai 1 wanted hhu bulhe ndu.*eu Vi fiom������%A������fl  liuallv caw������ ttlo������jc Vi-ry ''cltU'Atoitly. W|K������M |,i;  .     _..*.. alts* hia mU'1\ h'),i"iji'������   \tu    itiul^itul   fin  ''- W '^T>r Walkom .ooonwl for IM pHs-Uol.m 8������.no goods f-  Xr iWe'clo" .eru.eJ.cs ou _^0mA w,Ttaod h"n "-  or forehead  the goods.  Ah Knng (cook (o.Heedy & LinfT^rr^. cx.  amiued through art Interpreter     '^   Chinaman named All Umg told \r ^ ^ ft Ch-ma  whose inline  he  eacu bottle  SoldbyaliPnigglsts.  eftU  inant  uid not mention, had  .om Beedy & Lindlmrdt,  cutsor Rcruiuti^ ^..  ������������ ������������������.������^ ;"**,."'      to Re-arch  all the Chinese  that on the face he persisted m I bouses j don t   ^w p03itiv9]y ^at prisoner  YICTOKA MAEBLE  Y ATKS ST BBBTf V 1CT 0 UX A, V.I,  *     orders  for  Monuments,  W������*������W*������a  tSe Sa3^������.veia Otne������:  < SiB^^^^^ss5^���������^2s������?^e2^^^  Ed W BILLY BLOBBS RAISED CAIN.  sea-balhing" for the delicate Mrs Blobbs; so  tbat the Re?:. Mr B. sent his afiectionate wife  nnd Billyvto Long Branch/ The reverend  "gentleman told lHtie BilLJ^-wiUe him as soon  l.nf they :weje settled there, ^Truthful Bijlyl  sent the following opistle, without bothering  his ma to read .-it; first X'A ��������� .���������;-..  A l������7 Dear Caddy lilt's awful,riico here in the  country^and me and ma ate having such a  nice j oily time*, t, tb i ok th e nicest place in  ���������the world is a, watering -place, don't you,  ���������:,-. daddy --ly 'Ai first L felt awful; lonesome with-  ;Aciiit yon, and.Bayi'^to-.^ar.'ina;;'''.:'  yi? WMe������ is pa Coming��������� from Ihe city, ma V9-- ..  :':[. A"^eiyery[ii.'', bqpej >fiilly-^;: gays ���������<: shc������ * f. your  : falber V su ch 'a dcy old s Jick; and yve aro niu cli  better Off without^him^v ;'.'���������; y ������������������ .yy }���������}% A. yy )7,xy  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  iM/0y:iJM of '^Iietl^rs^;;: /j/.  REMaMiN(^  A/AA [ Baricerviliej B,ci;-N6v. 1,1870;'.;.(  }jLyn Isaac G  ArwirigMr  B  m:  :y w*-  y  "Ob, daddy;j ybu^ouldn^ know'ma no^  if yoit * had?ti t- seen'ber ljefore~sbete Ipoking ���������  so welI and young.   She has taken to' wear-  yApg such?lots pf;;baiYUrid: ifino thing^ and our  ;maid^Sally, saysihe^ooinli lobk^lde?; than;  ���������> many a girivOf jsjpTORtGeri. f Ma^s. -got An $ resl  I spj^ndld;b"ia?u; too; with!such moustaches and  ���������wiftel^  .brick ^because he .gives me such heaps of  x.candy. ..-,Sally���������says he's Jbe hteautiffiiUest gpn-  ' lleman- she-ever saw. ;> ��������� ��������� V   , '    ���������      -   [  7 ��������� "-tho wax(fer foliows"here7>are' bully bejs,  \ pa.,and J^ett-j^ tarts, -pie and  ;; pound Leakey beside bo tiled jale and tobacco*  A- -They lareSteaijQiog u meu\ toJiplay ^euchre> [[.ioipf  and Lthiafcil's;a������?^  time to look aftfei,;tne;;,*'She!s so taken up with  ��������� 'dressing dariclng^and-dieacMr "Charley/*     ;,,  ".Ob, pat I want-to gee you awful'bad, but  Bra^Sey F'  Srokin Michael    '*  Brb.w.u Henry H  BesolmiAips Leo Hard*  ,i '.i;..��������� t.. .'v.     ������������������>;,  CoFbeitMieJia&l  Christian Jle.nry  Oora^a'n;;0w:ea:j  Chang Ge'.������.  i  Dixon John1 B.  Briggs Samuel.  Bal^r^illtclmV  ::.BelVGonstable: :  'Bieavenir Joseph  ./^A0AXAAx:'  .^.i.-CartiRRodgbr;.;  lyAChrtieyttoht: A  1/77 Oonnoravbeiiriis :  ��������� ��������� y Cdlemaif Peier;-  ���������AW/ /.. yyyylA /  :>v'-'>i)avfa/Wi4 S;;'/";..  OonSiierit'e' Segaf'v ; Douglass David  DavisJoiin W!i-,  ; f- Drake:John:.' ���������  "MEDICAL;   o  m  ;.MISG������IaL4N.E9IJS.;  }f<mA00'  D'$it zf ill iahi  Dickson "Charles  Burheaiin Honor  F  FlourycAlugust,[f:. \ ��������� / :i7asaiwrb Bpmehicb  'GTiitiriHanricO  .SeprgeDayid^  .Hancbck^M'2^ ^  /HprnMw^rd: ;-  UartvDayid       Z5  iioweii^redk :: v  Hodge: Y/atspn ���������  iKcstei JJacob     ,'  Lewis(.G'    /   -  'Iiawno-S^;- *y0X  Mills Geo '/'A  Metcali Jacdes-; :\  MoorB'B;'2j  &y. < -'-Ay-Ay. -  i,s Grunslad<5A?B . A,  ���������:}'GaiiimiUrEqbt  ; r  ^j[..v:������V.-.,���������;..  i'v; .Howard Samuel*  .-'���������v''H������stings G' :: ,  ';  Huttbn William  '���������'^^Ho^anffl 'Ayj^ A  -fi- HuchinvolFe John  '���������-(K -'\' ;"'r'v" "'  1' xLong-B A  ���������Lonsbanre M   -   ,  >r^.;.--^^T-Vi  ;.-.��������� ,  /���������'.MayrW-C   ' *  "���������;' IIpFriei.;: ������������������'���������"��������� V- ;������  ' f: MagglniJosep li, 2  don tcome yet? itjwpuld make ma so hopping ^noy Timothy:,,   - J|Q^W4r,  'raad.r������ 'Please.write.soon, and;dou't forgefe to r> ���������f,(    ,.        XX   y{ '   \ \  ; ,t  ?:^ond.&e^l^^-'Of po'Cl^ <KrsniiXia������i:Mn������9n'       ��������� 7 'X :y Ax (  :son, :_/ ^   _   _^   ���������"   >:y/y_    >Bij������y?! ^  h^.ri^tirv>.q i������t;fnniwasfn:hfl"Amtfanie'flTlv^nfie"frrim*  liSrf*V--  :|v:;.J||;nvv  A;   y"A.b  7x   I  0 -������������������>  \  X ���������'���������:���������:  fi":  Ia    fi  SE!  .FV -���������  V*3\.- "���������  1?M  ���������=.������������������������������- j.  ;,|;'l  .^ ���������'  ,'3^.-"-i  %���������������������������  :if;i  . #'l  ^l>....  :i- ������������������ *  V .'i.  Al  y rEitiy/Srieoieriwasacc  Mrs/ Blobbs^ whichvrea^v" ;thusl y :?,V���������  i J ^i^T^EARESTiHusband <:-^Myr health :is?a  '*5lll^e,lMterifthaRlcthedSprdfand 1 begin to  ^^njoy ���������tl^?Sabbath-]ik% peace 6lHhis splendid  l j>lace.;>v I^iiAiss'you. yery 'much;;'anil '-my'  >:��������� .thoughts, ate soften with -you';.[ but, for the  ��������� sake'Df��������� your flbck,ir-will not ask;you to join  'm rat present.; Dear little' Bill y.and the JJible  aro iny^usiialvcbpipai^6nsi;llip^      when Iseok  , [it I fi nd a. go o d, deal of :v,e iigious sp ciety here.  '������������������-' Are you lonely without me, >dear  husband ?  ;���������- :Ih66e^^6^-iot the fresh ilnvigpraM here!  \ iscToipg tiie/m pre good; $&% rjied jcine * and if  -1 coulcl ;rcinain until September, -1, believe 1  might be restored to ;my former .-health* ?  ' ���������; ' "Give my fondest love to: the dear- sisters  : of our church, aud telHuem^retn^mbeJ^iem^  /[nffinhy^ read your soul^stirring  ��������� sermpR;in^()Rday^s ;Ingttirer. :.K ffle'd my  '��������� heartwit&?peace and comfort. .*. ���������= : ''  ��������� .^iVith love and 'many .kisses. I bid you'  adieu. Will write soon agaiii.. Our Billy  sends a1 note/ iylilcb you will;.receive witn  ���������:-thjs; ;-;:*> A 'x7y['/7/7:0y ;������������������������������������ /A/ ���������' ���������'-;.-;.-���������  Your loying wife,-.���������'.:���������  ;i"I^;cv':Bi..obb������.^;���������  ��������� Mr ,B lob h s, in. a, sta te more ea si I y im a g\ u e ci  - tnan described, left for Long Bran oh immedi-  :���������:. ately f a ftcr read ing the above epistle.  ,H6 w^  Mrs Blobbs received her indignant lord -and  master,Twe-don't,know, but he brought her  back to Gotham.   Last Sunday she sat in her  old pew at church, looking very nseek and  sorrow fit 1.   M r - Bl o bb s proa chc d a ve ry eloquent sermon, taking for his text the following; c: Who can find a virtuous woman ? For  Jier price te far above rubi^.'?���������N. Y. pri per.  '0'Ha^a^Jpjeph% 'y/x v Qvrens Williain .yXx^  Part William  A' x- P���������& Mif.  // ':  Parndof'AAhtoriI6:::r '7i ;;       \ '        - :  Unssell -Alex   p      .   RobortsoiJ^W II  Roberts<WilHam     .;��������������������������� IticUard3 Adolph..  Nicholas'Mussin  v-l.v .���������'-.��������� V.;"'New:.Y.ork,'.. August 15th j 18G8.;!.^'  A1 idw me to cal i your, attention 'to "my  PREPARATION ; OF COMPOUND :-dlX,  TRACT ��������� BIJOH0. The;; co in porient parts are  BUOHU. Long >LEA*y COBEBS,,: JIINIPER  BERRIES.';,'.:; yy- y-:.y Ax,-^ Xyyy  ; MobE^oi;vPrasPAiiATTON.-^-Bucliu,: iu: vacuo.  Juniper Berries, by distillation, to' form a;fine.  gin. CtLbebsExtracted hy displacement with,  spirits obtained from Juniper Berries ;, very  little sugar is used,;an(lVa small proportion of  spirit.;, It is more .palatable' thaR any. ;-np\v in.  use. :     ... ���������'  . ���������*���������*,'  ������������������.:>'.';'���������'��������� '7^'^"-'  '��������� ';Bnchuras preparedbyi Druggists,viswjpt ,,a  dark"col6r;-rItrisj=a.;iHarit(^^  gredients.r' The J5ucnu:;m-ijiyipi^ijiu.������''������v" inc:  dominates ; the smallest.quantity.-.of tlie other  ingredients -are added^Lto. prevent feVmenfiii-  "tion7;"��������� Hip'on-inspection-it?-jyill��������� .fie>found tipt to  be ���������aiTincture) as n^a^e^m|:Pharmacopo3;r-nor  -is fit-acSyrjUp^r aiid j^^fbro catf;;be used' ;in;  .pas.es3w.he.re'fever' or ilidanimatioh exist.*; 4���������>In;  itisj''-you-bave :the!:kno������wledgo oir?tho������������������ -ingredH  ^rits aiiiltho morde*oftpreparation.;: .y-rry i  Xj Hop lag; ill at... y ou^iirfaycr -it. willi a trial ^  4\nd^that.^ wilL-ineet with  your, approbjition!,', -"'.;*��������� ��������� "'" ;- ��������� "��������� '���������*������������������' ;' ":~ ' r:'y.;;,..  y; \Vith a * feqliH)^ ��������� of/pi^pfoii^id^ coafldeii^ r 7  x' '>"''' I.Writ';very;'respectfully,-/  IL T. HELMBOLD,'   ,  Chemist aiid Druggist of ���������������������������il)'Year?s Experience.  "(From^d;.lirge&k  ' __��������� - (the world.) ." y. "���������'   -A A: A' 1  : ' '7r v ;      November 4, '1851. 7  "I am acquainted ^hMr H.'T.Helmbold ;  ho occupied the. DriigiSWre; my resi  dence; and was successful? in* cotiductingY the  business \rhere others 'had'noli been equally  so before bim 'I i*hw& been favorably impressed \vith his cbivracter and enterprise." \  a/./. lea^^;b:ebrihs'\ .,  s 0-1''-'-'. y- ���������{���������*- .--Celohratcd. ,���������. y.- y- .  WORCESTER^  07 -'���������'>,���������.- 4 r^b'ecla^eA.^yi'Gonnoisse^ \ 1  i A/rAkEM "AO^vt 0GCk0j'SiAU^ ���������/;'  ::;feauti6n.^against;Fraudit-?h.e succees of this  mps t d olicious k a nd ������������������"; unrivalled.', Oond inich t having  caused cei*taiii dealers to" 'apply'the haiiiC Of *.f Worcos-  tershirbvSau co; * tlie public is horchyvmfdrnj"e d th at th������j  only way to secure the"geiiuiiie,:is to'.'' *' ��������� ."���������'*  .Affi$ffi\I^ffi ���������'SAUCE  and to seo'lhat 'Mir hamosaro :iipbn"the wbajtwi  Richley-Gco '0  1 Richards &. Da vis:  Sylvis'K-TI  Smidt-Juti  Bopnim DaVidvD-;i:  -Stephen Bar ria  yiyyy'A/ ;!'\  iTynon'Tlipm'as; 'AA:  ���������"... 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A^   ���������soleciedand'Variedassortrn<inioitllo  FEESHES^^G^6EItIE& -&$ ROYISIOKS  y. -IN CA1UBOO. ��������� ,     v  :itSQ~A-gpo4 s election o f Clot lii ng, Hard Avar c, Glass  and Crockery, v Best brands plTobacco,  .- ,,JS  . ,    Medicines,etc., etc;       '     G  :"/Besi Jav^Cdff^t^o^  ALL GOODS "SOLD AT LOW33ST RATES  .7 Th e B AR is f;ni 1 y s.upplicd yfit h "th <> choiccst ���������  0:yA   ; HavaniCigafs^ Wi^esandiifljuorsJ , l ��������� :  A.' I trus tby s.triot-^ttentiqn to b.nsiness,a-n/.l f?! 1 s jid  :gqaar,edealin g^ t o nxer i tVcaii tinuniic^o f ��������� th 11 ib end  p'atrVnageheretofonex tended to *^.e\..C; J: W '-���������'!  ���������-' fA>targe������������������l6>:'jJfjgaYAyp6pvS.iioleh's^.ta< /BACON  for sale, a t a vory Ibw figure. V '���������; v  ^A00AX^ A'. ^  rpHB  UNDERSIGNED  .BEGS    TO. 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CCNIO  ^WA ICE- UP- JAKE  T nii Si m u A o va sta0 ii* ��������� In Wy o i:ii bg a fe 1:-  1o\? was:tr������v;eili^g over ififl dry wasle of the  Bi-1er Greek reglon recetitiy, and wben tlr ->  train stopped he asked one of ths settlers al.  the station ;: " What kind of a. counlry have  you aro u nd -h ere ?J^ J {Oh," was tb c re sp on se.  Jt we have a *v:e>y fair-ecun?t-y ;. all wo lack is  ;gbod soeioty and water/'., -The fellow vras  sowe w h at co inforted by the as.s uranee th a I  *** b -^l 1 has i he s ai n e ad 7ft h (a ge S- -1 a c 1: o f go o ?1  ci-'itjand wat^;.^ ; ':::���������'..-'...".:  PaciSc' Telegraph : Hotels  ������   Store street (between Kera Id & regard),.,-  i ."      VICTORIA,. B.C.,    ;  , "'(.,;. e- '-.  Anclrev/ As trie o,    -'..-.    "   -'Proprietor.  .  -._ ������  Tli ���������? 111 o? I' co i vi rn ivIHhj* :i a ������1 <��������� lean H - ^ I -; i in Vic i -nria.  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