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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-05-10

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 % SimmsmmmMiMiIM^  ���������.r;.-.".���������;'���������'��������� s^v-^''.:'^"^  .*-���������<!������&$$%'.���������$.&���������'������������������������������������  f.i,.. I  ������ / ' --���������> ??# jm^ yieteriaf'A^priL-23Fdv4866^>-f  to News^stWngi^  vday^,afl# a^^iboi^^stay^in^yicteria, must  commence^myeiSto'm^bf  Tisfrbm San FranclBCO  . 156 passe%era.!K^  Colainbia^  atonee put m^M^t^ ^"J^1!  erithmetic'by wM$ipm jet down half the,  amount to wilfBVi>xaggei%tiomia!id, half the;  remainder -to unpremeditated ditto, and, thus;  arrived Wmit^^mM^^v^mpt^red' toj  M a^Msdit that talUed^yery ~wett-wi% the]  numbers tfiWretflly arrivodr/ Saturday,ProV-|  ed a verV roligh mornfhgf jand prions were;  the^Bi6^8'utt*rM/a6 to ?tti^prb^|*le[t|me?  of������airivm>iat i^ew^������^  whieh1 the BritislrColumbia Government (alias  /New^Westminster) with thatfforethought ;^Mcb  sbJL toitiguisliey theja^f^ W^dlJtKhUS;ba^  bo considerately provided for us. / Freight  ah4 Ja#������S  /BeileOyexp^  Keld back frcrnxMe -Etftfcrprise to ''patronize^  tbis^hoatitrm&Jmt^?ei]tufcation,of rolling  a severe Usfc^tefsiiarboaW^tbttKo  ;WjiaflttMj������njyi^^  saving ������1500 a trjp^tthis time. I say. ^ tire  ^oble^^esselsyas gonig nful 1 *,iath omai ? twelve  timeslive,>-d^  passengers wer^  ibeen fitted'tip inan expensive aWlt������y^efie<x  tiyeJftyleJry toe^ompaiw. K,   - U:-~ 4,;^;  has;j*nt iin a^appearan*^  irregularity ^ the second/ arid tfard numbers!  have not yet followed!;;!;\ '-'K^'A<- --J- *���������  Yesterday^  ItbOs^tiul^Meceeded' in -bean%?fM,1fi^vbells,:  tiiraiea^wt with sbrno^  to;l>e;at3<3Ieal^  4$rjeek^  donjBj^ejs^h&airj  an<V;jadgm^  very efl^ctive. ^^^  duete sandry waterbutts being filled/arid in' su'5serii,eM  fR elevated, ppsifc^  ises, and whieh^^^  retaliatedfry squelching thefirei&?:Thftfiftfrft  and staircase were^aVed aad a few itk'a& ;tL.  j ������AJTO,^XPRIjSSEB^  Steadier &;<^;s^^upHolsterere,rriex  though absent  look jafter ^ejn^Tbe;$l^maa8;reatiyjseom|tb  feel a /degree Vof consanguinity tpwar^s^oiie  another. Everything was^amed^odt in4inie^  eve$f)to adroit of*i paper, and deposifed^ero^s  the road, and this before, tfte firehadtime'to  ba ve ib een !only tatoty" addoa to -the circulatingLibrary;  and more, aare expected. ^au^I^iPartiealarcr solicitedty  '\ ������r������  .. ������ t.. i, -J- :������������������/������������������������������������,.<: i ���������,���������:������������������>': /-J -������������������J. ,ct~j ?:...��������� -:������������������-.. ���������.;:.  :l>RAiTS SSSUEDON THB' BANK'S BRAKCHE9,  ���������/Ate ^%-.^.---)-f^^^^^-f^y-^iUiii'- &**Xteiy&ituww-.'>i ���������?������/���������  '  nranTEKiis^OFsusWi^idN -rr^*; r 1N-BBI13SH^  ....     . ������.������,*. S^'.������:-. v*a������!..������< i^ W*-.'*������4...^ '..^- -   J!?'^3������2^-iiW'^V.  ^���������^oM^bob^Mp'mtS^  -L .^oor Mr. Todby, a woll-kno.wn'writer |iitthe  i * )\&&^$Tioo&y^m$$9]' |m^^a/melaneboly j  ejia% a; laMly^WdlaLi'c^  ting bis throat, on Sunday, 15thmst.    He re-  ;side#for:S0m������littto  s^ilor,^F6^rstfeev^fedHhe^  .at a recent elecSon issued a placard offering  Mmself^as Bl^^  gin'O.uesfe/iooby appeared; to nave -been wan-  Thering1--;rouaft town iduringithe middle]ef^ the  might; soon after lasttretiring to bed he-rose  again, and on Mr. Gretney getting up lie found  :i^aj^ead^ Sucb a. ^���������i^btlul spectaclemsribe  'BMy prbsente5d*jl "do1 ^offwish?to^see ^agaibH  sFancy a manlialf dressedV lyiflg on Ms ^back,  <chin::fd:rjc^^^^ p^ qgenlBg m the  .throat lErgV^  tfeafcures color^  -and ;tbe-trawsers on both sfaes red with'bleod,  .and you^bayeaUth^e^  iTlW[p&etior ^titlMinqaeat; o^v^ejddence/ that  %t Was a most unusualf if no t an unparalleled,  *case; ofl suicide, fol^cdir^ctness --and fex tent ���������.-���������of  4cut^the>cui; {KeingjU9ually diagonal,; and' rio t,  as in this case/-severing^ partially the carotid  ^on4%otb sides: death mustite^o^eeavexy rapid^ ^rointtfieeyide wbicfl  ;tended to proye,nj^ntal deppession, "exeess in  ^rmBng/etc^thp iuvry col^'^n^ln no^blner  verdjict than: ^peath:<bjr nisr own0hands. While  laboring Under t^m^brary' ifasanity^? ^ ' ^Q-  c ^his ^has bfeeti an^eventfiir week^foHus^^  'tori^s^toucMngjis in bur tenderestspoij via:  our material^gecunjary mterests.J/TThroiigE  "the Eliza Andei^on, 3n/X������Ssc(ay morning, we  were astounded \with-the-news o������-the^reported  loss ^f/fchelLaDouc^erdli lAt' majority Cof ;the  ^people appeared sceptic, in view of the usually very meagre telegram.     The state of  suspense;remained atf great(fSa ^Ver'aftScr the  arrival 'of the "Enterprise* *on Wednesday, as  "the wires weredowo^i^But authentic reporfa  reached the Hudson.Bay Co?y of this untoward, ineveryway'��������� ci&tditous affair,'andat  la^t^extracts-from ithecSan-Francisco <Aita?  furnish our inforhiatibn^ which at a ju^tBuai-  dning up may bo taken^ to ^be, "fchat^e'La-  bouchcreleftSan'FranctscoonFriday.-about  4.p. m.;^ outeide^ot-into^^ery dense 'fog; it  -js imagined that something was also the mat-  ter wifcb? tW cpmpasses^naany^caaesh^ struck  ���������on a rock off Joint: KeyW,' about t8 nilles N.  <>f San Franciscoji wafr&ackod off and foundered in 60 fathoms ?qf water, bat this only  occurred ten hours after she struck, allowing  June tO;get^ait���������*o-:paMengers> but, -part of  them on a raft which...there was time 1o form.  ���������John Reid had also, lunderstand? five pleasure  ?boats on-boardf ^esideathere wereibur-ffood  feoats belonging to^e-steamer/   But two  passengferg (c^re^jfVere. :iost, bei% in an  JPS^SSt ^t?^ >o%h.'   Verily we are  ^^^^l^^^?y:trying single-hahdedtd  achieve mail communication direct with San  Francisco, and even while in the act*of huff-  gmg ourselves, making; ourselves''jolly under  under the circumstances^���������Hark Tap ley fash.  iou-with the idea that while tho Labouchere  astonishment^ori bbmingjtp ;tlie jcenp p^cpn-  flagration finding ��������� liSSplabe ;cte1tned^b^*and  contents ?carted away. He Is totday^busily  replacing hisiwareec4Cleat was toured; and  has yet,r I understand, asjtwo yearsllease^bf  the;ground^iii li&^s^. :p: > -v���������^^x ��������� u^v  April 24^Nothing new this morning, jbtlfc  the last item yesterday wasihe resolufcion-come  to by the;Hoiise of TAssembly'tbat:;ttie sealSft  SaU^pn^J^nd^and Chemainus/is ^Vacaiif;  ?obr Dennes;.is thus at; last tbf plight ^tp/th^  ground; pQliticshaye-ibe'en liis rnin, in a great  measure; ������)Tha*|Qhrbnicle, has used/tlirdugfc-  out most unmeasured language towardsthim,  arid an -individual ^writing over/ the; signatui^  of ^Monitor {yisaterday deKvered?it3%resum^  ed, a parSiig. tirade,^of the most\.anfainbus  abuse, with/ju|t,eripSigh coloring^^ags^or,  truth^whilelby: mentioning no namedn p^&  ticular he had jcarefully in viewithe Jaw of  ,r-//f"^-BigXE-R!YII^E,;^/-/v;;;/  ���������i:; ���������'-,.r- vf: Qiu .v.'-^^^w;. furn!i' -;;tj;  ^A':f P ? ^^'^Kr^W^^ ^^0^'  1. tt'xp-f'.n t���������>'"{  fj--t */[ * . k % i ~;    ��������� ,,.^j/ ji'><*tt'   i> \'4* <a  J3|AMb hR'&Mtvi* :SkSFoEiEi^  /IN/THE: UNITEDrSTATES;;  r fBDS BANKOr;fJfOKTKKiCL,^lf CANADA,  f  - s��������� :^6oderich, Stratford; Pictbn^Pert^f^; '/^/  " l '      * .      Simc<St;1 Catherines;- ' - :; '    ' -��������� *���������  ^N;NS^YOBK~^)n,^krs. Bell; & GojnisTV^Ageiits  t$A*tsin    **:K   i.>   *. wrtbe Baiik,6rTMo^nVoaC; ,'//  ON;������GOTIlAND-^rHB BRTTISH XlNEN^COiig'BANK  bSflBEliiKD���������TOIONBANk OF'IRELANB/liiMlTED  *i^JM^h"   f^.     '   V-V   ^>4't0    ������J   Jij     '    r]f   rWl    V.,T>/       fSJJ    *JJ10  f; ,-".;'''    , ��������� .   ��������� I '���������'        . .. := ?&kx. 5U������ 'v^; -i tii-W &$ ���������. -.j^;  Marriage must be favourable tovlongevity;  an old maid never; livess'tofr be  more  than  thirty^;; ...���������,_ ..;..,; ,4. , ; ;.-;        /^ itfy^&i  .Wbeb'.-atsea you'iook oiit for breakers ;  >iai^  >;^vt  J'5-rtf;; r h'���������'(���������-,-< >-'v ��������� ,-5?.', ;  ���������"Cr^mENt;AC(X)UKTS>openod^  lesS'tban'0^o;:HundredDollars;' " f \'s ;'.pir' fe^-^������-  ;QUGreat^  ^i.,,/'iH>'  &^CPo?r.PKO^IErOBS.?/  r-f   diesis readjeat-allJipurs.:  ?.-r  .J.-: ���������  Modesty in woman-is/iike>���������������������������" color" -on hfer  |teek^Hdepidedlj b������cpmlng;^pif jrut ������nJ^  :^^.-$K6emaker.:mn^  be n?^3SS?^9������M?Ja?'������ and'dib tbibobfc^^  JVM^il^PJ^^'^  tach: no consequence to consequences.;^^J  Where do we find iti?   In juries.  . /v-. v^i^&U^ife-Iet������ s ?5 Because) it  is the begiamg of sneezing.    .."'.���������'/ ./ *���������-..  ^IWM ?������s;' cS^/tailfflikelSl sw&i:iy6Wiil  Because it grows down..:. /    v        r '"   r '���������'��������� *, "r  ���������   7,,       r j KIO'HFi-ELD,   ,  thin  .:;-!/���������'.. ,,-.V'1;������kalers,i*; . *    . ^ . , "; .. i  ^    ���������,     .  Stor^g^ andsCpminassir  J-r=,-*'^  ^w.  cjGoi^Dpsr'M  Ores of every;descjipiion carefully Assayed;- "-*k" ^  ������"ii������.  a DRAFTS;ISSUER on London;?^ew.Torkj^San^Franf  Cisco, Cariboo,;Omada^-jKewyB.i^hSjiicfCji.-^pva-S^il^J  and on kirthe.Branclies of the National Banlc.of Scot-   !  land'and '-Pit^iibica,^Baiik'bf.*-,tf6lan'ai:? -, W- i-^og*ii!.f  ���������".?v=  B A ^^K^itfj* J5W  A Iarge'supply^bf liAbiEsJ Goods* on/the^^yay,  ,; Thr; Ux;vsrsax. .. Practice -of... mixing Chicory, and  other adulterabives witb Coffee; has very:mucb damag.  oil in public; estimation^s what ought .to'be the most  delicious of Beverages. - .So affectuaUy have the'public  been dragged with such mtetures that'th6-true properties have beeaJost sight of, and many prefer af black  and thick infusion to a; drink rich in'spirit nn/i aroma;  General as is tho .use..of Coffee, it is liule known that  in condensinff.ihe.'vapors extracted Crbm the berry in  roasting, a.Hqnor is obtained of the mQst nauseous  taste, and. of .ascent the mostunboarable.   Under sucb  circumstance? <it is :cvblently important that all tho  gases and. tin Ids extracted by roasting should pe. car-  rie'd- off as quIckly as possible, in order to provent their  returning again to the Coffee  which is the-case,in the  confined cylinder. . .This object lis, admirably accom-  plished by the new and pateht^Conical-Cofloe Boaster"  as used .by tPEUL & CO.tiVicteriaf in which the berry  is directly, exposed to- the .radiated lioat: andi the: vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously,    in addition to  the advantage *.to- b e. derived by the- rapi d* removal of  the steam containing tho objectionable properties, the  purearoma^the Coffee is.retained,, theV.essential v\]  belng-pre^cryed and .not .exbaust^d as. i\h: the 'Cylinder  Roaster, whero the Conec is required to remain a much  longer time In cqn;sc4u6n'cp;,������f the iteamin? it undergoes by the confined stoam.   It is chemically, impossible to retain the qualities;or arrest the deterioration of  Coffee when ground.    The heat engendered by tho process of/roasting,:and especially of grinding, creates an  action In"the elementary parts which gradually destroys  its fitness for drink.     But to retain tbe essential oil  which it contains.wo have it encased in tins containing  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and. which can be had from any  Qf the resptctable dealers,    We can confidently re-  commend.those who have hitherto been obliged to retrain from"taking Coflee on' account' of Us ill effects^  that they may use our Coffee, roasted in the Conical  Roaster; being recommended by all medical nien Under  whose notice it has been brought, and by numerous]  otfter teetimopjajH in. its favor.  ..       FELL k CO.,  Cott'ee Herchaats, .vatesat., .Victoria.  1|____ ^  rateJof a qfaarter ot one per ccntiparTtaonth/  ^Gbt^ -Dl^ileitedi find Assayed, * audi returns made  witbinia^u)ursfin:���������^inbr Bars. ^ mrZ "-������11 v^H'tn'n  ,MOrt������^fv^cEy description carefully Assayed,^ ������** ^;\ ,  ���������" XlB^���������ithy iristructions. as\td'the disposal of tbe proi  6ee^^^lfl^lN^l'Toin^a-fded' Jto^ thebflleein^etorla  fbr Assay will be carefully, attended! tcjtf :ihu''V.i: :u$yj-:  -:, :��������� * ?-. '"-...; *r, ������t;g. SHEPHERD,,Manager.,,  ^i������t^^^^lA^^2i^:���������/��������� ,/r'?&%*, * t-s" -'"  iU.:\i.i  BlrV;'R?M*:R?t^te  ,;,;. ^^RKE^yILL^Adjo|n|ng tlie"^Express;Office,/!..  "i ..,;,<i: : BAiRKERVILLE;   ;/    ^ ������������������  ::--:[' M./.^';BI^CK3M^r/"'//  barkebville;  J; B.  GHa^elli^:/5c  ������������������;������������������''.-%:  ��������� .'''.'BRE'^E'R$/\:!''//"^  ;;V';/- vu:".:  ���������P^^M^TAkt^^':':^ ���������  HENRY   S^HOjatlNd, /   /  1   T^iyiNELEjj./ ���������"/. /.;/ ./,./; ���������  Dealer in all kinds of Provisions, Clothing, &c\  Xgg* Stabling for JJorscs; Ha y,. Barley and pats a 1 -  way^ en baud. ' ��������� ,,...  Conncctinstat, iLillooet and Tale with^I)JETZ ^  ���������--.v; ;NEJUSON'S; for New Westminster^ &. Victoria^......-  ITHLL > ARRIVE, AND DEPART > from tho .office in  VyBarkerville, to connect with the steamer."E.nT  tcrprise'������ at ^u esn<*Jihoulh/; and thev STAGES; at Soda  Creek; EV3SBT WEEK,<-dnreyingTrb.\sore,L,St-  tBRSafid VAlvableb for ail pifrts of the world;'* Also;  Commissions received;1 and forwavdqd by Express;/nr  the collection or .-Notes, Bills and, tbe purchase of ajti-  ci^s to bo obuined at Now Westminster? Victoria, &������n  Francisco or ounmte. and returns made with dispatoh:  ;.;::; '        .'!   JOHNS; LOTKLIvi    ���������"���������' :i  ������:'.l-s-':ii.-i. :���������;-.-        .'-;. ?;';;,;uvAgentrBarkeryill?.;<  to ;i'Mineral  ..      ' The undersigned is [prepared to ' ,f *;. . /.;/  cleast:/black sANi>r/Btaw;mc^;:i^i>  ,/./,/. ."./;���������;���������:  -;iPANNINGS,:/,;/r/ ...:.-':���������.. :  Qn Commission, or will purchase any quantity on, thb  Most tininuL Terms, at the '  ;./; Roading 4������b.bm, Caineronton/ ,, ; ,  The Subscriber is well known on Williams 'Crdck, and  from the conUdence reposed in liini last Fall m tho.  above business,- he hopes to receive the patronage ,of  the Mining community the,ensuing season, Mi:-:i  s ...   '.'..':.���������      : JOHN BOWBO^, {s  I\!Bid BEND, BRITISH COLUMBt^L:    ^  DURING THE  MININaTEASON tho. undejeignod  will bo prepared to ������xecuto Surveys ami transact  a amoral Agency Busings.   ,/  JOHJJ^^ },  y.*W  6 1  kfz*'& mi -# Agerits for'ithe ������J$HJ^JjjW  '������������������ \      ���������'*, , ' -f 't������ * ��������� *vT    l" .   *ViN. t.'McCAtUJi#j  Yale,  UHooet, -;;*>  KcwWestmiaster,  Vtctwia^:   *       "  JJfr; Evattftf?  r$4  do;.  ......   Ly      *-���������     ..dO       .'���������   ���������  ^Cinrksbn & C������  fS; MisBandaine  IjohnJJorati^;;  ���������^-...~.,   ., -,--T<)"Ai)VEBTXi3fiRS.V;'-"' :;;'--;-��������� "^ /,;  before pubUcaUch.  postage, 60'centa per copy  1 AH 'communications must be accompanied by the\  real name,and /address ieft^he(>vHte^^o;t\nccc^arilyi  with a view of-publishing,,ttw same .but ^securltylor-!  Osgoodiaith;:/.!**'��������� :-$'Y: --;-* V ^r ���������,   : ;.;j  MjiM������  THURSDAY^-M^AY .10^1866.-  "'"���������'^ - ���������":���������/::/;^//~^f g;SiB^S//-^  British ColumbiaMs liadltbe experience of  tnaiiageinii^  ������he<tia< ay ailed herself ofM the modern appliances (and has^e^tfim^  successfully?, exhuming;* the ?hiddent treasures  from her auriferous river jbeda, creeks and  streams/hut as yet however she has done  ������uth)n&?co^  -6|%ii������tfjg^ wealth which  }ies locked up;iii^the>dark -recesseslp%. her  humerbus quartz yelnsU  ffromtsolid; reefM#veibeen found from tiineito  tlmefthatlwHISehm^are^favorably wrthlrbek  jvrofitably/worked hi^bofy of/^he .countries  inamed/but vno thing more; than'a mere sup Or-  4biaL attempt has been; made al/nscertaining  |h^ir^robablel wortfiibrvextenfc /by. a proper  ieat. ;l*ast?falt some little-noisex^ras created  J fcylthe* discovery of a lode on the ridge; of  the mountain /^atfdivides/ /^iUiams/i from  Xxrquse creek^ in wfiich both silver and gold  Was saidHbexiBt^/A -shaft1 ^^^m^'On/the:  ledge to some depth,, and, a-ton/bt the rock  was  iot  no  Mthe^ounciWn-its wisdom reqiured^fhe  mill to ftedriv/m by steam or water, power  aeavio^ W optional which), and ihe j>pwej  not to^ceed 24 horses, and left the^wnod  fo^completiob-tfeiatrleasfe one;:ye^,; and-id^  creased the premium to say,, at the very leasts  $5 0007! Imt as ttie^ raatterrstandsin its present:  shap^re%*0^  tion being takenthis season. .   ... -       /   -  _,  TOiafate gfcatly w^ted^here.ia a.mili^and;  appar^tus^n3 tne ctiekpest^mXJSt economical  h������i  r.j������  as  pro  ng  arid J^cticaUgri .  mill-rof'?..mWerate^o^vlirS ereeted^/in^ soine^  central place, to/wjiich rock eould^eibroughfe  ftpjn jtny near ^iyen point and tested, without  cempeiling "persons/ tot^end it/; out of/'-Jtli^  cbttntry.at^greatjexpense/'an all the  chanees/bf; heverth%arIn g ��������� any thing' more' 'of It;  as iu^the;instouce^before alluded ^o;^ It-is to:  be hoped tjhat * tije Qov^rnmenfc wiU ?seo "thej  error inio which? they/hav<5*Mien^ and will at?  jpnee ^set to work^nd" devise^ some4means for'  'obglatin^M  some effort should/be/^niade;rbysGpyernment  ��������� t^ ��������� entourage this lucraii^e tiji-neK'pi; m^5ag||  preserit employed \ to; aehieve v,tbe^lesii������d/ object ^UUj^ve jftterlv^ V ���������"* ������������������'"'*'.  r/;-;<>^;.;?2  BAEBAGOAS GGL0 JVHNES.  :-������:'  tMM  .v:\  7-.������y  touched,   ^h^l   /^atisftictbry resultstSfjffisSlate"'?  Speaking 0jf^uarte;l<6deB^  ; .consideration^^o^^ iii t&e  .' '^es^^i^^PpX^������4'4^^/^'^!i^^> haVib^fcf r'its.  object' the enepdragenierit of thbs^'fayorably  disposed to* iijje /opening ^/of ^r/aua^tz  ���������mines. , ���������: It runs thus:;." A premium of $3,500  ff is bflbred to any person or persons, who "shall  ^.first erect a Quartz Crushing'Steam Mill 'in  .^ Oafiboj0������ of iloflfssthan; 60 horsej jower,/&c;  //���������'rTlie M  ��������� /������:tlie ;30th/Sept ;hex������f j.'. '������������������ Just let us ��������� examhie  ��������� - 4ind see,what gopiiihis- wil 1 efiecfc* 4 Ostii,any  ^n* ^or^ at^menitAuppos^J^t ?��������� atvy^pSrson  ���������������ripe^ons-l^will be foolish Enough to utider-  :-.take a work p^ such ^ gigantic proportions on  th& mere^Btrengt^ Of aby/proBpecte^aj; have  ��������� ever v^tneeii found in this part oTtW-cblbny.  ���������; :������r^ill^hey^  ijmehtrran >xl?emmen^tn^t Jwo^d cost a  the  leas? calculation $50,000-;���������simply because the  ^Government ������# a fit of -generous/ liberality  have thought pirbper to ofier such;an ^xtrava^  gant sum for the advancement of that Object?  . Most"Certainly not;; ;If /such a- lead Jeduld be  Hlisqo veered/ as would justifyv'such ?aa outlay  itiivquld not be the-inducemeuts/hS   put by  ihe Goveminent, were; they even/fiv^: times the  amount offered, that would effect the purpose/  -Heh-and meabs would bo. sjpeedily found to  wrry the work through without apy eleemosy^  nayy -aid.    If- the/Leg;islature had contem-  plated>while drawing up the resolutions referred to, that people would be found so; devoid of sense as to act on the conditions-laid  dowa^ they certainly took good care' to \ provide that the time alio wed, for completing the  ' slrapture should be so sfierfc; as to preclude  fche;possibiiity of any applications being1 made  for the^proffered reward.    Are quartz lodes  so easily found and prospected, and the ma*  chinery so speedily transported in a .country  like rthfs, that araill of the capacity ��������� above-  laid down can be put in good runaii^ brder  in the course of a few months ?    We opine  not; .We are sadly at a loss to know what our  wroirthj; VLegislators were thinking of when  they gave their sanction to such a're'solution,  laniess it was done with the view of making  it appear that they were very desirous of. fostering vther.interests, of  our  dear Cariboo  ceunta;y:.   If this was their object all we can  ?We extract^the following from a Ibtterpy a  correspondent ofvthe?.San Francisco /Bulletin^  dated San Ba1������lb: Ganca/United States of Coir  bmbia, 12th'Marchiast. After^describing the  tri^;from! Panama/*to "the town ;of Pumacd,  which^ccupied^three days fey/^teamer, he goes  on to say that he made preparations -for ascending the Patia river, the mouth, of which;  isdistant from Tumaco 15 miles. ^ He progressed at the rate of lO^or 12 ^niles^ % duy,  against at curreitt runbmgwahdut three Whiles  an l^bur^aiid arrived ihitfie town^^arbaco^  as, which is situated^ on?the jbanks^if;the Selr  ambiaj^a .branch of the^Patia, In 4>daysA;Bar-  bfcoas^is an/old 'Spanish settlement, and;at  one time" was ho doubt a^place^pToonsiderable  importanoey >* CPhe!towid contains;about 800  inhabitants^ and the. province; of which it; is;  the capital;about30d0.r   .    -''   *  H^Barbacpa8fs%ituated ?n:the Renter of an  bid mining district/ The Spaniards took out  large quantities of gold in "tbls/l^canty, and  after them ^the/mines oontinued-profi table until the emancipation of ^the slaves in 1852^  sincetwhichitime they teve fallei into.decay  iforv want - of ���������>la"bbr,^th������vf negroes Refusing;to  :The^.is^;^sttt^  :���������"���������/" and strychnine and r6t-gut: find no place bere.--? 2  rpHIS HOrjSS^A&iVBBEN^NEWiS/^  X: the Restawwkt principle :w'ltb aTi^w tb'lhe comfort;  of i the ^pu blic,ij and. Will; be i conducted * lb a 'manner;; to  ensufeithe Jsatisfa'ction of tliosei- who; are ^Jsppse4-:to  faybr the proprietors wlth^efe^t^^ge^.;^. j;; 5^^������i'.'t  * o ,;r ;Moai at al^.Hours.|;;Good Beds. , /. . i  :JK^The.Bar is';furnished'witlv the >best���������soiectiottjiof  ���������Licfcuors and Segars. ,.;     ;, .,.;..,��������� //7i;:///-,^..r-%v  PP'S  "%f R?.-'CLTJNES begs to fnfbrm the Miners orjyiniams;  -Jil- Cre^k, Lmvhee.Creek, Grouse C^eukand^Van Wil-  kle-that sUq Intends giving a Benefit>BalI,}aiia  Concert,^n the 24th of May; the-beBt ever given.oa  Williams 6fcL4-when sbe^respecj^^  ���������rima-ge,^frthcipuhhc^ -^V^i-y^ST^'^S^^?;---  *-���������������:  ,���������*.������������������  itfthe- matter ���������pi^e\Mfki^vjof'> S^ltemkiffBl-  ? sasser^%ho 'hfas made; an assignment for the  AT^Cfc*te*ncire^y*gi������WvtHfc^a^  IN claims-against the abevo named B&tate^are ipequest-.  ed^tb /mr ward^ki stateraerit: of:;$&] i������me^(duly verittod)  i^4^sremmxd^ in t^Pbs^;Office/;faft^'  .sir ERbNTONj'ori tbe 1st o^1Mayy*S86^ *'  Amstead, TTHUam > ;,  r-6?.* -i ������������������  *;;'',>. V.  :Batta, G:< Gio r;t, f��������� /' ^: ^Bowqn.-^D.^, ,c" ~$  BUker; Charles W; /  v '^Bpse/X:,^ t.^-,:XflU. P������-������  Barret, T!iomas������^tj2) ?i': Buehannn;JameS^ ���������;.���������-  Borford;B; Bl������i">  i\ Tr  ByrnVJames���������*.* WW  Bourdman,'George;W.'t ;:    ;   -r-- A  Carter; Vincent   .   ' (2)^ ''/0������rkeVAlexB>der^^^0^;i  ^harn������;;^ba v./ ^>r,> ?h^^Hv^^v^^  ,-.*:  *i\ < ���������  ;^^;*j,i!^jjo -. ������'Cl  ���������j.'..t  m  .���������--ii J'���������>  Vfej'^*^  jonn  l^^:-;  yn^i^rfc?*  ,-J.  '^>.  .Dixony^iW4  jBrsktixo^'W^H.-/ T.;^;;.���������' i;-r vx-Cstv^'Kv^i  Fordi James - - - , * - / ;   /Frankiln^ Julias l  JFpriune, BLt./ /;42) .,   ; ,./ \,. ��������� ^ ^    X���������r^'.-;;^  Gilbert, James...       ������'���������   '��������� G^ndenIng;fArcblbald/,> 4  GUtillan, Jainys^ v    ' ' ' . Grosseri H,^   , ^ ^,,,������ .^/t  Hathaway,-Gjp; Jr.,   (2)- How .ells, Isaac  Haz������B, Fredrick O;?   i(4^-Hunt, Gt*oige;:     .,.     ..,r.,.���������J  :Sj  }....  r Andrew ^t^iMW.!  Lipsett, laaao 'ifi3  t^^e^^gejorgeff  ;fM-  InueSy James  Job, Jonathan  ���������Ke;rwy;^;t;f>^/g^;(3)/;.  Lawrie, Thomas > '    ; (^  ���������I^wieiv^%f;^j:;/;?^j, ^(:):  Marshall,' J^OU n"/^: ������������������ ���������:vv ���������������;,'< i s-*w������*.^B-y������, ..������~.-������-������^-'l.; ^ ... ������..t,> >  Meiross, William T.,; uM ?MfcKinoa,XhuPles/'>. r,fr r;������  Awiasi^v'taw^^a.';-������.\v,*v^^'^iMb^n^ykrchibaad' '>-���������'������������������ ^-  ���������A"X.  Morris^ Joseph  McCarthy 4p;j^  Orchard, ?-Nath>v*  Parsons, Cbaj^ea  pidm^^deppc  Redgrave,' 8. :.  Eeeves,^E./",ri-  Kichley,;Ceorge'  ���������r'f'i  HcQueen; Duncan;;  '���������^U'i^^a  'Bt*  ... Meree},debrgW l^*';'-^  . t;-prest6nVGeorge ��������� .^ "'; w**������J  ���������ft .s Kobertson7:: John?:;;?"/;: ^i/'i.  ��������� >:Kobinson,-James A.<J-^2)jf'.  ; Kyan,F.W. ,t/^    ,:   }  ���������>';���������>���������  Bay is,'thatthe veil has been too transparent  to hide their equivocation from the eyes of a  descerasg���������c-ahamua%%-   Tbere would have,  $ceu Eome practical good 'in the resolution j carrier.  pointwhere the pay dirt could bj^mbst; easily-  obtained, and mined back into the' hill,5c\it-  ting down.ite face.per^i^i  dirt;;^33ie^only^tobI used for this^piiirpbse was ���������  the crowbar.; They then/m^dia^yayithe hills  unti 1 its" attitude; became too great to work  profitably, and fthen' abandoned /the mine,  They spent to have no idea of tunneling j and  even) ;now .there ia a great fprejudice ;auio/ig  ffie' natives against it., The .claims.now being  wdrked ^/Mr^^Q'Conner, C^xt;3Bache4Bar/  ker)^^andspth6rs are of) the kind abpyp describe  ed^ajid^areie^lfedf'banfcfl^   ^By^tiie} lapse of  jtihi.e:": and the heavy falls bf rain/ the banks  have;cayed; and cbnsiderabie expense, in some  cases; amoiui ting to/ thpusandi of |ibllars^' is  necessary to remove Hhe'mlleii'rearth and expose the banl������������where>.Mwork was suspended;  Frpni ihis/point it is oexpected/^b^tTipay; <dirt  will be pfitamed;-- .Mr������ 0!Con^r^w& at work  about si j^ mbhths^ before his/ mine began to  payl   His? is certainly^very rich: H^He- some-  times real&esjas much 'fM:^;a&'d-:50''p^nd8'.pf  gbld/for a" week's worS'of 30:ias^e. / It appears ;!that 'this is the only mine which has  been well opened'Or is paying largely/ "���������*'���������'��������� '  ;   " That thene are large and extensive deposits of gold,in that vicinity I suppose there is  no doubt, buti the impression prevails that  many of the banks cannot be worked, owing  to the fatness of the country and the great  amount of water which falls here. OrConnorTs  claim is sufficiently high above the bed of the  river to ?be [easily; worked, .-but many others  are not; besides they are owned liy private  individuals, many of whom have large tracts.  In order to work the-mihes a contract must be  made with the owners, and they exact exorbitant rates of rent.    The established rule appears to he, tha%when>a. miner ^prospects, on  ah ayerage, 20'cents or more to the pah, the  owner receives one-half of the proceeds, the  miner^^ paying the /.expense of working the  mines out of the - other half.    If it p rospects  from 19 to 20 cents, the owner receives a third,  and if'under 10 cents bne-fourth.    Rather'  than submit to such art extortion many have  gone back to the interior4n search of good  mines and better terms.    The mines around  Barbacoas are gravel diggings, ;&nd the pay-  dirt rfests upon a" species of sandstone entirely  different from the bed rock in California. The  .gold iswhat is known as float or scale gold,  ������nd varies in sizje from minute particles to  pieces as large as a cucumber seed.  6lMmer^Mrs#:  Vaughn, -W^Bi?**,  Whitbbmb/H. M.  Wilson/James -;  YCKtaj Cbisley f  'Smith, Joseph', s,  ���������  - Steveus,w John C." .** *���������"*'  2)/f SteVaxt^ Arcbiba3d^*K  ',������. r-v^iotbi-GeorgeU^-  (8)   Wood; Silas  M  A;iil Q&i  Undiey/B/B/  j 2^./::^.;/.,/?  RBGIflTKBED XBTTJEB.^ II  m  St.?'.  n 1^?/ NOTICE IS^HEBEBy7GtIVKN THAT  tMM^^M^^M   ��������� ,,; ,v7  .wtlij .until furthcr.aoticf, bo^ept.attbev y /^  %'4jrW)m0rtVi'.  niidV Mr!1 JOBS BOWadNwlS belthe/iXciin^PostmM^r;  yhilGto/Goxt':  if^;Mu>va;.  ..i i> ii'^iv'.!- "-'������������������������������������������������������  ~. v,  :ml  ^fu.('^i())mBlm:iHi:S>.- ��������� Ci  J V  ?>teC'l(6^f?H>������^#  J 3^1 it* i>  ll+r&ri  ~J~i  -'?;  l^^hefweeltor^day;  -4i8Sff? AjOrst-dass^COOK haiibeen engagedfj; .^^ ^Ki  i i^artl^: wishing to^^ird,^  toi.'their "advantage ''fh7&f$l*l&fo���������^ffi hl������ liolis?|fer  cleahUbess. -attention ^cuatc^e?^-and  waTO-g^|Tabl^}$  '.<j-'i-;^.  -'V^-'^H:?"  ;*i) i  J;-';\  p; .:.-:���������.  '.:;���������>-���������  i^r?v^wi teri*-'^ w-w-w ������i-i,������-i^.^r;  ^ ���������? - V1v^i   BARKERY1LLS,  ^ J ^% - -  l-.i^v?' ' .-;>.������f :-; ,;-;1   r;   ^'������������������'v-r^^r-V^^r;^ ;tV\-;'--,  WEOriESALE^ AKB^REtAII^ -i>EA'LERS^l'S^Ati4-'  JOHN BOWBON',  .  -Acting'I'bslihaster-  ' am  &GOOD:AXEMEN^WANTEP, toreport>t Quesno^  25 , mouthlbefo^  months en^loyraenO & -Wages, ;Stety <60); I)oilars;.per  month, ':��������������������������� '*������������������'% 'v'; ���������'* l'i:'-'y:"r;r*}.-������}Ji i^iw-.-- '-'.Ah^ ������������������' r������?i v;?^  v- T ������������������: ��������� " \ ' ���������' :.: EDMUND CONWAv,4;,;,;'.':'  :?*  \.        f'- ������     ���������   Assistant Bngiaew.  Quesnelmouth, May-5th, 1866:f' ��������� ".      " ��������� -.>    \ 1 - *V  Beg to call the attention of -Miners and) others'  -.5-:iitOitbeirfuli'assortmentof SUPERIOR ���������00t)S^;^  w .������i ''j  '! ,,< f ''  I>wWch' will be sold,      , ���������   ��������� t ������������������ n; ��������� ';  A GRAND KXnmrnON: of theiWOBLE' XKT of self  ; DEFENCE will be gjyen at Loring's Saloon, Cam-  on  erontown, on ;Saturday Evening,. May 12th, J866,  which occasion' the following gentlemen will appears  . Mr. GEO. WILSON, in a Glove Fight with any ;man  in Cariboo, for the sum of $500; ;v '������������������.-..      .- ���������:',::������  Hahrv Shannon, Geo. P^iRiiaoTHER;  Dakikt, Morgan, Wiiliam Wiuiamsj.    ;  IX-Davys, E. Brnjausn; ',  '  Gjsorok Pipjcsr, D. Edwards; -     !������  M, R. Arm8TR0*vgj Wxi' Paittiitrs.  The Entertainment will be interspersed with SONGS  aad MUSIC suitable for the occasion. s r; ':.  ;     Big Fun.  Everybody Comb/.. ���������  Admission, Front Seats, $2; Back Scats, $1.  open at ��������� 1-2 o'clock; commence at S o'clock.y  to make room -for .a- N������W; STOCk to arrive' so soon/as  ���������'; //./'/ / ]':, "*���������"'* ttfe Bpads are open;^ ���������;-Mj; ::' | ,,: ^;;f ^".s;  J5������*ttberaCiallowanee / will xibpy made ;tq  Bostaurant and'Hotcl; Keepers inct theTrade .generally  baiarge-orders.*'$���������������������������'*". /-*^a'"'��������������� ?'..;!w "' C',..*;'";'V'''/;",1'-;  Doors  EVERY EVENING,  AT THK  4S.HI0N..SlL'G:G^r  ���������  ��������� BAEKERVILLE.    -   '^  To Sdijsceibbbs.���������The weekly subscription  for the Sentinel will be $1:00, payable to the  i.-U, LOVERS OF THE TERPISCHOKEAK ART are  invited t������j oall and enjoy themselves, when a hearty  welcome will be extended.  &3t Tho best or "Wines, Liquors and Segars,  and Good Order observed.  1 MARXIK & COOK, fr^ts.  ;.���������,..;���������::-jr. ���������//:  Barkerville, B.C,  - ^.-Kv.^s- ^''  ;���������; ;K^iv^:fe;;P^EB^ON;.: pRp^iKxbte/' /:  ' Brerytbmg is done ia-connection with this establish-  men t Lo give, satisfaction to the customers,..       ;   ;. -,  ...���������4������?.Meals at all hours. :.;l,.  ���������'/JZ/barksrvilxb,-:-..-^^  DVALER8 i������  sorte  ize  "Wholflsale and Retail.  WHOiESAtt: & RETAIL  ������������������l  ~3  ������������ ....  RICHFIELD, Williams Creek, B. O.    ���������_    ..-  E HAVE ON HAND a large stock of Provisions,  Hardware and Vegetables, and arc determined to sell them cheaper than any other store ou  Williams Creek. Come and sec ond judge for yourselves?.  RicbfUM, Hay 5th, 1S60. l ���������" /yHy^i^^M^y^i866.  m  FiBBl^^st������rda^mreIobh abdutllb'clbck  "'"���������house:  alarm]  i was soon given :an#*,$������������9^  fiursfcb^en^wKehit wa������ discovered that every-  thing-ihBide'was ina;b%zej; in a few/minutes  ^he^aUdlng/Was a^mplete rum,:eyery arti-j  clef consisting of law books/ papersihed; and  oeddin^&cv, were completely destroyed, '* it  j^elieved^the; fir^H^inated; from/somecom-  bustable: ' articJS^ tbf: the  stove. The ^Sef^who was iii a neighbouring saldOtt at the'time/arrivihg aVfhe^clene  justas/thefi^  jxm I$&k$S^ inamief/;aSd.  with a knowing giggla fl^as heard^toSremark,  -"Let itMaze; away-^-iVa.?f etihe key/iir my  ||| pocket" By'clint of; t^ applicatibn of the con-  IH .tents pf isundty ,water%feutts in >the^ vicinity,  fc ihejsiffibuna^  Is ~ Clan^  Ehotbgraphid^aller^ were  The conulnibdtnaw ?which has Wen slowlyi  hut steadily going on; foj/the last ften days/  Una fn/ir^fta^fl *ihW ' txraifit*'"in', *thp> *V������rApkR   RTlfl  'ftfl&!-  ;OF /THE L A2GUCHERE./\  andrbtherportibns^^  * rA'thft-i-Acn i it Vif��������� Xf^; (Jentire^s visit during the  '������������������'-at*'*"  ������re/the -result/iif ^  latter part? of ;i|K"sea8bn/ wnl/reflect' credit  on theaftisttprltruthfulness, beauty andicfear-  ness.of execution! "To those who are  with" the (countryZ^vre-would recommend an  '3nsp]|c'^  repaid by their visit ���������,>We understand/that  his/Excellency;*^  leaving for England erpresaed Kdejiire that a  full set of>these viewst^nld^procured/by  Government .and/ presenied/to ithe; Cariboo  Library;   Thw  ho wever ere lengffi hear tfaa't his" Excellences  wishes in this .respect are carried out/as such  an acquisitiohicantfot but; greatly tadd:te<the  attractions oif that^uaeml'instituubiiS !/'-   '��������� ���������;���������  /'^WiMAHffi^CBaisk^ Bed' !- Rock Fvtmx:~^A  great amount of Jabour ��������� has jfceeu employ ed  on this wb^ since ^laip$o^mbeif /over"^~ "  has increaisfed t^/water in^e greeks; and;  gulches to such^ah'bxtbnt, that wbrkcin; some  instances has J>een teniporarily suspended. In;  Stouts Gulch the surf ace -water, is doing- u.  great deakbf/bar������if to ^ the; tunnels^ causing  them'to civetb utthecronerCftr^using"criry;  endeavour to turn* the'Jva^r/pff ^y^eans of  flumes^and expect to-ikf inf a^ positio^ to get  to* wbrk 'again ihia/ fewr days:y^In- One jsense  the^graduaPinere^se bfcw^rSis| doing-good  to-Williams Greekriri<so^ teas cutting a channel for itselfis: concerned;0(tha^should rain  set in;and'a sudden rise he-^ the^consequence^  there is not tbe. same degree/of dangervto she  apprehendedsfrom���������> an v overflow r as if it had  risenjall .-at bncej^/rhei BedItbcliElumeeo^  haw be���������m;bliliged! to/su^nd blasting opera--  tions, ,and are_ now; engaged -running off .the  debris^accumulated ^la^/iuantities during  the winter^:ib/soon; pihis-is'accomplishedi^Jt  is'ifceir m^  through the old' Steel sgroiind/ We have  nothing;nbw^to record in)tho:sha^^ifmiaing  news since our last issue,' other than that some  claims which were ?bn8y?rat ^work fthen^fhave  had io stop on:/accountIo^f )too;mu5h water.  Of a verity^in^nbcase is-the force of the ^old  prover%^t3everi r^nst|������ut;it pours^imore  cie^ybe^rne'out* thah-itf tSat of "the;miner,  only a,weet������gO! thero^^al^t^enbugli water J  itoiwaah^ith^ andivnbw^^lna manyp!mstaffiees  .there is'too "much.';'/;?/^i:/^.; ' '  *���������''?//''���������"' :' ���������  ' 'No;later.4eyrs from grouse/creek/1   .'   ., v  '���������-!i ' , rt '' '��������� * * -^FRESil . SraiKJE.' *   '"/'.;"     ���������';'''  ; TheCaliforniaTunnel/co7y^which* as- |we  referrbd ^oiih^ Monday's ^repjoi|j ~W^^M^$  ing ferjwater, Jhave_nbw J3ommencje>o3^ashihg  they cleaned up yesterday noon 03 ounces of  very-coarse ^bld^iTliis1 company^ fertmud^^is  situated in the rear^^f 'tfce; liast ^CJhancK co?y  and^may^bewstrietly. called a hill claims  The Caledonia co'y Iwashed up yesterday 40  ^otiticm^^  I ^li������Pf*Y iKROAf TUK 1*It&ilUKNT -A5f l> Sw;il&'\'A#. ���������*  Oik? StaWof Tftit* tfxiTKD '9-rATiJ8.--:'ye3Ufr(t:t y  moTWirrg, at 'sal. f-pa^t te n oycl ock,. the - fo ii*������w -  in^" despatch Was received by His -Excelleiioy  the GbVeffior, through the Telegraph Hue.-;-'  :-   ya? *,:;. f i������Washington, April 2^, 18bi>?  gers, arrived ;pri the ^Oregon' from ��������� San1^-'Fran/  cis^^Mpapffia^aler^ \  fc^&f-v&M^J^ thank you for your kind greetings^mi  tile remainder of. the'hight; and the passengers  again retired to their ^erJ^^andfelV^ asleep  enlyrto,.,:be fawakened howeyei,; atlhalfi-past  ^o^ock on Jje ^llow^^  port that ^^wleakhad started  setwa^ going iio^n^rBy five b'clo^k/nbt^itKr  "standing indessenfc pumping; the :fires were  >MH''.*,������,rv'^,.--< ������������������  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S' COtfRT. /  * < ; / .r  \      ^^e8day^8tfcMay,.18C6./M  :H/^rera;/c^^/^s/'I)avis'%^  the fiurne laid; 400 feet> of which, averaging   /./'   /  I3i)feet ra^epm?-haaal!vt������;^e fclastefc /oyer��������� >/:  ^/;  10p kegs of powder iiayejbeen used for -the"  purpose.   The work-is no^ completed up to  '��������� Sfouttels steH/������hd it is thbughtthat';15'0 feet  more^ilLpul^^ri^^  part of this lastibeing ota soft nature, wilt  n������t^take them long In .completing.    During  th^,wjnterJ3^meh hay������  been/steadnyieiu?  ployed on-theivrork;'under the 8*bervieton of  Mr^ William Miller. The company itepe to be  '.roa4y^7t^e''iw^  in opening up thegrounC /,  '&**L  . ^^The/fbllowing;U^statement of the  amount of gold dust purchased by the Banks  M TOlliaras.creek, and hyJ them eeaat below,  frbm 1st Januaryio $th MayflSWt  Bank of British Columbia, foriFebruary,  i    <dot n.l '.:<3,do ,:'..-:-. ���������'    .foj March; ? -  ...ii ���������; do%m &/iIdo *.������������������ i-- ^.il' the *th Mayj/:  458,S70  48,924  ; 88,000  $ 145,294  ^4,092  Bank of British North America,-for the year  ? ISeo���������sent below- Sth.May;->=>/- '���������,-&'. \i: v ;;  ���������*; *      > Total,.   ���������  iff -*-*'' $289,386  .-��������� ^^The places; and -dates of holding the  Spring Assizes are announced/ La the Gpvern-  ������  do:  do  do  on  4th May,  111b May,;-: f  ��������������������������� let;June, -xt.  8th June,:/;  Williams Creek  ������������������'I  ���������  .���������'-:.,'-ra.  m^ht*Gazbttblas!^nderi  - ;;;;;Yale^;'V^//;:R  '";^Plleoet,'/.;;,-/  : ���������: Quesnelmou&/  /.Richfield^      -    ���������/  The .Court /^il" iremaH  until the and of July or begmaiag of August,  and remove to some central point oq the  Columbia River district about the middle of  August i,';.; ;/���������,/.' :^/-///;,;'~���������"'/'���������:/;/::"::;���������..;',;:;"������������������;;;  ^^*The Chinese arknitiehmd their white  brethren in taking advantage of the times. It  appears that the whole; of our vegetable p.ro-  diic^ in daily nsfca^ hbld % the children of  the no wry kingdom/who no doubt seeing a  line opportunity m an increased demand for  articles of that.descriptfon^ have raised them  at least 169 per cent; patatoes that- were selling a-week ago at 10 oents are now up to 20  cents.     ��������� ��������� "-.;��������� -   ;.7-!;n:..n".-.. .-;,..��������� f. ..���������  ScAacrrr of Meat.���������There is not a pound  of beef or mutton to be procured at any of  the butchering estabiishmeiits "on the creek.  At Richfield we believe there is a small quantity of fresh pork, which sells readily, at 62  cents. per tb, Mr. Tobmey, and Sir. Clark are  bath out after cattle, and are expected back  in a few days; utitil then we will have to betake ourselves tb'the bid fare of earlier times,  beans and bacon, for a change.  SPAanrNO ExHiBi%oN.-*We would call the  attention of the admirers of the noble art of  self defence to the. announcement in another  column of an entertainment to come off at  Lonng's Saloon, Gamerontown, on Saturday  evening next, ���������  case appealed last'iairto1 tlie Su^emei Cburt;  The Aurorae^^j^p^  ;day to%e;(^id'Gbmmissiouer for aninjunc-  tion to,restrain the liavis seo'y, respondents,  from workhig th^ground in ^dispute;'' ;The  application came up^ for hearing this morning:  Ro th parties were\ present./" < The foreman of  the /Davis co ?y stated that they were ^bt^ tand  did not intend^ working the-ground in dispute  at pireseat: ;The Judge accordingly ^granted  the injunction. 'a^:~/c:;,t;'^ * '��������� ���������**.* ������������������-'- - T ":"~  H. Goldstadte vs^.& CurrVirr-This was a  suit for $447 SO/beirig/balance/of wages^due  plaUitiff ^r workvdbno  Forest Bose;co*y/; In cbhsequence oif thb abn  sencei of-an lmpohaht^itneas;%^  country, the defendant askeel for a postponement of tl^ case until lus arrival, which was  grantedl,/i';..rOT/   _ ^ /;_.','   AM x   '  LILLOOET MARKET  PRlGESi-kSTilt;  Flour  X:  Sugar/;  Tea,/  Cofleer-:/ : "  Bacon,/:///'^  Beans,;-///^  Tobacco,^ i4f  Butter/ '������������������^���������.r������  Rice (China)"  Picks,;  Shovels,  Axes/ /  each  v5;<<;,.U  $1100  - ; ./25  "-'���������-/��������� 75  ���������i ://:i5"'  .;....- 25  V 3 50  2 25  > 350  put out by the water while the ship was riui-  ningttbwafds the1 laMy and from that timeun-  til?she sunklihe vessel day ;like a; lbgidh^the  wateri * r Thelfive boats belonging to /ferryman  Reld-werelaunched and filled with passengers  and rowed by ineans of slata? taken/fromb the  berths^there being, no, oars for them. /While  ihe passengers,I wherej/^batin^.M * Whitehall  boat was'vcaiight beneath the steps jby/jhe setr  tling of the steamer and ^ipsett and twp color-  ed^en named Sadfbfd: Taylofi/'{a^hjaVber^  and JB1. Q. Marshell, (a Caribbo'mmer;) drbwDL-  ed/| Tkb w^m^and^ildr^h/w^r^  first boatto deave the shipi*d^rush^as������ma  for this ^athy some o| the ^passengers but  Capt-Mouat drew his-revolver andihrbatened  to fire fif^thtffellpws flid npt^r;l^k^XOne  accouiit'stateB that th^oaptaih did^flre at one  bf the mufeeeK^bii^at/auy fate -they fell  back. Thetwbrk 'of abartdonirig' the"ship went  p.n ^ttitely rafter * this lin cidenfc������v/Gap|; 'Mouat  was^thedastlman ito leavelti^ship/-������ ILdiex-  pressed a ^ish to go down w,ith^her arid^had  to be^brijedj hi to ^e/la^bba&^^IIe behayjejd,  as^l<whb/ne w the." majn^b eliev^^^/wbuhl,  with admiraM^- opoiness^brayery| and forethought tooughout: the ;^hble trving oceasion  OneKpr&. two ��������������������������� hoats^ were; upse^;tu/the;*surf  while the passeagert were ;landing;^ but?mb  ii ves^^were lost ���������'������' Onreaching shore * the^ pas*  sengeri hiditb ascend a! rocky!> Jjlu^pfor a  mile and/a half before ;reachiifg^a;farmhouse.  vWhile "pn^his bliiff they 'saw the'noble Lal>bu-  chere.go;-dpwn, iihd vmany;Victorians; shed-  tears at ther inclahclioly sight, ^he passengers  were kindly received by. the farmere,:and provided with all tlie'' comforts, that1 the/coun^;  afforded. / A few/fejinks:; were .brought" on *  subrft frbmr,the wreek;,^utwere brbkem'open  and^robbed{.by|sbme viflains^SOh/Satoday  the^ passengersl embarked'" on iaoaru/^the tu^  Rescue; (sent froni San  Frahcisco:T by the  agents of the Hudson .Bay^ Company for tho  purpb&ey and returnedm^ the Bay) City/^-������ic.  ^hronMe^;;   ;-*::^.^,>ftf P4xp'*\7ir\  {'Tho^n^ronci^^Bunetint!says; /The iiibboclierc  was.a remarkably strong vessel, being builtoftenk and  oafc^ w She was constructed "oh the'Clyde and eamo;here  in 185Sj but had only^^recchtlybeen^^^engaged in running  botweenyictoriaand;this p<>t,:;^  trip-/ .Her enginep \vere ofuthe besiiuality, being the  eamc that "took the highest prize at the World 'k Fair: at  London iii CLS51. SUe;was valued at abqut^l5P,000 and  bad a.cargo of gencrai.mercliandisemanifested .at;$iO,!:  62033; jltisimpossible,at.jt-hl^.ine,t6V^ltwhat was  the cause of the disaster and; whojJ if any-"onef was to  blame ia* the premises; ft The ehglnteer^^ says the compass  was out 6l orders and some, two points;out of the way,  which1 may -account for the steamerigoing so near to the  shoi*/; v There is no! doubt but; if������there 'had been a  lighthouse on Point Reyes t&ls(di^ster would not have  happened: ;:Ten years a^;:ajo^pprepri  for the crectieu of a beacpiif light dn)Point^eyes; and  the first time'shew^ backed on^andsupposedr/.^ .. ., - ,e. . ,  to be: bnly slightly; injurbd/^ !Thb;leak was ah��������������� ?������*\11 tbo U0Pe Xhs������J*f W**������g**������' Ul?  m^-^^^m^^^m^^^i succ^sfulprosecuuonof.which is thus signal-  ������L^&:ttLte^^^w^^^ led. inay be continued until it-shall speedily  unite1 the two Continents, and.open to.both a  Common and'aomplete eivilhatloJJ*.   ������   .;  ;  fm--r- . ������������������������������������ r.,/rf.K. ��������� :-,?'W^H. SaWAitp^' ���������,-?/.  ^JThet���������re-bells: instantly struck -up ;a merry  peal--and English and American. flags. were  thrown to ^b breeze in: every:; directioij.  &ayor Frankly read the despatch to a. crowd,  of people who?rushed to the office, and; heariy  Cheers for P^reeideat Johnson^ from*British  lungs,; rentthe air. rTJie despatch left Washing ton on Wednesday afternoon.���������Victoria  l&\po&\die'Apx$\^ . /-ji'.JtA  *;'-. ,r,?j-.:'.      { _ ��������� - .'i ���������'    -i   i / ��������� ���������.. ^ i     -_���������_���������' f *  , ;V> "!rL-j"   ' ���������  *   ' "       ,      * ��������� >      ���������  ���������    :-;,-���������������'." .~   ..     ���������..-���������~'- ~  .������j . :.   'I  " . '"*  i/SU(5I1tlt MpcED;~-Testerday mmjii^g a genUem',rt  who rtfibles In the .southern portion of the city c^llrd  at our office and related the Allowing'.lncl'lent'as h;>v.  pening toblmsejf,; and' knowing him''to"be-a maii i i*  Vera'citywe giye credenco'��������� to his story; i and heur������lly  sympathize with; Ulsn in his dUemma. . S: ������ortly; s^ac ������  appoarances of .coming events >m!,\catcd to him tli ���������(.  somebody in his U^usehtdd was going to ba've:a' >'sp -)&  df sickness.'.' endj be rt<������eor<iingIy secured the servic '4  6f?a; physician'and ��������� professional ��������� -nurse/, to r; nder sui bt  assistance as the exigencies;of the o:ise,might demand.  On Tuesday night: the eyyit occufred,, nn-t at the pr������������������������  per lime a .very, young'; member of the he m������n family  was placed In the handsof the su'rse'fco 'wash and dres  finding an old acquaintancei ^w^^^-.w,.r- .. .���������...  biindlo on his'door step, wfclch'necwfl^d into the .htfuEO  and opened,'anUfouad to contain a male child, .eorid em -  lyjjust:.bori2.:iii As this child (bad not,been dressed be  K������ve it into -:the.haads;of .tlicnUrscy with; instructloris'  ;.^.;cldih^St^.wbiW:he proceeded after a'policcnwjv/ l-y  -wnom'tb'send;tho:little waif'to the County Hospital:j  'Thct>nurso������ performed ther:;duty,;.andr:i>l:vc*d. the two  children in acrib, anlwrnt out of .the roora/t,> fniuj ,v  teiprto; the. wants of the.sick* lady". The husband j after  afBht'rt absence,1 returned and inquired for the strjiigo  icmiiV whVn be was-tcM it;;was lying in tlie crib:^>  Thither ;Ue. proceeded and "discovered; both lufant:...  *f^irfCh'ou������ of these cbiidren i& miue?" he escl:dme������ ;  fn^an.eBCited manlier/' The huj^e ^yas;'nuable/to{s������y;  dnd/the-dpetor was in'a similar fix.:' Here Was aqne������'r  dilemma for a-father of a family, to be;pluced ih..;:Hb  could, riot sentneltherofithe cbUiiern away for fear ii������������  might' send hisown son instead of.the one .left, ,on .bi������.  dporVstep;. - Hedidnot relish haying twin's In this mai.  fncr/but was compelled to sbbmitto'iti : Wehavewi.  ten heard that it-^wasa wise child that knew its own  father,"; but in tbiS'inetarice, we think it would be.a  \vise: father that knew his own .cniWi-rS.in Francisco  ^Cailj^Apriliatli. -   *-,,.:i*.*T^-v;"''.--.��������� ���������'/"���������  V .'-ir.'.-V     : - ��������� ���������.    /������������������������������������.<���������   :-Tr.:- ���������   " .   .   if    :. . ������������������< ���������������������������   ,\- a    .-.  .-- . ..������  %'j':;%> ���������'''��������� .    .'     . . . ��������� " '"*.. .  ;;^A NpvBL Ioea.���������-The *Chrbhicle? says: :Gri  Monday, when ��������� the gentlemen connected with"  the"- telegraph landed at Cadbb'ro Hay from the  Forward with the end off the cables number  of bluejackets abcompanied them. When tho  ^ockeWustrument was; applied, and messages  were transmitted, the surprise of the bluejackets was unbounded,' ^Several began to  ?discuss in a low tone of voice the merits of  telegraphing in general, and the feat whicli.  they saw performed inl particular. They  could have understood the principal of eehdiog  apiece of paper or a letter along Hbe wire ���������;  but the wondei* of holding: a conversation  with a man several miles away, and nothing  to be seen or heard beyond a faint ."tick,"  staggered them. At last when several skep*  ties had exhausted their wits in vain to furnish a solution of the problem, one of theni;  after intently gazing at the wire/the operator  and the instrument for a few minutes/broko  BLA0KFOQT MINES.  i. Fitzpatrick has been arrested on a  charge of conspiring to swindle C. Wren out  of $518 50 at a horse race.���������Yic. Chronicle/  We have been permitted to peruse a letter  received by a gentleman on this creek from  a friend of hisi an old Cariboo miner, who  has been to the Blackfobt country 5 writing  from Walla Walla he says : I have ,l>ben to  the Blackfbpt mines they are better in my  opinion than Cariboo ever was/and are much  more; extensive; the gold being of a much finer  quality and iall of/a'.course nature bringing  readily $16 per ounce. The country is very  accessible to the miner he can pack his grub  and tools on a horse, g^" astride, ofranother  and go just where he pleases, he'. can kill all  the game he wants ; I think the deer are ih  greater abundance than they, are on the  islands around Victoria/bear, elk and mounT  tain sheep are quite plentiful \ the winter has  been very severe for this country, the snow  has been twb feet deep.  Which the^overhnient Ranted demands an- exorba taut  sum 'for the Poini, which' for any other purpose ��������� Is hot  worth accent an acre. Of course ;his extravagant de^  rhanda have not been listened to; but; the Tnspectbpf of  Liglithouses has every yoar,.,for the past ten years;in  bis annua 1 -report, urged. the necessity; of erecting a  Hgbthottse at Point Key es; and recommended tiiat Congress pass a bill providing .'for the confiscation of the  a'  Mas. Paetinoton's^^ Opinion.  hour Smith, Mrs. Partington, is something of ja  connoisseur, is he not? asked the doctor as he  looked in. It was a atiffener of a word, "I  don't like to express myself disperishingly  against anybody/] said she, "but I should say,  by the way he swills down the wine, that he  came as near a common sewer as anything."  land, to be paid lor by Government atits proper valua?  tionj; ��������� The; necessity of- immediate action v*was arged,  as the Inspector considered Point Beyes to be,, next to  the Farailoaes, the most important point demanding a  lighthouse oa the PaciQc Coast. All the ships'from  China, Japan aud the Sandwich Islands, as well as the  coasters from the northern1; waters, make Point Reyes  first of :any land. But^^Uxerecozuuiendatibhs have gone  uhbeeded. The ligbthbuse 'lays stowed��������� away as old  rubblsU at -Mare Island, and -vessels . contiuue to be  wreckedand human livuss'aeriflced through the entanglements of red-tape and tbe do-nothing policy:, at  Washington. The Labouchcre ;was* lost "..at the same  point where the Oregon anU Northerner were wrecked  some-years ago. -. ��������� ;;/ '.l-y''/ '.* : ���������,.'i//;'/; /.-  , _0*We learn that the four men named John  Itoss, Joseph Fuller., George Fuller, and Jas.  Course,,arrested at Lytton lately for burglary  and robbery, were sent to Yale and tried at  the assizes ; and wore sentenced to. ten years  imprisonment/- ,: ��������� l '/-/^  j������Sf������Miss Thurber^ and Mr. Lawless .have  opened a new/Hotel and Restaurant in Bar-  kervilie', where they invite their friends to give  them a call* -      ��������� t  '  ^MYe notice quite a busy movement in the  Chinese section of our city, in the construction of new log buildings by our coiestial  brethren.-       >- ��������� s:i> ;;  .p������^ John Trefoy (not Fry as reported) is  the name of the Cornishman,. drowned in the  Shaswap Lake; . ��������� -   ..        ������������������-.������������������        ,"j  out with���������"Lookahere, mates/that 'ere cove  with the box anft what makes the news come;  its the helectriciry a hactin'on the brains of  theb.-���������y hirouVire that does the business  and that's the truth on'tl" Jack's explanation  settled the puzzle beyond dispute; and. the  idea that the wire has "brains'* was tacitly 'accepted as a correct one.  ^Why don't you wash the bottom< of your  feet, Johnny?', asked a graadmo&eH of a boy;  when he was performing thatoperation before  retiring for the night, to which he very j*rag&*  ly replied, "Why, granny, doesn't think 1's  going to stand up in bed, dQesrycT" ���������",���������  A miserly old farmer who had Iost one 6V  his best hands in the midst bf hay-making, rt^  inarfced to the sexton, as he was filling up: the  poor fellows grave:���������"It's^asad thing to lobso  a good mower, at atime like this���������but, after  all, poor Tom was a^ dreadful g^eat eater; ���������>i:;  *"."* '.** *"^1" "'" "*" "*"'' '"*"���������"*������'^?!!f",?'"lf' ������ml|"*������^ll> ���������������������������"'���������'<&<*>1 iwiii j'���������tj  AS TO.TH35 PLACE OF RESIDENCE of Atxx^DKa  Harvy McNabb, from Noryal, C, W,, when litift  heard from was at Liuopet about to cress'the mounui ins  EastJ Parties who cap giye information will please  communicate with.JohaMcNabb;Esq., Turonto, C. W.,  or Mr. J. H. Wright,'Williams; Creek. If the said- A.  H. ilcNabb applies to ilr, Wright he will hear of somt������  thing to his adyautage; ;  '"'���������*; 1-lm  ^ THE ^CAEIBOO SENTINEL''  Cards, Bill Heads,  ~o���������-  Circulars,  Posters   an.4  Programmes for Balls a^d Theatrical   ,-  Entertainments,  &*������?cuted with Keatnossand Dispatch at this 03ta>/  JO^^Teruis Jlodcr-Ue,--*^ ' >'  w^*st������������!isaHBai glTO^RIBOQ ���SBN.TfflgL
,;-. ���;"': ;������;^v^^^:liu;4^^u*���^^v{i��� tc^^?^;5^&M^;
i|^^fis^u>t^cb^mbttfbrpedple?to!spe#fc of
>'ttie exhaustion ot'the>lacer^ines>oft,Galifor^
nia/^a if suchhta event iwere possible* ^wheh'
^Sbn'thecohferarj^ it is apparent tOibyery^thjnkrj
away.;^It may^*>e> difficult, to. find land, in]
v whicn 'goldis:- sufficiently abundant to make]
initiirig remunerative lwithi< Jhe^prefent, price1
of lahOupiand the; appliances ��� inn use,; .but no
one? dobbtsYthat? there is' yet ii$nitely;?wr6
/pld irittti^
. trusted*tp>tld ;so^ them Js:nosdpuht that he,can|
an<J ;greaT|hmgs jnajf be 'hppe^ from Ms^firm/
nessand/moderation;/    ' "     H       ? '""''     l   '-
tasfc; reHeired/the y militia, and / volunteers
rthgoughpuj' tjii| r^rbvi^ce^frbm i|ct;u'al'} seryice.-
The .citilehs, in/Airland are' :tibwrriblmbre inl
!-r���- - ifel liii^L/^"': o^> 'hi-'?-.-;^ :m\/^.
iiee^^bandbn^d<wMch pt^bsp^c^ much fetter
Man mines that<arerwofckedjpirofltablyj iu^tjie
>Urai-mountains andybther; parts/bf the;^qrl<t
/All that is; required is cheap labor orimprb^
ed methods ef-working to give placer mining
- age. i - Hydraulic Imining^is ^t/,a chUrac^r
It-canibe followed""."to, adva^tago^_
yrater'Can be, obtained^ fn; sufficient quaiiyty
�� n^   nf. ? rp:siah:nflhlfl': rnf^a^^shmethiriff :/which
''fK-f:.'-^-1 ���-^.-;":!��.>,. a-v-*;. �����������.*��� \y,^.'�� x,��A' :�����:���?.. ���> .-.j v -S vi * 7^
Meals at;all hours^an^ Cookings of| ^the/b^st
j .; *'.���--i "������ 11       description'.*,. *' ��� 4 tf; *< *�� -. < -s. * * ��� / ���
f^ (,BR,Q^rN,& GILLI^iPnop^'ons/-..^
1   -W^S'
,;; impos?krs.
English & -French^Si^vSha^s^-^r^es^        S
ixsWn6\~mvvmiK(y?2^#i think;?fesaid|;Mrl
Thackery^l '& would;Iratber; have a^rpotatpe
and ^Mend^iwora^ froml i5bldsmitht4han
have^;been^* beholden tot Bean ? Swift-?��&?:&
guineaiana/axldmner. "h>. :^t*,/ h^tfV', }���<> ^
v,:/-A Lucb^y MAN.~Thonearest acertamman
ever approached to luck was to,-flnd a counter^
TtLQimiO^ WH0LESALK^f^< GOkMfi^
���'- -Stooge, ^E-Te%iislib^'��ib1��&t��:'^,-:
''.���T '
r/\>  r.'lttJf'l-'  :   /-i\f    ���������**���/>.     f.'V?;:l v.f?^.'^
jristead of rnrinibrflurnfes across?idecpJgulches
:^ '^^bridgeCier^
���site-sidebf the'/ravino. ./.Byi.'jthls ;mearis the
���cbst'of makingrditches isi so)much decreased'
t *ha��;wa't6r can be" furnished-the miners at-less
>than/.half;tho-����'; I^paWras
; ��� ^onnty;amume; thafeblew (do$yn and^ was; repaired at a cost of $16,000, was subsequently
/ r'xeplalced-in^tnis/TO
And thus is seen that claims.Iwhicn haye.beeff
abandoned a^ worthless can/under Jhe/new.
: ieginien;"be resumed with^thehope of reason/
1 .able remuneration. :\   .;'.;���; /;���/""
: Bufthe great.advantage' tpfjbe.defiy.ed'frqm
the use ofironVcondiictors is/ the increase of
*^yb%want;goodi^,ffee/us%%lFs.;r '.
?" ''"';'/"'""'"i" ;'j''^
'.   r"     ���'.'., ���������V..V(.,-v< 4 >*    ���.:.lfr��M-,��r!.i<trf,'''Sfi:     ���'.-I'JisS-   ���'-,      .,     r-  .     t'
rpHEOTDER^IGNED are now mauiimcturingFIiOUK
JT'b^sli grades^: tBxtraJ? Superllnenaad lFine^;i Eeed
'Cru��hed;tp order;-;h>'.������n-wHw?* ry> ;.v- ^ -^. Jfv -c^v-^-.
t,,^,��� 4, i i^- f-XItLOOET. FLOUB^IILL QO.,'   /'.'!
. ,T:g, .,, .*,, ,,, ^       -:,..- ..,..,. rjt W-i'^FosTER^gcht. "���'*���
:;m t Atgood selection of JUquors always ou>.liitnd^'^lm
_ j^.PaKLi<?ular;:;atten g^^
'iijjjjjjjjj^���.������111^1......���^.^������ ^   ��� ���ii.ii.nli��(lil .    i^^!���nj^niw^i^W^^BMiii^^ii^ii^ii^^^^a^     '       UtttfCicaSiiV
/���'i'l.^fjitt^''!'   ^,-v;    ''  I   ��f.:Vi    >!>���'<-'$'   f'ti-f)'^  ~.  t     M1 w.?,       j     |^^K%,
���-.-i>.-;; -yi 4. *,^v.'��. .- ��.r..:'������* .'*::'    w�� ' >    ����i��ii,ii��*,..,^ii..u.,rir-��-'-'itr--i.-^.i- -i.-: ��� ���   ��V! ':..!,; ��      qjra^Eg^   ���
W^^iAiff';2aaHs^p#^ ^g
iilff Pettis and CaJSW^Ats; Fanc^ and;TQilet"Artlcl^��; ^^^::
Sponges;;'Brusbe^PeTfamery;-;&a;, "Ph'y^aht'-T^'  .^H'
scription^ carefully^impoundedt and', orders;aii��we'red  S^ra;;:
.vyU^da^/a^d-Slspatob^ . mm. ���
'h.iu Wvvskt ^K BOpySi/ BOOK'SH*y^-^iO  ���
<^   ';   ,-���;/"
wbtsVand^ Shoes;. Gar
Wall Pa^&c^^illooot, B. C^��,v.^." ��; i>J; ',1-a t,-
tain a column of water, more, than .fifty feet
in".heighfej but a pipe, properly\ made/ will
liear almost any pre^siti^r$o.which' it mayibe,
; .subjected^ ih yjthtso manner^ u? Inf?tone rcjaim
w^jrierit fiad beenlapplied ?t%^ialklfl .600 ���. feet
/ ejM thblforcb/oft Ihe^istr^eam/is s^great^that
/^ei>quantity^/ of - dirt;, which^ca^pie, .worked
��� ?do,wn *ist almostilincredible ;i and :ihe nun^e
which,could not?be wbrkedin; the usuaL.w^y
is- thus made tbtyield :TicIi^turaf.^^Q^^nly'
���i..is tlie quahtityiof earth?which passes 'through
^trhelsl uices^greatlyf ^
lyi fa?ituratedt|hat;hardly% a^pa^ticle^f/gpld
��� escapes. ,iiOpirnnonly,the^arget^
V as they polled/along,, < collecteri grainSiM jthg
precious metal^whichtjwero, in, ^ip./WAy^a^:
Id^ed out;.of:the^ boxes ^ibut ��� losses from,, this
vcause are mostly iprcvented. ,^The. power^.bf
tne> water/is such also^as,tojclean/thebed rock
m tho roughly; > thri t; ��� any ���* underlay i ng a qiuirjx
lead, can hardly^ fail;* to -&#; j^vealed^S., -E.
i?3ullctim~t\ ;t\.i  ����/*  - f./s ' ���'..- ���* \ <A '���''��� >. r
:i:ij|i^lPN��i^V^M^lEi' aSi^auTfy^el^^
V/*    ' BOTD A H12ATW   PiftnH^
-^    -^*^'W^M^A^ proprietors,^ <;c,��. ^^^5 m^HtislvcColumbia:amtsolicitedio^Par^
rpBIS HOUSE is situated,26 miles;fromiQuosnelmouth;   ticular attention^ is^called^^heir^ar^ejst^pf Grass,
-A; The .proprietors haying latelyffltted; uptbodrooras   '""" """*"'" ^ *rt-'-J-    a^   '- "��� ���-"���'���*"'��� ���-*4*-*
andgood Beds are now-prepared to afford eyeryawom";
modation.:.for* Travellers; :i the^bte^.nJrinsn'b'd'^ivHh^alf.-
tlie luxu iries that!cail^be^pincuM.^''tbe:. Bar Ui well "sujm:':
plied with ?tlie;best brands .of.LIquors:andSegay��{fgood
TVHE J^ilmilC ^ARE^I INVn3Sl>/TO^ cML^iaffr lisrs
II: House;������jfJThere is SoodgBIeals/ 66odi.B6d&;V&iabIfng
rorBbrses; Barley,;Oatsand Hay. ;  .-*     ' '"-.,,l^s',.
QPELM^? and/Mc^NZ^
0'">This/-House^irf well ntted Up withrOooll Beds ���''arid
tb^Bar^is^iurffish^d^tSi-tnS 'besti��i^r%V^^alslare
served' at alPhours on -j the;;Restaurant^principle;; Stai
I^Trayellihg pubilc.;Uhe bedrooms^arp spacious and
airy ana the Beds;cannot bev'surpassed' for cleanliness
andvobmfbffrby any'in.thdloweriseuritry; the ffaWe is
al ways supplied jwltli ,the ;best of7 victuals. r % Stabling
for ^?^^|yZ%ts'and^^eyi oo;liand;
��:-.mc;n;tr^rS?PiJ*��^ 9?^%
Views ot Oariboo and Scenery throughout British Col-,
umbiar inciujingyi<^a qf^jblt ro^t^tp^iaeenjir^arvr'nys,
6n;haud at liberal ratea.f  ,v-?r;>fv v>.v t,,,  -     -   j l-s T
  _        _ _. ra. J&Wr''Ji
SEDtKRS* STATI023��^C054&tA^dy'SbppUettand -��|
J^QeiW^g frP^ ,best' soutiees; Sc|iooIilS^.ad ftrti;' j��� nnU Mii^    i
Vf, ���������;���:
;;i ;-���'
/:������/ The' SanL.Franeis0pL;BulioM��^^i^a' ^'U>^
�� /By- the ba>l^^ringariaf which:.%rri^eaf hi
April 14^1 B2/days frbmv Sydney, we have
. Itt&r; advices' fro m Austraiia.*;  "^ f'iJ *.-���'���_
��� - * ��� liiinh^the iimduslou cap
ture we. recently anhburiced/'* fobseqiiehtiy
. in ado hiSi escape, bu t i.was> recap ttired.%>v / ���
v IThe politicalimnddle.is;as; great as Oyer. *;&
. -despatch from? Bdsfc^eacontained^ a; rumor
M^t4hOiMinisk*yj!3were about 4b) resign, ;and
i ��&at the: cabinet-would.be. reconstruct��i<i;: : ^ v'.
The elections were; very:excitingi and party
feelbg ran very high. ;���, Mr. ^VJood/late Minister of Justice of'lYig^oriaj/librse/whipped. fMr.
���Tones, a tailor,, whipper-in.^^thj^^in^j&'^jiii
> the late FaVliamenC foV writing' a scu^ilbus
. 4irtiple>. in? a newspaper/ f] -ji.wa of the/reiufned
. M inisfrial members.; ar�� J^/ti^uj)le'; one Vof
-them is charged wi^ influ-
ence In the Land; 0ffi^;faSb^^ j^fiffie^ witin
conspiring to ''defraud in amining%raiisa;ction.
~iAn ti-Minlsteral. candidates .were;���; systernati-
���cally howled down by organized:-bands;;   The
���<cplonieslajgpear/to be;in'a^ba^^a^genek:allj:!
'  ' ��������'      �����'���;;'...' r j'-KEW-..'. ��� ZBALAXp.;'' '��� i V ;.?������.;-.;.-;.        .Su
The Maori war /still -cpnt]nu^/'%t; there
are evidences' that iti^bejjiririihjg^Jo, ^die!-6ut.
A letter to the Sydney .^Herald!?. ..saysl ...",.!'''..'/'.'.!
There may of course, jbe a;;freshi outbreak
here,or there, bufc^nothing,yery^g^eat or yery
widb spread.is now ��� to be: dreaded I: think.
The Han Hau fanaticism was indeed the last
-hojpe 61* the cause of Maori nationality, and its
ntter failure on the East coast has produced
tbw inevitable result of heartily disgusting the
of Travellers; the Table is supplied with the ocsVoY
everytlijng,that can'be bad,'and tho codkiqg'i.^ nbt in*
forii^r to Jtho;b'est hotel in the lower country ��� Bedrooms
for;:'Pamilies;;'Stabling for JHQrses/-iHyrsG^oe^&c;
The-Express-stopshere, ..;;\ ������*"*; ;;;*5;-yiX: ;��� yy'X* 1-s?':
TIOT^l^dBONiAJJD, Proprietor.: ^Tlneraand
?:��?/ others destined tor the rBridgeVRiver>'Mines. will
fiad^every .convenience and accommodation afforded
them;; Good ivBedsland a Table well supplied with all
the delicacies.of"ituc season;       ;; tyl/j*? ^ t >* �������� "i-s-w'-'
       ._  . 1^:.^*:':
A^liS; fuxnis^odiwith eTeiyjconvenieq^
the supsnntendenco of .aiiexperienced coble:;'���'!the' Beds
df Ei^aore, Segars^&cv ;Stablink��'Hayi Barley&^atsi
fs^fcpa'fed'ioiul)^ .
requisite for Ctathing -aedcabao fbrieyory season.'o^tlie
l %0&iM -,..��� ^filialjjsKog  -r-i ^yilhmsM $~M$&&
THOMAS;WIiiSbN,MpQ^mp^xmtorlEm;^ mgt
DRY;:GobDs//&c.';>-Yates^ ^^81
'afUF>l��t 'June ���nvxt.-m<^verament'tSireet,:.opii��sit��.!the ������ -igKBp;
Banl/bf; Bntisn^lumbla:..^/^;/:/ ^. ,^; *;lfa^s' .^S^p1
i friends
....  -  .-..-���----  .��� Jl..���..��� e^__ ,. .^���--'bb?m%i
taketf tlie above I^nch^andns prepared) to: supply them
withiEirs.t (Ciass^ Accommodation^;?/Good Stabling K for
horses.;-Hay and.Grala. ,; ,:',?h^'///,/^:"'/-."' 1-s
/S*:s-\ BAQIG-ALiTJPE,rItotcHAsyrVCvb;pACk.Ka,-Vb'e>
y^^vtween Douglas aiid Lillbpot. ;(V ^Al.\yaxs]on hand a
good/stock of Provisions,". &c.,';   , ��:;��:��/, Vs'���"'   -"' 'v
... !-,i..4'��� i v .a. ���Proprietor; ���.-i- .1 ��>v.i -. K,   X ;i 1 .^.. Agehti
for the^omfortof travelers; the Tajtile^s supplied
with the best.of everything that cau? be pi*ocufd,,.and
the copkingIs;not inferior to any oh'Cbe. road; Bedrooms1
for families;; Stabling,:Hay, Barley and Oats.     #s;^;
XBBRT. C^RvSLEB has opened the above House for
tthofreception of Travellers; the Tatbleascwell kept
for Horses.- Horse^Peed;&c.; A.'Stagernns twice*week
between^this house and Port ;Douglas:Joifythe-arrival: of
the steamers-frombelow and; counects">withithe< Lake
B6ats.;fbr;^LiIlooet.^ \-:<i* r.i:--iVv'',,,'-^r:i^>;fci^:i'rf ';.:^l-sr:f
taurant is'soiiplied ;witbj all; the^delicaci es ^the market
affords.; 1% the.Barjwill ^e^f^ad^h^chqic^t^^iTORa,
Furnished'RwmSj-r&c.;^-' :j*>/i :,.t/ /:;;:.:i^/J*- ^\// ���:��'&��>
EUGENE THOMAS;TTates streetiivtiotbria;
rWholesaJe and rBetall Dealer in WINES, BKANDIKi
BEEBS,. and LIQTJOKSi and depot of Havana Segars.
Goods forwarded:to the Mining Distdcts^ '   ^    ;;. l*s;
U   /KRANi^
w\i* >:.SkiNS, HroBfl, Wobii,- &C<;1 ^liberal advances made
onFurs'Consigned. Refereaae���Gi Sutro k Oo,,cSpt>r-
,horgi& Bucff; Victoria^ V; I.       us^ ���   1-s
jpRS: iHEItfp Mim&Ea &0)aESs;i*A.KBR; CJovfcrn-
tStreet;yiotcria,^- "
1 test style 'kept.cimi
country pimctually
PEfEJS ^MoQtlABE, Ship Chaudle��/and.
deaief M.PidntB, Oils, and Window -Glas��V: JJtt^ays
on .bautl^a* lar^o stock of Rope and Cadi Wssi - v Wharf
���Street^Victor!a;?Y. X o��.   r--.. - - . '    f.i-i^;^-j.i-3m :-
LYTTON SQUARE, New WesianinsWr.B^C.
now occupied by W.SE. STEIKjrt ^The aboye :$&&
omWy-known.IiQuse4sj20w open to the public; the Bar
is constantly; supplied: with 'the 'chpicest brands of
Liquors and Segars. ;   <*/���  :;���   "'���.'��� .���'/':/-��� '/\":'/:"s'.-."r'-.
GLARKSON. '& CQ.r Dealers .in Bqoks, Stationery,
Music and Musical Instruments/ NEWS .AGENTS;
&c., ColumbiaStreet, jJcw Wostmhaster. '-'��� "'    ��� s  ��� ���'"
JAKES imjBON, Proprietor, r. This commodious Hotel is well fitted up with every convenience
for the<comfort of the public ;* tlie. Beds are all that a
weary travellericoflttfildesire; 'theTable'isLsupplied with
the best of fa*o; the Bar. con tains tbe choicest brands
of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats.
Barley, ;&c.   .';���    ���: ' --'������ :,:-.- t -'-������- ��� ."".^X-s -
. Published overy Wednesday and'Saturday,, at the  '
-publishing bffico, New; Wostminsiten/j;} ;
THB- BRITISH COLtlMBi^N is the';oidest newspaper
published in this colony, and has a^arger^circuJa^
tion therein. than any ot.hcr. Itscolumns a re regularly
supplied with full ��� telegraphic hews ifrmh all parts of
thetworld, while. it cou tains a faithful record of local
events,, and a full report of LegisIaUve proceedings.
The ������*{Brifish Columbfah"���* is supplied to oil'b'arts of
this colony by Exprsss upon extremely liberal conditions.. : For terms, &c, see Express Agents.
-:''        '   - ' ":-JROBSOK & McMILLAN,
:;; ��� * *' Publishers- & Proprietors.': ,
V QBENZO: LEARTO, Proprietor, t ;This house^
J alTords every accommodation for tlie '���comfort of
Travellers; the'Table is furnished with all'the delicacies
6f the season; aiid the Bar'is stocked with t?m choicest
of Wines^; Brandies & Segars; good stablingfor Worses;
Hay^Barlcy^and Oats constantly on hand at low rates.
Newly niilled !Wour for sale .cheap.'. ""���*-'.' :'r ^; iVs' ���'
fejfife;**)^"/;>/ a/'^fi.)j /::,:^^/. -1'**t\i ;I/^-^ f.
O ON & OO.^ Importers aaid Dealers'-iii'��U
��� ; .WATSON, .-l^atciEa^ef/'JTeweler;:jfc
��!/���' aiid Engraver.- Ya^-8tree^aboVeG6v-;^
i'niment street,'-Victoria, jVi T. >l-���; ������;';   ;"����� J^s^^-%
QFORBORG & BUEEF, Commission Mer-
O CHANTrf, Wholesale Dealers in {Groceries, 'Provi-
sioxs, 'BoofsI & SHdEB,'j\yjiarf street; Vic^ori"i,^V.- L.^I-h
JSiiBu jtdionaparte; Monse^
CEMtEN &-PARKE, Proprietors^atUhe
U function of (he,- Cariboo and Big^BendjapadSj^is
now open for tho accommodation of the public."f,: Dis-
taupe froni. Clin ton, 26 milea; from SavanaS'Steamboal!
Landing,J 22 - mil es ���; from Spence 's fir'idg'e'/ rS0' miles/
Travellerswill-flnd prices and accommodatienstfeojsuit
the times.;) Give^them a call. ��� Stabiing,,Hayf,&^Grain;
attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice fi.week for
Big Bend and yale, and once a Week for Cariboo ��   1-s
SPBOAT1 As. COi, (latgAndjjredn & <$.)'"Titaf&KtkM
and Coai.Miss;ox 'Mescharts, s��6rc Street; Victoria,
^1,,^UTEO &j CO.* Importers, ano.DeatkrsS?
lT-J GlGklii}; TOBACCO, Muerahauiri Pipes/&o., SB)
corner of Yates anU'AVhdrf flWseet,,:Victoria]'v,& ^VS'd
B i'- HAG^GIN; Pflrsiofan; & Surg��ow, .near, cbr-
ner of Yatesi andZGorernment: Sts.^ Victoria, *ft I.
.  ���.Government .street, Victoria, Vancouver Island.
majority of the people with the war.- t, EWIS.LEWJS,.CIothier, Yates street, Victoria,
Like the ..rulers . of' Americay our iiardest I i^ opposite the Bink ol British North America,
A T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE;half-way between
Jii\ Spence's Bridge and Clin ton; on- the Yale Route,
Travellers will find Good Accommodation * v-The best of
living, of Liquors, and of Wines , Fresh Butter; Milk
and vegetable.   Goo^ Stabling and cheap feed.'     i-S
FIERCE & SEYMOUR, dealers in IBeddisg &
FaRPi*uuE; Broad: Street,* victoria, V.-1;  f: 1-b  >
CAIRE 6b GRANCINI, Hardware'& CtoeitrRT
Merchaxts, Wharf Street, Victoria, V-lf. ).���<: 1-s ''
Wharf street, Victoria, V. 1.  :>��� ������ ���; l^s V:!  *fe.  fcr  p  Mr  IB'  /ill  1811  m  i  w.  41.  m  I  II  n  m  m  m  ;fl  i  if  p������  is  H  1  i  i  3SW#fei^?  MM&.ih  ti.st-,  ^f|^^  W  Jfo/iS;  i>:  KH  ������ :.ijs  7-^r;  ;^^i^g^.jM^^l^?ij^  .:S4������7P  i;y������vA.r.,T.  '-.;'������:'-  ^&?.  ' With ih������ departure of thkfCali&raiafhence  to >Ne.w iWestminater-at^ 10^*unlock onf Satur-  day,'after tfWnmtfc stay in Vietpria,; miist  ^ ooiamence my"epltc^ae^bf news. -Bfie brought  ^ustromSanFI^  i5o v^^^^^mMm^J1^ ?rf?Sb  i^bmmbiak  iiscerrtics^  /at once put ;thrbuj* ^ plpiom of mentol  arithmetic bySrhiehl tfiey^set fdown half tfes  amount to willahexaggeration ;and half the  / remainleKto^^  ^Mrriveii-^  Wit result thaf tallied5fexy^My^^  o^a^ery^/fough^Mb^ila^ and> various were  ~4febpthibri^ timfe  ' ofiirrivlfcii.ati'New^' Westmit^r^pfv thf boat  whieh the British ColumbiiCta^^iifent|aJij������  sodUtinftuishes them with regard to us have  so/^njfdel^  and^assage frpen coastitut|d[vterms eagerly  seized by expectant* Muellers'; in fact many  ^held&ackfronUh^;^  ttUia-Sbats fcgh^fias^&repii^^  frigbtfuliy,.aEd^certainly left^he harbor with  a .severe w t]W sfcarbjo ar d wi th/ the passengers  ' $$'%i������^^  ;ther#u/*lbiftewv^wfialasierziaiX Jiburs. fcut  iook $'hours to ffeturn.       ,���������*'-';'- ' * : i   /'" i  *^������bor fe^Toetoyf^fll^^  /���������end' ���������������������������**���������        *     " ��������� "  ���������      ' -*������������������ -^  ting  Isided  tailor, ^feptoefeail& tljb last three,or'four;  nights slefifc faOTiS^Mney'tl^^tMpbr, the}  old gentleman yea may remember ashaymgS  at a recent election issuedlai^placard offering]  Mmself as Mayer;; Froijr the evidence at the'  iiuinestf Toofiyvtapp^aredi to t bayer^he^n^vun-i  P^t  ' 11hf^au?^%c*'r������|  foody presentedil^do^n^-w|sh tp. see again  ���������' ��������� Fahey;.$- s|������n^lil^������3������se#/ ly}ag^a|ps; back;  '5'ibhin^lpfcfed^.^,(tea4\rigii;' an opening in the;  throat large^B^etfglj togadnjie^UJiS clenched fist,  features colorless, arms .extended', both ha&ds  ,and their o wser%on bojl^sides, r������diwith;bllood,  and yba^haye^^  The Doctor at the inquest gave evidence that  xsasbof^suicide,*for Idjrectness^uml extent of  cut, the cut bemg^usually^^  .as in, ^s^^r^^ring^a^aUy'^e\carotM  on ^ottfsidesl deatB mult haWfceeri^ verjr, ra-  ������������id. ^ From^.the evidenco >$duced|T which  tended 'to pro've/ml^  .drinking/e^^  . verdict than;, ^D'6atfr']By;his ^jm hanlds, while  iabttring 'ttnTier tbmpbraryJinsanity*5V-i/: |Si %  /.Thisji^^  torians, touoMngjus in������ourtejider5est spot, viz:  bur material^f)ecuniary interests.    Through  tbe^zsr Aflderspn, on TuesdiQr ^drnih^Jye  weroiastbunded; with: ^he n6ws ^ttie rtspbrted  loss of the Labouohere.^  A' majority of the  people appeared sceptic, in view of the usu-  ally ���������M '&*%&$) me&vfcO *R!s&������te of  suspense remained as great as ever after the  ^arrival of the .Enterprise; "ori^Wednesday, as  ifthe wires were dowa^fi fBut .authentic reports  reached' the /Hudsbu Bay ^Cb^ of this unto-  nobie vessel^ wa������gbing^l"full' fathoms twelye  t^es^gyo^bjaaito th^AopJh^lO^Ihttlidre^i  passengerskwereT "bn,,board, and5ffio vessel ha<|J  i^een^fittedr up^nTan^xpBnBive and^eryiefbc^  tivb's^iejby^he''���������Jompan^;^^^f;Cfv it  na^ ;^ai in ^;^J^  irregula^ty/^ie second |an^TOrd^numbers  have;n^:yet.i!^lb^d.*J'''/i/i/^-^a'-*>iit *kx"~-\'i  g-- /sngsterday ifSirnday); ^riimg&theitowu/loi}  ^os^thaJjBjc^ee^jg^  lufne^out^ith^some ajarmT/The^re^bv^  to' bV at-^lears- Restaurant;v in* .Governn^ht  stare^t^bei^eS^tnle^f^idM^  don House.   The aTrwas comparativejly^sfalL  and^ judging by4he results; the Fire:cbmpanies  very effective.vCliibelieve hc^ligh^creditjfe  d ne to sundry-waterbutts^being Jfllled;Sndpb  an eievatedpositroUBboutpie roof ^ndp|pm-  ises, and^hioh, QmJfoe sn^portilhe^zn^burni,  retaliate^/Ky^%uelchii% the firei"i vTheftont  and staircaeetweresaved and a few itkas."' ;L.  Stemlier^l^b#Ah^^phbl8terers/ne^  though,fi^^;tEem^lves/had kintf fi|e^|^|o:  look after them. ^The Germans reaUy see^i6\  feelv a degree of c bonsanguinityf^tbrw3ar3s pn4  ano%ej^^fe^^5ii^, wasjcarried oi������t ^tin^  even tj5 a roll of ^*i>aper, and deposited^across  the'rba'd/'andltlik before the fire hadtime!^ to  do more thanjnibble atithe-edge of the^eilibg  on one side^of *tbe-shojk)    Faric^;Sfemlier^  astonishment;on coming to the scene/b^conT  flagration-finding bisr- place cleaned pu������ and  contents carted away. ^ He is ton!ay.{Jusily  replacing his wares-��������� ; Gleal was insured^ afW(  has yetj ��������� I Sndfers^and, a^two .ye^'lca^eibf  the: grbuMSZ;//!;;^ ���������';"/, '^MtSi^iH  -' Apri|S~No.t|alngt new- tlrfs^ morning'^hut  the last item yesterday was the resolution come  to by tbe^House^o^Assembly that; the seat of  Salt Spring Island and Chemainus yis vacant/  Poor Dennes is ;thus?at last brbtfght tb'tlie'J  ground; p^ticrha^ been his ruin, in a/great;  measure. ;^The f(?ffib^icle7 has used ��������� tHroJigfe  outmost Unrne^uredEilanguage < towardsihini,;  and .-.an individual wfi ting over ther signature  of ^MoniiOE?tyesterday deliveredi it is presum-i  ed, av parting- tirade/ of;Jhe mostpnfanibiis  Ai  ���������ue  l(W-  ft*  5>  ^^KB^00ii^mM'  OF^%BA&KERVIIiLE,^WiaiA^2p^^  (includjb^^(xtet/of ^^ delivery,) \ P^~aSlet jto/^b^ .s&rjer.7'  .:ST^'i  ;.-i y ���������;...  $2 per month ���������iH'bove 40OJ-'volamesx bt New Worfes  have been 9nly^lateIyra4oed;to,the;circuIating Library;  and more aro expectad^daily;/,P to  subscribe^", j i ^U.l>r^'curt.v.V.-ui^^.u .   f  1 ,    ').. JOHKBOWRON; Librarian. |  paii> tp eAEi*&i#  ^1J662;500,  ^Wi^59^^S^?WTO8a^  , *r-  err.   ^Vi^i^^'v'/W.-^^?. i^i-H-  i^i^n^^QE^,  t.ii-s  a!<k&  QL  't|fiEIAllEftrlK^;  :*kV'vl"'.^I^^B   'Oil  ffiiswiiealKii  E^eg  _  mmm^m  ^ ci&pfeEfis^!#M^s^doiis, i ?  ;-,    ryjV.U   /-   ,-/  :1^-      ^/    vr,iT^'4^    i'*Ii^   ^*^     -  -'������������������-''/ ,U-,1:-������  ALSO,  ���������S'U  SS0������A3ISIjOjN?ESR^i  ������;  .'-1*'*:  mm  ;/f '���������-' .^f?"r -?AXD^C:/:;?r^ *-'/:^;t; ,*'Vj.j-.:f  ticular he, had carefully"^* vli - -thb la% of  ii?>elf ;'������������������:-.- v:���������'.;'���������*;������������������^���������" ���������-^- ';^ //!/���������;/Vllt;1  Marriage mukt be'favouraliio- tmilongevity ?  an oldmaidmever;.lives to  be  more^ than  .thirty.������---"H -^ ^^^ '    ^     (mi   >    ^ s  ,lJfffienTat' sm\^p% Mok^^dc^^bw^^^^  but/bn ^railroad the-breaicers1 Ibblc^btit ;for  ^;Mo^8^in/woraaii is .like ^ colore? -on ?Ber  cheek���������decidedly becomingJif nbt'put o������/f '  A shoemaker?must|be hard-up for air wSeh  helia^JtoJi^aUie^^l^  .and/dieto-boot:/-  W%en people arefirdzyf to- ��������� marry '^ey * at-  tash, no consequence tb? consequeaeesi  %'i  My f f ^?J f ^il i.^ ������':% t i   ;'  ��������� . i f^BRtTISH^COBUltelA^   ^ ^  NEW^Ki#mNfeRgS?Affi^  ;���������'./.��������� :.:v;:^^^;l::r;^RiBOO^;--->>;.M .;���������::������������������  - ^.  /; SAW FRANClSO^|������ORTLA^D, OEEGoy.  MdaWeal^^ro^to'/^eb^ee/ Hamilton, LbndonV K\n&~  ���������)||^St^n;lCobbttrgj- -*Bel^ill^*Srjntlbyd;/BKHa^^> ,  . A,<4 vUle,Whitby,,PetCi*pro;OttawaiGue|ph,r ^^<v  y ��������� /   t "Godei1ipr������,'Stratfbr.lJ Picton, P^rtb. /  .;,������.,:....      ��������� :3MCde;!������|.^Catherinyg;   '    '"'     -'..  .-. i ? ;r-���������-: ;;',: ;  . ?'���������; ��������� y^i vv-; :��������� :,,;   .^- i-r </ ,:-~   -m- ������������������.  ONiNBW 'ZpE^.^Ofx ^ressrsi BewA Ounsrv;:<Agent3  If  /.    .   ^    -,?   ., fort&'Batticof*ifo|itwal/k. ^  ;0Npfej^B|2uNi  /    ,  ,_ .   , ;r  j ,;HeadO/ncenUnisbara Si.,.Lifii-ion,  ,f ^j<v;.^r<,:n>[���������-���������->;:��������� ;���������:���������'-:" i^^ti^^-r^^'i ^1^- 71'd-^^xvi^vfr":  ;'-;CrjRRENT:^^AO^pUN^^n'# Jbr? any amount not  les&tiiori OnaHun'dreq'Dollar*;' * ; ^' . ';; ^;. '*"*  n ^BillaiDiscoafited and-^0>jGSectcd^ and 'Bins of Eseh a'nR������  entreat - Bri tain^ rSjiUv^^6eisj������;; and js>w f rorb r pur-  eb������8edo;/' ", , ���������., ,/ .. ,'t \'{ j '\> , 4 / rf.vw{j , ;s| ������|*  ^���������A GoVernraent a'nd^ottier ^Securities".- received ;for; s>te  custody ^'Interests aW'dD^W^  ._.   ,..    .   ...      .        _    _     ^ ...._-,.- .]p������w  .d^ng:JKii^d.to^^tiu^iic  might: soon after last retiring to bed he rose Prli^wm^':^^  \?%*ti*~~. Meals, ready at^all^hburad'Si^fi '���������&������*  Sir  ���������e^>  b,?K /i<      ^ B^ioHFiE^ij;:;^ ';w: ^s;^;,  ^i"//;.;' /��������� |/*t/'������^ebsj������^;i;^^ ���������Ls-^t^j a^/  ���������Jivrr:, 0 v-stor^ge'ar^'Gommissxon. ,/'������������������' :..- s.  1 .^>g*?T{*tyg!; ^Tfom*;  What do we;;seek xedrejsft'WtJ    Injuries.  Whejrejito^^ ';  ^W^te,;Sttl|^  ;is^he/l4eginin^|b^' snH^zIn^M. ���������,. %Mi&-:, l:5.������*i  I   Why is^ co^s^alhMe/^^swan^,^  jEecause it grows fdbwnl^fy ���������^^���������������������������iii;.v/; *;. ���������  {,,,^^ ,., ������������������ ,^^:.. 1^ ';... ���������.: .  ���������';. . ,-^5j.^^-&.vm������������������ j^  j :.<Tsr .UjrtvfcRSAXMPRA��������� '.njjd  Other adulteratives with Gbffe'e^>hjis-ycry much'daimag-  ;������d in public estimation, what wtghtxto'^be ilic 'most1  delicious ofrBercragcsL. So'Qffoetually have the public  been drugged w i th such mi jtturcs that the true pfbpcr-1  Jties have been lost sight of, .and many prefers -black  and thick infusion to a,drink "rleb" in spiritan,d aroma.  General as is the use ot.Cpffeoi'r it^ is* litjtle k^iown that  in condensing tbe vapurs extracted!'frbih" the berry in  toajiUag, a ile;n6r is, 6pttainedf of the most nauseous  ward, in every-Way 'caiamitbus affair and at ^Bte' *tta -f a ^nt th������ mostimbearable. Under such  last extra^ta-frrtWtl^ cinjunistances It .is;evidently.���������importaibt tbat all the  last extmem tmm ^he San.Francisco. ;fAltai gases and fluids extracted'bfiroastmg should bo-carried off as quickly as possible, in. order to prevent their  returning again to1 ifie Coffecy which is the 'case in the  confined cylinder.; -This object ^.admirably^ a'ceom-  pjisbed by the nevv^and pa tent;'Conical Coffee Roaster",  as used, by FELL & CO., Victoria, In which the berry  is dire.c.tly.eiposed .to tha.radiated heat, a ad the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously.. In addition to  tbe^,adyantago to be derived by -the rapid removal-of  the steam containing theobjectioAablo ".proiiicrtieB/^the  pdre aroma of the Coffee is retained, the essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted "as;in! the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Cofleeis required to remain a much  longer time in consequence of -the steaming it undergoes by the confined steam. It is chemically impossible tq>Totaln^he oual^tiog or arrest'the 'deterioration 0?  ^qlfeeiwhen ground. J The.heat migendercd^by the'pro  cess of roasting, and especially of grinding, oreates ar  action i u the e leme tilar v inn vie ������tft SU ���������&**& fu%������. 1 u* /������>.��������������� m������i  its fitness for drink.  ^iarge.supply of /L^Dps^fGoois on &e< way?  ' ^^iceivedton Deposit; ^r'AdvanGes'made iipbti th em; -  ,. OoiJo45osT,aiell������d anoV|Assayedj ;and Teturnsj mado  'withinHhorn:,   , .���������,-../-'".-     >  ;t 0^e������ of^ever^:de������c^  iri������^^SL-1.-H"  ti.,ii.^;^^.>^^^  "^DRAFTS ISSUEO^on -London/iNew^Yorlc, .San Fran*  Cisco,-Cariboo,. Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Soutiat  and on aH'the Branclies 6f:J,fi0 Kiitional Ba^'^of Scut--  land%ad Provincial-^ank-of Ireia������d;��������� H^'r-''/"i;^^/f ,,  ^^iils^pf - ^change?{and' C^ol^ ^rchased^ s c  - Interest on Specia)'Deposits of Money allowed1 at ,thd  mte'of aqudite^ofiofte^ *  furnish our informatibSf Hvhichat a: just sum-  minguFmay'"he^ta^^n~1on5e7^  foouchere left^aniPcanciscaoh/Friday, abou?  is "nagluedithats^  ter with the^ompasaes.; jp any ease she struck  on a rock off Point1 Reyevabout 28 miles N.  of San Francisco; ^as;baeked off and foundered in 60 fathoms of, water, but this onlv  occurred j������n hour> Ifterihe ^Wck^Ubwing  time to get all the passengers out, part of  them on a raft .whietothere,waSi dime to form.  John-Reid-bad-alsorlunderstandrfive ���������pleasure-  boats on^^^eO^fb^vi^tbSK^ fom good  boats belonging,..tOr the steamer..   But two  passenger^ (cijloredX/^r������:;ib9t:6eing;in an.  ������^?;M*t; $$$ ^f-MmM iferiiy We-are ���������  fated ���������while gallantly:trying^ingle,handed to  achieve mail communication direct with San  Francisco; and e^  BARKERVILLlU-Adjoiningihe Express jOffice.''  :f^;:/'.;/^iL^  ?!&  fr?e  ii GOtntDrar'Miilted-'and A^ayed,^and returns-mada.  withiq.^hours:imCoinor;Bars.i.):V; Vn-f ������'mt#it. ;���������"���������������������������;  Ores^of every descriptioncarpfuUy Assayed.   l? *,?.������:}  '/���������^.:-:B^iny/i9stjract;^h^a's to the4?spoaal of.tbe'pre^"  ceeds; of/Gold' Mstforwarded :tb Hhe5ou1ce in rYictorU".  tor Assay will b<i carefully ^attended ���������<tb./f!3-K?-;V^.>i*T:>  ���������.^v.iVr.v'r-ft ^���������-Vr-v -.--//j;ai.SHEPH������RI)^HaaagerA;';>-  /tifi^opa/^I./April, 186'a.*>'-., ^i-*;;,,l:/V ;rM.!B^ri ���������  Br^m^Mm.0m.  3sAltKfE.RV-IIiL-5>  M:  J. -BEiAGEMAN;  infi  action in the eleme.htary.parts'^iWHibh gradually destroys  ion-r-with the idea" that while tho Labouchero  But tp; regain the essential oil  whlch.it contains;wo have it encased-jn.tlns containing1.  from lib; to'28 lbs.;; and which can be had: from any  of - the Tespactable dea lcrs. ���������'���������' Wo, can" .coafid'cii tly re?  commend those who have hitherto been %6blf������ed:t6 re?  frain^om talting^Colfe0, oh accMut��������� of slt&^ni effepte,^  thattbeymay use otir^CoffeeV roasted in';the:0ohidaT  Roaster,, being recommended by all medical men under  BAREBRVlLLE,  'BARlKKRyitblS.ir  'Connecting at;Hillo6et;and Y^������vwltblDIETZ;&.:  i -:-��������� nf NELSON'S:.for Kew ^Vestmins^r ^Victorh, :,,[ 1 i  ���������  ITTlLIi. ARRIVJB .AND DEPART * ffwa* the/bfflce- isi  IV *BarkerviHe.; toconneet with th������ steamer *\%hh  terprlge,T at Qaesuelmouth,. uadvUie STAGES.at Sod*  fereek,i %VZERY'T^EBK, co,nyeyihg Trsjsvrb; Jjstp^ ���������  txrs and Valuables fbr all parts of -, the world; * 'Also^  Commissions received and forwarded^by Express������top-  the qollcction of < Notes,.BISs and the purchase of ortl-r;  cies to'be obtained at New Westminster,i,Yiptorift, S������av  Francisco 'or en route:r and' returns made, with dispatch;)  ���������CbA^hiiu'-: ������������������'",^. -JOHN'S. IvOVE^b;- ���������*:**��������� '-'^  : J^st.j:.v,:;-|;.^;> ,;,^; r-ii--^ 4gopV.Ba?}serviHe.;i. .  kiaiTi.B'ti)';,.*-'/'.  Dealer in alikindabf Erbyisioss/Clothing, &ct  ^g^ Stabling for H0^s;v tfiy, Barley and Oate always on hand,  la  . i���������������������������������..������' .%,^-rj^Q tia^JBigttelS/iV^ ���������;//  dlMfl^^ACK ��������� SAND;/BLO^n^^;/4H������.i^  ������������������^;vV;i ..PANNINGS^f-:,-.,,..,;/,^;-://,  On Commission, or will purc^aso any quantity or 1%q: ,  ��������� . v'";^: ;-l.MbsT;I^BBA^^ftMfl,\at>he;; '^ '.- :_ ;.;-y  i y ; V 'T/ it^a(iink^Rpbia^^C^^ero^tdnt .^/ ////'���������'-;  Tho"Subscriber is well known on /^Hljaiqas Creek, a������4  from the]confidence reposed^ in' him last Pall in th* ���������  abeve business; be=hopes to receive the patronage op  tho Bliniug community the ensuipg season,  M-j-s';.���������;":-;.   -,...\. .,. ., jqhi?.  DURING^ THE ? MINING SEASON the uude^aigned.  .will be.prepared to executeSurvew and^tr-nsapj  a^eral Agency 90^..-.:,3a^O^  '$ JJ^gents. for 'th5ai ^  VttiWinWe,L/! -    J-jTji  :������������������'.'?WS^flBl^^'l^r.^.?:-.^������������������'f'������������������������������������:- ^-^//N^^MpCa^W  Qitfsttelm'oulh,      *fr. Qowdle, Barpard'a ^fcress OUte  lYal<������   -J   -j.- ;:Mr.df^       &    ���������    t^������^'  ^ MewiWcstmlnster.    '-* ������������������������������'���������"��������� ���������.   Clarkson #Ca  '      ' ��������� Wv/?*   ��������� -'-^ ":" ^  -; f E. JfaUandalue  Seii  "4'-''f J  TOfADViGRTISER3.  Tho **fcariboo Sentinel" is published every 3&>n.lay  andThuwday^; -AdvtTtiflemeata intended forctascrtion  must be; dfrlj vercd at latest at e o'ciucki p. m;, the day;  before: publication^Vt-\'., ' v ''   'w-^^'���������- ���������- !/'^ ,:->- -,;/ ~*  ;};What��������� is greatly^waated^horeWamiH^and  Wp par&tis on'tfie^ JeSeap'es t/s m oateeco nqmical j  fa^^^b^^in^Je^a sorJ;of ferosgebtiipg1"1  '9^1If~0^^  froh^fanylnear/feiven^ point and tesfe3;withoiii& ..-...���������.������.���������r.-s .-.-rr,,���������^ v ������������������������*��������� -^x-���������>-^���������.-*  ^ha^ea^iif iiiATOr ^������������fttn������ir fthtrVhtsfo *^ii^ ^������*   4  the Bcstauraat principle wjth; a vie\fc totTiecwnfdrt  as in tneinstance before^alluaea to;   It ������s tri ^n^*o<i'^mmu^i^ v^i*������i^>i:;^^A w^^t^tSS^A.* w  ./��������������� FULTON, Propriktor.  R5������. CLUNES begs toiaforra the Miners of WiUHfcs  ���������eCreel^ towhee;^^  SJS&J*** she intend! giving a; Beneto BalPaW  ; .::.    ���������������������������*���������*(-��������� ----- ^>~<-���������>^ -v^y*/, v fr- .* Wnag������of tbe public..  .     ,   x MARt^- CM������B8T  mmms  Bnlod by tbe;  ��������� Ail eommunicatloas^iiiust, be accompanied by w������������  reuljiiime an^ addw^el" tbo^writer;;no^;neceafjanly;  with u view or publishing tho same; but������s security for  his.good ai^h;; ^ ; ^,     ;4^C'>f; r."&P*_ ���������������������������"    ��������� t '* /.I  ::/./l:;;);v;-/B!ARPBVli;tB^  *Hm^ER'& Lawless -  once  </**������������������������ t ^rft^'^'^^ii "^^ E^'iVl ���������" :*^fF-l 1 *?���������-' WV.1MWU w, ������������������������������������; o k������ wm; ���������; w > dquu ucieum ?a- manner. tio J  ^^J'WwW^lWutggfq^- .It 18; to I ensure the snt^  *lffie^GbvernmeiiFwHl"see^;thei^vo '*������^^^tcw2&^t������V������  '^ ***"   " ^nSind ^11 ^ hi   -Meals at'ill Hours' 'f>bod BedsV.':: - / '' i^:/?  J! ^^%ffl������8ifi^^  ;-i^fbe^ris-fu>^shed ^���������^i^^.iju.jsu *,<;^.,-s.^���������^A,,:^\^i^:^cU.--...,  ..s Jg^S;t^y ;^.e.^ at  _^_ ^      ^^r|K':a^r;de^isfl^so^ .  6bv5iiting the difficulties cbaplain^dof.'That  I toJ^ncourageHhis lucrative branch^of mining  industry is evident:\to all,^ but ^the"means at  .present^mployexl toachieve^thbdesirod oh  Jeet will prove uJterly abortive^ ^?"r       ^ 5  i^^//^/),:;,^V---'^----^^?-'  /������? The Bar Is;fumlshcd withlittio nest'soleciibn of  liquors and'-Segaira.     ;   -" >'"; ��������� (-    '    'j' j    21  ^ .4.:>J~fir'J-*></���������'  ^rt---- ^r   -'i.^*-������������������.'��������� w'f "c^;^ ".rt'>H 'r&.^'/iy '������������������ 5  liraentforthe  rsftsser/whb^^ has made-an  "f^IC^is;hercb^ g]>j^( that; ftU; p?Sons?bavins  ������1 cl:Urnso^iti^tiue������oc^aaitt^^^  ed to forward ni statement of the eamo {(niily v.*rifi������<i \  tot^eundereignedon;xxr:0>ef������re;the 20th dayof Mayr  M^^^yt^^^^f^Kyt th^arst dividend.  ;;:>'���������-^V:j  ; MripA ^umbMihalito  -two pf the richest; countries, in- ,the world;  <>alift>rnia e^doiuslralia; togoverns her in the  mana^emen'^&nd^QyelopemWt^f^  She has''Sraneijie^  -  pliances;i(and lias^^ppwved bh them) for  isucce^fuliy/eihuming thet*-hidden-^ ti^asures  vCrotn her'auriferoio -river* beds; creeks .and  /..;;^&am#'b^  ^nothing .comparatively speaking in. the way. of  opening up the vast ambunt'of wealth*which  lies locked;up ' in the : dark recesses7 of her  -numerous quartz Veins:J It is true specimens  from 8oUd:reefslhAve been^found from time to  ,;,  time that will doWjafe favor^6ly/with/rbck  ^pFofltably, worked iu both ��������� of > the countries  ���������named, buknothirig^mbre than' a mere super-!  ticiaLatteinpfc^^Sas.been; made, at aseer&ibinit  A'holvfv^^l^^^h.iOT extent by;a proper  .j.;-. i--;>,.,-���������''������:  ���������G&iMM^^  ���������.-.,���������<,Will  ������J'sf.'S^.,r--;..".r...;      |  rtte^xeiaaiiiiag''to;irt^.^  to^i860i������;/'-  EKONT03KT, (on-the 1st of,   ���������>;v v wmr:;;; ^ ���������' v*-^ -.������;,' :u .^.,, .s Ai w >, ^t *;-  '���������x.^^*i*l;.  ".'/v'Vi .tii? .^^'K'-;^" * ?-^~.i;,-  ������������������ ,-V"fe- f. , ��������� -   ���������''' Berford, H. B;  ������-,-//':' ���������' Byrne, James:.// /'.'v./  -"-W������ extract the followiniffroim a fetter^y i  ^^^ '   ^  cbrrespb^bnM^the/Sab Fraheiicb ^Bulletin,'  datedSa^;Pablo"C^o^ Raited Statesof;C!bI-/  bmfeia^l2th:Mar^h las^  trip from Panama /to the towif [of- jumfico/  which occupied three days^ysteameri/ne goes    .... .., ,,   .  ^to;say.that-he*m^e:Viepara^onBTor-a^ ^^FPt^J _ s. ,,, ,, ,���������  cendiug tlse Patia river/ theisaoufch et%ijiob  loph^a^,esT - >������  : ^ank^, 4������iius,,^;(3)  is^disMMftomlTumaco ^ffilesE/^ prb^ ^������������^" m      ���������^-r^,-^-.^-:  ^>;i^/'/  ^r^--i%^^^;//'^L _   f,~������:  :an;d&^<3������Nj]  ' "'""'inBalier.-  t,^ic',-rv������������^������,^������nnws;������>,u^; 4:������nd MrjJOH^BOWROWwiUbotbeActtijri^tmafltt-T  - ,;;-;   r- u .-,���������^,lw<;^r4i^^W,?B.c -v --, *$m^ v;V^-  l^e^dfp!the.-;rate;^ of / iO;pr/i?;:;mife:a/;d������y^  an hour;^nd awlved in tfetoi^  as| wkioh is sifenated ba the ^anlvs- bf ��������� the' Tel--'  ainbia,,afbranch of the^atiajln/<Jfdayg.f/Sar-  baebas is an old Spanish setfflement, land at  on^if^*^; ho dbuh t^  importance/ The town contains^ ahodfc 800  inhabitants, and;,the prbv^hce/of Chichi/itlhS  the capita^abbut 3000.      /   :,'   |/   /;  "Barbacoas is situated in tno-centbr of an  !bldlminmg:'distnbi ^ iThe/^ali^  -������������������*-������^"-^-^-.-->?-.j<-^^^fw**������*������w^lyg-c> uii large quahSties^f/^bldiin this s iScalily, and  /4heZ*mou^ after them the min^e ^j^tinned ^rpfit^  <Jrxjttse creek; in which both silver and trold; ;tiiriffie !emanc^^ the slaves in/18523  ilfdr-XwMt/o^liSoM  >work;fior^feheirformer; masters; many of whom  still own the mining :ga-ound.;   Upfe* th^ir  '^sfcem?i;^;/minfe^|!l&^'co  -DOint where' t^^nAv.1^! rffitnfi idAidtete^*^-.'-:-*-^.:  '-**������./  <^ro^0-creek;Vin which both silver and .gold  wai said ,i^ exist ^; ebaft was sunk on the!  ledgo to some depth,., and. a* tori of the rock;  t������ro^r*������+iout and traissmi^d -tb^Sa^Wnincls^b *  avvas  ��������� Iferl^ay^up,^  . tinthi������<j>. is:forther; knbwfi: respecting.ii-;:i������-; is;  sprfjfMl" flint fKA r>s\/kir *������*-;ii  u���������i";.-^.j..- in.-.  ^iM^e^^that^a w^  wluirf^hereit^w^la^ed iu.Saii-Francisco obfcamed,and^med-bac& into^(i^lu1il^u&  untottched. ^Shall we: ever dccoraplish any ting^Jdp^n4te^e^eroenHiciaMlv,^^^^  .Gilllilan, James v -;.-���������,J;. ^;^ ������������������ grosser;;BD^-- ;i>K<n t,/: i ���������:  Hathaway, G. P.;Jt.,,; (2) :��������� How'onkf Isaac"   ^ < .;l ' . >  .Haxenivlg'redrick'O;    ^(4)   Hunt;Gebrgo^^>*������*m ^������?V  ^e^^;-\^;  ;/;;v,, ,  >^,;>^i  tones ^ames ,.       (   ,,t _  ^^ f% ,      r       r,-?;,  Job,Jonatbnn  n-   ...       : Jones; Andrew ���������       ]  ^OTsey,T.S;;IE^**///V.'"(3).' -:''/-;///'';"/;,"/','/./://   '  jAwrie, Thomas;  ,,  / (^' UpsettV-foaac /   ''        /'  ������ewiB, Joun��������� Ws-: :;'''   ' r  ;.      ";  , / f    ;  J     ,  Marshall, J. G.  _ McGregor, George      ',' ' ' ���������  Melross, Wimam.T.v .?***& Mc'Klhou/cbartes^^ -  -Morris, Joseph - ? .���������f >    ,,- McLean, Altehibald  jMcCarthy^itf'J, j        AIcQueea, Bdncamj  Orchard, 3*ath, _;     _'/;      _���������    ,.|      ,;   -  Parsoas, Chartea ' > Fierce, George ^ ������������������������    < t<y.,-.,  I'Palmer,-. Gideon;. _,, Preston, George/    t  Redgrave;S.    '���������      ,,/ _/   Robertson,ioha   '       '/) f  ���������'''-^���������������������������"-'���������Robins^n-^ames'A:''' *"*'��������� ;"  m^m^hH'^p^Q r.  ������eey#;e,^ ;;/;,;;;}-f -r /Robinsohr fames' a:"'7l2>.--v 1  Ricbley^eorgo .;      - ; '"   'Ryan, F. W. ^     -     ''   J     *  .Riordan;!James '���������/ "^���������/���������^^l^ v; .:^v-rfel v>/ r ? ;Z; jnr������':  Savmowr -,Rhaa-Ie������ ^ - i-?- Smith r-Trtoa^H    : n ������������������ -~l [ - ��������� ",.^r-:  Seymour, .Gbwlcs  irpHEl UNDEttSIGNED' HAS /^BS8{l??TSte'* ABStTE: '  A- Hotel' and Restaurant/ and t������ now prepared  to receive Boarders, by the we������k or day. ; f/r u '     ������!  s_465^ A flrstclass COOK ba������ frcm engaged. ��������� -:<^  ���������; Puriiets wishing to Boaz-d out tbjaseason''Will Sad It-  to tbe# adyantago to give Wnifekcatt, ai his nomie fer:  clean.Uaess, atteattoa to customer*,. ������id a gob<t;fabl*,- ���������  cannqt;be eicellccU .1'   ��������� ^        j    J**.,./,?  .V^gi^jCofie^.Gho]p^^  i^;;^*f/,i>s-.^5.^^������";.  :;"������ii?er li-Jii'a^a^  *    ''*&:. J.:-������>  m  |aferyjresults^afr^  l5p������aking of quaHa*lodes brings*"us to the  " considoration of the resolution passed rin the  l^e^isIatiye,iCouncil lpt^ession^having ibr its;  object; the encouragement of those favorably  illepbs^d to .the opening ^^^f^u^^iiitrtz-'  juiues./ It runs thus: " A premium of ;^3^500  4i is offered to ah^ person or persons who shall  "firsterect a^na^^0r^ip^itBi^^^^^k  ^^ar^oo^^of not less thanBQ horsepower,&&  ^The MiHfto^e tolworkm  "the 30th Sept/next." 5 Just let us examine  and see %hat g^bpd this will effect.// Can any  4jue for. a, moment supposoZthat' *.f any person  ..be-persons" will b,e--foolish-;enough -to;under--  take a work of sucb gigantic ;propp  the mere strength of any prospects fJiat have  ���������:.-:ev;eryetlieen,-Sttri^  Or^willjtliey;be induced to/trj������uch,an experi-  /ment^an experiment that would cost at the  >feast^oulation;$50,0pp^  <3ovenmienfc^4nca :}fit^rV}^������broRS liberality  the browbarV' They then mined away tlie bill  until ��������� itsraltitude* becameTtob^great "fo/%brk t maicv ������s^B  profitably;iand, the^^abandonedithe finine. 7*'  They seem/to have no idea of tunneling, and  even now there is a great prejudice "among  the natives/a^iMfclfcvvTlii' clain^i|b^l>eing  ker) and others are of .the kind abjbye dbscrib-'  ed ,jind ar^Scalled^1 banks.^ ;.'By-^e" $*$&& of  time.- and���������the heavy falls of rain^ the banks  imye ;cafedfahd co  cases amounting to 'thousands/of dollars/ is  ueb^iaryitb remoye^ the fallen earth and  pose the bank'-.where/work was :susj>ehded.  ^fbm'this i^int/it^is^  will be obtained.   Mr/ O'Connoir was at wo^rk  jaboutr.slx/moatha'i-before,. his mine:l3������^i'^to;  lppiy+4Hisj ^certainly w  times realizes a^ mucb as 40 and 60 pounds of  gold for a^wei's'yritfak&t-30 tw&WQVfci&-.  peare /tpitphis^ ft^  <JJT GbOD AXEMEN WANTED, to w^-ii-'QueitepI  "mp> rmouth ^before; the Tenth (lOtb) of I May.     Six  months, employment i r������w;ages,: Sixty((60),Dollars per  month.--./    ' ��������� ���������������-     /^- f '*������������������ ������������������    .;    ������  *'���������'     -'   -'��������� '*'      EDMUND CONWAt;   :'-  ".. ��������� * :       '.:,;   ., .��������� ,;   -      Assistant Engineer.  '; guesneimouth. May 6th, 1856. ':���������': t;;;ii-ft :;^ ,,,;;;,i-;-  Beg; ^call the attention of liinera and othsw  r?v-  t?^^f fultoMortiaeot of SUPERIOE GOODS *  ^  ..;,,���������, which;wm be.iwid   ;;/^T^!/  gant sum fof the adFancemeniidf ti������It'6MeiS������ u'i "fiMlS^M^^^i^^^^-'W  "it would not,be theinducements held, outby' SS^^tiwia^rSSfl^''^^1?���������*  the Comment, were thfy^  . utooun offered, that would effect the purpose, an^unt of water^wWch fX 2r|P n^n&  M������a,and means, wouldTbe apeedily foun^ to- claim is ������nfficlwtlyb^h above tf,���������*S>Sttf  emy the work through withoutonyeleemosy- river to bS'M te^^*5h?e  '������'V  KO HUMBUG!     NO BILK!  ?!a^d������^huedrawing up the resolutions referred te, thfit.people would be found so de-  ���������voidibf sense as to act on the conditions laid  individuals, many of whoni hayeilaKro tracts  5rde^^^o^.tho mines a-contract must be  made,with Uie ownersand they exact exorbi-  ffanr   T*ntAn   *^iF   ****** A rrti^ -**. i     ������  ���������*    -     -���������_  down, they cerminly Vok good^^rto n^  t^HUefb^n7^    Thn     .^ ^cfc ezorbi'  vide that the time allowed for con^tMt SK  etructiire should, bo ^8o shbri as t������ -nr^^ ^^^^ St^S??:*-?"?.*������W������** *?������  structure should ^o ^so shirt as to /proclude  Hie possibility of any applications be^g made  forthepi^fifered?TW&^'-r^ifer-aaartz lodes  , sonify fbunavandprosx^bt^  chuaery so speedily transported in a country  hke ^this,-thaeamiU;bf 'tM\(������B^������jy-;ab"b^e  laid down can be put in good running order  in the course of a few months?    We opine  not. : We are sadly at a loss to know what our  worthy Legislators wer4 thinking of when  they gave their sanction to sucli a resolution  unless it was' done with the view of making  it appear that they were very desirous of fos-  Wring the   interests of  our  dear Cariboo  country.   If this wp their, object all. we can  say is, that the Veil las beeav too transparent  to hide their equivocation from the eyes of a  deacerainjr'comniuaity.-i: There would have  an average, 20 cents or more to the pan, the  bwnbr receives;one-hMf of the prjoceeds,; the.  miner paying the expense of working the  mines out of the other, half.'    If4,JiJprpfipects',  from 10 to 2dobatiitheownerrecefve8������third,  and if under 10 Cents one-fourth.    Rather  than submit io such an extortion many 'have  gone back to the interior in search of good  mines and^better terms.    The mines around  Barbacoas are gravel.diggings, and th<3/pay-  dirt rests upon a species of sand-stone entirely  difterentfrom the bed rb.ck^ in California. The  gold is* what is knp wn '.as; float o r scale 'gold,  and varies in size from minute particles, to  pieces as large ass cucumber"seed*.  GBAND EXHJItlxrON of the ^0BI������E ART of SELF  ^DEFEKCB wlU be ftvfa at Loring^S' Saloon, -Cam-:  orontbwn, on Saturday Evening,  May 12th, I860, on  which eccaeion the following gentlemen will appear:  I  Alr.,ftSO..WIiSON, in a Glore FJght with any man  liri Ca^b'oo, for the sum of $500 j'.-���������.' .;?.*'I!���������& ^  >'  . ���������-.   DASlKt. Mb������GA!f,  WlIIJAM WlUIAMSJ       . . '//   / -  ;������������������'���������>; :-;^;        ���������   4*bokgb PirBN, D, Edwardh;   ;;;;  \f*.  '  ��������� ;���������;' M, R. AaMaxfto.vG, War. PHliXn������fil  The iKntortaibment will be interspersed with SOKSS  and MUSIC suitable for tbe occasion. ;  * .  .-.f������.������������������.'*---������.������./.-.    ^-���������   the Roads ore open.'.'''" ��������� ; ;' -''-4������j;'",  i^ ^^M^*} alloyanee; will be! maie &  /Ecstourantand Hotel Keepers and the Trade ffeaefaSbr-  -;on large flrtwi/^^-r.^ ..i'^%<ri������i^.-   -; :4."i> !f ^"i"^^-  AKXI  .hlffltil   V^^i^r'/^erybb^Cfei^; . . ...,,...  ^^H^^?ni8e&iB^ Ba������������LfieatSj $l/ Dbb^  ������ea at.Tl-2 o'clock;- commence at������ o'clock;      ^^"  opoa  :; --.:���������;! Barkerville,-B; C.f <;^ ���������'��������� *"K;-/fi'  ; "K?JLI^ >>A^BSQJ^ tP^XKro^s.1,;  Bverythiiig te done ia connection with thia est������atlii&.  ���������m^.t.togiyo.aattef������et^:.^.^e-custbmew. ,  ;"/i8������* Meals at all hours.; , ' \l'.  ���������*  EYBRT EVENING;  .:'-'Ar ffas  B&yiLLB^  eeoeoma practical good" ia the resolution I carrier.  for tfaeSentmel will be $1;00, payable tp^he  - i     *������    ��������� it   ��������� *  BARKERYILLE.     :r^-"//\  ALL LOOSES OF THE TERFISCHOREAJJ ART are  invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a hearty  welcome will be extended.  : WHOLSSALB & KSTAIL  ixa'  ^gf.-Tiio best of Wines, I*iq.uors and Segars,  aad Good Order observed. '  '  ;i .       ������������������'; 1JAETIK is 000K, TrapTS.  RICHFIEL������, Wiiliama Crook, B. C.  WE HAVE ON HAND a largo stock of Provisions,  miLrfSfiTO10 ftn-d vog������tables, and are- detor-  ���������f.?d to sell them cheaper than nay other store on  "!ia^Creek. Cobie and see and judge for yourselves.  giChfieU, 5!ay 6th, l?e������.    ���������        -.   ��������� ���������.. '%.   ��������� %' :, >-���������!*  18  w  r-.f  feW:t?.;3  ty>~y  ;V"  km.  :l S  $$���������  I- *  JiS:  6  SSS  &*&  FiBK^Yesterday forenoon about JL1 o'clock  raes were se>ri:to:issue" from at small" house  Ricbfleti fcelpnging#gg Mr. Park* Aa; alarm  as aoonglveu and tjie/ door was ^speedily  ursCopen, w^en it was discovereid i%t^yery-,  ingiriside wasinajbiai^  he lmiidiii^wft^ia^iapj#te raia,orer������arti~  le? consisting of law beefe^^pe^rSj-bed and  edding/&c-; were completely destroyed/ /> It  believed'the/fire originated froea some cora-  ustable article^epg loft/ too cl<^/tp/tbe  tpye. -vThe ^oWieTr/^  g ������aldpn^t,aiettlm^aTriyitig;afc ihe^sccne  lust as the 'fire w^a at IU, height, ^toe^r^t&ek  is head. In:'������.;rrerjr.;;eo?apta������eBt':-manner- &n(d  1th a knowing giggle was heard.'-to remark,  Let it blase7- away; I Ve gotjthe/; key) iii^my  oeke������f/:By" dint of jttje: apf&teatioa of the coa-  ats of sundry water-l^tttta la tlie vicinity,  e surrounding buildia^were/sa^eA.   | .,.<  GABreoo ft iswa-^We examiaed Mr* Geatile's  ^hotographiclGallery iu victoria^jmid were  JgWy ir^||fiea/W  f well known localities era Williams Greek j  d ether poraoca of Britieh���������eiiim^ia  re theresuit ;������������ Mt/Gentiiefc visit^ during thej  Iter pArfc]ptliuit"emmni aady,reflacfc credit  ntheartistfor. trathfulness/beauty -and clear-  ess of execution,, To those who are familiar  ith the/coa^l^iwia���������^p^~^dboW^MM  )tion, as wears sure they will be amply  paiik,jby their- visit. We: understand 'mat  is Excellency Gorafnbr1 Seymour/' before  sayingjrbiiEngliu^ that a:  nil set ..of i these views should be precttred by  Government and presented to the "Cariboo  ishes in this respect are carried out; as'such  n acquisition cannot but greatly add te the  ttra^i^-^^^ institutipa:'/ /f 11  reatamountof laVonr has/been, employed  t has been cut thr^^h solid bed focfc arfd  e flume Said; 400 feet:.of\wMchi Av^ra^Wg  feet jfttej|^^td^llj|dj ijfpi blaste^j^oyer  DO fcegaof pbwder>hftveroeen used--for the  urposef The work is now completed up to  "outtets sjfer<5, andiqs^ju^t ^1^ feet  ore wUipBt it through beil rock,taegtBa$er  art of this last being ot ai ioft/naMre^Will  ttake them'loliff ftt^complefing^? During  iow*vererej  but steadily going on fpr"the;rlaj|t ten  has increased the'water -in the creeks  gulches to such anjexteat^atlwd^imebnie  distances has beck temporarily suspended. *!$  Stoiite,Gulch-ithe.surface jwaferiie^pin^ji  great deal of harm to the tunnels*.,,causing,  them to cave, but the ownersi *re usiog every:  endeavour to turnvthe<water offyby/ineans of  flumes, and/expect1 to be in a^osidoii to jgejt  , to work again ia fe fe^':0y^^^3i0^^^^  the gradual increase of e water/ lit doing good  to -Williamsi. Greek; in so far asciittiBg^^Rn*,  nel for itself is, coneerned; so that should ralb J  set in/and a^udden rise b^lift^&swe^uendei  there if net the aame degree oK������a^eri'ff--T ko  apprehended from/ an /0Te^8p|SI|MP^na^  risea all at o������c&/" The ;Bed/^ck3ifif^co'y,  have been ������fcligecl to suspend blasMg operate na, and: are %t>w "engaged rumingy)^ the>  de"brisI accumulated! in large exuantities during  the winder ^eo ooon as thia Is "aecomglislied it  (a 'i-theSr.; Intention /to/start ^r%ttMaaptcn%  through the ^oid^ Steel f ground.     We have  nothing new.Jto. record in the_sbap|B/ofiihfttilig-  news smce our last Issue, other tlmn that some  clmm, whiclMwere l^s^at; woi^'-th^b^!|a^e  had to stop/on account?ef toe?iauc!i water.  OTa veri^njio:jBa!seii8 the force of the-old  /���������;., m vm irABOGGHERE,; ;,/  ,PaptJi^at and sonsra^ortion^f^ho-cr^ir,  of the I^bfi&He^e^ affel inany of ^t&e; ^^ssea-  gers/aTriyed on|he/<>regbn; from/ ^nil^ran-  ciflpdt;^|pjearr^i^a^   -��������� i ���������r _^ _ - ii  ���������   --    i .- - i  _\     r i..i_.       i j_ij -    ������...    /  mornings at halfepast ten^clock:^ the follow'-  ring- despatch was received by His lilxcellewcy  theGoyirnor, through the Telegraph Jiner  "*���������:-" :^'tr"'-, "Wasningten, ApriUS/fSB* -'.  ^His Excellency Goyernor^Kennedy: _ .,,..:_���������,...  ^t^^fe thank you^^yourjaind greetings, and  joia you ia/tbe- hope^that,th!e enfer^rle������/the  successful prosecution/of^^which isrthus signal*  Ied,^mjf t������^continue4,urittl H  jftnite i^e/two Continents, "and open to Both a  ^common andHCOinjglete ciyili2ation/ "    " "y;  -j;The,.nr^eT}a^l|y^  proverb,; " It never rai.as������l������atit poura,;,i;more  clearly borne our than/ In that ot the^miaer^  only a week ago there waa not -enough wator  to wash ^th, ^ ands ^ow/?in:;many^in8tajices  tiidre is too much;    :y ;   ���������y,^ls '-   ;:   *&* j j  /No later news from Grouse creek:!        " l  ;-(.��������� I :  ������;.--;.  m  _ FRESH jSTEniE.j���������   f.- :.?j,.; y Mlh  The California fTunriel s ^^ /which; ^ts we  referred- to W������U8i\^WW^^  ing for water, have now'commenced ^washing  they cleaned ;^  very Coarse goillff This comJ)any?s ground>\&\  situated..injthe.rear of- the ^aet;phant������ co'y  and imay'Tbe strictly ;/cai]i^"ka^|^:,,:������laiin;'  The Caledonia co/y" washed up yesterday 10  ouncea/;:;/;;/^"'-;;//*;&^  v V-,.-.-tv^S^ /."-.���������-/--  -S-S-    ,'."?:f^  GQLD ,COHMISSIONER?S GOUB^M |  a^-:a!id -Hie /^yessel/was ; easily^  ^eeby'the^p^pB//^^  subBidedr^aptModai;decided to lay to for  4lie feinaini|er ofJtHe aign|/and ^he passengers  again^tir^d to/ theiiv Serais and felt ^asleep  ������aly...to/f0^^wakehea'ih^^  f|0^loci|%the/ioll6,wing morningi^thtfreS   ...  ^rtthat:a^3^1eS^h^ _.... ,_...,     ,  sel/vraa g^gdiwh^ By^fi^  sending,_inc^sent punipih^. ti^flr^were Major Franklm;readjh������  put put fe^ihe waier. while the ship/was/ hii(?  ning towards the ��������� lafi5| aad <rom thaf ttiae unr-  tiliBhe ^maft/th^>essel^lajr^like '-a/log/itr the  ���������wiateri^^e^ve boats belonging^^io/ferryiman;  Hdd^ereii^u^^^  and rowed;by meansofsla^?taken!/^m ;the  ber^s^there being ho^oars,for them, i While  ,the pa^ngers, w^ere^/deltfi^^Ja/ Whitehall  ^iag������f thestea^  effmen'namp^Sa^ro^  and;SV 5^ Marghell, (a;Carilj������oo miner.) drowned."/ The'women arid^chil^n were^^ia thej  ^rst lJ6ati^rleaveHhe MiiJ^^������usfewli8;maae,  _    ^uags^were;  ieyery^^rectlpb^    _ a^^^crowd -,  of people who!rushed to the office, and iearty  cheers/for;President. Jonnsbn;/from /British  ingtda3; oa/^&es^ay/aiter^  tm^itij'i������*irw  t;������������������'-;��������� -;,;';;:;;/////'/^:^ ;  'Chronicle'  ;;Slightly^ Btoneb^-Testerday morning; a'gentlen^ah  who resides inthe soulhejfh portion of the city callvd  at our office and related the- following'incident ae-1ia; -  pening to himself,^ and fenovrlng him He������$e a man ������.f  yeracltyfWe-give. credence^: to.hia story^  ^dipathizbwlthhim In his dilemma. I, l  appearances of':cdmirig Events: indicaiedr  Bomebddy in his household was floing to hnve"a.- f,sp*.-U  of siclinesB. %$nd rb& accordi������gly secured the scryip a  of: apHysi ���������* -���������--"������������������ ���������-:-������ ��������� -    ������������������-���������*���������>  iGaptMoualar,ew-his revolver and threaienedlper u  t6 firC lt|the feUows'did nollfall'jbacki T (OneJ was placed In tbe;handsof th^narseto washnad.dres'.'  nfifatiiit RtAiPR thiif fb*i>antBin^M5fi^^ atip  The happy father had only time to discover that tie  aQConnt BWtes tnaMhe captain diu are at one. ^w&mlr^: *'boy before ^igorhrm pull at the .  of the mutineers^) but atvany rate they; tell ^por bfeu called:him to tiiejstreet^door^ w^iwi, instead ��������� -  back. The work of abandoning tbe snip went  of .flading on old,acquaintance^^ hediscovered^avsmaU  on buitely after,thkiucident;  ^Gapt?Mduat bundle oa biidoprstep; which hec-irriedjntptbelibaae  Wft������rfh^lhst man tn 1pj������v<������ thi> Rl*in;f ^ ?T������  ay* .and^^.e&.ianjj found toxvmtain a male child, eyidenU  Wfts-tneiast man to leave tne snip, v W.������ iy jU8tbbn^ /Asthis cfiild had not been dressed b������  ,  presse^;%WlsatO;godOW^ gaybitlnto the hands-oP the^Urs^ with-instructions  to:be,iorcedmto the last l>Oat.    He behaved,^  tociethe It, while he^proceeded after."a policeriuin,: .by  as'alLwho aew^the >man believed -he- w^uldi &W g W.?-thfi "ttl^ w^f *������ithe ? W^^f ^   '  ^���������Ma, *j������:^ia ^,i������aD^ ������i;i.^^;' --^������ii' -'*���������'     '  The nurse performed her duty, and placad the two ,  wifeailimrafel^qoolnes^brayerv ana foreT childrenin^^b,anawGntouVof tho"roomr^tuinii-   '^  thought:4tor05igfiout the waoletrymg occasioa  tcr to the wants ofthe sicK|a^y:aKTheie3Dand;al^r ���������  One; or two* boats were iipset in; tii'e surf &stl0^a^seucejjreturned &n& a^quiredifeiR the^trango  ;*. Jrj'.U ,  'V--.'  ie wmter35;men hay^^ 4beea  ^tion the*wore/iindof tfee/a  William Milled  opeBtng-up1 the ground. r  ���������JtSBt. The following is a..hat&te������������at. of.-  imount of gold dust ;purcfeftfieS*Jiy the Banks  ^llfeniscreek/andW them seat jjelow^  ���������pm/W"^SW#^^3%^^6':  ink of British Columbia, fbr,;g'ebruary/^  ���������do^ ',  ;:*>%' ������* ; )'fsrviffarch, '��������� -- ���������  'do-;vl >..r,4to*- .; V-^the-Sth-May;-^  48^24  ss,eoo  lank of British North Araerlca. for thejrinr'  Ififlft-^ent below fith Mfigr.,  $145,294  J^M?ie  fpring  ient<  ���������iiale,."-:-^-^;  :Xfineeet;;^;-s  are announced ia the Govern-  ?;aa:.una"er>:-//'Ji/ lv-  v-4th-MayV  li^May^  (Bftfer* W. Q, Cox, JSsq.) \      -    r - - T  ", -,/..    ;;      "' f: Tuesday, 8'ta May/lSGfil I \  C.y'&ivsQttkt colyt vs.;-Davis, co?y.-^-fhis was;a  case appealed last fall id th^^Suj^m^^CBuril  rThe-Auroreco?y^appeallant3,*applied'vesteH  day to the GoldiQ^mmissioner {for������������������ an,fhjuac-'  tion to restrain th^. Davis/co^/res^aldents-'l  ground m dispute  oflcame up forhearing;thismorning.j  JSoth parte wer* "present;,,/Ttie f^maa/|)f  the Davis;W^vefe^i^totrTOjr^  <dld notiaten^,}WorkmgHh^grouni   dispute^  at^reseaifTTaefJudge^aceor4iu^^^S^  ���������the, iajuactien. ^ * * -��������� - "f" *   , / ���������' ^ ^ - ��������� L& K v  H. Goldstadte va./H.^C^ny.^Thw was a  suitfor -$U1 50/being������alanee"o^  fldn^r for ^ork 'jSe&e''fbr^efend������uitia:.filiieJI  crest Rose eb'y. , fa ceaseqiieace of,tible afer1  sence of anIfErportaat-witaeasfwnos-wsw^owss  couatry, the defendant asfeed for a |>ostpdae-  meat e������ -the casematil his arrrval; whkjh was  ft>r a-  :saw"-the':  While^^asblaff;  ]che)^g^:36wn;jaad: ^maay/  tears 'at thelmelancholy sight The'paasengers  were kkidly received by the.faraiersjand pro-  * vided with all tie'comforts/that the/coua^  attirded/ }A fejjsv/trunks were brought^6a]  sfiprlsfircua^e:i|Sc  'wlMie fh^'���������'-riassenirpra^ w^rf������>^IknAtnffH^KtiiKT"nA   child; whea-be wail told it ;was lying iniib^xrib;?^;.  KeJ^S2S??^.^^ Thither he proceeded and 'discovered >6ih;inttai .  nves T?J?.:*?5L   v������a r,e?c^!n^;^10f ? ^ $*H ^w^ch'oaB^ these children iaJmineT' be^xelnimey;  In aa/e^ted^manner^^Thenur^twas ;unablo;to say,;  sengers Md:' to ascend  mile and a'half before reaching/a!faraandusoiI ^ad the doctor was in a similar &x?; Hcre-vvasja'aueer.  ;-������^ii --���������.,���������..jlvsi ^.:^.A^r^y:-^���������:/A^���������^i,g;ij^*K^J' dilemmavfo^-.ft':fatherof���������afomUy-to:ibe placed l&$:fJ3������  '.'.*'������������������ 'ri*' **>-������**^iiS*'<4:*K. ���������  LILLOOET MARKKT .-.ERICES'^RETAIL.  Fiedr/;  Sugar,  Teay-::-;  Coffee,  ^100^)3.  *    ��������� ''-U: ������������������:>���������'*'  28    :.'-���������' :  75������������������$125  75:/z:/>.:/  8th June;     '  Williams-Greek  Rickfiel*;/^  !"he Court will jemaia  intil:the'-en3 of Mly or beginning of August,  m& rembye/to "a^me/1 central/polat/ia the  Columbia River district about the middle /of���������  'LUgUSt..-. ,.->,���������'  Chiaese are not behind their white  rethreaia taking advantage of the Smes.   It  ppears that the whole of our vegetable prp-  ucts in daily use are held fey the children of  e flowry kiagdosa* who m- doubt seeing a  ie bpporfcuaity in aa increased demand for  IISrticle8 of tnafc dcsdciptieit, have raised ���������' thesri  '.least 100 percent; patatoes that were Being a week ago at 10 cents are 'now go'-to 20  |Mfnto//;V'/;;/;;;:'/.���������;/;;-:/���������/ - ;:> ;://,  ||^: ScA������orTY of Meat.���������There 'is 'aot ������  V#f be^f or mutfeoa to ���������**' procured at aiy of  f.^y(he .butchering establigfem^Bts oa-the cre*k.  it Richfield we believe there is asniall^uaa-  ity of fresh pork, which sells readily at 62  ents per lb,   Mrvltoomey and Mr. Clark are  oth out after cattle, twsd are expected back  a a few days ; uatil then we will havo to-be-  vflake ourselves to tho oidfare of earliertimes,  "cans and bacoa, for a change. ���������'-'  Spaerino BxHrarrio������.-~We would call the  ttentioa of the admirers of the noble art of  elf defeaceto the "announcement in another  oluraa of aa entertainment to. come off at  oring?8 Saloon, Gamerontown, on Saturdav  ������-������������--next.. ���������; ..;%    ; *  Beans,  XLi.  Buttery    ;:l  Rice (Chma)������  Naii������,  Axes,  could "not send either'..of the childern; away for fear :uo  might send hia own son Instead of the one- -left' on/Ills  'depTrstep-!* Ee did not'TeUsh naidng twins ic-thi3"taaE.  ner, but, was compeUad,to-submit toit.^ We ha^of-  Jien heard that-;it]*'was Vwise chiid that knew jts owa'  father," -.but* ia this inistance wo tninfc i^wouldtb'e h.  wise father, that knswiWs'iown 'child.>������$Ua Francisco  ',April 13th, y:^i y^,  j^:  l*..yi. :. !.:-  A Kovbl lPEA^-The/^ChronlcIe> savl: Ga  f..f:!.3  BLACKFOOT MINES.  "/if;  ive  ^^���������P. Fitzpatribkha/^en arrested on a  rge of conspiring to swi: die C. Wren out  $5i������ 50 at s horse race���������Vio. 'Chronicle/  We have beea permitted to peruse ft letter  received by a geatleman on tais creek from  a friend of h^,. an old Cariboo miner, who  has beek; te t&e Blackfoot couatry ; writing\  from Wai'la Walla he says : I isave beeat���������'to*  the Blackfeot miaee they are, better iii my  opinion than Cariboo ever was, and are much  l^orC extensive, the gold beiagfof a much finer  qualky and all of a course nature bringiag  readily $18 per ounce. The couatry is very  accessible to> the miner he can pack his grub  and tools oa a horse,;, get astride (of aaother  and go just where he pleases, he can kill all  the game he wants ; I thiak the: deer are ia  greater abundance than they are oa the  lslaads arouad Victoria^ bear^ elk aadvraoua-  taia sheep are ftuite plentiful *7 the wiater has  been very severe for this country, the snow  has been two feet deep.  Mus. Partington's OpiNiqN.���������������your neighbour Smith, Mrs. Partington, is something of a  connoisseur, is he not ? asked the doctor as he  looked in. It was a stiffener of a word, "I  don't like to express myself disperlshfogly  against anybody," said she, ^butl should say,  by the way he swills dowa the wine, that he  came as near a common ^ewar as anything."  pumose) atid returned-tdthe Bay "^mM^Vic.  ^aroaicle^.> , *',' ;/;;;%:^;-^:^a.A1/ i ���������  ,/TUoSan Praacisco ^ Be.Het4a' says^; ThexlAboucbere  wasa Remarkably strong ye������sel��������� being built of tsa^and  .oa^;'4*SheI was constructed on the Clyde and ioa^  .ia;iS5^,-:.. bit t jia'd^only rec'cnUy been;engoged: in, running  ArJp4.; I Her ..jSngfiies were of Jhe best- quality,: beic^ the  tame.that- to?te;thO' bighestpEize'fet '.the- World *iJ....Pair: at  Leaiion IhilSBl^ She was valeed at about $150,000 and  had a cargo of gener4 raerchaadtee manifested at $10,-1  ���������20 ^.-���������:vit,i4-ippossibie;;at-i,thi.3;;ume,to  'the cause-of the disaster and who, if ..any ojiel was .to j  blame in; the^femise^ ���������' tf^ says the compwjs  wasisit of order, and some two points-out of the way,;  which may account for the; steamer going so near to the  shore.    There is no doubt bat if therexhad been ;a  lighthouse on Point Reyes'this disaster would^not biive  happened. \:TGUy  fir the;erection of a be'acbn/agbtfmpwnt Reyes, and  an iron lighthouse was?.t construeted at; great:; expense  andBhVppdd outhere, and has been laying atMaro Island ever since. "It seems' that the owner of the site  #bich the <&vernment ^ahted^^demands^ aaiexbrbi tant  sum for the-^ Fbid^ which Usi: any other purpose Is np|  worth a.cent ah acre.'; Of=coUi������e>his^cxtrata^aat deT  mands have do^ been listened;to,f but;therIaspcetor ��������� oft  'Oghtbouses :has "ewry year.^fot the-past ;ten years/-'&  bis annual report^ ��������� urged the ;necessaty ipf' er&ctliig ?"a;  lighthouse at Point Reyes, and-recommerided that Cbn-  gress pass a bill providing for tho confiscation of the  :land; to be paid for by Obvoram^ent at ii������ proper valuation. The -oecossity'OMamediatc action was urged,  as tbe Inspector considered Point-Key es to be, . next to  the ForaJlones, the������aost4m|KU,ta.l*'paait demandfnfe a  llghtUease oa tiae Pacific Coast, All the Bhrp^ from  Chiuti, JTapaa aud the SandwichIslands, as; well as the  coasters from tlie northern waters, make l*dint Reyes  ���������first of any land* < But the recommendations have gone  unheeded. The lighthouse lays stowed away as old  jubbish at Mare Island, and veiiels continue io be  wrecked and human lives sacrificed through the eitati-  glcinents of red-tape and the do-nothing policy at  Washington. The lAbouchere was lost a^ the same,  point whore'the Oregon and Northerner/were, wrecked  sbmeyears ago.; ;"'. :/.'/;"' '-'"h^'y,:-   y.', //'/"      - -  ,. JSS^W������ leara that ?the four mett .named John  Ross, Joseph Fuller/ George Fuller, and ������Tas.  Course, arrested at Lyttoa lately for burglary  and robbery, were seat to Yale and tried at  the assizes i and. wore sentenced to tea years  imprisonment.  ; jSShMiss Thurber audi Sir. Lawless have  opened a new Hotel and Restaurant 1^: Bar-  kerville, where they ���������invite their friends^o give  them a  ^.w..-.^,. ������������������- - ,���������__._-_ea;cdnnect^!^Xth^//:/-  the telegraeh landediatpadboro Bay from the  Forward with/the end of^ theicafcie a number  of bluejackets, accompanied them. I ^hen the  pocket-instrumeat was applied, aad messages  were^trananiitt^d, the su^^  jackets /w^/uaooua^ >  discussJa-a low tone, of yolcp the ine-rita:* of  ���������telegTa^sifflg'^'.'g-eacr^^ .'and;,- the, |eat r which^  they /saw perfonnc*tl^ ia^ par^cular. /They/ "  Could ^ve understood the priacipal of sending  a piece of paper or a letter^along the .wire,;  to be seen or/heard beyotiC; a ;ra^|/^tick������  staggered them. ,���������?./A.t last/wbeu severl|-, sMe^- -  tics had exhausted theirr.wite/ia - vami tto ;furjr  nish a solution oT the proijlem. ot&e gf ttiem/  after intently gaziag at the^wire;:4lio* oge ra to r  and/the iastrument #r$ fe^iralautes/ l^pke  out with ���������"Look abere,  Mat ^eroi cove  ^������*������^Te notice quite a busy movement 2a the  Chinese section of our city, m tho construction of new log' buildings by our celestial  brethren.       '���������- ��������� ";';   ;-'     'J - - ;   .  .0������* Joha Trefoy (aot Fry as reported) is  the.name of the Cornishman drowned in tho  Shuswap Lake.     '  with the box arn^t whattEftkes the.ae^rs conpe;  its the helectricity a^^tif^o^f^^rains}/of  the b������^^y li&oaVw  and-'���������that's tfe'tra'tb-o^^*" back's expl^natioti  settled the puzzle/beyond dispute j and-^the  idea that the wire has "brains" was tacitly ac:  cepted is; a^cor^t;^^/^; / _ / ���������; /J:/;/ ;; "jjjj ��������� / :-y ':';.���������[  , "Why doa^fc^yira ^ash th^,^^^m:^bf your  feet, Jehaa;v?" asked a.giW'flimo'ihVr'^f ;.a;boy;������'':  when he was perfpraiiag that operation before  retiring for the night, to which he very gravely replied, "Why, graaay^oesu^ thiak I;s  going to ���������stand up ia bed, dpfs 'yoV^'.l //,/ _'; ���������,-.������������������.  A miseriy/plct farmer who;had losi.oae ofr  bis best hands ia the-midsti-df hay^aiaking, remarked to.&e sexton, as he^^was-flHing up the  poor feHbwsgraye:^"it,s,a^ad thiag to loose  a good mower, at a time like this���������but; after.  all,.poor; Tqai was a dreadful great eater.. ���������  S TO THE PLACE OP BESIDEXCE of Ausxavjdkr/  HiOfeVY JJcNABBr from Nerval; 0������W��������� when last  heard from was at Lillooet about to cross the mountains'  East, Parties'who can give information will please  communicate with John AloNabb, Esq,. Toronto, C. W.,  or Mr, J,H, Wright, Williams Crock. Jf the said A.  H,; McNabb applies to Mr. "Wfight he will hear of something to his advantage. ������������������������������������ ���������-������������������ ;���������; u<y , ��������� ,; I'lm'  THB "CARIBOO SENTlNEIi,/  ���������   ���������;��������� '   ��������� 0~"-r .'.',"  Oarde������ Bill Heads, Circulars/ Fosters aji4  Programiaes for Balls and Theatrical  -  v 3Sntertainmeiits,  Bs^cuted with Neatness and Pispatcb 'at"Ibis.Office. <ar  **?  fjip^FRsi)^  ���������ii y,:-x ���������; ' aT 4-il n ,& ���������, j >,; v&Citt f W -i r"' -,   .���������"-'���������;;       :V"W!*  It 'ls|n5CS^dmmo^f(tf'^opie^ $5&|teafi i of  :>?,  *JSSb =6f? i&|������teTra ?Newate%5 ;ea^r^|������rashed  *iMiy^������itgBi^-fiej ���������atissffit'4^"^^a'c3ratf;^tf  ^a]cffli6l������^3ni^iantlv abundant to make  miMfe-rim with the:3re^niy>rice'  ta^li^ia/^uT^  tnis^Loft^  SteftVrll toMolvW^-Ifaa^  trusted; to do;sj>, there is.no^jjubtt|iathecan,  ^d^grea^tfings inay ;b e |^e|i firo^ Ms, firm/J  ;Ofes���������'a&d mOderaMoa.ls ".���������;/f^f-// -"//'"-'f..'/ < /|  ;<^-Tbi0n$s1^ rfie;day ia t&'  ato6uncemcnv" that; the ^<So^ernntent/ fiai' I at  fast; relieVfCi^thb; 'mliitiS^'and^ Volunteers  ^jbrqtfgho^iybiisr pro'yince" ftom actual^rvice/  Th'eciti^ns^^^  loco mtlifumvtt$(aa^|uose Sf^j^of aiutthe'r^������  lief Isti more ifeil onefthan mighth*t/^rst/ be;  tfrftiitiui"-j~ -; f' - -'-'- ������������������' ��������� ii***$ k ' ':-::" !'���������  credit/  teral^unltalttf and :offier" parte'if tfie* world;  *3MK*W|fl%er$ireu/ !^ci^f)|bo5r^ IMjPD^  '   ed methods of working; to^ ^v^placef ^aSaing  '*' a new startsj������mi^8eT������is no rcaeoa libjsttnpose  f ^tft^  I imarct!oi>uaprovement ������h$t idisUnguishee iae  ^ agev ^ sf^^ chaf^cfeer  y f^fc&j^^ ^in^ftent  ���������j H eaa������J>er followed-/toLao^aate^;:provided  ������- ';A welter: caaf b0^obtained:^a'feilalc^t^^uan^ti  ^-$SM*\fft; reaaoaable":Tafe)@^gfm^^^hi^E  .. ^te.experimeata promise ^'bring about/ ,a/  . /^/^n^the/iooasirae tioaj^f-WteasjPve * -ditcbas^  * ^etalic aqueducts* are^^beiag^in^pdbtfe^^aad'  * instead o^inajn'jr'flrtr^es^^acfoss deep gulchbs  %&v$i>)iffi j^pease, iajof del  '���������use iron '"pipes;/laid on/.the;surface; of;the  . ������g^  - *4o5cariy*iijfo/t6e Requisite, height oa the oppoi  /site, 8ide;*>������ thel Tavine? i:By vthis mean's > the  .;,������f osfc- of making ditches is';so/much; decreased  Vth^rwaier/c^ at less  -.than half Ihe/orilmar^/cost^ In. Calaveras  fiouaty; a;flttme.that blew- down* and /wate :<Hei  "^aii-ed^a cost;6f $15,000, was subsequently  ^e^^c^Jn^is^way. at aa, Expense of ,,$4,000^  ,Aud thusJs seen4hat^laims which have been;  i ^aadoaed/a^ wp^|hless '^caa j under /the; new*  '-^3!^?P^i?-f ^^fij^jr^5-^0^*^0 W0PeH, of������reasoa-J  / i|^0/r^uiier^ioni//:// ///^/S' ^nTt^i'^t^'? ���������  - Butthe^reat.advantage to^beaerfved^irom'  l::^Q(^o>b������i|r^^tfntfactor8^^ increase'; of  .^Wetll^fis ffc^uirefl.;. J/JT^e-Xordinary 'canvas',  |p$ip^!^^ will .not-sus-"  . -t&ia 'a colu nlis of water,more, than- fifiy,'feet  ^a;^^iji*bu( plgej; properly- made, will  /^arMI]most*aD'y pressure,Jto yrhichjt 'may';-be  /S^e^p^in/^tni|';^ann^  ^liTOej^i^^  ' ^^������^^rc^>|- t^t^treanr la. - ^great/; tliat  ^rliftft* ������i '*-��������� t a   * I tt������ Oi������ f   i nrrtt*o'fl t Til /a- ��������� iJ������ *t A'.. - thli - Vvi t������ a.  li7B8MAEi^'--BT - A-" GOT-;������cdt^feo^^%Whari  d^dSorses'and Other ^ga^g^is^^ieffc^������in?  loose aroiu|d>a?fcampj;the^n6sepap^  "writes aad -says] "^Gur ar&jSleagaia^sttmlng  the ^offeasive. 4::&������ -M*k'. ^^^ ^������> .'^"!  Q]DE$]^^QOTH;ADVgRTISEMENTO^  COLON!AL^E^XAt|RAN3", I i?  /it' /x-.:r^.'Ai6^^Mqi^fe|;fjv.^-*0tr !l_:  ���������Meals at aliiijoura, iand^G6ok!a^of������^el>e9t  '&&{>& y-r'r %'*ltj description]; ^f ��������� WJ^'^ih^  ^IGTpRIA A^^mi^ISEajESTS. r  -i/ /:/ yf^Jy'������WS^^ f  ? S ;BIK>^ & ;GILLIS^B^pmBi������RS^^3'  C5oo4 Be"ds j Res&urant; ESllIard Table^p&e,  :9m\  ,>���������������������  Vr':^o:||^|UU>. i2^i?7T^i>ittmk^,������8aia^M^  jTl^B^r^^l^^ould i rathe^  and a/ friendly ���������word fpom7Goldsmith ; tbaai  haye^be^^behpldeartOj/J>ea    Swiftl for" -a  gu^cs~anda; dinner,- -?z.; ;"   /-^ ?;'.%T^  ^c^LetoY<^H^^e}^^^  eyerlipproacbedito^ luckwas io fiad^a-couater-  feit/iiote pavfa/broken bMfctr?*l<Hef t^Mks^tfia^  |if finybbdy-else had^aaa^it^ it'-' ^oald^have  f beea-a gol<l;peme./.;^;';t;^;/ ^^ //'^-"t^ ^  ?:^J������fe'lfcybu^at^b/^ use^Pell&  PRO^SIONS/ waOLfiSAtE i &r COJLVIS^  .' StoragitC fe^Terms������xajf^l'JSiwSewiteS-j'v-*  1^' ->;-^v - rA ^'QCESNEIiMOCTH;' -^ J>'; ^-r/a: Uf  :Ei%lfeii^feFreac#SUgs;^h^^  rj&ztiiig&dtuittg^ f^. g  l������".-r^*������T^ ;t'ulav..-^S^pery-1-'Gbodiiy��������� ?;,>y cy/\ -��������� yr 1  & ^?!^S^^^������^^^feExprM -Panama-flci  byisalli.nj:Tessels;y|a,ckp^m9ra^:;-;,e ��������� ���������,,/���������, > -, 'i  -^���������-wia^^FHrticularatieBtioW five's;.-tb all orders. /'''!���������, i  ociAUdon-^rm^^^PP.Tt^STiLt"^^ jf? M  ^cixsa imd eHBitrCii^y^ncy^ad To^l^t^Tticiti|  ?^^^r^ff^^*r*^-:A -^- ;*���������'--' *^4''^ J-K iS^h^^-iiBruahe������^Farin^_r^  uV^; s;':;p,dRPfe������/^^o:;;r;^ ;^t;.  ,TOOi;^SALE-!^ .RETAIL-iMBRC^iiiKTS,  Dealers in?Prbv,witfas?'Jl^^^  it'-^ 4Argwkl Election oij^  scr^pi ions, care fiUly ;ci?wpobu������J������j ^o5^i3JtersE������nwr(+e^  wiihxar^au^^ispatc^Uyj Victoria^'y.JLy. j^ |: ���������; -^ ^ ������  ;���������<?: J  nfpj!ifr.T������IGK?S^GORNBR;;  IV*.jf &y������*  '#i 'S  ���������; ������bant, Tibtoria,^. L, .��������� -.;.        ,, U If  r^-^fl-'M'  ggA^mE^US^^fec.;  ^���������V-  H55?  'LIl!iI^OETfAD^;mTISEMENfi8/  .^l-  THE UNDERSIGNED are now maunfactuiiri^FCbuR  ^; of|S 11 grstdes.- ;������ttra^.&upe^B^a^d^lnei.f^Fee'd  Orushea^.to.prder.''.wr (a^>% yiy^ y- t:H&^*%-%' y< ������;-;-  /"* :/r ;��������� %y-'lillooet-F|.otm;>nLrrco.:t// r  f^*/-**-*^^   '���������^���������.-i? ���������;^/#^osteb;- Agents /  ^r- K^^^HMfra;iP^p1riJS^r4 V^ ��������� ������������������  THIS HOJ^SE^s-8itURt5d;26 milel from^eifelvSfouth;  The proprietors haiing^atvlyfittea^up^beo^^ms  and good Beds are'.now; prepared to.afford.eyery accon^-;  mbdation fbr Travellers; the^Table is furnished with all  the luxuries that cah^be procured / the Bar is well"&&$!  pli ed;wi th:'the; best bxantis of fLiqnorS andSegars ;l g������iOd;  Sibling, HaT,,-Gafe and^ Ba'rfry. $������ j$&? The OHJSAPEST  House on the'Road, ���������"  t   y     '    '    ,  ��������� _,,  ,;. I _ H' j,.a \  ate and ���������Keep ydur,feet sS -dry-Jr^fiewuiwft 'jr)urcQaie:'^p  ^ar^^an^^atagrl^Gby^n^  1  ZZ  ���������Fwh  m  '^0l^������5Sb^CO^/Fort'StfeeiJ ^iciojfa^Vt L^.  %|.-1 Garden"'atidi-^eld*S#e^guaranteed. *aave-onhanjg  aicarcfuUy; selected;atock^ofitho abdve^frbm tbebsi||  Europeain-.ahd"Americaa Markets.���������?I ftw.early-orders-of^  th^ir friendrm/^Us^ttMmbla, ajre.Solicited.^. Par.g  DEALER IN/DK^doODSl CLOTHING^ H^^N������J  i   Caps, Boots and Shoes, iCarpetings;'Oil'ClothsJ  ^[*g.^per,,;4c;,%LiUo>el>;B. C s        fV-s, !  THE PUBLIC ������������������^RE.l'^rVrTED TO MlMJ& ^S| ?  \Housel 2; TJi ere! is; (SoodiMeals ;>Oood*Beds ?��������� Stabling  for Horses; Barley, Oats and Hay.    ' -��������� v    ^i^-tV^t  ^R^i^arge;Stock>>f ^ay, * fiatsy w^efit and, Barteyof tfe������ m  b'esV descripUon" al ways on; hoiidj tals^^'anaimQ, ^Eifg il  ItsB| -Blacksmf tjh^an^/Cancel ,Coat/-,Or<er8-sent' iowk  Unibhmaarf; ^ctoria?Vlt-'l.f:wlU"recervc? !mme'diat������ll  Ka||en;iion&fy *w>|sr?J8*f ������r,-������ ��������� ^-; *: 1 ''?'-' Mf  Jl4f  F**^  VA^H^vb^SP'^^B^^^-?%fe?/s' I F-P^N FOR TH.B7A0P0MM0DATi0N, OF THE  rl AWJJt5;;MIiuTZ^^Propnetor;^rhas:n}vfaynitoa A Travelling public; the4bedroohiaTare spacious and  ������.������?da.<terg������;and-s^ airy,and'the^Beds cannot^be purpassed for cleanliness  W$.P V K������l ^^lpundy the^bea^t-B^aadie������,--:OTa'^ and' and comfort by^anvin the lower country ��������� the table i^  begars; the-pubjic. are invited to1 oiUj*;' l������repaT������d to fill: always aUppiied, with; the .bestiof vfctualitf^ G StabUnS  an.ordersp^hipily.-������������'A m^^mM^ && 'M.WMt\ f0^Hoi^j Hay^Oa^anf  ,^^^y&Hers jbthe? ^..n'afia^.de^rtm^efat'^iufid^  the Bar.ifef umlsbed with /the; besi^iiquprs ^ifie&lsvarej  served at all bpursron thei3lestau?ant Prin?4s>!er Sfe  ,-bling,forK^es.4iorse:i*eed, &c^ "-���������' // T/-l:s-/  riHA^ES'NELSON, ProprietSvic/ThiSLold  V/jestabltehed House |s well fitfcecf up for -the .comfort  Of' Jfra vellers|i ���������* tlvft\Tflii������l i*v t^.'anTmftSiit ������wi>������ir^# tf a ^m������ '��������� ������r  ^own'"is. almost" iacreidjine/:)Jand,:Wtaebmia'e.i;fif:Tpm������i!^v.v,,1-a--(I,1-!������-..; -.a ^-.-^.-������v;*i/-^-    ���������-->  *^^;|a^aj|;|8iai^S^^  ,;.*s thus made to ^emmchreturasi^ Not oaly ^brto^^besthoteife  ���������������������'-':ile:-rMaafiw^of:ea^ '^^^JesTl-S^biibrfor^Hors^^^^;^  ���������^^allri^^iktlvfin^^^^^ ':  ���������  '   /t:////-; /���������' I*/  rly;.trifcurated:that Aardly.^ss''^arSicle*���������/oi%gold' ^^k"-^^^^--^-'���������������^.-^^-:."-;. ^t^t^^s~^t; ,^~:  ^?^pei^Gbmmoai^^ ^KTiDGlJGLAS^ADVERa^  w  i  GSN^riX^KfPhotogr^paic^Ntl^^ ra  ment'S5%cto������*; T: I.; Op^lWHota WFrance, P  .yjo^ot,; Qariboo. aad 5cenery4^fpqgbo^feUiah'CoJ.p|  'umbla^mciudmg'vifiwsbf the roule'tb Bjg^ia3/al w������w ^  oh;han*iit Ub%ra! tM&. "^^^*������ i^^^^ru-^-j^ p  celiarieoa^-Boe^s^'^d^ Staple - arid F^ncV iSfatl6n������>ry ins  aU ita^Braiaches '^-^nn^^attelaiid^l^^ts^s'tr^'H  Victoria^ .^anepj^ver J^\a^<^\ ^t^w-*ttf '   ^ vl-3m; p   I  'bo supefiUkuideBce of^aa expierietjced cook;: ihefBedi  ^J?������^aa,aJad eomfortabl.e ;. - the Bar con tains, the best f  of^iquQrSjSegars,' &c;^ "Stabling; Hay;^^^^^^/  ��������� requhfile Tor^Clethi ng;-fiOitab|e-. forf.ic v* %gcasca' ������fitlli fl  :je  ���������1  ^������^-  WM/^ENBERSON;begs to inform hls^rifiajdj  '" " J ajaa-Zthe;irsypmg*-public generally/that ho rhas  , -jlish .Merchiandiaia,;, wbo|ejale^ aud^retsli t'4 eaters lis m  ^n^r.w.-JunelSejcWn'aoviiif^TO  Bank of British Columbia-v'^ lb-; -^- VPyyH l-s- |i  11  p?  T.T  ithe^ter/is'such' also ^^;clean;thdbeo!;foM  ,. ?fib!tbprotiglilly��������� that'^a&^aaderjaymlf**'^  ' ��������� ������������������;' 'ImJ-l]r^^ r*V  ^j3%e:^^Fr^ncis^^ulleyaCs^ ;/  '//>f/-B^^  April? 14th,;82 dayftilromHSydaey,/wejhavej  ;/'4tUer^a^icessi|^ .-A^fraHa^iS^? zi:y ������t-lik&  ; tare' ;iwe; ireceatly ^n^jffi&d^rsubs^tt^tlyy  ^made/his escape, :but^aa^e^aptureiir/ r /��������� \  ----TheTpptilicai4a^ A xTt^tr ^  .^tfpatchfgofe  ���������ihat the-Ministry' wer&Ja'bcjufib: resiga^aad     ^���������-  that the/ca^inbt wbufdbe recBastructeii; '' / :  '���������." The'felectibaf wer^^very. exciting .^Mpa^ty  .feeling ran rorylftgh^Mtf  <4er,6f iltisliee of Victoria/ horae%hipped: Mr.  Jones,' a^^ tailor^whipper-in;to the;Ministry ia  the late;Pariiameafc-^  article ia a Bewspnfjer.^-Tivd'^-tbe^ietoraed:  -ilinistrial members/aireia trouble ; oae of  them is charged With:^b^uptlyt:using' iafiu-:  ^mico Mvthe_ l>and Office aad ;the other-with'  ���������^ou^piringto defraud ia ������mining.:traBsae tion.  ^nd-Alitiisteral/candiMte^ /sysfeemati-  ^ally howled down by brgaalsjed. baada^ The  colonies appear to beiia afba& way geaerally.  '*-yyyy, *���������/; ;;''/-;'^w'/.ZEA^ifp.5'''///'"/.'������������������ ":'���������.. ./^  /The Maori war stiif/cdntinuedi but "/there  are evidences;thafcit;iabeginning to die out.'  A letter to the Sydney *Hcrald' says*: y       '  There may of cours8f. be/ a./'C^a'?outbreaf  here or there, blit aothing very great or very  wideyspi-ead istnow/tpyjbe-dreaded? I think;  -VmyH^u Haii ianaticisni-Was Indeed the last4  hope of. the cause of ifaeri 'nationality, and ite  Utter failure on the JSast coast has produced  the iac vitable xeaul Lot heartily���������disgusting the  iii aj or I ty p f, the peo p IoTwi th the' wa l% ....;.....,,..'..  Ijikc Hie rulers ot Amenca/ our^uarScst  and  will  ,,,--,, .���������������/."--jv-v--;-������������������^���������--- ���������-* ������^w^.aflJ1���������������������������^^c,iMflbrded  Jaeni^ Gpod^.3Beds iand[-,a-���������TaMo^wcU' snpplieli; wit^all  thedehc/iciisofitheseason. *J*ai--Uti^m^^; 1-s^i  |^;' BACIG^ilfeB, Merchant^p^aHfiMbo-  ���������������*������������������< *^efAX������ugLas,.ana^LiUo6etfV Al ways.on'hand a  g^d.;^^bJ(3^^ipns]''&c  t&keirthe above 'Ranch and is prepared to supply ihem  wrth sFlrstvGlass?;Accommodatida;H;������ood Stablincr*for  hprs.es} Hay and Graiaj ,-.-j ;.-'^r^r.'f *;-; -"^' *" ���������-"vi>'Ls������"--  ll"1  x/^MILE  -a*^ A.arj; ������* Troinietorj".. -2;"  THIS HOTEL ISLARGE  Hit  l-2m:  iwV^S1 ^^'^ f^ the^cDOInmodatida ^^TrAveU  U^s tof tho.gridgeRiyer.Mi^ea^ vObodBeds/Stftbiing  Eft?^^-^^^i^MDi'tJ^awS  o^ween this:houseiandiPort Douglas ;ou:fche.QiTiva'tfoE  ge^steamers^fromJ>eiow^and:cbniiec^.witfe tho^ko  ^3>i -A^HcXiBAJfe;/  >-""'- -:"���������" ���������; *r ���������/*'"-" 'Agent:;  g   ���������     K ���������/   ANTJWELL FITTED/UP  A for,the domforfcof: travelers; the Table-is supfJlibd  with the bostiof everything that cabthe procurapanS.  toe cooking is not inferior to any.'oh.'tbovoad: Bedroom^  for famUios;* Stabling, Hay, Barley a������d 0at������;-',-;:?Ki^  HOTEl������S>B3tFBA2^  ^urant is supplied^wiili^ail'*^e d^lisacies^th^Karkcp ������i  liftbrds; iii the' Bar will be'tpundtno 'cnofcesi^Q^oiii tS  Furnished Rboms^'&cA^ ^^' p������jp&v^k*$gr^l-^^-M  ?i^l^ENE:lfi0Sl^^ite8 srtrcet,:Viotoria; B  JlU Vfr holesalc and Retail4eaier in WINES, BRANDIKi ^1  SMJ^;.. and. J^  y?SP.>?������4.S'rwra^e,;l ^������ tho;Miniug Districts. ;:.:.. ;.-.. ..%.$  83;fMIi,E HOIJSE:  .^ WE^ ^CR^SLER has opened the aboye &<ms������tot-  jti Jhe^reception of Travellers; the Table isVeifl<ept  flad the^rjquers ca-nnot bo surpassed1; the Bods -are>\  Stabling for Horscs/$Hay:aniit  clean and comfortable.  Oats.   HteK^s/v'H-:Q:r'.E^,  ,.  hS^W^lr ^ W.fc. STEIN, ���������:��������� i^bovo*.fov<  ?iv^i������PSS - hP^^"iaow Qpen jp;tho public; the Ba������  JjquorsandSegars.;-;,,....;...,:       '^ ; .-���������...;.i; ^..^  JAMES HURON; Proprietor. "This commbdi^  - ous Hotel as asrelljQ tted up with .every- convenience  for the^comfortof; thopubKc: .the Beds arc all that a  weary traydler could desire; the Table'is supplied with  thebesftof fare; the Bar contains tho choicest brands  of-Liquors and Regans,' goodStabUng, Horse Fcoo\'4ats  Barley, .&c.;. . '.;..-..-������������������." -  MHSsMEXN* MTOECe*:j&- DB^asi^i^kn' Governs '-^  'meritStreet^Vibtoria;v.;t"; All kinds6tMilIinejy "M  of-the. latest style keptwn^tcfn^bn^a'nUl1>^,Orderi Hs$  *gg the.cpunjry punctually attended to, , -^l^fl-s    jgjfj  pBTEfi. ^ffl!c^ttXAA>E;- Sbip Chalfif&i^and S  X   dealer,inrPiiinta,;0Uli*aad-'flftadbW-;GIa&9^^A!waT������ &&,  ion handr^a large stocjgof Bope and CahyuM^'"JVliarf Ii  TM:S0qJN'<3-r&;,,O.04-Quan^eiQD Herchaata; Im-* Si  t v.pft|tor3^iD4 Boaless in ^ini'sejGo^s,.Rice;,Sugarl. ?$$  i?^^^rW:0!^?W^sionsK&c.1, Cormorant Street/Vic/ M  (toriafiV/-if., ww* ������>.-v^ -r^rs^AB-^wyw* ^rJ|lan->1;.-^g  7P tQN*& OO.; importers and .BealcnLin" all m  ? Sio^1"-^lE^^Sf ^fthd-ProvJByn%;sJTice; Su% gg|  W, Teas,-&c,, Cormorant Street, .wes^of ficverament,  Jf -W^TBONi ^afeh^al^rV^w^le^  XJ*i;and LEngrav������iU Yatea street,1 above Gov- (���������(  If'^JW20 ''^EMlIX)!- Proi>rletory--TOiyh������6sc-  riLARKSON-*'CfA', IDEJucwisTttr^  \^ Mnsic afad'MusiCal rnWtniaenfe      -  &c, Columbia Street,-Kew Westminster  :3 Wine & SpiritiMorohaats; Bakers & Confectioner?,  .^Published ey|ry'Wednesday and Saturday^at,the/^r.  T^i^^^^1'^^^ * thi o!dgsl newspaper^  BTAVflfft Itscplnmns are regularly  *r^m irJw^n^������fc of;Legislative iw&fledin^r;.:i  tos^-XJrSP?? JP0?. ^trcmely liWral-cond!--  pema ,*or terms, &c, see Express Agents;-  ;;  >-; .-f: ���������;.���������.-,-������������������.::.".:��������� -; ���������������������������;:���������;. *ROBSON & McMILLAN; ">',  -:.;U:;:v:j .S4;: .; Publishers ^Proprietors.;;  Commission Me'r-  lp I^OOKKIKgV. vPaori'  t^, Victorig7/;i; i-s,  i:k  -   '1  :.:;-  y  kJ Junction of?the Cariboo and Big-Bend feads', Is  ^tvellors will findpnees and' accommodatWs tosiiit  Jhe tinwa. Uive them a call; Stablihg,JHay;& Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice a week fer  Big Bend and rale, .and oncea. week for Carl boo      1*  Tf  MALLANOAINE^COLiiCTOR&GENERAfiAG^  t.T ���������GovcrD,nenl atrQc;fc> Victoria, Vancourer.Island."  mm"."~^','' " ���������J"lr"'n^"."IJ'",'*'1""l,ll"''",'i|*"'     r ������������������ni-TT,aS-iTffr:T-T��������� ^T'wirTi^w  f EWISjIiEWIS, Clothier, Yates Street. Victoria,:  AJ fppmte the B.uik ol British North America../ I-s  .MESSRS. CORNWALL'S/' Vi: v'/  T������^IS,WS^ K^T������WN HOUSE, lialf^way between  rva������S?  ^rP?d?^n'i c������nion,'on the' Tale Route,  Trayellemwill And Good* Accommodation .The bestoi  ���������   i & 2J/v<luors������ nnd ������f Wines .Freeh Butter, Jtfiik  and .Ve^tayi^    Good Stabling and cheap feed..    1-s'  f*  ��������� StTTRO "&: CO������- iMPoutERs���������-'AifD*DiiiS33hrB������; //  IX-   CIGAR3, TOBACCO,'Meershaum Pipes, &(?.;8K.i     ,  comer of Yates and Wharf street, Victoria. p  '  J,. B....HAQO-IN* PftveiouN &.Sp^gko������. near cor- : \' /  . .���������ner.or Yates arid Government St8.;,yictoria.;V,I.    /  ]>IERGB t&;SEYMOUR; dealers; in Bbddut'  A., .Fckpituhk, Broad Street, Victoria,, V.IJv , r, 1  CAIRE & G-RANCINI, Hardware & GiiocKitny ' ;;/;  MBKcaAKTs^^ytiarf 3tceot> yiotpria,3M. r> -I;������������      g||  XJ.ENBERSON andvBXJRNABY* MsRcuAyTs; ' ;||  ^V^rt-street, Victoria,'y. I... .r..- ",;       . > ,^4-a    > yg\  /::1  /I  ;J������ii THURSDAY,fMAY 10^ 1866.;,;','  a'  U  ���������tr^T  BETTER FROif VICTORIA/  ! i'ft*��������� frffl'^-'.arfj-tta g������ JJ&'i&.fo.:;i;. #������������������& T^:=>.  ia.-;  ������������- '"'  ' '/���������/:'">:    -'. Victoria, April 23rd/1866.; >  B'      With the^partura^  |������'to^eW^^  B ��������� daKaftei*;^  S commence my epitome ofaews; She brought  B iw from San Fraaciscpl an;d^other places about  B- 150 passenge^^l^^egram yia Jritish  m Columbia le<������s/^ eipeettabout 600; but the;  ���������R-' sceptics amoag^usf aiul theyaumber apt a few,  ��������� at oiice put 'througb <f ...g^* i^ormjat������i  B  arithmetic by whifel^ thcy-set ^dowa ba f ^  B" -liaionttt to^ wiiM/^gg^% ft#:h^W  B  remainder" to^unpremoditaWd ditto;;aad; thus  Rrurnveamthte^  B/ bea ���������f^'������:^t^;W^raK^^?n*  numbers/that really arrived. ,Saturday proy-  ed aVery 'rough"morning/ and/ various were  pflie^oiai^^  1   of arrival^-New Westminster t)f. the boat  which the British Columbia Go.verameafc (alias  /New Westminster} with that fore though twhich  so distinguishes tfiem with; regard to us-lutve  so .coasiderately provided,for,mri Freight  aad passage free, eoastitated terms eagerly  seized by expectant travellers"; ia fact maav  ���������*; tield.back rrojathe Enterprise to flpatrohizef  - this beat -'She has, the reputation of rolling  frightfuUy/audxfertaialy left the harbor with.  Aae^ere HstteVstarbo  Va the hurricane^deck all to port'\. She made  Jthe riia, to' ^WJ^WeBtaiiaster in 7 hours but  took 9, hours tp^etura., y\     / .    ;  s Poor Mr. looby/a well-kabwa writer ia the  -late beaconvcfcTiaies,! has pat.a melancholy  i- end^to a, lately.;melaacholy existence, bycu.tr.  *''/tiag Sis throat, oa Sunday ;;15th;inst;eHev re-  _ f eided for some little "time past at Mr. Wheals,  1^ tailor, Fort street^ aad the laskthrce or "  nights sleptf afMr/Cretney^/ next-door.  himself is Mayor. From the evidence at .the  j������; la^uei^Poe^y * appeared ^^aye^fe^n/wanf  tiering Irouad towii during the middle of thel  night/; soon after last retiring tp\bed Jae rose  kgain;!and '.oa? tfrJjCretaey- getting uf> jfieffpuad  /nimplead.    Such a frightful spectacle as the  i>ody presf ated J do; not wisa.to ;,see again.  'Faacyra'man'half dressed lyiagUMuhis back',  ^hin tolrced u^  throat large enough Jo admit ttecfeacfeed flat*  /features'colorless; arms extended, both hands  aad the ^r o wsers oa both sides red with bloody  was fittiag up in San Francisco the colony;. syas;  8aviag/$1500 a triplet tliis'time^I'say/^tlie/  aobie vessel^as'goingf^ialH fathoms twelve  tjunes fiy^f^jyajo^ae idpfethK'n: jgioe baadred  passengers were pa,&  beea fitted rup; in an expensive andivjery effective style by the Company;? *>*^* ���������' -'v r t;n  r The ^Rntish.CdlumbiaTribune7;firstnumb������r:  has put ia an^appearance, - but through some  irregularity/tfe' second Janii/tHifd/aumbers  have, not yet folio wed.... , , , , .<��������� ,r, ^  rYestefday (Sunday) morning -the towa,;qi$  those^that succeeded in hearing the fire .bells,  turaea'Tout witti some alarni./ The fire proved,  to;Se at?C"leal 8j Restaurah%,' id Grovernment  stfeet/betweea^the 'Occidental1 'andrthe^lioii-  'don House. The air^ was comparatively;stillj  and, judging by; the results, the Fire companies  very effecUvei /,'��������� ������< believe! Botslight" cred^  due to^saadry^vater^tts/being/fil^d^  aa elevated- position;rabbut the^ r^f^a^^eia-  ises/aod ^hich^qn,the support bein^.jburnt;  retaliated: fey'iqaelching^  aad staircase-were saved aad a few itkas. /Lr  Sfceaiil^^-������^#^ R^^#ajJr/  though absent- themselres, had, kind frtends'|to  look after them. The GermansT^allyJseeia Jtp-  feel a degree of co^sangaiaity' stofywdi^Qne  aao therp ^very thiin  eveatOjja rollpf ipap^r; and de^s^^acr<^;  the^ To^^aa^f this before ^ie fixe/haditime^tp^  do niore thani nibble/ at^the edge of j^eceiling  on one side ;;of^the 'Shopl Fancy, Stemlier/g  astonishment on cbmiag to ^lie scene of con/  flagratioa fiading his plaee** cleaned birthftan^  co nteats "ca'rteli ^ away. Hej is t^&a^busily  replacing his wares. ^ Cleal was; insured; and-  has yet^;Ivunderstancli a two years,��������� lease \jjif  the ground... rf ; ,.;,_.._; , .,/"/'; "/? A ^y  ������������������'��������� Apru 24.~-Nqthing;new this^morBiagiibuJi  thelas^^myesterday was theresplutibnconie'  to, by tie-House of-Assembly tfiat-the%eat%f  Salt Spring Island and Ghemaimis as vacant.  Poor Denaes/is thus at last brought-to the  grpuad; ��������� pbl i ties ha ve been his ruin; la's rgreat  -measure; ^ The *Chrbmcle, has lUse^/th^bpLgb?;  but.most' unmeasured ^anguage^.towardsiim,  aad aa iadtvidual writing overythe/slgnatiire  of 'Monitor^ yesterday delivered^tisiprestini  ed, a.parting tirader of the' most infajnous  ajtmse^iib^uspenpugfii Vol bring to; pass - for  truth; while by meatipaiag ao. aanie ia parj-  ticalar he ha^carefully^ia view: the "law/of  libel. .     .;.    ,/-.;.;;  |||fe s'3 m, i-mm e ^ i', y.  ;P;^SB:i?  ^*!f-;K-  rAN & LAMBERT, PabPRiBtoRs/  OFFlOE^^KEkyjI^LK.' WlLLIA^s/C^i^/CAIWEOO  yy-~-. \ ���������';//������������������> ^yy >��������� -.���������/-���������������:-. ���������������������������- '���������'���������-__ -���������*'������������������������������������������������������ '\'-!y *,-.-^ -"���������--- 'i-'''ii"-,:y'-i,.  VV'"'.' r-feul^criptibiir'$l 'per^weekr-/'���������>'/ ^  ��������� (Inclndlcg cost of ttcliyeryj)- Payaole to the Carrier.  V/.������-  ,,,,4135^  Marrli^e musfeibeJavburable to loagevity *;  aa-oM maid/?never^: lives to  be; mbre  than  tairfy. \      ;   - v -:   \ ','-./;.  ,;��������� ���������������. ;  ateea-youvjo^k/pnt ibr? breakers  bat daJali^lr^ad^the breakers Ibolcvpat Ibr  ,..,������. , vr r._... .,    ,..������B-*, v    vie'tt/'; <y "���������'���������,- /v-/:"l' ,������������������������������������=���������.':'.-'i'~C'- ���������"������������������'������������������'������������������;.-'������������������-": .���������-'. :;',:-^;-.^v.,.;. .-���������;,  Jl������e.^������c!������r; aC^ejaquesS*gav^ldence ^?t S;i^^!||g^ii:^;:|S;, color ������nr-her  ���������; ; ',iv$w*,ah.p'������v/< *:"; o"* ..������������������-\.'-  :,/ CL^RO^n'-^WILLIAMS, CREEK,;. '���������  I'.-.'i.'i.-.,  /'. -j .j'.4*-.V':.*>4 -"���������* *---=: ���������������������������;"��������� v.'. ������������������ -f    " '   ���������������������������"���������������������������,  THE:.TEBks'fOF;S0SCRl^ION>tiaye been roducedto,  V$2 per nontb;; above3 40O^volumes -pf New 'Works  have boeu only laUUy adcled to the circulating Library,'  and more i J8'*e^sp^t6^^ily-?1?.Parae'8.; are solicited to  subscribe. ;;  ;; .;< tf-s^.-;l''^^'/V!''V/'''-"'{>^Av*r ' '  1'    -" . JOHN: BOWRON, LibrarlnD^,  -v&yv&Sv.  -^''A'^rtltt-'T^  ^ ^ ~^~;  ^^^;;^^:^.^0S^:ZvI:-E5 /  ;/;^/' - '#;-";. : '..^.t-^tnv -^M^.^^^-v^ ,<*  Ii���������.rt^*4ft.4k'B A.l^BsEsK'J;LtHBi.'.y. m cv :.;;>>v'���������-  -<'3v'-'--'i>^'-^/   :^T/:^l'^:e^-���������J.'#^^'^;^'^',^  //;////;/fe;:>,/-^  ^'-H-i-������^W:^;R/E://'  bavR;1''r6'N, "s/T;'ee!W,.'  .j CARP3SNTERS^&rillkBRS^TOOlJS; ,r  .  yta ,   y,\ i        /������������������;;. ?^ >"-,'>" *^ ^ \*"   -4j(  -1: ii  ,-POWDER, EUSE,.f&c:, &c:'!  ff ;lf vjtifejfe '|/;/S/fiAt5b5'H;;/f /fW/:/ /W--///.: :|:  wiKfci^iViS:  I0r#^i3^fi;  ?.;���������>  r'f:^;:/f|^?A^;h-..^m;;:':':H^,i;-  ''''f ; ^ 'jt^k&iffifl Y^fifffi������/ J ;>, * ��������� - * 5H/-  &, '^.CO./.;iPRbi?BISTO������S.'  4wTf.f4-.;-r������-i������.ji-T-jT������>M'- t'i f;/w>sr;  ->  ,-v ���������?.-���������*-,  >Bi  ;/i/������  .:..j,.uarj-.rti'Sii. -  -'IS  ��������� i'/'x^  . ���������;;^|%:'  ; "s'a  "It was/a most'abuiual," If not an unparalleled,  .casei of 'suicide, for? dlrectaess and extebt of  cat, the cut beiag asuaily diagoaal^ and not!  lasin^isicase;^ severing partially the carotid  ^oa- both sides f, death'; must' ha ve"'- been very��������� raf  ,^id. ;, Frpm������ ^e^^y-ideBcc; addueedr -which  'tended to prove mental depression, excess in  tdrjakiag, etc*, the jury could bring in no other  /verdict :thaa:^;Death by iisown: hands; while  Isborihg under temporary insanity.? J: i ^ !  ''������������������-T4ift-has-been.aa.eventfaLweek-foF4ie-'yicr  itoriaas, tquchiag us ia our teaderest spot, viz:  ' .lour material pecuniary interests. Through  the Eliza/Aadersoa/oa Tuesday moraingj we  were astbuaded witbt the iieWs of��������� the^rfeportebl  loss of the Labouchere. A majority of the  peoplo.appearei sceptic,, ia view pf the wsu4  :ally ���������yery/meagre: telegram; /The .state of  euspease remaiaed as great as. ever after the  arrival of the Enterprise; ba Wednesday, as  "the wires were do wa.^ But authentic reports  reached the Hudsoa Bay, CoJy of this unto-  vrard, in every/way calamitous affair, and at  last extracts from. th,e Saa Fraacisco 'A1W  dlaraish our iaformatioa, which at a just Bumming tip may/bb taiceh  bouchere left San Francisco on Friday, about  4 p. m^; outside got into a,very dense fog; it  is imagined thaLsomethiag was also the matter with the comgasses; .in any case she struck  on a rock off Poiiit Reyes, about 28 miles Ni  of Saa Fraacisco 51 was backed off aad foua-  deredia 60_ fathoms of water, bat this only  occurred tea hours after. she simck.-allowing  time to get all the passengers oat; part of  them oa a faftwhich there was time to formi  John Reid had also, I understand, five pleasure  boats onboard? besides there were foar good  boats beloaging:;to, the .steamer. Bat two!  vpassongers (colored) were lost, beiag in,an!  open .boat, the water rough. Verily we are  fated���������while galiaatly tryiag siagle-haaded to  achieve mail commanication direct with Saa  Francisco; and,even while in the act of nagging ourselves, niaking. ourselves "jolly uncier  iiader the circumstances"���������Mark Tapley fashion���������with the idea that while the Labouchere  y>:   ;    - Meals/ready^ at'aUbours//;   /' /  '\''\ %kUFE-.L-DE:&":&1 (b-O-y ���������) > ]  ������������������/   '.   ", ������������������:    b^phfield;,' '- '-���������/ ���������     ���������**' '��������� '  '''���������/ "'!    r-   w&iiti - *'' / ;; J.  \ ���������  j^O^IONS^Gr^CJ^IES^  ������" !> 'vSt^PSfgG^asjfcEt - Gojsasas^ss*^^'^* w*Mly  THE"BAN^O^  PAID UP^CAPITAL, ;/������������������ -    ; t r/, $1^62,500,*  /     -.   (With "Power tovlrterease.) . -:i    ,  ;��������� ��������� -'"X in vkfeou '."'������ :;-  -,������. y - -:     VICTORIA AND KAHADCO; ;   ,  \ ;;['\ I llN^ JBRITISH;^COtTTlVfBIA,^ j Yy  NEW TOSTMINSTiR, YALE, MOuHoF^^SNEL  J������%\  V;'i    1,,.;, ..,y  t   Tr'yt'.r.i  :���������:.������������������       >   ,  -.; ;���������    UmTHB UNITED STATES^ i     r-  I    ;SAN FaXNCISO^i IHJRTLANI), Oreuoy,   '  ONTHE.BANK OP/lOSTRKALi.IN CANADA,,  Montreal, iTorontp,; Quebec,; Hamilton; JLondony Klng������  '''   ston/c ^obburg:,' Belleytlle/' Branllbrd'j  Brock������~"'  'J >-* NV-ille^WhUby/Petcrbbro, Otta^ Guelpb,   ���������'  i\L'��������� a "���������''���������  GodericbjStratford, Picton;Perth,   ,<   ;  *.^ fv^ <-.-.''-'..- -vSimcoe/St.;Catherinea:-y- .,i  ;v.  <)N SC0^Nb~THEf BBrTIBB tINE$Tc6^S"BANK"  ONoIRBLANI^-UNION. BANK OFJBEIiAHD,' LBHXS.D  bW������NGLAND^THE-BANK OFBRTHSH COLUMBIA,  1 v     Head Olfice^Lombard St;,' LonJob.  1 :,C0RBENT- ACCOUNTS opened; fdr?any;nmountrnot  le$s than'One; Hundred Dollar^;,,; ff-;-������  f/fQ -r,*f.fi  V Bills Discouutedand; Cujlt^tbd;,-ajad$\\)s of -Ejcchdh jjo  on Great' Bri tain, 'San-Francisco f:arid-1 Now^xorK*p\ir,  chased: ������������������; ���������>-:*���������$.' ��������������������������� -(��������� f ^-'j &-f:' ;���������;; -������������������ -'<-. ^ -: ���������-/*'-!:i5/, ���������:r..  Goyernment^ nod other jSecuritles receivejil ^vSafo  custody ��������� Interesis^ and Dividends:collected4;;  '/ &ceiyedonDe^it,,orA^  ^<3b!j>bcst Mclfcied antf- Assaye% an^returnsSaiade ������������������'  withias2#hbUrs;^^i^^:^^:^f^,Ki^l,���������0^ n^: ^:>y tov   ���������  .,  |>^)t������fl������f every -dese%U^ carefully ������^sayed> ^ -^v     ..v  I ;Aprii; 1869. <��������� ,V- .v t/.-^ Tnt   ]y ''     *s \>h  ryr yv,:!;>yd yjir .:yi  THE BANK OF ���������  ; Ha^������-Office:^, ST.; HELENS;PLACE:LONDON.  aad'On aa the;;Bf anche? of the, NationalBankiof��������� Scot.  land and provincial Hank;.of Jreiand.^  cjieekr^decidedly.becoming if^aotiputi on;  A sboeniaker/must^be hard-up fbr air when  -^h^Jta'^^ and die to bobt. ���������/;  When people ar# crazy/tb '^i^i^Yfiieiy^ att  tach.no.-consequence to coaeequenees.     -   ;  /What do we seek /redress for ?    Injuries.  W^ro^do^we^fiadit^j1 Xhjuries!:r 1^ .'-,,,     -J  ./���������JVijyjs .^j^jfk^������^e/)^t|er'- S;t-l.r������^������ai������^^nlt  b;t^e/beginingjbf 'sneez1hg;J   ' | //,; ;���������  itiSi I  Way .is.] cow^s tail, like a; swan's bosom?  Because it grows down;  ,<^-    >r.  -.^  Thb tT.vivERSALspRACTicB of:mixing Cliicory and  otheradnlterat j yes with 'Coffee, has very mueh danaag*  ediu public' estimation; what ought to bo the niost  delicious of:Beverages.;/��������� So eflectuaily^havb thb public  been drugged with such mixtures that the trueiproper.  ties hare been lost sight of, .and many prefer a black  and thick infusion to a drink rich in spiriVand- aroma,.  General as is the use, of CbiTeet it is little known that  In condensing the vapors extracted from the berry in  roasting; a liquor is obtained of the1 most nauseous  taste, and of a scent the most unbearable. Under such  circumstances it :is evidently important that all'tho  gas������8 and fluids extracted by masting should be carried off as quickly as possible, in order to prevent their  returning again*to,the Coffee, which Is the case in tho  confined cylinder. , This object;ia<admirably accomplished by the new and patent VConical Coffee Roaster"  as used by FELL & CO., Victoria, in which the berry  is dlrecUyexposed.to.the..radiated heat, and the,vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously. In addition to  the.advantage, tq be .derived by the rapid, removal of  the steam containing the objection able properties,-- tlie  pure aroma of the Coffee"Is retained, the essentia 1 oil  being preserved and not exhausted as iu tho Cylinder  Roaster, where tho'Coffee is required to remain a much  longer time in consequence of tho steaming it undergoes by tho confined steam. It.is chomicaliy impossj;  bio to .retain the qualities or arrest tho'deterioration'Of  Coffee.when ground; The heat engendcrod;by.tho process of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action iu the elementary parts which gradually destroys  its fitness for drink. But to retain the essential oil  which it contains wo have it. encased iu tins containing  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and whiobcan be had from any  of theJ respectable dealers.;. AV0 can confidently recommend those who have hitherto been obliged to re--  fsrain from taking Coffee on accouut ,of ;Sls ill effects;  that they may use our Coffee, .roasted' in the Conical  " men under  numerous  CO.,'  tWeo Merchants, Yates st., Victoria.  A Ikrge supplylof Ladies? fjoqps on; the, way;  BABKH^VII4������E^Adjoiiiitig the -Express OSIoivf  '-v.-'/ :.wimM^ra^  :   BARKERtlLtE, 1  M.  J.  BLACOIAN,  T m 4m 1  BARKBRVILLE,  BARKER V1LLE  BREWERS;  J".  LEWIS  Boot aiid Slide  = BA:RKER?ILLE;  ��������� ���������-,,,        j .'.."'"   '--.;'  '   .' y   ' 1'  JAMES  ���������5  er,  yyfy  RICHFIELD.  HENRY  VAN WINKLE,  Dealoria all kinds of Provisions, Clothing,&c,  jK3-Stabling for Horses; Hay, Barley and Oats always on banJ.  is  rate of a^uarter.ol ibu^por^cent. per nionth.;,���������������������������;;���������  '���������''.v.'.  ��������� iC-.'f'f\ $3)*5^;f% ���������'Xs,-. 1 ys.&iJ'i:m/.:, JT;. ?,%*%. *>**M"$- V!-j t .-������������������  " Gold Dcs-r/Mel'ted' 8ndia^ySuV:^4^etuna; niado  ?within 24 hours in Coin:or?Bars, /'. T ' ''       ':'  '^Ores of every^descripUoiv carefully Assayed., v     ^     \  :������������������ \��������� N ���������B.^AnyinstrucUonstaa^d-the dispesaj of thc;pro-  ceeds of. Gold., Dust .forwarded v to; the pfllcq in Victpria  lor Assay wiHb^earefully attendedHo; j   , ; -'^r;, ;'1.'-'"-,     ,.  yy-- :������������������ y^ f.;v --! "-.��������� ��������� '������������������ --J. 'g. SHEPHERD, Manager;    ���������  :"-yiclorift^.Va.i AprH/lS6S/],^^i-i oi^uiyhs-- ���������r--y  ;  B'^R'^'Ail^^  ConnVitiafgJat :Liilbl>et :!aad^ Yale with; ���������' DIETZ���������'.'&  r KELSON'S for New Westminster &��������� Victori v,  ^  iiriLL^iRRlVE :ANI>;DEPART, front/the office la  VY Barkerville; to connect with the steamer "En*  terprise^ at Quesmdmouth, and the STAGES at Soda  Creek, SVEBY WEEK, conveying, Triusuiie, Let,  TE88 and Valuabubs for all parts of the world, Also,  Commissions received and forwarded by Express for  the collection of tfbtcs, Bills and the purchase of articles to be obuilnod at New Westminster, Victoria, &ia  Francisco or euroute, and returns'made with ldi5pMUob.a>  joh2? b; LOYELL,  l���������s:'<������������������-' -y* Agent; Barkervillo.  ;.-   i  Theuadeiligped Js prepared0    :  ,  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  ;.-PANNiNGS,"-/^  On Commission, or will purchase :any Quantity oa the  :   Most LiasRAi, Tbrms, at the  : *'."��������� ��������� (Heading- Boon;, Cameronton, >.  the Subscriber is well known on >Vi)Uams Creek, an4  -from the confidence reposed in hjm last,Fall in the  abeve business,;he hopes to' receive' the pjitropagb of  the Mining community tU0-^u!fl^^JnftOWJjON- /  ���������wumfiiMimiiii mm "���������"��������� ���������"i"'iwi." "���������w'l1"' ��������� ���������,"I������W" "" "^  NOTICE; ."  BJG BUIfPi BUYnSM qOLUMBI^T  T\tfRING THE MININ<TsEASOK tlie un'!04sign������4  V will be prepared to execute Surveys ������������4*lgjW*  a General AgenSy Business, ^B^OT^  m u  ; ��������� Vic terkv^'^%^^;~~^::^~^^^:ytycy: ^_^  E.;X;ilhiUdaihe  bh'n Borair.  .���������   ���������'?-     w       T0 ABVEKTLSERS.   ^      - '**"*[ - -  ������������������;,,;������    ,^  /. -s / itiust^bef^^liver-kf avihtcst-at fi/o'clook/ p. m., tho dify  ���������* ;^o-tx<3sZ������  ���������/��������� '7 .*<'������ I/, n ->t- f vv ^���������- :if y i fr '/" ii u /;���������  i������aii n^rs^ilMbeirs Wishing to^eml'^rhe tariboo Sen-  premium  $5^000; -bufcas the matter stands alts present  shape; there is<������iot the;faiatest ho������ of any acr  tidii bela^a^en;-ia^e^ni;./^v.!f:,.������K# ������������������ * .&i  i-./ What is greatly^waated; hereyJajaillland  %pp ara^s^oiTtae /cbeapcsV most fecorioinical  mill-^of moderate ~power, erectpL���������; ia raqme  cenir^ptaee^to^whieh rock ceul^e^rousht  //;/;^^  There is no/distillery Jqftpln^tej^  '*, /^riftrstiyennlnu and^ Tot^t^hdno plnce^ere^t^a  front aay^ar.gtveBjpoiat and.tesfedrwithoui  epmp ellitigf"'persons^ to/send/iMjuirOf/ the\  country/at grea'fexpense/c and Sakng=.- alljthe  .TO CORRESPONDENTS.      ' v % y  :������������������:Ai^���������^rtm,mttnle,ati^iii3'^ must be accompanied ; fry' tho  with ii,view of publishing tlie same, but assi*curiiy for  hU good,fqititi >r'f -^ ?;/t/' jQKfe%7 MX ; -     ',.-?���������::[  ;W  THURSDAYS/MAY 10/aHGC.  .:*���������/'  r ��������� ;>w^- ;d^<p^.iMB^s%'KA'c/  . /  . . l'3Bl*daaV������luJnii)i������'aMha(i ttie^&plrience^f  be, hoped; that 1 the. Government "qill see the  errdjr^rito;^ich they have,-lalleaj]tnd will ati  o hei o .set !to ,jwor& tin w': do vise/ ebmeiaean s i:.fqr  obviitingithe difficulties coraplainkd of. Tha$j  sonje;:|ief ibrjf ^j^uld ��������� 4je rinad e$y$pvehimen if  &; enco ura^B Itlae.du^tajErv^^  industry'is'evicteat ^tb^ all/*^iit{^te;ra cans/at  :present^employed to achievef the/icsirOd 'Ob-  Seci; will provoUtterly ihortive/s>}���������K'."' ? '   * n  .^..Jfa^.i  R?; CMJNJSS. begs to inform the Jflnr'rs of Willh.n s  itt^Cretdc^EowheeCredk; Grouse Creek aridjyan Wit.  kZeUhat' she intends civiiig a'-Benefit Ball a������^  Benefit Ball and  ' oa  at-  ' <-*t*    . j , ���������   j.j BARKER VI Lt'E.i   ..tZ ., ;-**-,    ,  ^ THtJBBEK^&; ^A^������ESS,-#ro^e^rs? | ..-  THIS? HOtTSE HAS 'BEEN.^KEWLy FtTTBD'TTP/oX'  ���������. the;Restaurant principle;wlllira;^iew; tiolUie:comfort  vmii  '/lkteal6: at i������UvHbiirs; ;^pod5B^s; J;;^!/  ,'. JBS^ The Bar is ^urnishe,d wltli" 'the'1 liest;soic clien -tof  iMti^'aaU*������egtraV^-T������;;p?:^  :ltl irfelila^erio^ ta^  *   sasser^ who has made-an assignment for the  benefitibf^-tils'Gfcdditors;^^;; .1:i i  \fOTICE"isi'Viiereity -givoni-thai all^persous liavlh^  ��������� JLl; claims agaias> i-be j^ye ��������� nn n>ed Esjta tc{.������ re reques: -'  ed to forward a; statoinentpf the sam% fiuly vcriflod)  ^Z������l"VftH.v^.;i)( V.- ;rJ  Yw::^; -K?^;;'a- 5,y -k^'V^/V :;.yt -  r,H.V.  '��������� ':;/-���������:���������:������������������/ BAEBACOAS ..GOLD: MIIp2S;v^-^./;  ;���������$<������������..���������/ ���������  fe'a  i.(-...-;: A'J-/-';  /faanagemetita^  ":-    She has availea^^ej^elftf atljffie" mo<lefa a^  ; i) 1 iaiices ^(and lias^ !S voa ifcupro vea/pn taeniae r  isiguarta/yeuis.;' it is ,true sp  ;ifrbW'-soliurreefs^&a^^  /: .iiaia63>;^>iitrac^ing^iuore lian a*mere?superr  ������������������?slicialJ attempt has^beea 'maiie/satyascertainino;  ascertaining  ���������^y-tne discover.,   .          ���������-0-  --  ���������    -   . the ' uvjnhtaiii" that "divides ^Williarns"::' ;��������� from..  ^jjiJgPitb.i some xlepth,]^  ov.  pocaag  r--.?.;  ; aintowjlied..^.Sh-fi-ll,*ws, ^ove^r acc&niplisli.; any  :    Satisfactory results Tit thdt*rate-2Ai^>^ ������ ^������������������>-*'l  Bpeaking^ of rquurtz^Qd^stvbffiings us to the  , objectihe,eapdura^men^������fllipse iavprably  . ilisppsed: to the/I Jopeniag^up; of our /quartz  *miues^ ��������� Tt runs thus-; ���������*' Af^remiura of -.-$3,500  * is offered tp:aay'--]pefs6i������:,or persons*wli6 shall  :'"���������" ;"-ilral/e������&t|te^ in  v/^^j^racfr^  eo^sjpp^eifcdfiili^^  dated San Pablo Canca/Unifeed ;S(4tes of ;Gpl-,  ombia;12tti{i&r^last^^  toij>yi>oin Faaama to/ the towa of' F^umaco/  wmca eccu^ed tlife^  "oato say that he made preparations; for asW  cendikig-.th'e Patia river, the/foourh o^ which  is dis*ter^om^  gressed at the: rate of 10 or >2;iailes a duy,  against a current running about) three miles  WtoupaM  ���������a^/ which is siluated "oa the/Kariky of tae Tel^  ambla; afbranc}i:of the^Patija, ia;*?days/- Bar-!  bacoas is,an old Spaaish settleinCnt, arid: at'  pae tinie;igifas no?doiibta place of considerable  hnpl5rtaricd    Tlie towa c6ntwhs>bo1iT'gb6  inhabitants, and 'the ^province/of Vaich it'is  the capital about 300U ""  '!     ]'<  ���������lated in Jae center 'of ah  mining district;>The^Spaniards; took put?  e quantitieslof^gold in; thiS^ocalify, and  after them the mines continued^rofitable nin->  til the emancipation-.of the'slayes in I852;<  smce wliicH tiiae/liiey" 1ia^f������lea i]pW decay;  for; want of W>or/ ������tbe^ negroesjrefusing ^to'  *wprk for-ilicir;lo^mer  still i own the mining Aground. Under ttheir  .systera-'-ofr. pining, they cdmme&cecl at the  Rpmt^wliere the^  obtaiaed, aad miaed 'back "into the hill;cu>  .^g^ow^itsJip^eipe%ea  dirt,   ^e^fily^poljusedipr^^  ^e^pwbarl /!^y thenimjied  until ''i^alMliuife- vbec^e^ooH^eat - to work \  profita!bly| ancl' therf abandoaed:?^tfi8: mine/  They seem to;hayejno;idea of ^iin^lihg, iahd  even now there is a great prejudice am om*  t^:natiyes.against,it;-OT  wbrkeo^by^Mrw lX)!d6nn6r/Ca^^cW(Barr  ker)* and: others are, of the kind abSve describ/  Letters; ^'^aiiiUigbiii^iiheg'Host- t(^ee^X)A^/Lri  yyjiEB^T^ ���������  ���������m-*i������  iy^A3kiMv*:'h������ &  n^M hit-  f'/***.l  /,;';" vk^ncfc'li HEREBy-GIVEN TBAT;;'   ^ ::':  :.)iyi  !J.-\-,r..> --iT.*.-.t?-..'.-;���������;;?-!���������..������.lv'^:r;-.-?^;-^-v>-' *^-"'':i ,;^i'.ivr^M f  gameron,-:"John;A; ;S.|^;;. p;.^'������aklin;(Joh^^. j*������; ; ������-*, r*  J>avicnWilHam^       *,-V���������.    iJDow, ;Willliam>T. ������'/"4* ///'  ^x^^j.;^-.;^/;-.t^^f7;/^-wr^; :V- /,'..//f ;t..;;---  'Forfl. ;jHme'9,::;r.iv -:y:yd;y^wu!vlIn,-;,Julius^V ;> (2);^'"'  'Fcrtuh^H;"^.'-1;  ./(2)'"%// ; -���������'."; s; ; ^ ;// ;  ''Gilbert,' James/" *; '' '" ��������� 'J':l^^eniriff/XiSl&a??^: '  ^iiaUah^Jatn^S^  iHathaMtey/<G; :1^\Tr. f>��������� (2)* 'Hdw4-lls| Isaac// TP* ������V: 1^;"J. /':  'Ku'z9Bf������Kro.dri(;k''Oi.;; :(4>;sBun^;Gebr^j������-S3|i^ &t>v|;  Herser,'^,W;; .-Ji- ... v..:,;,. ;f/: ,. >-r.:,----~^--^ ^r;>->,r- ';>|  4pb, Jonathan ���������..,.: -v; i / ���������:',, '���������/���������> Jpnes^^Andrejv: J;^ t^ /,>������/;  '^^%j'.l-i^;;^ ������������;'(?)���������*' r^Yj^Vh^ ^^^^^,7-;  Lawrie,- Thomas   -v v; (3),;<'>Llpsett, Isaac f'   vi'������ ^s  Lewis, John W.-;       ���������'--'-, ?  sa^gr  ;'*��������� ������ari^tf ^.d^bt'lS^ ^ the^lapse of  ^; The MUrta be'ia ww^^^ *������w^ ������������^ ;+k������ i,  ������..ti������ .*__-,   xL i %   .:���������;.  .."-;:/; ��������� :'^^Bde������wha^goo^  :.;; ;v;.!T.oiB& 5for a"m^menfe^u{g6so-\|^atf^������^^  ������������������"-';':���������<)!* peraoto"*Iw'iU^  ,^^^wb^  ;;.'. / "^e inwc: s^iengj^  ::-....--"-'������vcr: yet beeii]fpiind in  Or^will tliey;be ihduced^oHry, sacbaa experij-  f ^���������meEt^aa - experimcat ;tnafc.ywould cosfc *afc; the  McCarthy;D'.^J.-* v McQueeur'Buhciitt   ^������ o/  OrcharJ, Nath.fi   /-?^;-J   .'-.i- L;     ;  o-,,*-;!';.;./ ^  Parsons,,Charles* ;,;,   ; > '^ier^e,������Geprgory'i,-^������-. *1:  PaJmcri Gideon, .,���������   ,,  j-.j Preston, .George ,^^^.,,>'  Redgraye/S./ ������/ ,/<.,/r t1:;      Robortsan,*John.- .,    7, t/ J.  Sam.aon/^.thu lv , ->-:;��������� ;%P 'JSteye^^JijiaU;fJjf ^r'^jfi^'.','  Sb^ner/Mrs.:;-.^-,.:^42)%?'Stewart,rArchibfrtd B.% ..^.;,  Vaughn, W.' B.  , ,,lt , Vieth, GeorgcrA./^ ^,*-/3);  Wiiitcomb/ H.if../ . / (8){; Wood/ Silas, ���������  / / .ij, i| ;J ^'v  ;WBs^;^mes;!'/;-:;'���������:;. :>-il--'���������������������������-' ��������� -  *-������������������ .-.-.-,���������-,-���������  Tersa/ Chisley /:-/.,;/l';;.'(2 j  ^ ;, * - .", . JlBGISTEREp; ��������� LETTER;. -", /-, ���������..,:.    -���������  Xindloy;33, JL y;    !      /:;;,;- -N-^DV*^^-vi  ���������;-i^   .-'^uy-r ..vui.;-   i-i  v   ^J JOHN^BOWRGK^  ?and^lri/^HJ^ BOipi^N ^jll -b^^Act \v$ Postmaster  <yj  ?yij -*| i  v- K<'tJ^i/{   ^v1WM.4GEp.;CGX/?l  ^���������^Bieb%5jl^iBsvl������*y-.i -V^-"-/"?/rri-'V'**;��������������� ���������' /^ - '-.   *^*-,?��������� ���������������-"  ii;������5'; ���������''"|j^'^l>!|^'1r'/"'::'"  Is*: w.'-v^'nvW-. ? 1������.V l&������ ,in. ^-���������-  t|^^^t)^5^^>I^I^EI> -HAS OPENED' THE' ABpVE  'I/^Hoxel������arid Restauranti, an'di is now prepared  tp-receiye^Bpa.r.derS; by the week, pr day...;."        , , -r-  ,. J8������~.-Xfirst-class COOK.;ha's b6eof'engaged" /*'1  ';:' PjJrtieswishin^: * 16 ��������� BoViirdfout thia season will;.flad'^U.-..,-.  'to-their-advantfigbto ''-gjv>������'Mrata'^l^'iaahis'hoii&e:'.fer.'!(  ;cleanliness;Tattpntic������.t6xOTSton1ers^ and;a gopd?^Tabb',  cannot be excelled. ;   ,    ,'*W ������;-.*#*."  t:;;    ^Iliiilfe^   . WffOBESALE.jAND RETAIL * ������BALERS  IN/u;Lfl  ^������������������' /:;.;/F^������u ^-.a^-KiNDS^pF ;������/;.r^;-^:;,,;;:H;;':  ��������� t'..'i&������;t.'i  Acting. Postrrjas tor^i: i  yoT  4  gaht sum^fpr^thl������a3ySncem  % Most cgrta:nlyliijb'.t.;;; if ^uca^^eacl^pula He  ���������discpyeredSas would. justify, such/anr out!ay  " i twould iiot be;'the injiiceihe'atit&ld^oat/ by  v the Government, were they evea-five times; the  amount/offered,' that would effect the/purpose; J  .Men aad1 mcaas would bo; Speedily found to  carry the work thrbafehv^ithoufr any eleenidsy-  n a ry; \ aid.' -  If ; th e Legislature had con teni-  T f- lated,-while' ,drawing;up the resolutions re-  iuirrud.tp, that.ppople would be found so ;der  .roitlifsaase as to. act. oa the conditio us laid  down, they certainly took .good care to pre*  vide thatithe time aliowectfor coniploting the  structure should be so.sh������>rt as"to preclude  tlie possibility of any applications being made  ��������� for. the proffered re ward. -   Are .quartz lp des  so easily found and prospected, and the ma-  jihiiicry so speediiy transported in a:coun.try  like this, that a mill of the capacity above  laid down can",be_;put in good; running ordei*  in the course of &, few -months t   We opine  . apt;   We are sadly at a loss to know what our  "I w or thy Legisl ators were think ihg pf when  tbey gave their sanction to', such* a resolution,  unless it was done with the view of ^aaking  it appear that they were very desirous of fostering the   interests of   our   dear Cariboo  csuritry.   If ;this was their object all we can  a<\y is,, that, the .vei 1 has/bcea,.. too transparent  ia hide their' eq'uivocation 'from the eyes of a  <i eciceraing comm ani ty/   : Th ere would ba ve  K������on some practical good in the resolution  cases amouatiag; to^thousands of (dollars/is  ajjcefesaryj to remoye the lallerisearta/aad^/ex^  ���������jpOsethe/ibank^wheres work-wa^ Isus^ndedi  Froni-this point it isrexpected that pay dirt  ^y^fiv&Jffi*!b\ -Vf* O^Gorraor was at work  about six inoatbs before his^.mine^begfin to  pivy?"^His'is;; certainlv very richi}^3Ie": somei  times realtes/as;;rnttch as 40 a,a4 abounds of  gpld^pr ,a week^wbri pfr 30 handsi./w It^ ap-  p!earsl Abaft ..*his is the /only Sniae which aas  been;well opened ;pr is paying^largcly.^^      <  v^lThat there arelarge and extensive. depos������^  its of gold ia that, vicinity I suppose there is  no doubt, .but"the impression prevails that  many of the banks ciiaaorb'e worked owing  to the 'flatness of the" country"\ and tho great  amount of water which falls here. O'Connor's  claim is sufficiently high above the'bed.of the  river to be easily worked, but many others'  are not; /besides, ihey are owneel by private'  individual^ many of whom have large tracts.  In order to work the mines a contract aiust be  made with the owners, aad they exact exorbitant rates of-rent.    The established rule appears to be, that when aminer prospects, on  aa average, 20 cents or more-to the pan, the  owner receives one-half of the .proceeds, the  miner paying: the  expense of working the  mines out of the other half.  ,If itrprospects  from 10 to 20 cents, the owner receives a third,  and if. under 10 cents one-fourth.    Rather  than submit to such an extortion many have  gone back to. the interior ia search of good  mines and bettor terms,    tthe miaes-around*  Barbacoas are gravel diggings, and the pay-  dirt rests upon a species ofsand-stone entirely  different from the bed rock in California. The  gold is what is known as float c   scale gold,  and varies in size from minute particles to  pieces as large as a cucumber seed.  ?*������ -"GOGSuAXEMEN WANTED, to report at.Quesn^^  Jd *J;���������! mouth before the "Tentfir: (1 OthJ^of May. -'Six  months ��������� employment;,;, Wages, Sixty (60);;DoIiais;per  "'--'"ry " '11 -.;���������-:      ���������     - EDMUJvD -CO^WAf; ';- = ..,  ;���������/,<��������� ;-o^':- xtir'.pu* ]./:-i'; ..>*-������. i*\i& Assistant Engineer^ ������i  ;uQucsnclmouth, May 5th,. 1866..-,../,-..\-% ;,$i��������� ->^r,l-  r;?';-  ;B O QWi S)������ &������*$ H OES,  i.5T������t  Beg to call ihe.a^tentibh of Miaers an&others  . ' liOfthBir full assortment of SCFJSKTOH. GOODS  ���������?K.  ��������� which; will bo soldij/  ..*a^  Vf-ite  ?/  i'-liJ"  !l  ?o"ft  Gfraiiitt^ Enter tainment  ���������tsq; iiuumaCMo bilki  a  A-GRAXD EXHTBTTIOK of thcKOBLE ART of SELF  ��������������������������� DEFENCE will be given at boring's 8a loonuCa'mi.  exontown;, on .-.Saturday Evening, .Hay, 12th,- iS6e;;oa  which occasion the following gentlemen will; appear :.> ;  .Mr. GEO. .WILSON, in a. Glove Fight with any man  In Cariboo, for the sum of $500;-. .-.&&������** f  Harry Sharon, Geo. iFAimmoTiTER: :" '"'*���������"'* '*{A ^n ������������������  DAWIKf. MORGAS,   WllilAMM^uiASreV   '"    : '";'-i;i' '  D. Davis, B. Benjamin-; ?.\ .��������� .���������y^i-r-t,  ' '. ^Skoeok Pipbx, D. Ei>wards;    ':r:-'i '"���������  _.   ���������,.'   ,       ' M, R. AttMSTROXO, Wm. PHtLtrrs.  . -The Entertainment will be interspersed with SONGS  and MUSK! suitable for tbe occasion.   ;       ��������� :: . : ������������������.;j.--  '  3ig Fun. /Everybody, Cbitne/  ^ / /'  Admission, rnmt-Soats;$2-; Back Seats,, $1.    Doors  open, at 71-2 o'clock.; -commence at������ o1 clock;: :/  to,miike,.fo6m fpr % NEW-.StOCK:>tb' arrive 'so soonlas  H fi&v:y^ ,.iUjJiM^iejR6ads.^e^opcnV<)tu-v% pMhR&$'  'lyjjgESS?. Liberal: k\Vowanee wi!r*%'et ^niadc to  Uesteuran"t and Hote^Keepers^Snll' the Trade.'^nbriliy  on large orders. f,;.i?i .'?;i*' ">yzkbi v..?f;-;* *,* "ti'yt:;^mi ������������������  &-..Y*������*���������:; ��������� r.,r >Barfreryalle<.B.-Cr,.^ ;^.  >������������������"���������- paXY^ & PATERSGN/ PaoPRTEtoas;  ���������-'���������'ilii  i-^'      ���������'��������� ������������������   - ��������� ��������� "* -v '%l\.��������� ������"������������������' ���������'~*tfi:r *   -��������������������������� ���������   ���������-   ���������-[���������-.'���������'.���������'���������  Bvcrythlng is done in connection with this establishment to give satisfaction to,the customers:'  ' ' ���������^* Meals at, all liovirs;'. .���������/; . /��������� ;/1/  G-REAT ;ATTRACT]^]Sr^  y ;-EVERY. EVENING, '.^v;/://;/;/  AT THE  FASHION SAL,pO#,  BARKERVILLE..  T  ^E H:a:H,A,  ���������: ''Xlyi '-^:'.^;R^ERViLtB,;,,.\\j;:/;v;' /  I  it.i'i    V,X<-   V;---   '.     . / ������EALERJ IX    "���������.������������������;;^;   '/|   /;;/������������������-.   ;  AssortedXM0rii^&ii^ze  Wholesale and Retail. 1.  L;  MOUTTET & CO.,  WHOLESALE & RETAIL  To SuBSCRiBBRS.���������The weekly subscription  for the Sentinel will be $1:00. payable to the  carrier.  i  ^���������The best of "Wines, Liquors and Segars,  and Good Order observed. &   -'  2 MARTIN fc OOOK, Tr^r:-?',    ;  RICHFIELD, \Villiams Crock, B.C.  E HAVE OX HAND a largo stock of Provisions,  Hardware-and "Vegetables, and arc determined to sell  them cheaper than any other store on  Williams Creek. Come ami see and judge for yourselves.  Bicliud.l, May 0(h, I860. 1 .^s^^ff^'  i-mcyy  p-TT.3- /;///���������  ^-/���������iiti  *ad  ������'oa  pat-  ���������-���������/://  TTO^i^^/^y^>;^6fe;  /^  the  rtnjj  Seaa!  FiBE^Yesterday;f������re'at>.on a6oat;ll o'clock  &raei;e:w&rfi|se^#ot&^  t Eichfield b>lqagingi|oJ^r.LPark ^ alarm;  vas sooh^givln ^$^i^ door1* was - speedily,  ur  h  he/.  pie,,.consisting;'of lawybgo/ks,. papers, b,edr and  * ei(li'ng^&e7, we^ejjcoiapletely: destroyed.- It  i believed/thesfrre-iqriginated-from soraecom-  ustable1 artstefe* feeing^ left^to^cio^tq the  tove/^ThoJc^e  [ing saloon at the tfee/^ arriving at the scene  "astra&ihe^re^as a^itoiheig^/taTew/feaek;  is? heafrfca wry complacent"manner and  "tb:a/Si^^Bg'giggIe:^af ;fiea)r(d^^^TOrk^  >ockefc7? ��������� -B v: dint;of theapplication of tbeebn-  ten ts of; sarin1 ry ^ wa$r/6utt������/ in/the ^vicinity  the surrounding buUdmgs/werc. flared; // ;  Cariboo Views���������Weexaa^e^tla^f^ntlieV  'hbtographte/Gj^le^  fjhighly gratified* at1 seeiriglBuch a fine collection i j  l������5f welfcknown/lbcalitfes' b^/Williams Creekl  ^Kknd: ether;pOrt  S^^Srelthe Tcsultof'"Mr. 'Gentile's visit during th e  ^^^patter. part of ?last;^seaBOa^andt^e^ectr.credit.  as ������ 1//JHttn; th a apfiafcfWtf truth fulness^eattty��������� ttP ������* '"i ^������������ ������  JTo'fcnb^ who" are  has j nci^easedj t^o ^water ; ia: the; '��������� creeks/ >. an^  giilclies to sucb'an extent;thatwork in sorie  instances has b eon temp Of awtypuspeadedt tLa:  Stouts Gulch 43ie: surface water is doin^'a  - great deal of --baring to -the 4uanelsfr causing  them* tovcaye, h ut th e p wfner^tier^ ag'* every  leaQ^VTOV^tu^i^^v^r on* by ferine ofi  flumes, and expec^ to- get  to worlKagaitf ini a/few/day si^^ srtffbhe/sens^  the^grafiiMincrease? of water is/doing^ good  to WiUi&ms Xfreek, ia'so far; as* cutting a' channel for itself is-concerned^so^that should raiiL  sot in, atod- &saaUiej^rise bfe/the!^nsequenoey:  there *s aot tlie same; degree of danger to be;  apprehended!from an) #verflp;wqas,{if^it^had  'risen all at once J ^Tne Bedeck Flume co'yv  have been ebl%edto! suspend Slasting-opera-  tiona,' ani���������������ee1 ^ow/^ngaged rurin ing/bff the;  debps accumulated ia large quaatituis/;duririg  the winter,; so- spojiii as:this^^,i&acconiplished it-  is their ^nte^tion^p ^Bt^ ;grb1^^  tnr6ugK;\^e o'Kl Sfeel >��������� ^grou^l/"'^^^ iiave  nothing acw tot record ia the shape of minirig  aewsiince/our Jast Jssiiaj, other than that so hie  claims^which were busy at work * then, nave  had to stop on accouat of too^much^watery  Of a verity in no case/isvthe (force iof the old  proverb; il It a ever rains^foutltpours.^moije  jk:'=V!:.> '-.^^; ������������������ ; ���������"��������� ^.y.lyv Vvi,J.  fpuat ;a^uson^ap^  vdf. thef Labo������cb^e^an!4^aay I 'pf^ j^#pas?en-  'gers/ arrived pn" the/ Orcgofi;; Jtoib; Saa'/pranH  tcisco^ Jtjappearsi^bat after 'tnSi ship/sirUcIf  tfe: first tpie she ^s/backe^  .iff,J>e,onl| slignii^|>^urecl. /^Jhejl^ak:\fasja  ^^htafRijir, ani th^vyi?ss'el. was 'easily/kepi  freeyhy tlie 'puinps. ;���������/ ^Tte.^ the;"fii's;t alarm /ha/i  subsided,!Capjtjwpiia^jtde;cid^d; to\ lay "to,ffor  the^emairider^of the night/ and, the, passengei-s  again rerire^to^eir^befths^^^^  only to/lfe < awakened .however,; at /balf-pasf  Z p'clo ck^on; the fol lowiagf morning^ by the re/  t ppit thatia new ie^lc^hacly a tavte^^aii^ tSc^yes:  "^"ItiWas gojngl dow&|B3|fiy^������  staa^ngj^acesseat /pUtiuping,^ the .fires j were  ������  itheartistT^rHruthfuli^ss/^eau  S.  M:  ^^gleavmg for England expressed adesire that a  ^Slull set of these, views should be procured by  |lll|#Jo^  ^������tibr-ary; *;This .hasapt yet^been done,'Veliope. I  ^ffliowever ere long to hear that his Excellency's  ^������v^isKee ia this> respect Sre reame#buir as- sbch1  Mflii a^cqiiisitign^cannot bu^ greatly, add to the  ^^attractions joii thatiusefal [iastitutipa.11;:y *. %;  ^^f/Wuxt Bis; ^P^ek ,/Bed; /Rock-,' ^lo;mb.~A  ^^preat amount-.of labour'-feas -been ^employed  ^Moa this work? since last Neverabei'/ over 500  ^ffi;eet;has: been "cut thtongh/solid lied.rock and  ; /?ipNSaaie;fai^40^ idt}", which,;- averaging  ^g|3-feet ia'depth/had 'alLto ..'be "blasted/; over.  fflltlQO kegs of powder-'have/been-used for the  //^urpose^v Tbe;wbrt^:aow complete^ up to'  ^HSfouti:ets';stow^aa  imaiore will put ^  igl^art^  ^'^no.t take them.lon^-in^coi /^uring.  he winiert&> irien have  been^ steadily/em-  to^ wash-with,/aadi now aa^aaaay iastaaces  there-istpb much. ,     ..- -; *'- f  "- '"* * _      ";-f  vsJXo-laterJiews train Grouse creek.    *'-"  *,  JJ ",/';./'-/���������,; .;.,.*.- .fresh^steike.--���������/r/.i-(f,;^;ivf;,.  -/The;California T  referred/to^in Mondayfs-report; yere/vvait-  ing for waten, havejibw comn|eHced|^shing  tbey cleaned up :yesterday nodia 33 oaaees of  J^^S������/<^^^^aa|igapJ jthe/ spring&eshet[  Im opemng?u]j2 ;.tief grpuadf  tid-i*.  The/ folio wing ;is;a/^tatem������^t;^f^fte;  |impunt^of gjpld di^t^^rchasedf^y theSaWis  |da WUlianis/crejdk;^a^^/them sent ^elow,  from 1st January t������ -8th May, 18661      /,/.;v ;  ;;:;; 318:924  very coarse /gold;   Th^conipa^  iithafed-iB^tii^vroar>bS^thie^ Eas^-^aace^cofy  aad.*may-;ke /strictly^ called4 a//Mil claim.  TfeC^ledpaia ^ofewashod/upvyesl^ay^a  ���������ouaces.//iOf,vy������'   y /'-���������?.<    ,    *   ���������' ,.-^'-i   ^   s  #iink.of British Cdiumbia, for February  "��������� '; do.;   .    :"v:do/''-v'\."';^*fdt:lIarch;.i  i db.?, -^  &>y ,^t\* ^the>8th-May,  .38,000  $145;294  /  94^92  r-ym  m  iBank of Britlsft^Nrirth: Aijrterrca'j jbr/theyear;;  * / /I866^ent bl3lbw^th^a5v   \?V\^t," ';- v:?  JJ^^The J>iaces arid/Mtes (oif ^eidthgHne  |Spring^s&������^e"minp^  '[ment: *Gazette?cas under:: yt\v Ii ��������� ^4 :y -i:-": -1^..  ^;.>.::.Iiillobet^/:.:.^r^rd^:"i������.-/li'th  -y Quesaelmpath^ &&8o-- -'f 1st Jiae^/  ���������/ Richfield!,: ;:;- r::^;/46���������^^8*h;.|ttu^ ;../ ������������������  ; RThe Court will remain on/ ^iUiams rCrcek  l|^������antil; the= ejScT^f^faly:er>egtoiag of^igust;  ll^Hand. tempve/ts/fi^e/ central ������������������ jyeint' oil' the  '^JgColnmbiatHivor district about the middle/of  '���������l^^gAugusfc. ' v " ������������������' -y   ."   ������������������ -/���������^/���������.-V.  ^sr������Tho Chinese are not bchiad their white  rethrea ia taking advaatage/of the times.' 'It  ^^PP6^!*? tnattne. whole or our vegetable pro-  |S^acts in daily use are held-by the children of  p^Btne flowry kingdom; who no doubt seeing a  ^^pne opportunity in aa Increased demand for  l^^prticles of that description, have raised them  P^^fe least 100 per cent; patatbes that were sel-  .������3ing a week ago at 10' cents are now up to 20  Scents. ���������������������������-.'���������=..���������  Wfflffi       ���������      ��������� ."���������*      :/'-;:���������    ���������'   /.-/���������'   . ������������������.  ;/M': Scarcitt of MEAT.���������There is not a pound  3������f beef or mutton to be procured at any' of  Hi������he butchering establishmeats on the creek.  mAt Richfield we believe there is a small quan-  ptity of fresh pork, which sells readily at 62  Scents per lb.   Mr. Toomey and Mr. Clark are  fl)oth put after cattle, and are expected back  ^|5q a few days ; until then we will have to betake ourselves to the old fare of earlier times,  beans and bacon; for a change.  Spakrino Exhibition.���������We would call the  attention of the admirers of the noble art of  self, defence^iio. the anuouncenient in another  Kcolumn of an entertainment to come off at  M'Loring's. Saloon, Camerontown, oa Saturday  ������crening next.  ���������$M "��������� "     -��������� ���������    ���������     '������������������"'.'���������������������������.��������� ..  WS- x,^* P* l?ifczpatrick has been arrested on a  ^charge of conspiring to swindle C. Wren out  igof $5^8 50 at a horso race.1-^^. 'Chronicle.'  ;;;;g6ld commissioner's cohri;. '^ \  Uik>W& ��������� ./:&.'���������J'i-J��������� ">JL-iL  Htf;  ������^.L.4  r<!/--  i      7*k y      (Before W; G. Cox, Esq,),      ,'*���������     J ���������  ���������-/\\   "'*,;,:  /'". /.Tuesday, 8th May,.lSG6\;  , /Aurorarco!y <vs.-Davis coJyr-^Thisr was/af  ease appealed last: hUfiti the/Sup^me/ (^urt:  The Aurora ce^y, appeallants^  dayto^e^old^COmmisslojne^  tioaitp Tes^rdmObealJayisi cp/y, resppadents,-  irpnl I^rkiagiSbe/groua^m  appiicatioaxameiup fbr*he^ing^is%0PB?ing;  JBpth parties wereT present;;//Tho Kremaa/6f  ;tae/Payis ;co;ystated* that ti^ey 'were jiot, and;  did apt iatead;working tne groundinjuispute  atApreseat.^Shei Judge accordingly .granted  the injunctioa. v . 'J ? '"?/- ' C>r /'��������� * "\, '* *' ���������" i ���������  ; "XL* Goldstadtc/ys^ 1^/Curry.���������Thia was" a  suit to,������^7-50^ b^  plaintiff fbV work dohe/fpr d.efendaat in ���������.t^ie  Forest Rose co?y/ In ^onseaaence of the abr ���������  sea ce> of v aa>i mp ortaa t wi fcqess, -who-:-was dbwa  country;) the ^defendant askedrfor a ppstpon^-  ment of the case until his arrival j which was  granted!"  " .'" -' ..-'        . ' ���������        '/.-���������"'"  -.- ��������� ������������������ i  X^^^^^LS^T ^Ip?^|������IlBTA:Ili  m iea-ibs.  Flour;  Sugar,  Tea,//--./;  Coffee, ;  Bacon,/  Beans^l  TobaccOr/ "-'  Butter,,V.;;.;/;.������  Rice (Chiaa)^  Nails,  Picks,./  ShovelSj-:  $11/00;:  h-^20������  ������:.;  ur  To@:$125  'To;::,:;/;/.,;,  put out by tlie water .whileih^shijgwas^jnib^  aing towards the land, and frpta that' tinienn?  'til she'siiak tlie ^esselday ;like a/log\/in thq  water;^The|tefe  rReid -^ere launched and ill led ivith^jpassengers,  and rbwe^d fey means of felats Htaken \ iroiaXjtlie,  berths���������there bei ngnoioarelfqEthen^  the ^passengers; w^ere ^debatingv. a/ whitehalj  ;bioat was" qauglit beneath* the^ stepsjby/tlie se1^  ������n^toXine steameivaa^  je4-'mc^ Ta*ylprJ ^.a barber,)  an d -T/Xrl-'tfar^eii^ drpjwn^  ed. - The women, and cMldrea^ were put ia the  first'boatf ������6 leave &^^u^f^^isaiwasfffiadai  $&r 'this boat by some of ^the^assengers d)at;  Capt^Moaat drew^bis/rey bl^r?aaftiilM^atene8;  to fire if the fellows 4al not fall-baqk;^ (One;  accountistates thatithe captaiafdid ^re/at one;  of the muBneers;) but ��������� a? aay rate; they fell  back, The work- of a^aadoning;the ship weat  on qnitely^aBer this J iMdentil T/Capt Mouat^  . was,- the last man; te leave;fti>e;^|p;;^5B������i.f ex-,  pressed a, -wish-to go i d owfcwith.^lier���������' and; Kadi  to pe{; :torce4d in to the,. 1 ast[ b oat" He *t> ehayed, i  as/all who new the ;m an - believed he woiildr  4vith admirable * coolaess^bravery������i aad^fbre^  thought throjigaoutfl^Jw^ occasion  ������>ne y or Sy,o������boals/wer^ /upset' iia ^^fiiej^surf  while tfae/passeagerSf were laadiag^ ;ibut aO:  lives were lost;    Orfreachih%������sbbr^it^  sengers had to -ascehcVta^ocfey^^^ a  mile, aad^a half/befpre rlacliiag .a .farmhouse;  ^While on toisbluff^  chere^ go down; and^many Victorians^ shed  tears at the raelancbolj/siglil/: yh^passengers  were kindly received'by the i^niei^Lnd prp-  videcLwith all|the comforts^tha&ttie/r country  afforded^ IA few/ trunks .{were brought-;on;  shore frpmtLe wreck;/cfiit were broken .open.  iin^robheu b^loHd.-^illaihi.^\ ?QnfSatiirday^  the/passengeiS: embarked^ oa/lioard the^tuo;  Rescue,i (sent?ifrpmiSaa^Fraaciscp by: the;  ��������� agents of the Hudsoa/Bay^mp  purpdset and return ed to tEe Bay "City.���������Vic. \  fGhronicie/-"-:'v;r^^" ^--���������������������-*? -: /^^ >--^>.^- **  / Thc^San^Frjncisco^1 .Biilletinr: sajps: ;Tbe^abbucnere;  was a'remarkably strong vessel, being"builtof teak and  oak.   She was constnicted en*the Clyde and ca me here*'  in' 1858,- but had only recetftiy''beehicng'dged.in Running  between Victoria^nd this 'port;- this;vbeing.her sccoutl  tfip^r' Her engines wcroof:tho best.qu>ility; bctiagthe  gaimo that took tho highest prize'at the .World '^Fair':at  tohdbh iu 1S51;-, She was valued atiibbu"t* $150^000 ah(i  hatta cafgo of: general-merchandise$mauifcsted at 010;-'  62Q2&   It is impossible;��������� &, t this' l line" to ��������� tellwlia t \yas  the'eause of the disaster Land" who,'/ if. any ipne/ was' to.  blame in/lhe premises.'-' ���������Thek������hgiheer:says tbe-compass J  ,was('6ut^ of order,.^nd: some two, ppintsrou^of: tjips way;  Iwhich. may account.for;,the steameirgollng so near tb the  shore> -.- There.^is.-:.no'i4^Ut\buty-jif-'there had- been; a  1 ighthouse on' Pol nt Reye^.tbisTdisaster would^noM have,  happened. ' Ten'/years ago- anvappropriation was> made.  for the erection ofa beaconclighW'OU^Pointaeyes^and-  ftn iron liehthouse -was; cons tructbd at /great?, ein'ehse'  ~ JTy^T             _.      _ '���������in immnif wv^^iafc rt^L������^i***i    mi   ii      ������wr ��������� iy .  ^IIshw^hthI/^  m/^f^mMl'rka ffi-ms*; Stira^P^esterday  moniing3iaaifri^'leW? drclbct^ tfe1 follow - ���������',  ing despatch- was received by^His,jSxcellehcy  theJjcoye'raor, through the Telegraph l?*e:  -/S//  ; ;/ c / ^ashin|r/tda; Aprif:2d;t866  "His'r^celleiicy Goye^nc^^Eenn^  /JWe thaak yon^fb^yoar kind greetings,an6!  jpiri^uan/j^^fippe;^s������the^;eiiterprise/ the*  's^ccjesslal ^os^chtimrol'wbielr is thus sighalr  ^le(d;tna^?b^ cbntitiued^tfntir it shall^spijedily  iinjte \tiev f wo^ both a  ;'commonJu^*cdx^ gf*;/ -.>���������='.;  ���������Si v -:'; ;/:li>^Jf."^J^^??L',������������������:������������������''���������  r;:The fife bullsinstantly/stiuck*!uji fli merry���������-.  ^a|/^tud^' Eaglisift^o^/A^rican  thfoHyir'fo/^he /breeze(f^m^ every;:direction;/  *MyOT'Fnwaklin read^the^despatch ^S crowd  of people who!,ra^  cjieera ^for /President^rJohrisonV 'fpbm British  11 u^s| reat jthe air/*; The despatch .'left - Wash*  Ihgto n -/!6h^/Vv*edWesyay " alterabdai^^ictoria  ^Cl^icle^AiirU'27.:^ fS^f^^yt^W;:; .  . ,r.      ������������������* \.y!     ���������  '-���������   I...  -    .   ���������...     .- ..      ...��������� . ..,; ^..       .   . -..,.,   ...      ..       ...      ,.    ���������' '-������ <'>..!..  T f.~Sbicii*iT')MwED'^vest^W ivkSa%pnilehi? n- ^  ; wlicTresi'les;in'tli&i sou iherm portion ::of!thc.cUy .called  atbiir office an4ti^tej^.'th.e.a>li6wixi^'^Bcld������it aa hap.  pening to himself, ^and'|khbwihg;him to nea iilah* if  veracity we'iflve: credence to ilia 'Story, and' heafrily  sympathize/with;him;in hls^ti������fnma^*>Shortly; sine;,������������������.-.*  assistance as the;eiigoncitffi of the cuse-might demand.  On-Tdosday n!ght)*'the,������eve.nt .occurred,.and at the^pn -  per time,a" Vjery^yourigymemberKof/t^ejhuman family  wasjplaced iih; thevhanilS^ ol*the^ nui^oto"wash:And dresV .;  t tbat/tbor;  puayA^ttli������>-<i  ly^ust bom. v<$. iAsthis childl^Iiaii notibeeitdressejijibo  gave/it into^ the hands of the uuraa,^uft> instructions-/  tto,clothe ity while.he proceeded after a'polie/nian- ijy  whbn^toJsohd;ihei h'Ulef^if to the Ooutrty^Ibspital. ,  Th^urse^pcrfdrmed*'her/dul^tan^lp1a������c������dutbe"two '  children in ar crib; ani went out of tlie" room It^mnUr-  .te'r to the. wants of the.sick lady.-/ '.The.huspani,after  '""  '" "injeo/;.;  C. ,15:  IloQ  (  icach;  u]  BLACKFOOT MINES.  c&25  I 00 \  w.  We have been permitted to peruse a letter  received by a geatienian ou this creek from  a friend oi his, aa old Cariboo miaetv'. who  has beea to the Blackfoot couatry ; writing  from Walls Walla he says /I bave b6en to  the Mackfoot mines they are better in ray  opinion than Cariboo ever was, and are much  more extensive, the gold 4>eing of a much finer  quality and all of a course nature bringing  readily $18 perounce. The country is very  accessible to the miner he cari pack his grub  andtools on a horse, get astridb of another  and go just where he pleases, he can Jcill all  the game he wants ; I thinks the deer aro in  greater ajjundance than they are on the  islands around Victoria, bear, elk and mountain sheep; are quite pjentiful; the winter, has  beea very severe for this country, the show  has beea two feet deep.       f - :  Mas. Partington's Opinion.���������"Your neighbour Smith, Mrs. Partington, is spine thing of a  connoisseur, is he not? asked tlie doctor as be  looked in.. It was a stiffener of a word, "I  don't like to express myself disperishingly  against anybody," said she,.'"but I should say,  by the way he swills down the wine; that he  came as near a common sewer -as anything."  rind shipped cut herey-ananias? been laying at Maro Island-ever, since; It; seems .that/the owner of/the- sitb  which the Government-wanted- demaadsjan exorbifcanjt  .su.m fbrithe .Point; which -for-a ay^ pther;purpose; is] hot  Svorth accent ahacre;^; Ofccourso��������� nTs\-cxtravagant*demands have not been listened to,->but:;the; Inspector;o'f  Lighthouses :has everyy^arjiiorthe,.;past tenyears,/: in  Uis annu/t 1: report^ urged^.the.Necessity :;pf erecting^ a'  lightDbuse at ]f6iat;&cyesj and, recommended-that Con/  gr-sSs pass; a bill: prpvid ingl: for ��������� the j confiscationr"bfv the J  la nd, to be paid lor-by. G<)vernment at its proper: vaiua-  Lion, tlio^ necessity of immediate action was urged;  .as. the Inspector consiilered^oint Keyes to be,- next to  the/Varalloiics, the most iniportaht point denumdiag a  lighthbuso oa the" TaciGc Ct>ast.:' AH tho.-'ships from  China, Japan and th������ Sandwich,Islands; as well-as the  coastors fnun the.-northern waters,.:makO:Point Reyes  first of any land. ^ But Hie recommendations have gone  unheeded. The'lighthouse lays, stowed away as old  rubbish at Mare Island- and vesselsi contiuuo to -be  wrecked and human lives sacrificed through tho entanglements of rod-tope;and ..tho do-notbiug. policy at-i  Washington. The Labouchero was lost at the same  point where the Oregon and NortberBAT were wrecked  some years ago.  j&$*We learn that the four men named John  Kbss, Joseph Fuller; George Fuller,: and s Jasl  Course, arrested at Lytton lately for burglary  and robbery, were seat to Yale and tried at  the assizes ; ajid were sentenced to ten years  imprisonment.      .;/���������-. ....       ., .  /^^Miss Thurber and Mr. Lawless have  opened a now Hotel and Restaurant in Bar-  keiwille, where they invite their friends to give  them a call. ";/../....,.���������  ^B^Vfa notice quite a busy movement iu tbe  Chinese section of bur city, iit the construction of new log buildings by our oolestial  brethren. " '  jg^ John Trefoy (not Fry as reported)' is  the name of the Coraishman drowned in the  Shuawap Lake. ' ': ".. / ..  ���������proc  ?'Which'onetof*tlfese children isinint^'fehQexelairaet', ;  ^^nie^itedmannerV/.^nie nurse ^was .unable't^ say,.  a hd tfi9*docior was |.n;a si mila'r- flx> * Hepd������was ii queer. - -  dilernraa for/a' jfatber 'of a family to be 'placed iniflle  coUld? not/send-cither of the 'childern ;away tor feanho'y  .might|send?ltiSibwn.son instead of the ;one/left. on ibis  door-step.   Ha did not reli3h! haying twins in this manner, but was compelled to submit to It;    We/have ol-  tea'heard thtit'it ''was a wlsefchild that^Wiiewlits^own  father^ >but^4ir this instance lwe>thlnlc it Wouldrbe* a/  ^wisofathersthatjkneiy^his, own/Child,-^S>:ii Francisco'  ..X^iU,>.April 12th.    'y,,    K ry   r    .���������      ���������     /      <���������  "  y?'A NovEir/lDEA^-The1 *Chronicle'/says-r Gn  ^^CoadaJ|w^iea the? ge^tle^neE'/feb^cc;ted rw-itb:/,  ^e t^legrana laade^  '^i^ani with the|e"ip^of theccablej a/aumber  -of bluejackets acconipaaied them.' Whetilthe;  ^ck^instrumenViwas Sppli^d/and.messages  wefeff ^ansmitted;/tHe: surprise r of{the/ blue^  jackets' wasfuhbq'Undecl(:\ ^everaijbeJ;aaHo  discuss/in a low ^W;of .voicerthe "merits pf  telegraphing in general; and * the^fieatJ which  they' sa^rJ)eribpmed'in^parlacu /'They  could have^nderstbodtheprinci  a/piecb of paper prafjBtte^/a^ $4*  buf^e^wbrider^ of folding'-a conversatiba  wimk ti maiii^sev^ral'miles, away^afid nothing  to be seen-or nearcl ;beyba3 ^a Mliii / *f ticfey-'  ^tJ^ered them. /"Mlas^1  icVharX exD^sydifeiftwits /ia//vaiix;to-?rur^  s  ���������tics/   nisb- acsoaltiipn' *pf fhe' jjrobleai; one/of ^tiSeni,  ^fi^r iate^ygaziagatthe^re/  andHhe instrument for a?: feiw. 'mihut������$;" broke  out witb^-I^ok^ahere/mates,^^     7ere cbyo  with the ^G������iarn!t what malces'tbe news come;  its the helectricity a hactia^ on the- brains pf  the b���������-#y iiironfwire :that!does' Who /business ���������  aad^hat^jthetruth?pn^������Jacir^>e^  settled/ the puzzle i; b ey bad: dispu te^' and ������ the  idea that the wire/has ^braiasff 7w^&citl^a^-  ^cepte*asrafcorrect".oae'. 5t^"***.3;f^Tt,-?v?-;i> /;.���������-���������  .-"Way don't you wash the bbttom ^bf/your  feet, Johnny?-? askied a^rahdmbtbej^of %:;bby,  when he was performing^ that opefatibabefore  retiring for t3ie night, to whibhM.verjHgrave-*  ly replied, "Why;^granay,-doesn't think lJs.  going fco standup in bed, doesyeT' ���������// ->    ,r  Ainlscriy^old^^ farmer who had/lost one of  his best haads in the midst of hayr^akihgj re-J  marked to 4the. sexton, as ho was filling up the  poor fellows 'griftve^i^It's/^^jl.lbing to loose  a good mower, at a time like/this���������but, after  all/pppr Tom was a dreadfuj groat: eater.���������;; /  JNFORMATlbN WANTED  ' l' S TO; THS "PlulCBJ QP REJSIDEN'CE of Ai.ssaxbe������  ���������:1\. Harvy McNabb, from. Nerval,. C. W.,: when last  heard from was at ItfUpoet about to crossthe mouutains  East. Parties who can give information ,=*wiU please  commuuioato with John McNabbj'EsQ,, Toronto, c,W,,  or M^ J. H, Wright, Williams, Creek, If tho said A.  'H% MoNabb applies to Mr, Wright he will hear of, something to his advantage, 1-l.in  THE ^CARIBOO SENTIN  '" T  Oards,  Bill Heads, Circulars, Posters and  Programmes, for Balls and Theatrical r  Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this Offlqa.  4^ Terms Moderate. -&$ ' '/'*'.'  :wm.  MS  IS  m  m  p  ������������������- yx  . -i/0 sMffiau  )&-  THUK3DAXi MAY I0&1866*  -...[   .*.,*,*.   ...    y. ���������.>      ���������,>���������'���������,'.-.      .~f,    ...      <������...������. '������������������    -     V-..J!  IMPRO* JaCENT, IN/HTDEAU^J1ININ^  ���������t*t-;  - *Itis riptfun^nim^ :of  ;.; f> stha exhausftoa of /the, placer/ niiaes pf;Cq\ffix-  \ l^iaijasf iff such aa eveat;Vere .possible, Twhea  t/bnj/t^ejcbatrary,' it is^pareatto every think/  lug mind that this caaapt occur .'/until the/de^  brii^fy&e^ie^^  away./U may  lie (difficult to; mid land Jn  -~twhich gold;is sufficieatljr; abundaat| te^make  -" /iaming remunerative/ witli^he^.prepon't \ .price  of labour/arid;the/appliances in use/ but no  ., onedoubts that/there /is/yet infinitely/inorcs  /vgpld in the hills than Has ever/Men uneavtti-  ���������/���������-- etf aa^icpHecbdS/Thbus^  / i beea abandoned^hich prospect nmclr^bettcr  , jthup mines;that are/worked p rbfilably; ia, ?the  .:>i/ra!aiouato  <������������������/ All that is required iacheap labor/or ialpioi^  1^ edrmeHjo^sof^b  ���������������������������- a bow start;arid?tnere isiaoreasoa,to suppose  ':,. ������th#: ihis? pursuit^ill  */^marc1i of im'pr^yement'tbat distinguishes; the;  / / n>re/*fi/B^^  iy i^afli^t ToUowed/ t^Jal^sra^ge;/ proyid^^  water^ eaa? 6e ypjotaiaed ia/sufficient quantity  ������ ,- Jni the .con^tmctioi/of ;ext^Q^vc,j/ditcbeSj  *5 ftietalic; aqueducts are beiag^m  task^is sure tp be .reconstractleanow/and  this will offer ��������� a.very difi&ulfcprv������lent for 3Vf r.  Stafford to solve.; If any statesman/can be  trusted; todo "so) tMref is/ao��������� doubt that he cat!*  and great'tiiings/may;: hiel^qpeiS from' hfa fira>  bess'and''mbderatibn/;v/:,/7- /'' :;t*.;. .//������������������'-'/;/-'/ ,  4 The/nwst;inte>estiag^ewsof the fay, is^the  announcement that the Government has at  last, relieved .the militia /aad*/, voluWJeers  throughout this province frolnatUial service.  The cltizelis ifr^ckland are/nojf.no more in  loco militum than those/piJOtagb^ and the"re-  lief is a more real one ttiah^nught at'first be  '���������'��������������������������������������������� ;-i������i-''';i ���������'���������r.v.~ ���������--���������:������������������;���������..):���������>:���������:,������������������,,>:-���������:,'<������������������.,;(���������...*���������.-.o/-}"y?ry 'o'jyy'.y '������������������'���������������������������  credited.   , t ,,,:?     ,, _     ^ ;, , Hl,  ,   ,rl     :  REMARK -'BY'  A   GrVxYSCATEN^  dead^hbrselianuVbther-ga  1 b^se^r o^aft ft^aaip^  writes/aad:say$; *������Ourr army/ls a%ain assuming  fiae^'on^hsive^/^/^v^^/^ ^-'/f/i;i,'' >J "^ *;i'H !  rrwii ,;n:/-fcy<;:*/ -:?^- :' /.��������� * 'ult u!r r*o1-^;:i, ���������!'.-���������;  ,i:/fW"iiO;/W^  ^ThacKery,H^I/would ratherihavea/potatoe  aad: a /friendly/ Word v from /{&)dsnii th ��������� than;  (have /ibeen/behbldea -. to ;l)eaa; Swift for /a  guiaeaiand a dinner..9 -y>-U s/;|^;.:....,/ ...,;>.  <;;^������.     ���������. :y,y.y <::,>���������       -'.'v,:r   '/ "*v'. '/'   ^..; ������ .  J^ /A-/Iiijc^ET Mix^The- af ^rest .-k pertain Jiian  ;^ver;approabhed to luck: was ioflrid a cduater-  %it iSote ^oa/a broken baiilc^ //He^tliinks that  QU^NB^iOUfH A^EliTISMEOTavl  COLONIAL RESTAURAWlV  "   ���������: Qd^NEt^C^    ^ '; /.;.:.:;' ''���������/  ^ (        P. jJ JOHNSDN,:^^PROPamoa, j/'! i :  Meals at all hours;/ and iGookiag of ^UiOiSSest  /;������������������;/>,;v-::/descriptioa.'; i.1^j;i^. /h^s/i j to  ^'V-'^./QtJESNELMOb^ T''//r' ; -;,  (!s?' ,;iR^i^!'&/GnJ0si^p^ ; /J  fefood Seds^ Bestauraat|j BilliardjTabJef^l  ^' ," i>'*/ -.: Sts*bling-for Horses; Hay anaiOata.ff ^-,,:s, \ y;  PROVISION^ ^bE^AIiE^&^C^  Storage  ^QUESNELMODTH;  ���������^���������i'H?  ������v*V  fT*X-  L/������iisr������^  .;; " / -; GOY^R^ECT S^EET; yiCTORU.      - '  E^glish/& Frencb SUkB^hawls^Pressofl-ipQ.  ,>  Uerclothirig^ (^5iV^i-:f,B.d'^^^v\4>e8cHption of  /. -'/-- '.^-,,..;..'   ..Drapery/Goods.. ;-   . ...      ��������� - :  /Receive regular /su'tpU^s by EXpR'es via Panama aw  by^rtiUng^v^els vi*'Cap^ TOrri;-^ t--///  ..,������'������ ��������� i ���������  ,?=j^J^rticuteaueaUohiKlv������iiitoallbrdei������>;;:/ ^  ^^n^on^irin^'^-Tc^a^L^;^ ._,.i.t .  ^������f?(l/:' ^KtBLISilED /1858;^ '���������/':- ^  ??' ������^clhes;and,Chkmicaia, Fancy and>Toil������t Anfckt'  ' ^pjoiges' JJrushes) Kt,umery,; AfC j ^yjjiciani* ?nl  script Ions cilretu lly 'dompf.unded and orders antwrr^  (with care%nd dispatch;' Victbria^VV-I/^'V^ "' ii/;  ^���������"/'/f-"r /':��������� - V:u: zr. -���������; - ii: t':ij -::.-"T.������:'";:.. ���������j-u^-  /:;//,/-. :S;;/P.op.PE,R:;&,:cp:;;!/;r; t  %H&l5^ALE ^IX^TAI^  ; :"}������������������; lyr'l<yyryy\ ^ QUESNfiLMOUTH, ^:f������fV:^ i tr^yy^ f 4  Dealers Ini Pro visions; ��������� Jjiqiibra^ Tobacco; o&;  [������������������������������������ 4/ A good selection of ..Liquors always oii^hiuid^l>lVu'  j^ROM); ?IDE ^HOUSES,;;&& f v V vf,  /:^rpuad^the force' "of/the^, water bemg sufficient  ;t.to carry it to* the requisite height on t&e oppp-  ��������� /;? i   side bf<the ravine.- ���������; By this means tbe  cost of making ditches is so; much* decreased  -''/thatwatercanbe furnished the miners at less;  ' lhan half //������ ordinary  coat;    In  Calaveras?  , county a flume/that Ijlew dowa anft was' re/  -���������' ,* j>aired������^^at/aVcostof $16/000, was subseqneatly  ; J^piaeed la this/way at an expense of ^4-;O00J  f,s .And tlmsjs'seen that claims which'have been  4ibandoaedaa worthless can,,under the new  afegimeh,/be:resumed'wiSi the hope of reasonable, remuneration.11 .   /       ' ' ' . ' i  y    But the .great ad vantage, to be -derived from  the use of iron coaductors is the Increase of  ,'power thus-acquired;   * The^ordihary/caaya^  Jiose  used ih/hvdrauli^  r ,taia a; columa of water aVpre {than- fifty/ fee|t  /invbeigljitjbut aipipe/;properly made,  will  //bear' almost;anyf pressure to;wliich it/may. <be  ^sulbjected ;:in  this -manner. $/  In... pne^claim;  ,,;where it had been.applied, the fall Is 600 -.feet-  t '������ad the force^of the stream Is so; greai thai  . ������tto quantity /of dirt' ;wfiicu can be 'worlced  /ilJo^nA^ /almost incredible:"j /aad, the inine;  -.  - nyhicb <?pul^ notrbe worked'ia;/ttie ;usual IW^T  .^is^thi^mad^io Kot only  is,- the 'quantity of earth whicn passes1 through  , Xthe-sluices -greatly Increased, but so thorough-  .:. ,,"/l^Tt-rltura.ted..^ai/;hdrdly of, ;gold  .^escapes. ^Co^m^y^e^larg^r'peic^  uas they rolled; al6i^,>coUected grains/of * the  precious ^et^/twhici  . atied out-of the ^03^  ,^ause we/mostly p^  rtheiwaieif J8 suchi also; as toicleali theiied^dck  Crushedtota-der;  ���������.���������^j-^-'  Is  XILLOQET, FXiOUR MltL 'CO.,' /   ;"  ���������.;.-K.;/:W;.-; FosTibt)- Agent;/ il  :r  - EDWIN   TYNON, :  EAIiEB-IN DRY GOODfe,^CtiOTHtNG^ HATS^ANB  ���������tMJti'0������ps, Boots land' Shoes, Carpetlngs,^ Oil Cloths,  ;.)yall.^per,/iEC'^.jW10Mtk���������.BrO.,���������    //tv    -   *   ��������� "k-s j.'  the luxuries that can/be jurocured; theWarisfwcll supplied Iwith the best brands of liquors and Sb^ars: rgood  Stabnng/Ha>,vOats.arid,Barl^y/:;^^.The;,CB  Housb' onHhe Road.1 'J , " ��������� ^ ':'   ^ * i;>'J'H ' '";   is \''  ,U|f^;;, ��������� 0^PATTRlCK^(^^^^a^.  :. J.'-^f I^BERT^N;  .Ur^,eiiaAtfn9^M^.^*^ ;- .f\i������i  1'.r SAY^SASff iiiHowi l������' It^yohrrfflipOTa 5wo'ar ro;:1ouj  !t andikeep;your febt ^.:dry.t-v.'?Bftcaase;!purchase of I  'Cnarity "and -���������Bu^ery^yeramtoi;gtr^t>;?Vic^ii;-  hjiAte; 6������GO&F<>ri^Street,���������^VIet������rJa>ii!l,:������>.t''I.^Jfttth  ifjfp. Warden and FieldSiiedsgu^ateed.jHaveon U^nd  a'^caWuliyt^selecte'd s^ock/bf tbe^aboye ;frbm tbe.bwt' j  'kuropaun^ and American Markets; -The early orders of  ���������their-friendsTih"Bi1Ui?h ?Colttm.bT^?Al^���������l^lfcd^di:^.^Pk^-|  cii$������!ii^at^U������p'^5^1!|iwl4!R^to  Clover/and ;6nibu;; S������eds.?of ^very.tso'peribr;.quality,  :Fruit Tre^ and'Bu^hes^  hoiiBC aiid Giirden P!ants;8tahdard /and'Dwarf Res������  of <eveTyi variety^: Catalogues oa Application^ ///l^s  7i        LtLLOOETr ^BR&W'EftY-^/     ;  T^COBr MIIiTZ, .������������������jPW^^e^r^haalrtwa^i^n  . t) m ha nd a .large .a nd superior. stock of ^agerB eer: ;/nt  served at alljiowrs/bn sthel aestaurant^ principle^ * Sta.  ^bling for Horses, f gprqef |jeed, 5&^c. ,yf\ &$;������. 7..^..,;;. 1-s f  Kiv" BRODEICK, .CoAJL-ahb I^odccb Dkaier. ? i  i: larg;e/stock of HaV, Oats', Wheat'.!&&&'^Barley oftha  besVdescription al ways on' tiaait ;��������� alflb; Nanainio- Ehj?-  lish;) Bbicksmitbiand Cannel: Coal^/&0rdere isehtl to  I7nion,Wharf;; Y^toria,.;y.-th*:WiUf^plvcJ immedUifl  attention, /���������-.,.,//i/' '.;'/:> ���������</,,,,';; ^ ^/^^>:t/'^-" ^"s  ���������fi. ENrTTE^&^h^otoCTai>Kic ^ilC^xJ? Gevoia-  Ijr^ment $t,/Victoria,.V.X,,opposite Hotel de France,  ���������V i eWot - Oariboo' and 'Scenery' thrblighbut Brillsh &)���������  umbla/ihclUdingviewa of th������ rouU to Big Bend, uhmj  ;On1 hand;at Hb^ralratefti j;   { :? ������������������/ \ iV;<t������/.v ���������   .; l-������  ^fi^is&^dii������WJttj^, inaporting Book-  SrSEIitfERS; A-STATIONERS,- conatantly supplied an-l  airy'an d- the Beds cannot;' b'e1 surpassed for cleanliness'^celV'^S^ from; best sources; School; Standa ird; and Mi*  *        ������������������"-���������" ���������   ���������'������������������������������������   ���������-���������'-     ���������   ������������������- ^ ''"'"'^lanbou^^BookSianjl/^  ^n.^McLEESE^^SEIiNY, ^rbprietors^^^/:  THE ^UBDCI Am 'EDITED f-Td.J^Afcli^AT^THis  House.   Th ere is ���������ood Meals; Good Beds-; ? St&bllng  fprHorses;.Barley,,Qats_anCHay_?^.,~u   ' 1-s*  IS OPEN FOR^lTH^ ACCOMMODATION-OF THE'  - Travelling/public.; the. bedrooms are spacious and  airy ah A] the Beds carinpr' b'e surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by���������anydn/the:^lower-country ;^the;Ta^le is  always supplied .with, the /best' of ?victuals.; ;8tabling  ;for Horses; Hay;Oats,and Barley/consfanjly-on hand/  iHAKLES NELSON, Pror^ietorv/ ?Phis. old  ^established House is well fitted up for'tKe;comlbrt  Ti-nvmj#.*.k-  the. iTable :is. supplied;wjtlithe best/of!  of/Travellers'-;  everything, thatcan be had, ana the 'co'CKing iSiiiol in-,    ,  ,f^ur^o^hefbest;hotel\in the;ib'wer������ourilry': Bodrboms .Tj  ^E3Jra^/:Mtm.PH^*rdprie^r^������i^  A/r is furnished with eyery conve������ innce for- th o tcpstf- -  fort^of -TrayeHers; the Culinary department* is under  the superi u tend enco of arics^erieucpd cook; the Beds  are clean;and'comfortable ���������; /tho Bar;c6htnibs* the/best  of LiquorSj^egars, &cU   Stabling/ Ha^'BaHey^: Oatsi ���������  i5S551v?llE  alijits Branches// Corner, rates;and:Lah'glcy/street',  VictbHa/'yanVsouver'-Islanat--ty \*' '������:r *, . */ //^-3ia  ^ J.F^y^^eEABiiT^u>R^^i^WTTBa;^rtSLr.cvi;  -Atj. Victoria, Vv/Ij, opposite 3e������ Biro Hotel, whero tie j  Is/prfepaVed to.Supply hia'nUrri^rou^ pitfvbs with every  VequiHite for. Clothing "suitablo'tor' every ^euson/ot;Ui������  year^'If->sr'*|.a /fej������4 -w&il ::m;:t.5/K-/-;s/m:'v/^/ I'-s. J  ���������T3S;LIi!  TENT  Still   tKrt' Ij-nuolliMrr    r>ntvi;������    nA^AMiii fi^-'.'K,." *''--. t, iJ <%J~ L  THOMAS ^vTILSONi&.CO.vlmpurtewAo^.  A  lish-Uerchandiz*i, xwhoi������sal^ and retail deab-rs ia,  Drv Ooocs;&c.f vates Stroe^yictorl^'V./I;.. /Qn aaJ  after/l*t June next inrGoverapient Street/opposite the  Bankof British Columbia    -     /, /   /      ^     l������s  for Famines; ;Stabling for; Horses//Hdrac/Wed,/&c;'rtV/' and the;travelling'-'public geiierallythatnhe''has  .The Exprossf stops here //- H/'/ /        1 a '   taken the above Ranch and is preparod5to^ supply ihom  with First CI ass/Accommodation.k >|Gobd Stabling > for;  ������������������'^ppitT/Dpra^  ." ;������o thoroughly that any.! uhderlaying qiiarlz|  S !1 eacl can 'hard ly' fail. to vt e -, re veaied.-^I ,F.!  JiuUetih.  FROM ^[JSTRAlilA;  i //The^aii/Franeiscoi^alletiH^^s:-- r -UI  ;) ?a/3^iae baric Beringariai whic������ arrived shore  t ^pnl^d4thjv82/ days^ /ftetoSjditie^) we;! have  - 3atur advteea.from;-'Australia.' / *./;';   '  /r. > -���������//  l)uaa, the famous 4>uatemger,, wheae' 'Capi-  .������ *ur ev j we; xeceatly; aanoaaced,^/: subsequently  *uud> his.escape,Ll^ was re^pfored// ���������/.-.,.������������������  .,,-/; /|Tae;"p6iitica-l niaddle isi as great as oyer;"... A  ;... despatch froni; Brisbane ��������� ContainedVa rumor  that the Ministry, were about to resign,, and  that the cabiaet would bo recoostracted.  i^iWMACDONALD?S %frfO]t:������il7-..':\-i i.  vI/tOT'. MAOBONALT^ Prdpketorl ^-Miiieri; and  a^cf: pothers destined for the Bridge;Rrver/;Mines/wiil  And every convenience and accommoilatloh afforded  them.-: Good Beds and a Table well supplied-\nth ail  the delicacies of the season.^ v^>/i5     -; ���������yyy^^.3.  'Stabling:      111 MILE HOUSE.  WM; MANSON;;;    ;  ���������   Proprietor, ;  *;-S.J  B: A. M6LEAN/* i  Agent;  rrms HOTEL IS XARGE, AXD-WEtrJjFITTErj?%P  ; BAeiGALTJPE, Mbrchaxt.-aWd.Packbr, bo'-  ?tween Douglas and ������illooet.;r\ Alwaysi on hand a  goodstock-ofiProvi^ions, &c.      ? /-.vi-sr/^A-v-l-2m :  1 for thecomfort of travelers; the) Table is .supplied  wItl1 t^pkest of e\Terything that can; be procurdt,and  the cooking is not inferior to any bn; tue road; Bedrooms  for Tamil ifes; Stabl ing, Hay, Barley asid Oatsj 'lis' ^  HOTBIjv.DE/CHANCE, ^ctoria^/Vv^I., ;Jons  4 I|ioyE and PiiataE SSanciet, Proprietors.' /The Ro.*-  taufcfoHs supfujetl with all the delicacies^ the market  :affords. In the Bar,Witt be- found the cbbkest^lLKjcoRs.  rFurnished Koom?,,&c; ,J(^: ,,,./,.?,. ������;-'..> 'yr^' v/^1*8  TJG-ENE THOMAS, Yates stereet, Victoria,  Wholes?a^ah������J-SBetafrlfcsitev:1a^WlKES, SRANmaivi  and. LIQUORS and depot of Havana Sogers.  'Goods' ferwarded to .the Mining District^ ^ijy^t v/a-a  L. S5tira[ &i CO;, Proprietors/ ; "This ^House .  well fitted up for the accommodation of- Travel-  lersjo. the Bridge-fiivl^-iES^.^'Good"5Berfs; Sibling  for Horses. tMorse Feed, &c. A.Stage runs twice a week  between this hbnse and Port Douglas on the arrival ojf  the steamy from below and conhectsMth thoLako  Boats for jLtllooet; : -      ; -     : -   :.'���������'��������� "*���������   ��������� i-s i  ,..,, 8P MILE HQTJSE?f/!  / A/LBEBT TRySLER has opened the-abov<i House for  ������JL tho reception of Travellers; the Table is^ellkept  and the Liquors cannot be surpassed:; the Beds: are  cl������an andscomfortable. Stablin^fe Horses' Hay and  Oats. ��������� '������������������ .-���������-������������������..* ->������-..-?^F- ,  NEW WESTMINSTER ADVERTISEMENTS  'JOaes; a tailor; wbipper^a to th0 MinistrJ in  ., the * late Parliament; lV>r wri fciag/a scurrilous  " article ia "a;^ aewspajjer^ Two ofHie'/returned  Mitiistriar tniembers are in troable ; "one" of  tiiwani^S; charged with" corraptly "using^ influ-  eaceHa 'the: jLanU-:0jSiCB and! the/ other with  -conspiring to defraud ia^mia-iag transacfcioal  ; Auti-Ministerai candidates   wero  systemktir  cully howled down by organized bands.   The  colonies appeaiv to b  -     ��������� >NKW   ^ZEALAND.  ' tThe Maori war still cpntinued, but there  ; arc evideaces that it is-beginriing to die out:  A letter to the.Sydney ^Heraid, says: |  Tte^e/niay of course, tbe a fresh ontbreali  , liere or there, but nothing yery/^ifiat or very  wide spread is now, to be dreaded I think.  ; The Hau Hau fanaticism was jndeod the 1 ast  hope of the cause of Maori aatioaality, and it^  utter taiiure oa the East eoast has produced  the inevitable result of heartily disgustiag the  majority of the people with tho war.  Like the rulers of America, our hardest  fUCK'S   HOTEL,  T YTTON SQUARE, New Westminster,* C.  Ij ^now occupied by W. E. STEW. The above favorably known house is now open to the.public: the Bar  is constantly supplied with tho choicest brands of  Liquors and aegars, *,;  JAMES HURON, Proprietor.-'.This commodii  ous Hotel is well nttcd a*f) w3th - every convenience  for the comfort of the public; the Beds arc all that a  weary traveller wmld desire; the Table is supplied witti  the best of fare; the Bar contains the choicest brands  of Liquors and Segar������; good Stabling, Horae Feed, Oats.  Barley,;&c...' -.;   :; ..���������"-/*  ///  '   /��������� ..������;; '/': 1.8' :  FRANKEL, Victbrta; V. Ii; 'Dealer in Fobs,-  ;������kins, Hinss, 'Wooiv &Ci /Liberal advances made  on?Furs consigned. Ruferenee-M^ Sutro & ������o.f Spor*  .^rg(^RueirJ';^jctoria^y'^Z-,i>     ,,yu>    -^ .*.% - 1-s  RS; HEIN/MiLLisKBAs DaBss'xMiafeiJ*Govern.  ment Street, Victoria;-Yi?!! AiAll feindsbf Milliuery  of the latest, stylo, kept .constantly on hand. , Orde������  from'the'cou.ntry'^uactuallyattended to.-v^/t  l-s  ���������    \-;-'* "-������������������������-: ��������� ��������� --^'f   -,*���������    t, ���������-  ,,, ,i*nfr,r'-.y ���������    '.,������  PETER; McQXJADE, 8bip; C^andlev and  dealer in paints, Oils, and Window, .Glass: "Always  on hand^^a' large stoc^ of Rope and Canvass/'; Whan*  fStreot, Victoria,^ .fe'- h U -y y Vyr? -?WlA) l-3m'  )WAI$ddlXG-:& $fJ./:bo^n^iBplbn^fe^Hante;ii  sl  p'/rters and Dealers iri Chinese Goods/fBicei Su'f  Sugar,  Opium, Nut Oil, I^visibiisjr^^CkirmorantStweti Victoria, v.. L ;��������� /1.31a  CLARKSON & CO., Dealers is Books, Statiokkry,  Music and.Musical Instruments, NEWS AGENTS-  &c,.Columbia Street, New WestmiuKtor        ~    s     *-  Ool^tm'bianw  l'ubllshod every Wednesday and Saturday, at tho  ,:    ; ;i publishing office, /New \Vestmiustor.  THESF'F^WPp^MBIAX.is theoid'est.newspaper  A jMibJirfhed in this colony,.and has a larger circulation therein than .any other. Itscoiumns are regularly  supplied Wlfch full .telegraphic news from all parts of  the world, wluje. it���������coutains a faithful record of local  C w"^S,1������^?iI?!,,r<ip?^ (,r L������Mative proceedings,   ;  Tho "British Columbian" is supplied "to all pai-ts of  his colony. l>y Exprsss upon-extremely liberal condi-f  tions.   For terms, &c, see Express Agents:  ' aoBSON & McMillan, /  .      Publishers A; Proprietors.  LORENZO. LEARTO, Proprietor. This house  affords every accommodation for the. comfort of  Travellers;' the Table is furnished with all tho; delicacies  of the season, arid the Bar is stocked with the'ehoicost  of Wines, Brandies feSegars; good stabling for horses;  ���������Hay, Barley and Oats constantly ou hand at low rates.  .Newly milled Flour for sale cheap. 1-s  !  !0 ON ��������� &. O0.V" Importers ;a*nd> Baalere in alt  , kinds of Chinese Goods and Provisions, JRice, Sfl-  gar,' Teas, &c.,.Cormorant^Street,' west of Governm^  Victoria,.'y.'I;/^  ;;;���������//;' \'//"; Chw Ray, Manager.'  E: WATSON, {Watchmaker,' Jeweler   ~~  ��������� and Engraver, Yates street, above Govern men t street, Vicuna;, y. x./;  , ���������/";   ...i-s  :'  W~~    ILSON <Se MURRAY,  G^ockrs, . Pfiovisioy,  Wiae,& Spirit.Merchants, Bakers Ac Oonfeolioncw,  Fort Street, Victoria, V/t  ' ' . ���������   ; %< -:    l-s  QPQRBORG-.>q JIXJEFF, Commission. Mer-  O CHANTS, Wholesale Dealers Itf IGaocsaiKa; Pitow-  sioNH,- BCofs & Shobs; Wharf street, Victor!i/V; I. 1*  rte Houses  SEMLEN &  PARKE,  Proprietors/ at-the  Junction of the Caztiboo; and -.-Big Bend Roiids, is  IlOW ODfiD    for  Min n<ir>Amran/1ntii...i ������������������������������  ������*������������^..K|ja FJig-  Steamboat  ..-.. ���������---,  --���������- -.-^s.^^ u i.4.������to������, "'30'miles."  Travellers wijl And prices and accommodatto tb suit  the times. Give them a call. ! Stabl ing, Hay & Grain:  attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big.Bond and Tale, and once a week for Cariboo *���������   1-s  MALLANDAINE,COLLKCTOR&QENEBALAGKNT  , Government  street, Victoria, Vancouver -'Island:  T EWIS LEWIS, Clothier, YategSireet, Victoria,  ������1 opp site the Bmk 01 British North America.     i-s  .������  MESSRS. CORNWAIiL'S.'  between  Route,      -     best or  living, ol Liquors, and of Wines.    Fresh Butter, Milk  an,I Vegetables.    Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s  SPROAT& CO*, (Into Anderson & Co.) ImportehS  , aud Commjssjon MKKCDA������m"St6re Stroet, Victoria,  y. i.; .;./*.;":'./'f.///'   ./'/-'v:: ������������������     i*  GSUTRO & GO.y.lMFORTBRS -/iKi>rDkaijers"^  ���������   CIGAliy, TOBACCO/ileershaum Pipes, feo.J"S K.  corner of rates and(Wharf; street, Victoria., / ���������.   ; s  ,!: B. HAGi^IN;' Fhy'sicjast & ^yaoBoiif/iiear cor- g  . her of vates aUd Government Sts., Yictbria, V. I. pg|  13IERCE & SEYMOUR, dealers, ia-'Btorake &  A   FmtMTt/RR, Broad Street, victoria, V. E    / l*a  pAIRE & G-RANCXNI, HARnwARB & ClockbkY  \J MBKCiiA.VTs', Wharf Street, Victoria* V,I; '     l.-������  HENDERSON and BURKABY, MbbciiavS",  ��������� Wbarf street, Victoria,. V, I, -1-3  :w  ///,;  //i:  m.  Kiyi'i  m  :;  /-/  ,-��������� V'.,l  m  .my  '.-//'  ���������������������������; s-i's; L.  Vi'*'
gay .v
No. 2.
noble vessel was ��on%':f^OT-^StKonis 4welv��
^ineatee5J pffwuM tMdepthi} F10neMadi%ci:
-isHtf"''   ' "   "'"' "  " '	
r iC#* lA^A^m ? i^^^^^^sfe? *$& &#*fe^$��/S/ !f/?Jd
t^^SkSsJ��� ��� /
_(IaclttdJng a*^��jdeHy^
'#" v<f&
''Jm*. ^irf*-.''.*^
i1;?- 'V. /?$���
Lof&nvaraTNew Westminster pftttlie boat
S/New^v^tminster) withthatfbrethought which
' jf so. dislnpisl^a^
| s^colsidefetely^providtj^for as. i Freight
land paasa^eTfc^^^^^^rt^1 terms. G*%eW
I seized byexpectant;/travellers;/in fact many
�� IMd^aelrtomthQ^
ffBlghtfuliy/aadrcertaiiily left;th? bailor with
��� outtfeimirrfc^
bhVrua:; Co' :New-Westminster"ia 7; hours but
po.ok^boura^^mt^^M^^Si'. :/l -;:
^a^i*^ncouver-nPime8^hae^ut^ ^lancholy
$2 per moiilb ;''abovb;!^OivoYu^
ileti^r��� sbme little/time pastaip^.lvTie^s,
Pig|ge!i��leni,an.7^/i^iS2/ r^BfLember as'havi^g
i*t��ecenteiebtIbh|IsM^a^placard offering^
lmf|rouad t^rt^B
Jpl^y' P^en^^I^> jnotJ-wisli to-'f ce again;
||^attcy a^mal^alf^dtesseoSlymg orf his 'back,
K��oRin forced up^adrlgfcaa/opjeaing in tlie
P^throat }S^e/ettb$ga&> aSmit the clenched fis!t,;
Klfeakires colorless, arms exteadedj %oth hands
If/The*Doctor at^the inquest- gave;evidence;that,
cdsb^bf guic'ide^/i^l^ir^cj^W of
cut, the cut neiag"usuallyrdiagoaal, and: aoi,
I .^fethis casi^; s^verf|^^ar^allyjtho^rp^i|l
* oil WoWtS&W;*.death nlasrliave been very ra*
p}d.v^^oa^ fche���3eYidence u adduced^: Wjhich
teadca |o prov^-in^^ excess ia
drin.kipg^��tCfjr tJie^^^Wlu^bnng^ao^iher
'iery eSective. *;J]foelieye -nb^slfght ..credit is
J^to^^suiM^ wafer b
an" elevated; t^sIMot
is^^n^wli?c&^a>tbe(supports bfiingibiiratj,
retalia^liby.-ficraelching'<'the lire.-,/ Th'efjorif
and staircaee'-were; fe^^
Stemite^!0^|hl' ������ upji'olslier^^lnex^dq^'-
; thbugS Kb^se^ii:taeaisely;es) had/lahdlirieaus; wi
���look after them. The/ Gecmanf raally^eemj |b(
;'jfeel;='i^flf|gf^^f^ fevra^d^'|ciae1
aaotherV'' Everything was carried^outin timg,"
;evea;t��i-a- roll ofipaper, and deposited/across
the road, aiid- this^ before /the/fire'had'tiim? I to
do more/than nibble atthe*edge;(of the ceiling
on -oae side:*of�� tlie^shljpJ ��� ^afi^-S^m^ejrS
astdnishmenfc on. coming to the ^saeiie^fe^q^:
;Contentl';^a^fed/away./:; He is/to^ay^bjosUy-
replacing his Wjares.: ^'Oleal was insui:e^,*ah6^
has yet, ;I understand^ 'a two/years; lease !of
the ground., -f/ ���[��� >\f- ;t s> _ ��� .. -,! tnU \""'
> /AprUiSij^Tbthings new.'fliis/mdrning',^b5ut
the last iteta^St|r1^y ^a%ibe':^sol^;qn^$^
to by'tHe'-House of^'Assembly" that Vt��e "scat ;of
Salt Spring Island and Chemaiiras;'h, lucant/
Popr Pelpl^'^SjfcHus/'at last^'^SJught -Jo^SthS'
ground; politics have^beon his'ruin; in. a grda!^
j;me>surev/^e.:.fOrironicle7 has'used 'throag^l
' outinost-uaaieasuxed language^ towards; niiaV
have been only,>iufcely*adtleditp Hie circulating Library,
and more^aro ezpecteil dailj.^ f parties/are solicited to
'Subsenbe-^'i'   .t->- *^J .^.>^f--W'v^**-*^* ^-^vt��.  .    ,._ >: . |...:,
!        ���    '     - ���JOHN BOlVRON.Xibrariari.
*: '���'-'/���",    ���-.-���-*',/.-"    .^TTi-.-^j.. r^��--.  ;-.^-Li-<--- ..-^-.:-^I .-���{
: AMilEii:Sl;E/
��i^*fi^ty*���*:->.i���''-���'--1--'���''>-/ v^.y'rA':'"v;~?'.../.-"// ;/,./'���',.,/'��� .*i.��� /���"/
ORAim^ipM!PA!m     f ^/^ JM62J6BK
/liiililiSP��i^i i
' e.;; ��� GAEPENTERS^;ii^ ]'/; i
. powdeb; j^i^B,^fife/# /#:'/i
y ..j.
Pr t-: ^ s VICflK>RIA>^ja)srNA5AIM0;>
/ - .'//"'"'/:^':x.y:^ 'G^^f!Q^uHy^*y^; ��� -���-,."��.
',   SAN/F3SNCXSC.6,^PORf^
Moatreal, Wronto4,/Quebec/ mm'(ltonj' ^ilaon^King-
:M aton^l^bouirg^ Belleville] ^BrantloTtl^Broca-V)
* 1-4 4 ' '��� 'iviUe/Whitby; fe^erboro, fOttawa-j Guelph,fc i'
- .,. r..-:  )@odericlv-Stratfdr();Trctoa,^ertb^r .,,, : ��� -
&��& ii   ( ' 'ffitfSl my^MrfinycA^ rjj,f -,;,_
:h$1k&>'v" V>.   ����� I��'/"J   - 'l"0^0^^1?^^ ^Montrt&X. k//|
.,K$��r,t yri,;, -.j ;^Hca^^eEJ^paba&i.St,,-fendon.
Lw hl er.-/////1-^ / * --��i .���^r-f I ��� /:rp;/ ''? /; / :^:j  /1    '' ���
"/CXJRB^NTlAGCOU^^ .opened for anyj'amourit^not
les-s^na^Oa^^^^^ /t//.; #^//^#l^'':t>-^
on Great>Britain; iSan;Pnuibjsco 'and   ^ ��<^      .�� -J>ur-
ca-��jf.ao//_,r  v. - '��Wj;  5ljjn/ IjM ,/\-:^//,,/'.''/
Goverhment and offier /Eefqarjtrcs .���^jreceiyed/, for* safe
^'stody &m^^ xbUected^;/^^/-" ;y
^ jy^rdgtt^n:^Dpa^fb
p^labbnti^ iuider temporary 'iasaaity^f?;/'^'-1--'}
i Dorians, ^uc^iilg; \fsA ipr og'r}fead^est spot, viz:
|| /^urnia^ ; JThrough
J;;^e|BlSa|^derson^ op, Tuesday ^morning,! we:
gf .werB'a^Miadea* with the^ news of thereportedj
** ibsaof the Laboucheze.   A majority of the
���pebpie^appeared sceptic,/ ia view of the usUt
,ally|:y^r^,TO^e^le^r^/r ���' Of
.Suspense remained as .great ��� as/ever after the
^arrival of the^E^efprise;1"on* Wednesday, as
rreached the Hudson Bay Qo'y of this untof
g. vlast/ oxtracts Jrom'/the^ San Francisco ;fMtoi,i
gtfurhish ourary^ormati^nV w^lptf-'araguai' flnm-
g: Tuing up may^e takea Jo/be, ^that thes Lai'
f;bouchere leftiSaa^Fra^cBc^oaFriday, about
4 pVai,; j.outsi^e get4ntbta^very dense fog: it
is imagiaed that^ionigthmg was /also ^iemaff
ter with the compasses^; in<any case she struck
<on a rock off Fomt Reyest"abbut 28 miles; M
of Saa Francisco^;* was^foacked off aad founf
,^PF9ft^5ft fatpms of^water, bat this only
coocurred tea hours^afUr she sfruokpallowing
time to get-, all. tfre^passengers/ out, part of
_thern.on a^rat^bich-tHeir^'waPtime totbrm]
-ib.oats o��b0arav.b%a^eV{tt0^o:-wjere<.fbur good
boats beloaglag^to, ^he.^sfceamer.    But twb
.pa&sen^eJi^lo^^^^^pst, beiagvrin-ari
/opJen^bba^.^ilie' 3^t&:ronghl> "i Yerily.wo are
fated^whUejea^a^yt^rag single-handed tol
achieve..mail commuaicatioh direct with Sari
; Frahcfsco,; and Wetf
. gihg burselves^aiakitig-:pura'eIvesv<ib%'hnaW
under the circumstanees^Mark f apley fashion���with the idea that ���while the Ivaboucherc
Marriage^musi be favourable. f oxlongevi ty ^
an old'maid never lives/ to . be more >thanl
.-thirty/"''*'"' 'y-'"^>~ / 'l"':'" ���;////!//;/���//^^/// v/'^:
r ��� eWhenratr.sea/^qii^'. look; jpixt 'fpv-"i breaRfys \
:bw ofr alailioad1 tfie ;DrealfcBrsfl[|>6fc "6ut??f6T'
,you0: %;J, .ym, ^M��mm^ yyym^y ^Ay
t Modesty/in^ woman is * like' eolor;i on/^lsef
chee'Ir^i^ecideQ^y^bedbmmg if hotT^ut/oa;  :
A^oeaiaker must be,liard-up forf-air when
be/ha^to breatheAhis last^aad =j|ie^tq boot  \ -
'When people are 'crazy HoT marry they at
tacfi-no consequence tO"^nsequent^s/^��""" j;
iWhat do we/jSeck,^edress fo^l ���,Injuries!
Where/do. we ffidatj^ .^tn%iries/M ^/ - ^ */   \":
i,,Why/i^ sauifelil^^e^
Ik the.^eginihg of t:sneezingl : . l'J&t&   & &iSfi%. f -|
,  Why-Js^ow^ tairlike ,a;swaafs ibsbni?
Becai^l^grbwVdo^^"J^ /���'/'/: / /"    ^
ytm, 0fnvERSAril^,PRACT&/;ofl/Miiih^Chic6ry:/and
ed in-^uKiic estimatioti,/'what.: buglit-to/.b'e/tlm/most
delicious1 of.-Beverages: /So/effectually havbAthe/public
been drugged with sucfrmisturCs that the'true properties have boen:)bst:$ightof,<;$nd,ft^
aud thick infusipnito a-drinterichin spirit and iaroma^'
General as is the tusc- of iCoflb^nt^isAIIttliS;lenbwn that
in condensiag theivapbrs;extracted1^^tfrontjthe berry; in
ra8Stlng>.t;.a .Uquor, S8J:QhtainediOf the-most manscous1
tasjte, and of /a scent the' most unbearable; f ;Uhd��r' such
'ciretimstanccs"itUs evidently'impdrtant^thatiali-,the
gases rind fluids extnictod^^^
Wed off asiq.uickly^asipossiblca'in brdertbyprevent their
returningagaib^ to theiCoffGe^���.^'hYchvTis^heTc^odn.ihc'.
coriflned/cyHnderi^/lf hi^
pHshed by;the'ne^ivaridjpateht^'Cbnieal^
as used by FEpL Ac CO., Victoria,- in Which the 'berry
is d irectly: exposed to/the radiated: lieatf*and the vfl^>r
extracted carried off instantaneously.: Inaddition to
the advantage, to bo ^deriy^d by theTapid^movai'bl'
Q^lji^apiQoatainlB^tfaa objecUon able "pV#er ties/the
pure aroma of the Coffee/is Tctainedi/the essential oil
being preservpa^^d'jiiQi^aQwuaibav win the Cylinder
Boaster, where the Cofl'ee is requirodtoremain a much
longer timrin consequence -of the steaming it undergoes by the confined steam. /It Is chemipally impossi-
ble t^retain the qualities orarcest tho deteiiorationfof
Coffee/When ground/ -The heat erigehdered^by-the pro-f
cess of roasting, arid^spe.ciailyjbf, grinding, croates ah
action in the elementary parts-whiclvgradually destroys
its fitness for drink. .But to retain the ossohtial oil
which it contains,we hayoiit encased in.Uns/cQntaining
ftorn';%:tb. ,to, 281 bs'.. and which oan i be had, from. any
of the resp��ctablolueaiers/ jWe :can; confidently re-
cbmmend those,who have hitherto, .been obliged to re-
fraraTrromMKiag Coffea orf'afjcount -oilItis-W: offedts,
that thfey may uso' bur: Coifee/ rbasted in the'Cbhica I
Roaster^ being recommended by all medica} men under
whose notice it has been brought; and by numerous
other testimonials in its favor. FELL k CO.. -
Coileo >Iercbants, vales sL,t..Viotorri.;
yA[A*r^ *Mealsr,jeady at" all hours.- 3  ���',-'-'
" i in   I'i���n'r/���it-   '''~'^:'~~~~zy~rTy~yy^^ ���^^^^y^
!?,////.//;'-/^ s��!T^'^:H?!I^l'P/?  W^n   ri'^V":,'
/r - +y ;<���'���: ��� '���: ^tQysgg"#jV^/������JbomSsissiba/ / / . '���';/. b ":./
mmmSm   .- f,
lAi'fM   ^V?;w   '  ��:s  ��� r~=^~ 0   toy  &%    >���
yy /, <�����'> *     " ^ DEAliERS Ujf>^'-"      ~" '  J \
;//.: ///   . .,,/B?AR^E��y f L^LB./fw 6J tij-'^ ; ��
W Tdlilti: $��:��%MM 1%,
/ BABKEItyiLLE���irljo^ ! <
.5   /tBA'R KB* VcM/DEv; :tk
���/:;/.. r/;/;t,E:>fjsjj^i^pgf,;// ���;//;/,:;
1 /;"j^iviies;:;/paabiE, ���'//-,
/'/.',/ RICHFIELD/:
.., - .   !- /   .;���.; VAN WINKLE,  ;
Dealer iaall kinds of ProvisioasrClothing, &c,
U��-Stabling for Horses; JJ*y, Barley and Oats al-
wwyi en han-J. J's
' ^DRAFTS ISSUEB on"? London ^^w^cr^^^anl-
Cisco, Cariboo^ Canada/'-New^mnswicl^HovAficotla,'
and'on all' the 'branches of/the.JN^tion'aJl BanJc of Scot-.
land ana Prbvincja/Bank.of tMa*id.   ,���,     ,     \
��"Biili ef Excban^-lanttiSplCE&a^asr|d^ /
rate of ?ai:irter ofTbn^-^erceatj^er4moatb,' *^."\ .-
GdL��^t)t%T Melted-^rid Assayed,1 aria i^tunw|made
���within' 24 hoursiiU-fioinlor.Barai' J M/,/ ���' .m^myy ;y y
;���-.; Ores of eipery description carefullyiAgs^ye^ &$*??*;-���:
- j^: ^^Aby ihstrucli6ns:as.tov^;disj?psa^
fcecds of GBld tlust' forwiirdod; tb^o;^e;iB^rietprt*i
for Assay -will b��'carefoil v-attended ;^>.'-���- / "A1*' ,;
' , -., -Jirl , ;. .f; avSBaSPHKBD,'EtaaagfirS; .
Victoria,. V. I., AprajlSGjS.-- ;. .,."        -    K ^ :
Conhectin^a�� Tjmbbe^fe^^^e'wlthf-Dim^
./������, f i N1^0N*��Ufor)3��eW.^
vttPIL&StBRPTB* ANB-BEPARTJ'lroiri^ the'offlce'in���
#J/1Barkerville, .tojconttecUwitbathc steatn/er^En^
terprise?'at QuesneJmoft^^a^
tkr^ und VAr*4mj^
I. Auent/.'iBarUeryiUo^ -
A'\        '~ The undersigned is prepared.to- / /   > 3;
On^ Commissiqn.- or v?ill- purclU^o ,any quantity en/tha
/'/J/'^/v^^S^f ^/^W^A-iteiwo^.^-! '���*:" ''
." r. Beading Roorn^ Gamerontpji, .   ,  ,
Tne Subscriber is'^ ��? A
froriV tho cohftdenc'e- reposed/in ;tjftri/'lasHFall. &. W�� ,-
abevo business/h* hopes /16 receive^the patroiiago or;
the Mming:community/tne y^^^^^^^y.
^y^:y^::- ;
DURING -ritevMJtaW- SEASON1 the ;adjjjlga��a
^i!l be prepared to execute Surveys j^i ^nsact
a Oei#ai Agency Busmess,   , -   JOri|T MORRI&;.
l*b ���        ��������� / Agents, for the/ "Cariboo Sentinel.?   ^  ,     '^aa Winkle,^/   .-���������-{ .>-~ -*./A / n!4; SlcCajfrry  / Qu^rielmoutby lfr./G<iwdie, Ba?  , I '/Vale- I *P- si* -3lr^Evans,/ ������/  , t   Lillyoet;   f' -������?' F. W. Foster,  K  ...'..'"''��������� ���������  ,..../New Westminster,  /Victoria, ; /.-'^  ��������� ~:M fyj-'.*;';/.Il'r-i���������* ���������       -"���������"--'���������       i ���������'it ������;.**.  an-m.���������������..^.  Mr/<3<iwdie, BarharU's;Expres6 Oifice  -;**^E'--':-"^:do; ,-s%.      do,    /  ;do      1%     ,  do   -  *  ::-/'Clirksoiij&'Go/  CE;M*]inniainl5  ���������/^Johu^pbran,^4 ������  had tbe/Council in its wisdom requlredf the  mill to; be driveh by steam or water power  (leaving it optional which), aad the po/wer  not to exceed 20 horses, and 12ft the/ period  fi\r notYinlftf.fnn An   of   lonof.   /m������qj'^t*������oW   *<������r./l   I*.  "    ;-r;A/'., '/v-r-  ^N.bttlOE.- .,,/.     - ,   .?     ,  ,.. 'fl   J    } Miners and others wishinglto spad ''tlie Casiboo Sen-,  -, -*,.. t'mvi" tothef tf friends m Canada;- Englttid, the United  ;.v;    States, orelsewhere,can have4t mailed^ by leaving  '      iatMreasesat the > publicati<������n office.    Price, is oivbiaGi  y'/" -ft*>j> p&lageL 50 Rents', per copy ��������� <   -     "<���������   ***���������      "---��������� ���������^���������'*- r -'������������������'  -���������>.'v  "������������������ '/^/</-^r-.TO,CfpBJtraEdNDBNTSi, /���������  ->,/'/'  All communications must be accompanied 'i^bp the.  real name and, address ;of,the writer, not necessarily/  with a1 view of publishing tho same, but as security for  his good faith. *��������� ..���������"*������:������;> -   >���������*' / ; /���������  -,' JVi..;:l -/;/".- *:-tV;.  :.- *^-,-:r'-.'.yJrJ  iiifiiP^-  ���������v-.*-  THtiRSDAY^JVIAY 10, 1860/  O '*,���������'  ������">:'i  ';i\  r   >.     p'svi)"������*'.-'*.-. ir/.1;.-."' '..-n'i iyv';_/r"i- ^ ''> ' ^"' V ^  ���������'r,-*.'" ;'   >'������������������<  $���������������.*���������:���������  ..,-/.'< British Colurabia has had t^  WJtwo.of .the/ richest ^countries, in theZ/wprl^t  ? 0a1iforaia!aa  :I;^/*'Tf#>Vi.=  piiaaces y (and base vea imp^ved/6a them) for  successfully/ exhuming the hidden: treasures  /'/ -Iroia^her/auriloroas/Tiv^1^ ai*d:  -; streams, but ag^^|JhoWi9V>^ she^ has  done  '-H/peaiog'ap-tlie^yastamoant'of wealth which  ' > >fc:;  /i4imejtoat will compa^  of s tho cbuatries;  u^ *    --:  for conipletioa |b Jat least one^ar/gaatl ia  creased the premium toi.sayi at tneVvery feast; 1  $5,000.; bat ae^the, matter stands ia its preseat [  ���������^Iiape taereti^nbt the Mates t hope: of anyac^  tiba beingfitaken^this season.'pf . "('/ :><T- '  Whatels ^gpatly ��������� * wan ted 'here/ is fa ia illf aad^  !apparatus/on^^ the/cheapest^ most economical  and ^practical' principie^a sort of prospecting  mill-Hrbf vthoderate power; ^erectedria some  central placed to -^hicbroclrco^ld be brought  front any near giveixlpbirit anaftested- without  eompelUng persons / to /eendtjiti ;out of / the  couatry at (great.joxpense'^an.d.ta&iag^ all the  chances of never hearing any thing more of it  asjia the/instaiiee?berbre7alluded to." It is to  fee;hoped that fth������T06vera^nt will see -the  error into which^they have^fellea, and Will at  once;set to work aad "dpvistf^s^me! means for  bbviating/ie difficulties complained of^ That  some effort should be .made^by; Goverrim������eat  ib/eaco0a^iihislucrative^ branch o^miiiiiig  industry is evidea ti^to: all, * but /tbe meana at  present employed to achieve tbe desired ob-  ^(%'JvUrproya^tterIy'abbrtivio/ir     / / / ; ;  :.,s?,������,j.'///-/-���������//������':���������:.;  /ZC*r���������    \ ��������� '    '*  " '   '  ,' '.    k\   -  JWe e^t&ract the:'r0llowia^&^-^';leitieryt>y a4  cpri'espondenttof the San Francisco 'Bulletin/  Mated San L^bleOaiica; United StatdstoT GffU  fbrabiay- 12th /March;la������t.   After des^lbing the  ^riri from^ Manama to tbe; tqwa/������f Pumaco/  pwlitcih/dc cupied "t hree day s by stealer,: hb go es  l;on4to^sja^^at^he; made Iprepamtioasfbr ai-  cendingthe Patia river,; tbe <m6uth'oifiwhich  is, distant vfrbia Tumaoo 16-miles. I ^^Ipro^^  gassed at the rate of 16 or^12 -miles a diiy,"  agaiast a current running/aoout three miles1  |a^lioiirj;and/arriyed in tho*town/bf Barbacd^  asf which is eituated ^on, the-banks, ofr the Tel-  ambia, a branch of the. Patia, in ti Ldayg.   Sar-  bacoas is an old Spanish ^settlement, and at  pae tiaae^ was -no.do.ub t a place of considerable  I importance.    The town coatasasrabouVWO-  inbabitants, and the proviace%f which it^is  the capital about 3000,     - -'  '    ~ f  /*f Barbacoas is situated iri the center of art  old miaing district.    The Spaniards took but-  large quantities Of gold m /this locality /and -  after them the mines continued profitable, until" the emancipation of ^tbe slaves in 1852.  since whic^itimethAv\ih^vAV.i^iton-s^^-d^'  for want,of labor,  !00x^sy  Swii  There is no distillery kep|intbi^  itaHii strychnine and rot-gut' flnjd'naplace'ac-rcl^ 'ig>  ���������v  y  T^ARiEByiLCE/  dm  ^ cJ^^>;^hee:Creeki:.Grwi3e.Creek and-Van ^B  - r that she. intends giving a/Benfefii- Unit "luyM  Concert, on the^th/of May,/ tlml^aTcve?*^S|  Wijiiams Creck^ wiien she; respectfullVHB0j|^jfa������ro ������* M  ronage of.thepublic... y;, ^   _   MARt A. CIiS^^ll  LMARr A^CLl^y^  &*:���������  yyyyjz  THIS HOUSE viASBEENj NEW^Y FITTJED TO ON  *,thd{ Restaurant principle-'with a view to the comfort  nf tiie nn hi i^  ������nrt -.wtiii**������, conducted-.^^Jnva^manner to-  :tboseC':-������ ^^^. v-^i-_ ^-^. v,. rf  sr-L^.r ;:^a%rs; ~���������,.:;,.,,,,;  j8������"The Bar is furmshod with theibest Bol6ct/oh of  Liquors and Segars., f 'y    .-,.//':/, r'1'//--:.,-"''/;   - /2'H,  B^lrters frema4iiing: ia the; Post r6&de^ CAK-  ' ;S|lOSITON,;6n tlie^lst of.May.asajBi yl  Amsteadi ^iiliami   <:     :.   /,/1 :���������":'  ���������'./���������   h'A /*,*/'- /���������������������������  ���������:;'''i'^i>ivJ'-** '.'','  *������*-a*wiw.������������w.*������u*������������J 1..  - 3>reafcably worked ia  named, but nothing more mna -a -mere super-  iicial attempt has beea made at ascertainiug  their probable ;wortb or exteut. by a proper  5^*, ^f^felLsome:> little noise was. created  -*arthe discovery c/. a lode;en thc;rlilge of  .the mpuatam; that, divides ^Williams   irom  ^St^W S:i *hif ^ M?k on. thef since whichMme they iave^in^dS  ledger to some Aepth, and; a ton^of the rock I for/wiwt^f Si^^/^^  :. wiu.gpt out and transmitted to San Francisco^  ^or^ssa3r;|tupftQ^the ^re^eat moment no^  ���������DoihiagAa further known respecting it: it is  .r-v.^ asserted ,that. ^9 rock still lies on-the  wharf where it was landed in San Francisco  uatcucbedc '  SMI we evar-oiccoiuplish any-  y^f^^n^^h^^r^lA   ' ���������/���������-"-  ^:f.:-^/^%p^eaong/oii^  /^pusideratioa^of the resolution passed in the  ^^islativ^/Counctt/jalrt session^ having foi\its  /opict^e^acouragem  ^iWosed^tdgthe/^po^  unifies.    It runs thus : f< A premium'of ������3;500  ^/as bfferedtb any peradh/or^ersonswn^  %tot^i^  *������,Canbo0, of not less than 60, horseWw0'&c j  ^ |������ MUl *g.be in working order. ^ 9r bsf0B8'  ; /^efie ^0^ Sept; next.?'    Just let us examine  / ^id������ej*w^  f^^fe^aaipment  ^r;persp^  ;^S ^^^S bf: ?uch  gigabitic propoitrons on  //.ttie^inere strength ofan^ prospects tliatihaye  /everyetUeen found ia/^is.partbf thecolony  ; i 0r^ yvill^ey/be ia^aced  -*l^ast;calculation-$50;000#simp^ because the  Goveramenfcf 4n ^ gt ^i^enerbus liberality  .;,^^^O^hiprpjpe^;ta^^^  /-gancsum fbrthe?advaricemehiot?thatbbject?  ?: Host certainly^not,/^fesuefca lead:could be  discovered/ as^would^ustiry /su^h ah outlay  >;/itwould/nptbc the:ittducements:held^ut by  the Go^ernmeat^were they evea &etimes m  -ampuat offered, that would effect the purpose  .aleri^aaa means would be speedily found to  .^asrry thowork through without any eleemosy-  *fW ������ld;./^ tbe L^isIat^*������ ^d contemplated, while drawing up the,resolutions"r#  Jcrred^o, that people )70ttld be fbiind so de-  void-of sense as to act on the conditions laid!  For* Jfaihes.p<    -    ,-j  ;-^ra������lclln;{Julius-    '(2) ''  Gilbert^James/'''/ 1- />;-LGIeiulening^ ArcT,lvW"k':'i ""  SfJfl1.1?.1?!;���������j���������*? -r 1 s ��������� '*  -.". />, On>ss>r;fHri y{^  ^^away^/a/P. Jr-  (2j f HowcJls; Isaac%^r^iy  Her^^W?^0*   .(tH^orga-.(1,;^  fnneSjZJames  I^^^Uatn'an^;  P^EEOJS^dtfNJ  :y%  M*.y  Jones, Andrew  v,.{3)'V/^'^^'  ^t-^is  /Kers^'s/a?." -'-V A' ,, (3) :V ?' :' /: - i y  " T;/y>'//'' ^,/ ^:  ^wrje'Thpmas"  \    <qj. Upsett, I^aW������!"'',:>V;/;  -  I^wis, JdlmW,    ^   v;> ':''       .^    '���������   -   1 /;:  Marshall, J. G.     ^ McGregor,- George:: ":'J -  Melross, iWiliiam T. ��������� HcKinon. Charles : ".      '  Melross, i Wilham,;Ti  MorEis/.J<>seph  THHE UJCDERSIGNED' HAS OEBNED/feHE tABOVB  X /Hotel and Restaurant^ and is mow prepared  to;irccei>:c^Bbardi(^tbyfthe.1ii^lcw  /;J^>wnr������^jCl38B COOK has been engaged /  v Parties ^ishiuff: toBoard outtblB season IwillflaH it  to their'advantage to/give him ravcttllj^s bis/house for  cannot be excelled/ *��������� "^l-/., y ,,,,',.,; ?' /.'l-Vi,.  , /Pies, Go$ee,;.Chops and Steaks atalMioyrs.  ' ^yyy^y1 '���������. '0^^^^^ JfcINMESgpirop^'"'  i'yVr������*<At'-'''-vl;^-  '  "only ^obl ^isedfbr^*i^prp^ewa3  the ^rbwbar/- /They then mined away /the hillt  until -its altitude became too/great/ to ^work-  profitably, and 'thea-' abandoned^-the mine.  Saey^sedm iofhave 110J6$a or^ ffinaellnjg:, and  even now there is/a great prejudice among  the natives against it. The claims now being  i^orked ������byjMri" Q'Gpnnbr// CapJ.KRatJhe (Barker) ��������� and others are of the'&md above describ-i  ;ed, and;are/called "batiks." /J^the/lapse of  ^erx^jChisley  Pndley-IX B.  JOHX BOWRON, /  Acting Postmsister.  ^j Xi eo6l>- AXEME^t W^NTKDi to report at Q ji^sn WlVf; *>,/     r'./j.'./\. '��������� :/^vv'-\'*-^-^'^''^^-r^^' - m  nave* cayedi and eon*iHt^ab!oavk/^/.A:~ month. .-��������� >. ���������;���������.?������������������; ���������"--���������-.:.'- -���������--���������:'���������/���������������������������:;      .-     -.*.-.--       .-���������.������������������-���������������������������^r?.; [.-...: totiicirfuii Qs^ptmAn^������f G#n>irrrTrt-o v,^,������������ i4-S  case^^^ amqiuitirig...to thoiimdsfof aolliirs. is  ���������ffite^i^^" work wa%. suspended.  ^Qut; w* months ,*?fore his Jmiflerbegan: ti  'S2������r,?���������?���������^^ls-certai%-^V rich.���������-������������������.:������H^Boni"  &^f ^:*.���������W������:-������������-������ianaSft pounds of  gold fbr<a-week's work of 3d nandsT    It an-  ^^te1^ ?S������ Pari* largely;^- ;;  n������ S^ ^^T Cin!^ J ���������i>POse *there" ,  ma*vS*ft^v *?e'"Priori/prevails that  S S a  he ba������kica"^^be wbrked^oWirig'  to the fatness of the country and the great  amount of water which falls here.  O'ConK  ufc^t-ffi������li8?.tly Wgh *b01^- *������ bed ������f thl  S^^f0^ but many othora  .ar|.n?' i Resides they are osmed by private  ,W^43,i0I0rk the mine8a contractmust be  n^e *.f * *e owners, and they exact exorbi-  ; ^  / ;<> ;  ���������-    :": ' "   " ' /   EDMUND CONWAt,'^ :.  ��������� &������������������������������������:-��������� ������������������:'���������&?.e-/."-;j.?^ ,:- i' //'���������/'/;   Assistant Engineer:  Quesnclmouth, May Sth, I860.     . ,1  iniii^it.  miuKi  --- -^ -mw wwwwhui ittiu maae witn tne owners, and they exact e&nrjilr  down, they certainly took good care to pro- tarit rates of rent. The eatalJtisbed rule ap-  vide that the time allowed for .completing the pears to be, that when a miner prospects, ori  structure should be so. 8������et^:pa'8/)o'iVpr^ade an average, 20 cents or m*** ***'+>������������ ���������-    ^*  the possibility of any applications.being made  lor the proffered reward/- ^re'^artz lodes  so .easily .ffmnd- and prospected, and the aha-  chiaery so speedily transperted in a country  like this, that a mill of the^acity above  laid down can be put in good running order  ia the^course of a few months?    We opine  worthy Legislators were thinking -of when  they gave their sanctioa to such a.resolution  unless it was, done with the view of making  it appear that; they were -very desirous of fo������  tenag the .interests' of/bur   dear Cariboo  ������*un%. If this was their object .all we can  nay is^taat^he veil has been too transparent  to hide tietiscouivoeatioa from thp *������v*T������ nf Q i    m    ������  .f^rni^^nVaityirS  been aome i>raetical good - in.the. resolution I carrier. $1:00' P������ff������������l������-to- the  an average 20 cent, or-m e V he= the  hS" ^iveS;?ne^haIf of the Proceeds   he  miner paying the expense, of worldne'the  Zn Iu���������ff t������ ������������ Kents one-f������urth. Eather  ttian submit to such aa oxtertion many have  gone back to the interior in search of eood  ������"Pf s and better terns.    The 'Ss arfund  fcte species^of sand-stone entirety  *MhlhZ? I6 b-d rock in California. The  gpld^is what is known as float or scale gold  SwISffnf!^ fr0m minute Particles to  pieces as large as a cucumber seed. . "  AGEAND EXHIBITION of tho K0BLE AIJT of SETJF.  ' DEFJENCE will bo given at'Loriag?* Saloon, Cam-c  erqritown.-onSiUurday Evening, May 12tlijj8fl!0, on'  wliich occasion tho following gcnU������men will appaar:'-!  I    Mr. eEO.WIISON, inaGlov6 fight-with iujy .man  itt Cariboo,.for the Sum of S50Q; ' .   >'.'.���������������������������-<'  HARar Shannon, ��������� <2ko. Fairbrotiteb ;        *.��������� ������������������; /;  .DAHUSt, 3HORGAN,   WlIMAW WlLMAMSJ :       -.'./  .    P-Davis, B. Bkxjaiui.v; !      r     .  f GBOBOK PiPE.V,   P. EDWAflDflJ ;.  .' M. U. AaitsTRo.vo, Wm. PnTLtira.  The Entertainment will be interspersed with SONGS  and MUSIC suitable for the occasion.  Big Fun.   Everybody Come. /  .;  Admission, Front Seats, $2; Back.SoatSj $1;-   'Doors  open at 71-2 o'clock; commence at 8 o'clock,  i. ��������� ^/ ;  ��������� w* ,Wf W assrirtriiojBit of ��������� StTPERIOB OOOpS  "'//./"���������' "���������       ;/\^ich;/^^'--bb/soI������i;^;-:ii,!'iv'"';"'"'���������'  to^makoroom for a.^^lm6g^'&^^.^iig:  :'y^'>*'<    ������������������       ���������<��������� the Roads arcopen^--;, |7| %'-���������������������������������-_ -:v  Kcstaurnnt-and-Hotol Keepers and the Trade^eneraBy  oa large orders. ���������>:        -.,..:-, ��������������������������� -..-'.- ;/r;;- = -,^-.:*-;. ���������,.,���������>���������������'������������������  ;���������--  ���������iS/Ks  ,; V 3ar^vil^riB/?:C-f,;:/,,: .;//^'';';  ���������     EELLY/& PATERSON, PaOpaiBToas;  'B very th i ng is don e iw cbnaection with thas establish^  m������ft t to give satisfaction to the customers.       ;  4^ Meals at all houiw. 1  G^EEAT   ATTRAOTIOK!  ;   . EVERY EVENING, ':-' '?VVv*:  AT THE  fA;SlII.0:F/SAtB:a:f,  ./^;'-.;;K-,,;;. B^^BRVlLLE.;'Vr'/';-'"'':'  ALL LOVERS OF THE TERPISCHOKBAfiT ABT are  invited to call nnd enjoy themselves, when a;hearty  welcome will be extended. '       '-���������  'v :-";-i-"'  Bl'OHi'fi'li  /'/;/   B AKKB RVILt K,    '  :.   ;-'��������� -,| nfiALtnax^.../.���������.',.������������������.,,���������:'/ .*���������:: ������������������������������������:  / "VvTioieaale; and Betail,  - tsaaaia  mm  >?;:~:mk  /. -ysy  .:',ki(0irt.  I. -:-,-,l>#.:k  Vt^p-ig  iiiyiy^  WHOLESALE & BETAIL     -  4S9*.Tbo.bc8t of "Wines, ILiqtiors and Segars,  and (Jood Order observed.  1 KARTIN & COOK, Propers.  KICHFIELD, Williams Creek, B. C,  rE HAVE ON HAND a largo stock of Provisions,  min^MrfL^.f1*6 anJ* Vegetables, and are deter-  minGci to sell   them cheoper thnn any other  store en  ii'-ain='Si .re.clfc* '^������?n* and see and jitfjre fer vourselrc������������.  -.EiChflcM, May 5th, im. , .,"������������������     ,   ..',.      .1  ;   ;///  ������B������Ap������w.l/a. -:f^jURSPAy; MAY 10/JMO.
Wend,' I
hy t ;'sS
FiBB.^Ybst'er&ay, forenoonabo a tl 1 o'clock
,,Jf Sanies' wele.seen to isaiw'irora/^small house J
ff^hat Ri^fifi4^e^nging;t�� Mrf P&rk. An alarm
Im' was soon gtvenMnd* tie(door""was speedily
tm burst open; when i.fcwatj iliseovered that every-'
111/ 'the SttiiairiffWa^^ complete��� rum, *every arti-
Iii.. elc. consisti^^f jaw^ bed and
^S^oanlng/ ^.,"wer@ .eorapletely, destroyed i.A,:lt
IfiM As jjejlevel^ corn-.
/c- JHie continued^thawj^icjihas hem slbwjj
but steadily going on/for the last/ten days
has, increased the wafer:, in the creeks/and;
instances lias been temporarily suspended. In
Stouts Guleh^thoilurface wat��& is doings
great deal of harm -to ~the -tunnels, causing
thera toteaye, but the owners are -usingt every
^en&eavomt^^ ineanshof
flames, and expeetjto be in .apposition to get
to work' again ^n afewdays.    In/one; sense
... V- % OFfTHK/LABOUOIIERE.^ - ���, /
-{Capt Mount;and eons/a por/fiiprbjl the^ crew
of thesLabouchere; and nia^y ���, of the,;, passengers, arrived on the,,OregonAftomi S&n^Frari?
;eisco. AJt appears/that. after /^��j ship* struck
jtbevfirst time she^yasbackedoj^and^App013etf
ii ng: despatch j^
the gradual increaKe;o,f!water is
to Williams feeelc/ in 'so^ar as-cutting a. chan*
;n%l far ;5&&lf^^^^^
thereis-tiot; the 'samef o^ree of^d&hgfer ib! be
app^headjd 'frtm^S^d^^*^^^
ri^iraliaf^ce. fr^V? >ek Flume co'y,
���>��� ,haye ibeen e^ligediEJL%2$8n<l\.blasting opera^
my tionS, andaro: aow,'engao^d xumiing. o    tWe;
&imA'^e^M^ keyim
"^"^^poeke^f^^infcof tfe
g tents of sund^iv^^^ ^bpyinjterj-
^ ��iii��^^he surroundii
/Ph 6 f ograp blc]^(xaliery Jffii Victor! a/ anoSere
highly gratifiW afcieeing sucn a fine Collection
ii.se for
i�� latter part^ of^last'1 season/and ^eflecl^dfeilit
.on^he a*Mi&^rlmfchto
K-tnessof?execution.;//To those^
B with the.^ country we:,wottl4^rece5nn;ead an
fcinspoctibn, as^ weare^ure they /will l)e amply
^ repaid^by/their^yisi^   "^
:, his^ Eicelleiiey; QorcztiOT /Seymour iiefbre
leaving for; England expressed a desire that a
��� iull'Bet of/these ytewh should be procured b^
��� <J6 v^rnnwlteana ;%r^en^
���'Library^ " This; has not yet beendone, wehope
lioweyer ere long to hear that his Excellency^
'wishesin this respect'are carried out,.as such
an acquisition cannot^lniljvgreatly add to/the
attractions ofr^hat useful institutiOnTPf"
nothing new to record'iil/tlie shape of mining
hews; siriceourilast fesue^other than5 thiit'Boine
claims^whloh'were liusy %t work then, have
Kgreat^tooftnt of labour
Eon this work since last;November/ ^ oyer A&00
Efeet hasten^utJtKr^
W$efiuiae ^la^iMOjfee.t ^oft#mcli^ averaging
%mL3ifeeb |n depth^had all to %e-* blasted f over
WmQO. Itegs of p^wdier^haye'beett/
^purpose; ^The'cwork isTnow complete&up*'tb^
^Mouttets store^and it is thought thatlSO feet
gmere will put:it through" bed/rbek, thegreater
pjiart1 of thisjastbeing ot a.Jsoft Mature;. will
gtnefctake them long ]In completing, y. During
mthe winter 35 men have been steadily emr
Sjftoyilfl". onitite wor,k, under|he"supervision of
&r.l3Vmiam MOfer./?Clie coMpanyhope tdbe
p peady to take advantage of the?spricg3freshet
fein^>pening;up;'the-ground. f':-"- ?A ��� T-vv>' '.'
following, is a, statement: of; the
amount pf gold, dust purchased lay thejBaiiks
��e��i^Wmiams creek, and by them sent below,
|perolst^toaar^to8^iMajri;ip6: ^ / u /
Bank of British Columbia, for Fcbroary/
,. /�� do. / ..do, ^v- , for March,* ���,
/"������;:dOf^ ���'./,��� - -"do../^::^; /^the'��th:May,^.:
/BariroT^BHtrs^'^orth Jlm^lca/'^they*ar/    ' '!'"" '
yVy 186ar-?sent below. 8.th- May, ������, fti u/:;���-���. ~f* ''
had iostop^on account of i<5o mucM water;
Of a ye^J^���in|lib, easels ite\force of the old
"proyerl>^^��It :never rains iitit it pours;,f;m<M'e
;clearly'ljbrne out. than ihfthatlof: thelEQiner,
only a weelc ago ther^was not^enough water
.toj^aste/'witli; ,.and_.jnow in xaany. instances
'thereJs'-too^n^c^:-/;';;;;>;y//;,//^ ;;;^ ./f ^//'^ j.;/""'
* No later news from Grouse creek. " /
' ;//:-ix'Ai'���;;   y^FKES*".,;STKIKS^'', "���,_,./."/"- A} "-%) \, '.
The California Tnanel 'kso'y, which :as ' we
^&���^to1i^^^nday?s! ���i;eport-vwe^/wai^.-
irig^for wateiV have howrcommenced washing^
they cleaned^up yesterday-noon ^3H��unces jof
^eryieoarse,gold. -> ^s/epmpany^^jaundf is":
sitiiatetl in-the'rear of the%La^t^hauce ^co7^
and^��mayab^ v strictl^BcalieWI^
iThe/Caledoma cb!y Vwashed^ub%ybsterday*40.
ounces;0 - '    - < ;   ' ' ( -f     / ;;'Vt .��� -;     v,' \
-   ��" ���   "';/' -'��� (Before Wi *G.,'Oox, Esq.') t'- /," | j
1 , // /^ /   ;    /  Tuesday, 8th May) 1866.; i1.
{:;Aurora/co'y vs. t)ayisr ;co'y^-This;^as!'a
^case appealed last ^ll|t
'^'he Ai^ora'co'y, appeallants, ^appIieii^yester^
Iday'tjbTtheiJfio^ fpr ^an' injunoi
Mqtt;to'restmri^e^ayis,':cb'y, ��� respondents;
from working^the>gr6un<pin^disputed    The
Both. -p&(fci<��:.we^^ of
the '-Davis ,co "y -stated^ that they>were: not^' arid
did not intend, working the grouhdin'dispute
ttt present. - Tne^udgej/accordingly:/grantM
the"injuaction.'/ ./// '//" -.':(,'.. A} \ /-, AaP "���
": H. Goldstadte v�� H/ Curry.^-This was a
suit for $447^50, being;l)ttlance bf^twages dtie/
Forest Rose co:y. * cin/eonsequenc? of thecal)*
senceof * an important witness, wtio'was down
country^ -the' defendant asked for ;a/post^6neJ
ment of the C;ase untU,his amvai,/which Iwas
fi";eeiby41ie,pumps.   Afterthefitsta^arnidhadi
subsided, GaptvMouat^ decided^ tffyt^ySM, ^r
jthe-remainder, o^the;nigh;t, and tlie passengers
agaiii retired to fieir"berths and h^i^ asleep
only to be ^awakened-nowever^1 :&fc ial^past
port^that,a^etv4eak,had started, arid the yes-
sel*was going down;. By five^o^clocki notwithstanding /mcessent 'tcump.ing,, ,thevfii:es were
put out by the water \?hile thefshipf was xirn-:
riing: towards the)land^a^:fto��a tfea* jtihie un/
til v8he sunk-the'^seijlay/lti^; "a;;: io^; In /the
water/ /The fiv^T^oats5 feelonglogr fofferrymdn
/I^id^rellau^Hiwd and^
*arid rowed r>^mete*of sla& ^j^n^nrcrai the
berths^there/bein^ nil^ oa^ for;toerii/: ^^TOile
the passengers Awhefe debating :at ^Jiiteball
'!boat was caught'yberieafchjthe- steps^y the s^V
tlingiOf the steanieit^and^ipset, /andiwp'colbr-
ed^men earned SadfbrJd^Taylor|/^a/barb^)
and F.Xjr. Marshell^1 (a, Ca^bpiorniner.) drown-
y ;^We;thankyoU'fer yourkind greetrngsrand
jplniyb^Iinlthe, M0rMat the |n^eTpTise, tlie
, sn ccessf ulipfosecution o^w^rcSi^thus signal'
^ed,r ma^rbe-^ontinued unfii; rt shall speedily
, unite ;the two Con tinen'te.' arid op en to both an
common an^.eonig // /f
V %. A\ i s /   ' % ; "ANimiew: JonK^oki
,:;-;.' Vu'Ji .   "W.H,SsWARD7?r
y (Fhe;fire-bells^ instantly struck upA*<tnerry
:peal, and English; antd American flags1' Were
."thrown [ tb| th^h :tiree$k in /ieve^^direc'tion,*
Mayor^ Erank^lin read.the despatch 0sa crowd
oP.people/w^ ^arty
^Pg8fWtvft'fti* Mr* /'TliegdesimJ*^left/Wash-
irigtbri/ on; tWedriesday'/,aflernobn^���Victorn
^ronide^ '.
# "���
, ^(^i^|MTOb.Tr-T��?terday, mornln^/a ^'entlemia
whoK'si^eam/thc'southerri'ponib'ft-of/thecity cHlh"d
at our btflce andRelated /the following incident as :hnj.
penlrigito. htmsftlr, j.and i knowing ?iiim) .��>> be a niQh t.f
,,:>; t,,^ ^^v.,-::,;Totaifj,- y^y.AA-yy^my:,^$mjm
%f0l The places' :and/datcs^f folding the
'Spring Assizes are announced ?ie/the Govern*
unenfe^Gazette^as ^under^:-^;7 ^' T'"* :AA:
: t";-'-" ���Yalb,;'4//^///- -fFcS^^'-^May, :.���:>���;.
LiUeoet, -    :-    > ;do,;   iirth May/-::/r
,' Queshelmbuth/   v do'/ "" 1st iTune,���>/ '
'The Court will remain on Willianig ;Gt^k
juritil the end Of July or begirining/of August,
^and remove to soine/centrai /poinfi ��a *he.
ColumbiaRiverdistrict about the''"middle-of
August. ; _ . s      '������/ -^ y;>y>{ 7
#2��*The Chinese are-net behind tlieir white
^/brethrenintakirig advantage of the timesl It
1 appears that tlie whole of our vegetable pro-
^mucts in daily-use are held by the children of
saBtfhe flowry kingdom, who no doubt seeing a
If^fune opportunity in an increased deniaM for
|^��articles of that description^liave raised them
jgtygU&t least 100 per cent:^patatoes that were sel-
filing a week ago at 10 cenfe are now up to 20
-   . u cents. .....,-   ,  *
ISlIlp'    �����������   ��� -   '��� --���'���'. *      r:':" .���������:������������      '.
$��'' ^^Tr<>P.^B^'^here.is'iioi;a pound
mm*J beef or mutton to: be procured at any of
8nl' tue^efcermg establishments on tho' creek.
gjflgg, At; Richrleld we believe tnere is a small quan-
���" tity of fresh pork, which sells readily at 62
cents per lb:, Mr. ToomeyandMr, Clark are
fbr this: |> oat by ^ so me/ ef /the- passengers' l^ut
Oapll Sfo.uat'drew'his* r&dlyer and threatened,
"to fire$/tlie ^ello^w^/did^^U^^!^// i Ob?
accjouritStates.ffiat thejeapjaariwd/fire at oj#
of the mutineers^) but/ at/any-rate;they fell
back. IThfework of ab'aSdoninglthe ship went
oirquitely after this -incidents ��agt MoualP
vwas /the/dast man tp^eitve^the Jeh ip. t He {^exA
to.be lo,rced into'ttne^lastbpat/'He'behaVcdf
as alLwlio new the man believed he would,
witii^admirable' eoplness/ brayery ' arid/fore/
thought i^ougho^tt thewnolo trying- occasion:
"One; or/two ��� boats were/upset, in :the|-surf
while[the^ passengers ^ere/landing bnt^ nds
lives were lost. ":Oilreachirii>'sb6re tbe pas-
sengers-naa to,ascendr.a rocky blutr for/a
iborry-m'bis hauseh^iapiWas /gQin^foiiuyeiaf^p-]
of^sicfchess^-'land^'lie accoraiugiy:8e.curedi t^e serVic s
of a pliysici|iua and profl'f^ionai;- na^se, r>o r+ nder sii< h
, assistance as tho 'ejcige&cics' dt 'the .miae imgh I doraan d,
Oil Tuesday night /the 'event occurr^d^atil' at.Ahe^pix.
pe��|inieiaiCTry / ^mig'/member"sof Ihd: buraan hfatnilx -
���was'pi^cod in> the-ii��n^B of thei nurso tpwasli antl Srefi "��.
*"'"'""        " **    "' " ' ���*"���������'        '*- "    '"���" -' ,���!��;'..
bundle on.his door step,Cwbich lie o'trried Jntothe hbus��
.cheie ga/down,> aiid ���iiriany >Victorians shed
tears at the melanchblyisiglii .The passengers
were Madly received by the farraers/and:jirb-
. yided"with all the//comfor ts^haWhe: c oun fcry
\afforded. , A; fc.w/trunks iwere brought' on
^agents of the ^Hudson -Bay^ Company*��for the
pumQse) jaiulretdrned,to/the Bay >City,^-Yic^
'Chromele.1       t.      .       ���    . .       :       ,   l :
twThe SarijFnmcisca$.Uuletini says / The Laboiicliere
was a remarka bly stron^yesseL being built of teak and
oakii ;r. -She was constructed.on the..Clyde and came here
in. 1858, but had only recently been engaged in. running:
bet\veen yictoria and this;portyi-thishbping: her:second"
trip. Hor engines we.ro .of .tha:ne^^iii:ili<y^Jb.einjtJ;hev
aamo that took.the.highest prize at/the- World's !>.}? /at*
London in' 1S51.  She was valued at about $ 150,000 and
^wnorn-to siaidKthe little jvalf; to, the'-CouhJ^Hospita 1:
The nurse performed JK-r/dutV/ and placed; the two
;chndryn^ina^cr|b, ariH%^to^tofthe"x^m i^lniiii?*
'tcr:to";the wants- of- thesiekUtiy. '-TbeIhiisbln^)S4tilt(.'r
ia>short^absehce; returned and inquired for the?stavngo
dopr:step. ��� He.did not relish h'aving'twihs<in'this-mai>
ner^buttw^s eompellud t$ ;submit;tosl^.^iWeihavo oi-
tpn heard that1 it ^a8,aJW^eichUd^.that^ew/its town
father,/' but i: in this ^instance Ave /tlilnk 11 iwould be,��
wise father that kntiw ln^^6wW^chjU.-|S:nvFrahcisco
���/<>n^^rJH2Utf.^^ *--yAyt :. '���������:���'
^M^pim/^&4zri^ $0&6njcle/#6a^   Oil A:
Monday, wlienJteigentle^
���tho telegrapli landed at Qadbdro Bay irpin the
m ioo tfcs;
Teai:; ���
Coffee, >/'
Bacon^ /
Nails,; '���
Picks, -
-$1100'   '-//
- ,-"[;25'/1-'.( ,\"'
.. Vo.@ iiis
'mm^ bpth^out afiiei; cattle, arid are expected back
f��|g ma few days ; until then we will have to be-
^B take ourselves to the old fare of earlier times.
^S beans and baebii, tor i.ehange.
Ifll SpAimtNO ExHiBmow^-We would call the
attentioni of ihe admirers/of tlie "noble ^rt of
self defence to the- announcement in another
���columni/of an/entertainment; to come off at
Lormg's Saloon, Cameroritowri, ���.'on Saturday
^tening next.
$&*V. Pitapatrick has been arrested on a
charge of conspiring to swindle C. Wren out
el $518 50 at a horse race.���-Yic. 'ChroiiicJe.5
We have been permitted to peruse a letter
received by a gentleman oh this creek from
a friend of his, an old Cariboo minei\ who
has been; to the Blackfoot country ; writing
from Walla Walla be: says : I have been to
the Blackfoot mines tiiey are better in my
opinion than Cariboo ever was, and are much
more extensive, the gold being of a much finer
quality and all of a course nature bringing
readily $18 per ounce, the country is very
accessible to tbe miner hie can pack his grub
andtools^aa horse, get astride of another
and go just where he pleases; lie can kill all
the game he wants ;I think the deer are. in
greater abundanco than they : are on the
islands around 'Victoria, bear, elk arid mountain sheep are quite plentiful;: the winter has
been very severe for this country, the snow
has been two feet deep.
' Mrs. Partington's, Ohnio^^Your neighbour Smith,, Mrs. Partington, is something of ^
connoisseur, is heliot ? asked the doctor as he
looked in. It was a stiffener of a word, "I
don't like to express myself. disperishingly
against anybody,^ said she, "but I should say,
by the way he swills down the wine, that he
came as near a common sewer as anything."
the cause of. tue;dlsaster>ndMhd^^a^vdne, was to,
blame ih the premises../ Thfo^^ engincersaysthe compass ���
was out of order, aiid some twopoints out of the/way,
Which' may account-fbr thei steamer going Jp'n'ear^/to.the.
shore^.   Taere' is^no\ doubtilDUt^if tfiere had been a
lighthouse on Point Reyes:this^disaSter.wpu
happened.   Tim years ago ah appro^riiitibn/'was/thade
fcr the'crifclion of a;.be"acpn Uight 6n''I*oiht Reyes, arid
an ironiightbouse:^^^ was^etfstructed:/at' great: ex-ponse
aiid shipped out here,//arid- lias boen;laying;at��^tare Is-
jsind eyer since.. rJ.tseemsJ;that^thebwnproCthe;site
which-the^Goverhmentwiantcdjdemandsan cxprbita'nt
sum for tho Point, which for any'other purpose is/not
\\*orth;.a cent an acre.   Of /course: his ^xtmvagarit/de-
mands havo not-been listened to,; but tho; Inspscioti of
Lighthouses has every year,; for the past ten years,': m
his annuttl-report; urged'-tlio necessity '.of erecting a
lighthouse at Poiat-Keycs; ahd; recommended that Congress pass a bill providing for/tho conflscation of the
la*d, to bo paid'lor by. Government atits^rojierValuation.   Tlie necessity of immediate/ action ~ was��urjjed,
as the Inspector considered Point R^yos to be, next to
the Farallones,. the most importsmt point demanding a
lighthouse oa the Pacific COast,  .All the1 ships from
Cbinaj" Japan and the Sandwich Islands, as well as the
coasters fn>m the" northern Vatqrs,-"make Point R��yes
first of any land.   But the recommendations have gone
uniibeddil.    The lighthouse lays stoweH away as old
rubbish at Mare Island,  and Vessels cohtiiiuo to be
wrecked and human lives sacrificed through the entanglements of rod-tapo and ' the do��tiothing policy at
Washington.    The Lnbouchere was lost at the samp
point where tho Oregon and ifortherner were wrecked
some years ago. ' .. "'-.'./
pbc^t-hftstrjmienitr^as apglied^arid^iubssages
j were ^transm i ttedj vthe} surprise ofy the/blue- '
jacketsimas> unbounded., / geveral iheg^h; to '
discussii^^lpw-tone:ofyoace tiiern3en$sfof
telegraphing^^ in.generai,vand J^e,^eat w^hicli
they, saw, performedi|int5 particuiari? r They
could have understood! the principal of sending
a pieceof paper-or/a^ letter^along the/wire ;
fyiit- jm^ej^iider' /^iiojding:'' jaVtee^erMUon' /:'" "���������'
witha h^an seye^Vm
to lie seen Orijheard; beyond/a^ faint: ^ttek,"/
staggered them. / At last/|Wheai/several; skep-;.
iticsyhad exhausted their;wite; -in. /vain,:>tovjfur-
nislt a^splutipn ipt the/problemy^ one ���$��* them,
after intently gazing at the wire^the; -operafebr /.
and the instriimen t for a few minu tesi .broke
out with^j^opk ahere, matesrlthat 'ere coye
with the box/arh't what niakos the news come;
its the:helec*tr]cifcyra hairtinj w ^e ibrajhs of:
the ,h-^-y hiron wire ffiat/Soej?;;;ttie�� biisinesfi	
^^ We learn th at the four men named John
Ross, Joseph Puller, George Fuller, and; Jas.
Course, arrested at Lytton lately for burglary
and robbery, were sent to Yale and tried at
the assizes ; and were sentenced to ten yeai*s
imprisonment. ���;.���....- ���   \-*. '."���'��� ��� ��� -. :
. ^^Miss Thurber and Mr. Lawless have
opened a new Hotel and Restaurant in Bar-
kerviile, where they inyite their friends to give
them a call.
j^~We notice quite a busy [movement in the
Chinese section of our city, in the construction of new log buildings by our celestial
J^r John Trefoy (not Fry as reported) is
the name of the Cbrnishman drowned in the j
Shu&wap Lake,..
Rented as W^errect^one.
"Why don't; you wash- the,feofUam; of your !
feet, Johnny?/' asked a graadmdfaier of. a bpy,
when he was performing "tfeatopcratlpn before: -
retiring for the night, to wkich he very gravely replied j "Why, granny, doesn^fe think Fa.
going to stand ap in bed, does-yeV*:    / :
A miserly old farmer who had lost one ot*
his best hands in the midst of hay-making, remarked to the sexton, as he was filling1 up the
tpjQo.r fellows gravei���'^It's a sad thing to loose
] a good mower, at a time; like this���but, after/
all, poor Tom: was a dreadful great eater,
f11���*��� '    _.'    /'�������������������wiiii in :    'i.i'- i in.i mm nap.
Harvv McNabb, from Kdryal, C, WM when last
heard from was at LiUooet about to cross the mountains
.East. t Parties who ican give information will please
communicate with John McNahb, Esq.. Toronto ,0. W.,
or Mr.- J, H. .Wright, Williams'' Creek,. If the said A.
H. McNabb applies to Mr. NVright he will hear of some.
thing to his.advantage. '���'��� ���������'.. 1-lm
. .';:    .  . . ���Q--��� .
Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars* Posters and
"' Programmes for Balls and Theatrical
;   :   .^Entertainments,
Executed with Neatness and Dispatch
. - ��� ���        ��� �����& Tsrnis Hodcpif?. -^
at tbis OEco, k'. :'������;':
^HtlliSDSY/MAY^lO; 18C6. /
this"wilRoffer^ v���>ry dln^ult^foblem^fbr Mr.
Stafford; to solve;- -If any : statesman^ can vfoo.
triisfcd^tb^lo !sdj tlierei--is^xf d/db'iib fc-tntf! lie'can,
arid great thSrig^ may be hoped from1h'ir firmness and moderation/^ ^ i ^ 5 , <
���% The^most interesting/news of the day is the*
-"."/on the contrary;it is apparent to every tinnk-
c' a'H'tig' mini' tiiat this cannot occur until the de-
A:\ina of the S'ierrft/Nevada^is^ entirely^'washed
'away// It may/be. difficult to  fmd  land in
^ which Sold is ^sufficiently abundant ip make
>��� !'*:���-* Xrf-'-' --^^-/QUESNELlklOtJtH,'/"^^^"'1'-5/^: -
Jjteals at ^ll'bbur^
:/>*��� /Ti^g^gi,jv /: '���- l is? ZV.: '&'-*fr;y i r-�����>��?���* *&.'. ���,
il IV^aQiL^cS AiI*>B oAflkD ���jBS^li.
i   Anarch- of iroprovemeiit tbat;s distinguishes^ the
it catiibe'trfollo^ved >td advantage/providod
���y-J ^.S^at'erxan 'be/ obtait^d in sufficients quantity
!/>i^/EucKKY Ma&L���The nearest^fvertpin-Tnan
ever approached to/luckwak-tc^Sada counter^
^ieit^ot&^oj^a^rok $He thinks tth&t
ii^anybpdy<&se^ ife��it ^wduldShavo
//���inBtea/i^of runn
*   -to preserve the grade,-it-.is now proposed to.
/ to carry it/tp'the requisite. height,on. the oppo-
".-site-side of'the-ravine. 'By* this means-the
:'/' /cost of making ditdhes is^so-much decreased^
��� y<
county a flume that blew Mown��� and^wxts/repaired at a'xosf of\$ 15,000/was''subsequently
^/replaced 4ri^ this -way ^t;an5ex^enso,biV ^^ttpi
. /able? remu^wation./v/^/ r. >**:;. ��� '. \-
ly -1, XILLOOET ADyHRTJ.SEMENf S.,;-, j -
wxvtt :-..-�� .i.<?-i a
Dealers in> Prpyisions/ Lirjuors/^^baccOf #&;
^Tftrehaa^;gcJorm^^ 1-s
���-t'V/' dt '-^iSiftJi'iSw '^'C^OS^X'v-^ ^fe^SW ^-, �� I ffO'"-i ?* i
.u.,,: ?0Y9 & ^E^T^r^Bpe^js;; g:(g
rWiBcrTT+v��,T\TC'tJc?Tr'XTr'f^ nk��n-nnm��,nnnr,.;V...:n��Tr t-��TTT>
EDvy-iNiTtij^oN;..^ ���r
jEALE�� INrl^fG^DSvi^Ora
?JL/v CJjps, Boots and Shoes., Carpetings,^ Oil  Cloths.r,
WaIM'ap6r, &o, Lilloact, B. C-A > l'-s
.-#j^4c-;CO^:^ li^Kroah.
��� tl6 ,G.if;d.ci; and Field; S��^ds guar^nte^d^^aye-on..hand 1
'a: carefully*?selectee! st^k'of the���a^ye;^om,..tho'best I
IlJnrbp^'nndUmen of fe
their friondsdri^ British Gplumbia>are^ncitcdv!p^Par g
?(^ovcr/and-: Ohioii7 Saeds 1. <>T .yery^ snw;ripr./quality, g
Fruft��� Trees'arid/feughes/lEv^r^eehs,/^Snru^si//Green. M
house aiid ^Garden t:Pii*nt��J /Standaf^atfb^ Dwarf f^��ca tjm
...ejrjeyeryiVftriefy^Caia-ioguwi^ 1-s ���   ||
���"X "Honse. * Th ore is Good Meals; .Good Beds^^Sta-blmg
for Horses; Barley; Oats and Hay;&>��� ��    :'"'A' ""'"1-a *i
��� .TACOB/ MliiTZ/ Broprie^or;, has/Jaiways; on
/..rpower thus acquired./;. The o^dinary/^c.-tuvas
T^bose ��� used in by draulic miriing/will noiisus-;
^^e^rtf^q^t^iny pressure/to wlifcb>ifejmay be'
- te&M u bje^tedv iM^his^mahn^erv^! ? ��!&>;- 'onei-iclaim ���
^ly ^riturateu^tbat^ bardl#^pa^el^ 6Y^ gold
and.comfort;by/any in^the'lowet;cotintry;*�� the 5Pable lis|
always supplied;:-with'/"'t-nT^^.-nfTylclinaL^l/^tabling
for Horses /Hay. 'Oats'and;Barley consfenitKoh liand,-
E^rBI^BRlCE,   COAt AND  felHKJE D^AiKR.     A
/-^ lar^eystook:-of'HayJ-.C^U'^hpa.^u'a' B.VrUyof tho
Jish>^Blacksjni th^and- fCannel <Gqa 1 a/ttPrdcrs jsent to gl
iVm<m'^JmTf^'mciori^MAl:"i#iUireceiyo,5immediate m
n EN.TLDE?S rP^fegra^Wc^G-aUery^Oovern-
\JC men.t St, Victoria, % 1.^ opposite.Hotel do France.
-unibls,- *nc]udJn*g y|ew�� ef.tb*r6ute, to Big Bend; alwnys
pn;h)ind' at^iberal- .rates;* ..^ -k-f ,'4*^|^m.V^^. :Jif ^ f '���/lit'**- .>
TtTIBBElvr/ �� jcAE^WEi^'XmMr^g^
i-J3b: SELLERS)&7STATIOKKR9,1 -ctastaStIy'suppli��d-anil m��
-j eceiti ng? fi^tti best sources j - School- f BtWu'ia ri��^nmi-Mis^ V
ccUancous.Bool^,;and. Staple .a^.^ai^cy ;Statlon��iry. in ^
!i 11 it's*. Branches */;'";,Corri^
V^t^Ha;'VaHc\)U>e^ISlarid/r''-?;if*--s^ -���-  . '?'",-;vii3m :v:;l
r "J
mf-fyictoriaVT- :i.;. oppps)to/Bbo^HiTo'Hb,u-lyi\yhere ii�� ||
Ts pripafed^to��� supply Kf* nuiriert��us'p&^'nms ^Ult'cvWj' p
req^tai te fppVl&liiingTsuitable.' for every ^oasbnlof itho /m
PHAHL.ES NELSON, Proprie^r;-This old
���vv/.i established House. is well fitted-:up"for^tfie-"comfort,
^Travellers* "-.the-'Table as:'Supplied>wHtethe;best pt,
cyorything thati.canibo'had^ and the,' cooklng=is jibt ;in-'
XBenoiib.edeook^ the Beds' /tSBXmAS VnLiQON^Sc'PQ^lm^r^
^ the.:;Bnr/oont aia'^-t I ia \ Best-; '������ J. ���',- JIsn-M-tf^hla ilSias**/-.-.- Whoiesai^/^n'd /^tfta 1 t^o
ibIingr,,Hayj5Barley; &Oat&: /DRTrGpons^&cj^Ya/ie^ Stra^^ictorl^^ C}
M^ipOiwALJK :Prorme^fepf iners arid
v ,,, .-,.���������. ftv . -...-,--..   -j., ry -i ,,..,w,m &��� >. ���;...., *���_ f Hi?Others:destinedlbr'l.the-Bridffe^Kivci;^tfinc��:wIU
���^oause aremoStly/p^^^^
theni'.;: /Good /'Beds an da Table fell -suppii ed ^with/ail
^*the%afer(isvsucK/also'as to clean'the bedrock
AM$\libl*bughly > tbiit^ anyU iinder)ay ing;I quartz
" yl ead'cah' hardlyr iaii" toVfb.e":tey ealed^S; f,��l
'.���?^Tltill^ti ffl-<.' -':'.v''���--'.   ,-���:*';f./. '-^/ujns^tu'.iv^' .: i,y I ;
J.*"" J ��"���_. -,-1 ? '���;,-���'"><:��� .".-.--���.-:- ��� ;������ ~ \h   :'5.S' ���.���'���<���-   .�� 3>:'.4v ...J".---**.*- *?>-' i   ���.���;���' :.-r-'  j -
- ./.vtflie San. Fran^scb'rB^le      saye:/ - r,?....:��..
^/; jiy!:.the;Ji^rS' Ijenngariai^bipfcarriyeel here
?f����p$jli> lij-h?,;82,;da��s ��� fn^^SyBney)��� ;Ave.^hajye-
/later, advice^; froni/ Austratia^ ^ A}C t/'// r:' A '��� A~ \ 7
*"'/ .'Diimi/ the Iambus ;]^hmng;^
it lire *wc .recently ^hffo ulicedVsu
H?aiiiide/hisi osc^pe/butv was Recaptured. * "/* V ��� ;
/?'^he/political fnuiddle is as greai-as ever.; A
.'* Hle^atch ^gni '>^|kb'ajie.;)cphfaj[ned>0ai ;runabf-
" ��� :thati the-Minisjtry were^ a^but':fc! resign,;and
.'that-tlie cabinet wbiuld be/reconstructedl/ 'y. j:
The elections' wofe very exciting, and party
: feeling rail:.very Sigh,.? Mr^ Wood,: late:Minister of J usticeioi* Victoria^ horse-whipped ���- Mr.
�����J on us, a tai lor, wbi pp er>i a to: the M ihistry - in
4 he late Pari lament for writing va^ scurrilous
/';;>urticle in a newspaper// /Two. of the. returned
/  Miuistria 1 /members alter;invtrouble������;-:one; of
ucthem is .charged with ^corruptly -using iuflu-
on ce in the X^and �� Office ��� and; the* other wi th
conspiring'td deirautf tn a mining trarisactipn.
���~iVuti-MInisteral candidates ;"were :,systemati-
/Jcaliy liowjed/down by^organized bands,   The
.. aioibnies aj>peai'ito be ii a bad ivay generally^
HJ/KHand thc^trayeliifigipublic.genernlly^ihat:-ho lias,
taken ,the iaboy a CBanch>an<l' is;pr*?par^e^ to 'supplythem^
wi ih .^irst '.Class' Accommodation,/ /Good Stabling - for.'
tibrses^ .^tay And firaln'/i'''-.:;"' "������''������ *t���'��� * - -"' ��� 'V, ��� 'A '���' ":~A X-sif
of ^Kng-
after lfft .Tune;next i^^ye^mentstroe^ioppo^^^tho
Bank*of Brittsh Columbia.    ��� *'"*'*'.  '  - "^fiCSs l'
thedelicacjcs^of the season, / :" "_;; .,/ ��
Wlffi?.MA^SOi?rj   '-: -"' -���7""<I5. -A. "McLSA^^' /
Proprietor,:-:.;. :.     .'/...   ,. Agenfc^
for the comfort of travclers; the Table is~snpjrfiQd3
;wjth the 'best-of everything that'-caa fbe probiiftJ, 'and.
the;"copkihg is not inferior to any on t^e road'��� Bodropius
.for families; Stabling,. Hay,- Barloy'and Gatg^'thl-s?'���
rdTEL Be ^B^^;^c^ria;^y/:i;^ronx
^"BiGNEXAKB'PlEKRfe/MA^lKT/ lYo^otCTO.^'Ttio'Befr
-.'GanvantiSvmpp1 ion Witlit all^the /delicacies S the market
affords.   In -the:Bar^viU^e-fo^nd^ibo choicest |JQUftRa,
^Furnished l^oomsj,^o^^ U^tTfa^ (tzniisi ?a-fei?'-'"
;l?.UGENE./r^:OMA3i Yates/street, Victoria,
^- Wholesalo^nd/HotaihDealor in 1VlNES,BRANDIKi
/BEEI5S, and LIQUORS a nd depot of Havana Scgars.
'Goods forwarded to tho. Mining districts.- <T *    ./. Ls
....,.��������� f,r-....���...--.?:,fv.-v^.ui^^ '
-.^L��-kSkTNSf Hides, Wool, &c.;f Li.bwa] advances made
'Oj��^urs^consigned.~ RfifurcuQQ^-Gi-"'Stitrb & U*,f-&w
for ^iprsfis: Horse Peedj kcl ���,XsTage rkxa twi
.the steamers from below and. connects with tho Lr
Boats;Tor/Lillopet..!.; ���. y\,,A,'A.{ *A', c'! * <%?
arrival of
' -s f
' A LBBRT CRySLER has opened the abo.ve Hoti'seifor
ynL the. reception of Travellers; the Table is iWeli^pt
and the Liquors'cannot. be surpassed : theBeds < are
clean and, comfortable..,. Stabling for HorSek ;Hav an^'
OatS. *.-:-..i >,-     ��� . " . ^ J/iujr^ 1���?
hick's  hoteM;
"���:""��� ���; 'A       ���'"'" / ���. Nisw/;;zBALAm :./r" ���; ���''__ 'A /./, ���;
, ' Tbe/ Maori war stijl; con Untied, \ bufe/ihere
are evidences that it is .beginning- to- die oufcl
A-1etfer to the Sydney 'Herald' says :    'AA_AA\
^hexevascyof" -coiu^e) ''������ be a.fresh -outbreak
hepe. or- ihere; b itfc no thing- very great* or -very
^ wide *spread-is nov? to febeJdreaded lI think;
The Hau Ilau/fanaticism was indeed tho last
5 h op e! of; tbe cause of Haori iiatip nail ty, aiid its
utter fail lire on tip East coait' lias p rbduced
th e i ucy i ta-b le ��� res til t o f Ji ear ti ly d isg u sting th e
/i:iijorii^rjof the people.with the war;   :
.   Like the-rulers ol1 :Aincrica^ our hardest
is /.constantly supplied .with the ''choicest'! brands .of
Liqnors and; Sega rs.','..'  , * /   " /"J '.;""'������ ;;;' .'���';. 3 ;y,\ ���
fiLARK-SON:&'; CO.,; Dealers rvBooks, Stationery,
\j 3lusic and Musical Instruments. NEWS AGENTS,
&C-, Columbia Street, Xo'w..Westminster. s '*
pie: ''British Colnm^ian."
Bubjishctl every' Wednesday: and Saturday, at tho -
... publishing office, New Wostmihstcr, _;',/'...;"/
rmrfe British Columbian is the/bidcstmcw^pcr
A published in this colony, ami has a larger circula'-
tion therein than any other. Itscolumnsaro regularly
supplied w i th .full, telegra p h i c nu vm from, a 11 ,pa rts, of
JAMES 3-iUROft, Proprietor. This commodious Hotel Is well fitted up with every convenience-
for the com fort of the pub lie; the 'Boris are all that a-
weary traveller could desire.; thoTablo is supplied with"
the best of fare; the Bar contains the choicest brands'
��� Of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse*Teed/Oats/
Barley, &c. , - ���v?'-1 \:������"'<'��'' ^'j^ '
'RS. HEINy Mn.LJXEtf&DRr^8^lAKs:^'Government Street, Victoria��|3fi ;l.>. All kinds orMUlinery
of the Jatest style Ja>pt,constahtly on hand^/ Orders
from^th1�� country puhbtdaliy attended to/:; ?; ��� .   1-s /
mO' OHf ,&S;iQ.Q>f> Importers ami Itefclers?m all
T, kinds/of 'Cniaese Goods and,Prbyision^,.Rice, Su-
"'"' ' eVnlhoat,
T QEENZO LEARTOVproprietor/:this house
j j  allords every accommodation .for thd cdmfort 6fr
Travellers; the Table is furnished wi tb all the1 tirif icables
of the season, and:the Bar is stocked ivith tho choicest
;ga r,': Teak &c:, Cor mora n t S trc et, West 6'C Gover n
Victoria/WiTT:'* '���^--'-;' 'r* ''--'"'���'���Citr�� KXv- M^iiin
E   WATSON, t. "Watchmaker, Jeweler . _
* arid Erigraver, Yntea Street, above Gov- G7l
'crntrieiii^trfeut; Ytdtoria��� V^tAy /���/'v-'/^^:' -*��3
vy t-.r-
this .colony by Express upon extremely liberal condii
tion s.;: For terms, &c;, see Express 'Agents/' ** .
y ; .. { godson k.mcmillan,, /;:
. Publishers.& Proprietors.
Tlie Bonaparte -Bmke^ \
.CJEMLEN & PABKE, Proprietors;r;afc:<tho
KJ Junction of the.Cariboo and Big,Bend-Koads,.is
now open for the acbommoclation of the public.' "Distance lrom Clinton, 26 miles; from SaVands'Steaitiboat
L^ndiag, >22 mnes;: from Spencers BrfdgOi -30 rhilesi
Travellers will find prices and accommodations to, suit
the tlines. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay.& Grain'
attentive hostlers. Stage leaves heroUvfcc a weeK'mr
Big Band and tale, and once a week for Cariboo *����� 1-s
SPORBOBG-.& RTIEFF,  Commission Mer- i
- 'CHANTS"Wljiolfe%hlftlDcnrerd' in jG��ocbr��es; Pkoti- |
.sions^;Bpoi-is:.&��ho2��SJ Wllarf.street^;Victorii^i-I.   Is |
���'fS BELLED &; E*tT^BKE,* Importers. &'1Vbo]?- J
'\T ifeale Dealers' in' Wines, Spirits aiid Xiiqiiors, f
Victoria,! Yj.I.f. ''ii^ ' r;;';:J'.T ���,:Ap)t\ -.AyA \U\ ^1-sr J
SiSibAT &^Cp|./(latp;!in/lerson4(!&.)��� &rbnTE?�� Fi
?��nd COBiMisSidx' MEKoUAfiTB. Stort' St met, A/fct6ria, %
ry\ jj ������*.,:; y--:r ��:v/ fv^i/i ;;.n;.i; : ���-v.'...:- >?-ji ?i^' ^
"/i""' STJTRO & CQ./ ImjpoktbhV 'and" Dkaij&fS".p '|
\JT��   CIGARS, TOBAdc6/'MtershaumI*ipi?s,&o.vS '*�� I
.corner, of yu tes and. Wharf ...street, iyictoria, ^ ^y.-. }> s |
1T'": B. *HAGX3-13tf^FiiYSibiAN &iSondBOW; near cor-
V -snor of tates/vand Govornmeht Ets.1, yictoria, .'V. I-
.Jb ���' Furpiturh, ��� Br6Ad; Street; Victoria���' V?< L- ":������*��. 1-s'
riAIBE & GRANCINI, Hardware & Clock pry
. \J .Merckant.^, Wharf Stifeet, Vfcterla, V.Ti ""< '��� 4;��
iit^'r, Milk "1.TENDEBSON and BTJRNAEV,. S'^r^^
ue d. - - ��� 1 ��� s I 11 WTia id', s t ree t-, Victoria, V. I.' ^   .*. -    ^ -.  - - ��� -1 -* "
,:|: ;;2Stsfc'..  aaffiffi;  nowAic  sw:  Barkerville, WilliamsCheeky: B;;G;, ThnrsdayvMay 10, 1866.  No. .2.  ~T/ - THURSDAY, MAY 10, 1866;-  /' LETTER raC^VK^M^ / /  .:';' '..*.-a-., yfyvu^^A^W^^  With the deiiarture of tho 'California* hence  to New Westminat'er.ftt 10, o/elock- on Saturday, after a 24boifo! stay in Victoria,.must  4iommeDce' my. epitome of news She brought  iia from San Francisco and other placesyibout  150 passenger"/r.Tne.^ telegram via British  Columbia led us to expect about 600; but tbe  sceptics among us, and they number not a few,  at once put through a little form of mental  .arithmetic by -which- they ;*set down ialf the  amount to wilful exaggeration and taif the  remainder, to, unpremeditated ditto, and feus  arrived ih their .own ininds^at what proved to  ���������be a 'result that/tallied, -very well with tbe  numbers that really arrived.. ��������� Saturday proved ^j^yv; rough morning, and various were  .the opinions uttered as to the probable time  of'^  which' the British Columbia^overnment (alias;  New Westminster) with that forethought which  *odi8tingui8hea.them with regard :to us have!  so considerately provided for us. .Freight]  and -passage free,- constituted termsi eagerly!  seized by expectant travellers; in faet many  held back from the Enterprise to "patronizo"  thiafeeatu She has the reputationofrelliog  frightfully; and certainly left the harbor with  a eevere ^ist^to starboard with/ the passengers  ������n the nurrieane deck all to port.   She made  the run to' New Westminster in T hours but  *ook 9 hours to returns ;  ::- -   ;.    r A::y ' /  Poor Mr. Teeby, a, well-known writer in the  late 1V?mcouve^ime97 has put' a melancholy  end to &i lately, melancholy existence, by cutting his threat, on Sunday,: 15th ins t .He redded for seme littleMnteijiast. atjtfft Wheals,  tailor, Fort street, and the last three or four  nights slept at Mr. Cretaiey!s, next /door, the  -old gentleman ydu^may* r&member aa:having  at a recent election, issued,a placard offering  'himself as Mayer. ;4From the evidence at the  inquest, Teefey appeared;;to hayet been wan-  dering' round town during%e middle of the  jitght; soon after last retiring to bed he rose  '-��������� again, .and on Mr. Cretney getting up he found  ���������him. &sad;/ ySiieh -fc frigh^ral spectacle as the  Ijody presented jl do not wish to see againr  ;Fancy a man half dressed; lying one his back,  .chin forced up, head rigid, aa opening in the  throat large enough to admit the clenched fiat,  ���������features colorless^ arm#extetfded, %eth hands  and the trowaera on both sides red with blood,  ^nd youhave all that remained of poor Tooby.  The Doctor at the inquest ga>e evidence that  ;J.t..ww. a most lUuvm&W it not &a unparalleledr';&;������>������  .case of siiicide/for directness and extent of  cut, the.cut being usually diagonal, and hot,  aa in this case, severing partially the carotid  on bothsidesf deatft must have;beeh very'rapid/   From the* evidence/adduced/ which"  tended to prove ��������� mentals depression^ excess, in  (drinking, etc.> the jury could bring in no other  \vcrdict$ian: "Death by his own hands; while  laboring under temporary insanity^ A, ..,;y,A  ,., This has been an eventful week fo^ us Vic-  gorians; touching us in our tenderesfc spot, viz:  our material vpiecuniaiys inferbst������!.V Through  ttbe;Eliza Anderson $ ori;Tuesday.morning, we  wer^:asteunded;with itie Wws of ;the reporteff  loss df the* LabbWhere;" ti ^majority of the"  people appeared, -sceptic, in view of the usually very ,meagr.e,( ^le^ram.-:   The y8tate of  suspense/remained as ^great as ever after the  arrival of the Enterprise* on Wednesday, as  "the wires were down." ' But authentic reports  -reached the Hiidsoli Bay iCo'y of this/urito-  *W*> ln ev^ry way. calamitous affair, and.at  last extracts from the Sail Francisco <Alta>  ifurnish our information, which at a just sura-  ^ng.up. may bo taken, to be, "that the La-  bouchere left SanJFra,ncisco on Friday, about  4 n. ra.; outside got into a very dense fog: it  Is imagine^, that something was also the matter withthe^ompasses; in any case she struck  on a rock off Point-Reyes, ^about 28 miles N.  <>l fean Francisco; was backed off and foundered m 60 fathems:of- wftter,  but this only  occurred ten,hours.after she struck, allowing  time to get all the passengers out; part of  them on a raft which there was time to form,  foh?.itei(Jha^alao,Iunderstand, Ave pleasure  boats on board; beWesffierewer^  fcoats belonging >to * th* steimerJ   But two  passengers (colored): were lost, being in an  fKQa   ������\ii       ,Vate?:ro������glLs    Verily we are  was fitting up In San Francisco tlie colony was  saving $1500 a trip���������at this titrie, I say/the  noble vessel was going .'.'Pill fathoms twelve  times five" dewn to the deptha One hundred  passengers were on board, and the vessel had  been fitted up in an expensive and very effective style:fry the Company/- /7    '������������������'''} y.*-T .'  /The 'British Columbia Tribune' first number  has put .in an appearance, but through some  irregularity the .second and ;tnird numbers  have not yet folio wed. : -.-. ,-,-':.������������������ /.. /  ��������������� Yesterday (Sunday) morning-the town; or  those that succeeded in .hearing the fire" bells,  turned fcttt with some alarm.- The fire proved  to he at Cleat's Restaurant, .in Government  ���������street, between the Occidcnfcal and the L6h:  don House. The air was comparatively still;  and, judging by the results, the Fire companies  very effiaetise. I believe no slight credit is  due to sNfidry waterbiitts being filled, and in  an elevated position; a&out the roof and premises, ������nd. whichj oh the supports being burnt,  retaliated -by squelching the fire, ��������� The front  and -staircase were saved and afew itkas. ��������� L:  Stemlier &l'ffa+th& upholsterers, hexfr^dpor,  thb^feh absent tliem^  look after them. !Phe Germans really, seem to  feel a degree of consanguinity .towards,one  another.. .Everything was carried out in time,  even'to a roll of paper, and deposited across  the jrpad^and this before /the fire hadrtime to  do more than n2bbieat the edge of the ceiling  on one side of - the' sliopl) Fancy / Stemlier's  astonishment on coming to the. scene of conflagration finding his plaei cieaned out ;aml  centents carted away. He is tonlay busily  replacing his iwares. Cleal was insured, and  has yet, I understand, a two years'lease of  the ground/ "' '���������:     '     '"'' ���������"-..- // ,. : v '.  ApriL2i.-r-Nothing new this morning, but  th# last item yesterday was the resolution come  to by the-House of Assembly that the'seat of  Salt Spring Island and Chemainus^is vacant.  Poor uennes iei thus at last brought to the  ground; pp&tfes have been his ruin, in a great  measure. {( The /Chronicle' has used- through-  outmost unmeasured language towards him,  and. an individual .writing over the signature j  of 'Monitor' yesterday delivered^ it is presumed, a parting./tirade/'of the most..'infamous  abuse, with just enough coloring to/pass/for  truth/while iby mentioning no name An/.par*-  ticular he had carefully, in view the law of  libel, '"MM^''-A. /���������ViR//  (4  The "Oa^^od; SeA^tiI^,,'  ���������   SEMl-VrEEKLY PiPEB:.^ :::! ���������  ALLAN & LAMBERIV; Proprietors. ���������- A ���������  OrnbB--BARKEliVILLE, -Wiixiams CrebSj Cariboo,  ��������� -   y ���������.;. Subscriptioii, $ 1 \ per week, -  (Inclutilng cost of delivery^).Payable to the.Carrier.  R E AOIN GROOM  /    - '���������' -  .  '''���������-   ! **P ' ;'"'���������' :/ '':'  Circulating;   Library J  ��������� ' CAMER0NTON,; WILLIAMS CREEK.     x -' ; '  THE TERMS OP SUSCRIPTION have been reduced to  $2 per moath; nbove .400 vol owes of New Works  havo b������eu only l;iu%ly:adde������l wthe ctrjcutating:Librarj%  and more ar������ expetctad daily..,; Parties are solicited to  suhscrlDc - - - -.   ~���������"��������� .'  1        : .;   JOHN BOWRON, Librarian.  BANKS,EXPRESSli3, &c.  THE BANK OF  brxtish^otluSbia.  /  M: M^aK;Btf:Z;IB,  ;:/"i       BASXERVfltLE,  :,' / /-0  DEALER IN  A nw ������W%i  IRQIN,   SfEELi  Cast Iron-/C^^;  :.';',/f I..',. POWDER;.FUSE, &e.t: &c.  ���������_ y\        ;    .,. ., ALsb^-v'/;'//;.;"  paid-up capital;:.".-:;' ;.. $1^2,500,  :- ^^ Power to.Increase.^   ..  .../pRAm-ISSUED ON THE BAKK'/nRANCHES,,  ���������^V.." 'JW'VANCOUVER T^LAKD,^/ .'''.'  ::_������������������   -r   ."   VICTORIA AND NANAIMO;  V,] /      IN BRITISH COLUMBIA, .:       ���������  NEW WESTMINSTER, YAL'E, MOUTH OF QUESKEL,  : " : '.".' /vARIB0������;��������� r     //:  ,' / ,IN; THB TJNITEb"' STATES^ ���������  SAN FRANClScb/. PORTLAND, Obkuon.  ON THE BANKOPMOKTREA^ IN CANADA,  aipiatnml, Toronto,- Quebec; Karoilton^ London, fcin^  :'..   ston,* Cobcur?, Belleville, BrflqUor.fj.-Brockl"' ���������'"  ,.:-.:,-. f: l yUle,WMr.byrPet������rhpro7;0^vniyJ8i?%hi- r     -  -  .,.;..   ^.OoUerich, Stratfora, Ticton, ferth,;. .;; .-'.   .  :  /;'/';?,/ ,SimC(>8������ 8t- Catherines;/ yyy " /    ��������� /  ON NEW, YORK���������Oe Messrs. Bkll & G^������rt, {Agents  ��������� ������������������?������������������ ;';���������-/���������.-���������': *; A,\-:/ ^*t^V BJ������^ of.. Munircal..'. ,.  ON/;aCOJrl*ANp--THiE BRITISH LINEN:GO;'^BANK  ONIftELANP^UNION ^AN? OP IRELAND, LlSliTED  ON kNGLANBr-THE BANK OF BRmSH:���������oiUMBlAj  ;   ':     r.    -���������;. ..Ai Hc&d Office, Lombard B:../LonJoh;  CURBEjrr; ACCOUNTS opened for any amount hot  less than.On������ Hundred DlJIlftrs.   ;   ''"'.:'���������*'"������������������' '/.���������'   : ; *  BMLs Disoountodand Ci������]loc'te'd; and BiJIsof ������xelian;o  on Great.--Brituin/l&ui Fran^sieo; and New. york--yu.>  Government aipd other Securities received; for' eafo  custody- Interests and Dividends coUectod. ���������<���������'  Received 0c Deposit, or Advahcea'made"upoD them;  ///=/; ,vviiit:i'AMs'.:,cREEkv::.:;;  B akery v C o ffeM M aloon  ���������ASD-  Sii'  Marriage must be favourable, to longevity;  an old maid never lives to be more ; tnau  thirty/" / '/'    '<'���������} ���������*  When at sea you look . out for breakers ;  but on a railroad the breakers look but for  youVu '������������������������������������ ���������������������������": ���������'��������� ��������� '': *'yA ;  - -'��������� -'*���������":>-���������  *���������*  ������f>$6sty;In'yroman;. is .like,icolor...on,.her  decidedly becoming if not put on/   ������  A shoemaker must be hard-iip for air when  |he has. to%breathe:his last, and die to boot.  When people are crazy, to, marry they ai-  Itach no consequence to consequences/;"������������������������������������  S   What" do/we" eeelc 'T^r^^f^Ty^SSvxC^  [Wheref do we find it ?: Injuries. ?y.r.;.'.;.:,���������./ ys  \j Wby^snurflikd tfce letfer S^^ec^sFit  i3the<beginingf of sneezing^a. '/# .;���������;/       ���������:&;:*  ; ^Wbi^ls-cow^^  Because it grows dowm : ; /w 5: ^  ^"'���������^E^-t^/UFtAM T/-a  MUNDORFL & XO^ PKorkaToRs;  Meals ready at all hours.:  WEUFELDER   &  ���������  ;/:---    // !KIOS;FISLi),'.';;  CO.,  niALERSIS  PROVISIONS, GROCERira, CLOTHING, &c  Storage,; and Commission.- /  . . s /  j.V:.'tfc>.'iq.,--{^J5,;+  rTTTTT77������-W-  COHElSk &   HOFFMAN,  ;:    DEALERS IN'-   ���������   -:-  v ���������  I :."--/ ;-...:���������,        BAK.K-&RYILL-E;./-.,; A���������:;il.\  "A -large supply of/ LAj^s?ijGk)0J(>s on the wa^  . Qolq Dear Melted an,d /Assayed,^ and* returns;m^do  within^hour?>; ,.���������,'-.���������.,-/.���������,^y^A* }. ; -������'/. i. - *-!,.'..'/  ; Ojres' of eyerj^ descr^UoncarofftUyAssQyGil.' "���������/."*"/'  ;vA^ril,'.l8w///;;/;.,/'/;//;;/: ^///{\! 'A/TJy ������:y  ^:^J/A[:^T^  Britisli^/^^  .-.ir ;. ���������. %tab^ubdjs 183^-/: ; ���������/. ���������,;.;...'-...:  Head Ovricsi- 7, BT/ HELENS PLACE LONDON. /  /DRAFTS ISSUED on London..Mw.J^xfs^m$.rw������.  Cisco, Cariboo, Canada, New Brunswick, N*uyaSc>tiv.4.  und on afl the Branches of tho National Bank or Scot/  land andEroyjhclal Bank of Ireiand:'- '   ; -    ;_���������'  Bills of Exohange and^^Golci Purchased. _  . ;Int;cYCirt:.on 3pech������11><r^i4^.^f :Mo������ey;it^bwed At tliV  rate of a:g,u*rtfcr of one per cent, per month:   ���������  EvlHOdGENS  fated^whiie gallantly trying single-handed to  achieve mail communication direct with San  Francisco, and even while in the.act of hu^  ging ourselves, making ourselves/'jolly under  under the circumstances?,���������.liark Tapley faah-  ion���������with the idea that while fcheLabouchere  i Thb VstvKRam Mawicr of mixing Ctiicory and  other adulteratives with .Coffee^ hasvory much damag-  ������d ia public csWrnation,1 what ought to bo the hiost  delicious of Beverages.   So effectually have the public  been drugged with such mixtures that the true properties have been lost sight of, and many prof er a black'  and thick infusion to a drink rich in spirit and aroma.  Ctenwal as is the use of Coffee,, it is littlo known that  in clbttdonsin^'the vapors ojctVactod from the berry in  roasting, a lifluor is oh taihbd of ^he most nauseous  taste, and of a scant the most unbearable.    Under such  circumstances it is eyidently important that ail the  gas������s and fluids extracted' by roasting should be carried off as quickly as possible, in order to prevent their  returning again to the Coffee, which  is the case in the  confined .cylinder."    This object is admirably accomplished by: the new and pa tent "Conical Colioe Roaster"  as used by..FELL & CO. j.Yictoria, in which tlie tterry  is directly exposed to tho;radiatod heat, and the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously.    In addition to  tho advantage to be derived by tho rapid removal of  the. steam containing the objectiontiblc f properties, the  pure arpma^ot the Coffee is retained, the essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coffee is required to/remain a much  longer time In consequence of the steaming it undergoes by the confined steam.:; It is chemically impossi-  bio to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration of  $offee'when ground.  -The heat engendered by the Jro",  cess of roasting,vand especially;of grinding,^ creates an  action in the elementary parts which gradually destroys  its fitness for drink.  :,But to retain th* essential oil  whloh it contains wo havo it encased in tins containing  ftromllb. to 28 lbs., and which can be had from any  of the re?p������ctablo dealers.    Wo can confidently r*-  commend those who have hitherto been obliged to "refrain from, taking Coffee on account of its Jit effects,  that thpy may/use our CbiTeo, roasted iri the CohieaS  Roa������ter,: being recommended by all medical men under  whoao notice it has been brought, and by numerous  other testimonials jn its favor! FELL & CO.,  fipflfao JJcrchants,. yates st.,- Victoria.  F^-^BASKSfmLL^^blnrng ap^^^fe^;./:,:  ;      BAKKBR^ILXE.  <���������>.  M.  J.  BLACKMAN,  .Gold Di'ST Melted and'Assayed, and rA"dra3 ������ttd������  within,24hours in.Coimor Bur?'.; /:y-,...i^.A., u ..;;',  .Ores of eyery-description carefully Assayed...        it)_  N B^Ahy/iiKtructipnsiSa to, the disposaf of the pre/  cecdg" of Oold' Dus^  tor Assay will b-* carefully^attended te.:-t/:'.::i$$���������������������������'.'���������;,:��������� rX '^>  i ���������-.������������������:yi\i\,y:Ar-ly :.->y/; Ji/GifSH^P^SKI), Manager. ;-.���������������  s Victoria, ��������� V* I., April, IS8CU, > -.j, .. .._. -      ,: J-3.',., ,, >  I������������������w^���������������������������������������������������������������������������wi' ���������gnu-iM*���������������m ������������������in mi iiiiiimhwkwwiii .  '������������������ *-'    bak**A&b?$y ''.������������������ ������������������  BARKBRTILLE.  BARKERVILLE BREWERY;  BREWERS,  LEWIS, WILDE,  Boot and Shioe Maker,  ;/.. '.���������;'.B;A.'B.EB.Rvn.tB.i:'''..'. /'../;��������� ,1/  ������      m������i   i -��������������� ii i������.i   '..;'-'������������������   i ��������� -I..H.     -.'    i %m   ..in   H imii.iI  JAMES   PURDIE,  /BLAOKSMITII,  ..."..'RICH'FIEtb..:. 1  / VAN WINKLE,   .  Dealer in allkinds of Provisions, Clothing, &o  MSf Siablmg for Horses; H^iy, Bjirloy and  ways on ban"i.   ���������  Oats al-  1-3  Connecting -at LiUooet and l^Tale: with .DIETZ &  ,...-?' NELSON'S for NewWes^nwaster & Victoria,  -:;r.<\  ILL ARRIVE ��������� AN^EPART from tho office Ja^  Barkervillej to connect with the steamer aEn-  terprise*? at Qucsnelmoutly and the STAGES at S<>da  Creek, KV^RT "VyEEK,' conveying TRiwsuB^ Let,*  tkrs and Valuables for all parts of the world.    Also,  Commissions-received and forwarded by Express, for  the collection of, Notes* Bills and tho; purchase of-art).,  cles to bo ontnlhcd at Now Westminster^ Victoria, s:Shu  Francisco or enroute'and returns made with* dispatch..  :'-���������"������������������. ' " JOHN B, LOVELL,  1-s        '   /   * Agent,'Barkerville.  Important; to  /Theundersigned is prepared%q  '.'���������  CLBAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS ANO  ; . TANNINGS,/:/"..:  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity on tho  Most Liberal Terms, at the.  / fe     Beading Kooni., Cameronton,  The Subscriber is well known on Wiiliaius Creelf, ani.  from the confidence reposed in him last Fall ia the  above business, he hopes to jpjoiye" the patronage m  the Mining community tho ensuing season..  8 ./ JOHI^ BOWRON.  "*'������������������'���������'" ''NoJt^oC,���������'���������'*.'  BIG- B^NP, BRITISH QOI^ITMBIA..   .  URING THE MINING SEASON the i;nde4?igrje4  Will bo prepared to execute Surveys nnd tr.msdpj,  a General Agoiicy Business. JOHN MORKIS,  nimiMMim^MSjmiqwaaaw! ^Yvii^;'&5   '^:/-'.-";>5?,iir.'-^HUS|.-' /."d<X?.   ,"'?;������������������   ,^%  Now Westtuiiisterf /^       -   ' -'-,   - *>  Clirfcspn & Co  McterH,      -,* / ������~*AyXyyr.yJ^'^  ^1"  :TO; ADVERTISERS.  xt-  ���������beYwe. publication, ������������������ yA" /,//',/^/.-i/" './  vtm  f NOTICES r, T*vy fz  'ff-t  ^^ito'ith^wtongtb^JF^AAb^la^  xvF'^tO!their iriond^JnCanada;  Engliind, the United  States, vorelsewhere, canhaye^itimailed./by Untying  todi^aes* at; the^jnibl&fttioald hfoWmsq  podtitgo, 50 cents per copy.  % ffr y^frjff"_'' J-ifiy  T0/C0RRESE0NDENTS. ;'  as must be accompanied .by; the  r.*ul Aitie'and 'address of the * writei^%otrn?cesK}rrily;  ���������wi ih a vie\v>oft publishing the same,, bu t as sccuri ty ior.  ���������ood tiithA' *'���������".* :.V^ ** * yy ,-''V - *  All .communications  his good ;firUW *'*���������������: /.������/*--^  ,-r *TT.r'������������������������.'.'.'.���������-;  THURSDAY, MAY; Iff, .18.06.'.  letiqnsio;^ least/one year^aridiincreased the, prenimntio say, at the.very; least,  ^$J00b;; but as/ttieThia^r/stahds in 1 fe; present  eliapetthere/is/^  Uon. being talcen this season,       _   -v    ,-   ;  ^What is^reatiy-^wantfe<l here is/am ill^and  /^m:G;3FULj'TpN  Tliere^iS no^istfliery^^^in^fbis esfaiiHshmeKlif  AS&P& strychnine/and rot-gut;find'no;plac^.hero..?/',,2,  .....;��������� ������������������,���������-���������.:���������:��������� ;������������������-���������. ���������   ������������������ ���������* ��������� ��������� '-���������'-i'^V- -ij*i" '"���������*���������* ".''��������� r ���������������������������?������������������;-"' ~j.' " *r    . ���������'"       ���������''-���������������������������-"        '"���������'.'��������� .-���������--. ."���������*.' ������������������' .-' X  c������H*.  mil l-~ofU inoderate yp ower,^crecte<L* ja- some  central^plade/ to w^clr j^ck coulctlie bVougb/t  frduiianyfn^r-^iy^Uipoint and iesti^dj without  compjdlin^ripersonsv|to;i send ; ifeSout. ofirthe*  bofintry^t great expense/ and taking all the  chances^of $nbyer? lie^ring^ahy thingnraore^of it  'as* irPthe? iinBt^neW*t)eiore' alluded:^ ^It/is Ho  be-bbped^th'at^ the Governments will see the  error i^o^ln'ch^thoy^ha^Q fallepHagd will at  once set to work,and ydevise/.- some means for  6bviatihff 1 tbe��������� Siflieufiles" cotnplainetl^pf. ���������������$&&  soine^ euorfcr should be made-hy~;Croyernment  to^ enoour^Qtlus^J^cratiye.hrancliof mining:^  mdustry %.evident to Lail, ;but, th^^eans,;at  present Employed. Jxq/ achieve ,tlie \ iie^wxl* ofe  jcot* will/p roye utterly ab or ti ve^ ���������; ,��������� - *���������'* 1 \':: v  f:  ^iftB AG(IKAS )GOL  R?: CliUNES beps tii,Inform the Miners Of Williiirs  IU: CVeekV Lowhoe Creek, Griiusc-.'Creek and Van Wii,-'  fcl^Jt^Tut she intends  giving a; Benefit* Ball "and  Cdiitfert, on tho 24th of May^---tlw bvst/ever ^giveh on  7-!.,=  BARBlER^VILLE  'rpJil^HOUSE ,HAS.;^4^^  In the; matter of ;the������Estate of Seliginan El-  sassOry who; has mede^B^signni^nt for the  . "f benefit of /his Creditors, -;  ; -j      , /  VTOTICE Iis,me>eKy/ gl^nSlthalv^tVpjyspns^ having  JLi cLiihis against the abt.ye named Estate, arereques:-  ed to:forward, a /statement of.---ilie same (riuly Verifiod)  toth^^n^rsigrI8<fc^^;ne of May  nfixt,*���������.jarMikx- Wfty b;oideprivcil.-;p6 the< first dividend.  Meals at(^;HQm^(|^������Becjs/?:j!..,  ' jS^Thc^Barls furnished .with^'tne'. eest'soiection of  Liquors-andSegars. .^n :'_-.\z- '���������������*7iy.&^^ !.������.���������?'.>jii^'s^ -2:  Lietter^ rema^aUi!g:5ns ftlie:; 4������oW * ofle'e J '.G&JSff-  //'ERiC^Td^Hin^&'i^  -Afnstc'ad/WiHiam;'^ ��������� /^;'/".v//; ,l^i '^fv ,4*/^  i Batta/ Gi'.: "Gij^j Ms/'Sj i.'' W:ii-':Bowon V''&������D^ li  ;n^.-r/-  Stii-^������fe/^^-.v/:^  . ������&&������������������&&&'���������&&  ���������inanagementand,'deyclqp ementjorner, mines,  ! ,������ , ������ She has availed'lierseIf of all the '.modern ap-i  fe ������������������'/ ;-'..5  /' streams*IJut^as/yet^liQweyer she. has /done  ������othing comparatively speaking in the/way ot  -    . opeuing up \the" vast amountjof Werf11'      '  lies locketl'up 'in1 the"ilarlcf recess  ftltli-i which  ecesses of her  :->ziumei'  :rSnTf  ^imeitbat will 'comparoifavorably(>with rock  profitably worked'in- both of -the countries  named, ,b ut no thing /more than: a mere sup er-  hcial attempt/has feeen^^made at .ascertaining  their probable/^woj^  / mt-^^ 'i:ast;fall;s6nie/littie: nWet-was created-.  .'���������Ky./tlib jliscpyery ,or/ a^lode^on ^the {tidgenof  ihe  mountain  that divides   AVilliams  trom  ��������� <^rouse ereek,pin*which both/silver, and gold  was said^td/exis6. ^. Af I shaft was sunfi:! on the  ledgo^tO' sOn^^%tb^4nU^ #^n^i;&e'rock;  < was got out and .transmitted to.Ban'/l^ncisco  for assa^; up-to the present moment however  uollijUug:isJCur^ * dtiJa.  .even asserted ��������� that, the, rock,,still lies on the  wharf where i������Avas^  :. iintpuched, v:,Shall ^we ^ ever/accompfi^H ?aiy  satisfactory ^results at-thatrate ?  / Speaking of quartz lodes>^rings us to the  coa^ider^pn.^^irresolution^passed^ in. the  Legisla&vie.4 Cpuncit'Iasi session^^^ having -for-its  obj^^esoncour^genient of thostf laydrably  extr^ctjjhe  :co^s^onaenf/of!t  dated/San; Pj^lo i  ^^jlp^^^art  trip froni Fanaina,/to>the ,towa of Pumaco,!  Which occupied three days fiy steatner^he goes]  on to say that, he made rpreparatiphs^r as-j  Oehdiiig the*^Patia rivers/the ^riputh^ Of whichl  is distant from Tumacb 15'miles*- He pro-j  grossed at ;the rate: of 10 or 12 miles a day,  against a^jurrent running "about three jtniles  an/bOlLir^and amyed:mltheltowit of j&ro"aco-  s.  as  Icli jy| situated ^on ,the ;banks^f^heiTel-  ^# brarich of;tne Patia, iri^CJ :dafs. ' Ear-  ���������ainbiff  bacoas is.oil^,61 d Spanish settlenient'^andmt  pnejime;was. uo doubt a place ofieonsiderabie  impprtahce, The town contains/ aoout* 800  inhabitants/and/the provin^eioitlwhicU it is  the capital about 3000..,  *"**������������������'������Barbacoas is situatea in the oenter of an  old minin^di^trict/\The Spaniards took out  large quantities of gold in this 10cality,^and  afteT^heiOhCnunes :el?htint^a/^ontabieiin-1  til / the emancipation ?6f/- t'he4laVes in 1852,-  . since which/time: they have fallen in to-de car :  Gilfillan. James ^a i  M*&&#$<i������p;-  ���������i������.:������?;U  ���������**'* iV!>  t  :tm.i  ���������Jobl^pnatK'dn"1-.5;  'Kersey/ Si-^iy  -. v,../JOnes; Andrew       *... , .-.  &**A\  GAMER0NTOWN.-'   tA &% <ry  y* <J ^^t^i^AB mii\ -y^n J'sx-tf Ak:,d  |pHE>ui?OBRSrGNEI>>^ELAS -OPENEK TUB^ABO^E  ^t&oi������fc;&ad jR^staurant^ a������d������is now prep^^  i.;uyu: ;,*#$',;tJ  .disposed/tot,the^cipening up of our/quartz  mHies/ It run^i^^l^^^pi^e^u^ ofi$&5Q0i  '* is offered tOrany,^^p^  : tt fli������af '.'oront ������.'' Oiltiviv" fTfttie'Kini#������ * Sf������orvi! XT������11 . in  work for .their former masters, many of whom  still owiuthe^/mining igroiina/< IJcderjtlieir  systeni^ of? nfiiiihg^l they^commencea* at the  ppintTwhere the/pay dirt?could*e most easily  obtained,,and mined back into; the;hill; cutting ddwtf itsi.'factf p^iTeridicularly ta tffe'pay  dirt. The onlyttobl used ftir'this purpose was'  the^erpwbar^r-They;then/mineu away^thcrhill  I u n til its . al ti tude became tpo^ gr^fe^plwprk  profitably and/then"abandoned /the Imine.  seehl to /have !$6l idea/pt tunneling^ and  ���������Morris,/Joseph if? ^  'Mc^thy^;!).^^  .,; ^^McLpjanj-Arcinbald,;  ���������  ,     .  Orchard, ^ath.,,,  .        ^,.    -    - ,,-,       '   .  .. j  /Parsons, Charles'- ./ '' ' Pierce, George / ' A\,yl']^������  ^Pi!imer:*G:dfiGn^^^*-'���������' " y i/Preston;rGeoilge'i; ; -A'/ ' **���������  Redgrave,' S���������wfJii ; 'v? *:' Itob'oftsoh; 'jdhn \ ??' ;; :";  Reeves;Erv-*>1 ^,, ?;j4 Itobinson^JarhSsitV^'^p)^'  Ricble.y,dGeo^go: . -^r-: u hi., Ryan, jKiiW.^;J-,,^1 >,;'.;/" jH!N'.  Riordan,iJahies    ^.-,    ������'      .    s    r t      ..,.,,^; ���������>>  -  .  S.eymb'urj::CharJes''^:L.':n,i.?U.v^Smithi-'Jo^  Simsori, Jolui"-" " ;     -StcvJus/johu C-,:    1/^'/,  to th'eir^advantage to givenlm a^illj^jos his homj^for1  cleanlinesSj attention to^customejrs, ,andjagopd Tablf,  c'^npt./nic,excell4;d(.A,,;..,;AhAAyA,^. ������������������.'/������ /* V*   '���������':-r/'"--'  /Pies/CorTee,/ 0hops fand^Steaks?at';alI^ibursv  rfr^-x*-..-yy?>y yyyti :&%^-i&$&m'*i&<' y.^%^yy-y^yym^$.  t^WE^LESAI^MNO^BEiaLlL^lJEAtJCRSnlN^IX r *  .7. H'lyy^.yy..-  KISDSiOF,  '.*��������� The Mill to be in working order on or D'ofbre  ^���������th^$0^^p^S^y *4sfti(iu| Examine  and^ee^wjhat good .tiaisiWill effect* y^CaUr^any  take a wor������ *bf/. such/: gigantic proportions (on  1he more streng th fffv any^rospec tsi thaiS ha ve  nTeiif^sti"experiment thatc^onldvcost atthe  ; least lcalciila^qii^5^99%^ the  Gpyernment in^^fit p������/generpus^ljberality*  1 savPffiought propel to?oaerlsuch an e^trava*  gant sum for the adYancementtof; that objeet?  Aiost certainly hoi^- It:tsuchsa*le^d'could be  discovered^ as would/ justify/ such an outlay  it(wPuld/npt be the inducements held -ptit \>y;  fhe;G qyernmeht/.^ '  amount ottered, thatypuld effect tW  Men Wad means would; bo jpeedijy found to  carry the work tb'rongh^without; any elbemosy-  nary aid/ IiF/;the Legislature had /cdntem-  f. iated/w-iile/drawing 'Up the' resolutions re-  ferred to^that people would be found so-do^  ^^>.a|^>5?ifefeahjMAhe;:B    abo^e/describ-  ;^:/and^ called  itime and^the heaver"falls^of'rainptiie banks  [haye; caved, and considerable expense/ih some  jcas^ amoiinting to /thousands of^d6}lars,as  neeessary;4tp|rempve the fallen earth and ex^  ;p^se. the^b^l^where work was^suspenaeiC  iprom this point it" is'expectedFthat pay/3irt  ^W/be-.^taiaeii- toi 0?Connorwasiatworl4  jaUput >fsixi; months /^before his \ mine-began^ to  pay.   His is^ertalnly very rich./^He sonifc  5 that rtfiis  .; J  s ._.;no3bieki;  GRAND;EXHIBITION pf the KORLE -ART.-of SELF  ..DEFENCE -w-ilLbe giyen;atrLoring's Suloon,-.Cami.  erontown,  on Saturday Evening. ���������May;I2tli,: 1866. -ons  ai^eahd^ extensive -de]pd>&  itsof���������^ld4b:^ai^6ini<^:iUp6ro'^mis nr ? ^     85- -        ,.-_-,._.  no doubt,rbut ^the^ impression nrevaik- that ^l?h������^s^^ appearrt-;  mo^oi^e^anl^a^  to the flatnessofvthe ^country andjthe great harev-Sh^on; ^ piiRnBOTi^n'^i - :^M>  r       BaniklMorgan, Wiiliam Wilijams/   ' ;j���������''���������'VC:-:"*:  f     "���������";.   '������, PAVigv-E^ BssjAarwy*    "5   >*;.*"���������.>���������{-���������,���������'-;������������������������*'  i'/^r"://'���������;.-."'���������     George PirE.v,D.,Edwards/  "���������,vVh7'  l'v'-:/;.:' ���������"-: /-:    ; "//-^-"JL/R, ARMSTR'o>fo,:WM.,PHiLi3rs.  amountof water which falls here. 0?Connor7s  claim is sufficienilyhigh above the bed of the  river to be easily/worked, but many others  are not; beside^ the^arejowned hy private  individuals, many of whom have large tracts.  In order to work the mines .a contract must be  toinakc^rpointbr a:N^^;STOCff to^arrive so soon���������$as"'  ^iitiie iEoads are opeaif?, 'r%t, v> 'y&iAA&iHA   T'allowariee-^viil be/made: to  ;Restaurant and' Hotei tKeepers and Uie T^ade generally'  ion.ilargOiOrders^^^./!;r lAAif'-'^-^^ t*������-:-< -v^if ���������j*;^'i*------'.  WAKE  %f;-y������  AXES';  ."; --H"-  tpleting the  atructure should be ���������bq;;short as to. preclude  the ppssribility of any applications being made  for the prou^red>rewi^i//Are" ���������quarW'lbues  fcp easily, found and* prbspec������ed, and the ma-  cbineiy so speedily transported in a country  like this, that a^'"'niiirbf the/capacity ubove  laid down;can be -put in good ruhning, ortfer'  i%ifi������'f'eqiit,s^; of, a few/months/?/^ We/opine  aptrv'rjitKei are sadly ^a loss to know what our  worthy.: Legislators -were thinking of when  they gave their sanction to such a resolution,  u ill ess4 "i t was done with the view "of making  it appear that they were very desirous of fos-  ttjring ; the, Jpterests :of, our , dear Cariboo  -gauntry: /^if4his was' their object all we can  eay:is, that the jveiLltas been :too transparent  to hide their eguivocation from the eyes of a  tie.scerbing'-Co������imnnity. ���������" Tfcre would have  heeifsome1 praOticai good in the resolutibn  pears to be, that when a miner prospects, on  an^oi?ag������������';20 cents''or.more to the pan; the  owner receives one/half/bt:tlie proceeds, the  mJB������i" paying the; expense of working the  mines out of the other half.     If it prospects  from 10 to 20 cents, the owner deceives a third,  and if undfvUQ . cents one-fourth.   iRather  thaii submit to such.an.'extortion many have  ������������������SQVfi-.back to tiie interior in search of ffppd  amines and better terms.     The mines "around  Barbacoas are* gravel diggings,; and the pay-  dirt rests upon a'species of sand-stone entirely  different from the bed rock in Califdrnia. The  gold is what is known as float or scale ^gpld,  ami varies in size from- minute particles "to  pieces asllarge as a cucumber seed-'    ;  ; /The Entertain ment: will be interspersed with SONGS  and MUSIC suitable for the occasion;    . A ,-.,- .. i-���������;.:  .:;:: ...it"  A;*:Al ��������� Big "S"un./Ev/Orybpdy CoineV  ' Admission, Front Seats,;'$2-;��������� Back Seats, -$ii"���������' Doors'*  open at 71-2 o'clock; -commence at 8 o'clock.' ���������  " '���������'���������' ���������"  j '/���������:.,, -. :/' J >/   Barkerville,. B/ ;C.'������^; /!/;''"!. * y ���������; ] /''  \    KEMJY & PATBRSONy fPBpPBiETOKs.  /Byerything is done in4-connection'with this estabMsfe-  men t ie gi ye satisfaction io th e customers;'  ; "-ifiS* Meals' at '-ialT'EouTb'.-"' *:-:-       ���������'''.' '''   '���������"���������* X'1 A  EVERY EVENING,  -AT THE  .S;H������0^/������1  .-.   '      BAEKBRVILLB.  PRApER & brq.,    .:.;".;-  ^ ;ErB;;0^:A.:3Sr'TM-^'A  ' y/;/:;-V;>;A;R^ERV:lLl/Bv. -r/ ':AA" i  :A  :.;,*; -: DEALERS J.V    , -.  -;.. -   (;;,-.,;;     /..^j  ^sorted" Mer:oihai%4ifZie.  ,'/./ ;     iWholesale.and Retail. ���������   i-/-  :y  ::;.!  i/v..^  ���������������  To ScBSCiiiBBRS^The weekly subscription:  jfof the%n"tmcl wjll5be/$l:00? payable to the  earner.  ALL LOVERS^0F THE TERPISCHOREAJj: ARTfare'  invited tocall and enjoy themselves, when a hearty  welcome will be ejctended. .. * ;,  :  y  fe  MOUTTEt & CO.,  WHOLESALE & RETAIL  nW^^^f tofKTin?s������ Liauors and Segars/  and Good-Order-observed. .,       , ;     *  V  1 :    ���������"������-���������' - -MAKriN- & COOK, rrop'rs.  . RICHFIELD, Williams Crock, B. C. ���������   '/������������������������������������ :>-;:,':,  E HAVE ON HAND a largo stock of Provisions,  Hard-ware and Vegetables, aad are' deter-  mined to sell; theirr-cheaper- than any other store- on  Williams Creek.- Come and see and judge for yonrselvcH.  ��������� Rich'u',11, May 5th, 1S66.  1  m  ���������~y  u  iiy  >y  ,'.~.'i  ���������i -i'i  'As mKfe^^terila^  m  yji  fas s6qngivenuM^the^door/ was speedily  topen, when* it was uis^vered'thai; fe very-  5 4n^de^wa^ln���������a^laze/fin *a^eV minutes  tsHble^rti^e^eing leYl^'too/close/to the  >ve.    The owner,;wuo was in a; neighbour-  _ saloon at fheaiiraeisarm^  jtas; thetfire was���������t its 'height,?|hrew Hack  v/a\knpiyiR&^  /Thecbntmued  but steadily;  has'ipcr "  ^lchesr  instances has:beeh/temjSofari!y suspended. In I cisco: f, Itappeara that after -ittie ship^uck  Stouts/Oulch -the- surface-^water- is -dbinsr/a "  "   ' "      '   '"'"' ������������������**&*+-**- ���������-- -^ - >   ^-^^.  ietit^lazfea^^  its of sundry^water^utts^ia iiho%;vicinity,  ^surrbtiridj^ ?  :.:,*.  thegraduaiyner^ase' of:$vaterls;'doing gpo<l  toi^lliamsGreekvinrso%r as cutting aiilian-!  nelfbr^ts&ftis/My  set-inland a sudden risebe'thef consequence,-������  tliere. fcnot tbje sanies decree of;dan^r1io#be  appreherid0dfftpmvan*|pverflow as if it had  risen .ajyi^tvpiice;/- The; lled/Rpj3k^mne/co ?y*  have be^  tions, and,are.;now/engagedrunning^ 6ff~-the  debris accumulatedsinjarge *quantitiesvduring  the "*" " *--*���������**'���������-*������������������������ -""rf ---���������"*- * - ���������-������������������-���������*-���������.-������.* ���������- - -i-  feejby$fio pumps. ? oA-ffcer. the. Q<stk alarm.had  ������!%3ide4,CaptJu^^  the/remainder of the night, and the passengers  is  Hi  ftM  'IMH  ?SS  Ca urooo Yitewfr-rWe^^ examined 3fL Gentil e 's j  btographfc fGMeryAia Victoria, and/were  hly.gratifled at;seeing sucli alhne/cpnectiori  we! 1 kiipwn ibceilities' on/ Wolliams' Greek  fpjhef portioM!ofBrltish/e6  ithelresultefyMivGentile's visit daring the:  ter plart of rjlSs^sjeaspn^  the artis t0for' trti tlifiil riess, beau ty andclear-  is pfl^xeeiiBovni 'tJuFb Uwse who are ffiraijfiar  ^pectlD^^.^we;&r;e sure they wjl 1 Iteamply  Excellency/ Governor/ Seymour/ ^before  ving-for England expressed.; a desire thata  ������set"pfr^  yerament/ and 'presented rtStnei Cariboo:  rary.--; /Fbisihas not yet %een dbne/we hope:  rey^erelbhg/tolieaT tha^his Ex^llehfey^ ]  he* in tlu^^spejj^re^med  aeo nisi tibn/cannot-but:greatly, add-,toa the  ractibns bi* that^efuHnstitutiori.      ^ - >  ''   !���������-- "V ":  '?'"''   <"'>��������� "v",rf7    V'ili'l    *V.     "'--4'''   'J-.'-i!'-; ���������?".���������';.;    ���������'*���������  V--'.,.������'^^;*-.*.,:  ^^^a^MsjjGjiaEKi Bed ^Roce?^ Flumr-^A  at amount of labour Jias been-employed  -*%>  iaiaS  p........         w. .   _ayeragin*g  Jl^feet in depth^had all to; he -blasted./;tSver  'kegs ofpbw^e]Pnav.e,t^  pose.  ..The work is. now-completed up to  ufctofc^store^4nd it-is thou^litthat; 150 fe^  re/wilPput; it ��������� through' bed ;rbek,;tfie;g reader  tjp^is jjfast; being 'Mijkr spfli^ >^tuie^will  ttake them long in cbmpletinj^    During  winter/35 men have ;Tbeen'^s^adilyv^emvj  ed on thework^u'hder tuejsupe^jsfotfof;  t WJUianl Miller/The company hope ������o be  tdyitp;take advantage of the spring feeshot;  pening^up the groundi" - ^ -'- -'' /l '������- " ���������//  ^���������lla^jfblm:\v]n^'^/^^  jpuii t ptl^gbld/dusfc /ipiftch^i^il^Jhe Banks  I Williams creek/ ahd^y; them sent belong  fm 1st January to 8th May j 1866 r      ! f   j  hk of Britishi^lumbia,ribr^eferuary/r/^ vl58^(0  |v.dp/ ,./ -.A'do AAA'- ; for March,', -..: - j " -".48,824  &o'    ,      do , ���������; the Sthlfay, ? , ���������      ^������8;6aO|  :port thata new leakinadtstavted^and^the ves-  ^seliwas^d/ng dotowBy fl ve5o?clock^notwith-  standing, incessent pumpihg, tfxeifirew were  put out by tbe water whiles the ship was ^inj-j  ;nihg jfowards;mb la'n^  ^Kj^l^^e^h^e.S^  ^ccessfuj prose^tipnof^  Lled,/ihay^e cpntipued,until 4tt shair.sppeaily  'xunite they^ipQptin^ bot|i a  common^ and,eomptei^-civ^iza}ibn^^ -^^  - 'SAP. ^^dfem^fe ^ue^^^merry  peal, and - English and. Amencan, nags: xero-  through the old* Steel ?%fptrad. ��������� We haye  no thing new to record In ������the shape of >muxing  news since our last issue^other than taiit some  claims which/were busytrat/iWork^then,^haye  had to Btypypteaccppnt<Of itobArauch. water^  Qf&ve^tymrio easels the^ force of 'the old  proverb f* l������ neyerlrainsr feutat pours^'inore  ^clearly borne ;out than> in^tha/t ;of. the nuner^  only a^weiefeifg^f ther������ was not enough wateri'  './pTb later.riewslfrbm Grouse;creek./ X   i^timKsir^fs'ritikB^''   '  ';>;-).;���������  ;; The/California Tunnel 'co7y,; wi  referred ^1o * in ^Mdnday?s' %i^fct ^  ; which/ as;: we!  v.. fi ?>:������,.;  MeK���������5Wait-  ing-  they  litings, jentthp #c- ^^Kie despatch:, lef������ VJash-  ingtpn /pn; ;^W^nle8iay/ai^n6o^  'jOhr^nicleJjApji^^ ��������� : -  ;:m  , rj- Slightly, MnEp,~-Yesteria_y morning. a;ir''ntleranjn "  who reslUesih/the soutHem ptxrtlt.^n of / the city called  ^"ourpfficeiand related the^following' 'iRcd<fenti'a8,Uifif.y  peningtophimself, ahd^kn6winir^lum������fib/be a nianMf  : veracity,we give^.eredenpe5-.to-ids Btory^,^nd hean iJy���������  rsy.m'pa^������?z6;wJtU:hiniJn"hl^/d  appearances of ��������� coming evea-t's/indicatea' m''hlm:rthi't .  'somebody in'his=householdt wasrgoing to3mxa a'^.'spt-il  v)CBick ncss; U | ������nd3he accord ingly secured,;the seryic ������  Reid were;^^  and'rowed by means bfilalS^aleh^fi^^ta^]  ;berfchferthere being r^ars^^'pem  theipassengers wher^/(Jetia^ng;i-a.7iwhitehalf  boat$as;ea^^  tling^bfe the: steamer?arid upset/ana^two coldr-1  ed.inenshamed Sadmrd/Tayforf:I^^vberf)'  arid/&;GiM^  ^d/r*3^^rden and^^'^^  'nrst'o^t^'leave^  for this^at^y ��������� sortie:^:o^tKe^--pa%esgers, ljut!  #apfeMeii3'tr0rew-^is;i^  .;tb#e;ifffie|ie31pws^aid'l  accbunt states, tuat the^pfdih^diffrS^  of the ttftttpSs^iA-^XKfe  back; The work of abandpriiiig the ship went j  ^oK^iiitely^e^  }was;the'last niaiitb le%e/the- ship:   /He ;,ei^.  ���������m^ ..,,,-,.>-���������������.^. - ������������������*"TO .^-..  ^-R^fr'-s- ���������>��������� ���������*���������*��������� $$^$&$$PL :fe:g9^dp5yn^itf^e^  Icbarse^^ltt^Thiseom^ He iehaved?5'  situated in/the sfearlbf^the Eaite (Uh anee cb 7y'i ��������� asrall' who?ribw the ^nmn^belie ved4/h>r wouldi |  -and;nay!j������e strictly i7eailed^ a/hill^claimJ with admirable coolnessV^rafvefy arid fore-'  ^TheC/aledonia^co'yitwashed^up/^sterda^ 4& *t^ugW#h^ugh<^  ounces. '������      *' "'"   v /   ',;  ' ''',// ,OrieJ-or'two^boats, wftr^M  livM^ffe/  Hobr beJl-cjille^Jm/to^helkreet^dbor/,'^ ''  ���������of finding -an; t)ia^cquaintauce^:.he(tfccby^d^aism������iL s  1^ julitbbrn^^^s:thitcbUd'Jhan^nbt oelcnMregeea/ lie  ^e^itQnto^t^ehftna^^f/tHe'nd ihatnietiJons  ito'iclotheti^s: while heJproceeded afteta^blic'jrnjinjs^  WhoinAtqlsenl^the litlle ^aiCito/the Obnniy^Hosnita^ ^;  ounces,  A~AW^������-  [���������������������������^y.  ../...'iifciMI  jh::.. *-;��������� Kivii^ ���������'. ;  on    1- .   ���������-���������'   .��������������������������� .;���������������������������..:��������� ���������:  ifeof -BfiHsh"North Americi tor theyear  ^IB(J6e^ehr below:������th 3������^ n v$r������;: ;;J?rf  $14o,294  Wi  './ Total,'   ;- yy:- [ ^ Ayyf      ;$239;388  fThe^ places {and elates ��������� bt holding; the  j0Vssizes are announced'in the���������;Goyeru-  ^ht-*Ga^ttey':as:uhder.:':-v!-;r ,-'*B?> A. ta 'aa* 'A  SYaler:A~yy  -������������������JLillopet^-^-'. v*g/--. r;^dp  Quesn^e^putii,/; 'J'������ '���������'"������.$  y/Richfieitl,; / -    -  do  .Court;; will v remain pn /Williams: Creek  1 ji&ejjvill pt Wy -brJ^U^^^^Augiisfe  remove:.--.to y some/ central '��������� point \ en-^tbe.  lunibia River district about the middle of  feust':;-.:/:.i^:  '���������; Autoni-ycp'y fys-jpaviaf; co^.-^Thisj.was .,a  case/a^P^aled :ias^ fall tate/Supreme^D^  ThV'Aiu^^jilo^  day .tqj^^XlpM  tipnyto|restrain;:the rBavis^ejt^^esrion^eh^  from working the ground in dispute: j (The  application banie up forheanng.thisnlornin^  Both partiesi^re^r^e&Nv'^hb^ifbreman ^of  iM I^is^co^stafed/tnat the$ were fio^ and"  did not intehdi -workiiii o*- th^ "-"trrnn it fl 1 n ^ iftnwte  ,/:^:May^;  illthKfay,  //lst June,  .8th; June.  t.'i  ���������Mi  ;��������� /.r  ^The'Chinese;are;ppt;behind fchpirwhite  Shren .ih^ialdng'Mvan&go'.of Chejtimes.! ; It  lears that the whole of our vegetable, pro-  jts in daily dise are&eld/by; th'le bMldren of-  IfLpvrry kingdbm, who no dpubt seeing" a  | opportunity in an increased demand for;  Biles of that descriptien/haye; raised them  past 100 per cent; patatees that were sel-  ti week ago at 10 cents are now up to 20  working'the\)grpuHd in dispute  ^vpresent^|The,"Judge^accoi:diM  ���������the' ���������injunction^ - ��������������� r - li~������ ���������.���������-������������������������������������' *^ "������������������-.- v���������������'/- -���������������������.- -=,.-....-.. -  - H-: Goldstadte *vsqSji ;;pUTry^This was a  suitfpr.'S4i7 5 0, -^being dalanoe; of, wages due  plaintiff^fejwprk! 5bne./fd^de'fendahtin- the  Forest Rose ?cb.'y. iln consequence; of the? absence r6f an important witness; who wasSowri;  cotijitry,, the defendant asked fbr ^/ppstj0ue|  merit of Qap:case ^untfl^ his arrival/ which was  granted.;.;^:}' 4' ���������'   .;;iw;./    -/.--...x  Flour,';%ilOOf;lbsJ r^^^^i^NtV/* ^if i  Sugar, -��������� ^^^ ------������"-^-'^ ;" "'-������������������i'" &" ^{-���������  Tear   /  Coffee,  IBacon,-^/;  Beana,;/  Tobacco^  Butter,/  -Rice (China)"  Picksy,  Shovels,  Axes,/;'  =th)ff:pass.engersi'ombarked^6%%'bard' the;tug  Rescue,^(sent. fccM/San/Eriihciscoifi  agents^f the Hudson^^ay^^pmpany, jpkctha  purpose): bhxl remriMd xo the Bay City^Vic.  MmmAA.smgysmAmy  .laThe SanvFrancisco:' Bulletin V:says:ijThe>L,ibpucheire  was;aroniarkably strongyeascli :beirigr;built pf^eakand  oafc;ffrShe wasrconst ructed; ah .the<CJyde and cam'OTherd  inil858,5 biit had only recehtlyiboeniengaged-.Mi^ runhing  between Victoria and this port, ;:this >beihg::'herjsecond  tr4fu - Her engines were of the ��������� best / <i������aiity~tbeinjf the  same that tobfe the highest prize 'at,the .Wprid/s^airiat:  London'iii 1851: '��������� She wajs.yaluett at,aboiir^lo8,-000 and  : had a CJirgo of general merchandise manifested; at:$10,-  *620 33./ It:i3vimp0������ible^rt!iis^ne"td;^ was  .the cause of the d^sastefand/who^j^f any"one, v^as ;tp  biahie in the praises;- :v7torfD^eeic'^a^.'tt[e>^n)^  seriger  mile and a half before reaching-a'farmnouse. .���������-.���������--.r-.r-,l<*--..-..-.rr^^  ,.,  WnHe^ii^hisJbluff^t^^ Wc&���������ror$s*^  '���������������&������&*& Xrxv���������   n^rf1 *man"v ''V?*+X^������������  ������3S coulfl no^ sefi d/ei ther: of the .-cbiWcrn away fbrteaj-lio  .chere.go^dpwn, and. many, ^vjetorians( ?shed might send his own son instead o^thronWleft^nvhls  tears at the melancholy sight./^hevpassengefs doorstop.': ??He diifiiot relish^havmg4wm������tnrtoak'zffins*  were'kindlT'receiyed'TDy'thefarm^rs/ahdWo- 1x9r^ Jl������(t wa������l<5pn}p{dled ���������^���������anbmi.t,to:iL/i|-\v>^v������-^'';  yi'aeaWilnllbthe febmfbrts ih at*1: the /country :)?feSl^^������fciiS^f &^������*M^J,?#^ \MmA'  J-ffctA-^A '-��������� :'\- f^ "+������������������iii;;'' "^?.~ 'V;������ ~^ii> V"; father," but. in. this .instance we.thintf it would be: a  WWfe A JFfS#l?e Wrought /on- wise fatlier that kne'w^lnswn'-ehud^-^.mPfarioiscd  shore from the.^rectefbntr-were broken open 'Call,'-Apnl 12th:- yu&i. ^A A '?-, ?,yyAy^ ^ aA-y  and^ofehedfeysomeyillainsJ^-OnfBaturday t * A;,���������-���������,������������������.������ ^: :��������� ��������� ���������;    .,, -  A-.n^i  ���������'iufe w'^'������w^^ /...v.ta.viN ovsL4nEA.~-J.iie:^t/nronicIe^;''says;. vOn  Mon^ayy,wh(sn'tfe: gentle^ '  tKa * f������������ 1 fl n������i������n ti li .1 ain <S 0 A -.-lei f !T*n /I !���������������' at������/> .'JRo -w ���������fvn vr('"i Si *i- -..������������������  w������re * trans^i'tted', 1$%? surprise/1 off'j-the ^l)fiifi? 5  jackets ^Wi^'v%p^ounde^l / Seyerat J^ega|i^ to  discuss ln��������� alp wjone!; of voice 'the, merits/ pi"  telegraphing in general, and thei^feat|Twfiich  they saw ;pjer|prm^ la ^j^  could Imye understppd tli4^  a^fece oSpajper/o^^. jetter/ alongi the/iiireJ  but "thevwoiider^pf npldihg;^^^pn^rcatipn  with a ^maa^ey^ral^ile| ^away^;iandL "^thing;;  to tie, seea or heard [ l^eyond -a faint* fiticki"  !was,dutof��������� order,;and some;tw^dpoirit^/out;6f tlie'wayi:.-to bpf;seen ��������� or^Ueard.. beyond^a^laint>,flfcicki"  : whicH:may. ac^oiint for tho^steamer; goingsq near to tlie ;stagiered^he&\c ;.'Xitla'st! when iseTerai^skep-  ^rc-'J ^^l^S^^Mi^^^^S^ ^c?had^fous^dM^  jighthquse on Point ReyesJ^sJdj^aster: wpjiidL nbt; hi  ! happene'dr",' T������n'years, ago/ imnappropria tioa- was rma  haye  made  = ./������ffc  cakcitY: of MisAT.-���������There. Is > not a pound  beef or mutton to be procured at any of  |butchering establishments on .the, creek,  feichfiel'd we believe there is a small quan-  I of fresh pork, which sells readily at62,  Its per lb. Mr/ Tpomey and Mr, Clark are  h out after cattle, and are expected ������ack;  i.few days ; until then we will have to be-  :e onrselves to the old fare of earlier times,  ������,ns and "bacon, for a chanire. / //  parring .ExHiniTiONf.----W!e would call the^  Ration ofvthe admirers of the noble art of  f defence to the announcementun another  umn or* Wn entertainment te cbnie oft atj  ring?s Baloon, Camei^ontown, on Saturday  lining next.;. /;' '���������//'' , ]'y    \ ' l v   / ,  JlN^ P������ Fitzpatriok has been arrested r pn a  4Mrge of conspiring to swindle C. Wren' out  b;|||j-i8 50 ab-a horse race���������Vic. 'Chronicle.'  AiASM-  :���������-���������;. <m  r:^  ? 'CI  :yi  We have been permitted to peruse a letter-  received,by a gentleman on.this - creek-from'  a friend of his, an^ old,Cariboo miner, who  has been' to-the Blackfoot conn try :'writing  from'Walla Walla he says : I ha^tibeit to:  the Blackfoot mines they are better ittjiny  opinion than Cariboocver was, and are much  more extensive,'the gold'being of a much finer  quality and all of. a cbnrsc nature bringing  readilv $18 per ounce/ The^^ country is very  accessible to the miner he can pack his grub  and tools ona horsle,: get astilde = of anPther  and go just where-he pleases, he can kill all  the game he Wants ; I think the deer are in  greater abundance than; they., aro/on the  islands around Victoria, boar, oik and mountain sheep are quite plentiful ; the winter has  beenvery severe for this country, the show  has bce'n two feet deep.;.//  Mits. PAETiNGxoN^i?^^ Qpii?ro2s?.���������-"Your nejgh-  bour::Smith/Mrs. Partington, is something bf d  connoisseur, is he not? asked the doctor as he  lopked iu. It was a stiffener of a word, "I  don?t like io express, myself disporishingly  against any body ,^ said she, "but I should say,'  by the way he swills down the wind, that he  came as near a common sewer as 'anything.''"[''Shuswip Lake.  sum/for the" Ppiht,''whicli<for ahy.'b'ther purpose Js not  ;worth;,a:cent:an acrel Of^^ co^se^his- ���������cxtrayagant del  imands Ixaye not been hstened/to^a^lho^  .'Lighthouses has every year,; for the^pastHoa year?/in  Ids annual-' report; urged?^ the.'necessity'"oT^recting7 a?  iiighthoiiso atPuint Keyes,/,hncl;recommended thatCottf.  gresspassa:bill providing;for^^ thc^cenflscatidh of the  jiandj-to be paid fur by Oovernniont atits;propuryalua-  tion. "The necessity of -lamediate . actionIwasnrgcd,  as the Inspoctor considered Point Keyes .to .be; next - to;  iheFarallone's, the most important .point demanding ^  lighthotisc oa the FaciQc Coast; '"All the ships from  .China, Japan and the Sandwich Islands,; as. well as the  coasters from .tbe northern waters, make Point Reyes  first of any land. But the recommendations have gone  unheeded.. The Jighthouao lays, stowed away as old  rubbish at Stare Island, and .vessels, centiuuo to be  wrecked and haman lives sacrifloed through tho entanglements of./red-tape and: the dojibthiug policy at!\  Washington. The. Labouohere wife lost at the same]  point whore the Oregon and Northcrayr were wrecked-  some years ago, ���������,,; ���������.���������>,.���������; ji,^^:, -���������,, i-;.-y '.,.,  ��������� 5^tWe learn that the four men name d John  Ross, Joseph Fuller, George iFuller, and/Jas,  Course, arrested at- Lyttph'lately for burglary  and robbery, were'sent to Yale "and tried at  the assizes ; and were sentenced to ten years  imprisonment.;1 '*:';';- -   ��������� '.-.���������;���������    *  $g&* Miss. Thurber andl Mrv Law! ess have  opened a now Hot-j.i^"and. Restaurant in BaiS  kervillo, where ihoy invite their friends to give  them a calL '-':-_- '  '**��������� ������������������������������������- >--/'* '���������':  \y::-'1'- y  ; ^^"-We notice quite a busy mo vement in the  Chinese sec tion ,of our _ci ty,, i n. the cons true-  tion of new log building^ by pur celestial  brethren..-     _. /fr.:/-J'V'';'//.:���������.'/'-/' -,-!/' //' /  j^������3|;ohn Trefoy (not Frv/as reported) is (  the name of the Cprnishmah dro'wned in 'the i  nish a solution of Ijlie; problem, i prie/bf theni,  ���������after Intently gazling/at the wire'i tne/pperatp^  ;and the iastrumentfpra,"few;^miaitesj brbfce  out with^'ll/bbk anere^mate^  with tie box arn't what makes thenews comej  its the helectricity a hactih, bn/^/Drams;bf  $Pl. ^^^^^^[b/S1^ ^bsijjfchb l&s-iitess  at's theIxEibi���������j6?t?t:{'7 Jockos e^iauaSPi  ^settfed'tuypuzsslei" beydhd adis$*ute/ and;^&&* -mf~  idea that the wire has^brains,"-'^as;''jlacitl J Ac^  cepted'as^a; 'Correct 'bhe/ /v: -: } -' -v; ���������'������������������ *n ;'t .f.,: VVti ���������  7fiWky dpni ^u w^in^  feet; Jbhnhyf' asked a ^raridmbtlier of ��������� %tipyt>  when he was performing that operation before ���������  retiring for the night, to which ;he very/grave^  ly replied, "Why, /granny, doesn't think ������s^  going to stand up/iniedydpes ye??^.   r/ukW:^  ^A miserly old farmer who had lost one of?  his best hands in the midst of hay-makings remarked to the sexton, as he was filling: up the  poor fellows gi-avei-r-^It's a sad thing to loose  a good mower, at a time like this���������-b.ut, after  all, poor Tom was a dreadful great eater. m^U  WANTED1/-' ;r  AS TO'THE PLACE OF'hESI0ENC������ of ArssIWsa',  5 iLuivv WcNabb; from ^''oiTal,1 C; VV.,;r when last  heard from jfets at Lillooet about to crofes the mountains ���������  East. Parties who cuh give information will please  communicate with John JIcNabb,Ef4������, Toronto, C. W.,  or Mr: J. H. Wright, Williams:��������� Creek,. If the said A.  H. McNabb applies to Mr; Wright he wiUhearof some-  thing to his .advantage;.'.;./ ���������    ... *'.-' -: -:   .-. ���������;   ,.���������'��������� ^'-l-lm  :  THE "CARIBOO SENIlNEL^'-../' -Ud  Pards/ Sill; Heads,; 'Circulars/Posters, and  :   Pro^aiiunes for Balls atid Theatrical ' '���������  /.'**" *:"'/"'���������' '/'^Ehitert^nments,*''/'// Jj. //.//  Kxccutv<l with; "Neatness and Dispatch at'this "05lee/'  ;'".'"      " gg* Terms ilotoat?. -^k  '���������"���������AM  .. -^  :y^m  AM  ������������������K0tS������B(BB������llSWI(BBBBBSBBSB8B!3B!SSffi? ^THUfiSBAY^  10/1866/  IMPROVEMENT IN jaYDRAULIG^MINmG.  .C-.  :#<  k.-l:.  >*������**&'*#> pa*:"-' .-; '.'���������;" \L}.Z< 11, S**i -���������>,'��������� .*.:*3r*:  ,      It le hofuncommbn tor/  / \the exhaustion ptthe^placef mines of ealifor-  's' nia/as if/Such an event -were possible/ :when*  ,   'oii;^$^ evkry think--  / in������nund'thatJthis cannot occur until the de*'  1 brnrofHheSierra Nevada1 -isf entirely washed;  away. It-may be difficult -to- find/land in  wnich 'gold is sunlcientlv abundant to make  miningfemune'rative with^be, present,price  /of labour and/the appliances/in use> but no  one dbunts tha^-tlfere^s ^infinitely/aij&e  /gold in the hills than^has ever, Seen unearth-  A "ed and collected/^/Ttibpsands of ^clairas hav<^  tl&eu atftuo^^  1 than Wnes; that are wprkea/prbfitablylli^ the  "Ural mountains arid Other parte of the>/< world*  ��������� Aitthat istequired iacheapllabor/or jmpfpv4  ed methods of working, fco^ive placer fining  ������a new atar^ and ��������� thereisno reason to suppose  ,   ^jthWtbis'pufs^  niarchjof imprpyemeptjthat distinguishes the  Huge**wHydraulic mining as- pf a ^character  /^hichentitles'Hto;a^ace/%nong permanent  siiudustifie8,1mdV;l^  it can/be ^followed ,-to* vad^antage/jproyidedj  water can? be. obtained i ia ^atBcient quantity)  ���������ftnd" it; reasonable rates^^omething//which;]  ,    iate/expprimente.pro^ t  ; ^^M/thei/construcfeion^of ^extensive: ^ditches]  metallc aqueducts1 are beings introduced,, and'  yyudy^ ������f j*unriihg'flumes^across deep gulches  Wnbridges erected at great expense; in  f^pr^er^el thtf gra^e^it-is^nbw s prop oseo> to \  use1 iron,pipes, laid ;on the Burface of the;  groii|ja^^  to carry it to?the,requisite Height on the oppp-  Slaite side of the ravine, j .By/this^ means I the  ebatof maldng ditches is so /much - decreased  %hat water caa, be furnished, ,tlie miners !a't less  ihanfcalf -iht rordlnary,;cost; /In Calaveras  county a.finme that blew down and was repaired at a costof $15^00^/was subselquehtly  replaced iii this-way ^^ar^ex^II jb^, $^0fl0.  llnd tnuB|is/seen faafeeiaimsmhichihave^been  abandphed as worthless can, under ^the new  regimen, be resumed with the/ hopet of reason-  able remuneration. ::-^ Lyy?L%  task is sure to be reconstruction now,; and  this will offer W very difficultipToblenl for Mr.  Stafford^ tc/solve. " If any statesman can be  trusted;to dp so;/thereis no doubt that he can,  arid great things ^may be hoped fton* bis firm-  nessfand inbderatiofi.f ' ' ' ��������� '-'"' r,-"' "������������������'��������� ��������� #; . /  ��������� ThemoBt interesting news" of the day is; the  announcement % that the Gro vemment -has at  last i relieved^ the & militia -;4MWP volunteers  throughout this province from actual service.  The citizensin Auckland are now no moreen  IbcotmilituW than'those of Otago^and the relief is% more real one than might at first be  credited! '���������.'''- ->������ '' ���������"-?'>'- ��������� '   " </' -' <* ,'   ��������� ���������  COtONIAL^/RESTAURANT,  ^;A^  Heals at alLnoursyMarul^ Cooking J of the jbest  ��������� ������������������' /:" ������������������'-1.' ��������� -���������������. %'; ��������� ��������� ��������� description.! / '*-.(. ���������.  s  >M:'-if  -iT  ��������� i Bkmabk bit> a , City* Scavenosr.���������" yfhen  /dead horses and/other; jpfcrbagev,is/deft lyiu^  -loose .around a canip������ thetnosepapeivreporter,  Writes andfSays,^ Ouriarmy is again assuming  the offensive1. ^' \\r   // ���������,-,v*��������� -y ., '���������' y '    <��������� f>'  :::!;wHli:^^2^t  Thackefy, "I,would rather, have,a potatoe  ^udva friendly word from Goldsmith thaq.  haW i been "beholden tto/ ,pekM Swift/ for^i^  -'guinea and; a'dinner...... "Ar; .:////; a/// ��������� ������������������������������������''. i  ^^A/Lccket; Mi^^l1ieiMar^t>a^rtam^an  evep approachedxtolucltwas to/find a'counter?  feii; note ^n a/broken4 banki * / He thinics that  if lanybbdyrelse had found dt>" it would/have"  ���������beeh/afgold peice. ��������� ���������* '<'.-^^:h -fr^-it; .-���������/'. ��������� -  **��������� \ '/// ���������',/ QpESNELMOCTTH,;. , ,;.;,,;: /,;;,,  '; '^V^BROWN1 &,GILUS,;PBorai^Bs/^^ y  GbodSeds, \ ^te������rant; -feiUiaTd^Sible* M.  ,  ;      Stabling forHorses, Hay and Oats. '^., ������;;/  : ^TOR^^  *'-- ;-' ?���������'���������;,���������'���������=������������������ ���������������:;-"   f "r/;;/���������/���������! '^^ "4 ;v = ���������> ';/-^l  LbNBb/N%blpi  ; ���������������������������  ..... A. GOVERNMENT STREET, -V1CTORU.,  ������v ' \ f; -\ Old/ Esxablibhfjb l Gbskrai;^ Srtws, ^ 1 7 ^ !":  PRdVlSIOKSv WHOLESALE!teCOMMISr  :-,irrvr-1r.'::.^,:,siON^MERCHiV^TS^f^)^  "���������^.:  ^/'^^^I^'ypu/sjh^t^^ : 1  ^V^''^^������>":������'"m'''' ���������'" '   '' llr_-i''/V'Ll?.'!'/ '���������"'��������� ."���������'"' "|V"'''  . .iiJLBff^^;  StoraffeV &c.^Terms most ModerateV  <i.;  !iH:  /:     ,   S. POPPER & eo;,;t;  WadLBSALB. and RETAIt ItffeRCHANTS^  /.V1  , \i   QUESKKLMOUTH,     /!   .1-,'i^r,?,* j  Dealers. in-. Pro visions,: Liquors;- -Tobacco,- &ei  A-:yy. A/-good selection o( Liquors always on ban&:# aim  ,: ^ WHO I- E S A ti ^VA^DtJ& E-TA4X. B  English^ifeiFrench^ilks^Sba^rtfl^Dressesj^tt  :.y, derclothlng, .Gloves> 'and ^yery^deicripUua;ir * "  y''''\yA,y.yA,it~y ^J?rapcryL..a^d>,.., ^a^ -.    . in  ���������>������������������v Receive regular sapplies; by ExprctiB������������������ via;Paha'mawmM  ;by siiiling^vesseis; vlajCape.. Horhj^ /g^i->aAii' .-^.;-,^g  ;,jgg^particularratientlon given;taall order*/h]-  A:. I/jnd^ J?irpi-fJ. >3PKi Tw.7aTj.ijt*. <**;���������; ���������>. 0/v/-. j < ,y f.^ ^  il)'- cineb and.CuEMiCA.^,jF������cy ������ttd|Toilet ArHcl������f  Sponges, 'Brushed Fer*umery,,.&c.   .Phyaiclun*' iYpI  scfipiions <R(irerully/comi>ouhued ahd/Wdera'antwi-^i  ;wiibic������raKand^i������piatchK;Victt*ia^y.'l/^;>- ���������'��������� i^y1  '.*j.;-,f ii *  PATTRICK'S CORNER.  ROADSIDE iHOUSiS; ;*c/  :'i.''s';  ' i'LILLOOET;^  fpaffiDNDE^SIGXEDarenow;maunfacturing;FLOPK,  JL/yOfali graclee:'! Extra, Superflce, and Fino.c Feed;  Crushed to order. - v - -��������� :1A -AAA -,A^ y*':-y  ui a  '   t1-   ^     oLreoicr wr/jrfR^MTtiT>f!n :t-,J     ���������  ii^lpd:/  LlLL0OETFLOtmJMILL CO;j  T\EALER; IN /������RV: OOCffiS; i CLOTHING;JHATS! AND  ������������������X/^:Cipa, Boots and Shoes,������Carpetings,. tOil ^Cl^ths,  ^������;^rK&c.;/Lni<^et,,B.^,^i(   ,i0"> ,q ;.-l������.  BOYD &;pEATII, Proprietors;,;,  fBI������ TO^E^sljt^tied/^  Tjio proprietors -haying lately^fittod ,up''bedroom'^  and good Beds are now^prepared %to afford every accommodation for Travellers'; '��������� th6;Table "is: furn ishetfwi thl nllj;  the luxuries that cahfbe prbcuredflthe Bar is well sup4  plied, with the/heat .brands otVLiquors andf������e^ari */f good!  Stabling/Hay, Oats and Barley; J&j?-Tms CHEAPEST-  House onthe Road.      ;   / ������������������*' /       -   '?>    Bs':KA\  ������?��������� '-'���������''������������������ '-'v 'l ������������������-:��������� ���������>���������-��������� ."��������� -. ���������---'��������� >-^---: ��������������������������� '': ���������-���������'' ������������������  yt'-yyt .������-���������$��������� -tV/Sl-.},  #aIB/ndB^^8dN/^ine";a^;Splrii^S  el. ������hanti'Tlctorta,^*.^*415*-1.''^"1.1" V  " ':-''U8BI  .i*tiS.  BOOTS"!  ^BOOTS!!  ;TrSA.Yi-SAM;i tHow'AM/*t*yoar Bootajwenr so l(t;g|  .JL:: and keep your, feet bo 'd ry?{,v> Because, t purchase 'Mm  Ch^t^;and^u^ler,;^^r^������������  tJ /Garden and Field $������eds guaranteed. Have on bmnp|  a carefully^^ Selected stock"i>f������'tDe aJWe. trpm.tho \itmm  Euiropeiftn3 an d^me'rica n^a^ets^^:':1ftb'rearftr;oRl4ri,^������  their;friehd8'an-'BrUteh.'-:..Coltimblai-a������ 'solicited.^ ^P&j.f  ���������iVm tTr^cs'and Bushes; * Evergreens,/ 36 ws, Gmt  *hmtstfand?5Gardeii;Plihts,-StiindaW and,/Pwurf;Rosij������  oli every varictyi^^iCatiildguesiptf appHcatloa^'  "U^r  /v  McLEESE & SENN5^I?rbprietbrs^  rTH^)PtJBLierABJ3lllNVITEb l*rb CALl������*A*Fv THIS'  ; Jt House..:|;;Th ere-is ���������Jood;Oifealsf (<jtood;Beds|4Stnblingu  (or Horses; Barley, Oats and Hay. .     ;v//^*b  ���������ini-ili.  <i"i  **is <../,;  iButvthe;great advantage totbe derived from  ie -use ^bf.ir on'conductors is the increase J of  lain a colnmU of water more than ^fifty4 feet  an.hel&ht, but a pipe^jiroperly^ made, wiU  -.//iindcthe. force !of/ the; Stream is so; great -that  the quantityrbf'dirt^wtiijSh/^w  /down* is' alnfost incredible ;' anft the mine  / vWhich could5 no the^worked id; the: usual way  /   #s thus m^^^ Not-' brily  ;ie the/quantity ,6������ earth 'which passes through  ?the^luice8;greatly increased/but so thers^gh^  Vly triturated ^hat^hardly a/particle/of gold  ^escapes:   Gbmmcn^y^ the larger peiees of clay  -as'they rolled along, ^llected/graihs of the  jpreciousnietalf which vwevpin'tbis^way caiv  sried out of.:.^e>^ok^:>;^ut'''lbii4������r>f!ir6'inv thisj  eause"are mostly preyeifted^ Ay The power .of  rthe/water'is sucn-alsoy as tcf Cleah^ the bed j*ock;  ������sb" thoroughly: :that /any -underlay ing ^qiiarfe  lead can hardly:'YaUcrt6' ble' :reveealedrl;-'S.--''F^  bulletin.     "     '"'/-- ? J' V ���������"^���������\ >   ;���������   A r '  'fcA.CX)BsM!lL& jha*. olwaysT'^n  O hand aflarge ^and superior, retook of>Luger.Beerf, at  the/Barwill'bo: fo}uhd^;tho^lji^t:iBi,aaida'elk Wines and  Segars ;i the public^ are/ihyited^"tercaHi 'Prl-pafed to nil  all orders promptly.     ^. *f*;ij*    J-      rs      /���������      1-s -"  ���������s.f/This House is?well fltted^j;with'-Goodi^ads/and''  thei Bar is furnished with/tho best;Llquois; JMeaSsj-are  served at all. hours on the Bestauraht .principle;,? $ta  blidg for Horses,^H6rso Feed* &c. \4   V      \ ���������"     1-s/  :^  S OPEN FOR ' THE'/ACCOMMODATION OF THE  Travelling public; the bedrooms, a^o spacious and  airy and the Beds cannot' tie surpassed for cleanliness  and������omfort^y any in the Jtower country^ the Table is  alway3/stiis>Hed with./the,>best of, victuals.^���������;StaMing  for Horses;"Hay;.Oats and Barley:constantly onliacd.  jr'^P  ���������';.is furnished .W.ith averv.ivinvo.riif������ip.A>-fnr-t.hA ?4^nmi  K'"'PBjlOPRlGKv/Coal,asd/r^nuce-IhtALKB,; ii  ^Iarge^tiock:bf Ha^^aW/Wheai and Barley of M  besi description<always on hand pajse, ^KanainioT Eni-I  lish, i Biacksmithi and Canned <Joa'U;feierdera^sent tog  ,.Ch'ion/Whar^|lVictpria^--.^!/i;'-,-:r.wUlc^  p\ ENTILE'S PhotoCTapMc-aaUery/iOoYaml  ADT tnent ������Stv Vjcturiti, fcV?.fI;v;.opij������o8ite Hotel de Franw,|  Views ot Cariboo and Scenery throughout British C4|  umbia,: i hcluding vi������ws ofthe route/to^gjBend/'almT}!  o,n>hand^ai.UlM^i*a,te^ %i_ It^O-fisss; ������ rl:''i  il-tf^'S-i*.  IEL^SEBLEBS^STATIONERSj^censtanUysupptiedajl  re^eivin^^fmmthestBouroes1^School^ Sta n.Jn^i, and Mlif  ceUaiieous; Books, and 3tapl*and;Fancy Stationery  ill lis BrancheV   /Corner..yatea bnd,l^nglcyAstr!*u$||  ^ctorW;;"\^mcid^w  'K; IWHBJAR*)3^^ ?? # 'pni*|TTBRf?F'������rt:8f;r4l  :������iJtoj|J^^^^  .:/fir  GHARX.ES TifELSON, Proprietor: i"-. This old  established House is well fitted up for'th6^ comfort  of ;TraveIlers.;,:the< Tabre. 'is ;'sup|)Hed /wi th' the best of  every thing, tbatcan be ,had^ and the cooking is not inferior, to the best hotel /in -the lower cbuntTy^: B^r0bms  for/Families; Stabling fov-fei^^;H6rse|Fe<9di:/&c;i  The-Express: stops here, y:. ���������/ ���������, n ^-,   , *.;; " ��������� g   hs *. ������������������:  the superinteindeHco'of anexperfenccd ec^,/Hhe*Beds  are deanand comfortable*���������* - the Bar con,taias tHe^bepj  Of-Liquors, iSegar.-5,&c> ^Stabling/ Hay, Barley &-^ata  FORT DQIJGIiAS Al^ETISEMEN'TS,"'  PROS AtlSTHALI^//  MACDQNALD'S ; H0TtL,  TiS. ;MACDONAIiD, PrJbpiriet^r//'Miners, and  A, others destined for tho BridgeVTSiver/Mines; will  ��������� find/.ey^ry; convehierico//and uccommbdation:afforded  :them: ";Gop/d..Beds and,a Table;\v,eil supplied;ivtith'.'all  the delipflci.es of ;the season. tAk-./"  ���������" " .   1-s  i *r BAGIG-ALrUPE,^liBCHA>t and PACkkn^ev  r* tweeh Douglas and LjOodei;'^Aiway^  /v;H|Ui'  St-" SfelfflEBSOK bega to mrorm/SEh^ends  a nd the' travelling- public generally that * ho ��������� lias  taken,the above Ranch and ds ^prepared ��������� to supi*iy them  with ^lrstv Class ^Accommodation.   " OoodStablin^for  L^������rses;/Hayan<l.firain;v      ..,*;/.���������.' .   y ,_.t.l^;/  after Ist ^un'e^Oxtjn^verament Street,/;^  Bank-of British Columbia, .^.,i, rt'%y>..: 0^/^fe^v^-s ������m  OTEL ;IXE. E,KANOE,/,VictQriaSy^I^ 4ow||   :'��������� Bm������E;Asi>' Pierre'-Masciet, Proprietors;-;..The H?>|������  I tanm nt is supplied with:* ail'the-*deliciicies '4he:'..rmarirf|f_ . ^  ��������� affords^ In the Baa" iwill be found the choicest'Xjquom-^^B  j Furnished Booms- |&c..; /,; , u,, .,   ,   , ,, :/,: 1/ ^ /  14-M  good stock of Provisinns, &c.  1^2m  ft .L./SMITH & ^JQ.; JVoprlet^rs.r/This, Hoiiae;/ ii;  ?.\2f^:;'������?el!Mlcd up'for the accommodation of/.Travel-.  Icrs^to-the.BridgeRive/'Mihesl.;'^-Gbod B^ds; Stablingf  ifor Horse5s������BqrR������i.]Eee'dr &c, :/:A Ste'ge runs twice ^ week  (between: this house and Port Douglas/on the arrival of  the steami!u*s from below and ������conhccts with the Lake  ���������BOatsfor Lillooet:.    '."      ���������./v?- ;;-.;.r^. v- A''AA -w/iIiaV.;-  NEW WESTMINSTER ADVERTISEMENTS  '^���������".j^e/Sap j^ / '���������:������������������ ;/:  :'.. By the hark Berm^n^^^^'/^nyei here  ^pni. ,14th, 8is_.��������������� daystifrom, toydney,,we aaye  '���������: Tcla^r-adylp!&.^^ /../v/f ;���������/,���������.-./  //pann,/i������h^ fti^ ^iese -papT/  turb^wo recently ;a^buncedri/subse^  made his escape, but ^^^ecapi^recl// //"��������� ./  ^ /The tpolitical MxJuBffi&iifi^ A  4 despatch from Brisbane: contained /������ rumor  'ihat;thb(;Ministry were/;a^put/to,)^ig^,i;and^  'thaW'^'^binet^ould be reconstructed.  * L-The elections were very exciting, and party  tfeeling ran very high. '"w^W^^jlate'Binl^  ^er<ofJustice^bf Victoria, horseWhipped Mr.  Jones, a tailor, whijriper4n to the Ministry in  the/ late:Parliament for writing ��������� &:������������������ seurriiotis I T^TT^Zon^'i' n^ IV1 '"���������������������������  article ia a ^w^aper.   Two of the returned fASZ^i^^^Z^ym^-^^  Minmnal members are m trouble ; one of &c, Columbia street, New Wesiminuter. '������     J  ihem Is charged with comiptly using influ-  Alice.in the Land Ofilce and the other with  conspiring to defraud in a mining transaction.  Auti-Ministeral candidates ;, were >������yefcematir  caliy/howied, down/by organized bands. The  colonies appear to be in a bad way gjenerally.  JfKWf ZiBALAKa  HOUSE;     s  WM. HANSON,       ���������*���������������������������-;:.-.'���������!>.������������������ A. McLBAN,  ���������;J- Z I ��������� ... ^Proprietory. * -**/.:   ': ���������-. -"; ^ ^Agetiti  TiHIS HOTEL IS LARGR- AND WELL FITTED UP  Tor the.corafortof travelers; the"Table:is. supplied  iWiJth' the best'of everything that c:in tbe-prbcurd,:: and  jthe cookingIs not inferior to any on tlie road; BedrHoms  jfor families j Stabling, llay, Barley and Oats.     1&1 (  //;/83:;iMiLE; hoxjse^/������  ALBERT CBySLER has opened the above House1 for  the .reception or Travellers; the Table ia well kepi'  ���������and the Liquors cannot bo surpassed > the Bods are-  :clean and'comfortable. Stabling for Horses; Btayand  jOataf.'       ./?���������-   -.-. - ;;^'"'%i  iyUGrENE THOMAS; Yates street; Victoria  : :MJ'- Wholes-tde ..and/Kotail Dealer in WINES, BRA -ND IH J  )BEERS, and LIQUORS and depot of0Havana Segaw, f  Goods terwarded to the Mining Districts."      ���������.'.','   1-j  ���������' -������������������'"'  ';' ' '"'    1'     :    '      '  '     "'        ��������� ������������������ ��������� ?'������������������ - '���������    ��������� -���������   ������  PRANKELr Victoria, fVi;/1.;,- Dealer in'Tbfa;]  W'. Sxt.vs, Hides, Wod^.&c,  JUberaV advances mad!|  ion Furs consigned^   fieferenee-^O. Sutro & Co., Sporllfl  |borg^&..Rueir, Victoria. V. 1/    :^-������--^ " ���������.;-./' ..   U|ft  RSJ HELN"; *Afii.iir.vka ��������� & 3Dees'3; - Maxsr; GovcrB ^. ,  :mt'nt'Street, iVlctoria,'y.L: -All kinds of Milling/ V-  jof the latest style kept constantly<onhand. /: OrdeBlgps  'from the country punctually attesded to?'."A 't    *  T YTTON SQUARE, New W-estniihster^ C.  XJ now occupied by W. E. STKIN. j- Tho above favorably known house is now open to thepublici tho'Bar  is constantly supplied: with .the .choicest brands of  Liquors and Segars. ���������'.-=..,:..��������� ' '   .- 's-  is Books, ; Stxtiomairj  ITAMES HTJTBON, Proprietor. -This corarnbdi-  fiJ ous Hotel is well fitted up with every convenience  for the comfort/of' the public*; the Beds are all that a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied with  the best of fare; the Bar contains the choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Food,.Oats,  Barley,:&c. l ������������������'���������   lis  PETE������, ^VIcOXJADE,.Snip  ChandlerAw%m  dealer in Puiiits, Oils, and Window .Class;,/. Aiwit%j%^*$&  ron hand^^a^iarge stock of Rope nnd t7anV������*6s/^ Waan^#^  iStreet,sVlctbria/iV.,L^>^"  ���������-���������.     -. ���������     .i.;.J^iV''-i4}m P0lm  fVAi &6'6ja&''is CfO^^Conimisgion' Merchants, -i������:l^������  :-I- porters and'^ealers/ih !C^inese':Ooi������i#^fB;i^ fiug������������".S^p  Opium;-Nut Gil, Provisions, &c, Cormoianrstreat, TiVg;^^  torin, "V/.I.., ,,.:'|  >r ,-. f:-.,     - ���������-,;���������-,: a-3m       IT  The "British Oatmn^ia^  !  Published every (Wednesday and Saturdaysat iho  publishing office, New WeBtaiihster. |;  THE BRITISH COLUMBIAN is tho oldest newspaper  pn bushed Ih this colony, and lias a. larger cireunv  ���������,.     ���������      .     <        .... A.       ,,_,������, tum therein than any other.   Its-columns are regularly  The Maori war Still continued, but there  supplied with full telegraphic news from all parts of  e evidences that it is /beginning fco die but *ne ^'orl<1> wbiJ������.il coutains a fai thful record of local  --���������"--������������������������������������    -4       -   ^ ?*������***>.-*p$'������,fuI1 ^Portof Legislative prdceedings.  ; Tho. '/British Columbian" is supplied to all parts of  are.  A letter to the Sydney 'Heraldy says :  There may of course, be a fresh .outbreak"  here or there, :but nothing very great or very  wide spread is jiow to be dreaded I think;  The Hau iHau fanaticism was indeed the last'  hope of .the .cause of Maori nationality, audits  utter failure .on the East coast has produced  ihe7&evjtstole result of heartily diisgustlng the  xaaiofity of, the' peopl e wi th tho war.  T 0BJmZQ;/LEARTO, Proprietor./ This house  JU afflbrds. every a ccommod at ion for' the comfort of  Travellers:;1 the Table is furnished with all the doHcacics  of; the seasonj aud the Bar is stocked with the choicest'  of Wines, Brandies & Segars;; good stabling for horse?;  Hay,- Barley and Oats constantly on hand at Jow rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale ehcap. sl.s  e House,  O ON. 6c GO.i Importers and Beaters������������������ Ih:--'iBj|  ��������� kinds,of Chinese Goods and ^Provisions,: Rice, S������f  ������ftr, Teas, &e. { Cormorant' Street, * west of Gbverabien^  ivlptoria^ yi lIv ; - - ��������� / Cum Kir; Manage* |  Es  WATSON, Watchmaker, .Jeweler  * and Erigravert Yntes. street,- above Government street;'Victoria, VVE' " 1-S"'  WILSON. &.MUBRAY,   Gkooeha, I^ovwioj,:  Wine & Spirit Merchants, Bakers & Confectioner.*,!  Fort Street; Victoria,' V. L . "      ls\  QPORBORG- & RUEFF, Commission MeH  O CHANTS, Wholesale Dealers in iGnocKKiES, Vro^\  sioks,- Boofs k Sn6������������; Wharf street, Victoria, V;'t 1JJ  :.:sy?5  this colony by Exprsss upon extremely Utteral conditions.    For terms, &c, soe Express Agents,  i   .-.'. K0BS0N& McMILLAX,- /  PublishersfcProprietors.  MALLADTDA INE,COLLECTOB &GEXEBAL AG3SNT  Go\'ernment  street, Victoria, Vancouver Lslando  SEML.EN & PARKE, Proprietors, at the.  Junction of the Cariboo and mg Bend Roads, js  now open for the accommodation of the public. Instance fsom Clinton, 26 miles; Irom SavanasSteamboat  Landing, 23 - mfles; from Spence's Bridge, 30 miles.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit  the times. - Gi ve them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grai n;  attentive hosiers. Stage leaves here twice a wcei for  Big Bond and rale, and once a week for Cariboo      1-s  ykm  ,..-..,--,.��������� , r EWIS LEWIS, Clotliier, Yates Street, Victoria,  Like the rulers ^of America, our hardest' aj ������PP'-site the B-mlc 01 BritisU North America.     i4  SPROAT, & GO./(Iate.Anderaoul& Co.) lairoRt^j  and CoKHissioN Mbrobahts, Store Sfroet,' Victory;  v?t' ���������      ��������� ��������� A:'-~-*'f"':;-..*AJ~:"J- :t'J,r:'; //'>8 l  SUTRO & CO., I m porteus 'X\n~DElii^s J;:  CIGARS, T0BA<:C0, Mwrshaum Pipes, &'q., 8-.^  of Yates and VVhdn' street,1 Victoria./  ������������������ /     - ,|  J;' B. HAaa-IN/PatsiciAN& Svroeow; hear cor/  ��������� ner of Yates ana Government 8t*V,' (Victoria, v. h  corner  MESSRS. CORNWALL������S.  AT THIS> WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  Spenco's Bridge and Clinton,- on the. Yale Itouto,  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and; of Wines Fresh Butter, MilK  and Vogetabi������a.   Good Stabling and ������hoap feed.     X-s  PIERCE & SEYMOUR, dealers in Bkddix������&;  FoKFiruR&J Broad Street; victoria,; V. L.y-.-l^, I  CAIRE & G-RiANCINI, Habi>w*ab������ & CJiOCJ"'\  Merchants, Wharf St root, Victoria, V.'L    _J^. {  MsRCiu^;  1-8   \  AAA'4  HENDERSON and BURNABY,  : Wharf streot, Victoria, V. !.  'm<  ''A  Lm


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