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-rSfr. Cotton ia .generally* admittedytp*���*be the
V-:fb^weiirt^grfi:dld:' ^oiri; ���" ^^ninsactionBlin^
u England^nd/^
��� Most tedious?and- ahxions process; As :between
*tbe -Bankahdtbetfffittt* the^"iabO]u^^Id-li^|sy
minute ;'; for^Oftldvere|gns being first. accurately weigi^^Slii^jS^^rea^J -jare weighed in
groups of 2to4lMe^ftnt officers are allowed
o devjatiaft/opll^
; ��igns j but they^eiefally.work within half of
this arapunt 0err^ :^>njaf if the groupsrof
eovereignV aie^pi^t ^hm the prescribe^
limits -no cloao^e/igfiirtg is^dopted. In Jhe
transactions between the Bankiandrthe ijjiiBi
jic>hbwever^aftefs iiausf%0:treated/ fix moire
.details'r^ >:cih'^iuu^nnir^tii^   ���   y !
&&; '/A A'STORrmG'MiW^KD tfor-On; the^Bosiim
express train feeNow Yqrfc,thei ,<>tber evening:
;;were two,;sporting meu from fto ^u^" /who,
as the cars started froni -the depot In'this' cify*
niadOa grto^distrir'bance conelernin^'a seat
in the 1 par, wiiichu \ tbey * o^diipiedg JlrigbteningJ
niany -V'&j&es/^a]^^^^
Tjhe train;��� was .sfepped at tho fo 61 of Asylum
Street ah&ihe roughs ^v^e ihvitedfefeb ^^off
This they-refused^ to/do;' and ToJSe&s * Ry&n> %-n
^ubson^^^$l^^er 'iw%ekj. '�� t IA
ff?��- Hng rcost of d*21!^?^) ^?f*W? *M J*8 Carrier}
Darling and>Granefbeingfnisarjbiy and hearing!
the Io^^a1��|^oceSie4''to' tontter the pasa&k
gers assistalieW ^Officer Bya^n,��� entered tije* car
firstrwhen He-was immediately confronted by
^ne$�� 4be< s^rts^wfip? d reirl off to/rsirike .iiira^
n&frfecwihg: jihe; Waia Tie ,Jia2���" ��� to deal JTOthY
Tfio officer parried ^th# Ijlo^/and sent one:in
re^rn^hicJr^im^etel^ ��� ifche felf
low,.and be/became as docile;asailamb.j | He
, was,f emoyed^to>$be station; ho use;; whore he
^hHbusI^jihqtisred wh6>;the man1 was that hit
hinuy Sid.^wlesffeformed him that It jvjas, a
little chap'they kept for such occasionsnained
Eyatti^iA* What; islfie &onejvhakno^&
y   ; n, CAMERONTON, ,FILIJ^/C��EaSK. |'  -?   :.
THE TERMS OP SU^RIOTONhav^een reduced'to
: $2 per month;.; above -400 /Volumes: of New I Works
nay? been only lately added 'to thecjre^atfng library,
an^.^��re are expected aaily."} J Parties are solicited to,
subscriber '"������������     -���'���> x-y- >yp-^y. />-y*>=- -,-    y-- ������
.?.'!;-':;-f    ���       ���  : J JOHNlBOTOO^n^
���yty:; syy
S</btlon was led to, the opnception. of his Weau-
^E.tiful ma'cbine:^bX3^erving.-- tbe^ injustice
^Kwhich.the; Bank sometimesjjuacoasciously /in-'
^��lgsued from on/6;coonter; at/1Je Banfc-as being.
,K/m 0f fQj] we|ght, wjere refased/at' ano ther/ coun-
^ter.as beingl^gbt*/j^e^scalesImayixofchave'
ife^e^ eqnallyi delicate^; ori the liabjlity to5 error
(*m the part of\the weigbers^niay not"have
|been exactly:?equal^ furnishi^
g&ei ^UriousL illujtratioiu.-of *thojrprihcipal| al:
^^^poinfed:Out���to pjir/readers (ef ^^Parsoii^
sil Equation^%| An expert|vr^
ibbiit 700*sbver0igris ^inran'fiour by the -old<
lalance,:; Jbjit the agitatjon-of^thei air by itho
mddeii opening: of iidoor^ tlie-breathing of
mrsons near the apparatus, the fatigued state;
>f t��e hand:and,cryeTof the^iweigher,; all lead
iio imaate erfors^^: \ AA-1,'./        , ��� ���.:: ;, <���   \ i '
^r. CottpU' haying d^fermme^* on^tto^plan
>f a machine which/should be quicker, easier,
tnd more exact; than tho ^rdinaiyr,..g0idavlialr:
jiit his yiewsjiatb^ a ^raatioal^ol^ ^n3 the
gosult is entirely^^^ /satisfactory.;.;. The machine
^s delicateJprettyi anflight. t.:Tnere ia, in the
Irst jpTfltoe^f a small vertical tiib^; ia which:%
fn single'column. .Tho lowermost sovereiga
pestsaiponw.a mpyeab l��;plftte;^henfa handle
j^turned by,the1''attendant" the: Jlate' moves
sideways, and the sovereign is;brought upon
��n exqui8itoiy%en8itive'> balance.^ if the weight
ps^correct^a little le^rf arm; or ^pusher, gives
ihe edge of tne'sovefeiga'-a^ sniart blow and
trives it off in%a box ;^-buMf the weight pe
teficientj even ia^ the most minute degree, ah-
>ther pusher strikes,the sovereign pa- a differ-
jn t side'aiid ^riyes it into .another b ox^    As
jhe handle tf contiuued . in: motion^ two br;
iree/so^riigns;.maj/fee,4ci, ctiflferent stages of
io weighing process at'thje same time. UiA'l
gaance pfejgold; ccoui which are too heavy
Perhaps th* Mint authori��ies do not give them
jeasiOB^fQT so doing)r the*/^machine Mercury
Operates sovereigns intbvtwo^
md the light; and.although ita precision is
exquisite it does not indicate. by how
fuoh thelighfe^overeigaf i��jd^��ciea��    It,V is
ierefore only by actual trial that the delicacy
9 the machitie has been tested, if a difference
.vgA^pDvi&m<m ha�� been, jn a^aum? ''for a
Month 'Stuxj ^ABM.r-^The foUbwing is| liri^
doub tedlyi^piie jof - the? most ^emarfcaTb^j?cases
that we have heard'of, arid is creatingTconsid-
erable^ ^xpiteme^/anibrig parties: who -have
witnessed what: we are about to relator f On
the 5th of ?Febrdary>last^ Michael Erig^age^
about ^ y earsyivas killedjltfc Oakland, \ by foe1;
ing^struc^^u thef Bead.^with "a^take, which
was 'drawn 'from 'the5; groundsJby^m unrulyj
hbree.J& Tw^ rda^^l^
and when the body was about to be Jlijarie^
the relativesvof ICingthonght that thoy. noticed
evident 'signs'<6Mife,rand the body was Tern��v-
ed^to th��r&use^whefe It was liept-foir several-
days. +i A rejport ngpt into,, cxrculatioh^t the
time to the,effect that the body^-had come to
life/1   After .keeping the^ady^sev^al^days it;
was (-removed to) the (10wer��� ^ra/ve^ard1/ and
placedJn^ a vault; %here i^now^isl aidfitf has
been visited;fey.hundredsd
body retains itafto-tural? appewance^andls
limb ed and warm after beinjg in^e^raveyard
one months! IVe ha ve heard no reason assign^
ed for this ^ wonderful phehpmenon^^^
ville /Demo era t;' March t)th. >/ 'iy,' ~' "y/,,.
jr^bppLAR- jUiiAcr.~-That ou^dobr> exercise
And, from the very nature of things,'as:hurtful ,especiajlv to persons of poor health j at
though thfe yi^rous may'practice it' withVfm-
0,;:ma ^mm^^m^
-      i's TWItt^ ��� Power to increase.)
��� p-A- * -�� '.W'-. A-.,. ���:,. ���* -{������ \<: yy yA^>- 4 >���; \ t .'i;    '
:^::^bmtkh:c6��umbia, ; '\
-'" ""   '^   '  ;    ' '���   CARIBOOj ^; .     .       ,:     ��� H
.'.. 1 rS?-^^^PNite STATES;''':^ -���'' :-
Mcratmil, 'T^roat^ 0����Sec, ".^mU&'Londonl ��tojt-"
li^ston^CcjQiirg^Bolleville,'-Drantfirif;. Broi^
ON HEW^Y<^K-~On^essrs.'BEM.& Gukijry, (Agenta
;s - 'v /   ���  '.,: ^A^l'M^fi^^^^^^^A:-. A'^''
Ay-A .;/^r-$^
^CURRENT ACCOUNTS opened for,;aify' infean't'nd't"
less than; One Hundred Dollars.-   ,.-','.,-    ���/,'
;  Bills piscounte'd and CoUected; and Bills of-Exchange
on Great /Britain-  San- JVaiicisco Tand New york nijr^
chased.'^; *'��� ?i-- -      ��� ., ^V ' /;i*- '-���': -v   -���- --..--f ������ -
^Goverament- ;and other Securities^ wceivo<l for"' eaf��s
custody; ^Interests and J)iyidehds collected. ;,;
o ;������
���j v Received on Deposit, or Advances made upon th ein.
through unless the stomach hasvbeen^ fortified
with a/-gjp.p.d'i>wam;- breakfast; and .-= in warm
weather miasmatic and malarious ��gases /and
emanations speedily act upon an empty stomach in a way to vitiate' the' Girculatiori, and
induce fever and ague, diarrhoeajTand' dj^eii-
tery.,;:--Eirtk^ families who have, arranged to
eat bre^f^^forS leaving the housey: and
to take supper before sundown, haye had I a
complete :exception from fever and agriej
while the:whole community around thenr was
suffering from'-it> from having neglected these;
precautions. ���:    A \A y '-'"y'A^
/ MUNboRF; fe' Gp'^.' Fr^3torsI
A^, Meals;readysaijfalLhour&i-    r /
;���;,.;,��� . ���    - yRI&Wm&Iiiy,^^: -yiyyyA
//:.��� ^Ay^'yABtox&^AajM^Q "'
yOovoDvsr Melted and 'Assayed, and returns made
'^thm^liours:^^,^ uUyU' ^..yy r yy- yyy;,y
I Ores^every^deficripUon
::>ApriI, 1886.,-m1 ryyu '[��
I even a, hundredth .of a grainvexisted between thetwb*sovereigns it is'said that.Tthis
^s?rchin�� would detect It. On if., rough; aver-
e, 30,000 sbverei^risVpass over/the, Bank
funter every day-; each machine can weigh
mj$��00 sovereigns in six "hours"; and there are;
i^,111*6^116^'^ that tfieBank can weigh M
jgjgj issuesof gold by.thes^means.and have tI
^rve po^er:%) sparet.i. Oneif.ttiese machines
^^^^i^r na^soyereigns.. Between 1844
gpd 1548 there were fbrty^e%ht million gold
ig^ms weighed by-these, machines at the Bank,
'��d bankers and the .public generally place
[doubting reliance on the corfeotness of the
ocess. Each machine requires an hour's
;eamng once a/week. ,,They cost about��200
h,and are said to be free from liability
psf��#flti' Z Besudea: vsatisQrihg the
nk, the bankers, and, the public, these ma-'
pes save; ��LfiOQ ,.a year.,tQ 'the; Bank in
ighers wages.:yy:--A -.A!UAA- ��� A ^k ,���----/-���;
j.^The OalifbrhiaCricket-Club has invit i
I the Victoria Gricket Club to Maya. match ^
uring the;comiiig season.' ->r'       ~:;- \".   */������ ^
If you want good Coffee use�� Foil's.
Tsa UsirEtuu,Li��itAOTiCH of. mixing Chicory and;
other adulferatives.wHh.Coffee, has rery fn'uch damaged in- public estimation, what ought to be. the:most
delicious of Beverages: -So eflectually liavo the public:
J;��een drugged with such mixtures that tho true; properties haye beea lost sight/of,:-.;and many:prefer a; black
and thick infusion to a drink rich in spirit and aroma;.
General as is the use of Coffee, it fs Ktfle known.; that
in condensing the vapors extracted from the berry' in
roasting, a liquor Is'obtained of the most* nauseous
taste, and of ascent the most unbearable.:   TJndersuch.
circumstances it is evidently important that aU the
gases and fluids extracted by roasting should be car*
ried off as quickly as possible, in'order to prevent their
returning again to.the;CofFee?I\which; is the case in the
confined cylinder.    This object is admirably accomplished by the new and patent "Conical Coftee Roaster"
hb used by FELL:& CO., Victoria, in which the berry
is directly exposed to the radiated heat, and the vapor
extracted carried off instantaneously.    In addition to
the.advantage., to bo dprived by the rapid..removal of
the sfeam containing the objectionablo properties/the
pure aroma of the Coffee is* retained, the essential oil
being preserved.and not exhausted as in tho Cylinder
Boaster^ where the Coffee is required to remain a much
longer timo in consequence of tho steaming it undergoes by the confined steam.;: It;is chemically^ impossi-:
.bio to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration of
Coffee when ground.   The heat engendered by tho process of roasting, and especially of gririUi.ng, creates an
action in the elemehtary,parts which gradually.destroys
its fitness for drink. - ;But to retain the essential oil
^whlchtt contains.w.e havo it encased in tins"containing
fronvl lb. to 28 lbs., and which can be had from any
of. the respectable dealers;/  Wo can confidently, re*
,commend_those who havahithcrto...been obliged to re. |
frain from taking Coffee on account of its ill effects,l
thatthey may' use our Coffee, roasted, in. theConieal
Roaster, being recommended by all medical men under
whose:notice ithasbeen brought, and by numerous
other testimonialsJn its favor. FELL &, CO.,
'*' Coffee M^rchants,..T&'feg 6t-.', Victoria.
AA? ' /-y...yy ������/BARK&BryiXrTJB^;;., :lAyi)"'''-.(A
A large supply of LkDiBS^t^ors^htfie
; BARKm^tL^ErrAdjoicin^ tho ^rfeGffic^/t
"... ���  . ^���':','-i,,\
J, B; Ghancellier & Co.,
���: ��� '\\,y7'A BEKwsR:s;'.:-,;~ s ,;;-'-V:
LEWIS   WILDE,      4
Boot and Shpe Maker,"
BA!RKEiRVILLBi c.   : 1
guVjOvftcst 7,rST;, HELEKS PJ^ACEXONDON. <
DRAFTS isstJED on London, New/York, Saa Francisco; Cariboo,^ Canada, /New^Brunswick,: >Tova Scotia,,
and on a8 the Branches "of the National Bank of Sooti1
land;and ProyinciafBank ofjIrelAnd,> ; /..-.*:.!
A Bills of Exchangeriand ��ok* Purchased.
:. ilnterest.on Special j>epbs^ts^f/^onby allowed at tho'
rate of a quarter of- one, percent, per monthy /; : ' ^
:. Goi3 Pcst Melted /and Assayed,?; and returns, madr
within 24/bours.in.Coinjor Bars., .\.y; ���; ~ <?t .'.y.y.:y ���:
I' I Ores,of eyejy description carefully Assayed; /-'/.'//}.. y
ji >N ^B^Any instractiohs as to the disposal of tbejpro-
? cecds of Gold- Dust -forwarded 'to; the office iii Victoria
ior. Assay ;Wul .borcawfulIy: attend ed to. /- ��� /:       yi~-< ���
:,yy. :'-;:';r//;:////,/ j. .ft SHEPHERD, Manager.   ���.
/���-Victoria, V. 1^ Aprilj I860. AAAAAA.AAAf;;:-l-s'*-^." ���:/=
Conhet5tirig ��� at: Tiillooet and Yale wi th DIETZ &
���y.:A$Eb&p$lS for^wJVestBiiBSter & Victoria,:;
TjriLLWARRIVE' AJTO DEPART from the offlco in
! f V  Barkeryille; to connect with -the steamer * 'Enterprise''at Quesnel mouth, and.the STAGES at Soda,
.Croekj EVERY" WXtVH., conveying.TreXsurje, Lex-
t��ss and VatuABUsa for: all parts of the world.    Also,
Commissions- received and ? forwarded by Express for -
the collection of Note.?, .Bills and the purchase of-articles to be obtained at New Westminster, Victoria, Saa ���'
Francisco or en route, aiid returns mado with dispatch.
.,.. .    JOHN B. LOVELL,
1-s ;      / .. ;;., *:,;., : ���;    .;,... .Agent, Barkerville.
.      .     VAN WINKLE,
Dealer in all kinds of Provisions, Clothing, &e.
. ' jgg-SUbliug for Horses;- .Hsyy Barley and Oate a)-
wsyg'o'n hand. ..r:..!.*
; Importa/n^ I
Tae-tittdersigned'ls prepared to
u,r  -  *t.-..- ;/  :-^ANKlNGS,   ���
On Commission, or will purchase any quantity oa tfee  /
. . ' =.- Most Lisebal.Tebji8, at the  :, ���"> "  '
...-: Beading Boom, Cameronton,
The Subscriber i&.well known on Williams Creek, and
from tho' confidence reposed in hini last Fall in the
above business, he hopes to receive the patronage of.'
tho ifiniiig community the ensuing season.
,.��.:=: V.     -   - JOHN BOWBON.
���;:.'/; NOT[CE.     '
TirtWiTO"' TfiE FINING SEASON the undejsigned
U will-be prepared to execute Surveys and transact
a General-Agency Buciaes?. JOHN MORRRV
X-s "' - -   /       Olvil &igin��er.
\ ���:^e\v,,>Vestminste^
��� Victoria/'' '"''���-'""���
��;: , r^fi^Mitnan��laine
AW* ; 1 JohUDoran:/ ,..
",,',,r;';-,'��� f'   /%T0''X��V.ERTISERS.--   ;^f.*^
^ l%ie WGariUod,tSentlneF,"-is puyiislied'eveTy/Monaay
;. and Tbuf^dJ^;::^
Wik uo deliveredat latest at;6 c^lpck^ m    ***�� dav
..; bei'o/ro publication, j. >:.yi;..;>;; tf A-;.J>-y-.-;..' ���   -:
, the day
/TQuesnMrniTOthi- May:8th^ IS?6^It
<have:beeh making a good thing on Canon
miles above thisv;place.X They" commenced
but did not -strike any yei*y.good prospeets
until tney had tr/a^
tWerity^five days^ when they were obliged to
suspend .work i on; account AOf ihe weather.
During tills spring/they took put ,$2,000 more.;
r\*.<* -itfi,~&^t- f^��iim>��� mVf. -wftiorlif��f} &1 ft 0. and aev-
po��t!ige, 60/cents per cppy*T t
...       -^ro CORRESPONDENTS. :f   ^ .,
/        AUpommiinicationsmust -do accompanied by the,
T��al hAiio and address* of the writer, not necessarily
'rt.y-wHL-ajview, of<jjubli3blng;thO;Same, but; as,security lor
*'?* ��� his good faltnY .   ;;  A   .��� ���.-'"������-; - ; :'"'.-' -   '/".'   ��� 'Ay' >"
.   ^By't^arriv^r
afternoon we are gaVinip^^p^ .of Jate tek
' '^graphic1 diipa^hes>nd files , of\newspapcri
"-''"'   from below, giving the*mc>st-glowing and en-
-���-"-''/_/; '".wi_'-';-^��A����*.'a.Af ^nrripljn<��iiB'nf t.hp. flier���<
those of
-jiZi'the mines. willteven��c6mpate
<������.. , .tfaUfornia in ite palmiest Jay?;
/ -ors ca new creeks being struck- which ..pros;'
!\'""^eot"��.4"well7s*any yet known.     Of claims
���     3>eing ueid at-Slp^OO^andmany other rumors
<    J '   which we 'sincerelyhopemay^rovo correct. It
drf rep or ted that men are - stampeding from ail
"    ^tiEtrter^
���  ,��    troops even-at Fort Colville had deserted Jind
*     " '"gone to tho Big Bend mines/>Tb&T:the steani-
^iM^r1���'f..I?6rfcv^inei,^had^arriv0d^at Dea/fch/Ra-
���  - -  i<;V':^;a>'-    .���    '.^���.;   1 ������� J ��A..\t\at*  ?.-���������
reported shall^|F^^n^^^ee^ taken; out
twtf'ffeet "below "the ^rfafe^vAj^mbe^of
Chinamen have already started for these dig^
morrowiorfeesame localHy^;^A white: man
in town got good prospects- on that-creek iiw'o
years hgoi init hae o'een;>%^le^o,-rd^i;/diid'
prospect fully tor. want" of means. y Kwbng
Lee:&?Co>?e^ branch establisbmen 13 n this town;
,hav| already.sent dowu about $3,000 Worth of
the gold from Canon creek. - "'* v-'\A- \ A
near Soda Creek; has 150 a^es;^spring^wheat
which: is/already two inches i^oye ground,,;;
VK^nie steamer Enterprise now leaves /here! on
^huradays^and'Saturdays^ ��� feather very fine.
i ���Lytk>n5 May-11th.���Mrj^H^
with a very Serious accident���; she went out
yesterday m company Xith* her husband'on.
horseback to visit .thefr/ ;farjo^;afe^t /twa ^ifea
agatc;her dross caught ^and|sheiWas pulled
from'lier horsey but h^pilj^f<OT^
^was quiet and she escaped unhurt, but badly
frightened.. '        .    ��� : ,'.,.r
���^^Fi Hc^orthy^Esq^ frbm>San I^ancisc^
passed up io-day ��ii his*wa"y tiChenrvicre^kJ
Dr. Burnett,, the ^hly/^eiK^al .man here,/; is
lying'��� seriously 'il^:Trom"li+th!elAen^ects, of hard
C^A-M^��:Rtf N ?VO?W'-Ml * ���;: '.${"?,-} tk
:,j> a.
.The Oldest
:Sstabiislied: Hotel
^^friendsihd ;
aDove/naiiied Hotel
19th inst, by a GRAND BAJLIi>& SUPPER;; ^o; which
he respectfulJy invites the patronage*bf-tbe public^ W
no''i^ains will;be sparjsd ,ih>making,this(6nftpivtho.l3[est;
enterUinments of tlie sea^on^
at 8 ^b'clock.-^ \. Slipper^^ will beise^ed about ^iCo^clock
RS. CLTJNESbegs to Inform-'the .Miners of Willie ^
Creek, Lowheo Creek, G rouse'jpreek and Van ftj,4^
.... that sho intends .giving a Benefit B&ll ,r��� ���
Concert, on the 24th of May, the:best ever gireuwt K;
Williams Creek, wnen she .respectfully solicits th'eW$B��
rqhage/bf^tbGi"publfc/" ��.��.-            p     ^
)EB7: Tickets $5,00 eacl^-f
40 bo'iits.had got up the Columbia with p"rpr
visiolQS/am^'minersand" many >mpXe were��� fpl--
, ""   ritioitr^ioivlo' cents per pound,: and >; 60 scents
^|^er ^pund^had^e^on^red^an
' i'TiV:j-<3r-5ri'o"^::i'^
���������',   vstble td cross the said divide,"and that shippers
' of-'goods on the- British: Columbia' side had
^ceased sending ;itny-moreJ-in that direction in
^consequence "of the" strong
-''^aineclfby the Oregonians in-laying dOwri arti-
:"IMes on 3ie mines-a^
; ��� : ;Shah can possibte
; plans' at jthe/present-mpmenfe ;x xltsis eaid that
' ^3dTessr8/Dodge, & .Co.,<a,nd kelson & Co., have
^Started^ goods for C*Eriboe"'"that^were-intended
���for Big, Bend, in ^Shse^uence pf their being
9  jnhablelfe "cbmpete with*:the Oregon trade.
'V- This will be a> heavy Mow -pn bur expected
monopoly of theBigJBehdltrade.^  W
.^however, Jhatwhen.-rthe trailrfefinishedvand
' . .;,*ih'c snow; which now ^obstructs * the f passage
- -over the divide disapp^ars'Jour merchants'and
Ay. #raS��ra^
yydth their neighbors, wac^ssJ^iie;.l>feaer,;���who
case is doubtful as he will^neither eat er drinkr^
A minerthas: just*' arrived^hcre on his ivay!
down sick reports. tbing^; encouraging in���';thg
mines; and provisions plentiful unci cheap: [tlte^
people^re vpry anxib^sj^^'know what Hhfe
Government Intendk: dpin^ towards^i^r^n^
the;trails irdm-Seynipur ih^^e-minesi^ ^:A:,n
The^weatneShere mdeligtitriil; the snow ;ls-
fast disappearing from A thejhills^ y: -The^arms,
arptin4 lo^kjveryTivelL A Bjffiiiiesi broskf^Iargel
pack trains and ;/te��ms.^ pass ^through; daily ktu
tiie mines, and^everything Ipqks gay | stages"
arrive; lierei%rery*d wtyh gasstefe
gers. \ . _������ .. _ ;-',,,; A / f^f: "��� /' '" ��� .; ;"/.,
A (f Sa^Franciscp, May J/lth.*���Steamer ^Cohsti-1
'%ut'tipiii^ Jor Panama, sailed to^tay, carrying 350
passengers and $360j096 in treasure.
���^Cert2icateUo^ ihcorporatibh^of California
and Idaho Stage /and^Fast 'Freighfc^Co'y has
been hied in County Court.1 The {company
prop ose to run'a line of coaches aiid fast freight
waggons fcom^CMco;: OaL^to oBoise Cityi.-,' via
Susanyille and sRuby 0ty^.gCapitolj $43006,
divided into 250 shares. /Trusjieesy John MuV
A A ""���' Merchants asd.Dealees, jXy A-t'* TAVyly
^S^e&j^odU^e^^eptin thisestabli^ment^;
;'|. ...t2. ;.aiidjstrychm
In thematteKbf ^thef^Sstate of Seligmah E|���P
sasser, who /has-made'an assignment for%p
rvpbTK3E;^iBi hereby \ gfyen* thai; a ft* persons Jhavbl
J3(> claims jaj^ta^
ed to forward-a! Bta.tement'ofe^ej-samei';(duly>verifledM
to the untoeigncd;on;;br;#e^ %M
iifextw1-'or they may be'dejiriyed of the /Irst dividend. If
iI)atedat:Vict6ri��fthb/5 M
A lid  ' ��� -,,, ,.yF ��� WEI^ENBDRGER,-i A??.??6*1- p|
;[**���**   W
���> ,-xfc* Ay-..^\"yy:.MiyH(^yy ';;*T^~
T^^;^i^^.1fci;i;C |
. ',     will, until further notice, ^
ahd^klri JOHiJ BOWRON will betne"ic(ingTostmasie|
^   ,.   ;   f���.  .:��������";  \ -';*k ;     '^wJl/GEO/COX;  I
Richflcld, B. C.V  I ' '    J-p-l
1st''May/A^lg{i��G6; jV r;ii!:.:->-? l*^��.   ���'��^;-rf
-*' CAMEltONTOWN:;:;   ^
Jb/ Ihb Restaurant principlo wi tH a"view tp' th^comTort
of*the''pabiic^-'fl&d-will be cphducted^in lamannpr/to
ensure, the:.satisfaction:"or/tbpsev.wb.o, areidSsposed to
'favOr'the proprietors\-with;thfeirj^atTOhafei-V-;*t.-~!-'i !/"'i;'
i Meals at .'all "Hours." Good Beds!, *. .
' A -JOS^^he/ Bar *fe"Airhished with ������ ihQhb est solectionrpt
iJAqiiors^ix^-Segars.' ,     *'      ' '       I '2
__ ���ysrm^yiy^yy.yxy:y  -"-���- ^--- ��� -h"
^eSte^remainingiin tile:Post Ofnce,fCAM*
,;.RONTON;,on tberlst of-MayVi^^SV v-v
Amstead^'Wihiani1'/*.^'-     ���'< a\,''~   ���    *���'<-
���^tta- ?G^'^Glbr?-y 's.' ;/i4> :J fc;*B<?Wenv;"���;*D.t"' "''yA-'- li
'Bake*; XJhafles W;T�� *�� ' e, ;Boser J..'" /' ^.-       v-
Rarret. Thomas       .12) f "Buchanan' James-*f?>*^���? ;;^
, Barret, Thomas (2)       Buehanan', James
Berford, H;1 -B.y. .^yi ^ r: ^^JSyrne,. James
Boardman, "Georje.^T.
��� Ca^er^^incen^'':"'"'' "''av'
5/v.;Hotel and��� Hesta^raiit^/aiid? is now prepar4
,to receive .Boarders by t the week or day.** A A ��*-' - ��� 1
It'JK^^A first,cl1ussGO^^has^e���'n|en^a^ed.1^ -,, , fo
Kirties/wlslUng^tb'BoaVd pu\thiCseason^wiU find sM
ito their advantage- toVgive him avcall,v 'as Ills"-house fijB
cleanliness>iattention to customers,- and a good 'TimEf
cahnb/t b^e-excoUed/!;;; ^j j;-. A.y- '/><> (y c;y. y. A A ai , "^
A Pies,/Cbffee,:;Cliops and Steaks"atvalihounj
=nt' ;    (2), '  Clarjce, ijeiander..(f,. , *,t I..
"��� A'i-A ���*-';- ��� !--.*'t'���hyrihail^&hA\../>^^.-?' f* '-I;*' t /'
inas^:-^    J *Conkliri|-Johnv' '   - ?  *"''*"'1 nil fl
in A:r >, /'   ' \', Conidin, ��� John H.���   ^ ' ��   ^ r  'FJJfj
��6w: Willliam T/
:"FrahlElin; Jiiliua/^':.**(2)v-
- ^:iTherearo^seyei:alycompanies- about; to Te-"
'��� vfiUhie^ ioperations; 6n^ thisVcreek for the summer.
Aj^l i 'is tpibe hop ei / that; xjheir^attemp ts "to, find
^tlie- continuation of the: leadVi^wc^ked^by^he
/j'Kentiiok .pp'y last sumnier^ll^i^pve succiess-
9til/: aSvSuch;a./discovery;^vouldl;dp^inuch- in���
A^^hcouragirig fresh efforts to find good paying
-diggings oii this extensive creek.;/ ��� f    //
��� ��� ��� ;������.. ) -.; 1; . *-GBOUSB   CRBEK':-:: :.:".;,4 A'A
It is said Vxhat a company having ground
'������ si tu ated between the ^Discovery Comp any and
"Hhe Short Bend Company have isUhk a'shaft
io Iiie. dep th of 25 pr30 fee t, and ...gofc >a "pr os-
. pent of $7 to a few pan3 of dirt.   * They have
.��� Ktorted a tunnel from tho creek.  ;
purchase of four Amosking Tire Engine
dered^by the board of Superyisors/tp b,e ship^
ped by thje steamer, "^idh :leav>s'JNew^ York
to-morrow. -" ./=:-��� 'u   '" / - ~ * '"" sl**% /
'���Grdld;'���;. May 8th,-12(5^| Exchange,;;JL.0?i
greenbacks,/78i-to 79^.- ���;   .- _r - yy\ ^    A 1
/.;;./;Yaie5/]!iJiiy;--1 lth~A manViarriye^^ /from ������ Seyk
mour lasinight, states thatythree new creeks
. &-���
Attempt SnipipKi~--Wo learn that a man
i Of Uio, name of Steel, a mulatto,��who. kept ti
restaurant on Williams Greek,/attempted to
jump ii^om the steamer as she was passing between the Sistors, on the way ! to Yale; but
/was prevented ^by the passengprs.   While the
Beliance Jay at YaleI On. ���Thursday he-jumped
from; her deck Into the river.   A line was
}^rompUy^extended tb him, buthe refused to
nvail himself of succor*; two men put out in:
a boat, and succeeded in seizing the unhappy
;nan jts &e made hiB appearance upon the: surface for the third time, and brought him on
jihore, wliere he received proper' atteation.-r
^Briiish Columbian.1   1. ��� "'���;.,'..-.-��� ������'���: -. *,
be richer^than French cr;eek:5 lb^ve':;taken out
terday direct nrom Seymour^ -^~y,~Z r - 1
The steamer H 49 " had left Sor'another load,
A pai-fcy of four men, wiffit George Weaver j
had- gone up the Columbia River prospecting,
It was expected the Hudson BayCo.?s steamer
would be launched yesterday. The passengers by the last trip of. the <QFegon, '< reachefl
Seymour in 11 days from California by Btir-
nard's last stage from Yaie^ J It/is expected
when the steamer is running on the lakes that
passengers saii make the trip in 8 days from
SanPranciscd to Seymour.
Henry/Evans, of Oregon, died on 1st April
at Seymour.
> Market prices at Seymour>:'���. Flour,?16 @.18
cts.; bacon;.62icts.; beans, 20 cts.; sugar, 37i
cts.; tea, $1; coffee, C?i ctsl; butter, $X; and
all other goods-in proportion,"
Dayis, Williams
Diion^; W;   :,
^Erskino^.W- H^
���Ford^ James ;> -:h
Fortune, H^/:
.Gilbert^..Janies-��� ���'���, AAAyy^ Glendeningi^Arcbibald^
Cilfillan,��� James':  //. A' ..'./.../XSrosser,:^, ty-y^y* -:.h-f:
Hiktiia way, 'Gl P.: Jrl,/: (2)   Mo wells,7 Isaac  {/^ '. ^ *
Hazen, Frodrick'O'.;;   '^4) :.Hunt, George".���""'';.' .',\
Hefser:iF..iW. :y: /\A:.y y'^ 'iv-,^?; ?*.%    , y.yy '--v|,
Ihnes, James^A'-:-
*Tob, ��� Jonathan/ AAyl.
Iawrie,/ Thomas1" <'-.
Le wis, Johia: W*r
ifarshallj/J. G. v;'���-���>-;
;Melrpss,' William. T.
Morris, Joseph' ' \
McCarth'vf-D.'ff. 'AA,
Orchard -t-Na thV ������[ A
Parsons]' Charles ���
Palmer, Gidieon'U:
Beeves, E. /
Richlay, George,	
Riordan, JameB
SevmQurJ^Charies *.
Samson, John.'
Shy her, Mrs;..;;
.Vaughn, :W D.'     1
Whitcomb; H; ;M.
Wilson, James   -
yerxa, Chisley
���?>''i Jones, ^Andrew :,V''*' ^ ���"
W ���,!;--'-':- ��� '^;,-T'" "A
(3)r Lipsett, Isaac'���   ''/'/:/���: {,
> y:i McGregor/ GvorgQ&b ?V" ������
.. . McKinon, Charles y-A-Ay\ A
HcLqan, Archibald- / , -.
.McQueen, Duncan /
fierce,/'George / "���'''��� Ay
;.': , I^estonj-Gedrge:^-..v'/;|s/;;;������;/
r ^Robertson, John ' -"ri
Robinson, .Jivmes A;'-.-y (2);
:wRyan, F. W.
Smith, Joseph',- ./ A''A ������ '������..,
Stevens, John C... / 'AAA-:
Stewart, /Archibald B; .1
Vieth, George A* >:;   i (B)
Wood, SUka "���-i-"-v"^" A'-
Lindley, D. B.
JOHN BO^TRbN,���".,.,'
' Acting. Postmaster.
Beg to call-the, attention of Miners and-otlienfe
;.  to thoir; full assortment of ^SUPERIOR GOODS   m
'   * j:'-"Wch/^lUje;;s^^
.A-y""-:X":- * ���'/ AA'y-'. 'A'-,.-. ��� )*.:y'Mm
&xam rj:c/e:s ��
Ay'"- ""/. ��� .'"""/"" "���       y - :..-./' ...-.  / .,.:..   ,- i^m
to make.ropmfor a/KBW'STOCK to^;arrive:80sobBj|��
��� >���-.' -/' "''    ���'. ���" - the Hoads -are open.J'" '7 y - ,;"       '! f i^g
'��� /^f Liberal /alio wance: will ^e:. Jmade ��� (fife
Resftiurant and Hotel Keepers atld the Trade ceneraiirj- :A
on large:ordered������* '-''^���^.^^---'���v :;.-,-.,..,-^a:- .-..-.    j ^pgj
-.:- -"i.-M.-a
...,,,;.,y..f-; -;r Barkeryille, B. d.;-'.""|y.
��� -;' "^ELIiY:^. PATERSON,:Proprietors, ^g
Everything is done^ in connection with-' tiita establlrifSlSp
meat to give satisfactioh to. the customers.
:j^ Meals at all bours.
Mr. F. Latjmei^ter recieyed yesterday from
the Colonial Secretary, an answer to the petition signed by tho miners and merchants of
Cariboo, respecting the injuries securing to
mining interests from prolonged and. complicated litigation, which was presented to the
Administrator of the Covernment last winter;
which our want of space prevents us from
publishing in this mornings issue; '���'
.   We observe by late Victoria papers that the
1 Daily Evening Post? has ceased to exist.
babkbrvillb: -.  ;'
prager a bro;j
... .V-^Pi
ii', ,A&
I-V. ,'���!���.' ilr<
-,:.��� .lyiy.
��������� --y-y^i,
'    >���    \J
V s
J\. invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a. hearty
welcome'will bo extended. :. -.
JO��- The best of Wines, Liquors and' Segars,
and <Jood Order observed.
1 . MARTIN &.COOK, Prop'rs.
Assorted ^Mer.b&andiz
Wholesale and Retail. J
LEWIS LEWIS, Clothier, Yates Street, Victoria.
opposite the Rank ot British North America,     ,1-s
. Qoyerntaent_ street, Victoria, 'Vancouver Isluni.
���    ;.   :.-...V h.'.'.1
.'���',!  ���pVfi'JI.V.
__ . /.;
E HAVE ON HAND a large stock of ��� PrbvisionftR^f?
'   ��� ��� - - delMy-yMi
RICHFIELD, Williams Crock, C. C.
Hardware and Vegetables, and.are-net";   " < ;:;
mined to sell them cheaper than any otbe*  **"* l>*
Williams Creek, Come
Bichfisl^Kay otb, 1866
and Ree ani judge for yourseK*^plg
866:   '  ' " ���'���''  - - ���  :- x- ;->y-V:-^
��� Ai
^i/^BS '^iif&j^sK'-j.aiyisf,!
4: MosSay, 14th May, 1866.; ;
^he;mar]c^^��^tstiU ^c^ged since last
��� report,"'A<AAj&m:;w^;. A>i* 'A,--- ' ������"' i;���><���'�����**���?*
The article of Gaudies have become/entire^
'Hhereis a'boxifpr sale/on the^creek.ry      ��r
minings intemjijg^cb;
;j*tt -{-3
-selling at,$2&l: /,\j��' *
For'the p��st';wcek thero has hotbeen^a
.: pounds of "Beef ov Mutton; to be? bad ,bn the
merits haye b een -shut >u jj.$>: Some: sheep/^veri
[-". ^reported dn/tlie/wayjn yestei-iiay. :-' ',"���.'
I .The-snpv? pn the-/divide betwixt here and
can.!be taken'of sbme/riigbt of heavy frost
to haul in goods^: there -will |be-=fout"little got
win boror^thotfstWri^ ".    *    r
,? i!.    GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT: \"<?���
-K..^WIIlLIAiIS;CitEBX:,::;--'y..': ^".^fP-*;
>! The Creek is^ beginningto^esume itj^on;
ted appearanceb^summeria^yvity^a^dman-
Pther T*eek when/the time of laying oyer^ex^
pires/ we expect to: see,every^p]d claim-at
Pf Barkei^e^hictevill *ave 4p ^ait^ror
the completioh^bfrtheBedftock/Drain. Am*,
has now ,reache&ttie^iHopefcgrpun^nd^H
learned on W
bfthe^onipahies \&^&:yJ>m^?^������1*
ning;their tunn0l}thtough' theiPriarie Flower
'   '    "; '    ,.? f,fo9im:W/;f&Caxi Est*:)    '.- ?, ������'' ���  ��� ���
' ^Gallagher/^ to suit
Ibr/wages-the a^
irmerit'betwebti't^^s^es;:was- |tp^the: effect:
���that plaintiff was to, be paid wages when the
>pld came buttof itheelaim^' but; as; no gold
la^been iakehiout;:the plaintiff;hOTho;cmim
���Ti/.WJ ^.      ^ ._  ^       .        ...   ..__
-winter sleighing:in gobds from Que^helmouth���
fc     "was* riding; alpng^hejrpad from Barkepvi lie to.
& A ^a^^ntp^^a^^fien abput SOiyards dis^j
; A, taut from ^* the /former place> Iliis/'horse V foot?
' 1,'became entangled with something bntfteroad,
Iv *wliich is/put ^ andlrr
tVA\^%i"ff;3tp/'^extricate^it:thevhorse stumbled-
fct'   ; -thrpwin^fiiSfrM
v <hisleg;.tu It^was -almost miraculous thl^lttiaf
I '���' ������-he .was nb t kijled, _��� as th^jre^was a person on
y    "horsebaclc;\iJnmelala,(��ly''behiad;-who,1 nbt tiav-
-' ^r ^n^^MbSareiii^n^
H. ^falfenhorseandrlde^iliibut aping any injury.
-'���The bbne of the ri^t^teg is fractured in Jt'wp,
^places^ahut- is whay^octore call af comminuted'
^fracture. - -The limb was set in;^he afternoon
I / / ^by Drs^Chj^faidjBell a^Me patientjis now
^/\;;/gibing well/''.',';'���.,,;,.'/}, ./.,       .   - -' ��-���'. -
*>-*+ y $&** Complaints* have! been freely uttered,
i TA-. *and/with��� gpod reason^too, aboiit the ^tate;; of
^4,;^:the road between BarkerviUeand^^
A    Ever since the; thaw set ift//the/jvaier^ifrpm ��� the
���^    mbuntalri-side/has]^ A* ~
: / troaivanll from, the^sence^pr entire' obst
tibh;pf=��� culverf��/has:been^ and^is grbimdf luicH
-^ing great^prtibn^;; of \ it; and: makings it in
, / places ^unsafe' fori ^himals to pass over, in
other pla* es slides ihave occured:which block
At  up completely.  _If ^we are! rightly in-i
/ fbrm^ this
!!; irb^ in-^ei^fcf^ after/ ;flie; ponv*
'������.A: i pletiotitii;th&contmct^ see
���-��� isome acttoi^taken tprhave .it :repaired ^before
/ "J: ^ny greater^damage is -sustBiiied; -:;A]'''%-":
/^ V ^ happy te be able
v to clinmicle;tlic^'foM' ihat;-;!|ronii and %fter tb-
ablilfcofmining/;ahaf: s^v^ral.radditipnal4com
panies Iftiy^ got ifairlyjunddr!^way^^pn-the
whole the proapects for a good summerkwork
we^tblhk neyer ldoked^brighter'���-than at present; \ '^:^y - *��� '-' ^ ������' ; -.>' ";*������;���-
r^;:Above the' ^canyon ttiO ^mpaiiies which
havebeen^it ^work^ll/winter still continue
taking outtpajr^but vtthegbanksi, iarp��:noti,yet
sufficiehtiy,thawed ib! ��Jlow hydraulic (washing to ���:��� comnience, nor'vis; .there water ryet.in
i)ie "Bed Itpb^ Flume/ Ppmykny7s^ !ditc1i^%^nf
ablejthem tb do so ; at the fbpt pf the canyon
the'ApijdA Mfns^unnel ^Opnipany which;has
been* at^great^expense ^erecting a "feplendid
atpejiuqt tojbring, Jlief water or^Black4 Jack
(^l^laprpsi^raiiam^ ^the: levei;^
the tjbplbf jhe; hiU^hasi commenced ground
sldicing/ btit they ha^, not water'enough yet
to make mu^fcprpgress; HBelbw ^hem w^ fentl
thp Foster ^CampfeelK Company still hard/ at
work building a strong bulkhead to keep -the1
day three eight bpur/sh^
ily at;T^0Tk'p4;the Prairi.: y- It is also intended
���,A tp; conimenc^tbiice to. pump out the Cariboo;
! shaft arid set another relay ��� of hands to work
;: at that-ppint; in; order^ to pu^hthe under taking
,//; ahe^d^itLuas:/littloitdelayi as possible^   This
looks like energy^ and a^^ deternjihatibh to have
/the work finished, in time /to kdmit-of some
//iieneftt; beii^ieny^d from the pmin.this sum-
meryet/, - :   *���   . =''���:-.���";' ]- - '..../,:-;!;r v .= "*,.
��� '-AA,. ^E.'idefljs it,s,is.;aciro f, justice * io^oxxmelteB^
.. to correct'tho error into which the ^editor of
2 -the '/British Columbian \ has fallen, in stating
; in a: late number of his: paper that Mr. M&X-
' lace sold . out. his initcrest in tthe!' Cariboo
. Sentinel? for $ 600 ; the sum was fax mo re
,tthaa that mentioned which we .can safely
'.:;';v*uchfbr. '.'
HoMis Makufaotubb.���In consequence of the
. scarci ty o f candles, we. no tice several p erso ns
are availing themselves of a large quantity of
beef tallow accumulated by them during the
v: winter and are .-new busy converting it into
candles, which they sell readily at $1 ^ lb.
WKiTUEn.^Symptons of a change in the
; breather could benoticed yesterday forenoon,
which were soon followed by unmistakeable
signs of a rainstorm.   It rained rather heavily
. during, the whole afternoon, and a little apprehension was being felt for a sudden rising
; of the creek.    ; - -; v
Grand Ball ANn ;SuppEE.-^We would call
the attention of our readers to an advertisement
' in another column of tp-days issue, announcing the re-openihg of the Pioneer Hotel Camr
erontown, on Saturday evening next, with ai
grand bail and supper to which all are invited to attend.
Judge Begbie's
suit, Boreali
to our next
againHh a few days, andliavingistruck
pay;in the high-ground just: before they were,
4i:owhej3, aut^hey;hayp;greathc^
���quicklyreimbursed; for thb:hea%rp^
have been at during the wiuter.j''Belpw. them.
n��ne~of the breelt claims ^ao by e ������taej ��aledoniar
can>wbrkro%^ccb1iht;bf m^brgrp^nd w^ter^;
theGaledbn^cbnMiies^awbrk in^a!tbpstreiik
taking/out about Vtf ounces per^day, jan^ lias
^ttiis week struck^a? goibd^prpsp ec��: in^the j Bed
Rock Drain^n^'their^ppe
and Davisrclalm^;pri7the^
worlc ^s^^ek,^ bn;
Wiednesday 135 olinces tor 3 ^days wprk^ the
latter is gettihgMbme'very gbod^ prpspebfeyof
;c��arse gold j one pioce we ^believe was'picke^!
upfweighjn^^J>vert^rdunces.Ll,��,h^ Watson
ppinp any: ^dypinmgr^^he^ay !tp,
takei putrjgopoV pay^in the ?!bjppbsitei Kill ftjfe
Morning Star \0omp any continues ^running
theirHunnel|-and have got'$M& siniberi^ady
��� to: ^pmnieifi^ ^^ashifig/, ;|thpiSuTMfeiiff^111!6^
belpw;' the' Mprnih^Stari is .running in ^ip*
strike: jflie same^ channel throu^/^ed?rpck ;:
the Gy^ey^bmpany
and.al.so'ihe Mbn^ttithe^latter* struck a good
prospect ��� on ^Saturday; in the *grayelTpveiioa5d;
it/is npW|beingd^oStraJed^ tfifese!/* top
streaks " are to be found all throngh thecreek
and if^the miners can! trace a continuous lead
in the gravel, it will take years^yet tp^wprki
put claims which have hitherto been prosppc1
tt^lqiMbfi||pihrt ."! Tlie/
Bank and iS^^a Tiuinels !afe ^g^tjiig^ ready
to wasn j the; Beauregard? Company is pros^
pepting, ;biit h as; go t nothing: ye ti j the - California Tunn^rCompany has!/gotJ to' ��� work->Svitlr
good/prospects they are taking out npwubout
I oiihee/per day ;tb, the hand, this;,company
in vie w: of-a, scarcity of water in the creek for
hill *: claimsnbas!iip glied/ fcrithe; privilogo }bf
b ringing ^di*ch M aii ont^six' miles/Jin; leng th
from Canadian Creek:; theiLast Ghance Comr
pany commenced washing this woek from
their old shaft -and bleahcd 'Up ori /Saturday
in tiie ncighbourhp od��� of, 30 ounces, they!haye
also run an incline^durini? they winter and
grbuhd and /are/also. ;cbmmeneing;;tp / work
-thek frontgroun^th^
-   '"'    '     ] j f coj^klin ^xiipKy,,-, - y\ / ,
; ^Clri Conklms Gulch:tiiejEripcsoh and Sawmill
Companies are engaged jjuuiping^put^ water,
and thevReid-tand -NewrZealandrCompanies
are^getting'rpady to iworkv; the?United Conir.
panyhave struck;a large* channel in ||he hill j
q�� t^ owpMs ,pk^
"" ' y' .V'. ^STOUfSrGULCH.;- ��� r ' r: .
li On- StoutscGttlch the* s^veral^cbmpainies
which have struck pay expect' to 'fe.ke but
large.remrns,shortly-assoon;.asvthey?get properly ;drained,/a>sfiarein/ the Alfcuras Company
was sold a dSy bK twbtiiihee lor w�� ^believe
^b^soq:!!;"""'"' :"' ^'''���"", ;,<-'
; y ���. ^y^ria^^ 4th>il866; *
:��l promised to begiii^ mjr lettc^^witb,politics,
and to revert ,tb!thpicirminatibn of my last letter^ I will give yon ^copious extract from J" if
ribtthe whole, o&theVparagra^
pondent to, a^riorning papery'.who writesVpyer.
the'<ndn de phimb?:bt,Monitor.: * It/appears
that tlie unfortunate': imember for SateSpring
Islana^whb agaihst^the!: advice Of liis^friends,
and.well^^^^ wishers ^vbuldbccasionally gotpthe
House o^ Assemblyfc Mr? Poiinesy:it seeniSjiby
a!decisive!!.vbte,;turhedfthe/s ;ale}aga|hst/^Mr. j
Cochrahe?s hewlyautrb^ced^^m
relief of Real Estate h^o1|r!s;^b hdd!#a^red;
and were to sufer ^y-thpj^^^
!w^ch:CGndemhbd^ tl^ir^^bper^
SherifFs saiel^iOsjMroD^
is pretty well put ^y.fMo
clauses 13 and l^as A& nbtices,- have; been
^and turned th^;^aie:t a^ins^i^ejkaa^wbat
unprepedenteds would-be ^egislatipnuof/ ,Mri
.Cochrane; andiit^is not tb& first^timelthat Ahe
firBt^ named member/thasin ^disc^sion iptia
"critical nature;6au^d malp^to
pf M^.against>might^ or^orsp,iCollusipn^as
witness liis conductbn^br(^w^iands^u^
tion:andothers^;^'sp^at#havo-heard it rsaid
iby quite disinterested putsiders^ I ^TOHJI must
'say Dennes has given- some splendid -votes.?.
But J have nothing to do^with! Kis defence, I am
lecting his'business for public duties, JW^Mly
vOry- sadiyrewarded, to say nothing of the -lo^s,
pfiindependence and?respect^experienced by
a man iio longer ballafedf;^
^savi- witli^he '/proper^
biiculatedto^keepliim uprights ^Wellythen,
MrvMonitor alludesfto?th^stran^pmi^ttftiie
pf opbsetf relief 'BilFfbr Ipir��^ defa^l^^
a^d-thiis visits^ife/a^areM
striti^ of vitupera4ve.^i|hetSyWhioh;3i^/grar
:tuitous heartlessnessiand cbwai^ly attack tbr;
wards its victim;!for^lie;ispbwertessto rpplyj
may be pronounced UhparaUelJed ^;^nt^that
a species ^leg^ativp^rlim^
been walip!wing in^r prp&sipnaljan^ bankrupt
mire,sh6uld be1 dragged/ from Iris/filthy haiint
to paying the" taxes^ ol-.
-icalv It is indeed tc�� beL hbped! that the J man
besotted with 'dii'nk-,* Begrimed with dirt,-begf
gared in estate! and reputation^ braMedyby
the Bench, an^ debaseid ini'/the -eyes\ pf^ eyervv
;decent ma^V&-::! It! to continue,
but'such choice; scurrility must be a;treat even
in Cariboo���I mean must offer entertainment,
as for hmting/the pbjpct of it, it must far nibre
ir^tire the writer./^
ghjnL^frbni it^ iiii Mfew days; I dei'cd over^the!;oxpression, "He that is without
The era pf Wonders'..'is exemplified even in
out of /their he^v ;shaftj. and will- /probably
have to ;tap theit:ground from the. Bed Rock
Drain to enable them to work \ the- Cameron
Company commenced work on Saturday in
their new shaft on the westsidoof their ground
where.they have got a/ gppd; prospect; the
Raby Company have also {fee.e.n' prospecting
on the west sidey1 and: washed/up 21 ^buncos on
Saturday from the gravel; with puly.twp picks
working, this was got 150 feet aerbss the
creek from where the Dead Broke Company
got out good pay, and if it turns out as exJ
pected to be a regular lead running through
all their ground, the Raby Company will probably/take put as niuch this summer as on
any previous season, they, are also making
preparations to flume the lower, part of their
ground, and wash the top streak from the surface, an operation if suecessfui will iiiauger-
ate a new mode of mining on the lower part
of Williams Creek ; the Dead Broke Company
continues to take put good pay; further down
on the creek but little is being done. Tho
Priarie Flower Comnany got to work in their
shaft this week and are taking but an ^ ounce
per day to tho man, they have also struck a
channel in their txmnel the richness of which
they have not been yet ascertained, but they
iBeqbie's decision in the chancery I Ke* g��od Prospects ;m the ton dirt, this prom-
realis Co vs Watson Co. is held over!isos to be a good and lasting claim. The
exi issue*        .  - - -   * ;   ������ j Forest Rose Company are still at work run-
politics. Mr. McOlure! pit ^^ehsuihg day (I
will not say, butthe period astronomically so
called) spoke for 22 consecutive houre so they
say, hut I am a little sceptic'^ the case seems
too similar % thatof :the boy when asked if
he snored of a night, that he never staid awake
to sec. Nowltis more than doubtful if any
one man staid awake through that livelong
night of 24th April "to see" if McClure talked
incessantly for 22 hours. DcCpsmos followed
him for six hours. Gladstpne's financial oratorical efforts must pall*before this.
Closely connected with the political question
is the successful termination of the telegraph
scheme. All the details voii will get from the
papers. We have had quite an International,
Atlantic cable, sort of rejoicing on a small
scale, with the improvement that our' scheme
works at least and the other failed. At 2:30
25th April, we. had communication, with San
Francisco, proof of which was afforded by receipt of news and messages from San Francisco, the previous days giving ua results from
New Westminster and Portland.
Tho 'Oregon', arrived on the 26th ult., with
say 240 passengers, a small freight arid further
particulars of the unfortunate 'Labouchpre.'
Capt. Mouat and; numerous Victorians arrived
as passengers. Tho .lost steamer was sold, it
appears, for $385 "as she might be found," I
prjjsume;>n;depths unkriowm^
| hasfitMipAwij^/afloat eight/hours alter strjking*
I Butlt is the pjd story of bachelbrs' wives and
bldjnaids' childreii. ^Ereryiman^ out of dar:-
ger^ffidy^/*^ bnh^
bf t inlnd,vaLUd!pu | of :^ach: p|ian^' speculatib n
pf unavoidable accidents, -every man, X say,
^rho had nothing to do with .it'j could always
have, J^ehayedi mucli.-better, than tlie Ciptaijni
and-those.:who had*"/.- ?'A.y ,,. ft . * f> ���   A "~ '���
:>. As a elencher to the nailpretty well driverf
home yoo.1 onjr!: mall![4 ^mniunlcation systemv
comes the Joss of //the! steamer ������ fEuropean,, of
the RpyaLMaii line from; England to Aspin-
wall, I with'' ;lpss, t#^a/tiy!e^hd: Europeans of
about'^ liyes^ and ^toia^hse;destmctfeh of;
prbper!ty^ all brought^pM 1^jrr that/frightful:/.
andliitpe^^nb^ /
It wbuld^poar!!!^iat ^6s�� wto ship It. ani:;
whp^areanid mustfbc'thprbugMy aware of its
atrocious/powers; &p really guUtg of serious
crime;: s!They are simply;.sending;as freight
ip,000 horse powet-irifernal ^aciiin|s,/the;y ery ���:
idea pf whichj^uid^haye-raised, no doubt, to> !
a frenzy /bKdplifemV fties riiinds '���: of Orsini^ and
iriends^^Tb thmk^hat a/little nitric;acid with ;
asmaU^i^ntity^^-oi:-purel^U^orgreiasc shall ;*
lie come 'perfectly^ niuipprbachablej f^and at^
meretiperenssipn. /blow>s up^past recognition
aiyfep^yiand -any^thing^withinite baneful infliu-
:e^e:^y;rjir,p-. mineHihdeed !r-cpuld^one^only get
p^>the right sidef' give- me 'by all means such
api agent to^movejthe worldy lUc^>eyond aud
ahead ptV,Archimedes' leyer.V�� ;>fy-ry > >s^y
!^;-Mr^;jb,rB. Toungon Friday, 28Mi ^vas duly
electedMftclyesterday took^his^ seal;? ���athd the
biaths asimemberv oft the Housojcif;Assemb]y, t
^^-nomination having takenl{;place lihe day
^be^rp^o?total��4irjiipb^r%pj^^otesipolled for,.
^tiiniywas Md;;Bslbri1y; opponent was Mr^Ring/ *
Ttie^latter,stood high!wilh a^grea^many elcc-
^tbrs^jthough his total number bfcvotessbeing
;oniy^37heretiredbOarly.J^But^really^heu a
gentleman, ^though ho''/.does? /come' rather la to,.
^#/&ejfl<fldy} do e^ not ^talief ^much: troub le p er-
sbnallyv and/followSLtoo strictly .the !^CQnbmi- -
cal precedentset^by'- Johrr Stuart>Mil��l^ who
^^ausehe;is^reat/<ean^an^d'Jto I
sayi^then^thai lie ;caniiotInvhis o wn^ mind be
yery]sanguine'pf{ success; 5?Comparison has
/feeri^niade totne-papers of the f totaP number
bfivotesjpolled&iltliis election >witfc1bat,} stirring ^ectione of i,I)eCosmos fand* ^McChire vs
"Sprpat^and Young. /They say that' the / total
free port vote \ then > was ��� 163f bhlvi and Mr.
Sphj���; iiie^eleption*of Ring rvs^pung or -vice
iyetsaj%as^no sJestC'p^estion:;*tbe:>number of
vptep /through depopulatioh,'^disqualification,
/&c., was?much less^ ?andWlast' nor lcast| th��
jfe^ing^uppermh^injmbsti >minds^?I'^take It
wus that forthe remnaiit of?tho isessiohv"?and
luvvie/Wipf the^Jtp: speak mildly^^tfaor^ary
conduct^Otimany bf burlegislatprs,/Within the
House and outj was "of ? great * apathy in the
la^fp^ ,.:��� <'~ I   l
^:,An inquest or regular inquii^ls^t6,sbe^held
pnliherloas of ?the Labbucbere with HerMajes-
ty;s mails on board.    The Rifle-W?plrinteers
haye^had another ^benefit:at the theatre," which
resulted in '"a met ^profit of ��20�� -tc^ their jfunds.
Just nowUhelattSr requlre^-littie propping
japi;; on an outside:view of -tlie ^matter, there
are two improvements al>6ut their Tmahage^
men t ?.* whicli docur * tolmOi^ A^sma^cbntribix-
tiph of one dollar per heaWr^m: eacn member pf both cpmpanieswpuld -not ^be^!felfc. by
theteand lielof yas^ impprtal^
in view of the extea-opppri^
>Upt say :sho wing ;pff )being' present ;!&!mariy'
vfesjlye; gatherings^tp which ;they--find^admi^
^tahep as;?ittusiciarisi:/the band1 bught^ I Ihink,
paypnelialf the^cost of-their-tinifbrms/ they
Aaye!the^usual prmleges; of ^otlier: members
of! the; corps ;��� and: the time required for prac^
tice, ;does bot, I should ! imagine ^amount to
nipre; than the 'usual drilU hours Vpf prdinarv
members.'. .. y -\. ���.-". - ��� ��� ��� *J'    * ' ��� - * "l '\j ��� ���- -;!';::
, -The fire bompahies/as usual had - their paiv
ade in the open air, about 140 ^ ofykhe: three-
companiesvwith the usual apparatas in speck
and span order; and head ed by the'Rifto Corps
Bands in their; own uniform, abpiit lain num-.
ber,- the brilliant shirts with the really showey
standards and the very creditable -muster iu
point of numbers, had a fine effect.   They occupied, a. very considerable stretch of "tho-
street/; and stood on two occasions, I believe
to bo photographed by Mr. Gentile; the usual
terpsiohorean finale was put to the day.
Anew rock has been discoveredT in the
harbour, in which tho Russian vessel Caesar-
wich got aground oh May 2nd in trying to
leave the harbour ; after some ��� considerable
trouble and a delay of 5 or 6 bouts/she got
offand left for Sitka, ;
The Oregon after leaving New Westminster
proceeded to Nanauho whence she is hourly
expected; she had to take on board* over 400.
tons of coal and was besides beached to clean
her bottom. We are looking for the Califoix
nia next.   ���- A. -- .' :-:       '' ���'.���'. '/*-'"-''"''!  .
Sparring Fxhibition.���We understand this
entertainment came off on Saturday, evening
last, at Camerontown, and was well patrpniz-v
ed by the! lovers of the manly, art; the affair>
passed off very satisfactorily and .was th��
source of some little profit to lie manager. NO BQBG .Tfi^VE.  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QUESNELMOTJTH,   . ..-'---"  :; a   ^ :    -  Meals at ail hours; ancB Cookings of the 6est  ' ���������: -��������� -; ��������� ���������.?'- .;descriptipn".   '������������������'-.-; g **' ' -!  ^UESNELMOUTH^?^ " ���������  ; BROWN & GmMS,' PBOPBi^&V  .'"':,.-.��������� IMPORTERS  Ofl ,;.'-:' *    ���������   *     ���������"   '  & SercloMngfmws; ahd.every7^Srtj5J^  ������������������;., vrly^-ti*?^ ������������������#.^DraperyiG66ds#���������M'-;;i'^i---n,w  Kpceive re$uiar supples by ExpreBB ivla Panama  II  ',;:-.''  J'.-'-'t'  yo aier?? saan i moher  { i ?vi s^vas^tfrom plzenor swallowln a bono ? b;  .;:, -r-No .wqggtu tale, nobeaminoye, ,���������v.VJ., - .y,  ' " / >. /' Ansers th a question; org! ves a r'opIL ��������� :  '���������   , ;  " Was it^a flu-s^ppsjopt brethi- '    , ,,     r  ��������� r -i y-., <��������� Eat In 2 niuch the sad cause of your deth f|  * __':..,i:- ���������"... .SUllinot aword, ded .as a-naie.X^,  ������!\S .>:.'.������������������.'  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HOUSBS^&p.?  7rr^e9^ ^ILi^Z' Proprietor, has a!wavs; on  ,fi eh������nd;a argeond superio^tcftk^bfJla^Vfioc?-'^'  the Bar will.be.found thebestBrandies^V^^d  , wltfif ar������ nnd dl,pa;cb,,,/^to^^  ���������::'^7?^^^  T S4T '^^^jfow^SjVV^ ^oots wearso iii  ^an^keeiu'PurfeetjsoUryP   rBecauae I purehaS  Charity, and ^Butter, j^ye^a^t'stwWciSf  ;:; ?foi$^^ !: J j1  THIS:HX>lJS(E is' sUuatea 2iS4biles from Qucsnelmouth,-;j  /-Ttio ��������� proprietors-./havfiig.. lately; fltted; tip'. bedrbomi^.11  an d good IJeds^hre now) prepared to aflbrd: every acconi-':*  modaiion: for-T^avell^^^  iheluxjifte^  plied with the best;brails of Liquors ahitSegars ��������� good  Sia'blihg Hay/Oats and Barleyr ; j^ The CHEiAPEST  ���������TAY teCXX'^cyt ;Street^ Victoria^ V. I. ifi;  ^.Garden and Field SMdsguaraht^edJjHave on hand  solicited;    Par.  *Frri  House on theltoati:  Csi.  ^?  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Ihoy rushed to the;>sp'ofc:^ The^gaurit' female  ���������   ',\ was pressing^against>the * door-'of the> room;  V* c^������.nd th e^rie wly i married -man^dstly ixridressed,!  , ,.   . ^vas1 barring.ber'out'Witb all.his'^mighty'fOc-  /-;-// easiqiiaily sheIwould kick tbe^dfer'forjiehi;*falv  *,. r Moxfal^filaelbhrfih^ His!  -���������-iy gentlemanly Greek slave apparei:    (   ������~*j\ *  ��������� *'-rft-app������artf Hurt the tall female insisted npof  Ay A occupy ing-the sametied with^the^iewly inar^  ^fpandhadcagreed -to^ilr^befoTer the -wedding  $ Ijtppk plape, and now indignantly irepudiated  --7:^H.l^e.cbntr^ctT;"^;iv "'-.mm ^4 ���������^'-yAA:^jA a '_*V  , r, v/^/'i^pri'^ou.' ft& away /-now,. Susan?-"' saM  ,.    /tho^newly;married man; sotfeningihis voice/';  ., :   ; - <*'^fo,",said she;,,'?Iwpn'fcrso;thereT?> ^ - -V  A Ay :ypA*\ Ijpu^try^jbud^? an/inch/^? cried'the mar  ������,��������� P.. rlcdi6isvteriwUhin^tne: room/ u,:-o^o -V.^M^f - '���������-.  ^Now^rnow, Maria/7^ said theiyoun^ man  airy and ��������� tHo.iJeds cannot-bo 'sn^M^f^^ffi^?-  Sii^^^SPig-Book-.  ;PQ^'^QtJGi^S^p^  ������wM ACDON AllD^SlSft^E^i f-^  ^-i-9thers ���������.aesUned'fqry-the;::BridBe--'Ritrftr :i:Tt������rtiii*-i������iii  :ms are spacious and-  -O-VSELLEBS ;&/^ATipNfife,*icdftsWntiyfsupplied nM  Massed,' forrclean 11 ness,;. rocciivi'ng, frpm best ^sdu'rqeaj';: School, -Standa rd j /aii d Mia.  i'/.is furnished >wi th -eve/?.,, ������..������  fortof .^Traveliefa; i/.the,? Culinary  -���������^P;   ������-���������Victoria  AR7,TAkOB & OtfT^iTHa, 'Fprt Street,  , V.^F.'/ bppogito ^e^v^j^to^^h^ce:lie  gooa stoefc of^rovisiona, &crL y *   l'-2ni'r  i&y������?u 4"?^p" ^r; tho'Mcom modation"of Travel-  lfe2ffflSS^-'^^^S^ffifeS['  ^vHh^*Pi0ye^ncli and is'-prWeu to'supp^S  *<> W������^ri?s ima^piteous tbh^ ������;dbh?t  ���������cuttm^up/inihisrway;;now:doh?fc^' ^  .rf<tl  HOT^.X������EJT5ANCE,;^ictoriai,V. l^Jmu,  glllh^y^^^;to;^^^^^y.  BEJEU&;, ari(i, LIQUOR .anTiwoVS ^55^^*^  gooo^arde^o^  A... I^AMCEi^ Victoria,W&Sfrttii'  ^"i. Skins, HmKs,/\Ve.OL, &c. '��������� Liberal ad\  gn ;Furs consigned, |? ���������Wrenee-'' -    -    ^'  Bh^rPly*replied;i  ,*      -t r/. ���������/ -���������   . ������,* >rr"���������-"'   ..:' .   d ^uorsandtSegars^ ,; -       ;  y   y%9rtr l>rdnds  of  ms thei /floor iwideV^ojifei^ andUstalkihg^but  itrFuBS,  1 ��������� V !*"��������������� '**..- ' ������   -T.T--.-r.--r-- ������������������������������������ . ��������������������� "��������� * Wicxi> i '..bllU     X.VO  Xi.kle? btv-'^^ ^e^thtiig that, can be  tho cooking *��������� -=-**- **��������� - -   ��������� ���������   ��������� '* ������������������'  for famil  1-s  ,r.among the crbwd;ff jesfc you-two wometi> put'  - ���������  brings back<vthe old rmah'iancfc woman^T and;  "'i**; bring ifpmiail^here .;��������� ani^rlfll /inarry ^hpirWho| le;  " 2!he difficulty was finally/adjusted'by;the^  ^. tafl ffemale'taking a rooni-r rWpllesyille is en-  ^ joying ite^ A'A: ; -   -V:   /  Skkvi^p per an ' Actor.���������-It was on thd Bris-;  okirigJ?s hbtiiife/fibr.tb'js^y.oii: the'.road j .BedrobthSr Itxt menfc Street,' Vic tbria,-'-it, :TA\ All kinds of Millit  milies; Stablmg,/Hay, .Barley and Oats// 1-s,,';���������, qf'-'thipf-Iatest;style.1 .kept'constantly on fa'anff^-(  ; n*  em-  frAm ���������>,������ ������.   T "���������^-���������>**. cohstahtly on: handV^ Orders  /^^^co������?try.,punctualiyaueadad to ^V i ^  l*Sm  ^is'eommodi-'  K^S ?h������FlBIAN' J's tW pl^new^^er; fM^fe^*^"^SS  ttnPthSlkffh tJ1SG^n>'> -atfd has a,-f������rgei.;circula5" for ^^^rt of the public,' the "Beds wVurSa?^  rf?_ft****;.t*?n ������ny;:othen   Itscoltirnns ^r2SS   weary-traveller could desirct''thnT%rhi^^^.ui5fc-SSrift  ^oNtageMttbe^^  im^^l^playing;;th6se,;despdtio  pranks "ftwto   ----- -  afterwards made ��������� him so linponu-  BOBSOX;* JIcMILLAN; iv-  ";    Publishers & Proprietors.  proceedings  is supplied to all parts of  /commencedflaying ,^^  :)vhtch ever;afterwards made him so unponu-' ^      : kobsow* vZm-i  Juramong his; brethren of the fooaMs/   I^e-  collecfc several instances of these.;: In one of  ,. f.^partfi-^I; forget which^-Mr. Macready was  in the hatbitpfiviolently grasping, the shoulder  of ^pQi^.a6^Rmmi9d'BartoQ^<^]tf&jBkttbh  . fit last; ventured to remonstrate with him.-Mr  lUacready muttered something about'he didn't'  t; W9*f:Whjttt he wasfdoinginithe passion^bf rbe  ,: momentj^nd surly walked /away;- / But-on"  that very evening.he repeated the grievance  Table'is supplied with  the ���������- choicest bran ds  Horse Feed. 04ts,;  1-s  rp.oH/&; oq  MALLANDAIN^COLLECTOR.  i Government; street, Victoria  LORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor,  This house  . affords every accommodation for the comfort of  Travellers j the Table is furnished with all the d'ftfkvM****  K   S������������?0N* ������������������Watchmaker,. JeweleT  &*' ajid Engraver, Yates'seree^ablvTcotf  emment street, %rictoriu, V. t. ���������        *   u^SXi  ���������S^2^J^*^������MPWCB of/A^m  Ha������v-y McNakd ���������from".Jfornfl/'cr\V "whcnTalT  -heard Irom was at Liil6oet ahrtni tnl���������* Tu' .JHSiHr  .  ... constantly pa hand vat: low rates'.  Kewly rnilfod Flour for sale bheap. u   .       ? .-,-. .-��������� i,s  i no n ext day Barton go t: h is < vrifo to sew; a  .pmcuShionu4ide the Moulder :of.SffiShKffi^  ab0 e, , ���������~jcEMLEIT &.^���������-arte; House,: l^������^  about to-cross themountaihs  .Q^1!^ A"PjJBKE,- Proprietors/ at iheh - --'      - ���������     f j--- -^-^   ������������������"-      ��������� - ' :,-   -^1-a-:  l-lmr  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  o���������  3ye, with plenty of'.pins in itj" stack up^pol"-  cupine .fashion, the:. poihfe the wrong wayi,  , The play was repealed. At the usual'' crisis  '^facrpady was as energetic as ever,   ������own  ���������came his hand with great violence on Mr; Bar-/ r>a***,   tkii -b^o**,   r^���������i��������� ������   ^������'��������� A     r " J  ton'a.ahottMapV-and the great :tragediaavfelt:|P%i^^aS ^CUi ?V^0S!erS ^  rno^ iuai <the; pricking^f his thumbs- ter      ^TP^-^Z^Tt Theatncai"  JL;.to^i^ Jrf- ^ '-^ k- ^^ ���������'- ' -      '   Eatertainmeivts, :/^.  :ccu.ted with: Neatness and Dispatch at this Office.  - Xar^ Terms Moderate. -"������St  ,   ..r~~^~s Bridge, 30 miles;  Travellers will find prices'and accemmodations'tp'suit  -the-times. (Jive them a call, r Stabling, Hay & ������rainj  attentive hostlers. Stage leaves hero twice a week for  Big'Bend aud x^������> antf once a week for Cariboo / AlrB  o|; thq public;   tois-W and Ckquuki^liwikl?^  om Savanas Steam boat I V. ly ������������������' ���������'        v .t^vwaAXTB, Store Street, Victoria,  ������������������ -'   " ���������   "��������� -' '   '"'��������� -: -: ���������--������������������ -��������� - ��������� ���������������������������    ' -������������������'��������� / ;- ' 1-������-  when he Tenipvpdhisvhand (which he did not,  ppite of the torture, until the part rendered it  necessary) his paiui was bloody and sore.: He  ,       MESSKS. CORNWALL^.  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  .Spencc'B.Bridge and.Clinton, on tho Yale Route,  Travellers will find Good Accommodation, The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter^ 3f ilfe:  and~Vegetabl&3.   Good Stabling a ni 6he������p'fwd.     i-.s  1/ ��������� ner of vates and Government Sts., VlclorS, V. L  F^S?!^ SEYMOTJH, dealers 4n. Bedding &  y merchanjs, Wharf Street, Victoria, V.L  IA v���������*r1Zr*   -S^^OUW, dealers in, BKDbiNG d  XFcrtoure, Broad Street^ictpria, T. I. TV   1.B f  ri AIRE 4te GRANCINI^ HabdwaWB  Lb  aa. w-aarf streeft,Tictorla, V. I.     j   ,./ *4-a- : ���������'*���������&:  :y$$y.  ���������V-.  ^arl^rviiiey'':^TOa^^Greek,: B^ C;;!:i^Say^St|^SfeX^66/  iatfi|  l-i  "cl*  >:M  U  tfer.  La  ���������lohj  50 Of  resh  and  best  ase,  to  !eu."  8/ .������������������  ;*.  the  Bgv  no  i:A-  ���������n-  jo. .  MB!  m  m  -'-'BBSii  ������t)in>;: WElGHING^ATl ^HBA^ OE  ,>������ t  '      :;!^.B ;������ES<P������^#jT fiAAyvti^m  ���������'  ;;$he golri weighihg>mft&ito  express train for New-York the other evening. | '.?"?' **$ffi^������% ffPffirajjjk$3  DiSl^BARiM  j;to;- ffj&g A^nj/gii.^-;//,y' g ;s^^^gp?^^^.������jfe   Sal^   ^SlflJlanWndJffiet pu>ltc;aj^������d ^pfiQ^Iouiid street, ami tlie roughs w^re Mt^^prge^pff.  ^#a%jne������^ ra This they-refused-to,^0/ and ora>ra$yaTC  jB^^lg^RESSESrfe  ade^ifc^  elgni^bu^t^^^  this amount ofc.e^^&naV. i& the groups of  sovereigns ar&colrxec^^  iimit&h^el^^  r^tiiiiSL   ���������'.   It Is no' sat^a^fion^Smith ^ t6|kitoMtliat,  A M Miffivpteagd is}f^^o^^^M^P^e^  t������nev Vhd^dries!& >beavyone* y so $mfc������there-  fore^e Ba^kjust in the.a^r^^^fiWR  onejlemands^thafrhis^yjtfeign^si^  prc^r ^jvelpjf^ a^^anlffi^M^ut  3>art bWhel dail^rohtineCftt^thel.Bftnp ?Mr.  Cotton was led .to^hj������lc,oucepti9njof his, beautiful machine'by 'observing the injustice  which^ecfflank^  !"?.flict -on! ite ��������� eixstpme^^otS^^^^M^^^v  "assued from,omJ49!^^j^^^^i0^^!^^  of^l^&igat^^bEe je^^^S$l^00i^ ionhr  ;������������������: ierc'aa beto:iii$^^^  Afoep^ equally delicate, otfthe liability to error  on the part^of! the ^wejghers may^nbt; have  AbeQ^^  ready pointed out to.onr readers -of persons  Val^i^dn^; An f^^yfMg^^i^ wei^h  ^bourtOO sovereigns m an hour by the old  . balance ; but the^itetien^of the *|r4*y the  <*udderi ^jwjiiiig ^ of  p eirso ris near the\apparatus, the fatigued state  of the hand ahd.eyebf ife-: weigher, all lead  > rto minute errors. : AAMyAAAAyyy'..-&4. 'fi! fiyfi;y  \   Mr^���������ot^n^^ngf^^n$^^oal&#pbQ  of a inacMne!which should^fee quicker^ easier^  ^ut M^ieiv's into' a *.pratiileal f6rm; and the  result is entirelv.fiatisfacjtoryv ^The,rmachine  is delicate, p'r&ty^ndili������h&" Tfiere^iff^oi-the'  [a single "column:   The lowermost sovereign  "rests upour a moj^bl^plit|e ,'f whenr.^teildl^  istumei"wf-^the^ttfenoanlb th^ptate-mbves  sideways, and the sovereign is brought upon  -^t^^uislteiy^ bawnck^If; the weight  ;,. is correii^S. Httlb/teyer] ,;aSi^!j^h^;;^Ive  the edge of the soverei^a1a;!Bmart blow- and  '4riyesli.it ojff>iiito a^bois ; bpt if tJre Weightpe I  /dertcifent, eveii -In"tbe- most mihiite"degree, an-*  other jpu^her strikes thejsoy^r^ign^pj^;^;!^^^  ^fehf si^'antt^l^s itin^^  the# han^Jo^Js^ c^t^ed^  ::i!tb.re!e sbyereigiis������noa^S^^i^^'Ai^rcwat'; stages ..of.  ! the'i^ghihg process "at thb same /thnfi^w^i  ;!!Asihe Bank pf England^d^esnbt-takeTCOg-  ������iizahce of gold /C9in;^bioteaife\to<> heavy  seperktel sovereigns into Iwd groiipsj the $������ll  5and the light; and although its precision is  .-,.j������������st v.e.xqi49i%vAt..$&*$.!,iio.V indicate .by how  m\ich the.*ligh$s6>er.elgt_' is fdencientiU 1^ is  therefore only by ac t?;al trial that ,the delicacy  of the machine h^been?t������j^d; if a difference  ���������of even a hundredth;pfi:a< gralui exist^iilbet-  ween/ihei two;:aoyewjjj'i& It, ia said flat; this  machine would;.detec^ &; *0������$lrouglf; aver;  age, 30,000 sovereigns!;.paasi.) over*!ihe:iBank  counter everjr day ; eac^h machine canJ/weigh  10}000"fl6vefeigns/i]iyi9ik'Mi^9'; and,, there are  six machines,^,that the Ban&>eaivWMgh all  its issues pf gold by these, means andrhave reserve ppwer to spareBvOne .ofAthene mac!-lueB  Is adjusted for half-sovereigns. Between 1544  and 1848 there Were"fbriy-elgbi "million gold  coins weighed by these machines at the Bank,  and bankers and the public generally place  undbub tm^ relianbe^bn %e correcthess'��������� qltihe  process. Each machine requires an hourJs  cleaning once a" weelt. They cost about ������200  each,'and are aaid to be free from liabfiity  to disarrangmeirk!:: BeadelUsatisryingi the  Bank, the bankers,/and.the.publiCjr.these machines save^^,^1,000 -a year to. the Bank in  weigheraiwagea:. i y 7it-;:_!^^/l p. a&lttti  rati wheff helwitte i|n mediately^ confrontecPby  not|n^hf/ii/^  the officer^ ^rrle^tfie^blo^faM sbtf@^ iii  te^urn^wWob!c<imple!M^^  lo^r, anil^e^bjecanie.asvclocileas ^a lamfe^^fe  !wai /re^a)i^:'tb^e-s^  jran^������n^^  tim. : Sid. Gowles informed him that It wiftS'ft  little chap they kept for^ such^occasibHS named'  Ryan. nWb&t$foh&thhWemib knbcked-J[iin  .Go.burn^tfeefighter." asked.therepresentative/  ipfttfii^faf&^  'fWeHfftH I'ciiu r������ay.'is", M rather have^Heenah  Mlimcfeai-ia^^.M  onth Still WjM^f^fiheHfoHowing v is ,������������"  doubtedly one of the^ naosi ^emarI^le|Cases  thit weluiVe^ hear^f|j^!u^r^KfiB^c  bmble^excitenient va^nS;!P^!^s i^^lia^  ^i^e^sedwhatfWe^^^^a^ to!relate:/ Qn  the 5th of fFebruary last, MichaeLKingyraged |  abbufe^ years; was Mllc^ at^tland, by be^  log struckoa^Jhe vfiei'3 'withtt������ st^e, '^hich  was drawir%6ffi^e;^fb\^ ^ruly  horse'. -"; Two' days afterM)the fatal/faccidjnt;  and'wlien the body was about to be tTurred>  vtbe relfttiyes'bfKi������gthought that th^noticed  AeHdent1signsibf:life?andrthe body^waaxemev^  ejl! ^ihelhouse^ilwiiereit was kepl;5lWseveral  djays. A report got * into~ circulation: a.t -the  time to" tbe effectj������at. :the body Wd cptae -tof  lbfef- After keepfiig ffie^bpdy severa^UaysTit;  #as! remold zlo<'. the-. jlowej^r^e^^^iS  placed'-in a,:-vmiit^where^'it:nbwris;,.'--.!a1ad?iijhas'  bjeen visited by hundreds of our clt^ns^Th'e  bpdy retaihsf its'" natjSfit;' a^|^araiic^|^ttiSiis/  iimber'and ���������warhx'affir^  ������he month.i/5������^ hlavbibea^  ed for thia^woUderfnl phenomenon*-^I_ouis^  vtlle 'Democrat/ March 9th.'   -:fi;-   " :A.~ a y^,  _  rr.^^-r^, .     _ ^/.i  ^i'Foiplp^l^i^^Plfer���������lhat/p^M^i*:|^^||9  ^d^^niiih^very'iia'ture'of things,-is hnvir  ful/especiallj-;te;jpersonk of poor' health'-; although the vi|:brb^!may^ practice it /with iinf  punity. !lnwihter.iheabodyJis eaailj^clul^d  through unless ^^������maclrbas bieen-^fortified  wjith a -good ^arm; breakfast; and ^;Warni  wjeather mia^atic and -malarious ^ gases; and  emanations speedily act upon an' empty/stbinr:  sic|h ihs a way to vitiate the' circulation, ?and  induce t6verriwid!ague^ diarrhoea^ a  tery. Entire families who have arranged-to  e^;breakt^st^!befere{ leaving! the houses and  to; -take supper before sundown, bavSJaad^ a  fcomplete exception,, fi^om fever; ^and;! ague,  while tfee whole cbmmnnitjr aroundjhefn wasi  suffering from-it;, from; bavmg neglected these!  piee&ntion&yyyyyyh-^ y:":- ;-r-^' *���������;&&  (h2plQ4!hg; cos tri)f :/dehwy������)^y������hlBMt6f th9>X^irrier^  'jyy   ���������> ,:       "-<    - ���������-''-������ '���������'<   . > "'"Vii-,.. ���������.,? '-I...������������������:.-���������������','-.":;.'. -.;,t' '���������''���������-i\y~^>:&jLz&  ^tmrnm  y.y-?r(?A������������������-:-;;!���������;��������� v.i mt>m}. \,    t ?������������������;;* uiAh'i'^b **<)���������&-. "  THE iTERMS OP SUSC^II^pNJhav^b^  '$2per"moiith; itioVo/i^^vofdmes,W'tNem-V^pr^a  have been/only lat^  'dad triore iii txpect������Jttf(l^y.:* SPirties: are^^ feollcated^to  subscribe.- - ', :  y; ^r)yy \\;\-?r,.A .AA y' h yiyAi'Uy  ^Ams^im^m0S^  \A   ���������"'���������'/ y.y:< ���������,k'":<i ���������'������ i-'-f'rp1-.,, :yir.y-~i' yyv. "y -"'y ::y'y}jyyy  i aa ^^.'ic;     .   *  ./' y Ajh i A ' , ''���������:. AA.fI>EAmRimyH^yy AAAA^  fi^yTy^f< ?m$$ljg^^  W^mmyMmmm.  hUf;..y,y .*..'-. -.s-r--.- ������������������.,:._. .:^.--a���������!-,(,;,��������� _&,J- -ij^i;^>:*;;];[?- 7i.v'f..,i ^ft.:. ;!���������-:-.-?  :-^;(  s>^M-*>  pltfiCSil/M  SC  I  ft":  ���������I ^CA������PMTM^':^^  ;-'5 '''i^ti   i'r,.;s: *Jf^)   uJli:A <Hi}%i    /r  -/I -..') i%t..u'yyin  0^:;!!ln|^  I ; ,^i\POWDBK^FUSE^&f; M: ";^Al fi  ;also;  S'^fell^ili^  ini  ^-A.  J������* The California Cricket Club has invit  ed the Vibtbria OriC^et CHub to ^lay 'a match  during thecomingseason. A:',',/ A ������������������ '!--":���������"���������.  JW^'If you wimt^oJC^^^^lPir,-^  Tkr Usi7E������������is* PitAbTiCB ,pf, mixing Otilcb^^and  other adTilteratiVes with Coffee, has very^much datiiag.;  ed!in public traf|ii^tton|V-Wlfiat ought to bcf-tUe/moat  delicious of Beverages.1 '^i> eflfectually have the public  been dragged with sach mixtures that the true proper-:  tie^ hare beea lost sight of^ and ipany prefera-jbluck  and thick infusion to a drink rich ih spirit and aijoma.^j  General as is the use of Coffee, it is little,known,that  fca 'condessing the vapors extracted from the berry iff  roasting, a liquor is. oh tailed''of the-most nauseous  taste; and of a. scent.the most unbearable. Under snob  circumstances-it is-evidently important that all the  gases and fluids extracted by roasting should be carried off * as NQufCTdy as possible, in orderttr prevent their  returning again to the Coffeet jwhich is the case in the  cohanea/.cylinder..,:KThis^/object1:,is admirably.accQmt  plished by the nevr and patent "Conical Coffee Roaster'5  asnsed by FELL^;CO,,;Victoria;/in/which the berry  is directly exposed to the radiated heat, and the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously. In addition to  the advantage to be derived by the rapid removal of  th^ steam .Containing the objectionable properties,, the  pure;aroma cf ineXloffee.is' retained} tb^ essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coffee ia! required!to remain a much  loiter tirao in consequence of the steaming it undergoes by the confined steam. It is chemically impossible; to K^atbe/qu^iUeVof/ah^t'.Uie deterioration of  Coffee when ground.' The heat engendered by the pro/-  cess of roasting, and especially of grinding,"creates ah  action ih the elemehtary parts which gradually/destroys  its Bthcss for :drink.v But to retain th������ essential oil  which it contains we^have it encased in tins containing  /Irpto 1 lb.' to 28 lbs., and which! can, be had from; any  of������������������ the.Tesp������ctaMa'dealers.r*..We can confidently re-  commend^^ those who have hitherto been obljged to refrain flrom taking. Coffee on account, of its; UHeffects,  itfeat they may/ uste our Coffee,; Toasted in the Conical  Roa'ster, bcln^Tpbbnijnended by WI medical men under,  whose .notice it has beeii brought, and by numerous  cthtr t*0tlmeBiaiB'44Its-faVof." - :'-J%ll,' "&"CO:j/r'.f-'  . -v;-.;- -t- *;- ^-Ccffse J^irchaa'ts; ^gtfe'srvj^Vletcria'.'  . fiy ������ -WstKtSwrofetoflaiQtb^  ���������!|.," y h'A * lA*Ja. "_j ytyjy^: f ^A. t v- r Ay' vy  '.j.-y   MN BRITlSH^MMBlAyJ * IU %  '.f.;   .     -JA,; .^l^-^poy    '"���������  fi \ m: m$ fs&*#Kl oi;ucmRs&0v^  MontreaJi>Toronto,.Quebec, Hamilton,'iljondon;K5eg-1 >,  ; 1 mBton. /Gobourg, .BelleviMe,, Brantforti:, Bro������ih ;. '���������:  ���������' , ������������������ ' v!ile,Whitby/Peterboro-'Ottawa; Guelnti,--' t ft '"?.-  ; I abderich, Stratfordr^ctbn'F������rtb, / ."- -.  A.   A"    ' ! 1 ^imcoe, St.'Catherinesf.^'   .'   ;'  'QN^W/WRK-^a'.Mes^s^fBfXL^Gujwiv.^^       y  ':.\ -AA^������"-^^; ^' 'i1  ^-for-.the/BahkbrMbhtreal:-?$P %i\n.  ;ra:������NSLA^-^B!a^^  ;, i.." ^gf;  *- r     Head 'Office,' Lombard St.; IJonddn.' *  ,' ,^ss  fafisii-.^iTa;  i- vCr^RREJn? iACCOXJWtS opened)/for; anyj amount !not > f  less thah'Ohs'Huhdred' DollaVs/ " ' A " ' " "' *  A jBillsJOiscouuted"and|CoUected ;/and!Bills or.Uxchange^ A'  cm Great-fEWtaia^���������ZSaa^Francisco and New xork par- >  .'chased.^A,j? %!.'..;>'" /i'/J/.J-.-.^"^ ':: Afifiy.AA'::fiyyyry1  / -Gk?vcrament'and'other/^^Securities 'receire1irfDr"BOT:y.s'  custody ^Interests and Dividends collected,      -     :;':> ?' ���������  k iReceivedcn'Pepostt,1.or Advances made up6n\faem.!������ -u\  vimy  j. :QoLn PtJBT.Melted and > Assayed, f and- .returns mad9  witbIu24hpaH '.  "   '< -   :'!'/  ��������� Oreffof. 'hTbiry desanptioc carefully A^y643*':1  aS ���������  I, vj -'"';;-"' ^;VKIrO;B(F'l:E L������VT, \ fi -r :fi. ?fi  fRO VISION^ ^GCERilSy^^iE^^  ifi,:,.     :' Storage "a^ Coinmissibn.<'��������� #? I^s r.  ��������� ? ���������'! v -;���������.���������'-:��������� ;v.v,;,���������;.-i/: ���������';*������ :,.-;:���������-������������������'-ii������fUOin^IO'I-.-H?Qyi. -:.'.y-  >,!:..-������������������:   ?- ''.   ;��������� --PEALEBS;IN;^ *ji.; '.-.-v-ir-'-v.  tO"-- .  '/.        BARKERyjLLLB.   _ fi,:s^V 'A  [jii large supply of Lip^a? iQopps oi/tiie; Jway.  ;i ������    ��������� > E.   H ODGEN S^  y S B^KERVILIiE-i^A^oihihg the Express &&<&  fi.WT^A^MW^M^:  %:M   M.>yjly,BLAGKMA$y  d  BARKBRV1LLC.   :    >.  tfti^&nJ&b /tON^oNg;  ; BRAFO������;ISSI7E0 onvLoadc^ New vorlr, Sanvrrsn-r  Cisco,-"Cai^boo?, Canada,- New Brunswickj NovarScotta,/'  and bn'a8'������he Branches:of- the/National;Bank of Scotland and Provincial-Bank of-Ireland.' tA ' ' ' c ' A  Bills-! of -Sbcchaage,; aiid t^bld!Pui^hased:. f  ; Interest ok Special Deposits of "Moneyallowed at th*  rateof <a ^uarter>of one per ceni.per;month! yJ: AW-  ' Got������-Dust Melted .and Assayed^'and returns made;  witbin; 24 hours jn,Oqin oc^-JBars.?-v���������?.&* d j: iVA- AA. $ A ' -  A Ores of; every descrlptioacarefully Assaye'.d.7 .;> ,,;/r.,ty:,.,  >7.NJ"B^-Any instructions' as'tb. the dispbsal/of t^epro*  ceeds Of^ld *I^fc'fOTwaW  for Assay wUl becaremlly-attended to. pyAi**������v V- ' * -"^  '���������ct.-.., j, ,..v-���������,-,--:   -  , ��������� Jv'Ckr SHEPHERD, 'KaBagerj,/%  yictoriii,.V.L, -J^ro; 1866.i(i:���������-. >a ir>^ v ^  t*R::N:liDlil   ..������������,;,.  Conhec'tiiyr' at Lillbodt ra^d''^ale with piETZ &.  J' i; iNEIiSON'S fdr Kew W&)fttov^<&^  W1 itii' ASMVE' AND Separt ���������-.^pna:;th9 S)fflce/inr  Barketvillei; to connect-with thesteamer '������SnV  terprise'^atQuesnelmoiith^and* the. STAGES at Soda  Creek, EVERYvWEEK, conveying Iniwspas,Xst-  tbrs ahd.ViiUiLBLES for all parts of the world. ,. Also, j  Commissions received' ahd forwarded by Express for  the collection -of^ Notes, Bills and the purchase of arti-  cles to be obtained at New Westminster, Victoria, San.  Ifrancisco or ecroute, and returns made with dispatch.  < ��������� ������������������- JOHN^. LOVELL,  j.a ryr,-..,,  ....;.: -: .'���������   v- --.-./;.-r.fr'.-Agent,- BarkeryiUe;   ���������  'BREWERS:  VV1UDE;  Boot afid SH^e  ; V; : ���������':���������; 3A^k^rttliiri  .���������-.; r"*/iiix!.tfp'iBxiF;:,-;/: ;.".'���������.;!;  Dealer in all kindsof IrSovisibns, Globing. Ac.-  ^ySCn'lwaS*1' ���������l/ -������������������::* ������������������'^:''--:   ���������>'>'-'.> ^'-i;" - '-W'-  ways  fc-'f-  *' *'  ;  'The hnde'rsighed ,ia prepared to    r /;..;:,,  CtBAJSr BLACK SAND, ^LQ^mmAm *  v:M , *;!P^NiNflSr,;.,, ,:....,-,.. ,���������'  Oh Cbmmisiion, or wtii: purchase*"any 4������a������ltty on,tfc������  yy:\ Mostf LizkbrAi. Tjsn'iis, 'at'the; ��������� -���������        >-..:,.':.....  : <> ���������   Beading' Boom^ Cam^w>ixtbni ' " ^   !_.  The Subscriber is well kho'wnon:'-^I&^:^Ml^'eB#,v  from the confidence; reposed,ih him last Fallo'nr th������/  above business,'her hopes to; receive the:patronage/jaC^-  the Mining community the easmag. season. ^^yy: wfi.  ������������������&* ^y- ':** >���������   . ;!'' '' -1'.' f?H^:BOWR<^;.^;t  D-^llbe prepared,to ^^^^ey^^^d^ac :  a Gene'ral'A jfency -Bnsineesv  : 2 V  Oivil-������nginee^-: IV..  ,.. .'���������!"    ���������       :.   yyyy.  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'���������- -*~- ":;":'."';;."���������'      ,--   :  \ John Down".-  -  AA.M  have lieen7 making fa?:good thing .;<m Capon  creekrwhr^ the Fraser about 65  TIT^C ������j>     "TO advertisers^  TK^<������Ca^bw;&htmefeis-po  ','.".V,V -"A!1 ^**^ >': ^ *.-  The*'.'Cariboo Sent?ji-P--5 ^published; everyjMonduy^  and ThOT3dnyI    Advertisements hitended for insertion  .' inust'be:'tteUvere^^^  ������������������!' bitfarp-.publtcatiQEs .    ~A    -.-���������.-       -     -���������---'     '.'"*/"F  but/did:xtottBtrikeranyrvery:good prospects:  ;    :,.':.������O-TrOBV  ,i;,.;iK.ir^f::  aUdrisses at the7pub'licatioU^olnce^^Pri<������>5isCLpu^  - " TV-.vP- '.-.-���������-������-��������� -*-������������������������ ^-.. ���������-���������������������������-- ������������������-   * --y..^    t   .....   -are���������^  twenty-fiy^'days^/wbBU/they^ were pbbged- to  suspend^wbrk^ on Ak^comt^ofy t&e^eather.  Durin������:this:Wprin^ they^bk out $^,flp^.mpre.  Onp nug^Vtaten;cmt,weighed Sl&feand^seyH  reported shaUow^paVfAaving-beetf;taken out  twbnfe^t^below the- surface.    A*number, of  ��������� .-��������� ���������?-  !^!3555Ei5o55EKT^  ",.   ChinRmen>bave;already: started for these dig-  fy, -K  & NEtV  A^ES*ISE31ENT^'      . y  : ,xd^-lQca^roj^tp^^.^ixi^tMM  ,Th������ OldestTTEstablisKed :Hotpl!':bii  Tl'f;R3/. CI.UNES/begsv to/inform the/Miners.pfj^lSams "���������-  IH**Creek; Lowhee Crecki 'Orouso'Creoleand "Vrtn Win-  kle: thfttsho^intendsvjgiying:'->'.>Benefi^ABali*an4;  '������dnVert, on\ the 24th of May, the best eyeri.-gjgea '6ji*  wniiams Creek, wiietisbe respectfully solicits the pat^ ������/  Tonage -of :tho public^cV' A'^zMARr.:A;~ C&UNffiSsi:.  fer&e^matter-of tilp^Bstatp'^of Seligmari Kl-  ��������� *!.!���������-".'������������������_   ������     "���������"I' /*"���������������.���������_ili"lL Li...-\+ A*������^irtmrtrtrf%  'lin.-'naeiffhtTinnr' ta������ 4ka  ho  no  respectfully invitosJ. the; patronage of "tho 'pubHctf Jtatf  -p'aiasfwiU,be^p{ur^.in3%^n^ tbis 0iiQ*pf? the^besfc  '���������    *'.   A- ' All communications must * bo accompanied by ftjo  > **#> ->-'���������   ^iih������atylew or piiblisblhg the same,,butfts>'ec%Hy for  y~yt' ���������"  .':i>iyg^o^;.fei%yo;:^i>K  MONDAY}  1866.  egrapiic dispatcbes arid, files! j    newspapers  ;;���������- ;;-; JTfbnit#e\%//giyi^^  .-������.,'������r, ^^'t*-.* ^ kf ^"(..o.^d'A^���������^���������^,*i������hni*ssVdf.;"ibQ disr-;  |^:?-::^:-'^|^a^  asvhich.we sincerely hope^mayproye.correct. 'It  ds reported that men are stampeding from all  iquarterslothe newEl;.Dbradp^.attheTC-S.;,  trb6ps,even.at.F,ort CpivUle/ha^esertedand  ~y--AAAA~'Ay':A-'iAr''yy'yA- J' <':".'-.'���������''':< ���������'��������� ���������:,*:',,t,'������������'-' '. ���������' *TV ?' i^l' :.TS 1 ��������� J -' ZJJi m 1^ rt.'^>'.:;*-.:.; /H * V* ri'4*^:' 4* n fi'n^AAvvi   "  gings, and tw/o^oat loa^s?mo,re/wilLleaye.tp-  mbrrowTbr tbeVsame locality.    A/white man  prosbect 4ully!jfbr; ^raht,of,means..^Kwpng  tee &^o^branclixs^  ^av&' alfeald^'slBh|a^  t Itoi/JbmikCalbraith^  near SbaaGreeki has; 150^acres of ^springlwheafr  Which'is aireaoy^bl  i. MerCIIASTS AM>/DEAU������ltB "pn  ht-ity-y:.-Q  'hi.  at theisteam-.  Jy/aii'd Hadjeturned for'ahother cargo.   That  ; j   '   ������������������,    -    ��������� ^0 boats had^got upthevColumbiaiwlt^h pro-  ���������'   V =i'isions and'mlngrs and^inany fniote^wcre, fol:i  lo^ingV-Tbat .fidui^w^  {'    '���������.    7.   its low as 40 cents,in-,cpnspq.uence.-"of'the'fresh'.  niTivals 5 "that 'flour again was "selling ; at ��������� Sey^  ''-: ^our*^r^6^cents^er*po^  ;     '������������������: per pound had been pffpred and^refuscd for  r>'acking-dver tbevnf6ubtains from the last  name4iilace'ito; the Oolumbia.\ TftaA-i^iB?  l^e the montii of June before animals can be  ible tp/oross^the ^id/diyide^ahd that shippers  I liirfBn^a^  .With, a very.smp^.M^i^^; l $&&&$ put  yesterdayin company^ with her^lnisband on  fibrsebaP^tb! visit/thefh farmV^b^^^-^WS  from Lyttori; and it seems/when /p;assing!,tln?p,  a gate hef' dress rbaug|it" anu slie was pulled;  irom he^Thorse^Mt happily ^  vhis quiet and she esc^eMunhurti' l>utl>adly:;  ���������'frighteried/' AA-  n f J; F. McWofthy,/;Esq.,Ifro3ai} Sa^i |Fra^cisco|  parsed up;/t07day on hi.s*-w,ay "to Chei*ry creeks  *|I)r.^n^tt^tthe^p  lyingtfseriously 'ill from !the elfects!: of hard  drinking. -.;;ihe;is-h'oti expected/tp-rec.oveiv;>fDrv  Brbus'e-has^been in^a'ttendancb^ bew says1'the  case is:a^ubtful aj he^M  ! A-miner has just 'arrived.' h������re^btf fe way  down sick reports things encouraging^ in the;  ^inbs and provisions^er^ llie  ^people are *��������� vfer^l anxibtts' to 'knbw /\vhat the  Gbv/ernment:intends^ doing ..towards^hurrying-  the trails!frbhi,Seymb^in mines;  .The weather-nefb^sdelightfdl; thd enow Is  fastdisappcaring^from /the toiils.-yV ������Thefal;mf  ar blind look; viferySvelirA Busmeds brisk'; "large"  I>ack trains-and teams TpaSs ��������� through^daily to  ���������'") *^yy:, .G!Am^mT(jMy ''$%%-������%  ^   ;^;\G. FULl^ON^fPRoyioETOiti    ,;^;:  There isnbdistniery^  r, "and/stryebnine jmoV^ r^^n^fln^ npi^ce he/e;^^ ;2  rfHiS ^HOtJSE HAS ��������� BESN>'KEWLVFITTED *X;PA OJT'  Xr :fhe Restaura'n^ prih'clplo^Witivrf-rvYawfoHbe-^comfort  of ithespublicj /arid^ilUbo ^c^d^ted^n^fl?^^  y t< ; Me'ai%'at^Hb^s.r*/j&opd.^     XxAS  ' ���������^-"Thc.Bar. is furnished w*th the,beat selection of  ^^^^���������^^gm^^^fm:^^^:  n^ttoeE'--*i3'ni^re1)p|given^tbja^  ^ftClMtna^ajn^f'tb^abo^  '^i ^'N^i^^E^S^GI^Ni^ ������^>teii'  [' ���������-    willj Until further notice, be kept at the    ^aJ  -,.  ���������; 1 ,,-..n<wJ" ah: ^^OAMERONTOWN.-''' * ^fv'. J^'/h  ^hetjnbei^ignedt^hasuofened^th'e ABOV^'^  > JLjn^bteli j&d$&������9iaiiT.an^^  .torepelv;e/Boardqrt'by?,tUqIweek-or day.;>.'.������..yA~%: ?*>'.'^������i;-y S-  J4 J&- A^ursVclass^C^bK ha^beeu^eugaged/' ]' ' / ,.-'.:. V  I  A( Parties wishlii^ tb^ard?cut4th!S'S^  ?to their advantage Wj ^Ive hi������hia.call,?{ as" lifs^ boiise--Tori^"  cleanliness, a,tte]otip)a tp]custpm^r3p5anU a goodiX^ble^  caniiotbe,expelled.,   ,.,.,.-,?' J    v; %  ^ -/ . / \ I���������   a ,^  ^Pies;ebn^ev^CKbp^nd-Stea^  gers  ./>San.Franciscof3Xay)llth.^Stfeam^r^b'hstii  tution^ for Panama, sailed to^ay, cai^ying 350  passengers aUd^$350,O96 in treasu'te-  thiiu can possibly be -done by British Cplum--  bitwis atit������epres^?^menl;.:vilt iisaid;j that:.  Messrs. Dodger& Go;, and - Nelson^&>Go.,. have;  started gopds for! Caribootthat were intended  lor Big^Bend^Cinl cbnsecjuencV of ;|heir^^/being  finable,' toAiCompetpv withv the Oregon;/ trader  itThis: will be a' heavy l)l^^pn!^pur expebted  rnohppol^^thpiBig^ Bend pa^e;! ;:We:tiopef  :- .bo^rever, "that^ when the itrail-iV,.finished; aiid  Lthe snow which now .obstrubta&tthe ipassage  -^yerthicJ divitt^Msapgears opr/merchants and!  1 traders #U1 havea better show of 'cbmpetiiig'  ^fk&*?T?&i-  :���������������������������������������������:��������� ���������r^:i..^  'Iher^we/iseyeraJ^ppin^  reume bpptations on  ?lt is;tb!pe;:hbpe^ j^  : tho'CPntinuation^oft Cthe; lead v worked \ by^ the \  !.   Kei^ck^fy^^tfeiuij^^  ful; vas ;sttcnVa^^iscbv!ery> wpuld /^^ritichViii:  ':e n cburagin g fresh! efforta td/fipuVgood; pay ing  -diggings on this extensive cree&y^'-'-y'yyA  It is m\dA that a company having ground'  situated between the Disco very ^Company and  ��������� the Short, Beu4 Company haye. sunk a ^shaft-  to the ���������dbptfr'bf 25?or30'feet, ,:aM^gat^prW-  :pect of $7 to^a few pans, of airt.    They have  started a iunnpi trp^/thejcreefc '������������������.-"'"  Boardnmn^George W.  ";-.^,,r ,A_^ !    v :: /������t=*t/' "-*-*. ,?/WgOLESALE, AND,iRETAm. DEAI.EI^'vI^oALLf5  ^t������r& :AM% -" ^;sf I: ��������� ift $?/M 'yy''<>A^%Mk  f!#^'" '  tf"  i 4^1^;^'.?:^ '..'-0=.;.'  1/ifc^  divided into r2;$j^&a������e&<> Trustees,; -John Mul-  lahr John T^Sheolf -and^^^orge^irusbyrr ���������������������������*--���������  ^iSupervisor^err^^vesterday receivedj/aft dis-  p atch from .Portsmouth, N. H. announcing  purchase of four Amdsking-Fire Engines, hp^  de^edbyvthe^^ardsc^������upervis^rs,^^p'Sld^-/  pett^Wjl ftM s^^^r^^ichKleayes! i^iviJKorfc;  torhiorro w^  "       --- -. -,������"'���������������- - ��������� ,- -. r - - - - ..'r   "' !  -        ^  'eiGpld^;: ^  greenbacks, ^TSi^tfr 79^ : "'*: ���������-" ���������' y^if^ Ar-r-; :/r-  ^.^aierifay ttlth^^man arrived /xVpin" SeyS!  nibur last night; |tates :that:: three nev^ A creeks  Cameron^Jonn Av' >X* J '"M Cohklin; John- H.-.Sh: t& iu.. ^ r  Da>?isf/WlUiain.������; ^"-r>r,. ���������J f^ -Dow^WilUUm^E;^: 5 *u  ���������D|xon, J. V.- .-./'"       "-.-".,//:;..!.^;-Vv//7 \ ?i,r-'v'^.^* v-  Erskine, W. H.:   .->!���������! '���������- -' - ���������'.-". '^/.^-.v.;..!..-. -.r^ : /.   - r  For.d,ijam"es' *.-yVy :, -* I TranKlin, Julius ^>(S)^^-  FortuneifHi ft������.a   i (S) 1    ���������- I- ���������*���������':?   -'^:i?^f-^- o^u;  Oilbertii Jame's^bfei/ V{>:^\Glendei3irig^ Archibald!;  GOfillan,^James;:.*..y.(\. - ������������������.,.,GrosBe^H.,- ���������if^yiy^y  /Batnaway^- ';fe!;Jr.K(2)^HowVUs,*fe ^H't'&i;^  Hasen/ZFrcdHck^.  C(4)'?Huiit;,.Geprgd-'/ ���������^���������������: f,,..;  ���������Hers'et^%FV*Wi!^ ^: -- " ��������� ���������.   '   ; - ^; J -.:&"; ^x u A'-'   ; >*   "  ���������Inln^'James-'-^'"';- '���������'   '';/''^ Vll'^'^ *il������^-j[*   /'-^^"JdKiat, Andrei ^'Ay^-yA''  '"* $fyy 7:^yy^^^:Fy^^A  .-^3) A 'Lipset tj-sisaac' ?���������' ��������� *;'K A'-~''. *; '* ';.  i\   Mt'M- *-*'iv&{->j v.-'. fJ* " '/i ���������w'W- <^ /^i ii  f ^McGregor, Georgo 1  ���������McKinonj Charles;;.  ������������������.tV%;  ^���������%h>.i.yt<yi J  ��������� -rii-/* ��������� 1 TM'!'i-"^-W  ; Attempt ^uicroE^"lVe (4 Jparn that j a; man  * of tho name of Steel, a mulatto,: whb��������� kept a  restaurant on. 7 Williams .Qreek,;;^attempted to  . jum^ from 'the steamer as: she was passing be^  fcween thetSisters, on: the way, to:; Yale, but  wasrprevented!by the passengers;^While;:the:  ReHancplay! at Yale on Thursday he jumped  fromJi0r������4������PiilRJpLft? rly������r*-,.a&^Mb&>M%������~  promptly extended1 to hlm,..but he refused to  ��������� avail himself of succor ; two men ��������� put out in  a boat, an^su^ceeededfin seizing tihe unhappy  man as he'maSe Kis appearance upon"tfie*sur-  faba- for the third-time)-^^^ an>l^ brou/gh't *MmAoh  shore,' where! he 'reppfved* proper :^tteati6h������-rr  'JB������tisjh'C^unii������biaiC?':'' "' "' '"���������"    --- '" '  lie ��������� Hc-herathan^^^ ^a^^ta&e^ib.at-  $7 toi.tiie pan. ;.l Jim Black reached^Yaleyes^  teriday direct from!Seymour.f       ������������������!-.{**$  ., ^iSta^teain^^^"  A;party otifolw %eti^ Mth-tGeorge VWoa������er,  had gone up the Columbia ^v^pro^ScQEg.'  It jwas expected the Hudson Bay Co.'s- steamer  Avould be launched/ yesterday.    The passengers by the last 'trip of the ^Oregon? reached  Seymour in 11 vdays frem California-by Barnard's fast jstage -from Yale;   It fe expected  when:the steamer is running on the lakes that  passengers can make the trip in 8 days from  San Francisco.to Seymour. < >,!    , , -A ~- 1'*, =  Henry Eva'ns; of Oregon, drcu on 1st'April  at: Seymour, y������.'       . ������������������ ? -  ,, Market prices at Seyhibiir : Flour/16 -@tl8.  ;;J.cts.; bacon, 62i cts.; >beaiis, 20 cts.; sugar, 37J  cts.;-teaf'$l; coffee, 37-J cts.; butterr$l; and-  all other goods in prpportion;  on  Joby joriatban '���������vAyi 'A  Lawrie]' ;Tb6ina������- ������  TjeTViS,f; John jW4 pi "'>?  iStarshall, #A&My&  Melross,, WUiiam^t. /  Morris, Joseph r.. . .;:;   .������,.:McLean, Archibald / ,.,.���������^ '\  ^cCWrtby,:!):1^,. ��������� -A' 'A'A; McQheen," Dunca^/^:; 'v.;;. /  ^rfSsird^NaJHr^v;  Parsons^Charles !^" ? -:''ts   A!TierceJ?. George ?-';*'   ���������iAyf :?;J  Palnf^j Gideon>:-f':- ~J P'.^ -;.':'- \VJ Preston,- Georgb'r5'.<^'- ^ | /���������* ^/  ^ed^v^"ir^'":-Bv^!l^-V^^^ ;"r'^'-v?  peeves, E. Robinson, James A.- it ^2) Ai?  ^ip^lfyj^^Tgp;.. ���������, _;^:;,,:.;.Ryan^JP^^Wr;;r-^-������������������-���������-���������-^-.-Iv  Riordani r'' James/"-.;'j"; i/".'HT:. ��������� -r!'���������''1^'���������Ai ��������� ?":! !'V*!"!-!!!"������"-���������'"'t'AA "; _ __  SeTyj������bw^ChaHe85V!i:':v''' ^ ��������� -'-"Smith/ Joseph /VV;;'": /....'^;V" j.\-T'4*'^' ^^TAW^P  Samson^ John  ���������    ya.;^V.'.'\..^vjBh^-^Fphn:'C.; ';;-- ���������' /-'- 'A'l^A &ti?'$.x&3it?''*$l  ^hg^^^^r^'.^^ Ai::r^?������y*m;; '^"ii^-ns  Vaughn,^.������. IA )AA:: A ^AwiGibj George &������ :������������������*,  :(B) A ~ "  Whitcbnib; ffpjf:/ "/��������� (?); Wop^i .Silas ^:" ^;;"���������   7--^  Wilson; James; ^v'^-t'-'AA^'^A '"���������'' ''?'* r,';r';.r;A' -y-y'':  "ver^/cis&ioy:/'}.!/'; fay 'y'yyyyy yyyy;\ytyz  ;' yyAAA'A, '{.:5-RBGiST������aBn.-i1KTTBR. -:    .   -' ^v'-" -. A'A.  Liadleyr'D. Bi      ' -y-.-:. ;rf ;.-��������� ���������-. ���������'��������� ; ->. :��������� 1, /./>---������������������  ^���������iJTV.'.    -::^:    U-.y:      ...    : JOHN   BOWRON,-    ;,,;  2  ; ���������.     ; ; . ; .,;;.:������������������'    . /  ; Acting.PostmaBter. -.-������  Beg to.call/the attention of>^iner&.and otheraA'-.  "' -, * %M' ���������' r " ^hi?h ?IU .Jft: f ?W"!"! k *% '������v- TT * /'' -ri!  f.nruwr ?f.-'^."  }o^mal^rb<^|c^a^ll?E^^6^fe^^^  ;" ; -.&, ' ��������� >^.*/{.V'^eiRoadsareiopeb-r^--5-f':^^/ ^i'.j^.f)fil--*  j^^^Tjibefjal* * allqVrance^ Will^ ^e^^mft^lef tot ^  Re^teura&fcJahrltHotel Keepers ariil'the Trade genb'fally :^A  largo orders;;? tury:^i. &&.T&* ^^^:^^%yrC'^i;rP^"A .���������  ���������Iv-.v^c"-  ..*V  Jii^i'-.  i.Kl> ?-i"- ���������������, A -'A * 1 -f^-M '���������' ^.?-' '^r ^^  ?^  Mr. F. Laumei^tjsr recieved yesterday from  the .Cjblonia! Secretary,!an answer to. the. .petition signed by thpfminers and merchants. of  Cariboo, resgecting the injuries accuring to  mining interests ffoni prblohged arid^cpmpli-  cated . litigation", which was presentea to *i&e  Administrator of ihe Government last winter;  which our want-'of space- prevents uscfrom  publishing in*this mbrhihgslssue.   -      ' ���������  : - ��������� EVERY, EVENING,  *.*/.  v. :���������;������������������''; ' -- .-���������/  ��������� . v-A*f THZ' '���������;��������������������������� y.  - *;  F:A!;Sp:|6'M; S;I;"'  ,-    : r      i;. .i BAEKERVILLE.  --; j ;KEL^.^;'PA^^S6N^  c: Kv^bry th'ihg'iB done in;connection with thlB1 estaWIak !  ment to give.satisfaction to the customers.  ' ,. ���������    AA'A':*  ,:*������ J^Meals'at'^aii hours/':":^  ' !;  * .i''';''''J'?i':;':'  g.R-EKGrEg>'{ &;'BRd;,-''r  ;        BARKB^RVlLL^:  ? ���������-  A LL COVERS OF THE TERPlfiCHOREAW ART aro  xJL invited to/call and enjoy^themselves, when a hearty  welcome.wili be;extended. '-, '. ::. .r. ������..���������  Wholesale and Retail*  -1','  H"  .;-������; We preserve by latb .Victoria papers that.t]  '* Daily* ^venihg 'FpB'fr' has ceased to exl#t.^ 2  tho  jffiS- The best of Wines, Liq.'uors and Segars,  and Good Order observed-;'   ' '*'���������-- , ���������"'��������� '������������������ ������������������> .'���������- ���������, ������������������  l;   ��������� > MARTIN & COOK, Prop'rs.f ,  LEWIS,LEWIS, Clothier, Va'Ua Strept, Victbria,  opposite the Rank or British North America,      X-s  L.   MOUTTET  & CQ.^  WHOLESALE%JREl,AIt :���������*-'''  RICHFIELD, Williams Creek, B. C.  E HAVE! ON HAND a largo stock of Prbvisioiisv  Hairdware and Vege tables, and * a ro' deter...  mined to sell  them cheaper Ihiitr any -othbr store ion  If ^rAIiLANDAINE,C0IXECT6R &GENERAL AGENT   Williams Creek. Come ami see and judse for rourscires.  Jm Goyercaear/fttt^t, Yictori'a; VauCcurer ftlah<l.     'RtebfteR, Sfay^'th, 180f. ������������������-..���������    /..-    :" t" * mi  h>J^ .,,���������������������������_������������������ ^^    ���������        ���������. ^ -44^'  ^mondap^!  ^article br^^^  iauated howeverv>dhd weldohffc suppose  s a box7 fbr^salpton^e/creelcl [H?1??* A  ^ymmp^i^^^^t^^mu kftf  /ai'$25V'-'/ V^V#i*iM**>K-'���������;,������������������ ?,tf?^Vl  the 4paat^^weekithere; has not been/ a  . of-Beef/bryMurto^  'creek*^  /have" nfeejh shntri^pi! *1Some sheep were  Jed;:OU theVway iri!yeste^  ^showbn^thel divide^betwi^/her^/a^  rihkle/fe k^ipt^J^, unless /advantage  s'taken of spine night of! heavy frost  iwe have not iiad for4he past two weeks)  1 in godasHher^wiipfa^ got  ������ret|ecUt Juag;^^^^^.., *L *y..  %������. COMMISSK)]m^^U^^ i  i^Sa^'iP*/.^ ������������������������������������.���������  ;;>::';'ri''*s.'J-' :;^t������-l'i^''������,,'������''.^*-'^.'VWJ,#--.V������������^ A'vt r--..--..'���������.���������������������������;������������������.. -��������������� '.���������.  " *w.������������e  ?!EBWOW  ted appearance; bfisunm^^^  other <wee������ wM&^he time!pfc^ing; joy^<6j������  pires,iye !!expec& to* ?^ee^e^eiy pld^plaim #atf  work ina fair way /of t^ngc^t:R^fe^^  Cprapanles are .engage^ pumping out /'Water,  and the Reidr a^d Nefrj.Zealand/iCompaiiiesj  are^tti^!^  %������*r' rYrk'^T/V -'ei^'**4^ ^x"\r*'r\ 'l-.uL'A>:.Al.AnMAi','iV\    .'4/1-* i^^.Tl/-"I'l ���������'  \tfiec6mpleHpn otthOBed^Rpck Drain,  'This  has how reached ^thfcmiQoet5grOU������id5and will]  the_;weaiher!*l^  {Befere W, .CmCox, Esq.)  yyi, fe^tfhu^^ !/f  i^er-vsiMc^pive^^T^^  \e& the amount being; $0yyS^agree^  _>etween|the^p  laintifif wa^tbtbe paid! wages Swhen3ffie  ime:Ottt-of the) claimjy%ut^ as2^ip^gold'  )en !talten^uj^the 'plaintiff; hacj jap! cljim  ft ^pendant 7;������Tudgemen ^r^defendant  I" 1.Z&;A'*.-*nA\ijXy'������'> .!-,,^"'"MK i- <���������'<T {w>r;  ^B^r.���������tOn Friday ?lastj; about tieon,; as  -.who!ihasbeen engaged'during the  bing ing^  ting along! the road irpm Barkeryiileib!  fpntowri, and; whem about 50^1rfedis^|  sun the mr^er!pia^  j*ehtanglcd^ifeh*ome^  ,put;ofx repair at. that ..nlace,' and in  panles' :have;. ^g|alrl^^^r  whole'ffie'prbspects/fbr^  we'thihk. neverlooked 'brigh>r!:;than/at pre,  sent, -'r-t^ -ry Ah^'AA-A^iA>^c  -. -  ; Above/the 6an^n^;^'-1iompanies-which  haire-be^tat^w^orl^all/ ^Ixfi^lI^'jgS^nae!  taking Put *pay������ b&t /M' tianka! are not yet  sufl^entlytha^  the.old.l3urris^  bePnT- -til great expense :erecting^a;/.spleridid'  aqaeducttol-bririg^the1 water ofvBla^k. Jack,  ;Gulcliic!ross,WliW^^ek  the'itop *6f -thei hiliv/h&-c6h1mence# ^grodnd'  sluicing^vbufcithey vhayesnot watery enough! yet  to make mueh progress.!! Below thVm3w,e.find  S^osfet^ampieUi^pmp^  ^f th^ 6^iiBrs!o thill claims onlhat^;:;oC  >j' J 5l'>*' ���������^*>^���������-^f;nVS7^^^iSR^p%i-5ti^*^)' i^itt^-ip;'  ^���������^fl^Sfejifei&ttlcn^^  ivBic^ have ^struck .p#ay:|e^pect;^to^4;ake^out  lafgprfiturns������hpptly^    soon as they geti^prpr  perly^ained^^^reS  was spTi^a day pr. two,sinee.!for-we;. believe'  $3,5oa:^f^y^->^*y^X;^^Aj. Jy  . -y ^VICTofif^'CORufe^NDB ;  :*i'V&.-j'"5it^  ^f;-!jH-/���������*? VVictbriay^WI^^MayMthy 1^66.  ,! I promised to begin my-letter^  :and-to invert to th  Iter- !I toJ.1 give you a^ c^pfous ^tract^rhVlf  |not/the|w5iolei5ofJvthe^ paragraph/: of a cprros-  presiinid in depths linkupwhi'' Dama Rumour  has it shew^s ajtoat^pigh|hours,after!striking^- -���������:  Built is; the^ old-^stbryxpf bacbelpr^wlves^ahd/!  old maid^chpdwnx ^ !Every;marr * out ;bf i daii-  ger,:, and no:.caU bn his. coOlnoss ahdpre$ence  of mln^pandMt^pf 'reach ofejftny l^eijulation *,  of ^n^oidable 'acci^ents^every^mani^lsayr  whp^ bad n<^iig^dofpt|^  have^behaved/miicb b etjer than^ the1 Captain  and' those:!whp^bag.f''/tv.- -" *'"'!V /!V: .���������/'���������'' ;  ���������A As atcleuclpr^t  home oh^ionr^^aif^&mmum^        systemV '---  wall,! with / los^(tb^atife?ahd!Eun^        of  ; ab but^Olivos^Sanffian  ito>/ extricate) it^e^.hbrae^^tiimbled-  kiiSPkiilea,' las^ merpgvaS a^j^rsbn������ ������on  \cklmmediateiy behind who,^not/hay-  i-torein inhii fo^^iMpedjpvey^iOth  )rs^ ahdriderwithout bloing ahyuyury.  te pit therigfrt leg lis fracbiPedih two  md/is whatDoctorscall a comminuted'  .' / The limb was7se't ih the!���������affernppn  ^hipp/and^Ilah^^hexp^ienteieinow  vi*\\  ��������� i'.; L-'r" v *'   ���������   ,. -   ' < "?   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V S^-"^>- S^i". ��������� \  OGKDnAiNi^We^re happy-tOrbp able';  |ii61e" the^fiict -that; ��������� rrpm/ and isX^r I������toV  ee eight hpur/shitej^rbe/ kCgC stead*  '6rlc!p^^/l%ifc^lfeis^  pnee - atvoitee to Ipump piit the Cariboo  d set another ;r>lay!^of Hands/to^'wbrk  ppinti.:iu:br^rAfe^ush:the  ^ttasrlittle^deiayBatf,pos3ible^f'^^  |ke energy and/a deti^ihatibn to have  rt? finished hi: tinie'1 to' admit ^.oSiisome  eing derived-frohi4he Drain this sum-  m  round tfieiri shaft,, they exf ecfto get to! ;work  again' matfew!days^and:h  pay in the high ground just before������they' were  drowhed^outf they hayegreatyhopes oft being  quickly^eimburse^ior!^^^^  have^beeir atrdiirln^the^interp,, Bplow' thenr  **������������** ������������? 4K/v SWiy'/ilM nl a iwio. nilnrrtt^t.llo*fill ftff nni������  ^  theCaledoniSccMnuestd  si-' ��������� ���������"> ���������������������������������������������' '''"-11'-   ^ ���������' '  i;'nA''i-':.' LtI,.: ���������11''i.u'il'^i_ *. nnj'Xnn  and Davis claims1 on the hill^side ^omnieiiced;  ,worX!tiiisI^eek^  Wednesday 13o ouncesoforj 3>days'^wpr-kj the  latter is ���������getting- some^m^gbbd^psp^cteypf  coarsefgoid^oh'epiecS^webeliey  up" weighing' over - 3 ^iixhees: ^"Thef Watsitfn4  Compasyladipining! th^DavisVoontiniiies to  ;taketout good,pay^;;inrtoroppo^tevbill^t^  'v,'":'": " Star^!Cbmpanyt-^phtmues/r  ���������the Gris^ley Company|' hasjqust ^gp| ^tp'twqrk.  aridarsolhe J*offafcttioMatter ;struck* a-'gjood*  prospect pn ^aturjdayl Jn^e^grayul; overhead  it is how *ein|;; demon3tr#g^t^^ thaf;1he!|e;(\:ton;  streaks;": arp; to^e^f^nd^f^(^  arid! J mejminers !can txabp, alppn^ihuous^lead,  initie' gravel; itwill^^iko^yearsf yet rto ^work  ^put ^claims which have hitliei*t&:;bee^prpspec^  tedand^worked^nly on;the: bed: rock������J" The  "Bank andlNeva!da Tuhne{s, aW|^tti^������ready  to wash! jJtfi^Beauj^ar^  pectiiigj but lias got hothing^y:e>t;|!the1 Calrfof :  hia^unhel^Cbmpanyilias^got ito!i wo*k-^iwith  'that- the /unfortunate; memtier Ipr !��������� SaltSpirin^:  slslSnpwho Sgainst ihe advipO pf 'liis /fliends!  knSi^vett! wishers would I occasiqnaliy go/ to: the;  ^u������&p������^en^^  a decisiv^^tei^ne^  'and^w.ej^?ifo^raffOT\by me^operatipn' of ^helaw;  which^eorid emnettj their iproper^t^be* Jsold/  ft^rlln^,thgjeal^  :lg>(J2^:^s.|!r^gard8:^  ^oir^totsayiMit fteVm^  Island^turned^e scale* agBin8^^&6pm������whdt  iinprec e ^nteU^oul^e^^  offlright ^gainst might,- or ^jorae^cbllMp^asi  ,wxtSesi /his Sontfnct/onvth^ :C|i^npaffi|^i^^  tipn^anci'othcrsjj so thatl jna^heard3t^saicr!  by puite disinterested outsiders j^&H^musfc  lg-  nierely slightlytal lu<Mn^l$^^  y eryisadly rewardca^^say^nbthingpf  fof"ihdependeuceT arid respect experienced; by  'a manjcifilonffer! ^-���������������^^i!--"���������-"���������--11������������������^~^*J  aa La/sailor/might  jfeji^xtpr!anu#������i0,^  ein it ah"act tbf*jnstice fe burselves,-  t the error into which- the editor of  tish\Cpiutoto  nuinberptihi^ paper^lhat:!Mr. Wal-  A  M\t> his intr^4 --   A'    "*  "- "  $800 ; the  Id out his interest- in the ^Cariboo  ?for ^ouw; tne sura  at ��������� mentioned. which  #ti'X" "A.yy 'yyyyAAAr'  was far'more  we. can * safply  m  ...  '. ,!  ;,'    ;���������'--��������� = ������������������-.,; 7 .   :���������.._������������������_ ������������������,...- ��������� .--,.  MANUFACTrmE.���������In Consequence of the  Of cahdies?%e nbttee several "persons  ing themselves of a large .quantity ori  ow accumulated by them during-the  Rd-are. now busy converting it Into  HEiu-^ymptons of a change in the  c?ul4 ^^Pticed yesterday fdreaoon,  ere soon followed by unmistakeable  f a ramstorm;   It rained rather heavily  me^ whole afternoon; and, &. little an-  sioh< was' being felt for' a sudden; rising  ^reeK. :������������������-.---:   - ..-:,������-.-.-...-.        ���������   ������rB4^:AHo^mii.^^e would call  ntion of eur readers to an ad vertisement  her; column -of todays issuer annotmc-  reTopening of the Pioneer Hotel Cam-  ^^^^y^emn^Dext, with a  >all and suppier to! wiich all are invit-  itteud. '���������������������������-.----   in 'view of a^scarcity of waterM/the creel^fprT  hilU ciainii:!h^-applied!::fei thegn  J^inging ^f*|ftett ef^abbut Mx^nile| in^Jeugth  |rbin Can^^n^rpefc^ thejt^  !pahy?? cbmmenced v wasHing >this .-.$weeknfrbni^  their oldishaft and;?cieaned���������'^^iip on^^ Saturday:  ih the heighbburhobtt of 30 ounces^theyl������fcv&  |ii8oCr^.an^inclme;. to^  will cpmmen^e;was^n^J^m itin a iem'-days ,���������  the NeversweetfCb^  but; ��������� of their'/new;shaft, Sad! -willOproijabl^  have/to!Up their'grbundlrbm; the;'jSp^i-ifcbSfc  .Drain to enableI tKni to J work s^the Gaineroii  Company commenced swork'on Saturday in  their new shaft oh the west side bf their-grpund  wherpjlhey! have got w.a gpMp.rQspept|thb;  Raby Company., havp also ^.been prpsp.ecting  on the west side! and washed ttp^i^bun^es on  Saturday frbm the gravel,- with only two picks  working, this waaf .^ot! 150! feet across the  creek from where the Dead Broke Company  got out good pay, and if it! turns put; as- expected to be a regular lead running Ithpoiigh  all their ground, the Raby Company will probably take but as much' this summer as on  any previous ;.season, Ihey are also making  preparations to flume the lower part of" -their  ground, and/wash the top streak from the surface, an operation ifv successful will ^nauger-  ate a new mode of mining pri. the lower part  ?pf Williams Creek ; the Dead Broke Company  continues to take out good, pay; further down  on the creek but little Is being done. I" The  Friarie Flower Company got to work in their  shaft this week anb^are taking ;out .-an. ounce  per day to the ihan^ they^have"also- struck -a  channel in their tunnel the richness of -which  string; -of <vituperative epiQiets^whiehJfbr gra^  tuitd^^artlessness and^^dlytttac^^^^  .war^s'rfeylctim, ibrheis^  "may- be! prbibmiced: unpafa  a^e^ics :^of <legislatiyegrj^^  rieeri wallowing In profess! onalaiiuigjft^  - by      ��������� .    .  'termmetbe m^  to paying the! taxes] seems to,'i^e^^'mbst ^diabol-  icaLi* It is indeed/to-:betlmj>ed^&at^thexmah  besotted- with drink, begrimed/%ith dirt, beg^  gared:fin! estate! aiid ^pu'tat^g!br^aed by  t&e'Bencii;aiid;debiscd-in th^e^^f^ivery^  decentman;^v&c* -It^is^uaeleiss"to^cpn^nup^  but such:pheice :scurrili^;mustbe a trcalteyen  in Caribob���������I niean: must' !pffer^: entertainmentf  expression,  sin ainohsr vou'lethimcast:  ;they have not been yot ascertained,ibut they  B^Gm^;s decision in^'the chancery |*get good prospects in the top dirfy this prom-  preaiis Co y$ TOtebh *C6;f is held oyer (is������s to be a good and lasting, claim. . The  pxt wsae.       -.. . :,,��������� ���������;/y.A.:-AA.A:.: -U'-Wozeii-Um Qompany are still at' wprK run-  F  .iirist:������t6hcl,,;i/"-  f.;|-The era of Svojiders^ exem^ in  pblitics* v Mr. SfcCiure on ?the: ensuing'day (I  >vill ndt say; but the penod-astronomically so  called) spoke fbr 22 consequtiyb' hb^rs -so they  say, hut I am a little scepUc;! the base seems  too similar to that of the: boy when asked 'if  he snored of a night, that hje^^ never^^staid'awalie;  to seb^ Now it is more lliaii dbub  "one man staid awake through that livelong  flight of 24th April "to see" if McClure talked  incessantly for 22 hours. DeCoMbs followed  him for six hours. 'Gutflstone's financial- oratorical efforts must pall before this;: ���������  'Closdlylbqnnected with the: pvplitic*at^ueMbri"  is tho successful termination of the telegraph  scheme. All the details you will get fromihe  papers. AVohave had quite; an Interiiational  Atlantic cable sort of rejoicing on! a small'  scale, with the iniprovement! that pur scheme  works at least and the other failed. -' At 2:30  25th April, we had conlmuhication with Sah  Francisco, proof of which was.^^ah^rded by re-  cOip t of news!and messages froiirSan Francis-  coi the previous days giving us' results from  itfew Westhiihster and'��������� Fortland.- ���������: A, -A]. P f  1 Tnelf(5reg6nr arrived on! the "26tii uli, with  say:240 passengers, a small frpight and; further  particulars:,of< the, unfortunate 'Laboucherex  Capt. Mouat aud numerous Victorians arrived  as passengers. The lost steamer was sold,, it  appears, for $38^ "as she might be founds I  If would appear that ^those i^whb ship it^ ^and  who are-and5must ������er^ho^ its  atrocious pp^v^l^^wallyjfe^^!^  crimed;; .^liey ar^3S���������^  10,000 horse pbwbrlnfernatm  idea of ^mli/iyb^h  a iren^-bf deji^  friends^; To^thint'tnatCH  a-amall/qaantii^  ience? !'Tb ihirie/'mdeed:!/ cbulu^Pnc^ohly &}fc  ,pn the; right side; give me  ari;agentto!mbve the: wbrlo!! farbeybhdHaud^  'alitotf-of.^mMedeVleye^ 'AAy!i-^i,J:: '-.  Vll������.|l<������.1r1). ������*>���������.������������������������������������.. ',:  ^^min^iotrf^hfe^ take^Splace^the ^ay^  befere^tlie J:ptal^. number plijybt^sr pb^itffpti  hi iriwas'/i 59 :his;/b rily opponent was Mr; Riug,v  The laUer stood high with a/great many :elecr/  tbrs^ttionghj h,iS tbtai^niKer^f -^te������ $emg;������  bnly'o7%retifea ea^^ '  gentleman, though hev does come rather late;  i&b'the"fielttf does not^akfem^c^tr^ribletyefy  sorialt^, and follows-too strictly ^e\ecbriomi^   .  8 ay, th en that ��������� he'eannpt m his /own/ mi nd -b a ���������  very sanguine 'ofsuccess.; - /Comparison has y  irln^^ectaoii^fv^.eCoShib^  Sprrfat'and Young, r Thev Jsay that "the "tbtiYA  frlfgortlyot^  ti oh"; the/ el e ction/;6F Ring '  or, vice  wsK tha!t^b/r the remnant pt/tiie\ sessiph;- ^4^?  irifvlewibf the^tp si^^  la'Mprolitical coiitesC-r ;!', -'"\ry -> y^\  -    Ati^ in quepjj'.p r regular mqu l ry ;is to/b e ���������Jfiejd /���������  idlr^eytpss ^^^^t^bon-chfre! wiA:Her1Waj.e^Jr ,���������;  ft^mailaph -boaird.^ ^he^ifle'^^liinteersL  ^hav^^ad'aribtHer'b^eAt ai theMeatre^/whic^-1  Jrpsultedin a^ net pr^fifc^pf jS2Qfl jQ,f^e|r^rids^l"  'tof MW ihe latt^!fequi^  !up f:bn-anouiside view pf tlie"matter,', there"  .tire two imp������(fv&nSil^ jty ^^3^^m?^?e"  men^whichvb&ur*tp!&e^ ^^malj^^nto  tionvpf one dpUar; ppir^li^^^m^ *  ber?8f bbthopmpanies^^ by ,  tbem^n^ ���������-  jn.!y!iew; :pf ,^^iia* 8^'p)*^ ���������  mot'say showih^; bff^beihg ^present at many  jeitiye gatherings,��������� tp/^rjnchvtitje^flnci Jadtfiii* !  Hjahpe^n^iqians, /ffie^Sfad'-^ugS^/^^hk,.  pay 'bne-Half the - cost of their ; .uniforms, they!  ticp/1 dees? nbl^Ilibuld/ liniagine Vata a#h$;; to\Z  more/than the u$u!al Srfll "hours ;pf ordinary ;-  membets. ',:,..,-:,. .-*    ...   ,. .*��������� /   ���������-.    '-: ,, ',-  y\ Theflre;cbn^ni^-as  iadein the bpbb^aijpj abpiit' 140 of,;the three /.  ! companies' with: tfie. usual 'A app Jiratus^ in speck ���������  > and span order, ^nd head ed by the RiflpCo rps '  Bands in their own uniform, j about .15 in. num-  ber; 'tiie: briliiant shirts withrthe really shbwey..,  standards arid "theJvery Icreditablp muster' in :,,  p6iht of Punibers, had a fine o|ect, They pcV������ '.  ciipied * a very ���������'<?pnsiderable 'stretch of the ,.  sfeet:; and stbpd pri two'. bebasions, I .belie.vp'  to be^^ phptographb.d,HoyMr>'Q?n-^t :^^^aV.:  terpsichbrean nnalie -was put to.thp pay^ /   ;",���������;, ; ]  A nb>v rock -has^eeni/Sis^^rpd in tlia "!  harbbur^'in which the Ilussjan vessel' Cseaar-  .  -wich.';gpt agrpurid' bn,May 2nd;inirying ta ,-���������  leave the harbour ���������; after some;^considerable;!;  trouble and a.delay of5 or.!6 hours she grit!  offaMleftlbr'Sitlca-,;V:'!    .>! ,.>.:!"���������', ���������/;",���������"'���������'.y  ';��������� ;,:Th6/;Oregon afterleayiiig^^^ New, Westminster;;.  proceeded to!NanairiibSvhehce!she: is hbtirly  expectbd, she!had; to take; on board pver 400t;/,,  tons of coat a,ixd: was besides] beaehedjo clean, -^^^,;  her bottom^ '.'..We arejobking &r .to^fjalifpr^-;  hianexi'''''//..!!;'"���������':;." A-���������'! -���������'���������.' .!'"!���������' "'-,!���������"-'.'  -  8par������i^g ExHiBiTiON.^rWe understand this  entertainment came off on Saturday evening  last, at Cameron town, and was woll patroniz- ^  ed by .the! lovers of the; m an ly art; th e aif?*ir-������*  passed off very satisfactorily  and wis ' fehs*  "source of soiue'little -profit to! th? atauagcrv  :IA  tsmtm \ti& vaggifc' tale^nb besmlh /eye?,  ��������� Ansets th������,quefltip^. pr/giyes-a repli;\ - ? ,,?;j   t������- \  never grasped 5#afc. ;act$i?,8 /shoulder' Wtepf  wards. r Again, Macyeady never hesitateclJn  s'pdftui^ made  hls'own^-^KeShe^as;^thoa^g^ no one^s  interests wej;eto ���������conflict, /with his.;//. He had;  repeatealy'ma^  ^the injure^ctor; who had ��������� jasceMe,d to the  'aies/ drbpipetl/do^h before his face ari enormous! (Wra^  Bkewer^-n The reader may'imagine the roars  of ithe "audience, and the rage of the Thane  of* Cawdor^ M-r&w l& vlffito^m&m-^M*''-  -i-ilW^rt *���������<���������?:? \  aese  W^'-iiTMQ^ J-^V  ^n^f^mmm^h  y: '  :^������^������������'.'.<*������W������.-.Sl������,>������������������/iw''t.,i..  ���������^/., ,: vV^l;^ female^of:/aonif  - thirty -seven summers,,*" The pair crossed the  . \\\ve\\ were marrie������;'afo*/ '^.turned/ to Welles-.  ' iy lllelto pass the/nigh^.!People/ at, the! ftqtelj  ^'���������'^//���������vJ^hiBTe !tfce^Mdatng!p^  :that 'ihWicoridricted themselves'.ia.rather .:a  manner.������ Then"!fhe  - .*sw.-i.\js:._:<-ti;i������rir---*-^<,j'.  30 an^an  fT3msDaM;w>uM^  a^co^nerjrJiut hf would; no!s6pn^cprnmence  J   j LILLOOET  rjyijLLS.  > *T\HE ^DERSlGNEi)'^^are'noW maun&ct^ring H^buk  'IrteoCollgmdes:I'Bxx&f.Supbrflno-ancteFiue;  -'Feed  'Crushed to orders*    ��������������� yo%^ i*>AftV������''^Vr*;,!?''f -J".iin1  XILtOOET/^LOUR MILL CO., : .".,.';.  : ������������������'���������,'  ���������"'^A ^;!WrFoster;AVerie ::  -foi***.  GOLONBALoFtESHF^URANT^  fr>& JOHNSON,  PaOPRIETOftji  Meartrai aliifiblu^^aM  N'.-'^/j'b J/k- tr-dSseripffOtt^ - \f'/ ^ w ;.*/"/'<>;  AkwA,- ^yyAni(-iA^yyA::1 -'v^v^iv^- -iUK- smy'^x^i  ;;jij  &#t* "Jiteftl. .fQUESNE^ioCT^f-f^lm^<>?r^fsi  f:" 'r-* BROWN^CtoLtS^:^^ ''^  ���������fa#&a':;ij^  *ir*ia jta W# Hr^ti^rtil ;'^^1 >#;  Storage, &c.������Tenns most Moderates ^  V'!-,:'V ���������''���������'^������������������������������������������������������������������������'^'IWttHmKJ^  ,'}:- iifaVW  .*';*; .?'jt,f'  .^|?Q^ER,:&r;^O^S^  />,->;^. / J^ ft ^URNi^fcOOl! "���������  ,/yl; j'^y yf.x .yyyy ^^S^^"i0^ tZ'iivh  English ijPrench Silk^^haverls^D^^p  ; : d'erclothin^^i Gloves,-.ji)nd i every/rdescriptloiK^  ..,i,r-.t..,;\r-' v/^^^-^^P^^fQoods.^;,,..?;;..n>s^f  r? Receive regular^supplfes/t>y,^press,via Pariani  by sailing vessels via CajMl'Horn.  -; *'r- -, ./���������' "^y\  A g^Fnttiwilit MteniiGSi given -to&H orders1  r- ;^-oaden; yirm-r^yR; T^qjraY^W; ��������� Arpo^P  vr^^^p^'i-- A'^i'O-' '}tr\i"^AX l'^y 'iW^-y  1sWlTJLlAM/Sra^,NEJa.i' ^ifrW^Qif;  :f-JJv ci.nk$ a)ad Cnf ttioi&V ^������nojHanct Toile^jj.  Spb'fees,- Bruslic^ /^ferfumery^&c;^ /.Physlclinu  scrfptions p.arei^ny^mp0unde4>h  wi ih *care nriii df^patcTif.';, yictoria;.y. jI;': i.-i f  j  WBmAmAmAj^m^m  'TAQQB MIL.TZ,/Proprietor, has ,always, on  ifjf]>hand a large and superior stock of -liiger. Beer*' at  !theRap:will bo ..'found������: UtOi/bestiBrahdleSji/Wlnes and  Segars; ..the public are invited to call.^.^Prepared\to ��������� fil|,  jall^raer^promptly. ' ,    \y} /;    A} t.   \ ,,f .t;;:?tl^s >^  BPELMA^^ant^MeiaEN^  ,,^Tbis. Houso is;well.pttcd;up/with Good^Beds .and  'iptti  i^J-.  ;ROAD; SIDE HOTJSBS' ^;>;  ***.-  -ed" what,this meantf aliokt "hine^^TclbcS:^tHat  ev.ening.j' There was-an" uproar*,ih'the .rooin  /vv^hich had oeen; assigned to Jihe ;<B.p^: niarri-  i^M/i^mi^  V^SCABLES ���������NET^dN^^c^ie'tdr.^>Tbli old  ^ c8,tabH8hed;House >is well fitted up- for^the -comfbrt1  oCiTravellers;/;thei/Tablei is;sujpplied with.iha'= best 1 of*  ever*/tlijngctbat can .be/bad, and. the cooking/4s not in-/  npHtsmuSris situated  i/M Tlio 'proprloiors^bavin^1 Iat'd^^iSa>ip5VeSri������m33:  and'^^goodjBeds- are; aow ^prepared ;to afit)M every aajom-:  modatiph.mr.Traycllcrs; f.^e-Table is.furhish;ed;.with,all  the luxuries' that"can ,be,procured; ������he^;Bar.i3 well supplied" witK the bos't brands of IJqhors'orid Sugars;''rfetJo'd  Sta1>llng^a3r,/0a^tih^^Barley.Vf3^^  House ontheiRoad.^e -/ r* ^Aur-i*} ti.yyindS '4'?ts.^  J  ^, ,^;k5;^������^^^ ?r;  -. J ' ������V'? \t *-* ���������-' *" ������2_Liv v;: *-'; a"*?2Si * *' ������" i *-*i "^ * ** ";*'^s  R.^ BdBEKTSOK.^iiae.aiirl-Splrit]  I  SA^;S!AM J i^ow^iiitt ^r/BootH woar so ^  {t%ta&:cq>; 'T^mm^yxic^^XAA.:h  y*-garden and Field {feeds' guaranteed: /Hava oni  WcarefuUy^8elected'r8tobklof rthe-abovo *fro'rii tbi)  ^European: aiu4:Ame*ic������n Marketafi T.Trhft iearly .br'dtfsj  ^^^McLEESE v*;SBNNy^ProptJejQjffljtSt.,::;  ;H.i���������H6ageV^!c'r.eJs<0b^d!* JIpals;/,<^d/neilsvJ3ta>iMgr  riorses^/Barte^OatsandjHay^  tlbverVnntP-'OnTon:'Seeds^bf "very/ spperior- fliia;  Frult-tMes and 'Bush������s,^Evtrgr;6en������t,. Shrubs On  hbuseiarid^Garaea: Blanis;^ BUatfdhrd^ and -Dw-grf R  of everyjvajfloijvi- Catalogue8^6n;app3idationv,-;!ii  'Tv^Hnit^TrfTr'     ;^<?0fe^b>I^0&TOE/gBji������^  __ j&l&fga stock of Hay, Oats} Wheat atiu ^rteyo(f  best/descrjptioa/always 6nhand;lalao, Nanairao; U  listi^'JiUcksmitbrand .CaatteJ ^Goato! Ordera -mi  Union WhariL :yict.������rfa:;V.%L^4ftvwmIvo- immife.  attention 1  '1 /v.-lS'  '���������j J' p f ? '  for  The ^Express stbps here/  y'  *I*  S^.'/  PORT Mro(MiAS-AD^^  l-J^!Mft������p'bNALp^ ^'HPTEL^r "'  Ti [f(9 ���������'-' others^destiUea-for/ thelBrid^O TiRiver: Miriesvwill  find: every !convehieneerandjjacbpmmo.dation{/'aflrorded  them.j-vGoodfBeds--,and������afTable;wellsupplied������with all  the.dehcafcles-offthe season.   .'���������/'' (!/M.    j- ,,,   '$:s.(A  s ;JX*:-8t^een-1-Pouglas} and/Lillpoe-t.^^ ^Always on hand a  '���������goodVstpckb^Provisi^ /,/;v "  "*'"--���������'-  A%2m  ^..i "���������������������������-;X       ������������������-.������������������  /was.pressing "against 'th'e; door ������f tlielroom,.  > ,:apu tbe.iiejWry;; married Tmanmbsfly unaressed,;  cabipnally she wduld^^  enough to disclose tlie stalwart husliaiid in his  ���������   ^geritiemahlyjGrreek' slavc\'apparel. ^V? .. %V' ;i!.,/  Aiysj$&}ij^ !j  . 'AA !!/t^oc^y ingfij^*s^  ried/pair^ |hat her!/fisterf^^jffijfoabiy!jii^I h^ ^^SMITH !^CO^xBroprietorai</o'This/Houso u;  !   -|)Oged io^ the;arrangement^ and VtbatV|ae! hus^ i.\j^rweU.-fitted;ap^c^ho ������ccomi^aUon^ofjT^  ;/!--/:;\;.hc^;?i^!ai^ -*���������*-   r...^^ *-������._, ���������,        .������._.. ���������..,  itb^^^^ ^^^tow| indj^u^  4' '��������� ';!/��������� i&!^^^married^inan^ ;H6^ning^isvpiceI;-S  /;!!;';;;;;^..;:!;;!^������^^-said!sh^  ';.!,r:' ���������������������������': :!^>^^n?^y^%udge;iail; inch,;7^'cri^!&Q;in;art!  ' y -Tie^lwter^thmJthe^TO  ^/^hlsjTw^^inii'^ doii^^ ^b! -;<k>  ���������:^!cutt|n^up in;&is!5waj; rjl^W.^h^.^y.S^;;/^-','' ���������  ��������� -t^CVI: ciit^p.: i^:^  -.',':.���������.'; -;sharply ���������replie^^J;!l!h^2^^:;' p^yyy^AAyjAA  :'!'��������� ���������":" !-!.!%WeI 1 ,:'* roared; ^e^d^s^ra^e -man^; Wirpw>r  t.-^~���������"  Ii*1'  lers'tp^the/;Bridge River. Mines/// Good Beds-���������Stftblmg.  'for'Horses^Hbrsc.Feed^jkci: 'A'Btagernnstwicerweet  ���������between tbis house and:=Port':D^^Ia|l:r6n^6-^iMvar^>r  .the steamers from;beiow; andv^onhectsfwjth the Lake  Boats for Lillooet^. T,-������'*Vr���������;:���������'���������*/;���������: Ah rf:^-^T'-:-'"'r"!^-M������v'  airy^aria:"the>Bed8 canhbt��������� be eurpWedf:*for cleanlitiess;  and'eomibrt^by -anyi in tho lower/country* tbetTable vis  alwayafsupphed^  for Horses r Hayi/ Qatslind,Barley;^cons'tanUy on hand,,  fislurnlshedfwith/every convenience"3br the/com������  fort] of������������������'���������TJravoB'ora,;' the"/���������uynary} .de^w rtmenfcr;is/ under  .the "' '" "  "*   "    " "*        *      '   '"    "~  =  'ar*/.- , ..  of:Li qu'6rsjf Segars'," J&������i*���������''/'Sti������b^g^ftay^S5rIe'y&.:OatS''  - : ���������   "���������;,���������- '������������������"���������' 'M-a"1^   -i���������-r^'���������������������������'��������� I i--'*.^i:r'���������^���������^���������;"��������� .= >--=i ' ������vr������">'���������>��������� ��������� "���������.ti* .- ������v*j*'%  fa iENTIIj3&Si'Ehotd������aptiiSB>;^  ^JT,; ^nicnt St^.Vlcto^la^Vi-^ opposjtd Hotel de Fri  Views-������jvCftribbb'andi /^ceiaei^ t biyugbputi 3ritiiti  unibia, "including vibWsdf th������; robte'to B|g Bend, ul������|f  onhahd;^tlil?eraiTra'tes7'^^:f'������t-^fe^  ..  ���������...*���������*' ������������������������������������������������������    s* yy'r:?.'?**.- '* ..^Yr\A'MyA'--\'/A ���������'''''''; ^  ��������� SEELEItS"^'- STATIOKERS, constantly supplied^  'receiving from/bcst-^our^eB/^hiwi^Sta^'dnird^ hiid^  .ccllarieoQs Booksf and 'Staple, and;Faiiicy Si?iionfi7|  i all Jts.: Branches', ^Corner; ^atesi tfnd-Laugley' fit  'Victoria,/VancouverIsland.a,p ^'Hrn'^'^'ilT'^ *A&  EiO^tT^HElCR^t^i^^^TPrrrB^  ������-��������� Victoria,;V./L, opposlte' Bee Hive Hotel\f-wht������|  is prepared; to supply his ^numerous p&trpiis Wlt!i.tti  requisite for 01010105'suitable iforfeve^*;season rfj  year.^K^; ,'������i!t ifmvfit -*>*>i"< ii^H-J^i 'Jj>^;*^-- *l"-h  ITH.. HENDEIlSOK ibe^ f to/ Inform hi3 friends.  y -*, and the^ayellimg' '^public/ *������������������e*^iyvjyto  taken' the above Ranch and "is prepared Tto''sRutpf^y tiicm -  /with First:-ClassvAccommodationV-\/^^ Good'Stabiing^lbr'  horses ^ Hay. and'Grain. ���������, *������ /-: 1, *;. .-.^ /f =: ,//'i:y a rri/l-s; ���������  0^t^)ODSi^C;5?Y^s^Stree^^ie^orla IVs^S'VObi  afur.lst .Tuno.hextin; Government' Street; v opposito i  jBanlc of, Britls^iOQlumbi*, ^,yiff e������iwf t^'^r--:��������� . '':W  HGTJELAj^iFRANGErVictbriai:^.,r^  fBiGNB ANB.'PiBnaE 'UAKQz������7^]^prietor8:''V<Th4}M  taurant is supplied withv/aJl the- dejic4<%* /the ���������.feai������  aftbrds^/,Ia theBar.wili;bb/fpund*"taechblcestiiQra������|  ' Farhished Rooms.'--f������clf"*'.- 'A'   ��������� " V /" ^*;".t ' '.'. , Vim  -- "  ���������   :���������������'��������������� ������������������������������������-  v>-  ���������'��������� .;'*'    ���������/���������^/;V.I ������������������- ; ������������������"^?V*,^.-^it- -���������*--���������--": 4"-������������������������  ti  - J; t -.'��������� i>  ii-������������������;yl.���������; :������Jin.^  ;J$Eyf\^^-"VVESTMINSTER rAlT^ERTISEM-ENTS#  IW;'^ ������!���������������������;>:*: :hx?Se/lv' :.;- '!>���������'.���������"*���������  if jXJTTOlSr SQTJARE^fe^steinster, B C;  ;Ju,-npw occupied by/ W;������K STEIN."/.The above favorably known; liouseiis now opento thepublic; the Bar  i������ constantly supplied with;'the -choicest brands  of  Liiiuors;and Segarg.   , ��������� -..= ��������� ;'-'���������'; yyy-yy* fyty, yydB���������=.������ ���������- ?  rtMAifSdNf':^^!'!'^  3];S/:M���������a-i-'^'-.^Proprietor,/:i;;':/������.".-.=-1".-;^^ -���������-/v(;^.Agent;-  Tfii^<nmrB'?������ji^.^^  !, for. the comfort of travelers;;; the^/Table j-te/.sxipplieid  with .the.best ;bf/eyery.thing that can. be prpcurd;/:.and  tho' cooking is nptlnferlbr to any pri the road ^ Bedrooms  fprvfainiUesf Stabling/'"Hajr,'. Barley arid OaW.-'/"'i-s '/,  /^LARKSON- & CO!j DEi.LEB8My-Books,;^Statiqwery,  //ifjili 'door^M!^i^:^c^/i:stallang; oiit-'. ;54^&5S=1 ^^^^^W^y^^^^ii^ thj ^lo^rs^not^'^ai  oi( your /dads and >gp :.right;.s;tra^ ,������..f t  yoitr.jgrandfa.tferv;'iwho;is nigh on to a.hundred  bring 7em all heir&^ta)ad"!I?ll mairy thp^5whole  comEoodleof .'em and we'li^all sleep .together.'?  ; TThe difficulty ^as finallyv;adjusted;ljy".; th������:  tall female taking a roomie !Wftllea^iil������f?is' en-  joVinritself^overfehesensatioh^ ���������';"V;!/Vi/':; lA:)  SSRViNO/OcTAK'AcTOR.-rrjfc' yrik.;on the^Bris-  toistagei that$e^i^^ntir^editoJMacrea&y,  eomnienced; playing, thp'se flespptip pranks  ivbfch ever afterwarda..made, him!so uiipopu-  lftf^ionghis 'bfeihreH' irf'^h������i-lrdardfl.'''/ Itot  collect' several instances of these'; / In /one; of  hisjparta���������I forget Whichr^Mr^ Macready: Was  in the habit of violently griping the shoulder  or ^nothW/actor named B^ton^>;i;.Mrrv>B^'(bnJ  a t las t yentured. to r^moris trafie; wi th khxi. Mr.  Jfa'cready ^utterM j  know what'he was dpingUri the passion of the  lnPriient,' and surly walked away.' JBut on  that very evening he repeated the grievance.  The next day Barton; got his W������f9 tp sew a  pintushidn! inside! the ;shpulder of his co&t-  eleeve, with plenty of ;pins in it, stuck up^pprr  cup1 ine; fashion, the points tfc^e. wrong way^  The play was repeated.   At the 'usual crisis  Macready was as energetic-as ever*  Down  came his^hahd With great violence on Mr. -Bar-  tohfs shoulder, and the great tragedian felt  *mof^hau:-ffiw. prlekiilg of his --thumbs/'for  wbWhe a^eiiioved his hand (which he did not,  ! iPublished every-WcdDosday^arid^ ^turday/^at the/:-..  ''*.������'...    ' -publishing biSce, NeW:Westiriirister.yAA. A V- A  THE BRITISH C0LUMBIAN. is the oldest newspaper-  published in this colony, and has ii larger vCircula.;:  tion therein tha'irany! other.   Its columns a,re regularly  supplied' wi th frill telegraphic riewg #bhi ��������� a H iparts. of  .the world, white'It contains a faithful ^ocord of'local  events, und a lull report of/Legislative^proceediags.; ���������.  .,:- /Tho ^British Columbian^- is (supplied to all parts..of.  this colony/by Exprsss /upon extreriiely liberal cbndi-4  tions.;';,.For terms, &c., see Express Agents^ "���������":-    ' '   '  ���������-������������������������������������-������������������'������������������          R0BS0N" "& MCMILLAN, -r  :,  Publishers & Proprietors:.;;  XdBERyORvSLER'has-'bpehed the ribb^e B^brisb for  ^the/reception of Travellers;'. the Table IsiWell kept  e-su^assed^/the/BMs.are,  for Horses, .^i(ay arid"  Oata;/���������;"''��������� ���������-...'���������'.'  ";-' A'y''':A "', " :' ���������,//";,'---^;v.1^b/''.  EUGENE THOJIASi Yate& street; VictOJ .t ^  Wholesale and Retail dealer in.WI-N^,-sBRANDJ^  BEERS,' arid LIQUORS, ari if depot of /Havana Sej������M  Goo'd^forwrirdod 'to?ibeiliningBistricts:'; /' ���������;'���������.-/���������' UfiS,  '.Ai    FBANKEL, VictoVia, V. 1, Dealer'ta;R#  :l%i-jSKW$,ifimsa,;Wdok,-&������:*������' -Liberal.advanceswM,  on Furs consigned.' ;Referoa������e���������G. SutroM GvyfyW  bbr������,!& Riibfi;.;Victbria^y.,.t./; ^.A.A^ Aw: ��������� i, y������������������. ^B  RS. HEIN, Ml������iJt.vE������& ���������D������iriS'-MAiKSR,"GoTflt>;-';.,"6  roent:Street,; Victoria, ,y.l; c AH kinds of Milling]  of the;. 1 atcst siyle( K^pt .cbastaritiy? on hand t AOtit AA  ' ouncteally attesded to* . 1-i   !>  .r 1-^-1:^.1  frorri the country  ;p������TER.-McQT^  'XT deader, in, Paints^ Oils,, andrWindow Glass* '.!Al!"W  bri hand���������a large stock of. Robe arid^arivass. --. j W������$  Street. Victoria,'V:rI.'���������   -���������,.'i-! :fiv- ^=.'V^'.' \.~l^t^^  ^^^,faK..^^Y^.������f.,.Y--.^.atv*^'Je  JAMfiS HUB023"; Prdprietor> = /Thiacommpdii  ,oris Hotel is well fitted up witlx..evc^.jcbnvenience  for the������6mfortof tlie piihlicj the Beds are'all ttiatta  weary'travellbr-bbril'd desire; the Table igsup'pli^d'with  the best'of fare;' the, Bar/contains ther choicest "brands  of Xiquors and Sdgars-; good Stabling,:Horse Feed,- Oats,  Barley,'.&c;. ;.:.'.' ,..;.  "*..--.-,.!.C'.,.' ..,.,.   ���������.,,'..,, ^...rr.lrS^.  E>f ALLANDAINE,COI������LECXOR &GENERAL; AQKNT  ��������� Government: street, Victoria,'Vancouver Island.  S TO THE PLACE OF RESIDENCE of Ausxandbb  ��������� Ha������vy McNabd, from Nerval,' C;,r>Vi, ;when ;last  heard from was at Lillooet about to cross the mountains  EastV Parties who can give jnfbrniatiba will please'  coriimunicate with John McNabb: Esq., Toronto;- O. WM  or Mr. J. H..-Wright, Williams Creeki uylf thp^said A,  H.McNabb applies to Mr* Wrighthe,will hear of something to His i adva ntage. /    ' .,*;.';'   1-lni .  JORENZQ I������^ABTDf Proprietor.: This house  j, ailbrds.^every accommodation .for, .the, comfort of,  Travellers; the Table is furnished with "all the delicacies;  of the seasbrii''arid'the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of iWines; Brandies & Segars; good stabling for- horses;  Hay, Barley-;and,Oats constantly.on hand at low, rates.  Newly, milled Flour for"sale cheap.......l ;... .,1-s;;  'ITAI SOO^a & QO,������ .Commission Merchant, &i||  X- portera and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Rice, S^^g  Opium. Nut Oil, Provisions, &&, Cormorant Street, \t    |  ,torirt-t:V,- lii^y-^^.yyy^-y ;s>;;-^-*>^  WO P$-&<Xdiy Importers :arid/Doaicrs tij$M  ��������� kinds of Chin esd:Goods arid- Proyi'srori^ Rice, ������g|  garj Teas, ?&cs ^Cormorant Street: west bfGovenittfW^  Victoria^ yAfv  , ...   ... r..^  ryCmsi^j^^^m  WW  Fort Street,  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL'  fi  SEMIZEN & FAKKE;: Proprietors; at the  ; Junction: of: the Car?, boo: and Big ��������� Bend j Roads, is  now. open for the accommodation of the public. -, Distance from Clin kbri,r 26 miles ��������� 'from. Sayanas'Steanilipat  Lfinding, 22 m!le8; from Speribe's Bridge'"SO" iriiles.^  Travellers-will And price's and accominodatio'ns to suit  the times.. Givethema call. Stabling-, Hay,&>Grain;  attentive hostlers, Stage leaves here twice a week fop  Big Bend arid vale, and once a week for Cariboo" '  1-s  QPORBORC3-& RUEFF, Commission M^|f  &\ CHANTS, Wholesaler Dealors in.JGroobrIes, ^^I|  sidNS, Books & Saoss-, -Jfriarr street,:VictorH, V^jMS  /T<REL,IiEY" & FITERRE, ^port^rg:S* !^*fi  XK sale Dealera in Wines, 'Spirits'-a^XiaWM  Victoria, -Vil;.,.: ,;;:- v,= . U ,\yyyy   ������:.;���������*"���������.���������-; -i'- slf-WB  QPRdAi&pb  Ojand CoiiiiissioN  V. t'A;���������������������������'"���������' ��������� ������������������:'}:-r;  .. (late Anderson. &:Cof) Impo^S  -rO���������  spite of the torture, until the part rendered it  nccessarv.) his paiia was bloody and sore. He,  Cards,; Bill Heads, Circulars,  Posters  and  Programmes' for Balls and Theatrical  / Entertainments^ jr- :   ������������������-'-'��������� ������������������- ���������  Bxecuted with Neatness and Dispatch at this 'O'fltoe.  -  .jj^'Ternu Moderate "^L "*���������-.- ' -  ; OKESSRS, CORNWAXiL'S.  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  Spence's Bridge and Clinton,;On the ITale Route,  Travellers will find. Good Accommodation.. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines' Fresh'*ButterrMi!k'  and Vegetable;   Good Stabling and cheap fe^d.-'  is  fi''   SUTRO  &0   C0.7 IMPORTERS^AND   &**** ������M  \X*:. CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes,' &oM b^fl  corner of xates.and.Wharf street,. Victoria/ r     V^fSi  ��������� T: B. HAO-G-IN, PBT^ibrAN & SbaorioN, n^|^|  4' ��������� - n er - of - rates \ a nd- Government Sts.y vi.c.^rxlJ^iS1J  P  IERCE &ySir���������6trR,^eaiers;iri,^P^^������  FcRFiTDa;E, Broad Street^ Victoria, V. I.   '^ArjM  pAIRE & G-RANCINI, Hardware & '^c^aM  \j Mkrohasts. Wharf Street'Victoria. V.L  - '^jmM  %J. Merchasts, Wharf Street, VictbriR,  JON and BtmHAB"?.,  Wa'3rf'5tre������t;Vi������i-ori*,-V:. I ���������'������������������. ' -'pfli  m  A'y  m  p. ���������/  ym  AAy  E* tnaiBi
.' ��� Ci!
|hk   ���;"..." :..-'.[-ENGLAND. ../,..
BBi The gold #e)g,hing {m^liitiQXie^n^,^
r^:fe�� r. - Co ttoh. is!-!gehorally!
"Tpos t. deiicate^in��ir^enCe^er:rytft coh^trttcted!
" ' In-transaction s? In-
ot m
imp, E$
ps���^^,.-J���'weighing,,--..0--..;.:~ -
^^rjp^ost tedious and anxious process. As between
^^^ge Bank and the Mintn the ^labour is not so
^^fflainute ; for 200 sovereigns being first accur-
^^aely .weighed, all 'the?'vest, are.!weighed in
^^^Beups o f 2 00.!'; The; Mint, officers -are al lo wed
^^^pdeviation of 12 grains in- about ;fifty eover-
(^^Bgns | but they generally jvhrk within half of
^^��is amount:of error!";-/an^.;if.���the ��� groups: of
^^^pyereigns are correct��� ^within;;the prescribed
|||j|^^ Injthe
^\fflfe' ho wever^matters !ihust be /treated \ in more
���\l'C x.
Jffije/-and-Jpiiea a "heavy one/ so"that there-
^Sffi'e-the Bank ib just in the aggregate; !��� Each
jff||me demands that his sovereign -should be of
���;P^ll^0Per we^u^ ; Hence arises air!Important
^^^rt.of: the "daily'; routine^
^^ffitton.was led to the cohception!;df his b'eau-
iHiSM machine ; by_ observing the. injustice
HnBicb-tfie/Bank 'sometimes Tiitfqoh^ciously-" in-.
^Sffi*'oh' its customers. /Sovereigns which were
^^mued from/One counter at the^Bahk ^Ss .being:
^^Bfnil��� weight,' were refused'.at'janpther:.counf
JSSiBp as being ligfitV./= - TM scales may noi have
lli||||tke part; of* tha /weighers;may ��>not^ have
yy, A Sporting Ma^ITse^!JJA���Oh the ^Boston
express train?|b,r ^w^S^k tlie other'e^ning
jwere twpspprtihgmen from tbe ?hub,^who;
as the' cars-startecfr fr�� jW^^pP ot in /this cityi
^ade a!/greatdi^urbM
in/ ffi^:jdjirf%lijfo!i."j^ \ frightening
moriyhladies ��and & causing; much^esccitement.
The train*wasStopped"��� at- the! foot bf\^ylum
street; andlther
This -they; ;rcfused-v tpfi&o, and Jofflcers ^Ryafo
DaWmgana jOrahe-being^ near by and hearing
the ;loud talk, proceeded to render the passengers assisfcahcc. Officer JZyan ent'ered the car
first, whenhe::^asimraediatelyr'confronted by
one$ of the sppi*ts, who^drew-off to stnk&liim;
not^knbwing the "man! he had ! todeal with^
The officer parried the bio w, and ;scmt^(me|in
return;"which completely! demplished/^hefeL::
lowland hehecame as docile asa/lamfe.:, He.
was. removed jtb theStation house^wheie^hel
anxiously inquired./yvfip,the!man,was that -lut ���
himl &id. Opwlcs infbrmetttora-tti^
little chap thevikejptfossu^
Coburii^th^ fighter^/askpdj the representative
of the!^ hub;^, " The same^. was the reply.
f'Well, all I can say;is,rd rather!ha1re/!Heenah
hit mel&anji'have him.^^Iartfprd ^.Courant.^
S.E !�� I - WE K K1^ Y*
���- yyn^y - y      -yy :- --".-���
yy > ABBAK & LAMBERT, Propribtors.' r-
A)'A A A- fHP--- - .'^"-���������-���J ';','- /���: Ay:< y AAA a
i ! * k-j ^^oriptioji^$X^ per^eeki-,; .;��� ���, \"
4M,   . - ������/     AND
]iayo been piiFy/lat'eiy added to the circulat'lhg Libijiry:
and mor0;are7expected daily;;>^Kirtlesliirb solicited:to
subscribe, .^,'l", , *       ,   ..   ,.-,.��� ..,��..  ..      ��� .
i-"   ' 'Jail'- ^v' - ^H^QTOQ^';Li^ap. ��!'
��� '���.;-f*;w��',!.C;i;;
'.';"ii;",J-j,   . ..
,nts. [il
iSjP&y; pointed
^SpEquatipn." -'���'A!h expert'-weigher will/wm
^^Pput 700 sovereigns in an .hour by the old
^^^gan ce ; b ut ��� thee agi ta tion; '-of the air: ,by'/ th e
^^fcden opening of ar door^'the .breathing of
^^^feohs.near the apparahis;!the fatigued state
^^Hghe. hand and eye .of 'the!': weigher,/all lead
^^^Bainute.errors.. ; yfi'yrAyy*: fi; A- /! -.'ryj".fi
^^Mlr. Cotton:havmg!dsitermined?o"n'ihe plan
^^^p, machine which should be quicker, easier,
^^^. nioretexaefej than' .th^^prdinary' 'gold!'] ��� tfalf
w"^^|his views into a practicalvform, and the
^it is entireiy/satisfabto'ry:! ^Thp^machine
licate, pretty; aiid light!'! There is, in ihe
pr_Y place/ a-small vertical tube^ In/which a
^ft of twenty or 'thirty' sbyereigns is placed,
^^Single column.' The lowermost, sovereign,
^Sfa upon aI mpveable^plite^;jjrhen a handle
BBirned" by the attendant the plate moves
^Kways, and the.spv/ereign is -brought- upon
^^xquisitely-sensitiye-balance. If^.the weight
Iprrect, a little lever, armj or pusher, gives
ledge of the. sovereign; a smart, bio w; and
|es it off: |nto!!fi bofefbut if the weightbe
fcient, even in the most minute degree, an-
|r pusher strikes the sbyereigh, on ;a differ-
side and drives it into aho ther^ box.    As
andle: is: continiieid in-motion, 'two; or
v sovereigns may be in -different stages pf
^reighing process at the same time.   :
| the Bank of England does not take cpg^""
iaps: the. Jfint authorities dp not give them
"ion for so!doing)- the; maohine Mercury
ates sovereigns into two groups, the full
the light; and although* its precision is
t exquisite-it-does not 'indicate by, how
the light sbvereigii is defibiehtl It, is
Jfore only by actual .trial that the delicacy
to machine has been tested, if a difference
|ena hundredth of a grairi existed bet-'
-the two sovereigns it is said that this
JJJ��!would'deteot it." -On a rough av^
|30?000 sovereigns pass overrthe Blpk
tfflffr every day ; each machine can weiSh
yy^lsSW0 ^reigns in Six honvs ;Und thefeare
---jjl^pmachines, so that the Bank ban weight all
lP^^^ues of 8?l*'*y these^nearis andKve rV
t'^HK P��^t<>, spared'Oiie of these mabhihes
justed for half-sovereigns.: Between 1844
|1848 there were forty-eight million gold
$ weighed by these machines at the Bank,
���-<P*>*wJft$^*& ft?:*^? generally place"
*B��gBfflKubtmS reliance on the correctness "of the
'��� l?P'*�����     Each machine requires an hmiX
^   ^JSlt    e bankers> an* the public, these ma-
D^'"^^^^?^?Ufbrnia Cricket Club- has invit
^e Victoria Cricket Club to play a match
g the coming season. ���
AjBoW^iiratii^' bbe^^in- X!Mdlt ^f^^t
Month; St^^;\)^ . is./.un'r!,
dbubtedl^ne of &e m
that Swe have heard of, and' is /creating cpnsid-
erable'fexcitement among parties/'who,^ have
witnessed wfiat! w6 are about /to i relate;/ On
the ,5th of; i^bruary:;l^^Mchaei^King^-a^ed
about 17 years, was' killed at' Oaklandj-by be-J
ing Struck bn^tiie ^head with^ ra stake,:which
was (Irawh >from* the Aground byr-' an" unruly
hprse: -Two days after the fatal! accident;
and when the body was about 'to be- buried,
;the!;rplatives ^King^hpnght thai they! noticed
e vi di^ntiigns of l^^aiut !l��e'���Kpdywasi^remeyii
ed-tpj the house] where!!t/was! jtept ior several
days^ A reportV'got- into circulationfat^h^
time to the effect^at ;the; body had come ,t8
life. .! After keeping .the body several days ;it
was ^removed' to Lathee Ipwor graveyard; arid
placed in a vault, where; it nowisj ^and!it !haS
beenfvisited by hundredgf of %ur citizens; :Th��
bodyj retains/;; jU^n^n^
?linib(ir"and warmSfter' ^feihg in the graveyard
one; month; We hayc heard .no reason assign-:
ed fqr this wonderful jphenomeii6n;~-lJouis-
ville iDembcrat,, March;9th^!   ;       Ay-fit.-'M A
PopoxaiV FALLXOfe-^-TKat out-door exercise
before breakfast is healthfuh> It is never; so.
And, jfrom the! Very!hatiire of things, is hurt-
fill, especially to persons of poor health ; al-
-thougn the vigorous inay 'practice it with!,uh-
punity. In winter the body is easily chilled
.through unless the stomach has been fortified
with a good warm; breakfast 5 and in ^rarm
weather miasmatic and: malarious gases ' aiid
emanations speedily act lipbri ^ah: empty stomach in a way to/ vitiate -the: circulatioh^ and
induce fever and ague,^^ diarrhoea, and dysentery. [Entirefainllies^who^have arranged/to
eat breakfast 'before leaving the house;'and
to t^e supper before sundown, have had a
complete exception:! from /fever and: a#ue <
while the whole community ground them 'was.
precautions.;"! ;fi^.ifi;A :.y ������^-^": :     ���-'".'; "\yAy
^AID,:IJP. .CAPITA^,, :ytyi<   $l,5G2i500,
!>;'r5.;'l?iuVv:;('^iti;;:E6#i8rt;^ : 'li }':'
DRAFTS 'ISSUED' ^^^^^^kAT^ka,':
K.\   ;! ^':iN,fi^^ ! ;  ;/':
Ay.tAAfi.   A-y^'A   CARIBOOjt:;' VV-'      4
, ^ . SAN^.FBAKCISCqr .POirSNO, Oregojp'J '.''- \\ , '
'.' 'okj,m&!BA^xOF^ fi -
Montreal,.Toronto, Quobec,/ Hamilton.: LondonvKm^
-.;*' ston,' eobour^-Btillevtl^^^BrantforJ^
���;      J viHev^hitby^Peterhoro, Ottawa, Guelph,. -  !s v
ry<yyy Godericb. Stmtforil.pjcton, Perth. ��
ON NEW YOEE-On Messrs! nEhh��'G6smr[ (Agects
" *i. '.-   fij    ^for the Bank of'Montreal.- 'j .-. . ,>'>'       '  ���
'.'..-. ii'
;'-POtWDEE, vFUS% &c;, ^c.'^;" /^ r' f
> \ '!/;c!;!;J:!^'!:-d.vA/i^o,*:-o!4';V^^
: h:r
HP ;��� ^m^^m^y^m^:
; ;n
/?^HeaUOfflco^IgMbardst^rLondbh.^     - (
.-   ��� i^'tt'^t ..-y  \ \   ������  -^yyJifi' '     V /., - ... ..'.
; CURRENT ACCOUNTS opened fpr any amount not
less than One Hundred Dollars,1"^V---   -.   " A
iBills Discounted anil Collected ;^n'dI Binsbf^Exehonjre * ^ 2   /
on Great Britain^ -San FranciscQ.afid New -York pvsr��� ���   ��� -t,
chased.,;"._. ;; , , r :.,.;':;:.,   '>,. ���yAA'A>A y    ��� V .. ^   !   : /!-''"' J.
,\ Qoycrhmcnt and;o.ther :Securities:;reccivod, fbr'sifa"'!|    "
custody ^Interests-and Dividends^Bollected,^^ * ���* -; - '\  ' /
\,, Rec^iyedW Deposit; or Advance nado upon them; - "4'' t -.
t--'>-'.      i 'y y "���!.'.. "ff" v-v" ... .' ,:   ,'-''/'' 4     '=(1 ��� -,-'
���:-.;������ (J6i'j> DirsT>Melted and/rA^ay^d|swiTeturn3 made -
within 24/hqurs." "- ^-,V^J !/^^fC��!^*������.!;_,;,7- "/;."/ " -    .","..
t Ore^oLeverv'deicrintfOncar^fn^
��� '-y     ���'    rs ~y   ���"  , ."    \
yt,y.y-yyyy_::. ;'  H$  I
I  ;  J^eftls ready at all hoars'.!' 'l A    'Z
\   '.'-yy    ���'���   I EIOHPLBLD,  ' ' , : ��������� '������ ;  -��� ;';
" '   ' i ' ' '" '���  ' ' *l' ;  PBALERS^I��  ;:  *    /"   ./" ;'';'./ ���    -
Aa��� .nAy ���"Storage ...and;Gommissi6ri;v.-Ai.������ /���;:sA:-
���.'-.;.:.    DEALERS IN.,'1 . ' ��
/  -;       !        BARKERV:iLL;B./      ,/"
Aila^e supply pf:IiApiBs'vG
. -few
If you want good Coffee" use Fell's.
Thr UsrivBRSAZf Practice or mixing.Chicory and
other aduiteratiyes with Coffee��� has verJinuch'-dtinag. *
ed in public estimation; what-ousht.^rbe the most
delicious of Beverages...'.; So effectually havo the public,
been drugged with such mixtures that the true properties haye been lost sight of, "and iriahjr prefer"a black
and thick infusion to a drink rich in spirit and aronia.
General as is the use of Coffee, it is little known-that
in condensiug the vapors extracted from thelieny- in
inasting, a liquor is obtained of the most nauseous
taste, and of a scent tho most unbearable.   Under such
circumstances it. is evidently important that all the
gases and fluids extracted by roasting should bo car-
"ried off as quickly aappssible, in order-to prevent their
returning, again to tho Coffee, -which is the case in the
conflnod cylinder.    Tbis object is admirably accomplished by the new and patent "Conical Coffee Roaster"
\u~ used by FELL & CO;, Victoria,' "in which'tlie'berry
is directly exposed to.tho radiated heat, and the vapor
extracted carried off instantaneously."   In addition to
the advantage to bo derived' by- the rapid removal of
the steam ��ontaining.,tho.objectionabl5. properties, the
pure aroma of the Oofloo & retained,; the essential oil
"being;preserved and not exhausted as in /the Cylinder
'Roaster,: where the Coffee is required to remain a much
longer time, in consequence:of.the; steaming, it undergoes by the confined steam. . It is chemically impossible to retain the qualities orarrest'the deterioration of
Coffee when ground.   The heat engendered by the process of roasting," and especially of grinding, creates an
action in the elementary parts'.which gradually destroys
its fitness for drink/*   But to retain the essential oil
which it contains we havo it chcased ih tins 'containing
from lib. to 28 lbs., and which can b'e had from any
of tho.respectable dealers.    We can confidently recommend those who have hitherto been ".obl(ge'd to refrain from taking Coffee on account of its ill effects,
thatthey may use our Coffee, roasted in the Conieal
Roaster, being rccommended by all medical men under
whoso notice it has been brought, (and by numerous
other testimonials in its favor.        ; FELL & CO.,
Cvffee Merchant?, yates at,, Vidtoria.
���i .r-y y-yyp^ vy -_
ciscoi- Gafiboo,- Canada,! ;New Brunswick,1 Nova Scotia^;!
and on all the Branches of the N&t.iphaLBarik-bf Scot-';;
land and Provincial Bank of' Ireland.        .      ���    ���*:''  !
\ Bills of Exchange and Gold Purchased.
Interest on Special Deposits of Money allowed'at th��;:
rate of a/quarter of 'one/per cehti per/hiphtto/ i 'A'A- 5.; ��� /���
:; Gold Post Melted; and -Assayed,"? and returns mad��:
within 24 hours in Coin or Bars. ��� r. 'A   V ��� * A A      *
y Ores bf: every description carefully Assayed;: /; / ?. ,- -.A... ���
;'; N. B.^Aiiy instructions, as/to1 the.disposai'of the pro*!'/.'-.
ceeds Of Gold/ Dust' forwarded to ��� the'offlde in:Vietorlb / ;
fbr!Assay. will be carefully attended -tpiimtttv i?y-:.y*f yy.: '���
/'""-...   -;��*,"������-..,-. J. G. SHEPHERD,.Manager.; -
' Victoria, V. I;, April, 1865.. *       , \L . A, i:s    ,; , ��� ;
BARKBRyU^LET-Adjoinihgithe! Express Offlce.;
-���    BAR iE'R YXLX-E A A'A ;'!'
J. B.  Chaiicellier & Com
/ .;. ;-BRBWEB'S;'-. yy-- // :  " -
Boot and Shoe Maker,
-'���'������ BARKERVILLE;   :; "1
ebhhecting at: Lilibbet and 'Yale, with DIETZ; &
;  - NELSOXfS-for New Westminster & yictbria-;   fi;
Wl ILLAHRlVBl AND REPAST:, from the! offlcp;in
Barkerville, to connec^Vith'the steamer |{Ehr-
terprise"- at Quesnelmouth, :and' thei STAGES at Soda
Creek, EVERY WEEK, conveying Trkasur^Let-
tkr3 and Valuables for all parts of the world.     Also,.
Commissions received an.d forwarded by Express for
the collection of Notes, Bills and the- purchase of articles to be obtained at New;Westminster, ^Victoria, .San
Francisco or od route, and returns made with -'dispatch.
.'.,;..-.���.    yr.y   JOHN B; LOVELL,.      ;'
.1-s . .Agenti,Barkerville.
VAN WINKLE,;/    f -'-������-'---���-
Dealer in all kinrls of Provisions, Gib thing; &c.
^ST Stabling for Horses; H*y, Barley and Oats always on hand. ' J-s
>rtaht to Miners!
Tbe undersigned is prepared to"
���!'"' " ���.!;   FAJSnOTSTGS, ':'.'      ,/V."
On Commission; or will; purchase any quantity on fee
Most IABtenAt Teems, at the- ���
,   Reading Room, Cameronton,
The Subscriber is well known7on Williams Creek, an*
from the confidehce/reposed in him last Fall in th��
above business, ho hopes to receive the patronage of
the Mining community the ensuing season,
��� / s   .        ��� ���   ������. ' ������ JOHN'BOWSON.    /
y:fi.:yY;'t - NOTACEl fi
will be prepared to execute Surveys and trftnsact
a General Agency Business.. JOHN MORREV
1-g Civil Engineer.
vfitt Fi^".ii��uhw?k!USH' B Agents for :the-"Cariboo Sentinel."  ��������� wr   ** ���������     - -        N. L. McCaffery  Zr.   . ��������� :.--   -1k?i������    K!*Tfin������.'. .. .  UO ���������   uv   '  Yale - ��������� - **r- Evans,'  LiUooet, : ������*< F,W������ Foster,  New Westminster,     - f/  -  Victoria,0'- !r>'���������'������������������- -"���������;���������/��������� -'"���������:"*-���������:  do  do  do  dO!^  Clarkson & Co  ?&{!  E. .���������MyUandalno.  John Doran.  ~"      -.    TO'ADVERTISERS..  Thft:������Cariboo Sentiriel������/is published every Ifonday.  must bo"cliverod at latest at 8 o'clcck,..p.m., the day  before nuMtoatltfn..v/y;V;^v .-��������� : ���������//���������. r-'.   '-.   ' r.'-f.y :  NOTICE.  ���������������������������.  .publlcat  Jostage~~60 cents per/copy.  TO CORESPONDENTS.,    '.;.-.-/    .  All communications tnust be.'accompanlod by the  ���������reel name and.address-of tho--writer, not necessarily  with a view of publishing, the same, but as security for  his good- faith. ��������� ���������   ���������������������������'��������� r- .*''���������'      ' ��������� ' '-      ..-������������������..  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  .������-���������_������__������������������������������������������ - ��������� ���������- ��������� 11 -     .        ....  By the! arrival^^ Express yesterday  afternoon we!are:t>uiinpossesion of late Mz  from belbwy giving! the most glowing and/ encouragingaccountsoftjic richness of the dig-  Miags in thoBig-Bcndpountry^hat^ayeyet  appeared concerning;them,. If ,all accounts  ^^^'fee?^i&*ft^W^w-^4 extent ������{  the mines will ymd^mp^0M:^P^^  California inits paimibst days,. We.havc rumors of new creeks bein^ struck; which prospect aswell as ahy^y^fe known^ u Cf claims  being .hold at $10,000,and many other rumors  Vhith we sincerely hb;^mayprbvecorrect. It.  ia reported that menjare^stampedmg from all  quarters to the new/El Dorado,; that the^S.  ��������� troops eveh,at Fort.CpiyUlo -haddeserted and  -gone to'theBigfend mines.^Tbafc^lie steamer " Forty-Nine '������ had arrived ; at peath.Jia-:  ���������pids  and landed!^ber: passenger, succesgful-  fy, arfd had.returned:.for:anothcr cargo.- -That  /40 boam;hadgotnp.the Columbia with pro-  ^isions andxni^ were %  : lowing.! That flour was selling at Gold;crec*  : us lOw'as^O-ceufej' itfbbnscquence ol the. fresh  Arrivals j that flour again- was. selling ^t;V Seymour for. iccents: pbr' -pound, jand- jW.cents  : per^un^ha^beeri^o^  mekinirvover the mountains, from the  last  namefplace to the.Columbia. ;.TJjat it.will  be the month of /June before animals can be  able to cross the said divide, and that shippers  of-ccoods on the British Columbia/side had  ceased sending: anymore in ��������� thatxli^ectipn in  ���������consequence!of the��������� strong-opposition mam-  ���������lumed by the Oregonians m laying.down.articles on the mines;at prices 100 perpent lower  than can possibly be done-by British Columbians at the present- moment    It is-saiuVthat  Messrs. Bodge & Co.,and Nelson & Co., have  ���������started goods for Cariboo  that were intended  lor Big Bend, inconsequence of their, being  -unable  to  compete; with  the  Oregon trade.  This will be a heavy blow on; our. ���������expected  -monopoly- of the Big Bend trade. -We hope,  '���������however, .that when the trail is finished and  ;the snow which \ how. obstructs the passage  .over the divide disappears our merchants and  traders will bavea better show of competing  with their neighbors acrossilic border, who  seem to haveit-^jhejr^Own ^ay;;ju3t now.  . ^iniKBTniiii     i i.otii ���������!���������������������������������������������������������������"���������'"g       ������������������,���������"���������  \ CUNNINGHAM CREEft.  There arc several companies about to re-  smae operations on this creek for the summer.  It is to be hoped that their attempts to find  >the contiuuationof ffielM!worked by thef  Keutuck; co'y last summer-will prove successful, as such a discovery would .doniuch in  .encouraging fres^efforts;to find;good paying  * diggings on thisrextensiye creek.  :'.'        ..'''AA   GBOUSS   GREEK;.!  It is said that a company having ground  . situated between the Discovery Company and  the Short Bend Company have sunk a shaft  to the depth of 25 or30 feet, and .got a prospect of $7 to a few pans of dirt. > They have  . started a tunnel from,the creek.  Attempt Suicide.���������Wo .learn; that a man  \e������f the name of Steel, a mulatto, who kept a  ��������� restaurant on Williams Creek, attempted to  jump from the steamer as she was passing between the Sisters, on the way * to Yale, but  was prevented by the passengers.   While the  . Heiiance lay at Yale pn Thursday he jumped  from her deck into the river.   A line was  promp tly extended to him? but he. refused to  avail himself of succor ; two men put out in  a boat, and succeeded in seizing the unhappy  man-as he made his appearance upon the surface for the third! time, and brought him on  shore, where be received proper attention.���������  *������ntich Columbian.' '   \-   .. !  TELEGRAPHIC.  /<?peclul Dispatch to the Cariboo SEimrii';-)  :. \   '  Quesnelmouth, May 8th, 1866.���������It has just  leakedjout that a company of eight Chinamen  hfivc been: making a. good thing on Canon  creek, which empties into the Fraser about 65  miles above this place. . They commenced  prospecting at the moUth of the creeklftst fall,  but did not strike' any very good prospcete  until they had travelled three days up stream.  At thatpoint they took .out: about $5,000 in  twenty-five'daySj when they were obliged to  suspend work on .account of   the -weather.  During this spring they took but $2,000 more.-  Que nugget taken out weighed $.150,:andsevr  oral others "from $50 to $75.   The diggings are  reported shallow���������pay having been taken out  two feet below, the surface.     A-nuhiber of  Chinamen have already started for -these diggings, and two boat loads more will leave-tomorrow for ..the same locality.     A white man  in town got'gootl prospects on that creek.two  years ago, but has been unable to return >nd  prospect fiilly! for want of means.;  Kwong  Leo;& Co.rs branch establishment in tliis town  have already sent down.about $3,000 worth of  the gold from Canon creek.  :  Mr. John Calbraith, of Sunnyvale Ranch,  near Soda Creek,has 150 acres of spring wheat  which is already two inches above'ground.  The steamer Enterprise.now, leaves ;hcrc on  Thursdays and Saturdays.   "Weathet^ery fine.  Lyttonj^Iay Uth.���������Mrs. Hau. ier.nearly met  withra vei'3r*serious-accident<'r> sho..went,joiit  yesterday in company with heir husband on  horseback to visit theh' farm, about.two miles  from! Ly Won, and it sednis when" passing thro'  agate her dress caught, and - she -was pulled  from her horse, but happily for-her ;the;horse:  .wasquiet'ahd she escaped uuhurt; !but badly  frightened. .        \   ~  ���������J. F. McWorthy, Esq., from San Francisco,  passed up to-day oil .his way'toTpherrJ; creelt..:  Dr. Burnett, the oiily medical man here, is  lying seriously /.ill .from- ,theV enects>'of hard  ���������drinking ; he is not ejected to recover ; Dr.  Brouse.has been in attendance, be ^says the  case is doubtful as he will neither eat pr drink.  A miner has just arrived ��������� here on(his way  down sick reports things encouraging in the  mines and provisions plentiful and cheap; the  jjeople are very anxious to know what.the  Government intends - doing towards hurrying  the trails from Seymour into the mines.  The weather here is delightful; the snow is  fast disappearing ��������� from the hi Lis.- The. farms  aroiirid look:very;well.-. Busincssbrisk"; large  pack:trains .anii<tpam^ pass thfbugh daily to  the mines, and everything looks gay $ ..stages  arrive "here every day crowded with :.passen~  gers:->:>: :.'-��������� ^ ���������* --"",.. ..'.: "AA". :"���������    yA^'A"-.' A  Sari Francisco, May 11th.���������Steamer. 'Constitution,7 for Panama, sailed to-day, carrying 350  passengers and $350,096 in: treasure.  Certificate of incorporation of^ California  and Idaho Stage and Fast* Freight Co'y has  beeu filed in County Court. The .company  propose to run a line of coaches and fast freight  waggons from Chico, CaL, to Boise City, via  Susanvillc and Ruby City. Capital, $47.0,000,  divided into 250 shares. Trustees; John Mullah, John T, Sheoff and George Birusby.":'  ���������Supervisor Terry yesterday received^ a dispatch from Portsmouth, N. H. -announcing  purchase of fdur'Amosking Fire Engines, ho-  dered:by the board of Supervisoi,s, to be shipped by the steamer, which leaves Now York  to-morrow.  : ���������')'-.'.:   .' AA~ : ���������'" ���������  Gold, May 8th, 12GJ ] exchange. 109h :  gi-eenbacks, 78^ to 79L  Yale, May 11th���������A man arrived from Seymour last night, states that three new'creeks  have been discovered, one of them a few miles  from French creek, called Green creek,-said to  be richer,than French creek ; have taken out  $7 to the pan. Jim Black reached Yale yesterday direct from Seymour.  The steamer w 49 J;-had left for another load.  A party of four men, with George Weaver,  had gone up the Columbia River prospecting.  It was expected/the Hudson Bay Cp^3 steamer  would be launched yesterday. The passen*  gei*s: by tho last,Jrip of the 'Oregon' reached  Seymour in 11 days from California by Barnard's fast stage from "Yale. It is expected  when the Bteamer is running on the lakes that  passengers san make the trip in 8 days from  Sa:n Francisco to Seymour.  .  Henry Evans, of Oregon, died on 1st April  at Seymour. *:   ' "'       '"  Slarket prices at-Seymour : Flour, 16 % 18  cts.; bacon. 62i cts.; beans, 20 cts.; sugar, 37i  cts.; tea, SI; coffee, 87icfe.; butter, $1; and  all other goo ds in proportion.  Ma. F.. LAUMEHTEa rocie ved ypstpr day 'from.  the Colonial Secretary, an answer to the petition signed by the miners and merchants of  Cariboo, respecting the injuries accuring to  mining interests from prolonged arid complicated litigation, which was presented to the  Administrator of the Government last win tor;  which our want of space prevents, us from  publishing in this mornings issue.     /     .   ti ��������� ���������  NEW!^\DVERTISEMENTS.  ���������%  GRAND BALL & SUPPER  ��������� I._ *.'.',.-     - *       - -.-    . ���������. - i  'J'*.'    RE-OFJ3NING O^        /'    ) ;  THE jpiONEEK HOTEL,  CAMER0NT0.WN... .->-....,,.;  The Oldest Established Hotel on WiUiams  .������������������.���������"���������... '-.-��������� Creek. ;-'���������',���������.  ..-.;;;'.-.���������-.  MR. WILLIAM ALLAN begs to in form his no nierous  friends and patrons that he.iutetKls'opening the  above named'. .Hotel, on Saturday Kvciting next., the  19thinst-, by'a GRAND.BALL' &.SUPPER,, to which  ho respectfully invites the p^tronnge of the public, as  no pains will bo sp.ired in making this one of the best  entertainments of. the season. Dancing will commence  at S o'clock. ; Supper, will bo served about 12 .o'clock'  jflsg"Tickets $5 00 each. '���������' .    ,3  . We observe b;  'Daily, Evening!  late Victoria papers that the  'o������t' has ceased to ezist.,  WHOLESALE AM) RETAIL  STORE,  Miners' Ball & Concert!  ��������� on'theI '. :\  QUEEHS BSRtHBAY, |4T|0F;MAY.  MR? CLUNES o'egs to inform" the Minors of Wilihms  Creek Lowhec Creek, Grouse-Craek and Von Winkle that she intends giving a" Benefit Ball and  Concert, on the 24th of May, the best ever given on  Sm?Creekrfaen ,he respectful y sol������c������^ Ugpat -  ronage of the public. .    ���������..-.. MAUy A> CLUNE3-  HICHFIELD.  LAUMEISTER &  CO:,  ,���������       MERCilASTS AND DEALKltS TN .-A  PROVISIONS,������������������������������������CL'OTHINtr* LIQUORS, &c-  ' /"-��������� CAMERONTOWN, '  C. ��������� F U L TO N? Pkopeibtor.  There is no distiliery keptTnTtfiteestablishnicri  '     and strychnine and rot-gut find no place here.     2  BARKERVILLE, . ;      ;'  MISS TIIURBER &. MR. LAWLESS, Prop W  npHIS HOUSE HAS BEEN NEWLy FITTED :UP! ON  1 the Restaurant principle with a view to the comfort  of the public, and will bo conducted in- a munner o  ensure tho satisfaction of those who are disposed to  favor the,proprietors, with their patronage. ���������,.-.- -,-;?.  ' Meals ai> all Hours. Good Beds.'  j&3- The Bar is. furnished with. the '-best-selection ?of  Liquors and Segars;.'. ,.  .��������� -. -���������   ������������������.���������..;;.-.   .���������"-...-.;.���������   ���������'. ���������-   /   -  Letters remaining in the Post Office, CAM-  ��������� EBONTOK, on the 1st of May, 1866. ..  Amstcad* William-   ...  Batta,-*G. Gio  Baker, Charles W.  .Barret, Thomas  ''     (2),.  Bcrford,'H.- B. -: './���������  Beard man, George W..  Carter, Vincent     ��������� (2)  CUitrra/.Tohn       "... /. ���������'  Clingan, Thomas  Cameron, John A, ���������  DirviP, William  Dixon, J. W.  Erskihe, W. E.  Ford, James  Fortune, H. L. (2)  Gilbert, James  'Gilfilla a, James  Hathaway, .G. P. Jr.,  (2)  Hazenv- Fredrick O.      (4)  Hcrserj T. W.  Innes, James  Job, Jonathan  Kersey, S. T.  Lawrie, Thomas  Lewis, John W.  Marshall, J. G.  Melross, William T.  31orris, Joseph  McCarthy, D. J.   .  Orchard, Natb.  parsons, Charles  Palmer, Gideon  Redgrave: S. .  Reeves, E.  Richley, Georgo  Riordan, James  Seymour, Charles  Samson, John  Sh3*nur, Mrs.   ���������  Vaughn, W. D.  WhitcombjH. M.  Wilson, James  yerxa, Chisley/       ^    (2)  Bowen, C. D....  . Boso,. J.  Buchanan; James  Byrne, James* -  . Clarke, Alexander:  .OhynhalT,-John ���������  ConkliCj'Johu  Conklin, John H..���������  Dow, WmiiamT,  'Franklin, Julius  '   (2)  Glcndcning, Archibald  Grosser, H.  . }fdwells, Isaac  Hunt, Georgo  Jonos, Andrew  Lipsett, Isaac  McGregor, Georgo  McKinon, Charles  McLoan, Archibald  McQueen, Duncan  Pierce, George  Preston, George  Robertson, Jeh.n_..,.v.  Robiuson, James A.''  Ryan, *\ >Y.....  Smith, Joseph  Stevens, John C.  Stewart, Archibald B.  Vietb, Georgo A. (3)  (S)   Wood, Silas    '.  (3)  (2)  Lindlcy, D. B.  :%      \ ���������     ���������-  REGISTERED   LETTER.  JOHN BOW-RON,'  . ..; 4 Acting Postmaster, v  GKREAT   ATTRACTION!  EVERY EVENING,  A.T THB  FASHION. SALOON  BARKERVILLE.  ALL LOVERS OF THE TERPISCIIOREAN ART are  invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a hearty  welcome will bo extended.  1  JBS-Tho best of Wines,' Liquors and Segars,  and Good Order observed.  1 MARTIN &OO.0K, Prop1 rs.  LEWIS LEWIS, Clothier, Yates Street, Victoria,  opposite the Bank ot British North America.      1-s  ���������* MALLANDAINE,COLLECTOR &GENE>tALAGENT  ��������� GoverniHfcnt^ street, Victoria, Vancouver Island. J  In. tiie matter of the Estate of! SeJigman EK  : sasser, Avho has made aa assignment for tho  benefit of bis.Creditors,.     \ :    : ;  . .  ^TOTtCE'is herebv given'" that all persons thavlng  ��������� N Vljiims acainst the' above nn med Estate, are request.  od:ffivhrf a3 statement of the ������^*$$���������)  to the undersigned oa^rbeforeahe 20th Jay .^May  OTICE. ;  '        NOTICE IS HEREBt GIVEN THAT  /  ���������  THE POST OFFICE  !/.'���������        will, unUlTurthornotiee-bc kept at tho ���������  '������  LIBRARY in CAtfERO.NTQ.TO  aiid Mr. JOHN B0WRONWill������be tho Acting Postmaster  ���������K W.Mv GEQ,C,QX,. /_  -J. *.-"  y-vx-y>y ��������� fi -=;  RichOcld, R.c.y  r ���������".; '���������'  1st May,��������� A.-D.-1806: J  'AAA-  ACK'S    H  CAMERONTO'VTN,  1'^>HE UNDERSIGNED  HAS  OPENED THE! ABOVB  .    Hotel aiid.Restaui-ant, and is now prepared  to receive Boarders'by the week or day.-   ���������" ' v-  jftjf- A fli^t-class COOK has been engaged;.     ��������� y ���������  ; Parties wishing-to Board out this season, will find it  to their advantage to givohini a call, as his house, for  cleanliness, -attention to customers, und;a good'Table,  cannot be; excelled. :    .     '. '*��������� '���������-'   ������������������[ -'" '-'���������'. -'"���������-     '.=.'''  Pies, Coffee, Chops and Stea.ks at all hours .-  1 . ALl^vD. McINifES, Prop?r.r  M ERa|4 A NT S,      -  .'v- ': ��������� BARKERVILLE, fy :: ;'/';!;"/;  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN ALL  AyA-r'Ajy ;.��������� 'KINDS'.OF./!'/.A..!./!!! !!'/���������  .'-. .  :.-'-/CLO;^H:l'N.G->.v/;./  -���������  BOOTS   &   SHOES,  MININa TOOLS, :&c!,:  Beg to call the attention of Miners'and others'  to their full assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS  which will be sold .      .-  AT   COST   PRICES S  to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive so soon aa  thc'Roads are open.  ���������' .  g&S*Liberal allowance will be ma^e to  Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade generally  on.large orders. ' .���������".!���������  w^^k^JW-AKE.. .UP... JAKE..'.......  RESTAURANT, ��������� BAKERY,  AND;  . t J..  !Barkerville, B. G.f  KELLY :&,^ PATEESON, pR0?RiE,rpRS. :  Every thing is .done-ia connection with this establish-  mont to giyja satisfaction to tho customers. :  :^sr Meals! at all- hours. ! t A  .' ��������� ; "'���������;;^;4:?.;" : - . .,... . -*__*������������������  _���������   !!^PRAGER:  &V Bao^;;.-'... ;.-  BARKERVILLE, . yyA  '/'���������' DEAU8KS I������  Assorted Merchandize  "vTholesale and Retail. ' I  L.  mouttet & -co;;  WHOLESALE..& RETAIL   "! .  RICHFIELD, Williams Creek, B. C  *, E HAVE ON HAND ai largo stock of Prbvi^ons,  r1'  Hardware and Vegetables, and' ������re-������lotor-  minod to sell them cheaper than any other  "P1^������u  Williams Creek. Come and eeo and judge for yourselves.  ,.Rich5cH, Mayfth,'lW.    . '-��������� "*". .  *.?*  - **&  .V.r'^ft;  ���������-x.ym  a������0M  yyi-si-j,  ������������������-���������-y-^t  ��������� b  z&ii^y  -tea  l-y -isy  :.i>j\~.:i-pi������i������  ���������yytf  mm  ?/lll  ���������/-. -. -i'.-.i  ��������� J  yyy������  >;+-yy  ;������������������"   I'M'  Ay ;/.  - ��������� <'���������-  A:m  ���������  A  yyA  i !���������������*:  \  i^a^ wr^ -lewAiAaja^aBg^^  ���������ecaS  1      ifdNDAXrirAY l4, <1866.'  IImF -  Monday,1 Hto May, 1866...-  I^^Sc markets'are still unchanged 'since last  ^tsSBIH'      '������������������    ���������������������������'��������� ^v ':': ' - ��������� ���������*     ���������  p-^Bc article of Candles have become entire-;  ^^Bhaustcd.however, and we .dont suppose  mSm is a box for sale on the creek.  Wmm Grum Boots, there are still a few left,  ;^^Br the past week thero nas not "been a  ^^Sd of Beef or 3fotton to be had on the  Sue creek, and all the butchering, establish:  ^^Ks have been'shut up.'  :Somb sheep were  ||SHPed on the way. in.yesterday. '..... .- - r !-���������-; -  ^HHfe snow-on" tho-.divide' betwixt here and  IB^Vmkle.is so soft, that unless advantage  ^^ffi)o ��������� taken' of some night of heavy frost  I^HPh we have notliad for the past two weeks)  ^^Hfunh goods, 'there, will be "but little got  ^Hfcbro the;lat.June. '  ..-  ���������  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  &OLD COMMISSIONERS COURT.  fi -.   ^.WILLIAMS CREEK;.; ..-;:��������� :'     ..;���������  The Creek is beginning to resume its wonted appearance of summer activity, and in another week when the time of laying over expires, we expect to* see ;eycry old claim at  work in a fair way'of taking out pay, with;  the exception of those "in the neighbourhood  -of Barkcrvillc, which ^wililhayc ao^ wait ..for  tbe completion of the.Bed Rock Drain.. This  has now reached the Lillooet ground and will  be carried on rapidly thence by/the! members  of the companies above.' During the. week  the weather has been cool, which having  cheeked the rise of the creek haa..been; favorable to mining; and Several'additional com-,  panics have got fairly! under way/; on .the  whole the'prospects for a good summers work  we think-never looked-brighter ,:than at present. ��������� ��������������������������� ' y*A.:AiA' ;���������"}. ''A'---' *Vi.::''" "������������������'��������� ���������*  Above the canyon the companies whieb  have been at -werk all winter still' continue  taking out pay, !b.ut thobariksi are not yet  m  ^Bla^rber  (Before W. G. Cox, Esq!) f ; ���������'  -; .Thursday 10th May,sl866|;'fi  vs McDowell.���������This was a suit  i^^^^ges the amount being $47. Tho agree-  ^^fflKbotween the parties ��������� was to the effect  ^S^Blaintiff wasto be paid wages wlien the  ^^^ame'out of the claim, but as no gold  ^^^ffipeii taken out, tije plaintiff had no claim  ?^^^^t defendant.   Judgement for defendant.  J^^^^^f;-.:"    /���������    '-    ���������' : '��������� ; ��������� TT .'. './���������"..  M^^JinENT.'-^-Oh Friday last,.a'bout noon,, as.  ���������^^������iaw���������Svho has been engaged during the  l^^^pr sleigh'ing in goods from Quesnelmoulh���������  |^^������idin g a 1 ong the road from BarkerviHe to  ^^^Srontown',and.when/about 30-yards dis-.  ll^^Hp'omtbe former place, /his; horse's foot  tS^^Btte entangled with something on the road;-  ^^Spi is out of repair  at that place, andin  ||pi|l������r to'./extricate 'it,the   horse stumbled,  p&^ing:his:rider and rolling over him broke-  l^^^p.-; rl't;!was a most miraculous thing that  i^^^pis not,killed/ as'there was a .person on'  S^^^ack" immediately :b ehind wh o,.n o t hay-  SMJ^e to rein in his horse, jumped over both  ^ppfcjiorse and rider without doing any injury.  ^S^S|One of the right leg is fractured in two  ^^^^, and'' is what Doctors call a comminuted  SfMffire.    The limb was set in the afternoon  ^^^&. Chipp and Bell^andthe patient is now  ^^^S" Complaints have been freely uttered,  ^^^with.good reason too, ab'out-the state of  ^^^pad between Barkerv ille and Came ronton.  i^ffgS^ihce the thaw set in the water from the;  ^^ffitain side has been running down on the  "cte ||and from the absence or entire obstrucT"  If culverts has been and is ground-sluic*  eat portions of it, and making it in  .unsafe for. animals to pass over,, in  'es slides have occured which block  mpletcly. If we are rightly in-  he contractor is bound to keep this  j^gln repair for 12 months after the com-  |ppi|m of the contract, we hope soon to see  ^^Blaction taken 'to- have it repaired before  ||||prcater damage is .-sustained.  rl|lf|p Rock Drain.���������We ate happy to be able  l^wronicle the'fact that from and after to-  ^^^ireeieight hour shifts will be kept stead-  4^S!work ���������-on/the Drain.; /It is/also intended  ^^Sumenee at once '-toi jpump, out the Cariboo  l|||fpanft set' another relay of hands to!worl������  S������mt point, iu order topush' the undertaking"  ?ah|pwlthas little delay .as possible. /This  H^likfe energy and a determination to have  iHpprk finished4h time;to -admit of some  |HpSt' being derived from; the-Drain this sum-  riflB- d^em it ''^3&^  ^^Prrect the error into which the-editor of  |^������iritish^olumbiaa' has fallen, in stating  ||||||ate number of his ,pape^"ihai!Mi%  ^^g/Bold' out;'his 'intere^V-iri;!tie!'Garib6o  ^^mel'-fo'r $.600 ;.the  sum was far  pggiithat mentioned which we can  ^Whfor.    '��������� ���������. ':     , ���������'���������"-;���������  more  safely  H^&e M^UFAGTURE.���������In consequence  WB$y������t candles, we notice several p  P$Pailln������ themselves of a large quai  fppMiow accumulated by them dux  ppp and ar������ now "busy convertine:  ^pes, which thoy sell readily at ������1 ^ IE  ^^Tm2ItV^y^Ptons of a change in the  isfeaiher could be noticed yesterday forenoon,  were soon followed by unmistakeable  )f a rainstorm. It rained rather heavily  : the whole afternoon, and a little ap-  rdsion was.being felt tor a sudden rising  |e creek. b  IandBall and '.Supper.���������We would call  Ittention of our readers to an advertisement  |pther column of to-days issue, announc-  - 3 reopening of the Pioneer Hotel Cam-  wn, on Saturday evening next, with a  ban and supper to which all are invit-  ittend.  mm  yEuml  I  HlB  ���������Mt  able them to do soi; at the foot of;thp canyon  the old Burns Tunnel Compatiy which has  been at great expense erecting,a splendid  aqueduct to bring the water of Black-Jack  Gulch across Williams Creek to.Jtiie'lwl.of  the top of the Irill, has commenced ��������� ground,  sluicing, but they have not water enough;yet  to make much progress. Below them;We find  tbe Foster Campbell Company still.hard at  work building, a strong bulkhead to.!keep the  creek off their'groiinil*an^fuimfn^a^dram  round their shaft, they/expeet to get^to woi*k  again to a few days,; and having struck, good  pay in the high ground just before! ihe^ were  drowned out, they have great hope%,^of;being  quickly reimbursed for the heavy:,o'utlay they  have been at during the winter. Below them  n*he of the creek claim's ablive the^Galcdbnia  can work on account of underground-water";  the Caledonia continues to work in a-top streak  taking out about 20- ouaces per day; and;.has  this week:struck a good prospect in ther Bed  Rock Drain near their upper line. The Aurora  and Davis claims on 'the hili,side:'commenced  work, this week, the former/washed up oh  Wednesday. 135 ounces for.3 days .work, the!  latter is; getting some very good prospects of  coarse gold, one piece we believe waspicked  up weighing over 3 ounces. The cWatson  Company adjoining the Davis 'continues 5 to  take out good pay ; in the.' opposite^ hill, the!  Morning Star Company continues 'running  their tunnel/ and have got their sluices .ready  to commence' washing.;-the Surprise Tunnel  below the ��������� Morhlhg! Star,', is running in. to  strike the same channel- through b ed rock ;  the Grizzley Company, luis just got. to work  and also tho.Moffat, the latter--struck-a good  prospect on Saturday iu the gravel overhead  it is. now being demonstrated that these " top  sti-eaks " are to be found all through the creek  and if the miners can trace a continuous lead  iu the gravel, it will take years yet" to-work.  out claims which have hitherto been prospected and worked only on tho bed rock..-' The  Bank and Nevada Tunnels are ;gotting ready*  to wash ; the;Beauregard Company'is pros1  pecting, but has got nothing yet; the Calif or--I  nia Tunnel Company has got to work- with  good prospects they are taking out now-about  1 ounce per; dayi to the hand,; Jhis compahy!  in view of a scarcity of water iii the creek for"  hiii^claiins ;has!applied;for !the/privilege.Vbf  bringing a drtch of about six^ mites! in-?length  from Canadiah Creek/; the^La:s^t!Ch^ce^.C6iU-!  pany coinmenced" washing; this !*w^������ from'  their, old shaft and;cleaned up on Saturday  in the neighbourhood of 30 ounces, thef have  also; run an incline during, the winter and  will commence washing from it in a tew/days 5  '"th'r'rte'^rgw^^  out of their naw^ shaft, and will: probably  have to tap their ground from the Bed Rock  Drain to enable them to work j the Canierbh  Company eonxmenced ��������� work on Saturday in  their new shaft on the west side of their ground  where.they have, got a good prospect; the.  Raby Company have also been prospecting  on the west side, and washed-up 21 ounces on  Saturday from the gravel, with only two picks  working, this was got 150 feet across the  creek from where the Dead Broke Company  got out good pay, and if it turns out as expected to be a regular lead running through  all their ground, the Raby Company will probably take out as much this summer as oh  any previous season, they'are also making  preparations to, flume the lower part of their  ground, and wash the top streak from the surface, an operation if successful will inauger-  ate a new mode of mining on the lower, part  of Williams Creek ;'the Dead Broke Company  continues to take out good pay; further down  on the creek but little is being done.    The  Priarie Flower Company go tto work in their  shaft this week and are taking out , an ounce  per day to the man, they have also struck a  channel in their tunnel the .richness of which  ning their tunnel through the Triarie Flower  ground and are also commencing to work  their front ground through' their incljhc.'  .:   . A   .       COKKL1N GULCH: ' fi^  On Conklins Gulch the Ericcson and Sawmifl  Corapahies are/engaged pumping. o.ufe- water,  and the Reid aiid New "Zealand Companies  are geUiug ready to work ; the United Company hayejstruck a large channel in. the hill  bn'tlic north';side M'hich has.iraiscd the spirits  of the owners 6������' hill claims oh" that side, [fi! \ ���������  . : / '.:./;!���������.:. stouts .gulch. !   .; t.  / :Oh 'Stouts .Gulch the! several companies  which have��������� struck pay, expect to take put  large returns shortly as soon as they get properly drained,^a share in the Alturas Company  was sold a day or two since for we believe  $3,500. ���������"���������   ���������������������������       ���������fi-y: " " ';/\... ;';w  '"   VICTORIA CORRESPONDENCE.- ' - ,  m&  ��������� ���������.    ,    ��������� 1 they have not been yet ascertained, but they  ns -Begbie s decision/ in the chancery get good prospects in the top, dirt, this prom-  3reahsGo vs WatsoaCo,, is held overjisos to beagopd and lasting claim. The  r,ox?"aS8"> ' I Fprost Rose Copipany are still at work run-  r'    ���������'������������������    ,; " "' "���������  ���������" "'   " "'v  nestrbsue,  ���������<: ; 'Victoria, V. L, May 4th, 1866.  I promised to begin ray letter with politics;  and.to. revert to tbe terinhvation.of my last letter, I will give you a copi'ouH extract from,, if  not the whole, of the paragraph of a corres-r  pohdent to a morning paper, who writes, over.  the *'non de plumcj' of Jfo ni tor. ^ li, appears  that the unfortunate member for Salt Spring  Islan'd, who against the advice,of his friends  and well wishers would occasional ly go to the  House of Assembly,,Mr. Dennes, it.seems, by  a. decisive .vote turned the s>-ale against Mr.  Coch'ranc/s newly introduced measure.; for the  relief of'Real Estate holders whohud. suffered.  and were to suffer by the operation of the law  tvyliich -eondemned their pr6poi,^..tb be sold1  according to the Heal Dstate Amendment Act,  1862." 'As regards the validity -of our, worthy  SheriiGPs sales:it is probably a'moot pbintj as  is pretty well put by Monitor, whether :the;  clauses 13, and 14, as to notices, have'^eeh!  strictly, or .even, at all complied with.  .1 ;-was  going to say that the member, for Salt-Spring,  Island turned the scale against the somewhat  unprecedented vouid-be legislation.;Apt;:Mri.  Cochrane; and it is not the -flrst^ time that'-.thtf  first named member bias in. a discussion of a-  critical nature' caused matters to turn in -favor  .of J right'against might, or worse/ collusion; as  witness his conduct on the Crown Xahds qucsr  tionahd bthe'rsl; so that I Have heard it; said  by quite disintensted outsiders, a Well j I must  say Dehnes has given some- splendid! yotes.^.  But I havcla'o.thiDg to do/with his dcfencerl ail  merely slilhti^aauding to his political; career,  without,in; the leist.exciisihg a man for neglecting liis business for public duties, a folly  very sadly rewaiaed, to say nothing ef the-loss'  of independenceand^respect';.experienced /by  a iuan no: longer ballasted, as a Sailor might  say; /with' the property qualification .so well  calculated to keep bun upright. ' Well;-then,  Mr. Monitor alludes to the strangulatipn of the  proposed .relief Bill for Real Estate defaul ters,  and thus "visitsit-s apparent author, inachoice  sti-ing: of-vituperative epithets, which for gratuitous'heartlessncss and cowardly attack towards: its victim, for he is powerless to reply,  may be pronounced unparailelled : "But.that  a species of legislative rhinoceros who -had  been, wallowinjf in professional and bankrupt  mire, should be dragged from .his filthy haunt  and by being made to raise his dirty paw-, determine the measure of coercion [he alludes  to paying the taxes] seems to me most diabol-  ibah   It is indeed to be hoped:^thatthe/man:  :b'esbtted with drinks begrimecl^with-dirt;!l>e^  gared!in estate andrepu^wh;/jbrahded/by 1  the Bench, and debased;in!tfib b^S/pfev^y  d^ceiit!man,J?&c.    If, is riseless^ tb/bontiOTaJ  .but such choice scurrility.imust be a treatByeh-  iu Garib 0 0���������I mean must .offer! ehtertainmbnt,- j  as for hurting the object of.it,'it.must far-more  injure'the'writer.-,/ I wonder���������;������������������ if he ^ver^pondered; oyer the expression, *fHethaV; is without  sin. among-you let him:bast;the^ ;urst.'stbne.?? /;  ���������*. The era of wonders is exemplified even, in  politics. - Mr. McClure ou. the ensuing day(I:  will no fc say,- but the period astronomically: so  oailedyspoke for 22 c6n6ebutiy.e/hours so they  say, but I am a -little: sceptic ;! the case seems  too similar to that of the boy when asked if  .he snored of a night, that he never staid awake  to see.   Now it is more than doubtful if 'any  one man staid awake through that livelong  night of 24th April "to sob" if McClure talked  incessantly for 22 hours.   DeCdsmos followed  him for six hours,:   Gladstone^ financial 'oratorical efforts must pall before this.  Closely connected with the political question  is the successful termination of the telegraph  scheme.. All the details you will get from the  papers. We have had quite an International  Atlantic cable sort.'of rejoicing on a small  scale, with the improvement that our scheme  works at least and the other failed. At 2:30  25th April, we had communication %yith San  Francisco, proof of which was afforded by receipt of news and messages from SaaFraucis-  co, the previous days giving us results from  New Westminster-arid Portland. .  !:The {Oregon, arrived oh the. 26th ult., with  say 240 passengers, a small.freight and further  particulars of the unfortunate *' 'Lab^o.uchere.'  Capt; Mouat and numerous Victorians arrived  as passengei*s.. ;The lost steamer -.was-sold, it  appears/for ������3fe "a3,ghc might be found," I  presume in depths unknown.    Dame Rumour  has it she was afloat; eight hours after striking.  But it is the 61d story of bachelors' wives and  old maids; childreh..   Every man out of da1. -  geiyand no call oil his coolness and preseiictr  of mindj-and out!pf reach of any speculation  of unavbidablei/'accidents,- every man, I say*  who had uothirig tP do with it*could alwar^  have behaved much i better than the Captain  arid those who had. .  ,. ;As a clencherrto .the:nail prettyrwell driven  home on our mail  communicadon system,  comes the loss" of the steamer-'European,?,of....  the Royal Mail line froiu England to Aspin-  wali; with loss to native and Europeans of  about 50 lives, and an immense destruction of  property,.all brought about by that-frightful  and hitherto1 unheard of agent, nitro-glycerine,.  It would appear, that those who shiptt, and  who are and-must'be thoroughly a\srare.of its  atrocious, powers, are really .guilty, of serious  crime.    They are simply, sending as freight *  10,000 horse power infernal machines, the very  idea of which would have raised, no doubt, to  a.frenzy of delight the minds of Orsiui and  friends.   To think that a little nitric acid with  a small quantity of pure oil or grease shall  become perfectly   unapproachable,  and. at>.  more s' percussion -blow up past recognition  anybody and anything within itsbanehil mmi- ;���������/'.  enceV.. To mine indeed T could one only get ',  on the'right side, give nie by all melius such  an agent/to move .the world, far beyond and  ahead of Archimedes? lcveiv /  ;^'ilr^::C;^BJ/Youjpg.on Friday, 28th was,duly  elected,'and yesterday, took his seat ahcl tlie  oaths'as me'mbor.pf'the H'ousejof Assembly, . ;  thejiwiJJiuaUoiiliaying,^^^^ th^^ day  before, the total number, bf/yotes -poiled for  him Was 159; his bniy���������opponent was Mr.siting.  The latter; stood high with a.great many!electors, though his total ri\imber 0f! votes"being  only 37 he retired, early,/ But really when a  gentleman, though bov!dbes ;cbihe 'rather latp  into thefibid, does; not.take much tro able per-!  sonally, .and/follows too strictly the ecpnomiV.!  cal precedent set^^by ..John.Stuart Mili, who. .  because he is .great, can afford to do; it.; /1 '  say, then, that/he eannot in his own niind be fi.  Very vsangu.in8 of; success.    .Comparison has A  beenvmade;in the papers of ��������� the total number.  ,  of votes ppileclVat' this election with that stir-: .|~  ring election Apt peCosmos;: and McClure va;^  Sproat; and/Tpung.'' / They^say-that the ;total; y  free port !vqte^ then .was ;.il63 only, and Mr-.. ���������."  Young himself received 20 votes less - than Ju:  1865./v This/seems to me all beside the. ques:.  tion ; the election of Ring .vs* Young or vice.  versa, was no test question ; the number of  voters through depopulation, disqualification,...  &e.,was much .less, and last nor. least, .the  feeling!uppermost in mosV minds,/1 ��������� take, it -  was that/for:the remhadt'Vf^he session, and .���������;-'  in view of the; to speak;milcily, extraordinary  conduct of .many of our legislators, within the  House and but, was 'of great, apathy in the,  late political'Contest.       ...     ..     ! \  -, An inquest or regular inquiry Is to he held .  on the loss pf tbe Labouchere with HerMajes-i  ty's mails on board.    The Rifle Volunteer^   -  have had another benefit at the theatre, which  .  resulted in a net profit of $200 to their funds.  J ust now the latter require a .little propping  \xp ; on an outside view of the, 'matter, there.  are two improvements about their- manage-.: .  ment which occur to me.   A small contribution of one dollar per head fKom ,each mem-.  beriiof both Companies1 ^iild ;hetf Me; felt;by ;;:  thcm!ahd be of vast importance, v.apd fbrthbr^/: ������������������  in view of the extra opportunities.;pf (I-will /  uot say Showing off )beihg present"Jat; .many ! ."  festive;gatherings, to! which they.T&ifi;' adirrK-; /fi;  iance as iQusicians, the ^and;ought, X think,!   -  'pay .ohc-half thb! cost /of their uniforms,/they,;/, A  have the usual privileges' of 0 ther inenab ers:: *!  of! the corps!'; and the time required for- prac^!;;-. -  ticei does. 'noti'I should imagirle :amounfr~to A,  more !than^the [ u>u^!dr$l.!:hp^  members. !,      : . *".���������!���������.������������������    /  ���������y -The fire companies as.usual had /their par- !  adelii the open air,!about';140:qf! the! tlireo --  companibs with the usual apparatus in; speck  and;span order, and headed by'the Rifle CorpW  Bands in their own uniform, about 15 in number, tho brilliant shirts:with the really showey  standards and the very creditable muster in;  point of numbers, had a fine effect,   They oc-. .  cupied ;a very considerable stretch of the  street; and stood on two occasions, I believe. .  to be photographed by Mr. Gentile; the usual,  terpsicliorean finale was put to the day. :v  A new rook has been discovered in the  harbour, in which the! Russian vessel Ca3sar-  wich got aground on May 2nd in trying to  leave the harbour : after some considerable.  *  :t>.-.w^i-/7>-*-.-������K*������������i VVW.w,  or 6 hours she  got,  trouble/and a delay of 5  off and left for Sitka,  The Oregon after, leaving Kew, Westminster  prooeeded to Na,naimo whence she is ho iirly  expected, she had to take- on board over 400!  tons of coal and was besides beached to clean;  her bottom. We are looking for the Oaliioiv.  nia next.- . ,' "'-'-''.'  Sparring ExHiniTiON.���������We understand this,  entertainment came off on Saturday evening  last, at Cameron town, and was well patronized by the lovers of the manly art.; the affair  passed off very satisfactorily and was $he>  source of some'little profit to tho manager,. mm  mm  l.y.ssiiii  y   AA  K6!r>0RG!T0:LOV������.  ?"*;������������������  "m:  ;:;i/  . No dorg to tove^ none to karess,    -      *���������_       -1  r   . vHow canfFev,<?r3my sadness eksprcss ? /���������/!/ ^ / v;;  Chunck lis .defunct; ded as a nale,    '  i   ,     -     *i  Hushed i3 his"barkl'n, and still Is his tale; y.   '  Oh, such a falo, white/on the. end^?'/,!      : ,   ',.  ; Opht did lie chase it with wiggle and^bendyy-^/y  ..:. Chase it with hope, twisting, around,      ���������   A  ! TilLpv^rcuni lie rr:posed;Oh;tlie^ ground. .        -*: ,,  ;Nowbo's-ekstinet, dedas anals, ���������  - r/ \ ;V.*v:;���������!��������� *  Where anVIiis bark and tlie wag of bis'tale?;1    ,  ��������� . A , indrearas albne, pooriChnnckl see,: /..   . ' .  Swigging bis jnilk or else scratching a flea,'   ���������   '/ yA  *TU but a dr&um, waking Iweop,   ���������.: <  i :.:,'���������.";For under 2 feet of ground does ho sleep.,  ���������.,-.   -Oh,,'blissful purp, onst full.of 'pla, ���������' -  .-, -  Haven't'! fed you day after.day.?.A\ yA .;,     y,-:,y  AA ���������"������������������ Given you milk-, given yon /bread; '^ c ���������������������������*;. /  ;Givenyou^naani a pal on tlie bead f ?        -     *,-  Now-you^re ekstinct^ ded as a rialej s*    '       -r ";/ > \ >..  /Were unithe. bark !and the.\i^g ofyour talq? -yA  ' Nodorg tolttV,/nun to J������iressv  v? i,t< .   ���������'   ���������  .<     '*���������:��������� Vonely Lstrive. the sad tears to repress, '������������������        ������������������ , .*-,  ������������������**.'-.       *5Why did ytftlle?*' sadli I mbno, ��������� /     '      ,-.r.:  Was it from plzcn or swnllowlnu- bone ?   ' .//.;: v.  '. ; No waggin. tale,' no beamjn eye, -A  -/  Ansers the question, or gives a repiij, -fe  -        ' Was it a flt-rrstoppn jo ofy bretli���������     ,   s ���������-.;������������������������  ���������.,'-.-;���������r Eat in2 much: the sad eausfcof your,deth.?;���������/  i  Still not a wordy ded as a nhle;        >     *  ;.'-'* ;inm/is-his eye, stilled! forever his tale. / < ���������      .fifiy  ;':.. V-.v  *//;?..  :  ���������!"A"Rough E^feMooN^-^A  tin athlotic-**young' ���������farmer;?  */'   -���������'  short tinio,, since  ......  ...___.���������..;,^ _. .w ...   .... ^^jp^ho'^tQAynfco^  Waynesl^ro^toolca, fair youxrg girV'all bathed :in!6lushes^3i^onrhere parents, and' started!  Cd������!the*tora^  ���������-,.       te Wo mattie^ wl^ ybei  *!f   'performed without a.license. v The happy^pair  -      : ^eToacWmp sister of; tlie gMJJT  tallpgatinit; iharp-featured %femalo.. of ��������� some  v i  ':^ thii'ty^soven^ sunimers.,/ !Tbe pair .crossed ?the  ! .i:i-ver,-!\^ere^'marrle'd;. and returned to TifGiles-,  "''.������������������,?:,^^J^tA���������:paM^ffil^night,-  People4 at the,hotel  Vwhere* tW'^^  4;hat^tbey /conducted themselves in !rather/a  ; ypeculiar manj4er- yThe1 husband would take  A    A ^Js sisteryntla^m^iTem^  ,V   parloran^  ^wildly alHhe 'while..,' Then * fheK tall! female  < y ;woulu^u^!ber|j^  ���������\     In ari angry.vlan^-'e'xcited^fnann'er;   Then the  ^busband; would^ie/rbiS; fai^^ungbrideanta  a corner^but������e!would no sooner cbmmence  talking to'ber^than the gaunt -sister would run  in between them, an^i angrily join in" the cpiii-  versatiqn. ! Tbe/jieople at the hptel.-ascertain-,  ,      fied what this^meant/aboutrnine! o'clock/,that  evening. /There was an1 uproar in the jobin  which:had been assigned^tp the! newly/marri-  y.yA rod cduple.  "Female shrieks 'and! masculine  never /grasped A that;} actorte* sbpnldeft: ��������� after-  warfls^ //Agfritii M^9rea^yj riey^hesltaited/in  spoilihganother actors poinfeiso tba^tbenjade  li is own; When^ he was on ibe stage ho one *a  Interests were^to conflict witb his;: ��������� ��������� He had  rej^atedly n^a^d;U^ntended!hmls:of a ceiv  tain/actor^ wbb* determined to have ^revenge,  and ; he had, it in/ this way : Macready was  playingjMacTblBth^^wlien he Commenced > the  solildquy^ J is this'a dagger I see b efore me V  tlxe^ihjur/ea / actor, Jwhoi had ascended to the  'flies,' dropped down before;-his face an enormous German sausage transfixed with a  skewers ' Thereader may imagine the roars  of the audience,/ and^ the rag^>/of the Thane  of Cawdor;   ^    "  -rr :y"r/''. -fi--' yix"''r y .;  QUESWELMOUTH ADTBBTISEMENTS.,  !     COLONIAL RESTAURANT-  or , QU35SNELMOUTH, .    .!  ,''>'���������    P. L. JOHNSON, PKOPKIETORi    -v   : V  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best  h fi' '/ ��������� - .     . description fi A.-     .;;'. / s ��������� AAA.  VICTORIA: ? AB VEROMSiEMENTS  !LlLLO0ET!!ADyEIiflSEMENTS.  :pr  ������V  r  Tt  LILLOOET    MILLS^  l^D>=    <. >     QUESNELMOUTH/  t -;   BED W ;*; GILLIS;s PnomETORs.!     :  Good 15eds \ Kestaurarit; /Biilia^TablejV &e.  v*      ;'!   Stabling Ibr Horses, Hay;and^Oats. (      s  '  L O N;D OrN ,H O TJ s E  -/-;;;--^GOVEKl^IMv^!E^;-;"^Ci^ ;: /���������  j-H  TURNER &GO.  y Heceive regular supplies by Express via Panama and "9(1  ;by filing vessels via Cape Horn^y.t-J." /���������;/,':':; -^ tsff  - 4CS* Particular; Attention"givou "to all ordered^ * "!  ���������"���������'London;Firm-^-iJ^^P; Tunstali;& Co^".-���������*������������������''���������/u  rpHE UNOERSreNED are how rnaun^uriESFLOUR  ,Xi of/ nil grades: Extra, Superfine and'Fine^ 'Feed  Crushed to order.       ��������� -    " '-;   .-*���������/:'  " ���������;  :;��������� ���������;''���������:��������� ���������"',    >;:...������������������ -,"',-<?LILLOOET FLOUR;M1LL!COL;' ,.' . ;  ': -J-Sy ' 'T'A'//     ' .. , F;������ W.f Fostkr,; Agent.  Ayy;     EDWIN ; TYNiQN,    i?      .-  TiEALER IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HA5S^AND  iLf,, Caps, >Boots and Shoes,  Carpotings, / ������il '.eiothsj  Wallpaper; :&c,:>; Lilio������e^vB^ Gfifiy.  1-s;  " GIROD ������ GUICHON,;     -. '.'  ���������'������ ,        Old Sstablishu}  General. Stork, tfi' ,..  PROYISIONS,��������� ^VHOLESAIiE &/ GOIVIMIS^  'f ?j%-^ ^: SIpXrMPftQH^I$,:;:,'v ^u^  ; Storage, &o.���������Terms most' Moderate.  /."���������,  QUESNELMOUTH.   ...    ���������/    ,s     A;  p:*A7^ W&  WHOlSESALE iNoSRETllL MERCHANT^,  ''-"--'  Afi.fi   A ;OT������SNELMpUTH,:!^1! ���������'' .-^'fiL^y  Dealers in. provisions; LiqudrsJ; Tobacco; !^c!  A good selection.of: Liquors always on hand,    lm  i fi yfiA  ; ESTABLISiJEDr 1,8������, y,y ^  :iTTILLIAM ZBrMiE^^^a^^^DRDias, ;ir������v S  > *> ? ;b cinks and Chemicals^ 'Fancy ������nd.Toilet ArtlcioJ m  Sponges,: /Brushesi >Pcrfumery������ &c; ;;������������������ Physicians' j������fe| fe  scriptibns Cfjwfullyicompounded/and]orders an������w<rei| *������  with/care and! dispatch. .Victoria. V: I...;;';::. *.. , f s   H&m  :BAT-TRIGI^S/ ���������ORNER;  ROAD SIDEJIOUSBS^&c.  !   LILLOOET .  *TAOOB ; MrLTZ/'FroprfeBril'tfasr aYways'= on  CrUiaiid; a ;iarge hh'df superior: s^lc;������bfgCiagbr;Beer^at^  the Bar/will .be found:.- the:- b est ������Brn nd'i'es,'; Wiiies and  Segars/j ��������� the public are .invited tolcull. f Prepared to HU  all; orders promptly.v  _ ,    -'. ,:*.*.. .        ,      1-s  QPEBM^A^T y and:: MoKENZlE^Pr oprietbrs^  O; rThis: House is well fitted up wi th /Qood Bods '/and  .the Bar is iurriished with the. best Liquors;/ Meals are  'serypd^at/all hours on''"'  blihg for/Horses  J::-'B, BOBEBTSGNyWirio and Spirit Met- &BW$  _ i,charit,;^ctdria-Vi;feo yyfip..::t;A,;,y"{% gg|  -,,ri      BOpTSSvBOdTS!!.;;,   ���������    ���������:   ,.^H  ISAiSfi = ������AM! ' How Is It your Boors'wpnr so W i^p  .: d'nSrkeep' your feet so dry,? .Because^.-I?purcbA8u of' If^B  Gbarrtiy/ anil; Butler, Government Stroet; Yictoria. ���������[ l^^m  :-T;A^;,&c!CO.|,: ^^^e^^yictoriaj fV;:I;���������/ if rtifrM' "  t) L Garden, and,Field Sseds guaranteed. ^Haye on hand '���������.;$%&  j -A ! :BOYD_;;& HEATH, Proprietors;,    ^  rrHI^EbuSE l^i^aXel/^^lclirom (^esneamoutiv'  - ;L5Theipropriotorsr.having lately fitted- up bedrooms  and good Bed's 'are^ 'nbwTprepared to!aflprd: every nccom^  _ mpdatiqp ;for Travellers:; '/the/Table: is Turn ished with .all  the luxuries that can be -prqepred-;'- the Bar, is well supplied w ith the best brands/of ^Liquors end SegHrs ��������� good  Stabling,; Hay, Oats and Barlsy^^-'j|)^-The;C������L^^iSX  House oil the Koad.    .*-Vv-:r:*-&*\ny* *���������"'**���������. i;" '   -������lis*-:i-  eurs on .the Restaurant principle;, Sta-  ?s,-Horeb-Peedj-&c^.v^^}-5'r:;:'     A'":l-sA  Ai  Pioneer HoiL^--^illo0^  JplHABIiES'N^mNil^oi^O^y :'lT^kM  Al/^established House is well fitted up for the-'comfort  of "Travellers'; ��������� the^ablb^is^suppu'eavwitli thefbest^of  every thing^thatfean. be bad\J a iid: the/^co^king-ra'iiiotiih^/  ferior.to the best hotel in the*loweivcpuntry,; Bedrooms  for Families y /Stabling for Horses'j'' Hoi se Feed,' &c.  TheExpross stops here;'-si V    '' '-���������--.��������� s*e- ^     .^.^-t,, >���������������-*; *  ���������jfc;--  l^s  /",!, MciiEESE;& SENNY^ Proprietors^^ W  THE PUBLIC iARE vINVITED; < TO;; CALL AT THIS^  ���������; House. i'.-Th ere, is Good/Meals; Good Beds j iStahl ing;/  for Horses;. Bjirley,/ Oats and Hay.   ..".$ /.";' y   .f ,i-s ..-f  E.  BRODEJCK, Coal > and Produoe De alee/  a  ?M?m  ��������� autl; Barjejrof tho-!, ^^  ."Nana iiho,' Em- '' '^^^  Unioii jWharf^-v Victoria^ j������;i I^will  attention;'  Orders sent to  receive? immeti tate ���������' :ftI8^  /vPOTfl^OT^AS! ApyERTISfe^rENtS.'  ^swettrs' started; t}M! people "in! the botel^nd!  , ^beyjmsbed to the spot.    The gaunt female/;  ���������vivas pressing against the door of the rooni,/  ���������': aiid the^ewl^jn^rried inan mbsl^iindres^sed;  ������5^as bairing berzbUt; witb all /his ;mi^it^? / Ocr^  ��������� casidiiany^ho/wouiid; kick thoJidqor open iar  enougfi to/disclose ^the stalwart husband, in his  /.gentlemanly GTeelc slaVe apparel. ' yfi  It appears ^tbat the talltemale insisted ^lpon!  .:.: occupying the same bed with tbe newly!mai^  lied pair, that her sister>Tyas- favofably/disposed to"tiie'arrangemerit, /jindthafci the husband hafttagreed 'to ! iRfibefbre ; the wedding  took piace^ and/ now^Si^nantjy^repudiated  5'thecontract:\\:   "^< A''   J', *".'   '���������    IV   /- "  ,::."'" Won't you; go^ away!jiow^ Susa^?^v said  ..the newly tomed/ma^aoi^ /,..:,  ''" No," said/she, '*-l won/t so: there Vy    -fi ' :���������  : fi' Don^t ybif budge an! iiich;'J Scried the mar-'  "ricd sister within the rboni? y [ / A  : <rNow^^owf Mariaf^jsaid::^  to his wife in a piteous";tone.!^d6n?t go !������o  /,   IVIAGDONALP^S    HOTELS  T^i^^MjfeDoi^^ d  ';:-,Vt .others destined for1 the^ridge Biyfir Mines ^yill  .find every ^convenience andv:accomhioda|.ion,> afforded  themV^/^d^BbdSrtand^a;Table well suited with^aU  the dejicacies of the season. _r: -   -������    - <{ ; - 1-s ,���������  :-'jp1 :- iBAGIG^AljUPEj ^DsncHAkr A^sn^Pickicit^lJo-;  ���������mJj3f,9 i.tween DougJas an^--Jjillopet.'^.v^^waysbh.handa  good stock:of Provisions, &c^ A   ������������������    ..:--;!       l-2m:J?  rJLf,- SSIITH &^C0.5 J^roprietOrsi/^This ^Hbuse:-is:  well. fitted:up.for, the: accommodationi'of ^Travel^  lers to the/Bridge.River'.Jiincs.'. Go6'dlBeds]VSt^bling;  for Horses' Horse Feed; 6cc./: ,^A Stage; runs twice a week  between this.:house ���������a.nd;,Pdrt Douglas on/the arrival of  thc,stearaers;irom below and7 connects "ttiitJi tho Xafco  Boats;ibr/,Lilloo;ct2. i./, ....'���������'' ���������//-,:' - :/;Vv;-v;;1-r4-:;;v/i>S:;r;:1;  IS: OPE1^^0^HP^;;A(^OMMXWDATION;-OF 7vTHEi  Travelling>;pn)ilte ,^'re- spacious .and  airy and' the.Be'd/s cannot ^bejsurpas'sod for Cleanliness  and comfort by" any in the lower countrj'* - the tRible'is  always supplied'With ;the)bes t'.^f victualsi '& I Stabling  for,Horses;, Hay,vOats and Barley constantly:on hand.^  Af\^Nm^^O^^  JLteis furnished wUh every convehiehce/ for'the' cpnii  .fpi-tvof-Travellers;:the Culihary^epartnient::is'iinder!  the superintende'neo/of an experiehced cook; /the Beds ]  are clean and comforta bib:^ the .Bar contains the -best J  of Liquors,'Segars," &c.    Stabling, Hay, Barley & Oats.  uhibia, including views of the rbnte to Big Bend, always  on hand'at liberal rates. *"-, ���������  -      ,   ,  ,.     / / *������������������ vl-s  ���������������������������-.>;���������  Hi  hy-.-^y-'ry  HIBBEK- ^^OAiRSWELXv Bnporting Bobk^  SELLERS &-STATIONERS,-constantly supplied /irid ,,,-.,y-^  'receiving irom b/est/sburces, School,/StandardjHaud Mi8^ WS&  cellaneoUs Bobks,;and.' Staple an]? Fancy-Siationory.. in  and  ������^  .streets,. mm  ;*. ���������'! #.'IWHEAE^ TiiLo^^o^FJTTEB^"Fort Street,   ^Uft  all its Branchesi' *��������� Corner"^ Yates  ^iptoria, yancouver Island; > -  fel^  Victoria, V. L, opposite Bee Hire Hotel, wbtTeho   M0  /.���������i%^7!>:������  season ;ofi-thi),r :g������^  ' '<m&' ���������  is; prepared to supply.his numerous, pn irons wl  requisite for!Clothihg*suitaibl6 for every seasc  year.i -^  ->J>>������������������'?'i::. A^> -./ - : &:?-./.j-^ ;"'r-?-"A  ^HOMAS "WlLSpN*r GO:^ Importers ?6fv EnV  rn^Am  ���������cuttin^ up;in thisi! way!rnbw dbri^i;V  .*' I'll cut lip as; muct as!. ���������:I ;��������� waiiter! I J??; shb  'sfiarply, replied.. ';;' .;'-!; v ��������� ��������� ���������' -' . ^*\t - . /'  , well,'^ roared the;desporate/man,'throWt  ���������* the !;dbqr "wide;;open.! arid ^stalking ';��������� but  mg  ���������  among the crowd;;': jest you twb,:!wbmen':^t  on your! duds and go! n^h t straight- b o^p^a&sU  ^rfn^-]bj������ek*the'\bld!';?m  your grandfathbr* who is! nigh on:tb a hundred  b ring ?em al 1 he re and^Pl 1 inaiTy the who le  co in b oodle of ?em an d we['11 ail sleep toge ther.'7  The difficulty was finally adjusted by the  tall female taking a room.   Wjellesviile is en:  joyi43g itself over the sensation.  Serving out an AcTpB.-tIt was on tho Bristol stage that the eminent'tragedian, Macready,  commenced playing those despotic pranks  which ever afterwards made him so unpopu-  larjambng his brethren of the boards.    I recollect several.instances of these.   In piie of  his parte-rl forget which~-Mr. Macready was  in ������ne habit o/yiolently grasping the shoulder  of another actor named Barton. ' Mr. Carton  at last ventured to remonstrate with him. Mr.  Macready. muttered something about 'ho didn't  know what he was doing in the passion of the  in omenta and surly walked away.    But on  that very evening he repeated the grievance.  The next day, Barton got hi^,��������� wife to sew a  pincushion inside the shoulder of his coat-  sleeve, with plenty of pins in it, stuck up^por-  cupine fashion,  the points; ihe wrong way.  Tho play was repeated.   At the usual  crisis  Macready was as. energetic as ever.   Down  came his hand with great violence on Mr. Barton's shoulder,. and the great tragedian felt  move than 'the pricking of his thumbs,' for  when he removed his hand (which he did not,  spite of the torture,.until the part rendered it  necessary) his palm was bloody and iore. He  ip^!^STMIi^TER ^v^ETISJB3pOTS  ���������':;' :���������'    H i C K'S   ,H OT^tr1-^'  m^TirrON SQUARE, ISFeVWesiminste^riB C.  ���������������j now,occupiedvby ;"\y. E. STEIN:?'��������� /The'above fav-  ���������<?l*b.^ known liouso is now oi>un to tlie public; 'the Bar  is constantly...;:supplied/ with the choicest 'brands of  ���������Liquors/and'Segars.*; i -.. "������������������ ���������'������������������   ---' 4AAAAA''iA*AAy-'-'s'!'':-~  C^BpbN.r&..C<X,' Bealers im Books, Stationebv,  ':^bisic:and Musical InstrumentsV NEWS' AGENTS,  tfer, Columbia Street; New Westminster. AA::^' ������   ���������:-'  fi; fi   BLUE;: TjENT,!;RAN.pH^>t:f'\4  WW:: BOfiiipEI^Oiyi: begs<: ^; infbrm{his,friends  aiid the, travelling: public generally, th at -he has ���������  taken; tlie above Ranch and is prepared to supply them'  with First;Class' AccdrhmodatiotL; Good Stabling for  horses;. Hay arid Graim-Y^kAA-i^ \'y������d" A'Ayy -i-s:v  iT  ���������r.-.^tf  m  ^^ll;I;;MIIiE HOTJSEv [fi;]  ������--HANSOK,-::���������/: : /^.'AI'McLeanv'������  -Proprietor, -���������.-.���������     -Agent;  THIS HOTEL IS LARGE AN0' WE^'PITTTSD 'tJP  for the,comfort of travelers; the Table isrsupplidd"  with the best of everything that pan be prociird,- and-  the cpoking is not/inferior to any on tbe road; BodroomS  for families; Stabling, Hay,/Barley.and Oats.V  1-s-'  HOTEL, BE FRANCE, Victoria, y.! I.i Jo  . Bigne and PJEBRErSlA������ciET,/l?rop'riotora.,;"T^  Kiurarit/is suppliodLWltavsll titiffJ delicacies -thSS.-'ma'  atibrdsoyf In- the/Bar will be found tho choicest LiQi7<  Furnished Booms, &c.?  2    (fcf /.- .  :-Ay-->:������y'rfi<Sl.  E^~TJGENE THOMiB;;- Ya^tes stree^^etoria^  ������Wholesale and Retail Dealer;In WINES, BRANDIBS  J3EERS,--and,LIQUORS,and -depot: of Havana Segars..  Goods, forwarded to the fining Districts.   .;/, ' ? r .i-s .  :-A f:< FBANKEL, Victoria,;: V; I., Dealer in Furs,  [Jfxm Ski.vs,; Hides; w66ti!&c; *?. Liberal advances' Inade  on Furs consigned J :Refereriee-i.G. SutroAs Go.V Spor:  ^drg & Ruelf, Victoria, V; 1- y^A.- ���������'-;.;:���������> ������������������yAy.'yl^A  Published cverv  Colixmraan  [ished every Wednesday and Sathhla^' at the!-;'!  ���������... publishing offlcp,'. New Westminster.   - /   '!,'-.  THE BRITISH'COLUMBIAN is the oldest newspaper  , published,in:this colony, and basa largerlcircula-  tion therein than any other. Its columns are regularly:  supplied with full telegraphic jk������W from all parts of  the world, while it cou tains - a fai thful record of: local  events    '   *  -.������:���������.-83 MILE HOUSEV.  A' LBERT GRtSLER has opened the above Hoiisc'for  ioL- the'reception of Travellers; the! Table is well kept  and the Liquors. 'ca nnot bo surpassed.; tlie Bedsi are  jelean and comfortable.   S tabling -for Horses^ Hay and  S^pM^A^y:-^;^.^.:-^: l-f 'A'^A.:.,..,,.. ���������- A-- - -���������������������������y^^r-^^^^  M RS; HEINy Miiaiseb & DitEssMAkKR; Govern:  .IU .ment Streot, Victoria,'V;L',? All kinds of Millinery  of the; latest style: kept constantly.on hand.':  Orders  y*yvfi;  yyy  mm  . y:y  from the. country punctually, at tended to.  1-s  pETER   McQUADE,  Bbip^Charidley   and  ���������X -, .dealer in Pain ts, Oiis, and Window Glass:'' Always  dri; hand-r:a largo stock of Rope arid Canvsss. ���������:' Wharf-  Street,.Victoria,/Y:;tfifii',.-,'...:. ���������.!-,,'*!>' /���������;Afi).���������;��������� \\,^3m������������������-.-/"  , yy,^  this  tions,  of   ,^Qly  For terms; &c, sec Express Agent?.    .  - robson & McMillan,;  V --,.';'.'.   ���������   . PublishersAcPropriotorsi  MALL ANDAINE, COLLECTOR &G ENERAIi AGENT.  , Government street, Victoria, Vancouver Island���������  INFORMATION  WANTED  AS TO THE PLACE OF RESIDENCE of Alexaxdbh-  . Hahvr McNabb, from'Nerval, C. "VV., when'last  heard from was at Lillooet about to cross the mountains  East. Parties, who can give in fori nation will, please  .comiriunicate with John McNabb, Eso.; Toronto, C. W.,  or Mr. J. H. Wright, Williams Creek, 'if. tho said A.  H. McNabb applies-to Mr. Wright he will hear of something to; his aa vantage. ���������     1-lm:  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  Cards,  Bill Heads,  Circulars,  Posters  and  Pro^amme^for Balls and Tbeatrioal  - ' ���������-_.. .'Entertainments,  Biaecuted with Neatness and Dispatch at thia Office.  '    4������* Terms Moderate.-������a  TAMES HUKOTT, Proprietor. This commodi-'-  tlous Hotel is well fitted uj) with overy convenience  for the comfort of the public; the Beds are ail that*a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied with  the best of fare; the Bar contains tlie choicest brands  ;of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Peed, Oats,  Barley, &c. .      ,.,....    .... .    .      ;  1-s   ���������  FOUNTAIN    HOUSE,  LORENZO L3EARTO, Proprietor. This liouBo  afibrds every accommodation /for Urn comfort of  Travellers; tho Tabic is furnished with all the delicacies  of the season, and the Bar is stocked with tho choicest  of Wines,.Brandies &Sogars; good stabling for horses;;  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly oh hand at low rates, j  No wJy milled 1'lour for sale cheap.   ��������� /.1-s    I  The  Bonaparte JHonse;:  SEMLEN & PABItE, Proprietorss at' tlie  Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is  now open lor the accommodation of tho public. Distance -from Clinton, 26 miles;, from SavanasSteamboat  Landing, 22 mflcs; from Sponce's Bridge, 30 jmics.  Travellers will find prices and- accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bend and vale,.and once a week fur Cariboo      l*s  O; ON &c O O., Importers and Dealers in all  kinds of Chinese Goods and Provisions, ORice, Su-  'eas, &c.. "^ l���������"*-"--A -������'���������-.������.  Victoria, V. I..  gar, Te������is, &c., Cormorant Street/ west of Government,  Ay Chin K^T,'ilanagc>.  WATSON, Watchmaker,  Jeweler  and Engraver, Yates street, above Government street, Victoria, V. L     .      !' .   1-s  w MURRAY, GnocEHa, Provision,  jrit Merchants, Bakers & Confectioners,  fpri", V. I.  .' ;  1-s  :SFr??R ������ *^EKr, Commission' M;er-  kJ CHANTS, Wholesale .Dealers in [Grookjuesj Paovi-  sipssy Books & Shoes, Wharf streot, VictorJvy. h  l*s  RELI,Ey;& FITERRE, Importersi& Whole-  -I- iS16 2?a,lers ?������' Wines, Spirits aiid Xiquors,  Victoria, V. I. /'.--"   , x-n  ��������� '���������.���������,-'��������� : -^���������;���������  .'.  ���������   ���������...-������������������ ;/i,', ,  f- ���������������������������������������������;��������� ��������� ���������   -,������������������  S PRO AT & CO., (late Anderson & Co; JlMPOBTfeFS  and Coiuussioff MEKouAKrdj Store Street, yjotoria,  y������   I- ... .-    . ...... ^ \pS.y_;  SUTR'O, &  CO.7" IMPORTEHs"^AND^DiALER8'��������� ^ ���������  CIGARS, TOBACCO, Mecrshaum Pipes; &o., S E.  corner of rates and Wharf istreet, Victoria.- '���������   - ������  \  ' ; MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.        .  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  Sponce's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Boute,  Trave.UcrswJIl find Good Accommodation.   The bestof  B.  ner  HAQQ-I3N, PuvsixjJAN & Sorojeck, near Cprr  of Yates and Government'8ts.^'Victoria, V. L .  living; of Liquors,' and of Wines  and Vegetable.   Good Stabling a  PIERCE & SEYMOUR, dealers in Bedpiso &  FntFiTUttE, Broad Street, Victoria, Y.I.        l-s  riXlRE & G-RANCINI, Hardware &-Cmc������br*.  V Merchants, Wharf Street, Victoria, v-I;    !  Vs  Fresh Butter, Milk   TTENDERSON and BURNABT,  nd cheap feed.    |.s j IX Waarf street, Victoria, V, 1. .  Merchant?,  ���������    1-s  fi'Afi  y.ym  %yA-  f-r'  l AM  AA  ���������.���������A#'.  c Ay ' j,v:?-i.i-  ^V-i.'.-i.rj"j-ijl-j  _/0v;  BANK  ������:-H..ff '^*  [er-  it ^ p.;  A.  fc<Sffi������OTh  r^i:~~~  j, ^  mr  mm  ���������,v. ^^-h/'i^c^^^^and;^ r ,  ^V*5?he/g61d ^i^^^ma^nia^?a^^eal!^^  -    'tabst delicate Inatrum^^  ;/volrin^^  Eaglandvand 4he! public it/vfca&ubeea; found  ;=iifchat .the, ireighinjijifiiffi Lad .been-a  : ,   most tedious and^il^OuSprpe  "',"-'���������.' t������e!Bank ano! ������tie ffi tlo  minute j for$fro sWereighs being first accur-;  ately weigheij^alljftjhfe^rest 'are.;weighed in;  ''groups of 206^^The|Mintfofficerii are allowed  ^ deviatioc6������!^|^in1^i|p about fifty sover-^  eigas ; but tbey^enefajly ygprk within half of  this amouht'fioMr^c^f^^if- the groupsAot  ! !:������ovei^jigi^!are^c6rTje.0t; wHhia: Jthe prescribed;  1  ��������� limits"no closer weighing$s~a&l>ptc<L / In; the.  "{ transactions ,betweenithe"B^tik arid������therpui>-  .a--; i  'Ot.  ' ?>/%  ''/���������*--'r  ��������� my,  1 ^-t'i -  -������ '  if his';ipvereign'is light^Bro^ii ?ias a correct  ^onei and1 Jones a heavy one; so that there-  ��������� :ifore-the Bank is just in^ ther jag^ga^/^ ]feh  |i..iPiife;deniands that JiisJaave^ of  I ^prpper;.-^weight. > Hence arises an! inaportant  3>ttrt4>f theV daily routine "at^he" Bank.    |M������  ' / Cotton/!w?ei;'. fe^t^tfe^WC^tton-- of his beautiful macbine! by. observing, the   injustice;  9v&ict on^ts ;eustp(mers|' Sovereigns which^tfere  * issued, from: psM^p^^l^^^B^ii^being?  ;;-pfrfui^  f   ter asibeingMight*a Thescales may nothave'  t -Ifeenjequally!^^  ,;-,.pn.the^part.of the ,.weighjers^jimay not^nave  ^$W,!^1s^ /^K^iot  - 'thercurious '-iilfistratleir^f^#������wfiidttcxpaii;aU  ^l>buV700 sovereign* V  ^balance ^but the agita^ir^i^tlie^air by the  sudden opening'of a /door } the breathing! of  persons/nearihe,apparajusy the fatigued state  ,   A Sporting'^n Used Up.-���������On the Boston  express trainmpSfevf,i^kthe^hereyehing  \VArti hnriiJ'kr*Ai*tinJhr". wioiv^ftinm' ilitf:^OihK *?T^hV  jpe r!tingj!nien] from /the^bub',  we re twfl * spo ri-in ^:. ������* y ���������������*.- *������������,*** e ���������.-**y^. .^a������ u, */,_.,  !as/ th^.'cars started from the/depot'iriihis city}  made a great; disturbancei concerningi a seat  inthe:;Car wm^rth^^oceli  many' ladies and^ c'ausingVmiieh excitement,  ^e^t^in w^jSjiojppM  street, and the roughs'were invited to/get oif'  This they refused - to do, an d officers Ilyah;  Darling and-Grane being near by and/hearing  thV-loud -talk; proceeiied %6 rehaer ihe passengers assistance^ i iOffieer; ORyan entered the car  firs^ when he was immediately confronted by  pne/of' th^spprts^T^o'dre^dff ^d) stnke him^  iibt knowitig; the"1 man he /hpMT fprdeal withf  The officer parried tHe/?ble wj arid sent, one in  retutri;Mhfcti^ompletely demo^bea^  io w, and he became as docile as a-1 amb ,ii j He  was removed4p: the station houses where he  anidouslyiihquiredwho'tbe man was that;hit  him.   SmfiGpiylesiMfptmed,hiw:Hi&iitwas5;a  ! little ^chap "they-Kep#for such occasions nam ed  ityan^^^vrfia*,1 i^he^^  Cobtirn; the fighter ??? aglked the representative  of the ^hu)^^ \^He/same^"'^^  *<W<sllj all I can say isJI'd rather have Seenan  hit me than have *im/7--^artf9ra'Gourant!?  &:fA--BomV;WtnCII,-H^S^BBEN; IN A VAULT.EOR A  Month ^Siiixi WABM^-Thex foliowing is uh^  ^pubte41ji one ������f .the vmos^ romarkaWe^ases  *thatwe haveTieaj^pf^luidW creating^ediisid-  era^ble ^excitement ampng^ipayties jW;lwJJiave  iwitnessed^whatiwe are! al^oututbi relate a Iph  the 5th of ^Pebraary- last, MichaeF King, laged'���������  about IT yiears^ was killed afe0aW^d,/$ybe;  ingstrac^ri; th^ !^  was! drawn; ftiom/Jthe' f grourid- !Ky tan unriily  liorse; Two^ Says -after'Hhe^M accident;  and when the body was!, about 'to be liuried^  !the! relatives'p  %viderit^sifns^ofiife; ahd^the body^^rembvt  ed to the house, where at was <kept^for several!  days. A report got into .circulation at the  time to the,eff������ct that the Kbdj^haS come, to  life.    Atter keeping the bp^y seyelralMays W  n  ,SEM:^^^^^^:^^^  OrFieti-  r^vv  -      ��������� BANKS. !LgPRESS^ fe   S  ^������������������:-h*y-  ���������AAA. '��������� Subserip^bri^  (Inclufling TOstTot/de^er^);^  READING    R*0O  4-  ������i;^^K-i^^|l^. w_w  x^J per month *;abdye;^;v^  baye l^eeu only lately addedtothe^ircuIatihKlJbrarv  rahJSihJ a^ e^^4 ^^-Wtibs-are solratea to  .,.,.. ,vL.jj,jj,^H,  II  '.���������BA!R'K!E!R:VI-L ib^V' u- -r -is*  ;-'- ''"J! v '/r ^.i^/Dr,^i \''l',:^,yt : Afi  ; .** ,/DEALfiii^iN'^ -*->, ,!.,-; Jt'*J'  y^y*?'  f s-J v;, i.,rf, victoria ;^^;Kim5idr^:"'tl^  i-7-51 rPBRITlSEl.e0LDMBl4ilJ^  NE^;WiSraiNSTE^mi^]tol^ ,--  ;.,-'.: -��������� -^H^f.-/;������:���������- *  ^vAKIBOOi;/ ,, H .-o ;, .        ,>T?  ^#-:|^i;IN:;OT -.  M.,v; SAjr>;BA|fCISCO, ^RTLAND,^^  I,^.;>.,.v,;?^oder^h,:Stmtford,-ricton^  v-'-I ^!-^ ^Sm������% St^Calherines.;^ -'ef / -,.  ���������   >' rfortheBankofJMonlrcaL^/?  I  v'i'dS"  Sa;  ^u^Eifl^^/^^^^]^^  ':; t! NF^y^EK^USE/^-/^;';"/; j .^  ;���������.���������"   ' '���������' jalso;;   ��������� >��������� > -:  8\f/A.t^6'Ki'Eifi;y^  of the hand and eye *6f the Weigher, all lead was iremovad - to the lower" graveyardt and  ^to minute errors, b _-.;:; placed ia a mm\^ whereit now; is? aiid-it has  body re|a������iff ff&aturai' appeararice^ana! is  limber;and*!warm after beirigi^ihe graveyard  pne month.; /We have heard - no reason assign^  ed fotA this ?w^ndeifu^<phen6B^on^-^Louis-  ville ^Democrat/ March 9th. ^ ������������������>&& A.  P**9#U  Mr. Oo${(bnThavirij������ Set^Ain^ online plan  ���������of a machirie \ytioh; smiuld be quicker, easier,  /Und more exact !Hian/ the Ordinary ^ldbal-  ance, procured theiseryicescbfiMr,! Napier \ to  ���������piij; his viewai intoi a! practical! form, and!the  fres^lt 5al entirely satis factory, '������* Tbfi machine  is: deIie^te,^i^t^an^4ighC ^-There is, in the  -first place, a small vertical jtube,:in which "a  lpile oftwenty/ or thlrtyUovefeigris is placed,  in single column.   The lowermost sovereign  | ^sts/uppn;a TnovoftbJe pfctedf when| a./haridle  ^s turned by "the 'aitendaht Ithe' "plat^* %6.ves  ;0N EmhAXDJTRVMXK OF BRrTISH COLOTBIA,  >.\i   y -v- . '    ';': Head Office, Lombard "St.? London.  silfiyAj,. yni*-m������fi, W* '������������������'���������;'*���������>;: AAA-y $sj&?(f -  ;.^Ct^ET^ACCOUXTS: opened; ibr any; amount not  /vBills^Discountffd and:Coliected;?and BillscnExchahpe  I oa'Great; Bdtamr/San Francisco; and ? New^^ork^/pwN  /chased./ V,    fi-.Al.yy'j] :..-,,] ���������"'!���������., (y..,/,/,/;/;;.,!/ '���������-���������  1 H!Govenirnent and:6thcr/ Securities' reccived/'forjeare,  rcustoWj^Interests^ahd-' Diyidends^coH^tey^^*;^:-./  '^^vKeceiyed on Bcposit^pr/AdrancesMde upon them.  r  ^C^'DrafMtSandvA^^  y_ - ."    i ^ ������ -Axn^. f    .. tv.-������   -. -.,;���������>. p v,-ores of Wery������crip^oiiWrSB^Sm^^  :r!E^g^^tJ''fe^M  .bar EE-iTy i E;L ii;;  G O^ -^PnoraiBTOBsi  Meajs^ ready at! al j !hpu)Sr 1  ^THB./BAPC <>F  'I;.tf#'<?i{V,  ���������<;'.., .���������  i/p-ther pusher strikes:tbeisovfereign on:a.differ-  |������ent side and ^drives it into "another- box.    As  |the,;handle jis lfcpntipued^^a^mptipn^twp ;or  |4iireesoyereigns !maycb!e ^n^dififeren t ��������� stages; of  ^the weighing process at the samef������= time.;li- '��������� j  35   As the Bank of England does not take cog-  izance^/o.fl.^old codn IwhieWar������ -too heajry  ^perhaps the Mint authorities do.n^t^ive them  ' iccasipa forjrfo doing) ihe [iaphl^^HeypW  eperafes>6vfereigns into two^grdiips/&* r%U  ?and the light; and although its precision lis  ^ost/exquisite; j^.does,not iaaieate by how  |nuch;tlie light sovereign te Seficleai    It, | is  Itherefore only by actual triaLthat Hie delicacy  [of the machine has been tested, if a difference  ^ Jfrf even- a hundredth' of a grain Existed bet-  :v3SlSi^een.the two sovereigns-it-is.-said..that this  AXA*&  '��������� yy':  - --ft  yM-  AA^imm  y y-y  {3;Popclar pAtLACT.-���������That out-doof, exercise  nefbre !breakfast is healthful. /-It is never so.  Andy Irom .-the very nature of rtBiz%8'7-is; hurt:  fulj especially!t6 persons of pbpr^alth!| although the /vigorous may practice at; with /impunity.   In winter the body is/easily! !chiiled  through unlesrthe stomach hasrbeen fortified  with a good warm, breakfast ;and; ie warm  weather ^miasmatic--aud malarious.^gases' and  emanations speedily abt upon: an empty stomach in a way !;tb vitiate: the circiilatipnp and  induce fever and: ague, diarrhoea^and: dysentery. /Entire families who have /arranged to  eat breakfast before leaving the house,'aadj  to take supper before sundown,, have -haft a  complete, exception  from ^feyes.-Vffidi^agueV  while the whole commu^ ��������� ;  suffering from it, from having neglS^S-ffiese *  precautions.//;^v1-';.-- ^     "'-'- ��������� - ���������&:- yA  f   NEUrELDER   &   CQ;9  ,,;,,  :x-fi       ������������������ ��������� ' ^RIOHFIEL'D,  /   ",V '  '* ' **  -   ��������� y ^ ���������    . PBALEBSflsf' ['r" ��������� V , !    s ' ' '��������� "  ^l^vlSI^, GrR(^^ &e  ;:;'���������'-.'��������� . Storage arid C6m^ssidiur;/'* -' V s-?:  Hea������ v<jjlmc& %i s������^;H6EK2i������-iXiM  t  ST;  ���������'j-f.>"5-t-,.-j.  COHEHfi&  ������������������:. r-':." -BBALERSIN  ��������� ;/, iJv: ���������bakee;r^ille^'������T^:;^  A large supply of h^^Qe^m^m^.  ;��������� * ��������� ,, Bank'can weigh all  M3ues.of.gold by ������iese means and have i*-  Zl?������Z%i^Px?*' Ofl0 6f *^se machines  ^n^i^^Sl- tem*S������ Between 18U  gggand 1848^ there were forty-eight million ffold  '.'  --nvAv.'^V-'i^.--  /���������"* -/  '!' Jj  , :' --!->i-f  k AiM  ^ndoubtin^rehsBc^dn the correctness'of the  nroem. Each aachine requires an K  |^aB?ng_onee a weete -They cost about������200  .each and, are said to Je tree,, ffoiu liability  * nnV18twft,DgTnt" ; B������iaes 'satisfying   the  ���������mS?* b85^and'*��������� Public' &��������������� ma-':  ihmes save ^l.OftQ %.,year to the- Bank  reighers-wages:-A.-"-:'r..HVv':;;;.".-; ;., y.  in  r*u<.$Hc?Mfornia.Cricket Club.has. invit  uring the comingrseason. '     .^ j  /IS^. ^������*ff yo������ ^ant good Cofifee use Fell^.   ���������'  L,    " >\v'^?-'''- ��������� '    ��������� ft .  ;;^.-i'-''-iiyii;ft- ��������� .      '  .mm  tixtt-    ��������� ...  :y  iyy.  A������btl��������� U.viverbal. Practice) of mixing Chicory' ��������� and  2m5T SSm?,I-UPb'^ Co?ee������ bis veiy much damag.'  edn public estimation, what ought to .be the most  delicious of Beverages.' So ���������effectually have "tiny-public  beea drugged with such mixtures that the true properties have been: ostealgia of;;,and manyrprefer a black  and thick inrusion to a drink rich in spirit.and aroma.  eenoral as;is the use of Coffee, it is little known.that  In condensing the vapors extracted from'the berry in  Toasting, a liquor is'- obtained: of the most nauseous  taste, andr of a scen^ tho most unbearable.    TJndor such  circumstances it ia eTidently important that all tho  gases/and fluidsi extracted by. roasting should be car^  tied off as quickly as possible, inorder to prevent their  returnmgngfiR to the Coffee, which, is the case in the  confined^cylinder.. .This object isjadmirablv accomplished by the new and patent "Conical Coffee 'Roaster"  as used by ^ELL&C0.i, Vlctoria,;In which the berry  ia directly exposed to the radiated heat, and the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously.    In addition to  the advantage to be derived by the rapid removal of  the;8team containing the objectionable properties, the  pure aroma of the Coffee is retained, the essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coffee is required to remain a much  longer time in consequence of the steaming it undergoes by^ the conQned.steam.   It is chemically impossible.to retain the qualities or arrest,the deterioration of  Coffee when ground.    Tlie heat engendered by the process of roasting, and especially of grinding/creates an  action in the elementarj^part&whioh'gmduaUy destroys  its fitness for drihk.     Bui io retain the tessential oil  which it contains we have it encased in tjns containing  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs.^ and .which;can. be had from any  of the rospactablo. dealers.    Wo can confidently recommend .those, who. have hitherto been obliged to re-  frain/rom .taking Coffee on account of its ill effects,  ,that they.may use bur Coffee,.'roasted in the Coniqal  Roaster, being recommended by all medical men under  whose notice, it has been brought, and by numerous  other testimonials in Its favor. PELL & CO.,  ;Coffee'Merchants, "tales stv, Vietoria.  BiRKBRVlCL^Aajoihing tho Express 6mco. {  SARKJERTiLLB.  *ir^DRAFTS ISSUEDvonvLondon, Kowyork,!-SanFraa-  Cisco,. .Caribopy Canada, New*3runswiclc,: Nova Scotia,  and on an /the Br anches df- ihe Natibtial. Bank-of! Soot* ?  land and^yincial^anknf/Ircland^^^^ -   ���������  Bills/of.Eacbliange^ and^Gold Prtrehased;  |! ;.. Interest on:-Spewal ;Dopcsi te of ;Moriey alio weft at the  rUte^aquarterof: one per cehfc^perimdnthri^^Ki/  * :<.A<.y~ j,..,. :..-������������������ i- ,.n-  . ���������-.���������-���������-. :;>���������- .-.-. ��������� ..   ..���������������������������' >.y\y''y'[  ��������� .:Gc������d Drs* if el ted <" and Assayed; and Jretnrni ;juad������  W4thin;2^h<mraJn:Goih..cr^ara.^;/.n ty\. U!;','.->-h:f-:'v'..-  i -. iOrcs ;of every; description carefully Assayed^:!;!:/!  .A. -N; B.~Ariy iristructions 'tie'to"the dlispos at of the proceeds cf Gold; :Dust. forwardea ��������� to, the offlce'in Tialorlft  ���������for Assay-will be' carefuliy.attended: to.:: \ - :^y;AA H ?  sAAAAAcA^-i v-rf' yy-Js ^SHEPHERD, Manager.  ;; Victoriaj:V.-L, April, I860.!    . .    j       .! J 1-s\yA'  -^���������i������������is=ra*in������i������������!������Bi������M������*iMi^^  WMH.a-wy.twi  B A R H A R D> S:  't yy  s^^^WCs^'^A^'^S}.'  M; J.; BLA���������EMAN,  BARKBRVILLE.  ..1  BARKERVILLE BREWERY^  Connecting at"TjiUooet; arid'iTale with DIETZ &  \ NELSON'S'for^ew WestmTnster &; Victoria, *  TTTILL;ARraVE; ANi>!DEPART from the office in  ' -Tr Barkerville, tocbhnect with the steamer '*Bn-  terprise5,' at .Quesnolmouth, and the STAGES-at Sod*  Crook, EVEKTf ,^VJEKK, conveying .Trkasueb, Letters and Valuables for all parts of the world. . Also,  Commissions-.received'and forwarded by Express for  the collection of Notes,5 Bills and the purchase of articles to be obtained, at Now "V^estmthster, Victoria, ;/San  Francisco or enroute, and returns made with dfcbatch.  " >   :J0HN B. LOVELL,  ;'l-s   :v''',/;f   v:;.-:'- ������������������;,--    ���������   Agent, Barkervilld.  J. B  -BREWERS  LEWIS  Boot and Sa.pe  fi'fi B^RiK^ItT&iiE!;  JAftflEs purdie; ;^  R.iaitrii:LD.  '������������������  l  HENRY   SCHORLINQ,  VAN-WINKLE, !'.  Deaierin all kinds of Provisions, Clotiling, &c;  $@T St-auling for Hor30s^ [ H^.y, Barley and Oats always cp-hand. r-      ;. A'  :'i**  Im^^       td;: Miners!  '*' "*  The undersigned is prepared to'"  CLEAN BL^.CK SAND,^ BLOWING^: im    yy:v: ;;pA^NiN(}g,!'^ ���������;,..,; ���������;:  On Commission, or will; purchaso any quantity on the  1 .���������������"���������',' Most LrBEBin-Terms, at the -:        *.;  j   Beading Bdoih, Gamerontoh,  Tlie Subscriber is well known on ��������� Williams Creek, and  from the' confidence reposed (in. hjm [ last; Fall in .tho  above -business,, ho hopes to. receive the patronage of  the/Mining community the ensuing season.  ; -������������������������.'���������' v   \*'-$r*"i"���������������������������������������������     :      ���������*- ��������� f   -rams n  JOHN BOWBON.  - .  notice, y  ���������'���������������������������- i ��������� ' ��������������� ���������"      ' ->��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� , -   > -'  ���������! * '-BIGBEND, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DOTING THE MINING^EASON the undesigned  will be.prepared, to execute Surveys and transact  a Genera! Agency Business, JOHN MORRt?,"  1-s  -'"Civil Engineer.  : ...,!:::������.  --., ���������,,"- ->.'   .yy.yA  yyy  ���������   : m  \.���������}::!������������������:).. V'S'j  ....���������!*���������&   \y,y  ��������� '��������� ���������: yy   Wwi  ������������������ .:'���������:- \s-yyJy  rWPwW 1U3V !|9������?fcbACTti)tA^3^a?3'';. ! ��������� .yn^-- v : A:     ,-..  &>tfAy '������������������-���������"  "A  ������^?1.^ ^^������fi/s:/^������*i.: ���������  i":-T  .. -������������������;��������� ������������������ ;/���������;..- V;-...;-,|fe^M-' .- j*^'*^^/^^* ������^:--r-.;- - ��������� '  I' W ��������� rLTTNES begs to inform the1 Miners of. Williams  ^^^wne^Creelr^rouse Creek andean AVlul  ^'^i^Sn'the24th of May,-thoftest ever givcuon  sa^er, whro lias made an assignment for thu  ,, benefit Of ifeis fire$tgr|^ - ^ *hR .v. :-  ^tvvrtrff-is' hefoby^giTenjthat ^1Upersons^hayiu*  f>r,,;  Py  m  Ar\  P'.SC  ������;^:  V'1  B'  $#  r!-  I  vs  \A>.  yy  AA  "A  r- -  B  v  V  y  l A  'ii&  Aa  !������������������ ��������� y  -y.e  ''.."���������.-.Mb^ii^^^^^  ^ii'SS^SunByvale f���������$$  ^*s������^^%n a^<Ammx m$$  ������������������, ���������"-: r,i ��������� -'WiioHASTs'Aw;i>s4,#'B?',?rf>.< ��������������������������� -y -,:������-*~!  MoviS^NsI 'Gtoi^OA^iQUORSiito:         iii.iiW- III!    II������������������  ������&'&*0-  lil&lS  iH)%yyitty  ltb>ei^;,;giyiug at. most ������iow������������ ������*.������  '..���������:Sio^������^tea^.ri^^^^.g  ::v"Ae mmes will even compare mtb| those 01  .-      ���������* asrepv.iwg ,���������.������, .^������i .Dorado,.that me U-������-  troop^V^^^t^OTO  IF-"   -  ���������i  y^BMsmmmB  -������������������������������������        ��������� '"LiS'-i iinA$ flnur aeraiu'was seliing->,as k-vj;...  SSwnPofei ������ie -Jmbiihtains; from .the, test  ^le^^rSe-^&ia^iyia^^o^at^pp^  a������ie to cio-a *"������ -niiifiSW Columbia side /had  ^fe^^^S^^^^m direction [in  ^SB^^f lEyy&: H^ t������ nearlymet;  ^S^^:mm:Am^m  was quiet and she escaped unhurt^ l)ut paoiji;  lil^l^i^irffi:  ^Id^bmLasbewUM^^^drmk.,  ^ mMrims'jusfc-toriyed here onj  neome are; very* anx-ious-'to :kno>v what the,  WWW"Vsssi^m, ititrt.thti mines.' -���������'���������'; ��������� ...  m yyy:inyBmmm^o^M.y-y,y\'���������'������������������')  .-   -y: ryyc ^-Aky^ -ikL-myAy.  .2  :-���������:/���������;  U-VKiisf ; -fee  ������������������������������������������ .,vjvi .;#^ijiS^-jji ^jvtf-v'srv*  ."' "f.*-    '-,- '*    ���������   , i ������:.'  J?l^^^Restaurant^and ^now prepaid  pa  /:!-  :;;v-  ft'  V  1  ^Parties' wislnb^^Bbardbutahi^  VleanUness,^attentiou to.cus^naers, ]and|n.g������?9d,raoi,, ^  Cannot -be eycelled^/ ..i^^r'/'W^^r'SS' ^^k^^          - M  V Pies, Goffeo;^ ^?P,?���������$*>&n?feSsS 1  ji>.��������� a.:;-.i....'.������������������ . |������' ;���������' ���������'.. ��������� - ~t -;���������-..;��������� .���������.;..-:   - v.' .-.     ������������������ -.        ,     '^> -^^^^felL^l^^^MMa^^^ . J5$������  'AmsteadfWniam"h \.,   ;,/;... ,!���������,������,.-���������   ������i)    'i/'^o  -TvVi'- v'''!Gin l;!''" - ;"      -'B^wen^C. V,.,    .  .^*j- -k.l  -    m  .,<���������*. K'.^fW. SJA-.-v .-  passengers" aM%35dj096.mliefe ;  '/ / ��������� 0ertificUt^ ;^f ^ inc^  and^daHo Stage^!:aiid;!!East FMghif|Co?y has?  been filed in.;County Gqurt.     The company  proposetoru^a^  waggoiis front oSlcb) Gal., to Boise: City)/ via;  S^a^vUfeand!Ru.byCifyI Ga^ta^ $^0^00^  divided into' 250; sliarek,? y.Trustees,: John Mute  Ian r John T.Sheotf and George SJiriisfeyiB? ��������� & h  y Supervisor^"T.?������ry '-y^tecday^oeijred/a; clis^  patbh"troiii Portsmouth, N'.*/-/JL\ announcing  purchase of f6Ur;A!ih6sking Fire"^:-������fnginejs, ho-  /dered^by, the hoard of SapeFVrisors,vto be shipr  ped)byjthe steainer,Allienrtea^siSlew Ycirk  tOrr&orrdw.! ,-  ' ^HOtESALK aN^/BE^r^  -..,,,:. .,,.,,.  ^������������������^--'���������������������������-���������_gj0^^ ������������������:.yi-y:.yy,i^yy  i>fivis,:Wili^ni^Av  Bison, J. W.v  lg!S#������:^ai^^  GilfiUau,;Jamesv - ,f ,:��������� -yku Grosser,^^^-^ ���������i^_;  Hazeii, JFr.edrick 0.  .. ,(4),/K^.Oeor&o  .,,^ ,.^;., . -;_  .^rser^^Wv';;,;/;;/''!!; //!. w>-:!--,-.j^v- -*������*A*���������--ii ? t':!  :;In'ire3t_ James A':r:-:i>':i'/:  |i Job, Jonathan, - ;V!.r *;  ���������If^ey;::S^;:,;'';>:  Lawrie, ^noniasi "V  fLejvis;OPB.a^Yi./^^  Marshall;^ J:. ;G.- iVrj ^  Meirossj^JlhamT.,  Morris, josepti^..:;;:  AMri$^fi9'fi$fiyiy.:,  6^hM^Natli;j-, ���������'''"'"  ;>"' -^ JonesyAnd/rew'' *\ fix & fi  i*) ���������: y;':/::. ^z/i-i l  iZy Lipse%IsaacH^T--A-:,'yfi  JM^nA o-f .">'^������r ^-'fii -^:,?;.'/-  v -���������������������������-if;McGregerv:George::;-si '^r ;  .   ,31cKinon,vCharles -.-.,.. -:v. ks  ;"' ,.". McL^p,.Arclu'bald AA,'���������.. /''':  -  :5i6Qucen',"Duncan'.'"/';'/ j'%)  Beg ta call tfeattentaoii of! Mi hers and. others, g  HW^W^ their rdr^%im^V^:SU-F^$ldR't3Gp'PjC)S'     11  :' v ^ <?.': f if a * -^ . which- w4U* be -solir'; ^v'"'": -J"' : /  ���������   \A,  Alfl^-'-ff  i?.y ���������������������������**;  /? ^ i7t"f^  v^be^d\^easfiVj6^ to re-  ������  sunie operations on this creek for the summer.  ! .ItIs to be Jioped that:!their>'f^iiemptEf- to .find  : the continuation of .the-/lead---.'WQrke,d;������by-the  - iCentuek co'j last summer wiirprpVe successr  ; 'A ful, / as such a ?.disco very would ./dor niuch in  !;;s encouraging .fresh; efforts to fiiicl good: paying  v diggings on this extensive creelc t* ������������������ *  y'Afiy Ay-a --fi -<i������ousk '-oitMik-"' i';;.;;":' "!"������������������  ��������� It is said that a company having ground.  * r-sitiiated between the-Discovery Company and  the ShorJ JBend Company have, sunk a "shaft  to4ne';deptii-bf 25 or30 feet;v aM-'g6i;a- pros-  * ^eet-ofJ^T^tp^a.fe^p'a^.Qf^j^t.^    they have  ..started'a tunnel'from the creek.;     ,   .  . v  . i  .".������������������-> "���������-.-. yyy- -' ' ������������������;' ^"~       ' '*"  ,: ;.|s^^aMra a. jnan  of the name !of. Steel, a mulatto, who ficpt i a j  restaurant������on Williams /Creek,, jatbempted to 1  v jump from the steamer as she was passing between the Sisters, om 4he> way to \ Yale, but  was prevented by the passengers.   While the  Heliance lay at Yale on Thursday - he jump ed  .ftoniher^'deck intp^the^ xiVors ���������A linev >yas  promptly extended to him, but he refused to  Invairhimself'of succor ; two men put out in  a^aj^^npd.succeeded!, in seizing the unhappy  man as he made his appearance upon the surface for the third timej and bro'ugfit' him ";on  shore, where ho received pVop c r a tt en t ion^���������  f&iUsbColuriitjtau.7      ' "      '   -"  :io^akc^rcbni tbrVft ;iNEW^  -' .i.^;-v ^^jnci^^^ls,a^^penyv^.: "yy.^-A  ���������a^^^BrbcraF'allo^nW^ill^wa^.^ i  ^Srant and ^til Keep^  on"l^rge.orders -������' -^��������� "��������� ���������-'-" ������������������������������������**'-v'^"-f ���������--.������������������ f^a:-\ Av- Ar >i    i  M  be. richer than feench creek; | fo ave* ;taken out  $7-io thepan.;. Jim Black."reached Yale..yesterday direct from, Seymour. : ::  The steamer u 49?' had left-ffe another load.  A parfyrApt fonr inenV with ^SeorgefWeayer;  had gone"up: the Golumbui River prospecting.  It .was expected the Hudson Bay Co.'s steamer  would be launched yesterday. The "passengers by the last'itrip of the ^Oregon' reached  Scymoua.' In, 11 days fi?pm California fcby Bar-r  nard's fast fetage from Yale.1' It is expected  ���������when the steamer:is running on the lakes that  passengers can make the trip-in 8-days from  San Francisco to Seymour., . a: : <. "j s r  ' Iicttry Evansi of - Oregon, died- 6nr 1st April  at Seymour.     , / ,..;./. .  -\.y~    :-''"!;!  'Market prices'! at Seymour':. .Flour^l 6 @r 18  cts.; bacon, 62i cts.; beans, 20 cte.j sugar, STft'1  cts.f tear $1; -coffee, 87 J !cts>, ^ butterr $lj - and  aU other goods iu proportion; j ,"  , "Mr. F. lilujiEKXEif recieved yesterday from  .'thei CAlonial Secretairy, an answer to the petition signed by the miners aiid! merchants of  Carib o'o, resp e cting the in j unes" accur ing to  minihg interests from prolonged 'ami compti-  .cated litigation,!" which was presented to the  Administrator of the Government las������ winter;  which -our' want of space prevents us from  publiBhihg in this mornings issue.  "A We observe by late .Victoria papers that the  1 Daily-Evening Post* has ceased to exist.  Hichley, Georgo  Riordan, James    ., .  -....- - - ,   -..... -; ^  I^&l^-    "SSS^*^ a A i a  Samson.,-J onn,   .,,..  .... ^   ,"���������.;,���������J A^iijKni.i n  Bhyner,5Frs..-,:;;/ ,.,^1: btu^^A.v^..^.^ ,;  Vaughn. WvD.     , AA:A;  Vie tb, George A. ,yy, W<:  Whitcomb/H.:M:-   --(3). Woo^Sllas        fifi    /;  ,;  Wilson, James ���������;'--,/\v,".;,,'     ,.: **       .-���������_,... ^<.������_;. .;���������������.���������.  yerxa^/Chisley ',(2)'     ;.. ...yyiy-.. *,...'���������-.;    :  ./'/-V'../   .! -..':. RSGIBTBBED5U8TTZR..-    0   .' m'Mf-ii '��������� -A*  Liadley, B. &. fi.fi  ;/^oHN^WKON,'!!! .  -2. s!' .-:'.'.!.-:.''.-!'-''     '-������������������:':���������' Acting: I'ostmaster, .  WM'E:������:UP������K������'  ySis  n.  >AKD  ::-'V >��������� .'' n������!      .'/-:= ��������� .-/AT THE--- '-.-r*?:.'- .^ *s:r.::������������������ ' ...  M#������We!'S;^^0N|  "'������������������ "Vv/"..'7 ,-���������"'��������� BARKERVILLE,:,.^ '!4-l'-.'"^ ; !r  A Lt- XQVEBS OF THE TERPISOHORBAKf AiRT are .  ���������'&. Invited to call and enjoy themselves^ when a'hearty;  welcomo Will, be extended. '���������'���������'���������/    - ' '    :���������'    '���������'-'". if  ^^- The best of-Wines, liquors and Segars,  at'^ ������rder ������bSe^^AKTINicOOK;:Prop^.  LEWIS LEWIS, Clothier^ Yates Street,' Victoria,  opposite the Bank ol British North America,      1-s  7 MALLANDAINE.COLLECTOIt &GENERAL AGENT  ��������� .Government street, Victoria, Vancouver Isbnd.  iJ V S!,"! '.' !7'': BarkeryiUe, .'B--itr-������ -*. =-��������� - ���������> *���������,������; y.i     ���������'..  ?    EELLY!&^PATERSON- jFboi^tous.  S very tiling is dono in connect .  ment to give satisfaction to the customers.        ;  ,  f 4artoiils7at"ali hours^ \ ' fi;__; ,fi'(fi ;. ;'!1  --."ii- it- "1 - 1   1"'       " ������'*������������������ ���������'   '������   * ,'*"' "*'.  '::;'!;';'.. \:BR^QEri;' &:';BRQ;,,v;;;  "v ' ^ARK^YI^t^/A^yypl^  'r',    ..V. : DEALERSIN-; -.'��������� ^{\y:fi^^ -:; '-A-  Whoiesaie .aiii^ Itetai^.  & GO  WHOLESALE &:RETAIL*  K1CHFIELD, Williams Croek, u. o.  K HAVE ON HANDalargosto^P^ *������^f& :  IV   Hardware and VegetaUes, ^;W^  mined to sell them ohea^^Uwtt-a^ower^^es.  Williams Creek. -Ck>mo aad see aad judge for yow    x  ,  Richasli, lUy 4t������, 1503.    , yfimlk  ;;3!!^C  SaHJMi>^iiJsa������������wgB������^^  ������������������f^^liffiiiN^^  &$$?������&?������ Mk���������a43l8C6.'  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  ���������Hi  s/$������l  ;-SS  im __r -  ^sDi^lifcMafe 1866,: /;>  ���������*. The markets:are^ehil /unchanged sinee last  ;report������$--'-^ - '"> 'iyyL  A   The article.ibf iGah^le's have ^become e jtirek,  Ijy^exnau^^ikow^  Haer&is a ^ -."- ������'������������������'���������  ��������� Of G^  Celling'at $25..r,;f-M??V /"���������'"'''/  - -'''^���������������������������; - ������.  , ;��������� -.>.For- 3!the!.;p;a^&wfeejt;,:ihere;; has4npt^eeri a;  Ip'buhd^fl&eiSo  whole-creek*: ah&^  mehts hawbeen^u^  reportedon^tb������w*ft|in^sterda^--fr: ir; !,^  .': The'snbw!on^he;^iv.ide> bjMWUfc! neiio and  1 atf^be!ltaken'of:sd'me!;m  ^.Wfewhich we have hoi'had?rorthp'pastlv0^eW������s)'  iHtbha^^  jSriSgraSn befpre-the-lsWuite/  sc-  -.;-,-'/M-iM.y*.-i.i  GOLD COMMISSIONER'StGOURT.  SBER  <&  ;-.,;.: ;���������; -: ^(Ba^e;j^G^^^!Esq.) ,'*" v.   fi] A/rM  jGaiiagij^^  fbfe^^eKt^^  taientbetweeuthe^parties'/Wasj toi_otheJeffefif  -that plain tiff was toilie paid; wagesj^kenA tfoe  HfoJdE ^taeW^M'^iii claig^ Jbutt^s|nSlgrild-  ':hiid'vbee������i^  *$aihsMefcfi^  AbclpfeOTl���������OuFriuayiasfc, al>p.ut noon, * as  i.  'mm  pDainQW^  3I^^BJ^c:imet entahgl ed wi th somethingfdn-the :f oad|  !'^^^Kvhich is out of repair at that piaceV Had in  MKjiiig^ ^xlricate Ai i-Me^foq^^B^Ba^Vd^  ^ vJ^^^'^l*^w^^his rider aad Tolling over him broke,  HsBH&^'*e**: v'"'���������   ^s a ^??^'^F^6^^ thing, that  ?M6* wa^ n������t killed;''' asjtheje^va^ af^erson/ on!  ��������� \-v/4^Siorseback immediately iehiha-who. ..not-hafe  IMt-il^^^^^jjg.; 11m������:t.rt��������� :rft 1 win Tiis hertwym*mnft<? '^wr-ArfKath!  M^b^ferpin in hisho;rse| jump^ov^rfboth  ^^^tllen horse and rideimth^utdolngany injuryi  liliHjhe^ in two  Tlie Creelt isi'iegi������^i$g* to resumei ts. ^n^  ted^^Gak^c^fiSuhjn^r aeti^^and u*^  ,pine������^ee������^^  ^pires^!-we- !exp e'ei^tb; f seelevery* oldf' elaiin^at  ��������� work in!a fair '/way^##taking out ipay,imtfb  'iueVei^  of Barke#illelwhiShVpniT%      t ty ^aitTifor  the^completion. of, the Bed Rock f)rain.   This  hW now reach665th&  be^m^Soh,ra'ipidiy t^nqe^y/^^.nie^^vi*;  6t'the comj[y&nie3.f-fibqf e//1 Pu^ng;'the^������weekr  the v Weather; nas /been - eoolf'fwhich hwogi  checpd 'the: risipf. W^t^^W^J^^^  able-#^iniDg;^andfc several; additional .co>n*  panies^haVe^^o^Mrly^ran^ ;/ on; the  while the$rdspcB!to^  we/fch^'ne1pier^^ ���������':& jP^?*^  :sent.-c.v>r! uMt. w'^^iy?* ?m &jte$ /..';���������. -  Above' the*'can^o������-lhe cbmpamea wjncii  have been:at ^orlc^all winter -still^continue  takihgojut pay,ibut^the^b^nk8 are; not] yet  sufficiently tha^ejS id ;ailp^;^draunc,,wa^i-::  ihgJtoA&mniencef librMs;there -wate^/yet; in*  the Bed Rock'Fmine^(ftmya^s ditcjr tpj en^  able^emto'dotso^ftt/the^o^  ti.A :&ia yx^^dA^^xk^{iG^p vrhas-  nipgthcir: tunrieiithrppgh/the /^iarJe^Ftewe> preshM^:m^epto  Kumoi  ground andvare^alsp^co^^  their! ftohtgroundr through: th^r^n^line, [  ;. '-*.- \ j-CONKLIN OCLCiL .:"v- \\.l\ J- '  k ^On Gbhklihs Gulcfrthe Ericoson and Sawmill  Gomp aniesi are/ebga^d:pumping^ outSwater,  and thelieid^anteNew^ealandv^  aregettihgreadyAtfo work"ftfoe;IJnited^Cpm-  pany have stiuckca'/large chanh^ftux^he' hili  on^the northiid^which^ has 1 rws^^he^pirits  ofitho owaera^o*hi^claimB^ohythat8id  fi 'Qti^Stou&. !Gui8'tf^tiff l;'^er^  \yhich;havc: stru^^ay>^expect to/!takb' out  large return i shbrtl^as soon Jas they/get ^pro-  perlj drained, a share in'tke;AUui^'QQ^any.  was sold" a sda^tn7*fwo"fsihce*^  $5,5X)0>v.jMtifL^tt-f���������;��������� l^'>Oii.i^T-V'���������!,../:. AA  n  . ^^^^^lace^,:and;.is^what;I)pctbrs calliialcommlhiited  i  ightj/.Le������  t Dpptpri  limbvwas set in^the afternoon  !^^^������y Brs. Ghipp and Belfcandthe patient is/now.  ^^raSinir' weld -r' ���������''' * -    '^^A*y<4. ^:.-; -  ^^^fe^'^S^'Gdmplamis'/ jbayerjb^i'u-eeiy utteped,;  ll^^^Pnd witli good reason" td6,'!a������6ut the state of  r^^^Sie road: behveen^BarkeryiU  ||||||p^^ 'the  ffl^^ipunfcaln^id^lias been;riu)iiifi^ !dojvn!;o)ft '���������&&.  *^^^bad> and; frpni !tjb^. al)sehce!. or ^entire / oiistruc-  l^^^^^ipn of culverts has been, and! is gronnd-sluic-?  p^^^gng great portionsr,ofr it,rand >makihg:Jit:;irt,,  ers  ^^^^p^letipu'of the.; cbntraclv; we hope soph  l^^^topme action' taken -tpVhave %:- repaired  ^M$|p[hy^ '.!  ^^ftl^es;vunsate:?tpri^a \p^^yggt? m  ^;D^^ptlmr!pla':es;:slicles have occiired.whiefc.fblock  ' '-^^S^' :^P:"':co;mpletelyv/ -'-'If^.wie'^are ��������� ;rightly-'.':in-"  fljlHKo to keep / this  ^^^^pad4h repair -for ^^inonths;., after,;/thevcorn-  td/ see  ijiefore  ^^,;Beu RpcKl^AtN^We^ .ftappy to b#;able  *"* p% /chrpmeje tfieiact/that from and rafter ijo|  ay three eight ho ur shifts will be kept stead-  jy,aj work ;pn;the:|)r^m;^  -"^inmence at/on^p-^pump butSeSiribop  aft and set another/ relayi of hands to Work  t. that point, in order to push the under ^M  *iead with!as, ftttle5^elay Jas possible. rfFhis  dks like energy anda determination to have  eryet.1  WMeeii  correct the error into which the ��������� editor of  e * British Columbian^ has fallenv.in: stating  a lfttenu'mbor! of his .^iher: ithat; Mr-,Wal-  co  sold'out his! ihter!Bstv5i^!!taeiCafiboo  ntine^, for: $600 ] the sum was far  an. that mentioned which  flitch for,;.' AA:- ���������''"���������''\;a- ���������',  '/  was  wo /can  more  safely  IIq^e HAXUFACTunE,~Iti c6nseq!uence: of the  ai'city of <candles; we ^noticeseveral peraons  >*^lng themselves of a large auantidy of  get tallow accumulated by them during the  ������������������ '.���������������������������^vJ&ffiW&M* now busy .converting it into  :-i,ii8^^n- yJH.'H.^^'^PXseli-readilyaf $1 ^ lb.  ^SfS^^^^^T^^P^^8' o^ a change in' th(  the >bld Burns ,  . .  .���������  beett'-at^reatTexpensG/^  aqueuuctrfoSbririg ^hb^atei/^f Black/Jack1  fehilch across Williams Creek:to^-the;level>o;f  ;the rtop !ot th^lhifl^JKasl:epmnienc>g} gjfpund  sluicing, bubuthey.-Myi.������oi.^a^s^nonghi.y^  io'ma^oiiMcn..prbgreSiaJ'. Below thetn wo. find  tbe ?FPster( Campbell!' Company ^still^arf^t  wbr$ bnJldiiigJ a !str^h^^ulkhead te lieepr the;  ^reekrpfc their!i ground tahdi running^ drain;  founitheirjshai^ they expectsto get'to^tvork.  apih-inS mwua^^ahd'imv  pay In^neMgk'gf 6^^  drowned!out,^pyhaye,gri3^  qmcklyje|mb^ursedvtpr  have^been^ uttrih^ ^  hine^pf thp^reeMelauns;ab%teth^  can worfoouiaccounfeofjundergrpn^  the Paiedonia contiimis^awork imatfop streak  ���������taking out abMiMouh^s^^^j^  tliis week striick; a'good^prospect������ui ' ther Bed  fepek 0rma^e\i^^irupper lih^llDhe-Aurora;  arid Daviselaims ;on>the/hilksidex^omrae^oe^  worM^this week^'the' former ^ oh:  .Wednesday 135'.onac;os^  latteiNis getting!some^ery^ppd, prospects of  ieearse gold^ onetpiece, weib elie ve^iwasspicked  up weighing o ver-3 -ounces.^ -.The, Watson!  Company ^t^oining^o,*^viS|-c^^  tafe !ptit^'o od-^pay \ i^the^opp psifc6 ;hiU $he  ^Morninl/'-Star^ Gdmj^n^pb^tinu^  their ttunnel,/ and !hay e go t' their! slu iceSkready;  ;to "commence .washing ;:the -Surprise nTunnel  belowHho^crhio^Star^ Is/ running/In to^  sttifce ��������� the-same chatinel- through ^Sed" f pek'f  the! Grizzley '^m^h^3i^/ju^  anil^^alsft!iho;Mpffatf the latter. s^a^cM:&$pc)^  prospect on Sutoday^Ju the gravel overhead*  itisfri/6������;beh% de^nsj&a^^  streaks^-^are tb^be fbuSd^l!thrtfugalth^CTe|5r  and If the miners dm. trace^coritinuous^ lead  in the gPaS^lyit wilt tate 3?ears/y^t to!; wprfc  out claims which have^hitliertp been jprpspec-^  ted and-worked pnl^-bh/the/: bed roJc1L^^4,hev  Bank^hd/NevadavTuanels,a^^ ready  J;p >wash/.j ihe-BeauregardX0pmpa     is /prps^  pireictin'g,ibut basvgo t nothingryefc f the 'Califprr  nia Tunnel Company- has got. to wprk^witlx  good! prpspe cts they arc ^l^gput now abbu t  I ouncp per.day:to.* the;hand,ithiSicbmpiny  in view of a/ scarcity\pf water in thje" creek ibr!  hill; claims^ has^appliedfbr^  tl^SP^TjQI^^GOi^  !"** ifiyiyy !v'iVict(^a>.^Iy������y(4th,.I8(S^'/;  A Ipromised tpbegin my/iette:^ihppHtics,  and/.tp!revert to the tc^matioU of! ffiy last Jotter,'i will givc'ybu'a'cbpio^^^ji^^ if  not therwhole;. of jthe.^arftgraph ;bf a^cbrres;  pondeht to a morning papeiv who: writes/^^bver  the fnon de plume?-of ^Monitor; ^It^appears  that tlie ��������� uumMiiate^merm^eE for Salt Siting  Is!and,!whoiagaiust:(the ���������advicelpfehis^/friends  and well wishers' would;pccasi&all^������o jp thp  aUd3we^A'tb sum������:by the^ thfe|law?  ^yhipji rcphdeDined, ft Jfi^ii^ ,pi;^i>crty\ tp^bv sold:  according to the Real Estate^ Amendment Acy  1862^'^ regards-ishe-valto  Sheriff scales it is probably-a: moot poiiit,.as'  a������pretty well J put* W- Moijii^3whethef ] the;  strictly^ or evcnatialfcbompliedf with^i *$ mis  gding; tP say that'-the ^member1 fbr/Salt!Spring  I������la#&j3ix^  unprecie/ientea ^woultWbe, ^egislat4on^-of \]������$i  ������be^an^;J and iMs M  firit nanmd^memb^r^a^^ ot* :a  pUical^nature pause^m^tt  of rij^agai^  witness his conductioniheiCfown^Larids qiies^  tioh ahu otaers-;^SO^thatJP  by gmtedlsinteres^  sa^Bennes has ^iven^some^  But��������� have^otn&^td-ubwM^su  m^r0ly^ghtl^l#in^^^;w^  w4thGutinmel^f ^exc^^  ^uhg-uis^usin^s^^b^pi^lic ^ties,ia|fblly  .y^ry. saSlj ^ewdfded,- tbjsay hpthiwg 'of *ffoe. loss  Qfthittepciicfence ^and-respecM experienced by  ay man no lo a^r-hallasted^/as^ a- sailor: might  say, vsyi^  calcu^tedtb :ke%!Jiim,ul^g^^  Mr. Monitor alludesitb;?the strain^iilation'p^the  has i������ ste was afloat efght*houi^s after strife;  3itt %%.\i(4-6\il story/of :bachelbr^ wives siii  uid niaiidil^chilftrem !:'Every!rda^Siit-pf ..d-���������  gbr, . iiaS!^b;!caileph-.his:cpi^^  of miud;-ahd^ but pf;reach of /ahy /speeulati  of fohdyoid&ble ������������������ accidents; every mtra, Is;>vf  who.hj^'iibtiiirig ;tp/ dp wiui! ii/^could alwa v;i  have! hehayed ������%u^^pteryfliLaii iff$$kLi$:  ;and! those, who liad.! -'. -������������������.���������:. .- --. fit A:.', n ,. ���������;  a As a clenph^r; tpjf&e iiaiLpretty well driVHir  homb i)on��������� ^uiivmaiii< ^nmtinicatibn systeju.,  comes,t^^pss ^of ^e!/S^ oY  the/Rbyal^Mtdi ,;li|iei fyp^^0afoi^^o Asp I in ^  wall) witliilossUto.;!natiye ajid;Bftrppcans i;r  about 50lives; aridiah immensedestpactiph in-;.  property /J^! J^p^it^puf bg thp; frightful  and^it^^intoar^ipf ageiitt-Eit^b>-g] y ceriav!  It woajff'dppi^ it; and  who (are(ahdj'miisti- jib";.tho������b%hi%a^ar^ of 1- ���������;:  atrocious' jpovyers/ar^: really goniyi^bf seripiU  crimfo*���������; The^jftftje ��������� simply ;sehdiri^tt^ ireighi-  10,000 hoi^eiiowerjin^  idea pf ^ich^wbiildi jiaye'raise^.nb^bubt,!t; *  a foen^opf delist riheAam^ A  friends.^/|^L^ink;;tha^  ii snudryu^h^i^:- of p^rb! pil^-pr/^rSise: sIuiH,;  be c^e":;per|ectl y ?uhapx^ach& y ut  merei", perpuj^ion.vblo;wjiupi {pas^f^cbgiiitipii:'  anybpety and any thing with) n. its ban e i uU nfl a-  ence.��������� t fl|o inine indeedll,/-could one oaily: get  on thejright side^. givo-me; -byiajl; mea^tsueti  pa^^^inencpd' washmg ! this ^eeli ffrbm!  jjjieiriold;sfiaft rab<l wbleaned Jup- on Saturday.  lfe"Mie:-he]gliboutfejo^  also run an incline ^during the winter'and  will cpmniettce,washing! from lj^'ia!a! fe^w^'^ays j  the' Ney^weeXCompiuryJhav  out of their now������fthaft>.?,and /willy probably  have to tap their! ground froni! the!!Bed Rock  ���������Drain:to;ciiaDic;them:to 'work ; the Cameron  $$ jtous! heafttessn������ss!;;ahd; <cp wardly attack j to-:  wards its victim^for ]^s\pbw<Messfto i^lyil)  may bc pronounced^unparallejled-: ^ut;*;that  ac Species; of le^siyfeejr^^  tbeen wallowing in'professiphalSn^iah^  mirej-.should--be^^/dragged; frpmphisT'filthy.'hauht  arid by -bemg, niade-. ttp^^b|^^^&ipaw> ;de-  icrmine tlie^mea$ure;bi*!: cperclbni ![he. ..alludes  ^esbtted%ith,p^  gared:! in estate!!; and, reputatibhyr !branded \by.;  the !Bench; and/debased>itethe^esj;of every!;  decent man,^ &c.   jt is^j^less/^^cpn^^  !but sucirchpic  in^hribop1^! meanrnmst -, lofi^r^ enter tainnient,!  ami  -. y-c.-yAim&&  ze  ops.  ctel-  ���������6' o������  live*  1  any f co mniehced.; work;.. oh;; Saturday!: in  their new: sha,f tbuthe wpst sido pf their ground  where they have got a good prospect |ithe  Raby;.Company have "also;been prospecting  on:the^westrsidi5, aiid wasSeA' npi 2Bounces 6a  Saturdayfrom the g ravel,/ with only two,picks  working,: this was go t 150- feet across \ the  creek from where the* Dead Broke Company  got put good pay;-and if it tui:ns!.o.ut ^as; expected to be > regular lead; running r through  all their ground, the Raby Company will pro?  bably take*out as much this summer as pn  any previous.:;Reason, :they are also'm'akiig  preparatiolis io ;iQtiine the IPwer part, of their!  ground,/and; ^ash the top stroak from the suiv  facp, an.operatibn if successful will ihauger-  ato a new mo do of.mining on the lower part  of Williams Creek.; the Dead Broke Company  continues to take but good pay; further down  on the creek but little is. being done.:! The  Priarie Flower Comnany got to work in their  shaft this week and are taking out an ; ounce  per day to the mani they! have also]-struck a  channel in their tunnel the richness of which  _     ; ,they have not^been yet ascertained, but. they  JuDOfi BEGutE's decision ih the chancery! &$ S00^- Pr������spects }# the top; dirt, this prom-  it, Borealis Co vs Watson Co./ is held overiisos t0 beagbbd aud lasting;, claim. The  ournest'iesai    :,:: ;! ;' fi ���������'��������� - ���������*     LForest Rose Company-are gtill at -work rum  f'^l !??ul4 bSno^ced;yesterday forenoon;  ���������k werefoon followed by unmistakeable  -ta. rainstorm. It rained rather heavily  aurmgthewhole;afternoon,:and a little ap-  ^rehensionjwas beingfeltfor a sudden jisiug  t the creek... - - <  ?:  Grind B,ox AND:;Suei>ER<^We would^^^ ball  he attention of our readers to an adver tiseinent  another column of to-days issue, announc-  g the rre:opehihg of the Kbneer Hotel Cam-  '^SSroat-a' 01* Safclirday evening next, with a  4sfead ^ll fW supper to whichall are invit-  ogppMdto attend./". . '-..,.  A'Ayt0zju&������  AAAK,  ,      m ������  si^anibng you let him ;cast-the first stone.5 ���������  Tlie era of bonders is- exemplified even: iu  politics.. Mr. McClure oxr the ensumgrday (I  wifl uot 3ay,!hut'.iM!^enpd;a^ so  called) spoke iblv 22,consecutive iiours so they,  say, *but I am a-little- sceptic .$ the base/ soeins  too similar to;that .of the. .boy when asked if  ho snored of aVnjght,''tl^  to sec.   Now ifc is mororthan^ doubtful if any;  one man staid awake-through ' thett' livelong  .night of 24th ApriV^tb see" if McClure talked,  incessantly for 22 horn's.   DpCpsmos follp-wed  him for six'hpuiu r. Gladstone's financiai'oratorical efforts must pall hofor^ tliis. ' ���������; 'A A-A: -.:  ....,. Closely connected withthe politicalquestion  is,the successful termination pf- the. telegraph  s chomp.   All the details you' will get fro ni the  papers. ! We have had quite an! International  Atlantic cable. sort! of rejoicing on a. small  scale, with the improvement-��������� that our scheme  works at least and the .other failed.;' At 2:30  25th April, we ;had ;cbmm:unicatibn with San  Francisco, proof of which was afforded by receipt of news and messages from San Francisco, the previous days: giving - us results from  New Westminster and Portland,      ... ,,    fi"  The ^Oregon' arrived^:on the; 2Cth uliy'with  say.240 passengers, a small freight and further  pfirticulira of the; urifortunato iLabouchere.J  CapiMouat and^numerous:Victoriansfarrived  as passengers.   The lost steamer was sold, it  apnears, for $38o! uas3hc might be found," I  baths ^menifcer^f^fies Hou^e^l^sejnblv^  the^ nomination! ha vin^ I taken ^p^a^e! ^ey 'da;-  ^efo^e^th^iiptal .uumber/ of votes/ polled for  -him:^as i59; his onlyjppporientwas irrl Ring,  iTnpJrtt^tslpodfhi^^ith a grecij; manyielec-  |^ra, though kist^  only 37 he ^retired; early.-, ^But/iiealLy.^en !a  gentleman, though ihe ,;do.es; cpme������rabher; late  jjdito? the, fieM ? ^oes; no fc take j much  sonaUy,-an!d^olipwsvtppi strictly ;iiei������Gp4p*,u"  cfljl pr,ebeidbnt set^byj J"ohn\Stuart ^Millv f wln>  b^use^ejisi great^jcan^  sayi .thenisthat lie bann^tiiajhU!..^^; mind % ������  5y4ery>sangaihe;pf success.;! ���������?iQomparisonv foivs  J^en^adeittjthejpape^s pf;the ^taj^^uiimber  oJlyptes ppllejdirf  :ring^elect&iit!ofc l^ppsmosTan^oil^iur^ vs  Sprpjat Jan^fEoung^ "Theyiisay; that: ^the,; to ta 1  free/pi^t^pter/ithep |was; 163 OQly^and1 Mr.  iYoTLinghimself jreceiyed*2p.vpteslessi -ihan in  ?1������I?A^ ftfeMs^ems^tejue^allrfoQsid^et^e/oues:  tionJ;; l^e eJleeU,pfl>;Sf Ringtvs-Young^ra^iee  ' versa, was ?no! test % |[ue6tipn ���������*; ^the/ /lUKat^er of  iivpfers thrp^gh jdepppula^a^ffi^  ^Ci^was|;muchr;iessv^and^M^ no^deas/fe the  fueling ruppermost^njnpst^  was! that Ip^he^mnant of thet sessipn^> and:  Inivle^of tfie,tptsp^akmildly^ extra^dinary  oonduct/of ^any^-pur ^eg^atpr^  Jlpuse^anct out,-was "of} great-:!apathyifjri- the  late^politicalieonfesfc ^wt^^c AiuAyiA-yA  ?iin;{inqucstLor regular;inquiry!is3bJbpiheld  om thojoss' of AeiiLab oucheEe>with - JBer 5������sj es-  ��������� ty's /mails on board, n !The ^Riue ^Yolunteer^ -  have had/anpjtorjbene&t aj;^ettheatrbi;whicU  resulted :itt.a^t;prpfit;OfS20^^  Justnow^thO/lattoirequirjQi# little!"pr0pping  up ; ort a!n,tputsidb^ylew of jthe!; mattery! thero  are t\yo4inpi'PY;^ments: ^bput^tiieirv/'mahage^  ment ^jWJiich ^pccjiritto me^ 'itA^mail^e^nkibii-  1 fcron of one dbliar?perf jiead^ftpm !;each vmem-;  iDe^ibf^oMcptopan^wpuld^  ,the qi j and! be!bf i vas������ imppr fcanpegand; te ther,;;  in view; oft the (extra !���������? opportunities ^f3 (rl^vril L  not say .showing" efftjfoe. ingc presentf i at - many  festive gatherings, to which/ithe^ fin^adjhS -.-  . tahc.bfasAmusicians, the cband^bught>; I /think;  pay = pne-half the ;cpst of thpir;yjujiijtorms^they  Bstye;fee usualiiprivileges; pfjvpther^mcinbers  '  " '^^oT^prae-';  amount to  more %xjd thpJisuai drill - hpurs?t "pf^ordinary  membcrsii'?:: ���������������������������: ; A-1"- ;/-?- yyi-MH^. sy A :fi^iA'-'.;/:.  ;-wThCifirp companies as usualvliad:. thoir/.rpar-  ade injthe open air, about .l^O.jiof the; thrco  companies!with the��������� usual apparatus jh ;specl^  and span ordeiv!and.headed-by theliifie.Cor^-i  Bands.in their own uniform,-about 15 innum-  bei-j tho brilliant shirts'.with the really shpwoy.  standards and the very; creditable.. ^iiis.ter iu  ppint of numbers,: had a fine;e^fec>.i >������They������ oo-  cupied;-. a��������� very :,cpnsiderahle,; stretch olVfii".  street-; and stooxl on two occasions, I believe  to be, photographed by Mr. Gentilej;ihe usual .  terpsichorean^finale:was/put totheday; i������  ���������: r A ne w rook ���������, has been ��������� discovered \ ini: th a  harbour, in which the. Russian: vessel! Cajsar-  wichgot -ag-round.A on May.:2nd in trying1! to  leave the jharbour.;-after so'mp considerable  troubl,������ and auelay of- 5 :Qr 6[ hours shc.:go{j  offand left fbrv/Sitka-i - ^ =  ..The Oregon after leaving New Westminster  praceeded taNanaimp whenee she is hourly  .expected, she had to take on board /over 400  tons of coal and was besides beached to cleau  her bottom. We are lo.oking .for. the Caiifor~  nia next,. ��������� ���������;': /y.-. ������������������!. ���������.. ���������������������������-.-������������������-���������    ��������� .��������� ��������� ������������������..  ":. Sparring ExHiiiiTio^���������We understand this  ehtertammeht came off oh Saturday evening;  last, at Camerpntow'h, and was well patroiiix-  ed by the'lovers of the manly art; the aftUio  passed off vory. satisfactbrily and w,ts -ifi*  source of soracUittle profit to the manager.  ':Ay:m!������-  \ A  \rA,  -VVA^P.  ."' A-  'AA  - ���������;���������  AA  : >^yy-  yAAmW'  1  *i.���������m.\iwm^iiLm^&&&&kt������8i!5t mm  :yy  m  \y  ��������� f ' , ",Hb boko to lovje; ���������*���������  tNo Ldorjj'tplov^ non^q to learess, I  ������fe������  ;-#$  ,-   Ohi.^achatde,iWbiteon;;thoend%,.,     .    ....     ,  , .}Opht didwho chase it .-with .wiggle end bend;/, ,  t'Cii^flit with hope, twi3ting around,"  , - ���������   ': - ���������({ - -' In dreams alone, poor ChuncM ace, ������. J - ~ _,   r "  ^r.^^vlSwIffilng-t'hlBimilkfori'ls^F.cKatchingiaflo^'  "   ./ ,% Vt *Ti(! *mt>dreamy waKing^T weepK/'   ?v: ,.., ���������������; y.  - >. *       , :For ander'2 feet of ground does ho sleep.,  4 v    OH; blissful purp, oust ftfll of,ph������i *���������' , ',     ' ":.A>  ��������� \\ ^.Ay^fyBav^i^fbA^ypirA^ai^ day?/ v  .-���������: -fi; \ ;,fiTl\  -,;<-a  <Mvon you/milkigiTerilyou bread, .-,..*  ���������i'^iyen'.yon'^nlA/pat head .?��������� r  yNow you're akstinct' deu as a'nale,;  > tiri.������������A t������-������i.'*W������- kn������ti ���������������>*'4*ii wan of *  Where um the bark and the.wag  your tale?  .'.'-'-> '-.,.'������������������-,���������   .,-r:.     (;'H   ���������'.-<���������     '.;',,'.^.   -T-ljpr:   '*'-.������������������, v .���������    ������������������*������������������;.-���������," ., ���������  *   . ; ��������� ��������� /.No dorg to Inv,;. nun,to kaross,r   v     /-  A  -"Vanely i strive the aad tears to.rnprcsSj ������������������**������������������ ���������  "'" i    "Why didya!dief"sadli X mcmc,1 ; ���������:  '* ��������� ��������� '   ���������'  \ft&Affl* ������YasItifrompizenor,swaH6winA/bonetyyy .-'���������  ;.\! ^^..'-^No ^agginvt^^nbrbeamin^ye;-^, -~ A..  v   Ahsere tUa question) or gives a repll,      .   y  v -.';'' ."'%/ Was It a flt^stoppijo^of breth-��������� -"  fi--A.  -;</=��������� :? Eat iD-2-much tlie sad cause of your-dethY .r  ; ''^r'V>?,' Still not a^word, ded aa a nalp.iv// .."   ;v!������ - .;*::'  ,.s. ��������� ;  Dim is his eye, stilled, fpraver, his tale.  wards.-! / Agajgif Maioreadyr never hesitated in  spoiling 'an other^actbr's points-so^athe made  his own. 'When he wasohihe stage no one's  interests were to cohflict-with his. He had  repeatedly/marred #he in tended hints of a e'er*  tain:actor*/who determined-^haW Ircvenge,  and he had;/it in this iway liMatsreadiy was  playingi^Macbeth;' whehihe! commenced the  aoliloqu":;- Ms this ,a dagger Xsee before me?'  thejnjurediactor* %hd had: ^ascended, tothe  *flies,? dropped-[dowu before his face an en-  prinous: German sausage^transfixed 3 with a  sljeweVl*-:A-The reader .'mayJmagihe the roars  oX "the! audience^ and!the !rag%of /tlierThane  ptPawdor.t.3/;��������� yAy'yA A^mfifi:fi%: ]fi.''  CO120NIAL. RESTAURANT, T  ���������/:��������� ^vr^ ;   ^quesnelmoijth;'-   :-"  yy * yi^'j^:f������^?^' piR*>?fft6?>/;,'' -  Meali-ktall^ hours, andtlfekmfc oijthelbesi  "���������>'/;.... v.:Av^-. Vdesenpfcipm,t^ fi; ,r.,v.;s--"-  LlLtOOET ADVERTISEMENT^  :oc.  - ^Rbuoik^b^Y^oo^-^A short time since;  '0?  my a  -������������������, rl-^ioibe%marriedilwhere'..i^.>^Te&6n^ could be'  - ^iWfoil^ie&^itBo'tifc'fPlidifnse?, ;Tbe flapper/pair"  ��������� ' i^ ^ere^aeclompahied bjr5 the sister of/the^girli'/a^  //f tali^'g^ufl^'sharp^fe :of/some/  ':' yf thirty-seven summers.    Thepair crossed tHo  * -h-l ve.rf were marriedf and >retiirnedrtb WelleB-y  . v^vUle to^pass -/tbCnight.'; /People at -the -hotel  /   -ii-ti,- wherei the - wedding fpartyf stopped; ^bservod^  ���������' A '''that- they-condueted themselves iii rather j a  /^p^uliar^ manner^  t ^>riiissister}iii%^  - ^^Iparlor and't^lfceamestl^tpiher/gesticulaun^  '  .mildly all thei while.    Then''the: tall{ female  ^5would 'put her^Yobt^dowB^andv'talk ^oj hhil  !' r-in ah angry/and^excited/ manned 4 Then I the  ifnisband' would Jtikke'rflk.fA^iDig-^bride-intci'  ,fPHE UNDEKSTGNED are nowVmaunfttcturiag,FLOUR  ���������1/ of all ^railes:/^fixtra,: ^uperfino ;ahdf Fiooj    Feed  'Crushed to/order; ���������': ���������>?.' '.:' :v,i':.'.^.-'��������� ^ ���������:j:v^i;^ ��������� >.":! 'v^'-'i :���������*".  piim :,m: fAfA,: /aiXOOET.'FLOTJR/MILIi'.CO^ :��������� i '"A '  ;5ijl?shr *iH"i'd>'.^.i./.     ./: ..jF-jiTST- /JTostkb,:Agcnl^/f  Good: Beds ;rRestaurant * ^Billiard Tab}e,^ &e^  " 'r'fiA/fi.&to\i)^:tmm^ ?lfi  &*y  mGvimAk&m&tmwMts:  'fAA'^^^^^^^^y- Ay  *������ROfM)NS;-W^  ... ���������V./;.J- -   SIONl������ERGE&^K> }J^ V.j ; ":}%y  Storage* ,^5c.--Terms most M-oderate.:,;/?  - '7^-f.-.-;v.      ;   -QUESKELMOUTH. ^y ,; /.     8  ;/���������.  DEiliER-INfi^VXJOCnlS^LOraiNOjfHA^ AND  /ri Caps,V:Boots, and/Shoes, >s Carpetjngs, .Oil Cloths:'  ..Wall Papefv:4cc. iiliwet, B. C/   ^ . r "i  1-s  mAGQB  m ^W Porueir^^utie%buldt'n1c>SbVnelFebmntehce'  IVnBTZ^VPl'oprietor^has v������l>?ays j on  tl}hanUa largeandsuperior stock oCXager,Beer; at  the Bu r ^Vill"; bo/ '"������������������������������**������-% -*.*������'������������������* ������^^i.:^i ^x-**? ? ^. ���������.; ^ ������������������..-_ ��������� j .  ^j^irs'j/thc/jpuW  all orders promptly  %J A<^ fi $y; POPPER^ C&^^fiAy  . ;.���������.,;,,' :Vm-^quesnelm6cth/^ t,,.tr,,r^ - ,  bealers/ih provisions, ;iiiquprs^5PpliaCj50^ &e.  'AfiA good selection;of Liquors always on hand.; inf;  Vi?     GOtfiBJniEKT STREEl^r^K^  Btf-..-. i>t>?! mmm:, -iti-V: 'l^x^WAJAIMZ -.v-Ayy ���������. ��������� ��������� ...-  3rH.TURNErt & COi,  Englieh^&'French Sfl^|/Snawjsj TOesses, Un*  f/ derolbtbihgi/fGioves^^^s^ or  v-rol iV-I/: f.-yj; Jte&fy-tQwQ*'.*������������������*'-tAi.��������� ���������������������������--.?=���������.  .; iiteceivc rQg^ar!^i9HcB\by'>EIs^x������ss.^iaf'I^ha'nia-������iiii  by sailing vessels yJa^Cape JHp.J-o. / /"���������,������, ���������-../;, .;; ���������>',/���������-. -  !^^jQ^PaTticularattontlfin-given to allordow,  ^iJbh^on^FirmirJ-^^TwsTALL/^  :-|ft-  ���������^f,aiig!ii)jM';  ^.fiSTft?  fr-T  tirlLtM^IZffi^MSK; dealer jnTOauee, Msw.  ���������'-Tv'- ciNKsahU CneMJCAis^^Fan^y and Toilet Article  ���������Sponges, vBrwhes/iFerfumery^vkp. >:;;: Physicians' Pn.!  scriptionscarefull^ compounded-and;^or<|er8^?wcred  nVfit/i^e:and;;;dl^a^ 1>8  'u$fiffi^  ^^'^ohanti-^cuwla,, V^AAAAA: ilSO?y ..;: :,'"-1.b  ROAI>^SIDB!BOUSES^ &a >upw  t*%i  .QPEtMAl^^antt: MeK^^Zm^Pr^^ietbrsV  ':0'������This House is well fitted up/*withi Gkwd^Beds and  theJBaris furnished with thei best Liquors ;| Meals are  served at all hours on ;tho Restaurant principle; '-fStai  blirig/fo;r:Horscs,-H()rse,Feed, &c.'. \'\,^y\ .       1-s.  that  : - ^dVi what 'this?' meant al*Mt>nine/o%lock  - - ' -evening;-'J Tliere; was an^upr^  ^vhich had been assigned to^the/;newly niarri-  ������d-Couple.  f female5 shrieks  and masculine  v.' * ^swears' startedSthe- peppfeih thfehbteU %&&  ��������� | /they rushed to the* spot; ;-fi The gaunt/female  'was pressing; against ^ the door^of the Toom,'  fi4 arid^the newly^ married man mostly4thdressed,  ������i r5iwas barring^her^ put. with<allhisl might.:' \ Bo-  ,v'- casionally? shp!' would.^iok^ttiQ^o^Vvbpeii'f far]  ^enough to disclose the stalwart husband in his  ���������  } ^ i^mtlemmily 6reek slave apparel.- ��������� . '������v-- ^''*i  yi :��������� -alt'appears' that the^tall^feraale/insisted^upon'  occupying the sameJwd^witli iiid'iiewly^maf-'  *ried pair, tiiat>liW' sister :was jfevoral)ly dis-  :    ^osecb to the ar&n^men%iaM  - A A%mA had-Agreed ftp I^befpre1 tfie'-wedding;  *.- took placed and> -now indig^iantly ^repudiated1  ,-    v-the:contract. -��������� fi lKc\   : Ay ,   l^-^y'A  ��������� vfii  ������i Won?t yon [go1 away j how;J Sustfii^ ^ said  r /She^newly married*man1,'softeniB^ his voice. '^  - ���������. j; '>i2?ojJ,-8aid,she;" 1 won't so thereJ!^ : ��������� ���������-':  -,u?h3"Dori?tyottbudge(an*inclir?^cried the mar-:  ri vried sister within the roomL   !       \{' t;v       ;  . v f ���������!i-^Kow-^now,iMaria^"said-the young man  ;^Hiis\wite in a piteous2 tpne^idon^t ^6/to;  ^ 5cuttiriJ up in this���������{way; t'nowidbrili'?������������������ -' ������������������������ ;��������� V-������  ���������:��������� i - ^V>I?ir cutup as-much as^ I wanterl^ she^  ���������-    sharply replied^-;i ^ ' -^ ���������":. *"��������� ;��������� ';--  -s - -   ������������������',.'  v v?i^^Tell, ^^ea*ea*:ib������ 'despferate rnan^ throw-  ���������-��������� :;ing;:the * dPor^ widei open -tend -stalkingI out  .. ^^ among tbjfeorpwd^ tw<>! ^bmen^ puV  - ^on your duds and go Tight stiraipit home, and  v bring'>back 5the������ pliLltoari;-and iwomahV arid  fi your grandfatheri ^whp!4s- nighfen-to-a hundred  "brhrg 'era all here; and inimarry; the .whole  ���������'.:������������������ ? com boo dle'of ^em:ahj|'-wVll;aU-flleep .tb^ethe^ ?.  :: t'; The difficultyiwas finally ��������� adjusted by the  .tall ^female taking a roomi.) 'Welles vil le 'W en-  i/joying itself.over the'sensation.;: r-\  flHARLES NELSON, Proprietory -This old,  ^established House is wellflttedvup for,the comfort,  ;ofTriivellers;> ,the/ Table, is supphed.witl^th;erbest! of  'ovcrythingHhat can-be had, an<t the cooking"is not inferior/ iolthe pestHiotel in the lower country *" ^Bedrooms  for Famiiiefi^^tablin^fpriiHoises, r Horse>Fe*d.; ijcl I  Thy Express stops hero, r'..   ...     ,-���������  ���������    -AA..        1--ts  fifi,r  3QYD. & HBATH,:i,yx^^w ,,  /pHIS ^^Eis,situated?26iini  X Tho proprietors; haying ,fitted; up f^ejdrooms  and good. Bods1 are nbw prepared''.to:aflbjrd' every.accom-1'  hiodatioii'for Travellers; the Table is furnishect witfffall  .thc.luxuries that/can^bo pipcurcd ;������the>Bar/is w;ell sup!!  plied with the/ bestbrantls nf iJhiquors anU Segars p good  Stabling, -ipaiy^ Oatsianil Barley ^(J-je^-The'CHEAIJESX  House on the ROad.4     -   \     ������������������ "   '    -J-      '  U-s;r  / -;;/ -t/3ggB^f������v!js^s4 ?  ;.;. .  JSAY'SAKi^HoflK-ii^R your Boons w������ar so long  and keepyourfeetso dry? >���������: Because; Ispurchase of  Charit/ aiid Buti������r,,Gevernrae;at!street; Victoria.  !TAiX" & GO^ EorJ^ Str^Qt^^ctoria^^y^I:'j^-Fregh  ^Garden and FieW$������e^  -,JJ.VJ-  ;/-^���������^^.'i  ^IWUMWK   ��������� : - - ?McLEESE^SBN2J^Pro^  mHE:PUBl^^lA^4mlTBfe^  iIl House; A Th crp is Good/Meals; Good; Beds; Stabling  fqrHorseS;; Barlfiy^^ts^and'Hay.^ ������'*\iy ^i^jjl-sv1  jti'cular-'attchtion is called to^eiraar^e/s^lc^/Orasg,  'Clover��������� and!Onion; Seeds,.of,;,very superior,Quality,  Frui t Trees /and, Bushes,^;,Kv������r^reens,,/Shrubs ��������� Green-  rhousVand Gar den" Ha:n ts,: Standard and pwarf Rosea  of every ^aWtityJ^ Cataloguesi,on- application. -   ' i-s  JbRoSrICKv>Coac A������n -PnpDuoE DnAiBB. - i  lish^Blackimith:riindj tJannel";Goal/  Union Wharf; fVictor|a^ V. Ii r will,-t  atient;.ipn,"v"'  yy+.  ���������V*r:  Orders/sent to  ���������receive immediAto  ^BORT;-D0tTGLAS^;: ADYERTISBMENTS. ���������  ;l^MiMAGfe  -������:������ fathers destined for the. Bridge River- Mines will  find every,'convenience and' accommodation afforded  Hherh.r - Gooa^Bcds land a Table well supplied with all  the delicacies of the season^ <y '^.i'j!ti\its, --"       1-s  ...   *r?-~AA-rr~--r^ ���������^-r-z*  IS mvm FOR; THE - tACCOMMODATION - OF -THE'  ;;Tifayelling public j/thej bedrpoms are ispacious ^and  airy .and, the Bods, cannot, besurpassed- for, cleanliness  and;comft)rt/try" a.ify in *tholower country:; *the/Table, is  always supplied with- thetbWt*p(;i^ctual&*r''^CabHiig'  ferrHor8es;rHayjvbatsand)Barley constantly on hand.  WEOTtXiE^^oio&apBg  *i xXt//ment St; Victoria j Visiy," o^pos itd >Hotel' de -France.  ViewsntviC>[ariboo-and ^^nery^hroujhout; British CoK  um^ia'j/ihlciiidi^  ,on hand a't liberal rate's. A  ',,_..   * " .   ,f -fi,'  1-s  0CBBE3  & CABSWEtliv-Iniporting Book'  3& STATIONERS^ constantly'supplied and  rcce^yi^ngfrowibe^t^u  cclianeoUs Books,'and;^S^  Jill Ife^Branches?:; AGoniw;?:tjft& ^Mri*f>I^i?ifcv:',sti'<������fit������  ^ictoria^/Vancouve^^^^  Corner '>Yat������B'Njtt^  dmA', myAi ':��������� ���������yAyjrt^Sm,  L. SMITH & CO., Proprietors. '  Tliis House  is  well fitted up tor: the "accomViibdatioii/ of Travel -  lersto^the Bridge; River/Mine^^G^yBeds^Stabiingi  ENHIS: MT^BHYr;Px6prie-tPr.;/jThis jHouse  . is furnished/with every convenience1 for the "cora-  fort*6f/Travell<?r's^ the' Culinary^ departmentf������s5-tfridef.  thbanperintehdence of:an'e^erIenced/coofc;*the*Bedst  are cleanand comfortable :;^ the Bar contains tho|. beat!  of Iiiquors,.Segars,;/&c.   sWbll^g,*^y^Barlt^:&!OaiR;!J  Ti; "'���������������': WHEAB;''Tailor & OuTFiTraR, Fort Stre  X*>r yictbmj y.;i;i! opposite Bea flivo Hot������?l,^whew  is, prepared-to.supply his tBume'rpUs.patT������ms tttdth eve  requisite for Clothing snitable1 'for every seaseniof t  year.;>s':'"-"^-'- -A- y-fi*Ayy.f-y>y;  -v,*-^....^  Boats for Ijillooet. -  1-s  NEW MlSTMINSTEiBAI)^  ���������' Ay * ���������"'������������������^'A'-~<^-<-"'������������������<��������� r.-r-P&.wi. Am~y>xi;7wy \*r.l--.  T   HACK'S 'HdT-'BLi'Ayy  T^TTbN. SOUAREj_New. Westmanster.B e!  :ULi;nbW;occupied'.by.. W. JE. STEIN:c: >Thetabove;niv-  orahly known hon'se^ is^abw open t6:the public;' the Bar  lib^^ constantlj^^^Ksupplicd ;withJ^helr "  liiqUors; and: Segars.    ;  chpicest^brands; j>f  5  BLUE^a*ENTii RANGH^  / T;V; and the travellmg public: gonerally fthat Jib lias^  taken the aboye Ranch, and is prepared to supply them-  wi th /First Class' Xccommodation; /'������������������:: Good Stabling! for  iWAA7\,y':r;ZWi:B^  fBU&AS,W&SON:te>GQ^m Ed^  (; Hah; Merch^ ndixe^: wholesaler and ^retail d������alers in  Dry;Go6j>sv&c^Tates Str^t^yictpriajT^ir Oh and  Rafter. lait^'Juhe hex'tr in Government 'Street- oppos 1 to tlie  ���������Bank-..of:-B.ritish.:CoIumbia.-'V';- ^V ;:;.*>* ^:$h-vJ-H  horses *' Hay and Grain, t? -A;  HOTJSESI  ^M.^MANSON,'yy;,-.;!;:,D. A^McLEANi c, -  !*������������������>; . ���������"/.'.''���������; *Proprietpr," .-,.-    '..'"/'   '*-"),  Agent.  rrHK3 HOTfeL IS ^A^^AND='!^^-*Wifp' ^  A!, foi* the J3omfbrt of travelers; the Table lis": snpplieti  withUhe best of everything that.canhbeproourdf and  the cooking is not inferior to any on Ibprpad; ^Bedrooms  for. famUies; Stabling, Hay, Barley and. Oatp.- j. iAX:^y{  tfiiiraat is,supplied with all-the; delicacies the market  affords; , In the Bar will be found the choicest Liquors.  ,Furaished.&wms,-;^y-^^^ -l-i  T^XTG-ENS THOMASryates^street; Victoria,  JRj Wholesale and .Retail Dealer in WINES: BRANDIia  jBEERS^and.XIQUORS and depot, of,Havana Segars.  ^GQeds'rrerwarded:to/thb:3iiningrI)islrtcis;;. ���������,.= -; ���������:. hs  -JT\LARKSON & CO. jADeaLsrs ������v; BooKS^'SrATiONKRY,  ?-fc/.;Musicrand-afiislcal;Instruments,-. NEWS ���������AGENa'S,  &cr,Columbia;Street, New/Westminster.*,.; >;.yj.-Vsi A *  '������������������: Published every Wednesday arid Saturday; at  :;v; i-i t ."���������. Iptiljiisbing office,: New Westminster.^ '  ..;.,'..83 MILE house:: / ;  ,;:1 iMj������8!i!- .CRtS������er has/..opened tlie above Bousoifpn  ^^'itfee'^c^tron/of Travellers^ the; Table' is AyCli idept  and:tbo -Iiiquors cannot be surpassed:;; the Beds hrC  cUan and comfortable."; Stabling for Horses, (Hay'and'  Oats,-:*,,   -.. ���������"���������"'  THE BRITISH COLUMBIAN is/the oldest newspaper  /published in this colony, aridhas.alarger ^circulation therein than any others ' Its columns are regularly!  supplied with full'. telegra ph re /-no yns from a H parts of  tho world, while.it contains a faithful record of local,  eyents, and a full report of Legislative proceedings.  The "British Columbian" is supplied toall parts of  this colony by Exprsss upon extremely 1 iberal condi-  tion &'.^or, terms, &c-i sec Express Agents.;  ��������� fi.A    :/; rqbson & McMillan,  ,. l*ublishers;~U Proprietors. '/.  I?' MALLANPAINB,COLLECTOR^&GENERALAGENT  j-m Governinent street,': Victoria, Vancouver Island*.  .-';-��������� Sisrvikoout an AcTOR.^-It ^"as on tho Bri8-  > i tol stage that the eminent traged ian| Macreadv,  Commenced 'playing, those despotic pranks  :    -ivbich ever afterwards made him s6 unpopu-  - Iar^amoii^his brethren of the boards..   Ire-  :   collect-several instanbes of these. .In one of  his parts^I forget which^fr. Macready was  i fa'j the habit of violently jgrasping the shoulder j  ; o r a ho ther ac to r named Barton.    Miv Barton I  a t last. ventured to remo nstrate wi th h im. Mr.  Macready multercd something abouVhe didn't  '> ! kno w what he Was doing iii the passion of the  moment,' and suily walked away.   ^ But; on  that ver^y evening he repeated the grievance.  -.��������� y*ffoe next day Barton got* his wife to sew a  pincushion inside the shoulder of his coat-  v: Bleeve, with plenty of pirts.in it> stack upspor-  v cupihe fashion, the points: the- wrong way.  The.pJay;was repeated.   At the usual crisis  Macready was as energetic as ever.   Down _   _  U^e^s hand wim  ^tonfe^QuI^er, and- the- greaji.fcagedIan felt    :  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  .-.niore^an/fthe pricking of ins thumba^ipr    /;/;//   ������ Entertainments  ;,:when%removedJiis;^^ Bloated with Neatness and Dispatoh at this OiBee.  .flDitc^ ^e torture, until the part rendered it -   -. ���������>-   ���������    -     ���������-������"  i?���������.Sry> lifi pUfif -WW! Wwfifj am] ior'e: lie #K?������������. JWmte.^.  'TAMES HURON, Proprietor. 'ThiVeommodi-  t) bus Hotel is well fitted up with every convenience  for, the comfort of, the public; the; Beds, arc .all that a  wearytrayeller could desire; the Tablets supplied with  the1 best of fare'.; the Bar contains %ho choicest 'brands''  of Liquors and Segars-; good Stabling, Horse Feed'Oats,;  Barleyy.&c.^   YUAy .-       ���������   -,.'/,;       -:v----v-l-s  MRS: HEIN"; 31ILIJNEE & DRESS atAKER/CoVCrU-  ; hient Street; VictoHa'/V^L-^'ll kTiids'of Millinfry  ;Of theMlatest style kepit constantly on hand; Ai Orders  ftjom^e country p^  pETER;iMoQtrA^E,-:'SHpXiC^  J.*> dealer;tn Waats,; Oils,; and Window Olais;^ (Alwayi  oh hand���������a largestock of -KonO;-gnd,danvff3sf- - WJiarf  ���������Htreot^ Jicj^a, XAfA.fi, fifi. fi': fi '.'fi^, "A ASi :!l-8m  TAZ SOONG Ss G0., Commission He'rcpnte^lBi-  porters and dealer?^in Chinese Goods, .Rice^.Sugar,  ������Opium������;Nttt Oil, 'Provisionsj &tl\ 'Cormorant Street, Vic-  toria,-V.���������%.-<' yryAvr-^AiA. ,"��������� ���������:v0 -.-.'-AA..���������<;:':��������� :>I-3m  WANTED fi.fi;  S TO THE PI.ACE OF RESIDENCE Of Alexander.  HarvyMcNabb, from Norval; 0: 'W.,': when dast  heard from was at Lillooet about to<Pross the -mountains  East. : Parlies who-can give information^ will;please  communicate with John McNabb, Esq., Toronto, C..W.,/  or Mr, J/ H,; Wright, Williams Creek. If the said A.  H. .31cNabb applies to Mr. Wright he will hear of; some-  thing to" his.advantage. ��������� "A "'��������� l-lm  THE ."CARIBOO SENTINEL"!  -o���������  l-!!r..;  }" ORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor. Tbis house  j affords every accommodation for: tho/:comfort of  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all the delicacies  ef the season, and the Bar is stockcdiWith'tne.-cholcestJ  of "Wines, Brandies & Segars; good stabling tot horses;  Hafo Barley and pats constantly on. hand at low rates:  Newly milled Flour fprsalo cheap; ; ��������� v.. '��������� v i*',-i &*&.  Th.e Bonaparte H:ons@;  QEMLEU & .^ARKErriproprie^^  O Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend 'Roads, is  how open for the accommodation ofd-ho^publiCi'0 Distance, (from Clinton, 26 miles; from SavanasSteamboat  Landing, .22 miles; from Sponce's Bridge: ? 30; miies.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to, suit;  ;the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay- & Grain:;!  .attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bond and Yale, and once a week ibr Cariboo;    /1-s  ll/!0 ON* J& ,0 O^ Importers, ��������� and,, Dealers in all  ; yV; kinds of Cninese Goods and previsions;" Bice; ������u-  ���������gar, Tea������J&c.fi 'Cormorant StrceVwcst of Government,  . Victoria, Yitx   -y V  ���������:< A.:.;; i: ACe&x&xy^ Mimagcr.  '5^-"--' "���������   ' ,     *������������������* m! ������n i'    ���������      ������y       ��������� 1     i      i   **mm ii i ������������������ ��������� i mmmmi   i   iii m ���������      " "  EWATS'ON; Watchmaker,' J.ewelei.  ������ and Engraver. Yates street, above Gov- /  ernment street,.Victoria,, V. I.. ,,..     , r r JL-s t fi  TSIIIiSON & MTJRcRAYl! GaooEBa,;*novi8io^  . f f Wine & Spirit Merchants, Bakers &;Cohfoctloner>,  Fort Street, Victoria,' V. I.,     /���������      / !  ! ; !      %*  Q^ORfedRd & RUEJF'F' Commission Mer^  ,D CJHANT^, Wholesale:Dealers!in|GRoCBRiKa;^Bo'''-  sions, Boors & Shqks, Wharf street,: Victoria V.i., l-s  V  iquors,  1-8  ��������� MESSRS. CORNWAJLL*0,    .  -wQy between  Yale Route,  ,   The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines     Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegetablve.   Good Stabling and chwp feed* - ; Vs  '���������fi RELL25Y &PITERRE, Importersi& WDole-  BT sal������ Dealers iu Wines; Spirits, and I*ir^' "  ictoria: T.' 1/. ���������"' , - *' ���������'v -'"���������/  ^ '-"���������'': " "'A';   "������������������ ���������  :.'-���������'������������������:���������-������������������'��������� :-.--^���������--���������-������������������������������������---���������'������������������ '  (���������������������������/'���������'/ri-" " La "'���������  QPROAT &; CO*, (late Andertoii & ���������������>/>;lJiroRt2R*  O and CoMiugsJOXi Merchants, Store Street Victoria,  v.'i.. "/':/''. .''���������'���������*������������������;.;/". v!.^:lrl /.r'^8  fi. SUTRO & COy. l*rovrma~j^,pi^xs'TX  \JTi; r CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pij>e8, &<?-, S ^  corner of. vates and Wharf street, Victoria. ������__  ner of vates and  PIERCE & SEYMOUR, d������4era in!B^������DW������ *  FuiiFiTURK, Broad Street Victoria, y. I.       *��������� ~E  ;n" PHYSicfAN & Su^Eb.v,near cor-  iindtfovernment'Sts;, Victoria, v. *>  riAIRE & G-RANCINI,-Habdwar������A.Cwck^  V ; MHRnfliNTfl'. Wirnrf Street-Victorian V.I; A'3  XJ Merchants, Wharf Stree"t? Victoria^  HENDERSOK and BXJRNAB y7  Wharf siretrt; Victoria,- V. I '  .JtacHAST?,  ��������� 1-5  J  J spa  1  m  m  m  m  1  ���������  H  1  vAki  m  StOi  ; !$he-go^  Hr. Cti ftftn tsT gener&lly; adfMt^d to ^be - the  voiving large ^amounts; hetweeriith^iiBankx of  England and;th^pttl$^  that -the: weighing o^  ^taosftedloui antohxious proce8%^^.betwjfeeri:  ;the Bank andin������:ffinj:the"I'ffioufls ndt::ao  raihtite������������������"; for 20alwerS%ha^ing first accur?  ately weighed^ Jigpflfe|^s|Sftre. 'Weighed: in  groups of2OOy0hpi^int6^oe^ are allowed  a deviation of;12grHinS ih|flliout fifty sovereigns ; butthe^ge^  this amount of error1/?! andNif; the groups of  ���������  -������������������ '���������������������������-.���������- #,,������������������������������������tt:������.   <(j.ii_ ._^������_���������it.^t  tranBactiohj bet\^e>n ^'e^agk ^nd fthe/Pphb  lie" however, matters inTusf be'treated;mmofe  tjar^itet^lrfrojn tjib ^epo^Jh,thisicflyv  imade a gre$t disturb anc e ^concern ing * a; seat;  in the ^qaffawhich^they ^pecupied^ightening j  znazfy; iadies | aiid'! causing ] much excitement.  Thej^train' was stopped: at .the! foo fc of:j Asylnm  street, ���������*������<������thetroughs :we^invit^\!ib:^et'.-'6fl;  ISiis they! refdsed-to-d oT * and ^officers" Ryan;  Da)rling;and$raB^  tho^loud talfcy i^rdceeded to1 render tuepSse'h-  gers assistance, 'i DftlcerJRyan entered the car  first, whdn he was immediately confronted'by  one Af^the sports, who drewloif ["to strikejiira,  notfknowing ihe inan he*had'tofteal with.  ���������The officer paifnecfthe;blo'wj ami sen t one jn  -return^which completelydemoli8hed^the!'fey  low?land .he, became as-docile as a lambi^H������  was remoy eaVto | the - station Jiouse$ iWherethe  anxionilyHnqnired whtfttheman was ttia%*nit  him. Sid. Gowlesjiofonaedhiin, that.it-was a  Ii ttle chap they keptfog g&cji opcasions named  Ryan.   "What*i8;lie ffie'one whoinooked^Jim  $'^kedjt^  The iame;^^as;vthe ������epiy;  THE/^Iffifop-  ;^i--i >:,-''J  iFl^OC  %$:'���������������*$# Jx&)  %&.  Hip aa <? Subscribes; $l?������er;we^yfe?V?  (including cost of delrveiyi) -Payabie^.Ubfc'i&hrffel  i\\iy.  \iv,'  ���������"Wi.-  UAJfB.-  -i.-  THE,T^KJis-OP.S^iitfmojf have' oeen reduced^to-  x 52 per month;, above .^0/volumes;of Now/ Works"  have been only lately added toftho^rculatingLibrary/  ahd more are expected daily^ % Parties' aro solicited to  suoecrtUe/ i ������.^ ;(> ������-;>r.[j{ o* t.ti^f S'M^r) v.������vvyv,Pxr  1 ;n/;:"' - - ������*inVv$&^  ;.tf!>i>  :;fi0. -tl  A  7ft*.  4'.i^  vtrr  ������.*������^---#m.*4t     it     ,      -    .^rathei^aWfie'enan  il������ ofJMtjmethfta have himi'^Hartford'Gouranti'  one <Jemands that/ hfejovexeigaZflncai   ���������'   DroPer weight.,^Hence^qsesVft4iiW^ntFfT^-������������������^':"ftrv-^M'-a  ?^^ti"i*ij^Rg2&*\f<  Sof the?daiiy!rohtin^at the ^rffc. **������ir i;i*ftw*������������h^^^  Cotton was led/to the'.cdn/ceptioh of his beau-|Mo*rra^Tirx, !Hto^he Allowing is un-  tiful machine^ by   observirig   the   injustice dpubtedly, on^^  ���������   wh^ch'meBahksbmfe  flict on its cuatomers^ So^^gns which were, erabie ^citetnent^amqng^rfees,^ have  issued fom on* ^ witnessed what we are a^t^reUte:   On  of full wefelit, were relfiifio^^  ter as -being lights rThe scales ma^nofihave Jabpttm years^was kilied at;Qakland,:b^bej:  beeWeohalIy^elicate;/6Bth^ -^.���������������- -  Von.ihe part of the f^ighera/may^not^ Jaye  ther curiousriilusfcratioa���������>bf'^'?;prlittlp^l*al:r  readyNpomted' ^W^M^S^^^^^  ai - Equation;?^ ^uix^r^  faboiit 700 80vereighs!;;ih^ah::hpu!r: /b^thei bid  balance l^uMe^igiiiatio  vsudden lo^ening; of/ifcao^^ bM^ing^ of  persons hear the apparatusjithe^fatighed state  '"'��������� .of-ihe'-hana andeyoot-tfe^^igher,;:allvlea4"  "': stpminiite''ttrrprs.-���������'-;:..:-yASyfi^'y^y^AA-yyfiA^A  air/Cot^  yof a machine wMch-slidttlS be quickel^ easierv  ^mi^^OTe/exacj;! th^^h^, qrdiharJ^;|oldy >al-  v^nce, !^^uredihe ^eivicMof MrfiNaplerj^p:  vpui hisfviews IntlSia/pi^tacal form, and the  result: is^ntirely^atisla^tpr^  Jig' delfoaieppre^an^^  ^first place; a^aitveffeal ^tu!lie.r in^hich a  ?pilc of twenty ontnirty^ove)reigns^J placed,  in single.column.! The /lowermost soveteign  rests upon a moveable;^ ^handle  is turned" by <the" attendant the '^plate^ moves  -sideways, and thesoyirjeignia;..b^pnght/upon  ��������� 'i_ah'eixguisiteiy^en^  Ha correct a' littie 16ver>!arm,jpij-pusheri gives  the ed^e of the sovereign a smart blow and  ���������drives itpffjiatoja box ;"bujgifft^e;weigMbe  ���������deficient;-even1"in 8the moaVminn|e degree,'another;l>_ushert strikes the^^iaovereign/on a differ*  >ent side and drivesat; into ^another box^ / As  the handle jsj continuedAim motipn, -.twovvpr  three! sovereigns,may be in different /stages of  the weighing process at the same time. ������������������-������������������ aA>x  -As the Bank- of England does not take - cog^  -nizance of goldl 'coin: whiclbaieVlfcbo heavy  (Pe^*2S!*fe* ���������^ fo^^^^ 4^#!^'K^^������a-:  occasibn^fbrvsp doing/|the iia^hiher Mercury  seperatesso verfeigns into "two groups, the frill  ���������and the light; and although its precision is  most exquisite iWoes not^ indicate by how  much tlie/tight sovereign ii idefioiehi -It, is  therefore only by, actual trial thatthe delicacy  of the machine has'been tested, ita difference  of eyen * hundredth' of ,ai grain existed be ir  ween the two sovereigns H..is,.said .that this  machine would detect it,tj.Oa .a!?dugh aver-.  age, 30,000 sovereigns, pass.-(over - the Bank  TnU������fnr em? **W each.machiae_can/.weigh  10,000 soyereignsjn six hpura..; and.there are  six machines; so that the-Bahk 'can!< Weigh all  Hs lssues.o^ g������ld by ,these-ra������anij and have r������-  forve power4o spared ^One^ef thWmaehioes  n3n^oa/0eifor^^^0-FWteas- .Between 1844  rnfn0 48-tue^Wefe fw^feW* Million gold  coins weighed by these machines at the Bank,  aml^^ *&' &*��������� PubIlc g^erally. place  amdoubtm^rehance on the correctness of the  jihg -struck ,6h/ the^ heajd!: with! a stake ��������� ^wbicli  $ was - drawn /from;) the' ground; / foyfjfi Juiinily  jhorieV" Two^ d^^^  janS when the body was about;.to be Jiuned,  jthe relatives"of. King thought thatthey noticed  evident signi^of life, and the body was reraev^  Jed to the house, where it^afl !fee^!fbBseveral  )days^ '''"'������������������ A report go6 into cirgulatign ;a#.theA  ;time to the effect that the body'had';c6nie!tp;  Jifev After keepingJjihe body sevei^ fiay^lit!  jwas; removed fa "the iowpr? graveyard ^and  placed in a vanity where it netw is,:/an|t it has  been visited, by^ Jiundreds^ or^ut^������i||zeiisf/The  body retains its \ natiital appeararice^\^^,is  Umber arid' warm after being in the graveyard  one mohthv -We have heard no reasonassign-  ed for this-woriderM sphenomenon.���������Loms-  yille 'Democrat/March 9th. ,'/.:;:   !v  1 Po^AR!j!^i^CY^That out-dopr exercise;  before breakfast is healthful.' It isf never^'sb/  ]A.nd, - frbm thervery nature of things, is bur������  ���������hilj' especiallj ip gejrapns^f ppor ��������� neatth:/; i$j  though the v^gOTppLs!m% pract^it;wiffi^im^  punity;. In winlfer ihe body is" easily chilled  through uniess'the stomacli has been /fortified  with a goody warm,breakfast f and; ifi/w^rm  weather miasmatic and malarious gases.vand.  emanations speedily^act upon an empty stomach in a way to vitiate the Cffculanon^/and  induce fever and ngupl;idiarrhoea;^ aM; dysentery. Entife'femilies Who have ^nSfeed?/to5  eat breakfast befpre; le^ the hoUse^ Cand  to take supper before suhdown, have-;had; a!  complete excepttcm^jfrom fever an!/agtie,:  white thp whole ^community around them: was  suffering from it, from having neglected these:  pre^aiitid^.;   !.  : : :- -";. /!^r,v^,.    "* a  MQMmmAzm  -������������������'��������� ': -;<<-Ayyi^--yyyAy%A&yyfr  :     "<-'������������������'. DEALER1 IN".?-v - V Ayyy;y:y>  "A-i iV-ouVt2-^rL>, J'<v ,y  :':��������� A\ ���������: ��������� y-  Aft '-WJW-';A,;,-R -m &..n  Aw������:wyy'-������w>ziE-������}  '������������������������������������' ���������'.!���������:��������� .\ >*,'..  .���������<-:jf   ^ -y   r <��������� Is..'--, .v,   .'.,)< >��������� ~.yr _: \f-  :.!' /CARPENTERSfifciUN^  lyA'y'  ^-���������-.-���������;V.   ys:   yy>;i    yy -yfisH A  -���������   AAA,  WiSy������*^Av.myvmm  A:A :y.JM JAim^r^y^MD^ ������:-a t. s,  ;t- A* fi fi0to$W^J^ ~<  ;NE^;^S1MNS^^:^^^  .   rA? r -/].-'/^AKIBOOj.- ; :,r...������>.',;_. -���������.-���������  ' ^ - fiW rafclM^ ,..., -  H V^-i ^i:ii������Ly',-g V/V,''^,^^/":*':*V**  a A   -Ayyyy^^ofiyyAAyy- Afiy:Ayy  rS!^&"by^te^bl^^  ,   :v-/;i;<?<Kifricb, Stratford iPicton, Perth.    '/.���������./  ���������    ^ .      Simcoe,St, Catherine*;   "  r     '���������" " ' ���������  tyAA^fi:^AAfifi fbme^Bank fyjmti^^���������   f.  ^^P^fer^S^x o? BRmsH^LU^il'' f  l-J^^^OTIS ������P?fled Vor any! amo^tnot^  less than One Hundred Dollars:       '���������������'" "       -^r*V?|;j.HHT>  ^^^IW^ntedandvGoHected^ahd Bills of tichaneo/  :::-���������'���������-V  -L  '���������"'���������  b^rkier^jE^lle;  MUNDOrW &  ^/-!  PabPIUBTORS^  '���������v^'^'r'':Mea|^!r^y^  ��������� i\y N EUF-e'l D'E R^:&'\c O^ .'; --"  ��������� , ; /   ,-        !.- .. DEALERS IS V     ,- f , \'.   ^ '    '[''[fi  T&Qywom&RQGm^  \A'-:- - ���������    Storage "and Coinmissioriii!J*   //-eV  \ J^^^^^Melted.aad Assayed^,and return* inada-  within 24 hours, ,' ..    ' *   - *��������� -, y   *    y-  '9^? ^^ery^scripMon carefully !as^eKl/ ; V - !, ^  f-V;5  t ?. ��������� * J- -,-.- i '���������-.-. c f ti ������.> r v. ?..- .-7" >���������:?���������;;���������; ��������� ���������   ;;.r :���������',. ���������- ��������� -  COHEN ^p  V-vv: ivrDEALERS.INr'  [ JBti%^0OTiOT:;;?,;:)fit; ^Kp^^1?!^^ tONDONi fiA:  I -pBATO/lSSUEDion ^London, Ifew^yori^-iSafi^ran- !!���������  ciscOjiOariboo, .Canada,. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia"  and fen afl'tne Branchesof theNatibha] Banfeof'^fc-/  landrand J^yinaal'Bank of Ireland,  r"        ^   ^* -/;;='>  ] /B^^c^!ExMaiage^aa^j&bld>Ptirc|i8aeds si!  s mteregton^^Special.De^o^its ofMoney allowed at tha  rate of -'a^rittrjNrrdf;^^  ^ach, ald^slK^ about ������200  Bank ttliir*? nt   ? Bes^os- satisfvinW   the  ^Swa^  ^If *du ^ant good Cbft^e use^oiiv *  ?H1t J������?ITERPAl1 Praoticb of njlxing Chicory/ and  other adtflteratlVes with Coffee, has very much damaged in public estimation j .what ought to be the"most  delicious of Beverages: So eflectually have the public  been drugged with such mixtures that thoftnie properties bare beea lost sight of,-, .a-ndVmany prefer-a black  and thick infusion to a drink rich in spirit and aroma..  General as is tho use of Coffee,-a-it is little known that  ia condensing the vapors oxtractod from the berry in  roasting, a liquor is obtained of- the" most nauseous  taste, and of a scent tho most unbearable. ' 'Urider.suoh  circumstances jt is evidently important that all the  gases and fluids extracted by roasting should bo carried off as quickly "as* possible,' in order to prevent their  returning again te tho Coffee --^rhich is the case in the  Confined-cylinder. - This object is admirably accomplished by the new and patent "Conical Coflee Roaster"  as wed by FELL fe:CQ, ,i Victoria, :in winch the berrv  is directly exposed to the<radiated heat, and the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously. In addition to  the advantage to.be derived by the rapid removal of  the steam containing .the objectionable:-'properties, the  pure'arofna of- the Coffee is^ retained', the essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted as in tho Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coffee-is required'to'remain a much  longer time in consequence of tho steaming it undergoes by the confined steam, fit is chemically impossible to retain the Qualities or arrest the deterioration-of  Coffee when ground. The heat engendered by tho pro-  cpss of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action in the elementary parts which gradually destroys  its-fitness for drink. But to Tetain the essential oil  -which H-contains we have It enoased in tins containing  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and which can be had from.any  of the respactable. <lealcrs. We can confidently recommend: those .who have-hitherto .been .obliged to_re-,  frain iicomtalting. Coffe e on account - of its ill������effeots,  tb/at;they may. Use, 6$x, Cbffeo,'-,' roasted -in; the Conioal  Roaslor, being.reoomhiendod'.by aDmedicalnion^nder;  [���������whose notice it has boon brought,. and by numerous  oth.er -tsstlmenisis in its' favor. ��������� :":.! FilLL & CO,,  " .' "Ceflfee Merchant?, Vates" st,, Victoria.  . ,,;vb>?K;E.r!v^xle;;..:;!;v:/'  A'large supply o������ ^^i^^^m"im^^^:  j ������������������������������������ 'SBAEgEQN}^^  ^mjj^:^^Mpt:  BARkJERViii/B,;  yiy.  M. J: BLAOKMAN,  j Oc^ !>&ST;!Meited;/tt^  withjn;24:houra in Ooin^or Bars.   ���������   A A������ . v v  I Ores^,every description carefully Assayed, fi.* ������������������:    -  ; N; B:^Any insfrucfions' as to the -disposal of the/jrb? :  ceeds of Gold ^Dtot- forwarded t������-the office in-Victoria;  tor iassay will be carefully 'attended' to/--:", (vw /w d/H- ���������: - A  ��������� ���������' -fiy ;���������;;. & i i. \^: Ai:-,; - ���������; A - jv <Ss- SHSPHBRD, Maaagor> ��������� i ]���������.  .} 'ffi&^-tY^^ fit. Ally's.'! !  BARKKRVILLE;  PURDIE,  BLlOKSirTH,  RICHFIELD.  1  i������������������, ���������'  ��������� S'.yYMypi^^A./���������/���������''������������������'���������';""-'' ''���������'���������'  Dealer in all kinds of. Provisions, Clothing, &o.  i far Stabling ttitfi$gi$m j H*y, 'Barley and Oita al-  waysoRhan^.  ��������� ��������� -  ':-- -:-  ���������   ���������������������������'���������-   \ -  %-%������������������-���������  Connecting at XUlooet and* '.Yale with DIETZ &  i ^^TELSON'S -for Now Westtolnster ^ Victoria,* -:.j_-.'. * -  TO^ifcfc; ARRIVE: ANb?'MM!RT^  ;FV - Barhrerville, 'ltd connect /with the steamer "Eh-' -  terprise'^ :at' QuesnelmOuth; arid the STAG1S; at* Seda;.,  Creek, EVERY "WEEK, conveying TBKisuRB, Let--  tbrs and VAM7ABi������s.Tor.all parts of the world;; / Also,/  Commissions received'afcd forwarded by Express for  the colieciion of/Notes, Bills and 'the purchase of art!. .  cies to be obtained at Kew.Westmihster,.Victoria^Sany,  Francisco or enroute. and returns made with dispatch.  ' JOH^-B. tOVELL,     .  ? 1-s; - r/i\:     ,.-       :   %��������� ay,;:;> .'��������� "> Agent, Barkeryiile.. .  '���������" ��������� ��������� ���������" " ������������������''" The undersigned is prepared: to, /;  A . A''A'  CLEAK BLACK feAlW, i^OWIN^ AND '"  ^    ,;;r^j3j^^;;"';7 ���������   ^-^;_.  On Commission, or will purchase? ahyqoantHf op -^e:  c Most Liberal Tsbms, at the :: ���������-../..  ��������� / r-Reiading'3El6bm,^Gameron1������n, :;//; '  The iSubscriber is well' known on' Williams ,Creck, ftad, ���������,.  from the.confidence ".reposed' inr him.'hist Fall in thV   /.  above business, he hopes to/receive the. patronage, of-:   '  the Kining community the ensuing season. / ^  ; /' s "������������������-/; ���������;"','���������; ' '���������'���������/  ,:";' ���������  ��������� y - -;- JOHN BOTOOlf;; *. ���������������������������.'. -.-  "  Sf^W^'^^^ '    ������������������'���������? '':"': Y\y\l  rBK^BENft"BRiiibH: COLU?iIBIA. -'fi���������-'/���������  DTJBIKGi KCE MINING^ASON; the nndejsigned  will be prewired to execute Surveys and transact  *��������� General'Agency BusiJio's?.' J' ~   JOEK MORFK,  ��������� I-S'"        " ��������� Civil Engineer.     ������ :W(jw-Westmim1ter,5  Victoria,yfisyf: v. vjl  TO AOTEKTISEftSy  V/-'%?  r������ Muil^daine- nave.tfeen making  ay good /tiling on Canon  : r \-jofin-B6faii. "A- eteek^ "which;empties into the Eraser about 65  ������������������   i^iles vaWv^^  fetJnjrVat^^m.i6M*f^^efclast &Uy  '*y..  $���������-]  U i     ��������� -  fi ��������� t:  A-j.  .y ".,  ::*"{ . .'.,  v^*Bf?������.T-TCCEJ^'' - ���������:��������� v.yy/:- vv/;  .'  -"-n: ^ 'i v" "*  ffv;y  o send Wfe GaiiboOiSen-  -' '��������� "finglaad*ihb' United  ^^^TO'CdRRESPONDteNTS:" '  '  All"'iom'mTOtcatiote-/intt5t- be accompanied hy the  :v.  li ���������/'���������;���������  i-v"'  :<!--��������������� ���������-������'���������-  ?3R ���������'-'*���������! ������������������������������������r  m ������������������  :.y.y  >'.'?}K'v-  ���������$*  --.-5?-.."  ���������"Ji-K  #        :  Byr'th>y;arrivai/:o^i)he T&press^V&terday  '.V^.-'.-.������f-L>;-.--JWii:?!ia>V  >-   the mines will even' cpraparo^%Jhose of  y-A     ���������agf������  yy:? ' ortfo^ncw;eB^^  -    ' \ known.-   Of.-������ claims  r  A  'Wj^W-',  .^hichw^smcerelyhopemay^roTe/cbrrect^It  is fopbrtedf that' menKare' stamp edin^-fr em" all  ;**F  ���������pid&>and^  : ly, and had returned. for ano^r .cavgp^  That  tweiifefive days, when; they wpre^oMged to  su%e^w^iftn^  During"iT-s~ '  One ���������*'"���������  ;eral.   ._..., .    ���������   . ,  reported^allbw^pay havmgiheen^aken out  twOTfeefvbelow-: the surface.;^ A .number., of  Ghi&ame^haWalre^  mbrrow'fo^tife.same locality. Atyhite man  in! town got good'���������prospects, oh that creek two  #earslago^but|hafi been< una������lej$p -retam and  prospect M(y! Jpr^waiifc of.means.,>;/K!wong.  :Lee&C6^firaiich������3tabiishiien  have^tea^^nt^db'wn -about $3,000 Syortii^  ^the;^b^4from!Cdnbn,cr!eel^,,c^,;���������, fi^fij^AA  i v?Mr;! :3ohi* !Galbraithy !efShnnyvale Ranch^  !iiear^daCreclc,!lias 15u acres of spririg%heat  Hvhife&iis^refd^^r^inches abQvc;������rourid;������,v  !:��������� "TChe !sleamer! Enterprise* howle^eiiherc >;on  :Thui^d%sSd!Baturdays. y Jtether>vei-y fine.  ,   tyltbri; lliylllh^-Mrk-Hatt^.i^ly^xi^  iyestcrday in -company with her husband on  aibrseback tb^ Visit ^efr/farmvabout two miles:  -from Lyttori, arid it seems when passing thro',  it gate her dfessA caught p$d *she ^as pulfed  ifromiierhoTBe,!but happily-fbr Jbetihe'*hbrse  |was quiet an^she escaped unhurt, but badly  frightened,  A -J.KF^I'cWorthy, Esqi,:from San Francisco^  v ,A, Ti 'O.VAJ   ��������� Ctj i ������*���������;���������* "������������������ syy.S-*' ��������� '������- ?y   "  t ��������� y' -���������������-*-*���������.?.-. ,-j- yr^ ���������*-  THb Oliiest-;^stabHshid %otei'hon'^ifflaxni  ^;,^.;.-;"Aaaa!m!^-;-^:!orbek^^-^v1 J/V1;'1'/v. ��������� ���������  ������--���������-������..v.������������������.- ...Supper .,.��������� ^-���������������., ��������� .,--��������� ��������� ,._--_,.-..,  ^'4^yeke^;$^0b'each^;,^Tt;,^;-r ^Q;.r|j" ^3^,  ���������.^5i:;-t  V/f'i/! ������������������ fi .fi JtlBROitAXi^ ^YiftuJ.itVt  I^mT^^-Mife'tour^^seft  *nou������;f������^  per pbundhad,been^offerfid ;,an^l refused for  be the month of June- before '.ammals canbe  '     i^bleto orossme^sMd^ividerahd  ^of goo^si^the rBri^l^oJumW  ������������������t-xi������ka^-f^m^vmy.w^^aL'.that direction in  consequehce of the strong ropp^sitib.n"lBa,am^  tttin^ by > the^Oreg^ana^  '   ->'cles^  ^hahrcan^ssibfgtee ;^n^^British^oten-  bian^at thei present, moment. ^liis-saifi^that  . Messrs^ !Dodge!&,Co.v and .-^elson& ..Cq.,-have  \ying; seriously jirfrbra the^^ >ifecifeTbf hard:  "drinking if/heyis not exacted to recovery ^  Brouse^as been in^attendance, ?nej says the  case is dbTtblnilI'as he;will neither^eatjor drink.  f   Aminer^as't3nl3ttaMvea/^^^h^  Sown sick reports thi^Siencoiiragmg in/the  niihbs and provisions^plenti&l and cheap; the  people are ^ofy StffisieUs? to kh6wy?what the  Gbverninent infceads/ doing.Jov^ar^ hurrying,  flie trails frpm^Seymouranto. the min.es.       V  r The weather "herds -'deligntfal'; 'the snow ,!is  fast disaroearin^/|pom >lierhnis.^fThe fagim  around%dk^r^wenr %BtisinesS'bri|k; "large!  pack trains antl' teams^pass; throughjdailp to  fhe.miriesianleyer^h  arrive her6 every; day!/tr6wa^a^M;;passen-  gers.  v-yv y\ Ay^yfi \- y--fi- '��������� ���������  // \a _   ���������: -.  IS!*  l JAKA A A : AA:; C^MSRONTOWKf fi ^ fi   fi .'V  f^yh^A'^,y^\py.Ayy:y yy y^e vvv-a^3 AAAa  . ;rf?y.!MC..i^WLT^^^^ -r^fiL  ! yj.y f-i  u4y;3������AnKWnvil&'E\X'infi ^Kv/  "^/iK-y, ^'.-"'''^������������������i'ry^.-vfe L/!^^ii.yT?yi .^'^liOll.J  ensure .the' satisfaction o������ tbbBp:,>vh'o/ar.e/ disposed .to.  .favoT/the proprietors/with their paironag^. A'fifi.fiy,,  ^!;'^::Mealsrat'.aU:Hp^^^^^  U^^ft*^-:.;.^^'  MRS. CLUNKS T>egs:'tb.inform the Mlners'of/Willisroa  /-Creek^Eowlie'e Cret*������~43ion^<X3N^:'anU-.TanYWih--  klevtoat* she intends.. giving a BexiefitUBaU and  iGokcert* on the 24th of May,/tho best ever glyeAou  Williams Creek; wnen the .respectfully.solfclts 'the pat.'  wnw.ef-thjj-'pabl^  In the matter������������������ of .tfee.^Bsi^-rof Sehgman El-  sasseri vvhp^ lias^made/an assignment for the  ���������JuDa-ted atVSctO^^;tbo-6;tW'day^rj^r}^ ������]vii:H'  ������^ !*������ ^feSi^^l^^ -^  ���������lii-s'a^^jf^;-'^  y-^>x:^ >^i  jH'./k^./')?;;^  :i:tL>a;^Sd?jJi:  (Hyr.frt-'tyi "iii^Wry'  ykuii^"x:!i'kAy..  ym^feipiii  Aify-iiX'kv^ih ���������:���������.  yy_  p^t ^^^gEfi^HI^ ^ -^ fi ��������� ^  !*MfBl^Rfe^������C^M^J^^  and-Mr4iaiI^^0\^N;Witt'b^  ��������� invfif 4������ri?> w  ,3f:^i   v?^pp*'^Mdfi^   .  ^Jticbueld,JB;;C.,.Vjl,: "^if>4f '^>?-f; K^ftff'tife'Vj^"' -  y^iyy^y/.  ^^���������^Mc> ^���������AMERGma?OW^y^ ?n^ ;:'������fi<y[  ���������Vi /-.*<"������* *������������������ v* ���������* rf'������������������*''.'    T^V't tv "!; ^^J^ ^ t",-"-,v'^>l"-i .'tifv.'i .-"'lt^ii'^ rK"-,-J-. /* *'V-r*������?'iAJ-'a*?"* --   ;i '{*("*''< -'"'  v2U>VJ*r������I������1 *���������,    ' 'SU J.  ., ..$,iS?I.f. ��������� ���������    ��������� J"-<:        ':��������� '.* -   '-'��������� ��������� '��������� v '���������    ���������:;<*��������� =>������'4.    ;���������<���������'-**-.  jrpHE-TOPERSIGNBb yHASi^EKED ^VTHE^BOVE  ; 1!;/, Hp^i/and JE^  yyyA--  "yn  yyyyiA^ Am^MAyAAyyy x:yAA}m:<im  Lett^^emaining!^n itJie TEtojs^'OMoe, ;C^Mw;,  y >���������. J ��������� ���������-, .\/.j";..s >;^'vt-s:;- >y^y   ,fov; .yi-,:.5nya; ^fe-.:  Ama teady/Wilham y ;y /  y--  ;Vs  unable^^ompete! >. with f,th%Qreg(M^itivftdo  ���������'   ^hiswill:be a heavy blow^ bfi -���������our^expectedy  :anon6poly/bf^he':B3g";Bend''tr^  ;4he snow which Vnow obstijucts.> ihevpassage  <^pvel'--tlie^ivMeldisapjpe^s^o^ merb&nts and;  trader^#ill;bave. a better showyof-coniiretihg  wiffi^heir^eipb^rs!-a^^  ���������. seem tbhave^all ^thelrif^w^^a^justiiow.  passengers an^-sl$350,096'lrr:treastirei  ^eertifieate oT ^in^o^ol^ioh^lJf^  and Ida^:S.1^e^a]id>������^t:;-Fi%ipit';0o^'' has  been filedyin County CpurtV: ��������� Me^bompany  propose to run a lineof xbac^s!antl f^st freight  waggons from "ChicbV'Calvj1 to Boise Cife ^ia  SusariyilleAoM ���������Mx^fi^yi: v'.Ca^ifil^JW^Qb*;  divided intp*250 shares; ^Trustees,yJ!ohn Mul-  jan������ j^n Ti Sheoff-and^ George ^rusbyl  purchase of four Amosking ^Fire���������<Engines, / hp-  '.ishing;.  to ihei^a^yantftge to.fgiye; him a call,tafe bistho'use tori  'Cleanliness,,Mivntion to custbmers.ftand ajgood^Table. i:  ^canhe) be excelled!L :^;\1;**"-^'Z^sX''. 'Ay  ^:.������'He%C6ffee>/t^op������^ii^L Steals at^'all hburs;i ;  limx-ttiky &* %ut&������iaa& ji.mitXHJS^^m^m^'  ' ��������� n nfrim���������"fiiMi ii ���������i miu'���������i mm ������������������ ��������� ��������� l������i������ph-. i ������������������������ m. ��������� ��������� ���������' '  .,,. i.y  tiritiri* -j^t^HO^i-^^'^  . II!.-.  ..-j. -  ;-f  ^*Ji'dtfd.  V&lvAh&iwt '"i&it sity-m. ^%yyf(yupA S7ua?*i  AA ^^m}a;m^m^mA^ '���������  Boardmah, G^orje W.'./   ;:"v.:^ .rv/:f .., A - "A^.y-y,, ...'  Carter, Vincent   .     (2)    y Clarke, Alexander        v     .  nJV.,'^^T^������������^"^--v-y ���������fV.-.?i.-nKVrrfTife'ltr*TAKTi:'T-s:.-r^:r-i->X-<-'r-^V>  ;   rTS^e.ar^^s>|eral^b^p^  - suirib, qperations; on^this crbek for,;the,summer;,  1 ^is! tp' b������ !ippedy that !tt^  - thb qontintfatiohiof the lead^^ ��������� worted^^by^fche  Kehruck xcJJy^last: sri������imef wl V-prby e 'success^  fvil;:"as:fitibh;a ^isc6ve)ry'wb^ild'/'ftp /tnuph ln;  ^ncouragihg/fresn'en'brtsjtb ,fin&gbc4. paying  ���������diggings on'thisextensive oreek,������������������?^?-       ~\'���������*������������������;  ���������', !"!r"!"^''^!r^'/^Bpt^E;i^JjSi^ ^-"!'"���������"''' '  It is' said that a:^ company having ground  situated^^tween the"Diseftv^y^Cotopaw^ad=  the Short J$^&<Gompjiny have, sunk a "shaft  :to the/'depth'>e������ 25 or30feet)-a&d^'gbt!^Apros-  ;pect of $7 to a'few pans;of/dirt,'.!; Tiiey have  -.. sorted a tunnelij^'i^:^e^i^filiy. ;. , tf A.  , Atxbmpt , SuiqipE.-rrWe' learn ���������; that a., man.  '������������������of thei namei'6f Steel, a/mulatto^who kept a  rrestaurant pn Williams/j Creek, attempted to  .jump from; the steamer as she; was; passing be-,  : tween: thb ^ist*rs^ on the ^way v to % Yale, . but  was prevented by the passengers: :-While the  Reliance^ lay at Yale oh Thursday he jumped'  'AoxQlJ^ir^.fj^pjc..3jatp,..������(tiUe ^Iy������y.^WrtS^^InL������: was  promptly extended!tp\b������ni9 frbVhe refused to  avail himself of succor J two idea, put out in  & boat/and succeededM^! seizkig the;unhappy  m$& as he^made his appearance upon thei"su.r-  tape/far th&third timej: and jhroiight; hint on t  to-morrow.  ���������'? /Gold,   May -Sfh; 126^ ;r excliange, 1094;:,  greenbabksji78^to^79i. ������������������/-'��������� ** A- A*f*AaA'a\A  \yYale-;M^^  cibiir! last ni^testates^^thatythree! hew: creeks  ,Say^ Jb een. disco vered'j. one /ofjiepi'&fewjfniles,  fe^^r^fc^cieejc,;; 'j^lle^. Q^ky^^y^^tMl  be richeri than FrenchxCreek; Sayeytekeniput  $Zioffie!paa.!.,; Jim Black. reached Xaieiyess  terday 'direct from. Seymour.    ! ���������,!��������� ,���������' *,.������������������  A The steameii:M^(J^ had left for anbther load.  A party'/offoiir: ihe?n,- with Geol'ge ]Weavei*,  had. gone .up /theGpluhibia River! prbspecting.  It was expected^he/Hudson-BayCo^s steamer  would be launched lyesterday.    The 'paS'seliT  ������ers by the last/tripyof the 'Oregon* reached  eymour in II; days, from;California.by Bar-  ;nard?s fast ^stage from Yale. ^ 'It is Expected  when the Steamer, is running on the lakes that  passengers can make the hip in S days &om-  San Fi|anciscp .to Seymour. .,,    .. f,      ,  ��������� Henry'Evaisy ;pf! Oregon, died on 1st April  at Seymour. :  ^     A>tA ������������������ .Ky      rv.  ��������� Market prices*at^Sbymbutv: Flour, 1 Si\@ 18  cts.; bacon, 62k cts.;-ybeans, 20 cts.; sugar, 37J  cts.; tea, $lf coffee,;87i cts.;..butter,,11; .and  all other goodsjn/prppprtion. . , %..  Davi'sj-William '&.  Dixon; J. Wv v  Erskine,; W.iHi,',. yyyA,yy .A^yA.yfiyy  '������������������Vor&ji Jam:es>.K������h-.-; v;V;;i4?rFratikilnjl Jairua  Fo^tuae,vH.?%*fy<;    t%}������>U\$& ?}������������������ ;&*&'?-'��������� ���������'=  ^ilberi; -JjaineB/:''? 4* AA tAi ^Glopdenin^vArchibafld ��������� }fiy  pilflllanj :,Jam������s':_ / ,fi, yfi ' 'Prosser, ^ f ?{&.& ^ tfi  Mthawayl!:&P!^r.;  (i) yHoweUg^isa^c1,  ��������� 'AfiAfifiAt  Haken^FrodrickO.y ������(i) fHunt^George / y    %i.fA a  Herser^r.;W^v'"'-//���������.- -'A-ifi ������^ *H   fii^Afi  Innes^fJamcs^/ ' '*���������'���������*}��������� Afi'*"fi������: -**V 's fir-*1:?-';'-y>-f  Job,-Jonathan ^ ��������� *"' J Jonee,'-Andrew' - >lr ^ '}?r?  EBrsey/SrT- ���������-"' '"> :j(������)!'- ' >:j7 ;���������;..'- -^!-'-- ^naiy^  LaWrie/Thomas y -   - (8).- Lipsett^ 'Isaac' J :i'   'J ��������� '' "-*  ;Lewis;: JohniW^y*,y:���������  ^>-'j '^':y,yvi;.r; c.t '-r^' J  i������a rshallf J;>^S: /��������� ,4 n -:f ���������������������������!: st! ������UOregor^aeorge'������.';' ��������� ?jo,������| y f.  Meir6ssr:WJHiamT,, .;,' ^:^cKinpnrpharlcs>:; v,y:)  Morris^ Joseph - ' :.. -' "MaJjean^Archibald // -:, 'ysfi  McCarthy^ 1)^VT.yy:;  r.!, J5fcQue^n,/Duncan^;;fifi^[-r  Orchard*Nalhi-7i -*������������������';���������-���������'��������� *Vr*"'.. '-��������� --���������!,'' ���������**'" '"'"'<:' /"'/"':' '���������'  Parsons, -O'faarles ���������'���������:'7'Jj!.. *-'V Pierce,"'G6orge;' : ��������� ;*AfiW^  Palmer,>Gideon;?������0*������'���������'.X-:;^eston^Gebr^ef Qi;^- O*jf������<  Redgra"ve^S.'! SJ'&z ^y?!r^?Robertsbn,?3rohnv ^Krj^jjSis  ;ReeYes3;,/;,..............,,.. ,,. Rob}>,sont .Hn^py^^Mhy  Richley, George    ^ :..-:.Ryan,.F...W. _..  Riordan, Jamea   / ' .'AAii   -'fi:  -.���������'/;��������� Smith; Joseph;;';'��������� "'V.;^tf*; v  ':/ !: Stevens,;*J6hn C."������������������'.. f*"  ���������^2) "Stewarjb/Arcbibald/B^  ^^s^sfstv:.-'^  //.WHOLESALE^AND RETAfL, DEALERS j IN -Aii/ '  ;.............,, -:,.,. .,:,   ,   w^J0g'iO^;w::,; .QVr-vuV'^  Seyirlpur, Charle?;  Sanisdn, John v A''  ���������Sbyner,'Mrs.:; fi .  Vaughn, W. :D.   ���������  Whitcomb, Hi M.  Wilson," James  Yerxa, ph'istey! /  iyy^y y-Ai$wv>f;-.;ty������x,- ���������' ;������.?������:!j.u!:o!>:;&>��������� ������r/f??.       . -^v^MJV'.y"  ^^J^r^Vtfenfiorf M! Ifi&rs aniSlera  'to thcSf'iAinJ assorttrieht of'STJ^Rl^R. GOOBS !  i..^ ^i^,*'H^4 which^will;Be'sold'rf**y t ,';?^:' i':'^"i/:;  A^y^^TSvT^fERJ^'^S';!r;  '���������-������������������'' i.A'* ^yVi ?'*?-":Hiy. y:n:^..i'i?j -JtJI .(;t'^^t'4?y,*:"r  tomakd-koom'-ifor.va NEW^sTOCK-tanrrivefeaoon:-as^  *��������� *U^.., ��������� ly-Af*. a ^b������ Roads aye open. *^i  !^!4 fj^'-:-^" ''���������  lJ3^TMb6ral.^lGw^^ be ^maSb' to?  Restaurant "and Hotel Keepers and :the Trade genera My  on large.oplej^ ;ycuy t> :;y ^ /,-^t-* ,' y v;; /% v/va ������������������ - ^  ir  Vieth, George A.  (3) /Wood/Silas  (2)./ .������������������:!.  (3)  Lindley, D, 27.=  ^;/!^ '!'-!" !���������  aEGlBTBRED  LSTT2R.  y! JOHN BOwllbN,?; :!  " i       Acting PoBtmaste'iC.  y&Kv\  URiziiAKEyy <<  :i������'yA"t'~yi %'"'���������}-' i". ~yyy*yy::- ..'��������� - "t.f-;.f -^.v-.*  fc  /i!>:;.?ASD;:  .!'^;^,;^:-';^a^  ; -fil������^ ���������  Everythtng iff done Wconnection Vrtth this estabiish^  men t te give ^satisfaction to the -customers^' fi A!' *    ' '  ; isKkSats a������tofbourl^v?*;,"y:'^ f**"^^'jr<:-'  v Mr. F. Laumbister recieved^yesterday from  the1 Cplpnial^Seciretary, an answer to the petir  -tionysign^by!^!^ miners and. merchants of  Cariboo, respecting":thc^injuries ^ accuring to  mining interests from prolonged and complicated litigation, which was, presented to the  Administrator of the/Go.vernment last winter;  which our. want of .space prevents us from  publishing in this' jnornings issue.    ������������������: ���������  yy.fi-���������<-,,EVERY: EVENING,-;,  Fi!s;ri;r61/si^o^S  .!';'!';!/ Aa'.. ^BARKERVILLE^;:/  ., ���������������������������������������������'( .1.  .- riff 1  "LL LOVERS OF THE TERPISCHOREA������ ART are  il invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a hearty  welcome will be extended.  yifr  :&fitijrL(y.it  BARKERV/IIiLEi  Wholesale and Retail.  ^iT Tho best of Wines, Liquors and - Segars,-;  and Good Order observed. ��������� ���������: ;- -,   ,; .-������������������������������������������' ,=������  fi-1-.fififi' ,     MARTIN.&COOE^Pren>rfi.:-  LEWIS LEWIS, Clothier, Yates Street Victoria.'  .opposite the Bank ot British Nor^th' America/    1-s  f������'fUi6h;Columbi*n/ ���������������������������".    '       yr 'BailyE^nmg Post 7has ceased to/exist.   ���������; .Jii ~  yyr" v'L.. MOUJXMt &y������������.,i  ��������� -AA- -'A-A. WHOLESALE, & BETAII* *'���������������-, >  I. pcyeraotent;,street, Victoria.,:yancbuYer:island,;  RICHFIELD, Williams Creek,.B. C.  ;e Save oir hand a large; sto$t.of* ^ipyi^io^*  Hardware and Vegetables, 'and are deteiv  ni i ncd to sell them - cheaper-.'than-- any other-' store 0 A.  Williams Creek, Cooie and see-aad judge fox yourselves.  ' Kicll6^Ht'May 6th -1863.    .. . '^ 3
��� ��� /ry';"'""';' ���V'^M^n^fk0ji^^-^
The article of handles h$ve become entire^
���'It exhausted ^yi^^ii^^ifi^:.!^^^
,thcro'!is-a!box tor,sfte;pn the cre^k: ^ ^ ^ . j
Of'GuiniBootisj:thereyareVstill a.^few-.lefty
For the", ,past/;;.! week {.theje/has^vnptbeena;
pound of 'Be'efiftr ^^fonyi^^eiMd ion ^the'
^lioie-cr^ek^and'allrtjie butchering:establish-:
menfcs have- been - i^ Ji^^jSfiifi'e'^ei^/i^e
���reported/on ,M t''  n.. r f
���:: Tbe'snow on /the* Jdivodetbptwixt ^here" and
Vim SVinMe,is soioftvthat unie&; advantage
(which wc have hofhaitpr
' to -fiirannigpj^ got
iu Were -the. 1st"
" Gallagher rv^Mptio^
.for wages^tie amount .being. $'47;! 'The agree-
<ment between the'parties? was.^tp 4he effect
that-plaintiff was to/b,^
'gold came put of ^J.pUi^fifh'^MMo- gdjd
MR^ba'w^^ho^hasbeen engaged {flaring/the
/winter-sleighing in goods fromQuesnelmputh-^
was-riding along the road from fiafkerville to
tazit f^m^&"%mpz^%^i0k iiorsoteifobf
became entangled with something on the road j
which is out of repair at t^t/^plac^TOdiu
trying! to ��$W^
thro wing'his! Hd^^iM,iSlll^Ayer !hMferbke4
hisilegirf Ifcwas a mosfrmiraculous Mngf:that
he was hofc^kill^^sthere'was a'person 'off
horseback immediately; behind !who/, not Ear*
ing timeitp reinin hisjiprse^jamped over both
fallen horse and rideivwtfto&ra^
The boneiqf/the ri^t/leg/is; fmct^ed^ih: two;
places, and is whatl)o
fracture:"'The limbwas^setia^e^fternoon
vy"!��*wun^ .,,sr,; ,, ,,���   yy . y- yyyyy v;I
and ;>\dth good reason too;' about the state '.'of;
tlie road between Earkerville and Gamerbnton;
Ever since the thaw^set in thewater- from We1
raorintain. side 'hfebe'eh^runni^ a^wn!p%; the
troad, ahd;irom!0e:;absence or entire!obstruc-:
tion of culverts has heeh^an^id^grouadislUict
ing great/portionsv#;it,^an3^kiug^ti,m:
places; unsafis^Jor:; animals -^ /pass;; over, ffi
it; up completely.: If-^ are rightly informed the contractor is bound to keep this
��� roadin repSir ^l^^ntfa! ^er;;ther icoirW
pletioii of thei contract, -we hope-soon tb^see
some action taken'tp have it'repaired fcefbre
afty greater di$^
. ; ^i^p^
to chronicleJhe^actythat tfroih! and after ;'ti��
��� day. three eight hour shifts will be kejtfstead^
shaft and. set.ano ther .relay; of hands to work
at that pomt^order^push the uhdertakihs
ooks hke^nergy and a determination tbbave^
tSfi^eing. aerived.Xrpm the Drain this sum,
- ine*-yeI;y,yyy ������.:..it ���.;;.../. -:,   yy-.'���>.h - A���.��� ��*
f 7:A ^MININGINTELLIGENCE.'-!r;. f;, !
; 't; ^/^^;WILIiAJ��S|CREEK/trj fit\ fij    .'I
:^Ttie^Creek isibeginningnp^esume:: its ��� woh|
tedapj^arance of suminer^ activity vand in
other- jweljk /when tlie: ti nip pf lay ing !^yer exf;
I^sf we^ exr^c^
work ih a fair way^bf, talcing out pay, with
of Barkerviile; which; trilj havev to* wait: for
the^bmplelioh. of the J3etf Rpclc DraihT This1
has now reaclie^th|!l411pb^
be caipjiSpin rapidly!thepce by��� me hwmbers*
of tte^companie^^above^/^ week:
the^1 weather5 ��� ;haiFJbdehv cbb'1,* which <?having^
able to: tnihin^f^afse v^rtt ?atfdiB6nall ;com--j
panies ^have got;: Mi^^uader'way-^ on the!
#hble!tHe prospecterMt^gbM
we think never>lbbkodT^ngh^ at pre-
senfc*i?ht-WitC ii'y-: y:%-A;��� A\;ft,.vy���....#v\\-a)t:'-
!^bve the!c
have ^beea ;at ^!wori !all- winter! still-coiitihuo
taking outji{iyj:;but^ not yet
sufficiently Lftaiw^-fe^
ing 'tb^ommehce^rhor lis ^there' ^afer%et; iii-
the Bed Rock/Kluhib^ Oomyan^'s ditch to en-
^ble^th^^dbiso^^t the/fbotpfitlm/itjanyoh
the old :Burn��J TuflnelVGompany -which has
been- atp great*^e��pense-?erecting^ a "spleadid
aqueduct?to -brln^the water 6/fiBlack ��� Jack
Gulch across Williams Greek tp ^the level:.of
the tb^bf^the! hiy^Ws^fimenced grourfd
sluJcing, but!theylia^e -not water.eiiougtiyyet
to makefmueh progress.^ Below tnem' we fihd
hingPieir^hnelthrougfetbe^iljriarie Slower
ground; and arpy alsq,, cominenpihg::to *!wprk
their front ground, throjugkjtheir incifee^ ^
'-.v-tt-"' -. ,r,^CONKLIK^(GULCiri'l(.!- w-^c-rfif;
Pompanies;are engag^d^purnping:-out 1 water
andytfie Reid! and^dSTew;^ealahd Gompanies
;are gett^roadyfto wbrk^;thetJnited^:Gom4
:pfany>have struma4arge channel in ^e/M
onithe nor|ih side whiehvhastlraised the spirits
pfi tho owners of hill claims onzthat/side.- '* Afi
^whij^have1 strucE|>^^^ect ^ take^/blit
laife1 returns shortl^^lbbn^asHh^igetJprbK
perly drained, a!share;inthe:Alturi^:Gd
:$3i50P.'ft;gv; ''
gresume!in{ciejftlis unknpwn^ ^DSeliunwur
ger,, ahd^nQ;Hcai^bhihi8 c^m
|j of mind, and-put of reach of any /speculatiba
j of unavbiiable?aecMents^ ima^lsayr
'��� who, hadiictjiihg-itb; jdp^iyithyt; could always*
have behavedyiniich!bettcE&ahfthe ^aptaiixv
and those^who hadya yy. *:AA , j y-Afiyy . a '"'A
:���' "��� v: g-/ j'3^^ri^^fey| ith; "16a 6,,)
creek!��^^ ^%^grpiiftd ,ahd��funnih^a^rain
round !thPir^sh^jthe^^pectto^^
iigain l\i a few days| and having^ siruck^^ood
pajfc in^the high^ground just b eft re ^he^:w;er^
dro wned put, they thaye^gi;eat hppe| jpr being
quickly reimbursed for the heavy outlay ^they
have been at during toenvmter. vBelow.them'
nine of thei c|eek claiinSiabQvethe,paledonia!
can* work ;phaccpunt^f^nde/rg f,
the Caledoniabontiauestb workihalopstreai
taking out about ^6 ounbes^per day^and^has
i,       ... paper that,
soW out liia. interest in the
iel'for $600;;the sum
that mentioned which
* Cariboo
was-far more
we/can safely,
ahd^avis^laini^!pnHhe(hill side/commenced
tyork this/week, the ^former Vasiied^upAori
^Wed^sda^Sl35-puhce^yfor ^ dayslTOr^thb'
;iatter!i8 getting sblh^jyeby'^pd p&sp^l^ !pf
;cparse goM^one piece weibeiievelwaspickejii
upviweighing over 3 ounces^ The Watson
Company ^adjoining the Davisy continues to
!take eS good ^p^ ?; inS^he^^pppsitey^
Mprmhg ^Sta^Goh^any^^&tiriuW^
tlieirl tuhn^ ,!aMrhaye :gp%'fctieir! slii ice^ir^ady
^b commence washing ;|the Sunrise ^^lr
below} the Morning Star',1' is^ runnings in;;- to^
strikeH the sanie 7chanhei5 through bed rock |
t^:firizd^g6mpany ^has; just/got to^ work
and^also! the Moulit^the; latter struck^ a gbbd
prospect on S^rday^ini the grayel^oyerlicad
it isnow'-bei^M^pifetAi^ tl^lnbse ���' top
streaks^ are to ?be found bII through;the,creek*
and if the miners^ can ferace1a bqntinubus lead
in the(gravelyi will talce/;yeaJrs' yet / tp;%orK
put claiibs^wtii^h hiiye hilhertfli^^|p^ispec^T
ted and worked only/ on the bed-rbek!*:;: Tie!
Bank and^e^ada^nnels|ar^/gettiag ready
to w^sh^j ^ne^Beauroga^feph^an^
pepti^g,^at has go tiiothing, y$t; jite^Califpi^
nia!I!unnel Company, .has; got to' workr with
good prospects, they are talvingput?riow��abbuf
I ounce per day v toithp; hand, OthisV cbmpan^
in view of ia scarcity pf water in the creek for
hill claims: haV ^plietTrfbr! the! ppyiioge^of
bringiiig^a-^tc^bf��bbu|six- miles ut-lehgth
from Ca��iad4an^Gre.ek^ IhetLastrChan^
pany po)nmenced: wkshin^:!this Wp^:rrbhi
ter7l will giveybu apbpib
not the whole,- of tlie; ^aragra^h ^of/a coi*res-
pohdest toittmorain^paper, who;writes,over
the^hon deplttine'o^^onitor;^' It-appears
that: the unfbrtuh&te !^emb^ft^Salt ^rihg
Island) who; against
and;well wishers>would occasionally goftoth^
House of Assembly^!Ife ��effines; 'it seeihs,;iby
a^u^cis^e^-ypte ^turne^^
CochraiieCHewly introdueed meisdre'^fbr the
ahdwe^ to%u^r by*)te^
^ich;%md^hine^ to
accbrding to' the Real Estate ^SehdnSent ^ct,
'.Sheriffs! Sales it'? isTprob'ably/^Moo^pSihti' Jas
is pretty/well put by > Jlonitor, > whether/ the
clauses i^^nd, 14; as; to notices,4hav^:;been
sixictly'or^even at/all 'cbmplied/wi^
going to say -that -the > member forySal^Spring
Gpehranej* ahdifr is* foo tthe^fe t>tim^ thai-the
��� firsts jnamed ���^cmher-haSiin^t^eu^
;p^icaliiatere sause^inat
lot: ri��|t a^natvmiglft^!^
iWitifesshfe! conduct pn ihe(Jrora
tion and others];;;so that I^halye/heardiit|said
ibvpuite disinterested outsiders,���:'$Well? 'Emust
?say^Dennes has given '.some sglendid "votes;?^
pButxE havb:nbthirigtedo!with his'd^fence^am
I merely slightly alluding:tb:his politjcaly areer,^
withoutin the;least^&usii^��yBSanf for" negr
lectmg-his buaness//for4pubyp^
h^r^aoly re^
'b^indepeho^ace; a^^
Ja man no longer ballasted>i as-r-a saiior;vmighfc
calculated to J^epiHini^pM^t^^eil,! then^
���Mr. Monitor alludes to! the strangulation of ffie;
we!tK#n^^!��:^��go in the
signs ot a ra^nrm    tT d-by unmietakeable
*�� Ox rSS ft?*?* issue, anaounc,
*fontown 0^{W*. h* llo.noer Hofel Cam-
gfand ball aL t dayi9^nillS nexi. with a
e<i to a$Saa��d Stt5P^.tp which all a^5i0
t0 our a��t is^/   ��� ;*-vH.13 Mf over
strihg!��? Tifeperattye^pi^
���tiiitous ihearflessness! ;!^nd; cq wa^^atj^k Jp-?
wards its victim; for heis^pb^jrieis
inaybe pro uounced^uhparallelted^
S/specW ;;bf .legislative; rlunoc^bs^hp-^di
jheeii wallowing m profebiohal;^^
inire^should be dra^ed^m^fefiithy^liauni
aiifj:by^eiiig made tg raise Jtis^ty^^paw^ .de^
termirie-tlie measui^bf!ppercipn:!Xhe Alludes!
to paying the taxesj,sterns.to me most diabolr.
icaU It is indeed:, tb Se Jipp04!tha��t^;man
gared -in /estate;!/and!reput^
the Bench, and debased-/iu^thb eyesibf 'every;
decent mail," &c.   It is_ useles^ytb; bbntinup^
bu^ suciiihojcascwTU
their old sbaft.,;aul,pban^
injure:the;writer, : I wonder/if he ever !poii^
dbredrover the expressibhf5fHe tliat is without
sin: among youlet him, cast the first stone*": :\
: The era of wonders: is; exempiiSed even in
politics. Mr. McClure;on. thp,ensuing day (I
will nofc' say,.but the: period .astrohomicaUy;s^
called) spoke for 22 consecutive hours; so .'aiey
say, but I am a little sceptic | the case, seems
too similar to that of the boy Svheu ustfebt .if
he snoicd of a night, that he ue\rer staid: iiwake
to see. Now it is more than doubtful if any
one man staid awake thrpugh that livelong
liight of 24th April "tQ^see^if McClurotalked
incessantly for 22 hours.,, DeCosmos. folio wed
hun for six hours. ... .Gladstone's-.financial ora-.
toricalefiorta.must;pallbpfpre!.this. !!!!;!!
. Closely conuccted��with thepolitical question
is the successful termipationpf rfche telegraph
scheine. '"All the: details"ypu \vill get from &e
papers. We haye had;.quite. ;.d^/&|^matipiial'
Atlantic cable sort=. of/rejoicing on ia small
scale, with the improyoment; that our scheme
works at least and the; /btjber'failed. At 2:30
25th ApriJ, we hadl ,'ppiniimnicatibn with! San
Francisco, proof of which was afforded by receipt of" news and inersages from San Francisco, the previous days giving us results from
New Westminster and/ Portland.,;
The������'Oregon* arrived' on the 26th uli, with
say 240 passengers, a Smairfreight and further
particulars of the unfortunate XLabouchere.'
Capt. Mouat and numerous Victorians arrived
as passengers.   The lost steamer was sold, it
As axleneher tpsffie^^
home ,oni o'ut. 'mail* /conunanicatibn Isystem,
comes the loss of"thcitearaer! ^nrbjneah^ of
theJRbyal ]h^ ime,ifrbli
wall, with /lbSsj:tbVhatfre^ bf^   ��
about 50; lives; and anammense destgructibh of
property^ all?^pught;a^
and|Mii^: uiuhea^
Itwo^ulii'ap^ei^ ������
who are a^d^n^:bb tteb^ighl \
atrocious pbwer%;j^
crime.;! yThpy! are|sh^piy^sea^ng^s^^        !!
10,000 horse gp^r'infei*hidl aiaej^es^meivery;;
idea of whicliHyovXd, h^elraisoil^b^piib^ to
friends. yT.p;-thinb^
a small quahfaty1 "of pure''oil or grease shall
becbm^perfectly! ��^na^ /
mere vp^cussjtph^blpw^p^pa^
anyhpdy'and anything >witl^ii:d&b^^infla:
encp; ^r/roomine��|indeed/I - So^id'oie,only, get
anjageHtto^movp|the world,rfar!^pyp%aii4���.
aheap^ArchimedesUeYeiVyc      y <s
A Mr. d,B; Yo^ng.on, Friday, ,2Sth-wasjrduly ,.
^ec^,;and^ester.day:toQk/hi3,,seat ^nd,thby
oaths'asjmeniber of theyHousefff Assembly*
tlje -npimnafiQ^lhaving ta      ^&ee^fthev^iay a fi
befpre/%ev^ y'
hjmjva^|i59; hisp
Theflatter^toodhigh w|th!a" mat many,eiec-
tors,^though h1 is total.nun^k^^|^otesf/^eingi,
;pnly^^e^eiirpd^eari3r|^ .,
gentlemaniithough he.^^^^^
into-tBe^eid/^besiot ^
spnally-,]and felloes-fob strictly !|ieec6npmi;
cal/precedent set-byv^ol111 -Stuart;Mill,-'.who
because^ie is. great, 'baa^^ffbrd^to^^
say,-lien,ithat)he cannbtymjhia7iwh;%inif/bp'- A
very,,sanguine:.of,success.;'! Comparison has
ringi^ieptiph!. \,pf yDeCosmqs ^andjy^Rlujrpiy s>.!
Sproat and-Young.. ..They say that the -total
1865.-   Xhis seems to me all beside.theques-
tibn ; tl^^&iabuo^Ei^    Ygungvor^vic^ ;':
&c, was much/le^^andvlastVaox leaatiyjthp -
f^ihg^^rnioBt im|most Vmui^2 3a^4t.;
was t^t^fb^the xenMiin^
conduct of nkny.iD^pfetle^aJ;^
House, and/out, was of^great apatliyr iu'-*tha
lato.political contest,; ���/ :yy^ yy'y ^
.!An inquest pr regular4nquiry^is!^)/be, held:
in the neighbourhood of :30 .ounces;
also run an incline during the winter and
the I^yer3^et?Co^any3^^ec^^
put of their- new shaft, anj!will ^prpbafily
have to tap their ground'frbm the -Bed ;Rock
Drain to;enable them to work;; the Cameron
Corapany commenced work: pn Saturday iiv
their new shaft on the west side of thek ground:
where they have got a good prospect f the
Raby pompa^y have also 'fc^M prospecting
on the west sidepaud washed up;2Jpuiice4on
Saturday frpin the gravel, with only two picks
working, this was got .150 yfeefc across ! tbe
creek from where, the Bead Broke Company
gotoutgop^ as ex
pected to boa regular iead^ruhriihg through
all their ground, the Raby Company will probably take out as much this summer as on
.any previous /season, they- are false making
preparatibhsto fluriic the lower pait, of their
:grouhd,:and wash the tbp'streak fi-oni the surface, an operafcion if successful will inaugeiv
ate a new modo of mining: on the lower -part
of Williams Creek j tho Dead Broke Company
continues to take put gob<i pay j further down
on the oreek but <.little is beingvdone. Tue
Priarie Flower Company got to work-in their
sh&ft this week ancVare taking piit ah ounce
per.clay to iaie^maji,'they;;ha/vo; also struck -a
Qhannelin their, tunnel the richness pf which
they have not lioen. ye,t ascerMned, but they
Jgot good prospects ia the top dirt, this promises to be a good and lasting claim.    The
tywb&& another /benefit at> tho theatre/^hich
resulted in a net profit of $200 to/theirtfund^
Jfttst no Wiiftie latter^ojiire ay little propping
up,j on an^outside.'yiewjof the^jinatter, there;
^re twb imprpvements riibout-^heir ^nanage-
ment w.biph^cciir^o^me.fSi/sjmaH
itibn of one dollar per^^adyitTo^i each!?; mein-c
berpf:l?ptncompanies w^uld/notbe;felt,by
!them; andibe rof vast importance^ and further>>
in view of ^j^tra^
���npt^say shp^ihgipff^beingy present /at 'many:
fasdveigathbringSjitb: which they find adrnil^:;
Fore3t Rose, gpmpan^ are still at work run- appears, for $385 {fas she might be found,"
haye tho usualvpfiviieges - of 1 other ^members,
of the corps ; and tbe time.Toqnired/foriprac-:
tipe,:doesvnpt^IshPttid imagine aTubunt;!to^-
roojretti&u the usual drill :hours;; o��; ordiharv,
-P^^erS^-'-vV.: r.'AA :  vv-'!'!^ lU^AfiAy
\"' The- fire companies as usual had their pai>
ado ia the open air, about 140 of the three
companies with! the usual apparatus in: speck
and span order^ and headed by the Rifle Corps/
Bands in their own uniform, about 15 hi number, tlie brilliant shirts with the really showey
standards and the very creditable muster, iur
point of numbers, had, a fine: effect.;- They oc-.
cupied a very! considerable stretch, of the
street; and stood-on two occasions, I believe
toybp_phoJ;ographed; by Mr* Gentile; the \\sual >
terpsiehorean finale was; put to the day.r'.y-
.Anew- rock, has been discovered,in rthe;
harbour, in which the Russian. vessel Qffisar-,?
wich got aground on May 2nd in trying to.:
leave the harbour ; after some;,considerable.
trouble and a delayof 5 or \ 6. hours, she got;
offandleftforSitka'i::.\  ,; ������:.:.: -v
. The Oregon aftepleaving New.Westminster ;-
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Sparring ExuiBitibN.���We. understand
entertamment came off on Saturday eveuin
last, at Canierontown, and was Veil patronix-,
ed by the lovers of the manly art; tlie "aftitm '
pas.30d off very satisfactorily and; was \h&
source of some little profit to the manager*
MMMt ft^'groiBiffiwpir:  tl''"���������.���������:''  ^^'���������"ted^w'AWe^pcHjrOhuiick ������see,< ~"! - '' , }  '.���������y.i���������>Swigging:bii milk orilse scratching'a flea, j��������� : i i  ;?3rt4h.������M^r������������rni wu>lngj!;we^p,v.kj *, lj  ���������,, ,, v '  never^ gra^pe^'^hat^ actpr^s > slfoMder? after*  ;<������?>s  , *      Whereag'thobark and the wag or your/talo? fi,  <l'a- Vanely I Strive thpsad'tears to repress,* ���������  v  av ^Whyfldiiye'dla^8aidl^I^w^-^fr-r^v:::J^.^. J,  ji/yi^Vuflitfroin:pl2enorv8waUr>>vi������:ah<me'T     /-m> -.  - - ���������' v..^;, "&fo waggln/tale./no, beft/mlnjeye, y A ,, y ,yr ittmu'  A {A %imr8thoqh^p!B.orglycB,art?PlJ������ , ,, * V  1 ' nvaslta'fit���������3toppnjo'ortbrot^/ y  ,;w*. ���������'" V?';  .       i/r?;.uj2ft-t ih 2?much tho sad cause'Pfwy our detb?'i y ji *:  ^':'f^hStji!3iot':as.w^^ ; ^Mj-iiMs.  y; HV'^Uiin is b^oye, sfJjlod for������v^r b)8;Ule.1,y: tiw,u; v.  -t-ry   ���������...  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'QOESNELMOOTHf'/ <( '-''���������;*-jf   ;1-  ifbals at all hours,and .Cooking of'/the, best  j;jw  .-(1.? y,; < descnptipn^; tyy^-ys:fy,^  Good Beds';; Restaurantl;>BuliardvXaDle,f4^c-?  1 '1'Jm1 :^*^.^r?^^iP^frM^'.^ ���������^,  ,M:7������^  'W HOX E S'i L; "eTTn D  RE TAIL,  ^,;;f^^iu*��������� iss&ii&o&wi'ftViV*Ap* yymiizn ��������� *- : ���������.,  v::y/:;.t:^  ^ty:^y/: '*7iMPbaTEES'^^ -/���������^^ f<- ---���������  ���������''.Fr^Ki  tlLLlOOET    MlLLSy  HHE.U^D^RSIONEQ are now m^unfiUturhag: JLQUR  ���������of M ^aUosr/Extra, ;Sup^ap//a^  "nfthffd tn nVilrvr ' ���������'' ''���������*'A.A'-~ ������',y-*���������-���������*������' >   *ly--  Crashed to order.  ���������������-!-������: ."���������> .-i-v *;"'v .,������..   - r^fW^FosrjJBjlAgent. :;  Aiyyy  EDWrN  ''j/ysfl!  ^EAI^R I^^BVCOOBS/^C^OTiKI^-i^AT^fAND  fa jCaps; Bootsy. and;8hofes,^ Garpetinfes^yOIkCloths^  Wall Paper, &c t Lilioeet,^'Cyry^y: ���������  yAAVny  ,Affir;.:v.v,  ;illlft  ii������  ivV;;i-;i- J,;--     ���������  W:,' - ���������  #1 sv.-r;   -  ^1: v :'  ������^v-..-  P* ^;:���������'������������������'���������'���������  |:;;-'  ^wbere the- wedding 'party' stopped "observed  ��������� that ^ theyA cbnducted' theraselves in rather a1  ? speclftlal^ma^^  ^his sister-in-law,'the female 'aforesaid,'into the  ', /'Xp%lor;ahd' l^k;earncstly to-her, gesticulating  j^usbantt^would!take-his!^ir ybnng-brideihtb  1 a 'corner;7but:he' would rib5 sooner commeiice  talking 'to^er than th'e'gaunt sister would run  ">;���������;��������� v- 4 ri .Ko f uta An-vf n atyi-4 ft n n -an rr ril wi ni n ��������� ?n -.-thrt f������nn-  ^evenihgi -��������� There^wasi'/anf Uproar in the'robtn  * wbiohChad been assigned 'to '-the newly marrif  *h&'couple.'-' Female' shrieks'!>ahd masculine  e ihf!the%btel: arid  iTACOBBMIIiTZ,. Proprietor^,has [always/ on-  tl^.hand-.a..-largO'-anu/:SUpcrlpr^s^kjj>^Lag^  t^e;B������rVillihe found, the best Bf-indles^ ^fihes and'  SbgttrsV tho'pu bl Ic are invitad^tb call;^ Prepari^' to 'fill  'altfordtopromptly. '    ' "!��������� !���������^ a\!A * / yy^y -i.s r^  SPE������&:M*an^  y- TiiJs/Hoiisel;'-isrwell-'flt'tcd^up; ^Hh^Good^BodsJarid;  theBar isfurnishod with tbe best Liquors;" Meals-are,  saryed -at ;all .hours on i tho^ Restaurant-principle; Sta-,  blihg,fbr;ifIorsesrHoreeFeedjn&c,, ^y,     ,.,, *"   l-s;?  ������4ft- -:iy>'OLDilES5ABLISHEI>|:i6kNB*AL   ^TOaB,/^^t-^'J  movisim&ywm^  tmy}y -AzfiSIGN^ESRGHA^TSvVZ?p^ o !f  Storaze, -'������fce'.--Terms.'ihbat lioder^te^s?  " - ?-y '    -*->;,-r:0UE8NELMQlUTH.   ,-,^  ; -^^, r  ;-..", ��������� ���������' -,- -���������-' '��������� -r' -':' ,::- '' '-���������*���������'"Al-��������� if :-";':';"r''' '���������"'- ;vwJf ..iV-Vlif  frvi0^v8-'vPD??r?ER^:e^  Dealers in"jKiJovisions;! Iiquors$ Tobaccop&oi;  - ijf A' good solectlon ��������� of Uo^uorsjalwaxs .on handi? .&ny  '-'-'- Receive regular suppliesby Express vja P������n4ma a&il  by sailing vessels-vU:papeMom,'   '-fi Afi, y.   V  ;?i^'SarsPwticular,attenti6n git'en' to^ all ordew. -y-' ���������'���������  4y ikotidonmrm^3,M*Hvv&aU Wftt&itew mi#)  < *i A A&cjy^W >���������������������������>$������������������<��������� A  jaler .In /ihiuGg," Mbdi-  .J'!:  WW.- fc'iafiss a-hd"Cn^^6At������^Faficy and Toilet. Arhfciw  l^ongos,'/Brushes,:Perlujriery,'i'&o/y" PiiyBfcJansV.pre.  ;scripUons carefujJy^ ������ompound<id, ^nd:jorders answjt'rea  with' care aiid' iJispa^^;;-;^icitbfiai;-^ Iv. rf ^������W:-P^.;1mi:\.  ��������� i   ilwirm-n���������.-^^^���������y^���������   .   ���������  ��������� ���������  ������i   ->-������������������������������������  "��������� "y "-,: -y.^i V'nf.''u.-^*^-ti,ut-^<������''*--'',v .���������  T - R. ROBEltTSbNfJWine;^  T!;.sl^y-S!Ml^'^ wear so jocg  y-HGAD SIDE HGUSBS! to^'^'y-*-  Ay  -';;.i;.;. -:---y V ?;,-' ' i ^ l :;V;: ������'?.< K - - (;i ...::;/' :* ���������, e A'  ;^HI9jHQ.tJS^:issitii^te4j-2b'm  1 i The. proprietors! having .lately^ flttod; <up:; b cdrpoin^  arid good Bods arenbw prepared: tb afford every accom-  raodailori'fof Travellers ;>th^Tablo1 is furnished'-W 1th-all-  1 tfi^ IttaturiesHhatrcan be procured;, the'Bar(is"well sup^:  HdusooatheRoadr:   y'v-^--;- y.yy- ���������������    -ns-i  y^iit'ivyyj "���������$&&&& ���������AA.yy Ayyy:r-:yyy2:y Aoa-yycy  \TA&y&yc&$fy?^  U^GJircien!-! ������������������-���������-'* -    *      -3- -'---* - *������ ���������- -  a/'carsfuny:-(3  Ucuhir/attentiori is/c������}le4; to;,t������eir. |j\T^e,?t^lfc������������������fajfrm,  .Cl'dver Viid-Onion' 'Seeds of-,v.ery. superior, quality.  Fruit Trees and -Bushes^ ,Ev������rgreenij_^hrubB7..i Green:  house and:: GardenL Flahtsy Standard and 1)wafr/.j^^e8  of every varietyt'fCatalogUes'ona^pllciiUOn:^ 'i:g  I JL^Hbusft ^Therois 'Good iMeals|^fibod<Seds^: StaWin^  of/Travellersj^tlie JJ!������mq4 is supplied with th^ best of=  cvie'ry������h'ihg' that-can-be,had,raridTtheycooking;is riot in-:  fPrior, to tho b'est'Hotel'tn the'low"er country; .Bedrooms'  ibr/JvuwHes;y  The Esproes stops here, ,,;.,,.      -   ������������������   , ���������: Its r;  &:J.iM* '-.���������..- -*���������:  &  wa^^baVring^her;but with all his; might. /' Oc-  casSoually^ she would kick the door open far  ^noug^^disclpse;to stalwart husband in his  '  >gentIein^ly=Gre^5sla^  -riilt dppearsJ that the' tall female insisted upon  i-Vp<)RT:x!DOt[GIiASyAI)^M  l>-y .���������J.*Kiit;s:A.*:<  i s MACRONALD'Syy HOTEli,  W2^tli������^CIX)N^D,'?roi^        ^lineraand^  l-F- if others desti ned for f the- Bridge /Ri vtfrt/Miries;-will.  fSS 6pEN-'?F0R- ^THfiUcCOMMODATION' OF* ^OTE  travelling;. public; the /bedrooms! are /spacious^and:  ^airy/ andthoBe^s.cannbi-i'  arid comfortjrv any! in the  ^>;v  p'osbbyto1 the "arrangembn fc^and������;that:^the ^-Jras  band cha^d agreed^ to^lt beforei the^ wedding^  ��������������� 4bokr placed and^'now indignantly < repudiated  the^cotitract.-y;i!^;; ^ '-1 ��������� A-AAfi-y^y;  %.M Won't ybti* go- awayj now;! Sbaah??y' eaibf:  the newly'married man, softening his voice. In  I ft-fit: SMrfaJfe^Qbl, Prbpricforsi A This/ House^is  i \S!������ -well ;titted%p' for1 :;tHe'accbminbdatioii 76f:l������ivet*i  lera^to ;th>B^  /for. Horses: Horse ^eed,&c>;;tA Stageruas twice! ajweek  ibetween this jiprise/and- Pof t .Douglas; .ori^he, Arrival! of  jtbe^^etc'airiersfrorii'belbw arid boliriebts with'-tlie I^iko  Boats for'Lillooet. --"' ��������� '" '���������**-��������������������������� AyA''y^yy>  ���������?^jJXLJJLiAU ^ JlVM^^'l)^  fr\ENNIS MTJRSHTy Broprietor.^^his Houses  ���������Jbf.'js 1%'raished/ywith/eveiy^ corivetiitoce" for the com r;  fort Crf TraveHers;Jthe'Culihary^departmeh't Is/uader  the SdpeTintendehDe'of an experienced cook';-Hhe Beds'  are clean and comfortable^;;. the, Bar contains/.the beet  of Iiiquors; Segars,-4&c/* Stablirig,!Hay^ Barley^&(pats.  jbest' d'esciiptiori always/on hand; /also^anafm^ Erig-  ?llsh^BlaGk^mithyaQd^Oa������nol;'06alH 'Orders-'sen^ta  (Union?Wharf, Victoria,iV. R,!wiU receive ;imm������dlate  fattentiori^;yfifi/fiui:   v  nv/y y Ay.y^yM.ii^y  ]wym'e'htJSt, VHcjMa^iV^^op^ito/Hotcl de >Yaiico:  j Vie ws oii Oar^boq ;an<d .^e^eryj throoghoiittBri tlsh'Col-  mmbia^nclading views of th������ routojtoBig Bend j always   I  longhand "a t liberal rates/ '/ "t C >fiyyAfit.fiyLyyAfl-* ��������� * -  ;  --;���������'���������; '~yy _ y<Tiy.���������,::M.[* yV'.:.-y/.\ -*/^^''^''^l,,^;       '-:������������������--  j jJLr SEIiLSflSHfe? CTATiO^ERSfiCpnsiaiitlysuppIied and  r^Ceivfng from! best s^  "    Victoria, V. ti opposite/ Bee Hive.iHotbl^wheitfhV-  RANCH; - >?  year.  '���������:?-. ^*  /fVHOMAS W^SQN-)c^^O^^mpprters^f 'Eair^   .  |X jlish, Mercharidiza/,- wholesale, ,and rre.tail dealers in,  Pry/GoopsV^&v Tates,'Strbet^rictor{ a^/v/V^I^^Pri/aridy!  after^ictiJurielrieit Iri'Govera l  Bank! bfj;Bf ijishrcblumbia;io :/������ ASAiffii 3**V/ a'^UCi:������- ??������������������:'  ?T~  ;>.:;���������  i'ry ^^Nbw^hbwy Mariai ^ said* the '-yoUng" mahy  to his:wife in a ^piteous%ttner ^don^-goj' to  cttttiri?:tifMn thiSvWa^|iriow'dbn?ti?? 'fi "������:^yr- s  f ff^H cut up; as fmuch ^ai It Wahter If die  sharply "repliedi ^^f'���������''^ "(' '���������'::;;-i;"  vj  lis  iNJEW^WESTMINStM Ai)^ftl,iSMlENTSl  ������������������-:"-'-':������>������������������-��������� j'V;   'i-;���������:.."..:-'-���������'��������� J  .;.-K"f"(;;-s:f;! -.^^rO~.^,/7i;,:^;r  BLUETENm  ./HSENDERSbN-begs! toiinformhis friends.  j *ndJ the fcravelliag^pub}icr gene������rtlyiYiha6 >ho/ has;  taken the above Ranch.and -is prepared to Supply .them.  with!First/ Glass AcwmnipdatiohU! Obod Stabling /for  kbrsesy^ayahd;Grain.-}";-'-    ��������� fix  - ������������������-   i '^fi'^\.8tu  mm  11 BignE; ANp/PjEEBE MASCT^'JProprietoTsr ���������'The Bei-  taura nt is supplied withal): tho -'delicacies the' market .. I  aOords. ��������� % Jhlhe Bar._wilivbe; found .tha, choicest Liqcorb.  Fu rnished Bcioms, ��������� &c.::..  i,.!!:;/ y^HrCK'SFH^fcEi;^ -,(  iti^TTON, SQUARE^^Newi^estn^ster^B fc..  ]M', nbw/occupied by W. E:' STEIK; ? /The'above A fay:  orably khowrihou'seisnow bpeh^  Is -cpnstaiilly^.sttpplied 'with the: choicest brands of  I^uprs.and Segars..:.....-���������'  -^.xj^y.M-.  !/^arkson-&;co;, r)EALERs;i^B<)b  y^;Wei\',7Moared the^desperate>mani thrown , , ^ ,  ������������*k^^������*^A';������i^X������i^^ ^c^-Polttmbia^re^Now .ttestimnsterg^d>vfi���������:������  WM.rMANSON,v    :,;!  : ,,:>;, /      :   Prpprietpr, f .     _/ *'.y * si, 'j  ,y^gent.  T' Bl^'H()T/EL IS /LA^GE''.AND''WELL, FITTED!; #!  /for the comfort of-travelers:; the Table; is' supplied:  withthetbestof everythingthat^ can*;bepropurd,"'an/d3  the cooking is not inferior to any on tbe road; Bedrooms  for. families; Stabling, HayJ Barley andi Oats,-,\ \ 4*s;��������� j;  TITOGEaOI.THOMASv Yates streets Victoria,  $li: Wholesale and; Retail Dealer, in^ WINES,^BfeANDlKiS  BEERS, and LIQlTORS and, depots of; Hayana Segars.  Goods^forwarded tolhe Mining Pis^ricts.; .f-/v- 72AW  'iy. /'.    .I,,,i, ,ii.m,i ',. ,t, ���������''', "A 1 v"''���������'"- A~'-~'i'X ���������.-.���������-_ v/-_;V\.-i/t-J!.i/..>j^__* jJJj-.-h.g _/���������  1-8  1. -'��������� Published/eveiy Wednesday and Saturday, at the' f;  ;. ;���������::    ���������', v. publishing dffice, New Westminster.;.������';.#'; A. v  THE* BRITISHpOLUlIBiAN is tlie oldest!^ew|papef  ���������published, in this.colony, and has a larger/'circulation: there! n than any 'other. Its columns are regularly  supplied with-fuU / telegraphic news from all .parts of  the world,- while it contains aJ'ajthful record of local  events, and a full report of Legislative'��������� proceedings.  The "British Columbian" is supplied to all parts of]  this colony by Bxprsss.upon extremely -liberal condi  tioas.., For terms, &c, see Express Agents.  Afifi.A \,A'A\       robsox & McMillan,  -  ��������� : :!; ; -    .      Publishers & Proprietors:  among:the erpwd,^jesti^oufWcf':wbhieh^put  oii:yburidudstHnd; go/ right-straight homeland  bring; bacfc the vol^: mto'^d^wpniah^ aid  your grandfather/who is"uigh on to a hundred  > irihg 'em" all' here and I'll marry the; whole  resrmfeebdle of ?ehi ahdwe^li all sleep:toge ther.M  The .#miculty was finally! adjusted iby! the  .tall female;taking a room;; -Wcllesville is enjoying itself over the sensation/-;^ /   v-<  : Serving out an ��������� Actor.���������It was ph the Bristol stage'that the eminent to  commenced-1 play ing those despotic pranks  which ever afterwards made > him so unpojpu-  larWmopg his -brethren of the boards. ; I recollect several instances of������these:;. In -one of  his parts-r^I forget^hieh^-Mr.TMacrejady!was  in the? fiabit of violently grasping the shoulder  o t another actor- named Barton; >��������� Mr.,Barfon;  at lastventureol to remonstrate-with him. Mr.  Macread^ muttered something about;he didn't  know'what he was dbihg: in the passion of the  moment,' and surly walked away, f But oh  that very evening!he; repeated the grievance.  The next dayf Barton got hisy wife to sew a  pincushion inside the shoulder of his coat-  sleeve; with plenty of pins in it; stuck up4por-  cupihe 'fashion,<the points'the-wrong wayv  The play was repeated.   At the usual crisis  Jlacready ^as asT^ __y_  camehisi^;wiih^a^pfencebhm Heads^ Circulars, Poster and  ton's s^ulder, a^nd, the great tragpdian felt :     prb^ammesibr Balls and Thbatricai /  inore than j (fke,pnckmg of,his thumbs, for  when he removed hisuhland (which he did not.  i-;;y/83//IiIEE; :m^^;,,,.,  A LBER^T-CRrSLER has opened the above!House fpr^  xL theTecc^itipn of travellers'; the Table is well kept;  a^d.:.tb;e:r.^iri<3U.Cir������. caanpt;.be; sm^asBe^; the B'eds'rare;  clean arid' cbmrortable. ^StaDimV for Horses,? Hajr,and  Oats.v;,/.r-y:.:'v;    :,iA   y-y-y.- '���������������������������>::'; ;���������--��������� y^Affi^i-B'sj  on  bpr^&,Rueifj/yictorjaj/V./J4y:;/.r^.rri:..:  ^A-AU  ������v^uv������;ii������i^wiv������;^  JAMES HURON,' Proiirietor; fhis commodi:  ous Hotel is:well fitted up with every: convenience  for the comfort of the.public; the Beds, are all that a  weary traveller could desire; the.Tabic is suppliedivfitli  the'best of fare: the Bar contains the choicest ������rands  of Iiiquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed ��������� Oats,  Barley, &c.;y -   ��������� ��������� -.yy-^hsn'  ,M*BS.; 'HEI^; MitijsKtt^&* pRE-ss''KAkKR,v Govern*!  J-rJL- merit Strettt^Viotftiftaf/'Ifc^ '  of; tholatest* * style /kept constantly -on.hand.: x :Ordera;  from Ujc country puncta^lyjaUe^^ed^to. j tiUi^ '���������> i?.������: !v>  P^ter: Mc������5xnA^E;-Shlt}'^  xfidealer in Paifits,'^Is,'and Wlndow'B!assi������>'Always  on hand-^i largo stock of; Rope and Canvass; =>*/wharf.-''  S^pt,:yiptpr.ia,/yi' LAf'' ���������;!-!;.-.-!:i fi. fiAyy ^yA^it W&ys ���������  TAX SOONQ- & CO., Commission kercha&ts],Ibi''  porters and Dealers in .Chinese Goods, Rice, Sugar,  Opium, Nut OH; Provisions, &c.', Cormorant' Street/ Vic*..  toria,-v;^-o 'oiH AAmA-yy'-U^srtio ���������?i--t,t$'?i&m .:  iULLANbAIN^COLLECrrOR&G^ERALAGEN  ,;Goverripaent������street/ Victoria; Vancouver Island.  INFQRivlATiGN WANTED  S 3?0*?THE PtACi OP: RESIDENCE^^of ALEiaNMR  ,L HaRVTilcirABBV from Norvaly C. W.y"when last  heard from was at Lillooet about to cross the mountams,  East. Parties who; can.give iaformatipft. wffl please  communicaie with John McNab> Esq., Toronto, 0. W.,  or Mr. J. H, Wright; Williams Creek; ' If -She said A.  H; SIcNabb applies to Mr. Wright he will hear of some-  thiag to hisad'/autage, ,:'"���������'-. ,...   Irlnv..;  iyyy  LORENZO LEARTO,-Proprietor. This houso  affords every accommodation,for tlie':comfort of  Travellers; the Table-is famished with all ,the delicacies:  of the season, and,the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of ,Wincs,, Brandies & Segars; good stabling for,horses:;  Hay; Barley and Oats constantly on handai low rates.  Newly milled Flour.for sale cheap.   ,    j ������? ; \ Vl4 II  THE f'CARIBGQ SENTINEL"  rte Hotts0?y  QEMLEN & PARSE,; Proprietors, at!.th*e;  kj -Junction of the <5arlboo- and Big:Bend Roads,' is  now open for the accommodation of the:publk������ ^ Wis-  tancCi from Clinton, .26 miles; from SavaaasSteamboat  Landing, 2*2; miles; from/ Spence's Bridge, -30 miles.-  Traveller's will'find prices &nd accommodations to suit  the times. Gi ve them a call; Stabling, Hay (& Grain}  attentive hostlers.; Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bend and Tale, and once a week for Cariboo ���������    1-s  WO ON & dO., Importers., aad Dealers in all?  kinto'of' Chinese teb^'a^ Ripe; S*i%  gar, Teas, &&-f: Cormorant Street, -west of Goverhinen*i  Tictoria, V., I. -::. 'rr .J--:.'A- v.:...; CHik IUv,cManagcr;'���������' ���������"';  Ey^A^o^y^m^^  a and Engraver^ Yates street, above Gov- *  ernmenj; streie.ti>ytJctpna,(y. I.-,:., ,;, , ���������. .!i.J,���������?!',: r \  WILSON &. MURRAYi; .GsbcEas, PKOYW>h  ,Wine& Spirit Merchants, Bakers & Confectioner*,  Fort Street, Victoria/ V. J^!' "A'y^ " :: "A 'A'  1-JS  QPORBORG &' RUSFF," Cc-mmisdiOTi ^er-';  ,'ip CHANTS, Wholesale,Dealers ia JGrocSiBi^s, FboTJ-  Sio.vs, BpdFs & Shoes,, Vharf sU^eet, Vict<)n>,;y.? 1^  !���������������  spite, of the torture, tin til the part rendered it  r, y&w fe) 1' f*r pa 1 in was bl o o������lyaii d mm. Tic  .--...,      ..Entertainments, ������������������!.!  Bs*C8ted with Neatness and Dispatch at: this 0!fiQ9,  &2t T*riniJ .M"odei?fit-?* -������ft'  GRELLEY & FITERRE, Importers.fc^iiolfl-."  , sile Dealers in Wanes, Spirits am.Liquors*  Victbria,-.^!.'-::���������-y���������'���������'"': y"";J~-"fi;. "fi ;fi"fi:.1;^  SPROAT & CO., (late Andeirson^ Cb>) tooBTKW  and- Commission Msrohakts. Store Street, Vicuna,:  WI.'/; ���������-:--:-��������������������������� ;���������������������������' -������������������-- 3 ���������:���������:���������-������������������������������������-    ..ry^Jf^,.  fi.' STJTRO 6c CO.TImportbrs"TE^DeXi^r/|?  , Vr; : CIGARS, TOBACCO, Sieerehaiim Pipes, &a.,������ *y.  .corner of vates. and: Wharf *;street;i Vicfcpriar.  '  J;;B^HAIG(HN/PHtyrclXJ*!&:$DR^^^  i ner of Vatea -ahd!Government. StSf; VlJBtorla, vj-  PIERCE & BEYMOXJR, dcalcmi������ Bbodiko &  X 'FcBTrruniryBroad Street,/Victoria;v.,Iy.,������.,,;f?J  :���������:  AIRE &c GRANCINI, Hardware & Clqc^^ , |||  ..MancHAisTs, Wharf street, Vtctdri%-v;!.1 ��������� ; ;f^j, ^ ������  MESSRS. CORNWAL.Ii1S. .       ;!!'  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE: half-way hctwecn  Spence's Bridge and Clinton; on the' Yale Route,  Travellers will find Good Accommodation..; The best of ;���������^ ��������� .. ���������������������������.,.��������� ,,. . LmZT-^ --   w. ^.- .m&m  living, of Liquors, and of Wines-. - Fresh Butter,'Milk ..TTENDERSO^ "and:BU^NAJY,. .Mekcb fpymM  3ni \Vgetablee;   Good Stabling and-cheap fofcd. - ".l-sVflL- "Wljarf street. Victoria. V. I      ' '    " "'���������      *'"     |;;;;;;/||


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