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 -VolrlOt:  Bar^r^lle,l^niiam; Creek, BX^X0^^������^yW^^3^2^^  ,;Ko;;liRj������  iv.y  Ml  ,'   ,JPubHshetVevery1 Saturday-:byJ"* -";-���������&  R OjB.��������� E|R T -nfl O L'J#0^ AM? W  Subscription,-: -. 50 Cents ;per. Week.  ::' RATES 'OF ADVERTISING; :     y;  For one square (one inch), ilrstinseai/ion,   -   $3  -,,,./ 2%>  s  ���������'������������������-,, . y-4 y,-   ,-���������   ,-y  .onemonth,  Fur two sq ii a r c'sj fi rs t insertion,' i -y ���������-,.-..- j- -  1      -������������������''.*   ;   onemonth,-  -  -,.-���������-   -  Agents for'the;4*-.Cariboo; Sentinel,"^:! ���������  ' Van Willklo,-'  ���������Qaesueiniouth, y;  .Soda CrftL'k, / - y  Clinton, ���������"������������������ -'���������     - '���������  Tale/: ���������'.   : yy  Ni ��������� w West in i n s ter  'Vic'toria,.���������:���������,-'.. " .-  Ji. t\ Fishery y  Hu'dson .& Menet,  - :   - :    Mr J: W. LiiKlhart  ,-- -   '���������-. ���������. y. vy ������������������ Hfirmird's Express  y- . ���������      -   . ��������� B������rnarcI' s ftxpress  :     "!." ' -:' ' H arna rii *s Ex press  Sir. S3 vans,   .do ''"'���������'        do   v  ������������������'���������-������������������;;������������������--���������;''^ <:-..: .- ������������������;'.��������� ClaTksnn'*'Co  ;VS '.'/*;. /"-;���������/������������������ - :: .'.lolin .ColIew������  ;"-'";':-.yy- '/'���������'���������- y':' Sari Fraiiciscn  -. ��������� - ' f' '* ��������� ;���������-.,- .,-;', t- ��������� ���������New- York..  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL"  G OFFJ0E.1  Cards. .Circulars, Posters and Programmes for  '���������.'1 Ba I Is a nd T he atrf caI En.te r fcavn'ta e n ta*: y '^  ������.  ^39^Executed wit h riea fcti ess and dispatchZjgisf,  ��������� Terms moderate. -' y yy   m  'THE NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD.  .Thm^sedohfl:hh^liway'across: the . continent?  Is. n* ������w i ii' Fit 11 process of cons t'ru ctio n. Th e.  .fciJ1 owjng sketch nf its' coriilition will doubt-  I ess ?he i ntawti n g,; tof in any: o f on r :re.aders r; i:  Tia st J lily, erf ri! rfi cts were le t:f or f lie. b hi 1 d*%  i nk���������;��������� o.f -111o r;eastern b diyision;r -reach ing across  t h *��������� S ta U\ of' M i n rieso ta;-1 from Dul ii th; a t the  Siend-of Lake Superior, two hundred and forty  1111Ifw to the erossing of.the Red River of the  No rl h." With several, ifenwsand men tem ployeC  ���������the grading on this sectio-H as fast apprpach-  i n g- co mp 1 etio n| a'n d th e iron is bei ng*.ia'id at  II leva te of one 16 tw o mil es a d a y.   Iii tli e  meantime engineers are-������������������locating;  the line  ��������� w es tw a i*d t h ro u gh een fcral T) a k o t a".   P repar a -  i i i) n s a re c o m p I e ted  f o r th o co m in Piieem e n t  of work at t he Paci He end next spri ng; an fl  ihereafter; the"'%'ork of. const rnetion wl11 be  I > ro seen ted fro m b o th' ex-t rem i ties''fo ward th e  centre, , In addition to this, the Northern Pn-  ���������cific Company have recently purchased and  p racti c al i y co nso 11 d a te d ���������; w i th th ei v. o w n 1 ihe  the -St. Pan 141 nd Pa ci fi c 5Rai 1 r o ad, em b ra cin^  pome three tmndred miles of .finished road in  3\rinnesota. on which a prosperous businesses  al ren (1 y. d oi npr.   This, pur chase ; rem 0 ves; al I  'rivalry   between   conflicting   interests,   and  -practically makes St. Paul one terminus of  I Ihe great Northern road.   The Northern Pacific Railroad system is certainly assuming a  business tike form and comprehensive proportions.   Obviously its projectors do not intend to build a simply'trunk road front east  "- to  west and then wait for a profitable traffic  to come to it  'On the contrary, they a ins at  the outset securing; suah 'connections and al-  lUinces with the chief lines of water connnu-  ���������ji i 0 a t i n n, n n d m ti 1 the rail road sy s terns 0 f the  -Atlantic and Pacific States, as cannot fail to  bring to it. in addition to its local business, a  large.and increasing share of- the carrying  'trade''between ocean and ocean.  At'Dulnth one arm meets the commerce of  the lakes and the St. Lawrence, at SL Paul  the other eastern arm connects with the-com-  'merce of the Mississippi Elver and its tri'bu-  ��������� t a. ri es, and wf t h th e rai 1 ro a"ti sjq f th e Ce ntral  juid Eastern States concentrating at Chioago.  These two arms will unite in western Miu-  /lf^ota.   ;Prom the point of junction  a third  'liranch will extend to Pembina on the British  border, and the trunk line will 1������raverse -cen-  'iv-c\\���������'.])ak01a   and   foilo^y..:lihe row fewnnus  ToiloTCSloac Valley thrunch Mouktiu.   ->:u,ttr  3ZiU������������%  th e b 0 u n dary 0 f Id allp (the ; road will again  branch���������one arm following the valley of the  Ool urn bia to tide-wafter at Porland,; Orego n;  llhe other striking directly across the Cascade  range to the main terminus on Puget Sound.  A north and south branch wi 11 ulso connect  the Puget Sound terminus with that at Porl-  lnnd. At the latter point connection is made  w i th the coast, lines.. of road n 0w building  southward through Oregon and California.  Both, at Portland and Puget 'Sound the  road will ,tap the, coastwise and-foreigii trade  ���������bf the Pacific Ocean. 'With its munificent,  endowment of fertile lands, \yith the natural  ad van tages *��������� th \s rou te u n doiibtedly! enj o'ys  and: wi thr far-s igh l:e d p ol icy al read y i n an: g u-  rateSya great c6mmorcial !project cou 1.d/hardly start under, better, auspices or with'greater  assurances of success.       ' ���������:- : ��������� y ,V  THE PHENOMENA OF; EARTHQUAKES.  : In earthquakes. says the.Peop 1 e.?s Magazi n e.  vfe see the conservative agency of fire called  in ,tO;..co.unteract they destruct-ive /agehpy; cf  water. Wind., and rain,.:bea t; and cold. a re'  co ii ti n ii al I y at a7 6 i'k ' ten d 1 rig i ri pieces an d  grinding down' the solid rock; the disintegrated portions of the rock form; the. soi t of ..the  10 wl arid s, an il th is in its: tu rri i s ea t en away  by running: streams,'swept down b'y heavy  rains.^ to;be carried by the rivei^s and deposited In 4 he sea.: It-is thus that the shallows  and .-.great river; deltas are . Jormed, ��������� ; and tlie-  riiafefials so bro ugh t'flo wh' :are grarliially^by:  tli e a ctio n: of tl 1 e wa ves.; d istrili il ted. 0 ver. th e  lied of the ocean. This action, ,.if su(fered*to  contin"iie without!nterriiptioiV, w0iltd: in 1 ime  level the highest monntain ranges; .and i,n  -the place of a varied' surface'of Iand; and  water, there would: be a uniform shallow sea  ... ���������������.-������������������  covering the whole earth. Here the working  of 11 re/steps in. to. counteract the destructive  agency of water It acts suddenly and'with  terrific force, and therefore it is more noted  and more feared than the work which is done  so silently and slowly, yet so irresistibly, by  the gentle flow of rivers. Of one thing we  are sure, that they are caused by the internal  heat of lZie>iirUt. They usually occur in-vol-  cii n ie, r e gi ans ;.. th e.y are ,f requ e n lly a ce 0 m -  'pahierl by yolcanic eruptions.; during their  continuance flames are said to burst from the  ���������earth, springs, cf boiling water rise from-fbe  ���������soil, and new volcanoes have been raised as  Mieir resnIt. We kn0w that a.t a c0mpara-  iti vety smal 1 d epth;bel0 w the su rfaoe d f.., ih e  globe there 1 s a ternperature far excee d i ng  any thing which we experience at the sit rfaoe.  If hether we accept the by pqtliesis of a vast  central fire, or consider that this heat is generated by chemical action or by electric currents, we know that there are stored up be:  neafch onr feet vast reservoirs of heat. What  gases are stored under pressure in the cavities of the earth we know not. Hut we know  that the increased expansive-force of a*i elastic fluid under a comparatively small increase  ���������of temperature would be sufficient to rend  asunder ithe .-solid roctc and produce the effects we see. Perhaps a fissure so opened  may admit water to the lie ate d nucleus, there  to be instantly converted into steam with vast  increase of volume. This exerting enormous  pressure against the rocky walls of the cavity  in which it is formed causes a wave of compression in the zone of the rock immediately  surrounding It. and this wave is propagated  onward through the rock, just as a wave  travels through water. The con ti tied fluid  .strikes the walls of its prison chamber, a  fierce blow, acid this causes a shudder to run  through the earth, which passes along the  surface as a shock, whose intensity i* tlx-on'y  111 c as u re wo Ji ave 0 f th e JV> re es c it u si u g i t.  ;^^CO������SS(.AS,: THfe..MEASURE ,;0F    :  ���������T '" -���������'-:'" Ability.:': " -  <������������������������������������ y&y*-,������������������'������������������!y-yyh&*-yy-y - ������������������_.-:. /��������� ��������� yy >������������������'y:��������� '��������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������,;t  The' world1 - usually accords the 'merit; of  ability to: those;who "achieve ��������� success' in any  field;of' effort,: and it;is right;r Success is the  evideape of ability ^ability to succeed^���������nothing niore. Real mentaUcalibre is not evidenced by success..unless that success is' attained in some occupation or profession which  requireslgreat men tal abili ty for i ts conduct. !  Aa'man may Hucceed 1 ii|wearing a,very  sm al I p ai r 6 f bo 6 ts, i f h is 11 n d ers tan d i n g is  sii fBcien tly narrow ;'and ineh succeed��������� as- 0ften  through deficiencies as through proficiencies.  A man si Is daily in front of the Tribune office  i ri ; this5 ci ty w hfl makes a 11 v i ng; by ?wh i ttl i :i g  %ith his ��������� feet:' This man lias no arms, and has-  by long-practice acqiiired the power to hold;  a, piec e 0 f wood wi th' th e - toes ; 0 f: one"' ��������� f 0 01^  . whil e he w h i ttles.: Wi th a : knife hel d ,in th e  tp es, of '������������������ the 0 th er ��������� foot. It is ��������� qu i te dp ub tf ul,  judgi ng ��������� from ; lbe ��������� appearaii ce of i this indi-  vidual; whether; had he" been en(lowed:; with  'arms; h e won 1 d h aye ach ie yed either ;��������� th e n 6-  toi'iety he now enjoys, or have made half.,the���������  ridney he ��������� now: pockets from the;,w0nder-  loving groups who .gather about bf ms * Such  success as he has attained has 'been won.  through virtue of;liis.'SeBoiehciesl*"  -: We reco 11 ect 'reading some years -ago' nn.  iacc.puht of a wonderful dancer whose chief  atti:actio n vvas tli at he had;Ku t one; leg.:i Wi I h  "this leg lie 'did - what 'single: legs had Jbeeiv  jl eenfed in capableof doing, atid though li is  dancing fell short of a first-class two-legged  performance, yet it was really-wonderful for  one leg. and,so one. Ieg:;drew,:;house3. where  probably" two would have failed tq:please the  public.     2y *       iy ',���������*������������������  Ab. . w i th;. ph ysi eal de fects so w ith men tal.  Th e. pi an 0 pi ay ing..p f... th e h 1 i nd.. 11.eygro^ld i ot  ;; Tom,77 whose performance-is.certainly wonderful for a blind idiot, would lose a great  poilion 0f its"eharm, if: he ,were. once, ri"pder-;  s to 0 d tb h er in-f'tiU p ossessi on: of the in tell ect  allotted to ordinary mortals. He succeeds in  making a great impression because he has, or  is supposed to have, two great defects.  It often is the case, on the other band'-ihai  m en fai I bee aus e they; h ave mi ods too 1 arge  fo r th e i r b u sin ess. These rn i n d s will b e, m ust  be, occupied with higher things than the  trivial details of business; and the petty cares,  to neglect which Is to insure failure in niost  commonplace vocations. . yy  S11 ccess, then, un 1 ess measu.red by the cl.iar-  acter of the field in which it is'achieved, is no  measure of mental or physical power. Is a  man' successful ? In what ��������� is he successful ?  Is he a successful dandy, like Beau Brummel:  a successful knave like a modern railroad  grabber well'known in this metropolis; a  successful. dry-goods clerk ; or. a successful  lawyer and si ate sin an. like Clay and Webster : a successful divine, like Whately ; or a  successful teacher, like Arnold ? *���������  Success is, it is true, a measure of ability,  but of great, ability only when it is itself  t ers ted by the higher measure of lofty aims.  wiSe purposes, aud good deeds.���������[Scientific  American.  GOOD BURLESQUE.  Mark Twain, in the Galaxy, gives the following narrative of a " distressing accident."  and it must be confessed that it is a very  slight burlesque on tho style ot some local reporters :  urSTltBSSJXG ACC11HCNT,  ���������  Last evening, about six o'clock, as Mr Wm.  Scliuryler. an old antf respectable citizen of  South Park, was leaving his residence to go  down. town.'as has been Lis usual custom for  imny year?, whh  the exception of only ;������  short'interval in 'the ''spfjjBgSof big^o^i^ih^/  which he was confined t6fH)i8h'e^hy������injaries@'#  received in, attem ptirig/:t6^ * a I op- ia1) i rnttaw&y$������ ??:  horse by, thoughtlessly placing^iini^el.f':direct-ij*-"  ly in: its wake and throwing up his Jiandfcaadyy  ah on ting, if be had done so,even a singleimo-,,;  m en t sooner, must i n evi t ab ly have Irightened.;; ���������  the animal sti 11 m6re instead 0f.;cheeking- his  y  speed, al th ongh; d isast rous enougtf f;o liimsel f  as it was, and rendered more melancholy and   *  distressing by reason of the presence of -his.nv  wife's mother, who was there and saw theisad ;/  occurrence, V notwithstandingvit is : at,least  likely, though not;: necessarily so*, "that she- >  sli mild/ W reconn 0 i teri n g in ��������������������������� an other d i recti 011 f:  when incidents; dcciir^' hot; being vivacious y  and on: the 16okoii t. as;a .generai ' t Iii ng, !bu fc ;  even the reverse,;as( her own mother is:saidy  , to li a ve s t a ted; wh 0 is no in 0 re, b 11 tyd 1 ed i tiy.:,  the' ful i h0pe of a gtorious resurrection, < u ji -  wards of three years-ago; aged eighty-six^; be-:;  ing a-Christian woman and without, guile j as :iy  it were/or property in -coosequence; of the r  fire:-:pF 1849. which destroyed, everysolilary >  thing;she bad in the world.   .But..such.islife.;  Let us all take: warni ng- by- ��������� this > solem.n'; 0c-���������' t  enrrencej and: let us endeavor so yto conducl; ^  ourselves that when we come to dieywe m'nX  dp it.    Let:'; us 'place pur:, hands upon./oury,  hearts..anil say with, earnestnesB-ahd sincerity:'.������������������'  ti\'Ai frdiri this day forth we ;Wiir beware of. ���������''  the intoxicating bo wly      / - v/.;/ y-:y ���������!&]}, -'���������;  ��������� 'REGISTER: OF THERMO^IETEJR ^/.   /���������  "'   At'Richfield, front :25th Feb.1 to Sd^'a^cl^ ������  falctSj:ut;^Va.mIJeach {j^ay^'s!iu^in^'"the:UiigiK:J-\.  estiand ;lqwest; range for the/p1 receding; %4s%  hours : -      ..yy .   .,  Max.   .  ';    MM,  February 25,  34.  12  . "26i.  '.32 ��������� ���������:":������������������  ." ,12:  "' 'yy 27}  88,; :"-  '���������'���������i;i;.-16;  :���������.::��������� yy. -28..  ���������28v>  ::y-i->-'S'.  -  March-1,,  Hi>.        \  yyy 10  9  ao   ;���������:-.  H'  ,'. "     3.  32  14  The mean temperature for February twas "  n  being 52������   on 5  below zero on 10th.  17.85������ ';  the max im a; m b ei ng 52 ������  on 51 li  und the minimum 10������  BUSINESS ; NOTICES. -,  ' DIVORCES.  .       ".    ...���������������������������.,      ������������������(.-.���������,-'..������������������,  Absolute   Divorces   legally   obtained in  New-York, Indiana, Illinois, arid other States,  fo r .p ersons fr om. any S tate or. co 1 in try, 1 egal ���������  e v ery w he re; deser tio n������ d r it nice ii 11 ess, n b n-s u j  p0 rt, etc., su flicient catise; n0 pu b 1 i ci ty.   No  charge un tiPdivo reels obtained.   Advice free.'  Address,   MOORE &-;RICHARDSON.  :    Counsellors at Law,"  ',   ,. ISO Broadway, New-York City.  Tho PA1\T KIIiLEK is hy unhfrt-'n! rnns^at al-  khvod to have won lor itself a reptile Uon ua8Brii;tft^*-4  in tlie,h:.story of medical pn?pur;UioHS. .Its i������>l-.'nj-  U\ iH'ous cir.-ct in thy rradiciii.-.n ;md extinct ion of-  Pain iu all its various frmn*hMbtwil Io Uiu human;  I'ninilv, ami the uns������������HdifMl writLetiajid verha! u&tu  mony of the masses ia m favor, have been, and aro  il.s own hp.Ht ntU'i.'i'fJsiiiii'-iits. ...  The hmreilicfiusor the PAIN KIIJXE, tiffing pltrpiy  VKGKTAUF/R wito it tf it'Tfetrtiy KH^yuni eilica-'  Gi<;u.s retm.Miy t������ken JnleriKilh', ������jf well a.-; for external applio'itiruis/ wlem used mxmUng to tlirei:-  tioti.-c. Tjih sr.iiju upon linen Ir/oih.ilrf MaaU m$uy,  removed bv w:\sJiia.i,'v.iIn alcohol.  TUU Me(iii.-.in<\ justly wlclirated for tho care of ������o  maiiv of tliiNifl'liotiiUW ineirhMit, to tlio/human family,  litis now been helbnr Joe public owj ���������th.irtv vk.uis,  arid has loimd i'-s way hn-o almost every ci>ne'r ot"  tli*! worlit- and wlierovf-r it lists l>ecn used, t-iie sani''  opinion iVexpressed,o'HkJ mo(Jltf.������I"pmpwr*ffw.  In aiiy a tutclcr��������� wher0 proi������i|*������t. v.ct iun .up'.��������� n the sys->  wm N xv<piin''l, tli*' i'-i'M  Killer is invaliiitl'lo.   Vy  wfinost ir(ri;n.)i,:m<'ons elf-oi Ui'R^fieviatf l'niv. is Irniy  M-i'ii-lerfui- and when B������d nrrajplhij; 1" dir-eiidTi.--^  h u*uf ^ it.-: Jj-imv, ���������'. VMS KILUuil. u-iu  ���������  :������.:  I:  ���������>t*.umimnuj#Mkium)m.maa8!iigMk y ��!'r.
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4 11' P
^PUGATION.'.,. :v'>;���/;;������-.  2
: From^
yf tig fofcttie' eieciioh^f > School ^Board,:and;
ihe noficelsBued by the Board for a meeting
to declde on the, means of raising the necesy
raary funds for conducting a school; it will be
imailiftt the question of the education of the
youth of Cariboo is assuming a tangible form.
It will btftorilhe rpu^iie to determine on
Ife*a0th iwi^fbether the present movement
Is kr-lMiwried on energetically and succw3-,
^nllytW^wtothw'through apathy and parsi
'meny-the children ;wbo are growinguip in|
*<61ir midst, and for ivhose^education there is
;*iow, trb provision-, areto be allowed to reniam
in ignorance and ���run. tbe risk, of acquiring
/those vicious toits which ignorance is prone
' to engender,/and which, when on co engrafted
-on'the juvenile miiid in after years prove so
-difBcdlt to eradicate; :. ' ������//������ -X;
': fbe -present scfoopl law of .tSiis colony;is in
���he mainvliberalv and equitable :  and Me
���i^uestiots now tc be/depide<L:6y/Uie public ^e
whe th er?' the ip reposed: sch go!:: sbal l/$e{ ? sup-
r^or^ ti^votrw^
���ioioi'eiceediflgyt^ ! for
������ftktih scholar^or^a;laxiippaallmaW^esidents
\fn *th��-^rilstrlcf,:eifendin^: t^ree intles;iii eafcfc
viax not to exceed two dollars per annum.
^rhis is a subject on which we believe there.is
;* wide divergency ^f :opinidhV|?Some parties
-object cntirelyto any taxation for -Gilnca-,
'���tioh^ypiiTposes-beiug -levied '��� on:ahy jie a'ins;
-. who /areynot,: ^irectly/i benefitted-thereby^
which rclas��y theyV allege/ comprises merely
4he parents or; guardiansof the children who
attend :the; schools.;.' This is, however, an
-opinion whicb'is fast'Tpsing-,:'gronhd^���one of;
those ariUciuated prejudices which the ever
advancing^ spirit of the present age of progress bids fair to annihilate.   It is not alone
ihe children or their parents who are benefitted 4by 'the instruction /imparted, -but the
���entire community shares in the participation.
Independently of the pleasure of witnessing
material  improvement  and the   increased
rBense of securi ty from crime whicib arises asJ
||be sun: of jknow ledge dispels the in is ts of
gnorance, in a monetary point;of view it
5b a self-apparent fact that a common school
te cheaper tb a n a con vi c t, p risp n.   This v ie \y
*<of.the, case Is rapid)y extending, and it is iiow
contended by many of the most fai^-seeiBg
political-economists that it is the. duty of a
:S i ate not only to fu r h ish ed ucati o ri. fro e to al I
who will avail /themselves of the privilege,
.  "but to make attendance.on the schools provided oompulsopy on -all..,
���Such. is. the law- in.Prussia, wh ?re Jits, morrfi
. v. Effects ai'e -co n sp i c ti on sly d i sp i ti ved.; Su ch is
the natwpo��of:. the latest -education-\bill intro-
���duced Into'the'British ParHament, and :ti.uch
"���'% to be; the fuhire systern ��� ofvour kindred
iprovince Ontario.  In that-province out-of
-'over 4t��7,000 children, in the year 1869,iesa
tlian 85,00 (), or ab out one^ thirteen th. failed to
:���attend school; but In that enlightened and
prosperous comninnity this is considered too
-^reat a proportion to be allowed to reach
rmaturity in what may be termed a state of
fsemi^bai'bansm, and hereafter all are to be
���^oiu-pelled to attendand receive, the instruction'Which is dse to them from the Slate.  In
Ontario about, one-half of the cost of the pub
lie schools is defrayed by the provincial rev-
���enue an d the remai ader hy a I oeal tax.   Th e
. system of tuition fees has become almost obsolete, and it is now;-proposed to abolish
���tJbem altogether, thus--proclaiming:   to  the
wor I d the doc tri no of, fo e p ar am onriIt ft u ty of
.a commonwealth to enforce education upon
it�� children.  ��
Now, if the experience of that province
,pomts to the wisdom of such a course, we in
British Columbia should proGfc by it. and in
mo part of the colony is it more essential that
Vt'e should do so than in Cariboo. We have
always l>een proud of our good reputation,
and although the number of children among I
m l# but few, it is not less our
*# lt)Q.k -jK��r their interests, au
the stigrna to be attached to pur -fair fame to
which we will be manifest^ HaWe if we allow
them to vegetate in gnorance thronjah begrudging the paltry mhe which as needed for
���thieiu.. elevation/'.'::     ��� ���; ��� ;��� -:..'
! iSfe ilearri that ^'Messrs; G. B. Wright and
ffohii 'Triitch are expected to arrive at Ques-
��n^lmouth by the express now on its way up*
and we;presume the survey ;of the portage
will fee proceeded with at once. Should the
veBiiH^f the survey equal the anticipations
ahd jastify the 'representatiohs already m ade
Of the advantages of the proposed route, we
l^hopetlie Government will lose no time in
pnttiag on a sufitcient force of men to complete the work before high water, which is
essential in, order to render it available for
the present.season's travel to Germansen
.creek and vicinity. . , ���
' If 6he/prospect:?f an early,spring, which is
[^qow apparentj should be realized, river travel
���will :pi'Obab 1 y com me' n ce ear 1 ier' th an 1 ast
year, and we l>vesu.me the steamer .Enterprise
will be, placed on the river above Cottonwood
canyon as soon as practicable;:/-y -f ;���:���;���'..."
;':in^annecti.onv,wil;h: this"'subjectjit.is ^p: be
hoped: ^at'theauryey-when once, commenced
will>be;:continue9;.w|th-put intermission until
an accurate;^ap can be made of the country
betweenyQnesneltneutli: and;: Omineca ; and
w hen the ,m ob t feasib le roil tety is o nee ascer-
tained,^t;i��: of:the ^utmost: importance that-
sohie/acUoti should %e taken immediately for
yy.yr- -v'-.v.-././. ��� ���'.  ���'..;- -:   . : ���  J '������
opening:ia^passable ^rai 1, as requested in; the
petition :;jwliicb' was so/unanimously signed.
by Win ch cat tie,- pack trai n s a n d foo t passe h -
pers couW traveV/backwards'anrl forwards at
seasohs; whe n water -com mu nicat io n . is -no t
available.^'     ,"  '������.<���&;'>*: 'yy
;; Atiiehfield,;ft-6m ^bitOrlOth March. 1871.
taken 'j$j8'2$im .?each fi ay, sh q wi rig y\\ e, h ijgh-
est and lowest vi-aaga tor the precediug 2'J
hours: '
Marth 4,
. 6Y:
���    7,
5        ' ,
,���; '../ ������:%���
:"   .8./      -X      .
���;������;,;-;������������'; .-.io,"'
36    y
4 below zero.
IX.  Creek School District will be held at tue The-
atro Koyul, BarkerviUay    / - : .
ON MONDAY,'��ARCH'20, 1871,
at Eight o'clock, p m., for the��purposo of detormin-
higyia accordance with the k'Comuion School Or-Un-
akee, 1369," how the accessary.luuds for conducting
a School shall be raised       .'-..'
Alt m��le inhabitants of the.District,-over 20- years
of age, raiding within three-miles, of RichtteldCouri-
,housc, are eniiiled ;o vote on the question.
By oraer uf the School Uoar.i .
-J. GOODFELLOW, Secretary.
Applications for-tho position of SCHOOLMASTER
or MISTRESS, stutins? terms, tre invited, to be sent
to the Secretary not later than'21st March.
JJareulo; 18TI. .        mhlX
y    ���   /   . ������ ;" "v . ������ -      ,
���  18th March, 1S71,
Will perform the laughable farce of
. ^YOUNG':-.ENGLASK! ��� :
Mr 'Joh n Jam es Pqoicy,., -     . -
11 ijor 51ftrU.net,      -.".'    ' .
Capt. Dashalon*,   :-     .-
Pounce (a ShoruFs Officer),   -
Porter,    -      -      -   ..'���     .-'
Mrs Smiler (landlady, of the
: Southampton Arms),     ���-
Mrs ?ool^y(:i Milliner),   :
Mts�� ash away,       ���   /.���.-���    -
TlioUaby,    '..-/'.    //   -      -f
Mr J. Sj. Thompson
Mr Edwd. Pearson
Mr J. McB Smith
Mr. Oomar Johns
MrK. A. Brown'
Fioroacn Wilson   -,'
Mr*iy. P. IHrker
Miss George
.To be folio w e d by the am using Com ed le tta,/   /
T&Day- after thel^edBhg
Colonel Freelovc,       ���/    ���
Ijord Kivex's,        -
James, :v-.*\. /���';���/
Lady Elizabeth Freelove,
Mr John Bowron ���
MrG.N'. Marshall
Mr.H. McDiTmott.
Florence Wilsou
: Doors; open  at, 7-3* o'clock'1;; performanee to com-
mpnco.'at 8 o'clock ���/:,.
���A\\ inissloii $ 1 00.   Keserved Seats,; $ 1 50.'
Ticke ts I or tli e Ucrjcrvud Stats '��� to b o had of Mr
Studies, Burkerv-i-Hel;'. .
our- business as 03RE\vEns :here
OR A COLLECTOR. "���'-.  .'   ..'     ::   :;
.  Barkerville, Feb. 15thi 187i.      ,f��18 lm
The Brewery for Sale or.
Sheet and Cast Iron Stoves.
Iron, Zinc and .Lead Piping,- Mtendei to will*
promptness, linU "warranted to give entire satis
fact on;  ���
Hardware Iron & Steel,
SS.    Etc.,
9 ��
Has returned to Barkerville, van] may be 0.W
' suited at his oUl stand.
:prSii>��Ai.r. returns nvmy thanks, to the people of
tht! Lower Country for their kindness and  patn��tHg��s
whilu;on his proU'��sioiial. tour, and by strict atteiHiou.,
to business irus/s to.retain the conliclince pn-'Viously
hestdwt'd upon him hy tlie people oi' Cariboo. ���   y
In all branches r��( Den tal. work he .wnrra nt* to gi v u
satisfaction or return tho money, and pay the palii-nt
tor the time hwtwlule sitting ��i his ciiair;
Teeth extracted in a sty te that will del y the worl-t
to exoel, and Teeth filled with pure. Gold Mid SHycr
or w i th th e 0 s Art facial Fi iii n g��� w I iicl i w il i m v e.�� n y
tooth, even w li e ii in trod uced upon u \)\"<n\ i ng n < tv�� .'
��� Touth put in upon phi te and .upon pivots. yPariKn
who may n-quirii the boctoi'skcrvice^ vaiull do well
to malee*an curly call, ���� he, dpen apt iuuud. io .regain long in Barkerville. ���  '"    : y
^��,Renieml^r that the charges nre modrriite, und
Jjeotll ce opposite lheAJ?.��ay Oilice, Barkerville.
:   ,       ���  ..    ;   LlOUTNIXO: CltKKK.   .       J
MI!�� KRS A NI> T R AT>RKS vi) ll.fi n d 11 t o thf f r a *
. v.aniage top u rebus u a t tli Ik JStor c; vr her c>'i lu re \
Miner By Provision Store,
, ������.- .
A.   selected stock of. tbe
T THIS STORE will always be found a well-
Roaatod and fi round daily.
Branch Store at Last
". Chance*:
Where a good, assortment of Goods will ulwiyB be
found. .'/������','.       ..: '
1 trust by strict attention to business and fair and
square dealing, to merit a continimnco ol" the liberal
patronage heretofore extended.Ao me. fe4
Van Volkentiurgh & Co.
tl" the very best'descririt ion on h'nnd,;Mid the Pt+rK
e jns ta a tly replenished hy new arrivals. Theproone..
X tors wlilaell Goods
Orderspromptlyailed,and forwarded with dispatch
Van Winkle,
. Frupriet *r*
Boots, Shoes Clothing and
#)For8ale,at the Store of the undersign ed In Barker*
ville. opposite the Bank of British Columbia. *
t     ... W. RKNNIK.    ?
as usual
order in the most approved styled:
Xj@T Parties on 'William  Creek r,an  havo
���measures taken fey Mr McCallum,, Barkerville.
J5��- A:ll orders from Cari!>oo pronipt.lv attended to.
foie tf
JDUOren among j TVfllA, ARTllVK AT wrLUAM-CREEK on or about
' bounded duty !  "     tlie.smh March next
- , ,        ���    :    ifc?" A general r.ypv��:?.v h'l^iuepp-coBfjuctod.
d-UOl Lo  SUffv-Ti    ftl'4 .     KCFl^S EiXTESIBR,
ho 1 d8 my Power of Attornev. All persons ��n-
debted to me nx* requested to muke an early pottle*
ment -a-ith him.
,#�� jc^rville, B.C., Jamr-ir;r 13, AfXU      yU -ia
JL I'rlendsandthepubiiCjthathuiiaeiUted Up so��no
uuiBnow building, whero he is prepared togK
goou iieds at a. reasonahle price.    tUma who will
lavoruim withtlieir patronage, may depend on tlio
cleanneiiB aud comiort uliiis house.
Ue takes ul so this'opportunity to remind the Can-
booitus that his Brewery has* receive a the FUfi��
PRIZE ol" the Colony forhibcelouruteu
And thetrneAmateurKNVilJhe able to judge hy them
BuIvuB that sucb honorable prixe Jias been juoti/
awarded to him. '
y. B.>-*A,large'front room t^�� let,
B*Tk*rrilb Jim, 23 1M��.    . K. C"E?^10
mmBKBUBmM TfffCMIliaOliN^M,  m  ^8  SATURDAY, MARCH 11. 1871.  T~" CMlSdd MARKETS.     .'  BABKisnyittB, March 10,1871.  The following aro the current prices of-the principal  articles of merchandise, representing wholesale and  *et:iil prices : /        ..-.-,- ,/ y/   . .:*:������������������--/  VI,OUR���������Colonial, extra, $13 to $00 p&r 100 lbs, X  BEANS���������14c���������toUOc.per lb.���������'.'..  MEAT."?���������Bacon, 40 to 45c. "Hajn, S0 to 00c prtr lb.  j0<*er and Mutton, 13 to 20c.  iPorfc, 30c to 33c. =  DA IR Y VfiCift. UCE���������Butter, fresh. 80c to $ 1 per lb.  jjstlimus do.T 70c to ?5c, Chewsc., 55c to 70c.  COFFEE���������Green, 36 to60cjwr ll>.   Grouud, 65c io  ��������� 75o     : y~}<X,    : . ���������*'��������� y    ��������� "���������' :*���������: ':''  CANDLES���������50 to 75c.  milRP FRUlT���������iLpples,- 27 to 40c. . Peaches, S^c to  46c. Prunes,.32 to 45c per lb. Currants, 27>������e to  50.   R:ii������ins, 40c to J5c. ,  CANNED rSTUFFS���������Oysters, $6 to $10 per down:  Krftsh Poaches ,'$ll <to<15.   Tomatoes and Green Corn  $$ to.$io.' . :,   ,,,���������',;���������       yy  LARD- $47 per case,:  HARDWARE���������Iran, 23c to 30������ per lb. Slo^l,.^0e to  60c. Nulls, 23c to 30c. Shovels, $24 per doz.->Sluice  ���������Ferks, $44to48v   Axes, $3S to 48.       y  WIN1W AND LIQUOR-���������Ohamp.igne. $42 to 45 per  doz. Port and Sherry, $7 to 8 per gallon. Brandy,  $7 to 0.   Whiskey, $$ to 8 50.   Rum.. $7 to 8.  TEA���������7 5c to $1 25 peril).    ;    ���������     ' ' ���������  TnBACCO���������$1 25 to $2 per lb;   -   <    : y-\y  COAL OIL���������$22 to $25 per cise.  YEAST POWDERS���������$4 50 to $6 per doz.  SUGAR���������S. Iy 27 to 35c perll������..i-'rushed; 36 to45c;  (iUMBOOTS���������Searee.; $10 00 to $12 p<*r pair.'   .  VEGETABLES���������Onions, 25c per lb; potatoes, Sc to  ���������10c.....-: '   ...y- v -,"���������:  ;���������:. . .-,���������:' '������������������.:/.  ��������� .    '-��������� tt���������������*f������; "������--���������-7���������; ! ���������  .-��������� ���������' MINING INTELLIGENCE, ly  XA8T CHANCE CREEK.  Tlie ClWfc co. have started drifting and are  oil the edg.e of the channel. They got 1 oz.  oa  MINING RECORDS."  WILLIAMCKKKJC.. ,   ..��������� ,'.2  ;��������� Tlie.Ballarat'co.ditl tint work rcauch last,  -WHttUy their spare grou rid: bel o vy being fi I led  up tob mucli: td.;permi1 of Ahei{ continuing  n jc king. '���������;'��������� --T li ey *h ave-, ��������� no w co rn meosed h oist  .dug and waHliinjr, on tlie^urlace. The Forest  '}W������e. co. is paying.about as usual, but they  h re o n ly: wo r ki n jr < in e ��������� drive .sas ��������� th ey f a/re ,fi xi n g  wtp?the other; to woik with ihe ene:if>$. Below  ��������� Came ro n ton.; i n ;the, Ran fci n ���������: a nd Pri nee of  Wales: ground, a little gold. is.being taken  < i tit. ���������'..��������� I'm : tlie p 1 d Ra by ���������-. an d Ca mero n , gro u nd  *1 w o com pan i<*s are a t wor k.;. the lo vy e r,;af I er.  -wortdj uk  wi t\\ ppor success ihrough oId. dig-  ��������� j;iu!2S for siiuie time,: last week, washed 125 oz.  from��������� fiye .se(s;.'nf, timbers, in the.top .aireak.  rV hvij tl edi > im t V uki vtoiy'; Carl hop. paul ��������� Bar- *  ���������')<. ���������������r. ������iit w< t yk i ii a b ii t not doing ati'y thing  1 nrar*������. rThe- AI er t co:,:; i ii; the east hi 11 vjlast  w ei ',)< A'j r tsyu vd a ys. w p r k w ash ed. ov f r 1 ^ oz  (t h; 11 i ������r h r o c k. ha v in g.. nt i*e<l \i n: th a tun n e I. If  I Ins &:\;ku k can -; be;.:���������.fpliii^d-'.".: ii'p '^We^etis'^'a  ' eh a n ce si i 11 U > r e xt ehsi ve d i ggi ngs in tlie old  ... Hi j real is ai id Aurp ra gro ti jiU/ . //;      }.} -   -  The North  American co. are  sinking   a  "lilind shai'i,,not:beiugJu  the buttoin . of the  ��������� channel, y-,. ���������',     ....-/'.': .,"..:.'.,,  '���������.'...OROlfaB CflKKIC.  .'���������The^Talismanco.jhave gOue back to follow  up the pay found in the higher level and are  getting be Iter pay. The Heron co. have not  xnceeeded .yet hi ��������� definitely tracing the old  channel.  . I.OWHKK "CRKKG.  The prospects on ihis create for the ensuing  season ure  very-good.   The Brown co. last  , \Vctfk washed 41 oz. The Victoria co. have  been running a-draiii -tunnel ahead of their  w o r ki ngs, an d t h ������ : g ro un d no w loo ks very'  well and can be Worked to much better ad-  yautage than previously. The Black Bull co.  after running their tunnel ahead over 500  1'eet from the blind shaft where they struck  pay-last year without striking bedrock, have  came back aud started work in the blind  shaft, after putting in a.force pump. They  have got the water out,1 but it is difficult  working. Tfie ground prospects Very well  and they anticipate a good wash up. It will  probably be flecessary to get ji steam engine,  /however, before they can work to advantage.  "The Russell co. are getting some: pay. but  waler for working- on 'the surface is very  scarce. The Calaveras co. are thinking  about commencing workyto complete their  - draiu tumtel.  .../ .' : KELSON CREEK.     -  ' ��������� March 2d���������Hecorded in favor of A. Guillo-  tean, 1 hill claim on right bank, going rip,  stream, lower line passing cabin of P. Guegarj.  ���������'X'-'X-- '  '1*2'.    BEGGS GOLCH.  Port Moon co;���������Feb. 27���������Recorded In favoi*  of Qtuarfe SmitSi, 1 creek claim commencing  at lower line of Tyne co., runiting down  stream. ,  /       GRODSK CRKKK.  Canadiaa co.^���������27th Feb. ���������-Recorded in  favor of A. Bellich, 1 creek claim comjaienc-  jug at lower line of Canadian co., running  down stream ; to form >part 6f flaid coanpany.  Re-record.  f.OWHBB CRSKK.  Victoria co.���������March 7���������Recorded in favor  of Paul Hohra, T- L. Briggs and Danl. Mills.  two interests each'^ John Sanderson, William  Forrist, Wittiam V/interbottom. Sam. Walker,  John Jamesi'Joseph James, J. H. Todd* A. J.  Mctntosfe, A. M. Morrow, S. Fellows, 1 interest each. ^ Re-reeord. ���������������������������':������������������ y  .*! '     ';/ .:';:udHTKING CRBEKlv:- ',__;     . _,  Sou th Wa les co.���������Ma i'C li 4���������-Bedox&ed in  fa vo r of J. T. Ed wards; Richard Jo h n. Hen ry  Rra c km a n, Evan Jo nes, J ose p h Bu rge; Th'os.  Jo h, each one 1-10 th o f cia im, or 150 feet; t Ai.  V i g no to. John Pol m ere. fames' Gerald. Bay i d  Sitiitli,,' Samuel Roberts, Charles lloe, James  Stephens, Samuel Price, each I -20th, <ar 75: ft,  Re record./".������������������,/.:.; ,.:..2/:���������:������������������..: ";.',-" y ������������������.''��������� '.-'.?}������������������'���������  ���������. Point c������.���������Uiarch 8���������Reeorded in favor of  Mo rga n Lewis, 1 i n te res t oh I o Wer li ne o f  Foint cp.; tb; form part of the some.''    ' : y:  y)C';'^'':/ciiisHOLMcaKtcE^' ���������-.'      'yy'-y-y  G opd Ho pe )p ���������>���������M arc h 7���������-Rfcord ed i n  ftivpr of Morgan Lewis,- David Jones; Rees J.  Da vies: ��������� E v a n P h i 11 i ps. J osep h G rah am, \V in.  6. Jpues," 1 iuterest each.,  Re-record:  MINING COURT.  (Before Mi M- B������U* JE.������q., Gold CpwimissloHw ������nd  vC������apty Court Judge..)  ;'\  ELECTION OF SCHOOL BOARDS  JACK OF CLUB& CRK<KK.  The First Chance co. have succeeded in  getting the water under in their shaft, which  /is a vevy large one, and are now down 120  .teet. It is bafti work, however, keeping the  w a t er down and h o is ti ng d irt by h an d.  Should a good prospect once be struck on  this creek, of which nothing is known yet. a  large mining field will be opened up. The  grtiitt depth, of the channel may probably  render the use of steam machinery indispensable. *  LIGHTNING OUKKJC,  The Lightning co. last week washed 107 oz.  The Spruce co., as oe.   The Whirlpool co.  have struck a prospect of wage**, and expect  jto get good pay this-week.  davi������ CBKEK.  The Moon raker co., which ^.rted their  present tunnel about.three year-s ago, have at  Jast got into the bottom of the creek .chaun'el,  ^.ud washed up on Thu.L\iduy [2 03������ ,  : Pursuant tb notice, a public meeting was  heUlat;vthe Theatre^ Royal ^n^Mbnday eveil i n g last, for the pnrppsn of electing a School  BpL������rd'for: tbe newjj^created^School District  of ^William Creek. S the iour announced  for th e mee ti ng, % 6 *cl o c k i ver j- few perso h s  were in the house, but they-feegan gradually  coming in until t[uite a respectable number  were present.-, y'    ��������� ._ '\   '���������  'Our'resident Magistrate, K. M.';BaWf;Esq.,  vvas selected as Chairman, and Edward Pear-]  son. Esq.. Secretary.  The Chairman said I hat he fett much  pleasure in presiding over the present meek  ing, whicSi was.called for the election :of a  School Board consisting-of rtot less than three  persons, to preside over the education of the  rising generation of William creek, which  bad been created a School District according  fto law in consequence of a numerously signed  petition to that effect having been forwarded  to the Governor He uprose eded to read the  portion of the Ordinance defining the duties  of the Board, and requested the audience to  nominate as many parties as tbey wished to  constitute the Board,  The following gentlemen were iben severally proposed and elected 'unanimously:  Messrs. J. S. Tho m pson, ff< >bn Bowr<m,, Ed.  ward Pearson, I. B. Nason, J.H. Todd. Wm.  Hitchcock. John Goodfellow.  . Mr William Davison was also elected but  declined to serve on accountof his time being  already so much occiipied by .public dut j in  attending to the aEfaim-of the .Fire Bvigade.  Several others of the gentlemen Objected at  first to serving on the Board, but all ultimately accepted office, the chairman having, explained that the sacrifice of time required  would not be material, as the manner of providing' ft*nds would be decided at a subsequent public meeting, and the Bourd were  uuthoruwl to employ .an agent in collecting  the same ; and as seven gentlemen had been  elected on the Board where the Ordinance  only required three, it would always bo easy  to have u quorum present at business meetings. ���������  A ������vote of thanks having been passed to the  chairman, the meeting adjourned.  PaioMoTroN���������We learn that the Hon. Philip  ������ankin, our present ^Colonial Secretary, has  feeen appointed Governor of the colony of  Gambia, on the west coast -of Africa. We  .presume bo new appointment will be made  ���������to fill the vacancy in view of the near approach of Confederation, and thus the Do-  itn i tii(rn G o rem men t w ltd no t b e cha rgeablc  m Uh an v .p enmu I u tbi% ini lit11 oa-  jB^iday, March 10 ��������� 1871.  James ISvaks or F. Nkufbldbr. Assignee,  vs. JprfK^it Rva^s���������Sliit.for Sl^O, balance of  wages due for labor .performedyby 'plaintiff  Eyaus ahd assigned by bi m as security to  Neufelder. Defendant held a prior judgment  ob taiued against Eyaos and confessed the  present debt..   /   - /.'���������; y   y  M p Park, for pi a! h tiff, con ten d ed tb at a de-  fendaiit in the Mining Court could not eon*-  feiis j u d gment, but th at tb e r ri le^ was :the earn e  as in the Supreme Court: ,be/catild: only confess th at he w as i nd eb ted i a 'th earn ono t, w h i ch  amounted to a cognovit; &nd this sheuld not  be done to the Court, but in presence of an  attorney, and should be handed to p^aintifiTs  counseiy who could thereon, apply ;to the  Court-for a judgment.  Th e Com miss to n er agreed th at the .presen t  confession was merely a confession of de4)t.  but considered it sufficient for the Court to.  issue judgment on.,, The question of costs  having arisen, he decided that counsel could  only obtain ihe costs to which he would be  entitled in m o v j ii g for a j u d gmen t i n th e Su  preme.Couit,/and: not what he would he  entitled to^for'conducting a suit in the Mining  Couu; and as plaintiff Evans had been notified/ of the cpnfeieion, he could not claim  .withes������.%fee3.'r.ty:      '.:'.'.,yy ".,:.'    ':/���������.'. v'.',��������� ���������":'  The question of the validly of the judgment  held by defendant, or of "tke assign meat, was  not. entered into the present case. / :  /.::./;.  CBJtt&Ctt    INSTITUTB    KTkttTAlNMBiT.r^Tih  entertainment given at the Theatre Royal  last Saturday evening/ by ,tbe St. Saviours  Church Institute .proved very^^ s^ipcessfiii, land  was, we are glad fcb leay^ii ii me roual y atte aded.  The performance ot :the Band, wlio are  malriog rapid prpgress ^iinder:Mr Reynard's  i u sir ti ctibua, was exceltehti^; and aff b rded  much satisfaction to the*audience, the selection of Irish melodies and the bugle song of  Te n n y so h in p ar ti cular b ei ug 1 on d 1 y ��������� apr  plaudedf In tlie latteri^Mr Elders execution  of the echo on, tha corn^.deserves much  praise,and was thoroughly appreemted^y the  audience;.; The singing by:the choir was a|so  very,gojbd, giying eyideuce/ of ' eareM; study^  ^f he :'duety;* Come agttm 1 O cohie again}.i-1: by  ���������Mr Powell-and :Rev; J. Rejnard; was very  : mil ch ad m i re d. T he'-. fo r mer: gen tl eraan possesses a splendid bass voice, which we should  like to hear ofteuer, upon the bpards | and  the sw������et ballad - by; Mr Reynard, u Beloved  eye! beloved star I" was a delicious musical  gem, wh ich was; rap turpusly: eucered. The  Magic. Lantern Pictures were very good, and  afforded a pleasing change in the programme,  the comic pictures giving.much amusement  to the children, of whom there were a .large  number preaen t. , The eu ter,tainraeat did no t  conclude till nearly 11 oxldck.  ;    SKRipUS ArFKAY AT QUK^iflLMOUTH���������Mr   R.  Pool arrived here on Wednesday with the in-  teUigence that a colored man named Port  h a d h ee n. ser io u si y. i f. no t fatal I y in j u red i n an  affray with another colored man named Gis-  come.   There are several rumors ������������. to the olden da vs.  a c t ual fa c ts of th e case, b u t i t ap p ears th at.  Giscome, who is a inimu* from -Omineca, held  a mortgage ou a much owned by Port near  Quesnel mouth, and, also claimed some horses  which were on tlie ranch.   A dispute arose  between the parties in the stable ou Monday  evening, when according to one account Gis-  com e st ruck Po r t o n t h e head w i tb :au axe ;  another report is that Port struck .Giscome  twice, aud he then in self-defence, knocked  OMtNECA���������Two men: have arrived at,Ques-  neiriiouth from Geimansen cVeeK, whictr they  left in the.early��������� part of February.   Tht<y re-%  port that the winter had not been by any  means severe, but that no prospecting had  been done, all the men wintering being engaged in sawing ltimber and building houses  and cabins, ygelweeh twenty and twenty fiva  menJiave left Quesnelraouth dudng the last  twoweeks for the diggings and a large number more are going.   Several have left William . andy Lightning; creeks this week and  others are goiBg daily;^i while from the farm������  on the road so great is likely to be the exodus  that so me. farmers are a pprehensive that they,  will no t be ab le to procure h an d s to put in  ;their crops.:   Now, as ti)������ . quantity ��������� of: provisions iii the Ouimeca region is known to.be.  yerj limitjad, we think that is decidedly preen.,  ature for any rush ; and if ninny more men  go before supplies can'be taken in, we must  anticipate hearing 6f:much distress In the  ear l y par t of tli e su ni m er.  "  Willtam Chrbk^ Fire Brio ade ���������At the  usual monthly mGeting of the Brigade on Fri*  dayf5th,it,v/asre6plyed tosend toSan Frao-  cijsco for aaewhose carriage the one in us������  at present being unfit for carrying the requisite quanti ty of hose, and o-Ibo to endeavor to  procti re a suitab 1 e alarm2ibeW. Application  has-been made;tovlhe Government through  the medium of; the Gold Ootnoiissioner, for  the grant of five hundred' doSiaxs recently  ypted iy the Legislative CbuheH.  / Lkctcrb; ANb-i/BiyixB SEnvrcK at Vas-  wiN"KLE-^On Thursdays^eveiling, 2d inst.,'*  very;���������"������������������ eloquent /and;; interesting lecture on  *viIanjlbeM''V:waj8:deiiy^ Van winkle by  the Rev. Thomas Derrick^ There was a very  numWou^;/landicrice, who were highly de*  lighted:with the,iecture. _ On Sunday tlie rer*  gen tletn an p reached' an j mpressi ve ser ro o n to  a large and attentive congreg'atioii. The resu  den ts at Lightn i ng creek wel co me Mr Der-  Hck cordially wbeu he visits theni, *ud ar*  ah riou s to see him mo re f requen tl y.  / ��������� ThK/'^ka^hbr has 1>een 15n������  and pleasaut wiiti fcut Uttle;feuow and a bright  sun, which" \ooto liker returniug spring. The  quantity;pf show jying is very great, gfviu^  promise of an abundant supply of water dur-  i ng the su miner f or; mini nig op e ratio n������. v Th*  roads are slill heavy but have been broken  considerably, andseveral sleighs with freight  have ��������� arrived from Quesnelmouth. Should  there-be but little more snow travelling will  be pretty good till the spring thaw sets in for  'goody5-7' y'2}-yX. :'' }  :.:-"-:':  LtvK Stock pou OMiMKCA-riteasrs. J. Dumus  and J.;Robertson, who were utnong the huhiy  ber .tli it started yesterday for the Kortherti  Eldaradb., to'ok al p.ug wi tli them a, cat, wbtek  will, n������ doubt be hailed witfe acclamation by  theminei's. in that region, who were much.1  troubled Iast. year by the depredations^ of  "rats and mice aud such small de^r." W^:  wish the enterprising speculators: i������ feltn������  stock the liick^o.f poor Dick.Whittingtpa ot  Port down, who, lulling among the horses  .*>  feet, got kicked in the head by them. When  Mr Pool left Quesnelmoath on Tuesday,  About eighteen or twenty hours after the occurrence, the wounded! mati was in a very  low state, having never spoken since he was  hurt, and as it was-feared be would not recover, Mr Pool started for Richfield with a  cutler to acqua-int the authorities, and drove  all night. Constable Bowron was directed  by the Magistrate to proceed to Quesnel-  month, and .started immediately along with  Mr Pool.  ' Latest TKLKanAPU re News���������We learn from  Quesneliiibut-h that > the; Peace negotiations*  between' Germany arid France have assumed  a* definite form and that tbe war is virtiiaUy  ended. The German troops before returning  to their native land demanded the priviie^������  of a triumphal entry into Paris, which was  conceded, after the accomplishment of which  th ey h ave co m m e n cedt heir retrog rade m arc h*  ExntEss Movemrkts���������Barnard-s Express^  wbicii was expected on Wednesday or Thursday, has hot yet arrive^,4iq that we are with*  out any -later dates from the lower country.  We learn from Quesnelmouth that it will not  be here before Swnday or Monday, being de-,  ayedi it is supposed, in order to bring up-  Messrs. Trutch and Wright.  Tiubatrs. Uoval--It will be seen} hy the  advertteuenfe that  the  Amateurs  propose  giving a#erfonuance oa this day week for]  the beueri t of FIoreuce Wi 1 son, when two  icapi tal  pieces   wUI. be put ou ��������� the Ijoards;   ������r ������^J������ at th* VKrun  1 .which should .altac* a ������wd mm$mw~   ^ l^i^^^^^y  ,   SAWN������Y7S   LETTERS  p������   -  CARIBOO    RHYME*)  py jamk������ ANDKnaov*  !FMCB)       ,      .      -        ONE DOLLAR  ������5, 0  1  %  ���������;Js  %  %  y  }*���������  y.-  X  y ������  , -Vr^yy.  m  M*  n.b 4 ferff >;rfl*^ ty  mm'  ���������^uiu.wm.imw,wmmm*msmmmsmm. A WELSH /CLERGYMAN OK THE KING  "������������������?>���������.. ���������. -yy:. OF PRUSSIA.��������� y.  I  '��������� ���������������.  ;yyy:  \ v.  y Thb rector of ^lerfhy Tydytl^ who preached  y -at St:Davids Sri Christinaspayyaridiop^foT  ���������iiiis textilsaiafcsii C, said-r-Tlie age they lived  5n seemed to be rolled bnok' into tbe very  :��������� (;middie;bf yfhe Vlaric \o:ges., ���������'��������� Men were:.1 raging  one^:against^another,\as"though"'.,itiey. were  tl eviis^teaniig ah d killing. each other:with a  degrep of b atred as. if? Jesus h ad4iftyev been  } !1idm.; y Aii the hSail 6f all this was-an old, old  * / in a n, 75 years ��������� of a gfe* wi th -on e * fop tin th e  ;  firayJe1 and the b th er li al f p ara lysed out of ��������� i t.  Yet there he was; mocking.God with his  thanks and his hypocrisy?; as th ough God, the  Father of our Lbrd and Saviour Jesus Christ:  -we re the gbd o f Top lief, who took' delight i ti  *d r i nk i n g the bid od o f chi 1 dreh -yo r p f Mol p ch,  who caused them to pass througlirtbe/fire,and  1 heiv wetit to prayers!   Oh,' the hoary-headed}  '"-.   old Pharisee* clothed -in purple .and, fin ejineiy;  wearing a crown;dripping;with; ther bipod of  . innocents 'ly Doesbe ever -consider/what; 3qvfc  of place that God whom he -is- for eyer; m6cli-;  incc will reserve ^qrj'^im.'j4ny a;h6;th'eT:';:wn-\;id,;  ^dmn, he / :hfisy done ywith al It beM cruel tiesi?  :7)oes lie ever see the Wesson tba.t is ;,read to bra  2m they very spot 'm here he, is riowi^yelling^ in  'fli >oik a ndy slaughter. ?y; Those;; of yoii'; who  < h.ive^eetviit^eTSailleslWill rem ember/: that-  .one of the, mosfcie mark able sights; connected  : ; with;:fcbat p|a'ce./te, the: won^erfiil;series:bf.pic-<  .���������ft   e 5 recording '��������� the ;^ at tfe^y the,r sieges,:; the.  stoi;miogs, the! snrprises, and , al 1,.-. the oIher.  foniis of wholesale apd retail murder which  ,  FranftjjL has ;ever.: taken-part-inv~--Tn ere .they  : a re, jn ro w$ u p cm, rows,; . I mig}} t. aim pat. say  ' n"������������������. m jl ps;:. ������i p on I 'imi l,es!V Siich  an   array, of  /paia^d.eauvasyfas^perhips never seen before  in ptie- gallery.   As you, en ter v you will per-  t. Ii ap s r e m eniber: tliev i h script! o n oye r; th e d oo r  ;; is^ *^uTo;,:'/allythe glories of France/' > Poor  / V ran be I /When -elie paipted all/:that; .cany as;  6ver T.and: wrote:.abpye it;. the ,; vainglorioiis  1 egendi ,she I i t.tle though t h ow b ad i t was to  ��������� glory in anytbing;;spjVji^ed as tliafc; which is  ; -the result and consequence of wjfr;   Instead  -of. th is-; it were better ftir to: w'pe \them off  ���������' lriembry.altogether:;/to let Christianity:!cast a  vei I.? oyer th em. : )Ho wey er. sh e li as now bad  *i;o <pay,dearly for her vani tyy -Her; so-cal led.  t>!pries :are trodden in the dust, trampled upon  by; the iron Ji eel pf.,;, th e; i n-va d ������������r-r- th a t p ion s  in on arc h.. who s e p ray ei sore length " n e d i n  proportion to the number of men and women, .  . and.-.piiests;, andr children.yarhom   he; has  ������''������������������ mid;ri 1 ered.   I: often wonder,: wheh he reads  tthis 1 egen d���������asvhe can n ot but do. day. by day;."  ;Xis li e goes i i\ ah d o u t o f tha r n al n ce ~ w he tli or  in e tli o ii g li t ever c< mi es across Ji i m th ai'For-  tune is,but a fickle goddess ;   that tlie battle  i a/ n of, al way s even; to: t lie st ro 'tg ;. that the  ��������� /rod dess ma v give ber w iiee I y e fc an o th er ti iri^  ���������uful. .that the .mercy which b������ now ^ruthlessly  .withho 1 <ls  from . dowh-1rodden  Frnnce may  y'Ut be withh^ltl ��������� from him when a Mightier  an d S tro nger th an h e is sh al btak e th e fi el d,  . -a n d j nil ge ;h i m fo r. h is dee d s.   Possibl y h e  thinks of no such thing.   Most probably, indeed, lie only thinks that when he gets to his  pal nop home at the Unter den Linden, he f/m  >%vill have a Versailles there, and that the  1-gend over the door, will ;be, ''To all tun  ������ i < ��������� r-ies of Be r 1 i n !J'   May b e so.   Bu t fo r mt.,  J."do not hesitate to say,'fay better consecrate  :a slaughter-bouse���������a shanfbles���������to   all  the  glories of a butcher; for a greater butcher  yif men, women and oh i Id re n never yet walked  ���������In purple and fine linen.  MISCELLANEOUS.1  W^j^^MW^MSfM  CL  SODA   CREEK,;:   }y. .*��������� yy-  [yyyX  !.A;QUESNELLE, imd ���������. \, X  yX:' 2X,y'���������/������������������"       BARKERVILL3S  J. HARPER,  ���������UR-JAKE  ^estaiirebnt- and:yBakery.  t PH K: .P ro p rit? t o r. o f thi s", oi dan d we 11 - k n o wii e r t;ib-  J:.;��������� Ii-jiiuient) woitltlj ri^pectfulljy.thunk his numerous liTeucls .ihil tli������j puhlic for the extensive patroniigo  h'erotorore b uslbwojl on hi in; a n il tr us is t h a t hy h is  hstial strict-aitentlon to business, to 'merit-������ con tin  uiniccQi'tl^i^ :y.} -9y  y Me^y^iy"y^o^iX%lA-'pei;-"Week. -���������'.  BREADv MADI?; OF :THE BESf; IVLOUIl  yir6comniaucl to thc^puhlicrny..,.       y:y y ;..?.''>  .*       6 ft |6 UNO    Q O F .R E E,.- i ���������  (Wii ich la ri ;mucti s u p b ri or a rt j cl cth a ri a ivy wii i c h can  beh ad j rom".-. ;belo vy.... J Prrias t, a n <l; G rl n if. i *t i n ysol t ���������.  tindclioosi'.the b'dsthoi;rie's,coiisl'quently tlie puhlje  ; m ny b e s u re o 1 i ts b ei u g"f r 61!i-rom a d.ii 1 tent tion i    ';  .Xsyv y-r^2yyv/'yy.  : j: G; GOODSON. y  "-: HAVG: IVeoii'requ(fRtc(i hy several respectable p:ir-  i  liiis,rvvhocah ti&tjl'y to tiie eifioacy oi:ihy'.fc-yslynij  \ij iigaiii hi'ake publ ic. the '1 act tha t; '.      ;'  ;Moses? Hair Iii"vigorator ���������.  WlLlV PR:EVKNT TJALDNRSS,     ' ' ' '":        '. '   ' f   :  yy REST0RK;HA;1 R THAT,IS BECOMING fillN>   v  ' . Oil;FALLING Olfir, and d(!eotu;tllv  ��������� ;yyyi:   CURE SCURfc' ORDAXDRIJFF.       T /.  1 Th Is ia not a in ere a sserti nn c n iii y part, as I���������: ii a v e ���������  =in iny possession uuuiorous testimonials certif'yiiig to  ..the success ol" niy.reinedy.-..; "y .  I iM not of:course.-.pretend that I can make tlu? hair  ��������� -g ro \v\ mi-hiiii ds which 4m vis been: bah I for yen rs ��������� \ b u t  I will guarantee to, stop Uuv hair 'tftnn  failing ������������!)',. to  \ incriiiis<y i ts grow th, and eilbct ua 11 v rr'inovt ������������������ J^cu rf or  Dttudrufl'. y yy'yyy- w. r> aiosk.s,  :-...--..;       y'y yy   y    '. . ; ? ;   >��������� Uiirkervillo, B.C.    "  MISCELLANEOUS.  ^3C  '������������������yyyymvy%87i-:\: ���������������������������:  ���������  ''       ' ���������     '.'���������'." ''.; v . j. y v. ,r' '' ;  T,A\tE -NX Y - Sii XT H.:;-i YE A R,  y-yr, yy'y   \ ���������cbst'IfiCatr.-. : ���������'��������� ;.*���������. -...-, ������������������.:- "  / This is to certify that during last, spring' my hair  was rapidly falling out and my.head w������t* last b^coiu-  i hg na] d, wh en I: a ppl ie'i I to M r W. J); MOSE$, Bar hei-  Barkerville, who iii u tew weeks restfired mv luur to  its furmor hnallhy state .DAVID GlilBQNS  Barkerville, \ D;ic. 20, IS06. no426 Lr '  uumber is beautifully printed ou^ fine paper;'  and elegantly ilhistrated ">vith original ��������� engraving 9 rep re'sen ting-  -i'x -   y   "     vyr/. ���������  New  Inventions,  Npyetties   in   Mechariics^  Manufactures,' Ciiemistry, 53hot.pgraphy,  'Architecture, Agriculture, Ehgineerihg/  Science aiVdAjrt^ ;'" ��������� ;'"'':'v':/  . Farmei\s.. Jfechmncs.Inventors, lEngiiieers.  Chemists; Manufacturers.' and people of all  Professions ov Trades,: will;iind,the     2 ��������� '  ; SCIENTIFIC AMERICANS : *  ,    .     OK;,GnBAT/.yALCI^AN]> ;iNTEIUSST.! , '  Its practical" suggestions: wilL;save hundred s 6 f i do I) a rs - to e very h ou seh ol d, Woiic-  ah op and Fa c to tp i n th e i an d,: b esid es. a'ffo rd -  i ng a .con ti u ual 'source p f ��������� .val u'abl ei i nstru<c-  ti o n." The ed i to rs - are assi sted b y m a ny o f  tlie ablest' American, and ���������' European .writers,.  and having access:td^ all:th'eleadiiig.'Spientific  and.Mechapical Journals ��������� x>f��������� ttlie world, the  coinmlis 0f * 'tlie ��������� Scieii ti lie A merica h are cdh-  s tan t\y: en riched wi ih thech pi cest i ri formation.  ..An OflTicial List of till theVPateats; issued is  published weekly./ :   ':' ���������"'���������'���������*:'���������'-:'' :/';yv:";''''' ;';';:  The Yearly Numbers of J he Scientific Am gin'  i ca n m ake. T wo ;Sp I en d i d Yo It i m es o f. *; n ea ii y  One Thpiis^nd linages; eqiii v alert V iiisize to  four tlioiisaiuf ordiiutry"bop'k pages.;'/ ;; ������������������' '  . Specimen cdpies sent; free./ -_���������--���������' 2y ili  : ; Terhts���������S3 a year.;; SI 50 half?year; Clubs  of Teii copies������fpr pne ;year at S2 oil each, $25,  with a splendid Pi^minhv to the persbu who  for m s the CI iib,.- consist in g, of a copy, .of'; the  eel ebr at ed. S teel' Plate , En igra v i ng, {; ileii of  Progress.^":'.'/" ryyyyyy ���������������������������- ::yr-r. ������������������. ���������    ,- .*��������� .������������������.-.;  I n c on nection wi i h th e p u b 1 ica ti on of the  Scieritific; A mericarj.- tlie undersigned conduct  the most extensive Agency in the world for  proc'uiing;ftATENTS.,, y:��������� /.-.': y,/; ;;i; 2y\' y  yThe best way to obtain an answer to the  qu es ti o ny-Ca ti I ob ia i i v a Pa ten t ? is; to write:  to Munk;^Go.; SJ^arkR  had 6vet* twenty^years$experience i n the: busi-  ���������ness.; No .charge'is nmne^br opinion and all-;  vice. A pen. ahd-iiik sketeii. or fu 11 ,wrjtteu  d esc ri p ti on o f th e i n y e n ti o n, sh on 1 d b efse n t.  , For instructions' concerning American- and  Eu ro pea n /. Paten ts-y Ga veats^-Re-issu es���������1 n-  ter fe re lices���������Rej ec ted Ca ses���������H i n t s p n Se 11 iii g;.  Pate nts^-Ri i \ es- a n d J * ro cee d i n gs pf th e Pa ten t  Office--The New Patent Laws^^Examinatious  ���������Ex te n si 6 ri s - - In f r i n ge me tits. '& c., &G.. send:  for Ixs'rilycrion* BooK. wiiich ��������� wi 11 be mailed  free: on application^ All business/strictly  confidential:   .  'Address; .   MUNN & CO.,  ; ��������� -.  '.   Publish ers ;'of the Scientific Amerieau,  ;.   :   37 Park" Ro w, New York.  MEDICAL/  JCw=  ���������1 my HiGfi st ���������A man at Sparta, Wis.,  wisbnr to present an organ to a church,  wrote to a friend in. New York to know what  ���������i t w o n I d c os t t o got o ne. lie* re c ei ved a re-  uly that he could set a little cussed organ  ^or $1500 ;lt but if you expect, to get to heaven o n th e < v ran do 0 ge, y f' u h a VI be (.ter i n - j  vest about $3,')00." He tooi: the high priced  orfran.  Must Draw a LrKB.���������-A good story is told of  & yuan who havinsr. after a long struggle,  ���������worked bimBelf into good society by means  of the aristocratic alliance of his daughter,  gave a grand dinner party to his newly  acquired circle. Ho didirt invite his own  b roth er. fo r th e r ease r������ "th af <' so c i p ty is ge tl i rig  so miAsd qu? must drav: ailue somewhere. ",  MESSRS: MRACHAl(r  & NASOX arr> prepared to  furnish Lumber at their Mills, William Greek,  or deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON  LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  AVILLTAM CREEK.  Having a Planing .Afaehine in operation Miey wii  al.-:o furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfaoior>' rates.  LEA :&PEBRIFS   ��������� ���������  . .' yy Oelebriited  WORGE ST E R S HIR E    SAUGE  ,   Bcclarcd hy Connoisseurs .to be  THE- ONLY   GOOD   SAUCE;    /  For' Sale,  E?E  HAT IS USEFUL!  u  5  ���������AT-  THOS.   FLETCHER'S       '  S econd-laand  Store,  lUKKEEYiLLG,  J9I1  Caution against Fratid.���������The gnee^FS.nf ihfe  most d'dicions and unrivalled Condiment Imvin^  caused oeriain dealer.������ Lh apply the mime ������������U-Wtm*������  ertiliin.' Suucii" tho i>uhlic;i.-������ lierahy inl'ormed thai thi.  nly way no .secure tlio genuine, i������ to ,  ASK :FOR   LEA  &  PERKINS'   SAUCE  nnrl to sea that their names arc upon the wjcaitkr  I.ABKLS, STOPPKR, and BtlTTMB.  Sonniol the Cureign markets having been sup|jMe<l  with a spurious AVnrce^torshircS^noc.Tipo]! Mie wraj).  pep and btbels of which the tmme.s oCL.-ji ,-iiid Perrim*  have bmm forced, L. and 1*. giv^t notice tJiat.thcy  liiivn furnished their corrcspondrills with pwwer ol  attorney to take ins-tant prnceialinirs1 n^aii/.st masu-  i-'AfiT k kk s a ti 11 v kmjo k ft ol* h u eh, rir niiy o 111 e r i m i la  t|'������}i.g hy which their right inav beinrrlji'gi'd,  Ask for L������A & PERRlks'   Sauce and see  Name on "Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper.  Wholesale and for export by the Proprietors, Wor  cestcr; Crosse and Ulaokwoll, London, &c., &c. ��������� and  by G r s iu o rs a n d 0 i I in en u ni v e rs rt 11 y.  NOTICE.  A LI, rERfOSH IKDHBTKO TO C P. O'NKTLL,  ������X (1 \-'*"i :>* Cr<y~, ar'* >���������������-qn-'s 1 o,| to r*;n 1 on lihn .rnd  ���������jetrtn tiieir acc-uut:; i-n er .b-l'ors liKST MAKCH,  Irt������l- di-ilo *Ja  : . -New Yokk, Augnst 15th, 1SG8.  Al low me to;: call your a t ten ti on ������������������ to- m v  PREPARATION v OF / COMPOUND   .EXTRACT BUCHU.   The component/ parts are-  BUOHU. Loxa Leaf, CUBEBS, ��������� JUNIPER  BERRIES.:-;-.'./:-;     ;,., Xy;}--:}';y}2: 'X'Xiy'  . Ho������k' .tii'^i^KPARAirjos^BiV^iii', iii;.vaciibl  Jii ni pe p Berri es. by '��������� dist i 11 at i o n, to to rm a fi ne  :gi ii.  ;Cu be b s ex true te d b v d isp I acem e n fc wi tli  'sphits obtali ned ftqm Ju niper Bei*i1 ies ;' very .  little sugar is us<!d, and a small proportioii.of'  spirit,   it is more palatable than any now iu  use.: ";"���������������������������" ���������'-..':'. ���������'' :'-.:''v."' ���������  .; Buchu, as prepared by Druggists,, is eta .  d a rk co lor.   It is a y 1 an t .111 at em i ts i ts fra  grance;   the, action of a flame destroys this  (i ts a c live. ,p ri n c i pie), 1������ a v i rig a c a rk  and  glutiiiOtis djecoclioii.   Mine is ihe color of.in-  gredients.  The Buchu .in my preparation pro-  dominates ; the smallest quantity of the other  ing red ie u ts a re a d cl ed, to p re ve n t I e mi en t a-  l-ion ; upon inspection it will be found not to  be a. Tincture, as. made in Pharmacopa\ nor  is it a Syrup���������and therefore can be^ used in  cases where fey e r o r i n fi a n i m a ti p n &i" 1st.", j rt  thi s, y oil h a ve th e k n o w 1 ed ge o t t h e i ngred i- ���������������"  ents and the mode of preparation.. .:/  Ho p ip g th at you '-w ill fay or i j; w i th a trial,  and th a fc u po n insp ec ������Io u '* i t wi 11 in ee t \v ith  your approbation.      ���������  / With a feeling of profound confidence,  1 am, very respectfullv.'  H. T. HEI^MBOLD,   ;  Chemist and Druggistiof 19..Yeaivs Experience. \  (From ilie largest; man \ifacturing Chemis'ts in  ���������?. '2yy >'.' ,->'r������������������'���������;/ the world.1)/ : yy-y-y^y-'y  h X^yyy' ������������������}; yy X' X "Kbvteinikh 4. 1654:' :  ;a I am ricqnaiii ted w'jt.li Al r II. T.; He In iii o Id;;:  he-occupied the Drug Store Opposite 'my resi-  derice/: ahd was su ccessf'iii' in  co hd ucti ng Hie  b i isi ivess'; where o th ers .li a <1 not limin e.q u n (ly  so ''���������' BVIore Iuthiv" I have 'be.eu fayura bly itu-  preesed with his cliaracter aiid en inrprise.'1 ;;  "-::V!://!/^v''..--/WILLIAM WitJUTMAJf.:  Firm��������� ot Po\yers and,Wpightiiia'nj Mani\-:  "���������   fiicturing Clteinists/ Niiith and ilrowu v  a   .  :s Si reels. Philadelphia. ]  For weakness ar isi ne: from indiscretion. .The  exbaiisted powers of Natiire which ������re ac-  co mp a ii i e d b y so in a n y a 1 arm i i i g sy m pi o i n s,  aniong^whic.hwill be found Indisposition to.  Exertion, Loss of Me ni o ry. Wakefu I n ess. II or-  ror of. I)isease, o r ; Fo re bod i ngs o f Evil; in  fa c t, U n i ve r sal. Lassi t������id e. JJ ros t ra ti o n a n 11 i i j -  ability to enter into the enjoyments of society  on ce a ffec ted \v if h O rgan ic Wea k ii ess. re q 11 i res  the aid of Medicine. to streng111eii and iitvignr-  ate the system; which HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU . invtiriably does.. If no  treat inent is submitted to, Con sumption or Insanity ensues.  HELIBOLD'S  'X*> : 'Asrb :  IMPROVED  ROSE: WASH  w il 1 rad i eal ly ex term i n ate fro in th o system  diseases arising f rom hahits of dissipation, at  little expense; little or no change in diet, no'  inconvenience or exposure. ' .  HELIBOLD'S FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU  in all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male or female, from, whatever cause  originaiing, and no matter of bow long standing. Those suffering from broken down or  delicate constitutions, procure the remedy at  once. .  All the above diseases require the aid of a  Diuretic. Jll$LMBOLl>7$EXTRACTiiUCliU  is the great Diuretic.  jS'^Sofd by Dnidgisls everywhere. Priee  $1^25 jier bottle, or I) Bottles for Sfi 50. Delivered to any address. Describe Symptoms  iu ail communications.,  .ADDRESS'  H.   T.   HELMBOLD,  Jhw'Ai am*. Chemical Wakkuou.sk,  o 9 4 B ro a d wa v, Ne w York/  Np N K A UB  G K X L" I KB' u ii 1 CHS. d 0 MS ii p in step I  eugraved   wrappeir, with   fac-similo of  my  Chemical Warehouse: and signed  . ocU '  K. T. HELMBOLD.  y'y>v


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