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The Cariboo Sentinel 1871-03-04

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 __*       -���������_-    " -���������=������-���������. . ��������� ... .. m      ___������������������^.���������      ^.-^.^��������� ..^^-^_^.^..^,.^.^,. ^,       wrre,   ITalrW.  hands1 of England;*5 We will remedy it;  Let  us.seek a war that wilUeave us no commerce  vv.j n 'nzi'hw'J-k'r  ffH^l'* tizii* 1*v .*--.*������ '*tl'V  rob e r tV'':������������������������o,,:!ri3''ii o'w!*]Y i1  :vl  tLJ-'.O /i  I--'A  Ascription,  ^f^qft .fl^ffr  ���������������������������-.-iiu ft kn \fiiy 111 'iu> ���������:j *.������vA" ��������� ��������� i ���������:-���������'������������������ ���������'i* (s"j j4 .  For one squaro (one inch), firs110901*1190,1 <j{ $3  'V? ������������������ ?'" "' i \;.riadW^th^^^'j.^ ���������'���������  For two squares, first insertion,)jij.^/: -j^i/i'/vs  .' Vp^:mo^jy*[frl^ nff nfe?/ -'/rn- //yviS','  X* :vX'2y;n-.:y.y;-y:������--'   y   ---iv   .-y  shs  Agents for the "Cariboo Sentuteti'^-i  . - . -.rXxT^JldldnAA >,-/  XVnti Winkle,- :    ���������-     ^5-;>.MrfJij^;-Eriijiil*tt-:������;-//-  'WEBB?** v<rf :yi^ ������ss.fS$-  Clinton,    -      ./.   v ������������������-/.>,=/, ;,tymitta rtftftft!  ;������alaji n->?c^.yi-1 ^Sfr/Eviiiis//'**do tf&vlU ido������ .- >  New Westminster, ������������������; 1   "-;// 'H/y;.y >1Clarfcri6n.& Co'  JL. P. Fisher,    -2  -. '���������'./-;!.������/, San Francisco  Hudson & Monet.    ./r'^u''V .y-'.-   New York.?  --''"'    '"' 'tfil^iL-i''*"���������" *"' ���������"'"***'* ^ ���������'*" /PMfeH ������������������/!  ���������#4. * ^ THR^ARlMOiSENTIN^ vi*;. ** j. |   i?Ud'ii(-IsV >/t*?-tJ:ijjit.?5������']J ��������� Mill. ;  'IV-*.  t'O *,' :*^*litnpj{������. ti^itl "JiX; Bf-uf^s W&������yjwM vj  .^^.gitecut^d with neatness and dlspatcbA^"  ���������;t&W rmy^X^rm r  .. '^ ... ��������� .xi������"t.f ..��������� f 1 *woU. -,,'tp������������������ V'l hvt.^' toil. I- *'    '.'��������� ?JooM.-. {  7 // //SO^  y.iiiUi'v^-,^.'4 ^jiy .*--. -tvy't\ I'tHi}}. U ii if ol < >^ ���������>'- *j*��������������� >��������� M - i  y-���������; There fa.-*tiiithing,?ad i;<nn^ernpitl^ns .;;fis>fihf  ;scviipoloiis jonrn*riif8niv:/ iibieseWnaeJed;'# be  -nnscrivpVilbiis 'IstrVt^  pinchbecfc'Pppnfanty Lalways,within the r^eacii  'Of any.,;paper.f or polltician^thatv^ili[fall in  Vwitii the d nft> olPipftpii 1 iar fei\\ng������T 'The-?mo:  ment there is/a speck'ofihternanonaltroubleli  /there are always people ready to shpw^their  ���������own conrage^by jilting?; why 4SOtnebod)r I else  * d ww mbi ^figh t; 0 T������h e worstf b ullyi Ih/the* wb rl a  t��������� people, pummelled. Jn/the .���������* Alatfania^/jdu"  -cnssion there have not been wanting^'thpse  whose very speech smelled of gunpowder|  whosejiens were dippedJij saltpetrjS^ ^, ��������� U  o ^giy8(ion W MrrMbtleyJs* rbmbyal-Ayas atiK  nonnced.^ we /were 'inforfh'ed'/ Ibfiit: ,1 fe/ meant  war 5-; .though, en rioiisi y enongh ,rMr: Mfttlej  was siipboserlitoibe the Cdnfidettttal: friend of  as another? indication lhat/we: wetie not .tojtbej  trifled with. And nowWrtSobfintofevtopurBuej  a threatening policy, that will briog England  ^ummr^^ v ^ii. ^xyy:TXl^m j  We do notnnderstand:'the -Administralion*  ' *We believe/lxio"kimdk' (\nxQedy Gfran &s good/  sense to think thafc-be ^baP" thought"- of/ -war/  rLetiiB:6.peak-.tbe.^plftinrtnitlJ,^aii4������^--%^������  believe that Gen. Schenck was appointed in  order to provide a comfortable place^for a  faithful and lbleifrie������ifot theAdminfewatlon.  who lost his election to Congress. This is the  whole significance of it. That he will make  an able minister sue have, not a doubt:. -^ \ "���������  1 Bnt we'canrioVtiegSn1 too Won'to'protest  against this effort tores������n<ufaeture a war feeling:. We know nqthing^w������ criminal in thb  history ofi political ifltfnoetfvewri^ than Geri.  Butler's proposition to/inake hostility to Enff-  land the basis of the nest 'campaign of the  j^Rej������bl^^^rty,i^|thf pa^^re|W>'e||tek  on a" can v ass with sn ch a p latfor m, (i wo n Id *  deserve more thab defeat. Ikotight to be an-  ttihllated. I   -' ;  : > We haieiffffered great indignitm from the  English govevningclaases. Bejiojld,tb������remedy which, our journals offer us! Let us kill  a few English,saijprs. ,2?4rates built in English, waters captured iucaAeenfc merchahV ves-;  ,������els camming our flag. We will be revenged 1  jiet.usdestroy a.few f$#ope#l Kaglbhtrading  at MI !"��������� Bui^we;afe ititii tbat oiar honor has  sufferedrand wej must have' redress./ Now it  .aeS^B^t^^]-tiatv ihe duelilng code Is npt!!a  very wise one. If a man' ca)la! you a 1 iar; you  cannpi^rave^yp^T^l^, truft jpl yMyfi shpotihg  bim;s or-by standing tip as a target for his  pistol. practice,,// W^e > never could, see how .a  man proved himself;truthful by becoming a'  murder^������. /But duelling r is wisdom/ itself  alongside the principle of *gb!ri^.:i,t������^%air?s*!to  avenge national honor.,; Earl Russell, repre-  senting'the' Britteh^nation,/ ipsul ted "'��������� our;': dignity; and Mr Gladstone>atfd" Earl Granville  retuse^;to .make yamends. <i AVe������vilL wipeKqiit  the,stain by,butchering- the? 4ohp rSmiths jof  the British navy and the fTomBrownSi -oti the  ,Epplish ^ ftrm^,; = jpr^^at/is/ju^jas jgpo^; by  letting them kill our Smithsjahvd Browns. # If  a/man owes ,us a( debt, we do not consider  ourselves i-b.biind   to   blow  his /brains r out  ,vj..-.r.;J i j. ������'.<-���������.- ���������:*��������� '������������������ i������. '-. 1:2-y.\k!/i������A- ,g,**j/1 -JiVi l.i.j;,-  straigbtway.r The3 honor,of, a,nation;��������� cannot  be secured by wholesale.and-scientincmnr-  der.,fDid France re,pairrher honor by march-  ing .to/the " German RhineJ'/N iTr t.;t,,f ,r a t  ;   What we object to is .ihe slow but steady,  it in the power of an ambitious man on either  peopfe tbat wi mean^neitner^War nor bluster.i  They are a proud 'people, as we are.   They:  there Is a" threat behind the'idemand. "     "���������'"��������� '  We hope JI ir SchericK/and^ it ese ab o ve Mr  ^Sch^ick^will hjr^jfch^  Euglish^statesmen that we - do-not umean Ion;  nation Wat wronged5 usP^ITthey dahTstatfd ;Ity  we can. Let]us press upon them all consid-i  erations of their own honor and dignity.};,.But;  let us never sacrifice our honor and dignity^  sotfai^asljio, tbtea te fr'JJ Jus ti cei.we/tnust c ti ave /  if we can get it by) fair; m^ans. Brit " let -ua)  bnvp 'pea������������������^i^[toom the N. -Y������ Independent.^  Tobacco is the one/best remedy for  stinjjs'or inaebts;'^ Wet ift "isb^tha(t^:the'v  shall star ty and place5 it!iba: -the1 -place \  and in one moment you? are all������righti  Last season a little grandchild wnlking^ri  the grass hear4 a bank fell upon' ^������neBtyof  hornets, and. the hornets"' fell upon' ���������'���������fiefi.^ 'Sbe  was badly .stung< in some^eight bf Iten^places;  Hefi screams/brdiight^o^iiurBei'^She;!!tb^  ������^$*Abe mat^T^nd.ViW^fi .the^jina^  ter^?,8ojiijp4e.d ,from ho3f acscore^f-frightebed  mouths;: i$Pp������wcri;waW^  of :iit; were'wetlej/bound/fbif^  jy'liiyj tiirs. \^y ���������'.;.1^; .'.::'��������� .;:/:?���������:nj l^^^;p|a  tbe/mee^rag^^^  ���������.Mjj'jjnt jRan^ei^' iu!, Was^gton^Te^rip in  lajt^tude 4^ degrees :;45s miautes ^ 28yseconds.  T fa���������������'������ilbv^iAn. hkw hA������ni/lfafiiiiV������i#*fi^rto������ifAiUlk  than Shasta,,and confirmed, the;-8peaker's .pre*  ,y|ous ,impr,ession\that7ifc  onftheiObastJHrJijf- ^1 ir.*ivnf������ro -*^J; '^-.j^q-.;  JaULLl/l���������L���������'j/': X '.'.':��������� '���������''1: .'i 1 .-:'"i'v:' /;"): i'.."*'*nif^".''"!/"^  ���������y ..;'>��������� .y.-.f.j.'-v-:  v,;/lian:ui y, MISCELLANEOUS; J;f. >;*if^Vi  r* V :��������� 1 ��������� - .... .     ..     1  rtoJH-J  J;(-  fk/^uiiMm-or'iS^ rtb vu.iy  .for -persons-from} any State, or ;country, legal,  gyg^ywhpje^degerU^  ��������������� 'mfiMXMDOHE'^ RICHARDSON^y-i  '.yvt.' , f ,y. it; vr - :, Cpunsellors;at-jLawti?������rt'^'���������  yyXxx XX llS> Broadway>s NoWsYbrkjCityi  11%.*t?o*i(\ri'i2:2 rl'oi) V'.ifl'n -r*/���������������:,i���������'' ���������.]  \X?Xh r,'*f'*''^.'fil^f' y*;jr.';f ---^^^Jm '^v���������*:>-y-jf!  ���������1 j'/'��������� ^Xy^h^J^^^^^Ly; 'rVylyhyy 1UX  ifi y*fni*vr 9? ^a?!^^*i,s JO?, ^ -:ft *'.':' ^yi* '���������'���������������tf '  ^w.i'-  "*CfKKi5"K Fire.���������during our ci^il war it was  reported thW'Gilme^ intended" to use " Greek;  Fire" in attacking Charleston ; and the newspapers published a large amount of nonsense;  with reference^ to the- terribl^ desirubtive "ef-;  fects of the compound. Now we have the  laews from Europe that .three men 4n.,Paris  We possessed of tbe secret of the manufacture  of this terrible agent of destruction, and that  'ii was proposed ] to .employ it again sir the  Priissians, w|jicb proposition was opposed by  Gen,* TrocUu as being /horribly in human.���������  Gr&ek Fire, as < an implement of warfare at  this era of tlie world's history, is a humbug  very like ike plan to catch birds, with which]  facetious papas are wont to deceive their  crodiilons young otffspring���������i. e., Ito * put5 salt  oa their tails. It is a terribly destructive  ag<8ot; btit the di&eul ty is in applying it; to  the-fjiirposes of netasA warfare. It was used  in! ancient; times.Jagainsti the/ besiegers of  wallod ci^es, aod ia aaval warfare to set,  shtpe on fire. It is ������ wary inflammable mix-  *tur,ej difficult to be extitsgasshed when ligh|ed,  and is made according to a variety5 of formulas.   There are various natasal; and die mi eal  substances which have the property of spoh>  * . r  taneous combustion, aad a combination cr  tfiefe make Greek Fire. In the band to hand  wars ofthe olden times, and ia the sacking of  captiu'ed towns, this substance was an efficient weapon of destruction ; hut "now, when  fightiag and killing is done at such long  range, iti is of little use.���������[American paper.  She^fan;d���������^flr6^^������ei  -:/;, fi-vifl^i-o; *.-Sc 7ii^n>v^^������tK'i-.1-i*)f.-*T**i**,fi*������<S  f.r  rli^S  ������  ���������3?Xfc JOBBING W6&KHH-.TIN. CpEFER.Shcpt  ���������jtl. IrontZtncaad Load Pipm^atteniferftd^lth  promptness, t an$��������� iwa.rranted j to: giyo ^entire osatis  ftict ohv*..'}��������� X2 yx.-. ..-vy;���������������������������/;;.;.'-��������������������������� ���������^..,*i ;-. *-  gnjjMrf-i���������������}5fh'.��������� i-x xhORix'���������'��������������� J':l :*&wi..^An*tx^f  ^OSraiiJ ���������' "y n o;y* siy;'y   ^^l{������i**$r  ^.. ^^.   ^      Em:  S'lB'^tfj- T������a!iffT ir- win, & i S^ liw j 2 OS I** !^t^  VJb &.;2n,*. ^ii FOR' SAIiEl^ '"*��������� ^ W-*H  ^������������������fMfiiiiiViiia!:'  i*:fax.  ; it.yp. ^ti^BARSeK'?&B'S(OS|^ll';?  Has.returned to Barkery1 llja'' and;may batCO^  yv- XK   -suited atfbis old stand.  UftVV?,  The^reat Family Medicine  T( -: ���������' 1 >; t w .  Rtf; ;5-  ,A;/> ^J^DjT^j^A^W,  .  r:/y./  dr  Pit in in  tlie. St onuicli.������,. B,owcl- Gompla iat*. Vniu tors';  Colic, Asiatic^Cboicrs^^iarrhoja^nilTDysentory.  /'.   '    " A^UEb^EXTERNALLY,    !  Cures,,,.Folous,iBfMls^ and;Old,S<>rc8^Sover&rBiihis,  Sciii As, Oti is j Bnifscs1 aud yprai ns,. Swelling . of; tli y  Join tp* 3 Ringworm ntrd'Tet teir5, Brok ch Bh&'sts/ FroatcJd  . Fect^i 11 d ChiIblaiu������; Too tliache,v ;Puin ������������������ in ���������>. the, Face,  Nournisj-inh'mi KlWumaUsrn.' It is a sure.rpmedy for  Agne> Chills an(f Fovcri" to '��������� ��������� y' l   - *' *$ ������?>������ ������ ��������� -    : -  tiV.fisiiV^;Vi 'PAtNO'KiMiER/?- ^*f;e^ .:';>/  Taken interna Uy,������ houlti; bo adul terated wl tli mi Ik or  water, (Vr Zinatle into u syrup. tWith, molasses...: .For. a  CourIv, rit'owjtfrops on" sugur/oatett,/wtli be moro.of.  Tcct i vo' tli an any til I ng Hae; * ��������� '. ,/ : ' ���������"iJ ���������'' >" ��������� /" \  Sec 1 printed-: directions' which; accomjlaay: each  bottle*,  ���������,/... ......        ,./' -(-.-, ,.:,    :'yy- $'     ,.-   '  ' Sold by all Bra agists.:  :���������y -.' ��������� . ,..;   . -... ;fc4  ���������rDr Siddaw rctugtis;manyv.tlianks ta>thet/pdbpl0 -of  ���������lho Lo wer Cou n try for the i r. Win tl ntqss J andy m trpmtga  while on'liXiifrblesslMial.touHf an'd' by;.9Jtri'oc^i!Jcjii)if<Vri'-  ty; businBBe/strustsjtp^^ cpnlidencp: prjsyiously  bestpvved upon him by tho poopic! of CnVi^o^,// y  * if Tn; all ;hranfeh6s;j)f^Denttil t Work he wiifrahtfiHdglvd  at  H ,'���������  ortd  to exr.pl f andtTeeth .filiediwl}th;pure/Gold,,0nd /SiIw  or w Ith tlie/Os AVtiflcia!{Fi I liii'gf ':wh iclr ���������?; willMveWy:  .tOj0th,'>ov9.n ytnent ilntroduc'ed uppnn bleauing;hciv8.  /Teeth IHltln uopnyplfite aud ^ippn/iiivpts./ parties  "wlfo^fnap reqliVire'tim^OocUii^servfcoa'.wonUUydBf* well  tojnakpj&n,cdrlyicaUVas,he;.dbosr'^nbtl.1 niehd fdire-,  tniiin. long int Barkervilies.; fi- ��������� '-'��������� ^.. /?,^  ? <i������ ^ /i y-.^:  r f^^Re'mpmbcr.tlfat tho chfirges*aro- mbb^ratc/. u'rfd  ^ip olllceppppsi.te ������^e:A^ay>\Ofl|c9,*rBftrk:er^lll'^^f^  i*i.^r . -ftV'!. f;ri..::m;i|-:^.   tytD^^'v ���������  i1  T>:-(.  ;;��������� ������>. Ll/mTN.ING.,CitEKK.Sj "to IfTih^.  ll|. /vantage to purchase at this^torevwher^ilfefc^ I  * 'A y<./U?0'-y.*i.'/V/j **'-.t' r'Vil n.J |���������'| r*tl:.y  Of the V(i ry bestl dbscri p tioh bri ha n a; a n d ihe fetQjJte  constantly replenished li y n ew a r rival g ;��������� Thloproprie-  ���������Li   ,2-, -.-'   -,,i. tors.wllleelljGop^lSj /j������y**yyj >tffy |-.������/  ?. AS /CJHE^P y^S^^NY^iN^ARmdo:'  :^^-rH.^a .^i*w ?s '.*������it.v>r'i{i^^^^^Art;--������d|^atf.  Or^ersprpm^tlyfilled, and r/prwardedwith ,dispatpa  *fl W ji?i������\ <* t^ y^iiSY^iMinA^, ^  ..(pVan.Winkle,.. ;My; -^ ��������� n>u : itXirt .' ^^Propriet������w  '.fi y/y/-*   b;v';\������/ryv'  , ' "1 ;���������  "S   .. 1 ' i's 1 )'���������     \ i. ��������� -. -. ">  ! ,.1  y'fsfci .JV'j-y'i'v ^ n-?'  \,, T  l'-- hr-.  -..y     '  #o.Mi>Rigi!fG������-i-.'-.;   '���������'���������  '.- ,;      ���������  Boots^siioes Clothing and  v,l'--ly2X:2^meTieBfiy-vi  . y;01 ^'a'.E :bes':t' .ft' ii a li tt,,/ :  For sale at tlie Store of t the undersign 04. in Barkerville, oppOBi te the B a-nk-'d f B ri t-ish Cot uni li ia:   '  .-  /���������   ��������� .;;.-:   W;:KBNNIE.^  9NWN������Y'(Fa LETTERS  ;:     *t*     ���������:/ :     ':    :iX.,iry.   ?*    1      'ASO-'i  \\������ "M     f-if J     TV^VV'      = ^ "f "  ���������y.i::.X-2V; 2  BT JAMES ANDERSON.   '   "*"  .,.:   .,;,,���������  .... ;   ..:;,' .  ������������������>, y-.y: '-������������������ 2y y-- - **  PRICE,      ...������/,   -       -   -    ONE -DOLLAR  ; '.. "-.   ,.     ,.,,. .A   .y;y������  For sale at th e SeWtises. Offl0e  aa d f���������'rwar<led by  post, free of cbarg������  *i    . .   " ^V^ '  se4tf  as usual  ILL ARRIVE. AT .WILLIAM CRSEK on or about  the 20tli March neat'   . / .  -,   ,,-,..; ?Ji'   , -..,���������,  ' '^������" A 'general Express'l)'usin'oss 'conduced.   .  y feb.4  .   ., yi.,        '> v   ��������������� RUFUS.SVLVESTEB.  T\UBING MT ABSENCE, MR. JAS: McB! PMITH  JL/ -holds my Power-of Attpru������'y.^'All pursoiis ti������-  dPbted to me av#, requested te make an early ...settlement withhim. ..* ���������"��������� ;        ���������������������������������-���������-���������������������  W. STERLING.  Ba gCi'Tlllc, B.C., January ID, 1871.       juH am  *  Ott*  v*2  Yffr&z  rr>  *-**"&    r^-'?*~>7^J~t  O  %? *~*tjfa ^^^^y^^zr^r^ -+*zsqf  Z-i7  ->-** >^^, v ��������� .���������  SATURDAY, MARGtt/4, 1871.  ;THE ^E W; WNSTITpTIOJ?l������  is  iSk  m  to travel from fiv������ to50p miles for the* purpose; UieYOta/Jof. Cariboo migbt have been  nearly dpuble^-'-"As' It was, we are cognizant  jflff a^lirge ;,n^i)QberjfJffitbiii a conipt^iyely  Short dteian&������of'Wiiliatii creek who absented'  fbenisetvee^jan^thoy fact that qtily&9 vetoes  ^Ivereigiy&i at <JS^snel m ou ta ah d SqaaJ creek,  at least one-fpurfli.of which were known to  be vby./Carilioo/ .miners on:���������;.theirway down  conn try; sb o ws/that b ut a y ery sm all fraction  ofihe iefUer^aioag thfe/Ffiasetvaba the wagon'  road availed Yenisei ves of the elect! vefran-  ^^������2XyyyiX2:2yy ''XX ��������� wti 'ix.Xyyxy:.  EvidentfrOjm/theintyovey that;;We^hatre  a|n 1 a nd ;a wajori ty ab f: the white male  ionj and & majority of the rlegat voters;  i le^&ythi nk ftp /one. for! a j hi omen t will at-  t^pfc.td;deriy4ba:t oof gross; population, in-  citt^ing.Jtidialns/apd Chinamen,I>vho work for  the; ,w hi teaiiOd are J arge consumers : ofc d u ti-  afcle;; jirticles,., fiospesses an .enormous pre  poh deran ce; nor tii at we co h trib u te d irectl y  and'iiicljreetlyj>y}<^r tlif greatest portipn of  the revenue.'lAs to arguing about the respective rcsois rces' o f/ the two sec tlohs^ t he ma tter  isi-^bRidiculous ^d;������ntermin fdrja radmmit  Th ey tell ,ai s Vanco ti ver, ial an d ��������� is' ai Ii n e/ agr i-  ciilt^al'cBtintiy;'a(id;it;:iria^;'$e^so ;/:biit >the.  e^jterieiiib^W  tp>^pt6ye2Xt. ��������� ;';ai'tBii- GustomW:fet^riis fdrl870  show that during the yearyduty.��������� was paid at  $ictorja #nyl:b\74^ ; $ I 50  ^gr^a^l^nd 266, J567;lbs/-of/��������� wkea^;.at 35  dfotspeTl^  tbfa- ripper 'ecnmti.y w? almost exclusively snp^  pliedl>y^i^ mmnlaWd farms; the'inevitable  conclusion'is that over $2^1^500: is paid annu*  "a\}y. ��������� .Qn^tjigi ��������� exjii iv aleji tpfrab on 115,0 00 b ar rel fl  ^f J|pur-!mr^rted^  AvH^re tl^y clam^ to:; agricul  ture [ an<T liormV \ rinSfafry.7--Dr, Hel in client in  debater *< asked -what ^wttnifl (lbe -jdnie^ of' this  p a r t oft he cdun try if the mi a es; fai 1 ed; when  Dr. Car rai 1 *sensibly * retorted .��������� whn t woii 1 d be-'  come d f Victoria:1' in ^tha't even t Vi Yes : i f tli ey  bad^notythe mines::to depend:ori theywouhi  soon find;it difflcult:to ?raise��������� ;tha mohey to pay  '//^teiliegislafive JfCoiiOeil ..- bjis ^sedg$ie:  ;*/(^n*i^  the'Spy al assent is givenand officiallypro-  claimed onr colony will emerge from its pres-  ent inchsa^e semi-representative By^teraV/cjf  government and:assume the reins of admlnis-  : tration^ tbiii/fihally^setiHng/tne ^long^vexedj  <\aes!Ion of " Responsibie Government.,(7-^.  Who Aet proyidea"rthai there shall be a iiegls  latlya :; AMewlyl^;^^  tfsemb^r^fectel-^tty^ the ped^e ^for  foiir  years, and * an Execu ti ve Con n ell appo in ted  toy ytb������^ Governor r np^exeeeflin^fiye^^a'e  'y^ Vyt.i%yA&y^X- y.%K/.V;^^*i i^vOTv;  members of the Assembly are to .receive $5  ; '-per^wm^o^sjsai^n of rifty^days. fapd 15  ������������enta mileage each way;/between tlifiir resi-  '��������� yyy. yya&y:r;i%yKiyii &b ���������-.'.��������� '&:.y, ::.^ *- x^ yfc  ^lenco-and.ttie-capital; ?,-vyy.y;;.///ytyX���������; yyy  '/So far,- we baye^ little^ectidn'to flndif/bu^  *rhen lye/cpraa: to tbe^mpde of ydi8|ributing  4Ue Siata^we ^musKon'ilir- buferBolem rv ^protest  against -/thi/jn. iqmtoiw /manner in/whicji/t*ey'  liaye feeen^  /fthft ra*%fand and tv?e^  ; X*������ re^^pn/o?^tberinfamous diyisidn for/tbe  ;, yHptise: df Commjoiis:. V /Oii pii is /sii bject the  -mainland meraber^stood/up manfully for the  : ^Brlgh ts^pf^ iiheir jconisti Uien tsy un an impusly sii p-  |>orting/Mr-^rnwall^/ame  Tatio shoiiid be fouHeenib,.;eleven".:.. but the:  . -.hco n j ojrit jVftegpf/tb e/Isl and/an d ^Gp^ ernme n t,  jnembeM; as a matter of..course, overpowered!  ibem.[: / ^e/ re^resen^  fislalidanS t^^esSr-of "h^dria^attaeb we!  most undue: consequence to the iihportancpj  of tliat s^etiob^f thie ^on j;^bu t; all their at j  ^uroenta^rOybiised ������pon mere/assumptions^  /Div Helracken sajs/be  ��������� ing; between; tlie; tnaiiiia jifl.; and; thesis j an 8;  /^rqu^t npyybut BttHheaUd^'fe  /fuse/toMfe to vteasoniyTlh  'popitlatidiv of ytho Island; is lar^|tb^'/oiii^,  ^nd'ihStho/;aNenc������ of; proof\ posit\ve/base?  /their argii m^tsn  ^iodBy^The/Chler iCdmmiw  inrna, njarie J in /1863, /b^r, w;hlclipn tlie main-j  -lan d wl th. t he=ex cepti o h of one d istric t', there  /were/ ?49l / wbi te/ inliabitan ts. V ��������� lie:; acknptvi-:  ���������ed^eg./however; that'tlie returns/were/pot  *xact; wliile dn th������ island, also excep ting!  one district, there were 4475.   What the dis-'  tricts /bniiited were, 'or: 'at wbaVperiod of tliei  ���������year the returns were taken.be does not say ;'  "b n t out d f the ab oye; therel were on th e Isi an d [���������  l������fl9:'femalea; and on -the mainland only 677.:  leavlne-ftbevWhitefsm'alev population of the*  latter 2914. which we are confident is far. be-!  :::���������.���������:.='���������..-, "-T'-y^&m&t:;^^  ChemainuB and Salt:  Dis-:  and  Hoiise tu which he bad witiiess**d ', siicti \\ dis-,  tine tion* as thainland/and '-Islan]},1 and hoped;  be would not kee itfagain ;; but we afegreatly'  ^istajcen^itt; tfio^nexttiRMt  0ible/.6pyernmeD^tli,e.distinction' will not be  Isti 11 i grea ter, If, ���������. as, we b e\ieve, the peo p 1 e o f  t h e 'hi a in 1 an d/p nifsess sii flS cie h t is pi ri t io as^er t  thei rr i niil ien nbie" r i glit sand co n ten d aga i nst  th������)n but pa ti d ii- of<a fa c ti on k sahd d o in i neer i n jr  n t i ga i'chy_ n n ti 1 th ei r effo r.(s proy e/ sue cess f\ 11 \  The rate nf mileage is also unjust with regard  to m ai n1 an dm em bers/fro mad is tan ce. The  members for Cari$o^ .re  ceive $168 -e^n^y^whiSh-yrtie Chief Commit  sioner ;con|^nd8yis .jatifRcieftt: Wpay a man's  exper|������i|^ii^Apd ydown^ij^fei ve:;;pf '/wi n es  anj^iijifars. Tn%ex|>^|5Tice of those /who  !]iay$ travelled thWyroaSS will, however; we  ^^k^hl^i^iajiffer^ rftsu^^. >/^r y% ^  /if he tpHowing^js tj^;official!.3i8tributior|J^  Wfa :���������CSriboo^/^g^le. 3.; Kpotenay;?2 ;  as to the proportion of. cbljdreh he is; silent/  /The./neirt;.point;urged is that the vote civen  at the recent electidh was greater on the Island' i/AmfSh^f fio/������al ii laiji'd'r^blf SS;''den y;  and tbe statistics sbdw that it was nearly 400  ^ess;;'but they make out their case byassefV i  :ing that /Yi.ctoria. District, for which Mr De:  Cosmos was  returned  without -opposition/  would, had there been a contest, have\polled  from 400 to 500 votes. Admirable reasoning!  And the..Yietoria ^tandaTd^ip tin,;ftivticle on  ihe BunjectL cooTly states "that there were  oast under the restricted franchise of 1870 in]  Vancouver $and last year..,. 1348 votes ;3/r-  -rt'ie- facti;bein|:���������and Tacts   are   stuliborn  things���������that in /Victoria-cily and Nanaimo,  the only places where polls were held, but  J48 Votes were1 cast." Now, when arguing on  this point, our  opponents  never, think ofj  taking into account the facts Hint the last  ������lection,whisn Cariboo, returning one member, polled 550 votes/and Victoria city, returning two. only 6<>0,*Was held ia the month  ���������of .November���������-a period when a large portion  -ofthe mining population of Cariboo had left  : the-district for the winter /and when travelling  from distant creeks and settlements to Che  various polling places was a task of no slight  difficulty;   and  further,   that   the  polling  places were situated at great distances from  each other, and that no pell was held at  Omineca.    Had the election been held two  taonthgr pnv.jusly, and had thore been more.  nomo. I; Cowicban/1 .  So ri ng, 1 ; Vic to riaj Lake and Sa a n ic b  trictsy 2;|/^fetchdsi^  tl Igbiiiad" i>ia tr ic to f    "������������������'���������,.  raESnOE'PINCHES.  -'NEW^������fi^!SEMliNTS;  \t?,i!l������'5lV!ii*&VZ'&  r, The- PAI?f ;KILLBR, is ?!& imivere*! consent^1-;  lowed 'to- Hii ve won ror its^ff a*Te'pu Utidd tins urpassed  in the. history of medical preparations. Its; Inst������n-  lanoous eflftrct in the cradJciitiori ii'iid extinction, of  Pal n ihi all l ts vii rl ous forms- i ncldfen t; to - 'the human  rab  Us  V  cjoi^B; ;rem������dyy taken fintcrhully^  ternal appltcutions, wbtm used accord in?, to,directions;: Tile Bib in' upon* li h'^ii frbm i ts us e Is ejisiiy  remove d: b y was liintf ,wi thi a Icbbdl.'   .:.y y ft. ��������� s ��������� ��������� \y. :;��������� ?  Tli is Medicine/'justly celebrated for. the cur������ of so  many' of tli oafflictioiis'IncUhmt,to the huriian family;  hiw now been.be fore the pubiiaJoyer;,TiiiRTYiTBAR!fi  and has found lis way into almost every (corner uj"  t h e worl d; ��������� a nd w li ere ver ������i t ;ha.i been1 used/tbd s aiiie  opinion is expressed of; jts inetlic.il P^JiP^iitles^t iijs/-;  '��������� In any a'ttsVck; Wlierc prompt;act!on upon the system is required; the* Puih yKilier Is-invaliiablei ������'lta  almost instantaneous en/ect in[it^lfeving.:l*ain -is ^ruly  Wonderful; kml'! wb'i*n''usen aecofiHiig'-to"dlrtCttpris,  is truertoits name, k^Al^KiljliERiU ii/ .li '^iuii4^  ���������'KWvAi&'.i'-'Ji'  K^^WECTiSE^gNW/  W:ii'y.&vi'.j4i'xji  St. Saviour's  Xf  i.'lji.!  my  Xfiri  mHOSE!'INDEBTED/^TO -TIIE;UNDER-;  ^Sl&KED^kE^feE^y  AlND SETT������#lvHil&%fepECTi^  AMD : ACCOUNTS J;BEFORE^  MARGa,#E^i!is;:>#E ;^RE"CLGSiMr:  OUR!:yBU^lSESS: '^^ J^WrEI^ ^ERE:  AFTEIt'THlT Dl&TE, W ^fpT!J SETTL ED *  f HEY/wibri^^XqB^  '''u^ASiE^H-KER^  rille, Yeti^M.Wti.y '\fMjMH  '-���������' ���������"tr?-/-'; f'-'ty' ���������'���������' -'''t ?;?���������������'***.'**>��������� wi .ijw,?7 '; ���������  The Brewery ib2^  yHy:-y'y;-.yyay;^Vi!  ,/.,y"/-.y./;'.XO  aF/ACdi^Ecifdip  " yyxm -������������������ '���������  Barkervi 1  T:'H".-B A T-R'Ef! H'OtW  Will be;exhibiteda serjes of y\  yyim iifiTERN piciups,  ���������"'���������������������������������* .'':.'y.r-.-���������    .������������������ -subjects:.  1. TbePolar/Regions.   ; ;"\f<      ..","   / y  Jlj A ^isit^the; *} I^o^|PIace87, ) /j l^l, ���������  The:^BANl)yand CHOIR; will; perform ase- ;  lection. W y-Vo^ Music.  Tbelollo.wiagis tlvedetailedy JiyiVx.Q '$������'[���������.  "v "  :PUO'GKi MME:  '."/./. ������������������':     .  ..part i. .,/' '/.:.;��������� :y,,ir.,,.'.v   "  the Vfti&ti KEdioNS. ' ^ -^ ��������� :;; ���������;  Marcli--T^:tr!umpeta^ -   '  M ostc���������V ray er1 f or' th ose at Seal  .   ������������������!-. IOBBERGS; ���������yyy^.y-y-X^^-^^yyy '  2. GLACIER TABLES.  ^ltTIIE-AURORA/^y.-i.-"','i:iV:^ y;/;{;  vMusio���������The -Wedding March/(from Men*'  delssphn's music to the Midsummer Nighra ���������:  Dreamfly,i;,ri Vvi^X'^ '* tASyvos }y<yy^y ���������/���������  4. LAPLAND SCKNE.  ��������� ,5. ^SNOW .VILLAGE.-" //   yyXX/f ������i-  -:^MciicP-Qiiick Step���������" The heartyVMffli$:'  home,",::!,,,;,,,:.''    :."���������.'.���������;��������� .. :y--yw;>'2.  ���������' fc;POLkR IiEGIONS^;12 6?clockat noon.  u T.^POLAll REGIONS, 12 o'clock at^jigM;  -' MifBiOT^Tlie'Departtire to Syria./^XJir^  XfyXyXVlM Marseillaise.;//' .'������������������yXyX-\i.'>{ii*yi2.  ��������� '"IJaliaS���������,; Hume ! llama 1 Hame!?T XyXr  :' Cboni^"0uFMtivie'Mnd.^, >idapfed to  the Muhiciots ArndtTs'f^oii&^s0 1st  ,3ty������yl >*lSTERI.UliK';OFl. -:. ^ y.  or  mrnxm^trm  V������:  ' "r '���������'-'���������������������������     '���������'. X'.-;f>���������>i"f*-,l>.^*i";2 ba >jU2i'���������';irti$J  yVyXV:Xy /y,BARKERrVILL&  ���������/vi'i-  *irt*  k  T" THIS' ;SfrfcE������ wilf 'always! Ue"ftiuad '��������� ''"weil-  rX. "1 selected istocfc- of-tbe ^y  ni>.^. yf-  .;^PRoyis{aN^r^N  /���������/       '^y beST> MVA^aOFFEE . -jy '���������/ ^'|  Roasted arid Oround������daiilyi [i''"-   -fy'y1 i0 ^t*'*tU-^v;  ������������������  .... ..;'.    v. .���������^y;y.-iiH.fv *ii.-:   ?'������'!':i������':v. -. ';���������'.���������:-��������� .TUi; -ii  i'"> i  llMrMij^  Where aigood' aRsortmeht 6f������>Goods will alw<y^: bi  round... "';     . i  ��������� I trust by strict attention to business and fair and  square dealing, to merit" a ci)Dtiiy^itnce of tbe liberal  patronage Uerotofore ������xtended/i'o/^aiH, IV4 ,  For-'ib^^a^sement iofT GiiUdr^iviOf -alliHgesv  Mt-stc-r-Selection of Irish Melodus: ������������������ Go  wberlB^gloryfr waited ihw/^i r4 Tliertrarp'tfmt  once.,, 'A The.^CooUn,-'/; t\Tbe young May  Moon.''  ���������'��������� Tlie fcroi'l for/Death Wail."  -. ���������-:: rr ,-������������������       * ���������..."-.'".'. ::./-. PAKT 11;  V/fitfLSlf^  Mtrsrc���������Solo and Chorua���������*- The iiurvellou*  iWork ^f(fromi Haydn la Creation.) t w'tffT  y Par^o|ur^^Iiitegnn^it������>X^: 2^ iyXyy.  y i: iNTKuroR' ofcgreek church,ai\  BETHL^llKM;^'/^/"";;: y-.y-yy-y }.;��������� y ������������������  !   ^SHRIKK'OF THEKATlVltY; ;;   ;/  'V-JBulladV*'*Beloved^eye, beloved^Stary;   -^  r-: ^hEXTERIOH jQ^wTHE GHUUCHvOF  THE. HQL\:,SEI*PLCHRE, / ,\ ���������yX.iyyXxU,  Xl' iNTEUfdii of the Oluirch of tlie Holy  ^sejinicm*'��������� .y"*yy- ^ *\������-  .*   "  -j'llymn^-^So rest'my;Rest.^i:'^J-:/'l',v- ^-':'  ,;^CAIVEKN;Ofr THE aOLV- CROSS.���������?>'  ..;((, INTEKIOR OF, THE .CHAPEL OF ST.  Helena;:;";";',;;,./' .,,../;../,,,.,y,(f/,;y  ��������� 'Mcsic^Tennyson'sBugleSoii^w  (Mr Elderly  ^^  *;'������ '���������$*** '���������-'- -/':'-n'x  TH^vUWERSIGJjTEp ; BEGS  ^ TO,. iKPORMyHIS  i'rl en dsit h a t lie pub* I ic ,'t ha t ��������� h e h as tl tied up somo  UVDERSIGKKD.  ;Otir correFponrlent I.E. basat will be seen,  got ,|us/back up at ou r rem arks on the cou*  d\ict of ouy repr<*sentative in; our last issued;  b u t look i ng a t th i n gs in a ; com mon sense  1 ight we see no reason to al ter onr sentimen ts.  i> Dr. Carra 11. in'deference t.^ the Opinions of  his constituents, voted for the only practical  means of obtaining Responsible Government,  and supported the Bill which lias now become  law. fhereby producing the desired effect;  which, had IJr, H������lmcken*a motion been ne^a-  1 ti v ed, rii list ha ve 1*een Ve^tarded/ i f hot i n d efln -  itely postponed: The end being now gained,;  it remain^ for the pe(*pie to,make;a;discreet  use ofthe power at iheir disposal and ^settle  down on the bedrock." As for the terms we  u=ed. they may be more forcible than complimentary; bat without any personal allusions,  tbey are such as we think best adapted to a  class who, whether *f mouthpieces of a party,  aspirants for political distinction," or private  individuals of bilious temperament, seem  never wilUng to accept even benefits from the  hands of "those againnt wl^om ihey have a  spite.  COMFORTABLE    BED- ROOMS  Thk Wbathkr for the,past week has been  very stormy with a great deal of drifting  snow, rendering the roads almost impassable  not or^?v to Van wi okle but to the various  creeks mpxii neigbborbood.  y- ������������������ ly,.. ���������y.y,'.- vi-: -i: %a ',';t'*n-*' !'2.iy.2, 2 ;���������.-���������  ii bis new bulljlihgv where neria prepared togivr  good BeVis at a^ re^Suhabte sp>iceiii''Tlrtise,'*vhV) will  favoti.ilim with their,.patrona^e, may dep,end qn tii������  cl 'Niniioss a ii d co hi fort* o l'i i I s 1������ o u s e.  He lakesalflotbis opporttinity to remind the Cari-  b'>������ittts that his BrOjWeryjlinB;' received tha FIRS?  PRIZE oi' the 6olony t'or"iiiscelebrated  ���������������������������     XXX   ALE,  j . - *  ���������   ' ' i -'.-   i i < r    '-:?     'i ",t "���������        ������������������'. '. .' i;    ;'���������������������������''���������'''-.������������������.  Andthetrueamatcurs.wlin).e..al)let(>jur1g^by thf^m  selves tb at 'such honorable prize has been just);  .awarded lo him,  ������������������������;   > 2 . .i,  N. B.���������A large front roo'm to let.:  BarkervilI������vTah. iz U6Q}-'-' K. O0NT<������  yh>  ���������^i  PICTURES  MISCELLAKEOra  ' ' ll z6Ra;,MiN������rER! Exterior.   j; , l,^  "}'& YORK MlSSTER,.Interior.       ;     '  - ^/CHURCH AT OTAKI, New^ealand;  10. GENERAL^VIKVV OF ^ROMUn-  - !  ,J1,,ABCH OF^/TITUS^ ,y^/i^4c#  Duet���������C������'me again 1.6 cometagalu I * -,,-,-  12/MdsQiJE of ���������oSiAft: :';���������"': !,v.  ��������� i3J^iiAST days 6v :pompeil::   X ;"'������������������-  rMi-GOOD Sights---��������������������������������� --- '**&?*  ���������������..'t;  Diior* op?n at t% o'clock ;| performance,to com-  mt'uco at 8 u'cloek���������*  ;./.Ajlmissioti $1.00.:;Ubservcd Seatf; $1 5"0.-; ?>;  '   Ticket*  for the Reserved beats  to. b.a.had of/Uf  Tftylor,:barkerville/ '''���������*   '' ' ''*" " "    "v" ',"/,'f,  I C"H F I E L D  ���������iisx>���������  !  1  MESSRS.  MKACHAM  & NASOX are preparod:to  furnish I^imb.crat thpir Alii Is,' .WiJJiain Creelf,  or deliver it to order.    ' .. ������������������  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  <    . , ���������  CREEK AT THE S^ME RATES AS ON  y  WILLIAM-CREEKS      '  Having a, Waning Machtno inoporation they wj)  nlM furai Eh ��������� 35i?������s ed Tyumb.o r at- *jat i3fa cIoit rat-*B.  A SUPPLY OF THIS  ALWAYS ON HAN'I>;  Election of School Board,  iHAKIBOb  HAVIXO  BEKNT CREATED A SCHOOL  \J- Pi strict, ia PUBLIC WEKTING of the Inhabitinits  or tlie District will be heM U tho Tiiealre Hpyjil, Ba*'-  kervfl!<<, oh MO^PAV EVKX1NG, 0th March, 1871, j������t  EIGHT o'clock, for tho purpose of Electing a bcbool  Bonrd^  ' BdrVorrllle, B,0 , Febriiarr 21. Wl,     ,   K25 ti  P  ;m  ���������y  VS.  ~,y  y  %  \  4i SATURDAY, MAROIl, 4. 187k, ^  I'M  ry...  SPliCLifr:^  WA*yyVly yridrnXVyy, ly'^yyyyfiiiyXl  ;:)��������� rl.-y 1:  o0m2 \v}.:,*yyy.X >- yVr^. teft * London, 14thi'  ^immediately after;the'tre^y is fsi^nfciJ ihk  0y^Wi;t^opa;wtjl M  SiraBbourg,. /and inhere.; -^ake ��������� traiiia fpr������ honied  ThevAssembly trill ithen adjourned Fa rig and  p roceed w i th the. reo rga n i zation of Fran ce.1  The dftparUnente of ;thej; North occupied by  the; Germans are Ravaged uby.lVancs-ttreiirs;  who are nil lag;i h'g tra? el JersV an til ho use's;; and  terror rei fijriaiii tliose depiirtmeo& ' ��������� !''*'���������' -  -.Discreditable revelations are being,, made  : ^oncerni Off'the disposal of>provisionsiiri!Pari������:  It iasaid' that aorn^ members of,:the Goverii-  ibtent hdliV immense iumalof mbni������y mailo/out  o t co n trac t st they .se cretly, d isppsed p f.: v S,tp res  jandi pro visions, arel pouring id to> the ol ty ,and  prices are lower."#>���������;-;;* V\���������.'iV������:,:i X<h' by: >-2*k  .Uyi$$#'*( *l xy*y '/''/iis-%liondonf 14thr. ...'  '2 jA rteBotidliallbtlwilIJ>e %qiiireii -;iff fPitris  to d������term.i ne, Jbe ,election f 'of .Fav're,' !JJ 1'rich.  Fo u r v i 11 e, Fa id hcrbe,- -Concpisi& artd Ma1Iir.  who. bare tidt ���������obial ne$- the req n i red m a j o r i ty.!  .'���������������������������y-y-'y\>.\y\y Uy ' ���������<������������������:    m-1 '^v-WK-f i*it^-.---jyfiVi ������'���������-"���������  ./; ,; Bordeaux, Mth.   j  ijj fiatrib/il^iH.Jeffc ylajfe; nipht^In^j Mar^J^e^,;  whence he will enibarkvforMCnprera. ..}';.,  iU'ytl '..(��������� /yy^r/'/i/;/ BniHHellH, lUh.  j, > ;Th* ��������� repo r ted d istii r$ari!ces iii 'Pari*'are :ii n- ���������  confinnod.,   Algiers is rpcfanlfd as in a-state  ���������|>?,������.!ege.,.. T^o, comm>\i\(]ej-i^ otAthe,./! 4jth;.cprps  have been arrested on >the Swiss frontier* and  nen t to ;RoWloaiVx;:  7L '  ii-l t  yw<-  Belrort has/agreed ' to the .armistice and  -���������}$:&   riiff.Ji'Vi-? ������f .Sffi;.' :*.'*!WiV3' K',- nv:>'f -v  wish^ to, cup i lu I ate, ������������������.���������:-,    *>, ���������,,.;���������, 2   j  l)i*patch**s jo Mhe/London Times aay the -|  result of the French elections will be pacific/  :;; i^iiiMMMiMl^y}  Railway communication with Paris isrsiis-  p������ iii Jed anjrtrajns;bo>.md-for 'parfoa' re stopped  by th������������T^������nnans. ^Trairia fr^m1 Patfs 'bouud  imri h are not;interred.,' with*/ff  lie publican t i ck3t f of the A?ssiem b Iy for the;  department of tbe So in me badly defeated.  Vy? Vi<:<2-yyxuy y-^-y vi-JBordeau^'Hthv^ s  Pavre and'Picar d arriWd here- ,d6rdajf;uf .'A. j  mfl j of Hy .ori 'tlie Com mi itee of. i He Asseinb ly  are favorable..: to; t h e pro posed ap poi n tmeu t o f;  Thiers as Chief of; the Executive:- 'The mill-;  tai-y frircef rvosted! oufside��������� of! thei ] Assembly  Chambers fo-Say;' vtas doubleij. M. Grevy  assumed, tb e Presifl en cy./ ^A11 ? t h e elec ti o ns in  the department of* i\\e Seine wer^ confirmed;  before the sitting was opepefl;/ J.n ,tbe; Ass.ejus*  b ly. I to-day,.'. .Eeltier; pteaea ted a; deel a ratio n  h eari n g; the sig: ri atu res of * the <inh ab i tan ta : of  the departments of Biis Rhine' and Moselle;  pro test ting in behalf 'of^^themtiaoitanU a^atnsV  aeparrtting Alsace and Lorraine from Franc������f  1 P'fi^ \deelaration was/r*iferred:>t^ a^oi^niitfee;  who subHequehtly submitted a report expressr  i ng th e s tro ngest sy iii p kthy wi th ^Isac ������ and  I iornwne,' awl ditrecttTig that ��������� thfe^ ueclaration  be sp rea d up on the rec p rds of: th,e}. ^ssei^ly  and: refersed to thetFrench negotiatbrs f,yvhen  ttbey come tojtreat with thei Germans.    >'::;.;  The As^mbly*Conferred tbe 'Executive  power of the Government upon Thiers.  & 5/: i^      London, 17th. j  ..... A dispatch .Bays,, i be .destruction ,of, heavy  i?������iii*in tihb'r.forts'>o'f 'Paris progresses and the  drowning of the mine8;,i8 complete.d.., The  Paris: Genera meat has stopped the pay iof tbe  KationaKxuarda. i . ,.;  y   ���������/ y.,y-JX,: ParK17tb.iy.  Many diplomats have returned. The newspapers say that if the Assembly consents to  the diflinethbermeht of France the Republican  delegates will protest and withdraw.. [ ,.  ;      I-ondoo, IStli.  In the Hfluse of Commons last, night the  pre railing tona was that En^lasnd ?s weak,  ������nd through tier hesitancy has lost the respect.  of the belligerents. (Gladstone recapitulated  the progress of the aegotiations. Hefseliered  tnagnaminit.y on the part of the Germans  f The anniversary of the Patron Sftlnt of  Wales was duly honored by the Cymri of  pariboo according to time-honored usage.  jAs previously announced, an entertainment  jwfsi given- iii th^Tbeaire/Royatin tbeeye:  jnih^ivnich 'was. well ;alt^nded/f The^wall^  jwere tastefully decorated with flags, among  ���������whicb tlie; red, dragon, bf^Wales occupied a  !conspicubu������ position at tlie ^ck of the stage.  { The chair was taken by Capt. J. Evans at 8  o'clock, when the proceedings::bbiftnseneed  with the W^la^^'NallQaal^h^iii by the  Welsh Glee Cltib.' T?hi> cliairman then delivered ;a b rief/;address, referring to the custo in  of celebrating St. David's Day, a custom  which:bad prevailed from time immemorial,  and which was still universally honored by  the Welshman throughout the globe. As a  portion of the addresses would be delivered  in Welsh, he craved the indulgence of tli at  portion of tbafaudience^xho couldmot appre-  ciate the: beauties of that ancient language.  As there were usually{;I5arda at meetings like  thef present, he would request any who might  be present to come'forward, and ��������� afldresa ���������: the  -V,%- .'    i   ..,-yiyy\yyyyyi- \-y.y,.y   .r-������;...u;;      ,.  pieeting.. ..���������:���������; <v-,y/-< -���������/- y; yA>y y.'yy ������������������ ynyy^y  22 The eal I was resp ended; to/ ']$������!.! Mr. Jo se pb^  Min ton i who; made a.; fewipleasarifc remarks;:  A h u mbe r o f gleesiy t rios /a h d ; 911 ar te its,', i n  Weisb and English were af towards "shhg in  e.xjfjellentstyle/bxUheGlee ClubVi/TiievGIee  Club shows considerable ' improvement of  late, reflecting much' credit on their talented  leader,. Mr. W. GvPrice. /.^ddresseBrJn'nWelah  werte made by Slessrs, \V.--.L'. Jones and John  ���������J: nihley, the \Iatter su bsequen11 y / giyi 11'$s an  English trarisiatioh of a portlori.pf liis speech,  whicli received miichv appimise,* ��������� -Recitatibns  i 11 i^elsb wer-e gi ven by Messrs. .Toh n Rees  ami Benj ���������* mI n , Da vies, an d hi.. Eng] sh ��������� by  Messrs. G. John and J. S. Thompson*;, and  Mt^dames-S/P^Parlw^aWd yiHlvelly kindly  contributed; their valuable^id.; by singing  <^Mi\ry>May?^a)M;/^0^^  canblaw.7y ��������� \2y; y:y\ //-.; u-y V       yyy ���������  * Bef bre'co/Hfc] fiHlngt.' h e ��������� chiti r/mah^ reqii esite il  tJ3������������ Rev. James'Reynard to address the meeting; a ri d the ?rey/ ge ii tl email ^ac co rd i ngl y tri ade  a humotoi 1 ajin9 pleaslng ,speech,' narrat ing  his experience with the Welsh people and ex ;  pre.ssing, tlie;, pleas'iire. he ��������� felt��������� at witnessing  the harmonious relations now. subsisting between them and their fellow-Bubjecta of Saxon  and'Celtic/natiprklHie^/r '/:"//.///���������  A collection was taken up during the evening towards defraying the debt on the.Cambrian Hall, realiaing in the neighborhood of:  a imhcl red .doll HvSv;������ Votes/ of th nd ks were  passed to tjie chairman;' tb the Amateur Dra^  tii a Iic Asflocia t ip ri f or; tl)e loan of ,t iie Thea tre.  and-' to, ;th������ yJ ad.ies an A - g<������u tie m e h ��������� w h 0 ri ad  given their assistance ; alter which the Center--  tainment���������;- iv hich had affivrded t he hi>r!iest  safcistaction to all present. Whs concluded by  singing the National Anthem.  .   \ ^g^ISTER' OF THMtMOMETER'    ;..|  At Richfield, from 18th to 24tb, February;  taken at 9 a.m.each day.,&hp/wijiiy.the high-  'est itnd: lo West' rarig������ lor; tlie,, ii receding: ;2 i  hours : .���������;������������������>..���������>���������.-  - i; ���������������������������,������������������������������������" ������������������������������������ v*. 1  Max. ���������  :Februarx;l^, y"2K V .2,.  '���������-��������� v:/20ty m>������*/>. ;���������:  21, 52  22, 2$  23, 26  24,. 29      ;  ; TnKATiui RoTALi-nThe performance given  by tjje Amateursi po Saturday evening last  for tlie. benefit p^Mrs.S. ^ |r|ai^e^ ^r^  pe^et, iess^iiMerousiy ^t^ied^an^migbt  have been exp^tcd,/considerijig:./th6'. length  of:'time whichias has elapsSdisince the last  jenterjfu^ment, and;,the/inerita >of the. lady  herself.' The piece .selected'^  ^^The. Maid of funster/^ was ono that required ?good Ecting^ndi^careful study/tb^rehdey  ���������it successful^and tbe mahner.'ih���������which all 'the  rperfbrmers ��������� susUined their several characters  !shdwed that they had not/ beep riiegligentin  llTOPAra^on. Tbe part of jtho yersafli^ |i.erpjhie  lKaiB;0:prien^ wasyadmira^iy^re;ndered. bj  : Mrs-Rafker;: aud FIorenpe Wilson was equal  ; 1 y success fit 1 i n the p ersonat ibiiJ of :lief ^ maid '  ISiisan.;/, .Mr. Marsh alt/ as Charles;, (hey lover  who .won \ff- marry .nothing -but1* Perfection;? *  {had a difficult; character for' a novice at: bis  second appeararicer- oh the^ bbards) -but was  !thoroughiy������apquainted%with/bis part, wanting  pu 11'��������� a li ttle, more a u i ma tip n iu. 'Ahe. more  patheti c; sQ,enes.f M;:. Sir. La wren ce, iparagbn and  Sami" the gentjeeLvaib^-were��������� weli repVesented  by i MessersVTh6m psion and Smith.! ��������� \Pwp gl ees  :.by..^;Wellh;������te  DR.   UAURALL   AND, ? tfUijs GOXSTllTJ-  r ���������-'-.,   ������������������ ���������- ".''".EticxxvJ"  N-.r 7':- 1 '" -���������:'"��������� ������������������ ������������������" f��������� i-T^'-^ti -:���������-.;��������� ������������������; ���������<-.'< i ...:. ������������������������������������;��������� f-   y- *-���������  jbave'-disple^d^outfrbin tlie tenor bT your  article/ cdm������entiag\/tipori^ ifeA^nblimW: epi'/  thets, such as you thought proper:to! heip"-  online, w$y$poy. substitutes'/ot argumeate  sind a sign bf a we'afc7bause. -y^^ assef iiohs  are true, otthejrafenotJ vlflUriSe^ybifobuld^  (baye spared yoiirselfitlie ytroubled ofroallinjc-  i*; Dogberry" Jo your aid,/? to .write me,down  'an ass.;f   If tihfdlihdedV prbve^em so 1:' i^ de-  ;yoid-bf; t^aiionih|^:;e^b8^  ;*^bb:i8ill^!titapi6ring������V merey mot ditlecteU^  against the 'actions ot the Council as a body;}  Mr*rtd|M^,PJiw*r4-$'<*$. re/i^eredln' excfel 1 en  istylei'She siiibers'tfeitig^loudly encored[Veacl  en|  each  time.  TCm^!:  1' MNlS^^^TErafer'iS^    :'m:  :.r.t:in...k  .., y.  Urn  u  ��������� W   }.Vy'y<    i  {���������AQyyyyyy f  8 below zero.  8 ai>cwe 2iei*o.  ^Pac������?kj Coast DiUKoroaT���������We hwre received from the publisher, Mr H. G. Langley.  San Franeisco, a copy of the " Pacific Coast  Business Directory"���������a work containing  nearly ftOO p������i?es:<6f; valuable statistics and  information. We observe that our old friend  Tal. o Eiflon is a oontribiitor on the history  and r-esfturoes of British Columbia. "Mr W.  Lylkyant, the agent for the sale of the work,  is now on the way to Cariboo, and will be  able or his arrival to supply copies jto those  desiriog them.  For 0������inkca���������The flood tide of emigration  northwards is commencing already, and several parties have started within tbe last few  would benefit not only France and Europe days from Keithley, Lightning and William  but-Germany   itself.    It;was certain that i.ereeks with tabogans.   A good raaiiy njord  acjther beliigprenii now want'tf(! Siterrib'tiToit; talk of leaving duiinjr the present month.  /; y ; y2,,. ;:^u.uA^ycitEKK;/'//. XV / ��������� XV}.  ItStii, Fpf estRipsejcbv jast;' jw'^/i- washed J56.  6z.:';yTheir new!shap-basjfte^h completed and  will be ready for forking; jWitli tBi{,,BtpaaiT en-;-  gine as. soon^as^tiiey^a^il^t-^aj^  Baljlar!Vt,c0? vvasliedy,^2, ozvf / tliey: commenced  ^ashingj pn) the surface, but ^ertfcjempetled  tpj sto ji ]an0e^n\ne, r^king^onrjaccptin.t of^t h������  c j i ffi oii 1 ty 'i pi; \iee pjng ;tti e ^ater^unnJng^v.Jbe  Rar keir arid'. Ciriboo ; Save iipt, ;beeu/ - doing  mUCU. '���������'- ... - Xyyyvttyfl  Vy, y/,     ^ >lty% jSTOUT.GULCH. KiXyt , iVV^'l   :  Xy JTjne Jenkins: cpy last week:;waBhed 26 ml2 *���������  '���������fv /l)!-;ff/f  /^'',..0R6uSK'������1bRKl>Ki'Nj,-.f'������ XM **''**���������  ���������-������������������'   -'    '������������������--, ��������� y v'i'-.->���������'''���������'''\'y./.t?u-^i''.''M.(y  ,Tiie Talis?nan,  co. .have comme^  pectirigiii!the deep cbaiiriel..'VyVVV'/..>,;2^...,,  ;yu'2..yy 21} ^lOHT^INGiCRBRK//'���������' ������* >.- /'I ; l'  /-Th^^Spriio^^co;/ tnade/about wages^ last:  weefe'f; ThV Lightning co/: are! jireparing^ to  sidjc a^neiv iliiift. yfyXy 11'Xxl ^yXV-Xly  :' X ,./���������'���������,:������.���������,. TASWIJCKLE CRBBK.. ,- ; . ���������  y'./j     ���������"  Theii: iMcCormick co.��������� have completed thbir  bedi'ock;tunnel and struck into gravel; They  are getting^ready to wasiu-:;/ yX    ������������������������������������}���������L^/���������/"  .MINING: RECORDS; ^ y  -:;;/:/.. ���������y-yyvi/WitrjAM cnKEk;i'}yy, n : ^tf.  Ad ams co.���������Feb., 17���������Es ta te o f- J. McLaren,.  1| intei-esW; John/Bowron, 1 interest ������;������G. L.j  S hepiherd. Job n> M iiufbe 1 '��������� D: McBwant M. Mc-1  CuiiigrDi;6arey;'D^ R/MeDonell. J. McAUis-j  ter. -W m.- Jeffares. a nd- the BalIarat cor,��������� each���������  haliymterest.1 Re-record.   \ !  Golden Hope- co;���������Feb/ J8���������Recorded i.nj  favor of Thos.^ileni'and^Jainea Strain, one;  interest each j lIe.^J.S''WintHp, two interests,  lle-record.i .      ��������� ^ '   't:' ':  LTaH.T^TK.O.CnE.KK    ,r.  Shnb Fly :bo.MFeb118���������RiecoWTed in favor  of Edward Cooper; Edward Leiiniug, John  McUormick,.-.Alex.* Sharp, - .\V������ II. xMorg.au,  AteW./ABiIsland1^-5C.* McFarland; T'hill crafnis|  on right bank, commencing af lower line of  Vancouver co. -'/V/V  :?r//;' .,;  B rig li ton.... co.^r Feb. 20���������Reco nled in fa vor:  of Wm. Swaiison,' 1;bill: claini .on, right ban k.  cominepcing at lower line pf;Brijg;litqu co.; to;  form partoisamc. 2'Xy /'":"^/  V-...   ���������"���������������������������.'��������� y*   ��������� y.'v i ���������   j:-  . CllUHCU    I.N'STlTpTK   ENTKUTATXMKXt.,��������� We  would call attention to the varied program me  which is .announced for the. entertainment lo  be given at the Theatre Royal this evening.  What with music, singing and the magic lan-;  tern exhibition, the performance bids fair to;  be very attractive.  Col'kt Prockkdings���������The Courts are haying'  an easy time in Cariboo just now...,There has  been nothing in the Miuing or Police Courts,  and at the semi-monthly County Court last  Tuesday there was only one small case irom  Lightning crees,.in which judgmeht went by  default.  Expkkss Movbmentts���������Barnard's express,  with the mail and bank treasure, left on Monday last. There were no through passengers.  The next express may be expected to arrive  about Wednesday next. This will be the last  trip on B a ma rd V ������;ail contract.  far, and ,brea,k| it,fcpypn r /bope f frrrC'arry itii'g;i bis^  p r omises an d d oi tigs a t tbe opn osi te, ,end������ .pf ���������.  o is wallet, h n Idi ng the fo rm air. in front .whe ii  coming b������jf6re the' peoplefafid frc^^versing;11/in  the Council.   As his apologist, you"fiurely"do'  ' i}01 n^ean to ��������� say, that his yro \*d$;-, were i "��������� n q t in *  ten deft to convey his-mean^ tbey  to be 1 ike the'_���������'* wi(co'es^ j)raver^^o be. reall  either way ?   If /they: tifeanV dotliing. ?herer ���������-,  Uhey were of n^/importance-inUlie'^uncil.  ���������We, canuot ignore%,^^>lTaji3tjf;tb'ci$rMsj-apji^iMBjie������-  and votes are,pf.r jaljie in:^^^as.they^tyuly;;  represent the; bpihio^ns/ of the' cbhsfttufiicy.  : Now; '1 et iiis take: a glalice' a:t tbem'as i&e'f aro';  reported^;.; XnX 2\.yyyyXyXXy-'XX^ ^rii.f  y,0its.:ji^ngv/to ;BupportvvE[r.nfHelmckbnrrtr  amendmet11,/ he XM did;no11hinkil'astryiear tlie?.  count ry.'.: was', fitted / for; respbnsjb 1 e goyerp^.  'meiii, ao^.^bis/opinions werje/jibt changlea^  The Conditibrts iiece^ai^lbSres^bh&Uile govern men t; in the -, colp py 4id Jibfei obtain r\otd*y  an y m ore than tli ey d id' th em"   Ar.e itlieao  the 'wnti ments; yotir, prote^e piiblicj!y r>rb-;  fesfied; last fall; of'lfc'theynoti}vJ$appekrifi:v  the, com in onr sense 6 frithed electors'who* yd ted-  f#vy$j\d against;;rbit% ^/HeyioofejiIupppiM^  ptjijosnio sJ .resjj j i} tip n'j. aa.. s im^pra^cab.(e(/^tt in,  iM ah iieri ce of������If j n crea sed p o^^^niaxio n',t?,;an S ���������;  "as -many^o f ,th ;e in o8t*i Met \ igenit iM* wefalVS7;;  ha ve; grave; doubts/ ofc the succefisfiil porting  p f/ res. p p nsib le. go yexnuieu fc i n^t h is; cpl ony. $ ?: y.  [ .This opinion! iap ^he;.,9no ^h e. .cndor^ea,b.u,t ba4rr  not.'the manliness to*p(it*��������� 'to the '(test/at* ih0  iime!of ^lecfion: ^Th^#'to fir?'Helmcfi&y  anil theCUie f Co irfm Issi oner? ib r thefr-ackno w1 -  edgemeiitj ^f>th<i|faot that: theipe6plft;weiit ftit?  it, and in'consequence theiryybice, must] noli  be left to go unheeded. ��������� '//"///.'���������//'  It is not so much; the delay of and ther year  jb; 0^fcai;n ii|g the: power to^manage^ jpiiJf own  affairs ihtU; I complain of. .aslthe Jnsinc^rjt^of  tlVb'^doptb'rr8, proirilses'! wben ])Vi;t by thp side/  of bis' speech es: 'iini^v b tes as 'dii r rep reseh t-  ative;; -ilf .* responsible /government; is ait 1 in-  ^ucem ent to in crease/of,, population ;\ ^as; was  adniitted ip. the npiis^J '/tfaeri del%y: ;\-^nst /retard' tli at; 1 h c r ease.' ' No ' m ajn! i h liis se nsea  ���������woiii 1 il venture ; to ��������� come before- the people to  ask for1 their suftrages andi:-telling tBem;>be  was the; ad vo cate , of y i rrespo nsi b le* > govern^  uient. ;Tbe/ difference between/the., few .and  tbe many is the time it should, takepiace.. If  wW are unfi tted to'govern; ourselves," as sbme  sayv;otie th itig is certain/ that the [i0pular cry  moves! tbe foremost rank onward. - Last year  Commissioner; ���������* the sooner %e-get'Tid ofagl^  tation the, bet ter, and settle? down! on the bed-  rock,^*,.;..,. ���������..;v Vyv;- X ���������-,i������-i.;y>i' v^.yy ���������>  A/person is tint, neeessarily' a '^blustering  ���������growler" iifi cai;iing/aittentibn!'to the'misdeeds  of men in ch arge bf p ub 1 i c affair^ 'It cdn^  cerns me as aa, 0bscure individuat^as, much, ar,  it does ;iheyV we "^editorial../ According,to  your theory, it. is a vi rtue to' sui)nilt quietly  to : any treatment.: The ;^rms '" bkfant."  u- braggart," u popularityhunting politicians."  .are inisplaced y i f, iutended vfor me.; *.,4 n am  pel tjaei/ the mon tb piece of a( party nor. an, as*  ' j) ir a h t fo r p oti ti eal dis tin ctions. .,,.../.  ���������--"Ha'd all the1 eVective 'members supported  the all but unanimous desire of the fpeople,  neither tbe Home nor the Dominion Governments would stand in tno way of its consum  mation.  J. E.  MKSCEr.LANKOUS.  A.  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA, V:t  JAS ON HAND, AND TS CONSTANTLY rec^vlnsr, ft  i;.ree assortment of CLOTHS/ CASSIMKRE3  and ,VKST1NGS, wluch lie is prepared to make to  order in the.'most approved styles. _  4������������* partios on   William  Creek, enn  lmvd; their  mcasu ns takeu by JI r McCal\nm, J5arkt*rviIt0.  #.-%- All '.���������!������������������.!ws. froitf Cari')f������n, pr<v>\{i\\y nitrtuxcu'. 10.  WA$ i(  yy  ��������� mi^iumismmawsmsxa,'! Z,aril***;**^�����;t��-^. i.MrtjgaafosEgffs^^ -^^ftw^.
;   An Ass --He;who assentsto; every "ti
/. ji J^^CM^Jfiai^ saiyi""' W^^^rMifiy^n,
MLft!fettliidogf.fi-���; #;/>v^.' .��- �����,..��'/ f"'"
��� 2&tf#+
' 'AX'X
���A- miscellaneous:-
M J'Wj^Tj
:.;���: vExtMct / t^m' ,;a/
<jonntess|ell^ack" in adeadlyswoon;/When
��he revived her spirit ha^fled;^ / yy >;./ / - \Xy
y, :'-./?'# T^ was .'jHig.
reply/ .c$���;��; gentleman/who- defended himself
��� from -the accusation bf-bemg the; father of !|
'��� twtas;' Hyyihy^^y;y2^;VyVV' y .Ml yr.y- '
������'^iiiJLx.Patf. what makes you Btaleaftef
<iiitifc^P?*\"** Busli, hush, my daM^
' doi^ik&pw'ttjat?'/
j^yicTW^ unrequited a ffeotkm concludes;
"- :^folibws:T^';{/;.:^;^
h "I sat me dowii aritf tlicmgbt profound^ v
���'���'��� ���/'���/������ 'This inaxim'wiso'f^rew;; /; -.'yXyXy,
/ 'Xy};. Thanjiaake> gift]fike#ou."
V A'beautifsl'w 'calied out
���Tan ugly geritl em an to dance: wi th her,he was
t^stonished^jtje ^cpnde8cen��ipn;.; iand^belifii
/ /ylrig thai she was in love; wfhbitn. in-a^vvery;
pressing {man ner- desired I to kno w ;why !she
Tiad selectedWra from the-' rest -hf thft; feiora*
i)Sny! *-v V;B&^ 'tbo lady,'
*l my husband commanded.me to. select sucb
a; partner asjelioUld^not/give?him oauSe for
JpaloiW.",   ' ,;,'J;   -'' '��� "',l*f ��' ������  l"  ": "V?1
- fA groceh upttpwn, missed /twoy pounds of
yfre dx butter; which^he/ hMv weiofbed^ out' foir:
^W-EN^.T:-Wl'X',E'H-: ���' YE1HV
This splendid Weekly, greatly enlarged and
imp roved j ie one; of/the < most useful and i n-
���teresting/;journals^: ever /published;y,,Every,
number is fee^Mfully printed on;fine,;:paper,,
and el egan tly; lllustmtecl with; o riginal ea:i
gilavlngs^rejpres^ting-. / Vf}y "Xy ;-!y-��..     :vv::
New fiivehtibnsj Novelties  in   Mechanics,
j'V:; Manufacttt^BBr Chemistry:, Photpgrajihy,
i f v/yArehitecturei- AgiaoultuiievvEngineeringi
T v ;���;^/Sefence/itoilrL' ���'��� 2 ���>';;' ?:' :\g, I'. / ���-���'��� yV. ������ y
FarraOrs,' Mechanics^ Inventors, En gin eersi
Chemists, Manufacturers, ���and: people pf all
ProfessipnBor^iades, wjllfindthe,;[;:
r f li im selfy an d accused a' suspicious looking
womaMlii'thiegrdcery of taking ft.-/She;not
only denied tlie acensatiom .but fastened.the
tli eft iOpQn jft kitten, averring.; moreover,^ she
\ea#< her :in^ the act of finfsbiogitlile^ last mprseh
The wily/|f^ef immediate^
into.ilie^cal^ and f$Qno<l "it /weigh ^only a
^iin&?L and -tin, {baif\ Jwhioti: so/^eonfi 'tinded
;thia;'^��.ma!iib^'8i^.gav0 up -the/dispute ^ and
the butter.
yl yns yiyu % yy_ y >&
2 AWomak'wrrHotfT AToxouF^^n1 thefrsnsh
��� nrjtiioiis//of ^hie Phnosppbical Society, pub-'
listed, between ^jrM^ ae-
v count/ of Margaret/Gutter, who��? when; four
^rears^ol d;' 1 <fet ber en tire/tongu e '��� from ;a csan1^
���cero^ts" affftVetfdrii, but who,' neverlheless/ after-'
1 ward, retained- the -power/of, taste, swallowing
and'; speech, ^without any dm perfection ?wbat-
Over; o) .She ��� hot' onl y ^poke ^flu en tl y/ an d with
$s -much' corree tnees as o ther p^ep pi le I hii t 'also
s\in����� !t6'. admiratiidri, afticulating with''.distinct-:
ness , alt rJ��er.;;words rVfliile singinsf. ;.\V:hat4a
ftill not, less slngulaiy she could formno idea-
bF tlie use ^bf a tongue in 6the>^pereof'n8:y.f'.Thl9:;
V!em ii rkable.! case ; was /^brought'.; be fore tbe!
i  ���::.'.. st.   .if'.!-.??    '};>i\: .;.;.:y?v   ;;.<) i   ���� :. <:v'MV;i ^v ���:��� ���;.'���:
"lloyal Sooiet^in. Eb?1 apd. under/ certificate of
attestatibn/frpmythe minister of the parish;i a
TTt'edicat p raeti tiorier*: abd ^an 6 tli er: respectab ��� e
^citizen well known in Suffolk/ where sli^'re-l
Sideiv;Ori accotint: bf^tbe extraordinarv:
charajBtervof Ibe; case, the Society requested
^an additional reporti upon the ^subject, and
firoW' linother set of 'witorsaes named by' tlie
v -v'J-,17''   rir.- i ': !���������'' '..;;       �� i^ ?     '<     '   " ;   ��� ���: ���   ;      ''���'.,��� ���
.Society for tpe pprppse, and for whom they
^rew u p I ho necessary: qitestions and. mark'* >t\
oiit the proper conrse of exarViination.   Tbie
second repori coi hclded' with I he fi rst' in a( i
particulars, and shortly afterward the youn��
woman was brou{jfbt to, London, inhere she
confirmed theacconht by personally appearing aind speaildng aiid einging in the presence
-of the members of the Royal Society and
^inaiiy other persons. T
i'��� - - OP- GREAT JVAi".DB; AW�� 'INTEREST. ;
'Its' practical iiiggestio.iiBy��� will;.scivo finn-
dreds of /dbl 1 ars to every boueeboldy Work-;
shop ahd^Factory inithe1'land, besides^afford-1
iag ;a onntiaual; source / of:i yiiluaj).le ��� i instruct
tipri. V The ^editors '��� are/ assisted. j by many 6$
the ablest Ato
and /nayihg access: to1 all ��� the/leadipg Scientific
and Mechanical; Journals of the vworlds tbe
columns of theiScie^^ are con^
stantly enriched wl th: the cbpjcest in form atib ri.
/An; Official Tiistoi^alL^
published ^weekly.;;/yv/y/,^iV,.:. -./; y ,""'���'���
, .The Yearly Numbers of the Scientific Amer-
ican- ma^Two 'Splendid yVo^i^s'S'nearly
One ^Thpuaaiid 'Pages<;eqiVivalent!in siise:to^
fou^^thbiisaiKL (^dinaryboplrpages^ VV ' ^
/ Specimen^copies'senyt^e,' * / "'//' \ ���'?
;"/Teriiis-^S3 a yeaf|; S15D bajf-year/; Cliibs
of ^n^o^lesfpr bne year at $2;5^ eaclii ��25^
wtffi aysplehdid Premiiim' to /1he' person who
forms /tb^Cl^b/coMsting^if a copy,1 of the
celebrated ^teel Plate Engraving; 4< Men of
Progress;"-���:/,y;,' ��� y iVyV./.:���;2.2"VXl-:y "��� f��.'V'',- -*
In connection/with1 the / ]pjibiicationr of tbe
ScientificlAmericaa^the undersigned conduct
the most extehsive Agency in the world for
prw^ringR^l^ .,syr:..
Tlie Best way;io otrtaia nn answer ..to the
qnestion---G?in I 0Dt;aiii S Patent f; is'.lto Hvrite
to Munn & Co.yv37;Park Row*iN.Y.. who have
had OiV,er, twenty ,y ears eKperieiice, in-the. bnsir
jSesi.:.;/SojOttarg|8:is.ma'fiO; lor^r^nipn and advice^:'^ pen an^i nfe sl^tc^
description ef the invearion, should beJsen'&'.
For instructions concerning American and
Enropeanf > PatentSr:rCaveats-^Re-issues^11 n-
ter%ence8^Rejected Cases-^flintBon Selling
Patents���Rules and^Proceedingsof the Patent
Office���The New Patent Laws���-Examinations
���Extensions~--InfringemOntst )&., &c.. sendj
for fssTKUctiojJ Booa/ which will be mailed
free on application��.!'^All��� business Btrictlyj
confide,ntiab.>Xu,i..>,*.,.y.y ;���.;....\��� , /, ��� it
" v'vAildressoi yVy^ymJW^lGO^y^ : !
\-t Pubiishers of th,e; Scienti^c American,
V'X; i     yv/v^^Park Row, New: York.   '
��� ��� ��   y \n-y-    ;'���>' 'sh '��� ��� ���''* J yv*    syi.-.i'- -..".. .-n...-.:.'��� v. ''��� ��� ������
:':.',;  v->jfi y>.i>\\: -?'i   lX&'i-}��   2ll^:- ��*,,ii""   i'"^'/:-*''''
'< '���' '���" '       ' ,V ..'"'.:.    V1    .J    * *vi ' ' ?\* -,*. f; 'it' f-'-i vi      "! ',' * 'I1** -��� .''������' -i't" ., * ���"���''���!! ".���>":'
-   : ' ��� ���> - .; i * *;    ,3' ���<j "! - ,    :'...! i  P      V*f - ���' *��� *.���', ���' - i ��,���'������'���'     J   ���...       -���''-'���
SODAyQR'EEKjh'-1 -��*\ ^tf bvy //y:i-
'��� i-" -���'��� .;-;-.���-���/  te^ivu-'Vl '-���"*������""' *��a? y/:.-:--*
/ QUE8NELLE, and (     -> f- L,.
r.y.r--.' ,.; My. ip:;��'{js:--*U.^*n/. .v"5- t��.**-i * *�����.*-����'
���y:V}]< -.j->-; 'u;r-;!-un '.^BARKERVHiLE'
yynxll^.   uyXy
'     J. HARPER,
!-"3l ^
tli ���      I- ���,�� ���      rut ���
��i'kfys   *
...-���i.j.ii j .j ",��.
Beistaitraiit^ iaiiid ^B^Kery*
TP E Proprj e tor of, th is ../j W, ^and- .wcllr k n<?wn e s tab*
/lislimeni" woiilcl 'respeciMy'.tltank lifs nuraer-
|bus friends arid the public for the extensivepatrbnage
*herctpf9rq.^esto^etl,.qri ;hiin,/ancl..tru^,tsj( tbat byr-bis
ju^uai strict' at ten tion 1.6/ business to merit a' cb'nttn
������ uan c e o 0hei r.con fldenc e and, s upport'.o X H r'...n * y I* * **
.. - ���; i H^.i ..3 b^sv. ��/ih ;'��� ??���*:*In "i<>" r^'v/lMnft-A. ��
! / Meals, $ 1. ���.- Board/ $ 14; per. Week.v?,
yy '; .rvfd'^'^-Hji^i ��� f-iXhy'X^^-y  vpyf.dK v.y,-!iy-
���^Irccprnmcnd t'o.the^public myn-.. 'Xxx;r4iXt', XrXi
-j <���, i;
���xyyiyn v.yjVi.d ;if2*;*frifc?$ -!;f>y**nyy
wh Ich; i sa ro nch s u per ior; ar t i cl et ban a n y which can
be'I i lid 'from below./ ' I; Boast anjt Griiut. it my.^ell
ahflc'htlose'the'b^8t,'Uc^Hc^,.clnhse^nei)!'Ll.^:thc' public
may. be sur e;o I i ts b.ei hg ( r,o ef ronii a dulteratkm;; 1) \ v
yf 22 yy1' 2wMx^cibmkX.
i   i i >
v:'i ~- -t ��s-"=���;?'��� iVi.-Uelebratecl; ������'.���������'���' i  l yyyXi ��� ''������'.
worce s/rk-s/f m r: p; /^/Ujc'e
/{ . i i.;   -. declared byConnolsseu rs to b o v y;::   v
THE   ONLY   <^o0T)   ^ATJCE.
A Happtt rM.Ai?itiBi) .Sfff.-tMrlisraelii is
seventy-nine years old, is sixteen /years older
���than her husband,yet she would be taken for
a smart fceiveh ty.   In^ariylife f says :H arper. s
Ba7>:art she was a tvicoBSful miliner, and
m a rried a Mr.; Le wis,  wii o. d yi ng j 1 eft, h cr
iwe ty thousand dollars a year, which, joined
to 'Diprrieli's fortune, rmvk.s a nice estate, and
enables them to keep up comfortable establishments in botb town and country.   Their
married life has been   an' especially  very
fcappyene. "The old'lady, is very fond of
trim, and the young man repays it witb the
saaost touching gallantry.
Caution against Fraud.���Tbe success af^tbfs
most delicious, and .unrivalled Condiment having
caused 'certain 'dealers to apply the nam obi* '*W(��rei*:--
erst urn Sauce'1 the public is licrehy informed that tht
nly way. t,o secure the genuine, is to
and to see that their names are upon the wkAppkr
Som e of tl i o forei gn m ark e ts ha vi n g been siVpp lied
with a spurious WorcestL��rshJrcSauee, uprm the wrap,
per and lab ids of .which the, names of Lea and Perrins
have been forged, Ii. and P.' give notice that th����y.
have, f u rnish ed their correspond en ts wl th power of
attorney to take instant proceedings against manu-
pactohers and VKXpoRsoi' such,- or any otlietlimitations by which their right may bo infringed,  -    , ,
Ask for LEA & PERKINS' Sauce and see
Name on Wrapper; Label, Bottle, and
Wholesale and for export by the Proprietors, Wor
coster; Crosse and Black we 11,London, &c., &c. ��� and,
by Grocers and Oi I m en tl n i versall y.
iHiAVE boen requested by: several 're^pcctalile par-
.;, tj es j. >yho cab ^testi ly to th e ofilctrcy ol in y. system,
to again' rii^ke public the fact,tliiit*"      /' ' " / ���,; / -v'
Moses', Hair In^igor ator
WiLi; PREVEOT%VtbNI��sJ*i-),/"1,,i"v',,M' ,v.*"'1 ;:2
. y   RBSTOKE HAIR -rriAT ffe BECOM TNG THIN t?; ?
OR'FALL'ING OKP, an��1 clleotum lly
y ���'-: .-���--������ '   GURESSCDRF OR DANPRUFP;'Vi '!; '���
''������'-' : "��* ;-! ijj-.'";'! ::-.f.\t> il ti^t  it '(*��' .<y,ii'..t.-Vyv*_"i W>'t ���
This is not a mere apsertipn en .my partt as,I have
in my possession 'numerous -testirhohials -certifying- tb!
the success of, my remedy_. ,,.}���.., j^- i;- < ���, -: ���;.-... ��� x ������,... y, ... 11 > !
' 'I do not (if course pretend that I can make tlie hair
grow, on beads whicliwhave'been:: bald1 fori'years ���;'but
1 will guarantec to slop tho .hair.from &)\UjiK,ntl��,\*
tanrcu w ������ Us grow tb, and' effbctuall y r< ;move'i?curf' or
Dandrutr, -.,.;.;.-ry :7y y-obi nvW^DscMQSESi. I
���'    ./     -X .. X'2'   I   }.. 2   ]:--3ME?^8,le*B?C��.;'
:-,y:'...   ���i.-.v'^-yyCESrriFiqATEi.. yyr 2 j .Xy.y
; This is to certify that> duriuK (last pprlng^iny hair.
was rapidly falling, out and my head wa** lastbecow'
ing '��?alt|, when I ��pplictl io }lr W. I). MOSES,' Baflier,
Barkervilie,; wiio in a few weeks' 'restored my hair to
i ts former houlth v state,   ?<.:   {i ' IIAVID Gl B BONS *
..iBi^nMQi}B&.W21Stoty:yy<>Xyr . 'no2dtiry !
yy \
MESSRS. MEAClIAM; &, NASOK arc, prepared: to
furnIsh hnmber at tlieir * Mills, TVilliaui; Creek,
or deliver it to order. ., v '"--1' 'y
Having a Planing Machine in operation they wll
also furnish Dreesed Lumber at satisfactory rates.
Por Sale,
; Allow me to call .your attention to my
PJtEI?AEATiPNv;.OFr ���.St)M5pJWD;;.5X.
TftACTvBUCHtJ:: -The'cbmpbnent'parts'ar^
BERRIES. ...%���'
' Mbi>K ob>Preparation.���Buchu, in vacuo
; JLnnip.er, Berries, \ by; -disti I lation,Xot jtp rm i^fine
;girf.;; ^ubebs extracted by .displacejiientjwi.tl\
spirits 'obtsiiried' 'from* Jtinijier Byrries'f/very
little sugar is1 Vised,'and a! small ^rdp6rti6h7of
spirithltfeiworeipalatablethanfttny aow^ifii
use., ;! , . ,K|-v.y.n. X2y *,*X yxy? Xu.r,->y<
Bucb'n. as prepared by. Druggists, is, of "a
dark .colon It ir a' plant that'emits its fra1
prance; - the action! of .a' flame 'destroys' this
(its. active:? principle), leaying;^!oark^ and
glutinous decoction.y,lijine,lj^ tbo color of ��� ���&���'
gredients,. The Bucfiii in my .'preparation pre-
dbmihates^;tbe im^lle8t^ilahtU^'df��tbt9'^ther
ingredients arer added,' 4o npre veh tr�� fermentation vnponjinspectieujitwill-be fonndtnot to
be a Tincture, as, made .in���, l*liarmacopoe,, nor
is ifc a Syrup���and,therefore can be used in
cases where fever or* inflamm^tion5-exist:- in
this, y on ba ve th e know ledge of' t be' ingredients and tbe mode of preparation if ^ tiiiolyq
Hoping'#.atiyeu will favor it witb a trial,
and? that ��upbn /inspection ...It: will .meet with
your approbatiop.     v .t    i^ym;
���:i;With aJ^iin^%rjff6fotibd^c^ ;
Mi-l��lif. !m, amyvery^resplBcttu Hyf ''*".:. "���" l'1? ^un X
VXvXy�� b-yXv-X//H^T^UELMBOLD,,^^,
Chemist and Druggist of 19 Years Experience.
(Frdtfi tbe largest1 Waniifa'ct'uting1 Cliemists ia
' y:,        ; yXr.f- i-the world:)iy'im?- %ss -^*:-*-'' $*?\
��� Vy\\l yhyyy2- '.'}-'��� Novkmbku 4,' 1854.
,.ivf'J^m^c^^ix^i^t^^l^tti Jllr. HvT.,Helmbr)ld ;
ne occupied the. I jriig Store\ opposito my<i^sj-
d&ice, WS" was successful in 'c'dn^ucting the
biisi ness ��� where others * bad * n 6t.bee n' equ ti lly
soi before^ "hi m[.��>1 v ba ve been * f a vo raft ly * impressed w i th his cbaracl e r and. .en i *��� r j iris^.ty l*
y, yuy-,,r ..;.^LLIA.M,\Y1(JHTM^
f / vFimi of Powers and-vyeightmim
factn ri ng Chemists.1 'Niiitli ii lit! fB r 6 wa
Mb y��vStreets, Philadelphia.*^ -y^y^yyy
% ii-.t,<i '���������muHj-y
Fotj weakness .arjsinR from 'indiscretion. The
exhausted p.9we!rs,.of!; JJature:* W(hichs a/jB/accompanied by so' many t al ai hii ng symp i onjs,
among'which will' lie found' Indispoiitipn ' to
*Exertib ii i 'Loss of Memory; * Wa kef 111 fiV'ssy Horror ;of iDiseaae., or Forebodi n��S: io f > EviI ; iin
fact, Universal -Lassitude., Prostration .and inability to en ter, j n to the enjoy me ii ts p f s o ciety
once * a ffected wi th' 0 r ga'ri i c \Veakni ess, req ii ires
the a id: of M edici he to streh gth en a n di ri v ijrer-
ate the /system; iwhich-i iH BLMBOLDIS i^X^
trea tme n t is su b mitte.d, to, Cou sum p tion or Iu-
sanit^ed8'iies.-',u':'' "''V ''" ,;"',i' '''fii ���H_v",:i;   *
... .  V-   .-., '.,..   ..   ,...ANP.,���/���.
will raid ical ly extefm in ate f foiri the! System
diseases arising frbiii habits1 of dissipation, at
little expanse, little or no "change in diet, no
inconvenience or.exposure.   \,   ���  fi   ;;.y
Grouse Crcelv, aro requested to call nn him nmi
sftilo their accounts on or before IURST MAKCK
1571* ' tlc^a Um
Seeond-hand Store
in all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male or female, from whatever cause
originating, and no matter of howlong landing. Those suffering from broken down ni*
delicate constitutions, procure the, remedy at
once.     .; .. '��� '.;,      .., ... ,-:   v .t  ,
All the-above diseases require the aid of a
is the great Diuretic.       ' ;" I  *'s  .    y ^
^^"Sotd.by Dniegists everywhere. Price
SI 25 per bottle, or (J Bottles for ��� SO 50. Ih'-
iiyered to any address. Describe Symptom*
In all co ni mh ni cations.
ADDRESS '    ; '
h. t. helmbgld;
DltUO  AXD  CUKMiOATi   Waukiiousb,
v  '       594 Broad way v New York.      '"
��� Nonk ark GKNUiXB/unlessdone up-in steel
eoKrav.ed. wrapper, with   fac-simile of my
Chemical Warehouse, and signed
<rc20 H. T. HELMBOLD*
i y^


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