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The Cariboo Sentinel May 15, 1875

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,�����������> -jja*, �� 'jj
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r ��"'""-/ A
ft .,
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'..T-1.--1-1. ������'"'
t't    Sj��.
:;;.P$b)la]^ by
���   rT-V
v ;;s;^ty^
,; '���'!B.absorjLptioni',;-���'*-  25 Gents per Weefc.
��� Y/U'v'" fififi' fiy:^*A; ^umfi n,n.;-. -,!-v��r- ��� r -
'*-f'..*\4V.*^V* -'.'���'*'!'J *^^vvv -. ,
Voif Vn e sq��s r��(on o j nch) ^ fl rs t laseriIon;  ���  $3
.-   '���'"'y'   '.*:'.   ������',fiA^ v^eaenionih',.,.r;. ;���������*'"��� ���'?*-
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"���'������./ \i ������yy:y%ir"CS$ti.&i.i 'ii\\}:&^-: ���yAy.y :���������;.../
Agents for ^thev'Ganbbci Sentinel/
���;.:���!.,y"������,y>^:,iMAifi-m^. vm:��� :;���������"': r :,;��� -,
���aa Winkle*; v >, A'A��A-"K���'''��� "'���-,. - >���'>���.' ���
, ^lAtnetmeja^b'^A^fi: i��>^"ri^>tl?^'!!?*W*"J*;
'.<Je ��*0r��elLo.;'n'-&&&��������� v i^4BHr-nard>f��xprei?<
.Tala; f'   -     v
HAv |?e��tmtBBt;srU.
:,.,-viatpr'a,, t-* - -,.,��,.;�� .*
,,'-1/#:'i8iri*ai.--'.-. -;'   /-s V-._./'
Barnard*!* Express
^>fcS>r;V-��v:jfiv ���.-. v-^dcv
*i.-..: :-���: ,>;: ..:���   Mr v��h8.kpppf,ar<h
ao Corn hlU��f ?j��efndon; E, C!.
���Til'#&Mfn IBO^ RK>TTI.NTRTi
*    :Bt\I1a>n^^ea^jcail?^
,   )*fc3!^c^^edwjth riea^ssaiiddiapalch^if
Londonr 8tb^5 pn��:^^Tw^iily pix;x>f ih>��
persons iwho sWere on board the ScJiiHeri in
iSd|lftjo1i|lo ^^ip^^tedht^^^h^Q heetf
landed"^ aiBiflcb ^aml Briar Islauda of ;3tli<��
Scilly group..: Amohsr Iheee^ are jthe 2d;! 3$
, 4 cpildi^n,,end ^inlantaV     ;    !! Vy
ay\.dA;I '���<M$a'\ 'd Mi ������ J--^   :'...,":-��� ���: '. ' *" '\'hit
/;EUROPE,-  ' :  yAyfi.: 'yfifi
in cable raie"to A oiericaVeni into effeet; on.
+��5 ��rr s ,v:'V'r r.T-   "r ��� lp'^'!' -A f:*' Or - ""'
._/^lfcfc*44'tTCb*ler��-f ttre^aiii::��.? tfce!
^V^TOttC*^-'1 '^-^  ':     ���    ����
, LondQp;j^t3>^Th^e3rt)pBBian SynoS njvir
sitting here adjoufiied to-day by unanimous
yot^tp; ^tten d-Ute Ubr istian Con vention, wbi cb,
,^ta^ been in session siv-ce yesterday^Jor jtbf,
pijrposftof contgdixing the b^sfcineansof c��"n
!fl]miRg the re^iiraj w����k in England.   The
John WuTrsy.  y .C.oi)?.cgigdrJa|4.gte^lucce^lf?
' Lon'don, 6th-, In the, Commons tonight, thef
MarqfiiiB!tifi Bariingtp'l ksk^ivshfn the dis^
ciission of Uie Budget would be reanmed.^y
DmraeIi paid>ther^:was^olmnie'diate proeplec\,
of resmninfr*thVdebaJfe'y~>.        ; *", !!
espHCtuu. ireattuen t e yen. iroin inc. rr e. in u x
NVv��r before hiad he-jiearci siMjh a statement
as Jhat reiative to the passing; of GovernrnHit
medeurtS.;! The fight :h.6n.v^htiema..h'- threal^
en ed to keep tb'a -House in session j i n til ^a
iiifotljfer of u nsibe^ifiedi 1|i I fi wSte p\si>efl. Mil?
that a becomiiig mode of procedure/ oh ylhe
part u^tbf b��ad;<>f her .,Maj^tyJ&Gd^hme.h.\?:
i^oelMlone! Was;aoraia1 adopliady be. (Glhd;
.*'��� one) wriuld- a?aiI himaelf of bis privilege as
������*'^:^m^fr^yH��,. !grnt08U^? j^itb .jeniphasis!
agkiiiPt ihe mpr ni ng d.ieciiBaioalof \tiie"Bi id get
Disraeli conseiHednto take up the Budget
ih. the evening aessmii. -. ���--������; - - j���-.��-: r���i?*^. -���''.. fi.
' f^b^4^u��^s.(poiaof ^^''Jrigta^^ac^ Preserjva
tidit Act^wtofeu^ haa*Ji&��nJi nine ^days under"
f^_fcq ti4?>n ^^5h:^j!p i|?;a*>ij i ^' ������gi<l^!^^yiOc^ 'f^1 ^^
db^o"dyliii"fesp6^81^;lb an;inqiii 1 ry!Ky ihe-;MaV?
qma^byil aptjngton ^^^u*ce*wps no im rm4 ���;
d iate?pr^8pe1gtiitf%
W|\i? j /��nexpectedly ^te*rniinated; on': TiteSday;
nigiM4 ;.o;b: tbe subject, pf,tbe.Jprivj-ltig^'d'f-Sbfi-
tioneei;he uiteuded; noWe>er^wpe?t attentiofi
waiitgainbailed ^Stjtlie'. ^wsrt]B^'"idf3^^"^rK:
that a^^(li vision ;be taken; toy decide wbetberltfie
^atl iftirHSJa^ -
'    '^C*I IWI*Ilife    '    :A)i\'A ��� An^rf(Wa^
'fill 'wwivg-' ' y'Afifi^     v-    jjusHlkuifo^
*bd ;'a^fc^itrta^M Wl^4^yWt^M *?? !^SD!98; ^on'
:fl.'nrrhg! -'feW j $pr)hK>Hmise^!^r^ttmneilV
^��u^i^lex!Magiiire^fiiirkt��ryille^; A.lez.^0liver,
i ad detieriniDed
pite".duty,':to; advise
��nd^HXiiayhdib left at 4a.m., aud the5d(iwuJthe Que^uCiribt^o^nuSoVdelthS fieesion ubiii-
stage at tbe eawe -H me. *      alio! them had received the Royal ��anciio!n^
Soda/Creek; l^b^BarnatdV up Expreaef
wAVi'ihtfS-iinaU^J^ilt leave here for / QU ^oel-
Quesnel raou th. It lb���Lewisi the ^ Qm ineca
Kx.;iressman; r^urhedlast evening. He got
���;��a,!::|ar/as!; Illackwater and found the bridao
' ci i in p i e tely ��� washed, aw ay.   Hem ade eeve ra I
at>einpts to cross with-: a raft,! but iiUding it
!iW{Ai��ai.b.)e,:a'ud being exhausted, be reluniea.
-..,IIe,{wi 1}start again iirrwborTthreedays, wljhi
lielp:-and by^tnet time.the eurr^ht/wilt;,be! jess
/rapid.(i/;,Ue.anticipates;a fearlul ttipl- :j!,^ ;
���' ���,-/.���J:,.. fty.y:Xjtf::LUriL'. ���'. ���������.'���;-/,y'/
I^ond on;: May'' '8 ���The ����gle Line steamer
l^'htUerri;'paptniii[-!Thffinaa. which sailed.from
/^New, foWc^Ap8| 28lb^f(>^Harnbnrgh |y|way
of Pi yinoii th iiiili Cherbclti i;^ has been wrecked^
off Soil ly Islands,   it is reported 200 persons4
, have pfcished/TJ-��. | C5 ">f rfi$ *   ���/ .- 'v. S
Hew'rTork^8ft~ffae'Sdbnib/feailed hence
wiUi .H5f cabin passengers. i
Lo nd on, 8 th���A tl di tio hal 'p arttcul ars iiive
been received of the wreck.of .tjiey Schiller.
Th^diMaster- 4E terrible;l ��� The 'accident occurred at 10 o'clock last night, at which hpur
thtf; si��juner struck on the/ duOgerous Betar-
rierHedge near 'Bishop's Rock..'" A'fog pre-
,, vailed, at the, time.   A fearful Beav Is waging,'
and,U is scarcely.' possible for. the parties engaged in searcbittgidr survivors to live.   The
Be illy life-boat has put off for tho wreck. The
wreck of the Schiller causes great excitement
in this city.   The dimensions of the Schiller
we re���length i 375 feet ^ i bea in, 40 ; *; dep th; of
' hold, 32 feet;   3400 tons burthen.   She was
full brig, rigged/and had eigh�� large life boats
and three iron  decks.   Her engines could
drive the vessel 14 or 15 miles per hour. She
was one of the. newest and best boats in the
Service,; was valued at #70<>Jl6o. and insured
for the same value.   The steamer possessed
^very-knowniappliance for safety.  Her crew
consisted of 124 men, including officers. She
? h*�� S^po.tfooTin goia;o"n'tboaiflf-Bbippiil.by
Ballio &*Cs., of Paris* and 2,000 mail bng^
containing the entire Continental raail> !ti>
g4-iber with a large AustraiianSmJiil; ; .;i
^^^^..���.^.���MISfiELLA^EQI^,, y,, ,h .
��� V" IfowrwU ' Ot��yM\i%Z. Ml, .lo; J-Wm^:y l
5   /"���
^U^'ffi^.'im-i'i.i *>
" !.!f;$
' mi
...- v' iy-!'-f' -i'j.   t^-^Jf-rt4i--P^ ':iHj)l:d0.V^   jr;.-'yc��
i A:
^ * [Sucoessb^'td'iJiBIurta 6c Gofil ,Avy
**j: ��� V.^*:.' .1 -1-1- .*-.'>'.v-'/*/>"*; a *'*.s< '-f-i-'- '���-.'*.* //'*y';^'* -. '/^ - .-���.   .; v' -'v   .   .s.;y." ^l
��� ti'.'SiJii
?,', J
Ayn<y.ycphyy*l:&u A9 iyyy-yy! ���>���'-��� i-;fC .
,*-*  -���;��������� ��������
. . . v ������.' "^ '* f't-r-y-il V \ -'^'-j-v?/^
GLfNTON      *""
.^pKeTAli%0ojo<39��f tbe Sest ^Quality 'Snd alf the
���ioVres^ISri^s'n/i -;H ^-/.. -'j- m y\" %* '   : '::''"
A;BarKerviUe,May 9.      ,4s'.: t ; J,,,* !; ,myflj3ro
vi:' s-O1- D';l^S:l��L��^ -tcU:' H:��K?.�����*;
3?6i'i ������jtii"|.,;rf-v^";^;-^^ -r^.ytf ^'kik
...  .&��.-,.������-:r;r 7; r^v^   .   	
tailito i^p^rity,afudrfv.^|i- s#i'     ,'i>:*. . ft- v'? -   ,-
���;y ??.y .��� >i'<U.,A liy   'bAy^yy-, y'-U
"c��nstauftf;kepVaa kantl, >; ;; ��� 1 \ ���, !   1;( ' y; "u'
" '; -:!-s "'-'-.'iS '-��"���-!' ��� -,"'>��*y ^-"U_^ -AAiAA'i a\A'"A
wnr^ajilWay^cai^il^'aliteW "and ih?V��ia
Beds tan d! .aioc! nnmodation^providedAteKjj thelr-t cm*
ioroerev!  ���"  -���;  ;*...-\.,y i,.:./,.?../,>,-;.*.*,*"'��� --,=..�� -aV*W "
:>:/^'iH/:'"V|   jyvf^
*M and: get as /irineh/comfort ���for'.':'the">!flae�� /maja .aif-y
aiiy^otherSmattcao* pruvi<Uift)rjtUaaai��e- amocfel a ���
eusb'ia-the shape of ^       ���. .;,-'���"
-"'������!���������  -���i.r.m /''.-'MniS rtwi'M*'V. ���..ii..-'   J.L���-^^fi.-
I:9iyv.^ y-;;teW:..
���:^N.Bl-^ToJ^lll # the tfnie^'i wm'VAVeBVii'
And SEwl^iMACHl^
.will be! �� done /ai the" shortest notice -ai' f e"    ""
cU'ti'rgesi ":��������
Whereithsw aTtf sWIl; plent^/ofr the !besi ��� hranda pi
//..-���   Vf8iUi|ia,Colttnibitt;. -,; ,>-;    yiV,y -:
deb ale, was resumed-in the Commons. The
^iirji^|iassed|in ^bttftn^tee^f^^ortaht
'amfmuWi&i by wliicii t he pen al ty Fo r u n l'aw-
risJL ppssessiop.pf arms was reduced^and |h'e
jrigbt'to searctrhouseB for arms limited to the
day time. The House has yet to take action
oiMM^",: fi Vyfifiynfi'y  .   ��� :..
liOnaon, 7th���In; the Commons last night, in
the diacusBiou'O oithe Budgets Gladstone censored tlie method of staling the Treasury no-
eonnts, wbere^jvhe said,, deficijta were con-
eealetl. Me poinled bu t th at t he ex pen d i tiire
had- increased during the year of Conscrva
tiye Gbverriinent ��130.000. He conten��led,
cduntihg interest on loans, interest on deficiencies \o. ib&-Sa^iiig[a} sBanka aiid^riwndly
SooWU.e|'%dc&iih.t8^.]vj)%h are not mentioned
in the Budget, the E'lucaaoual charge, &c.,
that no surplus <*xiatecfc;, '.T
Robert i;owe'said a Bu<1getof that character was unworthy the confidence of the House.
Northc6te: had rnahipnlated the accounts and
produced,.a fictitious surplus. lie said the
y ber^aisSad paid tb irty mi I Upna d f -:pbu o.d s of
the public debt andyleft a .-.surplus in tbe
Treasury which the preserit Government has
squandere'd. That deficit was a / natipnal
culamity ;'. thftre ought io.be a surplus. -
C The House of Commons will adjourn from
the 13th tp the 2ffth for Whitsuntide,
London.,  6th���The Christian  Convention
brought ite session \ to a close tonight.   Mr
|nkey2^5Jor 'C^le.-of -Chicago,., add many J
FCOU&,.'"���AyAA.-AnAfi yiA.. a mm
fifi,.;>#?HLLO��ETl BEANS bthmp I'
KAAnd:oiLlie'?Far;ml^oduce.it VERYliiw RaJe3^:-
41' 'i���> A!>{> -%i'iii ��� T'-i'��� fu'��� V��� y '��� ''.'' ���: -bi]. 'w^ny". /
���;{ h'tiy; A! Also'i A general assortbientofy ;*^0*- ��� "-**
m-OCEBJ^AAAs^AA^yA::} //
"��� 'DRy.''-.GOO.nS.^.-;Vv-/';'r-  ���������-'.vi
y "Boots- a SHOES, .:;
,    HAR DWARE. m PRyQ S.
i ]t 0 the si>acipu,s pr em laes form er 1 y -km I'fn as tte
St./ Gepfge. Saloon, where.they will baai,all ilassjj
^ai)^redf6f^irn���iShr^;^,���!s,- '  'yyyy-mi'���r^y^, .....
y\��� %\&!&]b^ 'fi-.
fiy t>p; jtme; ^^i0%0k^k^f; -
��Eh e BAR, Isf/f ar'n Is ht d>. Wi tb \ Aba- < finest' Wi|iW&
llQUORS and CIGARS. / V'.'y}. A, ' yy'- ��� AAA
-7'yT.y / yA i,' " f   . ".���������  '������7 ;/,:.".-.x yyuyi'i   .-���
.3 ������. < a_ i
43f Commission, Storage and Forwarding basineas
done ut reasonahierates.   ^> ' *$��� A
my3 'm
The above Bestaurant 'is; new - OJ>ehe'd. *'
the, .upper cn��l of, .townf- where Board cm n ^ h*,&
t��v the \v f^k or s! in! r��' Tticals."   A' fl aa - Salooii' ia sis
attucheUjSunnliedwithyy.7' j.,-;���;---V-'i ���?���: !������-    ��� v   ��
The best I^duOrs &Oi
aiiS Cakes
no28 3m
asaga so liberally .oxieadea ta.fhs old firm
ra*^i     ' to* fer^Wsa #��w. ��� "" ""* "-"
Half-Way Ilous ���, {is hovv prepared to oft'er goo*
acooinuvHlatious to Te'ousiers.: A supply o* ^ata^
and Hay will always he kept oa baaU aad a,eW���*��,
reasonable ratPsI       :; Afi
, The liA.r is *mmi ws>R th*> Va^,-Wtoai( W.lWft?-
kl4 9i&*$bfi 'l "^'^
a fCffWOSEN;TtNKt  SATURDAY MAY; 15;U875.  *-��������� y *���������"'������������������  ���������:������������������*'��������������� \  yy )���������  y&s-  ''7���������|&s������"*  ������������������ |; '^pa?ogp^ypsS^*^' '  fj' 1^e.:pftfH:ah,'''for^tlie information-;# ih������  . df'tb*   Qualification and  Registration! of  '  IW^m^Act passed last session of th^ J^giala-  ^ure.^rliideredtnecessary in copBaque^cWoS  V ^tVedmUp^neehy the->ppmWpn^f&yora^;  mentof the^Act previously/? in! force.,  Man  v -^v'if^-,1  SMnrmv ia rifctiliahed nnderyyther ne^  i- -&������������  obid?8wn1:ngeh is:. eatabliBhed/undepthfl*new;  ahd/tilstricfs^bef holding^  ! tjerjificate fbTWree  yfnifaac^ haying leasehold  Estate in t>OM������ssion -of the annual value of  $1���������H) |-wiavifii resided continuously/ in the  district W^ij^mo^  in [|ifimrr-��������� -*7*1  ii ces <i f the ^Peacei; "gran ted / i n ![opeh Con r t.  Applicatione, for licenses must / b������ niacle by  petition^Kllu^iys before the! /sittitig of the  L,icen8ihgl(^urftbJtwo ,Jii3i:^^^^!^^ac������  ^tfedSfmV^  andifdr i^piirpose of bearing sifeh applies  ���������-.'���������--  V   .yy.     ������������������vv*v?-    ;j,- ^���������Ain l^i.z!~:-.Z^ Uir~*.U  petition is math* one month at 1 east before th*  sitting of the^G^urt^'^rt^person may appear  KEiT !ADVi2IlTISEMETS.  ift^-al  yFAA y: y^^^^^yyfi^^y, . yyyy. y:y  |f: # A |.!BA^E5^||,: ^    |py^y  l^i^;//^seal  ;.������a^  ajpi/Lice$^ ���������  3^ary oh tjie ^  ^ay of I>ec|a������ber.   0neyjnonth*s notice in  writSnrBbdl^e'^ -*^G<pai^^^  MsHcel^tbVp^iii; ^^l6t Of Itla^hV (JBLp^a^^ oa same, ai  ������������������ ': >."'���������-       . - y,--'y, ������������������'.���������'������������������������������������-���������'-#.���������'-'-'������������������' ���������������������������-""������������������'.'- ���������' ���������'���������    - r^asoaaDio rates.,,,^ ���������,..,.,i_~:..'  tentibbtp/petition/f^  w-������:  -a-v*...  i&yagaiast^OHE^^  talc������ notioe! that said claims maRk be Mbded ile te  'ta'a-whMiMlig&ed^within^^^/^r/iiwn'^/t^rs dat(^  ^therV4att;tUe#;wtlLfli>t bo entertained,y*"  ' / *'" ^T^.-r.  &* By virtue;; of. powers contained ,ip ai certain 'A V ' -  * ���������������������������      Jr     thoMAS -L skiggs,  jar- ���������*-���������������������������^mo'rYff^ ^-^ /v:v; ;.���������',.:���������-���������'':/���������..; ������������������"Creinors1 X?siffneea/t*i the  at^e������ChuL|co!}flip^Cpn^^ ...4   -__       .M;^^b^8^^V .fftfi.^f    '   ; Vletorts. ������������^-April 23<l,t*������ . ., , ..r..*-aa.i!l ���������  grantmg of-^^ert  er6n!ihe!b>iter 4qo> ofHbe^Cap^ Ho������B������;ii������i^ ^|������'0Sj^|g|S������������������ S ^-1'0&*���������������  e^'lol'tbelp^eliii ^i^t.^p^bicby;eucbyi t^r,",^fi^$rp&*^&^^ yr!  vy;>,ay^������lv.;l:,^;-.-yy'!/  NEW ApVEUTKipj������NTB,  ���������y^v-/;y-:  1/   MR   LB, iySH.K-% Agent of tli������ Bauk oriJriU.sh  CulamU'ii.t, lH)iUs}wiy Ft>wcr.^f-At4^������y^i.'i:^#r? :/:  .  -AT--    p} TBo^MML^mwm.ho. A  _ Birkervillp^May 6, ij|6;^^ '- '^S^myS ^sa-/;  >petUionerV;-'^y;!./.^ ;^;  Parties wishing lofrenew their retail hqiior ^'? y /���������     12 olclbck, noon,   , < ^ aA   >|      ;v>  llceRBes^wiUi^^^^ ^        ������-'���������-'-���������        *������������������������������������- ���������Al-*1'   ���������  men tlbn ed Jr^qS ir^eits^-: of a the/z/fib w :-,'Ap |,  y ;jr1������o required to aiibscribo; to the^declara^lon-  ol 21 years.   Tbe declaration-ia Wfi^bo  arid subscribed to berbrea'Stipendiary *  ;Hr-;������.>*������',������������ ,^rJ���������J  ���������-wilt bafe to getaceriiti  5  ���������/*?������  !-V  A A"' ��������� ftkteAJo&tiee o^^^  ���������  "Totes, wfio are required to. take the same  without ctiargingaoy fee for;eo'doing. ��������� Vbry  Thttfi|M^^  cate iii! writir^^rom-two Justiqes? of the,  * -,i.   ,������% t -^ y* fy������K^,r    y ?% - .    \.'*r-s.  v   rtlati6n^fyr:Whicbymu8C'/-bcmade-'  *Atm.  AA y       ^oat carefuV;pybyision, is made tp5.^ard^; thi������������  Ti,'liberal franchise -:from being^ taker" advantage  "Vi^'j    i -    ������������;_   ,i,,j,;imonf /vf -'.n''ai>iMiiinnn'i..'"WiRlfTf'htfl:  V'    . -"'���������:    ' -,-  'S-:������i' -i :/������>V  'iSiiy^iiiS  m writing by the petitioner to/two Ji;stice|  ������f'thei Peace in tbetdiatrict ofjthe intention to  iapply fSf aHicellise^nn^ia^^  enlist be'posted op 'the door of! the Courj^  fiy^Ayy^fiH^'^  Motiso nearest to4 Outplace in respect of wnicn:  such ^titiooia^made one1-month' before ttie  itibn  ^ine-Tornow  %"'- jiii.moutha continuous res Eden.ce befng neces  ^      A'friry in every district of tbe!"Prbyince, except  ���������ipfty Pf strict, wherev a 'residence, of twelve  y-   rtoonMssrin^the'Province' atfd "six months '"con  r- i  * v;:,iiJWious residqiiceyiVthe di8trict.,fa^ne.cessary.  ": '!   ������ -Coffl.e, fetv p^ple may, object tot his contmii;;  ���������      riijs^esfde^de'pm  /-:r the provision is* a; wise and heclBssary;one', and  *���������>'- *^ftj*pt*o^^  y^istriMSand^ tbe^  vT������royiuce atJarge. People require to be reai-  4eh^fyaMfeiric#orioiae titnet before tbey  ;oan!b������ in a position to intelligently com pre;!  tem pprari l^empipyed on ��������� pnblte works-  In any distrfctFTf tfie^tinWb'f^an election.nyitji-  = - yyy-yy'i^f^A yyy.-y'si;.:: yiy'^y- yy.^-iy'"yfi-  9Ut i $fcat������d residence waB^reqpired> toe votes  ���������   tif /these r men might bey used to swam p ]the  "��������������������������� -M'^y'-^^i A t *���������<��������� yy '   f"y*- ������ ������������������y-'yy y ;yp": ^ ������������������    y^- ��������� .  .-'aui^uffi'a^e8;yot |>ermanentyresidenfSi ^It 'f? /no  ^^^ec'retlbaitsuch a ^  The opponents of ^tbe Canadian Pacific!Rail-  w%^iri^Canada bave/hired tbo-ls' at work!,in  iJ!^r^rovmce/ whp,ai^^oundv-in returri; ifQ^  'epoBrderatibps intbVahap  i^i'iifr'emb.W re-  !  turning members to serve in the next Parjia"  vi; ������ne nt^of Bri tish C ai n nvbia who wi I!.- cringe and  .Sow to the present Dominion Governmentt  'r'and pasa My meaaurea which Sir, ifackenzie  .nay desire in ord^r to still further retard the  ; ^ommen cement of rail way constru ction.- \ In;  s ���������; .ih.e. Electoral Dish icts of Me 'Mainland' Use.  time, for receiving elaima to, vote ^haa^ been  extended for the p resen t j ear o b e month, and ������������������  - '.. reajdehts of this district can sendipi their  ,/ ilftimsup to the first day of July next^  The  - ������eeeaaary.Forma will be furnished by the  4iffea:ept.Colteelor8 of Votes without .charge,  y ! VTewoiild urge upoiv alt peraona in Cariboo'  .   y!:^titledjoyolaim votes the duty of sending iu  their applications witbcHU delav.  ~    LICENSE AMENDMENT ACT, 1875.,  ,  thftattenlirm of Publicans is called to the  provisions of  tha new  License Law.    No  license will in futaro l3e gratTted for the- sale  .of  wines, spirilfl   beer, or o?h������������r fer^ionten  ;/ jiquor by retail unless (in nddilJon. to the -re;  **: quirements and provisions in that behalf ol-  I.  tbe '*Licenses Amen-lmcnt Act. IS74." J.upon  ������ -$& feitil&fatrltf- writing of at ke^i {wo Jus-  \ i censes/wi}l rean t'rey j n accord a n ce ^t h the,  /Lieenaes^Ame rid meat! Ac t, 1874. ��������� to present  '���������'    i-.v.'i-.. .-'���������;' -.-������-���������- ���������*���������"!.���������:',- ������������������-* i-,������r,������^'-i.;.Vi.--y������ .���������'.',-.������'-" i'*' > .:.���������   "���������-������������������ .":���������.���������}'"���������'���������';;���������.���������  a-raqniai-tibn-or/petitio^signcrii'" by at least  -twortbirds of the white residents in the tpwril!  village -or settlement in which -tn^y resin//.  A Licensing Cou^t ^^dve/rtlsedf' to be feuiti,  at Richfield on the ISih June next; i   y  :>.y i*������-v v. y������������^"i'"',ii  .:_-_: -_. ....^.. A ~r~zTf������^,w^ 1  nrr������-������Vrt .,\I������/V.V> '--fin*������l!?t.  ���������;,'o  ,:. WLvixo^KWs.^-Tbiaj-being M high-water'7  season^ :mjni^rje^Si%lof:--c������urser-a -scarce-  article. "\The Ontario co.,o������ Cohklin gulch.;  $������<?; J^^rl^iastSeW, abd 20 oz.'ii p ;t o We cl*:'  nesday. On!Ljgbtmqg^reek ^be Vap^ni!:'  jkl#i&������<h'aSll57J&S^^  v?orkv ^CJbe Eleyenjpf ^BpgUpd co^ hav^ Bunk^  ^eir/ya^ ife^etjato  ;menc0;?to: drive oilt on Mend ay^- Tbe company proapecting oh Pe^tfra/Creek; at latt*si  advices,-hadiavp-feetof rpek in* the ftsce^K  ti^^ray^:and>heapvW^ab^ ��������� fi: if-  !|sliiflnT5fix������- ExpitEssf--Wilm ot1 is stfil rn n n i ng  ���������^%^/fl.:HGlWNteO'--q������aBfi^     f A  ,A\, -,-.i. . v <   ?J u t.i I*,'*t"iV������,,f'*'' "y,  :  T-   ' '-^      ;  ; r'   f'-;^       --���������''���������   ���������'<'-! GEO; BYRME&;   >*  > yv^:r,-* jy/'^';^-^,y:' ..-t-i-I'v-y ttfrf: il't^jj.:������������������  y?^^s;������?AF0IIT-IlEfiJSPPPJtiY^;OFT-< -  ^  .-"i'^'y y-,i - 'At ��������� yy . ���������''���������y ',tet.-;y> ' ^'V .,       .������������������������������������������������������'-������������������������������������-������������������  ���������'-   .  *fgs. -yV ^^'T^^T^TI^^Jtf^K 1 .SEC.  ���������  '���������yssyyyy'yyyyyAAAMPkmy.^  y^^ej^g^p^yy.:,y, .j.;,,..y .y  yy:-<."> ;-::'-y-;:y  ���������,y,-yy.!,yy /.|^.^ vy-i���������.'-;��������� cy^.i-i:-y-y y<y/ -y^'y! yA^yAg[  fi.- if Dr. Cnipp wilHattebfrosi LI0HTNING  'eVpT^,..gUJ^AY;!ti^til ^oQ^-.as^iisiial,^ -y"  ,';. (ROYALin^LvBCi&QINGi)''-'    -  AC O  .������������������������������������       .. / . ,      - I"-;'       ������  'Wit'irSK "HBLbT'AT.v!t- ���������'  -.:\r-_.t������..  R IGHP.-.I-'SLJr,- .      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UichfieldV WHilneaday^ lOtti ju;uew, ,V|  *f^Eh������^-Rdl AJtaiz',!Siamijiny^othiT^Assiio-aa oecs������t a  m:sV������fi.������^di^"*w"HrhW -��������� '^  ��������� ;bpU;l6th'.<lay *>^prl!Y Hty^fifi^y^s^,^  ^i?.^^rpupS'^rjp^ Jarly^; ;Tbe������  Piohe>f^Ij!glithing ^Expre^m)tn iS^ hard ? to  Jxeatj in pi I oting^aTteam <>verta -mountain1 rbacl  througbi depthsbfsott snow,; yy ; !  pKosPECTixaiPAKTt.-^Me!Mrs, GeoVGowaa  John ;:Hudson,!" an<& "' J^sepbf-^ Pascoe. left'  BarkervlHe-bn, Wednesday tb;!prbspect on a  -sVa y"-..c (^ .    cyy / .��������� u  ':���������>}'" , .y *.���������" 'yi:;yWv'-   >���������? -���������i'->- - . '     '; ������������������  creek!about' four! pbiles thia/eide of Hard-  scrabble/ antf inwhicb good prospects have  been previonsly obtained^ - -aQ^y-r .y'v'j ;  SQLiE;!A&ENTSiPOa  >y .yVi y.-y v>:,>:   " ��������� A^y '-��������� : ��������� v ;.  :*"t  By'/uoni luaiid.  &in$yfiyAw-  rAzmxAfcnA*1::  jt .������������������ .y  ���������^������������������.-^���������i"!1  nts.  y^vvS n?  .-^V - ,vr/;:' :'<��������� ^?^>i'iBtii^brttjVw.7*:;v4:v- -  His Excel.1 tney: the T,ie������tehan t -%.'refn��������� ���������fr^ba's.���������" h v a  pi pass 11 ti 1 p I ;tcc' Thomas Sewa Rtt;.^)F I*y t n >n. K* qulr ,  on tie Cttfnmi^Ffijn:M thti:Peacb: furulkfrovllice ������<f  y4/ itt ������������������iii''";^**J������U  v '^B;^ T hia-Paten^fti^ecured ��������� ^rthe/Unitect  States, Canada; England ancV Germany.;  t\:'tyi:;v y yA v,y-: ^^plo-','',4y'/' y/y;y;y y  VTOTIOK IS HEKEBT: <^T^N THAT  il ftha''expiwitfoh'bfiii-ha I^VTjfcF OVER; SEASON"  for Miiiing Ctulirts has boen extended/' to the ���������  1st day of June, 1875.  RiohfleW, 15th.-May, 18ft.  'Kfifii B.tov  i'Goid. Obnmuaaiuncr.  ' 15  FLOUR, V  BUTTER,  $8 per'100 lbs,  60 cents per Jb.  5AND ALli KINDS OF !  Eito;;iE^T������'^S  de5     , !  ���������       ; !''">���������/"'/���������'!,' Barkerville.  /���������;:;:������������������;.:���������������������������,o ^^w,.,.,  DUBLIC NOtlC^ Ic?  HEREBY  GIVEK  L. that  a LICENSING COUItT  will   be  lid:l  oti  TUESDAY, THE FIFTKKNTH JUNE,  proximo,  AT THE COURT HOUSE, RICH FIELD,  for the grtnllag of Fpirit Licenses unlr������r tho pr;)-  visions otihc Umm Arn'Riilraent Act, 1873.  H. M. RAIT*, Slip5Ri.li!trv iligistratci.  . ���������.,.   .     J..NCrTv, j.p.        . ;  BsrV^vnie, tfitb j|ay, tml nivia  Importer and Dealer, in,,  liquors, ci&  aBOOEBISS, and  WHIGfl HE WILL SELL  iv.d  ^Briti^i^^uiuWa^/j:' ,y.$  "    ,    '��������� "       ,,/ JEly.coftimahd,.   -.    *.**$, * ^  yv* "/������"��������� '- = v-    :' ���������       -;��������� y"VProviuci.il Sc-crei&Tj,  :v.r..J:  :: Trov In������i������I Spcrntaiy*s.fOffie#;  ��������� ��������� ���������   ���������  iethAt)ril;-l������T5;������r,,B,. t A  >. HlmExcctlewjythe���������lileutenniit G������y>ra<^':-ha������^b*'a  pluaBeA JtQ appoint ���������Ipa.v, pHii'^,1 H^eifi v^K'Xf !w50^ro  n?'t h>r::i)^c I -ii'h 1 ntiip, ..Qu.^iielmAQthij abu^Rjchfl 'Id  Pol 1 fhe: DiVisioris: of' the K lect ws i Dl.st ript rip y a ri hue,  iatueplaceol ^IhnmiieVR^i!��������� ^fi?^^*^������^4^b������ased>f  r-^' ; f'"*������������������*'-'" '^y^commaad." '/' .* ��������� 'I*. //:'";���������''-. '������������������ ;i ���������  y/.,A^^yVf..'   JOHN ASH, y/  .... . -y v v. %      yyfi'-- Pr-viwcial;Stieri'taty.  ��������� 9  r  /    (Carrying Her Ufajesty's Mafta.)  l^ftiHr es:^^syillU'Ior ya le  Every  Sundayr Horning  ��������� %.ia r ���������"   '-  /'     ���������������������������. - "A;-1 :;- "' ���������'; ���������;'" ���������  Connecting with the Sleamefs at C^ii^nel-  ��������� mouth, Yale, N������������w Westminster and  ���������-.:���������'-;���������;���������- .Victoria;'  :';   ���������'- ������������������ y-: :*  ..-���������-   ��������� '���������'.���������' .*      ,..' * ..   ���������������������������.-fit!    y������., ���������  ��������� .^uFreightanrl Passengers carried through  at reuHouabie rates. v  ' ' ;    .'  Vet.;rates 01 Freight and  Passnge, app 1 f  'O  GEO. BYRNES. Agent/  '   Ilarkeiville.  IK  *y '  >> >'' A  IE ^atll^SENNML  v-  BATUROOT,MAT l'> ^875.  u  FtitetSa&v^^  '.. t . ;, : OF rME,gCHItitEar     -������������������ .'    %  New fork, May'8;ffj> m.^The/Sefcittar i-  a total-16^9.' The'ftrs^and tbird!officers; with  ioiirof'!tfre!jS^  to be *aved/;������Two;?H!e:: ^a^s;we*wrecked.'  T^aities Wts^rvitftrV^ ^yio-  JeufBeals BtHlte  i luiftSpre vetj ti bg? the ;>r^nderi n������ JoJ^etSctu^:  ttidy ! When^aS:- l*9t!ht;lie^ boats yret&fced;-pie  iteij?hb6rnood/of;ihe Jed������e,the' laat !mas>Gv the  ��������� !^ciiili^ri went'o^  vy?$e We.rei :c 111rjfttnir ^i<i\ s*fTr?W^ei4roWw^cl, after  .! Graving endured the/ m^tragftnizingimifferitjga  "A urliiglhOig nlr "At! a' lat ������ hour to ��������� day three  U (bodied .(o.ne;Vaf ;fema%������%ere Yfou  *v Vhi^#pers^  Seyent^ijj^ ���������;;  London,.;9th-T-The  following   additional  ���������A -particulars bave.be^, received Y: :^Afiyf \:*  yyA b^avvldgiprevphted pbsej^aHojria.071 the  '' y ^tiiller^Blnice' Saturday; i TJie iehgjnea Jwere^  *fi piiia't half gpeed-au^  '  on Friday /night. yAt 10 o'clock sarhe night  the ship's tmck thepledge;/A great panic pre���������'  vailed.   Gspt, Thonns is highly praised! tor  his conduct dnring <;thb terrible scenes whf ch  Allowed. *Tfrb-boats were;"filled .with ni{?a������  who refused; to: come but  The; captain fired  \ Ida revol ver^pveV'theirI heads to dri ve ^them  ���������but, and' then fired $/^ni; b  ' At terw ards the sh \$ wiwPwaaheS-ashore, broad *  ' side to the sea, and "all on board these ^al8  ^erishe^v ^ ^klj%at t^stern having beeffi  released 4.toV^etfod?1 leaying Ihvhi suspended  by the. bows;   Threw* boats got:away!; on<it a  1 it-eboat. wasfso"badly- injtired?--that she;sank,  ^tint llyot>\m people^on/bo&Tdiof 3ferl were  % rescued by-tbe ot her ^ boatsi   Tbe* fog lifted  ���������b^r^y  putinly IvjsibJe^lTwoibf tihel bo^te on the  fiteamer were"btuslied^by a.failing funnel, at\d  t!t������������ deck, which was'crowded ^it&people/  w *,*.gw^puaw^ty^at:3 a.mv; The raging; which  r^mniiied ^ibKveSwateK /'wasy crowdeil, with  pi^4mgera all night: The maiffiaat^lllat.  730 am. and being of iron sunk-wiih ajl iop  - 11. ' The foreiaast/gave,way soon afterwards;  hwa 1 *; I fonv Si. Aines.>vlere unable to approach  ���������tl*>* steamer Lon jaccouot -of tbe shoals,/but  pick-up Btra'ggleriStrthe water. ���������-  *}.'������������������ iy���������  London 10&&(^^rai^Fiftycorpses from  Schiller hav^eycbme:^  *!#*!*;he**b excellent; A motioii :appr;0ying  $fia ecclesiisiical policy, pt the; Goyerniuent  passed.; * ? fi( fi:fi fififi^ A fi-y-fiA;,  !. ��������� r;;'  (:yJfedinj'ethrrrSit; thousand German fan$ies  aire;/ prep^in^yto /emigrate^ fromyPHtsiift^dti  accouiit: ;0^, tb^!;ojipr^  ^-dispatch from Berlin says the police have  ro4������^ b^dV t theiry ^^^  n^UcS^bf pibts agaiaat^fiisraark and Minister  4?otef ^special stttftypf :^detedt}!i^j!b{tye  bfe**lFa������nted for their pr.itectionV A '"a fi /,>s**,: A-  London, 7tb���������Capt.. Osborne; of^the Hoyal.  ^\\ yyi is deady Tjhe ,4raoe t.for, the, OpM rej  S&K^-^ranlU-d^yw^as^w<*n/*by THnMeK;*  Chi valron^secdnS7Abd,Tijm^bfS! tanter -thir^.r  Brussella, Tth^Tfi^nftel^ian. Ghambec ot  Reprcaentativea4o:dayidebated on the reply  ^^(xeijmanjSote!  |^QSte^p?bor^e|wa8  the^rlncTpfti 8|^ake^  ' terms...Of ,1 he laet ������n*we^^!jb Ger^nyJ arid coo. '������������������  aUiered al I grppRdaifor^ respect-  i ng the ihdepehdeuce3of the conn try^ tlie inv  /tegrityiot i^ins^tu^b;^  'tne^pfeBa "had disapiSeared.- 'At the! same'time  iiJieineutrjaUp wtlohviW.- Belgium^ dl^ ib'ot|.ekf.  bnerateSer firbm obligations tb her neighbors.  It was a question' whether the Governmeittt  Ihiid'dbbe its'duty to Germany io tbeJ0ucheBne  nffatr;-:/.  :,;������������������'"'!;yfi-'A ;.!"!.,'-':.-,!; ^yp^-yy!  Tbe Minister of Justice denied that thejCro^  ^nment^had be^n^iffa������ive-;i^  their investigations.-' :v ��������� ^,-*'" va" /  v^J^t^cpnaidera^  ItiedastiGerman^iiote nnaatiefactotyyaJijd b>-  :;iev^s Germany--lay placed jo mch apoaitb^  tint to:ieUhe rna/tUir. rest Will be au^b*inossi ���������;'  liuu# '  'Ay^'-t ty 'fiy .a fi : A\ \f   - -t i.AxSMsi A  BerlioVTib^ r^oc^din^sairaifist/ the Pritice  ���������^>Paris, ^t|^Tha|^r^ch^jimrnaley treatethf  r^pAs oPala^mi/ts;about' war Wi tr'G^rnTinv  as aipfiiu o*led������ andr ^herwlae, ?Cf������nsjder t be/o  f'������z������r-ia' in Savor of ^peaeov / ���������  * _ /     \    1 7  :i? ,s r fy'y:cmx\.   -lfi . ^  ��������� y������  'A^a^IS^T^^^  c-hapel at!(Juickang waf destfoyed bys rnobi  ��������� Tb^uthMUeaJhaVe oftyred !iiumOillale"reJ)U^  Cf-���������'.?-���������  -  :  'ft! St. Maryfi alone! ^Irt^dead are much miiti:  writes tfio Timefl^thaty many additional//lives  y/^ jt i^l 1 wi-fye^  ^/:trb^r tbe~J5qii.iI ler^r^^hptijgijf!to W^ineHly  . tue ordinary; slgiials of !a^riyal;s?which fre~  qn^ntiy'-llive.'^e'eii^e.- caiise of false alarms.  ,rtiondon,.10ih~Boat8 cruising in the vfclnity  j tip the": bouiea^of !'th������j; arownedf ";Wt.en; the  /strainer left^yjdarya!5l>: bodies!had������been  ���������   fait rid.   . fifiy ..', -, -!��������� I*-;^-'. ;;J * ��������� !:!-.> ,V',..,    . ..^!"'--������fj-1.) / ' >.  /The joijq Jirf ng !wa$ rece ivei} at! the, Office of  the api'nthtthe Ragle Line!thia;mormngfrom  , . PI y mo 1 it b: -vQn \y: 15 p assengers a a fed "irp ui  the Schiller.'-'!!' We ar^oibjg^iery|������W8; '$$**.  cover and idea tify bodies.   r ifi^fil t!ff!fi  ! Lobdon; ��������� 1 Oth r^The steamsbip! Calala w^\s  1 est/ near BreRt while' on'*'ayoyit^frb^xi Lia^  lion ; to this ficiiyfi /Sixi^ei^; persbiia.y were  4 to whed. ���������  -f!; '���������: fi , A -a ��������� \ :!���������: ^ ���������!!'. /! ���������/!,���������'.-      ' ��������� ���������������������������:'.! -  ! >. ;^.?y "^y-:f''y/^^^&J������^^;t\:^V;V-.-.. f/V  Tjonijtbn; 8rb--Th!ey report- ftialfc^5?r John  -Ililk^������r-ha<l^-accep ied^. Jfi d geah ip Jn/liifii?i? dr t  ���������6V Exbbj;quer, made vacant by,tbe deatii of  ������;Iiaion l-ig6t; J&ideniedy';.; yfifiAfi-. fiyfififi' 'Ay  fi. Lo,h don. 8th-^The! a wi nging sal 60S eteam er  ! JJ������fos*emer made the trialj trip; 'tS;day ;-fr(>ai,  Dover to Calais in two hours ano^a^'bal^: The  saloon, being unfinished, ��������� was/not .wbrkedj  W b en the steame r was en teririg Galais barbor  uhe refused to answer her helm and sk^jck the  aoutlupiej, carry)ug away 50yards Qri0: =  Parts, 9th���������A'claim is made fey the Calais  M u nidi pali ty for d :\mnge d one by'the-steamer  33o?<semer of 70.000 franos. ;   .: -  Ber 1 \n, 9th���������In the Lower Houaeyof the:  Diet the bill tor the suppression of .Religious  O I'd* is w as read a seen iid : time: W ithou t  amendment, ahd'the bill giving the Old Cath-  ..olios a aha re 0 f R< )m an (jathol ic; clni r ch :p ro -  perty p������syed its 1 idri\ reading; by a vote of  202 to 75... liist^uctions.havtfbeen sent to the  |)f0?incj.1 tl an'.horitief 0f Pruasia-toftreat tlie.  -collection 6f money*for prists who.have been  ������ibJHCied to legal pen altius as a punishable  oltence. y-:y -.-. y-yr.:' "'" .. fTf���������"-   :' ���������i  ������������������: - * -Brussels. $\h-^The.Chamber,of Representa'  =tives. alter n long debate.'adopted ���������tlie refjo-  ;1 ut ion approving of the Government's conduct  ol the negotiatioua with Germ any. :  'Iu the'Chamber of Deputies Mofettif the  pr^e:it.Miaisiier of Voreign; ArT.iirs, stated  i*t th(j relat'na of ItAly with G^rlaany has  1 Chicago. KKh - A t NevadaftowaT ^terdny  ^/mrib^f m?ii8^l^^$ok^  ioa# frok !li^M>it^^am^hani^il Wrri^ ^fjhe,  only i^aaon for>>the;;outrae:e was tha^/he was-  Stheriii-  yey  .. ���������-: ,..,.., ,������������������ v,,y. <v.;.^p;nng������;;iUi*io:^y^p;ftav!  tftun^bn>blowhi^own thr^liou^esl^iliog^  two children snd;^^mttishin^4yery^lyn/jney  in the place;���������.���������* |Seyeral'}- iiniisea; at\d |barrts:bei  ^%een Green Springa" anH felyde!#*r| blown  io'wmand trees" arid3 ^nx^s idemolianed be-  ^weerrfjlyde and; Bel}ere.i y^)o t^e line. <vf.; the  'IHice v sUhre ��������� i rsflrfmd^ ��������� scarc*^y  av buildiag  att^ut two mil;Stride.! .. ,y ,, ..      =  A: Waslungton./i^h^-Aj private' leUpf from  ^1 lava ha sa ys the- corif ujuub c ey cif S pa/hish rii IV  seeois do be^a ;.qn>������stij)h ,jOt;. very short /time!  ��������� Val eniMzed as? offer^ff: free ;p ar do n t oya 11 ipf,  ^.'Uge^ && *$9? ^Wi1 ft$ri?( fe d>(fnieii sjg^nti-  e\\uC of s^eeSy;" exhiui^tion; of power. The  pat riots have*kli:tbie-/Ea������tern and.central pbr-  tiom 0 f the; island. as^. ajowrce of aupply. and  are; ftlfelsliKg; Ife Royaifprces 'to!tlie westward;  _ ��������� J    41. *.   ;!/>ma nf   rfat'onii     toV "4 ei itrofl ".'ii PA an'f   a  and the siege,of Havana  possiblenhing;  is>taiked��������� bf^as- a  aUALrPiCATYOS yA&$W: REGISTRATION  :;/ '   M%$F;f^  :\Al W^yw^tf$$ fete^ Pf: 2ty^ars jbeihg  entitied -W-ittji'^ihis:ferp;v1 nce ��������� to lhe prir;tegfcs  ot a iiaturai/bor.!^,Briti*ft siibject; ha!ving been  ;ivstated: resfdei>V.a8. defined by section ijiSfit  the tbneyior doingVso t6; >?vy "periods  person not already on\the.,Register:-pf, ^otera  iii-;! ea^mpte'd' diatricta/^can; f^ead;iu*a notice ot  his eUiptb; vote bet^e;e������ the first day bt January aud the first day of June in any year. /  ; All/petjaops giving or;se|dingtb the Collector a' claiifi to ;vote(,under this Act shall' giv������  or se nd, therewith;; a vdeclar a tion> mad e and'  subscribe^ before, a^SjipendivVry Magistrate  or a Justice^of. the Peace,"or Cetfcctor/ who la  jberebyyauijj^i^d!a "*  iaipe*. persons makjjig!rft .false; declare  the  araiion  ;mo.nuuVv'^,^^r<v,'^;7  ^'; vVr>-yy y^yA'  i ��������� ,V/CTaims4itp ?t ficom p a hi ed by the jSecl aratipn,'  shat 1 not !&e! entered In > the 1 isUif vbAers7 'M- -%!  ������������������  A List!of;per)^ns!cl^jpiing to yc^QShallb^i  made o\\ t ahds pcisted by the /Golleitbr.. on ^or  before the T10th day] ^ jfi^ne^/infieach rear2  rWhenTthe w������|fdy>i ^W'^9^^rVr^S^^StkT������ li'eoo  written by and;atftta^abceJopt^-Gollec^  he shalj^;{or.thwilh Bend a nptfce.^ereof to the-  persou whose nanie!is obji^te)!  objections can also! be.eenfc! inJ^ the Collet tor  by.anj elector. ^ 'fi^'fiy^yfifi:-.    :fifi  The Col lector' sh al 1 hbl d.aCou rt of! R< vision  ^fbree^tfriHhfe Wtfr>&*$; ������if ^ugaVt ini''eictf!?* ar!  plying for/ the SAmo��������� any of the'i  iFofuia^thoiiPdha!rge-y      . v.  ,;'  of" the^b^cessa'rv  W^ are^jBad*tb^  AgenJ.at the. Forks of^Quesbelrhaa ikkjsnji^ott  Mmaelf th e^jres^onsibiiiiy ol ^scn8ini out <$wo L  imei0tb chop?t he ftmbef'oitfc ol m^^rau/Sucb:  prompt.action.on hia!part������iU?be*appreclatei .:  by the 'public: ���������"  ������ ,    '        / ��������� v ^?.''   - '  ������; bVJegetaitioni at s the Forks^hf? Q^iWn^?^ hi  coming ybo-. very J'rapidly, i^abbage^p^ota /  may %.j������e*nr;;tlia^^   beylarjgeyenough. \<> ���������  plan t^t^in-: aii bthe^x^wee^  peaa are making' thev'dirt^'flyveommg im'oiish!.  therground^y ;,, ��������� JIt v   -^   ;y /'! ���������-  '������������������'';'..  ^Mining yirVtheVwin^  South,RpTisk hasjbeen Fery:istert v^iis-'6e"ason: /  bwingytrf the sudden rise?bt^hoTiver;; but;-;  although. the?cl(aims,^B}y-i.worked seven dayi  after their wing danw%fera��������� ��������� completed;, tbey  teade>a3;ygh as^wlit^oiikrr  baod.      :-' ' XAfi \r-   fi^fi '   >- _    ������������������    . ,  There is ^ewKfaUen-Saowyi^the depth^of  g U;Vmpn tivereoi?mayvote in any  bne^bu^iu no other) Poliin^Dlviaibivof 'flujeb  KU ct)������rat District.^ no persou shall be entitled  o vote in nj^^^aintlihfp*^   4     8' ri:~ "1Ia:"  Ivcgr^lJOis^ict;,  -i\ n d perso ns, so voting shal t be I lab le s to JJpe  ^oi^in^ptisbffitient:^;5^ - ; '';'!, *" / \' ' / " \  t AmV persbn who shall^ei'mit4 his! lame to  rem}!^! upon :th^ yUeKiste^  /nfiire1 felelstpra^ Districts"sh^t^liav!e no rig-i).  to \v ole,;y and yit y;iiyh. prison /shall v^ote, bis  fv^fe'iia!ll; pot-be" cuutitedv and ��������� heW shal U bn  "Viablelb^firie -aivd-imilrisbnmeiit^^^:.: 4*>���������$+& . ������,  the  awy^.rstinAttUe^wrUtenj.r.e.qu.estlof  suctf'^soh-aridfproof -thatusucb^request Ayaa  ������������������ depMted siti* thefeost Office ina^prepaid better  addr'eaaed to/the Collector..^    --i -     I  i'rb^ided, that for/the year 1875; m every  .Bleclbral Ilii^ct ^i^hot^MSialand, the tirn^  fixed for thb Collector to ;giyey r^tice^caUing  ropon persons ^aira^P  c 1 ai ms; shal I" bb^axtended I to fi af perio<l vn bt ex~  jqee^Sng(r^e/month i?lau<f /the"Jtime|fixed Jby?  ? Ui s -Ac t^ ft* r^rtd b i i i������ a l| In ter ni!t?fl i ate-^a c t b to, the  *nkniugyb������ the; Register of Voters .shaHjlJe/  dike.wue*extended -to a period not exceeding  urre months* a",a y  j~*    ! -.;;->���������:/'   t   .  The wcfrS^Hi stated resident"^:shall mean j  ... .:  ������������������y<xr^yyi   :>ryyv---y ���������=-���������     ���������.. \  yy- x������ coup'-sroii^ towns Axo camps,     y //  ���������:IV A perjnn who-liolds-and baft he!d for ��������� three  months pfeyionaHb/sbhding iii -his clai  '     to yx)te a*Frfe6^Hiner^s!;Certificate/,or! re-.  ./.! newai thereof, or. a Licence-'-iasited to I he  Distinct under��������� the;;v LicencesGrdinaape,  .-!l80.7;,>;ft;nd>mendmebtsy-yfi v;1?^?; "-v. /: I Ai  2. Or slrallhave^aleaBeho.ldes^^ p.0B?\es-  ,     Fioo, situate ng Aforesaid; of'the anntialv  ;'-������������������ .J:/va1ui;bT|t0%^,'- .���������/������������������. :.fi 'a [ ������������������ . t"'":]  ^ Ot^aU be" a bbuse|iolder, s^uaje^as;afore-  " y Jaid!,/,. openpyjug;!.any !bbuse, ��������� ivarehbiVsei  . ' ' counting housej'o&lce,; sbbpy or  other  buifding br!^pfeml?es,5 and paying therejor  th e cl es r- an nu'al-"J re n't 6 f S100.        ^  \ Ai  4! /Or ah'aU; have ebbtuihoiHly 'resided in^ the  * District for. six; men tha. .     /. /.. ,  :sV':"- IN-AtL OTnEIl���������VX^ti.OfTlifi TRoftXCRj:, -'fi  A peraon baving; for nx. months,prex o vs to  iNB'ORMATlOK \V aTSD:  we w on Id li ka to/ bri hjj und e ryhis obaer vatloa  ttJe^siate^bf tho^ trait^ betvv^n^the'1 *n mil^i  libuse and Keithley^qreek^ t/Mr^Saul WJ\3;e?c^  pectejdthrough that- diatnet Jas^;fall;%u%hi  has never putrin an appearance11 tip to the  present tim<^ althbiigh^animals are:^xpeete(i:  through, ejfery day. J^b|re! ^!ne!s|ga{of Saul .  even making*^ny^ inqijlr^^heffier the trail t������;  flocked by fat-fen timber or not;    ���������  Mav-1     :   '   A-  ::r^-;:>oJ-;:''^.^r-i><L?Bi^K^-  ��������� r|aryey '^^^^^'^^fi^  yy '���������< ���������'.'-'������������������' '{<���������'?'������ -,���������.-������������������  TERuiBtK 1Bi?A8trk������-~T jj^udetails.Qf JkfiXeXr  r;mp&wt..jA -:Ammy ^.mv$hw^:A!^^A> a.  rtble marine diasster will ,beyfo4ind in our  telegraphic reporti ;^be :ocean ' ateamaui^  Schi Her/ while on/lhe^byagelr $m Ntw'Yerk  u'-tt.^  .'v-jCh.i  A:  ���������yti.::   :)  !������������������������!.:.  -��������� .*V..'.*  ��������� "y.i*.ty  ���������fifi;  AfiA.  ''yfi  ': i.yS'  ���������-,4vhi'  ~'W-  A;  Am  ���������rSfe  ������������������vs  ;;?/jj������  Sty  w.  'yy  A  m  : !i  I' '������������������ it'  ��������� /#  ���������'.\i'  ���������M  y  V-;  !!i  IS  /!|  yy  y  AA  //  %u-t'6 ^tbe/3TT������)ii lav btr! bosti |}^iessefc:&ilyi  .-.-:������������������������������������."'���������; ������������������   '���������������������������' r-������������������������������������'��������� y-.yyy'.:yyi>y.-:.y,.-y-:i ������������������-.���������������.':.-.; ivr���������-���������>-. -���������--���������.'*���������������%���������������.���������'i---^1*^. -*vi-  ^le'^gc! ilyyfelan'ds' cbm^ris^ l^pi^f J-'^'^f;"'"  !isles.- and numeroua ro^ks at the'? Vutrance>to/  .:,-' -M.      i'i.:'i y:  ''-li.-ev   /^v";"-s--',,:-"''->-���������'������������������,iy-,!i:   ''-'"i'���������.-." i-���������*'--"  1!)  :jy'  V  >1!  y  -i:  ibe^entitied t& viite"at /tbeV^epti6n-of a" mem  ber or memberi^ Jf the Legi^  No person shallbe capable of beirig elected  a me mb er of the* legislature wh o sh al 1 u o t b e  duly ivgiatered'or/entered on tlie Rpt/iai.er of  Voters tor some Electoral Distjict of tlie Province" ; no mifiiaAer of any religious denoibiu-  atiQn'.capable'oil being elected a meinber. -  .; ^JudgesrSupen diary .Magistrates, Co'nst ables  and Reurtung 0Kicvrs pot entitled to vot .,  'Kxisting-l*otUng Divisions shall be cuntilined until altered or varied by the author! y of  this Act* .;' ^1 :fi fi. "a "y fi. i   ������������������-.  Every person entitled to to\e at the election  of a mem ber o^ -the Legisl a ti ve; ������������������ Asse m b ty is  required to,give.or send to the Collector of  Votes, on or before the first day of June then  nt-xt enauiug,. a notico in writing by him  aignediof bis claim to vole, according to one  of the Forms in the schedule of the Act. nc-  com p anied* ;by ��������� a ���������; deel aratiofl as he rel a af ter  mentioned.  The Ijientenan^Governor in Council may  exempt any and every Electoral?District from  tfie" necessity of send in g to the Collector notice  Of their claiia le ve# iu ouch year, and exteud  ftit^!tbv.fiatty i|h ips}; enteri JQg^||^i^^::cii a n^  ne1^^ne^!^vthey!tost  ^|\J;lSrid:;;h^pei^m!S  S ish^!m eh-of -w arj perish^^witb-^^^/ Birv  :Clqut(e!8iey ;Sh.oyel!a;pd (aittheir{^r^w!|^er������!:  ��������� jS'HJspf a ^rj>n p^jpf^Bieaf^r!]?^  ^^ainje name;!Li!th������^  .al:very; dangerpiis tp; nayigaiorsV fi] ���������; fifi: Afi.. "fi ";;  : Fm^raKyESTHp^!^ha^  byythe Fire gardens to/c^lythe^^  bousetiplders to thence^  toofs fbr their bo'usea of; ;&e light/yegefiibl*/!  mat ter which tbr^ fr  w hi chA ia; h igh jy^ in flam m abl e. "���������!���������. The;: roof o f ar;  bnUdjbg in;Barkervilie ;wa������yset! on fire thisy  week by sparksit--fullinjr.^atmciijjg*thwy;fuza:y^;.  matter, but fortunsifely: it W^^obaetyed la !  time:; andT exti hgiiialied) before^ apyy <J altnage!  waayilohe.   In.spme:partso^yanaJ3^iiV;ha8!2  bebnV fbiind Uliat Iphiifibig ^tfi^sbin^le^^ a  good prevehtatiye:;against %i| d^p?^;!an<i'������������������  where /paiiit is too expensiye^-^sjj^w  ���������\tf tjaribpo-~welI aized !^vhi|ewaaii U ifseS aay  a au bsti tu te an 1 found to ansWer tbe sr me/  ;]>nrposev * This i? amatWrideser^lng^h^  aideratibn; of aiyonceriied..:;!;^ >^y^ :fi }.fi  ;Misebs will!observe by!tl)e%6!ts0e^pui)i!tf)ed  eraon uavmKior &iX}.moum3,pr������>.-v is i<������ =^������ -:. v y.       J��������� y-.fiA-.���������.-....y "v.--..��������� ^ ������������������'  sending, in hieelaimfco^ ���������  the time of sending1 in tiiVclhim tb.vot^.j.:ciaims in'the Cariboo pistcict a/tV laid ov������r  :,posses8ed,ofipy>ofthe following qualiC^rintvtthe lat ^iiyyof'June mextf^^^rde^ of  i/HuvbSVreeboii estate:^ Com^nerSBa^  :! ihiUistrict for. which he claims to vote of *h^������nMl<W^  the!v;alue,of-f;10Q./y y���������- y ' **���������';  TliKSnreriniehdentof ^duc^iionVJ.ies^np,  2. 0 r a '\ ea seb pl'd estate i n p oasessi o n, si tu ate  '������.4aft-j������fores^id,,.of the annual value of $20. -  3; Or be a holder and oocupier.in accordance  , >v *i th t.h e p r o v isi ons < > f t h e La nd' O rdin a 11 c e  or/ Act under:Avhich- ho recorded a preemption claim of not ks3 than 100 acres ;  pr be a recorded settlor or- homestead  settler upon Crown .Land.  Or/who -shall have continuously resided for  aperiodof a.year \n the Province, and  . for three moutha of that petiod io tho  .dtslrict-, ���������..:- ��������� .;.-.::. ' y-  Or who'shall, have paid eb^ instalment of  ,   the purchase money for any Crown lands  iu theKlectoral dist'ict.     '���������      ��������� , y.   ' .'.  6. Or shall be a householder, occupyinfr any  house, &c.,/and paying therefor the clear  A * annual rent of J>25.. - ,- A . A..- ^ ...���������-..;, ,v.  7. Or who, holds alicenae-issued in the Dis  trict under the Licences Ordinance, 1867,  and amendments, other than a Mining  Licence,  ���������~v  1  n  H  w  si  I  4.  o.  Esq., wil I visi f Ba rk; ervi lie, pn<Sat urday, *22i  inst.   lie wi 11 exa mine (he; school in the -"if te r  noon* and deliver -a free lecj uc������t on* *'. Eduoa-  t^ou,, in the MeUjbdi3t.Cinircb;.aJ 7^0,p.ni,  ���������;. Qnken's BnjTuiuv;���������Her 'Majeaiy-SL Birlib ���������  day will be duly'honored fry the citizens of  Bar fee r v i 1 le. A co ib.mi ttee is no w? ar r an ging.  a programme of sports..-_ ;\i..!.;/ ,/',,  ���������:. HBAyY Rains duriog the! paJ������t 24 bbnrs hava  raised the water in William Creek'^^ consider...  'ably.,!- '.; : fi" Ay: '���������!��������� .''Xyv'y   'fi  KKUa:ons.1-;Rev,"Mr Tlionip^oh will preach  (D.V.) in JJirkerville tor morrow evening, at  the usual hour. .!,: ,v<.. y .      "i ,,-������...-'.  Thh Telegrapb.Line,betweenT*aft!VViukl*.  md Quesnelmoutb being dovvn,- no mm #1;  bt? mail stage cau be ohUi.ft'^4*. .  Mi  ty  vy  A  wiLwnMmHmnH, ; NOTICE 13 HEREBt^iVEV that the foUoyring land  ���������'i.i\in Nevr^WeitmlnsterDiatrict are harebyreserved  ,  -y^illfttJl-iUrther'ffoUee:-'' :- /.\; .    , ��������� "'-"*   , .( / y.,/  A*' !    -township kg. 1.    y  fiBtoekNo! l^rih,;Range 1 West,;Sections 25>26, 30  *���������,  -  ' ��������� of Sectfon i: " '   "   '   .-.        r   _ s.y'^f  XBlocktNorth. Ran?et Wcst;^ectIoD27.orS���������C.3. j  fi, Jtotheastfn<c t'ionai quarter of/ Suction 28, known; as  A.^AfiZ'fi-iotlJ.'A- ,' ,,. A- : OA y   yy-Ai yy "A-"  "Afi  y.-^,    ; I" to.wnsjhip.no. a. , .'���������  -. .    - '  ';���������.'' .?J feoutheast quarter of ���������. Section G. vy. ������������������  ,  ', ���������     '-teoaiUwroat garter of Sactfon 6;���������. _. fi.fiy^'!!./':  ��������� *' " "   '       ; 1'  ji'OWNSHIP NO. 5,' ,   '*, "/ ,';,  . -.', :- tJroupi, Lot J 69^   * y<y>fifi;,y.y:AA A7-A,. y /.  /'vy-yy ' v^ v ,-������������������"/ . \!     ..   R/BEAVEN,,    ;  : ; Ay fin. ���������- ^ > - ,~y "fCIiief ������omml4sJoner Lands ana: Works  ��������� Jy!3ia������<5santl3Works0Dpp;irtmeKti^-y''0v     "'* Av" ��������� >-  ..   p,:^t^m^^^^mh.w^y a i W 'AAyfilyy^  y .* ���������  '  ';t.;f --il  y.f\  -v. "'"-"-:. '���������:���������������������������������>  'C,*-  tv's������. ;  ���������V y ;���������  hi.-  i Map thereof h'HBboftiiilepiisi ted in (be office of Mr H.  '  -<^v.-y^y^:y,:-^.y,'yyy-,y;;/w,yy... yv  yy  y*.*:i  ir faction 1. 4; lli i2( 13j U  ZfiiA-yAm  : %y%h> i) I  TOWNSHIP NO.:13.*'''fi"'A* '*  ��������� >.. ���������  ^yry ~i;fy*-yy*y-A*  yMly&?9:  A yA'i^m>AA yyn:. y^y-A:AA.Ay!-'A:yyy.t,  8i\lfl^l7va8r19^0,^i;^.28> -������i-M Wad  8  * .  n:y   ..   :ri   -vT0W^SHIP.>NO.-W.   '-       *'������������������  ,  *"���������'  Kobthwest-quar.torof/SectmnttA -, .-,'<      <:ir  /4loumeagt quarter bf'-Scciidn 14; V ���������      "* y.   fi     ""GROUP III. fifi'  ;^^a#al&:8 onBBurton Vi Prairie' ? 1n townsbtp N*.  y,,.y Aifi,^, -yfiAfiA' ���������A'-'-.yyh  'sjy y*:*   yfifi :y:,^  huy Forfh's'et;Proof aii;1 Declrtratioii^&\ri?be olStalnedt at?  |> -IhdoihcG.of the"Comtui&sVjnep,.tNow,Westminster^ A;,u  ^y-ithe t^ll/������,wtngf la.M^ jsituatsi;'inythe..vDistrlcti���������of >Jew,  . ; ^>-..;'-ny: y yy/.;Jpo^tJ^oraW"^/!-"'1 -"*v ������������������"���������'���������   . I >���������  ������    ....    y    ,/;;'        .���������...   /���������;:,;,    .  ,,.-,..,     ;.������������������    ; .:,<��������� i\. y   ,. ...  Ay., s, y >s -���������  ' 'Aylttfli-thktfclsiman'te of lady portion"af this-land'.' who  fi- p-lja \y: p jit -.ob ty i ned Crown Gr������in ts/thereof I shoolu ji'rbve,  1 ������������������ , . '!e!p their olafinB*tu accordanca iwitb.-Clause 21. Lanti'  : y *,'*>t-l-.lS'74..  J >���������'     ' ' ''   -"5   -'���������/>/     ;  ^ '  is..;...    Forms.of prop! and. declarations can; *>o phtalned at  'ySae office Qf;the*Oommissionor,- evr JVestmiuster.  o   y   . //y^/������j>     '        ^-ROBERT:BEAVKS-   v  * fit f*.4f; ���������:: 1/ y Chief; 0<?mtb!ssloner of. Lands^:an!u Work?.  :. ��������� ��������� :S ;.6i; ^3 ������S tflS and^tVorka '���������pfl}iari.Wiftff y> ft j ^ ���������������������������' '^'.; j; -'".^ ^'.- v ��������� ������������������;-���������>!?  ���������^lj-;-    -jlaadv,;.; ��������� |^;:^"  .LiLiL6oET;-nsTrtrcT;  --;   TOWNSHIP m ;  ti. *' * an ce with the provisions of the ;^Land  Act; 18T4^th^  District of Lillopef, apposUo Big I)og; Creek.  H^htbanfc^f^'!Fraser;^Jiyer?f nave beenfuib;' ^  divided vy^SnmyijBild^'Mapa the roof,, hbvi   c'  bee/b deposited iay thajOfflce of GlEi^opei  Esq.. Clinton :-     .    ^^ '    *,fc   l" 4 "J '-   --  /Jif^^pni!lg2,;il?'--^  Has ok banfl aehoice atbcaef  ������&,  >a^East'baifdffsectiob!4'.;;'fi^Ay w>?' i^^r^r^x^ "'r*FF7^&A*r '  t-y.i'yyl'A:yA:yru7^ yytyl h'.i?} n   r-m<y. -.,.^ u-A^i.piA.in^ ^ I^H&tui ?������t*l.:^> y-^riAi;;,}?  *; ^Fractional Sections(^;lif'!'"   -."1.:^ "������ -.^' ^^^ly^s^^?^!^^  ^>WeWha^  ;; (; ^ctioris^o, 27, ^W^W^K-^J^r'��������� v.y  ; F?SotttS?��������� fi^fWf;*ct1.i������J^5ffK" ,V:!,!, t *2  ^^^rRCtionarSectibn^^ !  :"  /^Audfthat clalinaiihifofvany^por.tiomiof this  Fdrnisfof proof and declarations can be  #btajn^ aMha? i^^  ;'ciintop:;.;f.ry4"V;.M; ,;r,, ,.y,^/. \ ���������, --k <'-. - -  ^ >   .ROBERJT^BEAVEN;;:.  j^?Mfe        Land^ and:Works;  ? Lands-and ^Wor ks i&fftistiv  -ytctoriai/PecvlU.;1 &7Ma$ v  A-fy ryuA^ fivAiy-A :y.AArAA-y\\yUy'':yyj. ,  ;..'^3. hfifi^<RGkDmtrAXk^-fi  i   y^ '^'s?i. d htti'iliA'^Tr^A: ^'fi'>   ���������  hfifiyhfi t.  NOTICE IS HEnBBreiVBNltkata^si^ffallper  ;t: B)D3 within, tUe^ jr ;., :��������� ��������� . ,   r, , ;.- i  ���������'y..-,!,''.:;-1: .i;i-:.- ..:;*-i,'.��������������������������� .������������������?#.. ,>.���������'���������������������������.(���������������������������.:��������� ���������-'���������'- '^  ���������'��������� -.'������������������'-'v..1;?-������n.1'*  KEifHLEY^KEEKfPDL^  ... I  ,-',..',  :���������:���������������������������'J!i-y.   a /t!y ,-'"V������yV-vi     cy ���������������������������>--������������������ ������---������- * -   ��������� :>., ���������-������������������������������������ ^.;  ^^ai!REirAlL^Aa;!������BEAF:  J^j   ;yU ��������� n E; f**Ai'4<ki\'>j;]Vt't .^"> ' i.V*f^V.r,7v|'5 It;   ..jV-.  .���������J^^'-'S.sSFh  :.'.  'KAMLOOPS T>IVMON!OFiYALE  VOTICB !SHE^BBr;GiyB)N;ja.accor^ncflwith  .thp,-inji^i-tlliorcof has be^iifftirwftrded tv tbe,Office of  bAhd/that claijpants-q^  ������Tf ���������<**?>, v yy "? y have hot hft ^mea/C^n;Grants(1the|eoC sbqu^j pr������ >vt  fitfi; Afifi-fi      k ytipAheir claim^in aftcbrilancu*ilh'Clause"%{. liiiid  "v": ".y. ���������. ryikctfii&ii.:Av'^(A v&pjiXffMfiistyfii ������^������,-'v.: "-.-'��������� ���������-.  ^orms^oT Prool- and :J>ecI������iratlobs^bvbb <Jt)taineVl at.  i,h������ office of the CoaimlsfcJiQDtT, Kamlw^ps     V?\| u .;. <  \ ? .ROBEKT'/BKAVEN,,,.,  silKE VrepafeflJ^  .il'yWilliant Great, ordeliVerl v t a .'order! irtw* j  ytfO'iWoO' ������-*?fi   t-jfifi^ifv " fk?^^Oyj p kw [i\A ,v  ^MLP,MBSamELi^EBEB<)^iLIGBTNINa  CREEK.      ;    ''!;/���������"'v     :'' ;   .-:������t    ,.;  Jt)w(i lijHy^yo^4^ii������*y|^.r-t':*H^I1^ f -m". ' i/'i  ji (Hirtnta ?hiniaglila^hiiie>la opatationyth^ wf  alsflfurniah . ��������� .*_.-.fi. . <;*-o^|^yr/^.vn,i^iT'?;.\fi\  r>\{ ������s'j������) //y'iyy^y^yy^iii^:^; ��������������������������� ;i-.:,y���������;<;*.:'*:**u  ti  ''sri  A* it  A.j,&:  ry I, alr^5-������ ith'aiplA Strire^Harve^ CreSk.} ^ ���������:^ t  // y-Jaeswa! Veithi&fCp^s^Keithleyi'f'   -   fi;fi  y    GoTcraiiiQiitiOfflceV ForkaJafJ,Quflsna3. ...*,,      /  \ J ���������"   "' '*vJT: C 1 ouv!e^.harb;/'V'' ;  1 -   "������������/    ' \3'<vl :     ' v/"'i,w    abactor, s'  ���������j.vJ,erldqof;QaaaneI^Jan.v:I?18T5*J^ -'' ^A"' v.j -?    /,.  ''.���������;���������--���������������������������;     ;'.    y-'V'-.r .^M'"������%^-(.(^.fe<v-i^H   --y.  .-���������7rv.a-iy-Ct^:C'-'*Jiis,v,'./>;li ^-y !J'^.'J ;,Uuii^nll  . ���������  ii' v^.''JKi-KKRt>ADvfTA>^; \y^yAAA  tfrfr  >-iyy.->!i   yrty ir i- y��������� =���������n\&.l m\r i'^t ���������ir>:������v ;   ' ���������  *i*J.; sons ivitinu the"' i; .. V!:^ --3'^ 'fyv./y.' 'I ^,y-U ; ^'{  3&H*3������'s "^'iet'' I>i>hyci' ������ .ol. Assessor/and Collector. ���������  LfUooet, Jan. 8,1875. ..*-���������  '!i([i  "?-<*'������������������ *'  a/tf-  r/-"-..i.-.  PU8UG NOTICE/  ; *���������':. t  ofLaiid  !���������!; ��������� A A fifilX ,TQWNSH IP NO.: 9,  ' aay  -* ='���������* ^������TICK-rs HESEBYyGIVGN,: in'accordance \vith  il the provisionsM> the-Jiand ActMST^ fliat the  : f..: .JeJlawin(j lands sitaate in the Osoyoos Drvifelon of  ������;4 -: Yale iDistr let have been ���������'��������� sa.bdl vi da J by. -an rvey, and  ���������;���������.. ,*he. m u p thereof has; h eeti, for war I ed to ihe office of  ,;. 'j,spt Haynce, Oorainisstoiicr^Owoys:   fi"  '- ^'Ay^'V-'fifi;,- A'iitovfvtohiptfoAfyAyfifi'  A- ���������"���������' '; ' aA  y ' Bectlon ii,!20,21; 22! % 24, i6] 29. W, 28,29,81 *L  .������J.y,,.v,:;:y,.;!.a2,,33J'84.-35,.fthtl86;-   ��������� ?  :. ���������������������������V    :  And th a t ein i ma n ts 'of any port Ian <of this Ian d wh 0  -.bave'ikot ob.taineir| Crown Grants thereof should prov*  fi" their claims in accordance with Clause 21, Land Act,  "  Fonns/of proof and (ioolarations can be obtained at  IhwOJHc'aof thoXommissiomT, Osoyons   -   ���������  :*;,.;      ; HOBEKT BEAVEN,  ,:. Chief Commission(?rof Laaas and Works,  1   tAntfeaftd'Works'Depri'rtmonfc,  .     , y Victoria, Apri 13,: UU.  ��������� y-y^yfi fifi.."-:-- notice- ���������      "y~  '; ^'ITOTICEIS UREBY GtYKSt. that the reservation  il    t>) (kind in tho New Westminster DisJriet, dated  ��������� 18t.h July, 25th Ju ly. and 2d .D.-crnhpi- j 371, so far  ft* applicable to hud included wUhin the boi:n<urifS  iMOTIGE?I8 KEREBJV>aiVH!KLthat:a:L|st;of allip^r:  ti .sons .within the/fois trict pf. Qlint-ori'ah/L Wiilliams,  Lake' Division V>f ^theJQarihod Pi sirict Vho /are Iitibia'  to pay Road! Jiix f������Jr the ;y ear 1875 ;haa; baenposted a:t  ���������the following place's;   ���������   'f ,y  - * ). ������'���������''"?*���������       */ y  u Cobn'Tabase, Clinton.'������������������'^, y;        .   ���������  ''���������''-,.-   Mr YeatesY Sodrttrw^.'���������'       ;- :^  . /  -; /PostrOlflce^loO'MiiB .H������M������aVi������.H   :  ;,..;,,,'., -I>ost Office,;pofprttftsfi. ������������������,. /;./., __ y ;;.^' ;  '    "/���������'    "������������������   ;   * ��������� O.B.TOPH,  ;.n ���������'���������/���������/',;,:���������.. ;;'-;b . fi-i. A.y.\.y.) 'AfiAhfi<pmtot*Bi  Qmmrtoi'Wim. .; ���������;;; !!yy... ,v. .:���������!': ���������'���������'!;  *i6UPRLYSOFrTHBy  e20  ; Always!ob hand.  i j"! yfi'fiot % it 0$' ~l&& I': ��������������� U'A Al %P.������ *'(? h A ��������� ;>J f" /  k5s  f ^eNBW* %ESTMI^fERf DJ^ltJlfp;  ;yuiijhjs!;;^^n*u:/^^-^^.:. ^ohnAA ���������;��������� .������������������.���������'  VTOTICE-'IfF^EJRpyjaiVEN^iri aochrdance?vlth  L); ;the/ pmvj^iopa of: the.;JL/mjl ���������JAqtff. )87������/ that the  fijliowihg lriidsiitbVle'iajt^e^  niinstfirshave -befji ���������aa^t|ivi(i!eav'-ByllaarvVih>t"^'-' the.  map Uieiel>i'}has?bc.envd������fxyi|io\!>hii tbUbnice'Cf^. 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GLO^IiS..,-! /..v,;  >������ r? j  o*  i*.y  I!wiU dnrin^ the,winterVr^eive50^^600^'  ^  selept^frpnvtbe in - yicjborjav"  y ggSTAAll] orders ^frora;y oiitlying; districts'  projnpcly attended;>Xpfi and *thahktu jiy ire������  ;cei?ed.y ���������y;-.:.n- 'kA'AAA:  Ml tlie above  ���������PUBLIC   NOTICE;  ^0TrCETStn.ERBBJ.<JiVf5N;that a List of 'alljpar-  11 arms within the; Michfleld, .I,iglit'nlng,-/and Ques .  nolmouth Polling-Divisions'"of tlie 'GaHbo'dc District'  who are, llabJc, to; pkyy Road Tax for ��������� the year 1875  can bo So'eh at the folio wing places; "-"  :i  'Court House,1 Richflel I.    .     ;; '������  \j Tel eg nt ph 0 Illco; Va n WI nkl e. ,'; :'''J' /  .y.postOflice, Quegnolmouth.i  ';-.--! '^-';-       ���������'<��������� /'.y'.' -JAMZS UNDSAV,  <K41eclor.   ..  Barkerrllle. Feb. 8th, TS7JI* ;  .,-iBasteSfTflBe^Dec. 6.  Ai 4il'--i  'Aa    ���������   T? *<'fi. fvh,[ ��������� ft? c,:������' r  i*ii^;.tj!  ap2a  Appointments.    t  Private Secretary's Office,  ;:        17th December, 1874.  His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor  ha9)been p 1 **ased to apn01 n t AinBirr NoirniN  RioiUHOS, Esqnire, a Barrister of British Co-  luinbia, to be a Notary5Public.  Pri vate?������Sec ret a ry> 0 nice.  lOih December. 1874.  'W'OriCEISHSREBrGIVENTflAT- THEV.  iLANDS IN THE: NEW 'WESTiflNStER  y yy ;-y[P^ ���������fi'BmmGTiAfi^A A)jfsi >��������� fi  offered Pot. sale by Public. AnctloDion the 8th March  and nnsold, tire now op.i;n for salu at -the rate of ;������. ���������  ONE DOLLAR PI?lt^ACRE,{  on the following terms, vtz.fi'A depositor 50"cant*  pernors to be pud on application, uadiiho balance In  twelve months, ,'      . /     ...   ,  '    ROBKRt B'RAFKX.  Chief Commission* t of Landii .ahi Works.  Lan'isand'VV'vrks.D:,p.irtment,' :y  YlcSoria, March 20, 1875. ,..-,  '���������:[. tewrfito\.*7*iv\\jfatf&vP  fi"'y ?il,"fe?cittfonbjrWonnoVsM fifi,  ^/^'ra^ ...  ���������!-dautioty against Fraud .--The atiher>������ if V !a  iiiosf' delibio.ns��������� andr tiIrrrvHI)c'ii -f>ndimVib*'ha vii.a  cnHC'.-dcortaifidealer*toRpj^y tlirnnn't 01;' -WorerF.  tersh tro Sai|������ e} > lo j,h c ir, pyv n(}������fcrjo 1 :c< m p% u m ^. I h e  phlic la hereby iBTorw.adJIiaittlit.uhly vifi\ ti������ ������ru.  cUreiiiege'a-ulBe^ia.ft/. :**?"V.^*V"*-".1 '���������- .'-v "Ay.fi ���������'  ASK FOR ;W; * :^RINSt;'������AUGE^  an d 16 s ee' t ha it b ei r; n am e * arc ii pon th il w rawb  fiAtJKL'8.8T0PPI'it,aHdi! ������TTI1!%: Hi!  ! -��������� Al AA:' ' "  ., S������me 0 f tli a fore I gn; m atIrata a av I n p fl> e p ii r b jipHed  , with a,s purlou^e,Worcnster.'? hi re j������?a uc* .n po nth t nvni p.  per an d la be" Is, 6 f wh i'ch \\itn ame^o. J hm a h dPeyri n s  nave been forged j X.; a nil '"-P-, give b'otici- that t hey  .have s (0 r n 1 a1 bed yt h e ir cor rep prin'(\ hn t f w ft b power M  attorney to take i.iistan t':pr.of.ecdifigpragafn>t< ^a>*i*-  "���������AoVfTE kr p f> n d.������ kni;,<>k -*:o 1 an ch, j>r,a n t otheiJ mi la-  liCn iWf wh I c li t h e 1 ir 1 gli t m ay h r j n'fr 1 n������> d.' - .  Askfor'LEA'&' PEBBINS-?-Satire andlsae  Name on Wrapper, LabelV Bottle, and  :���������:. StOppGr. y '���������; '-'���������'���������     >'''���������;'������������������; v.,-:  ^Wholesale and for cSport by tbe proprietors Vor*  eestuf^.ppisse* Bl.-ickWclrJ, I,ondoh/&c, &c ; Una  by Groctra[and 01 imen uni v.ersaJly, A...i ���������,  'S,^*'0^1^''- l\ -2������ -^���������*��������� 8v���������*n������ila.lln>r:w������tham:  West,.and the   bUx ������r bind nUa-ita bet w.ien-Kta, I?? *������^boHoitOf  "J29,132,135,138,141, H7,Uwup Landn*iw icimwa IBritiab Columbia, to be-a Notary Pdblic.  **ti>t*mAtQ$t 207; 20S, 209, 210. ^11, 212. 213, 214  314, 210,317, 2X8. tfruup I, tu������ he<*n ftvciadsd  His Excellenvjy^the Lieutenant-Govornor  J7H0MTHIS DA.TE" THE ASSAY Chgt  waa on thv 9th June, 1878, pleased to appoint | 8:   for.lotsof Gold Dust of Fifteen Ounces or uii  BOBKJtT BEAVBN.  ^hiefr^omialsjijoaw Lands and  X������nds#ar! Vf������rkf? 0';partm*������nt,  II kxrv Ci*/es������).v Co'ortxk v. E������qnir������. Aitor-  ney and.Solicitor in the Supreme Court"of.  " itiab Cohiinbia, to be-a Notary Public.  His Excellency the Lion tenant-Govern or in  Wsfta ��������� C^u,1������^ has been pleased to appoint Ahf.kS  (jRaham. of 'Manaoti Creek, Esquire, to be  Coroner ia and for the District of Ominec*.  '���������rge  icier  REDUCED TO TWO DOLLARS,  and for ;     ,  ���������     -  MINKRAL ASSAYS TO FIYE DOLLARS..  the latter payable in a:!v\ne*.  j������j  , jw. mronaocK.  THE.FOU/JWIXG..  IS AN".,  dated loth May, 1872, from an old in hob?.  ' tant of Hornfngaham, near Warminster,  *'��������� . }ViltsV  ���������f I must Mm bnff Ws.iy'; that your PI lis-are  !S^i ttn<i/>flcM<*a*raletIfi:ln*i for me, and I certainly  !Sa; docnpy.Kood hailth, soiiiu'd pionp; and a  ��������� J J. goiid .ippotlta. This is owinif.to taking your  Pills. Tam78yeur.*ol(i;  :<- a Remaining, Gentium/;b, yours very it*  speetlully, hf '$* J  To the Proprietors of  KaWTO5l'S',CAMOMlLB.P[LL5,  }Mi*m  a������  OABTIES     INTENDING     TO     AVAIL  *���������; - themselves of the itew Mfnlng Laar and to-pns  ansae their grouufi^ can have iiie^urvey of the same  iSTiiM:*ps^ni**i* l)y *d ������i resalng    .,    .,  M  m  mm  1  1  n  m  f  Ml  itti  I*;-


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