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 -  i  SSra  Pi  ���������  mt  *fc  1  *���������.  H  IT'-"  IPsER  i -  ;l^wP  tv  %lf|f  f  5 isSt  v!  pi  i    1  18  B  I  HI  If  J  mm  m  I  SB  Sum  ������  il  1  HSaKf  I  8������  ���������  n  I  1  :t!ffl������  f|||prv^^  -*-^+*���������  W^-^mM^^m^  liiliq,  ?W*  (From M&pfliM^  bvJtnfdooh,'theirs fon^M|^S^$������  Sessi^  S new record oirtbe ,20th:Ji^^ 1865 j  lh������&^  daW^toyTfe Vetoed! t^tee8lfor,|latotfp  -e^cu������^^  ��������� mnction'aBiWl^ and^couut and.g(p  al relief -*W������ question OfHhe 4njiiflC������^if %8  - alre&W������*etfedJ^  Us tfbeiieve/no question of a receiver or ^n  <Sefetfta^^  ^(Mientlou&m^  <*f their landfand that the?������^inti^^9|������^  -. r������������iea^Thi������la^  my>tae^  iiClittceiriwa wmefly^n J>e obtained at  /decide^by the itt^9^^^^^W^E^  1865.  The reason was ANlNnjill^^  ! <>>m mlitf *e^  ���������had, tip toHhal itteV^eTer^cdrnpS^  legal title by di% recpi^kg!^Ea^^  3es, o^ iu,fi^4^^  %oug&feti[a^  '���������'*ing'of theappeal,-focorded\f������r! :t&ejnrst|time!  what appear to be!w subs^tia)!^ sttfficietit^  though not very aecauate^ ������������������W  navebeenTnade-use ;0$& the easethen &e1fore  ���������^e, which ^  "as decided%y ��������� Mr, GoflsfmiwSoner GoxW  The onlyfatter, ^refore, which the pUSn-  ^iffs have:to^i^Ilsl is%h������ fraudulent conduct of fee defendants a&y&gainst $laihte,  Su respect to tnis^ndc\fSn Ae.tuaVtnraaje^.,  'misrepresentation^ dlr^  ���������ises, etc.* arecharge^ but only ^onstructivft  'fraud, & term ,no^T^r^^Umoet&eb^.; [ffi ���������;-:!"'  I shall, rihere^$,'^a^ej^faw' Wser^&tiohs  *on its meaning in a '.Court of Kquity. I shall  *oei attempt to|define|it *S6^r^on^defit{in^  ^tfnfeictive fraud fch\Court^'alwa^Hea^it:  undefined.,^Itjias ise^,^e, jresult^ ^fe^btflS  ate defiaitions !offfr$i^  'unconscientiQus fastuteaess. $a.' "tfc&jme hfi������d,  fand the effoirte of^ ''k������M^^miyS^y^m^0^M,,  4awito define%hat-fiSail he disalSsived.i oa-'the.'  ^>ther-hand, both legislatarea aad.-coup^ef Issw  %a-ve aiwaj^)^ir$aMf^^'---^-^^raiioaIs be  s rT>rsia;(/y;^ ^;.y.������-iivsjli,; .y^v^fi:.A:<-*.y.lU^j.^i,>.<;.i.i^vJti  |may not be of so' Mgb; aA^'������rder--as>to induce  jthe. ���������ourt,tpJaterfBRe; t .^,!;,,.:,|.^ % %.&%% M  - 0*^1 ifci^^^Tta^instec^  'fraud/which^ arew c^inplained^ of ,%y������pers*Bsr  .seeking relief frp^an)art!J ^^tio^/ i^re  jig scarcely anymore fttfie^ tbaff those which  are allaged{totbo'UueonsewntioaB as.against ,a  piaintiflfrOfi; th<^ j^]uMjof^^  ing done the ac^  ;or notice o^ &!<rigtit-vfo^!jStlC;iii the plaiat^  iwhicnisiweakened !or ^annulled tnere^  ���������the intricacy>of>jthe ^ayestigatioii Is BOmetiriies  jefibance^ by the - je^^^^  gisJratlb|������!)������wW  edTand.tlielidefendant hasi -attemptedrto prb������  j   Systems of itegktratidn ^ary/ Extremely; as  16 their operation.    Some systems, e. g., the  pfercbaiats SIiippingiiAct^l854, almost go so  far;|&; J#; raa^  oty & fransferier eridende'offio^n&^^fii^ie  ^n^r|fciy^pe^ti^!r^  .n^tel^to, give!^rionty;;of; rig^���������;latco^ing^!t<i,  pria^ty q^regfe  that .no'inotidev*p.f ;t abi yBaregistered'instrument^  ;������fifljp^ef&elp-^#ife^  ;-.l^a^i^s|r^S^fie^l  lent aa to the effect efiotice ?6uteide> tHeyRe^  gieter/ and leaving all partiespyto"the Ordinary  rri|es^f������%ttrt!^  a]ij^,^ljea^^yaSa:; father!, more- sH4tv!tiian  se^BM to %e^?ge^rally  seemsalway&^^am ;at^^  Christian conscienceandwbrldly^hona^(wbicji  here i^rtunatelyy0uicide)i raffefc!||ian^ xjdn^  tent itself with tbejeommon standard, of avoids  Ing^base^ .dishonesty.  I :\M%\bMg fplie^by whjeb^the traiieiwtipns  }n the. present;!x^s&, is! governed is-Ahat-of-  1$5^4;| fi&sfiibte registrataoii |^ a^cja^it^ad  afwa^ ^een're^uired^^^  .fhe: claimants) to} give" siickfa^description of  XudL!eMcl. ajdescripU.Qri of tbletal^ili^Sp&r.  |Kat another ^mbaeT^^lie^^ts^with! the assistance of a surveyor, caa go to tbe indicated  loicali^ and aacertain Itey Uoood^tiemfiJTbJ&  ni������ch ������ required, botK ib^!:tbe protection* of  ihe,claimant, m-orderpnathis claim may no$  Id It canscalrcel^^be^aid to^e^oa^the register  af 'all|!;ahd; also for the1 projection of! ^rq^erg  jfc^rs," A whoy liif Unaware.': p^ sach; limits^ inignt  m  'ti&A  :3An^yy.  m'  \ iyii - !v 'Subscriptidni^l^r^e^ki  .(Inclu'd'fngl.'cost'^f-d  Ai  the Car?4*r.  j rs.ift'"b. ?"f- ;^r >/Jr' rskso> 'jfiiipfi. 'pyr ovxu "AH  ;y v.| V v.^Srow^  THBT^tks "OF SCSCBlPilOWhava^slea^dacet^to  $2 per' month^rahovey&OQ; volamea^df New;Morka  baVB been .only lat^ry^a<5<ied^to th������jcirculating Tibrary,  and morew expocted ^aiiy.    Parties artsolicltedto  sobsortbie^j^-*^/ 'tt&nfft %iw:'i$Ttv-n'm 00"^  'yi  ^���������'* /;;,, /-?���������? ���������iv7t/i:'u: :,-y.-.tyi:y y'������y.-/TT\^L  :-iil-  -yt^y  !r  ;;^B|EN^^  vf^  y.si  fi'fi  m  An:;  t-^A'  y  &XAF&^^  Ikyy^^  \ yy-iy Afi: st-rfifiJ"-   jfej^'yi-v-'y. -r* Vi'.-"  -?S^^&5^^'-%^^ ,  J ^siongCgpiHrg, 'r^e������������^ii^r.a^������W^--  *- ������**^ WkTOHby, Peterb^llOttawa^u������oli|^ - ^ - 0 fr ^  Afi'A % -fix ?m$������^j'MwMaj^^ yA  4 p&yfij fift S^^^gt^p^ea^ i/v$y; ^ ,,^t;;  v?v,  iBTOEp-|p^^d|!  ,,y. yyUSPi^:4fiy'^h  S!tJX^MN,E:RV^  ^4^0^  ON IfiELAN^ ".:  ^?SN^^fcjTM.M '-  ;   ayi ' -: ty ���������-,   ' -Hcad-0||^i-Iiombard8u;Lotid6fl! '  lesfe tbsii pne Hundred ������oiKiS,-    v      ,     .,  r -Bill^piscbunted aiid;'rMe1S#d; a^ Sills brExehohk������''  ^ri^r^t;'Britain[;^SaiifJFTalSipo  ���������coasedK .������r., f^  k,  v;c \^������fV".;: - - I   yyt"jiV-^,^  ; % jOove^prtat}aad other, Settorities;.receired ^ftr eaf* 1  castb^^^estfl;an������i3Hif|p&ds(collected.  , i   ? >     .  pREEMy  u,:w  of Equity^ ^ieiefere, tiivV itw^g ietusect to  -say what a man-shall n$yio, in general terms  ���������or to lay down a^y -stund>rfl 9^ fa define  beforehand s?bftt cohftuct ahalV^s slmUl^otf  ;be(permitted totptand. , The coagequence'of  ipreserviti^ tMsy:undefined* jurisdiction over  ���������evcry^fcransacti^ operates iprQbably^'pre-  ^eafc^nynncoiUcient(pus acta.. : ,fiut!rwhea  any such'ac't is cftlledluquestion it tb^^  greater amount of laboriousiconsidejpation aiid  responsibility on. ttie Court.; whiclj!-jn1g^LniM=.  bably be iavid by tbe^ exiitence,"of a positive  rule. This labor andVesponsioili^y' however  is precisely,tbe-chie������dnty-of a judger aad a  chief btbjeokin tbe eiUt^nceof bii jurisdJeiion  and is evidently necesaary for tfee protection  Constructive fraud in arCourt of Equity has  a jtot .meaping from ;tbe.word "fraud",  UBed elsewhere.- *������ Lapse* of years indSfitance':  of space are often found-to alter language,  and it appears protiaftle1 tb^t iboterm "constructive Iraud,^ ir the~moutb of Somers^ of  ttardwick, -down" toT Elcloi iaicEt Brougham,  ^oul4 mean often little mom tba^n what at the  P^^Pt, 4ay, ana%i&vthi^v<Jolony, would be,  wve fraud.wbicji:.entitles a/plaintlfe to relief,  nor every "smart" transaction tbat will be u^  "pped; but there'is scarcely a "smart5''^transaction that can -b������;approye!d-!)>j,&e:sentf������ent  ������ ������, ^ourt.of Equity, thoughthe "smartneist?  ground already taken op (and a good deal of  prj^pecting Is ^jelten^ ^dt^  are ^mpprarUy r* iairllo VeiJ^^nd^^^rspn^Jn  iheta^ij^orte������ib^  If a record be madeof ^ mere mathematical  line, or of an:-area\rimper)ectfy bounded, or  Vi& kEpo^ible^bbun^u^ies^ti^os^ejn^^e'  of mjnerV ^ads^^hem' ^yMS^a^}ii^^9tr^;  cord; and sueh m^dsmiBrJiM/tm^  view tOvBuppprt.  .;y/Ttrro,lO- '.fiA^f^MTfiAA  } Now tne facts^pf  |l^������ffp!"S86 ^i^'^in-A,uguf t or. .September,';  of a hall claim '-^'\4^e!^Qi^1tlSjaiT]|^p!d..<>f defendants, and ^ere a|so woriingJn ^ tonne^ at the  nprtftwest'eoraeff^  ibey: n^!^ura.y; .Th^certainl^ bad the right  ������������������fa:th'e?.Hv|i$^^  pute^j^^^iris^^tn'e: ^ro  .te^^rpsfefeeea^^ti^       ..?: ��������� wiid-if,rtjaf;  a^^nst !ffieMn!rora lappraliend^as  against all the Wbfia  doited grpund;of :t tbelAurora. They might, in;  Au^fi^t,';* ilwit ;"ttud5ftrTS.6cfl6h.* 5 of tfie Gold  FieldagAetjil8$9, have:taken:up,a.nd recorded  In their own name all the hill claim* then?late-:  ly heldfifty ^p\Jkp^^0p:i^6t'. they cbn<ieived  gat^ttieyliaa! recorded! all!!such!; hill j^laini  fiowever, pn Uie 20th!,January,! 1SC5, five "of  tne defendant^ all pa^  formed themaelv'es into a separate Icbmpahy,  Called the Ellerslee co-y, and took up, and-I  think mMerariintciiligible record of."IJ claims,  of 100 feet.square eacl||7 part of ithe said hill)  claim in! dispntCi On the 21st Jairaary, 186:5;  these five sold to Siinonton, another partner in  the ^teo%:cb?yiupon-trust fdrthe w Wen co:  ihe nominal \consideration;money -was''$450,  liut no part of ihisi .was ='ever stated .to have  been paid; and looking at the whole transaction I alidul^Sb t! expect,to hear it alleged JJiat.  any$erti6h^btiife^eV.isras paid by Simontdni;  j On the 27th 4pnl4bnr of the Watson co'y  again registered theirfeiaimf this time to four  "hill claims." The description pf the ground  in the records is evidently faulty>rfort the a.rea  olainied.(iiAft be an, area).is to^onimerioeata  point, without saying what point, in ^e ye^r  line of the Watson co'y, so! that it' m\^ yeal]^  Jbe taken te, epyer the whole of ^ the,: J^ft <feefr*of.  the-Borealis cp'y, wMchthe ;dele^daniain%eM  next record specially except.,- Suchasit Is^  however; this dauntless tppmany?s title is,;;pn  the next day, for acpusid^ratipn^^ nominallyipf  ': '���������" [C^Qtiaactfen^uurtfrPdt^Q.^..y!fifi'-fiy.fi  fe^m''^sfes;;ai  a fifi ���������;: Mealsfeadyatjall h^ours.  icUfe  t'^-ii  Ifififi-fifiA- y^niojftii^pnS vy*x-1  AAA ym vvj AW. H'AyA   aaaA' : - vd   -^m^  J"':   '-fi yy- DaALBM.IJl^j. fi;f^������*.> *-:y������yfi  .isfiia a 1 i^Storage [ahti ^m^i^^ioa^'! fiAy yay's.  *sfi, ^ iK.    >   v '  j-ifitiyy-'X y   j '��������� * v % '���������    -    *  r        ;   -1 '        f      '   i      ' Air y   *���������   ' ' r.:vv!.","-";~  Qfi,AmJW'Al^m0BfifiAA.  :w^th3a 24f hours, f; v ^-!i^kf| aaaM A> 'j :��������������������������� fi AAf a ^ftr  Js^lKAiiSoi:  ;OEAI*ERSiiNI  /ii  |10iig^i:|^^  A Jarge supply ofyljABis^fi Goods on the way.  w?~   ii|i|i#ilill   *';<; \y:/r4-���������-i  SsTiBL&aa>'23r5l8e&o?r, ^i^(y.;V'*-:  ; DRAFTS ISUEEl ^ LoaltoB^-iWir-Tfflrlc^Saa'FlranV:  tiscoji ^arilH^ X^^a^^ew;Bronswicfc) yNova- Seotla^.  ^and o������:afl the? Brauchya o^ tbOiKatioaal^Banfc^ef\Sqpt*,  laa,d'a^d l^vincM ^ikof;iretoUy" '!!\,i;-i!! ,,?   -.  f 1 Billk bjf^Exeiiajage^ana .Qoicf pfireliaeed.^'_  * I IatcregtoB^pe^IalrDejwsit^pf ^paey^ allowad ai ib������  Tato'of aqtx'ar^Br <& pneperccni.'permontfat.-^": '" ' fi.  ';']Gou>!fensiv'Melted^and;A^yed^"andTetiirBiB Mai*  Withia,S^''lidura-1fl"'Coiii!'orBa'ta."3^* 's: ^-'^.<f -���������^"f I .��������� &l  :Oreso^eveiy������descriptioncareftillyAssayed. :y. y,>s.-  '���������'���������- SyvB.-^Anytlnstruptioiis;as to the .disposal of tbe >f������j-?  ceeds of Gold! Dast J for jrawad '?&>? we prac>jin' yietorlft  ���������ior^s^^iU-WcareMiy^ '���������ArfiA >-v-  ' *u'}&������ yyu:,:l'' '0nsH^M'f0miE!BSBBt Hamagw.' o  ykstoria^-^.fIi,>Apri^^8Q������.' ,v<!r;-������ -u' ?v-f lr������   ��������� -v*-  S'*ffN:*ffB*  :; ^^"A-iaK-'E^yixLE.-1" v ;:���������.,���������-:���������..- al  ���������Ui  M.  J.  BLACKMANf.:  ��������� \y -  : yBARKHBVILLB.  BRSWEUS.  r  i -UiAj;.  e  BARKERVILLE;.;  Ck>hnectittg ai; Iiillboet and; Yale -with-DIETZ &  ; NELSON?S 'for- New Westminster M Victoria^ ;-> yfi  ILL''��������� AiagiivB':jl'^'DKPiSft:'';tt&' the offlce^ln  'Barkerville, toeoanect with the>steamer ������������Bn*  terprise'^at Quesnelmouto, and. the STAGES at Sod������  'Creek, KVEBT; W?EK, "conveying Tbwsube, Let-  TKRa and Valuables for; all parts of tlieworld. Also,  Commissions received and forwatded' by Express for  tne collection of Notes., BllIsAnd thovpurchaso of articles to be pbtalijed at jW^Westminster, Victoria^ -San  Francisco or earonte, and returns .made! with dispatch.  )-������������������ ������������������-������������������ ���������::'���������������������������������������������-������������������> ! ^ 5^0HK B.'IiOVELr^ Ay-  sy-.'      V" Art.y. ���������'���������:���������'iy'-Ayfi- 'Agent, Barkervllle.   :  JAMES   PURDIE,  JICHFIELDv  ' i.t.*fi;' -������������������-: fy-   iVAN ���������WINKLBi'-;-^''"--^'-:, ; !: ;T;;.;.;^  Dealer in ill kinds of Provisions, Clothing &c<  i^St&blln&fOT Borffes; H'7( Barley Rn<f Oat* al-  w������y������oo hand, X-b  r. -.������������������!;'���������!'.'' The undersigned Is:prepare<ltou'hi ���������.:���������.:;\! ..  OliBAH^BLACK si$D, BLOWINGS A������������  -:-.;v Afiy, 1 ;yypA$m$GS;fi: ��������� afi >*? fi'- *M  On fjommls8ion,.or:will parchase any.qaatttity o������ Usa  ;;-.;./ , r,J;v^^MosT|l^*^i^^toMS/���������at.the;-fiyfi. .;,,-. . :  , ' Beading ^om������;.Cainerpnton* fi;  the Suhsoriber is well .'known'on ���������Williams; Greek, a������ 4  from tbe,oonflderioe, reposed ?in him. .last Fall! in th������  abavo business,1 he hopes to" receive~tl������ .patronage at  the Mining community the ���������'���������nsuJag-season", fi^fi'-'fi  ���������y&A-y    -".^rf* .-.*.,:v>:.ui ���������������   JOHN BOWROlfi   ���������  '';!y!;r!:!:'!;'\N,0^^  -riURING TB(B MINING SEASON the nnd^igned  lil will^e prepared toexecute!Surre^ and transact  a <3������������i������ral 'Areticv;Busi89SB. ' -'���������'      JOHN -MOKKIS,  a General 'Agency;;2BusH������������  i-8  (Jirli ������agiaeen  am  KnillllBRWM *���������-.,;���������  **CaflbQO ^������taheiil  si  fiyyiA^^^M^  V������a Wlnlle, 4,   f>:$[: ��������� i'" l#*' ]"���������    -JBJT--JU X&ggig  LUiooet,       -   'Y!yt;jeosi*rfiA- <&o^fifi y   do.-  .v^rlajV-Jr.^' -,;-���������; fi-fi:fifi>A .-,r y..,. ;,^obn'^oh!g^^|  \yyfiA wH&BiHtf^^  We:givejn another portion of to-dajrs/issue  a^cotiyb^he late exfaaor!dinarV3dtecisibh given  Dry Qhlefe|uatice ^^je,^^th|s Jp^g- .pending  chansery suit, witKa view!bf shewing.the miners JofGariboo what"%0fib& expected from  carryiaginiiiiin^  ������������������> This*haavTjeen ������^rei^^ecullarjsase. and  one about which' & more iuniversal * feeling of  deep interesChtef^a^a^  ^sedJ&irtV&a^^  ^bid^fnWr^ard&g^  fi ever yet arisen; an^lwhatvmakes^ it of such  great impor ^nfeeTa^S^&M thafX'tnePpresent  decisiowatrikes-atit!^^  ������, -regut^in^gQl^ %Q -  Itppvill pe renieinepjpl by all that tjjis case,  . wa������.Sra't^aVd^  and.a*,8ecifllpnj^^naereu.'by^ h'imw.layer of  ^d&enchSirfs. ^arr^'2ap^������������\'wa3*^h^ir^iar>- and  'tried;be6>re Ghief^^t^pe^le^inythe Su-  p ^me^Cpnrt, .and .^the /.decision., of:: ijhe ^Cfoldi  Commisionex confirmed. ;'-The case was then  thrown into,the Go^irtjof jOhancjer^-where^^  h*fi*beea pendmg^untll! ^/decision now ��������� re-  ' jcPr^eM^asrendered^AJfiy}rfiAAA- -A-fi^Ai:i.  )Ye?believe/ that, the!; prmcipjei^of^llpwing  !^S^^  ried into Chancery Gburts^is as unprecedenfc;  <������das ifcis. contrary to the spirit and ^neamn^  ^tfcecmni^l^^  of ilii s^cblony/^ and! >��������� cp uld-^ey^er^ha^e j been*  .-'contemplated.^^ by&ojframers: of those laws^  / IMs^certalhly ic^n^rtf^  I:; weli;beingf of the Sfflm^coffinMinlt^jf ;let!uS  . tijara^mlninlg,caie~,nri���������^  , ~. nratfG&<^ *anain then  : .?������n-abmjpp$i^^^^  ?in both instances^filoided accoMing^tO' the  true-in^crpretatibnof^thpse/.laws von,, mining  jpgligence which thelearner! Chief Jpticelso!  dTorciblv -points b# in bis decision wopd h#e1  A"  w  m  IHranBylP^  da-ta&e subjected:to" and made^dependantt on  $ie quirjts of Chanceryvla^as; in me instance  now* befoT&iy&^&yfO^^^^^^^^'-^- <5n^e  to abolish all existing Statutes!!!oiuthat head.J  f"Thereat effort 'which-rthV"|^iS:eA.!'^Jge#  Has nia^MiBitlKDlw  jiraffi^^and the' total feilare of .$$$& effort���������  -needsyno cdmnient^'������. -. At:A fi W -1:'''" *. S >." ���������  \-  The universal feeling ofy dissatisfa!ctiori and  distruM'whiell-has seized--hold ngon{the minds  bf^l^clas^es^of^the comniunity -sirieelhe- plpo^;  mulgatibn bf^e^,4bcftin^  Chief Justice; Ih -Wgu decision^! -a^^e! strong  sense or* insec  gendered^ is Jojbe'deeply^.regretted :and  deplored^^J "Al'fi^.. . U-iffi y^^i^^v^ ;>v:  i ,:Wf5 have tipt "gone into the merits of the  case, at all.>for ;our space woul^^npt;admit: of  tha% welhafei dimplyypoihtedfouF  lures in-!tU������-tjudgmeht which wHlfh^!a; very  luiftful and dang  be'aring^bn^the-niines and naw^0^fifi^fiH^ *  !lh'-TOB?Tepori; bf the Special '^pmMtfcee $:������pr>  pointed ;by 'the}L"egislatIve" Council to consider  theTpetttioh of Min  cbnc#tning ttie^trial ;Pf jteinib^gs^^ C^an?  eery^ifr^^r^-unsltisfac .say'the! least "of  it.   The petitioners,^ a v^ery^arge^majority of  thejgh^it^lofeC  mentto enact a law-y prohibiting the .transfer  of mining'cases to a Court of Chancery Plain  and concise-.reasons ,why*ech aiww ^houlaVvbe enacted:  wera s^t ^ortbin the'petitlbn. tThisL<^mnaitte^;"|,eply  to thepeti'tTbnin'su^  ,     -'--ON-.^':���������   .  xm*$'Av ;��������� >yyyryii'yfifiifir--yy:Q^A  Begs respectfntry to inform the inhabiWnts-pf"WllHams  ^M-v.j,g .'Creek;.^a4ha;������yiU^ve:a^'raad^f"j:.,,i y^r <  Entertainment^In tbe:Pa>lor^ Saloon,-BarkervilJe,^wben  ne wUl b.������;aJ^lstod,by a  miners'  I; v.. y  loEEH'S  :Ba^pc;:g^ojEceft!  ;.A^'imfiiMy~Wy :ym  Hf1??-^1-���������5? ^'^H"^I^yWM^^^^nasfia  fji*;  : ./gehtle^n^mOaribooiv^ ,���������,  r-The Performance will (consist^of' v  Ma limitation or suppression oj the existing power of  appeal from Cold CkimmissidhersrdectelonsA' As we������nn������  derstandat the ^.etiflou didj- not^as^^Wsorjany^iiiig^  ill^e^f; itfsumolySprayed tb^ifno.vinzbrnff 6ase*ehouid;  go Into Oliancery-^-*that there should be ������������������ no Jarndyce &  Jarndyce>trials between' miners.^; ^^e^dlsjmtes^aro  always con earning mitfl^  fightsand priyije^os are given , to tbem'yfor one year,  ano^for.oneiyear: onIy.e/XT%v do lupliBJlleyo t^aJ.JthV  arfjudicatton of such��������� rights-snould^ever be giveriyto a  Jlourtin wbich^delayEand costs arsau^eiandrinevltable,  if iwe understand;- tbe ;matter!, correctly^ the1!Court' of  Ijegerd^maln^^r6b!at^c,: &' G^naitic s?Feats^  \;fihfifiyfifi^>fi]^^gSj/Da^es^Etc^ "l^?yffi-py  i - By't^quest^tne'5^  of cutting^ Man's!Head' Offy puttingf;ife in a plate ".aii d^  placing.It;at his feet, and ihe audience;,wiU���������������' be permitf  ted to, examine, tbe same..:,., v., a v..s f ;, ^y.^ ,.  ,,v;  i jK^Dootsopenat^jporformanco tocomnienceat-8  o'cloclc pAdmissftm, p-rBiaserved Seats^'$2^ff '4\H-  In  the County !Court of; British > Columbia  :y4'yffiBxMm at RicbSeld.V ..������;j?^������*vp.-  ��������� .v CrveeJc, Lowhee Creek; Grouse Creek anshiVaa TRbw,  Kl^ihallsbe intends .giving a? Boriefit* ^alltfa'rid  Concert, on the 24th of Ifay/^ the beBt over given on  Winian^vrwk;"whenslfe^r^  S^MAftT/ A 'tftWNES; '���������  ^ronaga pf:; the public.^  {In themat^o^^^i^tate yofeg^ijgtpan El-  I   $asser, who has made jin assignment for the  r-!;1beh������n^������i^M  ^TOjPICBJjvisr hereoy^ g^a^h^^ii^i^ns, Shaving  jl^ yc^imsagain^t.the a^fenam  e& to foiwarjtiv statement of'XhBysatn%'���������'��������� (duly verified)-  tothouhdereigned oniTo^llWbreithei'^tliilay^ Mmy ^  nei^"d.r;th!ipy may becdeprived of ^he'firstidivlden:tf. -i-J  \AJtetA& at Victor^a,^ the otfrday of AprU. 18eg.e, yyt >fi  :^!;;o������K"v4  J->.Df,* ,s**>^-*'? iy i'U-Ji y'^.y-t���������-.;. .vv^v(>.>yv'-1^; ^(^i^-..* ^  ;i;  IN/BANKRUPTCY, i!  ci-f.n>ir^.r  WHEEEAg,;'aTetiti6hT foi*ad j ud ica'taon^bf^Battlmipti^  ^cfOiiup been dulyj fileduonLthe; 10tb^iliyiofhtriy  last byy^^i,jj?E^ Long-: ^ByTON,;bf;^amerpnl^w^i:Wii>.  Iiams"<^eek,. BritiBb.;^  loon K.eepver/ ^and bo; haviiig oech 'ctdj ud lcate^d; a^iianfc-  rupt^ -is hereby re^ulredto1 surrender himself to 'Wm'.'f  G.ep.>Cox/;^guir^yj;tlbeJudge/bfTt^  y a|)^ wo^ldtn^tniiiB^^  !r^^  *tion ? Not "sphowever^fbrj weBflhd that;; such  a case/canjje cgrrieoVAbefb^a^^ribun^which: *-\  : *asvithB ^ower evidently,jof going ibeyond all' 'j  mining iawsrandirendering them totally nu-.  ^afcpry-^uudping, allj, ttiat. has 'J>een settled,  com^ffing a^d^e Tto?Bet[asi'd^  ion^ givenyin^a court p^Ia^ and >injshp?t>'Comf  mating such anamplies as would make people  ^ho* weres in^tbe^ei^^ , 'bf all  their senses ojL rf^it7ancl;4 wrong; l^tart with  alarml-*'-- **���������**������*=> --m^y^P^^.. .?& .&.&&  Ghaneefy in this Colony is not an appella-fc Court at olL  IJiet that Court be prohibited J-from; hearing - and de-  termiDing mlaing^cas^eSjaand there is n^Jimltationjor  restriction upon tbe rigbCofi.ippeal. ^Tnen^Vhat does  this report ot the" Committee mean V It cannot be that  the^houoriblo membars^f6rthat~"Cbmifiifttee soiigbt*"to"  evade a directireply to^e petition-1 Jf|SOii|t the citizens of this rJistriSt"speak by"petitionagain, and spualc  plainly.- Tberofis but ^0-senf-iment-on!^be subject^  I^tltl^tssentimwbfe^g  It cannot be misunderstood.^ " - j  4|As to,the recent alterations^in the iaWand;practice  Regulating sujt^ia C^anftejsy "a diligeiit|������e4?i3i^������iro������gh  the -"Ordinances * oTl8663'^does not et������aWfe,Wtb ������nd  them.- ;.-"V- ���������-  ���������������������������--: '^'j'jjy/w-^ Ay A A 'AAfif^A-   ?;   morning precisely/ at the Court-. House, Ricbfleld,"' and->  make/ayfuU, diBCoyery-anxL djisclosurej oft hisfestate *nd^  effects^ .wben;and;wherc iherCreditprg are to<come pr������V^  pared tdproffe thoir'debts^" .and kt. th;eAfirst siIting!Vo  choose Assignees-and at the last sittfag?the said?Barik^  rupfe;islrequired to finish-Kis"examination; if "fA tf-ffSffi*  i^AU^pejspns jindebtedi^o* thev^jd B^truptprtbat  hajvo any of "h!is Estate and effects!are rnot, to pay or .deli ver thc satrie bUtito' 5lr?Mi QA Pnilljps, 'Esq J ��������� the'Offl.  cialJ Assignee appointed bVibe said^CMurt i v yS.'- ���������"' T,m-B:  h'-A-A: "y .'���������> -..- ":":',..:-.���������'.'     ; .->U,v^; Ricbfielff^.-^  ty, Af.fi:. fifi. Ai fiJ<h:<fAs^y;^JCouhielfOT'i^tUfoncTl'  ^fSicbfleW;i7fcrMay*186fl.v:v--*''vl?if' 'h'{Ai>n* ^4fi..  ?4;&<vl  UE*4iitf'  x>;mmm  AsUr  ��������� y i  KOTZCE;JS;H^^pit'GIVBN,.!rH^^^  !:^/-.;l^Wi!!untAlnr^^  aFeleVen^^  Mondayiithei^fch5day;;bf;July^exV;at,H;e?clo^ -j^tf'f^},^ V.v<". ^������������������v*-V^t' hA?^&GffirtDQ^*^k  ffi:  ������^&  >������j  C^MBRGNTOWKl^  vy  ^gB^*SMKQ8CfiK'  'rT/li  frHU unbersigned'���������)wa:^'^^iiifT^liAM:tk  COO^..tias'-been^ engaged;  -/FartiesWisbin'g tot;^  tOitheirjid.vantagei to .give blro/aicall^as his bouse,f<ir <  PlWUaess.t attentionv^ycHstomers, r and * ffoo414ibie "  cannot be ekcelled.^ :^;~ ../ A ��������� f * A" v     - i������  *fc ^1  ��������� -fyie^rlDoffee.^eiW^S^  f*;-.:i;  ������������������ly.-fir^iim.'Ai^OjAxfi-- y-A������:;yyy������%, ���������^������������������rS-^-%J%Pefi^JW%- '  y     a .;   , A3EWGERIYEU. A-fiAfiA ,     fi  /Ayyy    .y-tfUtmilyi^AyiSy1^'^^  absense^sflt days? fiadf feturneolio yjiiilooet  having in their pbsspssion- respectively !4Jo2.  and 3| 02. bf' goldr ^hjch!' they tbpfc^ut 20  .miles above^the canyon?^" *        fi-fiy "'. *���������  1 ^The" steamer Eelian^  Hope.. from Douglas,-tat jOHarxispnmputh, ar-  m&lGldpsti  AyfiffififiA..........  K! WiiMAM' ItLA^^begs # rnfo^^nwinm^rous;.  ttlends'and- ^at5-Qn^^liat ho-i n tends openfng1^ the *  abore Inaraed? iiatol,^oar Saturday Evaningrnext, Hthe  19th;Xn|t:f ;byM;;<3RANM5AI-D &,SUPPEK^tp \vbich  hs-Vesp^^ 'as  no-pains wilVbe sp^fed'irf  entertainments?of/the:sedsori. ^Dancing'Win cdhii^ebco;  at; 8 o^cldckJa^Supper^will vbo served! about '^3; pJclocfcy  v Jiar Tickets $5,0^ each,' y    " ,-,   ' s ��������� lP������4.rtJL 'JTa',;j  ;>y^j  ir-.-y*1'  ^'fiPKJjXs  ������/'������ i=Tj!  !'���������"���������������������  so ch)sely^ie^injn^|^resfejbi^  andMat pnee^eyise some meana Iof- iKei&pee$y  ~^ and-permanent abolitiojii;! of guch;"aypower,'  otherwise1 the timet is not������!far distanfriwhen itt  wit!^.Jo.rflai^!lfQif~it','0  ari^^apftali^  ing.themselyes^ini, such^aposition that their  vested rights in^^mining!p|^er^anbe^wrest^  ed ���������fromj them^ 'without^n^yregardfor the laws;  -'-rej^atihgVt^e^ of the  uhce^ta^y s^.iffipci^^  'iias'Jbeen ^h^nsb^ihe prj^eXf^eliisIofi-' StrteM  ^���������::^e)!5anl&5iejd>;vfe'tjh^  8teps!haVM^been lakentt  the,flopner^men .abandon^mining the.,bettex it  wiil^belbbth for; ^  br*Mnd.> Bis^certamly^.  cyjbn the!part bf;:t^!;GoyS&mpnt^ti5 Jiermit!  such' a s^sfern of litigaribnf fe^'p:,^racticed,:  and!aU the mQre/partkn^  plored at this -moment wh'e.nSthe4 country demands the/encpuragemeht%i theirfiands^of a  hardy? race^ of inbi%^'develope her resources^  and-not,.the sanctioain^ o^fvSucka.course as  will sur^y and. speedily drive an: industrious  and ^rijterprjsn^y^lase of men put^ of ^e country altogether.  bleS!%ho"h^y ^nvi  ^mtenced: to ��������� hard lab or( for *Jone- month fifor  larcen^..^ ^r.^  l-2f Residents!; ,bf^tfi4ty Jo wh Akd !Juii4p0d j tie.  claims of Chinese^ minersi on JEfiidge^Eiver,  who had not ta1cen!!mt licenses^" They 'are  ruhnM^: ;^  are*tatan^^^ed^pay;^-^M  sfehted as almost ^eserfcedrf everybody who  EltefiFIEXJI)?  !������M������:^'tw&!  PR^VlSlQJSTSi CLOTHING) tiil^OBB;Wl  m-  J&:  r ^ ^^M!assottmeht^rSUMia  ^as discharging: ���������;> ihe; f-men. ^ It appears! only  pnef Jbalf pf .thcjamountapp  expended, and; the, people of Lillooet; have  petitioned th^^Gbverrim'ent: to have' the balance exp^iified 1n': carrying the trail'farther  ihto^the mining rbgipnj.an^^  ;ng-the same���������a request which:-will, we presume, bCprbmptly grahted;-~4Briti8h'C61uni-  bian'dth May.^^:^;^ fiy.   ;;,   jryfiyy.y.:  ���������fifififi-y   yCAMERONTGWNi ?'A-*k* ^U -i  Ti^re Jsijpj^s^iie^i^p^^his bsSwisnnientJ:  1, fi and strychnine' and r^^i^^flndno; place ;hereTJr'"'"2  %IV������������l������s������S������'Ab?  whlcnwiH'be sold/  ^i������.">r^.vj>-.i ft^^nejBoaas are openi*y mimzl finely 'y\n  !DiISS ;THURBgR ;&!MR/1^ WI/I^S^^fo|������^  ;WAKE . OPif-'aa'k-B  1?  One of the chief points on which great stress  Ji^fejBen;-laid/in,arriving at!this.decision is  that of registratioUi^ The learned Judgs says,  "Thisylitjgation j is perhaps! asiproper amode  as any which cbulrI-have'?ieen'C<)ntrived for  ascertaining what matter ought to -be placed  oh.the'register, apd what is the effect of re-  . gjstratibn, notice or^otherwjse^^  aie "successful^ fierefbreyth^^s^^  costsfbut the whole litigation has arisen from  their own- NBOfiBor therefore they shall receive*  jione."   Registration hasiMtherto been almost  the sole basis of "a miner's title, and one carefully prbtecf^by the mining < lawg^&nkitbis  new. doctrine does, away with any certainty in  that respect altog^iJie^, an^^bry miner wiU  now feel a doubt whether,^^^aiferegistering his  claim in the usual way, his title to it is bysmy  means secure..   We should have thought the  : UNiON.-:The Tictom ^Chronicie' says : Sir  James Douglas has received: a dispatcn ^-oni  London which states that the colonies are to-  be uni^ed,under a. federal Government, Ayith  one governor and^a iQscal system] -in"' abcprrl-  ance with the wishes ; bf tho people of ���������each,  coIony>; itla^sta'fedthat ������ictoriaLis to?-fee a  free port and the; capital.   t ., *t  NEW!- 'StD^RTISEjyi-ENTS.  THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN  NSWLv FITTED UP' ON"  the Restaurant principle with a: view^to the comforV  of������the pubJlei and will. be conducted in sa manner to.  ensure the satisfaction of those who ore disposed to   .  rayor tne proprie.tdrs wi tb their patronage.r>: -,. v' ������������������'- * '-��������� *;:'[ ���������  :.   Meals.*it aU;H^M^;Crpbri.Be^^^!v      '  The BaV/s furnished with the best solobtfon' of  t and SeL'ttr's. -:;    '**������������������,  - ������ . '   ���������; - ��������� :'; y- r= g.". ������������������  ! - ?\4in>"  J  rf-w..  '1^s  Liquors and Segars.  '���������������..*���������  THjB WILLIAMS CREEK BBD'-BOGK FLUME AND  . DiTCH.CoiaifAXtj LiMixsD,.cail tbe attention of Miners to ������ The Wiiliams Creek Flumo Ordinance, I8o6,"  a copy of which can be seen at their office,* nnd hereby  oamionall persons not to trespass on any ground nor  int^eI2 with ^y ri^hta^d Privileges therein grantod  .    "fi'fi" ':" "-'������������������"'    ���������'������������������'���������   B/A^WADHAMS,-'";-  '8'icrstarv'���������'  Eichnsld, I6tb M������y? 1806,. .* ^.n^** '  AS TO THE PLACE OF RESIDBNCE otAtEXlMklt! '  Harvy McNabb, from Norva], C. W., when last I  beard frem was at Lillooet about to cross the mountains j  bast, .Parties who.can give information will please  communicate with John McNabb, Esq., Toronto C'Wy'"'  Sf yj''S'������: W?ght' Yi,,,am's- d^ If the said' Af,  fl.McNabb applies ;to Mr. Wright he will hear of something to bis advantage,   .-    ...y ������������������, ��������� ��������� ��������� /; ira.ni.f.!:  EVENING,  AT-.THB-J- '-.-'V  !   .!   BARKERVILLE.   '*--*<��������� -'v  'X������.< y'-yA.&pt^^ rfi     -  t ^'thteg'ia donelk connection with "this esUi)llB*-v  men fc &f$Kre satisfactioa' to the customers.  n ������-* - - v "  A ^ gOJERS^OF THE TEUPlSCHOftEAtf ART are-  -ra- invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a hearty  welcome will be extended.   ......     : ,.,...:...    ��������� *���������  :1. .   MARTES 4? COOK, llrop'w,  KICHFIELD,; Williams Crcefc^Bi.C,  E^HAVE i)K HAN&a iarge^stock of #ro^ieionw������  Hardware and,Vegetables, and are determined to sell' them cheaper tU'ah iiny ibtber store' oii  Wil^sjapB Creeks Come and see an* judg# for yoursckeii;:  'RjchfleM, U\y 5th, im%. ' . ���������       1  iA  Ps ���������W  ^^hvnsMY; may\|V; -teefc  - iii     rn      mi    i       ���������        ,    H!   i|H|������-^J������.M        .4  V^7"~Ps,  (Before ^i  i������S;������-,������S;:  ^BBq^r'-;  ���������was  '���������*lL Brooioa..  -a hoard'Dill ;ampuH^^^i6^  followediby-acrbsrsuit.; {   y-fiyyy y, ^r><?  A;Greeq vs,.&On^  !Bumrpf .$250/ being jw%psjdue plainW  feridant--Consifte^^  :ed in Court byjtheymdeaej^  had no bearing on ekhej of the c^s.!^ ;Tbe  Judge gayedt ��������� ashis! oplruonr that Jthe^^oje  ti^hleltiaC^videhtly Ji^pfed;!ihSlSeAy  ^ fiyfiayy fi.,. ~a y^jTi^   iSecretary'aletter;;to!Hr^I^umeister, forwarding 'copy of llepertby theH Special Gorn^  :mitfee; appointed "by the ^Legislative Council  ftp consider the petltibnnof ,numerous Miners,  Merchants and Traders in Cariboos A     -  jistering .the ^^^eiain^nty'to fo  ]1^*:^rjf o^thsj^  i^OT^on^the h^  !ffiMfo*d planted 1iis'������e������iael^^fi^������������^1fii:  ish vessels^**! ^^  -rtfi!lHe   ~m.  ^eiSBe^nia^  fnWht into Gol^  (brought  .the cases  Cpunsel for; Green;: Mrv;Parkr  ;the ^li^isVative'&ounch ?fo '*rep6rt&^oa the  ;;pefifwn$f^  ;b o 6 -respeci rMg jthe 4bjuri^ ac^nim  *. .:y.y,\yyfiEiG^l}3^\im^^  Tlierc is no farther^  this creek sihlK^  Company are etMlat work"Ivha^doirig well;  pne-of the members of ^the; company^Si^pther  day sold his interest!to-the^rema^l^  81ii^^he!l^  -hove^^ the Disco veryCompany^  ?go6d paji theylfifedfiMpy eral, adtflliph^lrhands  the b th er jlay .^ulr^&g^nex������$6t!t|b&-gpr t  BendCompanyfare^  tbe^creefc.���������The -Heron ���������on^^ny^Jhad-^trufc7arj  second shaft iil'Hliei^dn^^jd-'f^Qnft ^ev rock  still pitching,, they are ndwjrauiiy^  The traiLis in afbad^tate/and provisions are'  . difficult to;be^friri; " *  '"''',;':':"'"**"**" **-**���������*'���������*  be made acquainWwith^e7result  y !"^.-^?;^l^ave;the honor to^bey-  ' '^Si^!-^^^������'^1'!!^  v.-  : ?>'**-  y?tfv%m$  ���������'������������������"&.  fiLiiso '��������� Suo������fii?Ye8teTdayfiafternoon about  the hour of three; tibre jdenizena^of BarkervUle  were starfcled^t^eariag a verys unusuaFnoise J  yyX ^vytyy5J-Hilvf.-*,i-.*iii, t.y:a - m$t &Ufefi&tgsS ft  ��������� vf GariboW  ���������^^^"* '^-F' -*?>:Ive^f-' wi-.^-^  -f\X . qiitihiiy^^Br9A ������>Kfrfi$'U'W&iaitex:W&?.-   "-A  ...        i, ... ...   ���������-,.?���������)��������� J't>. i'Stiif*'  Committee j jt may ;be'said to,fee ua^etiesaaTy!  |ih spme,tMsg8j- superfiuonsin e^hersi'and,t nis^  |fair'in������3t3 !cbntinuM^clnsibn ef ?tK8 Southern1  [States,.after they had.followed tbe conditions1  ithat/wehavfeonly to^wait,;^toissttSv^ei^  jOongress."; ^ ��������� v nv*> '-** v-- ^;������,.-r,;-^/ <, ^  !l^!Wfeelii(g3i]prfi Wi^The onrglari? WhoroUf  ibed the Bank at (^iz^Qhi^  ''Council'  (Mmfier^^i.  con  sider theypetitiou of ^Rumeroug; MineiB; Mer-  -Plianta^itndr^  to your��������� Honorable^=G6uncil: ������-,! ?! .^ , ^ I  ^ That in-view of ^he^great injury accruing to  all-tlie mining interesfe by ^rpleng^d^hyipoi^  plicated litigation !tney;hayegiyen^:ihe present^  petition:mature,consideration riwithoulhow-  eyerbeing able to advise'any alteration in the  terty rejected^ahd the^Ml side declared to  Wmty the^rtta^ycTho mind^ofsbnte  ^etigpiipmay hesitate to^acquiesce in the* pblt  ey of the la^te enac  M ^������Mnitey^racticablp -ior fiyefcompflaka  themselves jndefeasibiyb^ th������?whbie4asterii  ^^l^^^^^^from! theiCbtirt  ^ifie-twenti^th.  ind:to^!rer:::'  .Vf,^,^,,,,.w,i,^ .t;:,,.,,,,^.  ........ mlis^hasv  , ��������� R^resented^byflye^nenwoj^ngiin^ an  *ffi tfennel' at?ntervalsc dW^OO :feetiA Had the  ;er^elg*een^tled'm IS^andrlferimdeE^  |tSfeenacfm^^^  ted i^e appearance or produced' the ^results <>  whlcM. wbi^0|ii^|^H^^4iySdri3itf| defendants  try tPar^u^tMfcsuch^am^nopolyistoo Tn!s^  eMei^B aM^  f eaMbjtlistenTt^  ,tipr#fimp^odyii$ bound Id- accept ratf rkeififi  pf;parliament -^^ialry^ ^ere ?it ^eitoessly^  reversesfe$pfelaw7^  or^general^visdbhi;y-\ 10, aH/eventsi I cannot'  listen to the^defemialnts^^  an^ttem|lirb^ |heiplain W  ^ rio^e^pressly forbidden ntearis^thatiwhich-'  the ^e^i?Ia^m^onpt%eB* entitledftof as al  mafefeeFof ^c������rrs^in 186& ieSi attempt Bb^con^  ^ry ^pulilic^olicy^^  it 1^^^insinua'ted>that theplajintiffghaverattempt-  ed thereby to iiijure any isdmdnal)^as(;that I?  ought to Tefus&tbem reliefeif entitletfto it 6a:  ^Jnfte_$reseny{8^e offtheTColbny tihofiimi  were buwucu airwni 1*15..������..ycij:-:w*wwo^iiuibci i!^L'"i^K:^^'^***^ V-S*">'^.^'A^-^*.-*-55R������iiKC^-A-^r^  similar to what might havebeenprodud^  the cayinfcofta.steep-bank,yja generalv-rush  ^ was ��������� made^fbrithea&eetpwhm itvwiis  that a large portion of the earth^ on" the West-  erh hill side behind  town Tyas'; ^^   ^V/r. {-/-J.*-.  ympve^  the lefti' j^^Md^imdo db tediy^ -n|tve^ft _  away Messrs. Flpyd^c !!Gb7s^tore^Ja|^ftf:wa^J  the water and mud forced ail entrance through  i&e:baelrdoprjof .their s|oxe; a^^sw^^rlghti  th roiig^.' liintpythe streel; ;!AestrpJin^������ xgrpa#  deal of '.-goods andi injuring isome^very badly.  We suppose 'Messrs; Floyd #f���������b^ lossy Mil  ���������' amount to $500.    '.fi -v kk - fiAfiyfi.h '������������������ y -A -A..��������� -: vfifi  A<x^iM0r^  .: ���������     ������������������������������������������������������''��������� .i-^'-'-T ? ��������� r ���������>������������������������������������������������������ f - ^  |fie * decisions of! thpinfer^^ be'  proportienately-'enlargedv-31^' ^-^ ^^h*-**-****^**, .,,  ? rfer, Committee ^re!b^imjn tfiStMe SL  UeOesiredJSLraSie^.to-bgfoundamthicairect  t^n;^n#!the;ftu^e  isting powers of. Ihe :local)3&hmg^^  proceeemgs mayyhej a limitation :or-supprea--  sibnoK^exis^nJ^  Gbld^C&ii^sioti^^diciaiej^  duetite of far.more;seriousijinjurytethe^Min^  huaTiua^as%^  jJerMe.cotomaudofilxe^  twp^hard daysrfigKtingf tfii tho"^^;raffi^261K  w������^i,tThe Republica%s1^ad^3bo!prisPnere  March!  !unifcr^p,e^  month^the citJ?of Hidal^u^^^l^wal^Pi  :trcked-abd^en-byy&a���������itf fe'yAth^l!t1beral-  dpv:eii'fr6!m^Hteuah  pafto.ConstrtUtional4a#i������ Ii  hMlaJ^t^Sant^ Isabel/yea^^arrafe, aS^fto -l Vie^  ziaand CoL'-Trevierdidefeated^the French^  at^^^eHaristei^Thet^^ncht^  pn ^Md^aMi^fpr^ la  dead-and 85  had^  munitions of^^^lJ^intp the^hands of  the;LiberaE  it*;;  i-zA&-'r>fa:pi  -seek^jcnre^^^      ^       alteratipnsin they law ftudpracri  ,, .. ,..        A.    -,..,      *.,-.. ..-:,..    ^ v. =     ^^v-.-^.-*���������^isute^^al^ery^ani:the:mciy  Session to cpmpanies.  an!ithe  vein a shortaistancefroin^^  iS^SSSS&le^S!^ ^aff^^^^of dip^ip the  this placeyfdr?tlte '0rpiM"6t having1',it';ftiS  *-- '���������   -' ' ^p^^^^ constitutional safeguard  ^^ay.,::Latel������Mi^pliSli������; f������J ^gPf'WW0?* ^^  ������;-i':i  (Signedj)feicHfixET P. PEtLBW CnuiSB, -STTj  "':-'i ������ -;     Chairman.  ^'-Wr^lili!!.^'-' '&*?*.: ���������*$:??'>:���������''��������� '���������'  -v������f    Y^f?f'sT? >?-*-���������  .:..".-.;.    ���������-. *   -v ������   i������  1 .1 V.iEii"...''  '  .."''.M...-1        1 ':^l-r   *.'- ...-A ."Si*. :���������  {���������&$���������-���������?&  AMm  some future litigatipn^.^^i^'^'pb^W^^^^^  cisiejiin to case^U^ use as^^a  pmsedeni^  old clauses and^al^d^th^^d^dlcjionary  L-i^d,%tbiii|.; .comparing-^ ;4weient^wpjrd%  in^f;4ne!^o]i Fields jActMtfe^  actsalready !^uoted^������ :jt3ieSMerchin1;|ShIp^  pffig^Aotfau^theyl^n^^g  e&^ctofttlftJr^i^rUtlon '  more#an notice io^^jbe ..fi^rl^^iipp^pg^  vdJB^ftb^Usn^s^ls  the>nteritsJ ifi^mid -^as%e%'roved^vBut.Waxt> ~  rule meaks^ actual frauds-active deceit ������r onisJ->  r^Vesentttidiii :^'The-i������c6re^-'of the^Cp^'imii:  $d!$eJke^t^ vehicle^  bf unproy^llaMerpius in^mtarions^ aBfec&g^ '  the characters - of defendants.    Here J 481 lorily  cb&rtciive'iraud!: V&i w&t AA ha ve ^beforoi  ^  translated���������i������?meah>little*Snore 'thans^smart-?:  -nesB^^ujti^fe  tiv^^r^dw-'smart'-a^tion ^against* which, the?  Cburtvwill relieve. Nor does it always relieve^    ���������  the^most^^adily aga���������t5l^e^niofe -unconscien^  jtidbs'actsbr refuse relief, wnere there is really?  Wf^sli^tfm$^  ^gain8t%hi^(^^Courl^in^^^ notl '���������";  .h"e)&WanIy^ .-!?  the defendant an^-in-the present oase I amnpfci'  pVepa'redto sajj tliat the'de^dantshaveiacte^l  dishonesft^f'is!te6fdina^^^  fThe^^ve ce%ted^ibotb*S?V^^  . ���������-.'.-.  ^^e!^^ir^iends;tb:San  *ytfte report of the ^ssaye^^ !$3000^t|^  ,rn" ;^aPPearstoustha^sbme-misfcake'must-1^'T^-*--������'':?^/TMSl^KX^TItft^ym^mm s  -hwe anzen/^oncernih^^this-ton^o^bu&rt^ 'Hi*: A^^^^^^^^1^^ >������ >> *.*t'.w  We knowjpf e.;tx>n that;Was;seht irom a ley^ v    (From tne British"^01^61^M/'iffiyp'? '"'  StEJi but^V1^ ^a^^ned^l^^: the Atlagi^^kth^a^* ffiSf&Lt  S^fiSkLWi?^W^t^ ^stern^ls:progressing.!y3^?work^laying  i^LpfltA^*^ ^at^SaA.Francisco; ;will:commence^n^ulyf!y- - - AAAy,^'^  i ^?!S!l^ ??.a8:en* *������w with iull instruct   "TO^**������a*^^^^  superogatbry' to be given tb; a^Ipg}:$pn at !all;  ln^i^s^.te.-:anyTcla&  B.taiicea vgutTOundiiiyOTP Ess^-lriS^iff' sight^'oK'lhrs:1  .bianch^i^tft^rfiot'i-flawit^n^^iBaiirc^  thafyl think^he;id6fendants.^haye been, guilty; pf.auy J  yery^gzofis ,w,ickednyss. ^LUnder theiGold yihld&AAotfi  K1859; 's;:5; sfty tUe^efeSdM^-we!riair^������r1^^^^  i*' ter ori-Mi'd not? lawftftfr^^ ^fec^piedn>y any'other; pBr#-  ' 'son^JPulsAasnd^ w%^vthr^tfadaniLrtry/i|S^������no6  ^dr^premiseiofyttiff syliol  jtlfeland^as lawfully bccapied:V>It,������  perfectfyitiis trueT butth^ctofehdan-  ,...,. ^m.  -TegisUiYQd^imAi  AWtkknmiri  pre^entedr v      s    ,.-...  miE������i|>ner.vt It-' was laid ever fnauOctober^Plgt Junp^  and'ithey'i  the^wfrjj,  WKfsl  tibns to h������vA-fF*2i������������ -*^r r/T ^^������uu-i  iThp^riSlih^pys;^  nn +Ka ,,rkn-/ f o  ��������� J������ W������--������^iasve-Stul^lyinff crecbitrior. ^:fr"'-"S? s ^....- w^a-������r-; ��������� Wfl-^nssr>T  with him fo hL������^, if Uy "^'^^Semcate-    :A.letter &om-.Bordeaux noticed the arrival  a return raad������nVffg 5?" ^d yet ������rae to have intead������d for the Chilean Bervice:   Sheisco^  theallusioninthaLrJli^'^SWfF^W manoed'byOapfc-HuhferDayiaabri^bx-rebei  though there is a  !��������� ���������.      '   '     ������'���������**���������*- *   ' i-    .���������--;. i ���������; I ���������; -*.,-   ���������.���������������������������,-    . .  jours^" wiS^^.^fiupfe so.niuciiof  [ .^",.���������m���������,M������cat������on8t(>oarneKi  Mi by heavy T<ZT?'*}& ^B^afc&jnipaii-;  Chicago^ April 30.-^Yesfcerday ��������� morning six  burglars entered the residence of cashierHar-;  jfisbn. of the National^ Bank!CadferfOhio, and'  gaggid thp( cashier,-^  the keys of.tae-bank and safe/effected an! en'r  trance; anS^Tofebed the safeif$1^a'000^nite!d  States bondsandy$;5;OO0 deposits,- locked .the;  watchman inside," and escaped after cutting-  ,the::telegra^,Wirer:U '!';��������� ffiA.fi������������������..'.";'��������� fii'fifififififi:  San fenpiscp, May 2<r���������A- S, Mercpr of the!  Continental, has filed answer in the suits of  J. W, Batch and Emily Thorn denying each j  and every allegation in the complaints.fi_fi  New. York, ApriLSG^Th^  vprtiser'g Washington dispatch says,>. the Aus-.  triari' Minister has advertised 'HisJ furnished  residence for sale. He expeets the nest Euro-   pean7steamer will bring news of the sailing^bf  $ been appbmWS^ ���������**������*������:iWiwii*XpiWp6tt^tti- Seward.,: !  [ 'tft,,pn on the hkes in Setoterlor ������ ^^1, ��������� The Navy Department has advices from  as against anybody liable to jbcmisf ed.?v But  as the whole case of ^tHe^'deferidants Iher>feis:  thirffieywere:.^  tha*^e'^bi������nis;^'was^  purpose of talnnfevupiaUv*th������  thb'^Aursra lisight abandoTi,; the^TOrir^fect^1  pr!ifi^ularifcrpf plaintiffs' ' earlier r;Cebrd!^  ia/a-tibuWof Sftfiity, %f; ho" im^fi^i^^Iil^  defendantsitbrrely. jon^!,Qf cbursey'ifth^^efehT;  dants had not been aware of rthe origin of thei  pIalnliff3,JGl)apany to  veryyWffte^yfifiViAA Ay-.J^rfififil i%'fi6n ���������-  !" ~i. Then has the conduct of the plaintiffs^  been suolr^s & fdepri^��������� them!-m^tir%$t to  consideration here 1c$o .iineonscientipftsA������pnh  diict is alleged in :the'plaintiffs as against in*  dividiials, but the manre^  Aurora are alleged to^reappoa  name ef the Borealis is alleged- to be against  publicpplicy, and'therefore it^isjurged!that^  th'eplaintifis should hotbe listened: to.    The  .bbjeetio&k' sounds,,^ka^e^^iaMd^endaiL&  mouths,' for they^ have,-itwice.over, .themselves  attentpted^he ver^sam^ manoeuvre-ag&lnsf-  the Borealis Co. 'Qufe tulerit gracelbs.^   ���������  ; Moreover,^^:whether! such .attempt be for! the  public good .er-p.iiier'wjM^it.lsydulte, cleair, that J  there was nothing especiallyifornid'denvby law  in this attempt of the Aurora coJy^in?186Sfor  t8jSi,\an4ho^,ey.er:8m  66 far from being!!agaiu^  law, the law itself would' nave; givetf(thenij"  unasked, aiLthatZthey"thlts^ attei^pted^to^ac-  quire, andt%iefehdants obuMC&avehad no  '���������.-_- ^ .��������� i._i.,_ _. ^,., - .^y, ehcroach^:  & of^Fehr&ary^  iouu,;u������w vwa������������:������..r������^; ������������v;f^w...oion ..".requiring,  the owners of hill claims to biark.ouSt wprfc  ing claims after striking goklin paying quah^  tities; And if the ^origin. of the suit; of Borealis,  vs. Aurora had! come 'on 12 months later it is  t Jt ��������� wan iaid-^hatjtheGourt^wiH not ,as^st a ,voln n teerl v.  But the plaintTffafnave ; aetuajly. reglB^red^wbrked,  paid'fees lor.layih^ovor^ctcV, and trast-tothe'law to  protect .-,theinrJhc tne deao^season.? >S^tte they are moth  pure volunteer anti toe^efendant^^emhle/ are.  feittire. But there ������ no forfeiturener������^^feW|('^iiJ8f'C-v':  tilfcWaB'afgtf&fo^  IJTfirpobl.Bprbugh-BanJs-v^Tur.aensh^wed  ofiliaw^It is evidenl, howcVer/that^very thing mnit';  depend onlthejwordslby/which. regiatratioa js direct^ t  aad.enforced, ?7;.Iim^ao^becai-rab!d>jt6iaca the repprt sfi  of 'the case, referwcf.tb;' and: jvbolepurview of.tlie ipr-!  chanf Shipplng Act,-1554, npbn;whici?!,it was5 decided j>  aresb, eitremelj^d iger&at"from the" ^words and splri t; of ^  the ���������old?Eields Aotfy thai,scarcelyi;any anM?gyycbuid.  be, expected between'.-the ������casea������-.'l (i-A\.-? -,'<;':~y ���������".; A',-��������� ,y;: \ .-  f tbinkihofi?fdre that the ^yatson co'y^ouglfV to ,be*'-.  deciroed to convey to the plaineiffs the'4o0 f(?et In-whicli-  they.sooMftb'ha-ve' acquired iW;legal yestate..by- their;  jmrch&so front the' jSlIffrale*. v Ay A' *AA y- a. *iifi A* fi: A '��������� -  i It ^eenis pretty clear:i6;n>eliha.$ the;D^untlmco'y's.  ���������rebbrd/:'27th'���������'Aprl^ i865i'.is;so; ambiguous aa not to'y  atnoniit to'much ^nder-the'old law;���������: What it' rhaylor;  may'notvanod!Strto"������mderiho,uew law, 20tliFebruary;.  1865-,. it: is needless to inquire.1 Whatever it is, I this^  tho Watson co'y-.are-,bonndr to; hand: it back ttiMi&;  Borealis.>.���������" fi-A\fi-. Afi" ��������� fi ::,fifififiA-'-'������������������'' a "���������>>":>::"A:'���������  ���������As-to costsj* fee Borealis "have.certainly!bc6a ^egl'K  gent j- ia oeglectingtbr^gifiteriaeir claim in a suftlcientr  ly.fqrmal maoner up to-June, 1865;- Moreover tbey; did,.-  not������le their^/biU till^theyend:of Jn*p,. tUe!liliflrs|ce ,  jump baVingoccnrred-|n'January'/ "It*lsio.exeuee'.for1'  tbis dela^r-to any that they-first tried Wget the defend-:.  ants .set-aside in;a?VGd1irfe oftLaw.;., Ifemastbave, bftfn/  clear that .a.Courtof.Xaw.wpBld. decide, agafes)v^io.  plaihU'SB: fi.: Tbey sbould bare :fited":;tlioi^ bi.ll:at'!tjiS'ce.'1  The're,fbre>p aUoVing- tbe' billi' loi oach parly pay their^',  ownedsts;��������� ���������,;-.-��������� ���������'<  pi* .-������..;y���������'���������'������������������ '������������������ A} yAy- ��������� vy;:f-���������:: ur��������������������������� a*.''  : I do not underefond^hatanyaccpnnitsare^demanded;"  ���������^&*Cap!fc,- Stijimp abd 0)1. Fpster are" ra#'  tioried-'as^^candidatesfiir tlre^acantseat niifi -  HousefbrB^mhialtlbwr!^   The nomr  was tbxome off bri the 4tii Inst  .*ne  lAiitiou  YHSSJS fi^������aa^������|i5������'*������.*��������� Bocealis might'^0 beo^t-l  ^"'If you want good Cofftre ;  -���������j.;  ^se i'cirs*  wa.������iuiliiwju> ulitf)i������WI miWiHUIlHtWIOT flip**  :.;;):  yy..-y  Wi-  yy-  Aik  yy  iti^.yssy^-'-- ���������  a ' ��������� -.* 'i.-^y M-tCoiJMnttcdfrom FiwtJPage.] \,rgi -?'ry<:  , *$4O0)alsohot?allfege<rto^haye/been paH,xjpir  Voyfed in the-sanie^way asithe/BlIer8lee,.tpvr������i-  Imohton,tetrusfclor the!- Watson cpjyv^; v- ;;|  icGn the/22d June, 186^4the;Watson cp;y r^  ������6Mtheir/daim^^^  lymtende^to^  of %>aa $0 'wMcHjrecofd^varipus observations  mlghfche made.!& It is^yhowever, of cOTp^raj  ! !:twelyli^  'waslfe onr they20thfeJune, d865i .the^Bprealis  ; ^rc������ad:|^^  the area- fbrmeriylheld by^t^^uroraasa m|i  claims thiay^^  nary^nus-statemeii^i which, however, are^per-  ,-"- "-httpsinniniportant* th fii w, *>Ayy - aaa>uAa h&i  fififi:Afi; Ithls was th^fiiiW!time. I-think that% plain-,  4tfe^re^tt4he recorf acclaiming any^cerrj  1a1nTc4aW^unaec^rtainable>pfece^ or area, of  ^r^noleitenu^  weatern ot ��������� tbeftrigtnaVfcbr^  ^^ &W *&*?, the!  prase^back ofthetiforpra^in^^  :   feiapj, Ito^  fifi-M ?baWsmca>tKfehea^^  v V' ail! thevaffidavitsana; anft^Bt^In l^iarcase; and  :���������': 'ffi Ltt#������>iixy^i^  ' ^sebn^thedeiej^  ! $Xt3s!sui$r^ng^p#perhans not gurprisihg^toj  observe with wnatyftocurapy yall:.the5; parties  ' Intereste^ap^a^  twn;;aiUto  , uai^i^nt;^  beinglinfected >tthtthe!. smiHest^b^ledge;  or suspicion ev.eh^p&Jgicts -which;^he course;  oftitigation,^  dahgerottSyfoi^'gfam to Jhay������ JcnpTOU^Iamsor-  ; 'T<#^s^  ij&jiduty ferdyj&s. littl������^?po^sjlble ^ppn^thp |  ���������     exculpatory, statements in .those affidavits. n K >.  '   ^^reat.apal of sk^gi^^j'been la|d .upon  :    the order.of 27tn, Jinie, 1864,f>made, ^between  the Borealis. and, tthe,; Aiirpra'cpmpanys,.,the  ^ilwntiffstryingtcto fis^he defendants witb  knowledge of^aud>he^defendants insisting  on what cer!lifeilyx^eM ���������������" ^I^Nng^gnpr*  ance.of the order having^een matle.'fltseeins  ' fififi t&hieY ���������fcewe'Yjer.Vt]^  ."fi: '' le$geMit ^therdefej^^  or'neaTlytmnlmportant. ^Supposing;.all,, the-  fi * ;r^efe^tetslha4iS.e.e.n;g)cifi^  ������?xde;vand eve^nejsei^ediwifch ft;Ceiyiflf it  3V ��������� vth&niafc^  c   Jibund b^J^  ! !   'did���������otattem^t?te iofiany)  ^���������v;;^reo^  ":^:#iw^toM������t^  -     ordeKof;tbe&7tn^ take up this  ' ground^ they ^ould$aTO been equally entitle  ed' to! do so the mom&t Mer that -order was'  ,     ,ima^F6r as!^!iSe!lntenlipw^  cdefaiidahts knew ilt^sbput .that long ^before.  It is part of the defendants'case that tbey had  recourSe to the .nran^vres", of parading the M-;  lerslecjand Dauntless Cp^ aind^werjs morally  justified* in* .those man<Kuvers^.by * eason* ''of  ilfc#r^ious slmlM  ed' themselves into a company i>with the, pre^  ctee object"of securing all4fce balance of the  4^ra|uTcte^ 'should  be restricted to a^WP^ng!clainfc^I^there^  fe^^taras'notoi^nd-iindeed knowledge  of ithe Borealisjgrp^d  fpr;thedefMidants,t^deny all knp^pdgerof  the^rder $i\x&$0y$mPt and: unnecessary!  for the plaiptiffs to Attempt to^fix: them * with  tice���������heversaw^prbeardof the^r^ier on appeal  ''ifepltnis Court in$mattt������ih^^  deeply infprested^ that they;?ji^v%pne!;fo the<  Aurora shaf^&Kasummoifs in^e/very;in;at^  ter at the /very same | ti^tVnay^!mo^t extra:  ordinary perhaps of a^we :fihd a whole cpm-  pany bflmeb^rlving!������n the :f^atspn 3h������Ct!aU  ready fo swear they never saw; one of five men j  who, however, ? are -, Bhewn 'fito'S h������we!s j^een for  months !w^rkim  Borealis !ti}nnelv: ,>What Impression can such  ajQadavitmapr^^hbpe ��������� to^makeT on^by!'inind'���������%  All th������6fc>thpy state may -be ^e^^umpugh'-it  is!prppeWfe>; pbuHt^yptes, "fit Jiave^to ^weigh > ev*y  dieneefiy.yy^ yiyfiifii ]yfi v>fiy <*fiy fi...A,ty  ': y It.is ipfdve&! and not^denied^that ;ihe,stakes  w^ jn^ctt^akd ma^ebl;ffi  18G4^o^rhe^^n^Wes  defendants knew the exact grbund clairiiedby;;  the plamtin^,y5;hesefacits; ^ei^^ej|r^haiis  iteaaw! !a^Ucable.^ithe;e^^ ;be  divided: i htoj sevoral lnquir|^ :-p^C LWbat!, is!  tSeeffectbf^  what ^ust ibe. pu ton !the! regi^teri(!2^:^S^ K  the 'effect of registration .^nerajly^;e.^; ��������� does,  itnierely/dpe^teasftotlee, vor^eraiit^'bnati-  tute a}?soIutc tille 3 fi :3d.:$%$$, isjhe:efifept of  a ^defective'! regist^at^ibn,!e Jg.^qne calculated  ^miBle^l^t^^What;fer thje|^ct5)f the  Conduct of She parties Jn^he^reBenVcaset  i!! Ist/Now fts^tpr^what miisj^. put on ?the" register,, this;ts te'uecided.;on?rtheitlaw ptf!l858^  w^ere I tbinkl^is) jjrett3^^ar'1^ty^^lalhi?  toearis^^arwpr piece of r|rourid,hbtja;mere  \^e%&^  th<High 4lie; boundaries ^bj^the ^c^^pv!iipt!,ej-j  pressly'^e^uire^to i^U;^ttiere  must !be^ registered J s^gffife^^&nl^an^In:  the nature of?thIng^h^e]1bb%^rie^a^^  of;being ascertained, and fnwrkf d %t; f fij^pd.  ii ought jtb feejsp ^scribed jai^j?^]fe  boriftxMpn ia j^^pn; cpnsul^j^itfie������roister;  ^atw^ould;]^e|thp/answer^  Sold Fields|Ac%" lS^yitiisM^^reejnpt'npw  necessary toiWi) 1$&t ifc^fitlpTca^aflpffi^n1  tpthe fact ,that the Legy  changeii the definition^ off^;jcl^im,f? a^what  a ^claim? iipMfe within^^pj^^nt !^a^ 'jnay  or.may-npt possibly jreceiye.relucidatipo in  ���������\Ak(kfyfA; llfl^i^ued^^'TJil^^ie.3 AAAfiAyfifih  ^������������������^���������mwmuiiii 11 0 mtmmmmm i iftfa m fcfiwiww*���������I���������i  CJtfeNJ^MOUpL AI^MT^SEMENTS.  y^fi'y&yy&jc^^  Meais^allirouraji andi Otfokin^i oj^tiieibesi  fiyfiMA ywl"Ss? dcSCriptlD-nv^ ^A.YA-JfiMy.} td  9 A  -. r.l ��������� *:r       QtJESJsrELMOUTH,.      ,   -       fyfi '  -^%OWk & tGILLIS, JHdppr^bRS/f ^j  GoMiiyrsV^esia^  - vv' fififi fi stabling fot'Horses, Bay and.Oaft. y J-; y*y_ y  ���������; 'yfi;y\A p^ e EsTABXASHgn .r iB������^^gM^t,^^Sibp^��������� {isyBmu  * v. -yfittwifire. &?o;--Teraas most ^Moderate.?! fi  (���������;; ;:t^^^Afi^^  i       ������  ^. POPPER MCO-i t'-f'v, ;;  j     'w^*v yrP^JEg^tSlpOT^  Dealers in Provisions; Liquors, Tpbapcp;!&c.  fi      A good selection of Liquors always on band.    lnj  !ROAD; SIDE .HOUSES,fi&cfi  ttLl^OEmAI)VERTISmENT&  11?'of!aU grades: ^tra,^uper^fC^  THTS'HOUSE is githste^26x milea'frohi (&esBelm6u4bi'  The proprietors having lately^fitted/ vpt bedrooms  and good-Beds areino^iprepare'djto,^  hiodatlonfdf-Traveller3;,;the Table, iifurhl^edwitnaV,  the luxuries1 thatcan; beiprociired j; the Basis' well sup-���������  piled ^with the; beef brands W^4������ors and'Se^ars;1 glwd  Stabling,^ Hay; Gats an^l Barlajy. ($������The CHEAPEST  House on; the Road.y r?/:. AyyAfiA^ (A fi'fiin --'A :A^fit*  ���������\*  y\fiiafQ^  .^,^-^yKRNM^  Enklish & Jr^cKSil^aawisi!^reffi^   U*,  ^Serclotbi^!^Glo^8, ia^^  1 Receive regular^supplies.^ Expre������ vl������^ and:  ovTSailiKig^eSBtels: via^ Qip*mm.Mr.&r \fer}:& A.. /..  5jj^- i^ticular atteatioftigivjen, tpjan^ ordere. t , :  : tlSen^riin^/ iff''" ���������  l-t'  ." S-i }u  fEAA^^B^^^''.^  jmn&sfi tiim&i' P^fumery,;^^ Phy6lclan8������ W-l  ffiHtiUons careftiU3r?e8i*jpWitfded ^and'order* anawerea-  ^ith^carQ aiid dispatch; t^ictorla^ ���������*,& :, iiii vyl* fi:  PAtTRiCfe^ COft^BR.  JV-B. RQ  i^ehant,  XRfQOK^ Wlne-and Spirit Mer.  Ictoria^iV^;^ >%���������:ifiittrifl m " -J- -v;'; ^^*g' *  li^fi^AfitA.moiyv&vmopTs  '&iy"#fy Tiisirr*b .i������jwv.^^���������������������������' -^'������'-;--H .!/.m#- V"'^���������^���������,.������.  'and keep yCttr!feet flo, dry. ?. >Bec4Use 1] pnrchaae of  ^Ctiarity' ������nct Butter;, <^rh������^^^^t?;yict6rir  T" '''''^r!PCBOcSAIK������^ITia  House:''There is'-G(wd;Measj^iGo^^^^Stobllbg  for Worses; >fli������a<3yj^Oates* Slffd W^r^^ww^^r^ W^  ^K oSS^.tHK'! !i!cc6aD^i^bN^p^TH|  i^avelling [publlcv.tbe^^bedrooms-;are.^paeiotts and  airy and- the Beds eawietibe'surpaased iordeanllneaJ  and comf6rtfby.any;inHhelower.o*antry^^jithe: Table/is  always supplied,; with ;the-best., of. yiqtuals. i Stabiing  for Horses���������: Hay, Oats an&Barley constantly:rofi-hand;  J' ~'jA&i&CQi&Eortygts$^  ^afil^ii'and^teid^Saeds guaranteedv Hayecn baud  aicarefuny- jselec ted"stoclf fi of' the^bove;; frohr the best;  EuroDean'dnd, American lfarkets;l-The- early orders or  ^irJlris^tavB^  ticular^ attelitWn'iscalledtptheir,)ai^e^toek-pr.Gra8fl;j  Clover "and Oniopl S^edsv.of':. yery^tsu^rior^quaiuy^  Frait Trees^aW3u^^^  htfuse and Garaea->Pla!nt!i^etandard^nd^Dwarriti)!!^;;  ofeverf vatie^I Catalogues:on applications t q-g^  ��������� large stock of!Hay, pata^Whoat and Barley of t^e  besi^eJBcrfptidnWwaysetf J also, Nanaimo, Eng:  lish r Blacksmitboandc<3annel ?Cdab^iOrders%seat iioy  PnUnXiWharf, yictofiary;^.j^mite^i^iipodjate:  attention.      : .fi^fi, *.^fi"f A i-:.. ; -,, ���������'���������* ���������.r ���������.    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Vicwisret Cariboo andj;������ceq,9ry( .throughout;Br,itisb Col.)  unibia, including jv I^^hf ipuie .ip^lg'' Bend, ;al wayi r  oifhanUatliberal rates."- y"'y \.fiyfi^::.fix:'fi fifiWfifi  My  I v  iCrushed; to orderf  ���������'I-s^v''^-  tlLLOOET IXOtTR^MIt^eO;;4 "''fi.  ^:Caps^ Bwtssana^Sboes,-C4^  Wan^pei^&c-y^Liltooet,;B;^3..r^wiffv^',?^^$:? ���������  yhanda large andsupenor.stockef Eager Beer;ra(k  the Bar; wp bey fp^nd: tap '.best Bran^ies^iWines ,and.  ^m!;;'ihopnb|ic^ar.e\i^vi|)^  all orders^proniptlyi        t  --fi-y^'-'  fc<- - fi-.fi1 l'-sl1  l^iS/ftrt^BeC^j������ths������^fy u>onv������ni������nc? .fo^tbe^cpftfi  fort ofiTrAvellera;- the ^.ulinary^departm^^ isJjun^?  the iiup^rintendShrc61ef aa' e^eri^nced^cook f.&$*&$$  Sre clean and comt^taSle'^vtherB^  offLiquorsi^Segars, &C; >Stablin^fHay^.Baiiey*&^Oats..  m  M  I&BEN ?&*?GABSWEI*IiJ ImporthtgBook-)   ;>^Et^S & ^ATION3SRS������cOi^ton^  ree'eivine'fr^m:bKstf80urce^  ceilaiieous Bobka^an'd"Stapleiand 'Fancy Statiqn6r^ lb  allT^a Branches^ ^Gbrner-.'Tates^nnd ?lang;ley^streew,'-  v^toriay ^ancouverJslatiai?'>^{ii mm-bm- ^.M-Zmm  ������A ;(\'AiA"ry^Jfi'' ' .���������*\A".\'u*-,~ iVfr.rrr'-r^vr.irirJf J^^jTr."''^  R-P; WETJl&Bi Taxlo^ & OcmrrrTBi^Foriairoetl(  fiffi&cfiorityV^Ii'f"vpp6ai^'B^KHive1HoU*i/whe*ra.liV  Ls prepared to supply;his^iiumcrous'piti^nsiWiia"CV������7l*  ^ui������lte for Cle^Ja?,;^ ffctyti'.  yea-iC' AAfiA^fififi. >: fi '* '-fiyAA^j    fiy l-s t .  X, ?|sh Meichandjfee, .wholesale and retail! dolors la;  Mtboons'fce^^aWs!Strec^n^ictdHa,;yvI.,\VOn ������ad  laft^>iit*lttBe^eiti'lttflk^e������^  Bank of BriM3heolumbia^'>Ji > t'������nj. *������������*" q v*M-fl:;'  !BEUEfclREM:^1^N^  ^'!!Bt������iffifi^SO^!b,egs; ^), infenh-hWTrf^s  ��������� ahd!tbe. travelling''^ubllo'generally^hai he bag  taken the;above Bahch and is'prepareii to supply thejn  with-First Class Accommodation. ?���������<���������^ ,^d S^bl^g jTorj  borsee^'^Iay'and .Grain. ;.:y.. _\  - - * < K" i A? ��������� T^ *  ! iffOTEL1 BE" FBA^CE; "Tio'tPri^'Ti"^I^'Jom;  J12.'' ^BidSE-'AHD'-'Bi'ttHRB'MANCiET^ Propriotoi^''-^-'rho'Rcs<i  I|a������ira&ti9;;$uj^e& the- market:  aabrd8.tr In thenarwlUbefdund th^cboicestLiQKORi���������>  Fm^sl^ed'j^mE, ic.; y fififi. fififi .fiififiA -, \*  s<Jrvedat alt hours on the^Res^  ���������   ������i--**flta^*^i��������� ������-M.'������MZ>������-'������A������iiabtt J-'t,-a-^ -ii ,..f>li"S.ipr|Horsesf;Horse:FMdj;j&^  i^^wlca^!of the ^nfl&, C^  Iniact! three ^ftla^vl^b  of! Macdonald^^fihe^nl:^ the Vfixing = of &e; SS'S:  eah%idrlinWin^3|M  Mur-  s^c^any^i  are pounil,) '-*-'"-'*'  ��������� shewing' the;^ same^  * ^c^X^^^^-^i  ' wbbse:.khowleQ^e!r  'ihaiM^aewJh  claimed all the Aux;  ^864^^hat^he%Bprea3i8  ....������������������ __^r���������(j[rai^^i^;LLtbatin!l864  ���������he wa^!^cquainteo^^I^)tn^  ^kkei!and another^iJKleet ^up!'the hill ^aiid  lhat o& the^th/jun? 185^j a daj! or tWo be-  t ibre the^or^er yyty.Jmme:. pnf;tlfe^^urpr&v to  stake 'rO^hefcwprMng;;^ !suitApt  " thorBorealis; he ha^^ewed ;the,,A%bra with  ��������� a notice tb * dpythe '&erjr- same thibg; '" Hixon  1!i%AJ���������'ipland:also!jstafe'!thht!the; Borealis,06.  SPELMAN('j--an4 McKENZIE;^ibprjetors.s  ;y(Thfs^6u8o!isrweir6tted up'with Goott Beds'aiid'  thenar Is'fur^jshed'with the best^^  miffrreiiA at..all' *������An Wnn   thai Pno4������������.hm������'W*. . ������lrfn/������Jt^In ���������.-.  arei  Ilv*'JMCWWfiONS^^.'^ ������;;^lMcl^BAIIp}::  4���������- -r Brn r^Proprietor,     ��������� . .;���������:     Agent.  THIS H0TEL4& ^ARGE -ANI^ WELL^FTFfED TJP.  for the comfort of; trayelers^'the'Stable is supplied  with the best of everything "thatyekA 'beiptoeurd^ and  ih������ cool^ing^is hot inferior to any on toe-road;,Bedrooms'  for families^ ���������TObHS'g,rv������^ ��������� M-s  3pTJ������ESSE^TfiOlMOASi'^Ya^estfetredt^TOotoria,  l&ffb'blj^*;*^  ���������BEEB&-yantivI^Up.HSjanji'' depot ofyHayana Sc'ganr. ,-  cobds ���������rewarded te'tbe'Mihin^Dis^ri'cts.'i.--.:-    ;"l-i'  ..^ttNS, HIDE8,:  Xictorfai ;yf[I^ rBlea^or in.-^uss, i  ���������1. ';.f.gr,..   ^NSX^OJC/^r^prie������i^^  established.House is,weU fitted'i^pJ^the^pmfortt  tor Families; ^S^abMng.ifw "HortesV' SbwisfFeed^*4scv|  The'^pressstop3?here^';i:;i:yv.r;j'mAfifigyyfiy.I &J*Afi,  PORT DOUGLAS  ADVERTESSMENTS.1  .MAGDONALB, Pfoprietorv!"Minersland  dthers destined,for the, Bridge-WHjtpf Mines will  find every .convenience and aMo^imolclatiori afforded  them, Good Beds and a^ablow������n"Supph������d with all  the deludes of the-season;      ���������r-yyA;ut  'V    vi.g  W���������..,yt  Jyiaj5i&'"-CRTffiER'! has opened1-tlib^^ aboye Hdhse'fb?  bthe reception of Travellers;.: the^Table;IsiMelUcep*.  and ths.CiQeors; cannot be surpassed ^tbe^Bertsyare  -i-^B-iA-.-ttj i_���������-..:������_^_. .v '������������������gtgMn>.fwHbrseKvSaT^?a4i  cl^n'a^!rm^orJtaUie,! Is ^IMni  fy&tsy';-      fifi     - fifi v; -  dn^Furs'consighed *,' Rfefe'f���������h������e-i^S. "gutrp &1 jG'd., Spor-:  bOT^^Rue^yicteria? *f&ffififi fifi^ fifi"fififififi\?fifi:  Orders  .. ��������� t  and  ���������AlWiy*  .TAHSS HUHON, Proprietor, ^hlsicommpdif  if,-. pus Hotel-is well, fitted up with every;"convehiphefj  for theCbinfort of 'the public} the' Beds 'are^aU^that-aJ  weary traveller could desire; tbeTableiissupplied'.witfiJ  the best.of fare; the Bar-can tains; the';choicest?b^ndfc;  of liquors and Segars; good SUbling, Horse Fqed, OaJs,];^  ���������Barley,;'io.;"���������;''fififi'fi '���������";: ,"��������� . "fifi' y. fifi'fi"^yfil^-n   ;mentStre���������t/JVicidHa,.y.:^  !df itie*^  :Iroin the^ceuntryrpnnotbally ^ftend^tw^ ���������*;  JI^ dealer ih.Pain^^ pilj/bBdyWmdow GIas&,  Oa'hend���������a la^estwkbrSo^'and^CanvsM    Wbani  Strj^^iCtpHa, W&ry*ftfi<n -im^fi'S^ 'mfifiyl^y  ^prf^s and Dealerii in'Chinese Goods,-'Sice,-''Sugary  rviiain.fNut Oil ^oVifilons/ iai-Cormcrast ��������� street Vic-  iOR-  BACjeALTJPE, MsBCHAlsr as������ KACKBRi bo..  .  . tween:Douglas and,LilIoo������t.,^!;Ai%ayJ;6nv.hanAa  good .stock of [Pfoyisions,; &c. ;*   ' '*", filffififi'A. Jv^v  lu SMITH: &; GO;5 Proprietors. H^Chis: House is  JTV well'fitted ,up for, the accomaiodatibn ef Travellers1 to .the iBridge Kiver! Mines.    Good ^Bede; Stabling  for Horses,-fiorsei Feed,^C; A Stage rnhs twice.a'week  t.-*_L^.^������...-���������,- _^J^. * *)0Ugjag bit the arrival/of  ,.. t. ....... connects witlithe Lake  Boats forXUlooet.y,.-,;.,,... .'    ":'!..!.-'.' 'fiifififiA'i ;'#&' fi  '- of l4j!&rid^atfthe^  ciahns :wer^kid:eT(^fb^^the;wI       '^'v';;-! ������������������'���������'.^S  . These? few yparticiilars' are really almost  yenoufehto^ern the;ca������yT1^^8uppar^ SSSSSSft  ^edy'.m;p.airtsy:hy- many mother affidavits. ;t Jfcir- thesteamers from below and conn^  realis and Aurora is ihe keystohe;of defeadaifes'  whole case^and almost' all *theMlersiee go -y  fidjbftfpleat netice���������aiid;Si^se7!are&cts:met  cont^lcted.hy anjj a&davij^^rOf fwhat'-iise  ": then is'''a multitude ��������� of aMdavi^ by different  defendants,'deposing that they hetrer'saw any  Wtafce0r:either_horth,br: south, or west, though  passing every day!j7ithin!!*'!$0y!feerpf them���������  never^jhpard nf !aji^::^atm' 1>^! the Borealis-^  , never' saw!lit. Dewdney. er!hfe^^haad of !assist-  ..'ajife'stalnhg but; thej Aiir������xa',!w������Vkfc^:cl(aims,|  * accord in g to the deiViidani'a owti wnlicn ho-:  Newly milled'Flour for sale cheap.  y iykWJ'C^  r'YTT03ST SQUARE, New Westininster,B:G,  JU now, occupied by W. E. STEIN. > !fbe-above fav-  orably: known bouse js now open to the public:; the Bar  Is 'Constantly supplied with the choicest ^brandsi -- -of  Liquors aiid Segars.   '.-���������".;' -. yl -.-'::fi,: :&.���������' ���������'������������������  SEMLEN &? PARKS,  ProprietOTSv^tythe  Junction of the Cariboo and- Kgsacnd BoadS,5:iS;  Travellers wlH find prices and accommodations to suit  the times. GTve them a call. Stablingj Hay &, Grafin;  atrtontive bosUers.. Stage ���������leaves" here twice a: week' for  Big ^end aad Tale, and once a week fbrdariboo :   l������  ^Hm.KAT, Manager.  M.:VvVATSbNt. ^atchnaake^!JJe^eIer;  Sm^BoiA Engraver4 Yates afreet, above 'Ocv-  e>^en^El*eetJ^i<;tono^;:iy^iX; r-A. vt si*i3&&Ar  Jj  affords cverr accommodalion for tho comfort of yZfo������i������Kiyv&������?ri^V l "   '    '   "���������������>7"'"  'j,g  .  Traroller?; the Tabic Is furaishod Wlth'a'ntlre^aellcacl^'1?" i "ff^������ ' ���������* 'l^p ��������� "������������������?. V. :������������������ ...:.:,.-, , . ; , ������������������/������������������������������������. ���������..'���������  6^S^nS^5������ ������^2t������SS^ 0i0BB0B������ &^UEFF, Comntaion MM-  eLARKSOK ,i ���������0., Dealers , is Boosg,; StAVioxKaT,  &c,:c  Music and BfusicaI Instrument������! NEWS" ACl'ENTs!'  olumbia. Street,' New- Wostinlnihtfi '"    ���������s''  ���������MESSRS*-'CORNWALL^ ^jrel;^ i  AT imiS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, JtfilC-waybetween  Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.;  \JTjsale Dealers in Wines, Spirits and taquw3*'  Yicipiia, V. I. **  ��������� fi'ii   ���������Wi.jWi      r.    t     .int 1  ^.������������.���������rf������; I.) 1   ;...niii^      t   <fl '      1     ���������   ..'*''!.''*l   ������������������      ,y.  <JHJ^>AX& CO.r^'^ewon^ Jo;)!Wr?^.B[.  0 and Commission MSecoah^s Store Street, Vicwn*,.  Vi--K-?-> e>ri?i*;.'jfttuVAji.*'���������'-!��������� **/' ������^i *(i������-1 ��������� '-*,:i>s  Slt^TRO"&  CO.,   IMPORTEKS   AND   DBALB������J..J  f ^^^B^'TOBACCO,- Meershaum-Pipes, &ar, S^-  corner,. gf xafes.and ^Tharf {street, yictpria^ ^rvjj  T^B^KAQGIN; ^vsiciAx & Svbgbon, near c^r  ��������� nerof Yates and Government 8fe.ilYictpna^_^.,  PXEJ|CE'& SEYMGUR^dtfalers in BkdW*"^  1   FuRjFiTUBE,:Broad Street victoria.-V, I.       **?  nAIRE&  \J Merchants  Travellers will find Good Accommodatien.!  The best of  living, of-Liquors; and of Wines "   yreshButter';'Mitlc?| ITENDERSON- and -'B-tfftNABy������ fit  -a nd:UgQtabl������s.< ��������� Good Stsbling.and cheJfy feed, ^.i.t-s.! FI Wharf stmt Tki6rfrr T; 1. ''  7  J G-RANCINIv Hardware &Clocj������*- |  jts, Wharf Street, Victoria, y.I.     ^jjt  I  yaKivr ������*������ri '.Wr'tewA^t*vr'J:Mercsavw, ; |


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