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 Vol. 4.
Barkerville, Williams Creek, B.|&, Monday, May 13^/1867.
(From Brittsli Columbia Examiner,
New York, April 2ftb.r-The Tribune's special despatch says, the Department of State
has received by mail lengthy dispatches from
the United States ministers to France and
England, which show conclusively that a general European war is scarcely to be avoided.
Napoleon for a month has been making extensive military preparations." The war feeling among the French is almost beyond Napoleon's  control.   Malakolf writes , to  the
Times under date of Paris, April 12th, " The
people are excited to such a point that all
serious business.transactions.have been ar-
.rested, no houses sold or let on long leases,
.. no .large orde rs give a for manufac tees.   The
exasperation extends further back titan the
Luxembourg   question, and was caused by
the anti-French spirit prevailing in Germany.
This was-understood by the; French previous
'to the-iate^var.���They dre^nrage4.4iit>the^iiU
cure of tbe governusent.tp take, timely, action.
The opposition members of the French Chambers are humiliated at the .position of France,
-and while willing to tight their way out, and,
vat the same time ��� organizing for revolution}
they' think the republic could:fight Europe
-combined." r   '
London, April/21st.���Spain promises indemnity to. England for-the seizure of Victor ia, Ky al i n e and To rn ado.
Paris, April 22nd.���It is reported on good
���iiuthority that Napoleon is pushing.his preparations for war, and is endeavoring to purchase improved arms iu - the United States.
It is said the neutral great powers have prepared a'-co wpromise,bufc Prussia'disapproves it*
* Co ns tan tiuo p 1 e,'. Apri 1..25 tit v A/ Tribupe's.
���cO rr.es p o ri dent. p ro tests I h at" tb* e* cab le n e ws
published in New York is grossly Hiaccurate
in representing alHiirs in.Turkey. It is provable that liussia. will early bring forward
Ute q u es{i o n o f d iv"nii ng Turkey. ;
Louduu, April 26th.���-The Spanish foreign
.minister has sent a note to the English gov-
. .**rn me ri t te / the. effect th tit- tlie:. rig h t o f nations
decided by the tribunal in the Tornado case
y\vill be respected,       .; .-.
The London Globe' 6ays that this means
���Spain has refused English demands and Eog-
. lish satisfaction,
��� Washington. April 17th.���:A correspondent
' of the Boston Post is authoritatively informed
that negotiations have been pending since the
accession  of the Derby  administration, between the State Department and the Foreign
Secretary, for the purchase of a largo portion
���of British America.   Seward's design.was to
acquire all the territory west of the Mississippi ; one prominent difficulty was  the transfer
-of Vancouver  Island;  En gland desired to
.retain that as a naval station.   Recently, the
proposition to  purchase.has been renewed.
Seward put forth the Alabama claims as a
rpartial -oifset. the whole price to be determined  hereafter*   The strictest secrecy, has
��� b een   m ai ntained   resp e q ting    nego tiatio ns,
����e w ard���', re lie d u pb ri the site cess: o f the sch e nie
/for buying Russian America,:    ; /
/Washington, April/ 21st,-rThe "Senate:yesterday had dwindled to less than a quorum,
and adjourned wi thou t filling all vacancies.;
New York; April'20th.���A Canadian cpr-
^espondehce of April; 17th, says the elections
under the new confederation will not occur
���until AugusL Toronto is alivevwith Apolitical.
excitement Office: seekers and gold seekers
are arriving. /.
Leavenworth/ April. 20thV���General Han-
���cock's-expeditiou is at ;Fqrt Laramie, and is
unable-to. move, owing/to; tho exhaustion of
t orage. Eleven -thousand' warriors are en-
>caraped on Tongue Ei ver, between Forte
Phil. Kearney and C..F. Smith, waiting for
grass, before commencing hostilities.
Chicago, April 22nd.��� There is great suffering among the homestead settlers in north-western Iowa, from the .Iong continiied and
severe winter. Numbers of cattle, hogs and
sheep have perished in northern Iowa and
southern Minnesota, from a scarcity of food.
The weather is intensely cold, and tho snow
is kr some places fifteen pv twenty feet deep.
The Tribune's special says the government
*ims replied to the last communication from
England on the question of the Alabama
'claims. Adams was instructed1 to respectfully
;decline the acceptance of the pmposiision..
This leaves the,matter where it stooel. There
is no proposition .pending on either side.
The same katlioWty denies the report that
negotiations nave been started for the pur-
���chase of the British possessions on the Famine, and this may be considered in connection with the Alabama claims.
Chicago, April 25th.:���The Missouri river is
two feet higher than ever known before. vAt
Omaha the damage from, the overflow is lm-'
mense. Houses, barns, stock and hunran
beings are carried.down stream. The Union
Pacific railroad was submerged for ten days,
but is now running again. The boats, are unable to ascend the river against. the rapid
San Francisco, April 20th.���Examination of
the Cosmopolitan hotel shows the damage to
be less than supposed yesterday. The damage
done to the building alone... and the cost of
placing it in the same condition as. before,
will not exceed $15,000. Loss on furniture,
$00,000.   Insured for $70,0f)0.:
New York, April 28th.~By way of Havana,
advices from Vera Cruz to the 13th have been
received/ Puebla was taken by assault April
2nd, after two demands; for surrender, aud. a
promise of quarter had been scornfully rejected. General Diaz lost 2,000 killed and
wounded.: The Imperialists lost all their officers dow,n to rank of lieutenant. / The ac-
c'oulfG"vttrylis giving'-the fmmbe?~4��oxB~2&4o.
100/ Diaz, immediately after the capture ..of
Puebla, sent 3.000 men" arid a battery/to attack Vera Crttz, the/surrender of which ?was
demanded on the 17th. The Imperial' chiefs
held a council oa the "13th/ and it was supposed would-agree to capitulate. . Mexican
papers say that Maximilian and the Imperialists attempted to escape from QueVetaro on
the 10th, but were driven back.
/;1/MONDAY:"AND-;;FRIDAY^.'/ -^
With H. M. Malls, Express .ami Passrngcrs, lor
feyiton, Clinton, So J a Creek, <lu ^nol le an d Bn rlc err.
ville, with branches toSavana's Ferry aiid Lillooet.
. .feu-nurd's Express carries- Letters, Treasure, Valuables, . and Express Freight to Big 13end, Cariboo
aiijjl way stations... ������'''��� .���������-
fl   :.,     (Exclusive of Steamer's fare.)
1-8    '
eIetz ;;&���.
The Chinese are passionately addicted to
gambling, and the endless variety of games
of chance in,common use among them does
credit to their ingenuity and invention, for it
is not likely that they have learned anything
from their neighbors. The respectable merchant, who devotes tho. hours of daylight assiduously to his business, sparing no labor .in
adjusting the most trifling items of" account^
will win or lose thousands of dollars overnight,* with imperturbable complacency.
E very., grade pf society-���; is:,.- ital��ued-.withi^tfe
passion. ���
I have amused myself watching.' the coolies
in the streets of Tientsin, gambling for their
dinner. The itinerant cooks carry with them,
a3 part of the wonderful epitome of a culinary
establishment with which they perambulate
the streets, a cylinder of bamboo, containing
a number of sticks on whiclt are inscribed'
certain characters. These mystic symbols
are jjhnken up in the tube, the candidate for
hot dumpling draws one. and according to
the writing found on it, so does he pay for
his repast. So attractive is gambling in any
form to the Chinese, that a Tientsin coolie
wilt generally prefer to risk paying double
for the remote change of getting a meal for
On one occasion (says an English gentleman) I volunteered to act as proxy for a
hungry coolie who was about to try his luck.
Tho offer was accepted with eagerness, and I
was.fortunate enough to draw my constituent
,aVdinner for nothing. I was at; once put
down as: a professor Of the b lack /art,; and 1 i-
terally besieged by;; a crowd of o thers, all
tagging me to do tbem,a siraiiar favor, ,whicli
of course*! prudent!y.deolined.; Had I indeed
b eeiv su ccessful ..-a; se con d. .time,; th e clisp e nser
o f the'tern p titig niorse Is w 6 ii id cer tain i y have
pro tested against my , i nterfere nee as, an invasion of his prerogative, which-*is to win, and
not to lose.
The Chinese gamblers are, of course^/frequently ruined by the practice. They become
desperate after a run of ill luck ; every consideration of duty aud interest is siink and
they play for stakes which ralgnt have
startled even Russian nobles^ who used to
gamble for serfs. In the iast crisis of all, a
dose of opium settles M accounts pertaiuing
to this world.
In games 0f skill the Chinese are no less
accompliified. Dominoes, dranghts, -chess,
and %ith tike, are to be seen in-full swing at
<iycry tea-house, where the people repair to
gossip and whiie away the evening. The
little groups one sees in these places exhibit
i n tens e i n te rest- ih thei r o ccup atib n : th e v ic-
tocy ���is-ce'ieb'r'ated by the childlike exultation
of the winner, and any pair of Chinese
dVahghtrplayers may have sat for WilkieJs celebrated picture, y
A Tankkk proposes to build an establishment which he may drive a'sheep into at one
end, and havo it cprao out at the other as
four quarters of mutton, a felt hat. a pair of
drawers/a leather apron, a quarto dicMonary,]
and a parsonv
Connecting at Victoria with WELLS.  FAROO & C(h,
���;- .&: for California. Oregon, tho Atlantic States ��� .-
)A$t: ������'������   -, [ ���}-���';������:"   andEurbpeV /.-  ��� ,. - .      ���/:'./;/:
:V '���;���?; -  - CARIBOO EXPRESS,     /.;;...; ./;.///
��� For Big Bend, Cariboo and tho.Northern Minos,
Comrcying Treasure,, Vahiablos, Letters, Packages and
OarilJoo Literary Institute
������.$>.. ��� ���-���'���rz-.-'A^y     ������". ������ /';.-;  A-;
;|   ���       J.  S. THOMPSON, PRtsiDK.vT;
|.:.'; JAMES ANDERSON, Vicb-Prksu)KNT.     .   / ,
t   JOHN MacLAUEN*.  -.       V       ���
;t.    DR. W. B. WLUCIISSON', J-Direc
i   JOHN'ADAIl^,        '������.:"   j'
j6hn bowron;
���It' '.. ���-:���    ���-.
Secretary1 & Librarian.
Tlie/:��aribo6v Seiiti2iel>^
PcBtisnED/Bv^itY Monday  and ./Thursday*
���-���-;AtMtN;& CO.. FRO^RSKTOttS. ��� /
OrricE���BARKERVILLE,. Wiluams. Crkek, : CiaiBfr)/
/ Subscription,* $1 per'.'Wee.k. / AAaa
(including ��6st/\of flciivery,). Payable .'to the Carrier*
. ,.. a ' '-'     A'^''"'   "��� '.'':. " ". ':. .*.������������' ;.^
���'���'���;/'T'll:B;vS T'E^A'ME R/ '-. '/%/���
e: 'K-'-Sfp WM W&& '^-
;/   .'.r;/:';���������-.. ���.��$���'������ -:-^-=qN.��� '/. -:^A/-y.yy Ayy.
'��������� Ayy'y- A ;5S:/tiv:'^P^.S/��:/S :'
A '/^-l^UR O^LOGK, A; -Mv'-;,/7%
'������ Quesnelmou'tbXMay2n:l,.lS67..���; / -.-/'       A:':-, .1 /'./
.... *
.rp'rilS INSTITUTION at present contain? nbont 500 J
i  folamesof ChoicoIJter.aure,consis.Uii|,rof Religious,
Sci^tifie, Historical..and Pbetical^worksv knd works of
".-' Worcester's Large Pictorial Dictionary, Uro'VDiction
arybf the Arts, Manufactures ami Minus, Jappyncott's
Pronouncing Gazfttti.��er of the World, ana Hnuian.'s Cy-
clopedia of Commerce will ulwruys be k^pt in 'th�� room
for relVrencr.
The Reading Room will be. found supplied with the
I'Uest English, Scottish, Canadian, American, and Colonial Papers and Hagizines.
Terms of Sobscuiption���$.") per quarter, or $2 p*r
month. Single volumes Loaned to non-subscribers at
50 cts. per volume, with SI deposit.
Pcrsous not subscribers visiting the Reading Room
and making use of the Books and Papers will be* charged 25 cts for each visit.
4��*r The Room will be open from 10 a.m. till 10 p. in
1 Secrctrary and Librarian.
'���"/. '-Ay', '������,' W-W^$1^0S���,:yy '/"/' ���/'���' '.- A
BR<)W:&-GiLLIS, Proprietors^ v//
Good Bed s ��/Re&u ran t /Bill iard Table j &.6 '���
AyyAy v'Stabling.f6r.Horses,'Hay and Oats; .'-.^s ��� -;'.' ���:���
tt���'      ::.: .v/'.-i-.'/'"" '""';'":'-.���:...' .:./��� .   '-rr*-.
/.'////-��� /--.'  /^vjQUi^NkLMOlh^ //H'
|/ -}��y%JQHNSON/PitopRiK'roR;:;/|^//
Meals'-at ali^Surs^: and CobldngVoif :the uest
'' '' v/:5gg^escnption./'���..:���' AA:;;.-���"���*��� s: ������;:'������:������
,u^&-^y^*��&i��>'$xnj~z/y y<~-.:sy-^- .n.yyy-w~�� ������^������--..j ��....j>-.'-
Storage aiid Forwarding!
' :   ...YALE,-B. C.     '���      '
afford every accommodation to theN travel ling public, and hopes* by a strict attention to budiue.^ to
merit a share of ihe patmnagc bestowed oo the former
proprietors. This is quo of the most coni for tabic and
coinmoilious Hotels' on tlie road/ cqhtainihg as it does
warm a ri d; wcl 1 furn isiied. bed rooms: w I cb good b sds .*
The TA BLE. is supplied with every delicacy' ifc"��� is possible %o procure .in the upper country: The' "BAR: is
stocked; wi t)i the best.! of ��� Liquors, and the choices t
Cigars^  .- ,-      ��� -   ^   ���   '.<.-������. .��� .;.���;/��� 4
;:,--;/��r ;HEALS, ;$1;;50/EACH- ^   '
Tae sta bling.for Horses' i.=3 all that could be ;<te?irac!J
and the charges are very . moderato. :���'���" Hay for Horses
per day, $2 ; Oats, and Barley at the citeapost market
rates..--;. ,    .
The uufler?igned has a large qunnlUy' of OAT HAY
i hand, for sale in large or small quantities.
1%. /
large or small qu.
EAS FOB SALE( ancl constantly on hand,
a well assorted Stock or Drugs, all the Chcmlciis
u sod . by Physi ci ans, . Photogra p h ers5 Ass�� y t; r�� a nd
Mechanics. * Also the popular Patent Medicines, aud
;Rotorts, Cmcibles, Muffles, Cupels,  Ingot Moulds,
etc. \ etc '
riiESCRipno.vs paithfvllt prepared.
Cards, Ml ECeads, Circular,   Posters and
Programmes for Balls aiid Theatrical
Entertainment^;   .
Kk>cit ted wi tb Noatness an d n'ispatch fr V\,Kti Oolco.
&��" t? rma. M��>��� I<?ra t����� -"^f.     -
L   to.n*; Rol'TB, arc advised that
Have erected an extensive Storehouse ��nd Deck nt
Yule, and arc prewired to Receive, Store, and Forward
Goods. Goods re-packed, und freights engaged'at th��;
Lowest Kates.
Parties shipping goods through us will plcaso mark
to tlie care ol
Front Sthket, Yale, B. 0.,.
>EGS TO ANNQU.\;CR to the ioUabitants of Cariboo
Pkices to Suit tuevTimes.
Yale,Sth April, 1S67;:
PARTIES DESIROUS or shipping freight With Pib*
patch, will find it to their advantage by giving u*
^b��iw^*^ & cajlev^
Yale,, April 8tlv:i8G7. hi
..���;���; : WVtH> Sutton,
RALBR IN Wtvks, Liquors axd Cigaks, Coal Oil,
Cual Oil Lainpsj &c.,'
In Bhls. and half Bbls.
Yale, April ISth, 1867.
BENJAMIN   DOtraiiAS, Successor to A.  Ci_
WELLS, Saddle a.vd Harness Maker. \ah\ B.K-
ikar-A-ubnuiloto assortment of Stock couHtuni.ly on,
' j-s ;��� -
ban a.
rpHB TJNDKRSI'GNED b*%* to in fur pi t-hn.vu'iners and
1 residents in '& around Van Wiukl-that he win ui.n*
tare keep an ^son-ua an.i'GOOD STOCK ivn hu.n-, ��tn i-
hemes b y close at ten t inn i o o ns.i n y�� ^ a n a by swi ui^
at LOWER RATiiiUiiaii hei*L-tolvrt, uo'; meet tut .p;*;
tronaffe of all. ,.-��      /' . ...   -.
���"- Orders from outLjyiug crooks :,ecomi>-nied v.jUvt^-
CASH w i li lie fvfw a rd x4 ���. wi in pro o i p i n ^ss uuu 1.1>-
patch. -.   ' ���   '������' ......  ���,. ���
AS- Term* CA. 7L ��� wi 'A\"u t' MS11neti.e-n.  _ ���
���������14- J.. w, .i^pH^ija. .#1  ^  IA\  ���������M  9.8  H^KflgWB*aWgSt--T^>^WW|r������f jp ^WTyTjnm.M^h'ltKI JC^^  W������������q������^rfiWrawr������IW,WJ������wm������������.lBW������--  THE CARIBOO 'SENTINEL  MONDAY, MAY 13/ 1887.  ,'/, ^ant8.^..tb'e/:'tpaTil^-BeniUiiel.  'GrouKe Creek, /- -..- . '....-.--"���������-i . / A. McWha  ���������Quesnel mouth,- Hr. Goo die, Barnard's Express OiDce  Yale,     -      -;     Sic Evans,     "do do  inipoet, ������������������������ ��������� -. - F. W. Foster,      do   ���������       ..    do  ���������New Westminster, ���������-, .. .'/--. ...... :i Clarkson &Co  Victoria,.-.' /  "Big Bend.   -  .Tan Winkle/  ...        ���������"���������"���������./ E.JInllandaino  IA. Lyoe. -"���������  .  Jns.. Bullock, French Creek  - :   >      -      S. Edwards  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  All communications must, be accompanied by the  tre.ilnuroeana adur.'ss of the writer,.not necessarily  tfritu &��������� view of publishing the euiac,. but as  iiis good faith.  isecurilyior  .///::/; ,/to advertisers., ..;���������;-....,.  .tue"Cariboo"' Sentinel" Is puhiisiiod every Won lay  ���������and Thursday: ' Advertisements in tended for Insertion  .must;bo delivered at latest at G o'clock, p. in., the day  before publication.  OUR GOLD MINES.  vWe are well aware of the opinion which  "has prevailed abro id respecting this country.  '���������"'���������; We know it is readily believed, from the pre-  ./-; >sen t dep le ted s ta te of; her Treasury, the bank-  ���������' '  riipt state pl/her.^m^chants/'and trie doleful  ���������clamors of many of her colonists, that British  "Colombta is in a beggared and ruined condi-  ������t ion ���������; aud lie v go 1 d ih i ues, wh i ch at;' b est we re  ���������.L��������� :S9]X;.AQJiaUlci!e.d:tQjb&. liniil^-ja^*^xtent,-aro-  ap.vf all but-Exhausted- of their treasure/ - It is  ///:iWitlii a view of dissipating these;fallacious im-  .   -   pressipns, that we-areInduced; to offer a few  ���������  rcmarks./and we may state at tlie outset, ?that  ./ ;   so:far as'our hiiries;are concerned, they never  ��������� b ef o ro J, git ve g re ater jp ro mise o f thei r ' extent  //aud'richness thah/they do at present..; So far  '/;., . >aahas'yet been ascertained, ; the.limit? of this;  A A :';��������� \ as; a go Id p rip da c ing \ '��������� co i in try, ex ten d fro m  ���������*; Cedar uiid II orsefly Creeks;. at tho one extre-  .;  . 'mity, to Canyon Creek at the other, a distance  < > f 150 > riuies, >w ith an average wid th of from  20   to 30  nViles, .constitiitiiig ;ah auriferous  A ���������' area: capab I e o f su p p or ti tig. at. th e leas t cal-  ������culation, a-mining population of over 50,000  ���������'./;.;������������������ ������������������ for years to come, while tho. present, popula-  /   ; tion d oes . no t;; nurn bev 2,00 0 ;i ,!. ��������� We wi) I n o t  ; deny that in years" past, .considerable time has  ,    /-��������� been lost, and money spent/ in searching for  . -  pleads in the beds of streams; in ihany instances  wi th o ii t any adequ ate re turn s.;' but ��������� i f we have  ;!;unfortuhately<lost by these researches, we  ���������-.';:>' hay e gai ri e d th e gra ti tying kho iyleclge that i t  //-.���������' ��������� ��������� is not to: the < beds of streams alone we are to  /���������;.'/;   look for diggings, butto the hillsand benches  .that surround them/and it is ndt'iunlikely that  ;i>even ��������� the raountain. tops- may eventually > be  ./���������'.'./.found..to.contain rich deposits.   What did we  .  : k now; libo u t h i 11. c h an nels be fo re th e. Gro use  :; ��������� ��������� Creek excitement" of last year ?.   Was it not to  ,  -the tiuremitting perseverance of a small company of poor miners that we are indebted for  ;-the. discovery, of these .hill diggiragfl,  from  which, in the short space of nine months, one  ���������company alone have taken out the handsome  ��������� stun of SJ50,000.    What did the discovery, do  ���������-.:/:���������> for ConkIin?s Gulch ? We,know that company  ���������- alter corapauy sank shafts and ran tunnels for  ���������'��������� over three years iu the bed of that stream, at  .  u heavy expense and under many difficulties,  ��������� hunting for the lost lead of the Kriccson Co.^  y and. where has it at last been found ? on the  hillside, at an  elevation of at least 120 feet  ������������������above the natural bed of the gu<lch.-    It were  . ./needless to refer to the hill diggings that have |  . lately b������en struck at Sugar Creek, or to the  discoveries that may be confidently expected  Khortly to be made on some of the large creeks  within a radius of twenty miles of this place,  yyj such "/as ; Antler,'/ Keith ley -s;- Harvey^; Gun-  ..... ��������� n i ngh am, S n o ws h o e an d: Lig htning,' to p ro ve  ;/������f oin* argumehi as to) the /eiteiit of our; mine*rai  A '��������� res o u r ces,; or to es tab 1 ish the" fact. thit, we \ are  ;/; ;-^ly|igr'c/5mmenc^  //-: of this vast d)nn try/ /We feel, assured Mat if  /���������: t h e fres pur ces. o t' B f I fcisb. Co l u m b ia we re.:,- th o r-  ;:; vough!y.known to the-hundreds and thousands  :' . * of waiidering mi tiers of. th e Aus tralian or Ca-  /,.' - 2 iforniari gold, fields, we,should not Jong have  A A to complain of the. want of capital, or the bone  , /arid muscle, to assist us in bringing to light the  . ^hidden treasure that is buried under our virgin  Vo i I.   If any p ro o f of th e su perio r ad van tages  '.������������������*��������� which this country presents to the poor man  ihre needed^ it would bo fonnd by referring to  ' H\\ ose Avh o .are no w re tu ru i ng am o ngsfc lis, fii 1 ly  .������imp ressed wi th i ts. i m p o r tan ce as a go 1 d reg ioh  .after an;absence of years in other countries.  A very re m ar kab 1 e ci rcu ms tan ce. co nnec ted  /- wi th; go 1 d m i n i n g h as o fte usurp rised us, an d  tri:xt: is to see men who had left the mines pos-  lhat men who once abandon their legitimate  trade, occupation or profession in settled communities, . to search for that most coveted of  all metals, gold, seldom or ever return to their  wonted vocations or take up their abode in  their native land.   It matters not.how intense  the yearning maybe with many to revisit the  homes of their youth after the lapse of years  of toil/it will often be found when their desires have been fnlly realized, and. the long  wisbed= for goal has.'at last 4>een reached,:that  nothing but a feeling of disappointment and  mortification is experienced at the-changes  which the haud of time'.: has .wrought in their  once happy homes/. and ins lead of the reunion b ei ng a source of pleasure to the . long  absent wanderer, he feels a .pang of sorrow on  reflectiug i-that ,he is only i a stranger: inthe  land where he had expected to make a home,  and hev straightway resolves to -direct his  steps 'towards the  country he had  but recently -h id a p ar ting . atlje u.    Wo are cer tah  th is is tlie experienc e of many ami ner.;. her*,  and in other gold countries. ��������� It is therefore  mainly to this class that we'have to look for  a permanent mining population.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  To be sold before, tho. arrival of. the ������&ck Trains, to  mukoxoom for new stock.   ���������'  CorroN Fuom Austkalia.���������Writiug on the  cultivation of cotton iu Sydney, the Darling  Downs Gazette of the 24th uilf., remarks:���������  " Slov;ly but surely a ^new staple of export;is  gaining in importance. Four years ago^the  growth of cotton was considered iin the light  of an interesting experiment, but only a few  persons expected from it any practical result  of general benefit In l$(M} 14,34^1 lbs., vol-.  ued at ������1.423, were exported. Last year, the  quantity had increased to 012 bales/containing 183,()80 lbs. of clean cotton ; and during  the present season a much greater/breadth of  ground Willie *put into cultivation than ever  before. A correspondent of Ipswich writer  to .us :'.' Our smirli freeholders are so satisfied  with what they have seen of the success  wh icli ;has a tten ded th e cu 11 i vat i on rof eo t-tdn  in this neighborhood for the last two years,  that almost every one of 'fhem who can manage to do so, is going in for it, either for thei... , ��������� .,.,_���������, , t���������  first time this season, or else, on a very much [j&ffi fl^rtniePt.% Bc,ols ������ind &hoes ^'^ ������*  We hear.similar  25,000 lbs.-of MERCHANDIZE !!  Mineri, Merchants, and ftestaimmt Keepers,  take a chance.  NO  HUMBUG! GOOD  FRESH  BUTTER  ������ $1.25 pepb.  ���������'   '"���������> L. itOUTTET '& CO,  Rlcbfl.jld, lst/May,18fi7. 1-s  ;  August Staimpahl,  S HOE 1V1 A K ������  BARKERVILLE,  CONE?S NEW QUARTZ MACHINERY/  t Mr. Frank Cone, of Virginia City, has exhibited to us a.model of a quartss mill, which  certain ly--presents many no vel- ��������� - fezturpit; som e  or all of which appear to possess decided  m eri t. ; The ino de I em b races fou r sep arale,  but continuous processes^ as-follows: Crush^  ing, roasting, amalgamating and conceiiti'at-  .ir^r~^^Tr7#���������     /*'���������: /���������;..   :T'  The crushing is done^y an improved Chile  imill, which has already been put in practical  operation in Virginia City. The rock is crushed dry, on an inclined surface sloping outward, hy a peculiar motion, out of which, in  addition to the crushing force of the wheel, a  large amount ef trituration is produced by the j  "slip"--the wheeri)eing;caiisedto continually roll up kill and slide down.  From-the mill the sand, which can be reduced to a very great degree of fineness,- is  made to pass into an inclined flue, with a furnace at the bottom, by the heat of which the  sand, is' calcined'and the snip hurets: parti a-ljy  or entirely desulphurized, according to  the degree of heat maintained, aad the  length of the.flue."       ..."../ .;" /..  From the.furnace it is deli-vered^hotinto.an  amalgamator, where it comes in sudden contract with water.   The amalgamator operates  upon the principle of /rubbing/ by which all  the sand is rubbed, for a long distance, over  wood placed endways aud thoroughly charged with Quicksilver.   The advantageous effect  of such.action is familiar to rniost miners.   ; A  From tlie amalgamator, the pulp passe.? into a "separator,if tho body of which is .constructed very mvu,h  alter the manner of. the  Hungerford & Prator.   It consists of a pan  with a central discharge; but resting on rollers made in the form of small cog-wheels. The  pan is caused to make about thirty re vein-,  tions a minute, as it thus rests -independently  upon those.wheels or rollers.   As will readily  be perceived, the result is an exceedingly  rapid jarring or vibrating motion, given to  the pan by the teeth of the cog-wheels. These!  percussions are very rapid, and may be not  inaptly compared to the action given to tbe  bod}r of a wagon resting directly upon the  axles, without the intervention of springs, and  driven rapidly over very fine cobbles. Tudeed  it was from this very thing that tbe idea was  taken���������the first experiments being made by  feeding sand into a couple of wasn tubs, half  filled with water and placed in the bottom of  a quartz wagon and-driven along the street.  The separation of the  sulphnrets from the  light sand was complete.    The theory was  thenappliedio.an amalgamator in the form  now exhibited in model by Mr.. Cone, and was  found to  Preas.  greater scale than formerly.7  accorin ts from tbe neigh b6rh ood o f Bris'bane,  the Logan-River, and different localities of  East Moreton, and the growth of the hew  staple also appears to engage mneh attention  a mong the -p e o p I o o f Wide-t) ay. The q.u an ti ty  of cotton that we have mentioned as having  been shipped" last year, is certainly not very  great in itself, but is remarkably so consider*  . ing - how. la tely ��������� the- cu Its rati p n -of -this v alu ab 1 o.  product wasihtrodiiced into Queensland. So  -smallan export may appear fo some as nothing-compared, with that of wool ; 'but let us  not despise/the day of small things."  c. STKOirss,  . DEALER IN  GROCEEES,MRDWAEE, CLOTHING,  ...     KTC.,.KTC,  BARKERVILLE.        1  A Rare CUa.nce.for Investment.  NEW ADVERTJSEMENTS.;  OPENING OF THE GROUSE CBEEK  RESTAURANT J  GRA^D   KALL:2im   il A V.-  -1S6T.. ���������  rv H E u OCCIDENTAL HOTBL." BA'RK ERVILLK,  I.together with Uostaurant,' liar ������nd Fixtures,  R;inge, Cookmg Utensils, Furniture. Beds ������n<l Bo.d-  miaorttu ..   .ELIZABETH TEURBER..  ��������� Barkervitlfi,. Williams Crook,    )  R/.AND SIRS. KELLV XAKI^ .PL^AvSURK IN  inrornunq; their friends ami patrons thnt th'-y will  open the ubovo C6t/iWisLmcnt by a GRAND B/\lL and  SUPPER, on the cveuing or.FRIDAY, the 24th hist.,  to which they would respectfully invite the public  patronngo, ok no p.-tiu-J will be spired in making .this  one of tlm BEST EMTERl'ArNMKNT8 of the wsi.ij.   .  Tickbts���������Price So ; can.be obtained of Mr.?. TMc-.-y,  Grouse Creek,-and W. Allan, Cameron ton.  10th May, 1S67. .*?  LOST. ���������  AX'THK ROA������-BETWKEN THE BLUB TfiNT AXD  \J Lkkc La Hache, oji or ahout JOth Marcti last, a  Pocket Book, cuntainine $75 in money, and four not us  ������f hand, drawn by D^uis jlurpb-y aud F. J. Barnard,  iu faror 'of Juhn oftlmon, amounting to $1,100. Any  .pfi'Suti who will deliver the same at this oilice, will bv  suitably rev/arded.  ' ���������  The.pabllc are hereby cauUoned agfltust negotiating  naid not'riS.  :  Blue T:/nt,a7ib April. a807. Im  E. STEVEMS,  CIVIL. ENGINEER.' AND SURVEYOR;  A���������G  TAKEV  AN ..OFFrCE   I VrICHFIKLB,  Williams Creek, is pr.-pared to execute Surrey*,  IJajiR, Levels, Sections, &c,  kc.t c'on.initt>.d  to his  SpoS -v'ith c:lrG' despatch, andou-RKASONAULE  ��������� 3��������� gx- OfHce, ccn tre of RichUuidV %^ :���������.  FOUND.  WAGGON 30AU,  .B������LO-W   -LAKR   LA  ������ *    ^ ft nySc Ur*VJB l)y:&W J i itcU-an. in fav.T  oi John ���������Shaw,- itr $50, dated 9th -Misv. 1360.    Tin*  owner m~y have the xame by applying u\ thU cfllc.?.  lhtiluy, 18C7.  AN  THLX  b'.Huche,  / ' W. ��������� Winnarci,; ���������'  LACESIITH,  BARKERVILLE.  THE-UNDERSIGN ED HAVING CLOSED JllS Business, hereby intimates that all outstanding accounts duo to him must he settie'l within one month  from this date, otherwise they will be put into Court  for collection. JTACOB VKLTK.  JBarkeryille, 11th May, 1867. 31m  PARIS   AND  LONDON  HOTEL  A   CAR D.  (To-tho Eiitor of the British Colonist and Victoria  . Chronicle.)  Victoria, April 20th,'1S67.  HAVING OBSERVED IX TRE CAPJB0O SENTT  n-A of the 15 th in st. a report of certain re.soluiiond  p issed by the Mining Board, relative to the Grouse  Creek Bed Rock Flume Cd's Charter, T law to state, for  the information of the genlle.m������'n composing that  Boar.i, and of the miners in general, that several applications, asking for ccrtaiu ;privil������?ges, had been  iua.de to tho Government and refuneif.  The Directors of the Grouse Croek Bed Rocfc Flume  Company then determined to carry out the conditions  .."  AND RESTAURANT,  RICHFIELD.  fFh������ uudersj^n������d hcrvu*. fltted this wr������ll knowu hous������  I which Is cow open i'or the a-ocomudution of tho  public.  The Bar will be supplied  with the best brands of  LIQUORS and CIGAR-S.  s^S" Meals and Beds furnished at all houra.  RlcbC slrf, 1st May, 1B67.  G. FONTAINE.  FELIX i-OO'CHOT,  Iroprietors.  mW EL DORADO SAL00IV  BARKERVILLE.  HAl'ING PURCHASED THE INTEREST OF ROBERT  DEXTER in the above-named Saloon, the under  signed would respectfully solicit a continuance of the  of tueir charter at any cost or iitconrenience/by^om^ patronage bestowed ou the late firm, which by a strict  Dieting the 500 (Ave hundred) feet of fkime bv the tot  !lt tendon to buPme?s_ho will endeavor to merit.  work  exceedingly .well.���������M. <&/-g;  ITEMS FRQA1,VIOTORIA PAPERS.  : The 48th anni versary of the introdwction of  tbe I. O. of- Odd Fellows on the American  continent, was celebrated at "Victoria, on Friday, the 26th nit.,; and an address delivered  by the chaplain, Rev. Mr. Somervillo.���������The  rates of passage by tlie steamer Oriflamme,  which leaves San Francisco .for Sitka, on the  dessert of the means of living comfortably in  - m o re. fa vored conn tries return to the scene of  , i heir former 1 abors ixgwin.; ��������� U^e can on 1 y at-  fi *tri b u te th is strange te n den c.y -as p ar tiy afisi ng  At Hi oi the excitement attending a ^Id4iggerJs  ��������� life A.wh i c h, n o tivi t-hs tan ding .the .-many * h ard-  ; -, hiji\w and privatio ns it en tails, possesses a  sod:ictive: novel fcy. and begets a��������� feelingsf manly' i n dep e n (1 en ce, w h ich ren ders i t attrae ti ve  to ail who have once followed mining as an oc-  enpQtion.    It has almost become aa aek-uow-  At dg&tl -fa c t b orn e ou t by e very d ay exp e r i e n ce' e t rn c ting w4i y s for -Mi e v e p air'of s e a-goin g c ra ft;  will remain at Government House for-the  snnimer.���������The steamer California got safely  off the rocks,1 after having, discharged her  cargo.���������.The schooner Goldstream is on the  berth for Sitka, passage $25.���������The St. Nicholas Hotel has been closed.���������A number of  English miners have gone to Central America  to explo re th e copp er m in es , and work the  opal mines.���������Twenty lmrrly-gurdies for Cariboo came up on the California.-The Post  Office, Victoria, is about to be removed to  Southgate/s building; on Bastion street, and  of Juji3 next, -in the ji.rst place, ejecting all those  who were at the time-trespassers on the Company's  ground, thus; retaining for the Company four and a  quarter (41*4) miles of the Creek, as por Charter, and  . ty er) prep.-i reel, by" ad x'ice of. con nsel. i n / the even t. of  faiI tjre of cornplution, to jireeuiptt according to the  ���������'m i ni ng laws,, five thousim d feet, to be ropres e n ted b y  fifty of the Shareholders. ..--'"-        ,.--.'-''  Judge Cox, observing  tbic, recommended   to the  (Jovernment the propriety of granting to the Company  twelve hundred and fifty feet, applied for last autumn  by the Company; out or tlm lour miles aad one quarter, en tho condition that tho Company should abandon the balance of tlieir ground ; thus securing to all  th e m liters a hove and b e low th e twe k'e n u u d ro d and  jlfty feet, a good and secure title, so far as the- Company's charter was concerned, and a voiding trouble,  litigHtion and ill-feeling.   The Company accepted tlm  above terms, and in so doing, probably sacriDead the  ri ch es t groun d i n Carl boo.    The opjy pn r t i e.s who ca n  consider themselves aggrieved by the action of the  tjovi'mmeiit., were trespassers, and must have been s������  until the first of June next, nu'dur anv circuthtitances,  DAVID LBVKVKU',  Chairman of tho Grouse Creek" Bed Rock  The TERPISCHOREAN ART is";-nightly..practised at  this Saloon, and the. Bar is stocked'with the choicest  LIQUORS and CIGARS.    .  J ^Sf^Boys please give us,a call.  .'������������������;:;//...    "       ������������������./ ''./jAauss bukmck, "'���������,''���������/''���������':,  al Proprietor.  BREWERS, ./  ii A R K E R V IL L E.  'J  AVE  ALWAYS  OK HAND  A GOOD STOCK OF  Beer, Liquors and Cigars.  They Avould invito their friends to give them a call  4th 4May, 1807. j  -S  Plume Co , (Limited.)  NOTICE  TS HKREBY GIVEN, THAT HAVING BOUGHT THE  t interost ol James   Thurbor, in   tbe "Occidental  SteLV^^S5^"6 ��������������� "stun* thto ta *>:���������  caution aiiy -person irom negotiating for the same,  BLUE   TENT  ��������� OR ���������  127   MILE_ HOUSE.  either  to. buy or rent, as I shall not encourage ._.  Hiiuio, H being solely my property.  WALTER E. LAWLESS.  , Barkerviile, May ?, 1867.' 1-3  OTICE,  BAR   ^i ]\IIl*HEKRY S?IRLEY. BLUNT  HAS BEEN AP*  liaisaad McArthur/of Esquimau, are i!^ , " "  "l*m������������������^^^  '    -A ^li^cknr Grain ^nd Hiy :iIWJyscn hand.        f*orvic*' Wm. f. WARD,  .  mi  8rd May,, \mt  V.-VRWHT.     \-mm,mmKtmy mTm  lA nvn  (KBSHS  'HE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ��������� II      ��������� ���������      ������������������������������ ,������������������������ i    .1       I I I II Kill   I  MONDAY, MAY 13.1867.  pital PifiTinoNs.���������Tbe'; last Government  Lzette contains three petitions in favor of  b removal of the capital to'Victoria, viz:  Le from Vancouver Island, with 1467 sigua-  Si-es; ouefrora property holders at .New West-  Buster, with 60 signatures; one from mer-  lants/farmers, traders, packers,, miners and  [hers residing.in the interior of British Col*  ubitti signed by 318 persons. It also ack-  iwledges receipt of similar petitions from  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  ���������;.;.'.-.-/ WILLIAMS CltEEIC  The warm sunshine of the last few days,;  ha9 produced a perceptible increase to the  water of the creek, and were the nights,  which still continue frosty, to he. only .a little  more mild, -we-ehould���������have-water���������sufficient  for all practical -purposes.    -������  Bradley-Nicholson co'y are now in 100ft.  with their tunnel, :but have struck no tiling yet;  they intend to commence ground sluicing their  front ground as soon as there is water sufficient.���������Mountain co/v, in the hill behind the  last named co'y. worked with rockere all win-  res.  iGoloJSxPORT.--rThe Express that left last  rid ay took down a considerable quantity of  jld dust/-"M$ ���������tinderstand-the Bank ol Bri-  ih North .America/sont:.$ 132,000, and the  |iuk of British Columbia $74,51(^32, making  [total of $20(5,516 32,/to which if we;add  130,000/sent/? down with the previous/Ex^  ress by the Ban k;$f Bri tish: Nor th , Amer ic a;';  (ere'.will be ^a/gross;5 total Of ;S#^$1G. 32 as  je amou"lit purchased by thetBanfts last wiu-  lr. On uep na parin������ th is, amou n t with th e ex-  >rt to,the/present date last year, we find it  be nearly SlOO.OOOin excess. -,, . i      /      ;  ft. into the bank, and sunk a shaft 45 ft.,which:!    Lieutenant-Colonel  Sir  Henryk Haveloe  liteiS' nurri b er, ofpeople urri yed from"bel ow; nt ���������"l " " ainl  [mo tig: who hi we ob sery ed. Mrs/Ke 1 ly/ Messrs.  bddi Peffis^Pickett,/McWp  te is ter, T wjUg/5teVcn������/ "&&y /We/ *i nderstand  hit Mr, Twiug has :-b ii t j iist,: arriyO d /f ro hi /tlie ���������  iss teraS tat^s ; fpr ^e; pu r pose/o/f/y isi ti tig*'ou r.;  lines, arid/as: he/has previously travelled;  fro ugh,i '������ /a] 1 forti ia/ A nzoiVaand^Ntjyada/i^d  [eh: the;.: mOst^ce leb rated v-mines) in/those /par Is-  el will be enabled/to pass his; opinion* on  irs 'by comparison.... ; -.-   /        '. y'  [pPrPHBaSriviii/ RuLttk^Eight, ^urnaljste;/in.  hap, sometime two dollar oue.aay,  last year they ���������'Muakee ten dollar and twenty  dollar one day."���������Taylor eo-ywho have made  during the /winter from loz. to $40 a day,  to the ;h and, are not.doing so .well just now.  - - Dead wo od ce 'y arei en 'idea vp uri ng to - drain  their shaf t p rep aratdry to d riftiug in to the hill./  ���������Jenny Liu"d co'y have sunk ashait 40ft.;,iii  depth a nd are no w d rifting y up stream^ with  fair prospects or" finding pay^Hearletfca/Cp'y  .haye:gpUnto/$^  to..wasb*^-Forwardico;y are cleaning ;&  tunnel r������n in-1863; by the Cariboo eo?y, when  finished they .expect to find, good pay.���������Casket co?y washed  sbedup las& week about wages. The  they could not boiiom on. account of-water.  They started another tunnel further down the  stream, and after running V6~> ft. through solid  bed rock, have at last found a, channel, in  which excellent prospects ha ��������� o beeu obtained,  and as they will begin washing this week, we  will b" able to give an account of the results  next week. . :,..:..   ' '.,  ' -  ���������CANADIAN CREISK.  . Mr. D. Grier. who is interested iii the Disco ve*ry co'j on this creek,in forms lis that, from  prospects he has obtained in that claim." he is  satisfied he has got a good thing. The coy  are. getting ready 4to.' wash, so that'a better  idea may -be formed of the diggings in the  course; of a week or two.���������Tht* filler coy.,  adjoining the Discovery; we're putting in a  wheel and pump'.  GROUSE CREEIv.  Great exci tcm ent has bee n 1 el t within' the  last few days oyer the supposed discovery"������of  the =losfc Heron lead in a claim called the Blnid���������  Gharujeicpi fy,. loeated^atopu t12O0f fe. ;faelp w) the  Here>n; co*y on the same side.of the creek. The  consequence'has been that ���������<claimsviibqtit to-  be ,abandoned havq now risen iu public esti-  matioriauiare commanding, high/prices.'-' It  was on]y;last week;that, the\lead was slipp6s:  ed; to be on the opposite side ^of//thev: creels  Such ii the- iiiii certain ty/ of mi n ing i / yjie" Her/:  oh co/y," which/hasjno^t been doing so well for  somettmelback,-last week:gbt" into gpodypay;  a. trtrin ��������� f fch ti \r" nil 1 v :\un cl> tiVI fn v -a ft������ur ��������������������������� ii a va r nriA  has arrived at Quebec, to assume the, post of  Assistant Quartermaster General: : *'''./ b  It is said that the Queen has announced her  intention of extending to volunteers serving  under officers of the army in this Province,  the right of-obtaining .the decoration of thvj  Victoria Cross for^eeds of ���������> gallantry iii'/thi;  field oi* actioil /' .. ���������   ',.  ITEMS FJIOM NEW WESTMINSTER PAPER.?.. /;  The ship rarisian,Js:now loading lumber  at Moody &- Co.- s mills,' for New. Zealand ;//  Mr. Stamp's mill at������ Biirrard: Inlefe, has -com.r  menced running, ahdis said to:be capable, of  sawing 70.000 feet; per day.-r-The report: of.  Mr. Sanders/ resignation aud MivFrankiyh's  six months7 leave,of abseuee,is coufcradicteci.;  ���������In p assing th ro u gh the Sis ters, th e', ste a in u r v  Lillooet 8truck a rock, which carried.away'; a  portionoi'herstern;-\ thedamagu wasspeedi 1 y  r^p^edy--.jyyyyyy^\^..A_y'yAAyA; ''���������' ;' ' ;'? :  Carkjoo- 'UiBiiiiitTSThei ^ew/tihildth������ re-  again; ;^tftu^y ^nly / washed ibr:a ^re w - d ays ?., and-  tain are to be execufee'dfbr affecting to. bc-  sve in the liberty-of the press as an element  'good gover-nfiaent Eight printer's devils  tght to - haunt (Sueen Isabella's pillow night-  if she inufd9r^these=iB������ii2ia=a spitit of bigo-  //"She ought to' h&ve /One " of EoeTs eight  liinder printing machines 'for a: .nightmare,  f; her b reast, /whenever she goes to" sleep/for  idata tiag sach a-u outrage oa humanity*���������  MX&ay/limes/*' t  : ���������; - ���������   ��������� _ ���������   ' :j;;--'       :; *   :. ���������"  STuifi TioasouRSB ^^o^etct.; GASis, ^njch  s created' so -m-u^h. iii teres t.not only thro ugh/:  ;t Hampshire, but iii ..many ,parTtti/or the,  iu nty, is ap parentiy set at^rest. /There seems  be no 1 oiiger -any -dou-bt/ that/the; person  io claims to be the Karonet and owner of  Restate;near ;.&I'forft/--is"^the/real Sir;: Roger  fclilwurhe^/^^ji/Pe^ntary /i5ih/: the-church  [lisrangoiit'a;merry;;peal.in houor;of liis  .ival on the estate.   - j  xception" to Rotat ic.Vi ���������Tt is . well fcn owh  t rotation in crops isi;essential/to.: su'ecess-  cuHivatio n. Onio us, liowe yer,; are an' ex--  ption to/the;rule_.;: /In; Weathersdeld^ onions  ve been.raised on.the;same ground for .a-  nd red years/': Oitlyvh'alf .or' two-thirds of a;  p is ever realised on Iand not :previouslyr  vote;d to.this crop.^--<Mi\&'S. l^ess,^. ���������  |jVIr, SteVExs,.run -o-ld'eoloiiist; and a gentle--  n of exte n si ve ex pe rie nee intthe -s ut ve yi rig.  sin ess, hasp perred, >ah office ". in Ric hfie Id,  ere he will /be prepared to execute any  'ers'foe i������ay be^avored: .with. in '.ihat. line.:j  understand Mr- Ste yens: was engaged as a  ii engineer in ^Turlvey during the Crimean  r, a nd lattiefly o n.: the b o un dary-s urveyv   .  -. -   "��������� '...'.������������������'./��������� .' -/    '������������������������������������������������������. ^  .:.,::.:.....'  iuciTr of BEEPw-/For two; or- inree days  t week, not a potmd of foeeE, hara or bacon  u 1 d -be p ro cured on ��������� the cree k ;; the ���������. cp nse-  ence was, tuat some very ancient can meats  re greedily sought after, and -changed  ads at respecta?ble'"figures-  'Graj������> Ball.���������As will'-be seen %y reference  ��������������������������� o u r ad ve rtising cdlum n:i, Mr .and Mrs.  ily, of Grouse Creek, intend opening their  ablishment-by giving a ball and supper, on  evening of Friday, the 24th ius.t. '.  Demand for Lumser.���������The demand ��������� for  niberofall descriptions for-building .and  ?niug purposes this spring, has-been so great  at Messrs. Meacham & Co./busily employ  o teams" in delivering 'it   .  A London -telegram, March 'Hth/says :���������  :temus Ward directed in his will that his  operfey,-after thedeathof his mother.should  towards the erection of an asyhini for  inters.  of ground sluice, wiir be enabled to commence operations this week.���������-It is^ the inten-^  tion of the Bed  Rock1-Fluiney co?y a to ^start  ground Sluicing with ^eryp^siblti/dispatch  so soon as: th������ water: increasesy md for this  purpose they wil 1 employ from; 20.$o 30 hands;  Below the canyon, the tJhipps cb'y are busy;  erecting a ���������:wheel and pump, to: drain . their-  8haft,���������The El'Doradp.,cp^y .are in; -'ISO -feet-  with a4uRiiel, arid have found a hill channel.  They have not yetstarted to; washi���������-The Bald,  Head^eo'y have beea/at work,a 11 the week on-  high   bed  rock'; made, aboat :expenses.���������  Welsh co-y/are/starting'.>;to* drift' fr<sm their  new; shait.^-The Hibernia cb?yi in sinking a  shaft i the other day alongside/ of our office/  found seiveral piecesi of heavy ^oldj and^as  thev/ B.m  not, yet  on  the vbottoaa^/it- is^  supposed they avill  find some; *.pig pay.���������  Hit"  or   Mjds   co'y/ are    busy ; stripping,  the   flurface/   and   preparing,   to '/wash.^  Borealia, eo'y- -washed v,p ;yesterday 8102;^-?  Gaf-iboo co?y washed /up; yesterday'200 6z.y  inakiug-"for/the ^week -292$ b%4^Davis; co'y/  took.' ou t somer ibig -pay������last- feek,- but/wei  hav^e beea unable to ascertaia: the amouni���������-  Li 1 looet;co?y wi 11/ start work to-day.--Nevad&-.  co'y' are preparingfto wash.^-Galeclouia co^y;  were running?through old ground last week.;  ���������: Last Ch an ee co ?y are si n k in g..a shaft ou the  old Tinker ground, intending to work ;tlie  upper/pay streak.;..: Cameron co?y have just  commenced    vyashlng^Forest/^        >cb *y  starred W wash" pn /Saturday. WrJPrairie |Flo Wer  c0ly are s till  1111 an ing. their: tunnel, and will  no t b e p rep ar 0 d to wash for 3 week s. ye t.���������  Break-o?-day co 'y; aro/fihdiUg prospeets of 50  Rigg co y: have b een in akin g an 0 tin ce a d ay  to the hand(they; are. now;preparing to,work /  from their lower turinel. ,-.;./,  '   ' ..   '     i   /J tHSKKLINS OULCH; y    '  r :EnccsoD Go ly have just started washing.  United co?y only worked a few days ' last;  week; and washed 'up  H1 :ox.:   The; dividend"  for the two weeks was $400: to the shared���������'  Reid co'y will commence/work this week!  ^Home/Sfeke cofjrha^  Hood co'y are still blasting through bedrock.  ���������^Galour -eo'v are running  af  prospecting  drift. .   f]A '",     ,;   * :     /    '     /  ':",' ', {  ."/ We4aresurprised;at,tii������> indifFerence.manifested by those who have. a. direct.interest in;  keeping, the Bedi Rock 'Drain tree from ob-i  s true tion.   In many' p laces water and tailings;  are running into "it, which ^cannot tail/ withl  .ttie^incr^ease /of water/'in tlie ���������creek, to ;bc"r-afe  tended  with^ serious/results.; aud when so  much depends on keeping it open, there ceiv  tamly^o.ught;to'''^e-some.steps'..taktin'ftO'"-&v&rti  the appreherisio 11 of danger. :"  .' FUm VIN CI Ai   N E WC  Office,; ano^er/for. the/sale'.; ���������: of. statipffiery-. ttmd  '������������������ ,new/,:'books;,^nd-/������ -larg-c1: pKev|or,-the ^ewa  Ropin/and Library. * This latter/f apartment  has been neatly, and :tasteiully, ii tted1 u p; wi th  eyer^-conveniehee;; that -pan add^ to / the comfort of the members. -;--We would /re Com men \i.   ;slibBccip,ti.&iis;; us/it is an ��������� i u'-/' -  istitution which we 11^ destuwes-the/support of  ���������thecohimuhitv.,     <f; ���������' ,"������.'��������� ���������  Portland as ��������� said to be in a great state. 0f  ^iteraentia consequencp of a rumor that a  rmou Eishop with from 10 to 'IU wives was  out to visit that phv^e.     ���������  |T=co Mail Sudsidy,���������Government has made  rangeraents with the California to cany the  "is. three times iu two laonths for $750; a,  If y*m want good ColToe use.Fe]}'^,  cerits to.\the pan, in the rear of -tlie..��������� ^Forest-  Rose coy 'a g ro u n d.-���������Ra nk in -co }y \ are m aki ag '-  wages.        ���������/���������'.���������    -'"���������'"-"' ���������'���������^/: ���������''' Ay: ������������������'-���������������������������?���������    ::,\y 'J  To Mr, 'O'li.af a/ who re turned- from -this  creek 'last week,/we/are; indebted-for*the ante l.ligehcc tiiat .hill clijargings. have been struck  there. / It appears:; the-'"-c.ofy/'to;;Wiiich;/'Mr:'  O ?Hara belongs, on ly /star teil-about .the iriid-  ; d 1 e of March I as t/"to ru n a. tu u nel i n to the hill}  on a level with tlie: surface of the creek, aiid  did not;go over;;^;100 teet befbre they struck  pay;- o-u fc ������cf -- tw o, se ts of timb e rs, th ey washed  12*ok The -igold is duelmed to be coarse ;  some 0f tbe pieces ^weighing \$5; aad $6,; and;  coated with a "bhick/cemen* similar to thei  gold foutid/oirthk creek abaye Richfield,!/but  of a 'fiaeriguaiity. Mr/ ()}BLara and party returned on Friday, taking a supply of provis-  itMts^withth'emi This creek, which is about  15 miles long, is situated 18 miles from here,  .in a westerly direction. The diggings have  beeii found witbiti five miles of its source.  We expect to hear again from this locality in  the course of tt few weeks. .  LOWHEIS CEEErC.  :  Very little work has been carried on here  throughout the past winter, as the water has  been unusually scarce. The Boyle co'y have,  beeu drifting most of the winter, and making  wages.-rThe East Bank co'y have, been running a'kmnel into the east bauk of the ereek,  at an elevation of 40ft. above the creek, and  have made wages; they are now ia about 50  '     J        '^"NETV^RUXSWICK//     'i0-     ���������  We lear������ by telegraph: that -Robert Fulton(  /Assistant Provincial Secretary, of this Fro-  vince/died at FrederictUtil ,Mf. Fulton had  been in the Fro.vin c.i al & ee r e tary Js. O (lice libo u b  forty years.   He, vva^ prdbabjy sixty or sixty^  five; years of;age/--BL���������:Johu-Globe.A'A;-;-y;:yy  y:i:heA^oo^pp^AA^ll^^^o] goes into .the^  gcvernmOFit/lii./its own/true; sledge-hammer;  style/.for /ne^e'cting/<tp haye..4he; ;Br6yince^  properly re presen ted a t/the Par is Ex li i bit io n/  an d aftevw ards 0 ftMng a sura 6 f $2;pl)0 toW:'  ards defraying! the expenses of a goat's crew,  to co ivtpete" m"��������� the intern ati0 hal, regatta.  y Tue/Machias/Repub.iicM United  Spates:mail stage from . Calais^was/pursueaV  by Custom'Ho use, officer Foss, who/ seized, ii  lot 0f articles declared smiiggied..; The team  and-all the contraband goods./were.taken into  his custody and.returned to Ca)ais, the. driver  beiag left without ..any means of. conveying  the return mail;  i The^entrauce fees for/two St. John/boatsr  have been sent- -tor-Paris. - Both;entrances, are  for four-6ared b0 ats- -the -one aa o utrigger.  the other a plain gig boat:; A letter has been  tent to the Secretaiypr the Regatta Commit:  see at Paris, and one to Mr. Mitchell, in;Eng-  iand, in reference to the matter.  / Accident^��������� Last/1 week while  two, young  m/ih trpm^ictoTia \v^  in tbo/neighborhbpd'of/theiustra^an^ rauch/.  below 7 Quesnel trio litli/one  of thein.'-: naniH.  Clarke was'accideht^iy with a.  re vp 1 ver. ^: Aithoughjthe ball h as iiot ,ye t been .  extracited; we vundeestand the;wound, is n01>o  serious *%s to /present the yoimg man  frooi  walkinglnto ihe':erebkj' wheVe he/ wi 11 receive -  medical aid.'' '.A'A'''..  y f .Skverai; skirmishes took place in tow n yes- *  ter^ay/wit&mt;Vany! hipre serioiU^ nijury..to'  the coinbatants / than :a few, scratches ou th e  face^and the lo.ss of,a;little claret  (\ The Ex p ress w il I b e i nr to-day," an d". w 1U  leave again ' t'o-morrow. It is' iu tend ed to  make two trips a week.  y AVe understand that -some rich specimena  :haye lately been seuOo Quesnelmotith, from,  the Washburn led^oja^Canyon creek.  Hon. H.M. Ball, our new Gold- Gommia-  sioner,'- was eifqjecfedinlast: night. ..  feet and find evidences of an old channel. The  $ow or Never coy, immediately above them,  are busy running abed rock drift for the same  channel, which it is expected^they will tap in  ���������the:courso of a few weeks.  BKGG'S  GULCH.     ���������  We have very encouraging news from this  guich ; the Ancient Britonj co'y having just  discovered.an old channel in tbe banks of this  'stream.   It appears that some two  months  i aero, this co'y located ground about 300 yards  1 f^mi thewoufh of the guLoh^run &t tunnel 02  ,.-..'��������� PP-INGE EOWARI> ISLAXO.-  The revenue .of Prince Edward Island for  the year ending January 31st, was ������95,442,  and .tlie expenditure, ������l;>4,251���������an excess oi'  exp en d itu re over re venue Of ������58,8 08^ b ut  ������82,000 of the expenditure was for an extra  purpose, in payment of lands, the Cunard estate alone absorbing ������7!U)00. Tiie-ordinary  expenditure shows a balance in favor of the  revenue of ������7.500. The Islander says ;that  the past ten years have been years of extra-  ordinary prosperity, but it, thinks, that last-  year the shipbuilding business was overdone,  and that this has resulted in heavy imports,  whioh left more goods on hand than there is  any necessity for. It admits great depression  in trade just"now, but speaks hopefully of the  future business p rospects of the Island.  canaua.  THE^/LATE/FAT^LMJCIDENT TO OFF;-  //:^CERS^A^;.LApi^ ���������/;  yA&sadaceident-harjipenediu^dras:last Sabbath evening, Mr. / Mclver's two daughterj  along:with;Gol;;TeiEple-a^ (ono  of the Go vern0r"s aide-dercamp) and Mr. Bos-  -tpek, th e; P. and /p. Co. 's agen fc,; we re- 0 u t .1 n a  little boat -oa .the;: Ady^tr :;riyer:about  six  ;d?cipck,;.tp have a row. ; lifter being/out so mo  time th ey, ibough t p f;; re tu rnlug: ho me y.-: an d i t  was ge tti ng; d ark,/;w.hen so me h o wo r .0 th er th 0  boat siruek on. a sand������������������bank,'//They all got���������.0111  -till the:,boat wajs ;righted/but/had,:no/soourr  ^01 into; her; agai n -;befp re/ shew e n t do wn:, ib 0 ws  toreiripst/ and they were^aji/iri; the watei:. Mr-  . Bbstock, the onjy s.urvLy.or, can scarcely te] i  howjthe sad: catastrophe happened./:; j^The 1 ast  thing he heard was Gol./rtimpie calling, 'Bos-,  tock can, you/swim^/ On ./his:/i;e ply ing  ho  cou 14,, Temple and Hop e se toff,: each. su|i porting. One of tlie 1 adies, and. -they were n ey or ;  afterwards seen a^ li vol   \ 'Rbs.td c k reach e d an  island which was about twenty yards; d is taut,  and cal led, to. his companipn.s; but got/:uo aus������ ��������� ���������  wer* ��������� Mn Mayne wh0 was la h is garden h eard  the shouts, came out, and���������������������������.found��������� Mr./Bostock.  i n a & read f u 1 s ta te. '-' Th ey igo t a b oaij' a n d 11������  was taken ashore, it rbeing: not  quite   dark. ,  CoL Temple's body  was found about midnight; they said he looked- as if asleep.   Capt  Ho p e was was hod 'as bore next inomin r, an d  h is tea tu res sh 0 w ed by th e i r co n to rt ton s th ct  there had been a s0re strugg 1 o for 1 ii������.     in  one clenched baud was found a quantity  of  the young lady's hair he had endeavoured to  save.   The same evening Miss Kate Melvers  ���������body was found.   She had only arrived by  the  previonff steamer from Engl ?. nd, afto p  completing her educatiou.   -The elder .sLster*^  body was notrecovered till Tuesday, '.when, it  was found in the surf.   She was to- have* been  married to Cap t Hope on tlie i 0 th  of  ntx t  mouth.   This melancholy occurreneo has,cast  a great gloom over, the community, and much  sympathy is felt/for the boieaved father.. Mr.,  Mclver.   The; Governors "di 11 ner roc Cbrkt-  mas Day. an i? -a 11 the ba lis,. &e,; ha ye been p111-  off.  /Lord a ud Lady  Nap i or and  tl j 0. Coin -  Duringtbe season of 186(5,the total number niandeiMU^chM'attended, the Tiinerar.'p������/'the  of emigrants landed at. Quebec, via the St.  Lawrence, was 2-8,648, agatust 21355 in i860,  showing an increase of 7,293 souls, rIk., four  in the number of cabinv _a.ud 7,289 in- the  steerage passengers, '  p oor g i lis, w ho w er 0 b uri ed in th o R01 n a u  Cath'olic'cemetrvat Sti Thomas. " '//  BIBTH.-*-:������!- Metcbnsi tf, .V., I.. on .:17tU 1111,./ ife<*  w.ii'e of 411;..a. 'Hi:Iff^on. ol'a. diiqiriucr.  t  n������rtwwMr*n!Bra������l*St������HI fi  M3v.  ;I  'iM  I  ��������� p*  ���������Hi'  w.  ��������� '-'^ -.  ?{������������������  ���������if.'-!  ���������������>  *1? :  5 IH  sjsms  /// J/;/- BETTER THAN GOLD,' ,'  Better than grandeur, better than gold,  Than rank and titles a thousand-fold,  ; Is a healthy body, a inind at ease,  .Andii������ple pleasures that always please-;  / A heart that caii feel for a neighbor's woe,  Arid share bis joys with a genial glow,    ..  V/itli sympaihies,large enough to enfold  All men as tirotbers; is Iietter than gold!  Betterthan gold Is & c6nsciehce clear.  Though toilingfor bread in a brrroblesphere,  Doubly blest with content and health,  Untried by the 'lust of cares or wealth ; ���������  ;'  .Lowly living and lofty thought ._��������� "��������� -:  Adorn/and ennoble apoor man's cot; ;  , For/mind and morals, in nature's plan,     ; '���������������������������  Are the genuine \test of a gentleman. ��������� -  iletter��������� than gold is the sweet repose ...  Of tho sons of tbHwhen their labors, close;  Better than/gold is the poor.Mian's sleep/.  And the balm, that drops on his slumbers deep,  Brings sleeping draughts, to the downy bed  AVhereluxury.pillows his aching bead -;   .  His simpler opiate labor deems  A shorter vbad to the laiid of dreams.  Better than gold is a thinking mind,  That in the realm of books can find  A treasure surpassing..Australian bvet  And live with the great and good of yorei  The sage's lord and the poet'& lay,   ;.;���������'-.  The glories of empires passed away j  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  STOVES!    STOVES!  Adams, Pearey & Co.,  BARKERVILLE,  Have just received a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  :    SHEET COPPER, ZINC,  TIN  PLATE   AND -SHEET  IRON,  . with various other articles an their line of trade.  %&* All Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to give satisfaction. ;     ��������� 1  P EN F O L D'S  SALOON,  BARKERVILLE.  TVfR. PENFOLD -BEGS TO ANNOUNCE TO HIS  IU friends that his new BILLIARD SALOON is now  open, where every attention will be paid to the com-  fbrt of his visitors. .   ���������  THE BEST LIQUORS & CIGARS  That can bo obtained In the market Will always be  found ut the BAR.  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  LONDON HOUSE,  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.   '  WHOLESALE  AND  RETAIL-.  J. H. TUPJNJER. & CO.,  IMPORTERS OF  English & French Silks, Shawls, Dresses, Underclothing, Gloves, and ev^ry description of  Dnpery GoodR.  Receive regular suppliesby Express via Panama and  by 'nailing vessels via Capo Horn.  j^g* Particular attention'given to all orders,'  London Firm���������J. P. Tilnstam. & Co.. 1-8  ESTABLISHED 1858.  : - vBOAD8IDE ADVISRTISEMENTS;  WiLLIAM   McWHA,.   ..;,  -  LTTTONCITT, B. C.,:  .=  Begs to Inform the public generailv that he hag  STABLE k C0BA1L ACCOMODATE  On his premises for upwards'of 200 Horseq.  Ar. Hay and Oats for Sale cheap.- ��������� ���������  -GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE.  :; TERMS   MODERATE.   .        ";'%  'Corner of Langley Alley and Yates St.  With private entrance; are attached to tho Saloon,  Sarkc-rriJle,- 1st May; 266?;    '''A' ' " i-g  WAKE-UP-JAKE  Bet ter th an go Id is ape acefu 1 ho m e;  W here ail th e lirem de ch ari ties co me,  The; sbniie oflove, the heaven of lifey   .1  Hallowed by raotheivsister or. wife.. ; .,.-.,-..���������.  lip we ver hu rahi le the ho m e may b ef 'A  0r. tried with gorro\v by heaven's decree;  The' blessings that never were .bought or sold,  An dee n tre there, are b etter than go Id.  The'world V great drama will thus unfold R 6 S t 3> Tl T & U t     B a k e V V,  ���������Ai^d^4eld'a-|rlea^r^i5^tterthair;"g#lfc^���������Tp;*���������~;~~���������~~r������ - ���������[lj^"~JAy"'���������"���������" . *   -yyTA~  V    LUNCH   HOUSE,  yBAUKEI^n^y   Ay  J  PATERSON & GOODSON; Proprietors.  T N ANNOUNCING THE RE-OPENING OF THIS  X house for tho seasou, the proprietors wish to inform their, friends, and the public generally, that they  will spare no pains in order to merit the patronage of  all who give them a call.',..-_..  "'.-."' Me als at all hours.. 1 -  MESSRS. JAY &, BALES  Have opened the above premises with a large  and well assorted Stock  ��������� ������������F ���������  AND FLOWER SEEDS,  Fort Sto  by them  The business of the late, firm of Jay & Co..,  and Springfield Nursery, will bo carried on  la all its branches.' ���������;  ; -   ���������-������������������;������������������     "���������  ��������� Fruit Trees and Rushes, Evergreen and Deciduous  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plants of every descrip-  -.- .:'...���������     1-13 ,  (ion.  ���������i^-i���������-^OUR^GOF^EEy'���������-  BOSTON   BAR  International   Hotel;;  THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, is now open for \A  vellers. The Table Is supplied as formerly.'wid  the best the marlcet aflbrds, an* the Cooking 'cabyJ  be excelled. The B;ir If stocked with the finest bf  Quons and Cioars.    GOOD BEDS.  '    WILLIAM CHARTERS  ���������  l*S   . ...���������; proprietor.  "~C- e/'rombrot;"^  BOSTON BAR, B, 0.,  Wholesale and Retail Merchant in ;  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS.!  LIQUORS, IJRY GOODS, CLOTHING, ��������� io.   Is  WE;  ���������:;vA. Fkexohm:.an Beats a YANkEis.���������^A Yan kee  ��������� and a Frenchman owned a pig. in co-partner-  ship.;: Wlien ki 11 ing time came: they wished .to  divide the carcass.   The Yankee was anxious  to divide so that he could get both hind quar  ters,ahd pursnaded' the Frenchman 'that; tlie  ;proper way was; to "cut it %eross' the back.  The Frenchman agreed1 to it-on condition that  the Yankee should -turn -his- buck and 'take  ;.choice of the pieces.after.it:>was;,cut in two.  :': 'i'he Yankee': turned; his-back, and- the ..Freuch-  ; man asked;��������� /'? '"-' :;''::.'���������'.';. "_���������"'-'"���������_-.:  '* Vich peece y illy oji. have';" ze peece :vid  de tail on him, or ze peece vat got no tail on  ^i^f\;A^yA^  AyJA} The piece"with-tli'e.taill" shoii ted the Yankee instantly. -'..-.' \A .* .,-  '*- . r'. T .; ���������   ���������  Ay'.I' Den you take him and I; take fze odder,"  pa!d the FrenchmariV     ....  A.. v;.���������"...'  -Upon tu rn i ng arou n d the Ya n kee .found  ��������� that' the F.r.en'cbman had.;cut: oftv tbe taiI and  -���������stuck'it in the'pig\s mouth.  :   new: tif shop.  rpHE UNDJERSIGNEDhavecommencod in the above  1 .business next door to Alundorflf'siStablos, BarkorJ  yiUe,a'hd solicit a sharo of public patronage.  \ .CAST   IRON   STOVES  Always on hand.:  'New Worli and JoBbing  ���������: Done-- at reasonable rates. ;'  j)^ Our. Teams, run rcimlarly  between Vale and  Cariboo'and all orders in our line of business carefully  attended to.-    .������������������'    -. ,--.-���������-.;���������...     ���������../. ...:..    -.-���������..'..-.'. .:  ' 1    ...        :    .     E. PEARSON'& BROS.  ARE   FORWARDING   A ..  MSt CLASS ARTICLE TO CARIBOO,  two to twenty-flve pounds  ; Packed in.Tins of Irom  each.  1-s  WILSON & MURRAY,  "Fort street Victoria.  THos. wjlson &co;  DIPORTERS OF.EXGLISn iMERCIlADIZE  ���������Wholesale and Retail,  FO RE ST_ HOUSE.  i y. ^.^'^.J^s^osgv.,,.,^^,;,:!:,:.^--,  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B. C.  /TRAVELLERS will find cvety accommodation at ihijj  1 Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD  REDS.    .  ,     :   STABLING FOR HORSES.   .  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Ratej  EOOTHROVD   BRO'S,". .  1-3  Pnjpriett'w.  ���������|   W.U,,  Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria:   1-s  -..'-:. .'    ;J.C. BEEDY, :   y^A  COMMISSION & FORWARDING. AGENT,  WILL  PAY  PARTICULAR /ATTENTION  TO SE-  ������?   Kctiug, purchasing, or ibrwunJinj? Goods for the  upper country.  Any commfssion entrusted to his care, will receive  prompt attention. .- ..- .-;:;.  References.;���������W. A. Mcachasi, E. A. Wadhams, T.  Harper. T, EromlY; ;       ..  ..Victoria, April, 1867.    . ��������� j"       ���������  ^Australian Wink.���������The Geelpng Advertiser  -writes : ���������'Our colonial wines are: advancing  rapidly in the tastes of the community. ; The  produce of last vintage is-highly esteemed,  -end the red wines especially are rapidly iha-  turlng and - attaining a perfection that will  give thera a high character; In many families wine has become an ordinary drink, to the  ������������������'xclusiou of all others.' Visrnerons are form-  io^ private"connexions, and supply by the  two gallons and upwards inkegs. A fair palatable wine, refreshing and exhilarating, is  uow retailed at Is. per quart, and choice Hermitage aud Burgundy is sold at Is 6d per  fcottle;" ���������    * . ���������  AiViES;P,,|At;LOR,  - Druggist,  'BARKERVILLE. ;  as; CONSTANTLY on hand a choice se.  lection of Dnuus and Patent Medicines, includ-  tho celebrated   Golden   Balsam, anil   Murphy's  fumeries, Garden Seeds,- &c, kc  Just received���������an assortment of Stationery  Pocket  Diaries for 1S67, and Billiard Table articles. *  P. S ���������Prescript ions carcf u 1 !y compound ed.        1  A-MoPiierson,-  HOTEL DE FRANCE,  OOVERXMKNT STltKET, YrCTORIA/V; I.  THE RESTAURANT is supplied with all the  1 delicacies of the season, and tbe sleeping accomodation is replete with every comfort. Too best of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  .'l'H ������ BIGNE & CO., Proprietors!  The following very perspicuous and la-  -conic manner of telling a plain story may be  -irisfrnctive to slanderers:���������  "Mother Jasper told me that she heard  'Tirate Wood's wife say that John Hardstone's  aunt mentioned to Inn* that Mrs. Trusty was  present-when the widow Barman said that  Capt. Hear tail's -cousin "thought Ensign Doo-  '? UU e ?s ��������� sis ter 13 e 1 i e ved. th a t U rs. Ox b v re c k 011 -  ���������vd -that Sam Triftl's better halt had *told Mrs.  tSpaulding that she heard John Rhenner's wife  my that her mother ..to Id her that Mrs. Jiaga-  jelie had two husbands." :.   .     '-"'. \.��������� -  ' ���������   VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.r  ��������� AND ���������  EV/ELLER,  AT  E.-HaUOENS'  OLD   STAND.  Barkerville, 1st Mav, 1SC7. 1  J  A. W. PIPER,  CONFECTIONER,  Government Street, opposite the Theatre.  (l^1??1,?,8;01, ^very de������cription manufactured and  \J sold, Wholest.Iu and Retail. ' i.s   :  THE ASHCROFT HOUSE  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  i T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, hal.'-way betweetj  il. Spence's Bridge ������nd. Clinton, ou the Yale Routt;  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. Tbe bested  living,01'. Liquora, and of Wtues Fresh Butter, Mild  nud Vegetables.;  Good Stabling and.cheap feed.... 1-s|  Th.Q Bonaparte1 House/  Q3SMLEN &: PARKE,"Proprietors, at ii  kj Junction of tb<?. Cariboo and Big Bt'iui Roads, i  now opL'ttcfbr tije'jjr.commodation of the public. DU  tance from.Clinton, 20 miles; from SavaruisSU^irobyii  LnudinK, '2'i nill-3s; from ^-pence's Bridge, *6 mii^  Travellers will find prico.s anil accommodations to sui:|  the times. -Give ibem a ci'll. .:8tal>lint(rUay & GnUna  alien tiro, hostlers. Steg;6 leave here rvgumrlv kr  Yale,  and Curiboo^ ���������,.'>.    .i-s  :i0���������H������0MOD OR 74-fifl.E'  oE;  Free Port for Ever 1  WR THB UNDERSIGNED TAKE   pleasure in an-  TT   nouncmgto our numerous  customers and the  puulic, that we will supply tijem with the best French  LifATUER Boots (duty live) ever oihrrcd in li. C.  m"Ai our old Stand, Government St., Victoria, V I  1:s CHARITV& BUTLER.  Dissolution of Partnership  rr.HE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the  1 undersigned is this day dissolved, by limitation.  All debts quo to the late ������rm may be paid to either  party, both being authorized to receipt tor collections  made, nnd all liabilities will be liquidated by P NEU-  FELDER, who will continue tho business at the old  stand.  F. NEUFELDER,  J. J. B RAM LEY.  Richfield, M May, 1S67. i  A. BULER & CO.'S  rtHEAP Store.    LADIES' and GENT'S CAST OFF  rV������V ���������mif U^Ugf)t. anU Solu*   Secondhand Watcnes,  buns,-Fistula, &c,-forsale.   '  sm- Government street opposite the Theatre.    1-s  THIS OLI) AVP WELL KNOWN HOUSE has been r:-  1 ceritly opi-ned by i\m undersicued, who will hwke.;  it his constant study by using every .m leuvour to acc������.  mod ate tho traveling public, to deserve a shore of tho  patronage bentowed on the former occupants.  4^* The Rrtr con t;i ins no thing but the very best o'  LIQUORS and CIGARS.   Give him n call  "1-H EDWARD    TR0FA1TKE  111 MILE HOUSE.  AGE !S NOTHING!  BLOOD, WILL TELL!  TiHIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND  WELL FITTED UP  1 tor the com lor tor travelers; tlie Table is suaiplieJ  the Wagon Road at this place.  H Wm. HENDERSON.  122 MILE HOUSE,  LAKE LA HACHE."  ,1 . FRAN'KEL. Victoria, -V. I., Dealer in Furs,  ���������j\y'm Sxnfl,' SncR,' Wool, &c. Liberal advances made  on Furs consigned. Reference1���������G, Sutro & <Jo'.} -Rein-'  hart Bros. Victoria, V. ,1, . ���������..  . . .'������������������.', \      1-s  w-  .WATSON, Watchmaker, Jevreler  '.i/w. and Sngraver, Yates street, above Gov-  wameD t street-, V.jcimn, V, J.-; . ! -l-b*  Tf WONG. LEE & CO., Commission Merchants, Im-  J?V *&; jit ejus, and Dealers in Chinese Goods, ^Victoria,  V,^L,  (TC^k..  Ya 1 ->, Lillooet, Quesu elmouth,   and  Williams  1-s  '< i -6.UTRO & CO., ��������� la pouters and Dealers i.v  IX������   CIGARS, TOBACCO, Jleershaum Pipes, &c, S I. \  ���������c rnor of Yates and Wbarf street, ��������� Victoria, s  A CARD.: ,  Victoria; V. L,       > ���������':  April 8tb, 1867. i  MR. G. WILSON,  Sir,��������� I was very.much surprised at your being .in  such a hurry to nmke the first deposit j it .will be  impossible lor nie to reach Williams Creek by first  May, but I shall bo suro U\ bo up before July, when I  will fight you on tho terms you propose I am very  sorry I could not come to time, but my business prevents me, hoping when I do arrive., every thing may be  satisfactory, and that wo may have a square thing  and-oio favor. t  mal ���������' JOE EDEN,.-,  ~~ ER&-C0.",  WHO L E S A L E  attcnueii to.    Ter.m.s in auvaimu.     IVkkkly   limw.  with ><(stage, $7 50 ;   6mos. do.. $4 73      Daily   r  n.os tlo.,S23; Oin.18 do.,g 125ft ,L  A  ^S^MATPU.be,Ss leave-to state thaUio  ���������**��������������������������� has removed his stock tW Kn^i* /..������������..j..m,.....������������������ <-...,  - p   F. WALTERS, formerly of tho 94 -Mixb House,  a^   having purchased this Ranch,  is now prepared  "c���������.mortiUu l������e traveling public with GOOD MEALS  and REDS at moderate ratos. l^s  Ho will sell his Goods by Wholesale, at tho  rates, (or cash. . '  lowest  I.s  COLONIAL   HOTEL,  SODA   CREEK.  A GREAT REDUCTION has been made In tbe charges  XX. at this establishmout, so as to suit the times.  Meals, $1; Beds, 75 Cents.  McLEESE k SENAY,    "  Proprietors. .  . 1-a ��������� ���������  May   1st,   IBS*  CLEAL'S to��������� Hoitsb rt4,  Um UovornLnunt yn^et, Viotorhi  V  cheapest, most comfortable, and best i  lunnicu.L in the City  The BAR is' al'wuys supplied"with the  ������ iaes, Liquors una Cioars.  anj> Rkstaura.nt,  I.   : This is' the  attended Es tab-  choicest of  1-s  OPEN FOR:THE  AND ���������  E  JULLANDAINE. COLLECTOR AND GENERAL  , AGi: > T,. G ���������} yor nm*n f Street, Vic t or is, V. 1.    1 f  RETAIL  W1^^ PZJRER* ^Hler in Drugs," Mrw.  H   Oi.nes and Ohemicaij. ���������*������*, ������d Toilet Article,  Physicians' lJre-  and nru'ers answered  iii/ j.*jijija.atx ^ijiij_,a.NJLJx, dealer i  I,?   oi.nes and OajsaicAiA Fancy un  Sponges, Brushes, .Perfumery, tc.  scripLionscareiuIly comnou-nutHl and  wl ih care and dispatcb.   Victoria V. I,  1-s  OF  I'  THU  TSmUi'^ '"UK-'THB ACCOMMODATION v. ^  A. travelling- public; tho bedrooms ore spacious and  airy and the Reds cannot be surpassed for cleanliness  ano comfort by any iu the lower country; the Table is  always supplied with the best of victuals. Stablintf  lor Horses; Hay, pats and Barley constantly on hand.  3   SPRING   HOUSE  nENRY   GREENBAU.M,    WHOLESALE    Monrm  Store, Importer of Fine ^S^fa^^  toCTT1    ^^ a0d TObaOC0' ^Jl^on?u4t vjc-  J^M^^F^S? ������?������������MI0������ MERCHANT.  tf  Hot-.il riuud-mg, Wharf street Vic/.-ria  V. L  BoyaJ  1-3    :  BOYD & HEATH,. Proprietors,  nodation for rravellejs; tho Table is furnished with all  ,?.;,, x'.'"���������?!lhikl can be procured; the Bar is well sup-  phui withi tbe host brands of Lte'uWs and Segars; ?'������*  ' h���������?^ yiy\?'lls an-1 Barle5"    JKTXh* GEEAPESt-  a*m*s on thu Road. ��������� i-g  '  iif.


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