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 m  m  BarkerTill^,  Cariboo Sentinel.'  ���������:     ���������      A D. WeTnnni;  .   / Barrinr/Pp Expirss \  "''���������  ���������    -'. Un mar*!'' s ti sprcM  ���������      BamnrtPs Express  ���������'������������������������������������-������������������ ���������>-,-' do- -:..v4..do- -������������������������������������  ���������     a#    John >Tnrray  ; ���������* '���������',. ��������� '. ���������; '���������>. /' )\fr Wr������ lip tor.  . %y:.;' ' y pnn ifranrw*  .... -      Snn Fnmciaon  80 Corribill/ toridon, *%.&  Ti.f.H5'-.0AK.mna sentinel  Creek, B^yS^ ^.;X$7&:  o.  Curdfi. ���������'Wcii 1<ir������i Posters ������ nd Proerammw Tor  ���������-.-/ Rail*andTheutricnI;Entertainments>//  ^f^^x^cttterl with npatnes������anddispatch.^i^i  T^rms moderate.  TUE BRIDRFJ AT QUBSNELMOirriT;  The frilhVwincf f������ fin extract from a letter  frorw tfyfH'vii.faflorae ���������Wnltora With  Id the QihnmmbI trier bridsre:  .  *��������� Th������������ Estimates have already been laid before the H< m ������e, a nd o w i ng to, the want o f  Woneythe Govern merit !hhs been compelled  to defer the vote for the bridge this session  Ton will be convinced, on a perusal of the  Estimates, tbatfeafl ^%e present. Ministry not;  adapted a system of thorough retrendtenent.  'iti the public service no money would. have)  % een available for roads and bridges at alt,  5 forw arded your petition to his Honor the  Lieutenant Governor.  "Had the financial state of the Treasury���������  warranted it, allow me to ssercre you that tlie  government would in all probability have  favorably considered 'the constructs n of the;  ^bridge, as the matter engaged their serious  -attention when the EBtiJhfttes.. were being  ^framed."  ���������FNITED STASIS.       /  New York, Feb. 18���������Mrs Smith, occupant  -of a tenement house on Sackett Htreetj Brooklyn, deft two children iocked up in a room  to-day, and while absent the house caught  'fire anlthe c%ildren were feu rued te d������ath.  St. Xoiris, B'eb. 18���������Mrs Breckham, ar  >rested to-day charged with poisoning two  little boys named Hudson with poisoned  I'candy, is supposed to "be insane* ���������  New York, Feb. 19���������Last evenrag a mllfc  train ran into a passenger train near Harlem,  feilling one passenger a������d wounding many.  After all obligations esse paid, Horace Greeley's daughters will e*s& have $2P,@0O  1S70���������eom-es fee publication of &e report of  tbe.eti5ufiry3������*a[ f&e-cafrees of the fail tf������ the]:  EmpSre/' Ko^trgNiew is': added as to bow  France vi^ws f be 'bursting of < thafe bubble.--  The evidence <tt H;? Ttfiera' ocfriRrms dispassionate opinion "wfrere he solemnly asserts  " Prussia was wifhet prepared 'f or nor desired  tlie war���������Wat suclv assertion is oa ihe part 'o'f  tbe Imperialists, a lie."  Equally conclusive  Is'M. Thiers When-he affirms France did riot  desire the w*t;; that it livnsuhdettalcen partly  to chittfh 'tipthe specnlalSoos of certain fiaan-  ciew-4il^;fi)^ Mexican expedition.   He ad-  mi ts ihe Empire was not overthrown in September, 1870,%ut disappeared from Its irrr.ate  wor-tfatessnees^iradytbat Its creatures at the  'Critical ttomeotyfeit .too aebamed to display  even the *?#& of courage to" save it.   The ex>  afainatioii-^^ ?letrlj the Prefect oFPolice; 1  is an exampV������iQff Vising rfkinned aHye./.:That  :ex$uncti0na^,bad to adinit he organised in  Pans the official patrioh'srn; ;bbncbntfated in  the cry-r.ft\B������11n!   Thfteportf of the/Prefects attest thai the ;** ntrals1' were opposed  to that-latest frtiase of " the Errr>fce it peace!'*  ���������One of those pashas; whilst ;rffiniitting the  ;q pinion J a his 'pashajic, was hosffleto all war,  avowed tfh rett/finess to manufacture a public  '.opt uibri wccor^tB% as"< befffiqu arters required  it.' The p������c ^/Crramrwt/and'MaTsbal Le.  bobf knew at fhe lime of the deel arafione of  w^*thHt^ranceAad notasi alljs that the'aK  jeged InatLJt of the^Klirtg/of Pi'nssia to the  French Afnban^or Bendetti was a pnte inr  yention-'^hef latter stated It was not even the  v tnirtyia ���������ma^queraie"���������and, iha|%, that  Frauce had only 9L61,666 men tolSand ready  for action, Whtfa they kne'tv perfectly well a'so  that GMrmatiy >a4 -I -200,900 prepared tor the  War  HISC^LLANEOUS/  did selected assortment, whicli cannot  be surpassed in qual������  ity and priee.  J. W.UNDHAKD^  Van Winkle; June 6,1872.        ,  HOTELS,/HEStAURANTS, &o.  VaSBaiicK^ ,  CSUCCESSOES TO lfct?0NiO,J  Beg to Infota their Melius fand thQ \fib Iff thai thi*  haVe tali eri the w������liknow^ prcmlsta la Bvrkerv^tl*;  so long favotabiy patronised 4while la tbo odc^paUoti  of Jfr N. CuaSoy  w^fc 1) ������vrhaftufftetufedJandj(8oi4J^ ftl^  taitia Its purity, and ������  v    yv *���������.?���������':'������������������������������������  Si  FRANCE.  1THS FA1X OP THB EMPIRK.  Simultaneously with the renewed dTcnla-;  ^ionof the ** Sedan medal," cepresentkg Na-j  poleon IH. we^Ting a Prussian helmet oq one;  eida and tlie figure of a vatsorglre on the re*  ���������verse���������all the consequence ^ the Bonapart-  idta^avinj;. quitted Paris lk& UU Sqptefflberij  pAHTBTiN STORYir-rA. wbnSerfiil  story  comes from Paris.   A German professor���������the  nationality to be noted���������begged two con*  dernhed Communists, named Dod^b and Brun,  from M. Thiers, in order that;he Wight, as a  scientific experiment, kill them tfnd bring  them to life afja^R aft the end of tteee months  after death.   His plan was to eject solution  of cal^c in to the sy ste m by which deiponip osi-  tjon was to be prevented; and according to  his theory the-patient might be revived, not  only at the end of thYee months, but at the  end of three htradredyears, sicoofdiag to desire.: In the presence of medial men and  pnbllc^ funetioitaries, the Profiessor, having  administered chloroform to each ot the men,  injected the .solatlon and then bled there till  they died.  The corpses were then dessicated  by the beat of fnrnaces till they shrivelled,  and till the skin fcepamo yellow, lfke leather.  Ia this state they remained in ambderate  temperature for the prescribed three months,  and tlien the process of tevivication "began  by injecting tlie blood ot two healthy labor-  ers and by the application of fhe galvanic  battery,   The process completely failed in  the case of Dodu,   But in the 'case of Brun  the result was, to say the least, surprising.���������  First, the opaque eyeballs rolled in their yellow sockets, the muscles began to twitch, the  heart to beat, and at last.after fourteen hours  'of treatment, Brnn spoke, rose from the table,  swallowed a bowl of beef tea and several  omrces of brandy, and audibly grumbled of  soreness in bis limbs and of ^aM in the regions that had rested on the table.   He is  now alive and well in Switfcerla'nd, under the  assumed name of Fourbe, while a post mortem examination showed that fatty degeneration of tfbe beart had prevented the revival  of Dofrfi. So any on������ who wishes to see how  tbe worid loofcs a hundred years hence has  only to apply the solution calx &&d to leave  iSorjBtanUy kept on hand.  The Lodging Department  wifl bo always carefully {attended to, and the b<������al  Beda and accommodation provided for their ca**  tomfts. dole  LiaHT N IK a CREEK,  BARRERVILI-E,   RICHFIELD  -Awr>-  A SUPPLY OF THE  ALWA^ ON HAKDv  Hi^ING-I^CH^ THE   ABOV^  Houl Prom Xtr J. J; Robertson, begs to inlornj  the tmvelH-ng public antl the Miners of Cariboo Urn*  he will do Wis utmost to sustain tW well-earned t^  jjatation W tlie hioase as a first-class Ho teL  Will as \isual be turnisiie^ With tho best the Htitko^  atford&������ '���������-'���������������������������������������������-: ;  Is well flocked with.Spirits, k\e% JWiftfel aridJCigaf������������  Are comfortably fbrniBhed,, and.a targftaddition tft  tbete^tfiber of rooms 13 now being made.  I HAVE beeii requested by several respectable parties, who^ali testily to the efficacy of my system,  to agaitj make public the fact that  Moses' Hair Invigorator  WILL PREVENT BALDNESS,  RESTG&B HAIR TdAT IS BECOMmo DHItf  OR PALLING OFF, and effectually  CURE SCUKP OE DANDItUFh  This is not a mere assertion en my partv ae 1 havt  in my possession numerous testimonials certifying to  the successor my remedy.  I do not <sf course pretend that-1 can make the hair  grow on heads which have been bald for yeara $ but  IwillguaY-Aftteeto Stop the bair from falltUgpff, to  increase its growthj and effectually remove Scurf or  Dandruff. tV. D. JlOSES,  'r Barkerville, B.C.  Are the best in the Upper Country, and will  always be well supplied with Hay and Griiav  iu20  us***  CKftTlFlCATE*  Thlaislft^ertify that during last tytfng my hai  was rapidly Calling out and my head Was fast beconi  Ing bald, wk&n I applied to Mr W. D MOSES, Barber  Barkewlle, Who in a fow weeks restored my hairj  Us former helilthy state ,  DAVItJ GIBBONS  BM&^rii4������& Dec 89, wefc1   '  ^HE BANK OF BRITISH NORTK A2)1EB������  1   lOA atVinrOKIA will until further notice pay  *>n money specially lodged Interest at the rate of  Four per cent, per annum  oil 'deposits subject to./ '���������  teeti Days 'll\jt ce at WlMl  drawal, and  Five per cent, per annum  on De|>0BHs|subJcct|tt>; Thirty pt$* notice of with*  dmVaI* I HENRY A. TUZO,   .  Manager Victoria Branch,  Ociobet 18,1872,  .K.���������1J  SURVEYS AND PLANS BSECUTKD  Oa reasonable4terms*  '������&* Orders left al JJf  a  astwaiasraafflM -yy  .y  'v'yy  11  my  yyy.if.yM  y ������?pmie  ymm  yyym'  y <? ���������!���������>  iti  vy  yx  sy 3  ������#  ipy  :<il&  ys^iyj ���������  i|  ' -!y'>yi>i  -V. ���������-. .;"'  v,yif.^ .<������������������  ���������iVii-.r  C'Hifi  *"...  j-- '' y ',���������:  ���������  i' 'I'i-.'j  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  'SATUR&kYyMARCH 3; I87JL  ; Theldebftite on the Constitution J Amenfl-;  Tnent -Bill appears to havi been^onctucted^lrrj  'Borne of tbe members in ������t style TiarHly con-'|  sonantwith t^ P������!^  >Jank denial and actmsaHoha of veryaeripuB  offeices appear to haye been the order iff the  'iday.   The mover ef tbe :bill pariiculafly difl  :t!ngu!shed himself by^ ft style of oratory In  which he certainly has no equal In the Hotise,  and for, the creditof Parliaraeritery instihih  tien/we "sincerely (rttst'thttt onr mbitf youth-  fful politiciaas will .abstain 'from indulging in  fthe personalities and Ibuse of those who differ  ���������wWthen^ so freely made ^se of )by,tbe nwm-  :ber for ' Lil-1 ooet   It is eiIher a very weak  ycaae or a good? one in ineompeteat hands  when its ndyocate; 1 gain g -sight of i[ the; matter  'In baisft, degrades himself and ruins his case  ! by Insxilting his ad versary; No in an was ever  7'et^riviaced.^ him he  ��������� ifeafool.      ''.-';���������    '(X\ ��������� ���������;'">���������-}' '2 ���������; '2 ���������  The disgraceful "scenes referred to appear  to have, originated In disappointment and  Jealousy on the part of some of tbe Premier's  former friends.   Me feared at the time the  ^misiryJ/jWafliifo  happen; and it is a most convincing;proof of  the clear sigbtedhegB of Mr DeCosmos that he  TefuBeditolavail-himself ofy the ^disinterested  . serviceslofthe menilJer: for Liilooet, who has  liimself: so: recently givea: eyid������iceypf/bis  utter unfitness to hold an office wherein, he  Would eawrcisejwjy^ influence ��������� Off; Jbo ftttiire  destiales of thisi risrag^^provlttceir' - Mr Hurni-  ���������piirey������ must'first learn to control himself ere  ^be aspire4o[Me,j^tion^frnlingjpthere^ It  m ii, %eTegrtetted that the Indian Agency he  aeeins to have been so anxious to obtain was  nofe^giyeri bim f he wouldTbave been emln ���������  ently well qnalifled to fill the position.   The  House and the country would also have been  spared the discredMttble^exinbitwniSpx lately  witri eVsedr Th e h on; gentle ra aa must eti rel y  ^e^nKiousip p^ta*n the ^honbtv ;dfypoli^ilca^,  ���������maVtyrftoihloris it*���������hat1)i8 popularity is on'  1he wane andyhe is seeking to retrieve his  falien fortun^^y erecting^ipoh' the:fennda-  tion of his -bwa conceit a superstructuTe of  hatred and CQtitempt:fprrtiip|e who have suc-  <ceeQe8 When be bas so: miserably failed. ;���������:  Iffbe intendment, itself would\..doubtless;j  li ave received differen t ,trea tment fro m the!  House had the mbverltrfeated: his subject in a  manner wortby ot its importance;  W'e have  .Sctddbn Death.-- On Monday night last a;  miner tiamed David Heenan, employed in the  Sprites claim voir Lightning Creek, died like a  good man andlv trneyiat Ws pp^feHe waa  ^rlcingfm one ofMeArUts wheijibe/broko a  ;blbod-vesselX tie wa^ essisted 'lip tfte shaft  by Mr Al "Macdolnald, ^which he reached wi th  great difficulty, aiid died before reacliing the  surface. ^The Goroner beld an inquest on the  body,.-abd;tbe jury returned a verdict of death  from natnrat Jcbuses^ The^Jr^alng were  brought to .Barkerville/ on Wednesday ^Dd  interred in the cemetery at Carneronton. The]  deceased, who was well known, as a Skilful  miner, was much reBpected, and his death Is  deeply regrettpd by all who know hita* -  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  MISCKT.LANEOUS  GOMMISSIOH, STOKAGE,  ���������KB  Sutur day E rfg^M^cixl st  .   CEiLTtKL  Mortoaoes. ��������� .Mr. rRobeTtsODTs  amendment to tbe Bills of Sale A������t of Mr  SemiIq gives tbe boldier%> a' registered bill  of sale of chattels priority of claim to tb#  same over the creditors of the mortgagor ia  cas������ of batt^kmptcy. The want of such a provision has long "been felt* and the stnend-  ment makes cbsttek,.if. insttre^j almost as  good fleeudiy as reall estate.���������[Colpoifft,  Will be given forth������  BPEpT|I)^M^  Several Ladies and Gentlemen have kindly  vohinteered:  The performance will conclude with an entertainment by the Cariboo Minstrel Troupe.  ���������J&5* For particulars, see small Bills.  General 'Agency,  apISff  JAMESnWlCKHAM,  ���������;:v"')' 'Syl^Xt!} BarkerviUp;-v  qouN'nr^oijRT,  ;  . (Before 1. T. Bashby. IDsq, County Court Judge.)  *       '    '     y "Frtoay, Feb. 28.  ��������� Wkst op Ekglano'Go. (by $. F.X������erald) vs.  jos. MATHKwg.���������Tfiia was a suit for assessments, due by defendant. The Company had  previously intended to sell defendants-interest in the claim under the 6th eection of tbe  Geld Miniog Amendment; Act. Defendant  protesting against the sale, the Company  withdrew it,., and brought suit in .the County  Court* to'- riecover the * amoniit'diie; togetber  with the. expenses incuiredjn .collecting.  J. F. Gerald ^proved ������the am<s������nt due; whicli  had been frequently demanded of the defendant. ,;���������:���������:. .:��������� .;������������������������������������   ; ���������-. y ,v " <..;���������? f"'>':;-.'; '. '. :'"'.  Wm. Trelaise proved tan ding Ihe bil 1 of  assessments to the defendant, and also testified  that it was not customaTy. for mining: companies to call a meeting to levyvan asseM-  ment.-y ���������'���������        ���������������������������  yy   '\ ��������� ���������';":.,y''':''-  Geo, Byrnes testified as to the usual course  adopted to sell an Interest in a claiih under  the Cih section of tbe Act and the custom of  miners with reference to levying assessriients.  ,: Charles Wilson and 3am es Wick ham- also  gave testimony as to:the custom prevailing  among fining companies. : :y.-'-'X  : Tbe dctendant^was called, and Mid that be  had never'laseinr*' pf esecitfed witb thi two last  bills of assessments. ;    :^  :  Mr Park * sted Iits ^ea?e mpon. points of  lawrr^^^be Cpurftba^Sno^  mining cases, that no assessment coiild be  levied without a meeting of the Company,  and that the assessment had not;been proved  to be corre<st" :"- X*"     ���������'"���������*'..'  ''. "   '2'\:"':������������������ ���������  The Court overruled Mr Park's objection  as to want of jurisdiction: and gave judgment  for the plaintiff for $64 75 and,costs, belliff  PEJfDOLA,  BARKERVILLE,"  } pKALKU IN      ,,-.,,.^.-y  Groceries, Provisioiis and  ors. ���������  notice^ .;���������;;;  HAVING DETERMINED TO CLOSE out  my business in Cariboo at nn eailyy.lnte, I ro-  quest that all persons indebted to mc by.Book Ac-  con nt or otlierwisc will mil and settle before the  FIRST day of APRIL, 1873..  My Stock'in Trade for  sale Cheap for Casli to  effect a speedy clearance.  iSS**T!ie premises for!sale.:- Possession  given on  1st of June, 1873,   '   .     ;  vy.  'Fob," 7, 1873.;     ��������� *  ROASTED DAILY AT THE STOHE.  DEPOT    FOR  PIONEER MILLS EXTRA FLOUR  <m  r y-:W* ���������  fegu LILLOOET. ONIONS and  BEANS  on hand. no23  DAVIDSON.  fc8  CANADIAN PACIFIC SAMOAD  AT  before expressed the opinion that such an j the amount sued N; less: the costs of the^sate  - ^ and expenses of collection.  amendment Would be desirable bad we more  rapid means of cbmmnnication^ but for this  district to. have been deprived of the services.  tffi&yir senior member would have been to  virtually disfranchise it^ To say that|be'cause  this particular measure is not suited to the  requirements of the country that the cottntry  Is unfit for Responsible Government, is simply  iabsu rd.    The principle of the tseasure is  ���������good, its particular application at present to  <us*wduld be bad, as it would delay business,  andftver.y;8erious loss both of money and'  4ime would occur,  or  Mainland  members  -taking office would be unable to take their  seats for the Ressipn in which the change of  Ministry took place. The Bill was very aptly  characterised by Mr Barnston as " a Bill to  ena%le ^ie people of Tictork to govern the  country."   ,  At present there is in this province no sweh  thin^ as party; it is only the " ins and the  outs" /who on very great questions are at  fflsne. Neither should there be for some Mme^t  do come, provided hon. gentlemen would for  ���������get their trifling petty jealousies, and rem em-;  foer that they are elected to legislate for the  .common weal and not: to further their own  ambitious ends, and not turn the legislative  $mll into an arelia Wherein tbey can give vent  *to personal spite and malice, bringing disgrace upon themselves, dishonor upon their  -constituents, and contempt upon Fariia-  meaiaryInstHutioas,  ���������������������������������������������'  ; McWha vs. J. Knight.���������Judgment buhq-  mons.   ,,  .   ���������y.;,;,.,;: Xr "���������"���������"  . The defendanf testified that be was unable  to pay, as his earning were too small.  The s Courfc ^prdered., him. to p ay $ 10 per  month for. thevnexttw0iaonths,and^$2O per  month after.  Where you can get supplied with the best  ���������������������������'������������������'-   -yy-- }��������� v article't>f '",',.:."       ������������������' ���������' '.   '*������������������;  Extra & Superfine Flour^  Iiillobet Beans- 1872^ V  CMcagd Baconv ' y ���������  And a general asportment. of Groceries at  prices that wiU defy compe ti ti on. ,.  DR.CHIPP'S  DRUG  STORE.  ENGLISH DRUGSI'  'PATENT MEDICINES,"  PROPRIETARY  ARTICLES,    ,  Chevalier's Life for the Hair  COUGH LOZENGES, &c.. &c.     "  /&** Teeth carefully Extracted and Filled, - %-���������';���������.;'  $&~ Proscriptions and Family Recipes ������o-  onnitely prppnred.  Barkerville; Nov. 20. 1872. no23  fe22 2m  ; JAR. REp;  v  Commission Agent.  .REGISTER OF THERMOMETER .  At Richfield. Williams Creek, taken at 9 a.m.  eaeh day, showing the highest and lowest  range for preceding 24 hours:  MAS  :.            mik.  Feb. 22,  29  8 above zero  "   23,  22 =  16.  - .'"; 24.  S������  11 below zero  *'   25.  31  16      ������  *'   26, "  10  12      ������  u   27,  17  . 1      '"  ���������    "   28,  32  9 above V  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS     /  Assessment Notice,  MELODY COMPANY,  QUESNEL..   .  EESTAURANT  AND   BAKERY  THIS OLD AND WETX-KNOWX ESTABLISH^^E^fr  is always fliippliorl with tho best of everything  tbat can be'proourocl in Cariboo.  12 per Week.  Single Meals? - -'-2-  BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT TfflfcY HAVE fcfetfoVKD  .t������ the spsfcious pr^iriisi'8 fnrmorly known nstlo  J3t. George S������iiu������n, where tbey willjjeatulijtums  prepared tb furnish  . ���������   '  ��������� BO A R D ; A N.D    ME A L S  OF   THE   BEST   QUALITY.  The? BAB i.  furnishedjjwith-ithe finest WINES  XIQUORS-an'd CIGARS.  Board, - $12"per Week  el? dm  Remaining in the Barkerville Post Office on  1st February, 1873. Parties calling for  letters in the following list, will please ask  for Advertised Letters;  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT IF ATX AS  segments now duo and to become due on tlie  Oue Pull Interest In tho Melody Coinnnny's Mining  Ground, standing in tho honks or said Melody Coin-  pan y in the name of BRICK WILLIAMS, ho not  paid on or before Friday, the 7th day of March.  1873, tho said interest will he sold at Public Auction at Barfcervillo at Twolvo o'clock, Noon, on tho  said 7th day-of March.  JOHN M. GILLIS,  ���������   * '        ActhJp Secretary Melody Co,  Quesn������l, 17th February, 1873. fe23 ���������  JThe Celebrated  FRESH   GROUND   COFFEE,  A superior article to any which can bo had from be*  low, Roasted and Ground on tho premises from the  best selected Denies, and warranted free from adul  eration.  jol? , .1, 0, GOODgOK  Brown Peter  Bridges Thomas  Bonnier Farolina  Game Fred  Cameron WS  Campbell A 0  Dodd Jas  Daust Felix  Davis Fran cis  Edwards J E  Fichey Wm  Galley Wm (2)  Gill Alfred  Hosford Wm  Harris J &  Harvey Tbos  Hare Oliver (2)  Johnston J (2)  Jenkins J E  Jones C H  Jones HW  Kemp Wm (Reg.)  firt  Luce Wm  McCormickW.C(2)  McDougai Rodk  McLennan Alex (2)  McLean Adam  McDonald Peter  McDonald D  McDermot II  Nathan Mm  Owen Win  Pollys Wm  Sullivan BL  Smith W P  Skinner R J  Sanders Wm  Schubert A  Tretheway Samuel  Turley Jas  Welch Jas  WrightLG  ���������Williams WB  IOHNBOWRON,  mmffflm  mmm  Ill1  ^P" SA/TURDA^ MARCH h W7*-.  ���������{-������.  ��������� ���������" :x$;gx.y$yyfflwi%L >&>:  At VanWinkle,-on the 23d February, the?  wife ot J. C. BpKBYt Esft., of a son.  yyy.2��������� \ vctiNTv^N^ ������������������ :       Xy  .: ClrntVm, Feb, 28��������� The ball wbneb commenced on Mouday, the "24th,-wound up last  'night.. Everybody*.seemed hijrbly ipfeased.  Partieswere present'from Lake la-iflache,,  Lillooet^ Cache Creek; and -intermediate'  points.  ,, ,;. CACHE CREEK..;'; .  , Cache Creek. Feb.. 25���������McKenlie, of Kam-  loops, died on. tbe morning of the 19tb. '  ���������Yale, Feb. 27���������A slight shock of earthquake  was felt here this mormrig./}\ } '2y'K  Barnard's Exp resa. with the m'ai 1.1 e f t here  forv.BBrkwdl^aV^CCmi'!iyieslcrday. No  through passengers. / .��������� :���������:.  " .      ��������� y2EOFKy:yy2yyyy  Hope,-Feb., 26���������A very hfavy shock of  .earthquake wasyfe\t here at.about9:15 a.m.  to-day. No damage\-dbne^iB^^t,a>ge]^aiiil-  ehakinjj oif theinbabitanW SJ :;^  The Vl^bria SliverVMihjqg Co. yesterday  appointed Mr Adam Watson Superintendent.  and in tend to resume work getting out ore  |with vigor;,  ..; ,y,;. ..,,.-. },<., yy}'  Tbe Prince Alfred iwriyed yesterday.   Pas*  | sengers :~-Misa S. Irving,;Mrs yCharabefs, H,  E. Nor wald; Peter Gorinrirs^ Atlk Farris worth *  H. K. Simmonds, Joseph .Uumphries, J. M.  Rogrers; A. OiUneiI,;^.;:^EfrUbg^; Garton, J.  P. Davies, M. Lawsoh, aud 8 in steerage. Sh������  brings 130 tons freigh14nd att Eastern mail.  Q������ebee, Feb. 2i���������The nomination^-of fcan *���������  dldates: for Quebec district as representatives  In: the Provincial House of Aesembiy took  place to-day.   A furious, riotjbegan between  the representatives arid adherents of the opposing candidates, ; Pistols, knives and clubs 1  I were,; freely used.   About 3000 people took  part in the riot, which lasted an hour and a  half.    Two  men  were  killed and many  wounded:    Ity ib expected many  of   the  wounded wil I die.   The. bus tings ,w;fore 'torn  down aiid the, candidates of the/National  party beaten.   Armed police are now parading the strfeets !a force and have dispersed'j-^M  'most of ��������� the rioters.   Conflicts in the streets *?ia -,. f . ,  .are frequent, v. . . .   ���������  y ;,/'.', .. ,"���������" :.- ��������� ;> honTor a new tr;al m  New York, Feb. 26���������AQuebecBpeciatsaya  two men were Id I led an d several won h ded i n  the elect! on riots on Monday..; Ou e ,of the  : ca rid������d ates, M.; Pei 11 a trie, ri a rrowl y escaped  4������ath, a bullet passin ^through biscap; The  ;other candidate, M:H"'dot,;- was -rescued by bis  friends from: threa^n^yyiolebce: ��������� At night  a lot of Hiioi'ff fighiinif meri, who had not  tbe,-law.and two committed euieide Id jail,  one. Gr. Af. Golniere,: oa tbe; day 'lie was to  have beenexecuted.   .^ .yyy; <',,'���������   :' Xy;  Pbrttaod,: p.-: Feb. 25���������fyaiits on .ill tbe  railroacla have 5jeen deta tried by the recent  anoSw storm, it b������ing the "heaviest known' in  this section for teaoy years*   '���������-?   %y. X' ^ y  ; ykey^eat, Fia,;,Feb^23.--^B^ip Nor'-  wester, from New Orleans;to Liverpool, with'  a cargo of cotton i put in here to-day with: her  cargox>nfireywhich has|.;lieen burning Isince  20th ifiat. There ik';no/prospect ,bf saving  eithetvahip .or cargo.yy22y}X;  ������������������������������������ Washington. Feiv M^lSSri^ye preparations are making i for this i riau git ration 'ceremonies, and the military: and civil organiza^:  tioris will ��������� be the .greatest ever seen, in tb is.  country.2 The President, and ��������� VIce .president;  Senators; Repreaeutatives, Foreign Ministers,  arid distinguished civilians from all parts of  the Uuioa will attend on the 4th of /March.-'  ;:.,y-Tbe/.- President; Secretary '��������� of War, arid 'the  Seprotary of;the Navy will review the Cadets  of the West Point and Naval Academies;y,;  .Chicago,:Feb. 20-rrAt Gaiesburg, lilinois?  moat'-of/tbe mlm,   Cbbflicte In -the Btreete S5������^in?'{^^^  the caso of Osborne  ���������\'2X\y       VICTORIA..- '  Vieteria.:; Feb: 20th-~The.��������� GMd   Mining | been paid for th^r work, would have wrecked  Amendment Bill was read a third time and  " sharps arid kerb-stone brokers." poin tec!  allusion is made to a,Company of honorabie  and intelligent gentlemeu^such men as will  materiaHy assist in butldiog up thisproyince  under more: liberal��������� !aws^:and-.a: Company  whose every act has been chtiracterisedlby  intelligence, integrity ? and liberality* :Bear-  !P^������^h������werd *: sharper/? I must say it is  quite evident Cblbhel Lane is placed in that  category by t^sblataritbrato^-The-gentle,  man referred to came to the province three  years ago, and by his liberality; integrityUmd  gpriiality. has won the esteem of all. who have  been brought in contact with ��������� him -: hence he  haa;raised himself in thpopiriiori of all good  meri: to such a pi n n acle that hetean lb ok down  pri aUjwhbpresume/to caUliim a- Bharper,  even by implication,-with scorn and contempt. Men wb6.i should, bo possessed of  more intelligenice, cast ridionle upon the as-  sertion tliat one hundred arid eighty thousand  dollars has been expended1 by the Lane aud  Kurts Co., and make the assertion that they������������������  who perhaps are riot possessedj.of one dollar  ^-cou Id have accomplished ally yet done by  this Company with forty or fifty /thousand  dollars, provided they had the money. That  meu of such brilliant Jminds should be pre-  ��������� passed.  The Mineral Amendment BUI was read a  third time;and:pas***!.: '   :. r  The corigi*atrilatbry address to the Governor  General of Canuda was read and adopted,  and ordered to' be fnrwardt'd.  The Legislative Assembly:privileges Bill  was pahsedvvj thont amendment. ..���������,..  Cons id e mHI e  d isr a ssfo ri' arose  over   the  Legal P met iti on ersr iii Uv after which  it was  reported.,complex.with slight amendments.  ,      cEsqiiimaltyih'i Victoria Railroad'Bill occu-  ,pie'd5's: w-������;1i'irrV i������'dis<n������s������in<r, its bearing, af ler  which it vViw read a second time. .'  .    Victoria W iter Works Bill was lost.  Umiit'stead Amendment Bill passed second  : reudui*.   -  Itr��������� '-d������rig S ���������<*ck Amendment: Biir was lost  .on ������ec������nd reH'linp:. /; ;   y'y'v*  .' '   '���������'��������������������������� >r���������'���������'-���������������������������  A p-'tiiion^M b������ing circulated ,praying th*������  /{���������} iviTimr* ii';t  to: ipi^n: the   Consiitutional  ,  Amendmerit Bill arid tutj COrporatto.a Water  ' W,r     .;,.'!.������������������ ���������:��������� .-"��������� y2yyxX^C)XX.  Viotoria.v Felbl ;2fc ^Avnfttifton,?:8^ned: by  I ���������*)0 b 1 i*ci ���������������rs, was present������*d ut the Goverri6r  piayinir ihat,the aucihyMinister bje.not.appointed.    ���������",. y'��������������������������� .y V.'": :V  ?".V.'������������������,;,* '     *"'v''!  Forty Bills were pissed during the session  jtwt closed, viz.};yy .']}}���������.. ., ���������,    X'r\' -.;.t;-yX  ��������� (Jame ���������. Owi i riiin ce. Election of Members,  Courts Merger, Asylums. Dual Representa-  ti(Hi. Petition of;RigbtK/^ireinen>Prp.tectio;ni  Legislative Oaths. Land Registry Amendment, William?* CreekFire Brigade, Replevin.  Pub lie. Inquiries, ,Wiv;es Appuranees, .Courts  Kxteriaiori,^ilis^ofSaleAmteri3irie^  m?icy, Agricultnrrtl Society Privileges, Repeal  Justices Jurisdiction, 'Constitution; Amend*  merit; Public. Works Amendment; Ballot, At-  tornies Indemriificatiori, Land Tax, Schoofs  Aineridment, Road Extension; Municipality  Amendment, Sheriffs Privileges, Corporation  Water, Land Amendment; Members' Indemnity, Gold Amendment, Drainirig arid Dyking,  Jurors' Al 1 owance. Legal # Practitioners,  Homestead.Victoriaand Esquimau Railroad; |  arid Mineral Amendment.  ]  M*''Jy/IX Ubbinapn has'been appointed  Mayor of Victoria.  The Governor prorogued the House at one  o'clock to day. .  It is reported that Speaker Trimble will  resign his seat to accept the position of Police  Magistrate of the city. Ex-Mayor Harris and  Mr Courtney are also candidates for the  Magistracy;  Some hitch has occurred between the Olym-  pla Postmaster and the steamer running, to  Victoria, as no mail came over yesterday.  Victoria, Feb. 22���������Six Indians have been  taken into custody on suspicion of haviug  murdered Stoker..five ot whom were after-,  wards' discharged and one held on a charjre  ���������of theft in appropriating the dead man's pistol and clothes.  Victoria, Feb. 23���������A copy of the Canadian  Faciflc Railroad charter is expected to arrive  ���������on the next steamer. $750,000 of the stock  is allotted to British Columbia.  The Ottawa Free Press Bays it is under-  fltood that C. J. Brydges, Lieut-Governor  Trutch, and ex-Governor Archibald will be  appointed Government Directors of the Pacific Railroad Board.  Victoria, Feb. 25���������Mr DeCosraos left for  Ottawa overland on Friday last.  Thos. R.Holmes. Government AuditClerk  since i860, was dismissed yesterday,  BexMej,takes bis post  his house but for the interference of the  police. Onithefollowing day the Dominion  military was posted at the polling booths.  Snow drifts cut off all railway communication with Quebec. The storm ceased yesterday. It was the severest experienced for  many years, and it is feared many lives have  been lost.  Quebec, Feb. 25���������The disturbances here  yesterday were not so Rerious as reported.  Ouly one man Wjis killed.  PRINCE EDWARD'S ISLAND.  Halifax, Feb. 21���������The Government of  Prince Edward's Island has sent a deputation  to'Ottawa to*arrange lermn for: the admission  of that Colony:iuto the Domiuion.  EUROPE.   :  Pans. Feb. 22���������The Aro;bisbop-of Paris  baa tendered his hospitality to Bfehdp Mer-  millod. recently expelled from. Switzerland  b e c aii fie he.'exe'r cised' h is fun o ti o as despite t he  Government. yV       y ��������� v  i London,; Feb; 50-^-It: is reported that the  Eurbpeari Govern m en ts are nego ti ati ng',} w i th  a view of recognising the SpanishiRepnblic  jointly/Families are leaving Madrid, as; disturbances are anticipated.  \ Mad rid. Feb. j % 3 ���������The exci temen t Is Jn-  creasi ng, p ar ti cri I ar 1 y among th e i n su rrec-  tioriists;,: There is im apprehension of barrk  cades appearing. The Red-Republicans are  u rgi ng ex t re me m easures. -;��������� The Carl is ts are  very active in their operations and intrigues,  and the army is dissatisfied,   y  ��������� London, Feb. 24-���������The Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, have officially assured  tbe Cora mission ers of the Customs and, Treasury department that they assume the responsibility for.payment of the Alabama claims,  ���������ootwittistariding Chief Justice Gbckburn's icb-  plied censure.''       .:X2X'y.'.'::/?'* 12'. ,..',���������  London, Feb. 24-���������Letters from Madrid say  an Alfonsist, riot ia aritibipated. There i������  great excitement in consequence. The garrison of Madrid is said to bein a condition  bordering on insubordinatiori. The Federalists are pressing their policy.  . Lisbon, Feb. 26���������The King of Portugal  and Amadeus yesterday visited the iron-clad  flagship of the British squadron and lunched  with the Admiral. j  London, Feb. 26���������Tt is rumored that Gen.  Ceballo, the Carlist leader, ia marching on  Madrid with four battalions.  Five foreign men of war are cruising off  tbe Spanish coast to protect subjects of their  respective governments.  Italy, Austria, and a majority of the other  powers maintain semi-official relations with  Spain pending the formation of a regular  government, They are not at present disposed to recognise in any manner the present  Government.  UNITED STATES.  New York, Feb. 23���������At 8 o'clock this morning the thermometer on Broadway was at  zero, witb a very cold wind. The weather iB  the coldest of the season.  At Yorltville, yesterday morning, Elizabeth  McGinnea, a beautiful and accomplished  young lady, was burned to death, caused by  her, clothes* catching fire while she was preparing breakfast.  San Francisco, Feb. 23���������There have been  200 murders in this city in 21 years. Of the  murderer* il were ^xeguW by -bffieers of  for the -murder bf 'Mrs MathewsTand his eie^ T^^/ro^isihg to: $������ surface .through the  cutionisfixedfor^  to be/deplored.   It is my impression that if  they were possessed of any considerable sam  theyywould quitrthe province^ taking their  money;W-ith them.i. We wduld^:then/ be con*  soled for their lri.esr by: the refiectipn that there  is a great and im mutable law ri teem perisaUo u,  hence by losing sucb capital and great intelligence the'province would be compensated  by an improved moral sentiment and character. Iam,&c,  JAMK3 WlCKlUM*  Barkerville, Feb. 23, 1873. .  : :C6rrJ:y/Pa;,- Feb;: 20^The: buildings of  Downer's oil works were burned to-day with  aome lOOpOOO gallons of oil.,.   i . y.  }NewftYork; Feb;'.-;25^ A -large nieietirig pt  Cubanayaa held here yesterday. Resoiutions  and a long manifesto were adopted protesting  against allegiance to Spain'and favoring a  separate Republican Governtbent for Cuba.  , It is said.thatStokefs lawyers inadvertently  failed formally toy notify- the Sheriff of tbe  stay of .proceedings granted in the, case of;  their client until yesterday, only 24 hours before the expiration of the time fixed by law  for such notification.:  It is said the claims filed against the estate  of the late James Fisk.are almost eq;ual to its  value.'. .  ItiBBaid ex Commissioner Connolly will  shortly return to this city. His absence was  caused by ill-health.     :.   y     :/    .   -������.  A case of suapeuded, animation, was discovered yesterday.; A colored girl, subject  to epileptic "fits,: was found dead, it was supposed, in her bed.. The body was taken to  Bellevne hospital, when signs of life, were  discnverecLv ^be proper restorativts were  applied)"arid tlie girl rode home in astreet  car..'      ". .-���������./;,���������:  THE" MINERS' MEETING.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  2x; y 'y harvby;cr8bk^ yy yy ��������� >m y . i;  ; The Foster toy have lost the bed-rock but  have obfained a gobd. prospect of 6 oz: out of  the gravel.: The Minnehaha'are taking put  soriie gold; the: amoupt npt ��������� kriown: The Cu.m;  mi ngs have been repairing be)t: and biii 1 ding  new cistern.: ?-!0:ther companies stiH: prospecting, r'^' -';'-:yy*2]X2':''''}~ v-:-s'' ''"���������"'��������� '"*"'"' "!:'-  The T\ro Sisters rio. have been delayed by  the breaking dbwn of their w^eel.yThe Dis  cpvery co. are still raising. The Two Brothers  have: struck clay 17 feet below the/drajn.v  i ' ��������� v --;LIGHTNING ?CEEEK^ ^J"X'* '':J ���������  , All the claims, belbw/the^ VanWinkle cq.  have bectt compelled to��������� suspend': operations  owing to the scarcity of water to work the  ni  THE LIGHTNING, ORATOR.  Editor Sentinel:��������� I ask the favor of a  little space to briefly notice a few assertions  made in public recently in connection with  the subject of remodelling the Mining Laws  of this Province. *In the discussion of an important question like this men should give  utterance to their views, crude and secluaive  though tbey may be, and support such views  with all the reason and logic their brilliant  minds may possess ; but when they step^be-  yond the bounds of fair discussion and suffer  too many ideas to present themselves to their  little minds at once in combining those ideas  in their feeble grasp, truth, logic and repartee  "are lost and only falsehood is grasped.  By your report of tbe proceedings of the  meeting at VanWinkle, I see thatone of  Lightning's wise men did not think it advisable to amend the laws for the purpose, of  giving an opportunity to a few Montgomery  street sharps aud kerb-stone brokers to gobble  up tbe whole country.   Then comes a series  of falsehoods and figures, and in drawing a  comparison between the Lane & Kurtz Co.  and tbe mining companies on Lightning, the  former is made to sink into utter insignificance.  Of the expenditure of the various companies  of Lightning I have no knowledge, but if a  correct report of this man's exhibit of expenditure, salaries, &c,? of tbe Lane & Kurtz Co.  has been made to me. then I have not the  slightest hesitation  in  characterising such  showing as an unmitigated falsehood from  begiaaicg to end, '������q toeusrW tho wd������  : Editor Sentinel;���������I understand that tW  miners' meeting held on Tuesday week at the"  Theatre was very boisterous. All things considered, it is not ihuch to be wondered at.-*  Could anything be more  preposterous than  the message sent up by our senior mbmberjat  tbe eleventh hour, on the eve of the cl'osing  of the session and while a committee of the  House was deliberating on important changes  in the Mining Laws, asking us to give an;  opinion without a moment's previous warning I   Surely it is not a matter of a "������. house-  on fire.7-  If it was a part of the present Min������  istry's programme: te effect changes of such  magnitude, why not send sooner to. give alt.  an opportrinity% consider their bearing oii  our interests? v;;It looks very '..Wticb:'---Uk!ii,.-;������ik  attempt to steal a march on us, and the result  of some wire pulling. . Tbese sudden impulses  as a rule are vnot.; "yery... healthy-~" marrying  in' h as te an d re peritirig at leisu reV7   it ;��������� is fa c  better to bear for aribther yeiir the evils we  know of than opening the door/to others per*  haps more niineiis; in their effect. s  It is' general 1 y conceiyed that capital &  wanted"to effectually develop our mineral re*  sources; and whieh brought should be fully  protected.   The - drdinary inirier'b capital ia  his labor; that aiso;should be protected'with  him who; brings his, dollars������   A settler oa  agricuItural 1 ands, after residing, a cef tain  period :and experidi rig a cerlain sum ia i in������  provements obtains an absolute title to the  property;   Why not the miner also ?   Even  good lays will not necessarily make good  claims.   We'have been legislating for years,  which included: numerous changes in the laws  affecting quartz mining, while not a ledge has  yet been found worth working,   " Firat catch  your hare and then cook it."   It is to be  hoped that this country ia not to be made. a  field of operation for unscrupulous Bpecula������  tors of either London or San Francisco. They  are the bane of every country they are found  in.   Tbe Company on the Meadows under  Colonel Lane has expended a goodly sum of  money on their claim, and may they succeed  to their hearts' content.   The four and a half  miles on an important creek included in their  charter is a proof of the liberal spirit with  which they were met and gives them elbow  room enough for tlie employment of all the  capital they are able to bring ; but the recollection of the attempt to obtain another on  Lightning creek, to cover about two miles of  ground already occupied by other companies,  suggests the propriety of vigilance on the.  part of miners generally,     ' J. E.  Eureka, An tier, Feb. 20.  Benefit at the Theatre To-Kight.���������Let it  be a bumper! Tbe cause is a good one, and  the performance will be worthy of it. Lots  of fun! Christy's Mmstrels! Laughter better  than physic.    " l  No less than six cabins have been entered  within the last month during the absence of  the occupants, and everything in the shape of  food carried off. Of course, it is almost im-  pofi&iblv to fleteet the petty '  's*--  Bis  :f HE DEVASTATION.  As-t'iis great Monitor progresses in beroirt-  tfifc at Portsmouth the fascination she exercises  rover tbe minds of naval men becomes daily  nnore-evident, and yet probably no vessel Of  -war lias ever excited so great a diversity df  ���������opinion.   All agree that the Devastation is a  wonderful fighting mac hi he, and that there is:  ���������really much "to be learnt in tbe handling of  rguch a machine quite beyond previous expe-  irieuces at sea, but these are the orily points  tipon which they <san be found at present  ninanimoue.   A goodly number stand by tbe  ���������original design of Mr Reed,-with thelow'free-  'board forward and aft, and say, "*Wa stand  upon scientific principles, and we believe in  Mr Reed's original design,-and altogether dif-  "believe in opinions expressed arid alterations  made in a design for an entirely new kind of  "war machine by non-scientific-men.''   On the  other band, it is 11 nred by the advocates for  ihe decisions arrived at by the committee  ���������presided over by Lord Dufferin, that the Prestation, ijas been very greatly improved in  ���������the amount of fiefhtiog force when rolling at  ���������extreme angles, in convenience for her officer^  -an d ere w, and in safe ty tb her fore arid a ft  ���������magazines from rakibg fore or aft Are, by the  ���������alterations and additions suggested by the  'committee., .The Devastation, in fact, was so;  ���������entirely new -a*type of war vessel when ber  ���������drawings were completed, that as she grew in  ���������dock points ra ber constructive- arrangement  *jame into prominenceyand original ideas had  to be modified.    Under the conditions o'  change which tbe Devastation has undergone,  an'd which her larger sisters; tbe Fury and  "Teraeraire* are to undergo, we can well dismiss all wonder that opinions held by naval  irien upon tbequalificatioris,good and bad. of  ^the Devastation aa a sea-going craft should be  widely divergent.   "Now, we know the^ower  of the DevastaliocTs macblnery���������tbose magnificent twin screw engines "by John Penn &  Son,and the exceptionally ^great mean speed  of the vessel under full steam ; the ten thousand tons weight of the vessel moving through  the water at this speed as a rarii;  her won-  -derfiii handiness and powers of turning as a  ram *, the penetrative and Braashing energy of  toar. Mfour 35-ton :gnns, a������d the resistance to  any enemy's shot-given by the-heavy armor  plati&g arid its iron-framed backing, over the  turrets, the water-line, or line at which the  -ship swims at load draught, and all otber  parts connected with the ship's "life'* as a  ���������floating structure.  These are all acknowledged: facts; but the great thing is, the De-  ��������� vastation has. not yet been to sea.   What can  toe;reallysaid for or against ber stability and  'buoyancy at sea, and her ��������� habitabillty-^two  of the gravest^^ questions that^can n<&w be put  forward?..": ������������������/    'J. -.'..  .  ���������   With regard to tbe probable behaviour op  the Devastation at pea, it is only possible,  without: present lights'upon the subject, to  i&ifi up* the views expressed by Mr Reed in  the last number of Naval Science as conclusive of any opiakn upoa the subject.   The  diagram there given :by Mr Reed (upon her.  present form as  possessing the broadside  superstructaire recommended by Lord Duf-  ferinV comniittee)  places  the  Devastation'  above any possible chance from danger by  inclination under any 'conditions of sea. or  wind, so long as her engines and twin screws  are, kept mwiflg.   When any vessei, as a  steamer, drifts into a position at sea with absolutely ho '���������*. way" upon her, she must ineyit  ^tbly go down as the Captain did, if struck by  & sudden squall of wind and with any canvas  ���������set.   The Devastation has no sail to set, but,  if sbe were caught lying motionless upon the  water in the Bay of Biscay or off (he coast of  Portugal by a strong Atlantic squall, the  chances are Bimply that she would go down,  as the Captain Went down. In Capt. Hewett's  liands she will be safe, as she would be, indeed, witb tbe majority of our naval officers,  whose rule for tbe ship's preservation, and  overriding all other things, would be���������'* keep  ihe screws moving."  The babitability of tbe Devastation as a  eea-golng craft is a matter well worth considering. If we take the DevastaUoaia harbor I  or during fine weather at sea, she will be  found R������very comfortable and weU ventilafed  vessel.  But as the Devastation is a vessel inr  tended to steam over a distance equal, to a  voyage to "New Tork and back again without  coaling, she 'must be considered witb a view  to whatlier condition will "beln her sea-going  trim in rough weather; with all the openings  fast'battened down, arid /with the;ajr^for  breafbmjt by the officers and crew only to be  (Obtained below "by tbe aid of mechanical ap-;;  pliances.   So far as the trial of the ship Ont-  side the Isle of Wight can furnish data, there  is every reason for belief that the supply of  fresh air has "been adequately provided for,  but this important question of the ventilation  of the ship can be only definitely settled by  her trip to sea. and in rough weather.   : ;  Tbe accommodatton below for the officers  In the after-part of the vessel is most ample.  The beigbt between the decks is no less than  7J feetj and the breadth and length of cabins  arid mesa berths is proportionately large. A  system of air piping is carried oat through  all parts of tbe ship below.    ��������� ���������: -  The half-raised forecastle Tot tbe accommodation of the crew forward is fitted withair  pipes and stop-cooks. The " superstructure;'J!  which, as we "have oca previous occasion ex  plained, is an addition made to the Devasta-  tion upon the recommendatipri. of the: Committee appointed by the Admiralty to inspect  upon the designs of ships. *&c, is simply I a  raising of the freeboard of tho vessel amidships, or for about three-fourths of tbe ws-;  sePs length, by ordinary ligbt iron platmg,;  sucb as is used in the building of ocean goiug  steamships. This gives a covered passage-of  alsout ffve feet lu width on e������cb side of tbe:  breastwork armor-plated walls; but baying  more space at the after ends, it there permits  a space for a captain's cabin, of horseshoe  shape at the elliptic ends, with a ward robni  frr the officers at fhe opposite side. ft-also  g:ves room for a capital and roomy Rleeplriir  cabin for tbe capt am; for a roomy engineer's  mess.an equally roomy sick berth, andbther  offices. Altogether, we havftreason to .think  that the Devastation will prove to be at sea;  a not very uncomfortable craft/or short voyi  ages (and it must be remembered that .she is  intended for nothing else than short voyages)  and'that whatever faults may be found existing when she is fairly tried at sea, they will  only be such faults as may be reasonably expected in. so novel a craft, and such as ennbe  very easily remedied.���������[London Times;���������>  LEGAL NOTICES, <&c.  MISCELLANEOUS  a  51  ;";/������������������;;;;:������������������  ^gTirc^';:,/./;; -:.  PtJBI JC NOTICE Is liorehyypi voni." that Awn nud  after the 1st, flay of Seplemli ������r 'riext; ��������� oil Births,;  Deaths arid Marriages within the Province of British  Columbia are to be'Itegisterediinder the provisions of  .** Tho Reeistratibn- ofr Births, Deaths and i Marriages**  Act,. 1872,??, .at the'. Ofilco of: the. Districttoefetrnr, of  the District wherein; the same'respectively shall, tnlce  place, arid within the times following, that Is to; say1:  BIRTHS���������"Within 60 days'from the. da to thereof!    y  T>R ATHS-iiWith in' TO il a vs after i irtwmHi t.  MARRIAGES���������WitWn SO days from the date therebf.  v'Every Householder. Head of n Tamily, 'Clcrpymmi,  Fhysicldri, or other 'person fir ���������Jp^oris, reqliircd by tho  sai'f 1 Act to repwt "Hirths, Deaths and. Marriajt'es, who  refuses, or wilfully --neglects; to do, so,.with in .tho.timefi  before named,:wflll>e liable to a penaltyforeach.ond  every offence of tioi less than IFtvo liollararorpinre  thim T wen ty DoUarRy to' be '��������� recovereii w i th bosts "b'e^  fore onyllUBUcn.nf.fhe Peacehavlnp 'jurisilictlori 'within'  the locality where any such ybffcnce.is commuted  agcBj-ust the said Act.'- '���������''���������'���������-��������� *}%2 2'-).,' , '���������������������������-: i'-  By command. "������������������"'���������*-  .y;:y :}. .- ^ ���������'���������?,, H- B.Wi. AtKMAN; - ,f -. ������������������     ���������  ''X'f.-:.       . .   .. ,���������'������������������,..-. Registrar General..':'  Land Ttegistrv Office. "..' \   ��������� : !Z  ���������\,-:-:-r:.:;Auiif.-----8i;'i872l*V;^";vl !**���������-'���������' \X"yy"-r"; /''-eeU-i--'  5  BARKERVILLE,   B.C.,. .  HAS  RECEIVED  A Jim LOT  OF  ; ,    ifouss'6? Ass-bmsi.v,;2d z&ngust, 3872.,.;  Kxtr^ct frpm^Rtiles relativeto Priyate Billisl  60. All applicatirinR for Private^-.Biil^ properly lihe  siihject��������� of: 1 egislation by* the LepiPli\ iye Assombly pf^  British Colnmlda, 'withifrtli* parview of'���������" Th* British  "North America Act. 1867;1' whether hr the miction of  a. B ri dgo, the ra aking; of .��������������� ;Ka i lroar!,; Turn o I Ice Roa d ^ or  Telegraph Ling Hhe cnnstrucMon or \ inprove'oen t of;a.  jHarbor. Crmh!, Lock; barriVii>}���������&]trie: oro������l������irliko work;  tire grantrajf bf/liripht i^������m^;":th^/|&ifll^'>Htf^^f>f  any particular trade orcaTTinjr, or nf any J/iint'St'icV  ^Company; or otherwise for grnntinrr"po any inliyi !ua!  :or ihffivuluais sriry exclusive or peculiar rte'tfs or. priv  ileKesi whatevcrr,- or for-: dolnp nny nvittor or thinp  which in its operation wonlrt ;ajfect"^ln' riffht :or prop  erty of btherpartiep, or reiato to any p/rticnlrrr class'  of the corhrminityjU'r'formaking-on   an tenement ������f a  like nature to any former Act, shall rea,uire n Not ice..  clearly and".dl^vnctly'ppeclfyiujj the uat nre ������Vn4 oi��������� j^cj  of the application,; to -he published ?is;Nlowsi viz.: ;*  r, A.Notice inserted in. the tBritish Colnrnbi" Gnz .Ue,  and In one newspnper published in ttiey'iptnct af  :*ected, or if there be-no newspaper paKHsheri th^r Id:'  then in a newspapersni the next neaW'St ilistrict in  which anewspn-per is.hublisbe'i.^y  \. Ji^r.Such .n������>r?ce .shall; he conUnue^d in ear.b;case for  a. period of at lea'stisix wo'eks^ 'd"nrlne;: the Interv-1 o  time'between the ������loso of ithe next��������� preceding'Session  anfi, t be consid eratl on - of the petit ion. ;��������� ? -. < -,.. r.y..--:'y  v 61. Before any Potifion praying Tor l������������nv*: io > rin*:  In a Prlvnite Bill for the- erectlon: of; n Toll BrbV' if  presented to the House, the person or p'^nrip int nil  ing to petition.for stich Bill shall;; upon si vine th'yno  tice prescribed, in the preceding, Rule, *\1.bo ntthes'itnt-  time, and in the sjme manner'piye notice of tho rites  whlcli they intend toask, the extent ���������������( th" privil 4Re.  the heieht of; the arct.es,- the inter>';������l between thf?  abutments or piers for the passage of .rafts or,.vessels,  and mentioning also whether they int nd to er/'Ct a  drawbridge or not, and tbey'imansions'-of ihe same.  .      CHARTS /;pOT>,    ,.  ; seta to " Clerk of the Legisiaiive Ajjgetnbly.  , Also, agpodassprtraent of l  GROCERIES; PROVISIONS;  LIQUORS, CIGARS,, .'   "I  RUBBER & HEMP PACKING,  LARD OIL/&C, for Machinery  October 5,1872.  The FLORENCE is tho beit Sewing  Machine "for Famjly use, becauM it  to"Midom"geti������Mt of order,..If th������b  h orw not working wdi in  iiU;CAdF6RN!Ai.':;' :;'"',C"-:'.:  22- iOREGON^/y/,;.:"..,;;,,',���������;:;'  WASHING-TOM TERRITORY,  '���������-   .������������������NEVADA, . '���������",'  ' ���������;ibAHOr>^:'r^ :���������������������������. .  ���������'���������'��������� '������������������ALASKA,'' \\'  BRITISH cbUIM8IAf  MEXICO,,  '���������'y . JAPA'Mf';iii:-V'-yy  Or/ CH INA, -tf InlbTnied of f jfc I wilt  ^x It viitHotit-ihy oxpihio- to thr  ��������� owner^,. *. .   ,., .  / SAllUEt: H^ : I  IRAKO HOTEL BUIlDI8ee  .gAKy-'^A^CISCb^-pAfc,  S*nd"for Circulftrs ind itmpl������������ of  the work,   Active Agents vyanted In  every place. ���������;  {:yyy.y:^AJ^3yyyyy.  Under temporary arranireniVnt for couvey-  ance of the Mails from.  Cache Greek to Okanagan,  The u Qd������Tsign ed h as p 1 acW! a 11 ne of Passen-  :?: get Stages on the ;..'.    ;."'"���������'      '  Celebrated  worce s ^r ek; s hi������������ sauce.  Declared by Connoisseurftu be'..,...  THSvONLT. GOOD: SAUCE, r-  THOMAS FLETOHER wishes to inform the  people of Cariboo that he Is-prepared-to..  CAST   ALL  KINDS  WORK  OF BRASS  At the Bhortost notice.  J2g2* BOXES kept oq hand ot cast to order  The Store is also supplied with a general assortment  of Goods, which he intends to sell aft a small profit.  Fletcher's Heating Apparatus with Hot Air  Saves the expense of Stoves, Fuel and labor,  and lesseus"the danger of fire. It is as welJadapted  for Shaft-houses as "ordinary buildings, is cheap, a&p  is warranted to give entire satisfaction.  Caution against:Fraud,^-The successor this  most delicious and unrivalled Condiment having  caused certain dealers to apply the name of * 'Worces.  tershire Sauce" to their own Inferior compounds, the  puhlic is hereby informed tliatth^only way to pro*  curt the genuine, Is to  ASK  FOR  LEA &   PERRINS'  SAUCE  and to see that their narnesare upon the wrappkr  LABEI.a,STOI'J������KK,and������orTI.E. *���������'  Some olthe foreign markets having been supplied  with a spurious WorcestcrshircSauce.upon the wrap,  per and labels of which the names of Lea and Perrins  have been forged, L. and 1*. give notice that they  have-furnished their correspondents with power o|  attorney to take instant-proceedings against manit-  AcxuRERSand VKNDOBSoi'such, or any other imtta*  onsby whichthcirrightmaybelnfnnged.  Ask for LEA & PERRINS' Sauce and see  ���������Name on "Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  ^topper.  Wholesale and for eicportby the Proprietors, Wor  cestcr; Crosse and Blackwell,Lopdon ,&c., kc,;  byGrocersandOilmen universally  Runnlnjr in; close, connection with the Stages  from Yale to Barkerville.     '        2 yyf^y'^  Person's yisitinjr the Okanagan Dxstrjet will  And this by far the most convenient mode of  travel, ���������������������������.";'-���������'"  jz^r Stapes leave Cache Credit i n Wednesday mornings-at 10 o?clock-,:and will return  the following week in time to connect with  the Stages going North and South.  Y*i  Wil r be transacted over, the route.   Freighfc  carried.     Parcels  delivered.    Commission!  executed.   Collections made. ���������-  au24 2m F. J. BARNARD & CO.  Last Chance; Lightning CreDk, >  Ri JAMES WICKHAM HOLDS  power of Attorney, and Is fully authorised tcj  Collect.ail Debts due to inc. All those knowing  themselves to be in my debt, by either Note or Account, will flleaso make immediate payment to., ray  Agent*..  &*2   l ^BaifsefyEte, 22d CoU^r, Jgffl,  ARE preparedj������to furnish Lumber at their. Mill8y  William Creek; or deliver it to order.    v-_  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK. '  Having a PianinggMdchine/in operation''thesgr wil  also furnish  lESBESBB"1


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