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The Cariboo Sentinel 1872-03-23

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 Vol.12.  <y&  '^B^rkervilie^WiliiaiibL'^Creek,. WMy^s^^2MJ^^XMV';^^0i yy yyyyy^ev:^  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Published every Saturday by'���������'������������������'-x- xy  SOBER TV' x%Vi>Jj Ii 0 W -A -Y2"  Subscription,  -  -  50 Cents per Week.V  RATES OF ADVERTISING.  Forone square (one inch), first Insertion,  '"'.'<������     ������������������' i< ono month,   -.;  For two squares, flrstlnscrtlon, ..-���������   .'.-*-'  * "   \vonc mouth, ���������  ���������  -   ���������   ������;  jg> | yyy .j" yy    vVi'-'v*   v.y/:.yy  :'   yyy - y.v ., yy. .  22 Ao-siits.for tli^** Cariboo1 SmitmV.O.V   .,;  New Westminster,      -      -     ..-������������������.-, John, irnrniy/  ; 2LiSpeaker: qlTLegislafcive: Assembly within  hisProvince. ,. -.    .;���������.. X4  22."Members of Legislative Assembly within'tiieir Province; -?' ���������~7:.v:'���������" :   <; c2 vn- 2f';  (Copy'.).   .... .  Canada.' No. 164.  Downing street,.  y; yUih July. ,1868^  .My Lord,-���������In .consequence of the.Confeder-  atiori of 'the Brliisii Provinces, so me revision  ol tae.iomier iicssge uuere wwywu.fc������v*v.>>**������.������,������^f  come -necessary,, and I have the honor to info'rmyoir'ttiat her: Majesty Jims- been pleased  to approve of the adoption of the following:  I^ul&ion|.|;y ^mX l-.yyVyyX^yi: ���������������������������-" ,2  V} ly The^'overh^  styled>jffisExc^lency."y 2y; ; 2 ?j        y .  ' Vy  ��������� TtiHl CARIBOO SENTINEL      .-'':  ''%2V< y'>< } '2XX. 2-JX222,y:; yPv X,  s *-'  ,     }.y>   t, '2    2 '      ;/* r   ' :    .'     V> '"  Cards. Circulars, Posters and Programmes for  ''' \     Balisand-Theatrical Entertninments <;'  yi; t'"'-. y ���������'��������������������������� -.'���������:��������� v:: ������������������' ��������� y. ���������;{,; y ��������� 'ty v 2; y y yy ;'������������������ y y-y ���������: y ��������� v' ���������; ;y; ���������!��������� yi.::' x;..'; yy. x y ?��������� y. y  jf^rEjcecuted with neatnessnnd dispatch..^^  r ' Terms moderate.- ,   r  v-.yjtfT^-^  I  The.Governor-General or Officer Admin*  .y     *"$ k :lyx     -       i ? ��������� v *    ,    '   <  . ist^Binp.Mie Guvnrnment.      ^       /, ,'������������������  ! 2f Sen it ir OfficerCommanding ber ���������'Majesty's  ;; Trtmps wiijnn;^i^  General." and Officer Commanding her, Ma-  t '^i^^-^^^^V^ <?n tlie British Norfb  %:;Ainerican''$tatipn'-i^of tlie������*anJr/dfi attjSdr  '  mirftl.   Their\ own3^relative rank po be deter-  ���������   mined,l)y^hevftueenJs Hedrulations -on; the  subject.- - }y - ..yyy- yyy  3. The Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.  ��������� 4iThe Lieu ten an *������Gp vern o r of Quebec.  *'/   5, SlhftLieutenant-Governor-of 'Nova 'Sco-  '$;?���������';'i\> ''������������������:' ,'   >������������������*;. ������������������������������������ -   ,?' :,' -i y :>> *   -^y '-��������� '���������;��������� , -.. ���������'���������'��������������������������� ": *v-���������   t. ���������   y ���������  X The Privy Cpnncillbrs of Canada to be,  styled " Honorable/7 and for4ife.4,>Y ,t/ \  1 y jylytors'ofConadato'be '(Honorable/'  but only during office, arid the title not tq^e.  continned afterwards^ ~        \ '*���������'  :5. Executive CouncillorB of the Provinces;  to be styled,V Honorable,^ -but only while .j.n  office, and the title not to bejcontinuedafterl  6. Legislative Councillors in the Provinces  not in future io bave.that jitle, but gentlemen  who were LegislUiv^yCpuhcilldr^ the time  of the Union to retain 1-keir: titler of ^ Hbhor-  able'^forlifa,;   .; ..  <;j y���������  ,,..,    '    1  V". Th^J''^3ident'bLtheLegi5lative,Cpnncil.  iii the'.Prpvinces to be styled (i Honorable'?-  - yy-Kyyy fyyy :m y vy ���������:'%' ������ ;i--;h yyyyyy;yyyyyiyymy  dunnafoffice.. ':.;'/-.-' yi  ���������"';    >^y  ���������'. ��������� '&��������� ��������� Tlie^Speaker ^f*'the -House;"of' Assembly  in tiie/jErbvinces to be styled "Honorable"  aiiring office. ^ ^ r ������ ,  ������������������-..-...-..-:      J have, ^^������^4^K^^^i*^i  y   i; 6.: The LieutenantTGoyernor of New Brun-  yyy ryyyyy %t.*:--$*v%?':y-;������.\yy-j ���������'���������[Mr- ���������������������������* :,v,- v.v ���������*.  ���������swick.   4_yy .: ," y^     ; vr ��������� ;   -       .  7., Arcliliishdps aiid Bishops, aocording to  ��������� seniorityiyy��������� ].. 2y ^. ,���������.-y , y :-i;X*y yy ��������� ���������  ;'.���������;'"-���������; 8; Members}6f the Cabitiet, according to'  ��������� ^iSehiority.^K   ;V    '��������� ���������: ������������������'- '���������  ..9.J The Speaker, of the 5enatg.,(, ���������;''.'��������� v,  :  v  -;yi^Jhe-bhierJ^^  - ind: Equi ty^aedprd(ng"ifitseniority;: -y ���������--  :. ;    ll. Members of &^ of  j the Cabinet;' ;'}������������������ V-'\        " ��������� " x    " ;   y" 4'  ll General Officers of her Majesty^ Army  serving in the Dominion, and Officers of thev  Tank of Admiral in the Royal Navy serving  on the British North American Station, not  being irs the chief command, tlie relative rank  * of such Officers to be determined by the  Queen's Regulations.  .." 13. The OfHcer Commanding her Majesty'^  Troops in the Dominion if of the rank of  <3blonel or inferior rank, and the Officer Cora-  ��������� manding her Majesty's Naval1 Forces on the  British' North! American Station If of equIva-  lent rank, tielr relative rank to be ascpr-  .   tained; by the Queeu's Regulations.  J      14. Members of the Senate! .  15i Speaker of the House of Commons.  :   161 Puisne Judges ofthe Co urtB of Law and  Equity j according to seniority.  .  17. Members of th e Ho use of Comm ons.  18. Members of Executive Council (Pro-  ; ^inpi^l) wifcu in; (heir;Pro vi nee.  -'.    19. Speaker of Legisl ati ve Counci I wi fchi n  ;' JhisiBrpyince. -      ;   .     <  '���������   20. Members of - Legislative Council within  their Province.   .  BU&J������31TAW^  sxio0  THE BEAUTIES OF PI^ECT^ON.;:|  fj-. Jth^refl- that.'tho farmer^an)l.m^ha^ie.  wii6 fiirnish the; brain and.muacle which slip-  ply the weaHhvof the country, ;shou|d:knp^:  Imw mil cb cause tbey have to: be ] grateful tp  V, tl^2besr:^yernin^t't^ saw,V.  in order that th ey m ay worsh i p G ran fc,; Bout-  well & Co. in the beauty of radical ism, they  6hpufd have la hill front view of tli eir situ a"  tion, jas<j give n^in .the !fell owing sllcei^c^ tote-  meht which we copy from the Columbus '(Qn.).  $"������ ��������� ���������?:":;-���������:/ Ixxxx.,. y;;.,;;. : ��������� yy. y 4\^},  y-"The farmer rises iii: the morhing, ;puts.'on  hi?flanhel:shirt-taxed.65'per !eenC,:��������� and;-.his'  trowsers taxed 60;per cent:'; liis; vest! tax^d  60 per cent.; and his overcoat taxed���������cloth  ;6O0ajit$^  ding" 150 per cent! f draws on his b oo Is taxed  35 per cent.; puts some coalj taxed 60 per  pent., in. hIs stpve taxed 55 per eent., (kett 1 e  40percent; Btove-pipe 150) j sits dbWn1 lo  his breakfast from a plate taxed 45 per cent-  "(fcni fe a nd fork each taxed 35 ' per cent.);  seasons his food with salt taxed, until re-  eently, 108 per eent., and pep per taxed 120  per cent., and reads his magazine, iWhich is  printed on paper taxed 20 per cent., with: ink  taxed 35 per cent., and by type taxed 25 per  cent.; puts'on. his hat, taxed 7.0 per cent.;  cannot smoke a Havana cigar taxed .150 per  centl; hitches his horse, shod with nails taxed  67 percent,, to a plow taxed 45 per cent,  with chains taxed 100 per cent, and harness  taxed ?5!per cent.; goes to the village store  and buys for his wife a handkerchief, taxed  35 per cent, a shawl taxed 200 per cent., a  silk dress taxed 60 per cent;; a woollen skirt  taxed 100 per cent., a hat taxed 40 per cent.,  shoes1 taxed 35 per cent, stockings taxed 75  percent, ribbons taxed-60 per cent, an um-|  brella taxed 60 per cent, :rice 82 .per cent,  soiip 70.per cent,: "candles 40 per c^ift,.paint  25  per  ceii tl, p inaj 35;' perv c&tipl glpvesT 50 p er ��������� pen ti  books 25. per cent:; gets a ballot aiid vo tea  under !��������� the bld/flag,' taxed 100..per. eent.,,for  a free tradeicandidato for Congress j-eeehis  grain going East eriu steel rails taxed- $3000  per mile in "iron, cars taxed CO percent,  drawp by' a -lo como live taxed 45: per ������ en t;  he takes a 1 ast look at his tools taxed from ������35  to-150 per cent:; axe and hamiiier:45;' screws.  scythe, pick.'&c.J 150'per cent;'spaderrakej  shibvel, &c.| 45 per.eent; waferibg-pot'35 per  cent,'knife 50'ner,cent.:'l'dinner-caii.-35?/ aiid  ^?ater-bucket6p.per.cent.   y;>>.   :yyyyy yi  ''i '������be poorfmahj'sipk to������ death5,rthinking'how  fthertanffkrobs;bira,'goes to bed, K^deof^ppil  'ryy--l ������������������y>y^yy- Xfyyyyyy -^; }:y{.yyyyym  taxed*'20 per cent, draws over him a sheet  'taxed''*"  sees' his room cpyered with walj^papjeriaxe'd  35 percent.;: his window shades arey taxed 35  percent, his cur tains 80 pbrycent^^his Jwin-  'dow.:glass 55 percent., hisybpwl ano^fpitcheij  40'per' cent.; r he1 falls to sleep with "troubled  yyy.,-- y- yXyy-^-- ioyy!y>yyXy yyyy^  dreams-sbtit awakes no more., Ana.tnisvis^his.  end.   His fate ?y ve^orded-ou  marble taxed  70per cent, and; he goes,where there are no  TARIFFS.1 ;rUpon'-.his tombstone tlieije 'is: en-  graved, with instruments  winch have  paid  50 per centytaX",'iiiS' epitaph :  Here'lie^th*  ���������.������*.f.yf-?< "-y ,:������������������������������������'������������������'','-    ������������������������������������ -r '..-��������� -'--i^-, ���������������������������-'- ^.';~ ���������y*yy, \  *Amerlpao/ Farmer. JCaxpd^p   ������~"s ��������� ���������  '  opcilists.���������[Sonthem j;arm andfHome.. '. . y .;  ���������vfviiy .-.-.���������...���������;.������������������ ���������y-.^.t.^i:y^-yyyh.--yiy.-i.. .-���������:���������������������������������������������"-.���������������������������' -.>��������� ���������������������������������->������������������. r-..  -'} XyT,.-V'::/MISCELLANE0m;yy,2tm  ; ���������-- y-y. ������������������;.y%-.fK. :������������������. v.v ^ c- :^;!y.y ���������-- ���������*-��������� '���������-'ii*yy yy ���������*��������� v v.yy^.' -.-"���������: y y-'<-  yy y?y X.yy Xyy^'vyy  fy  ''!������������������ -.=-:���������- y.  -P^^TIITV^-  yyy  VX   "' ' FLAT':AND RbDND^   X "Vyl  y-.-- { -.* v v jwji i \ >yii ���������-.: ' ���������*������������������'��������� -���������"-������������������ ;-.r > ./: ''< \  For hoistiiigiVmn alining Shafts and inclines?; tferry  R0i)cs,?Guy Ropes/:far:transmittiug-ppwer, etc;;;^  ��������� MANUFAcraRED^of ^i^:L'Ea^pl|)^sizE:;";1  Wire ^SibpaisSiiubl^Clh^apei*C&ighfrer, and-  more Durable th.au"'-. any other kind o������  TJnnfi 2' ���������$ - "& 2y'yy^y3y^     ���������-���������, ��������� y; > ;j  Wy  y?h  'O..J?  ^m  ���������������������������%���������'���������&���������  .(Wire ^rainwHiy), ���������   ;  For ttie"rapid and iconomicaFtrdnsporlatiott ef Ores  a lid other water jals oyer mounted qous aud difHcult  roads.; (Secured-by BV.3 3;; Patent,-)?. -Also,: -yy s  Batertt "Grrifr-. PTjlley,    :  For-; trasmitt)ng^;^owpr^ ^y^^lch-theiropc is;  uninjured'and" cuniiot slip.;y.���������< >���������:: \  , yV       ^m*r SEKD FOR CIRGT7LARS.-      X:   'I  Agency of the    yy:    -       VX   ly    .    ���������   ";  !  ���������yr. ''     PACIFIC V ���������";���������'���������  v,  WIRE & W: R. MAISIUF'Q   Cd;  yyryyy. yyyy0fypXutpm\k.)}^ y, !  '���������All:kln(lS'and-:RizoW^ofy=W.^  manultictured to order;. .   ;'.' . ( .,.  A; S.   HALLIDIE,  del6&^      ; Si$ Troni'SA., 8aa;iri������������fl^,.Calltw������|a.  RE prepared to furnish T/imher nt their Mills,  William Creek, or dellver it to .;order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK.  j!Havin/{aPLvning Macbiao1 in operation tbey^tll  also lui'Dlsh  2 HOTELS; IlE^TiAtJRASTS; &c.]  r:|->.i  ������is  D;::'iA!fe:EKSri-:  WHIS OLD JLNT) WELI-KNOWNV EflTABtTSHMKHf  1 . is.always^uppliod with tho best.ol' everything  that can be p'rocu'red iri dariboo...y y"��������� -nJ'���������  ' ���������':'���������' ��������� ���������;  ������������������yyyyiy.yyyy:i y2\.yyyXyyX2yt yykyyyyiyyyiXy/y :,  XyXy yyyyy XXy-ymXyXi\ X >< yyy:Xy 2{y22': ��������� ���������  Clin/vla    Ix/Ta.^c*    ^   ~AV       ���������yftl-/.,...  2,i'yyX}yii 2X  <    i-y  yy-    y,     u yXy,y:  X  ^yXyyiVyXyXV  p^||^g.@y|fTy;v  .'.',*;..{'  j. ��������� ���������*-      -'Th������,Celebratad. y \n*-:'    . "y.w '  y~'*������' --,,     ^ -ii:"j;j ',f^ - ������1   ,c^':r  ^FRESB:giQROUN,D.,., CGFF EE, y: xy  :.y; i:;yyi -<���������..'!,������������������- ,y-yyy,-oi   ,.'--'���������]!.!-,   v.y* yvi.: yy., 11'.  ,.::  ^superior article^to'^any,'whicb"can^e^j'ati'Irom^bts' "-,  low,;Roa?ted.and'Ground on,,the- prefnises, .fronl^ th������ ',  Vi  :lll  i-'-.-y;'; .>  ���������yyxyyy  ..-   --i-..;-. /..,-,-, ������������������;.'  XVyyXy-yvyy.'ityy 'yyy ��������� y/;^iy..iy:;^i'y4yy,;yy;  '";.  rR(Kvy.-:-y4 yyyvfi;y--^ y������ Ivy.:-: viyyyf;i;<,( ^y  .  ' i> to.the ifpitclous rir^rnises1 tormorly.known as tb������  ^St^'Georg^o\> Sulooif^l wherdl ib^:'will^je^fiiirtiiaM  ^eparcdito^urnish,^, ;  ' ( #... ys y^ t t<v ,/t  iy& : B'6 A:,ft ^ "; a ������ O; ;M g^B ^s ���������" ^:.  V :OF;' rTHE   BEST   QUALIFY, y      ,  ^'ThB^M^'���������'IkrnlS&d'witii;-ti^nea^i^M    '  .  UQUORSandjCIGARS.'1 ���������''>-y���������. van* \t ** M'f **)   .  % i-xyy,   s . ���������:������'���������'. -.1-y:������- *   : ..i1*',^;?./..^!   a, .v.  ���������������������������;.���������  jCvv.'!     :, '  t ���������; 3 '^ **���������>' -' < ��������� -'^ .';* -"-4 ���������   *"<iSi ������1 ��������� is^-i**   .y  .'V".^  v.  :-;.Jol74tlihv..������^j  y������l������,!if2v,-:  fryy y-' Xy ,&Xy\y-yi ��������� ;-".?rtr?} KVt* y>'.j^ }-.���������"  !:.-.-f?  B" EGS: TO rANKOUKCijj THAT HIS; HAS OPE^ED^  *������;i)  AT STANLEY,;- , -;. LIGHTNING CREEK.  The Thiilc will, always he euppif ed wi th tbo ��������� t) mt'}  articles that;cun be got I n Cariboo; and tile' Bar irfi&X  thO  ,,.....y.v 1 ; \y  ; ,-.r X,yyi������.L' '������������������ ��������� -,���������'  Lvr   t-   :2 '!���������'  Finest Wiiiesr  l\yl,l" ^  ��������� imttmi,.1891.        '.;" '!'l   '  a??S  IS AT EIS,pLD:STAND,. AT.,  percent, starch 50 per cent., needles 25^  ��������� cent., thread 73'jer cent, pens70por' at atfefwioy  ratee.  Sell  #������^Send,your .Wheat along boys I ��������������� jeST CHRAP:  RA'fe' -tE^   Sutisfacilnn piiaranteod, and nn delay.  tidti* Creek, March 5,1872. mb 0 2>v ;  rin*MWWU6M������dBa������aw  111 mm  W&&MM6MM1M  SATURDAY, MARCH���������23, \&2L  toe Geneva conference.  ���������pi will 1i'aV������:b'e������a^  fnibiished in the last Issues of y the S bxtixbl  1hat much trouble is likely to beenr in the  affceni])tfinially toseUieMhe^numerons tjnes-  iioris ! in :jdiRpute - between Great Bnthin^and  if^tlnHed Slates of America in consequence  *if} the .iatier ypower, baying en cumbered the  4WMy%^o??l$i;&; :.Conimjssion ers .at:yGenera;  vfith a mnltilude of ^claims for damages'avis-  it is sincerely"to:W:hoped.that' the whole af;  f iir will not break up in a row. but that something like a serious and lionest attempt will  be made to settle adispute which has become  a 'perfect iiuistiisee a������d bugbear:to all;'will,  minded^od ri^Miblnfcrog people among both  i*a*tons.X'���������   '���������'������������������ -���������: ���������"-:'! ���������- '���������", ���������'''V:. rv'v X;,- XX "y XX.  "NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  -%.. <������ ..������ ���������  ...     ;.,.,.,   -,..   .,-s--,--..     , - ,. ,���������������,making    ^     ,    ...r_.   -������������������....,   .���������.__..  :5hgsn a remoterand,indirect.mannerso  himivyiSG fcxPKE3s.--Mr. Harry Wiltnrt,  the Pioneer Expressman,'��������� -will rim:r* ;������daily  Express^ -carrying Pas^eogers, Letter* arid  Express' ^'Fref jf bt i rom Barkervi H e' an tl ftfch -  field -on William Creek .to Van winkle and  Stanley ..on;'Ligh (niri������������������ Creek and back, ikying, tfoejrst, liieptiohed places '-at. 8 j ,a'itui. and  the latter at 2������p.mV 'Mr*JVihiiot' hopes 1>y;  regirlar : trip*,  charging  mo derate  %  ey, are pfferirig ;fbr  rthe depredations of the Alabama and her  winter criiisie'rs.^ ,The. English Goyernwent ap.  ype??ir8 to have labored under (he implosion  ith ������ t hy$* e .terms; Qf tbe Treaty o f Was li iogto n  ������rlaims^or!:xIamages -*w&!iig .'only in a direct  vinanner from the acts of J hese cruisers should  ~T������p submitted to or enievfcaihed by the Com-  ^wonew.1and-^Veh also was. ap^jrehlly ihe  rf' ^iieiStt^^ rlii can  . t bus-easily, be perceived that the announce-  sm������tifc o f Uhe r Ame rica ii j cl ai ini&a it. o ii n ti ng> ?to  "0i\ I ions of m oney,: a nd com p osed of en o r m on s  yt t esiw;. ofXa) amagey ^flsia $x My it most ���������! remote  wanned from the-; ac( iohfv.-.iif 'ih ese lef ii if ers]  y^jioiiIdhaveGHed tlie Englishpeople with in-;  .;���������*?teii**!9P; anil" "wrath.;: v $ory is v this, iinder the 1  ^i rciimstjahceg\$i n natii rai. ciln jhe^ first (pi a'C&  .-John Bull-was attacked^ in his most tender  V ^spot-^bis Vfjocket^in! a bold, audacious and  Aggrandising, niahneivy Inythe second .place, j  =tbey. saivj&at .tbeVwpirk of tie, Comwisaioners  :,:;wpuid' ��������� bev of y al most1, interifjinableyjdiiration *  >^>be;a&bunt of/��������� matter before them would  yl^i^gr^  II h al an dy to tal d isposi tion of it con Id be mader;  : ^Vhat;*~tbenyconfe;have been the object of ihe  }..:im^ricab-Goir^^^ ifrlh'������s~ submitting te'  Ihe Commissioners the performance of:a work;  ^<which( the^ennsing ^^h^^Mgean Stable:  ���������wafcas^n^ujj^tJ^ jj^  }r^ifiworeasons!:!Neither 'jtbey' were determined  UW^nciimb&S the.m^  m 6 rdef.' that'th e-- Com missidh ersV shoui d ".riot  ^fe ^ie to anive at any^cbncliision: ih;a reaj  ���������Aon/ibie time.!jjmfl. thus through deaths,;resig-J  ���������<n atioosfaiid other reasons cause ;tbe fail lire of  the fefeVence, and t/ this means "keep open  ;fhe^h^e^dwpute;06 be-at^ any^ time:suitable  Jn11 jiemsel^ves.re-ppeued or made the; occasion!  ^>f war; or the sta tement attributed t o Sebre-  tary ;FKh,vifl the correct solution���������viz.^' that  1he object of the TJnited Stales in . presenting)  <J]aimifoflndirectrdama byi Confederate  Var. steamers to the Geneva arbitrators was  *���������-. -v������'j >������������������''<"- -1 '"���������'������������������."���������  ���������';'���������.-'������������������ !'.y.*   :.-":���������"���������','::'���������,.. .--������������������     ���������������������������..:.  yib placed the whole question before the Board.  4nd 1 ea ve; u n settl ed2 n othi n g that m igb t be  4> rod iic li we ,<rif iii ta re discwd between1 tlie -two \  nations.^   If tbe first were the moving cause  pf tiiese enormous demands, all we can say is,  Ihe. sooner Englapd fin els j t .put the better.  But we can hardly believe thatVnch was the  <ase. ������������������ We feel much more inclined to believe,  th ������, "latt eri..itatemeiit..' % But even.'. sup posing!  1hat explanation to be4he true,one, <ve must  ���������irtKi;; believe that much 'trouble has tieen  -caused and the final settlement of these unfor-  ln nate disputes has beed rendered almost ira-  -possible  by  the  conduct, pursued by the  ���������American'Government rn the matter.   Tbey  ,;in list be perfectly well aware that the decision  ..ipf.. fhe arbitrafors.-on the subject would be  filial, and that decision would under any cir-  .oum^fl'fices preclude them from again bringing forward any claims, direct or indirect,  caused or occasioned by the acts of the Con-  iVd^rate cruisers.   Where, then, is the use of  4������eir enormous demand*^ unless it is tbe hope  that they will be able to convert a certain  amount of bad claim?, into good money, on  .the same principle that a suitor will claim  ���������$ 10,000 damages when be knows that he is  -only entitled to $100.   But is this a worthy  ���������cour^se for the representatives of a great na-  tion Tike the American people to pursue?  ^The only course for the arbitrators to pursue  wii! be towe the pruning knife with unspar-  litig&andv^nd if in doing io someM the^^ good  ygoj^ with ihe bad, so much the worse for  tbf'Furwho mkedsomfich Chaff with such a  4vto%li awuQtof geod corn. In the meantime, I  share of the public patronage,  .-**.-:  J&P- T HE r R A ������ L B O A J>    S T-O.R K  (nearly opposite the Government Assay  Office, 15arkervilie).���������This ' store.; has y 'been  Opened-by MrCvA- Nolteraeier i������connoetien  wi th, Ms etore.; in ,; Victotia, * \yi th tbe 1 attest  and best aSsortment of '.=boots and^ shoes ever  .brolig^6^to;-:Caribpo���������''. He has iritroidiiced a  novelty in tlie form of vvarra Winter 'Boots  for botli 1 adies and gentiemen. Leather and^  Shoe. ^Findings * and Groeeries are also kept  pii ::hand. vJBooits, made ,.to prder, from best;  materials, tot $15 per pair. . Repair lag^ ieail y.  dom2: 'ii:"V2y22y--'XX2X':^y Xyiyy-���������..������������������'���������] X*y ������  r.NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Ssr:  AV PUBLIC :;EXAMINA7iON!; of \thay. "Barkierville  School willijobeuioij WE������)NC30AY,:.tbe 57tb  inst.,- ifunriieociui a't.^nb o^cJoek' iii the afternoon, \  r :L;Th5J?atrpns pfv ihe; Sch ool anf tal I friends .of cduca-j'  ���������tloo, :1f re respcetf ully in viteiVUo attend X 2y}. T y f'} ���������.  y;jn\j2fryyyy--yyyjOHXM^  yyvxiM&i^ysyyl  HAVlNOr^ DISPOSED of ibyy; business-at  LA?t  ��������� OHANCK. ipi Mr ;Er.NCSTO SOPPANIS, -. I t������ko  this nieaos of tbainkipg Hh'e publi'cror^be'n^^paironage;  and request the coutinuaQceof samai^any.-si^c^strX  All partle's'.owirig3������ccoiints;aro rcqae^tistf-1������-p.iy the  satrie-to'Mr.Ei Soprani, witb in Thirty Days'-irora date;  yy-" :Xy2Xy:X.2}y. X,yf'.x,> '.,.yy P:-M AS ETTA.. y  Last Chance, B;C, 22cl March,: 1872.  V   '':  ������23 ;  THE CO-PARTNERSJEaPicrctoforoc^igUo?  ��������� - lyiwai"'-^P������yisoh;.*-������������������James' PeaWoD. *yind. Wilbam  ���������f eclerickCCrosslynhas this dajr been ,diss������lvod by mu������  ;tu���������^..coo'������e1������v.^v;*������������������.���������",������������������  ���������    '.yy y ������������������ ������������������'.-: '-y ������������������'.''.y     ���������'���������' .yy  :Thevbnsine?s .will b.e c.������r������fod on b^ ,E������'ward Peaison  ;apd&nies:Pearsoii, who wii;. pav .Ml liabditjeg bf-^ho  ���������iati tivai aSu col ice i- it *i m i stand lag accmi n ts.'' >.'. ������'.: ?  vy; (Signed) 'vEbWAjfiD PMBSON". r  '; ���������.:. 2 2y.yyX'\.X  jas. pear-son.  WilXUMF.CKOSSLYi      :,  Ci-iBaVkervUIeyMairch I6fc^ 1872.' ���������"     ���������'���������'*''* ' ;   v" :  .Witness���������WyRent)i^.'t!% ' X;2 reb28 lift X  tlyll^ Gtood Inve^t^iit. ::  '���������;;""F6RESALE,    y ^  y T H A Tv   F 1 R S T - C L A S S  S;I. andCrxislied Sugars, ,���������' '��������� .-' '1- rrv, ^jr  :  y- cy-xx  Gongouv���������tT; S. and Basket Teas,y: ...;'-' ���������-,..��������� XyyXyly. '^y":  Candles, Coal Oil; Cliir^ts.(t h :���������'2 -  Scotch Oatmeal. Nails,^Sjrcnp, yCbeese, ���������;���������- - v : y o ;^i  .I.^;.;;Bp0ts;;. Baicon, ^Tobacco, Lard, Rice, Mackerel,  Soaps, Yeast Powder'$J:Salt, ^rai^erriesy XXfyy���������'.:}}  ^n^ayarietyiofO^^lkbdDS. 2X2}yyIyxXXVyy  .........yyy. yyii.yx. - -���������������������������..:....:..- :.'   .y-.x-.. '..���������    '���������..;:    %;.; y ���������".���������   '��������� ��������� ��������� .y yyyy 'y ���������'���������. " ���������.' '���������.. 2". -  '.''yy. .-'.'.��������� ..-���������' y:������������������ i   ;���������.'���������"���������'���������/'��������� -��������� ���������'��������� ' ������������������'��������� '"'.'���������. >"* ';������������������'��������� .}'%'."':*'y.y '. '   '.       ������������������        ;���������"������������������-'"���������        '��������� .   ��������� ' '  ;..y:,;,������^*:;,^nr.!;PetajI; ^^^^j^^^y^n^t������  'ofy .Groc^TO apdy ^Clothing |  b^e-beeia^dueed: [considerably ���������, yyVXyy  k ��������� Mining'" Tools pf t air d^scriptidiK> of.  fer'ed'low. '.'���������'::".::' .;:;.::���������. '��������� ���������'''"���������       X ' :-V ��������������������������� ���������'������������������������������������  s  8 and 12iocb CAR WHEELS, BLACKSMITHS' BELLOWS. ANY1LS..ROPES, HANDLE  SHOALS, HOES, GOLD PANS, SW^  ^lxVl':X-lllyl:y^ xyXXXc  ���������A CH0IGE L0T; OF FRESH BUT  1-  21;  B^^ All tfiosewhowitt  af call are: ��������� kuai^aiateetlj cheak: ������ooi>M^U^  ;"���������   V.y . ..      '     =   -;P.m    ,���������;"..:,���������    ���������      ���������'.. :    '.<AJly;-*V..,. ;/���������   l,        'yv-    .-.,,..,;  yyiymxiww^^  Situate in the most Central part of the town  of Barkervi He, and Known as the  PARLOR ^lALOOK.  The house contains a Bar- room, Parlor, Ten Bedrooms, most comfortably fur/lislicri, and Kltcboji.  Also, Barand Bar-rcurn -ri.*;i-urcis and Furii������frure>  Parlor Fui-nitnre, Beds, Budding, and .���������ed-room'.Fur-  nitnre,' &.V; 'V;        y    y;        }  -  * ��������� X :V..  Tl)e above comprises, Ta"bles, Chairs, ���������Jlas?jes, .D������-J  canter.^ -Orpets, llwt-class -Pnlu  Deds, MaU^essci,.  Ciankets, Sliceis, P'.Howy^Pillow Caso.% Crocker?r,  ami every conveuienco a pperlaiaing to a Saluon aau  Loi'p-ng House.  Tw ftirtlii r p ���������< rMcula i?,. apply at the SESffrs&k  Oflice, oron tbe pretniso-j in    ' ��������������������������� '���������'..;'  t5.; P. PAHKfiB, Proprietor.  Bark'rville Brewerj'  TlTi  The  Vaillaincoiir,   Hunter   &;  very  undersigned,  wishing  :���������;���������}   ��������� .  busihess, :  THE  to   reilw frum  C3  o  [SUCCESSORS TO N. CUNIO,]  I3eg to;Inform,their friends and the public that tbey  havo taken ibo well known' premises iu Barkerville  so long favorably patronised while in ino occupauou  of Mr N. Cunio. .  .  The Celebrated XXX Ale  will be raaajQfactured aiid s������Id by Wuolosala and"-..  talUn.iw purity, and .    }yy,  Tile be.st Liquor s Sr Cigars  constantly kept on liand. -    ��������� -,  wring ana  For particular*, apply en the premises.    .  J.   HARPERB  Clintm. %.Q.t V*q. ������6. 1871.  "VTOT1UE fa herebv pi von tthat an application will ho  il    made nt the next Hcision of ihe Parliament ������f  A'l parties indeble������l to tho ������ndrr^limed arO'TO-  <iuestcd to call oxui settle their bills bcfore:the 4st  dny o( May next; ami all persons having bairns  ajaiosthlm aro rcqn -Led to present ihe same ioimediately, s. P. PACKER.  Barkei vijlc. March 20,1872. mh23  MJr.  trtt  pRESCBIPTlO?:S AND RECIPES HIXED.- ���������'  OFFICINAL  PREPARATIONS,   .  -STATIONERY   AND   PERFUMERY,  PATENT & PROPRIETARY MEDICINES.  &.���������;_, -,  . : "Camida for an Act U> Incorporate  The Lodging Department the western Canadian 'pacific  RAILVVrAY  C03IPANY. ���������  will be always carefully attended to; and the best  Buds and accommodation provided lor. their, customers, del 6  *^7  JBljb  M.   X V     t*^P*  W, DAVIS03ST  Begs to inform bia friends and the public  generally 1 hot h������ is about leaving the   "  Colony, and will sell his vuriedstock of  DENTISTRY.  By the aid of Kichanlson's Spray Apparatus.  Filling  withfl������V, Atnalgiini and Cement.  ;������������������" ���������^R/OHJPP/"-:'--*:'*    v'  U^ERVIWX  nih9 dm  DRUGS, PATENT AfEDICINES,  POCKET CUTLERY, DRV GOODS,  STATIONERY,   and   FANCY  ARTICLES  pf all descriptions,  At Greatly Reduced Prices  for the purpose of constructing and working a Railway, cointiifncim? at a point at or near Vfctojin,  British Columbia, tlicnct? lo pome point on tho East'  .era. Coast ol Vancouver, I^lnn'l, and .from thence by  Bridge or Steam communication to Pome point on tho  Went em Coast of ihe Mainland of British Columbia  bctu'ern the Forty ninth and Fifty-fourth parallel of  north l.'ititiitli}, ihenco tlireugli tho Mainland of British  Columbia by sojae pncllcablo puss of tho Rocky  Mountains to the Xnrih Vvcpi Territory, and to stww  point on the North West T(;rritory, where a Junction,  will Ijoell'ected with a linn of Railway starting from  tho Railway system to the North Ea^t parts of Ontario, and running tovnmifc the Rocky Mountains,  with power to take such ileviatious and brand) Iin?*  to connect with tlie seabmird of Vancouver Island  or elsewhere, hh mnybe advisable nn<l for the pur-  pos(j afon-suid, and to eslabllsh, equip, and maintain  such Ferries and Steam "Vessels as may ho necess*ry.  DRAKK & JACKSON,  Solicitor?'.  Victoria, BC.,24tb January, 1872. W*  U, PERSONS INDEBTED TO THB  wn^KS1?  for BEEF will pleapo. pay to Mr A, PEM*ObAf  .wt > iK authorized toroceivoftH d*������bts du������ me ������nd receipt for tho name. .-������...������,.,������  ���������   ���������   ...      .                                         D.gRHCOI/?,,  Barto'tTfll*, Feh ^,181$..   ', ���������XV W������ .  y.i.  ^&Xh  m  m  m  m  m  mi  mm  m  m  I  ���������  P  WW  m  .ttiSms&si  ^1 fHECAIlMOOSENTINE  SATURDAY;, MARCHES, 1872.  8  ������:  s  id  jtn  b*  of  sag  SH  isae  $K*  rai  V ~^ vly,-. -40^SNELMO.Dfm; yyyy y 2 y  "~ Quesnelle/22d~Quesnel le river has broken  :Up and is iirtpassable1 except for canoes,, and  it is hardly safeto dross ihe Fraser. Business  still quite dull.   ;  YALE.-.-'/-   "y  Yale/22d���������Weather .fine and summer like.  The river steamer'oii her second trip, will-  ieave New Westminster ito-inorrow Avith^n  ^^astern-mail;   WaM too ^M^XW^  ;;freight 'yet���������20, to 30 tons comprises, cargo. ^  ��������� -:-v y -V. yyyyyicWKl&JlyiV^, '111  Victoria, 20 tb���������Hoiise met at 2 o'clock  ;j>M*yPresejit ������4KS Speaker, and. 23'members.  .j Tbe^chool Bill p*sied third reading. Report  on Officers'TitleBiil.Hn&^mrt^u^Jft&ce  ?1TSiirfrere'adop(8d/  ".Bill-was deferred. !-    ���������   . ���������������*������   - j  V yHon: Colonjal Secretary laidybeforey the  House a i message fro in the Lieutenant-froy-  4 erao^nclh&ihgfiapy? of< the \ repast of^.the  commission: appointed to  inquire   info .the  state of theI Jail.at New-Westminster.   -X2  Hoot Chief Comraissionefireportedunlfaypr:  "of the  Water Supply Bill, qnd thai tbe rules*  ^ and orders^had^been complied with K eport!  received.  The Estimates came beforejthe House.: The  'following items "were .p^yyif.:    Lieutenant-  Governor  ;   Private Secretary, $1400":?  y Measengery$S0O j; Office oonfiogenty $1000 ������  Colonial Secretary's -'Departrn^rit1��������� Colonial  ";Secretai^.:S36'6b;tv AsstataniMotciBial^Secr^;  y;l&ry/$l930^Ci^  Mr Hunter gave notice, that w Fridayjiext,  he wo uId: ask' the Attorney Genera [ ��������� ffhat is  ;���������' - the Htanding '-in -tae Prbvi n ce of the *La ne a nd  Kurt* Company, farmed in a foreignvcountry  ,- Vfor the purpose of m������ning in Briti������h Co 1 umil?&1  ' y - The steamer Otter arrived from Skeena  .: ,tl ver a fe, 4.30. p.m. - yes ter d ay.' y - yyy ]} ', 2, :  m > :"V Tesd%yoMli^ KooTenay mail service were  fyV^'- openejl yesCetSfay.   It is not known to who m ���������  !& *v.%^co(|Jrii������it was awarded. .,,.-.'  jC*&*l*^ Alfred^ ar������;  # I^^S^^^U^yaorning froin Saa Francisco,  and  Fr 'f\wfn>n* onjm.H'V   r   ���������,      ��������� ���������'  : 'liis  I ton or iyf 'Lieutenant-Go vernorf has  signified * l o ��������� the citizens thathe;cannot enier-  Uiu,their application for the appropnation of  ,-'$|fi(W for, lb* erection of a quartz crushing  machiiie in Yi'itbVia.       v      -       *  ^ir^Slnit^rIl^^dtthe following resolutions:  That as ail"BVitisfi Cohimbia pack trains can  enler American territory oh giving bonds not  : fc������ sell ihe^ whole oryany pari of Jthentrains  y wbilejon American aoi) for oyer 00 days* and  'if in the country lor over 00 days: to th en pay  ^customs duties on such trains, therefore he it  resolved that, an Jni in Id I eui ldi;essi>e presented  , to the Lieutenanfctioveriior- praying that be  will recommend to the Dominion Government  Ihef wise| policy^ that American pack trains  may ,be allowed >toi enter^British Columbia  under the same conditions.        -  |i' Tbe Estimates are a til 1 being considered, id  the House,  :.   ! 2'T y y-  CANADA.   \   y; ;    XI  " :; Toronto, :20th-- Several- d i flfere ri tio eal ities  report last night its ^cbldest;"pf':jBewii:;^.9S**  St, Lawrence Canal will be opened yery soon:  XX .UNITED STATES.    ..",.���������,..  New York, 2ist^At tbe opening'���������]pf; Coiirt  : ���������' :4������ dge >Ba iby;a8ewun^Sd'!!tiithe:^waj30>!iged  to: change h ia pui*pose pf decidi ng a 11 cases on  Satarday^ Repoirder Hacket having yesterday  decided that the Cour\ he is holdihg is irregular and further proceedings is void. Nothing  remained but to discharge the vjiiry. This  J udge Daly at once did to tbe surprise of  all, The prosecution will now bring the cases  into the Court of Oyer and Terminer.  Washington, 2lsfc-r-The new Spanish Minister, Paulo de Barnabe, arrived yesterday.  He has a very favorable opinion ofthe United  Slates, and believes in a policy of peace. The  Cuba insurrection, he; says, Should���������;be suppressed, as the people are not educated up to  free institutions.' yy ;..      : ,y  Chicago, March 21���������An extt'aordinary story  comes from Adima, Kansas^ of the alleged re-  suscitation of \'Kelly, -hanged there as a murderer. The story is that two persons, assisted  by a negro, disinterred the body the night  niter burial, and by application of a galvanic  battery and other agencies restored life to  the body. The negro, frightened at the success of the experiment, cried out in terror,  when one of the resurrectionists hit him over  the head with an iron bar, and it appears succeeded in killing him effectually, as they put  tbe body in the coffin of the resurrected murderer and buried hint The story i* told by a  party named Johnston, wha claims to hav*  Wn ihe men ai tftfrfc. "V>  EUKGPEAN.y <���������* , j  . LdndonV 19th~In;the Holism of Lords.this  evening B'avou Eedeadale said be hail-no wisb-l  MNING^NT^LLIGENCE.  my  to ^embarrass the Government hvX s*^ thought  ab^xpression of .opinion ."on the pi?u oi =the.  Souse' would be useldl.^ He therefore gave:  notice,tbat^ be.fihouid introduce ^ohnions:  deeladnsr it is the common interest of all na-  tiiins'Ito:;decide.vwhether.)whea -l>elHgei4ents  bave^been .recogniEed by any nation, if tliey;  can demand ola such nation,indemnity^(or}  damaigesdone bj the" belligerents.. Lord'  RedeBdaie addedHhat^fihese were carried bej  shouldJmove atfaddress'to the Grown praying?  tha:t aii International Congress ba called byj  Great Britain for tlie settlement of this qiiea-;  tion:'1'"'-''������������������;:;;'::yyyy^yy\yy.} ./'���������'',,,:;.,���������--,;yy y'-yXy  Earl Harcdurt gave1 notice of a resolution;  aslcing"the Government^  tended to pursue'With regard to Hie Ti^tyjf  Washington.' ; 2-       -'* *" "-y y ^' \  In the House\pf, ponfmons;; Disraeli gaye;  notice'that *h^>won1Q^ove^  consider slale of relations with the United;  S&tea.J- X -Hy ^ X.y22, 22 -y :"-V^  'y   . ;i; j  Horseman said::he had already',n;plined the,  Goyerinmenjr^f^is������in^  ���������ahd"i.begged for .reply.  Vy  r  "y  * yl' 2 -'��������� y  Gladslonewas net jifff/x^cd lo g>ye UgrUfc  meniasVurance^  were entered into-with the American rGo-vetn-  raenfc/ihe 'new proposals:woaid beflnally^c-  ceptedunlilUheyjiad receiyed vt������aVauciion of  Faiikyi^yiy I        M ' < y   ,   _y *'   tX  Vienna; -191h���������The1 workmen in' the: .mines.  of Rothschild at, Werlnowitch, Moravio, etf|  raged at the non-paymeufc of thmr'wng-y aj>:  tacked the offices iii search ol specie, -buni'  tbe>tsafe^and nppropiiaitd co������itjti^ 3yl cy  molislipd-buildihgh: The ri'bo'prf were^llfd;  out and fired, on lii'^ mob J billing 4 and wouat^  :ing^60i  ft '  m  bearer  ���������Ifl  Jhje^osses^.  guaranteed.' Both parties'\ \XXt their n-ms In  case of war. ;'  Paris, 21st-~Tfc has been proved-JhattrMaj^  srWi'Bay/me dined with Prince l^ederifefc  Ch arl es* -- of. Prn ssi a a sh or I ti m e ��������� b efo re;, the  capitulation of Alelz.     -    - 2-     ���������"������������������ ���������   v rv.  London.- 20th���������Sir Francis Twiss resigned  his p'dsli ion - as 'Qi'tee n "s A d vo o a I o G en er al.v y ]  'Among the - persons -ejected' ^ from: t be; '< gal -  ievies:bf the; Hp^isa ofcComm  &)ie.h,Lord,GeoTge_UamiUc r call i^gjmtpi  to'-��������� the demonstration of yuitors. was U. S.  Minister Schenck."' s. .  V* In' tbe case of the TicbSorneJclaimant. now  in prison on'cllarge of perjury; came up iti-  Gourfc itp^dayy ^N6yptte;app^are<l lo^bjiiJ|"}hjin;  asywas expected, ^li, was announced he was  ii liable? to obtain bail. .The icase wasiitidefinite! y"p6stporied." / . ��������� ��������� ' ���������'  - Gladslohe. in reply to a question;;said that  so far as thev Alabama'"claims were eoncerned.  ihe speech on, open tag' of. session gave all  necessary iiijornjaiibo.  ,.Vy .    .    v : yy nILLIAMiCRKEK.: ^.,../ .   y '   .; .,  -'ffeo Foi&efcEoseoo. continne^tfaeir pre|ier-  'atiobs.tq. work from y their new shaft. . The  'new anafi and;eagine-house.will be completed  'aRp;@ogineplac^;in!posit?pn3about;tlie.jlatter  end of .next week, ��������� The Cariboo co. -paid 36  QZ,yihe lnuerdale expenses, and the Ballarat  45 oz. la^t-week.  .        ���������      ,   ,    -  yyyyyyyyyXxy^^  The Lane & Kurtz co. are still sinking in  rb^k^^'the^-iiwl'll. sink ���������ralt-pgiillfer a depth of  125 *eet: Irom* lhe"^platform before opening  out lo drift/which they will commence'doing  iu about a week:'. '   ;   "    l - '    '      ',  - yX[yX^Xr.y:yjAQK'Qpci������i& .  '���������XThe;:Discovery co.t are continuing>. their  drjye up--Htrpii'di dri vlhe eastern rim oJ\the deep  ch'alvnfelj Hndjng;8omeigoid; . they" wi ll < also  diriye^aci'p&^be clianrieivund^silife \$$&2\ They  ,Weeli; y_y 'yy? yxy X; V}yV}2} Xy & Xj }yy. yyXyr *).  2 }        .  : GUOUSECIlKKK. ..,'.'.  . The, Talisman co. is paying fover. expenses.  .The;Lady pf the L'a^e-cp. are taking outtim-  \ ������i%Wd . preparing -foryiiast season^:oj>ei*?.  ,ati;ote,;.yXI 2yX}}y;2}3i��������� i ';��������� 22 y'}X.U yX'V'yi;  ^  .y -     i-KiiEacH citEKK,^   '  ^inljiQ^e co Ju5i ih^n dii'/s'lhi������;ti^h a ������"UL������.  O f s 1' im 1 j u t h a ve a t arte d 'an o the r. ���������"  J yTh n ' Bl ack B j ill', si i 11!. coii li n ne ;f ah i'ng: ou i'  '& XpU tnsfA yhV yThe, Y'i cj o i:iarc(5T%as b ed y(ip;  ^9J oif. lor last'week. , The!.Brown1 co. shave  "run'their tunnel on !if|li rock ap'd; stoupk  3SjSfi^Uiat:w  y j     fc,jowhrJOF.cnList.,"   j    \    WVi  f a P as J uhn nu *1 %\ Pynvmd ly(a * jrr>t i^'d-  rocKiirtheii'^liaft and ."ivi(l^sin'ic^in^ 1 t/^iid:;  mmmmmm*  {������'efor������''-|f^--lty'..Ba]!j~Esq:.>v^  1 '  -." Cwuty Court Judge )  ,J---yV/  ,,--,,--:  ','-''������������������  ||  ".-''':  X-  }-y  y  yy  y  yy&y  sSs  y  m  yy.  ���������M  '.'t'M  m  menc^operalionh 1 j\ an ou\ ;r- $r h I fan^e'ii  v. h.e^ i������ w.d r^iioi-oyd ������o he pei really ^ounC  Thi ^will H'iii'3 u wheellS feet' in diameter  d f 4 it' i l lee i b n * ai 1 ^ n d ex'p e'e I- 'to h e i ead y 1 o  tiliik nij^in, i'X Apiil.     \     xy     |     ,   ;  :i 91 x "5 :y- y ii: f th x r cr is & sV     vy, yy  J l^lyysd. i^'rniining f> tunnel,'to ii,l^i*ii*Ct  tiieSilows^oc channel and is,ia about 70 feet.  aiiff; f:II. ri11k  a' b11n('  j hafl ift a fot%' dy a  w ore| 1 (je g)'-j u o u k o I s f&\ oral)lei;-:  ^/" jfsHT ivo crVek i,';'f J '    "  " Try Ross ec. is jVn.ying KVppnres. TliW.Aur  rora co. washed up last week -JO :bz.. and on  ���������Wednesday la?t' U oz. foiMwp"shifis. The  :'I51dora'do" co. paid over expenses last week'.���������  Ti le'LigUlh^ n j? co. w a s lis j tl up 1 j5 3 oz. f o. t the  week; and; 4-7'ox. more on Tuesdayl\���������paying'"a  dividend pf H oz. to tiie'.i n forest"; The; Sou ill  Wales co;!.wnshed np^ld oz. last week.V They  are mitch-iron6led v>ithibou 1 der^,.a'pji-"liaye\a  nar r o w ch a n n 6l;-; ha ve S tar I ed4 an- iii c I i hi'to  :y;;::i;."y^.^yy;v;;iw,:;..,y:, '" s^SArcRDAYt';4farcfel^:<' ��������� -  i(h hppp ^arf ��������� I^in^*mn),, wm2^% xyy\ I,ip yn  a charge of gamb I i n|i 1.v i th 'rn y i aw X i y u ous������ *  in tbe/vCbinese,parj;(of^ ' -, \'y.:  8^0-clockvp.m- ou 15th March iimt;      '-  At the same time, Tom, Charley and Jimmy  were charped . with gamb 1 ing with,iim above   .      -  OhuiamyiD .tii'l beiiig fn aV'yyAMi^f hoi^j as '   , "^      , t  Barkerville on the same occasion.       ."      L     ' ���������      ' '' %  ��������� Chief 'Constable'Lindsiiy-teslified that \io)y y  information he received-he-was.ledJo believe ��������� ,'  that gambling was goin^.on Jn a Cbuu*$( - y  bouee Jn   Barkei ville. Jle  wentjn there ae- -;' .-'   '' \ - XVX-X   , , " ||  cordinglyWnd found the prisoner, A.f i.:'ppf . 2  ;dealio������ Morite'iiiidmtou^ ' 2       :- -2:yXy-yy-. :   ' ||  table;- The three Indians were silting routld  tbe table'w^iiagrf^r'&: Ifl^'out.   Two were    '<, y  betting. ('    ' ^yy,,( V;   ; _; _t t       t  2'  ' 'Thei Jud<re; after'cautioning themfthat^they "  'wouldibeimbve severely^dealt/vfithinext |.ime,  sentenced Ah ;Lepp,to.twoi->weeks' limpriHoa-/     ,  meat, wi th hard^'labor,. the -Indians,, Charley:,.  and "Jimmy Jpibne week'., wi th hi rd labor, &nd  !Toatvto:t&ree:;daysfwith:iiard;M yy     ., ' .  . Parsons, an Indian. 8i'rerU������d by Chief Con:  "    '���������'  ���������22ij\e tr:odfpyfoi,behig*;d?'yrit: Ixi ihfyAiM2y, ���������     <���������},     2}:<t         %  ;������f Bark wills oi\\h?y yy mingy V \X  Y<tih         ' ���������                 *|  LiLnXy   Fined $5, or <Ju<3 weeks^ Im^risoW- (  J          ������  crymt'   PiG8 poii           .    '        '   ''   I     ": , y yy '         M.  X\) rx n *                   TflUKSDi* f HfuyTi 21  V^Bob,: an-Indiao,;arre6^  Ciindsay-foi:  hzm%y2yu2* ir Ba^Qt^isJ'-j on- , ,,..          ^  Ui^rniQl of, LSjIi. ialf.   \h ||lwed: jm't. oo' :                    |  bail,iii"u"if;Si*furt/tty.;, ���������< >    5g������l   ��������� ' - -31~ "    ' '        V  ' ''An'a|)pl]caMo.fivl>eingp#^                              ,������ -y     ;;���������'/���������      v, ^  Lep'p, his ^sentence; if as comoaated i2v fine of ;'   ^   .        ,       ||  '���������*?:  ,. : ��������� y :..���������^',:-;;:-^-:;>''--^"������������������ >"'''i'^^y^''.'!.";: ;-.--:;y;���������-,'��������� y"V-:'--.-''������������������'.;''' ; .-��������� '":"-'   "'���������'"'"';.��������� "wi -^  ���������ps rxi: ��������� jV ^ho i i i i m ������ ti i < j Cfc \ w ot sen 11 fenieti o I" ;                '     |  the pi������ik :^r������cl "hy.-^!^ciynfy^H'iu?L ni a pyb ' |  iio saloon-in   ible lown, aiid ovt-r o t'vien^ly, '          , ||  ffiacn of^f^l ?oium.������tif^l ������i duru^ion ol" th^ ||  ���������rA'laSama"elaiin^^yOne;fe  1 teh su b j cc 1 an ri 1 be o th-e f e n A me Ljcan^ctjizeni        '     -       , l    ���������   -    .|i  rf������ s rrng yinvins i8Mii^Hyipg-R?s4oC h %y\\2 %            \        |  irigcharacter,, tbe-dT^(nsic   c>con  waxed fa������it ���������     ' ���������               ;;j  ry id fu riou f?-���������l h k. X n e ri eu n i������ vii I i P������ opo 1\^ J .,                        |  y   -"'���������'.���������I1.;,-   t-v,/ .        ������|  5y'::.^ .^;g:^g / y::(/y;::yyy:;; '-'y|  tVerpdintlhVv'finallvconcinded Ip.sdopt th^        ��������� ��������� ' .'   ,' "y  ���������.   . ...........   thVfece^i^^t#::piitn  Buffalo...2i)ibt-Navigatora.' say, they'never | wor|. through it.' The Sprnce.jco: ha-Ve' cpm:  knew.'so much ice1 in ;Lake Erie wi lb. so. li f tie I pieted* theti;" di'ain^ Jt*iY2S leefc below" the  snoWi [ J t is tearetl jiavisation t will not be smface aT'lli'a face.���������( They, wiil^sink a Tier higli  opened (ill late hvMay.  ������������������������������������ y-.-.... _y���������-���������-������������������ ���������-������������,<ea������-;-#������  waier. 'The ^Vahwinkle^ c6i are -si il l running:  their drain ahead; They slriiclrsliim and had  tbngo back."'tiftdvafe ndvv' runiiin> m'di^e iirthe  bilk   Aboii't^OOierfor this'drain is comi-  ;' Now; is;;YocRyTtMk.4^8omkth^rj^o;;Nrw.-~t  The fir^ifaWe tee^  Cariboo can be seen; in thevDentist's-'window-.Lpleted:-^leipioneer oo.:botl-pme'da-shalt at  iiarkerviUe." It is the latest style'-of. ivearihg|72 fHeb:and#n.ad; nothing.; 'driUedrancl.sank  false teeth", and is very easy awl ^oirifbrtkble. a vblind"- shaft M feel; and found nolhiri^;  arid "so y cheaj) ;that lifc Js': within;the reacli;of  alLvvParties {can now>be^accommodatedfin  all brabches -of f^ptfii 11 ? t ry v * ii p ite Vtb e'TO tb :-Say.  of April next, at Victoria prices,'  Then  good-bye old Cariboo. -;     y ���������  vAll'��������� persons indebted will please settle their  accoiinfeat once to-saye-costsi^ndyany��������� one  having bills againsty the ^undersigned: will  pleasfc hand; them ih for payment ;"    .;   y  ���������. -y'{ X'- v'������������������' P. SrnbAlTj,"'-Dentist.',:'-='-  -Ma Br^wvx arri ved w i th a n lad tan o n Sn h ^  day last from the camp of the il Division of  the Canadian Pacific Rail way Survey,- on the  Fraser river. Mr Blwyn was seven days in  coming in. He reports the* road iii good order. The freight had all left the cache at the  Big Lake and should.have ar lived on the  Fraser by.this time. The weather hud been  ���������ery mild since . New Year's Day, and the re  was .������������������Very little snow in the valley of the  Fraser Tbe party was engaged iu building  boats in ; which to proceed to Tote Jauue  Cache as soon as the river opened. It will  then be decided in what direction further surrey i ng will be done. Mr. M a ho o d will in, all  probability meet the party there. It is supposed the.Q Division will go through the  mountains to Jasper House aud survey back  to the Cache.        y  Barnabd-s- Express arrived yesterday,  bringing an express, a very large niail, and  Mr Newliind. Tbe down mail closes this evening, aud the express leaves for below on  Sunday morniug, about 8 o'clock.  County Onukt.~~Judge BaII will \\o\d ������  Contity Court at 'Qucs i i'el on is ih i net...  aiieiitialfpower, who  in  his 1 liendl^ffprls  nearly got the wdrst'of (he fight; induced tp,  cea^e 'liabilities ' We, a re glad to inform .the ;  pnlilfc/thafc no blood was sbed and\:'>npyonu ,:  washnrt^-andfifTthe^Powers I'epresented before the Geneva;Confereftce: will only take  example .tromy on \\t Barkervi lie  com^aiants  and settle,tbe.inaIter,inIthe{same highly say?-:  tacjo^  here.wiirfeeldelighted in the thought that to  tlieiiis liie( honor diie ofslibwing to the;twn  gruatest.powers in the eWorldibe h$&$} way of  settlinesach disputes without the effusion of  blood.  drififedngaih^nd nre i-iiikui^ nhptlier blind  shaft abont 40 feet-from, main shaft (Iti is i$ 4  co: have slop ped fo r wan t d f; w a ��������� er I o wo rk  maciiiiifir^y :^e;i3ley^nf/;of England Co. 'are  aboutl40 feet in rock; no Wiitetv--"  yy -y  ���������A NrADOlM'ltliEK.        '.' ' '   j  T he Ta y 1 or co; have; :b ailed on 11 h $ r sh aft!,,  about vO leet:<U*ep:; pul-inyfoiirscls Limbei^  and wilkconltuiie sinking. > r -y  yy y':. li:} -!:"������i & ti & .��������� on e t k.: , ?. x.... &. i ��������� \x i  .Walkem co.���������-The contractors have" com;  pi el ed- SQQ feet. of ���������;��������� tun nel' :��������� and; ai'e go i n g  Ih rough boulders, rock, gravel and clay. The  strata are running more level, showing' indi-  calious of beiiig nearer bed-rock.  ; - ; * v  HAUVKr.Ci;KliK.  The Minnehaha co. .up to Friday of last  week was doing %$ well as: every 'The: Cum-  m i ngs1 co. are do w n. a b o u t .4,1 fe e t; : th ey w ill  si nic a b o i'������ t I b ree feet mo re b ei o re dri f I i ng it  they are not beaten by-wa lev, of which they  have had ������n increase. The lumber^ conlrac-  tors for the Foster cpy^iav^cpniirienced fc6  w Iii ps a w.: n n d ll ie Black Haw k c 6. ha v e le t a  coivt ra c t for .5 00 0 (ee t o f U\ nab er,' co a tra c tors,  to commence work imihediacely,'  coorEu's;cRKEK, vv,  The parlies prpsp cb ting on this oreeft have  d isc o vered fur thei' and b el ter i h d i ca ti o n s b f a  hill channel. The rock ���������keeps steadily pifdh-  ing iritio the hill, and the gold h getting  j coarsen wil.h over four feet of gravel uude'r  the bin*;clay. A company of six has been  orgitiii.sed to eoutimte the s*arch,'  y2y 2M<MGwn\ VXyy X  }y2}Xyyyy?yyM  yyyyyM  .  ���������   '  -..*..���������!-������������������;���������     ��������� :'..y  -.;������������������'������������������:'.':':������������������" y;<-'-.yy' yti  ; y;  '��������������������������� ;y  XXy  X:M  ���������t y  ��������� .: ';���������'���������  ��������� yy  ..;���������-.������������������:,  1. ���������.���������;-.������  m  :X  I  X  . ,- -,  y ;-y  ..    .is;;  - ;y;>  : xx  .  y;^  ���������.   ���������    !'A  y  '.' Vy  ;: y  ''X  :^iC.".  1 Chance,  f- The Xltebest'Throw-tq taketbe Specimen,  the LowAthe $500 in GoUji tb������ others na  proportion. :       f  The Raille will i������o pjaog/-*iM--A^  torb rusta ouant; Mm* ^?T'-  notice will be-girW:*.b������ to 1i&ti^filled,.,  am  ���������; :y%&X . ^X������  '������������������ ;y  m y&yy  v vy.-..  yyy  ������MPfc������iwiiHMiH^ii^^  Xm'y vy-   .'" "���������*''    .   a    ,   >  / > --v v  tM cmibMSentine  ���������:yWE0NKSDAi������,, .MAKQa>20;>I872y  M.  inHin  emm  -:?   ''    ' ; ^ ^QUES^ELM^IJ^H:; -   ^ '-; 7; I  ' ':;, QuesnelmputhV'-Morcb  tl*--Things'are get-  ,Y .ijmg 5 somewhat .lively, as .men .are arriving  , everyday on ^ay,to m Omineca;1 Wo express  ,:fromfOoiineca;yet,    -, ; ��������� ; ?   y% :,--: ���������  '2'' Sti;^Eatricfcte':day was observed'in-the usual'  : iappy and:time-honored':manner bv our Irish  '.ikesid0a^s.:v:;Vr;>V1y y,yia'i 'X2X xy r:-y}yy '-  y'X  \ ,rSqda Creek, lOth-^The./arinerajare prepar-  14ng';,oj:!'Sprmg;'xoperations. m Owing to*-the  ysii6w:gding-bff^0^gradud  ;$fa^#ra$.^  .^u^ntUy.^^^ y' m'":  ^JE^press is expected her^tfiaaffernppn^  The  yyy  y^'S^Sl^  X;y^^Mdy^^^m;r^'tfor-..spring, 'and, ^the  Heameters have all goneaboveand.belcw for  #3&nd^^  ��������� ^V-new-butoher 's elsbp - has - -beeaf' -op ene'd *������������������by.  y^Peague &^Alway.  'The Expr^s and Mailar-  y y17?d If\a i n igh t f*") ji ab (Xs 5" e nd';1 eft"at mid-;  mighHy'canoe'for^New^Westminster;; -  1^  : y  j^e w (:??'- fi I������i nsfce ^    19 j h-rSfSB mer ,, Un tea.'-  '--prise * arrived' this -afternoon ��������� aii deleaves,for-  Victoria in the flioming,������������������? returning agaiu von  ���������   'Tbursflay. ,-:,,,,-;:    i   ..--/   l  :\^ iOTlie. <}nwardleayes:for.Yalo,oaThursday..  i    ilill | r >vk:tobia.;, ,'  ^< ^Victoria? "19th'- IVi^Tkjoeuhoa g������*tieri.���������  Increase to members,', pay postponed-,-'thereby  i jp r even ti fig M mis te i m i  c tr i s > ** Fe tuk> u ��������� from  ' -^uwicha^pregekted/asliin'g for municipal "in-1  '���������;. syBt'ituiions.;;; Mr:.:Arnistr^fig's':^enc|3jand^Si'tc'h;  Bill' read 9 b������.si tin e.   A������r  B   ^itbr moved  ' - ihai tbo coire'-pooden'oe/r^psctiDg oatlinr of.  v-y^fc "trail }betweed :Que^pcl ;and;: feermanseii  ' ^^r^MXyimiilxiMyy 'sejec't committee ap-  :^^piutefdHo bo esi ter- tha'saiiife: "M diMM earrielil  -: Hon. Mr McCreight obtained leave' to faring  'In-a-bill for appointment of a third Supreme  :, i^pmte^ this  Hay w������ckr'       X2        yXt x f- yy i yy ;   ;i  "( -4 gy st -; amer Cal i fo rr; la \; t'ssed ii p the So nri d  ���������' yesterday'afternoon, and is^due here' on Wed-  ' ;>inegday^������y 22^2 ���������'.,  yXlllfyl22^^0 M \:  " : 'BbBtoriJ March^ri5^HarvafdWchp'ol house.  ' "';<>harle\fon/^nSMrned 'S40,0'00l  ;y- 'Forty-two children were fin it; at%l^- time fee  -';Vu!l(3ing took fire/ but' none were1 seriously  iiyured:   " (   ;/ ' '  ' ^Hava^ai^lSth^The  telegraph 'cable] be-;  ''tween'Cuba- aiid ''Mexico" will 'probablyX be  llaid in April. -   ������' ,     " <���������������* **\  - r? ^>Bbington^,i5tb^Rear^Admirftl:". Roger  . .^-Taylor,.-received preparatory^ orders tojtake  t:c6mmand of!NTorthrAtlanti;c fle^t.;.; <. 2. V   ;T.  y~X*Fhe Cabinet -was in session abou t two hours  to-day. ��������� fiusihess^of. more than ordinary imv  ^portance discussed;i- !   ;��������� y  ^ForJ Raltdal Hhaye: Ween deceived say ing ^ttfat  ^ft;fQW^afs^lj^e....avparty. of ^no!ian^ arrived  ���������direotlyifi*(Mc;:Biabk^ Hiilsf wjlfr nuggets  of  .^old. *Tlfe^ofScersHned%J^ffy tbef'gold;' but  y ^Indians refused.ito.Vpart withXliV.Great  ,y excjtementAamrong the citizens at the disct^  ; i^iyOiiM^nnm  :;" ��������� 'i xped i ti on y? b i ch is ���������,bei hg fitted ou fr here,  yXyVPortland;; 17tli^The::propeller California  2 left this oity yesterday for Victoria and Sound  fsports',/ .'":.:;;'     ���������'.��������� .. y^���������'���������-.-: -  y :-������������������; Washington, 17thr-Np official in form ati on  .������%A$ yet?;been...fcomimunicated as to. tbe resu 11  .^������f ^Secretary Fish's" letter to Earl (J rah vi lie.  ; Those iu offlciajf(gOBitipii^ ?hqwaver, ihink  yihutithe conflicttngf^iewsbr^^^ two Govern-  :���������. ments.wUl.be-reoonoiled,  ���������New York. 18th���������The: Internationals tor  iiight celebrate the rising of the '}���������. Commune.  :p!Vic|or IJuio Tsonjd deliver an address On the  ' pfincipfes of Commifnism, ;whith lie declared  were rapidly;sp^adijhg:ih: America.        ;  MemphiSj Tenh:;:i$thei)r.:Goshbo, Poat-/  master, absconded with $30,000 of Govern-  meat funds, y  :  .i^;iS^^triOk?S!dayt throughout the United  y ^States seeiaa /������: have,passed off quietly,v ...,:���������;  XV!yVXxX l.M^������^} 11.1 ll '. ''y  1 exc'd^.hi'iinlc.aied'.f^ Profess6rs of Bonn! 'Uiii^  varsity ;-fi>f-lyir1 '^^o^^'-^yi^mToi  Pupal iofalibility.  vv  London/ 17th^���������Earl - Granville'^ announced  .. in^heiaHd]^^ tb at ��������� he had  received bfi&ial ^otide^frbtejtbe ^r^^h C^br  jbe>;p|: a J>r<^ch! Of the ^pmtfbifeitf ntre.aty^ 'XX.  ���������: The Fenians are'making greafpreparatlons  thr d hg bout .Ireland'' for - a - demonetrati on' on  St.Patrick'sdayy:; " ' - :" ' .'.--'  ���������":. In-tbe House of Coffimona-to-night;.Disraeli,  adverted to ttepublic anxiety to learn - the  Amermad reply to Gr a n vi 11 e % n o te mud. asice d  Government if :ifci3onld be /laid: before - the;  ���������House*!: i; y-  ���������-,-. ; '   ���������   ������������������ '  Gladstone; replied tbat a'Cabinet; me etin g  would b e; held to-raorrowat wbioh the answer  of Secretary Fish, would be:considered, and  "after that he would report' ou/the .subjects Iti  was impossibleio;dp sp no;w. /t  - Hprseiba^gam^ farther)  'negotiatioris';with' tlie��������� AGovern^ent1 of the  United Stated he^ slioulrl fas&^hbjf?''Majesty's  Goverim^h't that^othing^  until sanctioned'by Parliament. ' ;f  ���������lionddhy- 17th��������� A- meeting will beheld to^  morrowvuigbfc ;at: St. Gieorge^a Hail, lo commemorate the uprising^! 'the PariaCpmmuue^  ? e'The:L6ndon Q bder^er- s I afcess tb a t; at a; Cab-;  iijofimeeting yesterday 'thejitoricaii*reply to:  ������bi&.6j&nTil^  cussed; "It produced a" favorable irapressidn j  and was regardedlas ��������� furnishing opportunity:  for farther arbitration. .   (< ' r?     r:  Dublin, l7th~7St.*Patrick?s anhiviersary was  dulyobseEv^d tbroughdui Ireland^vNo dis^  turbances reported, y At Drqgheda there wa3  ���������������������������a^great'.openair celeb ration at which speeches'  ;*were made fh vorIng;b6'me ru I a and' denounce  ing1 ihs������ Go^^Dmenc'for trnmhify i?> pardon  the Fenian prisoners.    "  '    ', :   '      ���������  s '  'London,' 18th^The liohdou RowingCltib  ;-kave selected 3 ore r for the' match i?dk  the  Atlantic Club of New York. - '     ��������� '  ,-JnJhe House of Commons -to-night, - Mr  .Gladstonei in i answer Ing,; Disraelifs'inquiries,  stated that the reply of the American Goverri-  meat to Granvilie?s note1 concerning Alabama  ^claims was received by her, Majesty ^Government, on 14th inst, . Ho.; wm gratified:to be  rable. to state thai it; was. eon pled ".witb> courteous, and friendly terms [loud cheers"). The  reply.of the English. Goyernmfyl would be  delivered to the American Minister In London  before Thursday of. the. <pr* ;*wu yeeky ;It  would be inconsistent with his duty to lay  the communication before'Parliamentat pres?.  ehtS^pptimi 1 arly ^l'i  Sta tes have dec ^ edi n otTto J ix 6 f * t ii el ( Pi ^ si -  dent the tenor-bt ^onr-oommunications, and it  will not) I trust, be' a 'misconstrnctibri of  statesmanship to say tliat the honor of this  country, demands lLie same. ' Thep^yy^r rej  "tired'amidst loud'cheering, r yy- "; t 2 \}y  *y ?Ih the^Housei'of, Lords, Grariville (replied  insub8lance the.same-as'Gladstone'to'tliejin^I  ���������tjpiries of Lord' Maimsbury, adding tbat the  Peers^onld be 'eriligh tened as - soon ai? pos-  sib le, and assuring their lordships th at he was  .aw^r^of;.;sthe; public, anxiety;o^ the subject  &nd the graye respohsijiili^ the  '-Ojoy.ernih^ ,'    , :"  v;  yersailles/ l^th���������The Republican Left wii 1  jiioji oppose i Ithe airangeraent i-agreed ontby  .^iera on;the|BudgekCom  ���������argued ydste^d ayin the Assemb I ythafc/France  .needed ap arnjy ofj 1^200,000; men to keep at  :.pea^ t   c   , .���������;,  ;; -E^PRESSE^ STEAMERS, fe<  mm^mm  ms  OUR   B^ELtoPES  .  ^Properly Sta'mped^are nowreduced to  ;''������������������' >   '.-'-''������������������   [..y������������������.'���������' '���������.;.'���������; ;;---..��������� - ������������������ y ii������������������     j''".; ';'".'���������}''���������'..yyy y  12 1-2 Gents eachj br$l6  }}y ���������";:;��������� 'y'^fbr-l'O'O;:: y '��������� yyy  ^urAgents^at^  tha.^ 16tter8;ar6;pr6hViitIyy^  tbo regular stage rwuteu. , y,,   :   *    y'  Vysmvi^} >.��������� ly yyyyyz yy... ^j^BABRAB������^;'  m^mmmTm^x *' v] x  WORCESTERSHIRE  yy ' y2y 6cclfl re tl h j^'coniibW .4 u fhi o b e' ^ ,' '[ X  ,.. ." 3iyTHE. -ONLY}" GOOD-. SAUCE;i? l ]l  ^ke"'the-^t''time!.'-  t  ..'DRiyBiTHB^EST.STO'CKd-'. -,  USE THE -BEST,COACHES!     '<-:  HAyEiTHEMOST/COMBETENTvDRIVERS  .    CARRY THE MOST PASSENGERS! 2,  ,,     DO THE LARGEST BUSINESSIV    ���������  ^^ REMEMBER THIS !   yX'���������  ^".'y, y-yy'-y-iy. ���������}:. -",-'vy'V.V-:V'yy:-J"."; y.y.'''. ':'���������.' Yyy,-<yy >',','--y.:-.'>v>'.' V '������������������y-.y-'':- >.:������������������:'  y .Travellers by the PAST LTNE' SAVE  FJaOM TWELVE; TO TWENTY'DOLLARS  by not loitering, *as other lines rdo, on this  road. '        '   ���������  '        _ ';   .  Jel7' '       ; F; J. BARNARD.  oa:R Tmv nm Sllisrll  mIIlI!  Xyyyyyx:ryyr'~' xx yyyyyyyyy-yyyyyx,-'... y yy 'y2yy'2yy ���������;  -v ���������   'Will leave 'Barkerville . .   ':.! {  V-*    ��������� ONCE^EVfiRY^FORTNIGHT' ;>  - "'���������-.' ��������� ..-r-y'-������������������-' 1-',y'V:.  '������������������'���������-'  'rS-iif .-. ���������"���������- -���������.;,. ,.'���������]-���������   ���������'������������������. :  ���������''��������� ,; '-.'��������� .'-'���������: ������������������>���������'',���������" ���������"'��������� ���������:!���������'-,".'������������������- 0 ���������'���������.''' ��������� ���������"������������������'���������'������������������  FOR; TALE ���������&-f^^mfDIATm :(PL-ACEa  GEROW   &   JOHNSON'S  pxpress and^; Stag^ Mile  y^iyyy-yyyyyyy'���������yyyuy~yyyir- w-������- ��������� -?v-.������v;.^ .  ^ivantiopL ;aga.ms ti^re:ud.-rTh c^ucewsflr^hj,  caused certUhi dehors t6'^ ppljj' ihc'nalii^'VWoftJ!  :*P������ iirft;.SaucoM ^ jicJr^wiiiinrc?W(>r<5orm)oi,ni1s.ti  Public is;;herphy;intiimednhdttht6  euro the genuine,,iatorfw?j'    ;?;(w yf :.��������� , -,'/  XSKy 'FOB,;''jllsiy 5 ^-PERBINS ?'iJ SAJTCE  ,?nfi to^oyibar thftlr^;name-Bar������KiiW^tIib^ArpU-  .L'ABKiiSjSTO^pER^a^Hlg^TLx. ��������� ' j y"  'vw^e-ofth^orei^  with^spurfp^^prc^storBhir  P^^^Mabelsoiwh^JvitheJhani^^  hayo^on|lV)?gQn,tl!^!ahd^  MY<?|prnish^t1rQi*r c^CBpoud^nUiwitlFiybw^of  ;aUorpCy'iLp��������� lafcf11r^ tan,f -proc^'dinyp.'ngaih.������i: wand  !PAGT^ftERS5ind:,yK^7')0������!?.n.J.\such^ 'br'aiiv-Vaiicrfinita--  Won & li y iv li I ell t b oVrr I p h"t m a'y li e i ii f ring e<!""'    }  a&J6t;;i&aw^  ;.- Namoj-onr.Wj apper^^abel, Bottle*? and  .-,;,Stopper.JT -,��������� y. > ; ? .   ,.  ., '-   ^ -'y   ;  cesf^rlCr^seandBlackwt  ���������:b^6?oaer|/an,.d:flJ Imcn universally.   \/        ,.' a,.  'yy- -.yyyyyy-   l. yyy ��������� ���������< yy-ry ^y yyyy-yyyy;' y;yy-2-\. ���������;���������--  ym}. Volkeiibxirgii\;&2Gp.  yyyy  yyyy;^  iryy^v."���������'; yy$yy*'������-i>-y ~-tjy.-y .. '-. iy ���������'-���������������������������v- .vy:.-].  BaRKORVJLLE,   RIC HF I'ELD  v,yy. "���������<,;-;,;.;.- ;-- :y, ���������*���������>.> ��������� ���������. v *0:...:':V;.v,'ly>=v.i.:: ��������� JV    Vy.--v    .--.  i'���������AKD^  "; i i'if y ft, ;���������, y' - fe  ^ju^js^i  ���������'f������'������--������:,i,.:.'t;.<.l i  yyyiyiyyy  A:SlJPPLY'OFyTilE;  ���������an'Wfrawag:  iMISGELLANEOUS.;  JUSTv RECEIVED  AT;;::::jraOTiE^  <A..'large supply of  VJ  Oarries  LETTERS: TREASURE. VALUABLES,' !  yyy"-   EXPRESS FREIGHT AND PAS  .\8SE^GERS  ��������� 1.: A T '-, REDUCED ' RATES.^-' ' ,  ��������� l&;Collectipnrs, Commissions and General Express  business���������ndn.e"%?itb-pjnlcl,tiAli������y and. dispatch, y.  jg������1riOlfice ot the Cariboo A^eniovat ��������� f ! v ���������������������������  - ������������������ ' .'., ��������� ,!. * IDAWlb KURTZ������S STORE, r  . ?P29 ���������- .     t     -.    ���������  ,.       ; v Barkerville.^-:  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN'S  ������# v.w ������w  SHOTS  .AUW  *Vlp85* :New Goods ^will be received every  week during'the season.'*jssf-  Ibtliing :yy ajid; Groceries,  OP THE BEST QUALITY^  y. Forsale at the Store of the undersigned in Barker  yillc,oppositetiiex Bank of British Columbia.  ;1 Vy   ' '"Vy ":':y' .V.   .;W. RBNKIE-  ol7  aauanai  V  _ ....    .. -... . ... .. ,.,;**���������  ;.HAVE ,bepn-requosied' ijyseyeral respectable par-  ; tiesj; w,hh-������fth^j������t^ system,  to again make'public the fact that ������ (/   ..  ;'; Moses' Hair Invigorator  WILL PREVENT:BALDNESS; '     ������������������ ��������� '<> ��������� ':���������  :.- ��������� RESTOHK. HAIR THAT IS BECOMING TflUSTi^i  OR FALLING OFF, and fclfectuallv    . ,.   . '  CURE SpyRF OR DANDRUFF.     - /  This is not a nicre; assertion on my part, as I have  in my possession numerbas testimonials cor ti Tying to  the success of my remedy.;;,'-'..;       ..., y    .;.:','   ')  I do no i of ecu rs e p r e ten (l that I can make th e li al r  grow.on heads which liave been bald for years ; but  t willguarnliteo to'stop the hair from falliiigoil, to  increase; its... growth, and -cfl'oct nail v re mo ve Scurf or  Dandruff.      .,.; W*��������� D. MOSES,  Barkerville i B.C.  X / ���������; 'CERTIFICATE; -" '}.y "' '���������'''2  Tb is i s. to cor ti fy that d u ri ng I as t spr | ng ��������� my; b ai r  was rapid jy fit!Iing ont and my bead- was fnst becom.  ing bald, when I applied to.Mr W. D:MOSES, Bar.Iwr  Bfirkerville, who in a few,weeks restored iny iiair to  its former healthy s tate    '��������� DAVID (? IBBONS  Barkerville Dec. 29,186B   . ..- ^filv  AND  apl'Stf  beWp&mty;^  ALWAYSvftN HAND:  LIGHTNW������  CREEK.  MINERS AND TRARERS,AVill,iflud itto theirad-  y an ta ge to p u ri ilius e a t thi s Slot e, wh ere th ere is  of tho very best ,'3escription onilvandirdnd^thefehick  constantly replenished by n������jw arrivals.' ?The;propri^  : > tor will.sellGoods ;..  y   ;,    ., :  '-:'��������� AS; CHEAP AS ANY'IN  CAEIBOq)  Orders prompliy filled and forwftrdod .wlth dispatc\).  ���������y.yl-.:lyyiy   r} J. W.LINpHA^p.  6  BARKERiVlLLE,  CxrpGeries, ���������; fefoYisibiis aiid  1) E P O T   :F O R-  my2if  l:, vy^���������s  mu  I  Ifi


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