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 fllllPI;  P8B  Wm  /,/  f)   /    /'yy    '/���������-> //.  iioiitb;  I rooms  icpoin..  'ith all  ���������11 sop.  ;��������� good;  ^trsy-  ���������������&  y&$S������Wmz.  m  ��������� ^m  liaadl  5 XX  House  3;'Com^  I  under  eBeds  a 'best  c Oats.  w"  Vol. 3,  Ba^ Mareh 30, 1867.  Ko.10.  GENTLEMEN  AND SNOBS;  The most obvious snob isi we should say,  & London shopman eaaking holiday in bis  Sunday cloths, and displaying his cheap jewellery and his charms> before envious brother  shopmen and adrairing& ladies of the establishment" Of course there are plenty of  kendon shopmen who / are.; not -snobs;;.-.-.but  still this is the idea that people have of, the  snob pure ttnd undefined. What is it, then,  that'constitutes the essence of the .snobbishness of the creature iu this "full-blown and  acknowledged^bape ? If we can get at the  secret we *hall Tiave the test ready to apply  ; to all other sorts of men, from'kings'down to  eostermohgers. Nor is thesecret/dMcuU/^  detects Hie/snobbishness; rjonsjste/ slniipi^ in  his attempt iqjpass^  not, and what he knows thaft heyte/notky^o'  doubt this attempt'is acobnapatifed with -that  :���������: 4bregand:foT the������equal nights and feelings of  those whom he would outshine; but this dis^  :--regard of other people's pains is not peculiar.  yXto-the sn������I>raa-d4herefere it'.is no pari of that  which makes hira what, he is.    We take it,  /therefore, that the essence of snobbishness  and vulgarity is nothing more or less than,  ���������display/designed to create, in .other persons'  minds a belief that yon "are different from  :   what you really are ; better-bora, better bred  ; richer, more clever, or more accomplished.  ���������''������������������;������������������ This view, indeed nay perhaps be thought inadequate as a;definition of vulgarity, or snobbishness, io all its endless exuberance of var-j  iety;: and yet the more closely it is applied,  -the more complete will appear the explanar  tiou which it supplies. .   *  v Contrast again --a.gentleman and a snob, and  this view becomes still more undeniable.  There is a popular theory that fgeniletnanU-  ������ess coasists in polish and urbanity. But yet  -we &\1 admit that a man iaay, from circura-  stauces, be rough and uncouth, and yet be  /:. thoroughly a gentlemany And, on the other  /band, he may be courteous and urbane and  observaatofall the delicate 'nuances'.-of^civilized aad cultivated life, and yet retain just  "' sufficient of that self-display which makes us  shrink up vriift that uacomfortable sensation  . vwhichvulgarity, and. no thing else, creates.in  yiis.   It is rather that perfect truthfulness and  ':'/TOodesty which results from an absence of de-  ; iire to impose upon his companions which  rniikes a naast a gentleman;'{������������������������������������ a definition that  every shade and degree of satisfaction, from  ease up to rapture, is expressed in a. compound of t&e two$ and the schooIboy���������along  with tbe considerable class that adopts his  style���������whose measure of content is filled up,  is awfully jolly. Here is^he climax to which  nothkg further can; be added. All good talk  is an art, and owes much to practice; When  one of <the3e airy talkers aears thirty, who has  hitherto made two or three adverbs and a*k  jectives serve his or her turn, we can scarcely picture to ourselves a more helpless case.  He has taste-enough to .feel that ..such high-  pressure terms are no longer;for bim} they  strike upon his own,, as, well as the listener's  ear. as paihMly at variance with the subdued  .ieyef of his spirits. He is satisfied io be comfortable without any sense of irrepressible unintelligent delight in the mere sense of life.  ;Y0t what is he to dp ? He is not willing to  givelip emphasis, but which is tbe spice of  conversation, but where is .he to find it? 'We  are satisfied that many fluent talkers among  our youth will be stranded ten years hence,  and will have to return.irito^oeial~obS{M?,rity,-  their style pointless, the right word never pre-'  seating itself, simply because a few ohtrusive  but inadmissible expressions will always keep  to. the front ot memory, and; put every fitting,  select epithet out of each, till the moment  which called for. it is past.  Pat and Dkacon.���������A few months  we recognise: again and  again  when we say;  as-we often do,-that such a^iysuch/ a person  may be ignorant of the ways 6f society or a;  ������nere uncultivated artisan, and yet there is hot  a trace of vulgarity about him; ,-/     ;  : In making up their mitt^/;Mi^tp';^^..'C|Menr  tial elements��������� of: snobbishness, people/ar^  sometimes misled by confounding style with  good breeding, and both with gehtlemanli-  ������ess; whereas all three are perfectly distinct;  <Jenfelemanliness is a moral, and partly also  an intellectual quality. Good breeding is the  ��������� Yesiilt of a clear perception and habitual practice of the ways and customs; which prevail  among those who are personaUy ladies and;  gentlemen, more or less cultivated. Style is  ���������something more, y It is the consequence of  that extended intercourse with the best class  of men and women which is within, the reach  only ofpersonSof good rank and large/for^  tune. It is what is often expressed by the  term "aristocrat." Many a man and many a  -woraaa is destitttteof style, -though possessing all these advantages; and it is of course  to be found among many who are destitute ot  them. But it is certain, that a large. intercourse with all the varieties of polished; society produces that perfect self-possession and  disregard of the censure of the multitude:  ���������which in its offensive form becomes hauteur,  and in its amiable form constitutes style. A  man may be in every possible respect not  only a gentleman, but a very well bred man;  but it is not easy to dis embarras himself at  all times of every trace of shyness and uncomfortable sensitiveness, except through an  early and habitual mixing with a world or  people of his own type ; and while this shyness and unsubdued sensitiveness remain he  -cannot attain that perfect ease, and even dignity, without which the charm of style is felt  to be wanting.���������'Pail Mall Gazette.'  Modern Epithets.���������Never were niceties of  ���������opinion compressed into so: small a compass  as by the youth of the present day.x We^oh-  serve���������and also find the practice adopted in  all books which desire to reproduce society  as it is���������a general disposition to reduce all  ���������definition to the nse of two or three terms.  All that effects the boy agraeably is jolly; all  that annoys the girl is horrid; all that they  find, or pretend to find, irksome, troublesome  or oppressive, is awful; though even this  rule of adaptation may be reversed;  while  ago, as  Deacon Ingalls, of Swampscot, R. I., was travelling through the Western part of the State  of New York,;he fell.in with an Irishman/who  had lately arrived in this country/and was in  search of a brother who had com'4 before hini,  and settled in some of the, diggings in that  part of the country./ *:  Pat was a strong man, a true Roman Catholic, and had never seen tlie interior of a Protestant church,    /./y/y .    //>,/.  It was a pleasant Sunday morning that Brother Ingalls met Pat, who inquired the road  to the nearest church.  Ingalls was a pious man. He told Pat he  was going to church, and invited his ncw^  made friend to keep him company thither, his  destination being a small Methodist "meetinghouse near, by." - There was a great revival  there at that time, and. one of the deacons,  who was a very small man in statue, invited  Brother Ingalls to take a seat in his pew. He  accepted the invitation, followed by Pat, who  looked in vain to fiud the altar, etc. After he  was seated, he turned round to Brother Ingalls, and in a whisper thatcouldbe heard all  round, inquired,���������  "Stire, and isn't this a heretic church?"  ^ Hush I" 6aid Ingalls; " if you soeak a  word they will put you out.".  f''l'?-\fevii a word will. I speak at all," said Pat  The meeting was opened by prayer by the  pastor. Pat was eying him very closely, when  an old gentieman, who was standing in the  pew directly iu front of Pat, shouted 'Glory V  "Hist, ye devil," rejoined he, with his loud  whisper, which was heard by the minister;  <k be dacent, and don't make a blockhead of  yourself."  : Tlie pastor grew more fervent in his devotions. ,-; Presently the deacon uttered an audible groan. '  /." Hist, ye blackguard I have ye no dacency  at alt!" said Pat, at the same time giving  him a punch in the ribs, which caused him to  lose his equilibrium.  The minister "stopped,' and extending his  hand in a suppliant manner, said,���������  "Bretberen, we cannot be disturbed in this  way.   Will some one putthatman out?"  ** Yes, your riverience," shouted Pat, " I  will!" and suiting the action to the word, he  collared the deacon, and to the utter horror  of the pastor, Brother Ingalls and the whole  congregation he dragged him up the aisle, and  with a tremendious kick sent him into the  vestibule of the church.  ^SMfr. H. C. Wiimotfc, our enterprising  Expressman, has now two sleighs on the road  between Richfield and Cameronton, one for  drawing wood &c., the othor for the accom0-  dation of passengers and Express matter. He  will also make regular trips to Grouse creek  during the rest of the winter^. Mr. Wilmott's  obliging manner commendshim to the patronage of the public. .   *,  ^0* A Virginia lawyer once objected to an  expression of the Act of Assembly of Pennsylvania, that the State'Hoiise yard should be  " surrounded by a brick wall and remain an  open enclosure for ever." " But," said Judge  Breekenridge, who was present, " I put him  down by that Act of the Legislature of Virginia, which is entitled, '* A supplement to aa  Act to amend an Act making it.penal to alter  the mark of an unmarked hog,"  Mr.- Pkabooy'h Wealth.���������An'exchange says  Mr. George Peabody's fortune' is variously  estimated, and conjecture is busy, trying to  discover what he is worth.;' In 1851 .he was  num]>ered among the millionaires of London,  and faring the toll owing ten years his business greatly increased; / In 1^60. he wa3 said  to be'worth $15,000,000 in gold, and he has  endowed various cbaritiesin the princely sum  of $5,000,000; Mr. Peabody is now probably  worth$10,000,000 or $15,000,000, firf; thC; iti:  crease of his' property during the past six  years'hias been considerable, i Fortune/has  not smiled on him in vain, for seldom has1 so  bountiful a giver been numbered among men.  : A New Ststem oi*- Tele ok aphikg.t- A: system of telegraphing is now ;in operation i in  France by which exact copies of the original  message are produced at tho termination of  .tbe lines, solely by mechanical., means.. The  telegram is written on paper coated witb a  lead-colored non-conducting surface. ������������������ The  ink employed changes every point touched by  it .to the opposite electrical /character: two  'pi?ndiilirros;strei1herimi^T3f^ircuR  .unison; the upper end of each is. divided into  many points, By this contrivance the message being, passed over these . at -one'- end a  current, to correspond, with the writing is sent  and a'fae eimilie' copy, on* prepared<-paper  held to the vibrating pendulum, is produced  at the other extremity. '     "... . -. ..l  ���������;���������������,-  JS^ The effect of the financial crisis, and  the consequent dis trust in England of public  companies is evidenced by. the fact that during th^ year 1866 the number of new companies brought out was only 44-, against 2^7 in  2865, and the capital required was only ������10,  295,000, against ������166,000,000. / ���������VyX  WILLIAMS CREEK  (LIMITED.)  CAPITAL,  - $10,000,  In 200 shares at $50 each, thifJ^dAllars of which-to  be pal <k in taking of shares - ah'rf^fte^r^felrider. to,, be  paid subject to the call ofthe company;-or at the rate  of five dollars per month: until all is paid.-.- /   The object for which the above company has been  formed is for the erection of a TEST QUARTZ. MILL  on Williams Creek-B. G., above Richfield, the position  having been carefully selected on account of its abun*-:  dant water privileges as well as its central position and  its being near to the main wagon road making it easy  for tlie conveyance of Quartz to said Mill.  Tho promoters in placing this Prospectus before the  public,- express'their full couudcncc in the-success of  tbe undertaking, to those that invest as well as the  country at large, for the country has been greatly retarded by tho want of a QUARTZ MILL to prove the  Quartz of the' country. The extent of the country and  the richness ofits placer diggings, and tho croppings  which every day.'coiie to light, justify the company tn  saying that by the erection of the above Mill, with all  its advantages as regards location and water, that it  will be remuneration to the shareholder as well as a  great benefit to the country. The following Is thepro-  posed capacity of the Mill: To be six Stamps, with requisite Machinery, capable of crushing 10 tons of  Quartz evcay twenty-four hours.  In consequence oi the great facilities enjoyed by the  Company, and the advantages to bo derived, not only  of being the first Quartz Mill that will be erected, but  giving the prospector-thcadvantage of knowing.what  his Quartz are worth, without sending U to San Kran  Cisco to be tested as now, taking months to find out  what can bo ascertained in 24 hours. And; tho Dircc  tors would further state that an investment in the  above Mill will be, in their opinion remunerative, after  crushing and assaying for miners on liberal terms and  allowing for working, wear &c. of mill, they expect a  large margin.    :. .  v  Ovving to,tbe distance.the machinery is to be brought  and the consequent delay attending such things, it 13  desirable that the shares be all taken as soou as possible, fifty of which are already taken, In order to get the  Mill in running order by the middle ot'.Inne next.  The above Mill being highly recommended by the  Mining Board and also by tho late and present Gold  Commissioners, the Oompany have no hesitation in  saying tha t they will get a substantial bonus from Government, which will go to the Company as a .sinking  fund*   And also from the long experience of Mr, Wii-  the bitest improvements, and under whose superinten-  dcnciUhe machinery will be selected, we have no  hesitation in assuring tho public that the best rnachin^  ery will he sel^ctniHor the Company.   ;  An Omco of the Company will be opened in tbo town  of Birkerville, for the purpose of giving all the.information required, where a sett of books will be opened  for the company and those that wish to take stock.   5  NEW  TIN SHOP.  /  THE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in the above  business fr-xt door to MundoriTs stables, Barker-  villu, and soiicit a share of public patronage.  CAST    IRON   STOVES  Always on hand, New Work and Jobbing done  at reasonable rates.  jflgf Our Teams run regularly between Yale and  Cariboo and all orders in our lino of business carefully  attended to.  5 E. PEARSON & BROS,  BARNARD'S  CARIBOO MB BIG BENB EXPBSSg,  Connecting at Lillooet and Yale with DT&TZ &  NELSON'S, lor Now Westminster & Victoria,  ItTILL ARRIVE ANi) DEPART from tbo office in  it, Barkerville, to .connect with'tho sieamer "En*  terprlse" at Qu^nolmoulb, and tho STACKS at Soda  Creek, EVERY WEEi^ conveying Treasure, Leftkr������  and Valuabf.es fond! parts of tha wot)d!' Also, Conn  missions.received.. and ^forwarded* by, Express for the  Collection of Notes, Bills and tho purcbaao'.of articles  to be obtained at New Westminster, Vlotoria, fa n Fran^  clsco or en route, and returns mado with dispatch.  X      :     ,x ;   AyJOHN B: tOVELL,  l"8 -   -   AgcnVBarktrvilie*  BARKERVILLE BReWERY.  /PROPRIET.OR./ ./  Giriboo Literary Institute  yX. J/S. THOMPSON I^esi^n*; /it  - ������������������ '^Tm^-AK^mm-nc^^ ���������:  .TOHN MacLAUEN, ��������� ' } r '���������������������������'������������������.  ���������DR. W, B. WILKINSON; V Dkikotors-  JOHN ADAIR,.:     .. , ���������      J  . p> ���������������������������������������������>  JOHN BOWRON,  8ECRStARV & LlBnARlAV.  THIS.INSTITUTION*^..present contains about600  volumes of CiioiceUterature,consistingof Religioils,  ScientiQc, Historical, and Poetical works, and works of  Fiction,      ������������������'������������������. ".,���������-��������� .-v; '���������������������������:���������'���������' .������������������;��������������������������� !.-y yy_  Worcester's Lnrge PictnrlJil Dictionary: Urc's Dictiott  ary of the Arts, Manufactures and Mines, Lipponcott'a  Pronouncing.Ouzcttcer of the World, uhd Hom'ah5s CyJ ������������������  eloped la of Commerce will always be kept in the room  for reference. vy;:..-.; y..-.;��������� yy ���������>.,--������������������������������������.. .  , The Reading Room wlHrbeTound supplied1 with th*  Ulijfit English, Scottish.. Canadian, American; and Colonial Papers and Maglzmes.M .-' ������������������ ��������� . .....  : Terms-Off^SonsoRimON���������$5pertjuarter, or$2 p?r  month. .. Single Volume's leaned to non-BUbscribers at  60 cts. per* volume, with $1 deposit.   ,-U ���������' .  Porsonsnot subscribers visiting: the Reading Room  and making use of the' Books and Papers .will be charg*  ed 25 cts. for each visit, y.'. ���������--."';",*!.".-'- ���������  ^^-The.Room will beopenfiPbmlOa/m^tihlOp, m  v ;,>;. :������������������       Xyyy. ��������������������������� JOHN- BOWRON, :  y.'.y'l.T      .......;. v/Sccretrary and Librarian.  ���������      ���������       ������������������   -   - ������������������_    .���������������.&*&'��������� -     -.'r^'Zitifatt.:, -,.'������������������.;..  ���������������-..��������� ,.,7-y. -������-������������������.'.. ...       ..-.���������)   ���������..���������',x'iv���������r.",.l������**wt*TSmif    ii'iw . '  U.  Tliey Gafibdb/ Sentiiiel,>v  :   ���������S.BMI-MQN.TflLt /PAPER.  Published, on the 15th and HOth of Kacm  Month Duringtixe Winteiu- ������������������"  ALLAN & CO.; Proprietors. ���������  OffHtoB���������BARKERVILLE, Williams Creek, Cariboo.  Subscription, $2 ,per. month y  (including cost of delivery,) Payable  to the Carrier.  STOVES!    STOVES!  Adams, Pea-roy  BARKERVILLE,   -   .   ���������  ���������   Have just received a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin Plate and Sheet Iron,  '   with various other articles in tboir line of trade.  USTAli Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper aud  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to give satisfac*  tion. ,   :     . 34  A. McPherson  watchmaker: & jeweller*  AT E. HOBGENSy OLD STAND  Barkerville, Nov. 12th 1666.  ��������� .   l-g  ������������������-��������� yy'r22-':N;pTi-GEyxyyvy  THE UNDERSIGNED having bought the interest of  E. W. LAWLESS -in tho . OCCIDENTAL SALOON ,  Barkerville, will re-open on the 2nd Februaryy  455- The best of WINES, LIQUORS and CIGARS ������.t  the Bar and comfortable BEDS furnished at all ImUfs,  6-2in LI/.KIE THURBI2R.  TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  E THE UNDERSIGVED have sold our right, tit!*  and interest in the Williams Creek BED ROCIC  DRAIN C04 (limited), and have also transferred tho  Charter ana all the rights and powers which it grants  unto JAMES ANDERSON and JOHN MACLAREn y  ROBT. H. BROWN  JOHN ADAIR.  Cameron ton, B. C, Nov. 2nd I860. I  NOTICE  LL PERSONS indebted to"the undersigned arc ro.  quested to call at this office -'and settle their ������ft*  counts forthwith.  ALLAN & LAitRBRT.  5th November, 1860,  E33e t/;!;ySMUED^  hone was reqiBTed, for if v������be Magistrates who  have seatsiti the House; sure 'the' abject slaves.  '.V   V  Jkgesvts .for. the '^aritooc^eirtBiel.  _ '^"{roii^e Creek, *.   Jjt.... ^-v/L.������."-,... ������������-������ - -  M. ^leW-ha  rr:^'i;^U(?������indhfii,/   ^rr;Gcu!ie, 15irn?rrd'sExpresspifice.  Tib, '...,-:' r " Mr/aEvans,      -tlrir: ������������������--*���������do       ���������  Dillon->{;,      - , 'F. W. Foster,     '-ito.,.. ;-/ y   . do, t-y  .\ '"^v!r^rfcaiiiister,   ..  /'.,--; ,   -, :- <MClaiik8cm*& Co  y " '^iclnrla;, ���������     -   /-      ���������     >- ���������'���������''���������"--    ViJ^X^h^^no  'yyyi^ni^?yy  l... $&PR6ym������Krsi���������We are? gladoto, notice  antinig oilier irfpro^ements;$bat of the& introduction   " *    ^ "1"~  ���������A----L *--*'���������   *������������������-���������-  Iffe^AD^Rfp^^g^  hiftipji  thing  more  Thei:^is^at-present^helnf"-maniifactiired at  i;h6 Establishment  theyPr^sideht on ^this- occasion shbuld;, have  ^yy^nyypwi^W?M the Sitter.; N% doubt  ff^a;s Mr^Tfa^  tip -the- ?ei:y9a'tent..k^  *:^^.jp::'ifi-tKe*:^^ - --'?-- -' -'-^ ' -*;- {--" -  sion  .������/���������' f <!>; CO-RESPONDENTS.: ,'i  i*f;o  ,      i ���������"��������������������������� ���������'���������':    "^ VVWVUJWy .. V * .������U>U1VUI/I*U: JJ Ul 4 tlMl'  t 'y������6Jt UCfO   t*i O  :r;,' / ; 'bb o. divj^e/foights .amp/njj/inen^ i,he- .subject���������iiap'?  V ^as^gaott airiglita1 to rebtjl:agaiiiaft'!the/, rulef ������as-  / .v/yiBse^mlerjhas-to: impose upon tlie .sul^jeci';:  y:=/.; ysand when altercations;aris^ ibeWepn".the'^u-;  ;    / ^/'J^tan^belruled M 'becomes" .*$.question'yof\  y  y ->}} ������might and is decided by & /majority which  ys@k$toffli$yhm\fiii /Tn'ij(^ibe tec trine <o������f the1  /    igvU(,i  fiulf crf'^MexicoSto 'iludsons Bay, from ctlie |  -  ^mUwoo Ot"tUe-Afekirftic ;to 'the'' Pacifie: ocemn.  ���������    \   ��������� British   and  C(Hi:tinejit'������tl >rulei:S;6:iii^merica:  Q'tv/^iiye I^niJ*tt|01a^^  ���������' ' y *" ^d'ldtriue for the last half ccatury; to no ,pur-  ..$j������*>*Piy..X^S^ePDM;^Family Compact." JLa*.  ) bv j a like, pro ve 4h iip-th is doe fcrirrer  s?dt3stihed-t^/universal uerbefcui?:  Hoijs^^a^^^any^nviteJ;e^nea^^thahahotb!er  itis^hatpfexpressingthemsel^vesupon m6ney  matters^  Their;great anfctype, the^ House" of  Commons,Jias/the:soIe .powers iof originating  ;rapney^ills> fright deniedibothvto theHouse-  of Lords ������nd to the Crp wnv=andrwe d.6 liot see  p^uch iojarouse/ the passio������ai/pf vanys sensible  >man if janv/elected^anemfee:ry!ia  oup/cojfticil  ^touldffrespectfully rnove^ in a mdne^finafc  ter.,; TJie:c^du.ct ������of^he;magistriittis as a-epre-  sjehtjed^ori��������� ttils:occasion was/almest as; strange  asMfilt of ShePreadentT-4he Go^eriimteht hid:  i^ueed^th$w^  ^U'Am' nln^nnt.  'in   'n     ������.*;*!*... li _'..      .'   ll"   "J,    if     '_''*. ;': .:   _-.il      ������   ";      ������*��������� :?'f-.  onh^pipeywhich^'isyto  Be^uMdiiTjylibe^lac^, JaOk Tiinnel Go��������� :as  so on' p^sOT'cierit water can b e..'obtaipe d. We  . wish -the" enterpnsing:pdrop^  ���������,,' A Rare ' Ghaxcb.-^The finely finished and  :|exlfc������nsi^^^^ firm of  jlessi^^ Go., ^/in Barkerville^  '. c^si^in^4*oJ; d^ellingri housed store; - stoi^e-'  vvith^ a Jargi^an A ^lliassorted stock of-goods  .arefbcsale^ JThisis a^rare^.Gbance for any  ���������persoifpr firm \ to^ .engage - in: the/nierclianijile  bu^ness^as,the/terms; wilLbe liberaL;  - /*f  ^���������^E3^i_voiiSNTV~4fr^ Geo!/Dainn has   been  ERCHA  /Bisg / to call��������� the.{.attention /-'of' the nm i-1  . xjy their well 'selected stock^of     f  y*?;  dhced salarie^^vere passed, j? They; looked on  ipagaahimously/ wliea their ffi&}ffivkltiinte&>  ^stswere sacraflceu": f^  - but re tire d from th e Ho use when'/ o thers: as  'liable: an d m ore ab ie th an th ey ^were. tOi be  ; asked'' to vfeontrrb ufce/tli errv o; iifeta ��������� 'fori the; good  [ofi th (3/06 aritry.  and>theiGdHector of Gustpnii^Udvd^'clined to���������  ^sifc duningf th'e5 discussion."^tfn-0tliis.Hntbtio%iit  'M)uidrhawle:been;^ei^ "   ' "     "   '  imaking>!a (Jdllefction-iu;;-lJehaifb?X^P^r^*ns>  theunfdr^ii^ wh o' .lost ��������� li is eyesight  from in j driesTexeiy e d by th e ' exp 1 dsi o n of a  ^powderrblastin. tfae coal in ines/ of Kanaimoj  B. G.J las^itituirih. f;Mr.: Dakiii 'has nlready;  -CQlte&ted S>yI6r;S 250! and jexpectsina fewdays'  to' have'aivleastH$300 to'/ foWard.. to���������- hisydis-  fabledfriend?/ .This id a considerable vamoimfc  to^ raise/' at^Ms ^^aj?pa of the y ear "and: sp eaks  welt^pifSfclie ^liberuliifcy of tire*ininers of Oariboo  LO-TH-UST������'  ���������' <,!������������������-' :-'.yV i ' !���������    '���������:. '   y        ���������*."���������'���������   '  ���������������������������    ".'!.���������*? Vf1,  ^IlAi/^QOEtf&  ./. j^'I^^l/^iio^an!^' ,>iff/lie^niaJ  :fcesta nrant a rid Hotel Keepei^ iitfd ithe Tra'fe P������nf  ,oh large orders.    J; K2' ���������/':'"'/"' ' '    ���������;, y :yy^m^  fXH\V:  -Mexico/iii/iSGb'  fSsotiis  \! 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J" this, fir^l ��������� s^e ttlehiqnt.  rjjie EliimeiGgymay ^ave/deserved some>c.O:n-  siderifion 'fot^-t^e/.efforts sthey";have made,  although !fhey tailed to M fit the condftionsi������f  ^fcheir. bid ^charter, and on,the;o|he^^and^������h/ey^  may,haye d^e^iwed(ti"Qi]fe  ought td'kndw ar/e?6n one;?aide aad .someXdh  the..other; fsomejhave<been 'on .������he -side/and;  /;2 ,.' ///ytlie;under,si#iieci, is prepared.Ut!y  C^m;BLACK^^ ,'i'  ....- . '���������';, /��������� ,'��������� -PANMNGS; w/ ,,.;. ^  On Commission, or.will purchase'any quantity 01  .- ���������'. 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SAUL/ftCOy  Vj:<v :   -       ,Q  THIS/Hp^SE/TOLL BE^/OF������.-Dp'  /   - u  ; r THE .WINTER- MONTHS;  Hot GIN SLINGand PUNCH! to warm th'e "inner i  and every 'com lor t for tlieouter.j y. 'X'?". v v y- y:  ; y - ������F^REZE OUT FOB FUN.'?' THUOWNIX  ���������l-,3m'"^-     y, ,:;,    ;.;./ -.- -. '.'- ; JOHN HED1  'Mm  iS^ffiy-'  Vi:������  fSJ;/0:::T^/P/B/  rTHE^PARTNERSHIP'liitlierthM^Ptlii- betWoeii-w"'T^S?^?JH^S?? fciu^^iti!^'%^m  4t^.^IEACH:AJIca.^'C00i^^iind%^^  asLujnJier MeTOlia'nt3,f/ohtWniiarn^ Cfeek-'B^C   ^n' ^kerviiie, wdUq-open.o^  .WW>fr^ "  ��������� m:���������,���������  -t.lii.s:daybeenkdiSsoIved' bymiUiial coitsei) ti-: ��������� '.AH ��������������������������� ac--  ComitS-Uluevto;  *  ^rtth wai-mth and^deolihed TO. ALLO W SEE-:  .-, ,rAN^S^0^^^"0NMASTI3RS^SALA;H^  ^,������iThe.offioihte.all withdrew^" *  '; y f'^1if: ' '  '.= ���������:   v B^erience)in;d:h^tpr^ British,.  : y y^oloi^fe^H^^^^ G01181ittl110lis/  -���������*���������' ^relfreguerttly dashed'off with'tbo macli^hastef  - ^iS&y rftie'Teadfjpen of a Secre^aryt Qf iState, ryet'  |^ey|a\e 01 JintehdeH tto^fepresent;She ^British/  Ce nsti tu tio u as nearly as lo eal ��������� fcir c ������. instances!  v  .willipermifc,,* dtMeeU :wo caa:Jharflly uhdei^j  . T^knajiow^a 15^5^ Gdverndrrjcould^ ireco������i|  aaaead or f a British ^Minister of State order  ���������������'tfeerwiseiy: Ifc^isrj generally; 'understood that  .j. - 4he Go nji ti bu tip a i o (your yLegislati v(? ;��������� Gouneil  f "was'an-Embryo 6r tlie British one,, t'hat it&e  "i(������������������'.'���������elected tuenab(ersiinithe Hottse, repefesen^inr:  //���������^i^iduaij^jtheintere^  :timr resp ecti ve d is trie ts, and co Llec tiv.es I y c on--  /' s.iJtfefi ted1 'a '��������� Legislaave  Assembly j ��������� -ritha.fe; ithe  'ylaorhinee magistrates iii the.House represented  i the win teres ts - bdth of tlie peop le;and the cr���������|wn:  iffliilividually, and taken/coliectimely' formed'  .arlJp per J������ouse/or Sort of Legislative 'Coun-{  rdt;: that the h ea ds.ot (le part in en is r^presen t-  :/^ ������S die 'Bxe^uti^ -an d that  iary }has/ affce rl so me* $i ahdeilng -,' decid ed ���������������������������- ,i\ pV  'vonnnsf, ;to  compare;,oonflictmg  evidence.'oitics. ���������    /    , 4(,     ,,,.,:'.. r ...W111 -v. ;"���������Iiwm  /This of course' ^vas/the' easiest: ^aVi. - .A'ffran t-,; ?ll(? ^a>T'������= vH ,&l)Rlyingvof;Lumlier as heretolbre  '      ' ' ���������"���������������������������-*      -    5 ������       ' wm^:carried:6^hy;^r. A.^1E^CHAJI ;and ^B:  ifASOiSi.;-.. ���������������������������-.'.' y������������������������������������-������������������;������������������ -y������i/.���������'������������������'���������'���������-������������������ --' '.   '������������������.  ���������;>���������'- ���������  has ;b%n;^lvenfto/tne Sltume^Go. consisting -of  ;t,250 feet-beginning at a pointk500feet /I'om1  !thgheatl^df ftheir;fl^are,; riinninig m j}* stream, en?  So^fti tipjttsjith tilt) tii ey will ,relmquvsii 'Miei r I Id r?  mer el aims, "work ������on tinuously ou; thei rv jpre^  sent^ground ah decora pie te the/ reraairbfin g; 750  '. Williams CrcekyB. ;C4;21^Feb.^i8ti7;;  rfi&e. {xpyemqVi represented^^ t^^V-t. W ^g-  ^iaires n^Stretcli pf^ieini^majioaioperfect'  ^th^araS^^frt'if te/ieleeted-^nembem- sat  f in o ue II o u se an d ^the "��������� no liiin ees in : a a 6 th e r;  yX&nd&ome of ;the Heads = of Peparfcments -in olie ������������������  Hi) use and some -a a the other, the i mage wo aid;  fe m e o m p I e fee, and then th e fit 11 fo rce o f M r. '���������  :,;. T/w-ck's.assertion wonld toe realtzed. if he'-'un-'  yydeiib ok to; design ate; a a ho no rai) I e Co n neil ;as  ifo e seirvan ts1 of the Ex eeuti ve.     B ut alt ho ug h ������������������  -'���������' ou. r iap ology "for % Ho use'- Of Lords lias not yet  ���������'i ��������� ktatel y ed iii W'i n \VKich to in e e L -an d no b ar  :"Wi tli in. which tlie. co m m o ns d a re mot i n tr ii d e,  yet th ey v sho.n Id /.no fc; fo rge I? th a t; ill ey are in -  ten fled to be a Hy pe. o f th e m os t augi is t ass e ra -  -.jkiyinthey^ortd, and should-resent the con-  yd act ofthe President who, of eoi i rse, is; th e  viraeie of:the:Govern ment whetl w$ presuities  - vfee ed.il.; them his /servants   whileyqeeapying  &$& ts; in the Ho us e.   As Mag ist rates, they are,  ��������� %o fir servaais as ���������_ to  be under aa* true tio ns,  is������4 as 4sonorable mctnbers they should be in  ' U'������:ttdige' to ,110 man.:.:' It Is strange that the  e MtlVateil -dnp liei ty ��������� akVl d ip I������ rna ti e. c an ti o n  ;of tk& Colonial Secretary should have i������ far  '$esi*rie������S. b im gn itim oseasioii; as' to' allow Jfii in-  pavt/of Grouse ereek which was held:;$fijr��������� the.  $luirie Goi.'ifour: -and. a half mites in length.! to;  ;beVope;n; fW pre^empiiiony reseryiiig of :��������� icburse  ������he 1/25O^feet^forfthe-e^panf^;^l,hls''is .a  valuable'igift, :proSpected;/abpve.. arid:;below  '^nil/^ jbjitli ad8s^  'the coindi tio lis ������ f te nu re; are very easy, /feder  the-^deharter:;to;#Iume Coyhad;;������,8Q0;Met-  of flume^yconsfruct'/e^ch1 ;year,.wiien ������they;  ki^^/^thing^^;;^ of,ihe ground,;!  f under /they;ne\yy eh arter/^he; company - have  ���������only 7o0 feet of flume to.construct ih:2;years;  'oi^h^ftheJamott^ timeV/when  ..they/know:tlie/ground.isrich;V,, .j/������������������..     'X���������=��������� y  ���������X:. The re ��������� is an ap ho ris m . am o rig sc ientl ftp ex-'  p er imen to rs w h ich s ays;" that more.; is of te n  accomplished by failure;'ban by .the most  cpm pie te; success,?' a nd in this case, it lap p ears  equal ly ap p 1 ieab 1 e to^sp ecu 1 ati ve expenin e ri-  to rs/' T h e su p p tfso d val ue p f th i s grim fc i s su eh  that it will warrant the greatest care on the  part of the g'rantees to secure a . proper title  to it,, as i t ni ay b e c 1 ai m ed - by so ra e an d' c o -  Ve te cl by many.   Tlie title to th e i r" p rese n t  g ro u nd cann o" t res t on. tli e o id char te t*, i b r no.  p ar t o f a 1 egal i as tr u m e n t e an be co n st r 11 ed  wi th out th e wh ole.   The .title" has n o t. ;��������� b e e ri  abtained nnder the pro?isi6as' of the Go 1 d  t\[ i n i n & ,0 rd t n a nee, io r accor ding ��������� to sec. 5 3'  Part V., the old charter would require to have,  been revoked at least one month before the.  new one,cbuId;'be granted.  : Nov is it ob tain-  ed under the Companies Ordinance, 18(5,6, as  sec.. X. o f th at. Ac t wo ii I d: p re ve nt :i t. No thi ii g  bat a special Ordinanee can, under tlie /cir-  cu mstan e es, p r o p e r 1 y seen re a. title to  this  ground,-and it is to/be hoped that'this is the  last time that a grant in this'district will be i  B^BJSy >AND'fi^lSlii).6NlvHbTEL  X' X yVMo-^S T All R AN Ty. ���������'!  >- X-yX-^Vyy ^ RIQSP lELDi. ������������������      ��������� ���������;;���������;'  /phe'raii(lcr^giae.d.4lii\v!e. refitted this weiricnoirn; hmise  J.i.VHicn^wsIl.M,-qp.qn;.,-for- the accomodation���������.of*tho  pumic on an darter. t)i e ,15ih. of ,lla rcl i n ex t : f- ���������'��������� : * ���������   '���������  'IimfAlb^^���������li^/wH^::tb> b'dst b^mds'if  LIQUORS an d OIGARS. '; *' '���������;���������'    o      ���������  i<^ Meals and Beds furnished at "all hours.''  y yyiyyyry, ^/-^g-^fq^taine/.1^--' -Xy ���������  : TO ALL WHQlf IT MAY feONGERN;  WE/THE ^UNDERSIGS EDIia ve sold 'our nglil fi:lli  and interest: inv the 'Williams Creek.: BE &-ROCK B  . DRAfNi':GO. j(limi| ed), and. Inive - also: transfprretl  Ch ar tf?r a ii d all; the riff h ts an d'pnw.nra wh'idti: ���������-it ;'m  unto JAMES'ANDEKSON an(1 JOHN MACLARS\'.  ,',::' yyyy, yyi.y '���������-  " KOBT.'H." feROW  yy>y >.y}y y.y-X; y-x:   v^johnatoaie./  Cameron ton, Bi C,. NioVv2nd.18fflk^i.;i : -4 ���������������������������.���������.'������������������;-��������� -:y-":  paef  mm-.  :P'Chiielil,.^i^nr^2Sth^aS6T,  r felix wochot;  '>,; lfropriM-cys;  ./y - 'yy. ���������������������������- 8-jiti..  y/;.:Np^Q|:;y..y  :-A LLPERSONSviu.debted..'to the undersigned /arc  ii.;',quested to .c.ul.l(.ut:thiri o(lice; aiid .-settle, their  jo lints forthwith.   *  :���������" "    ��������� v    :' ���������������������������  ���������'-���������"" ;-'        AL'tAN & lAmBEBT  ': 5til >fovember; 1866. .'".- r y iy: ��������� :>"���������; ���������  BARKERvrLLE.:;-y; y-  Ha  IS  WSHSaBBSi  Go., ffl  / &������*%$yh please giye/ii's a cnl].,   ' .        '  ��������� . 7.'/. . ���������      .   y, ���������'',"JAME3 JJUROICK,  . '-      '  '  "' -*���������/ Proprietor.  msv:-PearG.Tr!&  :.y2}y2X:2}.2^A'n&&wix<s'Ky<y}:y ylry  ij' 4 ���������.'.���������'���������:'*���������' j'Khvs just received a choice selection of-*  CAST IRON/COOKING STOVES  p^  Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin Plate and Sheet Iron, 1  ;     with various other articles in their line of trade,    i  ''Jagp-AU Jobbing iii the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and ^^p  Zinc trade attended to, and wurraritod io dve satislac- mjIB  Mon/   '���������:'���������  ���������:������������������' ��������� .... ���������      y . ?A    m$m  Dissolution;; ofPar tnership  rpHE PARTNERSHIPhwuiftifioxblin. between the  1 i1/!!^^^'! under tho n-im-i an ���������  m  mmm  & 13EXTER; S.loim Keep^ ,5 irv 1U fV M^ blv  bym-jtu.!! consent. ^11,debts ������h,/t the to fir  mustbcp-H-i to JAMES BURUinK. win'"   1������ ������  sfylMjinURDICK  ed  eUnew.liy-tho Htelirm will be liqni mtii hyllS       "  ���������-'-'���������'   jAmr^' BunniGK.;  ���������  Birkervill* p n   n    -,���������><,    K0|^RT   DEXTER  uarkcnme, B. C. Feb. 10th . 18R7.  A. McPherson  WATCHMAKER & JEWELLER  AT R HODGENS' OLD STAND"V  Barkcrviiic, Nov, 12th 1S66. ���������; '!���������*���������'  r?^| J  ������.������-.    ������������������:���������,���������  V,' ��������� ^9;  '/*/.%  ' r,.n:  ;5iS  ;.  hi  "*y&  D  ��������� y^a  -;;j.-8e  '������������������/to  /yisil  ;-. [oh  : oo  /:tlli  /tin  "tvsiii  ':/.wb  ' / -sliiE  ing  we  nel  .. sha  ���������ere  co7;  ove  goo  Flo  mm  m  1  ft  5������  ft  V  TIN SHOP.  v-osn  raade in an j ol^e^an the nsnal way, as pro-, -Batbor, Burkervifi-  t# A.ffffr ^ratnitausiy such a .sacraSce  wh$  ^.tded for by the Mining Laws.  'X'-jBSSPJf-y&a want goo 1 Coffee use Fell?s.  CERTIFiCATE.  npHIS- IS TO CERTIFY '   ~  hecoming balJ  B'lrlcr-rvjile.Doe. 29tlj, ists'y.  n  ,��������� .   -    that" dnrinjr l;i������t onrrTir  ,f Jyf.;'-18 .���������pi ^,^m������* ������������t ���������=i ���������;> livLi ^  wiion I iij������piied. io Mr. w   D  my  fast  MOSBS,  I>.AVID GIBB0NTS.  4  CAST    JRON   STOVES  Always on hand, New Work and Jobbing-douo  '���������/ /'  at reasonable rates. ;:/  viJ^Oni: Tirams run-regularly between"'iT4V-un'!  0anboo an(I all,orders in 6ur 1 iuo of blishiess cai^J)'  attended to, ��������� ���������������������������     y-;-  '"������     .'. 15. PKARSON &. BltftS.  jjurkwr  ������r  enSwMaw1.  :I3  stni  run  w.or  grot  Altv  men  sraa"  ������!iaf  beer  neli  raise  their  <>dal  iouui  &/ ".  mm  y\  i^Ss* IW**-"���������  ,j/jiT".' li������+cry  ^mmmMmrnmsmm  ggg^^fgg*^^  ^uiittm^iAi^  y ...'ii .u-iy.^Qvy ^-.yyvy   ���������     ���������    I yy  *,;���������   MINI^Gf; INTELLIGENCE.!   /  XX 2yy,;-.,.; yy y    WILLIAMS - G RE EKi, ,:��������� -y. \  "; y//V  y /��������� <;^ao^er^!mngieaso;n  ;, idawa/i|porj; us^/ 'Cb^^p^injila.}-?gMtfc^eattber  *'l"y duringu;the 'whole or'$g]iruaf ^  .".gfeStttS&'fiXT,' tW1 > jtrftkirf.^ Li ���������'������.������5 "������>. rt"rr,<*,?l?'*  ���������SB  PI������  Hip  !BBB  tor;  :ngs  intily  on;  s:Crfte  itofore  patron  x>yy  BOW  !i as/to  ftfcill  frfur ti  /finre  ������ViV .I,.':  OFAT  .', ������������������ /^lutifetbef 20&^  '���������������������������'���������''V ^i������^X)f^^miriij^ seaso fe*Tbb '^greater nilm-  'X / /���������ber^J^aimsiwoiild Tiavi������'/b|e|a ^wcfrMng be-  yyi $M V^^l^^^y^}^^l^M^^i which, a  ::.; /short continuancek of^itliiaivifinei weather^ill  . -���������'��������������������������� '������oon sripp ty*//'Thcfhiinin^;s^asion of 12807��������� gives  ���������������������������-.. thefairest promise^beijig^ot biil^the earl-  " ; :w*$ opeliedybat-also; tlie fiiost interesting;and  I XBfr pr bsperous that has-yeti'b'eefi^;experieneed "in  l������f|||'    ���������, OariteoGy /The. bnoyant/spirits^/eiuberant  tm ~ ' """       '  111  MS  prcpary. ���������      .....,.,.  ,.., r.   ���������.. ,..  ...  . months; ppihfc distinctly t^gen^I^prosperity  ,hc?and siiccessy;whiles the/ immediate; prospects  : ;of not a;fewyar<5 such as^toTwai^^trthein/ in  /^yexpe^in^/iinmenseXA^lffl ?<?������e^al before' "the  The past win ter to which we .now hi,& 'good,  n-flightshas-been'$moiwainifor.mly cold than.  K   ������������������ ''any bf���������.the'previous onest^but {not so' severe/  B'      and its pleasures, enjoyments*and:associations  miX   liave>beeri-S0~'far in advance of those oi''other  1/ ' winters, that even,those,mi^rs^hain fbrtuiiej  1/ ..may have/doomed to.tailure/ihis'.year can be  tey\ ^appy^iaitheir-misfortune ^tovhaye.]lp spend  f ~? r *���������-,������! n ri f h������ryWT h f.Mi* i h ��������� thP",mi n i-*?^ ^Main th pf i*. nnm -  mi?  M  c<s^are ���������.. waiting: for; .wafe- to ��������� jwasli. f thei tf  grpiind pays about $40 a da^'-toitihe;Jiand:-^  Northvaud Sonth .^Vale's co'y will begin ��������� sink-  ingv'nextvweelc.f~K^eiy Tn hnel co 'y iare < pt������e-'  paring: tp^groiind:. sloice^ in' ��������� the r&ringi^-El'  Dprado; cd?y arefpfepawng^b ^brk^ \ '>A\\- the  . grp ii nd. ab p ve vfehe El !>������T ado has been, (staked  6ffaudw|lLbe wo rked^ this season.   \L.w,    x  .2, 2 . i CONKLrXS ��������� -GCLOW.        ���������   ''' *  }'' ' ^' ���������  / iMo^av^^'ft^Jx^^Ug^ii- iiiciiue^antli  . tuapel; infe. their grpuhd/f rom; TO 1 iains,x,reej^  the tunnel.is in abolit 100 fetVt.~-United ' co'y  are running a,new4unnel,Avhichis in 25'Oft/���������  A-company, is formed to; prospect the bank on  the, opposite^ide;to,/the TOtted'claim^The  Home/Ticket co'y fejivfeTstrn'^  peje^^Aialse-ra  cp^Iiad /struck /through/; the/; tiiii-rock ;-^ith'  ^^r^iihtieltcrc^ed4%reat (^iemerit/for^a  short time;,they:ar.estilU  f^he/Hpod^ep^S.ttmnelds 210: fee'y:;tlie-  rock/is:tixrnjng /spfter.T770albtiLii: co^y !sut\k; a'  shaft'6^'feet/dee^  giilch.andJdnfted from iti they found tlie rock'  lifiJl^C^!'BSiM5:i:'  -y  ,"'/Tfie^Bofktd'met at '^heir ^of5'c6t;,ifri*.'.3ifpnila^."  :?5;tli inst,rfeiroon, pcrsuarit:tp k/notice:, from  ihe; Secretary.;    :     "' /.���������'}} * '/.���������"!:,      ��������� -' ��������� ���������'' ���������;  /��������� The/Secretary read th$ warrant ;pf the ;Gb 1 d  Ctfiii imssio h er-issued; by yii:t^^'f^^e^^;^es^  ed in ;hiin��������� lbf ...se������> 13,6* i'art Xl/pf ;tjie,f|bitl Nip-;  ^ing Ordinance,falling a'meotingjef".jjljle Soard  yforihat day to re^eivejfrpm liim a.^pinmuni-,  cation regard!ngihe^Grbuse ,Cree^vBed.yHbbk:  Flume Co':, iindfbr other^^ matters/ ' ,.,  The Secretarythen read -the^f pile wing  ���������muaicatibn.;s "'  ���������.-''-. X;yx 'y *' / ;.,  com-  m  inner  -HEf)  fritr-rept-flf  ���������SAL001  :iGAB5;tl  iilLU^iiri  rjRBER.  iSsSfc  ;ne companies^  ^ryjv^eri 'Jjiuri iig "itlie .who^g ^iast "summer it  p -f crequiredythis ^inte ri to prove^tbeir real 'value/  B. y Wi th'^biit'^ne1 or t woexcep tio ns these ��������� claims  W; "4iave pMji/pyer^^  Wr 'ft^imd feeirvvaliieylias^be^n. enjiapc^db^the,  ^ '" ^discovery bf'anolhjferandTichcr  shaft and found the^:rbck pitching to win W "the  hill;: theyy are ���������sinking^ new/shaft "further \ hi  the. hilli^The;Brittania cp'y. is"payirig wbli:���������  The Pihte co?y sunk a, shaft;on their ^gtonnd.  t)ther.companies/vare ^preparing tp; prbspeei!  This gulch is staked off from/its mouth >r its  source.' ���������,' '*���������    " '" ,;., ,   ...[*���������* V  \y X ��������� *��������� ��������� yyyyy ;{avryy���������-.;-*"���������/'-yy %[ y;\.y ���������������������������"��������� ���������-��������� -H-ir&:y  y"    ���������    -:   ^.|..'f'.i;.(fROUSE .CKEBK.      .2.    ������ ' .  :\^ie7Hefb^  interest 1 ast week;���������-The Black Hawk groand'  is drained-by the up-stream drift of theHerbn  cp?y; /(fie; company have begun/to work** arid  expcc.t tb -Me takang out pay in a short time,���������  The Full Uigg co'y paid $2Q01flividend tonhV  intereslrla^t week ^-The- Disco very, Gas'ca&y  and Rankin C67ys are.; washing.-^Tbo ^Vatei^  \yitcli:cb?y'are sinking a shaft in the creeks  llie; Jewellers Shop co'y havesunfea shaft and  are; driftiiigifcom it.r^The Tiger cp^y hays) be-:  gun tp.prospect theiry ground. ^S^'etal?new:  claims;have been taken up on this creek since  t.KiV l^Pih Rnnlr F111 ni a hC,n; ?s '-���������.oMa vtitr h n.������"; li AAn"  the Bed Rock Flume Go.'s  revbkedv  ERiVi-:  l-ght iw������  3D* ROCK  tirrcdtlw  ���������jt.'gnintj  REV./  JROWS  ylXl  d/arc r-  their &  BER1V  'Go.  ' .'. ������������������ -  it Iron,  rade.  per nnd  satis? lac-  :: 51  Sm-  m  Mm  f&.<. jSix-tood Pete andv1 Gasket, Companies;' / The  ^ Hydraulic co'ys between^Rieliueld' and ..thei  p; ^ca^yiju:i^ei prospecting. in the^hilI' 'for a back'  t- V^hjirinJli^TliejBlatf oo'y^aro  ". ?M akin g ex tens i ve p v eparatio lis :fo r "hy (irauliC;:!  ^/.working/of ilieir.^claim^^bP1? ^ there is sufii-;  2 cient/^^ter^t pV^pecttn^comptty:; is ruu-j  f .king artunnel m ��������� theT;rightyhand jbarik between  :.IthercauybnandiGonM of a  hin:channel;���������The fBed/Rbek '������paiii^is; pro-  ; gressipg-^apidly.pTTlie/^ald: Ilpful co 'y ;ex7���������  Vpedikhe Drain to: reae^ft tlieirfipwer shaft:'in  '��������� ttoweeks^heir; cl aim -is now "noMy yd rained  :^thrbu^;^b)iie:,pld; dSfj^u'tb^/felsh claim,/ It  }Jk now^p^r^^j^^^sinbe^ Rock:  firain co7y was formed and it \vas/ then/exr  ypecfcect j^liat ;the Draiit;wpulijbfinished torthe  ' ^ariyont iaftwclve^ :mpn His, ��������� -flu i ���������-. ^many: ;:unfoi^  -^eeiv obstacles had^to;^be; Jo veVconie ���������; the/;b^  /rock had/to/b$ cufc/in ^several/;places,.; an d; a  /slum hble  obstruetio ri;: this 'last difficulty is now of er-  ��������� e o ine;: (an d-1 li ere ��������� is; no;' 1 oiiger; any dbub t b it t  WM that the.Drain will;reach its-_dw%iftMqiii''some.  WM time..,: th is /'season^r-Th e- Aus tr al tan. cb /j ' are.  ^B:: - ^-siffiig^" ne' w sh&f te -^Tfe^ W^'^/PP? y: are/u b t  BB;.:. workin/g as ^BMMo^Ur^iiave using their  JR ���������; shK^ Wak^up->Tak;e cb'y tare -\yo|r;king Under  IVES ^^S./ aground with rockers.-y-G.ariboo.co'y are workr  'J.rX ^^Sr   iflo 01^ '^ie ��������� i)rain.-rHit-' or Miss co'y paying*  : wellC'^-'fiotejblis jes^'y ave -raiining^ '^^newr tunnel. ���������Davis/cp 'y are drif ti iig /fr o m. Itheir old  . shaft.~Never.i S.weat co 'y are- payi ngexp crises  -���������Caledonia.co'y.'"Paying :6ver wages;���������-Cam-  e ro n eO 'y p ay in g b ver ex p e n ses.���������Fo rest Rose  ��������� co'y p ay in g yo ver Avages.~Ra.by /co'y paying  over expenses.^-^Rau,lcin':co'y have struck a  good prospect in an upper stratum.~l>ravie  Flower co'y; is still prospecting.  .,���������   '     ;���������",'''���������-/';     STOUTS   GULCI I. r :      ';. .  High Low Jack co'y In running a 'side drift  m   stru ck ; a< second, ch an nel wi th go o dp rosp e cts.  II' '-^Floydyco.'y, wofking Snieh/all w in ter, have  B   run a tu niiel and raise d [ a sh aft,; and exp ect to  B  work from bdtlf;: they are nb.iv,; seen ring their  gro and agains t. tl ie exp ec te d/spri ng f resh e t.���������  Alturas co-y ,are running a tunuel, working 12  men;'they took $640 out of the dirt from two.  small sets of timbers, thcy^ are now. sinking a  ���������shaft to the main'tiinnel.^Taftvale"co'y have  been assisting the Alturas co'y to run their tu line 1 f o r d i:ai nage to the msel ves and" i n te nd lo  raise a shaft from the tunnel when it reaches  their lower line.^Jenkins co'y/9 men, work-  '<Klallwinter^ in running" a side drift they  touud a prospect of $17 to the pan.���������Mucboro '  yy. y������/u y ���������: *���������* Canadian" caiSEKi   ��������� ��������� ��������� ? |. < ��������� // //  The ^filler��������� co^^baye ^eeh^driven cput ofjtlieir  shaft with water/and are busily -engaged/in  erecting machineiy-whichi they? exp e ct to ;siiaMe  nearly nnished.in,������;two. weeks, y The_cOmpany  :ppospectihg-the .right handVbaufcafc the' mouth  of the "creek have/lpst the 'gravel' ahd^intend  ���������sinking a new :^aft further in^theyhilK/^y^   ,  ;'//; = /,..,.. /       :;i -LOWHElS-CRKEK/y {yyy j Xy%?  /;/^fst^hancerTuhtfel cbty areC^m^dng-byer  ^expenses./,������Jipyl e/ co^y 'are -making* fover ex^  penses, y The scarcity^, of water/on this icreek'  p re vents 'the/ojher co mp ahies frp m:. working'.  tb���������dyautaget Before theifsnbw:hie}ts.h   ;  \y      2y>-   :���������" WOHTXINO CRISEIC; v/;1/    V,V '������������������  /There are three companies.prospecting?ion  ��������� this creeks; The Blytti co'y which paictso'i\vMI  last Rummer are j^ei^riug^to; tafec fpu^ay yV.  '    X   : ������������������   I v;     / -.^URNS/GltEEK.   - .   '- . \ X  The Burns co -y have. worked., all.. winter  bpeiiing;up their claim,. aiid'. are.: rip \y wai ti rig  for ari:increase, of water with' which' tovbegiti  y^yGbid'C^muiissibn^ Ribhfield^:/  .y vX'XXlyVy yyyV   * March;!2Urd,;lS(i7iy>-  ���������//. Snt.^ In,: com pfjance y^tbyins&nctib lis y re^  ceived irom i-he bon. tji^.. /GoIpnial Secretary  J. Jiaye the., hp noi; to estate: fdi\? iheV;, in form ation  of,tli e. Min ing vBpard; an <1; -the; >p ti b.l fevgerierak  ly, that h ,.iu yconsequence, ,pf * representations,  ^vrade ,b y .ii nd, pn ���������>. be half: of/tli e; Groltsey Greek;  Bled Rock .Flume, Co., f^h)ch;Jiayp{;b;een/Sup4  ported by Mr? Cox,; my. predecessor: hjerej''tind  : iii!which;.J.eniirely cqincide*. it lias ib.eeni> *Io-;  , cided by: the/G oyo rnmbnt of ,B ri ti sh Go I u'mbia  . (iii lit .on co nditi pn -of; tlie,r^eli n qi i jsh:'m eni;.of: all  their^riglits under the; present.charter hy- the  -Above uarned/cpmpany^agrant^^  itp'them^ofJpii^;thousand.v;tw^/lumdre^ aiid  fifty ;febt: of grou nd,/ ru n niiig/?U P2 stroafhii ttmd  co m me n cing five hit n dredv fee fc belo w th e head  botiihm^m^^^riry:: r.rrr}\-.yy   "^"T ;-'"  v f The;conSi tio ns attach edf to;* this/.new/grant  :are, ,that the, remain,ipg,fi iime required to? com-  "Blete^the .one .i^busanditw^^JiJindrediajtd fifl^  Ibet sliall be progressed wjth and worked con-  jinuypuslyr during. thp.^season/? ��������� aud ^the: ^flunie;  . com pi eteu/, in .it^wboie: lengtht before the close;  p f tlm seas on 1'8GS4.:;. ��������� r,; ^ , y ��������� ��������� j 2t r . ��������� ��������� <* >J - -  >y vTlie o'est pfthe, entireycre,e.k witfcth e������ grbivn d  ^adjacent tbjtie flume b^low .the ?fi^e/; hundred  ^feeta ilistance, pfibur- audia^half milebi is/fi*omi  this/date thrown^open tor pre-emption, yyy /*  ;V I regre������that it vtfill not-ne^n; my power :^to;  ;atteiid- personally thie meeting :bf /the/Mining.  Bp^dlix^d-fbryMouday.next/y nXy   '] Xy.}yV  ��������� 11 --i. u.,i :I hayefthe^houor to be-' ;  ��������� ������   ���������'   Xiy,;,yjonriobediehtiServant/^j  /      .,'.**'" ~y   V..V   JVAUNElt R^SPAIipI^G, ���������  ���������Id liff-1 li^vi tat? 6 n;br Ms fi-ioiul, ai id p ay a visa t  tp. Cariboo^iox 1 tjiiuk-tlio :miners will be iiSjfe.  to fu viiish-h jm ;wi[h a .morehSuitable 4nou dft  plinn e' #bm/thei ������ terse yyVQcabulary, as tliey  are hot yet;aware:that.he/hus ,said, done oir  sung, any filing .worthy, ofJibeing, written, te^  pejtetl o^:^^^nibered.y;i.lfe^ /  s ay ed ^lie ;troitb lb; bMh to wing "off h is disgu is^ / '}���������  fori h^ye j^o/doubtjhe* will hoi vfound Jike ���������  Pbpeyvjiplj^cjan,^   M-y'       ,., .' ���������  ,  '  y  yy yyWilh noiMngr.-Koriion.-b.ut thowoso,^  : aha^wtthput;:ajfoelihg::finer thanHhat: of ��������� spit^ y {  It'" Argus' ''"should conic to Cariboo Mr. Spald^  jng-wilJvbe^Ailly��������� revenged,"for/heXwilL find,  thattall'men speakawellxif our-raagistrate. ��������� ��������� ���������   :'~  ��������� ���������..C -fiun/yoiirsi'&J,  yy,/"."'.',1 >    y^y'2yyy}yu;2-*y:yjA$TTrAnGVS  yy-Bark^rville^/C, March 26th, /1867;       /  'v������  washing,'  lUVrSOUEEK.  iv in.  ER.  gSf^&'y  mm  mm  S  1-3  Jarkt'r-  done  ���������Some good diggings/have been, s^n  %ie/hills-on this creek; idxiring the; winter/,  ,;���������/;���������.'./���������-'.��������� ft/. ���������'"���������:���������;'^SUGAIt;CREEK.-���������-* ''���������/'/..���������^/������������������^^ ���������!  //Mri/O'liara/ahd.: others���������. have, lbcafed/d.isr  cb very cl aim s o n this creek. \ % T lie ric h sp p ts/  ���������foundin -18 63; were f avoral^l e i ndica ti oris: bf ti'  /Ie ad, 7l- but h itli er to prosp ectors have be en u n-  al^le to find it. ;"'/���������'', /.::'��������� 'xy.Xx: y}} ���������/  2 :./,���������,;   .: :��������� ; ������������������' KBITHLBY'S . XJRKKK. ���������'���������/;.- yy} y.}/���������  /: /The" Afiglo-inienean Hydrahlic'. co'y have  purchased/excellent/ ho^se:: alidyother; appliances, and wiir begin bperatibnsv? as soon as  the season is sufficiently advanced. /   yt  ..'��������� ;pEGGS/ GUlXH'y"  . Several��������� claims, have been.. .1 ocated on tli is  gulch during the last two weeks. Some of the  companies will begin prospectingimmediateiy'  ANTLlCIt   CAEE1C..  There.is but one company prospecting on  this creek, they are running a tunnel into the  hill.   "'  CAN VOX CRKI-UC.  The Stewart Quartz co'y have quit working.  The Washburn co'y sunk a shaft 62 feet deep  on theiriedge, and found at that depth some  of the richest quartz that has ever been seen  in th is d is tr ic t. 'The m o s t o f th e sh a re h o 1 d ers  and workmen are in here ;at present. The  company held a meeting on Monday last, at  which it was agreed to-erect two Arastras on  the ledge.  r., t ��������� ;���������    ,). - * -v  - ryy ������rQld Commissiqner; 'r���������  i V, Secretary fining ?Boar d. VX'z y X yyy V0i **'���������  i ^yPhe Secretaiytiien. read' a' cbmmnm'^tioiV  from ^the Attorn ey-GeneTal abkYi^^erlgirig the'  receipt^f ?a co|>y-,bf the resoiutioKs "passed^liy;  the Board* iriirevisiog; the ^liUiiig'iS^  ^v*A?cpiisiderablevdiscussion ^b^^regardin^f  the ^pmmunicatioujfrpm' *tl|e -iGold/ JCommis^  sibner;:;Several of thermembersyexpressecl a  desire to ;see a copy of thejinstructipnsigceiy-  ?ed by the- Gold^GommissioneV W^f^ence/'to  ,GrouseiGreekvBed Rock^lume Go. X:fho< Secretary said he though^tlie iBoard 'fieedynbt expect a copy.- : ���������  2y^   -"is-i*   ��������� .   ^   .'Tir !..;!��������� t-  'y Moved;by Dr. Wilkinsbri>^sc!cond^lb^: ^fr.  Burdick^ liTYlikt- th e ;S&rexary%e iiisfeu ct^d to ���������  apply to theG^oldComihissipnerfpf a copy pf  his; ins trirctions lYrpftf -1 the/ Colon ial/;SdcreSiry  ;in!referehcetd. the ^Grouse ��������� Greek :BM Jibck  Flume Co.?' -Carried/ ��������� y%y- ''n���������::;'..;' ; '���������/'';  Moved' by ^Dr; Wilkinson,;: seconded ''by., Mr;  Drake,JkThat 'Mr.- Thompson be appointed  auditor of the hospital/ac'counts.V -* , ��������� ���������  / = Messrs" Bo^th andiBurdick^were- reque^tecl  "V     ' y (^yroro/:Wanie.cX,:Spala^ / ���������  ��������� .   >V V    *'*S:v 1 ^?ri<lay^.|sfc.Mur:'h.  ;Borealiso 06\,}por IVTy :HiItbh^foreman, vsv  ^lispn.Cbrivp'er G^fMui-dbcb,^ fdreinari;^i)e/ /  fehdant.tb^how'��������� cause;why he> >hoiiId npt be    ��������� :  lined ���������; o n im prisoned for "d isob eying;: th e 1 awfi il    /  order;pfctlmiGbldtGbmraissioner/adco^     to1  //.  ;sec.'I40;iPart>XIl);bffethotmiriing^fOrdiUance , |'  .lSGS^y'Theciise/was?dismissed^ :;/-!/-^:;;: y ,  ..,..,"'. r .*'"   yyyyX y / Thursdays7.tlr-MaiHsh'.* " ��������� ������' '  ��������� "JiuReiU Byrne 'by "his attorneys JbhnB^yltVj  vs. R. Ho.ugli, Lp \vhee; creeld^Defehdant to':"-.  show-cause why lie wptihfr nbfevpay $15 am-  <^njjauejoi������hj^^  foriplaintiffwitlr costal   .   ' -' X ' 'VA' /  ��������� - ��������� .   yyxyjy   . -^xhlirsdajS^iistMarcb;  y R. Da vis, vs. ^ribpo ..GO;, /per, ^y/ftfcilanit, /   /  fo^eni an.-: -I)efe iulants^fesbb^c^       y th ey   - ���������  w^^d:ffitpa^Sio^^J)a^ due to    v:  theplain.tilf.t/^This'siutL^was, adjourned.fsine. ���������  die/ yyyy,ym y,,>,y y.yryy   yy    . ���������  ^/Edward Galout^ys.. Iliscbvery* Co.,,, GraTise ���������  creeIy.;J.vX., Muir^ to  show caiise why he��������� would not pay-byer to the  plain Qff his ^hai^; of ^fvj^Ms^^^ .  '-^mpanylbmiig^t^                                 on<;     / "  mrtfh,/of Joiie, fulf interest;which, ho held  yp;  four  J;udgmentfcir pi ai rt tilf 'with cbsts.^-^ ������<���������  yyQoxjNm,QQvmyX  yy;y-;yyy;yyyu.y yyy yyyyy  .yi*1 *<&  Libraryf by public Sub scrip tibn.^v^;:-/.//^.;  Xy. The mee ti ng then'ad. j our h ed uiitiiTh^da^/;  2Sth;instaht/at 7:ft?c;ipck/p/myy ^ ^;/-y:  ?'AUGl[Si"-vALIAS.i/l, CARIJ3O0ITE'/; ALIAS ^'2l2l1  ^{Before WariiarB-'-'S^altlkg^K^ff '    V  ,11xy yiir y^^^^  V J;, Wy iinSlirfv^-^  jreek ^Aii.acMn B!xe^(^4&^Qo balarice, '  ,of an account. ; JaVdgm^at^loiv^lalntUf with  epife.       | yy ym  v^^ett) Fuller  An-action;���������brought ������tpUlrecdv,er^ibalance   of  amount, S25.G pur c^as^p\i|1^u^ ^Ga^e dis^  misseel/- -   X ''2 X r}X :  '   .yyy yy< y" '    /  ;  yEredericfeKrautz^Sj^  action tb:recbver $fi4 AP,ywages;s^Judgmciit-  for,plain tig with costs., J]y, ,���������;/,/* '  x- < yy . ������ ! y ; ���������; ^Tae3day/12tli^farch.  ������ wMaryrNathah vs; FannyBeitdixen.HAn ac-^  tion'tb recover ah -accpuritJ8f V0^\ Sundries,  ifudgmerit for^ d^fondaniwith/cOsfs;;-^"Jy  '/ Qi5penheimeV & Go^^������ Mar^  auction to recoyer I)a!bthce%f;account; o/h goods  -$1^0 93-   JudgmenMfoBplaihU^fo^^        33  :'wM'.costs.>; ?<;' ���������" X'y, Xij X"^yKy '>X. ���������  '1:\ yyy:i yyy;il^^^^0&^; ^,-  ;  Wiiliam Ilerpn vs/Black:;Hawk Go/ per F* ���������  Dbyufsf;.���������Aii action to recover . anj ^account  against the cbmpany for $49 02hX^Judgment  ;for the plaintiff; the/amount to -bo-paid in  1 proppri&ns: by.: tSe ��������� respective��������� sha-re- :  holders.  2; 4>p penhe%er<fc ,Cp.: vsv Dr. :Ghipp.-SAn m2*  ii&n/to reebver balance of account $17i Judg*  AneUt for plaintilfs;by defauIt   '��������������������������� .       - ,.  /���������: Qpjienheimer,&;Cp/.fe  actioir t,b recbyer. balance '.of account-$140 4>ii.  Judgment:for plaintiffs" with' cpstSv-y>* /y.yy  .,:James Wickam.vjs.rjphn/Delany.^An ac-  tb recover $350, amount of promissory/note.  judgment for theplaintiif by.defti,ulfc:/ /.X.  ���������;' '��������� WfLLTAM^ ClIE 15K'V'GlSXERAt" Hb^r'TAt,--We  arc. indebted to Dr. Bell,, resident:fehysician of  ��������� ttils-Imiitiitibh, .for an abstract bf repprt f rorn  Istim'y ISO6,;up to date./ Fr6m/ 1st J*an. to  31st Dec. 44 patients have' been 'admitted tb.  the hospital, and 1 IS'have received ad vice and  To .'vThe y Editor y<0FT tue/^ Cariboo/ SENTrxKiiv'  : ��������� StR,���������-I \vas rip t a ^litfele.. sitrprised to/ see; a'  letter published.in.tlie'^British;Goluhibian''bf  th e 2 3rd ul fc/ ove r the.������ign ature/ of/ "Carl bo pV  UeJl meddling with mine 'in your issue of ithe  .15 th" Janu a ry.-  That ���������p war di ce wJii ch is; th e'f  characteristic of anonymous scribblers' must  h aye b een the reaso n why, th e 1 e tter referred.  tb; was not pnblished,in your . paper '/instead.  of in the. /Coiumbiany   , With an impudence  only equal led by . h is igno ranee j . the write r  }\hi n tifies f ��������� An ti-A rg t is & wi th. Mr. Sp aid in g. "I ui e di c iite as o i it-p a ti en ts :atte n d 1 ng at th e h os-  This 'might have been expected ;. suspicion I pifo!������ consisting of surgical aiid medical cases  ii aii n ts th e g u i I ty min d.   . Th e w liter of that  0.   ���������  f&  It is an n ou need th a (; messages are now  transmitted between New York and Valentia,  Ireland.- through the land lines to Heart's  Contentful the cable, at an "average rate* of  butfive minutes time.   The entire land route  reliable  condition, and  'to.  The number in the hospital on. 1st Jan., 1857,  was 8, -5 wore admitted since 1st Feb., aud 27  have re eel ved relief as: ontpatie n'ts. X During  tho las115 mo n ths the creek has been u iiiisu af-  ly healthy, no particular /disease prevailing,  except Syphilis which "exists in full.'force.;  there have be6n/a few cases of Fever buc  th ose were general ly of. a mil ti. cinirac ter.  During this timb there have b&in IS ac^ dents  including fractiireSj frp.^t bites, injui/i'c^tb the '  eye. and catft,." "/���������    / [2 "':'...     ;  . ^T^Mr.; IL C./Wihriott,.our -enterprisi):.g  Expressmnn, lias now two"'sleighs onthevruad ���������'  between Richfield and Cauierontou, one for  drawing wood"&c.,-.the o.thor,for the ticcoiii<.-  dation of.passengers and Express matter. :H<������  tri ps������to. Q von so . c reek  W heinn* nlaced In a rename co.immon, ana muinvii ���������������.������������,������������ >.������.������. ,���������v. v������*w*������������ ������y ������* *it>tl-,. mumy uuv a-������i-at _wii5(������'inter...-; Mr. WilmoUs  those Vexatious delays that haw heretofore I think they say something a bout barking at. obliging mamiorjcioiniueptUluui to. tiiuflaft-oii*  so often occurred are likely to be overcome, the moon.   I hope S-trgus-  may accept tire i ago of llio piiUficC' ; .   "   --  1 etter. need not ti:oiib 1 e hiinself about the  identity of *j Argus," nor the editorial curtain  1:1 Kit litdez him,.Jor eveu a Jackdaw can s'cto.  the hoofs of the Ass beneath the covering of  Li o n '*s skin. - He s peaks o f tli e eager i n te rest  w i tli which the ay ti c les o f ."Argus;;;- li ave b een  read on this .creek, and all. that they have  done to establish the great (?) reputation of  the 'Columbian.' .  Now this letter must be^  either a forgery or a falseh ood, for. i f it were  written here,-the writer must 'know that the  'Columbian' iii this d strict is considered beneath,a reputation of/any kind either good or  bad, and as the whole is greater than a part.  ' 'Argus'J m ay well com pii men t himse 1 f on I  his owa"articles.   ���������"'Argus}' need not fcronb 1 e j wii 1 also��������� make- reg11 tar  himself about what the officials say of him-. | during the rest of the winter... A/0IGSP3RATE RACE. j brus^ towards me with his tail down, as be  '.'"'. ;"1 '   ~���������   /".; ! was not used  to ������oing unless there were  Some years ag������, I was oae of a convivial1 wolves, panthers, or Injins about  party t&a������ me& im. ifee priaeapal hotel m the:     u I picked up my knife, and.  took up# my  town oJf Colttia'hias, OMo,,43ise sent ^ govern-! line of march in a skulking trot up the river.  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS,  muni<rf *foe B������eke$������e State.  ��������� It was a wbHtefrVevefltttg, w^aea all-��������� without was:bleak *&&-��������� ^sevmy^ and all" within  were blitheaa.& -gay; w-hea S������Kig and. 6tory|  ���������.-made tfce -circuit t^f-the' festive feoani, tilling1  ap the cltasiae of life witfe madfe aad laughter,  ��������� We fe*A met for the express  purpose of  . making ������ eight of it^ufld"-^ie pious intention-  was duly ������ad!:.mosf*re35giously carried oat  The Legislature was in session la that town,-  arid mot:a few otMz woTfej- legislators -were;  preseat u js ������a this o&easfow.  y One of these worthies I will name, as he I  aoly took a big swath ia the- evening's eater-  ^aiament, but ������e was a nzan more generally  - kaowa.thaaWr worthy' President, /-ante K.  Bulk/ fhat maa was the famous Gapt Riely!  wh������se/"4!axTative'" of suffering and adventures 5s pretty'geaeraliv knowu aii over the  ���������-etvUrsed world. Capt ������t&ley w^s a fine, Vat,  good-humored joker, who at the period of my  otory was the representative of the Dayton  district, aad lived near that little city when  at home. Well, Capt Riley fcad amused the  -company with many of itie far-famed and singular adventures, which, ������eitf������ mosUy told  before and read by millions of people, that  Jiave ever seen his book, I will not attempt to  repeat:them,   ' vr* vi, vy;/'. /  Maay- were Ohe stories and.advents told by  ihe company, when it came .to: the turn of a  well-known.gentlemen; who.represented thei  Cincinnati  district     As Mr.   is yet'  !The frequent gullies on the lower bank made  it tedious travelling there, so X scrabbled ap  to the upper bank, which was pretty well  covered with buck-eye and sycamore, and  very little under-brush. ���������> One peep below discovered to me three as big and strapping red  rascals, gentlemen, as you ever clapped your  eyes on! Yes, there tbey come, not above  $\x hundred yards in my rear* Shouting. and  yelling like bounds, and coming after me like  all possessed." /...  u Well," said an old woodsman, sitting at  the table, "you took a tree, of course?"  .y"Did������? No, gentlemen, I took no tree  just then, but I took to my. heels like sixty,  and it was just as much as my old dog could  do to keep up with me. I run until .the  j whoops of my red skins grew fainter behind  me; and clean out of wind, I ventured to  look, back, and there came one single red  whelp, puffing. and blowing, not three hundred yards in-my rear. He had got on to a  piece "of bottom where the trees were small  and scarce, now, thinks I, old fellow, Til have  you. So ������ trotted off at a pace sufficient to  let my follower gain on me, and when.be had  got just about near enough, I wheeled and  fired, and down I brought him dead as a door  nail, at a hundred and twenty yards!"  t{ Then you scalped him immediately ?"said  NO.TfGlp  Tlie -S^^pJ-^iS^i*^  ��������� ���������'-. Will leave SOD&CKE^VV  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS,  AT DAYLIGHT;  ...Will leave QUESNEL  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS,  AT 6 O'CLOCK,  Connecting at Soda Croek with Harvard's Staofb on  Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip up.  j������* Freight' to Quesnel 1| cts. ^ lb.  Steamer 'Enterprise,' >���������".'������������������  May 21st,-1866.. y   j. ; .5  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  i        QUESNELMOUTH,  P. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best  description. /   s y  ROAD SIDE HOUSES," &c.  ci  1  QUESNELMOUTH,  BROWN & GILLIS, Proprietors.  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table, &c.  Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats,       s/:y  Among the living, and , perhaps not disposed  to tie the subject of joke or story, I do not  '���������'������������&! at Uberty to give his name.   Mr. y. y' ' ���������  ���������was/a slow oeliever? of ofcfrer men's adyen-  : tores, and,,at the same time, disposed to mag-  mfy himself iafcp. ay marvellous   hero j when-  ever the opportunity/offered.//As Capt Riley  wound up one1 of his truthful,, tboagh really  marvellous   adventures,    Mr.���������^-i��������� coyly  remarked, that the Captains story was all very  well;/but it/did not begin to compare with an  *dveatiire\that'he;had,**ottce npok a time/'  on the Ohio, fallow the present city of Cincinnati. '���������"/   ���������:���������; ,. ���������/ ;."//..'y.\ -.- ��������� .  . *r Let's have; H!"~" Let's have It!" resound-(lay for hira, Miadn.t time to load, so I laid my  the back^f70odsmftn."  "Very clear of it, gentlemen, for by the  time I. got my rifle loaded, here came the other  two red skins, shouting and whooping close  onrae, and away I broke again like a quarrer.  ho rse- ��������� I was now about five miles fro tn the  settlement, and it was getting towards sunset;  I ran till my wind began to be pretty short,  wben I took a look backhand there theycame  snorting like mad buffaloes, sol acted possum  again until the foremost Injin got pretty well  upj and r wheeled and fired at the very moment he was drawing a bead on me; he fell  head over stomach into the dirt, and up came  the last one!".���������-���������.; '*���������;"'   'y/vy/        yy.  " So you laid. for him and���������" said serera1.  " No," continued the "member," '������������������ I didn't  GIROD & GUfCHON,  Old  Established General. Store,        $ ���������  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMISSION MERCHANTS ,��������� :  Storage, &c���������Terms most Moderate.  ���������'���������-..:     QUESNELMOUTH// s  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  PLOXTR!   FLOUR!!  ���������. -      ,   .. ���������- \  LILLOOET    MILLS.  BOYIX/&HBATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE/  Theproprie  and good Beds are nyw, prepareu w auora every aoB^lgsHi^Bi  modation for Travellers;1- the Table is furnisliea withS^mP  the luxuries that can' be procured;-' the Bar is' wen ^IIS  pHed with the best brands of .Liquors and Segars- e^Ptf^'  Stabliu^, Hay, Oats aad Baricy.    jg������^ The CHEA^Kl J  House ou the Boad. ���������-. ���������;��������� y-'  ��������� " ��������� ; y it V  COTTON WO.Op-RANCHm  rnHE UNDERSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED FROi^^S *}  1 Messrs. Hoffmeister & Co. this pplendid Ranch t^^S di  gether with the commodious two-story house knowi,,  the Cottonwood Hotel, is how prepared to afford em  a<xommodatloh to the travelling public,--and-hopes 1}  a strict attention to, business to merit a share of iij  patronage bestowed on the; former proprietors,   t^j,  one of the most comfortable and commodious Hotts  oh the road, containing as it does warm and well ft*.  ished bed rooms with good beds. "The TABLE is  olied with every delicacy it Is possible to procure!  upper coun'try.   The BAR is stwked with .the be  Uquors and tbe choicest Cigars.  XmirMEALS,; $1.50.KACH.-Sa  The Stabling for Horses is all that could bedes  and the charges are very moderate.    Hay for E  per day, $2 j Oats and Barley at the-cheapest ma  i*'ites ���������  The undersigned has a large quantity of OAT !  on hand, for sale in J������rge of small quantities. Pa  deiirous/of purchasing this article would de w������  cive'him a call.  "43 -..... ... JOHN PKLLETIER, Propriety  /'g^'bt  yy-Stct  mm*.  mm-*  !Slmo\  COLOWIA     HOTELJ    - SODA- OREEK-.���������;--' ���������'".- ~ - -a  1  4  (5REAT REDUCTION has been made in the chnrgal  fi. at this establishment, so as to suit, the times.   ,|  Meals, $1; Beds, 75 Cents.        I  McLEESE & SENAY,   |  ''"'. '. ..;.'. rroprietcn. |  October 1st, 1866.      . /..',' .   . . .41  |  ������d from ail hands.  ;;.  /" Weil gentlemea,^ said the Senator, .clearing Ms' voice .for ��������� action and knocking the  ' /Ashes from Wk cigar'against the arm of his  :; chairV -u:^ in the habit of,  ;.6pinning yarns/;of; marvellous or fictitious  matters; and therefore it is scarcely neecs-  y 1 sary^ to affirm upon^ the responsibility of my  ���������; reputation, gentlemen j that wh at I am about  to tell you I most sblbhinly: proclaim^ to be  truth, and���������,> ..' '-. ./':../;., ..;//; . :"'" ���������. -  - ^ Oh I never mind that,' go on,: Mr. ',"  .-' -ebimed the party.'    - /  "Well, gentlemen, in 18��������� I came down the  ���������Ohio.river, and settled at Losanti, now called  Cincinnati.   It was, at that time, but a little  / settlement of some twenty or thirty log and  frame eabins, and where now stands the Broadway. Hotel, and blocks of stores and dwelling  nouses, was the cottage and corn patch of old  ; Mr. '/the tailor, who, by the by, bought  that land for the making of a coat for one of  the settlers. Well, I put up my cabin, with  theaid of my neighbors, and put in a patch of  corn and potatoes, about where the Fly market uow stands, and set about improving my  lot. house, etc. '/  "Occasionally I took my^rifle, and started  off with my dog down the river, to look up a  little deer, or bar meat, then very plenty  along the river.    The blasted redskins were  lurking about, and hovering around the set-  - tlement, and every once in a while picked oif  spme of our neighbors, ot stole our cattle or  horses.   I hated the red demons, and made  U/6 bones of peppering- the blasted  sarpentsj  Whenever I got a sight at them.    In fact, the  red rascals had a dread of me, and had laid a  good many traps to get my scalp, but I wasn?t  to be eateh'd napping.   No, no, gentlemen, I  was too well up to 'em for that.  ..  '��������� Welt, I started off one morning, pretty  early, to take a hunt,and travelled a long way  down the river/over the bottoms and hills,  bat couldn't find uo bar nor deer.   About  four o'clock in the afternoon, I made tracks  for the settlement again.   By aud by, I sees a  buck just ahead  of mo. walking leisurely  down the river.   I slipped np, with my faithful old dog close in my rear, to within clever  ahootihg distance, and just as the bnck stuck  his nose in the drink, I drew a bead upon his J  top-knot,.and over he tumbled, and splurged  und bounded awhile, when I came up and relieved him by cutting his wizen���������"  " Well, but what has that to do with an adventure f} said Riley.  " Hold on a bit, if you please, gentlemen���������  by Jove it had a great deal to do with it. For  while I was busy skinning the hind quarters  of the buck, and stowing away the kidney fat  in my hunting shirt, I heard a noise like the  breaking of bush under a moccasin up 'the  bottom.' My dog heard it and started, to ve-  connitre, and I lost no time in reloading my  ride. I had hardly got my priming out before  my dog raised a howl and broke through the  legs to ground and started again. I heard  every bound he made after me. I ran until  the fire.flew out of my eyes,aod the old dog's  tongue hung out of his mouth a quarter of a  .yard/long.!? vy.���������..;���������:---.  .-:��������� :  y" Phe-e-e-e-w I" whistled somebody. ;  ;��������� f'Fact, gentlemen. Well, what I was to do  I didn't know-T-rifle empty, no big trees about  and a murdering Injin close in my rear; and,  what was worse, just then it occurred to me  that I was not a great ways from a big creek  and there! should be pinned at last. Just at  this juncture, I struck my toe against a root,  and down I tumbled, and my old dog over me.  Before I could scrabble up���������r  " The Injin fired t" gasped the woodsman.  :" He did, gentlemen, and I felt the ball  strike me under the shoulder; but that didn't  seem to put any embargo upon my locomotion, for as soon as I got up, I took off again,  quiteJVeshened by my fall! I heard the redskin coming close behind me, and every minute I expected to have his; tomahawk dashed  into my head or shoulders. .    .  " I was now within a hundred yards of the  creek, could see the smoke from the settlement chimneys; a few more jumps and I was  by the creek. The Injin.was close upon me���������  he gave a whoop, and I raised my rifle ; on  he< came, another whoop! whoop! and he was  within fifty yards of me. I pulled my trigger,  and���������"  "And killed him?" chuckled Riley.  " No. sir, I missed fire!"  " And the redskin ?" shouted the old woodsman in a frenzy-of excitement  "Fired and killed me !"  The screams and shouts that followed this  finale brought landlord Noble, servants, aad  hostlers, runniug up stairs to see if the house  was on fire!  THE UNDERSIGNED aro now maunfacturirig FLOUR  of all grades: Extra, Superfine'and Fiiie,    Feed  Crushed to order. . ...������-. ...  LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.,  I-s ytVyX      : F. W. Fostkr, Agent.  EDWIN   TYNON,  EALER IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND  Caps, Boots and Shoes, Carpetings, 0:1 Cloths;  Wall Paper, &c, Lillooet, B. C.  ���������1-8  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB MILTZ, Proprietor, has always on  hand a large and superior stock of Lager Beer; at  the Bar wilt be found tho best Brandies, Wines anil  Segars; the public are.mvitod to call. .Preparedto fill  all orders promptly. .'   ; 1-s .  Pioneer Hotel���������Lillooet,  J^HARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This-old  \j established House is well fitted up for the comfort  of Travellers; the .Table is supplied with the best of  everything that can be had, and the cooking is not inferior to thebest hotel in the lower.counlry; Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, &c.  The Express stops here ' 1-s.  BARKERVILLE:  THE UNDERSIGNED beg to inform their friends and  the inhabitants generally of Williams Creekj the  neighboring Creeks, and those 'visiting/the''ifines of  Cariboo, that having leased the well-known Bakery  aud Restaurant of MUNDORF&CO;, the oldest established house in Barkerville, would solicit a continuance  of its long and extensive patronage: and will be harjpy  to see all their friends. For the conyeuience.of miners  we will exchange bread for flour as-heretofore, and?at  any time receive the same tickets for Meals, Lunches,  Pies, Cakes, or anything in our line for their value/and  will be oa hand at all hours, day or*night, to supply  the wants of our patrons. .'".yy ;,."���������������������������  tigf Good Stabling convenient to tho. establishments  P; EDDY & CO:   ;  Barkcrvilie, Sept. 26th, 1866./// ...  43-s :  164 MILE OR DEEP CREEK  TS .OPEN, FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF Ti  X Travelling 'public'; the bedrooms are spacious a  airy and the Beds cannot be surpassed for cK'anliaf  and comfort by any In the lower country; the Table  always supplied with the best of victuals.,, Stab];  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hsn  141 MILE HOUSE,"  DENNIS MXJBPHY, Proprietor. This Eon  is furnished with every convenience foirthecK  fort of Travellers; the Culinary department ie ni  the superintendence of an experienced cook; tbe fk  are clean and comfortable ; the Bar contains thi* be  of Liquors, Segars, &c.   Stabling, Hay, Barley & On  BLOOD WILL TELL  BLUE   TENT   RANCH.  WM. HENDERSON begs to Inform hisfr^n-  and tbe travelling public generally that be h.  taken the above Ranch and is prepared to supply the  with First Class Accommodation. Good Stabling *  horses; Hay and Grain. y U  111 MILE HOUSE.  WM. HANSON, D. A. McLEAN,  Proprietor, . Agen  THIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND WELL FITTED I  for the comfort pf travelers; the Table, la supplis  with the best of everything :that canlbe procurd; aii  the cooking is not inferior to aby on toe/Toad; Bedroou  for families; Stabliug, -.. Hay,, Barley and: Oats.V; l-3  i  m  Rema.rkabi.e   Pipe.���������A meerschaum pipe  was sold io Chicago recently for S100, and  next day resold for $125, to be sent to Europe.  Its first appearance in public is suld  to have  been at the coronation of Phillip II. of Spain.  Its hiBtory for nearly three centuries after  that is not known, but some twenty years since  it was smoked several times a day  by King  Ludwig of Bavaria. ^ About this time Lola  Montez was quite intimate with the  imbecile  kin������, and it is to be presumed that she wheedled him out of it    When Lola was obliged to  leave Munich in a hurry,  she packed  It up  with such other baggage as she was allowed  to carry away, and brought it to the United  States.   After her death it was sold, with the  balance of ker elfeets; but how it i,ame to  Chicago is a question "which we are not able  to answer.   Its carrying capacity is very nearly an eighth of a pound.   It is said to have  been made about the year 1516.  j^r- Judge Peters being asked to define a  captain of a company, said, "It was one man  commanded by a hundred others.n  Bathing    Establisliment!  barkerv ip lb. j'.'.;.;':; Vyy }��������� ryy  (Next Bank of British North America.)  D LEWIS begs leave to inform the Ladies and  ��������� Gentlemen of Williams Greek and vicinity that  he has fitted up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to merit a share of their patronage.  #3=- He will also attend to Extracting, Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth. 19"  4 LBERT CRYSLER has opened the above House  il. the reception of Travellers; the Table Is wellk  and the Liquors cannot be"surpassed jytneBcass  clean and comfortable;, Stabling for Horses, Hay"  0'ats. l',.\  yy      X Xy . ���������/ ���������-' ��������� .  . ^  ������������������ " ;  ��������� l:  TAMES HUBONr^rpprie^r./.Th^coa^  O  ous Hotel is well fitted up with every coayfa^  lor the comfort of; the public; the Beds are;.all in������  weary traveller could desire; the Table is suppiteaj'  the best of fare;"; the Bar conUiins thej choicest, pr^a  of .Liquors and Segars; :goodStab:ling, Horse Feea, oj  Barioyy &c. / y.},,.    . .... ���������        ....t: ��������� *'-V /-:'   v:/v'.-  I  T OBSNZO LE1ABTO, Proprietor., m  Jj .affords every accommodation for .J,h*::WJ;L  Travellers: the Table is furnished with all the denc^  of the season, and the Bar/is stocked with thecw  of "Wines, Brandies & Segars; good stabling for.noj  Hay, Barley and OatB constantly on hand at low r������  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap.   . ��������� }���������  %m  W$Sr  GROUSE  CREEK  THE UNDERSIGNED bogs to inform the public that  the above establisliment was opened on SUNDAY  LAST, the 22nd July, and tbat he will be happy to receive a call from his friends.  ffiT BOARD $16 PER WEEK, -������ft  Bread, Fie  and Cakes always, un hand for sale.  23 A. KELLY, Proprietor.  The  QEMLEN & PARKE, PrSPr������tor6y ������J '  O Junction of the Cariboo ond Blg;Bcnd^oaus,  now open lor the accommodation of the P������.������ilG; h.  tance from Clinton, 26 miles; from SavanasSteam  Landing, 22 miles; from Spence's Bridge, w wi  Travellers will find prices and accommodations w  the times.   Give them a call.   Stabling, Hay & w  attentive hostlers.   Stage leaves hero twice a w^,  Big Bend and Yale, and onco a week for Cariboo^  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  ���������o ���������    ,  Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars,  Posters  and  ' Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  Entertainments,  Executed with >Neatness aud Dispatch at thiSiOfflce.  J9ST.Terms Moderate* ffj&p      . '���������  WILLIAM   WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE. -   I  MESSRS. CORiSrWALI^S.    ;.    .  T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, ^a^^S  Spence's Bridge and Clinton, un the Tg{g Z$i  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. TW> v jj  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Bywjm. |,  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap -feea.������ ���������,  THE SHORTEST AND CHEAPEST ROUJ  Four' Days to the 108 Mile Post, via Cea  Creek and Mitchell's Trail. .       f!  PARTIES GOING BELOW THIS FALL are ipiw  that they can easily make Cedar creek in iw"y  and crossing the Lake can reach the ^J^qVi,,  two more. MITv������������  tl  yW  i>  w  ���������Ai  w  tl  ;;AV  tl  m  h\  W  m  :;\v  tl  .'A  :ti  ti  t(  fi  tl  n  tl  b  'g  ft  b  P  'sl  r.i  o  tl  q  -y  n  !a  ti  I  "t  t  n  c  s  e  ���������i  I  .8  -������  t  I  i  I  i  V.  2


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