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The Cariboo Sentinel May 11, 1872

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 1  y y\  'i'iV  of this  liaving  forces..  Js/ih������.  t.o prn./  .'-*i?   ���������.  pplied  'orrins  it.rUiu>  wei/vt  MAXU*  Italia?'.  IT--  i se.0'  iVaM ;  jWor*  ��������� f.t������nd.,4  3q  '5  LD  .1  K".  ��������� ad-  wis  took  nriu*  0..;  ch.  ���������'"(  E,  Ld  BarfcerViile^ fWftliam Creek; B.C., -Saturday  -.������..,   .....1 I-.-.  ^Publishede?ery/Saturday by/;-v;  ft O B E & *������ r!;;a-L":I/.0;;:^A,^J  Subscription,; j?S .������I1I.^$$*S< per Wjeek/:  /��������� -    RATES OF ADVERTISING?  * For one square (0ne I ncI)), firs 11 nsert Ion,  ^i  For t wo b q ti ar es ; Q rs t i user t ion,    .:������ *.   .  . %V* ���������  ��������� ���������-���������.-���������     i one month";.'.'.>.*?--���������;.-'' ������  Agents for the '���������Cariboo Sentinel.1?  -,''Qu-������sgSeInVotitfa--^^*^;'*>r **������> ^"Bamard^Esptess/  '< S������������d������ Creek, - -V - .--..-: Barnard? ������ Express.  .. ��������� .'.Clfhibn.w,,:. ^ ^���������rW-s^i- ^^���������^���������Barnajd|s .Express:  ,  ^aie,!KS:'l!^4?-.a4 .SifflUmf #H' "  BJpw -Westminster,      -      -    , *     John Murray  "- ' Victoria;   Jnr:���������.���������->,-^/?���������/���������.-: *** -.-    vMrWebster,,  ���������  WT^Fiat-CW--,r '���������*������������������>**������.*-::V*>-i'/^V'w?vSanrFranciscn  Bean & Co' ���������.   , -      -      - ;   San Francisco  O^ireet,     -     -     -^#80,ComhiR;L<mdonias.C.  'Tk& CARIBOO SENTINEL  Cards. Circulars. Posters arid Programmes for  Balls abd:Theatrical Entertainments  Sxecuterl with neatnessand dispatch.  Terms moderate.  T^rr  THE ������RJTISH: .COLUMBIA REPRESENT  ATIVES-  -���������;-������  -.;!���������:..  f ;Jnddnp;fro!n flje-specjrn^p^we'hftye^wijn:  In Ottawa up to this time. British Columbia  ���������has sent a'strong and.-able body of men to represent her in tbe Dominion 'Parliament. To  .say .thatthey are intelligent,shrewd, though t-  Jul -"and? pentlenlanly'~inen%CKild be little.  They aie. this and, more.,; They have very  strong", clear, and ^enlightened purposes, it is  evident which tbey are resolved to carry out.  These are not seVfiVh, narrow or sectional, but  ���������of broad.views; and looking towards a great  ���������national policy, and tho realization! of the  ���������grand future of tbe:Dominion;.   The interests1  <of Jbe Pacific province will. $eshould judge.  'lie perfectly safe in their hands ; but, whe'ther  it is that tbe vast distance they have had to  .travel to /reach";thefcapitaj ��������� Aot- bm g\mu  ibem abetter idea thaii postmeii of the vast-  ness of this country, or their own intellectual  ��������� development/tbey rise above the pettiness of  .mere provincialism and grasp most firmly the  thought of a'united nation/ Canada one, and  b������r interests one, from ocean to ocean.   The  two Senators, CaVrftl and Maedonald, are  wagniGcisa t specimens of men; pbysicallv as  -well as intellectually, and we shall be much  iBtvtrtrised it' ;tbevl do "not m^fce their mark in  the wider political aren������:+liey have entered.  Tite Hon. Dr. Carroll* we have kit own he re  if>ef(*re,'and to Mm more ;timu te any ,otber  m\n p������-rh������pa in British Cotumbin is- due the  hows? of rsisiflu in that Province the desfre-  f<vrO������nr(?(l9ratvuv, and of ciirryrnj? it ml to a  -Fuecwsfiil issue with prurl^nee and tact wii.h-:  . on t d ifflci ii ties o I a poll ti eal. fi n utioI a I o r ������o ci a 1  1 ki ivd im?<i n c. The inbo in wi p of Bri twh Co 1 u m:  'liia to thw Dominion is a unique specimen of  'wise* patriotic, and far-seeing statesinanshipV  Air D<<1opmos"feas every appearance of high  in to! 1 eel n a 1 frn'C e and -of pr re at firm ne������s" o f  ������character,-'without any of that asce'rbitv "of  manner- -or.-unreasoning  dodgedness which  ea.ttJ*es':thoB������ excellent qualities to..become  ���������n n x\ ous.   M r Wal 1 ace to n 11 /'the ch a r a cl<* r-  iwtics ; of a wi ceewsfu 1 . mei-chant.  pru d price  tmited witfi liberaliiy. a������d willingness 10 v������*n-  tii re wb-ere, reajson able ehnn.ees /of  succefis  h a ve fi isi b eeti  (\ 111 y wHghtfd. /  Mf. Natl) an  $&$k& also, the bosla^g%m,  Gav"lhi spirit.,:  and ;ott-hand:��������� in .manner/with a certain dash.  ofthe beau and financier in him. he evidently  kiiows what he is about. vMr/Neisoni 'has/a"  pleasant ccarefu InessV ���������: ihou gb t Iii Iriess /and'; re*  serve abo ut h\ m^ /which/ leads vone;5 to-judge.  that he has had to use\Biich;, .quJxUtJes before  and. may "require to do ������6 agaj n." They aiigur  well for his..succm,as a workih% mernber 6f  the Ilouse pf "Commons.*; 1 f these are repre-  seiitati ve men of tlie Bri tisli Coi.n mbian peop 1 e  we, ^tu)t help'enteria  able Opinion of our Pacific^ brethren/ The  selection of such men leaves no room to  donbi'that the. limOiis" not far dtatnnt when  British Coinihbia will become; as/ rch/and  powerful as her vast' and^ varied. Tesources  entitle 'her to bei/We are not in :aYp>sjtion  to judge whethor the, pacific province has;  sent '"her-- best men -here; but evidently jJiOfhris  sent good men and fcrne; andithis is/a1matter  not always, nor as much as it "ought /to have  been considered-byCconsjitn^nci<w������. We should  have in ,the���������sSenate 'and/Commons.the '.-best-  men who can be 6btamed/-r[Ottawa Free  Press.       /-' ��������� . .'   :-'";   ������������������������������������' -i?'��������������� ..- ;'/"  . 'Ji   ... 9   MINING RECORDS.  .-y.^. ',  :":��������� ��������� CHISHOUl C.UK.KK,    ', /   .   .;���������;.  ���������;; April 27^-R<jcorded . in  favor 'of Ernesto  Sopranis and Wm. Parry. 200 ffet of ground;  bill el'iims, adj6ining the np|>er 1 i:ie of. Hiini  phrey Jones' claim, and to form part of same.  ,:.;, April. 30--TR}\y S������aV<* co.^Recordpd in fay^r  of 'Ben:/JoseV" J/'Phifli^s. /John [Mrl)oniild;  Thei;- Bell/ Cavjil Smith.;'/J^^.(>ra)d;'eqch  one inlVrpst :.-i Richard''Wright; Pe tor Brown.  Win. McCormaOK, Jamt*? Boycrt.e<ch onV-h^lf  of odp in teres!. kV-record of said company,  consisting of BOO fet.''  April 30-~Clark and Cos4<*!ln co^I^fOordf  ed in lavor of J/J. 'Robertson. R. Mc.Girl, J.  C. McMillan, ewcli one iuleivst:. J.*/H. Todd,  3-ith.s -of em* interest : A. Townsend. M. Connolly. 1). Burns. Wm. Davison, each j/of one  interest ;   and IT. Collins. '.] of one interest,  consist in or of 150(1 tet't creeU claims and 14(H)  fee t on 1 ef t h afirt ba n k a fi tl 6 01) feet on right  hand bank of aaid Lighfninfifci'wolv.  ��������� May 1���������\Val(*r Lily Co.���������Recorded in favor  of  Wm. Watsrih'/nn'd 1/pwis  Win!rip. each  throe interests: r1*Worhna' 13*11. F. hallier. ]l.  t^AMWAAAA  pt.  y^-ism^yx  Ihe Cummings ^t^on Harvey creek; ;>also^<iu  favor of ;.W-i: HitclieockJ nne-half of/on^inter/  es.������������������d insisting.^  Rerrecord.,1'/   ��������� // -'/-ri: .v; /./ ���������.,.'.'o /���������' - .;������������������������  f Jjightn i xo fe PHi5ss;-^Mr wiirr^Wil m o t  this: Pioneer' Expressman, ..wjII run a, daily  Express/ carrying Passengers, Letters? and-  Express Fre i gli t from Bar tier vil 1 e an d 'Rich ��������� ���������  fielil ��������� oh William Creek - to ':.'���������-Variwiiikle- and  .Stflpieyi, on/Wghtning Creek;aiul tback/ JeavV  i ngl th������rfi i^t^ientipned pl aces Vats .8 h <������������������ mm. a nd'  lhK!aUerafe/2ip.^  malting  regular' V trips, -charging riVoderate'  rates, a n d^ careful .driving/ to ..merit a f fair  A^yyti$$&^  : ���������-���������������������������:��������� - ���������   ������������������& :i-yrmk  ��������� .- a. - yyj*.  y -'Vf'1V;te  :"/l  VM  ^   A i~fr  :/    ' AA'fi  share of the ,pub lie palronage.   *. ��������� - A ' ��������� ��������� *,i-��������� -i. "r  :m*.j--  "-.���������;y  ���������    '. h  /:-v-;  ^���������::11  ���������?i  .;!;-(;'������������������.-������������������������������������!  f! yv.'f:  ...aps  CARRYINGS U. MAILS, ;/ :     '  -;v//^V^ '^ ^s -; *:v^/ ^i s /'^ vfvt-:r <'w^i'il ^/'^vL: .^--//V-:/-:;;^- Xci i ;���������. ^/v/ ^ /-// -Y ^ vj  /.-Wilt make  Regiilar   Weekly V-THpS  / /v&om Barkeryille,;;; % |  Arriying in: Yale ��������� on; Thutodays, in..time.. to^  connect .-{'with' the. steamer v -.On>yar.<r". fot.  Sew.-Westiiiinster, .and. \vith the .fl. 13/.Co.'s  steamer, v Enterprise/.^/ - - -_.-,..-,:r;....': //  A fi,'/ [S^CGIBSpRSvT0N^:ClWI������������] ^*f V'  ��������� "f "  !T'!;/-<; 'f?; '���������iVJ'/;������*4/,it':!V^? ^������^";,! * f'i,'!'^  Bepr to^infor'Rv^Mdr?fri^ .j'. //  have taken the; well known pn mists, in Barkfrv'il '%  :.so long���������"��������� iav*f������ru'uly"paVruiilsed wliiic it!.tho occupaUuB;*i ���������  ;of;Mr/N;;;Cunio, ^ >4 ,    __,.;     ;,'���������_..    . :?i|t, /     //..>  :^3^-������elebi^tedi2^i  54       /,"���������<  ���������       /f Pf-::r-i  ik*v. *r^"-':-':|i  ;--;- '"     f - 6AI  ' i5 "'"-"��������� ';"-  ���������^-'/::���������'/'S;������';^v././/;:^/;J-/V^/ ::  w|lj: J���������������. mariufact^rod; and km 14 ,b,/= Wholesala afcd, R������/;  italldn us|iurity,und     l '     "   / -     '''."  1S^  . ;The' CaliJVir.nW;^iea^ra/'lT?^  tlie/?In "anh.22(f bf eiich monthl;.        '  -,.   ..'  ap27 3m! r    ��������� '':r',;-F. J/BARNARO.  ^constantly kept on hand.'' v ���������   '"-.  s ���������/���������;-���������';;*A.������������������'��������� yAAA ���������'.��������� 'lyy^A'Ay-: ':y-AAAyyA^������������������y'AAAyyAA*Ayi:>'��������� ���������  '   ' '     '//  I      /-//  liii:i::;ill  v^;:v/|-;|II  .,-,:���������-- :| . yyy  ���������"������������������       .    ���������    a.. ..-.0J,..''  , V  '. ��������� ������   a."* "  yyy:y:yyA'iyi:x;;-:  m  wi 11  be alw;iy3;^arefaHy-attCnd^^*t^^iW'thaibesM:  :Beds,; andMiccomuwd^UGn-^ prbvidedi tor theirs? ca3���������;,.  !S?#rsS* yiyyA-y V>; -?/-/w!,^ij^/,./: /'>/V;;!/^fc^V|,;"  1 ii'ii,'.',ii--i '   n ���������g'niii i        r u'i������in"i'������.i   '���������"���������^'-n"/' *~r ���������> '���������" ������������������!������������������/ i"i iVii������ i ��������������� iU^ ' ���������   'i       iii      ������������������A'-  .      ��������� v my  " ;.;j..r,^J  V  ���������������������������\^yy:yyy.- yjjyy^fiyyy^y^rW^yy:.^^ iP':'yiy:y-y..f<yy0yf^.^ ������������������;���������. :  IlllisiliSllllSli  v:;;--::v/r:u;v;i;f|  V;s/:/:^/|:vIS  ///:- f:W.  yyy  Past Freigli.t Line,  H  tagesi  THESI TIMES A.H0JSTE--T0 CABIBOO,  A. Bar I o w h as ni ad e a r ra n jronia n ts to. r u n. a  ��������� Line 'ol Stages belweeu--  :jmmmm  i:Eit^v/''';;:?'  .*-jt*ri  mkis pr,bv AKn'wELT>  1. -1s/Hlways Vapjilied \vlih tii6_ bcat- W' everythi������jf'  tliarcan^bcprwurKd In Cariboo.^   '^   ;'.n:t /���������-.,..,- r  m>  wmr  Single'i -MealsSr*' ^J:^V-  1-  '"   &' ;-'���������;���������-���������;  ::���������'���������������������������-..���������>;-.,' ^-:::3;*^:  ,,j    A   J;  ' V/"/rf:'-.V������/  "VVJ-'---|:'/|S/  ������������������ ��������� yyyAy'AAA*  ���������   .'% Ai-'^  V   1,1  ���������    '{     A"'*  Hilt.Thomas Perry,Thos/Aikenliflarl, Ralph jy^J^     J^J)   - GAHIBOO  Watson-." Thomas La very/W. Hitchcock, and- " ���������     .-     .  ! For ihe'co'nveyance of  FRESr^  :���������; Th^Cetelyratedr /:>"���������;'-;:'���������?/";-/'/������������������  0^O^p������06i^^ry  A'��������� piip'Tlnf aftiAle" to any wlilc.b1'c;ih lio liad froni*;>������-  Ifiw, RiiasUd.-flnd":ftrfiiia'd ort *thtf; nrvnitsfs Itrtim 'th.*' ���������':'  acii one intej-est;  K.: Manetia      All ^oods. conpi^n.^ Ho. Harlcw^ -Ap'rnti ^^"^^1^': 1^^.���������T^.^'^.^^*--  im.^ach 4:bi' one ..interest, te.iin/ -iuiie,  will^be iforAvUrded^vUhuu'tdoJuyjati'd'    jtar:* '//./ './ '-. "V;/'^-.v;;'^:o;;'dOOpSW.:V.''J 'V  W. Manson. each one interest.   Re-record.  AM.MKilt ClIKKK.  - April....30-r-Taylor., co.���������J?ecorded.,in favor  of.-James Kldet\ George Hvrne-s. ench two .interests ; W;;Smirhi-O. Vaipa'ncour. each li interests ; : . Tho mas/Bel 1. Thomas. Lavery.: V.  G\ en d in ni hs,. e a ch one in I e ]*est; 1 >: M ane ti a  and. Paul Hob  aisting.of 1400 Uei lull ciai'ma aiid 1 creeh  .claim,-'   ������������������   ���������' V 'V ���������'-'. :':-v:*'        ;: /���������:-"' :''  "J A CK (ip" ct.i:vs CI J K ETC. ���������  April 20���������Two Brothers co.--Recorded in  favwr of James MHckhaou. two interests; T.  It Patiulioi B. VaflVolWriliurjrf. B. Deflfis.  each one.ha 1 f int��������� ?rpst ;.,' M.. I Ii 11r*a. A. ;Hhar p,  A. M. Bine won, a nd I. O pp en h*f m*r, each  onetuilf of one interest; and L Van Vol ken  h u r<rh, one in*, t* r est -: e, op si stt rig:. in al1 of 11.  hill cl ainas and 8 fcreek c 1 ai msf aii d held. in  eight" i n te res ts.    1 le ��������� r e -co id  April 29���������First Chance c������.���������Recorded in  favor of F. M c Lonn; m." n n d��������� ft. L**srfrc.e 11. (wb  creek claims. Re-record of part of that made  ob 29th April, 1S71.  . 'lUftVKT (1UKKK.  April    2D���������(/ninm?ne:s   co.���������Ftenord'ed   in  f^ v n r of S. S in i th. 1H n teres fa ^ 1 J; Cnmai i n tfs.  T.R>att������i1o.  A, rleiiy. (i;/Spr������ce,; RVJ1.!  Bt'Q a* fij. J anies Li n dsay each one t ale re s t in ���������  F-A'ST/FR E I Q H T,  .ORDINARY 1CXPRKSS.MATTER,  -  A !M &   P;-A/SiS E./N'-' Q-::Ev.Rh^*  ��������� ���������; vti  ��������� :Ak  '    ' ��������� ���������    lift     L-v-;-'-.-  ���������' VFt  ..- -.'3!  yy  }������������������:��������� J II  ...,.... "i - -���������- '-'<*  at reason>ible fates.. -/:      /  Op utVn issicfu s ������it; all.; k i; i d s p ro m | j tl y e xe-  c111er 1..' Cu H ec U������m s to ii d e, and a Gene raVI'lx-  press Agency transacted.. /  ���������'.'.v ;  " UarfcerviHe Agent.'���������-'���������; <   ..: D. KURTZ.  Qn^nHllo. Mareh. 'to. \#T%    ]  /ap20 Sin  TANLJE-Y  'o  SJJ's'  V-5  .es tau rant &������aio.o.������L  J.  j.   ROBERTSON  UEflS TO AN.NOUN'CK  THAT IIK HAS 'OPENED-  HOTEL IM B0AEBIS6 HOUSE:    jv^^Tr  .[.St. . O������^ivjjo. Sjaloon, >vuorj-,taej   \v;iii uv at MlJ.uint**.  AT STANLEY; -  - LIGHTNING CaEkK;j'p���������^^ii^W���������rn���������!^, '��������� A V' /���������;//: ^:^  ,;  BO. A R I)"   A'N-D' ��������� M R-A.I, S -���������'  OF /THE  3ES/T   QXJAUTY,  Finest W'ines,  Liquors '| ^J^U cwZS-A*iWtt" :*^$*i*y.  : Board, ���������;-^''-$ii: iQi'';  :.The Tabic -will ajwyya lie supplied with, the best-j  *rti&k'������ that can :be'gut iu Giiribno, and the Bar wil-b [  rite ��������� /���������"      " '  /' v:      ' \ '"������������������������������������'' ' 1  and-Cigars..  fei^ai^ {:M.--n*.h-T/.ifit rhrinVs'^r^^V,) \  M&& mt wn.  i  ������p2  ���������    : KA2  tffBCAMBO'0'SEJmSEL  ' tliu." ..JIM--.  -SATURDAY. MAY 11VWT2.  ������KBKr^fSTRATION OF VOTERS.  the  Registration of  .At the  time when  ^Eotet* took place last year much ineonVeii-  /1ence was created, and sorely was it felt by  'the electors of tins district. In ctmsequence of  the absurd, veitatioiw and unreasonable pro-  pistons of the two A������cte pawed at the pre-  ;v|nuB session of ihe T^ef^lature--namely.  r*i ThejQiialificatWn'arid IteEistrafion-OfVotera*  :Act, 1871." and "The Eleclvm Relation  .Act. ISTHv7/ which had^eferen-ce telltis.dts-  ttfetanti rfhVcted the convenience of tlreelee-  Horn or the means nt  qualification of which  *tbey were possessed.   It was foetid teat these  .Acts  were  obscurely drawn, ambiguously  ^wjorded; and worked'moat har^rr lijyon thi*  section of Hie ftrovwie*.    The payment r*Tj  registration fees by persons otherwise duly  qualified  wan felt to be nrtt only a nuisance.  %ii t an ^jaWwV'*mi-?kM^^<rt /beei* *<?or th*  t,BCCident ef a nmrfb*r.. ot printed Tarm* ef  claims to vote bwii������g^^n>aent ttp from Vre-  1 oria'tnjpf I vate parties ^ber* *ef\ mipjffiled to  Rectors free of ^imr^e,iati������ the kiwwl^dge ������������  /the necessity -of entiling representatryea.te  ���������ihe Le^slatirre'both able au?x wHRng ta<>uiis*  in amen dmenrio :.(*������. m a&e - &**: ttfte J a w; -, s*: it;  ^tifett stool! on "'flits' and;V'mairy oftier /subjects^ *  probably not more than one'-balf ef tfcose<m|  Hbe-pTeseni'rejietet>o\riaii^^l.ace������i *tlr%  rnavies there.   It was als^tfeft 'that in adistrict like���������?>��������������������� wMremos <ff the inhabitants  v#a ileefi'.'tfeerr'Ifai ng, V&aj������**$t������������fo:' ??rtwises ^r  'lost���������ftiftr' tirehey ai;^'fr^t^'^-ii-iil^;'^rtc������riOtt?  >and uncertain search for.fjoid. where .Ae- ������t-  %eiit: necessities ef tfeetr .���������f������ow^ttti������i(.,;?eaSI<jd.  :-M hem from one *cTeefc to fee oraer,. that tite  ������elaus* which rcompelled  tbeth i<������ cast tlwir  vot*a - ������fli������ite;>*6������eir ���������'jftMiaWftcatien/* -esrisied-������ and  : A^^'-'i^i^vit^^i ^en'-'refeiaterHi . ivas W  nuisance, ���������** aflelnsien and a an are/' and in  '��������� too many easesVefwaste������l/fts a������virtrri*1 .-diefraQ-  /cbiiemei!^ of .theuvoter-.;. Tit* posaessfofi -ef a  ���������frwsi miner's' license,'without having: a claim  tie must farther be possessed of tb������ 'iqualifl-jrue effect; of raising the price uf.either our  Cftti<ui  oil  which   h������ claims to$>e registered{iie'ef'er beer in this market.  Referring to your item about the present  price of fiour, you will please remember that:  (Ha''.exorbitant rate of freight, aiid not the  duty, existing1 last fall/is'the prime cause of  flour being 19 cents, per Ih. . For the past two  years flour has sold from 12Ac. to lo'c. per l.l.K  with road tolls on-: with I Hem off. of course  it would be sold that much less. With cheap  freights, road tolls off. and a lower'duty, we  may reasonably expect the price of provisions  to tall, whether they be foreign or provincial.  OlWKUVKH.  Barkcmlle, May 2, 1872.  for three months! ^previously. A'U persons not  on la*t year's re-efts ter, or who'do not retain  the same qualification or continue in;the same  ���������nlace of at*ufc������. <*r. whose oa ores have been  inserted <ro th* register in������respec.tnt payment  for lodging, or .fo.r/'bourd and lodging, or in  respect of free miners' ioerti fie area, must send  in their claims to vote, otherwise their names  cannot be inserted in the register. It would  appear tl)at those qualifying upon freehold,  leasehold an^honsehold properby. provided  they do net cbange /tlieir qualification or  abode, wtll/still retain their voles without a  new-registration. Such-is the-'law so far as  ���������we ������can lied out from a >tolerably careful  perusal rjrf t1ii������ masterpiece, of ambiguity.  iSucJh as ills we give it for the Infer mat ion or  ������ur readers : and betore ending this article  we must ^call upon all those whose votes  would be forteiled by a chang������ of. qualifies-  "Hion, it'c., and those who ������re not on the register who i-are entitled N> be there, or wlmse  qualification last year will not be good for  this one, to place tlieir mimes on the New  Registry -without delay, so that they will be  enabled to electa rVnresentaiivete (he'Legislature, who wi 1 have both the will and ability  to. d6.fsomething towards abattiur such  nuisancesifis this, and who in other respecls  will represent the constituency in a-ereditable  manhw and -wlfn a f������ 11 sense of the weight of  responsibility ^aat rests upon him.  NEW ADYERTIS������'iiF;STS.  j������iafc-.-.rJW.-"- rsA.rar.*������rirsrymAih- ~ ������������������:n;-������r>--r.^g  th.^..cl*inw'������������V'ehtr'/day^*nd ���������;insists <ef; :<be  ���������.abort space of "a week be <a gentlemH������^t Urgff?.  rriishing ahont the niniia tains looking for a  rnew looatioivr; "aud if;this happens tiM*e������i.ir  i about the isme;\& ;������g5*ratfion; tiris right  to  'vote is g<������ne. an^r/'foe  whe  has takea <mt a  ^iiiningHicense^feT ^the express purpose of  <c onrin g:- wt tlii'n /1 he 1 etter <tf  * he law. ������ a d:  loea'eda ciaim on the top ef/Mo������n't Asrtie*  or the bottom of PGveum! Hog Lslke, wfeer^  there is no teas of ������a j tt inp for wart u f. pro pei;  ^epyiieataties. itrill take his plaice, aad en-1  ryireueA wnfl/ferttfied with all  tfcfi "paiioply  and   circumstance7  of Qjeing'V������ re������G������tered  y&oferjwvfier these indSsfmtable.������jqunlifications  rwili: walk ������p to <4ie ^ Oaplaia's Ol&ee9' and  ���������-record   his vote wfoh the utmost tmrenity  'There w:o������<ise-naw..hawev_etl^)f carping and  'jgrowliwg at the absurdities t������f this-^bsture  and inooinprehenssbks ,$*iece ef legislation.  ���������Suffice it fur ������s to know that the nuisance re-  main.������4it any Tiit-afor tWa season ^mafeat*d in-  ���������e-otrss^iieitijje-^f titeA Act paf.se^ du-riog- last  tpestfum ha^iu^'been -Pelerred ut Lord  Lisgu r'  ^ftfr his sanction.   Wry this Ac I. above aill  ���������o hers so������immeftvat<i������ly aeees&ary. should have.  *been refer.red, or what tfeere4cootd hwve ;!been  ju .it^;.twnder ���������wicb*a step efrpediest, is intwe  :\\\ait'vven a feiVent iin iiginatiou can co Iiceiye.  ^The efd Act provides t^at every jnale <% Xhet  ?ege of 21 not o/he^mee^tsqiiHiflSed.- beiae a  British stit������ject,ab?e to vea^i English, o? If a  matural hem Dratisb subject the Itifi^nage of  'hia'country. naving resided in t4ie*c������^ony. lor  mx mvff^kk"'"jprfer *o s^h-ilin^ln 'his <laim,  -_��������� \viw������" ������lis>{l tha?7������ a freehold estate!������ pos-  ifwsffif������j;>fH������ate within (he elector^ district  for wtricSrhiswo-tu is &>%������'gkeay<jt' <l?e clear  value of $256, aba?* ail charges aad in cum  Frances aif������*ciatig'fifce same, or shall  have a  Erorou 0aitrnoo Skntiski. :--r^r,���������IVrmit  me, tlrrough the medium of your ^aper, to  notify tiie electors:of Cariboo that t have resign ed\ni v ho a Arab \r. ip osi t ibh as: f bei v re p i e?  sentaiive in $ie Legisiaiive AsseuJely of this  Province/   ,   ;  * ���������  I will ���������riot attempt to explain oc justify n  .���������step that I have taken, after much aevious and,  Tijiust ������*3d. nsinful consideration'. 1or 11feel  that the^erefict of the people of <5ariboo will,  neither*be. harsh ������r wngenerous/wheii/they;  pronounce upon my conduct. /.  In tenSeringthem my sincere and heartfelt  'thanks for tbe ki������dt*es9 shown-awfl. the con ft  dence irtacnd rn trw���������kindness C can;never  .forget, ce n'fi letice I hk ve. n o t bet rayed ~l rn ay  be J jerm t ted to Irajie. fiat the 'gentleman to  be selected to fill the seat vacated by. nie Will  prove my ������qnal in <?ai hestness->and "iiiy superior jn ability in iproteciing ������Rd promoting  the interesris of the I*rovinco at Harge and' the  cbnstHUewcy of Caniboo in particular.; ' .,  ;.. At ttoengh' my p \vsi vol 11 n tary act," i t is wi th  ert reme Te>nctance f y ieI i 1 back a "torng t dearly  prizefi: rjealo'nsiy *ge11srd#������d, ������tiffc \ know. and  feel. w'lieUy.'unsirTtied by me ; *a?td as I hope  a?idMilU*t?fl. *hovn'K1 life contiut?e, lb see very  niany. it ^not all of my Cariboo Tviends again,  I wl I only *m favewell for a wfe i I e!  ;-    Yonr obdt fiervatitr   '  .    CoavRtiius Booth.  Victeina, Y.^ April 21, 1872.  THE CANADIAN TARIFF.  Dr. SimiAU., Dentist, will not leave- Bar  keryille for the lower country until about Hip  1st of May..next, inconsequence of having an  unexpected-amount, of work to do. *  NEW  ADVERTISEMENTS.  Steamer  Victoria  Has commenced her Weekly Trips, leaving  Quesnel. on  MONDAYS, and Soda Creek en  FIUIMYS at daylight.  Pa^s.iok,  KUKUIUT.  1 cent per lb.  pS?~- Goods /consigned; to us from below  forwarded Kree of Charge for Storage or  Commission.,  MARVIN & WEIGHT.  Quesnel, May 2, 1������72.' myllim  THKKE KOK.SEB. (tyro Wlilie ;������n>. on������ B������t|,  I hi������viu>('t������*f������ii lert/on m>\Rfiiclj lavi Fall. owa*������rt  uqknown, notice h1 lu-roby/Kitvri thiit unl'-s* th������  sanu? pt* redeemed prior to.tlmt.tirne th-y wUlViUr  "ill*? !������)>?*<.* of oi>������> month b.������ sol-l ai Pahllc./A������C?i������ft iu  defray i\w cima ut E������o������h'is^, Aewriislug aud Ex.  pcusu of S;tl������.  ANTOINE BKOU^KAU.  <ju������?n������*lmouth, May 1st, 1872. iuy4 im  Barnard's Express^  THE TJNDERSiaNKD HAS AX>MITTFT>  l 8TBP������K^ TJNGLKY un.l J AWES' HAUIl.TOX  ialo l*arti.'������tnhipia th^.ub"V* bUHlaeiis, ������'mm uti i Ktivr  thr first c\av of A\m\ inaUui The bu:i)u'-ud will li������.  contimu'd k*nceiwvu un-ltr the aums ol F. J. BAR-  s\ni> & Co.  t  i   BARKARIK  ���������Yali>/ Anrll 13th. 1*7.1.       ������������������        ': "jjj V"  ~~ NOTICE.  rjAVINT, r>ISI*OSEI������ n| mv haslacs9 at LAST  tl CHANCK to Mr KRNRstft-gQt'SlAXIS, I t-.ke  ililrt nu'aiiH nt'than kin ������r the public for tin ir pmri'iiajK*,  au<l r<;<|uest tl������o oontitiuaneoof Si'tnie *o my succi*������ist r  All purii^S owiiiK .iccouuti :ir? r-,q'm,.*t������������,"l Ovpuy tli������  same to Mr K. Sojirwuiu willjio Thirty Davs from oate.  i������.  il AX ETTA.  Last.Chsavs, B.C., MS Mart*, 1ST*,-        ���������  ra2S  Fire Notice.  4 U.P.RRSOKS.Uflaf within th* prelects of  A    Towu of Barter. iUn nre f*:^M%\ta by   tli������  W.irdeU5 to  Enrro'n ������b\tin*kl :���������In writing my letter of  ���������the^th 'lilt, on th������ Canadian TariiT. I Itud not  idea -ef-���������entering into a coulroversy as to������  syheifwrr the Canadian or British Colnmhju  Tariff is Vest suited to this Province as a  whole* Undoubtedly The Canadian is, for by  it the province saves some S(18,000 a year.  bn*t the great bulk of {#iat saving is confined  *io a few articles, as ytfii exhibit in your last  Saturday's article on ^>e subject.  My position is that genera I merchandize���������  awl by the term general [ mean the almost  famunerable niiiale-er of articles contained irij  Site three great divisions of trade���������viz., dry  ujoods. groceries, hswhvaro and ctvickery. I  believe that on, neai^y every article in-that  I arge catalogue. Uk* dii by; is ad vanced 2 k per  ceiit, except. blankets, whicti is 5 -.per cent,  and caiid les 2 feejn tap er lb. I ees. But o n a  great many a niiel es U h e d i it v is ad van ced  more than 2J per ceitft. In hardware we find I  shovels 15 per eenL *more) rope 10 per c.eni.  niore. iton 5 per;'Cent, more, machinery,  pumps. &c^5^wr,v$*nt. more, aud coal oil  nearly 201) per o*n������. more. /I take it that the  ���������������xcess ot doty oti timse aWSctea over 2J per.J  ee������i. will nhsmfc corroterhnhiuoe the saving  we have of 5 iper cent, on %oots and shoes.  iii-tho faciaof these facts/Mr Kditmvf can-  Sstfa^elield^estaFe Ik ^esses^uu^ sii������ate as afore- not see b o w the Oi u adiaii Tari (f will iu eve a  teudeney to reiSvce tbe qVriee of such 'WW-  ehaiute* in Carffeooi If^lie rate of duty Hind  remained the same, with, the road Colls dfool-  feilwd. I hen we cowld expect that the arliole*  sutieve meiitioiwl . would be sold correspond-  In-g'y cheaper ; lint the advance on oaa hand  r NOTICE.  A Court of G-eneral Assize  And Gaol Delivery and of Nisi Pritis will b������  heldat each of the; undei mentioned places-as  follows: .>:/'////  New Westminster, Wednesday, 1st May.    .;  Yale, Xfonday, 6th May.  Lytton; Thursday. dihrHfay.  Clin ton, T������i esday. 1.41h .\1 ty.  ;   Quesnel 1 Saturday. 25th Uay.    .      .  /.Kichtield, Friday, 5th*-J<itie/ /-.  Uichlield, Monday. J)th Sepse.niber. ;   -%> v  Quesnel,-Friday, i-'M S������pt������*niber. ���������  'Clinton, Me ml ay. 2^5 September.  Jiyttrn. Friday, ^7Hi September,  Yale. Tuesday, 1st. October.  Fall Assizes..at New Westminsier, and As-  Mizes (if any) at Naiiaimo and elsewhere, to  be hereafiBr fixed as busiu**s miiy render  uece-sarv-  Dated 'Victoria, 15th April, 1872.  By ���������command,  A. ROCK-K ROKIullTSOV,  i*ioviiicial SeerKarv.  :.tLS  Vir*  arid also t������clenraW������y th������?UKT -*n������t oth<������r eomti'ttsU*'  ;!)|* matter from th* foor m lb* btigltborUooU of U*������  ;pjie?..! > ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������;���������-���������..-...  B;rkt������r vilify April! 7, 187'J.- - ������p M.. '  COMMISSION/ "STORAGE  AND  &eneral I Agency y  JAME8   WICKHAW;  ;Dr������gs-rMe w, Drugs  ���������  Suitable for Cariboo ������q<| tbe mdgaborbovu,  ������:���������; CjU bw oUtajowl At  S  rug  AT REASONABLE PRICES.  *ai4i *������ fh<a awiiUHl v a In e' o f $10 a b o ve all  '^liarges aud encumbvances rtdSeeting the same;  -^rSuall be a househoMev wUhin such dis-  ���������ftyicii-twenpying any hous������, warehouse, count-  ^lug ih o v������������e. pffiice it ti tiep, or o its er *i b u i ('dvn g or  ; *5Jwinwee.--of the clear.annual value of $4U j  ��������� *������r s*ha������l ipay ������or.A odip a g the m rn of $'i0 a rrmtr \ h^ing j us t ab mi eqi i al *to / the redu o t io iron the  -.sal 1 y, or for" ^Kftr^ii-n d 1 wl ^i ng fe mm of t wo jo t h er,' n < > chii ng������ ��������� e a n i������en so ti ably be *tf;p deled  ���������^?itiijd:r������ni-rlell'iiiiris;:Mnfiti^y/wrRhir. aucii/distiricl  ao far as these cau-'esi are"cunce'riierl.  iat* k1\iresaid.; ��������� ,i������v, ������'tio -ah.>ffl- '������tM a duly y������������������-      With regiti'.d to prwmnins. it may %e dififer-  *e<prfled -pre e.mi?fioa: chtUn  te������ not less *$ha������ ������ot;   but" ev^n. Imd the road 'toll*-c-uiiinimd  the Cfinadittii Tai'ifT Vvoiild uot ha-v^ had any  -flfwa e bundred s^res wil iifu such d isi rict' as  -q^foireaaid:; or >. tV%e ml ni ng 1 icenso *xpn n  "which aclaiia *ha������fteeti duly recorded -within  ������moh d is trict: as af< yresaid, s n������ 11, bet ng duly  5r-es?is.tei������ed undr*r th** nrovHons of this Aer,  ���������\*e entitled ioWote atthe election 'Of a mem-  v������* r y pe rcep t i h I e eff, ������cr, as b y' i t th e ^ed \ \ c ti on.  on a sack of flour would only be ������fhree bits,  nn butter 6 cents par ,1b;, on cheese 2 cents.  on rlf/f* ic on 4acon and hams '& cent's per  lb.   Neither will r?ie increase of ^itv under  &er;"'^itti������m1wfa uf the X^gklaUv������?������lkaiueil.,;i tb������ Canj4Ui> TaiiSff im caUle^o4 milt have  Premium for an Essay on  Our   Resources.  Provincial Rkckktauy's Off res.  April lOlh. 1672.  Notice is hereby given that a Prenimm; of  $2./>U will be paid by the Government of the  I'rovince of Hritish Columbia tor an/Essay  v/ H c h s h a 11 be adj.u d ged t o se t lor th, in t tie  e? eares t/ inoa ti co tn p r e lie ns i v e." a ii d c o m prn-  dlmis form, the-������������������ capabilities^'.resources and  advaiitageH of ibis I'rovinc** for sealenient.  The following rules will govern the award :  %������  Competitors must mmh! their Essay in.a.  sealed cover, directed to  the Frovimua)  Secretary, on or before the25ih May ne?Xt.  2, No tiauie or i'mMiCs to  b.   nriaehed   to   the  Essav, whereby the .'writer can be known,  but a distinguishing motto  is to  be attached.,  '5. A separate sealed envelope, addressed to  the Provincial Secretary. with the rooUo  chosen  by  wicb competititv written on  the outside, and the name of the competitor inside, is to be forwarded with each  Essay.     '  The Essav to which the Prernimn- may be  adjudged, if any. is to l.������ec������/ine lJie abstdnle  property of flie 'Government; but tin* Government does not bind itself to award the  premium Io,any of the Ktaevs sent in.. uu 1 ess  it should be deem**]) to merit the same.  The Esaays of unsuccesshil cunpoti tore will  be returned by the Go vent merit.  Vji command.  " A. ROCKS ROBERTSON.  m O 't w -j?���������0 v inci a I See re tary.  A Fr������������������b Slock of Patent Medicines.  Leeches. Lozenges, Stationery, P*?rliun������ryr  Elastic Silk.Stockings, Knee Caps. Socks and  Wristlets. Improved Shnn'der Rraces. In fan is*  Feeding Uot������)es, India Rubber Teats, Ring*  and Tabs for Teething,  .p?r Teeth Extracted and  carefully Pilled.  $0* Prescription! and Pettily Recip*������ accurately prepared., my 4  FOR    SALE,  THAT     F I RS T - C LASS  s  Situate in the most central part of the town  of Iiarkervillr, kIhI known as the  P ABLOK _$At.OOK  Tho liouse c-ntniu^ ������ B:������r-n>om, I^irl'-r, Tea B*j4-  rooms, iis-'Ht,'c������mIortnbly furnishu\ aad Kiiclnn.  "Also; H.������r and ftar.twui KiAiur'S s������a������i Fiiniittir^;.  Piirl'irVuruiinre. U<Us, liadnlUff, sad Bod-room Fur-  nii������r������  For .inrther purtumlHrs,  opply at tne  Sfa/tinxi.  (Hlicc, or on tliu priVmisvs %���������)  S, \\ PARKER. ..Proprietor. .  All'JeMs remaining uo|mid  ������lo*r 1st ������>f Mny will  br. nUcad In t.V.c tiiimia ol an AttoiBfy rm1 ��������������� lbiuiua.  > ..;  .. *; f. VAKKKR. '  BsrkcTViiH Uircit &, Wra. .'   '/ ��������� ������i,a*  j^aSB5&  ������^m  mm I  ������g  WK:GAWB0S/ii^r  .IK.  M^i.vs-  SAfUKi)AV,3IA\; U. 1872.  fillliWIE  J l/l be: held ici/Oetroir.   SfjieU; iu'ierest:, is /".felt iii j|ar������ely lm^  ������������������'-v j the result, which is the first ackiiowkdgmeut  section.,; Sihoyeis. *���������j/ '>T!������*'!/ ^Ininfe :J������f>ls.  jof theGmeeti in America, which'ore largely manufactured iu Hamilton,  ' ; Berlin, May 7- Bfemarfc \* jndi*posed.: His ^'JwWjwrtaioly W^W**^}^*���������*^* **-  pbJ'&c&Mi:/ord������rs rest or tije^bnse^uence may    ' ~ *" ** "  te serious,-/./;; // A A y-y'\  :-/-':"The new fortificatiousef Strasburg will cost  Paiis, .May G��������� The -.Urnvers admits thai the  iaMNa Mf^iM&&������:i  YVP%''  ... ;     / |^ y ������������������-���������:���������  The steamer Victoria /arrived from Soda  Creek this- afternoon.'   ,  BaniarbVa/ Express ; left/for; Barkerville  at 4pm   ;.^; -���������-���������'* %>/:./   ������������������ '        .  ������������������*'���������  Bailow:^:8^age!;le^;/U������i^  ,   bervilla.. 'V. ,,* ,. o-'/:   .-/ ./ -'%. *    .- ,. -  ..'"'" --^/\l//''///^YAT^--'''/.-  ii Tat*. May: 10/-ha rnard'i; Express arrived  la������t event ng from Oarrboo.  The Bteaiher OhwarA iVrtived en her second trip this week "with 79 tens freight and  12 passengers/ She/will be up again ou  ".Sundav-mor ni������ it.;-;/::,.::/ y.-AyyAA, 'v.-;.:..  Can trel ra"Hal I"; team left yesterday loaded  tor Si vena's ferry. : AVilsonV tesine ace loading:: for fee -terry wad Clin ton.  Weather'/wet and windy;  : Victoria.  v /// Victoria/ Msyi<? ~& yinuajr. awm/ann of Mr 3  '''��������� Promise/aired Iff years, while Valkihg alone 3  the wharf yesterday, was taken with an epV  leptic. fit aad fell "into the w������ter, narrowly  ^escaping drowmag    He was saved by an Indian.  .:..,.-- .-  A telegram from Ottawa eays ia-mes Graham, Esq.. of rite II: B: to., was there and on  his way to Victoria ; alse a private telegram  received in town yesterday from Ottawa says  that the duties -en tea and coffee w<M be taken  offonlst^nW:Vf:'!-/;;:: ' "'''  The Prm-ce Alfred is du* foere to-day or}  to-morrow morning. Amo-og tlie paasengers  w- notice Mrs U: F. VSckett, Mr Boscowitz,  ���������Stroud, .and ;Bottet;eJl^F. L. Fitxgerald, for*  nn r\jr of H\ MS Scout:, to relieve Commander  Etf'-r'on and Lieut. Diggle, of H.M.S. Boxer;  Z. Hough, H..Hough.  A ������'������n of Mr James. Cowper, of James Bsy.  aifed IX, died ivery Suddenly of disease of the  ^beart yesterday.  The Idaho is announced to sail fro������ Portland *totfoi������ p������i on 11th.  . '   - CANADA..,- /;/ i :  -IneersoH,^snada/^aif^8-^A flrelast titgfhV  nea rly destroy^d 'the entire tmsi n ass portion  ���������of the city. One woman was "burned to death.  Loss half a million dollars.  Ottawa. May 9���������Sir Fraircis Hincks jrave  notice In fie S^nse last night that the Government w < m\i > ring: 1 n; a .fef 11 repeal ing th e  ibities on tea and eefee^ftost^e~e1fect on~ 1st  'July, and stated that this action was coiise-  .���������quetit npon:;eCfae^i^Bal;'pj|> these duties ty: the  United States Governmentr  ry-;-/ UNITED STATES.:) / ���������/  New /Torfr/': May .7 ^A. Washington special 5  says; that: *he .President a������fd Secretary JFish j;  ���������decided that������Granyilie's proposition was un-j  jaccep tab 1 eA ajnd;tbat /We cim /i recede from the  ���������Caae/Ns^pir^sented ai-Gehe^ai arid a dispatch  ���������'was' telegraphed to Schenck to that effect.  Gen. Hurib������t, Mriuister <o Columbia, just  'ffttu,rned on leave of absence, brings an ex-  >traordiriary ipeaty which'be-negotiated with  4bat country.  Washington, May 7���������It is reported that the  President kasdedded to remove tbe Assist*  ^ant Secretary of. State on tbe ground of iria-  fbility to keep 'diplomatic secrets. It is alleged  *tliar quite/ recently ^several, importaat State  secrets Have transpired throRgh Haiei;  ���������'���������"San Francisco, May $~!Pfee action on the  streets this morningns decidedly *more confident.   There is a pretty generall expectatkm  of-a strong reskctiotun stocks.  'Operators say  that in four er ^ve days the Tage for stock'  ep^culation will net be* as .great as it has been,  and '* wild-cat" stock wirTfeelharder to dispose of at any figure, and that there will be a  ��������� steady demand 4erat������cK, in all mines having  lea 1 iv.*'nt,   'W������e Banks huve s'lmt Aown 0n  T������iutik hrotuirs adso have been carrylug'linie  .���������contracts ftircustomers..   T������his will break a  i.guod:ini'atiy sm^Il outside operators.  Washington. May tt~ House Committee on  vTsri!f Bill, irft-wr a lengthy ^scussion/ntrack  out- of Bill duiies on tea aud ���������coffee.  Washington, May 9���������Out Minister to Madrid will soon &e ! witlidrawn. No successor  wtil be appointed until Spain is more disposed than -now to act with justice and according to.treaty obiigatjpiiH. Although war  ie not regarded as;even probable, there is an]  incteasing desire that our navy he placed in  an efficient cotidii-ton, and'the authorities before long may order the navy yards to place,  *al 1 avail able vessela ana sea-g<eung coud i tioo/  WJ'ROPBAN.  Edinburgh, May 7��������� A deputation of olev-  1ggfaeu of the Spoich Ohu rch 9$I  1 o-day for'  inalaihpdy of ;tlie^(Car4iBi^  feaied and lost 700 111 eo. ku<1 that Carlos fled  to the mountains, Imt denies that fee was pursued by Government ironps.      ; ������������������;  Berlin, ��������� May fi -rTlie Emperor will soon ^p\  to Kms to drink the waters.   i)isni'ark:/retireB'i  t������ "his est a i-������./ and w ill "/a lis ta'i ii f rem acti ve  busia-ess for,several months.   ��������� ;        ',/',"'  London; May 8���������The Ectio to-day;has a  coin pil i n Veii tary,: c r i t i eisin ��������� b ti t h e |>ert orm a ace  ol tlie A11 ah tie boat; cr<s w or; ^Jew T������vrk. Th e  London bonlwen alj iv^ardtiu/crewoas very  able, and a great struggle is certaiu/oti 10th  June-, ���������.-��������� ���������"'' //";' /'':'-.- '������������������"''% '.������������������';���������  Par ts/ Kay; 8r-vTjfi e jo ii rn als i n sist that tbe  late battle 'yill not decide the tate:of tlie Car ^  list rfctttg, a it d d en y th at any. Ca r 1 is t lead e rs  ttwt(jsftiirued to .france. They say tlutt ..t lie  re vol u#E 0 a 1st forces :are in lister's (jf the B ay 0 f  Biscay and other i.in'portaitt points; The  friends,of Carlos say he has 7^00 well armOd  a������d expel i������Uic**d/u!en. . ..,-. "':"/":///.  Ijondon. IIay 8hThe World> speeial"iays  a maj o ii ty b f fir 1 e Ra i I road sh a re 11 o I d e rs hit y ������  combined to make/;T<Un Scott ;l*w?������bieni;o\  ticles "paying duty ; so witli clothing, boots,  atui;sh(^s. ^i &c.: i There.- ;.:^i:^iie;/"branch  of itid 1 wiry��������� wlilcli. riit-her ^surprised, irie \n  Ilaiuiltdn, tfa������ mamtfacture .of' sewing ma*  'fenHfeHvof wHicb there are:several large stei  am  t lie AttVe ii call\\ B������ nt t;d, ia ml %o' tt/ ^*1 egjfW p bed;  that 1 b e re is so ffi ej������* n t:.. ass\i ranee th at \h*. co hi -  bin a tion is '(UMisider^ii /siuJceisful../;/-.////���������;_���������//:  Luiidon. Miiy 0-^The r*te/vof diacotint in  the Bank ofjiligland has been advanced to  5 per ce������t,       .1", ;/;*.;/./-/;, A " A.w   ���������-  Paris May 9-eMarshal^  ed bituself on Tu asday bigh 1,10 stand bi������ trial  ���������by a Ciutrtsvaartial:  -        .  Madrid, May *J -This/eveninff ofRetaidis  patche's from the north .stale tiieinsurrection-  isis. have disapjieared'and/owiy a small /band-  no W' re m ai-as at Sa raj 0 sa iu   T11 e Oaf I is ts i u  Navarre, 32^^ in /-niunb^  and. the i*nWin(Je'i^;dis(^T^.I^  -->-  OUR CANADi/tN LETTER/  : ; :AA yM***$^xKr Aprfll ���������& IS?'?-.-^  Edttgu Rknttn*b 1;: -tDining the m0nth fyf  March ' \   Ha'^V;'^perit.^TOy>^  througli Western Can ad a/. tl^wNJtlon^ desjii^  natetl as������. e'/tvgaHb'ti^ -Of Cana^a^ <������rd"sb;fa't:  as fishery'and/geiferal appeas-ances go. I havej  lit-tre.doivbt properly,;/so  reigned.;   howevi>r,j  factories turning out an enormous-number  aminally. . Agricul I oral. xizi piemen ts. rnachin  ������ry; 0if a 11 Softs. card aires." wo ol ten s. an d-111 art y  ;OtHe.r* articles/ are being expensively manufach  lured at many djfiVuvnjt points/but I will not  attempt to wearyi your readers with more dtn  tai Is. Nor need I attem p t to descrtbe tlie  commercial metropelis of: Canada.'Montreal,  with its stately^ and mitguitlcetit catliedral*^  banksand:warehoiisesv/espeaally/tis at tins  n/asbri' of: the year a yisitor'can/^tiva yeri  poor judgment a������ 'AtoA lie changes /which another month and tbe opening el navigation  wiii/bring abotit.-;:':;;;//'-A-AA-A'y'  ���������������������������y Fro in ai l".. .that I; can ��������� learn, tbe com in g  seasoH will witness a vast;eatigratioii to th������  mining regions about Lake. Superior.: It: is  e.stimated.that from 20.000 to 30r000 men will  set*k their fortt 1 nes in that direction, many of.  w h 0 til. we re there o ni v c h ������������������������ p in ea tin i > f tiia n si t,  would do unless ultimately find themselves  on oilr own ^acUic/stope.^EItr^^^  ,(JOveniment here is/I'belWve. detenniiled to-  carryi out ,the.; terms ii of .Um^u^to/t lie/, best of  their abiMtyv^b'spiteJhej>npo!*itiou of Messrs.  Blake, Mackenzie,/'and the Globe,^the time,  l trust, is iUiji'Yar flistantA wheu/ those means  will be available to all.  ,       \   ^ /    //������  In poii lical matters there, ts /very ; lit tie  rgoing on ai- present.-/ Pariiament/as; you,  ���������ire aware^ meets on the1:1 lib insfc. having  beeit Jde laved til I that' time, to -al jowj the /little'  nhpleasabtu������^s between .Great Britain/kutl  llncle SaiU :about tlie; WHshiugtou Ti:eatv to  be SO fii'r/arranged'., as to allow; that great  bono of contention *o be brought up^for rati-  fieaii<ui or rejectioit>by/Canadit, sot^ir as the  Fisheiy and; Canal clauVea ai;e concerned, btit  from the present stage of the Gnutvilie-Fish  cor reap on deuce it seems ; very doubtful:  whfethi'r ailything|can;8be done this year -or  n o t/'l'Shoutd/J 11 a :Tr^at y n01': be: broturht u n  Uir/discussion thesessinU'willrr tlriiik-bevety::  sbo.r^. and in any case the season is gelling so  lateHhat matters must be" duUtied throUch as  1 ast v,itW :pos������ib 1 e. The M inist ry a re scattered^  no\v/i B- all direct ionsi 1 rotn/iQntario to Nova  Scofiav but in a few (lays' all- will be at* tlieir  ,p^iiC#u}y/ft^ ^>������ s^iou^o v^^Mn)^-  He;rs/frb m B ri t i sir Colu m hi a are 1 ike w ise: a^  go\>^^������aUscattet^drsf������me inpttawai s<>rne"tn  ijV>ntrt������aL some in-New/������biky; but I presume  anot;lu-i*;week WiU fi{jd/thefn;all.!itthe'cafdtal;  / 1 shall pot attempt now to speculate on the  course which theOppositbmjntemkto pursue  ids session /Resides vo/r wi! I :khow/a|l about  WltLUMCRICKK;   ' ;-, ',  The Bailayatco.s-wjll commenceworkmthe  iggings ueXt weefc���������Tlie Forest Rose'co;  wnslulKiip "150 02; o^"Thttrsd:w n>r"tfie!fiBt  half of the week, Tft'e griiutid iu this claim  is looking v������ry ' rich i and to altappearauce  the channel is running hack iuUf the Lilt.  Aj-~..      ,  ,,-THf MKADOWSi":, T; - "���������;  "'-'/:> ���������  //The Lane & Kurus co.>m*v.$. \ti 40 JeeV lasfc  ! Stiridayi aud are about 50 feet to-day .from the  I Shaft;  '"' LOWHKK CltKKR.  The Black,Bull"co.fcimtintie tating/oiit  dirt. This coin pany wil 1 wash the dirt taken  on ts during E> the winter, / and in, the % dmnp-  \)ox also, as soon as. water caU;ba bbtiUJiedv  Big washes up may be expecteit���������TluJiYic-'  fort a/co/ar^j' getting bu?beiteFlo6Kih^r6untl;  The Brown co. are rucking.rv  i ������������������'���������' >'; '���������  , ;-'   / -JACK OF Cl^BS CIUEKK.     '    /    '  The Two Brothers/co. I will be down about  00- feet to-ilay.^'The,Two''."aSie'terB ������re,"riot-.it������V-,  ing ihueh al preftent^ buy ing: partial ly .lost the  pay-"' ���������".���������/   '-' 'r\    :���������' :��������� ���������"..'   -''���������'/��������� /:    ";'";.  .-.        PRRNCI1 paEKK.   Ay.-^Ay.  A'-y'i,  /The Ambrose co. are'meetingwtthmuca  water.:and/ :very difficult ;j^6uuaf;^rogr^^^  necesflariiy/slow.,     ;/ -</1 . \; - -   ;r. k - >'* ���������; '���������.������ '  AAA  A-'M  ;      "  ',   .���������" ..   =/j..;:'J_.i  :///|SU|  ���������i,:'^'t  mm  :    ;:^m  .,.-.. -���������.3,,,.,:.J;..1.!l  '"''Vj-fl  11  1: -; a,  -V:.\ ������������������!.: Z-1  '-���������   V"'  y"<   ���������",'  ���������/"  :AA'A  IS ..��������� ,-ry .H I  u..vyt  :y:->'y:  m  ":yj  ..-.-.��������� i''jij,i:  KAOI.KCRKKK,  ��������������������������� <������������������. C:   "  Itlg %& make' UAugs c||Sagt<������eu'>>ie tp a 'pwsc  noi .engaged hi a m i ve .i^i������itvessi   The tber-  moineter below zero last, month was.th������ rule  rather tbah tiw'exceptim.and now;\n Apri 1.  though/to-day the sun /i>hwes':' blight: (*?rcept  througti aH-f^casionul'^uoW.s  sti 11 si i n gers ta the la p' *#;.': fpri������g? to such an  ex'ten t Uvat; I f iii n'k ,t h e Ta d*n*:iwj 11 h av e ah a r d  job /to get, Md  of / he 1/������������������:utipi t������asa 111 ������|������jialeii:^f  Coining troin TnroOto:to/Montivai -oii Siitur  dsyjiiulitand .:S.nnday"last- 'I had t%������* / tii.fi iii te-  pka������<������re������ff 'being over 2*i he u rs nWki ng a trip  0f 3*& itu 1 es through *& bj tter, a sti0w storrii  as 1 over wish to see, consequently, spending  Eaati;r Sunday -oi it l>ts'-"!)eaui*h;'i 1 tt rand Trunk  11 ae ��������� t h a t is, u t mi girt hfvve ;;b etui  bea utifn 1  unde run ore favor ah lecircutnstauces-^- besides.  I he genera 1 -V elect}on is so \ qUyso at band" t he  "^ outs'! must ad opt/some grlevaa'ee'. as a battle  cry nt the polls, and the Qlobe and its follow  lowers are;:novf/sounding. the alsrinJ>y taking,  e y e ry'., 0 p p.o Huh i ty to pitch i ii to Si r John and  his'Cabinet.  / I/Buppose you ��������� lis ye received; or will r������-  ceiye/ at /the.������a ine:.ti in e.as it his copies of v. ihe  iForonto Mail, which is tu be;the organ or/the  Ministry. .It has made n very creditable!  opening, and a/large'; capital has-be^n sub-,'  sen bed; U\ carry t t;-.-on." L No: pxpenSe or pains  w i 11. t h��������������� 1 ieve. be,si>ared to ma ke it ii sii ccess  lis a journal, and a rival even: to the Globe  itaei.^/,;/:.'r^yf-'^l 'a-A.- ;V\4. BS.T.A '  ���������     - .   ���������   .   ���������   ���������'��������� ������ RiitvAf?T**������j Ftvuks^  if*ft"-here on' Rjiadav.  for ranetv. having a sweet p^-inue  to make      -iuknari> h  i^iH^a^  *,>\>   f ....       .  ^.modetraiV^VumUer  Saturday m>ht round a wrecked frHght;train}^^?������;W^1^^ :, l1  ' iiie^R^eriumtiely by no j *  rok������*n rails.������������������;'Tue siorm] J.  The ^Walkeni co. contrtteloM wlUlifiniRli  the 600vieeti included iti tlieir couiract^sOiae^  Uui������ early next week ; still uY clay/: v  ' ��������� \  :A   'A   ';''-*Y  ;MGilTNINO^CKKKK/,_//f//    "'/-./;  ^ ^.'The:;Caledonia^eo^^bla.c'olitt := -:  has been newly /formed/ haye/ coiUmeiiced >  tunnelling in th������ old l^rilrl gronud^ looking  tor a icontinuatiori of the^ old Dunbar iealt.^ .  The Geiu co^are making oyer e^xp^ses,,four  men  worKing,-~The,,Kf)8s;co. washed up IpJT  os and $10; and: is 'looking as .^h-:weH/-M--ev!er, v  tu is /weefc-~The] Eldorild b; cpV haveMom rrieiie- >/  ed a new tunnel near; the lower end.of''tlieir  ground, and are^working-in��������� theinobi^(i^gings \  a^ * welI arid;,nvaking rubout expenses.���������Tl������J  Liglitnirig co/-have stopped'.work until after  the /freshet;~The'South- VVales co; have their f  machinery cdinplefcil^and the:diggings Were :  pumped out on -Wednesday ��������� last.~yThe mar  chinery,works well/ana are now wpr,kir/p|he*;  th e d iggi ngs (ab.o 1 it 80 U, 15������et to w<irk}.������������������ Th ������ ''  VanJWinkle:co. hiweg^t * bed/rock in their ���������  drain,(aiid are ru n ning- al mi g: s.u'bc sssfn 11 y.^������.  Tbtt/Poiu t ^eo/ ^reBi||^u|f dowri bed ro cfo in /  ''tWfe d ri ve.: to 'g4t: Interim*6hann el:���������The ��������� y le.r *  toria co. pumped tlie water from fhe shaft to  within ^ieetof bo^  ing able to mske more ' head way.���������Tbe" Va'tV-  .c0uyer had theirdtggiiigs puinfie.Ari onit-vMid  were woi'kuig: hi the/face when they^weiy;  driven"out by "watefc-ZTke/jClark.ep5/liay?������  found nay lug grmnidfl^  dfi ft to tT&tttiirar^^lie;.' fifeven^ufr Kij|l^rt^  have run on to,the rira of the Ijightrung dhtittv  nel aild;found gold.   They are/ still cutUif^  down rook; having struck the channel op;toe/:  high a level.   The nm fe ISO feei from tbV  shaft.  ���������;"'��������� .   ; ';- :���������   /r ,A.AA   \, , ������������������'  >:-' *&."���������>$ A''f .../v/AMAIDOB'Cttici^VVv yrf:?A*A *    ���������  The Taylor co/will liave'their machinerr  u p and exi>ect to be tit Work id their^diggingu  .on' Monday. ' .- ^ ���������:. ���������'";. ; *.-���������''������������������'' ;-   ;-/��������� -���������';'��������� /  Mil   BootuV /lJKKtoKAtrox.r-We. puhilish  >1 p e w here M r Boot ii s ji 01 i ce of real gnat l on.  Many of Mr/Booth'sTtVii'iidB will r#r������f his re.  Hivtni*nt'from:ih:e;po^  ^ave-promisef of acq aid ug soniedistiOctiotuf '���������.'���������������������������  Kfu/BAaxsTOy.fBaiTi<it^ at-Lnw/is/a candidate for the suftrages *>f vthe electors of/ >thH  district, and 'will; puhligh^hls addr^s *������/the  elect6re in the next issue o'f the' ^kntixki/, ".��������� A  y-  ���������   '    $������-%  ''  ���������'��������� ���������#/](  -.    ��������� ��������� yA''  '������������������"���������.'- fc^?||  ^AAAAAii  ���������    ,y.y  y..yyyyy  '���������: -'���������������������������'  ���������. ���������   .y:yi:  yy;,///!  sill  -:'/fSl  ���������       8 A  .'.....'  - yy'n  ;*,..--'.  :/..i-\./;jj||p  ���������.. /  S/;$S  .��������� ���������-  <~,  ./ /  ���������Ay-MA.  'AA%$Z>  >���������������������������>'. y:<yy:  : ���������; il?  ' /:;/:-';:  :/ *  l/i'  .. ���������. '���������',:.  ���������K--';!-.'-  II  cthrown'������������������? one of the^^rtunaUdy-bv noi-��������������� ^- ,������*> ���������������������?^- ^'t'f' n*^!^  u^uucom������mnbn>k,u,raib/.-  continued on Xlnridav. no trains tvacbing or Tent jT. Fletcher and Vv. hitch cock, to U������������.  Wavlug Montreal all day and the suvei. bJ -^ ^ ArdeU, r 1 oss, and another  passaUrj  in-/ sevevalteet. -deep, a^tlt buow, which  the geMmm \ auwiukle to lain. .,  sun ie n6w 111 elliitg in10 astate 01 siush wh'iel 1:    jpa������ M11 r. asn Kxrnkss.���������We are. r������qu*������ated  rennet's gumbnuts' tlie������u>*t desirable artie)esj foy  Bernard & Co.;s agent io atats that the  for j^edeslTians weai:.   To be sure every urn* j ������nrly departure of the mail and express after  telh mti Uut siich a winter has uot'beiui j .arrival has-been owing to the. almost impassj  ka^n-in Co'nada'forye:irs, with which poor! *tde state of the road between , Quean el and j  ciwolatum -1  i������upp#?se  I uiusi.  be   content,! tins .place, aud the -necessity of iuakiiig.c*������n |  win 1 e w.a:iaing thel������ct-111 at. cIunate^ aa s*��������� v������mv | lrAC^ tsme.'  In lwo weeks at Iatest Uiis ificon- j  as 'Cariboo oau bolouad in -other/imd   mofi������.| venieii^o wiii be overcome.  *outhorn  weafher.  X dniiVe  /^(Sf* Don't f^isR fius prvoi^rcKrtri^AT^  w no w a nt t< ������S av k M os F.y 1 ^- ('. A1. NTo1 temel^r  sells Boots aud Shoes./of; ajl'dese rip lions, -for  Men, Ladies aud Chiiilien; at remarkably la,w  p ri ces���������al mon t at Saa ; Franeiseo ra tes. ��������� K h  o w n made boots a1 ways/oii hand, IIkr.\ tRiKti  neatly dotje. Lesthen Shoe Findings, .and  Groceries tit lowest f;o������s)l?le prices. Ifameuv  her the Hailrmid. BoOt'^ud Shoe Store. B*r*  kerville.   ...,,'. ���������<"      '��������� >','; /':  : i'^rf-  oiiuu.'S. . (Bui   enuu^li   about   ti  life!     ..- ...       />  -   -.���������...������  ���������-    ,^fr ryj  been *rrr*ieli  pleased  wita, Hie evi  B KN* K KITS 11V TU B CA N'A. W A N TA.U {F ?.  Renuie is selling oif at cost.-to make room for-  ?���������  a n������ w i m nor tat urn*  Ma 'Is rge a nd va n e u as-  JOm MAESHALL  ������������������i������ at 'ars ouV'Siaxn, at  ���������the rauid extension of railway commnnicaiion ...   . a    ' ** * .        ������. ���������    'i  iU MM di-reciiouswusi continuallv k^-p on the. /pUN'TT Codbt FKKfc-r-Complaint������arabetng|  ioereaae. In not* wholesale clothing mauufac- j dally made at the -.delay in -the reduoUon of j  tfiry at Hamilton, I'.saw'pnekagrtreailv forlthfw fe������������s. and the Government is. wto^be.l  nhipraant to  Nova Kcotia. N*-w Brunswick.! Jisye.   losing/ropney,- by; the delay.    Two  h a ve - a I read y; en la rged |  Manitf^ia. Norway iioiase. Foft Edmonton/ Gj-aud Jury reports hai  .���������Mid British Odimn'bia. . Theru are tnsnv arlMert &** ��������� irrievanc*.'������������������Hi  ^iea/i^attead^v-Gifa^alLr^^ wtieb I -fcave ad dn>abt will m>W i>e'' wdiisiW Q-ra^4:������T^ty't������ caii^Usn f  ill it be neewssrv for] ������a?m| ^> ^.tsi^w-a^.h������?������������������,'���������>2a* ao������?*l������?i- TflE CAIMROO SENTINEt  "   AVRD^DAY.MAY 8��������� 1872.- .... '  ���������    .   ....  .....    .....    ,   ��������� . ��������� ���������  The steamer/frofn Panama has arrived.  She  touched at Cape St Ltieas and took on a num-  bar of refugees engaged iri the late rebe\ 1 inin..  Late news. does..hot confirm the capture of  Mazatlan./   -/.../  Seattle/May ,6 ���������A stabbing affray occurred  v est e rd ay. ������������������ at Po r t (t I ad 1 ay ii e(w een t wo  drunken men.;in .which one.received a proo-,  ably fatal, wound..  S w i no misb \ May 6���������A she oti n jr affray to ok  place recently on Swift n mi* h. Island between  a:man named/*' long" Brown and.an Indian.  The Intltah fired at Brown, who dodged: the  shot and then shot the In dian, who died during the higltt. ... / ... / 1 . ��������� : . ..  y- Tbe Eastern.news is very meatrre, chiefly  composed-of. proceedings of Cincinnati Convention. From appearances: at last accounts  Horace Greeley will probably be nominated  for President of- the United States by .tbat  body.,/;/-; ���������.-.,-.-���������-/-;, ������������������������������������..        y- :  o   EUROPEAN..  ; Tiondon/May 4���������The Times of this morning  urges'President Grant to send to Geneva a  communication which shall supersede the  original American Case containing claims for  conseqdeh ti al damages". /A:  /It is reported that Dr. Livingstone H at Ciu-  babar. ;; ���������/, '���������/./       "-";;  The Empress Augusta arrived at Windsor  Castle on May 2d. !.  ..   .       ///     ���������'/   //-'  The-London Telegraph of 22d April, in ah  editorial; on American it) direct claims, say a  America i������ no longer.in doubt as to our resolve 'in tbe matter. Concession with us lias  reached its utmost limit.  Madrid, May ^Carlos, with only 200 dd  beren ts, -passed/illrough] Non'zia fleeing .to  F ranee, b.a v i ng. been co in p 1 etely defeated yes-  terday.:/fliiity^igbt.of his troops were kiiled  and 747 captured.   The iusurr.ectiou ia: at an  end..;   .., ...... .-,    /-.,,��������� ,.;. ..-,, yy:vy,.-.y..  ./ London, May 5 ���������The Times says the nomination: of Horace Greeley- is futile and Iub election hopeless, but-it- admits Grant's, chances  for re-election inakea a Democratnomination  Certain.1;- ..-;.,���������:    :s,\.;:,.;:. :���������-. ,: .\     ���������/���������'..* ���������yA:.iy:{-y .���������;,--  :ivTbe Post believes Groeley. will be. success:  fill if nominated^ and .endorsed:by either of  the. other: Con vent ions to be held, but thinks  this impossible, ���������/;; ./   '  ^ .-���������/';  :. Tlie .Telegraph says tbe nomination is directly contra to England, because Greeley is  hostile to the. Treaty of Washington and a  bigoted protectionist.  ������������������]   />\.      /  ; v; -v  /The Daily.News doubts his fitness' for the  position/;//::    /���������'-..-.';-/;:���������/;'.-;'   yyA-  fair  i:  MISCELLANEOUS.  y.yt.,1  Ai -���������'.'A SODA CREEK;     '- : /    '  Soda Creek, May 7^Difrin������; the past week  we have had from 12 to 20 degrees of frost  each highf."'"/'./ A ;<.  Testerday the.steamer Victoria went down  to the Soda creek Mi 11b and stripped rl5, tons  ������if.fiour.:?!--'.'!;>. ���������;//������������������.:.��������� -- -..��������� -/,..:'������������������������������������-. ������������������)*: 'A- ,-���������:..���������  ��������� /Twenty-flye head of beef cattle passed up  ^oundforBarter ville.   ' ... \%  . Minersjp������Omineca having animals packed  ^with provisions pass daily.',  Thermometer last night. 12 below freezing.  PyAy>: ['������������������������������������������������������'A :;-:TAI-E^/v|/;'"/^ .  'A/Yale,"!May:-"7���������'Tbe Onward on her last up-!  Irlp'brbuglit 90 tons freight and 30 passen-  -jrers. Amongst-the passengers were Chief  Justice Begbie-and -. Mr. A. R; Robertson; G.  .^V^Wattand R. Mctennan. G.P.R. Survey.���������;  Tha Onward will make three trips this week.  ��������� Two of Barnard's specials 1 eft o n .Sain rd ay  .���������i t'3 p.rn.'"wit jr 16/sitryeyors, betin������ reinforce*  , Tit en ts. for two parties.: /./.. ,.. - r. -. .���������- -A;:i. .: -,.. ::  The regular express left on Mond'ay morning with mails and .following passengers :���������  ;-Jasl. A mms.,Jv Gerald. Co];. Lane,,. Jas.: Aiken-  ieftd.Sbps. Alkenhead.'.:Hood.:and Curry/for  "Barkerville;: A.1 S; Bates^fdr45(j-roile iionse  . Ii Tbere is: in;^ towri^alairge-.boiler and the ma-  ���������eHinery,: ifof^a grjsi ,anid: eaw^nijl I/belotiging to  ^ffi!A. $..Bates.iwlifcb jbe Intendg erecting at  ; :tbel50/mile:ihouse. ;A- AyA-A >��������� -���������' -A-yyy'. \y>  */Mr R/McLennan .left this morning for the  v������cene of his ��������� labors/ It is. h is in fen tion to go  -oyer the.;ronre.to,Bute In 1 etihrou?h the Chil-  eoateh conntry to nscerta indf .i t Is; a: ��������� practic-  >aole rmite for.the.C.:R Ri;R^ //       '"'-AAyi  ���������'*-^Jhe.-'jiYl96ner8"8en"t for trial last mobth were  IKrought ti p before Chief Justice Begbie yesterday; vf.be- bocly ;of .the murdered Chinas  ^an/not/bavingi��������� been, discovered,:- the jury  :.* cb nl d %not ,b ri ti g; in: a iverd ic t ��������� of: mu rd er.   The  41 der I iidiari was; sen ten iced io' two. y^ars'. i m-  -prJsonrne.nt.for,stealing the property of the  Chinaman; the other was remanded in case of  ^the b pdy - bei hg fouh d. or; :in6 re /co ncl usl'v t  ���������4 v I den ce bei n g pb tain'ed. /   /   .   / .  /,..Teaming, is now chiefly to Snyona's Ferry.  ^Teaming, to-Soda-creek; will not commence in  earnest for about fen days; Several bull  Yearns are preparing for ii start! /"'..'/' :!'  >-'y\ ': :? ':: AH J VICTORIA' "' ' ..'.-'  Victoria. May:: 6���������The following telecrnm  .was received yesterday, from the ^Secretary of  tiiie:- San;Francisco,Cricket. Club: "The  ^Cricketers, 13 in number, will leave for Victoria on 20th May per steamer Prince Alfred.  ��������� The' /Driard '' House, .the most imposiiig  ���������.structure probably the.province can at present boast of. was formally opened to the pub-  Tic on Satnrday. 'Flajrsrepresehtine different  aiationalities were bung in festoons from the  ���������Tto'p of the ^building lo the balcony over the  Wloor. thence across the street, and had a very  iplehsing effect. In the evening the building  "was handsomely illuminated, and presented a  -j/rand appearance.   In everv window light*-  MWttnlaeed  and from   tho  tons of  the   tall      **- Assossment rr-cHpls -.wilt, be sent to the Bank  MPte.p.iaceu. Bint irmn   xno  wps.ai   n������e  ,ntl  (j| i5rMlsn c.liumljia t(,r SLOi.kUoiat?riJ desiring to pay  chimneys oil flags issued, brilliantly illmnin-jat uaricerviiie ;|ij.27 4t  siting the whole suVroundinG:   city.     Wreui j ��������� ���������������������������-������������������ -7���������-L^/���������-  tilght set in a ball and cone"rfe was held in  rtbe dining room,' and was largely attended  ^   V ic tori a, May 7 ���������Th e s t en m er Ca I i fo rn i a  was met by the North Pacific three miles  . rfr/>m piympia. bound up, on Sunday night.  ������h������ will arrive here to-day.  ;    The St Andrew's Society will bold their  ^annual/gathering on ������������������July 4th. '  11 is r ti mo re d tji at -;\ t is i u tend ed to erec t in  this; city^a Temple for, theVbe lie vers in Spirit-  ^ialism.aridthaf subscriptions will be asked  from the pub lie within a few days for that  purpose,:' /  : UNITED STATES.   ;  San Francisco. Mky 5^The_ifiiiiera1*' of the  late F. S.Pioehe was attended by almost the  entire French population mid maiiy other citizens.. Thejremains were placed in,the,vault  of the Masonic cemetery,- d  Anurribev of capitalists, miners and business men leavo for Sliell Creek this week.--  ,,Dispatches receiyed on JMday fpesk of exi  .i������nsi ve d iscoy eri es of ailye r 0 re carry ing con ?  iderafele gold ia that district.-     " -,. ������������������"  MISCELLANKOU^.  liumber!   Lumber  \G  Lan6 and Kurtz Cariboo  //; ; Mining Company, / .",  Location of Work*. Williams Creek,'British  ��������� ' ���������/.    " ,    ',    iOoliimbial  \TOTICKJT? HKREBV OiVRW TFIAT AT A Me'etittir..  i^ of Die Trustees *iCe -i. 1' Cotnp -ny, heM on ftitur-  May, this Thinit-ih <Uy oj' Marcl<, IS72. an As^-ssne'in  (No. 1) of Five INi:irs.^$d) \r;v S.i r'/wus l.-viott uin>n  the C'pit:������l Stf cU/of sajii Cintip;ovy p 1 yal)l������* immcli-  'at<������lvt in l.'n'tL'tl Suites Ool 1 Oin. to tho S-cr^tary,  at ill.- ��������� Offlc" of I lie 'Cfinpajiy;- No. 411 Yz CaliJoniia  strcot,;.SHn-Fr������inr.i?ci������, California..-       /  Anv Siw)c iip������sit vhioh .c;������i I A^sossnifnt shall ro-  maln'un'iw'H ������ai WRD>EsI).\V, the 'TWEXTV-MNTH  TlAY OK MAY, 1872 ? shall be clvonwil Holinqui:nt,  an������l wHI ho duly a������lv-rii.-5iM lor sal? at Public A-c  lion., ami aides'* |*>syiia'������i siiall ������������!��������� tiaoli? hclViro, will  be sold mi THU-RSilA V, the KIGHTK.KNTH 1������A VT OF  ,WLY> 1872, to pay tie? ftclittquiiit Assj-.ssitM-nt, 'to'-  ������<-tli<.-r wlib C(������.->ts ol' advertising uu'd expenses ol* the  sale. . .   '',:.:.   .,   -.   /���������-  ..    . -y '.  By or-lcrof the Bo������rd of Tnisteos.    .."  It. 1*5 MlNOK; Rocf^t.ary,"   ;  Ofiice No. 4114^ Ca Ii 1 orina street, Sa n -Frari Cisco,  . Calitbruia. ���������  TVTOWttE.iP herebv given -that.na application will bo  [\' inai.l(������at the next 'Session"of1 the l'arhiimeLt of  Canaqa t'tirma Act to incorporate  THE' WESTERN   CANADIAN   TACfFIC  it A3 l Way company.  for Lha purpose of conslmctin^ and working a Knit-  way, c/nnineuciiig at a point at or near Victoria,  British Columbia, thence to gotiie poiru on the East  era Coast.ol. Vahcoiivtrr Islan;), anrt .frpni thence by  nrirlgo of Steam eoinnumication to sonic, point on the  Western C6apt.of the Mninlind oFvBritish Columbia  betweni tho. Fiirty ninth and Fifty-fourth para He! of  north latitude, thuijtje throinrh the Mainland of British  Coiuiribia by some pn ci icabl0 p iss 0f the iiixjky  Mountains to; the Xorih Weft T'-rritory, i\m\ to. some  p������������j n t on tl 1 o Xor t h West T er rit ory. where a j unction  will be elleeted with a line of Railway starting from  the Rail way 'system to the North Kast parts ������>f On-  tJirio, and runtiib������ towards th0 Rocky Mountains-,  with power.to takosucJ> tlf������vfutfun4 a������*l branch lines  to ct ������niaect, wi th the se.ahq;t r.cl of Vancon wet Islanrl  or sA&ivt h iav?r as may he ad vi sa hi e a ml lor tho p ur������  pose alori'said, nhd to e?t;i lilish, equip, an -1 main tain  fiuch Ken-lea aad is team Vessels as may be necebsary.  .. ' . ' ./t ,'������������������' ;j)RAKIfl & JAPKSON*,. .  ���������/, ���������    ...     . 8iiliciu>rA...  Victoria, B������a, 24th January, 1372,' '   .j.i'27 '  .t-.RE'flroparM to furnish Lumber at their Mills,  ii/. William Creek, w deliver It to order. .'   .  LUMBER DFJJVERED.ON LIGTITNING  CRKfiK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK. '  Bavin? ft Planing Machlu? In operation they^wlll  ulso furnish  DRESSED'LUMBER  at satt'faoWjsy rni&a.  bo51  JUST   RECEIYED  A lar^e supply of  '��������� :"' l-  .y.Z: LADIES AND/gENTLEMEN?&t 'yy.  $53** Nftw/Goorls:/-..w|!t  he received every  week during- tbe season, ^j&al  ���������/;,:BOOTSr. shoes;:;:::.;;  Clothing   and   Groceries,  OF THE BEST QUALITY.   .    \ ������  ; Forsale at the Store of the. un'lorsjpned in Barker  vilic.oppsjsi'tcstUc Dunk ol BrilishColumhlr.    ..  ' W..RKNN1E. ;  .-';   BOOTS IADS TO 9RBES    /  e!7 as nsual  [HAVE been requesthtl hy several respectable parties, win*cah testify to the efficacy of my system,  to again make public the lac 1 ti>at  Moses? Hair Invigorator  WIL\. PREVKNT. BALTKs'RSS,  ���������    KBSTO K R HA I Ii I'ri AT 1$B ECOM1 N������ TH IN     .  OK FALLING OpTi au-rijlteetuilly������������������''������������������������������������  ; ,:    . ' GUKE SCUKF OUDAXDRUI'T...,-   r*&y  Tills is not a mere assertion en; my parous T have  in my possession numerous testimonials certifying to  tlie success 01 my remedy.  -..-..  E do not of course pretend that I can make the hair  vrnw uh heads which have heei/Imkl, for y^ars ; but  I wiilifuarahtiof to s't(n.������ the hair from falling oil, t.o  increase i ts growth, and effectually remove Scurf or  IMndruff.       . w- ��������������� MOSKB,  .     ; , Barkerville,B,Ci  ���������r/yw.  MISCELLANEOUS.  .LEA ^JPERIlINS'i  -     Celebrated -'-/-'  :'..;-'  WORCESTERSK|RE5  SAUCE  -'. -���������'   ; : pcclHre'tnVy:Cotinoisseur'Ao'be '  ";      .  /   ,. THE   ONLY   C3:OQD/';SATJ(CE.,  iz. j.  A Caution against Fraud;���������He success of this  most delicious ami unrivalled Coniliineiii-rhaving  caused certain dealers topnply the n������n������eot \ r\V������K'i-8.  tors lure. Sauce n to their uau interior compound p, iU������  public Is her*-by "Informed tliattht t-tily way ������.o pro.  ������urutlietfenulne,*isio'' ��������� ��������� '-  ASXC FOR LE/L & PERRINS,: SAXJCE  and to see' tit at their names are up������������n (lie wium^i  I.ABKI.S;STftPPKUilHld ������' TTIK, ���������*".. \'~ '  Some rji the for''Urn ;markets baylpp HeetiBupplleiS  with a spurious WorcesterKluriSuue-e.upon tin* Wrapper aivl labels id wlilVji the names of Lea aiii'l P������vrrin������  have hern forced s.J ,t and Ti'^iy'* notice thai IU������\V  have lurnished their oorrospondVplK vvitli pe.wer "t  at'torriov'to^takiviustantproceedings upninst MA>e-  fagtijj<i-:ks find, v knd'-k p.o j .suchy it any other iiniUi-  lloii41)y.>vhich thei 1 rip)\f lii'ii v,hcinl)*inged.     - *,' r  Ask for LEA '^PSRRINS/ Saiice*and .see  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  "Stepper."* " :?A .   '   ;���������/��������� :  Wholesale and for export, by the Proprietors. W������r-  cfls to r :'C rossi ��������� u n d' BI a ck w e if. 1,0 n > n. ������ii AfziA; A c.; a mi.  by (Jroocrs an.<'.(>iliueQuniverFalli*;.''        . ��������� ;  Van" Vblken%i|ii; :.'&, Co A  -.���������-.'.-;.;..>.���������*,..���������.��������� .;.>���������,.������������ y-yyg^AAiM'���������'���������:''��������� ."'������������������ -'..'; . '���������  BARrtERV^LtEp^^C H'F 1'Ei'D .  ������������������������; ���������*! :\-X-A. /.���������'.:. sA<   '^mtA'A^ >���������   "-: ������������������*'-- ���������"' "  -< AA-'AJv';/���������''���������- ���������.   ���������  ^,:. \ . , ;;..,-;.;....'. -.; 'iy^yyyi--yy:ryyyyyyy^y^^yyiy-.  .yy.yint:.yyy,:yyy,y.y  'i  " A! supflx^f:tiie  ,-("i yij  ���������:.; .-tT* ���������". ._;^i.WA^'oN;.HA^n^v^/r,^:^;.  :;���������:������������������    .��������� .������������������-.-. :<'.  .-,.-: i  ;: r ���������'  ..,- n,-....  tflNKSS AND TRAnERS^lilllmty'to/tK^  alV������Ut������'g������;topurcm^^  %->  cKuriricAtr:.  Thisii? to certify that durintt last spring my hair  wits rapidly Otllinkiait an-l my hear! wasliist he.com.  'ma bald, when I applied to Mr W. p MOSK.S.Hnr'o'r,  Harkerville, whoiu a lew weekri restored my hair to  its former healthy stale .DAVID GiiilJONS  '" Bftrkorville Dec 2ft, 1S06 <������������'/  d?s. JCaxpress  ./our envelopes  Properly Stamped, are uo'w reduced to  2 1-2 Cents each, or $10  for 100.  .. (Jwr Agents'������t way plncrs use all d iii gene? In seeing  tha t le tiers are. p rnm t> tl y tor ������v .* rd ed- to pt A u ta boy 00 d  tbo t+qpkrrifc&i w*ifr*8*. ���������.;���������'���������'   .���������:.  0 f.' tlio: v erv I iesv-n* esc ri p t ion on h and, -: p n ri th e=faff ok  consUtttly replenisheil by. b������*w arrivals.   rh������propi;������C|  ;,//.;.;.     'tor will s.ell<iogd?;    _ :y ,y  ': AS CHEAP  AS ^ ANY 'IK CARlBOQi ;  Orders-jiromptty ailed and forwurded^witli clispulch.  /   ���������:    -   :   ;    ��������� J. W. L1NDHARD.  BARKERVILLE,  commission, mm  Groceries, Provisions and  v:;/'-/;:''//;.LigtLQrs.;;,;"./'% <  ;,_���������    .    ;-.      ���������������  P W? 0 T    F 0 R  mi  ���������v.g  ���������$*~\:;?������<L  m  B  mm  m  m  s  M  ^S������


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