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 VoLll;  Barkerville,;; V^iTOm Creek  No.3  THE QMIBp SENTINEL  Published WerySaturday'^yyyV  ROB ERT   .HpWO'w A*Y.  .''  ���������     i.fi.fi   ���������''���������-....��������� fi ��������� fiy-.fi-  fifij     .-''fi  :   ' '���������'.''iii fififi---  ^Subscription,*'-.-: -  50 Ceats per Week.  ...;.:/. RATES OF ADVERTISING,    fi  i ;!For oneysquftrp^pnoincb),'flrsW^rtion,y. ^3;  A-'i. fii- ��������� fi-fiyi fifififi - -fifififi:. pnemonth,'; - '-fifi '&'  ; -For two aquar&jyfi'rst fnser'tibny ''Afi^Afi A >'y . 5;  ���������''.. fi "* -fi' y*:**--' ^ctee'morithjv ������������������ VV -.-,,....r$  ifi.:-' Ageiits for t&e '". Caritibo fiSeiitmel^"  - Van-WiiticlQj--": A������������������ \;>i >fi ���������  ���������Qu'ftsnelmou-thv,.,..,-.....  :6nd?i Creek,    fifi fifififi fi.fi  Clinton, : '-���������'��������� .���������������������������." ���������*  Yn\cy "fi'fififi'fi^ "fifi-A" fi1-  Ndw West rhinster; *  : -  ..VictoriWAS:-" i- ,.-....'.������������������- ' ���������* " .lohn c  in, t*r Fislitfr, fifififi 'fi'fi' yC';' ���������.- - ��������� fifi'- SairFra  5R11 "1 son & if en et������   -.. ''-���������..'  Mr-WW, Lindhart: ���������;' ; ������������������  ,:- : y Barnard's Exjwis**-  'fifi: I. Barn ar d1 ii Express  i; Barnard's .Express  -- ;'"'.- .";dov*v������ :��������� - do  'John.-Murray :  .lolinCpllenf!  ncisco  New. -.-York.  fififififi fifi THE CARIBOO SENTINEL 'fifi fi  lo Wf.w&jy&^s ice!  Car d s.��������� ���������' C i re 11 la rg, Po st ers ���������and, P r 6&ramin ea for  13 si I Is a nd The air i cal E11 tie r tahVm e n ts  ^9*Ex������cuted with neatneyssarid.dispatch ���������^f  ������������������.<���������  v^Tefms moderate, fifififi. ,-v  .;.r  THE CANADIAN OPPOSITION-PRESS ON  ...  THR:ACQUISTTION/OR BRITISH  ; A  ���������fi,,fi yfi' fififi.,  COLUMBIA. :,vvv-fifififififi A  ���������--fi,:. -..-,,���������-: * fiy   {%f,rhJJV'. MmUreal Witness,).. -_.. ;, fiyfi  fi   fi W e re til e tli hoi' r e aril n <r  in' * 1 tie ���������.* \ A r ab ia 11  . ."Nights? about a certain idle fellow^-a��������� loafer  11 o . \v o i 11 d i to t > c a] 1 e d.. h ere ^Via me cl A1 n a sella r.  . whobi;ins?' 1 eft "a m0dcrate comp eIe n ce by his  ��������� f a th er i ii-ve* led A t i n'ic ro ok < t '%��������� or so me such  ')> ri ii 1 e. war e,.an d . p 1 rtoi n g th at,. in 10 , ,a.. .1 arjre  bask u t gay e wa y i0 d ve a bis of' fii hire matr itlfi-  e 0 a ce.; y Wh i 1 s ��������� th us ocfeti p i ed * h ii i I d i ii'g" ca sti es  . 'in the air, he unfortunately forgot the fraii  liature of his nciual'prfsses-sioiis ; for, in act-  "i 11 ������ as if his magnificence .-had been actually  realized, we fire.toIdy-that., lief*unconsciously  11 tV (10u'b tfi. k\c&e(i the 'hasket in to the stree 1  a n'd b r 0 k e i ts con te 11 ts ��������� 1 ci io a tho iisan d fr ag-  ?m en ts.;' A. yfi: fifififi. fifi''.;; fi   fi fifi.fi.fi: fififi.-.  'fififi So m e sii ch though ts .as thesft a re" exci te d i h  read in ^. the .magh ifieeri t p0 roraj ions of Ila  'Mihevve on^the ^assa^e of the Government  lA.es 0 Hi ti on s for th e Union. 0 f Bri tisfa Colain bi a  i;o th e D ore i n i 0 h. i n vo I v in g: th e vast; resp'oh^  . sibi 1 ity of making arrai I way (to  tl 1 at ��������� dl;s tanI  .region within len years, at a cosfc wo. oke can  ������f0 retel I. ,b u t to wh icfe 111 e Cavf i er G o������vern ment  <h ave r ec Id ess] y^ p I edc-ed Ihe Co n i'eAe ratio n.  After some preliminary nourishes about  ���������Canada beii^g extended from ocean to ocean  ���������from the gates of China, on the one hand,  ��������� to the oulp'osts of English coranioroe on the  other���������La Miner vo pays :  In a fevv^earp Canadian civilizaliow.f lacinc*;  Tfi r 1 cou ve r ��������� w.i Iht n si s. days' tra v������I (������f Ha I i (ax.  overshadow a whole continent:  and il  ������0. Caattda, therefore, alone occupies in;  America the zone corresponding to that which  the great nations occupy on the European  continent, add she can, therefore,'reckon upon  the favors'of nature, and that: constaiit la^  which has raised the- north of Europe ttf the  pinnacle of cfirilixatioh." ���������  If geographical position alode could make  a great iiation th e aboye would ?be more: per:  tineai, but climate aiidjsdil, and proximity io  water communication, are also;;to be taken  into account,, ,"'���������      ���������:_... -        ..    , < ��������� ���������  VyLa,jnnerye;itheti"goe8:on to state that the  union of British Columbia' to'the yDooimiou  without delay was needful^ In asm ach as the  Am ericana i n p urch as i n gI Alaska.. sh 0 vied fi a  design to seize all; the Western.vpaft of the;  continent."Tfiirdesign we have frustrated,  an d placed Ij0 und ste American i bflii en ce on  thisr Continent.'a ��������� TheAWihevye rs;happy ;��������� to  thinlranintelligent'"parliament has laid'the  basis of a greatness destined to culminate in  Canada's playing in Am erica; the rol e of Ghai':  leihagne's, ahcieutehipire in vEurppe. fififi fifi  ���������fi It is to be hoped that .the ruin; of; what "she  b a s m ay 1} 0 tbe the .resu It :'of . Can ad a7s : t li 1 is,  like^lnaschar, dreaming of castles in the air-  A. dog 0 u ce I osfc th e si * b sfan ce i a sii ap ping  r at the sh ado w :  we can n p t h <��������� I p. tin uk i ng th e.  advan tii ge we co n 1 (i d e 1:\ ve fro ni 'Br iii s h C p-.  iunibia too shadowy to pay; so: many subs tar)\  11 al dollars fort^aridthe'-onty';tiling1'tha^-can:  red ee in;; Sir G eoj'ge Car I i e r s aciii.on' i a this  rtia tte r fro m the' cb a rge of. (ol 1 y. w on I d yb e the  exis t eh ce, which: we can peareel y h opkf, of:  some a* nde is tan cl i a g .1 h a t B ri tain ..';��������� w ill iiel p-  with the railroad. f,,: ���������  BUSINESS  NOTICES.  iMISCBLtAKEOILS.  r  ' 2lst May, 1871',' on a toar  -through -the lower.conn-  rtry,. to 11 ;e parties tli ore a  chance !wf having their  Tcieth,attended to;, therefore any one in Cariboo  who Swishes;ids; services, will please ciill at once," ae  th ev may not have another chanee of b ni ng ert'ectu-  ally relieved'Of; the worst of mis^iies'j &*, as Robbie  Burns:sayp; ''-Thehell of all hells in the towristnan'a  toothache^; But surely, the miner.is in a worse !ix,  to1:b������working���������*in-r!Wk6,''������Hitcr*'wUh a koocl jumping  tooth to augment bis troublo at hot'ttn������IJng the lead.  \Call ana give"':SIJ)DALL",with' the OS ARTIFICIAL  T^^*N:G������!������ir:::^YienilwUt;^t'be������oriy ; for with experience, , patience a rid a steady han u*, he warraa is to  give al I jhtrflict satis ta cLJ on j an il furl I ler gun rah tees  to save m 11.kiiids of decked teeth by filling* oxcept in  pages'of, abscess or the tooth being too loose from the  injuribiis. eflects y.of ��������� tartar, winch cveu causes very  many soitnU/teetiii to fait iout. 'It i������ a dark scale in-  crusted upon theltectb, close to the gums, aad every  'oueyough^ to have! t reinov^il b y. th e He ni is t; as th ey  couidylhen: keep Ttheir owu^teoth clean by simply  '.us! ng a so tt tooth hi us li an d ,a: lit 11 e wa rni w u ter.  iReniembcVr that .Dental work, is performed in all its  branches, aiid.tlie ehar<jcs,ycr.yl low.  ;���������'��������������������������� OFPlGE^Opposile the Assay .Ollico, Barkerville. ..  A-"- '"; ���������,���������':'���������; mv6 ���������  Slieet'and1 Cast Irbu Stoves  cot  with  ALL JOB RING WORK IN TIN, COPPER-\ 8h  Iron,Zlncand Tiehd:PlpiUg,'.attendeato w  promptness, and warranted to give entire  suti  fact oa.-'--        ���������' -fififi -m '-'  Hardware . ir6n^&--S'tfeel  )  ���������.: ��������� r'-Trr.-r.;  ;      '-������������������;   FORSALB; fiyy fifififi fifi'  K. PEARSjON AvBROS.,  IB A KK K ftVI iAJR i X D ��������� Ql* KBN'KLM OCTTI.  Van VolkenMrgli &" Co.  lARKERVlLLE,  fi'.  A'��������� AST).  ICHF1E.LD  .A SUPPLY. OF THK  ������������������ always; ov..haxd. ..  A Horizontal Ukan���������An American cotem-  p0ra ry   talks   thus sensi bly : ���������*'" A g\ass . oI  wh ialcy is man u factii red fro'iu a d bssen grains  of corn, the "value pf which. is >oo small for  estimation.   A glass of mixture; sells for a  diine 5  and if a; good brand, is coh.sidered  ,worth the money.   It is drunk in a minute or.  tw 6. ��������� 711 fi res tli e b ra i n, sh ar p ens the a p pjtiti te,  and deranges and weakens the-..physical sys-  te in. "��������� 0 u the sa rn������ sid e-b 0a rd 0 n wh i ch the  d e I e ieri ou s b e ve rwg e is se rv ed, li es a n e ws;:  paper.   It is cover.ed with half,a mi 1 iio 11 0f  i ty pes���������1 fc bri n %s lis te IJ ige t) ee fro m a 11 pa r ts .0 f  the w c r I d. " The ne ws p ap e r_ costs 1 ess ih an a  glass of gi'og, the juice of a few: grains  ol  corn";  ImiC it Is nevertheless true that there  a re * X a rge n u m b e v o f p eo p I������ w-110 th i n k cor ti  j nice.; c h eap, tin d ne w s p a p e rs d ear.  ���������    ,'-fi-:  CllEKK.  MIXERS. :ANJ). TRAOERS.wi 11 flud . it. ,to,,their ml  vantage to purchase atthisStore, where tbcro i  ' ��������� Travel l crs are a I wa ys 1 i ah 1 e ; to s u*'den' a thicks of  T)ys(fiil-fry .ahd;Chol&Morbus, and these occurring  i-wlw'Ti' absent .'fro ui Jioirie;; are. very unjileasant. Tho  .PAJN^KlLL'^.ibiya.'iilways: bti 'relied.upon in such V " ' * * *.        -'-���������"������������������ ���������  .cy.ses.y * As .soon as you loci the symptoms, takeom*.V,;' ������������������' '. ���������"   -:"  ' t edsponn iu I M a gi i 1 < >f. ri e w milk and mo lass*. ��������������� and LIG UTN.I N ������,  ygill of hopwfit<?r,' stir well,together and drink hot.  Ryps^at l\u- dose ���������'������������������'uye'ry..hour until ret fared. If the  ;pi' Jns. be so vera;. bath 0, tho,, I) pwels an d b uck with t h e  liiedici'ud cicaf. '.       fifi" a, '-.        fifi-' ��������� .fififi fi  fa cases' of; Asthma and Piithsis, ..take a teaspoon-  1 in a Mil of. hot. water Sweetened will with mo-  Ail  ���������hi ������s.es; "a 1 so ball? e 1 th ui throii t aiid ston tac h faithfully  .with the -nuMltci nuclear...;.;.....; .    '' '/ ������������������  fi.y.fi ..fifi  Dr.Sweet says U t'tkos out the soreness in .casesof  bone-eti-ihg- fastor7than anything he cvor'applietl.y;  rislienm'u'; so often' exposed 10: hurls 'by' having  Lhi'ir skins' pierced with hooks an'l fins officii, can be  xqVui ve'.'I by ba th i n & w i'tli the Pain ;��������� Ki 11 or,. as soon., us  t.he'nccitivnt'.bcours ; m this way thc. anguish .������s  son.n abated; bathe as often.as once in five minutes,  'sii y. ��������� tl sr ee nr fou r ti m esl' a in I yd u ������������������ wil t.' scldoni have  any trouble. .The bites* and ���������scratches, of dogs and  cats are soon cured bv bathing with the Pain Killer  t*kN������r..' ��������� "    . .tnyC.Lm   .  ���������y."1 "? iv.-'  seems to 11s-that, on  the dny  when 'we  can  ��������� shoyr Nova Scotia 1 inS<ed to Col 11 mbia by an  immense iron road  of 3.025 miles, Cannda  'will deserve to be* counted among ihe  initio ns.7'   '���������  ��������� ���������.  This, although a praiseworthy aspiration, is  ��������� w 0 ft; i\ r so m e thing j i k e AI n a s c b i ir 4s d rea in s  0 ver his b ask e t,��������� b y m eans 0 f w h i ch he was t o  reach such magnificence.  There is something: in the following passage  >worthy of eonsidemtaon!  ' ��������� 011 r p o ssess \ 0 n s ex ten d fro m tho 4 5 t.h decree of latitude to fcfce 60tb. If we look at.  Europe we shall see that between Hie mme  decrees are found France, Prussia, Austria.  Switzerland, England and Russia; tlwfe is to  say. all the prestsn15?rent powei s of E11 rope ;  and if the respective lengths be compared it  will be found that Canada nlone traverses GO  degrees of ioegitude, while Europe unjy cor ere  It is.related by an  estimable and very  pi 0 lis 1 ad y i n Ne w 0 rlea n s tb a t,. 0 n her way  fco Sabbath school one bright sunshiny Bnn-,  (1������ y"in 0 r n I n g, sh e sa vv se v e ral b oy a. one - of  wh0m was a tie wsb0y, sea ted i n a d0 0r way  piny ing cards ; one of them   was a Sunday  school scholar of the lady.   She stopped and  insisted  that they should accompany her to  church.   After some persuasion the three eld.  ost consented ;  but tho youngest, a lad of  some six years, persistently refused.   4< Why  won't you come, my boy?" said  the  lady:  ������ it is very wrong: ot fou to refuse."   u lliit 1  don't waul; to go."    " Why, what   is  tfce  re asoti V}   T h e si n p aii e n ce 0 f t he 1 i 11.1 e 1 e 110 w  waxed desperate, and, in an indignant voice,  he exclaimed, his hand full of cards. " Would  you %o r,o Sunday school with a hand full of  in imps like that?"  ���������;������������������   For Sale,'  ST'EVEEnHfflfi.-../--'  fifi TEAT IS  .OCihcvt;  constant  ary best,description on hand, an.d .tha. Sleek  iiy replenished by hew ftrrivii'lB, * Theprbprie*  fifi- tors will sell Goods -fififi fifij 'Afi  'AS  CHEAP1���������'��������� ASfi^pt l^G^tBOQ,.  Order ep ro m p 11 y ti 11 cd, ah d; for war de d w i thyd iepa tcto  ' ��������� BKEDY .&,' LINDHARD, fi  '"''���������'   'fififi "'���������'���������'.   v'f 7 PltiiirtcteW  Van Winkle,  f  I  -AT ���������  .   THOS.   FLETCHER'S  Second-hand   Store,  BATIK KRVI LI 3, fall  MRSSRR. M E ACH A M' ��������� ������c - K AB()N- are - prepared to  furnish Lumber at tlieir Mills, William, Creek,  or rl el i ver it to.order, '..."'fifi '-.  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Ulh, 1871* Mhl8  ISYLVESTER'S  neca express  The Omineca Express will connect with B&rnarfti  KNpr'-SrS a J. <JniwififtM������itli and William Creek, whvtt  p\t\TAU and Jcittrs will fots recdvcrl..  jKS^ A tmii'i'iil JCxiu'WR Uuiin^-'H con ductal.  ltLTL'JS-aViYJKSl'iiC  fifi.  UtfoV&  i'  : 1.  ���������1 W-  I ;];���������;;  iris  Mi1*  'Afi  1-  I  I  I'*  r  ���������i  .yfi,���������  '��������� i'fij?. ���������  41  -,-Cil-  -il:  yfc  .Ui;.  V  ���������f;  I'  ...:r.  J!"  p<y  A'  ���������hiy  *;! i-.  ���������fifi"  fiyfi-  'ii,.)  fiA  iii':".  ���������   I  vi  '���������'    fi<x  THE CARIBOO SENTINJEL  ^cc  SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1871.  THE REGISTRATION ACT.  * ��������� *     ' ''.'-.'.  -.; We have already expressed our opinion  freely aB to tlie absurdities of. this Act, aud  we will now proceed to review a few* of its  provisions in order to prove the "justice of our  -assertions, and  show the .necessity1 for its  amendment at the first session of our new  Legislative Assembly;  "We believe in having  ���������a Registration Law, ^ut the quantity ofired  tape regulations and forms <contained in the  present is ridiculous.   Simplicity should be  the object of legislation instead of circumlocution.   Last year the elections passed off ii^  the most barmoniou3 manner, and if a system  ijomewbat similar bad now been; adopted it  ���������would have been infinitely more satisfactory  io everyone ; but the Council seems to/Have  aimed at cumbering the statute books with: a  mass of obtuse verbiage cal culated.in'ereiy to  p erplex the pnbl ic, gi ye scope foir tfilftplous  annoyances, and supply work foruneraiJlbyed  .'' lawyers.   The simplest mode of^regtoa^ion  ^onld have been to require���������fi&\\^;;elaibaS%  liaml in their notice personally, or. in- wining  to tbe Registrar or sucli deputies as".be >ro1#it.  appoint, in the same manner^ asjriinii^ claims  .are now recorded, without ybeing partieuiar  ^s to forms or charging for their use.| and  from ^hat We hear, under the present systeia  it is extremely doubtful if half the"qualified  ���������eleotorain this district;%ili;i;ake fibey'trouble  ���������of registefing. although, as we have &ea&7  tjirged   as  forcibly  as; in; our power,  we  consider .it the bnundea duty of every one to  ���������  ^Qo so.      *'"      '��������� fifififi fi-'fifi fififi fifi A'fififififi fifiA--fi:  With regard -to the qualifications, we will  advert first to the qualification of a miner as  .  being that most a^eting ;th6 ^majority; of  Caribooites. Jt is only proper, we believe.  tbat so long as mining; licenses are continued  in force the possesion of a tree ������mmer������;cer-'  tiftcate sbould ,be one cif the qualificatiohs,  "but we must dissent^from the adjunct of  baving a claim recorded;;.Many me n rb o^ding  ^certificates have had Within the lasfc*ten years  dozens���������aye, hundreds of claims recorded,]  but some of these very vaM who have contributed most to the revenue.by prospecting  tfee country and paying for records, may not  when they wish to register be actually owners  ; Kit anyyelaim,aHhougb; they: may have been  so a montb previously and may be again the  next day.   Again, the word ing of ihe Act is  ainbtgnom's; A voter must; be the pbssessor of  a .certificate up an vbich a claim has been recorded .  Wow, certificates bei ng taken ont  annually, will a man who has taken out his in  May, but whose claim* was recorded in November upon bis previous certificate, be entitled to register?   Then when we come to  the application in form No. 3, he must say  ,;ihtat he has. taken out. a certificate this year.  Now, does that mean this actual year of our  Lord, or does It apply to  the  preceding  twelve months ?  Next he must state the number and date of record.   Now., in the first  place, as to the number, this is impossible, as  records are not numbered in the books; and  in the next, as to the date, very few men  could be positive on that point without going  -to Richfield and paying a dollar to search tJiejHOTXSe  Ulld   Lot   for   Sale,  records,which no olio Is likely to do; bo-  sides at polling divisions such as Keithley  creek or Williams lake, it would be out of  the questiou altogether. fl  There is another point-winch may operate  very injurioualy in an extensive district like  Cariboo,:���������that is, obliging voters to poll in  the division in which they have been registered.   It may be all very well in a city like j  Victoria, or a farming country like Vuucou-j  ver Island or the Fraser river valley, but-in |  Cariboo it is ridiculous.   The oldest residents  here, who are most interested in the prosperity  of the country, are liable at any time to move  from one'division to another.   Many hold  mining claims in different sections wide apart.  ������nd it certainly is a great hardship to disfranchise a man who has gone to Omineca on a  dip this spring, registers his vote there and I  returns to William or Lightning creeKs before j  tlie dec lion, but log late to register in either'  p611ine:<divi8ion. Even supposing a man to  go to 'Vanwinkle from Barkerville be would  fee^laced in the same predicament.  The next absurdity we will pbint out is the  Lodgers ^Franchise.   A person residing in  the Colony;six months is qualified io register,  but^beh'he;comes to tbe form of appiication  be has to state that he has paid forty dollars  to some particular party, which'is tbe qualifi-  cation for a year."  Then comes the Boarding  qualification.   The claimant must state that  ke1ia8'paid<notiess than two hundred dollars  per annu������i,������ven if, as in the previous instance,  he has ^oniy been six months in the colony,  and he must give alt the particuliars as to  whomsthe board was paid.   Now, how would  ���������it be witb- parties in. Cariboo; who board  themselves altogether or partially ?   No one  pays 1 ess than-two handred dollars per annum\  but'it: would*puzzle:mosli miners to mapi tu-  late Ibe amounts th ey fi have p aid diirj jig the  last year;for "beef, flour and other provisions,  and fo r raieais at restaur an tsi. -. "fi. ?<  ifi. We have described the. Act already as ambiguous and contradictory. NoW, on looking  over; it, we -find in; the first place in the preamble and first and seeond sections.��������� that it  refers to qualifications at elections for members of the Legislature. The sixth section  speaks of; election for members;"of the  Coiincil,,?^--query, what Council?1 and the  eleventh section speaks of elections for the  ^Legislative Council"-���������a'body which is abolished by the.; new constitution, Al I appH^ca-  tiohs for registry muBt be -sen t in on or before  \10thi.: Jiiixe.- .Now,;we should like to know  how thatis to be carried out this year [in  Omineca?'.;'  ^;:;AJi the Revision Couri we find thata;party  may be compelled.-^foi- prove: that he is sti 11 in  possession Of :.the' same-qualification hs when  be put in^ hia claim.; Nowy how ; would tbat  affect a party whose mining certificate had  expired in the interim but who had; taken out  another?.,-/, :V .;";-; ���������- .,';" ���������" ?"  fifi .Wehext find it ordered that the IRegisfcrar:  ehail hold .Ooiirts of Revision ;at: convehlent  times between the 't loth day of .August and  fee 1 ast day .of September inelusive;'?? and'  afteivrevising the lists he shall cause the same  bo be copied in a book or books, which he  sliall deliver to the returning officer 'fob or  before the; I4th day of September.7* Now.  bow in the name of common sense can the  ���������registrar^ if he avails himself of the time'allowed for holding,courts and sits in revision  on the last day of September, possibly have  the lists copied and hand them to the relurti-  ing ofiicer on or before the 14th ? 'The above  are a few. samples of the contents of this  choice piece of legislative bungling, and we  think they are enough to convince every one  of the necessity for its repeal or radical  amendment.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Steamer Ylctoriscr  N Am) AFTER THE 18th SrAY, THE  Victoria will  STEAMER  0  v  fififi   LEAVE SODA CREEK       ���������   {  EVERY THURSDAY MORISJING,  Collecting next ;dny with .the Steamer ENTERPRISE  atCottouwootlCaDyorii;.     * fifififi,  -" ��������� Vv6h the down trip evfirr '���������' fi'  4 TUESDAY   MORNING.      .  Freight from Soda Creek to Upper CVinyoa;.".; 3 J^' cts.  :f,.j'-i .-.-.it. Quesnel V ������< ._������ ������������������'-. .-vj^-'cts.  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MARSHALL  THS    C A RIB 00  ; A MATEUR S  ;  .: Will give a performance cm ;;'  ihe qceM'S wi|||:iiy:,  Wednesday,  IM^ay .24th,  Commencing with^Taeis&cbrateri aiid laughable farce  f ��������� ,--  fififi ���������  fifi   fifififi;-fi ��������� fifi Of    -fifi 'A     fififi fii fififififi  :;  stIte  OEJ yTHE   TAILOR   OE ^TAMWORTH.  .Hugh Neville fa Soldiernn'.the Parlia-y:   -,v',> fifi.  men tary Array under Oen.Fuirfux:,: ,J. H. Sullivan  Harry Cul ver ton (alias* Calvertoh Hal, 'fifi  , - a Cavalier iii  tlie  Army under ;v  Prmoc Ragjcartjl), ... -":,." -    .     ;   .   John.Bowroh  Gregory 'Tbimhlcwell (the Tailor of ': : ;' .  "; Tjunvvortb),    fi -'fifi ,. fififi ���������   .-��������� ��������������������������� ... ���������';��������� J. S; Thompsba  Humphny  Hcdgeliog   (a   wealthy;  '-Miller and Landlord of y the' 'Blaclcv1'-" '"������������������:���������  Bui I Arms,.:  -v ; -.,'    -      -      -   Edwd. Pearson  Roliert (son to G rcsory),! : - '    - G: N. Mars l. a 11  Mmul Thiinblewall (tlio l\ulor's  Wiloj, . -'.    ��������� .     ���������.,;-,.   -   .  Florence Wilson  Let ty (tlaugli ter to He dgebog), A:.   Mrs Si P. l*arke r  '���������"fi.fi   To be followed by a .    ; ' '....  Musical VEiii^rtaiJ^eitt;!  ,-;. Bailiii,; ,y fifififi  ��������� ���������"Sottg,-"-.. ������������������- -���������:.;;.-.  ���������";*.; -Glwfiy  -.-'-/.v.--  ;"'"   *��������� SonL%! . '*'��������� .'.-���������-  FINALS,-fifi'   ' -   fi ���������  ,:MrsS. P. Parkery: V  Mr<*<UTii>r Johns  y   -Welsh Olee Club: y y  '..: --Mrs.*?; P. P.-nker   ,.  GOIV:SAVE -THE QUEEN'.  J. J.   ROBERTSON  DEGS TO AK^OUKCK THAT^HB HAS OPENED A  HOTEL;-Aip BOAMHGHOUSE  at Stanley; ^ - lightning creek.  The Table will alwaj3 be stippHeiy**Jth the.:bei*t  articles tliutcan begot in Canbuo,:and the Bur with  the*    ",      ... fi Afifi'''fi- :.     ��������� fififi"     yfi,  Fittest v^ims.  Liquors  - and. Cigars.!  Stanley (Mouth Last CbancffCreek^jV.       : ���������  '"'''<  'yy' : ���������>.-'-.   April 20,1871.      *      ���������     J f ap22  TOw   EMoradd  Billiard & Dancing Saloon  rpHE PARTNERSHIP HITHERTO -EXISTING BE-  1. 'ptween W. W..Dodd atid J.:fiifi: Hoiigh ��������� lias to-cl������y.  expffi*d by. liraitatiori. The uusiiioss wi 11 be .carried  on hereafter by . ' . fi'',  wluvhas purchased the proiriisea, aud begs to:. tli������uic  \\\k frienns {lUdthe public for ilKy.iut.LronaKjUjt'Biowi-tl  on'the late firm,- -it coiitinu������iJoe m' ,\vlnch:'Ue will  always use his best endeavors to;merit.:  D<������ors open at 7.30-,1 performance tocommenco at 8  o' clock. : Ail in i ssion; S1; Jleserv*" I Sea ts, SI 50. ~--'  Tickets for the Reservedyeats can be obtained of Mr  Marshall, Bar<ervillo,      ,  Liquidation Tickets taken for adu\is^*ion   :_  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  fififi:- Hotel de France. ;  THE ABOVE HOTEL WILL IN FUTURE RE CON-  ilueted by Maoamk : Jui ia Picot, jwtio is au Uior*  ized tu collect all debts due to tbeWt-fibli*!)ment.  F. A. LE'CUJYKR.  * Barkerv il I e, IS th May, IS 71. v :  i ny20 2t  ������������������fififi- Notice;;,,  ���������T HEREBY WARN ALT,, 1'ERSOXS"fnim negotin'ti ng  L [or or |iurcliasing t.Ue mining ground 'n-oorded o*i  the SHUlr ult, hrfavor trt'and iudlie names of' E. Ley-  get, F. McLennan, Robert- Barr and A. .Wilson, nv  corde'd as Creek Claims i������n Jack of Clubs Creek, m.s  about three hundred led of said {.'round is the projv  < rt yjjt tli e Two Sis te rs Com pa n y, i n. w b om tb e sole  right aud Lille in and to said ground is vested.-'  .   . M   HILTON, ������������������ '  ��������� ��������� ���������,-.. : Foreman of. Two. Sister* (Jo.  ,Ta ck o f ClatH3 Greek, Ma y ia th, 18 71.       . m y 20 lm'.  io liquors pi mm  fififi.r. ���������.   Arc kept in the Bar;;; ':-  Ty-:$\S^  TH AT GANiiE PROCttl^D'IN GAUIBOO.  Barkerville, April 10th, 1871.  ap22  Express Line of Stages.  THE COACHKS OF. THIS 1.1XB ARE NOW rmiking  ',  -  REGULAR WEEKLY TRIPS,  Curryiug Burnard's'Expn'SS,. Passeugers and Freight,  biiikfngclostjocmneclions with Steamtrsiii oach vmU  BARNARD'S  NOTICE.  MBETIXG  OF THK SHARErlOLDKRS OF THK  Inteniatioiui!  Company*; Ugbtniim Creek, will  be hold iu J, H. TODIVs* Store,  at FOUR p.m. TOMORROW (Sunday!.  A full auentinnce is particularly  teouesUMl. *     .  Barkerville, B.()., Miy IS, 1871. my20 It  CHEAP FOR CASH  'JM-IR UN'DyRSIGMKD OKFKKS HIS HOt^R ANT0  I Freehold; opposite ihe Bank of Brilish.fJoliiinhia,  Rarkerville, Obe:ip for Cash ; to������niher with the.Furniture, one parlor and two Cooking Stoves, Cooking  Utensils, &c j $&?,'.  Apply on the premises.  Toy 20 lm"  THE UKDERSlCrNKD BEING- ABOUT TO . CLOSK'  their business, request nil parties  imleUied to  them by Notes or Book Accounts to make immediate  payment of the same:  LAMBERT & BISSONNETm  Barkerville., B.C.  May 12,, 1871. mylllltn  ! MISSING-..,  TOSEPFt WOLF, age 56, who left Mainz in 185,8.'���������  t) ' l:r. rl ion hi rs respecting the said Joseph" Wolf will  be tliaukfully received and forwarded to Ids pn rents  by .    "THK ST1PFND1ARY MAGISTRATE,'  'inyl'i lm .Victoria, Vancouver Island.  LOI-IS. WILDE.  PMDOXA,  BARKERVILLE,  C- Jfi  hi  ill  Groceries, Provisions and  Liquors.  iny20  VICTORIA. i;.c,  AXUFACTURK STBAM KNT.IXKS AND D0ILERS,  either Hi������:h or Low. Pressure,  MIHIS6 AIID POMPEIG MACHINERY,  (JriKt, Qmirtxmul Saw Mills, and in fact any tli ing  connected with the Machine business. Iron and  Brass Castings of all descriptions. t>u band and for  side, a I*Jr������;t' assortment, of Sueet, l������:ir and other Iron,  Boiler Bolts, .Tack So rows. Brass Cocks, Globe Valves,  Cemetery R;u1'ih������s* of <! Hie rent, l*al.teni>', Cur Wheels  with iron aad Stee] Axles, Steam 1'lpo Fitting?, &c.  All orders'promptly attended to.   Terms Gash, at  our Works in Victoria.  .   nivlUttm'   '       SPUArr&t'KvIN'a Pro]fThto'r*.  In comteciioa with WELLS, FARGO & CO., forwurds  FREIGHT/PACKAGES, PARCELS. LKTTKRB,  TRiCASL-KF, COLLKCTIONS, COMMlSSrOXS,  And transacts General Express business with Punctuality and dispatch.  aplS   .*. F. J; BAimRD..  G-erow & Johnson-s Stages  WILL 1 SAVE   BAUKRRVILLK KV.RRY WEEK,  ' connecting with   the   Steamers  at. Que.-<uel-  mouth iind Yale, with H.M. MAIL, KXi'EKSS and  Piissengcrs   ; ���������. ... -^  FOR YALE & INTERMEDIATE PLACES.  GEROW   &   JOHNSON'S  Express and Stage Line  CARRIES  LETTBRS, TRBASURK, VALUABLK?,  fi  liXHHKSS FREKiiir AM) PASSENGERS  AT    REDUCED-   RAT'ES.   .  i]-3r Cnllroiinn?, Commissions and flon'oml Express  bU?iiu*SH doiu with punclipiliiy nnd dispatch.  #������-" Ollico ol tbe Cariboo Agency at  H R DAVID KURTZ'S STOH E,  }ij-i*2P Barkerville.  Cl  A. GILMORE,  if4f^*  " ��������� ^" ^1  J.   Hobertson   Stewart,'  COMMISSION MERCHANT,  WHARF STREKT,     - VICTORIA,  for   British   Columbiju  Agent  A ynppty of  a-fl'J p'u-fii Ltlwj-y  '4*  I nnd Vfi  k*pt '>1J b?u';.  \iv;b Cu'indyf.". Cif;'.:  mi V 3a"i  5  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA, V.I  A? OX HAND. AND IS CONSTANTLY reeejvimr. ������  _. tor**' iiPKortn-ieul of CLOTHS. CAriSlMJCKES  ii ml. VKSTINOS. which he is prepared lu make tt>  order in tbe most approved styley.  j^r PartiPs on  William  O*oek  can   have  their  measures taken by iir .McCaJlum, Barkerville.  #&fi AI! W-l-A% ft ���������'* rn ������''���������������r i *; 0 Pr "nip 11 y v.*> r���������������! ���������.' 'I t o.  ilp,  i  '-'���������73  I  'ti  i  m  m  m  'S3  MimM%yA>.-fi.fi yfiy:: fifi; fflBUABIBOO SENTIIEL  SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1871.  LATEST OMINECA.NEWS.  ���������fi.. Sylvester, Witb tbe Omineca : Express, ar-  " lived ly&bwdtiy ��������� evening. vTlie following is  ������������������ the latest:news^v        ��������� :-'' fifi '���������'      A' ������������������'��������� '/'  [FROM A SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.]  . r,v Gjskmansen<Gkekk, April 28, 1871.  ���������fifi   Stevens arid Kelly struck a good prospect.  aboiifc six miles ajbov,e.the old camp of 1870,;  live companies have-been located and will be  washing in a.few' days;   Fred Black, James  Loriag.Wra: Stewart and Wil3on were rock  .    ing their dirt, which averaged 10 cents to the  ?��������� -pan, and would dig a ditch as. soon as the  Irost gets out of the ground.   This is on a  '. bench.   Ab much as two and a-balf dollars to  the pan have been obtained in the creek, the  gold is deposited in a sediment, and the rock  v has riot; heen;-tesM..;-, ;y       v.;   ���������  fififi Three miles 'below, Nelson. Furnace &, Co.  : -were washing on abenchi making four or five  ���������: dollars per & ay to tb e hand;   Wb ea able to  ground-sluice the claim wilI'pay well.  Cain ahd Sif Ivy were putting in a wing-dam.  ��������� ������. Gampeil arid James McDonald had their  fi- cab iii burned and lost everything���������a severe  ���������loss, as they had laid in a stock to last tiH the  ''Summer months.;. y_. fififi    '..- 'Afi-. fi; "���������'.'"';fi'.. ���������  *      Gum hoots are not to-be had .at -my price.  : The Omineca river would terpen about  .-.���������ihe^d-Mayv fiAfifi ������������������;��������� fififi -fiyfi Ay'-'fififi  .yfi  JamesCain, yd. Fontaine and ��������� McArthUr  'have *; buil t. two -boats. ;, 0 tie. was on the way  : ������down to the creek; baling leffc&og'em on the  :28i/h.    fi"' A'fifi-  ��������� -There is still left at Hog?em n&out 300������  lbs. flour; 1000' lbs.fifiheans, 2500 lbs. sugar.  ���������and a small supply^of fbacon. &ices ;h~ave.  hi otchanged;   '���������''"' '���������* ' ' >. fi; '  Arctic Gi ty- no w co m p riaes some.: ten ori fi f-t  *?teen'-houses in.all stages,"bf progress.  The ex pressman wi 11 locate some <08 claims-  ���������on hisyreturu- to Tatja. There ts not raucb;  fiuiow oh. tiiortK'eeki ;"��������� ���������"' -i  are now ten or twelve sluice heads running in,  the. creek; and at its mouth it.looks almost as  large as Willp w river.  fifi.fi.fififi ^^^ LiGHTOINOCREBK^y-' '���������-���������"���������fifi  The Vancouver co. were drowned out &'  week ago and will have to put in a new belt.  This is a source of great disappointment to  every one, ai it was generally anticipated  that they would strike in to the channel in a  few days more. Tb e GI adstone co. are still  at work fixing their ditch and machinery.���������  The Lightning claim has been filled with water  and work ha^been suspended till the anow  goes off, so that the water on the "surface cau  be properly confined. The South Wales co.  I aa t week wash ed. 10 4 o z. The Spriice co.  133 -;ez. A slide from the road side came  down this week and choked the latter,co.'s  tailrrace, stopping, .work temporarily, but it  was so ou eh o veiled out  MINING RECORDS.  COUNTY COURT.  (Before H. M. Ball, Esq., Gold Commissioner! and  ��������� ��������� fifi fifi , poiinty Court Jndgeiy ���������;: fi "fiyy yy  ;;   "' *    ::    .-������������������ EicaFiEiio,'May 15,1871.'"'.-.  ���������Lecuyer vs. Jenkins���������Suit on promissory  note.   Judgment by default.. ���������,:    fi.-   '.;  ;;Manettay^.Bacon^For balance of acm  of goods.   Judgment by default.  Byrnes vs. Anderson and McPherson���������Suit  on. ��������� pi ro misso ry no te made' by' firs t an d endorsed by second defendant/1 Judgment confessed yby maker, and by default against endorser./ ��������� :*  fi fififififi--.fi '".''".   Friday, May 10. .; _  :fiAD. Kurtz, Assignee of: S. Walker, vs. L  Trou py Judgmeh t Debtor, an d Cell ins and  M-cKane, Garnishees.���������The garnishees were  ordered to pay any money coming to defendant. Troup, to the Assignee of the judgment  creditor.-'*.-;' ���������:''"-yfifi' >��������� ). fiAfifi^. ��������� v -A-:  TUNING INTELLIGENCE;  : -'- 'LIOnTNWJO-^REKC.    .. ���������.;-.fifi  Hoss co.���������-May 5fi^ Recorded in-favor of  Adam Ross, Jos. Gil more, James Mathers,  John Dick, J. G. Bendy, John Hunter. S. B.  Ham il to n, A. H ami 1 to a, .each one-eigh th o f  claim. ; Be-pecordy    '--��������� -.fifi'-'fifi ,:'fi:-  Sawmill co.���������May 6���������R.ecorded in favor pf  Arthur ..Johnson, J. G. Goodsoo, John Nai-  smith, Geo. A. Taylor, J. B; Nasoh. Johfa Stephen s on,; Al ex. McDon al d, Ma ry She Id on J.  \V. El de i% J.. W. AVi Ison,. eac hone -in teres t.~-  Re-record.--" A'fi'fi '..fififi fifi fififi; ;, fififififi  ' Oameroh co.-^llth l\ray~Recorded io favor  of Cornelius Booths G.L. Shepherd, two hill  claims on left -'-bank, about 500 feet below  Last Chancs creek arid running down .stream  2M6-ieety fififififi fifi fifi,..fifi- Afiy..;. fi-fifiy 'fifififi',.  cirisuoLM crebk:. ':.:;."  Harp of Wales co.���������May:8^-Recorded in  favor of Elias Jones, o ne .creek claim - pom-  mencing at'iipper line of. Harp of Wdes co.  To-form part of same.  fififi-   ...?,'.        SXOWSUOK -CREEK,.-'' ''���������:  Msiy 8~iEecorded?in favor--of E. H. '3<:im-  Wn.LfAM CRKKK.  ' Th e *Fo vest.��������� ��������� Ho se ��������� co .i inst \veek washed 125  ��������� ��������� o r..:; ih Is sv eetk. \\\)a to;; Thu rsd ay,' tl ley had.*  s��������� b11ut ��������� if)0 o7..   They' haye now got fairly toll  rn*or k. ��������� n-n < I ore fi. ta ii i war*: out, ftm r-! arge sets a  -shift. f"VIie voiriiie^vo^te-*\f<MMiifi������everything'  :���������������b#iit, the shaft-house, is'Ilttud up in the most  <-c��������� * n venioi\ l iAy 1 e.fi for vt.otkrag an4 washing to  i * d v an tase. *ji1 h e Ba 11 ar a i'tfhi I ast week .washed  '70 or,.   Ground-si iiicinsr is being: commenced  n it, some of the cliiims sibove Riclrflel���������, but  1 here. is too -tn uch siiow;in the lYitches-still to  (permit of piping. % '.        ���������*'*-,  ; '    FKKXCH'CRKKK.. '       ' ,  The North American co. lime 'jpotie back to!  'the n e i gl i b o r h o o d w li ere \ h ey fou ml p ay b e-  riore, and have got on;to pay again. The Am-  *l > rns e t; 6. h ave p n t* i n a wa ter -h \ ast trtid are  *t u n n in g ahead w i! h th ei r tun ne l.  auoDsy-cuKWic.    fi* '���������'.'���������  The Tali������man, co. have been='*e������g������ged  - el ii efi y i ii bu I Id i n g catn ris an d -m did ng" pr ������ pa r- ���������  :.atioiis!for summer work far.-soine t>ime. -The  '-1*1 ero n co. a re s li 11: rumii ng c.batfk a ufto fthfie hi 11!;  ���������on levebreidk.  ,   JAOMv O? CI^RS'ORKKK.  ��������� The TworSisters co. are still sin^wg in>clay.!  "Tlie.y are (40'feet dbwnnvitliitheir shaft. ��������� Ohe|  "interestjiu this company was soft!  1 ast week-  f (i r $ 25 0.   Th e Disco very. co. w i 11 be re ad y  ���������to put up iBieir. machinery;in eigbt or.ten days:  Every thing seems to progress very well vwith  ^     ���������  ��������� this .company.   Theirifriction wheel is ready,  i t is a tiueqpieee- of wi>rk man ship, and reifleets  .great credit ou the abilities of 'Sir aWoj. iii Island as a mechanic.   The. diaweWr -of tne  ifnetion  wheel is .OA fe������t, and Jlwt of the  watt-r wheel will I)e >1 S feet,   1 he ��������� Victovia  ���������co. have been greatly troubled with  surface  ���������water for a few days  past.   They are now  ���������running a~9ma.ll tunnel to Oieir-sfcaft in order  to drain  the surface wtiler.   Their present  ���������shaft is 45 j'eet deep.   Besides tli is one the v  ��������� have already sunk three other-sli^fts, the first  ���������one being also 45 feet deep, 11 fie second 38  feet. and.the third 22; feet.   To this work we  imust add th** sawing of 2-200'Teet of lumber  ���������and the putting up of a cabin /IS feet long by  114 fe e t w tile. an d w������ Si ave a ��������� fai r klea oft he  amount, otlabor nccwmpUshed by'four indus-  ������trio us miners.iu the -space' of eight or nine  weeks.   The Morning iSiariCO., since our last  ���������report, have-sunk two>shafts to the ibedrock,  jwljioo they founrKslmllow ;in 'both .instances.  On the last shaft theyN found shim on'the bedrock at a depth of 17 :feet from the surface  fii with ������o sijsn of clay.   The Woodside c������- -have  ������������������ done no ^jjck ��������� (1 uringithe prosent weel:. Th<*  V a i i 1 an co iiiC c o, a re s ti 11 b I asti n jt t h r o u ff h het 1 -  rock in their abaft;, and are down 50 leet.  They, are getting water���������about; 200 gal Ions an  hour. There are yet three feet, of snow on  ���������-Jack of Clubs. The*, water has been "rutlng  c-;uiA-id<?rabl;' vsr iH'iiun uvg -j.-m>, ^i iiiera  ha^'l, one lull claim on north bank of east  -branch of Little Snowshoe creek, commencing;  at-tipper line of Discovery co."  -fi.ir.fi-   - -'.   KlilTHLEY-CKE-KK.    -y.  May -6 ���������*Rec o rd ed ��������� i n fen?o r of Ti ngv L oh.  one creek claim ab on t o n e in i I e be lo w ��������� Da v i ���������  so n 's: c rose i ng. and. about foui mi (es from  month of creek, iy -y"' ������������������.:.��������������������������� fifi- , ^;_>-'-' fi  Clydesdale co,���������May.S-i-Recorded.in favor:  ���������of-Epbeii; ���������^^Thg,'--:^lm:-^ta]^^olin%-ll68s.i-  three creek claims situatie about a mile above:  Davison's   'crossing,; 'iormej'ly   known; as  Young's bar.   ":- A' Afi  y-wiTT,r.orcitEv;K.y  Excelsior co.���������May 8T-llecordecl in favor  of FriiKSteitz, .3i interests ��������� John -Polmere,  1'^ i u te r es ts; J o hn Pel 1 e tie r, Cl are Pe 11 eti er,  Anton Galster, each one inteiest Re-record.:  jadoLaughlln -co, (Water)���������10th May���������Recorded in >fav������r <of Colin Chisholm, for Mc-  La j tghli n co. ���������. a ftitch rn u n iii g ou t of Vt- a Ike r %  gulch', commencing at ������a. point by the Last  Trial ce/s ground, connecting: with an old-  ditch anUi-runniug up left -baifk ������of, William;  creek to appoint opposite McLaughlin co,?s.;  ground.  Alabama co.���������'May 10���������Record ed i n.favor  of-Thos...Geall,.^%^.;I)Jx('m, two hill.claims on.  west bank, commeiidiiip: at old Morning Star  Qui*, and running downstream..  8an Francisco co���������May H���������Recorded in.  favor. of Chow, i n I mst tor 'San F rau cisc(> co., I  th e \ who le . of sai d.. coy s .gro u nd, io u r -h ill;  clafims.   Re-record.  Sugar  SUOXR'-CIUOKK.  (Water) ���������May 11���������Reco rd eel i n;favor -of J.  ;Ford.VR,.Willey, W..M,halfpenny.m inches  watery tb be taken outef Stevens' creek aii d  out of a small gulch emptying .into -Sugar  creek about ,i mile belov/Stevensr ^oreek, lo!  be used for mining on--left branch of  creek.  OArUTJUAVIXW.  Va*nml .Pied co.���������Mav y���������Recorded in  favor ol Ah Fanp. lt)0 inch������s water taken  from'Grouse creek below canyon. Re-record.  li'itBXCRfORKKlC.  .Ambrose co.���������May 12���������Recorded in favor  of'D31cKay. 1 10th ; Jonathan Nntt. Tlmmas  llelK.F. BendLvt-n. M. Pragev, G, M. Morris, S.  B. Tompkins, A. Vjgnolo, C. Yaillaneour, T.  Spelman, Edwd. Shearer, John Gannon, A.  We 1 do n, ea ch 11511); W j n, Tne ke r ��������� Jafi. J3n r-  dick,^ohn Goodfellow, ench 1-:50th of Ambrose . co., co n s isti ng o f 25 clai ms.  Re - re c o rd.  Eoitoh Sextinkl:��������� I take the Jiberty of  inquiring through you if the Collector of the  njyenue in ^connectionswith the registry of  votes: a ith e forth cominit' el ectiori ca ri legall y  hold such an appointment, be being an American c i tizeh, r am credi bl y Info rra ed th at  such' can not be th e case, and fti rth er th at th e  Governor must;.sanctipn all ��������� such apppint-  raents... Now, my reason for this inquiry ia  ���������th'atji'$& informed that .the gentleman appointed to tb at sitiiati on at Van winkle; is a n  American citizen, and, according to ray  o p i n ibii, discj uali fi ed, he being a fo reigne r.  S u rely, M r feda to r, i n such a a en ligh tened  community as this there could, be found, a  Britisli subject capable ��������� of fii 1 i ng the situatib'n  equal to an Ameri can citizen (no offeii ce to  him); but; in the.opinion of the public it is a  s I i i v th ro wit on the in tell igen ce o f the British  population of this^seetapin of-county.' y        ;  By gi yi hg th is an i nser ti on i h you r vain ab le  paper, and your;6wii opinion on the matter,  'yon will oblige a British siibjeet and; y:  ";-,/.   fi fiA VOTElt; *���������;  ^nwink^;Slay'.'18vf';-.K-^;V -.'.:        ���������*.:������������������-���������;  ;:  (h\ Section 7ypf- tbeyRegistrataoa Act it is;  provided -that after fixinjc' polli'flg places and  divisions tho Governor in Council may "appoint such and so many,: persons as may -be  necessary- to collect; complete and .make; out  Lists of the (Eiecto^yOfy;suchi District or -Poll-  iiig Divisions respectiyely.'r  The Aet says  t i oth i n g. as -to w h e thei* these par ties; are to be  British- su bj ects .6 r; not;; b ut: i t ce i'tainly 'does  seeln ��������� s trange" th at; h i������'-:Exce I len cy fi s h ou Id; ap -;  p oiiit an fiA ineri can citizen ;or\a citizen or aiiby  ject ot 'tiny foreign power to' a responsible  situation of the sort. ' We are riot, however/  pren amjtil to say th at ihe gen tieman '������������������ appoi n ted  as Collector at Tan winkle is not a; British  su bj ec t.   I f h e. is; n ot. we are y deci tied ly -of  opinion that be should:-bave;taken������the -necessary steps to become one ..before; accepting  the offipe.���������Ei). SifiXTiKBr-]  ArEOiKniBXT���������E;G- Alston,yp^q., Registrar-  of Titles, has been appointed feting Attorney'  Generabiia .place of Mr Pbiljippo, who-goes,  to England on leave of absence. In view of  the ^proximity-'--^-Can.federa'ttpii, and the inauguration ;bf>IJesponsible Govern ment, it is.  not probable;that the latter will-return.  REHUESENTA.TION ok CtApis.-^-To-d ay b 810 g  of claims; ceases;-'fall., parties- interested in  claims whicli have not been workiisg during  this 1wiritei,,r except; grouud-sliii.cing and hydraulic, must look etat arid ,toe the mark.  Wi������avAxf~ On account of the ' grou n d  saUUngla the Barker co.7s.diggings under his  cellar, Mr ;P- Marieita hasiremoved from his  old stand: to the building .formerly occupied  by lCwongLee <k Co.^. next to the Bank of  Bri tish C o 1 u nib ia.  'z So-MEfiiiNO New���������Although we have the  authority of Solomon for there being nothing  new .uaaer the sun, still- a real. Iive Canary  bird is something new in Barkerville at least.  The first specimen of the sort which has beeu  seen so. high up arrived here by express last  Week.-:;;:'.;.-fi:��������� fi,' :-, fifi. .'fififififi''- -.f. ���������':���������-;  Claims Laid Over���������Owing,to the latenea.^  of the: season and the great quantity of snow  still lying, the Gold Commissioner has issued  a notice; laying oyer all ground'Sluu-inK and  hydraulic claims which cannot be worked to '  advantage,-until 10th Juriel ; "fiyC  ; * As ;i>R. SipoAxXt,^cannot^ayeniently leave  Barkerville by-first express; he has postponed  his tri p.,. to the; io \yer ' conn try : fo r a wee k  longer, so parties wanting; tlunr (teeth fixed  can haye an 6pportunity of: havirig them at-  terid^to'duringtheooimug -  :*  ? ���������'��������� STBAMBH:CiUNGK-7rThe;^ steamer  is a nn ou ri ced "no w to, make -bii fc- one trip a*  week, leaving,-Soda creek; on Thursday and  Quesnelmoutli on Tuesday.  : MEKTIKO--A meeting' of .the.shareholders 6f  the International Co. will -be' field at Mr  Todd's store/ BarkeryttleVtc^riibrrow after-  iiodnyai^^'clpck.^;..''^;';^:1;"-.1:-^ -        '; -  ��������� .^SSr Sy 1 yeater7s ;Omineca. ;fepress w ill  close at the same time' as Barnard's Express  'prfiY^.fififiyfifi'Aiy.-yfi:fiyfi:fi.y:fifiy-. ���������    -.. .-  The South Wales washed on Thursday 71  oz. for the: half: week:y.,-.:;-. ;,-'  :;RBVi T^'^GiRRTCK^Hi ^expected to arrive by-  express due to-day.      rv::  ^&;"K A-Afifivi fififi, i , - >'.,.'  |-V������:������   as**  The Royal Insurance Co.,  r,>.*:   WHAKP STREET, VICTOftlA, VJ.  ��������� ,'��������� .; ���������.' , **.      -:ymyti3m. ; ���������'���������-.... ������  o Queen's Birthday {}miin the if c  late Secrets : or. The | Vale :  Air  Tuk-atui? Roval���������The Amateurs, it will be  seen, will pertorm on the  the amusing farce of tvSt  Tailor fie f Turn worth \} to be followed  by  choice .musical entertainment, whicb wi-U be  worthy .of public patronage.  GisOf.)^^. Poutagk���������We learn from Quesnel  th a t w oxk w as to Co m m e n<ce in o p e ni tig, th e  road over tho portage en 8ih May. Mr*  Tnitch ikad about ot) or ���������0 men ready to go  lo wo tk, m fa h pro bf ib le 111 ���������> i co nsi 11 erab i e  progress has h&sxi m^vi'fi upou this important.  Bakqurt at Ottawa *rb Hox. J. ^".TrutciT  A grand banquet was. given at Ottawa to'  Hon. J. W. Trutch ou iOth April,yprior to his  dep ar ture to En g 1 a nd as b eare r of th e j pi n t;  addresses for Confederation from Canada and  Brit-isli Co 1 u m oLa.   The ��������� banqiiet was large 1 y  attend ed b y the' mem b ers o f the linx is try an d  of b oth Ho iKjes, and is. d eecr ib e das 'b ein g o ne  of the most brilliant anil successful that was:  ever given An .Canada.   Sir George E. Car tier  occupied fhe chah*, an d after p roposing the  health of the-.guest of tiie-ev-eningj-conclluled-'  a very eloquent  speech, in   the following  terms :   "lit! -could not forget that "300 years*  ago a hdld -navigator set sail westward to discover a way to  the eastern coast of Asia.  Hismaivie was.' Jeques Cartier.   He was ac-  com pan ie<*l b y'CU am plain a n d La chme,. and  \v h en i}\ o .1 alter 1 eft the  p 1 ace wh ere ..no w  Stands the.village of Lachine, seven miles  from Montreal, he said, ae-he sailed westward,  that he was ' off for China.'   The Canada of  which these ear by settlers -dreamed was not a  Lo w e r C a 11 ad a, 'but a Ca n a d a tb at should  really ex te i i d to Chi no.   The Can nd a w Inch  w e are estal) 11 s I ii n g to day is t b e Ca n ad a i s  tlie Canada which they 'desired to see���������one  which should.extend from ocean to ocean."���������  in responding. Mr Trutch entered into a lucid  e x p 1 a n ati o n o f the res o n rces of Bri lis h C o-  lumbia and  the mutual advantages   which  would accrue to Canada and this colony from  Confederation' and the construction ol a railway.  Ex������������ms Mo vkments���������Barn a rd -s an d Jo hu-  so ii ���������* Ek p ress es am ved o n Satu r d ay 1 as t an d.  1 eft on Su ikJay nio rni ng. By 13arnard 's Ex-.  o 11 o wi ng | j asse n gers arr i ved from  Alexander McKenyJe, Miss Mary.  Sh el tori a nd M iss Iv i t ty San d lb rd. By J o h u-  ft> ii A Ge r o w fs Ex p ress : To Bark e r vi lie���������  Messrs. J. G. Devlin and G. W. High, from  Yaks.; Miss Rosa Haup, from Clinton ; Gold  Oommissioner Ball, from Quesueimouth .; to  ; 5o4a Creek, Mess rs. Bt rout and Li n dsay ^ to ���������  Ooesnelmouth, Mr S|>rlngia\   Down passed-  m.  CA^AMA^0U;&  Wholesale Dealers in ;  <xfoQeries, ;Pix>^sioifer:;  Iiip.prs^y Hayaii^ Gigars^  " "' IB 111  YATES   STREET,  my-6-3rai  VICTORIA,   B.&  Importer and Dealer in  IN ������    HA V A N A  mm ABOVE AUTICLES-CAN BE OBTAINKP'IN"  1 ami <mt of Btmd, ot thcoption of. the purchaser.  A-soacral ussoruncnt of'  SMOKING    ARTICLES.  ' jbg*t Orders from;tho 'Upper Country promptly at  tcurtiKl io.  NO. 47 YATES STREET,  (Opposite the Bank of British North Amorioa.)  VICTORIA, VM. myCSia  gra  9  ^tore Street (between Herald aud Fisgard)  VICTORIA, B.C.  .fifimm ASTRICO, -' ���������   -  *   -   *   PKOPRIETOR..  jj;������fffS :���������1 > y Bar nan Is Kx p r ess���������M r 1>. M c D o n -  jij'd. for Vale ; by J6tins<>n ^ f!eruw's������������������ Mesja:*  1 ifi il as e itti & M ii niuj i oi f4 ifc-aie-I tn m ih.  Thft in^Kt cwnmniUoiis #ml clean,Hotel iu Victoria.  'It is ooii<iucicil on the fiurcipcnn Prlncipic.  The tab to  is Kuti;>l������-o I with the v������ry b������'8t the marketnflbrds. ..  '���������AU-aiH at all hmirs ut the day.   Private Jllniag  Roomi* lor Famines'. ,���������,,.������  Ifcmnl mi\  Unl'fimt V*r week, to ������0 and  $0 ������0.  l*r'r i\nr.   S.i.   I^ui;:)^ m'���������!'. 1>\ iTfifi p;Mnis,   IWIr-^.hQa*  k&- Vnv j'ivjf tiJ.it in the llou.-iL'.       ��������� u.-v'j 'Jui  mtmaimmt.}.truan -J.i: fi.fi I'.-fiy.-i  PMnn  see  MARYMcfOD, OF NEVADA.  [BY THJ3 AUTHOE OP " JOROB N03iBB^ SIS,1  M  The wickedest womari; I now must declare, ..  : Was Mary^MeTod, of Nevada ���������;��������� ������������������   .  There never has iiyed one so ftill ������f pure sin,  : Since Belzebiib first cast a shadow, y fififi fififi  You can; judge for yourself ia reading the  ., .. y-  "   truth        - ���������    '    ..- .yfi ..-- ���������-.  "fifi ?As told of ttiis Eye?s erring d^ghter^;:;;  *TMs fimridedjoii hick-the experiencerbf fi y  y y ^  "He sought to^recover this,wdnjan\of vice',* ;;  V From Sin and tbegul f of perdition���������  -.���������;  And in -alew words, f willtell yonithe luck  He-had In his laudable mission.  .One, night, when -revivals ��������� were  going  on  .' '       strong,. .-.'.  This Mary was loud in repenting;    \  She dragged him beside her and clung to him  close,   .....'���������  While o'er him. her tears she was venting.  ������he hugged him and cried like a penitent  ,'   wretch,   ' ' '  .   Her heart from ber sins was Bure��������� turning���������  He thought of the glorious triumph tor him,  .   In plucking this "brand from the burning."  **Till, sobbing, at last on the rude floor she  ������ank, ....  ���������fifi The peace of her mind gave her quiet, ;_  'While he bis attention to others applied���������  i Spoke of sin and adjured them to fly it.  Once more then returned he to reassure her,  Who had thus become so pure-hearted���������  But nowhere could see her���������the" " brand'?  had gone out,       "���������    '  ; .And "Mary "McTod had departed.  ���������*Tis late; then, he thought, and he sought for  -    his watch,  To see how the time was a-going,  And found it was gone���������and he said to liim?  self,   ��������� -fiy.        i"fi-fi'...-fifi'  ' This harvest d-on?t pay for the mowing.  His pockets he searched for his purse,'but -in  ���������   vain ;   He qiiiclcly found out he had'lost-it;  He eloped, then, the service, in deep meaning  toneo .���������  Announcing, that lie was exhausted.    . fi.  And he never does tire of saying hard words  Concerning this woman, ao bad-ah���������  The champion wretch of the world "is, tie gay������,  That sinful female of Nevada I  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ������; flJNSTtt^ & Co:,  fifi .8ABOW CHURCH TARD, LONDON;  /.Vv VICTORIA;^  fi&������&* Goods bought in; tbe European Markets to order, and consignments of #60ds from  British Columbia so Id in London.      ''yfi fiy fifififi fififi. ���������"'fifi'-   '. ;,:*v.--.v  ������������������fifi<fi-fi:fi ���������y-fifiAfij.Afiy'-  y 'fifififi-fifiAfififi''-fifi fifi'&titfi&fiR E N C E S:   IN; .   . ���������   '"  ; LONDON���������Lon don and Westmirister Bahk, Lothbury.  ���������fii ��������� :, Messrs. Copes take, Mo ore & Co., 5 Bo w Church Yard,  :-" VICTORIA���������Bank of British North America.       v  my6 6m  FLOUR, FLOUll, FLOUR,  ; TORSAEATClfflTONIILLS  SODA^ CREEK,  ���������    QUESNELLE, and :  *  >  '   BARKERVILLE  Jv HARPER,  Sewing  5S  H  Miners5 Provision  Store,  BARKERVILLE.  1  T SHIS STORE- will  always bo found a well-  Selected stock of tho  SAMUEL HILL, Agent,  19 MTCOIESY STREET, SOUTH,  Grand Hotel Building,  SAN   FRANCISCO,  ; MEDICAL.;  Which are the two .hottest letters of the  alphabet?   K N (Cayenne).  ,1$ray, madam, why did: you .name your,  old hen Macduff ?" ^ Because, sir, I want ber  ���������iofig-jay:on.? fi- ������������������ ������������������      ���������.fifiiy fifififi       y \  ���������c '��������� A Call; is made for fern al e righ ts 1 e c tu re rs  among tbe GhuhchosTofr Soil th America, who:  w on'.t eat wo men, insist! ng tha tit is not as  good as piab.: ''��������� v v ������������������-- Afififififififi '". ���������'���������-  i An old minister the: other day aeked a  : w oni an w h at c 6 til iii n (1 ii ce "b er liusb aii d to a'-.  tend church.-; *vIdonH��������� kriow/?; sheyrepMed,  " unless you were to put a pipe 'arid a jug of  whiskey in the pew/' .';;;.;  Guatbful���������An eccentric citizen of St. Louis  died receritly and 1 eft jn his w 11 $ 1000 to a  man who, ten years] before; had hma-wny  with his wife. One of the last things he said  was that he: never forgot a favor.  There is a great joker living in Iowa, by  the name of-Ache, and he has named a newly  arrived. daiiphter ������ Bellie*'1' the, shorfc ior  ���������'.Belle." When she gets big enough to  wrestle won't she give it to that old man *?  ��������� Sxonim |Cukko���������An ihgenious wIfe in Des j  Moines cured her husband of snoring thus :���������  She had a gut ta perch a lube, with two cu reshaped ends ; one she puts over his nose and  mouth and the other over his ear. He consumes his own noise, as a stove does its  emoke, and wakes up ins tan ter.  Lnsukaxcb���������A French priest recently declared that insurance was flying in the face of  heaven. "To insure one's properly," he  said, " 6, tny hearers, is a crime! Calamities  of all sorts are chastisements from on high.���������  If yoti insure your property you prevent God  from punishing you should He see fit to do  eo."  "Vat^ de  matter?"   exclaimed  an ^o)d  Dutchman as h������ tucked up hh apron and ran  out of his shop to know the meaning, of a  crowd iu his neighborhood. u There is a man  kUlcdy answered a bystander. '��������� Oh! ish  dat ail *" said our friend in disappointment,  FRESHEST    GROCERIES    AND  PROVISIONS   IN   CARIBOO.  ..  .   BEST JAVA COFFEE  Roasted and Ground daily..  ���������  Branch Store at Last  .Cliance,-" :  Wlicreagood assortmunt :of Goo'Js will always be  found.; .      ...���������'���������  I trust by strict attention to business. n������d fair an<!  square dculintr, fn merit a cnnlimi:ino(* ol' tbe IUht.-iJ  pu. Lro������a go li eretofore ox ecu ilisd u������ m e. : IV4  T.I.C'.E.  n& SEND FOR CIRCULARS..  THE yUNDERSIGNRD- B.RG?, TO   INFORM   HIS  !riculis auU the p'ubl ic, tUji-ti\o li.as 11 lied up soaic  COMFORTABLE    SED- ROOMS  iilhisncw* builfllng, w.horb lio*is propnred trigiyc  gO<)11 Bnils a t a :lva.sojj;iM<^ p ricc. T11as(.' wiio will  1'jlvor 11iui w i 111 thoir pn trotiii^e, u\ay tl epei^ d on the  oloiiiinesii'anil coiufort of Ins. boijyo  "Ko lakes also tli is.op ponutJity tu remind the Cari-  bof ������i i es fii 1 i at" li i s Br < j w e ry h -i a' r e c<.' i v<v u the Vlllsff  PRIZE of th e Co 1 on y fo r h i s oo 1 o bra ted  -.. LEA & P^RRUTSV'  -fifi. Celebrated;;   ;;;;..;,.:,���������;.,:���������.;  WOftCESTE R S HI RE    SAUCE  ' ��������������������������� Declared by Connoisseurs to be' ���������;        fi  THJE . ONLY- feOOD :^AfiVokfii";  New.'Yokk, August 15th, 1868.  Allow:me; to, call:>/6'uf-.>ttehtion;-''-t'6 my/  PREP^RATI03ST fifi OF;,  QOMFOUNI):   EX-  TRACT: BUCHtr.   The component pirts are  BUCHU. Long Leaf, CUBEBS,;������������������ JUNIPER  BERiRlES.      ���������'       v; ���������   ������ ��������� .      .;���������  .'. Mode or PitEPAitATiON.���������Buchu y in vacuo  Juniper Berries, by distillation, to form a line  gin. \ Cubebs extracted by displacement with  spirits obtained from Juniper Berries ; very  little sugar is used, and a small proportion of  spirit.   It is more palatable than any now in  USe.  .'.*-: .'-fififi. : fifi. -:: fifi: .- -fi fi-;.-..' ���������  Bncbu.a8 prepared by: Druggists, is of a  dark. color. It is a plant that emits its fra,  grarice; the action of a flame destroys this  (its active principle), leaving a eark and.  glutinous decoction. Mineis the color of ingredients. The Buchu in my preparation prer  xlominates ; the smallest quantity, of the other*  ingredients:are added, ;to .prevent fermentation.; upon inspection it will ,be found not to  be a Tincture^as made in Pharmacopce, nor :  is it a Syriip~and therefpre can.-, be used in  cases, w h ere fever or. inflam ma tion, ex is t. In  this, yoil have the kriowledge; of the ingredi-  ;ents and' tbe mode\,olpreparation. ','.; ���������������������������;  Hoping that you will favor it. with a trial,  and *thab ? up o ti insp ec tion it will meet w i tli  .your, approbation.-.;-^...;y/ vvjy'v v;:.  -With a feeling of profound confidence,.  fiA I am, very:respectfully,    ',yfiv.  vv.vv.v:      ���������:���������. y H.,T, -HELMBQLI>... :y  Ch^miat and Druggis t of; 19 Year's.Experien ce.  (From.tbe largest ^manufacturing Chemists in  fi,.'fiy���������.'\fi.'fiyfi.the.wpHd.)1''y;;; ,'[-.AA ���������������������������,.;;���������  ;..,;������������������ fi<yfi        fifi^^ fififi, ��������� No>-EMnKi^;4. 18o^ '.'  "I am;acquainted with'Hr H.ylVHeImb61 d ;  h e.occu]>ied the l)nig Sto i*e, ;opposij e lny. resi-  dence. and was;;snccessf������111 nyconducling.. 11��������� e  business \yhere'. others had.not been eijtia 11 y  s*o;; beforo .Imnfifil i have been favorably im- .  pressed with his clrorncleraud'enterprise/'.  ��������� .' : ,   WILLIAM WiGHTMAN.  If ihii .0 f, Po weys nnd Weigh th * a. n, Ma n i i���������,  facliirinir' Chen lists. Ninth aiid Browii,  .-"' S)iv.cts,-;Ph'iladt*lphia.-:  ^fiSfijK  ct:  XXX   ALE,  AiiVl th e tr u e a nia tw u r s \v i 11 b c a b 3 e to j u i] pro by tli em  selves that siici.i bouorablt; prize has been justly  awarded "to biniv  N. It. ���������A hwgc fron t ronm Io Iet,  , BarJv������rviJ)f'.Jaii.  I Sti 11.  K. CT.-XIO  FllSYEITM BETTES THAN-COBE.  T H A VB boo n revi ti v> ted 1 ��������� y s ��������� * von 11 res poet a b 1 n [ >: i r-  .1. tics, whoealj M'>h'!y ti* UitJ fdlieauy ol iny syrfL'.-m,  to ag;dii maiio piibliotiK* Va-l that  Moses' Hair In vigor ator  WILL PREVENT BALI>XKflFf,  ���������JtErfTOIlK HAUL THAT is BECOMING TfUN  OK VM.lASCr OKI-', mm f������iv.Mi.-llv  Ol'KK SCUIU^ Oil DAMfitUKF.  This i?5 not n moro asscrlinn en my part, a?T ban*  In tny po.eseMon nuinorou.s losiiiuoniids ciirtityiu-,' lo  tho succoss of my rcmody.  I do not of oo������V?t' proteiH'l-Jtwit I o;m svake Ihe luiir  Krow on heads wUicii havo' beeu bald for yvars ; but  J will KoarantMj to .slop the Tmlr from fttll1u# off, to  inensaf-': its growth, and ell'cctuallv.remove. Scurf or  Dandruff. . W. IK MOSKS,  ' liarkcrvillc, J5.C.  fifi fi"-:']  .Caution agamst Fraud.���������The successor this  11VO-*t dylioious aniI uii.rivalle,d Condim,ent huvliig  cause d certain d ea I vi- rs to anp I y th e n am'c o f' '��������� Wo re<������'  te rs In r o Sa u ce;' to t lie ir owii inferior coinpou h d.������, th c  juiblic is hereby, informed that tht only wayt.o so  cure the genuine, is .to   , .���������.���������..���������'..../��������� ���������  ABK   FOR   LEA   &  PERRINS'   SAUCK  and to see thiit' their names aro upon the wuApricu  r.AiH-:*LS, sroPi'ivK, and 3*oitt.k. .fi y,. ������������������.  Some id tho foreign, markets having been supplied  w i l h a ��������������� j) u ri o 11 s Wore es tercdi i re ,Sa it c.e, u pu 111.11 e w r.-i p-  pe r a n d la bids of \v h i eh M i e n n i n es o f Loa and 1 *o rr i 11 s  have betm forged,. I,, and iV giv������ uotloetbai. r.liey  have furnished their corrt������spondvnts with power id  jitlorney to take in.������lanl- j������roe,eedin|*s ^gainst, ma.nt-  fa ot v k*k its a n d v kn j>on s o J' s u e 11, n r a ri y o t h c r i u j i t a  litui.-i bv which their rigllt may belli fringed.  Ask for LEA & FEHBINS* Sauce and see  Name ou "Wrapper,  Label, Bottle, and  Stopper,  Wholesale and for export by.the Proprietor.'*, V.'or  cester; Orns?e nnd lihickwi'll, London. A:e., kc.. ���������'and  by (?riK',ers and oilmen universally.  Restaurant and - Bakery.  fpHK Proprietor Of this-old aud \vefl-kno\v.n osub-  For weahneps arisin p: from indis'cretion. The  exhausted powers. of' 'Naliire ..vvhioh :are'���������'��������� a"c-  J (X*)in|)tinicd4).y po n\any alurininp syIupioiris,  am u i ig which will h ������ f ou n d I n d i s posi ti on t o  E x er ti on. Lo ss.p f JJ t." m o ry..., Ufa k ef 111 n i������ss.. II o r-  roi: 0"'!' D isf use fifi o r; Ko re I������o d ni������$ of, E v.) 1 ;. i ii  lap ti: U ni vcrsal Lfi spi fii'de. P rostra I inn a n d '. i n-  a.b ill ty to o n to v in to t j j 4 fi en j oy ni a h ts p i so c le ty  TIIE'tlOKSTITUTION; ���������  . on ce a ff(.������ c ted wi tli Orgn n i o .\Veal> n ess, requires  ihe aid of Medicine* r.p-st.rfenjri.iHUi and��������� invitor-  flle tho; sysiein.' which .HELMliDLD'S.EX-  TEAGT IIUCHU in variably, doesi If J no  trentnuM^t ir^ submitted io.Consumption or In*  .suuity'.cnsiiC'S.  '���������   ���������  HSUSEOLD'S FLUID  V JL.NI>' .  IMPROVED ROSE   WASH  will radically exterminate iVom the system  diseasesarising* (loin habits of dissipation, at  little ex|M'HP(\ little or no change in diet, uo  inconvenience or exiiosure.  USE.  EEIIBOLD'S FLUB ESTBAGT BUCHU  in ii.ll disease,- of these organs, whelhcr existing in male or fi-innle. IVom whatever cause  origin at i ii ^vn nd no mailer of how lon^f stnnd-  injj.    'I'liosi'  stiiroring*  IVnm   broken down or  1    lishrnent would respeetfully  lhank his  ljuiner-1 <lr.rHC:tlu CtmsUUflioilS. procure UiO remedy lit  oijsft'iendf-and tliepubli<:fertlieexi('nsiv<']iai.roii;ii.fi! |       (^ -..  Iffi^lnlSSti'Kmi M j    AH n,o abov,^ *!!������.��������������������������� -Tqnirc the .W pf*  <��������� shust a man kWtl humph!   I tought it vash  a dog fight."    CERTIFICATE.  This i?* to certify that dnrlitg last s|iriii|| my hair  was rapidly fatlju'^ out and my hejid was IsiM. beooin-  iup; bfild, when l apjiliod to Mr W. D.MO^KS, Harbur,  Barkervi'ib\ who in-a. tow weeks restored uiv hior to*  its tv.rmer healtbv sra1������.' ���������    J>aVlD 0'IkHON.S.  Ihu'kervjlh', DecV^f 1P51.      " .ui.C5Iu-  nance oflheiroonlldencejttjd support.  Meals, $1.   Board, $14   per Week;  BREAD MADE  01?  THK BEST FLOtJB  I re com mo n d t o th c p ub 11 c m y  GROUND    COFFEE,  which i!".'! much superior ari.icl< than unywhiohc^n  Op had from beloi.i\ 1 Roast n������" (Irhid it mysoi.L  and oh'ifi^eLiie besl b^rrh1.1!,cons'" U'Sitly (he public  way byitwrcolM-i boingfrc<;front ���������-.-:|iii.i'i,ation.  Diuretic. IlE\,Mi\OU)fi& EXTRACT 13\fi>CIW  is the ������rreat DinreUc.  . $$"$ old b y i >n i ��������� jrg i si s e v e ry w bf re. Vrlce  %l 2o per bottle, or b i Jot ties for $(> f������0. l)e-  liv<������n*d fo any a;ddross. Describe Symptoms  in all co mm imiea'i ions. ��������� ���������  ADURKSS  H.   T.   HELMBOLD,  1) Itn:���������' A\ 11  C1 / K M I.UA rj   W AKKHOKSB,  5<M IJroad'  NoXM  AUK   (jKSri>  emrfav^'d   wmppiM'.  GleMnical Wan-liutt  tn:'J.'.J  (Q  M  w^r.mmnvi.msjsmmtJi\HHiSSXFM


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