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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-05-21

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 fififi^.  ���������y?$$-  ��������� fifiyy  .yfii.fi  ��������� .������Ui:  "fififis;  VfiB  iMfiZfifi  fifififififi&fi?^ 'fiBfiC.,-:Monday, May 21,. 1866.  :"NwtSt  TiliMPMillliiM  ���������Biii&jja^fM^Y^%^jg^  t.  |f||8*|^^-������"ilf**V!i:y Ay:fifi,fififi^  ^i^^^^o^Minye d;;li ere|'Sj|  _ _^fe^d^'2n^-inst^ ;w������gatlp  p|rlfafi ^oi8?i^^  about two wee]te������j������yii^^  from; whi(& ^e*^^  the ground thatif^i^^^dilf^npt a fm  testibr tti^&  nature of ayeanb a ^than* the?g roond^a-.short ;wa$  above which was ffottcr7and;aa.hQ.Tu^dpjstop;^  tho^#o3r^  ^o^fifi^if men washe&youtyitf ttiree aay&i  sonie' 8^^^^^fi^^^aI^ta^ ,'ofif  frora^nd:to:yendvof ���������:the- %eeky Jmi tbe;Bng.irj  which is-five feet\freep, is- a^grfeat4ra^b0k;ttt  mm!&. at present: ������������������fi���������      -"���������'"��������� v  ���������' ;��������� " - ''  ymt^infeat -jp.re  C^^rlHcti^reelf ihe pay; has: Ire en hither to.  and 'on the high benches and..bars/the "maiD|  [i 'iA/Mi<3ic tJMBRELLi^4-TJie Gazettejde. France,  tjeyotes two of its::^ b.Uiinhs-' >toy ..'their newyjmd  startlingdiscovery^tanambrella, "the. coyer  of Which instead'bf being: .of the .texture - &f  Jtobiris<ft;C  |he last' material, anyone. would guess J. nameljc..  rain itself.-J.TlieJwritergoes:ph to say:-fi., fi fi  twisii^ cki'on' the-rpad ^be-  ^eeirSoiirdes^and * Perouse'r vnust ';liave rntifc  |jced^a;per|^  ;ppuntry;attra6tei'universal a*tt^ntiPnf   Tbe  ti." <iane^about teiiVinchea!/ Above,' his.; he&cl  ^ejipwifl^Ung 6$ fthisi: niagicy^warid,ygpread  put jo the form of an umbrella nnder- which  '^yi^rul.ep;,;;the; inventory^walkealperfectly  HheltelreclTrom evjeri a otf op-of water. ':'M;' Dru-  lep will not as^ef $Sye.-, ������nls@ysterious prpb-  i|en| j but the mat^eUous^ffecl produced by;  this^stick^rppprted^to }\ei fifidue; iofixfinewy'fLpr  pllmtpn^y^eoineitfiy, and^that ^ - Dru&p^  ^iclcadts y^tfttfa&prir&I  ;tburnia^uekelecirioue.v^ -fi  fii ? ;^l|A|^ '���������������  Driioi^-BAR||:RVIL^  yfe^&My,; SnMcrijptipn^ $ frper; vree&fifi-A fifififi' fifi  $ncludirig!;^!| 'of * doll^^;)1./ra^ti]^;ib^tb o'yC^riiei*';-  BANKS; EXPRESSES^fec/  - ���������'   ;    ��������� ; ;' THE BANlt'OF    l-     - ' * ';��������� -  y /FtE^-DI IM G    R'0 0 M  -.m fififi'fiffi^fi      A-fiifito A-y   ���������:*:��������� - *'v, ;, .-   ,-t y  fOiip fijating;;' Ii|;brary!  /j  *'' '���������CAMB0NT0N."WILLIAMS'CREEIC;fi";'-;^y  T' HE TBRirSi OP SUSCRIPTIbNhave been reduced to  *:$2perthpatii; above''400'���������^volumes'of New^"Work's  ka.^efU.������6n .6nl*jately; addecl^the circulating library,  aja(Vmore ar^pected daily: ��������� ^P^rties:.;ar6>olicll:ed:tb  suosoribe;atyff;   ���������        . . <fi\   , a   '��������� j-'ifityn- ���������; i.  fi%i' fi.A>S^ -fi"- * :;^OHNvBOWRQN,;Llbrarlan.;y  yy&������  ^ave'to: tell^what^^asspci^^fi^evpke iif^orir  jnectiqn :with,( ih'e; magnifeS^^^l.which'; the  f^Mad?X>zar?&  ^tory of this?.necklace 'igU<3 i-cpfemc  f/commence^now  charing of-,^tli^&eek..has;iioii yetlbeen: reacheiSl^ithrth e ycollebtion q^the^gems: fiI<Ms: to'have  pri "* ' "' ~   ' * *~---���������>-  -- - -  "being  ;>Very  ereek/flour was selling at-35 ct^^lb..  : was*a great scarcity bf guni- boots.,,  ' ������There'[isf considerable^ sn'tfww on".the'dMM;  Isetween Seymour and the ColumbiaftHbpugjfi  it-is disappeafingtfes'C J  iS^fiiti  lfi������fifififi^-G'KMfil$fi'ZX^i  >.fifi'-fifi-.yfi'   -Afifi'fi   ���������fi-'fififiyfi^r' .fifififi    -   '-'   ?;, fi   'Afi'A*'    'Afififi'-  'fi-  fi':  ':    sfi) fifi fifi'  -fifi fifi  '.   \    '  fi  fifi   '   fifi   ','.���������'    ,y   'n  mm  w.'fif?..  AM"  DEALER,IN  At .WiisonfaX'andingj-whioh Is abiKt^S^ ^resent|tinipifc'^i9ticig",  rfrom iic0iillbchs' and 11 ;iniles froin ^firencfr; ^fc}ihe^osy3Mgn^ic^  ,..-..-.,.,-- yfi-y-.- yyfi,,, * fi.-fifinyfififi.MAf^- ���������-^^g ^st||&3ee������3Fpr|i^  fi0i WnHfr bfls n^'various,- a| eyenifiii; >s mysteri-,  vide fes.asithat:\b^ttie>JIbuntain.of^Light?;laden  T||Staesssf:to  iiemfitfe^fMs^  To'.the Editor -6p''thb^CSrib6o^?ni^ 'tBfeA^tfjr.'of successMitrMers/the^ift!  mm*  f!i, St^ck-fkqm the Rolls.���������The painful, duty   ,  ....      .        V1,..   .,., ���������. tM*tfirtiti%vM&^  as p6y8w4yper ;dunce)for-<lust^otasthii  $16:75k-'  Perhaps the ^reat quantities of gold  .'ObtMnedvfrom---'Ke^  J have been here since-$2y and .this -gpldahas  .nevef been worth les^ffiau^$17per oz.     "'.���������'.-'  Yours'tfuly,   .  [We have made enqiiiry^ with regard to the  above, and find ^fiatj-he&afon^|he^an;kj3 have  ���������made so little difference in the7pri"ce of gold  dust since the goldj tax jvas abolished;! is that  The pe'rspaCwb'oselname' was .strucE*"o������Jately  ^represented Sal fc Spri ngy Island in P^iiameht,  and ,theys^n^eabe; ftas carrijed outrfor ijepi?ate|I  acts of contempt towards the��������� ()purt. Who  can help'^ s^mpathizmg'with the wretched'1 man  iii fusi: disgrace ':������ biit ;tbwards the ?nien '��������� whb1  took^idvan^ige bf^liis: Weakness to'^convert  fiimjntb: a plaintjtool^ there ^caii: be:'bui one;  feeling^profbund cbnteinp t.^ Yietoria Cliro n-  icle.,��������� ��������� * ��������� \,,.fiyfii ��������� fi. y -. ���������.- ���������" ���������"   - ^ :a a  kR.6fiNyfifi$T&,E\Ai.   -,-:,..-.,,   .���������^yAy.   .,.:���������    .,,->,....fi .fiy.,.ifi: ..-���������> ���������=������ '���������-���������fi.:.,;.   fi ���������-������!-...,   '  yJAR I^ERSfr|5MI3pRSJ, TQOLS;: ,fi.  fiMfiWrnAAfififimy vv,v -.y,^yy ;;iyy*y-^.---y^-y.vyyi;  ���������M  -fiyy   fi,   sjg   ,^ ; :  h:  gffiTDERy tfiFJJS^i Mi, *-&&-  my  !J(;-JJl.*ji������B  ALSO,"  ,4v-'--jf,,;''JJ'-*^^^:  S3:^  :i^*i������l'������  ^^BW������^-iJ:MII  0G#te������|iSaMoii:  Nelson 81.6 75.���������Ed. C. S.]  mm.  Ruined--OT:;TTO;WiK^Tjte-*^Mw Orleans  - Cres cent?- tells' the:: following sitdry :'���������r A rel ic  of; the. past-is spe% in������a man bearing-upon^his  face and^body tfie impress "of many years?  This man walks the- streets; daily, ��������� bearing; the  marks of misfortune, amid the friends tie "Bad'  known in years,, but with an appearanc^:: so  'changed, one; ban: hardlv recognize^iiijm^he  Mtfixutio of thei'Crescent City.'" t^^P^w.iie  witty; geiitlemanj\who was at. onejinie the. very  leader of fashiom. Seedy ihabiliments, a bent  body, and a "wrinkled face, have nearly obliterated all that was familiar -in the past: ���������'"; Inheriting a great fortune, tie increased it' largely by marriage, and from,his profession at the  bar had an income of forty or.fifty thousand  dollars a year,, and^ received ai single fee of  sixty thousand dollars upon a claim on real  estate in the lower part ot the city. This  wealth he scattered with princely generosity  and royal profusion; He was a Lucullus at  nome, and his hospitalities aspired to all the  magmflcence of the ancient.Roman nobleman.  in iso/ he gave a single soiree that cost twenty-live thousand dollars, arid which" exceeded  ������ splendor .anything everjbefore .known iere.  iiie very floor on, which, the dancers moved  was covered .with scenipypaintirigs, /the "work  eruiemost accomplished artist then in New  weans; aud in the saloon, where gaming ta-  m^i gauged, ������������������ stood two baskets-one  miec with bank notes ano^.the other with gold-  ������f'?*>* Suestswh*were:iinfbrti>  nate with the fickle goddess.    This dispenser  unnn lf������ie?S hospitality is no.w,dependent  K n'ela^onV Ve takes his- loss with  the"S re^a^0A������ .arid 4oesihot fly.from  A& k fid r^xl gainst it,, like Timon of  SSnV^tt ��������� k6" thro^ *e vv0rld with a  the nHni^^pW manner,' as if he had still  ai El1* fortune at command. 'Such cases  ims are common since ihe, war...  .^Tf you want goodies nseFeirii".1  ���������A S^NbiiNO 1 Bbother-in-L^w.-^Jarrard is a  clever ?elipw^--rather tob.^clever in"fifact;;1- and  ttioiigh he works bardj -he seems^to be' Jbehiad  hand:all the tune, fi;4^n^d}jfas'S^igiSi?^^'She\  got married. vJerraiiTwas itekedT-1i0w;Belii������ed'  hisbrpther^in-lawf! Said he'^1;don't like him  sir ; he's;^'raean 'man.^ his  reasons,fbt>botiiikirig him, 5he replied sreluc-  tantly,'-��������������������������� Weill.will tell you.; he swindled me  clean ou t,.of * fiy e, p orinds ; - isn't; that reason en-  bugfe V Jerrad's friends wanted to know how  he swindled him. ��������� rWhy sir. lie promised to  lend^ me ^fiye pounds, -��������� and.-iie 1did!iit.do.iWi,  .that's' bow U ana alllwlib- knewfjerrad Jaclaipjv^  :ifidgpd,that it yfas; barefaced /swindling,;.-a^jdL.  nothing else.       ,'_/ fififififi ���������. -.y   .'" [  Thr UxiyERSAii Praottcb of mixing Chicory and  other' adultera lives wi th Coffee, 1 iiis very much d'ainag-  ed. in public * estimation; ;\vliat oiight. to, be the rriost  del icious. of. Beverages.   So. eilect a a I ly havB.jtlio public,  been drugged with.such mixtures Unit the true properties have .been lost sight of,r and.'muny prefer a .black  and. th Jck inftisf on. to a d ri tfi *: riclv In spi ri taiid arpi ha: ���������  General as is the use ofCoJfee, it is littlfi" known that  In con A c nsi ng the vapors' extra cted * from t! to b erry i h (  roasllng, a liquor Is obtmricd of the most nauseous  tas te, a nd of a seen t the mos fc u n bearab 1 c.    Vw������I or such  circumstances it Is evidently important- that.\\ 11 the  gjujes a n <l fluids ex tracted by roas 11 ng ^shbuhl bo carried off as quickly as possible, ia order to prevent their  returning again,to the Coffee, which is' the case ia the  confined cylinder.    This object is admirably accom^  pli3hod by the new and patent "Coujcal Cotlee Roaster"  as used by ��������� FF#LL & CO., Victoria, in whicb the berry  is directly exposed to the radiated heat, and.the vapor  extracted carried off instautancously.    luaddition.to  tlie advantage to be derived by the rapid removal of  th������ stoam containing the objection able properties, tho  pure aroma of the Coflfeo is retained, tho -essential oil  boing preserved and: uol; exhausted, as in . tlicCyliudor  Roaster, whero the Coffee is required to remain a mueh  longer time in consequenco of Lho; steaming it undergoes by the confined steam.   It is chemically Impossible to-retain the qualities or arrbst the deterioration of  Coffee when ground.   The h oat en gen dcr ty. by the process of, roas tiriiff,, and.cspeci al ly of grin d i ng,' orea tes a n  action in the (elementary parts which gradually destroys  its fitness for drink..: But' to'; retain ,the essential oil  which it contains we have.it encased in tins containing-  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and which^jan.be had from any  of the respectabte dealers,    \yo can conSdcntly ro,  coriimeiid those w:ho have hi ther to. been ob liged to' re"  Train from Ulcing Coffee on account of its' ill effects,  that;l������oy.may/use our.'poffeOj' roasted in"* the Conieal���������|  Roastorj being recommended by all medical men under j  whose notice.it.has been brought, and by numerous j  other testime������ials '*n its favor. FELL & CO,..  -y���������������������������-��������� Coi^p'H^rchnn'!*, vates st.. Vi^toi-l?.  fifi fifififi  '"-fi AQAfifiR^KYTVli^ fi'Mfi 'fifi fi  ;^UiSlbQR^^^^ PRjpi^iaT^;  ' -<~fi" ~f    -���������' ������������������   --.���������. fi fi'fi'i y Si'   ��������� '- 'fifififi'-   ������" *'>-������-Jiy     'Tfi ..i\\\fi!' fi-,.  "}fi yi u'     Meals yready at all hours.     ; " :,.  1 -f fiN ehf e ilb 1ern:: at* coy  fi.  . ��������� 'fi: fi fifi"'",' [:. ^ RI O^H F i e-L D,   ' -   ' ; ���������'"  :.     ';': ^  ���������yfi" ��������� fi   "'   ���������      fifi ^BAJLERS IN   '     'fifi.''fi,.fi 'fififi "fi-   'fi  fi "fifififi    ��������� : Storage' :aiid 'tebirimissibii^ fit fi' AA -fi "'sfi \  fi COHEN  &; -HOFF M AN,^  *-    '���������   ��������� "  "A'-yfi^^^fi^fififi^'fififiAfifi'-fififi'.  MMm^&Mi&^i  fi::- fi A fi -fi ��������� ABA& E EfeVylt 'h~Ep fififi. fififi.. fifififi fi   V.  ^iarge-i5npply of d^DiBs^Gbdibs pii the way)  E-frHfiOfiBG^EfiHfiS-  BARKBRnLLE^^djbiningthcExpress Offlco.';'  WILLIAM ' WINNARD,  BLlCZSilf  BARKERVILLE.  IL.' J.  BLACKMAN,  BARKERVILLE.  - 1  BARKERVILLE  BREWERY,  B.  Oiiancellier & /Co.,  : ;   BREWERS:  oot and Shoe Makers  ���������' ^ARKERVULEy:;.   fi.fi:    Xfi  JAMES -PURDIEv  fiMJj^^B^Jy^'''  yRlCHFIELD. V  7     HENRY   SCHORLINa  VAN IVINKLEy  ' TWitii'Power to' IxtereaseV)y.  fi 5 WCTSi^S^^ON) TIIE 'BACK'S sitAKCHEa, fifi  *> fifi.fi fimtfAlSQV  fi fififi VICTORIA AND Is Afi^J^m; fiyfi -fifififi  -:-' ~;Vy::-v:;-'iN^RITiSH '(^mc^^;'^^'  KEJT;W|^iilNSTER,.YALE,'KfliftfHjOF QUESNBlp J  .:::;"? ." [ IN;THE UNITED STATES^ '" Tv: '  y yy .SAN; FRAITOlSpp,:: PORTLAND, OasGON.- Jy^  \ fim THE..BANK OF .MONTREAL IN CANADA,  ^^^.Town^Qaqbeb. Hamilton, London, Efna������-  "   : fsionv CtfOOttrg*' * Bell evf lie,".; "Branffora; ��������� Brook- .^:  y     y viH^WhHby, peterboro/OttawarGuelphy J ^'  ���������i.-; AfiAfi- .H^Gptorich/Stratto^ fi-,  fifi ^AAd]^ fi'  *Sim?oeift%to^c^^'������rv;^'i''-Afi' fiyfi  PN^EW^ORprrpn' Messre.' Bell������ Gij^rt, (Age������to,  y '' ;���������. ?,     'I fi    ^f "the Banker Moritreat "-' fi 1  O^C^ANpy^^  ON-m^ND^^ONB  ON ESGLAfiSD���������IHE BAOTOFf BRITISH COLUMBIA!  yV ' fc   yfi ;,   'Head;pffice,������I������tabardSLV^^  f, CTJRRE2CT;; ACCOUNTS opencd?for: any o mount aoi/  less than!OnesHuhdred Dollars;'���������'*.4:'      '* t''';'fi .��������� "-     *w  BillslDiscpuntedand;Collected*��������� andBiliscif Exehang* ^  pa,Great Britain, ,.S;in.Francisco landyNew rork p������������>  phased. ���������&&$.,.^1 \������fiifi sfi,. ,:,.. fi yyy.fififi:.::/ yy yyfifii  ' Gpybrnment and other Securities ^received jfbr.Wa' \i<  custody; Interests and Dividend^ collected^ 'fi *������������������!'' * *".  ' '"'-  Received, on Deposit, or, Advances made upon ith em. A  y Gold DGST,Jlelted and Assayed; and .return* mtdey  ;wlrtiin;241-hoursl)\i:^;y:y>'^''' fififi- A.fifi"'.-- yn-'''"'AVfi-y-\ 'fi  yA'$*^l??fi&?^$*&&^^ *'*"'.    '���������  - April,1,1868/   fififififi^ \ % - ^fi'fiy , fi.fi fi'fi  \ - ';..!  fi ;';;:...,.,*.' t^bAn?;of:^ ;''';. l],  ,    .  !;  I Vv vi'fi   ,S������TAIlLISHEJ),n* 18801     .   t      ,' y -      , .  iasA������ Oryrbe: 7, ST.HELKNS FLAOE liONDOK.! * *  DRAFTS ISSUED on Lbndon/ New^rork; iian"Friiii^f  cisco, Cariboo, Canada, New Bruns wick,; Nova: Scoti*;:3:  and on aM the Branches of .'theNationalBank; of $oot^ .  land and Provincial Bank: of Ireland,    vv  ' v yfi fi.  ��������� Bills of Exchange and'Q-oId;PTifcliai5edv *��������� '  . ��������� Interest :6nfi Special -Deposi ts of) 'fi& oiiey^ alio wealth* ^  Vate pf a Quarter of one per cent, per month; ;, .:;��������������������������� ;���������'; fififi fifi--  ASSAY- OFFICE,  y  Gold DcsTsMelted.. iind Assayody vandf return*"m&tt. ?  within *2& hours/ittfiC^^fi^ts^fififiififiA  ���������fifi Ore? of- every''deseription carefully Assayed. - v  ;T;,.'^/B^^y'.'lti6iEtt0tios8 as to;the disposal of the jro- ;  ccedspf Gold Dust forwarded, to ?the offlcein VietorU  ibr.^A^a^wlU^bc.cdrefi^y-at^iled'tQ. '   -:   *;    '-.-"'  .fifififfi:-fir.A^'fi. -fiy.ififi ���������:. J. G. 'SHEPHERD, Uani'gBr.' '.  [��������������������������� yiaorU,v.i:,^ii;i866.fifififi ...    ''i-������   .  ���������'..fiy..,i.fifififit''fiy*������fifi-'.-i'^.,-1> |������..'i-*'*> i*^*.**.   ���������      '������������������-'.���������-.������������������.  GMao M"m benmxpress,  Connecting at Lillooet" and Yale Lwith DIETZ iz fi.  NELSON'S for New Westminster'S" Victoria,   y : '  Tt/'ILL ARRIVE AND DEPART  from; the .office fa '  Vr   Barkerville.l to connect with the .steamer *'En-"  terprise"; nt Qucsnehnouth, and the STAGES;at Sod*,..  Creek, EVERY WEEK, .conveying Treasure, Let- '.."  ters ������nd Valdaules for.all pnrls of the world.   -Also,  Commissions received and forwarded by Express for  the collection of Notes, Bills and the purchase of articles to be.obtained at New VestminsU'r, Victoria, San  Francisco or eoroute. aud returns made with dispatch.  JOHN B. LOVELL,  1-s, Agent, Barkervilk.  Ill    II I     .1 .Mlllll.l. ill     ������������������[.���������     !���������������������������1   niliM   |    III .1   ���������   II   I  I  I   "  I. -     III'     I WW���������  Important to Miners!  The undersigned is preparedfito" fi  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS Afi8J>  '-.  PANNINGS, vyyy fiy.- *y-.  On Commission, or will purchase, any quantity on fee  fififi"-     Most Lideral Tkp..ms, at the  y;  Reading Room, Camerontonv  The Subscriber is well known on: Williams' Creek, rn4  from the confidence reposed in him last Pali in th?  aboVe'business, he hopes to receive the patronage of  the Mining community the ensuing season.���������* A  s fi- john. bowron:  NOTICE.  BIG- BEND, BRmSH COLUMBIA.  T\URING THE MINING SEASON the nitfft!9ign?4  Dealer mallkinds of Provlssions. Clothing,-&c.j JL'. will be pr^p^rad to execute Surveys jnii m;as.^  ;;J������S-:S tabli ng for ��������� Hon w;  H������v; ��������� B* ri������r a n i Oa.t.s a I-' a <*������nera 1 Age n cy B u c i n ws, JOTt: N AO R i> fj>,  wfl>s*n bao*l.; '���������' " '���������' " 'y'A   ''���������     -  fi-'    '   fi l-s' ������������������   .-i-s :     '������������������ . ,    ' ' (jlTl1 ^������^^f- Agents fbr. the "Cariboo SqnUnol  JT  Grouse Creek,  Van Win Mo.  Qd'esnelmoatb,  Yfil.v ,--.-���������������������������-.  Lillooet,:.    ���������.  New Westminster,  Victwia,.' v  . ������������������'' V-   A fififi.   ���������   -      -. . A.MeWha  fi   \fi.\.   '��������������������������� 'Ar    .'   .    N. L. McCafl'ery  .  Mr. Goudie.Barnard'B Express Office  ;   Mr. Evans, ^'-do - aa do v  F. W, Foster,       do do  .      . '   .     v    Clarksou &Co  ;., fi   "���������"' .   < E. M ������11 mduine  ���������': l7Jfi.fi. ���������-' ���������    i John Doran.'  -.   :...;..,.....:;      , TO ADVERTISERS.  " Thc^'CaribooSeritlnel'VilspVbli.-.hod every Monday  end Thursday.   Advenisements intended for insertion  must be delivered at', latest at C o'clock,.p. m., Ibe day  before publication.  - *    yy-:'..    . ������������������ _  '   ybfi. yfi.        .���������.'���������HOTIpB.v:.;,      ���������  .-* -A.fi ���������-  Miners and others wishing to send "The Cariboo S mi  Unci" to their.friends in Canada, Engl.ind, the United  8teW,:. or elsewhere, em havo it mailed byl^*vin;<  addresses at the. publication- plliCe.,. Prica, incu'oino  postage-, 50 gmits jvt cb}��������� v; fi,      sfi     ���������;  .,,.,.., TO .CORRESPONDENTS...   .  All cWmunic^iionsinuk1'be accompanied by the  real name and address-of; the writer,- not necessarily  witb u view 'of publishing the wine, but as sccuriiy lor  his good faith. ���������'' '   ;:-  yfifi'fifi "**'"-  '*''-'       -   fi  THE CMIB0OySENTINEL  MONDAY, MAY '21,-1806.'  "THE "CARIBOO HOSPITAL.  much more costly here' than in the Capital.  We are informed by; Judge Cox, who has had  the management of the institution under his  eare ever since it came into the hands of the j  Government, that the monthly expenses for  medical/attendance and steward's wages  alohe, amounts, to $270, irrespective of all the  other incidental expenses necessary forcarry-  ing onthejjstablishment, whethei^theiejsone  or more patients tb be attended;to: We are  well awaretha-t the public'feel an interest in  knowiogbow and in what manner theyfands  are expended, in an.- institution������������������/;of this, de s-  cription, and it is usual with the .directors at  the end of every year to render a fiUl statement of accounts shewing the receipts and expenditures ih detail, which isrpublished for  the information of all. .With the affairs of our  hospital wo .arc left in the dark. , - This no  doubt arises from the circumstance of its  being under the direction of the Government,  whdse characteristic pronene^s to delay in all  matters where the public have a deep, interest is well known. Had a proper statement  of accounts been made public ��������� as it ought to  have been, we would not now he, called on to  'ans wb"r our con temporary's. article;  ster petition which should be signed by every  man in the community, and have it .at once  laid before the Executive demanding immediate relief.; ��������� , -fin fi. fifi "��������� -fififi-   \ --' V.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  *V  fifi .fiy SUTER   $  BDAC Ky  0 on mis si on- Ag e n,t s  -: ���������::;.��������� .   .~:., fi-. fififi ' fi AXD- ��������� ���������' Afi: -.fi. fi .-"��������� ..'fi fi fifi-  DEBT COLLECTORS/ ���������'���������"'''   :"  Bankrupt Affairs wound up: and. Balance Sheets pre-;  pared; Mining Accounts carefully made up; All kinds  of Forms a ni agreements drawn, and o.yery other description of business promptly���������attended to", y.' fi.  1 4������" Office���������RICHFIELD; near ilie Court House;!  5  fififi. We^ve; bej^:muiclr ediHed'by; the; perusal -j 7?; We have ho: dC3irc:������������������ to cavil f aboutrthe- eost  of an articieiri ^-IJriiisiiiGolurnbiahj'on the". 0f maintaining institutions; Vwbicii have for  the subject of the two' hbspitojs^at Williams | ^ejr object the amelioration of the condition  Creek and New Westminster, atid^theconipar-  tive;jcost of the 'patienfe fat ..the.. respepttyp in-  stiiutions, which; appeared in tliat jtm/rial on  the 2d lust.   We regret to fiiM'tliat" the editoiy  in' h is anxiety to 'fi make" every th i ng cbhnc cted  with New AVestrainistera pattern for the, rest |  of the world,has sei^d wUli ^yidity upon a  subject that would have/been better left alone  uri less the whole of the facts of the case had  been fully stated.;^ fififififi ���������.yfifififi fifi.. -i fififi ������������������ fifi  He s tates,, what is true, that, tlie amou nt of  Government aid to-i\ie Cariboo insti tu tion for*  last year is ������������������1^57;^bdiigVat ^he-rate of '.'$270  per head fi forv the number, of .patients under  treatment, Vhereas the amount of piiblie money expended for the Sfew* Wcstminstcr Hospi-.  tal is only-:i������7Gl "lOsvlld. during the same  period, 0 r a fc the j:ate_, p.f. $ 42 _��������� and a /rac tipn  perhcad in proportion to. the number of pa-  tients^ to .whom aid was. extended at-the institution of the British/Columbian capitail;    In  order to make the matter more intelligible to  oar benighted fell ow citizens in th is par fc of  the Colony, we will glance-at the .facts as they  exist.- -   ���������- ' :    'v ���������.<���������"������������������ ,--'���������' yfi- >:  of suffering humanity, .'-but"." we; dofi insist on  making every individual in the; Colony contribute their just share towards it, and not as  bur worthy contemporary suggests compel  miners,'by.a special tax", to Support their own  Hospital and at the same time j; contribute  th rough th e general revenue to that :8f <JNe w  Westminster. We have: no w;ish.tovdisparage  the Royal Columbian Hospital," as^e believe'  it has been the;mcans ?of ^^ialleviiitingLJaygreat  amount of suffeving since its establishment*  but we cannot permit its merits to-be extolled  at the expense of bur own.      -   fi, fiy  REMOVAL   OF G-OQIDS.  H.   C.   WILMOTT  1>EGS TO INTOKM THE MERGHANTS AND TCBTJC  J> of Williams Creek that hu i-* prepared, ar the short-  opt notice, to remove p;oods of every dpscriptipnvwith  care between the towns of Ricb(kid, Barkerville aud  C.t moron town, at roa.smiabJe rates. v  ;; yfi ifi*  RichOeld, May 21st, 1866. .fififi,.. ;. .... yyy? fi  fi'fi'fififiH-OiTlCE.- -Afifi-  :u-  >5  Tlie Steamed Enterprise  .     "'fi Will'leave SODA :CREEK    fifi  yymxi^^  ���������fifififi   :���������-���������:������������������    AT DAY LIGHT:; fi-'-i-A . ,v, -,   ~'  ;      Will leaye; SODA CREEIC  WEDNESDAY '& .SiTURDAY'llORNIN<5S  ��������� . r -fi   '������������������:. yAA.'-'AT.Q b^LOck,;;.-'   .    .... ��������� ���������,.'  ConnccHins: at'Soda Crock with Barnard's, Stagfs on  ��������� WlmInesday?s trip down aud Thursday!s. trip up.  j������������T Freight to Quesnel li.cts. ^Ib.; fifi  Steamer 'Enterprise,':\ ������������������''���������'    '.--.-��������� '���������'**--. ��������� -fi .������������������>'���������'���������  May 21st, im.fi, >\.v ������������������fififi Afi. y .' - r  In-the ^ County Court bfy British iboljimtia:  fi;}:������������������'���������'���������   'fi : Holden at Richfield.'���������-... '   ���������  .    IN BA^RIIPTCT.^    fifififi   .-fififi,  II7HEREAS, a Petition for adjudicatloii of'Banifnip:,  fi} V ey^has been duly filed on the 16th. day or May  last by Walter Loko JPmrov. of- Camerontown; WU ���������  lianss Creek,.British Columbia,.late Restaurant and Sa.  loon Keeper, and be having been adjudicated a Bank.  nipt, ��������� ;i? hereby required to surrender himself to "Win.  Geo. &)xr. Esquire,- the Judge of the above Court, fora  "first er^nilnatioa on Friday the 15th d������y of June next,  atyolayen. o'clock in: the mora ing praise! v,*" anil on  Monday, the 16th day of July next, atll o'clock in tho  morniug precisely, at the Court House, Richfield, and  make a full discovery and disclosure, or his estate and  eJTects, wheti and where tbe Creditors are to come pr������.  pared to prove their debts, find, at the first sitting to  choose Assignees and at'the last' sitting the said Bank.  rupt is required to finish his examination.  AH parsons indebted to .the said Bankrupt or that  have'auy of his estate and effects are not to pay or de.  liver the sara������ but to Mr.M. <3. Phillip?, Esq t the Offl.  cial Assignee appointed by the said Court.  'fiyfifi-   ���������-.'.������������������������������������-' " JOSEPH PARK,"  ������������������   -A.-.-  .    ill   : fi. ;.. ...   *'. -. :Richfleldv .'.  ���������fififi .     ��������� Counsol for Petitlonar.  ,  Rlehficld, 17th May, 18C6.      ,r iJ-    ������  OTICE  N'OTICE IS HEREBt GIVEN THAT  THE P O ST OF FI G E  ....... y^ -w3}l,-;ttBt^"ft*t?thernotice;.be -kept at .the-.;:'--V J  LIBRARY in CAMERONTOWN,  and Mr. JOHN BOWRON.will be the Acting.Postmaster,  ������������������fififi    y. WM. GEO. COX,  ,: fifi. ,   . fifififi J..?fi  fifilffi' 'fififififi"  RichQeld, B..C.,r   V  1st May, A*. D. 1866.  S   HOTEL,  CAMERONTOWN.--A: ; fifi:  ��������� * . -      ,   . .    ,       .      V        >     " 1 *      -    i*     '   1 fi.fi".    fi     ���������  By our telegraphic report werare'informed  of thc;result of the trial of the case^,W^ldrpn  vs O.'Rielly at Lillooet, on the iftfrlnstv It  would ap-pear; that after several iwiinesses  were examined, tlie Court intimated that if a  verdict was given far plaintiff,, it would, be  set aside on the ground bf insufficiency of  ev!4e?ce adduced to establish tlie fact that  Deputy Sheriff Benrimo.held written authority  to act in that-capacity from' defendant.    The  Miners % Ball & Concert!  x   ���������fi.fiAfi   ���������������������������-: ������������������-���������'���������; ON .TOE ������������������*:**'"���������>'.< ;'���������;:��������������������������� '���������'������������������'���������   ': fifififi'  QDEEH'g B1B11DAY, 24TH Of MAY.  MRS, CLUNES beps to inform the Miners, of Will earns  Creek, Lowhee Creek,.Grouse Creek anil Van Wiu-  kle tli a t: she i n tf������n 1 is g i v i tigr a B enefit Ball "and  Concert, oh the 24lh of May, the best ever given on  Willia.ms.Crjek, When she respect fully solicits the patronage of "the public, fi.fifififi-  .'.-' MARy A. CLUNESs.    ,  " Mliiams:;, Greek..;:' I'lTime  '.������������������ ::"vpfainanoe,:yi8^     ';;.:  N OT ICE   T O   M I N E R SV <  report is rather brief, but as we un'derstand it  The commodious; Hospital, hero was "built! the plain tiff seeing the folly of taking further  entirely bythe miners themselves* without proceedings under the' circumstances, wisely  any Government aid', and supported by them  until 1865, when Governor.Seymonr doubtless  conceiving ihat the miners "^had quite enough  of .burdens to bearin proportion to their gains  relieved thorn of the tasfcj.arid the institution  has since been entirely under Government  control.* That the charity would hav.c retained allots efficiency liad it remained dependent  on the generosity of Jhe miners, no one, .wlio  like oursclvesr~has lived-anicagsfe ihem for  many years, can doiifcfc"fi Tlieir..warih sympathy with the   unfortunate cis  the  same   all  over  the  world j   and ��������� the. very numerous  instances which have occurred on this treclc  and neighbourhood in  which the sufferers  were not only tended with all the care and  kindness they could  have received in the  bosom of their own families, but were provided with the means of travelling to thcir  homes ; sometimes at a .great distance from  Cariboo., .How contemptible1 .thenJs,pur con,  temporary's insinuation, that the amount of  public money contributed by, the Govern-  ment to the. respective institutions, arises from  THE WILLIAMS CREEK BED ROCK FLUME AV-D,  Ditch-Co.mpavt, LiMJTf d, call the attention of Miners to. "The Williams Creek ^urne Ordinance; 1866,"  a copy of which c:\n be seen at their office, and hrrehj  cunion all person?- not to trcsp-tss ou any ground nor  interfer'* with any rights and privileges therein granted  to the Company. ���������*''''���������  E. A. WADIIAMS,  Secretary.  . Richfield, 16th May, 1866.   : -��������� 4:2w  accepted a non-suit. It likewise reports  that the inhabitants of Lillooetrhad held an  indignation meeting-for the purpose of giving  expression to their feelings on the matter;  jind had decided on drawing, tip a petition to  the Government, asking for; the estsblishment  of a Court of Appeal from the Chief Justice's  decisions. ���������>  According to the ruling in this and the  Eddy, case, it ^v,Quld..app^?-Afe^t/Vte?:vUaye;.h  but one responsible Sheriff in the colony, aud  that individual residing in such a remote portion of the country, that his services were unavailable to all intents and purposes to the  people of Lillooet. It must then he apparant  that the acts of all those irresponsible persons who have been filling the offices of deputies are illegal, and whatever may have  been done by them in that capacity, either  for good or for evil, must be subject to the  ruling of the Court.  It is needless to Estate that the feelings of  fchis community are equally as intense on the  subject as these of Lillooet, and although no  RICHFIELD.  MERonAMS axu Deauchs m  PROVISIONS, CLOTHLNG, LIQUORS, ic  CAMERONTOWN,  C. FULTON, PriOPiuETOK;   There is no distillery kept in this establishment,  and strychnine and rot-gut find no place here.     2  BARKERVILLE,  MISS THURBER & MR. LAWLESS, Prop'rs  rpiJS UNDERSIGNED. HAS OPENED , THE. ABOVE  .' 1 Hotel and Restaurant, and is now prepared  To receive Boarders by the week or. day. v  : jfS* A first-class COOK has been engaged v '-'A--. 4-i  j Parses wishing to.Board out this season will Sad It  to'tbeir advantage to give him aCiUl, as liisyhouse for  cleanliness, attention to customers, and a g66d Table,  cannot be excelled. -;'- Ayfi.fiy r-fifi.'-  [ Pies, Coffee, Chops aiwi Steaks nt all hours.  ���������fi, I .::.-fifi  :- . ��������� fi.- yfifi ALEXv 0. McI^NES, Prop'r.  ���������fi-fi fiil BARKERyiLLE, ������     ;    ^  ���������fiyfi ':���������  +r ������������������'���������;'      ���������������������������.: :���������'.'     ��������� y  ��������� -    ���������     -yy  '���������'   .-fi  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN ALL  ;* KIKDSOT ���������-��������� ���������. fififi Ay fifi  PEOVISIOHS,\ LIQUOES, SEGAES,  -CLO THING-,  BOOTS    &   SHOES;  MINING- TOOLS, &c,  Beg to call the attention of Miners and otheri  to their full assortment of SUPERIOR <JOODS  Which will be sold  AT   COST   PRICE SI  to make room for'a NEW STOCK to arrive so soon as  the Roads are open. ' ���������  'J5&* Liberal allowance will be made to  Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade generally  on large orders. , fii  WAKE   UP   JAKE "fi  RESTAURANT, BAKERY,  aito  the absence of volunteer aid on the part of public demonstration has yet been indulged  ih,* mi������������������ ��������� n.mi th������"������������������r.nni -vnor^tion  of Hu, in,-still'theindignation is none the less-felt  the miners ; and they cool fi suggestion of the  imposition of ah additional dollar oil the mining 1 icense, in order to keep pace with yNew  Westminister benevolence. What next! "!  ; 11 Is true, th at p atiehts cost, more here, than  at New Westminister/but it must be remembered , that1 nio out door relief is aflforded here  The greiyances of the miners of Cariboo are  of a far m6re(grave character if possible than  those above alluded to. The laws regulating  the very property upon which their whole  dependence is placed have been trifled with  and set at nought, and placing them completely at the mercy of a high official, whose aets  THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN NEWLt FITTED UP ON  the Restaurant principle with a view to the comfort  of the public, ani will be conducted iu a manner to  ensure tlie satist'aciiot������ of tnoso who are disposed to  javor the proprietors with their patronage. "4  Meals at all Hours.   Good Beds.  4������-The Bar is furnished with the best solcction of  Liquors and Segars. fi .. y   ;v    , 2  at all, and that as assisrance is; not extended have overstepped the powers of the Legislature  by the institution except in^ extreme cases, of the country.   It is certainly high tjme for  (cases requiring three times the care on the  average necessary for =the Columbian hospital  patients, also that modi tines and remunera.  the miners of Cariboo to-take some action for  putting a stop to a repetition of those arbitrary and illegal decisions, given by the Chief  Justice of Bri tish Columbia.   Let them 6jieak  EVERY EVENING,  4T THB  FASHION SALQO  -       BAKKERVILLE.  Barkerville, B. C,  KELLY & PATERSON, Propriktoks,  Everything is done in connection with tiiisestftbllfl^  ment to give.satisfaction to the customers.  ,:*jr Meals at all hours. 1  ERCH A NT B,  fifi fi'i. BARKEjRVILLB',: ;,"'.  sorted Mercliandize  LL LOVERS OF THE TERPISCHOREAW ART are  invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a hearty  welcome will bo extended.  Wholesale and Retail.  ��������������� The best of Wines, Liquors and Segars,  irtii't to i\& .doelor i;u������l yfevrarct, ani  all ������o '-out* mfttra their greiva noes knownby anion-������   1  And Good Or4er obwrvad.  MA^-Tiy & COOK, Pr->p'*f?.  4  S TO THE PLACE OF RESIDENCE of AiEXA^pB*  Harvv McNabb, from Norva), C. W., when w*J  beard iram was at Lillooet about to cross the mountain3  East. Parties who can give information will pie*89  communicite with JohnMcNabb, Esq.; Toronto, C. vv.,  or.Mr. J. H. Wright, Williams Crecjlc. If the said A-  H. McNabb applies to.Mr. Wright be wUlbef������r of fijni--  thing to hi* Jt������iv*nt;������������.\ ������������������* i*im  mm  .fiJLT?"WB  $EAM  111  yy  tfcy-������  w  mr /  I  Tff^eM  Monday, may 21, ym$*  CARIBOO-MARKETS,  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  as  Prices remain steady atlas fc quotations  there has not yet been ^nyygreat influx of  rioDulatiott to exhaust the winter stocks ; it is  believed fresh goods will be got in^before any  extra demand is felt ��������� Candles havei been  scarce until the last few days���������Nelson,& Co's,  "'      bavins- arrived at Van: Winkle.with r  ���������A'yfifi: fi.      \ WILLIAMS.GREEK.-' " .. yfi  Since our last weekly report there1 has been  but little new to chronicle in the shape of new  discoveries.������ Most Of the claims then no ti cod  are still at work,1 and yielding their, usual returns. To-day all ground -laid over last fall  must be represented or become abandoned.  TELEGRAPHIC, ';  ;  ,- (Special Dispatch to the Cariboo Sexxi.vel.)- ,.  New York, May 7th, 186C.���������The: latest dis-^  patches (March last): from .Canton state that  tlie. Imperial army obliged the rebels to give  battle; conflict/lasted two days, and all.the  rob els slaugh tcred or' made prisoners.  : Ln-  train  ceneral assortment of merchandise, they have work.  been packing candles andygum boots oyer ������^ir���������  here by Chinamen ;,candles; are, now. sellmg  at from $1 50������$1 75 ^Ib.  Baring-theUast few days some 25 head of  cattle and ;46. sheep have been"brought in.  Beef is now selling at 25 @ 30 cts. and mutton at 35 @; IQets.   , ..  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT-   ..,���������.'i ','fi--,     -~������ - ������������������/" -.. ���������'  (Before W. G."Cox, Esq.)  . Saturday, May 19th, 1865,  the Butcher Co'y, per J. McFarland, vs. T.  Petrin and J. W; Powell;���������This was a suit  brought by plaintiffs, to eject defendants from  minin * ground belonging to the Butcher Co'y.  J. McFarland sworn���������Produced record of  28th May, 1863, showing that the co'y claimed  222 feet; re-record of 30th May,. 1864, claim-  'A-4ni.for <!. McFarland #,._feet.and..W-BjakeJ  feet* re-record of Mst May, 1865, iri hame-o  J. McFarland, two full interestsby purchase,  and W. Blake and John Gallaher one full interest each, of 387 feet fronjt,; running to summit oi hill, as hill claims. The Judge remarked that he could/hot; sustain, the last record,  which purported to he a re-record of the  ground under the head: of bill claims. He  would give the'plaintiffs the benefit of their  record of 30th May, 1864, which covers. 125  feet, riaintiffs.nonrsuited. Each party, by  agreement, to pay their own costs; Mri Park  for defendants.-' fifi: '..' .  ���������     .-       fifi  James" Orr vs; D.L. MeArthur.���������This was.a  suit for the ejectment of defendant from one  foil interest in the Sneddon Co'y, on ^Grouse  .. Creek. '���������;���������fiy fiy fififi:      ' : 'fifififi ' fi  '  James Taylor sworn���������Produced a Power of  Attorney in his favor from the plaintiff, On*,  who is in another part of 'the colony.': Objec:  tion was taken.to this document on the ground  that it was not witnessed nor legally executed,  ���������' arid could hot'be identified as being bis act  -and deed.  Alex. Sneddon sworn���������Went to the ground  .first in July last year, along with John Dunn;  took up live' claims and recorded them as hill  claims, under the name of the Sneddou Tun-  so that there will be a great increase  ing ^claims this week.   Therev is no W pi  water,"and before the week; closes we doubt i    t nminn ��������� A ~, v, o7 i.  whether an idle man can be found on the whole I oa^oij-     1^!    ti    r  creek who is able - -"-- <������ ,i~ ������ .ww20������21** ���������   Amount of  fcfi^oth ^erial mm^ being:disbahded; ;: -fi.  nW* S farther Point, May Cth.--Steamer'  tyxZ2\ ���������P������* J advices to April 27th. fi. fififi  Peruvian  13 aole or willing to do a day's, y^o o00  Even the Chinamen j' who are daily'  flocking in, will be employed in the different  claims more or less; the Raby Co,y, it is said,  intend hiring 60 Celestials to work in their  open cut. < The snow is fast melting away, but  not so rapidly as to create any undue increase  to the waters of the creek.'  Among the many companies taking out pay  we note the following : The Moffat Co. .washed up on Thursday 12 oz. and pu Saturday 13  or.���������The Prairie Flower Co.\vashed: up this  week 100 oz.���������The Adams Co. washed up. for  the week $1200,���������The Aurora Co. are taking  out good pay still, but we are unable to learn  to what extent.  Consuls 88 J ; 5-20's'.  bullion in the Bank  :     v  BURNS CREEK.  The Never Miss Co'y, in which tbe well  known Billy Barker is interested, were work-  : .City of Washington overdue, had not ar-  ri ved at Liy crpool-. ���������'.'��������� ;;, ���������' Afi. fifi,.. .���������; 'fi,::;  .   Attitude of Austria: and Italy   continues  menacing ; concentration; of, Italian' troops  causes a continuation of precautionary rhea-  t sures.  Italy objects to disarming while.. Aus-  ! tria f ontiaues armament on the Italian fron-  i tier. -. * fififi        A*"  Halifax, May 8th.���������SteamerChina arrived,  dates to 29th April.'    ���������; fifififi":-���������'      '  Steamer Peruvian arrived at Liverpool on  the. 22nd, with passengers of the 'City of Washington*/ which having'disabled her machinery  came into Liverpool under sail.  New York. May iOth.���������Reform bill passed  the House pf Commons;; majority.28,  Washington, May 1 ith;���������Grand'Jury U.;S.  Circuit Court brought in a true bill, against  such prospects as justify them in believing :,ny resigned his position'as head centre of the  that when water can be had to wash they .'will j Fenians this morning.!  make from $12 lo $16 a day to the. hand.���������-  There will be at least six or seven ^'companies  at work on this bench during the summer.  AXTLER CREEK.   :-  We learn that Mr; Jennings has comnienced;  to run a tunnel into the bank near the Bed 1  Ro ck FIu me Co?s. ground where he ��������� cxpects  to find another channel.; ..Below this, point  about two miles, some seven or eight companies are making, preparations for working  their ground,   y'?      '���������',. :vy;y   Afififi-fiyc  Victorta If ems.���������An Indian prisoner, named 'Charlie,' committed suicide by hanging  himself with a strap.���������Capt: Stamp, was unani-;  mously  the election  land has  Repeal  Bill have been Skilled by the Legislative Counr  Quarantine officer reports pnexase of cholera.   No. :��������� death's' to-day.' " . City -uhusually  healthy. ��������� ' 'fififififi.  . '..; fifi'fifififififi'-.A 'fi......  1 > Cache Creek, May'l6th.^Almost ;ayserious  .abcideht-rAs the Hon. Attorney General was ]  riding along the Bonaparte,, in allowing his  horse  to  drink,   the   animal's foot slipped  an<ftbrew his rideivmto' the, stream,y lie y was  only saved by catching hold of some branches, j  The hon. gentleman;!suffered -nothing ybut a  severe ducking.    A- v.; ������������������ l-a fififififi a.    -��������� :-. yfi  ::' .Clinton;. May 16th.���������Theycase of Waldrpn  vs. O/Rielly for $3^00, /came off. yesterday,'  at Lillooet.    After  ^AFEAR^'-Rrog^-.The'SaerM^  of tbe^th inst says: Yesterday^"afteiTipon:m  excitingjneident occurred near Agricultural  Park, which, however, fortunately��������� ter'mihated  without serious injury to the parties concern- ���������  ed.;-'Major Beck, accompanied by Mrs. Klein-,  haus, star tod for a' ride in a buggy drawn by  a span of colts.   After going around the track *  several itimes and on reaching the"G street:.  entrance the horses turned to.pass through the ���������  gateway so suddenly as to throw their driver���������������������������'���������  out   Beck held on to the lines andfor somo���������'?.  time continued to speak them to induce them ���������  to stop.'"Neither bis voice nor his weight had  any.cffect,yfor. the, speeds of-the, animals in- ,  preased as. they advanced toward - the city,  Mrs.Kleinhaus was unable to; reach the lines,  whieh were drawn down by the side of the ������������������  bug'gy, aiid rested on the axles.    She.waS; of  course greatly terrified, and her exclamations  were suflSeiently loud to be heard by all who  were in the immediate neighborhood.   A col-  oredman, named Brown, on hearing the ex*  clamations of. both Beck and Mrs. Kieinhaiis, ���������  and: observing their danger,. jumped in front  of the horses and brought them to a halt; The  Major had been drawn in this manner aba ub  two. blocks,:and having been dragged through - .  one or ..two poole of mud he presented a.rath-i:  er.unpresentable appearance.   The right side.-  of his face :was badly lacerated and a considerableJ portion of the skin rubbed off; bis A  shoulder was bruised and strained and: his  excep-  sustaih-V;  sHuation fi.  he washedoff a portion of Ihe mud and blood  from hie face and drove home without fur ther  difficultyv;  - ;-. . .   . -fi.fifi A-    fi... fififi-  ; Sharp Practice.���������Some time during the.last  year, a young sprig of the law -was^ admitted  to ,the New York bar. His father, a prudent'  old codger, gave him a .hundred ddliarsy.to  purchase a library of books; and told him  that was all he'; could do for him at that' time,  but that with industry, prudence, and irame������y  diate ��������� enforcement of payment of all sums of  money that might be his, he had no doubt ho  might, get along. A few days after, the' old  raariidropped into John's office; and borrowed  some witnesses were ex- i fifteen dollars of the money he had given.him,  amTned,X7heCom:t in reply;to plaintiff's"oonH ^"^fR"^ PJt7i 'l\ iby. ^elvfe ������!^k next  sel, staled that if a verdict Was given for plain-1 da^; ^Aliright dad,'.said John; giy e meyonr  nel Co'y; four men worked the ground.up to  the end of November last; Orr was not on the  ground last summer ; he was in Victoria, but  paid assessments; I had verbal authority from  him to take up the ground ; never got an order to lay over the ground; Orr gave me $140  to be used on his account; sent word to him  about the claim last summer; the present co'y  got possession of the ground last January.  The Judge stated that tlfis was a very hard  case, but he had ao other alternative from the  evidence adduced but to non-suit the plaintiff:  each party to pay their own costs. Mr. A. IH.  Robertson for defendant.  cih���������The people of Victoria have petitioned -tablishmcntof a,court of appeal, will b  to have the chain-gang.employed in cleansing up.   Weather fine.    Great qnantity.of fr  be got  the gutters.���������The Court of Enquiry concluded the reception of evidence in the Labon-  :eight  going  Lytton, May loth  Mr. Geo. .Coxon. arriv-  pra^ticef  The next day at twelve, pa  and-John immediately served  and put a bailiff iu his house  man was sitting down to dinner,  call an .Instance of sharp  SrEcrAL Permit.^���������A gentleman .from New  Westminister informs us., that ��������� the Americau  steamer Forty-Nine holds;.a special; permit  ^ J&* Messrs. Parsons & Nelson's train got  into Van Winkle on Thursday last They  made an attempt to-epme over the mountain,  but could only get' four miles out from Van  Winkle, where the: loads were deposited and  paoked in here by Chinamen. The goods  brought in are principally candles and cum  boots. One of Messrs. Oppenheimer & Co.?s  trams got in to Van Winkle, on Friday, but  there is no possibility of animals getting  through here until the snow is shovelled from  several portions of the trail. If the miners  would only give a day's labor towards this object we would have: trains in here without any  urther trouble, and they would undoubtedly  be great benefitersby it  Gkaxd BALL.^-Mr. W. Allan's Ball camo off  on baturday evening last, at the Pioneer Ho-  -ei, oamerontown.- It was well attended  lames and gentlemen from all  parts  .by  of the  (Company have contracted with the California  Steam Navigation Company to supply, them  with coal from the Fuca Strait mine.~Mr. .        1T .  Alston, Registrar General of Vancouver Is- this spring than MivOoxon has #seen- them^ at  any time, and everyone is making, great improvements.���������Lillooet is looking more lively   ���������T-���������^^j���������.������������������  ��������� _  land, returned by the 'California.'  the party was arrested illegally by Benriino.  The Fillibuster Company took: out'10 0Zs.  for two days washing.���������The crops look better  $������?* We understand that Mr. Shaw, the gentleman who had his leg fractured by falling  from his horse a short time since, is now fast  recovering. We wTere in error in stating that  Dr. Bell assisted in setting the limb, it was Dr.  Wilkinson. - . fi -    \  . jfi^r The Bed Rock Flume Co'y aj$ij>nsyj  cleaning the snow out of their water ditch  from Jack of Ohibs. Crco^a^t.d expect to have  water runningiii 11:to-da^���������:'"':' ;  j^r^Prof. Ehdt's Biiisieal' and magicul enter taihment came off 1 ast evehing. ;His tricks  of sligh fc-of-hand were very cleverly perform-;  ed and drew frequent bursts of apidaiise from j  the audience.  than it has for some time and money is more  plentiful.  No tiling new at Lytton.  Weather cold and  L.  MOUTTET-& CO.,  'WHOLESALE k RETAIL  ereek. The music was unexceptionable, and  m 0T,CII}S was kept up with unflagging zeal  wire nl efrT- ?lXl supper and refreshments  Sd LI V������at co?la be desired, and the enter  sf?S*tllro^ thd greatest sat-  isiactionto all present.       .-fi,  mfT?hlfQ !s stin ?^n5 at the Blue Tent,  tt������linni?������Liy rec,������Yen?g from the effects o  bU K wm? sustaJ?ed by ������mg thrownfrom  S1ms no7w k^i8 Way^p ht3re^ althougli  ^s not yet had the assistance of an UfiD.  etm through the timely .offices bfsomp  Samaritan the leghad^been seta^^^g  good  well.  ������laims Shm0^^"? that ������n'Ull  The Steam Subsidy,���������Mr. Wallaco informs  us that he has made arrangement with the California Steam Navigation Co iii pany's steamers to run to this.port under the Steam Subsidy J some days, and the river is still rising ; it  arraugementof $1,500 per trip.     The Sierra] reached HfLabovelow water mark;  Nevada will be the next  wet. - '-fifi yfi.--.  Hope, May 18.���������Another band of Chinamen  started'for the Similkameen mines to-day. ���������  From a person who knows the mines, well,  we learn that on the Similkameen exists a  false, bed rock, as in many places in California. A rich streak of gravel. und6rli.es;. this |  false b"ed rock,^"aiurin' California tiie"  diggings have been foupd- in "similar places.  .0 ur in forman t th inks they have cut through  this bed rock and fouhd ricli gravel below it;  th is wo uld ac count f o r su ch n umb e rs go ing  over the same ground.-y The Similkameen trail  is tube opened immediately, and Mr. Allison  left here this morning to make the necessary  preparations for the work..       '   V  The weather has been very unpleasant for  has  a  RICKFIELO, Willi^as Crock, B. C: j  7K HAVE ON HAND a large stock of Provision*,  )   Hardware and Vegetables, and are determined to 6?U them cheaper than any other store ou  Williams Creek; Come and see and judge for yourselves.  Kicbfleld, May 6th, 1866. * ���������       '    .fit, -fi,  steamship to leave  for Victoria, and the Active will follow. Should  inducements offer, the company will run four  steamers per montli. The bbals (witli the exception of the Sierra Nevada, Which draws too  much water) under the new arrangement will  go to New Westminister. The arrangement is  not tlie most favorable that could be wished ;  but it is the best that could be made under  the circumstances;���������Victoria 'Chronicle.'  Launoet.���������-We have the pleasure of informing our readers that the Hudson Bay Companys  steamer Marten was launched on the 10th inst,  and she is now at Savana's Ferry getting in  machinery. It is expected that she will be  making her first trip across the lakes at the  time agreed upon with tlie Government The  company are deserving of praise for the expedition they have manifested in getting the  steamer ready.���������B.C.'Tribune.'  $0*- If Tou vrant good Cefre* um Fell?������.  Yale, May IS���������Nothing of any interest in  t0wn���������several mule trains and ox teams have  left town within a day or two. loaded with  freight for tho Big Bend district, also Coxon's  mule team left this morning for Soda Creek.  Hudson Bay mule team arrived to-day from  Savanas. It is expected the steamer Marten  will bo ruuning by Triesday or Wednesday  next, Fraser river still keeps high and; rising  somewhat every day,: considerable floating  logs pass down.,. Wesather cloudy,"and raining most of the time. A .fifififi       fi   fi  Cache Creek, May 18^-A good number of  miners on the -way back from Big Bend ;  they give a horrid account of it, and say that  there can be no mining done there for nearly  two months yet v  ^  We have no Eastern news to report as the  lino is down.  Important to Miners!  The undersigned is prepared to  richest CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS  fiyy-fififiAfi fi, ,:,  PANNINGS, A,fififiyfi,tyfi .,-  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity oft'..flit  ..   Most Liberal Terms, at the !  : t. Heading Room, Camerpiiton,  The Subscriber is well known on Williams Creek, aad  from the confidence reposed in him last Fall in tb������  above business, he hopes to receive th������ patronage &f  tha Mining community tbo ensuing season.  ys JOHXBOWROK.  yfiKOyTlCf.    fififi  , BIG- BEND, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DtJRING THE MINING SEASON the undea*i������B*4  will be prepared to execute Surveys and transact  & General Agency Businew. JOHN MORRIS,  Civil 3Engin<39f.  ���������pBr Edwin Forrest the renowtjecf Ameri-j  can tragedian, ha? aril ved at San Francisco. ���������  Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars, Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Tneatrioai  Entertainments,  E������ecoted with Neatness and" Despatch si .this OSIee;-  ..:' -W.)Terms ModerAte.,*^BH  HENRY   SCHORLING,  VAN WINKLE,.  Dealer in all kinds of Provisions, Clothing, &o~  ^^������������ Stabling: for H^r������a:  tT������r> B������ri������r *n-l Oi** *l*  w*.ya o*n liftod,  ,- 1*  ;::.������  H, ���������<m,a*u\m&rm>,V^LLi<J������WJ.'meaii' ��������������������������� '���������'$'"���������  fiA.  , 'fiy  fifi  fififi  ii  : -fi- '  fifififi '  .;-'���������?��������������������������� -.:  "sfiifis  yy ���������-.  Jtk,-t ���������  y  t:  ������  ���������4%::,--  fr  -  w  ly".  il  y..  m '  ���������*������ ���������'  *&V fi  ������y:<   .fi-  /i .4*.' ?;.'.'���������:   'fifi -7 fi-'fi  ifiv 'fi"'-- a"...  Iliyiyy  wr.yx-y���������������������������������������������������������������- ������������������.:������������������   ���������  ���������,H-fifi':-s::fi-:'-::;-  WMfifi  'Afi' fi ' ��������� ���������'  fiAfi fifi--'' ������������������fifififi-  'iii���������-V-v* fiy.  imififi.yfifi  myfifififiyfi  'yyfi fifi, Afiyfi  Wfifififi:  fifi ��������� ;��������� ;  0i A *    fifi  \W.fi  'fifi  mfififi  1 Mfi fifi fiy ;fi.  ^'fififififififi  fififififi-fiy yfi  |||fyy|v  yf;":;y;y;;:.yyy:^  '   :THE HEDL:BROTH LAKE.^OFrMONO:J  *.We- have'* tasted ^oian^' strange1 leverages,  says' tbe'-Reese* River 'Reveille; Yand imbibed  numerous'queer concoctions,* but never?any^  tb1%te"o,'d'e?te  witer from* Mono" Laker t We:found the other  A POLITB IRISHES  jrbad oar recently/ the^eats Were: all- full-jex-  icepLt one, whiciuwaa the nexfe-to a.; rot^^pfc-  ihg Irishman, and, '.at one; of Ithe r stations'a  .couple of evidently well bred; and intelligent  younkladids came' in tb "prognre :seats^ fibM  laboratory 4f Tthe *-National BanW *We; were  in the-pursait'of science, r'andfound^her with  ��������� a-^engeance^;f-:^;':t^ %>��������� fififififi vvy^y '- fi(fi  fifififififiotfi...  highly Ira p regnafcett wrj&alkalineiinatte^as:tp  parch* ana*biira thfe tdnguefon>testingif; wasb;  yo# 'ffltiitepv($fi ffid^th^skin^ahshrive^n4  less inihiediately^rirtsed iiv*fres1iMatbr;?T /The  ' lake: ha^een nfosfcitf jrptty'Jfermfed^ the?^ dead  *"' sea^y of ^the! wcstf 'It/should He called ihe  ^live^ea'^tis>a %*$of:4ifeV*and is always  , lively'from/tae^  truo^theU^ke etfntams:ri&fish*b^aiiy kind; yet  ffififi    its^a^raykem^tlr ^malilife.y;'Thisjalka^  lin^sbl^ifeabounds^i^mjrriads of aquatic  ,   insects OuSdiaErihiaieul^  as*telavft$Mti^^  vrvtheaterAlnfi thO^fofin of^aninialculse," and  .-: finally tfiev sp)>rtiii the)^a^of^ismall^grubr'  e'd one of* the youngladiefwith^'smile^hesP  .tilting^ withytrue politeness? as to'accepting'it:  ���������fNlverty������%itid^  Cbine ;to.H ?���������Fd ride upon ilie .. cowca^te vW*  yNfew "fo^paSy^ini^for a smile ^irbinl steh  gintlemahly ypung ladies V, anei' i*^ca|edlluis-  >nXfiWikAu,k ������Art. ������������*> ? amid the cheers of those  itilyviritq>ther^ext:oar;y ^  Who1 had witnessed-the incident;  ���������,' -;)'-fi~,fi    "fifi.jfi -fi' - fiy -��������� '���������    - ��������� '������������������������������������ ^r-^-i s -i  ���������;:'4.'e"  i-.fi \ ���������<  fi To^SoBsCRiBERS^-The weekly' subscription^  fbr^heSehtiiiel wllxbe^  , carrier.  ��������� .r  '  ;I (^ESNEfcMCiU^'^l^  r^GOLONIAL RESTAURAISIT,,  t'^^^> %;;!���������'-��������� WESNELMOlOT; :/  -rfi, yi:ir:-:i;i  -fi,  ., fiP.fifj. JOHNSON, i3?ROFRXET0R, a ��������� ���������:  Meals at alfi hours; ;and;/CookingsOf ^tfeibesd  s'--yyy yfi..yfifi. J?descripti6n.^'c *'���������������:*';cn' s - v *  ; /yicirpiaA: ^VEimsEsSpsTS^  ;,:"    I^^rjMent^reeiv; yiOPORiX. ~^^- *  y fiy'      , fi-  ���������:;-���������   fi -fi t -'fi Vf - fififi... ������������������-. /. : .  :������������������'   ^:  WHOLE!SALE -AND ?BKT AlL;  yfifi  -fififififiyfi-y ^-p^JESNELMOtJT^^^vi AfififiyH  ���������fi --BRO^N & GILL^; ^ Proprietors^ ������^^  .GpodiBedi/; ilestauraiit; ^Billiard^table/ ^Cv  y"'*yy<. ^tahHriglbrHorses^Hayand OatSivlr y &y V  ;   yy fciFtad'^;GUIQH.O^' y ';'-'r;  ;! 5 bioJ EsrinLisHED^ Gexerac Store; /,-���������//    y  proyM^^Iwholes^e  v   ' '-: '' "SIGN: tiEKCHANTS/fififi 'fir:fi  '���������fiy. Stpa^ei-T&c.--tTerihsiin^  LILLOOET ADYERTISBMENTS.^y;  '���������!���������*  HtmfiS^:  ^^,-i-  THEiU^DERSIGNED.are now.maunfacturing FLOUR  rir.-'fltl 'rrryw ��������� 'iTivtrn   Fmio'rfinG' and'-'Ftne;*-"���������' Feed  ���������J ;ly'df/'all-grades: ^Eitra,'- Superfine*-and? Fine.' :���������* Feed  ' bruSHea^to ortter..- *T" - '     ' 'fififififiififi-      y ; ���������> <    .  *to fifiii LilLLOQET^FLOXJR.tMlLti .(p&i^a * j?'r,  ���������*-. y ,y?. ^���������������^'.| JfOBTEKjC AgenWi ^  ������F5  mass or}depositing its; pya^y Thedake> ajfiord^  fine feeding; ground, for innumerable water  frtwl; ^an-iriVi-rto^/viina       rliinlrd! fraooo     Kroner "   BTirl  swan  i tiihspfing^layingtheiri, eggs' on .the manyisr  landsan'the lake:y  It is saiid'^hat ;mariy :oft  -'' tlieselbirds have. bbemBh6tsand?roimdwithjthe>  s^m  'fiy  EDWIN .^rR>YN.QNj  Boots-and Shoes, Carge.tings,:.-.������il/Slpths/-  ^Wall l>ap6r,,4ic , Lillooet- B. C.F /  tJfifi fifi .yfi fi^Mfi -l  ��������� ���������-���������   - - fi-'-' - }    - fifi 'As    yy   t fifififi'    .fififi :��������� fifi ' -r  QUESNELMOUTH.;  U\:  ^WHOLESALE axb DETAIL J^RCHANTSy  . fiyrhfiVfi-yfifi ;QTJESN^M6pTH,' ''''i^fifi fififififi^  Dealers ��������� ih ������f 6 vision^ y Liiporsy: ;T6$ac������Oy&cci  A good selection of Liquors always On haiidv dm-  "m **������i !<!���������������������  OaOADySIDE; IJOIjBES;;: &G^;  ::;;;rji-fr'yW  :*^t*.?  ���������f'r.n!^.  "V  ���������^:^:: V.; r:  Erigdish &J?r|jS3h|SilJ^HS^^Jh^^^^S  ���������: derclotbing;  Gloves,, an d every j.d^scjlptffln v of *  ���������'.- "fifit, :\ ���������.? fifi.-fiy y. ' Drapery. .Goods,. ���������;;���������; . fifi:, fi '' v ; ���������������-/;  ' li^biveTegillar^supplies'by Express via Panama and-'  %:^ainng:vessels via/CajieSHoiiit^to^ ;*^U.s'yJ ��������� fifi..:  4������gt*<Particular-.atteixtibn gi^en^to sal.l* prders,\ fi*s~^y.  ;, -Londpn;Flrm^J,, ^TpspLLv&f^Ojiv :^. ,'f. r*,.,'-~l-ip.w:  j ���������;; ���������" v- 7 EStABElSHEPi 1S5 8:,;( j . fifi fi fi  v^tTILLIAJyt ZELNER^dealenitt;|Jw;Gf,jiHKni. '  fi VV -. -.? .crNBS:,an^ iCH^iCAW.^nc^^nd Toilet, Artlcleg^;;  Sponges, ^Bmshes^Per^niery,^ &clj ifi'Tj^yk^aa^1-.:^ fifi  "script ioiisHaVcfuhy'Cbmpotihdod  wi th.caro and dispatch.   Victoria,������VPIi-^ fifi fifi A lb yfi.  ^  ���������������������������.v*- fii-. -,- :l?ATTRICK?S;. CORNER, fi^fifi,.,-,  ....���������:.,' M &SJ -i $.., Ti*;-���������&��������� ;'tvi-.V->"?.-:'.^;'���������; i;;jjCi������ "CrU-.' "<.Uv; v.' ���������>���������..''   . ���������  R; BOBEBTSONvyWine aid; Spirit Ker-  , chant, Victoria,;;. Vnfit-Afiy fi ffififi A */?)' ���������  1-8  BOOliSl. BOOTS!!  . .-'^i.V'  fpHl3 HOUSE' isjsituatedr26 mil es from Qucsnelmouth .������������������  BffEV^EFtY^  i f ACOB -MILTZ,v Proprietor,' has, t always; 4 on  .-������������������ I"?-."h' a "n A '������������������ ri '��������� 1 Sirfb'' o W������' - fc ii n Avl'rtr"'������ Mrslr 'rtf."���������.;T';n crfir.iB 0 Br * '/it  nesyahd-  Segais; ;ithevpubllc^are i nvi ted;:  alirordersyprmnptly^* ] y ;.*��������� ���������.  PreparedtorftlI>  hu " ififixi fifififi i:Ar-fi  contains ^numerous islands,IBeveraf'fo^v^vhicb  have many?boilihgls^nngs^  titevcolumas?mf\ steam., v Alfox-f&the^islands;  4 igneous remains*^ cov^r the ground with^ theiri  fUnt^ic form^^umerPus  .'"QPELMAN* anft -McKENZlE,-Broprietbrs:^  ;O Tbis;Hous'eIs':wcllflttedup withy0o<2ii;Beas.>and  'thejBarris funtished-withitheybcstfLiquors; Meals are  rservedJaV all'hours onCtHe^Rcstaurani: ��������� principle.y Sta-  fhlirig T6r,&or*s,' Horse Feed j^g- ��������� ; r"   .    "��������� -1-s  m^mfism>Mfiw^^fi'  PH^LES.NELsbN,; Proprietor. fi^hirM  '-*V * established House i 3 well fi tted ��������� up for the 'eomfor t~  tof Travellers)fif theVTable 5ds, supplied .with: tlio^est of  Everything th'at^������n''be''bad,Jandthe cbpking?is-nfiiiin^,  the luxtin'es thath?can>be procured"; the Bar/is;well sup-  plied^wriththo bbstbrarids bffLiquors and Sega rs; good.,  iStal^ng/Ha^^Qkfe and;Barley.; fi/m-The GHEAPE5T  JHouse on the Road;    - ,    '��������� ''      '>      1-s  A [-'r,McLEESE^;SENNY; TrorVrietors;/ ; - ^  tnHE^HJBLlc'fi a6& INVITEb ;TO CALL'���������' AT fiTMS  1 ��������� House.'*'' Th ere i^:Cr6od Meals -y GopdyBedS'pStabling!  ������fbr Horses^tBariey^Oats and Hay-i:  i������l;-0.  ���������l^-s,  yf port- tou^l|s '!sb^B*iBla^^s^  -is fififi.  sudden and; fitful-Ifasfiioh^w^thout^.moments  premonitionfwhich^rendeM^anyr^attempfc^to  navigate it axnpleasanfc if jiot hazardous. Near  the southern* extrcmity^oB' the,lake iare,ihe remains ^of tliree���������&very,;Temarkable^volcanoes.  Th^se^ilire^ cono^shapedy,p$;aksM -rise^p.^he.  hetghr! Sfi^ftecM htodred|53fe^:p resentmfelcral  tors of ^great and variable :d(>pth>^rom % which  there once belched for|h: yas|:wolume|. pf��������� inol;  teitfiava; ' Their sides^Ifroin summit, to -basej  areye^n no w ccweredjwijil^a^  .off deb ris; and offer; m mosilin vifciiig field to the  curious and intelligent; iraveiled 7We are'ih-  debtedto Mr^ MurpHy f0r fhesoiew Interest  i ng j^rjiculars of fthiiwon^  ;"' the; iiiferiM" water 'fi of ^wiiiclr' JiaS^iEtddeditb^ our  already  MACDONALD'S    HOTEL,     y\  TS7"i������ MA&bONAljDl Proprietors Mind-s an d  v}fiyfi. bthers"destlhed for;;th0 Bridgd^iv$ry-!^np^-nvill'  ."flttd- every? coiivmiience and 'aceomm'odatiohyaffbrdetlj  themt vGood)-Beds > an dya. Table well^upplied with all  the.delicapie^of the,season.^yy ,. $<,-..-  fis...- y,fifiils fi'  ^ACKKR}fib9fi  L .Travelling pulDlic^^the. bedrpoms: are^spacionsvand  i'���������'���������'"\.'^.. -'J    'i l.' Hi' n A'^l i������'V M'n w������ M 'A> '.'!  \������'**������ ���������?>*'%" >������������-.<-������ <-*^-irt',l ���������'"���������fVv^  '*\\'fS*S ������%1^f.nn  AY, & CO.f Fort^Str^etjrVictoria- pV^ I. Vf .^resh ''  - Garden;an4 Field, Seeds guaranteed. fi Have ori hand  a carefull^ selected: stock of the -above������; from the. best '  ���������R������ r^pe^ii^andtJiLihGii^iiL^^  their ft-iend^in^BritlshColumhi^  tticular attention is-called to their large stock of O^ass;;'  Cldveif^ncl;Onic&;vSeeds "of ;^ry "superior,yqnality.^  Fru'ifcyTrfibs and./Bushes, Evergreens, Shrubsy Green-'*  house ajWlGardehKPlants|yStandard And Dwkrf >.Roses;������  -t>f ey cry ^variety; -y ^at^ogu^Si^m'application^^ ;..yl-Sj.y,;t  E" BR&DRIGK," Coal andProdtjce Deader? ���������' A ���������5  lOhirge' stock ot Hay?t Oats,' Wheat-aiid Barley of tho V  best 'descriplion' always on hand; lalso^ Nanaimo, Eng-* r  lish", Blacksmith tind pahnclyCoal.y, Orders sent,to .,  Union iW^^::yict6fia|#.T^ will receivoimmadiate -  attention, fifififi. fiyfi K  "fifififi fi "fifi fifififi "fiA 1-s ^v  {'���������" *"' "''' r"i-; * ' it���������' 1 *"u,"*r v '*.;"'";"    ?"������������������'���������**������������������������ *��������������������������� ^^.���������' j m���������������; ������������������^���������^^*���������������������������������������������������i.^^i���������������������������  ,^/_.- ^ .  t4 ENT^LE������S;^otcfeaiphicrQ'aHe^.^  ������-.meBt-$tj Victoria, V:a., opposite Hotel de France.,,,  ���������m^Ws'pt Cariboo anH Scenery throu^out' British,Col- ;|;    I  ia^ineludmg views of the.route to Big Bend^always'a  ������m<t?at:'llb6raLrates.-<^^^'' . t -V* .*. ,    .,     -   l-s -    - A  ;View  umbia  bnyliai  Boohs  Mw^s;shp;jtii^?with.rUib,ib^  tortHorsiss; Hay, Oats;a^;BarIcy. constantly, on hand.  y  T^ENITIS 3*nraPHT;yPropriGtdr,-, ^This House  fix J i:������f s -fu rnished wi th every, con veni ehbe^f&f the com-:  fort^of Travelers;������sthe JGul]nary department** is under  the superintehdencevof -an experienced ;cbok;*; the Bods������  are clean and comfortable.; ,tlYe!Bar con tains;th0:bcst^  or Liquors, Segars, fi&oA  SStabling Hay,Barley & Oats.:  TTIBB^Ny& CARS WELL, Importing  M. SELLERS ^STATIONERS-- constantly.supplied aria;J  ' l  receivi ng from best sojurces, .Schobl^StaDtdar^^ and!Mis-; fi ���������**. I  ^cellaricous Bboks^h^yStaple:^ !  1011; itslBraiiches I fi Corner ^atcs^an dj Langley} streets;. t,  ^ictoria^yVaucbuver Island:i:/i:''-i <��������� V va^v  -:  v *    ��������� ���������--���������������������������i.;:.   ':.������������������'��������� '^r   v..^   *   ^  ���������;���������'���������-���������"';��������� ���������-,,t-. ���������   ,������������������ ���������-"���������'*���������-'."���������.;'*���������''��������� * -^: W->'- '.'���������J, ;-'u--.-'--; ; fit.*'  ;vl-3m.  1>V;^P; ^^Ei^^TAiiott' & OoTPiTTKR/Fi>rt')  jR-4 iVictorla, ^v I., Opposite- Bet* Hive-Hotel, wrl  BLUE   TENT:  RANCH.  fiffi  TfiNffii HENDEBSON begj; to,iiiform,l>is,friends,  f:... and: th e travelling "public: generally ���������; thatA he. lias'  tiilceh; the,'ab.oye.Ranch ;and is prepared to. supply thorn  with^First ?.Class'; Accommodatioh^;;'' fiGoQit Stablihg^for  ^: ?; Ly SMITHS CO;;- Prdprl etorsyj y Thisi^ Hpii  ��������� VX������; woir..flj.todsup for the ^accomtobdation JdfjTravei-j  lers';t04the ^Bridge ;River. llines.;;:: ^Gppd Bedsjystablijig,  .for Horses. Horse Feed,' tc:'" A Stage; runs twice aSye'ck'  ���������'between-thi.s hbus'e and'Port Douglas;on^ the arrivalypr  the Steamers from b clow and connect-sHvith?the,''Lake  Boats for Lillooet. 1-s'  NEW TOSTMINSTER^AD^&TISEM  horses; * Hay: and Grain.  1-s;  ^treet^^'   'wharu.hey  is'(;jnrepared^to ^pplyjUs numerous jpatronsiwith.^vflry ^  requisite for Clo'tliing suiuble for every season'.ot'fiAk*A  y&ar.   'fifi^^fi- < ;-., _ ; , .     , ,��������� . ,  ,   . v ,''   , l"8 ���������*  rpHOM^S^ILSON;^ Cd^Im^oricwyof iEngy>  Iflish?Merchandi2e; bwholesala and,retail, dealsrs Jn ;  Dry, 69003, <&c,;, iatess Stro^t^^ctoria, y., ifififil On and  aftirlct .Tune tfoxt inyGovefnment3Street, opposite tho"*  Bunk ol-British Columbia. V ��������� -ft .mml t\fi>M fifi ^l-s ? y  ippl  affords;; -Titothe Bar will be .lbuhdytheichQicest Liquors.:.;!;  Furnished Rooms, &c.   f^ ,? >, --'fifi fifi, -fiyfiyfi-yfi 1-s, c  ^VM. MANSONv; ';'���������'  fififi fifififi A ������������������  Proprietor,;:  rrais ^HOTEL IS ^LARGE  D:-'Ai McLEAN^-;  rfififi 'fi- :-���������'-��������� ������������������  Agent.-.  AND IWELL ��������� TITTEB^UP  lit fori, the comfort of travelers; the ��������� Table fi-M supplied  with the.lJcst of everything/that; con be procurd,; aiid  thbcobkiiig is.hot inferior^to any on the road; Bedrgoms  for families;"Stabling, Hay,, Barley and Oats.      Us'  H;j:C'K:':Sy;;H 'OfijfiEU-fi  ���������j. fiii-  ~  Onini bus of Naples^ a man  -��������� wnb fiyund meansv to^riaftq; account ther pop-*  ular apprehensionsorpoisoners' which have  prevailed' there sirife ^he^ Ippea^hce of the  oliolera. y Tfioindmflluai in^u^wn being ex^  'cdedingly liungary ';��������� and haying only a'fi sirigle  coin jpf the; value of a-; sou;^laidy4tfi out; in the  purchase of 5powdered sugar, and as he passed tiy tlie stand 'of" oiler of "���������' XK6^^&^rfiUif_  coolis who make a^kind pancake called fri������-  ���������tai 1 e. he droppedappareiitiy 'by  accident  some of the sugar intp ��������� the y ityingypan. v rHe  was ins tantly siezed ��������� by. the bystanders as a  poisoner ca.ught inflil^;aci::'Se denied yigorf  -���������; ously^hetruth:p������ the" allejga^ion; ��������� A^dfi^iifiikQl  to pro verbis innocence offered 'to ea^the contents of the pan:' This proposition ��������� was-accept-  ed, and he accordingly clispatched, .the pancake with: a relish; and then walkedoff well  saM^^i^ithfthJ sucoess b^hifii tfickV ' fifififi. fififi^ \  -Customs Receipts for the week ending Saturday: April 28, i^J61 Duties:;S6,329 37 :'tiar^  bor diies,' $ 163 5*������ f headiribijeyfi S270 ; ton-  fi-jyr  jni  same period, 270.  is, constantly. suppiied;  Iiiquors and Segarsy  with the.choicest  brands  of  G.LARKSON. &.CQ:, Dealers in; Books; Stationery^  '���������:Music and Musical;Instruments, '-��������� <NEWS: AGENTS,  &c:,yC61um'biaStreet, New Westminster. .a't-A.-fi :s -���������-,]���������  Ihe:''British Goinn^ian?'  *.; published every Wednesday and Saturday,1 at the  fi fifi publishijig office, New Westminster.'^ ���������'     .; C  THE BRlri^H COLIJMBIAN is the oldest newspaper  published in this colony, and has a larger, circulation therein than any other.   lis columns are regularly  supplied with -full; telegraphic news from all parte of  the world, while! it coiitains a niithful' record of local  eyents, and a.full report of Legislative proceedings.  ;   Thet|B^ifcish.Ool^m.bian', is supplied to all parts - of  this colony by Exprsss, upon' extremely liberal cbndi-  tibhs.'1  For terms,���������' &c.''see Express Agents.' *.. '  ������������������ y->)?:   'fifififi,    ���������   ;robson & -MCMILLAN,- y  -.fi - Afi-',. '     :    ��������� ���������  ���������'..-. Publishers & Proprietors.. *  ; 83 MILE HOUSE.    -  j ivLBERT. CRvSLER .has opened ;th e above; Hous;e for.  fit!:: the reception pf Travellers'";' the Table iswell'lcept  ahU the Liquors cannot be stirpassed ; the Beds are  clean and ��������� cbmfprtabley ��������� Stabling for' Hbrses,>;Ha;y and  OatS..'" :���������_'������������������' ��������� '  fi-.. .;..   /.���������.;  - ������������������ ,;v.i.V;   '���������fififififii-^H  BEERS,;fand.;LIQUORS^andydepot ofr-Havana^Segars.-.  Goods forwarded to tho fining Districts, .,... y 1-s   "  '��������� A v^KANKEIi," Vic tbri-'a^'- Vi * Ii,- >Doalef. to Furs, ���������.  4L*' Skixs,' HiDEs,:Wpoiy,i&c^; liberal advancesmade:  oii Fiirs consign ed. A, R������ference���������r6w; Siitrd ic V o. $ Sppr-;;  borg.& Ruefi', Victoria, V. I. _.   , ;   -**���������;. -    fi v      l.s  m  If R.S. HEIN, Millineu & Dress MakbRj Govern-  IfL, ment Street.. Victoria,:��������� V. T..., All-kinds of Millinery  "Orders-  i"-"A  j-"-'*;. .4" trill. QWW t,, v. jy lUJ-ia, > V . 1. , ., AU KlRUttUI JjaUiJUts.  of; tho fii at es t s tyl '6"fi kept cpusta ntly on, hand. ��������� " Orde  :frora;the country punciuaiiy*atteadedM=V';'- y.yl-s;  JAMES HURON, Proprietor, this commodious Hotel is well,fitted up with 0very convenience  for tho comfort of the public ��������� the Beds are all that" a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied with  the best of fare; the Bar contains the. choicest brands  /of Liqubrs and Segars j good Stabling, Horse Feed, pats,  Barley, &c.    ��������� ���������'> -fiy i-s   ���������  |)ETEB; McQUADE,  ShipyChandloar:,and;  X, dealer in Paints,' Oils,, and Window Glass. -' Always  oir.hahd^a large stock of: Rope ahd Cahv^ss^ I"Wharf 1  13 ire etj. Victor ia,. V.;i'W ft fifi fififi- y-<- fifi :.fi: 1^3m.v  T^M3f^BSoSrGh & (3 oTrSommissioin MeirchantrJm-  X'fifiPeters and Dsa 1 ers in Chinose Goods, Rice, Su'gary  Opium,-Nut Oil; Provisions/ &c.;, Cormorant Street,-; Vic-  toria/.y;^X.  -       - ,������������������ ������������������   ^. ..-, fifi. [_:..;.-..;.. ::,' ,_ j.������������������ :... l-3m-;-'.;:  ;OON; & ���������Ob.,1! Importers,'jind.-..DealersAinfi.all'  kinds of Chinese Goods and, P'rovisions, Rice, Su-  Teas, &c., Cormorant Street, west of Government,  i  i  ms  w������sm  m  WTO  I  ���������g������'������r.  Victoria, V. 1.  Chxx. Kit, Manager.  E.  LEWIS;LEWIS, Clothier, Vates Street, Victoria,  opposite the Bank ot Bri tis h Nor th America; *   ' 1-s  T ORENZO LEARTO, Proprietory This house  i j affords ; every accommod ati dri for th e com fort of  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all tho delicacies  of the season, and the;Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Wines, Brandies & Segars;. good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley and Oats', cons tan tly on hand at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap;,;.'." ���������.    i-s \  >  MALLANDAINE,COLLECTOR&<jENERALAGENT  ������ Government street^ Victoria, .Vancouver Island.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL'7.  nageydues, $3SJ Mfi-fiTrttil, $7,150 28. Number !bfpUaseiigefs:e^eririg a;t this port* during  same period, 27O^British Columbian.'   .  '$&*. Thj^. Yale xoact iolls for th(? mo nth en d-  Jjig 3i)th Aprin^sS^ampnntecDtd* <$o,414:89  the goods passed* amountody to 541,4891bs  the-receipts for the; week ending;thc;5th inst.,  amounted to $2,647:62.   This^ is a great in-  crearje on any previous week this season.^l-.Bs������mtcd wlta Neatness and  ���������B.C. TriMuio.' *   *.*-''������������������     A        > fi 1..       ;.'       i^* T/Tms >i^w.i������.-^  I \ Cards,r Bill Heads, Circulars, Posters and  Programmes-for Balls and Theatrical  v. /   : :'* ������������������ Entertainmentsy- ..'-,-,..' "��������� =;������������������ v  Dispatch at this Office  ^ arte House,  CE?&LEN. & PARKE, Proprietors, at the  kj Junction of the. Cariboo, arid Big Bend Rodds, is  now open for the accommodation of the public/- Distance from Clip ton, 26 miles; from Savanis Steamboat  Landing, 22: miles; from Spericc's Briilge; 30 irilles.  Travellers will find pricosand accommodations to suit  the'timos. > ��������� Give them a ;call. Stabling, Hay,���������'&!��������� Grai 11;  attentive, hostlers. Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Band and vale, and once a week for Cariboo      1-s  V        MESSRS; CORNWALL'S. ..-'"  A T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  zi. Spencc's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route,  Travellers will ilnd Good Accommodation.   The best of  I living; of Liquors,, and of Wines     Fresh BiittoivMilk  ��������� ana V/������g?tobl*3.   G-ood St-ftblijig ?n1 cheap f������?������d.     Is  WATSON, Watchmaker; Jeweler  and Engraver, Vates street, tibovc Gov- 'ft  ernment street, Victoria,-V. L- ,.1*8     w  1LSON & MURRAY,  Grocers, Provision,  Wi ne & Spi ri t Merchants j Bake rs & Confection ere,  Fort Street, Victoria?i y. L       'fifi,, Afi ifi: fififififi'fifi'^    X-s  QPORBORG & RUEFF, Cbaiiimissibn Mer-  O CHANTS; Whol cisale Deal ers in iGitooERiESj;: Provisions,: Boors & Shoesj Wharf street, Victoria, V. L -l:s-  fi RSLLEY & FITERRE,' Importers & Whole'  IX S'llo BeaIers ih Wines, Spirits iand Liqtiors,  Victoria, V. I. ���������   v-'v; y :������������������    fi..--yfi^-s.fi-  SPROAT.& CO., (late Anderson & Co.)j:MPeBTE^3  and Commission.. Merchants, Store Street. .Victoria,  V;l.'.'      '���������"   V"- .:', ���������:.' ''-fififififi": fi "fi'y'fifi   1-3 -'  P  PiS*  Rot?  'wa  w$  m  M  ������������51  1  p  M  F  ?s5  fe  s  fesg-  ������\y  m  Gf.  corner  SUTRO & 00.,: Importers and Deaixbs -Jf.  CIGAK$, TOBACCO, .Mecrshanm Pipes, &o., S E.  of rates and Wharf street; Victoria..-, s^  ,.B;.. HAGG-IN, Puvsicun &.SbnqE0N, near cor-  . nerof Yates and Government Sts., Victoria, v. A������.  PIERCE & SEYMOUR^dealers in Bedding  FuRPiTpRE, Broad Street; yictoria, V. I.        J;*  /^tAIRE & G-RANCINI, Hardware .& CLOCjBEt  V .MEacuAXTS, Wharf Street, Victoria,,:V;L-,   ��������� **_  H' ^^NDERSON and BURNABYv >t^^fT������.^  w:'Bsrf sir*** 1. Victoria, V. I. l"


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