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 Kiwi  Vol. 4.  Barkerville, WiUianis Creek, B. G.vTliiirsday,; May SO, 1867.  VICTORIA LETTER, No. 1  Victoria, V; I., July 14th, * 1867 ���������  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.���������A���������QCISHT0N  OF TEKUITORY*  Such is the heading of a letter la the Daily  [Oregonian, of 1st May, the burden of which is  [the-.acquiringCot British Columbia for the  [States.   Tbe writer, after bringing in a few  j magniloquent sentences;   enlarging   on  the  ('great use to America of fhe property in ques-  [tiorij.and the unquestionable, unanimity, of his  [nation in the matter; democrats, or the slaver j  folding party falling in with the views of  republicans, whose.'���������;" mission ;'.;is to take ; possession of this continenfc."   The writer ad-  tuces in his support, ah articie in particular  >f the Morning News of this colony, to wtiich  iy  attehiioh being: thus :dfawn, X at" btice  itaraed.   I there; foundconfirmation of the old  saying about traitors in the-camp; r I there  found an article which might h ave b een spe-  [eialiypeaE^^^  limself, by one of those men for ever bringing forward the illustrious example of other  tatioris/but most religiously? refraining from  sheltering themselves under tlieir; protecting  lag ; by one of those men who by their in-  lammatory,;and to Bay unpatriotic would be  weak,  speeches, encourage the  enemy  or  stranger to insult the gbyernnien t to >which  they; pjofess^tpt ow^llegian^. ^It^bmmehees  in u this utilitarian age,!^ and the feture; destiny pf the colony is discussed' ; in the event  >.f ��������� a war^with the; United;; States, ifcwould* in^  X 'fell * pre3?f to. the latter.   The "���������; class  )fM!fatiT-iW&fl'"-toi ttiese waters ;woti].d. be uh-  ible to resist the superior forces^ jhat ppuld;  ie sent froni Califorhi$AA Under^these circun������  itanceaj the sapient writer asks-^Ist :* Of what  might yet be considered an answer to bur  patient's query No. 2. In reply to thev paragraph numbered 3,1 would merely .call, the  heedless writer's attention.to..three statements  extracted for his special benefit;/ The first is  from the Toronto Globe, "afarmerwith 120  acres arable and 60 acres waste:lahd,; with  150 sheep, 6 horses, and 10 beef cattle, last  year paid taxes to the amount 'of $110, and  this is about the same as is levied in the states  of New York, Ohio; Fennsyivania, etc." The  second extract isTrpm::Xhe Daily, Qregonian,  May Istj 1861: X, The rate of taxation inf Ada  county, Territory of Idaho ,for the current year,  upon each $100 worth of real or personal  property^ is as followsv;i territorial^ 10 eehts ;  county general, 15-cents ; jail, 5 cents ;��������� hospital, 2 cenfejJsehpoli 5 cents'; a >tbtal: of $3  70X Added are the following capitation taxes;  poll, $4 $ hospital, ,$2 ; road, $3; a fetal of  ������Q 11 c "Wiao 't������1 a oa thai, t      Th fit 1 astt'' l s fivvm  th a  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS,  ise; is the ���������:cbloliy ta Englatid'i? :2hd������������������":  of  rhat :bfenefi ty to the;colony is^ ^e : eo^mection  ri th England A: ��������� ��������� Two or Jhree millions of dollars baye been ��������� spent liy; the Wnited /States  foverament/bn a;^  (Ve sfrbuId { by.ifte ^essioTi); mo������������������t; assjiredly |  iave cheap an^popuiar^ye^  jradistmctierii to an almost ihsup ....   . ,0  ^ f taication^ ��������� (fe'Vanc^^^  $9,^; > Niee:place that I    The; lastis from the  Timesi London, Deceinber^lsthK  amount ^raised; oy taxatiPtr. in the  United  Slatfesj for tTh'eTtfnancial yeaFendliig' 3(T���������fiTune  ;186B^;was. ��������� $5i$;5OOi0OO^or; &k  sideratipn^the average value 'pf^etdollar/  eighty millions sterling; the public'debt; from  Augkst;lfi65y till Octpber/l866^hadbeenide-  creased some Ifeirty millions sterling.   Will  this last ?  Mr. McGulloch is well aware that  theytaxatioh^of the" States; is ^strained so high,  that more ^ harm is done in the :way of restraining; indnstry^than good, in the redemption of debUX These, of themselves, ought  to be sufficient to dispel Ae^ soft impeachment, of a icheap arid popular government."  I pannot.but;-.believejhafc;.this last .expression  was; sen t by telegraph by'the no table McClure  himselfc; A Ittj Was //the (very Ar expression  spouted by him on the occasion oi; the memorable *.'ireasbhi meeting,?f^pf 30th September  last; and part of a problem, in the working  out of which he worked himself out of this  fine climate.  f No,  Mr; ^Morning Newsy ihe  people; of great Britain will not fill our ��������� |owns  pr cultivate our %aste^lands, without Tve: put  bur shoulder to the rwlieelj as vother; colonies  ;hkveidone, and assist the bone and muscle^(tp  '%&&" n-iif.li i ti or nf 5 i\%n li ������������a vhr an rfeKf'&} Xnf. tha Xti\J\  'A. Mcpherson,  T O H W A K  -    -X:y -X .y .y���������.ASD-^-.   '<������������������������������������:  ���������������������������������������������:  ���������:���������������������������:  00&m0  AT E. HODGENS'  OLD   STA^D;  . Baticrv|%>tst May, 1867^     ' "'   1 '  Ik  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS,;   .  The   Cariboo   Seritiiiek  JV  ������������������--;SEMI-WEEKLY-PAPEK; -;    ^  PtJBLisHED  Every ; Monday  aIvd Thuhsdat>  Dissolution of Partnership  TMIE PARTNEl^SHIP heretofore existing between the  X uUdorsigued Is.this day dissoived, by limitation.  Ail debis due to the late firm may be paid to either  party, both being1 authorized to receipt lor collections  made, and all liabilities wilt be liquidated by F. NEU-  FELDER, who will contiuuo tbe business at the old  stand.   PrWOFEt'DER,7"'  J. J..BRAMLEY.   .  . Richfield, 1st May, 1867. *'-. i  a -HEW. TIN". SHOP,,----:  THE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in the above  business next door to, MundorlTs stables, Barker.  vllle, and solicit a share of public patronage. .  7x   CAST   IRON   STOVES        ;  :    AXy Always oh hand, .  T^ew Work and Jobbing  Done at reasonable rates.  f&T Our Teams ��������� run ��������� regularly between Valo and  Cariboo and all orders in our Hue of business carefully  attended to. '. ..-...��������� . . ���������  1  ' E. PEARSON & BROS.  ALLAN Su CO., Proprietors.  ���������;   Ax\  XJfi^ce���������BARKERVILIaE, Wiluams Creek, Cabiuoo.  . - Subscviptibii,'$ 1 per Week>- ���������   A- ���������. -.  (Including cost of delivery,) Payable  to theCarrior.  WAKE-UP-JAKE  Restaurant, Bakery,  AXD  BARKERVILLE,  PATERSON &GOODSON,'PuorRiETORS.  ^X- -AKi?OUNCP?G - tHJS- HS-^OPSJ^JfG-r OF -TS25 *  house for the.season, the proprietors' wish to in������  form their friends and the public generally, that they"  will spare no pains in order to merit the patron ago ai ;  all who give them a call, ..,���������   .... .,/..    .yX.  ? '��������� ':��������� A     '" Meals at al! hours, 1 ���������  T  PEN FOLD'S  SALOON,  070       BARKERVILLE.  ..        ;���������'������������������'  ;.AXX  FARE KEDTJGED  ?  mm  s nb longer one^ of loyality;, but of; existeheed  nd to improve our deplorable cpndifcioni".  !his whine is fbilowed by the astounding asr'  ertion (no longer a question), 4th ;;'To Great  ritain this couatry is ofno; r^al value ;whai>:  ver!" to which co mesaf ndn sequi ter j **' iWe [���������  annot look; to Great Britain to ; supplyv us  ith population to fill otir; towns; or cultivate  ur waste laf3^ls.": So fary the; writer in the  orning News, fSeems:> to iave  exhausted  is arguments in stating that the colony is of  o use to Great Britain ; then that the latter  of no use to ns, then that in the bosom of  e United States alone can our-salvation1 be  und} that there we should most " assur-  ly have cheap-and popular government,"  at we are * all dead;' starved out, or will  [hortly be so, -. unless proniptly received into  " e all-absorbing" niaw,of republican goverh-  ent.   Weil may the innocent Oregonian, in  e fulness .of his, heart, ^followlUpjsgch ,nn-  istakeable \pr6^niericanisniS^^"la^ng :-���������  We need it to complete the arrondissement  four Pacific territory^ and adopt the. mission  to take possession1 of the whole continent.' "  he mantle^ of pro-republicanism whilom worn  y Leonard '��������� McGlure, has truly.; falJen .6h  orthy shoulders.   But what can be expected  f men or writers, whether proprietors or  erely Monitors,^ who proclaim without dis-  uise who  they are ; who speak of John  right as "one of the purest patriots" Eng-  nd ever saw $ when it is notorious that his  ecial mission has been to set class against  lass, to trumpet the praises of any nation, especially a republican one, at the expense of  is own ; to open the door by such Anti-Brit-  b conduct to the re vi lings and opprobrious  lamors of the enemy and the stranger I   But  io proceed to argument: 1st���������This colony is  fuse to Great Britain, of great use in the first  lace as a naval rendezvous, for which no  arbor can be found elsewhere ; and though  jlow to  a proverb in her movements, and  (pmewhat distracted by the numerous calls  n her care and attention, England will not  ave the country defenceless, nor relinquish  to the stranger.   In that day  when* the  e trans-continental railway is built on Brit-  h ground, and it will be done to render  ntain independent of foreign and jealous  h item powers ; then will this country be  vaiiable to her as a p rivafe road to her East  iiiu possessions, which she might reach in  country, to hew down our forests and build  our roads.,- We must uphold such a system' as  that of -Mv^;Klaucke';- ;^/We>must help ourselves  instead of oireyiUng^^^fl  difficulty in the face, and not seek extraneous  aid.    We mu3t fall liack on British pluck,  which has ere; now? faced a world in arms ;  and  that indomitable  perseverance 'which  liyed and flourished when; other natibhs, now  deemed ��������� great and' glorious^ had not;?: been  thought of. .He must follow up that advice  you so gratuitously gave the " British Co-  lumbian,^ in ^explaining the^;secr et^bf^ Yankee go-aThead-ativeness?, that the j; never run  ab out for outside help ; they never fal ter ;  they never say their country is going to ruin;  oh ! come help us.    They never, John Bright  like, run down their own government in unmeasured terms ; they never, like yourself,  Mr. Morning News, whine; to have improved  ," their deplorable conditionl IV-... No! No !  Messrs. Oregonian and Morning News, though  brothers both, and first cousins of one whose  "manifest destiny" is to annex ; you are yet  bounded n or th and to. the far' sp ii th, by one  who rarely recedes ; and acts With yourself,  only wi th more matured e^p erience, on the  good old plan of " keep jail you^ get, and get  all you can." ���������'.' > ��������� ���������  BARNARD'S STAGES WILL LEAVE YALE EVERY  i     MONDAY  AfMD  FRIDAY,  With-H.\M. Mails, Express and passengers, .-for  Lytton, Clintoii, Soda Creek,- Quesnelle and Barker-  villo, with, branches to Svivana's FoTry and Lillooet.  -Barnard's Express canHes Letters,'Treasure.'* Valuables', and Express Freight to Big. Bend, 'Cariboo:  and "way starj^rps. X..,, '���������.,".' .^.., .. ������������������' <_,, ,, jy.i-:'.  ���������, . .;��������� .iA u. ;���������������������������  PARE TO;S()I>A <^EK,::!  v "'^T: $60  FARE TO BARKERVILLE,   -  ���������.'.- (Exclusive of Steamer's fare.)  $8o  i-s  EXPRESS  i  BRITISH COLUMBIA  VIGTORfA   EXPRESS,  Connecting at Victoria with WELLS, FARGO & CO-  for California. Oregon, tlie Atlantic States  ....'���������- and Europe.  AND AT YALE AND LILLOOET WITH BARNARD'S  CARIBOO EXPRESS,  i.    For Big Bene, Cariboo and the Northern KTines,  Conveying Treasure, Valuables, Lette-rs, Packages ap.d  -  Parcels.   . J.-s  PENFOLD :BEGS TO ANNOUNCE TO HIS  friends that bis new BILLIARD,SALOON is now-  open, where cVery attention will be paid tp the-comfort of his visitors.  ���������  THE BEST  Tbatcanbe obtained  found at theBAIi.'  LIQUORS & CIGARS  in tho market will always be  : With private entrance, are attached to the Saloon;  Barkerville, 1st May, 1867. ��������� 1 -s  I  VV;  Adorns; PeairGj &  ������������������; ;tt:r 00 "���������";- ��������� ��������� b-A a fe^vrii l e y 7 ���������  ���������-...��������� Have, just received a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Tm  PLATE  AND   SHEET  IRON,  with various other articles in tbefr line of trade  tigf All Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and  Ziuc trade attended to, and warranted to give satisfaction. -������������������-.���������"-,;-.'.' X'-   .-.'������������������ '."���������;������������������ .1 .'  Cariboo Literary Institute  idia  |hout  twenty-two days, in lieu of as now  !ven weeks to Hong Kong.    To say that we  pall then be on the high road to prosperity,  *oug'h apparently a mere counter assertion,  X And you have been married three tinges,  Patrick* haven't you V? " Yes, indade, aur."  *'And what do you say of it? Whi'jh wife  did you like the best V7 " Weil, Becky O'Brian  that I married the first time, was a good woman���������too good for me, she got s;Ack and died,  and the Lord took her. Then I got married  to Bridget Flannagan, she wc^ a bad woman,  and she got sick and died, 'coo, and the devil  took her. Then, foolthat I was, I got married to Margaret Haggerty, she was woi*se  than bad���������very bad���������so bad that neither the  Lord nor the devil would have her ; so I have  to keep her myself."  J. S. THOMPSON, President;  JAMES ANDERSON, YicvT&������3lb&HT*  A  JOHN &ACLAREN,  DR. W. 5. WILKINSON  JOHN ADAIR,  Directors.  Eclipses.���������There will be a total eclipse of  the sun on. August 29fch, invisible in the United States and a partial eclipse of the moon on  the evening of September 13th visible in  America. At Philadelphia the moon will rise  eclipsed at nine minutes past six, a. ra.. and  the eclipse ends at fifty-six minutes past eight  p. m.  JOHN BOWRON,   .   -   SEcr.,CTARY & LmRARlA.v.  THIS INSTITUTION at present contains about 500  volumes of Choice Litcr-xturo,consisNngof Religions,  Scientiflc, Historical, and Poetical works, i������nd works of  Fiction.  Worcester's Large Pictorial frictiohary, Cre's Diction  ary of tho Arts, Manufactures and Mines, Lippencott'.-;  Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World, rfnd Homan's Cyclopedia of Commerce will always bo Icopt in the room  fojr reference.  The Reading Room will '6c found supplied with tire  latest English, Scottish, C-raadiau, American, and Colo-  uinl l������apiir������ and Magizincs.  Terms op, Sobscriptk^v���������$5 per quarter, or $2 per  month. Single volumes. Loaned to non-subscribers at  60 cts, per volume^ with $1 deposit.  Persons not subscribers'Visiting the Reading Room  and making use of the -Soofcs and Papers will be charged 25 cts. for each visi L  4������* The Room will be open from 10 a.m., till 10 p. m  JOHN &OWRON,  1 Secretrary and Librarian.  T. N. HIBBEN & CO.  WILL    FORWARD    VROMtTLY,. AT    .MODERATE    TERMSr  English,   American^  ;' French,  Germaii,  And other Newspapers and Periodicals. ������������������  SlI������lS0RIPTIOS8i' ADDING POSTAGE, PAVABPE IN' ADVANCE  ,   15th May, 1S67. .. 4-3m  ^rnrmH  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  T  M    S  J?;E  WUX RUN  LEAVES  T  E  A MvE K  R  AS   FOLLOWS  THE "CAE13SOO SENTINEL"  Apvics to Blockheads���������Stupid people  may eat, but they should not talk. Their  mouths may be well enough as banks of deposit, but not of issue.  ���������o���������  Cards*  Bill Heads,   Circulars,  ^Posters  and  Programmes for .Balls and Theatrical  Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness -./nd Dispatch at thia Office,  #S"������ Terms   ^fodente-  -^ON~  Thursdays and Sundays,  AT SIX O'CLOCK, A. Mv, r  LEAVES   SODA   CREEK  ��������� 0N-  Tuesdays and Fridays,  AT FOUR O'CLOCK, A. M.  Quesnclmoutb, May 2nd, 1867. 1"  ^���������������  t  ; QUESNELMOUTH,  BRO^TSf & GILLIS, PROPlti^TOKS.  Crood Beds> Restaurant; Billiard Table, M  Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats; _    s ���������;  COLONIAL RESTAUR ANT,  -- QUESNELMOUTH,-.  p. L. JOHNSON, Propuietob,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best  description. s THE CARIBOO SENTINELjggg3; jtf*havecontinued tofdVor  THURSDAY, HAY 30, 1867.  :   Agents ibr the' "Cariboo SentineL  Gronse<3rcefc, ,. J,. -; 77~ -I"��������� -    :'-.   A. McWha  Quesnelmouth,.., Mr.Goudio, Barnard's Express Office  '7HlG>   < *  ' '' --'-���������%��������� Evans,      do   < do  Lillooet,    ���������-.:������������������   RW. Foster,      do do  Now Westminster,    ... - 0 .  ;,. ���������    . '   Clarkson & Co  Victoria^ :-.      .       .  -.���������-���������.      .      f������. Maiiandaine  -V.   t������    i (A. Lyne.  ���������Sh:^Ilt?i-'r    ������������������*���������'���������"      tT^* Bullock, French Creek  Tan.;Winkle,.       -      -      -   \-      -      S. Edwards  . .  their  ,.. , the near approach of these Fenian cut-throats to tlie cuticle of these crazy  sentimentalists, (at other peoples expense),  con verts'.the'last in the. twinkling of an eye,  jinto the most determined supporters of the  'Judge Jeffries, of the day. ���������; Fenianism has  gone out;, what the next speculative sensa-  tion may be no one can tell.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Scenes in the British House of Commons.  -r-A London-letter of March 2nQi. says:, The  P������Ilfclpal elements.have rarelv h^in ������nMv n  political elements have rarely b'eeri in such a  ferment as during the week that is closing.  On Monday last, when;accordirig to announce-  BOWLING- SALOON.  ON ACCOUNT OF  SICKNESS, THIS  ESTABLISH-  ment will not bo opened until SATURDAY, PIR&T  JUNE. C. FULTON./  29UiHayf 18���������7. "I  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS-  INEBll MERCHaS  x.' .fi';^?/COBHES'PONpENTS.. :���������'.' ��������� _..-. vu iuuuuity twsi, wnen;accoramgto announce-  . y^J communicatioiis must be accompanied, by tho ment, the ministry was to.sketch out the Re-  real name and address,;of tho writer/ cot necessarily form  bill *vhw������h i*  waa nao/lw^  ��������� -  *t*~  with a view, of publishing iheeanie, but as security for  his eood faith  ���������'...;. ,0A ;=r;.,-;;;T6,;AI)yEltTlSERS;-r   -������������������:.-'������������������  xx-  ������*!r.������^*^ Monday  aodTbureday. , Advertisements intended for insertion  must be delivered at latest at ^o'clock, p, rn., the dav  . beforopublicatioju i-   -;. ,.    ,...    Air:. ?0���������xy.  ^^^J,Advertisements(not inserted for any definite  period) will be continued until ordered out and charged  foraccordingiy. ..       '  ,, ���������:     '  form, bill Which, at.,was ready *<*o carrv. the       .     .^    ������        . ..    .  Whole atmosnfaere of tho Hoiia^-moo Qfr>w>������' receiPl of* from Langloy & Co,, Victoria, viz., Pomades,  Hs^nv v!n ������w "^SS-J^-u^w^sto.rm* Powders, Oils, Combs, Brushes, and other articles for  us^auy on such   occasions,  the prominent the Toilet. ..-.'<...  TAKES   THIS   METHOD   OF   LVFORMLVG. HIS  friends and the public generally^ that lie has enlarged and fitted up his SHAVING SALOON, in a superior manner, having secured the services of an efficient  assistant assistant, he is now prepared to oporate in a  satisfactory manner in all branches of theTONSORIAL  ART. ........        .:      -'..'- ,;/ ,..,������.     :���������..<;,  .' Ho also begs to call the attention of the ladies to his  fine selection of Perfumery, which lie is constantly in  receipt of, from Langloy & Co., Victoria, viz., Pomades,  To be sold before the arrival of the Pack Tta*  niajce room for n������w stock.      ira4n8,!<  25,000 lbs. of MERCHANDIZE11  Miners, Merchants, and Restaurant Keen  take a chance.        :       ���������^  NO % HUMBUG ! GOOD   FRESH  BTTT'piJ  ������31.25 per lb.   ���������   :      UES|  RichMd, 1st May, 1867. ���������    . K *������^ *���������������;.  x, THE FENIAN:SPECULATION.  ., To regard the Fenians from a patriotic  point of view, would be to commit as great  an absurdity as. to take any dramatic representation at a penny theatre.ais a puredisplay  bf unquestionable fact - The comparison may  be carried further. The whole Fenian entertainment, from Its earliest', ioeeption to           ��������� ���������w.w.v~.-j.    MJV     JSAVAAIAU^AJI  men of every party are cheered by their adherents as tbey enter.   But reforminEnglaod  has  got  beyotld  the .</^ti*emendous cheers"  phase ; and to-night, as Disraeli^ Gladstone,  Bright and Lowe came in, the alienee was  even deeper than before they; entered. ; It  was' tho hush thatj precedes' conflict.   The  House had "evidently every one-of its  658  membors present���������a  most  rare  thing.   A  fourth of them had to sit in the galleries, for  the House is not large enough to< hold the  Commons, and generally counts on the short  Commons it gets..;   I never saw Disraeli looking so weary and grim.   As he rose, he cast  a sad,;helpless glance around him^ which said  very plainly " How I would like to give the  country a real reform bill to-night I but I  must eontinue. the Tory leader." "Neverthe-  the Toilet. ...  ������������������'���������; Ho"also calls attention to his unrivalled Hair Restorative, guaranteeing to stop hair from falling, out, in  one week, and in reasonable Ume restoring Hair to its  former state and color.  ,"..'  <  Also Gentlemen's furnishing Goods ; finest assort-  ment'of Shirts, Underclothes. Neck Ties, Scarfs, etc.  27th May, 1867-      ,        0\ Im  PARiS   AND    LONDON    HOTEL  AND RESTAURANT,  RICHFIELD. 77;'  ff."������n������* -������������������'  ���������������������������---���������-V-*-6mart--.Yafifc^  .     ��������������� ������^uowutvuM    - >V  AO     Vi 4413     til (till  ni'en of Irish birth or descent have participa-  ���������ted largely in the promts; but the characterise  tic. smartness in siezing upon some popular  feeling or sentiment,' having thev most ignpr-  : ant or gullable class''-under' its influence, & la  '.; Barnum, is wholly; of j,Yankeevorigin,;whether.  ;i brigiaal or adopteii. ? It will be-observed, in'  tracing the course of -.''the Fenian drama, that  the originators, \ who dealt; only ��������� in bunkum  .   or ^braggadocio, ��������� '��������� wer^*^Ae;;;re.cipients'\;of the  'A'yevj"cream of the speculation.  When the first  managers had their ruii, the next class of ope- j  raters./had 'to -get. up ^the Canadian raid, in  that of the week before, when he had to  amuse the clamorous pit with  a gaudy rhetorical curtain for; two hours, because the arrangements for .the play had not been made  behind it.   Now, instead of the studied and  artistic oratory, we had a plain story, if not a.  rievel one,   ; But before he had proceeded an J  hour, he and all felt that the bill was already  rejected..   Then the House became languid.  And I must say that as often as I have attended the debates of the American House  of Representatives,! never saw, it in its boredT  est hour so free in its attitudes as this most  XAX    FOB SALE.  A "COMPLETE SET  OP  EXTRA s STRONG   LVDIA  .'��������� Rubber Hydraulic Hose, together with Pipes and  Nozzles thereto belonging, for salo cheap.  ���������  For particnlars, apply to Mr. P. W. LAUMEISTER.  Richfield.  26th May, 1867.  TEL DE  FRANCE,  tECUYER & LEBRUN, Proprietors,  The undoraigited have refitted this welt known i  which is now open for tho 'accomodationof^|  The Bar will be supplied   with  tho. best brand. .  LIQUORS and CIGARS. ., wor������n<isor  /&3* Meals and Beds furnished at all hours,  0. FONTAINE,  FELIX POUCHOT,  Richtleld, 1st May, 1867. i'roprieto*.  E RT L E I  ���������  BREWERS,  BA-EXEK Vlhr  XI ������m  IX the above Establishment  the above Establishment.  ..;     '    GOOD FARE AND GOOD BEDS ���������������  Barkcrviile, 27th May, 1867.  HAVE  ALWAYS-ON HAND   A. GOOD  STOCK flp  Beer, Liquors.aad Cigar������. YV*w  Tbey would Invite"their friends to give them a can  ''(r.f.x^r-j  7-s  ........... .v/ftvy.^M^!)ui..-.:viwi*������i&ii laui, in est hour so free in its attitudes as this most  order to (Jbrpw some spirit iato the affair, so gentlemanly body of legislators j ihthe world.  as to sell their tickets; J. e.-the Fenian bonds. Yet during1 a great part of Mr. Disraeli's  Thfe .miserable performance o������;that occasion, speech, and during.that. of Afr* Lowe, Lord  was;well*nigh making Feniaaism'a drug. But' Stanley reclined on his 'back-on-vhis own  about New York'(-thereinare always a set of beneh, with.his legs barring the aisle; and bis  Dissolntion^fPartnersliip  THE. PARTNERSHIP   HERETOFORE   EXISTING  X^between P, C..DUNLEVEY and C. C. WALDE-V  is hereby dissolved by mutual consent. * '  C. C.-WALDEN,  .;���������;���������-     .  .���������"���������      ������������������   PETER C. DUNLEVEY.  Soda Creek, May 6th, 1867. ?$  O.PPENH'EIM.ER & C0~  WHOLESALE  AND ���������-  worthless scouindrels prepared for any despe-  rate adventure.- Filibusterism is just into  their hands, and securing- round.sums raised  fi*om Fenian bondsi and the.miserable earn  feet on the ��������� top of the; clerk's table ; and on  the;opposite side, the Marquis ;ofPartington  was enjoying the same free and easy position.  If the Speaker.(Mr. Dennison) bad-leant for-  f  - , ��������� , -r-���������  ������������f.  *** "*0  */.VPMW'AA,OUAliy*  thing like a'ball, and.nothing on the said ball  was visible but a hat, the brim of which was  di^wn over his nose.  ^* If you want good Coffee use FelFs.  ,-.--,, per.rrrA^������A.y ^<wu-ju Mie������bpeaKer(Mr. Dennison) had leant for-  irigs of servant girls and stable boys, of Irish ward, be could have touched their b^bts. Mr.  birth, ia^the United SUties^tliey leffc-fer afsea- lifadstone was doubled up in his behch,some*  son their fellow rowdies to seek adventure in thinv* Jilm ������.*K������ii' a^ ���������iut~~ -- ^.--- -���������-���������-,������������������, ������  the ; ^ Green .Isle." . .Of. eourse .the Fenian  plaJ Js "-.playcil;out'���������>:It wont ��������� jtake tL0>wtf  evea at a^ penny theatrei ^ 3ut the 'dreadfiii  seeds sown by such vicious auausemehfe^have  still.to bear^ their fruits..^_/'Itis pf.np.iuse to tell;  inexperieabed people that by folio wing such i  and such a course of. action, great risk and *'  misfortune must inevitably follow. -The yery  danger has; for some people the; same fascination "a -candle has for a moth. % One cannot  avoid feeling, vexed ..at.so.silly and unneees- j  sary a suicide, but it cannot be helped.   Our  readers will not' foe' surprised to learn that  heedless, mo th8 in the shape of drapers^ clerks,  aud novel-reading cobblers, have singed their ���������  wings, and now lie. helpless in. the grasp of j  the law.- 'Thatsome of these poor victims of  JUST ARRIVING, IN PRDfB * ORDER, . AND  FOR  sale at reasonable prices:  ,.;'.      ; ".     GROCERIES,  ETC., ETC.  ���������'    ���������  Sugar cured Hams and Bacon,  Eastern Butter, California fresh  ditto in Rolls, Dried Peaches, Old Rich  RETAIL   ME RC HA NTS  ;      BARKERVILLE.       ���������   .      ���������'  BAM OF BEITISH CO^tUIBU  jroncE. AAXA  MR. HENRY SHIRLEY  pointed AGENT for this  SHIRLEY   BLUNT   HAS ' BEEN AP-  .    .       J.NT for this Bank at Barkenilh.   it.  place of Mr. Robert Greig, who has left the BaiikV  ^vice... Wm   a  WARD,  ';' Victoria, April 25th, 1807. ^  ' 1  n  ]  f  ������  I  I  h  ���������o  ir  tc  ���������hi  sa  W!  m  T i e e  ISS ELIZABETH THURBER HAVING PUR-  chased ray interest, in the " Occidental Hotel,*'  sho alone is authorized to collect outstanding accounts,  and wLU also liquidate the debts heretofore incurred.  WALTER E. LAWLESS.   .  Witness���������WiJJiam Phillips.  Barkerville; May 29ih, 1867.   . 8-2w  EXPRESS   NOTICE  t ._���������.������������.. ���������������..������  ��������� viunvtm, ...Oysters,  Tobacco, etc., etc.    :    N .     ���������  . DRY.'GOODS, ETC., ETC;  Baltic Shirts, Working ditto, Jumper ditto, Dock  Pants, Moleskin ditto, Cord ditto,' Cassimcro ditto,  "Cassimere Hats, Fur ditto. Woollen Socks, Merino do.,  Suspenders, Turkish Towels, Paper Collars, Neckties,  Rubber Boots, ditto Coats, Undershirts and Drawers in  J great variety, also Coats, etc., etc.  Thaakful for past favors, wo respectfully solicit the  patronage of one and all. Our stock this season will be  much larger, and more varied than any former year.  J. H. TODD &-C0.  Barkerville, May 18, 1867. Im  E. STEPHENS,  !  CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR.  HAVING TAKfiV AN OFFICE IN RICHHELD,  Williams Croek,'is prepared to execute Surrey?,.  Plans, Levels, Sections, &c, Ac, committed to bis  charge, with care, despatch, and ou REASONABLE  TERMS.  3 /T3T Office, centre of Richfield. =tf&  a^toffae^tless^pe^uia^ A^t^nlh^^ bArnard's  express is  alty. of..their,;want; of ^serimi^tlon. with ^afo^^^^^^H^^^^^  alt j of .their, want/of diserimination, with  their lives, q4' one can doubt.   The English  press, through every shade of political partisanship, faas but one cry, and that is, thai a  severe example";should be made of the lead-  el's an<i otiiers.  caught with arms  in their  fcands, in tlie act of rebellioni '��������� /There is only  one exception to this very generally expressed  desire for hloxid, that we have observed so far  as our files of English papers that have reached  Us show, and that is the London Examiner,  but it pleads for mercy to those misguided  men in sueh-namby pamby Exeter Hall set  phrases, that we doubt very much any weight  being attached to it by the public.  Onr readers must bear-in mind that the reckless abet*  tors of these fool-hardy tools nutde their first  essay in Canada.    They had not even  the  weak pretext tk&t ia attacking (that province I  ihey wem. strLking at the Irish oppressors���������  the English.    In carrying lire and sword into  C&cada they were'desolating1 t&e; hearths of  innocent people, who had never by act or  speech injured them, but who on the contrary, had but accent!y achieved their own =  lih^ration from English oppression.    Several  i������f the miimdersy were cangfat,^^^ and had they j  ham left to &e Oaaadiarls themselves, a short  ^o������oattt wpiiM have been rendered of them.  ?T������f-wasf2.unIess b^ ty**** contract.  until farther notice, the Exore^s wil? nr*��������� k������������������  every. SUNDAY A*TfiRNOON^S Sose for bS  every TUESDAY, at NINE o'clock P. T       * bCl������W  R0BEJ8T POOL,  Barkerville, May 29th, 1867, ���������     V ���������  *?eS\'  A CAKD,  K"ew England Bakery,  BAIiKERVILLE.  WILL BE OPENED TO-DAY, WHEN PIES, CAKES  Cotieo, etc., miy be had at all hours.  On and after tho FIRST JUNE next, n LUNCH  HOUSE will be opened, in connection with the above  establishment, when CHOPS, STEAKS, etc., will be  served at the shortest, notice  ^������-Bread���������gib. loaf, 50 Cents.-=������l  JACOB MILLER.  19th May, 1867. 5  NOTIC E..' 7  AS THE UNDERSIGNED INTENDS TO CLOSE HIS  business on the first of June, 1867, he requests all  persons indebted to him to call and settle their bills oa  or before that date, otherwise ho will put them into  the hands of a collector. Any one having hills agaln3t  him are requested to present the aamo for payment.  J.DIXON.  Barkervtll*, Williams Creek, \  15th May, 1867. / 4-lm  SaiidL, and that ^efortnnately for the victims  wa������ too ^^-tteiiaMleIarae---England. Had  tie J]eBlaas $ew$������; ve&twc&i aearer than tbe-i  e<&ta2las5 tk& i4mcj pMlmtm������Ists. la- t-he old J  THE MINERS AND OTHERS INTERESTED IN THP  A variousi claims around and below Barkerville. bc^  ST^���������i?t������TCarry,nffon feusiness fil that town  SLi? Pfumpt ^Sd, ^enG^s response that has been  made to their call for aid, to assist them in erecting a  J32& a.T^I th������ SatCty of tb0 bed ������ck drain from  injury during tho present spring freshet. ;  Taking into consideraUon   tho  liberal   jm-^e-  ������~  which Messrs. Oppenheimer, Strouss, Clark The Hank i  of Britten, Columbia, andolhors came Ward and with  no sparing hanc started un  undertaking of 6u6h vaS  diHldcnt in agam taxing their purses,    il  Ards u  thc^fore. greater pleasure than ever in bS Lain  enabled to testify to the interest they take in theS  L^fif   ^C ca?noirefraih, in thus acknowledging a  benefit conferred, from individualizing one business  sum ot $590 to the irst enterprise, but even now came  forward to aid the work at present in hand by^ontri!  bating towards any deficiency that might.occuLn o?der  to carry ottt ihe work at present on hand We ku I a������Z  .the Bank of British ColnSbia, and asTt is^t trt0������  vince or inclination to critacise the actions ^f ^  W. Winnard,  LACK SMITH,  BARKERVILLE.  Carrier and Expressman,  Between RichQeid, Barkerville and Cameronton.  BFJISONS HAVING GOODS OR PARCELS TO CON-  ca\^L?a^hQT������{liQSQr t0^s, should givo him a  can ; he is always to bo found on his beat.  npeTo iTSllconnection wllh the above bus!-  ?an\?hL{lnf^   ,^BLB^ Kichfteld, where horsos  is sold at reasonable prices. 4-lm  LOST.  saTd'ncff10 arC her���������!* Cauti0BCd *������������ negotiating  Blue Tent, 17th April, 1867.  C wi     MALICIOUS PERSONS HAVING CIRCT-  mv iuSV.V*1*t0 tUo effcct that ������������������ ^ existed in  CHANPR  R ifnfJW1,1^^0^ as the CARIBOO EX-  CHANGE ui.������.������^ ,.  Barkerville,  William* Creek, I  give a most emphatic denial to  . indto warn tho public against  subject.  j&wmim^ in; ?^ws^^^^  tfee mother ewutfty they were spared. The tr^n1?the eeDerous behaviour of this btowSSSSa  ttmreMe&rtamGXp^mmiWais tried in Ire- ^fa^ha*������faJs neighbor, whose cynical nof to ail  a^-j -^-i At.^..^���������^_ -.._,- :::���������-   - ;,  ^ ��������� ������* iiC   wr requests for support to carry out any enterprise  for the raatfiraJhwiPfifhf ������ii ������^v,l���������4 i...*.*  wu"-**'r������>o  to the materia uSX* ^^^KSbSSSPS  TiHE ON0E8SKJNED HAVING CLOSPD m<5 Rno  SwkervJlte,Vilth May, 1867.       ������B m���������.^m  August Staimpehl,  F.V.LEE,  ���������otioneer, Collector,  ��������� anx>��������� ;-  MINING     AGENT. ,:.  ttu,,;,s?^^  Richfield.���������  ������������������-    6*s...  BARKERVILLE     "        *'  A Jarge assortmeat of Boots and ������sw ������i  band; *^ji������ a������a fcnoes always on  IA  C. STR  DEALER IN  etc., -Era, . .  BARKERVILLE       1  Tc  tex  tic  'ga  me  $10!  eai  n ni  vpoi  atU  hig  inc  the  que  mal  oft  rag  -eno  teal  the  pati  aod  to 7  time  It is  part  ���������not,  ^^Ithe  Hln-c  '������SFf^n ah  IliBrtants,  ������������������expei  \^700ceh  mm -p.s  ���������i Tht  '^m(  a-  ^^s nov<  l2WJ' die /  .A  ^TraiDvj  NDI2EM  rant Keepeftij  3H BUTTER |  'UTTET & CO.  1-s.  HOTEL  NT.  rtt known hou������,i  oodatlon of tfcj  best brand3  or  at all hours.  fE.    ���������  DHOT,  Proprietor?.  i  co.  D STOCK OP  o them a call   00.  iNTS,  BEEN AF-  ���������kervlllu, ia  th������ Batik**,  'ARD,. v.  Manager.  i-lru  EYOR.  tCHFlELD,  e Surveys,  ;ted to bis  SONABLE  m    ���������  ���������LOSE HIS  ?quests al!  dr bills on  them into  ils against  yment*  )N.  4-1 m  nan,  ���������on ton.  TO COX-  o biro a  ve busi-  o horse*  8 of feed  4-lm  CIRCU-  risted in  OO EX-..  Creek, I  jnial to  against  oeds to  my pro-  wholly  4-lm  or,  'iti'^V'-���������  7THURSDAY, -MAY 30; 1867. :  ARRmitf bi^ pack;  train for the ^ animals,  beionghig to Victor, a Frenchman, got in here  , yestew!a������ morning, A bringing 6,000 lbs. of  goo&,; principally liquors  Messrs.; Buie Bros^ - A few Jibrif srlater; Mr. T.'  Ladriertetraicrof twenty aUipials^lsoatoyed>  wi th a carg6 of general n*erchandiz& Xx It ap-  peare they got as- far ���������? as J^l^W/lubs; creek  the night previous, and started through early  in the morning, when there was a little crust  on the snow.  Accident.���������AFrenohman was brought,to  the hospital yesterday, from Ohisholm creek  Tvhere he had got his thigh fractured by the  ���������caving of adrift in ."which he was working,  about three days ago. There appears tb be  several contusions about the body; but the  Dr. who set the broken limb; does not cbn$i-  'der the patient in a dangerous condition.  Bad luck is'slmply*a man with ��������� his hands iri  his breeches pockets and a pipe in his -mouth,  looking on to see how it will come oitfc. Good  luck a man of#luck to'meet difiSoulties,; ;lils  alee ves rolled up, working to makd it -come  ���������outright     ri": 7"AA'r  D&L^GS)ttim  has reebrved 'fetters; from 'Zanzibar, two  TOohths later;, than iheX, alleged murder of  Livingstone,-but saying nothing'���������${.;:the '^massacre..0' Mnrchispn' insists that an expedition-"  should "be sent to solve the mystery.  Fire.���������Yesterday morning, the roof of the  Fenton Hotel, Richfield, accidentally caught  lire, but being observed before it got any  ���������headway,-was extinguished by the application  ���������of a few buckets of water.  ���������" ..What:a.PaTV.������--A Pikes Peak miner writing to a Minnesota paper says the miners are  much discouraged in that region, " they have,  to dig through a 6olid vein of silver four feet  Thick before they reach the gold."  Sale op a Ct.atm.���������The once famous Washburn claim, on Lowbee, was sold by Sheriffs  sale on Monday last, for $10. ���������' ���������  The United Company.  Conklin'a   Gulch,  || washed up, last Monday, USi oz.  (Before H.;M.Bnll?h Esq,)  " .. ;/- .'_ 27th May, i8C7v  ^Aurora co^ v.' W- Plunhis arid::--'fl.iGold-  ?Mir  CARIBOO HOSPITAL.  0:m<    -H  ljj| To the Editob op tub "Cariboo Sentinel."  Sib,���������Dr. Bell charges me, whom he calls  your billingsgate correspondent" with uttering falsehoods, ������������������". too 'contemptible to notice." Whether my letter savors of Billingsgate fish or Cariboo fruit, matters little ; the  main question remains the same, viz., that an  hospital raised at the public expense (for it  came out: of the taxesof the people) and* as  ���������imderato^d^by^erepmmunity^  pose I named, wherein a working mincer died  after five weeks and; five days' residence, and-  his friends were charged to the tune of $500,-  including tw^visiteito his cabin, according to  the testimony; of those 'most' intimately acquainted with the deceased:%but Dr. .Bell  makes it mbre, even taking his own statement  smidt^-Action for the ejectment of defendants  from 20Q feet of mining ground belonging to  Plain tiflfe The Court, after hearing testimony  pro and, eon,; at considerablelength; decided  th at on tike evening of the 21st May,; the time  Defendants staked off- tbe grourid in question,  seven Mterests in l^e ;Aii  represented;: therefore ;:tte^Defend4hts were  en titled to' two ^claims j but it was optional; for  the Plaintiffs, in.;. accordance: with the Act*  either to admit ^  stake off-their claims; for them pSShy 'portion  of the grburidPlaintiffs; may think flt. iB. P.  Andersohpfor Plaintiffs.i 'A: Ai J&Ro^er tsbrij for  Defendants.} x<- 7: t- -'.    - ." ���������  n,    ��������� i   -���������  George Murdoch y* John McKaySSuit Tor  $10, being amount claimed ?as ^tne������s;;fee;  Judgment for PlaihtiiT, with costal xxXXjx >  Grouse Creek Bed Rock Fltime G������., |>er J,1  M. Sparrow, Agents v. ;Black Hawk Co700^  0Mf> RoberteonJ on 'behalf of the Plaintiffs;  stated that the present action was brought to  recover damages from defendants, for ground  worked by them belonging to Plaintiffs, and  for bbtaining a perpetual injunction restraining thbm fro m doing further trespass [��������� He  produced a plan bf the ground in dispute^ and;  also the company's charter, dated April 30th>  1864, -but. stated that A during lasty winter, cer-;  tain negotiations had ;been enteredJxi^K arid  accomplished -between the Goyernmentv and>  th^^PtJtmtiffs, Wfiefeby iMe lat'fer:*abandoned*  all the gronnd formerly held by them, except  1200 feet, and it was for part of this ground  that the present action was instituted. The  first witness called was  E. C. Gillette, who "being sworn, deposed-���������  lam a civil engineer ;.Imade th,e plan produced. I described tbe lines fifty feet on each  side of the flume ; I examiued the "under-;  ground working of the Black Hawk co'y, and  the extent of ground worked out, according  to the plan, is 159 square feet    . ���������:  Cross-examined���������I made a plan for the  Plaintiffs in 1864, there was no flume laid at  that frme. : I cannot swear that the lines laid  off in that plan are the same as those in the  plan produced ; stakes were put in at the  time of that survey, and the ground was mea-.  sured fifty feet on each side of the creek; have-  never seen the plan I made in 1864: since I  gave it to the co'y. In making that survey, I  followed the meander of the creek ^ I know I j  did not run up the bill on the, east side of the  creek ; I took the centre of the creek as near  ���������as I could. When the creek took a quick  ;turn, J ran my Jine with it; this plan cannot  possfbly agree with the old one.   Two men  how much; 1 am interested ; John Adair is the  foreman for.the company ; have never to my  knowledge seen any of the Flume Cos stakes.  ���������*��������� ��������� John Adairjsworn���������I superintend the work-  ingbf Plume Co7s ground ; staked off Heron  g^unfr&>;fi;ftom the flume; have no maps  beyngingjfe the company in my possession,  nbyer saw any old maps; have none of the  papers; my business is to work the ground-  owned by the; Fiuine Co.^ their- office U at  :VicJ^ia,,the^bpks and papers are there, Mr.  3ac&s is secretary; have bad conversations  ^with the^fbfeirian of the Black Hawk Co;.went  undergi'ound ami was shown a line by Mr.  .^Iph^iljliun^parallel 50 ft. from the flume.  X;; WiiaJdlaW;SWorn--Depo9ed to tbe amount  of gold taken^but offHeron Co. which he estimated atfroin 20������to 60 ounces to the set of  timbers.fi7.00: ������������������"���������:'���������'���������  0Th6: evidence of John Paterson arid John  Platillo was to the same effect as last witness.  ::;fhe books of the Black Hawk Co; were  here,,prbdubed, which showed the amoun t  washed^! put from 15 th to 26th May inst.  to be $5,5441 /This closed plaintiffs case.  Mr.1 Pari for defendants asked for a dismissal of the; case on the ground that plaintiffs had not produced their plan as required  and had*riot therefore established the location  of their ground according to charter. The  Court however ordered him to proceed with  the defence. ;'������������������ The first witness called was.  xrlQifm. Jfajph swoi*n-T-Theplan produced was  madeby me; -am a provincial land surveyor,  Canada; ^ade survey with Theodolite and  chain ; Baker pointed out to me where he  planted the east side stake in 1864/which was  'SOft-frbm^AAGHsenttv of ^heFiumeCo^s ground  The measurement from that stake to the  Black Hawk Co.^sline would be from eleven:  to twelve feet; it is 38 or 39 feet east of the  flume; was shown on the opposite side where  Cameron seta post in 1864- It was near a  cabin; between these two stakes ihe measurement is 96������ feet: Black Hawk stakes were  never altered ; Heron Co?s post was shown  to me by .Jas. Laidlaw and W; Heron<and is  42ft from the flume; a straight line drawn  from the lower post of the Black Hawk Co..  up to the Flume Co7s stake pointed out by  Baker, would place, the ground in dispute outside the Flume CoJs ground; there is a differ-  Cross-examiued���������The Flume co;y Have a<  ways claimed 50 feet each side of tho flui������������v  The Heron upper stakes are 42. feet froiu  flume; j    *' ���������.'. ���������".'���������'.���������; 0A .'���������'  R. McWha, A. Ward, Geo. Crawford and &  Woodcock, were severally examined, and cor*  roborated the testimony of the preceding wit*  nesses, which, closed the case for Defendants.  Mr. Park summed up, and was followed b$  Mr. Robertson, who reviewed the evidence ai  considerable length.  The Court  m giving , judgment^.said���������that J  although the plaiutiffswere. not required by .  the Act of 1864 to survey-or stake off,  stiil  since they employed; a .Mryeybr they were .  bound by his survey, arid as the."position (if ���������  one of the original stakes has been .sworn to  by Baker, who assisted the  surveyor in laying of the ground that; is the only point  to  start from now,; measuring across the creek.  100ft.   I theretbre; find- that the. defendants.  have not committed a: trespass. Hy It is eyiden t  the flume, has not been laid- in .theii centre of  the creek, as required by the.charter of 1864,.,  and upon which plaintiffs relied. .'.What- trespass has ?;een committed-under thoiiew charterI am hot prepared to say.   Costs will foi-  low the suit.   Defendants to .pay the- expense  of the first hearing^   Mr, Robertson for plain*  iffs, Mr. Park for defendants.:.'' '��������� xl '���������:  Mining intelligence  all  member of Black  map by stakes I  ence of 6 inches in :50ft by chain-and tape  measure.       4 ���������-'  Cross-examined���������Am a  Hawk co'y; I made the  knew myself to be Black Hawk stakes, and  from -what I was told about the Flume coy's  stakes... :..V ��������� -x-. ���������  Win. Baker, sworn=���������^sisted Sir.'Giilfettbin  laying out,Flume coy's ground' in 1864, we  commenced at the bead of the creek, and ran  a straight- line through the centre of it,; put  inside and;centre stakes 'every half mile, run-  assisted me in making ,the survey : one was ning straight lines from point to;point; itWas  ' not thought always necessary to put m stakes  as the snow was deep at tbe time.   We took  1 *������f3^3  :^;|of the ease:; ; I repeat that the chargeis^outr;  ^���������j^^rageous, tiie $100 for his board is reasonable  || B^nough.   Dr. Bell^is not charged^^with inat-  S m tention or want of skill; he has but to cross  '0 mthe ^r<Jshold of one room, to be in' that of his  0B patients, thereby, diminishing both the lab or  j| and time it would otherwise have taken him  -Jf ^? VIB^ *kemj even if it were done several  Wm times ii day,, aince he lives in ; the building.  I Jt is not all ��������� sacrifice either, on the Doctor's  I part, since he fays no rent, arid if I mistake  l^j'not' ^ere ia a C00^ Pa^ ^y government.  Sit   Dr. Bell tells us- that Lewis was admitted  a?J|under "false representations of hiscircum-  ^* stances;" surely he was not needy, else he  ^l^couldnot be admitted without orders from  ^Mthe magistrate ; with this I have nothing to  'M|l^0' ^ ft concerns the veracity of one now  ^|j������^dead, or those who took him to the hospital.  ������||||fIa. conclusion, I beg to state that I have no  ^^gprivate   animosity    towards   the    Doctor;  gM^nough has been said to prove that the hospi-  ^^g^fil is not what we expected it to be to those  ^^not paupers ;-there will hot be found to-day;  ^^gin all Cariboo, one in twenty of its inhabi-  ^w^nte, who can .command S600 to defray their  ^{^������xpenses at the hospital, should they be un-  ^^gfortunate enough to becomeits inmate for six  fjS^eks. .Hatkr'of Impos.ttio>:.  fSjS ?' S.���������I have not the slightest objection for  |J^P,Jie Doctor to know my .oame.  The Lancet still keeps up the war about  r gregarines'J in the ladies'^ chignons." It  declares that many ladies1 carry about with  gflem ia their " chignons" the seeds of ring-  ifV a~-au intractable malady. There is also  P novel species of false hair in the market; it  P called " churchyard hair," and consists  pot only of the shafts, but the roots also, and  iF^ce mnHi ]jave jjeen pUi]ed from the scalp  P the dead.  named Baker ^ we only put in stakes at every  half mile. I have not seen any of the old  stakes in making this survey. Am not a  member of the Bed Rock Flume Co ; when I  am requested to miike a plan,Ido it^as parties  require me; I made:the survey with a ;tape  li ne and compass ; am certain that .the line  was correct    ;:;.-. ..V-;';:-"..;-:.   '777y77':-77x7A  Wm.rHeron, sworn���������Know;;the Plaintifife'  ground,; have; located claims ��������� near it. 3Vas a  meritber of the Black Hawk co'y ^hen ;it was  located ; knew extent of Flume coy?s ground  at that timey, understood they claimed fifty  feet on each side of Flume 0we staked off  after Flume was laid. ��������� Black Hawk co'y was  600 feet in length j arid^-supposed to be fifty  feet wide, and the* stakes; were planted 100  feet apart I sbiked the Heron ground fifty'  feet from the Flume. Last summer;the Flume  cb?y arid Black Hawk co'y prospecteel con-  jointly.-;.���������������������������/,.���������' -'v': '������������������'.'������������������'���������:"������������������.".';' ixxAx ::777'.  Cross-examined-^Black Hawk ��������� Co.; and  Flume Co. agreed to sink a shaft jointly, Duncan Cameron put up the stakes of;the Black  Hawk Co.; I was in the flume Co. last summer and worked for. them, but 'have riot got  paid; I wasto get a certain number of shares  but did not get them : am not now a member  of either the Flume Co, or the Black Hawk  Co.j 1 gave an interest in the latter company  away and sold another; Cameron arid I lived  together in the Flume Co.'s cabin, he said he  was foreman ; the Black Hawk stakes stood  close to Heron stakes, and the lines would  take in part of McWha's house; have seen  some of the Flume Cors stakes, one stands  now about 500 ft. above the flume nearly opposite the Wild Goose Co., it is a centre stake;  I think the creek ran in 1865 more than 6 ft.  from where the flume is now laid  whether the centre of the flume is  of the channel; scan?t say if the Flttihe Co.  sluiced off bank in front of McWha's house  and diverted the channel of tho creek.  R. R. Monro sworn���������Know Heron ground ;  recollect when it was staked off; it ran 50 ft.  from the flume and joins the Black Hawk Co;  we worked up to their line; it paid from 25  small trees, and in some instances put stakes  in the snow. I showed Mr. Ralph the position of one of the stakes ; lam positive it is  where the original stake stood, because I  built a saw pit: there in 1865 ; the Flume does  not folio Wi the straight lines of the survey.  ��������� ���������Cross-examined���������Am sure the tree pointed  btit on the plan is the same as that where the  stake /was. I found tbe stake lying near the  tree^ in;the^spring;^ was interested in the  Flume, but do; not know if I have any share  now. Have no prejudice for either party.  ; The Court here adjourned till Tuesday, at  teno7clock.  0\7.77x.70 Tuesday, 28th May, 1867.- .  ; David Loye,,swora���������Went to Grouse Creek  in August, 18.64 ; I then saw the Flume coy?s  centre stakes, they were on west side *of  flume.   ;  Cross-examined���������Cameron used to shift his  state every day ; when the Wild Goose co'y  struck pay. he moved the stakas 50 feet from  the right side. The stream fnowruns about  sixty feet nearer the Black Havrk co?s ground  than it: did in '64 ; am not imsercsted in the  Flume  ; can't say  the centre  to 50.to a set of timbers.  Cross-examined���������I have no shares in the  Flume Co ; I am indirectly interested in this  suit; Mr, Sparrow is agent for the Flume Co; j some ground bought fr  cau't say what my share of the proceeds re- j ground was fifty feet  covered in this suit would be;  don't know stake was moved hear  co'y : am certain that the distauce  from where the Frenchman worked in 1805,  to the Flume, was 68 feet. I; measured it;  was on the creek when the F'lnrae was commenced, and worked alongside; of it every day  The stream ran from 10 to 20 i feet on the west  side of the Fiume in 1864.  T. Collins, sworn���������Saw a st &ke marked Bed  Rock Fiume co'y, in April ' $4; it was on a  bench on west side of the "c reek* I saw the  ground measured this moi 3iing, froia the.  centre of the flume till near -where the stake  was, and it measured 68  stakes have been often shifte  Alex. McWha, sworn���������An  Black Hawk co'y ; have kn<  since '63. The stream now.: rnris nearer my  house than it did in 1863. IX. Cameron was  foreman of the Bed Rock F inuie co'y; be ran  bills with me for the co- y, &������# the extent of  $2,006. Black Hawk c &>$ was located in  June last year ; D. Cam gt^nor any one else  never mado any objectic ^%0 the Black Hawk  feet    The flume  1 an owner la the  >wn Grouse creek  coy's lines |was inte^  ^ with Cameron in  #m a Frenchman. This  loin tbe flume, but the .  mthe flume afterwards.! hama-, in 'Japan  . 'ANTLER CKEEK* A'XiX  Smith &co'������, who have .been engaged  winter in running a bed rock tunnel; had  raiseu'shaft;ii������ order to get vehtilatiori, iivcio-..  ing so .they found gravel about 10 feet above  >their tunnel, and are now running, a prospect i  drift towards the hill.���������Two companies have  pre-empted a pbrtioa.;ot the JBed Rock Flmue  Co.'s ground, and are preparing to work:���������..  Neai ������fe Co. have just commenced to work on  die north ,bank.���������Ross & Co are ground sluic-.  ing on,a bench where, the ground is only  about 10 feet deep, abd will, it. 13.- expected,-y  get. good pay.   There ai'e.in all about 40 men ;  on this creek.;.'.������������������:..'; .;'���������       xA0. ..--   .'���������������������������:  ; Cti.VXINGHAM CREEK.   "  There are about 20 men at present on \this';  ;creek. Sharp & Co. are preparing to wash  with hydraulic���������Standish coy are also get-,  ting ready to wash^Great Eastern co'y are':'  making wages by drifting in , the bed' of the ;  creek;- -     -'-���������'��������� -;.:^!-; -".' ;'. . ....  ���������  ,-...;     ;��������� STEVEN'S CTEEK, .-��������� ��������� A ������������������    -XX'   '���������  A'.company of four men are working on- a;;  bed rock flume ;.and>acompany of six meu:  are .working 'bank diggings, which pay about  wages.;-;. :.-' A 777 ������������������ "���������='.;"' ���������:r;'.."?' ''���������'-'��������� ���������'  :   CAHFOKNIA CREEK.  There are eight men on this creek, all of  whom are getting ready to wash.  WOIa^ creek.  Two companies consisting of six men hate  commenced ground sluicing the east bank of  this creek, where the dirt is not more than &  feet .Iii depth, *aid expect soon to take out  pay-      ;     ���������������������������:        -       "���������''���������";  Why there is no Rain in p^;ru.���������4n Pern-������  Sonth America, rain is unknown.   The coast  of Peril is within the region of perpetual southeast trade winds ;  and though the Peruvian  shores are on the very verge of'the South Sea  boiler, yet it never rains there.    The reason  is plain.    The south-east trade winds in the  Atlantic Ocean first strike the water oh the  coast of Africa.   Travelling to the north-west  they blow obliquely across the ocean until  they reach the coast of Brazil.   By this time  they are heavily laden with vapor, which they  continue to bear along across the continent,  depositing as theyrgo,-and supplying with it  the sources of the Rio de la Plata^ and the  southern tributaries of the Amazon.    Finally  they reached the snow-capped Andes, and  there is wrung frbni tbeni the last ^particle of  moisture that a very low   temperature can  extract.   Reaching ihe summit of that rauge,  they now tumble down as cool and dry-nvincls  on the PaciBc slopes beyond.    Meeting with  no evaporating surface, and no temperature  colder than that to which they were subject  to outhemountain tops, they reach the ocean  before they become charged with fresh vapor  and before therefore, the^have any which the  Peruvian climate can extract.    Thus we see  how the Andes become the reservoir from,  whidh arc supplied the rivers of Chili and  Peru.:. /���������. '���������'������������������" ' X-- :'.  France is qutetlylmakiugextraordinary preparations for war. Prussia w massing 30 ot  40 thousand Germans, all of whom hate  France, aud the French people share witu  Napoleon his hatred of the Germans and  Prussians. Ah explosion seems ��������� to be w~  pending between these powers, but. whether  the Luxembourg question or the L?stei4:  question will bring it about, is a point not so  easily decided at present  AVfice inspector, sergeant an������ tw������!������  policeWm have left Southampton foi ,lpM*.; ORIGINAL POKTRr.  ODE   TO.. CARIBOO.  NEW ABVERTLSEMENTS.  ; Though tfcy show-tnantled mountains  .���������������. ���������;,.. * To wer/: high among the cl ouds,  ; '���������   V������ Aiid'long thy crystal fountaios A  Aii 7- 7'; /The spotless fleece enshrouds, ;  0    ������lahd nature'sfolded arms'���������-',:.'  i ; ���������.; Will relax in h almy Juoe,;.  And a thousand hidden charms ���������  Will on thy bosom bloom. ;     : "  Though no fields of waving grata  ��������� ' :        Arrest the wistful gaze.)      : ' ���������   -  Nor oh ward-sweeping train;    ':  --���������   A' ���������'��������� A ^hf sterling wealth 'conveys.  '.;.;���������:��������� Wi th no ho me com raercial fleet, ......  ;���������Nor skyward <poinHng spire,  ��������� Yeti thou; iiast a 0tiny sheet;" 77 77'A. ,  ��������� ��������� And leagues of electric wire.;   T 7:   , ���������'.  ���������"������������������-��������� r. '���������������������������-  -'������������������    r "��������� ' "       -.    -   - .���������*���������-( . :���������  \  >Tho'thy cozy cabins rude,  ,vl������:No marble front gives place,  -, ;.'Tet enterprise "is viewed -?  77 Up on thy care-worn face,  j Though thy sons may sadly grieve,     '  No grandeur thine is less,i  ���������   .' ' If their pens a mind unsbeath  ��������� Gems will ripple from thy press.  ���������'"���������? No seclusion intervenes  The mind that upward strays ;  ���������Yet dashing rills and evergreens,  ���������Oft a language have for lays; - *  . $0 dross thou hast concealed,  ���������     Would lustre lend to them,  ���������For want,:when most revealed,  -    Makes sweet the poet's dream. :        ���������'���������'.  00X A'Ax XX007A 0X00:.-' mcyBx  -'������������������ 'Williams. Creek, May 27th, 18671 ;;  ���������;���������; . ;  The^Mistakesriip' SbouxDRELS^-r-Hogues, as  a-rulej aire paradoxical fellowsi;   They .often  i   .plarf cunningly and execute;; their ;plans'.. dexterously," but; whatever ingenuity they possess  ��������� seems to abandon them when their ^objects  . are-accomplished. Jn; reading the accounts  "7 of fraud^s and,robberies published in the news-  pap'ers, we; are some times ^astonished at the  keen > a^preciatiori 'pf' ��������� the weaknesses. of hu-  V man natare displayed by the perpetrators ;  but by-and-^by comes the story of their arrest,  andwe are still more surprised at; the lack of  strategy and even, of >coraihon sense they have  betrayed in attempting: to escape.tbe pursuit  of justice.   They seem to jtrtist: to their own  . shrewdness, to secure; the b00ty���������after that to  Providence;;' and Providenoeiavmg no sym-  : patby. with scoundrels,; of/course ieaves them  in the lurch. T hey; walk' into the traps. set  '������or them by the'police with a ��������� confiding; sim-  . plicity that could.- only j be;';expected; of the  ��������� most confiding: innocence;''and-;'iii' a majority  :: : of instances, with the proofs!'of their.guilt-or  some clue to '.it; on their persons';    There is a  remarkable, sameness in the;history;of forgers  swindlers and thieves. *? Pewpof f: them make  .. wise preparations in advance for evading the  hue'and cry which they-know must follow the  discovery of: their misdeeds? It is well that it  is so, for were, their plans *ofescape as skilfully concocted as their schemes of depreda-  ���������\ tion, the detective service would be less frequently complimented by the press on its  wonderful sagacity, and the examples which  .the law sometimes, not always, makes of. ras-  . .cality, would.be comparatively few and, far  between.  .Perhaps the( old theory, that the  Devil betravs his' disciples in their .utmost  need is the corre'e tone,, after all. :. ?.  Be Socjal.���������Men who isolate themselves  from society/and have'no.hear and dear family ties, are the most uncomfortable of human beinpfs.    Byron says "happiness   .was  bo rn a1 twi n :" but! th e phrase, tho? pretty an d  poetic, does notgo far enough.    We are gregarious, and not intended to march through  life either in single or double file. \The man  who cares for nobody, and for whom nobody  cafes, has nothing to live for that will pay for  tbe keeping  of   sdu'l   and   body together.  You mustbave a heap of embers to have a  glowing fire;'   Scatter them apart and they  become dim and cold.   So to have a brisk  vigorous life-you must have a group of lives  to keep eafch other warm, as it were, to afford  each mutual��������������� en couragem ent and confide a ce  and support, i If you wish to live the life of a  man and not of a fungus, be social, be' brotherly, be charitable, be sympathetic; and. labor earnestly for the gopd of your kind.  ESP.  TAYLOR,  Druggist,-  BARKERYILLE.      .  HAS constantly on hand a choice se-  lectioc of Drugs and Patent Medicines, includ-1)  ing the ���������celebrated Golden Balsam, and Murphy's  Mixtures, for tbe complete cure'of Secondary Syphilis,  Also a great variety of Sarsaparilias, Hair Brushes,  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth Powdery Sponges, Fancy  Soaps, Lubin's Extracts, Rose Water and other Perfumeries, Garden Seeds, &c.^ &c.  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VVILLIAM   McWHA,  LYTTON CITY, B.C,  Begs to inform the public generally that he has  STABLE &. C0R1U ACCOMODATION  On his premises for upwards of 200 Horsey  Hay and Oats for Sale cheap. :  :GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE,  TERMS   MODERATE;      ; /,--"' fa  ','~  BOSTON   BAR ~*  International   HotfeL  THIS ttELL KNOWKT HOUSE is now open for tra.  vellors. The Table is supplied as formerly with  tbe best the market affords, and tho ;Cooking cannot  bo excelled. Tho Bar is stocked with 'tho finest Lt;  oaoRs and Cigars.   GOOD BEDS.   > ��������� ���������  ��������� -  WILLUM CHARTERS  l-s    ". Proprietor.  Co E. KOMBROT ~  boston bar; b. a,  Wholesale and Retaii Merchant in  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONSr  :    LIQUORS, DRY X500DS, CLOTHING, &o.   is  S  ��������� 36 MILE    POST,  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B. C.  mal  F. W. FOSTER,:  '���������"*;-."     ...Chemist  BLUE   TENT,      V  .'���������;'; -'or;-' ���������";-.; .������������������*' ;. '* -;-  ILE   HOUSE.  THEi U^DEDSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  X desirable property, is now Prepared to accommodate the travelling public.. Tho table is supplied with  the very-best of viands. The bedrooms and beds are  as-comfortable as could be desired, and the BAR contains nothing but the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.' .;���������_.- .-...���������- '. .������������������.;���������.:'.;....; ..  A good stock of Grain aiid Hay .aiwavs on hand, > .,  f<-3rd Bray, 1867. 3   :      . ,.W. WRIGHT.  Packed inTius of from  each.  ��������� l-s-'.  two to' twenty-five pounds  WILSON & MURRAY,  Fort street, Victoria.  THOS. WILSON & CO.  BIPORTERS OF ENGLISH aMERCHADIZE  Wholesale and Retail,  TRAVELLERS will find every accommodation at'thii  X Hotel.   Excellent Gooking.   GOOD BEDS.  STABLING FOR.HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Ratw,  . ��������� .. :   .   ���������- BOOTHROYD  BRO'S,  l-s   .- ., - Proprieters.  YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS..  Storage and Forwarding!  .-.*   ''-;:: :   ::.;:YALE, B.C. ���������; ��������� :'i\?..y  PARTIES SHIPPING" GOODS BY THE YALE-LYT-  TOjr Bouts, are advised that  KIMBALL & <lLAJ>ms'  . Have erected an extensive Storehouse and Dock at  Yale, and are prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods. . Goods re-packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowest Rates. ' ���������  ���������.���������  Parties shipping goods through us will please mark  to the care.of.  Is KIMBALL & GLADWIN.  Front Street, Yale, B. C,  EGS TO ANNOUNCE '.to', tbe'inhabitants of Cariboo  .that ho iutends to forward (as^oon as the state of  the Roads will permit),   a large and' well assorted  stock of Cooking Stoves, which he will dispose of at  F&i'cRs to Suit tbk Times. ���������   -   '  ." Yale, 8th April, 1'867.' 1  Masonic .Hall Government Street Victoria.   Is  J. C. BEEDY,  COMMISSION &   FORWARDING AGENT,  WILL PAY PARTICULAR . ATTENTION TO SE-  lecting, purchasing, er forwarding Goods for the  upper country. ..    ��������� .   .;  Any commission' entrusted to his care, will receive  prompt attention:..-. *' ���������  References :���������W. A. Meachast, E. A..Wadhams, T.  Harper, J.J. Bramly.    .  Victoria, April, 1867. I.  \y:x'7-yB0TEL.pE France,  ,      Government Street, Victoria, V, I.  THE RESTAURANT is supplied with all the  delicacies of tbo season, and.the sleeping accomodation is replete with every.comfort. The best of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  l-s J. BIGNE & CO., Proprietors.  A. W. PIPER,  CONFECTIONER,  Government Street, opposite the Theatre.  CANDIES of every description manufactured and  sold, Wholesale and Retail. |.s  .'. MESSRS. CORNWALL^.-  ;.  A T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half.way betwecQ  .A. Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.  Travellers will, find Good Accommodation. The bestof  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butler, Milk  nnd Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap.feed,     l-s  The  Bonaparte House,  SEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors,^* the  Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Road?, js  now open for the accommodation of the public. l)i������������������-:  tance from Clinton, 26 miles; from SavanaaSteamboat  Lnnding, 22 miles; 'from-Spence's- Bridge, 30 miles.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stages leave hero regularly for;  Yale, and Cariboo l-s  THIS OLD AND WELL KNOWN HOUSE has been t*  cent!}- onened by tho undersigned, who will mako  it his constant study by using every endeavour to acco*'���������.  mod ate the traveling public, to deserve a share of tbe  patronage bestowed on the former occupants.  SQr The Bar contains nothing but the very best of  LIQUORS and CIGARS.   Give him a call  l-s EDWARD    TROFATTER  Free Port for Ever!  E THE':UNDERSIGNED TAKE  pleasure in announcing to our numerous  customers and the  public, that we will supply them with the best French  Leather Boots (duty free) ever ofTered in B. C.  jfcv'Al our old Stand, Government St., Victoria, VI  lB CHARITY & BUTLER.  FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE>.! XX  PARTIES DESIROUS of shipping freight With Dispatch, will find it to their advantage by giving us  a call before engaging elsewhere. " ;.��������� *  ALWAY &  BAILEY.    .  Yale, April 8th, 1867. l-s  VICTORIA ^ADVERTISEMENTS.  FBANKELi Victoria, V. 1., Dealer i n Fvrb,  Skins,: Hideb, Wool, &c.   Liboral advances made  on Furs consigned. : Reference���������G, Sutro & Co., Rein-  uttoiii ��������� v  DEALER INr-Wines,, Liquors and;Cigars, Coal OiK  Coal Oil Lamps; &c., ���������  '".';; AGENT FOR BUNSTER'S ALE 1    ���������  In Bbls. and half BWs. : /  Yale, April 18th, 1867. ���������  . \    / ' . i-s  A. BULER & CO.'S  CHEAP Store.   LADJES' and GENT'S CAST OFF  Clothing bought and sold.    Secondhand Watches  Guns,'Pistols, &c , for sale. '  figr" Government street opposite the Theatre.  l-s  DAJlfTrT^r7y/:E'EKZ''T U BRITISH COLONIST  . and VICTORIA CHRONICLE." Orders for mailing either the Daily or Weekly issues of the above to  any part of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, :&c., left at this office or sent to Victoria will be  attended to. Terms in advance. ��������� Weekly, 12mos  with Postage, $7 50; 6mos. do.. $4 75. Dai^y 12  mos do,, $23; .6mos do.,$12 50..       . '  AGE IS  BLOOD WILL TELL!  rpHIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND WELL FITTED UP  A for the comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied-  with the bestof everything that can beprocurd, and  the cooking is not inferior to any on the road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling   Hay, Barley and Oats.  JSST-Tho trail to Cedar u.ml Horse-Fly Creeks leaves  the Wagon Road at this place. ���������  ��������� .*       ���������  1������  Wm. HENDERSON.  123 MILE HOUSE, ~~  LAKE LA HACHE.  W   F. WALTERS, formerly of the 94 Milk Hotrse,  1*   having purchased this Ranch, is now prepared  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD MEALS  and BEDS at moderate ratos. l:s  COLONIAL  HOT  SODA   GREEK.     .'-���������  L,  hart Bros. Victoria, V. I.  l-s  E  to the  WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler  and Engraver, Government street,; nest f'M  t:Sti Nicholas Hotel^ Victoria, V. I.    .       i&m  KWONG,: LEE, & CO;, .Commission Merchants, Im-  fobters, ;and Ijcalers in Chinese Goods,', Victoria,'  VI ' Wlo, liiHooet, Qu<5snelmouth,, and Williams  " '0X00. xr   A" A v'       ��������� l-s '  Creek.  0-, STJTRO & COM Importers ani> Dealers in  ;';  CIGARS; TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes, &������., SB-  cottier of Yates and Wharf street, Victoria    :        s  ^{AXLAKDAINE, CQLL.,ECTOR AND. GENERAL  AGZtff, Government Street, Victoria, V. I.   Is  BENJAMIN   DOUG-LAS, Successor to A.  C.  WELLS, Saddle and Haknkss Maker, Yale, B. C.  jU3*A.complete assortment of Stock constantly on  hand.'. '���������;������������������* / i.s  THE UNpERSIGNEDbegs to inform the miners and  residents in & around Van Winkle that he will in future keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, and  hopes by close attention to business, and by selling  at LOWER RATES than heretofore, to meet the patronage of all.   /  Orders from outlaying creeks accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness and dispatch.  32* Terms CASH, without distinction.  l-s J,;W. LINDHARD,  A- CASAMAYOTJbegsleave to state that ho  ��������� has removed bis stock of Goods consisting of Groceries, &c., fromWharf street^to the Brick Building  fSi3*? St������CGt' a;]JSfn!ng CJowpor's Boot:gtoro, opposite Wells, Fargo & Co. '   J'  He.will sell his Goods by Wholesale, at the lowest  rates, for cash. .  ' i 0  DGLEAL'S  Coffee House and Restaurant  ��������� Government Street, Victoria,' V. I.    This is the  cheapest most comfortable, and best attended Estab-  iKShinent in the City  .  The BAR is always1 supplied with tho choicest of  Winks, Liquors and Cigars. . l-s  WILLIAM ZELNEB, dealer S.SwwTi^  ciNEs and Chemicals, Fancy and Toilet ArtiHoK  Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, &o.    PhS^'P   -  scriptions carefully compounded and orders answered  with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V. I. ������s  A GREAT REDUCTION has been made in tlie chargea  at this establishment, so as to suit tho times.   >  Meals, $ 1; Beds, 76 Cents,  McLEESE & SENAY,.-  Proprietors.  ������������������.-.��������������������������� l-s '���������  May  1st,   1867.  HENRY GREENBAUM, WHOLESALE LIQUOR  u��������� S*������^'Im^^fof FmeMwawoHAUX Pipes, Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco, Johnson street Vic-  tona, v.. I, *j_3  JULES RUEFF. Commission Merchant   Roval  Hotel Building, .Wharf street Victoria, V. L   hi  r-  TS OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE  A Travelling public; the bedrooms are spacious,and  airy and the Beds cannot be surpassed for cleanliness  and, comfort by any in the lower conntry; the Table is  always supplied with the best of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  BOYD & HEATH; Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is situated 26 miles from Quesnelmoutb,.  The proprietors having lately fitted up bedrooms:  and good Beds are now prepared to afford every accom*.  modation for Travellers; tbe Table is furnished with all  ;y  House oa the Road,  ey.   ������������-'


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