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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-05-24

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 Tfi^X^V^ffifi fififi ;:';H:.; f ;ry^^      ~���������fiy- yy- fif,{  Ay^^������,-.������V!,;^ **:<ti\$Knfi*v.,���������������!.,.;; y^yy fifiiy^y^^^^fiAyfifi^fi^yfiifiy''fi' fifi' A'-'fifi ..fifi.'���������.' fififi fi- -. -.-������������������-.-.'������������������' fifififi - -  *v'r.:->- ;.t, jfiyfifi  i i* : #& -      '  * -{PL'OSITO:    :S^Sfc:'*^4 AspinwalOnanlioHr-and thirty-fireminutest - s **!'������    CarIDOO.ySSilt   IWttri&i^  ���������iO.    ,��������� - *. ...   -��������� ���������*���������-.��������� m i-m .~y-.--,...fi.~j^������^. r,-i^- v.-., /.-^ f.-.-3.K.i.-fi.py,r.,y^-.fi.r ������������������������������������������������ i  .Sit' y rf-O '���������''' ������<k W<> o ^ *7x7?j..v ol   ^ya^TT ., |  i t}lfi *a    fi' v ��������� y,������ v ������     '    ��������� [ '. fi   y   yfi\     ml  Afi^TbeitiioBv^wfmpATt mmmQ&tm^pmWo,^  from 'preset  ptttdQWQ at flft^-a'M is, we fear, my ^ t,,  to prdve^^er.t^ij number than undd������j&y/C)fj  EuropeaDrQin^l]aye-bee&-knied^aa^^������lre  are missing. Tvs$el*$jto engaged (^MSwhaxf  Mfc'Swansoa> $j^^  Stsamshipf Go. tfiS^te ,0pj|>^^  Railroad Go.Hw^re"Kith iSstintlitkUiK^ aiid  ���������or.  ^m:yfs^K^MA^^fi  g*^fficfo  fififi  im  nr  fi.the wharf aoil;ia tW ^  '   supposed to fc.&saYgd^:!^  leyed  'fififi'7' - Y :.vah������  6MSa  *������*������������ actiyelyi!.,engaged'inJ rendering medical j;/*/* ., ,.- *   ,    J v yi I yT-  . \~zh Subscription,'$1 pep,week, " ������������������������������������',  ,,....,,,,������,,,. -.- -,., -.-,. ~,- - ,^���������. ��������� ���������....<..,.,.,-; t;jjfr*tii^  ���������yietfK&v$:^is^ ~���������'"'"  ^._ ed.ytd5tbe:>Mount fl^e:;Gemetrjf nea^!^fe  pinwall^an&'the^^  aifej^rds^wereinfe^  Captain Gole,::< were- ateoy buried fwitn'Masomc  'honoray^stetday.i s v Vv ' O '  i������ Severatof,t&,officers of this line  '^imtfiot  ysCHfi^  oo  m  m-  procession, with .his, officera^and -men,   for  ; g| -' cameronton;��������� iyias^������;cito3t:-;:'j:'. vrf  ;nj^ .TERMS.pP SUSCRIRTfoNhayi been'roduced'fb  wPtper mpnth 5 ..������������boVb;.40d toIbmcs? of tfew^Vorka  .ttaveljeen only lately idded; to th^cirealatlng-Library;  S?im^e aFe exPecte(i aaHy#',-Par:MGir- aro solicited;to  sao^crtoft. ri ?ri.,v .���������- p.v..-tc,v^.yy-.,..--;,y ,-v?-t. yy.., joy rt '.���������..>,. "-  mMB^fifiyfififitlAUAto;  ,. i , '.fWltaa Power to Ini������oai*.j   r V- -  Vhpi-  yy. -yy^y [.fifi  ,-fit fi fifiS.-fi*-:'fifi  .. The-sceae4n^pinwan^te  eion cannot be: described���������it wasv-K "r  ia threstreme;- WMilst Ihe ruin^gaVe/an:air  ��������� rv-' ---.- -..-,.���������-,���������.. .���������-���������������������������,z-r?.-ii'fifit~y*~fi>--y'-?fi.-i  of desolation -to ihe~plater the'^mangl  lacerated bodies or pieces of bodiesi wJBBlinet'  withtfneTert-directionfc  rending, and the 'su&esringloC the poo ���������'*  ������rusSed and bruised;;In whom iife  extinct;was /really dreadful /' v fi  1 At first' the cause-of the explosion^  inmiystery, m& ������., m one^S''-"  andingr hut?thig;was only allowedj^privati  citizens, the, authontxes; refusing^permission  for them.to carry'their arms. ' " '  ������fie������^  \11nwiw:'#������������'.':jyy���������yy.y'-ry,y:: i-^fiy-yfifiy^'-fififiy-fifi-fi sfi-fiyfi-fifififi:���������-  receiWifr6fmy;^LSpmw'all the lat-  ^^-.^ ..i.,fiitterkilled, wounded and missing  .ttjCtlie'Iale -s'ad accident. - There-have.'been  buried, up ���������. to the:present time, 26; missing  from the ship pi 2.| missing from the shore, -jB ^  seriously wounded in'hospitaI,^of whom 5 will  probably die,yt7i I besides these; rthere are a  number at their own homes slighUyjwpunded;  We May infer from the above,that our first  stfrraiatf of 50 -b'eing the -number of unfortttf  nate persons killed, is about correct;" * - -,' fifi A  fi teeTollowing is ai .extract "from m fififi I fi- fi- :. . -  .cantile Chronicle, of 'April Sth: -! ^  ;Sfhb: fthe^&MGapt^^  lSf^w^f(tIw^t^llfcfwi^  BARKERVILLEfvv iv  IfifiAyfifififi'-:''':"''fififi":''fi fi-'fi' '.fififi: 'fififififi .'fififififi fifififi. fifi 'fifififi: fifiyy  fifififififi.fifi  > fififiyfifi DEALER;IK     ,  fi   ,  rfifimfiy. fifififififi'fiyxfimmfififi:yfiA:yfi:::yfifiAy^fiy  'iififiAfiA A yfi ^^^-^^^^t^^N'^i-^^  ' IN VAiicoijryER isiAND,   !:' '  ��������� &������. ������lBITiSH COLUMBIA-  ^^i ^  V.y'*:::y^T;yy''y-y~---'---'V--ClABIB0O' ...  _  yy -v     y?-  . j fifi. fi p THE UNITE������"SWTE& ' - ��������� r;i'  _-.: *^.J2*kcmoo, vpobtEand; oum!t. ':,*'������������������  .ii^y/iyjiv=.,;���������;;; i,y  "VviV    ���������r.:>.!.,'--^---i?--';-'-  ! ^MINERS'TOOLS,  ? ;���������:.-. -  :- v j v ?^egf^S^t^d/Picto^  : - - , ���������'   r>'������������������'��������� - -i '   for the Bank.of Moatraaf. f *   -  ]  ON EN6LAND-THE BANK OF BRITWH COLUMBIA/*  ' "     HcaaOffiw.LombarJfit.yLDadoa!^;  fifii  yfi'  ny|,.;;tPOWJ^ivF^2^j|v;  ������������las  : fififi a  STATIONERY.     ;'���������'t  PfifififiAifififi ���������'"':: -fi fiy-.fi'.'.'fifi'fiifi   .fi fi - -yi-fifi. -, v. fi fifififififi fiyyfi: fifififi ���������;'  - discharging cargo.   Gunpowder seemed most  ' plausible; but;ficre|Wa8;Boae known to be on  board^excepting a few poandsin the magazine, for ship?s use,;3vhich:> eoold^, not .possibly  caus^sb muclTdestructibh^ ��������� Ifany werey on  board it must be Un^eriailalse bill :6f lading,  as none appeared-on������the ship's manifest.   Be*  ,sidefi|iit seemed imito|bletthat^owdeiF^wid  explode in such immense quantities without  creating ^cloudyTofismoke^nd/leav/ng its  marks on ,e very thing" aro and /"whereas in this  case; a few, minutes after ^the ^explosion no  traces whateT^^wiere ^yisibier fexbepting the  general ruin.    It fi.fiyrM^fi&^-fi&^y^^fii^t  someje^n ty^l^s^^g^ih^K  ine^-oney ofv the   most fipowerftil  explosive  agente}knqwiiat?jthe^pi^seht-^y-r:^ere on  . b^rd^derja^rdinai^ 0}Bis  at once cleared iiip\ the umystery. This com-  pound is used for blasting purposes, and was  shipgejnjrom JL^vei^bbl %r0alitorriia. *It is/  we understand of a similar composition, ifnot  the same/ as a barrel; b^btix^ofpll1 WM^h^ex^  WRRENt/ACCOUNTS opened for'any aaaetat n*i  lessth^nOnevHundred Donate^ ^'v n: yfi >'��������� ��������� '���������: y fit:  :A Bills Discounted and CoHecte4; and Bills ofKxehftaf*^  on Great Britain, San yraoolsdo' and' New Tork p%e*'  ������������������ Government and other Securities recci***! for M������.v  custody;' Interests an^Divideads collected^ y;'J AA-fififi.  : Rectsivc*d ^������ii ^i^I^i ^^A^T^^3���������*-^*4* ������P������a- tb*������v ,  jthe marinea toycarry arins^' they? of course,  |were.n^t^l63^d;^-attend;^yy������js.^ ' fi "������������������'������������������  The conduct of Gaptain ifeir and officers of  ^he,8^ial3ttdi} Co;?s KS^ai^r^ntiiife^d^  lingachievenieniii is beyond all praise. ; A-fi'fififi  ; ^Ri^AMjpPTOB Sllmbse Twif^.?74rwbyfnegro  <chi(2reii Are- now on r.exbibitidn'A-at;Jlalei������n,.  North Garilona,; that ^aceite mueb curiosity, j  They are 14 years of ag^! and were; borer*jof  slave parenta[in^^spji- county* ' Tbeconnec*:  ifc'pa; between these girls is closer than in the  Siamese twins, tiiere being: more^bftheTphysi-  calyand mental organs common to each. .The  connection begins help w/the ^neck, and ter mi-.  nates at the extremity of 4he spine.   Tp touch  one at any point of her bbdy:belo w the cbn-  hectiODusen^s 'a^enaationTto the brain of ea.ch;  while^a.tonch c^eitherCibove  Is felt by that one j ;bnly> y. They "-fi can talk to  different-persons at the.same- time onyentirely  -���������;..., J fi-y.,.-1 fi-.fiifi-  ������m  :'"'' '"'' *.;':-.. Brc'HPiei;i>:; -  ���������   J   "   A': fifi,...   ';.nBALB88lX       fi    ��������� fi'y* f       ���������  PROTlSIO^i GROGBRIBS, GLOTHl^G^ic  'and i Cbmmis^6xi;::: fifi: i ? .fS.^  COHEN &   HOFFMAN;  DEALERS IN "vv  ���������  ���������  nloded-lrt ������r������an������?A^^  lfM������''^wfisirw^ or Sfngst  ���������BXRKSRVtXLE.  fiwiOTOOB.: ^|Sfc|HtLEI^:PI^O^Ii63mS^.J  1 DBA-FTS ISSUED;on tondoa, New York,"iaaJVa*.1 '"  Cisco, Cariboo, Ganada, New Bruoswlcky N6ra Scoffa^"���������"  aad. oa aB the Branches of-,the Natibaal.Baakef fieoi*':  lkna'aa^:Pi^nciM;B^l^of:M yv "'* y-y-y  Bills "of-ExoI^ngeJinSGoW *  i Interest .on Special Deposits of Money ailowed at"lt^'  rat������ of .a quarter otVoae^per #ent. per month. ,,..:.      : y  ���������������������������, <?oti> Dear Melted arid Assayed^' aad retaraa a������4������ j  within 24 hours in,Coin or Bar*;.- y..y- ^v j'--.-; * -, --yy .^  Orv-s of eyery descriptioncareftilly Assayed. ' :���������-, /   v  N B.^-Any instructions as to the dispoB&lof theyi#- >  ������beds of Gold;.Dusk forwarded to., the office lu.Vltt^rta y  fi- ��������� -.. -      ��������� ^ _ ��������� -.-h    -fi .>. ...fifi- .-coeas:oj..troiav.iMSklorwardod to. tne  A large' supply;of -.:LADfts.VGooDS.on the'way. fpr'Assay win b* carefully attended to.  fifififi-^-A'fi fifififi. fifi.yfi:.fifiy:,.-fifi: fifififi.-fififi, fi. fififi fififi a a fi:-fifi; -I mJA-JAQfi SEEPHJ  1  well SSSSAfi ^^iihave^been  ^W"-^' and nothing has been left tin-  ^ZmL^Mfi^- WM������������oM witk the.  ������<=iKm aeparttnent were at ihofr r.A���������t���������     m���������^  wh?!f ta6nt ?rereat tb������ir Posts.    Two  ���������*f>*?t,were instaatly killed a  but-Wfth -  ^er^ were ������ ������"��������������������������� Sh  Jy tbe freight house,  on see-  wed. ^MKLfe ?2������.twa?'*��������������� bbth  were  saved    Th^ I i     "*-uwurwi'y and  neighborSod & 0Hr������le;^erk8 wewtothe  twin start?for piaem h0keul: office- seeing the  ^o������r bS ^������ZMfi*fi ���������*y haff an  awt of ne roni ^ 1 US ^aVed the lives of  height offices7 H&^ttf0Bnecte<3 ���������* '������������>���������'  most of themmust h^?y -e?1in"^ lsuiia5^  ^pitchedTtek n/n *Ma' VPecial *������in wa������  M^well UatedSMf9S>n^ at this P^t, Dr.'  Riecker, Pas,���������, l6?,^6^ fegeon, ondDr.  ff������OB -������t ������������������/;      . Kal'l"Oad Compaav'a- Sur- |-wb������ia aoilse. It.&es baea. bro  > Thr ITNtVERSAi.pRAciTicE. of mixing Chicory and  other adulter.tivos.with Coffee, has very much damaged in /public .estimation,- what ought- to be tbe most  delicious of'Beverages.' ^So effect u illy have the public  been drugged with such mixtures that the true prop.-r*  ties have'bVjea lost eightoi; an invmy prefer a -bkek  aiid thick infusion to a drink rich in spirit an ir aroma.*  Qeacnl as js.tbe use of Coffee, it is littla known that  in condensing the vapors extracted from tlio berry in  rousting, "a liquor (ia ob tainod of: the most nauseous  taste,; and of-a scent thoinost unbearable .. Un ler such  circumstances it .is; evidently; important that all the  gases and flul'is extracted by roasting, shoul I be carried off as-quickly as p'lssibi.^ in order to prevent their  returning again to the Coffee . which is the c ������so in the  confined-cylinilcr. -��������� This object is admirtbly accom--  plished by the. new anil .patent "Conical Caffoo Boaster''  aa.as.ed. by FELL & GOM Victoria, ia Which--the berry,  is directly exposed,to tho radiated heat, and tho vapor.  extracted carried off instantaneously.;.  In addition to  the advantage to be derived by the rapi I removal ol  the stcajft containing the objectionable proper iiis, the  pum aroma or tho Gaffee is ret*iinodv the essentid oil  being preserved and not exhausted as in. the Crlioder  Boaster* where the Coffee is required to remain a much  longer tim������ in consequence of tho steaming it Under-  go.eB.by thexoafined steam.." It is chemically impossible to retain the quuliti-;s or arrest the deterioration oi  Coffeo when ground; .The heat engender 3d by ihe process of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action jn the elementary parts which grauu tlly destroys  its fitness lor drink.  ' But to retain the���������essc'atiiil oil  wbloh-it con tains we have it eacased in tinscontaining-  flrora 1 lb. to 28 lbs.,- and which can. be had irom any  bf tho respectable dealers.    We can'confidently ro.  commend those who havo hitherto been obliged to re,  fraiu from taking Coffae on account of its' ill effect^  chat they may .use our Coffee, roasted in the Gonial  Boaster, being recommended by all raodical men under  whese. noiifio- it.hes been, brought, and by numerous  ^^ ^ ,^ ,_ ,._ ,. roy> TELL & C(> ^  ���������whin te,. ta t c* st*,,. V&toift.  B^KERVTrXE^a^of^iri^tbe: Express pfflci  WILLIAM; hWINNARD^  Victoria, Jfii: Ijyiiril; film.  SEEPH5RD, Maaager.  fir  14  BARN A W&M  ���������Jvi  BARKERVILLE.  M. J.  BLACEMAN,  TINS Ml  BARKBJElVItLEi  BARKERVILLE RreWERY;  J. B.  BRBW ERS.  Boot  LEWIS  WILDE,  BARKERVILLE.  BLAQKSMIT.H,  ;   RICHFiELD. r  Connecting at Lillooet and Tal������% with DIKT2 &  ���������������������������fifi'"''"NEtSON*S for Kow Westminster kVfiiciorlx,'   '"'  WILL ^MV^*iKl>: DEPART' ftoni the ;offlce 1a:'"  Barkerville, to connect with the steamer "Ia������ y.  terprise" at Queenplmouth, and the STAGES at Soda  Grook, BVERY'WEEK, convoying I^b>subk, Lxt-  ters and Valuables for all parts of the world...   Also,:  Commissions received and forwarded by Express for  the.colieotios of Notes, Bills and. the. purchase of arti- :  cles to be,obtained a| xfeW; Westminster, Victoria, San r  Francisco or ������croutej and-returasJmade trith dispatch;  -���������': fifi.,:A,,yyfifi yy JPH^.B.;.&QVJSL(L, j - vy-iv  . fit-B. .-fifi   .;.. Agent, Barkerville ,:  Important to Minors  Tho undersigned is prepared to  ClM$: BLACK SAN0, BLOWIN������ %M  ;-:;y.PANNINGSi"'- '���������'���������'������������������; -'';:-; A'-'*  Oa Commission, or will purchase any.quantity ������a dia  Most Liberal Terms, at the      ;  '. Heading Boom, Caxneronton,  Tho Subscriber is'well knoVn on Williams Creek, aad  from the. confidence reposed in him last Fall is tho  above busindss, hi liopes"to receivo"tha patronaffifiut  tho Mining community the ensuing season.  ���������'...'.'.���������     '���������  s JOHN BOWROFT..   .  van.winkle; "\fifi  n������aler in all Wndo of ProvtsioiiB, Cloklxing, &c.  m* StabUng f<������ Horswis; H������y, Bart������y*m<i Oa������������ ������1-  ,..w:p'rfe:c:-;r.;y-,y.;.;^.;-  ;," BIG BK2TO, BRITISH C^LTTMBIA-y; " ���������  DURING THE MIKIN^SEASON:'"'the ondejsifuK;  will be prepared to execute Surveys flnd transit  afienoxal AS-oncy-Busliises. ^OHN MORRIS,  1-a"-:*.  -fifififi  '���������'        i   .      ' ,';.��������� ��������� iSM-E3g*ia**r,.*  mm fi'fi  ^^fou^  'fiX fifi.  ; Hi  fififi  ?!>::>  Yale;     --       -      Mr. Evans,       do.       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A.'i ;:���������'-:.',:--..'-. './���������r'':^VV'-.-.,:./.;V.v:;_;^.-..^;';'.:.-'-'V;V -*;:���������"������������������/->   ':���������'-'��������� i-fi. -IllSSfi (/fi \ ;-������ S"Z-?������j!L V  ' -  h u tljv^^ln^that, the ..mode and,Jho. season _  were both in error, milieu of furnishing men  -;-,'-.  " ' - ��������� -yy.y-- y i _    yyfi: .fififififi.:' fi-fir.ijV. fii fifi -rXi?^ 'ffi^\.'ifi:A- - fir    3^-L'.':':;   " '-fi'-y Jfifi''A'-,  '   with supplies of provisions .either, J������l excess oil;  - ' ''  '���������-:. -fi..-- yfi-'-,- ^fi-yfi-Si'fi fi-fi y:   -fi--      ..-. ���������- .f--,fi"i'\:':fix -.-? ���������'/,-���������'- ��������� -'������������������ -. ij1'-' f>- j.-"'Vr'. i-i'-fi: fi  theirrequirments, oriio^df a*character^suited  to the Mature of ytfeex^ditic^ itwouldbe  '"'AfiA mu^letfe^rtbr *ther>,(^ei^^  v" ^vpremhi^commpsurate-w andr&e  -; "fififi" imSedfat^afS^  '���������"Snstftfice^if^i^  covery^of:tnew. gold fields^ a'^wennj'^certiiin  ' conditions^ Jieaving ^cfmpetiton ^envto^a^  the ininers^sud^ sts 4tfe ^mpsf likely j# find; a  ^ new: li^(^^|w^^  "��������� suohjtools^and provisionsv as ^oSla,-b������ ^est  ''5idapt^^  , /: .^Qntone^ln^st^  ejfi^&^of^i&ch'meii to'fee^ibiindi :e^oyi������e^  i wii&bj>th^h^^hys^  - requireS^to^the^1a^}^rlT^^ :  he sufficient %seeure to ^JeiiGoireFnment the  serice of which indiicemeiitmTasf al ways-Be a  8ttfmTiJlirig;blbiplc injthe wayyp^turm  ac50^ihe5efertSv4f| P^P^^^P^^fl1*;  ������������������ - ���������' dervtGoverpaej^-^atro^ ' ^ fififi fifi -: "���������;;:; , fi^  *��������� lated ^bffit^mor&certainty (aniimportant:  ��������� ' 'c^iigi^rEtio^^n^^  . and is -at ahy;^rate Much> more preferable to  fi~iihe fe^fff rtlfe;&eWpni when there, is i^uafly a  ;piwalenceof^^rainyand^n^rT"'yfifi. ��������� -.fi;.\  ������������������fififi Wil.^^M^Bl^^^ $*% careful icotisid-  eration of our;mia^.^PQ?^E^Xty'ffi ^orer  fi&Q&gfiir?^^  tbeeSprfi ol'the Gwr^e&sqlfeas tlieyiiave  gone in 1his; direction, but tf possible to;divert  them in this;; respbct'fi. fe>; anidffier ^hsmiiel, and  V^#ihk<$fei^  itifoei ywi& th$ fisn&ti^^  , have sufficient^^ied^;<^:exp&<^erjn the  ��������� saattefi-'"' ''"'-J   '"';"':, ���������*-- ---y '^.  l(|������ONXCLES OF CARIBOp. -,  ^fe2psfo0ar|h36ite,������ 26th January; Jp6#>)?  ?^fiflaft^wffiferi������weittl'gft^  the Cariboo Literary Institute. startod. a^mall nianu'  icript"Magazine.;.:calieU>.they'/C.anJ3  very &hly 'edited' tiy'MeSsrs" McLaren'& Anderson^and  in whi ch:ieveral^yory cleVer :a r 'fi cles-.and��������� erigmalfpl eces:  appeafeC^-T&esCgenfie^  ailoW-s'om^b^thes^.-.prd.dnc  umnsfr6m-titne-tbihne?v'arid'if we take tfae'foilowing  as a sample.our readers-YTill see^ that tfih$y possess,no;  Small merit.} V/:V,L   fifi    A-    *'���������'.���������-.-.' yfi,  y * lyy^fiymfit^MB' m. ymMM  y fifil^AM^i^c^  tieth^year of the reign-of Victoria^ Queenyof  Great Briiairiy ywheipAbraham-the son <rf Lii^  clJter^B*PyM&ent*!bf^  Doughs. Governorrof the Provinces,    - -^  yy,2r;d^t^^  cities of ihe piafn, saying, there is a land afar  off - abounding, in^ilyer and: Jn .gojd,.;andon  pr^iot^ -'sldSesj- and '.in:paSlu?esj, ���������&, land flb &  *h^r^rth������Q*p^  thqlnijmti and.possess it. iy^ ,.v,,y,,y,^ ���������..���������.  ^iSlijNoW%e;nameJ;^this .landyJ'S; V?Tty������?>  ^^T^eiii&^terprei^  Greats Deer; fr'A,* : v> --: '-; -fi "^ *} " 7  ��������� 4; ^d^onyi^e^sida of^the fi north Js^a great  riv&^and^oiiltliellwest^^  and J)ii th^pu^h therepfa,great plajn, toc^pn  the fe^t! th^ofM^tyMountmnsiW'v      ^"  fifidZfiiAnti  .'fiativ^JpSiiy  ...      igreat lakesi andvironLthe Mands^beyondythe  ^ea^roseyabd-^^fSnWtBis land afar off.. ;_.  ;.���������; 6.u4nd ifccameto^pass ip-tbesameyear,*thajj  fanurfe a������|a g$ak$|atu^  !and^many ^of the^ spjourners^in, the -land rsat  kown andiveptj saying to one another,' let us  ���������arice and go to ouTTathers, for they have  ^o^g^la^pto sp^rie; \������ f\ Cl Jt >l 4 A. fifi  I gfa g������s that of all that-weiat umo: the^landvp'f  1   8. T3^ds 'a'moffglhcJSe^ were" Jews'' aifd":yGen:  ���������tiles. Miners.and Traders,- and,Doctors,.and  >Wortfefs*in Wood andin^IronVttnd^in Tin;and;  ^Fleshers and fakers, ;v���������v   cf������������, .-v>y, t \.  |y 9. Pu^lmafeaffi ������anM  and lewd women not LaUtew. ,  fi, fii6? Moreover^ a^ng^tnemwereV certains de-  ^ofe men and wbifieh;"the ������8ltMlSh& earth.-;"  EnHSE! a^mSofcE^nyChm^ipand in- BilC  -���������'���������    *-3���������������������������'���������i������>. *��������� i' - fi- fi-l % yfii   '   fite \Ji ,**j.f*    *   ���������Ij-*/'''1- /'V,-:i;. ,  lingsgate. * ��������� "��������� ���������-v*-v  ' <* *��������� '*-' y? -* ��������� *���������;:,:      y.  ���������;'  j,: yl-2^Andya%r-;^.year^pf,feinin^-;pajpue"Mlfi&1  of |reat pten% ald?they>buiit themselves^ cities to dwell in,-.arid 4emples; and a Lazaar  house for*th|^ick jai(d^ &pulcbte fy^y}  j ^-Moi^p^ihey^^  which jthey put 5.11 >their^o^fe^ ^  1; l������^^dhere also".$&$. asseml^^themaelyes  Ibgetfierla commune'/with one anotliei? and'to  receive^lad^tidin^s5 froiPyihe Jland^ of their  Y 1������. A^iM  made a^ourney'tQitheCciti^s,pf the plain as  S is' their wont" ;ohd# every year and there  ^wasted their sabstahce^withTiotbus: living.   .  among jmany*^f Jhem,-and^tl^^returned to:  \wili: packs pajheir^acks and, sjta^s^ their  Hands sa^ihgi*adversity .is^tasi^r'to^eat than  prosperity. . ���������yiiKSAtfiti -  /-?17j.yAnd-it .came ,tp pass, in .*th^ ^seveytt, and.  ������w^*qJetMy^F ^a^ato^^c^rhojirott who  knew 1161 the sopuriers, in^ the",lani"ofr the  'Great Deer:-, -fifi' "'!'f. fi fifip* ''fi ��������� '��������� ���������. ���������*:xir .: ���������:'.'..'������������������-;���������./���������.  : ��������� 18.^And he appbini^^capMns' pyer^ hundreds, and captains pVer; fifties,- and -captains  over tens;    p'-ifin-.^- fi���������\ f*~-{\ if" -rfi '. - fi"  > y 19<Ahcl the^ruierj sp'eaking 'Sfteryihe coun-  ^dur jokefiheefiy^ hntiyi.yim%Mdyio  he chased ^yoi^iffiwffi^  tise you"with scorpion^ T ,"fi  fi.. 20; And thelp^bple'iii the landlof the Great  Beer wereverpth:and they;cried with--a^.loud  voice, sayingf*wp never^w&e-in^bondage to  NEW AI)VERtlSEMEi^S4  ^^^y^^^myk^m^m-fi.  THE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofop^ existing between  ^Messre^^GHANCELLt^  beeiili isl&lvedtb-Wy^liy^iitusragrfeement., "Mr. Cunfo  r^na'ins sole propflMorofytfte^^  '. Williams Greek, May 23rd31806.        , m 6-lm-  ,  (fii, ���������\fi- fii-'-.y -r,~, i..j -fit. 'i.'-v.;^, ii ���������fij-firific-.'-r-,1.. .fifi?. ������* :v yfipSSi Yfifil ���������'���������vT', <  .;,-"���������  S.-J'TvE 'ftfifi'81:. m\fifi*&}<fi,fifififi  *AJfDJ  fi i DEBTtl .GOBiLESTGHS.-  w>yi&fii&u4--  Ay  ^;Bani?rupt-Afrair3!>y;ouhd^p and Balance Sheets prepared; - illning Accounts carefullyyniade up -VAll .kinds  df^Forms'ahdagreemenU^rawn^^^^^  cription bf husiness: promptly a ttend^d^te * ��������� -fifi yfifi % *<tj- ,  I*:j8Qr Oflace^-KICHFXELDy ���������nbaritheGourt-HousO/ ^6?*  H . fiC. \w\fiLM\6kfifiJfiflfi':fi fi  B'"fi EGS:TO l^pR^vTHE1 M^f^A^^A^I^BLlC  fidt ���������Wiliianas;'CreeT������ thagtie'is prepared,latJthe.ahoru.  esfnotice," - lo'reto'ove gOOd#of?:eyery :^ descrlptioiii ^vlih  care h^tweeii^he towns'o������ Bichflel^^ Barkeryille'-$0  Pamei'bnt,owhytirr.eas6nalJle.ratcs.     ,. ���������,"., \.  ^gchuelcl^ay;'21st?l86^;f fififififi^. fi, "fifi fififififi  A&fi.  fiyfi  '"'-^in ieay;Q sODAiCRESK: fi fifi ^  ! iynliONDAY- & IthVeSDAY'^OR^GsJ^  fiy   fiyAAyfifi fi ^ ^Pp^y ,"'fiy^fi'i^fi  yfifiAfirfi. f \yt$ ������������M qussnel^ 'fi 'yyfi}fififi.  IWEDNESDAX.^' SATURDAY^ORN^  fifififi fififififi fififififi fififih^Moi  Sonneting atfSdi3a.'Gr3ekiwithc BarxardJs* ST^GFit^n  . -t : Wednesday's>trijp;tdpwa and^i*v^3day?sfi^.$x&Apfifi  r 7g$^ Freight to Quesnel li'cls^lb^a^^,;  Steamer 'Enterprise^ \    "AJ    '"7: 'A J'Afi . fififi-V^fifi^  !;.i;5'May,21stf rmffififififififififi. fiyfiAfi. -fifififi "#tV& mfifi  Iii the^Gounty ��������� Cpjrt of pltyS^ Col&ibia  fiy fir fiAsfiy y Holdin.atJRiclmeldiv. ' <W?Xii  'jtj&ijiBiffi  vTVvcjvhaS been -duly filed on the leth^dayjoT May  last-by-Waltfii' Long F#iok of Cameronto^n, WU*  loon Keener,r>and he having -been^'adjudSeated a Bank-  .Vupt-,H^ei?ehy:*ej{uiVeS  Geo- "'Cox,-Esquire;' the Judge ^ff the above Court, for a  first extimin'ation^^^on'Fri'd'ay, the'vlsth'day-of; June next-:;:  at ���������eleven O'cl^ek, Inl-thT morning precisely, aud on  ^ontlayptM^Gt^^ay^^Jniy^ne  tfttfhin'fc:preQistly,yat;ithe:. Ce.urt'MeuBei Ric^^d,;^^  ���������.mak^;ayfullc.discover^and;diS9l^reyo^  ���������effects-Cwfien;an<i^wtiere"tfe 0*reaitoi&*afe t<j .cojme pre-  jjartfd to prove thftirdebjs/^and: a<vthe flrst*slttl%l$e  choose 'AssfghOes*andrat -the last sitting the said Bank-  ruipt'-i^-raqulre,d*it<j*finiiE^iyliMi^^^JL^I-tdiiirfe-^^ rf> :%���������?$<...  y ;AU ,p������-rsbns indebted?,to'^the!.\aaid Bankrupt or that;  Saw a^y of'lilsrestate'ahd effects^re'nbt to pay.'or/d#.;.:  liVerUhe'same- but;"to'Mr.-;iKf ^G^Pnililpg^.'Ksq.'ythe'Offl.11  ci&l Assignee at)poitited;by,.the!saidy(^urti^^y fi -'fi&sfyfi  yfiAfifiAfiyfiA^fi^yfifi  fififififi A  y-f fi.-fi,..:, fi fi yfi* fifififi- .^ichnela*, fifi.  '-'���������fi '   -1 v-'uV v- yfi .fi- .'.fi-'_ficounsel for Petitioner.  ;/,:, ;:iy-/ry KofeGM^-HERE^  TRfiEfififg^l%fifi$$������i-0&  'fifi : \vill;untifmrtfeernotlW^p^it^ ;  %^^^^M^^^^^$^fi  and Mr* JOHN BOWRpN;WilLbe the-Acting Postmaster  fifi A .>  fifi"- "fi'fi fi,     v   to. GEO." COX, ,.  VBichfield^-B^cS^;,! fifififi fifififiyii sfififififi'fihffifi  ^ii^fe^\^Ball: &.:Goiicert'/  ONiiTHB-  ������k  syy.  ^itlliFNES^be'g^ to��������� informfthe Min^re^of^Williifnis  siM^^reekJttwhee'iGreek^rduso^       andi^Kan Win^  kle'ythat she intends giving :a .Benefijb^Ballr S-nd  Goiicert, on the 2iih of ;jaay, .the.besvevefy^i^yon(  Williams"Creekj'Vheir she respectfully solicits the pat-  fcn&g&pC': the pfiblic| * t ��������� y fi'fi MAR? fi&7> GLMESP^  u\~."fi: fifififi fifi-- fi^-fi - "���������-''fi: rTfi'i-fifi*.. .-.���������ifi-fi^.-*^^i~~*fiy~^.fifi������*'fi������4-  I; y;7;:^r(^aiicei 186$jy yy  -NjO'T i cte t o mvi n i;������^^'������������������  *'���������'��������� '������������������  "- "'    fifi",*-'.'!; *'���������' 'I fififi���������_^-< ,   .   'fi: fifi:.fh$^\fifi*fifi'fiyu >%���������>������  T' ik������iim&AM&  y Ditch Company r ListiTt p^ ca 11; the atten J j on of, $-in-  ers "to"fi" The Williams Creek' Flume .Of'3inah,ce/1^66j,.-  a cbpy bf ?which can.be 'seen at: theHvoffice; and hereby  caution, allpersonsnot to trespass on /any ground-nor  i'n^ieV^er^. with. any'^-n^  tofthe:Company.,.- "1..- *v "' fi^'^y fififi: fi^fifi:''fififi.  :-.'w,.?v '' ������ * ������������������ '''.."��������� E." A.- WADHiVMS.? y ~--  -':'$������$��������� m y-fifii-i fiy-: fi'-y fifi 'fifi ���������,'''���������-:*:} ^Sficrbxaryso,  t .RlcMeld,^tX May, ,1886.,fifi fififififi fifiu^tgwy^  :-^|ir  THE HNPE.SSIGNED HAS OPENED ,THE ABOVJB  toTreceive Boarders by the Aveek or day., 1-"' '*u - - "*  ^^^a^^fii-fit-clys^COOK-shas^been engaged! Afifififiyy.  f?^irt^w^^^,tq.?Poantout this season tfPiU -fiad^il  ���������id"^theitadvantagoyto give;;hlra^rcall} ,y.ass his,*hoDuse *for  cleanlinfSS,y attention to "customers,*' and a'g&<Jd;Tabl<y  cannot tie excelled, A. &'; Afi '3 > v:y^v ^^v^- *?,i-..,,-,- i? ,^y; ^_  ^���������Piess-Goffe^yGhops :andi Steaks^ at ;aii;houw;  -fi*:-l%fiix0.&^^  :.:^^:.y>y^y';_^'AVr^--'.������������������ fi-fi-'.-������������������:.- .��������� --������*;,-,-���������:���������-��������� -.--..: -:���������.-.,���������:.- -..-fix���������.���������;--'��������� ...-v^ ' VV:.'- ���������'-*-'V  ;0 %.*i -^V^^^^  y-v^V'-'.' J?  'fifi.- [fifi-fiu fifififi A'syi.c 0ufip\'J.^ fifiyy  r->i<?:'"'f^ "-:.i:?^/''-.kinds'xfiK^ L'-^:1:^-"  ?  EICHFIBEDy  -: i-i    -,'.*      t MESdHAKTS AND DEXLEBS'OtC^ fifi  ''" .1 '  H;;SMo.i:s;:;^  ���������tiii<?*t-  anyv.man. - --;        v.:-.;; y ���������:-.  fi- 21; And the son of Brian Bora was tetrarch  pf Cariboo thisjsame year,.  y 22. From all "that come to -pass^among the  ihhabitarits of^ttiiS landyaud!ali:tliat''|the captains and the ruler;did .untp. them until this  -#ay>JSJiLiQ.L.I������P5id^4. in jjjp b ook of the  Chronicles of Cariboo by me, ���������" ZTfifi fi.fi...'"."."'  fi ?*.**r fifi yp'fi :������������������ :���������_ y!finmA&GOifi ���������  r.   (Tpbepontinued.) y^ _"..���������;���������  fi "fififififi fiy.: QAMmc^f^Nyyyyfiyy^  There is no distillery kept in.this establishment,;  * and strychnine and rot-gut find ho place here.. '2  iJjju  A  of the _  the; 1st to .,the,,8thr^une^attd **��������� ^jhfi^^Pf  thfc&ii ^o^tfceJ:i>4 tl^jTa^: ^ ;vC/ ^ ^ ^ .'iv:: ���������. K, /-H  Bat^i;.���������We would remind those who have  a desire to 'trip 4< the light fantastic," that  Mrs. Chines' Ball comes off to-night, at Lor-  in a?e 5a-io an, Camerontown.,  ".T 'jp������F* Great interest"has beqri .mahifefeted^ in  the Vancouver Island Assembly, respecting  the adoption of Treasures' for " ttasT abatement  of all nuisances iri the' city i of Yictoria and  districts,: withy the view off warding off the ap������  prodch of that fearKil'epidemic|;^Asiatic Chol-  :ftra,:which is spreading���������with'great;rapidity on  the Eastern* si<fe~of this continents~ -The��������� Sanitary Commission Bill^'--of 1861 wa������ adopted  Midj)assecL;yy* -y ������������������ -- y "������.��������� r- **���������.    y   T V**  : pgh'We learn that.;Cco^mpafi'y has been  Bmed-at::Qcresneimou&^  scrip tion raised; to eguip them^tor, the explb ration of the'newly discpyered diggihgs 'on Can-  ���������dn.Qreek;���������Jbhey st^tMa^e^ days ago.   ,.--- ..  ! '$BBhw& -nbticed, on'^^ Tuesday las ty.some*. 15  or"20" Chinamen busy at work on the road from  Camerontown to this place repairing the dam-  j.agea complained of last week.  ���������;   .   BAR.KERVILLEV*' -v. '������������������",--v:.  MISS THURBBR&iffi.LAWLESSJTrbpJrs  THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN NEWLt FITTED UP ON  the Restaurant principle with a view to the comfort  of the public, and will'be conducted in a manner to  ensure the salisfaction oftnoso who are disposed 4o  favor the proprietors with tlieir patronage.v y       - 'v  fifi. Meals at all Hours.   (3-ood Beds;       ifi.  JtSF-ThQ Bar is furnished with the* best soiection of  Liquors;and Segars..- - " ;'  .. . ��������� 'y-2;;>  SRE^lT  ATTRACTIOHi  .....;-.';.,  every;eveninjg,!; vy: ,y a  BegJo call the attention-'of! 1Kinefsarid other*  . v id th^ir fuH-assbrtment of* SUPERIOB !GbGD3:'v  ���������. ";,-;,��������� -...  >fififi.fif  -';whichywillibe^ sold ^ fiyy fA$:A fi' fifi  a f' fit -d;-s-T:: vj&jti .pi-fcsyf  ''. 'j',",.':',:i ~-���������i  t.'fifi'-.������������������< .'fififi: '���������:'���������> fifi'.fi ���������' fi'fii i... fifi. fifi-- r". ->fi..i.y-,-.-.ffi-i.. ���������. ���������������������������t.7-'.:.':':::-.'. -'-���������  to -make^opm i^a; NilWf STPCEs io ^arrive so.soon :a������}  A 'fiyfiA  ' --rfiy'ff&fiRQ^-tte-WPRfi'-fi. fifi  - fi^^ALihex^h -allowance/ wilV^be.inafeiOi-  Rostauran I and Hotel jKeepersvjknd the ^rade::generaTly'  on large orders.  . .   .,"..������������������    ���������,.-���������  A-y .-.,:,.._ 1", fi  ���������fi ii7'y: '^WM^y^f'^K^ '^������M  y.;... ...r[v.y *.';......-::_ -.--ini,i..AJniij'1vf fifiofi \ J\ Afifi,fi   fifi Jw.  :':"i.uwp;H;';H-bMs;e:|---':":.^  ^ .v.v.ov:-.u ^: .BarkerriUeV'B.;C.; ;.'���������_���������'��������� fi1 fififi fifi-;  ���������   [i^LfiifiA'lPATi^i^V, ^ROPRIlBJToitS.��������� :r.i  Everything is done fi connection with this estaWisk"';:  men t. to give, satisfaction to the customers; '������������������.fififi''-' -  - jg^r Meals at all; hotirsv; i-A ��������� ��������� ���������.-: :-'"*'' '��������������������������� }^: ^-fififi  .* > - ���������    -'- -.    .'.' ��������� ������������������---- ������������������ 'fifififi_ifi_Lfi_fififi_fijsSi__'..'ii'-������������������*'���������  ':y;y fi'P^/^^A^fiW^Ofifififi-fiy.  AT THE  Fi:.SH;lD;l;S;A:������:o;:0:;S  ;/:.  '"fii.fi  bareervieLe.";" :     :  ���������9  :LL JLOVERS OF -THE tDERriSCHOREAW AET are  invited to pall and enjoy thcmseIvOE,,whena hearty;  weloomcwfll be extended*' ��������� -., v- ; --,.- ..,-������������������������������������   "   ��������� ���������  4������^ Tho b'est of "Wines, Liquors and Segars,  &du Oood Order observed.  I MAKTIN k 0005, T>r>p'P������.  . v ��������� y.A BA.RK'E-R..VitL'l;m,^y fifififififififififi.  A: ' fi'fi. .' .; fifififi. -fi ..?SAi'iBB,x������'.': '. fifififi* fififi* -fin w  Assorted ^MWG^&^^iz'efi  Whol es ale and fi RPtaU.:.  ii SiTt> THE PLACE;ap;BESIDENCE of ^WKAHlgJ..  a-LmfevYMQNABBrfromrNonral^  ���������heard from was at LUiooet about to cross thcrtnountaina. ���������  fi:ist. A Parties 'who, can give'ftiformattori'*ill .pleas9  conwn.utiicate with John JlcNabb,-Esq.-, Torontor-0. ���������������->������������������  or ilr. J. 11. Wright. Williams Creek.     If the saia a-  II. McNubb applies to Ut, Wright he will hear ������**"*"  thing to his adv������!!i������>t*.  R  pi  1  m  U w^W������ ��������� >uu ������.������ -$jy  -X���������������*������������������-r ��������� *~<-.i".������ <y������.  :.-^r*,?v  ' v*ffi  I  I  M  m  ������  w  Pf  B^ssS  fefff  pS  H  N&s&ffi  USB  la  pi  Mil  to?- JUS'  e���������  HI  p  ������&������������  Wm  a^m  tt.-f-.-JS;  liill  flllgl;  Hi  pSaggg  B  1  i  ������������������  ii  EEK  v< ..: -.      ;ki -l ;J y; .'.-..:.-���������������������������-.'���������>< yv    '    ;-yiVvi'  - '������������������'-.'.'���������  4 .������. *���������';  police xjomajp;  >-*   , i  .j*n  (BeforeWyj*v<W.Esq*.&&$.������^fifififi .  fi'.v'S'" TV^l^^^M:l$ayri866. :  Tons: Sowi:.av^������a^^i^^sM by v J? ?���������  Nicilson with '8tealing.a;lot\offclothing from  JhP store'^f te-*Ed^rd3^in:vBaVkervil e, on  m laid Aprir iis^tdliem^ewm:ic>:d^  was sentence^  with hard labofyfifi '?#������.-ri i^'^'fil i ^ifr  -^���������������������������V^vv-^ fifi -fi. ,  * ,:':-PafeckrKifwin;"Saloon'Keeper;Richfield,  . fi^^^^^fi^9^^ B*������ister>  ���������'with assault.--'.'' *rv fiy -fififi1. ''fifififi-fi;; "fijfi ' : 'fifififi ';  H T"-'WalkCT.sw;brh���������Yesterday afternoon  about half past"-'GfijS'cXidtt- was*passing up the  creek ;ywhen,opposite Kirwinfc;saloon my dog  "was attacked by a d6^beWi4lag.\t^r&rwittj  tvj3 aog is-*afihuisahcoV;-lCirwmys "dog seized  mine and while! wa&JmdeaVburing to beat  him off with arstick; KirwmHcame\out of .the,  Saloon aiTa shoothis .fist mmr fa^ce m-,aTery  threafehinffmanner.;:iItri&d.to:.aVQid.a.street  Vow;but iarwin'attacked' me ��������� bycpUishing;.me  off Ihe sidewalk; he' wa,s ikken awayby; the  'that������ ,     ,  'a ^'desultory '** discussiontMrej'-/tppK,.place;  ���������  ahoti'tthe^ babit  of carryiDg.'SticJiS<* ������������������.. >:���������;; - >y. ������������������;&">.. x fi '���������:* >fi '.-' fifi fi * ��������� vy  ���������' ^e-Gourt-remarked- that-he believed, every;  toaripnthe'^  stick;.when-French Joefi'was hereyhe .used to;  carry: one'-himself;ibrA protection, agai^  his;  *d0������Si~ -fi* ** *������������������ *"~ -"-*���������* *** '��������� -.:*    .V*  '.-".-.-. ��������� -.fi.fi' -.'  Capt. Trevalliofe sworn���������ImetMr;_'Walker:  opposite iKirwin's: ^ afternoon;  ,'.heard seine bilersay";-tteret;waa.a dog fight;  Adid-notseifi^^^  striiokby!sohie one 'witha'f>ielc handle,;and  arid.he.said he. would have- hisl revenge for  such a;ruffanly attack-; he*said this; ab outrten  rainute^after thepccitrrence;;!would have said  the same things^^myseltiinder .tHe^same circuin-  '. stances^-' fi    \ \... fiAyfiw^ ��������� yfifiyy.: .'���������,���������:.:  ���������fifi 'The Judge said that he* could not find any-  ���������. thing in-the-:evidenceT.tpys^OW;.Kirwin: made  ; .any. thre'ata tb.'justify his toeing hound-over to  keep the peace.;������ He ? Accordingly1 'cautioned  him ltp:*be.;mpi^;;careful;'for;:the future: in  allowinghis temper to lead himjntp disturb^  ances or [this'kihd, and discharged hjn^   ;:;--, fiyfi-fifi- A charge -was then entered againstJSlirWin's  " dog,^Cariboo," as b,eing.>;dangerous animal.  ''Ri P'/Walfier*swbfn-~I' kriowiCirwin?s; dog ���������  he attacked my dog yesterday; I am always  afraid of this dog as I go'dowuthe creek;; the  vicious< propehsities ;of this aniinal are .well  known on the creek; there were people on the  creek afraid even to come to Richfield on ac^  count of} him.: fi _..... ���������, fii fi.fi].  ; ���������;��������� fififi , y   fi'fi A";  .^.MrvPark .stated: that-he could bring wit  nesse3..to prove the good .character which the  animal bore...";';;.';'.'..-.::���������./"; .:\..![1'.-......'...fifi  .The-Judge decided that the dog'was .a  vicious animal,; and ordered him* to be either  chained up'or muzzled. '  '-I,, GOLD CO^LSSIONER^S.COURT.   ;  ;MmiNG' isi?ELtftai5N0BL  _-y     .*   ,CANON CREEK BED ROCK FLUME."    .  ���������.',;..���������{  :��������� -A:chatter;for'this cbmpan/^vate<tj5plied for  in August, 1864, and Obtained during the fol-  ������������������; ^iowingf-arinta^^ 2f imies  of ground on-this creek.' t The company* was  organized' under'the- Joint'Stock" Co'y'Act,  with,a'.capital-of S^O-000,'divided^into, 12,000  shares at $2 50 per snare. ��������� AVbrk ,was pegun  ih the "Bpring^pf 18G5-\by-bias ting put a tail  race; whiih commenced "at "the second canon,  aVouthalFX mile from tho lpwcx line? of the  grpund,; and was c'oritiriue'd, for -a distauee -of  156 feet * through bed rock;������wInch had to be  blasted to .a depth.of 16 feet >by< 10"feet in  width, and the fluine^was laid last fall.    This  tail race.was made with the. view of washing  the surface graveVan whibh'^ good prospects  were obtained ; but'when this rock had been  blasted through it wa^tpunds that there was a  deep/channel ahead-- - The work perfprmed  during the past winter, in; which 10 men have  been steadily employed,, was" for the purpose  of testing'this channel.; After! great ^difficulty  ia combating; witter and qiiicksapd rock was  8 truck at'2 61 feet, Which at first was supposed  to be bed rock, but afterwards only proved to  be slide; oh sinking 3 feet through this, gravel  .TO^s.twck again,:^and 8,:feet further,bed,rpek;  Was reached*, a fair prpspectpf.heavy gold was  obtained, b ut from'' the pitch' of: the rpck to- J  wai'dS'.the^hiII- it was;efl^m^^e'"^efi^\fifi&fV-  of,: thb.'channel- had hpt' b eeh reach ed. ���������". Av drift  ';was.then run.foryup.wards of 20 feet, a blind  shaft;sunk;about 4:feet deep, and'.the^rock  found to ,be $till jpitchingv 'fifi The want" of pi*o-.  visions Induced the Superintendent.to suspend;  operations for a.time.   In fact he has labored  under great disadvantages/during the winter.  ovriifig*'. to' the:' rbmote; situation * of th e camp  from'anyplace where supplieVcould be pro-:  cured,'vhaving; had to pack provisions, &c.,  oyer the snow in all kinds.of weather.';. Ih the  eve'nt of ..a good prospect.being struck in this  channel ;i t is the;p rese nt in ten tio n ,of; the pom.-.  pkhy to a'tart atVpoint-half ��������� a;mile below-tte  shaft and bring iip a tunnel on a "bed rock  illume grade, by which'.ample, fall can be obtained to tap the diggings at a-depth.of 100-  feet.   This tunnel can'be driven by following  the. old'channel^and.will require no blasting^  They intend to commence at once washing the  surfacefbyymeahs'of the .'flume how laid (there  being plerity' of .water- for" the. purpose)', and  the:prospects are such^that they expect to bp  able by this means-to defray the expense of  carry i ng on the tun nel without'. calling up on  the sharehoiders; for any aid in the shape of  assessments.   .When the work is in full' operation there will be over;7o;men engaged on -it.  We h'avebeenshowriby Mr. Boonb; the'Superintendent, about an ounce of the dust, which  he collected1 after'allowing the water to run  oQ'about 4 feet of the surface.; some of the  pieces would*weigh from $150 to $1 '75^each.  A^stock of provisions: and workmen will be  dispatched to the camp in the course of a few  days.   Canon Creek is situated 45 miles northwest of, Williams Creek.  TELEGRAPHIC;  tb work b'ttt tJiVwater in the cre^k Was yfeaing,  (Special Dispatch to the;CAjtinoo:SEMTXNKL,).  a  *. (Before W. G, Cox, Esq.);'  "-;"    fi-fi '��������� Monday, 21st"May, 1866.  Davis Co'y, vs. Aurora Co'yi���������This was  motion by plaintiffs: to - dissolve ah injunction  which the defendants had obtained.on the 8th  inst. restraining the-plaintiffs from working  certain ground in dispute.0..Order made that  injunction be dissolved. Mr. Robertson for  plaintiffs, Mr. Walker for defendants.    .  m  ���������  s  sm  I  _ AccroENT.���������A serious accident occurred on  luesday last to a miner named Joseph Cannel.  it appears .he.was working in the Wide West  ^o.a claim, a short distance'above Richfield,  and was in the act of being hoisted from the  shaft, and while throwing down a pick he had  brought up in his hand, his ,feet slipped out  ot the rope and he was precipitated to the  bottom of the shaft,' fracturing - his leg very  pauiy, but without sustaining any further injuries.   He was carried down to Mr: Michael's  K^n' ^k?arketviUe' >Vh^ he was attended  ^y ur. Ohipp who soon set the broken limb.  mew seems to be-some, strange fatalitfabbiif  th^w8'^1-6^''^^^* df the country,  loi bSln? ?e third "Stance we have had to  record within the last two weeks, 'fii  y.    ''���������''���������. ������������������ ������������������       ;��������� -'   fi -      '������������������ ���������'���������'-'��������� -' ���������'���������'��������������������������� ���������>*-��������������� .-  aJwsi���������- FL0?R-~An unexpected rise in this  Smfer ^p^a y#eraay,liioriiingj- when it  Cf'd S1 at'on������e; from. 30 eta. to 50cts. at  tej,lle' aed M cts-at Lichfield. B fa said  20 0nnS=Ce' ^^P wonder how it is that  thifwn?*KQOuld b.e ������Mtf������8'4'.iii one week-^  iZ- ������??ualIltltyreported;onMnaftttthat  -VViniri0t;ra-B?^?ver ^^ to.arrive at Van  heSLfclS^mght^ith IS.OOfc^.whiehwin  theS2S? Tfi** ������?^' and wU1 i0 doubt be  Kava        low!r^. %;:Pri^ again m-a  ���������oSK v^ks a'^ t^rcd'to WPar-  ������������������New York, May: 14th^.The loll������ wing is the  latest foreign news. received via Queehstriwh:  y Xohdbn, May 3d���������Consols;.closed 88|.tb 88J  for money. The.Bank of England to-day, advanced the rate of^ interest;to 7 per cent.. The  financial depression in London and Paris conr  tinues unabated fifi \ fififififi. fififi fififififi fififififi Afi fifififi Liverpool, May SdyrThe cotton market- is  easier with a declining, tendency, owing to the  advance of hank rates.;' \sales oh Monday, Tuesday and.Wednesday.110,000 bales, #'ndf*to-day  500.0;'bales:.  'AfififiA^ i'fifi-fifi ''fir-fifi fi fi-fi:.-  fi: San Francis^;; May,' 15th.^General Mason  writing to General McDowellVfrom..Sacalone,  on,the Gilia, river, April.30th,/says, . j have  just heard, via Fort Yuma," of the.massacre at  Fort. Go6dwih|' there, is .hot a word of truth in  the'story;. Sacalone is, only four "days' travel  from Fort Goodwin, and in daily communica-r  tion.e--The steamer America, to-day...carried  away 650' passehgers ;. she. had'.; $125,00i0,,in  treasure shipped by the Bank of BritishNortH  America to New YorkI~-Reports- by steamer  state that "a very strong -tide of emigration: is  setting .this way.frpm.the east; a great number-  pfv tickets are engaged seyerar trips ahead.^���������\  0.?Grady,'the Russ; House -robher,- was* convicted" this evening oh the'testimony of his confederate, MiUs.���������-Donohoe Booth, book-keeper;  for* -the^aiifp tina^uHdiifg*an d"Lpan)Sdciety /  hassued'MocheyV'a director', for. $50,00 0 dam-j  ages; for. chaining him' with-grand larceny be.->  cause he carried home the balance sheets.���������r  Judge Rix sentenced the. spiritualist Doctress  Hurd or DeWolf to a.fine'of $21 forappearing*  in public wearing, breeches.���������Forrest began  an engagement last.night' to a fine audience,  but the increase in the prices caused the house  to ha:ve 300 vacant seats; the acting was: grand  T-AiTived^.ehip-Star of: Union, 125 days, from  New.York; steamer Orizaba, from Eortlahd,-^-  The large sales of local refined.sugar<at.auction to-day caused a decline in.the market;  "'NevadaCityfMay 15.���������-The San JiiaK-stage,  with; 6 passengers, was. '.stopped; rthis; morning  about "half-past four by three masked robbers;'  they blew open Wells,. Fargo'& Cp.'s treasure  box and took $7900; none of the passengers  were robbed. As *soen-as -.the stage arrived  Sheriff Gentry started; with a.'posse; in pursuit  .6'f titi& robbers;'. iib'put. three' miles/frpin;' town  Steve Venard, formerly Citj-Marshall; got on  their track and followed:'thQm.;'to��������� MyersRa-  vine; two miles "from where the robbery was  c o nimitted.' j us t as he crossed the: ray ine ylie  looked above' oh the side fiilf and 25 'feeTfroih  him saw the head of a robber who^was-ready  to 'fire ; Steve levelled his, Henry's; repeating  rifle and'fired, the ball striking him Inthelett  side, killing him instantly ; robber Noi;2 then  raised his pistol but Steve being too' quick  'fififififi-       -"������������������   ORO F1NO CREEK.    ,    ���������.  fifi. The.Bed Rock- Flume. Co., - on this creek  have been employed during the. winter sinking a shaft,; and are \now down about 45ft,  they experienced great trouble in.getting  through a bed of quicksand, but have now got  through it and expect to reach bed rock this  week. ���������-'���������-������������������     .ififi-'.'. fifi fifi fi-fi'fi fi 'fi  There are a large number of creeks and  gulches in this section of the country, ih which  good prospects can be obtained on the surface, and if those who are now prospecting  in that quarter should meet with success, a  new field, of greater7extent even: than .the  neighbourhood of Williams Creek will be  opened up, capable of absorbing 15,000 or  20,000 men.  CONKLIN' GULCH. ��������� '  Activity begins to prevail among claimhold-  ders on this gulch, at the mouth Aof which so  much gold was obtained during the past two  seasons. The Ericcsou co'y have got the  water out of their lower shaft and.have commenced drifting towards their workings of  last year, they, will not take, out pay for- a  week yet���������Tne United co?y, who lately struck  a channel in'the hill, ,the water from whicli  drove them put pf their shaft, have commenced  running a tunnel to tap it. It will probably  take* fiv e Weeks to fin ish i t.-^-the Rei'd co 'y  have got their wheel running, on one of their  new shafts and will start to sink in a. day or  two', fi they, are busy sinking the.'.tipper shaft,'  which is down above ������0ft.; tliey expect ���������, to be  taking out pay in the course * of :a- couple of  Weeks br less.���������The New Zealand co'y have  got their shaft /nearly dry, .and calculate' to  cpmmence washing in a few days,T-^Th "Joo.d  Tunnel co'y, who had suspended work for,the  past^two weeks, have now set in again *\vith a  determination of pushing it through until they  reach the channel ; they have had great trouble with slum Pr quicksand;     fifi A fi .fifi ''': 'fifi  very fast^which may:fi delay-* opeiitionB.^'Six  or eight companies oh^fcCiilloch^reek' ^retaking put good pay^ffom mrfwe digging?.  Krpyisioiiaywere rating at the ihine3 as i'ollowc:  fiour '��������� '&0cts^bafco'^  pound. It rwas expected that more than'5VJ-J  men Were waiting at the 'Little Danes^O' get  up by the steamer For'ty^Nine t6:'the -minesv-  : Tbe: following large^American- firms 'have  bran ch ' estab lishmeri ts at ��������� th e-��������� Dalles' de';Mort  arid Bisse:' Smith.4&;Go^' Ferguson-'fi'-Co^Lamr  phere &_ Qq.. Hilander & Cd; ��������� Ayrahapis>& Co.,  Johhspn *&TCo;; .one of these .firms is about to  have S50,000> worth-:6f^^ gobds'brought upi���������  . Lytton, May 21st.���������Mr.-F:: Ji Barnard arriv-  edrhere last evening /arid kindly: fiirnishes tho  following':. The steamer Marten is to^tdrt1from  Sa/vanasr to Seymour on ;$aturday4 pext/-at?io  Ja;vmV, pn arrival of^aii:stage froiiiiY^le^Mr.  Charles Levy,' from.Seymour, r%Qrts';-that-'ih-  formation has been' received aVthat'.pttSsc'that  the. steamer Fprty-Ninewa's compel wi'to".'turn  back at Little^anbh,v'100 nijl)*s -below Death  Rapids, after5' sevieral; .uhsuece^sftil^attein^'ta;  had been made "to geVher Bir.ough'jyhdr cargo  'was/:dischargfed ;and:"every 'eff6rtj;niade>"but  without avail.'.' / :fi fififi: fiy :n-fifi a fififi: fi->  ��������� HPp'ei'May'21.���������Mr: RoppV the forejaiah of  the Cherry Creek siker mines;-'arrived'here  torday.. ^He^infp'rins us that the^wpflt oh that  mine willbe^^carried on/vigorously this'year.  .Capt*. ;Hpugh.tOii^.had^.;^starfediptrt tb^explpre% fifi  traiVfypm'yOkahaga^ t^'Columbia  RiyerX; he ;thinks a ihuch better trail th ah; 'the  one 'from^Seymour can be made,v with;plenty  of feed for aniraalsl The Indians had collected a large quantity of furs during the winter.  The crops;at the; Okanagah Missions looked  very^well; Mr. R-.sawfrpm;tw'o*W^hreehua- *  dred acres of wheat that looked very-promising. 'The Similkameeri fraily was*j vex*y bad^;  Mr. R. h iid to * swi nr- two streams;v witfc great  danger to himself and .horse; he thinks these  streams should: be bridged 'at'ovhce:: ��������� 'He saw  numbers of Chin amen -working* on the Similkameen; apparently doing well, and-met about  thirty bound for Rock Creek; ;:"< ������������������' fi fifififi. fififiy  Clinton, -May 19tb:^-Gold has been*' taken  out in McCullochs Gulch and French Creek; a  company of three on the latter creek took out  23 ozs. in three/days, .coarse gold.: Mr.yJoha  Blair, late of the 111 Mile House, was browned at Death Rapids on the 8th instil It appears  that deceased was; boating freight up-the;Columbia, and/when just at the .top,.of;Death Ra-  pids* the boaty took- asbaer;;-Mn Blair seized  an oar and jumping overboard tried^to^make  the shore; ��������� .but was carried down by-.the^force "fi  of. the current: The body, was recovered about  two miles belpw,1 and i respectably^buriedi by  the miners at the Steamboat Landing.-;1;, sw w-\  \'v:.  'fi^^Th^fiP^P^S^fihy the late trip ������������������of the  steamer Oregon to New Westminster reached  Seymour (one good days travel from Big Be  mines) in 11 days from San Francisco.  Bend  fired, hitting him under the right eye, killing  him instantly; No. 3 ran, when Steve fired-and  missed, firing again the* ball passed through  his. heart   The treasure was secured. : :v ���������  .Yale," May 21.'^-Latest from Big Bend mines.   A young man arrived here': on./Wednesday  last, from Camp-creek, which/place, he left:on  the: .7th inst., he report's a good deal Of snow  on the creek-when he left; vefy^ little prospecting had been done.- and men were contenting themselves with, preparing-lumber,  building houses, and getting ready to commence operations. " Claims being laid'over  to the 1st June, there is no necessity of repre-.  senting th'eih until;that time, fi Camp -creek ;is  Considered b.ne' of'thenipst promising creeks  in the Big Bend district, and is all taken up  by miners; only one shaft had been commenced and it was only down -loft, bed rock bad  not been struck. 'Our informant confirms the  report of there being a large population in  the mines ; very few men had left the mines  and confidence in the richness of the country  was unabated. The steamer Forty-Nine had  arrived at Kirby landing oh the 5th inst,,' oh  her second trip up', she brought 110 passengers and '10 tons of freight". Colvillc flour  was soiling at 40 cents! per pound, Oregon  flour COcts, bacon Sl,.gum hoots were scarce.  Before the arrival of the Forty-Nine the price  of provisions were high.* There were ten men  working' on the Governments trail when our  informant passed;" The steamer"*Marten was1  round at Savanas.getting/in/ machinery. /From  the fact of everything being previously arr  ranged by the intelligent and clever engineer  of the steamer and-hi\ assistants, who are from  Messrs. Spratt & Kricmler's foundry, it -was  thought by the 1st June: everything would/ be  In order ior the first'tripyevery one.Who\has  seen the vessel is loud in her praise/ - A Ca>.  iforhia/ carpenter. who1. ���������'caihe here* frbm. Sejf-:  our so me days since, says ��������� that, he' /wasy p.eiv;  fee tly astonished to see soyfine-a steamer buflt  i n such an but of the yrafiyfi plabg [;the; work-; he  declares is. equal to any he lists s'e^n. oft'stetthir  ers in'California,;and the symmetry"ahdbeau-  tyof her biiild-'Ciouid' not, b e excelled, y - yfi -::  fi; YalerMaJ"21^Frprrra". Tn^m-^whtr-arrived  here last evenirtg,/ and������who. :lefWrench1 creek  ^^ Judge Cox having been-lately, annoyed by the importunities'of impertinent persons after office hours, has given' notice that  in future he'will not attend-to ahy matters 'of  business but at' the 'usual':hours''.^^iexcept.-in  criminal matters.- -   * ���������  :' '���������'--: '���������-'���������'"'-������������������'������������������ '-fiAfi< 'fifi 'fi���������"fi-fi..  ja^Mr. and Mrs. Charles -Keah? 'having  completed their*traris:Atlantic engagementsi  are about returning to England: '.They will  leave New York on the. 18th April,;apd-are1 to^  appear .at the, "The atre '��������� Royal,. Li verp ool, on  the, 2nd, 3rd' and 4th of May. ,Frbm Liverpool-  they come to: London, and; will ��������� make"their  first appearance'at the Princess'^ Theatre*on:  Thursday, May 17, in :<<Hehry A7lII."r-tLon-:  don^ap'er., .;  .      fififi:AfifiA'fi fiAfi'fi;���������".[-.     '  ea  ^0^ A new printing telegraph ia announce  , that is to/..tra'p sniit'turp'u gh: a .'sm'gi'e - Un 8 76f  wire,-and print in Roman; letters/.three hundred words a mitiute. : It is the joiht'produc-;  tion of MM. Bonelli and; fiip.p, otj Neufchatel.-  the former of whom is already well/known as'  the inventor of a printing^ telegraph,   -fi   . ' fifi  Why is a;leaky barrel like'a coward?;- Be--  cause it runs;'      * -.;.' "fifi' fi..';'..   ..    * *  ^^** If you want good; Coffee use Teller./.  L.  iVIOUTTET. & CO.,*  ^WHOLESALEi ,&'&MiXL fififififi fififi A fi \  mimmmmm  fififiSlCBAtU), WUlwms-Cr^a^Ci/; T,, /  EH'AVE OSt- HAND a ferge'stfiok of-ProTasibllS,"-  ..' Hardware and.:Ve������atables, .ana:;a?^ s.deter-,  minoij.to sell--them cheaper than- any}oih^rf-jstora oa,  Williaoas .Creek." CoirLeancl-see,and judge;lor ^guwe.ry.ei...  ;  Kictifield^ May ilth, ItU; T5*'"  :U<  fi 'fififi: fi ::p������E ^ARjBC^^^  0-^-;.  Gairds,' Fil)^^d^;P^  -; Pjbgr'ainin'es";$j:filBj^ja& TJifea^c^v;;;/  '.; ' *'/:';::,':^'^!E^^aaiftn^^  ;: fi fii:. '���������; -���������:. i-^feryT^*-^-?^S^a^ "tSfc s> s At 3 z -,- fifi fi  Co 'on the Sffi iriS/^ashed'^.'Sl^ 0-unfos';"\ pop^^tbe^y���������Br^irtgwto'Artffly. ���������   l^fi  f*UmZ^X^ ^r^JSK i V MALLANDAINE,CX)LLECTOR MINEBiL AORt'  dovs : several Ottier to yu v,cr������ uDOUt set.ungj Q^ Oovernapnt atrR^t. Tlc^rii, VwywtT U\z*A* :-: fi fiy ^^^Ara^        iyfifiyfiyy  %��������� - - By the $hip Ooya, 79 days .from Newcastle,  i'N.S.:W., the San.Franciaeo 'Alta' has files of  ���������^Sydney jottrnalsio;^  y. tfian previous ad?ic<58v- fi'fi. A., fififi-, fifi fifi,';j'ififi,.  fifi vTfcere was money.in thefi local bank tp^ the  : -credit of the Gpyenimeat, amounting to ������111 ;-  ������502 ��������� ' Thei Consolidated : Revenue. account,  v which is the real b^  -^rnmentj was overdrawn fififi Ob., the amount of  ^tO,?^ 8s; ld^ besides being .overdrawn in  JrEngJandjtp; the amount 6������ ������70,754. Ss. id.; Al-  'fifi ioget&wy the revenue -Jwas iu arrears to the  amount of ������125,072 14s. 2d.; fiyfifiyfififififi-Sfi fi,  y;/Theraamved inYyictoria; during,Becein-  ^ber,; 1865,.,3,637 persons,^ and the number of  -departures was 1 $85.,* fi. i I '������������������ '��������� -. -fi.'-. <;���������; fi}',"-. '��������� ���������'- i -  y'fiMtlfiWfi:*Haines; a man intimately associated  I-with the constitutional", history of Victoria,' is  .';deadly:'-yfi' .-W*v������������������-���������.'��������� *���������>���������: -:; - ������������������'���������' v'  .y: Robberies and highway Stttiiges were xife  ' about Sydney. A.     fi fi fii- ��������� ������������������ ".>��������� fififififi a  'fififi Weavers flouring .mills in,Sydney were  '��������� burned 6n the 16th of January.:.:.;': fi'fi : New and rich diggings (are.." said to: have  ', been discovered near Adelaide.,  ',.'. Heavy showers had;broken up the drought;  fiiA The Bank of Victoria at' Melbourne. had  "declared a dividend of 12 i'p'er cent fifififi ���������  Ay There is much, gold being taken put In'-the;  i ���������Arm^ale������DistrictJ'J^:/.^-fififi fi.fififi A, fifififi fi 'fififififi ,;\  :fi. -The amount of gold coin'issued by the Sydney, branch of the Royal Mint duringibe week  : Jep ding. February' 2nd,: was' 26,000 so vereigns. |  ' y::^o>eHK������Iia^  fifi fi Sidney^^ MABKET3~Flour^fine; (silk dressed) J  . ������li\ seconds, ������22 perc:tphof 2000.pounds..   *  ������125,000 per annum, and they are also to have  ������25,000 per annum from ..the "New-York land  Newfoundland.Telegraph Company out of the  earnings of that company for through mea  sages, the;combined payments being equal to  a dividend of .25 per cent . After. providing  for the ������125,000;per annum, the sum of ������72,-  000 out of the receipts,is to be applied to the  payment of 8 per cent on the Atlantic Company^ existing preference stock, aiid 4 per  cent. ;oii their ordinary stock, and any surplus  is then to be divided between the present company^ and the Atlantic Company.    It appears  that the whole length of 1212 nautical miles  of cable laid last summer is still perfect, and  that the position of the broken end is considered* to have been determined with the utmost  accuracy.    Hence the engineers engaged in  the late expedition are confident that with the  machinery and tackle now being prepared  they will be able to, raise it so as to utilize it  for a second linei. Tbe new company is introduced by Messrs. J. S. Morgan & Co., and Mr;  Peabpdy is on the board of direction.  A gun with' a bayonet attached to it is a  sharp shooter,       / fifi] fifi "fifi fifi     fifififi  It has been ascertained that the man who  held on to the last was a shoemaker.  $3$- if you want good Coffee use Fell's.  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS,  'fifi QUESNELMOUTft;  'fi'fi' fi.  P. L. JOHNSON, Prqpribtpb,  Mealsfitall hours,,.and C.objcing"-"of thebesj  r*.' fiA 'fi'.y "fi,     description,  'fiy' fifififi... . ifi' .-��������� fi  fififififiAfi QUESNELMOUTH,'  fi'fi fififi: A fifi A  fifiyERO^^  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table, ic.  .'.'��������� Stabling for Horses, Hay.ond Oats.: t.    s fi.  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.:  GIROD% GUiCHON,;   ; ���������*  OLD   ESTABLISHpB   GENERAL, SroRB,;.; fifi fii  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMIS-  :; iSION.MERCHANTS,; fifi.  Storage, &c.~ Terms most Moderate.- v  -..-.-   fifi,    -.QUESNELMOUTH.. ������������������   -.-a. V  S: POPPER & CO.,  WHOLESALE and RETAIL .MERCHANTS,  QUESNEtMOTJTH, : ...   fifi]  Dealers in Provisions,.Liquors, Tobacco, &c;  ",-���������;.   A good selection"ol liquors.always on hand.   I'm  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENT  ^y-������*H^ *.  fi--     ^H;-TUR^^S cbT- "  '**'*��������� fifi': IOTO&TEKjS OP  English &:FrenchSiiks,������Shawis, Dresses. Tja.  ;acrcbtblttjri;Glovpst;������hd every description of  ' " Drapery Goodp.      y   ..  ,- Receive regular supplies by ExpreBB.via Pan&aa"������d  by sn Uing Vessels via Capo ��������� Horn;-*.1 -;���������  :: ;-,,- ;yfi- ��������� ���������  , /jo* Particular attention given to all ordew, fififi fi'-'  London;Firm���������J. FT;T6.\srAiit*;Co. '.'-,       .;iV  -  ESTABUSHED 186������.  WILLIAM ZBLNEB^denier%��������� bio������; hsI  , ft- cisja ahd CflEWiCALa, Fancf and'ToileL Article  Sponges, Brushes, PerPumery, 'k&���������".''Physicians'p*>!  scriptions carofully compounded. And^orders, ana werai  with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V.-t-::. ���������    -..-��������� . \.{fi  ROAD SIDE H0US8S,.,&&,  'fi fifiyfififififi;fifi.A.fi.-.fimmfififiWAX^pfififififi^^ -."'.fi.fi'fi.fi fifi  fifi The natives at Opbtiki were murdering all  'Europeans they could;catch?;; Got Lyon, who  ���������commands at Opitiki,. has taken measures to  ; suppress the forward movement of the rebels.  :' t ; A rich vein of copper has been discovered  son the lower Thames. ���������".-:;���������;.;*-. v ...-; fifi.:-. -  fiy; Accompany with ������20,000had.;been organiz-  . ed to. work New. Zealand} flax;r   fi-\) fiy fififi A  yyvThe confiscation of -600,000 acres at Opitiki  will throw into the Governments hands.some  of:'tbe finest.land in New Zealand,;      ..-.; .  fiy   LILLOOET    MiLLS.  THE UNDERSIGNED are now.manufacturing FLOUB  of all grades: Extra, Superfine and. Fine. "Feed  Crushed to order.    . ;  '-'.*..   '.."*".-���������'"-"  fiyfi \    s':..   LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.,  -j.!- .:���������: -:���������:.;: v; '.fifififi,   F. W.;'FoaWR, Agent ���������  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors; ���������':.;  X The proprietors baving,lately, flttod up; bedrooms  and good Boils are nowpreparod toafforVevery accommodation-for Travellers; the Table-is furnished with all  the luxuries thai can be procured;: the-Bar is well sup-i  plied with the best brands of Liquors an-J Sej?nrs; pood,  Stabling, Hay; Oats and'Barley.' '.j^������ The CHEAPEST;  House on the Road.   ������������������;��������� ���������'-' '--/���������-    ������������������"--������������������ -.-.- -���������' ^fi'fi- .-������������������.v'l-s: j  Of  the  fifi :yfififififi %p /.sandwich islands; -,. ���������: yy   -  :��������� : ;We have a copy of ? the ^Advertiser���������  ,7th ultimor ��������� ���������/,   " ;.  ���������' ' .��������� v:     ������������������ ���������  .;������������������ ,;.-.,-  *:  The steamer. Kilauea reached Honolulu oh  the: 7th from Lahaina; v- ������������������;. Li fififi: fififi--s -fifiy :���������: ������������������:..  - ^The: Maui ��������� p acket Kate; Lee -and. the i Nettie  ^lerriil^started' on; ay race to.-Ldbaina on the  .^th^or April.; fi ��������� -fififi- fiyfi fififififi: fifi- A."-, -;.  A'#hickenstepped upbn ,��������� the. cock of a re-  fi-'fififi fi.    EDWIN   TYNQN, y  DEALER IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND  Caps,- Boots and Shoes, Carpetings,Oil ���������loihs,  Wall Paper, ko , Lillooet, B. C. :    ;   ;; 1-s  Colonial Hptel^ Soda Creek  ,:'. fi TMcLEESE^ SENNY, Proprietors,   y t  THE PUBLIC ARE^ INVITED TO CALL:;AT; THIS  Housa. .There is Good Mi������als; Good Beds; Stabling  for Horses; Barley, Oats and Hiy.'. '   ' fi fiA fi fifi':   1-s'  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB  MLTZ, Proprietor,;has always on  hand.a largo and superior stock pf Lager.Beer; at  the Bar will bo found the best:Brandies,.Vines and  Segars; .the public are.invited to calll'fifi.Prepared to fill  all'orders promptly.1 '���������'--.- ���������'- fi. ���������   '   '- -r 'yfi    -; -.; 1-s :  I  Travelling public;, the.bedrooms aro: spacious .and  airy and tbe Beds cannot' ho surpassed 'for'cl'anlin^sS  and comfortby any in the Tower country; tho" Tibte Is  always 'supplied with, tho. best ofvvictunls.'. - ..Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly, on:nand;  ;; PATRICK'S; COKNERir  y ���������  '''.-���������'-,  '���������' ''������������������'��������� '���������' - ���������������������������'������������������"��������������������������������������������� :/ fi fi---I-. fi' '.*,:  JR. ROBERTSON, Wine and Spirit K������n  ��������� chant, Victoria,;V.' I.      :> ���������,*. I i.. fi.        1-a  v." fii; .'.fi'; -BpoTsr bootsm, :\y ���������;.; 'fi~  I/SAY-SAM! How., is it your Boow.wi?arso long  and keep your foet:so:dry ?:., Because I purchase of  Charity and Butler,faveratnent Street/ Victoria.  ��������� TAY&GO.i Fort.Street, Victoria, ,y.'I.;...::Fresb  O Garie.n and Field.S������edsguarantoedv:lIaveoshand  a carefully selected stock of.the,'a1?ovQ jft:bih tlje.b������t  Europe������n and American Markets:' The;early orders of  ���������their friends in-Britkh Columbia aro,'solicitodi;'"P������r.  'ffculti'^att^n'riu'h'ls/canetf^'th^^^^^^^  Clever and -Onion ^S^eds-.of.-very -superior quality.  Fmit Trees and Bushes,, Evergreens,'Shrubs,. Green',  house and GirJen^Plants; Standard and'Dwurf Rosee  of every variety.   Catalogues on appHcation.?.: .:.: %.$!>  f),'.BIi6DRICK.";CoiL xsD.HoDccaDxmR,'; i  It. large stock of, Hay, Oats, Wheat and Barley of th  best description always bn'hand; .also, Nanaimo, ������ag.  Ifsh,: Blacksmith;nnd ;Cannel -Goali1-:i.Ordcra^sent to  Union Wharf, Victoria, V". I., will receive immedlaU  nttention.,.^,- .^.y T__.,...,....���������-  . yfi.fiy..y^   fifi"fil.%  GENTILE'S Phbtograpliip aallery,1 Gby^i  :ment:St, Victorla/JV.fl., opposite Hotel dc France:*  yiewsol..Gnriboo and .'Scenery .throughout British CoU  umbf:^.ihclu1mg.vlews>fthe route to Big Bejid, always  on.nand at liberal ratesr/ ' . -/. .'���������: *��������� A\,%  CPELMAN. and. MoKENZIE,; Proprietors.  Ofi-r This Houso is well fltted up.with Good Beds'^and  the Bar is furnished- wfth! the best Liquors; > Meals 'are  served at all hours on1 the Restaurant 'principle; > Stabling for Horses,,Horse Feed, &c.    .:-.���������..-..;.       ... 1-s.; fi;  volver, -byrwhich the;pistol .was:discharged-    PiOHGer :-.HQtel���������Iiill0.06't;  addthe halt entering^ the leg of John Scott  wounded;hira8eriousl^.;:o;c;i;:- fii::.:.;;.-- ���������  The schooner.Premier,.;31-daye from Victo-  141 MILE HGUSEv -  DENNIS MURPHY; Proprietor. This House  is furnished with eVPiy-convenience' for the com*  fort.of TrJivellers; tha .Culinary: department is. tinier  tho superintendence of an experienced cook; the. Beds  are clean and comfortable ;. the Bar con fains the best  of Liquors, S?g?rs, &c;   Stabling, Hay, Barliy & Oits;  ria, had arrived.  CHARLES NELSON* Proprietor., This old  ���������established House is well fitted up for the comfort  of Travellers; . the Table is supplied with; tlio. best of  everything that can be had, and the cooking is not inferior, to the best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling for Horses;. Horso;Feed,. &c.  Tho Express stops here. ��������� ... is  PORT DOUGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS.  ;       MACDONALD^S    HOTEL,  WM. MACDONALD, Proprietor. Miners and  others destined for tho Bridge River.. Mines will  And every convenience and accommodation afforded  them. Good Bods and a Table well supplied with all  tho delicacies of the season,       ���������    . ;   ' ;     .   ; 1-B; ���������  GBACIGALTJPE, Mkschakt and Packbb, b������-  ��������� tween Douglas and Lillooet.   ' Always on hand a  good stock of Provisions, kc. l-2m  JL SMITH..& CO., I^oprietor^y This"House;;is  :wbll fitted up for the accominodatiori .of Ijravei^'  :leri4oUfc&3$ridg���������-River^!isftK-,:-������^obd -B^dsy SJ-lblihg���������  for Hoi^es-iHorse Feed,:kGfi s,A Stagernns twice a week  ^ *^eenv ihisvfese, an-tpori Bou������Sary:os.tho. arriva iof.  the steamers from below aiid connects with tho :iiake  Boats for Lillooet., ;.   i; !  '���������' -:''���������:��������� "'.-?.��������� fi'Ay's* AfiiJ& A  NEW WESTMINSTER ADVERTISEMENTS  fi.i..'fi;:;.fifi   r fi-fifi-:.   TAHITI. .   .   V -fifififi'fi"  fi- News from Tahiti reports a revolution In the  Island of: Riaka against the .King. The King  Jsas been banished, and the missionaries ordered to leave the-island.���������There was considerable loss of;.;life.by the Royalists,;and the  American Consul narrowly escaped being shot  Poll Description,-���������In bur. last issue we  mentioned that the body of a nian had been  found floating in the Fraser, near Hope, by  an Indian. ���������- The fol Id wing'is a fulL description  of-the deceased : "Height about five feet, ten  inches \ apparentljr pf .fair complexion, with  lights hair, (uncertain about the hair aai it; was  ii^ar ly-all;^Bfe);i^^  uhder^hirt;;tvhite^e^shirti;grey ^raws^ang  8bcksJ^lacfc;^i6|h':^ but, pockets^  dlans,j;y^lOhia8^dcm8 fif:im  ttjmfc tlie;bbdy had e^ry :a^ea)?ance oithav"-  ipg^..been: yery^: fespec^iy;elpthe(3.Vy^There  were Bolndicatipnse^fo  In th^e absence pf the resident magistrate, aii  inquiry before the chief: constable - of Hope  and a number of resident inhabitants' of the  plac^ was held, but nothing to lead tp the  idehtificatibn of deceased elicited;   If any one  in the upper country can give, information  that would possibly, lead to .the identification  of the unfortunate man. who} lost his life, he  6bouId communicate-with the resident .raagis-  irate 3^^^, Mr. San^  TBS NKW;ATLA2s'TXC TlLKGRAra OoMPixr.  A prospectus has been issued.of\fhe Anglo-  American .Telegraph Company, with a capital  of ������690,6QQMshares of ������10; tp carry out the  a^aageniente thus far bonducte'd by the; pld  Atlantic telegraph Company for laying a new  line during the ensufng summer, and for the  adoption- of suitable measures for raising and  completing the; broken cable of last year.���������  The new company take over the 3070 nautical  miles of cable, which .has remained on board  the Great Eastern since August, and: which is  certified;to be "in a condition as perfect as  wbcn.it?w.as..sfaipped, and undertake the con- r wv?rY^ T ^w_ _ ._.    v t   m  line cecesfiar^ to-complete the entire length. ���������>    - ' Am>nca-.r .^s  I*^c������^a^tlpn of this they are i^Jjave & ^ ma^andalve.colucxor&gbneral agent  am  Claim ������Q < tpe receipts to tne .extent-,of. V" G^TWnns^nt,. street^^ VictxJrl^ Vuaoowr bland.  BLOQD;WI^;PIiL!  BLUE   TENT- RANCH.        !  WM. HENDERSON hego to inform hisfrieads  and tbe travelling public generally that he has  taken the above R������nch and is prepared to supply them  with First Class Accommodatioa.-^ Good Stabling:tfor  horses; Hay and Grain, ��������� ���������       . .  1-s  nIBBEN' & ;CARSWELL, -Importing Book^  SELLERS & STATIONERS, constantly supplied nnd  rec-Mving irom .best.sources, School, Standard, and Mifr  cel!in?ous Books, and "Staple andTJ*hey Staii������ni*ry in  all its Branches Corner Yates *a.i LU^Uy^rx'tufi  yictoriii^fyancouvcrlsland^^;;; jyy:* iizfiyy\ \:Zici  PrWHEARpTAiroR1*. Or ipirf'tit, F.,ri tf tr col,  VictoriipVi IV opposite Be������-Hive Hot*!,, where bt  is^preparod,to supply;his.numerous p.itrona with er������y  requisHo for CUtuing. suitable for-every ae������aoa of th������  yyr:.j A.-- yfifi ififi y:A.yfiAAA:,y...fi- yi fiyfij^y  THOMAS VPTLSON:& GO-; Impbriei^'"ot;Eb>  ,-lish Mt.rchanJiz*, wholesale.and r.-tieil ������1������n}-rj! In.  DRYG.-)oi>s;.&c:,.Ta^s Street, Vjctt^U, V. j; 0^;;ud  aft������r 1st Jun^ni*xt in'Goveninuni afreet; owi#y������k������ ttis  Ban!c of Bril ish Columbia- .... r.       '   , : : ; g  111 MILE HOUSE;  WM. MANSON-, ���������..-.;.    D. A. McLEAN,  Proprietor,  Agent.  THIS HOTEL TS LARGE AND WELL FITTED UP  for tho comfort of travelers;. the Table is supplied  with the.best of everything that cm be procur.',"and  the cooking is not inferior to any on tbe roa������i; Bedrooms  for.families; Stabling,- H������y, Barioy and Oats.     1* ���������'.  HOTEL DE PRANCE, Victoria, V.'!., Jost  Bioxe and Pierre Makcikt, Proprietor*.   TheKes-  tuur.fnt is supplied with all tha delicacies the market  affords,, -,In the Bir will be found the choicest Liqcosa.' ^  Furnished Rooms,��������� kc.- .    ,   ; fi -,.-���������' 1^ ^S  ��������� ���������������������������''������������������-       -���������   -.���������.-- -  _. v I|-  17UGENE THOMAS, Yates street,-Victoria \ -  Lj.Wholesale ond Retail'Dealer in WINKS, BRANDIbI WSm  BEERS,, and.LIQUORS .and depot of Havana Segara. ^ jrf  Goous forwarded io the Mining Districts.  1-8  mSm  I  83 MILE HOUSE;-;: ::  ALBERT.CRvSLERhas opened the above House'for  the reception of'Travell.:rs;;theaf able is,w<*ll kept  and the Liquors ^cannot be fUrpas-'sed ^thVBsdSyare  clean and comfortable.-;.Stabling for Horses; Hay and  Oats., , ���������-   ,      --      ���������' ,....   fi   .,;.:..-.    .-  fi    ��������� ���������    j..  A; FRANKEL,JVlctoriaf"V. L, Dealtir.in Foas,  ������������������ :Skj.\s,. Hmss, Wool, &c.. Liberal advances mad*  on Furs consigned. * R^ferenee���������������������������^.'.Sutro&.Oo., Spor.  borg & Rueff, Victoria, V. I. '       - -    x!? '  H 8 CX'S   H O T E \fi,ri  TiYTTON SQUARE,New,Westminster, B"C.'.  JU now occupied by W..E. STEIN. The above ftnf.  orably known house is now open to the public; the Bar  is constantly suppliod with the choicest brands-of  Liquors and Segars.;; " &.,..:.    B  MRS. HEIN,: MilxjxerA:.Dress Masks; Govern,  ment Street, Victoria, V. I. All kinds of Millinery  of the latest style,kept constantly on band. Orders  from the_country punctuilfy attended to. ha  P-^TER,;mcQUABE, ;Ship.yChanaier-and  ;X ���������deakr m ^intSj-Ojls, and Window Glass., Always  :on'hand-ratrl:irge.stock of 'Roj>e and Cihvass.: "Wharf  Stree^-Vidtoria;^.;:!;.^; U:.y-~fi:Afififi ���������;. fi ������ ���������fi-.-jfi-^.-y  JAMES HURON, Proprietor; This xommbdii  .j ous. Hotel is well fi t.ted up ��������� with/ every conv^nience  for the comfort-bf the public; the Bsds afe^ all that a  weary traveller coull Mesiro; theTtble is supplied with"  the best of fare; the Btr contains-the choicest brands  ot Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse F*9������ Oils  Barley, &c. . ������' . ' . ���������,������* '������   ������������������''':'   ' ,'������������������^ '������������������ .���������        ��������� ���������   ���������;���������*��������������������������� . -   ���������:  T'AI gOONa <5c,OO.e Commission Merchants, la'-,  .^���������^������������������.r^^ and DJulers in Chinese Goods; .Rice. Sugar.  Opium,������������������ffu'i Oil, Provisions, &C, Cormorant StreetyVlc--  ;toriii V. lfi.y.fiAfi::yMrfi;.fi fifififi:. A . i2L<���������:ii#A-i-  m  1  m  m  1  I  i  i  WO ON & ,OO.t Importers and Dealers 1 in all  'kinds of Chinese Goods and Provisions, Rice", Su-  ������r, Tjus,. kc.-fi Cormorant' Street, west of Government;  ictoria, y..fiX.y-.  v-y.vvyCnxxX**,.Manager. ���������'���������  T,������S-E^Z0 LEARTO,Proprietor.. This house  XJ alTords every accommodalion for the.comfort of  I  .1  ill  i  i  ill  m  PubHahed ev^ry Wednesday and Saturday, at the  ���������...;��������� -. publishing ofljee, New WcBtminster..  THE��������� BRITISH COLUMBIAN is the oldest newspaper  published in this colony, and: has a larger circula.  1������o* therein. than any other. Its columns are rogul triy  supplied with full telegraphic news from all parts of  the world, while it contains a faithful record of local  event's, and a-fullreport-of-Legislative proceedings..  .The "British.Colmnbian" is supplied to all parts of  this colony by Express upon extremely liberal cbndi-'  tion8. For. terms, too., see Express Agents; '  yfi ' ROBSON t MCMILLAN,       -  -  Vfifi .-'"���������'���������������������������   '    .. Publishers & Proprietors.-  The Bonaparte Ifoiise, v  kSffiSf^h P^RtKE������ Proprietors, at the  LSr-ikC:iri^ aari mS B^nd Roads,-is  now open for the accommodation of the public,   iis-  S^������^CllD������0a' 26 milf5 lrom Savan*!s.Steambbat  Landing, 22 miles;  from Sp-jnoo's BriJee-SO mil-s  S?tSr:WS*&**������*** accommodf?fcSfeUt  %?������?���������  \ ^themacill.   Stabling,Miy-k Grain:  Big B������nd and yale, and onca a week for Cariboo     l������  ^ILSOW  Fu  Vw"y^.^PKRAY, GnocKas. Paovisio.v,  -wine k Fpmt Merchants, Bakers k Confectioned,  rt Street, Victoria, V. I.    ���������      '���������-.������������������,���������: %.a  lStS?vt?BiSI;"f ^UEFF, .Commission Me?-  U CHANTt, Wholesale Dealers in 'Groceries, Proti-:  si>x8,B)ofs & Shoes, Wharf street, Tfotoria,.?. Ifi !-���������-  m  ARELLEY & FITERRE, Importera & Whol������  i.'-i ���������'������������������'-: -' -'���������������������������..' -.������������������; f.::.'^...'!'.' -v fi  '���������������- 'fi \. .'������������������������������������������.A-A'  SPROAT & COi%-(tate.Andenbn k Co:) ImpostebS  and CJMMISSIO.V MaROBARtS, Store Street, Victoria,  V;.     I.'       ������������������'.      ,- fi      fifi.... .,.,.���������.,,,.._ ,     .,.,..'     yy    '-'l.fl ���������'  fi ':"'^K?!5^ ^ CO:f':tx'hAma'^p'DjCMM^'-  U-y CIGARS; TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes, &������., SB.  cnra;;r,oi .yates and Wharf street, Victoria,.;., yfi fin A  if' Bi HAQQ-IN; Physician "k Subgeox, near cdr.,  p .:n rof Tates ariaiCJovernment'sis;, Victor^, V. h-  v    MESSRS. CORNWALL^.  'A ^^ WELJ.KNOWN HOUSE, half.way between  JX Snence'a Bridge and Cliu ton, on the Yale R-mte  living, of tiguor*, ������Sd of WiQW     Fr*sb Butter Milk  wx>d Sibling and fbttigfirt,    1-b  piERCE & SEYMOUR,' doalers in BanniNG &  1   FeariTiiRg,;Bitted Street,,Victoria,' V. I. y    1-s  / lAiftE &: &RAttCiNZ, HARD.wiRB k CwwaS.,  y MgRcnAxTB, Wharf street, Vicfcori^ V.L fififi-. ii*.-..-,  HENDERSON and BURWABY, Msbwmas^  Wimrf Btr*mx Ytm.m^ V. I.     ',     . fijf.  ,i yy -- * ;������&&t/Ni^^  ing it; (Jf tbe:aum>er-of killed andt missing/  it'fs impbsslble^to give a correct ^sti|aate, bu^  ������������������S-ftoiK%fes^  /"piatilojffajBt.fiftyi andis^we fearr-m^rerlik���������ly  vtd prove over this figmber thaii unw it.  ',0f  y the forty-ninejaen^^gr^ngto|������|^W;Of;the  European; niiH$^^  are missing ^I^^^l^age^p^ewbaif  ���������^ivSwansto������o������^^  SteamshipCo^ad M^Galf p^ ^f ;t^J^  RailroM^^f^fc^^  y of thirteen natives*fel^  the wharFabd ircthey-freight hous^wne^arfr  ^siipp^ed'topift^vIS:'^ "4Mi::" i*:---*^---������~-^  bJs; it  elieved  ;the^afte^  Ifeiwi^activeiy^engaged in rendering medical  ^id^to&eiwounde^^vy ,fififi fiAyfiymfi*  lwthe^^a^j^oonvthe^remaihsbf twelve of  pinwall, and the remains/of others, who died  afterWgrds, fifrexe interred yesterday. There;-,  mainsy of. the ���������Gdmma^der ^pf - the yEuropeany  Gap taiaGolep wefelalsoi "buried with/Masbhic  honora;yesterday/^ ifi fififi, fi- fi ~* 'fififi fifi.A "-fififi ^v* j-  fi. Several of the pfficergftf this linebeing ^ntem^  hers of the British" Reserve Gorp3,-yQmmander'  JlacDiarmid,! of - the UnitedjlSfcates-steamer  James Adger,| fished jto^showfproper respect  to the remains offthose who" perished oh/thje  unfprtuhafeship,by^accompanying the funeral  prpse58i<5P^ithyhis sfncefs/. ahd^meri|'#)r  which purpose permission wasryasfced by Corf-  yfi  fifi''  K^^OXHm'fiKOfi^mfiAAfi  . ��������� -���������- '���������,-������������������ fi'y...:- v -AA't-AstoHAAfi mufififimmfiim'fi fi  v;;,  fiy  CAMERQOTON,' WILLIAMS "ClffiEE^^^- :  (THSjTERMSjpF SUSCRIP310N hitfre Jfecmrediwed ia  X; $2 per month ;ttboro;4iX>;;voiiiraesiOfyNew'i'W6rk������  -i^ve l>eeu only lately added,toythe;circulatiagLibrarjr,  .and more'a'ra expected dallr^  .subscribe, - --u-y .Cfifififi"' yfi-AA ';v'avv;< ,:vyvvvy-  &J1.    ;.i,' 4f;i'", <V  ! JpHN BOWRON, iLlbkrlaa.-  iyy^'-'Z/rvy' y, fifi ; yV;VVyyyyy;T; ^f������"*yv* .,;,'  fifi-fififiA yV> -ifi . ,;y -yfi^yfi Ir  yfi-,fir.��������� fi . fi, y :i',',,/.;.'". //-..  kud ^CAPitAL- Vyv yy:ii,6#po,;.:  yiv ���������v_.CW"lth: Power to Inqfdaa*.)   -  ^ium;iss]cricp, ,0N THE jANK'g B^KCmBa?"  vF?v^  r.r:^i; VI^OIUA;aKD-NANAlkp;v���������_ fi,, ,,  fifiifi/fiVi IN BMTigfil^^ I!T  K^^WSMNSTER^YALE,/ MOUTff OF QtMXlL-  "yfi-  ^.CARIBOOj'i^i-p: ,-st-  .������������������-..^^ii-iwUlili'iwtev&W^^  mateosahibetoide.of the.loss. ri Jfani^bpdies  were no* dou^ thrown into the;^ater^&ipick-  ������d iip> by 8hj$ks.^hile:otHer������ax^s  for them ^ to/ carry -their, arms, m- I  ^The same^ paper;., of .'the/7 th'April, has{the  'fifi...-. y fi-fiyfi fiy sfi.  ^U-^a^l^.i^i:  sioh cannot be described��������� it/ w^^arrpwing  ^iaithe a^eftiS^^il^^  ^bf deSolatidh t^the^plMtiP^^  lacerated bodies on piecps'of bodi^toybe met  ���������'���������-������������������'-  - --fifi :-J---fi.fi.-. ---'*.-.    <������������������-.  crushed ahd: bruised,-in^^n| * ^ Js  ..���������.*)/.; /.--y .-.-���������>--���������.'-. -���������., f;j... .-^-ii" :;;'aVv.a>-.,,vv;;V,.  fi..-  ^.^fi>.j,^ 'fi- i..jy,,-. i -..-j.    fi:  ^pilbwingl  fififi'^e have received from Aspinwall the lat|  pit reppi i ifi- Ihe killed^ woundedrahd missing  hy* the" lateysad;yaccideht. fi ATheref ^TC?J������eeii  buried,'" up :tb the -present" timej 26 -fi missing  from the; ship; 12������������������; missing���������from^the1shore;'8';  flai^lnilDlv.wm-tTt^Arl iri Vn-vaT������ifolfi.n-fr���������arhr\rn.'f\,:min\Y.  fifi pod iu mystery, ana asriotone;watf  vv.-v.;-;:fiAfifi-fifi-,y���������,:SA-yfi-.yy fi-fi. .--j *fi* yyfi-y-yfi: fi;,.'*���������-*  y;  ;tae;wj*eck^^^  ^lanation, all was left aYconjectures  :2S5fe*?,a^tteir p$ji hVm"'e|7sjightlyyWOun4W  We^mayinfer fromvthe above that our first'  ^migeiof ;$$fi being ,^^mbjer pf dinfortu-1  nate persons killed, is>bout correct"/  *'The following is an extract from the *Mef-  _J8|  boiled  ''^-'y&irf-W'v.  mm  ml  ours}  dmcbargingcargp. .gunpowderseemed mpstj  nlausibie^bni there/was -lion^known to be oil1  boardj excepting af^W pounds in the magaz-  ine^^r 8hip?suse^wluch* could not possibly  5*ad^i?o4muci destruction.    Jf an^worp y.bn  boafd'ii musibe under a false bill*of lading,  as none appearedtonrthcship's manifest.   Be*  eid������K^ ikseemed? impossible that pbwSlr could  explore/in ^cji-}ttimeftsey^  creating ^a- cloud^bf xsmoke,Bndwlekving its  marks on everything around  casera few minU't^srafter /thelexplosionfno  traces'wliat6V^^ier^; visible excepting the  generalrruin,. /It was, .iheh,discovered/that  ���������;o^P s^ehfr/cases,pf gploinp; pf' hiiro-glyceir-  ine^one <>f-/t^-rftbst^px^^^  agents known at the present day^were on  board under an;^rdhiary5bin; of lading. 'This  at once cleared up the mystery.'    this /com-  ppund5i^uspdr-fbr blasting purposes/ and-was  shipped from Liverpool forCalifornia.    It is*  T? ^ersta^d^fa simiUr/compositioii, if not  %5Wertw* mvxel or boxbf ������1 whicfrw  ploded m Greenwich street New York; a short  time ago.--Itwill-berememberedtheipackage  was accideiftlyf 4ropJ>etf oni&^ireety and  Ih^S^^^^^ tea^ingrdpw|f:two,;pr  ^i^d;. damaging- many  ,^-���������.-.1.  ry  ���������fi-fi.  'jifii  fififififi fifi firfiSAA. Afififi  '������������������-fi.  fifi.fifi^ ... A ,,,:,.; y A fi-fi-,: fifi.fi, fififi fifi fifififi': fiA v? .  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Tamar^ intheir daij  ing achievement, is;beyond all praise;     y -  ������.y  y h:   .'  m:fififi-:'  Wfifi0Afim  ^CREEK  .y -yfifi : fifi: -:,... fifififi fifi fifififi  ^?s^ :  Stf*^������. ^n^. ^������ebec, Hamfltdn. f Loadot/KBM-'  "v'^^e?^-WlteVIHe; Braht&a; BroilT^r  ;     (,   (  ^Ooderich, Stratford, Picton, ^erth,^ t-    ,i    '  SjmcotT"St;' Catherines;";^    fi'-s ''A  A  :ON-^YbRK^0n;Me^;BaiJy^  fifififi, a   ,,~fiy\ forthe'Bahk'of;Moat^al^'> l;^ '-  on-;$c6t3^nd~the BRmsa linen1 co;vs bakk  o.' ;*a^ .';  ON ENGLANI^THEBANK OP BRmSHdOLVMBii  U;;>. J 'fififififi ' '��������� / f K^d Offico, Lombard St^Lcjittdoa/ :  fifiAifi&fi**' it>'���������>������������������ y>fi fiy:fifi.A,nfr-.trt ^y;.,y/f v?(":, -v^r'-y^^ ��������������������������� -������������������  i.qtJBRENT;TACCOUNTS opefned for aarkmoiBi aift  ilessthempueHundredDollars;-y  v   ly,y       v.  ;  ,s-Bil^s Discounted and Collected: and Bllli of Exahiiiff*   -  on'GreatJiBrItiiin;;,Sani'irancisco' and New xork ������������*  ' Chased..yy  y fiy yfi:.. yy yyv fi-y-fi fi y fififi, \ fi fiA fifi  fi'  .Government and other Securities receiwd fof. m$*  custody; Interests and Pivldehdi" collected:JV -l * ^r  Bec������ired en Deposit, or AdTancM made upoa/ta������������.  "H-r'rr'i'Vi't  v O.ou) BtW Kelted^and toayed, *nd returns ������*���������*������  Withjfi'S4 hours j;>-^> .^r: v., yy. rv..:u.. ^.?-;. y f' ;^-n  ;;:? RrvALS /of/the 'SrA/StBSB ���������: ^^^^Twoffnegro  children; are. now. on exhibition "at Raleigh,  North Carilona, that eycite:;much .curiosity.  They are 14 years of age; and/ were born of  slave parents id Anson county.r The connec-  :t^;between/these girl^k:plpser:.than}/.in^ the  Siamese twins, there;being more of the physi-  |cal and mental^morgans ibninioh to each, fhe  icohhection ^begins helpw-the hecky-and. termi-:  Inates^at/the extremity of the spine; i To toubh  one at any point of her body below the con-  ne^ioa^en^^^^sajion to^e brain^pfeach|  while' a tbiiicE'of^eltVer above ^e: .connection,  is fefiyby ifiat pne only.; ��������� They, can, talk-to  different gwspns^at the same timle cfe\entirely  jiifferent' subjects .���������; and one fi, can engage in a  game of whist while the'bther reads or sings.  y *. fiyfisfijififiy::  ���������r���������fi-A-,'.fi:.fi-'  tQi������  fiNWF ELDER, &  BiaHFIELIX,"  . Afi "-fi 'fififi'fi osAUSRsixy. 'u  ipi^^^^r^SoeERiEs-^  .fi.fi   fi,. . fi ,, ^   fij i,^iJ j  *.-    -. i~~...... ���������:���������*--���������- ::<.f_,-- ;���������-   ��������� ':: - -������������������*:������������������-'���������'  Storage and Commission*,   y i A.a  -ti.  Afin.:  fifi (A  m  m  i  ���������  three  others.^  The wounded, as far as-found, have all been  well cared tpr, and nothing -has been-left undone thatvcouldradd to their comfort -Many  o; the poor felloys/had to.undergoWeresurgical operation's. Several only survived a few  hours alter; reaching :the hospital.- V. /      *.  J������$fi?^'<&^ ^ of the accident,  t^il lxv ^ t^-derks, connected with the  freight department were,at their, posts. . Two  Xa^���������rcwwL inatantly.killed, as -stated  'S? ������fc?e ot^ jwo wereinthe freight houae,  inJ��������� Ji W?a,d?^ul P***nce of -mind> on see'  ind ������h������SS?B"lfin3:vone-climbed overacar  Jfli^I^ *!to8eIf ���������*** window, whilst the  savS IP! fete * ^orwayyand both were  Shhnlhe^���������*-������? *������ c^rks were in the  ffi&?d ������i the ' tl6k^ri^>ffice, seeing the  PwviS^S ftK ^W^- wWch-by some 8good  moat of��������� Sf HW^m������m. the lives of  S*Tf^^B5i^5W connected with the  5oS o^fe J?aa they been inthe building  moat of themmusthave perished  he&^^^i^^ *������^:orWic(iident  d5 SftSea f ^^aDflm^^^cial train was  MatweUTTn ed ^ta es g?^ul at this porVBr.  Ofi<^ volani*������r*d their ^rvbes and  Tbr UsiVJEBSAL pRAoxre& of mixing/Chicory':and  otber>adulteraUvos w������lb 0>lTee, lias very much daraag-!  ed in public..estlmatiofl, what ought to be tUo most  delicious of BeVbragcB. _ S>> effect u��������� j}\y have the public  beea drugged/with such 'mixtures that the true prop r-  tlea have beea lost sight of; an ;l many pwter a' blVck  audi thick iafasioa to a drink rich in spirit iml- aromas  General as Is the use ol Coffee, it is -litiU known that  Ih coadeasin/*; the Vapors extracted from the. berry in  roasting, a liquor is obtained of the5 most a tuseous  taste, and of a scent, tho most unbearible. Un ter such  circumstances it - is -evidently important that all the  gases u&d fluids extracted by roasting should bo carried off, as. quickly as pissiblj, in order to preheat their  returning again to the Coffee, which is the eiee.ih tbe  coaflaed cylinder. ���������. This object is admiribly accom-.  plished by the hew anl patent "Conic.il Coffee Itoaster'1  m used by FELL k CO., Victoria, in which the berry  is directly exposed to the radiated heal, and the vapor  extracted Carried off instantaneously; la addition to  the advantage to bo derived by tho rapi i * rsmoval of  the steam containing the objectionable properties, .the;  purs' aroma oty the Coffee is,, retained, the essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coffee is required to remain a much  longer Urns in consequence of the steam in? it unier-  goeB by tho coaflaed steam." It"is chcmicilly. impossible to rewin tbte qualities or arrest the deteriorition of  Coffee when groimJ. The lioat engpn lorod by the process of roasting, and -especially of grinding, cro.at.es an  action in the elementary pirts which gradually destroys  Its fitness for drink. But to retain the essential oil  which it coataias we have it eacasbcl'in tins contaihiag-  fromllb. .to:28 lbs.j. and ������������������ which can be had from any  of tho respactablb dealers. Wo can confidently recommend those who havo hitherto been obliged to re,  flraiiiiVom taking Coffus on account of its ill offectsi  thatthey may U"sS'*our"Cdffe'o, roasted in tlieCooie-i  A 4-fi fi'fi fi":-a A"       DEALERS1N-"  fifi BARKE?VILLE.fififi Vifiyfifififififi  Ala^'Wpply bffijLni  fi:A;fifi:'- v*^.v.vvV:.-V filfiyi^y:}. s--Mn,yfiifiti ��������� oj?jk  fi.-- a fit," C." . H Q&Q ENS, '  i0jt^ip0ci^yve.fi  DRAFTS ISSUED'.oa London,fiNtvirYork, S*aF^s������-  ciscd, Cariboo,' ^Canada, New Brunswick; Nova Scotia,  aad oa :������M; the * Branched of vthe National Bank of Soot- *  land aaa ProvTaci^al Bank of Ireland.  _     r    * *-     jV.  "Bills'of Exchange ^nd G^bld'^'rchaa^a. "fifi  i ylaterSBt ba;S^cial;!Dep^iti^^  rate.of a;quarter of on������pe������peut;rper month.-i j^r .jA><-$  ^fifiy&fifiyfi   ^^������������������y.^yjyrV;  ; GotbDtiBT MM ted-and- Assayed, aad 'retaraa' iaaft���������������;T  wiibin 24-bours in Coinor %rs^> y ^ -fi ^Jf yii y I fififiyr  Ores of every description carefdlly/4wayod.;  XiB.'T^Anyyinstructidnsas to the disposal of the fpt':  ceeds of Gold, .Dust :foi;warde,d^to,the offlcela Vietoria^r  for Assay *wiU! be carefully alien^ed to.v' " *J^t.^--''  fi-y.fifi^ :���������' -fi-Aifiy' 'A ^C.-SHEPH5RD/Miiaaf������?p;nyil--  , Victoria," V. I, April, 1869. *     v .    .   / 1-a. t    .' ;;  BARKERVXLLE^A^oinihgithe-l^press Omee;;  fiA^ TVim^y^NN^D,,',, fifi  ' ;iB:ARKERV:iLLE'.,.' ."  M.  J/-BLACKMAN,  BARKBRVILLE.  BEBWERS.  0  liEwis wilder   ;;  and; rig bo e M a k er^  BARKERVILLE. ���������''���������''1!:i,l :  JAMES -vBURDlEjKjfi ������������������:>->  RIGHFIE.LJO.  &AF^Nl%D'#u  finkf  Connecting, at Lillooet /and /Yale^/With^OTRXi*-.''  fi NELSONS: for-Kew Westihiaster & Vietoili, ���������  "OTILL ��������� iitRIVE? -JkNiy DEFARTfiMai.Wf0fflw^ln-  tt- ^Barkerville, to connect with:the;ateamer. "Ea. fi  ierprise". at'Q'uesD'elmo'utb,-and the STAGES at Soda  Lroek, EVERY WEEK, coBveying^wsoBa;;L*V-*"  ters and Vaw^sIesfor all.partsoiV,the worl 1..;y Also,:  Commissioofs rec?i ved aad \ forward ed by Express for  the collection of Notes1, Bills and the' purchaseof artl������  cles to bo obtained at N<sw Westroiustvr, VictoriaifSaa.  Francisco or enroute, and returns'made with dispatch.  fi-fi-fifi'-y 'fififififi: -fi JOHN B. LOVELL,'"      '  A  1-s f,.fififi._Ar. y,   fiA&fiMt .-Barkenrilit. -,  Important to  r  'J ;"������'. 'fii c-  fi The uadersigae.4, is prepared te,: ^. y  cziEAfi&mjj^ /Job?  /: fi fifiy fi--a a ��������� fiTmmmsfifi^fi';:;;:/" ��������� "fi"  On Commission, or. will purchase any quantity ea. &e  fi.,-, fifi-   .^PsrLiB^AL;T8RMS,attbe.,i;,y..  ;',: J "R^aiing-Room,^^^ Camerontoni  Th������. Subscriber is well known on Williams Creex; ������afl  from tho confldcnco reposed in him -last Fail ia the  abeve business, he hopes to "receive the; patronage ef  the Miu ibg com muni t y the ensuing season; ���������" ���������  fi    sfifi- fififififififi fififiyA -fiy fi     JOHN-BOWROjTv     .  BI0 BEKI>rBRITISH COhXfimBiA.'  T\tmiNC raE/'MIN.I^'^EASOlsr. tbe undejsirued.  -     ;-��������� '���������������������������  ''    VAN WINKLE, . .^ ,__  .��������� ������������������ ^   Roaster, beingTecommended by all medioU men under .    - ,^1 ;��������� w-fl.. yf ^ fiy yfi -Vjl Athintf &Ofi 'V will he preM4d to; execute Surveys and traaw������4  I CWfrs Ksrchscfcs, Y*tes st^ Victorts.  ^2gp Stabling to- Hoft������s; ��������� Hfry,' Barlfy .sad 0^"������S*  "oS'&Wffi.  1*  <JMi.!?9$i&w>r.  1  1  fui jjim\ omomimmma!. Itv  pfi ,  i fifi s  &. a--., ���������;.-��������� ������,.-���������  Wy  If yv'���������;;':..;  ?-Vr7 ~  y ,j.:  fifififi '������������������ fifififi    , ;  ���������:::������������������: Tfi--.- ,   . ���������.  U''A fififi  fi  Wfifiy  mm  fifi,..-,;--   .  ysfifi-.-yy --.  ���������*������������������ ;.  svy w  ^ayv  -fifi     ��������� -'  *    -  'A'ddressesjit'the publicationyoSSce.4 **Prie&yfacLpniNG  :t^'^lfgept) cerfts percbpy^^p? f "*~   y^ 5f y fiA  '.' '''''��������� -" n**V r*t\x  TO CORRESPONDENTS  THEii^yiBB(M)iSE  fi -^^^^Hm^DlAY^MAY 24, 1866.      -   i;  -   y""    :.-: ,-   ^^V^.'-l���������*   \ii3't|4U-   v^jA f.-,  **'Iv-- ��������� .;,-,    yfi.fi  gj   ^jAnu ou uie.siae 01 cnu no^cuy-is a- great  M; is iiV&jfe ^d-bmthe;Swest /thereof y&Ygfeat ;ii^er,,'  . *  ,V--.fV-  .   . ..ix.-^..������a.v: n������ : .������y;-vy'---. -'������, >y- *���������.    r^f~T yy,:-;   ..Qfi-      V    *.v  y;,^^^vernmentgrants.for^the.purpose .of-open--  "���������fi" ' V 'in^nft&iiBtCdtt&t^ and"  *& 2. Th^ inVthe  vcities, of rihe iplain, Baying,y.ther,e4s a jan:ddafai*.  pj^laBomdmgih silver- and .in -gold, 4 and ini  p rep^o^otQjie|yah^Ji|" p^ures^a 3an cfflo w?,  ing witi������milfc fchd A6u%^driie^efdrive oui  the Indian and possess it.    y fififififi  fe3������$G^tke ^ame^fHhisylan#is>Gar^po^  $u*bt^reiuH5^  * All persons ' J nd e b ted to the said Bankr upt^orvt  :������'*^0fltec-^l(pp^^  i< l������ :&l!wv jv.iff^'ffiffl'ffi ������������������'���������:^'-ifiJiu-*\ '���������  EzfiFi*  ^feiALnd^many������m<^and women amon^ th������  ^natives found afcbut:and ia'thie-i^ntr^pf^the]  gi^t 3ake^,yaM^  jsajc������ .be,twoen,,thd ,-to.wns,of^RicWield,' ^Barkerville and'  '���������Camerintown^'^^^ ~  ������.'.���������'���������? ^.-r: V,i. ;-s 5 i-r.1  -3������!^'" I"fir P^#^A' ^^"^' * ������  i;t/.: ,* Ifiyfiai^A?^ J^?Vo feiLij^t ������&��������� rti :jS  mi- iA&tFi*^A'ifiOyyvfiyfi-y^fyj.Afi^AtniAfi  Whs; Steamer ^^^Ente^aTiser  ^idii������02-.S'3^v  and many of thg *; sojourners in the land sat  '*"--- md wept, saying to one another, let lis  iOiXoi^ghmhd to spare; -s^ ^^-- ^^������������������������������������^���������^ t  7; So that of, all .that ,went unto the land of  the Great iJeer 6nly-a remnant remained. "'.  8. And among these jvere Jews and*Gfin-!  ������������-.���������.'���������- ��������� ���������  ' :-- .-   '  ifi$,fiyr:fiyfi:fififi  I?l:-y:;:y:-yy:--  "vpf V  y������v.vvyy,-,v-:.yy.  'fipfifiy-fifis: -fififi-  fififififi-fi  * ��������� fifiwfim$m:$WtM<?*---������>4?a.^-i-v^^f^y^oy^J.^iv.v -c.v.'.^v  --' were both in errdr, in lieu of furnishing & m"���������  .    ; with, sux^Herfef^proWMo&'feWef* ifi6xces^bf  ���������A������Iv'i',i.''���������'.-; ?:*-������������������������������������''-.:A-. fi'"'-'  fifi-fifi: ''':/vfifi-  fi ������������������������ y-^^wS* .j;l*yA.y-  '���������th&r^requirmen tSyOT no t of a^cteracter^uited  :to-the nature '^fiiK^ej^dj^n,^  y.i   much ..better-^.fpr^ttfeyGoiverainent Pto, offer^  ^liSinffii^mgehsu^  immediate vaju&pf ^cEnempscoveries. Fbr  instance,;, if.S10,000;i Were offer-ed^fpxthe.dis-  ^  coveryof.new.gold fieldsyanswering certain  :C^^?I^ !^^^W'^WRe|Iw>aoope^  tiesaminerEr/such������������������*as' arefinxoiizliti&yHoM(ll&  Moreover among; ,-.������������������, ...^,..  vote men^^Jv^pA^ earth j7^  11. And'they spake in" divers- tongues ;yms  English andari Spotei^ih Chihopk^ahd i  Imgssjate. *,. >,-������ >-, Aa' y< *:���������:-?��������� -A"������i":A>   -      ::- .-���������"������������������.  ^^::'^;5'0^-;i&ByL^^.yj-^v:.^c  ... .,  Mineps^iBa^ &fi*@oxiee*rt:k.  ^���������^' yi^y 5>^l?: Afi-yfif^fi\^fiAfi.fifiiiA:ntAfiyiyyfi ?  .'*��������� iiji'.'f,-jtWt'm vyy r..y...VV:V��������� ^rf-rv;-y^;|WrAfiAy ".Xfi ^Siyjy.jy;; 'fi. .fi  " '       l fififi..- ..   '--^,-- Jlv:ALEXpP!.f'McINNE3T Prap^K^  >: 14. And here also they" assembled themsel^  :ii;'~:jiivfp*rf-'.������ v>������: "; ���������v-yyy.jzz.--k. %-.'fifi-fi..y.^iS'>-- \4^-.-'r^^:- ���������������"������.-.��������� -.--.:-.; j,-.^- ������������������  together |o cpmtnune;twith; one^anoth^rf and to  fxeceive'glaa tidina^^  (fathers;;.: :v-t ���������" ;,; ��������� ^;' ,fi    ���������t1 tfi^ ^^ ,.y;  |made ajpurne^^|l^v ci^esj qftjthe plain as  [wasted their sub^tance^ith^riptoua living.  ;  *   16. 4-nd Mminb ahd:^the-plague-f- agaih, fell  jamong many of Jhem,i anc^> they returned to  Meir-brethren in the land fiotfi the Great l>eer  y.!J&������.,''Jyy '.yfiZ;**ytAfi  A Williams������'Ci^et^Fltefei  fifi-y a Q&am&ncey -.1*86614 ^-^ ���������  >'; J. '^i*\ ,[~y j  '^������������������M.&lUm 'utt m. ia & ������������������  M& % IQEkA&tym IdNflBr-Ri'S y& "  ���������yyv'W'yii^ fifitr,.v *-'-*:''r  p������;yy-y  H\   ���������-  yadap ted for ittie purpose^ ^11^ ^e^fefel^erjr  ;   'confidenoejin |stata|i|^Ea^them ^rei quite  -: ������n0^^o|^U9h������m^  ^^ y; v^  re^uired:cfpr the task;fiAIM premium^would  ^rst^telligen^TdfSSiJr new disGovevyyihe^h-  y^y-jii   m?4:':^-; fi^syj y fi-a!^fififi,*yfi.fi fisyfi- .,,<,.y^ ���������-..   ..  'w W^Or;^RAT^ii^n1,-R^-v 1 TT   'flipSt r^lXi^lt V���������'?  ��������� ft copy of w> j ch ca h beiseeh" a ci their pfficof a hd^fiereoy  jcaulion. all ���������persori^^ipt toV.trespaisyo'h .any:ground nor  prpsperity^?  ��������� j ^^fe^Wt cai^^6Jp^  twentietl^^^that#hew (^vera^ajd^e who  knew not the sojourners, in, the land of ��������� the  Gr:eat;Deer-->-r fififi ^-y^^^.-: -  i^^kJiMl-^y  yyfiMm^$iSM^myym  fi'-'"A'--: "- & t}RienFiEDi>;-/' -MfiA:; *;y^-*<  fi '*������: *t-: i:- ���������'..-���������; t cy ���������*, -; c-Ji -t\ e #.* ?'*������������������*'������������������* y^v ^'rs o ��������� "'-'������������������ ;-!;p> <u - i> *' fi&. - ly:  eehce of '���������':which inducement must  ���������Vi- il J J- ^ -C .i ^> -.'; ^'i* ���������'  ^efiGdveMmentpatroria^e';  ^^ .X^,u-..-..  jSVe^wp^]^  ���������the .season is. t^.e^jest^r tie w������athei*canh^ calcii^  lated up oh* with> more' certai nty 'if ah' ihitrbrtan t  considerationr^n��������������� pray easing ?;ar^aew;.- Qpuntry)  andds at'.to^.F^evm]S^ to  the,'fiiffifioifiihe^seasbii,;iWhen there is usually a  prevalence-of ^rain-arid snow; ��������� ,'���������'    '-# ^y '���������**������������������  we would- seriously-ask the Careful consideration of our iniriihg community to the fore-1!- ; ,���������  %<&Bgsfittim^^  the effortsxpf ike Government so faras they ha\;e  gone in this direction,.^uHFpossible to divert  them ;n4his^.rpsp.ec t;. ^'^ndtlfer ^channel,, ancl J  vr������>r4mn'lr'''''tlia'f:   ftiiv.tr J A wet rtri y-Miia.ei-jTviziinf" "virilT"  .over-tens-;  I-\��������� 49^Anjd the ruler, speaking .after :iheAcb^  selyjtf: these nien :^id,?^ ^fbrer^ner made  -h ���������   .��������� y^Tyoke 'heavy' Wt X wilFaddlo "JoaifrokeJ  w a -he Chastised, you-lwithS^iii^ but .twill chas-  tise/y^u^-Hrith^scpijpions. -.:/- r/ -fi ^. % fiAt ,fi^ y-^  v ^ft, iAndlthie piebple^n thellaind bf th# Gi^at'  ���������iVoice,saying,:we never were in bondage to  ainy man.;.;': 'A*.;;y��������� fififir-xf' ���������-��������� *-. ffi. rt\ -y ��������� '  >���������. 21. And the sofr of Bnan'^ru'was tetrarch  of Caribop^|th^ san|?Jy0arI'!T 'fiA fit ��������� ��������� "I IT. ..  fi 22. Fro ni' all tliat' come, to. pass \ ���������among" the  inhabitants of this^ land,'attdMl *Kat the captains and the ruler "dipt unto them untiFthis  day, is it not - recorded in the book of the  .Chronicles of Cariboo toy me, ��������� v i %-A*  :"\- fi . , tn: ; fi fi "'z -;-:FRANGO.  (To be.O'ohtinucd.) '-���������  fiyiUt.iyi. y'J-hUQ- f.tfti* H \fi?l'*0.n -Oa v.;M*; .1'. ,C? jJU'j   9ipy'fiL.^i?ifi������f''SA-  fis^MMmS^fiiWOC^fiM, fi^Ss&fifi  . v'- ;?-y^:-:-'y;:*j.->-*>��������� ^^i^ififixyi^sty^^i^i^^s^^ -...  :^^^^?^^^^ :  I ' ^t^t&eirftuVa^^  y;vT;sp;yaz������^:���������iL.^ttl(^(w^l^be���������.soid'f^-'-������ y^-^y-^A'--  "J..17   /^i ��������� 0:i?\jii-31 -y 'ti>-* fit ���������'���������  ''rJ^yfir  ���������'������������������;.,--;��������� -'.:r ���������.^������R0UAS^;ASfl-I)BiLEft3;nr^ *yt."i 2/ yj-i' S'r'r^" * r   JT -T 'si;* '.ri   " ���������!��������� *|ff At^ft^Si-As-  PR0^IOI^^CLOTHm#;ffl  y-y-^fi^^fifififiy- ^fififiU:- -yyh> fip Ififiom! .flfeffffft J igr|.>|--  y^i;?^tb^^oads;are:ppen;;;l ^ov :>,ay^a.  n^^fciberalj^o^ne^^M  *Via.c*i s.?*'4'-'^  i *;** i ^.  !������'?;  P^|aura4iancl:;Hotel Keepers an^ttte GPrSde keneraliyJ  '  H.f-I.;  ��������� " ������������������ f r o  rx^^T)  There is no.distillery kept in this ^stablishmeiat:  j ^and strychnine and rot-gut find nq.-pla'ce?here. .;'2  ; I ... .'.fififi -BAR ICE..R-V-I/L' LEy  MIS& THURBER & MK 1.AWLESS, Propers  ;.. yfifirfifi'ifii'S ?-"v ��������� 'i.j' j ������f ������y.':.* //-j j(}i3  -*1 Af  ;.v i-w >.</  3 STfitf  i ol ANI>'^���������''  ?,".' y i #J 'A!'������������������ fi?7" v> ill' ���������  .f:  k i- v'.  |; ^^Great interest has been .manifested fiin  the Vancouver 'Island Assembly,1 resp^dtihg  the adoptionvof measures' for -the..'abatement  of ali^nuisafioes. in * the -i City- of VicWri^: :^and  ���������districts, with the view;of warding off the ap-  proaGhof that fearful epidemic, Asiatic Choi*  woHhink'tliat our ryie^ m , ,       ____  maefe������Jj ithe-.endorsement d^Mi thos^^whb iS11'Jh[ch.is^^*'^%S^S?SB!d^i on  i       '   ������* ���������   Vi"   *y-ifii.fififi.i-:r.?iy'*fiy:  .   x1     the Eastern side.of this continent.    The San-  have sapient^o\de^p^^mn^m the itarJi:Q������>mmisslbri Bpi^pf pOl^as; adojjt0<L  maJiterU v. xi v.- ���������,;,-.- ;���������: j v. .y:.-.- jL: .: > S> v ,:: .ti������ -,-y r : I arid passed.       '.. -,: ,..:?,;..,;, v. ���������,_ . ^ -.  ^^'^^���������^yfy;-! i'j, y J^^We"^eam"that"a''xompany*;iias'"been'  ^Ko,������,-������rt!=f������^^'4i.^^?u?B,^ .fprmed'at Quesnel mo iith, and a .public subscription raised to equip them, for theexplora-  ji^ tfudge^egfe  of th0jGourtilof, lAssize at Quesneiinoutli from  the det "t^the: 8th������ Ju ne * and ;at Ricftfield:*fw>mJ ^tion of the newly- disco vered^ diggings on Gan-  the 8th to" the 15th Jtifie^ T O>? ���������' Jon Cifeek 5 they started a ftew:days ago.  THIS ������HOTJS& HAS BEEi\r NEWLv FITTED 'UP' ON  the Rcstlaurant principle with d view to tlie com fort  of the public,- and will be conducted In a maimer to  .ensurcithe satisfaction of those who nro> deposed:tb'  favor the propri e tors wi th their pal ronagc. =-c   ������������������"   .   & fi-  ��������� .^Mpajg^at' all Hours.   Gpod Be,ds^' fififififi  ./^^The-Bii^s furnished -with the best solection;of  .Liquors and Segars.y '.,..--'        ���������:. - :   "0-  i  ���������;::-;,,,.: fififififi^VmfiY: EVENING, Ai/fifi '"fifififififi  A'fifififi.11'-'    fi   ''-A' '���������---''��������� '���������  Af:THB;'  '���������'���������     "���������   fi-' -fifi' 'fi\fi  Wmim;mLmfim  'fififi fififi t/'^AEKERirttU:;:'^^''^ fififi'  ���������A ^li^S^F F11^ :TERPISCHOREAir:ART ar6  JnL invited? to call and .enjoy, themsel  welcome will.be extended;  :t?f!''^?v'-?^^^11?*'.-'?:"^m'"��������������������������� ?."'",vi'v';'fifififi ''  Evoi^ything is done ir connection withHlils establiah-'  en t to;:give satisfaction to. the'customers.'  " ;-y'!    :(-��������� :*  men  * fi ie^Meals;<t-aatflibursi'';; -':a^'-Jj,]*'Ki'������������������������������������:;- ^'|^  -iri ;���������  fi^^m^fifi&fiMo^  '������fi&fiifm^-ms*  fi-AA B ARKERV:Ifi L-Ev- '^"^'-:':'''  fiw i.. fifi. vA fi (fifi- fi 'fi fij fifi*t &���������<* ViAi  fifi-fivi  ji-������ ���������- ��������� >���������  ss.  .���������;,f. ^Hple&alpJahi'feetadl. yi,fifi\o fiifiyit  ^The^best of;."\^es,'iidu6rsr aiid^Se^ai^"  etpd ,<3ood Order observed. fi���������.r v   &eSar% t>?*X&A '&&&*? lfc.#<!^uwiht<'vfr>  frw^DAfi^y  ,'���������������'������iV.������.. i'..ij.:''-",r,.>  4,?l;..i[,fii,.>fi>y.*:  ��������������������������� ^f^rMBB5^sm^^>'' fi y  .fi ** iWfidmAiy,'23rdMay, 186$.;"  ^ilsi^^  \fptABQ^^^^ff^^i& ������������������*&&*  "���������;-fifi.fiyP^m^^^mcKfi^M. .^,,,  lAtienfst TR^  4^H  ^^s^^t^^  J was sjanteaoe^ro^lJr^.yKioiitaav;    ^  j^thhafdhftia^^  '���������^"^^^^^^Rj^p^H%^0G. -. ...   y. -,-i -,,  Patrick/'Ktrwin,CSAloo*rt Keeper, /Richfield,  ito^aisig-,mfljjnpr;i7j; ^ied:toya^oif.a;stTO(i  [rbw,but^ijWft/a^a9^e<i :J������ej;l>X;^^!ttg.!:-ime;  ofelbeisidewaifc f jie/wtetaken^ away^byl the  f 4i:c,v wan ju'coramen'cetr at? J3iCsjp6;qnd e^a^h?  *bJtfiatf^^^  frouna^and^s^ contihS^drrfbr & distance] Oft  ���������15&^et^hrou^1*ed-rOck^ -b������  blaste^0)^ep1;h c* iQWSiMy TO ���������feet'Jihi  Width;? and therfltfmei-wasjMdSla&ttfall.   >Thitf  .$a^^p:*wa!s:tod&^  the, sunack jgrifeijfS'ff ^jahK%o o d / prosp e^^  wei^^^taih^d, ^bu^foitithjs ;#^h#d bepn  lilasfed tKrbu^ft^  -deep*channel-ahead; AfifiThe-work performed  during the '-paskwin^^ men haye  been:'st������ft rli J vomniiCS**^  *������������- **-��������� - *u-  in cbmbating'waj^  struck, at'26 J -feet^wb^  ibe; slide^on sinking1^^^fee^throtfghtbi^grlavel  was struck;againr ahd^fV&tj/farther bed rock  |-was~reached?a fair -prospect of"heavy gold'was  [fthMned) ibjit; ijfomfWe, pit^ of[1h^rgjlC!to^  wards ��������� ihe .hill if wa^eyidentj tha deepesfc part  pf tb#channel Had hfotbeerrtefebefc  a a ���������***  ^V^a*^a?^t:X^TO^ftefie-ina^ae^!at  *,9^|WPdwi^; ^ereri^notaiwor^oftruthjih  |5WM?%^Wte and^insdaily &ni������Guffi&.:  '.P?Step$������.?^^  away v 650, passengers f she had $125,000 ih  m$sw$ #ippe4 b^^he .Bank dfi BritishiNortir  Americano New York.^Reports>bY^ steamer  ,������w-^uii^vv.poiiq Of^nes^*firms -m-ahm^  ,,*to ������������j^of 'Ip^IS*  ^m,,on amvalorilai] stage Bw, ^  found ta botsJaU;pif(^fr:-aae:wwft of pf6:  | wsioi^^ndnced-the:Superintehaent to suspend  ^fations.-:fora(time,;/InT^  under-great disadvantages" during thewihter  ASHSg. ito^the remoM situation of. the camp  |^g^% .,.     w   ..w,_.���������.,,-,.._........          cause-he carried home/the,.jbalance sheets.-^  JuSge Rfe Whtehced theJspiritiialisfc Doctress  baqkat EiMe.4?������W;pQQ  bad beenLmadeftQiget^ertbro.ugh-IifiR-'carffo  iJPM,M*:--:b- fij-ju'ii-y -Vp -V?|- ,W   ��������� ���������  Bh^Qh^npfe^k,i8Uyep:.mine3irOTri^aphere:  ^^i^Afiprned, m ?igoroMyMm&r.  [ ��������� uapu. ;ireyainop,s.^ora^-i me,f ,Mr.j-twaiKer  b^ppsjteffij^y^  ieard'some oae say there was a* d  iid^ots^%Ki^  itrack'b^sdine one ;Mffivattiicfe   arujfanly attack'; he^saidthis labqut1 ten  jihutes after thencourreii^iwouldhave^jd  3e's"ame';thmg:myse^-;hM  JtJU^eS^-^y^vy fififiifitmyfififififi Afi fifififififiyfi I ... b  ������The': Judg���������������said'<that������heieduld> not find^any-  iliing in theye/vide^^^^^ "hmde  ujythi'eats to justify ^^tn^ornid^oire^  ,eep..Ihe.peace.,. -He/accordingly^cautioned'  imh to jbe;' mo^%refuj|J^the^^  ^nt^ a^goodpraspect being; striiek ii^tMs?  channel'it/is^the ;pre$rit intention; bf^th^om^  MZito.siarfcM;.atlMn  ^i^Rel^.i^;^^^-^ek-  #%le>fall^atfW^bt  ^n engagementAIast?;iiight%/a*fih^^  ^^^b^W^aseinthe-prje^s^u  tpihaveiSOOvacanfcseats; the acting'wasgrand"  ~Arriv���������d>-shipfStar of Union,-125 days from  l^York^teahM^  ;?Jie4arge^8iiles/Qf;>lon^1 ;-^^fi^*^''^������������,^-������-^;^--*^: ���������*  "ti<)# te-diayi caused "  jo^ft^^eym^u^canbe madef with plenty  ofi;feedL ib^animals^-? Therlndiahsihactieollect-  ed a large quanti^  The crops ^^^^fl^h^an^ r   '" "'  ������iyi:ci-*.t>-������^-.;������% i\'.-i ������.t^,'".'.;,ff.f''?*t'?-!I*^4-,f-*?rKt  hi-charge was^theirentered:agaiiwt;Kir^|n?s?  attacked .my dog ^sterdaj ; - Ts amf al^ys!  raid; of ;thi8M^;as^go3l6 W theo?^ j$#|  pciojis propensities ,of /this'JanimaL/arej-well  ho wh on thercreek j fii^^^efi^^ovy^  'eek-afraid eveti t^jeoine.-to;"BlcbH^ld fo,a acV  Mr. Park stated that bey could.; bring jpjfc  wses to ;jproyejtbe;gqpd: character which t%  :imal/-b.or������/?^:y^v:^^' fifi^y-fi-1': ��������� fifi- 'fifi**- yy.-At-,  the|pl5 j&h}ruin^ahp./^Il' reqaireynqyblastihgi l  |^-IStJey![n&n^  ! surfece^y meanstoT^e^um^h^  4>eing-plenty^ of water for ythe ^purpose) j and  the prospects/are/such ^���������hatrthi.ey ex^gct'to be  '^b^^^^ ������xp&se, pf  yarrylngon/the'jtiinuel^wit^but "calling/upon  ^.the shareholders for' any ^aiciyin the shapeiof:  assessments^ 'kAWhan&fik'rt^nT-tei&TX' -fti"*?' fifiyfifi  au u ua mai i-p as^iour* oy: tnree -m asiced ro bbers:  tthey^lew^penvWells^  ;^^d^ok:$7.3QO'"i5:W^  were/robhea.y;^;^pn/!  Sheriff Gentry ;staf.fed>with^ posse in-puraml;  outmMcCulIocbg:^ul������b:aBdEre&  ^??s- jf ^^'^m.gold-    Mr.'Joha  Blair, Jate.pf the lllSIile Souse wa'H Yfrnron'  tnw;decea|e(^; to.^������! .Khrittnn. .vfiiot^^k&liox/^j* .. ,!  TOfhia^^an&,^v  ITM ^udge (decided ^thatcthe^ydog was./a  Jcioiis animal/^ahd^ prdered^ him4; to ��������� be ei ther  |ainedup;;ormuzzledr *"vU"^"'   :/OQLfe;  :^^sr������"^'������ **^������t^^* ^^^^^^"s^bju. -*on- :m j tpifee::;.gteye: V l6yelled^hisiH������hry?s .repeitinjt  ^^^ens^nJf^Mr/Bop  ^.C(^lec^a^anowing thfe%^  .9? Sb0W,%ft^ M ;*f Jltfacaf t some of the McQ ���������hiitihgrhim timier .&feiglft.eye;"kSliriff:;  pces^puld/^ighfrpm^l; 50  ^^stpcJ^ of jr^imons; :^:-w  dispatched.to .th.e.camp; in the course of fcfew  fays.g/^a)mn;Gre^^  west"of: Williams Creek.  ri;v':"?v"vu;:^nday^  )ayis. Co.^y> vfc/Aurora r/Go'y.^This yak] a  >tion by plaihtifi^'W dissjyiye:an fhjuaciipjS  iich^thQ lefepa^ tbe". 8 tli  St", restraining -ihe piaintiffs from working  rtain ground-in; dispute, f Qr&ei made'^^t  Junction be ,d.is������plye.d. J^.' Eob'ertsbn-for-  fetfffiii-Mr. Walkerifbi,fafifen^WAW 'fil������%  ���������t#f&Sfi8'W  .S!^^?6& ardent occifiteafifi^i  Dr-Cbipn Who Sni;   e^Lhe was a"ended  PreseS������^ ������011 set:tlle;brol������n limb  TheiBed RoeK 'Plunie^Go^ ybnythis^o^eek  have'beeh^eihp lbyecl during the 'winter sinSr.  in������; ajshaf|;'and, ~arey now; adown about 45ft,  , they ���������Experienced /gi^^Orjinble^Jiii^ ge|tihg  ^tlfebugte/bed ''ofVquicksahdi;' b ii l have:no w got  1 throughlt and expect to* reach bed* -rock this  Mek. ��������� -(;>:'���������"������������������'��������� :.*.������������������ *v" ���������-.';���������.".���������'"    :fiyy'  : 'Thererare aylarge; number oS creeks and  igulches;���������!n'tbis-^sectidn o^hecpwtryjiir^hich  goody' prpSp^cts'J/jcan:; bb job taihed io h fiifihifi&ar-  fiice, 'and;if thb^ ^wnoy'lrgnow/ prospecting  in/that, /quarter '"should? meet, with:: success,' Aofi  ._ .-���������<   y  ���������   ?. ���������   ,��������� ��������� o     ;o   ���������        .   ��������� ���������   T. ���������~jt *fi���������~T*"   "  his heart. The treasure was. secured.    ..  ; -Yale, Ma,y��������� 21;���������LatestfromBigBendmiiipS:  -"A^yohbg man arrived here^on;1 Wednesday  Msfc;-TrpffiyCaM|^^^  the 7th. inst, he-reports'��������� a %6^ct ^aVbrflsiipw  pn^thp^reeJ^W^n^he l^ij^er^iittle ^pifo^:  pectinghad-been /done,;anC/men were/,con-  /tenting themselves:: ^ith; ypreparing,4umbeiv  building ho uses,. and getting y ready������-to *: com-  ...-:,. c >A.ii,u,ifiJfi-;.*ytt ���������-.l.'tyy'fiMOYt,  e&^By-ffie * imporUmi'ties of \ippe^tinent:| pe/*f  sons after office hoursfyias given notice .that  in future he will1 not attend to any matters of  business &ut; jit, ihe, .usual'*hoursxexcepfi^ ia  criminal matters.,        - --���������-���������  "... ai.--  ... f., x*s.5..->,->j.- (*"..  .���������**'4:*y-H  '4y*y  ���������    --    .-,..   ..   ~\.  ,   -7,1 7-~ 7 . ���������; .���������     ������������������ T~   ������������������- -"~- ?J   '������*  ������- w^riy .  jsenting them until;that time^^Gtop'ereek^S  fe.r^^|tf:  ^.. .^^.-Mr., and - Mrs. Charles ^e^yhaving  cpi^et^J/t^jr | :^ns:^anticj' engagera en^.  ar?e. about .ret^nin^to?,-Ehgk^  leave" New fclrl������:6n th^8t!uA^l^and are to  appear^ajt thefifiTbGE^^  ! ^e; ^Cj&S and ^fe 6^  ^ they xp^,tp^^ndpn ^ilfe?3nake yjffiefe..  fi^t:app^i^ce/at rte^rincess^'Thfeativi^nf^::  ipy miners; only one shaft had been/cpmmenc-.  ed and it wasMlv/downM5fti.^^^cKhad^  idoijfipjer*^^:^-;  f.i^������r;  -r.,wv-i  _ ... .���������* ^ iiA-autuce we",  r,d. within the last:two weeks. . ., ...r ;.. .,,  \m is FLounr^An unexpected friseih this,  :?te' happened yesterday ��������� tooi'hing,: Svlieh it;  o?d allatonee froni 30 cts.' to 50 cts. at  wvillo, and -40 cts. at Richfield;;- It issaid  ' scarce,'; bti t ���������' w^ *5^������ J - - - "*  scarce"wSi7f i -l-a^���������chneiar':Jt  w^s the quanHt4 ^Ulte? ^pne.week-^  A train ^^^."rEea^  poked of5^S^:^ which will  20;obOmen;  - / ���������./// fifi'fiyfi9<^Sfi^fiGVJxmfi. Afifi "fifi fii: 'fi.  'fi Activity begins to prpvail among claimhold-  ders on this gulch, at the mbiith ;of which So  much gold wais; obtained daring* tie past two  seasons.    TheJEriccson co^y have-got-tlie  water putof t^eir. lower shaft and have, commenced drifting towards their' wdrkih������-s: of  last year,'theyrwiir hot take out pay for1 a  week yet^The United co?y, who iatelystmck  a channel in, the hill j. the water. from -which  drove them out of theii* shaft, have coiriinenced  running a tunnel rtp tap it  ' It v^Ili probably  take five weeks to:finish' it-^The Held co'y  have got^ their..wheeVrunning on .one of their  new. shafts -arid, will start ,!to^ sink in ��������� a day :or  two, theyarp busy sinking the upper shaft  ��������� wh ich is down - ab 6 ve 50ft; they exp ec t to be  /talking out pajrin'the course i:of, a cpuiile of  weeks 6.r:iess:~The New /Zealand. !co?y have  vgottheir"JshaftJnearly dry, ;imd calculate to'  commence, washing in a few davs.^-Thp TTnnri  ttuii^cpnuueuce in, uj������ riouuess oi inp.jjountrv  was yuhabated;; i������ The steamer EortyfNine"had  arrived at Kirby landing on the 5th /insty:on  her:second/trip.up,. sHelbtought./110...passen-  gers and 40 tons of freight ;: Colville flour  was/selling at 40. dents ppr /poiind^ ���������-Oregon.  flour 60/cts,>acon Si; gum/boots were scarceJ  Befprethe arrival of the .Forty-Nine therprice  of provisions were high. There were teh men  working on the Government trail when1 our  informant $$ss^  round at Savanas/gettingin machinery^rim  the fact of everything being previously"/'ari:  ranged by the-initelligend uiid -cleverrengineer  I'r^^M^MW^iiM^^^ announce  i%';;ln^t:-isto ���������teansmifcTttiroii^  d^^^rd^ ajminut^/yJHs^e:i  wnof M}h ^^li<andrEip^;ipf^fijhata/.  JWjPWer -of ^whpin is5already wellafchawh aa5  ^Q^e^tprpfca^j^ng^elegi^  '-   ' ���������"'-���������-' ��������� -*'.' ���������* ;"���������'}',.' ���������'.     -^.*':"T      " ���������' V fi:   "*..'-.   .;' '���������' '���������" '��������� t''��������� '*.j H fi;'.-.'. '-������������������' ���������.-. y,^f  > -W^^tfciea^aB^#k^ ^co^dV^^  cause-^t-pins^���������f-y^,^ :'%ififi ^'Ap- ififioA v&jr.-ai  fimsmfiskjtik^ wm& '%.&?w %S-  r-"*^"?*-'  ��������� fijmmpL$ wmrn������gm&i %:$������**& m,<a  .commence washing in a few days,^The:H6bd  Tunnel co'y; who. h|aaTOp^jjted,^6rk''fp^t^  past two weeks, have;iiow:set in.againIwith.a  deterinihatioh W.pushing it through until they  ;reaoh:the channel; they have hail;great trouble with slum or quioksand. .',  j ^^The passengers 15y the" Iatcf.: trip ;^f the  |tpamer, Oregon; to New:>V^tmihs|er reached  min$i to sell them-^cheapsr-tliaii any olMfisihrTosi  ��������� KwbfieldJr..May.5thT I860. * ��������� ���������'-- ���������''"���������'    IO ffifiit'tAC-.irl tfili vU*  t^  I0Miift--Vi������v      .   Lenaered to \fr Po*.     J* -    y.   iJWC'u&luT1'5 "&",u A������-ip trip or tne .X-^���������-���������������^*r*rL?^-bi-������������������������-t'  TRohin"51 naa������������3itijJMoirfnift^rfS^ff'i ft^W^Oregon.to New.'Westminster reached Co-> ������*Mn.th,mstfc.wasto  W|c deapatohei.. ''.W*.:te:TOt.^tej S^dIfrs<b^.^ba,d������^-^ve\W^Befad ^eMunroC6v took "but y^22  {ntinea) in 11. days from San Francisco. ������ <5a?8 rseveral other toVs w  ifornia Carjp enter: who panie" herp' ;from:; Sey-  ���������oiir somo;xiays since,'says/-that :he!-'vwas]/!p"e^i  fee tly astonished: to see so.fine a ��������� steamer ibuilt  in, such an out of the-way/place, the work: hefi  declarjes, is.'p^ual * to^ any, M/ha;a^:seen ;pla .steaini  ers in California/ and-ilie.Jsym^e^:.an^oe4tt^  ty of her build couidhpt'be excelled. '  Yalej''May 21.���������From -a man who amved  here l&fr evening; and' whoOM^eScir������e^ j  on the 12ihlrist^ we learn that a^ihpahy'Sad j?  commenced taking \ out pay ������������������' tfo t)fshft&f  Cos7on thpHih'insC^  f.hA llfnnlWv. Ofic\. fhftlr 'nii"!. ?&P,.. r,rir  jy;rV^k;������  40K~  P������fe, ;3ill-JCe?Misi ;?Ciroultoj-;p^i^-^T  ' i^rpgraniiAeisr.fbr;Balls^ad;-Theatrieal ;i>i^:"  ....: ���������_ fiy': yy iaiEivtertaiamehts^: as? ���������:��������� ~4'vv ?>.s:*;  Bxecutettwjth; Neatjaos^ana: Dispsto**t.m&Gti&b)- *  v.:';.'!c;'.,/ ���������'��������������������������� !^^:Tertts'J^e^^^^^v'^'-- -:'.*"-"'/  - ������**v������f:"-/f������������v������'.������-'!-,������"-  ^.'#.Q4^[^^������*^1-^^-^--^4>^:^^:'>->'*-''  BBHUiMU.LLBW.IMi.BH'PKIffl^ f  il:  f fi  ifi  '*.'.    "v.-,''.!  l  fiA'  ti  Ifefy ,  t-Ay  m ������������������--  ^!<fiiiy:fi:fi.  *������fi?.(  v'  l|:f'  ifififi  my-  *"'������*������ -. -.  S^A: ������������������-.������������������-  m ,fi   '   \:  ''.fi.      fififi .fiA  fififi  B  V?JHv-  ���������    ���������>-  BMBB ri:3  -'     -, ���������    '.'������--���������-    . t -  Wfi  'fi fifi-   -fifi'fi'fi-fi.  mfi:  ���������fijtmpy  ���������A 3m fi''  m$*-  ^Smfeja'  w������  fiiA- fiy fi-fiyfi  V<k  ������������������(>:y*:JY-  F'  'fV*  ������y.'.v  A-fii. Ay  fi fi ���������  m'yfifi^-  fi l f v  ;tll/y/y//!F/y  !ii:yvy//:;y;y;-y/  ^fe//-//y/1/.:;  laS'^'y;///-;/:  i:ii;i;s-;  ihe ^ip^Obja, Wttaye to^ Newcastle.  ^ ft N*S W., the San Francisco;j 'Alto'- has filea of  ' 'Sydney journals to F<fo/I0th, six days later  fib fi wfi#xm$reviousadviee^V'yv'-^: y  y:4"/;>���������. //;': / fi-  ��������� .      vTfcer#wiw--m  fifi" credit of the Government; amounting to ������111,-  'iA'fi. 602.    Thef; Consolidated  Revenue  account,  "; which is the real business account of the Gov-  y^rhttxent. waS'<&VeMrawn to;'the amount of  ?J&70,754 Bi Id., besides being overdrawn In  E^illn^ni tb the femou^  r^^tli^^/lfeTeveh^/Was,ia arwara tpythe'  . ;OTaant6f^l25;072jl4B.2d.  'y        ,  .There amvefl'ifc yictoria, during Becem-  y i������et;^865#3j637y|)eir8bi^; and the number :of  y   .departure8/w6������Jl)f86* ������'* -: ":'v,:' '"''''-'"fiAfifiv  / fc.W. Hatne^ianiin intimately associated  '/: with the tbitetitutibnal! history of Yictorta,-ia;  ..yfidea&y fifififi fififi yfifi - ���������';''?i '���������"' r:v^F  vi������    RbbbPries and Mghway outrages were rife  2 Fabotit Sydney.^ fi   'fi'tfififi'*" fifififi; fifi->: fifi fiyfi  fiy "A Weaver's flouring toill������ in Sydney were  V?tl������tirned'ohthel6thoriJaiiuaryi>fififi ?  !i)��������� /v-rNeyir?arid richv-di^ginjgs ^ar* said:!ta< have  ^s^een;di8bbver<Bdnear AdPlaide.   a���������a[ v  ; ^  ?-j : Heavy showers had broken tip the drought  The Bank of Victoria at Melbourne* had  i declared a'dividend of',124 per cent: /     .;.  11: There 4s mttchvgold^being taken out in'the  Armadalef District.*   a'fi     -���������>'*   /'  .A- vThe amount of gold coin issued by theSyd-  fifi-'fi& :o#b*aheh of theRoyal^Mintduring the week  {��������� '"> Governor barling has been recalled.  < Sydnst MARKETs^Flour/fine,(8i������^^i  fi.j������2^:-rcecbnds, ������22 per ton of 2000  ���������     " fiyy fi"* fififi fifi: AfiyjAfifi���������fififififi fi  fifi N1W ZEALAND.  "'��������� Thenatives'at Opotiki were.murdering,all  :-���������'''���������'*y-'Bt'������������k,������i*������Wn>Kttw?wiriii(lrl^f������aff������Ky' f)ril. Tjvott wh������  mifisft^k  ������125,000 per: annum, and they are ateo to have  ������25,000 per annum from the New York and  Newfoundland /Telegraph Company put of ithe  earnings of that company for through mes:  sages, the combined payments being equat to  a dividend of < 25 per cent * After; providing  foi the5������125,000 pir aheffim^ the^liiri of ������72,-  000 out elf the receipts 5is tp be applied to the  payment of 8 per cent, oh the Atlantic: Com-  pany's/existing preference - stocSv1 ahd 4 per  cent/on their ordinary/sto0k;at^^y; surplus  is then to be divided between th&Jji^sent com^  pany and the/Atlantic Company** It ftppeaw  that the' whole length-of 1212 nautical miles  of/cable kid last summer -is'still perfect,* and  that the position of the broken end is consid-  pred tohave been determined with the utmost  accuracy. Hence/the engineersEngaged in  the/late expedition are confident: that with .the  machinf.ry and tackle now being prepared  they will be%ble to raise it 90 as to utilize it  for a second line: The ne\f company is introduced by Messrs. J. Si Morgan & Co.,Land Mr.  Beabody is on the board of'direction.  ���������fiAsfi^y : yfi-.-- : '-"���������������������������' "' "���������"- \ '.fifi -fififi: 'fifi  <:-). A gun with a bayonet' attached'to it-is a  .sh&rprshooter.y^" ������ ' "'    j"' --r ��������� Afifi: . ; .<  - :   .;% y,,.,     '   -:     .    v   '   i    Vj .."-..''fi'fi<  A., fi-'":  fifi.'-''":  fi ylt has been ascertained thai/Wiinan. who  held oh to the last waVa shpemaier, r   >,  you want good������������������'C������ff��������������� use FelFs-' 5^  COLbMIAL r^ES^yRANTy  ���������fiy  QtJ^ELMOUTHj  **;"' :HV;P; L. JOHNSON; PBpra^oit; _  Meals at all;hours; ihd^Cooking,of. the best  ���������^ ��������� fi- *''' ' '' ���������"/ ,    description// -' 5y >fi >���������-��������� sy '  ymfifiy  Afi  QUESNEtllOUta,/:  SROW & GH-LIS, PnpwtffitMS, r \  ^ I E^tant^jlJ^ard^^  ;,.;^tablingfor,Horses, Hay an^Dats,.^ .8 ; -V  who:  ������������������������������������;;<>.;���������;  English &^^hph;SilkaViShSwls^  ' ��������� dcreloiuin^ Oto������^^*iidg$vciy//di������8crli������ioft- ^'  fijfiy tfifi.fififififi p^^t9^^M^vfifim $a  byaaill  fifififivtzp$&  >:patti&fer-ait#lt]  5XJii������8S^U;  fifiJ  '���������-'fi.- -fi  :.  iMiOGEr/A������^^  * Siiropewtfth^yycotild batch.;rrCol. Lyon^ who.  ? ^commahdtf at Opitiki, has.taten measures to'  ^^uppreas the forward inoveineift of therebpls  iitiki  iK>������H-.G.":::-i::>-  filfififififiAfifi.fififi fififififi  Illf^llli:  Vy::;;;;A;,!^yyy..  ^dtowork; New Zealand flax/  .  "     '      The confiscation bf 500,000 acres at  -will throw into tha Government's hands some  'of tbVflheSt'lahd in New Zealand.     / ;   fi  rvy v/,*y,,y.    , t  ; _y^jfi_   fi  ��������� '���������      ���������   ,  jf<:     . .. :      ���������' - S^DWIC?H'isLAKD������,'!i     ' ' .    '  ;fi":'fi'; fi - We have % copy^hV '^^^86^ of the  ������������������:-y-  - VvA?i"-^!|i};'' ���������    ... -,r-.-.iju-r, f������������������. fis.fi fi\^ .fi-' <-\y*i >.*>���������>-..-, '���������---'- ���������- -.... -,,.. ,������  Ultimo. ��������� fi >   fi: fiyfi-,,y fi, - fi:- ���������������������������' -  v.      **->���������, *  ilauea reaPbed;Honolulut^xi  ---���������*-������������������ t-i-i:-*---:%s'.-'fi*' y'fi'fi-.fi-iy-fifififiS'fifiSfifi-fisfi-fisSiiy- 'fiy- ::  .fromLahama.  "teefi and the Nettie  "VThe steamer  "Merrill started on a Vace'toXahaina on.the  ��������� fi*.*w *9 k-rAA\   -'-----" ---,   ���������'-    ' y{ y  yCtsiror April* ' .; - ' 'V  '". A thicken stepped, upon the: cock,of a re-  y'^olverrby which the pistol, was:discharged,  and the^ball entering the leg of' John" Scott  wounded him seriously.r   ��������� ^    ,. .  -r .The schoonerTremier; 81  da, had axrited; A'fi    ' s  rpHB UNDERSIGNED are now, mauafacturing FLOUR  1 of allgradeB4 Extra, Superfine.and Fine.    Feed  Crushed to order.' * y   " ''''  '^    ' ' ' :'  ., J >���������fifi LILLOOET FLOURMILL CO.,  tha ���������':- y-'fy.;  \ -   .      ���������    F. w. Foaim; Agent,  fififi  1 ,EDWIN  Dealer iKlnB^woD^'CLOTHimyhats and  Ju. Caps, Boots *and,Shoes,-v Carpetings,* Oil Cloths,  Wall Paper, &c���������, 'Lillooetj-B. C.;      , -, -.',,-,   ,    1-a  ������*-.-���������;'���������  'y'.-V    QIR6b & GUICHON,  fi fi    fi'"' 6tl> :'Esi^4BIJ8HBftrrG������NaiUL ! SroRE^'  PROT^IONSi /WHOLESALE^^ COMMIT  yyfiA ��������� ; v SION MERCHANTS^fi-fiyfi| j  :! i" Storacdt &c^T^!y^imb^iMoa������?^^:? /;  /y y *^?Vv.y / QOTSNELMOUra./Ji^* mSSfi^ fifi  AVs  S, POPPERY&CO.f  , ������;;^v:i-i  WHOLESALE and RETAIL MERCHANTS,  Dealers in Provisions^Liquorsj ,Tobacco,/&C;  >//'..: ;^A good.selection .otj^orsalymy?, 0x1. hand, c :;lnv  ROAD/SIDE tHOUSSS^te  it.-   ft'     /-���������-  fifififiV*;  fifi.  BOYD^yHEATH, Proprietprs^^ fi  Aififi  London Firm^J. P. T^sriua^������gqi.^f" "  ::/ ;/;vy =������.r^#Mi?MK0������^?i&^''  ^t-':^; : Awpm%f Ww%%sS������i nmi^ .2  ��������� Vx.-���������cisMi'and Cqkmic*1^ Fancy &t!4<fy,M<n fa\\$:  Sponges, -;^^ae^^famery,f fec^f],-PhyBlcluni' pj  WcripUohscari3fiil!FCoiijpptinaoC:atfa^  (^rWi cabana disiiitfeli^^ctoi1aJ?^,^?i> ^c^.  -f'?- ^/ROBERT^(^^i^;ai������i  ���������- .--������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������'���������-���������%-?^  ^���������t-jv  f}1?- y."f, J?<::"3-5^  ���������jL*a'n'd?kee|>your:fcbtBO;aryT^BecftU8eyi ptorefewij  Charity^andy^utler^Qovero  the luxuries that can be procured;. the BurJs well siipr1  plied'/wlth -tho::best;braiids of^^vLlquoreanfJ-S^.^ts^W-  Stabling, Hay/Oats and Barley., a^Tbe.CHEAPEST  House on the Road/   Afi     "'   -���������   ; r  ���������TWit."  . .1*  !StSFrf'l?i  >i; McLEESE & SENNY^Proprietdrg^vVl  mHB PUBLIC"^ARE' INCITED TO������CALL vAT- THIS  1 nous** fi} Th ere^is Good Meals; Glopd Beds; ;Stabli ng  fbrHorses;/ Barley^Qats and Hay.v / ../fV/Q, a.-, -y l*s;:|,  -fA^'&^0/V������t:'Stro^,/.T  J y Garilen 'and vField Sietf8 guaranteed; H*v������ on hit'  a carefully sfelecttyl^tocfe of ith*;aboye irom'the%  European and;Am^ricah^MarkM  'theirrriend8:ihrBr,i.l.i^;:01������  B ACQS .MILTZi.^Proprietor,  has i aJways - on  fit}., hand a large and/superior stock ���������fiLager<Beer;vat  SPEliM^^:/������id:fMoKEN2IE^  ���������f ThisHouse'is well fitted(up with Good Beds>and  4Ke Bar.isifUrriished^ithitho ibest Llquorft;)'Meala are'  'served at all hours on the RcBtaurant ^principle; *:.Sta-  bling for :^>rses,Hor8e Feed, &c.y    fin -fifi-fifi      ���������!���������  .S OPEN,'FOR THE ACCOMMODATIONSORfTHE  J^ Travelling public;?the? bedwoma^aipysgaciousj; and  airy and the Beds chrindt"\b]i;i|ur^MflX^pT,.pleftnli9<^  and comfbrt by any ih the lower Countr^^tho^VTAbleyis  always supplied with theJbestUo^victual^^Stabling,  for Horses; Hay, Oats ahdRaiieyiConstantly ^n hand.  \ fit fit  TiENNIS MUBPHy,fter^  Ifi},: is furnished .with erftryvconvenienc<5 for the-"com-;  fort of: TraTcll^ra* tlio (lulinajy^dcpaftm^iity <sJ uttdcr;  the s liperin tendance of-ah expert en oe d cook;vthe -Beds  ?���������* ar������ clean and comfortable ;;/thei Bar Coni.aliisTt&Cbest  'fifi'   of Liquors. Sugars, &c.    Stabling, Hay, Barl������y.&;<)ats.'.  9'fifi -fi-fiifififi'fififififi fifi'yfi, rfi-.fi-fi fififii I 'fifi u.-fififis-fifi: fifi 'fi. ;.;>;.* .>���������/���������>'������������������ i  .of, eytry ;v.ari^ty^' ^talogues on^piplicatlonp, -jj;  v ^BRODBIGK^Coit iJAno^ PjtbScc^IJSjuis^t M  ._ firm large stock of Hay, Oats, Wheat and Barley oftii  beet description alwayg on hand;: also, Nanaimo,^.  lish, '-Blacksmith sTnd^Catihel Coal.' ;"Ordch"'md; d  -Unionv-WHarf, -Tictorli/=VJ-I^,:wUl receite lmm^|  attention j> fi ��������� ky "/ ��������� m*',- fit "fi y - fifi fi fi 'fi "-a fifi to'U'  PIENTILE'S ^liotofiraphic Q^ery^'Oorift:!  \jr:meiit St; Victoria; ������".'1;,,opposite Hotel deFrahfs.  ^iewsoiOariboobnd Scenery throughout Briiis&Oi  umbia^incIu!l)n&Ti?ws;p^^h������ rout������ to BigBtad, i\im  .on^hand at?l^wl]Wte^f������j ;-y ^yy fifi; fi.yfip fi yifihfil  HtBBEN-r& O&RSWEBIini^^ng BewiJ  ^SELLERS&STATIONERS; constantly supplied ������i  receivi ng irom ��������� bostsourc^sj (Schob|; Sti ntiaw; usidH^f  <5eh.ineous;Bopks,^and> Staplf*and Fancy SlMioa^j hi  all:Its-Branches. ,' Corner?.Tutea upfi-,fiLtngl''.vy^MS.  Victoria,'Vanc:6uy^;|sih^  R1/;B.,WHEAR, ^Juhf$i. Os&:m**y?>*\*������<k  ... Victoria,;^. I .opposite Bet,flif-e Hoi^i, wIkw^  Is'fprepared to supply ti 13 numerou's patrons wlth etij  requisite for ClwLUJhg 'suable ior /etery'"geajioa^f ^  y m^ifiAAAfiififififiAfi;fifi-A fiyfi fifififi fiyfi  L: ��������� News from Tahiti reports a reyolwtion in the  Inland of Riaka agamst the; King.' The King  has heea banished>hd"the missionaries prder-  MWfea^ ttwisi^d;-^  irt)Ie-lo^of life] %/the^  AniencfetfConsul narrowlyescaped being shot  Oi y,. , :'%Iir;i Afifi' fifi **"   "fi fi^fi^ v"u ��������� -' " fifi  iiFoLfc! DsscRiP&ok^-Jn%wt? last' issue we  wn^paed that thejbody-ofr i^mariv had ^been  fjdraid Seating in ttip; Fraser J- hear --Hp'pe; ::$y,  ^n^sdiaMvrThe following: is a full description  ofth^:deceaiedT���������Heifehtaboutfive feetiteh  inches ; apparently of fair complexibh, with  light hair, (uncertain about the nairrag it was  nearlyralt gon������) j^the befdy wisrcladcih a griy  tinder-shirt; white^over-shirt,:grey vdraws; and  Bocks, ^biack cloth/"trousers without pockets,  (the/ pockets; moiy tytive been{cu t oiat fifihy' Ife  diansi)^'well imade)Hdoublp' spied' fe6bts;rin  ehirti thp body had14very j^ppeaifahce of havr:  ing beeh- very" respectably /clothed.   There  were no/indications pf foul play discerned."  In the absence/of fchP^idcnt/magitetev an  Inquiry before the chief constable fiof Hope  and a number of-resident, inhabitants of the  plice was held,/"but npthjng--ti 'lead ito the  identification of deceasedlslicitcd.. If any one  iu the upper country can give- information^  tbat would possibly, lead;t������ tne; identification  of the unfortunate.man who Ipat his life, he  should communicate with the resident;niagis-  ^toherei-Mr.S&nder8.^B. G.���������<tribuhe.,  "'���������ijThb I^w^Atlastic Tslsoraph GoMPAjrr.���������  A prpspiectii^ has beenfi^tied of the Apglo-  American,Telegraph/Company, with a capital  of. ������600^000 in shares of ������10, to carry out the  fifs&ngemeats thus far bonducted b^- ihe old  Atlantic telegraph Company for laying a new  line during the ensuing summer,. and for-the  adoption of suitable measures for raising and  completing" the broken cable of last year.���������  Ttenew.company takeover-the 1070nautical  xailea;of cable,ywhich: has/remained on board  the Great Eastern since August, and which is  cortifipii.to ybe in a condition: a������ perfect as  when it was shipped,, and undertake the con-  stnzcMpn of .ifie l'660"naitioal miles of new  litie U4ce���������sary;to complete the Entire length.  InUonsideration of this they1 are to have a  tat-f^*im-0fi-t^  -1HABLES NELSONfBPr^riet^tl^is^^  %., established;House is well fl tttd up for the comfort  of Tra:vellers; the .Table is supplied with,the best of  everything that^can be bad,r and tliei cooking is not inferior to thebcsthoteHn the lower'coontiy; Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling fori Horses,- HiHrseyFeod^ ,&(e.~.  The Express stops here. r , /. -.-, :,t, .;������������������     fi-.-,; 1* .:  PORT^botJGLAS :AI)^RmBMENTS.  MAdDONALD'SK HOTEL,  M.fii/UufoONAfilab, Proprietor": .Miners and  others destined,for th* "Bridge KiTer Mines will,  find every.' convenience arid accommodation afforded  themi:' -Godd fi Beds and a Table-weii supplied with all  the. delicacies'of tho season.     fiy y,"  y y o A y::   1-a  iP BACIGALTTPE, Merchant and Packbb, >���������-  \Jt-i ���������-.iweeh Douglas and 'Lilldoet;^ ���������'. Always on Hand a  good stock of Provisions, fee. -fifi        :. v        l-2m  M; HENDERS01S!;;hegf to:inforih'hisfric������ds  * a.nd the travelling; ptibjlic ��������� gehehilly :that. ,ho E has  taken the above Bsnch and is prSpuredto supply them  with! First Class Accommo'datioa. fi'-��������� Coed Stablingyfof  horses;' Hay and Grain; , fifi--":'l v '"' fi,     A   ' -' i-s /  This; House is  JT1 \ L. SMITHfifik CO/; Proprietors.'  wf-'w*. well fitted up for the-accbhi������jOdation of Travel-  lers to the: Bridge*Kiver ;^inote^G^it:;Bq^^  for Horses. Horse Feed^ifcc^ \, A Stage runsiwice a; week  between this bouse and Port Douglas bn;tbo.,arriyal of  the steimers from1 below aad connects with.the Lake  Boats for Lillooet;; "fififififi fi'fi- 'Afi-'':- '������������������fififiy fififi 'i^fifi  NEW WESTMINSTER-ADVERTISEMENTS  HICK'S   HOTEL,  LYTTON SOTAREj_Isrew Westxmnster,B C.  now .occupied by W. B. STEIN. The abpvo favorably Udowq house is now open to the public; thclfc.tr  is constantly supplied with tho choicest brands of  Liquors and Segars, ',;. ,._, ,. ���������������.;  WM/ MANSON,fifi,:. fi 'fifi   P. A.; MckEAN,-vi  Proprietor,       r,     ��������� . , . ;,. ^Agent.|  This; hotel is 1l0ige jind' \WEJ^:;n^Ea/Sp  ���������for tlie comfort of travelers; the; T.ibl-A is'supplietf.  with the best of everything������that cafi be procure/ and  th������ cooking is;not inferior to.anyonythe;road; Bedrooms  ifor families; Stabling, :H-iy, Barley and Oats.   yl^S}\*i  nnHOMASyWitSONfi&e&fi, ImportedRj!  jlylish Merchancii2*'?:wbolesal'������'"'a-mf! ret* 11 tii^nS  DRV; O^ons^&c^, grates $trect^iciArl <, y: I.: 0* ������sl  'agir'Ist^tun/^,next in GoVeramcnt,^trefitf,.opp^ju fit  Banfc''of.Brilisli C(>Iumbi**J    * "-fi���������,' -'   1'  U,  BigneAxb'Pierre M^cjkt,' Proprietor*.! Thefttfj  taUraii't is/gupplieUywitS'/aU' ;ifti������..deHcac.l^rf--w^'mMS|  alrords.; In theBir willp*.found.thc elidicest'fiuyim  ���������Furnished Rooms,������i&c^yi   fifififi-   yAffifi V'vi-iti I  EUGENE'THOMAS, Yates street, Victorit  Wholesale imd Retail Dc&ler.in WINES, BRA.VDJl  BEERS,;NandiXIQUORS and^."'depbt''btfiR*yarii'Sejwj  Gbo/iSvi'������r3ya^deii. to. the M^riiDg)I)isirictB;^/iXQ^^'lij  ^RANK/EL, Victoria, V; t^JDealW'inT^  Skins; Hjoss, Wooh -^c..":.,Libiera!fi&dvance*m&  lr^cMsjgriedy Mlijft;rcu������c���������G;: ;Sutn> & Od.ySpof-  borg & Rueif,: Victoria, V. Xi:,. 1������  W*iwli .1  ALBERT CRt^LER, hasop?ried tho aboye.House for  i /tlio recoption of TriydDrs; /t^e Tabis. is, wtjll kept  and .the' Liquors 'c;i rinotl bey f urpissed '; tho B ids Hire,  clwan,and:.comfortablev Stabling for;HorsesyH^y-������a<J;  0*tS.:' "fi-fi-'fi" "?yy "-'V-y-v.i^ittr    -        -r.- fifi\:"-:W������SX^S~i$ilt:lfi:.  ,'iV\  GLARKSON & CO., Bealeks i������ Books, Statioxirt,  Music and Musical Instruments, NEWS AGENTS,  ^������, Columbia Street, Now Westminster. ������������������-.-'     a  JAMES HURON, Proprietor. T:dscomrhbfii>  ous Hotel is well fitted up with - ev;cry conv nienc3  for the comfort of the public; the B3<is aja all Jhat a  weary traveller couH desire;':the Table is supplied with  the best of faro; the.B ir contains the-choices t/br in ds*  of Liquors.and Segars; good Siablirig, Horse F^od, <Xi%  Barlcy,-;&c.. '" fiy'fi": -fi'fi ���������' -.-"'"fifi A"A, "-.,1-s/'/,  MRS. HEIN^ Mit������i>*ER & Daiss Makiw, .Go������b-  :ra ent Stree t, Victoria. V.' I.   AU kinds of ^illiasj j  i<)f the^^s^styjeyll^tconrtahtly:������^  >fipm the, country punctually attead������d to. - v ? iU'  BETER^ McQUADEv^SKiii^C^ahdler'aSl  rfAl ������������������S0OM<^^VX5^^'e6mtoissi^^kcJiaa^^  il pTteK arid i>tulyrs in,ChineseQoods,.'Bice,~ft^fe  Opium; Nut Oil, Provisions,.&&* CoyfflorantStreet^iig  ]tori;^-+?^- ���������'.-y ^^!���������;;-!--'y���������'���������-���������;s'l;"V T./";r/':./;'v^B  y  55  Published every WodDesday and Saturday, at tho  ; publishing office, Now Westminster.  T5HE BRITISHCOLUMBUKlsthooldest newspaper  published in this colony, and has a larger circula.  tion therein than any other. Its columns ar������ reguhrly  supplied with full telegraphic hews from all parts of  the world, while it contains a faithful record of local  eypQts, and a full report of Legislative proceedings.y,  ���������; Tho ^British Xtolumbian" is. supplied. to ail parts :of  this colony by -Express upon extremely liberal condi-  tjoas. - For terms, &c, see Express Agents.  robson & McMillan,  -.:;���������: -.'* Publishers & Proprietors.  F ORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor. This house;  I j affords every, accommodation for the comfort of  Travellers; the Tibia is furrifshed,with all tlie dellc <cies  of ;the,season, and tho Bar is stocked with the clioio ist  of Winos, Bran'lios & Segars; good stabling for horses;-  Haj, Barley and Oats constantly.on hand atlowritcs^  Newly milled,Flour for sale,cheap.      "'.' u .'-; Ji-s'  m  O ' ONy&;.GO.,' importers -and 'Dealers' l^Illf  ..kinds of.Chinese Goods and Provisions, Ri^Y5,������|i|"fit  j?ur,' T !its;i&c;t 'Cortnoriht Streat; west of:Goveroni������^������  VicU������rivV; Iv'-v:;'-,-i-*',,f"   '      ' - ~"   *'-���������*'���������  Cms Kat, 'Man������6?f MS  WXLSON  Fort Stre  SON & MURRAY, Grocebs, Trou������ g^  nnfik Fpirit-MiTchants. Bakers k O>af?et'0.B*^^S  set. Viclorih ������������������Vl'L'   "'���������'.'-.'   '.fi'fi: >..  Hml0  LEWIS LEWIS, Clothier, Yatos Street, Victoria.  oppegite the Banlc ot Bri tish ITor th America.     1-s  TJ������ MALLANDAIKE,COLL^CTOR iCENBRALAGENT  Tj* iHvtmmfti*, ttroot, Tietori*, Vaaocnivw-Isi������ad.  _ arte House,  CEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors,'ai the  U. Junction of fcho Cariboo and Big Bund- Roads, is*  now open for the accommodation of the public, Dis-f  tanco from Clinton, 26 milos; iirom SavanisSteamboat.  Landing, 22 - miles; -from ^pence's Bri ige, SO ,inil->s;  Trayellors will fin.I prices and accommodations1 to suit  the times. Give them.a evil. Stabling, H,ty &.firain1;'  attentive hostlers, Stage leaves here twice a wiwlcdor-  Big Brad and rale, and onoo'a week for Cariboo;    1-s  SPORBORG &-RUEPF,1 Commission  ..CHANW,',Wholesale pealors iniGROcSRiKB, mM  sioxs, pwrkfi&t SH/jsg^yWhttrf:stroot- VictprfaV-<v,|  G^   RELLEY^ FITSRRE, In^rte^i*!  s������ile Dealers in^inesv Spirits and 'Liq^l  ;yictorii, v.:i.���������., /'���������'.:   ;.',. J;��������������� -7- ;     yj  i-QaSadA������*ib61  O -and'CoMMissriix- MaRoflAsTS, Store Street; vicTO  :"V.I. ���������fi-t 'AA-,*. : y:y !���������- '.fiy-fi i-'>'>-ltr,'iLli't' )%M  ____.    ^  __   ..   ._... _    jffijfigiw  19  E^S������  m  <m  sfffl  m  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S. ���������'��������� --���������    ^ /  AT THIS WSLL ^NOWN HOUSE, haif-wiy between  Spenco'B-Bridgo and* Clinton, on the ��������� Yale" Route,  Travellers will find Good Acccramodation. Tho best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wins* 'F.*ish-Butter,'Klllc'  ���������nd Vegetables.   Good SteMIng a������d ih������^'ML":->14  ��������� near*  B. HAG-GIN,/?H*siciA* & SPRoaoy, nwrw  ��������� n������r of tatcff an^i: Gor^-ratt^ent;Stefi T'ggjj^  IBi  PIERCE .  FCRFITDBE  ���������ite SEYMOUR, -dwlers in f*wf. I  nAIRE &'G-RANCmi, HAanWAas & Cw^l  Vi^ Mbrosants, Wharf .Street, Victoria, fiy~*<y_fifisM  HENDERSON a������4 BURSU0Y,  v-lf f-s-y-  rfi..-%  fi'fi  * A A fifi fifi.  cy;*v r' "^.- fi'-, *���������'; 'fifi: ''fififi^"'  ^���������.���������v-'y-'yy': yfifi fifififi'- ���������fififiAA:Ayfiifi:4fififiyfifi'fif':fi '��������� y  vy^-f. ^v y. -  Wijffc' V. *.--l':l.K ������������������"������������������a  ..  0������������  ^���������"The  ������4it&t&lS.  -..���������--,_  ���������_:#ftrt^of 1the catastrophe was  / ia������^  it is impdsslfilela give a correct estiniate, but  frompresehtdat^ -^tluiiSram^  ���������.fififififi^ fifiJ^-.- ^^ifi.-.-fi'.s^ tifi-yfi ��������������������������������������������� -v-������ v'-: .*. -.���������*.jr������~r.-������ jT-.fcK* *������>?���������* ty--"-'-��������� ;..  put down at fifty,* and Js|^gg^r^or^glilcely  /to"proVe overlhis number taan~uudej^tr/^Of  ^e fb^y^?? a^il^M^^^i^  y'fi<^^  / are iniflguig. Two clerks engaged otftBgjj|wrharf  ���������Mr. Swttusi^qfctbtf^^  Steamship CdSIiia^i^^  RailroadyCq.���������were >6$& #tifitij: kffl������l������&nd  of thirteen nati ves-or- Jamaicans employed;,on  ..ai AJi "^  <>a bo^d^theytthfbrtuiiats^ "^  ;y-iy-  'ihefate/of.othersy?/ /';,;/;  matejCan he made of the loss.    Many ^qdies  /yreren^^  ������d up bysha^^whii^dtheMy^^yflti^pir^  wharf,.orWjentdown. with' the -ill%|;eafShipi  The scene iu-Asp&vaHi^fejfjhe fiiat'lexploj-  lion cannot be/descrlbJd^lV: was h^rowing  ��������� in^the extreme.fifi^SU^i^^vimdy0^^r^9^  j ofdesolation to they-plate^th������y mangled and  lacerated b^iesoifpiedesofbodies towMSi  .--. -. -.������.*���������: ������������������'������������������������������������������������������-��������� '��������� %^<fi',!.:y-'.-rfi^i '-''-rT-f-r.-i���������fifi fifi. fi <fi:<y'fi-'s-fi-'t'fifi fi*>"-fifi.fi  . vith in eyervfi <������rec$oa for a gr������at ;d  aro und the .rxunA^fi^i^n^iey^iyf^r^  ^entover ontho Express tram, which reached  Aspftrfrail ia an Kdur affd tfiirtj^fivftTmiiiutes.'  Dr. Krafcoch Wil and, Dr. Burchard of this cit$,  and Dr. Yftllejo,^f the Pacific-Mail Steamship.  Company's' steamer ;Gplden" Age,"went oyer in  the aftercoon, and all of; these gentlemen/have  been'actively engaged in rendering' medical  aid totlie^wounded.y  "fififi^   'fifi ���������    fififififi   '';':',i  fi- In the (afternop/4 'the/remains of twelv^ of  the['victim? of this agtdcatastrophe werejSonK  iVeyeito- the ^fpunt Hope Cemetry, near As^  -piawall^arid? th^remains bf /others, who died  afterwards, were^ntetred yesterday,   The rej  mains of the^* Gbmraander of ^ the^ European^  CaptaifrCpley^rfca^^  hohqr^jesterdajr.';" fififi'fifiAfi- 'A-'  :fi "Afi >\ fi 'yfi  t fi ������^yeralof th^officers;^thislitebeinjg^m  bers'.ot the British R^erve Goips. Gomraander  MacDiarmid, of the United rStdtes* steamer  Jaines"Adger,^wi3hed to showproper respect  to the rema^iMjof'thoseyWho /periahedoh the  unfortunate snip, ^accompanying the funeral  prQceMioa,^wit^      pflacers and ^mentr-for1  sul Rice^froni tteiauth^ritie  laudihg>'but^this was only a 11 owedyas-private  citijeensi" the^'aulioriM  for them;to carry their arms: >  5 yThesam^paper^^f the Tth April, has the  Si"  *>MA B^Ml^TTKE^iIi^r^APE^i,*: fi'fi  l^i*&W&  L-i/i'V  _   on, itli^per week, fifi  (Iucln^ag cost of delivery^) 'Payable tb{ th^ Carrier.  '���������<fi  At first: the/cause  ped in: mystery^ and as;np;on~erwa8kani  , thfewreck who could giye;aii^s^isf^t<i|r?ex  plana tion, au was left a conjecture:y^Mouei|  ^;'-expl osiqn was -impp3sibie^as|^i^  .Tsteam.in 4heimain^bp^r^&^ j s  neeesaity 4o use the engines, as the ship ha������  beea lying at^e whai^/owfciighteen liours5  discharging cargo.   Gunpowder seemed most?  pUmsiblei bat therewtftf Son^kfift^untd^be^bn!  boards excepting a few pounds in the magaz-l  in.e for ship's use, which could not ppa3ibly!  caus^sbmuch destruction^    IfanvWSe^lbn  1)0>r<i it ihustrbie' tfrid^lalsfeblift^l^ing,,  as none appeared on jbesjiip^s m^tnif^st.   Be-^  sides, it seemed imppssib.K that powdfer' could  explode iii such^ibimehse: quantities without  ^eathi^VaISlphd:Jof^mcie:;^ its!  marks ort every thing.arbund, whereas inthis  ease, a few mioates^^fter th^^explosion^ho  traces whatever.^wereL--"8":^',^^-ii-Si:*s--:;-",:'*,-'--;-  '"WefcsSvG received from, Aspihwall the lat*  est report of thekilled;- wounded and missing  by^ttie late sad1 acbid^nt. *: *-Tbere'Have bfeen!  buried^up'y to;ilie present timei 26."y missing!  from the/Bhip;-121;.missing from the shoref ������ :  seriously wounded in hospital,^bf whom 5 will  ;prbfeablyAdieyl7-., Besides these, there:are;a  number at their own homes slightly woiihded/  We may infer- from' thefyaboveythat:our^fii������t  surmise of 50 beingiythe >number of unfortu-  ^i������Jp(Brson������ killed, is about correct.^ yv r  ^^Tbe following is an extract from th������/ ^Mercantile Ch^onicle, of April 8th: ' ���������fififi  ; : ff The'/ ftineral^bf Captain Gole i<)6k place'  ^Stirday;: aftetnbon, (the 4^ inst;): with Ma-  SMiic hbhoris. Commander UcDiarmid, injac-  cbrdance vwitb^ the: applieation/6f Mr A Rice,  TT-i-i*S'^:f,v-./: ----'fin ^ifis "���������" o "tT-'--- '���������'- ������������������*   -fifi.--.fi:-���������>, s-i-.y-y fifififi-, J  .UnitedyStates: Consul ^nere,^.^veryyycrraciouslv  agreed to^pennit a .detachment of marines  fromypieAtonesAdger^to aecompsmyytbe'funeral pro^essionfpf Captain ^Coje>and^otecers,  but as the"/authorities refused -permission to  the marines to caiiy /arms^ they, of course,  wete not*allowed*to attend." T;  y TheiconductofyGa^  ;the)Iloyai :Mairdol*s; &��������� SS^m&^iii/tiielr; faring achie vement, is bey ond all praise;  R':E:.A/p;r^;QKy^  -!'vv.;;; *"' t-    ' as������ '.-'���������' ��������� fiyfiA  f... :Cfi^&1^figfifil  yx fi iCAX&iix^^ CREEE^ h  ������E TERMS OP SUSCRIPTIOK have been'rediwedit^  fi $2 per month ^aboye^iOO'volcmesyof,New Werka  .Mt.������ rbeen only -lately added to: the circalatin? library,  and more are expected :daily;Afi Parties:^ari* solicited te  subscribe:       ���������-....:���������.-. .*.-.-.  -.-.yy vy ysj fi-fijyyi  fi}:. 'A': ^l    yJOHN BOWRO^LibrartAttif^  AGEEfZI  fifi BARKBRYIL't-B,''/'  DEALER IN   : '  WMmfiMMm  ;X carpenters!  <Sast   Iron  vl   ���������> P0WDMRt  & MINERS' TOOLS,  Gar-   ;   ALSO,  STATIONERY;  r%.  ���������-?*���������* ^rr  ��������� OREfiEKfi; fifi fifi  B|ikery, Coffee Saloon  ���������isjp**"'.  ���������.-j+^^tfi. 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Bett fe GtrTOar, (Acwtt  y " ������������������- ������������������ y' y for the Banlcof Montreal.-  r...;  ON'SCOJZ������AOT~TBE BRITiSHLINEN CO. *S BANK  ON IREUOT^rJOTONBlNKo'f^ UMITSD  ON ENGr^ND^THE BANK OF BRITIgH COLUMBIA,  .; fififi ': fifi.   Head Office, Lombard St., London,  fi- CTRREOT 'AJTOUKTS opewd^for;iiriy'ameaat -;������������t  less than Oae Huadred Dollara.; y -'������������������' ���������;.  *. :: ��������� fi   yv  ; -Bills Discounted and Collected; aad Bills ef Exshsat*  oa Great Bntain, - S-in Francisco and New York aar-  cbASo.d, '.'fi:-A'fiy  -Afi   '..:..:���������....fififi-^.-; ���������-. ���������"*��������� :   !"���������"     '���������:.,:  ��������� G?Y:e?���������?nt ;������ad other SccurttioB' receivtd fitot[ as(������  custody; ���������Interests and Dividends collected;' ��������� ���������*:*  e  "' Got������' Dust.Melted and jissayed, and' rotansa sw4e  Wltbla 24; hours; ���������./;���������: 'A^fi-rA.- :v:;:r-y;vr-:..;c;v-----::y^:  ���������;;;Or������5;of;everyvdes^ptJoB-cCmfuny-AJ������y  'iprii, isii"'** :*     ..''���������-''''    ���������''"'{'  Received ������a Bcposit, ofXdvsacssmadff upon t^sa.  fi'fi- 'yfi   ���������BA-RKERTILLE; '"  MUiVIDORF'   & CO.. I^oFRiiToxs.  ���������-   ...   ������ ,"*���������������.'..."..        ."-���������  Meals ready at all hours.  Visible ^excepting Hhe  general ruin: It was then discovered that  ?om?-?*ie!i*3f' j������*ifl ������%olbine-brrnitr(^giycfei>  ine-^one ���������������������������ofyth^ -inost po^erfhl explosive  agents known at' the 'presehf day^-were on  hoard under an ordinarybiilof4ading.- This  at once^cleared tip the mysfeiy; ^This ^cohi-  g?^^4j?uae4/Co.r.bla^  shipped froni Liywp^6l;fbp California; " It %  fifi Rivals of tb������c Siambsb Twins.-^-Two ^hegro  children. areypw on exhibitibhy at: Raleigh,  North"Carflona, thaty excite much curiosity.  Tiey/are 14 years of agef -and were: born /of  slave'parents in Anson county; / The corinec-  tion between these;girls��������� is closer than ini the  Siamese ^wi^s, there being hiore of the 'physical and mental organs common to each. Tb e  connection begihs below- the neck, and terminates at the extremity, of the spine;/" T<fet6hch  ones at'i^y pbint pf her.body below ^tb'ci con-  nection sends a sensation to/ the biain of each;  whilei "a-touch of either.above/the.cdhhectibn  '������  NEUFELDER   &   C  RICHFIELD,  PROVISIONS, GROCERIES^ CLOTHING, &c  Storage, and-Commission. ������������������  ���������  THE BANK OP  X^Wi^^ of> similar composition, if not i������ felt by thatone only, fii They can talk- to  pe;|ai%/^i^^ at the^same time on entirely  ploded in Greenwich Btfe#NewYprk, a short  " -���������    ������������������  t.ime.ag^ Jlwill bejremembered the package  T^a-1^7y$������>**?��������� on'ythe street, and  hnmediatei^ exploded, tearing down two or  othew   rS? t)ttitdiagsI^d Waagieg /many  wJihlW0? vded' aI>$&&��������� found������ ha^e all been  IniSd^/^n?^& has been left un-  done that c6ii d add to theK bomfbrt. ^Many  or the poor fellows had to undergo Mvm'aur*  hanr������Z1 ratlon8-:;:Severaion^Burvived few  hours after reaching the hospital.  *^T''$J&-'$^ 6otihected'wiUi the  on ^^Pajtoent were'at^eir-^osts. / Two  SrS   lharLwere in^ntly killed, as stated  ii theihv^ff^lP^^eeiof inind, on see'  inVsh^A1--1^'!^ climbed over a car  X^^^T61^11 * ^^pw, whil^ the  saved8t^?ii?^ ^ ^?^ay and both  &   HOFFMAN,  DEALERS IN  CLOTHIia&DRI GOODS  .      BAB.KEEVILLE.  A largo supply of Lambs' Goods on th������ way.  were  fiwhh*!he t31*"?6 of *��������� derka were in the  tto*$2?-������? f^m&< ^hi* by some good  most rf������* ������?* andthtt8 8^d the lives of  Stoffi,!/0^^1100^^'^ with the  iSSS ?%tbe n?Wfl flf-/a*wi**  despltehp^r2?v D^nan������'* a special train was  B ������h u n' ?l������inl<5**-ef medical aid. Dr. W.  MaS' ^ted S^t������s Consul at this sort Dr.  S' ^^ States Fleet SurgeonS Dr  -' It '������S^' R5road Company^ Sur-  at once voltmte^r^ ������%*������* Artfc  different^^ subjects���������;.$n& one^^ can engage in a  game of whist while the other reads or sings.  Thr tTsi'raRSA^*vPRACTICB^o^ mixing Chicory and  other adulteratives with Coffee, has very much damaged in public estimation,7 what ought to be the most  delicious;orBoverages.   So effectu;- lly have the public  been drugged with such mixtures that the truo properties have beea los^ sight of, an 1 many prefer a bltck  and thick irii^siba to a drink rich in spirit an I aroma.*  S.nerAlaais the use of Coffee, it is littU known that  in condensing the*vapors "extracted from the berry ia  roasting, a.liquor is obtained of the raost nmseous  taste;;aad of a scent the most unbearable.   -Under such  circumstances it is eridently Important that all the  gases" and fluids' extracted by roasting shout 1. bo c^r*  rled off .as quickly as p^ssibD, in order to prevent their  returning again'to the Coffee, which is the ejse in the  confined; cyllnlcr* . This object,is admir-ibfy accomplished ay the new an i patent "Conical Goilee RoasterV*  ii& used by FELL & CO.t Victoria^ in which the berry  is directly exposed to'the radiated boat, and the vapor  extracted*carried offJinstnntanaously.    In addition to  theadvanuge to be derived by the rapid- reraov.il of  tha steam containing the objection able prop ?rti<?E, the  pureawma of the.Caflfee is retained; the essentistloil;  being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coffee is required to remain a much  longer time in consequence of the steaming it unier-  goea by the condaed steam.-  It is chemically impassible to retaJn.the. qualities or arrest the deterioritjon of  Oiffe������ when ground.' The heat engeB'lerid by the processor Coasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action in the elementary pirts which gradu illy destroys  its fitness for drink. * But to retain the essentia] oil  which it contains we have it eacasod in tins containiag-  from 1 lb. to 2S lbs., aad which <������n be had: from" any  of the resp������ctablo dealers.    We can confidently re-,  commend those who havo hitherto been obliged to re,  fr&in from tateing CorTift *n account of its ill effects]  that they may use our Coffao, roasted la the Oonita  Roaster, being recommended by atlhaodicil meatxn^w  wheae notlee it haf; been brought, and by namereus  e^iwr t������9Cim������aia3s in its favor-       * yj������LL Ar CO.,    ;  'Ooffi^-M^wbaofea, Tfit������sat^ Vi^tofl������,  E.   HODG E  87*y  ts  Bsa������ Orrim: 1, St.^ HILEN6 PLAOS tomm*  DRAFTS ISSUED oa London, New TorkJ. Ssa iTrsa*  Cisco, Cariboo, Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,  aad oa sfi the,Branches of..the, NatioaaJ Bank ef Saot*  land aad Provincial Bank of Ireiaad.  Bills of Exchange and. Gold Purchased.  Interest on Special Deposits of Money allowed at"4a4'  rate of a quarter of one per cent, per month. ��������� ,-  Gold Dust Melted sad Assayed, aad rataras eaafie  within 24 hours in Coin or Bars..  Ores of every description carefully Assayed.  . N B.���������-Any instructions as to the disposal of the are-  ceeds of Gold Dust foiwarded. to the office ia Tioterla  for-Assay will be carefully attended to.  J. Q. SHEP^BRD, Maa&ffor.  Victoria, V. I, April, 186S. fi fi fifififi i-o  )iSr������*W>a>.^f.%-*������������������<���������*  B ARKERVIOLB-^Ad joiaing the Express .Office',  VrWIAAM^ WINNAED,  BLAGIS MiTH;-  ;   BARKERTfLLBr :  BARNARD'S  M.  J.  BLACKMAN,  I I  BARKBRVILLB.  J. :'.*B������  BREWERS'.  LEWIS   WILDE,  e  BARKERVILLE.  a  RICHFIELt>.  '     v-VAN;/mNKLB,- ���������'��������� --.  ealer in all kinds of Provisions, ClojkMngr������&o-  ,ggv>sSUbUia���������'fov-Hones';- ������**Ti Bsnrlc^r R������d Oa*a eS-  '��������������������������� oa ban*.       >"- -     :* A ;..'. ...-.' ./     ��������� ;*.: J& '  Connecting at Lillooet and Yale with DIKT2 -Sj  NELSON'S for Now Westminster & Victoria,  ittflhh ARRIVE AND DEPART from the office la  ?T; 'Barkerville, to connect with ,the steamer lcSa-  terprise" at Que^nefmouth, and the STAGES at Soda.  Creek, SVEBY WEEK; coareyiag Tbe>subb, Lxt--  tebs and, Valdablxs for .all. parts of the world. ; Also;.  Commissions'receired and forwarded by Express for  the collection of;Notes, Bills and the purchase of arti- *  cies.to.bo obtained at New.Westminster, Victoria, San .  Francisco or enroute; and returns made with disnateh.  .-- ;y-;-yjoHNiB;::LOVKLL,y'y;. . .fiyfi  I ..I*-*a.,, .-.fifi    .-. Afi .. yfifi. :, y Agent, BarUerville.  The undersigned is prepared ta  CLBAH BLACK SAESTD^ ^LMm&^J^m  :fi..fiyfi....."������������������ yfi fi-PAfimi^GS; yy. -fi'' fifiyfiy  0)i Commission, or will-purchase any quantity sift &o  Most Liberal Ttots, atthe  Reiadhi^/RbOm; Canierpntbnf  Tho Subscriber is well' known oa Williams C^ir*ektos4  from the coafidence reposod in him last Full .is ..the.,  above business, be hopes to receive the patronage of  the Mining community the easuiag season.  A,:..*.-.'.    'hrAyfi JOHN BOWROff.  MPxrCE, t  f;   BIGr BEND, BRITISH COLtmBXA.     "  DURING THB MiNING^SEASON tbe uade������isi$ste4  .will beprep^red to execute Surveys and trao*aM.  aG������ner������l Afi*acy Bu^iaws, JOHN MORRX?,    ..  1*    ��������� - r- CMSKs^a^w,  autwMiwuuM.WJl������agawaBBgS3^^ mgr-fifi  -fi   ���������:        -      .-   -    -  mfiy  WfizfiA. ��������� .yyyy....���������,  .yfifi \ fi-.',   -fi   .   .  v'f *"'  S--1 fi-fi-���������  ',.-������--..' -���������.;-;. --fi, -... ;-,������������������''��������� .'-  %-Afi'fi  yui.-:r -.'  r,   / -. '   ,: 'fi  U:'7VA;';���������''.������������������''';.-*��������� ������������������ -v -,",'-  fififi^fififi'i 'fiifi.  .,,.-..--. -. ^.  n,.....     ���������  fi%"   '    .    - -  ���������yfi '       :  fi, "  '���������'J-y::l:i'*fi.:  -A- yy -fi-, fi-fifiy-  W9fi  a-" J-   -'- ���������          :  ���������,;<.,���������������������������'��������� ;rV,y.;,:yyy.,  V"- r        V '  fifi,' ���������'  fiA- "fi"  ������5'  .'...';-;-'- ���������-.-'���������-V.'. ' ;' V':.'.-. 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Carfto6;  \vjbich ^beSi^ ifif erpreted]^s^ the: land of/the  (ififfet Beer,- ^/- ':*s^;;^CC;-���������;' '.^ fififififi" pfiTfi  a i 4r And on^thej side of ^^the |^ northj? is ^af great  'andy'ou; tfie'soutlf- thereof^ afgreltt plaih^nd on  the;*.east^erie'of^Mghiy:toQuntains; , ~" '-Afi\  ^���������*5^And:^anyrmenrand^w  fi  fi- ���������  ���������fififi  msfififiAfifi  fifisfifisfiyfifi  WfiAyfifififi  Afifififififi- fififiyfi-fi:  WfifiyiyfiBM  fififi'fifififififififififififififififififi  VfiAfififiyAAAfiA  msmmm  t/yWllS  ^yfififififiSfifiSfififiA  doixbtedlyTa:.greatydeal-.of -fallacy.- -  oatt,  we-,;coEGe^e-i't&y^e ilie fosi duty- of;  : ttverv:v^overnment to/afiotd/all^>the.Assistance-  '     '     -fififi fi fifififi fifi.-' - yfiy -, -'fifi yySfifi-fifi- -fi^-^'-yy^fi^ ��������� .y^sfiy i  . jnits powers iniorder|td develbpe tbe pountrja  "over which it has been galled, to ,r,ule.; and  fifisfi" te'Mysy^,^. "���������^������������������-'Afi.'fi' fiifiyy-fiyfi -fififi'-y^y-fi ���������..  taking this point of view;;it naturally follows  %ny,^rtyfimmfijfifA( this! ^yafifi >hould  ���������   ������������������   -VV-. 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Rich field i^ BarK'ervJJle-'aria  fii fifi  .������Trl-'OB^-^'  fififififi?.  1'' :���������  but we opine that the mode andttha-season  were both;m error,:-m.. lieu :of furm^ing, roen  fiy fi^s&M^^  their requirments, or/npfc of a^character suited  to'the nature ^ the^x^difi^V It/woiild: be  y mtidh-b#fer;af$r to offer a  ;     premium coihmt^iirate svitHjfelie risl������ and the  immediate ydlua. o^rich;newi'discQveries. ,Eor  instance; if Si0.000 were offered ft>r the dis-  'Cpfer^o'fynew. gold fields ;auswermg^;oertarn  -coii&itidhsy^ leaving fconipetition; op^ifctQ^alli*,  ��������� ���������... ������������������������������������ i-fifi--.,: v . ��������� y yy:y-r^.?ii^V,fii&yy~^y.fi%y-ffihfr *?���������?���������'���������:^f3������i  themmers. such ,as are.mostnkeiy to .unara  * n^Spoiftdp^WQ^  ';.  ;*iuch tools'aind' ^K>yision|^ wbuld^lbe^bes^  adapted f$pthe ^1^086/8^1^^0 -feel every:  -'���������t|<^������^������noe.^ ,.gnite  Enough of such men/to be found; endowed  ^th^th^^fph^icai^and m^ta^aplhbiliiies  *e-fctiffieten^  ���������fi^tj ntclligenc^^of^n^ift^8i8ppve^,;ili'e ab-  / ^s^m^l^JS^ckin,^  a^^ini^^ff^tsjof pf^^dt^ pw^! un^  d������r^G^i;n^ent^pafxpn^ , i ^;_.-��������� ; ��������� ^"./,.  .y; sje- would; also suggest that the early part of  the season is the b est j the wfi^ther can bp calch:  lated;wo&^witii more/certainty (an/important  cjonslderafi6^v in'.tra^  and is*atatiy rate x&uob^^breK'^referable-to'-  tK^e^-of ihe/ season; wheu theje ;Is flsually; a^  pi'evaienco of :ralai and snow.  ;We'Wotild" seriously ask the careful consid-  e?pion of our 'mining/ commuhHy to^'the fore-  goin^repiarks^nit ^ith any /wishi to cayil/>t  y tbe efforts of the Groyernment so far as ttiey have  g^p;^m-fchisr^ecti^^ut'if. possible to divert  /'>i^eW'iu^tKis''.".Msp������c^. to;another channel, and  w#think i 'that our vieyrs fiohfi this subject will -  5������pet with the", endorsement of^^^/ali those who  h&ve sufidcient knowledge or oxperience iajthe  ,     ,.t-7-   -y':'-'.^j. fi  ���������'���������    fi'-       --���������������������������   -\. i*  '.. ��������� y- .....  ���������;:������������������ ,-   ������������������..(- .-,-      - **  sea arose and went unto; this^ land aSr off..  A-fiQ'A- And M ''������&fa& to'pass intKe same year that  fiihine and a-greatplague>fell-uponTthis land/  arid mhny of the^ sojourners in the latid^sat  do^antOwept, say|ng tp^pil^thej^ l|tigs:  ari^e^hcl|%o������tb: oar/ fathers, ^for. theyy have?  ehouirhknd to spare;     " *      v   ���������;  7, So that of all that/went unto the land/oft  the Great Deer pnly a^r^hmaift rpmaiue^ :^fi  8. Ahdamong thes^^were,^ews .and.f-.Gen-,  tiles; Miners and Traders, and Doc tors, and!  Wofkefs/iia Woodtatid in^Iroh^aM/in^/riniand:  Fleshers and Bakers ;:   y ���������  9.^ublicahsand GaMler^yan^pettifoggers  and lewd women not a lew.  -10. Moi^ovpi^ahft^  vote men and women "the salt of the earth )"  f 11.'Andthey.spake^in divers tongues}fin  English and in^Spotchj^ Ghinook aiid in Bit  ���������...-, P ������������������-:���������: fi. fc ��������� yfi,.?.: yy;:.,...;}: fijyfifi.-. a ..;. ���������',--. ������������������������������������ fi y-fiyyfiy-fifisy -.ssi. yy..:,'-  lmgsgater  -^^rAnd^affcer-a'-y ear/of famine came* atyear,  of great plenty and they^built themselves fp'it-'  ri,,..-:  i'ud'fi  fi fifi..  ii  ���������fVVilKleave JtDDA/CREEJC  .fififi,^  ������������������-.<���������.(���������>:.  ??  f-fizy  "' "fi"'"1 "���������" 'fi'' AtLpAYllGHTV,. fi fi-fi fifi' fi fifi^k  . ' ^illileaye QUES^EIi^.^ \-\\  ���������yfi fifififi ,;'��������� /^ill cleave -Q^SNiJii^viyi^i-- ;,;  yy ���������   fiiifi'yfifi.yiT/'^'b?cL6ck,fi.h yxy*-:%\  n������v.W������^^{������������   nt. nV%f?a Hr-AAlr wiV-^^yRiRVARD'S- STAGES OB  In the County. fcouJI of |5ritih JDoiimbia  fiA':--'    TlnlaenvSft Ei^fifild^- *    i^ %v   v  Holder .m mmmmfifi / 11  ,.,.. ,  -���������..   -.������������������,;.-.;..��������� ������������������������������������ -:Wfim,fi-'"'  ---W--'; ��������� :^i:fiyfifi-fi'-m������������������.-.������������������������������������������������������    -.  'fi .t -.^r '.'-.,.-������������������'>&���������.-. i ~yfi" -..-    fifi       '  TTTHEKElAi?, a ^t|ilfta&,sdjiSic^&.or JBSikrapv  ���������rV   eft has been 'duly/filed on /the^XOth 'day .of i^y  liams .Creek^ British Columbia,: late Restaurant ai*,d:Sa.; fifi  4ooi5Keeper,: and he"haviag*been;a'dJiWjcated*.agBahk.''  rupt*' is hereby required toy surrender Biniself to Wm.  Geo^ G^E}������ojiirfeiha; M^otiMj^mP^MisforsLfifi  fitsresiiminatiqo.on-Kriday the 15th day,of June next,' ��������� .,.  ^���������^leyeh ^o'ciopl&Mn'ethe -morning*;preciselft: *afid'Ion:'-.-;-'  Monday, the^ 16'th/day,ofr Jiiir/next. at; 11 o'clock;inytho  mominc precisely, kt the Court House, Richfield, and;  make a0full/dIscover^^n*dtli^closure of his estate and   ,  yeff&ts^w6eh?^naiWheroithe Creditor3>'areto'comepre. y  Wred>t^0f6ve/theirA^^j'i^^^^^fi  gtioo^^felne/a'ahd^t, the fest -.Bitting, the ,s*fri Bank-y v.  -rupt:lfequired: t^MBiSh^Is-(xammatioti^^yfififi:fififi-'A  '��������� All:^persons ihdeb ted. to: the'; said Bankrupt oV that  have anvof'ihis,^^  liveWthe.featrie^;bUt to,Mr:M: GkPhiUip^, E8gj,/th������Offl* '  ciaV^signfeeappointedb^the^aid Oourt.^- -������������������-:���������������������������"���������- ���������-"-  ^ti.-fiy.fi-r,yfifi������ .1Wfiyfi.x.t -v.. t.  ' JOSEPH PA  Al*  S;R������hfleId^i7t^a^  ... yJOSEFE^PARK,fis:& 'fififi  ifi yiWlfifififiJ:s,-yVRichflel*J-;^ ;  fi. v.. :* ^.Coansei for Petitioner.  ���������*;#���������'  ' ^^.FreighttoQuesfieiri'cis. ^Ki."  Steamer ^Enterprise,5 1 , ,t,       y    -     ^--  .AyfiF     -1  '/;    May^lst, 1S66.     7    ,,A:      ^A~fi~fifi     &  s&firsx  fifi fififififi fifi  ���������Miners-'  Ball ''teMtiMerti!  fifi fifi  t     ���������   ' ' "'VlON^THE'Lv'  ifi' 'fifi, AAA1  y;r 13."Moreover they:. biult a - great porcn ;m  which they put aU their'.books; ;, ^ /  / f 14;/4frj3 hfefe^sp^ffifey ^ssembfed^h^piselves  together to commune with .one another arid to  receive glad tidings* fromfithe, land- of ;their  fathers. ^K^y/j**   r -y A,.  -'   ������������������ * ^"-v--^'*-?^y  Id. And/p^t^fow-sbjq.i^ers^ iir this land  mad^a jour^.to^^,^  it is theirgwont^ once *>e very wyear y and, there  wasted-their substance with riPt&hs living.  16. And faminel and :the/^plague again fell  . among many of them,? ^and they returned to  :iheirr,bretoreniEiithe land: of, the-Xrireat fiPoer  ;wi:tlrpaiks^on'ktheir backs aiid staves "in" their  ihahds saying^adversity^is easierto>foear than  SJ^Q^&^yfi'fifi ""' -*������-fi?y���������fi���������y~y^^���������-'-yfi'fi "?fi-fifi  fi: fi 17. /And ^ c^mp iprpass/in fi thp g^evprn ��������� arid  twentieth year thata new Gov ernor arose who  knew not the sojourners Jdri" the land of the  ;GreatcDee^r;"r fi-fi; ja v fifijrfy -   aa  !   18^ And he appointed 'captains^over hundreds,; arid cap tains fiq vera fifties,-tand/ cap tains  bver^tens- ;1 y -,./,-.; y a fiy.- r ���������: ,   ..;.>��������� v,, -,. ,-.,.'   - ^  ��������� l'9i Aridjthe ruler, "speaking after the poun-  sel <tf these riieri'- "s^id, my foferuririer-^had&  your yoke heavy; but I -will'add to/your yoke,  ! herehastis^l^u;wiih wl%s^>buti I^wilkob^  tise j^ou with scorpions.-A ��������� ���������'������������������. /:' fi y)y fir- -fi; i fi, fiy  fi'' 20; And the people in the land bf the Great  Deer were wroth and they cried-with a loud  voice, saying, we never were ini bondage to  any man. .        '/'"."( ' .    .*''������������������'"'���������'"" 'fi.  :   21. And the^ son of Brian'fifiBopifiwas. tetrarch  of Cariboo this same year.  : 22. From al 1* th at como to pass among th e  inhabitants of this land, and all that the cap-,  tains and the ruler did unto therri until this  day,, is it not recorded in the book of the  Chronicles of Cariboo by me, ; r    :  'fi fififififi ���������'��������� Afi, FRANGO.   '  ���������fi-fi- - ���������������������������   '(To be Continued.) *���������    ��������� -���������-���������  ���������rfix- y ,-sLH^:fiiam>s,^mm. * yfiififi^ ^fififi ^^  ^h<%0:p\ ..  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V fV  /^Parties w'ishing/to^Board'out this season;^ill fia'd U  lo^their*adVa*htag^'tO'^giveJliiin a^call^'asJhis h6usfr"for  oleitnliness,i attention to custdmers,iarid!agood^T^blo,  cann6t;be^excelledi\r- "a iyy ������������������"... -} -.������������������ y fifi A ��������� 1 fi,,.- fififi fifi-fi'  "-Piesi'CoffeeTCbops aiid Steaks atyall hours.  ;  '���������"A-LEXTD4:*M,cINNES, Prop������f:*/  ~ -mm  if*  '?������ jj" Yyy ��������� "| *t'*""" ^fi*'" "'fifi s; j^' ~ "fi: ~"������W  'Jfififi ./Ordinance, '$$^g  ���������:&N-6#:-!We  crsa  infers:  rrai^#ilIJiMS <CREEK BED RO&CTi^IE-AVl)!  '���������%^.^A^-fido^PA^^Jji^i'fs,tii call the 'atteii^ori/of-Siiri-?  ers to/ fl Thei^illiams CreeteFlumtj ;:Ordinaric6V/lS66^,?|  a copy of which.cip^beseen at theiroflTce, and hereby  oau'tion all persons not .tp trespass on ahyy^round^nor  ihtlrYero^wi th-* ahy'rijf hts/arid' p^Vndg^  to the:cdmpany.- ^, ;*:- - ** -    .  >  f ,--��������� -,y "-,..' >>,������, y, ,,.-.!��������� ���������  ��������� .>',. '    ( e. a. WAnHAirs,*^ .-"  "1*y'y:"'y'*"'" ���������-vv.   y . *''���������.���������, .v^ y fiy'A fi-fiS&cr&tqfyy .  Richfield, 16tH Mayj-18S6V ; ' y'fifififi fi \ Afi4fi2yrfi.fi fi-  ffiify4jAJfi  miiifii-.'"  yyy;;ft-.^i.:;-vt -mvaa vv;' r(f -yyv.^ wv;?y,  li?iiiiiliiliiia  <y" t'V- ���������.'y-wiy ,/!.- Afi J v '��������� j 1 'fi'fi yfi'" Afi!  viiBARKEEVILLEr,  y       rf  :,i ������-4>'������*"C*.il*-i4iS51, i  ..vri^ A ���������;.*>. 'sfi  ^HOtdE^I^Ara  ya'if^^of-i-iS't/^  ?y>n>KINDS-OF  'K^i'v  ;-."���������"../y/:-.y^-.--;..MebphaktsandPBAiiBsm:'.  KRO^ISIGNSii CI4THING; CLA^OB^fiM'  AAA;!"; ^%^035^  : i.y .-/; P>:;;'F--ULTO"N^-!Pmebot       5r;r  There is no distillery kept in this establishment,  ;   arid strychnine and rot-gut find ho place here.y 2  BOO^sAfim^i40EB,  '''ijmyMi'  $  fiifiifi  Begvto call ithpv attention* of vi Miners an d other*  fi-fi: Jo- their full assortment,of SUPERIOR GOOD3 -yfi  fififi'-V' fififififi - % J'-4,"whiph,:wili']bo^sbld .��������� fi fi     fifi.  1 ty  'MfiTfifi-p p;,s: T;:/P/R/|r,C;)Ersj y  totnakOToom for :--a^^W.pSji>CK-^\dh^^w soon - aa ���������. ��������� .  V py  fififi fi^: -the^Soad^^ebpeh^y'^ JJt yy" '* ":s "y "  "''^^aS^IirtPraiV \allprwa^^  Rcstaiirant arid: HoteKeepers, and'the ttade generally  enlarge orders; v *"'���������/" ��������� -fi'- ���������>''" y- - y **���������*���������?***��������� 4��������� **r- *������������������������',v-.-  ���������*"������  ibe 1st io the 8th June; andai feichfield from  the ������th to .the loth Jurier /y, _ y .-. ���������'. #*' : ���������:; ,r  .  lEtoi-i-^^e .^vould.*-i^fnd;;itrib^^lio; have  av;de'sirp to: /trij)/^ the light fantastic;^ ^that  injs*& ^aiocfnJ- Cimerontowi. "''"I  .^^* Great interest has been iriaiiifested in  the .Vancouver (Island Assembly, respecting  the adoption or- measiires for the abatement  of all nuisances ia the city of Victoria and  districts, with the view of warding off. the^ apr  proach of that fearful epidemiCjvAsiaticiCholera, which is spreading with great rapidity on  the Eastern side of this continent.; \ The; San-,  itary Commission:Bill of 1861 fifm adopted  and.passedv ��������������������������������������������� -:--:- w-- ���������/ . ���������'/..-���������;. -./ -.. - v-f  $&- We iearn that a company has.- been  formed at Quesnelmouth, and a' public sub?  I scrip tion'raised to equip them, tor-the exploration of the newly discovered diggings on Canon' Cree������; they started* a few daysagor '* -  fi  .fiy. .  BAjRKERVILI/E',-':..;     :  MISS1 THURBER & MR! LAWLES S, Erbp^i  THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN NEWLv FITTED^UP ON  the iRcstaura nt principle w i th:a view to the comiort  of the public,, ahdwill be cooductedin a manner to  ensure the satisi'actioh of those who are: disposed to  favor the proprietors with their patronage.       . . .*/.: i-  Meals at all Hours. .Good.Beds.: /;:/ fi]  ^������������ The Bar is furnished with.: the best spiectiori of  Liquors and Segars. ..'       -.. ..fifififi fififififi.fi. A,$%*t  wmE WyyjAKEi  AND  '���������ifevr  -fifififi>��������� /\������-y--.Barkerville,-:B. jEfe* -fifi ��������� yfifi.l^t  KELLY & PATERSON, Proprietors.;i:  / Everything is done ia coanebtionywith.this.establi?)^  mjent to give satisfaction' tp.,the/customers.. v. * -. y ~ fi  ^i^^e^s.ati'aU/bpiws; '.fififififi '.--.fifi-;. fifi^vfi  ^^We noticed, on Tuesday last, some 15  or 20 Chinamen busy, at work on the road from  Camerontowii  ages'p  unmarnen dusj. at worK.ou me i uuu iiuu*  rontowi to this place repairing tl?edam-:J  jomplained of last'week.   ��������� fifi Afifi A.. :^,    j  ,..;:���������-.'������������������,' ../���������/.'EVERY- EVENING/./, ififi-fififi.y  ���������..Afi'' AT THE ���������"'.-'������������������'   i    ''A'"'fi fi  fi  BARKERVILLE./ 'A: fiy fifififi. fi  ALL LOVERS OP THE TERPISCHOREAtf ART !are  invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a hearty  welcome will be extended, y ,. fi.; . ��������� V ,  '��������� ":y "fiPRAGEft >;&-/:BRO.,  'fifiyfifififiMfiA^Kfi^iflfiLTLpfit  '   fi: A.'":'Afi fi-i'A-A   DEALERS I*f     ���������-   -  ssdrie'  im  .Wholesale, and Retail*;  an  1" S'TO THEJ PLACE r0F RESIDENCE bfcAtKXAKPWJ  A- Harvy ilcNABB, from-*Norval,;- C. W.;' whea igi  '     -/������������������- fififififi. ...   :MART#arOOOK>'"^'pa/^ ^HtlR^AY^^'^i  fi *r. itfifiyfifi^fi-^fififi:'^ A ���������'��������� ���������'-  ,-UI*"l������^  ������&y *���������&, V*   : ..vy  M  18G6.  ��������� < " / , $e^day, 23rd  .��������������� ���������jfajig So%-#/<Ml$J?i%iV charged /ibyf.J-7H.  raic������son with ysfoilingi .^lo-fe of yciofcihg;from  t/* >*  ^TEMilX^Cfev^ j  %CXN0N (k'EEKBED ROCK} FLUME.5  v  A charter foHfiis cbfepany was applied for  in; Aupst^lSG^aiid ^^ned^during the foP  lowing ^inj;e]r;for^ll0years5 &afeepf#J|riileii  of aground on thislcreefe^ The company w|s  ^rgaw^doiader. Jfae.fi Joint .BtaclcCo^AcC  wUlwaxapital pf #$0,0001dividedinto:J2,000s  ishares*afe^$2y50y pe^eh&reS ^^\V^rk^^-%eguri  jnj-heTB]^ a ta^l  raee^i^vMsb^oriiriieri^  y, ):>y TE^GR^mCy^^/^^1!  ?^\^ !:..:  y  fi.i -^,yyfi^m)y/.yit^X^l'iX ^y^^y.^y fi/fi fifi  la^esttfOTeigb?rieWs"i*^  -. -������^<i������rf������^>������^w^*^v. - .-^i >.4������iaiJi.lfc������������*Br������*fcW������frJ  TT^T?a^Wt^a^T^POO/ ......    .,.,  Patrick/Kim^"^o^*'ke^per, Richfield,  L*tiif barged? by^Hb /^^alker* Esq-r Barris^e^  ..i^ithto'sstote^^^ ������.������&t'.-������a. i r. ]���������/  /creek; * wheap pp dsito-Kirwi  the  i *bystariS^~;:he^ased;tpreaJs ;tow^l?rie^^he/n  I- k.vitf9D'ffnififf!nwnTr::;' .T.mostVdiRtinetl V swear  fbik w^goifigjajiva^;; |I^p^Jdisi^tly swear  ground,    . ...__v_.^    ,_^_.  |45.ttJtoLthrougli-bed������wwky^whiGhuhadi^4)e  blasted^to) af ^dppthioJ|i ^feeft |by 10 feet/ ftj  widttaand fh^fia^^was.X^i^V^^^": Th[^  jtail r$ce was-made-yifcH tlie Yiewo|'washing  tlie'ihrface';. gravei?in/^which Vgpod-'prbspfecSj  were.obtained';'but7^^ this/fpck had beeir  bl^teOThr5ugivi| ^a^^M^atSEefe^a^W  deepfifiehain^^  during thp^past/winter,^-^v(hiph' .10 men havfe  ^been steaMy employ ed5 ���������w^ibr^'the/purpose:,  ^f&eiting^  iri:; combating ^afe^andsquicksand rock /watf  ���������struckjafc26jfeetvwhich/at^first was supposed  vanced-the Tate of interest to, 7'per ceri^TJie  ^finanpial depression ih1 London and Pari^ cpri-'  tiriues unabatcdi^ ��������� *-'><*/' *fifi' fi-v,- - V ��������� A ��������� ��������� -��������� \ \ ���������  rrLiyerpobr,. May>-8d~^The>Vottfemaket ;is  Easier witli^deeliriin^teridfe  [ advance of bankratesj^tsales--fonsM'oiday;-Ta%s^  Giftri^tM^n'  to workbut; thej^tetia^tbe creek waS^rTsInsc  very fast which may. .delay- opemtibns:    Six  ^pight cprnpan^ pn:KcGullooh<ireeki wore  talnng,out;;gopd>rpayy,from .surface ^df irmniK?;  I^^^nfewere^atingat the mines' asfofiows^  -.fiour', 60cts vbacon- %h-2&-. j bea^/.75cts'y'rier  pQUnd..;'drt;^aB expecte^that mo^than/ 60������J  pen wem waiting at the t^ittle Dalle^ to fret  mpby thesteawr^or^Njjie'ta.the imnes/ '  v ;The follp^ipg,large,t4*mericau firms havo  Ti *������rt ri nV\ 'fi,Aa������nlr\\ iah'TYihntn.:#Li' ill' -���������'.'-��������� T\ -���������' i% >'   "������;'*���������������'���������;.���������  .:.:t.::  ce  [��������� r tUH V, ������&.������-1 ���������'-���������. i ��������� - ���������- ��������� . ���������. ���������;.r - ,-..   :r .,..,.-... .i. .-..7 ;    ,- -���������������������������,������������������ ������������������" ,��������� ���������  J. ��������� aA-' desultory ��������� discussion' here1 -took p  I Shout the/character^ the^dogy and 'the hag it  [ofcarryingsticksV''',1' ifi* >fi \..\.   ,;   ' /',;  ^  |V The Coart remarked thatrhe believed ^very;  |fe min-e'tf tbe^reek*jWh^ parried fiW  i stick: when French 'Jpe was here; he used to  ^carry.oneihunselfs- forj^protection against ������]us  f-dOgS;"-1^ (^ :^*'fifi1 y-& V'. JA'^/Iv^- "'Vv   ;fififififi j  fc Ca^t/r^evM^jSw^  opposite -������iiwinjs;:safc^  i hearS^sbnie oiie^ay *there" was a "dog vfigHt j  [^did^not see it^^rwiatold^e^e^ad^been  'struck'bysome one1'with a^pick/handle, and.  | ald^e s^ijiM^rildJh  tiiich'a/ru|ftinlyiattoK;^ said|this yabout ten  f minutes after the occurrence j&would have &aid  \the" sameythirirm^lf/tltidSry the Carrie Icircumr  ! *������i������gW&(fJifite$ VJ& i fiU >A fifi fifififi fiy.fi.., fifi. fifififi yy .iyy yfi  i:Stances, -, y , ,,,,- :   ,, - ,, r     ��������� ,'yy, ,   , v  any Jhreats-to jui^  [keep-the peaqe.^. He,! accordingly, .cautioned  [him^to'^be^  disturb-  ' A charge was then^ entered against Kirwiri^s  jheattacked my dPg ^yesterday ;-I am always;  fafraid of tkifcdogfWl gofdpwh:thepreekj ;the  ryicious propeti^fes,:Pf:^i|,animal���������are Well  tenowri onthpxreek^' there were.pepple on the,  ^jrepl^afraid even to 'come*tPr 'Richfield on ac*j  ^ourit 6f;bim,    ,     fifi fi--fififi, . ' "fi\< "l  ffifiMrfi I^ft'stated'/tBat: hjej_:cpiOd:/bnng i\^it-;  nessesyto pro ve*the-good character which the;  |ftn,imalbqreV.Y" -%;',..vV\f 'V / ,-Jfi:  ifi :!SU^:j^^.,^t0^iWt the; dog was - ������;  [vicious' anliaali- iand ^ordered hinii to\be either  chained up ormuzzled;::,. "��������� ~ ��������� v;r;:v: \ \>..:"��������� fi .  ;   .    . ��������� .. .. ...Lm^fiJi. ���������'-��������� - '-\.>  fifi, H fifii-.f ,  .- - -      ,(B������fore;W. G; Cox, -Esq.)\.   **-~rr: fifi  \ifi^iffifi������:x[fi$  'fifitkwis- Qolyi^.yAurprar Co'y.-r^This. was ia;  lotion by. plairitiffs' 'to ;dissolve ari injurictiori;  f Inch Ifce^e^^ '  insti,1. restrairiingythe: jfairitiffs < from ^working  bertain grduridin - disputed ��������� /Ord er made ���������; that  Injunction.be ^.dissol ved,. /;.... Mrv Robertson :*for  ^^nti&^Mr^afkerfbr:defendants.i ;, fi-1' ���������  '.'' ������������������'    ! ���������'.-; . "  ".      '   "'J    ���������'/*..    "   "' '.    " .i-i     ,.������������������    -.' ���������      -i ,. .������  : Accident.^-Al serious; acclderit occiirred bn:  ft?sday last to a .miner jaamed Joseph Cahriel/  ; appears he was working in the Wide West  ^o.-8 claim, -a short distance above Richfield,  >nd was;in the act'of being hoisted from the  ������nafti and;while throwing-do.wn a pick he had  woughfcupinhis-handjWs feet slipped out  ?f the rope and he ;was precipitated to the  bottom Pt%,...s.haf|,;^rat!turirig./his: leg very  wwlly, hut .without sustaihiag any further y*~  Junes.-��������� Wi>������������������ -*���������?--���������. ���������* ������������������ ������ - *-  ��������� tb h^hed-rock/but:afterwards only, prpved tor  ^be^slide^on sinking.;B,feetthrough.thiSygravel  was; struck again^arid^ feet further bed rock  Was reached,-aiair^^prospecVof heavy, gold was  obitained^ but fro^^e^ch ofJ;the rpek^tor  wairdsftheMll'it'wafe-evideri  of ,ib^chetririelhStoPtybe$n-ceached.^ A drift  {was then-rutf for /upwards^ofe ^O^ieetji/a-biind  shaft ������uriktiabPut-4 ffeet fdeep^' arid therrcJck  fbjund to Je s^ll p ^>i^-  Visions iridiScbd tfite, gi^eri^erident tp/susp dhd  operations ^r-a/timpi/ ^ri'iact he has/lahorecl;  under^realt disadvantages 3*during the winter.  owing to the reriiote situation of the' cariip  fronfUhypl^ce jyher^eT supplies;could ip p^>-  ycur^d^^havirigDhad *tp ipack provisiPnsj^,  oyer^e;snp^inajlliinds of weather.v In the  evpntlof J a gopil prospect beirig/siruck in,/this,  channeliiis: thp i^serit^^  pany to start at a point half armile^below'the  :shaf^andylbring/up:a//tunnelvon ivjbedjrpck  Suid������ graded % jg whip|Tl|iSiplef JfalivcSir I) eaiob:  ^ine^totap^the, diggings ^at a^depffi^fylOO  feefcr/^isMnnel^an be /driven/by: following  the* old-channel and will-re^uire'no blasting;;  Trie^intend^to^ommenc^ ^washing ;the  suya^^ffieans: of.the' flume now laid^there;  'A^g>plentyIof w:atertfor the ^prirppse) ,* and  the7prospectsy are vsuch|that^ they expect, to .b'e  able $yjthis means to^deiEray^ the %ipense of  carrying on thevtunnel,/without 'calling' upon  thfe^Hai^hdidersfifi forfi airjfi aid \ in/the' hhafip ey of  ^^ssmehts^ A V/fihe^fi^o^vfiork iis/ in frilBopera-j  tioriytherevwilljbie over/75 irien engaged pn^ itf  We^liave lieeri shoWri' by Mft Boone; tbeSuperj  1 infcradent;^about;to pun c e of' tiredus t,; wMcK  :hejcollected :after /allftwirig; tlfewdte^ t^ ruril  off about 4 feet" of -the" surface; soin^uf .the}  pieces, would weigh frpffiSl/ %0$'������>fiLW5 'each]  ,A stockvpfy provisions andy/workmen will <*be=  dispatched1 to'the camp in the course of "a few  jlays.   Canon Creek is situated 45 miles iiortH-  ���������'wesfc'of^Williams������'Greeki''/y!: ,v -, ���������/' fi. fififi. AfiAfififififi fi A fi  travel  ^ote^ort'GroodWiriyMd in^dailjr^fri^riwari  tionP^The keasn^r^^Am^rici^^to^day ibrt^ripd  away-650-pa^(mger^:^$fi^hM  state/that a very strong tide of '^riiigratip^is  mitinQ$fefiv/ay${^^ great iiumbei*  "of tickets'are,engag.ed several -trips^  0?G,rady, the Russ House rofiber^ wa^cpnVTct1  ed thtf evening^ow* the" testimony ^liii>con^  fedemte^ Mills;tfBonphoe^poii^  for the GaJifbrniaiBuildi^andifiLom Society  has sued Mopneyfa^direck^Soi^^p^oMd^^  ages/ fprr(?hargingfhim: withigrarid^la^eny bfe  Pause he5 carHed^home; &e %al&ce^slleets^~|-:  Judge Ris.sentenced/the;:ipir^tualist Doctress?  Hurdor^'tti^to.a^firie ciff$21?fbr^peaTiri^  in; public^j^earing brejcb^s^;^me^/]j^ga^  ari: engagement ^a?t night' to "a fi^audienge,  but the increase in the pripes causedAlSehpuseiv  to hafe/StfO vacant seats;������ the acting was grand;  -^^Hved^i^Star of IJiibri, 125 day^oin  Ne^CTorkrsteamer OrizahS^O&Po^^^-^R  Led^8ej^iiaflfetPiwng:ianA kihdly tenish^^o  I following:: The steamex  cSa^ari^toiSe^mpui^ptt \^  ^m^on^m^l^^^l^e iroiu^ai^i������Mr.  Charles'Levjj from Seympur, repbrtslBa^  iforraati6Masi'been?recejv/ed;���������titto  the steamer Forty-Nine was coriippiled^:|U{rn  jba^atil^ttlfcC^n^ 0^  Rapids, aft^^se^w^nsucpe^sful ratfcempt3  HQpe^>May/2i;^vrr,^ Ropp]ySe^ej^^n of  the Qherrj^eekysilver^nps^^  itpndaycp H^i^l^s^^tfthpswprk^i&ffiat  mine^ will be carried oriyigoxously/tM^year.  vl^^aCi^^^^^XH^Sari: ^T;���������_i-_ro^J  with. 6, passen2ers, .was stoppecL this inofriing  about nalf:pasfc ^lour���������* by three-p asked rob bersj  , they:^e^p en:-^ell^^ar^^  'bozjSid/tObk I$79 lW?|5iri^pf^tfe ^passenge^s  yvyfererobbedl:-. -As* sooiiFas^^sta^/anivpd  ^Sheriif'Gentry started?with?a poss^un pufspit  of the robbers;; about/three -riiilies ^bm!!toSvri:  ^River f-heitbinksjaTnuthibetter^trail thaitithe  one frpm/^ey^pur^cari  io^#ed^br ^nimals.^ TheEridian^hafl;^pllec^  edta^l^g'e^hrift^  ,The crops at*the-Okanaganilission looked'  very well; MrJ^saw^romHwo to three hun-  [^red ^acres/pf, .^heat .thatjpoked^very promising. The Similkameen������trail, was very" bad;  :}lrfi- R./had to, swimyiwo; streams Jmoth-.great  danger to:himsejf and horseV;he-th'ixikJ?Vthese  Sfcgmi ihguld ;be; bridged at once. ;,He/ saw  numbers of ..Chinamen working on/the-S!m!l*  fiymo} it wo rmiiesjifroiuiwher ei thp^o Mpj^^vjts  ^mmitted,: just *asjhe ^ cf Pssedi ttie&.mvirie *������e  l&&4ed%@fy^^  hiin- saw the head;of .,���������,._,__._,..^ ..T._^i.,s ���������r^.^  rtov fire*;-*Steve- leveHed^isfHenryfs repeating  i������i flo' art A fi rOfTTtb A Kfl.ll:Jtfikvi Vr \ fl (*-'l������im ' 15*i -^f bfi' '1 Aft  |^-glintp%#Map^ ���������  ii^in^cCJll^pchs1^ulpli, andB^r^cffi^^a"^  compKyof^ti^^ori;^^ ut  2&ozs. in three days, coarse "gold. Mr/John  Blair,late of^hejjjljld Mile,-House, was drowned ������$ Be.ath Rapids on the |tfi'inst.... Ii^appears  that?:ldeb^ased% '.  jjimbia^and^wherijustaithe^o^Pf^^^  !'pids -the" boat too'k a 'sheer V;-Mr.'Blair seized  io  ���������>f"-V'.������T������in*'  ouae at RJwC?nn*a^own to Mr- Michael's  ���������y^Dr Cmw,%?m> ***** he was-attended  'hen'SSPill0 ?oon8������t;the.broken limb.  biuCu S1.1 at onee' from 30 ets. to 50 cts. at  WSrS������w t-'T^'der h������W it is tliat  us wa?f^p������ld ^ ^a������sted..in one week���������  ^iDlJlehat,ffit?���������?^^3*0 a���������Veat Van  ��������������� Packe? S3?W 16'00t> ^ which win  ^^fi?::^^^^wmR  JS^I^^^^^-'ii^  pff������ptic'feSf,fes^or?^%  " \      ORO nNO OREI^. y"  ThpjB^d Rock;FlUme K^y on^this' creek*  hayefeeen eriipioyed during the ^winter -riitifc;:  ing; a shaft, and are now -down about 45ft,^  they fi experienced" great} 't^iible ^in ���������/ gettirigi  through bed;pfquicl^a  ^throiagSi^arid exp pet; to xeach fibe&i/rockjSiisj  week., - 'fi-fi fi. ...., \ , -, v ��������� - * - t -:' ��������� /��������� "-.:  ^fhe|e;are:a:;;largp*;rriu of creeks and;  gulches;in this section yptthe/cptiritry^ra which;  good prospects can be obtained oh - the sur-J  fskdefi and if those who "are how prospectirigr  iri/thajr qu^ter/shpul^meet: witlr; success^ a  nPw field? of//greafer fifiefixi^fi^mfi 0^fi^ie  neighbourhood of :Williams- Creeky-wi 11 * be  opened up ,1 capable of absorb ing/ >i5,0p0" or  ^20,000 mejL '"y fifififi ��������� fi fififififi fififi yfi fiyfififi'Afi"'.  fifi-fifi fifi-   CONKLIN GULCH;T ^-/���������'-^-.^���������?^'  ������������������ Activity begins tppreyaitamorig claiirihoid-,  ders; pri. this g ul ch, at th e, in outh 4of ,whi ch* so  much gold was obtained during the past two  seasons.    The Ericcson; co'y have; got the  water/out of "their, lower, shaft/arid have/./corii-  menced ���������: drifting fi to visLrds'''"'- their: wbrki ngs of  last year,.they will not take, out pay; for a  week yet.--The United co'y, who lately struck  a channel in the hill," the water, from which  drove them out of their shaft, havp commenced  running a tunnel tp tap it.   It will/probably  take five weeks to finish it.-���������The Reid co'y  have got their wheel running on one of their  new shafts and will start to^sink'in a. day or  two, they are busy sinking the' upper shaft,  which is down above 50ft; they expect to be  taking out pay in the course of ay couple1 of  weeks or less.^-The New Zeal arid co -y have  gpt th^ir shaft nearly dry;; and calculate to  comirierice washing ini a few days.-^-The Hood  Tunnei cotyy who had suspended work for the  past two weeks; have how set iii agaifr with a  determination��������� of pushingit; through until they  r^eafehHhe^^channel ^thpy haje had gre^l Rouble with slum or .quicksand.. -        .  -raised ^bis/ pi^bliji^'.-gt^^ W%       .quick  .������:..- a ,- i.! i-lll, ^.l���������'m 'v, U At\** IV. A -.*.������������*? rfil-.4- a������-a  * 1^{ l.i;������J  inisbMj firing again /the: ball passedlhrou^h  his, heart. TheJtreasure vw^^^#^d������vS>A?fifi?! ]  ^^fale, May^liT^atest^&Big^^i^^^  ^A young man arrived here pn 3?edriesday  last^ Jtiem, Camp ^ek^hich^lace he-leff;or^  twp miles-^elo.w,:;^^e^pectabV'JjWerd,"l{jr  .:the/miners at the Steamboat*Landing; ^ *)���������   /  ''Sri'-J-  - v-.j������.i -.; ,c5������i.yy^^-.> ,.\- fi A Afifififi^'fey  peeting>had,beeri "done)1 'andy-iii^/^re^ cori-  tenting ���������': themselves with ^preparing lumber^  'building houses, -and' getting 'readyy toifipoMi  mence.operations. CJlamis- beirig ''faTd^-ioVier-  to the -1st June^ there is no necessity^pgrepre-  sentirig them' until that time^ * Camp, creefc"ls!  cpriiadered one of the-most -prbmisirig^creeks^  ."  ' .v *"*-���������-������"���������" ' t-t'T':-s'-^'":3il'Lfi.z-L "v.u:'"Ji-;j.'-'^i.-Ti "'-i-.-ii-jf "���������*  fifififi$8&fii)ie. passengers by the late trip J of the  steamer Oregon to New Westminster reached  Seyrripur {pn^gqpd'daya'ir^yel froiaBig Bend  ! mines") ih 11' 3ays' fr'6m San Fran cisco. "  ed and it was only, dpwri ;loft;f Jj^>ropk:had;  riot been sttuck;y: Our mforriiant; confirms / th?e-  report -pi"there bein^^ large/ population:-^ri  the mines: ���������'' very.;few- men hqidlpft ^the^niiiies  and confidence in tlie. richness/.o^ the - country  was unabated. The steamer Forty-Nine had  arrivecf at^ZKirhyy landing' bffthe/5th"lnst;ron  her second 'trip tip,: she\ brought /110 //passengers- and 40 tons of freight. ��������� Colville- fiour  was selling at :40 ccertts per/^ppund' Oregon  flour<)(r cts,.bacon $1, gum;boptsvwerescarce.  Before the arrivalvbf the For.ty-Nine the/pride  ofprovisiorirw^ehighl $h6re were ten -men  working ori the Government itrail'when; nur  informant.passed. ..v.. The steainer ;Marleri was  round -at Sayanas, gettijQ.grJii; i^chine^i^r^pm  the/fact of ^everything.? being ^preyi6usly>: arranged, by the: intelligent'and clever engineer  bf the steamer arid/,K^  Messrs/ZSpratt & /KrieriiWs Sundry, 4t^M|s  thought by; the 1st June everything would.-���������be.  in order for-the- firsttrip, every done who'has  seen the vessel is loudi;i.:,her,.praise..,..fi fiA:(j&l-  ifbrnii carjperiter' who'/ ^me:;iefofi.&fifm.-SeJ--  orir-spmeclays. since; /says '|hathe^as/pper-  fectly astonished to see so,;iirie aisteamer/bjiiit  iri suctanyput^the; w^:pl^,.?ihPr:^rbrk^  deciaf es lis 'eqiiit-to 'any /he;-Kai-seen fiqjpi steain-  ersuri 'California, and the, symxnptr^.wd:heau-r  ty of her buiid\coiild-riotybe-^xcelled^ : '���������<&**$.  fit^le^ifiyfi^l^^P^^ man who arrived  here last^everiing7. and^hp.,left.ljrenchr .creek  o������TEfie!]S2ti^liffiiE,,. wo lew������T^aiTarc���������mi>ad^������S3  CQriimen cod, taking / pu t pay - ���������/��������� th^Dfecp very  Co.. on the 11 th.inst.,��������� washed up., sUiiHripes.  fi && Judge Cox ha^^J^rid^Myi^ri^  d]>y:|^i:^pip^rterii^  sons after office hours, has gr^eri^npliee'that  in future he will not attend to any matters of  businessobuU at tb^iusual hours except in  ;criniinabmatters.y/-i fififififi. yy fiy-fififihyfififiy-fifi- /���������  ' -    fi n  fi s,fi  %.��������� i   - yfi .���������! --��������� fi '.,��������� l- - fi. ->,.,/������; ..  V-,, i I .< \fipi,  fifififi fififififi ' fi^fji'*yyyfifi\z fififififi fififiA fi'fi fififi?fi:  fi%fi^&^.Mr. ivandvtMrs.; XJharles K^^n^having  completed / thiir^trans Atihaw^c iiengage^eft ts,  .are ahoutfretenin^to E^  d^^Nje^^p^pn  appear at the /��������� Theatfe^Royal- /. liivefpoplV"' on  the 2hd>y3rd and^thpf ly^^^FrpmtLi^r^ool  ithey *cpmey\tO!fLohdon,->?and * will 'iriakjefrtheir  fififiij^^ A-oie^pr in Jing^te^^aph; ii- ahn Qunir-  \fidred;. ^orda^imiriuteiy A"It is-^  tipn:Of MM^ Bpn^liiand -Hipp^^^irfSaSl,  t(ie former pf wfib.m; is ./already; -wpn^^no^n-jas  the ^inventor of '^jmriting telegrapfif rfifi^^  "-. ?Wfikiy> jEs; a ieaky ���������Barrpi:in^e;i:e6TOrd?' cySp-  causeIt-ransr���������' f :;s������'i:;���������;' fififiifiy/fifimfi$h~rfifi..  ^fifig^lf yc&Lwantgdod'Coffeeuie'FeTPe?;;  -mittn  "E 'MvE' ON HANI)'a fargc st'oclc of ;Provisi6S*,  yy,.:. HftrdWrareTana ;Ye&fita.blesr������iA .���������i^r^o.tcr.  iiiinie3-tQ'SQU!���������tn6m'Cheaper * thahf ���������any'* other-.store ;pa  WtlliaihsCreeir^ Ootne^bdis^eajidjudgp (6ryQtiv6$tip&.  y^c^fieid^^ayfwH//^^.::) yiv^ar>T s&fti'idfa.  fifiyiffifi^fifi*^^ ���������'  J TSWIS^SWl!S,\ClothierVYs&  ^    j j j JU ,opposj)e;the. Bank ^.Bri'flsh*North"4mmd%A ������.������#  toe'Munro Co. tookiut~22; .ounces-in ..three j ^v'>;.JTJ-' ������'L 'Am* 'a>L /i?> -fiAfi.fififi^.fiy Ai  ^f^ertl-oth-er^yS'-^W^^Mti^ m-fiA  yA-  ���������-- ..yt  :fii'  ''-sfi fi  &J. --fifi. '���������'  II  Sa '  Hi  'fifififi-fiy-fififi  '���������z"->vfi fi'-': fifi'fifi' fi:-'  ^ ''fiy, -  -������:   '��������� - -  ���������fij:   . ���������  Ai-  4 SfiV fir.-i  ^StRAIiA  fififi  fi;1'fifif{:fi.fifi\  <&��������� fifi. ���������������������������' :     -'  "--fi fi  BAAfifiAfiifi  ys.  fitlfifiifiS.  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Mr^m Haines, a man irttimately* assowted  fifijiitii t!wiPoiwtttutioM%istory of Victoria^ is.  ?4#R6tiberi<k aafchJgWftf outrages wera rife  'yfi   -W8&ver% floririrife millr in Sydney werp  ^/burned on the 16th?of Januarys v( ~ "fi'fi.- <  fifi:. New *nd ri^diifelngs aw ������aidf^^ have  - : ^^������eri'/diBcovered-rieaxvAdelaide.-r./��������� ��������� fi'fi ���������'>���������'���������< a,  Heavy showers had broken up the drought'  v   The Bank*'of/Victoria-at 'Melbourne^had  fifi dPctoed aMiviaendyofnlfcJ/per centv - fi fifi 1.  "' fifi TKere is much gold being taken/ ou 11a the  fi    The: amount of gold coin issued' by thf Syd-  / nev branch of the Roy al Mint during the/^eek  1 eading February 2nd wasc28;00d3overeigas.  v Governor. Darling has been recalled.  ���������" ' - -^.'Sydney MABKETS-^Flour,fine,(silkdressed)  ," -,   fi: ������24; 'iPcoridsy������22 pertoii of2000 pouhd������: ; ]  fifififiAfifi-'fifiAAA A fifi fifi fifi fififi fifi: fi fififififi^  j The natives at Opotiki were murdering al^  I Europeans they could cateh.   Col/Lyon^^hp  commands at Opitiki, has'taken'measures to  itippireBS'the forward mbvemerit of theVehelsV  7r   A rich vein of 'copped tos fee en discovered  iithe lower Thames,     '    "������������������ ���������fififi " *   fifi  "'v     ;-   A company^with ������20,000 had feeen'^rgariiz-  ������125,000 per- arinum, and they are also to have  ������25,000 per annum from the New^Yprk and  Nbwfouridland Telegraph Coriipanf oa't of the  earningB of that company for ythrough -mea-  sages^the combined payments;being equal: to  a.dividend'of 25 percent., After providing  ftifetfae ������125,000 per annum, the:*mm=of ������72,*  000 out of the receipts is to be applied to the  payment/ofc8; pPr;oen<i on^ithe<, Atlantic Qpm^  panyfs existing preference! stoekvi and 4/per  cerit om their ordinary stocks/and any surplus  ja/then iofibe divided between the presentcpia-  pari^arid>the:AtlariticyC6mpany^:t^  tb^l tfife Whol^ length of 11212 nautical miles  of cable laid last summer is still, perfect, and  that tip ppsitlpniof; the;broken: end is-consid^  eredtohaye been,deterauned with the utmost  accuracyl |Ience. the. engineers, engaged in  the late expeSdition are confident that with the  machinery^ arid ftekle, now being prepared  they will be able to raise it so ,as to utilize, it  fpr/a/secpridjlirie^: The new company is iutro-  ducedybyrMesgrs, fiji S^Jtforgan & Gpif aridMr:  Peabodyisoathe board of; direction, fi'fi;,  \ A gun: with a bayonet:, attached to ^it ia a  sharp flhooter..   y .;   . ���������. ������  fi':A5X has bieeri, ascertairied that; the man  held on to thelast was a shoemaker.  ." ��������� jfSTlf you want fo.odGeffee;U8e;Fell'i.  QUESNEIiiiOUTH M)VEM^EMENTS4  COLONIAL RJESXAURANT/  V ; ,    QUESNELMODTH, , yfi..-  fii ,  yfifiy' ApMifisiys^x^ \ fi  kealrataU hoinsy^  V -yy.y.,vy^;xyy/.-deScriptioiL'''''"" ���������-���������--���������"' ' ���������  TICTOR^  ���������fi '-fi   r '-fisfifij  fiA fififi, BftOWN^GILX^ ' fi  Good Beds ^Restriuralit^  a fi i -/A. vStah������ng for Sorsesi^Hay iad; QMxifi'^ \;"  "i -'fi "������������������--���������; ���������-���������-���������'���������'--"��������� ������������������������������������'��������� --���������" '������������������������������������yfi^fi--i'-r'i -' Li..jf---\-���������������ki.  who:  L's������ftWffV.  ^ittxt  ytfisfi tiarpbktaauif'Pr-  English ^ French^Silk^* ShaWls^ 'DfMC'Vi;  : i-rdfcrclothlri^l-;01o<fe������j.i itfd.i.evtijrjd<Mk^pttoii'-or.'  fi^lfiy?:&A!:y& AiPrmm^mifififi^ckfifi  Wri-i  nM^tiETfiXDJ^^  ?^������-lH3t  BE UNDERSIGNED are now raaurifacturlng FLOUR  '���������'or all-grades: Extra, Superflae and Flae.'i Feed"  j 'order.1 ������������������!:. ' :"��������� ��������� ''fi-fi Afi '���������: ��������� fi - yfifi -: A *' -*-''' fi -  .N-fifi^fifiy^y:fififiU1^0^fi^hOVKmiJh-^tfi vy"  ^l'Sfifi, -%     fi    , \     F. W., Fobtir,-Agent. '���������  Ufi.  '/    ���������   Old- JfetiBLiSHpi1 GiNiRAt.' Srow  FRQVI^ONS' ^feOliESAllfef ^;tijC^lM������  ,,.-if->> ^/'SipN^MERCHANTS,;   fiAyy'fiififi  Btoras:*.;&o;������^Terms most Mddtffate.y  ":i:' 'y.:   ~ ? " ? .flmSNEUKWTH^ fifi'*"fifi fi'fi* i; -  yfifiy'^\8i;:ROPi?^a-^:cioi|l!:-.!. !���������;:  ^iadLESAIiBtXND RliTAlt jiBRCHA^TS,  v^y",-C|:t:;_:.:y:i;:;:QUESNEXMCOT  Dealeri in Provisibnsy LlqriPrs,- Tpbaccoi &c.  Afi"' A good selection of Liquors always on band^.' *-lm;  v ���������"- ^ ��������� -*"-���������' "--' j-- - ''* "-"'" '''-"'"���������'"���������' '"fit-\ fig" 'Afifi1" "Sj'"i n'r  ROAD, tSiPE;HQUSte;^%c; fi  fififififi ^  rf HIS' HOUSE 1b situated 29'mllea fromQueiBelm^tbV  X . The proprietors having {lately; fitted ���������-up; bedrooms  and good Beds are now prepared to afford eTeryaccom-  modation for/Travcllere-ythe Table is furolshed .wUb.all  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is well sup.  felled wlihV;th&be8tbHridsbf.;Liqu6w  Stablingj/Hay,-Oats and Barley.yyj^TheOHEAPESTi  House on the Road*���������-,       fififi-   -y     t ���������   - *   n- _-'i-s  VMtiwJRfitai^.fify^  fifi:KX-  ^l^LisHEfi^i868.  imu'  lfifi  m*sn  TfLfl&mAMrZ^  TV ci.vM dridCaaMiCAU, Fancr and !Toilet-Artlcb  Sponge^,; Biwlw^P^^Wi-"'^^v^WwiciaMV'pi,-  scriritibijs carif^ly ^injwiihded'.ftnd/bidejsaaintrsd  wiWcara and' dispatch.-1 Victoria, Yiififi-fi ^u  -Iv..-  I^A^TRI(^S:^CORl^,  I  '.yfifi r  BOOTS!/BOOTS! J  I SAYSAM! How j la it ^^Bobra^^i^joii  ana keep your feet so "dry f y ^Because t -pnkkm i  Charity^ and iButlP^QoveiiimeiitStreet, cVictwu.  EPiliilN;  :y/  '/"'ihe'7th^frorii Lahairia'. ' , "*. / \;: /fififi ��������� fi.fi  '    v'^JThe.Maui;packet Kate Xee Rnd i  Softie  ^''xiiiB-i^SB^Sw  JL7   Capsy Boots' and Shoes^-' Carpetinga, Oil Cloth*,  Wall Paper, &c,, LiUooet, B. ���������.        ' - 1-s  bACOB; MILTZ,. BrbprietdrV^as/always on  tl hand a-largo and superior stock ������C Lager, Beer; at  the Bar will be found- the"!^best Brandies; Wmesyand  Segars; tlie,pnblicrare invited)to;call,; Prepared toj-ftU  .all^orderspromptly..   ...,., . ,   ;,,,/ ,���������. ,., .     1-s ���������  ���������-.->   -\fi .-..���������������..;-������.���������! ....-��������� .  ....Mciiicken,-,,-^^-,-..^.-^ ,,, . ,.,,.,.....r,; ,;,  vblver,' ���������:}yyfi whibh'the pistolwas' discharged;  and the ball:eritenrig;tfo^g^  wounded him seriously. Afi>-  &$������e ^hoq^rPrferiii^r^l^  ���������jtii? -: koii.a^;*oa \y.^fifi-:ifi0fifi\.  !arnv$&  News from Tahiti repertsa revolution in the  Island of Riaj������a/agairist;tlfe^irig. Ihe/[King;  rhas^^ b'eeribamshed,andlihetriiissidnaries^"^ ~ :  {���������'���������fi  'led'taleaye the islands^yThefe( was consider-1  ,, 'iaiSletlos^' of life^by ^Roy^ists,v.arid Ithes  ; American Consul-%rr6w^^  h Eoix DBsoaipnONy-5n^ our fi last issue we;  ^irieritiori������dthat the tob^ofM inan-had been-  Iburid floatingin tftell^taser, ;neaf Hope/ by]  anrlndian/- liThefoil owing is aftill description  -iof - the- deceased : u Height about five' feet 'ten \  ^finches ; appweritly pf:fiir:viomplexiori, withj  light h air y(uricertdn/abou^ the' bair^aslty^as;  "kearly all gone) 0be^lk>d^wae- cladyin: a feiey fi  mrider-sbirt^Whife/oVer^shirt;gr^? ^jawsy and  y^^^black ^tti. trousert  <(th^ pockets may i'tfavo'-beea-'':^  'dians;)- well/ iriade -double "soled bootsfr in  short, the /body had every appearance of having beeri very respectably clothed. / There  ^were no iiidicatiorisio^fouf play disberned."  In tbe absence of the residoat magistrate* an  inquiry before ;the; chiefs constable of Sone  and anumber of fesid'erit inhabitants of the  place waa held, Slit'nqibirig to lead to the  identification of de^easedyelicited. If any one  in the upper: country.can- give Informatjon  $bat^ "^ouid possibly^ead to.the Identification  }o$ti^unforiunate^^man whd>16at fcis lifev{he  fiboald obmmunicate^ith the resident magistrate, here, Mr. Sanderp.-^B. O. ^Tribune^ -  fifi ^b;,Nkw;ati^ntic .Ts.L5������BA'PH''Cbanpi^w  Ayprbspectus has.ybe^ri rissuedof the Anglo-  Americari Telegraph Company>with a capital  of ������600,000 in sharea;of:������10rto carry okfr the  arrangements ^iis far conducted ;by. the old  AtSaritic telegraph Company for laying a pew  Jiai^ d^nng the^ ensuingSunjirier; and for .the  ^option 5f suitable measures for raising and  completing /the/broken cable; of last ye&r^-  The $?iw companytake 6ver thel070 nautical  aiiles of cables which fibm- remained on board  %ko--. Great Eastern1 since Aufn6t������: and*which is  certified to- bo.i.^a c<mdit|on as perfect as  whenJt was shipped, arid undertake-thOHSOii-  ������tructi<>n of the 1660/ nautical miles of new  Ifee peri������ssary to '��������� complete the entire length.  lu-e^&idsratioa ^  ilxilVclaim Vnyiihe/recelpteyto t&e.yesi^a^ ofi  SFEIiMANT' and.'McKENZIEi yProprietors.  v^This:House is well fitted up withj Goed- Beds -and  the Bar is furnfsh cd; wi th th e; bes tLlquors;' Meals1 are  served fiat all hours On' the' Restaurant principle; Stabling for Horses; Horse Feed,;&C.'Lv vvv -A-Ifi fil*fi>  *   McLEESB & SENNYvProprietors, ,y;  >PHE PUBLICtiftB INVITED"TO yCALL '"fiXifi THIS  A House.1/ There is Good Mo'als; Good Beds; Stabling  for Horses; Barley, Oats and Hay.' ������������������fiiy-A'A: fifififilfi-Zlfi  TS^EN^FOR THE ACCOMMODATION;-OF1 THE  J. Travelling/public; the-;bedrooms.are<spacious and  airy and?the B.eds cannot;. bo surpassed r for cl(ja&^.nes3  and comfort by anyIn^the lovrer.country; vthe Table ;is  always supplied with the"best' of victuals.;* 13tabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats' and Barley cohstanily on hand;  j Ay ^^.ym^^^fififiy^!^tfi^yfiiyfirnii  tl-ii>:6a'r(leri'-aria Field Swds guaranteed.:i;HftTeoii hmd  a-carefuHy -selRcWid'^tockl^f-itha-abov^ iSwa-th'&bar  ���������Europewn-and'^^American Markets^The-earlyjorderi&f  their friends in BriUshy Columbia, are .solicited. / h*.  ticular'aJtteiitiox*i iff'called tb'their large1 StocKof 4wk  Clover and Onion Seeds of Very'superior quality.  Fruit Trees rand BusheB; Evergreens, Shrubs; Greet,  house a nd Garden^ PU ntf,, StRndard- and fiO warf ���������. Row  of /every yari^.y c������t^6^������-on-^pli^  ttfi������>yfi&BxyiXRfi^^  Il������i-large stock of Hay, OaU, Wheat and Barley offo  beat description^^alwajra orithandyfFaliojylCaBaimo^Eci.  Iisb,/ Blacksmitlij and^nriel^Ctfal,^r;;Orders ��������� seat ti  Union Wharf^Vi'ctoria/VyI.*, Will receives Imm^Uti  attention;.    > fififi fi-->      V" '-���������>.%        'AfiUfi.  .:fi ENTIIiE*S ^hbtogra^bic^Gallery;^QaM  VT "metotSt; Victori*; V.L^opposito Hotelydeftwci,  Views 6l; Cariboo; arid' SceheryHbrouphout British Co].  uihbia, including views of the route tb. Big Bend; *5wjji  on hand-atJijSeiral>ate������;-. ,;y y    :   y,  y y,z   U  -.a  i'fiUfi  WHAJaLES, NELSON,/proprietor. ; This old;  \i>. established Hbusb- is;well fltted up for the comfort  bf-Travellers; the "Table -'is su&pliefid withrthe bestjof  everything tbat canjbe bad^yanA^tbe cooking Is, not inferior to the best hotel in the lower country ��������� Bed room s  for" Families^ Stabling. fbrHpi^eS^ H^rae Feed, &c������t  The ^ipress'stops here/-' - "/���������' "fifi-1 fifi-fififi   .fi'fi      Is   -  A :fi-MACD'ONALD'S ; HOTEtl,  vkrM/MACfl6NA.LD,"Proprietor: :-s' Mi^rs and  yVV; others destined Ibr tbe Bridge^ 'Riror ASIinesi#ttl;  :flnd i everyy conveniencel and accommodation; afforded;  them.   'Good; Beds ,and. a Table well supplied with.ail;  the delicacies or tho season.-.������������������"-''���������'���������"-fififififi fi-fi-fi"::; fifi fifi 1-s.  CWENNIS/lffOBPHy^ Proprietor, i -Tbft House  \J is furnished- with;every convenience for the com-  fort'of Travellers���������: the Culinary' department"is unler  the superintendeace of an experienced cobk>' the Beds  are clean and comfortable jvtthe Bar contains tbeybest  bf Liquor^ SegarSi^Ec^". Sta^linf, Hay, Barliy & Oats.  ^/Bt^UEy./TENTy.  M- HENDERSON begs to inform his>fWe������&B  ,,.,., -rand the;trayelling/public-generally;that;bochas,  takes the above Ranch and is prepared .to: supply, them!  with First Class Accommodation; ��������� "GoqdStabling:fprj  horses-; Hay and Grain, ���������fi^'fifi fi "���������-' fi'A fi'A1' fififi^ *X  BACIG-AIiUPE, Merchant;a������i> Pacxhr,;^^^be-i  twieen Douglas, ahd^ LUlooet^y ��������� Al waysjon ba hd a;  good-stock-of-Provisions, &c;, ������ >,-.,., fi- fifi, ,, l-2m  3  n . IivSMFTH & fi CO., Froprietprs.'*. This iHouse: ia  ���������SafiSf well fitted up for*the accom'rpodation .-of Travellers, to the Bridge River, Mines.; y Good:Beds,'Stabling  for Horses. Horse Feey, ic." A Stage rnus twice/a week  between this hpuse and Port Douglas on tho arrival' of  the steamers from below and. connects with tho Lake  Boats for Lillobct. -.'.--.������������������ ��������� vvv;     .*.: 1-s .  NEW WESTMINSTER ADVERTISEMENTS  HICK'S   HOTEL,  tyTTONSQtTAREyNew Westminster^ C.  Id cow occupied by W, E. STEIN*     The. above favorably known house is now open to the public; the Bar  is constantly supplied with, tha choicest brands of  Liquors' aad Segars. : ������������������ A."' "V'*   ' ���������' * *' ���������!  WH. MANSON, fififi-yfi-fi    D. A McLEAN,^  .fifi.fi  j- .   .;,��������� Proprietor,. .- ,.,,.>Agent.;  THIStHQTEL IS; LARGE AND; WELL FITTED fi\JP\  .. for the comfort of travelers,"; the, Table.... is supplied;  with the best of. everything that ciin fihe procur<?, and!  the' cooking is hot inferior to any on theiroad; Bedrooms'  for families; Stabling, . H t y- Barley an d Oats. - fi.Itey ���������  ���������A LBERT, CRtSLER has ;op?ned the-above Houseifor  A; the:reception of Travell.-rs; the; T&b 1-3 is^ellkept  aiid the :Li quors ca nnoty be, Furpae-sed;-/ the B ;ds a ri*  clean and comfortable..' Stabling for Horse's, Hay'atid  Oats.v :A' ' fifi-"fi -:fi ��������� "-"- '��������� '-:'^/i   - '���������' ���������' Afi A i $.gry  TTIBBEt^^XJABSWEI^DV Ixnpwti^Boo^  XLygELLERS &STATIONERS, conitantlyiupplltdui  receiving irom tfest source* Schcbj^Standard, uadH!"-  ceH tneous Books, and_ Stapl*' and.Fancy SWipnii^>ia.  allits Branclies y .Corner -rates ������au.Lunj/l������y^r������*i,'  y^^Ki;'Vanicwi^rfeland^ yy ^^v^ My  R,yP.iWHEAR^Tailor4 OcTFrrrsE;|F^rL6it������V  . Victoria^ V. I., opposite B������a Hive Haiel,; whwbj  Is* prepared to supply his numerous patroaawith jt������7  requliite for Clething suitable for every season aM>������)  ;yeiirt^y.y yfi-- fi;:.:-y ^    , -y fi - y ..ry u. .Ayy.;-, yfifi fifi. A'V  )^^^^^WE^^^d6^1r^^fiotM'  X: lish Merchandize,' wholesalr* hr! vrct*H d������W'������ li  JDRT/Goons; &c:,wa tes 8treetp Vic tori i,yV^,*I. Cs *it  aft������sr 1st,June-auzt-ia GoverBmcnt itree*, op^mmbt  Bank"of British/Coiumbiatty^    Afifi fifi yfi      'fififi U,  1TOTEL DE^FBANCE; Victoria^'&&%**'  Jj. BlONE A?D PlEEBE MASQttTj l^priC^ri.yTb������M  taufahtls supplied with all /the delicacies/ the mtrW  affords.   In/the Bar will, be found the choicest.lJQCwi  'FuTOished-Roomsp'&C/yy ��������� *--/-'-'  * - ::-" ' fi: Tj ' I*  EUGENE THOMASv Yates street,?Victorii,  Wholesale and KetailDealer in TWINES, BRANDIH  'BEERS, arid' LIQUORS; and-: depotro? Havana Segw.  Goods tWwarded:tb the Mining:Dlstricts^-:"'--?*i?.vW''-.  FRANKELVVictoria,;;Vfifi I., /.ilealef in Fun,  iio jSki^s, Hidb3, y?bo!^ &c. ..yLlberaladvance!n������d������  on Furs consigndd.fiiRifcrenae^-G. Sutrb1^ Oo.^Spcf  borgAc Rueff; Victoria, V^l.- fi- U  BS. HEIN, MiLLi^SR&.DBBiss Mak������Rj Govcn.  'ment Street; VictOriayVyI.    AU klndsof MUW.I  of >the 1 aiest-s ty ley keptconstantly; ofi hand;-: rprdtrt  ifrom the'country: punctuaily attended.^.to:.A A- fi&lf'fi.  TAMES HUBON, Proprietor., Tlii/f commod|.|  O ous Hotel is well fitted up with.every conv nione3  for the com fort of the public; the B vis -ari-all tbat a  weary traveller couM desir;; the Table is supplied with  the best of fare; the Bar cyn tains the choicest br mis  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Faod, Oils,  Barley, &c. 1-s  PETEB  McQtJADE; ^JBhip*ChandlerV'and  .dealvr in^uihts;.<Oils, and WindowGlassiS^^JJ  i*>n hand���������a 1-jrge stock.of Rope ������nd Canvoss.'1! ^^:  S:ree^/yictoriai;::V./L;y *".:fififi:fififififiAfifi-fifi.fifififififififiy^fi\  ^PAI SOON^& CO;; Commission Jlerc&a^l*,^  i porters.and D^ulersis.Chinese Goods,- Rice, icg������V  Opium, JStat Oil, Provisions. &c.. Cormorant Stre������vY*  wtUi^AJfifiy fi-fifi''fi'fi.fifi fi yfifi'' 'Ai'fifififi fii^  CLARKSON & CO., Dealers s.y Books,- SrATio?(4RY,  Music and Musical Instruments, NEWS AGENTS,  &a, Columbia Street, New -Westminster*, ������  a  9)  published every Wednesday -andSaturday, at the  ':'. -.:���������'���������    publishing office, New Westminster-   <  THE BRITISH COLUMBIAN is the oldest Wevrsjiaper  published in this colony, and has a larger circula*  t|oa therein than any other. Itscolurons are regularly  supplied .with full telegraphic: news from-all parts of  the world,- while, it eoutains a faithful record of local  events, and a full report of Legislative proceedings.  Tho "British Columbia" is supplied to all parts of  this colony by Exprsss upon extromely liberal condi.  tioBs.   For ttinas, &c,.seo Express,Agents.  fififiA- .������ bobson h McMillan,  ly-.,;.., . ,:-������������������ . ,-. . .tFabJishersVfcProprietors.  EEW1SXEWIS. Clothier; Yates.strdet, Victoria,  opposite the Bank ot British North America.     -1-n  ?" MALLANDAINE,COlLBCTOR GENERAL AGENT  ^������ Sovewment jfetre^t, Vkw*?4a; Y*������o<w*;vsr Islsad.  LORENZO LEAKTO, Proprietor. This house  affords every accommodation for the comfort of  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all the delic icles  of the season. a������l the Bar is stocked with the cholc/'st  of Winos, Brand i*s & Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barl y and Oats constantly on hand at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap. ���������   1-s  O ON & 'O Om Importers afcd Dealers In f  kinds of Chin ese. Goods, and Provisions, Bice, ���������������  gar, Tmib, &c, Cormorant/Street, west of.Governmea')  Victorii|V.yI. .'."'.- V Chxk'Kat, Mansg������r.  ne Bonaparte House,  CEMLEN &u PABKE, Proprietors, 'at" i  k? Junction of the Cariboo andy Bjg Boid Roads,  the  is  now open for the accommodation ef the public." -Distance from Clinton, 2������mil3s; from Savaiws Steamboat  Landing, 22 miles; irom Spence's BrMge, .20 mil ������s.  Travellers will fln 1 prices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a cill. Stabling, H iy k:Qr'din;  attentive, hostlers. Stage leaves hera twice a week-for  Big Bend and rale, and once a week for Cariboo      1-s  MESSRS; CORNWALL'S.1    '      '  ATVTHIS WELL KSOWN HOUSE, half:w^ybetween  Spence's Brldgo and Clin too, on the Yale Route,  Travellers will Gnd Good Accommodation. > Tuobestof  UW?S' ^f ^or8^aa<1 of Wia������������     Fresh Butter, Milk  WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler  -i. and Engraver. Yates street, above Gov*  ernment stre������vyicum������, ,V.I. , /.    /���������'/.���������* l������s ,.. I  WILSON &. MURRAY^ iGB6cKBs;/rBoyi5ioj,|  T T   Wine & Ppirit Merchants, Bakers b Confeetiomp,  Fort Street;,yictoru,v;i.   '; ./ ., fififi} - H  SPORBORG- & RTJEFP; ComtuissionW  ; CHANTS, WholcBale Dealers in iGBoCSBisJ ��������� J������������2  BiSsst Hoofs & Skobs, Wharf street, Vifctoji*, %'>* l \  {* RELpEYfi&c ^TERRE, yImporters^S^#  Vic tori  do Dea lers 1 o;Wines, /Spirits i&nd Liqiioj*  njVi-t '.   :;��������� ���������' fifi^fi,.'--fi-: fi,.- ��������� ���������������;  SPROAT & CO.. (iiitc Aiadereon i.Cto-U ,,,  .���������  and Cohmission" UiscaARTii.'Store Streat, ViciPJ';  V.  SUTRO ''^..c6a-.UKmwMm^j^.9B^ f  ' CIGARS, TO^AC^O^ Meershaum,IHpefi,-?H?t" I  corner of T*tea and-Wharf street; Victoria*.,, ,  v^> I  T     B. HAGajN, P4JTSWIAK & SOROEP^r ^rn W  V '���������; ntr of i atea aha.Government Sts., yictor*^. ^  PIERCE & SEYMOURtidsalers in..  I   FcamcfKE, Broaay^^ Street,/yicwria^y. L  pAIRE & aRANCINl/HA^wABS&'ci^f I  V MsacHA-sTB, Wharf Street,.Victoria,.V*lr ���������"'"*  HENDERSON aa4 B.UKWABY,


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