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 Wi  ; ���������       .������������������������������������>.���������-,���������   ���������>��������������������������� fi-.-fi, >���������---?-������������������ y--������������������-���������?>   ���������:��������� i  fififi'-fifi'^'fi' - \A:'t*A:*'?-*"fifi$A$y*fifi\ififi:A  AfiA t    fi.     '   .    -1' fi'i"     fiu} fi^^���������'^fiAt^���������\fifiAAfi^yfi}fififififi;lfi  .    fi-ii-^-fiSfillifi'A fifit.fi }:J   fisifi fiyfi y  fi A-   f- jfiy-fi   fi     fi\ fit,._   'fi .   fifi   "...fi",    fi'fi"'A  s/ififi  fififi)  -��������� S 'fi, fi ���������'  AfilfiM'fit* fifi: '     fi    ��������� -fi' ���������'������������������ ,fifi^yt y-fi rfif,fi.y,,,    '       . -.-, * y: ���������'<��������� fifi fi   -fi"-  >rses^v  ���������rt'ff^fUfif  ism1:  .V-tfrlflftft:-  fifi&fiA.*  Afifififiifijmy  l'T-;"-"i,,''.i  fififi'^ * -fiy.fifi-:- fi'   ���������-.    ' '"fifififi -  i 'fifi..., fiyfi i,. yg^;;.     ��������� 'fififi7 . yy, yVvy'y ' >'   >-fififi'fi fifi yy-.yyh, y. Ktiij^^'y- ^y^^������T"nSj;-, ���������yrs.^-yry $. fifiyfi.    '���������',-'��������� "VV V-. fifi'fi'Afifi "yfi.   :fifi fiy fifi yy-fi ;      Y*dV.. 'fi      fi  * ,������*������������  fififi.fi:  |^^^:POB^mFB^  PooriilVl^hetwas a~kind4iearted, ^iocli  MaturedAsMfelk(wj^d?tiie tear^^ill trickle  down my weatherbeaten 'cheeks whenever 1  think of the frappy 'days I have) passed in his  ^ for/tr*'  f fly/with  .tf'caiftift  flheatjlj-.  pHetSfy'  ��������� i>y;-aa}i-:  %mx.y  IONS,  tte&fi&fii  ��������� fr- ���������/;..-...  %'''>;*>;���������  mm  Wiffifir.x  Mrat:iiii$  ^fimfi  stL'Ratfc.  VSifiSW:  trieteis.  jr betweeal  tl^Rouie;'  plie'b'esioj  Hti^Mift  eed.-id-?!  .fifii 'ivifi  ISQfi  Rbadsrid  )li6i.^Di5.[  Stcainbostl  ,30..,miles j  ills' to siiil  r':&'Grd'inj  ula'rly i������|  cocapany. Sideibyi aid,^7 iwe^have wandered  overprarie and mountain, and side by sido  we havevfought?the crafty red men who sought  ouvlive&^fButfbe is -dead/^aiid^hl^what^a  temye;#athjiyae-'hie.I;. ,������,. ij.;;,.,,.. Mlt, ,..,,; l,,,,J-  .', It was sunset of. "a hot Bci^Wiig'dayyiin  August: ^when Bill and: I fi ^ader arrangements  for plKihg'ihep^  o^cottonwpp&uijr^ijb^cd by a widely stretched prairie.^ Afier iiiaktng-;a hearty meal of  venisonsteaks; we \ pro duced^our:tpipes^and  soon^engaged in a friendly smoke*   Although  we were;^(^edingly$redvby^  > it Was^vifte late%hen; we * wrappedourselves  : in bur blankete"andiwent^tO:sleep.  fifi v lyw^afoiw by (hearing a  ..r..labg,LbM^  i-^astlm^  saw the stars sh ining brightly^aiid 4he ^,west4  erqlioriabu lighted up-;with^yruddy^glare.  th^teuihiristaiitl v flashedacross Wy mndfififi  'ii lS'itiiK    _    ���������     ���������,.--r ',."_'-' .'��������� ���������������"'"-' ,''"   i'fi'fiS '-fiy-fi   '__-"__"���������.  -���������.-.'.   -    ��������� 7;V.,~--���������,T    ���������:��������� .    tr   '"o;.������ ��������� fi-:fi. s    .���������������������������.-������������������������������������: ���������;���������  But ittwas'uhnecessary W repeat the intelligence, for Bill welt:knew;'what that suMse-  app;earing lightJntlie^^sVaudihatcotea 1I7  al^thundering: nbise;nieant.{;  ::::  :' ticiti -J":.'J  '* Buffaloes, toofl he ejaculated.  fiy But what's ffltii (diineMllalked. ;  Bill looked around him.  fiffiMp'-W&ti, l^tvthe b^ffitlqes  psissyus ?tpjy������  well by climbing"a treeVbufc then' we'll lose  our horses, and*get buvni]tb;death' in the barr  ;  gai ti, which is 'not^/al Vtio my; liking;   If Ave  should.J^e|herprairie here by the grove we  wiildyrnot%et but on the!g^ind^we h^d  4wm^1md*e^ai^ rwW  woiilib^iaganger of the ybuftalpes for,^we  <5ouldy hot al one kee^th ep off 5 Jand we haven71  time to. run out a short distance'toward the  fire aiid;light ithe grass" there; "so 'that when  the fire had^;Sassed^ tbroTighi tliis grove' we  safety, and my neck waaalready burned?t(&a-  blister by tbebeat.   fifi ���������--���������>/���������_ j><t' (,<.A   <fiA  . It fairly made my flesh creep whenJvbeard  ��������� the %1 lb y/s oif agou^  dat^bufl^o^#gave,veiifc?td-a^ theylwereoverTf  tsiiet^fiotiefiby one;; bytttfe ruthli&:flames^pAt  one-?timdnri|av^%p ,ffiev'race, butf Hfeiwas  sweet, Jo I pushed on lagainpand1 mymplile,  ^steedf soorch^ed^by\ the intense; heat^ madeVoiJe  :raOre? superbumUtl^ efibrti 1 A&irioment:: mfef ei  land^I^vbiild^ hai?eVbeeir overtaken1 ^feyytheidfe  . vdiirin^ element^ 5 ^Upmy faithiuLbeast, trein-?  bl ing in ey eryliinl) t! rushed up 'the little barren'  hillyaudywe -were $af������i! fififij -fifi'fififififi fiyfi yy  fi ���������Immediatfeiy"! ii^iv'galningythe top' toffiAtipfi  khollf the-nob le b f\\ teiell^from sheer; exliaiusi  tiipn, barely giving me time ������������������ to extricate iny^  feet f^oni^tne stirrups ��������� fi lithen'i^threw".inyself  upoS^Ke !groutt(^  for yttie fire tb^p������ass Over^iucvv>Iti did^passj;  leaving the*'little barren knolls almost -un*-  Jbucliedf anct;f6ilbwiiig tKe^mflWib^ifeidjefe  '���������'.;��������� I now turned" itiy attentioir to^my(horste^d^  #t^r������^Mii^t^.do^^  him as best"I could -under, the -circumstaiiees;  sboW&d^him md -Mr?wjay1 to 'recover, 'fc'ffi'o.  y^AVlfth^da^uAippearo^ the fire ^hadabp^t  spent itself,   I passed the whbled^upon the  II t tt$; *tiil1 ;J cb^ihuall^f'Surrotiuded-iy a (lerfee  smdltc." Towards ni^li t it commencedito rain?  jwhibhUt fcohtinu<6d^tq do till noon ;pfctbe;>next  day, when I mbuntedftifry!^how sWfill-condi-,  Hi6 h<jd!f steed; ALndfi. started^ o uSu pp n^ ttije, praise  to search^fer thecremaihs of .mydiicklessyoonir  ��������� -fiy.fiA:-.-. T,.-i.= i������r-i:i:t*.=.Y-������������������������������,, ..JL.^^x������.i-"'>;^:0T"'  fii  . - fiy ,��������� '-.NEW 'ADYERTISEM-ENTS:'^;' ^i-  > -;- fii'-"- 'fifi fi:<!fiii. -fiC .h. ���������: ."���������,.;���������;;..,;���������<. sfi i I fi.fi fi .- ��������� .;-,���������';- fifi. fitfifi fit - fifi  :*���������:���������..���������������"������***  fi:-fifi fifi M0pMh^i<m:fi': /r"y  ���������yy.x  v r.'^jT^.'j.yu-f ���������; ':fi^:fififi.-fififit'*fiy*fi,zr.,; ^ fiyy-fi  . \', ��������� . ,... , fi ' fi '   AfiA3sii������-��������� "'" 'fiA:: fifi:'fi ' v"  x  1 fi -" t'ts1' ^xr'.Tn"tj't- !*m ~  :J^y>vv.y.iy--vVV-y-;:Jla-;xiy-ij  y-fiyfii's.  AT B.HODGENS? OLD   STAND;  j Barkerville, let May, 1887:^V fift   fifi. 'Afiy,fiLfi~:  Efi^  \ .fi ���������'v������   '���������*-< ys- sfi. ,'���������������������������" ������������������ ���������������������������. ..,.:'     ..-;x '���������.;.;   fiyfiyfi:'$"i  THK ��������� PABTXBRSHIP ^h'eretoforo exist 1 ng het^rflcS^lSo  ^undersigaodis this day dissolved; by -Hmltatloti^-  j -All debts jdu������;tb the late firrii - may he paid '-jo either'  pa'rtyi both being authorized to receipt 'fat?collection*'  made, arid^all liabilities will be' liquidated by # ' NEU-,  FELDER,:wh6wiUrcontinaethe business, at the old  sU.ad,,1- f ������fi--fi -:nyifiu,y fi^yfi-fifififi'*' , '������.-"���������',,,,.  fififiAfivfi fitfi:fi-fi,yfifi'fi"      '."'7.. ���������KEOT-ST.OBSi-'.v*  ���������J s,i  lymchfleld/lct'May; 1867^  [''.  ycoii 14 co me <back������ and cl irab? a -tree- .to escap e;  the}buflSilbes; therefore thefi best ^14h?::lr cfotr  suggest isi to ,mbanfc, arid .try to reach the; timber to the south-east.?*1 ;  ���������   ' >'  fi: ; ���������  1;, he'eij' re-j  villjmiiij  i'rib:a'()co-f  r%^pf,tl*iji  'li   .,,,11  re I besrot f  A^TERvi  fififiyM  mMmm  suppliea. Wmfim  irdfiMfi Kft  'edrooms B^|  s leaves ff%M  '  *���������' "'' ' ^^"*  Mlli  '   ''"���������    111  i (u-fifi MifiSi  ��������� r y^fc  [yyuyy-.- ^^s'  Hovss^    '^*  m  i  ��������������� HI  fifiy   @p������  ������������������ .:"���������.   illils'  is'ahd  illness-  ^bleris:  abling  hand.'1  outh?'  robnis,  icomifi  thall  isajpp  good  FEST  1-S  As no other plan';could then be thought Of  we hastily ^mounted,' and dashed off in: the  direction proposedbyBilU By this,time the  flames were'plainly visible and the prairie  was lighted upibiymiles-around. >,  ���������g faster\%cried Bill, "the buffaloes are gain-  ��������� ��������� ing on us."; '' -.. * ��������� *' . 'a   ' a~ ':fi ''' " "     ,  v fififiWe both^had;jfine/--.horses-, ���������- but they rwere  quitejexhausted? having travelled &������ a ptettyi  -.good'^p^c^^inbe: jmbrhing^ My c prop anion's ���������  was a^balky .little mustahg^bne- oni which ile^J  pendence could neverA>e:placed, v.and-; it; was!  "with^extreme difficnity-(ihat'i'h������'kept.':this-'-sad-;;  die,; HAMq^li^^  efforta itb k^pfh^ead^v *we wbre hoypf (among  the buff8loes;^ith^%effir^;..hissing^  butashor^istanlie^ia'bur rear.    ;    v  Nopene|^^escrlbe ;tbe sickish., faihtnes^  that came to wsrc hie, !when I saw hiyy cpmpan-:  ;ion7s:horseysStumble andythro\vitsrider.-byer  ; ife ^he^^tK^^?^t up - andscdntinuerbn^ with  the^livirigf;iea'r, y^attemjitecl; to; tarn;j but it  wai; usele^i'forvttie ^uf^  on 'every side;; ^soiwitk-a sadyheartlspiirrbii  ^lijlShdlbft'^orpH  thbughif on.xtiy mini!fthatiperhSpis"'ifiwpidd  share his ifate-^fce trampled upoti by thpus-l:  ands of feet,: and my body burned to a cinder 1  About^htee;;milfes y fur ther ;ahead; I espied;  by the aid of the light*of the bufning prairie,  a slight;;elevatioh;which rappearety to be:<ler  void of yege^tibni! jvith "the exception of ia  few stunted cedars,. 'If I! coiild get upon that  I knewt I would be safe ; ? but the flames were  'fast gaining ron ��������� me, and it was doubtful  j vehether I could1 reach it with my horse in his  present exhausted conditio^/ ; - :  ' .However, I spurred him - on, and then i for  the first time noticed that the buffaloes were  gaining upon me at an alarming rate, and by  the time the,nexty mile was passed I found  myself among those bringing up the rear of  I the herd*  11* continued to urge myii orse for-  ���������ivardv^ahd soon aV tiile only int^yehed: between me and' the goal' sought.   But wo'aid I  /ever waci'lhat goal ? y The heated ail* and the  4ehse^smokelalmbst ^tified ;me; and; I rode  most of the time with: my eyes; shut, so as to  exclude; the dust raisedby t the hoofs of the  animals ;arbund,mei;N^ has not been  ih at;simiiar^^oi^itioh cap;-perfectly understand the situation in which I was placed at  that time.  Half a miio lay between me and  -���������',l:-it-f..fi.--<-?^'.<i.. v _._.         ^  .__._=.^__ ���������      ,       .  .         Amy ^v^SP^  ' :When- we walk near^powerful^machinery,  wer.khbw thatibneysingle^misstepyaridxthosO  ni io"l^^in <n nfts^ wi 11 tear ;>us'to^ n  thSr^rribM jaw^.'t^Soavyheh^  derihg; acro^sHhe daild InaSrail-car^and^61^  is nothing but an. inch x>firoh -flange to hold  us on the,vtrack. , So .wheh we ,areih i. ship,>  and there: is^ nothing ^ut' the thickness of a  plankibetween'iiSi^  the^ ffiatlwe se^ho^close^w^a^  of the precipicef But vredo not see it. AVhether  bh fttfe sea:'br tiii' the 'A l^d|r^^aHitibrt^that  divides us from eternity' W sqtrifeththg^ less  than the; oak ^plahk}fi or half ��������� ah^ inch of iron  fihtngeV; Tb^e %tna^hinery of������Hfeii ahdideath. ,is  within usi   The tissues that hold \th#beating  powers in theirnplacb;var^p  than a t sheet of paperj and ifithaf thin Jparti-  tioh'ru'pthre^ itwould be the same ^vith us as  if a cannon ball struck us.    D^th iainseparr  ably bound up with' life'in the very structure  pffitip feHb diesl ^^Struggie'as h e^vbuldytowiden  rTHE^UNDERSIGTTED have commenced inytheyihovo  ';i business n������xt door.toyMuridorffW stables;-^Barker,  yillej^ndiSOUcit.asto ifi j ;  :r*Tti  s:b'n-  r       .   .       . fifi-.yfifi.fi fiy fit;. Afi'-������������������fii'.'fi  fi, 'y    . Donje;at reasonable|rates..4 y ,    J,  YaVSB* Out Teams ^rahyreg-niarlyybetweeni^  Cariboo and all orders in our.Hhe^f business-carefully  attended to.- ��������� AAA fiAfifiifififiA  Ifififiifififififilj;;,;;;" b^jpearson-^/bros:'^  'Sfiyy   yfififi  * it  NEW^ABVERTISEMENTS.;; ; fifififi,-   Jl^a^^k  fifiifififififimyfifiymfifi  fi ^^SBM^f^EK^Y^PAP^BB,. y y tr  'Yij0mEl)fi''fi^ fiANDy THCBSDAYi5y :  ^���������:.^^";^AALL^^������0.vPROPBiEToit8i.j fii] *. V_,  Opnbif^BA^KERVXLLiBy "��������� Wiijlmms Gjheee, Carx������������. },  fi fiyX,pubscrir^i^y$i;-per ^ree^i.?;,r,y '"'c  (tricludSng-;cost ;Of ;deltoy:)'Jpaya^  r*  V^XKEtUPAIAKE  WiOfii  PATmO������"^K)OI)SONi Pi^^KtBTOBS.-  , :���������!.'i������������������ -fiys,, ;.';- ,-.?- Xfifififi ~yfit:fiyfi fisfi fi- V     Hfifi  ;u >-:-J -i<  rfi^fiwistmci^ai. .THEy'BB'6pmNGfr^)E^THiS;  V-"*'-'^'v*!''vT> ^ ***^ >*lNJ ^fi  ''���������: yts.fi  :*.&���������<:&  yrxmy-  Ifitfififi  ���������Wi-  "Cl  m  TV  : 'fi*.:  Jb  A:  K;  ��������� ���������;..���������  ynfi  ''(.-������������������  . ?\  '^~hy>< -  u������y.i%i  BAEKARiyS STAGES ,WI^? LE^E YALE ^VERY  ' "fiAfifii  atfd way s tit Ions. y"  ' ���������" yfi . ;'<, '��������� y, 'fi-'iJ' ai... y.  :.. ���������_? ''fifi  PARE,,TO SODA CREEK,'"5 -  ' ' -   -   $60  fid'i-ifi<!.-���������.:���������: fi:.". iifififififi-fii.-ti-yfi..} fifi.-fi's:-.."���������-,���������.    .-fi .:,-.-" ;. :'.-��������� ������������������   .  ".fi '���������-.. fi.  .yyyymyym  FARE TO BARKER y  fi)   ,'$85  fi-. Afi ,     (Exclusive of Steamer's f are;).,/..,..,..   1-s  EXPRESS!.  S  'theispace, ho man can, at ahyltimei gb farther  frpin^^death 'than; the thickhfess^ of a sheet of  fpa^SrV*'- ��������� ��������� ��������� '' ��������� '��������� -a-fi ;': Ay a fifi fiyfi-   ���������fiihyfi?  fi MAOXANrMous PeasajjtJ���������-A great inundation \  fiayihg take njplaee du the A nprthiot Ba)y������Jo wfi  ing to ari excessive fall of sn 0 W; in s the Al ps, |  fbUowed J?y���������a; speedy' thaw/ the" river Adige!  carried off^ajjridge nearTerohiC except*the|  middle "par(f oh which was the house"ofrtbe|  toll-gatherer, ^yhbj thusj;with his whole family,  remained- imprisohedibyytlie; waves, and inj  y. /r\BRITISH COLUMBIA ;"     ;" *  Coimecting at" Victoria-with1 WELLS, FARGO & CO.,  .. y  1:; t^.CUliCwnia^Orcgonr,the AtUntic States  *v ��������� ���������  fi - "'-.   , " *" ��������� ���������'    and Europe, fifi'     '��������� Ay, - '���������������������������* -'"  ������������������..-;.- ? vyy- ���������-.--. yy; .mxfiiLfiLfifififiiyfiffifi.fiy^y^-  AND AT; YALE AND LILLOOET: WITH BARNARD'S  :. fifififi    ~fiyy CARIBOO EXPRESS,      ; .    fi ,.  fi) '\ Por Big &ehiy Icirilioo and1; the Northern Mines, Afifi  Cohvcyi tig Treasure,,Val uables^-Xetters,:: Packages yatid  fififi-:"-" y ��������� y .  fii-.y   ��������� yfi Parcels, sfifi y .,-.��������������������������� y^y, =��������� -: l?s.  _ g^ARpiffilLl^Sg  mpt^PENEOL^iBEGS ;TO x ANNOUNCE r^HIS"  pP..^rien5|S|tliatiis new; BILLIARD SALOON is now  ppan,1 where every attention will'bepaid tbtthe*,com-.  fort of hia visitors: fifi:' ~ y*';������';' fi:; -���������-. 'y> fi- "A fififi fifi i-y-: y  If^B^^^iQiibRSja 'cigars; ;:;  VThat^caiChe ibl^aihedfe^etmi^etrywill -always iba A:  |fOUrid!at^W}^AR^;|y; fi'fifiyyfifififiyfi: - fiy ��������� ,���������> y fi fiyfi--, -  TVitb'private-entrance, are attached to tbe.Saloon;  barkerville, 1st May,.lS67;   ,.   ;,      ;��������� - -,   y-< 1-s  fififififi  fifi&i:xfii  'Vc  A. d a msi ���������: fe &^W7^^-^^y  ���������*"*������,>***> .M".***-',,';5  fi   Tl . -fiX=  ^ *   ��������� , tjfifi   :Sm?^i 'fi l-fi"   fifi t<  fififi      fifififijfi B.AjRKERV.IL,LE,   .,      ,  - - - Have "just received a choice sel cctlon of,  CAST IRON COOKING  'fii''} fififififi.  fififi  . 'fi.-.  :pfififififififififiAfifi  tincplat^^^  *withryariou3other articles^ntheifliueyof trade.,*;;    ,  ���������y ��������� j^^Vll>J6b bing in the Tm^ Sheet'Iron;-Copper aad  Zinc trade-attendedrto, aijd warranted to give,satlsfacj '-fiy  tion. "fifi.yfi.yi Afi.fi'A" -^fis fifi fifi, fififi --���������.-,:���������:.: '""' :' fi'"1'^'  fifi   ���������'-���������:  ��������� i 'if ~i.  fififi fifififi A CARD,/ ;. fi     fi ^  ���������   "    ���������'���������''."   ,<'-,J     .'   '      ,    VlCTOaTAfyVv.L^'i.  '    fi">-A-fififi->, '��������� ��������� .. V -  ^ 4- - yAprii8thf1867,.:  m^-G^WILSON, \f;';; 'fifi fiyfi,.-A ; ��������� t'-V, y ;;���������'.V fi fi'J' -  '  . Sir,-~I was vcryimuch Surprised, at your being iii y y  sucli a yhuirryfito malte the4 first ^deposit fit will -be    -'.  impossible'* tor me to reach Williams Creefc-hy" first   ;  May,' but I shall he suretobe up beforeJuly .when I   ;':  will fight you on the^tBrnis you propose^y I; am" very y  soiryl could not come to time, but my .business pre*  vents me; hoping wlienTdo arrive, everything may-bo :  satisfactory,* and: that we?may have a square thing  and-ho;fttvor.-y; '"' ������,i., y '    ;'-. ,-,   ".y   -i   ./  : raal'^-y    ���������  ,'   ,.:-h'; ; . y JOB EDEN.   .    .  Oarili^dL  j; S. THOMPSON Presidbxt ;*      -  i-PRESIDEXTi'Vy vy  arch; were' cbntinually'.���������.' / droppjn^ ^p^v^the;  water..! Itf thisKextrerae: dangeri'; a hobtemah'  who was present, the Count of Pulverihi, held  out a purse of^one;hundred%seiquihs; as a ie-;  ward to any aflyenfcurer who would take a  bb^t; and'; deli ver th i s u nhappy ; fain i ly. But;  the danger was so great, of being borne down  by the rapidifcy of the currenjb, of being dashed  against a tragment of the bridge, or of being  cnishedyby the falling stones, that, no one in;  the vast number bf spectators had, courage  enpugh to attempt such;a.h exploit. A peas^  ant passing | along was informed of. the circumstance^ fiiiid of: the promised reward.  Ijiiniediately ;jumping;iiutOy;a boat, ��������� he by  strength of oars gainedn -the middley of the  river, lj rb ught his b oat 'under: the pile ; 1 and  the whole family safelyr descended by .means  of a rope. '* Courage,??:said ihe, " now you  are:safe,f,J; By. a still more strenuous effort,  and great strength of athij he brought the  boat and family to shore.. '���������Biive fellow j"  exclaimed the count, handing the purse to  hiriii l) here is your recomDehse^?,y ^ I shall  never exp ose thy li fe for moriey,'i: answered  the peasant, " my labor is sufficient livelihood  for myseift my, wife and - children. Give the  purse to this poor family, who have lost ail."  ���������rJOH.tt.BOWRQN,  Secretary & Librarian.'  .ft  Fiction.  '.., Worcv'Ster's Large Pictorial Dicliomiry, Urc's Diction  ary or the Arts, Manufactures uiid Mines, Lipp^ncoU's  ProhburiciQg Gazetteer of the World,-. an<l Homah's. Cyclopedia of Commerce will always be kept in tho room  for reference......-.'.  .-.,, -v-.-.'.'-:  The Raadiug Room will be found supplied with the  Iitest;English, Scb'ttifh, Canadian, American, and Colo-  mai piipjrsand Magi2ines. .-.:...' v  : -  Terms of ��������� SubscrirriON���������$5 per quarter, or $2 per  month., :!Siugltf volumes Loaneu to non-subscribers at  SO cts. per volume, wiih $1 dcposit. y1  Personshbt subscribers visiting the Reading Room  ana making use of the Books and Papers will be; cliargr  ed25cts ,1'or each visit: y ���������'..- -. ���������....   .  ,; j^ TU6 Room.will be open from 10 a. m. till 10 p. m  '  <  ifi'yfi fiifi" fififi '��������� 'JOHN'.BOWRON,,:.!  "L'A'fiA\ fifi":    Secretrury and Librari:in;  QUESNBLMOlXTM^VERTISlMN^^^  ��������� fi^-'-. ,.'���������:. .y---'-.'-fi. -���������:���������''.; '.��������� ,,-fi- fifi.. ���������>-���������;,. -fi- ������������������iifi. SyVtififi fifiVfiSfi-  -TABAM.: :������$ -Ey&'MLE, R;  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  ~G���������  Ca?ds, Bill Heads,  Circulars,  Posters  and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  ';,.; Entertainments,  Executed with' Neatness and Pispatcb at this Office,  ' ��������� '-"r-  ''   ' ��������� jS������* Terms ;Moderato'��������� -*^a' :.'   =���������:;���������. ������������������ .��������� . ��������� ���������  > ;���������; fififi .. .fifi WILL^EUN:JASf FOLLOWS,: fififififi- fi '���������"'';:.  LEAVES^ IQUE3NELMOUTH  fiyfi fiyfifififiA-fi-6X;~'fi,fi ������������������;fi-i-fi.fifi  ������������������   AT SIX O'CIiOCK^ 'Kfi^y^fifi-'fi;;  LEAVES   SODA   CREEK  ��������� fi-'-fi ;������������������'��������� ������������������'*.; -:_0N-~^ ;fifi-,fififi A.,'.  Tuesdays; aad F rid ays,  fi'A'fi AT FOUR O'CLOCK, A-M-   v  Quesnel thou tb, May 2nd, 1867. ���������;* '. I  . Us i* :���������u- *_ ; : w-���������^r-^.  ;N Afi}  . QUESNELMOUTH,    .,'. v v     ���������  BROWN &.GiLLIS,yPBOP^  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table,y&e  Stabling, for Horses, Hay and Oats...,.. s  COLOMIAL. RESTAURANTS  ���������fifififi, ;'^a^SNELUOUTH,' '.'.'" I :i AA'  P. L. JOHNSONy Proprietor, ..'. ���������  Meals at all hours, and Cbbking of the foesfc  .fiy description.; 'fi       A  b ^m^mamssasexsm  BESSC53fi������SSfSR  HSaten&eases  iHV .  ;<v  im^MlB������������ySENTIML  .. . -p.t..  .-..������������������... ���������   . '....-   -  -... .  ���������    -,y;   -ilOND&v^tMAYy 20,y!867. fii'   fififi  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  '���������fi  Afi-'' ':���������    WILTJAJiIS CREEK;   ; ;;   v  The weather continues extremely favora'ble  \^Jfoivthe^rp8e^ntioqof;mini the1  -water"being a^indant-;andYtop ^now. having-  almost disappeared'from''tlie'creek.' A It is an-  ti(jipatedthat a'fter;to-day^vhiclrends the close  -...- :seaspuyaigt-ba^ marii-  Afi fii est itself among tho^mihofs* generally than  2 lias beeif^seenforTsome^time past, andfiit -their  :h efforts aroxf nly cro wned ^itovayer ago success  we will not -long 'have-to /complain' <of the.  ��������� -scarcity of'the cirOUlating*medium.'lAfi\  '��������������������������� fi. :&bo-ve* .jRiohfield: wclaimhb.idors : are ibiipy,  ���������  ' .making extensive preparations for working  ;^heir^clai.bas^thia seasoiiieadyfliiraes are being!  ;pii^ up ^ditches dog* and hydraulics erected,  . .;   niosfof which ���������lyuli'foe ;flnishe,d and washing'  -commencedthisweelc:' 'TheBedVRookFlume  -cb'yarbsalso paying a;lead ���������flume, to yearly,.:Pff  : ��������� tlie nvater tie '.aa tb enable the *maia flume ta  fi.\ be laidJy:.'    -   ��������� .-~vV::���������;-*��������� \ '���������    .���������  ������������������fi   -.   Below- the -canon-the Burnsyebly ;R.re-nearl.y.  ..'-.; ready to ^tpfnence washingyith^heir new  :hydraulic.t~Tbe GKfpp^co?y^vni ������tart pump-  in g.put^hejrcf^ffi^^^.^p������iy is.'yo'yywash-,  ��������� ������ed up Tor /weeV^li^^  fifi -^?Oftfed^T^^  Hitfe; dirt ta,^ -of. a Channel  ^liey'are ^owtrjing*^ claim  v  ii'& been ������������������piirctiasedAby Mr) Steele and!' a hew  <jompaiiyiforraed..who purposevwashing the  . '^rouad from the rsurface.^-F6TeBt..Rose_. co!y.  .    ^ire^siot^king put much ;ipay yet.���������Raby co-y  -4i re' p ifi tmg :^ip mac bin ery for  working* -the  f^ower portion of their ground.':.  :    ;;.Tbe United boV InCpnklinS gnlch .washed  ;wp. pp. Thursday; 200 ���������ibunces,'' they .have - ������6t  ~y Sati'a^ 'fifififififi fififififi fifi'fi:  fifi-BHyifiiifiv'^RousEvmEEEv :;r'���������?-������������������-���������-������������������������������������ -������������������-��������� ��������� fifi.  ������������������;      ,.-.-     j" '���������;���������-.<  -ysy    .     ... fi.-.yy.i,.... ���������      -.'.    :���������...........;    J     fi  t At thenapper^p^  ; y^coy's are busy prbspcctibg;: with good vpi'os-?'  pects;':pf success.���������The g9JaioHy-������ack co'y,, on  v.-���������Utie^west side -of the ^feekj: Oiave ruiiya tunnel  .150 :f ti IS totheyyhill, aiad af fcers /passijag'������������������ o ver, a j  :.'. ;rim rock, sunk -a shaft .22 ft^:with no appear-;  fififi.- ^nce qf^ sunk a shaft  AAAiiear theicreelii aiid; bottomed^at35 ft, the  fifi irock pitches'*: in to the hill, and fair prospects  ;",   ?tre fptiad.-^rCascade.co'y, who are la -300 feet  ytfiththeif-tunnel, have foun^: a deep pitch t&ff*  ,.;',. in^which they/can ^et.'gc^-.^ is  : Supposed3theyhave discovered^^the old creek  fifi. chanh^ftBankin^cp^y^are makingij4ibout ex^  i::- *|)enses.^alt-;3piing.co^y are flaying a new  ��������� fiume.T-Shy,: JJobin jcb7y, -are; _inaatriAg ab out  ::' '^expenses.-���������Neler^oAVell co;y7 this:^company.  have been at cpnsiderable expense in cutfing  a ditehV aad- putfimg up a flume, which bridges  the creek at a height of 60 ft.: .They; intend to  ywbrk-a tjydi*amlia.-^Discovery coJy washed up.  'fo.ttfee three4ays prior te Thursday last, 100,  o u nces.   Theyhavel*) pen steadily ^t Work ail  structing them, and it is'expected the com-  .pany 'will be prepared to commence crushing  in the course of ithTee weeks. There are ������at  present 7 ���������meri%oi!king tout'the number will  be increased as soon as the state of the woi4k  ���������will admit of it. We were shown a niiirifeer  of rich specimens picked up indiscriminately,  from a heap of-quartz taken from the^Stewart  ledgeat adepth of mit. If any thing we are  inclined to Relieve; the rock lodks-better than  itdid on the.surface croppings. It .'.is said  that as much as 25 centeto.'the ^pan^oan be  got :iu the decomposed :rock; j^The Blue Lead  Co.; who worked last year fiop,.-tfhp,. 'top of a  blue clay, arb\ *now sinking ;through it and  have got down.26ft.:where tbey find: stratas;  df^and and gravel.'L.'On' Terry creek there  are about-5Q Chinamen and-two companies of  wbttedueKt at work... fifi fififi yv- v;.-..  ; .a fi fiA' .fi,.-:. .rBiG uekd;; fiy*��������� ��������� fififi ������������������ ,������������������ ��������� .  iPrPm Mr. W. Halpenny, who left French  Creek on* the 25th ult, after nine months1- re-  si dene e<in that conn try, :we itearn that <there  are now about 110 imen at woi^k on the differ-  en t creeks���������:80,of whom win tared there. ; Jnst  before our informant left, the Robinson and*  Black Hawk -Co. 'took ;Out .bf 'their tnnnel,  which is driven ;jnto ;the .-higher bench of  French; Creek, $100 to ^rie wheeibarrow of  dirt- 'The.'only other company who got any  prospect oil thisTaench was the Scotch Canadian'company.   They sank a,:;shafi't;.96feet,  ,4rTfteJ:|1?Mt;.2^ft3  proceeds. ;ln; tbe-bed of'the ������reekv&e ' Wing  Dam cbJy were" beginning to^ take' out pay,  and the other co'ys. were makh*g> preparaUons  for opening:their {cla&ras. \ ': '  On McCulloch's creek, the Dar't: and Pond  co^y took oat <of their shaft, ait the-depth of 42  ft., 13 oz, 'The Jones co!y worked all winter,  and made ahout S5 a day'to'the haiid.  : yAt Fren'ch town there are three stores,.alt  of which are very short of goods.5 Dick Stege  has a saloon there^.which he has fitted up in  good style-for the summer trade*  The fortress of Belgrade has been ceded'bj  the.Sultari to Servia.       - - ��������� ���������,. * ���������  Liverpool, Ma^r l.���������The Londonfcoiiferonce:  meets on tbfe7thInst. :  ;-  The London 3?bst says the T>argain,t)etween  Russia on/ivAm^icawaia made with a���������vi6w to.  the profit-of the 'United States.  y. A Britishjfleet was before Cadk on the;14th  ultimo. -y - fififi a Afi   "���������'  fiVthe Times.- stiys nothing -stands m the-way  oif arbitVatiori of the Tornado case, except the  demandedrelease of McPherson, if Spaiatpro-  pos0S';it.'V-''-"v' '���������fiK-.-fi' '".--'-A- fifiyyAififififi :.;���������  ,':  i Portland, May 3.���������Steamer Fidehter mailed  for Victoria.     '���������-. ���������>-������ yA-y.fi -y* fifiA:::fifififi'i fifi-  ; Chicago, May 3.~*Aifire 'this forenoon -{destroyed *be ^ierohant?s hotel. Crosby^Bplenr  did'Opera* licrase adjoining Was in imminent  danger:;'loss $200,000. The opera house  was somewhat damaged'by v/ater,- y   '���������;.  ��������� Rioting cotomenoed in ihe south and west  divisions of tbe city this mormng,.. It is difficult to 'obtain a 'correct report, 'ybut it is -rumored that two or. three men "were killed.  There was considerable rioting to-day, work-.  men were 'driven out of several establishments !by a mob. A strong force of police^  are restoring quiet.������ Many '"��������� of the leaders  have been arrested. > ,  ^fty 4,_^Another destructive fire '.occurred  last night:7 Two five-story wholesale houses,  at the corner of Clark and South Water streets  were 'consumed;; six tiremen were buried  iiDAerJ^eJMjjQg_.w.ails4.ytbr  NEW ADVERTISEMfiNTSc;:.-;  m  ������To;he sold before the arrival -of Hho rPiicfc: "^iilaSj^b"  make room forneW *st<M3fc. ��������� ���������' ���������     ; y  '25fio6ih9fiof M^iieHANDizari ���������  Miners; MerShahte/a^  fit fififi ifi.fifi      ;take a chance.   .    fi . . '���������, ^fi ���������"  i$& HUMBUG'! GOOD FRESH  BUTTER  ���������*���������������������������'; :������@rS^2'5-per^   :'*'-'' ::-������������������'.������,^'Mau,I?^ET���������& co.  Richfield, 1st "Jfa-y, 186Y.     --       :"  1-s    .  PARIS   AND   LONDON    HOTEli  fiy ..vand;:rMst^)^  ���������'��������� '-: ;V-v  '^I-CH-F-IELD.'���������-:;���������/ :���������-���������.-.,  The undersigned have 'rdfltted.'tbis Well known hdU3& -  ��������� which'in -now'open, for .the accomodation of "the.  public. ������������������������'.... y      ������������������'  Tho Bar will bo supplied with the "best hra'nda 'df-  LIQUORS and CIGARri.      'fi  '    'fi -fififi.  - :;.  ->8Qf* Meals and Beds burnished at all houiTB. ���������  winter, and the dividends declared for three  "Months ��������� ��������� subsequent to * '1st November, bave  averaged $24Q to $509 to the share, weekly.  .   ���������Black. Hawk co?y worked two   tlays last  week, arid washed up ubout $0 on nces*���������Bed  liock Flunae co'y ��������� Commenced washing on  IViday,���������Heron ^o'y are-now getting on good  ;j>ay ] we did not learn what they washed up  1 as tfit week; , B eio w the Heron cp 'y there is a  ^reatdeai of prospecting going on, but we  li aye heard of no strikes yet- The.only ciaim!j  that'apiuears to have got any trace of a chan-  Afi.. nel-isy thb Blind Channel co'y.,   This co'y  ���������l)bttpmed(a;shaftat 18 ft, and finding therrock  pitching, drifted 15. ft?.and again sunk a shaft  10 ft, but could not get down for boulders.  Tbey have started to sink a new shaft, and  when it is bottoihed, will be.able to know  whedier they are on the Heron channel.  LOWHEE CREKK.    ���������  Now that water is more plentiful most of  'the companies are starting to work. At the  upper end of the creek the Jenny Lind co'y  who -have r**n a tunnel about SQOft., find the  air so bad that they are obliged to put in a  "water blast, when this is completed they will  resume' ������0peratiofrs.���������Yaughan-Sweeny co*y  are preparing tp washu-^Now or Never co'y  v 1\ re k o w, in 7 5fL wi th their bed rock tunnel;  J it is calculated they will have 75ft  more to  r uii before the channel is reached.���������PIumbago  : oo1y will start washing to-day at the lo wer  iind fief their claim<���������East Bank co?y are doing  - Veli^First Ch an ce cp yy are * making wages.  ���������Calaveras co'y have eommeneed sinking a  fi-xiew shaft, y;';������������������'; './���������������������������* fiy.  ; fi'yfifi 'A   CAVTO^CREEK.;:;'V: fi-A-fifii    fi - -  fifi this ereek oh the loth, we gather^the follow-  ;ing particulars :   Mr. Christie, the new fo rein atr of the Washbu r n co Jy, is push io g on th e  vt/ork with the utmost expedition.    The ditch  Las just>been completed, and the wheels for  p u nt p ing the s li aft and driving the ar ast rm  r'.are also ready forAbe..iron work which is on  its' way in.   Ah old Mexican who understands  the working of arastras is employed In con-  Sdddex TOEAra.-^Robert Ooskirki; an ex-  royal .engineer, 4ied very suddenly.atGrouse  Creek, on Thursday last. It .appears that  ���������while he-was 'etrgaged in conveorsatibn with a  friend I������ ?iis cabin, he was suddenly seked  with a spasm, fell down; :������ndyv-ex^pired * immediately. , The cause of death was supposed to  ^be disease of the heart Deceased was-about  :B2 years of ;age and ;a native of yEdinburgh,  Scotland, where he leaves, -a. iyyife'fi$. i^ppprp  his;ioss.* it*is a very singular circumstaace  that -two bf his old companions met with ^ud- j  deu deaths only two weeks ago, one at New  Westminster of heart disease, ������ad '.'the other  near Hope, by drowning. His remains were  decently interred on the.hill- behind-his cabin  on the following day by; a respectable number of his fellow "miners,   :  TELEGEAPHia  alive, but badly injured, the others are dead.  A'HaTge elevator was fired this morning, and  totally-destroyed. The fire: was -understood  toybe thework o-f an incendiary |incendia-ty  supposed to be<oneof the strikers. The loss  is about $250,000.  v y   ��������� .,:,  May 5.���������Ano ther incendiary fire occurreS  at two "o'clock last night   A machine shop;  and foundry^ on Adams street, were totally-  consumed | loss $G0,O0O. ';���������-������������������������������������        .  \   fi..,y  London, May -7.-^The Derby government  accepts the Liberal am-endment to the Reform  Bili, providing for a larger franchise. :  .. ���������'.-���������fifi.  .Notwithstanding the; preliminaries 'looking  ;to the preservation "of peace, France; and  Pmssiaare both rapidly arming.   Alarm and  distrust pervade financial circles here and  elsewhere.  r. The European conference to consider, *fehe  Luxembourg question, met to-day, -It is re-  poHed that the leading powers hesitate to  carry ont the-proposition of guaranteeing the  newfelizatron of. Luxembourg, and that the  people ask for aaaexatlon to Belgium, fififi fififi.  Amcktttiil, 1st May, 18Qt.'  ���������G. FONTAINE, I fifi  :y-FELIX PO.UCHOT,  ���������'���������   -.;���������;  ��������� Propriotbra'.  ERT LEI  , BREWER^,fififiyfi  HAVE' ALWAYS  O^'HANt)  A GOOD-:S1,OCK O?  Beer, Liquors and;Cigars.       ,  fifi .-y: fifi-  v::���������;  They would luvlto their friends togivethern avcall..  4th May, 1867.      . '��������� "..",- ' '*'. ".' " .'"fififil 'fi  iiliSiiSiliill^  :\W H;:"0';L .s;S;'Ai;E;.;;;; fififi  "A" '"���������'��������� ���������"���������"        ; :��������� Xiti) ��������� fi- -fifiyAv..  -.-'yy  RETAIL 1VJE RCM ttW'S" :&;  JSrOTICE;  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  I  JUST ARRIVING, IN* PRIME\  sale at reasOn.able prices:  ft  ORDER,   AND  FOR  (From the'British Columbian."������)  San Francisco, May 5th.���������We have the folr  lowing���������Panama April 19tb. The American  steamer R. R. Cuyler,now the Peruvian privateer Rayo,*ye. learn has recently been cruis*  ing near Santa Marthaand it was thought she  would attempt the seizure of the Spanish  merchant steamer Montezuma running between Cuba and Asp in wall,  Los Angeles, May 4th.���������Passengers yast  arrived from'Frescott, Arizona report that a  general war of extermination is being waged  against the Indians, who are unusually active  and hostile in parts of tbe interior. General  Gregg has arrived at the conclusion long  since reached by Governor McGormick and  aii leading citizens that there has been klo'od  enough shed and property enough carried off"  by nominally peaceable tribes, and that it is  time to put an end to trifling with the redskins. He has ^ accorcingly inaugurated a  vigorous campaign against thera much to the  satisfaction of the settlers.  New York, May 2nd.���������The London Times  of 19th April says the impression prevails  that a money crisis is imminent. Every adverse rumour from Berlin or Paris causes a  fresh panic. Foreign securities and American bonds fell two per cent in Berlin, and  oncin London, in consequence of the King  of Prussia's warlike speech which caused, a  general rash at Berlin to effect sales.  The Times says the speech of the King of  Prnssia is significant, and it is evident that at  Berlin neither sovereign or people dream that  German nationality is a matter with which  foreign powers have any business to concern  themselves. ���������.';-, y: .:  ; A Paris telegram of 10th April says ; when  Mexican transports return, France can land  ���������F^bm^IbssrsiBaker and Wiinams, who left fifty thousand troopson any coast    Rumors  prevail that France is about to declare war,  And has called out her reserves.  The Times says the arrival of American revenue eommissioners will be opportune, as  revelations of English trades' union commis-j  sioners will be ready. *        j  Baron Walersdorff has been appointed}  commander of the eastern expedition to China j  Japan aud Siam, with power to make treaties.'  .GROCERIES, ETC.,. ETC. :;  Sugar.cured Hams and Bacon, Eastern Butter, California fresh ditto In Rolls, Dried Peaches, Old Rich  Cheese, now "Lard, Olive Oil, Pickles, Worcester Sftuco,  Yeast Powders,' Raisins and-Currants, Price's Candles,  Hudson Bay Tea, Wilson & Murray's CoflTee, in tins,  Coal Oil, Macaroni and Vermicelli, Oysters, choice  Tobacco, etc., etc  DRY GOODS, BTCv ETC.  Baltic Shirts, .Working ditto, Jumper ditto, Buck  Pants, Moleskin ditto, Cord ditto, Cassimere ditto,  Cassimere Hats, Fur ditto, Woollen Socks, Merino do.,  Suspenders,' Turkish Towels, Paper Collars, Neckties,  Rubber Boots, ditto Coats, Undershirts and Drawers in  great variety, also Coats, etc., etc.  Thankful for past favors, we respectftilly solicit tho  patronage of one.and all. Our stock this season will be  much larger, and more varied than any former year.  J. H. TODD & CO.  Barkerville, May 18, 1867. lm  New England Bakery,  BARKERVILLE.  ILftt. fiENRY  SHIRLEY JBLUNT   HAS. BEEN AP-  ifl pointed AGENT for this Batik at Barkerville,  in  place of Mr. Robert Greig-,  who has 16ft tho Bank's:  service, v Wm, C. WARD,' y  "fi' -.Manager.. ���������'  : Victoria, April &th, ^18CV. ,. fi     l*lm;.  .fi';.E,'GTEPHms,   fi  CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR. "  AV1NG TAKEV  XN*   'OFFICE  IV   KICttFIELD,.  ? Williams Creek, is prepared to execute: Surveys,  Plans, Levels, Sections, &c, &c., committed  tb his  charge, with care, despatch, and on REASONABLE.  TERMS. '     ' ,-.;      .���������" '������������������'���������.  3      vg^-Office, centre of Lichfield.-i������8i  NOTICE.  AS THE UNDERSIGNED INTENDS fO CLOSE HIS  business on the first of June, 18W, he requests all  ILL BE OPENED T.O-DAT, WHEN PIES, CAKES  , Coffee, etc., may bo had at all hours.  On and atter the FIRST JUNE next, a LUNCH  HOUSE will be opened, in connection with the above  establishment, when CHOPS, STEAKS, etc., will be  served at the shortest notice  ^- Bread���������2ib. loaf, 60 Cents, -ffia  19th May, 1867. '.5  ���������persons indebted to him to callahd Settle their bill9 0n  or before that date, otherwise ho 'Will put them into  the hands of a collector. Any ofce having bills against  him are requested to present the same for payment.  J. DIXON.  Barkerville, WiHianr.s Creek, T -. ��������� -. <���������-  15th May, 1867. ���������) fi   A Am  RESTAURANT !  GRAND   BALL   24tS   M A* Y,   18(Jt  Tl.fR.' AND MRS. KELLY TAKE PLEASURE Iti  i?l informing their friends **Vnd patrons that they wilt  open the above establishment by a GRAjSD BALL and  SUPFER, on tho eVcn.mg of FRIDAY, the 24th lltst^  to which they Vdhld respectfully invite the public  patronage, as no pains will be spared In making this  one of the BEST ENTERTAINMENTS of the season.  I TicKeTs���������Price $5 ; can be obtained of Mrs. Tracey,  Grouse Creek^ and W. Allan, tJameronton.  10th Ma j', 1867. '.     ' 3  r  V. LEE,  Auctioaeer, Collector,  AND  MINING    AGENT.  Goods sold on Commission.  Salesroom, Barkerville^  Office,  &k  tehfley.���������  5-s  T3E UNDERSfGNED ilAVING CLOSED HrS Business, hereby intimates that all outstanding accounts due to him must be settled within ono month  from this date-, otherwise, they will be put into Court  for collection. /���������'������������������< JaCOB VELTE, .  Barkerville, 11th May,yi867. ��������� 3.1m  O. SfBOXTSS,"~~~  DEALER IN  ETC., ETC.,  BARKERVILLE  Carrier and Expressman^  Between Richfield, Barkerville and C&taeronton.  .  PERSONS HAVING GOODS OR PARCELS TO CON"  vey to either of these towns, should give him a  call ; ho Is always to be found on his beat.  tto also keeps, in connection with the above business, a LIVERY STABLE at ftlchfleld, where horses  can be hired by the day or week, and all kinds of feed  is sold at reasonable prices, , 4-rlra  CERTAIN MALICIOUS PERSONS HAVING Cm<JtlJ  lated reports to the efiect that some flaw.existed in  my title to the property known as the CARIBOO EXCHANGE, siluated in Barkerville, Williams Creek, I  wish by this means to give a most emphatic denial to  any such statements, and to 'Warn the public"against  being misled on the subject,  1 am at all times prepared to Show my title deeds to  any person desiring information in respect to myPJ'.J  pcrty, which is, beyond the rera&tefct question, wholly  and entirely my owh-. -'���������"-   &LI2A OftDt  14th May, 1867,-       ��������� . ..- 44m  1 'ti'  *a.-  fc  iV...  61  i.  :  ��������� >  fc  r  ;  :Opening] 3ftGH������-^es!B^  iaree ������aiboh;wai;C?Owde^ jfoijg^f day night;  ���������^ev.e^v^Qbt' and' bdrftgr *df thtfbr&k^to haytfa  ���������:on %at-IdbbaSldifc:AfiAs -u 'matter: of course,  'many-of?tft^bo^^Wei^^uhable to^redist  the Wito^K5Qf3ti4dul^g ^in; the '".mazy  *' dance **v^tiile ^tbfeirv " bbiifos^ p.. crowded  around them ihfiaM^lb;*and applauded ltheir  - efforte ^  great w&s thbhbi& at'tiines, tbWit' wasfnext  '%* an iltilibssifiiiifcyrfor thfeileader ^ WVAbH  ���������A]aeS������5i-vto k&P Anything lik^ rfegtilatitS;, irit  '.;tb'et^ff^'i%^^fe'of toe; 'datibb^ahd'the^conse-;;  ���������aueticb %aS^h ^easional:^  tiie'ugWi'^ .^wrii^fwijw:' al wa^.;:httWed^Ith;1 ah  ���������'���������uprbatid^  "'t&'siiee^  fituVb of ttfe laidies,%ho ^������?^ :,^abtlfife.^Jttii7  acchstbm������d^c^ui3h'iibi^%  Llidr^hidff adopted by the rtboys??  to the pebuliir  newly Mi;n^$le^  ;perise;!!wi^^^?th^  'taihin������itoft^������^h'-Ri  m    ex-  ,  fcprbvemehfc per^  establishthbhts,; ��������� aihcl^r^flects  ^legaistly  :'San^Fradcidcto,; ���������Afi.], v ; /   ' fi;-,. :.  t,, t _; _ _ ;,  GROtrstf^REEK ^j^MrLi^r^i^Bbbhe^s siiw  vmUlsitu&l^^  :,Salt SjSi^f tJo?s'claim;1 Is fast approaching  completion/ 8thd%-ill?it is'efcpected be in ran-  nihg^bfder in thb^cdttrse of 'eight-da^Si / ^The  whole'M tne *wOite /connected "^vvith l1tfte 'Tnili  'has; WiftMtew;'exceptions, "been'^performed  by MrJ^b^he^himself ;dSniIg-the Winter; and  refleb#������rbaFe$S^  ���������mechanic. ^hb>faachitteryAs nearly hew and  ���������of thtf.very^es0e^riptiohy;;y^ho^wheer is  -bhe bf thM&rgest Ih;^  Hinidiattietet%ift; a);S^?br^t airid; ppssessihg  ���������[aJSO-hbiSfe^pcftver. .#hte--mill when in*wording  ' order 'is'Ottpable oftdriyingtwb circular saws,1  ' each*bf Hvbich'^vill Baw 1500ftl of _ lumber per  ?lidttff- $hefthilding Is^diyided" into" "two  -etbrys^he /ltiwei-;one%will be ptoed ;a1vtbe!  ��������� disposal'of :iahy'party who may wigh to *coii-  *strticfca;small jquartz millvj^the /necessary:  ' pb^efc ,to:drive:a ten stamp -mill wi 11 be ygri  HuitduslygiyOn.   -    fifi *    'fifi'  mm  mm������  mm  mm  tsiiiii  mm  73x5285:  >J!JVR  ^ETuitN^oi:| titosPECTORS.^Messra/ |Hardy  ���������and dine, two of.'-the party whoA\vent't>ut On  A a prbspectihg;bxped itibh ab oilt six we������k& ago ,���������;  Yeturnietl yOti;;?Fliursday ^iast^but h&ypfifiypvyfi  'little ^ncbtlt^ilQ^McWs: to report Of the  ^country thrdhghyWhibti; they; passed, Jbein^hh^  : able frbtif vjfctitf iBrifefeh;lstat'Q bf'- the 'grbuhdi ��������� -tb  ������prosb<^te#i&iry^  -though ^hby ^ajfe Satisfied, the ^bburitry has  y^every ihSichltibn *ot\;a--goId^beanh^ 'character;  "The; lihb of '^fibif "travel was S[h% ^northerly  direction firbiii here^^larid extehdittg:,&fdistaihCe  >bf nearly '100; niiles ^several jar^b'strte  ^"wereibrosdbd,'bh; the bars bf >which they :fotittd j  ���������a liteb^ld.: -Tfibyle^  W. Ste-vVarty^nd ^^  within *ya ^shprt > Sist^hbOy<;bf the ^^rrih !j>^ty^  We exjiect^to? iear more deQnite hbws.;trOni  /'that iq\i&rtet;ih; the ; course -of 'bight or ten  vdays. " ��������� fififi"A'fifififififi'��������� ,   ���������  ;'..'.- ' ������������������'' *"���������**',  ,, i SIr. Claiik, thei yoiiSg ^.^maix *iwli0;*]gpli. .'*������C^I-r  ' dently shotin the leg on>his way up liere,  'arrived-a<fbw;days agoi and having"consultbd  Dr. Cattail, virho iiot^ being^fatole :to{ find fivfafiy  -trace of the "ball,; reOommenSed the hfeplfca-  ��������� tion of f ^ohltibes, 'the result:.;of which is ��������� Jiiat  the ball 'chJriy k0fiAS& ifelt ^rlotig-its ;"way  ���������through the flashy^^ ipaf t of the rofthb leg/ m an  xrpjpbfiito^^tirebtjbn to %herb the Wound was  inflicted.; ^rfincisibhywill be ifiadein "a day  r or two ;when the ball; can be. exttacted without  -any difficulty.      '  AccipE^.^Last Thursday while Captaitt  ^obinsbn was at /work getting do wii some  timbers -ffofe.^hb: hill Side ��������� for the Cornish  claim, WbWe Richfiftii, he Was struck by one  of tihe iofes'bh tfoe leg, whereby the bone tyas  siigtly'injutexi a' little ^.bove the ankle. Dr.  Bell who was called in bandaged the limb,  - and gave the patient to understand that he  would be able to resume his work in the J  ���������course of a few Weeks*  ��������� A>POiOTBte^sV--iThe last Goveftinieni gazette ari^uhces the 6ipppmtn46'nt of J, A. fid.  fiotft6f, E3^.,;as ^ctittg rafejpector of /Weights  and Measures for the city and dis^icfc of Victoria, also the following gentl^han as deputy  ySherifSf   For Jjew Westminster, Mi\ Henry  Vv 33dmohds4 Victoria Sir. John J* Austin j  '��������� Oaribooj Mr. FtahcisT. Lee ? ������aie> Mr, Abra-  lhapa^ridw ^ LUlObet, Mr, Wm. fiv&nsi ���������  . ^FiftE.���������On Thursday last, the mof of the  IMtc^en attached to the saloon belonging to  ,Madame Lamoh, at Richfield, took fire trota.  the falling of a spark on a shingle neat the  fctove pipe, but being observed in time^ Was  speedily extinguished.  UilUiigsgstte, tserrespo^  title of 4f JEl&tbr bf -Impbsitioh "yin ^ybuiyHifet  issue,:whosft%>i^c1^iiambf.pij6siime;l sli^ll  have Upoii the day- you mentioned, and wh  remarks upon the luedicalyprofessipn are tob  false and cbhtethptible for notice here; 'fi fifirt  1 ���������       Yours truly \y fiA fi fii, fififi lfi'':'ly]'&fi ' '-  fi -fififififi 'yfifi ,��������� fi ;rTHOMAS.-Bl3LL,, .yfi , .    : :    ( /  fifi Physibian;tb thb Williams:Greek: Ilbsgital^  myASt^A8&7: fifi fifi fir :fififi -'fifi  fiy ' fi fifififi,  ��������� Ivrecbtved' tiib'&ppbihfi^  hands of Wi & Cox, ;Esq., the'^^ ^old-Cojofe;  miSsibhei: fitptfi Catribod11Aalar^p^ iffl  an^^flfty - ^pilars, iperVSmonth. ^Dujtie^^r fe  discharged) as follows, viz.';:: to receive"yihtb  tb e hospital/ and attends upon- jirofessiohal ly,  any^ersqn,;>whb;-brought;an ordervfrom,the  magiteitb yfitisci.fihhy .^tocidehti' 6r ''case of  . emergehcy apjiiyirig for. admission without an  order, i)rbvided the applicant was in needy  cijc umst������(hbesphnjd yt<* ?see>that the yiestablish^i  ;nieht 'Was kept Iii ^proper prder7; 'Nb!:;b1^ier,  ijseryices w^e������tiquiiled; of -fee* ;^y fexabfc;pbsr  itibn/was explained at a meeting of the Mining  Soairdy last vf all -; ^ the;! ���������commissibher vbfeihg  present Jwhen the;Secretary informed him it  ^as thb Japitiiohv ^of :the ?: iheriibferCthati hry: Jre-r  muneration "shOuia "be mcreaseaTp^^ITneyefy  heard4hb^hospital--'was buil fc for the; afflu^ht,  but I was toidjjy = theCGommissipnerythat if ������-a.  patient;?not in^heedy-yoircumstaribes,' applied;  fo r admission,-1 could* allow him to come in j1  provided there was rooin^ without; ihcbhT^n^  i^hcihg 'the inmates; * for jwhp^'b^nefit -. thtf  hospital" was &pt' bjidh4i the'exjibh^b *of the  government^ but'that ThieAwbuld^have' to^fpay  for his i own> ^maintenance, etc;, *��������� and that He  would be my ^private ^atieiit, theTBame asy'if  , hei were in: -his 0wn 'ctfbin. ��������� To yOxtend :the  \ benefits ^f ythe ^hpspital ������tp 4he fnefed^, Ifih&rei  yolhhtarlly f iVehudvice1tfti& *inedibihe to over  two^hundredj ^meh;-"Wh6 Ktve applied at the  hospital for reiiefcasSut-dpbi5lpati0nts;;-;aiMi;  have ^ofrajhedyfromyavajling, ^myself^of the  prrvilegebf having a ^private office in-a ��������� more  convenient locality for prhfcticei - that il might  be ht the ihstitution^as much as possible. In  ^vha.tmarinerIhavedischarged the duties4de-  ���������vblvihg iipon me, is A)est kno;wn 'to���������;!the;  patients.. ,; ' , J . - ; ' . :.. ;'.-, _. :t I  Griffith Lewis - -was f feceiveS into 4the 'hVspi-'  tai on March the;3rd>and remained thereuntil  He fiied^bir A^ril';l^th;> ������������������He^vas%dihittfedAii^  der,fal^^presentatiotts -of -his:circiiihstances,  b u t'di rectly his pe cu niaty .p Osition Viras; knbwn  to: me���������two /days -after his 'admission^L informed his c^in,4Gnffith Rees, his "executor  and. ihheritb'r'-'of'b&e^tbird of his j)rbperty,*also;  other fiof his ;fribhds, that... -he ^vouldy*have :tb^  pay2^^ his:^bpdp^^  also to ^ay::th^r ihy >ttehdahce, as* if I were  attehdihg hifrat ��������� his:cabin;y No scruple 'was  raadb^%ut^bOhsbiit:^ivbn. The 'troublesome  fiatftrie ^bfhis illness, the time and toil t>qth  night and day I -gave tb his case, h&ve ^b een;  coriiihhnicated, I am given to understand, to  theedifcor, :Of ythewCaribbo ;S6ntinblj fry. witH  hess6s, patients -in the; ward with him,- from  thb day pf his admission,;to the morning of  his deeeasfe, who doub tless will apprise - his  readers; pf the remarks; made to him. y Cr. Rees  and other friends of the ���������deceasedV have stated  to ihe theirsapsfac tfixd. at  tetitiphli^fbrmragmb thai?he said $ he cbuld  not haye Received better attendahcb '6ix any]  part of the Pacific bbaat,'^ .; The statetoe'ht tfjf  "Hater; Of Imposition," is.tb there yS^ing  only two visits; paid ;at his cabin, is.fej^e. I  was consulted;at) b'it himyat; the ho^t^fey ^  fnehdf on iFbi>; 24th, whbyreceive<l ^advice aa&  medicine* for ���������his tj&se. -I was ^consulted \y  himself in: Barkerville^ ouj ^^jruary ^fiv S  visited hi& athii&'cabih^ Oil  March 1st, 2nd,ahd-M,.*5id he ^ supplied  with medicines,f<!ff thAt time, ^fen dollars is  the sumvpaid 'fpv advice and hiedicine at Otie  consulUtibhy 'either ht tho Office of the physician, br at the'etpin of 'the patient; the said  shih has been. ralibwod. In instances that hdve  gonb befoi%the. County Court judge. (������.  Lewis wa^ in t)^ hospital from March 3rd to  il'lath, dftff I oan With truth; tissert, that  ..... _, cirbuihstaflcj^^coh^ct^ *with; -the)  case bbmplailied f,Of fiby o^ir cprresp6hdeht,  from whifth It' Svili be^ seeh- thaVso far 'ak' the,  Dr^s colifc^hed, he! has ii6t In any, way feted  cohtrary ��������� tb' the instructions>hk received Ut- the  time; o'f JdtiB -apfponiianelit' to tb^; institutliCim;  Ho wey fer (^bhsahle the ?Drivfi]iay; {beAx hder^the;  circutiistances, in Inakrng e^trb fchkrgesi fox^  pa^&ts^ Jfoslsbi'te^^  is certainly not^lamtjiess in" peifmitfcihfesuch  a state of things t6 exisfc y We belieye'it M the  cust(Ah in similar institutions in thfe 'colbny  and^lsewhei^ ife^*b^Mih^^  bblbst&blishedj forM  ih&lntehance of patients^ ahd -those whofiHv'e,  ahlb> willingly )pay the ambtiJht, 'UP that the^  j .ihstitutibteis: Wottt  the li������bitApt a ppoivhouse,.-but a'^lace virhere  persbhfe 'iii^vevery bphditibhi lifb^ayj>htain  prbpef ^r^tihbnt; at;a mo derate rate, i ��������� V7e;hrb;  beitiiin��������� ythferb, is;many ,a ftinigt^hO^btol^  sbbhei^ siiffer;ktheygreafcst ipriv^ibhVvthaii;  'enter the institution',-��������� if he thought ^at hi&>vas  ithereby. becpming an ph|ect bf ptiblib bharifcy]  !andwe;a^ Equally* b^tai&  character/pi* the; institution;: the benefitsjwhich  it ;wSs ��������� caMlatbld tO/c^  will hevbrf be-fully jrealizb&,-r^^yy ir:'  ������y{  To the ��������� EpiTpR- bf fiTk&Afi)0n^  /:Si^~^ify ���������attehtibh^liks-^been.^riwn������toa  card oyer the 'signatiire of ,:-%Dtfyfd,-;Le:n6ytte;-  copied frbtii ;thfe^Britfeh)Cblontst^^^icS>ria  ChrbhiblbjMd^blishbd in?your, is^ueof the  16th'lnst. ���������' It is, tojfre hopWd that \the' informa-  tibh^oliMtarily^ivbn in, ^toat; card for; the  &Ko d f; yif A\i������k ������������������'���������' wi a MVii aihaln? fi+h A 'Afrlh\ ficr ������������������: ^Bbai* d  agreed th^vt the late 'ctiafrt(lr granted by the  Gc^rhtn6nt tb^ko;^6i^  is simply a: bonus^grvbii fi to a cbfepkhy^tb^iuJUi  :ap|)earahce, as a reward fofc a breach, p^cdfr^r  ���������fracfc-,''-r"tfr:'*;L,eh^y.ue"B; whining about ,the >"  complitiy,s; ^^balilyN sacrificing ;��������� the ��������� riches|3  ^dhbdihparibbb, spinewh^t^resembl^Jth^k  lusty beggar;ab\isihgythe liberal donbr be:fi...  vtitike he;tti&'hofcifill'b&?-Watlbt to��������� overfl^ihgTi  :���������������;���������       .  y fifi _ Yours,;te;,'v,v ;^:\,v,.,.y'ti^T  ^O^'^b^Kxbws -i Thino rbk Two;iBooT,:THK^y  ^ Afi   ��������� yfi fi fififififi fifi &C.B. U>������fGo.fifi,  . fififiysfisfi'fiSfi fifi fi .,y, fiy ;fi^ ., yfifi".  yfifi-'y     '  ���������:,AVabioitiA:filfirEmfifififty6 gentlemen 'tiamed^  fj.! Clark <thd:-M*��������� & Rbbihbonj-While but Tid^'  !ing, w^ : to^bwhy'frbm  their ��������� hbrsesv but>  'feSbaped   sefibMy; ihju^.^bre  Ltliey schboiler Discbv^  te'!3aj>taiiU Gfebrge Pbarkes, ftiv,.^750.-^Tlib;  fefoit'ti ^cricket^fili^tch-betweeh ^the^Vibt6fria' <  Cltib Md;the'^^7ElGveifi^  !wo'b'di'^h'drresulted;-i'ii ythe defeat bfthe.'fbrih^r-'  ���������-.��������������������������� t-y '���������'������������������' i-������.-. :��������� -h'-fifi: '-^yfisfifififiA ":- TS^ZT.ZZZh''.  ;b"y'46 ruhs,/6h the fir^ inhihgSi^Liyefpbol  ^Jatik paid ^the Indi^  ^a'l^l; was i^i^^wifc&ac feutipn ^ffiake hihi^ fii  s^if s^&fiffiA. Warrant has/amyed frp&  fGrahll^bdgeb^  Lbdgb fat 'Nahaimq;    A  gathering ^of, ;th^  .jJbrethi^ifobinvVibtbriaiih  fifi. v ivttjrstitn*t!^^^  ^,-fj; Hbh. yCafptaiij; Pranklyh, asJyV;{ Jl,---Captaih y  benefit of the membets'Of^tbo  anfly miners in:������������������ general/?will beJ>ro|perly ^iipr  preciated -by those hiiidh ��������� ftfbliged (and i?ffiich  ehlightehed parties, \ Metbinks^h^gh,Sthat  those parties were ^already ;aware that .jijhe  Grouse Creek,^luihe 'Co^^ere^mbty'miich  affected by ybashfalhess, * ih "the matter of ask^  mgfi for privileges. Ah&Ww sir^ ;&s Mr; ��������� ��������� Le-;  nevue ;has thrUsfcyliithsMfyfoiivaTcl with 'his;  Mb disposiliibli. to tfinpart: infctfmatioh, -he  11 hot I- bopb ^cohsiderI m^imjlertinent if,!,;  ii,'** -M vi-fl i-ttifiO ol - * itti-tti r������r T n.n yi tin s fi to . aba uil'e  dable  will  a^:;& individual  :thers^^rSWdr^^edy���������,.-v_ ...... ,v^..  lately^Complaihts^arp'frebly ?made;l^01ie  mihersiat Leeqh river^ abcrtrt '^eyWiini^  tibn jpf thb'diiich ,^which' \ shduld: have fib eehy fija -T  ished l^stifttll,^cordi|ig^to  eblbrbS. y hi all 'framed ^^Mh&^^s^h������ 'M$ifi  charged,, iiijthej Police ^p-uift^lth ah,j^sault (  bnvpne-|li<5hard ^urher^byryBtrikihg hiih r6h  the iea;d,^itJirh bottle^ahd fined, S?5y .or;twb  motifs' im^rispnment^-^ihr ^ ,  Srhitb; !two Saahich faiitneirs,fiwejfe jchi^Jcl^h  ;  fhe police Court withJstpilirig ai&ofr ahd^alf-  'ri^to^-M. I^^in^h  'utiJJi. "4-lik nnnlAlinla'ViialhriflTAfl S^JvvTTllt^E'ftil  .vvpn^d'ask^r^L^Ovue If he-is awarb Aether  the fliifce laid bn'Gi'Otise Creek is a^bd^bck  flume brmotj;to be .explicit^iow; niuch;pf the  flhftiftts iaidybn Ibed rpck tixid fib^fiixmeh- on  surface ^griivel?- What is the^���������irage^de^th  from the/flume;toJ>ed"i^^ bh;^^upper-^six;  hundred feet of flume ?' ;^Vt ^yhat time diclthe  G-tbh^eypreek ^hifiib.Cov f^fil ��������� iiieir; fe^rt^f  the cbvenattts'hrid'agreem^hts of thMr'������barter ?  Yea^pr^ Mr.i ^^heyuey^naively 'writes, of  thbir privilegbs. ������������������'���������; Uhd^r what t&ftns: -orldbricl^:  tiohs was* ^vork oari*i^d 'bh, bi'':Ak$ companyJs:  ground thrphgh tHfer mltii^; seasbh? of ��������� ;I8 6^ ?  How much *%vas^lSid in <Mt ifeasba ? Were the  mehwhbwpr^^  sOhsbn |>aid af'hything tbr th^ir ^Vork,, if any-,  thing, by^if!iom wets it^piiM l. I^Mivteyehue,  awaVe tuft htimb^lra:^of Chesp;poor'ihen, i after.  bbiRg^iumbu^g^doitt of stheir * seasons i;%dJrki  by^bmises ^f pay ih; shafts ;and otherwise  ���������Wat n^Ver^^^were made good,;have barely inan-  l/aged to ^kO'oiit a subsistence in want and  depen&encethi^hgblast'winter;;and ohebf  theift-, to whbift was oweld a handsome shih for  " VdohbrJon. this ";iitfmttbulhte;;^b^^^v'q  April t ^   the ^tate^fl'ent ,of liosser Edwards wheh hie  l>iwougljt hiiii to tho hospital, Was'litbraliy c?ir-  i-ied.oiife, vizy: " that I cotild S&e him if he  vjished it every hour in the day^" besides sitting Up rep eatedly the greater:/ p ar fc b f the  Whole aight, and on tnariy other.-frights Visits  ing him three and four times before ths hour  for rising. I liav������J beeh told repeatedly by  his friends who visited himihthe hpspitaij  and were cogaizant pf the trouble ahd anxiety  he caused iiie, that i ought to be paid hand:  soihely for niy services j and only yesterday I  was made aware of. the feeliiig of one, ot his  most intimate acquaintances; who states that  $500 was little enough/ ,  (Injustice to Dis Bdlrwe hiay state that  We haVe conVSrggd with several persons whb  were in the hospital at the time the deceased  G. Lewis was under his care, all of whOtn  his funeral were defray^ by; cOntnblitiohsj  from the 'pockets.Q.f the eybr^6nerbus mmei^:  IreffaM: from.'puhiishiilg the. ^������or feliow7s  nMe^iiitMtist: state that- he; was ra:;British  subject, the prime.of whose life, was devdted  to the servibe of bis country. Frbm Whence  may ive expect the boinihg hiaii that Will;i)ay  itViAB;^Wfl'Af thnjaA flitiSWl  inihers. Or wh6  thahded^rJone day on the,'secphd.~^A hprso  ; attached to a buggy~ini-which'^ *  Jps- King arid ;Jam^s Ste$lb were riding^y^ah  away, smashing the 'y^hiclb to piepesV: by  which Mr-; ;King :sUstaiheftV^^(h^b; bl brie'of  the^sm^ll bohes Jbf^iis right ^rist, ani i^ ;  Steble was so Severely ;jcut about the headi  thatyhe lay insensible fer some ljours.���������Lieut,  tobrhead^v of thb. ;^ J  GbrpSj who is about %: leave fbriCaliteriiav  wasferitertaihed tb a ^tip^br; py.'^numlif^   ;  his Mends.^Aiia^;^  wheatj is b^ihg. soMi; in Saanich districi^The  SpringRi&ge/Wdfer Cbvare:;extending tfeir  pipes along Wharf; strebt, soVas to -suppl^teiQ  shippib|1u th^.;h^bbr.with.-w^eti^--������^TCtal  hbrs^.ractes;&rb tb 'cbme off at Befem "jfeuybh ;  tbe 24th;4^A ytegatta is 'Msp:^y-^6ytais^;:^rri^.qe;pA' -  thie ^uebii's. /birlMay at ;^  lir actfpr building; ������ cotta^o: -at Esqii^alti for,  Mfc Ts WilliatiiSj %as va^atdbi^O Ste;&ftigerty;  .'fOr'li^OoO.  '��������� .:���������: - fi-' . ---fifi  '      ���������.���������:-:���������';--    fifi..  the residlie'of thbsb ditped, tnihers, or  hr6\ds the sharps that ^ere'prbthis^d them for 1  their labor? Who is silly enough to imagiuo  that a eompariy would lay five hundred Jftfet  ofhedrock flume in a -short time iii WA.  Winter in Cariboo, thtit: 6duld ufiPt iay One  singW.foot through thO milking sehson^f 1866 ?  Speakirig of retaining '4| toiles titt\$ Ci'eek as  per charter, is sheer honserise-, to sliA'te it wpiild  be retained as per priyilegejaltho'iigh jpriesdaijt~  tious would sbiitid hiore like bohimOns^iise.  TbS location scheftie I dp not think ^vohb niy  nb fcices AbOht br with Jndg'e Cbx's'phs^rNations bivrecbih&end&tions 1 have hothing to  say br do lit Resent. As to th^ iit'feeling tbat  Mr- Leheyue appears asixious to avoid, I 6an  assure him.that the miners frf Cdijiboo Mve  Mildly feelings to all khbn as individuals; thii  mehibers of the Groiise Creek Fiiitnb Go  among, the rest \ but the" feeliri|S Of the% thiiifers  towards the fcrrdiise CrSek Flttihe Cb; as , a  cdmpaay of speCiild-tbrs is bxpross^d in the  diie word-^-contehlpt; As to th^e valub Of the  ground which Mtvlj&iibriie' 6Uitns so tniich  credit for' what ho calls abandoning, no seriSi-  dis4se.-^0h the - ^fbilpWfegy^Tr^f^.-fifi^  stealer LUiboet was. P her. hpward. vtnp;  aiioth^ Ot the ex-It^al Erigineers^ tf^d  CKartes ������6laney,;.fb)\ overboard near Hope;  * - ������������������- - ��������� ������������������ '     ** ������������������-��������� on���������'***'* or  vX^m,������v, v    public library  mirister ^vaS ^hteredi aiid a lot of gold specimens; to tli6 Value" Of $75 \vere" carriikL oil*.  Notrigebf the thief hddbe#fbuiid,~fThe  water;in the % Fraser is risihg fist at Yaib.���������  Honi Mr; Cox had iakeri his departure for Big  Bead;  /We iibticla Messrs; h H, Tbdd & Cb: iire rfc  Reiving jt fine stock ttf new goods, Pu.ch ^s  Hdms; fiacod- f fi^sh..Btiltei:, Rubber Gob.d������;  CWtteg} GdddleS} Wilsdri & Murray's CbflTeeV  &C;j'&fc;  y  -fifififi  Qmixd id tiid iengfetty tidtUre of brir 8orrei"  |J8iid0nce we are Unable tpfitid space for pur  iiMai leading article":     .  .*������Sfe Madt- closes Jit 7. aiid the ExprcS at f  ij-elobkj pr'ini* tO-rddrrW: ;. . .y  1  "nMw.mii mKitvumBmmaif^sssssSiSitS^SSSm ??������������ ���
���-- '---.��..���*
fi- ��� -
:'v - ������'
, .��� :-":'-.'..<.'; "
.; ''V'' 1'
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'?;��� ���
-'���������'...," ?
.[...;!, c<fi;::< r
'-'H'-k- ���'���'���'-
,;>!���' i-'iv-. *���*
/ -���.
;,! ii-::: -.': .-   ���
fiyfi fifit
fi,.fiy -,.fiORIGINAL POETRY/ '
. {fifi.  vt-fit V; 5.fi:. .c -fi- -fifi:.. fir; '���
fi J*
.    : y -i
' ' """'    '"   'A fiy AAA.	
fiilfififi A,ifi
���     ,.���-.--.>, yfi'.: -������'.-.-���       .;,,-,, -��.;; '���,-��� ^ ^ j.      . ' .*"..?".,;(    fififi   'Sfi-fi-      ���    ;'.  ������'   '!-.>,-.���'���.'
I've lea Cariboo now a long way behind mo, ., Hi ;; '
, For I found'that I therecould no longer: remain ;'���-'-,; '
While of that horrid -place I wantfhbno ,tO; remind.the,;
Whichmy minflfiUid with sorrow;mybody:vwjthpain^r
"Foriwith/Oold? an^rhe^aticst^liJ ;hqw I a^d suaeiyv,.
Existence was there,quite a burden to me.*;. ,rtt,: fifi fiy--
y..y-y.yy -..-
fiy   As I had nut a dollar; my prosp?cts looked Ad nay .Afi
S�� with pack onmy back, on^'fine.mornlng;! mizzled,
And my. last parti ug'blessing,I gave Cdribt��o;     ,    v
As - Estodd on the hill, 'gainst an old stump reclining,,
My puck i felt heavy,/my; heart too wa&sad? _*
] 1 reurseoUa despair, eyery sort of gold-mining;' 'fififififi-,.
TnoVrighteoui ihe theme, yet the language; was badi y
-' ;',   .      fififi y ��y:-"   fifi-.-fifi   yfi'fifififi -.fifi    ifi fifi y   fififififi   ' .fififififi- 'fi
'fifi   ^irlbo^
, ' y An 1 eyery, ohairuins^whojconiosnn to thee ;��� -h.fiJ. ...
Why not open your wings, as beds do for their chickens;
-fi',' 'Aril assist uspM^miners/who^iihto'tl^olieeiy^; fifi:
vButlnstead^ oUUthou rabnstei^Hbou^eyeryvqnokLHest^
fWritl^tbylros^ and thy snow, ^ithstar^iqna^iiicolJ,
-Here;! shake from my boots the,vile dust which'thou'
fi'fi .y ^r. ,fi- -fi: Aix^J^fifiyyir-fififiyi-^fi 'S'fiy yfifi fiyfi-fir-fii-f yfifi fifisififi's.ifi ���fififi
:'-".* y flUeSt, .     y.   fifi    ,       ,..���*.. .;,-.;     ,' y :. Vy
An'dturse^tbee, thy prospscts, thy thinea and thy gold./
fiy    Ivy ^  ^"v-vr-i i fi, fifi'j ,^yt yfi y  ;;X.-^
'Among theJa^cieii^Gfermans, thanVhorava
Woman to marry;before she'iwa^ twenty;^ear#
'"���i ylt is'at?rtime6 necessary to censure an&puji-
Mh. ;'" But muck: mdre ?iha#. be dp ne b^ enpourr
���' 'ex^rl-^raore injurious1 infli��mceyupon,tlieldis��:
* position both ��.f parent ana^chilcL* * Thereto1
^^wb great ��� motives influencing^humaa a^tiops
;���hope and fear. ^--Both of'these-(are at times*
;f necVssary>" But who would��not prefer to haye
- ''-Ihercliildiiiflnencedto^bdeonducti:by^ajde-
^'Siro'of, pleasing/ rather.��� than;by.��the .feairof
k 'offending'?/ If af'mother never..expresses her
ifi%ra^ificatipnWhenfiher chiWfen; Ido^ well, ancl
is always cerisnuing them when she fi sees any ���
thing amiss, they are discouraged and unt
4^Jease.,t fi, (^heir; ^ispositionsy become
- --i..^g��� soured by ibis ceaseless"''fre&irigt&nd' at
lttst,'firiding.whether.they do'well dr:&ili;-they-
varejequally found fault with', they relinquish
Af,|all;efforts to "pleasej( and become ; heedltM of
.   , -reproaches:k" fi. ���, ''�� ';'.';* ��� ."J ';-.     ��� ' -������ J���;. -
A'fii"v*Too^^E^A^oung lady: stepped;into the:
AfifiMore��kfiW-merchant 'toyUheynameyof ^ade,;
;^nd very innocently said she woujcVliketo be
^^^wfeigbed;tWade)v ;^Eeany-jLam;ver^iofryjJl
*: ��� ;sa(d he^ *'but'-my wife will tell you that yoii
are too. late, ,'by a con pie 6 f y ears*"   , ��� . ���>    ;
fifi-fi ip seyen days; make; one week, how'many'
-- nvill.make one strong?   :;   fi ..,;.
'���fifiUyfi    yiCTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS/< ;
FRATSIKEL, Victoria,, fV. I., Djdl%r< in-Bubs,
l\.0 Sxrvs, Hides, W.ooi,&c.   Liberal advances made
oii Furs consign6d.   R few:hc'3���0\-Su'tro.&jCo;, RMh-
��� .h'art:Bros: ��� Victoriaj:.V-.'Jt A fifi   ' y ;  fi -.. ^      .1-Sy
fifi-fifoy WATSON, Watchmikerf Jeweler1 m^
fi' ;ll/:. arid Eiigraver, Yates street,/above G6yfi��7^
fififi '���;.>rriih^n.t.straet, Victori *, V. L , lyS.���. gta^S
* ^ IFWONG,^LEE ..&': CO.;������. ���Commission; Merchants, -Isi-
��� ��� :*iV-: P-)RTKns: aad Di,�� L*rs iii Chin ose Goods, Victoria,
���vv"Vvi ' "YaUj 'Lillooet, Qu^sn^lmouth,   and '.Williams
...... ".Cr'selc. =....-. ���    . . ' -���������;7.vv- 'BA-fififi fifir.-fi.'l-��:-'.
Sfi "���- -t
i fifii
WMlmfi��y:-   ::-,-,-,-,,. -,- -,-r.:
���' ;'Dru.ggistj-t^-'-V':::t :
;���;;:;::'y^:B\4Xt'BRtiLi.-Eyy.;     :
ylliecUon Of; Drugs ^DyPATEXT.MKpiqiNEavynclud-
Soaps,;Lubin's Extracts,; .Rose-^Vatcr an.^oi^y^erj;
:, u  .-'���. >;��t., <i-.: i.;- -. ?r...-rs ���
\ ^,^^ES'AIi��^ND; RETAIL v|;
[.'"'*' -;^i*   y ^-'impoeters'oP;'r- - * \_   ;i(;_; j;;;;
English ^enchSilks-;y
' r  derclothing, ���Gloves, and every description or
fi.   . "��� ��� y ,. fi '     fi v .pi-apery. Goods. -   ""    '"' * *'"���
r f Receive regular supplies by Express via Panama ana
tby-'sh ilihg. vessels via*CapctHorn.,; V a y ifi ,y,;
" v J9@^ Particular attentk>n given to a 11,orders^y y-y-fi
': London Firm���J.' P. tusstall & ���o. ��� 1-s
')yiit   y( -ESTABLISHED, 1858, ,.fitfi^ ,
y h ��� * ^ .yyi^u^M^;Moyy}My 0^:^^ ;
Ki|Bm&in^rm^^P��Wlc genei*a��y:^atMiias  5 =
' ~v.
fifififi-fifi -r  fififififi    hKiirz
*la afford every ^accommodation; to1 the gravelling pub;
1 JcV 'oiia hop es by a strict r a tte'u tion 'to buainess; to
nieri t a" share o! the patronage bestowed'on'thelformer
pi^ojirietorsi 'This is one .of the most- -comfortable; and
commodious. Hotels ��n> the roftd^'.containing^ as it; jdp^
warmjahd Vwffll'furnlsliecl, -,bbU'robmB.-::wltfi^��^^]bdd4^
The TABLE is supplied ^ith everyfdehcacy it is pqs>
slble to procure' in 1 tho^ up^er country;'AThe* BAR is
stocked withvthdjbest;ofiLiquors,, and^thovchqic^t
���Cigars,. (\ fiA'AJ fi'*'"fi i *>, . it,fi  , , (% , ,,, ,, Hi,
cyritiw-;'fi ���:���'������ ifin'fi -ii}fi  f.-t\ -. -.-.���- >'-:-fi. - j -yfi-- '���'>��������� 'yi^-^fi fifiy-
fi :Tlie stabling for Horses^;is rallthat.^ldjbedesirod;:
dhd the charges are very moderate. ' Hay-for Hhrses
'rates.     '     . , ;��� - fi   fifi " ���   .fi '  ��� A fifi, A... , A ��� '
VThe;undersighed':hns!a/large .quantity���-...orOAT;HAY
dn^h^hd^for^le. ifclargo or small quantities; Afi fi- ��� fifi;
*-���"���������..'��� :'ii-'.!;.-';.-.'.-!. ���".���:'"": '���-..--.������ y.i::-:-:.\-..:-.-'.'.-������'���-':��� ���.:..-.'.,-'i-'fi.-'y:,'.-.'<:::'.fi -.'fifi *..���' :-fit'fi, fiy -yfi-i-fiS ���:���'
filfi-s   <ytc   fifi 'yfi JOHN.PELLETIER, Proprietor,
���^fixfifiyy - s .fifififi:.y.fi'fiyyfi.fis:yirfi:fifiHy j: fiyiyi.fi- yy)
V:vRQaT:Eft^."QB- yLlLLQO^Tlfl fi
;*?y ry"^^ yyfi fiyfi
rifi,fifi.fi i-fifi fiyfi.; fi: fififi fifififiyyfi.? A sfi- fit fiAfifi' ,'fiyi fii'fififififi
HlASfiFORi SALE, alnct cohstaiitly. en^hand;
* a^weiiyassortcd- Stock-o��D��ugs,,iairthe :|Ghemicals,
Aliped-.by^Phjrsici^ns^vi>iiotographers,, s Assayerp -and
Mecha^icK -Also^lie"popular"Patent Medicines and
'JWu^s^^suridHes^y l/-'fi, 'fififiA,:fififi K'\" *������' fi
������5^6torts;iCruciblesf ^Mhmcs,: Gupfels^ Iagoti ^Ipulds,
etc;;,: '^fiyfififiAfifififi: fifififi/f-fiffifififififi- :fifififififififififiifififi
!   FRESCRimOXS: FAITHFULLY PREPARED iymt*u, fi fifi ,, Afi,
AyfififiAfififififififiyfififiAfifififififiAfisfifi^^ "���"���'   ~
mai "        ./,..��.,
fiFfi'Wfi FOSTER, i A.
yfiyyl. fiy Chemist y
���fififi fifi-y- VV-U^Y^^ '���;
���fifi yy.fifififiAfifi'--
fiy -.,
h*^^hIfc��yt;Ttiertable is;supplied
ias^bmlbrtable as could be^desiredjtanditiie^BARjCpn-:
-.tains/nothing but they best brands; of ��� LIQUORS and;
'CiGJfiRSfi A ^fifififi AfifiA 'fififi: fiAAfi Afi fi^fifi, fi^"-   �� - .
t: A good stock .of; Grain and ^Hay always on hand: ���  ���
f$Srd>May- 1867. -yy. ,ij4 ::fifi  ; -  W,:WRIGHT;? ���
;::YATjErAbVERTiS:EMENTS.;. 'i--^;
Storage!: ��� and \ Wff^
fi "yfi,-'- /������-.^YALE, KG. t.y : ., '"- ��� i
*!���".;������ r\ ' hAy������Ufii fi:-'- fifififi fi �� fi'
x   ton .ROOTfi,,are;adyised that    ���::.       ,     yfi- y};
v    *.. fi   V r,KIMBALL &rQLADWIN    '' . '.' ^ |?
��>i; Haye .^erected: an^qx tensive Storeh biise^an d fi Doick^at
-Yale^and.,aw p'repared'to.R^ceive, Store, and Forward
-Gporis: , Goods re-packed, and 'freights engaged^atTthe
l/Wi&ryJlATES^ .   fi t'*,...';' V *"-. .,f- Vf ���.:& .��� ''," .  -,.t'y.*;t,y^1 [
* Parties shipping goods, tb rough ^ us will pleased-mark
to-:the care of y" ^ y fi: A, ���..-... ��� - ;,. ..;. "... y ' - -; fi'r fi :���
V.ls      :    fi-fi fififififi  KIMBALL & GLADWIN: !
fififi fifi J.-fiSAD.Z Ac$ fififififi-
fifij a ^ront' 'StrbbtI ������'Yale1/4 B. ^ Ci, ������. ��� v,  . .
���ry.y^vvry.i:-:ys-y;: y;-y,.v^;-yyyvy' f^:.-'y-y ;,;--��� .---yy '������;������'
EGs;TO ANNOUvCE- to the,inhabitants;of Cariboo.
��� -that' he iiiten1 is/to foHvar-t*(as sodh as the;state of
tbe; ^triads- will 'permit); -a^lftrge and4 well assorted
-stoc^v'bf .Cookivo' SToyKS'^wBich1 lie vyill,dispose>pf at
PRIOFS" T*>j'S0IT -THE TlJIES: - fi,      ,    '������    ' ''   yfifi ' fi." .fififi,
. ,Yale, 8th April���,1S67.;fi.fifi fi   ^     fifi''   fififi rfififil"<
fifififififi' FIRPFR0QF;^ARjBHO^ ,
PARTIES DESIROUS; of .shipping. freiglit. With Dis-;
;patch, will fin I itio .their advantage, by giving us.
a call before 'engaging elscwhero.y =;
.-���.���:.:*-'* --fifififi-  ALWAY & BAILEY.
;.* Yale, April 8th, 1867. .   V fi---.fi:,'        -.'��� ��� ' r   hs   .<���
DEALER IN Win'er, L:quobs and Cigars, Coal Oil,
Goal OU Limns, &c, "fifi'""[fifi
���������fifi Ay fififififi *!iri Bbls. and half Cbls,-  ..,
:.Ya]o,-Aprin8th,I807^.    J;/ ;,.,-: ...    Is  ;
BENJAMIN  DOUGLAS, Successor to fiA. 0:
,WELL$, Saddle.and Harness Maker, Yale,  B. C;
"ig?g*r- Axoiiipl i to 'assortment of Stock constantly ,oh
ImiAfi'-'fifiy-fiy'.A {A'fifi   -fififi.      .   ������-������-.  -,..-!*��.' fi'
u AGENT, Government Street, Victoria, V. I.   1-s
YA^y ^nk^i? -stoke.
THE TJSDERSIGNED begs :to \nform the miners and
residents in.1 & around Van Winkle that he will in ['u-
turo keep.an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, anl
hop'-s by close attentton to business, and by selling,
at .LOWER RATES than heretofore, to. meet the p'^
tronag'o.'of alL .'��������� ���--������..-,-..������ _..���.....-..
Or lersfrpm outl'iying craeks accompxnied with the
CASH, will bo forwarded with promptness ;and dispatch*
^* Terms CASH, without distinction.
rComS of Lange^^Meyya^
fitem- ynfi fi>l>'. a :��� :. fi*rt ^^' wtf ��� ?n * -> h- fifi a ���  *���������'
Have'opened'the aBovepreniises with;alar^e
i :i   ; ; M aad well assorted Stock'
fififi'-' '���'  fi-'"'- ' '"   *-fi--fifi-fiy 'fi1- ���'   fifific   A- '* y-<f .yMi:-'-y...yeUy
; fifififi fififi'fifi fififi'fifi-.fi '^���~fi({?fi~  -v- fi."A-fi'fi'fififi   -: i-fi\
���.v,.i("i--'-: ������fififi-
yy,r:: rAND ELO>VEB SEEDS..,,/ y   ,.
I 'The b'usiness^f the*latb ��� firm of Jay-i C6.>, Fort* St.v
'and SprihgfielciiNursery^ willy be ^carried on fiby .them
;in-,alH^;bmnches.i*;'V:-...t-V-:;'-:y^ -fifi-fi ^fififi---, -fifi ;.fi^.y
V-FruitTrets: aulBiisfe fi' MvmmJ^^^:.fiQoMa9^
: ShViibs; Bulbs and Flowering plan tsAOf every descrip.f
;tionV-^   '      fi'fifiyrfifi., ,    ���   fir! .s.'.��   ��� - >    il.!*/.!-*
:; fi inxeraaxiunai   xxuttu; , ^
hpHlS^EIi^ibTOWNlHOlJSB Is* nowiopeft fbt^ra. y
fJb'i v'eUers;-: li The;Tahle;^s ? suppUed, as^formerly^ with";
the.best the market aifords,;and .;the.booking?caidnpt;
be excelled; ���'* The Bar is stocked wJthrtne' finest' Lx��',
fiyil-B-'  ^    fii .   fi'fAAfiAy fifi-fiyfi -PffPfigtorvy ���
.fififi".. Wholesale and Retaiiiiierc&ant.l[&fififi^
fi '    "WE "Alt E, FO R WARD L
���-../ fi. ii,j. fi.    y;i    > i- \y icfi'-fifi   -fifi-   -fi
i fififi i : ', '}fi - Wholesale' and Retail,"   fi'     fi yifi
yMasonioHall Government Street Victoria.v 1-s":
- -fiiyy Iccting^1 purchasing^ or ^wardirigjGdbds^Or'the
.uppar-jcountry.-y-ic'/tyy "''.v:;iy:"t   ''fi, J-- -     <���
.. s Any commission yentrusted to his. care^will receive;
prompt attention.   . fi        f fifi"- " .'-. fififi ' "'''
<> 'Rercrences':���WvX! Meachamj KA'Ai WAOHAksyT.:
-Harper^J.'J. Bramly; -:fi:u-fi,'.-fifi,: 'A'Afififi, fififili, fiyfi ;
yy Victoria^ April, 4867.    r '. ��� '--yfifi   ^ ���    A ��� y >
fiX-fi- ^A^^ ,DE/IRANbE,:' fiy fifififi
-fi =   ; :Government Street, Yictoria, ;V.. I.      4 fifi  \
fpHE ��� BESTAUBANT/is supplied with all ihe
,X: delicacies of the: season,Jancl iheL sleeping accomodation is replete with every comfort.   'The' best of
"Wine'sj Liquors and Cigars, '-fififi'   =    yyi -v^ .-,>/*.��[
i  ���: - 1-s - fi k A  J: EIGNE & CO. .Proprietors..;
-j ��� _"������  '.'.',, '..fi-.������:;^��� .. -.'.'.,....'-���'������~fi-���rr~���rr-���:���,. " ...   "..���   ������������������^m''
fififi' ""-y' Aymypi-p-e:r^ ^ ������; --. y ;
fififi fi fi fifiCfiOWFB CTiONERj; : , A A
fi, r    .Government Street j'opposite the Theatre.
GANDIES of every tlescriptioh manufactured %hd
;sold, Wholesale and?Retail: ':     i    ���-     . .    1-s
E.- THE; IINDERSIGNED.- TAKE ^pleasure ��� iirjan.
hduncing to*oiif nunierbus1 customers?and 'the
���public", -that .we willisupjbly them with;the he;st French
Leather Boots|;iuty free) ever offered in B. C.   y ..  ,
i ^^AMoui\old.Stand,yGowrnment^S
1-s I .. /  , fi-y CHARITY & BUTLERV
\;p iv':^j;A^BUL
>.tlothing.bought*, ah d sold. ���; Secondhand Watches,
:<jruns,-;Pistois,"&c-} ior's^i(ifi.'fifi-A fififi fifififi'' ^"fifi':::fifi'' y-----1
. " 4��*:Gbvernthent stroet opposite the Theatre.  ' 1-s ;
��� and VICTORIA^ CHRONICLE." ' Orders for mail-
���ing either the D.Uly or Weekly issues of the abov.e to
any p irt of Europj, the Unileu States, Cmada, Australia, &c , left at this pffice or, sent' to Victoria will be
attended toV' Terms in advance. Weekly, ,12mos.,
with Postage, $7 50 ; 6mos; do., $4 75; Dailyy 12
mos; do., $23-, 6tnos do., $1250.. . ���:. .:
ACASAMAYOUlaegs leave to state that he
�� has removed his stock of Goods con**isting of Gro-
okriks, &c.,-from Wharf streeito the Brick "Building
on Yates strict, adjoining Cowpcr's Bdot Store, opposite WellP, Fiirgo & .Co. ;....-
H'i will sell his Goods;by Wholesale, at the lowest
rates, for cash. . ,' l.s
CLEAL'S Cippee H)use and Restavrant,
G>v^rnment Street, Victoria, V. I. This is >. the
cheapest, most comfortable, arid best attended Establishment in ihe" City ��� ^fi  ���':
The BAR is always supplied with the choicest of
Wia-es, Liquors and Cigars, ������:.-. 1-s
WILLIAM ZELNER,. dealer in Drugs, Medi-
cines and Chemicals, Fancy and Toil ot Articles,
Springe??, Brushes, Perfumery, .&c. Physicia ns?. Pre-
scriptions: carofuUy compounded and orders answered
with caroand dispatch.   Victoria, V.L .fi 1-s ���. .
fifi'mfihls prcm^e^'for .upwards, ht^nl^^ ?Pfi
i : fi $ fi -fi-. j fifi TERMS/1 MODERA^u' ���'& yfiififil^.fi <
1 <���-���'-,     ��� '"--fifi ----- "- fi-'- -   ';'-''���     VV "        i        ".y--
i my. ^.m^lM^"
.fi   fififi:   fifil   i'L',.>l'.fi T^fiAfiiifii fi I:iifiyyjfifififi fifi-fi-   ���
.V u"   fi      .,     36 MILE   P08T,    '     y   'fififi
TRAVELLERS w UI fi nd every accommodation kt.-ihu
;Hotol.U:Excellenit Gooklng:;! ^GOQD^BED^v -, j.^-
���fifim fifi-y. ',STABLING^FORlHORSES..y!,^v fifififi.
ITOOTTO^HiAY aMOATSRt (lowest: Ratei
V.u.>. -fi fififi-A ^ULBOOTHROYD.^RpJS,^;,fifin��
'"fi- a.*"fififi*' 'A*:-'" a-"''fifififi fifi-* fi.--- "fi-y -iProprietew. ,v
'fi ?>   fifi 'MESSRS-- COIlJ^AyL'Bfifi'fifi fiy
T ifflfe; WE LL KlS^N^HOUSE^i^W��y hOtwecn
fi Tliey BG^apa^^aKouse^ I
S' EMLENv;&. P'ABKlS,1 Proprietor^/ at"-the
Junction of the ��� Caribbo^and Hig> Bendf;RpaclMts
howopeh't'of tlieaccdmmdelation of *hepublic^"*Dla-
taiuje from: Clintbh^26 miles yAroto Savanas Steamboat
Landing, 22 miles -; from Spencers Bridge, SO milto
..Travellers will find prices and .accom
ffl .���
rpillS OLD A^D WELL KNC^^^0^3E;ha^;lhe^;re-
."JL- cenUy;opehed.hy the uhdersigned;: who1 will make
it bis constant stud y^by using every "fen deavour to accomodate the traveling public,:to: deserve a;shar0;pfv;^ljo
patronage bestowed oh the former-occupants.? . ,
fij^.%ie Baricontains HOthihg;but,the' very.\hcst^f
LIQUORS and CIGARS. ;Givb him a call - '���'���������"���fifi'
IfififiX-s '\ A1' fififififi fififi ^i: EDWARD ;^ TROFATTERH .
for the comfort of travelers; the Table is suppl^a
with tho^cstrdf everything.^hat;;cau;;be prQcurii��;aB��
the iCookihg is not interior toaiiy on the foMV^^^'P01113
{0rv;mmliieS5; Stablihg,^Ha^5Barley^aud^Oats;u^^ ^
fi j^fiVha ;trail to;Cedar andi Hpr^e-Fly* Craeks leaves
the Wagon ;Roa d at this ,'plac e. "fififil fiA '-fir, fi, 'fi'fi fifi
..fifil-sfi1-fi-j-fi'^fi fifi ..fifififi  .. "fifi; Wsfi.f HENDERSON.
T,.%��� WALTERS,;; formerly of the-Qi Mim._HOUSE,
.-��������� having purchased.this.Ranch,: fs /now ferial
to a'cebmodato the" tray eling public with GOOD -MbAla
and BEDS at moderate ratos.
Am Aitkin
'fiAA'-  -fifi.;-: ���SODA-'CBEEKiTv-V ^fiififi ���
'*'���- ' '-   ��� -fi---- fi-fi ..-..:' TT-r^d-AAA yfi:. Ay fiylAfi^ .
A GREAT REDUCTION has been made in the cha����
at.this cstablishmentj-so as to su|.^ tho'jtlmf8."-;.._
..,. Meals, $1; Bedsr75 QeiitsV/"-'-'i'if
May  1st,   1867.
- Proprietors.
ii -fiiKfififi:U
Store/ Importer of Fine MKhRSCHAUM Pipes, Steins
Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco,. Johnson street, Vic-
toriu, V.. I. fi ...   ; -.'-''fifi fifi fi'fiAfififi'-'%+ '
TULES BUEFP, Commission Merchant,  Royal
O  Hotel Building, Wharf street Victoria, V. I    1-s
L Triiveilihg- public ;��� the bedrbdriis arefi spaclin�� 81JJ
airy arid the Beds-cannot- be surpassed,foreman ia��*
an.d comfort;by any in the lower country; .'the,Ta;ble J
always supplied.. with., ihe best o f, yictua Is, : MJ
for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley 'constantly, pn n*w
-,  , BOYD & HEATH,t.Pro^rieto>^   .   Mfi*
llHIS HOUSE, is situated'26 miles from Q^'80-^?^! ^H
1 The proprietors.having lately fitted up.TO^.-HR
and good Beds.are now prepared to afford .every accuu ^^
modalirin for Tn. vol! firs :��� -the Table is furnished wp "  Mmm-


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