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The Cariboo Sentinel May 28, 1868

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 DV'ttif--  /:/^r'-: '���������';:  l,J*wefer';i  ^'4i  '^���������fttir'iS  -wderaftj^  lly  fipttWiS/tt|  fe'i^Si  WTmm  K#-'are'ir(J|  ?ress#j||  c'- j .;  JW/I  n  H  dies- ; /  pilrcliisiif  iiliOD. "���������-.������'  ���������5s;/Biit^:  i;for^^'  debitor  Agentii ft;j  RlV  ,    T'j  ER  TOR,  ���������*/ -'i^'/v'...':.~������������������  '/v  !^^ ;1^N-^ ;<3rafeCgv fcThUi^aay/'May 28, 186;8.  '^���������%���������0M������t:XW4  ii  iBATi  Kluiiti^coM^f: deliver,  .iV^r  THE ^CAIvIBOp:/SI2S.v  ^ri������a^  f*y-Billbeads, ^roKramniQS for - ���������   -',-  r-BallsrGonc^t8, and-., ,  .  ^ ^0 V-llieatrn^^  fo^Srin^de^  liedwithaoatupss and despatch,, - \, \ ,  >, ���������=  ":..- i^;-T^rm^;npdoriite^^^������^v , y -/  , the;:1diii'  cried A the:iSea^m  [About Mf-pasi eleven Woclfc' on ^1%,  feuVa'hunian b ^ eat* J.qp^a*;���������/ blue ttjto&d-  jbtb}:niifrhthavebeenfseen.;.eutefiii^ Qlpas  fcirbohys kitcbeo window.; Xh^' le^gjvas  plowed finally-b> fehe en ir*> > j >oo oMMve  Likee attired .in his/-;Suadu^:;go^to-^^iin?  tatties.'- 'It was1, id short, Joe^Uayweeow-hd  jus burglariously, in the dead ol ��������� \0 ifght,  [on' his way. into/the: deac������ n ?s :���������, kche X ^'Jv'  ���������Wonder "ho w in uc u t - *e *) 1 r] d ja con :i|������ule  , ovduria' me not to {jarkeu-bi^door-^gafnj5/  niloqui&ditieS^  led him I wouldn't   bub  fllto* t "s ay . nqibm'  ^t;winder^  promis^c) n' e    Ifm tf - a ? ^ to vnj  jre,-?Ciiu50 f uiigrlit break niysbii&oy^r^i  >iu- brother, an'O wake./ihe old 010  iou<r.b to freeze a polar be*t'tvhere. *��������� ,0)^  -"        , ,\'    ;~-,  ?^^f/i:i;^i������-x:fe  is'iiiit sin lie/ a tnl 1 o w cjtnoTe an d a ; box of  ;Uche3. ; ^iier/recuivi^  ig site made up a roaring lire in tlie cooking.  iove,;aa(l,tlie;bupjjy.couplersatdo\vn to eujpy  (ie sweet;interchange of views vand hopes.  tut theeourst! of tme.lovnvau no/siiipoiher  old Barberry ?s U i tc lien  th an it does efco-i  ts ere, - an d Jo e, w.b o was in aki ng up h is uii n d  ,trpaMiim.self to akissy .was. startled by 'the;  foice o t. the. deac o u, her. fathe'iy' sfip uti ng: fro m.1  fir chamber door-- ��������� ���������'     ;;    ,/  '���������:Sally, .-witat .are^:you getting  iiddie- of the nigiifc ter?^  yWhlz!' 'ding'! cditigt, diDffJ went  clock furiously:-' ;/;> ' -i ry:x / v  /^Powers of mercy!" cried.the -���������������������������  ^ diking fivoiit'sstrncka^  , -"^eacpn-Barberry!,7>(cried the ^deacbOT  better^balfi. who/ had^-hastily/rob eft,-herself-  and now came plunging down tbe; staircase  in tlie wildest state of alarm:; ''pV-hatlisUhe'  mutter of the clock?" ' ��������� s, :j -;V ,A '  f//' Qqodness oulyu Knows;';f replied iibe o|d  tnt*n������������7!; I^heenintbe^famiiyfth  yearsand/neyer did1���������kimwiit  beibre^-!"- ;\ /  ;"���������-'; A0, AX0X--:0 *?Y*qr^  fyW&JTlpS&gl'^������Fi&������l irk&K$e\&&s  yywikbm itself'V :--$n^'^heioiSila&y-i^hSil?:  ding a flobd^of;tears, uanU thler^Won^be'no^  ������iihg;lert;ofit!;J " X ' ' " ��������� <XX0 <X'J*  X-'ifaIjewitch^d," said/the deaeonVsvho/rfc  tamed a*leaveh of ;^Ne\r/Epgtaiid;'Snper^ti^$-  ib bismature. '^'An'yliowir^he. said, after? i  pause, advancing l;esoiutely toward the'clock;  /'^���������������������������ll-^Oe-w^ab'svgot-into it.V ���������.- --- A7--0-    ,,  ately seizin gicn^oue/^  faithful wife hung to'the other.  ' '* Don: V'?-:' ehprussed bo th  the -women to-:  *f*Le^go^my.--ramierit I"' shontbdrthe deacon;  f; I ain't aftWd^of the powers of>,darkaoss.?;  iBat tbe women would'iiot let  g'o ;' ,so  the  deacon slipped off,; his coat :and while,vfiidhi^  tbe sudden cessation ol 'resistance! they "YelT  jif^yily^a^thajiM  1 ud his hand heavily on the^door of the clock'  case. - But no human power 'cbuldr open ifc:'f  Joe was holding it Inside with a death ..grasp;;  The deacon began'to bo dreadful iy frightened.  :fie,:guye one more tug., Ah unearthly yell as"  ofu fiend in distress came from the insidei-  and then the,clock case pitchedIv-i-" foremost  oil the floor, smashed its face and v, recked its  proportions. ''/������������������*'-      ,        '  ' ^Tho,current of air extinguished tbe lights-  the deacon, ;:be oldrlady  and  Stilly; 6ed. up  S t%s;-;an:dj: Joe . ill ay wfccdiextriCatibg ;brn^elf  fedra the zivXi etfeoted hx retreat in the saine  NEW AlTCBRTlSEMteNTS.  NEW���������''���������toVERTISBfiENTSV  mMI^^MW*  :dis-  3)  up  in the  /wbispered  0%  ,c,  A Tell him iVs/most"/mdriiing.  oe.      ������        '.    . >     " y--" ' i   -    ;��������� ;   ���������  "Xcan't tell a fib,7'said Sally.     '���������  UV11. niake it a ti* w th, th en',:?���������'/; sai d >TocT /and  nmug to the huge pId-fashioned: ,clock;tbat  food in the/corner, be set it^atfiyk;;^  \{* Look at the clock; ^iV'teU'^me^^t^Bie-  t is, cried*1 the;old gentleman up stairs!  lilt's..five by; the clock," answered.Sally,  ud corroborating: the words the clock struck  ye*'- ���������   -..' /'���������";- '/. /������������������     '.--.��������� ;'"���������",'������������������ ::;-;  The lovers sat down again and resumed the  oaversation. Suddenly the staircase began  0 creak.'. -.,       _-.��������� ��������� -.'  ''-Good gracious, it's father I" ������������������'-  ;; The deacon,   by thunder I"' cried Joe,  I'hide me, Sai!;'  "Where can I.bide ybu?"  cried  tbe dis-  pneted girl. ���������'-;     .,  ^.u������1h' I know," said he, ������ Pll squeeze into  ^jpirfue clock case."  ^^S. And \vLlhout -another word he -concealed  xiimseir in tbe case and drew tho door behind  lum.  Hf  P,e deftcon was dressed, and sitting hini-  .���������JR1 tc!0wnbv the cooking stove, pulled out  HKf$Tl I*rhkcl u������ and commenced smoking  B.^v/l>eiy deliberately and calmly.  'ive o'clock, eh'r1- said he.  _ smoke three or  (l 'hen f ,l go and feed the critters.?'  iiada t yon better go and feed the critters  000 x ������ Fiv  imH|[Eh(l^ ^ave time to  "Well,  I  four pipes  Mi  Hair  ?' **:  j������r'.:  - ^B^I^S^^^tiswoko  afterwards?JJ  f  .    :|^5ituodiiurul Sally.  suggested  ;? ..     .  and wakes  W^Mnru 0 ��������� .answered .the deacon, who seemed  HEHBr" ������ *������rt disposed to hurry his enjoyment.  ''Tormented  starting up atuf a  Jt������v������..  ''What  "Ufi onlv L  1  ���������EL.  Imp  lightning!'7  cried the deacon,  rop]>ihg  his.  pipe  ou t,he  nit  ^Hv, fceim?i  ui creation's  v??  OUSlj*,  ;lc?ck  iislmr-five/"- ^aVd  and especially "Joe M������.vwted alTecttid' to  ���������credit the. whole atfair]'hinting that: the deacon  liad been1 trying/ the" exfjenmenf / of" tasting  frozen cider, a n d th at the .* vagar ies of th e cl ocfc  case existed only in a distempered iniagiu-  ation. ' (       -      . ' '   *   ���������  ;:?-:.-TEfR ;Uxiversai; /P'KAGTibB/df./niixiiig1 Chi^pry-vand  pthor ltdultertitiv.fis Wi tli .Gofico, lias, very, in ucli alamag-  Oii.in pubUc-'csUmation^vvha^  deHciPtis of B jvorages. So efiectuaUy haw the public  been tl ragged -with sucli iii ixturos thattho tfue proper-  t i as ha ve been los t si^ht of, a iv i ma hy prefer, a b hi ck  and thSck iufuUtoii to'a:<irii)k r)ch: iu spiri t and*'-araiiiiu:  Gv'neraL its is'the use pf/Qijiroe/ it-is. hfctle:khowiv.that  i 11 coiidensitig the vapors. oxtractoil frorn the berry -.iii  roiisting,; a;lTqubr is .obtaimstl of the :most nauseous  tagte/and bi" a scea t the most uuhearablb..;^ Under such  circamstancus it is GVLdeiUly; important; that all* the; J  gases and tinitls. extracted -by- roast ing \ should he car-'  ricd off as quickly as prtssihle/in order to prevent their  returning again to tho.ttoffe]^-'-wh]Ch.Ms;.di;e-c^e1h;.t^6  cbnii nod cylinder: : This .object is art trii r ably. accom -  pi ished b v* theneW andpa t eat' f Con i pal Co lie e Roaste f}  as used W FELL k CO;, Victoria,- iii vvhich the. berry,  is ciireetlv exposed'to the radiated heat, and the vapor  extracted "carried off .tastoritauopusly;.. In addition tp  tlie adyantac;e to be dftriveilby the rapid removal of  the steam cautaiainff/tbe objectionable properties, the  ppn and RestaLiiraiit  pNTREViiiLE, ���������. -o������,,   ;;  Maf8,1888. ���������" ,0^0XX;  ���������i. *���������   ������������������������������������'-���������������������������      ;-   -:      ' ��������� ���������    ->:���������.>" 0: " '������������������.  6m  4^0."   -x'  ���������^~'Xx'X'~  rMXrz  X:  &SD:  erVille.lst'Miiy, 1S68; .     '" *7?i -     "    gia  H-y-^i  : wmKLE HOTEL  MET rgro^;^:^  BOVE- HOUSE��������� HATING; BEEN ;REBUtlX  ^fltteti upfiir the accommodatloiHdf. tho public  kkept"*in a.style to; defy competition.    ,  j sold At Wholesale or Retail, arid "as cheap/as,  the.cl^jiest'in/Carmpo.ma  ^<ibWO orders fron^ be -Ibr^  ree" ofextra charge/  /   / - ���������  ;,,''.;, >��������� J/- W..v LiINDaARD;&'  inkle, May 1st, 1S63.' .    myUf6iu^'  .wartft  rM  }MLGK������SDliO&Xr'*T0 CREEK.  AFIRST,CLASS SWELVE-HORSE ^WElt Jp&.Ritt;  able 'Engine^ -in^complote order. . -; ^ ''< ?'  >  >,,:Apply to  -.    .'./.Or. ....  Mayl;-l868j  :J;' ft:���������' A DAMS "Soda Creefe';^//s;  T. L.-BRIGG^   Camtrontou, B   0. ./  y:vy.:a.,;-,;./';-';���������';:'.;;;',,",-'.,���������; ".^^���������:< ; ���������/_- -J.^iXrri:  ���������t> oars" M-l u������'  ....,     ..   . ..:.Tp;;ORpEn.vU-REP,\lRWO  JD done with neatness-anti, .dispatch/;On ri>  Boots-kept constantly on' hand." '.-Kext door'to  SENTINEL OFFICE- >   - /-    ���������   X.-   ".    r'X^y  May 1, I860.  c :       ���������   ' ,    - "  VAREERVIhliEl  xxrxxiSir^A  ?lrrr  HQ'TEL DE FR A���������M 0E^;  r;5;i;;  JttiS  :'.^^.i;  ���������:<-<r.v ^J.sy..������Yi  ;fi;-  ' .l,'f..-5.sV;.������fii������>'Mi',  ^GTEIii^^Dli^SOVAXTB^^  IS  Also splendid Bedrooms,   and   the   best   I  u^'asxJ  ������������������ . '    ^      ~        ��������� Cigars. ,      -   '' ���������  /-/���������Jia^i^i86s3;^;^:/: ���������-:&;; ;:^9^^^t^-^^*i������i^f  ;   .      .     WAKE-UP-JAKE,  Restaurant aiid.;  THE   PROPRIETORS   OF   1 HIS ��������� WEtL ' KNOWN,'  ;%tabh3hmohti in: tliahfeipg.-^b"e. public,and:;thoii5\  numerous'.frieivJs for p si favor?;, would kind]ysoIifc|fe/;  a continuance of their patronage,,,-as theyv are-/nOwr.^  prepared to-afibrd"'everv stttisiactlon In their.:- !ine/6f/  ���������business.^ ".' ^ "PATTERSON & GQODSO^V- *  - ;May 1, ISGS.. ',     ;.,"..���������     .,'.  ���������    -.'     0X$}4i  y- y  WrX:::\,Ax^rx^xr'^r ���������r-V'V.i-'^-'-.-r'-C;--* -.: -;  ..j^f EEf QJNSTANTL".' Oj 3 HAND A'LARGE.S: I PLY  :.;:;MINERSV TOOLS^;x '70:07  ^Wiff^^^^MoTm^(^M0Mi0i  y-'Mxxrrx^X:- x.X: v0xr^'-::txx<xxX007  ^aie at^tho - -        ���������     . r ��������� ���������  ���������     ���������' \ X  r '''X ^^\.i *+\ "      ' ''  "Xiowest '.Gurreiit 5 Prices. ;  ,   *  lene/CcishTPrice/ askeil/coiiseqaemlyr'no long   ,.  ..    &������00 x 0~M   70    - - - "v ���������"'"  , >*~ 1 X- *i11 '    nT7' ^  n-l ^' G ������5 ^  la ^!Bov    Rivera  pure uroiha of. tlie Codee is retained, the .esscpyvil oil  5cin������ preserved and not exhausted as in the .Cylinder.  Rons l er wh ere the Coffee is m, ti i red to rem a in a i������ "' ���������  lonsrcr time in consequence of the. steaming, it ui  men bv the coullncd. steam.   Itis chemically inn  lile to rutrtiii the qualities or arrest the detenorati  Coffee when sr^tmd.  hose who have hliherto bent; obliged to| retrain mm  tukinff CtoWon richount of its ill effects thitt they may  u������ our (������o reolroastecl in the Con leal .Up^Ur^bon^ns  comm mdfi   by all wwlte-il ������wn undorAvliose notice 1  h^been braiight, and by ninn<M-o������?^yosUmonial.  in its favor.     ^^ Mcrohniils. Yates St.. Victoria:  Centreville House,-  ���������fflCEAEIi-TaOPKETOB  Centkkvillk,-B. C.   ���������  Slav 1,136S.  Im  i.ronv:  EXPRESS & &ENERAL.  \.y *   A GEN  Ok -THE- ARRIVAL1, At, BARKERV1LLE -V.:OF  every Mail and Express; P. REID will leave Bar-  Icervilie with nn Express for the following;places.i-^  Mbsouitband Red Gulches, Whip Saw Gulch, Lowhee  Creek, Grouse Creek, Stevens Creek, Caliibrnla Creek  and^SutterV He will also.leavo regularly twice every-  ���������week for the-saihe places/ with the.CAKiBpo Sestixel,  on tlie mornings of its issue He will- attend .to all  kind s of com inissiohs* etc.. for nn bers, ob to in .licenses record claims, examine records, etc. Collecting  \v ill also:-be-attehded tb. . He .wi 11 -n.lso send 0u t,!. vthree  times a month, an Express .toKeithley Creek,. Forks  of Que^nelle, Cedar,������nU/Black Baar /Creeks. He will  have an office at Barkerville, ;where\all orders, .etc.,  can be left. ������������������/:.������������������:  ;. iiay;5^;is68.;:v. 0 \rr.0- i-A  ^, B Xm   v .    ������J    \J   U   U   , '0      Xs     xX  * 3  : XX     . BARKERVILLE, B.  C, '    ���������  pt)N^&TIiY-KEEP.ON/HAND A FULT.   STOCK/  V of Gt-neyal Merchau c   the      ry   ' -^'r qu{iiityr;  ^hicb lii ay oiler for &aie ������t'lhe nio^t reasonable rats?^ :  coinnrisintr��������� %X- "^'i*XX-X^,i-X': <XX'.XyXr-yXA  W  ' ->\;  ���������y 0   .' y    y  .comprising  ISOCERIES  r:0  ' "'f������i  A1TD   PROYISIOHS,    ;. x; - /.- '0  6ih  ELDORADO   SAX  WILLIAM   STIRLING,  '���������'rnriPKIETOg,'      -"    BARKKRV1L1.E. B^_  Fasliion Saloonv '  LE R    &    B A;R R Y 9  A D  S a,-'n Fra^iioisop Sto re,  COMMISSION- MERCHANT,  .   G-B,0CERI2isr PROVISIONS,  HABJ)W^RE,: CLOT^i5Sr<3-;AND- BOOTS.  Barkorville, Abiy 1,. lSOSr/; [ V;'   '; A.6^0',  .������������������-:.'.L;;A/  PhGtograpliic  Artist,  TTAS XOW OPENED HIS PII0T0GRA1>I1ICCALII i*rv. and is pivpvred to do all kinids o\ bot^i-  pbicnnd Jewelry work, executed m.th.i Inghest M)Ie  Cartas do* Visite. Timbre de Poste Portraits, Ambro  ^ trnA   Leather Pictures,-.Mllapoiypcfi,-} ������ows o  liousL-p Chums, etc.. Single or Stereo?copic^  KtckSw also taken on .'Wliito Silk, Linen or Cotton  Cloth.    .  Barkorville, May 1.1S(>S.  (im  N O.T IC EI  YALE   MADE   BOOTS  RS.   J.    PENBERTHY:   BEGS    LEAVE  -TO   AN--. -  ���������< noun ce that, she has opened  the '-above named  well-known and comfortable Hotel, for the accoma������ v  dation of the public.  -   TEGULAR   TjOAUP,  " -   Mbai-s at all Konitsf ���������     ������������������ ,7,  Good Beds. ,.     v /,.  / The BAR will be kept stocked with tlie finest Li   ;  quoi's and Cigars.  ' .. '.  :.. /.;,   ' ��������� /.:-  J, PE>TBERTHSr,    \y '        . .  .':;������������������.";. r'    -/:���������>y   *fLoiwiohand Paris:Hote3, ���������  5Iay5,lS63.       :/     ..'n      RJObneid/'Williams Creek,     y\     "��������� '  :j^ AyY^'HwteR^Ti^i^;j';g  A. C: CAMPBELL,  "JAS NOW ON*"THE WAY   FROM VICTORIA-ONE?     "  il of the largest and best, assorted stuokspf ���������  .   H A R D WARE  Ever imported to" Cariboo j consisting, of shovels, ..hoes,,  axes, sluice-forks, nails* bar and- bundle iron, fiat and,  round, of all sizes; Naylor's,cast steel,- fliit arid ocui-  gon: car wheels," east steel axles,, double action; bolts       ���������   '  r  nuts and washers ofall sizes;v anvils, viecs^ bellows,   _ o ,   ���������'  and blacksmithsVtools generally; hay rakes, scythes      .    -  and snathes;' axe and pick lianales;: rpptysaws,:glass,   0X'i - ��������������� ,  scs fee. 'carpenterss tools, leeks, -hinges, screws,, hasps,  v   ^     ,  Staples, hat and coat hooks, files and rasps; butchers*    -   /,        ,  and hunting knives;. cutlery in great vnri eiy, and:,;   ^  every article nectary for:a; mining couhtix.;;;Hors^;yri-y ������ '0i:  and in ulc shoes and hails.   Also agoodi assortmen t of"}   .   > .  stationery^ all.of which he is prepared to sell at prices.      :   ���������; - -  'which will defy competition;. . * ... / '  llityOjlSOSj . XXA0.   -v..  DEtTGS  A|B:PffiHT  lis >p.:>tAY.t-6'B  UAR&������K V-IIiLK. E.  C,  Mar 1, 1S6S.  65Ti  haid.   Orders from Can  pr������fcnptl v a '. ton rtljrt t0% w���������,  n  and tire upper country  D. McgUAKnTF-  -������������������-������������������ ��������� ' 6ffi  COSSTANTJaY OX. HA'XD A CHOICE SELECT--  . ion of TJmgs and: I 'a ten t Med ici lies* incUidin %  nuwiaidc and Patent Pills, Trusses, Syringes,. Clicrry  Pee t oral, Sa rsapari 1 las, an d >J ay lie's' Altorali ye, / T6r  purifviiig the bloud: '. .//.:���������  Also Stationery, Red and Black Ink, Caifdy; Seeds.  Billiard; Chalk, aiid Pocket Knives. The celebrated  Golden Balsam ami -Murphy's Mixtures'- for the complete cure of Secondary Syphillis and Rheumatism,  una CrossinanVand Other specific 'mixtures%vr Gun'-  ot;rhaju ; a great variety of Toilet Articles, as Coinbs,  Hair Oils, Hair and Tooth Brushes, Tooth Powders,  Tooth 'Picks,. Sponges, Fancy Soaps, Buy Rum, Lu-  bin's Extracts, anu other perl urn erics,, etc., etc.  Prescriptions carefully compounded. .  P. S.���������As I slap up goods every spring and i'allf parries requiring- medicine  may   r.-ly   tm obttining id-  FRESH, "Ud so ensure its having t/ie desired etteck'  N'ext door to Cunio's Bivwitv.  w^.i; ISsfe,  tlU'i.  B.u**it)U?. 11, C  <~.*:������-������ro������4K:,,'<.^-,'iW.;'^'i'4^:^ saaaBgaassCTwwM-wCT  TIT]? -p tv p  THURSDAY,MAY 28, 18KS.  j hesitating to expend money on i  connecting 1 hem with . the j  town, but when the exporicl   prospecting and successful mining'&'a  lished their ocrmn.ri/>np_\r tin A JViiiU W  T*J1D  =~~x~       ������������������������������������-���������     ��������� .-      ..7 ���������������  prospecting and successful mining Was esfab-  ; Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel." lisbed their permanency.and built jlp a town  winkio,  '"..;'.   .'.   i. ���������     j. w. Lindhard.; wbieh is  already assuming  appearances of  'rW���������tbj J5fr- GoU(lle' Bai���������i? * P*W#! ������#d(?-1 rivalry wi th Barkery! lie, it can no longer remain a matter of doubtful expediebsy to expend money on a'road leading thereto. There  is an o th er, roas 0 n, and. a strong ml ucem mi t  *���������__��������� 1...ji.-������? ..'���������,������..-.������������������  ...   ... ��������� .'���������  Ou.-.*ijoJmouth,;Jfr. Goudie. Barnard'* Express Office  J'������J������-Cree^.:    - .    ... .....   .Barnard's Express!  Z      \X V   .   "���������      Mr'  E>*3nS������   !      d������       ������������������-������������������    ' '-!<������0.  V������w Wesfmih������(.r  . ���������       ��������� ���������'.���������,���������,:,; ciBr^rm & Co-.  f E. Mullandaiue..  < A. Lyjio.   ���������    .  Ktfw.WestinJustsr,  Victoria,  Th������/'Cariboo Smitinel" is published every AfbnJav  *no fjiursdny;- Advertisements intended for insertion  rau?t:toe.Uleli_vcrod at latestat 6/o'docfc, p. hi., the day  b*fprj? publicntioii.  :.; Mitsi   Phebe A.   Hanaford was lately or-! r~"*'~  clamed and installed as pastor of the-Univer-j  _Mf������yfi. 1^8. ' V>    B;.    (;#   /;-  dained and installed as p������t>Wi wi m^ universal is t church In HinglKun,' Mass. This is the  first instance of the ordination of a woman in  the history of the religious denominations- of  Massachusetts.  ^r:-:irrAx7;T6.Gqi^^b^DE2<T3X-'  v. Al 1 -. cpmrii unJc'aUonsfcrn ust- be aeconYpa'n'ied by the  ���������r^nl.iiamo and address of the;/;vrjterv'not; neecssarily  wlth a.viow of publishing thp same, bui/ae security for  ���������>i.g good. faith.-:/.."-; ;.::;���������'-.-���������:/..;.;. ;.������v/��������� .-;..-.��������������������������� --,/v0;:- .   ���������>.,  S3W^X^^000  TJiore tea/fine sulS.ihi ln������ln    ?alO(,r^  dAS< OPENED  HIS  NEW  STOKE   IN   THE   POST  /Office hhiklinir, and has thcT besk"assQrtuiQni'bf  Grociiriei over oftf.'r.������d ibr sale in Barktrvillo.,     ;     :  X  ADAIV1.S.ON  &0URU,  :|f?������I8IS, -TOBACCO. ���������& ii������  Ml  ';^v7MirmLmM0  i(J^2ajAvk^ii^O^SA%Ci^roic)  .--.ii, ^/vBlB^-':-'' ' ': - ;"v  :jflrt^JfA'(iIJ^N '���������-.'- ' i;i  ��������� JE)i iu&oiibvsk  ilpl   ^._  .        ^    "J' '    "**    00000.    ihnu    hyi  ;  wBy^ ^^mmm  a ���������& xxou '  0m&m&^AXKHiAfXA0^X0& ���������< XXXAA.-  A-- -��������� >  t   duarea are appreciafcd in   the  Eastera   Pro-I  fel '   "'' rP'^S  ure^^lfM-^.tice   the  fact that the!, /* "-evident that the people  of Califcrnh T^^f^^^'^^  li^^Pfe1^^^ ^ejmpor  mmmmmw^m mmmmmmmm  trans-continehtai:; rn^viw^jih- X^^xrB V-0,  ]0.  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But when  if c;fl!!ftl!at 0Ht of'the bulk of.our disproportionate revenue- only a small-pittance is reserved for any public work/we think that' M  ^������f'.cottside,ra������on-in the expenditure of that  little should befor.th.e immediate beneHt of  the people who Contribute' the most lar^y  to the .rerenue.  -What, number', or'������*������:&  peopje tho Eagle Pass road' will immediately  oenehkMYriVri-nfl X-U^^rr:-.*���������:   '    '^)--y^7.yy        J  _ jgv.*^vj ���������������i ������Duu���������.,;aiTUieisco  raust;speedily occupy a second-fate ppsitiou.  No   longer' could' they hope to see ail' the  commerce b et*ve en this co n tin en t: an d Japan  and Ohiria pass through tbe/^Grblden Gates7*  oftheir'beaufcifulharbor.   Tbe'sfiorterjrotito  via. Br i tis li terri tory wo u Id u nd o u b ted iy j coin-  mand by far the largest share:of the trade hc-  tvveen  Europe and  Japan;   and Ganjttlian  ;inerchan ts also woul d have i an o p p or feu rifty pf  co'mptitibg(with -the Americans for the Asiatic:  trade on : fair; and, favorable terms.   If^er  these circurasUin/ces;.we can scarcely wonder  that the'.DemilA nf inni;<v...-^    ������������������    --  N. B0A fine assortment of Books and Stationary is  always lc?pt for sale.     / ���������.-.'���������. (5m  ���������������������������������������������'/:":-   'APvOADE";;;"/';: 0  mukmrn ��������� sowMiG mm  ipflw,  ,/-7i/.. '���������  /Gi^ar^r^-; :^X"    ;i'  :cpth!bg,&c.;ftc!  T0bflC{JQt  AAA .XXXX ,=;..Hiirclwar0,:  ALL OP rtTE BES'lV QtiALTTT.  11ii -w ^"^:soU^ hofpro;FIRST J0NE, ani^u"iiy:par.  Bnrkorviliorays,^.   " .BU��������� ^  SelHng. Oif reselling Off  '  Ht D; :/F'LaS;:������������������ S11>R;fi  0],tlie;cxceds:wlach .they pay. should be:an-  bl2,^ tfie United States. "        ^*T ^������:  *-r59J^^������|.-t6wai-d:itfidte -fiiitiiaaiite'beSiflVfn-fX^*^^'-*^cro^-r*n all probabim* ���������  J"-#'   ;-"l*.':' ���������'.-/ O1' '��������� if^'1' .^*\ T"'  ?^pJ&1������,,^tA^^ ���������l ��������� ���������'��������� :;: ' '���������'0r'0r ''^  .^e^^ y-,r:..x ��������� , / ,rx-yyy  WfNES   AND   LIQUORS  will'bo {v,llUd at the nBP."  "....��������� ^niyXl.tf  '���������  ..Qrocaries, /      . .I^ovlPiCns,.'/; \ VryGoffiayiA  Uitdwartj   ���������      DriedVegsiafojes, ���������:'.V-.-..^i^i'tiW^-.  ;Aifit>; on a splon did Ba r Saloon Stove, k"- &.������.; ���������/'- ���������''"  r������irr.   V- - *   .:.w.vua|"*!������o������>neiv.:.,os the  Catlbo.o.are gbolenougb for miners, or tba  gy^.aaagetoiravcIba(lToa--r^  Vit-flOUt. -fliPtn *    1-..va   ..__.,.      ' V*.-faW   .������w������ vwtuuiwia to. tnrow ofi' tHeir  allegianco to the,- British Ci:own,. to prbve  false to thei r na tion a 1 i ty, an d to; b n r te r aw ay  ali th e: gJ orious bop es and .pro������pec ts wMch  tbe futnre hoIds out to us and to thew, for  the sake of* a few "greenbacks."  'NOTICE..'.- "���������  AH th.������ef���������dc, Kui^.^J'"? vo ,lu,i|- WO"*-:  ^Om^'Hom^X^nl^ l,y .sttl,i,h,s ������������>  AIJ'accoiinteiiuo to tin? undersigned must bosctlW  before'the 10th Juno next.  ' X -A' \\  ' i ��������� L.MOVTrE'L;,.  STOVES!    STO������ESl'1'  ADAMS & PEiEOY,  I .country  ���������comineii  .*.aergy;.{  tforo.u?:  [of.^'rl)  fslaco tht  ph.iob.t1  parted;;  fallowed  Swosh-upj  fbufc by tl  j'port a la  pfosquito  |camp);at  foutside o  fcamptbi  Inhere ar  ^ceUent.j  |iueace \  |eurprised  jfioo.n for.  Idraiijii^  ppeoieu ui  peace to  iiiroefcly y\  of any <  there is sti  IsriUjetS  and defan  those who  ky.7  ..Gone f  Nve iooh  tbe inatitu  Nd- quit^  Fnends, b  Pjarab was  though  bt  some as so  phole the  Jwebted' to  ianuisemcni  Ja^e ohtaii  ^ica Sn  I'Jafc a part  Inspect o?  P������������to G-.ilc mm  ^Sr-  :Cv  i\i&  Mjfcritf  ;8^ARD^  ttEX'f  fKIfc'4"^  *BROS;  : ^rbrdii/  ;yjvii)-/^;  I'  who m;r?  o Saw Ml  always'^::  f (m0  Unfair-  Rortkto '������(<?  inh/'pr ti*  ���������alwy J������j|������  r B*rfor..  ������/��������� GmAi  ISEQDT  ���������sate/St,  stock of  I-'to ci  nyparVf  as by  ROS:;  "Im.-/  BlA'i  ������������������TCciff'-  *  ���������$������  SKSiS  S3  TO-DAY, MAY, 28; 186&.  MINING aouftT, ���������;. V ;  *     , : ;---'��������� Mondat, May 25^18.08/;,  ' -TuEMiXK^'BKb-RocKl)iwrA\(.v; 0 Pom-  >o -This action-was brought by/thejtfinerr  'jf^::^  i������M  as to endanger  M  :^fe'tbe- plaintiffs, Messrs. J. Pate; rej fore-  :^bf tfiS Drain Company, K.HnIIiiy|/%e-  "ifeifrf.ahf6rBu'li*head:Gofli.pajsy2 J./bpelman,  ^'rema^  ^ftjfleVvrerb- called, who, ail appke^,of:;fhe  groat danger the. drain was in of IHlmgnp iu  cohscqnenceiffthe quabtily of-tiftSbra sent;  'ftotfri 'bfttno defendants ..and; ,^e;-fl"<f^daiits'  I hmiijMte^^ ^bxkmg their  I "Saini/lromVgYound   sluicing   to ;hydraulic  tfbr&n#> therHby^aiiaing a; largerviicbitmu-  ,4'tion 'of headings -and' tailings and;causing'  'an obstruction to William Creek   ' ���������  fel? /^E^^ Witnessed -with much mK  |c^vthe;;^rform  ������ Jsed Rp?> was bio which m^treaShft  ������������ ^experienced ^'aM^rJlhl^^  ^^P^# we; almost fearedWi������  boys had undertaken feo much ��������� fi&ffiS  ^a^roceeded; *l^:MSi|S  v Ue amateurs Ws, Oill^usta^d ^ ^  te������Vpe^apce. %ie play^clpmd  i*ji' and elicited great applause, Mltr-  ude was^mte eptertafnihg vanWJtn^liif  ^eryedly,onc6^^  fB,-.B?  ������r$3  also^weH.performed and caused CTegSaimtt*  W^ 5feWo������r - of- the^fa^? Vert  considerable.inrpro vemen t lias b^n/umae-in  urfSMof-rtiii  rived^ fls+ ^wt,t^    ��������� ?-Y'^1?* Peterson ar-  : !*������&&*W--���������'-timrsday from ffce F*rr������    W,������v  P^^l-7 .������* S^ona^ *������W,   when  ta&hiv^S?0 :r1^- -'Half-a-dozen  it���������* ' ?.a7e- f been  located at NiOolai lafe  JiXn   , h??U cominenced, and one, party had  ill'  't2^?. ^^BCponnaa oS*  kW$,Q���������^nl,?9P?.%-wiofer<pn stalls.  :;. :  had been s(?nt down Couklin  Gulch than  in  previous yfears;���������that if i(> .'.drain h d  been  iJr^erfjfS^lEacted- there would not\6e any  :.;daugeKt6-the.drain ;���������that the Drain' Cw Jiad  by'diyoriibg tbe creek toward tho I-^olatdrain  made i: more difficult to keep the tajlia^ out  of tho creek, and to erect cribbj^|gj^ibat  'purpose would seriously  afluct aomo,l������f "tb'e  ola|iii3 on Conkliu's  ,Gulch,   and  thftt/'rthy  hii^e':. boulders  that -have-been carriedtSoVn  ,!ia'd,:not boon carried ivom  their ciaim^but  fro m!' the tai 1 in gs of o lb er c 1 a * ��������� x.,    S fj e^Silsb  '.;cb a tended   that   the   immber of  l-Tdtfaulic:  elairasabove RicMeld and; tbfi Wi!Iiam^reek  ifed-iloc Flume" OoQipany^ caused   a" kn h  istore s tinua oostruction  fb-cn  U^>-   flj,l  ir?  i CKfSisequcBCd;of; the .��������� 1 arge /quantf ty of. taiijngd  ' from   th-iJ;  purlroa   ol   um  creek/     Messrs  Camoroii   Hilton;'Smithy a* ad'CbaVlei? ifalioj  iujiported Uie.delentlaiu^ view  of ,it\m9M$^  ���������i fIUsKfuidrauid that lie eo^ld"^������ttffi^'o^  giving" a dec wion> with out ?0x00 0n'-Xm&  :������, ^  ���������pKI^' >^;^;KiKi^;tWSSiJ^^^K  ���������bespea^f6r|hemaho  , that tbey were juaiifled iaiheir presenf^ork- & 1si,m^if?^^wo"ld not J 3St- -^  ot  t,.a worid, sbe must: at Onca    t r: boldly  ;bcrii^oId.;^tye;roa;dw  .^ItW/ln}ff:i^n,;soiL   Precious time as even  ���������now ahppmg awo.y.    This great work'sHoiSIft'  havebeen ere this under-contract. . -What-.Is  ^AW9#^ fabulously  ���������w aithy Bntjsh;nation with it's annual income  of ������830,000,000? , Simply riotbing.'.when'tho  importance ofthe work is considered*' "\\Thy,1  Ou^ncqme/of Britain^ laboringiclasses alone  will- buikb this great' international highway  'eron'at. t>i#igh;es_ti.m a termor������ than . three,  times over ia a single year V>  '  UMiKORBti'srj.���������T.he.ColOnisfcWnoiincestbe  departure  by  the last steamer .for Sun Krah.-  Cl?c0- pfM^.::.Gr.:B.,Young  a������.y de.-:ire-for "bis return.-* AVe are incliiiod'-to-  think; jjowtjver. .that': the- honeft of many,wi!l  5 3   dis ppointed    m i   that  th^ da^   if ih&  colony-.    iv������    py.hai    not passed.   Monitor l  5S!������;������y vnx :-JH*M&$^^^ ���������  DOMINION, OF aUs7ADAv  Kos^n troduced an; act the/ d bjectoT which^s  V&^P^te:the: eunency/bf, the Doniinibii,in  &fe^of:England;a  ?Mr$^msrnV ih?' ^coaimendations^greed  W^Bsx^^ mi bribging:ttiekva'  fMmW^M? !lKt0 ^&Sen* standard o(  iPSSi^^tesiinclCanada wouldbe^ni;  foMt|| and ;Englaud,/:then,the ;act;would b%:  put m force Avhicb .adapted the currency 8jf  :^a^a^to.^at.now-prQ^^^  5 taxes. . > i -  SS?;- S?ttfeSenF may bfe ound^mctbe lac?  ^  #?B ������������peoplo havejno y6ice:ih;tfccotiduct.  ing o| atTairs, and *  Whereas, it'is* believed that the Red' River  people^ are capable of ohotimkseotMieMfA  persp.ns -to make the laws VUcUTahall''Jov������rU  them, and ���������   -       ,-:..-  ,.    ������>  hAiSfo���������??' ,���������f Ihe Bignerfeitf^is petition, /';  belaeve   that   a 1   men   possessing ^common  sense Jiave,a right to a voice in the -Govern^  nient which:they,live under ";  Therefore,'w,e the.undersigned request'that  yon -a^once adopt a measure- giving?us  tbe  right to elect pur own councillors : 'and/that-  you will give this"petition the iniineiiiate and  ^spectful; consideratJon, which' "the uiiited ' -  andK expressed ���������, wish :of- .a1; larg������:'/^umber':4r:-^'  .people deserves;;:---/:../-'0X7 yX\ \0AA77x 0\  ^^ej^meipapfer^so e-utains  an  uccoisnl  of Iho  forcible liberation from prison'of Dw   ''  fechuHz^wbpIbiid/boen arrested and/incarcer^t  ated unjustlyrb>v-thiB^Jriadsbh BSy Cfov&n-'*^  0 0^ -0-*  :>';;--  ,     ...;....    CALIPOIlNrA; '    ���������/-''���������:  ;'" - ������������������'""- Xyy, '--'Xa'- ' ' iy "���������-'" ���������"' ~XX ������������������'���������-. ���������/ ,///:'- ���������':',':;i/:.' :/":'/-  Rieh. diggings have   been' found  on  Bit? -  Oreek m Sonora county.        ���������      -   .,,. ,'-  ,_     t:  ; S^e^avis,of-Fidtlletowb;dled reefaflv-'*'  .������m3ne^������ct^toi;^cji  ���������   MoxTaEir,,   March.   IS.���������Capit  ���������?M*.formal .pr6positio.nfto the.C.. _-_,.iin  ooir *    aU InttircoiotlifilrR^way/f6r;$8,000r  ,r5iUr..  jiaors of dissension in .the Cabinet are  "^-:1\IL w SllIMnother NoYa.Scotiah will be  o^rMTa .seat in; the Government/as a step  tow^-au; conciliating Nova Scotia.   -   '     -  '^..���������������������������yy^yy -'iX ���������'; ,y'  -    "������������������:-.r;,1;,):,v������.,'.K   ,;      ...:.'���������-'���������' <1  4 O-tt-VwA-, March 24.-rThevCivil Service Act  ^>a!#-i^t6d to-day. A part v.* entering the  lowcfeVgrade of the service'as lelerk will re-  oeivf|vjsalary of.-.three, hundred instead of  five hundred.-dollar ^.formerly, and will:  _bavc y i n from twt 1 x to -������venteengears'  service befoie'hft can reach'a:first-class clerk-;  # W ������ t ivol ve b nnd red dollars, a ml t w el ve;  yearsvmore :8e^ice/-;beft  nmiX)l salaryv6f eighteen' hundred dollars;  fpKW*-' ir no '���������proyision,rhoweveivT that"'-the  Ther  mentoo n V'th'e/-10 tb. ul (i.  ' ^0 ^odyTof; Oeoigc Fergiiaon ' was founft.  on tno ban Jacinto .ranch in San Diex? coiihiy  on.-the 29th ult, andm ftiimiinaiinces uhicii'  .Je^to.the supposition he had^be'ehlo ally dealt1  with. XX ;//^/  ��������� - Maurice .MTiol, of the firm of' Wiel fc X<-7  ban Francisco,'was thrown off'.lii^Miorse and-  kiHe^w^riditis- along 'theCliff Hx<x, i oad'/vj  - William',Hennessy  was.- killed' h v a.pistbl"  shot flred by one Meyers, near AlarykvjUe.-on'  the.ldth uit.   Jealousy the car he.  Jam^s Burton/who sbot'*and^ killed 'G\ T* *-'T  '' ";  Biillard-ia Iia^Grangc] San Juaciuln, bas' been'^" ' 7*00-  committed to answer to the charge of murdvr.:  "Schlin"k0,,the real  estate  broker   ivho'ab^j  5'conded;wHh $1^^) belqoging to Mr0M&h  / yj vs  ���������-?��������������������������� y -���������.yrxi-'ym  ,-  ' ���������".>    -i Ai  :-;;:; >.  i^n^st  '..5....-^:��������� !���������"  3X~y  : x  -   -,   ~~y>      y   ,  .  ,-.,       0X       4  -/,,   -...--  ;;-v%^-  ���������x.yy  mM; entered/ mto  was/' <:hWtht^oiffigorn-  /Majesty, decU\ring profound sympathy o'nW  Sqtiaf^fv the, attempt up on the life, of: Prfnct I  Mired,"  'bill is befofe06iLgre8& providing for'tbJy  of placer claims to 'miners , unci .to/ aiv^k  Ml  mi  r ,,>,'X  yyXXXx0X1X '  ' x.xr /��������� xf- i  - '���������- ^Mg!  ���������Vieek than,theyscould :f>o^ibly,av6uL  Sfixixo PaosPKc^/-~Krom all parts of th'i*  |COuntry.WGshear bfmiuin^bperatiohs^beinff  [<ominenced;and,i)rosecnte;d with:a decree; of  ^argy,and/hope fchiit never bo fore ^seemed ^so  |^���������?Wy:ib:pervade:tbo/mi  in00x'-:?PQe ���������*?**   **lt'to "elapsorl  S% ^f'0^1' P^od ;eXpired?.;dunn^  ^^5 I1 - ^ ������^^ Claims-have -bee5  parted;and/hundreds of idle  ms  H^to^as, before wili������c.rm^^I  SSrt/lS^V9* Wam^M able to re-  po t a li,.ge nerease in the 'product of trold.  ouBiao ot Baikervi e.   The: viokl finm <h,*  / Tkanquk^e Ri-ysR.-���������-At. Tranquilte;n ver a  French company, engaged Hri niinitig; bave  Qnishod; a ditch about'a mile ton ������ and were  about to , commence. washing-; a short time  ago.1 They expect to make t$5 a day to the  hapd, and wil 1 hav.e. a> &teady thing \for. ;our  jsEfTormant says, twenty -years;���������Yale Examiner.   -      * - '       v  -   '--.���������������������������   ':���������'/   ,  on.Me ron ro,' tonching at, Ga'spe' liadti;"Slira-  michi?aud Shediac.       v        ' . -" ',''-.  titles-iri fei/. ; ^t^Galiig|hi#jSunia^  one favor its passage.    J - , /- \ -\ '  Ix.the case:Jta.dathe; Bendixen/v. Portman,  ij-tb; ohLain possession bf������������������ one-haIf/interest iii  ������������������tbe;' New.; Dominion claim; ;:.^OaDlt4^xl--'0]!������eel^,  jiidgmpnt.Vas';yesterday g\yen. tor/dofendanti  Mr Her re, a witness in. the sni t/: handed oyer  his fees fo r the! b ������a eh fc o f tli e: hospital. /.'      :  Two p ack, tr'ai ns a reived y esterd ay���������-Goxenv  w i th; goo ds .for. Iiall i'eV; and: \Vai ley wi th go ois  fo r S; Da v is. Th e: fprm e r return ed; to /Van*'  winkle 16 bring in anotbter cargo tor parties in  Gentrevilie.;'X .'..' '���������;.';.'���������"'. :;-'77'.\r.i0  =- The funcral;of Lord Brougham took/place  on the lHth at Cannes;   ^  The .*������ Scb ttish  American Jou rn al ; tzikes a  serious. view of the Nova Scotia difficulty.   /.  fairly  co's com  VICTORIA ITE.\!&  iti*f  T  :s  $,.  p4������meBce to wash imS  A ������v-^������*w  cos com-  :Mftr������ekly yield nf^vi    ?, ?XP?������M   that   tho  ���������Wi������f'��������� 4^iba? S.d Wlll^<l ftr in- France  ^MitheJLri!!.sea5Q������- : Otf- the whole, then,  teinatltution. ??"..fop ?.lo������Mr'������me as.one of  BBfcK-weXS��������� S1 :co������8kle^ "y  Mk<>mxrhTmofX0Mo''a  H������^apanyo;,'  vet   upon   the  arc much in-  ������w amount  of  plmsicur  wy probably could not  ue.  -   ty  rf?l1(ict on t  ������ffi^<o Gulch.  ffniow  ff  reported  yesterday  ten had mruck a big  'lvo^ opposite  Mo.---  Burster's Bkbwerv.���������Tho public will be  glad to find that tbey are not to be forever  deprived of Buhster's atej in spite of tbo late  .fire. Men wore at werk yesterday morning  clearing away the ruins preparatory to putting up the new building.  XlomuRi) Lvlht.���������The late gale is reported  to have caused a portion of the wharf at  Oapt. Stamp's Mill to give way, by which  some 300,000 feet of lumber fell into tbe  water.  Court Martial.���������-The Court Martial of 11/  M. S. Zealous sentenced the prisoner (whose  name we did not J earn) to jo months impris-  onnicut; The pdsoner; was a marine sta-  tionod at San Juan, and attempted either to  shoot or stab his sergeant.  Trail to the .Bio Bexi> CouNTRy.���������Tbe  F*ands and Works Department, as will be  seen by advertisement, call for tenders for  tho construction of a trail to tbe Columbia  River, from Shnewap Lake across the ftaglo  V������s������; And on. tbo !*r:e poI>c-':^d I> ���������  . *. ./luith^ House of'Commons/Rb^e,gave not-i'ce  of a: bill to ^restrict co ritin^ e'nV eha'rges In departments.  , ��������� ' ....;.  BillTespectmg-ofli.ee of Secretary of State,  passed committee; of; the whole J also./bill:for  continuance: of, Parliament on demise'of the|  Crown. ,*. ' ��������� ,' . '. : :-.;-/',"' <,, yA;. r:,;  .;:-Ko.ii^er4^"ndwjn-conim-itte"e discussing-resb-  1 niiiop.% tO/appropriate ; th irty th oriajan<1 So 11 ars  per aririitni'for five years to , defray eipehses  of a;Geological Survey, .' ��������� r._   .--. ;   ;  ���������-, ^ ���������'    ' ��������� XEW BllUNSWrCK.    -'"���������,    :   ,��������� "'���������  The first session of the New Brunswick  Legislature, / under its ; new cbnstttiitipn>  closed/on the :2od of March, after a session of  46 daysl/rTiie.nunibeVof;Acts;passed was 76/  The;St Johns Morning Journal in commenting  upon tlie session, says :r^ ;���������������������������_ ^     ���������   .  : //^ It; may: sa^  o f; those/w h o an ti ci pa ted th at i t: \you I d dwindle down, to ihe dimensions.of a .mere.;, mun-  ici pal t ty; ha ve no t b eea/fti 1511 e d. / Take n as .a  wholotliis House is quite.'-(&>capable*-of trans-;  actiri^ihe public business in a satisfactory  manner as any ���������jpf it3 p redecesso rs, and  although some of the oratovs ��������� have departed  and there is a marked deficiency in ^heaven  born ftnanciers," there is a large amount/ of  good sound comraou sense and 'jadgmeat in.  this Assembly.,?  Tho St; John Globe advocates the abolition  of tbe( upper chamber, or Legislative Council,  and fol low the, exam p Ie b f O n tar io, which  province has only one provincial parliamentary body. ,:. '-������������������';-.  Mr. Skinner has accepted the office of  Jn dgo of Probates, retirin g al together from  political life.        .  RED '.RIVJ3EL.'  The ;Nor Vwester of th e S3 th February. co n-  tains a petition of tbe settlers asking for popular representation, and remarks thereon!  Its firm: yet respectful tone will carry a  w eight wi th it, an d, back ed aa it is by so  large.a Tntmbsr of signers, we do. not well sec  how the Honorable Council can refuse to ac-  Cedc to -thei v reoj \es t-  ���������0    . - ' ���������: -,'    ���������-,-,,   ��������� '',   ���������' 'X0 '���������-  ' .Novel A^rqifATJox op a - Toxours.-^Ther-o  are some operations in. Bhrgery Jfo^h r> 11   Ian -  gero us ��������� on 'acodiin t o f he mo rrh age- j Vc m r t-b'o;  smaller .vessels, "and others'which are pei>1  formed by meaii������ of strauguiatin^a; parfc^t^l  dowirig.it; to die and be cast off by the \$w of  natiir*.:  the; latter p rocedure ;beiiigi" ne'eoli-'*  sarily, proiracte,d and often: excessiVtdy palu-:<~  fai.  A If reach jurgeoti, by uanfe Ghassai^"  nac, being. avyare-;of, fchese, tacts,',devised  ax7 ?  instrument whioh'fhe-calledthe ecraseur,  oi:  ciuisheri^^ -       /  It is formed^ of ;a-fine, chain, ga the re din to &;V     .       \ X  loop, which, Ioop|encloses the part tojue.re-  . 0.  ]  moved ;   l*y/turh|ng. a^sci^ew   the chain ^ is   / }   ' 0.A~  gradually tightenfecl /unhljthe parts, are'sepa-y? A    '    s  rated.   There is not a .cutting edge, to "tiiia-     -,  contrivance ;'the chain is blunt, .and-in,ifs' A''    V I  passage through the structures so turns iu p. or    ;  - A \-"  t^gtsthe^endls/oftthe(bloodvessels that hem-",  orrhage is prevented.;  I \ know - of a girl -t an      ,-'"*;     ~  amiable 'young -lady, -who was unfortunate .,'  enough to have been born with a tongue so^ 'r  much too long that it protruded from/her    '. ��������� A ^  mouth from-foiu\and a/half to ;i1vo -inches ;' '"--;'  she could neither inasticate her food not* artier     /'��������� - %  uJate.-a single sentence.;; life,was-keptjn, her ;/ '-.- * 7) A  for nearly flfteeu; years by liquid n.6ruuisii^Wi;fc?;&-:^^^!  sucked through a tidbe; her appeaifance ;Vi^;;^-.;..-.;-;./:.';;;';  naturally revolting, and up'ou--tlie';/slight���������e^yy70A0:i  exposure to cold or atrnospheric. changoH:;sher yA:SA'%-':7-  was. well n 5gh su lib cated by th e: tie men d o via    . 77 A   :  enlargement of ttifs' congenitaL hypertrophy;";���������/������������������������������������; Ji  To cut olt this' tOriguo wjth a sharp  knife "../ '���������;".. / ^ :;  would have been to. expose her life .to danger ;.;,:;  from hemorrhage, to twist a string.around, it,;//;  allow it to die;by.sipvvvdegrees, was a torturer *A.  to vvbich neither her friends nor herse-1 f wou 1 d ;.-/���������  submit j yet with the application of rchioro ::  fo rni an d th e e or aseii r it was t a k������ n a way T~  the superabundant portion of i i���������trimmed to  a poit)t, and to-day .she si������gst tallits^ und eate  with perfect control; of tho re main ing portion  of the organ.   She .won't to sleep, 'and, awoke-:  with her jaws closed;for the2 first time in her ''���������:    .  life, and With but the loss of a few drops of  blood. ��������� .  ���������-ryy  Cr  Spain is about to ni or tga ge Cub a to Lon don  . bankers for a Joan of 820,000,000,^0 be re-  TOttfollo^iTi7^W7  jVthe Governor and Council of"Assiniboinc :���������  ������f hrrtt**\''   ':r '-X. XI������������������������:?'<\   K,yt  or<������   tir-?n'��������� in^������.>  inc  i^jy  l u  i-M.  A  ,rjl-  lit"    h  czr   '"ow mo one. tj������ pii t rmi uC with  any  utl'.cr  -r. iii. a  Fell' fkist.    To  bo h.aci ftwm all iv-^jtvoc-  ��������� ���������-*; >:..f������. -       .  . ' ���������   '    -" ���������'.;.-���������'.  1  (:'��������� **SL  'mA07  ���������Ma0-  "l$X',A r,  ��������� &������?*!*y'y -. -���������'���������������������������  ������Xi - -"���������,; .-���������  '' ij-.'fji ],.'-''���������.,    *'     '   ,*'  vjj^^^^���������^^^  X;a^k;nottliaimy bed of d^atb  ^'firoin/bAhds of greedy ;b.elrs:,be free ;,..;  ������o?-Ih^e^^ :  0 6f fbi^ni'Eie:;s .favbred^oiis, not mc.  -���������" VICTORIA ATlV/5BTlS.13AtENTS.  %>*fXA  mi.  'I"  iX  f     0'-    '- x'l ask riot, each kind soul.to keep  - ;   :Ax   '.      ; /;  ��������� Tearless, when -of; my^death he hears ;      .  '. '���������- Let those who will,'if any, Veep ;  - ��������� - ,     \ ���������   Th'fire are/vvorse plagues on earth than -ears.  /���������  -"   '   '      - ���������,, '���������    J ad-: Tint that my death may find       .    .  ���������&/���������?"/-   '' ' X'Ax'xAX Ai   .'Ti-^iVecdom to my'Iife denied;    -.-���������  f--'   A   ' , Ask 1 nit.the folly of mankind.'/ -. ;   V .  X'    '     ' , "   Tbon, then' at last, to quit my side.  .  ��������� a,  Jj-*V^r>j-;  ������J^ "  '"  ' '   '      - -  -iNor..tiring to see/me sease/Jp1 live ./  A-''       ;  '    A ,.   Sonte'doctprfuH-ofphrasc and famej   -  .,    To-'tehake his sapient bead{arid give o  ;           ���������                     ��������� "   The il 1'he cannot cure a rhame.-:  \/r    ���������   ''    "' ; J^or YetchV to - take "theaccuetoinM toll    .  '  !;         '-,���������������������������    " i   Orr?tho poor sinner bound for deaths  ":\    >,       ,    ' ,   His .brother officer, of the souli .;  <A;,',.: ���������       ,,    ' \ 'Tovcanvass, Villi official "breath,                  ���������  ���������y-lm.  ���������:rf.:"  /|;.  ��������� /^  ���������if;  Jght look, a sheet,: wrapped  it  aroimd   his  body and put out to meet the lazy Jim.  A pet monkey m the house  watching the  movements oi'-his master, took a tablecloth  and wrapped it around himself and followed  on at.a distance.   Finally the uncle came to  a tall tree that had been cut down and trimmed up and was lying parallel with the road.  He walked to the extreme end on  which  he  took his stand, waiting the   appearance   of  Jim.   The monkey, unperceived by his master, took his position on the other end of the  tree.   Presently along comes Jim   and   the  cows���������Jim   was   whistling: Jim Crow ;  the  cows shied off'a little but passed on���������Jim  walks up, stops and looks;  "By gosh, I believe that is Fraid, and there  is little Fraid too:" ���������  .  The uncle not understanding, the '-mean his:  of that expression  looked i around   to   see,  when; to his as'tonish'meni he. saw;;,!i\ lie. Fraid,  aricL a'^vay he pnt as; fast ��������� as . his heels would,  carry; hini;\ Jittle Fraid after Wm ;, when Jim     x-  exclaimed at the top of his voice,��������� C O  ���������  " Run/TUriy big Fraid; or little Fraid! will  catch you.".--, A *;.'.-���������      . *;. ���������./���������'- '���������; .;���������:-;..-���������  Hork is NfiiviiK Lost.���������In one of the subur-j  ban "cities livedo an old maid, over, seventy  years old, who bever gave up. the idea that-  she would have an  offer before  she. died.  o  [DMASLETT $it.uxax  ^^^^jotisS  WHARK STREETS  ���������'���������Muyl, 1SCS.  Importer and Commission.31^rch;hit.  .   '���������'���������::    ... Victoria, v. i.  Cm  G.'-.'S U T-R-O    &    C  .   ��������� Corner of Yates find "Wharf Streets,  VicrcKiA, V.I-j  IMPORTERS OF CIGARS AND TOBACCO  Muyl, 1SCS. :"'������������������  4m  ROBERT   B.TTRNAB.Y,  LAXI> AGKXTi Etc., V  (7ovkrx:j������.nt Strket, Viotojha, V. I.  All bu ?iucss carefu I iy a n d "p ������ net ually a 11 ended to.  ���������'May'-T,'1S6S. . ^n  i.  . Every d^cripiion or^jt^fflr!JIM ^  ed.  V  lyjKsues.ufthc*  with PoatnRe, $7 60 ;  Cmo /S" $Af^  '"May l^lll/ ^'*������  !������������������r/^  A  *Ivt  ���������BICB  FEE     ROASTERS  ��������� And Dealers in ���������  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS. Era,  F  She a pp I i ed 1 a st year for ad i riisisi on info  the  Old Ladies?'. Home and was   receivtd ; after  Fort Street, Victoria, V. I.  Mfl.v. 1, Ufa,  Cm  ed her mind very much, and.she would  sr assistance.    ;   .     . /���������   ��������� '������������������  ...      - .      :      '   .. ���������:..    '      .- **������               . .     . ._���������. _ .   .  : keep ing.-     One  -niornhig   she    called -..tho  matron, and told fier there: was one (hiuz that  troubled  like her  "With the greatest' pleasure, pray what is  it?" "   .;" ; .."    : ... ���������/.; ��������� ��������� ' ..��������� ���������  . 'f Well, it is this ; if I should have an offer  of  marriage,   and accept it, could I get my  mrkTiOTT .KooL-.Trrlion   T  loaro'>"��������� '  WELL8, FARGO & CO.,  . 2'e\v York, California, and Kurojiiian Express,  ,/  Ant! Exclinn'go Company.*,Capital $10,000,000.   .For-  ward Lot tors, .Paf&tigus ami Troasar^/ io nil'piiris'Apl*  Exc&lahgd drawn.(������n Sni Fvz%Cisco, New York, Boston,  and Lou.Ion, at current rath.^  Office���������YatesStVeot, Vi.ctom, V. J. ���������'-. > ,���������  Ma'vl, 1S0-9.       /������������������,���������'���������������������������   ���������:    ".AA"- s    ' ���������"���������   Sm  ', '     HOTEL DB PRANCE  GOYKRXiJEXT SlREKT, VlCTO*u V T  T^HE RESTAURANT Is sui>nlit>,i ,,'.,*  datlbnis reploto with. oveVy cod orf^S?  Wines, Liquors and ClKaw. Trie "*  Wl;iSCS.   '       .J;.B^B& CO, Prcprie^  0  s  STORE STREET,  ."--/Between Herald and Fisg'uuriT, Victoria, v.|  en. I'in. perfectly  claimed the old- maid.  7 T..N. H58BE.N'& Cb.^^Q:-;;  WfLL FOKWAUD PllOMn'lfiV/AT MODERATE TBRMS,  :    English, Americaii,  French,. G-errnaut   ���������  :    And other Newi-pap'jrs and Periodicals.   :..;/���������  SOUSCKIITIOXS, ADlilVG POSTAGE, PAYABLE iS* AOVaScC.  :   M;iyl? 1J6S.  . .: / /���������. '6m  principle/and the uble is supplied with li,tW>  the murket ailords.       / ��������� fJ'  : A rftsUutrantbeins attached to lbif:nremh������ M  ROADSIDE ADVERa^SEiMENT^rj.-//.  . ������������������; \  .'���������;' ; '���������    ;./''v;//'���������/���������/'Q^S^LMOUTH,;".;   '/:,���������:.' , ",  OEOR������ 13" JAM t'S FINbLAVi  _������������������.-���������  j on y itk.vry i>uk juar.  lbvb'     r -'<-"-��������������������������� ��������������������������� '������������������������������������ ���������'������������������"��������� -Amy- cm-;;  . ..LMRO R T ER.S,  7 r . / 77  'And General Comraisnou   iK-ro!pints,: =AVlJ*rf- Street  . . ';���������';. AAA''   '-.       Victoria, V. L ���������'���������.."-   '  ��������� ������������������";;.; ;/;":>.,-:  London ohlce-i31j Great St'. ��������� Helens.''-Bi������lioosim't*> Sir  ' Muy.i,/i8������js.   : ������������������;/������������������.-���������    * "Cut. *.  con-bc hi'd-ai uiriioars of tlio duv    Pr\vm&  rooms lor' families.   The rotes nf/chsr^ trtv,  lows:. Hoard . and. lodging per .week.' S5 50 to iii  ditto per day,,$l 00 ; Stnglo mo������l.< thiny^M  a-halt ��������� cents j beds,' &0 cents, . TormsJfeai, i,  vauCc.    A tireprool sale in tho hoiiiy.  :. Mayl, 1868.   A~  :P'O.N.H0u-S;  -.-     'A' :  .  -    GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.  MWEOLESALE  AND -RETAIL  ^    aJ.h^ co.  '  '//���������;-.;''./'��������� ��������� '"'/, :/���������/- jupokto/s ok  .English & French: Siiks/Shawls, dmkl  ' .        ' T!,e  Principal difference between a luxury  A   ;        '-, ��������� ���������   *     and a necessary, is the price.  f M?S^(T l\m so������l is i������ gnef, it is takine  ^f^;;and  when it is in smiles, it is talc!���������  |i|p:  in smiles, it is taking  ���������X$X~-  #^Mhc^n:Jns due," but be careful  0?M>?KH? "mc^ due him.  ' .   '  CLUB. BUILDING,' . "  ;���������  <: ::  Government Street.     '-,;-���������      :;" r^Tjctorhi   V. l.\  ; 7jP*������hy- 0f r'very '^^ription made to order.  \  r- -'..y/;/LYTTON, B.C.  rrHE PUBLIC1 ARE RESPECTFULLY INFORMS!)  i that the above Hotel is now open for tlie acc-.m-  modauim or twveiled. Qne.of the bus*. 6^ " the  country ,s rctmuyd at tins tstablfchm'ftiii, tfnU Uio I}Vr  Liquors.        ^ "'^ assoruny������l ^!n������i and  tn'thn Snieirfi6?8{1 W0UH V,lso an^������nce tiijitnttnchod  Seap ^^ ^ m������dCratC ral0S'    U'������y ���������* ������* tor'  iriyH fim  .W. McWHA&CO.,  1,'roiJrietors.  6 in  A. G-ILMORE,  MERCHANT   TAILOR.  YATES; STREET,  Third door below Government Street, Yiciorb, Y. I,  ... .^,   ............... ..ttcuiion giVw��������� ............  ... London Firm���������J..!>; Tunstall&.,Co. .  U:;  ;  /'.".. ESTABLISHED 1S58.  /FIxEE  iCTunhi, ���������  _....���������'Dealers In ���������  Kine English, French & American L:^  . Chanipagne, Claret and Brandiei.  LA31GK  STOCK   OK   BONDED   TOES I  i-  prompt  Grelly &   Fiieire,  Agents Jr.r )lo.=t.  iut'.-- il;:1  never  --'���������������������������'*-.'.-.'j,?  -.  ''���������   ���������  "      ������������������' "'    'Afleramanhas rode  fast onst,  he  nevi  . A * -  .'���������    ��������� ' wants to go slow agio'.  S;S!.U^--^P#'a!i fs ^"n^ed on arnestanda triith-  007^oiiy^nn:is beautiful to behold ; but  00Ar0 0A-������^f^^ ionnded shnplu on courage, ain't  ���������:-      ;;   ,'    eimythm^ more thuii.good grit.        t"  , ,   V/       -scratching almost PW tohaving^the each.  ' :W;5;Sg;S.S :���������; ?ho^:��������� ^Hjs ^who are:. really fust class  CLINTON  .HOTE  Clinton City, ���������  BRITISH    COLUMBIA.  A11 or.) c r-j iron i Ca ri boo proinn ttv a Uc.������ tied to.  1.J0 Igff?; Gin  Bftiicht S-iii ^ Co., ofMaretnl fc-nr Ay, cbauipP?'  ,iric:, France.  To arrive���������Gold M^������lal Champagne, from Baa  S-jti&CO. St. Laurkxt k Lamctbi,-  Agents, CfiiuWJ  Mayl. 18CS.  J  ESSE    fgCOWPER  H^l  Bar;wm bc-Jhuh,! th������ cliiifccafc 1 iuSS    ^aml m Ul(t  v :. .: ^won'!i"fl.o;to stir up ;a;man  when   he   is  We are fold that a. eonfonted man is happy  andAvem^bthav bin told at Ibe same tj^-'  mud ..turtle;, could fly if n otlla-had  !>W'. wsprjotrul/y invito a call ftnm tltoir ol,1,.., -^  ������������������ DKALKIt   IN* ���������  ���������TOM-MADE BOOTS AID SHOES,  Xft:3������ YATKS STiiBST, ViCTOhlA,  s;  /'{Oppositemm^ T&r&k'Gfr&j     /   /.  EXCHANGE  HOTEI  SODA CR REK, B." C.  t-fti/'l  -;   SCOTCH   HO USE,-'.  FORT    STJlfe-K-T, .VICTOMa  '''���������''^/McL-g^^;bo.^'-':-'  G K5fjt:-R a r; O Ct fit? h us,  that  wiugs,  ff  . Gn6m.70A 'boy was.in the hablfc of stayin.  rpHE   UXD'ER5?rGXED,    PKOPRIETOBS   OF  1. above well kiunvn and popular o,n������d>l!sl'"^  t<> inform their numerous frfundsand UicpcMi  ia lly, t h. a 1111 ��������� -y a ro now p rep:* r������ 11 to ������iforl ������WJ  ccm mod a l i on * t<> ��������� v t h e t ra veil ing coram o ni !.r, ������*  rfttp&U ;rvas>oiiahle nrte" oi':..CJHitg^*..-'Gi^l *'(  ��������� bed-chlimbers.'   ���������Z5'/- //"���������"*'���������.'/-... ,������{  rrThc/jffaris stock of I with tlie yUry *$& ������B ���������  Wi n on. Sp!fi ts a n d CI j,' a i*A.':'-. Itth i  .-/..-/ThfiTalile ia Pttppliod with all tho sutettnti^  'h'ixurfns tho country affords; aud meals are fir  ali/Imiir.". ' . ������������������ ���������   ......  //Tiro SUhlos aro .������paciou?������, comfortably������������������ su'  by first-cla������i hostlvr>. and a wmtMtl '*������*  , net; t provhhO or o r a 11 ��������� % in fl s.  m  In  to tl  1 short/cverv onnveniurico and focdUJ ������*^*J  hocomfort.of mau and  beafei. ������111 ,[>������ wavi  h-j������;i������;i%s wm Rp-������ notiflbrt tn urui-r wi"  i i r.; R; U. is fa c tion to a 11 wb o niny pi I '.y^ig J jj |  the propriofor^ will Apart; now ion. m "*���������������i , ^r.r*  i all wbo nnxy parol  lUhmont, A.fe. ������*"���������������;,.  ^  Soda Crock, B.C., Mnrnh 10, ISO'S.  Mllrcfad-'by tbo un'rtor^-nert   w o Jm    'nM ''viH !"  T,nsmith business in tiio^^l^J{^^^  MayS} 1858,  s. rauicv.  Im  ���������D  ���������      BAILEY'S  PRIVATE    BOARDIN  l^nstrccL Vict  HOUSE.  OSES'  : V.S*'" Said J!i* "^ d0n,t kn^ whaiJHAIR Dressing & SH^^.  . ;.^'WflJV; said his,, ncle. "if yon   do  noj  ~..~ ���������; BJ.RKKiiritiA  bring, up th ) e cows soooer S������. ii   m  soma oftbo^. nightV"       ,T     " ses Fra,d  SALOON,  .AfavMay-; passed by, an([ the bo  late as ever in coming^.   Sohial  was as  ncle one  or la t 1 k; t w <?oi j Don srl as and  Bread 5<r*t:i,������*.  GREAT REDaCTIOKI  E  ^._ Mpivmifun ori;:,niH������Js-ai!d.l.adi.;s and  Mr-LKKSB & SKNAV, P^g^Ii*  1>EO TO KETUKN THANKS TO TtlMj j;<  t> for.Uu-. past, and in ordor to suit tUtuw  haro roducod 111osoil 1 o oI'-prlew, viz.: ^_  Meals, $100 j Ms, 75 ncnis ; Bonn! m -^  per day, '^3 50 ; K.aml and L*>dpnw Wl * ^|r/ tr  iM. <>." l> liiM,.  T  '/^    ������  T^TW^TR TO   THE per day ^3 50 ;' Board and I^fJ^nKlf ������* "fef  '"tiHdin'K anirr1;'     \* ..llwt ,h������   ������'������������ l>m*!m������������������r Mm MavhW regally mmlo 1������W0 wldilw.n������      ^  ^ Prr-misw, wj    ��������� |"^"'^^ ;<( ������r^' ^^ {,n" tsfttliW.iiail d.-pin^ ^���������pari.aeal^ ^.if^*  eonvt-riirncorr-ih"'     '���������        UhI  ,VPU'"-- 'with ov/tv an extended support in the lfltura.   l".r-1-  ftftutJomen,    ������::������-T./';;j,!4V,r1 V'^'^'^^'n^'-t-htdios and faniUie.'s.                              .        f jUrfffltflRiW  iion uf   J.Iv  an _  fainilie.';. ^h/iirM^5 *  A< ihe Bar will always be found (hecbaic..  mnliniic-K f)1 Crt,,h."v;;; ���������"l'1"tV,:,0f'vr!" tX' ������-  !?n|,-,y ',|:^ t^r Wiuv������, laqnorri ami .C.gir���������������        ���������    M ,l0fiK"'J  ������ r,:i w^Fb-v .sir.,;/ "{K ' iVi1' 1 Bwjrr ��������� 11 "if 5' Htui&c I"   The Slab io' is e lea u, aneih i Vit'i'.������ w ^ ..;:;;.' k  May J, 1SS3  l" ei.  6tn  ouppJied wlMi the befil proven'.'.or of the C-  May 1. 1868.  aiilfl.1-  XX  ��������� <.*���������  ^~0.���������.,  . v.


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