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 ���������  Barkervilley Wiluani ^eky B .0^ $ 15, 1������73  ������&m  : Published every Saturday; by;r   y;  ROBERf   HOUOWAY?  Subscription -,.'������������������  50Cents per Week;  For otic square (one Inch), first insertion^  {" c*    . -       micmottSAi,'-,*  Fortwos<5uaregvnrsttnscrtiori; '';������" .��������������� ������  *:,      ������������������������������������**".-    one month, >.V ���������   .  Agents for the* 'Cariboo Sehtxnel."  .l'*".*^ .  ���������Vnn WinkK-;>;  Oiiosnelmonth^  : Pddn'Treck,:'/;i  riinton,   * ."���������-  Yale,      yy ..  NV\v Wr������stml n stCT,  Vjctnn'<,,.-... ..-..'���������  L-P/Fi^horyv .-/  R'������nri k.Qrfy " *$Z '  *G Street,   .  -     : r\  '��������� ���������'��������� ������������������"* .'������������������'y-A;:j>.- MeTnnop;  y "yy plnrnard^p^^rops  ;*' - -" I Bii rno fd ? h Express  -      Barnard's Express  do do      4  V      ..      Jobn Murray ���������  *;.   *^ * Wr^Weliet^rV  ?���������'"f /.f  '/' "f^n Fnncisco  / L wy/.". v. ������ni0>iinripco  30 Corn hill, London, "S.C.  scanfialfl, whicii ^ere the stock m trade $f the  American Press a generation ago. :  For the average editor,- as a personality,  foe.pubiic cares very T\ttle*; in very 'excep-  tfanal cases he becomes ah ohject of interest',  asla other professional pursuits iffdrviduals.  try the exhibition of rare qualitiesi and the at-  lainanent of extraordinary success/excite the  ���������curiosity and corn^pel the a������mTratioR/of their  follow roen.;, It is, as arifle, the-newspaper,  not the newspaper writer err editor, that is  cWred for j aud It is only as a good writer,  wilful news-gatherer, and news-expounder  fhat tbe editor is at all considered ; and very  little consideration be gets or deserves except so long a������i he serves well.  ^^^   v     T  JO B yp ft IN T1 NG #F FIG El  (\ir(l������, <nWm\jars. Poflipjr,? and Piv> grammes for  _'���������-. ���������';���������", RWIIp and Theatrical  'j^Sf^txepn teA ;v| Mr n entnf������pp J\n d dispatch,^^"  .y.y Tonns moderate: /"'��������� ~"1;"V-V   y  Mti-Am NRW JOURNALISM.  Afr Krorlerie Tljiflpnn. for a pcnr* of year?  '���������Winajri eg erl i tor of. the New ;York Ilerald;  -1������o������ 1 n I r������l y wri Merr n hfl had -i������i ibtisned ��������� ������������������ a ��������� His-  tnrv of American  Journalism.'    This hook  tin hirfl}jy sucrs?<*pfs a comporison between the  AhVand-'tfip new-fashions np the Press in this'  t\nuniry.    It is nndenmble that the day of in*;  di vi(\ual ion rn a]tsm is wbniricr.   ^bpre ;lfl no  1 on ser u N or h. fi CrosWell. a K>nrlnl i, s Preh-  tioe. s Havmon'l. a T?emiett, nor a Greelpy���������  rot the Times and Mesiensrerev the Arirns������es.  Ihe Pieaynnps./JonrTialPi lieralrla, and Tribunes, to which these men pave their b^s'  thonshts and hardest labors, still live, con-  dmtpd by yoirnsfprmen; and more prospprons  -than in tbe earlier days of their histories.���������  Of the veterans of the New Xorfe pTess, only  Thurlow Tweed, Wm. 0 Bryant,"and James  Watson Wehb survive, and but one of these  <-Mr;Bryant) is now even nominally^ irt editorial- harness.   The era of anonymons journalism came in when tbe old men died.   Nobody now cares whether the HerahFs expressions of opinion are the expressions of Mr  Pott or those of Mr Ketteil *; nor whether the  Evening Post's editorial coin mils are written  hy Mr Bryant orhy ono of his numerous assistants.   Tbe first question of the newspaper  reader to-day is : What is the news ? and that  journahwhich always gives him the freshest  and fullest Intelligence of the events of the  world will continue to be his favorite.   The  editorial writers have lost their, identity^  perhaps.some of the old-fashioned folk who  ���������cherish the memories of the " good old days"  will say that It is because men have got beyond the control of party leaders.   The new  order of things is probably better for us than  the old; at any rate, our people think it is,  ^nd if tlmy are satisfied, the conductors of our  public journals will he content with the profit  acruing from that state of satisfaction.   The  interlacing lines of the telegraph on land and  sea, the tmdg'me: of vast distances by steam,,  the expansion of civilized society, the thousand agencies whicfe bring the ends of the|  earth into contact, give us something better  to dwell ������tpon than the petty. squabbles* the  public horse-^liipDi^s, the duels, the portjr  Something about Tketh.���������Why, asks Cbam-  6ersr journal, do some people's teeth come  out more readily than others?   The reasons  for .ihisj aref> probably many: " About the  middle of last century Peter Kalm. a Swede,  visited ATnerica, and wrote sensibly about  what he saw.   He observed frequent loss, of  teeth amoTijr settlers from Europe, eape-cially  womeiv. After diseasing and rejecting many  modes of explanation, heattribnted it to hot  tea a-nd othpr hot beverages, and came to a  general conclusion that ���������' hot feeders lose therr  ".teeth more rapidly than cold feeders,^   Mr  Catlin. who some years ago had an interesting  exhibition of Indian scenery, dresses, &c.  noticed that North American Indians have  better teeth than the whites.   He accounts  for the differende'in'this strange way���������that  the red*\\nx# the mouth shut, whereas the  whites keep it open.; The teeth, he says, re  quire moisture to keep the surface in good  working order ] when tbe mouth is open, the  mucous membrane haft a tendency to dry up  the tp.eth loRe their needed supply'of moisture.  and thence comes' discoloration, tooth cache,  tic,douloureux,; decay^; lo^ehessy]hnd even-  ma I joss o f tee th. Mr Cat ll n sc ol d s th e hn m an  race generally for being less sensible-than the  brn tes in this respect, and tbe, wbire race  epp'eci al 1 y 1 h com p arison wi th the red.   We  keep our mqutha open far,too much ; -the Indian warrior sleeps, hunts, an*4 Bmilesi with  h is m ou th rtib'tj an tl resp! res th roii gh the n os*  trils;   Among the * virtues'MtjtlbnM^'M^  to closed lipSjOtie is excellent���������when you are  ���������angry,'keep your mouth sbnt.  MISCBLLANEOUa ���������  and complete assortment of everything  tlie ' trade, requires?  and oiFers ta Miners  and Traders the ad-  vantages of a splendid selected assortment, which cannot  be surpassed in quality and price.  ������������������������������������:������������������ .J. W. LINDHARD.  Van Winkle. June 5,1872,    ..'  ���������  / LEA .-& PERRINS5  .'.���������.  Celebrated  WORCESTERSHIRE    SAUCE  ', '.,,:        DcclaredbyOonnbisseutEtobo-'/; '  y THE  ONLY: yGOOD: SAXJGE;2- ���������  HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, &c.  Ya;illaa.oour, Larery & Go '  [SUGCESSORS TO N, CUtfTOjl  BeR lo mrorra tbdr rncftd9'|!itid tho |TfibIir that thai  havo taken the well known proaUsus. iu ��������� BurkervillA���������  so lottg favorably patronised fwbllo iu the oXJCupuliy*'  of Mr4\. Canio.     ��������� '   -   - - '  ��������� "'': '  The Celebrated?.X2X:AL  will be manufactured and;soldlbyf!^licfedSdlo:aitd Rt  tail io Us purity, aud  The best'Liquors & Cigar*  : - ��������� ��������� t "���������..'���������������������������  constantly kept oa hana. .-  Th.@ Lodging Dopartnieiit  will bo always carefully'attended. tOj fiBdllioboaft  Beds and 'accoiaaiodation proNidod' for their C\iA-  tomcra.      : :      : : deW  PosT'Ol'Frcfe Puzzles.���������Sad writing and  bad spelling, which leave the sense obscure,  iire annoying enough when' thetyWith in the  inside ef a letter1;' but in .the superscription  ot one they become more serious. Many let-  tars are lost from this cause every /year, and  inany more would be lost but for the marvel-  ovra ingenuity of the trained post office clerks  to whom the deciphering of such perplexing  addresses is committed. Iti the general post  office in London, no less than twenty clerks.  it is said, are employed in this duty. As a  specimen of their acuteness, we are told of a  letter which lately arrived at the office, addressed to a man at **3 pigs, 3 sx." This  loolis like a riddle ftfr the puzzle column of a  weekly paper. A Budden inspiration came  into the mind tf the deciphering clerk. He  saw that the figure 3 was a letter E turned the  wrong way V and. so the epistle was duly forwarded to its destination at ���������< tipping, Esiex."  PoB^bly it was the same ingenious clerk who  at a period acquired much glory iu the office  hy dispatching a letter from Italy bearing the  address., "..srorapidevi, England;" to the disJ  linguiahed p^il^sophei' for whom it was intended, Sir Humphrey Davy, When such  puzzles proceed from ignoraace in the writer,  there is no help for them; hut too often ikey  .arise, /rom^carelessness or a slovenly stylo of  writing ia these ttftt������wi 4o fe������Uer,  Caution against Fraud.^���������Tbe success of .this  most delicious and   unrivalled Condiment having  causedoertaiudcalerstoapply tbenaroeof''Worces.  terslitre Sauce?7 to their own.inferior^coinpouncls^ the  1 public thereby informed thattbl only way to.p?b-  . cur e'tbe.genuine,.is to.. y:,y;:vrvv:   y\':..'fy   './y/^'"  ASE FOB.^E^  and to see that their, .names are upon the wrappkr  LABK1iSv8TOPPER,ah'd BOTUE.    '���������}���������. 2- . .. i  Sum e p i tb e fo reign; mark els hft'v! n p been supplied  wi th a s p u ri ous Worce stersh IrcSauce ,upon th e wrapper arid labels d f Wb \cfi tbe names of Lea and Perrins  have. been fogged.-,���������-. L." and P. give notice that tbey  have"furnistiqtl. .their cprrespondents witb.power oi  attorney to tak c i nstall t proceedings against manc-  acyukers and VKNiipRB ot such, or any other imita.  oa s b y wh I c u. t li e i rr i g b t m a y b c i n fn n ged.- v  Ask for LEA &,PER.BINS'. Sauce and see  : Name on Wrapper, La'bel* .Bottle������ and  j Stopper.  Wholesale and for exportby tbe Proprietors, Wor*  eesterjCrossoand Blackwell.London,&c, &c 5  by Grocers antiOi I men universally.  HAVING ^PimOHASED t^ : ASQ^fi  r.,HoUd ftom m$.J. %bertsob,.^:ta>i^n|  the travelling public a&d the Miners of Cariboo that,  lie:will do his iitmostto sustain the wel earned t^  putatiwi of the hoUse^asa arst-cliiss, Hotel, .;  Wtllasusaalbefiiiilsbcdwith the best th'e Markel  alRffdfcr\  ,,-{.  y yyyy\:"yy :--":/ I-'-1'- -^ ������������������'/.'���������' "'���������'���������������������������',  is-welljstockea with Spirits; ^^s^ ;Winos^(i^igaWi  Are m'aortably furnished, and a large addition W'  the number of rooms is tiow being made. '  HAVE been requested by several respectable parties, whocah. testify to the elllcacy of.my system,  to again make public the fact that  Hoses' Hair Invigorator  WILL PREVENT BALDNESS,  RESTORE HAIR THAT IS BECOMKGTHIN  OR FALLING OFF, .and effectually ,.  GORE SCURF OR DANDItfJFF.  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D MOSES, Burlier  Barkerville, who in ,a few weeks restored my hair]  its former healthy state DAVID GIBBONS  Barkerville IX% 28,18*8* <M Uf  Are tbe best.m the Upper Country, and will  always be well supplied with Hay and Grairii  ..��������� ��������� ;'    : '���������������������������1^0 ��������� :   THE feANK OF BRITISH NORTBt AMER;  I   ICA at VICTORIA will until further notici $������y  ^ili money specially lodged Interest ai the rate ot   .,.,  Four per cent, per annnn1  on 'deposit subject to'     teeh|Da^'not ce o( Willi;,  drawal, and    :.  Five per cent, per annum  onFDepositslsUbjectgtd iTnirty!������Dhysgnotice [ofj|witil-  driwttU \   ' IHENRYA.TUZO;   u     ,  Manager Victoria Branch.  October 18, 1872. "c2������ > a  \  1SURVEYS AND PLANS EXEGtJTED    ,  Onireasonable terms.  ^T-JOrders left at Mr K$)f% Barker*M$f  will toa ttt^fiid������d W, to?2& ^  ���������  ;   t;.:  -:  :. :*  , . y  -;t  ��������� --ii  : ?y.  / nt  i'W$y,  yy  KB  mm  y*-y  ' y -:  yyy.  .$!';  '! i !' . y  V '< e:'::  .     :i SATURDAY, MARCH 15> 1873.  TBB-GOLD MINING AMENDMENT ACT,  ���������������������������'-'���������,"-;.  ,' . *   18T3. ; :   y  However tnncli regret wo may have felt  ^fchat the nmtersof��������� tlife- district��������� were-not al-  lowed the opportunity of judging of, the  ffli������rits of the :ft������w-M  ycame the law of tbe Province, still it;Js with  Considerable saliBfaction that we find that the  interests of tbe FreoMlqera of; this district; as  wellag of'ihe rest oftlie Prbvlnceyhave not  %eoh overloolsed by tbe Legislature iu the  passage of tbe Act.      _ \  yfP y$ho oew AeOias not in any way Interfered  iwTth ttie'tlglits of rainersto pre emptajidlipW  claims under the provisions of the Gold  Wininj? Ordinance, 1867, arid the subsequent  Amendment Act of 1872 j and. those who wish  5 eti 11' to contimie to avail themselves of! thlose  provisions can do so. except under tbe clauses  relating to leases, which are now abolished.;  The chief aim; of the ;flew Act, by^ the repeal  of the section s i n the ol d 1 a ws rel ati n g to  Leases, and whicb seeraa at first sigbt to be  ><tbe only object of the! present Act, is the:  ���������1 friying pEiwanejjcy' toI tkoperty in mining  ground, and tte consequent.enconragement  to the capitalist arising therefrom ; and let  iis, tbereforj gl arioe at thei provisions Ins<erted  iii' tbo; W in  terests of the miners themselves.    ������    .  '' y-% ?K>e eecondlBeetiphof the Aot and tbe rules  Included therein,:; provides means "whereby  J oi nt Stock Com pan i es, Cprap an ies b f Free  ^Winers, otJtn; indlyidiia) Jfte^Miner can'^obtain tracts of mining ground greater ,ln extent  than 'claims now allowed l>y pr^etriptioh^and  the feqnirements are very precise and plain;  ^irst,t the marking out: by j>ost;or eurvey!;  , and second. by t wen ty days': no ti ce of appli-  /; cation before record.    These requirements  ���������'' liavlng been complied with tbe Gold Oommis-  moner maken the record   Tbe record :tbus  csfiade-bolds .the ground: included therein for  the period of y two years, after which time II  the party in whose favor such record bas  been made can ebow to tbe^ satistaction pf the  Go|d Commissioner tb������t;the Biimof u$l& per  acre bas been expended, tie will be entitled  c& a certificate ttf^thatf effect, wWcb will i en-  flile him, upon presentation at the LAnds and  Works Offi^iand paying the: small' etiarge of  -$4 aricl $1 per acretto a grant.  y;The; effect pf -such-grant, when obtained j  1s:to confer on tbe grantee, besides an absolute estate in fee simple in the tand������ the,right  to estate and property in all precious metals  upon or under the surface of such land; The  Act certainly recommends itselfstrongly for  i?ie simplicity of its^provisions and the easiness by whicb the advantages to be derived  therefrom can pe obtained.   The above; provisions are evidently the chief object of the  present Act; and though no doubt for the  benefit of capitalists, and for the purpose of  encouraging them > to invest their trioney in  the Province, are equally open to the Free  Miner, and he will 1iave the choice in the  future of either abiding by the old system or  availing himself of the new, -fis he ������may consider to his advantage.   There Is no reservation of any particular mining ground from the  operation of the new Act, so that all mining  ground will be equally open after the coming  into operation of tbe Act���������which does not  take place until the/Slst day of July next���������  to location and grant under its provisions.  The-extent of ground which can be located  may seem large, but it Is difficult to see how  the main object of the Act���������namely, the in.  troductionaf capital in tbe working of the  mines���������could have been carried out without  such an advantage being given, and there is  no need to fear that its extent will lead to  any monopoly of the mining land* of the  Province, as the Act itself has provided  against any such an evil.���������-first, by giving an  equal power to the individual miner to locate;  secondly, by providing, by section 3, "That  "no record of a location shall be made of  " land which shall be considered to bo imme-  ** diately available for Free Miners as holders  '* vi iudividual claims;" thirdly, by provid  ing that the record shall not prejudice or take  away any rights vested in any Free Miner ;  fourth!y, by providing by section 7, that if at  the expiration of two years tbe party in^w^ose  favor tne^iocatiori has been recorded is, not  able to establisfi that be baa e^pen^e4 tf e rS^  qiiimtoanibunt'per acre, the land>so recorded  becomes open to pro-em ption or 1 oca tion as  waste land of the Crown ; and lastly, by section 11; enacting tb at Grants sball be subject  toi all j rights lawfully vested in^any; person at  "tfie timeof Lssu In gy an d th at. wh en any lands  contained in any recprd of location are lawfully held by any person otber than the locator, no such grant shall be,made. . y.:'. !:*1  These pro visions seem ampl^i to; protect tbp?  miner in every way, but an additional clause  inserted on the motion of the senior member  for this district has made the protection to*tbe  r.,yy >y-���������>���������*������������������������������������ y    r t %���������"���������;- .*������������������   v   ������. i ,-..* ���������������.������������.���������*. =  miner against monopoly of the raining lands  stronger, in that.it makes it competent for tlie  Goverpor in Council, on application of two-  thirds of the register ed voters, to wi thd raw  from^he onerationjof the Act any rii strict,: so  that -'we jieed -riot be greatly In fear of this  &wfis\ vrord ^ Mpnopplyl^yyf"y' ���������y ' ,  4 Thp- fees; to be charged under the new Act  arel ight-^$5; for \ lbcatipn^n d=an! ad ditional  sura ofy $4 upon,receiving the;ground.. IThe  purchase J mpiiey; to ^bo ^paid:?������ $1 ^er acre^  And,rno doubt, when the miners look back at  the eriormoris charges to which they were put  for recording, they>wilj feel conslderablja relief aj tfie /change. Sectipha- 8, :9, and 10  enaWeljoint stoc^wmpan^  free mlners,-and the indiyidiiai.free rninfer, *o  avail taem8elve8'of the provisions of the Act  if^they s^e fit to 4p so,-and thisl though not of  so great importance to the Indivfdual' miner.  I H> pf considerable importance; to chartered  cbwpanles���������snch asthe Stouts Gulch Co.T-ras  it wii l;rel ieve *tbem frdih pla^meht ofy their  future;heavy rents; ��������� ��������� :; ���������?  ��������� -'���������"������������������/' :   ' " ''  The: Legisl atu rev h as a cted eqn ally - wi th  favor to the miner in abolishing the -deposit ���������  of-$125 and the $5 rental for water privileges;  and they = bave also? gjve;n a right to tnnnel  and drain throughya^oihiDg I claims, all of  which are con siderabl e ;boon s. The rem ai n-;  ingsection of t^  though not at present of yital importance;  may^% givinggreater advantoges^iitiraately;  lead m the development of the ledges, some  of which are a|ready:knowriv raid to the: dis-  covery of: many others ��������� of the: existence of  whicb there cannot b������a doiibti : ^  * :  On the; whole;:wo may say that the new  Act, in securing foe Tights ^ of mirters under  the Mining,prdinaniQe,vl867,^n"protecting  them against.monopolies,���������in the reasonable.  ������ess pf-;|ts ffees^in���������:-:the simplicity- of the  course to be taken to obtain record of lopa-  tipn^ and^ granit,:and its various other provisions, has far surpassed our expectatiPhV!  and has marked okt a new era in ; mi ning in  our district. We can therefore confidently  look forward to a large increase of prosperity  in our mines, anda: commensurate proportion  of success both to the investor and miner.  M\V ADYERTISBMENTS.  y^.-  TENDERS WILL BE RECEIVED UP TO . -^ ������������������   x  Myyyyyiy ���������; yvy-XyXy2: rXty.<y$  %2X ^T5^DAY;: MARCH ;22j 1873,   -$L.  Tor'thoSililcI'P.^ or a SHXTT In tho'<*phir Company^  groti rid. Steo of Shaft 11 by 7 in the cl ear, an d to  be'when completed 9 by, 5 in the clear; Shaft planks  4 inches thick;, the Shaft to have a partition, in it.  plank in Ihe saino 3; Inches thick- tho Shaft to be  puddhul to the surface. ..Cpntractbrs to furnish overy-  thiri^; -ry yyy. ��������� yyy yyy- -v *u- *yyy^.y ��������� y^  Teb������s- Two thir-'s cash on the completion of each  %d every: 10 feet, and the balance when it Is on  bed-rock, ;or wlvn tbe; contractors havo over 60 gallons^  or water to bail ner hour,,���������". :: ��������� ( . / ..  Teuflere to be nddroseed.: to Wm. BUsland,' at P.  Manctta's Store. Lightning Creek. y "  ---������������������yy.-I- WM.BILSI.ANn,;,  ���������vIMlS.-yy������������������-'���������' ��������� ��������� ��������� yy: ���������' Foreman,  PR0CREOS OF- PEltFORMANCE given on 1st March  ;,;for thebeneflt of David Sones���������     ��������� '������������������-������������������'  TutnI proceeds,  Espouses,  ''.'���������  $352  41  ���������_'    -(.Net proceeds,:./���������.,....;/,���������,'!,.������������������������������������  .,$31V^.-.  ^������- Any on������ wishinR to b������������ tho expenses. in detail  can: dos^by applying to .' -��������� ���������" ��������� -   f%  X'-y -  r-v y WM. McCOLT^-  " '���������'.'.'.'-'y.   Secretary and Treasurer C. A. D. A,  ���������y,vyy?y;t-yy}yyOr   ���������    ��������� F.:PERRKT,' ; .'���������>������������������, .  '���������- :-.?nrl5;;.   'yy,.-. ���������.     . y,::,.ryyy-yy-.' ^Manaser. ���������' ���������  CANADIAN PICITICMI^AD  22} ;,':termim^!'v-;yyyy  yyyyy y-..y.-, .^ i...,f-.AT--^y;.    ������������������; ^'���������2- \y  Where you can get siipplied with the best  ������������������ .-' ���������    ���������     . ' -1 articl** of ��������� "* *  ���������'   ��������� ''   .  ���������  Extta& Superfine^  Lillooet Brains; 1872;: ; .  ?-. >y'y- -'2'"y[:    t  And.-: a; general; asspilmeut ;of Groceries: at  p rices that will, defy coin petit io u.  1 <   ���������'''������������������ \' .   ���������' ���������'"-  - ��������� - ; /.-:':-   ;JAS,,RE!D,; }   .  2 ���������fe'tl %i; y' V:'     '','"; 22 Coin hi issioiV ��������� Agert  MISCELLANE0U8.  GTOGeries,^Ptoia        and  111' ;;yOv-L^^  ROASTED DAILY AT THE STORE.  :,;.'>- i., 2D2E PO T ...F::0^vv-y:.:':;-:  PIONEER MILLS EXTRAFLOUR  and  ^ LILLOOET 'ONIONS  oh-band.':!:?-' .yyy'yy ���������?���������  BEANS  no23  11  JVIASON   &  Vl?G TO ANNOUNrKTHATTlIKy HAVE REMOVE  to the S| mi ������: i������ iu.** pr em i s������-s iVtrm h\y k i i.i >������' if nt t!:o  St.  George S'I'mmi., tt'liero tln-y will be at <<Il..tiin������i  prepared to furnish       :' 'M������:.������ ���������>   ���������* .'���������*} V".  >.  ���������z.x B:o^iimmNi>  OF   THE   PEST  T'i^-:BAU':':' fnui!sliedjg\vitli.  riQUORS aiid CIGARS: y;     ' !;  QU * LIT Y.  liu.;'?n.r>ivv''iM'S.  DRyGHSPP'S  yyy;;;^;? NpusHpRup;s;;;..,;,:,  y   PATENT MEDICINES,  ^aoeiilETARY ARTICLES,  Cbevalier'.s Life forfy Hair  y> -COUGH. LOZENGES, &e..&o.;  jas-; Teeth carefully Ex-  tracted and Pilled.";';'.:  "~.$&"- Prescriptions aud Familj: Recipes accurately prepared,  y Barkerville, Nov. 20, i872.       '    ' no23 .  Board;r-  el7 Ora  Ic  yan- ^olfenburgii;: ScCo.  BARKER VILtE,    RIC H FIE L  ���������And--  E.  A SUPPLY OF THE  : NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  I LL ACCOUNTS DUE TOgTHE  if not paid on or befDro the FIRST OP JDNB next,  will be sued for,  :   JOHN L. G00DS0N.  Barkerville, March 15, 1873. mrl5  AND   BAKERY  THIS OLD AND WELL-KNOWN FNTAl3Lr?HMKNT  is always sup]vlied wi tli tbe best of everything  tbat can bo procured in Cariboo.,  NE-THfR������ OP. THE  JfACPHERSON CLAIM ON  WILLIAMS  CREEK.     This   claim  is  paying  steadily,  ONE INTEREST and a-half in the WEST OP ENGLAND CO. on Lhrbtnlnfc Creek. Thi������ claim adjoins  thfi well-known Eleven of England Claim.  Clear; Bills ol Salc'&aarantuod.  Thft above Claims aro offered for sale in conse-  qnnnc^ of tli e bad hualth of the owner, and are well  known to be first-class mining property.  Apply to  ^VAT.TRRLAISE,  mrl5 lm " Williams Creek.  12/per Week.  e  (The Celebrated-  FRESH   GROUND    COFFEE,  A superior article to any which canbebad from be-  low,��������� Rfjaflted and Ground on tbe premises from tho  best selected berries, ?and warranted free from adul  oration.       gM  jol'' ��������������� ft GOODSOJf  RE preparedj to furnish Lumber at their,  William Creek, or deliver It to order.  LUMBER "DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK. , .    >  Havine: n PlanlngiMachine Jin operationI:the^ wii  also furnish     ,        : -  fit itmhototiy rates.  eell  ws  yy '������*-&m  Wmt  ���������SP-; MOVPD  ll.liinii  nxi  Y.  VINI-3.  ������efc  Co.  ft,  [Mills,  ING  Wil  if  .-  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY,: MARQH 15. 1873.  THE mW''tnStSQyBlV^;  An Act to Ambxo w The Gold Mining Ordlp-  .     an.ee, vI867^yor^j^he <* Gold Miota'g  Ame%dmj&$������^^  Her Majkfltyj ^by^^ndiWitVfee advice and  consent of :(he ^^alative; Asaenibly of foe  Proyin^e.orrBriii3h Oolumbli; enacts as fol-  .lo^;:~.v' "X' iv ."���������';��������� h 'iyXXy '���������     ���������   ,; '*��������� --i  :.-:.fii$^ 105.   108;  and-fntJbf ���������*.^^\<^ld'c|Ro^&^Q.rd1naifi������!,-  IS(>7;^are hereby-^  be itpuacted; ��������� . -V";'. I'yy 2 '2 'yy-X ��������� ?  2. AV heri a ny j pint fitock c rim tf any. co mp an y  of free inlnera^^In.dlyidnjiifree miner, shall  dffiire;tocaeqiiirev hy- -pTirctiafctv 'tracts of  mining, ground: greater in extent than' claims,  . rip w���������, al I owed by law to %>e pr$*e mrited, t%������  fallow in g "rules sh a IV Be observed :  (l.) The land proposedtb|ie, acquired shall  be marked out by posts of the lepra!  size, or surveyed < by, a> Surveyor ap-  H ; pointed-;:by:the Gold Commisaion er. J  I".' (2.) A wf)\k en no tide of; th e. a p p 1 lea ti on;  .signed by the appltoaiiij sliat.1 be posted  '��������������������������� on the door of live CbrirTHnusem the  rl istr i ct i n wh ich t h e\ 1 aiid i 1 i es. tf we n ty  regulations and covenants therein coiftuned  'shall be merged in the foe simple of the said  lands*.'��������� ''  ' 2"} ';���������'..".._ yyy. J-     ,  9. Any ;free������tnineTwhoj attheiim.e' of *Jtfia:  passing ������of-I'.'fliis��������� A������6t, or who hereafter shall *be,'  lawfu% 'entitled;to any, mailing ���������claim; shaHi  be en titled to. t&e eertifteate in the -Form 0 In  th e Sb lieihle fore to, u p on estab Hs(h i ng; to the  satisfaction of fie-Gold Commissioner by alS���������  davit or otherwise, that tfce^um of $250 has  been 'expended upon such claim 'by him or  m >me; person . under .or  through" j whom ������������������,: he  cl aims,t and ii pop tbe produ c tion of, such cer>  'tf Revise'in the manner at&<jsaid, i&all J>e;,tm.;_.  tit 1 edHo a Orb wo I Grant Of t ho *aaid claim ���������  which may be lathe Form D io too Schedule  , here to;., yy.- ������s.y ',}yy ������������������ 2y ''��������� y .���������*������������������ >}   {'-n ���������'���������2y y  iOv Any umircorporaied company of free  miners who, at Ihe time of the passing of this  A ct, or w ho h ereaf ter s li all I h e 1 aw f it 1 ly en-  titled to a set of mining claims, shall be ei*  titled to the cerI ifica'te m the Form E i n the  Sch edu le {ft ere to, / a p on estnb Iwhfa g  tp the  flatififaction/pf Ihe Gold Commissioner, tiy  affld a vit or ol her wUte. th at the' su m of SJ850  for every and each of such set of claimsj; has  ;beenAexpendedion", suchyset:of claims, anr]  upon the production aforesaid of such certify  c a te. sh a H ��������� be v eo,t i 11 e ,d;, 'to a C r own G r an t o f  tl#sluffs?fcof. elaims; .which:may be in Form  F--in, the Scberlille 1if*retoV 22y \.���������}     ..      :'yi;.  !: ��������� 11;  Any srncli Crown tyrant ai? aforesaid  inVal 1. in ad d \ tj o n tp cenferri m; W jibe;. .'p^a ry tee  days prey jously to; the - application for or- erafiWwf- tfeiwnd<f^ ;;:WR:ia!*So!ute estate ]n  the recordliereinafter; mentioned, and,f^  sucli notice shullcPntiii ha descripli^^  ol the land sought to l>e Wcquiredi ai;d tev? or grantees^he riirb.t to;e?tatondpror^  erty in all precious metals ::upobv:br4fndeN  CARD.  To  W<c% the;tilnfe:and /^aVjeDWken an^l  \vhei;e;'BRrin tipjlicaiRfmvWillfbe;-mad������;|  A copy of such-nofice pliall; be pub-  li?jlH������d in at l������������Hr.iw:v-Uweii'',fll': any  . ��������� i\'*S fi pep er ���������( i f^������ n yrlhip i i blisjted in the  ���������^Slrict ih'wlifclitli^aird^iie.  (4.) rl'he land prpposed^tp be acquired  W  ^Bhail; no t 'be; primal er 1 rfhttfh t> titan -y[  '������������������'���������'���������.: !"3^Tir^ Jmt: c^^|>tf n^rili^ irj Ifrginga i 111411^  f   : sqitaiv or less. :yX'-'-  -,.. yy, A'pjFpiv./' cr^k^d*jg5inge,yfe mile in  '-{���������.���������.���������'��������� !<yiid.hsit]**ss..L,.';.... :-y- ������������������ ���������.;���������  ���������y3. ^i^ n'������!,c,K^  fTYch ffi'i *i������*tiH' nV ftvVvr* (ft'} fbe '.fpifty;.. aji^l yinjr-  : iifH������-h'' sjihiV ������^r^lu*f^H������ftiiigniles'HWiH be  c������ ������mi j������!ir<l wi th. a nd (������n pay ment;pf ihp Su rn of  ���������$yJiiit.no>ii������h-r^>^ishHll:be,m  : ���������-!������'d! ;shu^  ^i*xi^I^iVt?p; tjiv ^We J- riYii������^liaf^iy: ^vAiltt^fe '^n*'  1������t'iiitf. w*ir������e<1 by free-iniuers as holders of inr  ' ���������dividual clafms.5;;:-:y"> fyyyyy. ���������.-���������     ���������;/';���������������������������'������������������..-.������������������������������������ y y  4 Hncli record ���������shall 'have and f$e deemed  ���������to haw th+' roil<������wing (^rec^":  ;-;  ; }},'������  ���������, It slbrJVpontinti*1 in ^ji>so'^(>f tKe\ t^nod of  ?4'w������ ypaj^s "atiii no Ijoij^y During such period  11 "tf hind for w Ii i-c h ss i ch. record, has. been ma de  *^iiiilV not ?������e of>Vn lo'iocation or prelumtioni  yn . r s h i \ 1 an y par ty.. e x<.������e t >t the p arty in w h o������e  fa vi tr Xhe re c o v<5. w as in u J\% li a ves, an y i^rh t to  ;eutf������r^vlioi'*eon.   Such, record shall riot affect,  ;pr������'judice.;. or take away  any rights nor in-  <eimie any cluims which at.tht* .time  of mth  Tt.jcoi'd were acitna Uy ves*t������jd i ii a^y free miner  by record. It-as;e or grant.  *5. IC, before ifee.esf>ivation of; the said two  ���������yWrs fttr ^liich tinie mbh^record/.sh'a 11^bave  %ei'n in force, the party in whose favor It was  aiiadeHbalisbow to ther���������satisfaction of the  Gold Commissioner, by affidavit or btberwise,  that ihe sum 'of $10 for every acre so recorded.  law been expended on -tbe land so: recorded,  *������uch party shall be entitled-to. and the Gold  Commissionerysliall give such party.a certificate in the Form A in the Schedule hereto.  ���������6. Upon promotion of tbe said certificate  to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and  "Works, or other officer wIkjso duty It is to  issi i e '��������� Crd wii Gr an! s,' t he sa hi; -.Chief'- Co 'in mi -  sioiier or other person shall issue to the party  ���������fe fa\'or of whom suoh certiticate h������s b^en  given.' upon payment of "the further Bum of-$JL  and $1 pnr acre, a Crown Grant of the land  bo recorded, and such Crown Grunt may be  in the Form B in the Schedule hereto.  7. If," at the .expiration of the -eftid period  for winch such record shall remain in force,  the party in whose fojpor the same was made  sha;il not have established the facts mentioned  in Section 5 of this Act to the satisfaction of  the Gold Commissioner, the land so recorded  shall, as'fir as the said record shall have af-  fecletl the same, be. waste lands of theOewn  and open 1o locating and pre-emption in the  iBame manner as other kndSi and the party in  %vhose favor such record was made shall not,  directly or indirectly, again record the same.  8. Any joint stock company which, at tbe  time of ihe passing of this Act, "under any ui>  explred lease t rom the Cro wa, hoids any land  firr mining purposes, on showing to tlie satisfaction of the Gold Commissioner of the district in which f*nch lands lie, that th������e sum ol  S10 per acre of the laod demised has been  ���������expended on such land, shall be ea titled to  n oath I h o mi r f a ce p f such ] an d s.';   b n t su civ  Crown; Gran ts"-shall  ire1 sulrject to jail righ (s  wbioh. nt-'the time*of the issuing thereof,.wA'e  1 a wfn11 yr vested i n an y persofl o r p ersphs. a nd  tip *bSicli Crow n Cf rant snal I *be uriven o f ��������� any  1 an da w1t<*n strc li lahrfs are 1 a wf kU y I?pl d) b y  pTiy; :persnTj: or persons ������tber than the party]  apolyin^for^uch r)rown GranK  X \% the claim or ohnms-pf any frfp; minen  p r f rep ml iipin ' w'h o sh a 11 <1 is co ver> n e w ��������� m i nea  n������. monfloRPd in -Section 55 of y^Tbe;Golfl  Mining pr^inanee.^  'fee fc P iv each si < I e. oft h e ce n tre Of ��������� t h e creek.  /-J?V&y. A'hv f*r**'* min<*r. or -comfinny of free  miners. Vhally-^e entitled: 'tp:ruTt'a,drain; or  tpnTJoiX^r drain a 2o; pufofe'es, thrpnoh any  fO ?pp pJed mi n In or! a ndyii non com pensat ing the  iTwnprs of :;STich ��������� land  for any damage they  may��������� susta?n.*by tho colVstrnclion ,pfysiicji..ton^  n e I  or..-., d rn ih i:. isi������cb po m pen safl o n. *".' i f; ��������� ri o t  to Jahb3 Btj&DTCK.i-r-Io yom^letter  wh ich a p pears in /thi s issn e of th b>Sk n*tin kl ;  (Mairch ���������8th)-you^have tried to ppntipyeii the;  op i nions I have '���������' eiftp ressed aii d' ml^^s ta lei--  whe ther in ten tiofs ti 1 ly, or !rioti I ^either kn 6 w  nor ^are���������my.: *e in arks. at, the ��������� Van Wink le  meetlag, which "is -ealqulated to create a false  impressiori; as to the opjnions I do hold. \,.  Arguing the ppint wherei'i yop ime}, issue  with'��������� mb���������the Sti-bility W - the tItW conferred  byithe present ^aw^ou ihadvertently*pilead  ray case, as, you;shpw most.cqnclttsiyely; that  mi hi rig com pan ies not'., wo rk in g. fa 1 \ h ancied  are at the mercy of t!he; Gbld Commissioner;  arid'alll $ Ak is' to - h ave ���������: tii at: es ta'o'l ished,, b y.  law^that we already bold by 'cusloRi~~a Clekr  s title������ Matiy of the Ligfet������ing: mfriers aire eveo  now satisfied that such an amendment tp; the  law would exactly.meet their wants, ��������� and at  th e sam e ti me, give 'capital is ts all' tbey. requ i re."  Had they ebiiseritefl to assist in framing su eh,  a -measure, we conld "have pi ace d su c h re^  strictiMis as would have been an effectnai  bar;; fo shepherding.; -but^ fpiipi^ngi/yonr  lead, tiicy refused to deal with fhe;riiatter;  and i t ts^tute p osK^le We. tnay'not' get as go od  a ?! aw as we: cou \d 'bate- iVaraeci b iVrsel ves.;  Freyip'usy experience of your*, ability ;aa ,a-  ieader stjould>have tatigh t them; the aiistake,  as. IS-^ ypupppospd^^^^  Creek 'Meadows of JtJhree mile^apd in '70 the,  Governmen t f ga^e '6 lie; With oiiit- poiisulting the  miner of fourfaudra half miles; - r  r 11. w-Ould;ap.pear. as if you had; always been  ian obstritcltonist and opposed totlie progress  and advancement of*this district;y i}y ���������'.,>y'��������������������������� ���������:!���������������������������  ;>xXfflmy'7tiiaV;Sf th|e meeting I'advq^a^d.  grants^ t*No w; sir> tihe lease'or- grant: systern '$���������  have; always beenyOfiposed ^to^th^tis well  ��������� nn d erst'Op d: hereTtras ;lt fea Ves; a 114te\- a^d van-  ;tage'Vith the^ca|)ftali%;,My^pbjeot: fcas.;been  to place'all men -.upon an\:uqua 1;foot������ng as far  as^?the vacquisition roft |ro������iH,;ls ^Qric������ned^  and' th a t; I con ten d, ca.n b es t be d <������fe'e; by;> giy -  ipg-a<fe������v 8lp) Pie':tltlp?at ter ;8ay $1000 Worth of  work to the 10������ feet has been.doueynpqn: the  gro u twL; ;F u r ther, X w^i iliW make. tlie .per ma ri ���������  eh fr We fk o f a miri i s g co iii p a t if * si j ch as sh af ts  and tipnnels, tlie\t'" pro perty^ everf <>to ibaii-  rdoried::claims,::to^be paid-fop at ia prfCe^to :be  settled by. arhttratipw; if; used by;.rmbsegwent  locators. I can'well understand tliat you.,  who'do'notow'n one foot of ground on Light"-  nirig Creek, would like to see; Borp&tofvthe  present ppinpaniesu^irogeiout" thatvypivPiay  p yo fitJ hyz t!i eiiv'l a Ij o ry; Hen ce; y on r o p p o.s i ti o n  ceived your political education) 13 beneath  I he notice of th e' de vil [?ide Harperrs Week-l J-  ���������aatl >%he New Jfork T^ibune.^ v  Cri&s/WiLsoS. .  HimNG ISTeiMG^^  as-ieodon to <b* bMiIh Ihv the G.vld Comm'VK*jf*te���������^  t'lhe option of security. ;>ou say that Lightning miners .do  siOtto wit byo r -wi th ou t a j ��������� t ry. a  el tbor p n Hy. a n d t o 1>p n a i d b f fote* sup b d r ai ri'  oivtnnnel r^p eo,n������triveted : arid tire Gold Conv  missioner may Ana ke; such prd'ar. arid impose  su ch terms oiiv >11 her Part y as to (i m may  soem ju������.t. and equiIabl<*. and.;srrch tunnel or|  d fa iti, when so .constructed. Fhall be deemed  ,to;be a.part of th*������ claim of tlie person or per*  pons by whom tips "s������rme shall have been run  or *otT?j!riicfed. .���������  I ���������. U. Pe^t^n 5SiVf'" The Gold Mining Ordin^  auce. lS67v?-*ny/T Si'Ction 4. of '* The Gold  M in i n ff Act. 1872." sh al 1 b e an d are hereby  rep **a 1 ed. a n d i n 11 en t h<������ reof lie it en acted.  tbat quarlz claims sbtill be 1500 feet in length.  measured alon? the Iridppv vein, with pqwtr  to ful I o w su cb 1 o d ������ o r ve] n 20 0 f e������ t ea ch s id e  of tho ledge; and no company of free miners  or j oi n t st o ck com pa n v sh al I be e n ti 11 ed to  anv more than tJvesjiid 1500 feet by location.  15. ThlsAct rpay bo cited for all purnoseq  as " The Gold Mining Amendment Act. 1S73.5'  [Here follow copies of the Forms mentioned  in the several sections.]  the said certificate, in the Form A in the  Schedule hereto, and upon production of tbe  certificate as herebefore mentioned shall be  entitled to a Crown Grant of the land so  leased, which may be in the Form B in the  Schedule hereto, and upon the issuing of such  Crowu Graut the lease aad aii coaditious,  Road Tat,���������Cariboo having been created  a Iloatl District by Proclamation, fire follow*  ing extracts from the Road Act will be found  interesting:  " Every male person above 18 years of age,  resident at the period of assessment in any  Road District created, shall pay an annual  tax of two dollars.  *' Every person po������sessed of any interest in  any real estate, not exwding ten acres in  extent, in any Road District, shall pay an annual tax ������f two dollars for each and every  su c h q u a n ti ty o f I and as a fo resai d. Fo r eve ry  additional a-cre or portion of an acre over  su^h ten acres, a further annual Ux of four  cents...  i4 Every merchant. farmer> trader, or employer of labor is unlhorised to pay the annual tax of two dollars due or to become due  by any person or parties in his employment,  and to deduct the amount so paid from the  salary or W-agei* due or to become due to him  or them..  ** Tax and costs to be recovered by distress  o������ goods attd chattels*  Tkleorapiuc.���������In consequence of tbe late  hour at which we received our regular news]  report last night, we are compelled to defer  its publication till this afteraoMV when it will  be issued ia Extra totm  not want large clairris. 1 coriterid'that an ex}''  penditee of $3000 to tire interest. which is  a.b o u t th e am ou. n t.ex pen (led by ��������� the; Vawcoii ver  Co mp an y. i s o u t of. all. p^o pp r ti on to, the pr o b *  utile;profit when the great risk of the speculation is take ri in to accoil n t. All I desire i s  to sew.re thein.iathe possession-of that which  h as cost jth em s i) rnucli. nip ri ey a o d 1 a bo r as to  raise ttiein to the position of first-class capital-:  iatS.    :y--; y   .;;'._ t   . \,.^.'.'.!.;'���������',../ '.^.yy 2'yy y  Now^sirV concerriiri^ the report of your:  speech as published by tbe SkntinkK.y to my  ca paci ty of re p orter'-'; for th ii fe j o is r n al.' I in -,  formed you after the meeting that'if yon  won Id fu r pish m e (wi th; an . abs tra ct y of :y o u r  remarks it-would bepubUshed;: X tdid .this aa  a matter of c o u i'tesy to f o n risel f, an d bee a i i se ���������  I could not but be just to an opponent You  . promised r to sen d i ty but wi3eIy, I think, n e-1  glected Jfco- do so, as J. do not think it would  redound to your credit to have.published  mo re of i t th an re p 6 rted by ra e. Th e i m p res-  si mi left on my mind was tli at yorir remarks  about u kerb-stone br������)kers,,,-&c., referred to  Col. Lane and no one else. I do not, how  ever, .propose tp .delead him, as his. honor, is  in tsafe keeping, _  In yoiit synopsis of what you did Say at the  meeting, why did you fiot tell the whole  truth?���������that yru stated to the meeting & at at  the time the taxation in the colony was so  heavy you wrote a letter to the Alta California complaining of that taxation. If my.  memory aerves me correctly, about the time  your letter appeared in the Alta a poor  Welch committed suicide in Oakland. A  San Francisco journal, commenting on this  said : u It was horrible to think of the depth  of despair in which a poor wretched creature  was plunged ere he would consent to die in  Oakland, but it was only charitable to sup-  pose that in this case he was insane, or ik1  would not be found dead with that copy of  the Alta in bis hand." Should any one be per-  sisteii,t��������� enough to . attempt to u n ravel yonr  present remarkable production, I fear the like  sad result would, follow, it is therefore to  b e h o pe d th at In th e in teres ts o f h u manity you  will write no more letters. Writing to the  Alta at all was truly a gentlemanly action.  You. a sojourner in a strange land, made use  of a foreign newspaper hi which to vent your  spleen on British law and the British peopfy.  It was an act worthy of an eX-Democralio  member, of the California Legislature, A  Democrat, any way, is a betftft beneath the  notice of his Redeemer; but a New York  I>eHi0crat (it waa' there, I belief ycu re-  : ;9?hp ffftVy mining1 news oflnterest, this Week  come;S; from taightn ing, ��������� there h aying^b een r; no  p Pin rn it n i catid'n wi th the o tli er p it tside. cree'lcfe  fiw'some A^yfl in ;ebuse^ueri:be of .She Ike  stoftop weather.' '���������'���������'-��������� 'K?:<yi2rT^'' '',J* "y^X;  ^y-:y-yyy ^tiowfeis&bMnrfcyy2}'';i,-';'���������������������������  ���������The WattyXilaimis"bokingWellHftYi3';p^>  ing 1 oa. per day to the hand. The old .WlvIrK  , pool, igi-o u n d ha vin g bee n take n u p by a ne w  cb rii p any i tli ey ate rii riO i ng a tu one 1. tor a  b en ch: an d ex peet to b e i a so oh'. the ftlil o ���������  rado cb. is now In two or three ."ha'ncls, arid ia  paying over wages. The Ross co. are mhnfnjt  ahead, ihe ��������� groimd: dqoldng more favorable.  "f h is Ligjht rii rig cp. li ave, h een rii aki A ^ wages \  on Tlitelay fhey istrilclc a' jirpapect iii rie#  ground'bf $3 50 to the pari; and;ex pect to do  Setter. ;ip;;futiire,] :Tbe^ Sont%;Wji^^o. took  put, if ,0^.1331 ^ekiwitli; two .men.,?'������]eani)ig  bed-rock'; the rest of the COmp apy. are tpp--  tolng^r a -prospect drive tor'the Am ad or chan*.  nel;: I The ������ p rft ce: Vo? Wash ed ri p '6^8 oi. * on  Thursday;,and: the gVoPpdviaylopking; ififst*  fratei, tbej"; hate laeen.vrnrinlng; a .prospect  d riyel i ri'tp; tjje hill, arid '3 0 fee tin washed ^ I  SO fo^tbp^psin: iii graVel; nrider 'Walter., The  V"aiiWinkle are making good headway"��������� w^fcfe  ^helr^taiTtilarid ^illf(betra^le^ioi'iBiti^iSoWft  g I ream trom th eir sh aft,, as; tii e Water i s gettip it  ,low enough since the. Yictoria;co.: .Btar'tei  Vieif wheelr'^he IPiorii'er CO. {Will startfor  the'seasrm ��������� ii^:t?week;^ [Vthe -Walipr: 1 ii the vlc>.  tori a is 1 o W e ri on gli-; to en able ��������� j'thfemiy toy rn ft  their,upp(^\iritenTid)Pprtn;?threevsh^fls x>ii  Tiuii^d ay::���������/.;expect, to^ne pn^ay^in Se>en xyt  >!ght" ^weeksi The;: Vancouver^had. to coriift  back arid'gbintri^-tfeir-first.rlfive^birig-sbmo  three: j feet too'.' 16 W- farld ^gi'eatpiian'llty et  wa te r 1 n the face'; tin n k 1 hey will be 1 a ��������� b *  :the,;nrsit.pf!^ev weel^.^^  tiirihjng'' aneaid In their upper d rive; puttip^  in.ten.feet per day ;"}��������� expect to;^be in(wliore  iihey'sttii^Wpiod prospect ip; ''tfiVeK:Wfeek^v  The^GladstoTae coK are-faririinft; the\v- XKiw-  jpp n^4ri ve. y-ijttdfi n^ fgoodyh en dway,o y ;*Th a  El eyen v of & ?! an rl; ,c o. ^ areln i Ml Al ast ri n d  taUing.opt gooS pay.;The Qphftv-cp. pre sinlf^  In or f or clay, arid 'a^e meelirig: will) erood rey  ^rilfS^ihey IV)urid som  In;fredvgrave1gand/fhink;theyvWillfind clay-  next weeki which wi II enabl e theni; f to;:tjoffi v  ���������pieuceihelr-lar^e shaft by^lhe. 2^%:: y'-; ������������������  ^s#i- +  . I MiRmKo.^We leafn by telegram deceived  last mghtifliat our old atid- respected ;:townS-  man. ���������������' It. Toddy fetj��������� wa^ ittarried Iately al  Brampton^Ontario; to iiosanna^ffigley,:of  tb at pi ace, '*' an d wii 1 sh or tl y return; w i tb h i������  bride to' this Province to pemanently' settle  here. Iii coriimpn with a host of fri*������ndp,'we  beg to offer, our:-. felicitations: o^i this happy  event- -y^y' y-     '::;': '���������:������������������������������������'   "-' 'y } ���������"'yy  ; iPREStx,vMEAr.-^^The . markeK which ?s at  present pn tirely deficient of this necessary ar*  tide of food, will,:we nnderstantl, be fully  supplied in a.week or..so. Messrs.:%nV*olken^  burgh & Co. having a band of battle . on the  Way.in.. ,y, -//y-.. ���������. ,.���������-.- :_. ��������� ;   ,..��������� ;y Kj  Valuable MiS*tvo C^atms .. for Sale���������Mr  Wm.'TrelaiFe offers his interests in two well--  kno#n mining claims for sale~~the Macpher*  son. on Williains Creek, and the West of Eng*  land, <jn;Lightnltig.  -77" :,:"' ���������'���������:''  HRTun^YNTr.���������Mr E. Pearson, Sam. Tomp*  kins,' John Daly, Judge Ball, and several  Other well-known Caribooite9 who went be*  low last fall to recti pe rat *������, are on their way  ba'Ck���������ail, we believe, in first-class condition.  TKXDEits.���������The Ophir (jo.,.Lightning creek,  ball for tenders for sinking a abaft For pat*  tiCulars, see advertisement.  The Up Exmkss will reach Soda Creek on  Sunday. Mr D> Oppenheimer ia at Soda  Creek en route to Barkerville.  jtlUmi-arn  ***/*&  \Jfa  t:  n.   jam::s  wickhah   t!oLt?g .,$tX  Power of /Mf������rUi?y,"iwi4 Is ^'ly aiUboriaerl W  Collect all Dob's ������itio 'to mo. All thrigo Rnovviftjf  th eiasclr ou to b,* i i. my deb t, by eit b iir N������)i������ of Alj-  count, will tiieasa make immediate paymebt to mf  P, MANEf TA.  ���������������������������;���������'���������' yiy  yy  , ,y yy  v(4h^  :y';fyJ/  &5^  :;;yy.?  -y^.y  IIP  ���������TO*  &wy&  'mm  ill!  mmSt-  11  4ltif������  iff!  mm  y*mm.  y  r'-tl '  ins  ).���������'&  ;V:4 :*.**).���������  - yy  '���������  \\  y(Btom the Victoria Colonist;)"y * yyy: ?  liyiyy l ::To-KSBAYr'^  :      <50LT) MINING AMENDMSTfP BILL,   ,  itr Robertson m oved the ������eeptid, reading  yt if tbistbill:? He explained the 'i\Mv%-}pt the  ���������bill* Miners are to: have Ihe claim absolutely;  for the "period of two years, after, having  proved their expenses lo Wcertara sum,  Hon. Mr Walkem flaid it was well known'  liow placer diggings vary from 5 feet to 40  feet, and par expeneripe of go.)d mining show  ihe value 'of''gold.: ipiners ia every epim try.  V'Here the minera1 efforts ar  want of capital.: He would like to ie������ the  %iil confined ta leases of abandoned claims.  The argument used Is, ���������* let the companies  ���������and capitalists have those lands to worlc and]  yyield to tbe wealth of the country."   He had  y just received a telegram from William Greek  y Strongly opposing the passage of any measure  ; to alter the laws as . they stand  at  present.  ,:He should act on his own judgment; in fact.  ; lie thought the "bill Wonldjact favorably in the  ; Interests of his constituency, but they bad  X pot had an opportunity of studying its pro-  y visions.     ���������  y voTtie bill was committed, Mr Hughes in the4  yichair.-'- '} ���������      "      '   \       ''   '"���������      "4 "'  ;;��������� y^Mr Smith moved that Sections 108 and 117  .2i>iUtie 1Sold Mining ^Ordinance be inserted  yitfterSection 105 of the same Ordinance.  ;>^Tbtseeenredthe'mirier in Tils water rights.  5;gHpn.: Mr Walkem said Section 108 had  : Iprpveda great source of litigation. ��������� ..  ^:'%JIr;..Todd moved that- $25 be Inserted  yfbr^'125:   '���������  X. ;Mr Smithe opposed the repeal of Section j  yivtfi -:"yy"-'v";'- ��������� yy iiy \  ^feMrHumplireys said the Government should  yppt'lbok to the mines as a source of revenue,  2$tieobject to be'held in view is to facilitate  iimriirig ahd:protect that kind of property.���������  ;M%^act'that oiit of 25:000 to 30.000 miner*  ;; prily;a few hundred remain, is sufficient proof  ythat/there' must fee something radically wroDg  : In the >laws.  y-Mr-Booth asked If all fh������ taxes were taken  off where would%e the revenue?  ^y^/Hon. Mr. WaSfcem said the real policy to  ^epjirsned waste encourage capital.  <;: Mi*: Rofoe^soo saidjt should be the object  ypf buryleglslatipuT to.;iiberaiise- the laws.   If  : we make the mines attractive, what the ��������� rev-  lenue rii ay 1 ose in rel i nquishi n g som eft' of' the  '������������������; tees wni: be more th an con tribu ted by taxes j  ypaidbyian incomingpapulations ���������.; ���������;; y*.\  Mr Smithe observed ih at if -the tax was  taken off Tundertik in gs th at d id n ot pay, it  likewise - fell bri;;"those: Undertakings: which:  paid;yHa<$ WO alarge feveriuelie would have  no objection: to remit this tax; '���������'"!-���������'X-*'}  Mr Barnston sai d the rii irierB of Carl b 66 in  1 heir pal my d ays stood an imriiense amorin t  of taxation.   He felt sure that the proposed  alteration of the Mining Laws would draw a  mining population from California.   The system of taxation at present was vexatious  without producing any revenue.  The amendment was carried.  Mr Todd moved that after acquires in rule  (4) the words purchase or pre-emption be inserted.   He showed'that it was necessary to  protect those who desired to erect machinery,  ic, for prospecting.   After expending a cei-  tain amount, of course they, obtain a Crown  grant.  Mr Robertson showed that this bill does not  repeal the former Act, but merely amends it,  and offers them the land in fee simple.  Mr Smitbe would like to see a similar principle adopted for pre-empting and purchasing  mineral lands as was adopted for farming  lands, say $1 per acre, He interpreted the  object of this bill was to give the; miners the  land in fee simple without purchasing; that  is, if they find the land worthless after having  expended a large sum of money, the purchase  money is waived.  The words in u fee simple" were inserted  iu lieu of '* by purchase." '  It was moved, in sub-section 1 of section 2,  to introduce the words " as near as possible  square."  It was moved by MrTodd, ia sub-section  4, to insert4' 640 acres,"  2 Mr Walkem 'spoke;; against ^e;nwypon.���������  Stout grclbh, which bad been abandp������eJl for  aix^arSjtarpbdput,; ationt lye years ago,  some of.the "richest mining ground In Ottribpo,  Had this land been locked up iiit!heway  proposed by this: Bill; He had never bought  pf more tha^frprii 10 to 15 acres.2.,.  :!^r Todd paid; this would be. arich:^ovintry  if wo could induce miners to: talsp in* all the  mini ng; lands an d spend $ 10 per acre on 11.  640 acres was not top ranch. v .-,. ��������� y  , Mr Httinpbreys conciuted with the member  for ; Koptenayi There! wer������ numberless  benches on the Fraser which could only be  worked this way.;;.', 'Xy  /Mr,-Robertson asked what, difference it  would make to British Columbia whether the  money per acre is spent by a company or an  individual?     -:  Mr Humphreys showed bis experience in  mining. He had belonged to a company, and  it was computed that $15,000 would be required to bring in. water; Had tbey been  able to have secured a grant in' this manner  fhey. could have raised the capital and worked,  rhe grounds Whereas, with the law as.itstood,  they were compelled.to abandon the ground;  That was the way this Bill would lock up tbe  mining land. y\  Mr, Walkem said 640 acres might answer on  the banka of the rivers, but north of Qnesnel-  m outh it would never answer. He" therefore  moved that south of Quesnel should be tbe  limit of the.large grants of C40 acres.  This was carried by the casting vote of the  chairman,       ;      ; :-  .  Mr Robertson moved for 500 acres north of  Quesrielmoutb; y  A tie vote of 9 ensued, and. the chairman  said, after some hesitation, that having voted  for the previous, motion he wpnld vote for  this.   [Cheers and clapping of bands,]  Mr Todd moved that 640 acies be added  for creek claims, ././���������-. ....���������;; .[ X, ���������  Mr Beaven thought the amendment went  too far.   He spoke-ajrainst large grants.  Mr Humphreys said the hon. Chief Commic-  sioner misunderstood the object of this clause.  It provided against,capitalists monopolizing  land in newly-discovered mines. .;  Mr Robson said if we ceuld not get indi  vidual miners to work tbe ground, why, not  get capifalislsto do so;?,   If 50 miles were  granted it wmiId not be to lock up the imnes  but to develop them.   ;:  Mr: Barnston spoke agahist giring these  I arge ��������� grants;;.--.. ,'";;. r -;'        (,Vr - -y  "':'���������';.Mr Toddte amendnient Was;oarried, i v  yyClaiiPe 3;was carried;- - y-'V>  Mr Humphreys said the capital laid out on  these grants sltouii be considered as really  the payment.,;. .y}y t.-,'-i  ��������� It was resolved that the sum of $1 an acre  be the rate at which the 1 and shal 1 be sold.  Five dollars as the amount of the record fee  was inserted. Two years was decided as the  period for which these grants should be-jheld  good.  .. .-   ���������  ��������� It Was moved that SI0 per acre should be  spent within the two years on the land in  order to retain the grant.   Carried,  ���������. Mr Boptbj)ropo8ed that the further sum of  $4 be paid before the certificate be issued.  Mr Robertson thought that $11 per acre  was eleven times more than the agriculturist  paid for land, which, by cultivation, was constantly improving; whereas, in mining, the  land was every day becoming poorer by having treasure extracted from Ifc.  The amendment was put and carried.  Clause 7 as amended passed.  Clause 8���������$10 was inserted as the amount  that shall.be expended per aere intwo years.  Mr Todd proposed a fresh clause to the  effect that a company shall be entitled to a  Crown grant on.the production of a certificate  from the Gold Commissioner that tbey have,  paid the sum of $2 50 per acre lost.  Section 12���������Claims of free miners who shall  discover new mines shall extend from summit  to summit,, ,  Mr Robertson moved to amend, that tbey  shall extend 1000 feet on each side of tbe  centre of the creek* Carried.  Mr Smith tlioved to make quartz; claims |  2000 t^etla: length, weasuH  or vein arid its spurs, dips and angles between  the;;two extremes or-snch^OO f^tjWithiOO  feet oil eacb side of tite^veiri; or lbdej" :f^X  Mr Barnstop' moved -tri mate the 'length  ,1500 feet and the width 200' feet -on eacb M e.  Carried.; lW.. .>���������> y.-, y yyyy.yyy y yty-Xyy  iiHori; Jlr Walkem tnoved^; aa;addltioiial  clause^to makeit competent*: f6ry the^ iAmt<~  Gpyerrior in OdnnoSjVeji application of two*  thirds of the registered ,voters,ito withdraw  from the,operation.of:the; Act any districts  He attacked the proposition to give 640 acres  of creek claims to miners. The. hon. mover  had .asked for too rauob, and:, hadr destroyed  bis Bill. ^ .  -,.<���������'        \    ^.m-..'    '     '    y  The elause was carried;  Hon. Mr Walkeni mpveti-Uiat theAcVshrill  not come into force until the 21et July,. 1873.  Carried. .....,.*      ������������  The schedules were taken aa road.'andthe  Bill-reported complete.,,;  MTSCELLANE0U5  LEGAL NOTICES, &c,  u Tlie.Registration of  Births, Deaths and Mar-  ; iiages Act, 1872Vf 2  .y'2 :\ "n o t 1 c E '.,.'���������'.  POBMC NOTTCR i? .horr>hr plv^n. that fr>>m nn'l  nRcr \A\p l������t day of S"piVmi><T nrxt, oil BirlliP,  Oenth? And urafriap^ wiiMn tho Pro vine* of Briij:<h  Colamhia nro to lift Rp^ri������-*t.������>rp'l'nn'lrr tho proVjsionjj:of  ���������"The R-'cistntlion or Kiptl������ss,.Deaths nn*l M-������rrl;tcf,.������  Act. 1872,V. at tliQ.Offico of .the-Piptrict R������������ci?irami  theT>i5?trict wlvrcin tlie sam������* rcpp'C.tiv^ly.slKiU uikr  placf*, and within the time* following, that i������ to say:  BTRTHS���������Within 60.dav.* from tho <iatr thnvof. . .  OEATH^���������Within ?0*dayj������'aft>flntormcrit.  MARRIAGES���������Within 90'daya from tho dale thoreof.  Every HpHficholdor. Hfa'l of i Family. CI'Tiryman.  Physician, or other n^rwn nr p'*'r������mp,'required by the  said A-ct to roport- Births, Hoatlis and Marri^e*, who  refuses, pr wilfully ncjil'Tfj* to do fo. within l-ho times  before nlined, will ho liahlo to a penalty for pnch and  every oflenco of not los* tnon Five Pollura or moro  than Twenty. Pollarp, tobo r^eovf-r^d with co.������ts bo-  fore anyUustlcoof thoJVnc* having jurisdiction within  tbo locality.".where any. .such .offence is committed  against the .said Act. ��������� -..,  ��������� By command,      "   /  H. B. W. AIKUAV,  .. > Registrar General.  Land Registry Office,       } ..'-������������������?,  Aug. 31/1872. I , pelf  NOTICE,      .  Korff* ot? Assembly, 2 I A^igust, 1872.  Extract from Rules relative to Private Bills.;  50/ All a pplicat ions I 'or-private ���������Rill?,, properly the  sn hj ect of, 1 agfaU ti on hy tlj e I>j*i *W f i re A^sem 1 > ly ol  B ri tisli Col ii rah iaj .wi thi n 't li o ��������� pn rvi e w of" Tli e'R ri I f*Iv* |  North Americaict.,1867,V wheLher.for the erection oj,  a Bridge: the making of a Railroad, Turnpike Road,:or  Tel egraph Iii ne i the const-ni cf .ion or J u i prove ni en t of a  Harbory Canal/Lock. Dam ������r Slide', or'ot her like work;  the gtantthK of fc right of Furry; the��������� Incorporation o!  any; particular t ratio or ca 11 in jr. "r of, any ;T������f n t Stock  Cohipany:' 6r������'otberwisi; fjir gra ii tinir to any indivjdua I  or nulivid'uals a'ny exclusive or peculiar-'rights or priv  ileges whatever, or- for doing any -matter, or thing  wh ich. in i ts opera tion avou Id ���������:��������� affect" the - right rr prop ���������  erty of other parties, or relate, to any particular class  of th e commurti ty'; pr for rhaki.Dg'a ny;' ain en d in en t of a  like nature to uny former Act, slialj require' n, Notice,  clearly and-distinctly Fpeclfyingthematurearirt ohjeel  of the application, to.be published ius fplloVs; viz.:  A Notice inserted In the British, Columbia Gazette,  and hi one newspaper published in the district af  feoted, or if there he no newspaper published therein,  then hi a newspaper in tho next -nearest district in  which a newspaper, is nublished. '" -'"''  4^* Such notice shall bo continued In.each case for  a period of at least six weeks, during the interval of  time between the close of the next preceding Session  and tho consideration of the petition.     :- - ���������        y'y  51.'Before any Petition praying for leav������ to brincr  in a Private Bill for the erection of a Toll Bridge is  presented to the House, the person or persons'intending to petition for such Bill shall, upon giving the notice prescribed in flic preceding Rule, also at the same  time, and in the s"jne manner, give notice of theralCK  which they intend to ask, the extent of-tho privilege,  the height" of tho arches, the interval between the  abutments or piers for the passage of rafts or vessels,  and mentioning also whether they intend to erst ft  drawbridge or not, and the dimensions of the same.  , y , ; , CIIARLBS GOOD,  se21 m Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.  y; The FLORENCE w-the best Sewing  ������Machlne for Family use,'because li  so seldom gets' out of order* VI f there  ft one not working weINd  .. ".CALIFORNIA,      y- ���������������  OREGON,  WASHINGTON TERRITORY  NEVADA,  IDAHO; .  ALASKA,  ���������     BRITISH COLUMBIA,     .  MEXICO,  JAPAN,    ..  Or-CHINA, tf Informed of It, I Villi  r������x it without any expense to the  owner./  -' SAMUEL HILL, Agent,    .  No. 19 Montgomery Street, South,  ���������X2 mkmmmm\immt  ������AN   j^RANCXSCO,   pAL.  : Send for Circulars and stmples of  the wprkv Active Agentt wanted in  ; every place.. ��������� ���������  BARSIRD'S EXPRESS  ISTA3-E3  Under tem'pornry arrangement for eniiy**y-'  ..  auce of the Mails from  Caolie.'Greek to Okanagan.  The it:n[uereiigpe(l has placet!^ .line of Passen^  *"::y ��������� '.���������'���������g^'^Mfie8:tjn]tl3e--:;,.*rvi^  ���������. 'fy  Rnnninsr in; close connection with the Stagey  irom Yale to BHukeryille. ���������������������������        y- '      ^    ,  :   Perso p s: y isi \ j iir the Ok a n a pra n DiMrl c t wi 11  finrt this by te tlie most convenient mode of  travel.-y'y;y- /���������: y"2y.!X%\  ���������-:���������'���������-.������������������-��������� ���������?>��������������������������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������>'-���������'���������:  . j}&Br. Stages leave Cache Creeta-v n Wednesday mornings at 10 o'clock, and wiit return  the .fpllowingr week in.time to connect; wilh-  the Stages going North and Sou th. [  Will be transacted ovi������r the route.   Freight  carrier1.   , Parcels delivered*    Commissions  executed.   Collection*mad*.  aii24 2m     :     F. .MURNAUD ���������& CO.  C0MMISSIQK, STORAGE,  THOMAS FLETCHER wishes to inform tbo  people of Cariboo, tlijit he Is prepared to  CAST   ALL   KINDS  OF BRASS  G*eneral Agency,  BarkerviHe*  At tho shortest notice.  p&* DOXES kept on hand or cast (o order  The Store is also sn ppl foil with a gonoral assortment  of Goods which he intends to sell at a small profit..  HEATING APPAEATUS  . Fletcher's Heating Apparatus with Mot Air  Saves the expense of Stoves, Fuel and labor,  and lessenBgttao danger offlre.  It is as well adapted  for ShnfUhonses as ofdin.'in; iMritdiiigs, Is cheap, uop  ^ warranted to give eniin:  ..ilslactlon.  Last Chiujcfi, IliKhtnln^ Creek, 1      .     ...  Wov*mbwft-J.8T2; ) uo2  I||P������  Ml


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