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 *Z!5F  ��������� ������������������������������������*._-*. j-  c  :\  '���������;;  :   ;  *-*fc  V  ' y  A  y%  .. . .^:/i.,^.......^:...   ..j -v -    /  "fifi. fifi .   i)_..  "Y"  <  Vol. 9,  ���������kervilley William Creek, ��������� B.C., Saturday,  21, 1870.  No. 3  ���������   Published every Saturday by  ROB ER T     HOLLO WAY.  [��������������� Subscription,  -  -   50 Cents per Week..  Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel." :  '���������Van Wiuklc������-  Q ao sii ei mouth,  Soda Creek,     -  Clinton,    ���������  Yale,.    ���������    . ���������  New Westminster  Victoria,   -'���������-.'. *  'L.'P, Fisher, y ���������  -      -      MrG.W. Lindhart ", .  -      - Barnard'^ Express  .      ... Barnard's* Express  -     ; -   . - Barnard's Express  Mr. Evans, do,...      . ...do^. .  ���������'.   .i������.u. -. -      Clarkson & Co  ������������������v. fifi -'.     John Collens  -:���������> -'    SanFrancisoo  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL,  Cards,,Circulars, Posters and Programmes for  Balis and Theatrical 'Epter.tainmepts ���������  ^"Executedwith neatness and dispatch.^^  "'Terms[moderate, fi     fifi"-   ;  MINERAL ���������  ���������-. :  Tbe depositsjof: minerals; the cxiractionloj  ^ieh'formsTthesubj^t^f^iiniQ^^are found  in ijf%foTpi$$beds originally more:or lees  horizontal;:; and. veins; The'form in which a  mineral is found is' usually the same.; thus  jcb'al is generally deposited at the bottom of  fresh wa ter. and. app ears as"a b ed. The only  other mineral of importance,' if we except  (rock .salt, found in this form, ,!s bog Iron.  dred miles with a veritable* width of from six  to one hundred feet. Of this character are  the celebrated Washoe and Comstock lodes,  which latter produced from 1862 to 18C5 inclusive, metal equal in value to forty-eight  millions.of dollars, two-thirds being silver  and one-third gold. Lodes are sometimes of  such definite width, that miners may and do  divide them by the length, each owning a certain number of feet. ��������� Tbiis a vein is. worked  at several points. The surrounding medium  is'often quartz, in the fissures of which are  found scales, of gold. Silver is found in several forms, some of the 'most noticeable. of.  which -are ruby' silver, horn sliver, and|hair  silver,, the-latter being a most ������������������.beautiful .'.and  delicate mesh or net-work much-prized for  collections. '.   v  ' Tfie'cxtreme hardness of the "quartz, and  difficulty .of separatingTthe metal,, oftonmakes  the working of a mfno impracticable. '.'But  here nature comes to our aicL By the action  of water during long-ages, the enveloping  rock is decayed,.and; the golden, 'spales and  nuggets-washed  down, a^d^epjisitedf--to*  #  V  sfi  fis  yy  fifi-  i. y.  fififififi  i 'V  fifi'  The .jp..osition....ok-������co.^  ined by the dip of the stratunr'at Ifa outcrop;  hese beds are of fen divided by intervening  trata of: limestone or shale.*' Augers similar  o those used, iii boring artesian wells are em-  ployed to find the depth, and thicknrss of  these beds.   This mode is extensively prac-  ' iced in'France.   It is only within a little  aore tlian a century that coal has attained a  Commercial; Value,1 and within that period the  cientific college "of France sanctioned its use,  eclaring it not to be a poisonous fuel.   Its  oQsiimption has now reached .such a degree  hat in a single year over-a hundred and  eyenty millions of tuns were quarried, and  f "lhi3 quantity England produced one hun-  red millions of tuns. ���������  By far the greater number of minerals iised  a the arts are found in the second fonri;vii&i.  bat of veins, which -are- as'^defiiiiiely placed  s beds. Where; an eruptive rock^haS been  breed up wards, breaking a series o f strata; a  jein is formed hi the fradture,' a'n.d also smaller.  cms are'iformed in the surrounding cracks.  incidents and faults occur, in yeins, as in  ata, and are caused by; disturb an ces after  lie "deposition bf the metallic veins;"'These  widents are so various, and the reins so in:  ricate, tbat science is sometimes f'at- fault.  Ins places geologists in ;bad repute among  rac Lie al miners, and- this feeling was'- so  rong at the time of,Prof. Siilinmn's visit, io  alifornia that he was refused admittance to  J any of the mines.' Vein's are often be ter o-'  cneous in their compSsttiotf, and a section of  certain Spanish veinexhibited the following  iibsiances in the order of their enumeration:  artially decayed rock, or gossan'; a brown  on ore; galena, or sulphide of lead; gray  uptiate of lead; white sulphate of lead;  jure white metal; iron with patches of ocher;  pry tes w i th patches of, gAlena ]'. galena in  rge grains; -culphate- of lead; and; lastly,  e su r ro an di ng gossan. This is an " extreme  ample, but veins are seldom simple.  A conformation not Infrequent is that of a  p vein termed Vena Madre, or ;motlier.  in, accompanied by smaller contiguous and  irallcl  ^theTwRFa'lafge amount of foreign matter,  in.the beds of* the streams. These streams  have been, by volcanic or other action, covered to bo me depth with soil. The uncovering of these ancient river beds; and the.wash-  ing of the deposits there found, constitute  This method was firstdiscov-  >erof  er mining.  ered in California by a" Mormon, a in  Captain��������� Suter's band, who In diggiflg'arace-  Vay for a mill Totind jnariy small-yfellpw.par^  '.^^.^Mcl^^  these'he couected a large quantity; and ;in jthe  autumn of 1848sentHhein to San Francisco^  then b ut" a village." They attracted the attention of an old Georgian miner, who declared  them similar to; the nuggets found in the washings of that State. The' news spread, and  diggings for the valuable deposit were commenced in all parts of the State. In the  spring of 1849 the panic extended to the At  lantic coast, and the memorable/gold fever  set in. During six mouths of that year; no  less than niuety thousand people went to  California.   As they exhausted the stream-  was formerly obtained only at the mine of  Almaden ia Spain; but soon after the demand  arose for.it h CaliforniaVit was-found south  of San Franci.sco, and, the miue was named  New Almaden. These mines are of immense  value and extent. This cinnibar was used by  the Indians for war-paint, and is.sometimes  found deposited in pouches, like lead. Man:  gahese is of a purple color, and to its presence  the amethyst owes its beautiful hue;   '  Metals -are sometimes fou iid involution m  the sea, and certain seaweeds possesf-tbe  powor of secreting silver. ��������� Old co^pepsheath-  ,mg3. also collect bygalvanic ao&Et'^n appreciable amount of silver... ��������� ;- . ���������./. -fifi-.  ''Coal,, wood and limestone are necessary to  the successful working.of'iron mines, 'and in  all countries where iron abounds these materials-, are also; at Ixand. yWhen: mining'jbad  reapplied such a .stage that works; .were, abandoned from inability to keep. the. mines clear  from, the .water which .collected, the steam-  engme_\vas_ jn v^nted-and rfirsHiGed only~fof  this, purpose. ^ The necessity for.ah increased  amount of appropriate fuel;;then arose, and  was supplied; by' tho' discovery and use; of  coal.*. Thus science: supplies the: needs and  emergencies of the arta.-r-[Scientiiic Americ^H-  AN.ORDINANCE TO ALTER AND AMEND  THE ������ COUNTY COURT f;ORDINANCE;  '  1867."      v - fififi '      .'  fi  Tin io chiefly found in Cornwall in the form | any action or suit above ������20, to try;such ao  of tin stone.   It ib also obtained by washing, tion or. suit in the Superior Courts of tbi$  sometimes transparent and sdmetimes of; a  gray color, and is calledstreara tin.. Mercury  called hydraulic  .water Reconducted tiy ele vated; trougis,; re -  'emblingpld Rbman aqueductev and with immense pressure thrown against the sides nf  the mbiintains^^h^ soil, ��������� -fimd  uncovering,.these ancient beds, i The matter  Miwashed;d(mn is made td pa5s.over^ditches  cohstfucted so as;to:catchy;the 'particles.;and.  nuggets of gold.'  a >7lati:hum/occurs in.������fl^at.^insri&:wafe-  pearance "resembling dull silver. From this  resemblance' it'derives "the name it bisars���������  platina, meaning little silver. This metal i3  iinaffectedby acids, and will not melt under  a temperature of 2000 degrees. It is chiefly  found in the tlral mountains, and is used in  Russia as coin.  Copper is found like silver in veins, often  mixed with silica and other irnpurities.' If is  very difficult to smeli, and this branch of industry is plainly carried on at Swansea, in  South Wales. Carbonate of copper givesus  two valuable compounds, viz.: blue carbonate, and green carbonate of copper, or malachite.; This metal, is found pure, in sheets or  nuggets; one having been found weighing. 500  tuns., ..'���������'���������';'  Galena or common lead is found crystallized into cubes and in veins, running through  limestone reefs.��������� Owing to' the! irregularities  of the original coral reefs, large cavities or  chambers' are fouiid in limestone often filled,  Wherea3 it is expedient to alter a^d amend  the procedure - and *practico of the County  Coiu:t&:Of;the.C.o!pn3^if.Brii^  theiipurpose 'of better administering justice '  ���������thereunder;--'-''-.       -   fi-  Be, it enacted by the Governor of British  Columbia, with the advice-and consent of the  Legislative-Council thereof- as; follows:'.  I. That Section. VIII; of. the said "County  Court. Ordinance; 1867," be and the same is  hereby repealed;  H Any action commenced in a County  Court for a claim exceeding TenJ^ounds may  be removed by either party. plaintifF-or defendant, into, a Superior Court, on giving to  the other party five days uotice of such intention prior to the return day of such summons.  Provided always, that no such removal 3ball  V. That an appeal from the decision of a  County Court Judge shall be allowed in all  cases when the amount claimed exceeds ������10;  but no appeal in matters of. fact shalf be allowed when the claim has been tried before a  jury. The appellant if plaintiff shall give  security in a sura' not exceeding" $100 for  costs ; and if defendant, iii a sum equal to  the amount claimed together'with a sum not  exceeding $100 for costs.  VI. That the appellant shall, within forty- .  pightbburs after the decision or verdict'which  is appealed against shall have been rendefod,  gi ve a wii tten hbtice to the Judge ,of the  County Court, or his Clerk, of the grounds of  such appeal, and shall, within one week after  the hearing of the. said claim,: give such security as ^foresaid, otherwise the appeal shall .  be considered abandoned.   .   .    -fi. fififififi  ynfi That on every such'.appeal it shall be A  -lawful- for- the-Cou r t" bl^udge "of ^uch Superior Court to try and ^ determine, the question in.'dispute,.'either, wither witho.ut a jury,  and the same .hearing and other Court'fees  shall lie paid thereon as oh a trial in, tho  .County Court. .   .   -  YU1. This Ordinance. shall be called the  "County. Courts   Amendment, Ordinance,  1870.";''.'';, fi '     "_'/"..,';-.-.���������'.."., -;,  Passed, the Legislative Council the' 19th  day of April, 1870, and assented to in, her  - --'���������',������   '.-������������������-���������. ��������� ���������'    '������������������-������������������*.'. -L  U;;%������.-r7e'-riam'A   An'4ftA  09/1  Aar-^i   A n*0   1  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  beds found in'the valleys, they followed the  deposit'up'the mountain.   This gave rise to  that system of mining peculiar to America, be allowed unless some Judge of such Snpe-  :d hydraulic mining.   Rapid streams of rior Court shall be.within the District^ of the  yeins. This ^jr^^J.t^afci^.-^lftteMi  Gouuty Court at the time su ch notice is. given.  And provided that .therparty applying for  such-removal j if defendant' in any siich. abtipri,  shall forthwith give .security satisfactory to  the ^gistrar or Masteri of ;such: Superior  Court fi]. or .in ihe.absence op. any- such;Regis-  trar-or-Master, tq the Judge of such County  Court, for the amoun.t"of ��������� .the claim and the  -costs-of^^tria4vnot^sceeding^inair:$o00.;; ��������� '  K III. That; npbn such security being completed, the party who has applied for such removal,'shall forthwith set down the cause for  hearin^in such Superior Court, and thereupon such Court, or the Judge thereof, shall  have all the powers of a:County Court Judge  as defined by the: several.-Acts relating to the  County pourts container! in Section II. of the  " County Court pviliiance, fil8(?7M ;  IV. That the trial *of any such action .or  claim by any Judge of such Superior Court  shall be had, either with or without a jury, at  the option of such Judge.or of either of the  paHies to any such plaint, and the same hearing and other fees as are now payable under  the said." County Court Ordinance, 1S87," or  hereafter may become payable by virtue of  any rules and regulations to be hereafter  made by virtue of such Ordinaiice, shall, be  the fees to be paid and no other. That nothing herein, or in the " County Court Ordinance, 1867," contained, shall be, deemed to  prej'udioe the fight of any person, plaintiff in  ������an  Volkenloxirg  RETAIL   BUTCHERS,  ARK ERVILLB," RICHFIELD,   AND  MOSQUITO CREEK;  A supply off resh meat of all 'Aescriptlcns constantly  on hand. : ���������    Miners' Provision  Store,  -fifififi:- '-fii /B'ARKER^^  ���������y���������';'.. Next Door-to- SENTiNELyO^hcB.���������:.:'.  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' '   - A-    ���������  ��������� .TO CORRESPONDENTS..  * All communications must be accompanied by tlw������  real name and address of tho writer j.-u'ot necessarily  * with a vtow of publishing tho same, but as security  ���������    .or Us good faith.         -��������� ���������  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL.  *." rs'published in Barkerville every Saturday.    All  '������������������ advertisements intended for insertion, mupt be delivered at latest at Six o'clock, P.M., the .day before  publication.  '������������������:  ���������E  POLITICAL MATTERS.  !n our impression of March 26th we ven-  . itured to say that tbV Governor's; policy was  Completely satisfactory, so far as"this part of;  '  the colony Was concerned, -rind our assertion,  ���������which we believed was not a: mere .-individual;  expression ��������� n f' o p i n i on] h ������i t. a reflec ti oh of; the  general sentiment of"������ majority of colonists  ally against t  ;.  :   of responsible jroTcbimcu^.-.-thfl tt������poir>;troenr  fifi. with1 what the 'Colonist- prop/;rly rle^ipnaj^spB  'fiyfi that" uhforiunate meeting.   ByUhe way; it is  ��������� fifi'-fi notinconsistent "with facts to say that meet-  '".- ings in Victoria: have always been un for tun-.  ete.? The efforts made to drive the Governor  * beyond  the limits of.action drawn  in bis  ���������   Opening: Message to. the Legislative Council  . have.not been '* endorsed" by the people, on.  ��������� the -mainland, and we believe that what we  said two months ago in reference'to the Governor's policy still holds good. If any change  '    at all has' taken place it has only been to  ." endorse" what was tacitly approved.   It is  'Impossible,'.at least it has, always pro ved. so,  * for any Governor to give'satisfaction to the  Afi   Victoria politicians..   It has always been an;  ". '"unfortunate" circumstance I bat the opinion  ;cf the colony has been echoed abroad from  the turbulent spirit of the politicians at the  : fi-   -capital, whose meetings have seldom reflected  fififi.   the general'opinion.   It is not our intention  ���������to deny that responsible government is tbe  best system of government for the people of  this or any .other country, although abundance of proof is available to show that the  establishment of such government is not always advisable.     Expediency  rather   than  theory is generally the best course to.adopt  in the establishment of government in most  countries.    Peoples   and countries   possess  . 6uch  marked differences in character  and  condition that no particular system of government can safely be put in universal applica-  y   tion.   What does well in'one country fails in  another.   It is contended that   the  people  should rule, by means of responsible government, as an inherent right.    If, however, this  question of abstract right be pushed to its  . legitimate consequences, we would   have-to  establish a, native government.   Who are the  p eppieyb. f 13ri tish Columbia?   No 11 h ose who  ^ com pos ed th e u n f o r t u n a te meeting i n Vi c to -  f\a. * If abstract right and a majority of the  people are the bases of government the In*  dians are the legitimate rulers of this country  We believe in Ihe principle of responsible  government as contended for, but doubt the  alleged advisability of its present establish  ment, and for reasons given by the agitators  ������������������A-- themselves.    For. in stance, they Bay, while  vaunting the intelligence of the colonists, and  their fitness for self-government, that few of  .      y them, the colonists, understand what respon-  '������������������.-������������������   -sible government really   is.   To   enlighten  the general ignorance, of the intelligent colonists the leading journal of the colony is compelled to explain what is arid is not;responsible governments   Now, if we are qualified  for. responsible government it is an insult to  say that only a few persons understand anything about it.   The fact is, the people generally are satisfied with ibe Governor's policy, and it is only the knowing few persons  who understand such"matters that have raised  *������������������   ihe squall about responsible government.  One thing, however, the colonists well under-  derstand in all this agitation, and that is,  responsible government means something or  other with lots of axes to grind.  The intelligent few are also dissatisfied with  the selection made for delegates lo Ottawa.  Now, nil the members of the Council could  not well have been,chosen, but it seems that  all the popular members expected the preference. It is a'very pleasant office. Expenses  paid and nothing to do hut explain the  Terms, to sav nothing of the honor and importance it gives by bringing the lucky trio  into the notice of the world. It would, therefore, have been a phenomenal instance of  human virtue if the Governors selection had  pnsRuil unehiiDenged. The selection of Hon.  Ilelmcken is objected to because of his varied  course on Confederation. It is very true that  that gentleman lias shown some inconsistency,  and.it would have been extremely impolitic  to have appointed him if the business of the  delegation comprised-anything.more than the  mere presentation and explanation of the  terms. It is better to have the co-operation  than the opposition of the doctor. As a delegate he cannot do anything to retard Confederation. In deference to the largest con-  siifmiuy in Ibe colony, his appointment;was  H\ ni 6ft t a' n ne ��������� .-si i c y, a ml ��������� certai illy was go o d  policy.. II;is onty- fair that all parties should;  be represented in the delegation.  A t'tffWft; "i-Th at. rp) end id f reeh ol d property  known as the. New. Dominion. Dining Rooms.  vpiiLidu'jattiLLrj_tiifc'jQjintrelof ,.B.arkeryjlle._Js_  A ii vert itieit i q be sblii at auction by Mr Geo.  .Byrttias on tie 2.4;!/ May.'' This is an excellent  opportunity for those who desire to obtain" a  well-arranged: and . commodious "property.  [Mr.Byrnes will also sell at the same time and  place:-household furniture, glassware, crockery, ti a ware, cooking utensils, stove, &c, &c.  Queen's Birthday Pkrformanob. ��������� The  Cariboo Amateurs will .perform " The Buzzards" and "The Omnibus"���������two very enter-  taming comediettas���������-at the Theatre, on the  evening of the 24!h. Tickets for the.reserved  seats may he obtained from W. Powell. Esq.,  Bank of British. Columbia. Boys, toe the  mark!       ��������� ��������� ���������:���������>* ...  fi; ��������� Express.���������Barnard's ex press;, arrived on  Sunday., evening., .with.Colonial .arfd. Eastern  mails, and Messrs. R..Lipsetfc, J.-Martin, Fitz-  p&trick and John Goodson as passengers.  Tbe down express left on Wednesday.  . May Queen���������-At the May festival held at  New Westminster Miss neleri McChII, sister of  Mr W. McCall, of the Assay Office, Barkerville, was chosen to be May Queen.  Daxgkfo'Js���������Opposite Blanc's photographic  gallery there is a shaft close to the lino of-the  street. It is uncovered and is 15 or 20 feet  deep.  Mn Buew���������This gentleman still continues  in ill health, apparently getting neither better  nor worse.  Appointment���������Mr G. Byrnes, of Barkerville, has been appointed Sheriff for Cariboo  District.  Flour���������Boyle's train, witb Dog creek flour,  is on the road from Qnesnclmouth te Barkerville.  ... NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. -,  DISSOIDTIOH7OTJAETHERSHIP.  -VfOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Partnership  J\ heretofore 'existing between N. CUNIO and  I OUIS ERB, ns Brewers ami Saloon keepers ia CENTRE VILLE, Mosquito Creek, has this d?y been dissolved by mutual consent. -    -.,/..  LOUIS ERB.  Witness���������F. Bissonncttc,    -.  Barkerville, May 13, 1870.. . .���������      my21 It  A. G-ILMORE,  ERG HA NT TAILOR,  YATES   STREET,   VICTORIA,  V.I.,     ,  HAS^ON HAND, and is. constantly receiving, a  large assortment or CLOTHS, CASSIMEK.ES  and Vcstings, which he is prepared to make/to order  in tho most npproved styles.  Parties on William 'reek can hove their measures  taken bv Mr McCillum, Barkerville.   .  #3- A11, orders from Cariboo, promptly attended  to. *      . inj'21 Cm  TUESDAY, 24th MAY, at 12 o'clock, Noon.  MR GEORGE BYRNES has Vec'3lv'e*l Insiructlons to  soli-by Auction, on thepremisoji,  THAT SPLENDID FREEHOLD PROPERTY.  Lately occupied by Mr Mclnnes, and well-known aB  the New Dominion Dininp Rooms, containing Bar  and I arpo. Dining Room, Sitting and Bod room, also a  good sised Kitclicn. Tho property is situitcd In the  centre or the town, and ^ho-Title is unquestionaplo.  XlSO,rT--  NEW   ADVERTISEMENTS, y  YATES STREET VICT OKI A; VjJ  Orders for Monuments, Tombstones, &c I  promptly attended to. ;Every'description of worbl  in Murble executed.       'y .    y      mv7Qm  E. WATSON, ���������;  ATCHMAKER,'.;���������; JEWELLER ; AND "EN-I  graver, Government street^ next tot|J  ___ St: Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V.I.' Clironotivj  cters n n d Watches cl ea ned, r'opa'i red, and warranted 1  Every description of Jcwellerymadp to order. ��������� Plaint  and Ornamental Engraviiig neatly executed. , f  Orders from tho Upper,country promptly attended  to.    . * '���������'$ '"���������':' ��������� '-yfi- .fifi- yy-.'. "s  SPROAT   &   CO;,  jnJ  agents: FOR  Royal Instirance C6.J  WHARF-STREET, VICTORIA;,V;I,.'  my7 3my :���������.       -  A largo Cooking Range, with Cast Iron Platea and  Furnace, >. ,. '.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  For Sale,  containing Two Rooms, a Woodshed, Cellar, and Car  riageShsd.   For particulars , apply to  R. H.   BROWN*.  ttySllm i Barkerville.  M. SIDDALL. EA.E.S., U.S.,  ENTIST  J  AS REMOVED TO. BARKERVILLE, nnd is pre-  pawift to treat all kinds of disease and execute  DENTISTRY.in all itsdhlorent branches in the neat,.  est and best style. Teeth filial with.pure Gold and  Silver; also, False Teeth put in on Gold Plate and  upon pivots on old stumps or portions of the toeth  which very often remain quite sound in. the jawbone  after the taps are gone, and this is the best way for  any person to have false teeth, as they are never removed for the purpose of .cleaning like those upon  plate, and ara perlecily natural to the mouth and  tongue, as much so as the original teeth were  Parties wiio have got sound teeth would do well to  call and have them cleaned, tinu--avoidfoe losing  ucus)'  the teeth with a dark "scale, "iboseus Uiegims^conS  tinues. down to the bones, loosens.-the teeth and  causes them to fall out without being decayed  J$3P Teeth extracted in the very best way known  Charges moderate    The best references given   and  all work warranted to give perfect satisfaction. '  ������������,OFFICE-~Opposite the Government Attar Office  my2l '..   BARKERVILLE, ' '  Tho furniture consists of���������    :  Dining Tables, Chairs, Benches, :Tal>lo Gloth^  Dishes, Plates, Cups, Saucers, Cruets, Knives and  Forks, Sellars, Towels, Class ware, Decanters, Powter  Mugs (Glass bottoms), Clock, Bitter Bottles, Tinware,  Cooking Utensils, Flat Irons, Fancy .Window'Blinds,  1 pair Glazed Sashes, 10x12; Cast Iron Stove,. &c,  &c.- &c. , ���������-:--.-"."-.;..fififi.fi.fi      -.:���������..:��������� '���������������������������'���������  H&fi The nttentioh of those who desire to obtain a  well arranged and cohimodious property for the ensuing season is directed to this sale, which is unreserved . '    fifi"-  The premises can be inspected' by applying to the  Auctioneer., .^b*Terms at Sale. "Afififififi  andv4^gHo^^ra|  SPR ATT & KRJEMLERlMahufhcturb all kinds  Machinery for Farmers.:and Miners, at tho AlUlnj  Fou n d rV, Victoria, V. I., fi n n jl;��������� ��������� ;i'or ch ea pn ess? ..s������n|  quality "the Jr. work can not did rivalled by any otk  machinlats. .First premium Colonial:.made Wrougli  Iron Ploughs, after the Scotch style- ���������universally aj  knowledged tovbethe best iri; iise^.price $65, Onlcf  for-Quartr- Mills,'-I ronJJum ps,.&c ,::.PlQU&bs_iHipat  of Ploughs, promptly, attended toy y-fi,y, my7 6raj  ONT'S  E  W  .JILL LEAVE QUESNELMOUTH onor about the  fX   Moth of every month for OMINE0A.   All Ex������  ters, $2 50each ;*'Freight, $1 50 .per lb., including  Barnard's Express charges. '���������'*  Commissions and  general business carefully attended to.  .-tnyl4.tr     . R. L. LAMONT.  STRONG  AND  NEATLY  MADE.  ORDERS lea at Mr Ncufolder's or Mr Francis Lai-  licr's, Richfield, will be promptly attended to  and thankfully received.  apSO-lm JOHN ANDERSON.'  For Sale.  NE-HALF interest In the well-known '* AKTELOPE  RESTAURANT," in Barkerville.    For particulars,  apply to Mr. JOHN DALY, on the premises,  ap23 lm  ALL,'parlies desirous of obtaining copies of their  PRKsCRipTioifS, or of having the same rcflltod,  wil! please call soon, as I intend leaving for tho  Peace river Mines as soon as practicable, to open a  Branch   Drug    Store.  I will take copies or the above with me and lock  up the original till my return in the fall.  1 will nlso Luke a select lot oi\Drugs, Patent Medl-  dues, and various ichtas, suitable f'T Miners.  During my absence, I hope my frlenda will not for*  get that I have a largo an I choice Assortment of Patent Medicines at the Old Stand here, which they can  obtain at reasonable rites.  P.inies owing small accounts will please call and  settle the same.  B   , '���������',., JAS.   P.   TAYLOR.  Barkerville. March 18,1870. miotf  AKE-UP-JAKE  Restaurant jtnd  Bakery,  THE Proprietors of this old and wcll-knownostab-  lishment would respectfully thank their numcr-  ousfriends and the public for the extensive patronaec  heretofore bestowed on them, andtrust that by their  nsutil strict attention to business thev will merit a  continuance of their conttdehce and support.  Meals, fi.* Board,   $16   per Week.  BREAD MADE  OF   THE BEST  FLOUR  We recommend to the public our  GROUND    COFFEE,  which is a much superior article than anv which can  be had from below. We Roast and GrtndH ourselves  and choose tbe best berries, consequently the public  may be sure of Its being free from adulteration.  PATTERSON & GOODSOK   .  Commission MerchantsV&^hplesale' Dcaler|  -��������� " ' ififiia.. A-fifififi fififi.--' fii.i.  . QROCERIES^lPRpV^  H A V A N A   CI aSttSy'ANby FRENC|  . .  PRESERyES;;Vyj:::;yy  Yates street^ictoriajViL.::.  :'-.''.'������������������-'��������� fi���������y?.$lhfii'i fiA.. fififi fi Afi.. -fi '.-������������������  Importer and Dealer iii Fine^Haynn*  CIO-ARS and^fQBACC(  The aboV^ articles can;.bo'^olbto'incVl/ln-.rtnd^  ��������� Bond, at the option of the purchaser^ ; A: genen!  . :^_^^^^^~_.as^ortnient;.of-.yfififi.fi fi  <&������* Orders from the Upper: country promptly  tended to. -:-fi-fifififi. ���������. \fi.\-'-:...;. ������������������ v.   ���������  NO. 47 YATES STREETS- v :     ���������  (Opposite the Bank of British/North Americn.)  VICTORIA, yjy.  .fififi   mj:7 3q  LONDON   HOUSE,  government and wharf"streej  victoria:  Importers of all descriptions of Dry Go������  Hosiery and UndcrclptMng.  A very full assortment of .'these- goods, suitable^  Wholesale buyers, at their Wharf street Store, fits*  Regular supplies received from Europe by siaB  vessels and by Express via Panama arid Paciflc?||  road.     ��������� sfi' '-���������������������������'  ;M  jaSp-Parlieular attention given to orders from.  ish Columbia. '      ���������' "'���������'.  Sole Atjent tor Alexandre Kin Glovkh.  London Firm���������J, P. TUNSTALL& Co.. sfiuvr v-i  Yard; -fifi- ,  PHOTOGRAPH  TJ*  ������3M  A.   BLANC  desires to inform  and tho public that he has, for  L  only,  OREATLY    REDUCKD    HIS    A-fifi  TO SUIT   THE TIMES.  Miners Intending to leave for Pea^ riverwi  well to take advantage oI������l������������^"ia^ar  to friends a likeness  before their departure ic|  new mines. ���������  Barkerville, March 11th, 1.870.  mHE UNDERSIGNED BEGS TO -WFOBH  1 friends and the public, that he has fltU'i up  COMFORTABLE    BED-RO0  In his new building, where he Is���������^P"plLa  good Beds at a reasonable price. i������0S^J) A  favor him with their patronage, may depenu ���������������  cleanness and comfort of his house. I  He takes also this opportunity to reminuw'f  booites that his Brewery has received, mm. *|  PRIZE of tho Colony for his celebrated j  '���������XXX   A:LE, I  And the true amateurs will bo able to judge W  selves that such honorable prize has \>f*>a |  awarded to him. 1  K. B.���������-A large front room to ������fe. rfl^  * Bark������rvUl9 Jaiu S3: I860.   ���������    W. vum  WsMMMtM  mmw  ^t^^^^^^-^M^^^^^^^m  %m������mmsmsm  m  ^J&*,r\ fi$$M >.  I A, V,I,  n. of workf  my 7 6m  AND  EX.  acxt.to'thil  CltrnnonJ  ivArra'mcdj  pr. ". Plain!  <l. ".-:'���������  y attended!  QUOB  e Co.,  'lfififi'-  .tiiral  "-: ��������� M^^'-^'.'w'^'^-'^^U;'^'"'  'ti  ll kinds?  the. A lb if  pri essWu  any dtlic  de;.Wrougl|  'ersally af  65.   Orch;  jbsj������r_pa  '- ,my7 6 it  Go.  e; De  ate;  FRENG  avana  ; rind poll  A'gcpt'ru^39  ^8?  Vm erica.)  my 7 31  5E,  5TEEE1  ry Goi  s u i tab  Store,  i by si  Pacific  rs from  river ������f"  ,y to for  rture fc-  sTFORM|  ttcdupfe  '1  RQ<m  ��������� MP  nred tt$m  isc wli&f  :pcnd off**  iiid tlie^i  ���������1 tbe |g|  dgcbyftf  boev y-;>  riboo:  1       B/K    ���������  ���������There is selflhy clll .  -orinerchiodiajgi; tho ',-.-  have adv:tnc������pfr prilh ���������  tluiyt.pr������vided|?m:jinf..  All other ������riicbain ns *i ���������  are scarce.      f: .  s    FEE������>���������Nnnftricet; ���������*  FLOUR���������Colfrxtra, i-  $22 to $24..     J  BRANSnnd 1-1.5 to V  MEaT.<���������Tlacj^ to 50<  Be*������f and Mutto'to 25c.  DAIRY PROJig-Btfiiei  $1 '2.5.     C'to,'sti^75opc-  LARD- 40 tofterlb.  .COFFEE-Grtio to 65(:  CANDLES���������5foc.  DRIED.FRUrfcples, I  do    Prunes, dot    ���������  $UGAR���������S..llo35c  KAILS���������25 't*\    .-fit  iMPLEMEN^TSWls-v.  .Forks, 40 to $48|Axes<  T011ACCO���������Infrbrant^  BRANDY���������In U, 8 0t  23 00. _ ,   fi  ��������� y,  PICK LED SAL1-25 1  CA.\SED.^TUF|Oy?tr  matoes Jitrl Or^'tfn, $1  YEAST POWDl|-$5 p������  COAL CUL���������$3ftr cus*-.  KAUnWARE-S.rOo;  POTATOES,-14pniopr  per <lo2.        ,    j        /  TEA���������90C to 3* lb. /  . G UilBOOTS���������3> $12  ���������u-  W;NjHNl  ���������i fifi) ';  Our 'rfiiKiopt-pi ��������������������������� fi   -fififi^y.fifi;  '���������-;���������--fifi  .hU woi-'kfi  Tl)3 fifis-M-fir  fi-operri\yfiy.*A%iec*iy -.. .-..; ���������������������������-...,.-���������....  is'beiog done if fififi, . ��������� ��������������������������� fi- ;���������-���������-?-���������  : character^   WI ....���������;.:;��������� ..-.-...���������-  continues byd-!-. ������������������;-..   -   ���������'���������������-. v.-,,..-,->       y.  tageously woy. fifi   A-: ?.;     ..:::���������...    : - -���������  be well satis': ������������������;,      :-<.-��������� :^.r,.^o... ... ::;; ty.-..;.-  antsupplyrm  -v, ���������;   vyi;.--:hy-y v-yv.  At this.timt iky . .-it. =::>.���������;���������;���������- ,yfi\ l5... .y.:.y.. .  ���������disappears, fifi'tiiv ���������fifififi ;.=, r:oVf ;.yc.   f    .., ,,  five feet of Vv a,. ..,-.-;.. v��������� .,../;.,:.. ���������-...  i t coul d not bv ;������.-.-.: ; i -. ��������� ���������:.... _, j. t   [u .fifi.-,  tb at tb ore yuilljV- - ��������� s -���������������������������-. '���������'(.?.;,.���������.=,;..-;.:.���������. ��������� ; -.,  year as last and t.. ������������������     ������������������':���������.      ,,,.'-.,- .....  It la to-b������ h^tibdtlv     ���������'   '    fi,    y:.fi.     ..   ���������-.  busy season������ii I bets .:-.-���������:  ..-������������������ . -  from present app^araric *      .        ��������� ���������''''"'  Omineca niineWwiir" fioQ  diggings liereabuie hi a mo;.     ���������        ...-,- .'  ofVjnploym-'nt- sU is possiii, .  Omineca will f\ti\ish .employ niv  havu gone or a-going, there, 36  sivc competition^ lnbor will not dtkv  the old hands in jiissectiop.   Should the b  *  cess of the Lighting- co. on Lii?htu:U creek  be only partiallwealized by the riw  companies who have fcated ground for ivemiles  or more, there w|be plenty of employment  for all. - I J...  WLIAM CREEK. '  i������^-    V    ..-    fi ���������'���������    ���������". -   "- "  ���������'���������> 'l-  tenCkJ   -.     .::    *:?-���������   fifi,:  six ween*. _ -.���������:���������;?:;��������� ;��������������� . ���������;. .  done on outside creeks with no=  erer���������nothing but a very little!  thing on Silrer creek: The 1  Vital creek ib not worth prospe  this channel which we are not-  prove worthless, there is one <  c-  ������������. : ��������� ..I "*"���������*"v������*wu   tu mc canyon ora  laying.over until (This creek may be /01th b  money, and time to find out w  so any one coming here with i  n 6 troiible in getting gro 11 nd.  advig^an'y person to come he.  corning to prospect deep rl  the freshet goes o/|  STroULCff.   ''-"fi fiA'''    i  Th* TafFv-al cn^li two picks working:  washed "P 65. oz. gt|,e pagt      ..     ... ;-  ox. on   We,Di*(l;lw|sL  PThA   m, m>   ^  Hona Fide ati Jolno       ���������      Much/>  Oro.      -....������ .w ,.���������urr ,4V,r  .,  ^urly started|rt/fasoC^'S ba^^ofc^t-.jW������^W*ora W������J������ ^  L X ���������;���������������������������-." ^>eing m the'country.   One 1  Tim v������\w MlfiT 0UWl!- to ^������ 100'feet in shallow g  .The Felix dfeocjoz..fot-the'Vrte|fc   at;i       '      ' "  ..sqq Indian Qft.pojjok out-:Wsff������i   '       '  The Cosmftan j. commence:] ��������� Washmi  last.weelc aft a hk expense.; with rS?  mi  -. ,. r^N-^BBs, i ./.: ':   bouse and *ner^ The: "fipown co. kra  *?fy<$RS\lto shovel into sluic y ?  bayertbsInk.SO feet; rig ptiinv,,  oz.to 100 feet Won^ pay sail'  had best Jook before fchey ti  want to go it blind.  ':;. fifi$fi$$. ;FlOTORrAff^WB4*e^rei  ���������A* McPherson, watchmaker.  v-Ile for Quesnel mo nth, re ci  prepar ng fo|i-fr.- %e k^w fi.ti fifififi T\ AA'fi' w���������*1���������*���������* rec������  So lfU-at,L CS sliff ^f't' a^r laying some  D^ggini: '.^V!-������/ii-������r iinmel.   Thpf^Nio/r^ Wllth' and Hot finding-an  P'^In- .^W^p-*nne1.,.q;heCalaveras  Uav. boiton |^(t:)) feet deep,.and have  ^a^^^oDoj'it-,. a great :.deal "of  ������*������ <>i| Lowhee. '.during the  '$������������������' ���������!". :���������'��������� ;'--' ���������  ,1T^K������ jCSHfiBJC  jges&az}.  61. iii  fi- sfi  "? ?Su������^r?. pu ton������ ������P*a wheelover  a^shaft &M I the |,ii! from, the Prairie  Slower Uitoftsjieph of 40c to 20c have  iaeen lounu ggravel.  m,    Ty.^'^Gf creek;';���������;':/v. .. .  The  Ligli^o.  took out 3041-64. last  week fromsippf gr0Und jneasaring 5 ft.  by 20.        ||  ��������� '"'fififi- ������������������'-.������������������     ���������  mosGvicnfi fifififi'fifi- .  Tthe ^eJstlyia co.'s made wages last,  9M&   Th9 ^mpaaies are proBo^'rfi!  mouth, arid not finding an  his bea!fch? leffc for Victoria y  A Baugain���������The house  Esq., situate on the point of i  William creek, is.offered for t ,  excellent. ppporfunity to ohi&i  dwelling-house, well situatedy  convenience.  'Copfbb���������The'Goflfee prepared  & EIOKMAN, Fort street, Vict  seded ail other Coffee in  the  It is manufactured from the  coffee, and its superiority is a  ���������fact that: whAr/������������rpr> ini.rneh-setiiti.  fi  h'  -1  fi-  fiy  VI  I ���������  ill  11  it  ^s?^  "ft MM tlm m^^A-*. ^p������M^r;  "'-������ii-'4-' ^-,-1^^**,w-m;vv^v;'^^4,a^??7*.?,iBf.L'  ������  N  #M:  ���������     ..   yctsy,,: y.. :.���������;  *-l    ,, v&y ���������".vVit*- ���������������������������  ,yy  ^VPJ.-^:  ?fi  fifi-'-/  A.  i  ������.  iiil{y!;'^/K- E Rii  :^3:ife?Eyii^  ..-:���������;yy. .;.*_;;,.... ,..,....   ._^r-y^f., ^,,,?  ^EKERVIIJiEvV;      ���������  ���������l$Xr...  EvAP   GOODS!;  yyfi,. fi:. fi '���������- -fi, s -,-fiys fifi,: -A, fifiy ���������:���������', . 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