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t U-
societies are pr^apn^for^^ ^grand^^
with prbcessiovklfen&sjreextf esiTbyv,: Geverj
'*Ogl^^aa^i^ers^?o��^Dbp ^prespeei *#!*bft
^there wfll be a ferpcipusy disarmngeme^^ft
/the-relations of-traae^fbr -8piafeytime;rM|B
A ::tWpt}tiRgiti^
stbr the reaiiced'H/imeV'wbile >mp;ib$er6 'wjfl
-alraosfc unanimously, jrefusesto.pav; as^befoB,
- yjhicago, Air jl ^(jteraAn, ^mabft^en
���'^y& .tnewawo^
* ;&o��xe^A^ort^
: myM aneuadianafiurrjoai
Tjmles -west, of vonLarwievg whey provismiB
^_ v^tovm OP SPIRIT^
y .-w>���� ^f"��i:v i?-'-'.'^.''.
grate^min^ ��ays he", 'has ;grate wakenesses; so\
IbgiciarwQtild knowwhat; inference, to draw,
jfrpm that;;pr.imniissjabpuipur^noblej/selves ;
[but on that .jsoinft saysAe.itllmv,silentpfpr mof
fdestyitbrbids^riie to-press1 the ^riclnsiofr.J But
ino^as to lovingone's^if^suE^Mo^lbfM1
fButfe^nak'firBt'rate saint, ?St^Peter?himself, baft
W Wife;" ano^St Paul, oaa^e^^
;wartds^pr,^U I kpo^v,7S.*nd anal! blame $6 him
A Cretan Jetteriof March^aQth^says^ ^very
attempt of tl^^
; / v An^ng-ijsii.iPaper: isaysr/that .in,ease
latter ^country vwill/se^iyse^eraj^yom
-of the fribune writing from t Constantinople
���' ���   on the sixftli .^ay6 that ;RuWa-l^fc^^
1 .playing w#e3p^jgame and ^completely/dScei j*-
Ing the d}plo mats on >Edrope; b^r professing
npniaterv^tioivRussia has sncpeeeedrIn'pdt-
y ting^F^ra^co; jpr^araytotdema.ndja^suspension'
Chlcago,1VIay l|^Wprkjngme^s
:Sng !t*!MtMem the-demands' oif the
��� ^6ik��-:?: Wba^ve^
^ it seems probable ^^the^me defect
��� ofctbe iarfl^e:(inisch^#
.. ���������.6trations.occurred;dn,:;most:y,��f.,.^jpn ipal
���' - :<citieV^tfce:Ste^y;y^--^
;o^i^e;s^,r Larry ./wbyvyoii^c^
Jgood, priest,: although;the holy ;fa|her^,Signed
lyoui offo'-head of Norah, Sure! your' own-fet-:
;theryandrmo ther^we^^ol^pers<)ns-4n-^yed-!
ilock^aiid!itNirojuld be crule^<|^andalou8to
!deny?it?c and why snpuldu^h^ - ?be satisfied
ifybiFwas as Hbljag^him^1 '^^say'thisULarr^
!for yoiirleake, jny bS^^jfor^^H^s^e!/;tnat!:/the;
kJoUeen^b^sses has.^o^h^pa^^
imeiiiyJPanlloyinajpra cananaus^^aa ithe^dr^iQfe
(Virjj��in?te^^ fcvally^t we>nty^
Itimes inore'than ttiat^ as-t^^cl^sa^{^^
iremk^bir^ when he turned up^tih^yje^l "oh;
wpuld,.ymi/^.e.afteiyhewing wbafc thatsesame,
liking^?: ^TisIwfiiske^Miy iaaU'w^xi^MisI,
!keyr the dew* o��$ie,m%ip|airu, the^ brightness
of the sunbaked th^^fatei^of^life? (><5ch, did
youavver see whiskey !a-inakin7, ryoua jewel,'"
pays be, in,^ liursto^r^pture^'because/if
jye-u dj^fe^y;(p ^ver s^ejtt^e^^t^^pf ingtn|
^fectiire^and 4he: fjoy^of Tthe^iworM.^'Mfstv
���vhiV Rftes^Jfl^vs hrfi'y 'thH'rfi'a^th^Vcteft-niTi^yhf1 .the
, Jrtplh . 01 .foy{:do ciT-f.jiNp,^���ykj o v'A.i ,J;'- l>-'*'3iL< 0' >
<:yiya< y. yyy.::^����>-^
SiAttAfti j'tUi T-.:A.
BumiraHEi*/::^ -
[$&��&'<;��� -'���'��� *>'*���-* ,yyy<��y sat ^uayM^'- - 's'"^
^E'EHffi*^'^^'nMv.^>^... :!.; -!:
^BaTfe^neftis^May^ 18671 ft- '^#4WS?:'^^ U: i'1*1^
;..iv.-jy. ...,r ..... j��(.,..... ���*>���'j.i'-. .^..<��y.u .. ��,,���.-.....,,,. .,,,....��.... ^..i,,,..,i
All-debts d�� e to the' late/firm ma ybe ;paidy to ei ther
parita/both being authorised to receipt tor collections
.EEliDBR,-; who%i H'con tdnue ;the^. business''^mj thdmd>
^stamd;^; fi)$\ff fAAfi AkWAyyA ;V3ll11.fV{fcmnv.*i^
I-ii/>'H| T^r^. r'^ j t ^;-1A WiA. :%HyzH��^yivAm
jjvart; and thin there's-the^pouringf the'1 wash
into tiierpoi���^potikin=poteen^-and thia���there^;
���� screwing pai^^li^Wiin, the' beautiful
PhQgnlx'Park; only^it'ttifeJprVMft^ farthWg-
candle;to it} and:;thin./;theEtejs the worrum, with
eyfer^;mapy jmil^^fjl^stSi an^fens j(n/ It;
pbiis apdy raytikkle*ations^^^and/ circumbendi-
iVA,y> rm^^^t:^^^^^
'{Including cost/' dellyery,):Payableyto tl^^amary ��� /
!'-^// >i'^^:jl ^#^AJfB^;^i!... ;-i v;yr.4y!L��-^'  ;
f-&4��' ^^i^U^i^^^^^i^i/V^^ -VUiivn ' /
&is kA. a a ���': y'yyy^f.
,,0 -/^^#SiT!;^
im? t|0>! 'Dorie,'at-reasonable.rates.f! -juM^'-jfl.
"'k^ftii^r TflftWis^fiinK^ -and-
1" ijy��^.6ur Teams' Tun3 jregul^rlyf' between^ * Yale ? an d
paribbVafid airwdefMn Wr/dinefpft
attended.toufi- .*> i'Sit^u^. Ayfi\ u'v.Ai   <** V *":fTr-
I^Vj^i ^' ' -a :FEARg.O>f,;&.,BRQSiir,
:i.r^-.i:-'.n'oltf v/.- i^^^t-yiu ������i-w.^") -v^.- ^j^jya,v. ��� o m r^u iv/^xd
i;th^'?.-r^^tpJ /li    '.PAtfir-Apyy ,   _������} A ,5yrfifiy
j^S^^O.i.^qJSOip,  V*AS7   &_*       'r V  .   ;     '   ��� V
^ 05^ir-^��.px)y/^ 5^ >y^���;yyi*y :tj>i* fi��fi;kr }ypfi
\yyfij :d  Aim
L^tsi.a>l:fi-f?J./^3 v-^:Ji^J'f\::''!�����������WIV ������ M 1-^1'.'��,��� ���������.:���'.:,*   .
||SffiERVIl3l5Ef!V rfyy %Mimh4il, t . '
.!Ta'E��BMlfEQO��,R;syi&- .���i��M.as. -
.'Barkery illk|
think PoOThajmus or:Pr5ma^ijeus'''Tvy>r:iit"
caused $:&$$��� aMItbinf Ba*ry, laTterlsthe ^rioi
't di /^iii^i'i-V;; ii _; ^ i:l^,>- -I^t-f.- f i,^y f.1 '��� W !���' tvy/>V>-:: i��.yf. i'^-v :i,-
���the-snaring Cretans. ���ftm,4r{:
nectar! of Paradise I
; THB,RiqHEST/MA^::m
donejournaii vthe<JosmopoiitaQ, says;: /That
J .'nt f A '.Halflpi'mTrii ;#��i��or��Vlc.^.w :>iiP   *l����-.y U.^iv.fJ'. ��� ���-._'-*
France and Prussi*,^ oM^t���&%$+**:
Luxembourg-question wi��*.��"��*���
,ed. 'Tbfc Bdr;ittfpf* Was otferfed b> King
he-ilrgfedthfe-'sp^ky a;doilJonJ8f th* titu-
^gheri!:QcE; Larrfc? g^yS ji^^nd ^Lhiigged'
ine to his heart as he said at-^Och^ Larry, to
���WT'  ^jI%��Wn^%ft%"imilliaQ is Men.  ia^t^therfirst^fe^^
f-re^^n^maW^?^^ be-nanied w^r^��^feV!4ytlierlc6uldMor:
��� London, ^rU29th.-It;is ^^Wttiat
���ofdeUberation of conference;; of^-tbe reat
PdWers^ oii ^ISuxe^
shall not be enlargerat^preseivt^ 5!?"1^*
arie^*aiid^6^tincalwns:o5 Luxemboar nau Lerd'Belgrave,^a^soii^bf *h^Marquis  of
;%e dismantlea; ;the��%ttye itato ,o| lem- ^esfcwnst^r, if h^ jn^s; to. inherit^hia^tri-
siei ��� monyywill^ethe;riAhest'^m^
When what is aow/the fashionable^section of
;'Lpiidpni,.Nbwn; ^l!fi.el��ravfoJ^^'ySti'a sheep
���fai^iv^.'.il^st Marqtiis (wair lekaifig Iojs' 'tiiydQ
yeara." "By ihe. tinie|lie lieir to-tbe'Westmina-
ter estates attains-his majority all these leases
will"lap'se, thereby -ad^ing.fart!'lil>^Qst-,'ih6em,-.
,piita^l6.ampiiiiti;pf gro'u'ml t^nti4o the estate;
'The present hico m e. of the proper ty is said to
he ��1)000 fi day;< ten years hence if'will be
ten ot^ twenty .times this amount The present
Marquis of Westminster is'aliout 72, years of
age.- rHis eldest.-*oa,the JSarl/of Grosvenor,
is abotft:47v and-his eldest son;;.the young Lord
Bcjg^e, b'^pttt/1^;;^^ntermar^iage this
colossai fprtuhe has tubt, 6nly:been kept in the
family,/but .muitiplied in arithmetical -ratio.
The/Marquis of Westminster married the Lady
El jzajeth; Leyesbn/!G6
^enor married Lady Constance Leveson Gow^-
eridatigh ter of the second Dirke 'df Sutherland;
itichjas:these p!eople:ai;^,!w;fe jjo';nbfc sappo^j.
���thatleHher,' of the Grds venb ?��� so as or daugh ters.
will be likely :to/martyfor; love, unless there
is plenty oif^tfopey!to b'a3k it??-* "   "   ' ��
ssjoiuv: vKO- Vii)0.ytir.T'- ^.'My^AsuifhtiXiAitiAV
r.i'*-y ' f'y    '- '���: :;.   ;' -' -.A^**' tr,l'���:r~A1'- V V : A-' * ^" J ��� Oi  1>;!-$\5?. W'
.;/: {? y^lhr:Californiav-��reg^rtheyAtlaatlc^States^r ^
���pj;rfc:rfe -y^i'^^^i^^^jEur^pe.. ^'^ ? .,^ ^j.., ^fe ^;y;
[>lilh^l. -U>i^R?BOQ��-EX?RES%, uA,fi, fA ; ^.^
J;^#6r Big'6eri^ <Garipoo;2and>theWb^thern! Mines; r;:
Conveying^reasuref-ValuablRstLetters, Packages and
j -��� m.. V,~.0"-: Xm) AA ^/ParcelsyV ^ /<. Ay , Ay y y i.s.y.
W$w^*Mx%- a:iqi'a - - --��";   - ; ���
y J3#^allf��rdl lin^n'thd^rin/ Sheet Ironjv: Copper andi,
Zihc trade[ atl id'^'tp^A^-wamzi^dvt^ give, .satistiac- c
ti0��' ���        >lloiii ���*:y. t,i'--ni. #->h aiH^-'t
^~!u*y. ifi^GARKifi" zy:; yy ;;������
! rkj.; yirf ,-y;/   y| Itvo y  ^iVricTORi^>^..Lffyy? Ite*
J-V^'i-**l.-!l.iVi vy L .'?"!���(../-. ',V> ,Apr;i-',8^h,,i8a7.^.n1,..
'������ ^w:- ���' ?.-��� '!;�������� w-i?a '>'i���;"a?v>^;-w;���;��-ya\tp ��� n fru'tv'- c^-rti"n.a 'r ��� ���������;
eerrjr. ircpu^a po.t -.ram e;,tp; ti ine;.. but.m y- ��� business ���pre-y
vents' me^bbpte'^enVl^do1 arrive?ev:ef^thing mdyrbo;y
satisfactory, and,:%��trweT-toay; :/haye:;a.' square;; thing >
Arid no favor:,];';
���'��� mal
(ii:>:������;a.- yyyiAlA-yniiti jji.oy.
y?, ���:rrf.   .    JOB ED.EN.- 4...
P^ris, April 3eth,-Wfon|tettrjoffl:
"Tie" Brussels "government is ai
ItSimilitary and |ais|ng ^pKlpaiu,
tsentenced^o ^^n^}^Q^^^j.v
j j.;'. y -*i v.C Jy-- -1..1-..    ���'.:,....-....���- _ l..��
'Subjoined is.a.complete tisiojf J��fBlPs
lenown to be oitfihe.wayMom M#e to
England, viz:rr Th^Chaript of Iinft.
��ikmy Giam^a^e^^wi^;
flOOr-tondthe Essex, withjfiWQPJM.^
^21^(M)0, of which aboumi7^0|s.' -
^m* If you want good Coffee jjPat
.': ,:(V;"-:-:: ��������� J- -:S!- tH()MPSO>J, pREsiDEXT: "'���''
....;/!. ;j^mes^^ _'"--
K;   !| JOHK mcLARE^.:     v-'V'-"'"-
^/v;y BR;!Wv,B.^ILKINSO^ ^DiascTORS.   !
'���; iJOfftV BOWR0S->��� f 1 -   Secretary &. Librarian . ;
jpjjiES ..INSmutjl6N'f at! present, contains about 500
3. voluniesof Cheico Li ter iVture,'cbtis Istlngof Religi ousj
iScientlQc, Historical, and' Poetical works, and works'of
:Fiction.i ;<��� .A-. A ������:.. ' *<*?' <::{ .".       -.. ,.: {��� y-..-y
I Wvrcester/s.Largo Pictorial Dictionary, Ure's Dickon
.a ry ,of, the Ar ts,'. Man iii. fac tures and. Min es, Lippcncot t's
.'Pronouncing 'Gazetteer' of tho'World, and Homan's.'Cy-
��� eloped ia of- Goih'nier'ce will always be 'kept in the room
for reference.'^.,, v./! ������ Jy- . -Ai-<A;'lyy: ���;������. ������ lyj-il'1-'- y
Tlie ReadjngRpp^i,will be found supplied with,the
.latest English, Scottish. Canadian, American, and'Colonial Papers a nd Magizlnesl ��� ;' : ��� '��/ ��� ��� ��� : ^ ���;
. TERMs'or SoB'scRiPTioi'���$5 per. quarter^ or $2* per
month.���;��� Single volumes-loaned .to non'SUbscribers at
SO ;cts. per yolutne,,. wi th $1 d eposi t.   : : y '.,..
.Persons riot subscr4bers yfsiUngf_the Reading ftodm
,and:makinguse"6'f'tho Brfoks an'd Papers will be. chaig--
cd25cts. for each visit. . vr    )<:;��� >_y:H-',r ������: .A
J8ST The Room will .be open from>10, a-.m. till 10. p. m
yytA yji-i   ���:,; -y\y. y .   JOHN BOWRON,;    "
. 1'. s�� y-Afi   '.';-,::   Secretrary and Librarian.  ,
:.- -y* -.j: ���  ������������,'. .y|.' -.y  -*-^.'.,U --'i ;.��� :.;V^'.Vi ?' ^.vt^ ���''"'-* -ffv-.V- '' ' .
! i-.T'H!EjyS t s :A.u^:ByyfiAyy, k
yyWILLJUN;^ .FOLLOWS;:,;,,;'.. :,.���:fi^
-, J5v.. .. ;,4,   ,.y...   ^^-yfir.yy fi.A-fiA;fi:' fi
!Mursd^^ 'aitid StLnda^;;
��� fitfifi.    :AT Slj'O'CLOGK, ^;:ai-^:^-'/ t:;c.
;;v^EAVE^S 6 D A-^CJREEk!;:;^:
;���- .��� AT: FOB O'CLOCK,^ A.���M^y \     y
��� ������'.)���
Quesnelmouth, ly 2nd, 1867.-
Ca^rds, Bill Heads;' Circulars^ Posters ^anS
Programmes for Balls and Theatrical
Irt^��tLral.W    a   6CrUple'   howUecntedwltbNe^2S
many will make a doubt ? I ^ T���rm Moderate-
ESNELMOUTHi .;'.:;: y^yy
Good Reds.; R( ;aurant; Billiard Table,; !��&��
:....; ; ���. ���, Stiibling r. Horses, Hay and .pats'.!,. fi... a'.'.;
���'"'^ ';��� ���.'Jy'y^'iilESNEtMOUTHJ^- ���AAyijAh:,_yA
: :;!;,!;y'';%jjii;.rj;^ ������: y ���; \":
Meals at aii hoirs, and Cooking of the bast
f     j description. #'' y  Ai  A  ���������y  n*ilT&AfiiA:?%Tt}{\ffi the/emplovrn^ntyof aticli Jcheap labor,: and  /JyHli:l/Ai^ om& IIJM J^JU tbey: (the e^^e^)/are not responsible/for  ���������fi ^be distrefe/amon^the working cj$������s of theix,  ' -; fpw|?Ml .i> fpitizejrffe|;^^  nelmouth,     ilryGoudie, Barnaildte Express Office  , ������������������ <-       . '    Mr. Evans,       del , do  oet,-,-   -      F.W.Foster,    '   do j, -..y.fSo y  ������������������Westminster.      ���������       -   ' '-    .'4 *Clarksb.n/& Cc  Quesuelrnouth,  yv^aie  vLlllope,^...  Now Westminster, y  Victoria, r,  -  ���������isAy-'.y.A'-y "Sy'.-.y y-'r-.'-y-s.   .   \  ... ��������� ���������;.-������.'������������������!������������������*.:- ".*:. y   ^sy yysl'. .yy is yy. syyys:-\iS-iy',y  '    , Bic Bead,   - -     -Jas   Bulio  Tan Winkle,,,      , fi.     '     r< ���������".' t  ;:'y^:.-y/;;^TO!/CORRESPON3>ENT  K;-,"-   'y  :"~v  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS^  fcbe^(fifttr^f pu^o^ntpomninn^ shoiild%fe  bur n^l/tl&feb^  tn#e!^r*  McWha;; &re tirecTofleavingsuch matters In tbS hand  ������������office, of those ;who should be an; example, instead  of a source of injustice^;, and Jthe probability  r  Clarksoh/&/Co;  ^EiyMall|in$ab5$  iA^L^he.y#;^v  kj French Creek;  %j^f:y>yy y+r<fojiacy that''all'raen^ar^'^ireel-tn/a^ee!country  V.     ' * Ail eoraiiunTcations m.aspCbe^ao-co'jpanied/hy.'the  I ,.������������������-: re^l name aud address otythe writer, not. necessarily  1 with a viow. of-publishing the same^ b t aasepurit y for  [>-��������� vv. '-���������: r'" V ���������' 'yy ,: .his good faith.-..,. " -     -  ;  l ;,y yy & , -  i. y y ��������� .���������������������������;��������� -y  ,,"-,��������� "."���������/ .. ���������- V','^ta^m^- ,-��������� > "/< ~j' -^ *<n^-h^ y"t-^'i>  ^,;K^M^AO^EOTISERS/;,yru//,.  ~   '-"��������� ��������� ���������      ���������}Hshe< every/Monday-  *In/tea' ed'for Insertion'  ;P^in^rthetday  '   . ,' ,boibrc publication.   "<  fiV <*<-������><<     -���������  .yy-.y ym?mZimfrii&t ,vyyyA \yy ^bv,  ma 'vftjfmym.  ,'   ������.     ^    '' " "7*" qrjE IGHINBSE^OPJJC.tion;- j- ^.  ��������� ' *.Tho Iheorpot^ro'teotioii first* rfginAtedvia.  the desire to; protectuthe;labor -f suchcom-  munities ..as^adorited .theyjiH-inci le.fr.o'm the  ~ y,  ' f       ���������' ^j^rtDatUiAn^Ql Mother !'g6mMi titled   more  '<   skilled, or,wherc^labor^ht^ned a lower es-  .   '     . timate.   It., is true that ^ioBtemo^^nce  have taCk'en; advantage-of; tip pcS.ulart desire  ;���������'.;���������"'���������  '"���������  "i-yyy     ::������������������'- Vrt������Vyyi4-/i^i/.Ti-w;'o'nrl   Kutra  lia^l. if������  r^tffisffssaff  it 13  inhabit.  flfethejg' adopted tbe^countfy4as;ai home, and  [fulfilled all theMuties of ^a go^d- citizen, tffeh  j we .should: have no reason: to! object to> themy  (but whence1 rknoy,;thatr?:Hbe;yrare^-fiHing the  fpositions^b^  ia������[<K p\>platioig m y'thS^nli^ffid^i^*  [same time! parrying; off:pur AV^ryxlifiBJsiblood  !in 4bjB* sh^e o|o^ gold, it1 ib ^[uite; another!  :&fl^$b#^ifT;t^yi^ ,,??Ti ft fi fa-TV if~bPiz*rC$  ^^s'yfiyA^Ufi  imfi  M  ������iz������JaSfAL&ious pipo^jHAWG cirwv  Vh. Mt'ed reports Id the: effocfc that some flaw existed -lidu  ,;^ti%'ip|l}B;;p^ertykn^.af^  ^ANG^iS^in^al^^  wish by this means/to give a most emphatic denial to  any; such statements, and to warn the/public against  being misled on the!su]bject. _ ��������� .!,. , y. _. --���������-   -  ���������v-.vi am at all times prepared to show my title deeds"to;  .anvpersori:desjrUiginlbrina^  and entirely my own:      / , ELIZA ORDr;yyy_;:  ':������l4th-Mayj 1867. - -    ",~ ' "-. r^'^T  ;. '���������;."; A, ..' ,;'i"Dri/l^;%������������������?��������� ��������� fifi.fiyA ���������& ��������� -������������������/ ;__y .;  '���������.'������������������^���������i%  mtcy Uy  ^e^au^Qf^to^Qtemic^^  -Ore^R^aucihg^Gd., of which Major Gen. Ben.  |K ^BufcterV^or! Massachuse^ is ^Er^^nt^p.d  Jai W. ^JSfyei^IJr'8> senator j ironx^evada, are  |anibh^tn^Trus^sy?T&^cbmpan^^^  ^rg^ni^^r^tefP^fl^^iQl^^  jbusi^s itmining,>reducl  iactu:re/and^ sale/of 'rigbteitnd^ieeiices^mnderj  jthe patents granted bylthe^R S. ^owaraea i  |to Dr.yJT G. Ayer for Ins nerwly, discovered in-  |yen tion /for -the H r^ftnelitnof?gpld, silver > and    B  'P^RSO^S HAVING GOODSt^vPARGEJ^'^prCONr:  :-Ey,TO t'o eTtherr6iythese., towns.. shquldv give ,Jii.nV,>.  call Jheis a'iWay^;to%ettu'n'd bnlbWWai!.^v " ^  fi He a'lsotl^eepfc in'/(iotinection' wittf^the-ab6ve bwV  nessrafLI^ERYV STABLE- at^lc^neld/4 wliere^iowes*  ca'ii be hiredj by ;tlie day. or.:weeki!aiid^ all kinds of J te������(^  ^ft/^^^fe^; ^fe Cm vol 11 aiJ^rS  ��������� -Witdy;'fev V;y:rl^;IE-- ^ d'^ii >^ ������<';��������� .^ri r-^;^ -"Jdl'. -<aAa.  ;M- ':^WH!Bm������"S^^5a/S  (WJLJi .^|^^pi'������>OTdKlteTfr-fAT ^MODEE^TEijjTBBMa^  '^vfckgiai^  ^\y,:ADyERTlSp^||  f|y^a^:  I 26,000lbarof K^GHATTO^'IK  ifers, Merchants, and 'Restaurant Keepers,  ..[^,-:::,-,- y; r4ake^a-chance.^I^^r ~~~fi~~~-^:.  ikinmmjG'i good! eresh butter  ���������JTJB&CE   -@si.2fi per-lb. **. fi^X ;';  .Wch^d>'lBt^^8ftjS^aa.T-J*; \  -! , .  a ^^iiii^^^^i^^'^^lt;-'" ���������'!-"  :i;  ^rextcli,;.'  .  . ...    .  . ..ftyvpy'i'My .   .   .  |.sy 5 ^And.otherfNeivfp^persrand, periodicals.;^ ������.v^r.  y.:.yy-\yyyy.:y;.-v'-y->-V''':'-:>:-yyo������������  '   be^esecfated'by resting'ia-jfeoountrywhcxe  axr   hurl    o--oin.nrl  tKftir iTftrtl iv������i*'SeC03ldi/.ber'  ;the same b^-the^a^plication 6f liquid and li-  il^id spluti^s^whil^^ini ah elated sl^is^laim^  ediforrthis.prooess^yriWev have/inM-jsp^e(;:1io;  admit of giving ^full account:of alltminteip  eating details contained -in the prospectus,  T*~  uA>n  si/large[ aesortment oif Boots;audi: Shoes fatwayar3^  -     ���������'-'.'��������� "���������*','    ������������������'������������������/���������    .;   ti-' ��������� /-'A'-'y. a. -������il^_''- , :'���������** ,'-f-_i ';������������������.'���������.)-  1-li.i i.-v".. ""  yi!-^;  ������������������'������'  lififi  1  Rai je  din  mis  '���������  ������������������:<������. ^������������������'-   ���������< '��������� -i     .   '-'���������'������������������'-iii  -| " 't ''*"   ���������r'"''J  *���������' '    ���������", -"������������������'t-'t' ���������r-A-������^-  :.~~ y%.-,������, ;-j'.o^.y>o,^- .'���������..<y>.> y-.v*,^ i--..j ^.....:^.^-.-..-,JA������.y^  teS.ocbiDiSfAi|:,'i__   , ,   ....... r        i ,.  ogetherf wltli Restaurant,* Bar^.afid^-Fixtures,<  ������e,lCookingyUtep.sil6, furniture; 3e,ds-' aifod ifted'^  .t'wUUb e sold .cheap.vfor casti^'applVv/^nithe^pr&C;  '- do?littlejto assist the accumulator wealth  in*$oy country twhere/they; m|y|)e^locatedi.  Fourth, they hoard their m'on<^pth tbeing  tcntion ?r5fT sending fit;ainray t^|^ycountry  whence yfcbey came, so ���������;that itspcamulation  and/ expo^tetion'isanabsolulioss -to the  -.-.- ..:.:_-v.-��������� .*i.i     .-: f (.:���������< ,,..; ';   ',.-,���������������������������������������������,.        .~ * ,    .���������-..:���������-���������  y<ilSir?y:  feff   yy '  Hubject^^ahd^thus.^ ���������. .....  ^lass; wliile tfiey^are'tat;/ the,|n?a' tiipe,.thft  vinirnicai  interested!in quartzs rain|9c^IJ appearS| then,  faafeiiyp the lap plication fioi certain iche mioal  solutions, (which are very cheap) to rock,  teer ha^rigTbeelR hejrte^- i^fipi���������iiC^s^|cpn-  structed for the purpose, itjeepmes perfectly;  sdft.afid friable, ^and^!easily'! reduced,''tolj af  powder: vtnoavolatilejmetalsyareiexpelled and  fi.1V"^'r M,J^*"f   "V��������� 'J1 ���������  iM&se of heavy an^l^^siKel'stampingtna-  bhinery, effects a large increase m/ the percentage of the ore itself/ By/the evaporation  anaioxydationbftfato  metals, such as arsenic^bismu^  &c.4 AK6ck; whicfi by! tho present prqcess,pn!y  produceFft  vvield as'miicn^s:^6!.fend^  very important consideration is that the expense of fetjp .ffecessar^app^ratuVJncludiu&i  frirhaces and chemicals,!;will onljr: be about  bn^teurft ofethfat ^  at present in ^ise. ���������; /A; comparative estimate  ts givef in^^fti&wing'figu  to.e&pitalvto^  that now discovered^ The^a^rag!9--post;bf  stamping machinery^ttffi^miihea is $1,000  pe#stami������'(oW's"te vabouti  ypne! ton per; da^^he^average -cost of mabnin-  fery to stamp 100 tons>p^ersday $100,000;]-^he  average .cost of ��������� ;a L f u.r nace to v,^integrate,!  aiid desulphurize lOQ^tons iper day ^20,000*;  ipe'rsohs'ln' deb te'd. to hi m to call ah dset tie* th eif" billa on'  ;oBbvetbre'^H^ -aateptbefw  the. hu&ds-.ofia collectori i-Aayi one''hnving)bills^against I  him arereau^ste^topresent,the'aame4forpayment.'I /  !  '  -   , , r :' ^ '*<��������� y-fi r.r*  s:     -,! ���������;! . J...DIXOK. fi-r^y  .jBarlcenrill'dr'Williams'Creelr:,)     'fi    ' '���������'' '.">  A'^A.Hmk^'ismfi^^r'^ ***���������<*.-v.'szwrt  Ltfifi. ,   A"y-y.A "**��������� fifi>A-' fi-' fi^y^A--y^  fo",.- ,r>A' v-i ry-.,,.,* e  ;,jii''^:-;,; -i..'-w;...'Krt���������;.,}  n)U? ?k^������!I  Rta-p'0|t^i������tX^;;;';::/";;  t'i. j're  ?r������-^  ^a^gip^m^  s! ll,W^  ,   BWterville, WilliamR Creek'    T   -   y ;.:;"Hf'  (^H'^April^oth^e^i.v-'- mp$iAJt'2&AyiJ>i ,  ! *y\- i.-y,f���������'.- A^s^-y^yit^yiy*''''^-'!-!^ ^>i-* ^ v-���������*n.--ri>*������.  ky^^^;  LOST.  rf;;i;  ^-'20tb^arcb;;!,l '  Eockei ;B^ok-,iebntiiLiiii ag**$75 iii'nicfhey^ arnd>f8ur  ofjha'ai ���������{dray?a-jby. J?enis 1 Murphy and ;F?:J,7B������!i  i/^^rHE'I^OAD _���������   _���������_..T ._._.....        \J ^Ljlfe La;Haiche;' .'en'or "about;20tht/Marjch "las^ya-  notea  ^BarnaiKi^  any European oti American:" mi us w hen the  yfeirlsVcame-buti^^  ���������rin ties of coofe; norisemaids, 1 ridresses: and  ^nr^es^itiCrat^vldK^age^  ���������Jdw'wytVduld^hnTO^h^'P i 'm 'Bngla4d  <������r ^Is^w^erei for th^liiteJoccuitiphs, and in  ftuSbwtse'nbnesfc'emiiioyment b nginipossible  and 'husbands not so plentiful s- might have  ���������been expeisMC'liieironl^Tiso 'ce-was^pros-  >titution^ fin ihahy peases ;<our 1 ait has 'ached  for the poor young creatures rho were -be-  ^guiled from homes and .conipj itivircpmfpr^j  i6 %11 ��������� subfr'ai'destiny /becaase & favored *tbe  presence of creatrtres^whb/ma< our. country-  ,������to'yH/in   iirinor������������cB������rv -. in ��������� nrdf  to   .SUCk, -OUr  ���������;wbnien unnecessary, in i orde  ygiibsfcance from us, to carry atty with theni  -to foster their own. ";Our !read ���������Svmayynofc ^e  avv^o^atastr^  ! in !-San Francisco; wher#incisiderate men  -have adopted-,Chinesejlabor; toyits^cbeap-  .netis, to^ffiC'ex^usionof"^  wSrkinW^j^  U in 'vain these hard heartedjmplpyers are  pM'tnaTwEi'tb^^ people cahhotlve d^ a hatful bfriceyper:.!diein;orv^otheihentselves m  the miserable habiliments of ayAinaman, their  seply is %lwaye,bjtbe.e^epttbltheir business  vcati be cSffiB'^o^sb muobfmb*f^fi^hly>y  ing$100 peiytoDj it/would yield; by the stamp  process ������������������say;r3'a^  amount by the new process at 80 per- cent.,  $8,000, thus the daily, 'profit*by>the new'< prb-  cess wiUJfiPS5fc,00p.������ '��������� *he! Herms!iip^,fvhich  the company offer to;Jrj^t''':WttK"riWrie,1s of  quartz-mines,:'^ show: that they���������*������������������������:hmeii every  faith in Jbe efficacy of the invention. , The  prbsp^ ii'e  prepared to contraot for the' purchase or .reduction of ores and also for the sale of rights  0 n She f6110s wing terras :^Fbr license; to -treat  10 tons, tli'day ^I,00d!per ahhum::and;a; ;TOyal^  ty pf. tweiity-fiveV per cent !of the increased  product over and above the average hitherto  obtained;' or' th^y Will dispbse'of>f licenses for  ohe-lialf the increase'of pr.dduct' over the^yer-  ago hitherto obtained; or will .build - the apparatus for''good mines and work it i. e. reduce, the;ores ready! for amalgamation,for the  su^iusiproduct(Over;. any/former .yield.ffor  they will dispose of licenses and receive ;in  payment; stocks or an interest in valuable  mines. 'Successful experiments have been  tried by Dr. A.; A. Hayes, Chemi^fc, Minerolo-  gtsf and State( ;Assayer,:jViass., Prof.,Torrey,  U.S/As8rijfer'o'fth''e'l^^dry/aMfc-Pbof.Beii.  Sillim^h, of YaTe College,? all^f^hom r^CO'm- government,Hve're trespassers, aridrmust have been so  mend the discovery to: the. artention ^  interested.in the exteactlon^ofythefpreciouB ;.'   ;'cbQirmVn 0r^a eiWo-Greek Be!i!a>ck'^.'.!;  metals -from" onide -oresi'y -V' -���������-..*--;-**.::::> ���������.������ -.:',; ��������� 3    ���������:  'fi 'fifififi P'lume.Co;; .(Linn red1;)'  ���������U y^(J&U-������&A~- yS:Aiyfiy <y   lAiA'J   fi   Any^U.AiM^  M^,1ifcm$m& ixkl  U-Tis^ntornubfetbei^^  open the aboy.e^es^iblish  SThetpo hllcra're hereby canti oned^ai ns't .n egdt! ating  saidnHesJ.y^^/). fiuiU ���������*&&*?%'��������� "a(to<lrtT.m^<fi  1 Bluj Tent, 17ih April,;18&7., ^ :yp:ilmyP yy.n^  iiXttty hat* ^^A^v-.-^y^^v^^-y^jji^^^?;^  tsF.O.U'NI>.-> y.:ziAiiU y.U'^1  re; vl; tut? jj-Cjoj, -j**T!.*ja*������*,������*������,a*.*u& *m;>���������������������.*������,������������������?*"���������������������~f*.��������� ������������������������  TiCKET3-~-^rice,^$5 ; .canibe obtainedjOf-Mrs^yracoy,,  .Grause-Creek;'and W.^laa^/Camer^nton.      ".   X/y,  ���������'y^0thMayvi������6T: ."^'^      V    !s;l! ". ;fifi filx\3 fi\  '���������'ilfi,iAkl.-Ax3-i   ������AAitiA������t. SyA'-yAy nAki ,v^",    ^ii.. y  -1iriife]!������9  n?^y-^ .^  ^,-;!!   E^^ERHENS^  TTAVING" TAKE^ Wfi" O^icE^iy'^RICimELD^  JEL' Williams Cre^ is^prepHrgd,;td!"^^  Plahs;^ tevels^; I Sectlbns,.i&o. ] *? '&cJ;i co'nithtt ted ������i*d'5 his'  charge^ Ziyrith sicarej ydeapa^tchJaEo; on,, REASpNABL E  TERMa-f !  - a "*���������   vy !y  yj: A'fi^.lyfi���������y -y^yj  :-:'3Vl'/-''���������.'���������- jgsr:Office, centre of Richaeld.;-=^i"; y -y Afi  \ .5 U yj C- / v 1 ��������� i v' j a. A :������������������ j y :���������-..*: / /i: 'h> " f; :y / *.; ftii :|., / * ��������� y y -^ y n - -  THE UNDERSIGNEDVHAVING tfCLOSEDmiS' Bfe  *iness, hereby Intimatea; that;a}|.routstaixdinx'ac^  counts clue.tohim;must;b'e,t.,settl9d!^.within?ono'nionth.;  from this date 'otherwise they will*-lie puV.mtptCbur!t;  for;collectionilJ 'fi'i::y:fi ";:   JACOB-VEliTE/   ���������  ;;  :  ;!Barkeryil^i HtbMay| 1967. \ry^y^fi] S-lm<:^;  try.  ^:rtfi\?i&fi'^  '(To.the-^EditprviO,������ ;the:. British/. Colonist; ,andj Victoria j  yfififi....!;'.-;."./ ;'.;���������'*/ ���������"���������':':: C&renieie.)\fifiC fi fiy^i yfi..nsfiy..  y . ;;.-/.!!;J....!.:-.,./Victoria^; j(0lM^i$&if A  H;0Wq OBSERVED' -Ifr "ttiti -GARlSOO ^E^I-  '! aril of't he ,16t u iris t ���������:;��������� (a-repor t ofcer tai ni resolutions.  j)a>sed.l)yvvthe/Mining Bpfird,.r;r^laliye to,-��������� tho���������.',Glrouse  Creek. Bed Uock ���������Fiuiixe C6's'Cijaf:;ter,yI !b������g, tpistat^fqr,  th^lnformation of tho/geniiehieh /. pbmposingfytliat  Bm2r3^and^>l-"the miners iivgeneralV ;tha^5several',ap-  pllcatlonsp-askirig; lor; I certain/ ^privileges,'.-, bad been-  madei Ijq the Government and refuse 11.:-u r,;.; -; . ��������� ���������. - [���������:..  % i :the"i);r'ectprs pr the Grouse .Creeli; Bed .Rock Flume  Company tl)en determined tb carry but the'conditions  of tlieir''charter at any cost: or ihconvenience; by completing, the.600f(five hundred) feet oi'flume by the first  Jof June next, .In the first place, ejecting all those  who; were"at the,; time' trespassers on the.. Companyys  ground, thus retaining for ;thb Company four ana a  quarter^ 1-4} mil^s of the Creek, as per Charter, and  were prepared, by advice of counsel, in theievenjt;. of  !failure, of .compleiion, to ,preempt, according to the  miiiing'laWs,"' five thousand feet, to. be. re'prescnte'd: by,  I lif/ty of the ���������Sharehoiders.;'���������'���������   ���������' -/ ��������� '������������������';     ": ** *r"--V   - fi'' ���������' -  Judge:'Cox,?observing:, this, recommended vto the  Government^ the .propriety?of granting tor theiCompany,  ; twelve imp dred ah.atfifty Xee't, applied for last,autumn  by the domi>:������ny, out of. the four "miles and one "quar*'  ter,' on 'the conui tion tlia t- the* Companyj shbiild-' aban^  don the balance olr their ground ;' thus securing, to 'all'.  the: miners ubove antl betow the;twelve, huntlredVand  II rty fop;t, .it good and secure !ti.tie,. sp far s as the ..Com*  pany's charter was concerned^ and avoiding5 trouble,  liti^a'tion andill-Teelingl' ��������� The .Company accepted the  above;terms,,and/in so. doing, .probably sacrtdcJd-the  richest ground inCaribpp..-��������� The only parties who can  consider 1 themselves' aggrieved' by the .action of the  owner.mayihaye-.tjiejsame by appjy ing at .this office., n.  : 1st Miiy." 1^67.'"./.   fi, *   fi fi      '      V-y  -m^y.'. ^Amr^mnvr^^Ti f;Atf'������Mt,^fi ' -  ti uy^f:^ B AR,KE;3,V,IL L8','' '. .*'    i;i      ���������  W^J'J  ip^mA:^mim  'MAyM^cmm^LimAyM^AA  f?J.-U;^^rt'-'t:^f^:-^.J\.-f?V^rj\.';r;..y;-//./y   '*���������-'���������*. y'fiA.  y >y? fiyd^kmAmii-y y-. .yfyfi  lst^-iser'/ySiy^v  Baf>r  y;;|BR^WrERS,;?W  :^E .WAYS!ON:haK0 a GO{)D' IrridK;^':;:'"''r;  ���������K l&^'-^M** !ft*ffi. themAoauS.-'.  O T I C E  p^.'iit;.  Kale ^' FaT ;'itAyiNO BO#HT"THBi!J  caution DOTwin rl���������        MdFtstortgiJthla-is^to--  1 "!   ^    '-.WAr.'i'pp ���������������'������������������  May 3, 1867.,  WALTER E: LAWLESS.  ^r^i^K^A ^^rvyie;! in:!  yW  nlacQ- LAMi-i- rtw������;������7""l^*"*t* S*V| ���������DdrK-orvme, in.  aerll v^^^i who^aslerf the B^k'a;  - ���������fii-   Afi  a ���������������������������'������������������w������.-.a"WAtol  \;^jri|^iU,-l^^  i-t}~'y-.'  ���������4ffir,V>r i-.  |tO y.  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Wallace.is/about to commence the construc-  [tionof the $ejeg^  ^Bsquimalt^^the wire; used will be four-lmiles  in lengtb^Tne Jf^f^i^!������������tBI&^iM:Ut.  j^uj^ell;,were^:^^taine^ag^inner:by Sir  ^m&D^la^^  the soda >vaterAmanufacturerf ������froni $6 tfL j Br  Co.^ wdiar������tp. !fy^  jresdtin^yt^  jrunV2|..rail^^  dian liqu^fe^jgi^^hel 'si^iMrate tioi'pib wer'  to send -Ito;'^offmtfbib?fo''tJ^*ch'a^:"jj^onigr;; the  only .punishment is<^^ne;$^Th&Mimber of  iersons; j^icjorfe-^^  ae:alsoJi^MoV^r^ !^t^ a^egting ^of  th������ jpi'rec'tqns'-ield ou^jtiies^y tas^! 1^ was deV  ipitniaed'Mip^ $Axkffit\lh(&^&-t  l$j and M$M$W or! tftjrjTyasy^hopen ��������� superin?  teident oMM works.'-' feom* the<very-F energetic] manner in which..thafc gentleman! has  aliiady co mraen e ed^o p er atioiis -,sye vare certain  turaault^uL^oibe^wita him(^if there; is any  deny"!' A nurabeEotfworkmen are Engaged  [conseftted'4o:allots Mr.f*S.iNiesbitt^d������awback  Ftt^Fto^se^oT^Sel  td; jrputf by siu^^  tiny expect tb$njl/pa|*r!^ no  dolb fc tuisi'rti^ p roperty  aa|ooavas-the grouha^is fairly*opened<kthe  waking- expenses:beingy comparatively ��������� trill-.  ingtq whatnflie^bave'beenfea^^CytP *;^t' '!>  Id ,CoRi*fMi^uscRiFrs.t-The;following me-  thcd yfor;, obtaining copses  of /manuscript  pa|ersi :!will>i$ti^  wiihto proser^cbi^e^M^  utft little sugars invcotnmon 'writing ink;  hgnefits on;|he public atyla^  tliosewMniigh^ uhfbrtiinatelyn be! b33!;pOor;  in case of sickness^or^accident^to Obtain ihei  dical assistance^;%nd' valsp ^is^a plaice! where  others not in needy circunlstancesjicould partake ^^l^ame^enefi^at a^mo derate ^h^irge;  Wt^i^feyjew, tli#^goyemmeht con^idere^^  its.dutyito appropriate a portion of,the taxes  sot e! unsized ^pap^ jigb tly  wijh;a sponge, then,apply-the ,we(.paper ,^to  ^swritmgi-and;pa3S lightly,io^iheoinsizedi  iavy ^tE^  ainera' haa^beeS*4iei,d, at:'lf ^111^''���������frosting  igaiust the mtrodnotioti iof&i>hinese lab or - at  fiironir^Dhe^Governor/ i&io! flit the '!>^ja������cies  in the -��������� Board <bf ^Educatib^j4 arid4 'Submit^the  ho le' sys teni^ ^r^eifere^iom^^he exp ort  fiboal-fromt Nanahn6 yfo&Aprili v&d ::&fillt  one:  ���������jr*Aj^ify .try /yi-}-.Tfw^-n ������r,  'ty..'.- .fry ���������I'-rAyyAf.-���������:'-'.1-..  ������������������,������!;> h  n  ATNWTbInt^ i'MAt^NE.^Markr Twain������  I0pqe^4eiter tSJtfie.jSltaj fsjpeaks^ofl;!n^w  rinting machme^^ped^  0rnian;, whichKis 'creiting;some ��������� a'ttebtion_.in  ^e w lYork./ A*Accord:irrg^trf^his correspqndent,  fheV^ipTentioBL Cis'; such!' tfet;jwi^;a/sin^;aK  iliabet'' of -type, arranged >aroiwd'Tviit iwlieeti  hfe most^ elafeerate ^boofc^ may' be/impressed,  fetternafter^tett**; ia: p latter plates;" ready-for  jpot^G^idcK^ |fe*^  '-the|iia^:-  ,   .....,���������. ,,..,..,.,,,.  ..... ,,.,.,,,,,,,.,, Svb^c^of  Ieys, like^a/^^iooeon,.-���������I^3oesyawajr|with  uses' of type/^etting up ian'd'dwtnbutingyand  !l ^the^ endless yrraMhfernalia^OT^n  ffice. iHtwirli either fpriht ^y^ter^typB!?^'  ici wVt������ !;the!^tmoe^h^  ��������� tqitJfcMas, in! Mdnystihstances^ahswered thes^  'expectations^ Tbe^medicaloflBceryattheiitfi  ^stitutiody is paiaV|a certainfisiita*^p^yinoiiib,  -adequate ^!the'atnb^^  in connection with the; place,: with the - privi^  k i?fe ft^^y priv^^practice;heimay?conimand  eotiSfsteht * with1 tne1".*d^y|^rBrmaiice ot* Ms  ,djitiefl|at the hospital.^; I feelieyp^the^aboje ds  a :iair; statenient of the ca8a.^YoTi'annquuc.ecl'  in youri journal -: a/short - time !since, the^ Jdeath  iWiUfiiv  COUNTY  COUR1:  vy.\y;y!:y;':y||y3ll/'&  Kribtvs.. Brooks.���������-This .was a,:! claim tor!  ���������  $100, being Imlanc^pf wages.   Judgment for  $8fa* 50," one-half payable^mediately and the  other half in one;week.  *��������� ��������� '.' ���������<* f -vr    -  Wickam vs. Delatfeyr^Mr,: Pai^ .aft^ared  for a party-named'Oob.'Mc^uiile*u,?who it Araa -y'A  ^inflammatiori of the bowelsSfle saved:asum  ^of ?mone^/by his labor inCalifbrnia^an#WddeclJ  .somewhat1, to that again ; in Caribbofi}conse-  ^npn tl y/^vas rable' ? to! piiy 'fo&rhis1 mainfea^icei;  iat the hospital;,., I have ^.copies beibre me of  ithe charges made by the/medical attesdant of  Itjiehospitalifor his]maintehance^there^for five  ' Condition of our STiiEETs.-?[t  certa  se^ms^trauge!^  which.are beitfg^ma'de' to adbriHthe<appearance of the! town, the filthy Tcondition of tbe  streets should be overlooked Byithe^itizens,  Tfil.  r^pective houses,^tbe!jbbje!^  tamed at onxje and the;pub 1 ic wouIt*be saved  irpm an^tet^efR annoyance 'from* the offen-  swodtoursvivfiieh/ndwAregale vtheir nostrifs.  TheCbitiese^  -6bjeacab,^tn1^teM^^  l^infct^s^-w^m.^  'lj Hurdy GuR"oips.jT^L^8t$Mon3^y an addition  was ma^le to.thaaumber-ofouiv professors of  the ^li#it^h^stib,?i^theVar^  ������erman i damselsi?;direct 'i froM^ the ^ay/Gity,  whorOTerrunder^j^  Adler /and Barry^of vtlie Fashion Saloonyof  * Re������ RiyEt-rrprc Tlftes' has/it! ?rcport fipt(.\  [harp agitatiba among Ihe;:jHhkDitantS: of 'the  .ed River eounty/iriorth-west' of Lake I Super-  it, for^ n^e^eMence'^^^ot' greater- ptotectibii  ~ '���������^at^y^uik^x*^. iThfe/iiocal!  rom\ they ������ahMiah; authorities^  >aper says: the jm^ement %im^r fea^:^ The  erritory is at presen^eontroiied by the Sibl^'^-  Son BayGompanjr;:! ^l1^ - Indians-:haveA!fo  7arde'd!an*inyitati^ birch fi ark,  d the Prince^pf Wales1 ��������� ^S^fi'iii' their^&o mes  nd huntin^^roilnds.^ fi A  c-1 / s> A / ��������� ..  ��������� TUB J-^Ry^BEAiMEOT^fOR fc^UNnsSii;  wh^n!^he t^alP-vp-ilP6p:en:Iot the1 season.'UF,;^I  i&pwSsmany has^aTtedl^isv^ra^, "S^^b^  'pared,to^pecute for hauling he*  may receive, with dispatch.' -He hks- also  opened(a livery stable al; Riameldjywhere' Wi  public caubeJaocqJTOO^ajied -Vith^Ood librses  fpr'-hiw'-atMiram^^-'-1'-^-^^       '"-  ;charge, of *$500 fbi5imedical ^assistance dttringj  ^he^anaeCp|riod,^incl^in^^two  .cabinl is^outf a^ou^^everi^fofcC  jwell^ipr^us^that ^ckness^is - not^ prevalent;  inotwiths^aliding'tneTigtfr!;pf tuir^climate, few  jplaces are found m^re heafttiy, and we "should  jeel thankful to a kind; proyidence,! exposed;  ;as;we4peMnjall,'kind&^^  sickiiess is:'f6uhdt amohSstius,!else!the,flfeecing  propensity would>be carraed^ on.to- an- alarms  ing extent Abet us endeavor tbthe utmbst^of  lour^^erto'ke^ outf^#  bottle and the^quill. y Members; of the ^professions^ 8eenr;to!lhinfcw^a^exreateolfe toll  pnlyrforgfiieirTespecial benefit, and I would  suggest^'that^������shpps Hill,^ the_ ^^t Mme!h^  Compiles prayer^ for the use pfhiSf disciples,  if ever they nfeainyvisit Canboof tosadd, in its  appropriate .place, " from -doctors and Hawr  yersygoocVLord'deliver^us;^!,^ There isfsome  ruleHrv^which -the^ latter nialie their .charge^  but i*/get;it wherfe you-can,^ j seems Ab be that  of to iormer> ^eyen iuhdei!theimofi)fa!public  hospital^y!'.-;: iyfiy-^ ^Hmjer'/o^ISositiox^*$  T~y~~*1y^-'ry'''i-y^  ������������������''!< <y: '---���������;���������'   mtI'V    .-���������*:v������.i j-.,'v   S< ���������>%'(."   " ../'?';.\yt  / :M Rftfi&ffflVa -������it������������nrt���������������/*������ ' 'f*ki��������� S������ii'a���������<; ^W^o- ,1 rtifev!1  Sbld;  iiony  yvj.yy.  .agaijast'.thejjiefend^litV^ht^ c"ase7 'who- had    ������������������'���������''  theft left'the conntrV:J';Mr>v Park' claimed the     V  proceeds of the salf for bia-client,-!or the re-"  ten ti o n o f th e s a me nl: the-'h^nds of I tji ef i c our t ���������  until the owner's,������tHe'torthe'' goods- could' be  - ���������  established. ^The.^onr^'held that, ^ .va's the.'.,:J -  duty of .Mc^llon'tf nave'.taken out ;an,inter,- A Ay  pleader summoris^J,pre vent 'tKp^sll^a^tbe   ">"';  -time; as this, hadjhot/bcen^rion'eyf and the ' .  money! had been pad into.Courrb^the  (as the property of pelaueyfh  accordingly.  If^^^.togqoda had^been illegally'   /:!  : sold by the Sheriff bere'was ii remedy, against *   - -  mm. .  -  . ������ - !    u e   _,. i  . :y y   .,..:' -' ;.- /"kcf.v1'^-;- ���������;^:^*';y.?*.4|?y  ,.;.       .,  y  :, .-!.���������'��������� v!-j vy...-���������Tr~7-Ar^,v:,yy '.      ������ ,  !  y\ _.'y: ;MININ0:HTELLIGE^E.;;;^^y2;! fi: ..  ���������BEEif^ft''^Sft^    ���������''  MihserCion ��������� to-She/ abb^^/letfer  ^lreadytaaking 4teyap^  [about 40 nien.onVt^ .'  ���������none of the claims .haveyet'begun ,tb! take out- ������  flume from, their iClaim fethe.Lake^ forU|tbe '/  purpose of carrying;o#^|eir;own tailings/and, !'  ithose of the. claims abo^th'em ;rf4G;0(;'feet\ has ,  t ..,,.,,.,..^,...���������.., ,,.,.,...v,S^lfe^e^running;fa; ,..,  tunnel into the hill but mve struck nothing  The snow-qn the B,altftountain/ia ;o^pr, 8ft. -    fi  cleep and very;8oft,renering walking almost v  impossible unless tinde|the,4cover;yof anight < y    y  when tlie surface gets sljlitly.frbzen.   ':''  ; There are, it is:saidw-6o.iit.|2.00> ������Ghinanien    ^  A/1cupied in mining;on fa bars and,.benches  the North Forlc of Quehel/'abovethebrj'dgOn ,  I are making- moneyw#ould!it no'tbCwell V  the-tax'c6)lectoi"tbXive them a call f * No  ni- ^���������?-_. :-Sftti2:^Xiiyi."CAt^^y-..^1 st :TV> I'vj-*     ; ���������"���������  -���������'���������'-:.y-v  yyi:  -....���������  ���������;,  -.���������:;'-������������������'.!;  ������������������'.,������������������:  (v                      '   :  -.'::'.:.|jV ;'��������� --. '.', ,������������������.!.'.'.:  ',..;���������"���������.- ������������������...��������� ,.'..���������..'���������'.:.��������� ���������.������������������.:������������������-.  Vy  1 y  ..-',,��������� ���������-- yyyy:  \\.:.;-.?: -.' \s-y-y  m  iy<i  occu  ,an!d;  for  w?fhi*Ki'T5^5Jw^wwi  ,.������������y wie uuuve icuwi i white men is%llo\ye&toinine/or^hdldra^clainiv .^ -^  San connJS &$&*& S^: ^ithoul firflt ^^4"P* his^ining license  man,connected^t^^0sp^ of Chiua-     "  '3'y '���������������������������.���������-.!  ySujEPiko! inJchiirehyifca-; eeripusA crime > ia  iode!:Islanu\^fi.On, a SuhSay^afteTnoori^ ai  p| or Irishman went into one of theu churches  i^ Prpyidence, t was shovifn' ftitb if seaf^ tbqtif* a>'  Miet naj^durin^tfieis^vic  al ly retiring aj^hefcclqse, \ v^hen: he; was! ar*  Lfeted, tnedraiffo|j8ent fji jali;<|rtentdays;y ! y  r The" WEA.in^^!^pr!the!...paflt we  .jiyer,,e^pje^^  lejathery   T^e^cts^or^e.suh's;rays .oiiitbe  tow are- every day apparent in the increased  lalume of wajtef "otrtne creeE^wlnabrisTnow  himself by ^in rexplanation of 'the toatter * com- mbn ��������� are alio wed u rgb ge'ot^  plained-o^asvye^aresure-there-'mustfe^ ^.^i^'fihi %\  misunder^an^in^kiyr^ference to it :---& S.]  11 AjC^^^p^sro^- -l^e ^flpwingjyery  .hat^ly^ixpres^ed!^ co pfessiqris! are 'made -by  they^p^tbtty/Tr^ller:^/!"The/ Provincial  free:- -: ^fim,  ;v--,... yw  Thfen^mbei'  Jof (enfat.work on Ithlr'creek   '  loiasonW^trodu  upernci"a> woun^by;������^,;Of ^fe fromHhfeUc^worLl;, v, ^';;,--;/   ;;;^ 1*.*^%  ealing is'���������;greatly'*ib , .. :, w      ^  antages; secu^a^;^^urns!;!^ ft :,rfW**u *w������* I-'r  ously,in;this way. - !^ ^  .  The akr^staiichor in'^eJWo^a^l^D ^^^our^^fr!^}ribnelsoru ii!wn^^aq  hmpleted:forthea^at,Eai  hampton, England.   Its/weight ^ght^ns, at:bis.-r^fa'^m^flM^^mm  exchisive of the .stock<?ilengtkofrthey8hank, oks wdn; ^uea m^ aaa  ftwenty-Jfeetsix^ ihc^S:;;lengt^;^^th^^^  sevenfeettfour inches.! The anchor: has !been ^gg^fg ^^���������?^^^S^  u.    .      ~ta .-,*"? Mk;F.: !Laumoiste^  jfived on Friday morning,fi.fififi. 'fi  procity treaty^majiefa great mistake,;and for?  once^i^e ^bink^ti^y !!ir^  T&yQahadiahs and Me!qiner !Prqivmci^^  ther eastibayebeekiso^  i>athj^ rbr ihe,! rebels> and 1$o^ bitt|tyin!:;^heir  hosfilii^-^#ards "the(Iwih^^tit^^ tj^glit  bestt;q/.punish-themr[a^d  ibr accomplishing that, but little injury was  made as to! thpiprqbable*ejfectiiponjqurselves:  We* have ^preVenfed^ them;A ifrqm/Obtaining  many articles ^anuftictured here^ as=;cheaply  as before, b/utyby,,so^dqing/woy.have to;some)  extent^ decreased thevmumber ^ of customers  is about 14, nearl^lllof whom are ^prospecting. ;Shatp&(co^wip a41ume/2iV  wide, and prepaMig|tb^wasIr /ofi^^a, bench  alongside the old Jenfnck; claini, 'ivbere they  found good; prospfct?|last! winter:r-Smith &  :co?y-have.-'been ruaiiig-'a tunuel 'at the upper  endftf the town mtSave <bcen obliged. to"  quit on account offatter��������� --G reat Eastern co?y  have wbrkedaU'WaitJ and made expanses;  they are-now rmmtg/a prospect drift infeoyf  the east bank-whei llfey--' find the��������� rock, has  pitched off shewing tl|existence of-a channek -  P<:  for our; wares.; ^They Go verhment; ho w'ge^; a  small revenue fibm ttie InipbrJaSon of ar  brovedr an^iouiT to staad^strain qf< onej^aay lasi, tne 11  fhundraa'tonk''":;'^.y"/.^V,'':t-^       ^'- t'   Hox.lL;5LjBALii;"  *   The greatestMetisHyofcqld'onrecor^  fthat produced by Na'ttererVwbovb^meai^ 0a Sunday! after  [bisulphide of carbo^ and;;p'r6t6xite of;nitra on, and leave/on Wednesday, fififiyfifi-fi1 j  :gen, broughtthe iherm'bnieter down to 220o ,yii: ?:'...   ,'..  ..:.; ..- ,   ;���������/,;;..-' .,^,;  belowiero, ,Fah;:'^a^a^/by employin  bath of carbonic acid and ether, ip vacuo St&inea, Eogland ^*$SE ff^^  '.obtained un intensity o^^^  ^^yyAm-fim.-m Wm yi^^Mw*Jfcy:m wee^,a,inanf  .CALiF6RNrA.gives^ii:&to a^goorl many flj^  facts!  Xfrien^informs us,ibrinstanoe;; tote* mymfittai-;fhe had  - -~^~ ^.^^^ouffht^^ her��������� ������< waddin*^^ ring,7? ylt^as then  lered the  - j.'-.������- ���������-���������-���������.���������' i -  Se7^6ugh/j5and!obh^^^  rutawbagas^   .    -v .,; y;  k: ���������      r^-^^$^l^*fe^  'heretofore free and thePrbyjhpjafr  ���������prices for their wood and coal, their potatoes  and fish, their(- iumb.eiv their ieef^nnd their  whea^/blif at*fcbe same time Hhc^prices', ^f  these ar tip les /,? to;: ;qur ��������� consam^rs : h as been  largely-increased.   Our neighborly; neighbors  have;been piinis^ed,;nutit has '1>e'en partly at  oilr own expense!   They-;grumb'le under;; the  affliction,< and we cannot b 1 ame. them,   While  'tne War lasted we werewillmg to suffer, if by  so doing we fiad 6ar revenge upon our foes,  but it is a qjiestiqisiwh^^^  continue longer the: present, state of affairs.  They desire a renewal of the reqiprbcal Oracle  and say so; -we-need Jt but hesitate;to admit  it,   It is n'ofir about'tfee; to study how to benefit ourselves, rather!than!the best method of  spiting tftose who have despitqfuljy -wety. iis,  and we lippe soon to see negqtiatious-Joqking  toward the vrestbratioh of the <A'd Dusihess relations between the two'cottntries.??   y j>  ed, !but thercis as yetno- iriforinatiqn as 'jfa'y  the value; of the prosplts! which! hayeyled id 'fi  this new4movement ofhe diggers to the disr ���������'  ?tript^outh^ard of^Brul J?ay.  ��������� It ydoeB Db*iv!  appear whether 'tlie! ctco very ^off gold has   ���������  been^qhfiiietf;io!Mie;b|ches 'by;' has?extencled;!  intp/those partsbf ^^oupfcry//whiph [ wer^  visifcedby'.vineepfra^liand'thcseyerai:prbs^;'! !  pectihg pities/)vhq! sijsequently prpceeded ���������!  to/zthe? West coast tromUke Wdnrtka^ ;yIt;.'hW: ;���������; ���������������������������  be0n ^veli /known 'ior|cveral monthsfiiihktfiy  from the Hakst River I:\ Jacfison's'33ay ' tbd;fi.  beach has been aurifejiis, as aii' 'the West ,'  coast beaches are, mqrjpr !^ss; b'iit! the/pro- .  baJMljly is, that;the"riislpas; /been! caused by.;.  the discovery pf sbmebetter ground in tbe '  strip' o f heavily timb ere {country which frihgea  the shore, and which g erally feovers a 'line  of beach much older tl n  that upon which  the-sea-'now breaks/:-', aa-a -���������������������������:-:-.;a-a  &# Jpsa; in, Burf OKS.���������AiDong the new in-  yehtions Is a- outtem which'is -fastened in the  y .-., $   " : ���������'���������     M.V'i: Ai A \      ���������   . yjarch was instituted, and abetter:1 was found cl(^ without threap. . It consists solely of a  It is reported by the ������olon^  ^.*..A^Ull������hJii 1i?^ nfrPaRntorffA^ ^ova "   ^tlikfi A nO!>ksmw. and than nv^^rr dnwn   flflV  Justice Needham will retain'his present p<f fewdays,  tion, advicesHo that effect having beenj/      :   -t���������^    ,  ceived by tte la^t niaiL ! It is ^  Hr. Begbie will be. transferred to. some of free than Fei^a 'bsbt.   Ta- be ^4 from ������u fiwSt ���������  ���������1��������� ..... y    .,   .,..:-.,.. ���������:.>������.; r: ���������'������������������:.. Ids dealers, -.;     *'  colony*  in-/ ^'y-i'  |)ls dealers,  ���������BAA  GOD.  GoMl gold l-gold-Tgii!/.'.:     ;.;:;y;y;v: yy  Bright and yellow, hMiinft^ldi/^r^^Vi-'.r;:^  Molten, graven, hamm|ed, ro 1 led 7' ���������;      /";-  Heavy to g.^t,1 but ligb|o hold Afifiy.A..AAy  Hoarded, borrowed, ^iandered, doled ;.v    .  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Drapery Goods.' ^ i - - >' *" .^ v /- - A  [ ��������� .Eecerye regular supplier hy^xpress via:Fanain.a  Vvsi- y<: .v^M-'U.t' **f.ii>  m.SE^^febER^iyMD.Ais^:^  ;:JfeahTbrd'cveryaccomMbdatioii to��������� th'e'MvellIhglpuh-;  llc,iaad bppe^, jby? a i������tr,icfc iattbntlotiytb-j .business^; to  rnerit,a; share or the patronage,:bestpwed ori^ther former  .������������������...���������.���������......���������.,..���������._-   -.   fid?U<  The (TyUJtB; is j^pplieid;With'every dpcacysi ti is j pcN  /y",;> "��������� .     .'": ac;iHis^faither,������freenJan?i.a'-;Vf--    ',   ^^*,-*lH  -     - ' ':F l-lis"heartie'eh loufew^joy,J   '    "y    vf'  <   '    ���������  xr^i^the'tho'6hts''o? bj^ there,' 'A - "'- 'W*  " - V< Isi alii thai cbtila������Vbjde%fredyi  t i nibd^rate^'Hayf; fp^Hprses;  i.r.r*tti*i'*yk;Sf'.  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CHEMIST,, /.-,k;/.,V-v.j..<?  so*  wr'fyf'Kv?  :yvi>'.������������������/:;' a a:-.A y i'A:-,-;-: --���������y ���������:; :���������-'/  y/,;/f,<,0,:,���������> ,,y:iqy(Jl4. !G.Ufrfftb.E.*(A myiAA  {... *...... .-^-t*-.y--,-."-:-y_:,.-.y:v-.;.y/:.���������.., ;../.��������� i;;^.;V.y. ��������������� '���������������������������';.���������-.-���������':. ;i>.y--".':.',���������.'���������  .... .:,���������,,y.t f<' ���������;F������.'f������������it'-j/Vi������ *A{*xur '������������������-���������ifi_yyK  AMmsmmi  yy  , 5 ,. ,^|.,. > ,yu .^;1v?,y -K^VILSON &^MURR^Yy ^:^'������:  I���������ii#,yy,yy^,lu   y]jr^:'.yM.M-^t;streevYic^ia^u  ;"Siii!c-y.-;?U'i  - ���������-vWiihis castle iu.it  ;,A" ':.: :"A iyyyyfiAfiAA AAA-yfi  "...   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Jf he^accept the offei-p: 1������*<y *^   \& ���������-   MAo  !   ;    ^.GJa��������� stake,Jboyond copare; -     >������ j ' y;r '  ' "  '     4 ^..-Ahappyhamelbrlp,'   - ,  r \.\yfi,  ^''Vy^.^yP.^ A'*--*-; -''" -* 7  :- /' v' TViitiaais" GbebKjv 7th May,��������� A4 y^K^. y<A ,- ;S.b "5  A:NJfx^SBD;Wii^:^A|?OTthsmquth (Va)(  j    paper ofi last week says. |j<</Armuch-abused'  ,     wifel appiiedit'o .Slaybr/Afcte.,yesterday,, fpr���������  a warrant tohaveiher hifand/rarrested. for  day^heh'shewas r,UBnife Vcross'tbe troom.  with afbrkUii^ jer^hantflie jumpedT:tin her  !���������:    way and4feuc1t! his;fc\i^'-'ag>ijistVt^.%fcr  '   -    wrenehinglt frbm her fp /by;:the, .prongs;;  -which he rstf JDt0..hl8 w*;;;Thgi*Ih.fr^i!1dojfr  , toMitbs&ike:her;!buisliib  :.    hot5water between themlnd he^pilfcit oyer  Hi^headifn^  ! thwaccia^nlJ^alnl  ���������     !hi^ lead earned  - , he ^dbw^.y;Sh'e-t6bk|^  ���������'���������''    : lieip him iip;  but as t| hair'had become  V   inbisteried by the hot w$r, it/came off!in h^  bancl.r Deterpiined ho llgertb endure'such  ; brtitai treatment, she pdpnher;; bonnet and  !cAinelUb6ee:Jns1ibnqr, al. aslfed the .protep-  tipn!of the iaw;;as she Movedfiber;;iife waiin;  danger.% Pitying the po| creature, the .-mayor  js^iiedtheAvarrailfc Wfope the wretch wiU  ';"   be-iianged;".'/ 'Afiiy'    * '  ^MEyfilyih. N'M,:-* /./vy/a  ! ,:yy^v - y r:r\'-.Wj<*?iM&-r.:0?;��������� ,y :y;.!!^ /h AAfi >>/A:fi:r  A"TAAfifi iJ c  ! I i I'A YAtB: /ADVBRTISBJffl^^;;^  f ;���������"'- :b;y:'v:l%  i HaveWected aii'extensive Storehduse'ahd /Dockyat  !&le^aiid-are j^are^'to^  Goods^ Goods re^acke,d,iandy freights^ngagedfat the;  ^Lowest/Kates.;��������� ?fr*:'^^ n?.'*$ ;y'i\*...:r,',;���������������*i; to'l Ar������f������������  3! Pa rWe^^ln pp^& ^oo>^p^  to'^lie-care of ���������'  .'-' '**���������;'' ':'v/ y':-4--"--     "/;"'''y.t V������^J*r������������������",-"!  ���������i^Ha^i'^'i^tuvU^'a^fta^  ^ o w '   -vj MJ>y. ��������� ������������������ > y ���������-, -    v:r '/-^- * ���������*  j.;^:';rr/i| fit fi  fiW^lyA^mmfiJmAAy^^fi^  ���������fi/ '$^$^3^8^^ X tif'A  BKGS^TO X&NOrj-N*CE^tbthe'inhabitants of!Cariboo  Hhat-heintendsto forWard'(as soon/; aslithe state of  !the -.Roadsvwill.f permit)',. ya large I and ,^llvassprted  '���������^j'lylC^^ Wholesale "a'htt Retailp';>    *-^''}'"   \  !Xiiari1f.mi������^  W������*SI*?  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Y^liE AND^TTTON, .fe^e^y  J-n"'."4 .y^f- toil '-vii-^'v:7i^.y.- /g.nrriiyiy  :mRAVELriEKS'^wili find! :fe^^'acc:emm'od,aUon^W'tS$ ^  ' ������4 Hotei^^Excellent,Q6oklng:l!;600PtBJ^        -/1  TIMOTHY HiA^^and OATSiaC hm<Mm&  iy BOOTHROYD  BRO'S, yin-  r     lg r>-     ��������� f -. -   r   "Proprieters.;  jy'' yMESsfeS; cSBNWAlit'S' 'y!'."/'.  /rraveiiera%mift1^^ a.   ������������������,,.,  llvin^l'of Llojior^lCaa'd 6f ^/Wines������:/.Fresh Butter,���������*������������  andVegetables* i������ Gop^l Stabling and plie������'p, fegd^g/Ag  ,^-Y;*^ HOTEL.DE'FRA^CEI^^-,  /p  f Government Street, Victoria,, V. I, ;     ,;  rwii^SsT!k^i^  Jb delicacies of ithe seafeon, andthe sleeping acconh^  datioaisireplete wMk.-t everyriCQinforti;;,^-The/ best |)f  Wines. Xiqjiprs and^gar^/^^-* fi^, fi^ttfy^^U  V* -i&-!A-Jyyy ������������������:/-;vyvj;.BIGNE.&/;CO., Proprietors?,.  patronage,pestowecr/oa;tneHornier, occupants. ?"*  y .. -. 1^51  |. .|fi������*:The Bar cohtaftis ijoth'fng'but.the"' verv-best'^f ^K  LIQUORS and CIGARS.^ :^ivefe &caltf Ct^ "^{^' B^  a. ''IMS ��������� (/li / /y^.-,0?J��������� t.riJ it= EDWARD.^- TROFATTER-' Sfi  --^t���������r���������:���������-y.;������������������;_ ._.;/..���������J. ',.''*' "    , '*���������   ",' i    ,'"-' ���������' f ;% -, ^fe"\t  y; rFIREPItGOF WAREHOUSE!''; f.  P^AR^S^DE^OUS-'b^shipping freight; Wira'Wi^  ���������FATCHJ will find it to'tbeir advantage by giving us  acaUbe^  "Yale, April8th,l867.y ;V; yfi.fi, fi \yfi-,.- i������* -  ���������irtv  m:'li;-! Sutton,  VICTORIA ADYjlTISEMENTS. -"  A' FBANKEL, ViotorifV. IM Dealer mFuus,  A. Skiss,' Hidks, Wooti &(| Liberal advances made..  on Furs consigned.  :BeferenJ-:Gv Satro &;Oo;,;Remr-  : hart Bros. Victoria,-.Vfill ,��������� -a ;     ��������� - -���������r- ���������'���������^-e^  'TrWOKG. LEE & CO.,   CoJlSSlON HERCHANTSy I-Vr  Jl porters, and Dealers injbinese Goods --^ctona ���������  AV. i;t Yale;LiUoo.et,..Ques|[mO(Uth,   -"   ^���������������  -Creek.  ���������'���������' '���������������������������.���������-      : |'  \T;:-CIGARS, TOBACCO, JI������ rshaum Pipes, &e.,-S'E;,  corner of Ya tes and Wharf st iet, Victoria. ^  DEALER IN Wises, tiQtioRS and Cigars, Coal Oil;  iqpal Oilliiini-ps^ &c*v '!' ''fi'fi'A''ffi -'- <*-''' .- "'!  'r^'^iGil^KfOiriOT '  I -AA'' iy,.-^   In Bbl3^andhalfBb)s,7 ���������.:..:  l Yale,..April lsga,:IS6T., ^! ,.., y yyfi,.jy  is  tiENJAMIN yI)OU0IiASv:;Successor'to '������' b!;  J> WELLS; Saddle and Harness: Maker, Yale,  B. C.  ��������� -4gg* A complete assortment.ot" Stock constantly, .on  hand. ���������.'���������'��������� .'   y ' ��������� ^  THE' TJN DERS1GNED b egs to In form the miners't  residents in'&'around Van Winkle that he will in  GHEA? Store. !��������� LADlESi^d'(^NT-SCAST!OFT  /:clo;tbing bongbtiand solcl^i Seco^dhah^^Watj5h>| |  \JJ ZiUlOID ing DOUgu 11 a u a soiu.  ��������� accuuuuau wy, w &***������vs r   . 4 fiy.._.-fi:       ' "y^y y^   yy^^***? ���������*&������������������*** ) r-: I "A..  ^GunSj-^Pistpls^'&C;,,.fo^6dle<f;ryy;y!j'Hi;���������; fe'*:-j^i ;v y#;l.  ���������.' ��������� ��������� '!'r-y'!- fi>.''. ^AKE X^-HACHE^ '^'- '5'-K::iq:>'--  V.]-'jJo^'^vernment street bpposite'the Theatre.t-.;;*-S|:<) ��������� uoi HKfK '��������� j ; -.'?rKv---t^/- t--yf    ;;;*jj,. ;v.,-:h -,>^,f#eV--i1  . :1:i-j:.: .:.:. ,,A* -''-���������"'"-  ' '' ''' ������������������������������������'���������'-���������      ":" '���������y,       ��������� i1*-' (   L'f.TPsi-lO' *,Tni������tiac*.'i iu .������'i-' ������:...'_������ ...       . ." A-    ��������� l-  mm  SODA   CREEK.  msm  m  DAILY and WEEKLY  " BRITISH COLO  -arid yiCTORIA: CHRONICLE,5];- .Orders for     ^  ���������ln^ either ,Uie. Daily .or Weejcly! issues of the. above g  -ariy pdrt of Europe, the United,States,/Cdhada, Au.Str, I :  lla, &c, left at this office or sent to "Victeila. wiltj) (  attended to.,' .Terms-in advance.; WsbklxI :l2m^| w  with: Postage", $7 50 ���������' emos.'.'do;, $4 75! ' 'DrAiir,g|  mos do., $23 ; 6mosdo., $12'50.   ��������� " ���������' M  |  :  "''..-���������   ��������� :    .-'.    ��������� ������������������ '  '<>������������������>';   ���������:.;������������������;. v  ���������    ���������-:;?> .-���������> fi-f  A CASAHAYOU begs leave to state tlwj  .A- has removed his stock of Goodsconsisting ol G*  ckwes, &o., from Wharf street to the Brick Buildlj  on Yates street, adjoining Cowper's Boot Store, opj  site Wells, Fargo & Co;:; ":. '���������''- "���������     ;���������'"'���������   A.',. If '.  He-will sell his Goods by--'Wholesale,.-at the-low,  rates, for cash.-? t   .���������fi-yi.r*..m*'j)-r'f-y. -''.yHViiil'., :������������������%'? "  yy y-yyi.  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'Proprietors,     ^S  lay   1st, .. 1867.: ;y, ..   ."'' ���������' ' - ���������';   ::' - ���������'-;' -.'"': -   !' :��������� ps'''   ^S  an  UJUi  TT-   MALLA5TDAINE, COLL DTOR AND GENERAL j  Ji.'AGEKT, Government St ������et, Victoria, "V. i.    i-������  i  tare keepan^assorted and GOOD-STOCK: on hand, and  hopes by close attention to business,- andnby selling,  at LOWJER ,RATES than heretofore,:to:,me.et the,.- patronage of all. / . V, ;. ,. ,,,;,yVi' y'. ,-.v -  Orders from outlaying creeks -accompanied.with the  CASH will Ve forwarded 'with promptness and dis-  Pa ������    u?s* Terms CASH, without distinction.  1-s      ��������� X W. L1NDHARD.  cises and. Chemicals', Fancy and Toilet,ArtjeL  Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, ������&c.; ; ThysiciansjF  scHptip'risJear'elaliy ennipdund^   aha/orders ans\^e:  with care'and dispatch. : Victoria. V:.I; . -jlj  i t-   ��������� ���������   ': - .-'���������-.; tv?  JULES BUEFF, Commission Merch  Hotel Building, Wharf street Victoria.  P


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