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 pi  f|l  If  Vol. 12.  Barkerville, William Creek, B.p:,;"Satto^  Fo.  THE CARIBOO SMf OTE  Published every Saturday by  R 0 B EAR T     HOL LO WAY.  Subscription,���������"���������- -. 50 Cents per Week.  -BATES OF ADVERTISING.  For one square (one inch), first insertion,  "        ;cf ... ono month,   -  For two squares, first Insertion,  ' "...    ono month, ���������  ��������� .-"���������   ���������  5,  Agents for the,*4 Cariboo Sentinel.'f'  Van Winkle,:;'.;;::'.';  Quesneimoutli; ' yi  Soda Creek, -';-!' ".'..-.,  OHiitou     -  Yaic,.    .   \0:y:%  New Westminster, :  Victoria, . s .������������������ . 1  Bean & Coy \ .  '[.   -  Mr J i TV. Lindhart . .  -.- ' Barnard's Express  Barnard's Express  Barnard's Express  - Uo     .       do  John Murray.  -  .    .John'ColIons,  _      San Francisco  BEAN   &   CO.;,     '  PACIFIC COAST ADVERTISING AGENC Y,  .. 410 Montgomery street,  Are our authorized Agents in San Francisco.  : THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  JOB  PRINTING OFFICE  Car**. Circulars. Posters and Programmes for  Ball sand' Theatrical Entertainments  jj^-Executed -with neatness and dispatch ^gf  "���������.*.'���������      Terms m o derat e .-  A RUSSIANS VIEW OF THE FUTURE.  The-following conversation (says theLon.  Hon Globe"), recently took place between a  tvellrknown Ru'wirtri nobleman and the writer:  '���������[ repeat Avbnt I said," observed Cracks  Koff. " that England will not occupy her present position for very many more years."  "Then who will take our place?   You?"  " Perhaps."   .  " But you can never become a great maritime power."  " No, we shall be a military power; but  your dominion over the sea will also pass  awav."    *��������� Who will take it?"  ^Tiijfi .Scandinavian monarchy. . I mean  Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All great  maritime nations have passed away���������the  Dutch,.the Venetians���������and it was on the ruins  of the Spanish Armada that you rose to the  first rank. Some day your enemies will combine to give you such a defeat that you will  never recover it. Of course these ..changes  will be gr.adual;. We shall take India, to  which we are steadiiy advancing, but we shall  first go to warflwith . Prussia, j.? ..''���������.'. ���������  il And what will become of her, or rather,  of the Germ an; Em pi re?"  " It will be divided into Prussia, as a kingdom, the head of the Protestant States ; Bavaria, will occupy all the Catholic portion ;  whilst Hungary, Bohemia and the Danubian  Principalities will form the Kingdom of Scla-  vonia, and Austria will become a third-rate  Power; France. will:recover Alsace and Lorraine, but.will lose the portion of Italy ceded  to her. There will be no "Pope, but Rome  will be the capital of Italy."  "And Turkey?"  -������ There will be no Turkey. Constantinople will again be the capital of the Great Empire.' Spain and Portugal will probably be  joined into one kingdom."  " And Malta and Gibraltar ?"  " You will have to give them up when you  yield , Canada to the United States, who will  also take Mexico."  '��������� But will not France help us ?"  "No. France will remember how vou  have behaved towards her during the late  ������"*���������'   Your policy in that,campaign will  : ;-.:fV'You have not told me what will become  of Holland or Belgium in your Heae.''  " Holland and Belgium will again lorm one  kingdom, but with the latter as the most powerful portion. Luxemburg will revert to Germany, and Schleswig-Holstein to the kingdom  of Scandinavia."  " What family will be on the throne of  France, do you think,- after the present  troubles are at au end ?"  " TheOrleanists, for a time; but eventually  the Napoleonic dynasty will return, and establish itself more securely lhan it has ever  been before."'. . ���������/.;���������������������������;  ��������� "^You said just now> that there would be no  Pope. How will the Roman Catholic religion  prosper without'one ?"  . .."There will be no Roman Catholic religion,  properly speaking. The. declaration of infallibility was; the deathblow of Rome; and  people are even now beginning to open their  eyes to its great errors. The marriage of  priests will break down one of the very next  -barriers.".;"   '*'.���������'��������� '77 fi     'X-  " But you surely do not suppose that the  Greek-.religion will be adopted by alt the  world?"  "No ; there will be two great Churches for  a leng time���������the Eastern or Greek, and the  Western.or Protestant. These two, will one  day fuse together; as in their tenets "they are  not widely apart."  " Where will be the head of the Western  Church?" '   V ���������;���������  "In England."   ; ���������". .  "But I thought you said that'we should  not be any longer.a first.-rate power?"  " Nor will you, but your island will remain  intact, and become the head-quarters of the  Western Church."  ..'���������':  " You say * island,' why not islands ?"  "BecauseIreland will most probably be a  separate kingdom or republic/7     ���������  ... '. Then how about vour-Ireland ;  I mean  Poland."  " Ab,1 we have cut that orange into too  many pieces for her ever lo prove too trouble  some.   You see Austria and Prussia; together  with ourselves, all possess a portion' of Poland."     :.:������������������  " Do you suppose that Russia will last for  ever, then ?"  "No; but she will last till the five groat  empires of Europe, Asia, Africa, America,  and Australia arise."  "Australia?"  " Yes, Australia will  probably prove  tlie  strongest of all.   She will be ihe richest, and j  her resources are boundless." I  " What hinders these great changes you I  talk of from taking place at. once V- \  "The want of population in countries like  ours ; the over population in lauds such as  yours."  rmi.! -13l_l-^lH!g__l.SV" 'J^-H !������������.���������������������������������������������������'.��������� ������������������'������������ ."���������-������������������if.   .���������Vlg'-J'-^U  FLOUR, FLOUR, FLOUR,j  .-.;PORSiJtEAT,Cl!STONmiS.....  SODA  CREEK, '������������������';'  ; /      QXJESNELLE, and  BARKERVILLK  J. HARPER,  MISCELLANEOUS.  NEW    GOO-D&!  JUST RECEIVED  AT  ..",RJENjyiE's  MISCELLANEOUS.  Alarye supply of.  LADIESAND ..GENTLEMEN'S  OOTS   SHOES Asi): SLIPPERS.  JS&2?. New Goods wi 11 .be received every  week "during theseason.\-^tg������./Ay.  BOOTS,   SHOES,  Clothing   and Groceries,  /'. OF,THE BEST QUALITY.  For sale nt the Store of the undersigned in Barker  ville,ojjposit(!tlie Bank ol British Columbia.  Xi -    \'-0i.'.".7.    '7.   A   7\A;\V. REN-NIB. :  EOOTSIABE 10 ORDER;  jel7 -; -         as usual  ��������� ...>....;,  COMMISSION, ���������STORAGE,  AND  General Agency.  apl5(f  JAMES   WJCKHAM,  Barkerville.  To the Electors of Cariboo  // //':, and Lillooet.'; ..^!;;/  j. gENTi.KMj;y,,.-. ... a yy.[, ���������-.', ,',*.. - ../[ [  ':.-.. 77 . ;.;.-. In.piu^uiince.of-.the.-.terms'jof  Union yon will shortly lie called oilto elect  a roember from our joint Distr]c Js to rep resen t  yo i i iiii. tlie Hoiise. o f Co nt it i b ns .of Canada.  If i ������r th is posi tip n I ri o w olfe r my self i is a can-  d ida t e, . a ii d sbpii 1 d. 'yp\i. do mo! tne ho n or' o f  '-'returning me as your Represenlatiye I shall,  to the best of iny a.t>ility, strive to pijoye tbat  yoiir conlidence has not'been misplaced1. 7/.  .If elected.I shall.iise ray best euaeaypW.lo  pro mo te the i n terests ofi' ou i\ Pro v i nee- )ip[ fa r  a s;'. t-tiey . c a ii b e ��������� a tTec ted by Feci e rat .Leg] a I k ���������  tion. and", above al I to,, exped 1 te the grand  bond of -Union��������� the. Trans-continental. Railroad. ;,',07/.,' ,-������������������ ;���������-''.-.. 7/7/yi AirA' ^y/y  W i th re fere n ce, to /gene r a I: p o 1 i tical m .a iters.  I c an ;6nl y say .a t presen C.. .t hat t \ f ji oho red by  your suffrages, I shall go to the Hqnse ot-jCoiii-  m o ns u'n tr a in nie 11 ed ���������: by.. p a r ty. j ob I igati b n ������.  save th at I .sh a 11 con si d er.it my. Ldu ly, \ a n4 tti������  duty of every member fro mi his Pr.oy.in.ctf, lo  lend! a cheeri ul sii ppo:rt .to. tlie [ Mihisiry 'to'  whom '.we. owe our -new iiirth;aiid' political,  en Iran oti isem en t. , : ������������������i/'y0'A:7.... Ai/iy; > iy.'  ..:I have'tbe honor, to be^.;.'.'   A\ 7 i  -.....; .';';;;'Gentlemen^..,-..;'.' /yy.i'x  i���������   ..   '    Yciir (������bedientservant,-',"   "..  0X7.    7 7x' J. SPENCER THOjlPSONV  ;;!  Barkeryille,;Sept,79.. 1871.    ;''.':. 7 ��������� ���������' 7.';Ay  BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  P K OCL 'A. iimxxQ w:/  A.     PEIDOLA  BARKERVILLE,  COMMISSION j STORAGE-  Groceries, Provisions and  Electoral District of Carr  -boo, to wife ���������    :x00  "jpUBLIC NOTICE IS .IIEIIEBY- GIVEN*  *- to ihe Electors of the'District of Cariboo that, in obedience to. Her MM,jesiy?s Writ.  lo me directed, and b.eariug dam the second  day of October, in Hit> year.of 'pin' Lnid.Ou*  thousand':.'eight":- hundred and- seventy ���������one.' [  require the presence of the said���������Kl'ectors at  the'COURT HOUSE. JUCT-lKIpfcl). on ih������������  2.3d dsiy of October, at ELEVEN orelock iu  ihe forenbot!, for the purpose of Electing  Three persons to represent then������ iii the Legislature of this I'Vovfuce ; iiijd tiiatih case a  Poll be d ein a n d ed a n d al I o wet I i i i t li e ni'hi i n e r  by law prescribed', such Poll will 'Mi* opened  on ihe SIXTEENTH day of NOVEMfifefi.  at the liruUvniieiitibri'ifd places, belvveen the  hours of Eight, o'clock, a.m., and Four o?clock,  p.m.: ;  Van VolkenDiirgli & Co.  D E P O.T     FOR   ;   ��������� I  ������0'6;Cai������K.:JXpA/PlQ:DI.  ' "mvJ0'v."  "'  ;cwers  ?  war.  prove the beginning of your downfall. Had  you interfered, Germany would not have  been so puffed up with conquest as she is at  the present moment, and Prance would not  liave had cause'to remind you how you deserted her in her distress."  Barkerville, Richfield  ���������And���������  piEvmioi BffiER wm mm.  H .\ V.B b oon r eq u es m d b y hv. v fi ra 1respt'eta h 1 e pa r ���������  tIt'K,' w11������ionh U:*lily to C[\o olllcacy otimy systeni,  ui agsiu luaUfj public the 1 act.thai  Moses' Hair Invigorator  \f I LI - PREV RNT 15 ALDXKSS,  j{ ESTOKM MAUI Tli AT 1S B E0OX11 N'ft TH IN  () K 1<'A U.IXG ������ K P, a lit l - ei Ice I. u; i I !y  j   ' ���������   ���������     f/URK st;uitf'oupAXimuw.  I Thisi*> not ji inert: assortum on nty part,"as I havo  \ i n o (V P1 )tJ s ������*&��������� ton ouni ������ro us t us ti ni < j nittl d our ti I'y 3 ng* to  ! tin*, sucisv^ol n������y rcinetiy. ".  j    i (in mil. oi ������i>ui\s>! prvumd that T can ranks the hftfr  i //n ���������> vv Mi 1 * wte wi * i o n h a v ������ i>fi <��������� 11 h 11111 I'oy' yea rs ; Im t  i wi 11 guava nu-v to #lop tin* hai r frwrn * ia 11ilijr'oil, iu  i it o ry si se i ts gro w th, juui������\ fc c i- u al I y rem i ;v.i ��������� beurl {i r  n.uiiirufl*. VV, II. MOSEfc,    ���������:  ll.*rki������rvJlluTiJ.���������.  POLLING. -TO VISIONS,  aiehfield.-  Qnesnel mouth, :���������  Keith ley, Greek,.;?.  Lightning Creek,,  Williamw Lake,  Omineca.   ;  ,  .POT.LTXG PLACKS.   ���������  The Court flouse,  'J'he Gov*ennnent, 0(fic;et  '-i AAA Quesneiinonlh., ;���������  . Atr '.',)$;.i-'.Stnitli-'s A Store,  ... .-Mouth: i������,f Keith ley.  M r; L i f i (J lia i vi ;s   fc al Cm,  Van ���������V/i.nkle.. 7 ������������������., iy  Mr. A. S. Ji'nies' House,  Lr������0A!|le Voiil  The Govei'iinient. Office.  Geriu'aiwen Greek.  0( a\ 1 \vIi ich cyery person is lie rehy \Aq n'wM  tola k e. n o tic e. i ui il  gc ��������� y e r u'' ��������� 1* i i n > a j f a cc o rd -  wg|y.v ..  .'.:    '.' ; . - '/"A. 'x-[/\ .. 7  ., Given, under my hand at -RichHeld,,fjie  Mo11 r 1 eii111 h. , i J ay   ()f   ��������� 0c 1 ou<��������� ;\    01ia  Thousand eight hundred andsevenly-  (MlC.  II. M llAVAi..,  Be turn ing* UIMc<*r  B arii ard %. - .Expre s s.  VAN  WINKLE. '  A SUPPLY OK THE  ���������������m   AniTfimr    tva'   ttnimT*   wHiH������lk'iRwMi"^ MOSKS.ftirliflr,      Our Agent' al.xva.rplac^iif  HP.S^   0U4LITY   OF    FEESE    MEATS yArk^nsvrho^lr^vr^U^r^W^jiiy l^ir t.o .ttui1et������flri!tj-������pr������wpt������yw*  ffgi'lTIFiC^TR.   .  TMs.ls tnccrtily that i.Uiring last .������pri������^: ray hair  j wa.K i-a})i <; ly I'ii 1! i li'x mi ta I1'' in5''Viafl waV ^llttiB*m*'  OUR    ENVELOPES  Properly Stamped, are,.now reduced to,;���������������  12 1-2 Cents each, or $10  .  for 100.     . '  ALWAYS OK HAKP.  mtiii-tvttWn?Q��������� 28.1M*  A:'M:j>  nu r. Ak't.rjt ? al w*.? pieces tek a 11 <1 j) jgi* oft^ in i*^l nf  -"    '-^wn:fc\m\ lo p'finie bt������.7*mfi  ^/lfi  ?. J. J5TA/INAKD. V  H:  u  Mr  1  hi  W  t i.  I  ft*  fc  >  l:';.:  PIT;-  ���������  <x  A  7-  0  %({������������������������������������-  f:  in  A:  u-y  ;i|EGARIB^SEJSTlNEL  ^'^ SaVTURDAY, NOV/ 4/1871.  A     THE MAIL SERVICE.; ���������::  \ ^With October, according: to the present  eontract, the weekly mailBervice to Cariboo  terminates; and. unless some arrangement  i������ made otherwise, for the next five months  w/e shall be isolated comparatively.from, the  . outside world, und obliged to be content  with mails brought twice a month. We tliink,  however, and the opinion we believe is uni  versal, that under the Dominion Government  our wants, should ba better provided for in  thift\xesp<������cfc than under our former administration, and we therefore would urge upon  the poet office authorities the advisability of  continuing the service for tbe winter at the  fame intervals as during the last summer.  The'contractors, no doubt; would be willing  to make reasonable terms, and In common  justice to the wauls of so important a community Ihe change should be adopted. So  long as the matter was in the hands of an impoverished Colonial Government we could  ' not expect better accommodation than ive  have had, but now that we are part and,parcel of the Dominion we have every right to  ; demand that we shall riot'be left in a worse  position than our fellow; subjects iii anyof  the'other provinces, even if' it should cost a  IVw dollars, additional. The nvesentcontract  will expire;on the last of February, and we  should;have, expected that tenders for the  " tutu re servi ce wo n Id bave b een' cal 1 ed fo r  before. this, but when t he next con tract' is  madewe hope.that for at least eight months  a seniUweekly mail will be provided for. '  Wbile on t his subjec.t- we w i11. ag'ai n d raw  n i ten tion to the necessity for postal facilities  being extended throughout the district, of  Cariboo. Shch' places as Antler, Keithley,  Harvey and Forks of Quesiiel should have  post offices, which would save.;the heavy expense now. entailed iipon- the residents in  those ..localHies; We would also refer to the  niibjcctof ocean postage, which.has already  afforded room for complaint to the press in  oiher sections of the province. When there  Is a bi-weekly^ mail carried between Victoria  and Olympia it is absiirdlhatourcorreepond-  ������*rtce should be allowed to remtdn in San  Francisco waiting for.the regular direct mail  ateamer,*-~a .system.-which now sometimes  leaves us iu Cariboo three weeks without a  foreign mail, and may during winter, if tbe  eeinirmonthly ������^vtce"i* continued, leave.us u  m nth in the same , redlcamen', in the event  Which is liable 'io tiequenily occur of the  steamer arriving in Victoria a day or two  ������ ter the departure of the Cariboo mail..  Thk Sesa-j oaaniP���������Br Carrali passed Ques-  nelmouth this waek on his way down from  Orain^c*, and we learn received a letter at  the former place offering liioi the appointment of Senator.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NOTICE.  Contracts to Let  17 OR  TWO-HUNDRED   AND   FIFTY THOUSAND  ^    {260,000) teet SAW LOGS, to be deli vered at the  Company's works; also, Five Hundred Cords Wood.  Sealed proposalswill.be received at Oppenbeimer  Bros, store up to November 8th, 1871.  For further particulars, upply to  C. C. LAKE,  Atfe3it Lnue & Kurtz Co.  Barkerville, October 2$, 1871. no*  .  ..Grand ..Raffle!;   ���������A RAFFLE FOR A  Splendid Gold Repeating  Watch  WILL TAKE PLACE THIS SATURDAY EVENING,  at. EIGHT o'clock, at  PENDOLA'S, SALOON, BARKERVILLE.  " ��������� November 4, 1871. A ;'< 7        "A do'4 It^  min:ng intelligence.  '    WlU.tAMCPI-KK.  The Forest Rose co. last week washed 210  07,. The Ball a rat co. washed 45 oz. . The  upper creek claims have all stopped for the  *e������son. . The Bedrock Flume co. have about  finished fixing: and cleaning up the upper part  iif th������������ir flume, and are running a prospecting  dri t in the back part of the Forward ground.  The result of their season's work tins' been  about 500 oz. The Downte and San Juan  ���������companies are preparing to drift during the  %vinter.  VALLKY MOUNTAIN*.  Both hydraulic companies have suspended  wurk.  stout's gulch.  The Flume co. are still at work washing,  but will not be able to do much more.   The  'TulTrale co.. working only shareholders, continue'getting small dividends weekly over  wages. The Muclio Oro co. are .still getting  pay. but will probably have to sink a new  ��������� ���������������haft in the spring on account of the distance  they have to run their dirt.  LOWUKK OltKKK.  The Victori a cot last week washed 91 oz.  LIGHTNING CKRF.K.  The Sontb Wales co. last week washed 130  ������������;' The Spruce co. are making over expenses. The Victoria co. find the water as������  much m they can contend with on account of  the belt of the Vancouver eo. below lhf������m  getting deranged by knocking off some  buckets.  GUNNIXGHAM CREKKV .-  The Sharp bydraulic co. have finished for  the season, and have as usual cleaned up well.  Ejection Nkws.���������Members-returned :   For  New Westminster City���������Mr Hot brook.   For  New Wegtnrri ns ter District���������M esars   H u g h es  and   Armstrong.     For  Victoria District���������  Messrs. DeCosmoa and Bnnster.   'For  E*qui-  'ulalt District���������Mr Robertson, and Mr Oe#an  or'MrCameron (one polling division had not  ybeeu heard from).   The Yale ejection comes  'off to-day. .Six candidates are in the field.,  three to lie rem rued. -Robinson, Smith audi  -XJoaeon said to be the favorite. I  NOTICE  TO THE ELECTORS OF THK ELECTORAL  DISTRICT OF CARIBOO. ,  4 TOLL Will he held at HARVEY GREEK, ns well  l\ -as at EHtlilcy Crook, on (lie 10th November,  1871, for the Election of Three Members to represent  the Electoral District of Cariboo. '"    .   :'-.'.  ;    n. M. BALL,  . . ���������-'.. Returning Officer.  Richfield, Nov. 23d, 1871. -   .        "not  Miners' Provision  Store,  UARKERVJLLE.  T THTS   STORE WILL M.WAYB  BE FOUND A  well-selected slock oa* llie '  Freshest ; Groceries   and  Provisions in Cariboo.  BEST JAVA COFFEE  Koasled and Ground dally.  BRANCH STORE AT-LAST CHANCE,  Where a good assortment of Goods will aWays be  (burnt,  I trust by strict attention to business and (air and  square dealing to merit :i continuance ol i!i������ liberal  ]Mir������na$e heretofore esiended tu ni������. lei if  n  PARTIE3   PREFAlilNG    FOIi   WINTER  WILL   SAVE   MONEY!  By calling at the  S e c o nd- ha nd   St or e,  WUer������ they \\ill fiud a fine fifsirtmeat of1  o '������������������������������������  .������ -     ^  -AU30  MINERS* k CARPENTER'S TOOLS,  ZINC, LEAD PIPE,  SHEET IRON (all gauges),  ������  STOVE POLISH,  REVOLVERS, GUNS,  BALLS,   CAPS, SHOT,  POWDER, POWDER FLASKS,  SHOT BAGS,  UQOR LOOKS, PADLOCKS,  BASTARD & MILL SAW FILES  And otber articles too nurnerotiu to mention.  FORCE  PUMPS  find   BEER  MACHINES  put up and warrnnUMl.  ���������jEO-   STOVES   MADE   TO   ORDER   nt  moderate -prices.  Repairing of Metals clone as usual.  THOS.   FLETCHER,  ��������� Bark^rTiIh?.   *f ar t-^nttefrc*"rv r,������.i%?.  Stoves and Tinware.  CAST IRON BOXICOOKINS STOYES  OF THE LATEST PATTERNS,;.���������     ;  A full assortment ol*  TIN W ARE  ot good qaality,comprising:  French  Coffee  Pots   and  Saucepans, .  Block Tin Teapots & Wash  Bowls,.  In addition, we havo ,  CLOTHES -WRINGERS,  AT LOW .FIGURES..  /���������A^T_ CALL'AND SEE.:^f:':  B"ing w,>li supplied with Sheet Iron from Nos. 27  to 1(J, we aro prep;ire<l to make.to or������lpr 'both Plain  and Ornamenuj .Stoves, at.prices to suit.tlie times.  t������2T Miners and others will And it to their advantage to purchase a pood ariiole.-������^.  N ;B.'��������� Any Hi \\i% \ n t.lie I i uo. mad e as ordered \v i tb  neatness and dispatch..- '���������'  SANDERSON PEARCY,      *  oc7 2m (Per John Bibby.)  YALE AND BARKERVILLE,  Importers, Wholesale and  Retail Dealers in   ...\  GROCERIES & PROVISIONS', . ���������      .   .'. .  WINES & LIQUORS,  ��������� DRY GOODS,.CLOTHIN(G,';   ..  HATS k CAPS. ;"  boots.& snoics; .'���������  AGRTCUTaT URAL IM PLEM BIN TS, *   ;'  CIGARS & TOBACCO,!  .   .-' .      '  STATIONERY,: Ay77  -A..-  HARDWARE Jb CROCKERY,  And a complete assortment of ',., .  DRUGS, PiTEIT HiDICfflES,. &C,  Opponhcimer Bros, beg to inform Traders, Min'ei;*  and Farmers requiring a stook of (foods that they  htj Id a large and \v������ll selected assort til ''lit, and are  preparer I to soil at the Lowest Market Priced  j$g- We invite inspectiun'ol' our Stock before pur-  cha siny* else w h pre.  ^2������ S'.EW GOODS are being received continually.  Fresh Kanch Butter,  OF BEST QUALITY,  RECEIVED   BY   EVERY   EXPRESS.  OPPENHEIMER   BROS.  mv27   m  NEW; ADVERTISEMENTS  mo J S. THOJIPSON, Esi:    '.| . .0 . ���������'  X Wij/tue unttersigAied,'"���������Efee^mj:nr^iGitiiIboo-^Iiii!*:  irict, having confldence;:in:;yonr^ability, woultl;: re:  quest you to nllow.yonr$o\t io be,nominated not.-..oily.  tor the'JlbmiriUm/Pariiamemt,���������...if������ir';- \vhiclii3y6iri lire  a I rea d y a ca ndidate, b it t a Isu 1 or-the Local Legifil* -  t u re pledgiuk onrKelTea should you do so:to use ������mt  b������;st'endeavors to secure your return to liotk H6������������e������  W Davison .'  John,Bruce .  F Bissonoeue  J H Todd  S P Parker  John O Ooodswn  Wii 'Martin'  Wm Galley  Thos JUivery  Chaa Vail!;mcour  TKPattullo  Cinthcr JohnK  Thos L.Uriggrt  .loo M'tHon  JnoChipp   Wm Rfimie  W Powell  G.NMarisljRll-";-.  I)'L B'allahtiu**  Huiihlioss  Kob t (i rei������  Thus Fletcher.  John Mc'AliMi'r  Wm F Anderson  Arch McXaugiiioa  D McDtmell  Wm Dodd  Kobt Wat son    - ���������  James June*  Thus Dux bury  Win Smith  Win Owen  O F Wy'au  Kobt MeNab  Tlioin;is Tuylur ���������  DT.Smith  Kdwd 'Jii\v*A  W W liuufcemaR  W Hitchcock .   -  Sanvel Gray..  Wm Michael  J H NicnoleoB  Geo Byrnes  ;Hy Jewell  Andrew Weldta  THFlvnn  J Z Hough  Thou" Hard in jr.  K; B Berlin  James T.esh  Andrew Fletcher  James Pin^wall  John Jumea . .  . Jos Devlin  Win Thompson  Sam Drak* .  KStarretv*  Atv'P'W Kelly  It Holloway  Jas Atom  Kobt II Brown  l.eorgeSjirucc  W C Price  John Stevenson-  John NitismUh  Italph Watson  Pen r Oilier  Thtw Hind -,  W AlexaiiuVr  Jos Cannfll  Kobcrt: iiarr  K A AtberisuB  p (J lend inn in jf  Jtintt Hunter  Samuel Rub.rrti  ;:/��������� y R EP L Y .  Gk.vti. mh.v.���������I had not, prior to the receipt efy������ui  dntierinc Hiqiiisilion, intended lo nfier inyself hj* *  candidaie.for the Provincial House of Assembly, but  indel>reiic������ te the request of so many ol the Elector"  ot.Caribou I'place myself. at:your:dispos:il ami ACCrpt  Tint ij.������min?iili<n. Tha liking' you tor th* cohtldi ue������  ydu exproys ��������� towards me, which If elected I nhall <:���������  iny best to retain, .  '*  1 remain;* vourobdt. servant;  '���������'-.'   '..>        ,       J. SPICN'CER THOUI'SOX.  JtarkerviUe, ������th October,. 1871. ������v7  REQUISITION.  TO JOSEPli*HUNTER,.Esq. :,:.,-? ..       -i. n --..��������� [���������  We the ������ii t!<;rsIgned, . H'^'ctorii of. -C'��������� rii'uw !)i������.  trie t 'l rn v i n < con ti dene'e i n'.'yi������ii r -ah i li t y >. u 1111 ������������������ ������n # y,  requ'^t that you will nil������w yourself to be pi :������--��������������� la  nomination ut the forthcoming el. rlion to , rv ������*  one of the Heprej*entativeM frtim this Disne������ in ti.-i.  Li'������i**l.itlvo A������������������'iiiblv. aiid we hefuby pl-'-uo- our-.-l*/^  to u������e bur ulmO-stexerlions to Ki-cur-j your vctutu..  Yaiiwinkie Store,  .1GHTNING   CR/EEK.  "TNBRS AND TKADERS \yill And it to: thefr ad  vantage to purchase at thjs.'jtore.wheretlM're i.  LAR6S ASSORTIEIT OF C-OODS  of tho very best description on hand): and the ������iock  constantly reptenisliod !>y how arrivals.   The proprietor will sell floods  AS CHEAP AS ANY IN  CARIBOO.  Order fi promptly tilled and forwarded with dispatch.  J. W. LINDITATID.  W Davison  John Brace  F Uissonn'att* ^X'-1  ,1 IT Todd  j5 p Parker.       .: .  John G UoodHOft . '���������'���������>  Wm Martin   XX:-:  Win Oalley.,   /  Thos La very.      :  '  Imvid Lewis  .  Charles ;ff 11 l*ue*ur  T It Pa'ttullu  Goiner John*     .  Thos I'. Briyjf*  Joe .Mason ���������  .frthn Chii>i>        ���������    '  Win lleouie  W Powell      -.. ���������    ,..  UN Marshall  |> Ll>;illuniine  HukIi Rwa  Wm C .yeCnrmick  J W Cliiiilihnin  Win Tiiompson....  Nimuet Drako  R StaiTeU .-..;i.  K 11 Drown  George Spruce  Wm FAnderson  ��������� Wesley Hall   ���������  John Stevenson      ���������  Geo A.Taylor  John NalKmUli..  John Love  Ralph Wats*u  Peter Oilier  Tlios Hind  Thos Pa trey  Thomas Taylor  1.) T Smith  Robt Greijf  AU'-rew Kelly  R Holloway  J !J5 TtJompyuu  Thos Fletcher   :  r   Win Michael      ;'  , W-Hitchcock -,..  ' Samui'i Gray ���������   ;     ',  J'H Nicholson.    ���������;  Geo Byrnes  v-,Hy-Jewell,:���������-���������;���������������������������,  Andrew We)d������a   ./  T H Flvnn  . J Z Houiih  .   .  ; U R Devlin ���������>  Thos Harding  J imesLesh : .    ...;-.f!  : D Carey        .   .;,.'  James Ding wall  John James  : (������eorge Dak in  ".. John >IcAUi*ter:    .  Malcolm McCuaig  A lie. aughtou  * DMcDonell  Robert Watson     ".,'  J anies In lies  ...Win Smith;     .      ,  ������ Titos Dnxbury  Wm Ow<en  ������������������ John Mill ���������:>-,.���������'.������  Thos Allen  Walter Alexander  Joseph Oaiiui'll  Donald McDonald  Robert Barr  Reuben A Albertson  James A in m  W W Houseinan  ?  MEACHAM  &  MASON  ARK prepared to furnish Lumber at their Mills,  William Creek, or deliver it lo order.  LUMBER '"DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK.  Having a Planing Machine in operation they will  also furnish  DRESSED  LUMBER  REPLY.  Gentt.kmks,���������I ha?* received your Requisition  Wioilhis* too.to become a candidate, lor the Ihpreseu ^  tation of this Dislriet in the Legkhitivo ABsembty ������l  our. Province ���������_  I have much pleasure in complying with your n.-  quest, and thank you lor the conJldence which you  repose in line. .  li.elected I shall do my best fairly to represent  vouriineresisat ihe. Council Board, and to utivocals'  nil llber.il. and prunes*-<vc mcaMfres lor the wellans  of lit!* District or the country at hirpre. .  I-have the honor to De, Gentlemen, your, obedient  *erVllIji' JOS. HUNTER.,  fttti October, 3671...   : A������X/L.  ay ing" Over Claim s������  "hh  ������������ii  L    flN AND AFTKR FIRST N0VKMRER,"-1*11, ^\'li  U Miinntr (-laims in Cariboo District are'^ioreur  1' IA U) D V ER.'' i in ti 1 20 th M fl y, 1872,  W(p*Ui ������������������     B. M.  *AbU x  XA  x  Wi  : - xr  I >M  k. A'  f 0  mi  m 'ii  www  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY, NOV; 4,- 18.71,  SPECIAL    OTHJEaABIBOOSENTINEL  COUNTY COURT.  EUROPEAN.       .  New York, October 19���������A London correspondent writes that an alliance has been entered into with certain members of the peerage and representatives of tbe working class  with the object of overthrowing the present  Government.' The same writer hints that  from the present condition of tbe Queen she  may die at any moment.-   y.-Ay.  London, 20tb~The London subscriptions  received at the Mansion House for the Chicago relief fund amount to .������33.000.;  Gotha. 20th���������A full report of the last German expedition to (lie North Pole lias been  published. It.is claimed that the expedition  was ��������� successful, andthat the Polar sea was  discovered free from ice and swarming with  whales.       ' *��������� ;���������"������������������' :- ���������       7 -,:./  Darmstadt; 24 tb f- The Court Theatre caught  fire this evening and is now in flame?. Tne  fire-extended to toe adjoining buildings and  is rapidly spreading. The . thea.ite.. was en-  tiieiy destroyed, and a strong wind carried ! jlyeV rre^recorded.  tlie sparks wesiward  into   the upper town  The arsenal is in danger and the troops have  evacuated it.  Before H. M. Ball, Esq.,  Gold CommisstoniT aud  County Court Judge }  .-.-.'   TuksiKiY. October 31.  J. Dcrotm vs. F. Pbkbz���������Suit for $43-for  bread supplied to defendant. Defendant acknowledged the correctness of the amount.  Ordered to be paid in weekly instalments of  $5. ' ��������� ' 0  T. Flktcheu vs. E. Oui>���������Suit fur $25 35  for nails supplied to Canadian co. in-"!$'()!). of  which company defendant was alleged to be  a member.  The plaintiff having proved tbe debt, Mr  Walkem produced certified copy of record of  a bill of sale from James Cuminings lo defendant dated August, 1868.  James Burdick was a shareholder in Canadian, co. ; defendant told hint she hud purchased a half interest from Cnmmings, and  that-Mr.Tucker would represent it : accordingly entered defendant's name in the company books, and always supposed ber to be  a shareholder; could not Tell' whWrtbe annual record of the claim expired. The ledger  of the company was produced, the last entry  made in defendant's account being oa 24lb  Mav, 186D, when a balance was sticck.  Mr Park, for defence. ar������u.ed that no proof  of partnership had been shown. No bill had  ever been presented to defendant, nor h������d  any proof been brought 1 hat the claim was  He  considered  that de-  BRAZIL.  New York. 19th���������The steamer Alps, from  Rio Janeiro Sept. 17, reports that two hours  before sailing from that port the bill for the  adopiion of slavery in Brazil wrs parsed in  ihe'Senale by an overwhelming raojot:ly.  UNITED STATES,  Chicago, 22d~ The funeral  of Col. Gros-  ���������venor took place to������day with Masonic rites.  Cairo, 22d ���������At Union City, Tennessee, last  night, while ihe passengers of a train oa the  IM. and 0.11. R. were ut* supper, four men  jumped on the engine and ran the train two  miles. Two.;- others went into the express  train and robbed the safe of $4000 and then  left.    iyyXx  ���������.;.,";";;   '���������/��������� x'./' ;  Rochester. 24th���������Exlensive fires are raging  in Monroe, Geuessee. Mayne and Seneca counties. The. wind is blowinga gale, and much  an.vieiy. is. felt throughout the burning dis-  j net. The smoke obscures the sun to- such  jiii extent that liglils have to be used in the  <I;iv tune. Reports are constantly coming in  ui Ores in all directions. "  fendant bad abandoned life interest;  Mr Walkem, for ploiui.ilf. argued -that the  So th section of the Mining Law required that  a notice of abandonment should beserved.on  the foreman in order to -exempt a partner  from liability for company debts, and thai  even if the record whs not kept up.it would  make no difference in that respect.  The Judge remarked that the section  quoted was, intended merely to release ihe  responsibility of an individual under a record.  Jn this case the Mining .Law was in some  measure applicable, and he considered that  plaintiff could only recover for the amount of  goods supplied u������ to 24th May, no proof of  defendant's ownership alter iliab.da.ro having  been produced.   Judgment for. $7 25.  PASSENGERS.  By Barnard's Express, arrived Npv\ 3,  From Yale���������Alex. Coutlee, to Boston Bar j  Messrs. Woodward, sen. and jr., to Nicbmin ;  J. Lambert, to; Cache creek ; J, J. Janes, J.  Johns, to Van winkle; J. E. Wolff, to Barkei-  ville. From Clinton���������Mr Harper, to Soda  creek. From Quesnelmouth���������S. Nelson and  K won g Lee, to Bark er y i 11 e.���������',  DowN^By Barnard's Express, left 29th  'October.���������Messrs, Wi Powel 1, John Ganno n,  C. A. Noftemeier/ J. Rosenborg, Mary Sheldon, for Yale. ,; ;  Down--By Gerow & Johnson's Express,  left 2S(th Octpber���������Mr Alex. McArthur, Constable Greem in charge of two Chinese prisoners, for Yale; Mary  Dupratj  for Soda  creek. i\  Goixg ���������Both expresses are .now carrying  full loads of passengersi do wa every trip, and  seat������i have to be secured ahead. The greater  portion of those leaving intend returning in  the spring, and it is satisfactory to know that  a large number of those that are leaving to  visit their homes and friends in warmer latitudes carry with them as the reward of their  enterprise and industry substantial proofs of  tbe riches of our Cariboo mines.  The contract for constructing tbe sleigh  -r?/?i t m the waK������n roa<l bridge down Jack  of Clubs creek was awarded on Saturday last  to Mr Samuel Walker for $290.  To WooDMBN^The Lane <fc Kurtz Company  advertise tor contracts for a large supply of  saw-logs and wood, which should give some  good axemen a chance for a profitable winter's job.  Sams op Cattlk.-We understand that Mr  Mr A. fo. Bates, of 150-mile house, has purchased from Mr Martin Tormey the remain-  ing cattle belonging to the estate of the late  Edward Tormey.  Another Public Meeting at Vanwinkle,  ?il,^d^Mr Evans, was held last Saturday.  -Mr O. Wilson occupied the chair. Addresses  >ver* delivered by Messrs. Evans, Booth,  Walkem and Thompson.  Bakxaki������V  i&rAHv.  S. Wauckk vs. S. Guav���������Ju derm en t summons. Defendant pleaded inability as an excuse for not having paid the judgment. He  had bought a claim on Antler creek by turning over a debt due by a claim on Lowhee.  This had since been paid, but the claim he  bought bad not paid expenses all summer.  Had besides been sick a portion of the summer.    Ordered to pay in weekly instalments  of $15. ���������  H. B. Co. vs. Davi.s���������Judgment confessed..  for $173. ���������  Beudy & Lixmuni) vs. J. Buiigk���������Suit for  $366.  balance due on a lore account and for  board, lodging and liquor.  Defendant paid $3(U> into Court.-  J. W. Lindbard produced books of Beedy ,  & Li n d h ard ;; tlie a l'l io 1 es", from i h e s tt > re we re I  del i vered by ��������� w i tn ess  p*1 rso t i a 11 y';  the . bVef i  and hotel accoiiuIs w<mv kept, by other parlies  Mr Davie, counsel for defend anV. said, that  the store ahd beef b 111 s w6u lii[bo admitied us  correct.;  ���������;.t)i H; Ross prodhced t b e��������� h o i eI bdoks. which  he kep fc, a nd I esti fied that . t f i e';' c h a rges we re  all correct The origi n a I en f ri es vve re rn ad e  In a ro ugh ra ei nii'd ra ad ii ui 1> o o ic and Ap o p i e d i n  a lumpsumin to. tlie day oook.  Mr Davie insisted upon the production of  the memorandum book, as be wished to'show  that liquors bad been supplied .in jess sums  at one time than twentyl shillings, which  Could not be recovered under the -Slatute of  George II. kno wo as tli������ ri'i pp 11 ng Aor.''  Mr Barnston, fqr ;plaini.IU������;.cnn.ended that  there was no.necessity lbr this book,.ail, the  regular books bf; the business having been  produced.     ;:  The Judge decided that notice to produce  all books having been given the memorandum book must be produced, although be  did not consider that it was comprised in the  ordinary acceptance of   the term   account  books.  Postponed till following day.  Defendant testified that pi ai ntiff had never  asked for payment of any liquor bill or presented him with any account; the different  amounts of cash credited in hotel-account  were paid on account of board and not for  liquors, with exception of $15, paid before  ������ding to board; had never got: twenty shillings worth of liquor at one time, but had  paid hundreds in cash atthe bar, and considered he was justified in refusing to pay the  present bill, as he believed he did not owe  it; could not be positive ihat he told Uoss  every time that he paid money lo. credit it to  the board'account, but specified several times  when lie kail done so.  To the Court���������Might possibly owe a few  dollars for liquors.; but not a third���������not a  quarter of a third of tho amount now claimed*  Mr Davie argued that for the sake of  the' ��������� infrre^s' of society the defence oi*  the Tippling Act was perfectly honorable.  Men came lo Cariboo, and aher.working hard  lo develop'the resources of the country would  sit fiom the evening lill two or three in the  morning, injuring their-health, and when their  senses w.ere impaired by liquor losing their  bard-earned money.  Mr Barnston thomsht that the defendant  deserved odium instead- of credit lor  bis conduct. The people of Cariboo' were  able to take.care of themselves without defendant and his counsel coming into Court,  for (he sake of humanity to protect them.  The Judge said that he believed the object  of thejTippliug Act when liamed was io apply to the cases of men with' large families  who \yere in the habit of spending all their  waires in public houses^ but he did not think  it was applicable lo a place like CaViboo,  where men could earn large wages, treat their  friends, play billiards and be jolly good fellows, and be; won Id like in a country such as  this to see it done away with, siill, as long as  it was iii force, iu some cases, he must give  the benetit, of it. The seven games of whiskey pool, however, he looked on us all plajed  atone lime, and consequently would give  judgment tor ihe amount claimed for them.  $11 25. There were also two payments of  $20 and $30, which had not been proved to  have been paid specifically on board account,  which should be allowed to go to general hc-  coiint. This would, however, make no. difference, as the balance had been paid into  Court.:." ..  Port and Pacey he Would send the ca?#,;for  trial before a jury. Meanwhile he wpnbi  direct inquiry to be made for an Indian who  was alleged,to have been present. Hewonld  Accept the prisoner's ball for $500, arid two  sureties far $250 each. [iy,  77 A:     -:r  TKURSDAT.Noy. 2.  Capt. Parsons, a^ native who isi generally  we 11 beh a v ed; n ii Wed nesd ay nigh t i n d iilged  in *too much fire-water given'him by a tilli-  ciim.nnd getting unruly smashed the window  of a Chinese house in Barkerville. for which  he was ordered to contribute $5 to the provincial'exchequer." '0'"/'  A Chinaman was'convicted'of having appropriated to his' own use' some arlicles of  wearing appai**] belonuing to a native lady  usually denominated Big. Annie, and"ben-  ten ced to two months'durance vile.  BRUTAL WURDEIi AT TUB FORKS OF  ���������    QUKSNKL-SUICIDK'OK THE MDR.  ���������   DBREil.- ;. ;-.������������������ '���������..   ��������� ������������������������������������. 00x-  The report of the murder of on Indian  woman last week at Forks of;Qnesnel ha*  proved correct, and the perpeirator���������a Cbi-  namnn���������has eliided the hands of, justice, by,  voluntarily' ending his life With a doso of  Opium. V-   ��������������������������� :' v^',-.-    ���������!-;    "  -: !'.::,    X~     ���������-���������  An inquiry into8 the. particulars of the: death  of the Indian;.woman.Mary was held^^ before  M r 0.11 are and a j n ry o n 241 h; Oct ob er. . I fc  appeared that the .woman lived in the store of  Mr Conk, who had gone to ���������William creek.  Some Chinamen living in the adjoining houso  heard screams during the night and, went and  roused Mr Barry and some white men,-who  went to the house, and on en ter iri g by' )\\#  backdoor foiihd the woman lying ;pn'-'tliw  floor dead, having been;strangled. The.-safe,  i tr w I tic li t h e re w as consi de rab I e ��������� tn o hey, h ad  been d ra gged it ito the midd 1 e of th e. t j dor but  not broken, open.' Much credit is dtie-to "th*  Chinese; who on the inurder being discovered  immediately formed themselves into-a vigilance commjtt������e. pearclting all.the houses of  their countrymen and placing guards on ih������  'different roar Is leading from; town. One Chi-  ( namau was found to be missing, "not having  slept in his own house," arid stispicioti immediately attached itself to him.    While the. ip-  POLICE COURT.  John  Gi.*conie"  Wb oxesda y, No v. I.  was charged  with having  qui ry was proceeding ne ws was brought t ha i  the delinquent, Lee Noi. had been,captured  by some Chinamen on the South Fork, and  h ad eo n fessed - li is ��������� c r i me.';: A par ty i m med i -  ately started for <he spot, -where they��������� foniui  th e Chi n amen had got the fn si ti ve'{ securely  fled. He was handcuffed aiid' brought, bit"  committed a grievous assault on Wiliiam C. town, but on the way lie spoke to another  Portal Quesnelmouih  on  6th  March  last.  Chinaman named I\h  Ka. wiio handed him  something which he swallowed.  On reaching  the Forks a Chinese doctor lindinir him laboring under.the effects of opium, administered  enieitcs. but in vain, the murderer dying in  about two hours. A second inquiry was field,  and a verdict of " f'elo de ae ?' returned : the  jury did not. however,: im plica te Ah:Ka,'v|io  \t was supposed had given the opiinu ;io ; Lee  Noi '.fori the PUrposer.of ^mpk i fig.; In; the .first  i n q u ir y a ver d i c t was given thai Ma ry"; h ad  ���������beeii wilfully��������� murderedfbyriie^-NoLiV--;    A  Gi.scom'vhas been at Omineca during the summer under bonds to answer any charge which  niijijif be brought on his return.  , From the evidence of complainant it appeared   that there  had  been a difficulty be-  Iween  prisoner and  him respecliug a ranch  and some horses which had been mprjgaged  several  years ago  to  the former, who now  vwished tu take possession of the horses,; which  we re i u s la b 1 e a t. Q ii v s ri e 1 u i ontli.  lie i "e f u seel,;  however, to give, the iu. up  without an order  fro in  Gonrt, and G iscome atf e tn pled to take  the in... He resisted.,  when  a struggle. took  p 1 a ce i u; w h i c h. as h e a 11 eged, G i spo m ������ s tr u ck  "hi in with an axe on tlie head',  knocking lii in  se nse 1 ess, i u w hieh co n di t Io tr.-he I ay for along  t i ui e. a n d t ru m t h ������ e ffec ts o f the' b low -Ji e h as  been suiferingever since.  Mr J. Bowron testified to having seen com-  pla.initrit.."������ day or i.wo'.infrer the atlra^;; He  had a wound on his" hoad and a; wou'nd or  ^cratch on the cheek ; thought they might  have been caused by .the; calks of a horse's  shoe, but the Wound on the head might have  bean made by an axe. ���������  [0.  \) r J. C h t p p a t tended Fo rt. a week 0 r two  OMi^KCA^AlinoSt.^^;;every .'day -brings fresh  a vv i va 1 s of ol d Oil ribo 011 es from O mi n e ca, a) I  ; o f; w h o tn; e eem gl atf to ;get. o t; ce mo re to w ha fc.  ;they have' learned' fcoicousideyas^tmvthe^jn1^  eat at least, ttieir h0n 1 e.; i-A few oI these. speak  of returni n<r in tlie spring.; ,bu t ;i n genera 1  ib ey b a v e 11 o t a ve ry h igh op i ti ion o f th e s������������c -  tion; at least so far as yet opened ; iip. Ibe  ���������digging* being very .spotted. ;Np new-#trike!<  are rep or tea1. a ti d I he number o f m i n e rs who  have made niotiey this reason is but small,  The trail from the mines. Is.(n^a yery bad con *  d i ti o h / A large hit m bfir Of: pa c k; a ti i in a I s liad  a I re a d v d i ed, an d i I; wm s 7 fe> red  th a fc of the  F-srum. arrived at {> p.nj, y^A  Wkdnksuav, Nov. 1.  Mr Ross produced the original book where  the charges were first made for billiards;  liquors, jca, at the time supplied, and posted  up afterwards weekly. On Kith March $2fi  was charged ; this included items,for sevoral  days-���������several games ol whisky pool having  been lost by defendant on one occasion;  could not say whether they were played consecutively or not; in this gaai<j ito cnarge  is made for use of billiard table, the loser  merely paying lor the drinks for all players :  drinks over 20s. were never supplied to defendant at any one interval, but he would  come in perhaps in the morning, treat all  hands, play some games of cards, billiards or  pool, and be about the house most of the  time; had seen defendant under tlie influence  of liquor,  but never ������u an* not u? be able to  J take car** of bimse!  not think it could have been caused by a  horse's hoof, but it might have been by an  axe w i th ou fc th e sk u tl being f ra c tn red,  M r ,W ������1 k em, f 0 r d e f e use, re ad 1 he d ep osi-  tloti ol Robert Pacey, who swore that he had  walked down the.street behind the parties  and heard them quarrel Una* both outside and  inside ihe stable ; heard Giscome say " you  are going to strike me?- ; there was a struggle  in llie stable ; he went iu immediately and  saw Port lying between the horses j saw no  weapon in Giscome?s hand.  Mr Walkem asked lor the discharge of the  prisoner, and charae.larized the charge as an  attempt at black mail. . Giscome had been  very lenient with complainant, allowing him  10 keep possession of .the property for years  without paying anything, though Port had by  letter' acknowledged that it belonged.lo pris  oner, N<)w un his a.1 \ernp11ng to get��������� possiks���������  sion of his own, he had" been resisted and  sinick by complainant, who in the struggle  that ensued had fallen among the horses* feet  and been injured, and who now attempted to  ii*ump up a story respecliug an assault with  an aaw  Mr Pa rk, t o r the p rose cu ilon, as k ed  th at  nr j so i.i e r b c c oiu 111 i 1U ��������� d I or trial. |  A- T h e M ft ji'i $ "ta*a te. < I e c i d ed t h h t as   t h * re   was 1  *#t> ij.iAch dihiir*������pai������';y betw^n'thif evidence ������.i'  a f te r: se wed u p t h e w o u u d on the head ; did . t rai ns w h i ch we re sti 11 b n t h ei r way i n  b u I'  ifew animals wo 111 d ever be brought back.  jtmr Tit k Rai r,b0 a n ^Sr ork ^g&  (nearly opposite the Government Assay  Office, Barkerville).���������This store has been  opened by Mr C.A. Noltemeier in connection  with his store in Victoria, with the largest,  and best assortment of boots and shoes ever  brought to Cariboo, lie has introduced a  no v el ty in the fo rm 0 f w ar in W i n ter Bo wtl������  for both ladies and gentlemen.. Leather and  Shoe Findings' and Groceries nve also kept  on hand. Boots* made to order, from best  materials, for $15 per pair. Repairing neatly  done, ","  .���������*i  A. GILMOBE,  a^-ft  GOV ERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA. V,J,  ���������"TAS-ON-HANB. AKDTS GOKSTAKTLY receivliiir. h  11 larue hssnrtmi'nt. ol CLOTHS. CASSlMKRfitf  unci  VKSTINOS,  which he is prepared 10 iriak#Ji'*  order In t.be most min*n>vo(\ sty 1 e������.  Par'ie* on   Willian,   ' re?i  ::  y'  rh������ir  r������n. Ijrtvtf  ni^ar<*f* in ken i >y M r Mr.t< ��������������� 111 in 1, U*Tk'������rrlJ\*i  jffir All T'lT.' ^"W ,^*������i,n������������o pv^wpily.*!!^*!*^ 'tl,  : '** ��������� ��������� ifi#Jii       : ��������� '���������' .    ���������'���������'-��������� ���������  ���������X-  ���������III  ill i\\  n,u.-������ $*#-<-���������*���������*>*���������������>  ^^^\\*^^^^^^ts^sas^^riikiS0Ui  '/. ; A :��������� FrasT-Cus.s 'Skn'Satiox.���������A ���������; Hacxtkd  -Housk on Mbahes STnEKT.^Oii. Wedne^ay  j IN;, family of JtfrJ.S. peas moved into a cot-  ' t������ pe^ on tb e righ t-ii an d side of Meares cfltreet,  jmt b eyond tbe Ce me tery. . Ab ou fc11 b 'ei 6c k  \he Camily reTired to rest and soo n. fel I aslee p.  ;'I ntt i^Vdiit ou b6tir';[and a faal.f afJ.er>yards tbe  .���������fire-bells rang and awakened tbo sleepers., A  - girl*wbo slept in one of: the; ��������� rooms saw the  . '��������� toom sdd(lev,\yj 1 Igbted'������������������ np, ai)cl''. looking to-  y wards'tbe window, saw'standing, outside and  ;, 1 <)okihg in a cplored man,,..,ghe 1 eaped.out.of  - J?ed -and. hung a blanket tip at tbe window.  Shutting but thefignre.*  At about the same  -in ni ni en t Deas; an d bis w i fe ] who b ad b een  a waken ed by ill o fi re-b el I *', saw a n a rcb of  vblue, green and .yellow., fire spanning ihe.ir  rooin. [Every object >was di^i nelly visible  ���������even the time o'.nigbt (27. minutes to one,  o'clock) was seen and noted.   At one end.of  f'this^arcb ofr fire':'.stood-the'*form of a colored  ''���������Tnaiiy who'-died some years a^ro, named R. II.  j*Jo li tiiso n Ay He '^aVe/t on e hand oVe t-, b is: li ead  ^ini^witb the oiher,m-st,pointed to tbe. ���������centre  of J he a rcb and then d re w! i t s16 w 1 y across  i' liis (th rba t; I ':���������;��������� The open pan is' o f tbe room tried  Hiif?Rpe^ikv-V������t>tli&ir tohgiies'cjove' to llie' roofs  '*��������� ,-of;theirmouUis.' {THey.inefiytosei'ttpJn bed,  .but founil ihat power;to dqVso7 had forsaken  + tlierh. -At last tbey. drew; the bedclothes, over  tli e i r bea<b? to -sou fc oil fc th e a p p an ti on; arid 1 ay  ^untiivSayl^  Visitor disappeared^v 'TJvAy"farpse aiCiO'cjock  au d com men bed^ io m o ve thei r. furn i tn re into  ��������� ii ri otbeir vhoilse,'rnrA '��������� last* n jghfc the banhted  I hp"if e was 1 eft ��������� al o^ e'.yf i tb tbe ' gb6sIs. ; Yes-  j trird^jwe'Jea^ families Who;had  :��������� occupied; tbe 'house previously : were- fre-  HOTBLS, RESTAURANTS, &c.  MISCELLANEOLTST  M  ^M^0^Mi&^B  ���������    8 BOW CHURCH YAIiD, LONDON.  [rm  X K������>  B X K E II ^r  /pHlS OLD. AND WELL-KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT  1   is always supplied with the best of everything  that can be procured.in CaribooX"'   i.' A '  Board, -.-, $14 per *W!ee!k.  Single Meals,' -'- -,-,��������� $1.  BREAB fABE FrStHE BEST FLOUR  ���������'���������   The Cede bra ted ������������������"  ��������� .    ���������  FRESH   GiROUND- bpFFEE^  A'rit'perlor nrticlo Io nny��������� wbich enrj beihad: froni bq-  |ovv, Ronated andGround op ibe premiss ,1 nan ;the  best selected borjies,. iind Wurrauted free froni adul-  te'r������ition. '   '   : ������������������ '',     .'' '���������-���������.���������::-'; .  !je.i7       0X0        ;    :   ;    ��������� J^G/GOOT)SON  i JUHi: 0?IJilNEB^& Co.,  ,     VICTOIIIA, B.C.  ',(,. ,���������'._������  ���������a  -away.   The^lfaln, js  rery niysterjonS' and  !tt )ioflq a iield '���������for.theiresearcbesnf tbe-curioi 8.  "^[VictdnaCdiomsfcrOcidber 20*. ''  '   0    -'  ; ' 'v .m; ' v -^--"'-.^ ..',',v:i--^,   ��������� -,-^:.,'.'   -^"  ���������:���������'{< i^. \rr! 71* a IX-' X'7': 7 vf>r ir ?.-^ '^i!������;. \ x X:   iX  , V '  ^centric" LadyJMary Wort ley Mori fffiVe? of her  u9JT'%Ad^n^!J^J9t,^>0^ -y^Op theniphfc of,  ...general, election ^hen^lqrda ^andjvits.were  iproposin^ * this mi* that ^beauty; andx ^?darlc  ��������� eyes,,,,s*' blue.^es^ "swnri^r,eclt,J? ^liosom  'W;June;"i ���������iJ.biis?''of' Diana 77 and'-si lcb^'nii rases  i 1 rprn, tl)e, poets ,yrereu flyinr?;; about.',the,best  if on.m of the. Trumpet, as the flasks of Florence  fa n d BA tgnn cl y .were b ei n g * i o u di y n ri co rice di  ^and tber^ bnsinessrpf  Tfjie 'evening a whim suddenly seized 'Evelyn  Pierpont, Duke;of Kinsrston. to,npminate bis  .liltle.girj. then; not eitrht years of age. declar-  ^jng^she ^as far pre!tier than any ] aily oa the  jetty's.*l|st.jvt The a oiber'j members-d.emii'ire'd^  ;   because' \ ho- rules -of the club for bad e. Ulie  ^1 ^ctioii��������� Of ;uny be'au ty!i.Whdm^tlie m^niteri erf  the club bad', no t'seen.   "Then yon .shall see  .aai?e Jiomo: to have.the little Jady dressed in  \ .^erpbfsfc^nVl'brdi.gliiip4iirn;afc tlieHayern,-^  ;^}^;pres|ntly aptie^re^L;iWnjj. be'r\:seilan. sliy  ^'g. ���������5Irat.-v*^(ricl ^^^^^iacrjiiiy'-j, Sh^ was received  avltbacplainatlonR  fallowedvJier health was drank upstandinjr by  all the whig genUeinen-; and ber^niime duly  "engraver! with < a.i di amend u po n a dri n kin j?  ; iftlass.   She'Avas the^  vSoaqiifi;.^ po^t,. piuSot;  : s 1 afcesnien, to 1 lie arms of. oIbers,; was feasted  ' with sweetmeats, overwhelmed wilh caresses,  an d' ��������� wliat perh apa al i-eady p Icased. bet better  '.than :ejtiler;,: heard her. wit and beauiyei:-  yioijed oii^very side. f ���������pleasure, she said, was  too poor a word to express her sensations ;  '*': ib ey' am on n ted to y ecs \ acy'; .: n e ver, t\ga\ n  Jlirougliput her/future life,. did she pass so  linppy a'dyy.-:;.^e;thojiiffh^       tli at innocent  tiinej perbiips."wlieh-Pdpe"-''iaslie'tf her wilh  scorpidns-;; and/ a<?ain, in ber miserable old  age:- Iri Florence, wlien^nmlice'- aiid -icnndal  bad mangled ber rep illation, aiid rioted on  -liergood"na'hic-v-yA'A AAA-    :���������; "r:7x^.r-x-  !-���������������������  XymA:SQHy&rpALYy.-A  1> EOTO ANNOUNCE THAT TlikYH AVE REMOVED  1} -to tbe. ejVci ous prt-ihiscp loriherly known-as tbe  St. Oeor^e .Saloon j.. where-they, will bout all times  prepared to furnisn ' .   ' :<"  .  BOARD  ' '' THE'  OF  JO  ;ME.AL;S;,   ���������  QUALITY;  <���������f ^Tho' BAlly��������� - fuftiIshed ''wlth"tb���������' ��������� fiiVelt WINES ;  LIQUORSandGIGARS?;     ;'-   ' l"'    :7 J   . .\  - -  ;.   ^  Board,  -  $14 per  AXAA70r0000/ALVi6my70X-  '   PJ.-.V.I  '#i,,v-y  "������������������'" iX  JL lncads.and tile publ ic ,t ha t bob as II tted up sovie  comfortable:/; bep^hqqms  ii'lnsiiew^Uiilngj'wIiere lie-'is,- propyrcd;togive  .good.Beds., a tm lay rcaspnM> 1 o p ri ce,. .;,. Tb bsc, who. \yil 1  lavor hi nx. w 1'tb t li e,i r p n Iron age, tn ay d ep on d oJi' th o  'cleannessauilcomfort ftl'liis house ��������� ; * ! ' .  : ��������� ���������;: Ho ta fees a 1 efb'-t tii s op po r Lull i ty tore tn i h d t lie rCaii ���������>  b po lies., t b a.t h i s, B re \vo r*>v b a s r e cc i v.c tl t h e; FIRST  PRIZE .of tile Colony for bUcelobrated  0 77 ^y 0 -XXXyAfE^x -'-rV4'   '^  An d | li c t r u c a m a tqu r f vv i 111> e ab 1 o 16. j u d ge by tb cin  selvos that such.liondrablc������'prize has bbeii justly'  linvarded to bini. - -       X0-..x'yr': ���������;* .':- .<>���������'.'  ��������� j* |fv|B;rrfA'ijirge'frori t room: to let; >''":':: :..** XA .*���������..  X^^^y^U^Ani .2Z^y^69.xX .^ : "y- V. CXJ^JOi  Dry Goods and ;Co^'ffiisslo''ii;:r3  1      >     ���������'.���������       ���������  :     ���������    "���������      -���������".     '"':'.   '���������-/'���������'���������   .    .t '/.':" ' .%  .-\.-;.....,.���������.. .'...    ���������".'���������': '    ...'-.  jm- Goods bought in the Enropeah,Markets to order, and consignments of Good* from  British .Columbia sold in London..,^, '7AxAi y   :>      :���������  ^J /    ^: xr.u ������������������ X .. ���������; -..;. i y:77  ::  .'"���������.;-'   ��������� R-EtB^M b'^f vi W ^^ '7- '7% ]/]7</!i:'^0  .    .   --.      LONDON���������London and ;V\;estmirister Banks Lot h b it ry/   i'? r     - V   ?. ������������������ i , . -^;- .;���������  [y-yXAA .    [7 $eterii/C6p4i\iK$^ I  VlCTORrA���������Bank of British North.sAmerica:   d ��������� ','       :: ���������   ��������� ���������> }-  vmy6 Cm  EXPRESSES; STJSAMBKS', &c.'  o! for ���������aribdo;and  EARNARD^S; STAGES  ;MAKBf:T^^ ;' y0 yX lA ���������  y-y DRWE.X11E BEST 'STOCK ! ��������� x.//x r  '������������������ /[ 0 7 USE'THE; B_EST COACHES!';';'' ���������  HAV^THEMQ^TCOJ^  CARRY; THE MOST-PASSENGERS IV  yxy ;DOTIIE LARG-^BlJSINl^sj '.-, ���������  And guarantee to conne'e t with-'the Steamer.*  ���������'���������������������������:. '���������'���������;��������� :'��������� ���������'������������������������������������''  at each'eiid. -: 7n>yrix tXy.A  ���������: ��������� ���������"' : Lea ve; Barkeryi lie on,; :Mondri^ 'X JX  u l Six a. in.. reach Yale Tii u rsday������������������ '��������� '���������'���������'��������� A \  "''���������'  at Six- p'.Hii, uud/arrive at?Vie-;^'    !i  ;' ���������'������������������'������������������ tbria- on Sauirday at Four i>..ui\y::  ^ remember:' this"! ii^! -j  ^'Travellers\ by v the  FAST''HN-B' SAVE  ?ROM.T^  m v^fi-:  G-jSr owiSz: ^oKnsoii' s Stages  IITILL 1-EAYI3 BARKERVIlMiE EVERYlWEEK,  !iV>^c.ojmectingr-\vitli th^-������Steamorsiatf Quesner  mouth-������nu Yale, witb.Mi.A������-j: MAIL^ EXi&EfSS and  Passengers, .;: ,,.  \   -      .���������" ."���������'<���������''- .   . ''���������j.*-:v:* X.'."r'  GEROW   '&   JOHNSON?S>   f  ss  T?  The FL.ORENCE'isihe best Sewing  '  Machine for -Famify use, because it  ; 5..;co seidbm gets'out pf o'rdeV.''. If ther������,  . is one not Working well in..:._v ... ,'������������������.. }  * { CALIFORNIA, ;���������'       ' --^  ���������v; "^oSegoW,"^'7" ;:';'',;, 'i;"': :':-:  WASHINGTON vTERRiTORY,  A0y; H������y&^  ;/;, ;,1DAH0;5^"������.,*������- -j <���������������../��������������� *\ iu .fy ���������  7070^^^X00X70X70X00 '/���������: '���������  .' M   > BRITISH^ COLUMBIA/;^:;; * v\.: :-���������':,  :; ;>, M������xjfcoff t ,...;.��������� Pl  ���������>,f f*;������ r JAPAN, t^      w      .  . i    r, ,   ..  ^i ^Or%H:INA^if mfbrmed^of^it, I wiff:;  , 7yj} f I it;^!^^iv^n/^^r^n^.? 4������: ^ ^������' ^:  AXs$9yyj\$lxA0~0[0 7A-^0777,A*^y^yrxX-:: -  .^; |rb,l^ ,fi^g0me)|t ^.: ^  r-0A e^GRAHDHQTELBmLOlHO,;^'^^'  CAKRIES  l^ETTBKS,' TREASURE.: VAt^ABbE^ "\: ;_ '';- ,/��������� )  717 ', 0. ^XPRE^S'FREI<5UT^Nii: PASjfelSTCESS1  ^;':r-i;A:^-'-1;;'.R:E:D'-UiO;E:D''-  j|>EGSTO ANSiOUNCfi THATHlCvHAS O^EDsA  ���������;.S37Anr CHiiJi).~-"PaV dp|slbrraR ever make  in^lfc l)qnorsTM".No, .child;,  why do yon  nsk Vy    ���������; :BeP5'uw������ L .'Mtfirj;ma fell Jane to  "Knng in .the clolhes,(foi;a storm was brerir-  AT STANLEY,> oi .LIGHTNING CREEK.  ;  Th o Tab 1 o, vv i 11 alwii y a b n"su ppli e d w) th . tl i o, b es t  nnicIOB that can b> got In Cariboo, and llie Bur with  tho .  Finest Wines,   Liquors  :,   and  Cigars, ~  -, Stanley (Motrin Last Clunco Creole,) >  ;..-..: ���������,: A -April 20,1871. -.-:.;-j ���������       /   ,."���������  ap29  MR DAVID iKURX7JHST0m\  y :...'> i ij-' .:'���������., -;{- 4 j ;���������:������������������:.. 0. Barkerville.  Steamer  S tore S tree fc, (between He rai d an d FIsga rd)  VICTORIA/ Bit).  ANDREW ������������������ASTiUCO, ���������"-   i  X -, ���������^PROPRIETOR.  W^oi^ia^->;;^.;  ON: AKD; AFTER THE���������aSTk-sMAiJ?, <CHB SI.E'AMEK  Victoria-will.��������� ��������� '���������.���������".-^T:^.���������' ���������i,-^\:' \Ai   j ���������' ���������4,^f''^'i.-V--,  n-:t :i^'.';.;';-.^EA^E SODA-CREEK .t.;';^:;: :'v  EVERY THyR^D^"^^  Coiiiiectiny next rlay with, the Sfcamer ENTERPftlSK  X ' '.. ?t.Cottonwood,Can>-<������n...,/**V' '*.������":'���������"*.:  ..V'*' ;./WILL 'LEAVE:QUESOTL '���������'���������-V-; I  ��������� '���������   ���������:."���������.. On the down trip cvfry ;"������������������������������������   Ar  TUESDAY    MORNING.  ' Freight from Soda Creek to Upper Cab y6n ..V.'^'c'ts;  u..     u    Qn������������iu*l "    .     "     ......l^cis,  Faro from Srxla Uroi'k to Upper Cany on..........".(. $10  Fare Iroin Quesnel to *< ���������*      ,.:,������,.     6  Faro IWiiii Sodu Creek to Quasnel     5  Qiiesnel, May 12, 1871.   ;.' my20  S e nd fo r. C1 re u;-i a rs and sarri p I es of:  ��������� ^vtKe MdtkX} Active;Agents wanted i n  ^ every place.    " y   ' .^    A,  t< *;������������������������������������     ,,  r  x$i^00  Xictimu(7y07A ',1   :��������� A0x Vv&wfas frOi  ;;;..;. hds aa, &FiE$mflX&Xi::  :y^d^fe|;TfeRs;^  with  pci  :,_.    I  Th 0 m on com mn. 1 ion s a n d cl ea n Ho lo J in VI c tor ia  11 \h cm 11 u c te d on t h e K u ropea n pr 111 cl j ��������� 10.   TI j e tab! e  is jii [j p 11e (I vv i I h 111 o. ve ry bra t the ra a r kc t a Jib rd s' ��������� ���������  0^.���������?.* ������!l-;*t������.������rs of th������.. djij^,.. rrivalo j)inlnc  Ronrns for Fainill:.'S. ���������    *  j     Board and' Lodging por work, S5 50'and $G m  Per day  |1.   ^n-rlo moalis, 37^crcts.   Bed* 50r  4������*. Fire proof Saiein tire H^iia*.  m.yOfiin  VICTORIA,  B.C.,  MANUFACTURE STKAM EJvOlNES AND=B0ILBR8:  either High or Low Pivssu iv,   .... '  miiGAP mmimmwmwii  Grist,'Qna r(z a ������ d Su w, m\h, and in lit������i iitiythi ng  c*Ji.ineot(?d with tlm Maciiino 'busiuofsfe.' JroYi and  Bra sk Cast I ngs. 0 f all d escrlj 11: on s. 0 n 1; an (! a ii d ib r  sale, a .lar#o .wntnu'iii of Snw;t*t Bar and otiierlron  uiyis 6113  SPRATT k I&vi:v'G, ProprIel������M,  tersliiro'SaiicG5^ to tlie'irown iid'ericir eoiniiouiid.^ tli<j  pu I>li c.��������� I s d 1 e rob y !i u fiirm eo lh av tlj'������.; on 1 y wii y f,6��������� pro-  cure the genuine,-is to   .;   ���������py-Xr :   ���������/:.! ���������  .;-* ���������!  ASK- i^OK^LEA -& 'PEREHS'^AUCE,  ������ nd t o se n t h at: tb ft i r na m>'$ a re u pit it' lli������' wkaw'J ������  f.ABKLS, SjTO 1 'P KK, /l������ (1 iJU'JT 1 ,K.     .1 f ' r ;     ��������� '���������  S,(i mo ul il v' to i-e I������n mu r k,c t h jin vi n'������������������$ ber n su ppli wl  ith aspttrinus Worccsti'r.-? 1)1 r<Saace.npoii tiff wrap-  J i- an d'l a li olrf of v/hicli tlir? nVt n i j?u oi 'Lea nti if Pc rfi n :5  h ave I) e q n ��������� i'* irjre ti, ���������' ;L. - n li tl - P. ��������� ^ i v- e n" u t lee t Ik;i t tb ey  Ikivc fu rnis lied t lie jr. e o r r e s poi i d f������n I .s w i 111 pawer ' ��������� f  'attri j-n ey to-- "ta kKo i h^ l a n t ��������� procoed in pp' .njrnijhs t ;sf a* V*  taotiiiikrP an d .vendoiis o I & ii c11,' nr any 'otheriibi t>*-  Uons by,which tli eii riglit in ay be jn (r\nge.ilA ��������� ;    ���������  As.lr,for LEA ;&.PEBRINS' ��������� Sauce aiid see  Name, on  Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and-r  Stopper. ...     ;   '       ty  : 'Wholesale and'for nx'porl by (he Proprifitorp/Wpr-  coster; Cross t*. a. n f I B1 ac k w e 11. Lon d on i & c., &c.';' ftn d  byGrocjers and Oilm-cn universally..    >'; '.���������:- 0:  7f.  QYLVKSTEK'S EXPKRSS FOP. OJMNECA v\-|Jl-Iirre-  f'J- ���������'. ���������. a ft er' Jeav ���������������'��������� Q V KSN KLM 0 UT H o ii or a b������������ Uli e l,^t  and 10th of each riioiab, making regulartiip^twico  a month.  :fjw~ A firem ora 15*1 s presit 1 j iifi n eV? cMi dnoH.   .   .  a tti Hfc'Fea ������VLV8ST������1II<  Y~S>^  *' t'i^  Pi


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